Newspaper of Evening Star, May 3, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 3, 1873 Page 2
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IMF. I>K%?0* S PHIVI.X. l.i I'm l. 4a.*r ???' at :? l>?2 TH?' ?t?- fhnr' h li On-* >.W ?? i li''"V ?? t" h'ar tifiK )?( > Mi'l ^frak. It I rS ? ???* f ?h? in ? | W!i asm* 'O'ImM xaih'titac earn*. Pv -i f ?a!?:nfr.:h ir; h ux, V itn ? nit ac-ifti.-f aflimr. Tivy w -r? bnt ^*i-l: ?aiw-t. i > r If? hi L.t* s n ? I 4 II m * tt h.|?i|..iihi wuiHiil. rtfi t'ir)hSi?< |ttin. t^'.rr.-d thi ?l(h lh r ?pirit? im Tf r >-.klss- "'Truth-- rt-cn'ar m* *tia?. \>i.| th? r- c .'?r -? w-r- ai:?I. A vt h i w wh > w ni l pr ly ??-l talk, Th ?<:i au> ni'^hl th?: will -1 fr<-n h:* pi v* In fr*'t?t n?*r Ihs pulpit. In b'> . ? ??v, WS i, iV B-> k was r-ml. >nJ the hjra i wa-sait/. Th? Dracoa arose pray f r-?f r.iltl? th? l"Ti? pr*r?!H'ile? If Pe?.-r had ' P'llfil M. H ? li?l !?-?ii. die L >rd hi- pravor had U'ar.l, Fail Sit) fa*h"Tu b-|.w Tli-n * vnlnni-- '>f i! forr.ivi'-n I* ?nril f rth. ??? if f.? th-- i* >r 1. ? ??< -n inir Hi* w?jr? m l rihir* A?l th- th ai- by H'Hi abhurrsd; But n-?t in th" list .?f the latter W ..? mentioned th? n h Iiiiu lir^ith '?ftli* (ij p-*ri'? pr.ivsr thst i-. not ?r.ifi>r, An4 !h???k" life in <l<-iitli. Tlvii Ik- p'?w.| for th* h-trrh; a?t th? pad#.; A ?|iM ? onl- miir'it b - h'? hire"' W 'ml ? r his ?i ip-:nl .?:li.-rv i??? Ait' th*- S'lti l?j schu -I. -iitil lh-- choir; Aim! th'- ?w ?"n:nj lior' *s "f fw)i>; A ; *'? r ? -'i vil?* f*hl?i ??*, Ait! ?'i- niKl'- n* w!i ? b-iw t ? th ? P ? f |j -n--; Alt I tin; puitt cbatAw <?f ttrrtt ?; A"*l 'h * n:rc??t n-wnii'n of Jn Uli. ? if m I h?- - lit* li.? I much ???(??ti ll- pia -r h>- l*H th ? I. -r-l h prayed. For frmtki* 'Ut ..; hell. > w if all ??? tlist burl it In I r?a!lr B-- ii ? ighiiu; up- n hi- ?nnl, *T<* >i!' Iimi ? ?nnk him thr -utflito th ? Cl i ? *i I Aii'l r > ????I ahi.lwff the ii--i?. ? ? ? ? ? he r?s iJar eveningM?-4iiMr. Ami ih-* r-*i;!.?r pri?? -r- w-r- m.i I-, B it th" l?*t 'ii .* *u? -i t..U th- L -r I th.V "lib th* ?i!?at pmi ?l. MAKKIEI) BY TELEGRAPH. ?? >Jr. Leary tou are a m irru J m-?n, sir!"' ?? Very, fir.'' 44 Very! why do yon <ay vory?" 44 Because my iloar little wile ami I arc buuiul t'jfether by wires'.'* ?? I. Uint'T L-*rv you talk enigmn-t.*' 44 Th?*n ?if. to be m |?laitt 4.4|?rinter. I wiil ii. for ai you that I *?< tuarrit^l bjf U'lcgr.ti>U." 4- Vou'ilon'i -ay w!" 44 Vfl*, I ito." 4? Then C?*1I the e?m|?atty all a'?jut the affair." "Iwil'.with |ile.?!?ure". I^ail.ea ami gentle man. my wife L? a teeon-l rouiiui and w.?- ntm '<1 1 *arv. * She oftee resided in the city ot Inlian ??IiolU. while T was a resident of Centreville, in tii*??ame St.?t?-. I wai> a bachelor ?f thirty and full of romance geiii'r?l love. I My "of general love, be eaitM- I lia.i 11 ot mad*- a concentration. . *? Win don't you takf a wife?** w,t- eternally lioiieii iti niv ears. 4 Whom will I taker' To thi* query* -cire of friend* wouM my. 44 Vonr relative, Kate 1/^ary.** 4 Ki?t?* Ij'-arr, w?iv >he istnv own cousin!" 44 Only a second cowin. t<??*v would retort; ",in>l your opjMi^ite, l.a'im -r. K ite is a blonde, and tou nre dark Erebiw, or th-; aee oi llubi.." I neTer ha<l *oen Learv. b-it thi.< con t mted ;?>.-ociatioii with the young Ia?ly with my wcddeil life had an ladaen<*e. ??ne<lay a m-mb-'r of Congre*? exclaim *1. 4- Mr. L-'ary. were I ?injle I would a-wiredlv l?ay eonrt to y?>ur eou-iit. A* I am m vrri.-.l, ? h'I you are my be*t fri<?nd. I <~?u earne?tly liorw1 you will posset" the luxury.44 At this j>eriod I was a merchant. Having dij eharg'd a thieving clerk. I wa-? *0 onfin -d to ttiv !?tore that a journey to fndi%Mpoli.? w ?? o vl the qiH-dlu*. I wa.? growing alinnt wil l to *t one whom all prai*- d?30 uitny wi?Ue?l iu: to wol In a f?-ir day* from the c ?ll of my IfgMativi' friend, his biother, a noted j'tdge, appeared at my store. The judge was al^o my devoted ally?? po rtion intt Tim tied by hi* "recollection 01 b"iug educate -l by my dt^ea-^l father. l?rawi!ig a daguerreotype from his coat, said he. 4- I wmh toshow you something n;ec. Therj, what >\u you ? ?y to t i it?" 4* Who isir.'44 I cried, with enthu?;*.-?m 44Thi.*. my d??ar frieivl. i* M *s Kite L;aty, ?:ie young la>iy I wish vo.i to m irry.'' 44 Tell m- ," etclaim-.-d I. 4-b she all they claim for her?44 44 My dear frletvl. h mest!y v I value truth, ] h?v.- not heard tier Mltlcieutly prais^l!" 44 Why don't some man try his luck'."' 44 I'm glad yon ask. Simply because she is overcourted, an-l c?n.-e jaeutly hard to plea?e. ?sheis r .mantle, and I clearly see n>t wiuuaUle by or-1inary moth<xl>.'* ?? Von -ay she is vtry partieular?" 44 She is,"sir." 44 Tnen go?>l-bye for me." 44 X>?r at all: she is raj>tur-?;is oyer your like tic* and s.-tHlsher eousin!y love, with an inti 1 ation to visit her. I pledge von t.? not omitting single point in your body, caliber or char %rt-r " ?? I??i yon consider her daguerreotype .accu rate'.''* 4- i r.n tell you it dou't flatter her. She h is J extra - Unary beauty, and the klu-l th.a' u. m jre -?r.kiii? in an -nation or eon vers atiou." Wii.le mutual friends tn Centreville w?re 1 Uoiit.^ my fair cousin, mutual friend 111 111 Hanapolls w?-re d?-ci?l?d iu their eulogies of me, 1:1.1 preparing her tu'iid for an alliance. I am not self-conceited. Believing such a concord must be horn of an obvious fact, 1 set- | Tied ou the idea of marrying this wonler in l?eaut v. soul and accomplish!!* 'lit. Mvh.tent was quickly couhrmetl upon hear ing a very wealthv and influential banker from Gotham" was in the melujig m-nxl. I re member it was mid light. 1 hiuted from my -lore the last batch of chronic loungers, awl se lected the best siatien. rv iu iuy establishment. I war to write WS ?rat letter to K *te. Siucb k reply as 1 received! Weil, you must -ee it?you shall see it I have good gas works, j but am inadequate. In ? brief time we learned lhaieae'u knew tlse other wclL The m ich sai I | Tivso many, many mutual friends superadded to our daguerrotypes and letters, made us a comprehending couple. la fact, we confessed our love?a full, round, ri|?- and luscious ar tii' -. There could be no unsafety in the case. 4>u lineage was 111 couuit m. aisl every fact kuo?n.wh'<t folio wed is clear ?an eugagsment? >c?. I?etweeti u usee 11 lovers and coast us. I was ??dying" to fold her to my heart, hut my soul's condition ai?l maiuritig ap|>ointments postponed indetiniVe'iy. What did you sa)Why did she not visit sine of otv friends at Centervilie? I answ er \ou ihcertully: She ha-1 her notions arvl would entertain tin iu. Tho;i|(h we were plighted, sh-? declared it should uot be said that she in Kle th in-: \ .- ! Matiy believe h^r right. I don't aiic'iet^ie point, but merely answer the ques tion. Weoks p.L<"' l; letters were numerous au l sac 0?ar:n.-. Tiio time arrived wiieii I conld en dure m\ single comiition no longer. What if -ome ot?< w*.reto est me out at th-4 eleventh hour".' With such hve what would becom ? of ute? I was dvtrri.i.fctd toowuber, even if 1 did not see her for a decade. An idea dawned a brilliant one. It w*- to c(*nipaM> a speedy marriage and satisfy her tinist lor romance. Alter a rto*1 of temler t??-s.- of drama" .- preparation, 1 wrote. *4 . my adoti'i ?e?e. let u? depart from this sialo rootine, and *nl bx telegraph." 1 be uica t? ok her bv storm. Ih-r answer was characteristic. It ran thus: ?4 l>arling. I will. The idea ts savory, but is ? leg*!4.'" liumcdiMWly I sent for my friend, the .litdg.-. Soon as be faced tae, sanl 1: "Juige. is a m w ri?*rt by telegraph legal?" ?? Certainly, sir. I see no objection to a con tract by t> l?-|tr<iph. 1 readilv see hosr ali these ICquiiWmclits can b?- accomplL-.he<i.'' 4- VI id you state this opinion on pa|>er an-l de ?cribe a formula for an electric wedding'.*" 41 With iileasur**, sir.'4 The .fudge uii-!?-rst<?od me. and gloly c>m plud The result. I forwarded to Kate by re turn mail, and mob received word that on the follow in gThurndav site and the pioper authirrity would pre*e?? theuiselyes at the Indianapoiis office according to formula, there to ent?r tlie bolv state of matrimony. I tell you the appointed day was a great one among the nrtfual friends atf each end of the wire. The affair was so novel that all e!s? was eclipsed by the contemplation of It. Clergymen and witnesses ass.*mble<l at the U-rmim. There, in full c??stume, two unseeu lovers were to he ma>le man and eif?. The In strument began its tick, tick, ticking. The operator read, the clrrgyman put questions I answered, the iustrument did more work, and -oon I was salutcl as the husband of Kate Learv. Happy was I, though the i m?cssor of a lady 1 never Whekl. Use week pawed ami I was still without help. Mv brain was becoming frenzied. I must see Kate, and I must go to her ftnt, fur it was her liat. and weU did I know what a Leary was. By entreaty, I prevailed upon a brother mer chant to loan me his beat clerk. Soon as be put his foot In the store I put mine in the stage, en route for the capital or Indiana. When about twelve miles from the c:tv we stopped for a passenger, it was a lady, duch a beauty 1 never beheld. She resembled my likeness" of Kate, bat was far m we beautiful. I own. my heart went out to her. Call me tickle, say what you please. and I will bear it. I repeat my heart gushed forth a flood of lore. Here was a tlx! 1, a married man. r>ing to his telegraphic bride, and as technically iu love with anotner woman. I began to repent my haste, and when too late, saw the marrying ->ne I had never set mv eyes upon. What could I Jo? The lady was ai?o married, for 1 heard the driver call her mauam. How she eyed me! I Sf-oke about the coach windows being raised to suit her. Tagrmuniig*, ?? . . .1 wmgrws?a . r, ? i? t-.-i-.thst ac4-? tile* an * ??*ri?l i ?.?.,. *..?? Much crm rriMtti i. ,u ?itl, kliil I *4? * gori?*r. I >?? I ?':( wa??i?tk|i m Mt> ti >ri p!i aoiug looks. ' I1t*>l>*at UKMI^lit f. Mir Ir Ul!)l4i>|?ll V I I kivc bi-rii? ?yui|i*tk]r. Yetshould ( I j ?'j .m..??. it. surh trttifirrnil^it rbartr?\' S>ip|M>m- I ti ay luy lnrf, how w?nld | I l<*?*! in ili< |iii* no- 01 m? wife. *i|i| ?htt i newer eon Id i comer ?|>* a toul ntntfrr? I l.nd it | won <1 te-tray nothing, but otter c in flation U> a rt??fr m?M?i surely n^il^rMI. W ar- Ikr only pa>* tigers, and what a f.nxi iLaiirf. " ?*? '! J. '"ill''*!) fiirilun nn but you se? n: to r *i>t under :t ?loud." deeply. 44 Weil, Mr. iHii i? widow, Uiotigh | joi't liro with my husband." " Po<.r sonl." continued 1. She put lier handkcrrfc.i-f to h:r mouth. I Uiou^ht about hulf of it ? -lit in, but Of four* It was to ?top h?r emotion. " \ oil ar-- nut happy, m Umiii!?" " Very fi?r from it. *r; I an miserable!" Sn *** I?miserable to put my arm.* around her neck. *? Wbrrt do you reside, nivlauit*?" "In lhiliMa|>olik." 44 Hare you friends there?" '? Many, sir." 44 >o iioubt of it Allow ine to a?k,do von kitf TOtir husband ??? 44 l??-vot?diy. nil.'' " 1 ben you *i!i live witli him?" ?? Would be k ?i| ?>! the chance, air." 44 Wl'i n did ? uti i?-f biui "1 hav. m-ver se-n him. air." Here she again halt' swallow'd her handker chief". 44 Never ecu him! Why, what do tou mean"" 44 Sir. have row not read of a telegraphic wedding?" ? Jelin* f.**ar!" cned I. 44 TeH me. are vou M?d. K.xtc Leari?" 44 I am." A.-* 1 relaxed, she said: "(Jo on, Latimer; I Knew toii nomronr dagnerrotvpe." I will not prolong till*, hut merely remark that Kate is the devoted of worn ???. 1 have not felt ashamed of my inconsistency, anl would not lose her for the wealth of the Orient. I ever consider us as bound together by wire; and when asked if I aiu a married man, I al ways feel like spying?very. T*? (onteat ora Dsabury Man with a Klovr.plpe, Putting up a store is not so difficult tn itself It is the pipe that raises tour-fifths of the mis chief and all the dust. You may take down a stove with all the care in the world, and have your wife put away the pipe in a secure place, aiMi jet that pipe won't conic togetiier a^iu a> it before. You tbi* out whan you are standing on a chair with your arms full'ot" pine and your mouth lull of soot. Your wife is stand ing on the door in a position that enables her to see you. the- pij>e ami the chair, and here she gives utterance to those remarks that are cal cuuitrd U> h*>ten a man into the extremes of in sanity. Her dress is pinned over her waist, and her hands rest on her hips. She has got one of your hats on her head, and your linen coat on J"'f Hi",''' * pur of your rubbers on her Jcet. There is about live cents worth of i<ot l?.aek on her nose, and a lot of dour ou her chin and altogether she is a spectacle that would in spire a dead man with distrust. And while you I are up there trying to circumvent the awful contrariness of the pipe, and telling that vou know some tool has been mixing it. she stands i safely on the d>ior, and bombards vou with such I dom. stic mottoes as:?44 What's the useofswear ing so?" 44\ou know no one has touched that *'V"U *iu"t 3ot ;t">' patience than cluld. /v.. be careful of that chair."' And , then she go.-s otl and reappears witb an armful i ol more pipe, and before vou are aware of it she lias got that pipe so horriblv mixed up that | it does seem uo two pieces are alike. You join t ie ends, and work them to and fro, and take then apart again ar.d look at them. Then you spread one out and jam the other together, and mount them ortce more. But it is no go. You begin to think the pi-ce? are inspired with life and ache to kick them through the window But she doesn't lose her patience. She goes around with that awfully exasp rating rigg'iig oti, w'tii a length ot pipe under each arm. and a lojig handled bioom in her hand, and says she don't set Lou iliiMR; people uever have any ttoulde in putting up a store. Tli n you tui4 the hammer. Vou don't see it anywhere. You , stare into the pipe and along the'miutle, an down on the store, arsi ot) to tbe ti?r. Yo ir wife watches you intently, and is tinallv thoughtful enough to inquire what you are looking after, and on learning pulls the article from her |*>cket. Then vou teel as if you coul. go out doors and swear a hole twelve feet soiiare through a block of brick buildings, but she merely observes: '"Why on earth don't" you fpeak when you want anything, and not stare i around like a dummy." When that part or the j ipe which goes through the wall is up, she keeps it ap with her broom, while vou are mak | ing the connection, and stares at it with an in tensity that is entirely uncalled for. All the wliile your position is becoming more and more inten sting. The pipe don't go together, of course. The sooi shakes down into your eves and mouth, the sweat rolls down vour fa -e anil i tickles your chin as it drops oil', ami it seems as if your arms are slowly but surely drawing out ot Wieir sockets. Here your wife'comes to tiie rescue by inqntrtng if yoa are going to be all day doing nothing, and if you think hrr arm? are made of cast iron, and then the broom slips on tbe pipe, and in her end.-amr to recover her bold she jabs you under the chin with the han dle, ami the pipe comes downon vour hea I with its load of fried soot, and then tbe chair tilts forward enough to discharge ronr feet, and vou come down on the wrong end or that chair with ? tor.;e that would bankrupt a pile driver. You don f touch that store agiin. You leave your W'fe examining the chair and bemoaning its in juries, and go into the kitchen and wash your skinned and bleeding hands with vellow soan 1 linn you go down street after a man to do the . business, and your wife goes over to the neigh bors with her cha'r, and tells them about its in | juries, ami drains the neighborhood dry of its sympathy long before you get home.?Z>i*',a w | Arvi. * * ?* Du ad rearjr *? l ast summer, in the dog days, Satheru plav a joke on hi? Scotch terrier. Jack, to c ue him of making aequaintances with other dogs when out lor a walk. When he saw another Jog. Jack would rash up and ruh his nose against that of a stranger and Indicate in his doggish ways that he would tike to be his frlenJ. When the season for muzzling came, Satheru put a mtizste upon Jack and took him out for a walk. Somewhere near L'uiou Square he met Florence, and as the twain stood in conversa tion Florence noticed that whenerer Jack ap plied his nose to that of another dog, the latter went howling down the street, learing the ter rier very much astonished. Florence could not understand it and finally asked: '?Ned, what's tbe matter with Jack, that all the dogs run away from him?" "O, nothing."'said Sotli rn. "except that before 1 sty ted out I fixed a couale of cambric m-edles in his muzzle so that they stick out about an inch beyond the end of his nose." w ell the result was that in a dav or two Jack was afraid to go near any other brute of his kind, and all those who had been inter viewed with those needles were carerul to keep awav from him. Sothern s?y* he will take out a patei t for his inrention' prorided that Berg'i does not have him arrested ror cruelty to animals. J W? have hkabd of .irmKs arriving at a verdk t l?y means or a toss-up. but in Ireland they 'iare improved upon this practice so far that *.hey enforce unanimity by a knock-down. At Hallinakill quarter sessions, the other day, alter the jitrr had been sent to their room to de liberate on a larceny case one of the twelve was ol>serve<1 to come out ami attempt to leave the court. Stop|>?d by an ofticer, he explained: 4 Ah. begor. I wouldn't stay there; theVre all bozin' and flghtin' inside." ' He was sent back, however, ami a constable stationed at the door to prevent any more escapes; so in due course the prisoner wa< convicted.?a result suffi -tent ly explained bv the remark overheard from a > juryman after the rerdict?"Only I tureatenod to lick him, he'd never agree." A Jokxk os thi ScirmLrv?A brilliant In stance of joking under difficulties lately oc cuired at ked Bluff. California. Thelokerwas .M.J. Dom.hue, whose span of life had been 1 limited by due process of law. He came to the seartold in bnoyant spirits, ami seemed to be delighted with the prospect of getting out of the world so soon. His remarkable garety com pletely unnerved the sheriff and the twenty or . thirty friends who were to see him off. When thesherilt put the noose orer I>onohue's head, be turned to the officer with a bland smile and said: "I say, Sleeth, can't yon put that under ?y wmm tiekfish round the neck. These were the humorist's last words. A W EI L-PKKSSED IDT VILIhiriO HIITLI aa> called at tbe office of the mayor of Indian apolis. recently, and said he wanted somethiug done with his wife. "What's the matter?" ia <1 uired his honor. "She keeps giving me pills," I wss the reply. 441 wouldn't take 'em," said his ^0n?ir'.. 1 C^'t U'M Mi,t tUa Injured has band: "she glres 'em to me while I'm asleen "I'd wear , muz,le." said hls honir Th??,, Jtrtd husband started. He hadn't thought of A? m ctiTiio oto pbllow, who lire* along side of a graveyard, was asked if it was not an unpleasaat location. "Mo," saM he "1 vtm tin d places in all my lifts with a set of neigh bors that minded their basins* so stMdr they do." Mycins in natlans are moving for two ghMMe of lager beer for S cents?one glass ) cents. IFThe Massachusetts senate has rejected ta? bill to establish a separate prison for women. I/"A New York reporter in describing a re cent suicide had for the head line. "A life upon w hich the aarcaof adversity rolled too heavily, ended upon a tree ia the woods." ?*- >!<>nsignor t'apeldoes net believe that Eng land is to he imm*sit?re|r eowrerted toK >m?n CatbolieiMP. Knt that she is Srst to undergo a spasm of alaMMt uairersal intdelity. *HE OPPOSITION or N.IRN. (?* ? '* Apj !c:.-n's Jn>iri/%1.] firiUtaiitw ith ruddy ligbt, among the glitter !!/L" 'I "j*? bestud the skj, nisy now t?e seen ars." It i? in the constclia lion i.inra, m * conspicuous oi>j?*ct in (be east 5rf_ *h7 u> the evening, and cannot fail to be recognised briti IIitj line and tiie sdrene and *teady lipLt that distinguishes a pl.met from a fixed star. It. is especially interesting at the present time, from the fact that It will reach its opposition with the tun on the :?7th of April. At this time, a line drawn front tha center of the *nn win j, through the centers ot the earth and Mar? It.- whole enlightened iurfh'0 will he turned toward the earth. and it will be at it* least distance trom u? (ifty million roiles>. . appearing twenty-live li-uCk a> lirge as when at ? to created distance (two hundred and forty million mile.-). The opj>osition of Mars, occur ring once in about two years, gi vea the most lavorable conditions lor obfe-rvation of the planet; and astronomers all over the world will find an interesting object of investigation in examining ita weiUknown features with tele M-ope and^jectroacope, and all the assistance that the progress of scientific knowledge d irinc the last two years has developed. Bt autiiul as this planet is to the naked evo. aud interesting as it is to watch iu rapid pro gress from star to sUr among the zodiacal con stellations, it is to the telescope observer that its most wonderful feature* are revealed. Mar* thongh the smallest (with the exception ot Meroury) of the large plaueU of the solar sys tem. is the only object in the whole heavens known to present features like our own; for th ? telescope show s, on our nearest superior neigh bor, continents and sea-. Islands and inlets, snow and lee. in essential particulars corre.s- I ponding to the physical outlines of the globe on which we live. It is probably the onlv planet who-ie surtacc is really seen?for Mercury and ! y en us. otir Interior neighbors, are so protected ; from the heat of the sun bv vaporous envelops that it is only under the most favorable circum stances that the true surface ot the planets can ' even be taint I v seen; and .fupiter and 3*tjr:i_ | the might v orbs which tar transcend ourovvn sis<v-?ateUite* and ring-. ?re probably in no condition at pres> nt to sixum anim tl life. The moon, too. is destitute of anything interesting to reward examination. It is a chaotic mtss of ! mountain-ridges, extinct | volcanoes. deep i caverns ami tossures. dreary ruouuta.n scenery. i and desert plains?a hemisphere of desolation around w li.h no vivifying atuij-phero eircu tlow ' ?Ve;' Wl409? fcurtaCo no refreshing waters It was not until the year 1*S that observa tions on Mars began to take a tangible form. Ca#9iiii then d^tenuincd roughly tlie period of it> rotatu)7i. AWout the sani-* time laree I were noted on its surface, and drawings ot it-> principal teature.- were made by l>r. Hooke. in l.m, Maraldi improved upin these drawings aiul was tie first to mark the famous spot which modern astronomers have named Hour-Glass sea. As astronomical research ad anced. snd instrunients improved, succeeding astronomers turned thsir attention to the interesting feat ures ot the planet, constructing charts, after careful examination, and including on the 11-t xL(iVsory<r:; ,Uo honored names of Herschel, nth!1 ?,e La ?u?> Secchi, and manv others, but the \ lews taken bv the celebrated Dawes, at various times from 18>.> to I8.;|. are considered superior to any others. Combining the best points in his drawings with those of other observers, we have a Martial map as com plete in detail as an outline map of our ow n g obe. Mr. Browning has constructed a Mart ill globe on which lauds, seas, and other physical dn lsions, are delineated as on terrestrial izlobe I hese lands and seas are as famUUr to a.,trono: mers as tie continents and oceans of the earth are to geop-aphers. Two charts have also been constructed on which the Martial outlines are representee! in the same manner a* on the mans 01 terrestrial hemispheres. ThaJMirttal divis ions are nimed for tlieir discoverers; and, a- a tribute to the lamented Dawes, his name oc curs more frequently than any other. A brief iketi h of the topography of Mars can not be uninteresting. An icy cap surrounds each pole, van iug in extent according to the progress ot the season; and around each of Hiese polar caps extend a polar sea. Four great contnent* occupy the equatorial region#; between two of them flows the celebrated HJur t..ass Sea: while oceans, straits. and inlets sep arate the continents and enclose the inlands much a-on the surface of our planet. But. if the correspondence is marked between the two planets, the divergence is no less so. A notice able leature in Mars is the prevalence of wind ing inlets and l>ottle-nccked seas. ? >ne of tiiess, called Huggin's Inlet, is a long, forked stre im, too wide to be compared to & terrestrial river, which extend- for three thou.-and miles iroiu its two-torked commencement to the point where it Hows into the sea. There are tiro sca.j so closely resembling each other that, if it were not for their enormous dimension*, we might fancy tne evidence of artilicial construction. 1 here are also two f!ask shaped sea-, which have the same marked similarity. On the earth tlie oceans are three times as exten-ive a* the continents. Ou Mars the pro portion ot land and water i- ab'iut e iual, and so strangely mingled that a traveller could vUt every part of the planet without leaving the element on which he commeucetl his jouruev* or by coasting along oceans, circumnavigating islands, passing through open and bottle necked seas, and sailing through straits, he could travel -e a coast line of thirty thousand miles, always in sight of land, and generally with a view of land on both oldes We can easily see a reason for this labrluthian arrange ment ana ita adaption to the necessities of the planet. The moot careful examination hu railed to detect a sateilte; therefore tlae* must be comparatively unknown, for the effect of the sun in producing them would be almost ?inappreciable. Since the solar tide depends on the relations which the planet's diameter bears to its distance from the sun, and our solar tides are very small with a diameter of eight thousand miles and a distance from the sun of ninety-one million five hundred thousand miles, it may readily be seen how little influence the ran can exert on the Martial waters when the diameter of the planet is leas than tire thous and miles and its distance from the sun on* hundered and tlfty million miles. This arrange ment of water in Mars would promote a fFee circulation bv evaporation and downfall, while <>ceaiis would become stagnant under such con ditions of existence. Such are some of the physical features of Mars resembling those of our globe, but the parallelism does not end here. Its day is about thirty-seven minute* longer than ours; its Incli e ecUl>t'c * a ,itUe greater, giving nearly the same proi>ortion to the seasons; its revolution round the sun gives it a year not quite twice as long as ours; and its size is much more ueax.y like our own than that of the ?.rb!,wliic.h *?"? the glory of the system. But it lit to the talumamc |>ower of the spectro "W l*1** '"debtod for the certainty of what before had only been probability. Mr. Iii'MJu* subjected the planet at its oposition in 11*? to a search lug scrutiny by spectroum te!?1?C0Pe- He proved that the red color of M;irs is not due to an absorp tive nower in it. atmosphere, bat to a ruddiness of color ot certain ingredients in its soil; that its atmosphere contains gases and vapors like our own; that clouds float through it and m ike beautiful its evening sunset and m.iruing sun riseK and that tierce storms sweep over its vision* ^ ure the view u> the telescopic aro^uild D?mCr# deUght watct> the changes i? _ " The .1" >w.r J01*" "f mo.>nies? in summer the ice-liound circle is reduced to a .teu ?><" the pole; iu winter the circle eularges to forty-tive degrees, aud the wide-spread tracts or snowy light cover itssur ?orthern winter. It Is true our Martial neighbors have only a quarter ofth light and heat which our more favorod position bestows inK>n us. but Tyndall says in his Radiation ot Heat" that a slight Increase of certain v&j?or8 in the Atmosphere would com pensate the planet for its increased distance trom the vivltying center. Science is constantly adding to the cloag analogy that binds us to the planet Mirs. It belongs to the same family; it revolves around the same great center; its day, it* vear, its sea sons, its atmosphere; its physical features; the ek ments of Its soil; water in the various forms ot va|*?r, fluid, and aolid, which forms so im |s>rtant a part in the economy of organized beings?all find their complement there. Wo need only one link to complete the chain, tho evidence of life. It is not too inneh to hope that iu the days to come simple means will be discovsred to show that life U not the sole In heritance of the intelligent member of the planetary world to which we belong. We are on the ere of great discoveries. An instrument which can detect the constituents of sun and stars may be followed, and that at no distant day, by one eqaally simple which will detect the* presence of life In ether worlds, gome Prometheus will arise who will steal the divine flame from the altar, and find some hollow reed in which to conceal the divine afflatus for mot t*l inspection. Such are some of the facto la regard to the planet Mars, now a brilliantobjefct iu onrstarlit ?ky. Newly two years most p*? before the next opposition, or before so favorable a condition for observation will occur. Meantime we may watch ly course among the Mars, sometimes advancing, sometimes retracing its path, and sometime* standing still as we look upon, yet ever moving forward to ths Eva that guides the T^f00 foI^ds us to accept as truth anything which cannot be demonstrated, but Tj22 iU * stand-point on *** Martial planet, and thus noes the earth dwarfed to a golden sty shining In the Ay, now as evening star, now a slender crescent now a full-orbed sphera, etosely fcSto^dh v a tiny sataUte w hoae edi pie\rTan lnde7<Jf M tial longitude, a perceptton of whoae prsee^ U pKnape a test of Martial tolescopes. it m? atraasUarresU the black star followed by a black aoint i the daesUng disk of Us sua. That tiny circle Is our globe, to the myriads of Immraeelaextent* tTsttIIim'iIV" thiTcfaatoref infinite spaee, oJm?SSauitfi larger and brighter than the planet Mars. ftntt M. Coav a ana. rrspensibl* under th* iiqner law. for age* that may accrue from th* trafflo. THE STIR W ITCH. ?T TN ' I Til, 'vi ft 'n! ?t<r>,tr n ? >':r >k >n It TTu ?':gh siJew.'s sol?*ttiii ?*?<?? ?>.i Tmxt oc? ui V u..r -*t an 1 th ? -W* iM Oh, pttimii bright srir-, as v*?t wat.fcM ?!' ii wi ? Hml-t h^? >r * ?.v ii*?!*, n ? * t * !-?* i,1 *1 - >11 ?, To >'hwit th ? will ?f i h * w'ut? !?{??* ik -t'' at i ?n? N .si' nine A<irnr?, with b-*wi lijh* r*l, T * *rn (Ii ? A'Utnl:r a- Mwirll!' ' 'i> I, Of tWv-uiuy Inmns, of th ? p-nU tli *l? (Mi, l i<t*t fb'U n i wwift fla ii <*ro '> ret?vil. T " whit-ti tli ? m<M ?? :t1? it< jiitt tiiij !i ? ?m, Tii? ?le p"? arou.*sl fr.m h'-? j?ti!h- <ir -4 h* ? Mi, tell m, wii i w litiii t may n -vU.i >vr Ii -r ? Tit- f* ->r c-i'?M t.f C'llHw %ii ? Ix-r, 11 -w rani? tli- md" wakttig !?> th i?> ? i >i i I ? ir* Oh, whi-p ?i ifh ?p'y th# f?rrv Ami p i>v ? r t'j ? t ? rib! ? rifi Through 1 tali nit ? m.-rcjf f >uu I c>im>rtia{ shrift. Up. nj? front the wrwk, tlir tli n >ri )v atra '? niirht, Oh, t<1l lift if, crow,lit,c like i ?t'i lii*ht. 1 1i?t?- n*" nut .i?i?i'>a of *itig? waving ? Kite; If f?tn* littl? wh w of hnrrie-1 "g >.*i If ii i:ii"< ? ifilj whip r- ll'i. t i f ilt riii ? si/h, 1 "II not thr.Ui^ii tli - sil.-iif-M uu I -r tli ? ski s* Tli ? htars in th -ir ronrs.?v m tjratic an I ?l >w, iji" sever i?n Nii?w"r Tlicv pity, I kniw? K.inK'hdu* is their tear f<>r m ?rt?li?y w ?*. | A;*1 Y'frk Ltdfr. ? ? ????* - I.OSUO.V MMIEfl. How tl?e Aristocracy Uchavc T)ic:n wlrrs. I sometimes fancy that Shiikcspcar's art, which placed the treasure iti th-- casket of trad' inrttHtl ot that of silver, might hare been caught lrotn ati observation of c!ie contrast he l*eiti tlie dismal, sooty exterior of groat L m don liousts and the luxurious beauty and rii-h uess of the interiors. I hare often p??-cd Crom well house, ?nd it ncetnil nowise dirt'-rent from the miles ot dull, leaden, block lik- b>Us\. which line the niiie of Croiuwcli road, bu' ! have just been there to witUM soiui- .ib.ea t\ vlvant*. and gained a fresh p.-rcepMou of t ic alnwst la bilious wealth which the higher c'a of London now |>ossc*s, an.l ot tlio extent to which the* manage to surround ttiomi;lv >? with splciulor. Kuicriuu beneath ? t.^nla steppiii); n;?on a purple carpet across tit ; str. et (for royalty was to be present), we puss a?oni{ lHrge corridors and up a great Venetian stur way, amid walls covered with sujierh pictures ? amid statue^ reclining and statui# st:mdiii ' ? along a suite ol rooms each finished an l tint^vl like a work of art, until we come upon a b il cony. but one closed in from the open air l>v great wail# of French gla?.s. There are, indeed, two walls ot crystal?one rauged wir.ii every variety of (lower from every part of the world, while the other was ablaze with lights, au?i through it was seen a hall adorned in "he m >?t beautiful style. In this hall ibere were seated about three huuilred person-. At one en I was an organ, at the other a >tage with a dark green curtain before it. The ceiling was covered

with allegorical t'rescoeir, the cornices were a net-work?a lace, one might alm)-t sav?of white and gold. And beneatb sat a company coiitaiuing the most aristocratic and wealthy people of the West end. One could have de tected this in various w ays. Margaret Fuller used to say to her friends that when in London she could recognize the aristocratic litdie* bv the elaboration with which their hair had been dressed, which, indeed, is not a bad s gn: but they who look to tine jewels a" a test will be ) mistaken, as the middle-class ladies wear tlie hitfgest jewels. But the nio-t unmistakable indication of the rank of any company ts always furnished when a prince, or other member ot the royal family, enters. All classes beneath the highest rec ive such with noisy snobbery; the aristocracy rise ! ijuietly, an'd tbeu sit down when tbe rovai per- I sonage is seated. Then, tlie aristocratic lamias are much more gauzy, decollete, and a la Wat- I teau in their dies-, and are very apt to shock 1 the middle-class lady with whom they hippeu 1 to come in contaet, though the dress of the latter is inore costly, rich and loud. There was j in the company at Cromwell house (the res1.- j dence of S. 15. Freake, c -(.,) a croupe of the parvenu kind, who made themselves known. ! ?>negentleman loudly protested fiatit was high time lor the curtain to rise, and another re sponded to a party w ho wished to get seats, tint he liad "found the mo?t extreme ditfi-'ulty in getting the people to sit in each other's lapi. ' Thev denied to feel some objection to it." | Such expressions brought hundred- of sur prised and flashing eyes upon these utters, who 4?il< kly subsided into silence. The tableau* was extrein -lv beautiful They were got up under the superintendence o: the royal academician MillaU, who wis assisted i?y the artists Holmes and Luiuiey. Most of them were lamous pictures presented bv fair ladies and haud.souie men, and accompanied bv ex quisite vocal music, rendered by a'mateur*," and suited to the tableaux. The tir-t thing we saw after the lights were lowered was a faint disk light on the center of a green curtain; this -welled larger and larger, until at la-t it ho- i came a large, moon-like circle, which framed the picture. We had the ?? Field of Alma" : (after a picture of the prince? roval). n-pre- ; scuted by a rlvandiere holding a eu'p to th-* lli>? of a dying soldier; the " Hetreat ftom Moscow" ol \ ernet, by a vrtmnded soldier protecting his boy amid the snow with his cloak and one arm, while with the other hand he gra?ps his pistol, looking with a hard scowl uj.on the galloping Cossacks. Then we had a beautiful scene after Watteau. ?' Fetes Venetiennea," wherein a lady and yyith in picturesque costumes were in the act ol dancing on the sward, while younger girls and boys lay al>out amid heaps of dower-. '? I'.reaking tlie Spell" awakened great en thusiasm?the lady caught sleeping by her lover amid roses, lillie- and pomegranates, being singularly beautiful. Tlie samo lady ap peared as .Julletta with lier Itomeo. The "Princess In the Tower" was a capital repre sentation of Paul Delaroche's masterpiece, and his " Marie Antoinette Returning from Trial" and "in Prison" were exouisite?not tlie lea- be cause the lovely la<1v who stood for the chief figure could not refrain from blushing. Millai s " Black Brunswicker"?a kui-ht parting from his fair bride?Saint Elizabeth of Hungary in two pictures (one with children!, and others, were all given with consummate taste and skill. -As an illustration of the completeness with which the att'air was arranged, I may mention that just before the tableau of Marie Antoi nette appeared, a small choir near th-j stage began to sing the " Miserere." Soon after they b-gan, loud voices from behind the scen.j broke out with the wild "Marseillaise," almost drowning the softer chant in front. While the revolutionary hymn was being sung the disk expanded and revealed the liaples- queen sur rounded bv the tierce red-capped pop-ilace and soldier*. Meanwhile, in every inter val of tin " Marseillaise," the ?? Miserere" wax still heard; and, indeed, was artfully made into a ret rain of the fierce strain behind the scene. It was if the angels of pity and wrath were atruggUng invisibly for the proud melancholy worn in who stood amid her enemies. The effect was ex ceedingly-impressive, as indeed was the music which accompanied all the tableaux. Tlie af fair was got tip as only endless wealth, co operating with the tiuest artistic skill in Kng land, could get it up. One lady who appeared a- Seniiraiuis was estimated by a dilettante near me as wearing tlOO,ono in the shape or gems?ilimcure Conwiy in Cincinnati C" mm fe cial. Vvlranlr Disturbance. It is recognized by physicists that our earth is gradually parting" with ita heat. As It cools It contracts. Now, if this process of contrac tion took place uniformly, no subterranean ac tion would result. But. if the Interior contracts more quickly than the cru d, the latter must in some way or other force its way down to the retreating nucleus. M. Mailet shows that the hotter internal portion must contract faster than the relatively cool crust; and thcu he shows that the shrinkage of the crust Is com petent to occasion all the known phenomena of volcanic action. In the distant ages, when the earth was still fashoning, the shrinking pro duced the Irregularities of level which we recognize in the elevation of the land and the depression of tho ocean-bed. Then cauie the period when, as the crust shrank, it formed corrugations; in other words, when the foldings and elevation* of the somewhat thickened crust f&ve rise to the mountain-ranges of tho earth, .astl.v, as the globe gradually lost its extremely high temperature, th&coutinaance of ths same process of shrinkage led no longer to the for mation of ridges and table-lands, but to local crushing down and dislocation. This process is still going on, and Mr. Mallet not only recog nizes here the origin of earthquakes, and of the changes of level now in progress, but the true cause of volcanic heat. The modern theory of heat as a form of motion here comos into play. As the solid crust closes in upon the shrinking nticleus, the work ex|?euded in crushing down and dislocating the parts of the crust is trans formed into heat, by which, at the places where the process goes on with greatest energy, the "material of the rock so crushed and or that adjacent to it are heated even to fusion. The access of water to such points determines vol canic eruption." Now, all this is not m^re theorising. Mr. Mallet does not come before the scientific world with an ingenious specula tion, which may or may not be confirmed by observation and experiment. He has measured and weighed the forees of which he spesJcs. He Is sble to tell precisely what pro)>ortioa of the actual energy which mast be developed as the earth contract# is necessary for the production of observed volcanic phenomena. It h prob able that nine-tenths of those who have read these lines would he disposed to think iliat the contraction of the earth most be Car too slow to produce effects so stupendous as those which we recognise in the volcano and the earthquake. But Mr. Mallet Is able to show by calculations which cannot be disputed, that less than one fourth of the heat at present annually lost by the earth is snAelent to account fbr the total annual volcanic action, according to the host data at pvestnt tm oar p u?lo i, fysJy Sci ence Mom t kly. orniunc 4*0 m Knr.n. A W!rl of ??"????? ?Cf*?i tS'irilcrcl trml ?I *? "I rj?>nuu A sped it dispatch tt?th> New York T +-t rr?m Pttishurg. Penn.. April i< i. giv?-? tie follow :ng p irticula-s of the shock.n{ o itr** ? and murder at Saluburg. Penn . .??< M,tj1?> la?t. * brief acknowledgment of wh. h ha* been |>nkluhed in The St a it V'MUr Uj morning Sa!tsbur,j, p >nn., vi?tV* scene of probably one of the ru >st ti >ulish m ,V ders that liv erer occurred in ta:, .,( ?? . rJa victim in Li?*'.(* Klin<\ aa a 1 ?i <i, i,;V .r 0f Mr. mi l Mts. K:ine. an I w n fourteen y -ir> at age. Ifer fathers lumi is Mess, and he resides hi ??liio, but her mother is dead. Th? chil I h i 1 bt-en sent to a n"ii:hbjri*g store t? mak > so a < purchase, mid, to lessen ber walk, took a shorter 1?&Ui over the hill. She made her parch ami was returning when she w.n wayl i..| out raged, an<! murdered in the ao?tbrnUl manner by two rough and desperate looking tram,**. The prolonged absence from home alarmed \f rj Kline, and she went la search of her Waeu she reached a bo'.t of w*>-l? in a lonely 4... she was struck dumb with horror by the , . OHAHTLT S l*KC T ACl.K watch met bor gaze. Her child lay with her limbs bare, her clothing torn into shreds, ati-1 the skull and face beaten almast to a jellv After Ml*. Kline had partially recovered from her almost petrified condition, h-r shriek* brought the neighbors to the appalling s-ne. Taking the child up to convey h.*r to m>re comfortable <)tiart *?<. it w*? foun t that life **?' ""t extinct, but si unconscious wi. >be that sin* con'd not utter a word. So intense was the excitement among tti ? citir.etn tli ? perjwtrabTs wouHl have bien lyu hvd on the spot it they bad been found The child l:n ??re.i until about 3 o'clock In the afternoon, win she died. This morning two police officers w hile standing at the corner Oi Pcna aud tt?th street*, in this city, observed two HI SI'K IOI H LOOKING <' H A It \* rEtt?. answering the description of the m n who were supposed to have committed th? nnrd.-r, full descriptions of whom had been telegraphed r.? the niavor of this citv They arretted tli-m and took them before the mayor, who no turn r ied them to jail this afternoon. in answer to summons, several resident* of Sa'tsl.urg ar rived. and npon being shown the alleg-sl mur derers, identified them as the tramps who h id been hovering around Saltsbuig. Tha boots of the prisoners were subsequently taken to the scene of the murder, and were found to fit the boot tracks exactly. They flravc their nam ?? a Hugo Poole and Morris IIyiideman. and their aires respotivily thirty eight an l fortv voars 1 he coroner held an Inquest, and the' Jury rendered their verjict from the tacti as'a l duced A \ kr aok K akmmis in thkUxitkd Statf^ The people of the I'nited States earn more relative!} per capita than any other people, but sull iHie amount of average earnings in the L nited States is smaller than most people imagine until fhey haveexamin-d the actual statistics. It appears from the la?t census re turns of the wealth, the population and the earnings of the I'lifted States "that the average annual earnings of the whole American people do not exceed JWOa vear each. The a vera', earnings of the employed eUs,.-s do not e*c ? 'l 81,000. The avenge earnings of those holdi.iz salaried emplovments do not exceed ?| ">?) The average earnings of the learned prolei .--ious, do not excee<l 82,"io0." Tex Shfrt- fob a Class ok Bukr In Mon tevideo, I ruguay, beer Is a dollar a glass, ac cord .ng to ex- C 'onsul Re tram, but then sheep may lie had for only t >n cent's a piee? This is cheap lor sheep; nut it a stranger found him self in that citv with only scveu' v-lixe oents in his pocket, and was thirsty, and the Montevi deow^ater didn't agree with wouldn't help his case much if sheep was only ten cents a dozen. He could bay a cow for" ti ty cent/ lo^vever, il milk wo:il?l?orv*> hU purpose. A IJklliokkkxt Female Prisoner I*'ie , ' *i?utine, colored, prisoner in the Poters til Ji' I ?'? J?''V to the peniten 01 ??l<iot a pistol and entrenched hi rself in a cell, and swears she will shoot any one who approaches her, and then coiniu t sui r.h^?Te '? to attempt her capture, take her aUve" *** &yu,*to deviac means to ! i?VK 1 * ?v?unK irrl. during the recent 1 ln Minnesota, to strip oil all h^"r cloth ing and spread them over her lover, who had sunk exhausted at the wood-pile. .She kepth-r ' li warm by <lancing about her bed-room Her lover was saved. WThc la<lies of Ironton. Mo.. Imv united to il^countge the practice of smoking in church. |>KfcT F Opt) J'OH IN r.VMTS?" 11 R || ??.?st >... wyV:::dr"-ivvk^l',vu%"" ^MW? ir^', " Burfr <'? HZurJl/Jri? n'J ii ?"?"''."king and easily dix^t^l , gassnlt It combines thu most v Uaa'Tle Klk^h r,H l?"frE?,,,?iM! v; KS. and diff r/e^u" liHllr from oilier Uuh\9% which beini ,|Jr..?..UJlii ? V f1"'* P,rol>, r n "Uristim<>nt t-? a i ii Til. g . ' freau-ntl> Isad to a rickety auil idiotic condition. Siv.try jc M Hire'* preparation hits aiso the advaiitage of lining free.I from the ground busk of tbe corn, which pr slH.-e? iriiu%ij.,n of il.e boweU and intractable diarrhea Nu b nlinc or strainimr reijmr'sl. 8 .Id m tin*. Prepcel bj Havory * Moors 143 N?w Bond rtreet, Londen. Procnralde of all l hcimstH, Dru?gi?n m,j St 're k">l*rs thKmiihont th? Slates and"ana la. r^ .,4t 'AftSHASomo.. 8, 4 HOW OPEN AT S* M ARKRITIK'S, No. 43V 7th street, between D and K streeN, Eight doors above Odd Fellows' Hall, SihS????01*?? of new and *t> lish designs of th? best fabricsand fi nish,s?dect?d with du?- r. end to l.arm.-iiy ..f c.lor, durability, richness and ecoao ni> . A large B<>ition made tp- cially u> <>r ier,?ni airI\r pIL ?? i ?im1 other designs in Gilt ai d Plain Colors, appropriate for drawing rooms *??' ? W inch plain t:uisf..r ?ai.ailmg aTh gilt r.d or finishing plain, with afollliiif. of medium and low pr'cd Paprrs, and p< rf.-ct reDrmu.ii tations of H ood suit Martde,for pantieling ha '? n <\ - b"kdehs in* onnES?SSaain Imitation fiasco, and Common; Center Pieces, , V making the largest aiiu iuomI cumpl**t?' awortni??nt in the District M , WINDOW t>IIAl>ES. Mew designs, different siz>-s an 1 colors; also, Pl?jn s.^1- i P, ;rl' Cboeolfte, Lavender, Qreen and f<! order " B*k,ng ,uto Shades. Shales made ?.i.a? , ?HCTUB* *kames. bol'd Oval, IJalnut and (Jilt, and all Cilt Frames u:^..k il' A* '.nc.h<^- ??* Oval Fram?i f..r wreaihs at cost. A Ix-antiful selection of French and American Oilt and Velvet Fram^for Ivorm w and Porcelain Pictures. Card Frames in great variety. Frames made to order. PICTURE CORD AND TA8SKLS n"u P|Hl<VVP"r!li4it J8^6' colors; also, ?? EI 2?' TlnDi"<1 iud Wire Center Picture C >rd, very superior goods; Porcelain and Brass Head Pic tnre Nails, Rings, Screw Eyes, 4c. PARTINGS. ENOBAVINUS, CHBOMOS, *c A limited, ont choice, section in appropriate ^ aT* "^?re on **hibitiou and sale, tl. rom-s and Engravings ordered. Orders for Psperhanging, Window Shades or Pic tiire Frames punctually BQed anil salfafacUua guar anteed. Terms rath guar Plea?e remember name. Old No 4f?6. J. MARIRfTCR, ?"d number 43? 7th street, "" 2w Between D and E streets. 'pHE MOST WONDERFFL DISCOVERY OF I THE J?tH OENTUBT. Sr. I. D. Howe's Arabian ifiiy Cure, FOR CONSUMPTION. Cures ordinary Coughs and Golds in a few hours, like magic; also. Or. >.0. Howe'* Arabian Teaic Blood Purifier, Hhhh is purely vegetable, cleanses the system of *r'itK?IW"M,ttI,?1' ^firrsjsisssi: "L?'*?j ?41 Challenge the NimeUenlk Centura" ? To find its miaiil. 'f "f"11 ?S Weight in gold. i rice f 1 p?.| bottle; or six bottles for %i. Sold wholesale and retail by AndHat',etT^|Tb,4 C?M iS? Penn,> 'VWlU aveuue' ?. D-G>I-*a*,?SIT Pennsylvania avenue, i KTT-corner Penn. ave. and ?1 st. V v 5^1 ^ near Trennry Do^arini 'ut. A. Davis a Co.. 1?h and 1. .tre?a ^ Jthand Hstreeu. J. H. bTo.XK, 7th and L streets. D. B. Clakkk* Co ,4>4 street and Fenna. ave. J. 8. Joxks, 19d and A streets southeast. XA5.K*? Co., MtTth street southeast. F. D. DflWLiM. ?H and O streets southwest. A. J. JBcHArasiT. NorthCaeitol and U streets JL F.Hicafciico, 301 Pennsylnaiua ave. and 3,1 ?t W. B. Stojjk. comer 7th aadO streets. Hh.fkkp McLaon, Georgetown, aptt-w.ts.1m* 17 O E FAMILY 0 8 ? . TAB LB 8AOCS, THB TBBT BEST lADOl AMD IM AMT FAIT OF ?HM WOBLD. FOB fAMIL t VMM, FIMOL MO* MALM MW ALL WMOCMMM. PROPOSALS. pkOlTtttL (UK ?'FrLU>. H'lD'/ ixin< Mti r Con ? Qt tsttrvid! Ok t Wa**. M aj I. l<*t S S**"!"! Pr'P"til wt!! I?? r <: 'It' I ?i tl:- <rt. *?% tU?oYl?rk p in of 1 HCB>DAY. th- Itfi.i <?? at Jane next. f >r furaishiag t>> lh' j'j.l I M? i ine t < rps, during the t-?l rea? ?rxHriv th ?>: f J'iBf UN.IWlvU??i:i? >-.prlie-. ' ? ? I-I ? ? ? ~l v I be office of th" Awn -at Qoarterma-'er Mat ? rr?. Philad lphia. Pa., (rrf .?! e\p-ns l>. tu? fnited Th-- l lhptr of lh' artlclea t ? e ?aj-n-cr-- within rai; ttnl lt<- i titlv )>' I d ti?-r>-4 ?>th iti iii'.t.? tr ni >;a: ulfutrtrt This office h k-ii^ the riglit to ?cf btd? for tHe vhulr. i f?rt. it at: irtidf of a class, ?? n.a> lie det II '->1 kttl fcil the lli(rtr?t ' f t!i? M itMtM'lit. CLASS .No I 12HU0 ?ard? tkr-Hli k ?:?? ?> , ?;! w*?l, 54 '> - ? lit'-, (Ul'MklfT of ?? ltr.|< 'v? zi OHIK"? to llw T*ril,(ltHlig(< W etl ??ed. with ? hite woolen M-|ti"i(p 3,*W yards dark bine K-is>v,ali w???l, ?.? m, aide. (i-vflumf sf In ? -:?n 22 l ulu w to thr tiH, (ItdiX) ??>. 1 d/ed.l sitii ? bite selV'-tge. IjDM yartta dark blue Tailb-4 Ci -th. all w ? <1, M ilirbtt ?iil',(nr|ii?.tf ol ae|? ilc*,'! '* 22 mice. t > the yard, |Mu< ? > >1 Ji i,l with ? hite w -ol--ii -rlvedg >?il- Sk'hI-1 (; lh ill ???!,.'o x ' -a * le, (~\clasive ..f -el?ed<?,? to w.-s,fi 16 ouu - ?? < . the ya-d, (oachtneal 4rr4.iwitk w&itaw -j! eu seUi Jj-. CLASS K .. 3 i*ti )?rt? dark blue Finanel. f >r oy-r-a'-k . a'.l ?ix4,(itiiii|;o W(K'IU>eu>i M in n-? ? de. %, cla?ite dt sel*edge.>t > w.-uh 12 ourc'i p r > MtU. with white p l"o?-lvel.e !? '>?' y ar<t? -lurk b!i;? Flanret, f.?r ahtrts, a'! . ), (:u?j go ? o>d dyed,) ? iuches ai-le,( >-\elu?i. ?? ?t O'lrMit *.>to weigh o , u:i< ~es p-*r ya: 1. w?..i Whltl *>?'|i'B nrli "lie l^JW lllaiikctis al! v I, t.i w?:gh 4 p i:;n U l>e 7 feet l iai and & t"H ?i'i-,ai.l frtotr 'iB ^rea-e l,SO<- fair* w<>. len S *-k*, three ? r?<, p u ad<-, f k >? d w? ?.iii I i5?|? -ii,.| twifrt yain.t' wfi<li 3 p uud p r<l p.tirs, fr?- tr t.i erf*"1. t l,A?>S Ho 3. (iaU) ?rd? ? hit* l.ifr,f?r p* . - . i ?* wi i ?, t . weigh U uno* |wf ?ant 6 iW > in J- v. Uiir Lioimi, f >r xHir!?. ??it in' U ? ? ? . I ti' wriith II ?uuovs p? r y.?rJ. U/WlariUCanl u FUinivl.f t Jr*w.-r? J7 ?n li? w iic, t<> ? u'u ii <itu it p?r > al l i.'*.?? J it U > !t -li XlCklli^, f T UrJ %? 'i .a ?? w ut> CL4S3 K . ? ?*w I'uif >rm f tpj, c mipliHx, ??* >p; p niir'i<i< 1 *tl I* tnp.iiK, red w> rate-l, t-a!laL?p J,aai6 iu ?"lie? in rircumf^reu' ?>. 2J00 Katig'ie Va|>4. with r tr-rs.t > t>? mtd ? ?f !>'-t ? cl. tli,( ind'g ? w<> >1 dysi.f ? ;th .tu*'u ? u.. 1 Jl?? St,>t k?. Ulc CapOmaniftitf CLA>S h ? ?* ? lWuroM Bnttoiax, (>-?? e l i*J " J.'U'ket But If, ( '4?l ? I 2S 11 Vwt Butt 'tl?,(<'i/lr ) 1.Ukf st't^ K.stul-.-tif Bulii 'ii 2,'<" yards Y-II"W B i.dinjj 3^i?' " K'-dt'-itd. In bw.-M' for mti?Ui??<, c >Trtp*M<? auSwyi 1? f..r o-ra-aut-, >mp.??<??. 1.' Ill ilUf, C >uipl<'ta. Batt r itruiu liVSnitre Drum 11 au?. low Uriitii Oorda. tin *etn llrutii Snares 28 b?\w?i B Kif'*. :\i pair* It; utuatii kH. fi?i pair- I'rwent and Sral- 8lrap? U Sword 8c il>t.ard?, wirti m..? itiu^?, 32 lnr||?s long !?> 1', wide, and inch th: k 12 ?w r.i Sri.l-1 ar.i?, with mounting*. 2-"4 liicli-*a lung l.y r. wt?le, and 't luch thick . 1J Sword >v nliLardi, with m uiiiiug-,2, in-ti ? lon^ 15 !?> wide, and *, lacli tiiic'v. CL \f>S N ?. 3. 8,<"J0 | Hirs B lotf.-s.(inlxuiry p.itfrn ? CLASS No. 7. ?*? Cartride<- B- x?w. without mass/'U h 1 i?v Bay uiiPt Scabb?itl?, w.iu fr ?<;? aJ:a li I. in/u Cartridge Box U*lt^ u-?l W aixt tJ Its. f i Sw\>rd >'r"g?. ? W t'artridg*' B x?s f??r n^rg *an;t 8iw Kuap?a< ??. Mi Wai?t Pl.tti*. (With the privilege of iiirrea^ing niiy >t t!i >abo\? ?jiiaot itiea, DU to exceed oue-ihird I CLASS No. K >r making and triimiiiag th ? l ill -wnif art*<-| ??. *ii: Watch coatr. L tiit- rin toata f >r *<>ri: 'atit-<, c ,rp *raM, tnaiticiati*, and iimati. Fatigue coat* for aerg 'anta. corporal*, niu-iic ttid pri\ at, ?. Wo?l? ii pai :-l\? ^rg?!i'it?,c irpur^lii, ?until ian?, atid privati-*. Liaen panta for a< r?^atit?,drp >r?U, tuinician'. atid pii^atea. Flartnci shir,a. Linen -liiits Prawera. K!ai:ti< I 8*ck<. Ii?*t and Blue jacketa lui B ?!?. B"d 8a<.'kt Th<" above-iiieutioiMd article-' mnstc -uf .rrii ? ???!?<? ?? ai <i -'aud nl patti rn? in ib?- oilict. ? t|u- >{ . i. ,-i ? lu .ster. MarineOtrpa, Mariae Oirra< k-. U ?>li: i ten. D. C.; Aaaiftant <juarteruia*ter'a o!ttN ?nth Fourth "treet, Pluladelbhia, au i at th Marine Barrack". Bn> klya, N -w York,and Boat S N*vr Pat Or?tct, Ao 427 Ck'ftnut slrtt:. Pktl*-1f>ph April 29, 1VJ M iMkliiMlif, where they can b? fumiunil; a I wL- never the article" nair.*?t above, or anjr p rtion of il.etn, >lialt b- conoid -red a? not fully conforming t?r t-anjplea, they ? ill t?* rej<H l<-<1. and tU? c ?ntract ,r will l>e beun*i to furniah >tlier- f ih? r'"|iure l kin I *i .nee, or the Quartetn a ter will fill tito deAcieac) at the expense of tie- c .ntracter Paviueiiiv w ill be niivle up >n accepted d -llTerie?, w i htieWing ten per eenr from the amount of tir?t ic< ui't tender.?<I uiitil aec n<l d livery i* m%le, aid front anKituit of aec- nda.?count retidere] un'il third del very ia made, a ltd ao on nntil coutr?<i ia coni pl* ted. A guarat;tce,signed b> two p-r?oii?,? h ?e reap n -il'iiitv mtwt b.' certiti'-d to f>j a United State* dis trict judge, d'atrict attorney, or Collect >r, mu?t acton.paij. eiU-h proposal; ctherwiae it will not be Considered. Blatik forn* of propognl can be obtained upou tppiicttiuu at th( office; the office of the Aaaia'ant Vu*iterri?>ltr. Philadelphia, Pa.; h~ office ot the A"ei??ai,t '^unrrernianter. Mnriue Barracks, Bro>ik lyn, X. or the comtdaodicg ofii-er at B *toii, Maaa. N ?g|wp<i> authori/el to putiliah th' above ? II -etwl the pa|a-i contaiiiii g th'- tint inaertiou to tlna office for examitiati'-n. The biddet'a place of liusinesa or maaiifacturing eetaldishoM-ut nmat be atated in the prop ?aI . Pro|K>8ala to l.e intl -rae.1 on the envel ,p*-, " Pro po-ala for Supplies for tlie Mariue Corps," and liildreafed to MAJt-B WILLIAM B. SLACK, mt-lavlw Qiarteiaiaat'-r C. 8. M pBOPOSALS FOB FkKSU BkEF. Office A. C. 8., F? *t Fikitb, M t May lat, 1973. S Healed Fropoaala, in duplicate, will be received at th.a Office nntil 19 m , Jrsi 1, 1S7S, f? r furtiiahitig he Freah B--t>f required by the SuliaiMenc* Depart n:?-tit, U. 8. A., at thia Station, during ?ix month*, con:meDring July 1, UffS. Aiso, separate proposal* for fornlahing Officers with Choice Cnta daring the same period. 1 i.f< nnation a* to c nditioc, quality of Beef, pay oieute, Ac., can be obtained by application to JA8. I.KA8TMAN. t l_6t 1st Artillery, A.C.8. JKOPOSALS FOB CUMBERLAND COAL. ?*??.> _j"3. \ t'ealed Proposals, ?'? lup'.itah. ind->ra?I Pro poeal? for 0< al," will b? received at this Offica until tHI'RSDAT, Mav ?'th. at 1 o*el? ck p. m.,for 1 ?OO Tons (2.340 pounds to the tool Beet Catnberlaiid Ceal, to be delivered at the Charleatown, Mas*., Bmy Yard, free from risk and expense to the Qjv ? ri nietit, the weight to l?e determined by the Navy Yard scale* at the place of delivery. The above Coal is required to be shipped /y, and to be of tbe ' -st qua<ity, nuifona ia character, tilncted frte front dirt and all other impurities, and subject to inspection prior to <a?p i/.-?r,b) tbe Inspector appointed for the purpose, who will have the right of peremptory rejection. Bids will oitly be received from bona tide miners of or dealer* In Coal. The right Is reserved to reject any bid that may not be deemed ad rail tag no ua to the Government. Jteaponailde ai-curity ?ill be re<jutre>l for th? faith fn; delivery ef the above in conformity with the stipulation* of the blank forms for bids, to h- had at th:a office; otherwise l>ida will net be entertained. Holders must state In their bids the time within which the above Coal will be shipped. A. W BI RSFLL, n 1 3t Pay Inspector 0. 8. Navy. GROCERS. ?. O'HARK SUA, 1413 7th BTBCKT NORTHWEST, (Between M and Msu.l SOAP! SOAP!! Proctor it Gamble's celebrated Ciacianatl Olive SOAP, the be?t iu the markot?k> ceuts per pound bar, t?ac. by the box of It lbs. HAMS, Ac. In Mora IAD lbs. extra quality Sugar-Cure HAMS. ? lbs. extra white LARD, 01. Fresh Graham FLOUR, Iron boat wheat FBKbH OATMKAL. RYC FLOOR Old Bakar WHISKY; Old Cabinet WHISKY. Whisky. S years old, per bottle 01 M California Brand/,per bottle 1 00 LIQUORS! LIQUOEis!! kar WHISKY; 0 y. S years old, per California Brandy,per Holland Qia, par bottla. _ . French Brandy, par battle 1 : 8WKKT CATAWBA WIMB. ?S pic gallon. Pure PWKKT CIDRR. Philadelphia ALR and PORTKR. C. R. O'HARI ft MM, a|? minhR.?.r,N?atMMlK. piiVift! BKCM1TMV DIRECT froaa the Mills la TAUITOr YIROIKLA. Will sail to families M ee^pot CATAWBA wm, fill B.B. BAOQV.TM sim&m THE TRADES. bbaig & L.v.iurisii, Socreas >ra t? Hcskt Huaici, riiACTK AL CoPPEBrtMITHS, *91 F rrMt, a*i In.* Between an.1 6th km. n >rtliir?r. C'llAS. IIAKTKL. / ( AHPENTKK ASU f* CTL PFK. Ml C street utfa'-Mt. Alt virders prompt It at irtKlnl to <? rriw<int|il? trrw. *17 lot* UNiftei. JOHN <? HOG AN .713 Market Rpve. UanQt*ctur?r of AWSlS'iiS, f>* Sturm, Citf anl Cmiwrj Rmtdtii*. TENTS ar,d FLAGS for ??l? or io*. AW MSG M ATEKIA L <4 all kinds for aale Sole As? t f *r COW LBS A CO '? MILl?EW PROOF AV XING MATERIAL ???! < JFLL"MBfNG AND GAS FITTING. Th<* <Mirlnf to harp their Plumbing and Dm Fitting dour in a oral and substantial aiari -r, ant ou naaoualite t?*rni?, ahonld loa?e lh*it ?J <n al 113 P' IiIik) l?auia atenur, Capil.l li <11. W??rk warranted. mXiW WM. BOTH WELL. i ^ALL ON JAMES V. BBIEN, V Prmctttml Plumber mn l Irmt Pin to bars r<itr Plunking, Oaf Fitting, and S*werag? ?rotuptl) attendod to on rtt*t>uMt t**rm?, Mo. Ml Loti in an a n?n?, near Mb street, north side. Bcudmc*, W1 Sd street, nortbeaut. ml4 CTBBIBOH AM, BATTeX . 1011 F Street, bot.eec Mtn and lllA, tea the pleasure to announce tnal be baa rtewtadrn tb?8rm(flrU of Br ?J?*} BLOCK, and ifll prepared to furnish Sew HaU n.mie to ordor tkaa* or r *?dei old at) l?; also, an assortment of Felt Hats lor sale, on reannnaM* terms fS-4r ^WNineB, rUSS^TERTI. ? . 0. COPELABD. ?43 LoiMmi tfwt*, one door east 7th AWKlBQr for (Korea.City and Count! r4fkrttk? in st> l? and finish. F LAGS ami TENTS for salt- and rent BOOMS DECORATED. All Canvaas articles made to order DANCING CLOTHS. auS-tr J B. Tl'BTOM, CARPEKThK, bOILDhR. an OOITBIOIUB Cider* for Howe Carpentering, JoDbtng. w Oo actor's W< rkspoadily attended to. r actor's 81 8ii<'P? aud Ufflco, uB-tf litk stroet. Mow Mm. a.<rthVMI HOTELS. ^TaOiV HOTEL., Bo. ?M a STBEET, )<<B-tf ' B?rw?t? ttu aiip In >r???ti. y HE 1BPEJUAL IOTBL, JAMBS STBBS, Pr, - ru t.rnnit-i"?? <'oal, B > ST, Bituuiin ?' ?? N \ . , N ? U n! Th?* fot|. imi am t lie ?la?a?-?, br the uiiiub<'ra, r? ?jiiired at Ilic rfi-pr^ire navy ratd? . KITTEBY. N i. i.$.#. u. w. is, h. it.?.?. ti. v. r. r? ti:,4S tl IMP 4?..V' .M.S2..M S4.Sb.5e. W.?4. At a *4, 6.1. 7?, 71, "a, r?. 77. 7*? <S, an CHABLEhToW b. Boa. 1. 7. Ii. K. a, 3J, *4, 36, S7. *t. ?i. ?? ?v ,,t 10. 41. SJ?. SI. M. M. SI. !W. 8J, M, ?J. , 71-.T1, 72, 7? 74. 7i. 77 7?, ?. ?7, nj. BBOOKLTB. No- 1, 7, IS. Ls, lo, 18. U, II. a tt, r, J-i, St,4*. It. II. 4S. 4*. a>. ?1, it. M. 64. ?>., 57. i- OJ, .. o4, 6?, 'itf, 5?, 70. . 1. 7S, 74, 77 , 7f?, mi, v*, V, <4. IMULAUKI PHI A. Boa. i. s.?. ii, m. u. ia..? a. u, v. v. *. it. ?4. 4H. IS. fit. 61. St, 64. IK'.. 67. M, il, ?t. ?l, 69. 7v, 7l, 73 . 74 . 77 7#, H6, M. 47, -?i. W ASHINGTON N.-a. 1, 3. 4, 7, ir 13. 15. IS, tt U, XI. U. 45. I*. 3?. 41. 4;*.. ?. v., 4(1. 4? 60. SI At. Si. 68. s?. ? i, St. 63, li., 10, 11, 73, 74 , 77,78. k. V, ni. Hit. HOBFOLK B- I I. 3 I f, 12. 13, IS. W. n. 14, ??. r? II. t;, 33. 34, A'.. 37, W. 42. At, 41. 4ft. ML 4 >. V. SI ? M.?. S7,Se ? ?o. ?, ?,*?,??, 7t?, 71, 72, 7J 7t,75. 77, 6-, sS. 8*. RH. MAKE ISLAND B - 4.7. ?, U. IS 1?, 1<? *1, 3.' M. 31 r. n. 4t 4?, {??. M, rz. M. $4, M. 87. is. R/. ??, ^ 7(*. H. 72, 73. 77 , 7g S7. n.t ? 4 noroMtn I>U0r> FOB M ATKKIAt," T .A MT I PI IF.D T<? Tnr Ktvt VlKI ? VII, ?* H r ftHJB 17. A Wt F OF TliK S KB A OF lX?N^Tr^ t'TlOW HBP Bi rvic Kot P.'IITI ???. ) I" KKAt or Co>*r*cri*>t B ??? a W a?H.a?.*???*, l?. , April % K"t V S a'^l P. f n|< to turn ?h Tin? r, ?.i ! r us for 1I1 Bin If the Been' **?r ,'ni A 1"C4 w?JI received s' ? H'l* ? * ' ? tkn-k n>.oflbr slim IM or Nat neat, at ? li tip. the lilts ml. he oMni I ?-1 mrjii, f lor 1 toiler l? 4Mili(lll>li>d Tii r -r?si IW h 4>. pTItf it*,/i ri'' r?'If" l?? tnrk rr4m*?r4 |i'l| Pi 1 > *? ? ? appiM *ti ri i tne our' m 1 lie 1 ?uimasiilsni of <?h N? < la : T icka?ilHI P*t> ??*er f * each St t'i IS, ? ? < 1 < of lb" a. !i? doles <4 rh iMh.-t ?i?-? fasten :.It, ii' i>rd* r that |wr?-na wbo ? I ? 1 1 a> o:?ln?-* >i 4hi-r tt i.iliairsliitlii lii.aes.M-. ? ti<>t> lor a") the rlaae id 11 > we ) a>4? Th piaf*. < I- n il I b> ihe w h 4?- of a .*'a ?. I> lli' l> pnrtfm nt i?ecr?e* Ik* ri^'il r?-.l ? ih? wl. I ?? !?ae. 'BosiM Hi' innr^t m di*4* 1 1 >j . 1 faretfceoaerettosi **f tB> r ? at ? ? a i a; rli< all for it't<<iwa*i *a. or f ?r it e -tain:tt?i 'a t ?? pit. tiM be mal? to th^l' 'Ot 1 >* .11 11 . ? 1 il?e i. .|-<lr.a ? ard>. J. t 1 % e* < frt 1 ar* fc. fa "?? f en .'a fr a?i p-t* t 1 ** # ??? '/,ei |I4' if* 41 ia. <r f--?. nt, t* ? ?? I - . i ? ^ ? tii f. ihi>4 1 k 1 Caaraai"!. trni.i l,i 1 -r-n t I.* the i.?r 1 I ii. rna B < . ? t . ti? I'.ietr 1 in * ii ? I. tli '* r T e c 1 act will !?? 'wurl'il t 11 pr- ithi nmlie- th I -w eM t>t.| :.n I . ?.-tl... , 4 .1 >? r i ? ' I* lae . t ii.* hiu I' 1 *1 ttii *nt, - ,1 ? r\ 1 4 1 lie nek' t ? re ? 11 tin !.??<?? I. !. >r a .jr w : h d er- e*-?rl'itai t I f?Ut> P'i" i.<iM<4' f*? *mm4 ??-t?en ?' I ?:r ' ? ! Ma ' , t. lH-vt. '?a 'f.r I' ??? I n ? r*tnripm' a ,?i rerjr, a?> uH 1 .'4' ? ljC. *71 * itm fc ?.< n?< ?? r - m -? 11 tt.e till am nnt w ill 1. 1. , 1 ?. | ? , . thi ? .>n?raci. and theii 1 ^po -il'ili'' in t? .?? tod to tlo aattafar'ion of we Bary fr pert? n| A*aMili'?4l ?iU'ttT.t*"iil( p?l ?' I 'lln all! lo e III I'M trm III" am -ii nt of lh" In Ha Mil tfce ma irnrtK fb:?ll have bei-n compi^^i, ? i t eirktt p 1 'eiitun. <>t tIk* *nimiil ot ea? b bill, appr o ed , tripliem'e k? tt?e t'otninaiidant* ?>f ih- t -ap ?? < >ril.. mil k>' pn<l h? tlf Pnnmt of th* eta*' 1 a ?i**?l(nat"d in the ronlrart, or, il now* ta ?prl' 1. I*r * I: * l'a>|iiaeler of lb otatiuti seatnal th* ta t ? b-re Ihe up* ?ia .re ilo|i?**red . w t'htn ton d ?j> ?fi toe warrant for the ?aine shall have beeu br tl; * S?cM*if of the Trea-iiry. Tlie rlne>.a .if Bnrean are nnmb'n'r.i ml ?le*tifiia*? *1 '"* follow 1 ?1 ??-? ? ,e i^Mti ??(-. e if tl< ya?d 'ae r ? a '

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