Newspaper of Evening Star, April 30, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 30, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. t >? wo t b mm Ltrgfst CirculatioB in the Distrift Be ad i Eg Matter on Every Page WASHES GTON^CITyT V r.PXF>PAT April ?Q, HCT. 4ii v. Cocke's message to the Legislature ?> em* to make a favorable impression general ly. The Philadelphia Prrsi says of It: "The sbawing is one of which the people of the l?istrict niay be proud. Although their deM .? Urge, it has been incurred in the bean t.flcat.ou and improvement of their city, and n.ore honestly ar.d economically, we believe, in the case of any other city." The New York Timet print- it nearly in full ** -ut general latere*," and says editorially:' "Tb? present government of the District be ing considered by many to be still an e*i?eri ment, and the action ot the local authorities La\iRg been so fiercely assailed in some quar ter*. an official exposition of the conduct of af fair* from one so high in the public confidence as Got. Cooke is valuable a* a refutation of the reckless abuse which has l>een heaped upon the District authorities for alleged extravagance ai.d corruption. That these charges have been 1 .-vsed mainly upon ignorance and malice is t vident from the very complete exhibit which tiov. Cooke gives of the financial transactions et the District. "Several facts are given which will be consid m d conclusive on this point. It appears that fl.e disbursements have never, in any case, exceeded the specific appropriation, and it seems difficult to imagine how, under such a rule, there could have been great squandering. That the finances of the District have been prudently managed is apparent from the fa t that all tke floating debt and unsettled claims against the late government have been settled amounting to SL.WO.tJOO. and it is not strange that tbe l>oiids of the District, formerly only worth eighty, are now firmly held at ninety H vm. The much-abused board of pubuc work* has thus far audited claims to the am >unt ?<t ?:?.T7o.:rji, of which 9m,I'ju.815 ha^ been paid. 1 bi? it- undoubtedly a large sum, but the good effect of the expenditure is already felt. Prop erty in Washington city has largely advanced in value as a consequence of the increased dem rod, which is shown by the fact that the transactions in real estate in l*T-? exceeded those of Ku by y.i.Mff.iiO". That private improvements are keeping pace with those of public authorities appears in 1,216 houses erected in 1*72, adding K> -*'".23? of assessed valuation to the tax lists. " Gov. Cooke refers with pardonable pride to the great improvements which have been made in the national capital by the government of whirb he is the bead. Washington, until latelv one of the most unsightly and disagreeable citie> in the I'nion. has been greatly changed for tke better. That this change should beat tended with vast expense was inevitable from the plan of the city; the wide streets and nu merous public places required great outlav for their improvement and adornment. That Washington will ever be a trade center of con s' quence is not probable, but that it will rem.iin the |iOlitical capital of the nation, for some gen erations at least, is beyond dispute. Whoever, therefore, makes it less of a quagmire in winter, and not quite so much of a dust-heap in sum mer. is a benefactor to the whole nation. A v?>it to the city is attended now with less dis gust and humiliation than it was some years ago; but if the energy of the present govern ment is continued, we may hope soon to be I lined only by the Washington Monument, and. |?>rhaps. a few other relics of a barbarous M.d thriftless age.' Fven the Tribune, while professing to be be wildered by "the maze of figures spread over tlie scandal which has been caused by the bril liant career of the Board of Public Works,** roncedcs that "Governor Cooke in his message to the Legislature of the District of Columbia laakes a fair financial showing." rABAt-Tsis.?The prevalence of this disease, In our own country as well as abroad, it seems to us. should induce some lover of the healing art to look into the matter thoroughly. We now hear by telegraph that Wrange!, the oldest Prus ?'an field marshal, is a sufferer. Only a week aince. Senator Nye, of Kansas, was attacked. Another recent case is Walt. Whitman, the l?oet. Chief .lustice Chase. Mr. Colfax. Sena tors Morton, of Indiana, and Brownlow, of Tennessee, with others of our prominent public men. have had strokes of the malady. In pri vate life, to the knowledge of all our physi cians, it attacks people of all classes, conditions and habits. There must be some uniform cause for an effect so universal; and it behooves the faculty to look into it, with a view to a cure, which is not now in the resources of medical knowledge. Cannot the American Medical So ciety make a movement on the works of this tormidable enemy? It is a singular fact, that ' the only real truth we have met in reference to this disease has been uttered by thoae the "reg ulars" call "quacks" and --empirics;" and that is, that --paralysis is not a disease in Itself, but only the effect or result of disease," which must Le very consoling to the poor paralytic him self. _ The official report of the diaastrous affair at tbe lava beds on Saturday last, which we pub lish to-day. confirms the unofficial dispatches. It is strange that after the innumerable Indian trap# into which white men have marched, commencing with Braddock's defeat, there ahould still be found officers of the army-who try to figbt rtd-skins according to the rules of vtarfare among civilized nations. This Modoe anil n.-h has cost the lives of four gallant officers and thirteen enlisted men, and the wounding of one officer and sixteen privates, and only four Indians were killed. Better have frontiers men or friendly red skins to do our Indian fight ing. They would fight the Mudocs, Modoc fashion, and it is not likely the losses on our side -would be so disproportionate. If it be true ttat all victims of suicide were insane at tbe time of their self-slaughter?as some able physicians have asserted?then the life insurance companies, in view of a decision ?f the V. S. Suj rem? t'orrt on Monday of thi? week, might as well strike tbe suicide clause t>om their policies. That court, in the case of * e Mutual Life Insurance company, of New A >rk vs. Ferry, a case of suicide by taking I :*.n. held that the facts show the reason of t* ? deceased to have been no impaired by his ii anity that his suicide wa? not bis voluntary, ii !? Iligeut act. On these facts it is held that tbe company is liable, although the policy pro vW?<1 against suicide. ? ? * ? ? W scarcely open a paper, but we find iu it the ? vidence that the editor knows how to n at >^e our Indian affair* better than tbe l're> < nt and General Sherman and tbe Secre tary ? t tbe Interior?i*r>>ridsnct Journal. JT51 LLBCTloN NOTICE.-An Elect. n ?.* ft# Le-V v.ckhd-rl in lbs WASHINGTON. ? ni > -t ILLS AND ASHTON Tl RN PIKE COM r V' ?!ll lr h?l"l ?? Coleeville, on TL'BSDAY, tlir I b day of Mar, K3 a: '4 o'clock p. m. *_* ( <;, Srcr tary IV-. aMUUTS ?-r Pi THIA8.?ue inb r lr,-> ?f W EB^TLK LOUUK. N ?. 7, is rsuu -t?l ? . t- the ngn'?r . ni,? TlU RdI>AY EVEN 1Kb M ?r 1st. at 7'* o'clock p.m. B i?iu>-s uf ?jr*- ? iiii^ rtancS. Bjr < ftier. B E. CRIMP,C C. J l-ETSEB K of R andS It* r^vTHl ILLINOIS STATE BKPl'BLICAN l?y \TI<?N vi'il! h'M :*? annual ut*"li'ig f? ?? -U-ctio? of ..ft, .-rs on THt'RSDAY EVEN IN' Ma? I. 1<73, at s oVl<*k. in the Lecture Ro .m * ' ? M C A ??uiHiOK . * U Ht?LT, President A J WHITAEER. Sr?r>,i?r? It jj-^igaTIlairE *1LL BK A HPEU1A L Co SSI' 1*^ aicati?B of 9T J<?BN ? LOOOE.II . ll.r A A M ?t th? Tftusl-, \VR|>NESI>AY EV*N ]NU, Ap< d 3m. Wl. at 7 o clock, to in?k? arrautf* ji ????* for tie- funeral of oar iat?- bt>?tb?-r. Jo-erH R 1)IITF? Nof ??nf?r l.sU-s iavited to at tenl B > rJer of tbe W M It B ? REED. S?c MXl'EkNTH DISTRICT REPIU1.I \jI'ANS ?Ttiers will W- am<-*-tini{ ..f th<-Six trmtli Dulri't Republican Ca** TO NIOllT. April ;?? 7 A' o'cl"< ?, at Taraer Bali, k? 44* New J r r nrnai>. for fn- pnr?o* )f electing delegates to tl ?? B'-publican Gen-ralC'nimltt^s - 9 H W ILLIAMS, Prsaidsnt JOf? TLTHS.Ch n*' C'>w If ?t-thm WILL BE A MEETING OY THE O^TWESTIETH DI8TBIC T EBPl BLICAN <n B, THIS (W?diM*da?) ETENtNO rt fcik II .11, Mh ?tiw?, bMwem K aad r.sowtheast, at 8 ? Mock, fsr tb? sleetlon oft hrse delegates anrf two ?ltentafw to represent the district ia the Republicaa O usral C?mmittre for ths er??nin? r?ar k? A B T1NNET, President REPTBLICAN8 OF TH* 13 m DISTRICT -There will be a tna? ?? tin* I. Adaine' H til, 9th, bstwesa L aad M sTT,*ets. 1 pr.rpnm of electluf three delega'es w <1 two <tMto the Central Committee, on ths A i-CS. at S oVIock ^ m , aceordia* to tbervei. f Central C ? GEO H RORTON, Prssilia*. ID 1 ? P^ERMAlf Secratary It'B f|-R> lCAN?OFTHEl?TMDI!tTRMIT71 L_y 1 a I NOTICE ?la aeeordaace with a ree T~Z i Ik* General Cewtral Committee, a prt m it > 'ton for three del??at-s and two attentates totti nuntttse will beheld THISl We4needavl RV k V ? N G April 3fth. Mwe,? the Rows of ? and 7 ? . II.V v rt- Marahall ho?s,? KR Strwst. W iweec 1> and B, nonhweat^ JOHN mi.LEl i wm mktzger ;, B MARSHALL. \ ' Jadgsa, I-1XASC1A1. AMP fOMMElCTAL. 1 he New \ ork \n all street markets were dull y eet< ulay, hut the feeling tu somewhat in l<rove<l late in tbe day on the unproved showing of tbe Atlantic bank' examination. The proa p? ct ot large ditdiursrment by the government a?d the payment of ctate and other dividends fire* promise ot an easier money market for tome month*. ? kMt BecnrtUca. J By Cooke A Co. fornigh the toUowingfcHUr: Btm'r. 8*irt. B?rt. s*.T<t r 8 ?-?.ia8L * \ I MrsJnAJy,?.17't V\ ?*>'., 1.*. V\ 1*'. | MS ? ?'s,UU. 18 18', Aa0>JnAJy,WJ7*. WS >-?'*, lMfc... to aos ! lo-to'. 13 * ir; Nbw Iuii?Fii<t Boabd. ? ~ k-&l's,Jan.*Jly 48S8. 17% lo-trs ?_ u* American Gold...?... 17 Currency f'a ? 14 , l?TifN H\ - ? aw, *-??>, lsn. 18? f-a?"s, 1M4. m?4 5l?.mi a>C f-?w??.Ajiy,m..i7s WWu. * Jly. ?7_1-* BaLTIMOBB, April 30/? Virginia ?'*, coupons, nl.l 46, Virgima's consolidated, 43, Wfit Virginia's, 13S bid to-day. Baltimobb, April 90 ?Cotton dall; low mid - dungs, l?rfis>4'. Flour'iuiet and nnchang'd. Wheat ?inbt.bnt firm; prices nncbing?"d. C?rn quiet?7S ("r wnthrrn. vhif ??>u'h-rn, 70 yallow southern, 66, mixed nnterti,&Sfc66 on a*ot; 65 for May. Oats actice and firm?soiutiuarn, western mixed, M*U>\ <!<"> white, *1 Rye quiet and unchanged. H ?y nn hanged Provisions dull, weak and lower? W ss Pork, Jtl8**ttl9. Bulk meat*?shoulders, 7?$ 7*?;clear rih side-, *?9?. Barm?ti >uld?*r?, it 81,; clear rib sides. lo(o.b?l?; sr.?;ar-enred har.:-, 13H(<i.l4. Lard,9fcM'i. Western batter?henry re ceipts depresses the market: g..od to choice tnl>, 33M35 Whisky nominal. 9MMaJl. SiW Toil. April 30.?Stock* dull. Gild r?ry firm, 17s*. Money firm, 1 16 to 1 32. ami interest. Evchane-, lone, 8*; ahor* ????. O ?reriiments quiet New York, April 39.?Flour dall and unchvngsl. W heat quiet and Unit. Cut tirtu. L"?w>s. April 30, 11 30 a. m.?Con? da opened at 9BS for both B 'nds of 1866. >ld, 92, 1367 , 9J*'i; 10-W's. 89 U; new fives. 90, Erie. A ?. Paris, April 30.?B-ntes >pened at 51 francs 85 renfm es. Lorrns, April 30. 1:30 p Ei ?B >nds of 1J67, 93; Erie, 50V TBE WKATBEK. War Dsr artmbbt, QJIo* VKxtt #v?mI Ojl*r,) Vi?HU?Toi, April 30, 1Q, IP 30 a. ni. J HTNOPSI* Fob TBI FAST HOCB1.? The temperature has fallen Vt?r the entire lake region, ai?i the pressure has rapidly increased -orer tlii#secti"ii and orer the n idille *i?t*s. The liarome ter ha* fallen in the lower MisMs-ippi ralley and over the western Gnlf states. wt-h s mtherly an 1 s? utlienst- rl> winds, cl<>udy w ear h-r and occasional rain Mortheaaterly winds, occa-i nal fog and partly rlo?id> weat er prevail in the eastern Gulf and s<>utn Atlantic i-tatee Kasterl) and northeasterly winds, irn-reasirg clondiiieas.ditninisliing pr-seure and oc casional rain in the northwest, mid thence south ward to tbe lower Ohio vallej . Missouri and Kansas Mcnli?aaterl> an I northerly winds an<lpartly cloudy weather on the lakes and then, e to K<Mitiick? and Teim??riee Northrasterly and northerly winds, partly cloudy and clearing weather in the middle state* Lieht rarialde winds, generally clear, Tery rool weather, ocrasiorial fog and liigh pressure in New Kncland nnd Canada. Probabilities?Low temperature ami generally high pressure may be e\ie-cted in the Ailanti' utes For the middle states, cool, clearing and partly cloudy weather, with light northwesterly and northeasterly winds and hicrh barometer T >r N?w Kugland and 1', clearing weat her, low t.-ni i>erature. high barometer and northwesterly winds Vrom Kenturky ami W-st Virginia northward to th - lower lakes and Mi< higan, norlh-rly and north easterly winds, high barometer, laliing to-night and pertly cloady weather. For the upper lakes and northwest, and thenre to Miss >nri and th>* lower Ohio valley, falling barometer, increa-ing tempera ture ann cloudiness, with rain For Tennessee and Arkansas and tbs western Gulf -tales, n rtheast-rl> and sfuth i?sterly wind.-, falimg barometer, threat ening aiel warm weather and ? aiu For the eaatern Gulf and south Atlantic states, northeasterly and soiitlM-a^terly winds, cl>>ndr weather and occadoual wis. p-S?TIli:KK ? ILL HI A 51 EKTING OK THK UIst MSTBU T BEPl BLICAN CLUB h< ld at corner of ivli aud B s reels southeast .W KIl NftSDAI EVENING, at 7.'? o'clock, for the pur pose of reorganization of the cluh 8. W. HEUBERT, Pres't. VV H.BROWN. 8e. y a23 Jf irS?EBOM THE EARLIEST AGES TO the present day , has been the bane, it were, the curee of maukiDd. Bo terrible and loathsome had been at some period* of the world '? history that a person known to be infected with it weuld not be allowed to mix with society. Happiiy in our day the disease is stripped of its terror by the use of Bamabitan's Root asd Hebb Jcicks. and the rtctim of Scrofula, UWera. Sores, Piinpl?e, Blotches, Tetters, Ac., can be restored te soaud health in a few weeks. ROOT AND BBRB JUICES. ?1.V per battle B- Id by 8. C. FORD, 1103 Pa ave., and by Drug gists. DESMOND A CO., Proprietors, 91* Race ?tree*, Philadelphia. marff -lr TO LADIBB. U>iy How sad it is to see a yonng wife, a mother offajnily who reo aires all her pn;sical strength to fulfill her household duties, and all her moral ca pacities to accept the re?ponsibility which falls ubod aer, to see her prostrated, losing ererr day ner strength, feeling badly without being able to say why. but yet suffering enough to be utterly misera ahle! This state of weakness and dwbilitT is more fatal to her than a severe spell of sickness, for in that case she will receire the proper care, as in tbe other she will linger months after months, not thinking worth while to see a physician about it. until nature, exhausted, gives out, and she is carried to the grave, when a little precaution in proper time would have spared her life. To prevent, to strengthen, to cure, nothing can compare with the LOITG-LIFB BIT TERS of Dr. L. gTBERTRAM. They are a safe and Infallible remedy against malaria, dyspepsia, cos tiveness, biliousness, headaches, morning sickness and all complaints peculiar to women. These Bit ters, which are sold by all druggists, are. In oonse qnence of their virtue and moat agreeable taste, the medicine par s?sBsscs for ladies. jB tr MlLlUKN I NEW DRUG BTOBB, ?o. 14<( PiHnnumi Anm, Depot for Buda and Mineral Waters. telS-ly ? ? a O T ? D. J>B. W. H. _ . _ VBNT1ST. B" removed u Ho. 14M H street north wast, aor aer Mth street. Jefrly IT3*DB. A. PRATT, Graduate of Ohio Ootlege of W Dental Surgery, 411 7th street, between D iwd B, a few doon seuth of Odd Fellows' Hall. Re fers to R. A. Baoos sad Rs*. W. B. Braas all ft-]S?8CHENCK'8 PULMONICCAHDY embrace in acreat degree all tbe priacipleeof Bcheuck's Pulmonic ?> ran, and while as pleasant to the palate as the purest of confections, its medicinal properties render it effectual in coughs, colds, bronchial and catarrhal affections, Ac. It Is the most accept*'^,, remedy for children or infants, and can be gire'j with Impunity: while for professional gentlenje-. or those who suffer from loss of voice, it is ind'/spensable. These candies are put up in M ce^t boxes convent ent for the pocket, and are for a?|e by all druggists enJ dealers J. P. SCHBNCK A 80S, Mt-ty H. M. corner gth and Arch sts . Phila. ORNAMENTAL VASES. BRONZED AND PAINTED A large assortment received to-dav aa?-et.3t ALEX B SHEPHERD A < 0 PhoF HKWTON 8 ENAMBL wh > are n '* tatictied can have th-ir m >ney returned by addressing J HOWAfeD WILLIAMS,at this office Those who wish the Enamel can do the -mine v'W-til* 8 U M M E R WPIN1NO. MIM i I LEWIS A CO., W 410 llTH 8TBRBT NoBTHWksr, ? ? ill open on Thnrsdav , M*y 1st, a large and att BC tlve a-sor'nwnt of STMMER BONNETS and ROUND HATS,to which the special attention of the ladies is called; also to our Dressmaking atij Plain S' wintr Department. 1:' y B I 0 0 B I F I C . refrigerators, "water cool ers. ICE t HK8TS. ICE PITCHERS, and ICECREAM FREEZERS, a large a* f sort me nt now ?n hand. J. W. BOTELER A bro , a?U 3t Peiius) l\ania avenii". fACE SACQUES ANIiThaVLs.?Just receiT^I A ?. theriotof LLAMA LACE SACgUES and fHAWt'. which we are aelling rerv low k 'd rh-sp-~t -t.x-k ?? EMBROlLRRIKS in the city. Children's Pi^ue Suits hands >m ly En'broidered, V f ? chesp. BLACK GRENAriMES and HERNAN1A , from 1L c ntsto?2M. L-tof BISHOP'S LAWN and BKRREDMUS LIN. B> < ent*. worth 3fi 6J<ACK GROS GR AIN SILE . SI SS p- r yard Full lin.' of SPRING DRESS At CONNOLLT'S, s.Bj 4t* 60**Ptli street, opposite Pat nt f>flBce. ECIAL NOTICE. I hare on exhibition and f>r "alt- Stein's Cetebra ted Pat'-nt BUKIAL CASE. This is the lattst im pr> <en oat in patent Burial Ca?.-?, snd all hariug <sca-ion to ne.^1 tbe services of an Under' aker w u 1*1 do wall to call and examine,and he convinced of its beauty,strength, and utility. RU'H. F. HARVEY. ag> f Undertaker, ?34 F street. C'ARRlAtiES CARRIAGES'! CARRIAGES ! ' On band, a large and well selected. st'-ck of fashi uable family Carriages, ofj e\erv description, including several very ' fine Victoria*, but little used: will be sold ait a bar gain. Pop* Pua-tons. Top and Mo-top Biggies, In great variety, at reasonable prices. Eeaairlag promptly attended to. BOBT H GRAHAM, New Repoeitury and Factory, 410-414 Sth street, northwest. a2S? St* C'XlTlUlE Oil PRuF TVNDALL'S LEC Tl RE ON LIGHT. For sale by i. SHIL LINGTON, Washington, and G. T. GETTT, Georgetown. D. C. al8-eo3i* fJH'B BALE-McCLURE'S ANTIFRICTION t'HAIN AND TRAVELER, for the usei of Can Horses. It prerents the animal's hack from getting so*s. For sale by alW Haraeas Dealers. Price, complete, A3 M. THOMAS HOEFLEIT, Uih street and Pennsylvania avenue, ?J8 10* Agent for District of Columbia. M?*T Y> OKDEEV U L JN VEN TION^F THl J. Moses' Kl*ctra GslvanicSPECTA-^O^^^ CLES, Patented Jum a. Isgs, H. HOFFA, Sde Agent, Dealer In Watches, Jewelry, aad Watoh Materials, 11^. Pita Pa. ave., b?t. 4th and 7th sts. dec7-ly DIAGONAL COATS aad VEST to match In ten difereat shades and My lee (eery dressy >, at A. STRAUS . 1011 Pa. eve., near 11th st. at> ISSIS ? Chjl, GENUINE BEHOWNED BELGIAN E BLACK CLOTH 8C1T, equal to any custom wort. f??r ?? the style of each double-breasted and sunare frent, at ETBACS', 1011 Penna. ave., near >lth a? X"* ONLT GENUINE Middleeex Flannel E ftuite, th ronghlv s{e *g*d and mad* to order, to be had K A.BTRAl b , 1011 Pa.ave .uearlltb. aS SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. OVER Til REE II UNBRED SAMPLES, FOK GENTLEMEN'S WKAU, AT DEVLIN <Sb CO.'S, ap?" 111S PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. IN T11E SI PBEMk. C'UBTOr TU* PISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Holding m Sp?nnl T-rm, Airi! 2?'*, 1373. In theca?e of Sarah F. poncho, adniiijisi ratr!* of T1IOMAS DOB OHO, the administratrix sforcsaid ha*, with the approbation of lhe Supreme Court of the District of Columbia aforesaid, appointed TUESDAY. Mm 2nth. 1ST3, for the final settle ment and distribution of the personal egtite of said deceased, and of the asset* in hand, a* far as the lame have been collected and turned into money, when and where all the creditor* and heir* of said deceased are notified to attend, with their claims properly vouched,or they niajr otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit in said deceased's estate: Provided, a copy of thin order be published once a week for three weeks in the Star, previous to tl;e ?aid day. Test: a3u-w.3?* A. WEBSTER. Register of Wilis. Y LATIMER A CLF.AKY, Auctioneer* and Real Estate Brokers, South Wc?t corner of Penna. a*. euue and 11th street, Star Office Buildm :. TRUSTEES' SALE OF VALUABLE RUILPINQ LOTJiOA CAPITOL HILL. WEAK TUE CAPI TOL. liy virtue of a deed bearing date on the MB?rtli da> of March. A P 1C3, conveying tlie ?"?Mie -einafter descrtl>ed lot* of ground to the un dersigned. a? trustees, in trust, to sell and con vey, we ahall sell, at public auction, to tlie highest bidder, on MONPAY, M.iy lJlth, 1S73, at 6 o'clock p. in . in front of the premise*, original Lots numbered one (1) and twenty-three (23.) aid the east half of original Lot numlmred three.(3.) all in <?iuare nnml>ered seveu hnndreil an I thirty three. (733.) Lot No. 1 lia* a front of 41 feet mid 10 iti< he* on 21 street southeast by a depth of 75 leet ob P stieet southeast. Lot No. 33 has a front of 16 feet on C street southeast, between 1st and 21 -treets, by a depth of 119 feet 6 inches And the enst h?lf of Lot No. 3 lis* :% front of 23 feet on D ?treet. between 1st and Id streets southeast, by a depth of 119 feet and 6 inched. Tliifi property is in the *pnie square in which St. Peter's church, "Ingle Place," 4c., are located, and in a n*igliborb<n>d containing some of the fluent im provements on Capitol Hill, and abont two square* pi'iitbeiidt of the e;isteru park of the Cupitol ground*. The I >ts will l?e offered separately. Term* of sale prescribed by the de?d are: On" third ot*the purchase money iu cash; and the residue i-i threo euual instalments, payable in ?ix<6). twelve (12) an 1 eighteen 118)months from day of sale, with intere*', and secured by deed of trust on the prop ertv so d. or all cash, at purchaser's option. If the teriiid < f sale shall not )>e complied with within one week fiom day of sale, the Trustee* reservethe right to resell the property at the risk and cost of the first purchaser. A deposit of 410*) in caah on each lot will b? repaired at the time of purchase. Convey ancing at purchaser's cut. B K ELLIOT. i Trustee, I'.OBT W M. PHEBBON.f Tiusttes. aSO-dtdd LATIMER A CLEARY, Auct* |T may never occur again. OUR POPULAR SPECIALTIES. MEN'S PEPABTMENT. ? 10?Our celebrated 410 Business Suit*?310 5 10?We are still selling?$ 10 g 10?A good Business 8uit for $10 ^ 10?Our sal,* are enormous?.? 10 ??10 ? In fine Busin 'ss Suits at $10 $10 ?Our ?t >ck is Tremendous?? 10 ?10-0f all wool Suits at 810 A SPLENDID STOCK, A FASHIONABLE STOCK. A LA HUE STOCK, OF FINER SUITS, OF IMPORTED FABRICS, AT PROPORTIONATE P UCES. FOB TBE YOUNOSffERS. '? WOULD I WERE A BOY SOME MORE." $ A ?Only five dollar* for a School Suit?9 i #S?A gJod Suit for If 3. #4?A durable Suit for % '?. 9i?A well made Suit for $3. ? ? ?Onr assortment isgood? -Our stock is immense?$3 |}?Of Boys Suits for ?3. 0UB PRICES ABE AS LOW COMPARATIVE LY, FOB FINE DIAGONAL SUITS, FINE BLUE AND BLACK SUITS. FINE LIOHTAND DARK SUIT. ENTIRE STOCK NOW COMPLETE. AN EARLY INSFECT10N INTITED. HABLB BROTI FASHIONABLE TAILOBS, ap?9-tr Oomirem Tt? twi) P 8t?m?ts. LOSS Bl* FIRE. guard against it BY INSURING TOUR TROPERTY WITH A. S. PRATT 6c BON", IN THE F0LL0WINQ '?TIME-TRIED AID FIRE-TESTED'* COMPANIES: HOME, of New York, Asset* Jannarv 1, lftT3 $4,446,So9 IXSCBANCE COMPANY OF NOBTH AMEB1CA, Philadelphia. 3,#7 6,T3? PHENIX, Brooklyn ? _ #,001,313 PH<EN1X, Hartford l,?8il,647 VIRGINIA FIRE AND MARINE, Bichmond, Va. ? 331,19# (This Company ha* done a successful and honora ble business for forty years.) Office 401 Ninth street, corner D street. a3?6t m GREAT BARGAINS - -mo >. EBB IN PIANOS MM 111 II I Which have been used. iTlRll One 7 oct?Te rosewood Chickeriug Piano ?225 T ?? " Hal let A Comstou **> ? Rnabe Jt Co ? 175 " Andrew Stein - - luO I " ?? Raven A Bacon 80 * 4X " " Firth, Hall M Pond 128 ? 7 ?> ?? Hallet A Comston 2UU "k?"V'TMlTJtEOTTi CO., Sole Agents for Hteinway celebrated Pianos and Mason ? Hamlin Organ*. a?-6t J 1l7ttBl^5^Im1H.\sVITv^b OYsl T??'Vnd WHITE *BF0PNTA1N, Proprietors. B ? ?*4?RE. CARPETS-CARPETS-CARPETS. JUST OPENED. THB 0. O. D. CARPET BOUSE, At 904 Tth mm, Bktwkksi I axd K, W here can be font d ? larje M?>rtn<ctU Qf CARPETS, OILCLOTH ANP MATTIHO, at Itsa price than the aauie can h? had at any other place. Pleaae call before purchasing elj? wln-re. ** * ?t ?V I T T L E WORLD Call at tfee " LITTLE WORLD." 1040 7th st., ont. <nd intend to remove in a very few days ton ,b* ?s /y.'ifeSsAr tor * Mo I? 7th street. Between K a a 28 Between K and L streets northwest, (near Bogan A Wylie's.) IB FA R?* rIp1 OLO^bVePOT, Ml FIS5STLVASIA Atrs., a?tt In.tts ??l?tiln. vania avenue, tear Uthatreet. WANTS. WVt^D-A LADY CAMVA8SIK AdlM>< X, box 6*9 City P -t Office. a?.j ? \VA>T?P--Two flrwt-cUw DRKMMAKKBI. ill A/f,y w *?? KBSSLWS Fancy Store,cor inn ana L streets north wesr a3o-3!* n ? ??4 Ciok, " J*?h-r?ndlr?n?r. Cill at N > 511? I ?tr*e\ ?ear 3d north wok. aJO Jt* \\ anted-a young MAN, who I,AS h*TYT ,.V, Wience IB Trpo 8??ina Apply at ofllof of Advertiser s Garotte," 4*9 7th ?t n w. a*> It IVAKTID-A lir?< PLUMBER Apply to n?LS n North 0?pit'>1 street, opposite Government Printing Office It* \VANTED-A MAN, to work in a market gxr * pJM!II'i,er'<t*ii'l hi* buainees Apply to * BRO , Pennsylvania avenue, bet *>h ftp*) 7ih ?tf~ts. or B-ncb 364 Outer Market. a?J* ?!r*t-lass MEAT COOK anI UrL ?jL132fB?l,,hM " PO?ITI01f in a H >te| or jjrjf Botrwaf Bnaw li th? country. Address f>r three days Btar-ffire. M.J. II. It* WANTtn-A White WOMAN, to C wk. Wash w a"f1,Vro'!; mi>"* be well recommended. Apply at h i. 417 ll? street, opposite tli ? Bjar.l of Pitlili. OI"; aj| si ? \\ ntMdle *g-sl White W miin, a , .. "1 TUATION as firat clitis (' > >k in a priv ?i? tatnily Tbe l.est of references. Apply at 4104 I street, bet. il<t and 22d northwest. It* \\r ANTICI>?A go >d, ste?d> .experienced NURSE ? ? for children; a middle-need white p--r-.->a pre Term]; reference re.|?ir.<d Apply at 414 7th ?tre,-t northwest. \V ANT It l?- L A l> IB8 ro take none-, that M^am. I* E MAISON, or New York, has opened h r Willinery Pnrlora at No. 413 13th >treot north w~l__ alulm_ WANTK1>?By a respectable White Woman, i SITUATION to take care of a dairv or d> general lions* w..rk or cliamberwork Witling t ? g.? t<> the country-*ood ref-rences Apply at l^ii6 G street,comer 19th a<?3i* VVANTlD^A go?l SERVANT, to Wa-?* and ! Iron, anil do general housework -<}o ?i wai;** t<> a go.*] servant luiitiire between the Hours of a ami 8 p.m., at CIIAS BAL M S, -10* nh street,ke twren D ami E a.?i at U WANTED?PI KCHASERS f r a ?r> cli .ice lot '/ PINE AI'PLES. BANANAS and ''BADGES, irst received t-y th" .ARLINGTON PACKING COMPANT, 4*7 anl 4-h C-ntral . Martet. aju it* WIliTIIUA PURCHASER for a five-room .. Frame House, and a vacant Lot adjoining. in the nortl,?e8t.rn part of the city for terms apply to CINNINGHAM. 11.titer, N>i. 1011 F str--t | northwest. ?(,? \VAKT?D-T.o intelligent Young . Ijjtroduc" the best and neat -st article in the city, tan make from ft6t? fit p.r .lay with ?l ght Praot'cal Can* a-^sers preferred. Call at L? V street northw. st, between 9 11 a.m., on Thursday, 1st inst.,onh . jj? WA.o7.S?oA c"mPptent COOK. WASHER and "" iK^NEE. Apply at 1IU + 11th street north r _ a29 3t ? \\ ANTED ? A.SERVANT at 1^33 Columbia ;? stroet. W Into preferred. Apply after three ? 0 cioefc. aW Jt* w /ANTKID?At 15I0S 6th street northwest, a ll'innii n111t win nt ion fl'irl II?eKT, A a. it ? i, ?TE between 14 >ui<I 13 yearn, who Hill make heraelf ^pt-rally qaoful. a29 2:* W VJEMBROIDE RER3~at i MAHIB S, No. 617 7th street, between F and G. *29 .% \VANTB1'?Two lixely CANVASSERS who are .1 a'1*'?1,ls to make big wanes with little exer I! TV . ,illli' PW'P'oynient. Article sells on siifht. tall ?t IT J9 G street after 4 p. m. a!3 2t* \V ^T?l);r.ll,"",*?'aU*1>?^Three tirst class BASTER>; steadv work. Apply to Mrs. L. A M< LEAN, Bltt F street, up stairs, orer B >ok a?-3t * \VrANT?I>?A.WIRL to do <1 itiine room work; T also, a child s NI RSK. Most bring referenc?*s, Virt,n"d"r,<ta"d their business thoroughly. (;*II at 1 I? Prospect ittreet, Georgetown. a2;i 2t* \\rANTKD?By a middle-aged American woman ?? ? >ITL ATION hi a private family to do gen eral house*, rk where there are no small children A.ldrea* fer threedays to M E. C., Star office. a2< 3t* \\ ANTED?;*UO?A loan for 6 or 10years on y ? real estate in Virginia, near Washington: nn im-niberi-d, worth ?5,000. Address P. C. M , Star ' a29 t* \VAJl^A..rrP""'bl- w''ite girl wishes a Mil ' ,Ty ATJON as nurse or rhambermaid, and willing to do plain sowing or toop^rat- on a machine PI. ase call at 65tO td street, between G and F streets, 1-iahn. a2D-3t* \V ANTED?At CI if burn, a reliahle American or ?* Uerinan WOMAN to cook. One who under stands n*r business can bare go. d pay, and not b<) askeil to do washing. Must be well r.-conimend^l "*? -t LEVY STEVENS! IVASTKD-A g.??l BLACK>MITH HELPER . \ .? ?*"l,.eral work; one that can drive sho-s, call at 711 18:h street, between Pennsylvania avenue a? o iy "treet. but white need apnlv ** GARDNER A LKPEREH. WANTED-Immediately-A WHITI^NCRSE ? ? Must have th** b^s'of references. Apply be tween the hours of <? and in a. ir ( not after or before lia.ementioned) at ?li| Scott Place, west-ide, be tween I and K streets. a29 it* Il'AHTEP-SECOND HAND FURN1TURE~~in ?? Htnall or large .,nantitie? for which I will pay ^unot? ""fewl ?" ?? A. ARNOLD, No. 111b 8th street northwest < thrungh the mail), will meet with prompt attention iu any part of the Dig. <rlct- a29 6t* WANTED-A GIRL t* do the work of a small Suuuire between 4 an.l 6 p. m. at 14OS b street. a33-3t* \VANTED-A first class GARDINVR and two i l?c^!lBOT,8. - Ar>P''at K EULTON A CO S Loan Office, 314 9th street, uear Pennsylvania av? nue. aJ8 0'.* \\ ANTED-AGENTS; 7 . . .. Gentlemeu or Ladies. Apply at no. Si13 Pennsylvania avenue, 4 to 6 p Dl- aM 3t* \VANTED?HOUSES TO BBNTtosupply ons , , ti.mers. Bl BNS, TTLEB A CO., Iusurance and Seal Estate Agent#, E street, two doors from 7iiL a2S 3t* \V'ANTED?TO BUY, a LOT to build on it with *7 a front of 1U to 26 feet, between 15th and Wtli

ai d I and M streets, or House and Lot State loca lion and price. Addresa "Lot," Star Office. a28 3t* \vANTED?A M'HITE GIBL about thirteen * vears o.d, or a middle-aged colore*! woman. Must have go.Hl references. Call after four o'clock p m., at 60s L street nor.hwest, between 6th and ? affi-St \Vr ANTED?TO PI RCHASK, ane?t HOUSE >f ? ? aiM>ut neveu roonia, well located, convenient to Treasury Detartmenl. Price from three t?> four thousand dollars^ Address, stating terms >nd loca tioji. Box #49, Washiutton City P. O. aS8 3t VV ANTED-TQ RENT^A HOUSi Staining . tt?!1 "^*en rooms, or would rent from a re spectable family four or five unfurnished rooms for housekeeping, 1< cated not more than three souares from the Treasury Department. References ex changed .Apply to No. 171 West street, Georg.. town, D. C., or address A. J. J., Gaorgetowu p>st Office. >2j-3t? ANTED?A HOI SE containing live or six ro?iUis,the fronl room large euougb fora^niall fancy store; will reut from the landlord only, but am willing to pay any one occupying a house that suits me a reasonable sum of money to move out. Any person owning or occupvinga h use in a suitable location, such as I have described, will please ad dra-'s, giving full particulars, N. W., Star office. a? hhmedistcv?Families or persons la ' v need or first-class SERV ANTS ofeverv ofe'. Terva'n'ts ' ats-iui w ^iVmTc^VS Me^nJX^^w^ofAg?ncy 469 *'2&?SZri&9 sug?! Iv T W. gPICKR. LOST AND FOUND. I /'J^. '^KAGE , or Certitted Checks ' MrddletoLaCo-^nke^s.orViir^ln^^",^ Thl.0|?^r aiR?5rf^nt llatl,;6< " stoppe.1 at said iMiik The flnder will be HQitably rewarded br leaving tin in at the Star ofttre q 7 1 |t!.n^ 5S I (I "" ?he 27th instant, at S.W the fire in Michler Bow, an EXTRACT BOA.containint; lour glitM* bottles, one came*.sleeve button, two shirt stnds (csm.o). and a g..ld I s k.-t CoiitainiDg a gent s photograph. He abova reward will 1^* given il returne*! to this offica. a30 3t* 1 .HTiT"^'irida7ie>en.'"*- ?7th instant a BLACK . BILK SASH, in the vicinity ol 6th street, Im? tween H and I streets northwest. A reward will be given if returned to 620 I st. northwest. a29 2t* ?2?'r,*?,?n. a dark Rassia le?th er POCKET BOOK, with owner's name in gilt letters. II returne*! to Boom 191 Patent Office Bu.ler wilt be rewarded. a29-2t* Sift SK^ABD TLo,,t.'d*1;11 TOPAZ BING, on vl O Friday evening, April 25th. The above re ?"rf if left at MILLER A JONES' Bil 11 at d B o o m. E street, bet ween 13th and 14th. <t?-3t * l?OABD OP PUBLIC WOBK8, IJ District or Columbia, . AartlS. 1873. A reward ef FIFTY < ?fl0) DOLL A Bs will be paid lor the detection and conviction of any person or persons who have stolen, or who may hereafter be found stealing, the Man-hole and Sewer-trap Covers In the cities of Washington and Georgetown. By order of the Board. . ,r r? v JOHNSON. ?3-tf (Bepnb.Chron.J Chief Clerk. OST-On the 1st of Marck, on E street, between Wth and Sd streets northwest, a RUBY BING, wtth two pearls. A liberal reward will ba paid it returned to No. SOD Sd street northwest. m7 PERSONAL. yo 1HE PUBLIC. H.B. Davis is no lon?er connected with this bouse. The only person-, doing hus<n >fls for this house are William Vinley and Vr. M Lrles. F. H. FINLBT,43tf7thstr?t. F1 ANN 11: The end approaches. Hopelessness means to me something worse than dMth. Be sid?s, you will not be entirely free ontil I am foe. I ca? struggle no mora. It ia no a qaes tlou of msnhases; it is a <tneatioa of/ate. Without hope wa May never meat agaiu. In whicb event "'"I"'1111 ***o*T. All my life was |H KB. i. FBBHCH, IAs CU+rmttd AtHmUt ? of cor. lat and aviBiraKii Stfa. a.w. iM-kn* FOB BENT AND 8ALE. I^OR-RENT?Newlr-pa inted. uewly pap r d.alid newly-furnished ROOMS, at N> 1 .HI0 t? *1 reet, tat. 13th end 14th, witli or without !?<e*? J?* I/OK RENT?A suite of three furnish**! ROOMS, r r mmunicst in*, t<>C"4li?r or single, with or with -ut lxmrrl. 1M27 K str-et aS> eo#t* . FOR RENT?Unfurnished SALOON PARLOR* Board? MmI? sent out to families, at N ? "I* I (tnrt,bftw.fii Mli and IVh ?t? LH)R SALE?Verv d'nlrtbli FRONT. opposite JT C?[>ilol ?t?n?i"ii. Wi f-'t. fr p*rfo>? a3t> 3t TH08 E WAGGAMAN.*19;th?* l^OR RENT?F*?nr ROOMS, nnfurni?lt -1. "n lotti ? street, bottrero N and O streets, Mo. IJi^i ??s and water. It 17"OR RENT?Verv desirable furnish-d HOUSE, 7 30 13th street :all modern r??TmlMioi'? sVSt TBOl I VAMAMAN. Al? 7th st t'OR RENT?A very deei table RESIDENCE in r tbe W?t End. Apply to JUAN BOTLE A CO., 604 lftih street. a>? lw F^OR RENT?A 4-room lfor8E,w? n-d water. |D it adtaw*. DYER A DAVIDSON, Mo. 14VH Pennsylvania avenue, ?A?-2* Over Milburn's Drug 8;oee l/OR RENT?Three BAJOMS, unfuriiislt*-d- ?uita A Me for housekeeping; ga* and water in ?h? house; possession given May 1. 1373 Apply at 6th street northwest a3o-3t*_ F-H?R RENT?HOUSE M? 1211 H street i^rt west, <ont anting eight room- and cellar gas a^d water. Apply to Br II H BARKER,N". III*, corner 11 ami 13th streets northwest a*Mw F*OR REMT-H018JE.JB I"rankstreet A!w>. fine BRICK HOJ^K. *?"> ? ?2V !?Z sile cheiip Itmiu'1^ ^ ? 0 H'tLLllWl. 1A01 5th rreet,'.r HOI I.IDGK BRO 8.Ml. and O a??-St* 1>OR RF>T?Three unfurnished ROOMS, suit* ble *w housekeeping; water and ga* Rent low to a -tnall famih witnout children 124* Sih street i>. ithwest. I'* LV>K8ALE-L t?N > 1 13.H.1ft aud 16. in squ ire r 916; also, lots 3, 4. 6, 8.?, 10,11, and li. -unar :*VS. near East Capitol ?frcet. n f-w minutes* walk of F ?treet cars Applv corner Ea*t Capitol and'oth -treets {n3t' 2v? * ) . M B ALDWIN POR SALE.?Buv a House and save rent COT r TAGK .seven rooms, gas and water, front and backyards; P street, between 1Mb and 16th, north west. For sale cheap. aJU-St MATTINGLT A WHEELER. 403 9th -t ].V(|R RENT?Two well furnished cotwminteMiag ROOMS, with or without b >ard; in perfect or der; water, ga? and l>a li; 1 sat ion very desirable for all seasons. Apply at 7 07 8tli street, ju-t above Patent Office. a.'?i 2t* j;0R BALE?Three new?-room BRD'K HOUSES, r with modern improvements, bay windows and cellars, w ith large lots and shad*trees In back yard; location central. Also, one 6-roojji FRAME COT TAGE, water and e*. at a bargain if sold soon Ar "i at the office of tbe undersigned, 11th street, b-t. and Ostreets,a w [a30 3t] L S. CHAPMAN l/OR RENT-ROOM and KITCHEN, ?n first I floor, suitable for houseke piug, if desired, at t> 1 2 12th street, bet. F and ti. aJiMt* 1/OK KKNT-HOl SE No 92W. containing teu I rooms,on I street northwest. Apply on the premises from 1 to 6 o'clock p. m. *29-St* l/OR RENT?Second story FRONT ROOM, at JL 3SiV C street northwest. between 3d and M sts. ?2* ??* IT OR I!KNT?The fine modern BRICK DU EL I LING, No 40 I street northw*~t. Apply to a? 2t M. M KOHRKR. Al.l 7th street. I^OR RENT?Very cheap, two communlcatia* JT ROOMS, facing the avenn?,with Board if de sired. Apph at No. SOi Market Space, Room I*o. ??. a2H li* 1.v()K RENT?Ooe two story BRICK HOUSC. containing six rooms atxl summer kitchen, and pa?, on St h street, bet ween P and Q north. Inquire at 403 7th street, near D north. *?< 2t i^OR RENT OR r.EASK?At the *-?t enl. a 1 saalli new,elegant HOUSE, to a very siuaII family. None but tb'>ae wishing permanent <jnar ters ne?*d apply. Ad<lr>-ss J. E City P. O. a? .It* ?3OR RENT?Several tine, larg<* ROOMS, en suite r or single, fnrnish'-d or unfiirtlished, at 1422 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Willatd's H,del,will be rented at moderate prices to g<M>d tenants. a?> I* FVUK HKNT?New HOUSE, No. 22? SouiU A St., Cnpitoi Hill; eleven rooms, gas and water. In quire i.l D M SAUNDERS. 4li>? 7th street north we?t. 3t* L'dK RENT?BRICK HOUSE. 4 rooms. Summer r kitchen, 30^ sth street east. tietweemCand D north, Capitol Bill. Kent 5I0 per ui -nth in ad TSl:ce. al3 3' * jf/oK RENT?Wicely-fnrnished R00 55S. with or I witlfUt first clas* Tatde B lard.on very reason alib- terms, also, us* >f Plan ?, at 61 U -tre?-t, bet. Hoftb ('apitol and 1st. a29 St* L'OR RENT?Hand comely-furnished PARLORS r and connecting BED ROOMS for 926 a month, or would rent tli-m singly. Apply southwest corner llth and G streets northwest. a2.? 3t* (/?OR hENT-RKSlDKN< E, No. 2?0.r I st 1 ?t. A (2l?th and 2bt sts.,) twelve rooms aridnisl ern 1111 provenienU; fclWu per year, luqiiire at N >. 17 33 1 street. a23 ej6i* F?0R RENT-HOUSE N . 302 E stre-t n .rth west. ke' at the St.Te next d'K>r. R-nt A:?y. Apply to J. L- L EN MAM, I/OR RENT?In a desirable locality,thi>d-stvry FRONT ROOM, fnrntshed. with Board. Price |< r t?o persona $45. Also, U ALL ROOM. < all at 912 1 street, near lutb northwest. a2.< 2;* F^OR-RENT?At 23 13 L street northwest, one s<|U?re from avenue cars, four FUKNIS 11 El) ROOMS for housekeeping, with water on the pr-tn ises. a!9 l!* F^OR RENT?A commodious HOUSE, containing 9 rooms, water and gas, l?a ated on 12th street, between land K northwest. No. 923. P>waession given May l;key at 923, next door. a?> It* ''OR 8AI.E?Two-story FRAME, wide lot, on Sth ?tre?-t,between N and O. Oniy #1,7UU; 8**J cash balance $25 per month. s29 St B.H.WARNER, 729 7th street. F_^OR RENT?A very desirable three-story DRICK, 12 rooms, all modern conveniences, at 1906 n street -S-W. ?29 3t TllOS. E. WAQOAMAN,S197thst. l/OR RENT?Three-story and basement BRICK I HOUSE, Mo. 911 L street, containing nine rooms, pantry, and bath-ro. m. Good brick stable in rear, inquire of ISAAC S. HOLL1DGE, 5'h and 0 streets. aa> it* 1/1?k SALE?At Falls' Cburcb, Vi., a cheap r HOUSE, located in center of town, half hoar s ride from the city. Baby terms, or will trade for city property. >29 3t B. H? WARNER, 729 7th street. TOR RENT?Furnished ROOMS; two coiumutii 1 rating second-story rooms, facing south; pleas ant quarters tor two gentlemen, or man and wife to keep bouse; water on same floor. Mo. 467 H st. northwest. a29 21* F'ORSALE OR RENT?Four of those beautiful A new HOUSES on 2d street, near Pennsylvania avenue, with every modern convenience. E. K. WILSON, ??9-6t (Rep) 311 7th street, opp. P. O. 1/OR RENT?To a good, reliable tenant, a pleai 1 ant HOUSE on 14th street northwest, i rooms, hot and cold water, bath, gits, ranee, Latrube, front and back yard. Rent #40 P?r mouth in advance. Pos^^sion given immediately. For further particu !?>?, address H. S. 8., Star office. a29-2t* I/O* RENT?Five new DWELLINGS, on K ?t. A north, betweeu North Capitol and 1st sts. east, three stories and basement, coutaiuinf 11 rooms each, with modern conveniences. GEORGE BURQESS, Attorney-at-Law, *29 3t 321 4>4 street, near City Hall. l^OA KIN^-UVVS? 27o. 1009 Maryland *ve * ^ouiuwest,couti!n.'"f twelTerwms.with mod ern improvements, water and gas R*rit *4} month in advance. Apply to IDWARDO. OAR R1NGT0N, Jr., Attorney at-Laws office opposite Ciiy Hall. agJ U* Ei^OE KENT?Furnish'sl ROOMS for housekeep A ing; gas and water; price 925. Applv at 1012 Stli street, bet. K and L. aM tit* F^OR RENT?At 924 Massachusetts avenue, a large FRONT ROOM, on 2d floor, with or with out Boanl; bath-room on same floor. Term* m ?i. erate. a? 3t? ? .""OR RENT-Nicely-furnished FRONT ROOMS, A single or en suite, at 415 F street, one block from Patent and Post Offices, with cr without Hoard. a2j 3t* EhTR RENT?HOUSE No. 1934 14tb street. b"t. r T and U; six ro<>m< and hall; water in yard cars Css the house. Apply a* 723 14th street northwest, tween Q st. and Mew Tork avenue. sM ?* FM?R RENT?Handsomely Furnished PALLOR and BED-ROOM on the first floor, at No. 11U6 New York avenue. May be obtained by on* or two gentlemen at a low price. a? 3t* l^OR RENT?Three Leatly-famished ROOMS, I two communicating on the second floor; oue fiont room on the third floor, south front; rent very reasonable. Apply at 709 O st. n. w. a2d-3t* FH)R SALE?A FRAME HOUSE,2 years old; 9 rooms, hall, gas. water and sewers; No. 925 22.1 street west, near Pennsylvania avenue; reason able price; terms made known by applying on the {remises after 4 o'clock p.m. a?-4t* F'OR RENT?Desirable ROOMS, furnished for housekeeping, at Mo. 1013 New Tork avenue; south front, private entrance^water and |ai; terms reasonable; references required. Inquire after 3 o'clock. : l/OR RENT OK SALE?Ou easy terms, a two r story FRAME HOUSE; 7 rooms, large hall, cellar, bath-room and w?t*r closet. Rent 925. Ap ply after 4 p. 111 , at 719 24th street northwest, bet. G and H a2S-3t? f^OR SALE?Cheap?Two new BRICK DWEL LINGS on 0 street, between 15th aud 16!h sts. northwest; contain six rooms: bath, water and gas thronghout; terms easy; monthly payments. Apply at 1611 Madison street, between itkh aud 17th sts. northwest. a2*t-6t* FOR RENT-Front an* back PARLOR, front and back BASEMENT, suitable for housekeep ing; gas and water; to a family without children, wbo can givefood security for tbe rent. Also, one nicely-furnished BE B ROOM. Reference required. No. 1146 8th street northwest, one door from ? street. a2H 8t* l^OR RENT? Furnish, d HOUSE, two-story r pressed brick front %? rooms. In northwest part of the city, from June 1st to October; a delightful heme for Summer; will be rented reasonably to ? family well recommended. Inquire of OEORGE A. BALL, rooms 1. M. O. A., corner of 9th and D streets. a28-6t FIVs'lIt IZiSilA. gSSI-I'siJC side," situated on the new pike road to FaHs' Church, one-balf mile from the Aqueduct Bridge, tteorgetowu, D.C. There is a fine new doable house, two-story and French isof, with thirteen good rooms, cellar,bath-room and water ctoeet, with sewer, hay window, range, hot and cold water, large trees surrounding the house, a food oar* with few stalls, carriage ho?e, irtlmry,and hennery. There are ftve acres of ground well fenced, with frmtt trees, grapes, Ac.: two 0>?d well* of water and a spriag. I offer tbie property Cor srte, or traAa for etar ?reper the property by calling at Ml F stn (RepAt) FHIL. g. MTMLCH FOR RENT AND SALE. F F I/OB BENT-Three *orr BRICK HOI SE. I *?* r H itrwl northwest. Possession given May ._?? Apply_at_T87 ?th >twrt. ?** * . 1r?OR BBNT-Furnished or Cufnmished ROOM*. ' w?.h Board , hot I Itghtfnl for Summer, tin# thai*. *<*.; Mo. ' 1 *?*??<, between 1 and E n*rthw-?i. aat It Ii>OR BBNT-Threr-at. ry BKIi'K IIOI>V S* 888 id street vminte . walk from the Fetinsy Mania ?nnw and F rfrj^tca^. Bout #? per mouth. Apply U? Dr MAGBIDKR. 310 E street nortbwsst **,f_ i*0R RENT-AII?he ROOMS to l-t ' ??? *7.' property. ??7 P street, near City Hw? ?? fTOR RENT ?tBBY CHEAP-A BOOMS, nicely furnished, on second at RtrM, between OiihlH. B-muw has ??' n?^,.rn convenience*. * I/OR REST-May l-t. with t^r,l (?^ r>>noernnB F front RooMS. with bot ??4 odd water B ?ar 1 and B.>?n? f.?r two. $? Modem conmkMH h bonne, 1?87 9;h street. ^OR_ RENT?FF*^ I'HKD HOl'SI-II'H SB No. 60t),con" r F ai>4 ?h streets n rtnw <t, will be ren'-J reasonable rfi% ?n. Apply tcC. I HITTIMI I. Agett, ?488 F street. l* ??*? >R SALE?An attractive RESIDENCE. villa r style,9 room*, ircincliug BiU.?on Parlor, witli two acre* of land, (ktmlMC* >ff water, stabling, *c.; two mile* north of the citt, quarter of a tnile from th<* termitin* off Lincoln uvenue. For t'-nm, tc.,twlf ? l?l? Q ?trwK. Ir'OR SALF?Two story PRICK HOOK. f63l P Mrert northvM T iw im n<t kill, with water if the yard. Terms easy. lu<iuire at S at Office. Sgeolwr I^OB SAI.E-LOT? ill >' rthw. -i. ru P rti. " of tli?*city ; *tu? uk tl^ai %*rjr . building lots on I Hud K rtreet* aod N tmont ?>?? BUe. M At' RT A BRO., R a! Es'ate Bad lusiiratK" B' -k rs, ?2Veo?w 11 "7 r fctreft. I'OBBESl?O ?" hail or ali ot a l*i ??? 5TABLE Apt I. at >' 1*11 r-io. a?enie. F ?: R part < f Office, 151 1 Pt iiu. avenue. W M L 1?A\ IS, 1211 Penn. avenue. a24 ?t 1/1 Tit KKNT OR LEA?E-lkM-lt N -1 1 E -i r it rth, between 8tli and 9th streets, with Id ro .hi* ?<ll funi-lied, and suit able for b lK>ar4iMt li '?*; t**B Uuardera iu the Uou?**. Al'ply on tlie pr-in iaee. *<^K 8ALE-8MALI. FARM A fla. <? f.>ut m - ii >rt)i<*a-t fr. i.i this city, ?< iUh. tu g 22 I ab' nt on?* t'-nrth in h??av> tiroter. Tue improve li ?*HM c.'iisift of a double Pratn^ Hoiwe, tu ? ? vl ord?'r,with all th? n?'"en?arT outMiildinr*. itn luJiiif an ict* ln>U'<', full >d i<"? I'lrntt >>f p -od pure*?t- r, and w trril hnn ir d fruit t;?? ? f th^ beat \ ai i?*iiea. Miil !?? ?<dd ou Baa^ t<Tm?. and ci(>- propert) tak u in tart e*? h:ii5K?'. Pric<* Bud fnn* nia.i?- kn >wu ou application t?? RICH ARD B MOHFNftrO , h-.'i liK lOU Pe?wa> ania av??n?e 1-OlT RKNT-Fiii?" thr?-e ?t<-ry pr-w.1 BKl''K I IiW ELLINO. with all m'?l?*rn improv.-m?i't?, with atore ro.>m and two cellar*. li.'iuire HoL LIIX.E BRO&.,fe?'?l ilealer*, Bih and O Bit Itn F'tiR RENT?Pumiahed or Unfurnmh^t BOOMS, ?i n'h front; anitBlde for b^nark^-pin* Apply 5111A Pennsylvania venue. apll Im F"7oK MAI.K ? A woll-built three-?t *r BKK'K Ilol>K.7imm; water and caviars- yard, *c. Price, &6.6UI. P -aaweoi >n (riven iBUB-liat lr. In f quire "ti the pr**niii"??. I itOV loth at., akove M. all l^oRBKNT-A FARM IN MoNTOOSHbTi O . I Md ?A FARM ..f aw *> ret. 12 mil-- lioiu ii ei n, upon which i* a large l?w Uing Hou??-. ?nit at !?? f--r a ?umm<T residence. Tfi?* witnwt i >u i? pro- | verlinlly h> altb> .and a p?>rti'>n "f ih<- furniture uiay !><? rented with the house. Terms mod* rate to a g.Hil tenant. If de?ired, the h->n?e tnav l.e retit-d | n- parately. Aprkv at?>re lio. 110^ pa.a*eniie. I \taahiligton, P. C. a2l_e 2?* ? .'OB t<Al<B?COl'NTBY 8BATS.-47 ACRES P t?F LAN1? at Higliiaiid Skair-n. B. and O R R . ] ne* foiir-rooaa H "ii?e, Bam. Poultry H >u*?e and t Milk H"ii?e; water and good fencing. M ACRES OF LAND, nine H >u?e w.sli cl<>?-t*, B irn. 8,-r*ant?' U' u?r; pl-nty of water, large .quantity choice fruit tree* Term* Apply tu I.EM ( EL CLARK. Bpls-eoflw 6011 IMh street, corner 16th aud F. L'UB SALB-On Capitol IMI. a g-nteel J at .r> 1 and baeeiuetit BRICK H0t"S?B, c^utAining nine ] roonia,bei?ide? bath aid store r<?>ma It bv ea?. Cold and b<>t water, and ?Bter-cl"?et*; heated by La trobe and Euipire beating range. It i* nearly new, iu thorough order, in a ver> healthy and agreeable j U'igbborhuod, and will be a<dd very low on e?ey terms. Applv to the o*ner on the premise-. 5107 A street aoutbeaut. BlJ-lm j ?Tor SALE OlTEXt liANOE FOB CITY PROP 1 ERT Y. a two-story llOl'SE wilb brick li*?p- j meiit, and al?o a corner LOT and a FA KM ?f So acres near thecity. Apply to J. P. COX,crner 6th J and Fayette streets, Georgetown, I> C. al5 Itu* 1?H?R RENT?Most dssinble OFFICE BOOM-in the uortbweet corner building of 7tb and ?i sts. northwest. H. QAdCH, alS lni* 9ii5t 7th ?tre?-t northwest. F"OB 8ALB-ON LONG TIME?A toatT w?II- | bu'It three-story BRICK UOl'SE. with tw > I st. ry Back Building; house fronts s -utlieast; has little fn?nt yard.aiiil side entrance; contain* uin? rooms, besides bath-rx?jB and closets. Cellar und-r entire house, with fire places, gas and water; can |e- converted into basenieut ro-zins il desired, L -t lSxluU. Iii'iuire on the premises of the owner of the | ir -'jierty Biter 6 p.m., Rhode Island avenue, between 9th and loth sts. al2-lm t-OR BALE?8?jl ARE No. P3?t. b. tweeB a and | r B and Mh and 6th streets northeast; either the wh> le or iu lota Apply to JOHN HOWARD, butcher. No. 658 Center market, corner of B *ud 9th street? northeast, or CHRISTIAN M BECK- | ERT. 483 O street northwegt. aT liu* 1;oR RENT?DWELLING HOl'SE, wuh presa brick front and marble trimmings, Ni. 1507 Island avenue, between 1Mb and Wth afreets; the residence of the First Assistant Postmaster Gen eial for the past throe Bud half year*. Inquire 1408 14th street. al ls tM>K SA LB?A number ot two-?tory BRICK ? lIOl*SE?, on T street, between I4'.b and 15th streets northwest, containing six ro*mi each, will be sold on terms as follows: Five HOUSES from floOto fSrt) cash on each, at ! balance in monthly pa>ments to suit purchaser. Five HOUSES at from '85UU to ?1,W?.' cash, and bsiance In m. uthly, ijuarterly, or naif-yearly pay ments, to suit purchaser. Three HOUSES will be exchanged in part for ?a< ant ground Also, several HOUSES in the same block will be ?nid cheap fer cash. E .ch ot the above Hooses have hall, cellar, bath room, water-closet, sewer, gas, Ac., and are well suited for a private family. Tboae desirous ?f se curing to themselves a Cumfortable House on easy terms, should dot fail to call at my office previous U, purchasing elsewhere. JOS. F. KELLEt, Beat Estate Ag-ttt a? H?. 908 8thstreet northwest.I?et. I and K. E OR SALE-HOUSE LOTS NBABMT. PLEAS r ANT?From half as acre to eight acres, will be ?old at reasonable rates and on easy t?rms. Bach lot bas upland for dwelling-boose and fruit, and rich low lasd for vegetables; within a few minutes' walk from Moant Pleasant omnibus, and twenty five minutes' walk from Boundary. Healthy lo cality, pleasant rural surroundings, sod excellent educational and religious advantages. Apply to JOHN YORK. Office of Commissioner of Customs, Treasury Building. apl lm* OR RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS: a back Parlor furnished as a Bedroom, and two pleas ant ro'>ms, back and front, on second story, in an eligibly-located Dwelling on I street, near 9th; will be reuted on reasonable terms to gentlemen only. Address "A. J.," National Republicanefflce. jull-tf I Rep.] FOR SALE. FHIR ISALE-A well bred SORREL HORSC. 8 f*1 " l"8* for lady or gentle ffy DJ*n" J."l*'ork in double or single har- 'l^Jl new. v *f ran ted sound. S dd for no Unit/wX A| piy at No. 913 I4tb street. a>l St* F""0K SALE?A pair of BLACK HORSES, w II matrhed, 18s bands high,*6 and 7 years old tbii spring; sound, gentl , g ?-d workers double or single; w ill Bot frighten at bs om i live. Price moderate. J G MATLOCK. 631 C street northwest. aJO-e.J;* Horse and ph.eton-wiii be s.dd ch'ap, owner having no longer any use fori same. Inquire at No. 1 IOC street, (facing IliOiana avenue,! bet, let and Id. aa?-3t* d F^OB SALE?A tine Family HORSE,seven years old. sixteen bands high; also,one Saddle/ ami Harness 1IORSB, at FLEMMINU stab e, C st , l>et <lh and 4>? sts. aJ> 3t* ^ f>OR SALE-A COAL CART, one J horse WAG ON, nearly new, and a 1 or 1-horse-power SAW MILL. The above will be told cheap; the horse rower will be sold separate from the mill, II d<-sired. inquire at Wood and Ooal Yard, corner 1st and I), northwest. |s2s?-?it') JNO.R.TAYLO R. F'UR SALE CBBAP?Three good SEWING MA CHINES and two SODA FoUSITAINS,.Bt B. FULTON X CO.D Loan Office, 314 9th street, near Pennsylvania avenue. als 6t* F'OR SALE-BAY MARE, 6 years old. Morgan s?<ck; warranted sound. Also, PONY PHOTON. Apply to LATIMER A OLEA RY, Auctioneers,pennsylvaniaavenae,cor tier of llih street. Star OBi e building. a*vtf f j^OR SALE?50.OO? lirst class BOSES, Climb ing Plants, Ornamental Shrubs, and Trees, a Parlor Plauts, Ac. A. JORDAN, Connecticut Hi sveme. aK lm* ^ A1 private salb. Tbebeaattful Country Residence called "DUN B ART OK BaLL," situated on the road fr .m Pierces Mill to Tenuallytown, about t>i ffw mile* from Washington, D. C. Tbe place contains about twenty-three acres of land, improved by a mansion house containing eigh teen rooms, a*d two small cottages, one containing six, tbe other three rooms, ice house, bnrn, Ac. Tb< re are seven acres of grapes iu bearing, pears, peaches and other fruits. ^ Tbe view from tbe bons* is one of the finest in tbe Bietitct. Any oue desiring a tine country residence would do well to call ai>4 examine this property. If tbe piase is not sold by the 1st of J une Lbs Man sk>n House will be for rent during the season MM ? - PlEBCt For tonus apply to PIERCE SHOEMAKER, s?-lm near Pierce's Mill. I^OK SALE?A handsomely matched p^r off BAT * MARES, kind, gentle and stylish. Aiso. SFV a nerrlT new FAMILY CABB1AOB and HARNESS. Bold for want of use. Can berw * m MM at KEATING A CO.*B BtaMss, *??, Sll. BIS and BIS 11th street nortbweat, one square south off Pennsylvania avenue. DO! BALK CHEAP?A fowr boras double tree r street FLOW SMBAB.soms long -bandied rmnd Kin ted bHoYELB, and &vMN sqanre feet off gootH lb FLAMK, at BTBS K sxreet. at eanal. n!9 tf F ^aao^wriS^^OOM^Sti ^KdyVjnat'tSks BrSgi^bwrgetowI.yff' ***' **W *#rt^iSrk DBICB CLAY FOB SALB. * jht . 6SS *** Tr '7:."7 - ? w."?in, low uy mail i??W jfB-ly rkEATB TO TUB MO DOCS nod death to kick M.r^ntth?~*10 ?^<?tbausTUi 1 K BUSINESS OH A NOBS. &*> fklkll TO LOAB UK MAL K?T\rC worth *t Ir+0 i u>d? th- im mt. Iikrii _ _ (iff* TRTKSDEI.l A CO . K>ilM.i' Brl r. tu?ll. --i ^ F*OR SA nt- th-SToCK ??! . GROCFSY STORE. d >.i < a g *?d ?.i.i*a* | 7k* St.** tad Houar for root, ltHl */ ?? ? r*?t I |> rtta?jwr atttt* L^J SALEAt ? B?rn???UTOCK. riX r trill T. BASE. ai.dGOOD WILL ftk I.. f" ?'?wj hviiMa. B K * ii?wir.*nrih??.,<.rt r.?4 i4icr ik*r)ar<* Rtmcilif MR RENT-fir* <Ta?. riMi DI M r?M rvui fw B f?'e f r ? ?!*- it I th* 14# r Hi ,"TK ?orri,;.: ?w? dN?M?> U. ih. ?<-. U.ur? Mtfir | and cfo** t-> III* rn>i?il>m, I a ,n* ?i <% ?. tfll I tat*. t. k..?!?*? u* * *4I-Niil tea r.vm* fwh. fw, hot M o. >kf ?at*r, *>wt J?tt T-ra?* *a*>. It; fiiir* *u III* rrrMM, i|? c -tr**t ?<>0l !>*??? -y | . K_ H'JJ1, Fi*t*r^ and~?f7.d Will ^ , r PITO STOBB. !)??>? 4 in* ? g '.>i1 lux! ' ' I n*?*. Apply to T1IOS F WA?.<*M\> Wm 1 **** *1" >?*? *r-M r^UR CALI-fli?l>( <fc. Fikl?i*? wil U ?| M iTi I Of a I>Rl? n<'KK r.? f... m a*!liu*.. HI EX>. TTUkiOi. U ? Iu*wr*ll.-* and k' %1 Beat* \m lit. I _ a?E .% E ?tr.f yj .i.xvr. ft ?. ?ui L'i K MLE-A i .? 111.1 ?. . ii i . r?t*d, don K n (|-?lntf |.(l. }.? . i ^ ' iyj.11'"** t'*w awd te. nwnplrt* Til.-r I'r ? , Wf B>A?V'r?'-haM . a?h.t *iai. |<>m h pn tiaarr Bent IBM i? r ?. .iitIk A p:a-n?t,? ,.hi .iTTi. . ii>m ?n th' pr*n>i?H*.? iv?u> ri..? ,? ? ill pat ? urrwwt <-*p u*m. Owu>-t '? ill h-'*tffa i? i| ,? r?n?* .,f ? llifi? aW it M ATTI t<JLY A WWKSLFE I * *hrrnt n ?rih? -at. A I'A R 11 ham g :*i?ar> n ...f ., iT ?? ? ? -Tooa" who mid?r*t .i, |? t, .. ;,fc.opmc Mi ? Mgh , ..m li-ff i M if b.x k?. f r aiiT l>n*ln-*?. f ,r . ?nial< yfaation Addi *?? r J B . Star -* a?4?'' ? r l\TI KM f ' M ???(.??. I ,? *1 . N'\107 Tth I ? 1 ?! ?| ... ? >rth *?*?? |a? ir| K I K* / BF l:r. .% ?;?? (\|<'Nfc.V T'< ?iN |;K ? L KStAT??|? **? a?aia to auit. t >r fr m n?i- t t?*)>-?r. kocrsk a s:irpi,KToN. _ tol ?tl I AC h ?tr**t \ ALI ABLE TABM K? R ~MALK cR W,\ rrir'n^ PR"FICKTV in THlst it* f Y /? A 4 7 f* f? A t > ? r.* - i?-- ^ df\ tu ?*(? ,f U?4, ?^^cmii> f ar l *Ucco. laitc tirw T ?l>?rr*v *Hw ) ?rd ?* C<>iH.>rd crap* \ Im>, ?n ? *a: ii-? ai 4 i v^"Mi :'n,!,rrMb",rrRvr TKR in 8| 1>v|isuia . tin \ i p- u? , ..i, ??5v. 1M. r a nun ir>;on,r hj l. -3ra 19(> M ?nt ?tr<?*t, U" ,r<"tri*u , p <J |\|OKE I To L>>\S i N KIM i - | \ tk n .? . ?U'Ml ."K.. . ? tic l? E?tal'- Hid l:i?ur w. H k r?, "< ? l!"_ I 4 13 I ... -t IfOAKl* or PD0LIC H uRKS SC'RIPT til* ftbiiTI pa><i.?at <4 ?????-d I" MirckA lm tl.L? * If JOHXSOV A r" . - iHi! |?.IiI?.b,R p.| lUrik.-ra. 1{ Alf\V r Li l ??SiE, * ?''J SI?LINchi*np, n-%r f3?-w in irt??( ?ir Btre<t,ho. 17ii. Pri<^r, %!>&&-, ??-%?? \ * mm If V ? *?.A?1kTuN * PKAKxm 110 tf I. M. C. A Brill 9 * AT?d It ||OCfiE rot S_A L kT Tl* Iftrr rol'R STORV Hul'SK, wtt, thr*?i. M ry *fti?MlM.tlA E ?tr?H, n<-?rlr n*v, t"? r-????i?, fur?ac?-,?aa ami wat'-r.m ith Ur?* >?.A ,n ? The wL-.I- pr my h^n |. -UV.~ l.u* put in cowpl*t* repair. hf.d j, T*ry r nv.-iii*ut f r a Jar,* K. M?.| faui.v, or f .r ? U?Mikf I, l*?WW Inqn-r*^ Bax-D"iH Tr?-nMir> , Pfnvttt) 1% htjih fr jtj . tl| BOARDING. ^A * liava f.,r aa!* lu *li*i c^rtifl, atx tl B<rip. mlwch la Ncriutlr al pal it. i>a *|?<-iaJ taz?a. A ut al: 4im om.t Mi; t.. aJ"D B<iAKI> -T? ?.r>ti. K.iMti* *a III" <-l> 111' l, -tij. v l V ! . ? .. -A till a tin* Uati'ti for tli* ?uuiiii- r i. T r tn ' afesr O'-AKJ'IN..-tabi.k b<>\ki> eTV. , .r - A > rr,i?,h?Ro,?l ,iyci ni'N^HTrr kohm ?VJI ROAKIi ai. 1 a? auntni-r rr.c< ?. ..n I I. Pti**t. ap<i <>??-..rtli* in m.1 lu-althy aU,f pj. ualtotm m th* city l.nmr-at S?ar"ffi !? ^ - i 'KUfcTRV Bo ARli and A i'ARTHKN I > V> i,iM,ttoclH.?,i, tu-* u. Vir? :? it 11 ?? ?ll. let O litUa. II B'.ai.iera. Al*., uiifur,"?h-l 14^..mi. I r r.-u? ?pl -n X* .Vt^ J rALMlUT* a'1' AP^~?ba CS?^/ rALM LU. Tav d rmiat, suilrtj I AMISAVDOEKTLEMEB.atttarai^U^ta . and!**, can li- ar ?f tlir u-n * - ai.d < ln-ap*i>t B<?ardina arranr^^' al it tkr nt> l>> r-^inj D*pHIqC.R. > t. ar , ?,-7 GSSLJSliS; ^ifai ?od Sla? ocraaa of r?UQaylrai.l* ?^ ?Mil DRY GOODgL ^ |^EblRABLE l>R?t>& OQQUS AT LUMt PRICES *::rrtf*n'UT,M,th- ??*??' ?? ?>? p.ircha*?r, to the folluwing nani.-d (? k>1?, rea*ir*d dir-- t tr .at btrortera, and will u- a dd at **ry low pr1r?? ? BLACR ORviS URAIK and TAFEKTA SILK* *-'a* ?ulj, marked in plain R(itr?i, a. ^ joekph i. mat, _a28-?<>? 939 P*m?y;vnija av*iiap. pUCH RCBKEoT 'a ???* mon-y mark*! ?a J? furcliawd a rp'.eudid stock of DRY <Ji)(ili^ very cUp, and ufler gr*aU,argain. to ynrrhv-n. Polka Pot r<>i>Urd Silk, Al 45. worth Al Ts ^np*d SHnrn.*! Silka. 11* t^Lfl ?*1 # #1 *?"rth3TSi iud ottiSi fTR.j?>t "Wi'^^Hadlyctar Blaca Moaa 8tlka of Urat mak*a fr.-m || |i(l LoTHy^piMnaad Strlr-d tir*r,^a>V ,B JA anh Popllio at Uc,. worth ? ^ p Plain Niitiura from l&r. up tesa waMras1. jarsarsrr hph-wiiyf 44 BloatM C;ttvu. USc.; An Ir jar- - ?'?i?-i ?SiLn!li!;York Mili-.ji Japai.*a* Bilk#, Pi iit*, J?wi-a*p, Tarlatan*. Kata ao<.k?, Mrtoria Lawn#, B?ti*t*, Lin*n*, lira*. Clotka, Mohair*. Ac , Ac., from IS to *? p*r r*nt. I*m thai, fonaer pric?a. How i? lb* ttm* to pnrchM* . . ... BRo|>HKAI> a CO . a26-7t 1 ? OA F ?t , b*iwf -n 12tti and Uti. ??* 'ro BE, OR KOT TO BE, JS KOT THE QUESTION TO FIMD, OR HOT TO FIND, BARGAINS, BARGAINS THAT IS THE QVESTIOM. B* th*i*fore convinced, and try for ch?ap and nice fixjdi at WOLFORD k tHILBEKG l, ^uibMiwms,?fcrin' ?*Ly LLAMA LACE POIHTH. 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