Newspaper of Evening Star, April 29, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 29, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR Lttgtrt Clrcilttiti ii the Pistrict Beading Matter on Every Ptge WASHINGTON CITY: TTtWdAT Ayr" \9T*. ??MfiMf f Wllty. The real criminal la the matter of the recent failure of the Atlantic Bank of New York ap pears to have been not Taintor, the defaulting cashier, bat the board of directors, who gave no attention whatever to the management of lt? affairs. Some of the mare men of high standing, and to this fact was due whatever of confidence the public may hare had in the institution; yet they did nothing they were expected to do and were paid for doing, but left the entire control of the concern to the honesty and discretion of the young cashier, of whom the public knew nothing. The result Is easily foretold. Seeing that no saperrislon was exercised over his acts, he gave way to the almost irresistible tempta tion to "operate a little in Wall street," and the inevitable consequence followed: The cashier is in Jail; the directors are disgraced; the de positors have lost nearly if not quite all their deposits, and the stockholders have suuk'their stock. And such instance*, we regret to say, are by no* rare. It was only a little while ago that a somen liat ambitious life insurance com pany in the same city went by the board, al though it bad on its directory some of the strongest names in New York,?which circum stance. it is sate to sav, gave it the only stand ing it ever had. Yet when the explosion came tbey se tight to relieve themselves by the poor excuse that they were unable to give personal attention to the affairs of the company, and were obliged to leave everything to the Presi dent. And this officer, it appears, was able to o tar presume on the ignorance or carelessness f the board of directors as to successfully run the institution into bankruptcy before they were aware of it! Time was when the personal character of a ! board of directors used to be a guaranty of the soundness of the corporation they pre tended to manage; but that time is rap idly pawing away, if it has not quite gone by, and the public will soon have to rely for the soundness of an institution entirely upon what ithapj>en* to know of the honesty or capacity of its minor officers and clerks. Indeed, there Is reason to believe that in some eases men pre sumed to be honorable and capable are willing to accept places in the directorship of corpora tions and the salary and perquisites incident thereto with the distinct understanding that they are to have nothing to do with and no knowledge of the management of its affairs,? only to lend the use of their names to float the thing into a sort of respectability in order that the money of the people may thus be obtained under false pretences. It is high time, In the light of recent events, for this practice to be stopped. If there Is no I" to reach it, then public sentiment must be educated np to the point of holding morally responsible for the management of all corpora tions every gentleman connected with their directory. If a director has no time to attend to the affairs ot his company he has no business to be on its board. If he u there, and his insti tution fails discreditably, let his personal and commercial status be affected accordingly. Our telegrams to-(.lay tell of a desperate con flict between the U. S. troops and the Modscs, in which nineteen of our men, including Captain Thomas and Lieutenants Howe and Wright, were killed, and twenty-three wounded. As the rej ort docs not state the loos by the savages, it would seem that they were not dislodged from their stronghold. Evidently thev mean to die game. Captain Thomas was a son of General Ixnenzo Thomas, formerly Adjutant General of the Army. I.ient. Howe was the son of Major Marshal Howe.on the retired list, and a K>n-in '*w ?f General Barry, the commandant at Fortress Monroe. Lieut. Harris, *ho is woundtd, is a nephew of the late Buhop Mcllvaine. The two branches of the Legislature succeed ed in effecting an organization yesterday, though in the House of Delegates a choice of Speaker waa only made after going through thirty-eight ballots, when Mr. Peter Campbell was elected In the Council Mr. Wm. Stickney was reelected President by a vote of eight to ten on the tlrs ballot, a compliment well deserved by the dig nity and impartiality with which he has hereto fore presided over that body. Mr. Campbell, elected Speaker of the House, is an able and experienced legislator, and will make a good presiding officer. 1 ? T ?! Elsewhere will be found the provisions of an important bill prepared by Mr. J. W. Thomp son, of the Legislative Council, providing for the reduction of District offices and salaries. Governor Cooke, in his message, it will be ?ecn, points out that "considerable reduction can be made in the clerical force and expenses ot the executive offices and other departments, the labor of conducting the government being much less than it was during the process of its organization and establishment" 't i* said that Taintor, the defaulting ca?hicr Ot the Atlantic National Bank, of New York, w?s prominent as an operator against the gov ernment in the recent i>anic in Wall street when the balls attempted to destroy the credit of the Treasury. His futile attempt remit*!* one of the story of the bull which oppoaol the passage of a locomotive. In both cases the bull came out second best in the contest. A wealthy gentleman of a small city in Mas ?achu>ett* having offered to pay flu,<100 into the town treasury in consideration of beiug elected mayor, the Boston Transcript thinks the offer ought not to be hastily accepted, and says that if the mayoralty is really in the market, it should be sold under the hammer to the highest bidder. The news trom Spam is not encouraging for republic. The Carlbts seem to be gaining ground daily, but supposing the latter to gam control there would then spring ap a contest between Don Carton, Don Alphonso, and the I other aspirants who light under the Carlist banners. Governor Cocke's message inspires conft- 1 both by its full and thorough exhibit of ! the financial condition of the District, and by the disposition shown to retrench aad reduce expenses wherever practicable. F"-3?THRM? * ILL 1!K A MEETING OF THE Ww" *I?T DISTKK T BKl?t B! I?'\N CUB held at corner >4 U'h mod B ? rwlii *? .?? . Vi KP BESDAY EVENING, at i,\ odwk, fur [he pur M* r>?r?abixati->n ?>! tb?* club _ ? _ SW.HERBERT Pre?l. * H. BROW H. In f. as a' ? ?80NS OF TEMPERANCE. GOOD ?A M\RITAN MVIMON, No. 1 -HHOR riTa.Vr'ATlOS or THK DIVISION.?All b-TS of this Pulsion kud all formerly cusnfc'nl therewith ar>-cordially Invited to attend a meeting at Trmjp?rarrs Hal!, t Mrwt, 9>h aad lot*, oa WEDNESDAY EVENING. April 3*. at ?H o'clock. Elect I. n ami Installation of 0?rer?. It* J E BRIDGE. Acting Deputy. fr3?lN COMPLIANCE WITH A BBSOLC TION or THE REPUBLICAN GENE Ell COMMITTEE. adopt- 1 at a m aun* h-M April ZM, Ml. nefiiBp will be held ia tktfilwr ai Lmi-latlv* WEDNESDAY. instaat, for IW parpnas of electiac three del. nalrt aid t*u alternates to lk? said committer for the ensaiaff year, vts: 1st, W, Hii. 3>b,*th, HNh. lJth.lih, l?h, Mth, I7th. l*h,l?.h. X*h,21,t, ar4 . The election# will be held ia conformity with ths rulea adopted for the government of the primary iretiookcM July 31. ial It lathe privilege of the District dab orgaaixa to b- id primary elections or maas meetings as 1 they me J elect, end t ho?e dn-triots de-lrir* to hold pnmarv ele? ttoias will recetea the aeoeasary istfcor 11 > and tastrnct* aieetioas held Jaly 31. m r tba Plat rict club 01 , _1_ J , -tings as they aaay elect, aad those districts dotriri to h<4d " >t>* will receive the aeoeasary by and lastroctioae apoa application to the Secre tary f ths Oeaaral Committee Wo elaetioB will be considered valid anleas held la e< aformitr with the authority herein coatalned aad apoa the day as and JNO H. BBOOE8. Chairman Ben. 6m HEMBT A. JOKES. Bsc y. tChr6aA~ _ OAKS or THB Hh fan. Cam. Eepl It a resolution of the Oearral Bapa * PE/M^ffiV,?0*?^aJ m. ~ 1 ?""? I MUrtU^ yilAMflAL Aim fowriii. The ordering of the l ament of the May In te >*t. together with the announcement of the Trrasnry programme for next mouth, caused icold to weaken in New Tori yesterday, the rate declining to 117 nt the close. Stocks were depressed, with a rally in the afternoon, which was i-u'<*??( uentiy loot, and the nutrket cloacd h avy and lower. !?|t? VJfS 2>i ,mj7\ IS'!' uZ? \V<* S ??* iSt American QoU 45 bid ??iai2d:a'stft?sss;?, AmXI <m m ... ... ^K11 ??Cotton dn'l; low mid b"tfirm; nn . " L . ,. steady and In good demand' ori.e* StoSh.?^ J*"*'J1"1 TiXln, ???% iaPSBPszae 01 li ^ ,ur 5*r u,rw1 ??"??. IJS^1.V Lard ?jf? j?s HK'ciZ**-*?" ?-"? ? Apiu J3.-8t.?ck* firm. G Jd hiti*. Aprl, 2.1 11 * . tn.lfVm.Ms n_.nM f ol " ?> i'? W '? for J?*0"**- Bond. .?f I**. ?5\. ' 10"*"? Ives, W, Krir. fails, April t? ? Rent*. Vi frsrtc* 10centlnea. _ Ml WKATHIR, WAiDmiTmiT, Office CHtf 8ianml oautr i W A6HIWOTOK, April 29. 18t3, 1030 a^T'l Th !L? * Fof THB '*? twmtt row hoci* - rnif?,?, 5*? increased in the Southern and Oulf states, and there are rain belli in tk. _ Galf and extreme south Atlantic states, M?r??iiid' ?*..Vr*r*>. V* ,'ennsylTsnis; mrt nWi? ?ri' wl"J*,*Bdclcndr weather in the w?>st eiu tjiiif Mtates and the srutb Atlantic *tate* The r;r? b~ "-creased, with M'tl* cloild?weather falhpff tMJ.jK-raiure ?Ld northwesterly winds in th? n< rthwest an<l on the upper lak*i>,an<l thene* ? .nth :S?l^:tr0t^^V ^?^rUrT,hmr^nb ,o was* ' r: *or northwest and upper lakes, and thence i" Kentncky ami I.>wt Missouri valler J^ri1? w^?a^T V?*^fT low temperature and north' erljr winds, ror Tennessee and the Gulf state. JXHL fiZ wind*, Tearing to southerly. On the Gulf coaat cloudy and ch uriug weather, with occasional rain for the south Atlantic states. %-MranV ?iU?T WPS?l>er, occasional rain, and northerly Uk?*"' VaTi'^'fi to southwesterly. Tor the lower itu north uMterly to southeast UTi iTi 1 clopdy and rainy weather and diminishing pressnre For Canada and New Kng la^djm.aishiDg pressure,Onrthaa-.twrl) to easterly winOs, increasing clondineM* and rain, licportt are n'.'inr from the southwest and Oreg .n. * ir^ATTISTIOS, KVIGHT8 TBXPL\B'-A M^rKv ?"ncl,',Te Vf ?*TH8IMAR* com ?t-?, ' "0- '* will he held on TCISDAV Aprii S, at 7:30 o'clock, for the trans hosineas. All mfinhers of khII oi "he"! c * *I" feJ l? '* pre**"ut- B>' orJ?r a?-2t ' R. W. TOMPKIS8, Recorder. ITEli 3TATK8 INTERNAL REVENl g K0TIC1 TO eP^E^I ALTAX (LICENSE) 'jf" Dumber M,is7a. requires erery person ! ?"? f"' hwiness, avocation, or employment Mirrv^w him "?t'1' t- ? SPlf'IAL TAX, I i.. i ror-Tt ani p/a'f ron*rir?o?%ly his or plait of hwintit, A STAMP d. i.otn.g th.- pa>n.>-ttt 0f liihj g^ial Tax bef*iv commenting husiu?s. U I r Thetaxe* embraced with'n th<- prorislons of law ?, ore (ju ted are th- fallow iny,tiz ; i_ fh^ l?ealern, retail luiw>r : *r.5 ,,, Dealers, wheleaale liquor 1^. ,,, P' *J rs in malt li.,, wh. l^sal- a, De. J r? in malt li.ju. rs, retail 77! S, Z Dealer* m leaf t. bacc> ?! ... R.-tsil dealers in leaf tobacco? ~ ? I! and <>n safos of ,.Ter 8) 000, Sfty cenU fVr every dollar in exc< es of 41,000 uealers in msnofartartd tobacco r n,. Manufacturers of still* ? " *ty "f w..rn? manufactured...!J ?> tu -Manufacturer-..r tobacco. f, ,? M"liOfactnrers ..f . i*srs_....; { f" two h?^LV'bacro' flr>,t cla-. < more than U _ * ^ norw^ )l...^.. sti no ?" o, second rb<s?,73 horseail 25 Oo ii i!/ ,?'',,cc"-third cln<i., (1 horse).... 15 ^ Peddb r* of tobacco, fourth class, (on foot or public conveyance) r Irt (W, Brewer* of les.than Sou barrels..7.'7~".'.".'.'" So Z Bi ewers (< sm> liarrels or m"re l.m ... A ay person who ah?ll fail to'ttm Jy'wUhlhe penaltiea. ^ "object to severe a.e^mYJlU o'i'T ,hroo*h"nt the United States s.ereminded tli;it. hev mu-t uitke application to th C^b^torfor Pepnty Coll.<t>r) of their respective s proenra the r st^mp for the '^ingf^fun^/aT,^'"* **Y '? 13rJ' withouI C?as*^.<6tlllter,iml *?TeBU?forWstr^t'of(V>uiiil,ia. ^t fw6t Mo. 417 7th street. r^RuSADALIS V?? ?'s*A8?S PECULIAR GemtUmtm? ,H.1 ""villb, Ala , April I, 1*9. '^z%c."r,s:,'!z summer I eouenlted ysn in regard to h<r disease? of whkh^ .T,0f)htiW."mb,?r!? "imiUr -ff^oV, . Womeq Of all classes suifrr so mnch. I pro nulre^boTM J^t1 ^ h which, whh a few more nottles, I am happy to nay, have had the most beneficial and gratifying effect. ?nemost HaMr*** at .T1' 10 r,*f,'r to m" ?*nd uss Mrs tl?? . .. **?"' lf Too so desire, in making known ? > ??>r valuable preaaratfon, R madalis c^m^iments of th<" ,kM^ ^ *"? H - *ad 1 onra truly, K. C. HATT0N, "WM of mnhlnd., Bo terrible' ?* ?<m* period* of the world's tSSTjSftVKK! th2?^hbL5iSu*a2SS nee uf iSaSi*11"8?61?etri,P*d of its terror bM^e ?v rir4*1.111'? Root Hsei Jerri* ami Bl^tchJ?iTe^LM0,BU' P'"?. Sorm, Pimpjaa, Inrfe^TwISuT^' *c'c*ab* "*to">d U sonnd health s?u&mfiSSPiiSFV' ?" glm.^PKSMONI^A'io: etraat, Philadelphia. ^lWJ"1 - jg)^ S?i Mcittoe to accept the responaliility which fails apon ?Siw?,'SJ!S 1"? K "by. bat yet snffc ablel This state oi weaaness ano daOtlitv is mm fatal to hei than a severe spall of sickasas, /or in that ?hTw'm Tnier^m Vfli* ?T0'"' car*? M ?" the other *?<'will linger montha after mentha. not thinking worth while to see a physician abent it, until aators ^T"* oott?hs la carried to the grave! In Pfo>*r rtm* wool/have spared her life. To prevent, to strencthen, to cure. g.'i&iaA.can compare with the LOlTO-LlV* BIT 1 f n?il^ Pr. L.q!bKRTRAM. Ther are a aafe and Infallible remedy against malaria, ayvpepaia, coe tlTeneas, biUotunesa, headachea, m <rnui4 *irk-tens ^nd all etmtpiainta aecnliar to women. These Bit. ters, which are aotd by all drnggists, are, towmaa! qoence of their virtne and moat agreeable taste tha medicine yar *xt*lUme* for ladlea.^^^ jM tr MlilCKH ? NEW DRUG 8T0RR, ?o. 14KI PiitssTluiiu Arim, Depot forjkda and Mineral Waters. fslJ ly n^bCUKNCR>8 PULMONIC CANDY em ln ?FrW d***rr?' aj'tke principles of 8ch< ?ibraoa 8c be nek's i'a nonic Syria, and while as'pleasant to the^palate ??the parrst of confections, its medicinal propsrttee rentier it effectual in Congha, colds bronchial and catarrhal aff?ctl ,ne, Ac." t \? tS? m^S^XtSy. remedy for children or iafanU, and can be >i venwit h impunity; while for profaarional gentlemen, or those wb<, surfer fr.m loas of voice. It la indtapeniahla PHONOORAPHT^-A eourre in PHONOGRV tnoght for f*. Apply at 1416 8 .treet, near State Department, after S p. m. a?-}.* ^ PIC1AL IQTlCi; ' ha?* on exhibition and for sale Stein 1 Celehra WRIAL CASR. This is the latest im proven sat in patent Burial Case., and all haritm orceeJ<\a to need the ssrvicsa of an I ndertaker ??" to call and examine,a?tw con?2c?i of its baaaty, strength, and ntillty, .-4,. BI#"H. P. HARVRT. ?** U Undertaker, Ml f street^ t!l e>etrdescription, incladiag MiertStiiTKoB fine Victorias, but little Med; wiU be soM at a bar gain. Poir Phwtoas. Top and Mo-top Biggies in |> THRSUPRlMR^CRT^ffTHRDISTRlCT M . _TW MA 4mv * jzxvrJsh, v&SZ&Aseut. SA1K5. zrn&rss ?? irz ?5J??.?i ft _ K. CARTTXR,Chief Jastice.Ae. Trnacopy.?Tsst: U.J. MtfoK. Clark. Ac. a^iajw Ry L. P. WILLIAMS, Ass t Clark. JT MAT NEVER OCCUR AGAIN. OUR POPULAR SPECIALTIES mkh s department flS?Onr celebrated ?Jo Business SuiU? ? 10 ? 10?We ar? Mill selling??10 #10? A good Business Salt for ?10 ? 10?Our Mitt are *nftrmo?i-| 10 #10?In fine Basinet* SuiU at ?10 ?1*?Our stock is Tremendous?f 10 ?10?Of all wool Suit* at ?10 A SPLENDID STOCK, A fashionable stock, A LARGE STOCK, OF FINER SUITS, OF impor TED fabrics. AT PROPORTIONATE P ilCES. tOB THE TOUNGSTEBS. I Kwkfii I tcerr a Boy some More. ?3?Only (We dollars for ? 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IT^CTl One 7 octave rosewood Chickering Piano ?225 :: i afcz?! :: ? :: ? * ?'"h; H?U A Pond 123 _ ' , Hallet A Comston a?i For sale upon easy terms at tbe warerooms of ?^1 ? . ? y ?- METZEROTT A CO , '""US"' QPICM EATERS, ADDRESS ~ W. H. MALCOLM, Lock Bo* *08, Washington, for DB. S. B. COLLINS' BCCIPE FOR THE CURE OF THE OPll'M HABIT. It* II'hT RECEIVED AT TllE OYSTEB BAY fsiKaUtSff"'' ,A? eiv"? VtS: s29 3t WH1TB A FOUNTAIN, Proprietors. K W ? T ? R E . CARPETS-carpets-CARPETS. JUST OPENED. Till 0. 0. D. CABPET HOUSE, At 604 Tth Stbekt, Betwiex I ahd K, * ijlW?0^LCL0t H*^,DMiTT,llO o?her*nince c*n ?>? '"?<? at'any ?h- re PI?aoo call before purchasing el*. J^ITTLE WORLD; Call at the ?- LlTTLl WORLD." 1009 7th st TIlSiM0J * mViwVT.?11' rA?<-Y GOODS, NO Th? .V.TjgfiJfct: v 5?*' '*?? "treet, ... Betweeu K and L streets northwest, ,2? ("??r Bogan A Wylie's.) a? ? O^waST ??? OBBAT SECRETS OF SUC V 'n Mole to be well droaeed; then why besi ? 1J at ST^A fi? A ?!!? 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WAi?7iE??A COOK, WASH KB and " Apply at 1194 11th street north ? n29 32* WDVkl*3S c??.?bT? o'rlnrk While preferred. Apply after three *& tt* W AWRikTt-A,.,,W.**h **?? J,,, *??J* UIIL. between 14 and U years, who will make herself gene rally usefnl. tfj sT* \VAJ*TED-Experienced KMBBOIDEBBR.S "it ^Mn-r?ndH6rfIuB"'SlN0-617 W*KtlD-t?olinl| CAMTA8?KIU who are tlol *?52? * ??*' bi* ***~ with little e*?r^ cSallMo'nStfSnSff-. ArticU *U?on "i?ht ^ail at 1TJ9 Q street after 4 p. a. aS9-Jt* \Wl?^???cl^in,e?,,rt*',^rlhree <3> ?r?t claw a V,.V?T^,:."trl'work- A?**' ?? Mn L ?o? rtr6et' u* *"?< orerBo?k a? it* W^^WAn.??,!aC^SS; f American woman i wJ^"uATlON in a private family to do **?n t w l"'w."r^ where there are no p>aal] cliildrm Address far three day? to M. K. 0., Star office. ag? St* VV A5LT*?~S'00?A loan f.?r 5 or lo year* on i.V?JiSLj '? Vlrrlni?, ?**r Wa?hlfi*to?; nn inrnmbored; worth $5,000. Address P. C M . Star ' wc*? aa>- a* WA8iff?tA white girl wishes a wlllin-J ? .,0N **. norw> or rbambermaid, and Si . .. pI^,n **wlng or tooperate on a machine EfeK c*? *? 6?0 ?? "treet, between O and F<?ro.'i,; i?ian<i. \\r ANTED -At Olifburns a reliable American or uCnuV1 ^OMAN ^cnok. One irhOMdw 5 . ^ bn*|n?>M can havego'd pa) , and not b? iliit*10 washing. Must be well rec mm?nd?sl y* 21 L?VY STKVKN3.' VV A N'T EI)?A good KLACKnMITII HELPER * V ,V ffi."work; one 'hat can drive sho^s. call ?J.' J1 18th street, between Pennsylvania aveuue *' ^LMo?Lre*?* None'bnt white ne?d apply OABDNKR A LKDKRKR. \V am t?P~lmniediately-A^ \\HITB NpBsf" asrii'" *?*< WAMT.!:p~;SKC()Nl) HAND ruBNiTriiKT. r..i. inantitles, for which I will pay Stti &S2L'!*? A .ARVOLR, No. ii <? o.w V "w"???1 ? ?" n. a. annuLf. ?Lii. ^!r 8tr*ot oortliweal < through the mail>. w|| l m?et with prompt attention in any part of the DU Iricf* WArrLTOM eZ TAC"*{ off^OTHINa, by B street, nLr Penn ave ' Lultn ?ffice' ^ h ANTKD?A first-class IROXER Also i Chambermaid, at Union Hotel,' Oe,.r'ge ViZi an ji ? WAf^nTifiP~w GIRL to do the work of a small 1408 ^street. betW<*n 4 6 '..J",, VV ViVa0-!1"111"'"V?,T^"T*" 8?f>d CABPKN d^ceTl sar K atreet* 1,th 8treM- "r ?o? K. KCKUARDT. W^?JroT5 "7* GARDBNKB and two I nln . *n jAJ'flM,E FULTON A CO.'S awnue itrt-et> u<?*r Pennsylrania ANTED?A (ih NTS, al8 "it' Of y. ? Oeiitlemen or Ladieg. Apply at No, 3aJ Pennsylvania avenue, I to _ _ att Sf and B< al Kstate Agents. E street, two do-rs from a? It* VV ^^}"^7a ^ HITE UIRL about thirteen Mnst hnt?<?! 5 ?Ff * "'"''llo aged colored woman, n m Ji k/K i'1 r-^renc^. 0*11 after fonr n fth tref,t ?or-bWM?t, between 6th and ' a? St W A^T?^~7a .?u*i from the age of li to ?" le, to a-sist iu a Restaurant. Must come well ci??J"?,,|^e<1' A,f,?'"1"' apprentice Boy to learn Ilenae PP y " ^ 'troH^ Alaska 1 * ? aii-ai* \V\?rMD-TO PI BCH A8K, a HOUSK~f Treas?ir>ri?,!r,T?rtm0,.T' V" ? ??n Ten lent to 'reaanr* i>otartnietit. Price from three to fonr tlUn^B ? a?-uri?r AMr***! stating terms and I oca tion. Box ?>, Washinfton City P. 0. iOs n WAri^rT^Pum WHITE MAlTVho ifn . ufwtinili tlie care of a horse and WH^.m un i Sl'ne'l ?If' -4? ri*^P himaelf generally useful None but a "'eadj , inr1iiBtri<>u< mmi need apply. a? St* ANTHOMY BUCHLT, Undertaker, - 31 91J Pennsylvania avenu*. \VA.?I.^I,~TO ke>'T-A IIOUSB containing .nZt.M ? seven rooms, or wo?ld rent from a re howeki nir^ f l'L?Li'T . " nof.irniahe.1 rooms for from cated not more than three squares rhlT.?l!i Treasury Department. Beferen<>* ex changed. App|, to No. t71 West street, Ueorge n^ D. C., or address A. J. J., Georgetown Poat to , Office. W^tri-f Dtwo 8 ^'""r*01. b11 7th aasist lnTitVhTn tu ""rse, and^ one to VV A*it^l'rA ?5,"d CABRIaOE TRIM MIR v Apply lnmiMiatcly. HOBT. H OiL\HAM no"hw;r,t0ry "Dd r,Ctor'' ?10 414^.tr*,' VVA^,TEI'TA SITUATION by a Virginia lad , ii j A honsekoeper, or would travel with an inva li? vr n'<nc<'given- Addi ess Mine 8 L L No.Vttl Virginia avenue. a* St* WANT^DrA.CH1LI>'? NUR-E (colored) uualifltd to do plain aewirg Mo applications r-^rence will be roi'tderc^. Apply hJ tween 11 and 1 o clock, at 380 Indiana ave. aK St W^EJV~B> an industrious young man, E>ur ZrlJtZ!'' W0JiK1 IN A STORE, or to drive'. Uu gardening. No objection to country. Highest reference# given. Address T., Star Of ? aM 3t* VV^?IE??~A ^t,v" BOT (white) to at 8TOHI M*v>u\,co"fec;'ont-ry store. Apply at W ?v;a--ri?cs?5: ",'V,z r2?'b!; ?,? tbuesdIll A Co.,per m ? *n Soventh street. VVawJED-To Punhaae? A BRICK HOU8K77 street?rmn??K "' * ??<? 7th and 14ih ?JLnntl ?rder, and sold cheap OBO. TBUEBDBLi * CO., fllft 7th st? ANTED?A^ HOUSE containing five or at* rooms, the front room large enough for a small IrfllZ.??"' rent from the fandlord only, hat am

willing to par any one occupying a house that suits men reaeonable sum of m?neyTo movToit Any Person owning or occupying a h use in a suitable i'inzfssfi ^?'^4"?t'SSa?WriK,255: al6-lm . ?wuu VVknow that the TIOTOB 8EWINQ MACHINE haa its n?dU ulf ut. y^die, n?S?bSI'Jd w'^k^f^JT' , 499 ZSZKSXiSZri*?0'Bnaeh ? >og3"lv rj^BPTCK^Agent. LOST AND FOUND. L^T^^Vt"ii","*!*' f??? Instant, a BLACK iVbb? ii ..5 t ?tbe Vc,nit> wf ^natreet. be tween M and I fttreef* northwest. A reward will b?? ^iven if returned to 620 I it. northwest aI9-2t* E,,?m 191 ?^1ft -Lost,dark TOPAZ BINO.on ^ j *vt'n,',g? April 25th. The above re ?ard will be paid if left at MILL KB A J ONES' Bil liard Room. E street, between 13th and 14th. a2o-St* LOST?In the Center Market, this (8aturda7l morning, a GOLD SLEEvfc 8Tt D. m.rke I *B is y*5* enamel. The finder will be suitably rewarded by returning it to 6'JO T stre? i?At* IJOARD OE PUBLIC WORKS, " *-* District of Columbia, hrrr h^^^vVwSS,11 may'herfX^U IV u* Bnd Sewer-trap Covers ^ "biugtou and Georgetown. is> order of the Board. .??* r? . EDWABD JOHNSON. " " tB< pnb.thron.l Chief Clerk. -'i*' i"1 ?/ Marcl*, ?n B street, between lutli and 2d streets northwtwt, a BUB^ BINO 1 TL?.'M'iir ? A ''^ral reward will bo paid if r^tnrneiOojlo^ ftOW M street northwest m7 BOARDING. II ;OARDINU-TABLE BOARD, ?4 pes we^k; FOE RENT AND SALE. FOB RENT-BOOM and KITCHEN. n fr?t rtoor, ?ultable for koiiwk?^ii>(, if d?#ire,1, at >l? mh atre*?. h* t . F nil U #*? s-v L^OB BENT?Two cotnmuiicetiait " KU01l8,*ith cw; 714 Mb Kiwi aMtkwnt, Mw>*? O and H It* OB UKT-Born N . ??9, containing tm F _ room#. o? I atreet northwest. Apply on th? premise# from S to 4 o'clock p. m. a29-3t* HfiifBEMT-Beooind^torr FBONT ROOMTa* 3tl!t C itnrrt uertkweet, Mwevn 3d and a*?3?* F FOR REHT-Tbe ine rnxfera BBICK DWIL LING, Ho 40f?trMt?orthw<?t. Appb to a?JI M. M ROHRER *13 7th street. FOR RENT? Very cheap, two communicating ROOMS, faring the avenue, with K >ard if de ail^l. Arph at Mo. Mi Market Space, K? m Mo. 9. s - * F'OR RENT?Oue two story BRICK HOl>E. c?Maiuii| ?ix rooms and * am me r kitchen, ami gas. on 6th street.between P and VJ north. Ioqutre at 403 7th street, near D north. aSU A Ir'OR RENT?DWELL 1BG over Dnu Store, cot ner F and 13th streets northwest. containing Ki rooms; will ba rented low to a goodtSLant. Apply t< JO&N E BATES. *W *.?3t IT OR RENT UK LEASE ?At the ???! end, a I small, uew. elegant HOUSE,to a very am*11 family. Mone bat ttioee wishing p-rman-ut quar ters need apply. Address J. B YClty P. 0. *??' PUR RENT?Several One, large BOOMS, eu ?mte r or single, furnished or iiururin#bed, at 1444 Pcoua)l*t|iia avenue, opposite Willard'a H 'tel.will 1-e rented at nusWate price# to g.xvl tenant#. *i> I* IVOR RKNT-New HOUSE, Mo W26 S >u h A ?t? r Capitol Hill: eleven r?v>ma, g*a and water. In quire of D. M. BAIN DEBS, 434 7th street nortli ?f|. a?i St' L'OB RUNT?BRICK HOUSl.4 room#, Snmm-r a kitch-n, 309 Sth street ea?t. between 0 and D north, Capitol Bill. Reut $10 per month In ad vatice. a29-3? * |7ok RENT?Nicely furnished ROOMS, with >r F without first-class Table B >ard. on very reasou al 1< term#: al# ?, a#? of Piano, at 61 H street, bet. North Capitol and 1st. ?B St' ^ L'tlR BENT?Comfortably f*rii?hM BED r ROOM, or PARLOR and BED-ROOM c .mmu i.Hating, on aecoiitl tloor, with bath rooiu, at IW07 Pennsylvania avenue. It* f["OR KENT?At 1514 10-h ?treat northwest, tr> one or two Oentlem .-n, a aecon?l floor, cheerful, tnrnialied FRONT ROOM. Reference#exchang-d; price g 10 to one, $H to two. It* IVOR KKNT-lUnd-otifly-furm#lied PARLORS a and connecting BED-ROOMS for .518 a month, or wonld rent them singly. Apply southwest corn -r 11th and G streets northwest. a*? 3t* yoB RENT?BESIDENCE, M>. *?04 I atreet. r (2i)th and 21st ata.,) has twelve rooma and in st ern Improvtmetits, AI^UO per year. Inquire at No. 1733 I atreet. ntlemil* IP0B"SlNT-H0U8K No. 30-J E atreet n^rth weat; key at the Sture ne*t d'?or. Rent &'?>. Apply to J. L. LENMAN, a29 3t* 1110 L atreet northwest. IVOR SALE OR REMT?Four of ttiose beautiful r new HOUSES on 2d atreet,near Pennsylvania avenue, With every modern convenience. E K WILSON agfit (Rep) fill 7th street, opp. P. 'p. IVOR RENT?In a desirable locality,thud-story r FRONT ROOM, furnlahed. wltl. Board, price for tw o persona j}45. Also, II ALL ROOM. Call at 94a I street, near loth northwest. aj? It* F'OR KENT?Al 2913 L street northwest, one #<jnhre from avenue cara, four Fl'BNISHKD ROOMS for housekeeping, with water on the prem ises. a29tt* f^OR RENT?A commodious HOI SE,c mtalning 9 room#, water aud gaa, located o? 12-li atre -t, between land K northwea?. No. y^3. Posaessi >n given May 1; key at 9a5, next door. ay?-?t* F^t?l? BALK?Two-atory FMAM k.. ?ide i >t, ou a< li atreet, between N and O. Oniy $1,70U, caah balance S V> per month. _a* St B. H. WARNER, 789 7th atreet._ yOB KENT?A very desirable three-^tory r 1IKICK, 12 riKima, all modern convenience*, tt 1806 II aircet; J*). j,tj 3t TIIOS. K. WAQGAM \ N. 41*> 7th #t. FOR RENT?Three-afory and basement BK1CK UOl'SE, Mo. 911 L atreet, contaiuiug nuie toonia, pantry, and bath-roi.m. O >od brick stable in rear. Inquire of ISAAC S. HoLLIDUE, 5-h and 0 atreeta. ai9 3t* j?OK SALE?At Falls" Cntirch, V?., a cn-*p I HOL'SK. located in center of town, half h >ur a ride froui the city. Ea^y terms, or will trade for city property. i?29 3t B. H WARMER, 7?9 7tii street. 1/0R RENT?Furnished ROuMS, twocoiiibiiiiiL 1/ eating sec>>nd-story rooms, facing aouth; |>lea< ant quarters tor two gentlemen, or mnu and ? ife to keep houae; water on aame floor. Mo. 4t>7 H >t. north weat. 2t* 1/OK RENT?To a giM>d, reliable tenant, a pleas ant HOI SE on ltth street uorthwe>t, S ro .tna, hot and cold water, bath, gas, range, Latrobe, from and back >ard. R lit $10 per month in a-lvance. Po~ae#sion given iiutiiediateljr. For further partlcu lara addreas H S. S , Star oAce. mt.> 2t* ,"0B BENT?Five new l>WELLIN t?S, on K -t. b F north, between North Capitol and 1st ats. east, three atoriea and baaene-nt,containing 11 room each, with modern conveniences. GEORGE Bl'KGESS, Attorney at Law, a20 3t 341 4>, atreet, near City Hall. fOR R1MT?HOl'SE No. 1009 Maryland ave soutliwcat,containing twelve room-, with m ?1 ern improvements, water and gas B-nt $4.'> p>r month in advance. Apply to KUWAKDC. CAR KINGTON, Jr., Attorney at-Laws office opposite City Ha'l. a2* V l/OR SALE?Four ttrst-claa# UR1CK HOUSES, r two s<iuarea from Capitol Park, and the sa-ue dUtaiice to the new Eaeteru Market, and cloae to the Pentiaylvania avenue atreet cars; well located, theae house* are well-built, ten rooma each. gaa. hot and cold water, and aewer. Termaeaay. Inquire en the premise#, 319 C atreet aontlieaat. ajy-ltn* l^'OR RENT?Furniahed BOOMS, very cheap for r the bummer, at 1133 9thatreet, between L and M. "28 Jl* OB BENT- Uufuruiahed, two handsome Tab LORS in honae 934 New York avenue; loca tion delightful, and term* reasonable. a2S2t* f-OR REMT-Three-atorv BRICK HOl'SE. 19SI 1 H atreet northwest. Foaaeasion given May lat. Apply at 797 *Kh atreet. a28 ?t*_ FOR RENT?A HOUrB of aix rooms, on n 'rth aide of Mew York avenue. Apply at 433 Mew York avenue after 3 o'clock p.m. a28-2t* If OR RENT? BOOMS on lat. 21 and 3d floor*, with or without Board, at 7W4 ikh atreet north w?*. *3S?t* FOB RENT?Furniahed BOOMS for housekeep ing; gaa and water; price $23. Apply at lOlst 8th street, bet. K and L. a28 <>t* 170B RENT?At 9114 Ma?#achoaetts avenue, a r large FRONT ROOM.on 2d floor, with or with out Board; bath-room ou same floor. Term* moi erate. a?-3t* Ii'OR BENT?On lat of May, two or three very pleasant ROOMS. Board In the liouae if de aired. Mo. 906 14th street, opposite Frttnklin Park. H?-?t* 170R RENT?Nicely-furnished FRONT ROOMS, r single *r en suite, at 414 F street, one block from Patent and Post Offices, with or without Koard. a3S 3t" f^OR RENT-HOUSE Mo. 1931 14ttastreet, b*t. Tand U; aix room* and hall; water in yard: cars paaa the houae. Apply a' 723 11th atreet northwest, between 0 at. and Mew York avenna. a2s It' L"*OB RENT?Haudsomely Furnished PALLOR I1 and BED-ROOM on the first floor, at No. It Oti New York avenue. May be obtaiaad by one or two gentlemen at a low price. . a2s .it* |4*0R REMT-Three xeatly furnished ROOMS, 1/ two communicating on the second floor; one front room on the third floor, south front; rent very reasonable. Apply at 709 0 at. n. w. ?38 Jt* f?*0B SALE-A FRAME HOl'SE, 2 years old; 9 rooms, hall, gas. water and sewers; Mo. 924 22d street weat, near Pennsylvania avenue; reason able price; term# made known by applying on the premises after 4 o'clock p. an. a!8-u* LA0R REtff?A G'-utleuian au<i Wife, or two Gen " tlemen,can obtain a PARLOBandCH AMBKR for fSO, at 610 13th street. Also, a SUITE on flrat floor, and 8 large BOOMS on second floor, at 609 13th street nortli weat. a28 2t* IVOR BENT?Desirable ROOMS, furniahed for r housekeeping, at Mo. 1013 New York avenue; eouth front, private entrance, water and gas; t*ross reasonable; references required. Inquire after 3 o'clock. a?-3t* IVOR RENT OR SALE?On easy term#, a two V story FRAME HOUSE; 7 rooms, large hall. c*llar, bath-room and wat?r cloeet. Rent $25. Ap ly after 4 p. m , at 718 24th street northwest, bet. and H a2S-3t* IVOR SALE?Cheap-Two new BRICK DWEL JT L1MGS on 0 street, between 15th an<l 16th eta. northwest; contain six room#- bath, water and gas throughout; terms easy; monthly payments. Apply at 1611 Madison street, between 16th and 17th ats. northwest. a2v6l* F OR BBMT? Front and back PaRLOB, front a and back BASEMENT, suitable for houaekeep ing; gas and water; to a family without children, who can give good security for the reut. Alao, one nicely-fnmished BED-BOOM. Befereuce required. No. 1146 ath stroet northwest, one door from M street. iBlt* fj'OR RENT? Fumiah-d HOL'SK. two-story presaed brick front 9 rooma, in northwest part of the city, from June lat to October; a delightful home for Summer; will be rented reasonably to a family well recommended. Inquire of GEORGE A. HALL, rooma I. M. C. A.,corner of 9th and D streets. a28-6t VOR SALE, TRADE OB BENT-That fine J COUNTRY RESIDENCE, known as 'Ingle aide," aituatxd oa the nsw pike road to Falls' Church, oas-half mils from the Aqueduct Bridge, Georgetown, D.C. There is a flue new double house, two-story and French roof, with thirteen good rooms, cellar, bath-room and water closet, with newer, bay window, range, hot and cold water, largs trees surrounding the house, a good aarn with four at alia, carriage house, graiaery, and hennery. There are Ave acres of ground well fenced, with fruit trees, grapes, Ac.: two good wells of water and a spring. I offer this property for sale, or trade for city proper F tv, improved or unimproved,or for lease for a term of years. Parties meaning tiuaiaesa will be ahowa the property by calling at F atreet,Masonic Tarn pie a'JsTsw (lep.?t) PHIL. H. WELCH. FOB BEMT?Four BOOMS, (unfinished,) at southwest cot aer Utband T street* northwest Apply <m the prtmises. ?3? 3t* FIB REMT-Three or four BOOM*, furnished for housekeeping,at Til 13th.street aorthwea' Bent aioAerate. a36 St* OB BBMT?BeMtiful BBJPK ?WELLINO. Ho. 1487 Corcoran street.betveea 14th ami arifsEt s'-tsi ."3?*s'= pOR SALE?Mew FBA|H HOKBB. Mo. 1 ?0? llghtful tor unit, ttf kouse. Vjp be rested lev FOR RENT AND SALE. i?? p h'OK BBNT?Small 8TOBB Rood. *| j avenue. aultable R>r ? Tailor or Fancy SJ0**- fllper ?o??b; key nril 4uor, nea> th- >r? Market. a?ijc* F'OR ???t^Tb? NATIOBaI. Tai HPKV. teutlHd>' r?>?iylr? ia t'wiif. m ?adlStbat* WM H MINNIX. ?-3? W3, wtiwr l&i li and P" ?rrM POR aire nit* ..f lO(lMS7|t?r 5rLr\'?. "? eecod floor. Alan, Single "V?"?,' Appl' at the '?t fwXT llth ?M H porthw?? aJI Jl* P*1,R ??WT-a" BRICK SOUSE, No 23 B * f r****0?* Ca(rtlol Hill. lis- ca* and wa I l?s2J^!S2Jl H?o?, cellars, and .table. Apply on the premiM*. ' a*-eofcl K?J?,a*T_rTVT BRICK ROUSE. n7 <Vrn. ik. d t' ?nnh???<,a? uinnt?< walk D I** '""??* 1'aaia avenue and F street i-tn. , h ***** to Dr. M itiRCPKR. J ?" a. wrm Dorthwut. aSfr-tf i KOR BENT-Two I'M PTBK 1*11 EI> KOOM<T ? communicating, ?,?) frnat- entrance. ?u able for boivkN-piDr; water ?n the h*?a* |iw? re at ?b ?t"?,t. between L an l M in?n ii? ??rt, jijh "i|* L OR RENT? A HOUSE, containing tit riraM, *.**'7.'??* Oentor Mark* ?ni the l>e ^r!k !' * ' * *tre?4. b. |W<i| 7th KTVi 4 h XTp J uTrro '"*' lt"iair? "*rr K^RSSrfWiiVV'11 AM,,KK "i \rsir. rrmiBii.1. KITCHEN .together or ?-|>arat*l> ; complete ?r partly fu. i.i?h.~1, modern Imnrive ^jiraile. 11-24 ll.h .t? ''?'tween 1* no M north ?"?(. a? <tt* It'OB RERT? Pleasant Ut>tiirni?h?d KOOMS. in . n .^*5 h*ckJ*m'"i ???*? *">? ?al? ri,^ ' "floor; K street ear* pan-; 303 East Capit .1 -U nda" rnt'r of **? two ??l,'?ree east of the Oaplt >1 FVR Th?* *,,r> BRICK HOUSE. trMi i, h lr 7 f00"1*' I'ath r ,.m. .-t iff iS V;: nearly n^w; one sguar< from r?r? i ? 0S.HU9; one third do?Fn ,t>al*nre to ?nit Kp' _ GEO TRI ESPEI.I. * CO., P >3t EfTftt* Broken, i I ? 7t h ?f r*ef. KKNT?N?>. itlo^ JT oorthwe^t th^ mltli'i14*!?* IlSlblllCI of f>r. ifcure !;.~r.'.: Jr teirij* 1-'--'rr1r,".>*r. ^ftiSVSSiSfSSJS""'- A"" I H15. i t iii ti. r:.~t * rr* Hftj . aO? p ttre^'t. o?-ar City Hiul *36 HOC?17flr? ro?H, 1V|>| ti J I .L'.r.lcr {?"? S rvrt improve. I" r''- - A). Apply 1S1U1 blh Mm ?. *. ??>?, F?.R "KNT-VIRY Cil K a P?A -alt* of ROOM -i.*!l?r ??rui*h?d, on floor, nt 720 U-h ssniitay "?-"l -".s sJssre&S- ??*-? ? I*"1.? *B*T?FCRNlSHFD IKtrSK-llortiK .ill ^ b0?'^"rn?,?' r awl ?Nb ?ir-.-m n rthw .t, will ba rrnted on t^rm* IiuamJ.ata wc' eitt?m^:';->: | JT OpSALB?An attrartiTO R E S11) K N (' C.-Tjlli *? b?>I?*. 9 room*, tnciudinc (Ulooa Parlor, aitli i? KJJlii'iSSl ,KS5 si"^; I Kr.'tefyiw.'iS'r'ia" KKricpCiv-n~VE\?,t CH.siNyE FuB : lT**fcOf?*wyfur?Mt?d ROOMS, 1 fl w r .i* "t P,r'or. <liain(c rm.rn. kltchanoa ?nt I fl , r> two chamlx-r* second floor; h in..- ti-m and I>a?ly rnratohrd; aouthfroat.with .il aT^Wnco^ 1 \?uietir?*; term* ni nlerat- d' lightful location*,lt?tf ^'far*1 of at rwt cara-l 4 * j y a?u* |^?.? R,KNT?Oo^ haif or all of a Urg. !?T \ BI-K ?Inn 1 P?*nn. ari-uii*. Tor R ut, iVJi d 1 Penn. a?riiu?-. WML I?AVIS *?'11 P? nn avenue. ?2i ?i I/Ok RENT OR LKA?E-HOI>K No -I | K + ??n"r .b?**"e"?nd *h ?lr-, ts, ?ith Mr?->uia tlJ iIt*!, and niiialda for a l. -aidmir hou-e ??-i? buatdt-ra in the houae. Apply ou the ?.r?iii *24 I** K!*R KALE?SMALI. PA RM?A pla.- foUr i from thin city, contaminf 22 ac?w nl>. ot ouc-fotiith in heavy timber. Tli? improve' ordV * d"ubl" f?"" U?"-. ili \""t 21'T r Iff outtiaiMmca, in In line anltoe liou?- full of ice. Plenty of ? ^p,re w?"r WuHL*L* l""*r d Trait trw* nf *"?? \ arietlea' in Mir. I I1 on ?"<i City property t?k n |?HrT <?!? hange. Pi ice tiid lemm ima*!** kr? >wri ?? "p.*^iiu u to KIr,!}?PJ-"OHI N A CO.? w 101* Fennwyhaiiin a% ?-tii??>. K1!?.^iKiN.T?Two.',OP commnaicattB* KooMl aU'table for (t? iit|?.tnen only . No *?07 11 ??,r^?t o'jeond floor. K.-,,t n. -derate, aM?? k"u? . JiENT-A RKlCB~ilorsE, thr*?e-ttorv . *'"1''?"fluent, all lUNlem impr. ?innt. f n illVinOow*lrt*t Uv,rth*,,*? ne*r cor?ar 12th! B 11 FSlorRB^S: ?"d v.-ti haiolxome nw r ApiIv ?i wF'a .LMlT )*rd',n * Arable I vtti 0. apply At in1% Mhttreet n--rt h? **?t a Hii?. S ?? cl??ck in the evening only. ' .?2j 6* ? FSJwelliVo'w^hTfT'*u'V brick ?iili J!.!! .1 with all moderu iinprov<-m?ntn itw.? c*1Ul>- H?.L i-UM^E BROS., feed dealer., 8th and O. a23 lm BE N'T?Famished or Cnfurnmhed Rooms I i iUp'/L"n',' for iiouseket'piug. *ri>l>" *H* P?-nn?; Ivamaavenue. apTl 1m |<,Hor??L? ~A well-built three-story BKI< K f ri?e #? 5i,7 W?'-r rnce, P aomMon given imni ? 1 iat *lv fr? ?juireop the premise*. KQ9 loth ?t , above M. ?2l F?S, 8ALB?On Caaitol Hill, a gente?i J at .rr r- "/A8 '?,* J10 C8k ? c*ut ISifiSiS! )>?tb and store rooms It ban em tr, iL^L ? ^?ater-clon<?; heat^l ??r La' trobe and Empire heating rancn. It is nearly new Wk,rae*nrl'r'i? ? **ry Mtkir and' n ^hU?rhood ajj4 will be aold rary low on ea<?y itrm-aotf^. UC OWB" ^ Pfeauaee^ *0T A F?HOfTR^irTh irtaSrftlr. off*r- 1or ??'? eLs??r?K ??'??*. ^ on th? first aqaare ?J *J"_f ?P'tol. The lot is situated on the *.ffath rJl? ?Lt i1"^ Capitol street^and on 3d street, and is e !r ?lJ mchaa Wids and 1U feet deep, on M st U7 3w' CHABLB3 P BltWELL. F?iRrtAvl*?.b "GHANOE roRCITT PROP ^rB.TJ' .* tWo"?ory HOUSE with brick ba-a ment, and also a corner LOT and a FARM of *) ind*V2t!J?ib^riLT Jt&ltoiT OOXoorferiS and Fayette streets, Uwrnotowii, D. C. alt lm* *?? deaira!4e OFFICE BOOMS in 5orttKh-^rthwortcorn?,r kulWin* <'f 7th and a at*. northwest. u cia^r*ir ??? Tth street iortJhwe'st. FOB BALK-ON LONG TIME?A neat. well" n H^lr i?R,CK HOUSE, with two liJtii^? fronts aontheaat; has little front yard, aod aide entrance; coataiaa nine rooina, bt^iaed bath-rooms and closats Cellar und??r o^of ^ Lvr^Rthi'ndfcr^:4*Kbode ? F?abmm -,f u"n>"f* dneirable OABDEN *?**8'cot*alain? about 8 acr-s.with Una build ings. barn, stables,carriage house, and hue spnna T,hi* *?<*>? within or^mlS will r-V?i ' * ffw ?"niha a stre-t railroad ulU T111 through it; and it would make one of the Iwat pleasure gardens in the District. Any good club or company would do well to liMik at it The above 0?RB W ?cres adJed; aad * . h*"* WfiMBd in the Diitrict GBO MATTINOLT, ' *a"s lUt Bo. 403 jhh strait. P<JB BALE?SvtTARE No. P3*-C h B and 6th and tith street* northeast either the a?a nawfkS?p?"? ?-.fW F?S RIBT-DWELLIBO HOUSE. With areaa kh^r,t i "inl *ttd trimmings. No. 1 i07 Khode Island avenn^, between 15th and !6th asr*?**?* ? the residence of the Fir* Assistant SStm^Sum i^!9 Mk st reet ^ ^ Wf fi>0iiY>r-^itS~A ?"n,,M,r ?1 two-atory BRICK * HOUSES, on T street, between Uth and 14th streeta aorthweat, containing tlx rusmi each will be sold on terms as follows: eacn, wui *'Je,HOUSES from ?loo to f MO cash on each. *^iv? nn^?V?0,i,,i,' pm' n,,,nU l" ?"? pnrrhaser. Isiuiiv^n L mki fr"? #400 ?o #1.IM) cash, lTen[Tt. ? "i'P^h^rerlT? yemrt, p., t JXrou^?*8 "U1 ^ ?ch?^ "? P*rt for sJd^Mf-^ciLhT818 ,n tb* **"" bl(Kk wiU ^ Each of the above Oousea hkva hall, cellar, bath room, water-closet, sew. r, giik, *TT aST are w5l suit?J for a private family. Thoae <i..? i rous wf ss iuring to themselves a cwmfortabl* Uonse on ea?T n<," !?' to C*11 *t uiy office previous to purchasing elsewhere. JOS- JT. KKLLET, m9 Kr QA4J Oaw Estate Agent JO- >0^ fth tr^t nortbstst, M. 1 and K. K?A,VTALJt~UVL.?E t-OTSNEABMT PLEAS i i 'ro? half aB acre to eight acres, will Ue rjK. reasonable rates and on easy terms B v h "i'J??'! dwelling-houae and fruit, and ^V?frnm>>M "jr?T'in,mb,'*: Wilh,n ? fpw Bliuutcw' five lBBtaa' walk lh? BoSSu?7*' H^akbTlL x;si"? ??ay. F2?^V*tU,2'1*'??or laud, F,ixcr\,&r ar.'^sss/.'jyiu'su'-, antrooois,tack aad rroM^Seiid^,TT. Addreaa"A. J.," National BeyublscanaOoa ?UMf C?B.| PERSONAL. ~ PA&EIE: The end approaches Mopel?*an<as l2fuSWt TJZZ. SArwiZli bobbbt. Chil >r BUSIWBM CHANGES. K JVfa-wir Erf,? ? ^ r n?tpy>?i ? ?LB? j ? 4",n< ? fc????? Huuaa lor rvot, I 14 1 ?*h ?rW( ?OftDVfVi. ^ ? t*0? !UH-A? a f TI RB*>J EA*K. aad?iOOl>?, b .. jn ?>M Wet 1.k1 f,.rafai?o >n ????.? R . ? WHJOM. til tilt a4.,ap?. !'?-? ?<?? |kry|u>4 If S51 * KAIT I OB BKKT-rr4 7.. **. m-r* .? rn. mm; roal ctiep, I ? V'-i 'twiwot ?w !???'- ? mi ? r - IT**, ????*?? aim ?.f-*orri<E. ???>"> rw ??. mf. ,n h I*''^ .RiM ar.? ?*.! u.~4 *? til ? 4"m* ? *"*?4 10 TH?8 K VAfrfuK*. P-? , ?1? 7th *r.-? w Ol ^AM Tht* li j, |rinufn a^.1 ajt a . i <f a I'UlU ST<iKK O ? ' r 1 ?"?'n* ??' BKi?, Tll.RBT Ot? '?'?Waac, >(4 R~?| B^m* Af?M? |,'<'K >AI >. A m.t I>K( <i M..RK ? 5"i? T rjw^l. ? a im rri* ^-ii'ia it, * a??HRitiaroa ?.<?? mr*i ?n r.?rM. 11^. *?nlnn? ? (???It pmr* Unt 1 ' t #? 4.. 9*t MMk. A pr* . <?? Im ?* nm tkr pr??4a*a.? ho* euafctvi ? III Ml , ir?ll^ ???*? n??a imrr^ ill tcaftli i? tb? .4 ? MATTINMLT .< WHEELS?, .!?? * APR ?tr?*?-i ? nhwr*. A f'TT laiaarv b>>ur? 11 ikf af Mn4-" wfcv un.W.tau.1. ho'kkiTHic tbor n*h'* !*H( ? wMW 'f KHl, (it NU> ?-,f>r ??n?' r wp>n?tlo? Add'-?. f I. R . Kfur al? *? L'OB lAM-Ovol' ? ill u<l Ll'mXri flliii iTl'?OOD??4 O'AL YARD f? ? * -if- ? *?" vf 1 ? ? ?r?r ?*' Icew* a?pi. Ii LATIMER * ?l,R\Kr. I* 0rVnhttiTy?!ril!ii' woo* H ILL m I S. *n\ i P '"f lh? M1 lluiffy m<I F?nry Rt *? lr? 01 rrt, ?*1 ? h aWtA *-?? |?g fr 1 I l,IH^It?fi 4C? M"S! ..... *.11. Sri,*.. -fun ttrri^ Uwi mm. r .V tS Huwr tuiloilliiiiim; vtuc)trf.<l Concord rr?|* vin^, iu l?.hm ? Ir^llill 1%. get*. T1?M, imilf, ZStJTiSi JS ?'l ? K'r*r *'??? h nr? fr -nt ih , iri-* A. PHILLIP. \|OVKT li. LOAN < N Rt*u R8T\TR 1 R? I . .* Vtltl * MK" ? rU 1? *' ?l,J >"? ""??? ?r .k. ?. -! - ,4?* ? ?r~< I^uakd or PURLiojRukuTieilr: *> h?r? r? r ?al* In ||(? ?.. Ikrlp. wfclth w r*rrlvtblf tl |K, ,? paifci m J .^3 lm ? * L" JVH **>* * f? krrm .R.-pJ R?i<k?>ra RVatil^Si*. to Wrrlnw a a<aHl tiTORK and si""'' ?* *?-? ??>?rkrt. nl 17U. Pru-j. #S>W. imn. ^a?r ? v w HAMICtoM A PICiUOl, " *tf V M.C A BaUdl^.Ri,^ FOR SALEL HOkSR AS|? PU tTON - Will . .1.1 cl(^., "Wjirr having ??? L>nf?r any uw f.?r ^ "am Ii>iuir> ai No. IIO<!?imi 'nft^R lixltana >Tytm?-,i fn-t. |at ami ai. Ifli fMjg| li^OR SALK?A ttar RaiHily HuKilK.? i n >^ai . r?iM,.|I,,?l lll..|< hich, au" >?TlI-^ Mhl f'( ?* #<>? aiMi 4^ wt? mjy tt ? 5. ^Ur^f^TfaT h^-j? 14?A K?Jr*JfT<i.K 8 140.1 a;,l2oS 1. , ^ Killed bj- tb??ir ?>? n^r 5* T VjUKT.iEJ r !!v "ale-acoalcarc. i h ?,V4J. i t.'? . M>4 a J h r. p ? r ^ \ E .Vr E AT* " r""?r uV r.TuIrr at i 1"? tW- mill, it 4 ?.iiw.i, i iJilL ? an?l i>?al i ?r<J,ron,..| |-t .??,,! U (aJMH'| J NO R TAVLOR * cfcJAAP-Ttir. . f?|. w I NG M A ?i i t w ?^'.,<l N?I?A f>n main#, at r omc* 3li*l ^?oBRALlt-BAl MA UK M ,r<4U PH I-l nii rw'"<l ?d Ala... POMt'n T? , Apply t.,LATIJ(KR * CI.KA.S~ai hi, Au.iti<>ii<*rs, P??ori-.?Uaiiiaa?*iio^ cor t^rof 11.1, -tr.^ s-.r, . 1,,'^!:* ' TrTr |i iO.ODII tirat-claM k(isl'< 4'iiniii" J ""u' ?r,i?" 8hr,.?-.",.j rr'^ ???? 'AC' A JoK1, A S iRl\ATK SALE BAMiyiu! OiKtrr R?iA^r^ rai|-1 ? Df'N pi-rtl . M n ";L ?',1'u*f; ,1,'ntL r"J fr n; rfr- *bju; COfcffm iboQt tw^Titf tbfw WD ^ ?? -u- c' n.annnV^k ?i? iK-^'i e?4ta*?>?. -ii:- , ?otaiuiiiK i 'ukl ii ,*,i' ""r.':*'""* ? c..?B,rv n ,14-1, ? If ik? Jvi cail aii4 < tbu |?r ?i ny I. hT Vt *"w bf the lot i?f Jim- ih'Htl ?'U ? fur rri.i <innnm i h. . ??? " For terau appl, |o riKECE Ml "I M AK RR :* 1? '?w,> to riEECE shoemaker - urai P,fror? M ill K^^Sfct^Ajr HoEHi.^U^ 3 a ?-?!^yJs?ra7 atHith uf Potin?) l> am> avfoU> ' |< 4?5.ALE?An ^xcHlrnt arcniMl bau<1 (*>? Rum ihln#??0r',<rritl* 'AOOK, wldt My, jaat tha esKixjvz* BrtiZ'bSrJtZg.tfT' np~ ?"? *"*??* ?ale jW a Dodob r darwrillr. 1U" I4RT f atTM?t DRY GOODS. pRICAft MUiU. ha(il,Sf.^.tii!jrr'"?e1nr? 'u '??' Bl i-'r warkH. Twy cn??Pi and offer front bnrcnins to ^urckn^orm. P ^kaPot F wlard Silk, fi 45, worth R1 Z3 ^ *iik.. ?1 wnh fl IB .""^.A'paca#, *?r., wottb rv., aud otU?-r craa ? ? V.? T*rt ?!'???* ch^a. ' ,rM * Black Lioim Silk* u(b?5; -naar* fr>m R| R n? w ^i'V'7 " 0 nM,?l, \ r J? aak Pi>Rliu? at lie., arurth 20 ^ r Plain Suit!net from nc. np TourM and V1?^ Hanllad ParaaoU from 5*-. to ? 1 Errant Pan*JLida. *uc..< part) . .l .1* 41 1 * Spl<;ndice 4 4 Blea< bed t'.-uou. ??*<-. AoJrnw ?in. ?c.; Waaawt., ?c.; K ? Y rk M.'U ll C '''MU*. Mfi-aw, Tar I aian,. Nain ^.M"*? Jirtoria Lawna, BatLf. Lin-u., 0 ?? *? ., Uto ? ^ r^ot 1.Z ftnnw priC' -. Sy* ia ihf iidh* in pu 1 tiaaa a*7.? ioa^ P_ BRoI?HEaI? A CO , aar. 71 1 F at., Iwtw H l?h an,I UQ, ,t? 'I'O BE, OE NOT TO BE, IS NOT THK </l tSTl(J.\ TO FIJfD, OR HOT TO T1ND. BABC.MKM, BAKUA1NR. TH A T IS THE QUESTION jir^rtr ^{* <^?r-a?u WULFtfRO * SUILBr.Ri.4, LLA*-A LACE POIBTP. ALL TmcniKoMi&? A*o I a?r Srw.V JiN *"*BBI"LLAS, MJSa? v*?"' And o,? AaiK.^iU. call at tUufam ? ?"???> r.BifUil^r irtUE ARCADE 4RT 7tti 4rwt, bet?n-B 1> ani 9. Jl W |^EW ATTRACTIONk : LOW PRICES CARPETS! carpets'! CABPBTS 1 1 ??? KtTOtdraioaEKGXlRIJ BRrsSELS. F-NubUU IKOR-riNH. BUITB auJ emmUK *ATTIBC?llJU'* FLVt' OIL CLOT as, WISDOW SHADES I* MAT8? ?<4 WINDOW pixtl EES, at WOLFORJ* A iHlLBERG'i, 4?? sBVRKTH BTMBT, Btmiii d ai.dE, a<>nthwaal. ? ? mtthb ARCADB. |^BT OOODR AT panic PRICES. rar5JBaa,!i^??>*j! D4aat<2mlB?r?S4t^B ^ ]/*?**? Ut lx ''***? RRttA BAXT15 OUk>D4 IAI8 AND Pule a dotr.i* aiSmia s ? |AFAJ TLA I fLAID toTrouLAiin 2?6WK. hutt.w * ~ TEODHE AP R CO*. im ftir-it.

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