Newspaper of Evening Star, May 3, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 3, 1873 Page 8
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EVEN IXCJ STAR. DOUBLE SHEET. ?triRI>%V Hit 3, 1*7*. LOCAL HEWS. Watr^Orrva*W ?Last ntgbt of Opera UuSf, ?? i 'rphen* An* Eiiferw." TVa: r Comiqut?Sonp, barlesques, dances, Line 1h Half.?"Thrc^ year* in a Man-trap.-' < Mi<fwr?l L??K A tine j roperty on Louisiana avenne. oppo *tt> the Cttv H?ll. will romc t?th? hammer on MtMimon. private Wilt.ur P. CogewelL g-neral ferric* V. W. A . lately on datv at Fort WLIpple.Va., ha* been discharged the service. ? 1.wt night a raid ?w made hy some thieve* ?n? the yards of residents en 1 afreet, between Mb ami 1?>th streets. ami all the St.* bushes and other choice flower* were taken away. From J. Shillington we have Krtrj/ ASsfanfay for Mar 1Mb. Frank Lmty't journal for I'jth, ami tho Amrictm Ay.jcul'uritt for Mat. Sergeant-at .Arms Ordwar. wkc purchased the i 'as par is Imww, Capitol "Hill. at the recent ?ale l y the government. propone* tc remove the bullil 'n^ to the northeast corner of ?st and Kast Cat .:ol street*. Mr. W?. M Evan.-, the popular depntv clerk ?f the Police Court, tendered hi* reagnation to. day. ami ha* acocpted an ap)>ointment a- clerk in "the office of the I'nited Mates district at for aev. Mr. Kvanc has held the positier. of clerk in the Police ?'onrt erer nine.' its organization. At the <i?llir( rome?t of the intermediate ami grammar schools yesterday it *{ nw that the wale grammar school, "fourth district, J. E Thompson teacher, won the prize, witoont anv doubt. among the mile grammar Klmulii. The content ?i>n|i< tha other schools far the priz?? ?t< narwhal cko*?-r. requiring a further analysis of the tisurcs before th?iesr.lti< can k folly determined. The ( an. w/e Captain -lack, on the Msiropo' itao railroad excursion. tell- an absurd yarn to the effect that 1 hk St a a representative t'ailei! to hit the goose dowi. the creek atOration. that was the target of the party. It is the mission of The Stsr to hit geese. and our special Mococ ?>n that orcanon *? unfailing in hi* aim. 1 he CKn*i*U man wu disgusted tiecaase his lau - sue- aimed at the goose retaroed iu boomerang fashion to h>* own personal damage But it wasn't *o much of a miw After all. don't von see'.' The I?o * IJo?? of the Lat* Faliw iuii ii Prier. Lifiit (VITttT OVia THE ESTATE O* THE m'ia<ac-a ?!s<irt*E ca*k. In November la?t Thomas" Price, an officer of the Metropolitan Police force, died ver\ sud denly at theM precnc* rUHoa-boune, in a room of which Le had been lodging tor nemo time, hi* wilt,owing to vinif disagreement between them, not living with him. The funeral took place in due time, ami hi* remain* attended by the member* of the Old Fellows ?nd Knights of Pythias, as also a detachment of policemen, wert escorted to Rock C~eek Cemetery. where they were Interred. At that time th' re was r?ii- derable dis-u'sioi. among the n?em'?ersof tl?e order- m-ntioned, a*- a!*o of the relief asso ciation of the police, a* to whether the amount* due from them shouhi be paid to the reputed wrdrw?maide n name. Bridget Dnnn?andthe organization* all refused to pav her tha stmj due the estate of the decease "?>n the 13th of Kovember la*t, Mr A. K. Brcwne. connwi tor the rej utcd widow Sle<1Jin the Probate Cotirt a petition j raying.tor letters of administration, bating that she was tmrrt.iv tc trice on the ;>t ot I>ecen!l>er, l^'V ',?tt"rs were t^er^Ilpen i--iied to her. she girisi^ a l?ond of t+'.W. Stib?e<itiently the as^t.* ot" th" cs'ate wererc^>rted to the'amonnt of 1S^1'?.75. and the deb's rej?orted at Ml<*. s':e h;i- sin *e con tinued to exercise her datiee a* a-litii ??tratr*. b'lt Sim# IlK)llth?? -'ii 'e rtttn-irs became rit'e that the tir?t and 1< gc?i wife of the deceased bad beeti bea'd from in Ir !ao>l. A few week" since h |?'n was Pled n the Probate Conrt in the n:?m<- of Fileu 1,wti?, m tting forth th.-it en the 1-th ot February. P?*5, she w is le^rillr narti'*'! ?o James I.ioti?". -n the parish of Kill, Iridand: tl^at th?-y live?i together for several rear.- a-*l hail t?o chiWIren. < beys.) who are stfll living, aged li' and 1": \ear?: 'hat Mm? time darut^ the third year of the wtrriage Lyons itfT hkr a>r> came to'this corjtTrr, ard tor several year* thev corresponded, but be Anally ceased writing. She a!!ege*that at the eemmeiiccment of the late civil war her Ins band 'l.yor.s) enlistiM ir> the Union armr nn-l*r th? nam'e of Titotii*? Pri-e. which nam- he re tailed and was known bv dtinng *he balaiee o' bis life, that he rt*-dcd in this city for several years, ami le^'t, when 1m died, a large amonnt of prop< rtv; that she is informed that a person calling her-elf Bridget Price, cla'm'ng to be bis widow, has. upon an er pert' hearing, been grantid letters ot a-i lunu.-traUon: that sne (pe titioner) is prepared to prove that she wa.- at the t"t..eof the death of Lyons ,or Price) his trne and lawful wife, and as sneb i* entitled to Claim ai?l have administration on the esta'a. am! she niakes this application to secure for h?r children whatever May have been left by their father. Sbe therefore a-V? a citation on Bridget Price to *how canse whv tho letters to her ahouUi m>t be revoke.i. Tiiis citalioti w.?s luvl* r? tun able to-day b the instance or the defendant's conn-i-i the hearing was postjton'd to Tuesday next. ? Tn? Rukguw Assavlt ok Mr. Trcs *K?At'? h,j t 'i, t *i th- J'rifonrsi to E*cat'*.? l.ast evening the detectives arret-ted two more notorious colored men, su*|>ected of being en gaged in the burglary ami a?*ault at the nonse ?f Mr Wm. S.Tucker, on south B street, on Thnn-ilav evening, making live no* ntuier ar rest. The two last arrestee are Monk MoMin and Pcta Parker, who, the officers say. are, with Sam Itainev. the girltr parties. " Thev were locked up In" separate cells la-?t night at the central guard-boose, and soon afterwards Mr. A ngust Vos*. the station-keeper, heard a strange kind of sound coming from one of the cells, and after listening he tonnd it proceeded fri m the cell occupied by Sam Kainev. Pro curing a l'ght. he discoveretl tlie prisoner at work removing the bricks from the wad sTir roanding the iron door. He had smashed up the wooden bench, and with small fragments ot it had scraped away the mortar between the bnrks, and *a? in a fair way to eM-s >e. Mr. Vos? j nt on him a pa>r of iron braceb-ts. and n?i>vM h:m to anoth r cell. Mr Tucker's n nditicn is represented bj his physic iaiis to be wery critical. In the Police Conrt to-day Mr. Cka- ?tate.| that an informatiob had been tiled with bun bv Infective Cocnae#, charging Samael Mason, alias Ham Ramev. with assault and l.att uv with intent to kill dolm A. Tucker on Thur^lav night last, at hie residence on south B stree'. that Mr. Tucker was in a very critical condi tion from the wound* received, and troiurepre aentations made he asked that Bainev be com mitted to await the resists of the inj>iri*>s. an 1 that Bowie Williams be held in the .-tin of boi-a* as a witness: so ordered. ? The B?>ar.t>?>r Health Last ere-nug the bcaiih ?JSivr stit-nni ted bis re|>ort for tiic week ending April showing that JK new cases ot eaaall pox had l?een rc|?orted. against the week previous; :? were removed to the hospital, to patieatsdh d; nuisances reported. 316. abated, 227; nnabated, MO: d. ail animals removed. 31. animaTs impoumled?3bones. 2 mule*. 1 cows I* bOgs, IS g eats. IT geese: anwhole-otue food condemned?IbK beef. 28 lbs- mutton, 2R lbs. veal, li) lbs. pork.V. lbs bacon. I chicken. 7 calves, and 1 bushel kale. On motion of I?r. Verdi, the 1-oar! reconsidered tlie rev?:ution of the previous m> et ng, to disconrtnne the boar ' ingofthe small |sik l.oopital emplovs. A com pla nt in regard to the aller in th? r<-ar of the northern market, where fish offal Is ?l^pue.ted. was read. an>i the health office r wan instructed to have it abated. A )>etitioa. numerouslv signed, was presented, asking that A. M. Spragiie '-e reinstated as sanitarv ?nsp--ctor in the eastern -ection of the clfv. A e??m*nnnic* tmii >rom Major K chard- w:ts read, stating that be world glailly co perate with the board in preventing pat* ranning at large. Fram ? b?oi?e* at *> G Street. 9ol F street, and one on <i street, between !?th and PWh streets south west, were declared to be nuisances l^cause in nn unsafe condition, and dangerous to life ami limb. A communication from l>r. W. T>. Stew art waa rend, showing that tho prevalence of the small pc * is greatest in houses kept in a ?Mhv condition. I?rs. Bliss and Ver>ti were ap pointed a committee to inspect certain premises referred to bv |>r. Stewart, and report to the ltonrd. Dr. Bliss was elected teruworsrv health ?fleer daring the abeene* nt Dr. Veidi.' ? The roABDor riiicoamssioiiiuaet last wight?an tho members present except Mr. McDevitt. Mr. Morgan introd?ce<l a roaoia tiow, which was adopted, dlrectiug the commit tee on telegraph, tho chief engineer ami super intendent ot the ire alarm telegraph to tnuuire an alarm in to the cause of the deiav In turning ia for the tire at Micbler place. A petition from cltlsens of Tniontown. asking that a fir* alarm boa be located in that place, was read, and after the mtmber* bad.expressed themselves in favor of the measnre if they had finds to pay fOr the work, it was agreed w? forward the petition to the legislature. On motion of Mr. Morgan, 1? was ordered that a public inspection and drill of the tire department he held at 3 p. m. on the 15th instant and that the Governor and mem ber* of the legislature fsj-eeially. and the citi a?ns generally, be invited to be present oa the occasion. The Dion Bsotheb*. ami Benn-t.the Cana dian expert, will give an exhibition at Muter <& Jones' billiard room this evening at 7 o'clock, f An and attractive as a May dower t* what Colonel Fler. uo promises the timttu shall be to nwrmw morning ?? ? |(rwifi. PrtU!> A Co.. in nn itlicr cotnmn. advertise a large lot of 1 nglfsh scarfs, bonaery P let wear xn gent Ic m n. | Third WWatlve COTSClL.?At the meeting yeaterday e^ealag, Ikr Wlh to nt tlr <*l* of Hettars without llcftw and for the relief of Dr. I. T. Har tigaa were referred. _ Mr. Browne ^rrontnl * rf monstrance from j>aop?BTY mnmi o"< asvaara smrr ion evt?nded, praying for ike tttrt-trtij legislation to relieve th< B) fn m tb? oaerooa tax for the iaipn > va ment of that road. He s,ked that It be referred to the committee on Waehington, Qeorgetn**U And f oun'y affair*, with instructions to report the hill or otherwise. Mr. Gulrck. chairman of that cnamnttee, objected In until instruction. It war a ven importai t ma' ter.aod the parties interested might be Va,i to ex pect t<? aiaci?more perhaps than the coo.antt-e wonld be abl- to do. It wan unusual to reetrr-.t com mittees, ot fc ; roper thee? with Inst met ion*. A" a ??>nther?f th committee k*M imt ?l irk ,e?pn sibility, but let the refersoce be made in the usual manner. , ? , . . Mr. Bilker state*) that be was well aoqaaJeted with the facta and circumstances connected with the ori gin of the remonstrance. It w*s the result or ? meeting of tha property holdera, and a maMer of great tmt^Mw e to them: there might bo legal points to consider, and be hoped the committee would give tha subj-vt a tfcaroogh consideration ai-1 dftiic niBM> means lor the r?li-t rf thecitixens. Mr On lick stated that for the very reasons g'.veu, that there wera law points to consider/he w?a op posed t*>any Hiattu* tlon?. _ The reference vaa made wttfcont inetructl'ias. House concurrent resolution requesting the Oov einor, President of the Council, aud Speaker of the Boose, to roofer with the Secr-tary of IheUavy aimI procure th* inildlrg of one of the stesm veew l< of war in our nary yard, was read and concurred in . arpoKTiw-vmitv or th* ?at.-ne?v*a?NT i.??ax. Mi. Buker ?o'>?itted the following, which was re*d and laid over under the tsjies: ... W li? r< as. in pursuance of an *et of the j>pgi-latiTe Ass> mbly . approved Aucust W, 1ST1, entitled ?' An a, t authorizing thaliix'rict of Coiuuilda to or-afe a d I t for special improv ements," Ac., extensive im provements have toen made, the expenditures ,or wbieh are char?eald?, nnder a?"t of Gongreea, to tha ci i-a of Washington ami Geocg?<>wn ?;?J to th^ Kwt) of Vohiagtuiutttiitilii)' to the extent or am! in proportion tolbe est of the local 10prove merit* f? r th' benefit tf each respectively: f'W, l? ft H"oh- That the 1 ^a*d of pnhlfc- work* I s. and they are hereby, rixjiioiej lo CMMaa apportion ment to be mud - .d tna e* ?1of the aforesaid iatprave n^-utfi, and to tnrnifb .?r the itifurci.'ition >f th C'm.cil a statement of the respective amount* n>r wrti*" h ?ai<l ciiie? .f V. a^hington and Oeorc-t< wn atxl th'' rotnt; of Washington are liable ttn<l?i ex letiiig laws. rHOPOTTT 4%9>>UA> SCHOOL S?i'?. MrX ri.fcg iiitio<l*ced a bril authorizing the pnr ciia^e .-f a site and th? erection of a public ?cho>1 building thereon in the recond school district of Wii-hli'tton, and maklna an appropriation tfrerefoi; read an?! laid over. (This bill anthwri/M tli? gp pointnient ?f a C"mmitte?, of which the Go?trn< r shall he ilairmui t~r ojKrio, with one member ?f ti e Cowrcil, two fr-'m the House <?? Delegates, anc foi.r i nienit>*rs i f tue I ..aid ?>f ?? ho?i trnate. s, w lioae duty it shall be to select and purcli^se a pite. and adept a plan of building with a capacity snflicirnt to ac* <>m modate at least ten schools. It also appropriates 9MMM>f(,r th# p?rp?^< out of the -chool fand of the cit* ofWashiegton 1 . , Mr. Br< wne introduced a Wll to regulato eli r? | and e*hii)itk>ns in the District ef Coluiubia. [Tke purpose ?>f this bill is to prevent the 9;ue of reserved s. at? at places of amuaeineut after the exhibition has ? <*>inei ced.l .. _ I Mr Br iwn gave notke that ihs committee to wh< m had l*en r- f-rr?d the reT:?*l ciKle would *> n have a meeting to t.tke into consideration the i;ne?ti'?i uuder diafHii/slon yeeterday as to the xecesaity of reading the whole volume through thre?* wparate times. He e ii'1 there weri" certain P rtiotis of it which it w >?ild not be necessary to read, and w hicb could be struck out; for instance, he did n- t think it necessary V-t the Couacil to re ena t or p:?i-s on the Peclaratwn of Independence. JSr Cross intrfsiuced a bill to provide f.jt th tabiiehing of a n rrnal si hoal in the District of Cce . Inribia; laid over. Mr. Brocks presented a p<tit?cn from the assessors (t tux^s :*.?kiug compensation f't extra se,?icea<f fiftytive days attendance .lurina the sittinsf of the fc?ar>) of appeals, referred t.> the fcrmnce committee. Mr. liu^er introdwc d a hill for the relief of Am. Ba .UH and ?.tliera lroiu an erri-ueouis aseeastner.t of a-ewer tas; laid over. ... St. B'' *t> nioved tfc<tr when the ( nmcil *>1; >crn it t? tc ?< et .?n M >i'da> at S o'clock p. uj.; adopted. The Council 'l>en ad?'urn<^l. IIOUSK OF DEI. KG ATMS.? Mr Wall moved tluit wl.ea tLe H' n.-e adjourn it he to Monday; I agreed to. .... , L'Oder th" call ef di-'r'cta the followinf were tn 1 tr clneed- 31 r V all?Pefnon of Danui! Gerau, f' r laiusires done his property and rent da- iiiin. Uy Mr. Brewei?Bill providing for the selection or site and*re. tion of a j>olice ?tatii u-houte in tiie hist r I?.' i r.-cit t,< ili'i. 17th and 18th district- ) By >1 r Mi, ph? rd? Hill f r th" purchase of lot and crec tior of engine h"?;--' in Georgetown. By Mi .Cani|' U-ll?P"tition -d the trustees of the Bvaugelical ,|it t em church on 5*h si reef, ashing to be r-fuini - ,d, ertaii> taxes; also, I ill making aa appropriation f r the MV- nu n - Christian Ansociati-n,?accompa il>? a report." B* Mr. Talifer.i? Bill for the re I - I if A Stev, nsonto pay for services as watch man at the t'ity Hull '? By Mr. Brown?Bill to fill |,i. ,.i.( d by the -rh'oc.l hiiilding on Nichols avanne. in Anacostia -jB> Mr Berry?Bill approv ing and raufviu* the co?;itication of the laws, also, letiiioii vf the Pot.-iliac Insurance routpanj-. asking that certain monies puhl for licence be refunded. All ot the :il if were appropriately refer re<l Mr Carroll submitted a < "njcurrent resoInf??n re <ine-titif the Governor, wrvth the President of the Council ai d the Speaker of tb? B >use, to wait on the r-e, retarx of ti e Nat y attu ask that he order the bni'oiinx ef one of th- vmmi- wf war. receuily pr > \ ,ie,l f. i by act of Congrats, at the Washington Yard; adoptid. TUf. BOAT!? or PVB! v won**. Mr Termillion olfered th- fallowing,and g'keil it in>i ediate coiv?id^ration: V l*r-?s-ta'eni-nts having b en made by several I of ihe New York daily p?|? rs that tlie pre?;nt H ms, of Delegates of the District of Columbia has been or*a i/e,* in antag<4ii?!u to the B ?rd of Puhlk V uk^an.t as ^nch rep-'rts are withont fonn.Iation. anc1 intended to injure the financial status of th Dirtrie*: Therefore, be it That we eotert ain nothing hut the kindest feelings toward th? board, and desire to be iu li.u m<>i > w i'h the n. in their laudable effort*, Mr. Sicoit <d>iecttd to iu cohajderaliou Mr. Sh-pher.1 moved to suspend the rules; agreed t?>. The res tntion w-aa apreed to ? Teas?M*a*rs.C*r I r l: Chase.?v>*.liter. Herb?rt, Hunt, Mcltnieht Mnrraj , Shepherd. Tallfero, Trimhla. Urell, V-r \ n il'o i,, M all, and the bpeakei?15. Mays?Meaars. heiiy. Bfewer. Broa u, Clagett, Long, and I SS?n.. t? s. Mr C'*rett,ln -*p!ait nig his rote, said that the fuiac- , f th-boaid exhibited an nane-'-saarv sensi tlv?ii?fS w l.enever the ttan* ?f the Board ?M men tioneil. The?ta:ementsref"rred to e w?hl not affocr the cr,dit of tne District ao long aa the D.stru t tra>ta a<-*>d it? proOiisee. K-.?r-. Si -pt^ertl and Tallferro igreed with Mr Clagett that so Ion,* as the District its obtiga tions the pnt,Ikations would have but little offset, hut v.rted for the resolution out of respect for the n over. . .. Mr. M all voted for the resolution because it wm< a r< bi:k- to the Tamaisu) organs. Tl>? >pe.ak.ei said that wbeu the public g id d it he wculil avail hiiuself of his privilege to cer-nre or approve the actions of pnhlic *fficers,bnt he th light th-resolution was harmless and would ?*?te for it. He did not want it ntiderstood that h? w as oppc.?-d to the Board of Public Works. H? was n.-t. ?:.d while he saw littleto criticise he saw much to couji ebd. Us sinlil wait for their report before he wi ulci attempt to diaenss th.-ir action. *i?c*ti.v>v.ors BrstMCss. Mr Tiimbh- offere,!:? resolution reine*tin* th Sieabr to pii<ure copies <4 B.urlay s digest for tu n ? P,l-er?; adopted Mr. Mi Kuight imived that the Hpeaker r^?iwes> t he Hecretary of the District t ? furm-h each ioemb?*i 6 CI pi.-auf the laws of the Diatrict. Mr. Smoot said ?hat it thoy could be furnished without -xpen?e he would vo e for the resolution. Mr. Shepherd moved to insert,bv add'nfc a pro*i??. that no further ex pense l? entailed on the District. Mr. Trimbh us.i ed to lay on tha table; agreed to. Mr. Miepb-rd offered a resolution providing for pr cuiing a set ot the United States statJtea at large for the Bse <. f th* Holla, . adopted. | The Speaker laid before the House a m?ssa*e from i the Governor, ?ntloeire a communication from the lire commissioners cal'ing attention to the necassity of prvv id ing for the removal o^JolunibiaBre-englne i c. mpsiiv , Wo 3; ordered to bsarlute,! and referred ' Alse>, oite eiH'losing accouute for survey of the Po t< n ?r from the Aqueduct to the head of tidewater, i P'ii suant to an act of Congress, amounting to %'Ti I 57: referred Mr Sbephsrd reported from tha committee on lire dersriBierit bill proi iding f-r the eelahlishment of a ate ati. tire -engine company in the northern section ? f the city, and the location of a ho ok and ladder roii.panv in the western section. Mr\ Pl.eph-rd. from the special committee to dis tribute to th- proper c xnniltteas anch pirtione of li.e Governor's mrseage m properly belouf to ihem, submitted a report, w hich was adopted. Adjourned. ? 1Iai.i>?;? Cowi-kkthwait*. the oldest book seller iti Philadelphia, died In thi? city on Mon dav last. 'J he I'f of him: " Mr. Cow peri'iwalte wan at one time engaged In the auc tion business at the southeast corner of Market and 1 n cat ur >treeta. and ?aneriute?dcd the annual book trade sales. Iu ISM he re li I Mini shed the auction business and Joined Un hook 1 ublishltig Arm of Desilver, Thomas & Co., allervarils chatigovl to Th<?iiias, Cowi?er thwaite A Co., and subseqnently to Cosrper tbwaite. ltesilver & Bntler. In tlits firm he Re mained mailt years, and then commenced pur chasing and improving real estate. He bought the old Chestnut Street Theater and adjoining properties, and on the site built stores, in one ol Lich he again entered into the book business under the firm name of H. Cowperthwaite A. Co. He ab?oereet?d the Pranklta buildlnf, ?th ?treet. below Arch, and pat np an immense l ook manufactory on the site of the old circular Preohvterian Church In R a mat cad Place. This building was subsequently deatio i?d by fire. In iwti he failed in boataew, aad then went to Washington. D. O., where he was appelated to a gdvernment office." Th* Ni*tb Piptbict Rimitcis CLra met last night at Aabury Hall, aad elected the following cfficers for the ptuning year: Cbarlee H. Peters, preakleat; laalah 8. Waahiagton. vice preside at; >loha Paxtoa. secretary; Robert Holland, tteasurer. The following deiegatea were elected to the oeatral committee: Henry Plpev, .lami Kelaoa. aad 8. 8. 8meet; alter nate*. Mvssta. I. 8. Washington and Samuel Proctor. ? Vaitaata AvaavaPaoraarr at Acotioh. la Tin* attcnt:i-a mf capital lata and business aea mv ted to tie sale by Oreea A Wllllaaas, aac tiane?r?. on Monday neat, at* o'clock p. a., of rhat valuable bnainean property situated on the s*t-th side ot Penneylvaaia avwnae, betweea 0th ami lAb arrets northweat. and kaowa as No. ?<?t This property ta centrally located, taawn nnsnri?seed advartagee for bustaem purposes, ?id pr# sent* an opportunity for lavaetmeiit rarely offend. # t*? Fraaira have been issued Mace ear iarf r pott t? ThoaMe Mal^j anntery fiame, A street ?art. A L. U . . _ i,rick warehouse s, lota sareea, setmea ? V, ne'lbw*1 v street, b, tw Man-by taoHHtii ?tnet.lrtaiTP i -trevt. ard J. * WW,itiffUt, 'o ' HWIPIIIHIP - 70 t .. ?_?*> k.tas^odl tJk+J? .}<? .iK Real ? btat? I The following transfer* of real estate have been filed in the office of the Recorder oi Deed!* since our last report: April 23d ? F.O Ja?e to Hannah A. Gambrill and K W. Oyster, subs 5 and 6, square 912, ?4.700; * H. Biley to W. W Dtib.imli.liiuurr flli .?1,XS% L. Mackall to M F M -rrV in tm-t, pari Ml. njuare 118. t : Jane F. lUdfrni to Mathia V" nan, sub. H. s<iuar? 36. g30S; C. McBamea. ex?? cutor. aod Anaa C- Parker to 0. Banner. sub 62 ind part miI>.M. souare 1?J7, gl.*iU; M.G EuienytoP. Bietinan, sub. 6, square 20*. $3,100, w. T. Murphy t" H. L. Admii*.? Bismi-ktop L Reefe. part 1.4 4,?siuar.- W, *4?<; (r inSfimlf Toamev, same, A. Lane to II D 8?iIpb, sub. *i "in*r? IM. H74#; same to W. L tear*, sab. 74, d*.., do., rame ^J?N tub. 75. ili' , do , H ury Bradley to U . H. Wright, lot 7, square Sit. #l.ttt>0; T! B Philbrook to Kbery C. In miiaU, sooth half 10, square 423, ?2T ,500; M. Kelly to l> Chap pel, sobs 36 ati<l 38, sonars 912, J. 8 Mapi-e to ph W. Pariah, lot 13. square 891, A.t.W; James Adams to D. Knowltoa, sul* T to Z aod 4. square *50, ???; J. F. Hodgson to W. M rt?., let auuar- 196.# ; P.H Folsouto F.C Be^ar aac.-. tiib? W an<1 14, square 191, frSwOJB.W .H-Oood acrti to H E Bates, rai t lot 8. ynare 66. ? 1.05*'; J. ale and F B Barnum to Jr. Vogt, parts lot 7 *). square 74, 8. F. MiUer to Mary J. Chiptuan, parts lot 7 and 8, square**), 9 . April 34.?C. Wilitsaia to I>, MrK?nite. sub. .28, square 972, 63.&0; Jobn Fre-man to Blisabetfe ? al ters, east half C. square 44:?, ?2,000, John Teabower, et al.. to Anna H Keilter, lot 7. miiarc S68, ; W . P. La-sell??. trustee, to A. Beat,lot A, square ?*), ; J V Parker t.sfl H. Brouaer, part 10,-quar? 481, #3.600: Mary A. Cox, executrix, et al to., <J G. Co> .autMi.24 iriiil 25, sqaare 279,?; W . II. ? ard, trustee, to J. F Banna, lot A,square 72u. $4,049; Chss. Bradlei to J. F Wallard,?nbs. 21 ami 22. sqitarf eta. l?7\H>- John Drlceoll to P L'?etT1"r, part h , *inar? 776. Mi-et- K -Pr?ut ta Catherine Rioli-n bacb, pert St.miuiinrO'. #361; B. Lallev ti> C. Jn?t, part 7 ard M,square 73r ; A. G. Mills to W. II. tiais<'f,*ub. 2t,aquare 873. #974; J. A. Fraser, et al , to J. K. McPevttt, lot-.lC, ^juare 412, ?290; C. V. Smith to A C. R'chHrds. et al . ?nb. 21 ar ! 2"-', Miliar 944, # 1,05c T.M Klll"t to P. V. B:irr. I'?t *?, ?iiiiart- ; Bridget Flanagan t? t.'atharin" McL. Rainey and Ann?MoL. Welch, meat liall 6, tujuare 84. . _ ? _ April 2.'. ?<J. 8. Cox to-D. S. Foster, part U ami 25, >nnarf 271 #1^1; O.B. Tatch to Jaue L. An d<-rsrin,?nb 14. ?nu; re 570. 42.T01'; M. J. Fitz? r.'M to It. U I.aijcley and"P. B. Wt'lch, part hi, annate M8. 513*i; X. l< Prhmklt to F. C. Harfman. parf 14. Muare S21. Al.HW; U K.Kenn^lv to H. ts Iihoi f-r, j?rtn 12 aud 13. iH|Mare 4U7, H. Doiiflaw to t\ . 8. Thoniwon. p*r?^ 6, (wjnare 223, #U,oOO; J. F.Hann?to W. II. Philip, twu-t 5, agnare 3K2, S7,nti<); C. Cox et al to W.B. Bsown, part 13,e<|uare 5/4, ? O. to A. PitHich, part 3. a?iuar?' 4"7. J. M McNa?r to Oeor?e Turner, acb.'lo, ?? 4H?r 3n?.. #4J<W: Anna R. McLan^Uiin. trn?tee, et al, to G. >1. Barker. ?ut. 22, ?4i.xie *50, S-'i-ttio. April 26.?W. N ltoacli, truaUx , to W II 8.iaire?, A and B. Sijnare 2b0, $ ; J. K MrP- vit to Jetti J. I rrnK^t, lot h', square 412, 8300, Poaipey T'-tniey to A T<-nt?ey, in tru?t. part 4, ?<iuare 7.J, #?f?; J???>ph Hill to E V Mnrp'iy, 12 and part II, Kjiiare 86$. #4JU0; W. B tl^nlronto Mary B !!?<? Arthur, s lb. A, ?Muarr 2au, #3.9fi3:,T. B. Waeaamm to JontM> ?nd Anlit. rd, trustees, sob A and part 15, r inureSel, $650. F. Stutz to A. au.l 1 A. Richarila, ? nb.lS fx uar. HH, Kl.liW, J M. Young to same, part 11, aiuare 702, ?.W; C parby to P Pollard, in triint. per-8. i?|tiare 27<, #1,W*; June* Gannon to M Meii<*inongh, perl 19. aouwe 70, fiTS; Jonaaand A?hfoid, tmateea, to J . J . and S K.Edaon, aub. A aotl part it, square fc^l, #7oil. C. Thoiuaa to G. H. Klliot, t-ul.H. 120 end 121, square 18V, .?4 osj; J. T Pike to 8?rah K Benedict, , ?*iiiare 724, $7,50". (Jiren and Woodward, truste? s, to W. A Jrriy,lot 63. ennare 44- , ?1.2.W April 28 -L V. Clerk et al. to Jam?> Mtrtin ami R O Polkiuhorn. . aiinm St. ?4 5tt); W II Toild to W. 8? rivener, aub 16. aiuare 3*a. -ffiisi; T Mtlnt>reto W. Fleming et el., lot* 6 to$,equane S?5, t?r?S2: W Thoma to C C Walker, lart 3, gqnare-32 .?2?0:T.C Cnrti? to W . Broaflstre.>t, lot 14. a.|n?re ?<S8 .?1.000; Phillip* end H >han, trn< t^es.toj Kline, ?nb- 9 toll, ^qtia'e !43. II M Hutchinson to L. G M irini, lot 5, mjuare !:?; $11.62f-iCi W. Her->ld to H Reubenai ker, part ?, s. uare 41!', 59"n. April 29 ?M Kelly te C. Parkiu?on,aub4 37 tc 40, *!uar? ?7.CW); L.G.Marini to D. W. Brown, *e*t b-<lf lot 2, Kitiare 57, 31 JliO, John Grinder t ? W. Pi< ki?on part lot 9. square weat of 69S -5150; I! I!. II * !aidt.?P. A.Jtohtneoii. sub. P. aquarp !A>>, I #6.V*>; Wo.deard atd Morsell, trustee*, to M uj A. Kiune) .sub. 12. square 99, #1^*30; B. B. Wliit et al., triutp??, to J. 8 Norris, sub. 7. square 4ts. ,?4.'>i5. J( Hr<ok~ to C \. B- a* ens. sub #,Hqnare 336. *1 fiM; \ B. K' lly to C. T. Bo? 11, ?nb. 23. a<iuare !>.%, .?Cf*'. C W. White to Jxrne* Trimmer, part lot 2, square 795, ie.T<*.; C. K Fuiritt to Bohert Campbell, sub 2s wi'nare 7kj, S 1J5; J . E. Kendall to Ann M Cop"le?d, part lot 7, wiuare li>3. #2.2'JO; llar> JulisBarrett t<> P Biennan. sub. 97, - nitre 3 s S2.HJC; lluph Plgney to T. Pink r, 11 >rth half lot 26. =qu ir> 231. .fl ,<???. April "SO.?.1. H 8annders t" O M Barbo-, s ib 23, sqnare 4SA, ?2v0J)2; Moses K^lly t > L. C'unpel, sub. 2'), s,| tare 912, 6'"A"' 8n-an Stetvart t.Ciro line Grai'trer, ,ign*reS9i |iA<U; F S Ltms -i to A. C. Bradley, Mil' 12, squ ire 24U. J. M. LattB t- Mary Ann Bills,nib iJ,?.j.iarf (45, A. F. McPonald et al. to B' njarn.n N-ft'. p rt 12. ~qnere s*7, ???<!. Jones and A*>hford,tnistves, to W. A. Waugli.snb, SR.squere 2M,? . GKoBOFTOWN T?A\?FSr. . Mark V >nif to J F. 8crh euer. part 25, P- 'er Beattr. P?a?kiris, and Thelk- Id's adC lioii, ???1UU; Pa\id ?.;?* tu L. I'aitwn^ht. par: 04. ad s, ; I?. Cartwriaht to W. A. Gordon, >1.. in trust, ?1".. ; A. K Taylor,*! r, to C C. l'trlur, p:\ii 1, P, B. P, etal T, %25 UuO; J. L. Kidwell to F. W. Jones it:d .1 T. Mitchell, part 3, Houlty aud Haw kins 1st and High streets), 88O"0. Cor?STT TH?\>FSH?. L. II. Stevens to <?. Bijfelow, lot I. block 17, M ridinn Hill. Sarah Keating et al. to ? t 11 > > er. lot? :tS to ;i?. and 66 to87. Prusp<-ct Hill, $1,411; E. C. Ould and Abigail P. Shoemaker to Hannah I*. Ja. ksonet al., lot 3, part of Peters' mill Heat, ? ; B. < \ Ould et al. to A. P. Shoemaker, lot 1, d<>.,* ; A. P Shoeniak r toB.C.Onld. lot 2, do., if ; Ponieroy aud Howard to J H.Cook, an intereat 111 Barry farm, as trustee in place i f J. R. Elvans, d rseenl; L. B Stevens t<? Bebe?<-e E. Pullbro k. IM 12. bl ? k IS. Merldlae HUI, $'?u; Beb*<'Ce E Pinl brook to T. N. Gill,same, $5U>. John Peyue to A. l.i^gners, lot on Marlboro' road, # ; W. B. M> Kelden to T. J. Phillips, west half lot 25, Br ian's 2d sub. Pleasant Plains, Ac., ?><3u; Phillips to T M. Bxley. do., ?;?W; 1>. M. Kclser to K W Jones, part Vounssboro', ueer Kendall Gre<tb, 25 iicr.s, 9II Uju, and part seme. 33 acres, #12^VJ. WhulSlMNild beDeae witk theNlenvli. ter Heases in Beskingten wu?l Ueorfrtee u? AmoDK the many measures inaneurat<>d by the present energetic and beneHelal regim '.ooktns to the improved health and comfort ol the citTaens of Washington, ae well as the em bellishment of the city, no decided action h.v been taken, aa far as the writer hw Informa tion. with regard to the permanent disposal and location of the slaughter bouses, which are scattered about in various parts of tin* city, principally in the vicinity of Hock creek and Boundary street. In some instances the slaugh ter houses disfigure a neighborhood ami infect the air in localities that otherwise would invite improvement by their beanty and salubrity. Prompt action should be had for both sanitary and economical reasons tor their removal be yond the city limits. But where should they be allowed to go? Their existence at a conve nient distance from the city and at a point ac cessible to droves of cattle is a necessity. Should tbev by authority of the District government, or liv common consent, remove to som>- point dlrectl* north ol" the city, the blood and other peculeht and excremental matter, and the gases resulting from the decomposition of animtl tis sues, would seep and eo>e over and through the soil and down the slope into and through the city. They would also still be in the line of and an obstacle to Improvements of the best class, which, as at present impelled, seem to move and flourish in a northerly direction. The interests ot most of the suburban resi dents, of health and influence, would op pose such a location of the slaughter houses. The hill sides west ol Georgetown are objec tionable on account of their too great distance from the chief centers of distribution, whether public markets or green zroves, and th?- other side ot the Eastern branch pre. ents the same, and the further disqualification that is too far from the cUhmchmfnt of the western roads by which cattle chiefly reach this market. There remains the southern bank or the Po tomac river, whieh is recommenced by every advantage of position, and negatively by ail the arguments that operate against the other named localities. If the District authorities had jurisdiction on the south side of the river, legislation would be advisable to unite all the slaughtering i>asiness, tm is done by the muni ? authority of several Hnropean cities, and to tte the Abattoirs, as these public slaughter ing establishments are called, at some suitable point for this purpose on this (the southern; side of the river. Here should be fo.ind the cattle-yards, depots for grain and forage, ac commodation for drovers and buN-hers?In short, all the facilities for * cattle exchange, on a scale coo mensurate with the present popula tion of Washingtnr and Georgetown, ami with a capacity for indeiiuite enlargement, so as to keep pace with ita rc qulrements in the future. But asthe District authorities have not the necessary jurisdiction aud can only ao act as to drive the slaughter houses out of the city limits and wf those localities in the county of Wash ington where their presence is obJ?*ctionable would it not be wise for the butchers them selves to form an association with a view to a permanent ami advantageous location for their business. All considerations point to the Vir gtnla shore as presenting all the conditions which are a* once desirable and attainable in the location or snch an establishment as the proposed Abattoir. The lands are cheap ami (he\axse light. In a few yean, when the high prices on Eae Washington and Maryland side shall have forced the surplus potation of a rabidly increasing city ovsr to Me Virginia side, snoh aa arrangement will net he as feasi ble or economical as It new la Mow is the time for the initiation ef the enterprise suggested; tbe realization of which by a worthy aMf thriv ing elas of ear ottisens would mark another step In our rapid progress towards tbe culmi nating paint of the cfrie ambition of all our people; whieh ie and should he to make Wash ington the mod at a city of the United Statoa. Ki Avajrr. Federal Citt Divibio* , No. 7 .Sons of Tem perance, was InoUtatod last night by F. M. Bradley, at the Chriattaa church, on Yerasont avenue, between N. and O stieeta northwest. This di\ ision starts ont under very fhvorahle ansfices with twenty-three charter members, among whom are a large number of converts to the came. The following officers were elected and Installed;?Joseph C. Hock. W. P.; Mr. Shepherd, F. A. M. DarraO, A. 8.: Wm. Vsn A'leet,Tm P. D. Foster, F. J.L. H. Wlntlfld, O.; B. V. Darrall, A. C.; WUllain U. Chaw. J. S.; W. H. Van Vlect, O. S-; Eer. G. G. lUkrr, chaplain. a ' 1 Bw atx-fox cmm have been reported In the following places to-day, one at each: 811 fl street K>nthwwfc M0 K street, do., and ?f Maiket and water stepeta, Georgeton ^zsssssr ^ ^ Trickier* "Trlcl ?IK?"-viAK 9rr*R"TITIO? WHICH LEAD TO A _ POST-MORTEM EXAMINATION. Seyeral weeks ago, a healthy lookmg colored n?n,<who resides with hia family in the north ern section of the city, was seised with ill nee* and took to his bed. A physician (a regular practitioner) wm called in, awl he found that the case wat an obetinate one and tl?e patient gradually became worv* under his hands. Same ot the nick man's friend* insisted that it was the duty of tbe wife, inasmuch as the husband ww gradually crowing worse, to secure the services of a "trick doctor" or conjurer, who could ascertain just what was the matter with him aud remove the ?-spell" if any bad been pat on htm. Ww wife, howevet, had no faith in trick doctors and conjurers, and refused to send for anv such person; but the aged mother of the patient was a believer in the efficacy of conjura tion, and by her consent a "trick doctor" w is brought to the house. On his arrival he made inquiries about the family, and ascertaining that the wife of the sick man had had another beau before she was married, he immediately gave his opinion that THE Dl&a? POINTED BEAT HAD "TRICKED'' TEI HCSBAKD for cutting him out. lie ruxtbersai<l that there were two around puppies (whatever they are) in the paueiit's stomach. To determine to a certainty whether there was ne puppy, one puppy, or two puppies in his stomach, the con jurer procured two small china dolls, and turn

ing down the bed-clothes be set them on the sick man's stomach, with their faces toward his, and ordered quiet In the room, saying that if they botli fell off these were no puppies in the euferes, iuid he would haie to make another sperinient; that if one fell oft' and the other re mained on turn, there was one ground pup >y In him, and if In falling they bumped their china heads together, then there were tiro ground puppies in him, sure. The frieuds around the bedside kept very quiet, and watched the mo tions ot the chitia dolls with great Interest as they rose and fell with the movements of the sick man's ches!, and when in a few moment* the dolls made a pitch forward, bumping their china heads together, there was a heavy sigh from the bystanders, with exclamations of "i.ock Jar, now! ' ? A 'SPERTMEXT WHICH FAILED. The trick doctor having by this ?? speriment" satisfied nearly all present that there were nun pies in tfcemnn, thon tried the further " s:\eri ment" of making a bargain with the wife' for pay; but in this he ,vas unsuccessful, she de clining to pawn her husband'* watch for this purpose, or to sell the furniture, and the '-doc tor retired without a Ice. During the follow ing night the patient d.ed, and the believers in the trick doctor having set afloat some reports calculated to injure tl.e reputation of the wife, she determined to pro-, e that there were neither puppies nor p <ison about. Accordingly she re quested the regular physician who had attended her husband to make a post mortem examina tion, and accordingly one was made. The cause ot death was found to be a tumor on the liv^r. The Flub Market*. ALEXANDRIA.?Quotations of new flsli for this day, furnished to The St.\r by George W. Harrison & Co.. wholesale dealers in fish, Xos. t"h 8v' i* "I1 Carves, Alexandria: ? i' !Sr 5?1"red? - ,15? to Herring, per thousand.*. ..o to |*,.50; white perch, per bunch, bunc^lltoV0' i>UUCh' ^ to a'' 0ftk,'I' r Washirotok.?To-day. at the Washington fish wharves, the following sales to shippers wcr^ n!a<lc by R. A. Golden A Bro.. agents* 10.090 shad. from $10 to?I2; OO.OC., herrings' <*> 1,ercL,15t0-1; -00 b?ncl Washington Narkela - rhe Rulinie U T, , Price# To-day. hf.4T.--b if (porter house,) xWCr. ?*? js ? a , sri'i'1? (round > av do. (ros^tiiiir p; -co ? " ?!Li\ J" rn?1,) ItHglSXe.; pork, }>. .? ,< -4 - I*li'l' li^'- ' W- .i' I i" ' ?n.'.V I'^WBc.; hami (wliolt,;, n i|7, ?iir^l ' 1<PVW.Y ahoujd'r I Wh<d-),We., 1? ' fit I Vi" i1 i TS"*\1',^ ;ci*j-12 ?<?..;i?*ft.i aeM??'&liV.c. Market fjr very ?aLl!n~?'%C* ?,iMnc,!ip"lrf'' **"' V '?luch; sainwtu ?h f ff?., fIt Ar <>mok^l.i >"?>, *nr|,; ht-mntf. (do. roe.) fiOr. * 1 /en- do Tmelf i ? cents- halibut, a, cenu / tD , irU ^\ ?vi I *^, '4, ""U'P' I.' turtle, Mc.@?< ??ac!i Merit' V'??, Vr151:4>*? f to ; ?-n: **? x' 10., Sll ?t? | . _. rj r>. r - jiHrrin / !' frd't^i-nmrk'! v ?... T. j-'i, },,/h s.f ' f nil k.rH- Kn%ht I a . ? . .'ncWr t/ ?iav mi isc. each. n.acKerei to \ fcOKTABLKS.?P'tntof-s, Iii?b, |()c. ? ?,.rk ? rV "n'.rf'^L ""y-- f"\ r i'liiich; beaus.iuc. r * he^tl^s. V ekbUBCh: let,UCe' S'?U' ? Far ITS .?Apples, (e?tinS.| r-r n..ri- ? < raiiijfrrK'?, oniirt; orani;*^, 20(aj*rir li ?K5i'?a?4,-k--''" r DfJiKp I* BUJTS.?A pplt'fj. 5c. V <lUftrt ? DPjarhAti fcSSWtijit' ?? &? kre?, kjc. doceo. Cfi' t>e. ?A>(a?bi- ? th POII.T1 v.?Chicken*, JSI lX?i/.$1.8,i k> pair ?->rin? rliickens. | J}t(a7 ** \ do/.enTdurks,* { # '?'V** turkeys, Jlfeff.'l.JSo each; 25'4J0c. 9. 4. _ . ? WHOLESALE MARKET. 1 1 Jtr ni-irtiz-t, as fnrnlah*d by JS2!r,,eft , UDntn8l,,ri- general commi-wion in - chants, 917 Louisiana av<>nu?, between ?th hh.i in.h streets northwest:?Flour?Super 86 ?Ittofc/ . v!, . $ejMk/i$9; fnniih , f 9^fU> 50; cut extra ii'Tkir ?-? llJU*2 b rVO" 43*5J; wheal, ' ;*2S<a??7S; mix*), *l(a. nfui , ?. V '"ii" *"***> dried frn't iL? i i.. ?.P<i_lK-ach?i?. lftfa 18; unified do , f' tTi i indried cherries, l.'fem eran .??.-? lambs, *2?; calves.5^8; pheasfili* *r Z'ZZ) ?i5> cta i:LNt^ hC,Vd* : % docks. * docen,Iks 0-96; butter, Jl?i40; eKg?, ]?c. ,e nri^1"..3^ ViM "f S,yiw?d ",r?? have been sol i; Mlirtfiift.11 #t * barrel. SOU bushels 77 n, r,(WA?H'N01T0"' D- V; May 2d, 1673. T" the Editor of The Star: Sir:_The friends of the late Hon. lam s tlm??r hV1 fon.8eB"n* to * post mortem exaiuina tk>n of hi* body, ha to done % great nervice to humanity. Hus caae was one of those not un uTiUISfw?1 by physicians, which battle.-. in diagnosis, and defeats all attempts at successful treatment. The s rvi.-e done is this: The skillfal and observing m -dical gentlemen connected with the treatment of thic Xe be< n enabled to connect tbe symp toms with their cause, which mav result in ren si* dia?DO?^ of other similar case s pos The object of this communication Is ?? call public attention to this case as illustrative of the importance of iHMt-mortera examinations. In 'ure terminating faUlly, let the lriends and relatives of the deceesed tii maml U1>?" * Postmortem examination I here is no sreater desideratum of the scientific physician where be has failed. There is noth ing the ignoramus aud <iuack more caretullv avoids under similar circumstances. Meimous. Order* of the Bo.*ri? ok Public Work*. 7o. ?I,^r'.nt^If<lent ?.f streets ka? been directe.1 to repair the footwalk, curb and gutter on E street, between Itith and 17th streets southeast! 1 he so peri nb udent of sewers has been directs! to put in a sewer-trap at the corner of 17th and E streets southeast. Messrs. O'Hare & Co have been directed to lower the man-holes to the grade on on L street north, and set a sewer trap on tiie southwest corner of L and 18th streets. The contractor for improving L street ?frllwn d,rect?dI to wild streetfrom 10th street to Connecticut avenue. Wm. Hassev h^hiTt0ri. f?r?AniPrOTln* avenue, ha? been directed to put alley "D 99 ir-twcni ** ?th streets .{id Maini a.Jd Ma^d avenuesiu complete order at once. nr?I ? the health officer of the l>oard of Jeen appointed bjr Governor J JJ* *nd Import on tbe sanitary "ysteins of Europe, and being about to start emnte^J^rth^^^^',IWpector8 sM other 2SS?In boar,1iii-t tLe h?""1 rooms, on F street, this *^*rPoon. The employe, s presented fcu T * wles of resolutions testifying to the^ J^T ??-hU courtesy and kind nes/to Kf"111*the d??<re and hope that rc?r VprepCTORS, suecessful and pro ductive of benefit to the community. Dr. Verdi 25y!^S| *PP?P^*^e terns, aud in conclu sion bid each one good bye, expressing the hone ? meeting them again in a few inontL l* dZSlr*??ZHr**" J"abyla*d Railroad-A to th* lTniou JwT>JCo?P??y. New York, was filed at the ? o??e, on the Kth ultimo, for record. It Ir?fh!i2,-!ST?J!I?Jh^.bOBdB 97 0x6 company, anthorlaed to be issued far the purpose of com 0,8 w'd *oad. The deed of trust la two millions two hundred thousand dollars?the bonds being to r ** oenomrnatton of 81,000, bearine ?M December, at tbe office of the Union trust New Tsrk, and tthVtnw^ the said railroad, in Europe. The prtnrtnal of ??r?. Jy.' !**? withowt MveUon for ,1*? dfSd*f WM itn** on the . ?*?t 1W2, lai the delay In Its nswi - . ^ -T_ OMTVUf^l 1 1?8, Md the delay in Its i here hae been entirely remedied by the 1 **?* <* ?e circuit eonrt. It is signed by w,:a.??gss,?rts& Georgian, id. ^ T ?mn 'Boston school gtrls play fieat-ball. "A Minnesota church has four Indhka i*? '?TA chlW at Decatar,ll],was lately mangled bj a pet coon. * . *?"4 K)an in Xe? York calU himself an >-im tcatlnal taxidermist." He stufis ntcs iges. propiMes and woman (fre-jwrntiy) m ^ roanty, THE rorRTK. rorRT !K ckneral term.-v. <t.ri?t , u. the C^nrf lr? General T"rm, the decisioi of the < onr? below <u the ra?<* of T>"nt et al. agt. Blake and Kelly, Mffitw. itbonisslng the loll, was affirmed. Wallace a*t Van eJ. To-day. m r*. Bounty CMi i* of *rtuiiral Farm rut et oixt'T of rtfer-iice to anditur to report on set. B osrd of Pnhlif Work*, and Bi-ar.l of Public Works agt Dnines?, motion ?. ? ?ffl'Tnai.ce of ;n ljrmml oTerml-1 Hire* i\*t. Hlcke*. awl Hnrmon agt. Joktirtoi; acoti-n to lis mt-s withdrawn. PROBATK COrBT. Jviwt fffea.-BssMes the will of the late Rerre-entative J aires Brtx>k?tB-> tioetl ?laewli?Te in TW* l?TAR>, the f<*lowimr wills were fl lad and proven In the cnart yert? Hay The will of the l;ile J amen 0. Ken??d>. lie beneath* to hi* wife. Jnlia R. Ker.ned> 7MM00; t" hia father, Janir* Jvonn?-?1y, 4'? .t>*, to his mother, L'lci'nla Kennedy, fl.?00: to his brother Kira T . to h*a brother Lawrence O., fViui, to hi* brother Harvey. |7M); to hi* *i?ter. Mrs. Lwicilt Stewart, a.tAV; to hi* brother Martin, *5A?>; to hi* broth-t William S . *?.??*> to hi? aant Abicaii K-nned*. and the r>wt of hiae^?t? in traimfor liia wife, to goa^her death to his father and brothsr*, share and share alike. The will of Gottlieb H Ranh Re he^r^athr- all hi* e*tate4o hi* wife, Christina 8 Ranh. and la ru> she dies without dl*po*Hl of the property bjr deed, one tn*rt?. thereof to lii* sister, Frsiierik*. in PriiMiin.our vjuart> r to the children of ins brother, late of ForUmi-nth, Vs.; one-Quarter to Catherine. tb*moth<r of hi* wife, in Prn?*la. and on* <inart-r t? the children of Frederick aud Mary t*pei?er. Be appoint* hi* wife ezecntril. The wills of Ouarlotte Foster. bequeathing her o-tate toiler daughter, Lucretia B. Bell, and Tulia K Bailey, 1-euueaihirg everything to h- r chiidieu, were also filed mid fully proven. The will of the late Commodore J. H Attliek lias also been filed. He directs thai hi* prep-i-ty at the corner of 18th ami 1 streets, be sold, and proceeds div ided, one-third to bis son, J. Wiley Ailirk; one third to tisgraud*OB, K. O. A'llick. and <?e third to Ian two errand daughters. and also provides for th?> distribution of hi* personal e?tate. To-dsy letter* of administration, with the w II annexed, on the estate of IMo* ?'arp?Tter were i*sued to Clias. Walter; bond, J"ht II Brook* va* appointed guardian of the orphan of the late Wm (Made; bend, > 12.i??l. POLICE COrRT. JhJ** 8mrU -To-day. War? Carter, coif red. chawed with obtain ng a pvi of shoes from Patrick Maloae) by false pr?-ten<.?*,~ent to the grand jury. Anna Simpson, charged aith obtamiug a quautiiy of meat and ? Ci> by f ?!??? pre tejirrtt; grand jury. Jane, asstalt akq battery on June L<-ster; 4'- *"d ro*u. tJ?M>rce W. Scheiile. who-wa* charged with etsHlinff one hitti d r?d books from the CvntrreMional library, valii'd at ftluO, pleaded notgniil; aud waiv.^l an examioA tion. Mr. ( I. 88 asked that the Im>iiJk beti\><l at S-.UOfor sypeaumce at the Criminal Court,*" or- , oer<>d. L'wi* DodMon, a colored li 'j-,ch.irf?i villi ?teal'ng *even n.mnds of p^rh ,Cc mim*t?-.l to the re foiro-M-ho<d. Robert Joni-s, a*? mil and battery on Jitrob Huntiicutt; srid costs. John Urav. pro fanily in Louine alley; S'3 Ann i Hx-lell. ?ane of fence in tin bouse of Arthnr PHuu. on 4 ? street. Anna *.lid she fonnd her hn-band in Flynns hni?e play trig card* and drtnkirtr whiskey. andtrin<l t-? f:et him a*ay. and Flj nn had char|-d h.-r with i>rr> aiiity; (?."?. Tobias Johnson raae rhar^e; * i. Bamnel Openh> imer. carry ine a pistol; J.din Le.Mer, kAid and boisuron* talking at Biieywbai f; $ 5. l.ast night officer JTahonejr, of the ?th precinct, arrestsd a colored waiter in on? <n <>tir hotel", charged with larceny of .a pair of -leeve bnttona. a lad) > nieht ilress, and utlier article <t-d-n from Vlrgiiia Mitrhel and Joshua Lee, fell ?? workmen ?it llie same hotel. He w?? bi- ught bW. re Jmlv* Sneil this morning and rominitted t . jail sixty l?> - Tho. Hurst, nsf ;iult and lHtt> rv un Emu> ? Han-t, wife. Mr*. Hurst appeari-d in conrt w ith hei face and hea?l terribly braUed and loofcine <|Uite feeble. She testified that hei hu-band c hi*' tvm drunk. and oil bey accusing him of it he fell to beat ing her wi' h his fi-t nntil ln?l and th?n ? nuifht up a sio\ e-llfter, which he nsed,i,ud afterward" arhair, with which he beat her on < vuy fart of ht i b dv, msk tug black and bine spot* al' omt h?r. 8h" wan iifrnid ne would kill her, an i aHc<-d protection fr on theronrt. The jndire sentenced him to *ix m-iiili ill jail and bonus tt> kfcbp tilt p-a. e Anapp-ti! wa* taken, and .ftfllM boti Ik was fcvwl to pros-cut the appeal. ? IMrOETANT BANKKI PTCV l)j> ISIOX T' rt of IHttri' t Bankruptcy Ci ?r't Nathan and Leopold l lrich, juerchantf in .he Wutli ern distriot of New York, were adjudicated bankntpte in this distiict, and an assignee in bankruptrv apfointed to collect their a*..-. for the benefit of the creditorK of the b-nltriij.t s estate. Among these crcditois were H. K Clatiin & Co.. and Steiner ? Co., firu:* ?lo!n ; bnsiness in this district. A large part of the as.-ets of the bankrupts was In the atate ol Illi note. being heUI. aHegtsl, by moan* <it a fraudulent assignment of the bankrupts, by a person named Ka"flnaann. CLiflin A: ?'o. and Steiiicr ,V ?Jo. instituted suits against the property in Illinois to recover the amount ot their claims against the bankrupt e-tate, and wcreinjoined by the bankruptcy court of thi< district from proceeding :iny tnrlhor in such ?nits, on the groofd thii* Ii-i-iktnpt.'y c.cirt of this district had exclu-, w jui ?diction to col lect and disburse all the assets of the b.ank rnpt's estate for the benefit of all the erodi'ot* ot the bankrupt's estate, wherever surli a?-.-f luigbtbf found in the United States. A in ition made to vacate this injunction, which motion Judge Blatchford to-dav denied, on the ground assumed bv him in issuing the injunc tion order A. V. I'ott. Covfeckation <>p Hishop CoKKiuAy- Arch bishop Failev, of Baltimore, has gone to New ark . N. J., lo participate in the ceremonies of consecrating his successor in that see, Uev. M. A. Corrigan. who was appointed a bishop in March last, at the same time with Bishop Oross, of Savannah. The consecration will take place in St. Patrick's Cathedral, Newark, tomorrow The conoocrator, it is stated by the New York newspapers, will be the Most Key. Archbishop McCloskey. of New York, who will be assi-ted by the Hight Kev. Bishop Louglilin.of Brook lyn, and the Light Iter. Bishop McCloskey ,0| Ixiuisville. The sermon will l?e prea hed by the Right Rev. Bishop Mc'^tiaid, of Rochester. SfRRENDEK OP A ST A'iK- KoRP.Ei; f AN!* Mi bdrrkr?At HamilLjn, Nevada, last Wed nesday night a German named George Smith, who discovered himself under surveillance, sur rendered to the police and confessed be was a member of the trio who robbed the H im Iton and Piocbe stage, and murdered the driver on Sunday night. The robbers only obtained *::? from the express. After dividing it they "re turned to Hamilton, and were spectators at the coroner's inquest. The two robbers were still at large on Thursday, but it was exp cted that they would be captured and hanged bv vigi lantes. Kbiphtfcl Uailkoap Accidbxt i* Cana da?Yesterday afternoon at 5JO o clock, as the Portland express on the Grand Trunk railroad was passing the twenty-seventh mile post near Sioxanter, Canada, the three last cars, a Pull man an4 two others, left the track from the spreading of the rails, broke the coupling, and rolled down an embankment thirty feet high. Thirty-two persons, more or less injured, were taken to Montreal by the forward part of the train. The others were left at St. Hvachmthe and Belviel. Several were frightfully hurt. Most of the passengers were A mericansi (VK*llt.-The commander of the British gunboat Plover, at Havana, demanded the removal of O'Kelley to Havana for trial, an immediate change from his present unhealthy place of confinement, and other measurt s for the mitigation of his imprisonment. The im pression at Havana is that the interference of the British commander will onlv complicate measures without benefiting O'Kelly. Suicide or a Uxion 8olduir.?Colonel W. O. Cameron, who commanded the 9th I'nited States artillery daring the war, shot him*e|t last evening at his residence, No. 6 West liith street, New Yerk. Cameron was until lately in ,1. ~ A ? .... ?,.u iuiwicu ma neaiui. and since his removal from the custom-house he has been greatly depressed in mind. AM a* Buainkd by his Brothkb- in-law flHk'.Udel] li.a yesterday alU rnoon Jam ? ?|tbell, residing on Path street, above Race. ? a quarrel with his wit'e. when Samuel . Krtbolomew, bis brother-in-law, struck him on the head with an axe. fracturing his skull and otherwise seriously injuring him. He will die. Bartholomew was airested. Rai.k or a Baii roap The Richmond and York River L ail road was sold at anction vester day to foreclose certain mortgages. Thomas Clyde, Philadelphia, and It. 8. Burrows, ot Albion, K. Y., became the purchasers at SW.OOOof which $1.V>,0?0 will be paid in cash. The road will be hereafter known as the Rich mond and Chespeake Railroad. At thk Chickasaw racks at Memphis yes terday, the first race?mile and quarter heats was won by Cad wallader's Florinne, (formerly Florence:) time, 2.30ig, 2.2L The second race mile heats, best three in five?was won bv Snartrrmaster; time, lil^, 1.40, 1.81 if. The ird and last raee?three miles and repeat was won by Frank Hampton; time,?.la aud 3.35. KFSomebody in the Indianapolis Journal is asking "the wild meadow-lark" to ?'Sing a love song to-day, ? red-hot roundelay." This seems to us a little like forcing i of the 19th century i* rapidly at 8TlU.C8\ mn^'bSmW ifefl' smUl 8*oT? bnJl J^LTStir f r., rt"': ? GEORGETOWN. Dorr.LE barrel Mektino er Thirb 1>is trk t Rki'i micAKf?The third district re tubhcan club met at Market ball last fvm n*? i. L. Clements. nt. in the chair. a<-d C P. Houghton (ecK>vjf-for the purpose ot electing three dele^atet and two alternates to the general committee t<? the ensuing yew. Tfm. H. Barker moved that *>? club proce.-d to reorganize, which motion the chair rated out or order. Wm. H. Barker. Logai* William* and S?m'i R. Collins insisted upon pn>c?vLmg m re organise ihe club by electing new offio?r8 jhe secretary read the proceedings of the o?bon the 24th of July, 1872, when the present otr. ?r* were elected lor the yew ending from that tim? Har C. Afldtsrn moved that tne meeting pro ceed to elect delegates to the general commit tee under the regular call. The question was put by the chairman, but the confusion wa.? a so great that no rote could be taken; and after striving ineffectually until 10 p. m. to procure order and go on with the business, on motion of Mr. Addison, the meeting adjourned, and tbe members who ot>j o?*d a reorganization of the club left the hail. HXTTM'i SO. 2. The advocates of a new deal then organised a mass meeting, Logar. Williams acting as tern porary chairman arid Mr. W. R. Wilcox as tem porary secretary. A clnb was then organized by the election of the following officers for the ensning year - Vm. H. Barker, president; Wm. Burdette, rice nr?sident: W. K. Wilcox, secre tary: Mr. McCliesh assistant secretary. The following delegates to the central repnblican committee were then elected:?W. H Barker. Logan William and Ssronel K. Collins, with Mr. Wilcox and Mr. McCliesh as alternates. Ad journed. A Kkscvk?Yesterday, a child, three years old. son ol Mr. Thoma- Brown, residing on Jef ferson street, accidentally fell into tne canal, and was rescued from drowning by a colored man named Noah James, who carried it to its mother. That msTor.icAt "John Qniney Adams" sofa sold at the late sale of desks, rhairs, &e.. at the Canitol, was not purchased bv a seco-id hand deafer, as stated by the ftr/mb', ati. bnt by Mr. Michael T. Kelleher. a grocer, ot this citv. * Imp hoy mrir or Market Sr ace. ?The board of pnblic works h*ve ordered the con struction o?' stone walls across Marker Space at the canal, preparatory to filling the space around the nmrki t house to conform to the new grade of Bridge street. The litxoTAiof tbeold Presbvterinn church by Messrs. J. Young ^Cr Keenan fs progressing. ITiey have tbe south wall removed down to the stone foundation, and will on Monday com mence to remove and relay that for the found t ti?n of tlie new building oil West street. Coal Trade?The eoal trade for the week past has not been as brisk as expected. and the receipts and shipments tor the week show a con SfaUxable falling ofl as compared with la-t week. Tbe New Central received 2.**?7 tons. Kay's I looks, 2.4*00 tons: Consolidation Compa pany, 1 'J00 tons: Borden Mining Com]>anv, 3,000 tsJis. Tlie shipment for the week were*? By the the New Central, 4.4** tons: Consolhi t tion Company, l.JW ton*; Ray's m>ek?, 1.170 tons; Borden Mining Com pan v, 2,*il> tons, making the total receipts for tlie week M,6&7 tons, ami the shipments River News.?The steamer C. H. Stout cleared to-day for Philadelphia with ?l<? M>ls. flour for New York, viacanal. Fish Wharf?The receipts of fish today were i'.".,?io herring, and HiO shad. The herring sold at i?er thousand, and the sh id at #!:>** W per ImnJM. ALEXANDRIA. Cartkm eks.?None ol the journeyman car pet t< rs of (lie cilv have <|Uit work or ?tru< k in const i|uence of the inability of the master car penters to comply with their requt-st tv?r an in crease of 20 j? r cent, on their wajre? aft?-r the 1st inst., though, asth<1? is but little work now here. s mie of those employed talked ol going to Washington. Fon thk Pmticntuet?Sergeant Steuart and |>ol c man Gilbert Simpson, star ed for Richmond this morni-ig in charge ol .lohn Doyle, who was sentenced at the last t-'rm of the Corp"ration Court to three years" con*.ne ment in the pententiary lor robbing the vessel Of Capt. Shirly King. So fab. the herring i>shery has not fullided expectation. Some of the test herring fish eries on the Potomac have had but a small catch and those entraped in the hu*in-*?* begin to fear that the "glut,': as it is called, has passed or wili not come. But we ho|te that th great numbers of tbe tish are yet to com *. Usp Sale?Green /f Wise, Land Agents, have sold foi Francis P. Asliford, MM)., his farm lying near Manassas, in 1'rince William county. contains .".5 acres, with good improvements, to John li. Robinson, ot New .Icrsey, for SI.100. 1;esh.nei> Mr. George Uhler resigned the collectorship of the Alexandria Canal this morning? a josition he has tilled since the re taliation of his brother Mr. A. G- I'hler. C I TY ITEM & New Designs Slate Mantels, ?i> to S250 Hamilton & Pearson, Y. M. C. A. Building, ??t.i and I). 4,j,eo5 Cl T < IPALU, in gold, Colorado Sapphires, in gold, A'aska Diamonds in gold. K;ngs. Pins and Studs, French Gilt and Jets, Jet Garnet Jewelry. received at Prigg's jewelry store", No. 4.77 Penn sylvania avenue, near 4^ street. For Cry*taj., Gilt and Bronze Chandelier* go to Hamilton & Pearson's, Y. M. C. A. Bml?. >ng, L'th and 1? streets. 4->.eo5 Coxtkxtiient and happinefe- reign in all households were Dooley's \ east Powder is use 1. Try it. Your grocer ha* it. Put up full weight. 2,6 Gardes Vases ai*f Fountains. Statu arc. &c., at Hamilton & Pear-on's, Y. M. C. A. Building. Uth and D. 4r>,eo5 It i* ab Established Fact, that Con sumption can be cured; hut is far bettor to prevent the cruel disease Irom fastening itself on tlie system, by the timely use ol aremedv like Or. H'ittar'M finlram tf Wild Ck'rry. This standard preparation will speedily cure a cough or cold, and oven Consumption often yields to its great {tower. ? ? IP A MAK WASiTS A BoTTLK IIP WoiSKY, let him buy it and take it home like a man. and not sneak home with a bottle of "Bitters," or "Cordial," and pretend that it is mediciue. If be wants a tonic that is something better than a temporary stimulant, he should get a bottle of Peruvian ?vrup. (an Iron Tonic,) that will vitalize the blood aud give durable strength to the system. < The Sikger Skwiku Macrike s*le* of 1RT-J were $21i>,U>0. 4,12-s,wtf If I Had Knows it L,ast Year?This was *he language of a poor cripple, who, fourteen months ago. was smashed under an iron beam. He had been allowed to snfler pain and assume a mass of deformity?but he had now recovered the use of one knee by the Centaur Liniment. We hear such language every day. There is no pain this liniment will not assauge, no lame ness it will not alleviate, and no swelling it will not subdue. 4,24.e?9 Tested rt Time?For throat diseases, colds, and coughs. " Hmwn't Bronchial Troches" hare proved their cflicacy by a test of many years. t,th ,s Powd's Kxtract cures rneumatism, burns, piles, ulcers, toothache, sore throat, sprain*, scalds, soreness, old sores, headache, colic, lameness, bruises, boils, wounds, neuralgia, hoarseness, diarrhira, and all hemorrhages, etc. Pond's Extract differ* from all other advertised preparations in the fact that it is a standard medicine, treated of in medical writings, and known to be a core for these diseases. m,th,s,U Shirts hade to Ordrb?Gentlemen fur nishing their own material, can have their Shirts made to order at the shortest notice, at Teen's, 422 9th street northwest. Satisfaction " * The coevtvitt at targe appreciate the ? fulness of Singer's Sewing Machine. 1,5 Tn ll ATI oral Savtvos Bawi, eonsI of Mew Tsrfc avenue and 10th street, paft 6 per qt aonth. ? to 4 and 6 tE?. ?tS,14tlC Doolet's Yeast Powder eannot be oxeoUod J* EMklae light, swest Rolls, Biscuits, Waf BreaA,*e- u ??* *?e^ asar ltoh st. afli 'BAB AMP SAT? TOPB MOMBT." . . who have Bair gwttshss thMhsvsfsM from as can have thsm tesloysf to tMr aataral "*?^ ta snc*rter msaasr. We have aforylarge ? t oT fl CeHsjvsrv loaf ? ' ^ very wwai. Ifew is ths MADAMS BSTBBJCflHalr Paste O to _ ?*hst., rpBl OBLY CKMU1MB MiddiweE P^rt be hsd at aTKb^'ApI1! nSTiS j W, kftiAWtliL, ? ? e rwwn5ra? Georgetown Advert iMm&nU.' DY THoMAS DO* LINO. AwrUoyar, "" ? l I J* xrrK, A??r(>?(Nrn. public mii or utr^ii t*r*?>vrr? LEAL BSTATE SIT! kTE ??N PI KK \ '1T?IN STRABT. BE1W CEX (.NtkS AMl? ??>M GoMERY STREETS, OE<?RiJBTOWB. 0 C , ASP NUMBERED 4*. 4T, 4?, At. 4*. ii. AND ii. ? H?i*l >M*raiiaf<: t? 4i??* of m* pr p~rtr in the Diatt ict, 1 will ofler on IS# pr -t ? ?? a* ?hove rmmherod at public ul*. to tV hwhwi t-dder. on Till R>D4V. ??> l?t. at 4 y ?>..? ??n itlwlii' H umttil L 'U. Tit* l<v?iiiMi >? pl*>?-? t tt4 healthy. the hoiHM iu (?,wl c?o4i'i >ti. wuh mod. rn rnovftww*. tb? rWtH(i and aUWett hare been recently W\*l~4 and nriH. Trnwul W-llilM ' *>k, Ihc teUu<v iw (, V and 1? m >nth?, deferraj aacnrad b? of troat mp-m pre?nw-a. %l?i |hw4 on ? - ?- ? ? w- ? ??? ? ? >liT ^ Sr- Cmhi^Wkiw at tbe <? *? of tb* p tcclMMrr The of -ala to ba complied with m flte d?*?, <<aerw i*. the propert r to 1? rw?4d at cm* <4 4f fanhlnr p??< ha?'r __ JOBS I > \ VI > alidA.k THOMAS D"WLINW. Ao^t. my Tar ahoye sai.b i* pompon kd ?? aoownt of the twin, until TUESDAY, May Mb. Mdir b<>ar ami pi a. < ?3 THOMAS DOW LING kit Y TllOMAS DOWLING. Anctiopeer, US Brtilg. dtrwt Georg't.wn. B _ TRU8TFE * SALE or V AIT ABU MIL!. PB"P KBTY IN UBOBWBT"* S. P ? By ?irtne <>f ad 'tl f trMl.ltlrf?> rled n HI Lilf N . C. T. Bo S?, folio M7. t<-.,of tb? .?? T ~rm>rdii -f tb" Dial net of G 'I'm b a. aod ai ti a request of Ibr fert>N pecutvd . tb> and- i *tcn<d, a* trwlf, will off.-r far aale at pnh'h aur. tlon. to tl:> hiirtieat hdit'T ? A SB p'clock r m ,<n THIBsPAY, Hay 1 i<*.v t\ th?- |r??l?-?,*ll tha real sat ale mentionaii<1 J?. rit?'?d tad fr?v-i??4 ia ?aid deed of tmat. and tb hmlditifa. impr mai'a?, ngbt?, aajt. aitd apj'nrtn.r.c?- to t n- >ani> b--i ? luff, being a portion ol gruuud attualad a' tb<- Mortk r*?t r? r?er of the intw ctlou *1 B'at r ati-l jna<- atl*-ta, tn Gw|i4(i??. In acid l?i?t:i. t. i which a part front* ?? f??%? on Wasrt ?trrer ai l ?<\ ir|?!? |.a- k nortk of that ? tdth SI fi et. at A an Mi-r part adioiti* Hit- fortiit-r part tb? aurtk. a>?4 fronts So. i It t?>H on Potomac *ti.*t. <-at<^din< I ??-k *a-t < f that width 71 foi't to at. all -) . impt??>-T ?tih thr-a tarfE>-1 lir*?*-?;oCf l>ii? k b i.lditi**. n >w ucci.pml a> a {?art r mill T?"?t???f *?!#: On* third r?-h; ha'wn'* iMifea ? f ? i?al unonut*. paj a' ? r ?? v ti?'- ? an<l two yar* attei data with int<r*at at >ii p. r c- iit. prr ann'ini, int?T?at pajraina a-nn aonaallv, Nfurnl 4? drcd'if trua' upoit tba prauiiw<a anld; *25i to |>aid at th?- tinia .>{ -?ia A'I rwvc) aitcmg a* prtn ha?'-r'a r..?t If th?- tarm- of itlrlati -t r a plf"d ? ith wittiia at* {?? H.ira from tk?- tiiw ?' at< tb? property will Im- ?.dd at til ? ri?B Mpl c?at ot tlia di laiilt .n? pupch" AI> KlloKMAKBR. Trnat"#. iu3 l.'.th ta THOS l?o?'l 1N0, Awrt'r. |^Y THOMAB !><JW I IVU. Auct'r; Owr*Hj^T BOJ'KWOOP PIANO. 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S.ttT?,T3V PHENIX, Brookl> n ? 001,31* PH<ENIX, Hartford 1,49*.?4V VIRGINIA FIB! ANP MARINE, Ricbaiood,Va 321,l?t? (Thl? Company baa dona a ain ceaaful and lionora ble buslneaa for forty yoara.l Office 4B1 Kiath atreet raraer D atrret. THE CX3ROORA1NT r IRK IRICRAKCB CvNf A 1 f( or Tits D1STBICT OB COLUMBIA. Ortwurf Apri< l?, tfl Capital orricE Su.iiw Pennsylvania avrbcb. (Ovxb M:nn\> Pkcs btoae i JCHM T. LBN*AN. Pr-id.-nt. A H HERR. Vi. " Prrwidfnt. J. T. D1ER, lwr>t?ri, piBBCioaa Wm.Orwte, H GUy Stewart, Cliu A.Jain-a. Jm. L. Btilxmr, Edward Droop, J -ht> f. Lanman, Mn bael Greet', ,l hnBwil' >. ap4-tf A H H>rr | K 6 U R A N C E . THB EQUITABLE LIFE ASSt RABCB BOCOETT. The bnalneaa of thki Ciwptuy baa for y?tn kmc the iaigeal of any similar luatitntloa In tbe ? <rM. P. HEYER. Gkxkkal A?kmt, 403 *<il> ABA SkvtMTM Stkbkt MEYER * BISHOP, I mraitt Agrait, No SEVENTH STREET. WMIIMtiili, D. V. LONDON ASSURANCE CORPORATION, (Or laiittrd 17to?tbe old-st lneuraace Gout Dullv ill th? vutld.) c*?a Aat-m, Gorp ?.ai3.ttS4.??B CONNECTICUT FIBE IVSI BANcI CV W PANT, or HurmiD, Cui Aaartt. S*?*4 ,??? NATIONAL FIBE INSI BANX B COMPANY, ur Biitroit, Cmi Aaaar* TRADERS' FIRE IN>1 RANCB COMPANY, or Chicago. Cam A?aiT?,(biT'td U 8. t->-. bonds.) NATIONAL riRE AND MARINE INSUBAJIUB COMPANY, PH.Lai>H.rNia, Car B Atiin. |S93,BBO ALSO, AGENTS FOB EQUITABLE LIFE ASSl'BANCB SOCIBTV or Niv You, Caaa Aaarva. det?-a.?f |NBCBE TOUB LIFE la BDDOATIONAIa

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