Newspaper of Evening Star, May 1, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 1, 1873 Page 3
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AUCTION SALES. FUTURE DAY ft. ?> Y LATIMER A CLFART, Il Aacti 't?fw and R-al fc?tat* Broker*. Bootlritt corner Ptnnqrhni* ?'?#?* and Mh Star OfBc* Building. improved propebty on iith street, BfTWIIS O AND II STREETS, NORTH WEST. AT AUCTION _?WM. ? , ^Sa UN MONDAY AFTERNOON. May ?. H73, E!!at ?? 30 o'clock, we ?hall sell, in front off the ?^premises, the n< rth?rn part of Lot No. 9, in p*?oare 34.V fr?ntin? 15 fe-t ?>? lDh street. nod run tun* back 70 fart. Imjrovad by a three-?torv and ? ?a>meri* Brirk Dwelling, with ga* and water; be ing No 734 11th street. Terni*- One-fourth ca?h. balance ir. 8. 11 and IS Inowths. with interest. a 1U0 d. wu at time of sale. C at nrfWr'i coat. s?d LATIMER A CLEARY. A net*. RAILROADS. Aleiandbta a Washing ton k r. ASH ? ? ALEXANDRIA A FREDEBICKSBCRG R Onwr ?/ B ?*?' Sum StrttU. Loaal trains for Alexandria l?ave as follow*:?fi 13, 7 <?, 7:9*. - 48, ???. IM M, 11 M a. m., ItU, 1:53, 2:W, 1.43) l:W. (J), and *M p. m. L<caitr?.a? fr ni Ai-iar.drla arrive a* follower? B23. 7:43. ?*?. 9 33. 10 >. 11 .??. ni.; 12.J!. 1:33. 2 33, 0.W, 4.-8. S ??. 7:33. < 2S j> m. "train* marked thn?coun <ct with traina on Wash ington an.; 0bi?> R. R. QUANT ICO A<-<-<nnrr>o<iat1on leaves Washington r.?a ni. daily - excesf S'mday. OUEAT SOUTHERN EXPRESS, Tin Richmond, Iwiet Washington 10:99 p m. daily, except Bnuday. Ttiroc*! tickets t.> all p-dnts 8- nth an t Southweal I >r tale at wffices, corner 13th rtreet and Penney lva 3 la sv?no-, and corner Ith str-.?rt and P-*nnsylvanis % here paee?n*?rs san l*ave order* for baggage to be choked at all hotela and residence* through to deatl j.atK>D E. S YOUNQ. Gen*l Pasa*n*er Agent. JrM-tf BALlIMokK AND POTOMAC RAILROAD, Lit rot cm . 4. a mml b J trvtt, a. W 1 LAIN!> LEAVE FOR baltimore # 93 a. m , Niagara Exp., daily ? 53 a.m.. Baltimore Mall, except Sunday, I9JB a. m., W eeiern ??? TRAINS ARRIVE AT WASHINGTON. 4:53 a. m., Western Exp., daily, exr-pt Sunday. 8:3a a. m.. Mail,daily, ex cept Snirtar. 11:08 a. m.rWeatern Exp., daily, ex< ept Sunday. I daily. C fc p. u. Baltimore Ac- f 23 p.m., Pacific Express, C' nun iati. u,daily, ex- daily, except Snn1a?. cept Sunday. 0A3 p n< . I'lnrinnati Ex fr ?e.daily, except 8an day. J iS ?. Bi . Western Exp ? OS p.m jkcLomniodatioa. daily. 10 39 p.m., 8<.nthern Ex pre*, daily, except 8un day. JO ?. ?> Ami*. Trains teaxtn* Waahlnvton at 6 Mand 1<) 3* an. and S > P m .coanectat B wi? with traina fi r Marlboro', I *aving P- trie 7 38 and 11:74 a. m.. and I S) o m , ar tialna at Marlboro' ?:13 a. m ar.d 1213 and 5:33 p. m. Traina arriting at Waahinstoa a. m and I S nn<I 9.W p m.,connect at R .ate with train* leaving CtariLw V7.-i? a. ra. and 3 ?J and 5:33 p. m. ^Paaa< i>jr-ra l?a*ing thfir <?rd-r? at Ticket OHoea, emm-r of 13th street and Pennsylxaala aaenae and Sijrthwest comer of Bixth atreet and PenneTlranls Mxecoe, can hate their hagrcge callwl for and chock r tat hot-l? and residences to all polnta North aod V^rt. Thr ngh tickets to Cincinnati, Oolnmbos, J-idianap-lin, Lonisrille, St. Lonia, New Orleana, ( WcM",(>nalia,9an f ranci^n, and all polnta north, v jithweet, west, and eonthw?*t. E L. DVB \ RRT, Genl Snpt. T. 8 TlifNO. G?n1 Paw"r A^nt. ill tf ?BALTIMORE AND OHIO) I> RAILROAD. Wa?m SoToS, Jan X. 1873 ~ ? "? Ttaitia between Washington and balti Pt'BE aixi WASHINGTON AND THR WEST are t>oar run aa f jll"w?. 'ii: FOR BALTIMORE L^are <? .'ty, exrept SniHlay. at 4 4S. t:4t. 8-flO. ? 4f ? ad kl.4l a on.: 1.110, J. 14. 4 10, ?.?,?.*, 8*U and s.R *' IU' ON SUNDAY POB BALTIMORE Leare at 4 44 and 8.U0 a. m , and l.UU, 3.14, ? ?. S 00 C 6?v p. m. YOB ALL WAY STATIONS Leave datiy. except Hobday, at 4 44.6 44 and 8:44 ?. m ; 4:Ii.- and t tu p. ?>.: and on Sunday at 4:49 and fc ti>a. in , and 1:00, 9:19,5:30, atul 8:00 p. m. lbe l:uu. t 14 and 8:14 p.m. trains slop at the fol ?"wing stations only. Tlx: Btad-nabarn, Belt*HI|? l.aarel, Amiapolia Jonction, IIano\ar and Belay the 3 14 p. an. will atop at Jessap's Cut, and ib* ;UC p m at Peni/s Crossing. FOR ANNAPOLIS Leave at & 49 a. m. ai.d 4:10 p. ui, Let no tralus to ot Sroui Aniiapolia on Sunday FOR NORPOLR. L^ax* at 1 "00 p m., except Sunday. FOR ALL PARTS OP THE WEST, leaveda ly, except Saturday and Snuday, at 4-41 f%. it; and 3 14 and s uO p m Oti S.tinrday at 3 44 and tot*! 6:00 v ??., and on Sunday at 3.14 and 8D0 p. tu. TRAINS ARRIVE AS FOLLOW9: FrotrN -w York, Philadelphia aod Baltimore, at B.9P a. m . and 4 34 and 9:94 p. a. Fr-'TV Philadelphia ar?l Baltimore at 8 50 a. m ft n m Baltimore at 4:SU, 9.10, S 40 ami 11:19 a. a.. Bad 1.40, 9:40, S B. 8 36. 7:54 , 9:59. and 10.40 p m. FROM THE WEST. Arrive at 1:90.8:34 and lU:90p. m Through ticket# to the W--t c?n be had at the ?Waahirjt"'-" Station Ticket Odica at all hours ot Its day; also, at the Company Vifflre. 4 P^nr.av !vania ?veuur. Paraengera porchasiug tickets at the Ave sue < Ore can there arrange to have their bag<**e called for and checked at their residence, taken to tbe depot, and put into the baggage car. F ?r New York, Philadelphia and Boato* tee ad ?srtiaemvct of "Through Line.** THOB R SHABP.AMt Master TraaaportaUon L. M. COLE, G-neral Ticket Agent. GEO. 8. ROONTZ Gei.1 A gt. Waahlngtoa. ja? 'THROUGH LINE BETWEEN 1 1 ?A>'I INGT' N.miL\PKL a P1IIA, AND NEW YOBR.I W a*h !>teTo7t, November 9,1S"J Traina b-tvreen WASHINGTON aaA NEW TURN at rnn aa f -llowa: FOR NEW YORK, ?ntAort rtaati tf em*. Leave daily (except Sunday 1 at A'JS a. m., 1:00 and t',,* FOB PHILADELPHIA. Leave daily < except Suuda> ) at a a. m., 1.130 and EM ON SUNDAY. Leave for New Yorkats.JO p. m., and Philadelphia ?t &M p. m. bleep-. t.g cara for New York on 8:9f p.m. trait. Mif. Tnroogh ticketa to Philadelphia, New Yark and tijatul can be had at the Station Office at all hour* Cf the day. For Haiti mora and Ohio railroad advertisement see ?-hednle betweea W aehlugton, Baltimore, Aunapo i a and the Wirt. TH?! B 8HABP, A?1 Vaster Tranaportatloft. L M. COLE. General Ticket Agent. GEO 8 KOONTZ. Agent, WaAingtoa. jelg 1872 pennsylvanTa ROUTE 1872 TO THE NORTHWEST. SOUTH, AND SOUTH WEST. Trains leave aa follows: % aahiagt^a. 4:03 " .... h>J8 a. 4 33 p. 7:43 p Baltimore ?? 7 99 a. a IDS p. m " 81B p. m lo 13 p. m THE GREAT BOl'BLE TRACE ROUTE, Wf 1th el-tant Sc?~^ry, Pa ace State-room day (itM ear?. with mdem improvements. Twi " . .. - - day and I m kindred miles saved to Western and Central ?lew Ycrk. The W 38 a. m. daily, except Sunday, northwest, 7 A9 p m daily, and 9:40 p. m . except Sanda> , west. 39 A KB Cijv > K? TiONe Throtifh fro? BALTIMORE to NIAGARA and FITTSBl RG without ctiai.jje. TicketN by this route car. be procured at the offlosa. ?oruer of L3th street aud Peuu?> lania avenne, and ?oruer of 4th street and P?-- naylvama avenue, under MatRLal Hotel, where reliable luIenuaUou will be gtven at all times Paasecg-ra pruraring tickets at thla offic? raa Pku* acoomiDodationa in Paiace Cars for Pitta t?wg. ED 8. YOUNG,General Paseen*wr Agent, ? trarl9-|v BaltiiT T" Md. 'hotels. NiON HOTEL, GioaaBToW!!, D. 0. V. SHINN, Proorietor. This Hctel has been newly rsfitted and fttmlaked It r,?tairs all the modern improvements?bog aad cold battia, bells, and gas. It ia Conveniently lo cated, ben g aitna'.nd on the line of the Washington and G* rget<.wn City Pa-eenger railroad, tba car* Of which, fr m the ra >. ad and ateaniLoat deprta, ?v? the every two or three minntea. The rti' ?ts ol tl-. ? h' uee can reach any ot the pabltc u ldinsa ?f the national capital or any place of pawwwLt, Ac., by a ple-vaM rids iff a tew mi 11 a tea F?**n- d?d*ig bu?n-ea *!? e? the line of Ube caaai ?Ad on tii- wharves will tad it t< their ad^actate tc 0U-p at th?- hows. 4?ffl-|v YBOM B HOTEL, No. G STREET, j-23 tf Bstwtxxh 7tu> 8th araaxTS '| lil IMPERIAL HOTEL, JAMES 8YEES, Prsrv?tto?. L-iSirten 13(4 an i \Uh graai, WU4I3>T??, D. C. Tcaakt^i to the put lie for generoc* patronage In 9bu past, the Proprietor a?k- his old fri?ud? aed palruus io t?et tke acc<>nim<?lat >ous of hie present natablishn.ent, which he pr ?> ii?-? shall be f->iukd at 4c?*t equal tC the l-eet In W vmrv^too. jan9 tf I Re? . Ohm#! C. W1LLABD, EUBITT HOUSE, WASHINGTON, D. C. |ft A N R RI PTCY Nt?T!CE-TUs creditors ..f WM. I> l LAlii.Kl g SONS are hereby notiB.d that gbe wti nd m.etn g off crediU>ra will be held at tbv ? ?. e of J S . in Br. wne, R-fleter in Bankruptcy, 8?il>eCity Hall, Washington, I* C , on TUESDAY, ?U< atli day vl Mo uext, at 19 o'clock m. ? B WEBB, I Aadsneea ^aSS mAth J AB. FI LLEBTOK,\ A*^ <n rpHlS IS TO GIVE SOT ICE, That the aubscriber 1 bae ot-tatt-d from th?- Supreme Canrt of the Dia tri< t of C-'tnmbia, Boldlnt a Special Term. MM! tistaaentaiv *a tb? aer?>nal estate of Ll'C Y A. 'V II EELEE. lateof Wae', . r >n connrv, D. (N? 4 All per?-na Bavins rlaima acaina* tbe <aid aim 1 a?a? are hereby w?rn?a to exhibit the same, trttn the vrnn here thereof, to the subacriber, on t-r before th?- 19th day of April next: they may a therwlae b> law ha exclude*! from ail l?-n?>nt of Sac aaid ee'ate. Uiveu uua< r my hand, this ItU day ?^7P[h.afrn BTSTTANA SlMPBON.Execatrlx. ?N BWCPTCI DffnItT #f coln(lti, ?; At Washington, the la n dav aff April, A. D. J8T3 'be n.ia-r-itfoed her.-nj gives hia appointment aa assignee of JOHN LANE, of I SS^vnet. wt?, P *"?* .*?? ad^adged a bank-1 yayt up n the petition off his creditors, t?y ths ?lurren.-vC nrt of 1 District. REGINALD FFVD'Lli ( ?-!_??. *J7 tli3"fi'H A RLE* WALTER. < assignees. AUCTION SAT K<. KFTIRF. DAVS I b V GREEN .* WILLIAMS, Auction*-?, Northwest corner 10:b and D streets. J |?Y LATIMER * ('IKAKT. 1? Aw.lumwi ml K.?l K-. at- Br. 8 uth wr*t c? rt ?r f arrmr and 11th street, t?;ar Office Building. TRUSTEE^- SALE OF~TALUA BLE BUILDING LOTS CAPITOL HILL, SLAB THECAPI TOL ? By Yl rtor of a deed Iwar'ng date on the <1n ..f March. A D. 1873, ? oaveying tIk ^^^?her>iuaft?*r (hwriinl Ms of ground t" ti.- un d? rsigned. a? trirtfr?, in trust, t<? s--ll and con vev. we shall sell, at public auction. to the lido r, on MOSPAT, Mir 14th, 1*73, at 6 o'clock p ni . in front of th? premises, iirigiukl Lot* anmhered on* (1) and twenty-three, VZl, > and the east haif of original L>t numb-red bree.jS.' all in ?"in?r- iiiiml*M>?u k imm1rr-l and tinrty-three. (7Sil > L t N > 1 has t front of 44 f?et u>4 k) iiirhw <m 2<i street * uth?a-t by a depth of 76 feet i n D rtin't s- uthMft. Lot No 23 ha- a front of 46 fe?-t on C turret southeast, between 1st an! SI strrets. *?jr a depth of 119 f.-?*t 6 inches. And the e?-t b:?lf of Lot No. 3 bas a front of 21 feet on D "I!>-?-t, Mkwii I*? and 21 streets southeast, by a d |<th of 119 f<*? t and 6 incl.s*. 1 iiia property i< ir the ~ame sqnara in which St. Peter's church,"Ingle Place," Jtc., are located, and i?> a neighb.>rh- si < "iitaiijinc ?? me of the finest im pi ?> .inert* on Capitol Hill, aisl about two *jiiar<^ ?? nthe.wt of the e i.-tern p:?rk of th? Cnpitoltfrouud-. Tie- lota will tic offered separately T- rms of -tale pri*<ribed by th? deed are; On*? tltird ?'f the purchase money in < a?h; an.l th" residue It. threw e?|n?l install tents, pay able in an (6). twelve (12) ai d eighteen (Is* ni'titfis from day i f -ale, with n tere~t, and secured by deed <?f truat on the prop erty sold; or all cash, itt pnrchu#' r'n opti. n. Ifth -- term* of sa'e shall not he Complied with a-ithln one wk from day of sale. the Trn-tee" reservethe right t" resell the pr perty at the r>?k and coat of the first pnrchaeer. A ilep -it of au?i in cash on each l> t will he required at the time if purchase. Convey ancing at purchaser's coat. B K ELLIOT. j Trn infta ROBT W M PHERSON 1 TrB*l**? ?S>-dA?ts L \T1MI-.K A CLKARY. Ann VERT y ALT"A BLE THREE STORY BVSIC MKST, ATTIC ANl> BACK BUILDING M \STIC FRONT BKICK HOUSE AND LOT, UJ'1*.0 No. 4-.-? LOITSIANA AVKNI'R, 5KV^ITlso Jl'UlClAIiT byUAKE, AT AUC Tlvri. ?n MONPAT.the ftth ^av of"3, we -hal. sell, in fr- nt, of the premis'-*, a: 6 o'cb ck . P- in., that flue niMtic frout Brick Honae front ing on Louiaiana avenne, opp.Niite Jndiriarv S jtiitre, it being parr of L-t No. 19, 8?|i]are Ne 49>i, hm iae a front of 30 feet, more or lea*, rnnniug hack to a wide, pave<l alley, 98 feet. The h ??? contain* he tw een eighteen and 'w^-nty conveniently arra?ig>*d roenia. We deem it nunecea^ary to aay ar:ythiii? relative to the adt antageoua and beautiful locati ni of the aboTe mentioned property, aa it is well-known to he one of the moot desirable and beautiful piece* of property for bmireas or private residences now fr r sale, near the Judiciary 8<jnare. Term# of aale: One-ii\th caeli; balance in one, two. three, four and five yeara, for notee bearing in terest from day of aale at 6 percent. A de.-<l gi v?n ai.d de?-d of trnat taken on the property sold. Two humired dolltrg re?n;ired to be paid down wh?a the pr- perty is kno ke l off, and ths whole terms to be complied with in sigh' d ?ya from day of sale, or the nvht ia ree?-rred to reaeil the property, at tn-risk aid t uet of the flrst pu'rhaaer. All convey anting a! co#f of pnrcha??-r Title perfect. "29 GREEN * WILLIAMS, Aucta By thos. e waooaman, . Keai Satate Auctieneer, 319 7th atreet. VERT VALUABLE CORNER, B AND THIRD STREETS SOUTHEAST. On SATI'KD AY. 31 day of May, at & o'clock . n>., I ?hall off r for aale part of Lota 1 and 18, ^^in square 7*1, fronting 52 f-et on aonth B -ir -e;. Tina is one of the moat valuable corners on Capitol Hill, and afford.- a fine chanft to secure a good bmi ii*~-a property. Tenns day of-a'e. T.E. WAHGAM AN, Anct. I^OB SALE?VALCBLE BUILDING LOTS AT Ml?UNT PLEASANT. W ill be sold at publir auction, ? n S VTl'RI' A Y. May 10, at A o'clock p. tu., unless previously sold at private aale? Lots numbered 18,5^.64.65, S3, 84, 35, north half of 1 and 2, north half of 19 and 3?. Lots s, 4,7.8. 9, in tirs* aectioc; 3. 4. 5,<5 a:.d 7, in ?erotid seat ion: 1,3.1 and 3, iu fourth s-'ction of S. P. Brown's anlslix iaiou. Alao, a fin* Cottage, cortainiiig ten rooms, with at?ble and two acres of ground. Terms ea?y. E-r particular? apply to S P BROWN. ?29-eoAds Cor 15th atreet and N. Y. ave. WALE OF &il VLL~AHMS~ASD ACOuUTUE MKNT BtRKACorOBD5A5CK, ( Navy Departmknt. April 17. H,3 ( There will be sold at public auction to the high-at I dder, ?? WEDNESDAY, M*y 14. H73, mi tb^elt'ce .f the Inst>ect"r of Ordnance, Navy 1 anl. N-w Yt rk. a quantity of small-arms and ac c ntrementa, a? frdlowa,?iz: 5"f2 Pi>mou?h tifiae,o!?l, .<59, serviceable. 174 Plymouth rifles, ral. .69, needing repiirs. 6?"<d Plvmouth rifle f;?ibre bayonets. 6..V) Plymouth rifle sabre bavonet-acabb-^rds. 4c 44 ftiarpe 4 Uankius carbiuea, cai. ^.servicea ble, 417 Sharps A Hankins car bines, cat. .52. needing re Nitl. J7* Sliarpe A H inkina tifle?,cn|. M. serviceable. 16 !?liarp? A Uankibs rrfl -a, c?l needing re paira. 273 Sharp A Hank ins rifle sabi ?-? uay ouets audscab Ternu: One-half ca-h in Gorarnm<>nt funds on the concinsion of the sale, and the remainder within ten 110(days afterward*, during which time the articles mint be removed from the yard,otherwise tliey will revert to the Government. It ia to 1>? distinctly understood that no gaarantee will l>e given to purrhas<rs of articles for sale and noted In the catalogue, as regards their exact condi tion or qualify; but it is believed, however, that every thing offered for sale ia as represented. WILLIAM N JEKFKR3. a!8-dt? Chief of Bur?an. bankers! OTIS BIGELOW, Banker, 643 D STBEST, NEAR SEVENTH, Paya INTEREST ON DEPOSITS, makes COL LECTIONS, and transact* all busmen* connected with Banking. ap2 ly Basking h oi? e or J.-H. SQl'IER tc CO., 1446 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, opp site willakk'* hotel, WASHINGTON, D C. P per cent, tstmn paid on depoMtt. Collections made everywhere. D?-p<*its parable on demand. P^y of officers in the Army cashed in advance. apa-tr F. BRODHEAD, Broker, No. 939 Penna. ?ye., Boom 9, Washington, D. C. Special attention glrsn to investment securities. iLvitea attention to securities now offered at prices which will pay 1U to IS p-r cent, in amounts and of length of time to suit inv eetors. 8;*fe, reliable, profit able and pr- nipt, making them in every respect EI EST-CLASS SECl" lil TIES. Refers by permission to Lewis Johnson A Co., Washington, D. C.: Moses Ktlly, E14., Cashier National Metropclitau Bank, Washington, D C.; H n. J M. BrHdhead, Second Controller, Washing t-.n. B. C.; Edward Clark, Esq., Architect U. S. Cap iuo, Washington, P. O. marl?-3m 1HE NATIONAL BANK OE THE BEPCBLIO (Oorn? rof 7th and D streets.) OPEN FROM 10 A M To a P M. lec 17 1> CHAS BRADLEY. Cashier. GtKMAN AY1EKI1AN lAVlNflV HANK, I No 414 SKVKMH STRkKT, Orrc.'u* ms Pcu-O^u 8?-.k boars: 9 ? m. to 4 p. m. Saturdays open an i p. 111., to receive deposits only . utereat paid on deposits. Collections made and *1 hance furnished. J0I3N HITZ, President. A. EBERLY, V. Prest, * F MATTINGLY,Si-c.,C. E. PRENIlSS,Uaah'r _noaMy rue rREED.HA.i's svvnos and 1 , TRIST ?O.MPA.^Y. Bauklnc House, No. 1407 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite the Treasury, FAYS 81 a PER CENT. INTEREST, ltutrtst B' *'*.? tkt frrtt of Evh Month. PAYS FOUR PER CENT, on business accuacts from date of deposit. Iiimi Crli''?h.* 4/ JApsait bearing 6 and 4 per cent. interest, available anywhere. 8AS BRANCH OFFICES in ail large towns and cities sf the B?uth and Sonthauat. Bank aoarj, i a. tn. to t p. m. Open Wedncasiay and Saturday nights frr-m 4>4 to I >*:lock, to receivsdepoaitsonly. Call at the B*uk or >' d f?r a copy of the Charter and By-Uws. jl8-lr JAY COOKt fc CO., BANHKR8, ?CT AND SELL EOBEIGN EXCHAN0E and u'SLE CIRCULAR LETTERS OK CREDIT for travelers, at ai.'oi^ ta any pa?t oftk* t?vld. Oar Drafts on J AT COOKE. MrCULLOCH A CO,, LONDON, we Cashed tn any ?art of E.s?La5i>, Ikilaxc and icoTL* ND. f'tt uf cha'tt. may 13 7ABHINOTON CITY BAV1MOS BANK l'<"w 7tA lirnt and LratJiasa arcs us. w PATS ? PER CENT. INTIiBKST ON DEPOSIT interest comrreuc-s from date of deposlu. Deposiu can be made and drawn at will. n.yBI-tf J. A. BUFF. Treasnrsr. HE NEW NATIONAL MABKE1. FRESH. SALT and ^M6KED MEATS of at! kinds and of,the best unaiity, tnmlabed tmiu aim '.i,ii? oeai yuainv, rnrnisnr? in t be best sty le^also^G AM E.POCLTIt Y, FRUITS, and VEGETABLES. >n their seasonxan be procured at this Market. marM ly BOBT. HYATT, 414 lltb at BIBDS FOB SALE?CANARIES and M0CK1NQ BIRDS, male and female, best singers; also.j CAGES. No. 13T Soath B street, froutmgj st"israk ? A ot'fw, i*. wwPHWMI 9A WMt ytH fKJ.a Sur ported by Tolaatarr ooatributtoaa. Hospital free to cluldrea under 14 years *f age. Dispensary yen daily (Snndars excepted) frem 1 to Sp. u. M-Jk-Id'S famished gratait usly. Ooaaoltlng afcr siclars, Dr?. J C Hall, Thomas Mlller.0. H ^Llet ? mtat?n, W P. Johnston, and Grafton Tyler. iuaU'f fitiwtssi, IHissni. Tims of S*r*it*. Dr F A. Aahford, Surgical,Toaa'y.Thurs'y,8a?V Dr 8. C. Bnaey, MedicsJ, Tnes'y. Monday. 8at*y. S. Bus* y, MedJcaJ, Tnes'y. Mi i Drii kard. Eye A Bar, Monvy,Wed'y,Fr'dp. Dr W W. Johnston. Medical, Hon^.Vsd'y^r'dy. L. J. DaTis, Secretary: Jamas 0. Kennedy, Presi dent; W. B. MrOmre, Treasurer, to whore all com DinnlnsaionaMay b? sent; Post OSca Box 4tS. 14a Must and bhalm-gbeat baobificbb at CARO-S LOAN OFFICE and BA- JK. EAB, Me. 114 Pennsylvania arenas, between !? ?tb aud l?th sts. The whole of the ren.smug JU| jtcerk. in finest solid hunting Ooid and BIItss W .itches (Swia* and American makss), Gold Chaiaa, Ri'.ga, Studs. Sleeve BtHtona,finest Fnra, Musical lu-immrBU.^uiuat and shall besoldtoxaaksachanf* in hnsutess. Yyo cava from B to W per cent, by boy II# b*r?. G maU ?ol4 on lotUlncDti Cill bm tt wjn pay yoa. BmssaW, CABO^i, 914 AITTTOV SALES, ri Ti Rr davs. B Y 4KKKN A U ILLIAUS, Auctioneers. >'?. 1001, Northwest c Tut-rlU(h and D streets. DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS IN SQUARE No. 114. SITUATED ON K 8 r RKET. BK TW*IN Sn A.1D 4tu STREETSNORTHEAST, AT AUCTION. B> vinn? of adeed ?xecnt?1 by the late Mr*. ?CVSnrah Hamilton. dated the 17th dtv uf April. ^Ifffl. Mi': recorded in No. 649, folio 131, ?d? of tne land records for Washington county, in the District <~f Columbia, and at the r>-.|nwi of, and by virtue of a power of attorney from the beneficiaries n?Di'i| in said de<-d. I will sell, at public auction. in front of the pr-mlses, to the highest bidder, on TUESDAY, the 6tb day of Mar. at ft o'clock p. m., lot* numbered six (6.) s?vcii j T.1 and e:ght (8,) in R. M HallV recorded subdivision of square nnmbered iften hundred and seventy-four (774;) said lots hav ing a front of IS feet each on K ?t re?t'u'>rt h-ast. be t*een 3d and Itb streets, and ntininn back about 15S feet to an 13f>ot alley, containing in *B 7,110 square feet. T'rmsofsale: 0ne-fourO> cash; balance in IS, 18. and 24 month*, for n dee b* ? 2 interest at eight rfront. (? ran euro, pay ahi 1 aunually, secured > a de d ?f trust on fhe prop* 1 ty sold. A d?p ?sit ol $2ur will be required at tne time ofaale. Ifthe'erm* of sale are not complied witb within seven day* from day of sale, the property will be refold at the risk anl cost of the deraulfingpurchaeor. All conveyan cing at purchaser's co-t. THOMAS McOILTi. Trustee. r?23-eolwAdts GREEN A WILLIAMS, A nets. BY LATIMER A CLE A RT, Auctioneer* and Real Estate Brok?r? South*cat corner Penn?r|, ania av enue and 11th at., Star Office Building. tRrSTKKK SALF OF AN ENTIRE SQUARE OK GROLN I>. VERY BLIQIBLY SITUATED, WITHIN ONE SO I'A RE OK COLUMBIA RAILWAY. B> virtue of ad'-ed of trust to the undersign NMed, baring date t'le 1st day ?f April, A D. 18^2. ??^?iind r?-c- rded ani'ni tlie l*nd records of this District, in liber No.682, at folio 3, et seq.,andby direction of the bolder of the notes secured thereby, I will sell a' public auction, on the premised, on SATURDAY, the 3d day of May A O. 1<73. at 5 o'clock p. m . all of Sq-ntre numbered ni*e hundred atid thirty-two, <KJ2.) bounded by north I and K streets, ai d 9th and K?h streets northeast, contain ii.i; in the * li de al-out 73.138 square feet. The property will be sold snniect to a prior deed of trust, dated October 1, 1870, but which by Its terms may be rc|ea-ed npon the payment of six cents per square foot. Terms: One-third cash; the residue in four equal payments, at 3. 6.8. and 12 months, wilh interest from day of sale Deed given and trust taken. ?U00 o be deposited wh-n th? property is struck c>f. w hicb is to be forfeited unless purchaser com plies w ith the terms of sale within five days after sale. Conveyancing at purchaser's cost. FRED.W JONES. Trustee. aS.oAds LATIMER A ( LEAHY, Aucts. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Southeast corner 7th and D streets. B TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY IN SQUARE No. t?7ft, NEAR Sr. AL0YSIU8 CHURCH. jj. Bv virtue of a deed of tmsf, dated April 29th, E3 A. 4>. 1372,and duly recorded in liber No. 681, ?!*f >lio 36, Ac., of the land records for Washington county, D. C., and by the direction of the party se cv.rec" thereby, I will sell, at public auction, in front of the premises, on MON DAY, the Sll?t day of April, A D. 1*73, at ft o'cb?ck p. m., all of lots numbered one hundred and twent v-aevent 1ST land one hundred and twenty-eight (ISO and a part of lot numbered one fundred and twenty-nine (129), in Gilbert's re corded snlsl; vision of square numbered si* hundred and ?eventy-five (675), in the city of Washington, wi ll all the improvements thereon, consisting of n> arly finished brick dwellings on north I street. A pi it of the property will be exhibited at the sale. Temis of sale: One-half in cash, of which $100 trust lie paid at sale upon each house sold; t ne de fers J pa'.nn iitsto bemaile in sixanil twelve months after day of sale, with interest at ten per cent, per annum, i?nd secured by de?>d of trust to the satisfac ti n of the Tru?tee. Terms to b? fully compln-d with within six davs after day of sale, otherwise the Trustee r??-erves the right to resell the property, after one week's notice, at the risk and cost of first p.ire ia*er. All convevancinc nt pnrchasorN cost. WM H WARD. Trustee. aS-Raw Ails GREEN A WILLIAMS, Ancts. KTTHE ABOVE SM.E IS POSTPf)NED until M< >M? A Y, Ma> ft, at the same hour aud place. By or te- of the trustee. ; 21 GREEN A WILLI AMS. Ancts. BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers and Re*I Kstate IIr kers. Soulhwetl cono r P< unsyl) ania a\e. and litU street, &Ur Office Buildings. VERY DESIRABLE LOT AND DWELLING, li \TE HIE BEMDWNCE OF LEWIS JOHN StiN. ESQ., DECEASED,) <>N THE NORTH EAST CORNER OF I 1 Tit AND G STRKETS Nt'RTIlWEbT, KUR fcALE AT PUBLIC AUCTION. , B? v irtue of a decree of the Supreme Court ?f [the Isistrict of Columbia, passed in a cause iu Lsanl court depending Between Lewis J. Davis et al , complainants, and Georgtana R. Davis et al., de fendants, 1 will public auction,in fr?nt of the premises, on MONDAY. April 29;h, 1873, at 6 o'clock p. iu., parts of original Lots numbered three (3i and four (4?, in S-iuare N?. :i45, in the city of \\ >shington,D. C , p utirnlarly de?crib?d as follows: Commencing at the southwest corner of said square and running thence north along th*- line of 11th street one hundred hi d thirty-nine(139) feet; theuc? ea?t forty-four (44) feetniue (9) inches; thence sout h ?,ne bundled and thirty-nine (139) feet to G street; thence west forty-four (44) feet nine (9) inches to the point of beginning, with the improvements, consist ing ot a fine tbree-storv Brick Dwelling, containing all the modern conveniences, and Brick Stable and CnrriRge-bouse. The y ard is supplied with a pump and well of fine drinking water. ...... . _ Terms of sale as prescribed by the decree: Oae third of the purchase money, cash, and the balance insix<6), twelve(12) and eighteen (IS) months. The deferred pavments to bear interest at the rate of ?itrht (8) per cent, per annum. A deposit of ^500 will be required when the property is bid off. Con veyancing at cot of pnrcl.aserARrai al2 d LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucts. VUT IN CONSEQUENCE OF THE RAIN, the above sale is Postponed until MONDAY, May ft, 1873,same hour ana place. By order of Trnstees. _a2S LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucts. LUTTRELL A DUNNINGTON, Auctioneers a,id C >mmis?ion Merchants, 'J17 Louisiana avenue, bet. 9th and 10th streets. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF A NEAT TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE, WITH TWO STORY KRAME STABLE. ALSO. SEVERAL VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ADJOINING, ON E VST MDE OK 3d STREET. BETWEEM A AND B STREETS NORTHEAST, CAPITOL HILL, s". Uy v irtue of a deed of trust, dated October 7, EI? A. D. 1871, aud duly recorded in Liber No. 662, folio 94, <.t se<j., one t?{ the Laud Records for Washington county, in the District of Columbia, and by direction of party secured thereby, I will sell in fr. nt of the premises,on TUESDAY, May 6, A I?. 1873, at ft o'clock p. m., at public auction, to the highest bidder, all those certain pieces or par cels i f Ground,situate in the cityof Washington, in s.<:d District, and known ah all of Lot uumbered ?wv < ii,(7.) and the south twentj -five(25) feet one (1) inch, fronting on 3d street east, by eoual depth of ninety-seven (SD feet ol L t numbered eight(8.)in ~ji>are numbered seven hundre<] and eighty-five, (7<> (together with the improvements thereon. '1 he above property will be sold separately; dia gram shown on day of sale. Terms of sale: One-third cash; balance in one, two. and three years, w:th ten per cent, interest, p?\able annually,! r which th? purchasers'notes ?>;i f?e re.jui-ed, secured by deed of trust on propjr ty sold; 51UU on eacti piece of property must be pe I on day of sale. Conveyancing au 1 recording at purchasers' costs. Il terms of sale are not complied * ? ti within six ,'ays after sale, the property will be r> Id at risk and com of defanltini: purchaser. W M. F HOLT/MAN. Tmstee. (?-. LUTTRELL A LUNNINGTON, Aucts. IV GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001, northwest loth and D sts B?| 8.* I E OF VERY VALUABLE BUSINKSS PROP ERTY ON THE SOUTH SIO* OK PENNSYL VANIA AVENUE. BETWEEN NINTH ASD TENTH STREETS WEST, AT AUCTION MBy virtue of a deed <ut?c it"d by the late Mrs. Sarah Hamilton, appointing the under signed Trust-e for the purposes tliereiu set forth,dat*1 the 17th day of April, 1871, and recorded in N o 540, folie 131, one of the land records forWash in^fen couuty, D. C., and at the request of and by virtue of a power of attorney from the beneficiaries named in s*id deed, I will sell at public auction, in frent of the premises, to the highest bidder, on MONDAY, the ftthday <>f May, at ft o'clock p m., p I ts of Lot - Nos. five (S) a?,l six <6>, in Square num t ? 'ed three hundreil and eighty (dill), improved by a flu e-story and attic Dwelli'.g, with ba^k biiilding, '? iiig premises known as No. 9:14 Pennsy|v?uia aViiiue northwest. This property fronts 20 feet on T' 1.nay I\ ania a' ctiue, with a d 'pth of ab >ut 5'i feet, connecting v. ith Lot 5, w hich fronts 12 feet on C st; eet; iu all 1,966 feet. Terms of sale: One-fonrth cash; the balance in twelve, eighteen and twenty-four lit iiths, with interest at six per ceut., payable semi-annually, se. ,ired by a deed of trnst on the property. A deposit ot V200 will be required on acceptance of hid. If the terms ar" not complied with within seven days after tb - -ale, the property will be resold at risk and coat cf defaulting purchaser. All conveyancing at pur chaser's cost. THOMAS McGILL. Trustee. GREEN' A WILLIAMS, big eogw AdtM8 Auctioneers .J HBY LATIMER A CLEARV, Real E'tafe Brokers and Auctioneers, a 'Uthweat corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th st., Star Office Buildiug. Tfc ("STUB'S BALK OF VALUABLE TWlH STORY BRICK DWELLING ON BOUNDARY STREET. (CORNER OF BROWN COURT,) NEAR 1 4tm 6TREET NORTHWEST. tty virtue of a deed of trust, dated October lltli, A D. 1871. aud duly recorded iu Liber Mo. ?KaU&ti, folio 448, et seu., one of the land records for Washington coi nty, in the District of Ooiumbia, ami by direction of the holder of the note secured by said deed of trust, I sbail sell at public auctiou, in front of the preiiii?o?, to thn highest bidder, on WEDNESDAY, May 7th, A.D 1873, at ft o'clock p. m., all that certain lot or |aece of ground in the ctty of Washington, District of Columbia, aud known as lot numbered ninety (90), in Wm. H. Brown's subdivision of certain lots in square num bered two hundred and thirty-four (234), a<* said sub division is recorded in the Surveyor's office of sai l city, in subdivision book "C. H B.,'" folio 3u3, to gether with the improvements thereon. Terms of sale: One-third cash, (of which $100 must be deposited at time of sale;) and the balance in one. two aud three year*, to be secured by pur chaser's notes, bearing ten per cent, iuterest. 1 pay able annually.) and a deed of truat on property sold. Conveyancing and recording at pun haeer'scoat. If teruis of sale are not complied with withiu six days, tht trustee reservaa the right to resell at coat and risk of defaulting purchaser. - ^ ? WM. T. HOLTZMAN. Trtt?te#. aS5 LATIMER * CLEARY, An, ts. u KITED STATES MARSHAL'S BALK. Iu virtue of a writ of fieri facias, ismied otrt of the Clerk's office of the Supreme Court of the District of Colombia, and to me directed, I shall aell, la front of the court-hoaae door of said District, on THURS DAY.tbe 8th day of May, 1873, at IS o'clock a., all the defendant % rtfbt, ti-tls, claim, and Interest in and to subdivision No.*'C," in suaare No. SS7, in the city of Washington, D. C., together with all and singular the improvements thereon, setr?d and lev d upon aa the property of Alliaon Nailor, and wli le sold to satisfy execution Mo. 9^28 in favor of A.Q.Biddla.LK.. SHARP, U.S. Marshal,D O. April 18,1873. aU^lU AUCTION SALES TO* MORROW. * L. WALL * rn? ? * Marble Building, No*. 900 and 9??3 Pa . south corner 9tb <trwt. SALE OF THREE ROSEWOOD PIANOS. ELE G ANT WAIM T ? HAMBER and PARLOR M ITS IN REP*. TERRT. and nAIR CLOTH PAINTED CHAMBER WMTS; 8IDRBOA RR?; WaSHSTANDS; OAK and WALNUT EXTEN SION TABLES; TUCKER SPRINGS: IOO ROLLS OILCLOTH , MATTINGS. CARPETS, Ac.. Ac., tm the first (Ln?r of ? ur spacious ulet room, on * cr?-di' of 3u ai d 6n day* On FRIDAY MORNING, Mav a,com ?BBCimenciiig ?t 10 o'clock, without rt? r?i>, ?' *? 'Three R.aewood Pianos, made by excellent makers R- pe. Terr; aad Hair Cloth Parlor Suits Elegant Walnut Chamber Suite, 10 piece*. Paihtril Ohuiber Bnitt. Marble top Bureaus, Wa?hstands, and Marble-top Walnut and Oak S<deb ard>. Whs" not*. Etegere* and Hat Racks Walnut Wardrobe*, Biokcase* and Mat trasses 1000 B"ll? White and Check Mattings, of tins year"* importation, in perfect order. M?) Rolls Oil Cloth of different patterns. N. B We call special attention of buyers to the above sale, a* every article will l>e peremptorily sold. Term*: All sums of and under $ton, ca-ih; all sum* oxerthat amount, a credit of .'to and 60 days, with uote? -atistactonly endorsed. b<*aritig iniwcest. All person# wri?hlng to avail themselves ?f the oi p rttinii) of cndit w ill report to the Auctioneers l>H?.Te the sale. ?30 | Rep ] WM L WALL A CO., Auets. UY W.fc. WALL A Co., Auctioneer*, New Marbb- Building, Nos. 900 and 902 Pennsylvania avenue. SPECIAL AND PEREMPTORY SALE OF <'AR Kl UiES. BUGGIES. PHA5TON P-iNYPHK TONS. ROCK A WATS, JENNY MN.S, FAM ILY CARRIAGES, SE . S SINGLE AND DOUBLE HARNESS EXPRESS WAGONS. Ac. Ac .FOR ACCOUNT OF WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, TO COVER ADVANCES, CH ARGES, Ac. On FRIDAY, M ?y 9, commencing at 12 o'clock, we will sell, at our spvi .us auction rooms, a large sto. k of carriages, Ac .comprising? L-ath'-r-top Buggies, different style*?piano-bo*. coal-box, monitor,deep-sides, drop-frout, Ac. Two Top Ptu?tona( leather-top. Two No-top Monitors, for four persons, fri\ No top Pony Pbietons Bretts'two Leather top Rockaways. One excellent Family Carriage. but little used, built by Watson. Tf.ree No-top Buggies. Oue Leather-top Phirton, suitable for a physician. Two Express Wagons. Two Jersey Wagons. Fi'ty Sets Single and Double Htrmw. All person*. Interest >-d will please take notice that ti e above will be sold without reserve, to winch we call the attention of buyers. H2*d_ |Reb.] W. L. WALL A CO., Anrts. BY W. L. WALL a CO., Auctioneers, New Marble Building, No*. 900 and 902 Pennsylvania tieuae, ONE THOUSAND ROLLS OF WHITE cnF/ K AND FANCY MATT IN OS, OIL-CLOTH s,?Ai ., AT AUCTION. *?ii Tl ESDAY MORNING, commencing at U (?'??lock, we will sell about one thousand rolls of W nite, Check and Fancy Matting" of ditfn-eiit widths, all fre?h, and of this svaaon's iuiporiatiou, hiding just arrived. Also, On-' hundred piece* of Oil-doth*, diff'-rent widths T rtns: All sums under ?100 ca-h; over that amount a credit of thirty and sixty days, for not.-s satisfactorily iudorstd, beating interest. ?'J9 W 1> WALL A CO., Aucts. nr IN CONSEQUENCE OF THE R AIN. THE a* ? vi sale u ill be |>< i-tponed until FRIDAY MORN

ING Max 2, at 1 0 '? lo? k ??to dts W L. WALL A CO . Ancts. Y LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers and R^al Eitate Broken, Southeast corner Pe? tisylvania avenue and 11*h St., Star Office Building. FIRST SPRING SALE OF ORE FN" HOUSE AND BEDDING PLANTS, FROM T1IE NURSERY OF JNO. SAUL On FRIDAT MORNING, May21.H73, commencing at 11 o'cl-s-k, w sh ill sell, B within our salesrooms, a large collection of f . wi ring Plants, consisting of choice R ?ea. Pe largoniums, G-rai.iums, Lilies, Fuchsia^, Calrula ria-, C dons. Verbenas, (ll?di?ln?, Ac., Baskets of gi-l. i lnl plants, Hanging B iskets. Ac. T-nnsiasli. LATIMER A CLEARY. *2* d (Rep.) Aucti'ineors. Y B. H. WARNER, R-al Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 7 29 7th street, between G and U sts. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE FRONTING ON I STREET NORTH, BETW EEN NORTH CAPITOL AND 1st STS. EAST. By virtue of Ave deeds of tru?t. bearing dato CHfon the 4th day of October, A D. 1571, and duly r"Corded in Liber No. 663, folio 22, et *eq ; Liber 6-13. folio 24. et se.|.; Liber 1163, folio 27, et s.hj ; Liber folio 29, et sei|., and Liber 663, folio 32, et seq.of the Land Records for Washington county, D. C., I shall sell at public auction, in front of the premi-es, < n W EDNKSDAY, the 23d day of April, A. D. UCM, ht a o'clock p. m., all those certaiu pfecos or par cels of ground, situate and lyiBg in ?aid city of Washington, and being known and dincribed as L"t? numbered ninety -four, (94.) ninety-five, {96,) ninety-six,(96,) ninety seven (97) and ninety-eight, <!*!,) in Gilbert's recorded sub division of square numbered sis hundred anil tem-uty ft ve, (675.) Each of the above L"ts is Improved by a tlno two-story Bni k House nearly ready for occupancy. Tetnis of sale; One-third cash; balance In 6 and 12 months, with Interest frora day of sale, secured bj deed of trust on premises sold: .^lOO U> be paid on eaih h(.u?e at time of sale. If the terms of sale are in t ci'tnplied with in five days, the Trustee reserves the right to resell the property at the ri"k and cost of the defaulting purchasei, by advertising thri^ tin:'-s in the uEreuiug Star." All couveyancing at cost of purchaser. . _ WILLIAM B TODD, Jr , Trustee. aS-eotdi B. H. WARNER, Auct. tUT TilK ABOVE SALS IS POSTPONED until FRIDAY, Mav 2. 1*73, same hour and place. W ILLIAM B. TODD, Trustee. s24 R.H.WARNER, Aact. BY WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers, New M?rble Building, No. 900 and 902 Pennsylvania avenne. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE PROPER TY IN SQUARE N >. 712. EBy Yirtue of two deeds of trust, recorded in Liber R M H.,No 21, fo io 78. also in Liber T and R. No. 7, folio 109, of the land records of the District of Columbia, and by direction of the parties secured thereby,1 will offer at public sale on the premises, on MONDAY, the 2"*th day of April, a? th? hour ? f 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the follow ing Lots of Ground, as sub-divided by Wm. F.?r s> tig Surveyor, being Lots number 43 , 44 . 45, 46,47, 48. ?. 50,51,52, 63,54,56, 56,87,M, 59,60. 61,62, 63, 6?. 65, (56 , 67 , 68,69, 70,71 and 72, of the sub-division of original Lots number 12, 13, It, and part of 15, in square 712. These Lots front from 19 to t) feet on Delaware avenue, 2d street easl, M street north, and Colfax street, and run back to alleys, the said Lots being in depth from 94 to 100 feet. Two Frame H ? uses on Lots 61 an<* 61 will be sold wi.h the L >ts. T''rms of sale: One-third cash: the residue of the purchase money In 6 and 12 months, th-purchaser giving his n?tes bearing 6 percent, interest fromth? day of sale; a deed given, and di-ed of trust taken to secure the deferred payments. All conveyancing at the purchasers'cost. A dep ist of $26 required from ea h purchaser when the Lots are sold. l'lats of above Lots can be had at our store. R. P. JACKSON, Trustee. rI7 lOt [Rep] W.L.WALLA CO., Ancts. By THE AB^VE SALE IS POSTPONED nntil FRIDAY, May 2. l->73, at the same time and place, in ci nsequence of the rain. By older of the Trustee. a29-dts W. L. WALL A CO , Aucts. BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers and Real Estate Broker*, Southwest corner Pennsylvania ave, and lllh street. Star Offise Building. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF~VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON COLUMBIA STREET. BE 1WKEN PAND Q STREETS NORTHWEST. MB) virtue of two deeds of trost, dated March 6th, 1<C2, and July 10,1872. and duly recorded respectively In Lfbrr 673, folio 427. and Liber 686. folio 3?9, of the laid records for Washington county, In the District of Columbia and by dir<-ction of the party secured thereby, I will sell, at public auction, in front of tie premises, on FRIDAY A) TKBNOON, May 2d at ? o'clock, Lot No 134, in David L Morrison', and others subdivision of part of Square No. 361. with the improvem nts thereon, consisting ol a well-built three-story Brick Dwelling, with one-story back building, with gag, wf.'er and bath-room. This property has a front of 13 feet on Columbia stt.-et, running back 1W leet to a lo f >ot all-y. Terms of sale: Oue-furth cash; residue in 6,12 and 18 months. Deferred ?>ments to bear 10 per cent, in: .-rest from day of sde and to be secured by a deed of trust on the propery. $ <00 down at time of sale. Conv eyunciug at cost ?f purchaser. If the terms of sa!" are not compliet with within ti'ti days there after, the Trustee reiervi s the right to resell the pri-pert) at the risV aid cost of the defaulting pur chaser, after Ave days public notice. WM. L. H0LLIDAY, Trustee. dAds LATIMER A C'LEARY, Ancts. BY LATIMER A C1EART Real E-tate Jrokera and Auctioneers, Scnthweat corner Penisylvania ave. and Uth street, Star (IBce Building. EBy virtue of a!eed of trust dated the 9*h day of March, A. D .OT. and record-d in LiberNo. 675. folio 423. of .he land records for the county of Washington, Disrict of Columbia, aud by the written request of be party secured tb"reby, we v il! ..ffer for sale, byrublic auction, oa FRIDAY, the 2d day of Maj, 183, on the 6 o'cl .ck p. ni., the western nieteen feet of Lot numbered H, in Miuar' 250, ba\ inga di-pth of 76 feet < inches, aud improved by a three?ory Brick Dwelling. 1-rnis of sale: Onethird cash; balance In six and twelve months, with iiterest at 10 p-r cent, from Jay of rale, and n-eured >y deed of trust on the property sold. All conveyantng at purchaser's cost; $100 dov n w heu tli< pr^prty is sold. FREDE11CK W JONES I Trn,..M JOSEPH R EDSON, \ Trustee*. THOMrf RUSSELL, I S. T. L1WIS, < Assignee*. a:.r did* L.TIMER A CLEARY. Aucta BY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. lOOl, wrthwest corner 10th and D st*. TRl STEE'S SAW OF VALUABLE CORNER LOT. 40 BY 9CFEKT, BEING THE SOUTU W EST CORNEI OF V AND 13th STREETS NORTHWEST. Bv virtue ota deed of trn?t. dated ?rh dar of t^March. A.D1871, aud recorded in lib-r No. J era, folio 104,1 th- land roconls for the county of Waehingfen, lKtrict of Columbia, and by the wil'ten request c the party s?cured therel.v, we will offer for sale^v public FRIDAY, the l**th day of Aril, A. D. ISTj, a' i o'clock p. m., the eastern 40 fe? of Lot 18, in Squara numbered V>\. having a depilof Skj feet. Terms will bestsi-d at the time of the sale. ANTON BERLY. < Tr, CHRISTIE ? LFDEREU.<Trastee* a2-lawdds *REKN A W ILLlAMS, Auct*. ?-*"THE AB</E SALE IS POSTPONED until FRIDAT. 2d. 1.S73, at the same hoar aud nlai e By order'f 'he Trustees alviawAds_ GREEM A WILLIAMS, Aucts._ STOP, DEA BREADER, b?for ? it is too late. How many ?xecom* to grief by not purchasing their garments t A. STRAUS*, the Cl tntvr, 1011 P? tina. ave., u*r lith. a26 AUCTION SALES^ THIS AFTERXOOS. BT I. ATI M kK & CLEARY. AiKliosNK and Reai E-t*t Broker*. Sontfc westcrTtt-r r-niv-> 1U* HT-ur.e uid 11th 8'*r Offif* Buiklinj. VERY DESIRABLE BUSINESS PROPERTY ON TBI SOUTH SIDE PENNSYLVANIA AY* NI K,TWO POORS WEST OF SIXTH STREET WK?T. FOR SALE AT PCBLIC AUCTION " *'?? will offer f>r sale, at public fr >nt of the premise*, on KBIT AY. April lli. I8TJ. at t) .-'cl.-oW p m , the li use ami LM new occupied bj J.xwph Plate a* a re staurant, known as No. 604 Peniu.jlvm.ia avenue, and b-ing pari of lot oumlx-rrtl (1,) in Kjuare nurub-r.-d f.ur hundred and lilt) -one (461.) contained within the following wtee a ad bounos: Commeucing at a point on F-un sylvania avenue uonhwewt furtr-Stf (46)fix-t eight (8> inches weetwardly from the northeast corner ot paid square, and running thence westwarlly along the line of raid Avenue twenty two (91 feet; thence southward!) and at right angles with said *'?u? ?fty two (6S>feet; thence doe south flftv three(63> feet eight (8) inched to the of uorth B street, thence east along said street twenty-two < tt>f-et; thence north forty-six 1461 feet and niue(9>ich<?e, and tbence northwardly to tbe place ot beginning. The improvements consist of a large fonr-?tory Brick House, containing eleven lare?? rn<w, inclu si e of the room on the first floor, which front# both 011 Pennsylvania avenue and B ?treet north Term* ot sale: One third of the purchase money cssh, and th -balance In equal Installment* of six (6.) twelv e( 15) and eight'?en <181 month* from date ol *ale: the purchaser will be required to give hi* note* f^r the deferred pavments, bearing ia*ere*t the rate of eight 181 per cent. p?r annum. and wiM bv deed of raot on the property. A d-p.?-nt of >juu ail' be reqnired when the property is bid off. Cou ve>ancitga,costof purcn^r^ ^ ^ KCtiENE f'ARUSI, WM r LEACH, Executor* of estate of L J bus.>n, deceased all d LATIMER A CLEARY, Aocts. ?VTHE ABOVE SALK I** POSTPONED IN o nsalience of the rain, until THURSDAY, M ?y 1. lS7.t. same lv>u? and place. itv order of the Kv-? ut->r?. ?3'? i.v.ii LATIMER ? CLF.ABY. \-ict*. BY MATT1NGLY A WI1EEI.ER, Anct. n? rs, 5(1.4 s?; li street northwest. TRUSTEES SALE BY AUCTION OK TWO ELE t.SNT RESIDENCES ON K STREET, HE IV KEN Oih AMI 10 TH STRKET.S NORTH V ?T. By virtue of a deed of trust, dated September 4th, 1-.2, and recorded S. pt.mbrrlnth,lH7l m N . Snnare nun.beied t hree hundred an 1 seventy-one, (.771,) together with tb? improvements therein, being two desirable and valuable moderu-built denies This property I* *old subject to a prior d?<*1 of trust on each house of ?10 nO().dated August Sd.lSTl, payable in five years, with ten per Cent, interest, payable semi-annually Terms of sale; Ca?h for the amontit realised above ssid incumbrance, to l>e paid within one week after the sale; and if the terms are not complied with in time,the Trustee r^ervesthe ripht t"r"?cllthe property at the ri-k and cost of the defaulting par closer. A deposit of (MO on each house when sold. C'onvej anciug at the purchaser's c..?t. GEO. M ^TlNOl.Y. Trustee. ?21 eod M ATT1NGI.Y A WllEEI.ER. Aucts. IPY DPNCANSOW, DOWLING A CO., Anct'rs, ) Southeast corner 9th and D streets uorthwest. CHANCERY SALE oe~TWO STORY ER\ME HOUSE, WITH BACK BUILPINO.ON SOCTH SlhKOF 1 STREET, BETWEEEN IOtu AND I 1 tii N W. jo. By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of 'lie' District of Colatubia, passed in ch*nc?-ry ta -ause No. 3124, doc 11,1 shall, on TllURSD VY. M iy 1, lft73, at tt o'cl'ick p. 111 , offer for sal-, al public auction. Lot 9, in Davidson's recorded sulMi \ ifioti of part of s jnare No. !M, having a fr >nt >f ?> feet on I street, and riinnine back with that wil'h l(*i feet to an alley, and iirproved by a wellb'iilt two-story Frame House, with back building. T'Ttns: One-fMurthof th'- purchase mt>ney irica*h; atid residue in three .sjual instalm-nts at one, two, time >ears, with int>-re*t at 51 p -r cent. P"r an num; deferred payments to hes<-cure<i hv the pur 1 inwer's notes and a d -i-d of trust on the pr p-rty. lit ? d Biven on final ratification of sale. C >ny-y arcing at purchaser's cost. #S0to prii'l at sale. REGINALD EENI>A LL. Trustee. al7 d DUNCANSON. DOWL1NO A CO., Anct*. Y THOS. E. WAGOAMAN, Real Estate Auctioneer, 419 7th street. P> VALUABLE PROPERTY ON N STREET, BE TWEEN 4th AND Aim WEST. On Till lifcDAY. May 1. at 3;30 oVI m k p. m . I Mmll sell, on the premises ?b e mention, d. Lot No. 19, in square MS, fronting 15 feet 011 & stre- t, lmpr. \ed by ? small Tenement. Terms day of sale. _*-? THOS. K WAGGAM AN. Anct. BY DUNCANSON, DOW LINO A CO., A net* , Southeast corner 9;b and D streets uorthw^t. TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS' WORTH OF DRY GOODS AT AUCTION. V e will sell, en THURSDAY MoltMNG, Mtv 1, at our sales room, corner ?tf 9th and D streets north west, commencing at 10 o"cl.?ck, and continuing ev<-ning, at 7 o ., and every nioruiug and even ing until all are sold, the larg? and w ll selected sti^ck o( M Taylor, moved fr m 70o Market Si)a.-e, and name, iti part? S.lAJU yards Calicoes. 310 " Striped CaTibrics, 2.I05J " Plain and Plaid M ihairs, 2'0,1) A X'ain and stri p?-d (Jreti i lin s, Twist-d Silk Grenadiaes, 2 0 " > rench Lawns, SI) " American Lawns, 2X0 44 French Ginghams, 3ii0 44 Japanese Cloths, luU 44 Sea side Poplin-, 110 44 Silk P .ngee, ISO" 44 Silk Vellonrs, ^2', \\ S'lyt P!hM and ?TiPcd J?pan?se Silks, f?J 44 Silk Poplins, 2"U 44 Japanese Stripes, W?) 44 Plain-colored Silks, .'5 44 Black Lj )~ons Silks, CS 44 Black Shotted Silk*, 21 2 44 Plain and S'ripod Pnjtte, Z7(j 44 Striped Suitings, 3W) 44 Plain Colored Alpacas, 110 44 Camels' Hair, ??,0 44 Plain and Figured Lineu, 2.r0 "4 Linen Drillings, ?.'<0 44 Black Alpacas, 75 44 Black Mohair, 125 44 Black Empress Cloth. I.r*> 44 Colored Empress Cloth, M 44 Lupin's Bomba/.inea, 2isj 44 Colored French Mertnoes, Z'U 44 Scotch Plaids, T. 5 44 W hite and Cob-red Flannels, liJ Striped, Plaid and Real Paislei S'atiwls, *ome very fine in quality, 12 Llama-Lace Points, pairs Ladies' Kid Gloves, JRB pairs Cotton Hoae, 212 Gauze and Merino Vesta. Thread Gloves, Handkerchiefs, C*m.'to; BUck Silk Lace; thread, Valehciennes and Hanihurg fcdifinirs; White Cambric, Nanso..k and Swiss Mos lins, Tarlatans; Veil Greuadine: Parasols, Sun Um brellas; Table Linens; Cloths, Cassiineres, Tweeds, Kentucky Jeans; Spool Silk; Bleached and Brown t ottons; with every description of goods usually found in a first-class dry go.ids store, all of w hich v? ill l,e sold oil the following terms: All sums nuder ^lui, cash, all sums under ?2UJ, sixty days, all sums under $2S0, uine'y davs; all ?umiover .Jdn.f ir meuths; with approved indorsed notes, i ; unit in bsii*, w it li interest at eight per cent. The attention of ladies and buyers is colled to this sale, as the goods are all perfect, and will he sol I the highest bidder. Scats will be luruishwl bu? ers dAlU DUNCANSON. POWI.ING A CO., Aticts. BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th St., Star Office Buildings. ? , ..large sale or books. On TUESDAY EVENING, April i{9th, and fol lowing evenings until all are sold, commencing e,Mi at half-past 7 o'clock precisely, we w ill sell, at our Roonu, corner of Pennsylvania ave nne ?nd litta street, A LARGE AND VALUABLE COLLECTION OF BOOKS, Embracing Rri*e Worps on American History, Indiaas G--ol lSD"' "ie Arts and Sciences, Army and Navy .Antiquities, Architecture, Languages, Ac., Ac. Also, a ch?ice collection of stju.unrd and Miscellaneous Books, English and American editions, t u A? tnany of them in fine bindings, lo which we invite the special attention of book buyers. The Books are now arranged for examination, and catalogues will be ready on Saturday >uorniug. I at ties unsble to attend the sale can have their oii.^rs executed by the auctioneers. H^tf [Hep ] LATIMER A CLEARY. Aucts. BY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, ho. 1001, northwt*t comer iuth atul D ftU. \ A liUARLE REAL EST\TK AT THF noRvrii STREETKP?VVr STRKFT*NORTH^?ND *Tt! n H 17 r? THK JUNCTION OF i.o\"nS? vK^rT^RS' AI AUCTION. Co MONDAY>\the ?th day of May, lis; 6 ? cb>ck P.m., we stiall sell, oa the premises, being Lot No. 57, in subdivision of Mount Pleasant, hav ing 40 feet S incites front, running through to 8th 5?r?*t Wf't, with the improvements, consisting of a P -Sf Dwelling-house. This property ha* fine building tronts?<?ne on B mndary. 7th and 8th sts.; also, on the old Bladensburg road, making it valua ble property. Terms: One-half cash; balance 1 and 2 years, for not-* bearing 6 per ceut. interest and secured by a deed of trust on the premise*. Conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. $ MO down on the day of sale. | ii31-d| GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts BY GREEN A WILLIAMS,Auctioneers, Northwest corner of loth and D streets. yAJ;CABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE IN THE HEART OF THE CftY AT AUCTION. On MONDAY, the ftth day of May, 187J, wo "ha! sell, on the premises, at o'clock p. m., ? Sf piece or parcel of ground lying in the C|ty ef M asLington, D. C.. known as part of lot number n? e, in square number three hundred and eighty, being the southwest corner of luth street west and C street north, fronting on loth street 19 feet SH Inches, and running back on nortfh C street 63 feet to an alley 9 feet 9 inches wide, and alao fronting on north C street 16 feet S laches, running back 75 feet In depth, with the improvements, con sisting of a two-story brick dwelling-house and a good brick warehouse, making both piece* valuable property. Terms: One-third cash; balance in6,12, IS and 24 month., f..r notes bearing interest, and secured by a deed of trust on the premises sold. Conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. ?100 down on piece al the time of sale. alfa-eoAda [.Rep] ORE EH A WILLIAM8, Aucts' Y C. KENNEDY. Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, *14 7th at. AT AUCTION-THREE SIX-BOOMED FRAMED HOUSES ON 4H STREET, ON EASY TERMS. On TUESDAY, May 6th, at ? o'clock p. m., I will sell, separately. In front of the premises, parts of Lots 14 and 16. Square 638, improved by three six roomed Frame Houses, the same being Nos. 604. 404 and 446 4S street, between E and F streets scuthwaat. Terms: One-fourth cash; balance in payments of &?i per mouth. 430 down at sale. ?K M 0. K.ENKEBY, Auctioneer. AUCTION SAIiKS. JAIlliS Gt', Au1in>>rr, K?. 1VU Pcuii?)ltuiiia>fuik. o cks-fc, vf w?H ? .). the emir. at ?-k of f hmW ?? l< agtr g fa? F. ti-ro.-.a. K >. 4 44 7th Mr--! ~nta T * ',:1;rd > , ? I*' c >ntu?,ied same h mr Fri ?J?f an.I S*:tmia* fttCovini n,t !t /awKs <;rn.n g?c?. IfY tAflKik ? <LEARY ~ ? iwi. i^r. ami IC?'?: Karate Broker., ?? o>ta*r P. imtyltwji avenu- and Hth st . ?*t Bfllcs Balding f*Ai.K of taltari ? riiw <?'rHtR o?'i!*rRTT ON ?E \*Kj>T AVD T STREET* NORTH ^K&^SJSfeU.VJSii'-fc-V ^?S^t>TkIIl.*0,thwt*t,coal*inil,?9ats ***** Tern * Ort#? fonrth r %*!*; r**t4?i? in ? 19 -n< u n ontl?*, wj'h at 7 |*r c*at. jftitV* *| .?f| tt tun? of aa.e. OoavrrMriM at c^att ??* nr-hu rr I* lb wn?f ^ complied with within tea J,, ,, I h" ?? | o*it w>H bt* forft iied and tb'* Df >[v*rtr r?? >l?t " xf ,f ,b- ^ ? . ? Th!!.T ptm'd ?'lhr "?* ?-ii c?' of r * H'btrri.he hating pntrhased the nam* and fsilt-d lo comply with rh> t-rm? ? . ... . K ? ItimMHS.Tni.^ 1 1 'Udl LATIMKK .t (IMi) . ?. * LATIMKK A CLKAKf" ||.. Ani tl"?nT? and Krai E?tate Broken, s- o.i?*-e? comer P ennay litnit ?\ mue ana 11th at., 8i?r 0#<v Builiiiuft. T!'v-sXr.?^ SA ?Er>F vai.I'ari r. property V^kktJi ?i^ ^ VHT ?'OKKKK .?K KUJH AV MICTION SOUTHWEST, ra? 1J ? d-edof trn?t to me, hearing ?M-. ?ti- ?t|| day ..1 July, \ I) is:J H',.1 r... r.1 ?I in I't?r N ?. $>*. Uli 3|'., f u, . ? ' T "i'"'.r Y contuy, lM?tnot of iv.l-i n i T'lr"*' i*i ' T,1'""' P*:tT WrH t.y . ?. I.1.T f lif f tii" Oi-t.t?h??t r?i.n-r. it i aa * the ptvmiaee.. I' THI R3l?\T, 'h ? - b f ' n"'*?*r ?v*'* f* *1 ?'"fc P ni..l'?i I -n.-r-M \, r i V.r "ri1, ,x '",,f ? * ,i?| 1 ???? I > N Kl. 11, tt u.l 1J, II! 4,1111V u; %<t!l nana* ar?. ??'*.? "P"Hhv public p| ?m and plan^ of Ih- ity of 1 bj? pr-prty froi.t- ? U-i on T<trr-t ari l l.a? ? ffr^ t "U''y ' ""d b,I",s " 1 i ,l' T> rnic of aaic: Ca?h ir tha tiriiMi ,.f aal- are n ,t c l, | li. <1 ? ith m-tliin fii.- da>> fi -tit lav ol ??]?? t|i.> ?V ? V?ITT'* # right tor?11 ihrlrw";; |M* LATIMKK A OLKAKT, k .l. ,t"*1 K<,?,e Br.ikfra and An<~tio*M>ra, t >otliMfsi ccru^r Phhi?. hv hu- and lllli ?t'??? Sl4f Uuildibg, Trj'STFK S SAI.KOF VAl.rAPLFIMPR'?VIll> I'lIOpf RTV ON 1 t^TRKKT RKrH'Kf N I MltKKT AM. SEW J t KSK V \ V KX ('K ^ ?f Ih?? Kai.r?in t f .urt ?f ft}"J'j-lrict of r..lumbia. paf.>oJ .n the Will Jav .... |. . (.rii.try, l.v.1, in . juitv cai.v Ji ? | ? hall, at ^ p m. iiMONIMV tli- I <!b dat of Ma> , 1K7S, IB front "f th- pr-thi I ?tr-?t t>?rn w<i? fter f..raa|p at puhlir an ti?n. to th highest Ite f"Ilowing dia rit..^ pronila??. ct?-ar of all it. un.l.ratM-,-., t<. wjt: L t mm. ^ r '? ??Mlji-l"i "f Hiiarr No tfl. a- r>-?-..r.l . in tn?? oftceof il^ Surw->.,r ?,f th- city of \V tab i?e'o?. lu tli'- District of O .luiiiliia. impruml by a n. ?t t*?> ?t..r> bn. lt c ?tia?. ..fn . e r . ii., l,%t h ""i-Har. and all n?il?rn impr<>T.-m>iit? I >t #6 ?-l?? luo M, having tin?* brick itablr, auk ?rr \an f r?? ?n? in rt*nr. 1 h- t.m? ..f *?W are On ? thir l oaah; remainder "f pan *'"?* tnoii*y ill tw.i eji'ial auiiu.l mat aim nta, ?' n- atHtt?.).-ar'; with mt T?at 4?t? of aa!-' t !.. a?r ur.-d I') d.-o-l i.f trn-t <>n tli ? J .p.| y I- ..? con;.-T?nrii,c to I. horn' tli-P-ir. ha *?[ . k? r i 'JT-""'r"<1 *2. r4i1 "n ftl '<av of *a|.', 1.11,. f .rfai-ed in oaae of Don compliMro with t-ru^ of aa|?; balance ot.^li P*w.i-nt on ? ..ntirrn* t"1' /'J1*- . WM A MKI.oy. Truat a " 1 ? - L\T1 HKR v < I E VKY, %n ?* HV LATIMEK A CLEASlrT Upal Estate Brok<-ra au.1 Anrtion^ra, K.nthn tat corner Pennsylvania av< uuc auj Illh St.. Star OSf Building. r?i?Tlt?^r5?*0r V AM ARI.E improved VI h i,nu i vv'V ''l-.NNMH AMA W K ^THKET8^)!iTHwi'TSr ASb S?CUKI? Bv virtue, fa l|r of th? Snpreme C>?rt of .. tK I?-iri?t ft I ii !i 11 >' i t li ? r t ; ?"t a I. vp. Hh ? rnnk* r et .<1 , N ? I "Jrc ?1 nnit-ndtd I will formal-, mi i *11 ijc HiMltoii,in frotit ??f tin* |kr^;r.!?*?'-. on Tji i of M;tr.I.s7S,it ?i .c..~ k p iu . n.!?'r"r ^'-'1*' "V1"* ?"?W1'1 i*i" "" It ib?*nar and part.fl?t?. n. e?i4 wjoarT! iu, nr.- Vd bf a thr. M. rr bii. k h ise, witb ba g b M N >. It)"* f-1.; i< ai"Bu< 1 I is property fronta fe?-t . u P- uu-> lv aw.? are nite. and rnni> bark to an allvy T- tni-ol w?le: One third of the purrh <? Koner to *'? pHi'i in ca?h, and tb? l^iance in thtee e.inal in alallnient- at nx.(i,| twelre (12> aud .islit.^B /K> it ontha, r?-apectiveljr, to ^e ecar?d by be?rf i> uit. r. M, seriir-jl of d?ed ..f tr>T?t r t!ie pr. p rty Tl ? H rm> of sale mnat l?. o.n.pli-.! with within w v.e.'"i? *1' *i ' " V' ,h,> rty will be r-s ?ld at the risk and c>at >4 tb- <1 I iultiui: purcha.^r A'l c..i.v?>atcii.g at cost ..f punlotaer. A d d -it ,.f S-W will bo re.)iiiiwl at time ..f .ate . i JAMIS A ("\RBERT. Ti n<tee. 1 1 <?? L \TIMER A CLKAKT, \ - Y THOM AS K WAWlAMil, ^ B?al Estate Auctiuueu'r, dlV 7th straat. of ? <j-sd of tm?t fritn OhaHw ?&*? "I'rT'V and wif- to John Iv M Ph-r.-n, m i r' ft"J- '"'lo ?*, of tt... |?? | !. V d" for a8hit?t.,n r unty, in the Diotrict of Airl?'l^i I,A t* J'0 aWMl'AV. th. aim dsv of iV # c'?ck P ofl?*r for a%Ie. at pub tZZ, "" ???'??-??. <?io, r..? T?rni?: One-third caah: the balance in ?<? tw It*month* froni day wUe, and aocutoU by pur chaser s n tea and de^d of trust <ip.>n the nreroLea Conrtyancing at purchaser's c ist ' .an J D. Mf PHEItSOS Trnatee I. 30 eoftdi TH08. K. WAGOAMAif, Aiict. ??'"POSTPOKEP. BY ORDKKOP THE TRI"^ ? uutil * BIDAk M?t30. aam. h nr and place , , ? - . JJ>? McPHEKSttS, TraatS! r 1 "AlU WAGCAiAN. A net. { KITED MAlEs MANUALS SALE. Cl.'rk'lUmJ? \ ,TriV,f fi' ri ft?4**' fr>im the of roi.r?/^L i'f Sufl?;'>n't' Court ..f tb. District oft^Jnmbl. and torn. J'reci-d, I will ?II at p?t,. lie ?al", f<?r ca?h, in front of th- Court II ?u?- L.r Mar" iVLVVA'"' ^KI'J-^" ?JlitdaV^ May, W3, at Is o'clock m , Lot No 6. in *.j iar-No ? ?k M No. 3, in ^mrp^o. ijr? t li'^r in 'iSTLr ,'1" 'InWovetii-nt* ^ aahiugton, D C , a-i*e.l and levn-d npon, and will be g (1 I to ?a'i-fy execn tioni No. 7/KH. In faror of John W Le Bsrne n.l dta ALKX SHARP, f 8 Marshal.I> C |lY LATIMKK A CLEARY. A^,,on^r* an.t B^al E-tate Brok?rs. hotilh*?.tcorn-r Pennsylvania ave au.l lltti str-et, Star Office Baildiogs. VAri ARLE IMPROVKD rkort RTV OK THir rtru'^V^ or."Jtkeet n,.kVh?vJ?t" kb AT ArVTIOsT? SPliEETS On TI KSDAT AFTERNOON, Mty 6th.lST.t. mni. ncine at 6 oVI.s-k. in front ..f th t.i-ni ?a.>?e. we shall sell part of Lots of Mil. of L ,t 4. Mi square 518, miprov .^| by a comfortable two-?t..ry bi ick, with Ijack IniUding. with all th- modern i in provemenu, hav mg a of ?l f -et on the north r. v' ?ortliweat, between <th and'6th,be I!?k? No. 4 ?? . T-rtns: One-third . ash; the re?idne in two ^,n\l pa> uient* at 6 and 12 m??uth?, with note- bearin" in terest at 8 per cent ami secure by a deed of trust on tin- premises sold. Conveyancing at purchaserV cmt. tliWdown at time ,.f iale purc o oer. a.'. ilA.le? [Kep] LATIMER A CLKARY, Aucts. BY LATIMEK A CLKARY, Auctioneers and K al E-tate Brokers, SH-utlmoet corner Pennsylvania ar-une aud 11th atrt-et, Star Office Building. BIOHLT VAI.I'ABT-E IMPROVED PR iPKR !o*L,'VVT;:r.TTH.!iJO,N,',U ^ On TUIRSDAY AFTERNOON, May ??:h. JjilNj.coinnwn. ing v 6 ocl ^k, in front of the' s-apr 'iuii.e?, veshall >el! Lot 5, iu S.4u!tr. 228, ha? m* a front on f ?tre-t ..fji.f,.et and ruining bark at i.n aijjage d.jith ..f 1? et to a 3it t.~.t all-v. with a dir.ct all-y, H f.^-t wide, t > Penn?yl\ ania av-ntie, ui.prov. d bv a thrw-story Brick Dw.-lling. 4?,m -li at? l> adj.>iiiiug Uillard .. Hall, containing abuui 14 r<?? in?, with all the vit<Hi**rtj iiaproveiifutu TenuP. One-tliiril ca.<h; the r.t.due in thr^ ^jnal pa\nieiitj at 6t 12 and 18 month*, an 1 A?*rar?*<1 l#v a d.-ed <?f trtiPt, with m4? p ariru? irtf?*r? ^ a? h .r M,st ?'urch?^r,"co.t. Siuu^'wu ?B IK'T 1 LATIMER A CI.KAKY, Anrts. BY B. H. WARNER, ~ Real K-tate Broker and Auctioneer. No. TS9 Si-Tenth street,between ti and U. TRrSTEE'8 SALE OF A'ALl'ARLE IM PROVED PROPERTY IN THE HoRTHKKN J'LtTION OF THE CITY, ON O STREET OR COLFAJ STREET, BE^ EKS 1 "u ASC 10th STREETS NORTH WEST. B.? Tirtue of a deed of trust .dated M ?*rh 1st. ISM. and duly recorded in Liber 864, folio 3s?. one of the land recittl* for Washington county, District of Co iiimba. and by direction of the party secured, I will !i iiw S'Dti l >J!?,lill*l'0? rRIDAT A^TEK J . I J1 * J* ?l*^t to the higheat bidder, the west 4S feet ? Inches front of Lot ?, in Wji'mra 1S6; improved by three two-story Frame II "uses, or such parts of .aid premises aa maybe n.. . scary to satittfi said debt. Tenns of aale; One-third cash; balance |n < and 12 months, with six per cent, interest. The deferral pa- ni< nts to be secured by a deed of trust and lu sT?nce on the property sold. In case the terms arw not complied with In B?e days after s Je, the right i? rewerred toreseU tbe property, at the risk and c? of the defaulting puicbaaer. 9 VU down on dar of ?!*- FRED. KOONES. Tr*to?. aa-dAda B. H. WARNER, Auct. r|' R D S T K R 'S SALE ' V ALT ABLE FARMJtEiB ROCKVILLE. By virtue of a de?d of trust from Harry Hurler lii 'r ii p'VVM"?S^SiI rir J f u ' . *? ,oMo ?> *c-. ?oe of the land ? V.?, I wiL sell, at pnbHe aii tion, at the C*nrt-honee dour, in tks town of h. ?:k.? ilie, on Tl ESDA Y, 6th day of May, lj73. at 11 .. c|.ck a. m., the Fsrw ,oi wtach the .aid Harry Hurley now reaidea. This farm is on the public r''*^ V"0,1? to Darneatown, about a mil and a balf tr*Mi the former place. It has been laid off into two parts, and will be aoM separately. Lot 1[fronts on the pnbllc road, and contains 1I7J< which are go <i cheatnat aad oak timber; in w-II watered,and Improved b* at?o-at>.ry Vran? Dwelljw Himae, with Barn, Staltles und Granary, A?t >t x llpfe lliflii. 1 i Af -\I a- in smav . .9 1 ? la alaA mm a- IlvtWs '*? el* r*"'llia i Kll'l I "Ut "Hi 119 *1 fw, T-rms: One third ca?h, balance iu one and two years, with interest and appr.*.?*d e?<?rtty. F.f funh?-r particulars, -r plat ?h "Wing tbe prem ise*, arely to Blchafd M V ilU.t3s,a.tor?ej -ai-Ian, R. ckvifle. Md. aM-eudt* ?A*X FOWLER, T-astee. EVENING STAR. 1** b?<?iM-r-l? ?wlkal|.riiiM |fM A Ni? York rorrr ?f the Pfcila^el pt.ia Mm. rrf. rring t, Ur rw?nt of th ? *? toation rturd t>? (Sr Woodbtll f I ?r*r? of !??? iiimmfr tflfrtmt the ***lnr of llenry Ward tWrlm ami tin. Tkwvkw* Ti'Un. taVe* occasion to *tate hi* belief that t'"* charge* at re IhW a?*1 ?>us. Mil then givr* this e*planati .1. of thom . I hare said that iLiin\ belivrtKl tWfliM|r?wrt* bat an adver tor the *i*kl* but tbrn wvrt a few ? tut believed that Victoria Woedhall had an oi hrr object In view -that In fart *He *m a-\|W?4 kciuK Tilton and his ?tfr had coan ace4 a?'*ir to live with ra^h Mber. Fro* the ti?e tliat Tilton becann infaiaattnl with the W >od buB-OalMn rrowd to Un? time he broke with tti' ni be t id rliM(ed M* course of lite Me nut only abused blf bit made charge her that were known to be false. Whenever a newspaper at*a> k<d Mr. Tiltoa, he would charge his wite wiji in?t:(ttin| it I know that Mm. TtKon's mother went to a prominent journalist of New York city. ?*< ? -Wed him not to attack Mr Tilt"*, because after evetv attack the Uttei woihl go home and abuse hi* wife. It nv* ajfprar* bv a letter over Yilten's owr si^natnve that Henry t*. B?wen, publisher of the ln?h pendent and Brook I vn t ntoti. wa? the lar> wlto whispered in Mr. Tilton1* ear* the InetiMMttaws again?t hi wife. N<x Mil?,?iild Mr |io?ren, had itee. Ne *!iii>e>l Mr. Tilton'* lYi nd*tt p, hn* that o other menit?erw of tlie congregation. Mr Tiltmw wa* Mr. Bowen'* edttor. an 1 le-lieviug then the rlia'again-t Mr. Beeche* >> i?e true. tiir>>%t ened u>e?|??*c hiiu. but Mr. Ib?wen di?m ??-d Tilton b?*f<>re he had an opportnnity Ti'ton wrote a letter u? tu?wvn protest :ng at* met the dipmiwrl, an>i ohowinr prettr con cl usivelv ttiat the chargesof Mr. Bowen orig inated flroni the jealou*y of "he latt<-r of th ? Christian Cniiin. ot wlii?h Mr lleecher wa editor. It hud met witli great ?ttcCf'?? aid wa fast supplanting the Iiidr|>endent with the re ligioa* community, and Bowen knewr that the only way to *t<>p further inr< ad* *?? to have 1'.. . . her di*gt ac? d. Thi* letter of Tilton ha? created a profound *en?ation In Hr.vtklrn. It in printed in the Eagle. been one B *ren hit made charge* again*: ike character ol the edi tor of the KagV?fongre**ri-?n Klnwella I* ) ut* Bowen In a bad bght. If Bowen betieved all these charge* he acted werv strangely. b* cause crer since he made theia heht* h en a regular communicant of B>'?? her * rhnu*h kM In* pastor is on visiting tei ?> with hi* wile and children. Tin womk> are shopp ng n.>w Nothing Ket the top-knot of the averagt clerk is vis.hie, al>ove tlie towering winter, evrept wh.n he goes up for anotliet piece of food*, atvt It Is in ten sting to etn<i> the emotioi*that are fa. work witliln by the wrnklesof the scalp. Ah. ne otn- cm really understand the mighty thought* that surge through tbeir brain asthev are aak ed lifo r ??liart?1 got something a littie light er." We who hare comfortable home*, and parents, and baker**bread, rarely think of thw. ?I Hi*! mry .V'ri. CoiPABItuMAKI ot?i<n s?A I'ati- iournal is authority tor saying that recct-.J*. at tho CloM-rie do* l.ila*. a ladv In very ba<l huncir said savagely to a g? ntleinan who had Used hie eyes on her for some tnue, "Whvhave w??w gaped ut mo tor an hour f?sd?" " A4i. ra^Umc." replied the gentleman, liowing vorr re?|?-et fully, "if yiru only knew how m jell von bl*- iuv povr monkey which I loved so much" ? The M<jU?l i* lelt t4i conjecture. Iliown?"Hullo, done*: What's the tuaMer*" Jan<? (amateur tenor1?"<>h, dre^lful cliroatc intlsuir.a'ion of the !arny&! iuv voice en tirely'" Brown?"lh at ?>v' T'?u ifon't mean tha*'"* .tones?"Ves?l?een . il- d U gire up *:bging altogether!" Brown (with alacnty) "By (ieorge, htofc here, aid fellow' t'orae and diie with u* to-n^ht, and *pend the evening.*' Wise Sayixos of great men are rery intw csting reading, and tin* remark ot' the'Missie sippi Judge will be limsled dowu among -.he say ing* ot eminent |x r*ons. Said he. *pntitig out a<|uidol tobacao, ?jid taking at'osbone - I haven't l?een judg* a great while, bat I think I cuti snatch justic* jald liea<led aa well a* auf it?i*a?? *' ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?7"A local p?|>er warn* its lair rrad<*r? that th" side w' .ilOninla Hlw<uud it. bole* "the tore ot a ladv"*fotd." atid in another eo!tin?nre countstliat a boy si* years old tell intv one of ihem the other day. l/" *t tlu; New Kuglstid. conference reeenttf held in I.ynn, Mass.. aii att< iupt w as mad<9 to establish m Free Metb?siisl church u? It ? sum, "of the largest sixe, iu which tlw> term < f the pa-t<?'s service should be limited only by hia um InliiCM.'' It ?as coufidered an inn ivaUon, however, and the losolution wa* talilod. DIED. COb'N'ELL t?ath* 0th iisSant, BI.LKH. wifs <>f J.-n-tiiikh ?'??nm-ll. ii th?- ?th w*ar of ii -i u*,( na'iveef Bslliwkrwrrti.s'iiiir K<rr>, Itelsui I>"ar<-st It 1 hate Ml thee. In the esrthlf w?rhi at owe; W .-P not f 'T Me, 1 W ill meet th"*, Iti that hrielit, Vernal liom' * Her funeral wf'l *sk<- pin-? on F1 ids* int M?> ti,fr< m h'-r late r?wi<t<-nee, N > J) f srt Bi?rtb?e?t. at S o'rhirk Th* fri n I. sn l vjkhi in< e* ol the tamil) are re*p.^.tfull)r iuwt?d t-> ai ? tend gt* I'AI.Y. f*n the Vth ult., in C-oiget^wm. k(H TTA. wif<-of Jante. p nalv.inthr Jilh >*ar of btT a*" Not.oe of hartal in future ? MAI1KMY. Alter a short illness. <>? (a* intra* ins of the? h ult.. JOBN M AII1CNKY.a ram* e County Kerry, Irel*nd, age<i thirty -on* >?ar* H i* r< latlre* and frietxl* ar* invited to attent hi < fcneral frm hi? late r?id- nce Tth street r >ad,?w posit* Howard Fniversity, on t" morr -w iFridard May hi. at 3 o'chick p m * UNDERTAKERS It HARD r. HAKVkV, UNDERTAKER, I Smrttftm le HA KVSY # KiKK.i bo. *44 W 8TKEKT, between Ninth and Teutt Mt TALLJC bOHlAL CASUS ANU CAbK BTI af *e.r? drierirttan. marl ly SHKOUns. HABITS, ft. ^ r E C I A I. NOTICE. I have on ?*i Mbit ion and for sale Klein'? <'?|et?ra t*-<i Patent Bl'KIAL CAKE This lethe Im<h( in. |>i >\eu.ost in pai< nt Burial Car- -, *ii<1 ?ll h*Mug ex ca-iou ti? n<-<d the servi-** of an I'nJ-rtaker w .uld d<' well to call and examine, aud l-e convinced of its beauty,strength, an I utility. KI' H. F I1ARVBT. eI9 Gt* rn.iertak-r.W34 V streat. l^ltMAKU W. BAKhCJt, CAM NET HAH FH ANU rv UKRTAK ?*. tia ELEVENTH BTEELT, near W EVRNITVHE Ut AL L KINOS MAHK AN* K KhAlktV mi tt yyiUUX HAthETT, UNDERTAK ER, No. TSA Ttm 8i*t>t, Eftwf.k* 0 asi. fi Uram. >rh If Cofflm and Caaket* if all kluda (? KM 1 ME ?COTt'H ? HEVIOT M IT* t -r ?M 1 and (16, at A. 81EA18', 1011 F^noa are . Bear llth ? aM c OLLEUE OF OBSTETEICS AND GYN.ECOLOGY. The Coarse of Lectors* in thi* Odleg* wdl hsgin TUI'KMIAY. Mi) 1. *t the Columbia H'e.pi' ner ot 2Mh street aud Feuiaay Ivabia aveimc, al 4 o'clock p m. F~ ' airr of Olsrt-'tric*, F. A. A*hf >rd. M D. Profrrsor of G> us-colo?y. J U Tle mpson. M D pr-'!?'**? r of Yeneiai Dueaik'* of M'uUicli, J W. Bniklev, M TV Pr fi-sK/i ot Dt^ wsee of Children, b. C. Busey, MP. Piofessor of Micrnsnntcal Anat<<mr and P*tb<d ot> , E M lut-fl- r. M 1?. P'leector of Aaatouy sl4 Curator, P.J. Murphy a? 1) The' object* of thi* OoBsfe are to enable stndenta ?W'? ?t V) aniwiiri), aw mtiuj BDQ 1 'U^P Ih lfv, ditfnisi* and treatoient of dsieass* nl w< uien and children, and tua<s:urea thorowgh kuowl ed?. of Microacoyicai anatomy end path .|.?g? Tw- lecture* a week will b?deli*er*d by each Pra fessor during the uiootha of Hay,Jnue and Sep teu tier. The Clinical Lecture* l.y Prof?e*or Thompson will b free thronghowt the wmi?r to Uo- *iud-nu of this Coll. ire. as will aieo thoae ot Profsaaon Bu?*y aud ? Ttnia: For an entire coarse.Incliuliuf gra iaati >a fee. ?10, when two course* are tak< n?Tor the drat, #w?. for the secuud, (hi. For further partn wlarw ? F. A. ASUFORB. M. D . Dean. *I7-eorma>l 13XB New York avenne. 'j"HE EAPIDITT |.NB j^AbB WXTM ITHIO" lllrCZS Indistrtons p^raon* thiak Ikiri u ^ -?-s and health la ai o&ca e. al viatt to the Clai u p i .wt+ atul it taawail kaewn tham ra? ^OTI^T^B^JCKTk^yBJP *^gt, to _ BBOOBD HA*D CLOTHING ".wi'afi&ajtisw*? cs.i *t?-?w c

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