Newspaper of Evening Star, May 1, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 1, 1873 Page 1
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V?. 4I-N2. 6.276. WASHINGTON, D. C., THURSDAY, MAY 1, 1873. TWO CENTS. THE EVENING STAR. rmklhhcd SiUiyi ?inp(c4, AT Till STAB LUILDINGS, rtUoiUuia Aftaae, ?or. lit* Bt, Til irnm btix Jirsrim wifih. Bm M. UffMIAVi; ! TBI ITCNISO STAB i* frrrt try carrier* to U?lr aiibcrilers at T ?M till# rNWIII,oi fnllT foil rt*r? nt moith. (V?im at th* counter Two Cmti swell. Bj aiall-thtM aoolha, glJU, 111 months, <3 0U, cm tcat, |l. TAB WEEKLY BTAB-raMfeft^ FrMay-flJ* ????. ?^'Invariably in advance, is both caaea,aad . lougoi U...D paid for. p of advertising ftirafnW em aVrlVatfon, AMUSEMENTS. \\ A I-1.'* W WPEK.t HOUSE. JOHN T. FORD Propriotor. X rklH SIGHT or THE GRABD PARISIEN t>P kit A SEASOB THF QfE*N or 01*R\ BfTFFE, >1 Li t: M\RIE AIMEfc. ANPTlll NEW IARIHEN OPERA TROUPE, ? I LL UHoRl a AM) ORCHESTRA. THIa (Till BSD AT ? EVENING. May 1. LA PKRK HfLI. ATMEE AND /RE FULL COMPANY FRIl'AY. B-oelit t Am?r-L\ BELLB HKLKNC SO? K D A Y - M t ?-?? BAKBE BLKUK. SATUBDAA NIGH T-OKPllEl S M X ENFERS. Seal* tor tt? U(i-i i Si*??n ran hvt N-aecureda E li?' Mn?ir S r- . A'!rr -i> . J# or uX? anil *1; R -orvil S->*t?. fl.5' a, .f $2 Bl I I 5 lO L > HALL EVERY EVENING AN D SAT I' BP A V MATINEE IIIREE \ EAKS 1.1 A >|AVTRAP! THE i.BIJtT REFORM DRAMA, F ??OR<f*tl <D T. S^ ABTHl'K S Story, r WMn?iide,1 everywhere for il? wholea'ime ii'rta?i'C? and concentrated iulir~st. Tr do, red with Appropriate Senery and aP\>wer fnl Dramatic Cov.pany. SATURDAY MAN TRAP MATINEE. Artnii**i< n. 3t? eent?: rm'nwl?p?i?, 79 cent*. ? utiiiw adDiifci n, Ladi-* aril children, 23 cent?. >ea'? ran be .ecnr-d a' Ellin' M"alc Store. ml i ' HAND PKOMIVADE t O AlERT At RACUXI*' TEMPLE, On TUESDAY EVENING, May6,18T3, F r tbf Benefit of THK AH ED MEM AMD WOMEM S HOME, f nder the charg.' of th" LITTLE SISTERS OF THE POOR. Mu:ne Baud et.gtg-d. Tickets, $1?Befresb uieiiti- extra, I i.der th'* Pitrcw "f tli'' 1- (lowing Ltdin and ' M dai' ?? d N?*ille?, Mr*. Senator Cai?serly, ? re\ re, Mi?* Alice Riijjf M d aw Ch.<aal.ran, Mir* Alexander, Mr? Heiiri<joes. Mi*? Carroll. H '* Tiiysen, W W Crc.ran. E??i , ? ? Thin. B"rrr, G^o.^V Rig**, B*i|, Mrs K?m 1,. U111 Gait. E?i|., Mr*. M L Strp'.n*. J. Carroll Brut, B-"i., Mr* J GBerrett, A i;.i?lii< P-rry, E*i , Mr?. K. 'il'-rr, and other*. 111I-M IV A*H1!?GT?!* theater 4 0*ll?UE. * " | KlntKtii street, sou:h ftuiitihtiui a.onue. A PL IL V? OA E H *> K A>0 T WO MA T1 N K S3. P' - tivt ly l"?t ?'-eK ???Ue jwi* An^ricar Star Arti?t, ?;f.or<;e w?Thompson. Firef a??r-*1 iiitt- ol tUe lifrfinifnl V calwt, k ITT A" K< Wki.L KITTY RnWU.L. I 1 rat app,hulo- ? f the *"himp' ri S"Og atsil I> Lad>, BELLA UOltDuN. E-p> > iaI atterfi 1, i- f.i!Wtoti(, jrr?-?t PARLOB MIN>TBEL M'tSE' lrtr< ?* . i: 2 !w? Et) h nt'? 1 ia<'>' e. The C r ' ? S;nd-r 'ri.1 C ??? ? d,,in, BILLY I>EFiCKK. TW ?.? PEW I',\LLI.TS NEXT AVKKK l a?t *i t the cbamUa^t t^oeeu ol S*.riv-C iu.e FANNY DAVENPORT. Tl.* fc-'^nrrfn! ar.d dnxliiuff Prfini^re D in*eTi^e, t M l LE CuJICUtrA RONZATTI. Tliea" r>ij.i?t."d IIar?nria:i D:?i.c^r<, Iv t ? TI1> MK.M.FA "hTTB" K T l' ANDOI R MAMMOTH NOVF.LTY TRot Pt. Il< ? urar.d hil i>f T ? C< ! ? '? *? th tli^ sr*at I. rali.m *f THE V \>I! lNOTuN DETECTIVE. Matin- ?? WEDNESDAY arMSKTI RD*Y BeceSt t MOSS BLANPQWSKI, May 2 a28 OihSo.l Ob Eihlbitioa VNkw N _ t** } Kid KaU } 4-Of Fib St.a ?t fhu dt _ MARKRITER ?, BO. t3S 7t* Itrwt, I?i?h h D and B <tr?et*. e:at?r 4wn ah n? Old Frlliiw'i BhII. Ofc"lee Oii Paintii.n, Br <rraTi>ic?, Otiruat^a, Ac. Al?c>, lar>-e?t ?t.*k Paper, Wi'idos Ijhadai. PutitM, Frani<~. Pictnre Cvtai aud T^ ?eU. Binci?, Na?l?, Ae., )a the District. ?fTERMS CASH. Pl'-aee^rt-n!-tub -r Nat"- and Niwiber. Jel ly* LL RINDa OF CAST-OFF WEARiNU AF PA BEL can be sold to tL? v?rr beat ad'? alitor t> adlreaaii f riallin-n JTSTH, ?1? D ?re??, tetw*?ii (th and 7tb 11. w. B tea by mail promptly atb-oded to. Cash paid. fU LD BOLD, SIL\~b"b7BKAJtf. OuPPEB. Brc., b n?ht at fair prtcea for a 5?w T rk fcouse U oeeb -Id Fun.itnr? Nngbt ar r! ? 1.1 N^x^a by mail -^uBiprly attocd^i to by ACGENbTBIN, 140S "~ii?ylTaria dM-lr* A U ?01. HEAL ESTATE AGENTS. 11 Aii BOYLE FRANK BARN JM jr.o boTle A CO., KKAL ESTATE AMD MOTE HHOKEKS, ho t>03 14:h strict, opp..eite L". 8. Trrasury. FOB SALE?A hand* :nt HOUSE on I ?treet, N >. *13. A iiew I?k? d able HolsE, corner il-t ai-1 H BOC-E S 101U M a??m hu-ett3 averme. HOI SE N U2t> tl 4rp t ??ant. fi>r wtlo '?r r"nt, fur i? #be<l <>r unfnrnMi?d. Al'fiTrv'JE in Willaril'-. K'-? . price. jp2U)UU. Several ?m*II 11 tron. S fr? to S?.iA4>; <a-l? pa. incut.. He bavt w. ??r> fne FARMS, improved and nuini pro^pd. on diflerrat railr^ud* munittj; fr'ni tli city. ? ' ?al- a. luw ficnre* or rt hmKc for city pretty ?*.<?? f.-et ? I GROUND 111 rari,.n? p- rti' t?e ? f tl.- mm [ r -a[. at i * on ea-v terms, or * lli eJct-Uig" f? ; pr >lnctiv'- inipr >re,i property. ap2S 'r I^EAL tbTATM AGENCY FITCH AND FOX. AV f ?:*?? ?pe< ill ailartliM t" ill" care of Pr?j**r!iwe b " 11 ? (t lu 11 n-resident owaara,?pnyinf lax^e, artrodintf to r--pair?, securing temtnte, c^llectiug ri-Ltt. A> . Ac. >11' it A FOX. 1 -?09 Pt-nna avenne, Ficciiuau". B-tuk BuildiiiJ', r ? ?i'Iw opp U.S. Tr?-a-cry. i * AO. ItU.-M LL A CO., H HAL hSTATE BROKERS, J14 *lli street. (ofer German Am 8a\inn1 Bank.) Special at?> i.'i. u c\-it t-> RENTING. COLLE^T lN?i PAYING TAXES aud NEGOTIATING LOANS. R. fer 1 l>y p^rmi'-i ? t-i ?G<-n<*ral B -nj-AlT^rd, P,vn.a?ter G< aera! I" S A., Js:ji?-? S. Griuti-ll, Chief Cl.-rk l". S. Patent <?fHrr, Joliri Fraeer. Arch 1 II 1. I P Blair; H?a. J. W. D"iie!a?<-* IMtrtal leitaue; Wrn. B M 'i?rs, Furni ture Denier; C E. Pr?-ntin?,Cashier German Aiu-ri caa it g-? Batik. C I J^hn M- F* a^ieicn; II -11. J"bn n it/. CoLenl General of Switzerlaiid. uSAu' ILLIAM Dlt RSOnI GENERAL INSURANCE AND RFAL ESTATE AGENT, Aw. bOi FIFTEENTH STREET. orr<-*tTE TXFATRT. N'-we bot the iusurauce compauiti repr?> S* i.ted. Pr mpt settlement of l.w? ar.<! fair dratin* srnar ai.teed. i|4 iaj Austin p. brown. C'-ruM A Y.avautxr ai.-l lltbatfeat, Waaliiugtub, D 0., WlonuLt Daatsa in LI MB*k, LIMR. CEMEMT. BAND, AO., Ac., Ac LI MBhik BILLS cut to order ua abort notice. BLt E STOXI for Rmlitiitf. Mn aduibiat anr Patiuf perp< sea delivered in any part of tba Dm trict. BAAL ESTATE boturht and sold and money lv seated. To this bra&cb of th< bnsioeae 1 will here ?fier five my perawnal atteution, and wiil be at iai ofti e aaily fr m lu a. m. until 4 p m. marl tf JD.HT COLOKEO DBESS PaNTS in P-?rl, J Lavrnder, aad T- a cofors, avd of excellout w ikn.anabip, at A STRAUS , 1011 Penua. ave. Bear Utb. in D B WORMLEY S PECTORAL SYRUP, ro> OOl'GHS AKD COLDS SOLD Bl ALL US CbUISTS ?T* t^HIHTS MADE TO ORDER. In connectkb with my Merchant Tailoring basi neaa, 1 am nvw prepared to MAKE SHIRTS TO ORDER. having engaged the services of one of the Leal cot ter* in the country lor that Being satis fled of my ability to fire entire satisfaction, b HU in ?tyla and at, 1 rsapecUully solicit th* patrouaga of U>* public. a t. been. Satrf an4 Ibmrr n Mtmn/mnwrer. a 19 lBI ?? IKn street northw?t. \VGBK1BG MEM havs b? caus* U> strike wbea IT tbev can bay C? at- at (I, Pan:, ttrsaou >1, at STRAl'S', IS 11 Pewna. ave . near 11th. aX L"XAMINE THE GOLD SPECTACLE, ont ??, U H HEMPLEB. Optlcldb, B>? tr AS street. rpHK LATE--T BONDER of the l*h century is 1 tlir|?inul,b<i* ?*iliug rap.dly at STRAla', 1U11 Peuna.av*-, ucai li:h. a!5^ CB1AESE TEA MOBS JHI Bm removed to 613 D str*?t. Between ath and 7th, Borth TEAS cheaper thau ever. Mo reol to pay. 1*. BEN JAMIE, Proprl*t*r SPECIAL NOTICES. Fiat Old H Jr H klikr, Fine Old U>e Whieky, Tiw Old Rye Whiaky, Fine Old Bye Whiefcy, F Be Old Bye Whi?k>, Fine Old Rye Whisky, Fiue ?!d Bye Whisky, Wonan'id Wxi'amuU Warrmnttd Putt P*t* Part Ant UnmluUfrattd, tf<Jt Utntral and M'dicnutl C$4. This is the article we have now sold for apwarda ot live year* with univr?al satisfaction; put up in large bottle* at Oue Dollar per bottle, or can bo had in any quantity. ?^Nntk-e, that we will return the money If thi? Whieky it'i i not give satisfaction or preTe M repre D iiti'd by no. Also an excellent stock of California Wine#? Port, Sherry. Angelica, Mu-catel, H >ck an 1 Claret; also. R ll> 'a Iaiand Catawba and imported Lienor* of all kinds. ART11CB N ATT AN S, Druggist, aKi U C'-rntr 3d and D atreeu a. w . The Supreme Court of the United State* Ha* recently give* a decision in favor ol iheOorhsm Maau'a<-turirg Company,enabling th -m to protect their df-icnc from all other manufacturers who imi tate ai.d copy th- w. rA*Ttctn.AK sot'c* i? requested to the fact that the lanw artist* are en gaged iu :be production of designs, whether for tb" St'tlingSihrr Department or f ?r th? celebrated G rlnui Plate, hut tii- Company 11-ver repr >duce in their Electro-Pl?te Department the designs whicli theyrtevn'e to Stirling Etch haw it* own ?special trade mark. a* follows, htsmp-d upon every article : Tradf mark for Trait mark for Gorhatn Sicrlin* S>!t>r. GorUam KUciro-PlaU. ETEKLINU COKIIAM MANUFACTURING CO. Prortd-?.??, K. 1 .and No. 1 Bond si., JVetp Yo"k, \i tnr.f:i turers rf Stirling Silver, T-a, Dessert. and Dinner Servlevs, and Weddiag Outfits; al?o Man uf cturera of the celebrated U rhatn Electro plate. alU-th.St Bntrbelor'a Hair Dye ia the bent in the world, the only true arid perfect H lir Dye; no rnliculou tint*, no di?:?rpointment, harmles*. reliable, i us tan taneom Mack or brown; at ail druggist.t', an>t lti Bond rtreet. New York. f 3-ecly A Card. A CWigyman. while resiling In Bontb An'-rlca a* n isaiou-try, discovered a Me ai?l simpld reined) for tike cure of Nervous Weakfcees, Early Decay. Dieeaee of the Urinary and Seminal Organs, and tli> wuole train i'f disorders brought on by baneful am ciev'its habits. Great nnrt.bers have oeen cured bj this noble r?E'.edy. Prompted by a dedrato ktneot the alficted ami auf.>rinnut?, I wil!<-nd the rerip fur preparing aud tutu* tbi* medicine, in a aeal-<<S euveVpe, to any one who needs it, ?? of C*?r$$. AuJrtas, JOsKPH T. INMAS, ttuMion D, Bible B >a*, marSJ-ly New Fork CUy. LA DIUS' GOODS. AIK?. C. B. OILLLT, i'l AT THE mw TORK MILLINERY STORE, HAS REMOVED flout 614 htreet TO 469 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, WASH ISU TOPI O C., a-.d jn^t r-tuine<l from N? w Y^rk mith th* latrat ntyln< atid noveltiea in Millinery and f aucy (jo.???. Tbanklol for part favors, a be aollc'ts a con tiiiuance of patronage. ?pJ4 lia* [VOTICI.?Bargain* are ii^w offered^in 31ILL1NEBY and EANCY GOODS, r.y E. LENZBERQ ? CO., ?^3-tr 7 0} il.trk-t bp^co, || aTs GOOD bT~ EIBST CLA?S GOODS AT LOW PRICES. Fine BRAIDS, CURL8, etc., of our own make. ?"ld at tnmiuf^rtiuvr's prices, at H PHILIPPIC IIsirwork Factory and Store, T19 Market Spare, between 7th aLd f?h atrvetx. a2l 'it* MISS MciOft HICK, 90A PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE.^? (Up Staik*,) Will ->?en on THI RSDAY, Al?*!L ?TH, a large and attractive assortment of Imported LONNKTS AND ROlKD UATS, to which the special attention of the ladie* is called, aj-tr * J^TASIPING DEPOT, 617 SSVKNTH SrkEBT, fe' tl-tr Opposite Patent OiBce. ^LLLING OFF I ? SELLING OFF I AT COST, TO DIStfOLVB PARTNERSHIP, the entire stock OF THE NEW TORK BAZAR, 441 Seventh street, near E. irarT-tr NO U CM BI G. u f AD1ES'" Li FRENCH STARCH ENAMEL U tbe beet article in the world for doing up L!n<*n or Iff alio. It Importa a beautiful (loea to the fabric. For aaie by all Grocers. BO&MHAM St CO., Mannfactnreni, 16U West Lombard streot, iwlfly Baltimore, Maryland. SUMMER REPORTS. RUMMER BOARD. The OSBl'RN HCTSE, Leeabnrg. Va.,l? now open for the accommodation of Sommer Boarders. No psii..? will be spared intheeud--a\or to make all com fortable. |ap3-lm"] JOAB OSBUBN. Proprietor. BEFOBE GOING ELSEWHEKE exanine tlw Diagonal Dress Suit for ?17,( a specialty,)and onl> to be bad at A. STEAL'S', 1011 Penua. ave., near 11th. a23 '?'HE PROBLEM THAT wa< EASILY SOLVED 1 >kl say. Charley, pardon m -, but pray tell m< h w in it yon al? a> * drees a<>st> li-th, and having but a moderate iuco*Ile!',, ?? Wtiv simply because I pur chase from A. STRAUS, 1011 Peuua. ave., u?ar lirb." n7i_ E HAVE 11ST RECEIVED ?? D^ZEN LADIES' SKIRTS, .WHICH VT? AKH SMLUXV AT TESTS TER SEIIiT. LOtR WOOD, HI FT* A TATLOK. PUMSVLVAHiA AVENUE. a0 w Metropolitan Hotel Block. (VOW OB EXHIBITION, the bon ton White Vest, ientirely new,) buttons fastened with ?i, at A. STRAWS', 1011 Peaua. ave., near rings 11th. 404 Me 'bTBEET* co- 404 We have just received oar sarins Mock of SH ADE HOLLANDS, SHADE F1XTUBE8, FINE GOLD ASD WALNUT FRAMES, CORNICES, COEDS, TAi*8E L8, Ec. OUR STOCK OF PHOTOGRAPHS AND CHBOMOS ia bow COMPLETE, aad 1s one of the FINEST In tho City, all of which we aro offering at ve^_low prices^ ' Frsjcee Repaired aad Regllt and Furniture Covers made to order a9-tml VIENNA EXPOSITION. CIRCULAR LETTERS OF CREDIT, ts?r*? IT jay COOKS * CO. The Circular Letter Is a letter of introduction to bookers ef character l?r out Html the wtfld, Identity, ing the t-eorer and authorising payments to his as reuutred to the extent ofhia deposit with M. Full information will be furnished upon applica tion in person or t-y letter. J A V COOKS it CO., Baakera, apgtm WAPHiyOTON. 1/BANKL1N * CO.. ?? orricjAxs, ?- ^ ~ No UJ7 Piw-wuMi ivistt.lLr O-nulne ?rmEilian Pebble Spectacles, janlt-tr (??ABPBT? CLT.ANED AT THE STEaM CAR <" PET BEATING WORES.4VO Maine avenue, M tS and dk eta. Caraet* railed for aud returned free of extra ehatge. LORENZO RICE, aplj-ly* EVENING STAR 4 Washington News and Gossip, Internal Rivim k.?The receipts from this source to-day were *548,584.83. Gr?. Sherman is not in favor of offering bounties tor Indian scalps as is represented by a morning pa^er. The Dayfon Journal intimates th it Gen. Schenck will be a candidate for United States Senator from Ohio. Tbi Pusidirt and party were exp<?cte<l at Oiuaii* at midnight last u'gtit. Gen. Sherman telegraphed liim at that point the news ot the Modoc disaster. Coutons to the amount of SI,250.000 were |> iid by the government during the month of April last, by which a saving to the govern ment of about $2,700 was effected, Aim EE in one of her best characters to-night. " Perichole' is a pleasing opera, in Offenbach's best style, and the company are all well up in their rispectivc parts. Tbe Syndicate has been furnished with about ?40,?H>,noo of the new bonds. No more will be sent to Europe until Mr. Cattell the the f nancial agent shall notify the Secretary that whey are needed. Ekock Hoao, superintendent of Indian a'Vail s. passed through Parsons. Kansas, yes terday with a delegation of Winnebago Indians, from Wisconsin, who go to select a home in the western part of the Indian territory lor their tribe, which numbersabout 1,0<X). Th* amount already collected through sales from the New York Central railroad on account of tax which the company refused to pay is about $40,<t00. There will probably be another sale of locomotives and freight and passenger Cars ot the road on Monday next. Natal Orders.?Lieut.-Command** Chas. H. Craveu is ordered to the recti* ing ship In dependence as executive officer; Lieut.-C >ui mander S. L. Wilson detached from the Saranac and ordered to proc< ed home and wait orders; I.ieut.-Commanner Nicoll Ludlow, from the Naval Academy and placcd on waiting orders; and Lieut, John C. Morotig from the Tuscarora and ordered to the receiving ship Independ ence. Gin. Frank WhEaton's official report of tbe liiKt light with the Modocs in the lava beds on t'je of January last wis rooeivod by tier Sherman to-day. Gen. W. gives a list of non-commissioned officers and privates who were conspicuous for gallantry in the engage m*nt,anion* the i,antes being that of Edward Clarke, of the 1st cavalry, who is a young 1 rot";er of Mr. Wm. II. Clarke, agent of t ie Anurican Tress in this city. Till Weather in April.?The meteorologi cal summary of the Signal Office of the War Department for the month of April, 1S73, at the city of Washington, sb> ws mean barometer 29.941, highest (3'V.;&9) on the ^eth, lowest (2U.513) on the 18th; mean tem perature 5L3, highest (^7) degiees, on the 9th, lowest (:*.> ou the 23d, total ra nlAll3.t!* inches, the heaviest rain on the 10th?1.13 inches; pre vailing wind northwest; total number of miles, 6.5s2; maximum velocity of winds, 2t> miles per l.wur; number of cloudy days, 8; number of rainy days, 14; number of clear days, 6. The Neu' Postal Cards.?The post office in this city will not be supplied with the new j>ostal cards for several days yet. When it is t ey may b<? obtained at the stamp window, the s.inie ai> pe*tage stamps. The Morgan Envelope Company telegraphed that they are now pre pared to manufacture 750,000 cards per day. The cards will not be sold on commission, as postage stamps and stamped envelopes now are, as the department has decided, in response to applications for agencies, that the post offices o: the country will be able to meet the demand for them. The department decides that they can be used to notify members of societies, corporations, Jtc. of assessments, anl having subs quently been paid one cent stamp, be used again to be returned to the assessed parties, as notification that their assessments have been re ceived. Clerical Appointments The following Lave been appointed clerks of class one in the Treasury Department, having passed the re paired civil service examination: Heiuv N. Crutcbett, D. C.; Samuel Maddux, Md.; P. W. Jones, Mich., T. H. Burgess, Md.; Walter S. Johnson, Mo.; W. H. Conkle, Penu; John B. Greene. Penn.; Jerome Wise. D. C.: William J. Colte, Conn.: G. A. Dandelette, AM.; Joseph 'I rainer, Md.; T. J. Murray. I) C ; E. W. New man, Md.; J. W. Shaw, O.; Ira H. La Frettra, o.;J. A. Hebrew, Va.; W. H. Greene, Penn., Albert W. Paine, I>. C.: W. H. Harris, Md.: L. B. May, N. Y.; W. H. Bice. 111.; Moses P. Knell, I?. C.;I>.W. (Stevens, O.; Oscar Oldberg. Tenn.; G. W. Bich, D. C.; C. E. Brayton, N. Y.; F. O. Terrill, Kansas: O. C. Tiffany. N. J.; M. W. Haston, N. Y.; E. E. Beainan, Mich . Arthur J. Joslyn, N. Y., aud Charles G. Briggs, Md. The Fabragut Bounty Cask To-day, in the Court in General Term, the case of the bounty claims of Admiral Farragut and the officers and men of the West Gulf Squadron was argued by Mr. B. M. Corwine. special as sistant attorney general for the United States, and Gen. Butler and Mr. N. Wilson for the libe lants. This case was instituted several years since to recover such bounty as was due them for the capture and distruction of the rebel vessels at and below New Orleans iu April, 1862. The cftse was referred to Gen. Mnssev to take the evidence as to the vessels engaged and the nnmber ot men on the fleet-, and last year the w hole case was referred to Mr. Paine, "of Bos ton, Mrftl. V. Fox, late assistant secretary of the navy, and Mr. Durant of this city, as arbi trator*. aud a few months since they submitted their report awardiing the sum of *26*,000, be ing *2no for each man engaged on the enemy's vessels. On this rej>ort the ?ourt (Judge Hum phreys) made an order for the money to be de posited aud distributed. An appeal was taken to the General Term, and a tew davs ago the libellants moved to dismiss the appeal, but it was overruled. The case is now heard as an ap peal. The l*nbll* Debt. The following is a recapitulation of the state ment of the public debt of the Uuited States for the month of April, 1073 : Debt H-oring Fnt*r*st in Com. Bonds at 6 per cent *1,3X1,738,659 00 Bonds at 5 per cent 411,567,300 00 ?1,74*,305,950 00 Drb' P-arinQ Int-rtti in Lawful Monty. Certifl's indebtedness at 4 per ct t>78,000 00 Naw pension fund, at 3 per cent 11,000.001 01 Certificates at 3 per cent 215,000 00 j*14.*E.uon 00 Debt on which interest has ceased since maturity 2.521,550 26 Dtbt hf firing no inUrrtt. Old dem'd and legal-tender notes. 357.231.5*1 50 Certificates of deposit 25.120.00n 00 Fractional currency 45,6*14,025 69 Coin certificates 24,787,400 00 452,803,<>10 19 Total debt 2.218.527,110 45 Interest 40,066.356 76 Total debt,princip'l and interest 2,268,583.4*7 21 Jrcwuto 0? Currency ????????? ?*'1 25 Sis'cial deposit held for redemp- WSM ? tiou of certificate - of deport, as provide*! by law 25,130,000 00 ? $105,004,311 20 Debt, less cash in the Treasury, May 1, 18J3 2,153,IS), 15*. 9t Debt, leas cash in the Trt a?urv, April 1,1873 2,155,736,611 56 Decrease of debt during the past month 8t.iff.Ki W Decrease of debt since March 1, 1872 ?3.89|,.111 Deerea*e of debt from March 1, 18t?, to Match 1,1813 0<2..\.V? 48 The statement of bond* issued kifadle rail road companies, inter. l4 pavaWc in lani'ul money, shows total* as follows:?Principal outstanding, #64,623.512. Liferent ae tu mI and not yet paid, 91,292,470.21; intereV ??aid hr r?io L niU d states, >0.90: Interest r-pa'd !>y tran?|<ortation of mails, >4,1-5.43^ . Bal ance of interest paid by the I'.iitcd fl4,323,842.22. Ihe IH'alli of Rcpnvtcutativr J a. net Bruflkn. Representative .Ism * Brooks. of New York , who b;t* been in a declining sta'e of health for nearly two year* past, died at his resdnce, corner of 18th and F streets. In this city, lasl evening. The deeeased was born in Portland, Maine, November 10, tMO, and graduated at Wat. rville College, at the head of his class. Ho then became the heart of the Latin school at I'ortland. He traveled through the southern stntes and among the Creek and Cherokee Indians and wrote letters to different journals, and was one of the first Washington corres pondents. He wa? elected to the legislature of Maine in 1*35, and subsequently went to Europe, whence he corresponded for the Portland Atirrr liitr. In 1M? ho established the New York Ex} rrst, and in 1W7 he was elected to the New York legislature. In IMS he wa? elected to Congress, whore he remained four years. He w a- subseqnt ntlv elected a member of the 31 it 32d, 3*tn, 3:?th, 40th and 41st Congress, and w a- re? Acted to the 43d, as a democrat. Three jears ago Mr. Biooks made a tour of the world Mr. Brooks retained all his faculties until the last moment. THI POST-MORTEM ETAMIN ATIOJf?C ANCKR ON THE STOMACH THE CAUSE OF PEATH. At the request of Dr. A. Y. P. Garnett, the family of the deceased acquiescing a post mortem examination was made for the purpose of ascertaining the cause of Mr. Brooks'death There were present at the examination Drs. (>arnctt..J, C. Hall, I'riukard. and A-hlord, and two surgical ex|>erts from the armv medical museum, l>rs. Schafler and Lamb, who per formed the autopsy. The examination devel oped the fact that the disease was an extended cancer on the posterior i>ortion of the stoma eh, lrom which the patient has been suffering prob ably for the past three years or more. All the other organs of the body were found to be in a healthy state, with some slight deviation trom a normal condition of the system. The results confirmed the opinion held by Dr. Garnett as to the nature of the disease. THE BODY has been embalmed, and is to be placed bv Mr. U. W. Barker, the undertaker, in one of Stein's patent burial caskets, of solid walnut, covered with fine black broadeloth, with massive silver mouldings around the top and bottom edge* and at the joints of each angle. Silver har handles extend the entire length of each aide with T handles of the same metal on each end! The sides are ornamented with silver shk'lds beautifully ehased in flower work. The inside padded and trimmed w itli festoon safin quilted in flowers. The top iP of entire m< tallic m ite rial, the frame being ot silver moulding divided in the middle by a silver cro s-bar, with a I rencli-plate glass pauel on each side covering the entire body. Two detactied wood panels covered with black cloth.are fitted to cover the glass top and fastened with silver thumb screws. Either or both of these latter panels may be removed at pleasure, thus exiwwing the inside to view. On the head panel is a pUIn siher plate,on which is the plain inscription: " flu lues Brooks, born in Portland. Maine, Nov. 10, V 10; <1ie<J in the city of Washington, A ;rl M, 1 -"3." <>n the corner angles forming the octagon to the casket are placed beautifully ? estgned metal plumes. The remains will be taken to New York U>-niKlit. TIIE KIHKKAL IX NEW VOUK. The remains will be taken to N.;w York to night, and bnried from Cliri>t ehurei in th it city on Saturday. The deceased hul been a I member of that church for thirty years I The PiTTsnfKo amiConmlisvimi Rail road V ae?About 3 o'clock yesterday after noon the Pittsburg aud Connellsville raiiro%.i company sent a force of men from Pittsburg to resioic the track on the Bradiord branch, de stroyed some weeks since, as charged, bv par tit s acting under the direction of the Pennsyl vania railroad company. The laborers were mttby a force oi the Peim>yKaiiia railroad i ompany two hundred strong', who prevented the accomplishment of the work by demonstra tions of v iolence. They also burned two small bridges on a part of the road next to the main line of the Connellsville road, thus effeotuallv < efeating the object of the expedition. The Comic-lit.villt force quietly withdrew, according to orders. The interruption to travel has been the ca use of serious complaints from person* doing business on the branch road. The Con ii?llsvitle road filed a bill in equity to preve^ further interference w ith their alleged right*. Argument will be heard in the supreme court at riarrisbuig next week. Recent EAKTHqrAKK".?Telegrams pub lished Monday showed that three shocks of earthquake, ot some severity, were felt at Corn wall and Montinette, in Canada, on the after noon of Friday, April 25th. The Burlinzt-m ( \ t.) Free Press of Monday says :?Four "dis tinct shocks of an earthquake were telt at !?or' Covington, N. S Friday afternoon,each shock lasting about fitteen seconds; about an hoar be tween the first and second, and half auhjin between the third and last shock. A letter from Honolulu. Sandwich I?l*n Is says:?in the vicinity of Makawao, on East ft!aul,a succession of heavy stumi>s and jars awoke eveiy body about 4 o'clock on the morn ing of March 31st, and everyone knew that there had been an earthquake. The motion was from east to west, and was felt as a series of violent jars that caused things to rattle lively. 1 here has been a good deal of rain on Hawaii lately, and Kiiauea is, as usual after a storm, quite active. We look for some outbreak on that inland before long. The Reported Siocx Ma^sacite ix the Northwest?Information has be?en received at Toronto, Canada, from a source generally considered reliable, to the effect that some A merican traders having poisoned two Sioux chiefs?Little Knife and Sitting Bull?at a place called Cypress Hill, in the British terri tory, by admini.-tering strychnine to them in their food, the Sioux fell on the post there and massacred all the Americans in the vicinity It is al*o stati d that the half-breeds living n the sam. neighborhaod shared the same fate, but this 18 contradicted by another report Cv press Hilt is about 450 miles from Fort Garry.' I/TBCH I aw in Kkntcckv?.4 Coined R.?, Hrnged?About midnight Tuesday night a ciowd gathered around the Mercer county jail at Harrodsburg, Kentucky, aroused the jailor, and took out a negro boy, carried him a short distance lrom town, and hanged him. Nearly a year ago he was sentenced to a year's im prisonment for attempt to commit a rape. The jailer permitted him to go after his cow every evening, and one day Tast week he mvie a second attempt on the person of a little colored girl. He was fouad hanging dead vesterdiv morning. ' Shocking Death of a Mother asd Her Ixfast.?1 lie wife of Lewis Heydegger, at Kingston. N. Y., while laboring under a fit ol temporary insanity produced by an attack of puerperal fever, took her infant, nine days oM, went to a cistern in the yard, into which, with her intant. she forced her wav through the rough, narrow opening. Her husband, luU-in? his wife. Instituted search. and soon discovered her body, lite being extinct. The infant was found shortly afterward, dead. Highway Kohbery.-Wo learn from the Norfolk .Journal that on Monday night last Mr doLn Q. A. Sand, collector and constable of Seaboard township, in Princess Anne count v. va .was attacked bv lour men, who dragged him from his sulkey, shot him through the left leg, and robbed him of *-',700 in money and a gold w atch. Five hundred dollars is offered tor the arrest of the robbers and the recovery oi the money. Eccentric Suicide ? A fecial dispatch to the Chicago Tribune from Corwin, Ohio, April 28, says: Near this place last evening, while la torlng under a temporary fit of insanity, Rich ard Williamson built a log heap fire in an old log-house, then stripped himself of his clothing, and cast his body on the burning pile, aud wa? burned alive. He was 2# Tears of age, and was respectably connected. He leave* a wife aud one child. Th? SorTH Carolina Debt?Morton. Bliss ?? Co., ol New Y'ork, yesterday applied to the supreme court of Columbia, South Carolina ,orwrit of mandamus to compel the con troller-general to levy a tax sufficient to pay the overdue and accruing interest on the state debt. The writ was made returnable on Tues day. . **? J?H* B. ThoMPRon, lately connected with the New lork Evening Post, died in that city yesterdav. Mr. Thompson was a Virginian by birth, and for a long series of years has been w^?.now? m liter?ry circles. Previous to the ivtKdlion he was on the editorial staff of the Kaitimore American, and afterwards had charge of the Southern Literary Messenger. B. B?The Baltimore base ball club defeated the Athletic club, of Philadelphia, in Balti more yesterday by a score of 12 to 10. At New Haven, Conn., yesterday, the Re?olute club to 10* College club by a score ol It No Peace Policy rx Their'n.-!,, the Ohi.i State Senate yesterday a vigorous discussion ensued on a series of resolutions indorsing th j present peace policy of the general government relative to Indian affairs. The resolutions were tabled. THE WORLD OF FASHION KCW YORK BTYLE8 FOR HAT. [FcthiiH Cvmifiwii ?/ Tkf Evening Star.] Kew Ton*. April 30,1KT3. EASTKR FLOWERS. Faster In the churches has become a show h spectacle which people go to see jnst as thej did the lilac k Crook, or a procession on inau guration day. The pillars are wreathed with giten, the tonts and altars are decorate witt white and crimson flowers, emblematic of the passion and the pain, the purity aud the re deeming lore, winch saved?or tried to nave? mankind. But redeeming lore expre*<e?l Ihrorghthe rapturous and agonizing toner 01 the ^reat organs through the bird-like not'> cl the three thousand dollar cant a trice, or th? measured cadences of the ten thousand dollar [Teacher, stands no chance against spring mil. iiitrv or the latest style of poionaisc. Was the suffering and the death agony well expended npon tlie volatile crowd? These gayly tripping voting women who are busy scanning their neighbor's attire, and the?e "cravatted young men, a ho fidget and seem so desperately uneasv in their own? Is there anything to save worth mentioning? or anjihlng'to kill in them worth the powder? The white and th-j purple, the heart of flame and the starry fragrant crown, mean to them only just what they cost at the florists. Thev read in them no hidden lessons. 110 anguish made divine by its sacrificial char acter, obtain from them 110 inspiration to a I urer, nobler lil'e; how should they w heu they are occupied in solving the mysteries of the fashionable Mrs. Turnout's drapery or calcu lating the cost of the lace upon her bonnet? Is there no new disj>ensation bv w hicli |>eople can be saved from their lolly instead of from in consequences? tASTER raOTIYITIE*. Faster gayctics have exi<euded themselves principally ujon eggs and llowers. The con fectioner* everv veai make a greater di-flav of colored eggs, and little egg" laid in straw in fancy baskets, tied with colored ribbona; but they also every year increase their prices, until it is 110 lotiger"i>ossible for mode-st |>eople to sur prise Kaster morning with these unwonted pro ductions of the barn-yard. Moreover, the sim - ple color< d eggs have lost caste?"surprise" more or less costly Raster piesetits, have superseded them, and even chil dren have learned to look for something in their Master eggs besides the yolk. Entertainments have been plentiful, but they have been of the fashionably philanthropic kind?subscription readings and musica'.es. pri vate theatricals tor charitable purposes, and other things by which men and women borrow the liverv ol the devil te> serve heaven in. A novel exception, however, to the buslnes. cliaracter of the Easter enterprises, occurred last week, and was the briliiai't idea ot a fash ionable lady. This was a gathering of Teuny son's "Rose bud garuen of Girls;"' in other words, a dinner-party confined to young ladies who havt made their debut in soci. ty during the past winter and the admirable ? riclitoiir invited to meet them. It wa.-st\ led the ? Kojie btid'- party, and created great excitemeut in fashionable cirtles. All the gentlemen wore rose-buds in their button-hole-,;?tid the Moral decorations ot the house wire ro?is bud exclusive ly, of every kind at <1 color. A superb bo<|uet was presented to each joung lady, cor responding with the garniture of her dree.-, w hicli consisted of garlands or bo |Ut t? of trail ing rose-buds, moss roses, wild roses, tea ros-.-, wl ite roses. Malniaison roses, and manv others. A lo\elv dres- of white crepe over wliite silk was g-itfiered with lon^-sti nimed English r<>-< - buds ot various colors, fresh and natural. The toilettes w< re ot course exquisite. (Jne consist <1 ot' plain Mue faille, covered with waves ol tulle, suimounted with a tunic of priceless lace, mount* d with flexible'-stemiucd t* a roses. Anotlit r w as flounced and embroidered grena eline ov?r white satin, the over-dress looped with a side sash ol white satin, riclilv fringed and ornamented with bla>h rows. It w ill l?e curious to note how many iiianiages and how manv divorces will grow out ol this rose-bud 1 arty. EASTER OPEKIireft. 'J he important openings ol the ason now take place in April,either at the close ot Lent or the bcgiKiing of Kaster. Display.-of lnilii ncry are sometimes made a week or two pre vious, as there is additional desire to w ear new bonnets uj-on Easter Sunday; but bonnets?or hats, for there ie only the dittercnce of a nam. between them?are now but a secondary con sideration; the co.-tume is the main thing, an I until this is decided upon it :s u.fiieaU to sclect the minor articles. Many oi the large houses have now three dis tinct rooms, only one of v.hicli?even on open ing dav?is free" to the general public. The second"is visited bv the knowing and curiou oncs, and the third by known customers and those who are specially invited. The tirst or large show-room contains what may be termed general styles for in and out-door "wear, walk uig-dresses, morning-dresses, suits and cos tumes ot average material aud quality. The second contains special designs in costume*, dinner-dresses, and the like; embroidered dresses, which require to be kept partially cov ered, and must upon no account be touched; for though "do not handle"' is placarded ujkjii every dress in the public exhibition room, yet almost everv woman will touch iu spite ol the prohibi tion;"and delicate color* and textures sutler in same pro|<ortiou as the nerves of a touchy President after a day's hand-shaking. From the third or inner sanction sanctorum the day light is excluded, and innumerable gas-jets light up brilliantly, lay figures arrayed in the costliest and most beantitul evening robes, ewcii one i>erfect in every detail. Out of the whole collection no two will be found alike: all are distinctlv and distinctively different: and when one is sold, no ?the1- is modelled precisely upon the same design. The prices of these "dresses vary from three hundred aud titty to oue thou sand dollars; and when one considers the dirti culty of getting up exclusive designs, ami the amount of costly lace and gther material u the cost seems moderate. KKWEST TOILETTES. For the benefit of my readers 1 will try to re call some of the freshest of the designs recently exhibited. And tirst it must be premised that all the newest and prettiest costumes, jackets, polonaises aud mautles, are trimmed the- entire length of the back. Mantles simulate various kinds of hooils, and are ornamented with lace iu spirals, rich passementeries, watered ribbon, iu loops and ends, and mis?iVe cords, testooued it xd finished with handsome tasseIs. Bcautit ul eostumesof unbleached batwte have bioad embroidered bands down the back and front ol the polonaise. the lower edge being fin ished with linen lace or fringe. The flounced fck rt is headed with narrow embroidered baud-. Three uarrow or graduated flounces are now more fashionable than one deep one, where a polonaise or an upper skirt is used, ami these are gathered or side pleated. Very novel morn ing costumes are composed of foulard aud ba tiste. The foulard is dark biue. spotted with white, and forms a polou iise, which is orna mented with a broad band of batiste uvwn the j back, buttoned ever with immense buttons covered with batiste, but embroidered iu the centres with the blue and eau ot the foulard and batiste. The skirl ls of baUsfe, kilt ideated down the entire trout, and finished at the back with a deep side-ideating, headed with an em broidered band of batiste matching the outtous. The culls, rolling collar and jKickets of the po lonaise are composed of batiste, ornamented with buttons only. It isonlv multiplying word. without use to attempt description of the complicated dinner and evening toilets, as no one erer tries to make such a dress tor themselves, or would succeed if they did. It requires an experienced artiste to decide be tween bouillonces and ruches and pleating?, to arrange the draperv, the ;*>?/, and the side sashes, to make a rub or a traise that will look as If cut from a picture, and combine the colois and shakes in a manner as daring and original as the styles of the period warrant. Moreover, it requires a man's recklessness to cut op costly material at the rate required; no woman ever did it of her own free will; it would break her heart. I must, however, mention one dress ot verv rich black gros grain, which was pleated all the way down, and spread oat into along pompadour, fan-shaped train. Over the front i part of the dreas was a straight tunic of blaek crept de chine, embroidered with silk and tine cut Jet< and bordered with wide lace. This was looped up on one side with superb orna ments, of lace, silk and paasimenterie, forming a "satchel" and sash ends. Two bodies accom panied this dress, one high and one low. A pretty dress is of pearl gray silk serge and bin* foulard. The hist skirt u trimmed with pleated flounces headed with ruches, all of serge. The second skirt to scolloped out round the edge over a pleating of the foulard, which is placed beneath, so as to project slightly beyond the edge of the scollops, and is eat la one. Prince** tasnion, with a high boddice. All its distinction derived from the manner of looping, and the arrangement of a vsK wida saah of blue foulard, brocaded upon the edge in colors and bordered with fringe. The most elegant evening ain dinner toilettes are made with trained skirts, with a small peuf at the back, trimmed front, and no overskirt. Aa embroidered, scarf-like apron is often added, which forms a side sasli upon the left of the skirt. FLA1K*B** or THK PIRIOn. There is an affectation of plainness about some of the most fashionable styles and gar mints, need not deceive ut one into lite iH.Lt! lLat the cost is thereby lessoned. Proba bly the most fashionable garment of tht> mnn is the double-breasted redingote. described par ticulars in my lut Itrflvr. This is? tn a* the mwlWfV phri*-MrtiBOtlT plain. It is fteh ionably made in black. all-wool serge, cr./* am lait. and plain grey cwbnere In black wool, it is ornamented only with large oxydlsed ?il?? button*. In tinted cashmere, falling collar, cufls. and pocket* are of black velvet. sash ar ranged in two loop*, and an end on on* aide of black velvet, and double row of large black velvet button*. An elegant polonaise lor even ing 'and carriage wear ha* been introduced, HiM.le of white crepe doth, outlined with white yak insertion, ana bordered with wide, white vak lace. The riche*t lace jacket* are comi?n>d of insertions of guipure, bordered with guipure, and ornamented profusely with colored rib bon*. CutuM of black grenadine are enriched with guipure lace, and ornamented with bow* and sashes ot black watered ribl>on. A lovely dressing-gown i* of tine blue cloth, trimmed with two row* of aide white cluny guipure, with narrow black velvet through the center, down the hark, one row down the front, round the top and bottom of the sleeves, and across the pockets- The bottom of the skirt ia plain The beit if blue leather, gilt-mounted The latent Kyle of bonnet t* the "Norman dy." It ha* a high black lace crown, stn&ll, flowing brim of straw or chip, Hlli d in with lace, and an Alsatian bow on the top. A small cur tain finisLcs it at the back, which is addition ally- ornamented with lace tappet*, fastened with a steel or jet dagger. *KW TlttiGf ASP PRETTY THIRCS. The new Trianon tans are very popular Thev are immensely large, and comj>o?*d ot blacV or tinted silk", upon plain sticks of uu painted wood, the silk painted in flower clus ters upon the left side. Still finer one* exhibit exquisite Wattcau designs upon black or white HitiU. mounted with ivory or pearl sticks, and then the cost is doubled and quadrupled. New tubus, chemisettes, and collarettes abound 1 he most of them are made in turquoise silk or c.-yt dt thinr edged upon either side with net or lace quilling, but some are shaped like a double-breasted vest, and have two rows of huge buttons down the front, in oider to additionally simulate that article of at tire. Instead of linen?lor morning and travel ing wear?striped percale or batiste in used, with flaring enft's and collar turned back over a double-breasted habit skirt. To match these, there are high,striped,lisle thread stock ing*. worn with walking boors, thick soled and low -heeled? English style?but exceedingly well adapted tor country "rambles and mountain excursion*. Wore dresscv. and much more ex P? i sive, are the twilled silk hosiery in plain co'ors?violet..rose. pink, frou-frou, and bine? worn with silk boots, strapped acros- the front, w if li very narrow bands of silk, bound with silk galloon to match, and fastened with sni-ill silk buttons and sewing silk loops. These are in tended to show the stlk stocking beneath, Gauze and grenadine veils are following the lead ol the dotted ones of black iace. i lie I >te*r for spring w?ar. are cut in the half-handkerchiet shape, and bordered with gray fringe matting the shade ot the gauze. A Spanish lace scan is the new opera head-dress. with a large w hite ro-c plac? d on one side when the lace is black; and a crimen 01 English pink rose a hen ihe lace is white. A li the new polonaise* arc rodngotes. w ith broad sash< s 01 black velvet or black watered libbon, arranged with loop', and an end on one side. Street costume*of black. wool, sergosorcash mere, have nothing in the way of ornament but large buttons ot oxydixed silver, and broad belisof velvet with luctal attachments for uni I rella, and small crystal or cl*??y watch. The skirts alone ar? trimmed with narrow rnWes, or are Bade entirely of side pleating. Theredin gote i> pl:<in, with English collar of twilled ?iik or velvet, is and carelessly though gracefully drsptd. It is long, especially at the back. Eor grenadine suns there are wide, thin sashes of black arm use silk, brocaded in colors and deeply fringed 115011 th.> ends, with neckties to match. The new gloves are plain, stitched in the shade of the kid, aud cut long ujion the wrist, where they are fastened with two or more small giit button's. Ladies w ith any pretension to fashion, will not wear gloves less than three buttoned upon the street, while six is the usual number for evening wear; and indeed uiauv re turning from abroad, bring with them gloves fastened with buttons, a source ot pride al most as treat, as that formerly felt in the length of the train; for every experienced woman knows that the buttoned gloves cannot l?e ] bought out of Paris. An attempt is regular!y maoe to revive black lace mitts, but in thi* country it is a decided failure. American women are fhrtldioot as to their hands, and they are perfectly awaie that nothing preserves their softness and beauty so well as kid, 01 so entirely conceals any defects. There is, however,a very nice English lisle-thread glove, which has been much used as a summer travelling and morning glove of late vears. It is a fine as silk, per fectly made and fitted, and Is sewed and finis'uod in every respect like a kid glove, but is much cooler and more pleasant to wear, especially by those who have warm hands. The price U only a trifle lower than the kid glove. The "walking-stick" parasols have disap peared. Tiie new parasol or sun umbrella, ha st short, thick handle, mounted in gilt or silver, w ith knobs or crosses of ivorv. agnie, ebony, or Shell, and usually furnished with a chain, to attach it to the metal clasp of the l?elt, Blue? a dark shade?and plain, are the leading colors. More serviceable are the small umbrellas, in soft silk serge, which may be used for sun or rain, have handsome carved wood or shell han dles, and are popular in all dark colors. More dressv parasols are of black lined with blue, or pink lined with white, w ith large, deep cano pies. and lace or heavy fringe borders, and shell or ivory handles, while still more elegant are the jaraVols ot pale pin k or blue or wuite, covered with lace, aud mounted on rich sticks of carved Ivory, coral, agate, and sandal or camphor wood. the stick alone worth the cost Of two ordinary parasols. Jessie Jvse. The Killikgof Maria MiDkkmott by a JKAL< t s Hvsrakd?Corouer Hermann held an inquest vesterday in the ease of Maria Mc I>ermott. of 42t> West 52d street, who was killed by her husband on Sunday morning, the 13th ifist. The testimony showed that McDermott had been jealous of his cousin for some time and had turned him out of his bouse; that 011 the Wednesday before the murder McDermott called upon his wife's brother and gave him his bunk book, saying that the money was to pro vide for the orphans should any misfortune be fall them. McDermott'# jealousy of his cousin was known to all his neighbors, and it was in a fit of jealous rage that, with a paving hammer, as his little daughter, fire years old. testified, he struck his wire four tremendous blows on her head, killing her instantly. Subsequently he tried to kill himself in Ins cell. The jury rendered a verdict against the hu.-band. dohn McDermott. w ho lies in the Reception Hospital. The couple had been married nine year??A". iun, 12)tk. OrTRAGE RY COAL M I*KRP OS STRIKE.?A despatch from Youngstown. Ohio, says a grass outrage was committed last Monday niglit at Vienna coal shaft, about half a mile east ot Vienna Center. About half-past ten o'clock a number of men attacked the house of John Cannif. a coal miner, who had gone to work in the coal bank. The men broke In the doors aud w indows with stones and clubs, putting the in mates in great peril from missiles. One of Cannifs boarder* lired at the attacking party and thev fled. The darkness prevented their recognition. Cannif was one of about twenty old miners who went to work on Friday last. He and the others had been threatened with inlnry if thev did so. Some twenty miners who had agreed *to go to work Tuesdav morning were debarred bvthuoutrage, and threats were I km ted on their gates and houses. The m'ners' strike is now in its seventeenth week. The Assault os Jat Gould?The New York Poet of Tueedav evening says:??? Au in cident out of the usual course occurred betweeu 1 and 2 o'clock at Delmonico's rertaurant, in Broad street. Jay Gould, with one or his brokers, was seated at a tabie taking his lunch, when Joseph J. Marrin approached the table and said to Gould that be wished to speak to him. Gould replied that he was busv, but would see him when at leisure; whereupon Mar rin struck him in the face, accompanying the blow with au oath and the speech that "if vou havn't time to speak to me, take that.*' By standers say the man was under the influence of liquor, that Gould oflered no resistance, but completed his lunch and retired with the broker accompanviug him. The matter is much talked about Ly the brokers." The EMrsaoRs H"b-k?>i?bijh??It is said that the visit of the tiers*an Emperors to 8t. Petersburg confirms the pacific policy agreed to by the Kaspersr* of Germany, Ru?sta, and Austria last September. It is especially signi ficant at this time, because the pro*i>ect* of qatet ia Western Europe were growing gloomier. Fkarsof axuTHIB riot at Pattenbarg, N. J. are entertained. A large number of Swedes and Itsbane have been put to work upon the railroad there who have Incurred the animosity of the workmen formerly emplovrd. Murmur ing* are heard on both sides. lioth parties are said to be heavily armed. 1 eleoraks to the star Tfcte lIUnMil DHpaltkn, ASSOCIATE!) PRiss REPUkTh. Th* Tlrnni THBABBBleAB ??T.V? l? CoSK,.-IO*. ^ kH 1 OIK, M >y 1--? Jk \ kiini AAh* c .*j MB that tbe Prix* of Waits, kccomranlM h* Prwoe Arthur visited ?He evp?Mitto? bntMinr* v>?ui?: ?j. l h? r> are over ;,?? U?ibmt mrii ? W?yrt W k uuinduy tor i*e rutribwi, M)|. JW> at ? Inch can be nnladea per -lay ,aa4 it will It*- UKtud ot Juiu- Wforr U?4>bltutW( will be in full Throi>ciila| ctreawtiwalll be devoid ol nililari display. At a artUng ? the Anttii W rxliiUlun M V leuu* ywirnUr (real indignation was expressed at the l?<'t that the Isle comniiMuoiMO La>i toll ac lw4 wl eahibitors nor thr (lu of art auc< u.. nt of |?l?o?i for American < vhlhttor* Frrnthlii| American l?inronfiwhtti. Ttaerihihrtint are. however, ottering all facilities lor the ciass*?oa i?a ot American foods. THE *CSrK?l>KDt< BMISftUXIBS rROTH>TI!lt!. Mit l.-S|?ci?i dUi'ttriir* from X ?< n?* rej?rt that the affair* <w the American ex kit tor* are in the greates* .matwMoa in oon se.]oeace ol the negU-ct ol the Mr*t oaua<ak? *"? Mr. .'ay and the new tonia.Mstotter* arc nrgtng the exhibitor* to the nio*t active exer tion* to rej-air the effect ol the prevten* mi? m?ragem<nt. Tbe suspend.-d commnuon.-r* continue to |>rot.-*t against their and <h clare their iuihhenev ol the char?c? m^ae against them. tp* r\e.*rrtow tw*romnTrtv \ t**x a. May 1?The work '* exhibition wa* inaugurated tku- attoaoon b, the Em|>eror of Austria with imposing oeremt nies, in tbe pres ence of a v?ft a*semh!age of people irom all jwrt* of the earth. The pio. redtnc* he**?i "lth an address from the Archduke t'harie* t<? 'be Emperor, congratulating Ilk- Maiestyon the auspicious event, ami Biking him to pro ?ontiee the exhibition open. The Emnernr re plied. briefly expressing his aati*fa.tH?n at the completion of the preparation* for thr great work, and then fbrmalU d?clnrcd the uimer?al exhibition ot 1873 0|?'tt? d. Rem l?rk N?(m. YAINToB* TKtt KM. Nrw Vi'RK. May 1.?The examination into the Atlantic bank atiairs sb >ws that Taintor loaned over on securities which have dicHMieart-d. Among the Imn* mt | *.??i tu L. H. Nile*, a broker, ami to an under clerk ol Niles. Nearly ail th< loaus were made within three months. There is a great discre pany in the accounts on the book* and the statements ot d? |.o?ltor?. <>ne of tbe director* over <lrew hiMouuii -?.??? tbe dav be lore the failure of the bank. THE < IU?rtK?' STR! Rt A visit to several representative shoe dealer* <lo<? not'in the representation* ot the Cnspins no* on a mike. Manx dealer* men tioned as Lai int' conceded to tbe terms demand ed >*v tlie\ only consented conditional ou all their branenrs of the trude agreeing. The trade is m w cam to he verv dull, ami tli?-re vrill he no difficulty in obtaining substitutes lor the strikers. the inniAS comnissioxebr ir session here d,s, r. dit the Toronto storv of the massacre of American* in the Blackteet conn. ! **?>'?. They have a dis|iatch tn?m the military } statiou nearer! the liiacAieet country, but no i uitutiwi **> luade of a distuthance. ' THR n milLR | is fne- win?t southwest. C?H>VKRS' STRIKE. Some hve hundn-d coopers will to^dav in cotm^ucnce of the liupoi t itton ol uiul*>.- ? batrels trom Maine. rat*. It is ?tat?<l that arr*t>g?-ni?iit? are hrin( per f?ctcd by wltii l> the Irie railway will li?\e Kill cotitK>I ol the Uottun, llarttord vu<l l>ie r*.l rv ud. FAttrr*. ('tis 1 ? Swan A to. to-day notitied the stock boaul ol tlu ir suspension. TKirrTia T'> Til* MKWORVOr <AMr* RROOKS. A!! tbe pa|-er- co"tain tribuUs to the uieui o:y ol .lames I'.rowk*. TU.UK W*RK Xt>ETEF\ R1I?S FOR U> J D to-Oar, anioantiiig to from ll'".T6 Mv? t1 1 it il iw The atiio'int to l>e *<?M vi< s-l.l"".Oou. which went at 117 14-IOuto 11T27 IUO THE BUOAI>WAT BaXK lo-<!ay called in |ljilli tUU on account ol the I a nif nt <>t mitres' au<! maturing bondsoi the city. TH* PTrAVPRIR W *aTI,H All A took (C^W in specie lor Europe to-day. 1 HE FA 11.t ck t?r swan 4 w involved only a light aiuouut ou the stock ex cbange.. I'roui LukO|)?* 'I o-?t*j, mrctuL fe*yivii 11 - t^r., Majr 1 1 he K-tivi'ies on the ottaiitfii of the visit ol' tl.e Kmpertir ot ticiiuany continue. Xotkxsof a ?unrnmion ol ba'ls and banquets Iibvc been lr?ued. The t>:ai d Iiuke Alexis has gene to Vlodiwor4ock. MillTARY OrXKATI??X* <>F TH* CAKM'T*. &Jai>i:ii>. May 1?Ik>ii Allon*o U near M<m tesa. in the i>roviiK'e ot Barcelona, at the bead of a bitnd of two hundred Carlist*. His wife accon<i anlt'K him. l"he Caili. ts continue to bum lailway rtat:on^. using petiotrtim to fa cilitate oi>er*tion*. Tbey have also torn nptho ramoati track and destroyed tbe te)e#Tnph wiit* at several i-oiut* wilhib the past tew day*. Tli?lt military oi>eiations have, however, been miinb restricted by the activity of ttie troop*. '1 lie go\ * rment is Mtn^uiue tbat tbe tusurree tion will soon t? entirely >u|>f>reased Lai' r ?A telegram trim f owera, in tbe pro vliiCC of Lerida. the line of Barcebina, uiWBMft that the trooi# bad come np with and deteahd l>o? Alfonso's band, before re potted in that vicinity. RESIOKATIOB <>v in K IT ALIAX VIX 1ST BY It* ?>! e . Kiv 1?la couse juence ol the ad vera* vote in the ( bambcr of Depntios yesterday on the appropriation lor an atsenaf at Taranto, tlo in.nUters have tendered to tbe King their resignation*, whkh have bmn accepted. No announcement lias vet been made of the atat?s n-an to whom the formation of a ntw ministry will l>e entrust< <i. Wall Nlrerl Iwrtny. New Y<?p.k, May 1.?The Kreiimg Poft ? Tiie njoney niarkct i* active. mtr? on call kmn? l-?2*i-16 per <1 ay. Mercantile |?a|*er agaiit iieglecicd. The |>er?li4eut rumoi* al>out banks do a great deaf of harm, being created and circulated for speculative purpo*e* to frighten timid |>eople into parting with their s' cunties, to encourage a panic. Government boiul* are dull. May ai*d Nvvciubcf iaeues are quoted ex-coupon. Southern *tatc laml- ennt';nn? cvtrrmclvdull. Railway bonds continue tirm. The May Inter est on the bonds ot the Mobile and Moutiroiner v railmad company has beeu dciaulted. Ihe president of the company. in a circular, however, aav* it will be paid, stock market o|>eited steady, but weak ened on the announcement of tbe suspen sion of Otis I>. Swan & Co. When it was known that their stock contracts were vtry small the mstiket lecovered, and has since been steady. Dcaliugt have been verv small. Anolhcr (hiragu Fire Chic ago, May 1.?A tire broke out shortly before 2 o'clock this morning iu Wilson Bros, shirt factory, In the third story of No <13 West Washington street, and. spreading rapid I v. tbe entire building with that adjoining. No. &, oc cupied by Fairbanks. Morse & Co., scale deal ers. was completely destroyed. Peter Smith, wholesale dealei In notions,'occnpied the first and second doors ot No.63. and loses his entire stock, valued at MO.OOO. Wilson Bros, loas is est mated at *10,0(0: that ot Fairbanks, Mor*e 6 Co. at *00,000. Nuwlicr ?7. occupied by lican Bros, and Hoffman, wholesale stationer-, caught lire and wa? deluded with waUr, damaging the stock vtrv heavilv, but the aniouut is not vet known. The amount* t>f in suiance and the names o! the are not yet ascertained. Governor Bevtridpe issued a proclamation to-day designating t iidav. May 30, as decora ticu day. Ibe Homit idni*ftomnnmbulKt. Lxkteb. N. 11.. Mbv I?No proceedtuk* have ?et l?een instituted against young Fitu, the homicidally inclined somnambulist, but an ex amination of tbecaae will be held at Candia on Tuesday next. l>r. Ferry, of thu place, pronounces the boy insane. Norfolk, Va., May 1?A schooner |* re ported sunk about eight miles below Smith** Point light-house, in the Cbeaapeake Bay, with tbe light-bouae bearing north ?oartar east. Is 7 # fathoms of water. IV IHieiae War la ?iitia. B(*T.m, May 1?Tbe case ot tbe Massachu setts Medical Society against its homeopathic members, after a two days bearing, has been continued to May 14th, when a decision may bo expected. A Tkaix matihe* was bold yesterday after noon. Bevond tbe fact that George % ecoea tricties as a railroad man and a Fenian organ izer amused tbe andienee to tbe top of their beat there was nothing whatever slicited during the proceeding* bearing on tbe quertton of tbe man ? sanity or insanity. There are yet some fifty witnesses to, and It is expected that tbe piece will hare q site an aaprecedented run.?A. F. Herat*. mlt. IFTwo cases of cholera were reported yester day in Magdeburg. Germany. ITAb athletic fete, orgamied bv an English and Americau committee, will shortly beheld at Geneva. ?7*Ed ward D. Johnson. town clerk of North Bergen. N. J., has absconded with from ?t,0M to at..noo of the town's money. ?FThe cologne Gazette states that as many as twentv-elghf goid miiws have recently been opened in eastern Siberia, all of which promis. to be worked with profit. WThe New York Crispins report that aoo?t? Broadway firms have acceded to tMr de mands. and tbat tbe movemeot is s general , success. j KTThe Massaebusett* legUlatiirc passed a hill yesterday authoring the aiinexa*i??a af Charleotown and hrookbue to Boston. I'm* goes to tbe people.

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