Newspaper of Evening Star, May 2, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 2, 1873 Page 1
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WASHINGTON, 1). C.t FRIDAY, MAY '2, 1873. TWO CENTS. THF. EVEXiyn STAR. PablMird Bally, Ssndays eYceptc4, AT TIJE STAR BUILDINGS, rmnylTMl* A??w?. w. 11th StM m nnm star NWapii cii?m al jr. WF/Wrj.r.r, * . tbk 1'INISG STAR is *rr?! !ij carrier* to Ikotr ?nt>?-rlteri st Tk*C*TI? rr.% vr*?g,or Foari form ClfvT* rxn month Ccpi?? at fhe connt?r wo C'tiT" each. Br mall?Uirwe taontba, Si k, ?Is months, ?S.0C, one year, ?9. TBK WEEKLY STAR? ? jwr. ff^InvariaHy in both caaee. and ?0 HP*' sent longer "ban patJ for. i of ?rtvert1?*r.g fnml?he<! on afrpWcaMcn. PIANOS, Ac. (JhKAT B\N MN HP** R in Itt% n whvh >;v,r? ?y'-T' !f nV.. t v f *? .. ?,* .. .. AuJrew M II. ? ? 4 ,, K,ieu .t B v: > ?J " ? J .. Firth, n ill A P " ? 5 .. .. l?*!let a rol?tOB- y ?? > ??? u* HITIKKOTT ? CO.. K von A ?>??* Organs. ^l-T\V KIIIX. PRACTICAL PIANO ?L VI and r-pairer PIAWO.-> in I OR'SXN* N ?. ?> fJ 1 ? * .IK mifrly f r niin f> r K (' Lici t- A C?., Imm f>?r St*inw:iy Jt 8?u?, ?(.?I late tuner t r kef* r tt A ?'<>. Tun?r Jf?-? Y' rk noBui-. Or>l-r? l-ft .it K ?rr'* J.?w?iry 8t- re. Pennsylvania avtiiur; Nairn's Drug St?,rc, V* nns\ Uanit a*i-iinj anil 9th street; R-?Mbal s. ??1 7th *tre*l, corner <?f H. will with (i. n,pt attention, and sat is fact on unsrm teerl. a24IJ ST1EFF> PIANOS, onwiowxl in ?w?"-tn'-a of tone end excellence ?'f lints*; I ?? prire? and easy icrm*. O. L. WILD A BRO-J Apulf. 4?0 11 Ik -:r-et, n?ar nor: U .? ' corner Prnn*}Ivania a*inn**, dealers in P.anos aiid ? usiral Ii.-?r ? no-nts generally. Tm ire and R< pairing. Polishing and Varnishing Wfitf faithful attention. ap]7-tr Jf. ll'( AS, 1119 7tli rtrwt n. w., T*i%er and ? Ktgtitcr of p amos r.m4 (Ir ^^ der? receive! at Thompson's c- -n r 15th st and N If ? -rk ?t<.; (July's, Bridg'-, n?-ar""*?? Cnr.rt-w, Georgetown; and M ??s',eor. 7th and P?. ?v. P'^n> < andoth?-r iitxtruuK-uta pat kmi and iU'>T?d ail work Ku?rant? iiihatly WCUUMACKtk t ru ^ PIANOS, 0 PUlLADELPHia UBEAT KELCtTlON IN PUIC'KS Theae tuMmoD^rrt, which, od ?ccoTJiit of tbelr 'XJ Ck>:tty orer all ha-.? in af~ ? year?_-^|^^ OBM. ihe moat f> pillar Ix-r^, as w?->l aa o?er th?' coo utry, can l>e fctal t?<rw ior th? tol-Flil w* lowicii l??w pr'c*"1" B'jIAUK Pl \?r?'? fr?w sra to 5?75. C r KlWHT PI AS OS frm S SUM to ?70i. GRAND riANtM* tron, to ei&T?. Peraor* wbc w;?h t > ??*? fr m %liM .$,j|? In (ur char:? T- ' ? - tm-nt out, ar? inritwl t kiidc< r t?'f f r ;hiiMrlv<* P.n:,oti for r>*nl, Pianot aicbai-aed. Toribtf and l?? ptiriuj pr pt-rly attract to. CARL KU if" LB, Agent. dH-i: S35 pttii .l*Mi??r-'jr' VV II L.AM a>At:E a CO., YT BaLT M\R7lA!fT>. GRA Nil, iyTAH; ANI?rPKIUHT PIANOS. TV- liwtrxni'-n's ha*6 t?* o orf re thv pablic Jo* f rt; yfvi, and i. [ "ic -tlaoM aloo*, attaii: d an unf.f h w-l pi >? ? -miiisuc?? whirr- (?? - r^?th. t; r.n^na:i-?1 for their toue, t ucb, workniMLflnp and dnranilitf. TUsj hat. t ' n awanlt-d nixtv C? e gold a .u *uv-r auiiali ?? d;f!. r-nt fair-" rer.-trer c ir?etitor?. All of IBc* tMjl Afi*. PIANOS \.\re th. ur u?w and ubprut.V O**-"-* i? S-.l ividAar?fle. W iiiif V ratcrr n's PTAJ.OS PIANOS *nc OBtlA N S frc :a *an> C? w< il '? <? ?< f r .Al, K>.M'll KN UACli :H. de; tn tr P? %v.' Warer rn?. ilth ?tr? i BAXKEKS. '1 <|Y Is HH.Li OU , ' Backer, fc4 3 t> STREET. NEAR SEVENTH. Pay- INTERE>T ?<N l?EPn>IT-?, inak.-. LE? Tli ?!>>. aii-1 trans i< ta all k u-(Miwtrd wrl B-i.king. arl 1* |? A > k l > ? H O I > lT i. II. SQl I til X < 144b PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Olf'slTK W;Ll.AHt?'? lllttL, WA8B1NGTOK, D C. P p? rrent. laf.r.,/ paid on ?tryjuit. Colln'tiim k l? tH'ywkvw. i> r ?fit* p*)i?!>l?* on iVn and. P.?y cf offl'^r* in th* Arp y ra-h- d in adtufcce. ;?pl tr Jf. UKODHEAl), ? 11 r ? 1' or. No. Pcr-na. ?ve., R?>oii, 4, WaaKiaet- n. D.U. Bp*, lal att'-ntlon glren to itiye-rtm^nt aecnriti>*4. 1m u?-a alter ti u t j aecuriliea now offettMl at pr-.cea wkiih will pay W t" U p^r cent. In ?niorrits and of lei.Kth ? f ncietosu t inreatrrs. Sir-*,reliable, pr fit at>U- aid pr nspt, making th?-'n in erery respt-ct FIRST CLASS SECURITIES. R.t.r? by p-npi-wion t" L^i* Johnaoc Co., Warhingt n, D. C.: Kelly, E*'|., Cat!ii<?r NatK'Dal Metropolitan Ra-<k, '.V a-hii ct >n, 1> C.; Bon. J M. Br<?d)iead. S?-coiid Controller. W'j<ti"i? ton, P. C.; E-iward v. lark, E-'j., Aratiilvct U. 3. Cap Itol. WaahingtoD. L C. oiarl7 3ji HE NATIONAL BANE or THE BEPUBL10 lOufM rof 7th and D ?t'e?ts,) OPEN ERO? IO A M TO 3 P. M derli ly CHAS BRADLEY. Cashier. German amkrii a* >avi>?? ba>r, No JliSSVSSIH St??ET, Orro-Ut ik* Po*l O&u Vtyarimtnt Bu t boors: S a m. to 4 p. m. Satardaya open an Ultpni., to recoive Uep- ?ita only. Interest paid ><n d, pLKita. Collectiona mad*- ar.1 ?S?-haii?^- fnruished. JOHN BITZ. President. A EBKRLY.V Pi-at, W f MATTINULY^c ,C K P^ENIlsa.Ciwb'r ooTt-iy 'I'MK FKEKDMAS S SAVIXUS A >D 1 TKIkT tOMPASY Bankir.i Honse. N-. 1??W7 Pennsylvania avenue, ? ep,??!te the Treaenry, PATS SIX PER CENT. INTEREST, lutfts: ftiw lie >?rj? of EV* PAYS EUUK PER CENT, on buainew accsnte from date of deposit. ilflM.' of IHpom bearing t and I p?r ct _t Interest, available anywhere. HAS BRANCH OEi'U'ES in all large towns and Cttiea of the S-ath and SoQthwest. bam< kotrrt.9 1 m. to 4 p. ?n. Oka Wednesday aiid Saturday nights from 6-* to t o'clock, to receifed"p,.?itaonly. Call at the B?u> or ?*e.d 'ft a c-py of the Charter and By-laws, jlj ly jar tuokt * to., BANKE.R8, BUY AND SELL FOREIGN EACHANOE and 1SBUE CIRCULAR LETTERS OP CREMT for Travelers. avatiMbi* tit aa? part ft/ ia? WsaLU. Onr Drafts on JAY COOKE. MrCCLLOCH a CO,, London, ?rstCaehiMl In any part of Essland, lEZLA-td and Scotland, frrt of rttartt. m ?> li WAaMINfiTun CITY MVIilfll BATIK, Ccsr 7iM ?trHX m i ioninasa (t-tsw. PaYS ? PER CENT INTEBE3T ON DEPOSIT Interest cr-mmencea tr m date of depi s:ta. Deposit* can be made and draa n at will. k^'f J. A. RLPP. Trf.warer \\E HAVE JI ST RECEIVEP 4?? DOZEN LADIES' SKI I ITS, WHHH VK Ahh Sstl.Li.Mr AT W CENTS PER SKIRT LO( k W OU D, HI FTV fc YAYLOK. Mi PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. ae tr Metropolitan H- tel Bl >ck. 'I'm rapidity witu whio are retnosed and the feet relieved. If ailing, from Baalona, Bad Nails, Ac , at DR WHITE S Kstab Ikfemeut, i-H 14tk street, opposite tbe Treasury, la (jnitr surprising to per*>u? nnaccnstonied to bis ?atti<<d of operating,which is entirely different from tbe old-tUae practice of tearing of the ingrowing toe Ball, or lancing dees Into the banion, a JiatreaaTngly ?atafnl wetb-<d. ami->ne wbicb obliged the snfierer to go sbi eleas, and soiot.D-s on crutckea, for weeks or?. i.lbs. n d ubl tanded to abortan life, at laaat t aiake it far laaa pieaaant and os ful, ba: Dr 1 flag White s operations are fre-ijieutly borne by cbildrea with, at complaint; th?re is utUe or no pain, no Ioaa at tiao*. aud if Done bat saitabie shoes be worn, the treatL.i at. e> en in eitreu* caana, affects a perfect ?are. U'oagh tbe feef being a??d ?? constantly Corns ?re liable to come occasionally with oven tbe beat Siting akoee. and indastriona per* ns think there is eeocom; of time, comfort, and health in an occa gtocal *1ait to the Chiropodist, and it is awell-kaown (bet that iboaaaods of per* aa. many of the* thoee Moat boworea In pnblic and private life, come from far and near to visit Dr. White's Kstahlisaroent, to pMf of wb* Dr. White has anaoltettad paiua ssiop ? Hk._ s>-?r WOEMLEiS PKCTORAL SYRUP, POP COUGHS AND COLDS. SOL O ar ALL UXUHiilSTX IV" 1 l?.HT C4?LOMED l?KK>?> PANTS in p ?ii j Lstcnil, r, and T a . ; r?, at .1 e\. II-- .1 w rkwansb.p, at A STR*l'S', 1011 Penna >< near Utb. njg 4'^RPKT> CLEANKD AT THE -TKVM < AK * PI T FEATlNt. WORK". 4*?0 vfatue avenn. bet. *S arid i"li ??'< C.*cp r? ? nil* rt fcr ail.] retnrike< fret? > f r??ra ? ha-ge. LORKSZO m?'E. aelUy AMUSEMENTS. \\ ? \l.t ? NtW Ul LK t HOI NK. JuItN T. FORD ? Proprietor. PO-IUVILY THE LA>T TWO SIGHTS AND ONE i.K^NI) MATINEE OF A I >1 fc E AXI> THE PARISIKN OPERA BOUFFE rill-i FRIDAY i EVENING. M av -J. BENE FIT ?'F ML L K AIM EE?LA BELLE IIKLENE I1MEF. a* BELLE HELENS. JITEAi; jus PARIS, to-rii'-rro* af'<*rp< oi, ? 2 "'clock GRAND AIM EE MATINEF.-BARBE BLEl E Iw* as HkiiMIx. | Juiimh a- Bailie Bleiie. T il. ift N*. ;v. fr ><r-vr.-ll Pe-'.rm nice, F: s in.!?hfrc,OBrUKU(iAl'X EHFEKS. Ami ?, Bonclli. J mean, and all the conipa! ' in Hm >-a-t M.itiure prices?Admis.i.n. jfl; rtwrred seat". II ? :ii I- -?? ur*-?l mi Kill-'Music Store, it it Penney Ivauia aver.tie. m2 I, I C O L S HALL. EVERY F.\ ENING ANDSATURDAY MATINEE THREE YEARS 1.1 A MAVTRAP! THE I.BE AT REFORM D R \ M A, F.omd'd on T. S. ARTHUR S Slory, r irtwnl. <1 rvprj wh"r? for it* wholesome inflwiiCv a nil concentrated intercut, Pr dnctd with Appropriate- Scoarry and a P 'Wcr fitl Dramatic Com puny. SATURDAY MAN TRAP MATINEE Adiniwior .SDrfBti; rem rvesl g<*ats, 75 cent*. Matinee admission, Ladies an I children,?& cents. Seats ' an be secured at Ellis' Mmic Store. u.l / ? R A > D PROMENADE ID NlERT, At f ASONK TEMPLE. On TUESDAY EVENING, M?) 6,1*73, For the B-netit of THE AO ED MBy ASD WOUKXS HOME, Under the char? ' of the LITTLE SISTERS OF THE POOR. Marine Band engaged. Tickets, SI ? Refresh ments extra. Under the Patronage of tbe following La lies and Gentlemen: Madame de N'-ailles, Mrn. Senator 0**?i!rly, Madame Freyre, Mi*s Alice Rigg-:, M- daiiie 11 imhraii, Mi?s Alexander, Mrs. Iletri iiits, MissCarrolJ. Mr*. Th>?- n, W W. Core-.ran, K-|., Mr*. Th.*. B*rry, G-->. \V. lliifg*, K-j., Mr* Kean.n. Win. Gait. B-i., M? ?. M . L. Steph '0". .l.('arro|| Brent, E-<| , Mr*. J. G. Berrett, Augustus P- rty, Ks-i., Mr*. Redfem, and other*. ml-5t ASHI MtiTOJI THEATER ( OXIQI R i ti vfciitb *treet, south Pennsylvania a?euu*. vv A PHIL 2S? OA ? IF Is E K A MO TII O M .4 Tl bees. 1 -itivelji last week of tbe joyng American Star GF.OKGE W. thompson. F'rst api>' ar.< no? ? I the l e.u.t ifu! V c?li?t, KITTY Row ELL. K ITT V KOWiilL. I n-t appeal aire .1 the l'h tmpion Sons and I> moo Lady, BELLA GORDON. K-y< t i a I attention 1- called ?<> the are >t PAI.LOR MINSTREL SCENE' Intr.-dncing t?-nty hand* m<? lad-. *. The 11 eat Comic -mi.ner ?"<1 Comedian, HILLY DEVERE. TWO NEW BAI LKTS NEXT W EEK L'-t ue kif the cli.tin.nig Qaeen of ?uii^ VfcCa!iM?, FANNY DAVES PORT. Tt<e t? *iT!t ifvI h . l diuhinK Premiere*enjf? M'LLK COS? lliTA RoNZATTl. The iii^tliHlieti II'Hij Daitcer*, k - ! r THE hiRALFY SI.-TF.RS. K t? 11. ASDUl K MAMMo'i II NOVELTV TROL l'L Iu a srnii'l ImII i>f excellencies. T- CI tie'mle u ifh thf event Locali'Tii I.f T1IE WASHINGTON DETKC'tlVE. Matineea W FDNESD \Y ?'-<1 S VTI'RD \ Y B-I.eht t- Moss PL \ ND"W>KI. Maj 2. a2.^ OLD No. J On Exhibitiau iNcwN J and Sat* { 43? *TH ST \ AT /7th St ^1 ARK R ITER'S, >?o. 4iv 7th ?trt?-t, between D and E street*, e'.aht d?>or* above Odd Fellow's Hall. C-o!ce O.l Paintiiitt*, Engraving*, Chromo?, arc. Al*o, larg"*t stock Paper Uai.gitigi. Wiui>w :Lace*. Pictures, Frame?*, Picture (Joras atsd T<ta tels^Riiig*. Natl*. *c? iu tbe District. ?i'TEKMS CASH. Please remimLer Name and Namher. )el-lv * All kinds of cast-off wearing ap PA HE L can be sold to the yery best ?1< antu^n by addreaemg or calling on Jl'STII, 619 D atrevt, between ?th and 7tb n. w Note* by mail promptly attended to. Cub paid. (13 Oi l) GOLD, SILVER, BRASsTtJOPPKR, Etc., bonght at fair prices for a New Tork house. U n?' h> Id Fortiitnre bong'ul and*' Id Note* by mail ?r mptly attended to by A0QEN8TKIN, 14UB ret:;") Ivania aveune dfl-lr* REAL ESTATE AGENTS. ?CAN BOYLE FRANK BARNUM Jl AS Bt?\ LE A CO., /. I. A L I > 7 A TE A A O A O TE H K OK E I. S, So. 00?> liili ftreet. opv sitt U. S. Treasury . FOR SALE?A hand-ome HOUSE oti 1 *treet N >. !>I3. A no# large double HOUSE, corner 21-t ai< H HOUSE No. I b I 0 Mannat'liu-etts avmi _-. HOUSE No. M26 2-1 street ?? ?st. for -ale or rent, t"ur tiishei! or niiftjrnt?hM. A COTTAGE in Willard's Row , price. 92^0U. Several small Houses, from $?} Set to small ra-h pa\;n.-iit-. We have -e- ei. i Tt-ry tiue FARMS, unproved and iinim piove?:, on different railroads running fr^ni me city, f >r sale at low figures or exchange for city pr> perty. feet <f GROUND fn various p< ni' iist.f ihe< itv for sale at low figures^ on ?-a-v tiini*. or will eichance for productive unpr -ve.1 p i'perty. ap2fi tr REALESTATE AGENCY OF EIT4 II AND FOX. W e give -pectal attention to the care of Properties belt i ginc t-> non-resident owtier-.? payius :?\e<, attemliag to r-p.?irs, securing tenant*, ctdlecting rents, Sr., A FITCH -V FOX. 1-iOH Penns avenue, Freeduiau'a Bank Buihlin?, :?22 e- Jw ,.pp U.S. Tr?a-ury. i * EO. TKULM'ELL A co . KhAL ESTATE BROKERS, ftlA 7.h street, iover German American Satium' Bank.) Special att- n" n tivetl t . RCNTING COLLECT 1NG. PAYING TAXES and SEGOTiAflNG LOANS. R-fer by permis-i x > to?General B'nj.Alvord, Pa>ma-ter ??? ueral U.S.A.; Janies S. Griunell, Chief CKrk I S. Patent Office: John Eraser, Arch it.ct, Hon. F. P Blair, Hon. J. W Doiiglaan.Coni nu--i ner Interna] k inuie; Woi.t M ?e*. Furni ture Dealer; C E Prentiss,Cashier German Ameri can Savirgs Bank; Col. John M Fesweudeu; Hon. Jobn Hitz. Cousul General of Switzerland. a23.iiu* w ILL(A>I Ull K.SON, G?K ?K AL ISSl'lUNOK AND KEAL ESTATE A O E N T , No. fcOi FIFTEENTH STREET, t>PP< -iTK TRKASUS.?. None but tlie safest insurance cwmpanie- repre ?ented. Pi mpt setUuaient of losaea ami fair d- aling guar anteed. apS liu CSTiN P. BROWN. Gvruer (? Y avenue and l&th street, Waabiniitou, D O.. WHOltULl Pral FR !?t LI B1BER. LIME CEMENT, SAND, 4c., Ac , Ac LI MBEk BILLS cut to order on short notice. BLIE STONE for Building, Macadamizing aur i'a\i,.g purpoeo* deiivored in any part of tbe Dia trict. RE \L ESTATE bon(ht aud sold and m^uey <Q To this branch of tbe business | will here after give my personal attention, aud will be at my office daily from 10 a. n. until 4 9. m marl-tf 'I'HE PROBLEM THAT Was EASILY SOLVED 1 k-1 say. Charley, pardon m>-, but pray tell m> b< w i* it yoti alw a> * dress so st> lish, and ba\ ing but a mi?l. rate lneomt?" " W hy simply tK-can<'- I pur chase Lom A. STRAUS, I Oil Peuna. a\e., Il'h." ^HIRTS >1ADE TO ORDER. Iu connsction with my Merchant Tail>>r<ng busi ness. I am aow prepared to MAKE SHIRTS TO ORDER, having engage! the service* of oue of tbe best cut ter* iu the country for that purpose. Being satis Hi d of m> ability to give entire satisfaction, both in style and fit, 1 respectfully solicit the patronage of the puMlC. _ _ O. Ti KEEJit -Sam ?n l Ifrttrrrs Ma*n'artyrer, *19 lu. !Kh street northwe?t \%"ORK ING MEN have no cause to strike t^} 1! the* ran l-uy OsJ* at $i. Pants' )J1 7 ?2. at M RAUS'. lOll Peuna. ave.,uear 1IT-Z* ~ C. LUTTRELL. C A. DUNN IF"*0 H I.CTTRELL fc Dt MMINOT''-.^ AHctioaeer* and ? omtnU?ion - V17 L*. Ave, be, .thandldtK.trej.;'^;^ ???Special and Personal ait?atio aJ# . I .ale of Real Estate. ? ?? \" Ol' NO M AN D ? NOT l'E>V* .t if-nieel'.' get 1 Lilt littleniean*, antl wish ; A , one (X tl?e ?9suite, in three ifc*rii?h. ' a24 : STRAUS'. 1011 ?*ettiH ave, lfKODHEAD A CO., _ et. I P . , , 1^0*' 'lowaat market prtcea. buy and l.forcaah, at t BMrtl 3aa Call and amine their ate r? ^ , - ? E to the \ lenna Evp-*i 'I HE NEAREST RO| STRAUS', 1011 Perm. A t: >n ;* by the way ? ave., near llth I UMBERfLUMr_ /HNSON A SON * ? . larae stock of WHITE and vit7owr,rYv kV, BKR- I?ATHS, SHIN i I i < a a y II ^ < INGS.all of which we are . liTl ?'?. i ? . " Great ii dui-^nwnts for ca?h. r r 't 1 and ^ ?Bf*rSu,,,P,-lM?riuient. *r?-lm* y\: SPECIAL NOTICES. Fine Old Rye Whisky, pine Old Kye Wbi*ky, Fine OM Kye Whisky, Kme 0!d Kye Wnisky, Fine Old Kye Whisky, Fine Old Rye Whisky, Fu.e OM Bye Whisky, ITannntfd Warrant,d WarrtinKd Pure Pure Pure And Vniitl uhrratid, For (infitil and Mi-Urinal I'm. This i? the article w? have now sold for upward* of five years with universal satisfaction; put up in large bottles at One Dollar ptr bottle. or can be hail in anv quantity. W Noiic?, that we will retnrn the money if this Wh.skv does not give satisfaction or prave as repre sented by ns. Also an excellent stock of California Wines?P<*rt, Sherry. Angelica, Muscatel, Ii<>ck anl Claret, also Belly's Island Ca'awba and imported Lienors of all kinds. ARTHUR NATTANS, Druggist, altj-tr Corner >1 and D streets n. w . Batrhetor's Hair Dye is the best in the worH, the only true and perfect Hair Dye; no ridiculous tint', no disappointment, harmless, reliable, in-tan tan^.ois black or brown; at all druggists', and 16 Bond street. New Tork. f 3-eoly A Car*. A Clergyman, while residing In Booth America M missionary, discovered a safe and simple remedy for tbe cure of Nervosa Weakaeae, E'rly Decay, Disease of the Urinary and Seminal Organs, and the whole train of disorder* brought on by bane' I and vicious habits. Great nnmbers have been ared by this noble remedy. Prompted by a desire fo benefit the afflicted and unfortunate, I will send the recipe ft r preparing and using this mediciue, in a sealed envelope, to any one who needs it, Frt* af Vnmt*. Addrsaa, JOSEPH T. INMAN. Station D, Bible House, inarg-ly New Fork titty. LADIES* GOODS. !\|RS. C. B. MILLET, l"l AT THE nm KEW TORK MILLINERY STORE, HAS KEMOVED LW from 614 9th street 46'J PENNSYLVANIA AVUNITE, WASHINGTON 1) C., and has just returned from New York with the latest styles and novelties in Millinery and Fancy Go 'iis. Thankful for past favors, she solicts a con tinuance of patronage. ap24 lni* [VOT1CE.?Bargains are now being offered in MILLINERY - and FANCY GOODS, ?y E. LENZBKRG A CO., ?28-tr 7V7Mark.-t Space, AIR GOODS. II FIRST CLASS GOODS AT LOW PKICES. Fine BRA IDS, CI RLS, etc., of onr nwn nuko, A at manufacturer's prices, at 11 PHILIPPl'S Han w <rk F ?< t? >ry and Store, 7 10 M irkw So i e, t" t? e> n 7th and 8th streets. a'21 fit* MISS MiCORMH K, 90A PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,1 (Up Stairs,) \Vill open on THURSDAY, Aprii. 4tii, a large and attractive assortment of Imported BONNETS AND ROUND HATS, to which the special attention of the ladies is called. ?2-tr J^TAMTING DEPOT, 61T Sevknu Strkkt, felil-tr Opposite Patent OSlce, s JELLING OFF I selling orr 1 AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, the entire stock OF THE NEW YORK BA'AR, 441 Seventh street, near E. mar7 tr NO HUMBUG. ?? | AD1ES'" I j FRKNCfl STARCH ENAMEL If tbe beat atticle iu the world for doing up Linen or Mr.slin. It in parts a beautiful glosa to the fabric. For sale by all Grocers. BlIRNHAM A CO., Manulacturers, 160 West Lombard street, lanM-ly Baltimore, Maryland. SUMMER RESORTS. W U M M K K BOARD. The OSBl'RN HOUSE, Leesbnrg. Va.,|snow open for the accommodation of Summer Boarders N > pains will bt spared in the endeavor to make all com fortable. (ap3-lm*) JOAB OSBC UN. Proprietor. BEFORE GOING ELSEWHERE eumne the Diagonal Dress Suit f t * 17, ( a specialty,) an 1 only to be had at A. STBAUS', 1011 Peuua. avo., Lear llili. a2S ETROPOL1TA* DOLLAR STORE. M THE LARGEST VARIETY OF GOODS EVER OFFERED! EVERY ARTICLE A BARGAIN' NEW AND TASTY GOODS: WII \T A DOLLAR WILL BUY! r AO CENTS WILL BUY' \* 11AT i ENTS WILL HI Yl \motigth Dollar goods we offer: Children's Lineu Suits, Marseilles Hats, Lace Iuianu' Cap*. I'.ira sols, suu diflerent Chronios, seta of Plated Tatde SP' oiif, Fork-, ;Castors, Hair Brushes, Mir rors. Brackets and Racks of all kinds, K aus of all kiud*. 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OPTICIANS, >-SaKT>, No. 1^'J7 Pkinsti vama Avixr*. >0 Genuine Brazilian Pebble Spectacles. janl9 tr 1' H E LATE>T WONDBB of tbe 19th century ia the suit, now selling rapidly at STRAUS', loll Penns. n\ e., near lltn. a2$ HE CHINESE TEA BONG Baa removed to 1110 afreet. ? IT Between ttb and 7th, north aide. TEAS tbwper than ever. No rent to pay. febla ta 1*. BENJAMIN, Pr r'rter EVENING STAR. Washington Nows and Gossip. c iNTiRNAt RKvisr*.-The receipt* from this source to-day were 59. The U. S. Sctreme Court v strrday ad journed sin* 'lie. The next term begins on the r'Cf nd Monday in October. Secretary Belkn ar and General Sheridan and party left New Orleans yesterday evening lor Washington, Tia Louisville. Commodore William Smith, who was in C' mm and of the frigate Congress when sunk by tlie rebel ram Merrtmae, died in St. Louie on Wednesday, ag, d "Q. Dead.?The commissioner of the general land office yesterday received a telegram, annoanc ing the death of Surveyor General Beach, of Washington Terr:to v. Aim- e in one or her best roles to-n ;ht, "La B; He He'ene.*' This opera, burl, s |ii ng tlie famous sie^c of Troy, should draw a crowded lionse. Naval Orders Lie a tenant George M. Tot.en Las been de.ached irom t*>e L r?rwana a>>d p'^t d on wji.'ng o devs. Second Assist ant Engineer Wm. A. detached from the Canandaigua, and p'ac d on s:ck leave. The p.>tmksts made from the Treasury by warrants during the month of April, foot up ?14,9fi?>>61<>.S$, exclu.-ive of those made on ac count of interest on princ-pal of the public debt. Arrived Oft Secretary ICchardson this morning rcccivcd a dispatch r nnounciug that Messrs. Tulloek, Cassilear, Whelpley, 11 il! house an' Brntnard, who tailed t.-oiu New Vork on Sat unlay, April 10th, w>'h the tecoml ins. al men* 01 be ads for the s\odicate, arrived in London yesterday with the" bonds. CoLLi.t tor Bailey, at Albany, N. Y., has been c:tcd to appear before Judge Woodrutl to show*w y an injunction should not je ssnc l a;>inn dm toies.ra'n him from collect ing the tax a v .d against the company. At the rcqtu -t or Cotu- oner Dougiars. tuo So lici'oi General wiM go over to New York to sssist Distiiei Attorney C.owley in the case. The Farraout Bounty Claim??Yester day. in the Supreme Court of the I>istnct, alter argument in the case of the bouuty c'aiins of Admiral Farragnt and others, the court ne r'dtd to grant a decree affirming the award o.' the arbitrators. '1 lie case of the ?ame parties against the ship Metropolis and others < prize case) is yet to be heard. Tin; Postal Cakos <?wmg to an accident the Morgan Envelope company, of Springfield, Mass., was yesterday unable to supply the ?VOW.fro |>ostal cards, which they proin'c?-d the Post Office department. They notify th<* de paitiuent they are now at work and are making 5 00 cards per dav- The re?jnisitionsof pos. masters will not probably be tilled before the latter part of next week. The Prkrident at his Old Homk.?Owing to the heavy storm, the formal reception oi President (!rant at Galena, 111., yesterday, was I ostponed. He was met at the depot list even ing b a committee ol the council and citizens, a' 1 escorted to the residence of L. S. Fell, whose guest he will be during his stay. Not withr'anding the heavy rain, nearly four thou sand p >ple greeted l'N arrival with prolonged cheers. Saturday night the President hold- a reception at his old residence, ard leaves that fight lor Chicago. Bids tor Stationery.?There were lii't^n bids for the stationery contract of the Interior department opened yesterday ard the reading of them was concluded to-day. The lowest M.l ders were W: nen Ci'c. e it Co.. Wm. Ballan tvne. R. B. Mohnu & Co., J. C. Parker, llo' a. Benll and Kt i v.rd <& Towers, aM of tlrs city. An examina. on of samp'ee by t'"e coinm ecni[>osed of jjCnileintn se'ccted from bereau o." tiie depaitmcnt w ill determine the award, which will probably be made to morrow. Tj!<j Twinty Per Cent. Claims?The question as t j where the money is to come . oni to pay the tweiuy per cent, additional compen sation to ceit .in civil emptov < s of the govern ment, under the act of February 2*Ui, l^n, awarded ?hem by the recent judgment of the ? "ourtol Claims, basnot yet been decided at the Treasury, as no official record of the court has l? en received. As soon as one of the persons interested present* his claim wif,i the' deeis'on of the court the mattci will be referred to the accounting officer and settled. Controller Tay lor Mr{ absent. Colonel .lones. the acting con troller, will rule in the matter.

Personal.?Gen. Eaton, commissioner of education, was summoned to New Hampshire tc-day on a< count of the serious illness of his lather. ????Gen. Cowen. assistant secretary of the Interior,and Cel. A. 8. H. White will ret urn to-morrow Ironi New York, w here they went t > witncLSthe opening of bids lor Indian supplies. ???Mr. John S. Delano, chief clerk of the Inte rior department, has gone to Little Bock, Ark. His health continues to improve. Gens. Butler and Negley are in the city. Mr. Ed win B. George, a third-class clerk in the finance bureau of the Post office department ? ts re sign, to take ettcct on the 31st instant. Remains of the Late Jambs Brooks Stone this morning took a plaster cast of the tace of the late James Brooks to assist him i:i making a marble bust of the deceased. Mr. hlder, an artist of Richmond, was also at ?'ie r.sidence of the deceased to study the fcalr?t? of Mr. Brooks, preparatory to paint ing his portrait. The remains will be removed to New Vork to-morrow morning in the * o'clock train, in charge of Sergeaat-at-Arms Ordway, ai d accompanied by the family. I'pon arriving thers they will be received "by Mr. Krastus bi >l's and taken to Grace church, to remain nn; 1 Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, the hour tfxe'l t<>r the tuneral. Messrs. Oak eh Amkh ami John B. Alley print a joint card in the Boston Post about a joint speculation in Virginia real estate which, they sav, has been misrepresented to their in jury. They say they did not couspire with ?luogeUnderwood ta get the real estate contis e..ted, had nothing to do with his acquisition ef a house, and are no more res|>ousitde for bis action in the premises than Col. Greene him self. Their only motive in going to Alexandria was to help certain Massachusetts creditors of the rebel owner, who were in danger of losing an honest debt; and they and Mr* Hooj?-r, w ho was associated with them in this charitable mission, have been ready at any moment to re sell to the aforesaid rebel owner for what they paid, jdud 6 per cent, interest. Female Employees in the Internal Rbv em k Bi ueac?It should be said in connection with the statement that Col. Douglass, Com missioner of Internal Revenue, declined to as sign to duty in his bureau several young ladies who had passed the civil service board, that he did so, not because he is opposed to the em ployment of women as clerLs, but for the rea son' that he desired experienced book-keepers lor the existing vacancies, and especially per sons thoroughly familiar with the revenue sys tem, the various rulings and decisions of the diflrrent commissioners, &c. He does not doubt the general capacity of women to till clerkships, but believes considerable ex|*erience is neces sary before they can satisfactorily discharge tlie'dutie# of such jiositions as are referred to. Henowhssin his office sixteen remale clerks, who receive from *1.200 te ei.flnrt each per vear. Considering the whole number of female clerks employed, tlie proportion of those who have be? n i?-omoted to male desks is greater in his bureau than in any other under the govern ment. The WfcEKLT > i < it now ready, contains late and lull dispatches irom the lava beds; open ng proceedings of the District Legislature aid message of Gover-.ior t'ookejth'? fashions lor May by Jeurie June; the auction sale of de?.V*. \-f., at the Capitol; society notes; latest aiui best tales, poems, s retche* ami lash ion items; together with inh resting local news, Washington news and gossip, agri cultural items, household receipts, Jtc. jfcc; Taints: One dollar and a half per annum, in advance; single copies uve cents, iu wrappers, ready for mailing. A Difi'Erlxb A mono the Doctors The faculty of the University of Kentucky,it ap pear*, have vetoed the selection of ex- Pr>*sideut Andrew Johnson as commene*"ment orator, while the mndeiii* have ?-*i'ereii into a solemn v< h to l>ten to no one else. TELEGRAMS TO THE STAB Tbl? AfterBMB'i Dispatcher. ? ASSOCIATED FRkSS REPORTS. * LATEST FROfl THE LITI BEDS. More About the Fatal Anbaxadr. The Fate of Liealcaaiit fr.vnafoti. Sell* nml Private Bloom The Ha?*xM (aptnre I'onrtceu KIKe* and Two Ihou^inil KoumK or Ammnnlilon ? Mixlur RarlNiri VfM"nr Troops Sot Yet Read) Tor Another Move. Saw Francisco, May I.?A lava bed specia' oi April 29 says: The troop# Lave all returned anil was heaid ol Lieutenant Cranston Sergeant Nebs and Private Bloom. The U>t two were last seen running in the direction ol the cei.tcr of the beds, ri^ht into the <U n ot the savage*. Sunday night the Modoc* h id a lar go lire, dancing around it Mime time. Donald McKay and his Warm Spring Indians in ihe fight were of little assist ince, a< ou* troo>.* were so demoralized that they fired on them bv mistake, competing them to retreat. The holies of onr df ad afd wounded were not re covered till Sunday morning. Mo*t oi' the mules have the epizootic. The Indian* ha 1 completely surrounded our troop*, and when the taen bioke many ran right INTO THE .IAWS or PEATH. Four men were found around the body of Lieu tenant Wright, and eleven around Maj. Thorn a* and L'eutenaut Howe. By all accounts it ap pears that they were attacked by thirty-uve Modocs. which is supposed to be the who'e strength of the enemy. Otir men lost fourt en guns and about two thousand rounds of ammu nition. w hich the Indians probably have. Tlie Indians had six fires burning on the night of tlie 28th. Eight of our killed were buried on (he held. ?"he i:ot>ies of Captain Tl-omas anu Lieutenants Howe, Slierwa od and Wright were taken to Yreka on tlie morning or the I5?th, by Lieutenant Tavlor. Ihe wounded are doing well. Some of" the bodies were mutilated by the Indiana, havintj the feet ard hands cut off. A ^ .cka dispatch ol the 1st instant states that the lie dies of the above-named officers liave ar med there, and lav instatein the Masonic hall. N<? AGORESS1VE MoVKMEST ag.i'nst the Modocs will l?e made lor some d*vs, I a> < eneral Dav>* will not move untd thor oughly i rt par'd. He left for the lava beds I> 1 day. the t;t instant. A I>I?rATCH IfST RECEIVED PROM YRF.KA states that all the settlers on Butte and Bogus creeks have moved away. Batteries A and K ot the 4th artillery liave been consolidated un der command of Lieutenant Learv, and com panies E and (i, 12th infantry, under command ot Lieutenant Camp. No active movement will l>e made against the Modoc* at present. A Sensible 4oiK'lusjoii i<> Arrive \t. San I Hakcipco, May L?The following dis patch was received from Vr. kathisafteruo.ii: Captain Silva and Mr. \\ . S. .lohnsou arrivr.l from the front this aiferno>n. hiving leti<i--n. Cillem's camp on Tuesday i ? Tiling. "Mr. John son believes there has be n not- ..'done since the battle ot the 2t>tli ulliM .. 1 '.tiling was ouiet. and no ditVerent line of p..Lev in fighting the Modoc* had l^eii settled ii|M?n. The opinion prevailed that it would be p- rtect folly to at tempt to whip (he Mia|ix< n*'ter tlie manner put sued so far. | That's so?Ei> ] Xo scoutinz has been done, and nothing ha- been heard irom Lieut. Cranston and the missing men whose l-odies have probably l^en burn .I. right bodies are known to be still on the field oi battle, or burned. Capt. Mendenhall's com. maud arrived in camp on the 2?th. from South I uie lake, (ieneral Davis, with his escort of twenty-tive men, left Ba"'s this morning. The I odie* of Lieut. Sherwood and the other officers who were killed in the late tight have arrived at ' tf'liiii and will be sent to Sau Franci-c?> . v way ol Beading's. ? . Vork \nies. A WIFE'S REPUTATION < I.EACEI). >ew York, May 2?The ca>e ot Mr. .f against his wiie, whie'a ha* been on trial at J i ni?'.i, L. I., icr .3me time, charging her w.tli adultery, etc.. was closed y teraav bv the ic (jui. al of Mrs.Justh 3 7 *L Tim coorERs ol this ciiy and B.ookly n now threaten, un1e<* then demand tor the immediate cessation ot the use ot Portland-made bariels iu siisar refineries is complied with, that the wlu.le force will strike. Oi Ty about 200 have now struck. THii ruLlCE FORCE AROUND THE SEW T ICK OAS WORKS w-as Increased last night. under apprehension* of trouble from the recent st kers. who have been reiuscd work for which they applied. VIENNA SPECIAL* state that the Prince of WaVs and Prince Ar ?^!he CJr,e.S? Ht opening or the exhibition. The A mencan department was closed, h oking batter i and dingy. ?-"iAT A t*!*?APPOINTED nillDER S\v? U.S. Dawson, according to the Tribune. savs he offered to i urn<*h the whole amount of iK*et wanted for the Indian's agencie*at Us.* han the contract price made last evening: rhat hislod wp* ostensibly rejected on a technic .arv. out really becau e ot Indian ring influences. ' . , , TWO HrSDBEl) TROOPS leic here yesterday lor San Francisco. ? , ... - nixon's i.e< k. ? .of,exce,'tions as been tiled and a. cei?t ed by Jnd^e Iirady in the murderer Nixon s case, and ins counsel to-morrow will move a stay of procecd.ngs. He was sentenced to be hanged on the 10th Inst. these sew Yorkers would steal a red-hot a i ? ... stove. a load ol liirni.u.e. worth >4;,?100 was s ileu bv ro!;bf,rs? *J?o knocked the driver tttjeteam and threw ahoy into the street ? ,,r' cau'1:1,t 0,'e- ?>ut while the the team a'way. theot,ler n>bl>erd.ov? THE SAILOR BOARDIKO-HOfOK KEErKfH passed a resolution taHtamoun: to defiance ot the shipping commissioner here, and agreein ? ?h^TT ,H crew to ,be 8h,P Aiiierica. Tf. V wa.'t,"8 several days for men. ? i r> state that thev s'c satisfi,,l with the law, but not its application. . TIIl-RLOW Will) is seriously ill. THE MANAGERS OF THE "ARK HO?PITAL have ordered that no more information be given to the press because ol strictures in the i,a *rs i'Z'""o-? ? ?"i'k fflSS woman, who was ejected from the hospital during a rain storm Monda\ night. made a speech in .laj .nese a; the Chamber ol Commerce dinner It -t? ghf. -? ? Madoc, ont.. May 2?A t!re this mornlnc destroy ed the Hotlman House and a block of the''Pre"i?.J U tftBated> together with "30 1 ?o church and Town Hall. Lo*> Crockersl^Me.' oined by Cro^iTe).KkbMk \ los; wffSZfiSF1**by ,ait mmIfAAM?HHIA,' fA-' Nay 2-T"? woolen mm ot Amidon & Lane, on the Wissahickou r,^la^Ked b? fire thu mornini?. I os*' ending is within the park limit*! and has been purchased by the citv, prei.ara tory to removal, though the null was still work ? o ludiaa Scare la \etaila. trb SNAKE INDIANS ON the WAR PATH. ,VCOJ!nu C|ty, Nev., Mav 1.?A mail car ner who has ^ust arrived at Elko from the north .reports that the settlers in the Mountain city districts are greatly alarmed at the threat ening attitudeof Che Indians Pa^of Snake Indians are pouring in from all directions, an I hl!7hire wa[ paint. A public meeting had been called at Mountain Citv to take meas break.0 ,,rocare arms and Prepare for an out A Chlea*o Tbuader Nterui. Chp ago, May 2.?A very heavy rain storm "V by ,hun?1?,r lightniug. pre vailed here irom seven o'clock last ni?ht nut 1 M?rn<1rayU?"t rblf mor,ni"^ AnimmeS quai - of wafer fell, and four houses indifferent paib* of the city were struck by Ughtninu and set on hre, but the damage was light in a!l Mn I'rauelaeo. San F banciaco, Cal., May i.?There it in ff? here to-day "among dealers in mining stocks over the verdict in the great min ing raTt between the Kavmond Jfc Ely and the Hermes'companies in Nevada. Many or the brokers have lost heavily on Raymond & Ely. Suicide of a Fariuer. Philadelphia, Pa., May 2 ?Beriamii St.les, a farmer of SK-orestown, New .Jcr*e\ committed suicide yesterday by hamrin? hin. self in his barn. He was in good circumsunce. and leaves a wife and child. ? Milked to Death by His Hone Boston, May 2?i>. H. Nicholsaged50 vears a resident of Hvde Park was found deTlK i?? liSJSSSi; FroMi I-nmpf T? 4?y. Mis* *H.'? rwRl.s. LoSIh'ii. 1' -Mi? Hy? ? nt out 71 girl* by the ip SarBttiu, which sailed from l<lTrr|iMl for Montn >! y?*U't(Uy. Ho?r.<k?*r b n wcured tor -hem iu various p'. < es in Cau ??'a. .lOCEril ( in. Ro?k, May 2 ?It in rei?ortod that .Jo^iili Garibaldi i? slattn'tig'y ill. WrTIKV or CARLIHT rRI?o?IE.R?. Mat?hiP, Mat !!.? A uumber of Carlist pr: - i n is. confined in one of the Canary islands, niu in eti several davs ajro. and the guard wm compel lid to fire on th>-ni to wcwi> submission *o the orders ot the authorities. Manv of the prisoners were killed and wounded. \ dUiiti li trrmKiToeloni^jt that General Velarde ha issued an order granting amnesty to all Car lis.# who so-render wdnin eight days, except those w ho ilrrwt I 1 roni the Spanish army and leaders. and requiring the inhabitant* of lteri;a to pay ? 10,,000, for allowing tl?c CtfM to enter that town. F.n?tin?r ?l mm lAriliuc Mull. bf.ttik? hnu am? rxmiKvovi ckkt IM< AFTER THtCLOPI <>r THE TRIAL? 1 HKKI rERSOKft WSOPIIMIIt FATALLY. Virhihia City. Nit. Mav 1 The suit of the Raymond and Ely S.lver Mining company, against the Hemes' Mining company, involv ing lirmi'n;? irt?rf?t?. and which has b" ?n on trial before the United State* court at Pioche for ten months pust.has resulted in favor of the 1!? tnx -' company. The whole com mi mtv of Pioche ha* been greatly excited pending the tr'ai. ard the result was "made the subject of heavy wager*. A lout ?41,000 changed hand* there to-day on the n?ue. A |>er-onal dirti "ultv between ttie opposing ce?un.-el ha* grown out of the case, which in expected to result in a hostile meeting be! ween Harry J. Thornton and Mr. Perley. the first-named' being the challenger. Mr. Perby was of the coutseltor the Kavm uid & Fly company. The excitement is still run ning high. an<I a number of shooting affray* between perouaa interested in the contest Ov - currcd io-day,in which three person* were wouuUcd, due of them fatAlly, it i? believed. Wall Wreel To^lajr. New York, May 2?The Wall street markets continue very dull. Gold has ruled lower than yesterday, ail sales having been at 11C\ to 117%. On go'.l loan the rates hare been V ?, and 7 gold per annum, and 1-32 |>er day tor car rying. Foreign exchange i* utterly "demot al lied.] the nominal rates for sterling remain ing as yesterday, but the rates for busincis being 10*', a"o-t tor i!0 day*, and HOaloO', for deinard sterling. The " money market is very sttingent for call loan*, broke ts having paid a.t-l<o? , of one per ccnt. i?cr day. The clearin?-horse sCat?* ment th's moi ring shows \iotent change* hi i dent to the preparation* yesterd .v and dair '? - fore by the city and v .nous cor |-oral, ion* for the May iii< .resl payments. 1 he Ten Hour Mri Wo in I?I.-xii<I. pRiiYii'KNe'E. H. 1., May 2 The mill owneis in Woonsockit have shut their gatesto-dav. and all is ijuiet there. At the d< lai ne mills in <Muey ville everything goes on a-usual. t'.;e di-t;irb ances of last evening not having been renewal. Tli?- niilis in Pawtucket va'ley were uot troi b'.ed with the ten-hour strike.' ? Trouble Relaeen t(interiior and l.i'Kislalure of %%?**>? \irtciuin., May 2.?Governor J acoba ft f.i-eid to |*-iuut the su|K-r'iitciid?'iit a"d hoard of di rectors of the iienitentiary and in- ane asylum, appointed by the Legislature, to take posses-ion ve?terilay. "The governor n>?tructe*d the aaper ibtendeiit to oroer the guard to slns)t any one attempting to enter without h'? penniaaion. ? Sorions C'liarse Aicaiu?t a Hosti'N, May 2.?The ltev. Kenneth H. Campbell, foimerly paster ot the Uapt.?t ciety at Last lKdhaui, is oil tr>al in the Norfolk cortnly eupertor coui . on a charge of bastai ly. Mi>s S.iral: J. Howell, a young woman ot t we tit v year-, is the p'ain" irt". Campbell i-a uiu, e-1 man, and *h ty-tour vear- old. llroy, iK'tl Her Three' < lii Itlren. l:?.i r-sti.s, Okt., May 2.?Mrs. K'dley. re siil'i!j,- 'ii the township' of Grey, y<-t"eM?y drow ned her three l:tt'e children in the river while lalf r'tig un :er a tit of insanity. She --in se?,uetiilj attenjj ted to drown herself, but ^a- I rescued. The Great Ti xsel I'sder t'Hti a< ? ? Over thirty ptoposals lor the eotis 'act un ot the tnnnel to connect the p.opoa 1 west de pumpii g works with the water work- were opened la-t Saturday '.y the Chicago Boa d o' Public works. The tunnel, beginning at : lie we*t end of the new lake tun' el, will run aimut three and five-sixth miles und- r the city to ?Uo site of the pumping works. a*id will Ite^cm -ev ent y-one lect l?elow the ordinary level of the lake. There will be nine working liatt* -uhI nine fire shaft* The clear width of the tunnel will be seven feet, and the bight seven feet ? ?1 two iin lies. It is to l?e lined with brick masonry 11 inches thick, anil wiilbeeompleteddaiiuary. 1875. The original estimate of tliecottof the pumping works, the tunnel and the new lake tunnel, was?1 ..Vm.OOQ Bonds were sold, and H^"4i0,i (I realized. The lake tunn< l ha* been completed, and its cost ami that of extending the water maius ha* rci'nced the amount to about ?s<0,0i ft. The b< .rd estim ited that ouiO.OOO would be required to build the 1 tnd tunnel, but the bid- received, which vary irom A4oo.oro to ?500.000 ha- led tbem to conclude that not as much money will have to beexp - tid ed. Between <i0ii.000 and f.'iOii.niiO more will l?e rrces-my to complete the pumping works and make the Deeded main extensions. Novel St it Aboct a Si-.nday School ? The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania ha-de cided that Sunday schools do not form any pait oi the worship 01 God. In Augu-ta. Northum t>eiland county, a Lutheran and a Mutcli Re formed religions society united in building a church under an agreement that the -true ore si.otild never be used for any puri?o*e other than the worship of God The two societies got aiong harm >nk>ruilv enou;h in their joint occu pation for a while, but after a time the Lutlie r: ns determined to hold their Sunday school ;ti 11 e buildin.'. 'I his was resisted by the mem bers of the Hutch Reformed society, and the matter was carried into court, w here the Luthe rans obtained a verdict in their favor. I.ut their oppor nts appealed. and finally the Su preme Con it sustained their appeal, deciding that the 1 n*in,vs* of teaching a Sunday -<-liool cannot legally be considered as the worship of God. The last bomam-e concerning Naj>oleon ill. comes trom an Knglish letter to the P*r'? Figaro. The w riter M-eert? with absurd ? arti est ness that the Ltup? ror is not dead, but that by means ot a chirugie-tl plot and a dutnmv he slyly got a- av from Chiselhurst, went to a small l.otid n"hotel, with bis papers all in or der. cut his iuor?tache, shaved oil his im|>et ia1, and put on an arti-tic wig. Tnence hi* iuar velons tale fakes him to France, where he is said to be tiaveling almut at leisure, studying the situatiot' of anair*. and reserving lntu-elt for a mujid? theatre. The letter includes a dis patch irom a person a ho declares that he was met and ret ognized in the FanbourgSt. Honore. A I)Ot"F! K Ml'KPKK AkflTHI UAKOIMO OF the Assassjh? G. A. Hayden, deputy slienrt oi Aroostook county. Maine, and Thotnas.Hiib bard, were murdered in camp,about three miles from that place Wednesday night. l?y dame* Collins, wlo entered camp' and killed them withana?e, and then set the camp on fire. There wer; four men in camp, two ot whom es caped ami brought the report. Collins wa M!bs< qt'CL ly arrested and hanged by a party . rom Prtf ine isle. A Boy UiDSArpED by his Mother ?Mr*. Emeline 1'oley of New Havcd on Wedueaditr kidnapped her child by a lormer mArnage. a boy 7 ve^r ;old, iiom school in Westfleld. where he had be< n placed by hia father, Henry Taylor ot West S| nnfctteld. The latlier and tuotber were divor ed some years ag i and the cu'to'iy of the boy was given to Taylor. The mother now saye that the boy is not Taylor's. A WlDOIV KI LLEf' BY HeB IIhoTHIK IN LAW. At Bremei , Ohio, Wednesday evening. Mrs Kellinberger was shot and instantly kiildd bv her brotber-ir-law, .lohn Schmelrer, while at tempting to release some of her cattle which the latter hail impoanded. Mrs. Kellinberger wa* a widow, and the head of a large family. Schmelzer is in jail. A VOI'HO woicak in Cuuilierland. Kngland, lately threw herself in front of a railway iraiu and was killed. Her conduct was aurih-iteil to a love <)uarr''. Two weeks later her ?uitor followed her example *n<i wa? killed in the same way. BfFMAfiH ha- consummated hi* in->vem??iit against tl.e It. m .n Catholic clergy ot Prussia, the upper house of tbe diet having parsed the bill for the regulation aisl control ot theclergv by a large majority. Ah Arsconnijid Lover cacuht ? Mrs. Sarah Keed. oi Boaton. tracketl u> Chicago h?*r abscondli g lover, John li. Goss. ard caused him to be held in ?2.i*hi lioixls for robbing her ot (s<si u.d a diamond iiii?. t&~< slifoii.ia at 'iciptte* a <*'i en gr-a tion of is Cfrt tbi? ye:ir, a'.d ?<?:.- ! r* i ' an alarming coui itiot el afairs." A Rt<o*p Cukt Mobtlikr - Th? cfnti a Of Mlf l*t?w?w Pirtff ?*> !t? ?"HIM to An ? connortfcNi wMi the 111 to* ractfic nlliiT through Mother rkltr?M<l. and received the u<uaj a?d to ?M*h roada Oom tl>? t iitrd Stair*. (>?i^Mtrlianr m tli? tn minna of the rMd, (t * %? Ml wl?n lu own ter n inu* in air An Hhwt ?? obtain further ad fu>m the lmt?d siat* * to complete ifa connec tion tailed. The en*(n? atioa. when tin* organ lied. < ntered into a contract tor the building of it* road, aa*igamg to the contractor ?ab*tan tially all the* a**et* e??e|?? the/n*d h~i an I equipment. This contract waa reaj?*ig?ie.i to the Mock bolder* of the r?*?1 Kt name, and ait Intereat in the contract wa* nold wi. h the atock. Samuel L. Trod well purrha?ed an interest in tics ooatract with k.? M**4. arvi now bnnf> *?rt for an account of the profit* of the contract. He aver* that the a**igti?e* of the con tract orianiittl w itb a Uva*urer a?i-t other officer*; that the cotiU act ha? been completed, but that the treasurer, in place at ilMrii>atiii| In- profit* of the con. tract*, ha* a| ;.IUU tin in to purchasing cou |-on* and Itond* of th. road ?*il to "bet'. - n?? lit*"ot the road. whi?h lie charge* cannot n^l'T the clrcum-tarce#, l?e oorLr l profit al He applh4 y.'?lei?l?y to JuUnr BatreM lor i receiver of the pi o&t* ol the contract aud lor an lajonctioti retraining the further vaxm ? t ol tlir*' |imt!U l? tho p iioial inirfOK ? o( ?'. ? comt-ativ. In reply U van claim. .1 mat contra, t though enviilM.nw never can ?l out. the contract Wing a mere m a ot t .. tect-ng I he stockholder*. that the coalpit,, ,t ?ell huilt the load, ? mp'o\ -ig the nominal . .?t tractor a* superintendent ??f the buiM.n*- a- a f\ed salary ol tl<Mh*i wr annum, thai ? it are calud by the plaint tl prout*ot therm i ? t are therefore a?aet? by ihe o>m;>ati> to <1 ? poped of r* Iher think proper. and th ? tii* plaintiff a* at .tckb.ddcr lm> no light ol ? t on. The court rem rved it* <k-ci-ion.? A. j* m m, 30.'* ??. itinRiDNM m n in* of a Vorno l.?i?v - ?? H- /"?4 IntKHt'," '< ? < >*??._ A voting i? \ f inn il Mary 7,eM, !4 tear* of ace, i --I r,< near lH-er I'aik.six mi it* from We*: ?nn?t? i. MJ. committed suicide on Mondav laat l<v hanging. On Mottda> ?h>iiuii| ahe ai >*e. and went al>otit her duties a* usual. Aft> i break fast ahe retired to her room. Halt an b.ior later one of her krulbrn bad occasion t ? i,u? the aitic or garret ot 'lit lioune, an.l tii re .|i? coven?1 lo r liinging b* a ?t.ra|>, wiih her t . t touchlt f the flo??r. Sl e a a* at once I *?.?!? down. but. although her IhhIv war warm, a I eKort at ie?-iiacitatioii la led She (nkv* | Hii an able ai d atiecuonatc tl *|KW>itto' aiwl a o* highly c*t?-enii'd b> all who knew her I a?rawae> ol the sad tragedy I* evfdained in a ???tc whn U luuet have Iwen written onlv a few ?boi i< ? I. lore the fa'al deed. Tlie noto i? m thorn, date or t.giialure, aid it read* *? tolioa ?'rarewefl, dear i-arcntx and kin Im??t'icr?, for 1 feel ihi? ni?rnii.g that my time I . om ?. and that I cant *urvive thi* earth at oIot dav it i* mi hard >|>ait with von all. hii! > umud l>e a ta< t. La*t night w?* to ae a m. w .it t. r rtT. I have liet.i tkur alttu'Uil for ??? r three yt^r*w?th thrtte *|>ell*. but the\ hav grown wort* upon me,. ? that I can't atami t li ? . > Wil' read our do. tor V book, under the head ?il insanity,you will lind my taneetactl) de?crilit t to jou?call? <1 Melancholy Iniiaiiit\ - ? w!i:. >t yon will tfnd there i* no remedy but 'in* At lintf* I have felt all right, at?<1 wo'ild <!? t r(T1 to try aiul do better; but it ha* all b mm I lavrlKen tkia way ever autce I ?? *e?a victed of *iu, and did not yield to th . . which strove m? bardwfth ma, aial wAt la*t I grieved awav Mother may <? I ever v one of you. ate I may He comfort v> i ? t in thi* *a-i hour ol bereavement. I hoi- ,4 my cat* may be a warning to evcrvhody.' t'HARi.KP HIIH 1 w.i Xtuau Tf <t. Mm \'atounty t Md.) iUacou *ay> that oil ?? ? urday, _? tIt u l , Isaac Cole, a colore<l n . chaigtd with the iriuif 01 murder, rotun. I f< urtcen y< at* ago on the lio<!y of llcnry M .- , al?i i"olot i^l. :??nf t:|?on mi-j Ic.oh ot Iwitig In, cateil in the late Scofi'-ld traydy . a ?? comn ttil to jail. At the name tune W. H Kurre*' * n committed a* a w itneaa in thecaae in d?.ia.iii 1 securitv lor hi* a|i|?carau< e at th- adjouin. I term ot the circuit court in May. ForTe* t? rward- gave bail. Cole wa* committed on tb-? oath ol ?iHtiiia hmitfe, iitioreil, who allege* f w Ink in the armv a colored ui.111 named Ituti.-i, aatipraed to Ik- now in Baltiin ?re. ackuowledg* I to him that be had proenrtd Cole to kill M ?? in, l avhkftiiB ?*12..^? tor iht ronnMm ol th ? ciin-e. The u.otive ??| llulUi u ??itin^t j death ot Mason is alleged to ha>.- b-atn th" re. n-.oval of olMta -lea in 'he w a> ol hi-m irr\ g Vaxon's w ite. Ke thi-as it may, tl h known thai he att< raard~ marrii*d this woman. hut - jt> *e?juet.lU d? s?-rted ln-r and cohalnted with lii-r dauvliUr, with w Lotn be w as living, it is *iat<d. at it- t;nie of tbe Scofleld murder, and ?oon at"r tIk-commission of the ertme he d i.ed his home, growing croj? and other |irn(terty( w.thout a|>pitreiil cause, and l<>ft lor Haltnu uc, with the e\|it M-.i intention ot slii|i|> ng tit t, ?nd it is expected that he may lie impli.-a'ed in tbe Scotiehl a* well a* in the Ma m municr. Tut: Shikitim- Arram at an. \ a. The Ale\andiia |?|ieis yi sterdat <ont tin par ticnlar* of the *hoo?ii|g case at linubvig.oil 'i ueniay aiternoon, (?it which hriel Mention was made in Thi M ah ) it apfiear* that -la*. Cros- iutt iietiiieti Wright m the *tore ot .1 H. SwMrtz. 01. K'lig s.reet, 111 l,e? -i.urg. Tues-lay iiiornii-T, and a qt arrel rimolrr lietw '11 tliem. the I: ?'r wa* struck and knocked down by the former. They were |?.<rt(d. and Crow* went up to the conrl-house. About lour o'clock in tho *'lerncan, when Cross v.a* coming frnwi the coi?rt-hoti*e he wa* met bv ti?*orge Wright, a son of Iienoott Wright, wtio told him that he w?s the man he wa* looking tor. to wtiicii fro reidied that he could aee lutn there or anyw hero e'se. They both U en drew-their revolver* and allot at each other, the bail tired by Ootw taking efleet in the gioin of Wright, bui thai -hot by Wright goitii wide of its matk. Cross gave Hail to a] |? *r for examina* on at two o'cln k to day. Wright'* wound* are tbtitight to he seri ous, if not latal. Tkaxsit or Vmci?The transit of the I lanet \ enu* over the sun take* |dace it tiu e.juai but regular! v recin 1 .ng peri- l*. the h. ter\ als heing S, li;, H and 105 year*. TLc la wa* in Jutie.l^*. The neat, to which great ini|>ortance t* attached, will be In Hcivuitier, 1*74. Alter that tb?-re will be roother ?''l A. I*. 3004. Theae transit* give the b -t and mo*t exact mean* of deciding the j.reci - distance of the *un (ton the eaith, which is now van* i-ly stated at from ninetv-one t > mnetv live in I lion* of mile*. In 174=1 and 1*i?. tlie tim * of the last transits, our astronounc J knout. df'e and instrumenu were not mi tar advanced a? fully to decide theijaestion, winch. 111 1*74, it .a bojied tnay l?c delitittely nettled Several ot tho government* of Kurope. as art ll a* our own, have mxde large appropriations for the coming event, the careful obaci ration ot i< lu'l'td, iua> a?ld to our kuowl ?lgc. Trai.khy in Kkktitkr ? * ' vicca trorn Marshall countv. Kt.. give au hc count ol a terrible tragedy committed 111 hat couutv a lew day* ago. It appears that a year a^o dames Dougherty married a daughter ot HoweltSmith, and that thev lived uJi*,.;nl\, and tinallv aeparatcd. ??n Sunday laat Smith told Dougherty that he could ettte thed''" iitv lietweenTitmaiid hi* wife. Dougherty in- ttillv shot the old man dead and rt I Sub ? ??"> he was captnre<l. and wa* being taken to M?r shall county, when a aon of the murder.-I hmith. Iteing ot the ca|> part v. tired on Dougherty, woumling him 111 the hand and arm: after ? hich. he cluldied his gun. and wi'li tbe lnitt etid of it crushed Diughert v"* hea 1 into ? je I ?y- ' What the Mmku>'>*> To 1?.?.? a *olicitou* gentleman in Roaton ha*wntteii* letter to the editor of the Salt Lake Herald ask ing him il he intend* to remove to Arizona w:tti the rest of hi* people. The editor publish. - tho letter, aud in hi* reidv that if the Mo luon* are about to leave Vtah he ha? not yet learned ol il, and that the .ettlemciit *outh of ht tieorge. 111 Arizona, i* being formed just a* a I the Mormon Hettlcment* have b -n torm d in Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona. Brighaut Vour ? mav proliably go there for the wiutrt lor hia health. and this will be aliout the extent 01 f? j great Mormon "exodo*." A* to th? ^ortoW be say* that they e:.i(ect to remain in Utah ami tbejVay**. ?Ul li,C'r JeKlmek-*' at?v? A> 1st tea hlk Invalid Comnit? St'icmc u^.y,M'^ Nellie Crawlord. rUll^g with her brother on West Waahingtoi. atreet, ***? Sbe Is , d to have been about twenty-seven year* oM, handsome, a>(er an attack of hemorrhage of the iuiiiit h.-r whuTnT,*' KT<TT^ h>* "ervJJaX'ttn whuh ultimately atlecten theaplne if. r m m? ?0011 become dmordered and *adneaa and g|. ^ fell ujion her. On Sunday, during the at ^ 1 ^ J tamily at cLurch, imxvi? ladv hanged herself by a trunk ttrap -mKii *i.e bad fastened to a clot6o*-hook in a .oaet watt. ^?"^Temiuitems 1* the head iu rbe Terr* Haute ?7*A Cincinnati paper a; a?a of a-coroneia inMue*tigation." S^Punch calh love of champagne "flizieii weaknetw." mrThe t'omtede Hc?e<jBeae. ot Pram*, an I his amter, have been *eiitenced 111 P*rta to - ? month*' imprlaoument for *wmdliug. mr A durtinct ateck of earthquake waa teli ?r Cornwall and Cateau Landing, Canada J, Wtuntsday night. ' "" The mother of Repre*?-t tntUe X P SSSt? Wallham, Ma? A Cincinnati <iermaa paper a<*?de* ?. JSeat^ ** ??"upplemetitar . u; - 1'he cos im shoemakers of N\?w Tt.ik cite are now 011 strike, and the pro*|- eti* that it will txteuu throu|(iout ti?e irmae. ""The Pertngeae government haanr ierod 1:1 the Larlikt refugee* .rom Spa. , to leave into rltory, giving tht m the choice wi gving (e any conutiy except France. ?^"Tbe director# of rtie centennial Mard ot* finance met in Philadelphia veatcfday, hii| elected the following oflieers: Pi.?i.l -nf. ^'elsl v -.. W rtiaiu Sell . - a 4 Happieton. ot Nea Votk. 1

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