Newspaper of Evening Star, May 1, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 1, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR, Largest Circulation in the District Beading Matter on Every Page WASHINGTON CITY: TH1UDAT May 1. 1*7* The enormous pmvnre of ulrwtWin upon cnr column* for Mtnc <1ays bw crowded our r'udtni! matter a pwl deal, but we hop* our Te?1er? will be patient while the immediate rnali of ?prin( advertising is upon ??. In the 1 >og ran, through double-sheets and otherwise, we trv to do Justice alike to readers and adver 1 leers A* this distance Irom the scene of operations It is. of coarse, unsafe to criticise too closely the conduct of the war against the Modocs. ]?i*car<ling the newspaper accounts of the late unfortunate att'air, however, and taking Gen. (?illm's report to Gen. Scbofield as a basis, it i.? difficult. eTen for experienced military men and old Indian fighters, to understand the wis dom of the late reconnoisvince which resulted so disastrously to our troops. Gen. Giliem Kays the party reached a designated point at i.oon and were resting wlien suddenly they irere fired upon by the Indians. It is a recog nized principle in war tliat, when marching in an enemy's country, where an attack maybe made at any moment, a skirmUh line should be sent out covering the front and the flanks of the mam body. When the latter halts under Such circumstances it is also regarded as indis ) ensably necessary that pickets l>e thrown oat on all sides to give early notice of the enemy's approach. It is possible tbat this was done in the case of the late recennoitering party, but there is nothing in Gen. Gillem's report to indi cate it. He savs the men were suddenly fired upon while resting, and liecame panic-stricken, from which one would Inter that there were no pickets thrown out to sound the alarm, and that all the men were resting in a body. Another circumstance which would seem Uv I ear out this inference is the fact that the troops became panic-stricken at the first fire, v hich would not have been likely had they had a v arning from the picket line. The taking of batteries of artillery into such a position was certainly of questionable propriety, and it is doubtful whether Gillem's management of the whole affair would be sanctioned by military men of experience in Indian warfare, like Gen. Crook tor instance. In fact men who hare spent their lires in the army on the plains say that u? specific line of tactics can safely be adopted in fighting Indians, and that the i>ecu liar circaiustances of every case mu?t govern tLe action of the troops. The most success!ul Of our old Indian fighters hare almost always adopted the Indian style of warfare, especially where the savages have made a stand in monn tainotm regions, using rocks, trees, and even tLeir horses as breastwork*. Successful scalp Lnnters like Kit Carson have always adopted the same tactics, and under circumstances sach a> we have referred to the order generally is: every man to tight oa his own hook and take ad x antage of every rock or tree be can find. The 1 ature of the lava bed* affording such security for the savages made every precaution to guard against surprise imperatively necessary. The b'.odoc aflair looks bad. and we hope we shall Lot hear of the recurrence of a similar disaster. Judge Dobbin, of Baltimore, has recently made some im]>ortaiit rulings as to the respon sibility which attaches to banks in keeping the property of customers as collateral security. In August last the Third National Bank of Balti more was robbed by burglars of a large amount ?f property, and among the securities taken were Vnitei State* live-twenty bonds am?unt to SJO.00O. the proj>erty ot Wm. A. Boyd, and other bond- belonging to the same gentle man of the value of 8"">,.W0. These securities tiad been deposited, subject to a written agree ment, "as collateral security for the paym nt Of all obligations of Wm. A. Boyd Jfc Co. to the Third National Bank of Baltimore, at pres ent existing or that may be incurred hereafter." These securities were held six years, during which time the firm of Boyd & Co. had often borrowed money of the bank, and bad some tmes over checked the account. At the time of the robbery, however, the firm owed the bank nothing. Subsequently a formal demand vat aade upon the bank for the bonds, and the same being refused, suit was brought in trover for their recovery. The case is now on trial in Baltimore, and tarns apon the construction pTu upon the written agreement under which the bonds were deposited, and the amount of care exercised in their keeping. The American, which gives Judge l>obbin's ruling, says he construed the written agreem -nt in favor of the plaintiff, and to the point raised by the defendant'* counsel, that National Banks have no power under their charters to receive deposits of this nature, or to incur re sponsibility on account of such deposits, he answered that It was a necessity, growing oat of the banking business that National Banks should receive such valuables as collateral security for loans. The bonds were to remain in the bank as a guarantor of the solvency of Boyd & Co., in their transactions; hence this sas a contract pledge, terminable only when b->th parties completed their obligations, and until this was done the pledgee was bound to keep the pledges with proper care. He was Jurtber of the opinion that the paper gave a security for every obligation lasned by Boyd <? Co., which in the course of bu?iness might come It to the bank, and it being established that the l>ond* were held as collateral*, it was the duty of the bank to use reasonable and 9rd>naryfard in their keeping. This ruliu? fcfthe court remits Ibe whole case to the ^ary M * question of fact * b ether the b* nk exercised such care or not. Tltt Stab has taken occasion several times t< contradict on authority the rumors that Co chise had left the reservation on which he was placed by Gen. Howard and was again on the w ar path. A dispatch now comes from Topeka, Kansas, stating that all the reports of Indian hostilities in the southwest are pure fabrica tors. Experience has demonstrated the fact tbat far western dispatches relative to Indian Outrages art generally exaggerated. As strange a* it may seem. It is reliably asserted that there i- a class of persons on the frontiers composed ?lately of traders, who arc always anxious to pet up an Indian war in order that they may i?ll tLeir pocket* by selling ammunition, for age, commissary stores, Stc., to both Indians ? I"1 'V.Ztt. The fact that the Modocs use the K ven-*Looting ride and d> not appear to lack fv-r powder and ball give a color to the ass rtion tLat they are regularly supplied with war ma terial by unprincipled traders, who are glad to ?<e th* war go on so long as they can make monev by selling their wares to eiUi r party. The New York .*wi thinks "it is very doubt ful whether ar.) tiling can be done with the | Her. J. Ha'.'. Barney,'* otherwise Pardee, under arre?t in this city on charges of forging the r.ame of Gen. O. E. Babeock. and using the Lmted States mails for fraudulent purposes. It might be doubtful if he was to be tried in New York courts, but as for gory and fraud are still fuaishable offences in this District, it is quite l.kaly that Mr. Pardee, alias Barney, will find tLat something can be done with him if there Is evidence to sustain the charges. Ceer selling is illegal in Massachusetts on and er to-day, and the Boston papers predict the beer question will enter largely into the next state campaign. Ckler Is not forbidden, /or the reason, say the profane ones, tbat It is manufactured in the rural districts, where a otes are ? uated. It is said that an organisa tion is forming among the prohibitionists, for flhe purpose of entering complaints against the J rewer* and beer shops in case the Boston authorities refuse or neglect to enforce the lav. Dcn't heed the talk about the late frost killing 1he embryo fruit In this section. A little sharp ? M thins out the blossoms, and doe* the crop { -I. At any rate it has be'en observed in the ?\ tern states that a trost that seems to stop s ely short of killing the trees is nearly al \ >** followed by an unusually large crop ) jx/rt* friui Maryland. Delaware and New l?, say that the peach crop in those states uaclj to 1* tlie largest erer known. flNAMClAI, A5P rOMlEKCUL. Contrary to general e\j??rctation, the Sew York money aarkrt O'H iimeil tight. Since the ?nsjtfnsion of the AT'.antle ^fartnnil P?nfc, Wall street ha.? been tilled with distrustful ru mors about ott er banks. Jar Cooke A Co. furnigh the following >-dev *>??'*. 8*Wg. &?\'r St.l't c B.r?.iflgL ?\ ji'? i ^'.jnkjT.n.rr? 1* t?'?, K3 l?s 15 ? I ? ?'?Ja.tJr.WJ* , ?l a ? It*,?! 1H* ?-???, latt l-'i 17'. ! k)40s U , II _ _ NbW loRK?jr,R?T Bvard. r . s ri.iau ?si i ?ar?jan.,ij]ya3W. is t ?'? im ' )!) ?)'? iyx American <J<Id 17'? Currency ?*? 1.'. New Flrea........ It , ??'s, L?1 H . A-ai1*, um. u . A ?'s. Wi,.,., us ? * JlT.?. ir\ A-201.Jec. A Jly. g?!>'. The I . BaLTIHorr, M?y I.?Virginia 4'?, 41, S7; do , r. up, n?, old. Virginia's consoli dated, 63*, West V.rgima's, 13*,; North Car liua t's, old, ?, d->., PI* rial t?i. 7 Baltimore, May 1 ?Cotton dull; low middling*, l-^J-le 4. Kl?ur quiet and stead) ? prn es uncbang-d. WV?l quiet, tut firm?w lute ? h>i?e and amber, A 2 li(i2 15, fair to prime white, ? 1 >A>(*~ u6; good to prime red. 41 KQB 07; common to fair, 91 'SMI.90. Corn qnie*?white southern, 6?- yellow ?ou.h-rn, <>4; mixed western, on sp >t, nominal, 64* future* ac tive May,4>4. Oat? firmer?southern. S2f<i5t; western imied,*9<4&ii; d?. white, b<iU. Bye quiet?SiC?< 96 II ?y unchanged Provisions <lu|l, and nominal ly unchanged. Western butter weak, receipt* heavy?choice tnb, S3fa..i6 Whisky nominal, MS Nl? Tore, M<> 1.?Stocks easier. Odd qui >t, 17*, Money r.nn. 1 K> to 116 an<t interest. Kx change, long. 8>4; short, 9a. OiTernmenti dull and steady Xt? York. May 1.?Floor doll and unchanged. Wheal dull. Corn dull. Pari*. May 1,130 p m.?Rentes M francs. THE WKATUIR. Wai DiriBTRihT, Ogle* Ckitf Svpmel OJlctT, t Wachipstoh, May 1, lrfI3, 10.30 a. m. ) STHorsIS For TH? PAST TWHTT-foBl HOOR?. Th<- low barometer last niijht in Kansas has moved into southern Illinois. Northeasterly aud south ern rly winds, with clmdv weather, rain and fall ing barometer pre, ail in the northw-st and over the upp-r lakes, and thence to Mts?onri ami Kentucky. Souiherly and southeasterly winds, threatening wtather. an I occasional rain, in Tenm-asee. the gulf and south Atlantic -tut-- Northeasterly and south erlj winds, partly cl only wather, with high baro meter, prevail over the lower lakes and tli* lui Idle states. Northwesterly and southwesterly winds and Centrally clear weather in New Xiigland. The river ss riseu at Nashville. PRoaARtI.1T1 Es.?F'?rthe northwest and the upp?r lak and thence southward to Missouri an I h*n tucky, north-asterly to southerly wind-, falling tar< meter, thr< atening weather an 1 rain, clearing in the lower Missouri valley this afternoon. For Tennessee, the gulf and south AMantic state*,south erly and southeasterly wlud?, cloudy and raltiy w?*a th'-r. For the middle states and lower lak<-s, falling bartmeter, hiKher temperature, sonMi?asterly and i northeasterly winds, increasingly cloudy w-ather a ?; rain. For New England ami Canada, pit:l> cloudy weather, s..uthw ste'ly winds veering to northeasterly, with o-oasicnal rain by Fnlay. 4'wntionary signals c< ntinue at llulntli, Chicago. Milwaukee, Grand Haven. I)<-troit, Toledo and Cleveland. K>-ports are cent rally missing from sta tions west of the Mississippi. ftT=s?-'A" COMPANY, W. L I.?A ?pecial meet - in?of"A' C-nipar>y,W L I., will be h-?ld at the Armory TlliS KVENINU, at 8 o'clock. It F. 0. IIABRIS, 8-c'v. I^?KS1GHTS OF PVTfllAS. ATTENTION 1 The brothers who visit.-d Bu-hmond on the 11th of April will m>-et at the K P. Grand L'?dge hall on FBI DAY EV EN I N<>, Mty?l. to receive the amount due tl?'ui. B) order uf ALEX P. (?BAY,chairman of committee. It* lpS?THE BoDY OK PET?U CLARK. \V Ht? was kilieil on Kth instaut in Boston, will ar rive here to-niorr.'W morning. All the ro-nibers of STAB OF THE WfcST LoPfiF, 134>9, (J I" O of ??. F., wil< meet at the hall. 13th street, at 7 o'clock THIS EVENING, to irake arrraneemeuts f r the funeral Announcement of the funeral in th<> Republican J. CLARK, N U L W Sydm^b.B b. r.* ELECTION NOT ICE.?An Electi n l.y tt-e - M.ckl. Id rs in tl.e WASUINOTON. 1 <TLE>VILLE AND ASHTON Tl'BNPIKB COM PANY will be h,Id at Coleeville, on TtESDAY, the 1 3th day of May, 1373 at il o'cl*. k p. m. a*> n I HAKLK> O PORTER. Secretary. C--^r NI TED STATES 1NTBBNAL BEV EN L E. NOTICE TO SPECIAL TAX (LICENSE) PAYBBB. The law el DecemberM, K), re<inires every person encsgtd iu any business, avocation, or employment, which renders bun liable to a SPECIAL TAX, ? LICENSE.) to prorurt ani p'rve rim *pfu >?>/v >a hi* tum'h'kmemt or p\art of butti??.?, A STAMP denoting the patm-nt of sanl Special Tax bef >re c- mnietKing business. The taje*- embrace<i with'n the provisions of law al o> e ted are the fdlow mg, viz : Keel liters ? 5 00 Dealers, retail li'iu-T ?> (JO Dealers, w h< legale li.juor 100 4J0 Deal -rs in mait liquors, wh l-aale frt *? Denl -rs in malt liquors, retail ? uo Dealers in leaf tobacco 25 iw K- tail dealers in leaf tobacco. 'jjkj ju and n sales of over fl.llliu, llfty ceuu f <r ever> dollar in cicrw of Al.uuu. Dealers tn manufactured tobacco B 00 Manufacturers of stills SO <*? and for each st>ll or w >rm manufactured So 10 Manufacturers of tobacco. In ifl Manufacturers of cigars. lu 00 Peddlers of tobacco, fi..t class, (mors than two horses) jo 00 Peddlers of tobacco, second class, (2 h >rs-w)_ MO) Peddlers of tobacco.third cla<*,( 1 home).... 14 w Pe?ldlers of tobacco, fourth class, (on f?ot or public conveyance) 10 00 Brewers of les- than Suu barrels 50 00 B'ewers of Suu barrels or more_ 100 00 Any per-on who shall fail to comply with the foregoing requirements will be subject to severs p-nalties. Special tax Paver* throughout th* United States are reminded that they must make application to the C -llector jor Deputy Collector) of their respective districts, and procure the pron*r stamp for the Special-tax Year, commencing May 1, L?3, without waiting for further aotice. THOS. L. TULLOCK, C Hector Internal Bevenue for District of Columbia, a? ~6t Mo. AIT 7th street. Jv""S?BOSADAL!S fob diseases peclliab Uy^ TO FBMALES. Hchistillr, Ala , April 2. 1*">9 Grntlemm:?I desire to call your attention to the rase of |lrs. Hat ton. You will remember that last S'immer I coiu>u!t?d yen in regard to her disease? th?t < f Falling of the Womb, or a similar aff-;Ctiou, of which women of all classes suifer so much. I pro cured two bottles of Kostulalis, which, with a few mora bottles, I am happy to say, have had the most beneficial and gratifying effect. You are at liberty to refer to me ,and use Mrs. Button's name, if yon so desire, in making knowu the merits of yunr valuable preparation, B >sadalis. In conclusion, accept the thanks of Mrs. H., and Compliment* of Tours truly, B. C. HATTON, Begister U. 8. Laud OfTIi-e. For sale by S. CALVERT FOBD.1103 Penn sylvania avenue. a23 eo6( |p3>PRVM TBS EARLIEST AG KB TO the preaent day, Scrofula has been the bane, aud. as it were, the cures of mankind. 80 terrible aod loathsome had been at some periods of the world's history that a person known to be Infected with It w*uld not be allowed to mix with society. Happily In our day the disease is stripped of its terror by the nse of BamakitasV Root a*b Hrrr Jcicrs.and the victim of Scrofula, Uleers. Bores, Pimples, Blotches, Tetters, Ac., can be restored tesound health In a few weeks. BOOT AND HERB JUICES, flJI per bettls 6>.)d by B.C. FOBD, 1104 Pa ave., and by Drug ...ra "'SMOND A CO.. Proprietors, 91$ Race ??t,Kllede;;^. msyy-ly f-ga TO LADIBB. UJsr How sad It is to sea a young wife, a mother efremtl) who reunites all her pntsical strength to fulfill her household duties, and all her moral oa Ccities to accept the responsibility which falls aeon r, to see her prostrated, losing ever/ day her strength, feeling badly without being able to say why, but yet suffering enough to be iiiterly misera sbls! This state of weaknea and debility Is more fatal to her tban a severe spell of sickness, for In that esse she will receive the proper cars, as la the other she will linger months after months, not thinking worth while to see a physician about it. until Datura, ex hausted, gives out, and she is carried to the grave, w hen a little precaution in proper time would hare apnred her life. To prevent, to strengthen, Ip cure, aothing can compare with the LOnO-LIrB BIT TERSof Dr. L.?TbBBTBAM. Ther ere a sfce and Infallible remedy against malaria, dyspepsM, coe tneness, biliousness, headaches, morning sickness slid ah complaints seen liar to woman. These Bit ters, which are sold by all druggists, are, la cons,v licence of their virtue and most agrseable taste, the medictnepmnttBmmfor ladles. iV-ti "Ml LIIII I NEW DBUO rrOBB, No. 1?B? Pe?I!49TL VAS4XA A VI.TCI, Depot for S'ida and Mineral Waters. fsl2-ly M O T B D. DB. W. H. BABBITT, _ VMM fur. 2* to It, UM 1 street Berthwegt^y PBATT, Oraduata of Ohio Cottage of Bsi . ? si - * * e h- JJ r -i>DB. A. PBATT, Oraduate of Ohio CoU iK-y Daatal Burgerr, 411 7th St I est, betwi a-.. ;B, a few doors south of Odd Fellows' Hall, fcr> to B. A. Baeoa and Bar. W. B. Bvane __ ir^>K'HENCB,S PULMONIC CANDT embrace 1in sifTeal degree all the principles of Bchenck's PuTmoaic 8) rup, and while sa pleasant to the palate ?s the purest of confections, Its medicinal properties render it effectual in ooaghs, colds, bronchial and catarrhal affect tone, Ac. It ia the moat acceptable remedy for children or infanta, and can be given with hnpuaity; while for professional gentlemen, or thoee who suffer from loss of voice, it la Indispensable. These candies are put up in M cent boxes conveni ent for the pocket, aad are for sale by all druggists and dealers J. H. BCHENCE A BOi" feLS-tr M B. corner *h aad Arch ata., Phila. IESSONS IN MUSIC, GUITAB AND PIANO -t If K> and #13 per quarter. Inquire at Bllis Mn>ic M'nre, reanavlvania avenue, aad leave ad flreea B f?rences given. ml-3<* 1> ABTU BACB FOB COWS AMD DOBSE3. Applrto JNO. KNOTT,Jr., ml e. in.* At K. Lyon's Mill, on Beck Cr?ek. F"('B HIRE-A small BOW BOAT; also, a STEAMBOAT BOAT, for ft?hing, Ac ,toeCa (irrat F?l? or Chsin Bri<lge Apply to JOS.^^V_ PASSEhO, fuot of Congress street, Qeorg* 'own. myl-lm* j~ W. BEI6HTWKLL, 4510 9tb SrBErt, SB1BTS made to order and ready-made. A per f 'a'*'.'s Vboke'^1 i ne of GENTS' FURBISH I NO C.tiODS c-nstaatly on han?l. a?ly rA ftTHM OTlWwT, V39 Ptt^stlvatia Ati? sSBM Bbt.Ftb ash una Bru. TH GENUINE BENOWNED BILOIAM 1 BLACK CLOTH SUlT, equal to any custom work.for ?3U. the ?t>l- of ea-'h d >uble-breasted and square friat, at STEALS', 1011 Pcaaa. ave., n?v 11! h. a? I^ALCIKID. CASTING. IHJNTAL TLASTIB V- AND MAKULI UUST Htw )??! received. per ?t?uwr, ? lanre lot of C ALCIEED. CAST I NO AND DENTAL PLAS TER. of ?*?7 superior ? |<m111y, and guaranteed to give en tire satisfaction Alio, MARBLE DUST, cpar?* and fin* Liberal discount to the trade. T?nm: Cash or bankable pap^r a.) -M* WM OIHNABP,fiU.1 Louisiana ave rpo OUR FR1EEDS AND THE PUBLIC. Having l-ae<dthe well-known S^aton property, Bo. 7#? E str>-?t northvn-at, opposite the Pmt Office i latelv the residence of Henry 8. Davis,esq.), we have BEHOVED OUR OFFICE to the game, where we ahaJi be happy to receive our friends. We are alao prepared to rent a few elegant office* at I w pr'ces. with ea?,heat and water (alao ser vice), and *? .??rv possible convenience, furnished. A. L. BABBEB A CO , No ?0?E<t ., Opposite Post Office, n IH [Daily and Sunday papers copy | 1K~THE SI PEKMR COURT OP THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Lonia C. Ggby ??. Robicet Bctleb? In Einitjr, Nil. 1,731, Docket 11. This canoe ha* been referred to me to state the receiver's account, and make distribution of the bal ince of the fnnda in the hand* of the receiver to the copartnership creditors of the complainant and def? ndaot. Wherefore, creditor* and all partiea interested are hereby notified to appear before uie, prove their claim*, and be h ar.t in the premieee, on MONDAY, May ?. 18T3, at 11 o'clock a. m , at uiy Office, it, Barbour's Law Building. No. HdU Louisiana avenue. ROBERT LEECH, May 1, lf?3_ f ml-3t | Auditor. PROPOSALS FOR FRESH BEEF. OFrtc ? A. C. 8., Foet Footk, Maeyland./ M lit, ls7S. s Scaled Proposal*, In dnplfcate. will be received at i his Office until 12 m., Ji >e 1. K), for furnishing i he Fre?.h B> ef required b> the 8iileo-?tence Depart - nient, U. S. A , at thiii Station, during six months, ; commencing July 1, 1?7S. Ala<>, sepaiate pr<>p,?als for furnishing Officer* ?iib l'h< ice Cut* during the aano- period. Inf< rtnation a? to c. nditlon, quality of Beef, pay meuts, Ac , < an be obt .iu-d by application to JAS E. EASTMAN, ml 6t 1st Li'-ut.. >1 Arti'lery. A.C.S J)BOl'tSALS FOR CI MBERLAKD COAL. Navy Pay Office, J -Vo t'J7 VHtHnut strtet. Pht!a1?Jphia.. April *9,1S73. \ 8< aled Proposal*, m rlnp'ir.ntf. indor*<-d "Pro P"*;ti* for C< al," will be received at this Office until THURSDAY, May 1 o'cb ck p.m.,for 1,000 Tors (2.2lo pounds to the ton) Best Cumberland Coal, to be delivered at the Charlestown. Max*., Navy Yard. free from risk and expense to the Gov ernment. the weight to be determined by the Navy Yaid scal'M at the place of delivery. The above Coal j* required to be shipped immf itia'tly, and to be of tae b st quality, uniform in character, selected free from dirt and all oth?r impurities, and subject to inspection prtut to skip tnmt, by the Inspector appointed for the purpose, who will have the right of p?remptory rejection. Bids will only be received from bona tide miners of or dealers in Coal. The right is reserved to reject any bid ttal may not be deemed advantageous to the Governm?nt. Responsible security will be required for the faith ful delivery ?f the above In conformity with the ftipulatioD* of the blank form* for bids, to be had at this office; otherwise bids will n?t be entertained. Bidders mn*t state in their bids the time within ahicb the above Coal will be shipped. A. W. RUSSELL, ml-3t Pay Inspector U. 8. Navy. jVOTlCt.?Ali persons that have left UM BKEL i v LAS or PARASOLS with the subscriber to repair ars requested to call for the same as hei intends to close business and retire in the course of the current month. DANIEL PIERCE May l"t, 1873 ml St* LTROM THE 1>t DAY OF MAY HORSES ? will lx boarded at my stables for twenty r\ five d liar* per month, feed h:?ving com?jL^S> down lew enough to make the redaction. ^ D BROUOHTON. Livery, Hiring and Sale Stable*. 1403 mkI 1402 E street. Iwlween 14th and 15th ml 2t* gmiXG AND SUMMED GOODS. OVER THREE II PSD RED SAMPLES, FOR GENTLEMEN'S WEAR, AT DEVLIN Sz CO.'S, ap?tr 1113 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUIC. JT MAY NEVER OCCUR AGAIN. OWR POPULAR SPECIALTIES. MEN'S DEPARTMENT. 110?Oar celebrated (10 Business Sails?$ 10 #10?We are still selling?#10 #10?A good Business Bait for $10 #10?Our sales ar? enormoas? #10 *10 ?In fine Busioeas Suits at % 10 #10?Our stock is Tremendous? #10 #10-0f all wool Suits at #10 A SPLENDID STOCK, A FASHIONABLE STOCK. A LARGE STOCK, OF *INER SUITS, OF IMPORTED FABRICS, AT PROPORTIOSATE PUCES. FOR THE rOUNOSTERS. "MOULD I WERE A BOY SOME MORE." 9 A?Only five dollars for a School Suit?J4 $i-A good Salt for #2. #4?A durable Suit for S3 #5?A well made Suit for $4. 64- Our assortment is good?$i. ?? ?Our stock ia immense? *3 #4?Of Boys Suits for #4. OUR PR1CE8 ARE AS LOW COMPARATIVE LY, FOR FINE DIAGONAL SUITS, FINE BLUE AND BLACK SUITS. FINE LIGHT AND DARK SUIT. ENTIRE STOCK NOW COMPLETE. AX EARLY INSPECTION INVITED. HABLB SHOT] FASHIONABLE TAILORS, ?p? tr 0?m Tt? am D 8nt??w. l>BOF NEWTON'S ENAMEL.?Those who are E not satisfied can have their money returned by ?ddr?eaing J BOWAkD this office. Ttmae who wish the Enamel can do the same. a30-<t* Olii, ) l Mew, No ?t*?( PaPERHAKGIMGS. No. 4:iv *ih 8t.\ (Tti Sr. NOW OPEN AT N AIKtltll'l, No. 439 7th street, between D and E streets, Eight doors above Odd Fellows' Ball, PAPEBHANGINGS of new and stylish designs of the best fabrics and fi nlsh, selected with due regard to harmony of calor, durability, richneas and anno ?iy. A large portion made apecially to order, em tracing beanttnil stripe and other deeiams In Gilt and Plain Colors, appropriate for drawing rooms, Ac.; SO and 40-Inch plain tintafor pan Deling with gilt rod or finishing plain, with a full line of medium and low-priced Papers, patent and perfect represen tations of Wood and Marble,for paan-lhig halls and vestibules. BORDERS in Gilt, Velvet and Gilt Imitation Fresco, and Common; Center Pieces, French Fireboard Prints. Ac., making the largest and moat complete assortment ia the District. WINDOW SHADES. Mew dMlgns. different aisas an4 color*; also, Plaia Goods in Pearl, Chocolate, Lavender, Green at*d H< one Colors for aakiug into Shade*. Shade* mad* to order. _ PICTURE FRAMES. Solid Oval, Walnut and Gilt, and all Ollt Erame* from 3x4 to Mi.Hl inches. Box Oval Fram<w for Wreath* at c<?*. A beautiful aelectfcm of French and American Gilt and Velvet FrameaCor Ivory type aiid porcelain Pictures. Card Frstrnsa ia great variety. Frames made to order. PICTURE CORD AND TASSELS from Card to Portrait Sixe, different colors; alao. Gold Plated, Tinned and Wire Center Picture 0 >rd, very enporior goods; Porcelain aad Bras* Head Pic ture Nails. Kings, Screw Ey?a, Ac. PAINTINGS. BEQEAYIEGS, CHEOMOS, Ac. A limited, bat choice, selwt?ou in appropriate frames always in store oa exUibitioa aad sale. Ch rom< s aud Engraving* ordered. Order* for Paperhanglnc, Window Shades or Pie tar* Frames punctually tiled tad satisfaction guar anteed. Terms cash Pleas* l alf-Sw Old Mo 494. J. MA EES ITER. Jw Betw*en*D aad VsuTst* CLOTHING FOE THE MEKCttaNT.the Doc tor, the Lawyer, the Scholar, aad the Working man. at oIEAUS', i#lt Peou are., neat llth. at! WANTS. WANTED-A WOMAN, to Cook. Wash hJ Iron, ?t Hi I street north, between M and 3d Reference rmnirwi, myl tf \4"ANTED?A C< >Ok , one willing t.? 1 Tf in tbe country. B^om- ndttioni nvioirrd. Apply at 1633 Pennsylvania avenue ml Jt %VAHf?b-rin.t-.I.m 8H1RT 1RONERS. a; 11 the CAPITOL LAINDUY, F ?tr?et,bet.? U ftnd ltith northw-st ml 1 * WONTED-DRESSMAKERS. ? M \Cli INK 11 OPKKATOB, and an APPRENTD 1. at N >. 9106 I street north ?vest. ml .It* WANTED?A g<wsi COOK, to a<iin in Wwhiox and Ironltiit. at 417 t:h street, opp ieite C'ty Hall. Reference regaind. nil Jt* VEfANTED-By ft Boy,17 years old, ft ?iTUA 11 TION aa office boy In a lawyer'* or real estate office. Can write ft g?*>d hand. Please aMreaa HAL. Star office. ml St* W AMI ED?By ft respectable Girl, a SITUA 11 TI"N as Seamstress. Can furnish machine; has no objection to help with housework. Add'-e'w MB, Stir office. ml 3t* WANTEP-A respectable ro'ddl. aged WOM AK 11 aa ho um-fere per in a family of tlireepersous. Reference reqnired Ad<lr?*?s W. W., Wheat^n, Montgomery county, M 1., stating where an inter view can be had. It* \V AN TED-PL! MBEU3 t > kn ?* that we ftre 11 prepared to furnish tbeu with all kinds of BRASS M ORE, at 1006 C street northw-st. WM. 11 DOUGLAS A CO. N B.-Brass Casting done daily . nil l'n* \\T ANTED?I uniediately? A g >->d Wtiite COOK, 11 to assist in wa-hiug. must thor -uglily under- j s'and h"r business and bring good rec omtneudati >n?, ?t Vermont aveuue,upp site the Arling on House. ml 3t* IVANTID-A LADY CANVASSER A-Tli^i ?v X, box 659 City Pint Office. aSO-t** VVANTED-Two first class DRESSM VKEK* 11 Apply at Mrs. KEaSLER S Fancy Stop-,cor. ] 11th ftna L streets northwest. ftSO-St* WANTED?A WOMAN, i- a k . <1 C k . I lv Washer and Iruuer. Call ftt Nj. #19 I str -et, near 3d northwest.* \VANTED-A YOl NlJ MAN, w!i?> Ins h;i l~ei 11 periei.ce in T> p> 8 -ttiii?. Apply at offire of '?Advertiser's Oniette,'1 Isl"* 7th*t n w a3?J 3t \VrANTED?A MAN. to work in a market ?r?r 11 den.must understand his business. Apply to JACKSON A BHD . P-imsyh ania avenue, bet 6'h itnd 7tli -tre?ts,or Bench H64 Center Market *3U 3* | ,ANTED-A White WOMAN, to C .ok, Wash and In>n: must be w. !l recommend J Apply at No. 217 street, opposite th - B ?ard of Public Work*. a*? V* \\TANTED?L ATM ES to tak- n -'ic M id uus vl D E M A1SON, ><f N"w Yo-k , ha- open-d k -r Millinery Parlor* at N?. 413 131 h street north we?l. a.*> 1m W AN TED? By a reap^ctable White W >man, a 11 SITUATION t" take care of a dairy or do general housework or chaniberwork V tiling to ?ro 1o the country: good references. Apply ftt l**i*6 O street, corner 19th. u.ii>3t* WANTED-A go-1 SERVANT, to Wash and Iron, ami do general housework Good wages to a g'xsl servant. ln<iuire b?twe>n the hoars of 6 und K p. in , utClIAS BAl'M o, 409 7th street, be tween D and E a3U 3t VV ANTED-1'I RCH ASER8 f..r a very choice lot H of PINE APPL.ES, BANANA8 and ORANGES, job* received by the ARLIN01ON PACKING COMPANY, 49T anl 4-?H C-ntral Market ft30 WANTED-A PL'BCHASKR l..r a fiv~-ro,.ni 11 Frame H<>us< , and a \ acant L?t ailjoiuing, in the northwestern part ?>f the citv. T<-r terms apply to CUNNINGHAM, llatter, No. 1011 F str. t northwest. i30-3t* VV'XNTED?a ci.mretent C<?oK, WASIIER atTi 11 IRONEB. Apply at 1 lii.? 11th street n'>rth west. a29 3t* \\T ANTED?ExixTi^n' .d EMBROIDF.RE US at *? Mrs. G. II MaUREK S, N >. 617 7;b street, between F and G. a29 It WANTED ? In.m.shat^lj-Three (3) lirst-clase " BASTERS; ste:uli work. Arply to Mrs. L. A. McLEAN , S10 F street, up stairs, over Book store. a29-3; * WANTED?By a middle aged American woman 11 a SITUATION in n private family to d ? gen eral housework w here th? re are no small children. Addre#s f?r three days to M E. C., Star office. a2< 3t* VVANTED?%900?A loan for 6 or 10 years on vl real estate in Viretnia, Wa?liingt''n; un incumbered, worth 55.(AW. Address P. C. M .Star ? ftice. a29- <t* 41'ANTKD-A respectable wlnte girl wishes a 11 SITUATION as nurse or chainliermftid, aud willing to do plain s.-w u.g .<r to op-rate on a machine. Please cftil at 6!f0 2-1 street, between (j aud t streets, I.-lftkd. a?3t* WANTEI?SECOND-HAND riRNlTl RE in 11 small or largn .juantiiies, tor which I will pay cash A note addressed to H. A. ARNOLP,N ?. 1116 9'.h street northwest < through the mail), will meet with pri>mpt attention in any part of the Dis trict. a2i?-<t* W ANTED?A first class GARDEN Elt and two cart BOYS. Apply ftt K. FI'LTON A CO.'S Loftn Office, 314 tnh street, m-ar Peun?ylvauia av. nue. VV'ANTED?A Hol'SE containing tlve or six 11 rooms, th- front room large enough for a small fancy store, w ill rent from the landlord only, but am williugto paj any one occupying a house that suits me a reasonable sum of money to move out. Any p?rs< n owning or ?>ccupving a h use in a suitable !? cation, sin h as 1 have described, will please ad dra-s, giving full particulars. N. W., Star office. a22 Ur ANTED?luniH-diately?Families or persons in need of first-classSERYANTSof every descrip ion, male and female, to call and get supplied at ' once. Servants also can g'-t gm>d homes and best of j wag?s by appb inp at the Knren a Emp1< yment Office, 1 to Mrs. LOUISE C. BUTLER, dOT Uth atreet, near E. al6-lm | V|/ ANTED?Every one to know that the VICTOR 11 bKWING MACHINE ha* its uttiU ulf-Mt- j (tag: the most perfect shuttle in use, resting in ft ;radle; needle bar and works of steel. Agency. 469 Pennsylvania avenue. Also, Branch of Mine. Dem orest's Pattern Emporium. angJMv T W WPIHEK. A?ent LOST AND FOUND. IOST?On Wednesday, 30 h April, a GOLD BRACELET A liberal rewa.'d will be paid upon its return to 20V 7th street southwest, ml Si* LOST?This moining, between 9lh and F and 7th and P> nnsyIvanta a\enu -, $.'*). A s iitable re ward will be paid if left at this obice, or at 907 9ih street northwest. It* LOST?Near the corner ?l 6th and H str wets north west, a POCKET-BOOK,containing about $12. some car tickets and postage stamps. The finder will be rewarded by ltaviug the same at 607 H street northwest. ml 2t* lit I OBT?Either on the road, Soldiers' Home, Bright L< wood. Crystal Springs, or in th? city, ft POCK

ET-BOOK, containing a diamond stud, with amal gold chain and bar attarh -d. also ft few unimport' papers, ftiid possibly ? small amount of m >ney. 1 stud may have bten lost in falling, as the pock book contained no faotening A very liberal rewi will be given if returned toMILBU&N'S Drugsto 1429 Pennsylvanift avenue ml 'it C; I n REWARD.?Lost, on the27:h instant, at ylU the tire in Michler R >w, an EXTRACT BOX. contaiuin^ four jjlass bottles,one cameo sleeve button, two shirt studs (cam<o), aud ag Id 1 >cket containing rt^xt's photograph The above reward will be given if returned to this offic*. a3v It* k>6abd or public works, U DlsTBlCT or Colcmbia, Washixotoji, April 3, 187S. A reward ?f FIFTY ( $<u> DOLLARS will be paid for the detection and conviction of any person or persons wLo have stolen, or who may hen-after be t' und stealing, the Man hole and Sewer-trap Covers in the cities of Washington and Georgetown. By order of the Boftra. EDWARD JOHNSON. a3-tf [Bepol'.Chron.) Chief Clerk. LOST?On the 1st ol March, on E street, between luth and Sd streets northwest, a RUBY RING, with two pearls. A liberal reward will be paid if returned to No. AOW M street northwest. m7 PERSONAL. ?po THE PUBLIC. H B Davis is no longer connected with thin house. The only person-t doing business for this In use are William Finley and A* . M Lyles. a:U4t F II FINLEY, 43i7thsireet. 1>ANNIE; Tlie end approaches. H >pel??sue*s r means to me something worse than death. Be h>d*s? you will not be entirely fn-e until I am gone. I can snuggle no more. It U uo aiiaes tion of maiiliuvss; It is a question of fate. Without hope we may never meet again. In which eveut i rrtNP st\ memobt. All my life was ?????_ a?.?t* ROBERT. B8 B. J. FRENCH, tk? CtUbratti Rihabh Clairvoyant amd Titt Medium, can be seen a' Ti?? 11th street northwest,alsw,gives dellniations of character by pbotocraph hand writing or lock o hair. 117 *n* PURELY WONDERS MEYER CEASE-All wool Men's Suits in three different shades for the trifling sum ?f ?8, at A. STRAl'S', 1011 Pa. ave.,near 11'h street. att ^ R 1 G 0 R I F I C . REFRIGERATORS, ~WATER COOL ERS, ICE CHEST*. ICE PITCHERS, end ICE CREAM FREEZERS, a large as sortment now on hand. J. W. BOTELER A BRO , a*t) St IW3 Pennsylvania avenue. ("Carriages' carriages;; carriages;:! J On hand, a large and well selected. stock of fashionable iamily Carriages, of j every d??crlption, including several very ' flue Victorias, but little wed; will be sold at a bar gain. P ?f>v Phaetons. Top and No-top B-'ggi-s, in great variety, at reasonable prices. Repairing promptly attended to. ROBT. H. GRAHAM, New Repository and Fftctory, 410-414 8th street, northwest. a? St* P>R SALE-McCLURE'B ASTI FR10T10N CHAIN AND TRAVELER, for the use ry ?>f Cftrt Horses. It prevents the animal's jL^S1 l ack from getting so e. For sale by all ^ * "?? "?'"-D"""" "?b<SKfmi/r*irr. 19th street and Pennsylvania avenue, s2S lOt Agent for District of Oolumbia. j\|OST WONDERFIL_INYENTIQNJ)F_TH^E J. Moses' Electre GalvautcSPECTA CLES, Patented June ?, l*s. H. HOFFA.Sole Agent, Dealer In Watchea. Jewelry, and ? atoh Materials, No. ?ve.,bot.6th and 7th m. dec7-ly IV1AG0NAL COATS aud TEST to natch In ten IF different shades and styles (verv dressy), at A. STRAUS', 1011 Pa. ftve.,noar Uth st. att cSoS?!?VfeBO 2^4?Si/^^^dail^ O^ft^romjh, W. W1 rUMkeL' W*y,OeiMrnl Tompfclne^^Oena JUST RF.CEIVED AT THE OYSTER BAY, LITTLE NRCK CLAMS, EAST RIYEB 0T8 TERS a-.,d St'OLLOPS. s?M ,a WHITE A FOUNTAIN Prvprw*or?, FOR BENT AND 8AXE. F^OB BKNT-FontUN KOOI8 for howsefcrep No 31* Pennsylvania averse, h~rw?U ?V mm) 4S street, trom <t to #6 each uil-SJ* |TOB KEN T ?Two (Irnnblf HWJIS. turnlslied * ? unfurnished Apply Mo. 020 M street north west mi s'* l?"OR BENT?OFFICE c >rner ? li ui4 r per month. GEOBGE MATTINGLT. 403 ? h street naith?<?t. ml St I^OH^BENT^uruished BOOHS. with B ard; 1 also, one large corner room and front b-d r.?>m, com reting Inquire 1013 IMh street, corner Xw sachusetts avenue. ml .1 * L'Ot BENT?Two large and c?miiuuics! itia r ROOM S i unfurnished' ud < n< furnt'lifJ ROOM, ?( 480 U'lti street northwest All m.sleru improtp. nit nt- nil-St* h"0K RF. NT?Thrf < ?wmuuicstii.g booms. with gas; on second floor; No. 11-7 Uth itrMt, i two doors from corner M street northwest Pieaaant ' location and terms moderate. ml >?? * L'OB BENT? Furnished BOOM"* in on* of the , r m>?t di tirahle rrtnldioM in th? city, with ?v I cilrRt R< ard. by a lolf thot'injEkU c<aip?i'iili at 200<i O stieet,corner aith ml St* K*0B BEWT-Two large delightful ROOMS, fur r t ished or unfurnished, to gentlemen only Ap ply at W4 4 rortheast corner of loth and O streets, 1 ulso, a nice STABLE in the rear. ml St* 1,'OB BENT-FUBNISHED, ?12S. #?57~UN I FURN I>1IKI>. ?*l, ftiO. *45. SK). $35, ?!*, A IS. 5 H>; SI OR Rand HOUSE. $75,STORES, ?m; OFHCKS. ?20; HALLS, St?. ml-St Til OS. T. W &CGAM A?f, ill* 7th at. JVOII PENT?A handsome country HOUSE in c mp!ete order, containing thirteen monw, with | rarden and privilege of lc- lion?e, carriage house :.iid stable-on the Washington railroad. near B Hi Mile F -r particulars spplv on th? pretniaea. or t?> Mr J THOS PARKER. N< Ml* Pennsylvania ?venue lnil Jw*J W A LINTHD'UM O B Kill. FINE COTTAGE MOUNT PLEASANT, ten rooms. half acre ground, stable and Ki' -k'iiMM ata.led. Apply to 8 1' KRoK M, 111 St -Corner 15'li street and New Y rk avenue I/OR SALE? Oti Capitol lliil, a tirat cl*s. tw > at ry and hack building pressed brick front HOUSE, containing eight room*, saloon parlor, Latrobe stove, marble mantel*. Ac This hnur wa? built to ord- r of the bent material, and is haiid-oniely I papered from top to bottom, and very near th<- ti-w market; gas throughout the h >n?et large yard; water ] on pr. mises, lot 22\lll5. Small cash pa* ment; balance can lw paid monthly. Apply on premises, 21.! 5th street southeast, or to owner,at 120 3-1 street south - eaat ml-St *_ I^Olt KALE?A FARM of 20 AC EES in Mont - gon ery county. Maryland, "miles from Wash ington; 011 a turnpike, and IS miles from the rail road depot Improvements consist of four frame dwelling houf-s, one blacksmith ?hop, and a st;>re well situated for business G -si water and fencing. The whole can be b o^lit for S5.0MU cash. FOB RENT?A FARM of laO ACRES S mil -a fr< m Washington, on the turnpike, and l'j miles from the railroad d-'Dot. The dwelling h?n?c con taitin 11 roomp. The farm is well worked and watered; good atal.ling and out-h >u*ea; has fine orcliaid* and pa-tur*'* and will be reuted to a flrat cla->? t? nant on reas >iialdo terms for a term ? f t ears For further particulars appl) at Mo 7 03 K etreet. mleolm t^OR RENT?N'-wly-painted, newl) papi-r-d,and ii--wly-furiii?hed IlOOMS, at N > 1310 <? ?tr?-et, 1 ?et l.'f h and Uth. with i-r without b ?a>d. a&? 3t*_ I^olt BENT? SALOON PABLOBH Board?MeaN s<-nt out to families, at No. Wl? E ctreet, between 9th and luth ?ts ?3u-3t* I^OR SALE?V -ry d '-iraMe FBoNT. opposite I Capitol extension, IHo feet. SS< p-r f > ?f a:>i St THOS E W AGOAM AN. am 7th -t OH RKST?'Very deairable furniahed HOt&K. I 730 13th ?'r <?t; ?ll tie?derti eonv<-nien'-<-? a3f St TUOS K W AGGAMAN, 410 7th at I/OB RENT-A v r> desirable RESIDENCE In I tho West Knd. Apply to JUAN BOYLE Sl CO., ttOft Utli street. a)' lw I,""OR RFNT?A6-room II'?USE, gas a-d water; S2lr in advance. I>YER .V DAVIDSON, No. 14519 P? nn-ylvania avenu*-, . a3n-2? Over Milt'iim's Drug Store. I,"'OR RFNT?'Tlire. BOOMS,unfuruished,snita I hie f-.r housekeeping; gt? and wat?r iu tli? house; possession giveu May 1.1573 Apply at 30*> 6th street northwest. iCW-3t* I/tiH KKKT?HOUSE on Franklin street. AI?o, tine BRICK HoL'SK.with v?at -r and gas. tor ?al<-cheup Ireiuire W. ft HoLLIDGE. 1401 5th ? ret 1,or 110LL1DGF. BLO '8, ith and O aJo-3t* F^OR SALE?Lot* No 1. IS. 14.15 and 16. in ?<iuare 916, also, lots 3, 4. 6, 8.9.10,11, and 12. aunare 'Jd5. ii<-ar East Capitol ctr?-?-t, n f>w mi ante*' walk of F ?treet car>. Apply corner E?.-t Capitol andto:h sir.-ts | t3o 2* *] M B ALDWIN I .'OR SAI.K.?Buy a House and ?ave rent. COT TAGE. se\en room*, gas and water, front and l ackjards; P street,between Lttt aud Will, north west. For sale cheap s3n W M \TTIX'il,V A WHEELER. ?Q3 9th ?t F^OR RENT?Two well-furnished coniuiuiucatiug ROOMS, with or without 1> >ard; in perfect or der; water, ga.- and ba h: location very desiralde for all seasons. Apply at 707 tkh street, jttM above Patent Ottic?. a*>-2t* LMiE SALE-Three new 9 BBI'"K HOUSES. I with modern improvement*, bay windows and cellars, w ith large lots and shade trees in hack y ard; locatiou central. Also, one 6-room FRAME COT TAGE, water and gas. at a hargaiu if sold soon Ap ply at the office of the undersigned, 11th street, b -t. S" and Ostreets,a w (aSU-3r| L S. CHAPMAN 1/OB BENT? Hul SE N?> 029, containing leu rooms, on 1 street northwest. Apply on the premises from 1 to 6 o'clock p. m. a29-St* f f I 1 north 40. i?r_ .T'B BKNT?Second-story FRONT ROOM, at 3U0 C street northwest, between 3>1 and 4S ts. a? S-* L^OR BENT OB LEASE-At the m** end. a L small, new.elegant HOUSE, to a very small tandly. Nouebut those wishing permanent quar ters need apply. Address J. |.,City P. 0. aS#3t* t^OB BEHT-Hew HOUSE, Ko. ??? South A St., Capitol Dill: eleven r<>?ms, gas and water. In quire of D. M. SAUNDERS,434 7th street north west. a2y 3.* L'tiB RENT?BBICK HOUSE. 4 rooms. Summer * kitchen. 30? Bth street east, between 0 and D north,' Capitol Bill. Bent %10 per month in ad Vance. a29 3t* F'OB BENT?Nicely-furnished BOOMS, with or without first-class Table B >ard. on very reason able terms; also, ns? of Piano, at 01 H street, bet. North Capitol and 1st. a29 Jt* h'OB BKNT?Handsomely-furniahed PABLOBS and connecting BED BOOMS for A25 a mouth, or would rent them singly. Apply southwest coruer 11th and G streets northwest. ?2? St* l^OR BENT?RESIDENCE, Ho. I street, 1 <20th and 21st sts.,) has twelve rooms and m >d ern improvements, $1,U0U per year, luauire at No. 1733 I street. a39-eo6l* I^OITbE NT-DWELLING over Drug Store, cor ner F and 13th streets northwest, containing In rooms'will be rented low to a goodteaant. Appiy t. JQrtN E. BATES. a29 eoSt* I^OR BENT?HOUSE No. 30? E street n H weal; key at the Store nest door. Bent Apply to J. L. LCNMAN, s21? 3t* 1110 L street northwest. l/'iB BENT?At 2313 L street noithwest, one 1 square fromatanue cars, four FURNISHE1* ROOMS for hous?-keeping, with water on the pretn i-^s. a29-St* t|^OR RENT?A commodious HOUSE, containing 9 rooms, water and gas, he ated on 12 h street, between 1 and K northwest. No. 0S3. Possession given May 1; key at 9JS, nekt d<>or. a2i-2t* I4"OR BENT-A very desirable three-story BRICK, 12 rooms, all modem conveniences, at 1906 H street;#s0. a29 31 THOS. E. WAQGAM AN,4107th st. JHiR RENT?Three-story aud baaeiuent BU1CK. HOUSE, No. Mil L street, containing nine rooms, pantry, and bath-ro. m. G ?od brick stalde in rear. Inquire of ISAAC S. HOLLIDGE, feh and 0 streets. a29-3t* F'tiK SALE?At Falls' Cnurch, Vs., a cfeeap HOUSE, located in center of town, half hour's tide from the city. Easy terms, or will trade for city property. ?2!? 3t B. H. WABSEB.TtfO 7th street. F*0B SALE OB BENT?Four of those beautiful new lloUSKS on 2d street, near Pennsylvania avenue, every moderu convenience. E. K. WILSON, s29-6t fBepJ 411 7th streat, opp. P. O. L'OB BENT?Five new DWELLINGS, on K st. I north, between North Capitol and 1st sts. east, three stories and basement,containing 11 rootus each, w irn iiKslern conveniences GEORGE BURGBSS, Attorney-at-T.sw. a29 3t 3a 1 4>? street, near City H^tl. 1/OR R1 NT-HOUSE No. IOWO Mar>laud ave 1 southwest, containing twelve rooms, with mod ern improvements, wtfer and gas B-nt ? *5 per li onth in adtauce. Apply to EDWARD C. OAtt KINGTON, Jr., Attorney-at-Laws office opposite City Hall. a?> 3 * L/OB BENT?Furnish<>d BOOMS for housekeep F ing, gas and water, price ?2S. Applv at 1012 Mil street, bet. K and L. a28 6t* I^OB SALE-A FRAME HOUSE,2 years old: 9 i. rooms, hall, gas, water and sswers; Mo. 923 2?l street west, near Pennsylvania avenue; reason able price; terms made known by applying on th* I remises after 4 o'clock p. m. atf-4t* f,OR SALE-Cheap-Two new BBICK DWE'u' LINGS on O street, between 15th aud 16rh sts. northweat; contain six rooms: bath, water and vas throughout; terms easy; monthly pavmeuta. Apply at ltol I Madison street, between 16th aud 17th sts. northwest. a2s-ft* IpOB BENT?Fui nish-d IIOUHB, two-sb>ry pressed brick iront 9-rooms, in northweat part of the city , from June 1st to October; a delightful home for Summer; wiH be rented reas onably to a family well recommended. Iiejulre of GEORGE A. IIALL, rooms T. M. C. A.,corner of Pthaud D streets. d4t L>(JR SALE, TRADE OR RENT?Taat flne r COUNTRY RESIDENCE, known aa-Ingle side," situated on the new pike road to Falls' mile from the Aqueduct Bridge, Georgetown, D.C. There is a fiue new double housa, two-story and French roof, with thirteen good rooi?"^c?>llar, hath-r s?m and wat?r closet, with sewtr.bay w indow, range, hot audcoM water, large trees surrounding the house, a good barn with four stalls,carriag* house,grainery,andbactnery. There are Ave acrss of ground well fenced, with fruit t?ees, grapes, Ac.: two good wells of water aud a sprlag. I < ff? r this propert) for sale, or trade for city nyoper tv, improted or unimproved,or f- r lease for a term of years. Parties meaning business will b? sh vn the property by calling at 004 F street. Masonic Temple. _ aJ8-3w [Bep.fe J PHIL. H. WELCH. F' H)B BENT-A BRICK HOUSE, Kb. M 1 street southeast, Capitol Hill; hasaaa aud wa ter srooms,bath room, cellars, and stjble. Apply on the premises. aK-stit* FO* BENT?Fine three story pressed BR1GE DWELLING, with all Improve sent s, with store room and two cellars. Inquire H0L L1DGE BEOS., feed dealers, nhaadO. aB lu F?0M BENT?Furnished or UnfurnislW BOOMS, south front; suitable for hoassheepiag. Apply BUS Pennsylvania avenue. apZl-Im U?0B SALE OB EXCHANGE FOE CITT PE0P r EBTY, a two-story HOUSE with brick base b.ent, and also a corner LOT and a FABM uf N scree m at the city. Apply to J. P 0ox, corner Cth aad Fayette Wre?U,Georgetown, D.C. aU lm* F F FOR RENT AST) SALE. FH?R RRNT?Thwe-etocy BRICK HOr*I. N?. *?* M street minute's walk from the Peons* l?ania *n's*"rS?\!:2'2 Ret t ?SP p?r month Ap?lj lo Di Kio?U<KR. 319 E street northwest. "*lf_ 7*0 K RENT-AH the ROOMS t* J! ' ' property.?OT ? street ^near City Hell *U .MTr-RE NT-May W.wttkKani.twoconnecting _ ft*t ROOMS. with b.* a?1 t >M ????" B-ai-l And Ioim fur two. 9U Modern conveniences in house, Ullt ?li Miwt. F^Rnmrr-rrRK^HRD hou*e-h<?use No. COO,corner F and l<k stress n?rthw-st. will he rented ud rra-oneble pwi niton yiver Apply toC. ERlTTENHi?l SR. S*i.t.??a< r >irwi. ?? >? I^OR SALS-An sttr?cti*s MRSIDENt'E. villa r iirlt,) ro>?n, intlutllrj fci-on Parlor . with two acree of land. aburvdance of water, ??abling. Ac.; two miles north of the city, iinnrtrr of a mile from th?? terminus of Lincoln mur. For Urn*. Ac.,apply nH'" p street *? h'OR RENT-One-half or *11 of a late STABLE Ari l) at No.1411 P<*nn avMHi-. Por K "it, nrl.fOffice, 1411 PeiiU. atcliue. WML l?A%_IS. ill Pftin. avenue. al4 til F'ok rent or lease-House s - *1 i k ?? n. rt* 8?h ami 9th stre-t?, with Idr<??tn? we|J fnrni-hed, and eui'able for a boarding h ten xardrti in th? how. Apply on the prem ise*. alt I* F'OP SALE-!*M AL1. FARM-A p'a. ( ??? n. noitheast ft.mi thi* citf, containing 11 acres, al>< ut oik f v.ih In heavy timber. The improve nents consist a double Pram" H ?????. in ( *1 older .witli all the necessary titbinMi.*-. including aii ice li.?n~ . full of K* Plant)- of g >oi pure ? it>T, an>1 several hnnjr d fruit tree# rf the be*t varieties W ill be sold easy t< rtii*. and city pr perty tak-U in part <?*. h?nge Price and term* m,.|. kn wa on nt .plicatiou to Kl< HAKli R MOHUN A CO , k^-lut 1014 Peanay Ivania ao n**. ^OR BALE ? A well-built three-atory II KICK HOUSR.7 rooms, water an-1 ga?, lajg- yard, Ac. Price, $6,900 P ??.??ion given 1111:11 -Tint ly la quire on the premise*, I MOV HMh at . above M. aSl I IVOR MALR-O11 Capitol H ill, a genteel S st?ry I ani! ba?-met)t BRlcK HOUSE,containing nine r .oms. beside* bath aid atore room It lii> (W, cold and hot water, and water-e|<>eet*; heated by La trobe and Empire heating rutiire It 1* nearly new. In tlioronch order, In a vert healthy and agreeable nriehborhood, Mtd will be ?o!d rer) low on ea?y terow. Apply to the owner on the premise#. <07 A atreef goutlieaat. al.i-lui F'tiH SALE ?The MibaribK off<-r? I t ?ale hi? DOt'SK (Mo. 144 1 and LOT on the fir?t ?juari? fi??l of th< Capitol. The lot i? situated ?n the aoiith ?ide of Kaat Capit'-I street and on 3d street, and u tf fe<? ami 11 inches wide and US feet d>-?*p. on 11 nt. i?l* 3v? CHARLES P RCB8RLL. 1,'t?R KENT-SI -H d??irable OPFIt'E ROOMS ia the northweat coraer kuildiug of 7th and O ?t? tiorthwert. U. UASCH. alft-lsi* Wil3 7th afreet n<>rtlnrH. I/OR BALE?ON LOKti TillK?A Deal, w lf I built three atory BU1CK Ii<iI*SE. with two 1 story Back Building; house front* ?<<utheaat; haa little front \ aide entrance; contaias uia rooms, besides b*th r ' 'U.i> an 1 closet* C Mar Dihl r entire lionse. with fire plari<a, gas and water; ran be converted into ba*. ni- nt rooms if desired, Le t lSxlUU In.iulre on the premises of the o* uer of the rroperty after S p. m., 94 4 Rhode Island avenue, xtaeeu 9th and luth sts. a).' Lit F'< >R RENT?One Id ih-- most de?ir?ble OAKI'lN FAKMs ,obtaining about Sarres.a ith fius bii.i l ir gs, burn, stables,carriage hou?e. and fine spri-.g of w ater at the door. This place is t? ithiu one mile of the Capitol, at d in 1 few months a street railr >a<l will run through it, and it would make one of the best pleasure gaidens iu the District. Any g"'-d club or cotnpaii. would do well to look at it. Tti>- ab .e pi see W'TI Id be sold cheap, with 12 a< n-s Balded; and w uld make the bert fairground in the l?i*trict. Apply to GEO. MATTINGLT, Mt eolM No. fto.1 Vtll street. I.'O'R SALR?SQUARE No. t?3?. betwe?B A and B and 6th and 6th streets Bortlo aat: eith>*r the whole or in Iota Apply to JOHN HOWARll. butcher, Ko. b.i5l Center market, r rner of B aiid 9ih streets northeast,or CHRISTIAN M BECK KKT. 423 (i street northw^wt. b7-1u?* F^OR RkNT-DWRLLINO HOLSE, ?ilh pr--s brick fr >nt and marble trimuuiigs. No. 1407 Ithide Island av*nue,Intaeen l&ib and ISih atreet*; the residence ol the First Assistant Po-tmaeter (Jen eral for the past three and half year*, lu^uire 1404 Uih street. a4-4sr L^UK SALR?\ number of tar.eatory B~R 1 C K a llUl'sES.on T street, between Utb and IVh streeta fiorthweat, containing ill rostu each, will be sold on terms a* follows: FiveHOl'SEti from fl<nto ?91V p*?h on each, and balance in monthly payments to suit piirrhawr. PiTe HOUSES at from ifauu to R1.UUU ca-h. and balance in m nthly, <iuarterl> , or half >earl, pay nientd, to suit purchaser. Throe HOUSES will be exebang-d in part for vacant ground Also, several HOUSES in the same llxlt will be s Id cheap for cash. Each ot the above House* have hall, r~llar, bath room,water-closet, sewer, gas, Ac , and sre we'd si.iled for a private family. Tti >ee d-sirou* of se curing to themaelves a c?Dif >rtable 11 use on ea?* terms, "bould not fail to call at niy ofB< e prbviuui j08. F KELLEV. Real Estai>- Agent aS Ro. 90SI $th street northweet, b-t. 1 and K . F UK KtM ?Fl'KN 1M1EU KOOMs: a bM.k Parlor furnished ae b Bedroom, and two pleas ant r<"?is,ba'k and front, on second story, in au eligibly-located Dwelling on I street, uear 9th; will l?- r?-nt< d on r- asonatde term* to gentlemen only. A'ldresa "A.JNational Republican efSce. lulf-tf | Rep.) FOR SALE. dle.^* slf/CTV L^OR SALE?Pine br>sl MARE, four years old, r Llt -en hands high, chestuut son style; works in haru?ns or under th< HL.-, now being 11 and lit by Mr. Doraey at half. mile track ?? here she can be seen Por naniculnn inquire at 034 Pennsylvania avenue ml St* P>R VSALE?A well bred SORKRL HOKSR, 8 >ears old, trst claas for lady or gentle man. Will work in double or single bar nes*. Warranted sound. Sold for no fault Apply at No. OI3 14th street. a3u it* 1IOKSE AND PHJKTOM ? Will be ?.id ch -ap, IE owner having no longer any use for same. Inquire at Ho. 110X? street, (facing Indiana arenas,> bet. 1st and ?d. sJ? ?~ U0B SALE?A fine Family HOKSR,*eeen years m old,sixteen bauds high; also,one Sad" and Harness H0RSR, at PLEMMIN( stsb e,C St., bet <th and 4b stt. a39-3t FK*OR SALR-A COAL CART, one l h .rn.WiO ON, nearly new, and a 1 or S-horae-power SAW Ml Lit. The above will be sold cheap; the horse r. Wer will be sold separate from the mill, it desired, nquire at Wood and Ooal Yard, corner 1st and U, liorthweet. la?-6f| JNO. R.TAYLOR. F ."OR SALR CHRAP-Threegood SEWING MA CHINKS and two SODA FOUNTAINS, at R. PULTON A CO.'S Loan Office, SI4 9th street, near Pennsylvania avenue. a28-4t* F'OR SALE-BAY MARR, ft Tears old; Morgan Si' ck, warrauted sound. Alao, PON T PHJETON. Apply to LATIMER A CLEA B Y, A net i oncers, Pennsi I van ia a v enue, cor lier of lit li Btreet, Star Office building. a2? tf FOB SALE?60.000 tirst-clas* RoSES, Climb ing Plant*, Ornamental Shrut?. and Tree*,^A I'arlor Plants, Ac. A. JORDAN, Connecticut^! ? venue. aat-lm* ? PRIVATE SALR. ?A A1 The beautiful Country Reaidencs called "DUN-l BARION H*LL," situated ?h? the r??a<l from Pierre's Mill to Tenuallytown, ab>ut 2>k li.'le* from Wasbrngtou, D. C. The place contain* about twenty-three acres of land, improved by a mansion h >use containing eigh teen rooms, and two mall cottages, one contain lug six, the other three rooms, ice h->use, barn, tr There are aeveu acres of grapes in bearing, pears, p< schts and other fruits. The view from the house is one of the finest In the Distiict. Any onedeairing a fine couatry residence would do well to call and examine this property. lfthe place 1s n?t sold by the 1st of June the Man tii n Houae will be for reut during I lie season. For terms apply to PIERCE SHORMAKER, ?1C Im near Pierca's Mill. 1/0B SALR?A handsomely matched pair ef BAY I MAKRS, kind,gentle and stylish. Also. a tieerl) new FAMILY CARRIAGE and HARNESS. Sold for want of use. Can be s en at KEATING A CO.'S Stables, KO?, *11, *13 and Kli Utb street northwest, oue Mjnare south of Pennsylvania avenue. a21 lm IJHiR SALE CHEAP?A four horse d .iibl?-trer street PL(?W SHEA R,some long handled ronnd tH.'tited SHOVELS, and S^IUU square feet ot goodi II ch TLANK. at U7H3 K sireei. at cansl. aiy if SALE?An excellent s*cond-hai?d two horae, platform-spriug W AGON, wide b sly, just t?ie tning f?r carry ing paseeiiters. a stage, ,?r gr s-er's Wkgo|i;can b- set-n at FUNK A BECK'S Wagou Factory, on Bridge street, near new Rock-creek III idge, Georgetoan, D C. aln lm | ^HK'K CLAY FOR SALR. A w?|r tMf DODGE R DARNE1LLR, jl7-tf 14517 F street. N E W ? T b R E . CA R PLIS?CAJi PETS-CA KPLTS. JUST OPENED. THE 0. O. D. CARPET HOUSE. At 004 7tm irmxXT, Butwkk* I i? K, \\ here can I-- fom d a large assortment of CARPETS, OILCLOTH AN1' MATTING, at 1>M price timn t 1maann oialit) rsii be had al any other place. Pb?ae call before purchaaing ejae where. a;?R* f ITTLE WORLD. Call at the " LITTLE WORLD," 10M 7th *., for Bargains ia cheap TOYS, FARCY GOODS. KO TIONS. JF.WRLRY, Ac., Ar.. Ae. We ar? aolling c at. tixl intend to remove in a very few days to a smsJler ^tore. Ths aoener you call, the Wtar for icil. J. W. Hit dOLS, ' *0. 1000 7tS street. Beta ecu K and L street* northw??t, 1 2a (near BogM k Wylle'*.) IV C HUMBUG ?L. RICR will way a fair twk i 1 price for any kind of Ladles', Gents and ChF d'< n> becond-hand Clothing, Boots, Slioes, Ac. W) 7tb street,between F aad C.senih. Rote hp Mail p otfcpUy attended. l?WHy rkKATH TO TMR MODOC8 and death t? high li prices is tRe motto at A. STRAW, 1#U p\. ave., wear 11th tt. an BTTftrNESS ORAKCICfl, A(>WI> III MftihM HAk? I -illiM'K VI TUBES. OlK>r WILL a?I LB As Sol" r\ , 8)c* l?'-re. 'h* d-? MMort niarkat I 918.000 ? a p|i>kia< ' .nd I.'ix. ^i^r' Inct . f C dum! * f r .?W at s*. beano* ? Jr ' ?14 u.tcfnnt. G J 9 , T? Wh ire* mZt f^atfe"? ?lift aA1^ ka<*'(V* ai* f?r?Ni??iMff ? .1. TBI*OK "* - -"--- Hty A ?? * " fi AUn . 191# Fmia i? ml x ? S9 (Win TO Loan MX RC\L EsTAT vi,'MMI wavthat I Tart d -nH.i I>7 -? L. takr. IM?||M, 1, ' ,imL l*? ?? "U , .?% ? ,irKO I*rs?PTLL ? CO . *"?' B^ale Br k r. -.1 A r?h ?*rJU k'e5iu?5s?^5 -? saSsra - ?? ur'.w.? L^Ok" *_^1 id At a BirciiirK-ltToci: J* aml GOOD! || | fth i ri th. friNnrr ? *? l> ilstai rant m b b*nt r r-t ,,,. .. It ui.ra.t* r. . mm. r* .i ch.-ap, f? a ?r? , ? ~ : '"rwrf'-n the pr~ni ? .. Km p-re* ?*"r. Tr^n-ur* 1-.-parthkut. Abo n.caom ? fr.-nt ri- u? for rut. ^ J ? ? IVOR SALK?F?nr llr*t-cla * HRI K ?|..( tTjrX * ?*j> fPowi | Pari. and 11,. - . ? '?te dtatMrtv* to the ?*? E?i"-m Mirk~-.ff? and (low (>' th* Prnna) liania av.-i a* ?f ?*? lE^L ? ar?; ?<?!, In, ?>!, tt e?? keiiux ar? <rHl l>uil , ? ??? I ?""* *ach. ?... I.ot a ..I ?-?.),| water, .'..1 '?., ?f~'- ?"tkr?**?*???.?,g h ' ri xtvukJZ?. w* ? **M,D 1* 1 ? ?> v i?Vi "'?V' ?*' fane i R ^Paci*, !????. ?ih an. ?> h n >rtk w.??. |aa .r| K. LEBESERI * Co MONEY T<> L<Mt 51 KK\L EST AI > Ti MBMlomltf,.r tr<na*ne i ? ti-V, Ji,. ' ,SI ,r? bocbse A MIDDLKTON, ap?la. fcu iui. ~;~M. \AL( ABLK ? \KM K<R h\IV ,r rt c.hb 41 ruVr,c';n ,s T,l,>' ' rV i^.V ^ ~ ?m ;~*r >r ir'T- fiT ? ?'ac-.?, la-K. nr. T IT'.^ Itrii. Dv'-lltrf, T-rtm U im* %tifl o?i:l?<iii 1 iu? VHM-tard of rj crapr tint, Iti twain, u ,i< - iff *7" i n I, '?'?m-a - > ?ti i,. n K ^ % r ?? K., Hi Ji|> "t?> l? at, M t i,lil\ V ? p . oul? H A PHILLIP ?ri< *n 1("> *??t C. \| UVKl T<- l.< \N i ? N K K A I |;m \7tc Kir.. MAt'ltt * HH.? . antA ??, K?taJ? 41.J litauranr^ n , k-ra. -"rW,Tn I 4*7 F ?r~~< |?uAi.u or rcm.ic >?ulTT?oiI>; K.^il hVt* 1"' ?? ?>?** ' ?rtifl< at?? thr ,h..?a I1, at par u, pa^ >ii.*?t -P-ciaJ Ian*. A an all rfimM^Lr "a^j 1m ? JVHfc8<'K 4 ^ ? ",J ,nL_ |? far n.B. r I Hank^a it vursi i." y*11-' m ?""* ?TU8| mmg -rrot.Ko.17K. Pr.-V.fjae.V^.V^V ^ IIA MILTt?N A I'k A K H ?.? .? V u HAMILTON A I'h AKv<'N. ?r*tf r M C A. BmMlnr.t-h.rrI.^i U L b B ? U B 8 A L B The Iarcv roPR SToBT not SK wtth ihr?. r.ZT r,9i* 9 -rtrjli! I? ? i * ?l*^ Uf if > aia4 r?,stL"- *r ?-"> h P? ' cnl*>*!*y r,'Pa'r ? and w >rr> r..tirrni,-tit for a ! ' u*, .1'''??T '"T a If'ardiiif || ..tar Will ?^a-ldi. a IiKjuirvat Fr^imau't Hiu.k oan-.1!. Ir if' ,tf boarding:" 11 AbD BUAK(>? T? ' ?i-r\ hu" H'MiVfH n^eij furm-tii-d, *f h Ihmh 1; ?i, *t a?.' *U"B '^ ,h<" ?umuj' r ?""??? u T-r .1. i? 4! * * *> ? ' NTRT BOABI. aid APARTMBKTM . .,.,71". -> ninit to .. ?ty,, "u t If- Uill,ci.M> t.. Virciiiia ??i.<t ?? C??H. a n. f.V -> * !????</ Bridce, at ?.- i*. t a n f..t .TTil.-.., d dt.ra" tial"*# r,un'">5r,r* ??"???' . ???:' pUrV, .Vt?t pIi'mVFV Ar? '> al .b. |!OABBI\fi-I?f?!i^,t TABLE BoYbD ?(rk lAf-l^rxi RnoMS < ti auit mi, ? * ' , , ? Ji:.*lr 1-OOM8 I, aoron ,, iat^n ?i? hru 'h I.Kf.V f> | ^ II ?tr***<? ? riff Tf fta * ? I tr? W. Patent OBirr *m? i .IP'*8 AMI?Cfc.KTLBMBN.riih^r aia?ir * , *?,'1 f?niili.?. can h.-ar ..f til* uri- km ?>tjcb fi| tat irrtntiimt in (Im i.v ai.ii.-w.u.|i PTlClut. B? lfc.^ar.m -. a7 n'ual PLKAPANT bTJumS i?D : <?>czr&t2?? *l"iornM 01 atl-lr DRY GOODS. i .AC,t ?AC,WCB? AM? M1A V* LS ?J,H r? ?.v.^i MIAWLfi'1.!'' V? LLAM* LArt S.AOgl Ks ai. i MIAW L8. alii. I, a, arr a-lliuK , rv |..a Laric?t and ? li-ap?t -tork ?? EM Rltull.VRI k'4 ?"NAI,,NLs *"d BBBNABlA.fra. of BrsH0P<8 LAW* an' BARRED Mrs h}?4 wof!i ^ black GR.? or\is ^ ? ^ P 'f ) Ard F ull I in.- of M'jfi \<: |?hicn< ?:?pvov^^^ At ?o?m?ll*" >31' ?t wm, mr?H. Pat nt W|f, J)KICii KEBlitD. Owin?to tlMMrin(anr) ioth? m. u'T market n I a?? Mrciia*?4 a -pln.did ?t.^k >f IiKY very cU|, nod off*, grmtbut^U ru\?4vt.r:'nlmri?mk.' ?' 4S- "O"" ?! rs. ^?sr??!sii;s?:vs tr-? Plain 8<iititwn from lAc. up T. uriat a- d rlob Hao4M ParaaoU fr >m BAr to Bf Blftfant Pari* Btda. luc., < parti onhinil t>plMidiii? ? ? Blrncltad <}.dt..n. IDac., AndroaoM Cin, I.c , Wamaurta, Jwr., N.-w Turk Itilla, Japan?w> 811k-. Pi.JOa. S?iwa, Tarlatan. *?*? r.M,,k^ >??. Bao^; ecs; 5^ Cl.'tly, M'iBaira, Ac Jtc., fr.m. 15 to *> par ? -ut z thaii farmer pricw. Koa U th- ttm^ u.^nri hal. aKTf i)?ir . BBoDHBAIf* CO Mi 7t 1 dQ9 F ll.t Mvupii l^Ui h.u4 15:11 ?u 'j'O BI. OB NOT TO BE, " IS NOT THE QCESTIOX TO FIBD, OB MOT TO FIND. BARGAINS. BARGAINS. THAT K JUS VUBSTlOy. ni^r^ztlt** c?nt1,,c^' ^ ir* for cli^a# and WOLFORO ft tHILBERO^, ^Se^good?.ofl"r,B' B,"} ?? LLAMA LACE POINTS. ALL TBB K&^.?TA,?v1? AND KEJ* COLOB8 IN 81 N |-Vbbbll\b LATK 8TYLB FRINGED VBILS, PARASOL OOVEB8, 4 . ^ LADIBB BoWS AND TIE8, A nd itiitij otlifr tniclw too nuitrroiM to m "iatK>n. Prra.^,. fro? tb^ moat diatant part .4 Ik* city wiN find it to tbalr ad*>nt?<r,Mur? parcliaaiiu; -.1? ? tar*, to rail at tkia fam .n. li^iij.UilK-r k/'lUK A Kia|. k ?a ??T 7th atr^t. Mi^n Ii a?J E .8 W. J^*W ATTBACtMHI! LOW r Kic ks IX CARPETS' CARPETS n CARPETS !?t N -went design* ENGLISH BRT'88ELS, E.V.L1?U UftiKAlyg, WHITE and CHECK M A TTING KtlC rLT*' OIL CLOTHS. WINDOW SHADES, in all r..| ,*,CttS *"d * AT*? a?d WINDOW FIXTCRES, nt BULFOKD k IHILSKR&t, SEVENTH STREET. Betae?n D and B,aouttia-aat. fcat tr *^TUE ARCADE. |^B\ GOODS AT PANIC PBlCEs. Orrnt tarrain. in DB* GOODS frow tk? N*w \ . ikatid Pl.lla-j. Ij !,?a auction* Drfw Gru adia?a rrnu p. f rard; a In-au ifal llaa <* Lr.-aa 0<H>d* al k<aa than ioiportar. nrio??, Btr.pad Pu i*? at ?r_ a yard,north 35c.: Blay in,-a ai a??r5 low price: 8trtprd T<wemite at Bk , worth 4tk ; yi l.rt Lnc Curtain* atfA?j a piace, a liae at |..auti L\ r?<hl price*, a f^w Llama I ana bl.awl. ? half prica. BOOBY BAETMB, fcZl W ?=>?> Penn?> It ania a?eaae. JVEW ABD BEAl'TIFPL DRESS GOODS A* J1BT OPENED BY ? OUAN * MYLIE. 101? AND SEVENTH STUEET N W POLE A DOTS, ill P-rraJfw, at E c? at? in Alaai a j w-A balernocl'oth's*^ PLAID POPLINS,*) ?a>t ? fci'EulAL tAEi.AI!?S IK BLACK SiLKS, MO u. ... MAIBS, ANDAW>ACAS ^ ??HJIUU worth of fj.4t n >w on hand and nre conataatly roc. |vin? fr^ak ?ppliaa. aS ir I OVELY POLKA DOT GOODS, trvm U>a omm Li up, to FOULARD SILEH at ftl.a, at inatBIa REOlhl^AWW. 2??mu BBODHE Ag^A^TO*s, gTOBE MASONS ABD BUILD BBS 'srJSS^ ? ? ??i? fB* BBOADWAY coat and YEST U. I nil Ike rac* at A STBAPtVh* Cl.nhlaT lwM *' "??>!'?*i?ataa??.iMaHlik^ ""' IT I. bbtbrbore. ? irrnBtfrnsj i3p???fr- * ?

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