Newspaper of Evening Star, May 3, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 3, 1873 Page 3
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*? 1 K|f V--. 1 r" T " *'}" fc"?V ^ '? i M A \l >.??>?? with ,: ? ? ? ? I !? i.?ii i. c?> . i ? I the krku J,..; i . | | .j, | ffray I r? ^ in- :i L ? i, j?r .. , j, * "*'? . w.'h w*?, *T h ilil : -w ?!? I --k nr. !?? n ?? ?vrt) lay Th*. rt<"K?r^v.? w rili. ii, ???? M n. a; : r r 1.1 p . ri in I rh -r? .?f th laud. T ? ? I. II*'-. -t? ! 4 linr ? ?I ?. nl ? "-ii %|i,i?, Tl. ? I" ? n| . i'*r uwl 1?-h t It; , . It : i j:. m . i!f l.r<'k-n ;>:ci4 ?' s ?!. i i..-? in i. - t , n._?.t ? ' ? ; ? '? ?? ir ?: |- , r ,| ;?? r? a- ? fa..* -! I -. . .. .. . n ?.?*?>. Th. a i* t ' ' 1 -I al at .h ? r hnnw in !??? n* ? ?, ww T' ? !??:?? I hftxt twmy fc.1,.*. ???-??? fc-l-l -I I ! ,rr,.? I. .J - _ A " n.Ie-: ? "I ? ?: ?'i.?ll be t i " I? ! J MB*t NUll'tfUl ! I. . * *-.r .1 t|. V J. ,f M . - ? I:' .h;',fV,' : *'A ?? : g. It. ? *?-????r?li - i.* ih heedLg * i*.?- ??li4' i? ? ipr- .i- * wliit-. I -tt A U t?. v 1. . v i ? u r< T irl?d: 1 *'1 ? ? ? *?? ?? -tj- ii z. th: ; T? ? w?ng* ?.f i.^ht .ire en l?--.1 end fRll' t A" (? ?-r*?-nrl Th? t-1-itM-nr'are VfV.| r- m ? P th?ir ?. Mi? bidden 1. k- ?v1l -n?ir-. au under *? rltl. 1 ? ?f:.. i n 'r.'in;Siv?t" M \ ... A I i.- ! ?? n - ir ? rln^i.'iv ?n >w. | Jaarkm MitUr tm Aral 0"->rla* t. THMK ( ARPm. A llorror of lite Nprlnc Ti.lo. Th? I tica Herald ri marks thai the ^niiTal r,,? ?, ,UKinj, ?... um, uhipjiing. awTput tiog drvn farj*t. is a.iuoct upon u?. It ;? o?>.* 11 i' 'l'? which rtei>h in heir to, ati.i c?nr?ot ht^ avoiilxl. \?u K? home ^>m?- i>lea.?aiit-|.rin ' Si?h*a r *7tW,th th? w?r''1' ii,M' fir"1 th^ r _ ,i * V, ?!?'* a,", *et Tonr f*?orite l a.Uing U r dinner. I lit-n >?ur wile tells vr.B how mi'cfi yo'ing. r jon are looking, and ?v? -h? rt' kStTail J2i[ W3lkiT,ir <!ress .she wore ii ,'j! h . Z'\ eJ X|^ "* * n? * Miit, and . t. y'in ,f y"n J'"-1 ?'el|. her ?J?ut taking up th? carj. t. Ir yo.? ire a to , 1. ar d y.m generally ar^ h> that time, you tell Tt, '.'!0'""* TOU C*"- ^ *-?? ?;Ot. ,1 h.^i' ^ V*ucer ,or =*'"? "tand,. ?'? *'"i yw? K?*? tie claw and get down fri w?ur knee, and Wjj'n to h. Ip her. \ on feel }* T osmiuical alx'ut th? trmt three tacki ai??l take them out carefully and put th?-ni In tlie *auc,r. l onr wire i> gooil about holding *?! ^jn?He> j-ou with an inter, >1:.^ lory about how your neighbor'* little boy is e morning. Then you come to the tack with .1 crooked liCad. and >ou get t*..i claw emler it, an<l tj. ' wmffit, ami the leather come* o?t. and . !! :,kU ^ U w"n,t '???oleave i- r. . t mi . * loor, becau-e It will tear the ? 'L , , ' I-?t down again, y0? go to ??'rk ai d -* 11 your knuckle, and g-t ? ?>iver lir.ter >t,i,r rhuiufi-imil. and tell vour wite to !>!. i t :ip ahom that everlasting bor. and m ?k ii| ^oi;r mind that it doe?n*t mite Mrdiff,*r . 1 cealH.ut that tack, and >o you l^gin on the ? ?>rr*r win re the carpet i?? doul>le?l twoor threj "?* "? ;u"1 h*- Iceu nailed tlow n with a ohine'e I ail. \ on dou t care a contini ntal about ?.iv "v- lie nail. I.r, ?u.vf rvi f, .| that it L? not a K'MNI t'uie t. r the | racru^ of econnnav; but ?ou Jo lH a little hurt when botk clau^'break^fl 1 "ra the claw, and tue na.l doe.- not budjrt> a 1*^:- I lit ii \oi.r*I if^eir ?i?i?l jou n?f ?n yi>,iT l throw tn? riri? t j .rr* .e a"1 *ct ii? s<? "pot with bo h hand*, and the a.r i? f ill ?t da-t an I ti - ?*,? V i **l'i of cartel v 1 .... along by the mo; -I .. .rd, ai d the '.-abycrin Ike wofi an?wb 'e. ??>wU?re out "01 < wor.d, and your wiu- .-ays jou ou,.h! to be ;'lr. Tr?? yW ml1 10 that 4 .irj.t t conn " up. ? >"? U:t.?p *><? .?f .the store, and vour wite tr e? to get riie|>et from under it,* but ? t a new bold ard jn-t after Tourba k breal - J ' rr"1 ." '"V ^??n are n?t through k.'.? 1 ' sny little -tori. -, 1 .t_*fcr tr , our?W cat and hang, it on you, tl ^'i a'V r* v,>" r"!! ,b* o.irpet, and o'?,., . ft .i VV? *n -hove# jou out, and inti ' ? T' l* he rmr|^ nre*l* whii^ing. Wta-M* W t..rmei:ting tiiirg acro?* t'-. ! Liw ni&tit rixkted and have it ?lide off Irito tho mud. and han ' ir ' I- a>nn. and iret half a pintofduM and thr ?r. ken tack* ?uap|H d out of the north wc.n co into yt'ur mouth by ths wir.d. vou nuke m me ol nervation which vou n. glecte.1 to ,,. r,.i. whi.e.n th. Ir";-,-. Then v.,u hurt ?p a ; k and gofor that carpet. I he Cr-t l,!uW > ? , .. . "u" V"15-'1 the ta;r tace of nature b - ?i tKt*'M,."'{ht n,lhe ?' o. In fc c w" '' ^i" vo,,r t.T-e, ui h^l. h?* |T?" y"" tL:*t cudgel *re r?d arid the mark o. Li man kindne-.- curdle? in your bo*om. >oticaii wh,pthe carj^t a longer ur ohorter l<Mcd. according to the ..i/e of vour m* l if " "t \ ^.*uy r.noe to tlie' carpet, it lUZZy *nd ^ orally -Um ^ mL ZZJ0* LaVe whi|.j,nl it two hou.s. 1 ?. !! ?? when vt u eocumeBeed. Then you '?- ? U^* cortior dra^ffinff, ail 1 wiriTtkl ?.** t?le to?'' hare more trouble \u"e- !??' to find anv w ,v of u-irv I ?odVaiHMfl^ WLtle TOU sUnU on Jhe tar Jhe'.^ Vt i, auy. I'lace ^ oil from *1 :1.- i -.7 K f'l on y?',r knee* again, Mit I nti ? ho.d* the saucer, and ?rirh ti^kedtn^.06^ 3U< * yon brokMI1 tack? i wkca ta. k?. tack# with no point-, tacks with head#, tacks w-.?h no leithvra, tackg with tue btggert end at the point. Finally the carf^t is down, and th? babT C? tiwtk. and the cat com. # l?a. k, and the ?!< g comes hack, and your wife amilts sweetlv. and saya she is glad that .?b U olt her mi nil! Ab it i* too late to do anything el*e. vou nit bv the tire and smoke, with the iuner cons. iou* ?i. -s that ron are the meanest man in America. A. * nv ^ y Ton hear -vour wife tell a friend that >-he is so tired; she took ut> and put down that great heavy carpet yesterday. Slee,,inC I'ntlcr the Clolhfs. T,:ere w reason to lielieve that not a t"?w or the apparently utmaccountabie ca-esot scromla among children proceed from the habit of sle. ii ing w itu the Vad under the bed clothes, and so mnaliiig air already breathed, which is furth.-r ? on tan. nated by exhalations from tho skin. I atient.- *re sometimes given to a similar habit: ai d it often happens that the l?ed clothes are so ? ;-l*,sed that the patient must necessarily breathe air more or less contaminated by exhal ation? irom the skin. A good nurs.* will be careful to atterd to thi-. It U an importa-t part so to -j-ak. of ventilation. It mar be worth while to remark that when there is ary danger of bed-sores. a blanket should never be placed umler the paUent. It retains dampness r?"t h^L't to?*" ? Nfver ^ anything but light WMteey blankets as bed covering loT E ? ?emTt' "toP^ious c??tton coun terpane is bad. tor the reason that it keeiw the irr Ti, Tv.111? *ick T*r*>n. while the blanket ailows them to i a? through. Weak I attests are invariably distress.-1 by a gr.-<?t weight ot bed clothes, which otten prevents their getting any sound *leep whatever?Jf?^ Th* Prairu-ATios or Krssi*.; Wmn I.ecent experiments have di-prove?t the long IT indorsed by !>r. lH>dhng. l?r. 1 etheby and others of eoual authority, that running streams, into which impurities have L*fJw ^V.Vi? * f7* themselves of -u-U in Mowing where hV- on *^veral stream-, where the rlow wa* a dozen mites or more with v'l M,n* a?y Twts* *JJltional to that of v s through which they previously passed and the amount ot organic matter destroyed by Oxxlation was estimated a? . re-u.t ot these experiments it was -hown that *<? tar frirn sewage, mixed with twentv time, its volume ot water,disappearing a rt?W of tenor **/ ? two-thirds of it wo.ild be destroveti in a flow of one hundred aud sixtv UI one nide an hour, or XH'i * ^ ?S *.we"t- These results, os . d ?n >ew Kngland rivers, sustain the r .^^niin Brodic, drawn from examination of Thames river, that it is simply impossible that the oxidising power acting on s<-wage, running in mixtures with over a *"? Ie"*th, should be surtlaent to remove it* noxtoun ?)nality. A*o>b T*a i jn iDnriL lvricm of I onl \"ou * last ia?vel is the following pretty song called the "FU>wer-Girl by the CToJiing ? r?^!n|J!""" crowded street* poeie aiaid with her basket full of JroTiring all who pass her choice of knitted '?-*ge disdains the heart's ease, l.ove rejects the roses; l^'iidon life is busy Who will stop for posies? ? ?vne man is too grave, another is too gay? 1 his man has his hot-house, that man not a penny; * ar' c*mmon 'n the month of May, ii.ii * common ie*?t attr urt the '111 en London crowing* Fares the sale of ihw*? AgedisiUins the heart's-ease, ^ OTth rejects the rose*." A Fkim h Jr?Th is this problem of ?' tasaaity to deal with: A%?nf m?? T '^ acc?| ted a challenge from a noted doelist llf^ home and tells bis mother all about It goxl ladv rushes off distracted to the housa a< the duelist, whom she finds practlcii^with i Pi4ol in hi. garden, and what^is wor^hT^ the mark every time. She implores his mer v bat is coldly repulsed by the marksman who dee arrs his intention to kill her son. There ?pon. in her wrath aad terror, the poor woman Hatches tip a pistol aad shoots the duelist '-ail Mto-ton, K-n^s, proposes to raise a ce meter) fund by means of a pubUc ball. ?irKansas points to 314 c^rleta la ltsp?ni tannery M e vide aces of iu atUacUyene-4 foi ijuAifnutfc HI VIS 1 FOX AR(HITEiTlBE. li tM*alkit( alor.t New York 1)41 ciinr a tlimj sc of U: * ft tut ir.tenor*. as wc set forth a I f* * weeks rtncr, Lie aiso his | rceptions of ! in itLf -s tlul l?"tr riiiittnviiIlT *f 'xiud hy t!i? 1 character of many of the exi|eri?: *. We will admit tfat Firth Avenue is one of the hu*d j Mmt>tOf str?-? :??; but *b*. canrw.* see that, if ore prevalent material an*l one carele**!^ re peated n.?di i 1 d been variid by other devices, and other fir.*- at?' forms, tow really super!) t'aa street would be 7 . Le browH-stoii?, for wiiicu we hare such a fcndness, is of itself a hinimm? I material, bat. when repeated in lon^ mile4 of houses, the nnifonu of dukB'-s* of the tone gives a gloom* character to the scene. Fifth Avenue is wide. When the >cn ii out In full giry. ai:d the street Klled wth brilliant equip ?gt? srd well (*r*ncd promenadcr*, the picture i? <:?i te CtwiuMilif, despite the dark-toiled structures. But in the narrower streets the double wall of brown-stone, that sometimes stretth. ? tor long squares, gives anything but a cheerful aspect. We need some "marked im 1Toy> Bints in the character of onr domestic | srcfcitecture in tlje towns: bnt our builders seem i t< think we h ave reached the best development of taste, if *' n?av judge bv the persistence with wl n-h tb'-y adhere to nxed model*. The more m? ?lern houses are often admirably fitted with cr nreniei ces for the house-keeper; it would <? em a? if the bn.lders bad exhausted their skill in thi? direction: hence they may now tbe more r??dilygire study to e\tenor design. Preten tious honses do not need this consideration so ni'icb as the smaller domiciles; great houses are tolerably certain to have an air of dignity and l>r? adth satisfying to the eye. even if the design j be faulty; but the residence for the average 1 i itizen r.fe<N almost entire renovation?needs v njcthing f?ste*ul, cheerlnl, and inviting, as a snhstitnte for tlie solemn and often forbidding facades tha* now affront ns in every street. The most offensive characteristic of many of our city-houses is the inferiority of the material. Structures of so-called brown-stone, but really bnit of very common red sandstone, which show alrrost before completed the destructive effects rt the elements in their siivtred surfac ". give any thine but an agreeable picture; and, if to this broken, half-rotten character of the rni tei'al i f added ill-painted door-wavs, iron r.iil ings all awry, stone steps chipped an I broken, the ef'fct is. ot eonrse. exceedingly *lovenlv; yet [ the j>:cture is by no means rare, even in com paratively new house*. I'nless the best grain ! of brow r.-stone Is employed, brick is far better n atcnal. both tor wear and neatness Heavy i stene trimmings give a good effect to a brick fro?-t, tbe Caen stone being the best for the par pose. 'I he brick-and-white-stone houses of Philadelphia arc rather garish: vet the exqui site neatness with which tbe Philadelphians I keep their house-fronts?one could dine off one ; of their white-stone ''stoops" (as we in New York call them> more cleanly than from half the restaurant table-cloths?gives notable cheer i and freshness to their domiciles. Their white wocden shutters are the most objectionable fea ture; but they are scarcely more glaring than the w litte shades which in many New York bouses ?*are from tbe windows like great, lidless e\es g!ia*t!y and appalling. The Venitian blind v as once universal in our city; Ihe taste w hich has discarded it shoula have" given us a better substitute than a spread of white linen. Bfcently. a dark-green shade for window-panes has been coming in fashion; but there still re trains to be invented for the window a pleasing and artistic device, such as will give to the ex ter'or view of these openings a happy richness of . olor and elegance ot form that will harmo nize with the architecture, and help to give grace and l<eantv?o the structure. The Veni tian awning, as well as the Venitian blind, gives I ietnres.,ne charm to the exterior of a home, and mellow tone to the room it shades. The windows ot a domicile fare its eves; the expres < on they givefor'h determines"the effect upon a spectator; and. like In-trous eves in a homely face, a wtll-ordered window redeem* ugly fea tr.r<in the re?t of th<? building. While *"peak irg of w indows, we Tiust refer to the singular narrowness which builders give t9 these aper tures, although of recent years there has been great improvement. Fiefore glass was invented, windows were reduced to the smallest size that would mo tor tbe admission of light and air; in tlx -jc early periods narrow npertures were a'so necessary, when everx building was acasMe and built for defence against foes. These {two ideas, originating Inhe necessities of the tim^s. stiil in a in* control our architects; we are only just l?egii?iiig to understand the beauty, l ol '!ity, and !arg?n^ss. which ample window -pace giv. ?, not oito the exterior, but to the Intt r:. r of a bnilding. From windows let us pass to balconies. What *>cellent opj ortunitv exists in these for pictur e-sj ue torm. and vet how rarely do we discover taste or invention in their design! A formless narrow parallelogram iswir.t we usually see rot a hint of imagination, not a suggestion that the art bitect is aware of their gr< at possibili t'< ? for charming atti-tic expression. Let a man oi taste have contr< 1 of the construction and adornment of windows and the erection of bal | cei irs. and. even within th:? limited exercise of lis power, he could gi'-e in every street a suet tsMon of delightful surprises. But, if to ft I citwtis ideas in these two features should be m* f leasing roof's and skv-liues, artistic en franc, s and door.ways, we ehouM have a >treer architecture not yet even hoped for in our c tcs. Tbe dead uniformity of sky-lines, as we find them now. is aione deseructive of every idea ot h< ai ty; the old-fashioned steep roof, with Ucrrner windows, was far better than the pres- lit Hat line. The Mansaid has come in to modify our monotonous mathematical noti >ns on this subject; but, with our usual passion for indiscriminate imitation, the Mansard hasboen s mply yu!g?rii?d. We find it now surmount irv tvery little railroad staticn-house, whll vilM?gcs of little trame buildings are crudicd b? ie nth the superincumbent proportions of the ro? fs. The Mansard, although very beau'Lfti' on large buildings, has income, by the ci?ideiu!c which has carrlcd it to every painted shanty, a matter of ridicule. Cannot, we a>k, public tast>? and the inven tion of the architects be aroused to a !>? t'er domestic architecture? Let us build no more avenues of solemn brown. Let us rem?mf>er that long, unbroken lines have no authority in art or nature. Let us come to see that Hat sur faces are without elegance or grace. Let us realize that sparkle and picturesque spirit are easily attainable, and would give to daily haunts ? charm and perennial pleasure not witLoat their value in the formation of charac t*r. Let us awake to the fact that the ugly de grides and demoralizes, filling the mind with low ideas and inferior tastes. The human race has beer, building cities ever since the world began?is it not time for it to build them with I a larger wisdom, with greater elevation, with something of that .-esthetic taste which enters j into other arts??AipltUru's Journal. llow One liseapeil the Disaster. The London corresi<ondent of the Boston I Courier writes: Apropos of the Atlantic disaster, a good story is told about one of your Americans, who, iii ! the midst of the ta'k at the Garrick Club about the vesseL.walked in, and was asked if he knew anybody on board the ship: "Came very near being oh board myself," was his quaint reply. ?'1 had engaged my passage, nacked my trunks and was all ready to sail, when a friend made an apj?ointment for me to see Miss Braddon. Well, I concluded that I had rather take an other ship than miss seeing that j>opulai|novel ist, and here lam." When we had condoled with him on his narrow escape, "Then," he nroceeded, -'I don't know that 1 should have Wen drewned. anyway; you see the folks seem to have been caught "asleep. 1 never sleep so long as 1 can get anybody to sit up with me, and 1 had a friend on board who was great ou sitting up." "And was he saved?" asked the club chorus. "Well, 1 don't know yet; I didn't see his name this morning, but 1 know he was sure to be up, and he's a sprv, energetic man, and if I were in the habit of betting 1 should l?et that he w as." Kven as he spoke, the page brought in the evening paner, and a dozen hands reached out for it. 1 happened to be nearest, and read out the names of the cabin pasaengers who bad been saved. When I came to the last name of all, my American friend said calmly, "That is the man. 1 told you he was sure to be up. He's saved. Well, I am very glad. I>?t us drink his health." One such incident as this outweighs a thousand essave u;>on the eaily to bed and early to rise theory, v. 1 am afraid that tbe late nights at tbe club will be later, and the "early birds" at the club will be df moralized by the escai* of this spry, energetic man. Asphalt l'a? fluent and Fire. The Journal of the Society of Arts states that during the reign ot the Commune in Paris, in isTl, the tires made by incendiaries were never kqown to have been spread by means of the asphalt pavements. In London experiments were made on this point by heaping wood on the Val de Travers pavement and setting fire ta if. When the lire was burning at its fiercest the burning embers were raked away, and only a few feeble flames were seen to issue from tbe the pavement, and tbev went out directly of their own accord. In the stables of (he Paris Omnibus company the grain loft is immediately over the stables, snd to protect the oats from the effluvium from the stables the floor of the loft was covered with a thick layer of aepbalt. In Ave different con flagrations this floor arrested the course of tbe flames until help could be procured. A wooden floor covered with asphalt was also perfectly protected against a Are which was lighted on the asphalt; far though this substance gives off a volatile material which is inflamma ble and barns, the mass of lime and coke which remains Is sufficient to protect the wood against DoTtrn Bvxo Rata??At a scientific dis cussion in Kngland a gentleman from Santa Crux, West Indies, sanl that twenty years ago that island was a rich and ever-bloomtug gar den. Forests adorned the hills, trees were clustered freely o'er the plains, and rains w >re never wanting for abandant production. The island is twenty-five miles long and the sail is all fertile. Now the kills are bare and the tre< s of the plain have been mostly cat down. Con tinous drouths have defalcated one third of tbe island, and year by year desolation advances. Soon the whale island is doomed to become a desert. Official papers agree In attributing this seoargo to the rocfckss waste oi Umber and the neglea w replsot tNlbreets. ??? Xiithi'i Courtship. T'<re is a popular old i??vd*' a<:.*g* about w hich vT/io! nS*'* a: d :tt leis'ire," ? gtaw ng iilnstration . i the f penence ot a con pie mi Norwich. Conn. I; iT.'fli ^ "?*!?Wratar^.l cu* ? on record, s.d deserves an km? n-<l |.U e in every r.A ?* a ??*?i???on im her I . urji of Inntlinfw ar l in every unhappy m ir r ed MBpIt t Mchuibrr as :? cmtar,: re ader that thev are not the only p*,r or rools ^wo ' '* l* perh ijis the most cunou?ly affecting story of domestic woe 'hut ever looked cut troni an unhappy boose. William W. Bailv :?JlVa<T'T ol rrr?"- and hi- daoghter wa* ? bent to be married. The old unu ami hit daughter were affectionately bidding each other adieu one night, lor the next dny "be was to beet me another1* and he wonld be left anile alcne. Hi* t>.*e, nrgnarried heir? w?" 'here fore quite opt 11 lor attack. The poor was a widower soon tribe childie??, ar.d alt jgetber the most destitute kind of an orphan. tilt dts tiry provides for her own chillivn. The .ioor opt-ntd a lid in stepped a twenty-lire year-old mauler rel. nth-M *, ,,r?. she h*d njgSJto . .but a Ttr>' fTcU? u-ime?Josc I . C !?*"?! in orphan's situation, a rnpped-.w.kirg phyM?|ue, an impetuous tem l*ramt:nt,*ii6_?he was a woman. Bailey un conditionally surrendered. 1 he case of M m. W. Ballev vs. ,Josephine ?*. !or ,jivorc'>' to w"icl< the respon acM Lad filtU * cross bill, came up lor MsttJe nient before a court, a few days a*o. Thin is the way Nr. I>ailey told how ho had been at tacked and captnrcd by his wife: " She came to onr house visiting. She staved a!, night. My daughter left us in the room fo gct her. Says ?Le lo me, ? Is your daughter about to be married?' * Perhaps so ? ?m t vr n'n \?U cio lor .a ^u^keeper?' 'says she.: you 11 want one, won t you?" ' Where can I iret be J>ur bonsekew she,' it yo,. 11 have me.' ? Have you?' savs I \ saj? *he ? lygl.t off, f?avs she, ? now or never' ' Hadn t we better wait four or five weeks?' savs !i i ?ayS ,'J alw;i>s meant to be ui tr d b?lore my iolks knew it. and if you'll raarrj me before I go home, all riclit.' I looke.i at b^r, said Mr. Kailey. She waji a ragged UK'lng girl; locked strong and handv like. V t,le next morning i A^ 11 , J1?'1 n)a<le mini. I finally told lit r we would go to the minister's and gi t married, and accordingly we rixie to Parson l Mi to:; In Jewett City and got marri.d. Itnt luvnuiid was full of toreb<xliiigs all the way." hi y P a..n' Dnvarni^bed tale." that ouiht to ha^c won the sympathies an^ melted the \ x tVf K,e,?n<- '"rv witho,,t mother word. , r !hL, Jufunated eat out of the lag ot their married life, and the animal ww ^uite Irisky in court. He feared his wife might eet too nint hi cider, and so he cut the tap off the WiJli1. *.a? a temperance woman, but ??,\f ? ci<ler *?<! longed for her wonted supply. ?i7 establish communication witn the barrel, and whettled a butcher knife with a most ?ngn;nary air, and .Mr. Bailev imagined P ?a k IV.10 a" ,nordinate passion for aj pie |nice she thirsted for his blood. She also theVaifl r gU h ,>0M1?.ita Arrn"t<)fne<l place Into thepai or, where she could have it nearer at band. He did not like that stroke of milita. v iiMlfinxHhiraf fcaMtually cross and stubborn. "? Wa'if-f no?L' cCf"i an ' as he r?n*rked. nil.. - i ; i.? compared with mv tir t i i. In short, he lived in terror bv dav and always slept with one eye open at nlglit. ' .y,? V Ure weeks 01,1 whf?> ?luMphine went to viMt her parents, ami Mr. Bailey lo-.t 1.0 tune in putting in a petition for divorce * w hile "f Sh ? ' aUd fl,e<l a CT0*> P4-1'1'00- *??? H.slf . caf0', wcre t,'u'' landing, Mrs Bailey returned with her child, made another attack on the softness of Mr. Bailey's head an I rhft?; 5?iven' an<? ,ie took his wife and child to bis bosom. Under these cireumstanc s he divorce tuifs fen of their ow n accord a?d the jt dge decided that that man would have to go o, living with that woman, or begin thtir war over again. "it-r A < alifornitt Wonder. Tlii:San Francisco fiullctin sav^tha' an i-n 2":S caVfe ,,at ,ake,! l,!ace recently in the i: i ... re"w,efts say there is a greater ?i en V* *at: ^eam, and Plutonic fury in them at present than ban been known since i?'. I bare been there twice before, and have ne\ei stert sueli general fiery activity as it ilTinawi tl'!s is the resu!t of '"creased <!< iranl for lire in the region where the anti I too oi hap] lres^ and comfort are supposed to reign, I cannot say. A rear (!eyser Is now s'io' L'fnt11! ?e ^Vitc^.0s' Cauldron to a height of Hioiit loity-two teet above the surface, jt would r se much higher but that flit overhang lrg banks of decoinr^sed rocks against whlcu it ;l.oots np prevent it. A portion of this bank is to l e removed, and as this will Ik? a w.,rk of tome dar?r. owing to the steam emitted from and terrific heat ot the black water in the catil^ drun (Its t< mperature is ic degrees Fahren i'f i'liTi iti5' elgh7 rd8re?? above the boilin,; Jh ,'tl'lt J? T'r?pc.sed for a short time to turn th cold stream which tlows down the iievs?r f.-M'V'r V'C ^nWromwith the hope that Its terrific beat may Ik: sufficiently mitigated t'i n'rr I n ,e ro,n,ova! ot the bank of rooL men tioned. Ifce large steamboat blow pine?the diameter of which is a?>out e.,ual to tLat of an or<i!nary Hour barrel?now emits a more dense volnmeof steam than ever before whi'e th.. devil steam whistle makes a noise equal'y shrill and piercing a* that which splits thJ, ea? when close to a Tocomotive as the whistle is being n'r".Vfi ,v. ;'iriU work U'in short. on iM through the Ge> #er canyon. ? Allegeil C ertain Care for the Bite uf a Mail Dog. The editor of the Kent !sews, published at Chestcrtown, Md., in giving publicity to the following article says: It may be proper to state, tor the information of persons w ho are rot moua.i.ted with Mr. Dyre.thithe isahigblv rtspectable and intelligent farmer, residing near Gelena, in this county: " > lecampane is a plant well known to mo't persons, and is Jo be found in many of our gar dens. Immediately after being bitten, take one and a ball ounces of the root of the plant? the green root is perhaps preferable, but the orud will answer, and may be found in our urug stores, and was used by me?slice or bruise, put into s pint of fresh milk, boil down to a half pint, strain, and when cold .lrink, fa-t ing for *t least six hours afterwards. The next morning fasting, repeat the dose, another dose l-rei ar. d as the last, and this will be sufficient. it is recommended that after each dose nothing be eaten tor at least six hours. 1 have a son who was bitten by a mad dog eighteen years ago, and four other children in the neighbor hood were also biiten; they took the above dose and sre alive and well at this day. And I have known a number of others who were bitten that applied the same remedy. It is supposed that the root contains a principle which being taken up by the blood in its circulation, counteracts or neutralizes the deadly effects of the virus of the hydrophobia. I feel so much confidence in this simple/emedy that I am willing von should give mj name in connection with this statement. FBAHKLIS DYKK. Cliaxiwo Ptctvhrs has recently been discovered. The great difficulty has always been to getoff the old varnish, which l>> length of tinie, has become almost incorpora ted with the color underneath, so that any meth od employed to remove the upper surface Is pret ? carry ofl with it the delicate lines l>elow. home picture .dealers use corrosive sub stances, which make the matter worse. An ln Snious system has been discovered at Amster m, which con?ist8 in Nlniply ^preadinff a coat ing of copaiba balsam on the "oil paTnUng ^Hl thgnkeepln^ it face downward over a dish of the same size filled with cold alcohol at an altitude ol about three feet. The vapors of the liquid impart to the copaiba a degree of semi-rtuiditv. eaSi1' amal??niate8 with the varnish it covers. Thus the original brilliancy are regained without injuring in u > *'a" n tbe Picture is hung. ??ain-two or three days after, it looks as It had beau varnished afresh. The in ventors have given the public the benefit of their discovery. 1 he process has the merit of being a short one as compared with the old methods. PATIE5CI Rewarded.?Apropos of thA if. lanti* disaster, which, as allkno^T wasimrae diately due to the defecUve "watch"' kept bv the stesmer s lookout men, a story is recalled of a passenger who, while cross^ythe o^an ^ oneol the Jeamers of a well-known line^so dU^ trusted the watch that was kept on the vessel that he passed all the night hours on deck ami slept all day. Finally, his patience was reward ed, for one night when the ship's lookout, the watchon deck, and the officers on the bridge i? all sound asleep, as was their the hhL-ktfET fTT theDu,w' where he stood, l.efori^^,>e , looming suddenly before him. He had only time to cry "Hocks thi. KWf^ * ^ the "'P'* sleepers (includ ) and thus to cause the ves ..?! . her ??ur*t when the ship pawed of tb? trowning rocks. ^ i ^ narrative, which con unsuspeettng pas *t)|W,liODeof the engineers of Uie steaiaer on which the Incident took place. Pnec* or Doos The Danville (Va i Register says there would appear to be a slim for sheep husbandry and wool produc VtofhsU, and adds: Aland uroa a la^i^*' th? oth?r **r, that "F?5.a larg r>rn> which he recently atid to a ^ there were thlrty one dogs. The purcha<ter said be was resolved U at in twelve months there should not be a dog leit upon the place. Thirty-one dogs would consume no more. ? wouia A pixb stbibt maw enjoys himself. His dog chases the neighbor's hens, his own lie?> dig up their gardens, his oow breaks down their hirrf?^i.a i f at" ??bt on the,r roofs. Bat wasa^e?Til^htr,f,'l*<J hi" ??randmotli r a ^*p*ctmbl? lunatic for thirteen y. ars. tcmi^red *, r?"*'le ol and is quick neighbors are wise in their i?e,ie lon' and keep clear of Mm-Rwt.r. y. rs. K*jT?cJ*; Ewiagfor governor arid Ra-h K. hioane for lieuienaut governor is on# ?#* n,M democratic programmes InOhio * tL? tk!Ttli!i'bSi ai^y ,,^)f*D?rTi yg?tlMeadent occur* tu* Wf are anticipated ave ? J Preparation* for the FipeflH Death ?f the P??i?ew A special correspondent 01 the New York W -rUl writes from Home, April 13, as follow*: 1 o-ei ay. the new* from my lnfo-m*nt in the Vatican W seimahst r.,<,re che.'i^ng. The <i *? nee tl tin is nut ii.rr-.'vtlie j>ai:i iii J > U>ir? is I ?s M-r<-re: he ii?* I < -n *!>? to Mt 0|. :?r l*o urs, but Still the gui.-ril state of Iljf iUmim c> utioues. He hassome t?mr. with a , i ltnir nrtvous<osir'?'n; the infl4ii?tio:i ot 1 h lff? continues and, 'novt *rave ot all, th'* ii'flsromtlon set-nis to ascend. He "Cardinal C.iineilinque," whose |>*rt during the vacancy of the Holy See is so very uu| is Catdiiial Philip do Angelis, the Archbishop of Ferroo. He in of the ?amt age as tt-e Pope. He ?m< MUMUooeel here by a dis patch from Cardiaal Antonelll on the loth, at tl:e moment when, after some abaf. uimt of hi* fcrst snfleiir cc. *he Pope *w seised with a fort of relapse. lie arrived on the same day and hu been since constantly with His Holiness. Not witl standing fcii that is hopeful, the death ot the Pope Is ?tm considered to be almost Ine vitable. He has suffered for twelve days. An illnefs ?o | rolonged In the case of a man ot his age is of evil augurv. At all events, his death is looked ii|>on as so probable that, a- I said in ns\ last lett?r. all is being ai ranged for what is to'be drnr after that event. Cardinal Angelis. in concert with Cardinal Antonelll. have given the orders for the construction of tlie cells for the conclave, and the family of workmen, who, bv ancient custom, are charged with dutv of constructing and guarding these cejlls, have been admitted to the Vatican. There is a , rumor, to which I attach not too much weight. | tliat among the cardinals now In the Vatican ; three or lour candidates for the Holy see ar.s already selected?namely: Cardinal!* Itiario I Storza, Archbishop of Naples, aged sixty three; Joachim Pccci, Archbishop of Perugia, tlie same age;.Anthony Mary Pcmebiaaco, a Franciscan monk, a cardinal priest,and sixty- i ti\e year? o'd; and Raphael Monaco La \ aletta, . also a cardinal priest, aged only forty-six years, j and who is known to be an especial favorite ot j Pius IX. He is the voungest of all the cardi nals. except Cardinal Bonaparte, who i? one year younger. The latter lives constantly in I the Vatican, and ii I may use the words ot on* who knows him well, he is '?simple-minded, very good, but without weight among his fel lcw cardinals." During all his illness, except at the moments when the Pope was comatose, hi* cheerlulness has ne\er leit him. ?>n Faster .Sunday he said to Caidinal Bamabo, "Ah, my dear Cardinal, | one at mv age cannot with impunity disobey his | doctor." Thedav after his recovery from hi# | first relapse, the officers of the noble guard had j been admitted to tlie saloon which leads to his , 1 ed-chamler. The Pope entered this saloon i on the shoulder of a voting abbe. Seeing the officers, he said to them with a gTave air, ??Ah! yon do not guard me too well You have^ allowed the enemy to enter my apartments.'' " Htw is that'."' asked the commander of the

guard, very anxiously. "Ah. yes!" replied the Pope, " vou have allowed disease to enter." Muting these anxious twelve days Mgr. de Merode has given to the Po\>e his medicine, and the Pope calls him Doctor Ceccarelli. The prescriptions are made up for him by a lay bictber of the Carmelite Order, Brother Sal vatorre, who is the apothecary of the Vatican, j A Horrible Wife-JInrder. Massachusetts is now furnishing a very large share ot murde r sensations, and appears to be , competing for the premium in this aejartment ; of eiime. The last cold-blooded and distressing I murder oecurcd in Fdgeworth, a village of Maiden, near Boston. It was about twenty yeais ago that John Walch and his wife S%ra!i came fix m Lancashire, England, to Providence, ' B.I. They afterwards settled in Maiden, and when the war broke out Walch went into it from the Northern side. He mine out of the j war with a shattered constitution, and made a i trip to Lis native place in Fngland, hoping to heceme restored to health. Hedied there, and 1 is wife obtained a pension, which sh<? drew quarterly tip to the 4th of December last, when she niairled Mark Ileajthby, a carpenter. He , was thirty-seven years old'and she fifty-four, , tin re being a difference of seventeen years in ; tin ir ag? s the wrong way. She haei two chil dren. a bov who wonted fn Boston, and a little t clrl lived with her. Boothby appears to have been a desperate character. He bad l>een a 1 sea-taiing man, and had served in the army aid navy, and was addicted to intemperance Bid o'bir bad habits. He had had several wives,too, and a divorccel wite and some chil e'.ren of his lived in I5e?ton. Of course no hap piness could come out of such a union, and the most likely thing in the world was for a tragedy to gre">w out of it. Boothby was vrallv t'gly and morose in disposition, and al u.^eel his family, as a matter of course. He got an order to 'make a lot ot wheelbarrows, and having made them, he, in a drunken tit be gan to split them to pieces, and set fire to them and luri.eel the ni in the yaid of the house. Mrs. : Boothby, feaiing that they would set the hou.-1 on fire, first exj>e>*tulated with him tor his mad- t ness, aid poured water on the flames. It was oil to the tire that burned in him, and he : threatened to kill both her and her little girl. ( lie went off and primed himself with more | grog, anei returning to the house commenced playing a cat that belonged to the child. ! The cat seemed te. see a tury in him and sprang | tlightered out of his arms. He then took dow n j his gun to shoot the cat. and the girl pleaded tor its life. He pointed the gun at the child. . the mother stepp< d between her little one and danger, and received the charge in her own breast. The gun was heavilv loaded with slugs ? and literallv tore tlie woman^s breast wide open. She died almost instantly. Some of the slugs i had passe-el through her body, but the girl was I left unharmed. Boothby left the house without speaking a word to tlie terror-strickcn girl, ami j ran for the woenls. The whole community be- j came intensly excited, and started out in pur suit of the murderer. He went to the house of ] his sister in Wakefield, and she persuaded him ' to give himself np to the authorities, which he j accordingly (did. The tragedy made a great j stir in the small quiet town of Fdgeworth. A tihwt in I'hicago. A case rivaling in mystery that which has re- i cently been renorteti^from San Francisco in re- I gard U, t'nft "Stigmata'' has just been brought fo notice in Chicago. The manifestations be gan last fall and continueel.till winter, and then were heard no longer until a few days ago. The inmates of the house of Mr. Tobias Gold schmidt. No. 317 South Park avenue, have long been been elistnrbed by a persistent ringing at the door-bell. A cessation of the trouble ex isted for a time, but on the eve of last Gexxl Fridav, and on subsequent nights, the family have Lten much disturbed. If no one ge>es to the door the mvsterious visitor kicks and bangs away, but if anybody goes no one is to be seen. Police Sergeant Barrett has beeu called in to explain the mystery, but he has no explanation to offer. Every point at which fraud might show its horrid front has been guarded by the police, but still the ringing and general dis turbance have been kept up. No longer ago than last Wedneselay night the ringing was repeated, and strange and most unnatural sounds were heard, and nobexly but the inmate of the house could tell when they would end. That astute person said that he would hear the last of them on May 1; but what a terrible vacancy dejes he leave to be filled by some per son who shall belive in the mysterious workings of the infinite. The Chicago reporters believe all that thev report, and in this strange story they have had no notion of bringing up some thing which may re-establish the reputation of their city alter what has been done in San Francisco. The Law of Marriaok ih Missochi.?A case of some interest regarding what consti tutes marriage in its legal aspects was decided on Friday by Juelge Treat in St. Lonls. The case was "that of Mrs. Carrie Holabird against tlie Atlantic Mutual Life Insurance Company, which was recentlv elecided in favor of the plaintiff" in the United States Circuit Court. The defendant filed a motion for a new trial. The'prlncipal ground of tlie motion was ttftvt the Court erred in allowing tlie plaintiff to testify to the fact of the marriage ceremony before an authorixeel clergyman without the production at the same time of the clergyman's certificate of the marriage, or a certified copy thereof from the records of the county recor der. The judge decided the case by overruling the motion. H is reasona for this were, substan tially, that while a clergyman may neglect his duty in not keeping a record of the marriage certificate to the countv recorder, his failure to do so does not invalidate the legality of the marriage ceremony or render the marriage un lawful, null, and void. The best evidence of the marriage is the direct testimony of those who were present when the contract was en tered Into, who as sworn witnesses in the case, testify to the fact itself. Ihfatuated with thi Ciects?Last week the Massasoit House, in Atchison, Kan., re ceived among its guests a fresh, goo.Hooking young girl, attired In elegant, fashionable cos tume, who. unattended and unknown, came to the city and registered herself at the hotel. Her manner attracted attention from the beglning. At night she went out alone and attended the performance of a travelling circus that had arrived on the previous day from Leavenworth. Oa the next day the circus took its departure. The yoang girl then sent for the hotel proprie tor, burst into tears, and told her story. She said she was without means and that sne had i left her home In Warrens burg, Mo., unknown to her parents, to follow the circus, as she had aa uncontrollable desire to become a circus I actress. After some fatherly advice the hotel proprietor purchased her a ticket by the rail road to Warrensburg and sent her nome, she tearfully expressing her resolve to be a circus actress "some day." A Tom MAaaiBD man in Arkansas wai displeased at something bis wife did recently, and struck her. Tben be went to his mother and told her that if his wife did not do better in the future he would blow his brains out, as he did not Intend to slap her or complain of her again. A few days after, thinking that she did not come at his request with the alacrity she ought, he drew his pistol and shot himself dead. KTA Berlin dispatch states that both houses of the Prussian die t has finally passed the bill for the regu'?t on and control of the clergy by a large majority. PIANOS, *<s. mi 0;;e 7 octave roi*woo4 OhicI eri, .* ?? ?v ?? " w:ic ""i n ~ f"? f "r-- :: n . fiailtl (. ?'tii^Trtu ,>> F. r *Me upon furtnm. at the ??-*v a.. . ? _*t'? ? MFT7EROTT A CO . M.4spu A Hsmtln Organs. ail "t i:'^TAV B KUHN, PRACTICAL JlASO ,, formerly for-'nau for f. Light* A Oo., itiirr f?r Struivsv A AonvSBlM ?2 J??w-e t?r +rfTTv*\ a <??. Tuter'VI 1*1 ?ml repair-rnf PIANO* and ORGANS, No. 9 3* I feXl?ft at K%rr\ Jewelry Store, fcJ9 sventio; Hain't Drug ? ??T I? L J. ' 1 7,h ",r~' ? ron?"- "t H, will meet *t?h prompt attention. and satisfaction gnaran ? a34 ly UTIIFT'a PIANOS. uhmu>-*m-.i u sweetBsM of ^ tone and ejcellerr< of finish; |o? r---- - and Mif Ijim. G. L. WILD A BKo EZEI '?'k 11th itr^tf ij'at n*?rilnFf?t^^^n corner PeLcsy 1\aula avenue, dealers in Piano* and MohmI rnMivicrnt) xFnritjlf Tuning and Repairing. Poii.biug and Van i*hinc r?c?ivf faitbfel attention. aptfTr ? h,tu.aior f tamos ami Or tarns. A- rmmm 2T7 C**?r'f ?* Tfcomneoali c. ruT UtfcatJnRl M.d N. York ave. ; Getty's, Bridge, ofirflTin ?r ''T^TL0*?' *n<1 fc?eea\ cor. 7tk_and Pa. ?v Pian.* audother instruments packed an<rtnJv?d All work guaranteed. mh* WCHOMACkKB * CO.*8 FIAM)S. ** Philadelphia GRBAT BEDUCTION IN PRICKS. Tbeee Instruments, which, on icccnnt of thifr ?. lowln^TowVnt^i?*n * ^ BOW for wlfflP SOT A UK PIANOS fr*? #371 to ML P^BJCHT PI AMOS AflUU to MTJO OIUND PLANUS froes $SiU' ?i?i7? ?H1 to *w from $ luj to Ban ill but C7 ^ cAKtsi?Mra^r" *33 P?nn?T)ra;.ln avenue \YILLIAM KNABE * CO., ?*??. num. f?rt^'"tia8tr^5enU h*T' before the pnbilc fof attlin^'V, ,pon JWy*?llwic? alone_^^^ atthi nod an onpatrhaMd pre Ptuineuc JoiB E^ ??n?.hOBDC*Vbem ?p*Q?*""d for tMrMTir tow, to?ch, vorkniMhif and dormbility Tbtv ?r^w^?"f**rded ?oM and ailvw nJ*Z, SO* Pi,IVnSrKl'w All of tM syUAbC PIAKOS hava their new ??"* lmarof^ 0^,^trung gcale and A^raffa. P * na'i^ ? 1 CammonPIANOS acd PIANOS am* ORGANS front variona wall-known factoriea for aal? RBIOHKNBaCH-8, , _^f|Oj^__Pt?no_Wararoom?. 4ii3 mh mrrJt. BANKERS. OTIS HHi?L?\V, Banker, 643 D 8TRKBT, NEAR SEVENTH, P?y? INTEREST ON DEPOSITS, make* COL LtlTlONS, iQii transacts all buiiieM connoted with Banking. apl ly |J A Jl H I X 6 HOUSE J. H. SQl'lEK fc ( o? 1416 PENNSYLVANIA AVENLE, OPP< ?iTK WlLLARU's Hl?Th.L, WASHINGTON, D C. ?! Pfr cent, titcnif paid on tullrctii M Dinde eur) when*. Deooaita pajable on drii.and. ray of ofB<-*ra In th^ Army caylo-d in advance. ?p2-tr I r. BRODHEAU, V Broker* Mo. 939 Penna. ave., Rrn-m ?, M ?ahicgton, D. C. Sp?cl?l att-ntion giTen to InTefftment securities Jnvitca attfiition t<j securities n> w offered at price* jrblchw.Hpay IfltolB per cent, in aaiJn^ts i'd Tf length of tim< tosuit investors. Safe, reliable, profit ?I?sft?A88,'skcS*i'fli!?" JjatioLal MHn.p?.|i(an Bank, Wa*hm?fton, l? C.; Hen. J.M. Rredhead, Secoi.d Controller, WaMhina < PC-i.E^ardrUrk, K^? Ar.tutect C. S C.p ltol? ^ ft?bicgt<.n, P.O. mar 17 -3m 'I'Hi NATIONAL BANK OF THE REPUBLIO 1 T jt 7th *wd DstretteJ 1 * it9 EROM 10 A. M. TO 4 P. M. _d<clT ly LHAS. BRADLEY, Cashier. LRMAfl AMERICAN ?AVI>(.? 11A>K, NO. 414 fctVBSTH STEBST, C/Fpc:Ut t&4 J3Mi (4Jfi<4 JJiparlmeni. *t' m1to * f- m? Saturdays <.pen ac M o p. Di.( to recetv? deposits only. Ititereiit paid on> depoeiu. Collections made k&c sxebauee fnrijish<d. ?-sr MJ novtl r JHE ?f Enr v? p,Vv?u5-4?D PAYS SIX PER CENT. INTEREST, PAYS FOI'I^PKk 'rv^V" of tKa'k Monik. * ? *ULR rr.H CENT, on business iccuiob __ . from date of dep'sit. Itntti CtTtiJIratt! of ihrotxt bearinjr f and 4 per cent icteroet, a\ailable anrwhere UAS BRANCH 0^FICES in ail large towns tod cities of tlie S?nt b and Sontbwest J>a*k kours,9 ip.m. ?}"?nd Saturday aixbta fiom to t 2M; ' V >k; to receiTe deposits only. Ca!l at the Ba> k or send for a copy of the Charter and Br ian-. jl?-ly COOKE * VO~. ~ A. EBERLY, V. Prest, ^k^fv TT^hQ1'lr'b"'c 't;- K I'KEKTIbS.CaahV JAY bankers, BCY AND BELL FOREIGN B\CHANUS ana ISSUE CIRCULAR LETTERS OF CREDIT for ?ra,'ai'4 *? 'A? t*c/t-iil. Our Drafts on JAY COOKE, McCCLLOCH A CO,, ? w LONDON, ?r? Cashed In any part of K.isLahd, IiKLASBstHi Scotland,/rt? of rhgrtt. nia)^ lyASHINGTUBI CITY SAVINGS BASK, ?? Corner 7ih una and Lo*xnana acmut, PAYS ? FEB CENT. INTEREST ON DEPOSIT Interest commences from date of deposits. Deposits can ?be made and drawn at will. m>ap tf J. A. RUFF. Treasurer. REAL ESTATE AGENTS. juan boyle! ~ frank barnum rriI IPAJI BOVLE A CO., TE Ay? *OTE BROKERS, No. 00d 1Mb street, opposite D. S. Triaauiy. afP? SALE?A handsome HOUSE on I street, No. S13? A new large double HOUSE, corner 21st HO.^R. s?L^K? S?- 1010 *?^hu'sens aVenue! HOI b% No. U26 2.1 street east, for *>ale ot rent, fur Dithed or unfurnished. A COT CAGE in Willard * ?**i1p.r,cl?f,2:600 8*ve?? small Houses, from #3 600 to 85i<*'0; small cash payments. We have several very flue FARMS, imprjved and uaiui pro\eo, on dlfferer. railroads running fr^ni the city, for eah- at |ow figures or #?xrbangs for city Vet "f OKOUND in various portions of the city for sale at low figures, on ea*y terms, or ?1M exchange for productive improved property. ap25-tr H^EAL ESTATE AGENCY FITCH AND FO*. We give special attention to the care of Properties mitnXiUS .? """/^"Went owners,-paying taxes, rents A? A<- P '' Mtu,ln? t''"?nts, collecting FITCH A FOX, 1J09 Fenn* kvenne, Freedman's Bank Building, ":a-e"gw opp. U. S. Treasury. r^EO. TBUESDELL A CO.^ " , HEAL ESTATE BROKERS, ?lo 7th street, (over German .American Savings" Bank.) S^ial atte^ion given tw RENTING, COLLECT LOaV'S TAXES and NEGOTIATING Refer(by permissioa) to-Oen?ral B -n.. Alvord. P?)ma-ter General U.S.A.; James S^Grinn?; JlJ'j! ? i ?' Offlcx; John Eraser, Arch ilt?/ i Hon. J. W. Douglass.Com missioner Internal Revenue; Wm B Mo?es, Fifrni ture Dealer, C. B. Prentiss, Cashier German Ani*-n Joh?'?iVi?r< n^'r5o1' J. '*"ss?nden; Hon John Hitr, Consul General of Switzerland. a23 Stu* ILL I AM DICKSON, ~ GENERAL INSUKANCE AND KEAL ESTATE AGENT, No. 605 FIFTEENTH STREET, ? . OPPostTK TKtASfHY. ?ented6 ** insurance companies repre Prompt settlement of losses and fair dealing guar aps-Uu A USTIH F. BROWN, ? A Ooraer K. Y. avenue and lath street, WLLmilDuLnn, Wartluftoa, D. O.. fneam delivered in any part of the Dis X" ^DJUSl WITH WK10 P?"!'!!'* tm relieved, ? tfta*. frta llttS ALPHABETICAL BUSINESS DIBEOTORYi ,| . FLTrRAL WAREHOrtU. Jojt> A Ktni.ttMIU.m.,ki.lilAIRI>lk. ALE DEPOT*. 5 K. Lasnaaa A Co.. ilbw; Ale. (19 La. aeawwa Palmer a Grraji. Baaaey^PhiCa Ale. llminl ABt HlTEt TS. JimtCira, H .B.oor. Ilk Md ? ?.,?? Til?i > ? B. Brabir,71* K Po*t OBc* D?H. ?M.fKowiij.T M7Ij.^rAk 1MD1H. am a* H McGill. (11 Tth um, o?. Poat omc*. ART OALLFRIES. a. N. Barlow. a r* m . tot i*h and m rt* _ ATTOR5liyi.AT.LAW. H I iHikwu.ih, Ctty BaIL. O. D R>>???? in .i -? - j' -*? -- A. 8c?rrim?, IhtaraAtl Law * Col H. ? FiKL?r<'KD. Hor* building. 1MB P at u. Alt TIONEERS. **?!??* 1 Co., 8 W. oor. Pt. ?? an-1 ''**5".A W iLi.uwa. MM,MT. loth ridD?r. wi. w . T. Pa. w*.,c ?mt Jd atreet BMt. AVMNfiR, FU??, Ac. ?IpHS C. HoaA.Ou M-nke: Space. M O Cpula*?. M La. m.,bet. tth and 7th at*. BAKERIES. (ISO. PKE*rrTi:a P? ?rf ,mm(T Wrh efree*. BAIDs"' * Br"*d'"" * Clipitoi IIoli Bn l Bard. 7)1 Tth street, M?m G and .. BAAM AND BANKERS. Ki?s? A Co . lieoutne nni'w, f. mw of Uth at National Savin?* Bam, c?t. M. Y. a*. and Uth at 8a visa a T*r?t Co . op T i)i BILLIARD SALOONS. ^ >RATo? Hall Bmmii ? a loo*,corner Rh AD **? BELL-HANGERS AXDMt RIMITHS. <\ S< HSEiDRR, UB7 F at., between Uth and Uth Ma. Fi"CHRR.(8( 7th at., opp. Patent <'fflce. J. H_KrEHLis?. iW. Bella i Lt'| Bod*. 13H Pa.a? BLACKSMITH SHOPS. r. Bakcchlisb, ( H>r?e Shoeing, Ac ,) 4S A M<1. are Ki**i*?Ea,ahlp?uitbifcg,64AA< Water at., Geo BLEAC HER IES. A. T. W'HiTiSt;, Straw Ht. A Bt. B: <acht>r,924 Pa. ar. BOOK BINDERS. *?? ?. N alley , a< bthweat corner Ri and K atl. , BOOKSTORES. J- BaaI'Lii An* mp. 8M P at. oppn. Patent Office Ji* G. PrRnALL, 402 9th atr*ait. at>ove |>. B. A.Bk.mihaji,(Catholic.) Ml Oat., bet rh A 10th. F- K. !Pill A Co., 7t> lMh at.. corner Maw York at>, i Ba R Bor R J?9 Tt h ?t. R. W door frem 1. A. K. William*,< B<">Iir bought and *n 1.1,192.1 9?h at. Bar. P. Fiim n, < Stationer) aape^ialty.XU Uth at Richard Bobert*. It* 7th atreet, aboT* R. T. are. ? BOOT AND SHOB STORES. a Bi RR* A Co., M Pa. ave., bvt. tth and Wth ata. A?a L. Hazeltos, 49 7th ?treet, uRd?r 0 P Hall. Uootrr A JAt aaon, lKJtPa. aT.,bf4.UthA l>th???. L. Han Bars. 4U27th *treet, Intelligencer Building D. M.FcRLO*e.2M3dat.,adj'g Washington H.>u~. A. P. G* at, Slipper Manufacturer, M 7th at. 8. W. BBASS WORKS. 3ommrrtillr A Leitcr, SM 18 IP 13th atreM. BIILDI5IO MATERIALS. 1 *Co.M0Pm. aT? bet.fth A 10th ate W. B.C. Rai>mas, MoaldHMT*. Ac.,US?t., AudCAual BI TTER, EGGS, ? HE USE, Al. WHBATLET A HoKBEB,( whcl-aale 9th .? D 0. 0. briCEB, icboine Rouda,)8. W. curucr Rh A K-ta CABINET SHOPS. Wm. Walter. (33 CMtrrct^oar Mth. J. G. Wrateb <alao Cph.>lstrrinc),?ueOat., bot.iA7. CARPENTERS AMD BULDEKS. L. 8. CtlAPXA.X,?ja7th -tr?-< t Ai.d 123 U h at??t. JotiR H Howlrtt,618 K atraft.bft.Oh and 7th. ) o??ULi Deari>a, AC M ?.a*. bot .tS And ?tn ?ta. A. C. Bea* t.ti h>>nar<iescb'dforsniaMli,AU7tbat CARRIAGE FACTORIES. KobfrtII GrAHAX.410 1314 What..t*4. Dand B. Gro. U 11 AI.L, corner Fi nn. Avi'juc and U>? atrwt. John P. I)r-*!TIB, MBRth at., aomh of P nn. ?\ eau*. W . II. OaK^u A Bro..6Sv P?-nn. ateuu? S K < HI > A, GLASSW ARE, Ac. J. W. Botrler A Bro. 923 Pa. at., M-tzerott Hall. ( IKCILATI\G LIBR ARIES. W. T. S 317 Penn. avenue, Urt. 3d and 4)4 ata CLOTHING STORES. Wall,Bobis?ox ACo. SJl Pa. AT.,bet.r h A 10th<ta. Noah Walrer A Co..611 Pa.ave., uiuIt Met. Hotel. 1 Devlis A Co.(S Y. I,llld Pa. av.. 11th A Uthato. ! Ko*ATt A Co*. 907 7th atreet. May builUing. A. StBaC8, lull Penn. are. J See adTart.aemcou | (OAtH FINDINGS. Thompson a Co., Sua 9th at., epp Center Market (OMMISSIONERS OF DEEDS. Jo?e>-b T. K. Plant, cor. K aud SUi ?U. ?i W t ONiEt TIOSERIFS. M.C. Ukkbkrti Dioinx K-vii.e), 6J17th at.,opp pu ? OSVEYANt ERS. A. 0. Uai.kt.S1S Pa.Ave.,(Law, Titlea, Notary.) CORKS, SEALING W AX. Ar. W. Baithihorae, at *t -Inaal", luff 7th atreet. CORSETS, SKIRTS, Ar. Ooisl AW ! L(t?lie?' L'uderutar g- uerall> ) 408 Rh at. DENTISTS. OB. W M. Merr:lL, 1113 F atre?t northw- at, DINING SALOONS. Basvet A H<>li>rn, tiif Penti.a?? corner llib at. DRESSMAKERS. Mi*? M. K.W ilmin JJo: Pa.aT.<(Cnt'g tangtit by rule) OR I G STORES. D. P. H iCELixe, Jul P' corner Sd at. G. G. C. 8;**?, corn. rSf* T<>rfc A\eno>- an<l l4tb at. H. B. Ferguson, U1 Penna. ave.,Capitol Bill. F. X. Doolry, 223 eaat P' Li.a ave., Capitol Qiil. DRY GOODS. Tate?A Wis,wall,3107that.,new La. aTenae. Bosa.hA W?!.lt.(Oti' Price,>1018 A HiJu7th at.n. w. Mr*. AnmeE. Pattebm?j>,coi. Pa.AT.Afthat.eaet. DYE HOISES. 11. U. KiM3tEL,&1710that.,adjHt Medical Muteum. W. H W REATLT.40 J< ffervon atreet, G?vr(etowa. EMPLOYMENT OFFICES. Ilk* Louisa U. Bitllr,ao7 llib atreet, near B. EXPRESS OFFICES. Kdiix - KxPTSKa, Main OtSceartBS Pa. av., cor. 9th, W fcrh'i.,? B: dgeat., Gt'n; 7 Wadi g at., Alex'dria. ENGRAVINGS. Q. B?i >:?Ak. R.v,iaU< Die Sinker,!303 Pa aTeona. FAM E STORES. E. G. Davi*. *rl Mai ket 8pace, corner Btb atreet. Vols* A liEHKRND, M .Y. Baaar, 4417th atreet If W. W. H Keak?' M, center Pa. at. and20that., ladiea A rent'* fma iahinaa. ??"Crape reila,, Ac.. blackvd.a' iBeiiCd A re-crimped to equal new. FLOLR. FEED AND COMMISSION. Boxa? A tlAKP:MC,cor.7tb at. And Mar) land ave. .31. Dp a SKt . Eee<1,Grain,Ac ,ct>r Maaa.a% .A 7th at FLOWER EM BALM ERS. SI. fi. 8toop*. Ktnl tlujer Kat. Elower*, 1337th at. Mr*. Deeth, 13 Uth st., W Akb'n, A 139GoUAreaa at., Uei'tuwii. Funeral W r?at*.t aud NaturalFlowera pteae-d, preserved A eiuLalmed, iiiauperior atyle. FOt NDRIES. J out McClrllaxu, comer of La. ave. and 10th at. FCRNISH1NG GOODS. Drvlim ACo.,(N.Y.HlUPA.aT ,bet. 11th A Uth ata U. P.WrsaLow.anc'rtoTimmsAW'lnalow,4d7 Pa. at. fl'RNlTl'RE STORES. . Mo*Kf, Avenue Houae,7th at. A Market Sparc. J M. Mt K.mcht, 1427 Pa. are., near Treaa. Dept Wm. J.LKR(B?cond-handA Repairing),493Cat.R.W. E. T. Mi Ke.nnbt A Co., 1 SMt Pa. av., corner Uth at. Hair Mattn saeataken, opened,cleaned, ra-made, aud returned In two houra. OAS FIXTURES, Ar. A. B.Shrpuer!) A Co.,910 Pa. ar., bet Rh A 10th na. GAS OFFICES. WasfltitsToitG a? Li?htCo*pa5T,4U 10th,near B. GLASS STAINERS. W m. W. VavsI: as. f'<r churchea. hooaea, Ac.,711 D. GROCERY STORES. Gio. G. CtiRNv ellA8os?,1?18 Wlllard,a. Hall A Hume Market Space, near 9th atreet, Gro. H Pi A5i A 80s, N. Y. arenoe. corner Uth at. CBarlr* A. Ai pel. corner Faud Uth atreeta, K.W. Jame- JiRDisa'oS, 1713 Pennaylvania avenue. Gro. 8ritz A BRO.xor. AH at. and Virginia Avenue Wm. Hcrlrt,9197tn atreet, between I and K. P. P. Little A Co., N. W .cor. 8U1AB, Havy Yard. OCR MAKERS, *r. Johr J. PeaboI'T, (Uao PiahiDg Tackle,) (31 DaL HAIR WORK, ttc. Mr*. B.C.Griffith, Ladiea'Hair Dreaaar.UU P it. HARDWARE AND CUTLERY. L. O. Campbell.** Pa. ave, bet.9th and7thMi. J W. KersriiI A Co., SU Pa. av., bet.9th and 7th. L. H. SchsriiiRR, lOluPa. av., bet. loth and Uth ata. Geo. P. Got pa B SBasket, HUM Pamw ..bat .lothA 1Kb. HARNESS. SADDLERY fe TRUNKS. F. A. Lits.Jr. A Beo.,427 Pa. av., adj .Natl Hotel. I A*. 8. TorHAM A Co., 436 7th *t., aiajg. Odd P. Hall. E. L. Bolast, 62S Penn. are., bet^9th and 7th ata. C. BrR?saa,UU Peiuiaylvania ave., near WUlard'B. HATS, CAPS AND FURS. Willrt A BroFr, 90S Pa. av., bat. Rh had 10th ita. HORSE SHOERS. Jobs E. Doras, Kat.. bet. 9th A MMh and 1393 D *t. Uoraea *hod according to natural fomaUon ?f feat. HOTELS. _ ARLisaTi s HocfK, Vermont are. and H atreet. Costirrxtal Hotrl, Pa. aveaae, near 3d rtreet. Howard HoraR, 8. W. corner Pa. a*, and 9th ai. WoRMLRT HoraR. corner Uth andI H Mreeta. BaRKRR> Frasslis HocaR^or 8thAD,?2 per day. Union Hotel, Georgetown; Dr. Shinn, proprietor. ho ISE-FURNISHING STORES. J. W. BOTELRR a Bro.,993 Pa. av., Metaerott Ball. Gro. P.Gorr, Big Baaket. M$ PaAT.,bet. MthAUth. ICE COMFAH1BB. Isdrpesdrst Icr Co., office IBM Pa. ar., near Uth. ICB CREAM RRANUPACTORIES. Bar vrt A Holi i s. 8.B. oor. Uth at. aad Pa. at*. INK FACTORIES. AmRRIcas Isr Co., oflce, IU Rh *., bat. Band P. INSTRUMENT MAKERS. 0. PiaCERR, Surg. Iaatrunent* A Tt 09919, Ot 7th It. INSURANCE OFFICES. May'in. Capitol LifrIra.Co., oor. Tth aad DjS. National Urior Eire Ir*. Go.AOIja.av.^aaar ftA. D. P. bum * 0o ,?U7th at.. Herri aa A Jon*, Life A Fire J H. A. BaiVHU. Aft J.O. LRWia.Boota ?JL_ ?'Bqcitarlr Litr," Prai Grrmarla Fibs Imb. Co ? do ? m 1 JUSTICES HVTBI PI 0?AB._WALTBR.>4RP?re*>.O? B. 0. Wrat?S, (ataa aaavayaadag,)! Jo*. H. HARLBi?,BBRAat.,bat. Pa. are. aM J. P. Lipprarb, appar laaafaatT^aor JtA AB, >,kat. Hi aad MM LOAN OFFICES. " _____ Caarlr* BRUma,MUvWau at. tM? 0?. LOOKING GLASS1 Erarcm Lamb, 13M Pa. at LUMBER YAmr ?uataAfai Bail0?> W ? nraaa. Millll WORM. _ * W :v?i > 1' nw?>, Ml V. 4. a?oa A TothBT. Pa HAST ? % II ORB. Diti iba*?..<|i i wn a? ??? lUfcWtt* NIU.HUV.*'. c k ? urrT.nttth ?* c w rn(>n.><h Wr n?ML MAICtt. kr. r oirniiki.ainkitrw4.uft o*??. Ji A. LTqH.AU 7tA ?tre*4. B?aWe f * Kkt* j?.r?uuiti*"B> StMk4. Mll sirsir itqku. LrrAiH.iuink?Mt.i [Tjlait. ?V?. n .Ln.'. _ _ OPTIt IA!?>. Fiim ilO' .lit F? ??-. M ??< l?*. U H BT?.,tora?cOhak. OYSTER ULOOM. H?*r*T A HrtlMJ, WH Pa ?r? ,ernwTO%?. Tki Umn Bti.tO. V. Pin*.' i* l> Fwee.wv PAINTERS. _ Chaei s* A??. >LnORh ?.,?ear P*?Ba ?eegaa_ C T ?a?V, B? tcaCupA??*** ??*J*g? Airiii> P Un?? ? Georsk I Im.M Pcna. ?rt.tM A* and Sh mm. J M Vinin.rorur H ??d Kh *?rerta B W FAINT*. tILk. BUM. ?*> Quo. Ki?uiJr..M D itrM.M.Wi L< thii Vm vMO ?T.kt. ? A 7, tvai M?J H>??1 J Habrt Pti Ti?Trm. IJlJ 7th at*a>A, Bear M. r ?ij*JS?s&s~ jrrrssr . rATEST MKOK HBa. C**><?* V LiveB Tour- tbf rr*at DM*' *.tr ?<*y. r. rNif. us^ib ? Vb. M ('mi, mar ufartur. r and fr.>|rM.>r. Lai h buttle to* a red '??*1. B^Kki ?i?< . PHOTOGRAPHICGALLKRIE*. J O. Pa. a* ., bt. I A ?. , Ph<4<v Kivlt, K J Prit max. lugs appall) . at i r at. PIANO*. r c.ihni<iiAci.nmiiAt iv>t .m ?t%. 1 MOW). _ _ |.. 7th atr?? t rLANINtt MILLS. . C. k(l>HAl. UV->rw? tn4 (uitl. L>amel Smith, riitvuia Mtlla, DM Ohio M*nnfacttur* of M<>?iMin*a. Bra ?, N.-W.-U, Baluttrra, Ac., and d.-aler U. M ,1 r? A Bliuda PLAITERERI. Jon* r7KiN?.d Mam Bra., b*. t ( and 7th ata Gill A Labcombe. pU?" and ocaarw- ?l. ?f ?|A PLIMBERI AMD HAS Kl J ? ERA. A. K MiKPHKRii A Co.VlN Pa.aT.. b< nhA loch aw Ukv* Ot"'PAll,S ? corner Pa. and U*bat J a?*? P. Bbibh.BuB La. a*e4>oe. taea fch etra?d. IliHl K.CBCiv,737Tihatr?at,b?i.? ?ud U A! mr I K:!??'AiLn D iirMi.lx , h ai,d Mb BnTiwtu, 1U N a*'iiw,'?ap<i >1 Hill. printing urrii Ei. 0:bm>? Brother*. UD1 Pa aT.,tw? l?rh A m* ??* W .D F -'irt i TV mTtb m htIJ it rt ?paria i JiwtPH L. Pea R?os, corner Bib and D atr?*4? PoWbi.l A Girl. Oi and la P art***, n?u 7th. PRODIt E AND PROVISIONS. fv:TM. P?TT? A I'xckrmill.S l.roruw 1Kb A Data K B Yersaa. Weatern Pi -daAe Co., affl Pa bt. REAL ESTATE AHENTft. AMli-r A l'i i-let, c -r. La. atnw ?ml 7th 0trf?* K M. H ALL.C'Turi 7tb a Ltd P ?t?., f>D p,*) Oflcr Kn.W't B5i A Latta, corner ltib and G >4r?pta. li KBRisa A Josa*. ICB P au-t^t. D? ar Ifr b. MM tcVOl.tlJ 7:b at., km P.O. ll ?aif?lil W * II CLA?ETT.81? M?rk?< Jmt* S'U'Kol J. r ?arr.7(ij lM.h7AH.lN Uflcc CHARLKA Th<>mPM'> a Co., M ?b at!>?<??. E. K VlUos.lllTlb atrpet, P O D*|t. <*. ?to?*?. 1434 P nrM,?nr Ti?*??ri IV fiArlm^fit * T JoRSaoM^ AoctV.) cur. Pi at. auA *1 at naat KltMIit A So*. U'b ctrott.nrM Uisa* B >uk. Ph'L.H * ii.mACo ,?? P at., Haa.^nk T?m?l* A L. Barber A Co..611 7th alrrrt, up. P ?( Oflc*. HtMAI KAMV Join S? . tt*? !?.>:>? Sa i >?ns4 M-aU B IXLa bt SASH, DOORk AND HLIMK. Perr\ O'Lkma*. Jua7th*t ,..pp CrMrr Markat. Tic(Lt A SukRVAB.AiS L nipi?na a?tx.ur. M IIOOLS AND < 01.I.M.ES. WA?nif6T???i Br??ir?? Collkse. cor. 7th and Lata ?EW IX< MAI HINEH. Uuikdi A U i;.???!?'?, 8t"?'r A** ,491 i'a bt Th<^ ar<-?iuip!?, ?ilent. SltseA'*, L' *1? Baar. art . T M C. A. B . Hh A D. K; ias ll?wk'a Urt?vri>, J karr, art .*39 Pa. a?. >V tkl hlB'.'M M a< Com axv *'? Kfaatrvft. Tbr Paniil> Fa\.<rit^. Exaui.uc it. ftHIKT FAI TOKIIA. Divlik a Oo.*M.T.H1U Pa BT?.,het.llthAlftbat* Ml, \ PR Pl.ATERB. I: u a 11 bloLPE. fc* 7th *ir?-et,< p Poat tiTlr* K-<1!T WHiTEHASP. SU4 I? <t.,M. nUxlEk. SOAP AND CANDLE FAtTOHIIK. BaTR* A Bkothfb.M* 11 U at., hat Atb aua 7lh. kTAMPINO DEPOTS. MKk. G 11 MArBk*,tl7 7tb at., Patent UOct, STEAM AN D Ci AS FITTERS. A B f?H EfHIB I' A Co . VlU Ta BT.,bot.RbAluth BtK STONE YARDS. W.J AC A. Acker, 1-4 and B ?tr*a?B N W. STOVES, SHEET-IKON, TIN UARB. WAirrRb. M TviLL.tft P?-nn. ?*?., tif?i ? , .irM. ll M 11a> waRIiA Co .3l7kliat.,!? ?(.P* a* widDx. llkMI W. kMMFRT, UU Pa. bt.. bet. Ink and BKh. H B < het, 81# 7tU wrr^, M?fH H a .d I atrcota. Johs Mora*,*alao Titi B H>fltig,l tHA-tl Pa btb. TITLE EXAMINERS. A.O HaLET.BI* Pa. ?r.. La* .O.nt?; uk in* .S otWT TOBAKU AND < It*AH STOR -k. I?LAlil) ??p Cr?A. Ln< b? A Br?> ,7tb atrw t. op p O. Vn 8. Boocr, 12B IVnn a a?i>iinf, r.*w Uibatraet. TOYS, FANC Y ABTIILEI, he, Chr. BrrrERT, **7tb rtre*<, a-ar L? TRINE MANIPAI TORIES. J A* 8. Topham A Co., Of 7th at., adj'f O T Hall. I >IBRELLAS. PARASOLS. (ASKS. Cha* . G PeaRck. 141* Pa. bt., tmt. Uih eimI ifttb Kl IIaXIH Pierce. llUk E itrM.ntar Utfc. ?l. kokiif. Ltn lutb atrcaK, B??r P. INDERTAkERi. Jo*EI U Uawler. 17X1 PrOB. BTB . B<?r I7tb atiwi. AcciaoH Day, 1S3 P.i.n at*. Bud 117 at. ? W. M ATCH MAKERS, Ac. John A. Vas Pores, 12S P<nn. bt*., Capttol Uill M OOD AND M ILLOW M ARE. GKO.P.Oorr^ B^Bmtw,Iluu*Pa.a\ ,b^t MnhAUtk. YANKEE NOTIONS. H. adlkb,t?hol.-aAl<> out) ,1 Pa bt . ri?-ar Stb at. A RAILROAD AMD k?sl Est Ale iBPtCBfB (SBklBH* In tta 7 JO Geld B< nda the Sar?h?rt ParttJc Ball road Company fnrti* tias to tba pohllc bo hit aatn-iH Becnrity which naikiiM the ratdy b?c AiBtdlity, tba coDTauienc*. and tbt bi*h credit ?T a Am claaa rail road bond, wtth tba aoitdity Bud aal. tr at a reaJ aa tate Ruortf a(e ob Uud worth at laaat i*Im Uwi The* bt* oBerad at pa: In nrmct, Bad n*M ? HAkDSOME PKOF IT u* tkosa aKchBii<iD? I ka Th? bonda bt* b Brat Bad oalp i road, tta aqaipoiPtita and aarntnfB, tad alao oa a laud grant which, on the exhalation of Ika road, wtll BTera?e BMW acraa to each ailie of track. Th^y ara laaned ta deaoMlaattona froa |BI ta 81.1UI Coopoti, atid tun to (kljao B?rtatered, bare thirty rear* to ran, bear an Interest of 7 JC r> r cent In rkl, and are EXEMPT PEUM tkl TED STATES TAX to tkr bolder. The aeml anccal Interest as the Beytatered B'Uda la paid with GOLD to UxMt?Bo* addreaa ?f the botdar. All MarkMable Mtocha and B nda received la rt ? change, witlioot expanse to tka it v oat or. at tk?U hlgheat current pricoa WA8H1HGTCB f^HILDBEN'S HOSPITAL AMD DI8PEMBABT, Ks Ml M Straw, y. W., tmmmm ktaUktM , Supported br TolaataiT ooakribati. u*. Raapttal free to children under 1< jeara ef age. Diapeaaary oaea dally (MaaAara ezoeptad) fraa 1 to Bp. ?. Medictnea tcri.ihti?l rratmtoaaly. OwaklM pkt ale tana, Dra. JTCTSaU. Thmaa BBUler.0. HLiet enr.ann, W P Jobuaton. and Grafton Tyler. itMM'i fkiitnau, Titru of Strrtei. Dr. W.J^jotmatop, Medical. Bl ?ti>.Wad'y,Pr,dy. L.J _PaT la, Bec^atary rTamaa C. Eaaaady. Praal 1>^ BTM FBCTOBAL STBUP, OOCGHB ABB OOLDB. Ml ALL MWBiBIB. t? LUMBER. LUMBER. ???DVOOM A SPECIALTT HUI OCT TO OBBBB. TnaalBa 'I'M BUBtPT ?OCTB t? tke Vi^na Bipo. A ttoa is fir Ike way of A. STB^Cl , 1*11 P" . BT?,B*?fc. *

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