Newspaper of Evening Star, April 30, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 30, 1873 Page 3
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AUCTION SALES. rI TIRE DAYS. By wn l. wall a co.. Anftio?wri, N?w M irb!<> B liMiir. K ?. *00 and 9U*i P-nnsylvauia avenue. Ml'STLI> CM* TAirAPI,! PROPER TT IS Syl'ARE N -. TI*. ? By virtue of two dwd" of inwt.rec rdfd in Lib?-r K M H . N i 9, folio 7S,?I?> in Liber T end R. No. 7. folio loP, <4 th? UrxJ records .>f IV District of Columbia, and by direction of the ?art'. - semr-d thereby, 1 will offer at public sale on Ibf ?r'ini??, on MONDAY, th- 9%th oar of April, at the h -ur ?f * o'clock In the afternoon, the fo'.T <w ing Lot* nf Op>and. m wb-UvjiH by Win. For beinr L*?t? number 43 . 44 45, 4a, t7, 48. 4T>. 3. 51, S3, B, 54, 55. M, 57,58,?,?#. SI, <tt. 63. 64. SB <4. <7,68, 69,70,71 and 71. of the aub-divi*i"ii of Lutt i.umber IS, 13, 14, and part of 15, in p^nare 711. Th-ne Low front fro? 19 to V f*et on IMaware m nn?. J1 street east. M str-et n >rth, and Olfax street. and ran bark to alley*, the said Lot* ?>' ins in depth from 14 ti MO fe>*t. Two Frame II ^nse. on Lota (1 and 61 will be sold with the Lis. T-rms of tale: One third rxh: the residue of th* pirrhw moocy ln< an! 13 month*. th? purchaser aivinr hi? n-te* bearing 6 per rant, interest from the aay of sale- a deed giveo. and deed of trnat taken to pecore the deferred par menu All conveyancing at I he purcl>a*er*' cost. A d*-p *t of $25 required from *acb pM'.-haeer when the Lot* are arid. Plate of above Lota ran be had at our itflM. K P JACKSON, Trn?t"*. t?17 lot | Kep| W. L. WALL A CO., A nets. ?/?Til* ABOVl^*.\LE IS POSTPONED until FK1DAY. Ma> 2.1<3, at thesatnetime and p!ac?, in c?'nw.?uence of th-- rain. B? oid>-r ><i 'he Trustee, a2< dta W. L. WALL A CO , Allots. By l atimkr a clkaky; Ancti-i.-? r- and R<al Estate Broker*, boutheast corn-1 P.-;in?\ Ivatiia nveunc aud 11th lt? Star Office Building. IMPROVED PROPERTT "H llTn STREET, BETWEEN G ANl) II STREETS, NORTH AT ACCTIOX jti ON MONI?AT AFTERNOON. May ?, 1tt3, AJ3 J b 3o o'ci'Ck.we -hall *?il, in front of the BLs the northern j><rt of Lot No. 9, in ? ?jnatt- .'its. fr ntitig 15 fe?t o? lltli ?treet,and run ning bark 7?> feet, improved l>y a three story an I ti- Bri k Dwelling, wi'h tuo aud water; be ?n? N ? ? IIA 1 Ith street. Turn - On- f- arthra'h. balance in 6, IS and IS W>ath?. with intrrnt ?!??? down at of sale. Cmvrng, mi at ?nrth??i,t'?(i?it. e ?! LATIMER A CLEARY, A act*. SALE "F SMALL ARMS AXD ACCOUTRE WENT Bmiticor Oini?*r*, J Nary Depabtmrnt. April 17.1<1.( There will be aoM at puhlin auction to th- highest I -Ider. s- ll?m .?l WIPNKSDAY. May 14.IS73. in r 1>? ? ^ce of the In?p?>ctor of Ordnance, Nary Van). V-w York, a ?jnniitity of amall arm* aud ac c..ntr' n;< t.t?. aa f"lh?w?,tij: IT.'S Pivmonth riflea,r?l. S9. serricenMe. 174 P'tmonth .(V, needing repair*. W l Pi vmnnth rifle **br?' bayonet*. 6.T65 P'* tJ; 'titb rifle sabre bavonet-erabbard*. 4541 Shxrpe A Hankies carbines, cal. .52, servicaa 417 J?h*'pe A Hank ins carbines, cal. .51, neodiug re pair*. SIT- Hri trp* A Hankln* rifles, cal. M. serrireaMe. 26 fhni-ps jt Uankina rifles, cal .96 needing re Taira. larpa A HaLkins rifle sabre baj net* and tcab hmnw. T m - One-half cash In Government fun is on the rnnrlmi n cf the sale, and the remainder within ten lo>d., - aft -rward*, <lnrit g which tim- the article* r?moved from the >ard,otherwise they will re-> ert to the Government. It is t t e distinctly nrd'-rstood that no guarantee mill l-e riven to vurchaeer* of articles for sale and noted lii th?? catalogne, a< regards their exact eondi t n or .,nalitT; but it i* b"!ieved, however, that ery 11:ii.g offered for sale is as represented. WILLIAM N IREEERS. alH-dt* Chiaf of Bureau. RAILROADS. Alexandria a washing-< TON R ?. asn ALEXANDRIA A FREDERICKSBURG R. Com* ?/ B <*ndSiztk Scrull. L--ral trains for Alexandria leave as follows;?f, 11. 7 <JC*. 7:5*. 9:53, 9 M. 10 53, 11:54 a. in., 12:53. 1.53, 2.5S, S 0i 4:50. < 38, and 7:56 p. m. Locaiiraina from Alexandria arrive as fellows-? 6:23. 7:43. ? 28. 9:33. 10:5". 11:33 a.m.; 12:33. 1:33, 2.33, S^D*. 4:23 5.-SS. 7:33, ?:ta p. m. 'Ti aiti* marked thus connect with trains on Wash iigt r. a:.d Ohio R. R. QUA ST ICO Accmmodatl >? leaves Waahingtot 7A' * m. d*ily. except Sunday. UKKAT SOUTHKhN KXPRE98, Rlchmomi. |?ave? W ssbington IV 13 p.m. daily, except Sunday Thr. ral 1 ? " " .iS^.v/U (v.m r- iu- u?o) ? f*cHpi onnnay Tli'1 n*b tickets to all p- ints ft nth and Sontriw<*? f jr sals n? OCcea, corner 13th stress and Pennsylra nta av-rne, and corner ith street and Pennsylvania where r >?"iigTt san leave orders for baggage to bt c heeke<* %t all hotels and residences through to dssti ?a*i?'i. K S Y'?UNO, GenT Passenger Agent. JySO-tf BALI IMORE AND POTOMAC RAILROAD, Virol s?. St* and B urteti, ft. IE TRAI>> LEAVE FOR BAITIMOKE. 4.IS a n:., Niagara Exp daily 8:53 . Baltimore Mail, except Sunday, 10?3fe a Hi., W -sipra Exp , dail), except Sunday. 6 Sfc p m . Baltimore Ac cotr.r si at ion, daily, ex cept Snuday. ? Sip t?i .Cincinnati Kx :res-^Saily, except Sun ay. 7 5S p. m.. Western Bxp., da-.!y L ? Trv ? e^vtng Wash'iigtoaatS 53*n-ll Va.m.aod TRAINS ARRIVE AT WASHINGTON 4:5S a m., Western Kip., daily, except Sunday. 9'S) a m . Mail,daily, ex cept Sunday. 11:08 a. in.. Western Kip., . daily. 5:23 p m., Pacific Kxpreaa, daily,except Sunday. ?:l? P. ?-?Au.onm?odaUon, daily. 10:33 p. m , Soothers Ex cr daily, except San mm. v.ju tli'i I'? >- l.flB. MM | SVp e .cjncectatB' wie with trains for Marlboro', Isaving B wie 7:58 aiui 11:SS a. m., and 4:53 p m , ar riving at M ?rtboro'9 13 a. m. and 12:13 and 5.SI p. m Tr?i?? arriving at >A ashington AJin a. m and 5:33 andS C9 p m., connect at B wi- with trains leaving A) arils r i'Tv a. m and 3:40 and 5:33 p. m. Passe(.g rv leaving their orders at Ticket OSes*. car*er m 13th street and Pennsylvania avenne and ti Tthwest corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania averie. can have their baggage called for and check ed at botols and residences to all points North and Wsst. Tfcroujrh tickets to Cincinnati, Colnmbos. Indiana^dis, Louisville, St. Levis, New Orleans. Chirac . Omaha. ?an Francisco, attd all points north, u >rthwn*t, west, and southwest. K. L. DUBARRT. Genl Soat. K S TOl NG.OenT PassY Apnt. jyl-tf Bfl ?ALTlMoRB AND OHIO k RAILROAD. Wa*BI!t?TO!(1Jan. M. UTS. - Tratrs between WASHINGTON AND BALTI MURK and WASHINGTON AND THK WIST ars ?ow ran as follows, vim: FOB BALTIMORE Leave dally, except Sunday, at 4 45, ( 48. SiD, l a Aid It 44 ?. m.: 1:00, 3:14, 4.10, 4 SB, (JH, i\J0 aud MO ON SUNDAY FOR BALTIMORS. Leave at 4 43 and i dO a. m., and 1.D0, 3:13,5:20,8:08 d 3 SO p. m. FOR ALL WAY STATIONS Leave daily, except 4:44,4:41 and 144 a. m , 4 10 and 5:20 ?. and on Sunday at 4:45 and g.rtoa. m .and I 00, i U.I:S, and S"00 p.m. The 11)4.3:14 and 6:16 p.m. trains stop at the fol 4owir.g stations only, vis: Bhtdensburg, Beltsvills L??r?I, A-rnapolis Jnnrtion, Hanover and Belay A '*o, tte 3:15 p. m. will stop at Jessap'a Cut, and the Penn's Crossing. FOR ANNAPOLIS Leave at 4 48 a. tn and 4.14 p. m, but no trains to of Srva> A aLhpolls on Sunday FOR NORFOLK. Leave at l.-flO p. m., except Sunday. FOR ALL PARTS OF TUB WSST. Laate daily, except Saturday and Studay, at a. m and 3:14 and s. m. On Saturday at 4:44 aud and S OU P m . and on Sunday at 3:14 and 8-00 p. m. TRAINS ARRIVK AS FOLLOWS; FromN-w Ti-rk, Philadelphia and Baltimore, at 6:30 a. tr and 5 M and 9-44 p. ta. Frcib Pciladelphiaand Baitiaore at 1:30 a.m. From Baltimore at 4:50, 6:30, 140 and 11:10 a. in , aud 1.50, 3:40, 4:34. 4'3i, 7-54, t:44. and 10AO p. m. FROM THK WKST. Arrive at 1:5P. 6 36 and 10:50 P m Through tickets to the We?i ctnbe had at the W a*?*t *ti Station Ticket Oiflce a' all hoars of the da> , ala<>, at theC'-mpaay'soflce, 41** Pennsylvania avenue Passengers purchasing ticket* at the Ave nue ol(c? can there arrange to have their bftggag' ca'lesi f. r acdchecked at their residence,taken to the dep" '. awl put into the b*gg?g? car. F> i A-w Y->rk. Philadelphia and ~B stoa see ad vert^en'TDt of "Thr<mgh Line." THciS. R. SHARP, As*'t Muter Transportation L M t.'OI E. G-reral Ticket Agent. GKO. S KonSTZ Genl A'r. Washtegtoa. jaS6 'I'HK' LGH link bktwkkm 1 * A> -! INGT< 'N , PHI LADEL , I LIA, AND NE^ YORK.1 WasHi.'taTttS, November ?, UTS Tiatrsbetween WASHINGTON and NKW YORK are ran a? f ll?<wa; FOR NEW TORK. wttkomt af emrf Lea\ e daily (except Sunday) at A1M a. m., 1.U0 and FOR PHILADELPHIA Leave daily (except Sunday) at 8 a. ai., l.ift and EM ON SUNDAY. Leai? for Sew Torkat AA/ p. m., arid Philadelphia at 5 Mi p m. _ Mespiug car* for New York on 3:36 p m.traia Turotut tickets to Philadelphia, New Tork and B ?ton cinfer had at the Station OlBce at all hours of the day. Foi lisl'.more and Ohio railroad advertisement i ?ObsdBtab- l??en W ash.Ion, Ba.tiU.. r-, A:iB?p> lis at d the * est. Idi'S S SHARP, Asst Master Transportation L M COLS. G<-ueral Ticket Agent. GEO B KQOSTS. Agent, WsshingtQB )e!4 1872 PENNSYLVANIA B?>CTS 1872 TO THK NORTH* KST\^HjLTH. AND SOOTH Trains leave ss follows: 'ngtoa.? 4 44 a. sa. | Baitimore IS a. m. " Mc38 a. m. " 1? p. m. 4 33 p. ?. } ? 8.1S p. t. 7.46 p. a. | - 10 S3 p. m. THK GREAT BOLBLS TRACK ROUTK, With aiegant Scs--*y, Palace State-rooa day and uUht cars, with ssodera improvements. _Two haadrad alias saved to Westers awl Oaatral >r? Ycrk. The US a. a. dally, except Sunday. north wsst, ISMi. daily, and 4:44 p. m.Texcept Suik^y, wsst' Man CoxaacTioi Throve a from BALT1MORK to NIAGARA aad FITT-1U RG without change. Tickeca by Lhia route can ha procured at tSs oS of 1Mb street aad Pen nay lan la avsaue. t f 8th street aad Pennsylvania aveoae. a a) Hotel, whara raUahis 'afrrmatlw will ha ^rocmrtag Ocketa^at thta^ atea em ^gw' I0C"*~~ "-ztsJzi-. rpBIS IS TO GIVB MOTICB, That the subscrl 1 bet has obtained from the Supreme Court of tbe D< air let of Colamhta, holding a Special Term, liters t ftaaientary oa the personal sstats of THOMPSON P CALDWELL, late of Washing toa, D C.. d>ceased. All persons having claima agajast the said deceased are hereby war*--4 to exhibit the same, with the voachsr* thereof, to tho ?cberrlber, ?a or before the 15>h day of April next: thry a>a> otherwise by law be excluded from all Leneflt of the said e^ate. Oivsa under my haad ?vi. no dav nf April, IS1 pS-w Jt MARY A. OALDWKLU.Kgecntrix. AUCTION' SALES. i ri TUE mri. I ? R? TIIOS E. WAGGAMAN. R al E->tat- *actin???r, *19 7th 1 II Vls^AXlVAKTVVRTil ANU P?^TL ^k..1 r,rtn<' ?'?<l?*c'X'ofth<?8upr~n? HC. art of the District of Columbia, holding an EquityL<i urt for iM District, passed on the 1* day of April. 1S73 in cans* No. 3,U?7whe>-eiii silli n''n Bladder! eta I are complainant) and Clark Mi!l? et *1. ar>? def< ndi-.nts, the undersign?d, Trustee, will TI">:RI)A Y ?L vft?L"IIi,,eS' ?' ?"b,'c ?action, r,n ? i iP ? 1 ! <lay of Mar. 1S73, at }'i rWr 'T?kUL?f w*rvaMo? ten ilo .in ? a-lnngton rity, iiuhc District of Columbia k iI'Vi. ^ fr']nl I i, ?' 'wl ?n <S street and raooini rf4 ?n5he?- th? tDt-r^t 1.^1 iff ? *l'd '>f* wh'ch wi" b* ? >M Jj # t "f trust mad* I>v said Mills J1 date on January nth, JiTJ, and re Corded in Ukw *?.m, folk. *?,etse<i.. on- ,,i the lyid record* of Washlnet^n county, in the District of Colombia, and made to secure the paym-nt of a 1*^ promissory note for nine tli usaud .lolI*r? J?? .V""7 ?,h' ,8ri' M,d P?J"abIe fire rear* after' date, with interest at ten per c?nt. per annum, paya l le .rmi aanuallv.nn which note the Interest no to and due cn January *h, 1873. has been paid P ' This lot la improved b? a very large Brick RnM ing lour stonesiin height fronting on IS street with helrti r Th?;f'TJ5"* th'e^toVi^'in 1(C1 hv ru!krrMPT,rt>. WV Somber 1st, J*fj 'srk Mills to Jo?ep|, for the finVthh I ?h"i" " n"?*hlv rent of jfi w .w, mith a pmil'Mft* to Gcrh&rdt to rent it for ir'n'f th* "yr.lP"" Mie s?m* terms at-the .-xpira tU'n <?f |h<? for live y>*ftrs. Thii lease i4 r<? eorde<5 in Liber SfS. folio 115 re" n.T.h:.,rrr of ",Ie- ?* Pr?"?cribed by the decree, arv One -tnird in cash,and the residue in two equal in stalments a. twelve and eighteen month-. with in terest on each instalment from day of sal*. the ^?Jeijed paytneBt* to be a lien on proa-rtv sold The decree ofsalereimr. s a deposit of *Wat tbe within ^ and if th? cash payment is not made within six days from time of sale, th? Trustee. has r.' VrT .5 ' r*,*, rY* th'-ri?b' to resell the premise, at the cost and risk of defaulting purchaser All convevancm? at purchaser's cost * ?? ... *M. *. EDMoNsTON. Trustee *2S-eoAds TIIOS. E. WtWUMAX, A-i-t. GLEEN & VI ILLIAMS, Auctioneers, | northwest corner 10:h and D streets. T??1tVAM^.BL* thbkk-stobt bv?is Mk f^^TINQJLDIClAKVHQUABK.YT1^* MyNDAT,the Ath dav of May, 1373, we E3 hal' ?*ll?ln front, of the premises, at 6 o'cl ck f?P m .that line mastic front Brick Honse front i tic on Louisiana avenue, opposite Judiciary S in ire I "ZW;1,L~: ^ S.nsreNVoVha"^ a ir. ntof 3u feet, more or legs, running back to a r? e^; r*T;1 ,lley'* *"* The |,o?J: contiSiis be r^m"' U>ednem iiW'Dfr COBV'nl*?tly arrangvl rel-,T,Te , r? 2 "nrlw'""ary to say anything y?h' ^*^7,*?'y?M *nd beautiful location Ot in above m ntion. ll property, as it is well-known of Dr.iBertv for*1 n'i^' d",irilb1*" ai,J beautiful piece. t?Tr7hreeff?nt?r.0ins Sixth c*?hl ,,*Unp'> in one, II1",'*; ?nd ?T* yw. for notes boarini in i.rr i 1 * r at ^ P^1" ^nt. A irtv^n ai d <l. .-d oftrnst taken on the property sold Two hundred dollars reouireid to be pai>l down when th propertv is kn^ke^l Off, and the whole te?ms tohe coniplied with In eight days trom -lav of sale orth.? rieht is reserved to resell the property, at tiie risk and c-t of the nr-t pntobaee?. AiVconve an ug at . >st of purchaser Title perfect L*? GBKBN * WILLI \MS, Ancts. B'n?"i'ou? w WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, * ?<>. 1001, Northwest cornerluth and D street*. desikabls buildino lots in square the i5 ,' "S N ?. 6W, folio 131, oue of ^ ashington county, in the virttfi f?/ n H! ,he r,Mlue*t *nd by V-iinTd lnVliTrA j ^nn"ufrom benehciaries frm t , VV? d public anction. in Tl ESnA V f h. ?, hT' IS vi highest bidder, on II K9IIAI, the oth day of May, at ?> o'clock b in M III1!?1' ill1 r('?1 II"l a'ght 13.) in R* M. II ill ? recorded sub<livision of sijnare nuinbere<i ?even hundred and aeventy-fonr <774.) said lots lnv tw*en K street'iiortheaat. be 1^2 fee^to il ru""lulf '?'?ck ah Ot j^7,are feet. 01 41'>'? containing in all 7,llo Pu* f '"rth cash; balance in 1J, 18, month*, for notes betriuK iot(TMt at t*'urlit ?r*AUtJ*7.HU",lm' P"7able semi-annually, secure.| ?stii . ""M. A deposit of i " *'e,?nlr^ ? ?be time of sale. Ifthe terms of sale are not complied with within seven day. f? snyi "f the ^operty will rm,,M ?t the risk ri^s .'rt^ V ,1,-,f?"ltingpnrchaaer. All convey an Ciiig at pur hater s ro-t. Bs&?,'vate I>Y OKEKN < W ILL1AMH, Auctioneers, No. 1001, north west comer luth and D nts S I KTYF(>NETH K H, w'S?B.rSIPROP ??il "w TJIE SUl TH SI|)|C OF PIlW^vi \ANIA AVENUE. BITW11V NISTH ?vii TENTH STREETS WEST, AT AUt^IUN ^4 if? a Le ? * ^ e*?cnted by the Ute T?n.tHannlton, appointing the tin ier ??? ''iirnw Trtiftt* e for the nurDox.-rt th^rAin ^ lnfNo'?SitfVIUiSl?April. 1871, and recorded , ?" folio 131, one of the land records for Wxah ll?? ST"' V cr ? ?"d " ,b* ^ of and by . p.'w^r of attorney from th beneficiaries f^r'VU ,?ld ? will ^1 at an!,lie auction'Tn M( NdU tJiTIT- hbidder, on iwV, V . '.l? 4t5- d4y (,f at ? o'clock d n. fefld'thr^I^hnri;^T?(*.',n'!.,'x ,6,1'n Square nom . *JTrlhr? hundred and eighty (.WO), improved by a be^M ir^mu^'i \ ,C Dwel?"f ? w?'?h back bnildin*, ueing premises known as No. 9'J4 Pennsvlvani^*^'* Tbi? property fronts *> feet on ^ ni* *1'?"'- WI,h ? depth of abont M f.-et Mlfta?DlJHtait.'' which frontB 11 f^1 ou C tw^'lT?" One fourth cash; the balance in !y.V*' *i??>tcen and twenty-four months, with interert at six aer cent., payable semi annually ? deedof trust on the pro pert v A d.-p-Jit of 9J0U will be re<juired on acceptance of bid If the terms are not compiled with witLin aeven days after th- sa'e. tfie property will be resold at risk and cost of defaulting purchaser. All convevancine at nnr chaser's co?. THOM AS MrOILL. Trart^ al5eo?w*H.*s OREEN A WILLIAMS, al5eo*w*dtMS Auctioneers. R* LUNCANSON. DOWLINO a CO., A acta corner ?th and 1> streets northwest. TM"?JWlP ol?flFsBt,t IMPROVED SOIL'S-801'? S,l>K or ?i.v ,'LViNIA AVEME, BETWKKV ?! 1st AM> sap STREETS NORTHWEST. ? By virtue of a deed of trust, dated r>n theith h^;'fN k,^,A ^ ' W7?. wJrdM in t r ' f"V? ^a ^n" ?r ">e land records ? .? ashington c- unty, I>. C., and by the direction ^L,,f:"p*l;tTrIlr'd,thlfre,?'?1 wi" ?^n.*?p'>biic ancnon. in front of ?^ premises, on WKDNSS R, / 1 I . d*J ?' May, M73. at |? odock a. m , all W^bfni?! n Pir. "trvx :,f ?n-oun-> in the city Of w a*hington, Oistrict of Columbia, known aud de MBTiatMTon the ground plat of the said city as part ViC' < l4't ?n wnarc. numbered seventy ,nV..e'r Jil'f. '1"? f'\T J*1"? * tie-northwest corner of said lot.numbered fourteen, (14.) and rnn P"'* V^tpce southwesterly at right angles with the lineol Pennsylvania avenue, eighty-six fe? an 1 thr?c# twenty-live (J51 feet, thence east about forty-four feet, thence northeast erly ninety feet and ?ix inches to the line of Penn ?) Oania avenue, and tli-uce westerly forty-nine ^h'LVrA"0 '^ lo ,b* ?tar'? "f '"""inning, togeth"? With all the impro\eni?-ntii tfaerton. ,?7i' w!!i Trh.'* a?"nnl indebtedness secured by said deed of trust unpaid , and the expenses of sale ai)J J ; *' "ut' *"d l?? ? ith interest i?t^ri!!i-S?JCCrJ5?^LSf l''d If terms of sale are not complied with within seven days after sale. the prop<-rty will l.e resold at risk and cost of?he defaulting purchaser. Conveyancine <cwt of pur ch"",'r- ' A Ll'TZ. J a Trustee ?a JJCNCANSON, DOW LINO A Ci6., aSS: BY LATIMER A CLEART, Real Estate Brokers and Auctioneers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue aud 11th st.. Star Office Building. TBUSTEES SALE OP VALC\BLE TWO ^'>hYBKHKl.W E LLINO ONBOUN D A K Y (COKNER OF BROWN OOURT.) NEAR 14th STREET NORTHWEST. tffti .?J * d."?d. ?f trust, dated October K |*th. A D. 1871. and dnly recorded in Liber No. folio ?S, et seq ., one of the land record* for Waehington county, in the District of Columbia, au-. zt o'fction of the holder of the note se.' by jai.i deed oftrnst, I shall sell at public auction, in W V . v.Jn srv. L? highest bidder, on W M'NESDAY. May Tth, A. D 1373, at ft o'clock p. m . all that certain lot or piece of ground in the city of Washington. District of Columbia, and known as lot numbered ninety ,#M, in Wm. H. Brown s subdivision of certaiu lots in square nnm hundred and thirty-four 12Vi 1, as said sub ?liv.sion is rec< rdeil in the Surveyor's office of said city, in subdivision b....k "C. H. folio 363, to g'tber with the improvements thereon. Tel ins of sale: One-third cash, (of which ?|.)0 mo-t bedepoeitwl at time of sale;) and the balance in one, two and three years, to be secured by pur chaser 1 notes, bearinc ten per cent, interest. ( pay abl ? annually.) and aaee<l of trust on property sold < onv evincing and recording at purchaser's c?*t If trnus <.f sale are not coaiplled with within six days, the 'ru.lee r-ser>es the ri|iht to resell at cost and Itsk of defaulti(i> purch'tser WM F. HOLT/.M \N. Trustea. ?i LATIMER A CLEART , A nets. BY LATIMER A CLBARtT Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers boalhweat corner Pennsylvania aveuue aud Uth st . Star Office Building. Tor^I5^J!,-lAyL 0r AN BNTIR* SQPARt U IB,fi;- *.HT ELIGIBLY SITUATED, RA?LW\Y s<iCARE OP COLUMBIA ^^.By virtus of a deed of trust to the undersign ^?ed, beantur date the 1st day ?f April, A. D. UTI, JTT . the land records of this District, in libsr So. ?82 at folio 3, et seq., aad by dirtction of the holder of the notes secured thereby, M*rr*n**? LVCt'??n'w?n pr,*nii-'?e. on S ATl RDAT, the 3d day of May A D. 1S73, at A *? ' numbered nine hundr -1 and thirty !wo, (MS,) bounded by north I and K streets, and *h ~>d Mth streets northeast, io?ain^ ing in ths whole about 73,138 aonare feet. rX~-Trof.[ll T!l 1* ??14 subject to a prior dead of trust, dated October 1, i?o. but which by ita p^wiuarefo.)? npOB ,h<> ?'* cenu Terms: Oae-thir.l cash: the residue la four eonal payments, at S, 4. 9. and 12 months, with interest from day of sale. D-?d given and trust taken 9290 to be deposited when tbe property is struck off. which Is to be forfeited unless purchaser em pties with tbe terms of aale within Are days after sale. Conveyancing at purchaser's cost. ~ FRED W JOKES. Trustee. a? eoAds LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucts. BY LATIMER A CLBARY, Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southeast corner P??>nsyIvania avenue and Uth at.. Star Office Building. rSilSnvwW5? ?ALR OF ORERN HOUSE AND H, FROM THR NURSERT vf HAi L O" FRIDAY MORNING, May ?1, 1873. n.nwDcug at 11 o'clock, ve shsll sell. aejectnl plants, Hanglnc Baaksu Ac tVrw, caah. LA?Spfti ? CLE ART, *^a t***! Aaotioueors, AUCTION SALES. to-morrow. |>Y MATTINGLY A VHII1EI, Anctione-rs, ?' 403 Kti itrrut uonhweit. TBT'PTKK-S SALE BT AUCTION Of TWO ELE ?AST RESIDENCES ON K STREET. Kt TW KEN 9th AND 10th STREETS NORTH WEST. By virtue of a deed of trnst, dated September 4th, Id. and tecorded September loth, Id. in Liber N>j. 096. folio jn, 1 shall on THURSDAY, May lit. 1373, ai ft o'clock P. bi., off?r for sale, to the highest bidder, th* following real estate, situated in Wash ington city , District >f Colombia, to wit : Lota let tered C and D. in Gilbert** recorded anbdiviai >n of Square nnn.bered three hundred and seventy-one, B~T1,) together with the improvements th?reon, ids two desirable akd valuable modem-built Resi dences Thin property 1* sold snbjcct to a prior deed of trust on each house of ft lo cuo.dated August id, 1371, payable in five years, with ten per cent, interest, Phi able semi annually Terms of sale: fash for the amount realiied abivs naid Incumbrance, to be paid within one week after the sale; and if th?* ternia are not complied with in that time, the Trustee reserves the right to resellthe property at the risk and coat of the defaulting pur chaser. A deposit of 6SU0 on each houae wheu sold. Conveyancing at the purchaser's cost. GEO. M ATTINGLT, Trustee. _*^ ^ MATTINGLY A WHEELER, Awts. BY JAMtXit'lLD. Auctioneer, No. 1014 Pennsylvania avenne. REGULAR WEERLY~iT\LE8 OF ROSES, GE RANIUMH. Ac., , On THURSDAY, May 1st, at half-past 4 lockup. ni , in the auction rooas 1014 & Pennsylvania 'a*enn<? ?? !! JAMES GUILD, Auct. BY VI". L. WALL A Co., Auctioneers, New Marble Building, No*. WOO aim 903 Pennsylvania avenue. SPECIAL AND PEREMPTORY SALE Or CAR RIAGES, BUGGIES. PH.ETON PONY PH.? TONS, RO' KAWATS, JENNY LIN 8, FAM ILY CARRIAGES. SE1S SINGLE AND DOUBLE HARNESS. EXPRESS WAGONS. Ac.. Ac., FOR ACCOUNT OF WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, TO COVER ADVANCES, CHARGES, Ac. i On FRIDAY, May 3. commencing at 13 o'clock, we will sell, at our spoci .us -auction rooms, a large stock of carriage, Ac , comprising? Leather-top Buggies. diff-rent style#? piano-box, coal-box, monitor.deep-sid^s,drop-front, Ac. Two Top pliH'tons, leather-top. T wo No-top Moni?ors,for f.?ur persons. bi* No-top Pony Phirtons 1 rctta'two Leather-top Kockawavs. <_ ne excellent Family Carriage, but little u*ed,bnllt by Watsou. Three No-top Bnegie*. < ne Leather-ton Pha-tcu, suitable for a physician. 1 wo Express M axons. ? Two Jersey Wagon*. f\ Fifty Sets Single and Double Harness. 'A All persons interest d will please take notice tha* | ttie above will be sold without reserve, to which we call the attention of buyers. a28-d |R-b l W. L. WALL A CO., Aucts. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Southeast corner 7th and D streets. B TRl'STEE'SSALEOF VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY IN SQUARE No. t>7ft, NEAR St. ALOY81US CHURCH. ^ By virtue of a deed of trust, dated April 29th, IjH A D. 1872, and dulv recorded in liber No. 681, ?*WioJt, Ac., of the land records for Washington county, I>. C., and by the direction of ths party se emed thereby. I will se||,at public auction, in fr>nt eft he premises, on MOD DAY, the 31st day of April. A. D. 1<173, at ft o'clock p. m.", all of lots numbered i ne hundred and twenty-seveni 127(and one hundr>-d ?.nd twenty-eight (128) and a part of lot numbered cne hundred and twenty-nine (129), in Gilbert's re torded subdivision of square numbered six hundred knd seventy-five (679), in the city of Washington. ?vi*li all the improvements thereon, consisting or neatly finished brick dwellings on north I street. A plat of the property will be exhibited at the sale. Terms or sale; One-half in cash, of which SWO must be paid at sale upon each hous? sold; the de terred pajmentsto b-tnade in six and twelve months after (fay of sale, with interest at ten p?r cent, per annum, and secured by deed of trnst to the satisfac tion ef the Trustee. Terms to be fully complied vitli within six days after day of sale, otherwise the Trustee reserves the right to resell the property, ;ifter one week's notice, at the risk and cost or first purchaser. All conveyancing at purchaser's c >*t. WM. II. WARD, Trustee. a? StawAd* GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. */"THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until MONDAY, May ft, at the same hour and place. By order of the trustee. ?;i GREEN A WILLIAMS, An ts. BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers and Real Estate Br okers. Southwest coru*-r Pennsylyanis ave. aud 11th street, Star Office Buildings. SSJEJiX"*' *UR SALE AT PUBLIC AUUJION: Bj virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court ef the District of Columbia, passed in a cause iu ?aid crnrt depending between Lewis J. D ;vis et al., complainants, aud Georgiana R. Davis et al., de fendants, I will public auction, in font of the premises, on MONDAY, April 39th, 1873, at 6 o'clock p. m., parts of original Lot* numbered three (3) and four (4). in Square Ns. .145. in th" city of Washtngton,D. C , particularly described as follows: Commencing at the southweat corner of said square and rnnning thence north along the line of Uth street one hundred and thirty-nine(139) feet; thence east fort y-four (?> feet nine (9> Inches; thence south one hnndred and thirty-nine (1J9) feet to U street; I thence west fortv-fourt44)feet nine (9) inches to the point of beginning, with the improvements, consist ing ot a fine three-atorv Brick Dwelling, containing allthe modem convenience*, aud Brick Stable and Carriage-house. The yard is supplied with a pump and wull of file drinking water. Terms of sale as prescribed by the decree: One third of the purchase money cash, and the balance in six (6), twelvet 13) andeighteeu (18) months. The deferred payments to bear interest at tho rato of eight (8) per cent, per annum. A depoait of ?S00 will be reqnired wheu the property is bid off. C^n veyanciug at cost of purchaser ' " EUGENE CARUSI, Trustee, all d LATIMER A C LEARY, Aucts. IN CONSEQUENCE OF THE RATN, the abo\esaleis Postponeil until MONDAY, May ft, W73. same hour and place. By order of Trustees. _a29 LATIMER A CLEARY. A'icf. By luttrell a dunnington, Auctioneers and C'>mmisai<>n Merchants, 917 Louisiana avenue, bet. 9th and KKh street*. TRUBTE* 8 SALE OF A NEAT TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE,WITH TW0-8T0RY FRAME S't ABLE: ALSO, SEVERAL VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ADJOINING. ON EAST SIDE OF 3d STREET, BETWEEN A AND B STREETS NORTHEAST, CAPITOL HILL. Bv virtue of a deed of trust, dated October 7, A. D. 1871, and duly recorded in Liber N -.662, folio !M, e t seij., one of the Land Records for Wellington county, in the District of Columbia, and by direction of party secured thereby. I will sell in fr> nt of the premises,on TUESDAY, May 6, A. D. 1873, at ft o'clock p. m , at public auction, to the highest bidder, all those certain piece* or par cels < f Ground, situate in the city of Washington, in sain District, and known a* all of Lot uumbered seveij,(7.) and the south twenty-five(25) feet one (1) inch, fronting on 3d street east, by eona! depth of tiin-ty-seven (37) feet of Lot numbered eight (8.) in suiisrn numbered *c\en hundred and eighty-five, (785 ) together with the improvements thereon. Th?* above property will be sold separately; dia gram shown on day of sale. Tt rnis of sale; One-third cash; balance in one, two, and thr<?e year*, with ten per cent, interest, pavi-ble aniiiinll) , ft r which the purchasers' n<ite? will 1m- required, secured by d*ed of trust on proper ty sold; 11UU on each piece of property must be pkid on <la> ot sale. Couv eyanciug auo recording at purchasers' cost*. If terms of sale are not complied ? itb w ittiin Fix cays ufter sale, the property will be resold at risk and c >st of d-fanlting purchaser. WM P. HOLT/MA*. Trusts. ?2S LUTTRELL A DUNNINGTON. Aucts. B Y 15 H. WARNER, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, N?. 7 3V 7th street, between G aud U su. TRI STEE S SALE Or VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE FRONTING ON I STREET NORTH, BETWEEN NORTH CAPITOL AND 1st STS. EAST. By virtue of five deeds of trust, h-aring date IfTj ? n the 4th day of October, A. D. 1871, and duly ?2*recorded in Liber No. 663, folio 22, et sey ; Liber ts-t. folio 24, et *e<j.; Liber 663, folio 27, et seij.; Liber 6i'>3. I'olio 29, et *e<j., ard Liber 663, folio 32, et sea. of the Land Records for Washington county, D. O., I shall ?e|| at public auction, in front of the pretukw**, on WEDNESDAY, the ?3dday of April, A. D. k?3, at ft o'clock p. m., all thoee certain pieces or par cels of ground, situate and lying in said citv of W ashington, and being known and described as Lots nnmliered ninety-four, (94,) ninety-Ave, (95,) ninety-six.<96,) niuety seven (97) and ninety-eight, (9N.) iu GilWrtV recorded sub division of s<ipare tiutubered six hundred and seventy-five, (674.) Each of the above Lot* ia improved by a Hue two-story Brick House nearly ready for occupancy. Terms of sale; One-third ca?h; balance in 6 and 12 months, with interest from day of sale, secured by deed of trust on premise* sold: $100 to be paid on each hou?e at tims of sale. If tne term* of sal* are not complied with in five Ays, the Trustee reserves the right to rea.dl the property at the n*k and co*? of the defaulting pnrchaser, by advertising thre? times in the "Evening Star." All conveyancing at cost of purchaser. WILLIAM B todd, J?., Trustee. afl-eoAds B. H. WARNER, Anct. W THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until FRIDAY, Mav 3. 1873. same hoar and place. William b.todd, Trenw. s2t B. H. WARNER, Auct. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS.Auctioneers, Northwest corner of 10th aad D streets. B VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE IN THE HEART OF THE CITY AT AUCTION. On MONDAY, the &th day of May, 1873. we shall sell, <>n the premise*, at 4>? o'clock p. in., all that piece or parcel of ground lying in the city ef Washington, D. C., known a* part of lot number flv*, in *quarw number three hundred and eighty, being the southwest corner of lt*h street west sad (' street north, fronting on Ukh street 19 fest IH Inches, and rnnning back on north O street S3 feet to an alley 9 feet ? inches wide, and also fronting on north C street X feet % inches, running back 78 feet In depth, with the improvements, con sisting of a two-story brick dwelling-house and a good brick warehouse, making both pieces valuable property. Terms: One-third cash; balance in 1,11,18 and 34 menths, for notes bearing Interest, and secured, tor a deed of trust on the prenal*e* yw. Conveyaoaing at the cost of the purchaser. |m down on pitce at the time of sale. al6 eoAds [ Rep) GREEN A WILLIAMS, Anct< |JN1TKD STATES MARSHAL'S SALfc In virtue of a writ <4 fieri facias, imrd ont of the Clerk*s oBce of ths Supreme Court o? the District of ColumWa-and to me directed, I ah.nll sell, is front of tli* court honse d.ior of s?id Dl*?^,rt. on THURA DA Y . the ?th day of May ."M73, u 1* o'clock m., all the defendant^ rljM. title, claim, and internet in aiid to subdlvisloti to.v'O," eqnare Mo. S17,4a thecity of Washington, D. C,, together with ail and singular the tmprovemee'^ th.reon, eeiz*?i and levi.d upon as the proK .ty at Allison Mailer, and A C Riddle* ?I.ecntion Mo. IJHin tavor^ ALEX. Miip. U.S. Marshal,D. O. April U. 191. ? ? UKdtt AUCTION SALES. TO.MORtOW. qy DrNcXireoN. now lino a co " S-?nthf?wt cotter gib and D streets p^rthwi^t. TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS' WO*TH OF n-. ?J>PI>? AT AUCTION ????, J, THURSDAY MORNING, M?t 1 room, corner ?f 9;h and D sf??t, n^th west, commencing u 10 o'clock, and7ohmT!!<,!L evening. at T o'clock, and every morning and ?M ???? ?!! air the large and w* sa^-JSit~''?,rSf"?"???S! 2,000 yards Cifirwi, .s ? Rar^vssi.u.?. XfO " French Law us, '' Americin Lawns, |S0 " Frvnch Oil ghauw, *? ' Japanese Cloths, Wo " 8-a-i.ide Poplins. M0 " Bilk Pongee, 1W " Bilk Vellouri, ?1 ?' Elk^St?* 9triP^ ?*) " Japanese Stripe*, 3W " Plain-colored Bilks, ? " Black Lyon* Bilks, 63 44 Black Shotted Silks, IIS 44 Plain and Striped Pique, 270 " Btriped Suiting, Sflu " Plain Colored AIpacas, 110 " Camels' flair, SCO " Plain and Figuted Linen, 2H) ?? Linen Drillings, ?) " Black Alpaca*, 75 44 Black Mohair, 125 " Black Empress Cloth, JSt) " Colored Empress Cloth, 61 44 Lupin's Bombazines, 20t) 44 Colored French U.'rinam 2TO 44 Scotch Plaids, 27S 44 White and Colored Flannel", 13s Striped, Plaid and Real Paisley Shawls, some . very fine in quality, I 12 Llama-Lace Points, 2N6 pairs Ladies' Kid Gloves, K3 pairs Cotton Hoee, 212 Gauze and Merino Ves's. Thread Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Corsets: Black P'lk Lace: thread, > alenciennes and Hamburg 11 * JLCTi white Cambric, Kaus>ok and Striae Mus lin*; Tarlatan*: Veil Grenadine; ParasoU, San U? brtllas-Table Linens; Cloths, Cassimeres, Tweeds, Kentucky Jeans; Spool Silk; Bleached and Brown ? -Mows; with every description of Roods usually J7ir? ,ni5 fir???<?'*?? dry e -od? store. *l| 0f whlrh will be told on the following terms; All sums under i ' u"'ler i?0. "'*!>' Jays; all sunn under fl&0, ninety days; all sumj over four

mailt bs; with approved indorsed notes, pa) sble in *5J?*< w Interest at eight per cent. The attention of ladies and buyers is called to this sale, as the good-are all perfect, and will he s?ldX? buyers8 Seats will bj furni*he<t^|h /M-dAds PUNrANBON.DOWLINOA CO .AnctV^ Of?Y LATIMER A CLEART, # .w Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest corner of P-nu. avenue and Uth street. Dtar Office Building, BALE OF GOVERNMENT PROPERTY IN , _ SQUARE N?. 699. * nrsnanj to the act of Congress providing for Ktj| Ji<- extension of the Capitol grounds, approved lIOKNIVri ?IP '?WiU!ha" M*" <>n THURSDAY ih? f ii ' ?y J, ^'.commencing at 11 o'clock, the following Buildings, embraced in Square No. &iMc?k.fstre9t New Jer u|TheV,?(fr^!".,NuWj,'nie)r ?Veuu^ wiU be ??"! No*. 118(frame) and 120 and 122 (brick) New Jer ?oy avenue; will be sold separately. Nos. 124 and 136 New Jersey avenue, corner of B street; will be sold together rately 3J'44'46'43 aud M B street, (brick;) sepa <5 awl <2 B street, (brick;) together, go. 1?9 1st street, (materi ?' ? rick;) separately *r?uV''45'45'41,;Sl',1<1 19A #trt'?t?<'ramef.J'^P Nos 33, 31, 27,*, 13and 21. (13 and 15. Ca-pari. win?" ii ,to*etb"r?? 11. ? and J A stiot. will be add separately, (material brick.) *fVn front, and w. od-sheds, stable* and fencing in rear ol buildings w iU be sold s< p.4 raieij. Terms of sale; Ton per cent, of the purchase moiiey Will be required at the time of sale- th? re mainder within ten days after auch ?ale. RmUlinits to be removed within thirty days. Bj order of C. DELANO, ?*1 a * Interior. a2bd LAT1MKK A CLEAKF, Ancts. BY LATIMER ? CLEAR!, Auctioneers and Heal Estate Brokers, 8<>uthwe?t corner Pen-yhaula aveuoo and 11th ?t . Star Office Buildings. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSEHOLD GOODS _ OF EVERY LESCRlPTloN. Rl ,,aLr'u? of ? deed of trust, dated March fcfcf if\ 1.ff3'I*n'.,11record.Ml m Liber No. 715, at ffl Ttii'Dc'ni v Ik". ' V Pn""0 aii^tioa. on * 1 ',l"' ll4t ,,H* "f May, A D. l-?73. j*1 J? ? cl"cli . all the Household Furni tiire m houMe No. lt?04 H street north, near l5:h s.reet.(except that in the two rooms in tlie aecoud ?tory,) embracing : Haircloth and other Parlor Furnitnre Marble top Tables, Walnut Whatnots, Walnut Marble-top Chainl^er Furniture, M alnut Bureaus, B.-dsteads and Wa*hsti?Dds. Cane-aeat Chairs and Beckers, Hair and Husk Mattress.-.*, Feathers, Bolsters and Pillows, Heating and Cooking Stoves, Ac., Ac. Terms cash. WM JOHN M1LLEK. Trustee LATIMER A CLEARV. A nets'. BY|?Kf?ni4 WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001, northwest corner loth and D streets. KLBNITUBE, PAINTED nrVlT4S* WALNUT EXTENSION TABLES AND DIN ING- ROt?M CHAIRH T*? t. BT^S4!?018' M ARBLE-TOP CEN mI" !? l 51V L n It g1E ?V?VAAKp8f"mV??i.SB;:itKfiT rmiinii P <iXHK,b stoves, kitchen LTENSILS. Ac., AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY, tfce 1st day of M%r, 1373, commencing at lO o'clock a. m? we shall sell TT\lL?tU*trdeclining house _T J l*2f ^ MaisachnsHts avenue, cor S-nr^f 8tret ?or,''east, the above collection of t uraiture. Ac. Terms cash. GREEN A WILLIAMS. Ancts. |<V LATIMER A CLEARY, ~ 5 .i act<?naars and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest coiner of Pennsylvania avenue and Elev enth street, Star Office Building. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AT AUCTION, fil THD*SDAY MORNING, Mav 1st, Pi ly?.'commencing at lO o'clock, we shall sell 18 131,1 ',tr"e,? n0ar Bonn Ifl^arr street, the following Oo^mIs: Furxitnre ntan(1 MahoSa?y Marble-top Chamber Marble-top Center Table, Brussels and Three-ply Carpets, Pillows*04' Hu"k Feather Blisters and Buperinr Chromo*, Ornaments, Fine Glasswnire, Chinaware, Cooking and Heating Stoves. Kitchen Requisites *rm~ . , _ LATIMER A CLEARY, . f Be pah | Auctioneer*. By latimjcr a cleary, Auctioneers and Real Estate Broker*. Bouthwest earner Pennsy (Mania avenue and 11th ?t? Star Office Building, Y|RY DESIRABLE BUSINESS PROPERTY ON 81D> PENNSYLVANIA AVE u l WEST OF SIXTH STREET FOR SALE AT PUBLIC AUCTION. fr7;?Wr L for "al0' *? public auction, in of th.e premises, on FRIDAY, April ii, M 'kP "1',he and Lot now nZ ?T Joseph prat* as a restaurant, known as nnm kap'a avenue, and being part of lot nunibered (I,) In Square numbered four hundred and sixty-one (461.,> contained within the following ?nd b<>unda; Commencing at a point on Penn Tan^i enne northwest forty-five (45) feet eight i!!Li westward I y from tie northeast corner ot ?hl. i??u<V?' thence weetwardly along Jont i. r a v?nn? ' wenty two(221 Seet; thence Sftv ?rr1". V? r,8ht.angb>s with said avenue rJ:7', .?/thence, dae south fifty three (63) feet eight (8) inches to the lino of north B street thence east along said straet twenty-two iII) feet?' thence north forty-six (46>feet and "nine (9) iaches and thence northwardly to the pUce ot beginning' The improvements consist of a large four stwry Brick Hi,use,containing eleven large room,, inciu '* ?I the room on the arst floor, which fronts both on Penneylvaniaavenne and B street north r,.Tl,rTn3i>t5a One-third of the purchase money i? i .V1-! th,,..bal^nc? Ln installment*of six ' i and eighteen (IB) months from date ot sale: the purchaser will be rwiuired to give his note* for the deferred payments, bearing iaterest at ! ?1 (8) percent, per annum, and secured E&nS* "f r?wt.on ,h<> property. A deposit of *SIH) Will h? required when the property is bid off Oon ve-yracing at coat of purchaser. LEWIS J. DAVIS, ELQENECARUSI - . . WM. F. LEACH, Executors of estate of L. Johnson, deceased. *'J"d LATlMElt A CLEARY, AacU. ?/*THI ABOVE BAXE IS POSTPONED IN consequence of the rain, until THURSDAY, May 1?1S'3, same hour and pJace. By order of the Evecntors. aai dAds LATIMER A CLEARY. Ancts. BY DUNCANSOB, DOWLING A CO., Anct'w, Southeast comer 9Ui_and D streets northwest. CHANCERY BALE OF TWO STORY vttui st:^v^s^'??iW, MA , ?7 virtna of a decree of the Supreme Court of tla 11,8 Distrwt of Colanibia, passed in chancery 'Kr ^all.^nTHBRSDAY, ?av 1, 1873, at b e'clock p. m , offer for sale, at public anctwa, Lot #, in Davidson's recorded subdi vision of part of square No. S?4; having a front of* \?n<' ntnning back with that width 100 feet to an alley, and improved by a well built two-story Frame Hoist, with back building. Terms: One-fourth of the parchasa money in caafc ?nd residue in three equal instalments at one, two! and three years, with Interest at 8 per cent, per an? ",nF!j:J*feTTfa Jp h,*M?d by tVe par chaser's notes and a deed of trust on the aroBertr SSi^: B. ?. ?? No. TS? 7 th street, bat ween G anlHrts. 8AA*.^lll!?ISi,l.L^?D,LD*N0 LOTS OB E hOHTH BID* 0? CORCORAN STREET AUCTION? "T" AND "T" 8TBBBTS?/;* I will sell, at public auction, in front of the y premises, oa THURSDAY, May 1.1STS, u ? -^o'clock p. m.. Lots 49, m and #l, squ?,re*B fro^rtUg p fast eac^i on Corcoran street, by a depth' of 9? feet to an alloy. Tema to ^ made known on day of snie. iio iu. RT IBOS I WAWIAKAN, u Baai Bstata Auctioneer, IU 7th street TA10A??J|0?,CT O. ? ??,Tl ? .uil wain da '? . Terms d?v of sal#. M TRQ$, ?. WAOttAMUT, A act, AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTIKMOiUl. ur b. n warner, ?o. 7^ ZZZ'ZSZ.TJX??-' ^HOUHi:*,Nf>^'i*^'^*|^jPB*]jKTORY BRD"K BA8T. At ACCTIuK 6T*"T south ? By virtue of a deed of trust to Daniel L latoi and myself dated March ?. 1371, and duly ?T corded in Liber Mo. ?j. folio?l. one of th* l?ml for *aaMnirt<%n, D. C., 1 will tell at pnbH? JM>?irn' *?-&?!?' ?* 'he premises. to the higb?a bidder. on THURSDAY, the ?6th dav"r mSS^T F3'"* "?'?* > ? . II ?h.1 panof' L?"fS !!, 7i? bounds: B'C'uning for the mun? at a isMtit ?nnf?V.r?m th" com* of Lot Mo.l&?| SSJETiifre^S *?2L V* ??'?? of irdsbtednses secured by ?aid deed of trust unpaid, with the ? r-nina of sale to b?Sl^?id h, f1.*4* *n<1 'welve ninths', li * deed of tru*t qdoq the ?roiu?rtf ?old, with interest from the day of sale 83ft) de ssMMWsa.r.'twr sr&pisrK " "? "*? ?*? A<*: <nJj?w ^tmssssMsr ,rja B. HWARNER, Auctioneer. THI ABOVK SALE IS P03TI?ovrn until WEDNESDAY, April 16. UT3, ai6 o?vkd m.,same place. By onle? cf th- Trustee P ?w B. H. WAB.VEB, Auct. nnT?TwEl>NEsr?AV a8AV?n J8, POSTPONED A'9 B H WARNER. A net. |*T LATIMER ft CLEART, ?? ' Auctioneers and R^il Estate Broker*. Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th ?t Star Office Building. " TRUSTEE'S SALE OF AN EIEQvvt ivn ATKn?iK,0Tl,?r,>RJVATE KESIOKN^ S T* TH E PITV ? Ft,?A.?." 1 ON A R b R |> \ HT of OUT Bl ILblNGS. STABLING AND of a deed of trust, bearing d*t- ?he <* Jebruary, 1071, and roc .rde,* it, Libor iv,- S- , ? 1 i|,li??2S. et sou., one of the laud roo'Tili 'r"I,t W the premise's?^!'Vbat pi'weor'parcel of ground, lying and being situate in the city of Wash Xflon,In tk? DiMrict of Columbia, and known a d b!?nc1St*?I^' ?.p,?f or P'?'> <* ?aid city a. a..d ' Harrisaiid Grammer s snbdivlaj..,, I Tour ,164 1 ^Mrr.?lJ"1n rsl ',,n' h,?dr?d and sixty I it ^ * 1 wild subdivision beinff record**! in tiio h"? B m I iiih r u, lolio lol, together m tth th<> huildiuff* *n?1 I li.'Pr?Ve?n'?in,i Consisting of a large^onbl* ! \ H'.'J?*' with Mansard roof, brick ^n^'^^'l'JTL ??* at U"C"rn"r uf Jj" in r^)'.^^w^e^ h^I^ua^^iIrtJ^ilJLu!.' "ne IM'd two years, with inter?nt, t.j b.- ? ? U?edoftruat <n the pr?mi*??,or other wise to the satisfaction of th'' party entitled thereto Conveyancing at the expense of th? pnrcha-??r Tf hITIV ?r^J,r>t complied with in on- we^k from 2, m ''*1"'rew>rT?. the right to re..? at tlie risk aiid expense of the defaulting purchaa-r A deposit of five hundred d.dlars will be required at the utile of tbe purchase. *OT"K .. BICHARD WALLAOH. Trnst?e. al^eoAds LATIMER A fLEARY. A-i ts. 1>Y LATIMER A CLEARY, ? ' Auctioneers and II- i{ Estate Br >kers oautnwest corner Pennsylvania avenue aud Elev enth street, Star Office Uoildines. T?J. PTFE S sale of vTlcabi.e INTFRF-?T<! REMAINDER AND REVERSION I\ THK PFNNS^V'V^VtaANU STORE kolrM^ VbS rJLftWalL* ANIA A\ EN ( F S(WTH <i ?, c BETWEEN FOUR AN1? A H \ LF AN il SI \ TH STREETS NORTHWEST AMr A!iu MXTH of ,ru,t *? mo- '<??*''"1 D<vem n!,L ?T " 7nd.<,"|Jr record-d in Liber d5o, folio . 1r,cor,1'i 'or Washington county, J net ofC iBBbia. and at the request of th>- party s-enred thereby, I will sell, at j,?b|ic auction in 1871 at 6,o;cf^L-"i'"?,0n WP>'*8DAY. Apnl io. one b?lt , uf 1/^ 7 fn ??*????? in remainder ,ti ! ih , i ,V ^ . ttn ,n reversion ,r nne i*",' l' in Lot numbered 31, reservation B. Iving and being in the city of Washington. D.with irn proventen's thereon, consisting of a subs;autial Brick Warehouse; ?aid lot fronting twenty five<25) feet on h side of Penns) U an,a av^o^and run nine one hundred and twenty seven (127) fe?t five (5 (inches to alley in r?ar;saH reversionary interes?. is sbont 72* yea'?*<Vage! widow, who T? rnis: One-half cash, and residue in 6 and 12 months, to be secured upon the propertv sold and to b? ar interest. The sum of one hundred ani'tifty 1 ,fie time of tb- acceptan of liiti ? ? if th? terms of the sale are not complied JL ^i?le <,*ys,rro,n ?h" time of the sale, the prop, em Will be refold at the cost of the defaulting pur chaser. Conveyancing at purchaser's c> st . KfrE " PAYNE Trustee aj 2219130 LATIMER A CLEARY, A.ict;S. |J Y B H. WARNER, N, ?ni1 R"*' K-i'atP Broker, Ko. 7 aa <th street, between O and H. EXECUTOR'S SALE "of VERY TAI.riRt * BUSINESS Property ON THE sniTH ?"'? <>* PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE BE 1WEEN 9ih AND 10th STREETS. r?rLjor "Hl> l"1 FRIDAY, April 5;?^?,!" '?? front of the premises. "~to the highest bidder, Lot lettered D, subdivi 380 fro-thif^i Vi'i" ^?; ,'l?d 4. in Square N... 'roating t3 feet IS inches on Pennsylvania avo Srmwl' b?nLn?E b^k,?ndfr,;ntingon ^ street, im i m three story and attic brick store and dwelling honse now occupied bv Can.'s loan office. Uie city '* oue * huainess stands in mJr.T"1 ^ne-fourth cash; balance in ?, 11 and 19 ol' W interest, secare.! by a deed of trust b^ ' i ? deposit on acceptance of bid. If terms of sale are not complied with within 7 .*rr*.\te y1*; property will be resold at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. Conveyancing !tTPU:cJ,arur ,c5?- JOHN M SfMS. Eveemor a7-eoAdslSun.Gaz.ARep.] B. H. WARNER, Auct WEDNrsn* v?V*B 8-f ';?n "POSTPONED until WEDNESDAY, April 30, 1873. same hour and P'."?' . JOHN M SIMS. Exe.-utor. B. H WARNER. Auctioneer. RT THOMAS E WAOOAMAIf, " u Real Estate Auctioneer, 419 7th street. fiv"&.^r.0nfd wit'tl^^D.^pi^ recordsVorwisbi^ii''1" 6,3' r?Uu.J24l of 'he l^nd records for Washington county, in trie District of A?;riln. It a'o.- ?m *??DAY. the' a 1st day of iW l;^1 * ? clock p. m., offer for sale, at cBb L,c ??clj!^n.' ,n iront of the premises, the prop, rry Frame Hons.*' im?rovements, beiug four Terms One-third cash; the balance in sir and ^rr!le-moD. 5*5 dV ?J **'*? mr"! secured by f ar fuDo^S55Saire;, It' ^^?^1/111? "'i'/AMS, Anrtlonw,, *-* No- 1001 norUiweet corner loth aud D sts. 8sllf a?iT*AJ^J.KABLE, BUILDING LOT IN TION ^ HAYY YARD, A.T AUC SI^V'a?th ?f April. ? ?/A ^ 1 i.'8e41 1,1 front of the premises, at Si*i?n,? p" ?nt lot numbered thirty fri. /aJ? s?jnare mm bored nine hnirfrrf and forty . c"n*airnng two thousand one huiiilroU T>Hm8< Are IT* j ^roijtH, more or loss. 5 '? balance in six and twelve the I>r?.?rtv i"a,W,,^ur"J by ? <1^ ,f trust on -5? Oa*?N * WILLIAMS. Ancta. RY LATIMU& A QTuEARY, ~~ K ,,,th Jt"?1'u""?? **> 1 Real Estate Broker., southwest corner Ptr.usy h ania avenue aud lllh St., Star fjfflcf Building*. n.. ? SALE OF BOOKS. VVENING, April W9th, andM eaeh evei.tni 2 "n,V' a" "o'd. Commencing Will sell nt^ir B h*lf?Pas, 7 o'clock precisely, we nue iind lit str??t" ' ?T ** *"'* *T?" a large antj valuable collection of BOOKS, ? ... , Embracing < (h?'on. American History, Indians. Geol m . AIU aud Sciwoea, Army uud ?*' y, Antnjuitios, Architecture, Langua^.-s, Ac., Ac. _ A'1^> ? chaice collection of Stanuaod and Miscellaneous Books, English aad American editions, To wi>i.?>r uiany of them m fine bindings. iowmcr, we ,avlto special attcution of book a,"7> '* Books are now arranged for examination, Hlo*n??wili be ready on Satnrlar morning! nnable to attend the sale can have their ^STf^'^utedbrthe anctioneers. ?O^'.f | Rep.| LATIMER A CLE ARY, Ancts. BT* WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, " No. lt>01, northwest corner Idthaod Dsta. rAir?A?-L??J5^ *"ate at thcoorneb ?Tp?*yf^JlXST%.**'r NORTH AND 7tu STREET WEST, AT THE JUNCTION nr J.rp-BTREiT CARS, AT AUCTION. ?? MONDAT, the ?th day of May, 1873, at ? Lot*Nn 'W'ii! W*jte!!?S"'??E premises, Wing inoVi rli?\ i"nhdlvkion of Mount Pleasant, hav str,J!i rn,?ll'I1f throngh io 8th ^w2iu,th l1* improvements, consisting of a t Property has fin* ?SS^'^t^J^neon Boandary.nhand 8tk sts.; blepMparty w**"nitof? road, Mklng it vatna T'jsjus: One-half cash; balance 1 and t years, tor n" ?aa bearing C per cent, interest and secured by a dee4 of trnat on the premises. Convey an dug at '.k? coat of th* purchaser. |Wi gown am the dav of aale. (Ul^l) GREEN A#WILL1AM9: Aa<S | DT LATIMER * CLEART D Real Estate Broken and Auctioneers, Boothwaal oonar Pennsylvania ave. aad 11 th street. r Bur OMoe Bunding. ' i oT traat dated ths 9th day aad recorded in Liber No. ?1 reoords for the county OolMabia, and by Um ' " thereby of sale, and aecuredT^eed sold. All coDveyaaciag at down whecAhMttM&M m Mr\:? TuSkB * CLE AST. AUCTION SAM& BI W L. WALL A OO..A?ctluMN?, New M-rbte Bu.Uhw. IT*. V00 ?d4 VOU Pennsylvania ????**. ON* THOUSAND BOLL* OF WHITE <'HT. K AKD riNi'T MATTIN0S. OIL-CLOTH-. A. , At AUCTION OnTlEBDAT MOf.EING. c pimenrmg at 13 o'clock, we will wll ?b at on* tli nun.1 Wait*-. Chxk ?ti<l Fancy Matting* of dtfl ? ent width*. all fr?-?b. and of till* mm u'? Mrvr'.tlivii, bat lug ;ust artiyeai. A Lao, One hundred pieces vtfO.i-clotlis.d.ffi-rent width* Term. All ?i.nis aoJir |lt(y ctsh, over thai ?n.onnt a rrvNilt 4 iblrti and m\t< tivys, f ?? nit MlmliirtKtUf iwli rw^. b-siiug mtWMt a3 W L WML A CO . A?cU ?y isoobsecjuebce' or the run. the al->v< sale will l?i -l|h ned uuttl FKII'At MORN IKti. M?j 'i, at *3t?-dt? V L WML t CO . (>?<!? BY W . L. W ALL A CO.. MarWf Building, S oa WOO and 903 Pa. a?f , *>uth i<wr 9>h SALE OF THRFE ROSEWOOD PIANO*. RLE CANT WALNUT (HAMPER and IMKLol H ITS IN REPS, TERRY. and H AIR CLOTH PAlNTElfCH AMBER SI ITS. PI PKBOARR*; WaSIISTaNDS: OAK and WAl.NUT EXTKN 8I0N TABLE$: TU?"EER SPRINGS 1O0 Ri'Ll S OILCLOTH. MATTINGS. CARPET."*. Ac.. Acon tin first floor of cur *paclons sales room, >>u a cr?di' of AO s? d 60 J*? * - On IRIPAY MoRNlNO M.T 'J.fwi ?ESHlTnen-ii g at 10 o'clock, w.tb >??t reaiTi , "' 1" Three R fmood Piau?>s, by excellent ni?ker* R- p?. T*rrY and Hair Cloth Parlor h !?< K'c.a? t Walnut Chamber buits, 10 pi-c-s P?i t? <1 Chamber Suit# Marble ? f Bureau", M'a-hstands, ai l Bf l-tfal' MnM?4 p Walnut and Oak S'deb >atd*. W ha'note. Etegres and Hat Racks Wi.liiui V stdrobes, It >ohca*ee and M?ttraa<-? Km It lis White and Check Matrtnc*. of this year' in'i ??nation, in |??rfect ordtr. ICO K 1* ??i1 Cloth of .liff.r nt pattern*. N It We call spec.a! attention of burer* fotS? ?b>n? sa'e, as ever? articlewillle-peremje,-r>lv eold T- rme: Ail sum- of and wider % n?*. ?-* 1: all -tun* over that atn- nnt, a credit of 36 and *>0 (avi, ?itl> net ? ?ati-t*.lorily e|td?rwd. hearing interest. All 1MWWI iriniag In avail them- f ' It oi p rtun.i) of ft dit willi port to the A'ltien- r* I . |. re tl>e M?ie. a30 | Rep | WM L WALL A < O., Aurts. BY LATIMER A CLEART. Auctioneers ana R-al E-iat- Broker*, corner Peiinsylx ania a*e . aud 11th sir.-et, 8tar OiBce Bid Mings. VALUABLE IMPROVED PRTlRTTOS THE NORTH SIPE OE ? >TKKKT NORTHWEST BETWEEN 4 rs AN P Sth SPRKKTS. Bf.lNti NO 4b* AT AUCTION -t* 0#l TI'E^DAY AFTERNOON, M .< Krh.lffS. K::'??'intn tn-inc at 6 o'clock . iti front ot tb- pr<*ni Liia <e?, we-hall ?ell part of L -t S of -nh .?f |, .t 4. in ^nwrr .">W. impro?<*i l>y a >mfortal>?e tw->-*t r\ Brick. with back I'uildin*. ?ith all the m ?l?rti un pi oTcrai-nta, hav inc a front of f on th- n-nh -ide '.f 0 *tre<'t northweat, M*?i'i) *tb and Stli, b ? int Niv 4t?i T-'mi*: One-third ^ash; th"- re?i4n<- in two equal p.\tineiit? at 6 and 12 m ti-!i?, with u<at<*? b-artnu ni teri ?t at fl p<-r cent atui aocur.-d by ?d"e?i -f tru-t >t? tin- preniine* aold Convey am tug at purchaaei'? coil ?IU0down at time --f ?ale ?3(i-d4"U-|Bep) LATIMER * CLE ARV, A? BY LATIMER 4 CLEAR*, Auctioneer! anil B-al K-tat? Broker*, Southweet corner Pennarlvaitia ar.-nne aud 11th street. Star Offlce Building. HIGHLY VALUABLE IMPB<>VEO PR iPKR 1 \ ON THE H>l TH SIDE OE V STRKET. IN THE REAR OK WILLARDW HOTEL. AND IMMBMATKLY APJoIMNU WILL A R1>'S HALL. AT Al'CTIOS On THURSDAY AVTEBNOhN, Mar ?'h, f ?u 1-573. roiiini* nciuc at b od'x k, in front of th JUjil j.| in, ?f!nl .ell Lot A. in Sriarf 225, bar ing a fr< nt on F street of atif.-et .<ud : uniting h? k at nn aM-rage d- i tli of ldp fwt i? ? Jl-l'Wt alii i, ?ltli a direct alle> , IS feet wide, t-. P.*uu-yl> *nia a> n'i?. inipr?.x'-d by a:hr.- ->t .ry BricW Darelliiic. in.m - li ?tely ad initig WillardV Hill, containing ab-ut 14 r<- m?, with all the modern improvement* T>-rni.- One-tliird carh, the r ? die in three e^ial StMnetita at 6, 12 and !?> month-, an I aecured 1>> a ??.l . f tru-t, with note* bearing inter?t at 8 jwr eent C- nve) ant ing at pnrcbaitr acoat. fsuul)*ii at time of aale aSu dAda (Bep 1 LATIMER A CI E ARY. An.-t* ByIqREEN * u ILLIAMS. A'ictioue??r*, N<>. lOOO tiorthwMt UKli and 1) ?tre?ta. TBI STFE'S SALE Oi~A TWO 8T0RY BBI? E DWELLING IN SyCABE N> ^07 Hy i ir-u<' of a d-?-?l of trimt "ii?t"?! Nov?-ni'^?r I, 1-Tu. and ilnl\ n-eor-h-d in L'h-r No. 624 t li ? ?i- ill), Ac., of tb<- land rec ?rd* f-<: W.i?hiugt >ii comm. ti.C., an.I bv th-* dire ;t-n ->f the penn - ?w-urnl thereby. I will a>'ll, :it pn'"li" xii'-ti >n, i t fr"Ut'?f the preanlwea. on KRII>\Y, tW? lifli li*v f Mh\ . A I> lf7S. a: h o>l.H-k p. m., all r L .t uum ber?-d fifty -thre*(U(. in P in - a lei Kiuurt--'- -ubli vi-iou ttf -in-tre numh-red two huntlrwd ;?n l ?e\ u (air I. together witli the improvement- tiaereoii. T- Jin- of .ale One third in ca?h; aiel the balane in ?. 12. ati'l IS m -ntb-, to be ?ecur--l l>v ?? d?ed ?f iru-t ntvtn the prowertv - 4d, with interest fr-m tU ? da> > f *ale. WILLIAM A OORIH>N Tru*t? il?> 2awAda GBEEN ? WILLIAM-. An. By mattinuly a wheeler. Auctioneer* and Broker*, No. 503 9th street uorthw?->t, ueit to orner E at. TRt'STEE'S SALE BY AUCTION OF VERY VALUABLE REAL ESTATE IN THE FIRST >\ ARI>, FRONTING PENNSYLVANIA AVE NIK AND A GOVERNMENT RE9BRVA S Under and by Tirtna of a deed #f trust, in which 1 have beea anbetitaU<d a? truvtee hi the place?f B rank D. W hituey-.d-ceaa-d, wInch it*recorded in Liner No. 616, folio 448, t?ne of the land record* of Waahington count*. District of Co lumbia, and at tha request of the holder of the note aeeure,| by said dee.I ,.f trust, 1 shall set "P-e*p--se. ami aell. to the nigheat bidder, on WEDNESDAY. April :<?. 1S73. at 4 o'clock p in., on the premises, original L jts t W> nin-teen andr?> tw?nty. in a.|n?re numbered (M>1> one hundred and one. These I .ts front seventy-five feet on 1 areet, near iu inters tion with Peunsyh ania aiensr, and have adepthxf one Imndrnl and forty-nine feet and three iuelies to a puMic alley twenty feet in width, and side al.ey Brteeit feet asuie from I street, fronting a reserva tion and Pennsylvania avenate. This property is peculiarly adapted for the erection of first-class pri va?e r-Midencee, and should command the attentian of capitalists and builders Tern*: Ooe-half cash; bslancf in 6. IX and 18 months, with interest at aix per cent, p-r aunctn, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. A de- j posit of $500 when sold. Conrryancing at cur chaser's cost. Terms of sal* to be complied w?th in one week after sale. W. B M EBB. Trustee. ?22 d (Rep.) MATTINGLY A WHEELER, Aucts. my THE ABOVE SALE IS HEREBY POST poned until THDRSDAY. May *. 1ST1. at 4o'cl<kk p m ,on the premises By order ot the Triei^ ?.? -oiw MATT1NGLY ? WHEEt-ER. Auots H.WARNER, ? . . Real B'tate Broker and Aactiovacr, No. TV9 Seventh street. Let wee a O aud H. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IM PROVED PBOPERTT IN THE NORTHERN SECTION OF TIIE CITY, ON O STREET OR COLFAX STREET. BRTMEEN 14th AND 1*ch STREETS fWRTHWEST. By virtue of a deed of truut * dated March J4. lwa and duly recorded in Libs-r 564. folio "Oa of t he land records for Washiugtun county, D?truA of Co Inixhia. and by direction of the v ^jtmcM^d, I will sell, <n frout of the premise-, on FRIDAY AFTER NOON May t?th,l?C3, at ? o'cW* k, to tl^ high^wt bi l ler,the west 4? feet 9 inches front of Lot 99, tn S<i4sre 195; improved by three two ?*?ry Frame Roa*e?, or such parts of said pcemisoa a- may be ?ec.?-ary to ??tmf? said debt. Terms of Kale: One-third cs*h; balaare in ? aad 12 mtnitlis, with six per cent, iaterest. The a-*ferr?a pavm> tits to U secured by a deed of trust aad in snrance t>n the property sold. In Case the terms are not complied with mi five days after sale, tie-right i- reserved to reeell the property, at the r.-k an<l c?-st of thedafaultina pnrrhaeer. AhWdowa on day of sale. FBE0 KOONES. Trtmtee. a26-d&ds B. H. W ARNER, Aiict. By c. kennbdy. " T7777 Real Estate Broker and Atwtioneer. Bl&7thst. AT AUCTION?THREESIX BOOMED FRAMJU) HOUSES (?N 4> STREET.ON EASY TERKHv On Tl'ESDAY, B?*y *th, at * o'clock p. I w ill sell, separately, tn front ?f the premises, parts of Lot- 14 and 15. B-iaare 5S8, improve^ by thre..*i* ro<-med "Frame H"ijae?, the same being N *. *??, ;.04 and 406 43* atrdet, between E and F streets southwest. ... , . - Terms: One ftmrth cash, balance in payoKnts of jt4<l p. r mcutn. A5U down at sale Sa2i sK C .KENNEDY A o;tt.Mi-er. I)iLATIMER A CLBARY, _ II Auctioneers and Real Estate Briers, Southwest corner Pennaylvania ava. atw 11th street, Star Offise Building. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF V ALr ABLE IMPBOYFD PUOPKRTY ON COLUMBIA STREET BE TWEKN P AND Q STREETS NORTHWEST. MBy trirtueof two deeds of trast, dated March 6th, VSt, and July lo, liCJ, duly recorded respectively in Liber ?T3. fo?> 4*, aad Liber 6ttf. folio &49, of the land record* for W ?ehia*t "n county,In the District of ColumUa. and b? directi >* of the party secure.! thereby, I will seli, at public auction, in fr->at of the premises, oa FRIDAY AFTERNOON, May *1, at 6 a'clock, V?J. W'7 M4. in David L Morriaon s and <<her? aahdtvision of part of Square N">. 386. with the uaprove^.-nts thereon, consisting of a well-built three-story Brick Dwelling, with one-story L*cA boiliis*f< " >th watfi 'auO tat li r<M>m. This property haa a frc?* of 19 fist on Colombia street, running back 106 " a li'-loot all*y. Terms of sale: One-foarlh cash; tasidue la 4,12 ant IS months. Deferred payments to bear W per ca?t. interest from day of sale and to he secured by a deed of trust on the property. ?1W down <U time ofs^le Conveyancing at coat-of rnrcha^er. If the team of aale are nut compttfel with wdthtn ten days there after. the Trustee reaerv.s the right to n*?ll the property at the rtefc aad coet of the defaulting pur chaser, after ?*ViQt?LL?KAT. Traat^i. a22-.lids LATIMJB A CLEABY, Aarq. B1 *" H Broker and Auctioneer, No. 7H9 tth streU^oetweea 0 and Bstreets. CHAKCEBT BAIJt OF~IliPBOVBD BKAJL ES TATE ON ISItm STREET WBBT. BET WEBB T AND D STRJSETb NORTH. ABB ON AM ALLSl IB TUJt REAR THEREOF. _ B> v irtae of a decree of the Supreme 6o??.B4e trict of O'tlui-*-'- * *" " aud sous i we shaU i ItCS, iu ? e'ckeck p. m . ia front of the IM-emlse*. pnblir aactiaa. lota W.M. <1,61.4&. and71. <n Falc ner aud Mfeu's recorded subdtTtslsa of parts of square |7t, improved hy Ave two-a*o*y and emm throe-stu?T briok dwellings, aearly ?ew. Terms of sale. One loan h cash 14JJ,S,ae la ot w ithin hve days thereafter, ??d the resadoe ia fomr 4hohI installments, at ?. It. tS. and ?? M* itbei" B* froR. the day of aale, the pnrchaeer er pnrchaam filing hia, her, or their promissory notes for tfcr deferred payment*, beariM intere* Jrom the daf ^ sale, the tiue to he retained antil thew^oleof purchaes money, wtfh the Interest, Is paid. Ir event of the failure at the gwrrhassr or parcP asen to comntv with the terms "* aole, the trwtr M ^are the ng&Tto reeell the preperty at the risA ^ | FEED K W.iONEB ^Tmraw. a21-m.V,d?U ? B a. W^BNEE, A net I EVENING STAR. I. I* l!L** Cktl4 .fr?rw4 1 ar# frf-r, 1* or t? a .lay* ;>?*( minora i .. | i ^ from afar vat ion m ? i* a J. arm r*? pewter, w||> u . n?tb.r. and th- cl !1d J| "' ?* Hi bad b. ?u (vmpHl.,1 .|eer llfWMt t?MM cm** he<w^. ^ ?P*'* ?? ??*? during the wiater w? t**n *<r by lb* neighbor* waabiu* .T: ?.?n .kptli.n* in Ui.- yard with o.l.l *?,?, Mr ha> Imi n *e.n eating from ?will |?n> in t?,< yard* of different Mi^ibiM*, and picking ?? ?iw rtlinj ??'?!? of f?*?d Ui row i, out tori, to l?nl upon. Tti? i? onl, a *p*v-tmen of tki> the inhuman trraitu-nt to which thi* child t.aa been Mil'jfctatl Two other children litre btri *en picking *crap? from tl,r *will ,^,| and eat 1??.-L til4 **??", hare frequently JT * ? ' then* children into their hnuaea \* heJ! t I.TTL? U** 4" b' **nn* wintei. the brat nam. <1 chiU died. Lr bad n >lh hm bu, ?"??>??* ofthecUTr brrl-HF''""-'--sttis I* l* ",r ""Wt ?n It. atal h.r rM>l? ??, "Ton may thi* time. bat no, aLailT Thn tather i* *aul to hare piop.-rtv in \.-? Ke.l ford rained at **.??" U \tejy M ?? hi* trade. and U i temi*raie ma? Tr .K"t'H'"KV,rr fc** l**n h,,?r', ^ A l>r?ibrr?( the' Hi.-*e rliiMion wa? i ? l??* 'w* mg taaMrtai tbo clu dren apoken otto t* tboac ot hi* ?? -| aiater If auWcient legal evidence ran he r><w4 I e guilty i artie* mill Im brought U> i i at ice .. either of them belmic t? Xewyort, hut !??i ttti |.T?^,,twe niMh.,.d th?, I-*,.",? Jutirmit. Af r?7 Zt A* '?*st?bi hi Kip IT a* t.? a Ft*? j\AL l"_ tLJ1'?falnlwl lilt l||g.>tie<- c.Mne. t tJil^ ft^ce, U-lhti^of the Ju?tant ,1.-afh of an uud< rt*krr ot Her. f??rd towuahiit. ttdaeovnt* r?? .!iro near the l.ohlch countv line, i he ?<?' ci.lei't liaj j.. ?ri Monday la?t Mr llonrv II. :iul>a< h. uimI. rtakrt, m ar Ste*MUrin? ? ,, taking anrmpty cn.Wti in it hoar?e tor the bar of barring the ImmIv of the child ot a f .rm cr. 11*in# M*Mit tliree mil?r from hu r.?. I. ?cc < 'n the road tb<? borM> ran a?a> and he ?a? ?.^r" TV *"<1 tor Mtnic 4b tanre. 1 he horac ? hoot* , ainr in runNrt with unfortunate manV head, ami before be Inv-atna 'i' lw r^i m d.-ti^are.t in * manner. The h. rw g^llor^i oil and were caught after a conMderat.i* diktats e. Seat. h ?a? iauaeOiaAelv ma te I.N the man. and klabadj mrnrn lound Irlt g mewmm ?" lifeleaa. Una,, taken to f ?.hbor ' ?>?uar. and Medical ?id Kiin n>one,l. f''i / mah |?r<?tio?t?ce?l eitiuct ke i hn$ (r* > . I kliHITTKI. to puhlMfa the fo lav jng brilliant j** rfv*/(r,?, the tir?t time, we bc -Ve . 1,4 ?,ril,t N*? U illi... the poet. ".^.m.i, h7r'n1',.1'T' ?<venhr Vr and Mr? cnr'^ .v ti " ^ residence in W a.hii.gton city, to the Hen. John A. <'nni|>l>ell. then in?t r?-turr?d a*the Minuter to Mexico (now a f>r?m irent citircn of New I?r!?-atm.j Mr. <'an.i.l.e|| waa of courae, the diating?<?thed gue?t of the erening. ai..i receire.1 from Mr*, (iiilea very great alteration Hut that la-lr oWr,n1 that Tl Wm.??i iS< ?ton' ,W%" rv'" mnrr ? Y V- , ?xtkII to Mr. I'anii.liell ?rid fearol .-f might l-e thought iiu|>ru<l. ut ui one ao young, and wrote on a alip of her feara, am. re^nesting her niece not to l? ao mmr tirular n her attention* to the poet. Thih alli? of paper ?m ae.i n br Mr. WiUia, who a-ked t.^t0 n rlv to It. which he did aa follow. t. -'T- <1f*r ?nnt. would voo tranuvfl* ? uu strain mt a Nat, ami Mlln? ? Cim^ell.'9 f H i!J>>y rr.&l. .hiT*" "A*. diaaatiafled nith the c.M)uett^b acUona of hi* vouug ladv ?? *bo|'p4t ou Satunlav. retir. d to ?nother |>*rt of tl.e ?torr, and renting bio etbow on the dummy ligure of a woman, care bnawlf "I''1! gloomy reflect ion*, fioui which he wo rodely ar. i?-.-,| by a aharr. pUah while the duni m. Tf<?rwu?- orer the head t row ?n ln-l.pnatit lady a paraaol. There ia htr.Hr ei-onghol the Kngli>h language todojuat.oe lb the acsne that folbiweri.?firnhwry \rurs. ?yTa^ern adricea Male that a recent b gh wind Mew down a large aign lw.ard in i:?,od^ IM?nd. aeriouMy injuriug several farm* wbu-b lav undiT it. 'A Kliodc Inland MitbuiaM at an aueii ?n l-ought !? lot of furniture and then a-ked tho eroad to name **the >reat woman in town " to hi-r"" *w H'uni *nd Ibe gooda were neat ^The rahmen of Vienaa liaeeatrnck ineon M)<ueiiceol a diaagre* ruent witb the govern ment in regard to tb? larirt of far*.. Tlior are threat* ne?i with fine and impriaonmont and Srlke"* ' iic*u* the> i? th? . ^"The I/OiMlon Ohaerrer. Braking of a mm !" w?yr '"She baa gone to Ani?rira. ? ?.'."f k.\.C?.,ir"r> tbMt "?*''? *?' ">"? I a von tea." 7o thia the Iletroit Tribune rejoice* "to think that we should pay M a ticket to *ee thoae tola* a La then l>e accaaed of atealing.*' MARRIKI). f'A % I>?MAOI IRB Vi N Pei.'rV ( b.nnfc, ^ ii a vt?! r*ther B-vU. JoHM D HJUllKK.ifliiirritt % DIED. r.BOWN On Tu-?lay,th. ?M. ioal of r?r-br. -pit al in* nine ii?. tlKOfcuE Kfttiit HK.iWM aio-d 31 < *ar> aid < ao rn h? ' J r!1!"'',*1 will, take plae* to morrow. ( Than da> ? at M* lat. r- e, c..raer a7 e?u?- and Mb atr.-et aaat " COKNELL <>a ?h< t?h in-tatit, EI.l,rK. wif - ..f J. rvmUb^CoaW1. iu Hi. ?k r? ar of h-r a**. ? uaiiva of Balhni k?llic<?tt. * uorr E. rry, I:viva| D cbi lr?a 1 have lett ibe.*. In rb?- eartbiy w>rM alone; BO* f **'. I will w *i tb'-o. In that t right, eternal law Her tun. ral -intake plar.on a?-ra?o?. " r01" reaid~?c-, N-. S3 r ?.pHit Donliaant. a $o rl.ick Tl.a fri**n4- and aroaamt. aaeaaof the ^anh are r. ay*rtfull> mr ?e<l t? at (4 flu . ?| w ( OBMIE. April f'k, after a lone r^infal dlneaa. Mr. KLI/.ARKTB CON MoB.Tj ? . ".T, K Mk. ntiy, irotand. aged tf \ -ara K- ?* **'cloek,? Witt* iHrtwaaa ?orth Capitol anil lat atreeta. j, . I)> ATUJtl" Fell aalee*. Aarii b'h, |U|4| dancbterof John H wd Fanui*- i nAi|?) . ^ -,j j* jearv and < ai. rith- BtHiuiea. ai in p* e 1 ohdort your beait?, ye ni"iiriiica aair. _*or fine yoar d wlinc . luld. Ha* left yon f..r t bri?bt? r aphM*. And *?ae.>n* a] ?av* mild Bl.e Ir.hl yon bare that ahe v? M lir^d. New alie I* coue f> r-at. Vth ' of Chriat a* pi red 8he lean* npon hi- l.reaat taw A#?4 h< aai.i. "Safferthe littlecinidren |ori>nia aat* ttr. for of HQrh ia the kin?d.*m of beav.-n M ? rfiLUS?, 'y\'?Styfe.*1- ? ? ?.*4? > Tl'j S1"'.'*?' pia.e fl?>a III* later*a?4enee. J"" B *treet?a? ?u'cioc* p a.,?u rn<la? Mar ?EEJfTf'N On the ev-nil g of the 21-t .1 An il R c KEMVOK.ot trillion S If . br .'her of , L. jmaidi nt of the fitly, na a? + alao of Mt* ( lurk lulU.iiflkiiritr ? UNDERTAKERS. ||liUARD F. HARVEY, (Smtrtnm u HAH tk 7 t JKSJiR,) ? f 8tkxit, Mwnt Nt&tti Tw a METALLIC BVKIAL CASKS AJ*V CA&r ira ?f terry * SHKOCUS. H* nrr s< J, ||>CHAK1) W. BARkCH, CABINET MAKth AXV UNVtJf TAKMM ?I* ELEVEKTH ITkUT, w r FOHHiTOHM OF ALL KJMUB / tAUK Amm kkPAlKkUt 4AVB AlfB ^ 1UIA.W HACEETT, ??. TM Tn Itliii.BiTWiBy u? I'KMISK KOT-ttlUS' . '* and 5UI, at A. STEAL,? /IQT EtITh f..r ?11 near lttb. ? '?H F?ona ara, ^ar tl,a.?rnt^rva. - tbHr ofrii petition t?f .a?^?? -r-? b^?c ^.ai t a-Bnsriiii.r4 era tbararf, to th^ ? tiarr1i t?S3 t9wM Admiaiatrator 1 b.T^I. iy ?????. dmA? ci3i.bSr *? rid of ColnaiUa, I If ima agaiuat the aatd ^ **-'V ?**? ?W? tba r?a ?*. laaraor aa the anhacrlbar. oa or bef.wa t*e Mia 4ar of Aartf stawtranaa *?s??a tki. 1Mb dag "f April, im CBASLBE CLIFTOX LANOL.ET. ?> Admin lat raior W k. X D>>A V11101!1' 'jt pwebjlT* Peai<a a>tear UiU ' ??

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