Newspaper of Evening Star, May 2, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 2, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. FRIDAY %I ?> 2. 1 LOCAL NEWS. ? ? Amnwnirnl". Ar? livnlic'it. WM't Optra Hvuif.? Uycri bou.le "La l?U? llelene." Tke<Uer Conique.?Song', bafhsqnw, dances, fan .,ln Hall?"Three y ear* in a Man-trap." I iiodoaM-tl Loral*. From Slullingtoii we have i W ,Va/vmfor V 1. and Carl I'rrtjrl'B AVumA il Sptak'r being No. 15 B?a?l e s Jin.e ?|*eak?.r ser.c*. Vnurd.tT, <HTicer Coll.ns of the fonrth fr?n?<t. mnr <i ? deut poln-wi infint s: til* earner or Inih ??reet u<l Rhode Is1 and avenue. The Mfowl levee of the Corcoran Zonaret) ? M??on c Temple last night wax a very pleasant ?Ctir. Patent* have jn*t 1 e?n granted to Wasbing tonians ar toi'ows To Martin A. Pean f.?r c!a*p tor katix w, and Charles C. Ketchum for tish trap. The Baltimore Annual Conference of the African .Method'?-; K;>i?,copal Ckurch met in Pa t njoi. \ md Revs. M.. P *k. Walker. P.; Ice. B jwn.wii Auke-ney, o* the Washington Conte eoce, we.-e intmipred. K. K. Wilton, real estate a,?ent. Ml Tlh street, ha* so'd the elegant ree'dencenf Mrs. Tb?>'. P. M rgan a. the hea?' of vftth str ct. overlooking the otv, to Falward C. Dtan, of l>etroi?, lor s 4t>.(Mfl. Sunday School of the t;h street M. K. Church, M)uthe? t, h?'i a delightful ent? " ?;n airnt last evening. The May t/ueen will ?>e re|>eated this evening whensome very m ttenal rt ai.;i ^iM he made in the programme. I>r. .1 Tahtr Johnson and Minn Kd'th Maud Bm we-e marri ?' by Rev. J. K. Kankin. at the ?,'o?ijt.eiaiK?nd ? iwnch yesterday, in the I ie-i uce o. a targe nsiral-er of iri-nds.'and ?? ? t i*'Hxil;at<lt alter the cerenionv tor a hr.dal lour through the princ t-al northern cities. ? The ttfnn'on Trip ??er Ihf tlrlr* (ii' itaa Cuail. RITt IS <>r Tj?K EXCVRf JOSIIST*. The |-:.rty of excurs:onists ?uuml>eririg some eigi. v-Sve a' ?v.e'Ser) who left Washington on Vtdii' la* .or a t. j> ?var the Metropolitan road r? mn I ?o We h'niton to-day, nm-h gra ; ?! by whai they saw givi'ig a ^itrar-re that he long hop'-d lur short new 'ine Wc t iu flit d fact. The trip was exfesilcl beyond > Lie Po nt o'" Hock*, a* far a- rat tor. giving an op potianby iO erk?y tt.e w 'd srenerv of tue Alle ghanes ?rd also t?4r Ibe recent important improven er ma le at Cumberland and other points by tlie Baltimore an 1 Ohio railroad com l-anv. At the railm d hotel enters at Gra.' ton last night Mr. A. K. Shepherd, in liehalf of tte V asMngtnn gues .expressed theiracknow ledgments .or the courtesies received. and their gratification at the event ihey were called njxjn to celebrate?the opening of" a new and short lire of con.mnni?\>lion wi'b the great1 West. Vice Presid nt Kevi*?r. of the Baltimore and Ohio road, respond 1 in ??ehalfof tUeconioany. ??*1 ri .-sit g th< ir ^rr if. .ti jn at having t*ie mmiutnyof ?omanv ot the prominent citizen*of W.tdkington and dHth^airhnl repift^cntativc". < : .\ i and Kavy. Tl.e people of \Va?h it ; on, | irki| ;. were'of the opinion that the Metro- i.'itan toad bird l>e?:ii cau-tmcteil s'ow br.t *'n y cu'd now see that it Lad been rai r icte<i -<i!i?My a?"d well, f I a ctrt o" more tkar (t ree milliona of doPan. Thi- rn ?1 ??onld ?o? fail t?' a?1\ anee the prosperity of t\ **V ng ton. tnal 'inn hfr to reap the .all benefit of li- r pee aph'riil jx-itioti a>d I ?r ahorier line to the w>?t. both in regard to neigh* am! r ra'e?. Mr. K? y . r-. a?-'imrce that there wonl.| be I. ? di??'t inin.i' on ag3".r,^t Wash'ng'an in fa".>t mf Balt-n:ore in the of eight ai ? pi - ae*.g? r rate ? ?- r eeived with a heart ine .of MMr e thai n.-,?t hnve g.ven him an id.-aof the *o i i ,:.b- te'i by the people ot Wa-dim^tcr. ?" this nt. The e\e;jr>ion train left flraf*on at m dnigLt on the return trip, an.1 vat drawn to Martii btirg bv the Cincinnati f\pres? train. At thi |<iirt t'?e ; *i stopp- ?! minufM to give tlie e r--.?? trait; (due at Washington at J * ' p. til., via the Kelav lloa.-^e.) that arrh a?tvr >ce on the wav, yet the excursion train, a. r tp;. i>( . W'ce or tlie way. reached Wa>hin. i.ii ,i ?.-?-tive mlnn'ej ahead of the e*j r*ir:"n. T ?? rnn ironi the Po'nt of itocks to Wa?b.r .ton. .'orry-tao iriV*. was ni de in two boi'r*. or at ttie ra'e of twenty-one miles an hoar, which **> .-cry good tim-J for a new mad. A Y<?; *?. Mas Ks>xiid Skn<ele-"< t.t a Bl R?. lab?A FuWl Ftnrti.?A boat 9 o'clock last n:glit a tto'.d attempt was RB.wle bv two colond burglar.- to enter the bouse of Mr. W. S. Tucker, 1? ? B street southwest, ot?[>osite the Smithsonian ii-titute. Asonof Mr. Tacker, hearing a noi>e in the hall, stepped out. and s?^mg the thi? v? s M ixed one b;< *'iie collar an<f jerkfi! him iiito the strott. At il..- mom -tit the other drew a hilly and tni.-k the yojjigmm on the *^reh?a<' kroikingh'tn wnse! i. Both the thieves then ran ot^ ami Mr. Fold, who wa? vi-iting at the h^use. appeared u}s>n the ec- ne and tired two pist il shots after the e trrai iig acnitiNlrola. Oreo.'thcm was heard to cry out "I'm shot" after the Li t romat wa? find, hut both managed to eKca)>e. I>r. I.eacit was at once call'tl ia t3 dre#-> the wi'MhIwI Mr. Tucker, and fonnd it ol ;uite a aerious nature. Ofiiti< Aldnd jc and Lewis 1-ot.u atterwaids *?:< *ted two colored men. well known to the police, named Sam Rainey and r<>w:c Williar".onMi?p c cn?l being i'vj tnr Hn nd locked tt:em -ip ior a hearing. #li Itani- a'.d Bainty have be?-n held lor a neanug to-morrow. One of the {part es has owned ut> to the jt/b. and ;irpl<eat < the other, and fuill ai othfr not yet arretted. Mr. Tucl er is verv M-rioi ?lv irjnr.d. hi? skull being fractured, and it ?i'l be "lot t:u?. 'f ever, bet ore he will be al le to identify the parties. The blow was atruck by a h? a\ v stone, we'ghing about foiir p< unds. I'.ainey when arrested had a jortion ot a walking cane, with the cilver head on it. wh.cb it sup) o? d be had stolen; als.?. a felt hat under his arm. He is wcl! knowti to the po lice, as is also Williams. Chief Clarvoe ha* turned the case o\er to Detective* Mi'Devitt, Coomes ai'd Mii'er. and all concerned in it will be arrcstid, am! brought l^fore the court to moriow. P?"OK!? STtlttS FRO* the Olli? RES?|i>N\L l.ll'RAUY?Jrrt.t uf the .VI-? ?<1 Tki'f a ei A?/ tkf t'r-f- rttf?This inoruing. Oil e?>ir.pi!?int of the Librarian of Congress, a a*arch warrant wa-- <??ued bv-Fudge Snell, of the 1'oiice Court. a:;d served by Officers Mc F.)tre?h am! Sai^ "it. n the corps of detective*, at tb '<Mlgittg? in i :???> W. Seheide. No. 5?2 Ftli a'reet noi thwest. The ofticer s?io-i fon-i l from 3i-'? ti volumes belonging to the Ctrtgrca piona* library, which, it is alleged, had t*e>-nab stracted bv Scheide, besiilea a b?>\ full of simi lar Iss.ks in an it-nerroom. Shortly alt--rwards ScL? de wa- ?rr<st> d in the librarv of t Capi tol where he l ad l?een given temp-jrary eai plovment between two atid three ojutt ? 'ince. the lit rarian having been solicited tn employ him. as a scholar in r--di -ed cireumstaoces, by Kepresentalives MTers and Cotton. Soh?*ide. however, had no apfioititment in th? lir?rary. bet was < m ployed from day todav, and. as now appears, has been cai rvmg h.>me >M?ok*. two ot three volumes at a time, for weeks, and sic eesofuliv coweealing them until now. If is not be'ieved that he has sold anv. the chance* o? deteetion being too great, ami no attempt had apparently l>een mole t? remove the library **aaipe ?'?d 'ab''? from the books. The libra rian -tales that 'his is the f.rsr time that the librarv has Wen mbt>ed during h.slong .-otin.c tH'ti with it, although books have l>e?:ii some times n;-iti!atnl bv Trailers. Some of the Usiks the pri.-oner e'aims are his own private prop erty. Scheide is a man about 45 years of ase, aril was formeily a clerk in the Interior l?e ps'lirenl. lie i* represvnttsl to be a very ili ve! gent man, K|>e ; rome sixorei^ht lan guages and w'i< formerle a ?t'id tit ?>:" m di c:i.e. lie will Lave a lieanng ti morrow ASisc.ri aR A5t? Iitiki stikii Case To dav. in tke Court in General Term, tbe case of 1?? nt ?' el. azairst Blake and Kelly, executors of Joshua p'*rce, d, eeased, was calie?l ari i heard?Mr. Merrick for comp'.atritira. and Mew-r*. W S. Co* ard l?avidge for defendants. In this case tbe heirs of the late Henry Hatch I?ent tiled a M'l in equity against t'ie de?'eml ants, askipf a decree for a spccillc perform ance?paying aver of certain tnone* (gl.fno) which they claim nzhtiully belongs to them. Thev charge that Pierce failed as executor of the late Mrs. Ad In m to collect certain assets o' her estate, and that they are entitled to recover the amount irom his estate. The court belo-r dw>i md the bill, but the case was reopened by consent, and now conies up tor a hearing on agreed trHimcny. The defence is that the woney In <iuest.6n was given by Mrs. Adlum to her daughter, Mrs. Barbour, and the complain ants urge that as Mr. Barbour was at that time the confidential agent of Mrs. A. that he could not accept a gift Irom her; ami that Mrs. Bar boar could not receive such gift, and. therefore, the money bav ng been improperly received by Mrs. Barbour, it should have been returned by Pierce as assets of the estate, and he having failed to collect said amount, hie estate is liable ArTEKTHI I'SLICEXWSD I)RtMI*G HotrSBM. In the Council veateiday afternoon Mr. Kiley introduce*] a bill to prevent the sale of intoxi cating liquors without license, and profiling that all liquor* found in establishment* where 11O license authorize* them shall be -ei J*d and d.?troved. and that it shall be *nlRcient evi dence that lienor is M? d in apnblic place If a man is seen go eg in and coming out of there in an intoncat.d condition, and that it shall ho the du' v of the snporlntetel." t of fiolice to ar rest the preprietor*ot such places for trial be ts-re the Police t'ourt.aUo nu-?>/uu^ a line of frr m ?*' to M fur each i^rson found drunk In tbe ntreets. Smail n?s i \-i s reported to-day: ?>tie at 1st s-rt? ti.> :h? a?t; < m- on ^>ih street. I e*w? en I. and M m?rtuwest: one between M ?? d V*n ao-i a? d i *tiee"s soothw. .t; and No. > V i. tf C as:d ?th *t?. southwest. TKE ECIP.D OF PUBIJC^WOMS DEnitCEO. Viff PrrMdrnt Khrphfrd-* K^poaxf to Alinfk? on the Honrd. Calannif* E?po*.e?t h> Official Dora mrn(?. The foVowtng letter o^ Vice President AVx. R. Shepherd, of the Board of Public Works, is pnbttshed: E ttor of tk' A'tc T? k Tribune Sir: Since niy brief and somewhat hast v state ment O. the financial condition or this I?i*trirt, so far a* the iioartl of Public Works is concern ed, vonr columns heve been open and free'y nwdby otir opiionents in criticism and abuse. I do not com)?lain ?. this. It i* natural that ptople who. tor halt a century, have seen their property slowly increfe-ttig lit value w.thort the burdens of taxation necessary to its public im provement, to complain on finding that proper ty as>t>sfd. And tlMr. one cannot blame poor fellows who, (#m')r!aMT sheltered all toe r uselets lives in nse e*a offices, growl ai fi'idi lg themselves forced to work for a living. A^aiti, it is the right and duty of every male Amenesn citizen of the ape cf twenty-one to accuse ol ficia' agents of inenpac. v and dishonest p. ae Cees.and to fa? .Irate this the press is at the tsrviceof any one, rega~dless of character or re;ponsib''ity. and men find indojscment in pr'nt who cannot be shaded with a horsewhip or reached by a libel suit. This, however, is necessary to republican institutions. I suppose, and however disagreeable to the agent has to be boire with. It ?, however, somcwha' irritating to find our niiinii-ipa'ity called to account by a man who owes his portion to a combination so corrupt tn .i it Las to have defenders, and wh.i, ' ?lilerepresenting the worst element* of Sew \ < ik. claims to be the puiest of the pnie in Washington. Bnt a?ain. it is natural that l4PO|i1e tnooM <1ouM that Wajtliin^ton poMk*. a better government than :h;.t of any other city in the t nited States, and it is a little presump tuous in us to claim that we a-e an exception to a very u:il.appy rule. It is not, however, to sayall this that 1 write i0,,i.a^w' Tbe con,nieiits, cr ticisms a?d at. tacks have not been re*oonded to before this trow the Uft that to condense a newspaper article complicatedoptrittm involving mi'! ions ot m-?nev is somewhat difficult. Suppose, tor example. a firm in New %ork, whose business called for an expenditure oi" ten nillions. were swklenlv asked to make an e.vbifcit ol their af fairs in resiot'se to street riunors and iralicious attacks. The demand would l>e re. ponded to at the end of months, long after the credit oi'the concern bad gone with its prosperity. 1 knew that wbile these attacks were being" made the proper oft-'cers were at work in get:-ng up the report* called for by law that answer conclu sively, to a reasonable mind, (he attacks made uj on the board of public works. These 1 now submit to you. Before doing so. however. I otter those portion* of (Governor Cooke's mes sage bearing upon the subject. I Here follow extracts in reference to t>.e board lioni the tlovernor's message, which was j?uh Iielied in tV.ll in Thk Star of Monday last.] 1 iiow semi you the following approved statC m? nts trom the treasurer's office: 1 keasi rkr > Oi Fir k. Board of P mrr WoUK-.f , Wa<.r< >aton, April X, }eT2. I .i' ^A-Pk'fdy tfi., I i(t t -snltMt Hour I of Public With a ? *- H- rewitli pl-a-s Cud stst'inent prepar'd by ? n>. Lniiit. . J., t Kk< r^-i . I uij r*< ei>?;? nml p.ivmeu ?. Yimis, r? i|*ctfiii;j-. turned) J? A. JIagh' hk? . Treasurer Board Pnbli Works. J. A. Marmd.-r. dr. Ill ncr, nut with B-urd "f Publ'c Works. T<< amount received fri m ippr print ions of tli^ D - t-;rt got' a??1 <'oncre>.-. au<| . . her ?..tir<es, to d te ?8,17.1.0M To Ad\.itced by b.i: k< ffl.'.'Oe A ? Ss Wi? ol.* ;a By amrnnt pa<d to .|.?te, for whb-b voucher, arc tiud JSJ99 fiu a .. H .. Laixii Bookkeeper. Wa?hi?6tox, April %. In n.y foriuer communication I stated the aiisniTit to be realized .rom assessments at How near correct I was will be IouihI in the accompanying report of the a-* - ?or, irom which it will appear that my stai - mei.t w:is coos,derahly inside the mark,and the ren.rrcesiu excefsof what I stated. BoAKil i?l LLU Wi'tij, I>I?TKI( T "f t'OLrMS'A.J A^E-i>hV OlFKR, J . - ... W-?shinirt.?ii. April X J . 3. \ Hi,*. A. h . M./..,.i /, 11 e tr Boau/qf Pub iir Wmk*: I>"*H >.r J b?'f the h tc transmit herewith .-i-T:i eirent of a ii-ii.le upon whn !i eeififi <.n - o. hive not been i?-i;-l, !Vud ? o. h are col!^ctabi? as a ' e.* at this date, \ 1/ t i' ii ??r>' he iiiiiciitMofiodebb-iiiMi are tiww ready. 477,7(r: 12 A ?? Hf*n<nts nmi" hi id Iir which uotb <-s f r l>->iiieni ||H\S b?-n served U5,t37 U A'set-n i t* due upon "Xi>**i.liiui - nnvrte i.y the t>..Aid upon work no. y?-t r?siipt'*t I, ri mpiUd l?> tbe audiior ainl :i' Kjn-iiii'it 1.754.403 ?.i ? . eijor??!?ii Leav !i?*r i?i> assets as resourc?K from t- s jiiii ? to dale. lu a?Utiont'>tl.i* there will lie derivable a sum fXClHllDJ? Wjt, ,'AU III ad<iltK/HHJ llp-Hi ihecon pietion of tiiew *k to which thef ltw ne appropriatii'i " pertain, viz: Alr adv arrropria.ed by United Stalej government S'ii* mio Haarr. <,i ur miilKui due frvin tb' Iiisirie Kovernmont IV By tb? ?l >ve-n?n'd ?p"op,iaiinn the l'uit><j .s atescu?ernni< u wii] par, five-in\tlis of ib wh dc reTa't wol'i to which said appr^priatiou Very resp- c:fully. Oeosok W Bs .t t., Superinteiilei.t of n,?. The next statement .a irt :n the engineer o he board, which shows tkat when ai: work un der contract shall have been completed the cost will exceed tbeoi ginal Ciumaies but I! * per cent.; and considering ihat when w enie^ed upon the improvement we had no established grade-books, surveys or other rel-alde data i rather a remarkable showing. When, in addi tion to these (htticulties. it i* to Le remember 1 tl a? from the first eftortuntil now we have been engaged in a continuous C3ntest of suit* of in. ;uoctioii, elections forced on us. and Cong: ? - sional investigatioi*. the result is better thau ai v reasonable mind could have anticipated (II. re follows the statement of the engineer "of tin- l*oartl of public work*. Coiupri?iii? a com I ete sumuiaiy of the transactions of trie beard trom its organization to April 1st, as pub lished in Tn* St.vroI Tuesday Iast.l T!ie next staten nt ia from'th. auditor and accc.uiitirjf ott rer of the iKiard, and is a com plete exhibit of its entire transactions since its organization, so fai a> relate? to the accounts o' the l>oatd. iThu>stritemcnt was published in The Stvr oi 1 ucsdav last, . how ing total amount of anili lors cerfti ates usued *.,T7?,b-Jl.M; amount of auditor s cirtiheates issued iu payment oi the f-53 contracts, ^7,0O,.(t?>.71 plus " Si .IT3. $2. *~i .5.rl^>>.iC, leavingadiA'erenceof a-2.2I>;.".o which is in pa>mentof the items g;>cu in dotal." in the stateim nt.] Th* following statement is merely a cert ill rate oi the amount of property on hand corrob orative ot the engineer's re|?ort: Board of Pi bl:? Works, v Office Mi-gkmEXMyt o? PKopaarv,/ D^Ttirr or Coltmbia, i H*. * fc ?. i. ? April js. I^73.> Hon A h. \,r, PrnuUnt Board of P?J <?i Works, H a.-kimn m. It. C.: ? e ' ??e ii 'iH.r to tr?n>mit herewith a?tate aieni shovut ? t he aniom t <>f pr.-periy on hand at thi? ia.e Aid Hi value. () th.up.d) KB. TowssatD, _ . Sniverinteiident of Property. I hese facts, complied from the official records r>l the l<oar<t. ought to l>e conclusive tn any mnul honestly desirous of getting at the truth. tSlgned) ^LII. H. SHLS'UKHI). J*kath op .Mr. Kdwakd Swabs Mr. I.d waril Svvaiiiiftoill ktiow n in this city as a mem ber of the bar, died this morning at his resi lience, m Mt. Pleasant, nonh of the city, alter a Mcknes^ot several months. Mr. Swanu wa> al?)ut CI or ?.* years of a^e. and was born in or near Alexandria. Va. Me was educated at the wel'-knor n Alexandria academy, then kept In Mr. Brnjaniin llallowell. We believe that h'e ?udbd law with Ins father, and was admitted u> .lie bar of tliig I>i>trit*r Novemt>er 2v(h, lKiT and lor many years followed his profession in partnership with his brother here, the firm enjovtaf a goo.1 run or practice Mr. a lianl.working law vet. hi<U but lev were more devoted to Uie interests of his clients than he. His fnneral will take place trom his lateicsidenceon Sunday afternoon at l o clock, and the bar association will meet at 4?C Louisiana avenue, at 1 o'clock on that dav. to proceed to his residence. Rev. T. M. Addi son. of Trinitv church, will officiate, nnd Messrs. W B Webb, Walter S. Cox. J. F. K.i uu. Joseph H. Bradley, jr., S. S. Henkie, and K W. J<>ne? will act as pall-liearers. The re T>;*;T"' Tlli '*? tnned at the old family ground at Preston, rear Alexandria. o ? Mbktixo of CoritTY School Teacher? At a regular meeting ol the boa.d of county hool trustees yesterday. Superintendent J. O. Wilson submitted a communication trom Gov Cooke granting permission to the board to use a room in the executive office, corner of 17th street and Pennty.vanla avenue, for businew meeungs and other purposes. The oiler of the lluTTnvr WM *5e?pted. The committee on school-honses and grounds were instructed to ?she all the necessary arrangements for the removal of the property belonging to the board ? rvmjhe room now occupUd by tbem. and Wilson made a statement to the n.A^", ?*An WalLa SHATian A y 'rao"?i?* ? barber, n?med James H.twj-f, on nth street, between K and Water streets. South Washington dropped dead while shaving Capt. Herbert, of the arhoom r B C. Stanton. Mr. Cooper had jw-t finishe<l one side of his enstomer's face, at d was turning about to reach the lather brush when he fell to the floor and expired almost iu' ?t mtly. The <tc<e 'sed, who wi? a colored man was about forty-two years of age, and was well and favorably krowii In South Washington. It ia supf>ot>ed that he died of heart disease. As will r.r. sc? by the adverti-ement, th? sale of dry good* at ltuncanson, dowllng Jfe Co.'s auction room- wi'l be contlimHi this even hig at 7 o'clock and to-morrow m >. t ing at 10 o'c ock. Onr r< aders should at. w', as the go ds are selling low. f Third Ufhltflve Awmbly. OOl'NCIL ?At th- meting yesterday ere ltng, the following bilk were s secondtfnae and re ferred to the appropriets ?amiitet:-Bill to pro vide for the fllhr.g ?nd draining of vacant lot*; bill ad liti- i si duti?* on the board of health, bill for ;he relief of I ns N * S and 5, iu V). 1 from a sewer tax; bill to prevent disorderly gsth eritigs 0*1 the street*, fc|#?r * and public pi***. Mr Biley introduced a Mil to prevent the selling of intoxicating lienors nitkont licence; read au<l l.tid over , , The Pr?si?l?n? submitted a communication from tbe District Controlle r. Mr . Qeorge K Baker, eru br?i n>g an estimate of the EIFK.KIS OF TH K l'W*ICT GOVKR*MF.!ST for the fiscal y?-ar ending Jcne JO. 1873 Tlte estimates are a* follow* ?Governor * office, fH.JUi, Secretary's office, #?- -W; OoUfCWt1) office, s.'- fW 35 (including ft21 rsS-SS deficiency); Con trolier's office, %llxjt: Auditor'* ' tlice, ,?9,1??, Ree nter s office, ?!i,?1l: Treasurer's office, ,?19i0. Sur veyor's office, gl2.lo2.fiO; Superintendent of asneM n ?lit* and tave*. : including $5,010 deS olency )}Coroner's office, ?3,"50; Superintend ;it of ^Hdipp, $136,076. W.tsl>m*un asylum. $l.V,Ufi#.#3 (Iticlndinv H101.!*? for peman-n! improvements ami $16,657 iO deficiency), Ru<:i?t*r of will*, Mi ssetigers, wait hinon, gatba&e collector*, sealer of weight* and mcasnies, and weigher*of Co il. ?I3,7."0; Western mark f, S2.0"2; East' rn market, $6,r30AJ; nor.herii mark t. gS^-iiT <4; Georgetown ma-k-M, A1 .".31; Attorney * office, Dis.rict of Columbia, akr-000, Me?rop< litan poltcc. District of Columbia. *131,382 (itciodin* $ly,6l?.23 deficiency); Fire <te Eartim nt, 4J36J1I6.28; Reform school, $14,650; leorgetown almshouse, $7J'JO Plivsicians to the pnor, $lSrf?S8; Washington pnldi" school*, $173r'S15; \t ash.agton c.dnred school*, $T ,1^7 SO; Georgetown J-uldii school . $47,Njh, Georgetown Coloied ?< hoo|s, ? laic's, W ashing'on c uutv *cta?'l?, $51JMI iilcii cie rt $Z1.75(J); House of D-lei ate* and Conncil. -nndrv mi-eeltsneous sp<, ^41 . ird of health, $tij.luu; CViiu. i-siotiers biukinit fend. ??76.!117 24. Tli- c? Irnii'o f >ot ur:?S-iiarii - for permanent otli c7rt: ternp rary clerk*, messen :ei s. labor* i?. ?29,003 16; adver.'isiog, $37,161.0.1: coi tins and incidental, ?2#7.'.?W.^2; u>i .eellaieour ai.o snecial, $l.l?>7.?y7.74, permanent improvements, tBl.-0.i4!*?total. a-d for deficiencies, pi'.l.M'i.7??grand total, $2-9EC 511 V". Tin- estimates of the board of public w ork* are not i lelndi-d Mr Br'>wn "iTbmitted a bill for tlie reli-T ol J- *? pli Freacli H.irtigun. read and laid over. Mr.tulk-k called the atteution of the (!nnn :11 to tte rep irt of the coipniMxioners appointed for T?: K I I'DIFJCAT.O OF TUB LaW*. It vi<i expected that tno legislature would have to take seme action in relation to it. By t'i-original act e?rh branrh of the legislative ?mmIv .tou1<1 liave 'o rea?i it throrjh 'lire. time:,. It h.ic l?een ap v< vid by ? ne t>npie<ti* Conrt, and. if H had to to< i ad they mi^ht n? well commence it at once, as it Would take some time. iTh*- book is utuvo size, ai d coiit.iips wj" pa' es solid matter.) Mr. Hiley aaked Mr. Untick if it was net? s?ary to read il three time*. Mr. jiilick preferred that the President inswer that iinestion. Mr. Thompson said he sympathised with th^ r> ader* (here are three c.i.-rks and tlie* :uigut take tnrrs a; i., and if they tiiuuld skip hall dozen rape-at a time, no oue woo Id notice it, and it they uirt the n enitieis r.< nld not coinflain. 3|e. Paker s.ated tha; IT a rwiolction adopting the rer>ort wasr.-ad three times he thought that w?< sn fficienr. Mr tiitlii k said they could no| d *lge it that way. The t hair *aUl hi hail giv en the uiatter some c..a t derat on. hut had not come to any conclusion. H'< imiin ??'ion w as that it would have to Im read three tini s, like any other mattor re<iuiring ap proval if the Council Mr fen lick said if t hey were not wil'.inuto read it, or tl it a a* not practicable, he w ould b- wtllinv to 1 ave ii to the people to read, and adoct by popular vole, p-ovidert tlilt no one b?? allowed to vot-who failetl to rend it through He thougl t they had liettercoiisnlt with the attorney tor the District, nnd ????' If tbi? lahor could L?- a\ oidi d. Mr Kiley, from the conference coiniaittea to fix upon tl e hour of meatlnp, reported that thevhal atreeil on 2o'clock a* the hour. The House conference committee returned to th" Com ci chamber, and rep rted that tie H its-J hail retused to accept their report, an* had instructed th'ioti t>* upon ? olcl-tek. an< no other hour Toe joint committee then rerired.and after .v.irds n an ami inl- d report, fMi.g upon a o'clock p. ni Mr f ro. k? moved to strike i>vl 3 o'i |i?-k aui| iu seri 6 o'clock ; li st. The report was then adopted. An ottrn d HOI rtE OF DELEGATES.?T!.e IIm-e tr ?t .'5 >'i lock Speaker Campbell i:i the chair. Prajithy Rev . Dr Kankin. The f lli.wlt.g w> re intridnc. <1 nte!-r th" c til ?' District*: 1J 4lr Brown? Bill providing that lli ? Iwiie. .f tiiasiire: and aecnoary of tlr-c inuty l.i ol tru ttes shall l"- poti'ortiied In tt ml, r- .f t. bo; id. I5>' Mi B own-Bill |o >wd . / f rtli aioxiiiitmeiii of a lutrlmr i a ter for th-- city Bv Mi MtKnight?Bill ptovi lii . that no t? ison -l ?ll tarry deaa animals throu ih toe streets u n li mt tfcoy ar coM r'il, under pena'tv of line front "15 to Ur.< v\- Bill aethuriziug the Gov,-r:ii r to insti tute p.oce liiij* for ihe opening of Olive ?ire< t. in tieoigetow n. The Speaker annonnceil TIIF. -TAM lM. < ITWIITTFH* as toll.>?>National K -latioii?M.-Ku' hf. '.'I i^ -'? tt,tUi ot, Tali.ero. Trimble. Ways au.i M-au? tm ot, Chase, t'large.t, D>er, < Appr -nria ti'i:?Ho'se, Taloero, Shepherd, Berry, Hunt. Puldic S. hiM>|s?Siuootj Chase, C \. I' ell. CI .4 Sd. I. as ;md Juoi< .ary?Wall,Trimble. B -rry, Hni?e, >*''Knwht. Indelitednese of tile I)i-?ritt ? <'ii ? e, I?,ir. Verniilllou, Wall, Murray. Pul. Works nud Property?H'Tliert. Ci igg->'t, Dyer, Miephern. Bniisd Claims? Brewer, McKniflit, Beny, Heri.ert, Hunt. Policc?Hunt, Taliiero, Wall. Long, Cox. Ilitilro.-It?McKniglit, .Siiio.:. Bi^wir Ch ute Hunt Fire Department?Sh-pheid, Hunt. L-n?. T alitero, Chas Whirves an 1 Har bors? Hunt, B iry, Carroll, Urull. Herbert. M >r kets?4'arroll McKniffht, ITrell. H' rl -rt, Br?*t r. Wall. Long Pontic riiarities a. d Correction ? Ta?ilero. Vennillion Hul-e. D>er. Herbert Dis trict <MHcer??Verni,llion, Brown,Shepherd, t'luis ? Murray Drainage and Di tiibution f Hater? Dye , Berry. llu!?e. Snioot, Trimble. II alio? Wail, Br* wer, McKntght, i'oX;C irridl. Prm (nu? Bre?ei Loi g. Hunt. Talif-ro, MeK'i'ght E -c 'I ?Cnx.CI IK- , I r 'I. Wall Vernilllioii Mi lit ? Ur-ll, llert ?? tWny, IIn'se, Murray Fii ? >lled Bd"?Trinible. CI?Tifo|f, Talifero. Hunt. Sbir-plieid I'lilMii-n -o Bi.- n* ?Ho! e, Mirii.. L??f, Wall, i -x. Holes?Talifero, Carroll, %|u. ray B;ow n. L--rry new bt The Speaker laid before the H'iiae a cfimii 'ui i tii n tr- in the Controller of the Distric., iim -mit ting an ' stima e ol evpeiiditure* for the next rti-e tl > eji; (rcfernd to hj the Council proceedings t i; ferrea to thw coninii:t?-e o."? ay ? aiui mean*. Mr. Murrav a?k- d I av.- to oflf r a r-'solutio i re nn-stii g tlie Gov erti ?! to furnish the House wii it'. ? rep' i. of the commissioners ,f t he siukirig fun 1, but ob': ction lieitig niade he askiil a sets pension of tie icle* Tl-e ll ute refused to suspend th-' ruk? yens 1'. nets 10. The (ioverror's meessge w is taken up, atpl the ri tulin: w as pioceeded w ith. Mr Shepherd move I that th" rcadins b? sus p nihil, aid the message referred to the -pec'al con nitlte to allot tin s? vera! ii-biects on which it tr?ats lo the appropriate committees. Carried? Ye: a 13; na> s? Mi-ssrs. Can oil. Chase, Cox. Mi K niifht. Trin ble, and Wall?6. Toe Speaker appoiut'il Rev. Dr. Rankin chplain and Mefsrs. Brewtr, Urell. and Her belt the com mittee to confer with a sin.i' r mmitt< e of tlie Council, and fix on an hour foe meeting The frpraker submitted an amendment to th- rules, prescribing the duties of tl.e clerk-; which li-s oi r under the rule* Messrs Shepherd. Trimble, and Clagott w?re ap pointed tne special coa.mli.ou the ttov ruoi # message The House prnrerdfd t? ref -r the bills heretofor introduced to the appropriate committees. Mr. Wall introilnceil bill relating to the v gistry if death* and Internient-; which was referred lothe committee on health. Mr. Brewer,from the joint committee to ti\ a time . f ni etiug. reported thit thev h.ul ag.eed .n tlu honr of 2 o'clock p.m. (At thi* time t *o young men in the lobby, under th** ipPuence r.f li.ju o , Itecani- s.? disoril-rly thai tlie Spe?ker directed the Sergeant-at-Ar is tore move ihem, and that officer di I so with sieue trou ble, being obliged to ubo force | Mr. Carroll moved that tie- report ot tl-e ? nimit tee fixings o'ciock p. in. as the hour for meeting be concurred in. Mr. Mchuight nvred that the report ?>* not con curred in; can ied?yea* 14,nay* (Messrs. Br v u, Cairoll, Herbert, Haut.and Verniillion)5. Mr Trinildemovetl to instruct tho co3<-iittt?e to insist on 5 o'clock as th honr of meeting. Mr. Carroll moved to insert i o'clock. Mr Shepherd niov ed to insert ? o'clock; 1 .<t. Mr. Carroll's nioiioD,4 o'clock, was lost?vea* 5; nay?,l4. The original motion, instructing tli" committee to unist on 8 o'cloclfa* the hoar of meeting, w is agreed to Mr. Br wn Introduced bill gill giving the name ? ?f H.llsboroto Barry Farm; referred Mr Murrsy ? llered a resolution requestiug the G iveiaor to train mit totk" H>nse the rep .r: of the c< nin.i aloners of the sinkins fund; ad -pt. d. Mr Carroll intrisluced bill appropriating ?5."U! to complete th- market h use in the ea-teru lecti Ki ? il-e city; referred. M. Shepherd i at rod need bill pr ividing forth rsiabli*! meiit of a steam tire enei> e company north f >|. arid between 3d and 11th streets, and a h ? k and latlder c. mpap) w??t of Slth street, r f-rred Mr Clagt m presenud a memorial of A li .itiw.-ii in relation to taxea. Also, oue from trustee- -f S curd Baptist Chun! ; referred. Ml Shepheid iittlisioced bill for the r lief.T S S I'oler, agent of J. 8 Bi?dU"t,to refund er roueona ssnessne nt; reterred. UK. LOM, WaKT- to l*VK-Tlt;AT<{. Mr. Long olTered a resolution reciting that a* dia sa.istrciioii prevail* in regard to tha District huance*. and ?* they believe an investigation will tend to tiuiet public feeling, thai therefore a com mittee be appointed to make an investigation as to the financial concerns of tin- District, and report at a* early a day as possible. Mr. Long said in submitticg tin* rete dm loo he was not actuated by any party feeling whatever. It can not be denied that dissatisfaction exists, and not only the attentipn of tlie people of tbe District, but the attention of the people of the Country, ha* lan-n called to II. It is claimed, and be had no reason to doubt it, bv those iu public control that economy and iioaestv marks the whole course of their financial administration, and sn iutesligatiou, if that be true, call do no harm, but must do greit good He felt confident that by the adoBtioti of this reso Intioa it will not only restore confidence in the pe.. pie of tbe District, but will ijuiet. public distrust throughout the country. Mr. Dyer hoped that the resolution would not be passed at this t >iue. It is well known that the great bulk of expenditure is made by the board of public works, ai-fl their report Is now iu the bands of th* printer. He a'ked that the H >u*e treat the board with rairae**, and not ask an investigation before tb' ir i spon is preii-ated. . , Mr. Lnnssaid he had no object ion to laying tt over lite report *? received. He *!?bed it onder -t od ? h .t I e w as making no fluht against the board, but was simply performing a dnrv : and that no rriend .o the Governor or board would object to tha iuvestisa-ion. Mr. H'i'se tsid tha* the restdntloR struck him as net beO-it in prep-y sbspe;ihe h ard of public works Mil a c- - rdina e loai-chof the Dl*ti let govern no ni, it investigated at all, It ihoaM be bjr a joint i ommittee. Tt-S resolution was laid over. Mr Brewer, from the joint committee to fix an h'?nr of meeting, reported that they had ftxad -tpon the hour of Te o'clock p.^ai.; sdopted. A ljourned. Th* Vctmahs or tbs Mbxicah Wah held ? meeting at the Dickson house last evening and adopted a constitution and by-laws, offi cers were subsequently elected as follow*: Oen. J. W. Denver, president; Mpjor F. T. Lally. Col. Douglas H. Cooper, triee president^ tloeejih R McNeir, reeordlnf secretary; Alex. M. Kcnadar, correapording secretary; P. H. i A.Ubach, treasurer; H. A. White, marshal; Hun. J. <1. Martin, Gen. Albert Pike, Capt S. N. Hovt, trustee*. Thf rtak Market*. a ?y notations of n?w flsh Tor tfcis day, furnished to Thb Sta* by George W. H?nij?or Co.. wholesale dealeni In tish. So*. 42 King st.. So. 51. 5? flsh wharves, Alexandria: Shad. prr hundred. *13 to fl5; Herring. per thousand, to *7; white perch, per bunch, very srarce; rock, per bnnch, very scarce; oftal, per bnnch, verv scarce. Market firm. Wasriwoto* To-dav. at the Washington fish wharves, the following sales to shippers were made by R. A. Golden & Bro.. agents: ? 8,non shad, from #10 to #12: 70.000 herring*. tof~;ino rockfi?h. 2> to IS cents; 100bunches perch, from 20to 25 cento, per bunch; .100 eels, (Tom 2 to 3 Cents. ? RsrvBLn am Cub Mkktibgb asp Elkc tiojib.?The 1st district republican club has elected the following representatives of the dis trict in the central committee: Delegates, Chv. R. Douglass. Matthias H. Hnnter.Wm. H. Van meter; alternates, Gabriel H. Green, Ander -on ltirhardson. The club has been reorganised with the following officers: Win. G. Green, president; Thos. Solomons, vice president; .John A. Moss, eacretarv; Rct. W. R. Arnold, treoi tirer. The 2d district club has elected the following to the central committee: Delegates, .J. W. Ruker, J. T. Settle, I.. S. emery; alternates, J. W. Harry and .1. H. Yorhee*. At a mooting of the l!?th district republican club last night. Col. Timothy Lubey was re elected pre?.dent of the club, John Tabbs and Thomss M money vice presidents, E. Mc,Kenny secretary, and P. B. Ibiwell treasurer. Mc'srs. E. M. (fornan, Wm. Blake, M. E. Urell, Oor nelins Ryan, and Lewis Bouldin were appoint, d acommilteeon employment. Messrs. T. Lnb -y, A. Glea>on, and Thomas KUwood were cho<n delegates to the central committee. Beat. Kstate Salbs?The following talesof real otate have recently been made : Tnonus E. Wagsaman, real esti e broker r.?> ! auct jone-r, solo 1". No. I'.i, io ?.i'i.?r-- 513, hav^'i*: a

iront of Ift feet on N ie?-i. to Tlioma* Mal-uie .f r Also. part of lo; 4- in square635, to El. Kt . tor 17 <-? per foot. Alio, pari of lot 4, in m i are <v.V lo Pani^l 8i"r- jr. for 17 cents p< r foot. J C. K*i>nedy rt -il e?-la.?- bi ol^r anil auction- -r. No. 5L"> 7i ii ft! oet. lis* sold tli' f. Ilou in? real ?? -(a.e : Lo.'n 6". ?"i0. fil. 62. l'.i, Dl and 65. in E. E. Mavliew's siilnlivMoii of s<inare9*4, wilh improvement--. ;?> J. G Bigetow.for ?91,809 Also,lo 9, in W .B T-dil's subdivision of squat e 5.-J,to Patrick t tilliiiane, for ? 1.800. Alto, lot jn, m ? ill in"s#ul><jivi-'on of-.iiiari 856. to B II Elliot,for J?1,IX0. E. K. Wilson r?-al eetale ai'-nt, ."11 7tli str"-i, has <old th-- elegant suburban r>-sid<*iice of Mr?. Th iii?? P Morgan, at head of 20tli strvt, to EdwardC. Iiesn, of D--troil,for .<40.nt?i . ? Waphibgtoti Physicians at thr Health CojfonEss?The American public health asso ciation assembled at CincniBati yesterday morning. I>r. Toner, of Washington, submitted a iiuantitv of statistic* of health organizations in the United States,-date of origin and mode of organization. In the aftetnoon Dr. O. C. Cox read a paper on th<? necessity of a rational sanitary bureau. He arguul that by tli' * m an the country would in sanitary knowl edge, and would lie able to ward otl'de;trtictiv epidemics . The resolution* were a lopted w^h a vote of apt reciationj ? BntniNo Pkuvits issued to day by the In spector of Bnildings: A two-atory" brick ware room, E street, between lath and 14th stroets northwest, l'or 0. (i. Ba'l; a two-story brick dwelling, with French roo1', corner Pennsylva nia avenue and 11th street northwest, for I>. G. Foster; a two-story brick private stable and carrirge house on lfth street, betw en K a?id L streets northwest, for Wm. P. Dale; a two-.ntorv brice stable, fireproof, (; street, between r.tii and 7th streets, noet'j west, for Me_srs. Glieen & Ocborn. THE (WKnt. POLICE COUKT, Ji'Ik Sn,U.?T >-tl?y, Ja-. L'oy't , - lieax* l?utlt aitiK-i'C yoauc col >r< 1 matt. W is ;iri .liffte-d on Ihre^*- *itrrn.i,". clt t. a- at -u . I<>n Marnir.-t B'trke, U ?r> M ?i ? . ami S.tra i H i l-jr. F: >ui the iestiui "tijr i? tp, ir that lie uei.i mt. tin sior- k? i?i by "lis. Burk-- on Capitol 11 II * hen intoxicat<-d ami called for a d'lnk -fwliixv vvhich Im-Iuk refn-ed liim le* straoh - at ironi ?!ie"-roaliit r ri lit atel J it ? ku->ckin?: t lie l !ir? jury, lit-nr) .Tiu-l . I b:i? ery on W illait. J . ami ( lar.t I! > li ?o 1 co.->,h or thirty ? in jail. Jolir - tt ?>n Colti'nbiis C(ai'k..^3. or ihi.ij ? ?<. ? i. M<trv T -tiii^v. pr< fat. .v, A'<?' ati?l?-f 11 <r? ??-, dit? uJe*lv .4:,. Le*.. i- Iiouielawt. ?li--t l-rlj . .$ . J-hit C.'-liine. rrofanity, ?'*3 J<-lnt Ki* i. ?tutbi"if he <jii" i <-i 0<'vi^?iOwd; .^.1. ? .iue J .-km and E!l?*'t C 'I'ins. (< -inl'-'lv a ? iibly, ?-a !i. .lamei 11. T.irton, i: lure io inrnislt a snt tl>!-- n'nil ?r of back n-en. i- i lo h'< leeeu i-ut ilou-* *; "-Sorthitiy ifiys Keltv G<-niy. a ?ittlf and balterv o i L.-na L--11-r hi I c -(its'ur ihiriy tiava it. jail. GEORGETOWN. Rites Tkapk The schooner Presid -nt A. Johii>on, rej orted in tbis column as hav ing ar tivea with l.unbtr to the Wheatly Brothers. w:is consigned to .Jos. & J. E. Libbey. The st."am- r E. C. Knight cleared to-day for New York with W0 b?' riels o." tlour, and tlie steamers Ex pre**, from B iltiiuore, and Geo. H. Scout, from i'liil ade<i>hia, have aniv. ?1, with Miipoellineo? cargoes. The . clir. Mary WiWis arrived iroin N'ortolk, with s."<.?jcn shingles and feet lumber to Jo?. -I. E. Libbe\ . C-iiial boat T. J. Baker arri veil vectetday with 210 barrels of Hour s? d t -inent for Geo. Waters. Gbaim 'i . canal boat BrttlfieM Hartley arrived to-tlav with .1.700 ton.- prim ? n d wheat lor Haitley Os: Bro., which sold at SI.*), Fish Wharf1."?The receipts of tlsh to-d.->v rt cre 2" (sxi herring, 100 shad and 500 taylors The Inning sold at sil.V) to $7 per theu-and; sliad at S15 and taylors at ?1 per hundred. FLi -I' it 1sk?-ectio*s Inspector Peters re ports his in; pecilons lor the mouth of Apt il to i?e 2,KjJ bb!s. family, 3,121 bbls. extra, l?bl-?. snpertine. 172 bbls. fine, snd 3H bhls. uibbl'-ng-; total, 6,C0;j. Inspector McCatin reports bin at l.<i03 bbls. family, 3,S87 bbls. extra, 7.1 Mils, s i?I ei tine. If 1 bbls. tine, and 2 bbls. middlings; total 5,!>.:?? making the total inspection* lor the month 11,072 barrels. Twenty Amherst '???liegeseniors are a;ipli cant for positions as teachers in .Japan. K/"There is notliing like making avouiig man pay for a thing to learn the value of it. iT'Tlie Kentucky democratic state conven tion at Frankfort yesterday nominated -J tm -s W. Tate for state treasurer. t(jr\ bazaar presided over by Mine. Thiers at the Paris Opera House produced ll0,0>'f. lor the orphans of the war. ?7*Anotlier living ship is being built in San Francisco, and, like the rest, '-on entirely new and original plans." BiT The Muse will not be unrepresented at the Vienna exposition. Mi-s Christina ltossetli will attend it, and so will Mr. Joaquin Miller. HAVE YOU SEEN the Youth's Imperial 0 >at ami Vest to match? It i? a<liiiireil by all ami only to be seen at A. STRAUS", 1011 Pa. avo.,o"ar 11th street. *25 1 8 8 0 L U T_1 ON. j Wa<Himgtox, D. 0., April IS, 1873. The copurtnerithip beretoiore exi-'.ing b-tween Elphonzo Y'-una* and Wm. H Sears, under the nnine aiid tinn of ELPHONZO YOUNGS * ?JO., is dissolved by mutual conseut.the second term ..f ?n-b copartnervliip hating this (lay expired. Th<< bud n< ss will be coiitiuned at th>> ol<l stand (Masonic Temple. cornT 9th and F street",I by JtLt'HONXO YOl NGS, who will pay all ju?t claims agaiiist ami collect all amounts due saiil tirm. El,I'll;'N/tt YOUNGS. WM. H. SEAKS. Thanking my friends and the public forth -ir lib eral patronage in the past, I would re-pectftl!ly solicit acoiitinuatjce of the sanu-. ELPUONZO YOUSOS. Harittg sp< nt the pas- two years very satisfactorily wilh Mr. Youngs in the above-named loi-ui'-ss, 1 would take lliis opportunity to thank my friends ami the public for their patronage, anil cheerfully r^c onuiiend whatever influence I may have i-> hi* in !erests. [ap!9-tf] WM H. SEARS. ^^tLEE'S WHARF, foot nf 6;/? and P struts. TO CONTRACTORS AND MERCHANTS. Cargoes of STONE, COAL, HAY, LUMBER, Ac., discharged from vessels and stored or delivered at the shortest notice and lowest rates. a21 ly G. Y. AtLEE. DEATH TO THE MODOCS and death to high price* is the motto at A. STRAUS1, 1011 Pa. ave., near lllh st. a25 |?EAL> AND SAVE YOU* MONEY. Ladies who have Hair Switches that have failed from ns can have them reiitored to th?-ir natural shade iu superior maimer. We have a very large assortment of 91 Curls;very long and handsome Switches, very cheap. Now is the time to bnv at MADAME E8TBSN'8 Hair Factory,61<J 13th st., near O street. aX-tr ^4 HARNESS! HARNESS! ^ We have on hand a large stock of all kinds of 8ia gle and Double Gilt, Covered, RUBBER, NICEBli, AHD SILVER-MOUNTED HARNESS. of oar own make, which we are dstemmed to sell at very low prices. Sole agents for BUI'S celebrated CONCORD HARNESS, of which we have a large stock at Goucord prices. The Concord Harness and Collars have a r--potation all over the country for durability and strength, TRUNKS and SATCHELS in great variety. CEDAR TRUNKS, for protection against moths. Call and examine stock. LCTZ * BRO., aS-lra 4V7 Fena. ave., neat to National Hotel . npaT"ONLf GENU INK Middlesex F.aaiiel 1 Suits, thoroughly sponged and made to order .to be had at A.STRAPS',IS*! Fa.are.,near 11th. aSi ROACHES. RATS or BEDBUGS cannot be found where Gfentworth's EXTERM INATOR Is need. For sale by E D. G1LMAN. HI Pennsylvania ave., ?nd HOLMES ft BRO., aorthsaet tw l?t ?wl t ???. n.w al4-lia* No ttCMBl'G.?L. BICE will nay a f.i. ^ price for any kind of Ladies', Genu' ait C tll dreu's Second-hand Clothing, Boots,Shoos, t c. 6 J3 7th street,between F and G,south. H>?te Uy mill msiiptly attended. ? t l? 1 USnCE TO A Lib, par-jality to no i,. ? J the motto at STRAUS', Cl.thier, tOiT ?T9DD9. t .. s)| P. aS? ?IT YITEMS. Cowtfstwewt and l;ap|>:nc?? reigtJ in all hi'iwliuld* were Dwlej's Vcvt Powder ? u*il. Try it- Your grocer b*s it. Put up fall weight. 2,6 DoolktV Yea!?t Powpkr rcnrvot be excelled for inakinr light, "wect Kolfe?. Biscuits. Waf fle?. Corn Bread, &c. It is always ready ami reliable. 6 ? It ik an Estaiilishkd Fact, that Con snmption can be cured; but is tar better to prevent the cruel disease from fastening itself on the system. by the timely use of a remedy like I*r. 'Wiittw's"Balsam <f H?Ad Ckrny. Thin standard prejwr.itinu will speedily cure a cough or cold, and even Consumption often yield* to its great power. 6 Reliable. Father* and Mothers? we are adding to our stock a large assortment of !>?>>'. youth's and children's eiuthing. The Waverlv Suite? from 3 to 8 years of age. from *3 to -f 18. The Harfard Suits ? from 4 to K years of age. from f? to ?20. Sailor Sn.ts, Farragut? from 3 to ?< years of age, and other styles in et.d less variety. Onre are the best made. Boot material and newest styles in the market. Noah Walks ?z Co., 4,22,8 C11 Pa. ave.. Metropolitan Hotel. ? If a ham wast* a Bottle op Whi:xt, let him buy it and take it home like a man, ami not sneak home with a bottle of "Bitters," or "Cordial,*' and pretewd that it is medicine. If he wants a tonic that is something better than a temporarv stimulant, he should get a bottle of Peruvian Syrup, (an Iron Tonic,) that will vitalise the blood and give durable strength to the system. 6 r>ocT. Atkr'c Laboratory, that ha? done sncli wotiders for the sick, now issues a potent restorer for the beauty o' mankind?for the conielincso which advancing age is so prone to diminish and destroy. His Vifjor mount.-* luxuriant locVs on the bald and grey pate* amotig us. and thus lays lis under obligation* to him. for the good look* as well as health ot' the community. m,w,f<Vw. Shirts mapk to Ordbr <Vntlemen fur niMiitijWlieir own material, can hav-e their Shirts THade to order at the shortest notice, at Keen's. 4*J2 Slh street northwest. Satisfaction guaranteed. 4,19,1: Powp's Extract Is for tale at wholesale by Chas. Stott & Co., 4?0 Pennsylvania aven;r, and by druggists everywhere. t,w.f,tf Children cry for Pitcher's Castoria. It regulates the stomach, cures wind colic and causes natural sleep. It is a substitute for castor oil. 4,25,eo3; Thi foimrsiTY at large appreciate the use fulness of Singer's Sewing Machine. 1,5 ? Thi National Savihoh haki, comer of New York avenue and IStta street, pays 6 per ct. per annum on deposits for each calender month. Banking boors, 9 to 4. Saturdays, 9 to 4 and 6 to 8. Wt3,14(16 Sopkd mr being indi*pensab1e to health and comfort thousands of p-rsons come from far anil near to visit I>r. White, the well-known Chiroi>odist, No. 835 15th street, opposite the Treasury, for relief from corns, bad nails., Jfco.. and advice as to suitable shoes. Willcoz A Girb's srwibo Machtwb. The celebrated Bazaar Patterns. Agency nt C' as. Banm's boopskirt and corset factory, ? lb street, Intelligencer Building. 10,A THKRMowrrRRS ami Barometers are repaired and made to order by Hempler. near 4* street. Georgetown Advertiaemepta. THOMAS DOWLING, Auci'r; Georgetown. BOSKWOOp n\XO. STOOL AND COVER II C PARLOR SET. EASY < MAIRS CURT UN'S ANl> C.-UNICES. BKISSEL8 *NI) OTHER CARPETS, WALNUT < HAMHER SKTS. COOK AND 0T1IKK STOVES \T Al CTH'N. Oi W KI>NESDAY MORNING, May Trh, 1 0 oYl ck, I ? ill -nil, ai the re-idet <-??*.1 Hill n lady declining honn-kM-pHi*. No A"? 1st (Mreet, MwfM M arket and Frederick, a general st-svrtment of II Myeloid G"- ij.. Wt* uaiii**. Boeewood Pisno.Sto. d ami Cover, H ? . Parlor Set, Ea?v Ch ?ir?, Cur: a iii?, Cornices. Rrii-- 1? n 1 "Mi- r f.<rp ; ??. alnut ChamlH-r tkt*, WurtlioU-*, Walnut Evt'-n sir.n Tables, Steward Co<>k ami othet Stove*. Croek? rv.Ac. uil-4t [Courier ] THOS. DOWLING. Air!. BY GOODS AT POPl LAR PRICES. For GOOD BARGAINS be ?nre to tro to BENJAMIN .MILLER, 1) 101 Bridge street, Georgetown. Japanese Poplins a'25 and 33c.; Japanese Silks, 50c., 76c., ?1; plain Dre*? G ??*!<, in all the new colors. 25c , sr;?c., 50c.; Black Siiksfrom ?1 25 to ?3; Black Grenadines fr >rn J5c. to .51; biantiful Plaiil* for children, 15c , >?c.. 25c.; Victoria L *wns. 20c., Jf37c.; Piijue*, 2<)c , 25c., 37c.. 5t#c.; Black Aipacasaii'l Mohairs, a splendid utility. a* I w *? 50c. Cloths, Ca?!*ituer<, Linen Drill-; all the novel ties in Piira*ol?; one case more of the spleielid 4 4 Bleached Cottcin, 12iic. apU3 tr I^EADY FOB THK SPRING TRADE. With a full corps of first class workmen, a c<->m Slete sti'Ck of the best foreigu and d.inie-itic Dye tutTs, Ac., Ac., I am fully prepared to CLEAN OR RE COLOR LADIES' AND GENTS' SPRING AND SUM MER WEARING APPAREL, promptly and in the best manner. W. H. WHKATLBV, PREMIUM STUAM VYMJNO AMU SCitUR liVtf WOHKS, ESTABLISHED 1S31. Preminm awarded l!i67. Oflice,?V Jefferson st.,Georgetown, D. C P-.*t Office B >x 7'J3. ap7-tr GROCERS. ?. O'HARE * SUA, l'J13 7th STREET NORTHWEST, (Betweeu M and N sts.) SOAP! SOAP !! Proctor t Gamble's celebrated Cincinnati Olivs SOAP, the best in the market?10 ceuts per poiiud by the box of 60 lbs. HAMS, Ac. In store 1,000 lbs. extra quality Sugar-Cure HAMS. 9 lbs. extra white LARD, ?1. Fresh Graham FLOUR, from best wheit FRESH OATMEAL. RYE FLOUR LIQUORS! LIQUORS!! Old Baker WHISKY; Old Cabinet WHISKY. Whisky. 5 years old, per bottle $ 1 00 California Brandy,per bottle 1 uu Hollmid Gin, per bottle 1 no French Brandy, per bottle 1 25 SWEET CATAWBA WINE, $2 per gallon. Pure SWEET CIDEB. Philadelphia ALE and PORTER. C. S. O'HARE A SON. al6 1)113 7th st. n. w., between M and N. ^LUIIR! RECEIVED DIRECT from the Mills in YALLEY OF VIRGINIA. Will sell to families 5(1 cents per barrel lew than usual prices. Prices of SUGARS and TEAS all marked dawn. CATAWBA WINE, jnst received from Pleasant Yalley Wine Company, fit a gallon. 8. H. BACON, T09 Market Hp ace. marg between 7th and 8th streets. EDUCATIONAL. PHONOGRAPHY.?A coarte in PHONOGRA PH Y taught for ?5. Apply at 141ft S street, near 8tate Department, after 3 p. m. u29-3t* IBS HAKBOYEB'8 SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIE8 AND CHILDREN, 1SS? I St., oppo site Franklin Park. Fourth quarter wUl begin April 16th; fall term September Kb. aplO-lm* ONE OF THE GBBAT 8ECBET8 OF 8CC CES8 in life is to be well drussi i;then wby hesi t*te when yon can get a One Black Cloth Coat f r *12 at STRAUS', the Clothier, 1*11 Penna. ave., -"-1MB. a2S JHI HEW NATIONAL MAMBT. ?sonxaii be procured at this itfi arg-ly BOBT. HTATT.4I4 B?TA&wK"a. 'J^WIMAACT. SMITH <1 W1MSATT, LUMBER. LXJMBKR. HARD WOODS A SPECIALTY. ?ILLS CUT TO ORB BR. K'BBP CP APPBABANCE8, especially wlmU IV costs so little, ?| A. STBAljB',Till Penn-yI Uth afreet. <2S INSURANCE JX)MPAXTES. lo?? ??' Ft HE. C.t'AKD AGAINST IT BT INSt'RIXG YOUR PROPERTY WITH ?A. S. PRATT Sc 80N, IN THE FOLLOWING "TIME-TRIED AKD FIRE-TESTED ?OMfASIE?: HOME, of N>w Tork. Assets jAticarv l.VPX? 9 ?.??*.*49 *N8i'B4k<b conriNy <?r NORTH AMERICA. Philadelphia. rn;?.T.1H PflEMX. Brooklyn SOfll.313 PElENIX, Hartford ... ,, l.e?:i?>47 vyqiNiA fibe and m\rine. Ko hmond. Va 321 j gg <Thi? Com par y ha* don* a successful and honora ble business for forty year*.) St 4#l SiB,h M'??D Street. in that . 9mtsJR??u<'Lo (vmrAi*r, 1 AW?Ti1n"f?fr,T ???rR. Newark, N. JM "il?d 1641. A???ts, a*4 .??? yyn 44 the oorooran fikk iMUAice company, or TUB DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Orrmniztd Aprtl Iff 1S7J. Capital.. VlOO.OOO. Or/K IN., UKM PENN8TLVAVIA AVENUE. (Ovw MlLBrBS* Date SlOBB.) i?EN rr^Mrnt. A H H FRR, V ice Frt^ijeit, J. T. DVkK, Secretary. ? dibbctob*: Wm.OiBe, ? H Clay Stewart, V'"" A . Jaine*, J*. L. Barbour, ? J-hn * Lenroan, b n j.*. ?aiicu roum life * in that _ _ _ STRONU Oi/I COMrAH' WLTCAL BE^EF'T LIKt Organised )ai?7 Abb roc insureds " ? _ J* *<??. APPLT TO THB OLD FRANKLINf INSl'RANCK COMPANY. OF WASHINGTON. D. C ?!?ro*roKATFn bt Co>ssr?* i* 1019. PLih* Batik of tb. *r P .Ifci'e? D street northwest. Bo chargv Jm ?- Hall, John Pnrdv, Dr. J M J &*V,Vb' JmH c M. Guire, H nrj SW!:&uvT&V: S'.i charles braplky.8.T*V>V'?'d^jo'lr^. THr?RV>V?VA-..E,fJSWSt:1" or THB DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. OKHANUEU AVHVST *6. 1970 CASH CAPITAL ZZ #10? 0#? HAMril v,c* t:?KT?u: Wm B Todd, us"* "iU' ? Charles Jtwt, ? ? M fierott, J -hi. T. L-iitt:nn, a" ? StSSl^ M ae. Kelly. A R Shepherd, "Cl4tt PROPOSALS. PROPOSALS Ft'R FReVh BEEF. Okfu e A. C. 8 , F< bt Foote, M**jh\d,J 1 h^?!^Pr,T:W ?" w*U be rJSv^i at Ib^Kr^h R if ?J lil NK '? l<3? for hni,-hiM . r n c ? f r<',l"lr"<1 hT IWoart ... ??.?,?jiifl',iS*?"??. '""M ?!> nth., . fttkSSaa W'.t.Sc,?pS5.u* ???? li'f rntation a* tu n ixlition, luxiity of Be^f. pay n.eiit*, Ac., c?n l>e obt tin?1 by application to ml rt r JA8 K.BASTM \N. "''-"t l?t Li'-Iit. irt Artillery, A. C. 8. pROPcbALS FcR ? I MBERLABD Coal! .. . NAV\ Pay (Irr cr, ) .??? J-7 Ch'st/iut ,-trttt, Pki aUlpk'i/. fliLkSnfv . r"V'L,d ,hm I"1 KSV. ,* ,M*1 ^ ? "Week p.m.,for 1 WOO ?-oal t\ i Pi>'?n il' ,hl t"v> Cnmberlaa4 N?; v? H r^LV^1 " ,h" CharVwtown. M ?-* . s"> i.iTd,free fr. 111 ri-K Miletpcnwto thr eriiiijent, the weight to l.e d-t. nniut.l by the Navr rlr.i ' "f th* pl?ce of delivery. 1 J'ZrJu r I^. 't'T ,n'-r,K? nuif .UI it! 1 f.'/.t ./i!!..' ^ frte fr<iin dlrt ?n<1 all other linpjiitu ?, a in] subject to ii*tipecti:>n piiot t <? va,?. fh" -pp. iLterf for the pnrpoae *R?<lT m ill*-iiTlI V rlehVlr;r"mr"'ry r,V''ct'"n. ' nr,i 1,. i,!1 *;e rr7,T*^ froniVna Die tufnrtrx of ? ^h,> r'eht '? re?.-r*ed to rviect Gov-rnnt^rt *d?antage uj? t, tke Re-p..n?il.|'e security will be re<mlred for the faith f>>! d^lMerj ??f the above in continuity wpl, th ? sttpnlati<?ii? of th?- blaik fomi? for t>i<1?,to ?>- ?, ?? A ttiia office; otnerwiso bid? will n-t be eotertaii 1 Bidder, nin t ?at? in their bid* the time %?i.uin which the above <. ?!? ill t^shipp.-.! ?i n A.WTBr??EI.L, ">|-3t P?T Inspector r. S. Haw. pliOPOSALS FOB RATIONS. UtAlHil AKTtK* D. 8. Mabixk CoRF#. I 'jHarUrmantT t (tjk. ., S ? , " A?HIXOTOJS, API ll 14. 1-*1 \ ? fl" i 1 Pr>'P"**li- will l?e ren-ivnl at thi? office un til U o'clock m.m. Of THIJBSDAT, the 5th la"of 'mX,1 furniehinc IUii ik to th?- I'aited Htatea Mat the following Mat ion*, from the POBT&OTTH ?f '"J""- 1574 = BROt?K UN. New Tork; I LA DEL P HIA. PennaTlvaoia: rtiR^piVRT**0* i'TV.D.Mti.t. f Columbia; Si!?. RTiUf Norfolk, \ ircinia: FENSACOLA , Florida; ANNAf^DLJB, Maryland; JJABE ISLAND,Califcrnia. ? arh Ration to consist of t?e|re onnces of Pork orBacoM.or one pound and four untn-ea of Suitor Freeh Beef; *-i(|,teen oancea of Soft Bread or Flour ?[? "'Irn* H?r<> Bread,or one rotmd and o .Iionn<?J Corn Meal; and to every one hundr a Rationa IJt'een ponnda of B?ana or P-iw, or ten pontutu ?,f Bice or Haniiny; ten poanda if Green ( offf, or eialtt rounds of Boa?t?d /or Roa^te.1 and ttroniidlC--Fee. or one p.>and and eight onncea of Teajflfteen p .nndu of Suger; fonrnuarta of Vinegar ??? *nd f?*rJ ooncea of Adamantia- S ar' Catidlea, four pounds of 8oap; three pnnndit and twelve ounce* of Salt, and fonr <>uncea of P<-rper Th<- ration- are to be delivered npon the ..nW "of thec.nui,atKiingoffip?r of each atation;the fr.-li BOft-f'tBer in bulk or by the aingle rati-n. of *.i.k1 quality, with an e-inal proportion <>f hind and f>re ?jnarter*, neckt. aud kidn-y tallow to be exciud.-d, ? N"> Br|n?< Mcko P<>rk; the Flour ktf.?u Jf E*trm oii|H'rfine in th?* mark*? c?f the pUf wber?* th? station is located; th* g,**j Ki ?, tli Mffar, rood Orleans or its o?iuivslent, an?l the Beans, Vinegar, Catidles, 5n>ap, Salt, Ac., to be of go<xl quahtjr. All Aubject to im-pection. A guarantee, signed by two persona. wh?tc r-apon sibility Bluet bec. rtitie.1 by a United Srate# Di-tri< t Judge, Di-trict Attorney t or Collector, mint accom pany eath proposal. No proposal will be considered nnl?*s a -cunpanied by spch guarantee. Blank forma of r^opoeais can be obtained npon application at any of ike Mariue Station*. Newspapers authorized to fublish the above w ill the paper containing the krot insertion to thi office for exaiuiaatiou. Proposals to be indorsed "Proposals for Ration*.'? and sdilreased to the midcrelgwes. .. M WICLIAM B. SLACK *2S-law4t Ma), and Quarterm'r P. 8. Marin. Corp., pBOPOSALS FOB STATIOMEBT. _ . . D*pabt*k*t or Itatb, Aprt< ?. I8TS. Sealed Proposals for fnrnishing stationer) for the J ear ending Jnne 30.1874, will be received at this ovKkM1* IU,tl1 5Ut ^ of M*7' * 12 Blank forms for bidding will be tarnished upon anllcatloB. The bids will be considered and accepted or re jected item by item; and this advertisement and the ?rorosals. eo Ur as accepted by the Sec.?tarv of state, and the bond aocoeipaayiag the mm, tVjl constitute the contract between the Government j ":?: . .i? ??uw uiurui and the bidder or bidders, and no farther contract will be executed. The silkies contracted for mnat be furnished frsa -?TirSZJSSES.?>.T~"-' Esch rrop<?al must be signed by the individual or *yg be acconpaaied by a t>oed. with ??flteieM sallies, tea soas equal to Cftjr percent. 2f -S or "fTf***1 ? spproved by a Called 04the dhlrirt In which the swretiee re side or do basiMss, aa a form to be furnished by the Department cot.diaon?d for furnishing tmch Vr tions of the articles m mi he awarded under to. ?^?^.performance of thTUtr^.^^ ' All deliveries will he enhject to iaspeetioa bf mm 2>P?rt detailed for the pnrpoae. by the Hecretery of State, and the delivery of an inferior article win he I euffii-ieut cauee to anna I the contract, at the option of-the Secretary. Deliveries must be free ef charge at the Depart lent of State, Washington. The failure to comply wtth any __ L the contract will, at the option of the Hi 11 etai ? at Mate, operate as s forfeiture of the entire nenaKv of th*' bond; or the 8*cr?tary of State may direct the purchase, in open market, of such ouantitnw * any article* as shall be necussary to sunelv tWi.i cieiu.# caused by such failure, and chsrce to iwl contractura Bny per cen'um of the price wWkM sl.sll be found necessary to mv for such article .K^KsanS&^sSfSsJta? ifSf&r1""- ?t o, toSSoL <+am proff>>tonal. DR IIARTIGAN H*8 REMOVED t ??T M rtrrel, o--rn?r of D ?f*t ii??rtb?"Sl,of.(>?..te ll?li?m ml In " DK G.c7SAMSON HAS REMOl Kit Hl> ??r I !(?' aid to HIIV P*Maylvanta ???? uuf. Call* left at tb> l?rn? S'-?r* > f En**n? K ? *ll,r-nm i<t Mb (*!*'? and Sw Imt *?**? ? i.l In- pr-nptlT attended *''? ?* - JAMES O CLEPHANE E. E BRAILKF. ('LF.PH (XI k IRAILRY, HHOHTli AM I> U KITKRS A LAW UK PORT* 71* ORl?e? No. II* C HrvH, M*wg lit a*1 M. furinc lirfjiitttmiii. nidi I? JOB* W. BANNA, ATTORNRY AT LAW, Ho. S TottifV Lu B iIMim, M(t VwlMMti>r,(t O. BOOKS, STATIONERY. Ac. KYANT'S LIBRARY OF PoRTRY AND S< >XG, u B U B STOWES LIBRARY OF FAMOUS HO TlON, BEK< HFR S LIFE OF CHRIST. A<\ Subscription* recel**d at 1411 NoMhWiiW' ?It ii r by apg u,,* BISHl F * HAEARIV A gricultural BOOKS. X'hiwton^i Ajmmltnral CbniMrr ft *? Anr m an Gardeoer'* A*?i?tn'tt t M Allen's America* Funi H >1 >M Hmdrnou't Gardi-mni for Pf"llt 1 M Waring's Draining forrrofttajd Health I . ? Fuller* Small Fruit Cult uru?........._ 1 ."*? Fallrr1! Orap* C?ltur?._ 1 M Fttr* 8-nthern Apr' OtinirM t 7? Wrights Practical Poultry Keeper < ?? Laiitf*t I oth t>n the H ne) ???*. . . J ul Randall's Sheep ,, , | >1 H"ra* Owners' Cyclopaedia. S 75 Y- nan on the D"ffa... |R All the new book* rH-rtvid a* i n n pnl.'. i*h?A b? rich ard r *:iHrs a on . aS-tr 101 A P'-niia a'rnir, r irner ll?h *t- ? ?*. I^IST OF NEW BOOks AT ' BHILLISGTOM'B BOOKSTO It F. i LITTLE KATE K1RBY * NnH. Rrth*a hoc fl Mattie A <4 tat uui CsrcieNi 0>?nfe*siu. TH K tOMING RACE. B> Ad**i?l Bulaer , L r| the Widow lkrogue. a n?t?>i. Br E?iir G abort aa. THE BERBER; n*. the MOUNTAINEEK OF THE ATLAS. B? M f? Mat* HOT EASILY JEALOIS A N ir*l. TO THE BITTER EMD B M -.Bradlm. LAREV1LLE. B> Mart II-ally REPTILES AND BIRDS A N *w Edition. education in JAP\N HAI F Hot K REt RF.ATIONS IN POPULAR SC IENCE, No. 7 All th* bach number* hand. popl'LAR SClESi' E M-?nthly Tolatnea I im.1 1 ELKM KNTARY TREATISE ON NATliltL PH ILOSOPH Y. B> Pr-f-w r E< E El TO NORTH AM KRICAN BIRDS C i.faa Iilk a con< !??* account of ?'?*) Mecie* of liniw and F-*ail Bird*. HARPER'S HAND book OF TRAVEL IN El ROPE A large stock of Blark B 1? P?? B k?.ar<t Men?<.r*t:dniti B-?ok*, N"t* Paper, Letter Paper, wd Pl>) ing Card* at the ??rr Iowk< priora. at ir fl*VEKY MOTHER THE POTTOR uF IIKK UOHN FAMILY If aho set. |?r. HM.I, 1 HEALTH AT HOME at STOCKMAN A BOS'*. Kb ?'reel nortliaeat. Th? COTTAGE RIBLE to !?? had there ala.>. Tvofrnd AGENTS wanted. t it tr rpuE Works of thomas ucthrie. d d. Tb? 0 -wpel In Er> kiH The hainta Icheritauc?. The * ar of Life. Od the Paral lea. Illn?trated. Speakitif to the H <*rt. btndiea of Character. Plea fi-r Race-d ScKoola. The It? Siua and S..rrowa. At KM. BALLANTYXES. a5 4B? Tlh ??? #. ^ OTIOI. OPEN1NOOF A SIW STATI^RRKf ?r >SB AND BLANK BooR M AMITFAOTORY. Fir?i<l*i? f>.?l? at fair uflna, for rait:. lithw<;raphinu. engraving, printino ANI' BINDING DONE TO ORDER. The actlir are lim ited to cai: and e*amtr ? ?ur Mock. BEN V FRENCH. Ct"1er Nation*! Metrnpolttaa B ? ?, aad u?kt door to Jar C?'ke AO*'* aeH-tf Waahin#t?v . D ') STEAMER LINES. IK' KH EXPRESS LINE VIA CAN AL. 1" EtmSM PU1LADELPUIA, AI.EXANPRIA. V* , ASU 1NGTON AND GEoRGETohN, D C. ?A1LM> diti. From P er J. N r?h t* ' am*. P> adrlrlita, W KDNE&DAY auJ CAT I'RPAY. at IS m. Fr.?i Water afreet.Gerr*etown,D. C .T! Ci? DAY and SATCRDA V m 10 a m Thic line ronnerta at Philadelphia with?'(. H de'a Iron Lin*" of ateainer* f'?r Prorideiire, p <i u ai d New England State*. N" wbarfag* in H ->1 ?i hr thia 'me G F HTDK. Aic-ut for D vf 0. ? M P CLYDE * CO., PtnladelpLia. F A KFID. Aterandria. ta. WALDO A. PEARCE, A4 Cotifroaa Street B a tOD. ?k'J U AtHINGToN. MORPOLK"BOSTON. AMI PROVIDRNCE. The In* Iroo Strainer LADY OF THE LAK1 harinc reatiii.<ii ber re?nilar tripe to __ Norf. Tk, will tear* ber wharf, if itb atreet, *rer> MONIiAY THC USD A Y, at I p. m , t'xirhincM prlnrp*! River Lai ,1(ti#?,c? [<D(fl,i.| at N'? with Steamship <4 the M. ai d M Lin* for B<*t ?o and Fr.-? .deno*. Freicht (bcsid be arUlr?aaed "care of Lady -f UM Lake. Tia Norf. lk -' Branch ticket offlre at Kaoi^a Exprem Office. 603 p.<nu?) l> aiiia avenn*. T. M. CROTCH. Ac-nt. fth-alro?t a hart DoRSEY CLAGKTT, General ki'i-M mil Plant'* Store, corver Uth at. and Pa tr*. JJUNARD LIMB. THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMEK1CAI ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, RIT?EEN MEW YORE AND LIVERPOOL. ' CALLING AT CORK BAKBOB. FROM NBW YORK. " S? . Wed .May 7 Abfaniutat|a> 1C Aljferia.......Wed. May It , Bataria h . '?!.? T ' llnatia. ... W*4_.? ? v ^'1 Galabrla. .Shi.... I ? ?Java Wed_>1 ??> Se I Partbia ?Rat.... 't , | Steamer* Bark ad thaa * 40 mat carry ?Mra*e paa ensera And every following WEDNESDAY bad SATUR DAY from New Fork. Rat** o? Paaaaea.-Cabi*, |B, BIN, Mel |1E tola, act oldui* to aocaanaodMUoti. ticket* to Paru, 9 Li. gold, additional Rrtura o* tavorabla tenua. C< ? otpri?iv ut RCT? II1V1 i*lTerfOO| ADO (JOC*u4to*V. B#*1'?* Europe, at lowest r?..,. . .i.k^b bUUuf lading pven to B<.Ifaat, Glaa? w., Ant?*rp and other potato on (be Lontiueut tid lu* Mediterranean porta. For freicbt aud cat in pa*. ?affe,B|pty at the (Xwipany'a office. No. 4 B w'lui Oreei,. fj.r <u^rage paaaage, at Bo. Ill Br-ad way Trinity Building. r.ot1? ly CHAS O FRANCKLYN. \r-Bt ^BCUOB LIMB STKAMKRS BAIL EVERY SAturday. F? iagin booked u and fro? any B*itw*p Bt* tlotj or Seaport in Great Brttaii., Irelauc, Norway, Sweden, Denmark. OermaiD.u^B France, Holland, Belgium and the Luiiod^^^^K Cabin fare from NEW FORK to LONDON, LIT. RRPOoL, GLASGOW and DERRY, ??? and ||?, EXCURSION TICKETS. BlJlV Intermediate, BSA, Steerage, %'S9, all payaMaia Owreeey. _ Part lea aendtuy for their frienda I* ttK OU Cutntiy nan purchase ticket* at l-trmt rale*, f r furtbar aartiruiara apply to the Ag -ut.C. CAMM AC'S, J* US3 F *tn?et. WaehiiMTi. n "" HENDERSON BROTHERS, ?aayH T B wlingOrpea. Ke? York. BIBBCBABTB LINE OF aTEAMSHIPS. * ASllIEGT&iTaBI) BKW TORR. Merrafter tb* S*e Btuwabipa 8 0. RMltatiT wg jOBBGIBBOBw1Um*Ae regular trips between BEW YORE, ALE J DR1A, WASHINGTON and GBoU TO? B, as foUow?:-I^a?* N^KW^TO lvw ?? wm ivuwwi.-?ii?? *? ? w *vRkm ir? ororg tvokm ZJJn VbiEa y * ALEXABDRIA tbeaaaaeday at lla, '?* Jfo* full lulormat loo apply to R. fXpngais ittrtk ZSmmTiZfiSZ B^"Fr*irhl* delivered by Knox1* Es?r*? o*. era left at General OSic*. Ml Piinay Ir nla ?t*? une hi at lbs steadier wharf will be tended to. Ml-tf J. W. TR OH PROM LIVERY STABLES, Ai?pftSRflha%'gaBbi. - AC. ii!dii rrBR FAT MBM will ?t?4**_to Iwi ?*?* ^*1 I can be fitt-d aad aaUrJ i* all taas f Ca*?tn>*r* aad Flaaael Niu at A. STBA(J* till Peim ivt?MrUikA

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