Newspaper of Evening Star, April 29, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 29, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR ? April S'l, 1*7:1. LOCAL NEWS. . ? iiwmata, 4r? To-nlr*?? WrnXTt Optra U<m*.?0|>era '-uM Cent Yierftft." TKraUr Comique.?Bongs, b^ -lexiues, d*nc<?, ? c. I Ml "Thrf e year* in a Mac-trap.'' ? <??<>?? f< Ufsl*. All snten*U< in the m ?tter should reai care fully the notice, in auo:ber column to lyecV tax (license) paver* issued by Collector X ll lech. Payms?ter Carpenter and family lout aH **tei perxinal r.lects by tbe lire at Michler plae. ar.?t ha.l no ir uran.e on their property. The family iic now ? .th 1 ncbU at ItfiS F street. Mr. J. Irvlrg Barn* baa retignnl the irrce. tar .ship of the Departmental relief assoc ation. and been surercdtd by Mr. J. F. A Men, ol the .'<1 Auditor's office. Fideli.v Division, .vine of Temperance, tr?et ?a?t r'ght ard the ioMom,n<t officer* were in rtal'ed. .1. C. I.av. trea. urer: T. H. Ouinn. A. K. 8.; Da?<cl E. Caircu, A. C.. and Jmui iH. W .11 a?*. O. S. A p-cne-iade concert, under the auspices of the Ms <,' sede So?'!1p?, Mrs. General Sbor ?tan Mr?. Senator ?"a- >rly. and other 1adi?s, both rat'w'if ami P.oie-.ant. for the l?enej|t of tte H.-ne tor tbe Ajed, w H be giver, on the even.iig o. May Mb. 1 m Tbe Mlebler Plaee fire Axnin. aavTiiu fTATunrr n<wt the dllax is TtMI?? III TBI JtUHV. ??Mr. Charles M. Young. Signal Office. U. S. A ,' semis u!> a communication asking "a smiil apace in the column* of your valuable paper for the purpose of correcting . eTeral error* in .he communication of Mr. Henry Moore." Mr. Yoang says that at I o'clock a. iu. (Sundae.) lie I-ft the Sigr al ?>lf ce for his home, and had just Tearhe.1 tbe comer of G ami 17th street, when he I'card the cry of "lire ' from a nan who said a Urge fire wait at the corner of 1, th ami F ts. Mr. ^oung thus tells what followed: '?1 ran back to the oCice ami knocked at the ?too-. immediately bringing do?n Mr. Bobbins fe 1'iij him to get the box key ami lacnd the alarm. Having obtained the key he at once turned In sn alarm,ami in a few miuatea the bells *t. uck our number Of. This only occupicd the small space of five minutes, and at twenty * nnte* p^et one o'clock, the engine* were oh the ground.' * * ? The gentlemen (Mr. Moore) d'd i ot kick the door (of the Signal office) to aroase the inmat?3 , as we do sot Veep a hotel) ror di.l be get posse donof the key as Mr. Bobbin* ?? no. allowed to let the kev go cat o; hi* hand* ciders orders by the officers of tfc.* office. * * * I do not say he iJtr. Moore) i a? uttcrrd thing* are false, but must *r> I think his imagination: is very vivid." Another correspondent writes to savtbat a strneant o" the waich at the signal office found two pouceiren trying t j open bar 6*. but the'' ? ey didro. f. and he, using the oihco key, open 1 t;-e box st I 10 a. m , but the boils failed ?o *:r *.e. I.a:er fce turned in aa alarm. .V. p-rr'?, not connected with the signal offi e, rv?r turned ia an alarm from box ?">*. T..e urst alarm did not reach headquarter.', because other police officers were at the Sime ? me to give an alarm from the bo\ on pHh ??reet ami froiu the one on liiggi Bank, thu$ contusing ti.e signals. ? The Two New Chief Clekks.?Eraoat F. W. h Hebt^. ynte.iliT elect *i chief clerk fa the ? onnc l ot the l.eruiative A^embly. was born in 4- n*. Au.? .a. in l?i!; came to tnis couuvry in 151; ? utanbiod in ami was. plu vious u> the war, principal of two aci b mies one :n Penr?viv?! :a and one in Xarviand. He j ent? red tbe I nion araiv a? cai taiu, in lMd, and ! was d'vehar^rd in lso.% as lieutenaiit colonel i con maml'ng ihe feth Maryland infantry, and l-revet colouel. Since became to thiscitv he has l<en a member of the commission to audit ftutyfar ding c^ainxot the old c ?rnorationi.laml ree. nily ?e. refa<-y to the Loird of appeals. V .liiani .1. lH>noho, elected chief clerk to the florae of Helcgater, is a native ot this citv.aud ?on of 'he 'ate -lohn R. old result-ut o* ibis l>. ir.. t. and u>r m.tny year* a lca<l n^ lir.'. ei v n-> ii'?ant oti the corner of 7:h ami I) s.reef*. tbe premi.< i now r^c ipied l>v Me srs. JitMn \ WiIUmh*. Mr. Ilomdio is now about ?lyfAisot age. He bai no prwfewion or trade. ?.nt t<>r a ??' vear? has occupied the ik.m ??on ot clerk in di.lertnr branches of onr muni |.al government, in all of which he has l-rne the reputation ol a capable and faithful officer. For >iar#he was tat clerk ui.<ler the oTd rorjor^iion. ard more recentlr has been em pk.yrd in tbe office .?f snperinteiHlent of ss.?eas ??eiifs and taxes. He ha? been known as a ?lem. orat in politic*, but respccted for his candor and at.ability bv his political antagonUts. AsTrraL Meitixo or the REPrnr.ic savix.s ASi? liriLiMKu AssonaTiow This associat.oii held i*s m t arnual meeting at Inton I-ea xue Ha'l last night, and the first an wnal report wa-. presents). It show* receipts - . and disbne?ements RKt,gJ > ??? ,n. 'T,h "* *b'ch are S'S.000 advances on i*i iT'rJ . \~u "a,0< ?- ?lj*nces on 79.H shares, ? "* >4n ?'-? 'i PO liabi'ities. The stock ? .nce'lcd by witl>H.awal, Pas. * : advanced on, 7'J>. !ea\ .ng *?vaiiceil on. Average rate of premium on 7?.?. aif,w' Its per cent, value of each share. #lw.*" lina.ingthe proportion ot expenses oi organ laing. printing, Ac., chargeable to the past vrs'. oi.ste.Mi of tbe whole co^t.) would eu bance the value of each share to an e> n: vaV nt to 10 j^r cent, per annum Interest. Tbe election ot office..- for the ensuing year Mifttited a* follows: S. R. Komi, president; W. W Br ,1r*te auvl T. Britton, vi.*e piesi jlet.t* K.Iwim I. SweT' ??'?retarji L Bram'hall trcaiurfr: A. T. B^wcr. ti. W. Longun, J. C. Parker, Geo. v*.^_^?'* W. M. Pnmplirey. B. F. Fuller, S. II. Merrill, at ?; F. A. Boswell, directors; Geo. W. Stick iwy.dohn C. Holmes, and Eugene A. K.-ke, finance cuBimittee. ? . ? Arkestof a Bit'siki.ys Lawyks-AUwI f r?rti a*l >'?i ia I'.,* '?>? Cj a.?Last week tbe Iiistriet Attorney here received copies of two indictments found bv the gravd jorv of th<* 1". S. i ircuit Caurt for the ea?tern district of New ) otk, charging one Frank W. Jorcs, a lawver of Brooklyn. N". Y., with having received Mi"re let * in pruxecut'ng two i^em-iou claims ^of a .doe.?) than is allowed by the law. It wa* be lieved tbeu that Mr. done* was in th*scity, ami a bench warrant was issutd ami placed in the bands of Heteetives .Sargent and M<^Kl;>esii. These officers ascertained iu a very sbjrt time that -'ones was not in the citv. but found where be I ad staved while here, and when h.- was rapectrd to return. In accordance with the information flic rece'ved thev vesterdav went to his room on 14th street, near Sew York ave nue, ami riiding him there took him into cm to?!y. Mr. .loiM-s expreH.ed some surprise at his arr?r.?t h? re and with the officers proceed.-.i to the residein-e of a relative and witU the latter he appeare<l l-eiore Chief .Iu.?t:ce I'artter. and gave b .il in ?5.M"0 to appear and answer the charge at tbe M ?v term of th* I". S. Circuit Couit lor the Eastern I?Strict of Sew York. * The Board Health met last evening, ami tbe application of Mr. Oiiast- far position as ?aintarv li.-pector was referred. The reply of tbe board to the communication in reference to tbe removal of the (.mall pox hospital was read and approved, it will he forwarded to tbe (iuicrm r. A motion of Mr. Marbury to dis |s >.-* with the l?ar.!ing-hou>e for the use of the small |*>x bo-pit tl employe*, and directing the dl-por-al of the turn;ture"n?^.l therein, was discussed at some length. Drs. BH*? and Verdi being oi'po- ed to it. Mr. I.?nf>t<>n move. 1 that tbe whole .?u'.ject be referred to a special oom mittee. to coi1 of the health officer and Mr. Marl.nry; which motion was adopted. Mr. Marbnrv modified his mo-ion so a* to dispense with the lecding of tbe small pox employes by the board alter May 1st. at*l the motion as mtsl iiitd was a>!op:ed. l?r. Cox spoke ot a number of ca<e* of intermittent fever in the TieinitTot 1*>th and S ?treet?, which he thought ?ro< - from the sta.nant water laying there. The health olf cer was instructed to Make a thorough in spt ct.uu of that |<ortion of the city. ? * Sv s it Pox ? a-es have been reported at the health oit ce since our last rejiort (Satnr>iay) a* follows (one at each place). On lumber pile rtitmr l.;th and t anal; i"0 K itreet southwest: fx 'ween B ami C ard and Mh streets, do.; !? 7 I strest ia>rtbwe*t, a: office. rej-ortM self; HZt 11th H.ert northwr f; 334 F street sonth w?-??; Cole's K tw. iu eoaaty; .*kJ? G street M>nih aest; X, between 1st and w uo.; j a; un <th street do . w. between T and V do.; 3 at 52 N street do.; 461 X street do ; ?ll* v between II ami F and 'Jih and l?b do ; ?io. d aad 4., and E ami F do.; 1 walked to the hospital ami 1 po ked ? p ia the* street*. Also,the following fatal cases: W. H. BaileT. died at the hospital; Joe. Parker, at ?27 F street southwest; Ella Yearly, at JAR street do.; 2 on N, between % aad 1st do Edward Brtoeoe, ftb, between G and H do., child of Herrv Allen, corner of O ami North Capitol streets. Sixteen of these cases were reported to-day. 1. O. O. F?The Mth anniversary of 'hid Fel lowship ia the I'm ted States was celebrated at the ban, oa 7th street, last night. There a line anrtience in attendance, not with mm? _ ?? _ * - * ~ s*amling the bad weather. Dr. J. E. Msson presided, and the procee<nngs opened by an in vocation by Rev. P. Hall Sweat. Ad.lres-a.-s aere delivered by Grand Master .1. W. Tbomp ? n. Ree 1*. ghermer, ?f BalUmore. P. ?/*. John T. Given, aad Graad Represen-iti re .Jobn F. Haver.ner. Th* Odd Fellows' u ir saaj some of their bewt pieec ^ daring Lac ?. cu:ng A moth er Max A rnornlne naner ia *? ferrlng to the Hume- William? ease. mx. th>i ??MrA. E. Williams, who was accused brThos I- Hums, a few dav* a*?, of ? re.y grave charge, has instituted suit a*ai?*t that gent'e laving damages at IM Mi." Tl> si*aM * i??r ir. the uame. a? Mr. Thouiv> l? Hume is the wr 1! krown grie- r a ho has n 'tb!ng w hat ever tc do witli 'he case. The name inc ,iu ;s J i?>lablj John licme. Third l^ginlniivr AnMNktjr. COCS?TT..?After our report C|o??d rN'fMut li?l the nsusl bad pa>?4 Mowu the two ? ? ! Mr Th'rrp-on *nbmitt.-d a r-solntioo, which WW ?dnffrf, tbu the President of th? Coo-eil ti" in karlM t ? nnlM srop. sals from tke job prin'MP j uf tlii.< city for ail the printing r. ^uir^l f r : ?h> n?e of the present Conncil, iiidnding two kin dred c*tra cop?e? of toe J'.Timal, and binding com plete aid to Bmke a contract w.'tb the lowest bidder I for the ean.e. The me?**ge ?m received fri?n the Governor hy Pr. TiiHlail. In* private secretary, ,as printed m ] > e?terda> * .<Taw.) On motion of ?r. Brook*, the wtewage wan referred to a ? ommittee of three. to distribute h to the re spective eon mi Uses when appointed. Me .sts. Bri ok?, Tl)"mp*.ii and Olden were appointed aa the committee. Mr. Hnker offered a resolution, which wa* agreed to, reqge?titi( tin President to w?ct a chaplain,sad pay the expenses oat of the contingent fand. Adjowmsd. The followtag ia a report in fnll of THE annates or MB STITIVBT o.i pe?r* errtdnc ed to the chair alter hie election a* President, briei" mention of which was Made in yes terday'* Star : U??t!*tHrii (J tkt : I know of no more spprcpriate language in which to eipres* my mw of t b? h< nor yon k*T? again conferral ?? bm tlun the good old Has on, I thank von. And a? in the rart, as in the fat u re, I shall depend apon yonr indne?s, forbearance and support In my bnmhle efforts to discharge tfce dotira of my position. With a few exceptions we ars the mud* who hare met here nnd-r -miliar eircnmstance on two previoas oc< aaiona. One of o?r associates ha* be?a removed by deatn. and 1 believe I expreas tlw sentiments of each m* tuber of this b?dy in the declaration that In the ileal \ of Col Katon tbl* community b%? 1 wt in ei.t rprismg and asefnl citizen, n wise legislator and an bonest man. At the proper time the C.*nieil will v!?;j.f at {r. print, resolutions of re*p,-<t to hi? ho d ory. Tin* is not the occasion for any extended re n .?-*? upon pnldlc affairs, nor am I inclined to in dulge in any exangerated p?n< ?>ri<- of the many Krabd ud noble thing* that h.tve l>een done dnr'tig the p,n?. two years towards the improvement of oar city. None are so Mind ae not to see th-rn. II the present adniiniatrntion should do no.tiijm ?no'e than complete the works already comnienc-d. d fiaj the current SB penses of the government, pa) ?'? our di bt* with-nt impodne additional burdrnt uj* n th-pe. pi-, they would deserve not en'y th gr.iii'. .ide of every inhabitant of the District, lint of ev?ry citizen ef the Union who ha* a spar* 01 patri otic pride in the pr.?perity and beauty of the na tioral rsDital. Whether this ran or cannot be accomplished remains to be seen, and for the practi cal *.>fnt ion of t hie mU ttloa thief will be re.jni -M all our I' ~i?IatiT? wi<dom. skill and ingenuity. The tavpajn> h-ive a right, and 1 hope a dnp mtion, to demand strict accountability from all their servants, rigid economy, sound judgineut wd wise discrimina tion in the disbursement of their money. If there ia any o?e word that would furnish a hey to the solu tion of tuin problem?one that shonkl more than any ot her characterise th- policy of the administration, cheer th?? he*rt? of the people and secure their con fidence an.t Mippor;?I should say ihu wora ?a^ re tTtnrhmtrnt. BOl'SE or DILIGATIS -Teeterday, after our r. poit c!(4rd. the ballotinc for fp- aker continual, and on 'he tbirty-eighth ballot Mr Ciuupb-II h a* elected, receiving IS votes, and Mr. Bhepherd 10 vot a. The aiinonncetnent of thie xote was received with applan?e which whs promatly <1 ecked. On motion of Mr Shepherd, the election was mad? miin o ?, and Mr. Campbell. havinK I een escort ed to the chair, a.'d'essed the Honse aa fol!aw> GmtUm** *: it- Hovtr of D'Utalts: This expres sion if yonr confidence and esteem in selecting me a* yonr presiding officer tills me with etiiotivnt of graiitude too deep t?r attetani-e. Thrmgh the ? tiality of a former H ;use and the courtesy of its pre ?idirg officer, enoi^h of e*p?*rience has been nc | ;ord"d me in temporarily p<-rformin? the duties of tUis chair t? approach Its responsibilities ?Uh lanch emba> raiment In BcleaToring, koirwe.' imperfectly, faithfulb to iliv harge tb-se dn' ??, of^n difficult and sometime* trylne. I a?k your kind ^ rlearance and invrite *<>ur cordial co-operntion. Knuiyirg. with a sinrto t n?ntion, the personal ac <iuoiotaace, and I believe tlie friendship of every nieir-ur of t hi> House, fcmiyof whom are expert enc. d legisiators, I am c >n:Went this appeal will not be made in vain. In return I promise you to admin i-fer *>i.?fexer mles |on nt?y adopt for your gnvrn t nt to the be?t of n?> ability, with srrict impar tiality. titl-otit fi<Torit!-m oi- bias. Attain thar king you, g-ntlenwn, for this high hoaor, I inv k- i?v ti your deliberation thnt divine gnid a ice wit hoc t which m?re human wi?.!om is foolish ness. always remembering -?h- thrit ruleth over B ? - n>n?t be ^Tist, ruling in the f,-nr offliid." Sir. < ha-e ?i.ibnitted a resolniioi, that no district shonld be entitled to more than ?neof theniiaor Rices of the Ho~*e; lost. Mr.V. J.Dokubo wan elected chnf clerk on the frst ballot. The O'-use ser?--d ts meet daily at 5 o'clock p nt. If s-r-. J T Setile, T. S. she? and C. Kddy were t>< minatu! for assisuuit chieT clerk. Dr Timial, secretary ef ,he Uovernor, npr^a-ed a,.d pr.-sei.ted th-.- meecige of th- 0 >reri. ?r. P -n-1 ing the r< ading it wa* agree,! that it l.e pr.nted and the furt'cr reading postponed nntillhe nest m et it.g. Adiomned. ? 0|)frntl?D<i uf lh? Boartl or Public Works. KirOtTP cr TITI ENC I SEER ASD ArDITOil OK THE IOA&D. Tli?? following if the reiort of the engineer to the I?>aril of i nMic works, which accompanied the Governor'* mewage to the I<egialature, being a comj-kte nummary of the transactions of the 1-oard from ?fj* organization to April 1,1873: CstiD.ated cort under six hundred and nineteen (?lylcontrscts, as shown in the Mippl-me.ital rep-, t made to the Uou>? of Kepreseu.ativ*s, DeceBib- r 6. Jj72. $?,"./;.-r>A.V On acco.irt of tber? aix hundred and nineteen con tracts there haf* been paid in cash and auditor's certifU it?s? 1;7,(*>6,0)2 71 E> inired to couiplt te ih' i>wt<ic. * pro portion of work begun ... 44i.3i{ 02 t 'i i-tracts let since December C, thir ty-foar in number, on which ha.-" heen paid in ca*h and aaidiior's certificates... 438,175 C2 R< iiirred :o complete work begun on these COIltiae ? M l?) Percentage withhtkl on acconnt oi work., l'-o. 0 Sfc- winc total co?t of contracts on com *le' ion 27 i 119 <"S D' t fr. m th'- liii ?>it mat ml oo hki -'. o be nsed in ? ontpletingecntrae s begiii. ? ? s Show ing contracts on soinple ti. b ^8,W0,f.9 M !?' iirited co?i as nb-.r# ,^J.t-i7^SSIU 06 Adu thirty-o. or contracts let >;n< r D? c< n.ber (, and coat of tcni|7eti: c....?. #13 V~ 32 874)16.1 3 9/ sbf-wirg excess of ac nal cort OTer e?-ti ?istfd cost to beials'tii 1?'4 per cent. ibcrease > ? lUKI iXfl ."i? The fol'.owfna i? iuv ?f the A"d,ror of the Board of Pnbllc Work*; tranitn'.ttca to n>n Legislature je^terday. being a statement of the transactions of hl? oPlce from the organization oi the hoard to the 1st of April, 1*73: Total amount of suditor's certificate* ts ?ne.l ?9,770/^1 56 Ad oiiiiI i f auditor 's cet iticates issued in pavuier.t of tiri < ontracts. ?7^jt?ijjii2 71 plus .* *1^.275 7w64-118 dJ Leaving a difference of. %2.21<i:ivi 52 ? hi. Ii is in payment of tlie foil >wuig item-,: Amount expanded in openins and repa:r ing streets and avenues by d*v's wort, as appears from par -rollsaudited, ?#<?-, Sfin 16, amount paid for cleaning street*. lr<oa pav -rolls audiud, #211 ^HJ.74. 719.173 91 Amounts paid superinten<lents. inap<-c t.-rs, engineers and employees 414 911 X> Pi mp? 50.n l> 67 \V. ?k for water reai-trar 19?.779 67 Wurk on market - noasee ?)^Jt d Old corjx-ration work not enumerated in litt of contra< ts audited Gil --19 24 Printisc, blanks, books, advertising and miscellaneous.? 26,370 91/ Si ati? uer> engineering in*trnments,con, etc ?. 40^81 00 Individual property account, paynents for ? id material 13.458 56 Tr-e* 12.;* U0 Ki.iMture and work on M<>rr!aon build- ? i> k 17 J19 00 <>a* :.;.d repairs of lamps 7,443 01 Penn'sins, ill, and judicial ex tern**, $11JWV .29. ? 17 661 30 ?2,216,283 X rirnt District Kepl'rlicans? Eltcfitm r>f Club "rtii.ert on<t Mtmlrrt nf the Central Commit t".?Tne regular yearlr meeting of the r?? publican.* ot the 5th nbtrict. to elect club officers and three members of the central com mittee, wai? hi Id last evening at Jones' Hall. The several aspirant* for the presidency of the club had marsha'ed theit friends, in large num Uts, filling all the aBBklnble space in the hail by 8 o'clock, an?l sliortTv afterwards the presi dent of the club, John Minor Botts, called the meeting to order. The club then resolved itself into a mass meeting, and after two and a half hour's wrangling, Richard Brown was elect.-d chairman, and Randall Bowie secretary. Messrs. Botts, John W. Booth, and George Philli|ie were placed in nomination for president. Mr. Phillips declined in favor of Booth. A ballot was had and Mr. Booth wa* declared elected amid loud cheers. Kandalt Bowie, was elected recording secretary; Charles W. Hall, cor responding secretary. George Phillips, vice president. The mass meeting then resolved to \ote by ballot upon the election of members of the central committee. Here coufasion, wor>e confounded, predominated. Mean. Jerome A. Johnson, Richard Brown, and Henry I>. Pay ton were nominated, and their friends er tleavored to elect them by acclamation. A motion to c'ose the list was being voted upon, when the chairman, Mr. Brown, appealed to his irieads to allow the list to stand open. The >oilowing additional Barnes were then placd In nomination: Messrs. I.acev. Hulse, Robinson, Botts and Jones. Each candidate was warmlv lauds d b bis friend*, and after the counting ef the ballot Messrs. Jerome A. Johnson, Richard brown, and SandyLacey were declared elected, fhey having received nearly four-fllths of the entire vote cast. ? Bt iti>m? Psrkits?The following have been issued since our last report by the in *t?t ctor of bn'ldings-?M. Drammonl, two-story brick. Massatbusetts a venae, between 31 and :td streets northwest; J. Uaaieis. do., M, be tween 4'h and ftth streets northwest; J. Robert Him. two-story ft a me bsck-ksiUiar O, between sth aid 9th streets northwest; Levi Carry, Vans Shoe, rear of M, between 4th ami 5th streets i.ortliwest; David T. CiassU, two brick stables, rear of M between 10thaad 11th stme.* north wt *t; I.. F. Barber, brick stable, rear of 4street, between Maryland avenue and G street southwest^ Foot Walks to de Laid.?^The contractors on jtth street, I etwee? E and F and PenBsvl vania avenue ; nd K street northwest; on -1 st street. tetween I snd K northwest; on tot s'reet, between K and H northwest; on 23d sre<t. Iwtween Pennsylvania avenue ami M erot i otthwi t, have been directed to lay the t>riik loot aa'k* at once. lm|M?rt?nt Bill Rr^ariag OHrfu m4 StUarie*. Mr..? W T)ion(Mon, of the Council, u'jW* tive AwmMy, has prepared n bill reditcit:.* kii4 UwUngtlwB'iaber of offices for toe gwv nnaient Ot tiie District of Columbia, MM es UhUidtiii the condensation thereof. It preecritx-s the following oflcN ui lxltriM - ' t'nllwUir of Uxm, (3^lu; deputy collector furtk' city of Wuhiulnn, (flJU; deputy collector f.* 4?eorget<rwu and thecouiitr. four clerks in the collector's oiler, not to be employed now than nmetv davsineach ;f?r,?i periods of prMwin* in the office. at *4 per diem, 91,440; treasurer of the i District, 9l,rtlu. clerk in his offic?. #1.JU0; auditor of accouuta, A3j*M. clerk in his <??< <?, con troller. *2.00*: book-keeper in hia uWcf. |1AV; two i lerka in hia office, at |1JDU each. water registrar, .*!,<?*?; two clerks in hit office, one at $IJM)udog?M #1JW. 1)1 Jt?; inspector and tap ! per of water mams, ,f Ijoo; attorney for the Dis trict, 92.400; assistant attorney, .f l^M1, surveyor for , the District,914W0; assistant forGeorgetown^liflOU, . assistant for county, <flj?ju; croaer of Distric*, 1 ft !.'??>. superintendent of sasessments and tax**, 3'Javi; clerk iii hia office, 91,Mt'; three addi tional clerks for ninety days only, #4 -per day, 91am; eleven aa?essors, $*M each, 91AM; four members of board of appeals, not ?ji <el inn fifty days each, at 9A per diem, 91-f"" superintendent of lamas, |M; market-master, nortbe-n market, 94MU; do. cartern market, 9C0U; I do western market, gtu* do. Georgetown market, 9 MO; superintendent public schools for Washing ton, fljuuo, do. Georgetown achoola, fUUU; do. county schools, 91 jjm?: secretary of pwblic schools f?r askingtou. 9*10; fire commissioners, consist ing of five members, three from Washington, one fr >m Georgetown, and one from county,9300 each, 9!.???); chief engineer Ore department, 91,4W. secretary do.. 9ujo; superintendent ft re alarm tele grap, 914U). two operators do., 98U0 each, 91j?0; six f' r> nu n, $$10 each, 94-800. five engineers, ,f each. 94JM.1, n*e firemen each company, t've fnrh, one tiilermun, $700: six hoatlers, y7m> each, thirty privates, 9700 each, 9U.OOO; thr-e iti-pectore and w? igher* of coal,9100 each, 9**>; I tbr> e commie-i'.ne; <? Washington asylum, B?U>i?a h, 9<a<. intepdMit asylum, 980U; sec. etsry to the com imscioner Washington asylum. phy*r'anto do , $i?ju: eleven physicianr- to the pm r, 941/1 eac'i, 9- *-*>; thirty or more larup lighters, etch to revive at the rate of 9.1 per dav, or the fi tremor way contract with jm: :ies for doixg this work, at a cost net to exceed the foreg iifi* rote, per lamp, %164M0; superintendent of garb*** mas ters, tao tor each Council district In Wawhiugi >n treasurer of the coBimi*aioners of tlio ainkine fund, 94(41; bookkeeper to tanin, ><OJ, oue messenger lor tile Goverr or a office, %6i*l; oue for offices iu weat wing of city hall, e-WO: two ditto for Columbia building. Aa?0?ai h?eljiu); one janitor for legisla tive hall $600; one nii'lit wat< hman fur Governor's office, 9t0o; one ditto for legislative hall, 9t>"0: ditto for Columbian building, .?6ut., one ditto for we?t v tag city hall, 9<>v" Ojfirtr* atitkuut -aJarp, excepi such fees, if any. as n.a* by l*w apprrtsia tntsreto: Koiir c?siimissii n- rs of the -it king Inml;three boards of trustees of pub lic schools. onebaid for Washington, te consist of five persons for each school district; one for George town, to-oneist of two persons froai eaehCoincil dir.rict; :u-d Um> aauo'from th' county, to consist of seven petsnna, all to be residents of tneir respective dU>ricts; iwo commissioners each f-r the northern, eastern,find western markets in Washington;two for the market in Georgetown; three trustees of the Corcorai cemetery, in Georgetown; twotT?*te?afor the poor of Georgetown; resident student of the Washington asylum; three sealers of weights and measures; tliree inspectors of fl nr; two inspectors ??f -sited nro\ iaiona; five inspectors and measurers of lumber; t v e do.of w<o<l; twn u t< and inspectors of spiritiions Ininors; five weigher- of hay; three su perintend eute of sweep 1; eleven apothecaries; two c< inmi-iai >uers of western burial ground; two Jo. of ea-tern burial gronnd; aeiton ?e?tern burial ground; do. eastern bunal jjrouml; fir-?n scaven gers, two for each Couucii diatrict in Washing!":!; one for Georgetown district. The tiirrernor may at any time after the passage of this act ti.she appointments to one or all th.- of fices created by and mentioned ir thi* act, and the appoiutets, nnleae sooner removed by him or aupst tet'ed by net of the Lr-gi-dative Assembly, shall hold OiTee for the p^riid of two years Irom the date of their Commissions, and until their successors -hall hatebiei appointed and gunlifi-d,and the Gover no,'shall Sll all vacancies which tnir .ccnr in i-.ny of said olficee by rem.'val or otherwise: Pmritir i That no peraon shall be appointed to perform the duties of any office vacated by the act unless tie sLall he it resident of and hav e exerrise.1 the right of aufirvg'in the iMxtrict of Columbia; and that in all. aees a hen this act creates an office for the city of Georgetown, or for the county,or for a;iv partic ular Coun-'il or Legislative district, the appointment to such ofii< e shall be mad'- of a person who shall li ? a resident ol and have exerctsedthe right of sudrage in the district for which such office is provid-d by this act: all aots or parts of acts inconsistent with this act to be repealed. ? The Fiati MArhels. Waphibotos To-day, at the Washington fish wharves, the following salos to shippers were nifvie by B. A. Golden Jt Bro., &?feiits:? 12.1)00 shad, irom %ln to 913; 30.000 lierrinKs, $?? to V7- 100 bunches pcrch, from 13 to M cents, jkt bunch; 2 rtttrgeons, 'i'j centa ]?er pound; .V> rock, l'rcm A) tu W eta.; 1,000 eels, 2 eta.; 1,000 tailors, 2 cts. The On and BIilitauy Ball To-xi>.ht This ball, to como Otf to-nigl.t, will not l>? lur th?r i?osti>ot'ecl, on account of th?j weather. It will coiue otf to-n!^ht, and as the building is to be torn down positively iu a day or two after the hall, thia is the last chance to kce the decora tions. ? TIIE C'OI'KTS. U. S. SUPREME COl'RT.?The following canes of intcrt to l)iairii.t people were taken up yester day; Mo.211. CbH-topher C?mmack, jr., appellant, vs. >li?r?ar<t F. Lewis. ironi the Siior mo Court ??." the District ol Columbia. Mr. .1 imic< Miller deiive.ed the opinion >' the court, atTi 1111 iujt the d- cree of the said Supreme Court iu this cause, with costs. No 673. Joseph Lanman, plaintiff in error, vs. Ward II. Lamon. In erior to the Supreme C >ur' 'f he District of Columbia. On motion of Mr. W. W. Boyce, ill b' halt of Mr. R. T. Merrick, ord -n-i by hd court that the writ of error iu this can bo lockt^'cd and diaaii. sed, with costs. f'Ol'liT IN GENEKAL TERM.?Fowler a?l. Fal's Ic? comp^uy; a'gu'd by corns I and anse snbuiti 1. Widdi^mer et al ag:. Will un ?t al.; coutiured. Dsciefce agt. Board of Public VVoiks; appeal di*nii? >ed. B -ard ? f Hubli' .rks igt. l>anie e; appeal dismis-ed. Johnston .rt Real I; submi ted by appellant. Butler agt. B 1 ler; ippeal dis'iiit jed. POLICE COURT, Judu Saturlay, after >ur repoit closed, th? case of E. A Williams, ?..argetlwilh fteaiiug 9'""J in gr eubick* frjui Mr. John Hume, v.m takcu up, a4d Mr, Hum^ teat.fl.-d hat he met Williams iu iue re tauraaton >f 4'a street and Louisiana avenue, and cam > out with him on the Mreet; very soon afterward he pi.'sed his niouoy, and then reatembensl that ou .... of the restaurant Williams had put ^is ? Tn behii'.'i and ahuind w!tu*U. *nd h>^ ?1stv-oted hat lie aad taken his money, but since that time he tnel c> me to the c?n:-lu>ion that Willi tms did not lake it. fle had not, however, found his Oi 'itey. When he found Williams afterwards, he < W.) s-ated [h:it lie (Hume) had loaned him ( Williams) 917. bu* hat be would return it. He cvnld not aay eXiw-tly III it he tliou*lit Williams stole liis^nonev. The ?.torney, Mr.Clo-s,called the attention of the court to the different atatemeat made now by witliea* I'rotu the one made when he applied for the warrant. The ro*>rt said it could not be helped. Iffparties are nnwillingto presecute, the court had no discretion Unless there was m^ .Je testimony than ii->w %pp? areil, he would dismisa the case, which was accord'ugly done. Yestenlay, Jesae Lewis, msllcions trespass on the garden of Jaa. Turner in the county (running over garden stuff, breaking down vines); flOand ?: >?ts. Sam'1 Johnson, aasanlt on Thos. Bacon-93. David Scott, assault on J' hu Leeter; 93. W illiam W ilker and E<lward Hollands, larceny of seven bottles are!-* beer; nolle prof. Samuel Johnson, assault; 93. John W illiams, assault on Susannah Williams; *J. Pat rick Hays,thr.ats;H'lle pros. Margaret Lanhani, larceny of ( M) note from E K. Tabler; nolle pros. Richard Brow 11, larceny of barrel of potatoes from Holmes & Bro?: jail 30 days. There were a large number of Dsjtnct cases dlsp>>se<l of by tine, Ac. To-day,Collaterals were forfeited in ?juite a larg* number of cases of common drunks, profanit ? and disorderly conduct. James M. Upperman. ch <rg>-d with the use of profane and immoral langnage in a house on 10th sireet loud enough to be heard in pnldic; fine.l 910. George Ruple, charg-d with selling liquor without license, was fined 915", the ii-dge remarking that in future, where the proof was atscolnte, be would tine to the extant of the law in such cases. Jc..u Lee, ...^.,ult and battery on Rich ard Saumiers; ?10 and costs. Wm. Green, nssanlt ? -? ? " " " " I Ltld CoStS. sanlt a-id a . ? lcl. jtreet" til ed 9100?an appeal was I- ten a.i.i 1 >n ls required in 9>W Otn. 1 V Nsw, No 499> PAPERHAJIOIMOS. )*?. 4:i? li? Bt.S f?TU St. " NOW OPEN AT NAKIIIITII'I, No. 439 7th street,between D and E streets. Eight doors above Odd Fellows' Hall, PAPERHANGINGS of new and stylish designs of the best fabric* and B uish, selected with due regard to harmony of color, durability, richness and econo my. A large portion made specially to order, eiu bracing beautiful stripe and other designs iu Gilt and Plain Colore, appropriate for drawing rooms, Ac ? K and 40-inch plain tints for nanneliug with " plain, with a fullline of medium and battery on Eik>cIi Greenleaf, 910 and costs. Jamea M. Uppernian was charged with a*? inlt v?I bmtery 011 Johu W. Conuell at t 'louse Hi'b and low-priced Papers, patent and perfect r twtiona of Wood and Marble,for panneling I vestibules. BORDERS in GiitTVelvet 1 gilt rod or finishing ] repreaen halis and and Gilt Imitation Freeeo, and Common; Center Pieces, French Fire board Prints, Ac., making the largest

and moat complete assortment in the District. WINDOW SHADES. New designs, different sixes aat colors; also. Plain Goods in Pearl, Chocolate. Lavender, Green and Stone Colon for Baking into Shades. Shades made t00t4m- PICTURE FRAMES. Solid Oval, Wslant and Gilt, and all Gilt Fr from 3x4 to Vx30 inches. Box Oval Frames for Wreaths at cost. A beautiful selection of Franch and America* Gilt and Velvet Framesfbr Ivorytype and Porcelain Pictures. Card Frames in great variety. Frames mads to order. PICTURE COED AMD TASSELS from Card to Portrait Site, different colors; also. Gold Plated, Tinned and Wire Center Picture Cord, very superior gooda; Porcelain and Bra? Head Pic ture Nails, Rings, Screw Eyss, Ac. PAINTINGS, ENGRAVINGS, CHROMOS, Ac. A Hmited, out choice, selection In appropriate frames always hi store on exhibition and sale. Chromos and Engravings ordered. Oiden for Paperhanging, Window Shades or Pic ture Frames punctually filled and satisfaction guar anty ed. Terms cash * Please remember nam*. M , _______ Old No 48*. i. BUftKRlTIE, and number 439 <!h street, all tw Between D and ? streets. J^EAD AND SAVE TOUR MONEF. Ladies who have Hair Switches that have faded frum os cau have them restored to their natural shade In superior manner. We have a very large assortment <>f 91 Curls; very long and handsome Switches, verv cheap. Now la the time to buy at MADAME ES1RAN SHair Factory,919 13th at., G strtst. aU-tr GEORGETOWN. Fib* Alarm Yesterday afternoon a fire alarm *m tamed in by Sergeant Rodgers from H>\ 93, romer High and 4th itrwto, eaiM by Art ?n the roof ot Mn. Libbey's bonne, on 4th street, between Market and Frederick street*. The fire department promptly responded, bat was not called i?U> un, the lire having been ex tinguished before their arrival. Klectio* of VtfTRTHtii.?At the annaal elect on of the vestrymen of St. .lohn's (Episco pal) church.last eyening. the veatry *a? eloet# 1 as'foilows: Mewrn. J. R. B'irio ighs, Prof. Yar nell, Charles E. Rittenhouse and John Mar held over, and Governor Cooke. A. H. Heir. Hubert P. I>odceand Wm. G. KM(nly were ref lected. On Sunday afternoon tke rega lar Easter ofl'eriagsof the Sabbath school of this church were fora.allv presented, and amounted to the snug a ami of *:mjO. The school waa ad dressed bv the pastor, Rev. Mr. Atktna. who complimented the teachersand acholara for their seal in the good work. The ainging of tke chil dren was unusual, y good, and was conducted bv Mr. S. G. Tosag, of the Star office. The Canal A cansl boat from Cumber land. filled with oeal, Mink yesterday at lock 16, and will have tc be unloaded. Transporta tion will be delayed twenty-four hoars. Accident?Yesterday " afternoon a lad named Johusou. while at work in Sham*' saw-mill, caught hia hand iu one of the circular saws In the mill, aial had three of his Angers cut off. Hi van News.?Tha steamer E. C. Knight arrived to-day, with a lull cargo of geuertl merchandise, including fifty soda fountains for Palmer & Green, of this city. Fish Wharf.?The receipts of fish to-dcy were 15,onn herring and inn shad. The herring sold at ?^.50 t-j 97 per thousand, and the shad it $15 per hundred. The Condition of the Pope a Fortnight Ags. [Lond.w Correspondence New York WorM.] Some private dispatches trorn the Vatican ai rlved here last nigbt. Necessarily, they came in cipher. I believe they were ostensibly sent by a banker in Rome to his correspondent in London. ai.d referred, apparently, only to morev matters. But they really were messages from "those nearest the "Pope "to their friends hi re and in Dublin. I am able to say that one fact was stated with great (learaeu in these messages. The condition of the Pope had grown very serisus; lis was far more dangerously ill thaii had been thus far supposed. He was suf fering from a very seveveie attaik of rheuma'ic fever; his legs were ulcerated and cave him great pain; tor the last two nights he had b?-?;n unable to sleep without the aid of powerful opiates. He was bearing his sufferings, which at times were extremely acute, with great Sitience and with woiulrl'ul cheerfulness. ut on the 13th of next month, if he lives until then, he will be eighty-two years old, and a man of that age canwotlong endure these pauis. Should he die, 1 have no doubt that the plan upon which he has decided for the election of his successor will be carried out to the letter: we shall hear simultaneously of the death of the Pope and the election of the Pope. Ttie cry will be "The Pope is dead! Long live the Pope!** But then will probably follow scenes in Rome that have not yet been witnessed there, and unless the government is stronger that it 6ecms to be, the Kci mob may succ.-ed in wreaking their vengeance in a terrible man ner. At all events, Home for the next few weeks promises to be once more the most intjr estlng spot on earth. In addition to the bronchitic affection under which the Pope has sutlercd for some time and his present attack of rheumatic fever, he lias suffered for many years from a varicose ulcer in tlie leg, the temporary closing up which is followed by epilepto d seizures of a ^?rv ex hausting kind, while its reopering, whether sj>ont.ineous or artificial, procures exemption from th se seizures. Th's safety-valve, how ever, is said to have at last tailed him, the cerebral congestia caused by the paroxysms of coughing sufficing of itself to induce anepi leptoid attack iu spite of the ulcer's remaning open. General Assembly of tub Puksuvteri vs Cui RCH The general assembly of the Presby tea'an church of the United States, which tu ets in the Central church, Baltimore, on the I5tli of May, will be opened with a sermon by the last moderator. Hcv. Samuel ?!. Kichoils, I). I)., of St. Louis. The session will continue about two weeks. The body is composed of 35 synods, 166 presbyteries. The whole number of com missioners a ill be about COO, one-half ministers and one-half elders. Tbev roue from all parts of the United States, with delegates from Ai'rica. India, Japan and South America. The work of home and foreign missions, education, church erection, ministerial relief, publicat on, fieedmen and sustentation are regular items of business. Delegates from foreign corresponding bodies, such as the chuich of Scotland, the gen eral assembly of the Canadian Presbyterian church, various churches of the country, Con gregational, Kcforin, Ac., will be present and be heard. All t'.ie various kinds of business which come up from the lower courts arc in review, and come up by complaint or appeal, and all nuestions concerning government and discipline, and the general Interests of the whole church, are deliberated upon and deter mined. ?yOin^er beer is becoming popular in Wis consin since liijuor laws have been enforced. *7"Fred. Douglas* was refused the use of the opera house in Lexington, Ky., fur a lecture. t&~A Wlscons'n minister struck his bi'ky hone so hard that the stubborn animal fell dead. ?^"Cincinnati brer-drinkers are clamoring for a reduction in the price to threo cents a glASS. CARPETS CLEANED AT THE STEAM CAR PET BEATING WORKS, 490 Maine avenue, l-et. 4H and 6th sts. Carpets railed for and returned free of extra charge. LOKENZO RICE. arlSly* J W. BRIGHT WELL, 420 9th Stikbt. SHIRTS made to order and ready-made. A per fect tit guaranteed. A'?c, ? choice line of GENTS' FUBJU9H13G GOODS constantly on hand. a23 ly tLEK 8 WHAUF,/oe( of 6/a ami t strut*. TO CONTRACTORS AND MERCHANTS. Cargoes of STONE, COAL, HAY, LUMBER, ?c.. discharged from vessels and stored or delivered at the shortest notice and lowest rates. _ *22-ly O. Y. AtLF.K. AT C OLLEUE OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY. The Course of Lectnres in this College will b gin THURSDAY, May 1, at the Columbia Hospital, cor ner of 2&th street and Pennsylvania avenue, at $ o'clock p. m. _ Proii-ssor of Obstetrics, F. A. Ashford, M. D. Professor of Gynwcolovy, J. H. Thompson, M. D. Professor of Veneral Dibesses of Women, J. W. Bnlkley, M.D. Professor of Diseases of Children, S.C. B isey, M.D. Professor of Microscopical Anatomy and Pathol ogy, R. M. 8cha?ITer, M. D. P> osector of Anatomy aLd Curator, P. J. Murphy, M. D. Tli^ objccts of this College are to enable students and rrnri it toners of medicine to avail tli'nisei. <s of the facilities afforded by thi* Hospital and Di~peu sari to ohtniu a practical knowledge of thesoeuce and art of Midwifery, ?o study and observe the pa thology, diagnosis ami treatment of dise*?-es of women and children, and to secure :?tli ..r.'tigh !,. >? 1 edpe of Microscopical anatomy and pathology. Two lectures a week will be delivered oy each Pro fessor during the months of May, Jane and Sep tember. Th?* Clinical Lectnres by Professor Thompson will be free throuKhont the wtnt?r to the student* of this College, as will also th'jse of Professors Bosey and Ashford. Ttrnis: For an entire course,including gradn-itl-m fee. $40; when two courses are taken?for the liiM, #30; for the beet nd, $30. F^r further particulars address _ F. A. ASI1FORD.M. D., Dean. al7-eotmayl 13U0 New York avenue. COR V A M I L V CSI. THE HALFORD LKICESTERSHIHK TABLE SAUCE, THB TEST BEST BACCE AMD RELISH HAD I Ul AMY FAST OF THB WOBLB FOB FAMILY OSB. FIBTB Osim. HALF F1BTB - ?9 unm. FOB BALM Ml ALL 9MOCMMS. UOYS' AMD YOUTH'S SUITS a spwialty this DsMsoaat A. STRAUS', 1*11 Pa. ave.. Mar iiK.'aifcta!?-rgsjtsar I CMBBBl LUMBBB1I * WM. JOHNS< Have jnst received a larm stock of *B ITB llkk?Z fiScM ffl|ftJ[^h8wUe selling at low frtaw. Cor. fith and R*U..i WM. JOBBBOB *-8?f,VrHITB Or*1 in [ntff itm -nt* U ff C I TY ITEMa 3/ U.r!UlT ?^?or throat and coughs. " Hrmtm'* Bronchial Truck*t" hmrn lTthVheir e"c*cy by *u" ?" ??????. Iw ??*Tf nu> rwiJBirwKA*, I am offering Hiis *won the following desirable goods af!ties^^wers f?r *1> of superior fitting Kttmmer merino shirt#, long sleeve*, for 81.12k Summer merino shirts, long steevee, a little lighter weigh* than the preceding, and drawer* of the name, far Si 25. Summer merino shirts, ion* and short slaeves still lighter, for *1.25. ??w, Hauie merino shirt#, long sleeves, for 75c. Urj^*|'t <S Warner's game merino skirts l iS'Jl.30ea<1 8l,ort and long sleevea, for India ganre shirt?, short and long sleeve*, for 91 3* 8ame> ?" e^tra ?w, to 44 inctes, for India gMz" shirts, long and short sleeves, for 75c. India gauze shirts, long sleeves, for 30c. Brown cotton shirts for ;5c. Fine sHk shirts, for *3.50 and R5.50. Mtk flannel shirts to order, for $t>. My slock ot these goods is verv large, an.1 assortment of si?>? complete, or nearlv so, and those desiring to purchase trill flud no bettor values for their investments. Geo. C. Hesnixo. Poolet's Yeast Powder cannot he exrelV J for n.akinsr tight, sweet Rolls, Biscuits. Wat reUable" **' &c' 11 ** always ready anl Notkltim m'sruiKo Hats. w-tSFflZZZl, F"r r"Htk am* ?*?'? *. ..A' w ? The Wttle??NeH.? u ?.?ffby-,\ " ??Llnwood." At ?. ?nna'i " "Spencer." At very low t?ricep. 2 Caktjcb ?<Jo^424 9th st., bet. D and E. It n an Established Fact, that Con sumptioncan be cured; but is far better to prevent the cruel di.*ea?e from fastening itself i?iv? rf <'^?PIn'.byBt!,e tin,e,y use ot" a remedy like Dr. It utar't Balsam of Wild Ck'.rry. This standard preparation will speedily cure a coach or cow. and eveu Consumption oi'teu yields to its great power. ^ I Sprixq Overcoats* reduced to as. former price ?12. at A. StuaVss s 3 loll Pa. ave. .bet. loth and lltb ste. _ ? Kimablb. Fathers and Mothers? we are adding to our stock a large assortment J^oy5?' y?uth ? and children's clothin*. The Waverly Suits- ? frSP 3 to 8 years ?t age, from #5 to ?1*. The Harvard 8uit*? from 4 to io years of age, from ?7 to 820. Sailor Suits, Farragut? from 3 to ? years of age, and other styles in end less variety. Ours are the best made. 15L,t material and newest styles in the market. a ot a ? Noah Walker & Co., ?,ZZ,8 611 Pa. ave Metropolitan Hotel. . ,'f * *ai? wants a Bottle o? Whisht, let him buy it and take It home like a man, and "r^SST*! wlth * bottle of "Bitters," or Cordial, and pretend that It is modiciue. If he wants a tonic that is something better than a tc mpnrarv stimulant, he should get a bottle of _i? hJTt,l>- (an Iron Tonic,) that will thtTsystem* ??d *nd giTe <lur*ble strength to If I Had Knows it Last Year ?This was ^jAn.g.UagC 0f * P00^ "'ri-'e. who, fourteen under an Iron beam, w sufter I'*in and assume a mass of deformity?but he had now recovered \\>h^or -^nhikneebv thp Centaur Liniment. , A f." ?Ch '""I"**? every day. There is no pain this liniment will not as*auge, no lame ?I i alleviate, and no swelling it ?ill not subdue. 4,24,eo5 Shirts made to Order?Gentlemen fur ni.-hing their own material, can have thHr u-.U? * niade to order at the shortest notice, at kfn "? 4l- ?th street northwest. Satisfaction guaranteed. 4,19,1: r,Pox?'*^xJRAcTirk!TsaI7Tt wholesale by Chas. Stott & Co., 480 Pennsylvania avenue, and by druggists everywhere. t,w,f,tf ,,T" cn*?*,TT ? iw-ge appreciate the n?. fulness ot Singer's Sewing Ma<;hiiie. 1.1 N'j. V *!AT,ONAL 8AVIROB Baitk, corner of New York avenue and 19th street, pars 6 pet ot. per annum on deposits for each calender month. Banking hours, 9 to 4. Saturdays, 9 to 4 and 6 80 ^ St3,14tl6 . ?*?* ?>??ng indis]>ensable to hen'th and comiort thousands of persons come from : ar r\*H I>r. White, the well.kno vn Chiropodist, No. 535 15th street, opposite fie Treasury, for relief from corns, bad nails.. Ac and advice as to suitable shoes. ' ' J* Gibs'? Sbwihs Maohiwb. The Mlebratod Bazaar Patterns. Agency at Clias. oonet factory, Tth str.-.-t, Intelligencer Building. 10,2? f?1 Barometers are repaired Georgetown Advertiaementa. DRI OOOPS AT POPULAR PRICED For GOOD B AB'.AINS be sure to go .. bjnjamiii millbb, g I ?j Bridge street, Georgetown. -Ji'ffiT.1MZ hSf$gi? iS'XTJ'Si ?J-P*n^thlid ro'Vii.1 * ?Plendiil <iuaiity. as'low as Si Cloths, Cassuners, Lin< n Drill-; all t It- novel > to I^SAJUI JOB THB SPRING TRADlT Bii^ith/ ?>" corp. Of first class workmen, a com SCMMHR promptly and in lh?'b??t manner. ' pheMjom *ST&Ati* *AXD SCOUR XSTABLIBHKD ?^31. Premium awarded 1867. Office,4B Jperson *Georcetown, D.O P<?st Office Box T#S. . ap7 -r Bk TUUMAb DOWLIMG , Auctioneer, 13B Bridge street, Georgetown. n*HP J&KLJPZ valuable improved V'JJi;.g.1 TUATK ON DUMBARTON ?7KI*T. BETWEEN GREEN AND MONT \?.X SJKKKTS. GEORGKTOWN. D. C., AKD M MBERED i9< 47? il> 53, 44, dk< determined to dispose of my prnprt> ?? 'd the District, I will offer on the preuiis- s as "above nnnibered, at pntllc sale, to the holiest bidder, on THl R8DAY, May 1st, at 4 p. m.,seven valuable Houses and Lots. The location is pleasant and healthy, the houses in good condition, with modern conveniences; the sidewalks and streets have been recently leveled and repaved. to 78,Sf ?*,e: One-third cash; the balance in t, iz and IS months; deferred payments secured by deed of trust upon premises. #100 paid on day of Mile. Conveyancing at the cost of the purch iser. The tenns of sale to be complied with in five days, otherwise the' property to be resold at cost of de fanlMns nnrrhaser JOHN DAVIS. _^j?^d^ THOMAS DOWL1NG, Anct. EDUCATIONAL. ~ MIT85AiSli(iX^B'B SCHOOL FOR VOUNG LADIEBAND CHILDREN. 1336 I st.,opp. v as stVa? ?i n?1UD thiee different styles, at A STBAIS', 1011 Petna. ave..near 11th. a3S 'O ALL, partiality to none, isalways the motto at STRAPS', Cl.thier, 1011 Pe,^ ?>gnqe. piNE CLOTHING FOR 8PBIN0 AND SUMMER, MADE TO ORDER IK NEW YORE THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT IN THE COUNTRY. SAMPLE SUITS READY MADE, FOA MEM, BOYS AMD CHiLURhM. SHIRT# MADE TO ORDRft. DEVLIN ft CO.. 111? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. gPhCCE LUMBER FOR SALS. A qua more or general bU,J*ioBa^t01 'U fo* ?*? M U" Hi PtnfTKR,>l|l IRk street north asasssw !j ,'ZZ2-Jk'S'.!?St'? Villi' 'J??-!? I'iGMMagtOarpatB, m ail ? GROCER*. (' ?- o tiARC * IUA, ISIS 7tw 9TREET NORTE \VE?T, I Bftwffs M and M sta J ?OAPI SOAP !1 *- ?"W*> celebrated Cincinnati Olive r? ""rttet-lS ctuu per i tL*C. tj tiu boi of 60 lb*. HAMS, Ac. MAMs"** lrfW? e,tr* BncarCured I"*:*****?*??*? LARD, ft. ?/.L.?VB<?'*?? *>?* -?>-? PRE8H OATMkAL. KTK TLOTK LIQUORS! LIQUORS I! OM Baker WHISKY; OMCabiMt WHISKY ??f?kT-8 *?"" ',w- *** b*ti" Yi m B*1,1'"?1' Br?iHi r. p. T bottle 1 m H>ll*nd ft in. p*>r h<:il+ ? FreDchBrtMjr, per bottle j ^ SWEET CATAWBA WIME, 9" per gallon. Pnrf SWPET CIDER ? Philad< Iptii, AL* and PORTER. c. S. O'HARK * SO H. ' "l:< ?th >t. n. w.. M tin) N KECEJVE1) VIEECT front the II ilit in VALLEY OP VIRGINIA. * f?it? per barrel |,?s thu ueaal price*. Price# of BCGARS and TEAS all marked down. CATAWBA WIKE, ? ? tf0m v<kU^ Wise Company, 8- ?? BACOW, 709 Market Space, - ? between 7th and &Lh streets. INSURAyCE^dompayiea. THB 00RC30KAN fire I.MCRANCB CdNPARr, OP THK DISTRICT OP COLCMBIA, Or*mn it*d April i?, 1573. t apltal? ? 9100,000. OFFICE No. Hits PENNSYLVANIA AYEHCE (0viRMiL?cr*VDKt?6io**.; ?*LE' JOHN t LENMAN. PreaMeat. t: T. hf&gSJSF"* _ UlRKCTOBs: Wm Orrne, ? c, gfP?.art SuZJttif***' J." L Barbour, Pi00*' J-bn T. H. H.Jrrh? 1HS0RE IOUR LIPS Id tbtf A R* *'OL IN AI RED 7 r**i21 ,SM?J\Jlt'PLr *? THE OLD FRAiMiLi ji 1 xsi'Raxtit company ,OW WACHING ToN, D. c ?f f???i f ^ ?ATSI' IT O'NQkfc-* I* 1*19 EE"4*-' ri^y?S9g> i i. C'BAKLKB BBAT?L??.g^?ijlf'?g!2.'; or THE DISTRICT OP OOLUMBIA. ORUAMZEU AUGUST**, 1870 oabh capital??. ,lltm OS?ce In Shepherd's Brjiding. Mo saau 4-* ??eiiue. MOSE8 KeIlY, ?212?"" BAM DEL CRObfi^Sw Frnatdent , _ . BlABCIOiiJ in An*1' if? ? *<*?. Cliarlea Joat, sr-hss0"- iE.ysr" A. M. Bhepheni, **" ^ oelt-tt HOTELS. ITttlOM HOTEL, Owjmktow,D.0. .<rUa Hotel haa been newly nffttedand ruatohnd Of which. efwklch, from the railroad w? rn ll eT?rr two or three miaou*. Toe Sss^isaatef fflraVfc-s, iuiu" "m " ""gSR," ||Y80H? HOTEL, Ho. T0? Q STREET, fr*1"** Brrwryw 7th a-*t>8th erastT*. ^H* IMPERIAL HOTEL, ~ ~ JAMES 8YKES, Frmimrn. tEoSTIJSS PlJIIiTLTl.lIt Avmii hvtrttn UtA m?d li<a itrmt, WlSHlMTOII, p. O, Tbankfal to the public for peneroa pMronace tr ibe paat. the Proprietor uki hit old friend* aati patrona to teat the acoonunodationa of hi* pree^nt wtabllduneot, which ha proniaee (ball be foaod at laaat equal to the (?at in Waahioaton. janP-tf (Rep.,ChronJ p 0. WILLARD, " EBBITT HOUSE, WASHINGTON. D, O. PROPOSALS. pUOI'ObALb For stationery. DePAPTMKXT OP THK ImehioR, i W a?hisgto*, D C., March Sl.liffS ( Propoaal* for furtiiahiiiK rach article* of Siati -n fry a. niay be required for thi* D-partatent an.l the bureau* him! office* thereof, daring the tiw al year en<liuf Jua>e SB, 1874, will be rerefved uiitii lit v clockm.THl'R8DAT, May t.lgra. Each nrop<?al nmst be <*i<tned by the individual or nrtn niakiiic it, and be accompanied by a*ati*tactory Cuarantee that th<* bidder will ei?cnte a con'racf, with Rood and sufficient bond*, if h?* bid i? accepteif l7.h??.?.yl.*ftic>f- *? biawiU ^ <?u?W-rad without ?uch guarantee. All articlea are stipulated to be t?f the he?t quali ty. Bam pies will be required in all ca*e*. KacIi ?ample to be plainly marked with the uaiue of the bi?l?1er and the price. Bi nd, with approved security, will be re,|qlrn<l>of thcMrty to wlmm the coatractt or ant &^rt of it ma> be ' On failure to furnish any article in a reaaonable time after belli* ordered, the right is reserved of purrliaMiig in open market, or of declaring the con tract forfeited; and if a greater price ttuui the con tract price ia paid for such articles, the difference will be charged to the contractor. Bids will be con j^mgmnMr. Schedules contain ing blank fonu for buhflug, t.>gether with items and estimated quantitlM of articles needed, and full in wnnat'BB )U accordance with this ad*aruaenient will be fnrnishnd on appiicntion. Contracts ?ill only be awarded to established man uff^tir^r* of or dealer* in the article*. .7?f..8!tr<iary Turves the right to reject any or all bids that may be offered. .. PV>?0"*1* n,n? be, addreaaed to the Secret a rr of the Interior,and endorsed "Proposals for Station ?7 ' w COLUMBL'S DELANO, api 2awiot Secretary. Qf riC? P??T AM.D.POTOOMM.SSA.r 0"f (Corner of B and uth streets, 8. W.? - , . _ Wi?H|!??Tos,lD. 0., Aanl *?, 1jJT3. Sealed Propyl*, ia dnplicate. will b* received until 119 m.^HlRSDAY, May SB, 1S73, tor all the Hahmmd lomed BttfmmJ M tut on required at this Dt pot for une rear, or tacit leas time as the Com I PUBLIO AMD THE PRESS endoiaa the ?ior ganneata aad fairness of daalia* at '.the Qlothter, 1011 Pena arT ?ajw??w PROFESSIONAL. DR 0.0. HA* llfluVlp him or. ?<* ' od r'KlJrlM ? to 514 1* P-bMrl?aitla It*, one. C?IJ? left at th- "rm H >ra of Kifip B ru. w||.r.<rrT ?< Wh ait ? nn4 S'w Turk ,!| a|l r.<? J uno CLEPHAVB. I.I.BkAtUf. rummt ? brailkv, SHORTHANI. U klT? R* .? L*H RK hUTI'i*. -SJJ II# O alreat. be*?~-o 1- ar*| M, IrNtUatATWv#. biKSi |v j"M r mamma; , . ? *? ? s B>.' >diaB. y??liTr^tia.P.fl. BOOKS, STATIONERY. Ac. ~~ JJKYANT S LIBBART^ or POETBT ABO ?Mp.VTowBi libkabV of famous rio BBCCBKB 8 L1FB or CHRIFT tr ?*?*??# at 14 11 Paun?> Iraala H. M* BISHOP * HAXARP ^OBIOCLTCBAL BOOBS! ~ J?bMoa^ Arriraliaral Ch?riiitry ?j 71 A?M?i I I fc, Allen ? Farv B- k iu H.'nderaont Gardening fi>r P:v*t | u Jr JP?#? Health t h ??{??'? ?n?al! Fmlt Cultural 1 bn Lu,'t_r* Grape o?itare iao ?,1L,hrr* Ap?J. (alturxt I 74 Wright1# Practical Poultry K ?. per 2 <kJ 1< incwtrutii on tb* II *n?*y 2 m EmSpi H ?-t %n l r 1 1 g.-rae Owner.' O,. , f. T< uall on th. b,?. m * '? AU tLr b. w lK>. k. Hwhrf ?"1- _?/*. ? rfir ioiiRP,,'HA*I) ? uonvfrtgr4 1ST Of NEW Books AT~ Sill LLI BOTOX'S lOOKBTORKt I$?!c5fcSY "m'if""' "V " ?> ?? -r 1, .4 i.k Sf/Sftft*-' or 2,i!%.S?'>lL? 1BALOCTB. A Vrtal Za|/villST" f|*& BnM'ym *IUCALy?*A?j? fir?* A l1lBIlTl?!lETe AMERir vS BIBDS C "italn. . avs5u5,si:,**t * #,*r' or u,?lg I B??m5R? UABD Bo?* op TRAVEL 1M 1 fUgg.-'?** 1 Bltnk *r*? p? S.VKJJK,." ??"'??" W! fHB WOBMS OP THoMJU OCTMBiB. D. ?". Tha Ooapei fa Er-efcfai The Rat tit* Inheritance. The War ??( Lffa. ? LLfc* IUn?trated. SP**!"* *? 'he H>art. rtodlfl of CktTACtor Pl-a for Barr -d Sch.^l. The tfitr; ita Kin* and s ., rowa. ?, A.' WM BALLAKTTKKti, ?*? rth atr?*#, [^OTIOI. ? uiKn|.iM^ynrtK1ViS5?vK,xT.-.a AND B1MUNO DO KB TO ofenvR ' m?k.,Dbbc ^ Hatl<wa! MatratnNtaa Bank' STEAMER LINES. ]\'U *.XiliAA6 LINK VIA CANjU^ PUILAPKLPIIIA, AVrxVvnRt* v. ?. ? . 1Ku^,i?^^"tWkTvr' A?U* a iff ^ H??n li U Ph'l nsK'T'Sv.'^8"" S'wsr- do- ??? tli ia 11 ii<> O r II VIt* ?.. . . . V "I FMk wAf *2V&S3^Ur.u ^?* t lln, V?. t H AUH> A. PICABtB. ?4 C\,ufre? g;^. B 1 \Y ASUIK0r0p^vttMtK0B' B?8T0S'' AyO s%!~3 Zrrz,L.??'<>%'? ??"?? '**" Iwt* her wharf, fnot Tut"r/daT' ^?7 Preictit khou* *ad- 'r >r?dj?ce. T M rEOr^w . PVuuBvlvaoia (tfiof. DORSKT Vm"*1"^ "rh?rf B-U PWvTJ^SWT. O-iirral Acrat. - "m** 8un>, c It a at. an< Pa ay. ^CKABOUUIB. " THB BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ?O*AX MAIL STKAJISHIPB, BKTWBBB IIW Pork AND LITturoob. CALLINO AT CX)BK UARBOB PBOH BIW TORE. *^rr*'"'"?2d~Arf s Bat?ai"- ? ?c"V rr:..w^A^.5i api. k -Cut.u WM_Apl. *1 o-.- .-pi. ?. AUr^rlS S?yw ,7 ' *kini? M?t W Alger* Wed. Ma> ll R.uavia Sat M ly If <?MC?in Maoraga pM* ?*?17 'olIojrtw WIPKCHDAT Md BATCS DAT frmi Nf*w pork. Bara* or Paaaaai.-Uoaa. #?. IIB, tad BIB! gvld, ac^irUiuf to >ni iiaiit*-^.^ ??|w Tlcketl to Par ia, 016, f. id, additionai* Hriura UclnU oa latoraMa tatma 8t? ra?*., BAi, carrencj. &r?rft?e ticktftc froiL Liverpool md Q ffrf ?U,Tr!f ** at lowaat rata* Threnrt bilUof lading giTea to Brllaa, 6laaaoa> HavfT *** ot?er ?ointa < n the OoKiiwot'aad & Mediterranean porta. P? >r freight and cabin ?! the OflMpaii) *? oCca, Mo.# Tri^tti Bnlw^' ***?* ' * *w- 111 " **""? ?r CTIAB O PRANCBLTB. ^?CHOB LIMB BTEAMBBB BAIL EVEBT SATCRDAF. ? boo*!>d 10 *wl fro* any ma "on * in Or?at Britaiu. Ireland, Norwar, Swedon, D'timarlt. (itrnaii),! Franc, Holland, Betgiim atithe ITiiitwf" TOBE to LOMDOM, LIT KBPOOL, GLASGOW aud DARBY, ?6A and fTB, EXCURSION TICKETS. #1##. ^Intermediate, S3*. Storage, f?#; all paraMt fa Partita aeuding for their friends la the Old On? can turtLaae tlckeU at U areat rat.? T ?? fQ can put. LaM- tlckato at l--weat rat^i P * fortt??* e- JV. HISLKkaOKlEOTBlU, 'tl< t B ?ling Graan, M-? F <B. EBCHAMTM LIME OP aTEAMSHIM M ? fail lBforaaaUoo at.-lr to B P. A. DBBH IjOSmim * ^ Blghdial, o* ia. "" ?#"Freirhta dalitered bv En**t Esareaa. Or. derr left at O^aeral Offlcr, |M P.-nnay Ivaaia ara* tL* ?t*~ w4bu THOMPP0M, NB-tf J.W.TI LIVERY STABLES. M. OLOOTT * HON, " ~ ia?iAJi?iK^: H! VB Kt * MW ST A BLBB* ai# m* <raat, bet. p ar.^ E.and Chain A., f, M, MkS U* Ulb Omrrn, Wtllard Men r .trjagaa fbnuahad b.iardu . ufkaraa. yOPTH-B BO ITS ia BrtxeA aw iusS5rr:,iABTEAi'?'i#u P*. ava.,'i TBK LA? *** ??? '-j Ice to learn , hat' tke^ l^can haStt^ ^ ffLlI^SM, ggH hmmi H an a-d fnin at A STIIA^S^ l#li PeuB. n?-ai lliu *t. "ittAUB,

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