Newspaper of Evening Star, April 30, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 30, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. _ TDXIMDAT April ID. I?7S. LOCAL HEWS. ? ? Aanwanli, *r., Wa ',"t Oyr* ?Opera bouffe "i? Bri j?mK" TkeaUr Comiq%e?Songs, bnrles'inoB, dances, Ac. I itriln Mall ?"Three years in a Man-trap." ( L*ail<. In the Equity Court f ?teril*v Mr*. Jo?ie .J. Horton (?? Clarke) I'M * bill for divorce from krrh?Kir<l. William Horton. to whom she w .3 m?rrit <i in 1 *7. J.?me? Brady, the man who was ?nine days ago committed" to jail tor act on of the grand jsry, rt?r<l with a sault and battery with in tent to kill Kate Thorn, was tj-?1 iv released on **Wbail. The Cernan benevnt?nt ar -wtatl^n of this eity. through its president, Ju-tiee Waiter, has < ffercd to the orphan r?vlnms of thW. ?is trict * pic-nic at the new Schuetzen pwk, ?n the l?'th of .June next. The union military ball last night at the Inau guration bailding wa* a great success, and the committee in charge feel urtisded as to the re mit. The room was well tilled, and the party enjoy. .1 thrmrtivrs until au early hour tins ?orniaf. Ti e republicans of the VJth district hold a 1 rimary election "between the hour* of! and I thi? evening at the Marshall House, on <th street. for the purpose of electing three dele ya*es to the republican central committee. See advertisenu nt. At the weeklv meetim; of Method'st preaches in New York city on Monday, the question for ilimrnvioii was the temper.nce (|ur^uD: "How can the legislation Kr?wrr for tli^promotion of temper., uce be obtain d\'*- and Brother A. of the National Christian Advocate, Ktid: ?? In Waching ton alone there were i 000 grog -hops, and it wai the iauU of the Legisla ture." The republican club of the 11th district held ?ne ot its u.Mial tur!?nlent meetings list night, and reorganized by electing George Rent roe I resident o.'t'ieclub; John C. Parker, first Tice president; -ferry Kubin.-on, il do.; G. A. Kulin, secretary; John M. Shippen, assistant secre tary . James Coleman. trc^ ure.; Messrs. Ware, Waterman and Campbell delegates,ami Messrs Bould-n and Williams alternates to the central committee. ? ThkMrTTtr>roLiT.\ji Kailkoid? ExcrRSii'ji TriPTOCIHBKHLA5I> A5DTIIK C??AL KeoIoK*. The Metropolitan Branch of the Baltimore and Ohio railrioilTroin Washington city to the main stem at Point of Rocks having been completed, an inspection tour was entered upon to-day over It, and the trip will be extended to Cumberland and the coal regions. Vice President Kcyser and the officers of the road and guest-- from Baltimore left Baltimore for Washington in as|?ecial train at 12 10 to-day, and were .joined her? bv the Washington guests, including Vice Presi dent Shepherd, Gen. W. T. Sherman, Geo. Humphries, C?L Moore, Gen. Heiutzeliuaii, M??srs. \ andenbi'rg, Semken, Consul General Hits, .1. H. Co! bum. Rich- Harrington, Col. .1. A. Magi in'er. anus K. Young, t'raiik Rich ardson. Lewis I>?vlv Fugitt, W. B. Shaw, Jas. 8. Harbour, president Orange and Alexandria road; dobn T. ? row. of the Baltimore Sun; Po*tnm-ter General Cresweil, Senator* Sar gent ami Moirill. Hon. Montgomery B1 ?ir,,I. *? Tbompi on. K*|., Vice President of the Le gs'ative Conned. M?m George S. Gideon, Th.<s I.. Humc.K. H. Kaiffminn. Adolf Class, ' ? S. Shti, J. W. Boteier, S. P. Brown, .J. P. Folcv. Thomas B. Flor nee, John O. Evans, J. "? *' rris. J N. Barritt, George Alfred Tosru send, H G. Fant. W. H. lagett and others. N|-ecial car* were provided for the occasion. Scpplkd with everything needed to make tli trip comfortable and satisfactory, including , sle? ping-ears, dining-cars, aii't an a'tondantly- j fiir? -h'd larder. The excursion train left the j W ??1 ih|['i'n depot alxiut 3 p. ni , and will rea'th i Cumberland t?>-nighf. wh<-re the excursion sts | will beent* rtr.ined at the fine new railroad hotel | built by the railroad company, on to-morrow j a trip will be made tlirou ;h the Cumlierlaml real region. and th* excursion party will return to Wii.-Lii)gtcr. on Friday. ? '?Trr Fallow Who Looks Like Me."?The Brooklyn >N. 1 ) detectives having seenrt-d a photograph ??t tiie Spaniard suspected of being concerned in the G'iodrick murder in that city about i wo months sinee, &?;nt dup'icatesof the Vict ure to the |M>lice in all the principal citie-s. ester.lav atternoon. IH-tectives Ssrgcnt an<l McKlfresh saw a man on Pciin-ylvama avenue who looked very much like the original of the photograph, and they at once arrest.-d h'm, but he soon proved that he was not the individual the oftic rs wanted, ainl was releas^l. He stated that this was the second time he had been mis taken for the tlleged m ;r<ii rer. the tir^t utn>* 1^-irg in Philad* lphia. Fearing a repetition ot the inconvenience of an arre>t. after he had ?ati-ti?d the Philadelphia men that he was not K?>?wll, he had in.?i.-?fe?i, for hi? own protec tion, that tliet give him a certificate to tlia' etTrct. which he produced, signed t>y Chief De tective Hin vs. ? T> m Wbiiiiit SriT>i f?'r a Jtixi'Ttri!. Yesterday m<>-i ing Tom Wright express d a desire to vme of the officers ot the jail t> s<?e stme min ster or r li^ious persons, and said that Le was t'red o*' bcin^ lo>?k< d on s? a dog, and that with all his la ilt-. he was a b.iman 1?? ing. Ilev. Mr. I hornp^sin, his lavoiite min ister. formerly statiuuea at St. Paul's ck*pel, Se.nih ^ a diinjton, hav<ng left the cit?\ h Jad no pr. ference, and the Rev.- Sa'-uae! I'raptr. of llethel, (on M s reet, near loth street.) w:?s then sent for. Mr. l?raper. with Mr. Hunter, Miss Mason, M;?* Bower. Mr*. Myers, and Mrs. Stuifh, *u>-m T ? r? of h's church, vi-lt-d him to-d:iy about 11 o'c'e.k. ai. l ?i cnt about an hour with him, an., attrrwards swme time with Henrv Young, charged ? ilh the murder ot Hahn, sinking ano praving th>-ui ami exhorting Wright t4? Kiake ( reparations to meet his God. Wright se< m< d very *?'tiot:s durii g the exercises, and was much p*tra??d with their Yisit. ? Civil. SriTH Km* AlLKID .\??\rtT A*t> Fsttery. Jtc.?Mewrs. M.jore ami Newiuao ha\e entered a suit for Isaiah W. Kidg'ley and wife agair^t Henrv Wolford and E. >L Hall Tor alleg >1 as-aul' ami battel v. charging that Wol ford did. in April, assault and beat Mrs. Kidge lev. lor which they claim damages in ?5,uno. Also, a snif for the same parties again-t Wol ford. charging him with having, in April, uted the lollowirig wor.U f> and concerning Mrs. B ?Von want to steal niv go.Ms. You have stolen my goods. You migtif just well steal ??> tto?ls ^ on are not Ioik'4. You are no lady. You are not honorable," ^nd ?? I'll have yon arrested and sent to the station-house for stealing ?' "By which malicious words." it is set forth in the bill. ?? -he has oeen greatly im paired ami prejudiced in name and reputation," and tl.ev therelore cla;u? Sio.ouu damages on that account. ? nirr InijiK r.\ S' xuiv Kaids of the Goat??Mr Win. K. Smith chairman of f?j.. patkmg commission, has addre^^ed a letu-r to the l'oard of pnblic works, complaining that the goats are religiously and inalustriou-lv em ploy. d every Sunday In destroying the efforts of the board to feed the esthetic ?<ml of the people by decorating the street" ?ith akrubberr, aiwi n:.|Uiriinf if a >t??p cannot l>e put to th ? ittiisance. The board ha* em-losed n copy ot the letter t?) the health department ami to klajor Kicbards, re.jui sling that a uuitr<l e/lo^ be made to get rid ot the?^ animals, ft u aaM that the pound-men give no attention to ?he mniiri g at large of animil* on Sunday, and "wik r- of -toe k take ail vantage of the day to IkTowxe them on the public parks. It is believed that a tew S it?>^ nM. would not he regarded m- a vivlat ? n of the Sabbath, and would effec tnally cure the evil comfdalned of. ? a AR*ESTED ?..R am ALLBOBO ASBArt-T I* KaiTiioRS?This morning, officer Rowland ii. of the middle police district of Balti more, arrived here with a warrant for Lewis l.epreui. jr. charged with assault and battery, with intent to kill Charles Paulus, of that citv, on the id of September last. Complainant is the Keeper of a restaurant at the corner of t.entral avenue and Edward <treet, and it is aJU g? d that accused went into his pl%ce into-? eat? d. and called for a pack of cards, which the peeprteter refused to accommodate him wttn. The assault wm made with a knife, ami several dangerous wounds were made After commit ting the assault Lepreux tied to thiseitr. where ST. -****. **yiag since. The detectives of "lt arrest. The Baltimore ??ffiver will return to Baltimore this evening with the prisoner ^T?Tfc* mmmrnrm commlt teeot the IM.artm?nt of the Potomac, Grand Army of tkt Republic, are perfecting arrange. ?*? l2L*he#?S,l,ort^ serrtcei. at Artingtbn on the 3?tk of May next, which they intend ehall surpass aay of previous years. The com ?aittee have adopted reaolutions, reciting that ascertain parties are circulatiag suheerlption lists la the several departments of the govera ?aent, soliciting contributions to aid In the dec oration vt soldiers' graves on the ;<oth proximo: therefore, the names of the collectors appelated by the committee be published la the daily papers, and a detailed statement of all moneys received ami expended shall be published im mcdiattlj after uecoratloa day. ? F>iE"??d ?Henry Monroe, under sentence ?t .a prkfot ment in jail for an assault and bat tery on .Joseph forrens, and also lu default of l*}ment or a fine for carrying a concealed pardoned ao& was released tiom Jail to-day. i Ai*e* gave -*saere3" concerts in Boston lately, which proved very attraetive to those iu.?i of sokemn madc^ she kicked the tenor in the mouth because he failed on a high note ai d an old deacon remarked that he woald ?iva *'011 he had not^leit his specs at home Base Ball.?The ex-champton Athletics of riitiadelphia and our Washington nine will |.'?v their first championship match on the O vir ptc grounds te>-roocrow afternoon, and a **M*C is expected. See advertisement. Third Lfflslattvc Aw My. COt Nflli ?The Cfiniiril wm ngmmi Txt>rtnT nr JcmJMwi.Ii prayer by Rer Mr. JUuhia. Tne President announced , ? THE COMMITTEES Jf f?,M*Ws:?Hatioaid Relations? Buker, Golden, Gnluk Jtidician? Guiick, Smith r - ' ??V:r_Th. I: I-" n.Gitlick.G KP n HealMi, A?vlnm ?R',4'y' ?r?"?kf Public W.>rk-< l'Ml Prspertv-GnlHk. Thompson, Cross p.Vi,r? 5k wn'*, b,Ill'h R^ilrowi?Buker, Crw-, 1J tnpsc.ii . ** asfeingtoo, Georgetown anj C ,nnt Af? ir-?O' ldni. K,!.'jr,Bi'"'k< Fire Dena'tir ?iit? Hall'1* rk??' B^Vl p"I ?ro.?ks, Br .? .1.?, 5'" fechools? Cr. m, Kih-y, Oo.4?>n. Drainage, 8ewersg-and I>i? tril'Oiion ?'f^r?Tli"Wp*i?n, Br'nik- f2nii?ir < l?iiui?-Gnlirk,O'?ld<'H,Bn^ki Fruiting* ftoofc.ii* Smith. Brow,,. WhiWff-OnlriVnCrErSui' Miliary Aflair*?Smith, Br.?wn',Bi ?y Kh't K-'in llJ 'rV^l ??ker. Uuifnlshd Bruwne?* ' ??**- Baker, u ?. CfTTIJle bows. 1 mTi?r;;"r*',,J[ntr;',l2=Hd ? r,ui Pylori** and 1^'iiP* ? "J'Ui^r Of offlcse for the government of ??*! mtatuSuLt ?h? com penfatfon thereof; which was read a first time an<I ^? IThe substanceof this biU was published in \ -st.rda) a Sta*. and should it Ixs ??*-<?"1 a-drawn op it will save the Dmtrk-t *66 UV per annum. On? typographical error oc curred in the abstract of the bill aa printed y<?wr> A*?-. The proposed c<?ipen*ati >n .* the thiriy latup liilitfml" old have turn Ut4 per iuunm each?a .1 ?9 per day each, m printed.! ? ? , Bt't LDtRO VP Mr. B:ley introduced a bill ai;tl-nr*7inz the erec tion *.>a,t>ltc*cl?"Oj building in the city of Georg? ?? '? "rdered to be printed. AIm', a LiiI to an hc rii<- the Governor to institute pr.c?^ii,gs for opening and extending Potomac !L V 'iL. st **???>1,1 'hecitjr of Georgetown read ard ordered to be printed. Ural*. prnl. n?.J 1 U'm c.i,l"*.n* r?Mlnt on High street, i '1 i tjei,tn^?n ft' Pvt<?ui?i- ctreK, wltirh ordTi?<t V*r*l? refcrr?*1 'ho kill; so sir Br ., k- iutrodnci-d a bill to provide for <x tendU' of payment of special assessment* and f. r other purposes. ft anthmz-. theissuin? by ih?cuuimis?>? ? iters of th. sinking fuii.l of rcgist. r. d rir"r^*'i '* * of nnp'iidt'ertiflc.iti? (?flultUnlwii prov ided by previous legislation, not h'a'n ''iwo : ,t ' P- ?'-'e in n3 h-? de* d ^"sskst u ,'lgh, * ,-'ra fr?m ?ut?: Hi 'I aE OP I?ELEGATI3 ?The Honwn?< yen rday afternoon, atid wua called to onl.-t I . the SlTftSiSr CH*"'- Dr Bankin oiK-i'!'d M, D*4W1*0 FOR SKAT? agt..dio 1 ?lhe ""mix ?"? draw for goats; i,*1": ff f?e iBimber* were drawn fromtbo Mr TH.1.1 J".r,l.'?r ,Jr?fn they stle, ted dmks i . i T . (H'tained the first choice, and rJ'Ik!!? h I neareat the Speaker', right Mix f, , ^ fwl^a ? d<?k iMMdiatel) ."f, tb* Sp^^er. occupied by Mr Pipe linla. i' . f1"."1 ? ?**1 ue,tt *r Mrii.... McKmgbt tOiik the seat to the right of . t Mr Carroll on? seat fiirther to the right, and Mr. Herbert tia.k the one ivl U,r -I?! '"cated between MeMra HuUe ainl Trm.ble The democratic trio i M-jsr? JBrrv. L. nK and ^Wett,) eetabluhed theinaelveo bri.luj .M^ars < ?rr..Jl atd Herbert , Trv,l>J''r I",?*ed that the Speaker invite g<jjn.? suitable pti-nn to act aa chaplain; carried. _. .. HKTIoj or orvicKBa. ?.Th".!il'n/nPr'? ,"d<rf ,Ve,'"J 'Ir 'enialnilig officer* with the following r-anlt: G V Knhn,(llth .lia trict.) assMaiit . letk. J L. N. B"W>-n, < lit I. dis trict,)eiigr<wstng clerk: John W. Paxtou, (9tli dis lr,r-;L?^,,ine c,',rki, ?*''p'1 Kl>nn>? ,rt<b 'list -ict,) ?? rg. ai.t-at arn'?; J..||1, Brown, (17,h district.) m?? sei.ser; G. H Gates, (?i diitrictj door-k.e^T; I-aac Sluner, (tl-t district,(janitor* Masf-rs Edward Utd Banl;^,^- AuKUMQ"i"l,,"n-Wil x. c TIMS FOR .MTCIAI TAX PATER*. . v uBertnl f?>Howioi< rewolation. ;,!,J ii'i " "" the table for the preaent* w heret>? extensive and import uit improV.-men's hare been made m the Di -trict of Columbia nnd" ?"?l> ' h",ar'1 public w< rk?,nn in any city within a sh..rt periinl-and iJi-Yi"* *ru1'' ^ * banlahip for many of our' iti .r*> <ax?aaaarai"! t..r said improvements n the tim<re.jnire.1 by existing laws; aid wh- re'w ^i!'i,.r?ir<r,r.a"(? fsrvi,o aff"ni ,h< m r"|,,r '?>' T,!l.l! "f at "lerate rate -f . "Ch thTr, !"'T V*T for improy,' "aJ" J, I1,"<1"1 hr the Oovertror in his me. Ib- Uard ."'puhlic' ir.rV.^o? aTThe iJtlfrVJi' w"at * committee of three mara rnV ?.iin?.\22T bv til Si^ or p-f'-rrnd that p rti ?n of the <o.v?rn c ?ZZrX:rL"? '"U"~ ?""' thit said c. mmitte. -hall have p t..rep..rt a bill at aui wssiaa: r"iitf4"m,,ch u'^1 b>-p~: Mr. Carroll moved that H be referred to th? C'.m ? r *"rks and property; l.wi? ve;i> n'.\" 17 Th" i"''11'' *? M"rrav,and Wall?}' Mr VlnrTir w*< a,">" "f* 'i'"1 '^rt.-tnp .rari!v. l'?""???!"? ??? I??r .uVLB.k>''l/L2 was agree<| that until otherwi-.- or .1. -d I h. Hons" meet at 5 o'clock daily. mtrOiSnced a resoluib.n for tli<> a n H, ? a special committee of three to apa ,r ' ,hH yy/*1 ?Bbjects em brace. 1 in the Gover,i.>r's ^;,Ttoto Ad;,:rl!:^c"m,,m,t-? w,-n The Fi*b larketn. ?i?. A>T>1KI^ ? W^'t^iJonsot new fish Tor this ?1a>, furnished to Thi Star by George W llarriMin A Co., wholesale dealers in fish. No*. dri^ V^ tet' 50* 51* 50 wLarve!'? Alexan Shad, fresh, perhttn.lred,?13 to ?11: Herrinr resb. ,,er the,and, ?? to *7, white S?l VKryr"c*rtT?: r?ch-l??r bunch, do.; n^l/:cJSa?' t,,h ver> bi?h- ?"?1 ** WASHIXOTOS?To-dnv, at the W.%sh'n<rtr?n hsh wharves, the following .saU_*e to ?hi|-i??r^ were made by R. A. Golden A Bro., - ?.??& ,rT *l0^??2; herring, fu; bu^h #Pe ' fr0,D 15 10 21 'K;r MoBrv OnnKK Svhtem. - Star: It ap|H ars that 1 tan mistiiken as to the houri '.-r tne money-or<ler offices in larjfe cities I wis oftheTn'Jn ?LXl,*n?nt hy that some f-r.tti._ i TJk w,'OSJ postmasters conduct ',,thes With one set ot clerks, ac.-otu modated people during the usual bu-ities< honrs. I still contend, and "P. o." himself must r<!n?it, that the present arrangement in M ^s^??'gt?^t excludes thousands from the ad va)itag?s oi the syuteri who are ju?tlv entitlo<l to it. Of all the larger cities he named, none ha? an e<|ttal number of temporary residents to thiB citv, who have busine^ interests the vanous states. The daily appeals at the Polt to bT ?%rei i m'jTS communications alluded .? I * ? should Lave tome weight uith the Po**master to exteml the hours for the first three or four day* of each month, at least or change them from 8 a. m. to 4 pmtolOa m and b p. m. That, or any similar accommoda tion, would be hailed with joy by Many. M-fitor nf The Slnr: * .-Yg*I rtrfwji of the complaint ?jrauist Thomas I.ewis & Co. bv W. B. Parisen fhe0^ ^ " * Iwitl?n I do not court. We had the contract to pave l:h street from Indiana arejiue tothe boundary, and 9th street from P? nnaylyama avenue to boundarT. I did su pervise the work on 4th street from Indiana avt'tfue to C street, and was there taken with a serious illress. The balance of 4th street and the entire of '?th street I had nothing to do with Hespectfullv. ^ w. B. >ABi8*? BriLniMo PKKMIT8 have been issue.1 as fol r'*port bv tl?e inspector of buildings: S. M. Barker, threest ?ty brick store and warehouse, 50 by TO feet. New York avc nue, between Cth and 7th streets northwest* K Hit*ling, two story brick, E street betweanVtii street^etween^B akd'r7*0,,?st?ry,rarue- Nt street.t>? twe? n B and C southwest: H Fieh subdivisionon New York 4th at d 5th streets, to John W. I?ick, at 45 ce*n"ts per foot, aggregating about 500. . '? 1*?* i'asks have been rei?orted in the following localities siaoe yesterdav: One at 117 Crnti-^ son th west; one at 283 1st str-et southwest. AIho ot* death (child) at Gravsm's, near H street southwest. . "Tdrie Years is *a Mam Trap " is ^lnfH?n "*yle,by the comjianv at Lt, coln Hall, and people who enjov the mor il IrtWs ?or0vWe!l 10 ** this version of s! ?{***?* ^fvn* & 5o., of New York mike ?p their clothing to order in the "highes't stvle ??f the art. la another column they advertise 'ut^tr *m. liferent samples of spring and hisfte|>motber? elO,?d with kJf2SSd?viSL?r,W* of Denmark, 8. 8. Sturjii, of thf PrenbTt^riAn ~S,C, or ma n resigned, and is succeeded by a tlKStoM license to play at -Jackson, Kicli. conld *?< ? p2L^'^*S52^r^hB^ New amalgamation of their Interests ^ to an sK^2^.^S?r?yss;ts P** np the struggle for the present. WrUltam White, one of the publishers of the c*?d was aged about 36. .. ?fA Vermont family Bring in a retired road that had been blocked7 with mow for^SSS weeks, were recently found to hare bees k?*n Jng Monday for the 6aJ>bafh. P ^ contra. tkrm.-t" *>??, * hp we?n*Vr J? I: ?**?* ?acated Nepheiw a*t. R ?? " -^j"nt 'nhmhiH fwon b?i?>f. J.??mi P. m??, ?*treM',orjr'wa* 8 hnitfed to this '?a ?> li motion of Hr M'i-wj. Hiiuter ui Cook; j<* gtnent bHow aliraied ... k * -I%CA2* ?r ,HIlD *'*T. T?I?T JL"!lI?t yen Butler ar.<l Mr M:i-m*v for plaintiff ao.lMr.T J Du rant f<>r defendant This is an old case, ;-d,| trows out -if the fm t of an appropriation ha\ ius been uiad<- for Mr. Trial topi\ him for aer vices rendered the government in negotiating the li Ona l> loepc-d*. If idalgo, bi vhiih the j ?,M acinir?-d the territory of California: '.?Treasury Department bein* about to pay , r.llui.l tiled a kill for Mi injunction to re-'train the p*vm< nt until he *t? putl certain fee* for or *>? eating the claim. ' IPm&S?**!**" *??*/.?To-day, rathe. nn i,^ ^ *M c**rK<-<i With ?*??.ilt and l ntt.1 y I ? This grew out of ap altercation ! ir?",'!. i^,T (landing in thHr r , ??ectiveilUUe doors n oppo,lte side of an alley; theTaiiUiTr^V?"' -?n,,u. ?tTik,n1* ,b* "th-r with "f ? c,?rt ? ??d several bruises and cuts J "Ti that Kate u?ed a batch, r t p,nmV>ita on her face to prove it ian f "? * knocked her down with the tall board, at all event". from the accounts ti e scnDtnuife was a lively one, l>oth lwing under the influence of bennne Both principals and their wit nesses were very much excited at the hearing, and * i!? J,Kl?e had separated fh- chaff from the , nf *? ?n^UrSherish, he lined Kate f*> nTifi- i. i*-'." H?U,Ui1*' *Dti battery* i, L ? tin and costs John Sotilewa* charted by Mr. Protopapa* with stealing his pocket bwk.conltiniDC *43 in greenbacks. The latter is a shop-keeper and the former his employee, and both were lodgers in the same bed. TIks morning when Pr<>?< japrs awoke lie found Sonle gone, and on dressing himself he discovered his pocket bo..k niifsutg; but aa it was shown that others lodged in Mnie hoitee, .-in<l a- complainant was somewhat Intoxicated, the case was dismissed. Marv Nugent, a vagrant, was sent to the workhouse Peyser, charged with opening a foot-pavement for ? he pin-pose of la) ing a pipe without a penni;; *ln Jj Bowen. charged wiUi failure to have a number placed on his cart; continued. George C irter a vagrant, was sent titka workhouse. Win. Waav'-r sams chaige; workhouse. Bene<Uct Waters, sain ? worV o nse Patrick Coleman. a?si<iilt and \>aft ry rk' GEORGETOWN. HiDocTiONOFCawAL Fkeioht?.?TbcCuin l?-rla nd Tiatf* of vpstiTday saye: Mos.iay, by gene al tmvnt ot the boatmen, the freights oil coal to (*oorgetown ami Alexandria were rc diice-1 nve cents to each jioint. The rates there tore, are now *1.35 and !?1.4rt, respecti yely b^ny the cioxing ratea of la*t year, and far an advance oti which the boatrnen held out lor sevctai week* at the opening of the prasent tea ?-n, gaining the advanre, which tbVy n^w how? ve* Toluiitarily relinquish, in the hone' we ?upp?<?e, that ehipmeuta will be stimulated.' ?Busi"V>s in our city u unusually dt.ll this season. The spring s?-ason ha? been nU *n^tiie bnslnrss of" the river front and Chesapeake and Ohio canal lias received a groat set-back by the action of the canal ?h?/?'!?'inJ?HVth? rate of tolls on coal, whlci, adtled to the increase allowed the boat 1,16,1 hl4? brought the canal into weTl'k wwiV TnbHihe r?i,ro',,J!'' w,hlch arc? it is Onr m t . i bidding Strong for the coal trade. Our tip-town trade has satiered from the neces sary interruption to travel, by the gradiiiv' and wliSchruVlh a"d 6y that ,,,0"0|K>ly I. th- 11 . Hf .bri,|*e *"OB? the river, known xaiidria a?|iieduct. k"K*'8; ? The steamer Now York arrived to-day from Philadelphia with a full l ofv ??tftfoTraJ merc.ha"tli"?. ??"! ibe stenmer I.ady oi the Lake arrival from Norfolk with a vKit^Ti.' C.W Th0 **"?oncrg Lacy Emily have arrived from Norfolk Wheatly'A Bro.1 1Ua,l>Cr ^ 2?'?00 Gr u* Trade.-;The canal boat Monongoliala arrived to day with flour and 1.80<) bushels ? !^ i,,>0,' ^v'atcr8- The sales on 'Chan/e bushels lair to good rtd wheat, >l.y() F The ""celpts of lish to-.lav were 20.0W) bernng an<l 150 shad. The herring ^?1.1 at S3.30to ?>7 per thousan.l, and shad at Mo |?er tltoiisaiul. ALEXANDRIA. BcnoiART.? AlMiut 3 o'clock this morning ti e family of Mr. William H. McKnight, hvinj on St. Asaph, between I?nke an.l Prince streets fLInni^hMdiiby ,Le noise Iu,ule l,y ?wmetliing y u,'"n a" "I'l'er floor, au.l so-.n th^eaiter footsteps werehearti running rapidlv down the back stairway. The iloor at the font oi th? i2fiirWa/^,ng "',d,|en|y opened by one 0 the ladies ot the family a man was seen to discharge a pistol then turn and run to the l?ack ?Tf , ,h 1"' Wring another shot as lie r \vU1- through that door into.thc varl ,r?"t fence> *rl,i made his escape. .Mr! a ^18to1 H",, hoiating the win be vani hnt^' bred at him as be ran through tne yanl. tmt without effect. Both the batN fof^re?.! ,|"ir?lHr lli,ve discover 1; one ??, ? ti plastering of the wall, and t he o h?r o.f? ?e HL ,tfv i\ wu"low l'ane and was picke?l 1 li. shutter. From the tracks observail in the yanl this morning It Is supposed tliat tlie of |fcWi" B >0U,,? ma" ^ ?lijht pair TAI,\E Wkddiso A fash 'otiab e colorcd wedding took lilace in l.'oh ?rt Chapel, at 10 o'clock th% morninj'^^n the .r'l nte of a large number of spectators. Ttic bri dal partv. co.isbtmg of the groom, John Par ker. his bride. Carrie Ware, three eroomsman 'r* bridesmaids, and some of the relt tueaoi the principals, all dressed in tbe Litest in foT ? ' style, rode to the church hat!i v n-it 44 '* A'ter the ceremony the wharf where^V?e e*c\,rt,\d the steamboat north 1 ey emb?rked on a trip to the Pro^pett*?The season is vtv back wn i " ,hl*1r,ci?h' orhoo.1. Not only hv littl ? iorn l>een planned, but the weather ha?? been ?o unfavorable that but little ground ha* been Ha.^?e*' T !or1t}ier?,c?I't|oii of the corn crop ^>n? H lT?T 8 g M,e lim'8 of railroads repre : ''tn?t,Y,^heat ai ,ooki?X l>*4'tly. hut ftTs ?rov!5t^OT?a?,'tl,at croi> WUI bJi new Christ church rectory, to be erected luan the wte ol the present one. lWd J4'on ^'m trVnrl^r Ci^M?r*--4 you?? m:u, n??ned '^^^e t^ck about 2 miies w^t^T^iil ?{^ D'ght, and was killed. 1 hk Master CARmmRs, thouzh no mn .ual updirstanding has been agreed upon will refuse to comply with tbe req.lest of ,* - neymen for an increase of 2fi j^r cent, in ihoir wages on and after Thursday next. tionHf.^!.?/reI\OUnig Men>' Chr'?i'?? A ,cia tion is lucrea^ing in nuBbers.*^^' h<t rrtnwg. 1 ' ***1 The Kuiride of Lieut. D?nniaon. FATAL KNDO* AN CKHArPV M AUtll Ai.i;. The suicide of Lient. Erasmus A. IK-ntiiaoti ol the I nited States steamrt Saranac, at a boarding house in San Francisco, on the Hth inst., was announced by telegraph. Lieut Deii CoZm^a Ho?^K ytr ?' w Jaenati?edof Columbia, Ohio, and a son of ex-iK>>tniisf..r Ita^lHB^Tb^s'*5?* graidu"ted Ht Aiiiiap'i . The San Francisco Morning (' ilint nzriZ ing obtained leave ot absence, be shortly -ift.-r bu. marriage went on a wedding tour tbroush F?^T{.fnd 0n ^ r5.Urn San Francl'w re jciined his vessel. The marriage, it aiciears ?* Thursday nijiit the f^ returned from m cruise, ami Lieut fit, f?n' ''P?11 H^tCT Cuming ashore, received a copy' OU> Wife' ?f wbic" 1116 following is a !'5a* Fra*CI*Co, April 17, i,s;3 Lituitn V!r n,?rin""0'*' l V,ed S,aU> Steamer Sira** - Sir. During your absence 1 have long and l.aia tnlly considered our relations for the past I??'i {i.VVj>fcrhaJ,8be 1,0 surprise to never^o liVa Jiti " ,"*e?oc?bly resolved 4 you a8*l,'.and I shall at once take steps to procure a divorce, if there li<i any necmHy for communicating with me it must 1* done through tbe Messrs *Ro<| !4t.? e' attorneys. |.BstTTE ,?> Accompanying Mrs. Dennwon's letter was one from her attorney., in which they inTwmed Lieut. l>ennison that thev had beta instructed to institute proceedings for a divorce a#w flnence K)ou very much under iu in Ineftectnal efforts for a compromise were made, and on the above date h; shot himself to^n^rh^lrJ?i^iWi^ a pUto,? ,e*Tin? two let SEedJSfftSy " * e?PTOf th? l?&*orde haTad^?^?*l,^"TFor y?? too noble to nave deceived me. l^ove me as you used to love ^?oi?#^.u,^m^,in^ ut tie ones nail not suffer. Lessette mv iui worJs to you are, I have been trne to TO?rB a? tion. and love you aow a? much u?mZ can love another. Your enemieeaJd done this thing. Beware of them in the l a* lJrh a. p.? wikicis? c aja, a?" M.C- C. A. DDNNINOTOr LUMBER. LUMBER, ?ABOVOOM A traOLALTT. BILLS CUT TO ftifl Ooawn Tvaanli CITY ITEMa Mepur* Mit.lbu & Joan, in the Kational Tbf?t? building, will commence drawing lagtr to-morrow. Gentlemen can reh on iret y.|>*^n*?*nuine Cincinnati beer at this e?tat; e f Bt.ace Divb 8rir?? lor t entieaaen. Fine truck coat# tor S2S. ami witli pant* and vests to match. #40. Fine frock coat* for #30, and witfc rants and ?est* to match, #3.1. Good frock coats for ?15, and with pant* and vests to match. *27. These are all foreign goods, fast colors, and are offered at very cloee prices. Oao. C. Hew at wo, 4107th street. Doolet's Yeast Powpkr cannot be excelled tor making light, sweet Roll:, Bisceite, Wat refiable " re**' Ac' ** reMiy and It is a* ?itabli?icd Fact, that On sumption can be cared; but is far better to prevent the cruel disease from fattening tteelf on the system, by the timely use of a remedy like Dr. wxttar't Balsam of Wild Ckrrv. Tills standard preparation will speedily cure a rough or cold, and even Consumption often yield* te Its great power. J 6 Rphiwo Overcoats reduced to *8, foracar price #12, at A. Str aikh'k, 3 1011 Pa. ave., bet. loth and 11th at*. _ ? Reliable. Fathers and Mothers we are adding to our stock a large assortmewt ??J?y*% youth's and children's clothing. The Waverly Suits? 3iP 8 5exn of age, from W to #18. The Harvard Suit^ fr?,n..4 to 10 yews of age, from #7 to #20. Sailor Suits, Farragut? from 3 to 8 years or age, and other stvles in end less variety. Ours are the best made. Best material and newest styles in the market. j on o - ~ Noah Walker & Co., 4,22,8 611 Pa. ave.. Metropolitan Hotel. I? A MAN WAET9 A BoTTLE OE WHISKY, let him buy It and take it home like a man, ami not sneak home with a bottle of "Bitters," or '?Cordial," and pretend that it is medicine. If he wants a tonic that is something better than * U-mporary stimulant, he should get a bottle of Peruvian Syrup, (an Iron Tonic,) that will vitalize the blood and give durable strength to the syste*n. ? e to *,RD1ER?Gentlemen tfnr Sh&S'JSf'ft OWTi raaterUI- can have their leriat shortest notice, at Keen s, 422 ath street northwest. Satisfactioi guaranteed. 4,19,1: ?-?.1*21" 7: XI"act i* tor sale at wholesale by Chas. Stott & (a)., 480 Pennsylvania avenue, and by druggists everywhere. t,w,f,tf Doer. Aver's Laboratory, that has done such wonders tor the sick, now issues a potent restorer for the beauty of mankind-for the I ? k" C . artvancil,if w prone to diminish and destroy. His Vigor mounts luxuriant locks on the bald and grey natee among us and thus lays us under obligations to him, tor the good looks ay well as health of the community. g m.w.fJtw. Children cry for Pitcher's Castoria. It regulates the stomach, cures wind colic and causes natural sleep. It is a substitute for

<?**">?? oil. ^ 4,?>,eo3: TH?^SlKr'KR Macuive sales of 1?72 were #219,660. ^ 4,12-s,wtf The cOHErrNiTY at large appreciate the use fulness of Singer's Sewi ng Machine. i .5 V.JH" National Savinos bark, comer or ftew York avenue an<l 15th street, pay* 6 per ct. per annum on deposits for each calender mo.ith B.inking hours, a to 4. Saturdays, 9 to 4 and 6 10 8- ^ 27t3,14116 80CHD feet being indispensable to health and comfort thousands of persons come from fiu and rear to visit Dr. White, the well-known 1 <Lhiro|>odist, No- R35 15th street, opposite the Treasury, for relief from corns, bad naiii., jte and advice as to suitable shoe*. WiLtoo* 4 Oibb r? > w.vfl Machine. The celebrated Basaar Pat- ri,s. Agency at Chas Baum s hoopskirt and c "? fo-v, ^Ui street Intelligencer Building 7' a?1 ^urometers are repaired andjnadejo order by Hem pier, near 4^ street. Old, ) . 1 w ~ Tth46t6{ PaPERHAKGIXGS. Jn?E^9 NOW OPEN AT " ST" markriters, No. 439 7th street,between D and E street*, Eight doors above Odd Fellows' Hall, AKOIHG 8 of new and stylish designs of ? I ?<? and fi nmh, selected with due regard t?' Larmony of color, durability richness and econo my. A large portion made Hp^ciully to or.ler .m and p/ain' r'Vr. s,r,p* ""'l other designs in'Oilt r. V. i 'n ^ t' S\.*t,rr"pr'",e ["?? drawing Morn, lu' 40 inch rfain tints for pannelinsr with 2nd l^^Hr a p'e pUi"'.wuh ? inline ??f nf.-diuni and low priced Pap. rx, patent and perfect r<-pr. ^i, wstibfiSw "ftiRnvM''"' /ir,I>*l5P2,in* hH"- and r. '. . - ? B""DhKS 111 Gilt, Velvet and Gilt In.itation grew-.., au<i O.n.i.K.n; Center Pi . V""'' P1"'""1' Ac-? making the largast and niest con:? r "i?nt in the District ?, . , ^ - ? UU SHADES. New nc??tcms, uitt?*r#*ut sizn jiu1 culurs; also. Plain Gi ods* in Pearl, Chocolate, Lavender Groen n <i to order" ft>r a * 'Ut? 6hadr"- Shades iaade k. i"H r\ , J*?CTlJE* FRAMES. Solid Oval, W alnut and Gilt, aud all GUI grime* n<n. 3x4 to 29x30 inches, n .x Oval WanT"^ Mr?athn at c<wt. A beautiful selection of Fx each *i A,",erl^aF' Gilt and \ elvet Franiesfor Ivorj typ^ vkrlp!t'rf'Jr''1 P'clnr?. <'?rd Frame/ in greSt iftriety. Frames made to order. PICTUKE TORI) AND T^SSEI.8 G.fw Pi!r,i,T-P"r,r",t J8^*' colors: also, G' Id Plate,!, Tinned and H ire Center Picture r >nl -!>? inttnzr- P'-rcelain and BrL* b< ml Pu-' ture Nails, Rin^s, Screw Byes. Ac. Ps1?J^8i KM?BAVING8, enROMOS, *r. A limited, but choice, selection in appropriate " ?? store'on exhibition Td^ldl-? Cl?rcm<?? and Kii^r^ iii?- rd^rpj, .?Vftr"for P*Perhangiii?. Window 8hades or Pic h "^^^tWacUun guar PIea?e remember name. Old No 4S? J. MARKRITER, alOfS. an<l nnn'ber 439 7th strel t, Between D and E attests. 8EEN the Youth's Imperial Cc?at and V em to match' It j* :uiiiiir?.l by all an 1 mh&fnatA' 8TBAU8 ,1011 P^ ive ,n^; &2S frHE MOST WONDERFUL DISCOVERY OF A THE IV111 OENTUKY. Br. 8. D. Howe's Arabian Milk Cure, for consumption. Cures ordinary Coughs and Colds in a few hours, like magic; also, Dr. f.D.Howo'i Arabian Tonic Blood Parifler, Which i? purely vegetable, cleautes the system of pi!rich Wood" " f,gLt ,,U"r# up' attd m?k"" "lo" - "i caa/lnire tht Nmeteemtk (Jsturj'' v . To find its equal." Pri>? s? .'?. 1,4 wei?ht in gold. Price 01 irf-i bottle; or six bottles for ?&. 8< ld wholesale and retail ny *SI?' vSSftfCo'4V> w Pennsylvania avenue. P ?f?,lSffITi%n,Cr Pe2P- *v?- and 22 I ,t. a. r.3?s c;*i?b'?fiTssi,7 J K. Majob, 7ih and II streets. J. H. bro5K,7th and L streets. D.B.ClaekrA Co., 454 street and Penna. ?ve. J. 8. loxb, X3d and A streets soutliea<?t JACo., d2tf 7th street s-iuth^ast.' ? ? V' P(,wli\g, 4>t and O afreets Mouthw^st A. J. ScuarERET.Nmh Capitol and H Greets. w it 1 <enn?>Jw?n>* ?ve. and 11 st W. R btoxe, cursor ?th and O utreets. WiLFRFi? McLkod, Gotirgtttnwn. apiiw.Vi^ru* bet. 4H and 6?h sts. CariMx called f? r and return J free^of extra charge. LORENZO BICE spUMv J w. brightwell: ? ? 4110 3th 8tkbrt. A p.,. poofa'cAta i!!^.SLSV" A TLlJt 8 WHABF,/eot fuhmndp ttruu. ? TO CONTRACTORS AND MBBCHANT* Cargoee of 8T0NK, COAL, *-?A?T8. *a'lr O- T. AtLEE. [ CMBERl LDMRER1I WM JOHNSON A 809 - of I fgpsi -1**'1* "Ml"treat, atQaaal. KKAD AND 8AVE YOUR MONET. _ Ladies from us shade iee who have Hair Switches that have fadad ns can have them restored to their k^imi :r_?1? sngerjoraanaer. We have avSr^uS 5wft?KnveJ cv^Uritfo7rl wSf toe H^r Fartory^Ol 1*4,4. Y ^LP^^PAHt-irF^Thir. giODHSAD.^ ^ ~ taa Uthrtreet T,AUS' 1-11 p* ave., aaar Georgetown Advertisements. DBY GOODS AT POPULAR PRICES. For QO(>D B a B<> Al NS be ?nr? to (TO to BENJAMIN MILLER, 1A1 Bri'lir ?tr?H, Japanese P?pliD* at 26 *ii.l Mr , S*lk?. (Or . 74c.. (I; plain Dreea G.?>d?. in all the u'? c<>lor?t *V- . <TSc., BOc.: Black Silk* from gl.JMn ? 4. Black 4rm*dla?( from 2V. to $1; beautiful plaid* for rt?tldr-n, lSc.hV.25c. Victoria Lawn*, JU-., ?c., 37c^ Piqnes, ?*", JSc , S7c., 8?c.; Black Alpaca* and Mohair*. a splendid quality. a* low as Stir. Cloth*. <;?MiiMr?, Ltncn Drill*; all the novel ties in Psramdr. one <aee more of the *pl?n.lid 4 ? Bleached Cotton. apfl to JJIADT reft TBI SPMING TRADE. With a fuM corpe of flrrt claw workmen. ? Mm ?Hf stock of the be?t foreign awl domestic Dye Staff*. Ac., Ac , I em fully prepared to OLEAN OR ?EO>LOR LADIES' AND GENTS' SPRING AND 81'MM KB WEARING APPAREL, promptly and in the best manner. W. H. wmkatlbv. PREMIUM STEAM DYE1NH AND SCOUR INH WOHKS. ESTABLISHED 1*31. Premium awarded 1867. Office.49 Jefferson D. 0 P ?i Office Box TS3. ap7-tr 1>Y THOMAS DOWLINQ, Auctioae-r, ?3 13b BtkIk*' street, Georgetown. PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE, SITUATE ON DUMBARTON STREET. BETWEEN GREEN AND MONT GOMERY STREETS. GEORGETOWN. D O., AND NUMBEBED 44, 47, 4V, 41, 43, 44, AND itt. Ha* ing determined to dispose of my property ^?iu tbo District, I will . ff-r i>n the premise* a* ^?above nurtiN'red. at public tale, to the highest Mdder, on THURSDAY, May lot. at 4 p. m..sev?n valuable House* atid Lota. The 'ocation is pleasant and healthy, the houses in arod condition, with modern convenience*; the sMewaiks and str?-?t? have been recently lerHed and rep*.ved. Terms of *aUv One third cash; tbe balance in 4, IS and 18 month*; deferred payment* secured by d*?d of trust open ?100 ?aid on day of Hal.*. Conveyancing at the coat of the purcha*er. The term* or sale to be complied with in Ave dare, otherwise the property to toe reeold at c ?t of de fending purchaser. JOHN DAVIS. slidA.!* THOMAS DOWMNO. Anct. ? ? ??????? THE TRADES. HEK.UG a LAG1RPU5H, Snccea$?r? to IlK^KT PRACTICAL COPPERHMITH8, JOT F atraet, sI-4-lm* Between 5th and 4th "to. norlhwext. C^BAS. HARTEL, ^ CAMPENTER AND BC1LDER. *14 O street southeast. Alt order* promptly at tended to on reasonable term*. alt-lm* AW !\ I HQ?. JOHN O.'nOGAN. 713 Market Space, Manufacturer at AWNINGS, for Store*, City and Country Residences. TENTS and FL AGS for sale or rent. AWNING MATERIAL of all kinds for *ale. Sole Agent for COWLES A CO. S MILDEW PROOF AWNING MATERIAL. apis :r pLCMBlKG AND GAS-FITTING. Thane desiring to have their Plnmbing and Gaa Fitting done iu a neat and substsntial mauiier, anJ on reasonable terms, should l?*ave their order* at 113 Pennsylvania avenue, Capitol Hill. Work warranted. mT 4?u* WM. ROTHWELL. f ALL ON JAMES F. BR1EN, v/ Pmrtital Plumber awl Oai F.<ter, to have your Plumbing, Gas Fitting, aud Sewerage Iromptly attended to on reaaonable terms. No. 60S rouisiana avenue, near 4th street, north side. Residence, UtiV 3d street, northeast. ml4 CUNNINGHAM, HATTER, ? 1011 F Street, between Utn and 11th, has the nleasnre to announce tnat he has received r~m the Spring Style of Broadway BLOCK, and If^M prepared to furnish New Hats made to order them or f daodel old style*; also, an aa*orUnent of Felt Hats for sale, on reasonable term*. f?-tr ^WWIJIGS, FLAGW, TE.fTB. M. G. COPELAND, 643 LcuteUtia avenue, one door east 7th street. AWNINOS for Store*.City and County Realdecc?i Tttkftr/u in style and Ctilsh. FLAGS and TENTS f?r sale and rent. ROOMS DECORATED. All Canvass artirje* made to ?rder DANCING CLOTHS. MV tt J K. TIRTOJi, CARPENTER, BUILDER, 4X1) OONTIiACTuU Order* for Hotwe Carpentering, Jobbing, or Oo nctor'* Work speedily attended to. S'i p* and Office, _ . jarJS-tf 1* h street. below E *t. n<#thwest. HOTELS. ? TM10N HOTEL, Gkor?itow>, D. 0. U T. SHINS, Proprietor. This Hotel ha* been newly refitted and tUvJahad It contain* all the modern improvement*?hot am? Cold bath*, bells, and ga*. It i* conveniently k> eated, being situated on the line of the Washington and Georgetown City Passenger railroad, the cm of which, from the railroad and steamboat depots, pas* the door every two or three minute*. The Costs of this house can reach any ot the public iidinga ef the national capital or any place ot amusement, Ac., by a pleasant ride of afewmuintes Pen nil* doing businoas along the line of the en am' and on the wharves will find Ft to their advantage U ?top at tbls house. d-^cSf It ||Taos's hotel, Ho. T0? G STREET, jeJB-tf Bktwctm 7th axd 8th Steket*. Til* BRYANT HOUSE, A Locaud on cen nm 14. A strut and N. T. wa s, After the 1st of December, 1371, Permaneut stm) Transient Boarders will find this ht/tise >ne of th? most desirably and moat conveniently located bouae* In the city. The room* are neatly fhrnlahed, well lighted anc ventilated, and provided with all modern home ac oommodattona. The charges are low, but the wants and the com fort of all guests will be carefully provided for. The proprietor, Z. RICHARDS, has determined U provide a good caterer. novU-?*>?J 'pHE IMPERIAL HOTEL, JAMES SYKES, Prorruttn. rmoiTiNe Pennsylvania Avensi. Uitvtm 13(A and 14tk stru:s, WASHiiWTOM, D. 0. Thankful to the public for generous patronage ti the part, the Proprietor asks his old friends and patrons to teat the accommodations of bis present satabllshment, which he promises shall be found at east equal to the best tn Washington. jan?-tf |Rep.,0hrou.| p 0. WLLLARD, KBBITT HOUSE, WASHIHOTOM, D, 0. EDUCATIONAL. Phonography.-a course iu phonogra phy tauidit for Apply at 1414 S street, near State Department, after 3 p. ui. ?tj-it* IBS HARROVER S SCHOOL F9R YOUNG LADIES AND CHILDREN, 1336 1 st., .poo site Franklin Park. Fourth quarter will begin April 14th; fall term September 9th. aplO-ltn* MEDICAL, Ao. IkR. MOTT'S FRENCH POM DEBS certaiu cure mJ for all diseases of the orgaus and all urinary complaints aud blood and skin diseases caused by indiscretion in youth. Price, A3 per box. For sale by WM. B. ENTWISLE, Druggist, corner 12th st. and Pennsylvania ave., Washington, P.O. a!4-lm* (4UTATUVOLENCK," OR THE WILL CURE. ^ THE GREATEST DISCOVERY OF THE WORLD. By it all disease* are cured. No medicine* used, and no laying ou of bauds. Taught by Mrs. J. R. EL 1QT, 47? C street northwest. ap7-tr voos staling Wash ington, D. 0. s-S lm' JJB LEON, LADIES suffering from weakness or Nervt Debility, can have skillful treatment bi stati case, and addressing Mia. A. C ROSHER W v IliOti.ti U f ' .* ?_ . CONSULTING PHYSICIAN, The oldest eatabhshed Specialist la the city Ho. Oil 14thatreet, abov* H. Hour*: fl to4 and 7 tot,daily. jy?7-tr 17 EM ALB DISEASES of all kinds treated. De r scribe caae ana encloee f S, advice and medi ctna will beaaat. Addraas Mrs. Dr. THOMPSON, Ho. S46 Horth Uth atreet, Philadelphia. janT ly* OB8TACLES TO MARRIAGE.-Mam JUM* U /ar lawn* Men from the effects of Errors and Aboaea In earlr Ufa. Manho^id featured. Impedi menta to Marnace removed. New method of treat ment. Hew ana remarkable retnediea. Books and Circulars aent bee, in aealed euvelopea. Addraas Howard Jutmliia, Ho. S aouth M street, Phila delphia, Pa.,?an institution having a bigfa reputa tian for honorable conduct aad pro(e*aional aklM. ^JADAMBW rHTtlOlXH A p iu the city. Money loaned at the lowaat .ww m of iotereM on Gold and Silver Watches, Diaiuonde, Plate and Plated Ware, Gtuu, Pistol*. Ladies and Qeutletneu's Clothing, CarpeU, ai<d ail articles of Talus. aXIr nnHE BBOADWAY COAT and VEST to maidi (a I all the rage at A- STRAUS',the Clothier, Mil Penn?> Ivaata avewie, near 11th *tr~et. stt GROCERS. C. 1.4) HARE ft tni 7tn strut *o*Tn * err, I Between V iwl N st*. > BOAF SOAP 11 Proefnr/ toblt'i celebrated Cinclnratl ?liv? SOAP. tbe be?t in the cents per pr."o<l bar, S-?c. ty the box of 60 lbs. HAMS. Ac. In *ore 14H0 lb* extra <stli!r Siifir C?fM BAMS. ? IN> #itn whtl? L * HP, #1. Frmh Cratiun FLOl'l. from bNt *)<??( FBESH OATMEAL BYE FLOUB LIQUORS! LIQUORS!! CM Baker WHISK T. OH Cabinet WniSKT. Whisky. 6 year* old. pr Mtle #1 W California Brandy . p. r kottk ? log Holland Gin.Nr bottle...... ? I <W French Brandy . p. r bottle.? ?. 119 SWBET CATAWBA WISE, #3 per gallon. Pure SWEET CfDEB Philadelphia ALE end FOBTEB. C. B. O'HARC ft BO 51, ?II 1X13 7th at. n. w., Mwfyp M and N. j,' l our: KMOSl \ ED DIRECT from tbe Milla In VALLET of YIBOINIA. Will cell to famHis* M cent* per barrel tow than usual prices. P;ico* cf SUGARS and TEAS al'. narked down. CATAWEA WINE, jtirt received fro? rleaf ant Valley Wine Compauy, t> a gallon. 8. H. BACON, 109 Market Spare, . B irffl between Fth and 8tb streets. INSURANCE COMPANIES. THE OORCJORAN FIRE INSURANCE CvNFANV, OP THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Otrmiztd April In, Iff). capital OFFICE No. 1 439 PENNSYLVANIA AYENCE (Over Milbirs's Ohio Stork.) JOHN T. LENMAN, President. A. 11. HEKB, Vice President. J. T. DYEK. Secretary. DIRECTOR*: Wm.Onne, H. Clay Stewart, Clias A. James, Jus. L. Barbour, K.lwar.l Droop, J?bn T. Leniuan, Michael Green, John Bailey, tf A H Herr. JNbU BE ?01'B LIFE in that STHU.Mi OLD COMfAItr, --1T <|.K' TUB Ml'Tl'AL BENEFIT LIFE INSt R. ? AN? E CO., al Newark, N. J.t Organized INI. Assets, *-44?? . , . J. 8 TABLET JON fcs .Agent, >anFly" Ho. 811 Kh street. ft BE FOE IHSrBBD f /V IF MOT, APPLT TO THE OLD FRANKLIN INSURANCE COMPANY. OF WASHINGTON, D. C. IWCOHroRATEl' BT CdXlEM I* ISIS. Office in the bwldine of tbe National Bank >f tb< Bt Mllic, Ma. 70b D street northwest. Ho cbtrp for Policies. i>ir?i?rj.-Dr.jM.C. Halt, John Purdy, Dr. J. M Brodh?ad, J. Kenrartta, Jaa. C. M'Oiire, H-nrj Bradley, Jos. H. Bradley, C H. Wiltberger, W J McDonald, F. F. McUnire, Dr. D. B. UlaAe, M G Emery HiCNET BBADLEY, President. CHABLES BBADLEY, Secretary. dec*> coam THE NATIONAL METRtlFOUV&p EIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, OB THR DISTBICT OF OoLl'BBlA. OHUAMZED AUGUST *?, 1ST*. CASH CAPITAL ?glOO.OO* Offlc*ln Shepherd's Bnildlnc, Ho. *??** Pantoyl tama avenue. MOSES KELLY 'President. WM. B. TODD, Yk? Prwdeut 8AMUEL CB08S, Secretary. B1RBCTORC J.B.Blake, Wm B. Todd, Wm. Wall, C bar lee Just, Wm. O. Metzerott, JobnT. Lenman, G'-o. F Gntlrk. Mom Kelly. A. B. Shepherd, ?icl4 t> PROPOSALS. pBOPOSALS FOB STATIONERY. Drr*rimem of State, Aprn 31. 1S7S. S< aled Pi n.-ml- f?r t>iati>>nery f if the y<ar eiMing June 30. lS7i.will be receive.] at this Department until 31st day of May, KJ, at 12 o'clock M. Blank forma for bidding will be famished upon application. Tli< biii? v <11 be considered and accepted or re jected item b> item; and lhi? advertisement and tbe Sropot-al*. ao far a* accepted by the Secretary of tale, and the bond accompanyiug the -ame, shall conatituie the contract between the Government an<l the bidder or bidder*, and no further contract will be executed. Tbe article* contracted f r mu?t be furnished from time to time, during the year, in <iuautiti?t put guant to orders from the D partment. Tbe entire .juantitie* of each article will, b >w eTer, be called fordiiringttie yesr. Each proposal amai be signed l>) the Individual or firm making it, and l-e a* > "Uipamed by a houd. a ith Mifflcient sureties, in a sum egual to fifty percent, of the bid or bids accepted, approved by a Ci.ited Si ate* officer of thedi?trict in which the Mirette* r* ?ide or do bni>inea*. on a form to be fiirniahed by the Department conditioned for fnrni?bing snch por tion* of the article* ax may be awarded under it, and the perforuiauce of tbe omtract. All delivertt-e will be subject to inspection by an ex pert detailed for the pnrp<>?e, by tlie Secretary of State, and tbedelivt-ry of an inferior article will b<< deemed sufficient cause to annul the contract, at tbe ortlion of the Secretary. Deliveries must t>e free of charge at tbe Depart ment of State, WaabiiiKton. The failure to comply with any om order under tbe contract will, at the option of tbe Secretary ot State, operate as a forfeiture of tbe entire penalty of the bond; or the Secretary of Stale may direct the purchase, in open market, of such quantities ef any articles as shall lie necessary to supply the defi ciency caused by snch failure, and charge to the contractors fifty per centum of the price which it shall be found necessary t ? nay for sacb articles. Proposals anaccompsnied by a satisfactory boud will not be considered, and contracts will be award ed only to established manufacturers of or dealers in the articles. Proposal* to be addressed to the under* igned, ami marked "Proposals for Stationery." a21-eolm HAMILTON FISH, Secretary of State. OPOSALS FOB STATIONEBT. Department or the Interior. pB Department op the Interior, ? VMIIMIM, D.C., March 31, lv3.{ Proposal* f..r furnishing such articles of Station ery a- may be required for this D partun nt and the bureaus and offices thereof, during the fiscal year ending Jnne 30, 1874, will be received until A at * cl.*am THl BSDAY, May 1,1873 Each proposal must be sign<4 by the individual or firm making it, and be accompanied by a satisfactory guarantee tbat the bidder will eaecut* a con'ract with good and sufficient bonds, if his bid is accepted for any or all articles. Ho bid will be couaidered without snch guarantee. All articles are stipulated to be of the best quali ty. Samples will lie required in all cases. Each sample to be plainly Barked w ith the uaiue of the bidder and the price. Bond, with approved security, will l>e required of the party to wbooi the contractor any part of it, may be awarded. I On failure to furnish any article in a reasonable time after being ordered, the right is reserved of purchasing in open market, or of declaring the con tract forfeited; and if a greater price than tbe con tract price is paid for snch articles, the difference will be chargedto the ?>n tractor. Bid* will be con sidered on each Item separately. Schedules contain ing blank form for bidding, together with items and estimated quantities of article* needed, and full in formation in accordance with this advertisement, will be furnished on application. Contract* will oaly be aw arded to established man ufacturer* of or dealer* in the articles. Tbe Secretary reaerves the right to reject any or all kids that may be offered. I Proposals moat be addriissd to the Secretary of tbe Interior, and sndorsed "Proposals for Station ary." COLUMBUS DELANO, apl-lBwldt Secretary. qfficb po-tabddepotcommimabt Of (Corner of B and ltth streets, 8. W.) Washington, D. 0., AX111 **, 1873. Sealed Proposals, in duplicate, will be received SIS Bj THURSDAY. May SS, W*, tor all the kaarf Conud Em/ mmd Mmtm reqmfrad al this >t for on* p*tT| or sack lass tims a* the Corn map direct, oom >n and conditions lor^cTs.,0 8. A. L, C 8.', U. S. Army. 'raiPOlUC AMD THB PBB88 sador??t< 8 superior garments and falrwsm af dcaliaa STEADS', the ClothierTletl ~ ^4 HARNESS! BA8N t We hav* on haai a lar?a stoi gie and DowhlsOiH, Covered. BDBSBB, HICBBL, SILTEB MODMTED HASH of our own make, which we are at very low prtoea. Bole agents for U MO* VVgvw w " ??? of which we M*e ? <??!**??> ? Cobc The t>?c?xd Harness and Collars havs a I all over the country for durability and str CONCORD HABMEIM, Cmcord priess. i a reputsti ? strength, TBUHKS till SATCHELS ia great variety. OBDAS TBt'MSh.for prstectioa agaList metha. Call and etaaiis eteck. LUTE ft BSft, d im 4*1 Pert.. see., next to National li -tel. ITSE E L BEL?? "CTlLS IIULC'B**-TOOTS 1' POWDtB.-V><m??i??l.4 by Dei.tints fa* Hi parttT Sid heaiihr <cth>o. F r ah tf 3?sraliT. Frtos, M cents a hcuie. PROFESSIONAL Ul. ?.c. atmoi im uaoTi? m r Ore ?r>d to *?|w r-nmninimrf' ? ue Call* left at tfce Pr?r * .?? ..f r?c-ri? ("(?. ?rll.< ??rn*r ? 1 Mh ?tr-*et and Mr* T rk aienne, ? ill b> rr""*P?>T MnnM to. t|t <-..?w JAMS? y iLKPHANS~ K.I BiuaKT rLKIPH*** * BR AILEV. *hosthavi> weiter* A LA? reporters. Olh.^-Ho II* C Miwt, M*m? Ul and M facing Indiana Itnw Bthll If J OH* W. H AN K A , ~~ * _ _ w attorney AT LAW, M Law RnthtiM. *** " WaokTnctn*. |.0, L BOOKS, STATIONERY. A*. pKYAKTY LIBKAKY cr PoBTBY AND rS1* BTOWt* libbabV or rAaors ric BIKCBEB 8 LIFE or CHRIST *r FulM-rlrtiuM received at 1411 Feaa?yWaata ?t UUr l*> *?? '?"* IISIIOF A HAKAKlt ^GRJCCLTl'RAL BOORS? " J tin?to?^ A*rtmlturai Clmaiatrr a 1 ri A?*ri?'a?i ?SHdr ? Aanaiaai iv tllea'a AiKTlfM Farm B<>uA j m r?4fr*iD'? Gardenia* lot Fr.?flt 1 tu anna ? OiAimiut forBr. fit an.l Health | f, rollerS DmII Frott Altixw I t? tu t.r oUr*k*' Oaltara 1 C-'ifA ? ?J1"-?1 Aral- ?tltunat t 71 Wrt*tit% Pnntnl r nlln Eeep?r?_ J iv LtnMroili n? the Hi'uft IIm. ? ?, Randall* (ib?M>r<trr , Z PfWOvum CfrlifHu j 7? T-n?it on the Doi?...r^ ? '7! A|, tbe ?.w boo*, iniitT "ABD ? HORUN * CO., 1* ' * *-'"?? *' ??ae. <??mar llib -treet. i^t or tiiw book? at ,~~' IHILLISOTOX'S BdokitohC s tlr^S tfJV " 1SS5 * *' Klwm*4 L-w4 *SS*.isow "???'*? *?. ?* iWlV,??."""** ?r NOT l.AMLY JEALOCS. a N.nel lak"iKITV, K? u*.if""Br4dJ |Rr?ATU%A IN JAP?S AK bbcbbatiobb in rorrLAK POPI^ar kcikki r'1 lm n,"?,,w "> h? t bi v mV** ar\ t r k ?ti?k%Vx'TktS*1 i PHILOSOPHY. B P? \tZ .rivtr^t M L hIJrVn?*?UTU *?*ICAB BIROS c?ih. VTi?ri a *very ?***-<* Li?t4t BkiBk"e8 ha*d BOOE or travel in A l*rg* rtock of Blank B->k?. Paa. Brtoke thil g^satjatfiji isr si? ET?VJ",7.1E? k-' "?* "ri ml( tr 'pHE WORK? or TUOMA8 outbbib. d d. T|w Coapel in Bcklel The DuntB Inh(TiUoc?. Tb^ Hj l On the P*r?Me? IIIa?trated 6p**k?n|rtoth? Heart. WndiK of Cbaraf.r Plea for Ea4M<-J 8ch.?<>!?. Tlit- t'il/; it* Sim aixl H rmva Al WB. BALLANTTNE'!* OJ* fth Mrit. o T 10 b. ?"an*p?blaA M.Tr%To88,Tou ^Mnf^sj?Wr^rv?rNT.BB AhVblKblio DONE TJokl.KB ** -5* ??LUC are IbviUd to call and exarnlti. .? cew *ock- _ . BE*, r. rBEN?-HV Cnder National M.-tro^ Miaa Ba ?. ??! n*?? d-K*l? Jaj Ooofce a 11 * H aehlnr?- ? D O. STEAMER LINES. |^EH EXPBESa LINE VIA CANAL, 1,11 * iVa.. W ABfl 1NGTON AND UEoltUETOW N, 1> V KAKaW^saiT' ^.TTT1'D-c ? Tl"? E- A- ?BIDi.Alexandria, Va. ALDO A" PEABCE, A4 CoDfreM Street, B * : ?P> ^yABHIN0T0NiNOiBroLE, BOSTON, AND N-rf. Yk, will leave fcer wtaff ?hTU77' v' M ~ rs"h;S ^ la"* i>o?' 4 -tr* . mlj i,~\, V-^AOBTT. General Ac-'-.t, wK Plant ?* Store. crn?r Uth 1. at ul Pa. aT#. ^JUBABD L1BB. THB BBITI8H AND NOBTB ABEBICaB BOTAL MAIL BTXAMSHIP8. BETWEEN NEW TOBB AND LIVEBPOOL CALLINO AT CORK UAKfiOB EBOB NEW YORE. ^^fSiAp-. SI Panl""--h"1- A"' * JJ** .7 ! Al?r*lnla..??' Maj W ^iP111- Wed May 14 | B ?; ? \ ia ?al. . M ?> If ????< tbi? 'Iom earn ?te^ra?? pat AU^I^ WEDNE^Af and 8 A TLB DAT froa< New Tort. - ??. ???, .na 9Ul BAi, cmrreocj. rt??CiP.fTt* Llra?ool and Qoaanatown, ??**>??? *L l?w??l rataa. TL'wtwfc ?SZ4E5 . . Havre, Bte, ra??. bi >-?r^e _ atul all tarta bill* of " - MeditHiuew |m{i. Bo* (Tfiibt and cat:n im a?lr at the CoapaMr<> oflfca. No. ? B w^i C>r rteeran nnnt. at Mo. 111 b."^-15 ragSssr vlw toxU) lr CHAB O. TBAWELTN. Ar>nt ^BCHOB LINE BTEAMEBB SAIL EVERT 8ATCBDAT. Bal.vaf i br^'-O tt. aitd Trvm mar Ba 2?* or ?rea* Britain, Ireland, Borway, Sweden, Detmiark, German*.4 Stal^T"' Uu1Um1< ani tbe L'uitad* fro,B *,tw TOBE to LONDON. LIV ERPOOL, GLASGOW aixj DERRT, ??>? aud #T?. EECCRSION TICEET8. |1M. I tt teemed late, |U, 8te<^a?r, ?S?f all MSafcUtn Unrrericjr. Partiea aendlac for tbalr frtenda la tb? Old C -watrw can purchaae tickatt at low oat rata*. Tnr further RSVY^SSLS^0 OAMMAVX.J.. benderbon brothers, **yW t BowUbb Or?a. Rem fort |\| EBCHABT8 LINE 9B oTEAMSBllW. WASHIBOtMTanI BEW TORE. rVelfMi deli Tared kr Rnox V Etpr. ?i. Or -*? ? ? it (itl Offirf. 6P2 FfimiyIvHuit a\o* cxht - WK , *. W. TMOMPBOR, r II m LIVERY STABLES. ^.i^g&yl"V^?sa.'i!agrT 8esi oSriB^w^uroielfced^ ^ HtiMi, y^VS'RAtW.ff/^.K

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