Newspaper of Evening Star, May 5, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 5, 1873 Page 1
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f 1)1 fti mitto Uti I VSi. 41-N2. 6.2:9. WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY, MAY 5, IH73. TWO CENTS. - - - THE EVENING STAR. P>ktl*kH latlf, Saadayi nieptH, AT TH~K STAR BUILDINGS, Amw, Mr. Ulk ??., m imni ctii hvspipr ch?att, a. u. mj rwi-ijw, TUB IT191NO ST A B te ser?*d *y carrier* to thi." "rtbera a TkV.e^t, f?* WK?;or Bo?TV Vorm Cittp ni 14 *"? coant*f T%??%??*? ?' mall-ttata months, ?1J||; Hi months. B? ?K **?*' ?? THK * KIKLT PTAR-PT:bH*e>?d FrWay-tl m IrMr. yintriillf ii?<lttEe?,li both nm.iml so Mt longer tbm paid for. i of adrertW-jg for*Hh*d on ap?HcwM<ia. PIAXOS. &c. (SUAt BAIWAIMS ?*' - |Ma4 19 PIANOS fRfn Ml *T1 WtiVk h*Tfh~a sMd. Ill 111 r .*w'?d i h:ck-ring P'ane?.. . * ?3 ?? 7 ?* " H ili-t a ? ontston ?? .. g>4 ?. .4 k i.afce A Co 175 " l\ ?* *? Andrew W?in - h4 " 6 44 ?? K r m t B?f 'B ? " (H " " Firth, Mall A P>M 136 '? 7 " ?' H si let ? iV?ro?ton MO F< r Ml? bc n ea?T t?rn? a' the w?r>-r x-tn* "f W. C MKTZKKOTT & CO., Sole Apr'* f> r Stein-dray c?!.bri?ted Piano* m?1 Mm>d .v H -f a2?-6t \Ak h.h. r i*i f. ? f ? -!-?n f. r F. C L'tlite * C--.. tuner f. i St in* ay A S-tis,| ?i>l Mtlnurrf r '-r li Twit'^iircr fPIASos and ORGANS. No. 633 j'lfTAV kl HN. f KAt'TICA L f/A.VO " ki L'chto ?i .1 tati ?w! r??- - - - ? Nf* I- rk ?*?nn?. 0-1'^ !'ft *? K ?rr'? Jewelry S re. 629 p.-utif?T\ .in in avenge; Nairn's Drug >*?.re,ei rner P-nnsT'-an:^ tifsi'1 ami f.h ?trw; K a. ntl?st'.i, "?? 1 7ih ? rr-r "f H. will me-t ?'h pr tnpt attention, aud satisfaction guaran teed. U?-lj WTltFF'S PI ANOg, unsn passed in sweettjcsil of ' ? [.? i?lU ? xc jI< n? ? of finish: I ?nd easy term*. G T WILD t 1IO.J nl*, 420 Hth sir.,t. ii .ir iiiprtk???t' ?? ~ "nsplsanla aveaae. dealer* ia P.anos aud g?_ (eae'Mk. 31i -ieal In^trv,.- ??*. P. lishtag at:l Varnishing T"M*f ?t>d apl7-tr ffffitf ^sithfc.l all-ot 1 "* J i LECAS, 11*' 7th street n. ? a*'i . linMw. f <* - ?? < Lfar * I? %? ? . 7th iod Pt. A< ???2 ?*???????* pmkod and nvo" ""fk WMiilwl, ^ mhJA-lj WCH0MAC&K& A CO.'3 PIANOS. 1 PHILADELPHIA GF.EAT REDUCTION IS PKICK8. rMN l^atnuBenta, wh'rh, on aoronnt of their M Cri .ritj (rtar kll oth-r?, hav* iu a few |r St tLc Bju*C f polar taere, aa w?0 aa a2!BEaHp| r thf ccnctrj, can t? tad aov for Um " I vloc l.'W prit ?? t?0rA EE PI.\N< 3 .JSTB to ?871. CPK1UUT PIANOS fr^ii. $ru?. GRAND PIANOS fri? ?3TB t flj7B. P? rv. u- ? ;,?> ? Uh to MTe from a lJU to #300 in p<_r ctaeiiic the t-?t l.ntrument int. aro ?;>vit. a to cat a : j ;t ? f r ihrBitWm Pi?c.? fi.r rant. Plar.or r\ taaMt, TaalM aid K-pn - v ri pTlj utt Bo. CAKl. I.l< tfTSR, A?ent. diAtr 93> Pi>iitwl'.ir.l? ?T?.no*. \V 11.L1AX kiNAbi ? CO., KuvtiiifiXanin. GRAND, SMC A KK aNPCFMGHT PIABIGB. Tlrt*e inatmn.enta ha,? u before th" tot f :t > 5 ^?r?, and npoo their e*c %1. , -ed An cnpnrckwsd pre?miuet>c^lEaBfl| I iqniUnlK/f tBMfHIlTi t"Li, tusck, vurknwahif and darabilitp. Ttey - ? b<rr a-? ^rd?<* auty -liTe ?..M acd ?i!> tr K?dau a< .1 ffer, u: fairs i.ver "tWr Ali of .atfa ^yl'AF.H FiAXOS have their ut ?iul imirovK *.trua? Sr^l?. *q,1 V. Trail M.CP'A.XOS ?!:d PIANOS nth. i KGANbfiui> -.. ?i , r Ml* acd i^-nt, at i.fcl. II tNiiACH'b. dKU>-Ur PiafK' Warer.4aj * 111*, mtrn^t BANKERS. () 1 IN BltLtOH, Banker, M:* 1> STREET, NEAR SEVENTH. Pay- lN?"f RE."T CN DEPOSITS, muUtea TOlr tlf TI* N>,at.d traua^-.ta ail uu-jui-ga connected ? ith Rnnkiu^. apllv I> A N k I S? II ? t > vl J. M. S?H ILit * i (i? 1446 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, urr>-?iTE w.ixa?r?'? hotel, WASH1N?TV?N, D C. ^ p-' r cei t. iatrrr.?t r-at<l on Htrvntf. Collrctioni n-xdc everrwh<-re. lKr<-e?'' pa>ab> t.u Pay of offi ? r? it the Am y ca>h?l in MvaBO. ?p2 tr I r. BKul>Xt A l>, H r ?> k e r i Ho. S?39 P^n?j? m*e., K<?<>?n A, Waakin^ton. D. 0. tp-r-al atf mtlon given to inTf^tment a?nritiea. lax ilea*i->u t" avcvritirs b-.w offered at ?r r?e which wil' ktuU per ceut. in uuoiuitu an.! of lei.Kthot t suit ir.\ tut.-rv Safe,reliable,protit 5?.'r If* T{ tnpt,ni?k ui? tiiem iu e> ory reapoct PIKftT-'jtASSS'ECCKITIES. l..ter?. t?y p. m '?"H ti to L* w1a Johnaon A Co., J* D. 4".: Moaea Kelly, E^|., Caalner jal Xt tropolitan Bank, tA aahiuxton, D C.; H,,,) J 51. Br??iliPad. Second Controller, Washing tor. f> c.; E twan< Clark, E*i., Architect 0. S C tp ?"'? WaahmgtotK D. C. tn?rl7-3m v| HC BATU'NAL BANK Of THE HEPCBLIU A lUoriK t >{ 7th atid D itrwt*,) OPEK FliGM 10 A. M TO If M. Mf l) CHAS bKAl'Lk Y . Oaah'ar. ['? RKMA^~A >l tKII A* SAVINGS BAN*, II No. S*VB>ITH STKSKT. Orf3:U? Ma Post <+c* LHfarimml Sa^Jk hours; S A. rn to 4 p. m. Sa-urJayg cpet an VI 8 p iu.. to receive des alt* oniv. In: n-r paid on drp-.^ita. Collectioop made ?bS ?*c ta t. fnrclshtd. JOHN W*T*. Pre?kl^nt, A EBEULY. V. Prest, W r MATI1NGLYjB?c ,C. S. P&EKTle?3.C*>b,r 'rHE FREED.VLA.VS SAVINGS AND 1 TKIST (OMPANY. Baoticg Book. N?. 1A0? l'ctiu?>Uat.ia ic^at, o?p<?rte the freaarjrr, PATS SIX PER CENT. INTEREST. Jntcrtst Btg??.t t/k* >iru eJ &a % M"*tk. PA lb POUR PER CENT, on bnaioeM acconata fr<?n date of depuatt. ifivu Ortt^ftfH V Vmpcfl bearing I *-d 4 p?!r cont. Int^reat, ara'Kble anywiwre. HAS BRAN( H OFFICES in ail large town* and ctti -a of ti e S?nth aad Southwr?t. Bitmk \< wr>, 9 a. m. to 4p m. Gpeu Wadneaday aud Satardny night* from Mtol ?>:~ek, ,r> reeeitefepoait'only. Call at tbe Bark Of a-txl far a copy of the Charter and By-la* ? jl* If J AT CUOkC * tO^ BANKKB8, BCT AND SELL FOREIGN EXCHANGE and IS0VB CIBCTLAR LETTERS OF CREDIT for Travelers, ar?iImbU va oap purt 9f t/u world. Ov Draft* on JAY COOKE. McCCLLOCH A 00, LONDON, la nny part of ExJla^c, Ikiu^s aid SrotLaiD. ^w af rkmrtt. may 18 Washington citt savinas bans. Conur Jtk 'Wu tail iMuttM irntu, PATS ? PER CENT. INTEREST ON DEPOSIT. Interest eommenrx* from data of depoatta. Dep>-etta cao be made and drawn at wUl. my*' tf 4. A. RUFF. Traamr?r. BEFORE GOING ELSEWHERE exanine the Diagonal Drea-, Suit f> r S17,j a specialty,) and ool> to t>e bad at A. STRAUS ,1011 Penua. ave., near 11th. *25 ETROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORE. THE LARGEST VARIETY OF GOODS LVKR OFFERED! EVERY ARTICLE A BvRGAIN' NEW AND TASTY t.oaDS: WHAT A DOLLAR WILL BCY! WHAT 40 CKNTS WILL BCY! WHAT ** ? A NTS WILL Bl^T! Amcng the D- liar fvpiliwe ofler: Cbildreb'a Linen bnita. M*re illr? Hat*. Lace IuXanta' Caps, Para a? ia. SW di??ereat Chrotn>si, aeta of Ptafd Table bp>x'i>a, F->rk>. 1? ,lwt ri, Hair Brvsh?> Mirrura. Br*. ket* ai,.l f all k >nd?. Fane of all kinds Lad?e?' Ganae Veata. Ladira' Brat gaality Under (umenta; G'l.t's Gauze Shirts, long and short al-evee; Sa'rhel* ?nd Wallots, Kid Gloyea and Back Gacntlete.Caiiea, D-?k-, Music Ait.aas, Bnckgani ?auii B>ar.'^and the pr-ttieat and I arc eat assort ?>ent of Jt-WFlry eaer offered, black sets Bracelets, lhaieUiitea and Necklaces a ?peciaHy. Hosiery as ueual,3 pairs for fl. In nft) cent f? "i? we offer. Fi:?e and soft L ice Oniiling, set* 1 Linen Collar* and I pairCuFs. ? ue Danmk Towels, Mourning and H*?alitched Mdkfa, Belts. Ok>rea, Shirt Fronts, Silk Searfs, C-ot's Bow-, Baskets. Shawl Strap*. Snspeader*. Lace Scarf* aad B ws. Elites and Sciesora, Combs and Brushes. Perfamery, Jewelry. SpHtoon*, Vase*. Blower Pot*. Ornamental good Oobleta. Toy* of nil kibda. Ac.. Ac. In twenty Sveo-nt articles we btTr: Ladies' Linen Cot?*, Rufling Lr th- net k. Iu) do< Gent's British Rdf Heas, large Hnck Towels, Hemstitched and plain Liaea Hdkfs.S >o?d Bord'd HlkN. Ladies, Bidduu aiat Fine Combs, Lace Scarfs and Bows. 1 do* g ?od Psacils.C Britannia Tea Spoons, Work B ??ket, Lnach Baskets. Bacors, Enive* ana Briaaora. Flowerpot Offis, Bracket*. Towel Batk*. Book JMraps, ftae Lists Thread GIotss for la dvs aad atea. Black Jewelry. Ac., Ac. To gat torn* m***t '? worth, the pUce to viait is SILVBRBBRd'S METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORK. SIS SEVENTH STRSKT. np:i tr naar Per. nay Kan la ate FEAKKLIBACO^fyAj?|r Ho. HUT PTij?tLT**n A??l.l ? Oenntne Bra/il an Pebble I*pertaclea, janlt tr ii'HI paT MR* will reioiee to laara that they I - an be *rt" tad suited la all Imaciaabla styles rt ( a^L^re and Fl?Vl ?BlU "A ABACS'. JBH Peu. ?\e., ne?r lltfe a* AMUSEMENTS. w Nfctt Ut'CKA HOUSE. JCU.N T. roKU -Proprietor. MATINEES WBDNESUAY AND SATURDAY. T'"- ifr> ;.t!s'ic ifopatinu. the Heroe* of th P airi-. Bl FFAL0 BILL,(Cody,) TEXAS JACK, (O'Mohuodro.l ????? ? K-i?u.ue bkiidof PuKnuf li. NE1> BUNTLINE. ih? Se ?nt and Au th. r, in hi* ereat* <?f K-hI Life, THK SCOUTS OF THE PRAIRIE, ? Irtr^ducir.2 th" dance->f death. thr-wing tl?e lasso, I th- deflarc?, the trail, th<- rescue, and last shot T'i c ii mence with th- mnsi. at comedy, JENNY LIND Jennj Lea.herl'ink.-*. i with s..nirs atnl dat .e?.) Besei. 8<hilow. A-'nji-?i. n |5t) an?l 79 cents; raecTTed seats, 76 cent* : to % I. atlmi>-i< n to Wedaeeday aud St;urd.i? n.ati ' nee*. 25 and St)cent*. Seats can now be secured at the Opera Hi use. u>5 W i*HI!*OT?!<l THEATER COMIQUR < Bit-Tenth street, south P-uu?' 1 aula aveuu.*. ANOTHER EXTRAORDINARY ATTRACTION CEE WHAT WE OFFER NOW: The gift'-d and dashirg A cress, S^riestr^Bs, Dan a Iiee and Banjoist, LAI' RA ALBERTA! in the ?-rrMf- ?t sensation "f the day. The beaut ifaL h'chly ?urr"s?fnl and rotn.inlic Drama, in four ?rt? anil a ppiloiap.of '? oi'T at sr*> ' Procured in-np rl. style, witb new iccnen .mf rkanit*l ?id with an entire anl powerfully a-irni. nt-?! Dramatic Company. The favorite C<niedixii and Character Actor. GEORGE W. H \ RR1SON, in four di?tlu?? ohar.-?< itt' T*" r r'il<?r Siw Jor* Actress, MISS ALOE ? ***RRIfuN. . . J Th.- diMinratiliM vonng American Actor, GEORGE VV THOMPSON, together with our gr'at Novelty Troope. BILLY NOON AN and Al.IiE BATEM AN.the great DnalClugopednlis's. The chartiiini; lanulrice, KITIY ROWKLI.. Th- rhaiiipimi Suuit and Dance Lady, BELLA GORDON. Th<- great Comic Sinffer, BILLY DEVEBE The favorite billadist, JOS. W1IIT TAKER. The charming and dashing KIRALFY SU?TEI:S, K Jean Bully, Misses Bmma and Laura Harrison, Weerier. M*v, Ac. A SUPERB SENSATIONAL DRAMA' A FIRST CLASS OLIO! THE GEMS OF THE FAVORITE BALLET' Matiaees WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. iu5 C' RAND PROMENADE CONCERT, 1 At MASONIC TEMPLE. On TUESDAY EVENING, May 6,1373, . For the Benefit of THK At. HI) MAW AND WOMEN'S HOME, Under the charge of the LITTLE SISTERS OF THE POOR. Muine Baud er. gaged. Tickets, jI?Refresh ment* extra, Under the Patron**- of the following Ladies and Gentlemen: M <daine d.. Noailles, Mrs. Senator Cwaerljf, M*.- F re> re, >1.?? Alice Biggs, M 4&mc- Ci iBii ran, M-s Alexander, Mrs. Henriijuee, Mi-<e Carroll. Mrs Th)fc. n, W W.Coicoran.E^ , Mi s. Th->t. Bi-rrr? Geo. W. Biggs, K^t,^ Mri. K- aron. Wm G ilt. R^., Mrs. M. L. Stephens, J.Carroll Br> o?. E*|., Mrs J G. Rerrett, Augusta- P'-Vrv, Es-i., Mi-s. R'-fern. and others. inl-tt OLtNo.J On EihiMtibn INswN ??# } and Sal* < 43V '*? 8'1 marss'itm " to. 439 7th street, b^twe^n D aud B street*, eight doors abote Odd Fellow's Hall. Ot-.oice Oil Paintings, Engravings, Chromos, ?c. A jo, largest stock Paper Hangings. Wiadv* ?v i<!es. Pictures, Frame*. Picture Cords and T"*e * is. Ring", Nails, Ac., in the District. ?/'TERMS CASH. P'?w remember Name and Nnmber. Jelly* ALL KINDS OF CAST-OFF W BARING AP PAkELcan be soki to the very best advantage >y addressing ot calling on JUSTH, 619 D street, between #?h and 7th n. w. N tes b> mall promptly atteudod to. Cash paid fU f VLD GOLD, 8ILYEB, BBA88. OOPPBB, lie., v ? bought at fair prices for a New Tork house. Household Furnimre bought andsold. Note* by mail ?romptly attewled to by AUGEK8TBIN. 140S Per i?4lvar.1a av -rue dll-ly* INSURANCE COMPANIES^ LOSS ur WIRE. GUARD AGAINST IT BY INSURING TOUR PROPERTY WITH -A.. S. PRATT &c 80N, IN THE FOLLOWING '?TIME-TRIED AND FIRE-TESTED'' COMPANIES: HOME, of New York, Assets January 1. If'J 14,446,949 INST RA NCB COMPANY OF NORTH AMERICA, Philadelphia- 3.J7 6,7 39 PHENIX, Brooklyn il,001,313 I'H'ENIX, Hartford 1,?S-J,647 VIRGINIA FIRE AND MARINE, Richmond,Ya 321,19'J < This Company has done a successful and honora ble business for forty years.) Office 401 3Hnth street corner D street. a <t THK CORCORAN FIRB INSURANCE CuMFANV, OP TBI * DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Onnmzt l April 1*/, 1873. I a pita I 9100,000. OFFICE No. 14:19 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE (Ovkk M.lbi r*'? Dkis Stoke.) JOHN T. LENMAN, President. A. H. HERR, Vic* President. J. T. DYER, Secretary. DIRECTOR*: Wm. Oral*, H. Clay Stewart, Chss A. James, Jas. L. Barbour. Ed-?ar<l Droop, J-hu T. Lenman, Michael Green. John Bailey, apt tf A. H H^rr. INSURE YOUB LIFE B in that STKONti OLD COM FA I* 1, THB MUTUAL BENEFIT LIB* INSOtt AN< E CO., af Newark, N. i., Organized 1S4C. Asaets, S*4,099,11*0.44 4. STANLEY JONES, Agent, )an7 ly' Bo. 411 TthVreat. THK NATIONAL METROPOLITAN Bl RE INBURANC K COMPANY. OP THl DISTRICT OB COLUMBIA. OKVAHlZbV A Uli VST 96, 1BT4 CASH CAPITAL 0100,o?| OSes la Shepherd's Building, No. JOSH Peaiuyl aania avetiue. MOSES h ELLY, President. WM. B. TODD, Vice President SAMUEL CROSS,Secretary. HERITORS : J. B Blake, Wm B. Todd. Wm. Wall, Charles J art, Wm G. Metserott. John T. Lenataa, Geo. F Oolickj Moms Belly. A. B Shepbeitl, ocl4-n EDUCATION AIj. MISS HABROVEB'S SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES AND CHILDREN. 133S I st ..oppo site Franklin Park. Fourth Quarter will begin April Mth; fall term September 9th. apMMai* |1ENNA EXPOSITION. CIRCULAR LETTERS OF CREDIT. ISSCED BT JAY COOKE * CO. The Circular Letter is a letter ot Introduction to baukers of character tkrautkmu tk* world, identify ibg the bearer and authorising payments to him as reauirnd to the extent of his deposit with as. Full information will be furnished upon applica tion in person or by letter. JAY COOkl fc CO., BRakera, apg-lm WASHINGTON. OBIJittB TEA HOBB Baarsawssdta HID ?pll ?th and 7th, north TEAR cheaper than 4var. No not to par. Mlihi L. BENJAMIN. Broprtetor DOACHBS, BATI or BEDBUGS cannot be foand IV where Glefclwortb's EXTEBM INATO.R is umd. BotsalebyZ D. CILMAN. 497 Pennsylvania a?e? aad HOLMES A BRO., n .rrh.ast >Wr 1st aad Bats. a.w. *14 3m* T'HK LATNST WuMiCB of th" 19'h centurr Is 1 the tdsiiit, now selling rapidl) at STRAUS*. 1011, near 11th. aS3 |VtO HUMBUG -X. RICE will pav a fair price fwr auy ki.'id ?f Ladles*. G nil' and Chil dren^ Sec"t:it-ni?rd riVhlpf, B ?ots. Shies, ?e. g?] 7th street, between F and C,south. McTe by mail ftoaptly attend>-d. -? 1/ SPECIAL NOTICES. Fia* OI? Sic Vkltkr, Fine OM Bye Whisky, Fine Old By? Wli-xlty, F-ne Old Bye Wni?ky, Fine Old Rye Whisky, Fine OM Bye Whtiiky. J Fine DM Bre Whisky, Warranted Warranted Warranted Ptrre Purt Pur* And Unadulterated, For General and Madutnal Us*. This is the article we hare now *??)<) for npw?H* of five years with universal satisfaction; put up In large bottles at One Dollar per bottle. or cu be had la anyqoantity. ?^Notie*, that we will return the miner if this Whisky doe* not give satisfaction or preve m repre sented by aa. . Also an excellent stock of California Wines? Port, Sherry, Ang?llca, Muscatel, Rock an<1 Claret; also, E*-ll? -a Island Caiawb* and imported Liquor* of all kind*. ARTHUR NATTANS, Druggist, alo-tr Corner M and D streets n. w. The Ctrkaa Maaafactarii| Cempany remind the public that the Saprcme Coart ef the United State* haa recently Riven a decision in th?-ir favor, which secures full protection from the imita tors of their designs. SrariAt, Attkxtio'"! is re,jnrstf(l to the fact that the following trade ma k? are stamped upon every article manufactured bj them. I B.ZZ'mZSf/Z.. I OobHam Mfo. Co.. Manufacturers of Sterling Silver Ware and Fine Electro Plate, Providence, B I., and 1 Bond-st , New York. Tea Service*, Dinner Services, and Wedding Out fit*, in groat varietv, from the largest to the smallest, of tin- higli >st i-rder, are constantly isauine from the Gotham Works. apl4-m.8i Bntchelor's Hair Dye is the best ia the world, the only true and perfect Hair Dye: no ridlcnloiis tinte. u<* disappointment, harmless, reliable, instan tane us or brown; at all druggists', and 16 Bond street, New York. f 3-eoly LADIES' GOODS. MBS. C. B. G1LLBT, AT THE HEW YJRK niuimiry STORK, HAS BEHOVED from 614 9th street 4ti9 PENHofLvAWlA AVENUE, WASHING TON- D C, and has just r> turned from New York wit* the latctt sty I ?s and novelties in Millinery i?*ia Fancy Goods. Thankful for past favors, shy solicits a con tinuance of patronage. ap24 lm* IV OTiCK.?Bargains are n?w being offered in MILLINERY 2>tt/S and FANCY GOODS, By E. LEN/BERQ A CO., e?2-tr 707 Market Space, || A I B GOOD tf! FIBST CLASS GOODS AT LOW PRICES. Fine BBAIDS, CUBLS, etc., of onr own make, S' i<) at manufacturer's prices, ?t H. PHILIPPl'S Hsirwork Factory and Store, T 1?? Market Ppaee, l>ft weec 7lh and 8th streets. a21-6t* ^TAMPING DEPOT, 617 Skvksth Strskt, fet-ll-tr Opposite Patent Office. Helling off i BELLING OFF I AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PABTNEBSH1P, the entire stock OF THE NKW YOBR BAZAB, 441 Seventh street, near E. marT-tr NO HCMBUG. "I AD1ES'" I j FBENCH STABCH ENAMEL la tbe best article in the world f< r doing up Linen or Jlnslin. It imparts a beautiful gluts to the fabric. For aale by all Grocera. BCKBHAM A CO., Manufacturers, 160 West Lombard street, Janltly Baltimore, Maryland. |T MAY NEVER OCCUR AGAIN. 4? OUR POPULAR SPKCIALTlEi MEN'S DEPABTMENT. } 10?Our celebrated |N Business Suits?f 10 ? 10?We are still selling?9 10 % 10?A good Business Suit for ijf 10 510?0;ir*al"g are enormous? .flO ?10?In liue Business Suits at .*10 510?Our stock is Tremendous? 910 SlO-Of all wool Suits at $10 A SPLENDID STOCK, A 1-ASHIONABI E STOCK, A LARUE STOCK, Oh UK EH SUITS, OF 1M POH TED FA BR ICS, AT PROPORTIONATE PUCES. FOB TBE rOLNGSTKBS. "WOULD I WEBE A B<>Y SOME MOBE." 9* -Only five dollars for a School Snit? $? |S-4 good Suit for $i. ? *?A durable Snit for $4. ?4?A well made Suit for %i. $i?Our assortment is good? ?5. gi? Our stock is immense?$?> ?4?Of Boys Suits for $1, OUB PRICES ABE AS LOW COMPABATIVE LY,FOB FINE DIAGONAL SUITS, FINE BLUE AND BLACK SUITS. FINE LIGHT AND DARK SUIT. ENTIRE STOCK NOW COMPLETE. AN EARLY INSPECTION INVITED BROTHERS, FASHIONABLE TAILOBS, ap29 tr Ooim Tth ahd D STaaara, (VOW ON EXHIBITION, ths bon on White ll Test, (entirely new,) buttons fast sued witb rings, at k. STBAUS', 1011 Penna. ave., neat ll*k 11th J^XAMIBS TBB GOLD SPECTACLE, Ont H H. HEMPLBB, Optician, mtttr 4X street. ^UUTI MADE TO ORDER. In connection with my Merchant Tailoring busi ness, I am now prepared to MAKE SHIBT8 TO (JrDBB, haying engaged the services of one of tbe bast cut ters in the country for that purpose. Being satis fled of my ability to give entire satisfaction, hath in style and fit, I respectfully solicit ths patronage ot the public. _ __ e. t. kben, SaiH and Draweri Manufacturer, alt lm 44V 9th street northwest. WOBKIHO MBB t are no cause to strike when they can buy C<v>U at |?, PanU' (l.7i and ?I, at BTBAC8', 1014 .*eana. are., near lltk. aM BBODHBAD a oo.,# r ^ ^tLEE'S WHARF,/as< ?' ith and P urMt. TO C0BTBACT0BS ANL* MERCHANTS. Cargoes of BTONE, COAL. _ . ^lAT. LCMBEB, Ac.. discharged from vessels and stoi~ed or delivered at tbe shortest notice and lowest rata*. _ aM-ly ,1 T. AtLEE. 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Hear Admiral Case sails from New Y<?i on Wednesday in the steamer Scotia for Eu rope, to relieve Rear Admiral Alaen of the command of the European fleet. Admiral Case will meet Admiral Alden at 5>ice, I; rauce, and relieve him of the command. Competitive Examination?On or about t'ae 15th of the present month there will be a e >m petit ive examination at *'>?int*?*?? fluent to ffll three fourth .to !V'? Pension o?w. None but clerk* of the Pension office * ill be allowed to compete. Already candidates spring up lor the seat in Congress so suddenly vacated by the death of the Hon. .Tames Hrooks. Mr. S. Cox is naturally the first mentioned fl?D. S, I Thayer islikelv to be another, and to prove a f rmldabl competitor to Mr. Cox. Mr. Robert B. Roosevelt might be a third.?.V. !'? Tribune. THE CONGRESSIONAL COWSC'IRJICE FUND.? Treasurer Spinner to-day received the check of George C. Oorham, secretary of the Senate, for the amount of Concession il back pay, duo Mr. Sumner, and w liicli the latter requested l?e covered into tlie Treasury. Up to this date twenty-saven Representatives and Senators have turned their swag l.uto theJTreasnry. The total amount thus far turned in is $111,222.91. ForR rear Admirals are to be retired from active servi^ this year under the new law of Congress placing them on the retired list at the age of G2. They are George F. Emmons, in AUgusU Charle* Stead man. in September; Win Rodgers Taylor, in November; and Thornton A. -Jenkins, "in Hccrmber. The retirement of thr^e oiiicem promotes Commodore# *Iohn J. A liny, J. H. Strong, E. G. P.irrottandWm. Reynolds to the grade ol rear admiral. TriB Postal Cardh All Ri<;ut Tnis Time. Third Assistant Postmaster General Barbel to day received a proof sheet of the last pi>stal cards manufactured by the Morgan envelo; e company, of Springfield. Massachusetts, and lmuouncca the specimens entirely satista.-to. y. The company is now manufacturing So't.oOO cards per ?lav. and bv the last ut tins week all ot the large cities will be snpnllcd. A Fashionable WtDMi.i'i.?Early next month Mr. Harry Cooke, son of the Governor, 1- to marrv the beautiful Miss Dodge, of George town. This will be the consummation of a love attair of several years' standing, although both panics are ?iu?te young. The wedding will be one ot uncommon interest and beauty, tor tlie month ami it-- surroundings will leml their aid M beautify and adorn?"Jay," i;? LaminaU Journal. ______ The Last op .the Loudoun County, \ a., Claims Pau>.?The Treasury department to day paid the of the claims of loyal citizens of Loudon county, Va.. for live stock seized for the use of the arm v by the military authorities of the I'nited State's in conformity with an order of Major Gen. Sheridan of November 27, There were 181 claims, amounting in the aggregate to *61,*21.31. The payment of these rlninis was made in accordance with the act ot ?January 23, lifli. Atms for Washington Territory.?The Secretary of the Interior has received the lol lowlng telegram from Governor Ferry, ot Wash ington Territory:??'There are strong indica tions of hostility among the Indians in this territory. Emissaries from the Modocs h ive probably visited them. The settlers hare called upon me for amis. There are none in the t?.-rri torv- I await instructions." Five huudred stand of arms, with equipments, will be tur fiished by the department, the militia only to use them, however, under federal direction. Clerical Appointments.?The following persons have been selected trom those who competed in the recent examination at the Treasury for appointment as tirst-class clerks in the depiutment named: E. W Roach, l>. C.; Thomas Robinson, Ga.; W. L.Marcy, l a.: H. M. Brush, N. Y.; J. H. Lichllter. \ a.; Jas. C. Fern aid. Ohio; A. Watrous, \ a.; Irving S. Brower, 111.; G. C. Bantz, Md.; W. Crane, Jr., N. Y-; True L. Norris, Mass.; R. A. Morrison, Pa ; C. B. Gilbert, Me.; W. C. Keecii, N- Y.; C. T. Chippinger, 1ml.; H. W. Hardman, N. \ ., I). Binns, 111.; E. .1. Thomas, La.; A. B. Bibb, D.C.; W. E. Richards, D. C.; J. Crosby, Mass. CHANoES IS STATIONS OF REVENUE MA RISE OKKK SHd -The following changes In the stations of revenue marine officers have been made. Capt. A. A. Fengar, detached from the Delaware at Mobile and ordered to Philadel phia to report to the department; 1st Lieut. C. W. Smith, detached from the command ot the Guthrie at Baltimore ami ordered to the Chaae at ogdensburg. N. Y.; 1st Lieut. Russell Glover, ordered to the Guthrie at Baltimore; 2d iieut. A. 1>. Littleti?-ld. detached from the ?1 asin at Newi?ort and |>Uc^l on waiting order**; Al Lieut. ILL. Sturgis, detached from the Camp bell at New Ix>ndon, and ordered to the Mocca sin: 2d Lieut T. D. Walker, detached from the Petrel at Pensacola and ordered to the Camp bell; 2d Lieut. W. H. Roberts, detached trom theiiacer at Charleston. S. C., and ordered to

report to the department here in person; .d Lieut. H. I>. Smith, detatche<l from the Dobbin at Castine, Me., and ordered to the Racer; 2d. Lieut.R. Bar stow .detached from the Nansemond at Savannah, and ordered to the Perry at Erie, Pa.; 1'<I. Lieut. F. J. Simnionds, detached trom the Relief at Galveston, Texas, and ordered to the Nansemond. Ft >ERAL OF THE LATE REPRESENTATIVE Bbooks The funeral services over the re mains ot the late James Brooks took place yes. terdav afternoon, in Grace church, New York, Rev. Henry C. Potter, I>. D., assisted by Rev. Robert Holden. officiating. The bodv, alter its arr ival from Washington, laid in state in the church, and daring the day was viewed by crowds of citizens. The church was tilled with mourners. Among those present were Charles O'Conor; J. W. Simonton, general agent Asso ciated Press; Hugh Hastings, of the Commer cial Adveitiser, and representatives from all the prominent journals. The attaches of the Express attended in a body. Several members of Congress were present, as also delegations from the Tammany Society, Arcadian Ctab, and other organizations. By desire of the fam ily of the deceased all display was omitted. The nail-bearers were Richard Schell, Cornelius I)ul:ois, Roval Phelps, Horace F. Clark, Francis Skiddv, John D. Jones, George O. Opdyke, and Wm. Tracy. At 2 p. m the remains were taken to the high altar, when the service of the Epis copal church appropriate to the occasion was performed. There was no funeral oration pro nounccd. The remains were interred in Green wood cemetery, in the family vault. Sale ot Drmwry's Bluff, Va.?The farm known to fame by its confederate name of " l>rewryf8 Blufl'," was sold at aoction, at Rich mond. Va., on Thursday. The tract, very valuable for its soil and loeatioa, containing 434 acres, upon which there are an extensive peach orchard and a large vineyard was sold to Mr. William T. King, of the firm of Hultz K King, for ?10.60 per acre, or #4,537 for the tract. _________________ WMrs. JamesFisk's Credit Mobilise8cit. In the United States Circurt Court yesterday, in the matter of the application of N. W. Butler to intervene as plaintiff in the suit of Lucy Fisk, executrix or James Fisk, Jr., deceased, against the I'nion Pacific railroad company and the credit mobilier of America, Judge Blatchford granted an order allowing the application .V. r. Ut raid, 4th. Not Hurt bt the Frost?The Piedmont Virginian says: "From all that we have seen ami heard, we are glad to say that neither the fruit or vegetables in this vicinity were dam aged by the late frost to any extent." t Rest in Peace.?The Ylcksburg Herald pro nounces this brief funeral ovation over the rv remains of the Mississippi legislature: "It has cost the state SI400 per day for seventy-six days, and has done nothing. Let as have peace." VA company of metropolitans from New Orleans left New Iberia. La., yesterday morn* lug, tor St. Martinsville. Alter an uninter rupted march of ten miles they entered the town and teiok possession of the coart house Without opposition. r*oi TIIE LAVA Drm The Kit nation There. PartlfnUn of thf Kbelliag Oat ?f the Modocs. The following from the lava beds, received by Captain W. C. Hendley, of this city, is or itterest at this time : Lava Bed, Orkoon, April 30, 1*73. I'iab Hekdlky:?I hare just come in from Jack's stronghold, where I have been in the fight for the 1 a*tThree day*. Went as a voluu tevr and was attached to Major Thomas' bat tery of four Cohorn mortars, and it was the mortar* which drove the Indians out. Five thousand infantry could not have done it in six months, without "the low of one-half the com mand. Words cannot describe the character o these Ijcds. Newspaper reporters may try to do it, but they cannot convey an idea. Since the tight I have been through part of the bed. an ! Out was enough for me. It is impossible to tell wliat damage we have done to the Indians, a they concealed or burned their ?lea?l, ???u th? former ts very easy, as all they ha>e 'o do is to merely throw "the bodies into a en?vie ? und then till it up with rocks. We hare, how ever. found eleven dead bodies. The bftdj are tall or caves, ami many Are undoubtedly h <l aw ay, as every once in awhile a stray shot com-* cut; but the majority have got o*t, ?uj u j t< Sl ing where they will turn up. Oar cavalry have gone out in pursuit. We have si* dead' here, twenty wounded, and about the latter number on cri tch*8 from sprained ankles, from fal . over the r?ck?. To eive vou ?ome fai'-v idea o! ? ,-?v snarp rock#: one-half" of Our men went in with new shoes and came out mostly barefoot, with feet bleeding. Lieutenant Kagan. com manding company G, 12th infantry, wounded in thigh, ard Lieutenant Wright, commanding company E. ankle badly sprained. I had several close halls, but save being fcot-sore, am tolerably well. We kept up a lire of shell both day and night for two uays. and it was some thing new to the Indians. They could not stand those circles of fire all night. No tolling when the matter will end. We Drought j deaa; only two of them had been mutilated, and they were cat most to pleceg. LA W LIMN ESS ON Til E ltlO URAM)I. The Raids of Mexican Bandit* on *h" (toll of Texas* They Kob and Murder nt Will?The Ntrouir Arm of Uovern ment Invoked for the Protection of the Texan*. CoRPtrs Chrisri, TixaI( April 21, UTS. F.litor Star: Since writing my last letter I have been compiled to remain at this place, owing to the dangerous surroundings in jour neying in this state. The people of Washing ton have no idea and I believe the admiuistra tratlon has never been correctly Informed, of the lawless state of affairs which has been ex i-t ng in this state for years, and now increas J by Mexican violence tenfold. If some proper rej reeentation was laid before the public, L feel convinced you as well as others would giy that the legitimate ar:n of law must be ns?d l?y the government, l> ? it bv the bayonet or civil service, to protect tl. - it ?*:s aitdciti zei s of this country, who t* * d ln*re in accordance to law, and look w arnest < yes to ihe government for the word ^-called pro tection. ? The following Is a sta?eio' nt of a mail carrier between this place and Laredo, on the Kio Grande:?At the present tim.* there are tuo bands of men, numbering about 3'J Mexic ids each?one is led by Atalano Alvepado, the other by Alberto Gar/a? who are devastating this section of the state from Mier across to Texas, into the interior, thence to Laredo, having headquarters at Guerrero, Mexico, easily ac cessible when hard pushed by the uprising of indignant rancheros, who have been plundered. These bands are now trespassing upon the soil of Texas, principally in Nuece9 county, within Sixty miles of Corpus Christl. These elegant, gentlemanly cat-throats, horse and cattle thieves of foreign distinction make this occupation a trade, successfully, too, defyiug the civil authority; and when thev cannot r in Ihe cattle Into Mexico they kill them on Mie spot, and compel some poor ilevil of a ranch. ro to buy the hides, under the penalty of his life. Stores are sacked, and travel on the high way by Americans is attended with robbery; a roj>e or pistol shot, whichever may be taken as the part of the joke of the captors. Thos. Kearney, ex-collector of customs of tills district, while returning home from Laredo t?< Corpus Christl, on the 15th inst., where he had been called to collect government funds, barely escaped both bands, about sixtv mil?-? from La redo, on the Corpus Cliristi road. Had he been caught, the entire party would have suffered tfie penalty of death, from the fact that they were "Gringos," a name they have given to the Americans since the Mexican war, metn iog "greenhorns."' Sir. Kearney gives his statement thus: "I re ceived information in camp that night (l*?th instant) from the mail rider on his way to La redo, at 8 o'clock, of the fact that he had ju*t been released by these bands,who had held him prisoner the previous day to determine what they should do with him aud the mail. They concluded to release him, as he was a Meri .in, although a citizen of the United States. Th; hands (at the time of his arrival in Kearn- y's cmp) were then about twelve miles awav, composed of the ? orst desperadoes from Mex ico, who stated that they did not wish to hurt Mexicans, but only Americans and American property. As is customary, the farmers must, w hen these raids are made, leave their work and shoulder their muskets to protect tlmir homes, although they have no right to do so in accordance with the now existing law, but art; com I*'! led to it irom the want of troops t-j protect them. They, like men, on Sunda> last gathered .oaether some fifteen determined ar sons from the surroundings of Banquette, and pursued the robbers. They discovered in one chapparel the evidence that 125cattle had been stripped of their hides; in another *0; and in another ft#; aud, overtaking ihe g;ing, a running fight ensued, and they were so fortunate as to return home with seven captured horses, th>> saddles being empty." The above is but" an every day occurrence. You cannot tell where next the fiends in carnate will strike. This statement of affairs retards emmigration, rut i.- the ranche ros, reducing them from a competency to poverty, and makes all kinds of trade stag nant. Can it be just that such a state of atlairs should continue, because tlrs kind of warfare has existed since the defeat if Santa Anna bv the American, whom the Mexicans hates with hellish vindictiveness'.' W. W. W. The Terrible Di??at<*r In Illinoin. PALL OP AS IROK BRIlHiK, WITH TVOHVlOUD PERSONS?OVER THIRTY PEOPLE DROWNEK AND TWESTY-POCR IXJC RED. A terrible accidcut occurred at Dixon, 111., yesterday afternoon, which resulted in the death of thirty to forty persons. The rite of baptism was being administered at a point in Kock river just below the Truesdale iron bridg ?, and about two hundred persons, Including mauv ladies and a number of children, bad gathered on the bridge to witness the ceremony. Sud denly, without warning, the biidge gave way and precipitated it* living freight into the stream below. The scenes which ensued wer< indescribably terrible as the struggling victim-' vainly endeavored to tree themselves rrom the ruins of the bridge and from each other. Large crowds of people on the bank rushed wildly to and fro, and many of them so distracted with terror as to be unable to render any assistance: others more self-possessed speedily brought ropes, planks, and boats, and went nobly to work to rescue the living and recover the dead. Some of those who were on the bridge when it fell were so near the ends that they wape able to reach land without assistance. Up to 6 o'clock last evening 32 dead bodies had been taken from the river, and it is almost certain there are others still nnder the wreck of the bridge. Of those saved twenty-four were more or less injured. Earthquakes all the Time?Humboldt believed that there was no moment at which an earthquake was not occurring at some point ol the earth's sorftee, and, as tie telegraph ear. ries Its circuits into every quarter of the globe. we get more and more evidence of the truth of the theory. Wednesday, for instanoe, news came of earthquakes in both the eastern and western hemispheres, in the 8andwich Island* ana Great Britain; Thursday several dis tinct shocks were felt at Cornwall, in Canada. and Friday a slight fhock was felt at Cairo, III. Slight shocks or earthquake were still felt at San Salvador on the 24th alt. The government palace, which survived the great shock whicL laid the city in reins, has since given way. A great many people have been Injured and manr lost their reason. It Is doubtful whether the authorities will persist in their determination to rebuild their capital on the same site.' The Gooi>ri< h Murder?All search for the murderer of Charles Goodrich seems to have been abandoned, and fhr sagarious dotsotiyrn who were specially detailed to unravel the mrstcryhsve returned ?? their routine duties. I'osroc'and Kate Stoddard hare succeeded in of the way. Coroner Whitehall is iii.ucUimined when he will conclude the in que**.- JT. jr. Ai*. TELEGRAMS TO THE 8TAB This AftcrBMil DlipatckM. ? ASSOCIATED PHMSi REPORTS. ? THE (BEAT DUASTE* 19 ILLIItlS. Mnrljf (? One Iia4r?4 Lives Last. Th* Fall of the Bridie with It* Hr inan t'rrlflii Thrtlllaf ItrUII* ut the UtMlNfAc- Arm mf Hrr*. iitui Krnurkable bmpn. Dtxo*. Ill, May 4, jflidnight.?Xo other bodies or victim* of the bridge disaster have been recovered at this point up to the present hour, hut sever*! Miri tave been picked up at Sterling, six mitt-s below here. ai?l doubtless the swift current has borne others still fur')*.-; down the stream. A w"","1,.! ? ' loss of life l??j? A" stated In a preif tons ,iur.h?i ?>- bodies were recovered betore dark. Five bodies floated j.a?t the men a? work at the wreck, and have not been found. It is supposed that at least VtFTY BODIES ARK STILL 1* TH* WATER. Most of them, it i? supposed, are still under the wreck of the bridge. The I ridge, wiich was o: t^on. Trusdell's pattern, and oi live spans, wa? elevated almtit teet abore the river, which ?* fioiu 15 to lo feet dr?p. Only the two end spans ?? 11. Tbe three middle spans are stan ling. but in Such a cordlttan that it is thought they will fall when the wrecked span* are removed. Workmen arc busy to-night putting up a der rick, ni order to clear the wreck, an 1 making irrangements to beciire the bodies beueath it. It is now stated that there were 1 Ilim: Hl*l>BEI> PfcrftOKft 0* THE RBtDC.E at the time of the acc'dent, and that a greater number escaped than was at first ?a|?psued. When the bridge gave way, most of the people were gathered at either end, though a large number were near the center, and some of tSe latter remained wliere they were after the crash and were taken ot) in boats. Several persons jumped from their precarious renting plac. , kixI were drawn ashore. Two horses, ntUi'heil to a buggy, were on the middle span when the crash c-?me, and remain there still, as theTe is no way of getting them off. There were a num ber of K EM ARK A RLE ESCAPE* OF CHILDREN, of whom there were not less than Btty on the bridge. One little fellow, aged j:t, was caught l.y both feet in the Iron rigging of one of the Mens, an.l had a leg broken; but he managed by sheer strength to pull one ot his boot* on, and then coolly took out his knife and ripped the other boot from his crippled leg and swaiu ashore. Two little gtrl?. sisters, standing side l.y rUde, went down togetiier. The elder caught the otter by the dress with one hand, aud wi'ti the other hand set'-ed part of the wivck. and maintained their heads above the icy water un til rescued. OM* OF THE RILI.KO. Chicago. May 5 Among tlie killed yester dav at Dixon, 111., was Mis? 1> >-ie Payne, the .laughter of Mrs M. L. Payne, editor of tUe Chicago Ladles' Magazine. THE SCENE TO-PAY. Dixon. III.. May 5 No additional uames of the killed are vet known, lluring the night the w oik men got'derrieks in position H3 raise tlie bridge. and until that tedious work is accom plished liardlv anything further can be done. There are crowd-'of |>eople on the banks ot the river this morning viewing the scene ot the disaster, the majority of wh?-m are looking tor missing friend". The telegraph wire* are kept constantly in use with messages from all part of the United States. Every house in this city is in mourning. Mrs. P. M. Alexander and Mrs. Yann died this morning from the effects of their injuries. I.ATKST I'KOX THE I.A?4 ICON. !*o More l ighilnt; Empoeted Intil the Moth lUktHUt. Sew Yoke, May 5.-A lava bed sttecial of the ad says: "Fears are entertained of a rising among the Klamath Indians, now on a reserva tion. General Davis and staff have arrived, but nothing will be done before the JOth, await ing the arrival of the 4th infantry from Little Hock, Arkansas, and the five troops of the 1st caHary from Arizona. The wounded are all doing well." A fetter from the lava bed camp written the day after Canby's massacre, confirm- the pre vious statements that Kiddie's s|U?w begged General Canby not to meet Captain Jack, as treachery was intended. ? Hew York Mote*. MIXED SCHOOLS IJi KKWlll'RU. New York, May 5 The board of aldermen of Newburg have voted to discontinue the col ored public schools, and colored children will hereafter go to the white schools. THE MEMBERS OK THE DARIBN EXPEDITION were on the steamer Rising Star, which arrived yesterday, they having surveyed a practicable route for a canal, which will be only 'M miles long, via the Atrato Dognado and Wipai rivers, at an estimated expense of *70,000,000. The route involves a tunnel ot three miles. FATAL STABBlS". During a drunken fracas yesterday Edward King was fatally stabbed by James Sodwith. Both are Brookfynite*. THE AMERICAN LABOR REFORM LEAOCE commenced its session yesterday and in dis cussing a paper on labor reform held that be vond the neeessaiies ot life the accumulation of property is wrong. A resolution was also read declaring that 110 adequate solution of the labor problem is jossible without redistribution of the existing wealth. LIBIT. YEROA, OF THE 12TH INFANTBY, lett for the Modoe region yesterday with 140 re cruits, and Sergeant John Sheridan and several other volunteers from Goveruor'a Island, w ho begged to be taken aloug. PACIFIC MAIL NOT* MOT PAID. The ?7.r/</ states that the not* of the Sewing Machine Company for #100,000, indorsed by Stock well of the Pacific Mail Company was not paid Saturday. THE RING artT for ?6,000,000. In the suit of the people of the state of New York against James H. Ingersoll, Judge Har den, presiding, In the special term, decided the demurrer interjosed by the defendant, that the I<eople had no right of action unless the county of New York was made a party, either as plain tiff'or defendant. An appeal was taken to the feneral term, and Justice Ingraham to-day de ivered a decision sustaining the demurrer. This is the famous ring suit for *<'.000.000. in which Tweed, Connolly^A Co., are involved. Liberal Catholic* aad eilramsnlann at Lagnrbeads la iaaada. New York, May 5.?A letter from Montreal states that a bitter war, Increasing In violence, is being wax >d between the liberal Catholics and. I'Ttran intanes of Canada. The former sre under t .e lead of lie Archbishop of (Que bec, and th- latter ot Jesuits and the Arch bishop of M -ntreal. In the last election the Quebec pa: ty increased . their delegation iu Parliament from fifteen to twenty-eight and the represei tation of the Montreal coalition shrunk lion fifty to thirtv-seven. Losing con ,rol of Pari '.merit the Jesuit party sought to tubvert tb? authority of the Archbishop of Quebec a^ I destroy his influence, in hope thereby to ;gain |>ower. The Archbishop vis ited itome and has just returned, bearing a reprimand for tim .It-suits, which is likely to still rurth? r to Intensity uieconmci nae iu?, lead to the xptiVou of the Jesuits from Can ada. KM t the Shade lUaWl Mrthe. Niw Yo R, May 5.?A Providence. R. I., dis patch say the strike of the Khode Island mill oiierativer has virtually ended. Only about six thousand j en participated ot the thipt", tuo? sand expe< ed to engage in the movement, and instead ot extending all over the state, In ac cordance 1th the prearranged programme, it has been a' nest wholly confined to woonaocket, olneyville and Pawtncket. All the mill pro prietors expressed the determination to stop work rather than yield in the slightest de gree. Ow. itg to the real aetata Qualification the majority ot the strikers are not voters, which fact de'pn .90 the movement of any political strength. WoBC?TB^lUea7lKjf**?Abontone hun dred of lour hundred bsya at the V^thor ough state reform school escaped this momi..; by a concerted effort. As they were marching into the yard from breakfast, ike file suddenly broke, and tkejuroaked tot the fates. The of ficers recaptured as many as they could con veniently collar, but meat ot the boys scattered through the fields and jot away. fire mM Lsm m? Ufa. Co*COLD, N. H., Mot 5.?A honse In Mew fort, owned by 8. L. Bowers and occupied by D. L. Mocdr, was destroyed by tie last evening. Two men named C. E. Richardson aad Oeargo Williams were killed by the falling of a chim ney. The lorn on the property to light. Kbw Y??bb, Hartford special snjn * repert tkat several mirance comr aim were a boat to cancel their Insuranoes of the Howe sewlrg machine rasway, led the company last lTiui?dsy to nay tkou werkssenap t> the let of AyrU, involving a s^m of MMN. Trrrtklf Kallrwsrt AD k\< I B?loB T K A I > rn AH I - I>? * A A I ? *a*?mb*t?a mam of m ???. WOMB FATA I IT. LoriAvntB. Mat 5.?A?lvi *es Trent Prtwe ton, Ind. last night. ?tAb ttiAt A* ea?*?ir?t<w train left that l-Uro <m Satm lav * thr Ivooioville, Sf* Albany awd ( rsilro%d for Moui.t 1 'wrmel. 111., cari> lug t five i<rw*. fn backing the tr*hi from Monut Carmel to PnnfftBii a nvmbrr M An-t dnlTrunthtWwk.thNi t il<?i| J. ftxyiM*. who ?A? en the rfM f?Unr?e. innaiilj ti|a?U??l Ui??mmiw. but u wa? Uk> late. Tfce cur* ran over t?? cows am pi ng I ?Io?r tnf rntaakiolTit ft|W feet high, turn ng the car* bottom upward The pu^?r '* ??i iiriwedtAteiv in a terrible *tw??- ??t rmrfn^>i and terror. and a rumVrot tbein wtrs ?wi ously Injwrfd. some probacy fRtaTtT The cou iluftcr le*|>ed Into a ?lit"h H?t li.'try. He After* ards br>4t the glass in I1h> ?k?r? Ari l rwtifd the |>Mrn|? rr. Among th* wounde-l ?re Mi** Iaoosa A.\r?ltol I'ruo'Wu, injured In the brad and bail two riUlroicu, Nathan Bucbner ef Princeton. ?'?ver-ely ltjure?l In tlo* head, back, and hips; K P. Kenny, eoltar-bone Aid r gtt Ann broken MM L*. l?on*t?, <> Princeton, hrnl and jaw s>iiousi? titjuri ?<. Kichard Ir.glc. of Cincinnati, foot bullv tami. Seme thirtr other* were more or ties inj oreo Knm?4Ml I'raad uaaM l/>al> link. Sr. Lor is, May &?On Fridit) lun ,u< . an cle^-artly dressed young man entered ?e Weot St. liOnia ssving* bank am pre?ei?t a It tier purporting to he tiom K. I) Ktml.ilph Co . b-nkers, utXn? York, inirodi. tug J . it ?? S. Adsm?. and endorsing a draft tor A-vt** . titled l>y tl.e Nawau batik. ol X? ? York, regular cashier of the bank l?eing uhsent. II tr ker, a young man teroj.orarilv acting r, exAmiut'd the pa|>ers and thinking tkrm ?ro ?t. gave Arabia U,90iit being aI. he .U sired *< tty?t time. Liter in the day H*t>?\fjbuu bank ami cioas. MflJrfcTo.." reeei\tng replies th?? t?-*h {he' ktter and draft were lt?r genes. 1 he notice were noticed of the transaction. but .*???? could not be font id. ? The Pml4eal ab4 Ihwlly In <')ilrtr? t UIi'awi, May ft.?l'he President ami um lv ?rriv?l here yesterdsy mornug from ii They were received At the d?-pot *?f *l?-" l'nlto>l State* marshal And taken to tin lemont Hoiite.ibfre the President And Mir.<.r<nt will remain daring tlwir sray in tilt* . Mm Nellie Grant is the guest <>l Miw MiM *i?itw s< terof the mayor. The President w>11 r.-m?>n here until Thnr*?lAy morning, ahrti lie will ?tart for Washington direct. TifxTlt a rr.iM< hTJdbTu Pari*. >1 ay .1.?Admiral Klcaultl> iimn'l ly, ot the French havt, in dead He ? <> a ?*n Ator ami mininter ol BtAriuc and cok?:..urin< the reign ol Napoleon HI. 1HI Pork WOROB lU XB, y at 3.?The Pope hap unlT- - ?! a re lap.-*. and i* "again confined t<> hi* bo I ? T? be HaagNl. Sprik' Iiri i?. Mam*., M?y V ? A ? rt |(. Smith, cotivicte?l of the murder of C ule? I!. Sackett. at Weattold, ??? t?< day ?eti I * ? be ritcntiil on xuch a day a* (he govei u.m in ty de?ignate. ? Denth of <t IVna*)hnaU P*lli?p|nn. I'hii auki phia. May S ?Hon. Hugh N u i li*t?-r,of ?>*nter. repiiblican delt*gate ? n^a t<i theconMttutioiialconYcntion.dtod th - m > ?? ing At his re>lden<-e in thi? city. ag?l oi. ???-? Fire. St. Loris, May 5? The f1i?ur mill of ?? ??? _?? La< Cai uiel. I.I , a a# but ned <ioa ?> ??? un'.ay night. lx)??- *J0.o00; muu-ure?t. ?? ItAT? C i*1HXT ?>F ^ n^fi. 1N TlIB Ll ? F n-ii r._ A ^i? < ial tVuiu thel.av a l< ? s*j? tleiifial* IfliBlMld. H?rUie Bnd l>?vi? t h on the teld. The troop* are awattiHg i. ? armal ot the Fourth iittatiUy. .vo -trot'/, fr? ? l.itlle Kock.aho are ?**|?er-u-d ab?tiit ttu K ? n.Kant. The comfpondent attribute* tim gr< at lo** of life in the figlit ?t tlic >tli t?tn? denertion ol company K, Twe*tth iniantry, and eouie few ol the artillery, a )io. when oraereU liv Caj tain Tlioua* to tail bat'k and li'rid a Mud' in the rear of the troop* to cover thoir retreat, continued to tall >>ack until they reached camp, the Minlnci in the meantim* Kecuiing the position they were tijiectod to hold. It it *aid onlv twenty -t!u?w Moalocs were engaged, and that only tiro were kit <1 a i l two hadly woundtil. Attfmnn> Si u int. os thk S. ap ?>:.:> ? W'i l |ik ni Watkint, ag?-d ?i*ty, a a* hangetl at Searcey, Ark . on Friday, the" i'tli altinio. for shooting William Swagtcerty todeuth la*l ?nm He wai born in Fraukltn, iia. i he t \e cutivii **? a public one. a lotge wumiter af t eople BC.-ompktiy ing lh? crlmina! to the c il !o*f, whit*h wai erected in an o|?en field. W*t kin*. while on the gallows, att?'mpt?s| to forestall his doom bv an inettectaal ettort to choke himself. He Vept up hi* attempt at suicide, three men holding him iu the meant ioe, until the ill op fell. JrDGF. SII BUM A N AID THK CLBVBLA?t> It A B Asmh iai io> ? lhe Cleveland iwi aar-o< iAtuin on Saturday ro*ctnded the resolution a<Uiot< d at a previous meeting cennuring Ju<it;e bher mar, ot the Cuited State* liistnct Court, ami a rtK>lution wa? adopted m it* stead <le. lann^ that the naefulnea* ot Judge Sherman lias l??eti serioucly impaired by the facta and du>eio?urcM in hi* evidence belofe the CongrecMonal com mittee, and that they cannot extend to hiin the confidence ao necessary between liencli and bar in the proper administration of justice. Asothek Fbar pi l Sbow STOAM?Atai'e t J'rorr?t to ihath?Advice* from Cloud county, Kaii^a*. state that another teartul *torm ha<l occurred in that region, hy which a number of live* were lost and much' property destroyed. The roof ot a bouse owned bv Mr. Snvlet was blown oft, and Mr. Snyder, his wife, live chil dren and a tarm laborer, were burit*! in the snow and frozen to death within a tew nrtea ot the house. A family nametl I I richer shared a similar fate, all being fro/en to death. Salb or \ ib<?ikia Farms.?Mr. F. P. A?h ford ha* sold lilt tarm near this place on the Sprigg's lord road, to Kev. Mr. Mar?h, of New ?ler*ey, a new school Baptist minister. Mr. S. Trevernen, of Pittsbuig. Pa., ha* purchasod a tatm of Mr. E. G. Wheeier. ot Washington, near < locoouau, containing l&i acre*, for *i ,ia*i. Mr. It. C. Weir has sold hi* residence with halt acre of ground attached, to Col. Kobt. Tanxtll, formerly of the lT. S. navy, for fl.aoo cash.? Manatiat ( Fa.) Gmjetf*. Chberpi'I A Maine paper *av* that at a recent funeral, after the colli n had Wen lowered to its last resting place, the mourner* stood in silence a few momeiitn, apparently not knowing what to do next, w hen a tuau stepped up to the undertaker and said, loud enough to be heard by all around. "Well, I *up|>o*e row might a* well till her up.*' This was all the" service there a as at the grave. Evadibo thb SntrrilHi Laws It i? uow stated that the crews supplied by the Cn.ted States shipping commissioner in this port are for the most part fictitious. Having i* down the men ot straw as deserters, the shi|nu ??ter can then, without violating the law, engage substitute* of the landlord* combination , and in this way the real crew* are obtained A'. F. Jour. Com. Brakesman Killed.?Last Friday,a colored brakesman on one of the freight trains on the A.. M. and O. railroad, was killed at a bridge about ten miles east of Marion, Va. He ?? standftig on the top of a freight car, au I not noticing the approach of tlie trma to the brxl^e, he was struck on the head by the timber* and instantly killed. Thb rRtvCiToca ik*a>e ran*"* who om mits murder And is then aequitled by the intel ligent jury because of bis aitln lion is kindly to he eared tor, in Michigan at least, by beingsent to the insane asylnm immediate! v upon sn *n ac quittal. So declares a law just passed by the legislature ol thastate. A CBRSrS op DISRBPfTA RLB ChaBACT! OS ? Superintendent Kelso this afternoou issued a general order instructing the captains at iHtlioe to make a census of ail disreputable houses census will be*<*ratp?tetf' iy^^'fSfi! "lS&aiJ.'i? N. r. Atyfu. 34. Fight HorB*.?several labor as^u, {kt New York have anointed . ii"^h?0, ,n,0n ?f ,CO'?f ? to the legality ot ? ?. ?onr law In connection with ten hours' iBbor 11 acted from the workmen of the Fourth avenue railroad. Thb Railkoau Tnnn as Baltimore, wh? -'i is to unite the roads on the north and s J? rttj Nrti and . ground railroad posset til by any ct , tu A rica. What Nrxt.?A Miuneapr.ia drugg st was f ned for selling toothpichs ci. Sunday: VA Mormon church has been Florida. Ohio has a new jury law omitting the <a o mrx violent snow-storm prevailed at Hali tes, Novo Hollo, on Saturday. ZfA Butler cami-wlgn club was orgaalaad on Friday aighi (M the wiSk ordM on Prblay. VThe King of Italy has rooked has a?on? tance of the mmmtry's resignaOOti, "Hnl req uerts It to be withdraw*. ?7"l be monarchical partv intlie Freneb ?j sr mbly deman^'the r^mo-lr' ng of the ministry, and that It ho made mare cowrvbU ve. Bleahley, themurdererof his niece, mad* - ? ., -? - a??*- - ??- * *iew York : aiaaicidc ta the ? ? . In li?tn ??wne have the ague ao that sUwngers atxt aojouriier* think then ia as earthquake , _ a* en bo married to Lorbtw'e thumr, ami vat oppo*oa to th Long In Aetata

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