Newspaper of Evening Star, May 1, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 1, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. TH1BMDAT... 1. UTI. LOCAL NEWS. . ? Amn*fmr?U. T?-nt*ht. WilVt Ob*r* Hviti.?Opera boufle "La Pcrl chcle.** TXtaXer fttijw-Song9, bur'.es-iae*, dar.res, Ac. i.i*.. ;,t Ball.?"Three year* in a 5Un-trap." ? (onilfll^l l.nenl*. The Mav bail of the Corcoran Zonaves, at Mam me Temple to-night, proai-.-cs to be a delightful aflair. From Shillington we hare Ap/Jr' n'i J-Mmal f*'t U. Umrprr't H>?t/y and k'riiti V Leglit'l Hlm?tr*u4 Mtvrfnp*r tor May bah. and the t\mi- M<-n'blf and Fronts Lrtlc'l of Fut% for >lay. From J. C. Parker and Kobcrt Bcali we have Haiysr't Wfkif tor May loth. The boar<l of health ha* aitdrewii a letter to r>?i(nwr Cooke Maying that there are at f resent thirty-two patients in the *m%ll-t>o\ hospital, and that it woald be an act of inhu manity to remove them a* suggested by Secre tarv l>e!ano and Supervising Architect M ullett. Abont 2^ o'clock this morning Officer Hine discovered a light in the rear building of ft* LVtfa street, and on awaking the mm it*** ?w1 entering he found that a table was on tire, having caught from a candle left burning bv a ^?r\ ai;t. The dames were extinguished?los<? slight. To-day. Mr. I?. S. .lone*, clerk to the Wrri ot health, with inspector Horton, visited the rtk-?tiwt wluirf and made a thorough ex a iu ii< at ion of tl?e wharf, which ha* lately been it|?iir<l. a ad reis?rt tbe work well done and the build ng need by tbe board tor sanitarv I urjwwed in goo. I < ond.f ion. Mr. K. W. C. Mitchell,of llii?rity,claim* to 1 ace ii ailed the tirst j-oMal car?l in (lie I uited Stite*. h? hav ing placed in tlie Wa-liington post < ft ce early this n.oming a card twMres^l tj A. (irabam. the well-known phonographic p'tb li?ber of New York, tlie raid containing *ordi> written in short hand. A private natckaua named James O'Neal while making his rounds di?cov ered a colored i. ar on a lumber pile on 13th -treet. near the ? id canal, in the art ot opening a tiUm with a chisel. When O'Neal api>ruKkrd the m\n ilrew a r&znr on the watchman an<l tu ? lo hi* *??<??! e. The valwe was turned over to Officer* Arnold and Milsiead. and trom the patters in it *iw recognized as the projitfty ot Mr.ft. 1>. 'VilliaBMiu. a The Ficrt-.' s Party fro in this this city ever tl e Metropolitan brnuch of the lUltnuure aatl <>kia railroad and the main stem to the 4 i'uil>?rland coal region.-, who lelt here yester day afternoon, reached Point of Kocksatsix o'clock r>. in., and a bait of about half an hour was inade there, in order that the excursionists n- -ght enjoy a lunch. A fter the lunch had been (?roptrlv attended to the train moved on to WraTerton. where another halt was ni?l<>, in order that <len. Sherman and others from Washington might return in the Si Louis train. A iter bidding the (ieneral and his fi tends good ??ve. tbe excursionists i/i n entered their ears. At Harper *a Kerry the train stopped j? m nutes to a ford an op{>ortuidtv to vicvr the scenerv The train then proceeded, and reached Cam 1-erlandat midnight. Here large bonfires were bwrning. ami a large nu miter of the people tnrned out. The immense railing mills or the nnpanr were in operation, and tlie visiter* w? re taken to view it-operation.*, which were witn* SM-d w ith much ilitvre-t. Afterward.- the party were taken to the new h.jtel of the coni pnr.v, where an elegant sapper wa? prepared, to which ail weie ?*.ated at 1 a. n>. To-dav the party ? <11 be tak? n ovt r the mountain ilir .-.on. ef?-pping at Peer Park, auti i> a:!'orus w?il go ?. n to the (.?hio river ? ? The Pakkim; Covmissios. by d'.rectio*i of 11? Hoard oi Public VTork?. are planting 1' i-t * apitol -treet * :th the Anoerlcin white el?u. 11 .s n.aj">tic tree wdl in a few Years mike \ this a Bagnitic>-iit >trt-1. They are planted 4 feet apart, w.ih tl.e rap J -growing Popal'tv ?,aa*traL<gutar.? Wtw u, t.> be cut uot a- the tlr.s grow. Tl - will S;? a livinj monumet.t to P.. .??! .>f I'uMie W. rV-. \V, un lerrt tnd t Mr. ?. lark, the architect ot the capital e\ti.u sion, fcas cr.clud.Nl to p'ant the ontside 11 ae ot the paT'm -nt ar:ia? il the capitol gr.nnd- In tlii- w ?y. and th? in-ide line n^vr the p ?rk with a low? r grow ing tree. T!'e American elm i? not *> macfi Int. st?d with insects as its Ktiffl'sh j con-in; it has. h"wever.its insect eu- rnies. Gen. i Hal'Cin kV fatherly care of the sparrows, and ! the ind:i-tr"on- eocmn gifVrers the U'ir?l cm | Ioy?d all winter. hav? a:id will reduce their ; auBtbera, howi .i.r. Some excellent specinasu? ; of this tree are iu the neigli'mrlio -d of these iiu I rovenic is. T^e a'iti<;uarian of the capital, j Me?es T.tcomb. is tirmIy convinced that tli splendid spe< inn n jn-* .-a-t of the Senate win.: wa* \-latitat by (e n. Washington. We hope u.< little Lauhet. or b.g one eituer. for that lua'tor. will ertr d?-troy it, but that lor hundreshsof y*-ar? it and its yeunz?T contem;>orari - will stoutly stand ap ami -hide the pedestrian on hi- wav to the hall- ol legislation troai Old >oi's scorchjDg rav-. ? C<>t itcnn\ s f >r l?rr ?rattosi n%v. ? A BMtii)|(Ot the ilelcgat- sot tlielierman Veteran I nion w,?> hel<l U<t night to make arrar:^e ai.? nt* to decorate the i-olilier-' graves on th*' 3 ?th ot May, at Pr"S|*ct llillcemct rv.atid resolu tions were adopt.*1 that the de'egalc* of ths ('?rand Arasy of the Kepubhc for tlie decoration ot the graves ot I nion soldiers onthed<*th of Kay next, in their lueeling Monday night, amtid resolutions cautioning fie p:i'.'ic 4,certain parties" sol;cit'ng rabscri|> tM>n>. to a:.i| tn the ?le?-oratiori ofseH-ers' gra\ e.?; that the tieriuan \ eteran I'nlon feel iu duty L?.i:tid to decorate or. the :v>th of May next, tli'e gravts ot the <iernian-Aiu"r;--aii soldier-resting in the grovnd- of Pro-;wct Billceaneterv. a- u;> to last vear they have h?-en entirely neglected; that the I'alon ela m the right to solicit .-ab scriptions fr"m tlieir friends t? aid In th? decoration of the graves of th ir ilecev Iwrthrrti. and inordernot to mi-lea I. onlered tfcrir -ub?criptioii l:-ts pr:nte<l intlie Oerman rfge. with the name of Pr>>sj>ect 11:11 cemetery in.- rted therein; that the Oerma-i Veteraii 1 iii. n deeply regret that part of the proceedings of the meeting referred to. and Sow it in.worth v of their late comrades in arm to jo1 opt resolution-of a character which cau ?nlv tend to create fueling? of bitterues- and animosity. ? '? Tut Vosth or Mart."?A: St. Dominic's Church, South WashiagWn, last night, w.ts n.tnexied the novel ceremonv of crowning r? statue ot the Virgin Marr. The ceremonv eom nieueed at 6:39 o'clock p. m., by the entrance into the church of a procession of children from tbe Academy of the Sacred Heart of M try. niursha'ed by the lbiminican Sisters. The children were dressed in white, with hau l Hum ' wreath-, pink tarletan scarfs, and each with a small bouquet. Next was the singing of a Ivisb. ??The Kve of May," followed T>v a poet i. al address by quite a young girl. M us Two me v. who also presented the crown to Kev. Mr. Call. t?y whom it was placed on the statue in front of the al'ar. The Rev. Father Call then delivered an appropriate addro* to the chddren on ? The Month of May." A benediction of the Me** <1 sacrament was given.and the ceremonies cl >se-l l>\ the mi ging of a hymn in choru-. ??Hail, t^ueen of the Hoa^i'tis.'' Similar < eremo ii, took place iu most of the Catholic cnurche* in this citv yeatcrdav. ? - A MvsTrntot- rixT??L Shut Katl vtwr**.? Ala>ur s o'clock la-t evening, while a number ot tLedetectives were sitting in their office at p* lice b?a<t<;naiter- a p -t..! -hot wa- heard, and in.iu*<1 lately att-rwinL- the cry of someone, a- If wound'd. Tlie > >.in<l- ?:eme?l to come fi<?m in front of the or. ee. and the detect ves ru^'ie i cut pell m?-lI. w .:t:n the* taw three men i unnin * ?town > iL stre? t tow?-ds Penwsrlvanla aveiiu ?The officers in j.::r uit."sui>jn}>.ng thev were the partus courect d with tua sh andovertuok thcin near Site avenue. The ni -n ?cre vet) much astonished when asked back to thecltice. as they stated tliat tlier had heard the shot and fearing danger, left the p!ace. After considerable fne *|-?-nt in inquiry, it w;t twui.d that the shot wuiii the hall of the woi ingmrn's a-Mxiation, next door to head < uarters, the firing of a pistol being a part of the initiation i?rinwjnv. ? "Tm 1?"iti>i or Ate a jit a n a."?Gover nor t ooke, John F. Cook, A. K Shepherd and ?-thcr prominent gentlemen have addressed a Utter to Messrs. J. F.*i nta and T. Harry Done hue. manager- of the**Colore<l American Oj?era Trout*-." soMcitiug an earlv ret^rtition bv th.s a-on.panyot the opera of "The fHv ror of Al cantara" at Wall's opera Hou*e. The man ngers reply that the opera named will ?>e re pented at the place designated on the l_>th mat., nad that the proceeds will be applied toward the boilding of the new St. Martin'* cliureli, 13th tLrcet. ?e Costii tsd of rotuiw Pctiins Papkk? John J. Norton, a lawver and claim agent, tor merlv residing in I^avenworth. Kansas, bat for some venrs in thia eity, was. on the 24th ult., ronvu tal in the I". 8 "lMstrict Coart for the district of Kansas, Jndge Delahay presiding, of forger v of a pension voncher and mdorse ment of a pension check, in the ca*e of Joeeph Tiirbey, a pen-,oner of the I'nited States, and wna sentenoed to the penitentiary for three years. ? \ALrartK ATtxii Phopkbty at Arc Tt?>>.?Mraw l.atimer Jt Ciearv, auctioneer*. will sell this afternoon, at ? o'clock, a valuable propertv. now occupied bv Joaeph Plata, on Pennsvlvama avenue, between ?.th and 7th jure*ts. property extends through to 1< street, which fronts the new depot of the Balti more aixt Potomac railroad companr. Its loca tion and the scarcity of aTenne propertv stiould drmaiai tbe attention of partice wishing prvtlt able investments. DiU> rEfM TH* Kit *or * Mt Li On Sun day last Mr. Jobs Mahany, residing on ;th stre?t. op|Kisite Howard Tiiiversity, w a? klekel in the *mail ot the hack by n m'lle'whtcli he liad rc> ? Ltiv | ur< based, ami was mo badly injured tLat his death resulted on Tuesday night. Tbe eased w a* a vormg man. who, lor several J tar* ) a?t ha- een ti.giged iu contracting. rnUrcfmrnl ?f tkf Capitol OrMWl* 9.m * or r.rrt-DiSGs os (KjrAR* so. ' LASPWARK* TO HI ELfWI SATED?6F1R1TED ItbDlllli ASD HOOD PRH 19. The sale of buildings on square No. <88, bounded by Now Jersey avenue, Lit and A and B street* southeast, took place this morning, ami *>? conducted by Mr. Latimer, of the tirtn of Latimer A- Clearv. The building* are to be torn down and the material removed within il.irty days, in order that the square may be adiled to the Capitol park in accordance with ?be late act of Congress. There was a' very large crowd in attendance, and the bidding was spirited. Although there was an active com l*-titH>n bv various interested parties to se cure the "buildings, especially those having the best material, Mark Latimer by his hu morous sallies kept them all in the best snlrits, and talked high bitls out of some who had cautiously fixed a limit beyond which they thought they could not be persuaded to go. The assemblage "at the sale was comi>osed ol bnild ers, speculators, furniture dealers, landlords, and lookers-on of every grade from the three cm* bootblack to the bloated bondholder. The ball was operetl at eleven o'clock, at TH r. SASI'ERSOS HOUSE, on the corner of New Jersey avenue and south A street. This is a two-story frame building w ith a brick addition of the same height. For many years it has been a restaurant, and was lor a long time the favorite resort of tired Sena tors and Representatives. About lunch timt, or when the members ol Congress were fagged out l>y long sessions and tiresome debates, a rush was made for this house. The late James Cas pars conducted it for many years, and it was on that corner that he amassed Lis wealth. Seme eighteen or twenty years ago he erected the large brick just above the corner ou south A street and di*|iosed of his interest on the old frame cornt r to Jlr.lte Saul. In 1R57 it wa< purchased by Mr. Jos. Hamlin, who managed the establishment until 1*61, and mad e a large sum of money out ol it. Many important pub lic <;uestuns-'* ere informally discussed there otct AS Ar.EAT OF JTLKPa or a 1 rttle oi wine, and coui<i the walls of th-? old building reveal the secrets tlia' have been cor.t.ded to them, an intererting history could l>e written. On one occasion, years ago", when theic was a very im|>ortani measure before Congress, involving a much needed internal improvement, there was violent opposition on tLe p;,rt of some Senators, and especially those from the south. The matter had already been approved by the House, and there was'much danger of its defeat in the Senate. Some of the outside friends o? the measure, who were Lard at work to secure its passage, laid a sehem?s to get the opponents ol the bill out of the way, and it was not long before half a dozen of the most prominent leaders of the opposition were H ATI SO A GOOI> TIME in the old corner house. Champagne corks i-opped loud and fast, and the sparkling fluid Itought out many a joke and hearty laugh. Suddenly a page rushed in and requested the absent. e"s to rejort in the Senate at ouce as they were wanted. The fun was at its height fit-d" they could not leave just then. When they did return to the Senate chamber they learned that the measure to which they had been so Stoutly Ol posed had passed iti tfieir absence. AM.'JMJ the FROXISEXT MES who lunched at this noted corner were Jeft" l>avis, A list-m Burlingaine, K. Joy Morris, Koger A. Pryor. Speaker Orr, and many others, who at that time, and have since, occupied a considerable share of public attention. 1 he re ceipts th< n of the establishment frequently ru i lu-ni f 1"0 to SoOO a day. In the noted COSTESl TO* THE SPEAKERSHIP of the House, which resulted in the election of Mr. Pemingtou. the members could not leave the hall except in pairs, one from each of the leading parties, ami one could never go for Ins ??smile"' unless he succeeded iu persuading one of Lis opponents to join him. All political feel ings ended, however, when they entered the Louse at the corner. About tive years ago Mr. William Sanderson purchased the good will of the place, and exjx-nded considei able money in let ttbig it. He made a specialty of lunclies ft ml dinners, and has had a most tlt?urU>Uiug bi .sineas, bis receipts often reaching SkiO a da v. When Mr. Latimer commenced the safe at II o'cieck to-day, It was some minutes before he got a Lid on the house, finally it w is started at ^?<0 and soon run up to 9400, lor which sum it wa? pur> Lasc by Sir. bumlusoii, the pic-eut occupant. OTHER PALE?. >."0?. lift anil 112 on New Jersey avenue, t*0 one-stcry frame build ups, were next soi l to Mr. James Frawley, for as 140. A dilapidated, old two-story frame house near the corner of B -tree t was bougLt by i harl s K. liaise. for ;*?>??. TLe adjoining property, belonging to the es tate of the late Martin" King, was reserved bv the government, anel not oE. red for sale. The granite steps and railing in trout thereof broucUtfJO, and were bought by Mr. Cullman ?. Building No. 32, on South B* street, an old two-story double house with back building, was sold to Mr. J. M. York for ST.'5. 'j'hi? Steinle property, on south B street.consisting ot tl.iee three-story brick houses, were sold to Air. M. Avery, for >1/10. TLe adjoining house, No. 41. a two-story and attic brick house, belonging to the estate of the late John C. Fitzpatnck, was purchased by M. H. Clough, for s-6J0. No. 4o, t>n the same* street, for many years owned by Captain Dunnington, who was onoc chief of the Capitol police, was sold, with the two-storv brick a<Moining, to F. J?eitz, for ?7t No. 5% the Saxon property, was sold to C. Tlit ii"psoh for MOO. The Busev property, on 1st street east, was bought by l'eter M ici ' *473. Four frame shanties on and adjoining the corner of 1st and A streets, were sold to M. V. Ma.xwell for S5'/T-50. A two-story frame, adjoining, occupied as a barber-shop, brought *.V>. and was purchased by Mrs. K. H. 1-^ggett, The Hitz property.a threi -story brick, brought $540, and was boiight by Win. "ftothwell. The adjoining brick bouse, erected by the late Swiss Consul General Hitz. was reserved by the gov ernment. The one story frame adjoining, formerly u* d as the consulate orfice, w*s bought by Mr. Janus Frawley for $30. The tbree-storv brick bouse on A street, belonging; to Robert Lrown's estate, brought Jtjort, and was purchased by Mr.K. H. Ryan. The old McGreg or house adjoining, three stories aud basement, was purehrsed by the same gentleman for The two-storv building adjoining,- occupied a a drugstore, brought $42.*>. and was purchase8 by Charles F. Huise.' The old house locate'j back I rem the street owned t>v Mrs. Co>tin. <i colored woman, was sold to ii. Carmody l"o? f A small shanty adjoining brought S.C ai.d was purchased by Mr. Charles L. Hulsc. TUE CASPAR1S HOt'SE, the Uigest on the square, was the next property offered. This house, like the one at the corner, has its history. It was erected in 1*31, by the late James Casfaris. and among its patrons may be mentioned the late President Lincoln, when he was in Congress, Jeft Davis, A. 11. Stephens. Ceneral Fremont. Andrew Johnson, and Judah P. Benjamin. The building alone ce?st tOf.OOO. It was started to-day at iM.'Ssj, and sold to N. 41. Ordway, for 92,550. The same gentleman bought the"steps and iron railings in front for siVi, and the balcony for Si-ti. The two small bricks adtoining brought and were sold to Mr. A. Campbell. The last house, a two-story and attic brick house. No. T, on A street, was sold to i>. Knowlton for *210. A number of stables, wool shods, au>i other small buildings tn the rear of houses sold, were bought by various parties at small prices. When the fence around the Busey property w;i offered it brought v. Wheretij*>n a ooioreii citizen exclaimed when Mj. Lat.uier offered the hou-o: ??Why Li. I tliovglit you done sole de bouse for dat montv."' 3 his created much laughter, ami another bv standt s ot the same complexion w bo was uearlv corv nised with laugbtT yelled out: ?? Yah, vah: v.igger like'a'l de time." S? vt ral of the gentlemen who conducted bus inr-as on the square which is to be occupied bv the Capitol park have already mule arrange ments lor new building* on adjoining streets. The rtsta Market*. Alexandria?Quotations of n-'\v fish Tnr this day. furnished to The Stab by tit org.' \V Harrison & Co., wholesale dealers in ndi. Nos. 4-' King street, 50, 51, 36 tsh wharves, Aie.x tu dria. Va. Shad, per hundred. *1? to fl2.W: Herring, p-r thousand,95.T5 to 96.^5; white perch.|>er bunch, .t* to ^ cento; rock, per bunch, 25 to 35cents; off?l. i<r bunch, 15 to 'JO cents. Washieotos?To-day, at the Washington fish wharves, the following sales to shippers were made bv K. A. Golden Bro.. agents: ? 12.00fi shad, from fin to ?l>; 150.00f> herring*. to 1<h> rock fish. V) to 2j cents; l(k) bunches nereh. Irom 15to cents. j>er bunch; 1st urceoa, i to M ? BriLDiso Permits have been Issued by the ins|>et.tor of buildings since our last report as follows: M. Fbnn. two-story frame. A street. l?e tween 14th and 1.3th, southeast. T. Do'igliertv, two-storv frame back building. 5th street, be tween Fast Capitol and A streets, northeast. M. Carpenter, two-story brick back building, F street, between 'Al and 3d, northwest. ?. Schwartz.two-story frame, tth street, between A anel B. northeast. H. B. Croggou. two-storv brick back building. L street, between 12th anil 1-th. northwest. John Balles, two-story frame stable. F street, between 9th and 10th, south west. J. T. 8pringmann, two-story brick blacksmith and wheelwright shop, H street, be tween 6th and 7th, southwest. ANrw MAsrracrrRijiuEKTEr.pRt?E.?To dav, John Lynch, John L. Smithmever, t'has. Fwing. John Lvnch, jr.. aud H. E. Paine filed a certificate of incorporation in the once of the recorder of deeds, for the '? Potomac Terra Cotta Com]>any,"for the manufacture and sale of terra cotta ware and bricks. The capital is *50.060. divided into 2.000 shares, and the man ufacture is to be carricd on at Terra Cotta city, north of Washington. 0 S* am. Pox Caseii Kit ported To-dat?One herween F and F and 2d ami 3d street* south west; one between F and O and 3d and lu streets southwest; one on 13th. between C ami 1> street southeast; one at No. am L?th street ndrtbwest: urn- at No. 223 1st street northwest; ami one at No. SRI 3d street ?outliweat. One death ha- occ'irred. at No. WM LJth street nortb WceL Third LffiAlatife Awfoiblj. ^ rhe Cotroil wm op^neil rMt^rdiv e^ntjwtth prayer bflfiT.O. A. Eil? ' 41ly. V^y^. ?iift^ODc?d that Id ar^Hanc# with Vl: ?f rt^olotiuii to invite pro^KAla fr ?m tb?^ job rr.nt ng offic t to do the Council printing for the t */???? TC?* ^juI receded bids. fr ?m V.11 * Witkwoa,QiMon * Bro.,Jn,M AN wt-ilfer. ?iM DowIm a Co. Th*> (*kt<mirU And Ht pmCimm <>frre? <Wlin<d to bid. The prop**) of Xec?r?. ^ Co. wan the lowest, and had been accepted at $1 50 per page, .k upon the fnggef+lon r,f Mr CHlIck, iDst no blank yagi ? sh?nht be allowed in the Ml' . Tbr P-?sident ann^nn-ed that Bev. O. A. Hall had been (tiifsgfd u fliaplitin for the sMflmi. Tne bill rednclnc and limiting the of of j r it-' g*,Te?>n'<-?>t of the District of Columbia and establishing the compensation thereof was read J? aeeoad tin.e and teferred to the committee on nnarc*. Bil! acthorizirg the erection of a public school iml anH ?l' Oaw^etown was read a second ti n Jfii rffd to the committee on schools. ?,!' ?atboriaing the Governor to institute pro J. ope"" ? ?",<1 "tending Potomac wa* reaa an<1 referred to the afl^frj 014 ??hiugton, Georgetown, and county Hi .px'' rd th" time for payment of special as Ui 1" other purposes,?a* r-a.1 a second time and referred to the r.Tumittee on finance. air. Browne introduced a hill to provide for the over draining of \acautIote; lead aud laid Mr. linker introduced a hill imposing additional he board of health: read and laid over Mr Kileyintr. dneed a bill f..r the relief fi .m a '?* ,ots Mob 3' rim1 ?' ,u s-iuare No 1: read inn i?r (in r. ' Mr. Hull introduced a Mil to prevent disorderly gatherings in the public streets,s^uar-s and parks Hi >* a?tiinirt"ti ami G-orgetou n , re.;.I ai?l 1:?-.1 . v. r. Mr Brooks, from the committee t? whom w a?* ret? rr?*d the uoremorV iui'vukh, inad- a r-i. .rt rercmm* rid it g the assignment of ti e difl rent s-ib j? eta i' rthined therein to the appropriate commit tees. The report was ac epted. Mr . Cidick? from t he committee to wbom vi< re ? f>II ed the action taken at the special meeting of I iv < < uici)b-id >-lruar\ 14th. for expression f ni-ti ?er* on the death of H ?? I L Eaton, submit t?l a record and proceeding of that m?e-i. *, with a reflation that -aid proceedings be si r-* I up-n tre records . f the Council; adopted, and th'- bo nd a> jonrtitd in r*spe<t to the memory ot Col. Eaton. ???? DELEGATES.?The House m"t a* 5 Mr1-v.f ? ' ' *>T theSiM'.iker, m s? ^ i! . "**v- I,r Kn' ktn offrrod p-a> -r Mr Tumble lDtr.^dnced a bill to . xt.'nd the tim? of ?yei"l anacaamentM for improve H.Vt.i , or,1'r., d to 1,0 punted and lai.l on ?re ifli'ie iot the prefent Under the call-f districts the folloirl fg wore In f. ? MrB.rry-Bill appronriatin* fl,nuy . !.* i?. ' I''r'n Benevolent S. ct. fv oftj'.rue LnT,!^?My.?Ir- Mo^y-Bill regulating places of apiujenit nt l.j l.rohibiimg the ?al>-1 f re??-r\ d >e?at? tliL n .'l! for tj'e exhibition. B, Mr. fl?^L l r i!11 ^ J/'-eph L. Smith and others f..r arh ^ ,l'atiS.Dul industrial normal it ?, Mr TripMe? Petition of St. John's Home an.i Mission, asking to be relieved fro-n rnv u.. nt . f tan s, and petition of John T Clark for r - il'iir .1f r^y Shepherd-Petition of E llunsel f^r relief fr ni taxee By Mr. Mi Kniirht ? cl.rk rlf rJru, f of p- II Ehinehard;. late cbi-f cl^ra ol the H use of P^lrgateh, f..r alleged extra eervice?,a, rooipaBi.d b; JH-Ution. All of the aV?ve were laid on the table fob - ro p.oifted *l'Pr"Priat? couimlttuMi wh- n *ap Mr. l?y/r introduced a bill anthorlzinir the Gov ^"VU "^'7same regulations as .n, !'.r. ^ V Vy ,ll?t f'?nr-million act,'' t . an aaionht snffici nt to supply th -deflc:e-icy <?casi..|, -i ? Vr'R,<: ht 4 of the ?t.u?i.auu a.ith .r f fVh ? ^ 'i *%'' h."!^ p ll"'"n0"' 11 tli d -p s.?l ofiul.lic works; said isaue not to ex ce^d th.'Snm if A.jyo WW Ordered to be nrintvi af%t ? {,fl refer* uc*'. * - * '? - Trin.l'le intr"duce<l a bill to pre^^rve tin rir ,'t.,V?tV /r',nilV'? ,he ?-? ,f white ballots, and forbidding the counting of an> <>tli- r-a ?"? t,Ck" e"? ?? ?">" elec.ion so' i.v. i. . I^i cLarm ter of th- t.all >t or th l .< Ltitj of the part) by whom deposited, nnd-r p- n ?it> > t ah?><-" not l?-4s than q 10 nor m .rt-thai. .? vi .ld ,"1 "'"table for ref-r-uce. Mr. Carroll ofTered a r--..lutica r ou-stins ?h it '? r ' ? pmchas- luocopi.s of the la?^ i..-s~ ; .? the lafct session; but Mr. Sh-ph-rd explninii.K ih.r tl - net.mear> c .pi-sr?nld be had by ippii,- <ti . , t . 11>- Governor .Ur C. withdrew the r-s iu'i -i Auj??unn-<i. C(?jiiN<i Okam> li ally t?p Tmpeuxnck ?j"' Jr<m t),r en , { " " ' I* ---All the t?ap?ra oce orders in the 1 istrict, and tl e well withers of the cau-e '"ti C?: */' are,e,'Kfriy lofkinjr forward u> tlio lltii ft May, w.ic'i a grati ! demonstration will t i'<o ]^ieT?,n.,CO,nl! !'.l"ent hundreds ol vis-urr.s trom ! lii!adel]'hta, who have arraiiijeil lor an exi iitMon here on that .);?v tinder th- auspices ?j1 t'lf honnshli.o H,.d iiitfuential or ! ?r known ?s i he 1 hiUd-ljiiua i ciii;.erance Dlcssin 1 no arrangements lor their reception wereTn ?tiateil a wtrek or two ago by Pioneer Coitn-il. ^orj-ct Jonadab, and a cointnittee, consistiti^ v/ *Lctr!;lyoun*-j*}}19' Hoiiow iv, H?u,.ti.,i,r. Keed. W iIiihuis". Polkinhorn, Bawscl, \orf >r and Gill wa? appointed to t ike the muter in hand. TLi> committee went energetically to work.aji.ointedmtbcommittpcson i.rograoiaio. iiiumc, >i?eakirg, &c., and at their meeting l?st evt nmfr Kit er.conraged with bright hoiex of making the proposed rally a decided ancce^. * tew gentlemen were- present from other tem per.niCf orgauization^, and 1 u!1t approved wliat has been doi e. It U cxpccted "tliat at the mxt n.eet:n^ ot the c<.niniitiee all temperance ?i? ? itties in the District will be represented so that the views of all may be coti Miltcd before final arrangements are m -de. Mr. .lames I?. V. llli^ms. secretary of tfie c?ra nnttee, his addressed a circular letter of invita tion to every t< mperance order iu the di.-tr.ct asking cooperation in the movement, and mam' tavora..,e responses have b-ien reeeived. Ir i> ntcti'l. i., v.e believe, to marshal the forces ol i?," ' 'a c/' on ,1,e day appotnte?l, viz: Mav about 4^4) p. m., and with banners luuMc. ?vc., proceed to the dei^l to iu-<et the ?iK-< rs from Philadelphia, who will he e?orto.l u their quarter* at the Kuhitt hoaae, ni)?1 after | s.iort stop t or refreshment.., thence to Fotin <-ry t.hutch, which has been secured lor a meeting, where will be h ard souic ol lie htie't temperance talking listen- d t<. lor many a day back in Wasliingf ti. As the large cLur? h w ill doubtless be jatunied, seat^ will be a? i vpeciaMv for the families of memVrs ' '.c ,V f'J^raiice orders. The programme for t lit-lo lowitig day will be arranged to .suit the view:- ol t..e Philadelphiaus. A visit to tlie fni.ilirrs Home, where they are jnvite.1 b veteran Home Division. S. ot T. ha.s been suj ge-te<l, and atrip to Mount Vernon is ami the po sibiJities. Koine of the visitors art txpccttd to remain In the city several days. Election of MEx:t:ttif> of the Rirrr.Lt < an OtMitAL Committee?In aocorda ic. with a reselution ot tliis committee, i.rinnrx election* ami mass meetings were held laM evening in several of the legislative .listriets to eleet members (three from each district) of said general committee. In the fourth district W 0. Iirrw.H. Cryer and H.Dade were elected del-gates, and f. S. Mechlin and .James I>aven port alternates. In the 5tli district th^ electioti ot Jerome Johnson, Kichard Brown, and Saudv 1.aeev as delegates, on Monday night, was con firmed, and Thomas Lucas and Alfred l?ir were elected alternates. In the 8th district W A. Cook. Thos. W Chasean?i Washington Wal ler; delegate^. and W. E. Nott and Albert Mc intosh alternates, were elected. The 1 th di? tn. t elected N. H. Miller, Lloyd C. Brooks au.i , J ;J?hnson delegates, and W. A. B. isiks and J. 8. \\ <Kxl alternates. The 13th .listriet elected w.ll. J iaw. George H. Boston andL. Blue d.le gates, and >\ . H. Collins aud I>. Hughes alter nates. c>nc of the judges ami a number of voters have prepared a protest against this election. Ibe Ifith district elected J ??. Flvnn Namuel P. Robertson and F. A. West dele gates, and E. Allen and (?. O'Mallev alt.*r v.av^ ,.The nth district elected Jos. Williams *Vy. ?4U<1 t-'harlea Marshall delegates, and J. 1. Crooks and J. H Brown alternates. Ill the J*ith district A. B. Tinney, I>. A. Con nolly and J. K. Scarle delegates', and H. Cav wo, d and Dr. 1 j ndall a'.ternates. were elect d In the -1st district L. (?. FieUher, Lemiel l-nrslev ainl 'I were elected deli gates, and Dr. Dorsev and C. M Barton alternates. Kkal Esta'j a Sales.?The following sales o: real estate have recently taken place : M-wrs Latimer .V Cleary ha?e ^.1.1 ti... follow.n; | r- P Jty: L.-t l.iu Harris and Gramuier's nii divi -on of part of ?iaare No 1?4. togetherwith the im flLVk" " ' of ?' Ur?? double two-stor, ont |,.,.Mi".'ir Milliard roof,?.rick stablnu aud out-ouildnil's, kuu >b a .?i tu c. iuer of Connecticu ^?"ue.tIH L-tre-t, U> K K Wilson, for ?2 wi A Is. , t hi- luter-M in rem tiu ier of on--h ?lf ami a U'n'iiTlL.iif h1,n b't SI, reservation B. on th ^'Ulh akteof P-nnajKania aTenu-. tx'twe-uCj Hn i . *iTr,'etK, and improvements, l.eiug warehoas * xn I storeroom., Mibji-ct to the lif--est.'<te of a w' low Th n^'l't0 Ma,il.,la Si'now.for S3.ri'. Tr?.?ias *. waggaman. real estat- broker au-1 anctiom sr Uas ?.,ld part of lot 4. in ?iuatv t3,, to :'Tn "'J* per r"ot? *"d Part "T 'ot i, in ?-mar- &?. to Daniel Sweeney - f- r 17 c-nts p-r foot ai iSL, 729> t<> John r. Hauua.for *i. per amounting to about 0SJOU. Ile?t. r A B>ou, of Capit-I Hill, have made the f.?l lowm# sales; Part of lot 1, in square "M, to T Rae r hi _^,d. I3' 10 '?? to S-I. itor Cr.igii, Lots 1 and 14, in fcjnan 897, to Colonel 3 B Hamill Athre-siorj press brick, k?. J19 south A-tr- .t. to E H Klrkw<-cd Lot Su, In s.juar- 7J9, to All?rt d 1 Burr. Part of lots 2 and S, in sonar- 7-.n, to J A. Kandall ljot U, m s<iuare 8s?, to Chas. Kim; ajb'.ll?'.'',;'.rSrVl,'^r*'1-^- T"""" ? '???? A* Excrnito RritAwaT.-Aboot l w o'clock to-day. tu? horse attached to the buggy of Mr. Horace llAiley, of Virginia, became frightened a* Mr. B. was about getting into the vehicle. JfiF** *m*??dashing furiously up the avenue to nth street, thence through the grounds near the market, and across Louisiana avenue to the ?tore of Mr. B._ F. Morse 11, where it jumjied into the cellar. The runaway was witnessed by a JP nu.?>'.><>r of persons, and an immense crowd ft* Mr. Morsell's store, all certain ii'i rilv^ kHled' bnt th?y r?tind him all right, and he was got out without a scratch. C?LICA" CxtaOFFicans Electkd The district republican club last night elected the fol owing officer* Jos. WilUams, nred.tent; Perry Carson, vice president; J. F. N. Wilkin *1S.V*crcrar7: John H. Brown, treasurer The 21st district club elected A.Campbell president: Geo. H. Reynolds, first vice presi c Chicago11*^011*' ,,0ke,' con*re8s " talked or in batTb^1 UM gefUee* to,etits common come to defih^ K,u,,,^ newspaper employs a "she KTGeorgia farmers bave organized a state grange of JPatrgna of Husbandry. m J. ?ju.iw???^ THE COUtTR. OOl'RT IN GENERAL TERM.-To-day, the following were admitted to the t.*r Arthur A. B r ney,a ftradnate of the Michigan University Law School (on motion of Mr. Com); W.K 8. Wilson, of New Jer*ey (Mr Oliver), Gen. Albert Pike, of Ar k*na?iMr Duranth Robert 8. Lacey, of tbis city (Mr. Meloy >. I* THK CA?BO* CH't.PS AST. TEt?T, arjnied yesterday. Chief Justice Canter delivered the opiakn of the court, sustaining the c-mrls'nt Judgr Humphrey* concurred in the ib?cision, giving hi* reason* theref>>r briefly. Judge Wylie *aid that its ntnch as he was in favor of the enforci>mdnt of all jus! claims, he was c mpelled to dissent, as the con tract niA?l* by the parties was null And void, having been made before tl?e claim was perfected The court granted the dscrt-e allowing the motion for an irjunction. POLICE COURT, jyjtt S*'tt-To-d.iy. Eli H iiit ley and Lout* Boaih- r. ih.irgsl with aii affray, were lined *S each. Frank Graines. assault and battery on Ernest Dslile; 920 and cost*. Joseph J fftrson. larceny <>f a walking stick; 8 JO and costs. Benjamin Law son *?? lined ?ftfor placing olwtruc ti<>ns in the street. R< dg,-r Carroll, disorderly as sembly; 810, or thirty da)* in jail. Thos. Pierce, samechaige; $6. Tk<>ma* W. Iugraham, profauit} in public; Si. George Brown and Wm. ti 'rd >n, viidsti >n of cart law; $5 each. Euphronius fly nn, a->-ault and battery an Usrrii-t Flynn. fined glOaud costs ard eir?. r.ds in 8?K> t- k*' ptlie peace, and. stand committal six months miles* sooner given. Mr Clo?s entered a nolb- prosequi in several cases, and nm npthes* was a case of t hreate charted to have b< en mad*' by Marv Jane Thomas to Hester Lena on T street. The warrant. which was issued bv Jr.s'ice R. A. lljde, contained th? word* "damb<Hi bluddy," and "dantbed infurael," and Mr. Close tLoutfht it wonld n>t h<-ld good. OEOBQETOWN. Tub New School Building The work on the new school building is rapidly progressing Mr. Win. J. Sterling, contractor tor the hri -k work, has eighteen workmen employed on tie building, and lias the 1>;?-* mcnt story complete 1. It has twenty-two inch walls, with' a cut ston front furnished bv Shinn it Mctlowan. iMfRovEMEsr ok Kikst Stkekt?Sinco t';o grading and paving of 1st street the sidewalk n:*\ e been leveled, and young trees have been planted on each side the entire length of the street. The bricks t'or the si It-walks nre n >w being hauled, and when finished if will be on - ot the most beautiful streets of our cltv; but the fine shade trees, which were cut down to make may tor the improvements, will be sadly mtssjd this summer. . Kiver News?The steamer NVw York cleared to-day for Philadelphia with genera! merchandise, and the Ladroi the Lake for Nor folk. The schooner President A. Johnnon ar son arrived to-dav with 75.000 tW?t of lumber tor AVheatley Bros., and the schooner Enoch Moore with fertilizer for P. L. Moore, and the steamer Ceorgeanna to-day l'rorn Baltimore with a miscellaneous cargo.

Fish Wharf.?The receipts of fi?h to-<lav were 2.">,0f*i Herring. 100 shad, and 1.500 Tay lors. The herring sold at sc .Kiaf" per thousand; shad at f 15 per hundred, and the tavlors at one cent. C I TY ITE M S. Doolkt's Yeast Powder cannot be excelled for making light, sweet Bolls, Biscuits, \Y-ti tles, f'orn Bread, &c. It is always ready an<l reliable. t> ? It ip aV EsTAfti tsHEn Fact, that Con sumption can be cured; but is tar better to prevent the cruel disease from fastening itself on the system, by the timely use of a remedy like Dr. II istar't Baham of Wild Ch> rry. This standard preparation will "speedily cure a <*0'igli or cold, and even Consumption often yields to its great power. t> ? ? SpBrwo Ovkkcoah reduced to 88, former price812,it A. Stka< ss's, i loll Pa. are., bet. loth and 11th sts. Reliable. r!i'her;; and Mothers? we are adding to oar stock a lar?e assortm :n^ C? boys', youtli's and children':, clothing. The Waverly Suits? from 3 to fc years of age, from f " to ? IS. The Harvard Suits? from 4 to lo year* of aze. iron *7 to *J0. Sailor Suits, Farrairut? from :?to S vtar* of a>;e. and other styles in et .1 Icss variety. Ours are the best made. B_v?t material and newest styles in the market. Noah Walker & C<>.. 4,22,8 C!1 Pa. ave., Mi tr.ipoiiUtii ? Ik a man want? a 15.?tti.k ok Whiskt, let him buy it and take it home like a tuan, ani l.ot fi.iak home with a bottle of "Bitters," or ??Cordial," and pretend that it is medicine. If he wants a tonic that is something better than a temporary stimulant, he should get a b jttle of Peruvian Sviup, (an Iron Tonic,) that will vitalise the blood and give durable Strength to tuc system. 6 Shirts vat>e to Okokb?Gent!?m"n fur nishing their own material, can have theii Shirts made to order at the shortest, notice, at Keen's, 422 Sth street northwest. Satisfaction guaranteed. 4,19,1: Ponh'b Extras curea rneiuuati.=m, barn?, pibs, ulcers, Uwtl.acbe, sore throat, sprains, scalds, soreness, old sores, headache, colic, lameness, bruises, boils, wounds, neuralgia, hoarseness, diarrhoea, and all hemorrhages, etc. Pond's Extract ditters from all other advertised preparations in the fact that it is a stamlar.t nieaicine, treated of in medical writinz?, ami ki:owu to be a cure for these diseases. m,tii,s,ts -? ? Ik I IIat> Knows it Last Year?This was "lie language of a poor cripple, who, fourteen months ago, was smashed under an iron beam. He had bet-n allowed to suffer pain and assume a mx?s of deformity?but he had now recovered the use of one knee br the Centaur Liniment. We hear such language every day. There is no pain this liniment w ill not assauge, no lame ness it will not alleviate, and no swelling it will not subdue. * 4,24,eo5 Te-teh by Tims.?For throat diseases, cokls, and coughs. ??Hrowu't Bnnukinl Vrwh-s'' have proved their efficacy by a test of many years. t,th,s ? The ( OKwrsiTT at large appreciate the r?e fulnesj! of Singer'.* Sewing Machine. 1,3 Thb Juatiobal Savinos hAift, corner of New York avenue and 15th street, paya 6 per ci per annum on deposits for each calender mouth. Banking boors, 9 to 4. Saturdays, 9 to 4 and 6 to 8. 2lt3,14tlG SotiTD feet being muispensable to health and comiort thousands of persons come from tar and near to visit Dr. White, the well-known Chiropodist, No. C33 15th street, opt?-site tin Treasury, for relief from corns, bad ua<is.f Ac. and advice as to suitable shoes. W i LLC ox St Gibe's Sxwimo Machine. The celebrated Baiaar Patterns. Agency at Chas Baum's boopskirt and corset factory, Tth street intelligencer Building.^ 10,28 Thermometers andtlarometers are repaired and made to order by Hempler, near 4^ street. HAVE YOU SEEN the Youth's Imperial Cost and Vest to match? It Is admired by all aiel only to be seen at A. STRAUS', 1011 Pa. ave.,nenr 11th street. n2f. ^JETROPOLJTAN DOLLAR STORE. Tilt LARGEST VABIE1Y OE GOODS EVER OEFEKEDI EVERY ARTICLE A RARUAIN! MEW ANB TASTY GOOD? WHAT A POLLAR WILL BUY' WIIAT .?0 CENTS VILL IIUTI WHAT CENTS \ULL BUY! Among the DollaftoV*!* we df?*r: Children'a Linen Suin, Uartx-itleii B->ts, La< ? lufauts' Cap?, P,r* sols, ?00 different Chromoe, ?ets of Plale<i Tabl> Sp?otii', Forks, ??.;Casfors,dair Brushes,Mirrom. Brackets and Riicks of all ktxi^. Fans of all ktud?. Ladies' Gauze Vests, Ladled first qaality Under garments: Gent's G.iuze SHrts, long aui short sleeves; Satchels and Wallet* Kid Glove* and Back Gauntlets, Canes, Decks, Must Album*, Bt' k^'.nii uiou B ards, and the prettied and lar^-st assort ment of Jewelry ever offered; tlack sets Bmcelets, Chatelaines and Ne<-klace*a Qecialty; Hosiery as usual, 3 pairs for $1. In fifty cent good* we offei Fine and soft L tee UuiiliLg, sets ot 3 Linen C'4ais and 1 i?air Cuffs. fine Dania-k Towels, Mourn kg and Hemstitched Hdkfs, Belts, Gloves, Shirt .ronts. Silk Scarfs, Sent'* Bows, Baskets, Shawl Straps. Suspenders. Lace Scarf* aad B >w*. Knives Mid Scissors, C ,mb and Brushes,Peifumery, Jewefy, Spittoons, Vases. Flower Pots, Ornaaienu.Sgooi Gubleta.T^ys of all kinds, &c., Ac. 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The Concord Harness ana Collars hrc a reputation all over the country for durability ad strength, TRUNKS and SATCHELS la gr* variety. CEDAR TRUNlklS, ior protectioMfeinst moths. Call and examine stock. LL'TZfc BRO? s2 lm 497 Pet s sve.,nextto ^tioaai Bote' Georgetown Advertisement*. |?Y THOMAS DoWLING, Aucfr; Georgetowa. ROSEWOOD PIANO, STOOL AND COVER. n C PARLOR SET. EASY CM *IRP,Cl' RT MNS AND O.RNICES, BRUSSELS ?NI> OTHER f\RPETS. WALNIT rUAMRER f ITS COOK ANP OTHER STOVES AT ACCTION On WEDNESDAY MoRNING. May 7:h. at 10 o'cls-k, I will at the re?idfn.-#,.f a lady declining hou*<k<-eping. Ho && let stre<t, betwe. n Market and Frederick, a e, n< ral a*?ortinent of HcuwhitM G-W*. We nimo. Rif wood Piano, Stool and Cover, H C. Parlor Set. Ea?y Chair*. Curains, Cornice*. Brunei* and othr r Carpet". Walnut Chamt?T Set*, Wardrobes, Walnut Kiten *ioi? Table*. Steward Cook and other Stove*. CrwItotT, Ac. mi-it (Courier.} THUS DOWLING. Aiiot. Dry ooods at popular prites. 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Office.?V Jefferson ?t .Georgetown, D.O Poet Office Bo* 723. ap7 tr 15 Y THOMAS DOWLING, Auctioneer, 13*? Bridge sire t, Georgetown. saAL. im fllK.slTi ATK ON PI MBARTON TREBT. BETWEEN GREEN AND MONT 10MERY STI!FKTS, GEORGETOWN, D C., kND NlMBEltED 44, 47, 4*J, 51, 53, 34, Tl CLIC SALE OF VALCABLE IMPROVED HEAL ESTATE. PTTT ATE ON Dl MBARTON fTRFET. ' GO a: _ J AND iu. Ilsvlng determined to dispose of my property in the District. I will i ff-r on the premis-?< a 'above rnmbertd. at public sale, to tlic highest bidder, on THl'RSDAY. May l*t,at 4 p. m..seveu valuable Houses and Lots. The location is pleasant end healthy, the houses in go<?d condition, with modern conveniences; the sidewalks and streets have been recently leveled and repaved. Terms of sale: One-third cash; the balance in 6, 12 and l* Months; deferred pavtnents s?-t-nrej b> ?!??<d of tilist upon premises. ?100 paid on day of sale. Conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. The t? rmf of sale to be complied with in five days, r.therw ise the property to be resold at C<'St of de. faulting rurckattr. JO||NDA>18. al2-dAd* THOMAS D0WL1NG, Auct. PIANOS. Ao. One ' GREAT BARGAINS IN PIANOS Which have been need. ? 7 octave ros<-a ood < bickering Piano .fiSS 7 ?' ?' Hallet A Comstou 2i>' - 6'* " ?' KnabeACc 17ft " 6\ " " Andrew Stein lo" " 6 " " Koin A Bacon ........ w) 44 6.'* 4' " Firth, Hull A Pond 12S 4* 7 44 44 Hallet A Comston 2UU F''r (-ale upon easy terms at the warero.-ms ..f W. G. MET/.EROTT Ac CO., Sole A cuts for Steinway celebrated Pianos and Mason ft Hamlin Organs. aJ9 'it CUSTAV kThnI PtiACTICA L PI AS O ? A! A K KR, fornieriy for K. C Lie lite & Co., tuner f r Steinway A Sons.BS^Vn aiid late tutier for W etxerott A < t. Tuner's! m?? and repairer of PIANOS and OUtiASB, No. bil'J New I ork avenue. Order* left at Ktrr's Jew?-lr? St,.re, Peunsylyama a?entie; Nairn's Drug Store, corner P? nnsvlvatiia arenn-ai'l s?ti street. Rc'twntha! '*, *01 7th street, corner of H. s'ill 111M villi pioUipt utteutloti, acd satisfaction teed. ? a?4-ly CHF.1 K> PlANiiS. ii' ? ????< 1 in sw tne-s of tone and exc? Ueuc- cf fintsb; low prict _ae?y and easy terti ". G. L. W:LD A BR0..p^I^!'-3 Agi-nts, 4U0 lltli street, tear northw '111 *11 c- rner Pennsylvania avenue, d-al rs in 1' ai.>K mi l Jln-'cal InMrnments k t.erRllv. Tuning a:.d R< pairing, Poliehiiig and Varnishing receive faithful attentb u. apl7 tr JF. LL< AS, 114"? 7th street u. w., T**er and ? K,tu ntvr qf C nmn an i (*rntnf. Or ders received at Tnomp-on's corner l&rhst |tJsU and N. ^ ork dre. ; Getty's, Bridg*-, u?*ar'Il *1 I Congress, Georgetown; and Moses',cor.7th and Pa. av Pianos and other iu?tran.ptiU packed an I mo\t*d All work guaranteed. mb2$ ly CUOMACK.EB A CO.'b PIANOS. PU1LADELPU1A GREAT BEDUCTIOS IN PRICES. These tMrmmen's, which, on acconnt of thel- ?? CrlorKy over all otters, have in af- w lears_^^^ lvtih tb? mc?t p'.pnlar here, as well aa aIlK2Bfl| orer the conutry ,cau bv had now for lh? foi-?'' 1' lowitig low pt-icoe bUUARE PIANOS fr -m ?378 to #9^. tPRICHT PIANOS from S?J0t.T *7ug. GRAND PIANOS Iron. 10 $U<7! Persoiis ? h< wibh to save fr aj & lJu to $ VA. lu -bae'i.g the best instrument out, arc invited U tal w.d compare for iheuiselv se. Piac<? for rent. Pian s ezchauftd. Taking and Repairing properly att^udei to. CARL RICUTKR. Ac cat, ?!16-tr y3i Pennsrlranis sTe^T?e. WILLIAM KNABE A CO., Baltimore. Mavtlmkd. GRAND, SQUARE AND CPB1GI1T PIAMOB. These instruments have been before the pnbilc for forty years, and upon their excellence ali?u-__*^^ attained an uupurchiwjd pre-e?inenee|BaHH m liich pronounces them unequalled for theirVTl ? ? t'lii, touch, workmanaliip and durability. The) have been awarded slxtr-flVe gold and silver nedalt at different fairs orer other competitors. All *>f tneL' SQVABE PIANOS have their Dew m4 improveC Overstruug Scale and Agraffe. William McCammon's PIANOS and PIANOS atK ORGANS from various weil-known factories f ,r ?ai< and rent, at REICHEN BACH S, declO tr Piano Warerooms. 483 Uth str?>eC. MEDICAL, Ac. DB. MOTT'S FRENCH POWDERS oertaiu cur* for all diseases of the organs and all urinary complaints and blood and skin di?ea?e-> ca't?*d b> lixl-st reiir.n in y< ntii. Price, 93 per box. F^r sale by WM B. ENTWISLE. Druggist, corner 12 h st and Pennsylvania ave., Washington, D.O. aW-lat* 'T^TAICVOLENCE,' OR TUE WILLCLRe!~ O THE GREATEST DlSOoVEUY OF 1HE WORLD By it all diseases are curtd. No medicines nsed, an-; no laviugonof bands. Tiaifbt by Mrs. J.R. EL IOT, 4 7 SI C street northwest. ap7 tr LADIES sufferii-g from weakness or Nervous Debility, can have skillful treatment by statiug case, and addressing Mtif. A. C. KOSUEB Wash ibgU'ti, D. C. ai liti* LEON, CONSULTING physician. The oldest established Specialist Id the city No. 611 Uth street, above U. Hours: 11 to4 and 7 tot,daily. jy 27 tr jJsllALE DISEASES of all kinds treaUi. De 1 scribe caee aua enclose AS; ad*ice aud medi cine will be sent. Address Mrs. Dr. THOMPSON. No. K46 North lath street, PhXadelphi*. ja.27 ly' OBSTACLES TO MARRIAGE.?Mappp Relit for lowng Mm from the efl.-cts of Err >ra antf Abuses in early life. Manhood restored. l:up~di ntenls to Marriags removtd. New ni-uhod ol treat tneut. New and remaikable reni?slios. Books anr Circulars sent free, in sealed envelopes. Addrw Howard Assot>aito*. No. 8 south 9th street, Paila delpbia. Pa.,?an instituti< n having a uigh reptiu ti-u for houoiable conuuct Aud protesee-ua' ?kill. tn.irlu e.i2ni ADAME WILSON, A Kerslrh hincnud PHYSICIAN AND MIBWIFI, can be consulted on all DISEASES INCIDENTAL TO LADIES. Residence aud Consultatien Ro?nut, 911 8th screat between H and I. Rooms, Board, Medical atteadaucc Ac., at reasonable prices. Tapeworm removed vritf hf ad in two hours. Rofer to patients success*oil ?rtjvlsd in Washington 11 1 1 > \I0NEY BETCRNED IF Lvl StNh.AU KLIXIK. FAILS TO CORE CHILLS. To be bad of BRACE A C1SSEL,Corner Bridge ax*. WaahMigton streets, Georgetown, and of GEO RG1 B PLANT A SON. corner New York avenue and lltl street, where testimonial* can be seen. myl4-lr" C. LUTTBELL. C. A. DUNNINGTO N ^ * LITTHELL ADlMPS I ->?TOM. Aactisaerrs and C ouiniiasion lllrrcbaut*. yi7 La. Ave.,bet. 9rh and 10th streets northwest ?y Special and Personal attention given to the sale of Real Estate. n3S S.11* Q I 8 S O L V Tj_l O N . W*?HitGT03i. D. C., April IS, 187S. The copartnership heretofore existing betweer Elpbonro Youngs and Wm. H S^ars, und?r the name and Arm of ELPHON/O YODNGS A CO., is dissolved by mntual comtent. the second term of such copartnership having this day expired. The busl nese will be continued at the old stand (Maaonir Temple, corner 9tb and F streets,) by ELPHONZO YOUNQS, who will pay all just claims against and collect all amounts doe said Arm. ELPHONZO YOUNGS. W M. H. SEARS. Thanking my friends aud the pnblic for their lib eral patronage in the past, I would re.pectfulK solicit a continuance of the same. ELPHONZO T0DVQ9. Having spent the past two years very satisfactorily with Mr. Youngs in the above-named business, I won Id take this opportunity to thank my friends and the public for their natronage, and cheerfully rec ommend whatever influence I mav have to his in |.pl*tfj SLiS LBL'Jys'yT?'' LUXBRTI_ and _ WM. JOHNSON * SON selling at low prieea. Great indncemtmuforMsh Cor. lith snd B sts , near State Department. as^Tn INSURANCE COMPANIES. I OSS J?I% FIRE. GUARD AGAINST IT BY INSURING Y??UU rROTKRTY wiTn -A.- S. PRATT Ac SON, IN T11E FOLLOWING '?TIME.TRIED A\D FIRE-TESTED" i OMriXIE^ : HOME, of New York, Awln January 1. 18*3? $!.*?? 9 INM'RANd COM P A NT OF NORTH AM KKl< A. Philadelphia. 3.2;S.739 PHENIX, Brooklyn t.NUIl PH<ENIX, Hartford 1.4*2,b47 VIRGINIA KIRK AND M A KINK. Buhmond,Ya 321,192 < This Company ban don* ? *necee?ftil and honora ble tusineee fur forty year?.) Office 401 >?nth ?trret c?rn?r D itrtfl. a? fit TH? CORCORAN FIRE I MS FRANCE CvMPAXt. or TH* * DISTRICT or COLUMBIA, O'cmizei April 1??, l.?7J. Capital #100,000. OFFICE No. 14?9 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. (Ovkh M lbl k> ? Dai# broas.j JOHN T. LKNMAN. PronMent A. H HERR. Vice President. J. T. DYER. Swrrttrj, iiiaacToaa: ?'n. Om?, II. Clay Stewart, 4*ha?. A. .lainea, J**. L. B.rl ' i.r. Kd??rd Droop, T. Lxuaiaii, Michael Greta, Johu Bailey, ap4-tf A H H?-rr. iV0ube xotm Luri A id that STRONG OLD COMPANY, THE MlTUALBEXEFIT LIFE 1MSCK AKIE CO., al Kewarlt, M. J., Organised 164*. A?-t?. *24 .099.990.44 ... J. STANLEY /ONICS. Agent. JaaT-lf* Ko.ail 7th treet ~A*KK YOU 1NSI BED? /t IF NOT, APPLY TO THE OLD FRAXKLIX l*Sl RAM< ? COMPACT, OF WASHINGTON, D. O. Iirolpoeatkh bt C?>?Rr?? is 1*19. Office in the bclMfug of the National Bank of tb< public, No. 70b L> atrect north w eat. Nu chargt for Policiee. Dirtttort.?Dr. Jm.C. Hall, John Pnrdy.Dr J.1A Brndhfid, J. Key wort h| Jw. 0. M< Gaire, H<*nry BfHilli y, Joe. H Br*1!.-y, C. H. Willberger, W. J McDonald, F. F. McOalre,;Dr. D B. Clarke. MO Emery. H EN BY BRADLEY, FreeMent. CHARLES BRADLEY. Secretary. 4m*Ih?4b 'THF. NATIONAL MKT KO POL 1 TAP I FIRE INSURANCE COMPART. or THl DISTRICT OP COLUMBIA. ORGANIZED A Vti VST *?, 1ST!, CASH CAPITAL #100 004 Offce Ip fhcpbfrd'" BiiMIng, N >. ?'(*? P?Bn?yl tauia avenue. M<'SES KELLY, President. u , WM. B. TuDD, Vice i'rendret 1SAMIEL CBOSS, Ftr??ary H.&KCTuRS ! J.B.Blake, Win B Todd, Win. Wall, Cbarlt* Just, Wm. G. M-tferott, J >hb T. L -timea, Geo. r Gultrk M'>?-? K?liy. A. B. Shepherd, ocl4-tt GROCERS. ft. O'HARE fc S?>, 1213 ;tm STREET NORTHWEST, (Between M and N -tti. > SQAP! SOAP:! Pr.>ct r A Gamble's celebrnted Cincinnati Olive' b?-fit in the market?1<J cenia per pxiul bar, btjc. by the b jX of #0 lb#. HAMS, Ac. I" *?ore 1/*J0 lbs. extra <jtiltty S:gar-Cur#' H A M 8. 9 lb? extra white L A RP, l|l. Frvh Grnlian. FLOUB, trcoi I>eet wl?-*t FLEsU OATMEAL. KYK FLOUli LIQUORS! LIQUORS!! Old Ba*er WHISKY; 0M Cabin* WHISET. V iiTfky. S yt-nr* old.p^r b.ijtl.-..? no California Biar.<T\,jvr l?o:tl<- 1 mO H< Hand Gin, per 1 nttla ] ll0 Frunch Brandy, per bwtU-.. 1 jg SWEET CATAWBA WINK, per gallon. Pnre SWEET CIDER. rinittdUplaa ALK aud PORTER. C. S. O'HARE fc SUM, *" I4IJ" hrt.n.w., between M an<l N. J,' L O I rT~ hMVKitHO DIRECT ("r^n the 21 ill* in VALLEY OF VIB0INIA. ^ ill etll to fa&iili** in rente per barrel lea* that. n?ual price*. Price* of SUGARS and TEAS all marked 4own. CATAWBA WINE, jnet received from Pleaaant Valley Wm?0.itnpwr. i'i aga.ioa. 8. H. BACON, T09 Market Spare. between 7th and 8th at re- ti. THE TRADES. KRA1G A LACilKPUSH, ? ? Sacceaaors to Hemrt Hnititri, FBACT1CAL COPPERSMITHS, ? _ 407 F ?r?et, a-^ lm Betweer 8tli an-1 6th *t?. nortliaent. C'HAS. HARTEL, i, ? CAKPEStER AXD BUILDER. sla C street aoutheMt. Alt order* promptly at tended to on reaxouaU le tTBM. al71m" WNIK8I. JOHN C HOGAN. 713 Market Spare, Manniacturar of AWNINGS, for buro?. Cut aa<! . Conatry Bmtdtacei. TEN TS and FLAGS for aale or rent. AWNING MATERIAL of all kind* for ?ale. Sole Afeut f.?r COWLES A CO. S MILDEW PROOF AWNING MATERIAL. a;.li ir J>LUMB1NG AND GAS-FITTING. Thoae deciring to hare their Plnmbing and Oaa Pitting done in a neat and anbetantial maiitiT. aim ^n reasonable t -nus. thoald b-ave their order* a: 113 Pennay Itania avenue, Capitol Hill. W ork warranted. a^g &n' W M. KOTHWELb. f ALL ON JAMES F. BBIKN, v> Ptaatrml P.arwUxr am i Hat Fitttr, to have your Piionbing, Gae Fitting, and Seweriae K>mptly attend>-d toon reaaonable tt-rin?. No. tot?t> mmana avenne, near Cth atreet, aorth aide Bebideuce, V29 2d atreet, northeast. ml4 MCTWHINGHAM, HATTER^ ? 1011 F Btreet, between lutn and 11th, baethe pleMnre to announce tnat lie Lax received the Spring StyU of Broadw-ay BLOCK, and i* prepared to furntoh New HaU made to onler ou' i1?D0' remodel old style*; al*o, an aaaorunent of Felt Hit* for tal*, on rMsoDable terms. fi-tr FLAGS, TESTS. M. O. COPELAND, 04S LonWana avenue, one 4o?ir ?mi 7th i A WBIBM for Btorea, City aad County 1 racAercA* in atyle and flnich. FLAGS and TENTS f??r aale and rest. BOOMS DSOOBATBD. All Oanvaaa article* made to ac4*r DABCIBG CLOTHS. E. TLMTOB, CARPENTER, BClLDEh, aaa OOITIAOTOE EDUCATIONAL. PHONOGRAPHY.-A ooane in PH0N0GRA r PHT taughtfcr fi. Apply at 1414 S Mr**, near StaU Department, after 4 p. m. alMt' VODfO near stale Department, after 4 p. m. rtP-lt Wtk; fall total t pli m>*rttk. aals-lm -eppo f I'HE PUBLIC AMD THE PRRSS , M FQDrrior nraifviti aad fftirnsM of 8TEArb\th<> C?otb^rTl#ll Penn.^, the D acreened CBUSHED STONE of all maea.foraale ** >., ?:? s c6? apM-lm ?7M K atreet, nt cVnal. fi'AP AND SAVE VOUB MONET. ~ Laliet who hare Hair 8wttch?w that hare f>a?i from oa can have them reetored to their aatviS ?hade in auperior manner. We hare ataTIm aaeortme't of ai CurU: eery Ion? and Z the ttam tTS^S ?etr ? Factory, SIS lkTa , B'OTS1 AN1? YOUTH 5 SUIT0 a ?,i,a. .wL. a st*AL8'? >?" professional. nk ii A kt lii A n HAS kf'U'il Kit to 4as j| rtrrt. center of D ?fre*4 tiorthw.?t.. ppa*u? indiana ml 1 JAMES O.clephana. E. f. BRAILet. CLEFHatb * 3horth AS I' WHlTk.lli* a Li* REPORTERS. obu??|l?. llrt C mtfx't, m>km id ang u, nrfw wikslly Joa* r. u\ _ _ attobbry AT LAW, s". 8 tronfv Lm b<ifl4ii|, a*g-tf v aahinarnv. P 0. BOOKS,stationery. ke._ ? > ktakt*8 LIBRARY or POET by aml> l> sojirt. H B STOW k 8 LIBB \ KT OF famol s fic? t10n, bekchfr"s LIFE OF christ *<? siib*ctiptiona mnted at 1411 P<-nn*.lvar.a ar "apmm* BISHOP a iia 7. \ k T> ^GRICCLTCRAL BOoRS. johnaton^ agricaltnral cvowtt ?11 1 american Gardeo.r'* A**i?t*o< ? 1 fcj aileti'* animou tartu l ?k???? 2 *0 H<*t><ler*otiV Gardening f t pffc ...... 1 w w arms '? Pramin* lor pr -hi ai?l H-a th 1m filler* Small Fruit Cultarirt 1 *? y i.lur* ur?pe C?ltnre._.._.. ? ?. 1 St file* 8 uthem arpl- j *3 ""''*?^?1" "ft"*' Sh<-?p H !r, 1 to ll.-rwe Owner*' civlu^vdit 3 7s i?utt ?? ike dogi.? i 71 All tbe bear b" ?d a* * ? n a. r' ' !>*l?e b> blluabp B motilk a CO . ?f it kui r?nf? ?>riii?,f i 'li "l-wt. * right '? prtt lical l^iiltry eeepei 2 ou L*ug*troth hi the H ney ft <e 1 buiaull', fh'-?-p ii >.l'.n lr< ... |^1st OF NEW BOOR* AT ' ?H|LLI\CTOM lluoast)ke : LITTLE k \TF. kibpt A k Tel. B? the aatb r ot Muttie A-tr?> ?? it'air '?<" THE COMING RACE. b E !? .rd b.ilwer L ri Ly tton > THE w1p0w lerogl e A Novel. Br Emit g*bvri?u THE BF.BBrB; ot, THE MOt'ntaixelli OF t11e a1 LAS. B. 31 h ? not EASILY JHI.i'l A n rel. to THE B1TTEU END B Mi*. BraJJ n. lakeville B> m.rt h -alle. REPTILES ami biko A new EJ tloa. eptcatlon IK JAPKV HALF Hoi k RECREATIONS IN POPLLAR ikn< k. n ? 7. ail ilia ba? k tiniuln r. i. hand. POP! LAK SCIENCE. m mklf w>I?h* i ami J. elkmentabv tuk * TISE on natl' u A li PHILOSOPHY. b Pr of r e??-r*tt. ELY To NoRTH AMERICAN RIKI'S. C<->r?aia il k a ftrnriw account vl etor) apeciea of Llviug at -i F<**il Bird*. HARPERS HAND book OF TBAYEL 131 el BoPE. A large *t -ck of Blank B ' >ka. Paw b -k?. an# m-i?' >raiklum B >??!>?. n ?e pn|?-r. l?-tt?^ Pap-t, and playiiiy Card* at um- ?erf loweet pric<<a. at tr E^VEBTMOTHEB THE DOCTOR OF HI* iown FAMILY if otie Veta Dr. HALLS HEALTH AT bi'mi at stocemab * 9u3i 4. w? 9!h ?tr? et n<-rtb?e?t Ttie cotta?ie birle to be k*j there tl*>. t*n|f?x1 agrktf wanted mw tr ue \s uueb OF THoMAS ai'tueix, b. d. T The qoa^e] in tr ki'l The Saint* irh^ritauce. The Wajr ?( Life. on the Parable*. illii-tia?>-4. fr?*ak ti e ??> th<- H > art. stndieaof charactt-r. pl'-a for kuctnj s> h'm>l*. Thet"itr;ltf hituinil s .rr^w* ?t v M. ballantyni^, u 4k? 7tl -rreef vt1vi. ofesiwoof a ?*? ptatio*ebt rroa* abpblakk ll " k mimfactuui. Fir?t -cla?? *? m" at fair aricea.f >r cash lithographing!. E.nihatimo, pbistiaid a?p bim'iso I?0SE TO OBDEB The aablk are tntilej t>' *?*!! ar.4 emnh-1 >nr ntw B! N F. FBEM H. ct,<1?-r fati"na'll<*r"pi>llta? B?*ik, auo ne*t d<>or to ja? c.* ae A C ?elj tf w aohfncton ? P o. steamer LINES. vlw EXPi.bbs LINE vi A CAN VL, itl u I ? > rulLAI'FI.PHIA. ai kXAM'ku, V* . wam1 lkutun ami g&0&ue10**i, P C. frotr fieri k rth wtiarv??. phil-^^.c?|i= {* arieljfeia, w epn b.-pa y a^j 0at ******* l bPA y, at 14 in. frix ??? water ?tree|,0-'?rw< ^wii, d. C., TUES p.m and SATCBPAY. at 1? a to tin* line conueets at Pbi'aj>-ly.hia ?1?h"ClFd?-"? Iron Lrne" of *teainer? f ? i- > i?v uce, B -at 'd a..4 New k- glaul s*atn?, n ? wbaiiaita in B *t-.n tf tb?* line o. F hypk. A*>-nt i C. km. p f'LTpfc A co.. rhnonljhto. F A ke1d. alex*d<1-ia, Fa. W ALDO A. PEABCE, 44 ct/ufrem Sir<?et. B ton. apj vl'achlkgto*, boh FOLK, BOSTON, A&D v? ^ __ PBOYIPANrf. The fine imi mteaiuer LAPY OF THE LAEb h*\ .lie rearn.ed her rejrn'ar trip* to __ n?-n .k.aill leata h?t wharf, f<<ntj^^k|kf i>f (th atrcet, e*err mckpay ai. tbi KtPA Y, at S p. b? touching at principal Bivar Landing*.ivurtji a: horl ik with 8t>-ai;.*tiip -t the ii. aim m. 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