Newspaper of Evening Star, April 30, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 30, 1873 Page 1
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(Ebe ffoenino St a r. i ? ? - ? ? ? 1 ?? ? i V". 41-N2. 6.27.5. WASHINGTON, D. C., WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30. 1873. TWO CENTS. THF. T-VRXrXG STAR. PsfcihhcJ DftUy, indayi nicptcd, AT Tllg STAR BUILDINGS, Amn?, Mr. llUi 11 HI 1TO ITU VlVFFini ?VUT a m. ?w.*j.v.v, ??? TBI ITIHISQ STAR <? wnM b, carrier. u. their MUwrltwra at Tts Cum ru wgst.or Fom Oo.l? at the counter Two Ckiti nek. B; Bill-thret mouths. I1JU Hi mcoj^. #9 00. om year, *1 ' miJU' Wii*ii rrviBT-fi r ?jw. ?^Injeilab.y in ed vaoce, in fcota caeee, and ?o paper ml IOBf *r ttaa pa'd fag. "* *Ay*rt*v*TH 'wrstahed ?? apptVstio*. PIANOS. Ao. kihn. pkactical pi as o J* " AKEK. formerly foreman for P. C Light* A Co., timer for Stem way a Son?.KSB%9 and late tn?er f .r ? t/ r tl AC.. Tiner??YTTl MditMjrfr.fPIAIOi' and ORGANS. No. 6 3'A S*" T?rt ?v?niif. Ord?r* left At h.ATT * Jewelry J*' r*. ?** Pennsylvania nenn?; Nairn1* Drug w?rf,?iirD?r P' nmy|i*ui? n?I ptl "treet, *?! 7tn street, corner of H? ? >11 meet with attention, aad satisfaction -naran ***? ? **-ly WTIEFF> PI ASMS, nn?n(i???n| in iwpr'nnt of A' tone and eicellence of finish: low r?-?- ?. and easy term*. G. L. WILD A RRO ESSE! Ag i ??. 4.0 nth street, near northweM *11 IT I Corner P-uney Irani.* vn>n?. dealers in Pianos and Musical lc>>tn)iamt> generally. Tnnin* and Re pairing. Polishing aM Varnishing receive faithtol attention. ^ apl7 tr J? A3. 1145 7th ?trwt n. ?., Tuner ? Attvlmii* ?t Piamos awl Ortam. br ?*'* r^eiTedat Tbonip?i|'?cr>rner V6th "t.ESB Sli^L. c ????. ; GettjVBridge, UfiruTlM t-onrre^, Georgetown; and Hoses', cor. 7th and Pa. ? an packed and moved -All work guaranteed. mha6 |, HOMACEEB A OO.TI PIANOS. " PHILADELPHIA eSKAT SEDUCTION IK PBICBS. T*e?a Instruments, which, on acroont of tMr ra ??fwflty orer all others, have la a few >^arL_Mk IDU"* ?* ?u!ar ae well a* alT|(=8M ever trie country,can be had now for the fol MTin low J a# Urn pMCea SOTAUE PIANOS fr-m 9371 to An EE?lfiPIvplA!i0?s ft,<ni ?hb. 8RASD PIANOS Irom f?1to Persons who wiah to aav* fr ,m i luu to AM In ?cr eha-iut tbe best: inatrniaent out.arc united to call Jh'P"?n"? Tor rent. P:acoi ??*. jAWiEMKtWSr" 93A Pennsylvania >t<wh* WILLIAM ENABE ? CO., _ _ Baltimobe. Mahtlato. GRAND, SQI'aRE AND L'PRIGhV PIAMOB, The*- >u*trnments have been the pebdo tot fcrty years, and npon their excellence al?n?_^^. attained an Qnpuril.aeed pr- euiia ri-?S3BB which pr- m nnc? them aneijaalled for thJirMTin tone. t. nch, workff>aa<?hia and durability The* -*r* ?"M ?nd wlTir ?ili35 ?or A kK* pl1!V.TSrKlher Al? of their *? A KS PlAJi"8 th*>ir d*w tud iniBro^Mli 0*er?trnn|[ !y-?le and Affraffe. Pr0 <* n ? < j? n? PI AII OS and PIANOS and viWAABma ? ari.'ua *>i, ki. wu iact->ri? f.r aali ? REICHCNBACH 8, dec 10-tr Pfano Warero. m?. 4*3 ntti rr?< BANKERS. TIS blUtLUU. () Bunker, ?I3 I> STRKET, SEAR SEVENTH, PM. .STERE>T ON DEPOSITS, makes COL " TluN5*,aufi tmni;.cts ill bnsiB*^ conu?*ct?*d wwk Banking. a pi lv I> A > h I > (, Hoist OP 4. M. S<|tICR A- ru., 1-116 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, ??ip>?.tk wiiur ?orrL, WASHINGTON, D C. & p- r ct nt. p%i<l ?n ri<posns. *n? r?:n<J*- ?verywb^T'*. ?V,' ' " T">akle ..n d> n>?bd. P?yof ofTl. eT? jn "f Am y ra-he<l in adraace. nr>3 ir J*. BRODMEAO, ? Broker, ??. Pennn. nve., R ??. " Tl'mkhglnii r H Sp?<-'ai attentii n liven t.- in% ectment ?ecari'ie* ii!"*"1!!'! t-.' ?ec?"itiei? u ?w elered at pnc<w ^J11 w lMto 18 p r c?ut. ia arv>nnt.4 ah,i f let.*th of tUDeto??i?l?Te?t. ra. 3afe,relMMe, profit S\R?-rt t-Kif iks"" ,n "ery rMp':Cl Bet. r? by pemii^-i. ii to L wis Johnson A Co., Waelnnrti n, p. c.; M-^e? K lly, E-i? Cn.hi-.r National Metropolitan Bui.k, U achington, I> tj ? * *r 8ec?iid Controller, Waehi,.? ii r U cr !i.*a Ji-'J/k,Ef-j.,Arehitect C.S ( ,p. ?? ?< Waehinrt- n, P. C. mar 17-3m 'I'M* BATIONAL BANK OP THE KBPCBLIG Tof *im1 Datr.ctt.) OPEN I BOM lO A M TO 3PM _ teP I' CHA8. BRADLEY. C\*?hler. A^KR-nA.-J AVUIU.1 tAVlMk Ba>R, VI No. at.v8NrH SrKtKT, ia* toil <>Jkct imparl* e1"^r^^?t^r4V?dl;V?t ?n!^*,Qr'1ar,, 0P"? on JKSfSSdb3i.4#,u^* c""ectioM made M<5 ? *. PRW^8.oEA ilTl Backing Hooee. No 1W7 Peutsylvanla aveuM, Path sii1 ?'er'CENT* "interest, ? a^?W' BrfmM (v >tr$t of Eark Mimth. ? POL'R PER L'E>|T. or. buaiueaa nccoiat* - from date of depoalt. ' * P'r CUt' UAH "i all Urge town* aw<5 IT"*1 SWotli and Su:h*p?; n~.? ? - .*?* ? *? to O m. . "dneeday ajid Saluniaj niihta from IX to f ' i toWWWHiepntHit^ii. Call at the Bat.k or fd for a copy of the Charter and Bvl?.< jli iy J A* I VttKK k toTT BANKERS, BIT ANP SELL PORETGN EYCHOVor SJJ? LtlTiiUi v? CHILD IT for ^DrlhT^ ^ "??^r' ? ''*? JAT CH>oKE^MrrCLUK:H A CO,, ?n.T P"rt oi E>sLA-tD, iHUJtt and BCOTUHPa tr*f <jf (%qrre. mA> ^ WA^r^T,H t,7I* SAVINGS B.1U, *ATS ? PEB CENT INTEREST ON DEPOSIT Interest commence* from date of dean*ita c*d fee made au?l drawn at will J. A. BL'VSf. Treami r+r. t ATE>T WONDBB of the ISth ceMun i, loij'peVn ,n::; e^uViiti;. r"p!diy ste-^-. TKS ttAPHHTT |BD EASE W1XS WHICH *** ???? ftwt relieved, if allfoc, frmn , *c ' M DK WHITE s k^at UabAieiit, lil U(k Hrwt, opf-^ite tt*a Treasury, in l".1' aarprwiag to peraoua nnaccn?tomoi t ? hie ?T1 ? entirely diUeL-eut fr^tu the old--jne practice of tearing ofltbe Infrou i:.< toe rii'fni i'Jf lnto thelnnlon, aji?tr,--iu?ly laful matkoJ, and one which obliged the sufferer go ?h^eU?i, and a -metimea on cruwfc-s, for woeka cr ua'.ntha, and no donbt tended to shorten life, at rftSX^f.n |i?s?Itld oaeful, b;t\>r. ? operations are 're-jnently borne by children wt?^eo?WaU1,>tfcre tSntt^or no pain, no 12 J,. ."*? kul ?n'?able shoes be worn, the IrvfttibfLt, dvoG id tfitr^me rasia. eff-ctf a a.>rf, . ? are 1 ill L"f'i" k*!r ' osedso conatautlr Corits Iial?M t(? Conk) c*ci#i naliy with th?' Kam 52SUtT?S? '^QVrJ<>Q" ? tlmk Th^. ac<-t m>- of time, d^ssfort, and health in an .?v? liV^U;'' ?nd^i a?eH-k^,n feet tbal th. n?anl? of per#?>M many >f tii? m th.>?e b0*or*4 in public and private lift' c??ui#? fP ^ 10 Dr- * |U,? k* onsollctud perniisaion 1." "~r fi-tr I LOTH I NO FOR THE M ERCH AN iTTh- U^. m^l0L*r*:7'Jtt2i?r?oU,' *u l th* W rk?n? ?an. at fcTEAi ? , 1011 Pemi ave . n-nr Jl'h ai'S ^HE NEW NATIONAL MABEEtT FBESH, SALT and 8M0EED MEAlv at al kind* ai^i of the beat uuality, tarr.i.h.-d " U'JW.Lr'" "7le: aiaojOAM E.POULTRT ,1 VEGETABLES. >n their I ^ pr(?cured at thi? Merket. ?tarll Iy B< BT H T ATT. 414 11th *t. - \11LNNA EXPOSITION. HRf CLAR LETTERS UFlREUlT, HSCFD BT JAY COOKE A CO. The Circular Letter ie a letter of Introduction to bankers of character (Arosttuw tMt war J, iuentity. lag the bearer aud authoriairtg pa> m-nts to him m r??aii?<) to the astent of hi* dep.*it with oa. Poll information aiil be furuuhed upon applica tion in person or by letter. JAY COOKE A CO., uaakfri, WASHINGTON. *pHB CHINES! TEA UONO Heereeoredte S1SD Between Kb and nfc, north TEAS cheaper tAaa e*ar. He r*M to pay. I* BENJAMIN. Pro printer l,*Banelin a < o , OP Till AUK. Prt^-rtva'si* av No. 1W7 Pivn-tivama Avk^i?.U_, Ceaaine Braiilian PeM le Spectaciea. janljTr 'j'HI NlAEksT ktH TB to the V BT^I 1 lion is by the way of a. STEAL'S , 1011 l^.^n ave., tear li'h ^ l\I E. STOOPS. >a. trrml ?ie?r ?mba!m*r 1*1 . b~. MOVED Horn OK3 7tk .treat to 4304Tb street Bortbaeat M?een D aod E street*, where site will be glad to receive the liberal patronage hitherto ?steaded i?- her maw im ? H BT AU DBDOOISTS. ?srVMnafea^a.<gaa?<i5gg' j^tobe masons and bltldbbs! Attention Is called to the f ne Bl'ILDING 8TONE ?ow being landed at 14th street and otker wharves Ucsi the *cew* "f J T H. HALL. Order* received al 1 Hire. B-i m V. Mav Boildirij. or on hoai d steam lac J alia, foot of Hick street, Georgetown, apf-lm* AMUSEMENTS. TDII1!3"wT"?D Jn iN'?f''PJHa bo u f f e , tWraa/.''MKHTBA 3,.. ... ^b?**4iiKfsri>8rm* Aimje-LABBLLB HELENE SATURDAY. M itine.?B \KBV, BLKUE. ?!h Opera S * an n can now be secure i at ? Hi!- Mnsfc 8'nre. A'li"*""' ami $!, Reserved Seats. A1J0 ??i*? ?30_ |{ A 8 ? B ALL. ATHLETICS. of phiia.. v? WASHINGTON nI TIld*8DAT, MAT 1. Is."' OLYMPM) (ikitrKIiS, 3:30 P M _ _ Admission, ?><> rents. ? 'V*" ?'iKuMtt the gate and at KHenger A Clark's Cigar Store It * W AJHMfiMJI THEATER CUM 14(1)K. " (Eleventh street, south Pennsylvania arena#. APRIL 2S?OXE WEEK AND TWO MAT1 /i fa ArtUt,ITe,y U#t WPek tfthe yonng African Star ' GEoRGE W. THOMPSON. c ttV w'wftRftV?* of tht b????iful Vncalist, , w KITTY ROWlh.L. Lr.? J.Ckyj.k,. HoW.?0 D,?,? Intrrdncine twenty handsome ladies The great Coinic Singer and Comedian. 81LLY dkvkke I * ? J l? BALLETS NEXT WEEK. Vecalists charming Queen of Srio-Comic tk . * ., .'annt davenport. The beantifnl ???1 dashing Premiere Dansense, M LLC CONchITA RONZATTI. ?he aci'<>mplixhed Hnngarian Dancers, the HIRAI.FY SISTERS, ( Ivath AM) OCR MAMMOTH NOVELTY TRoUPfc _ , I" ?i Brand bill of excellencies To Cf,h** Kr"?; Localism of THE WASHINGTON DETECTIVE. Matinee. WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. B- nefit t" MOXS. BL ANDnWSKI. May 2. a2S I M C O L 51 HALL. ~ FIVE NIGHTS ONLY, WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY MATINEES, _ Commencing TIEfcDAYEVENING, APRIL J<?rH 1 Kkd Highly A rpro*e:i Di aniiii/a; i in of T S. ARTHUR'S HKEA T TEMPERANCE WORK entitled THREE YEAR* I > a MAVTRAP: Which Mil be prodm-ed with Appropriate Scenery . . . ??<I ? P werfnl Dramatic Company. Admission. Jo cen's; ruen ed seat*. 75 c- nt" T> Matinee, M) cents; children, 2S rents poor* open at 7:15; commence a? 8 ' I^*'?B-*vbe secured at Ellin' Mtwic Store, M >ri ?ia> ) a pn I 2H' h. h2 . On Eihibitios tNswN ? lid Skal? J 43*1 4,uTrh?. warkrWer's, 'Ttb 8t ?io. 43a 7th ?reet, between D and E meets, eight r-K ?, ?a^'Te Odd Fellow'. Hrtil. * A^w lirtf P^t^llnit-,, Engravings, Chrom a. *0. VMtiJo?",l" Pi-a*e ren.-mbt r Name and Nnw.ber )el-ly" ASKS!??8 VF <fA8T-OFF WEARING AP i^mA*L call be 90^Id to the very b*nt a?2vaxita4e t> addretk>mg or calling on JUSTH between Sth and 7tb n. w. Bctea by a.all promptly attended to. Cash paid flj (>YP"i"^^LVa?' BRASS7U0PPEB, Etc , J1 fa'r f?r ? Wow York bonne! D^ngebold Farnitnre bonght and or,id Wotea by mail ?TBiptly atteaded to by AUGENSTK1N. 14 09 P?niiS> vania iveuu^ d311y* REAL ESTATE AGEXTvS. J I AN BOYLE, ? FRANK BARNj.M il'AS BOY LE Sc CO., r?.> LA!iD y"T.K brokers, bo. ton.} lfith street, <?pp*?*it?- L . 8. Treasury. uf.,n* SALE?A handeoine HOUSE on I ntreet. No. HU. H HOrstT ?,lol>.E' coruer 2Ut nni'tr v iiit l Mmaiclmwtts avenue. 11 street east, for nale or rent, fur u sl.ed or unfurnished A COTTAGE in Willard'a Ko?, price. A2.WA). Several .mall Uuaxi, from 93?tjU to ?(5.mio; small cash pavmentn. We have ?e?eral WtJ ttut 1ABMS, improved and nuim proved, on different railroad* running fr m tha cn>. tor n?l ? at low tiguren or exi hatiK" T>r citv pr p- ry a.M.W feet of GROUND fu varioua r J} !'1'* ? ?be cily fer sale at low figure*, on ea^y terms, or will exchtuge for prialuctive improved property. ap25 u i 1 EO. TRUESDELL A Co.. ' 11 , h L ESTA TE HROKER S, ?!?> <th street, (over German .American Savin?*' Bank.) >; n K'Vnt-RtNTINO, COLLE' T LOA^SS TAXES and NEGOTIATING B-fer<by permissio*) to-General Bi-nj. Alvord, rr^e'f'f-V'rk r" v S ? Grtnn'li; ir ^ ii i ?' ?? f*LtwVfflec,j Frasrr, Arch ltrct^ lion. F. P. Blair; H >n. J. W. DonKlaM,C>?iii lotmial ; Win. B M ^nrui tnrt* Dealfr, C E. Pr^ctiv. Cashier German Ani^ri j?,h? ni.1*V.?MI ?i Co1- Fewenden: Hon. Jopd Hilr.? Cun?nl General of Switzerland. a23 Sim* y^MLLIAM DIC KSON, GENERAL INSURANCE AND HEAL ESTATE. AGENT Wo. t>05 FIFTEENTH STREET, ' .. ? . . .. Ori-OSITI TR EAsrH Y. sent? safest insurance companies re pre acw"1" of losses and fair dealing enar ' apa lm A UBTIW P. BBOW8, ** Corner W. Y. avenue and Uth street, WHOLMALt DsaLIK m W*"hlB?t0n' D ?" LL?MBtkLHM^? SAHD? *e ? hi rw ax.SLi'V c~ ,<i.orJ,*r on 'tort notice. STOWB for Building, Macadamiziug and tii?^ W0? ??e?"Tcred in any part of lb" Dw g'ALJCSTATE bought and sold and money tn vested. To this hranch of the buainsaa I will tiere Si^y*.? T*00*11 attention, and wtU b* at iuy ^Bce daily from 10 a. m. until 4 p. m. tnarl-tl I 'i'I,T CHtLoKEI. 1. BE SIT PANTS ie MJ Lavender, and Tea co|< r?, ad of ?*CeUeiit workmanship, at A STBAUS", 1011 t'etit*. ave. o* ar lit 11. a25 D B. WORM LEV '8 PECTORAL SYRUP, tog COUGHS AND OOLDfl. ^SOLAI H7 ALL VR OUU1STS ?<H1RTS MADE TO ORDER. In connection with my Merchant Tailoring busi ness, I am now prepared to MAKE SHIRTS TO ORDER, hav ing engaged the service* of one of the best cnt tern 1U the country lor that purpose. Being satis fied of my ability to give entire satisfaction, both in style and fit. 1 respectfully solicit the patronage of the public. e. t. keen, s*,rt axJ Drawer* Manufacturer, *19 I"1 *'J-4 9th street northwest. U7ORK1NG MEN have do cause to strike when they can buv Coats at f<> P ?uU 91 78 and &2. at STRAUS', 1011 Penna. ave., near llth. a2S I^XAMIHK TH1 GOLD SPECTACLE, OXLT ??, H H. HEMPLEB, Optician, U?1 tr 4H street 1 8 S O L U T_I 0 W . W*?ni*6Ton, D. C., April U, 1873. The copartnership heretofore existing between Blphouxo Yxuugs and Wm. H Sears, under the nan* and hrm.l KLPHONZO YOUNGS k 00., is dissolved by Matual consent.tb* second term of sueh copartnership having this day explrad. The busi ness will be continued at the old stand tMaaente T.tuple, corner Hh and F streets.) by BLPBOBZO YOl NGS. who will pay all 1 & t claim* against and collect all amounts due said lirui. ELPHONZO YOUNGS. WM. H SEARS Thankil>? mv fri'-id* and the public for thnir lib eral pairouagr in tlie past, I would re?p?cttully solicit a continuance of the sain*. ELPHONZO YOUNGS. Having spent the pa?t two fears vervaaliafa^orily ? tih Mr. T< nngs in the above named ioi?m-ns, I would take this opsortanity to thsnk my friead* aitd the putdir for their natronase, and cheerfully rec oil n.etid whatever inilnence I 111S1 have to his in teteats. laplHf] WM H. SEARS. NOTICE?'That E. 8. JUSTH. ?1V D ntreet, b^ * * tween tth and 7th streets northwest, sella COS SECOND-HAND CLOTHING a I^rnan h*M tha cat of ready -Blade new mm. BILK DREHSBK a specialty feUly SPECIAL NOTICES. Ftar Old Rye Whisky, Fin<? Old Kye Whisky, Via* Old Kjf Whisky, Fine Old K?e Whisky, Fine OI4 Rye Whisky, Fin* Old Rye Whisky i Fine ?'d Rye Whisky, W? W*Tra?ttil Wnrriwtt'l ? hn Port And Vni'l ultfMti, For Btntr+i and Mtdirtnnl Us*. Tkis Is the articl? we ha?? now sold for upward* of Ave yearn with universal satisfaction; put up in large b.ttles at One Dollar p*r\- >ttle. or can be had in am quantity. _ V v tier, that we will return the vnner if this Whis' Joes not give satisfaction or pr*re m repre "Tu ' excellent stock of California Wines? P.>rt, Shern ngellc*, Muscatel, Hock and Claret; W?o. Eelh ?l*ud Ca'awba and imported Llqnors of ail kinds. ARTHUR NATTANS, Druggist, ajQ-tr Corner >1 and D street* n. w. ON Till breakfast, LUNCHEON, DINNER AND SUPPER TABLE, Lea k Perrins* Worcestershire Sauce IS tSDISPKSsABLB. HN DUNCAN'S SONS, New fork, OCtl U Agents for the United States. A Car?. A Ot. rgyman, while residing la Booth America as miss*.nary, discovered a safe and simple rssaedy for tkt cos of Nervous Weakness, Early Decay, Disease of the Urinary and Seminal Organs, and the whole train of disorders brought on by banefnl and vicious habits. Great numbers have been cured by this noble remedy. Prompted by a desire to benefit the afflicted aad unfortunate, I will send the recipe for preparing and using this medicine, in a sealed savslope, to any one who needs it, Prtt of Chart*. Address, JOSEPH T. INMAN, Station D, Bible House, marg-ly Mew Fork Otty. LADIES' GOODS. MRS. C. B. (ilLLET, AT THR NEW YORK MILLINERY STORE, HAS REMOVED from 614 Wh street To 469 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, WASHINGTON D C., and has m?t r. turned fr<'iu New Fork with the latest style* and novrlties in Millinery and Vancy Go<-ds. Thankful for past favors, she solicit* a con tinuance of patronage. ap24 lm* IV OTICE.?Bargains are now bcii.g offered in MILLINERY a it -1 SsKe FANCY GOODS, By E. LEN/BERG A CO., n23-:r 707 Market Space, H AIR GOODS . FIRST CLASS GOODS AT LOW PRICES. Fine BRAIDS, CURLS, etc., of onr own make, s?ld at manufacturer', prices, at H.PHILlPPi'S Hairwork Factory and Store, 719 Market Space, between 7th and 8th streets. a21-6t* MISS McCOKMICK, 903 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,1 ca (Up Stairs,> Will open on THURSDAY, April 4th, a large and attractive assortment of imported BONNETS AND ROUND HATS, to which the special attention of the ladies is called. a2-tr ^TAMPING DEPOT, 617 Seventh Street, s feLH-tr Opposite Patent Office. JELLING OFF I V SELLING OFF I AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, the entire stock OF THE NEW YORK BAZAR, 441 Seventh street, near E. ?sr7-tr NO HUMBUG. it | AD1ES' " 1J FRENCH STARCH ENAMEL Is the best article in the world for doing up Linen or Muslin. It Imparts a beautiful gloss to the fabric. For sale by all Grocers. BURNHAM A CO., Manufacturers, 160 West Lombard street, )an!4-ly Baltimore, Maryland. SUMMER RESORTS. UUMM EU BOARD. TheOSBl'RN HOUSE, l.eesbnrg, Va.,i*now open for the accommodation of Summer Boarders No pain* will be spared in the en leavo.- to make all com fortable. |ap5-lm*] JOAR OSBURN. Proprietor. BErORE GOING ELSEWHERE exanme th Di*y> usl Drcs* Suit f >r *17. (a specialty,) and only t<> lie had at A. ST it A US', 1011 Pennu. a\ e., near lllli. ?2S J ETROPOLITA.M dollar STORE. T11E LARGEST VARIETY OF GOODS EVER OFFERED! EVERY ARTICLE A BARUMN! NEW AND TASTY GOODS! WHAT A DOLLAR WILL Bl/Y< WHAT .?? CENTS WILL IH.'Y! WHAT *.? CENTS WILL BUY! Among the Dollar goods we offer: Children's Linen Suits, Marseilles Hats, Lace Infants' t'aps, I* ira sols, fiuu different Cliromos. sets of Plate<l Table <on?. Forks, A?.; Castors, Hair Brushes, Mirrors, Brackets and Racks of all kinds, Faus of all kinds, Ladies' Gauze V?-ts, Ladies' first 'justify Under garments; Gent's Gauze Shirts, long and short sleeves; Satchels an4 Wallets. Kid Gloves and Buck Gauntlets, Canes, Desks, Music Albums, Baek^'aui tuou Boards, and the prettiest and largest assort ment of Jewlry ever offered; black sets Bracelets, Cnatelainee at ^ Necklaces a specialty; Hosiery as usual, 3 pairs for $1. In fifty cent goods we offer. Fine and soft Lace Quilting, sets of 2 Linen Collars and 1 pair Cuffs, fine Dama?k Towels, Mouruing and Hemstitched Hdkfs, Belts, Gloves, Shirt Fronts, Silk Scarfs, Gent's Bows, Baskets, Shawl Straps, Suspenders, Lace Scarfn and B i??, Knives and Scissors, C >uil>s aud Brushes, Perfumery, Jewelry. Spittoons, Va?is, Flow er Pots, Ornaments,6 good Goblets, Toys of all kinds, Ac., Ac. Iti twenty-fivecent articles w? hare: Ladies'Linen Chifls, Ruffling for the neck, luu d >z Gent's Briti-li Half Hose, large llnck Towels, Hemstitched and plain Linen Hdkf>,2 good Bord'd Hdkfs, Ladies Hose, Ridding and Flue Combs, Lace Scarf-> and B'>n*,ldoz good Pencils,C Britannia Twa Spoon*, Work Basket, Lunch Ba-kets, Razors, Knives anl Scissors, Flower-pot Covers, Brackets, Towel Backs, Book Straps, fine Lisle Thread Glovesfor la dies and men. Black Jewelry, Ac., Ac. To get your money's worth, the place to visit is METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORE, SIS SEVENTH STREET, a*2?-tr near Pennsylvania avenue. '|'HE PROBLEM THAT wasEASLLY SOLVED A " I say. Charley, pari I en me, but sray tell me howieit yon always dress so stylish, and having but s moderate income?" "Whr. simply because I pur chsse from A. STRAUS, 1011 Peiuia. ave., uear 11th." J a23 E HAVE JUST RECEIVED fto DOZEN LADIES' SKIRTS, WHICH WE AHB SELLING AT SB CENT8 PER BKIRT. LOC1WOOD, HUPTT ft TAYLOR, ?*? 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They were met at the depot by the mili tate, territorial officials, awl a large number of citizen*. After a collation at the Railroad House, rv.* Pr -'.dent received callers until 2 p. m., when he left for G .ka. |Natal Okdu a Chaplain John R. Mat thews is ordered to the naval academy, i:?th May next. First As; *tant l'ngin sr John B Carpenter is detached from the Narraganwett and p'aced on waiting ordeis. Second Assist ant Engineer G. C. Neiisoo from the Nina and o-derea to the Canamlaigna, per steamer of 10th of May next. Aimee is a great favorite of the amusement loving public of Washington,and lsdrawing large houses at Wall's Opera House. "Lea Cent Vier ges" was greatly etijoyed last night. This evening the company appear in "Les Bri gands," in which there is t un enough for one evening, while the music of the opera, which is spirited and pleas.n^. will be well sung. Personai Col. Don Piatt and Mrs. Piatt have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Alfred Townsend.916 17th street, since they were burned out Saturdav night. Mrs. Piatt, who was ms le seriousiy ill by the lire, is much better. ????Judge Robert W. Warden, late of Ohio, and now in Washington, is engaged in preparing a work on "The Life and Times of Chief Justice Chase,'' which may appear be fore the close of the present year. Ex-Governor William Ij. Sharkey, of Mississippi, died at the Imperial hotel in this city, yesterday, in the 75th year of his age. The deceased had seen much of public life, and hold many |iositions of honor ami trust. His remains were taken in charge by the Masonic frater nity, of wliich he was a" member, and the fu neral took place this afternoon, the body being temporarily deposited in the Congressional vault, for removal hereafter to Mississippi. Openino or Bti>s fob Indian Stpplie*.? The Indian commissioners in New York yester day opened bids for provisions and supplies for the Indians. The hoard was represented by Commissioners Brunot, Campbell, Par we if. Bishops, Stuart, Podge, ami the secretary, Mr. Cree; and the Interior department by Hon. 18. K. Cowen, Assistant Secretary; Mr. A. S. H. While and Colonel Cox, D. C. One hundred and til tv separate bids were oj?ened. The aggregate oi goods ottered would amount to over *50,000, 000, and the prices w>?re very low. About $2,000,000 worth of provisions are required. Crook's Srrms In Arizona. In striking contrast with the results in the Modoc country are those in Apache land since General George Crook, commanding the de partment of Arizona, was told to proceed in liLs own way with the savages, who had rejected all overtures of peace. The active,systematic and determined measures adopted and admirably executed by the General have produced pre^ eisely the results which all who were familiar with the Apaches felt confident they would. Two of the most formidable hands have sur rendered through absolute fear of the troops. One of the chiefs saving (in council) to Crook : "His warriors had been unable to dodge them: thev had penetrated sections of country where soldiers had never before dreamed of going. Copper cartridges had played havoc among his band: he and they were almost dead on their feet, from continual watching and fasting; hun dredsof Apaches had paid the penalties of tin ir lives, and as himself snd brother survivorswere not willing to lie with Ui.-m in the last ditch, ho first thanked the General, then God, for holding torth the oli\e and permit.'ng them to come in under the whitest rag in the band." General Crook thinks the submission of tliege bands has virtually ended the Apache war in Arizona, and the "papers of the territory are oui.e jubilant over the matter, only regretting ttiat Crook's hands were at any time tied; one 0! them declaring that " but for blocking of t he w?r wheels, peace would have been declared several months ago; the "ves of 50 white per sons and over 200 Indiar s would have I en raved, and the great amount of property taken by Apaches would still be in possession of its rightful owners." But the same paper is, after all, well satisfied with the action of the President?in sustaining Gen. Crook?ex-Gov. McCoi mick, the delegare from Arizona, who originally suggested Gen. Crook as the right man to handle tne Attaches, and who has been his staunch supporter throughout, has reason to be highly gratified with toe results attained, and fully 'confirmed in the following letter to-day received from the General: Prwux>tt, Arizona, April 11,1S73. My Dtar Govrrnor: Please find enclosed two orders, which sum up the Indian question in this territory, Cochise excepted. Permit me to thank you, in behalf of mvseif and the troops under uiy command, for tne able manner in which you have represented the question in Washington. We feel that we are, in v reat measure, indebted to vou for the means w. aave had to work with in the accomplishment of the task just finished. Although we may have some scattering depredations in wme parts of the territory, I feel that the main work is over, and the necessary corrections can be made by the post commanders. I expect, however, to be kept busy for several months to come, watching that the Indians on the various reservations settle down in the right grooves, but I hope that

by the time another election is held in the ter ritory I shall be able to give you a solid vote from'my Indian friends! Yours, very sincerely, Georck Ciiook, C. S. A. Hon. R. C. Mi C< rmick. M. C. Ah > mottling About Uen. (Mudoc) Ulb ?em. If the following, by " Eli Perkins," iu the New York Graphic, is true, there would seem to be good reason for replacing Gen. Gillem in the command of the expedition against the Modocs: "The papers are full of General (Modoc) GMlem lately. The General always figured very extensively on paper during the late war. lie even got'his brigadier-genera'.ship through tome Baron Munchausen dispatches which he sent from Tennessee about the close of tne re bellion. He was never of real service in battle except so far as the moral influence of his name went. HOW OILLEM KILLED JOHN MORGAN. When Andy Johnson was President. Colonel Gillem had command of Knoxville. One day a party of Yankee foragers from a distant sub command were scouring the country for chick ens, eggs, and fresh meat generally. This was 25 miles irom Knoxville. It happened that John Morgan, the rebel bushwhacker, was riding through the country aoout that time, and he stopped at the residence of a Union man to get dinner. A Union lady in the house recognised the guerilla chief, and went out and notified the Yankee foragers of his presence in the neighborhood. Our Doys thought it would be a good thing to scare John Morgar, so they rode over toward the bouse. In a moment they saw a man run out of the honse, followed by several '?corn feds.'* Our fellows Immediately pursued them, and catching up with them succeeded In shoot ing John Morgan in the back, as he tried to crawl over the orchard fence. The shots killed Morgan, and the foragers rode back in high glee to tell of their great success. The sub commander :oen sent the news to Colonel Gil lem, in Knoxville. The Colonel was delighted and he soon set himself to writing a series of John-Pope dispatches to Andy Johnson. The first dispatch telegraphed read thus: Edwin M. S.anton, Secretary of War : I have met, fought, and killed the rebel Gen eral John Morgan. The ground is strewn with dead for miles. (Signed) Gillem. General Sherman, who was at Nashville at the time, and all the officers, laughed heartily at Colonel Gilltm's big dispatch. They knew it was all humbug, but it answered splendidly in Washington, for JohnLon was completely "told." In three days be acnt in Gillem'* name to be confirmed bv" the Senate as Brigadier General, and the Senate voted him in first on the furore created by the hlfalutindlspatcli. General Sherman understands Oill-in per fectly That's the reason that he sent General Jefl.'C. Davis out to t'ie lava beds to relieve Gillem as soon as General Can by was It'll :d. He-knows Gillem will spend bis time in .the telegraph oPoe and let the Indians get away, it tbev haven't gotten away now. We had a taste of Gilkem's telegraphing lately." THE MODOC TR AP. Saturday's llMilrvn Ctalicl. OFFICIAL BEPOKT OF Til E AFI AIB. Oar Troop* AIUrk?4 while Rm|Iu(. Lt. Cr*MtM Amo?( the HIIM. Four Oilffr* mm! Tkirtwa Kallxlrd l? Killed, Md One OMeer nn?l Mslee* PrlvMn Four tavagea Killed. Gen. Sherman received the following lx-t night; Saw Francisco April 7V> CcarnJ .Her man: The following distressing intelligence is just received: I.ava Bed, April 2#, 1873? r> Mijor G-ivral Si faftld, San Francuw :?Uu tile Jsth instant. Major Green, commanding the camp on the we?t side of the lava bed, ordered Captain Thomas. of the 4th artillery, wdh batten. 8 A and K 4th artil'ery, company E, 12*h infantry. and a party of Warm Spring Indiana (abont soldiers and 14 Indians) to make a reconnois sance in a south* asterly direction to a point ?bout 4 miles from camp. The party left cim;> at T a. b>. At vj a. tlir party r??eh*d ? desig nated point and were resting. No Indians had been seen. Suddenly the party was llred upon by Indiana, when a portion of the comm.ui 1 seems to have become panic stricken, and or tranizat.on seems, in a great measure, to hare ceased. Stragglers arrived in camp at about half-past one p. m. Major Green at once went to the assistance of M^jor Thorn i> Arriving on the scene he found Thorn is comnjand entirely disorganized and scattered. I'pon searching in lava chasms the bodiesof Capt. Thomas and Lieut. Howe, 4th artillery, and Lieut. Wright, 12th infantry, were found. 1st Lieut. Arthur Orai ston, 4th artillery, lia not been found. He ia undoubtedly kit'ed. Lieut. George Harris, and acting assistant Sur Ston Lenig, sre seriously, though I hope, not angerously wounded. Thirteen enlisted men were killed and sixteen wounded. All the of ficers and part of the men remained together and fought like heroes, but the ludians had ??* cured a.Ivantages of position before being dis covered. The remains of the ofticcrs go to Yreka to-morrow. The bodies of four warrior* hare been found at or near the scene of the bat tle. Capt. Mendcnball reports from Burkett* vi'Ie, at.d ia expected to join us on the Mth. iiidiaiisoccupv positions in the rocks about four miles bouth of Their old caves. It will l>e im(?:sible to surround them with the force at or <n route to this place. The circumference o! the lava b:ds I* about thirty miles. All of it i* very much of the same character. Gtn. Da> is expected to-morrow. Alva* C. Gillem, Col. 1st Cavalry, commanding. Gen. Davis started from Yreka tor the In .i btds th'i morning. d. M. Schokikld, Major General. Gen. Sherman tlii* morning telegraphed President Grant the contents of the above dis pach. Secretary llobeson, A<"? ii? ; ', hail a long conference w !? i rutin th s won 'ng. General Sherman is gr^ntlv d. pressed by the disaster of Saturday. Gen Lorenzo Thomas, the father of Captain Evan Thomas, who w is killed, called at the War departui -nt this morn ing, and hail AN ARPecTlSO INTERVIEW with General Sherman. General Thomas, w'.io is oil the retired list, is quite ad vanced in ye*is. and is deeply affected by his bereavement. It is not known what disposition will be made of the bodies o>' the other officers killed; but, un less ordered by their friends, th y will be buried at Yreka, a.- the government does not consider iUelf responsible tor the trails; ci tation of the bodiesof officers of the army, tie i eral Sherman says that if reinforcements are di enud necessary at the lava beds they will l-e drawn from the Pacific coast under the direc tion of General Schofield. LIBIT. CRANSTON, of battery A, 4th artillery, who is m? in;, is a brother-in-law of Colonel Martin, of G n-rd Sherman's staff", and a few years since ni-'-ri d a Miss Eacon, of this city, who is the daughter of Mr. Bacon, the grocer, on Market Sp.*ce. His friends in Washington fear the wor-t, a* lie was still missing when (ieneral Gillem u.r warded his report ot the battle to Gun. Scuotield yesterday. Thk Vienna Commismionkrs A telegram has been received from the social commis sioner at Vienna, api>ointed to examine into the alleged irregularities of the original com missioners, to the effect that some of the sus pect 4 commissioners appear ta be implicated in charges of improperly receiving money. It 'eaves the following pecans free from charges of any irregularity: I?r. Anthony Ruppin r, Thos. McElrath, Lewis Seasongood, d. C. Hat ter , G- S. Blodgett, H. Garrettaon, Edw'd Goft hell, Clayton McMichael, Isaac Cook, A.G. dames, W m. F. Bound; but recommend* that no part of the suspended commission be re stored at present. It is understood that the result of the examination, and the grounds on which its recommendation are founded, are to be immediately forwarded. ???????? (-OOO1* ? Tiik Fatal Shooting at Orangk C. H From a gentleman who left Orange Courtho ise this morning we learn the particulars of the shooting at)air in tiiat town yesterday. Thev are as follows :?A colored man named Edwin Robinson, quiet and inoffensive when sober, but just the reverse when drunk, entered the store ot Mr. David Hose, nt id asked for a bag of tobacco upon credit. Mr. K..?e told him his terms were cash, aud that he could sell u|x.n no oiher. Kobinson then began to curse and abuse Mr. Rose, asserting his equality under the c.vil rights bill, aud finally drew a revolver and leveled it at him. At this poiut Mr. B *se put his hand under the counter, behind which he was standing, seized a pistol, and taking aim at his assailant, shot him dead, the ball entering bis skull just over the right eye. A coroner's Inquest was held upon the d?ad body last night, and upon the evidence of the four "witnesses Mr. Toales Tyrrell and three colored women rendered a verdict in accordai ce with the above facts. As the shooting wasdouein self-defence. Mr. Hose has not been arreted AUxa,.<l,-ia ( FS?.) Gazdte. Z'rA inrtont. Terrible Accident in Cincinnati The inclined-plane railway, to carry stones down the hill, at the western part of Cincinnati was first put in operation yesterday. The cable holding a car loaded with atones gave wav just at starting, and the car ran down tliehilloversix hundred feet, when it struck the bumper-box. and the stones tlew in the air. The greater part of the stones toil in the yar 1 of Robert Green, one hundred and fltty feet below, where fire little children were playing. Two escaped unhurt. Robert Harris, five year* old, was struck in the head and killed; Carl Roth, six years old, injured in the head, it ia feared I itallv; Robert Green, aged four years, injured iu the head but not dangerously. " The Ca busts Clai* a Victory at Navarre?The Carlist committee in lsondou received telegrams from Spain yesterday re porting that on Thursday last a" victory" was won by their friemla at Vera, at Navarro,' forty mile* north of Pampeluna. The Carlists, num bering 760, defeated the republican force. 1,44m strong. The battle began at 11 a. m. and lasted till dark. The republicans were completely routed, with a loss of eighty killed and wound ed. In Geneva, Switserland, yesterday, the police arrested a person who it was understood was the "Chamberlain of Don Carlos." ? He was Just starting for Spain with a howitzer packed in his baggage. Toe Federal Council afterwards approved the action of the police. Shocking Oittbaob akd Murom o? a Yocno Girl?A girt, named Lizzie Mess, was brutally outraged and murdered on Monday in a grove near Saltsbarg, 14 miles from Pitts burg, Pa. Her skull was fractured in two places, and her hair was matted with blood. Two tramping painters, named Pohle and Hr deman, who claimed to have worked recently In Cumberland, Md., were arrested yesterday charged with the murder of the girl. Sbo was Ji.55!" ol<!*.?"* th? adopted daughter of Mrs. Christian Kline, residing near Saltsburr and said to hare a father living in Ohio. TTmi ?2! oners will hare a hearing on Friday. Ftcite**nt iw Oregon?Tke Miam Pre paring for War.?A dispatch from Portland. Oregon, statM that 1,4(0 Indian warriors sre White Bluffs, Yoknna rlrer, above Walla-Walla, and are putting op breastworks. The settlers are greatly alarmed. The Indlam awi traveling about, painted, and warn the whites to leave the country. The Shokane Indians are threatening, and also warn the whites to leave. Massacres like that bv the Modocs are feared. ^"Massachusetts, sari a New York paper, prohibits the sale or intoxicating drinks, hot with glaring inconsistency, places no interdic on pie. ?^George Davis, who Is charged with the 1 murder of Perry ten years ago in Anne Arundel county, was arrested yesterday and taken to Ajiuajolis. THE IVBI M tDr. Terrible NlaaiMrr ?f ? IrrwiHi l !?* Fwrly 4* mi *f ?? HUM or WwadN- iMvatllac VallMlrjr ?| oar OMffn. The report of another terrible conflict l?e? tween the trooi* ruder Gen. Gillem and the Modocs. published iv yesterday's Nt a a, in oon ttrnwo by later di-patches. On Stlurdtr morn ? ii?S last a reconnoitring party, commanded bv Gapt. Evan Thomav or the 4th aflllenr. ami composed of bafteries K and A, 4th artillery, and compaiy E, l.tb Infantry ?sixty-nine men in all?leit camp, and proceeded toward* lh<* I otnt where It wan sumioscd the Modoc* wore encamped, the object bom* to find oat how the en?my wan situated, and whether artillery could be lined effectively. A dozen or so Warm Spring Indians were expected to co. >perat? on the right of Capt. Thomas' line. The troops, having formed a line of skirmisher*. advan d without molestation until tuey arrived at the foot of the bluff south o.* the lava beds, having meanwhile signaled to camp that no Indian* were to be found. On reaching the blurt the Modocs opened a severe tire, causing the troops t3 seek such shelter as they could find in crevices, chasms, Ac. As u.,oal, the foe wa? unseen. It seem* that Capt. Thomas' command FELL WTO AW AMIU'S) API, from which there was no |>o<?.ibility of escape. Four or five shots were tired upon the a lvalu ing troo|?, when Capt. Thomas immediately threw his men In skirmishing order, with Lieut Wright's company on the right. The latter however, had not got into powtion before tliev were flanked to the right by a party of fourteen other Indiaus. The cross fire on Wright's men proved very demoralizing, ami they broke in confusion, leaving their gallant leader in an exposed condition and supported by a lew of h s non-r^mmin-toned officers. In the meantime another small party of Indiaus had obtained a position to the left and onenod a raking tire on the two batteries of artillery. It was a feartul trap, and the first four shots were only tired to draw the trooj* more directly between the lire ot the Indians on the right and left. THE roi'T WAS CnnrLlTI, with the exception of officers and non-commis sioned officers, a majority of whom lay stretched on the rocks, with their life-blood ebbing fast away. Confused and demoralized as they were, the men became an easy prey to the Modors. who, confident in the protection of their native rocks, shot them down like so manv frightened deer. A portion of batteries A and K, 4th ar tillery, and company E, 12th infantry, finding themselves in danger Of beiag outflanked, took shelter in a hollow sjiot. affording partial eon r. No sooner had they done so than the Indiai s, who knew and commanded every egress from | the cavity at that point, numbering twenty-one warriors, detached seven of their number on one side, fourteen remaining on the other, and , then opened a cross fire ! on the poor fellows, who could not show a hea l I I .or hand without a certainty of be lag struck. \ ery lew escaped injury. The rest w ere either ' kilkd or wounded. (.Occasionally news was brought in by the scared stragglers", exaggerated in the extreme, but significant of s^tae dire d'? a?ter. Many of these men. who had deserted their officers in time of peril, had seetiah'in drcd Indians all around them. Fear had dis tracted their vision and made them so help er that one of their number was afterward found dead on the field w ithont a shot. He had been butchered by knives, and ;-o panic-struck that he could not fire a shot in Ins own defene;. During the night the Indians were creep.tig through the rocks TO *4 ALP AND STRfP THE DEAD. As soon as the news reached <ien. Gilleui's headquarters four companies of cavalry, under Col. Green, were ordered to march to the relief ot Capt. Thomas, ami stretchers were forward ed for the conveyance ot the wounded. Soldiers coming through Col. Green's line told h. u where the remains of batteries K and A were to be found. Col. Greeu immediately moved tor ward his command to the place indicated, and there hid in some sage bushes were the bodios ot Major Thomas, I.ieut. Howe, Acting Surgeon Lining Sergeant isom er, and six others. Lieut. W right s body lay a little to the left, and oti t!.e right was Lieut. Harris, severely wounded, and the ltodits of five of bis men stripped ol all their clotli'ng. Forty-nine were killed and wounded out of a command of sixty-nine men. In many instances it was difficult to recogn /e ?'ie dead but for some article of dres- knowi o have belonged to fiem? Indian barbarity had de.aced all r neaments of those killed. Colonel Green returned from the scene of the territlc slaughter early on Monday morning, bring rig the killed and wounded. Twenty-four of n ir men *rere killed, including the three commis sioned officers meut.oned. THE INDIAN LOSS. It is impossible ' i ascertain the number of Modocs killed and won tided. Captain McKay report-d that h'? Warm Spring Indians had taken four scalps. This may be the w hole, o it n-ay be ?rly a |K>rtion . f the killed, the M ?.i .<?/ 1 i ng very careful to destroy, as far as poxsible, ? 1 traces of their casualties, carrying their wounded into the caves, ai d burning the dead bodies. Their wound J are supposed to t>e hidden in the fives; but few have been seen ?o far. ADVANTAGES OF THE SAVAGES, ihe Modocs are armed with Spencer rules and breech-loading mu?ket*. In more than one instance a Modoc has been known to have two or more Sj>encer rifles, enabling him to keep up a rapid fire from his naturs' or artificial breast works of rock. The surface of the ground in m*,iy places is torn up by volcanic acti.m, which tormscrevices, and these are adaptable othe purposes of either hiding or for points of defense. GALLANTRY OF OfR OFFICERS. When Captain Thomas found himself and his men surrounded bv his v indictive foe, true to his nature as a soldier, he sought to cheer his soldiers to the bitter end, and obUin, if possi ble, life for life, and to sell their lives dearly, I,: a".!l,e?.Vwe surrounded; we must fight ami die like men and soldiers." In his noble efforts to sustain the courage of his small command be was ably seconded bv Uoateaaat Howe and Lieutenant Wright. After receiving his mortal wound be bur.ed his gold watch ami chain among the rocks, and emptied his re volver amoi g the enemy before dying. If liv ing he would also write in terms or well-de served praise of theconduct of Lieutenant Har ris. who was similarly b.tuated as Captain Thorn with a portion of hia battery. K. ot the 4th artillery, ami set an exampleoi' bravery ard determination to his men. Lieutenant George M.Harris, battery K,4th artillery, who . is re|>orted wounded, graduated at West Point . in 1807, and is a sou of George W. Harris, a I merchant of Philadelphia. The Memphis Races Tne spring meeting of the Chickasaw Jockey club opened in Mem phis yesterd y with a hurdle race of two miles, eight burdb s. The race was ?on by Tom Oor bett, beating Defender aisl Captain Hutchin* in the order named. Tune 4:15. The second race, trial stakes, three-year olds, mile beats, was won hy Nashville, beating Dumbanne, doe Johnson, Harry Todd, ami Yandalia In the or der named. Time, 1:&?, 1:51; Harry Todd and Yandalia distanced. Third race, Jockey club nurse, mile and a half, won by Frogtown; Hampton seoond, and Tom leathers third. The Yiciia Exposition Scandal The American scandal still occasions great excite ment in Yienna. In aristocratic circles it is discussed w ith sneers as another indication of working democratic institutions. Gen. M ayer, urder tne advice of counsel, peremptorily re fuses to surrender his official papers with the list of exhibitors and allotment ot space. The new con missir ners are completely hampered, and will prob: J>ly request interference of the Austrian government. Dr. Kupper, another suspended commissioner. has left far S wilier land. Van Hnren is still in Vienna. Congressional Content ib New Haif shiaa.? TLe governor and ooancil of New Ham|?hire met yesterday to count the votes for Congressmen. The let aad 34 districts are settled as already stated, la the ad district, Austin P. Pike was found to have seven plural. Ity, bat errors in favor of 8. S. Ball were laid before the governor which will give him a plu rality of thirteen. The eonncllors adjouraed without deciding the question of granting oar. tificatea to either contestant. Cmrmeu Difficulty in Tennessee A diffi culty has occurred between the Bmhop of the Episeepaldloeese in Tennessee, Bishop Ouin tanl, and the ltev. Mr. Hines. the rector of the Episcopal church in Nashville. The latver charges the Bishop with a violation of the dut v, of friendship, and with treating him (Mr. Hiae?) in an ungen'lemanlv manner. Efforts are making to prod nee a reconciliation. Shooting Excitement in Lwriro, Va - A special dWt>atch. dated the Sth in*t*iit, M the Alexandria Oaicite, says there wa? qu re an excitement in Leesburgyesterday atiemoon, occasioned by the shooting of a young man bv the name or Wright. A clear account of iho cause ftoiii wb'i n the difficulty sprang cow id not be.obtslned. VNorwalk. Conn., hasn't yet recovered from fb? shock ean^d by the advent Of Rar num's show on a Sunday. t/-A Minne?t?^)* man. w1?o ^pU-vlod g'ti'tv to selling a p< ?nut oa Snnd?y," has bc^n luiod one dollar ai.<'. cost. TELEGRAMS TO THE 8TAR Thu tn*riM?^ DHpllrhfi. ? ? AS9UC1ATKD PKtSS REPORTS. A l UM Keonll t lt? ?niiar *?< A tiftirral iMltiiB War While Wettlera ImIbi Awny. Sab Fbavci*oo. April A from Yteka t? nlkht hti ??? the people ot t**? C?f and in S<-ott - val?ey are *riut m. und. t tpprrlifiirioii that there *111 be a |*nrt?l Indian war. The ladies <4 Yreh.. h.vr iU> HfUur s to send lint. bondages, fruit and other (wmtkr t? tlif 'irk wkI Menden hall's troo|>*.Tinni,erif?gone hundred and thirty men. ?n? ti> Joia tlereral (4t!lem I sat Rifht The pettier* In the tklkr* ot itrffm above the lakes and kn b^h. are moving aa ?\ with their cattle and olh't property. hem afraid to remain longer. There ?* no t urth .. iieat from .he fYont l?Mw? frasw the frMi. rROBTIBKSMRB WAIT "O rioMt THK WOpO N?w York. 3ft. ?A Yrrkt d -pat dated last al^Kt. **y* tl.r greatest etcittm I retails there over the .let em t?r our tr.x>|.?. I there if a ttrun| d *po*it?on by the old tnsntn ? men to orgaaice a part j to tight the M?lo n their ownsiyle. If aay iihiaeeaaeuu were bt out to tiieae aien thev csuld exterminate ?'? ? tain Jack, and hi# b ind rltortly. The r*|t*r the lfodoc M)?aw* and pa|xia?e* have take* re'ufe with tJie Pitt rlut Ind.ansi* not? ? at krrka, a* tliw . ril?s are not on frien dlv term*. It is generally believed that l.ieut Cranston ami psrty will not be liear<1 fWta again Gen. I>ati* "and leave this tn irn n.g, the 3Mli. tor c .tap. TMI WolUKKI IIIT**AST Phu Ai'tLrHu . Ait 30 ?Lieut. iie^rtfe M Hams. wound* <1 in tint last Modoc ma- ?cre. kli'df here, lie in a won ol 41>??rge M Harris, a merchant of this city. Hia mother and i.r.ither have started ta. H.iu their woundod rela- ? < Nrw York, April :?.-Th.' tWs* (tw li(htin( of the tn their own ??? . a? tlio eoantry I* tired of >li? miserable ala?i?:hter our aofdiem. The Titkmnr nay* the Indian* ahon 1.1 never l?? allowed to foi get the superior |<owr uf the national forces, and it will not be rvt tw pre dict how many baad* will spring up tiom thi? last fatal success. The Hrml4 sars, in view of the t'.reaten. t uprising of Indian*, the itnnudiate aiti.nre*?..>:i of Captain .lack and hi? Modoc* la a m m mt the highest moment. It aay*: " l/*?i wt?l Sheridan be detailed to the duty of a * tit la.-nt wltli t apt at n .lack, and to a general o\ rhaid inn of all tribe*, reservation*, lndia> Ml peace-makers and all, and then we aiialThat* (?f JfT." The M'srMtlnd* fault with Oetieral <1 I m law making the advance, ami aay* it il kdl? > waste indignation upon tin Mi*U..? The Sun call* lor thv uuer eater mi > atio* <>t the Modocs. b*t not at the ex|?ettae ol ao iu my live* ot good . jldiera. ? Xew lark Katea. COKt.tTto* ?.r THK (OIllHEllTiL RANK N?w York, April 3* Report* a? t?? i m NOuiMltw*. ol the Continental Hank led t? ? 4 itoni the clearing hot*?e committee tli >t t>.?r institution'* capital i* not iui( airnd ti? ? , r cent. It* capital i* $:;,<* i,?w. Till ? HAKTKR K|,.KKH. The governor aigned the New York cli irt. i this tnornii^. THE VIKNJTA M AXD1U A Washington *p.t lal ?t> there i* now i pr>w|iect that the order of au-|<naioa ot the i >? joritT of the Y.enita OiRHanomni will l.e ?> ... revoked. AMM*tant CmuniivUH't Wm Me> ? 1* uixloubt. <lly imidieaied. and wli'ti he Itniii I himaelt *u*|>eiid?'<f, reluaeal Ui give up the pl?" ol ai?*ignmetit of apace for American ribiuivr' Van Biiren ap|tear* to be implicated, thoii^ii the circumataiieo arc not im,>of?ible of expla liatnn. AaaACl.T ??% jay ?ot U>. .!o*fpti Marvin wa* held in *-.Vh< bail to-d iv on the charge of a on -lay Would A SAII'VH H tat AM? LCTTKR lYr in the interior, ot April Int. *av? a consider able earthquake had occurred, but no daiuafe ia rt|?rtcd. WllirPKIv A wo MAX TO PKATH. liichaid Moaely wa* arreated in Brooklyn tbi* mottung for fatally beating .1 alia ?.ilium lad night. THK WRASToS COAL a VLB. At the regular monthly a*le of bcranton e??al ti day M,oi?i ton* aoM aa lollows Lamp, Vi^l tor?,"at #1.27^; *teaml>oat, 12,** ton*, at. *4.22)?, gtaie, KjOflO ton*, at , to -4 tgp. ton*, at to "?l.70, *i -v*, > ton*, at ^4.10 to cucatnut, 1,<MK> ton- at *4.25 to !>?? l*Hft T*dajr. aTuikk or iiiK M.vaoBa in maii M AMim, April i'O The ?ttikc- ?>t tl. im?oi? in Barcelona ha* terminated, ami 'he men have resumed work. FIOHT BI.TWIEX HOKta AT <KRt ?ALKM I?o?ims. April 30?Late advi.-< * irom l. r i ralem *tate that severe tight* have oc irr. J in Bethlehem between l.atin and tireek mai.k> Fiveot the former and *ix of the 'alter were injured. a arABten citt Bt r.Ror>i ki> mt caRti*ra. rAt:ia. April ? It 1* rep?>rted tn Kayonne that the Carli*ts in the spaniah ??t Biscay have aurroutided the citj of JiiU><>s. which i* almost dctencelea*. H'oltAB at rPRAi.K 'V parliament. Lom>ok. Aj>rll 30?In the Hon* of Common* this afternoon, Mr. Jacob Bright moved a *econd reading of the women's bill. In hi* rtmai k* in rapport of the bill, Mr. Bright cited the adoption ot female *uftra<e it; V >? - mlng territory, and eiwwiiere. He also niiiI if the measure wa* detected now it aould l?e brought forward again and agitated. THK RACK for 2.000 guinea* at the New Market sprit.g meeting wa* won by (jaug Forw ard. Suicide *f a Wa* to.h?vr-beea llriile Philat>blphia, April U.chanl fettft, an attorney, reaidin^iu ttth.near Spruce -tr.-et, committed *uicide la*t evening by ?*h'a>:mg him*elf through the head He w a* to have be?B married at noon ti-day to Mi** Staley. The affair cau*e* much eacitemcnt among the friend* of the parties. [Second IH*patcli.l Philadki vhia. April JII?Richard P.-ttlt, who committed suicide, ha<l bei n engaged to Mis* Staley tor ten year*. She lia.l lately r. ceived a handsome estate by the w ill of tb< lab Robert Baldclough. and everything was pre pared lor the mairiage at uoou at St. Mark'* church. Tbey designed a Euro|.ean tonr. Th?' deceased wit a ton of tin- late J iidge Pettit and a *on ot l'.8. Naval Paymaster Richard Pettit. The lad* is an English cousin to Bishop Staley, late of Houolulu. At the bearing in Uic eaae ot Harrison ?iamlK>, it wa* snnouneed that a war rant had been issued forcing lum into bank ruptcy. Hi* liabilities are *T#ti,?(^i an ! a-w>t Hon,(mi. Hi* residence oo?r. witli the I urn ire, >130,000. but i* heavily mortgaginl. Tra lluur Oitrlkc ?l Mill Of?er?ti\fwlii KlatMle lalaBd. Kkw York, April ?#.?A *p?-cial di?j>at -n from Providence ?yt>: The operative throughout Rhode Island will atrike to-morrow for ten-tour* work |?er day, or *iaty |k-i w.-ek. The movement i* controlled by the Bhode Island brauch of the New England ten-hour association, numbering nearly thirty thousand member*. Tli* time-table arfojrted by the or ganization provide* for commencing: work at t> 30 a. m . allow* 45 mniatai for dinner, and stopping the machinery at ?; p. m. the first tive tlay* in the week, and ceasing work SaUniap at 12.? p. m. The rule* have been forced where the employer ref use the term*. The Laal of Um> Atlnuiie. Nrw York, April 3* ?A Halifax a|M>cial aay* that the wreck of the Atlantic was blown *|> yesterday, but no bodies were recovered It i* probable that the two hundred corps. ? have laeen washed to sea. or l<eou groattd up by the tioatlng cargo. The divers are rapidly recover ing the cargo. Terrible Disaaier MftT* laheir*. Nbw 1 ork. April 30.?A Rio Janeiro letter of the 4th instant state* that owing to the late rains there, a landslide occurred, which crushed and threw down a massive atone wall upon a buildlr.g In the nary-yard, taiatajulv killing twentv workmen ami wouudiug aom* fittv other*. * jftlrr I'aai!*?!*? PH'LADKLPHIA April 3(K?The boiler ir naker, Howard & Co. s saw-mill, la tl .p|?*r ? a? ?TlllI ? ? !."^ ?.ii ltm*,'ort exploded ?' .i ing, killing th* engineer. Errs E. E .cher, and dangerously Bonidiiig Wm. Mur. if the watch man, and two others slightly. Exktbb. N H . At.ill so?I.awrenee Board, man's shoe manuractorv was turned last night. Los* >10,ow>. ___ * Kiilkd bt Kibosda.?Mr*.M?raa,aged 2**, waa fatally burned yesterday morning by an eiploston or a coal ell lamp while attempt!a* i* kindle a Mr* ea the barge P- C. Brow a, at Bal timore. She died la*t evening. ? Asseticau ?*aiou of the Vienna x hibition I* said to be ia a Mate of chaos ?7*Arrangements f*r the coming conven'ton of the southern and western Ceagrmsmeu iu bt boats are nearly complete d. Id ward McOloone was eonvlrted of *?<e daughterrr?ttrtfnr at BoMon foremasingth* deatAi of Cnailc* Mu^as by v t.iir. do* u stairs. ?7*Mi** Emma F. '.kner, a vo?ng and ban.i wmc ailrui connected with a Wuaa ?h*a?er, r*eentiv quaieeled with kit Inter, abankor. took strychnine in hi* preaenor, nw* died ia great torture. KPltreelrer Strong report, d yrstentay r.flt an exsminauoa shows the Atlas' ' k?sk t? b* ia a better ewwdithm ??? *?* an-;- rate.t. the defnaluu^; ca^hKr, Tnl..? <r, aa*lnJket.A yesterday. t v

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