Newspaper of Evening Star, May 5, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 5, 1873 Page 3
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AUCTION SALES. riTIRE DAYS. IT B H warner, . _ . Brs: Ratals B' <k?r arxl Aiwti.'nwt, Ho. 7d? Bevsath str*?!itU)tweea Uiultl rrBr?Trif?i sal* or vw.cable im l'Ko\ kDPBOPIt RTV IX THE RoRTHERN hlCTIOjror THE CITY, ON 0 8TRRR t OR CuLI i\ STREET, Rk.T*KEN 14th AND l?r? STREETS NORTHWEST. B> ut uf uf* *e U wf irtiKt, dated March bt,19U, nnd duly recorded't Liber tfl. f >lio SW. ?f the I rnd r c rl? for Watdilagt n conuty, District of Co Iwta. ?tJ by direction ?f the pmrt> ?ecured, I will ifc-ll, i* ftoiil of the (remlsea, on FRIDAY AFTER lif'W Maj 9:k. IfJ, *? fc o'clock, to th* hig'i-wt I , id r,the tiiliiM 9 luchea front of Lots. In Bijiiare 1?; imfr ?ed by three tw>>-story Frame House*,,* a itch part- or said premises as maybe 1n-r*??rf u> Mttirfy Mid debt. Ttniu ?f ulr: Ote-third rash, bxlarce in < awl 12 month*, with six per rent. In'-rest The deferred to be secured by a deed of trnjt and in ?JrtM r ..n the property a .1.1. In case the If ? are sot complied with in Ave day* after aale, the right la re?rt ?ed to reaell the property, at th? rhk and ' c?t of the defaulting purchaser. AMO down on day t f -ale. FRED ROONES. Truatee. a?-dAda B H WARNER, Aact. BY LATIMER A CLEARY. A n<-tinneer> and Real Estate Brokers, b> nti.? e?t corner P-nneylvania ???. and 11th atreet, Mar OfBse Building. TnmrssALi ofTalcable improved PROPERTY ON COLUMBIA STRBRT. BE TVLIN P AND Q STREETS NORTH WRST. MM f virtue of two d?--de f trust, lated M.fch #*b. I-CI. and Julv B, B71. Hd duly t ?p-.'ti*< ly in Lib-r<73. folio 427. and Liber MS. foli> ? 149. of the land rec-rds for Washington connty, In >b District of Colombia, and by direction ?>f ilie p ?rty secured thereby, I will cell, at public awti'T. 1*1 front <>f the pr-mi*es, oa FRIDAY A FTT-KNOON, * %> *1, at 6 .VI.??*, Lot N*. 134, *? David L Morrison's and others subdivision of pan of Square S<>. *5, with the improvements c.naiming of a weli-bnilt three.?torr Brick Dwell im with ooe at >ry back building, with gas, w nter hf?1 ???th-room. This propen> has a froat of 19 feet on Columbia Ptreel, running bark lir feet to a *> t njt ai!?y. Tern * of sale- Ont f "inh caah; residue in #, 12 and JSmoa" )?*. Deferred p><) wept* to bear 10 per cent, inter- -i frnwi day of aale and i . b- secured by a deed ?>f lian! it the property. #><?> ]at tin>-> of *al?. Conveyancing at coat of purchaser. ir the terms of *a!e are i<ot complied with within ten d?ya there ?Per. the Truate* re?er?ta the right to re*e|| th? propstj at the riak ami root of the defaultiu^ par t iiaaer. ;?fter Bye daya' pab!ie notice. WM 8. H'>LLID\Y, Tmafe*. aSdiU LATIMER i CLEABY, Aucts. WTItE ABOVB }?ALE IS POSTPONED, in ?-? i*. ceiice ?.f th- ram, until WEDNESDAY next. May 7ill, *at?? now and place. Bv < rd r of the Tme. e M <'A da LATIMER A CLEARY. Anct'a. HT LATIMER A CLEAR* . -- A >cti~neera and R- al Rotate Brokers, tK ntfc*.?t comer FennarlTania avenue afad 11th at., Our Office Baibiinf. SALE OF VALUABLE BCILDIWO LOTS ON ??th STREET WEST AND BHODE ISLAND AM M E. ? B\ \ .rtne of a decree of the Supreme Conrt <>t in I' -ir t f C loinbui, p.%- ed In Canity ? au- No. 7W,chaacery rulee 5. wherein Eliza |>etb Br at >a pUiotifT and Charlea E. Brent etal. ? ' ; 'int. the nnd?r<i*u'<d, dnly appoint*! trastee ii. ? .i.l > aiuw, wil! aell, .?< public awtion, ia front of Ihej.i.Ti v. on TCE^DAY. the SOtli day of M ty, A D IS3. at 6 u'cloak p m.. tboae salnable Bnikl ? r.a L t> ok a;b atree: weat ami Rhod > Island avenue, ioiu.b-r>-<l ll and IX. in Br> n> ??stiiiivMi.>Duf?i'iv? B?'o. ta lot ll containing 1.767>* s?iuar? f??t, and lot x|iiar<- feat. Tb> terme of aala. aa prewril^d bv tbed->rr?e. ar?: One-third each, and the balance in twoequal inatal rient-i. I f which the no-??> of the pnrcliaaer will be lak en. payable in aix ami twelve montha, with ister ?-at fr iii ?late, and aerured to the aatialartioa of the Trustee. A depoeit of ?25 will te required f .r ea?-^ ?? t a? time of aale. if tb? term* of sale are l??'t Mil plied with wiibin aeven daya from daT of Vale.the property w ill b* reaold at tbecoat and riak a f the pnrrhaaer. Titl * direct from government of the 1'iiiti d 8tatea. All conveyancing at coat of pnr cba-er. JOHN CAHROtL BRENT, Trnatee. LATIMER A CLEARY. Aacta. I BY LATIMER A CLEARY, * Aucthineera and R-al Eatat" Broker*. S<.uthwe?t c mer pennaylvani-t ar-nn- and Elev enth atreet. Star oflice Buildings. I\F< I TfiR S SALE OF A SMALL LOT OF 11 KNITI E GOLD WATCH AND RIRti ffk ???? SATURDAY MORN iNO. Mav lOth. m. 1- .in front of th- auction room* of Latimer Cary, I -hall ?-ll the toll >wim$ all , ta: 11 11 H.iinti-d Cottage Set. * Onl, Hat Tret II'uaaela Carpet; M.?t?ra?a, Ac A 1 6- Id W atch; 1 Gold Ring. Tetma Caah. JAMES SYKES Eve. ntor. a.J-e..d LATIMER A CLEARY, Aorta. PROPOSALS. PROPOSALS FOR FTKL. II Al>iCA?T**a r. 8. MaBTTT Cones, I V|rAtmat<riii'i OfFicr. > W a*HISgTOV. April J8,1<TS \ S-al d Propoaal-* will be r'-. ei*"!! at tbia until? o'clock P M. of Tl'RSDA Y. the l<rh day of June ii.-\t. |..r supplying WO<'D ami COAL to the I'uite. *-:at M ?nnea at one or more of the follow J .? plac.-a during the fiscal year ending JaneB), J?4 The W d to be merchantable Oak, and to be de liver *d. pile,!, m aanred, aud inspecte,! at such pontr a i! hiii the iimita of the Marin** B trracks aa Kiay be 4-'!"T)?t-d t> the . mmandin? Marine Offi cer, fre- uf >-*penae to the Tnited States. Tli- < ?l to be g< o<l White Ash Anthracite Egg Coal, fie fr**va dost, and to weigh 1240 i?>nnda to th- toi . I iii?pecte.l and delivered at audi points > itbin th ? limits of the_Marine Baraacka as may be <(swti.itid b> the commanding Manue Officer, free ? f ekpenae to the United States; and both Wood and Coal t 1 - . th' monthly or ijnartt-rly r-i^uieitK u of tii- commanding "Ulcer, sh iwing the quantities required, in accordance with regulations, lu. At TORTSMOI TO, N. D. i2? tone *t C -al. 73 corda of Wood. CHARLESTON N. MASS. Ito tons o( Coal. lu> it rde of W o<?d ? BROOKLYN, NT. V < *..naof Coal. tx t orda of Wood. PHILADELPHIA, PA. 125 tons of Coal. ?*l rofda of 1 lucli^iii g Rendr/Toos and Aasiatant Quarter master'a OlRce. I WASniNCTON. D. C. ?>' liilil cf Coil. ?x> corda of Wood. ANNAPOLIS, MD. 75 corda of W.H.d. GOSPORT. VA. (? tuna of Coal. 1U' < ids of Wood. PENSACOLA, FLA )uv corda of Wood. MARE ISLAND, CAL. ID ti ne of Coal. Kd cords of W?od. ( W ith the privilege ? f increasing the quantity one third I The VI .>od and Coal furniahod at Washington city to b? meaanred, weighed, inap?? te<l and crtifi-d by 1 He Government Inspector app >inted by the Nary Itrpartm-ut and the expense attending such 1 nap-c 1km, Ac., paid l>y the contraci >r. Blank forma of pr *p<vala can be obtained upon arpiicatifi. at any of the Marine poeta. Pay m-uts will b- mad* npon the receipt of account* alnly autbentlcateii Jo the ct>mmanding offl.-era or the a ?ta at ? hich the W ?al or Coal haa been delivered. Th- right ia reserved to reject ail bida conai4-*red vnreaaahabla. A guarantee, to he aigned by two responsible per ?"iia, ~e reap, rsibility DKlat be certlSed to by the fnited States District Judge, United Statea Dis trict A It? roe- . or Tnitii State- Collector, muat accompany each prop, aal, otherwise it will not be CoOSldrlrd. To be Indoraed " Proposals for Fuel," and ad drasaid to the uader>ign-d. WILLIAM B. SLACK. M?j -r and Quarti rmaeter, Caited S'.vtea Mir ne * ? rpa. ap?-lawtw |?R< POSALS FOR STATIONERY. D*ea?n?EVT of Stati, A^rit 21. U7J. S? aln! Pr. eoaals fur fnruMhtng stationery for the year ? ndiog J ui.e ?. Wl, will be received at this lieaartn.-nt outll Jl-t day of Maj, 1373, at 12 a cli<i M Biar.W !? rm? forbidding will be farniabed npon apaiicatioa. Th- bida will t>e considered and accepted or re >-cted item b> il<u, aiel this advertisement and the pr. p? ?ala, so far a? accepte-l hy the Secretary of r<ate,aud the bond .<a> <>nipau> ii.g the name, shall constitute th-* contract t>etween ?he Government and the bidder or bidders, awl uo further contract a ill le- execnted. The ar11(.ies contracted for moat be furnished fr*n ! me to tine, during the year, in ^uatititiee pur >uaut to onlers from the D -partment The entire iuantitt?* of each article Will, how trver, tie calb-d fordnriag the year. tab Br..pi aal mnet be signed bv the lixlividual or Briu uiaLing it, aud be arco upanied by a l-o?i. with miBc ient auretiee. in a sum e>iual to gfty percent. *>f the b.d . r bnla ac -ep<ed, approved by a Uuited h atrs oBii ?r of the district in which the sureties re aide or do buainem, nt a form to be furnished by the Department cvnditiuesd t -r famishing such pur li >t.e ? f the articles aa way be awarded under it, and the performance of the contract. All deliveries will be subject to Inspection by an ex per! letailtd for the purpuae. b? the Sacretarx of ftati, aud the delivery o.'an inferior article will b> deemed aufllc.ent ? auee to annal the contract, at the cptit nof the Secretary. Deliveries must be free of charge nt the Depart mtnf t f State, M aahibgi<>n. The failure to comply with any one order nnder the contract will, at the option or the Secretary of Utate. ca.-rate aa a forfeiture of the entire penalty of the W nd; or the Secretary of State may direct the pauchaee. ia oaaa utarhet, of each ^aaatitiee ef ?n) art u 1^ aa shall be necessary to supply the deB I niiy arta ie# aa shall be necasaary to supply the deft^ *''*1 caused by such failure, and charge to the ?ffry ?f? ytv per centum ef the price which it ?ball be found necessary to par for such articles. Ji'",?^.*Sf'i>"lf* k? ? satufaktary bond T?1 y'-W 'WJA".*' ^ contracts wiU be award * uianufactorsrs of or detdera in Pro i* e ils to be addressed to the undera Igtiad and marked "Prun-teata for Stationery.'" ?X) eclm HAMILTON FISH, Beeretary of State. piOrutitU TVM FRESH BBRF Orricg A. C. 8., Foh* Foort, Marti.a*d,( May 1st, U73. < Seal d Propoeala. In duplicate, will t?t received at thie 0?*ce until l'J m .JrM 1, WTS. for fterulshtxg the Freah R ef required by the Subetstenen Dspa ' meot. C S. A , at this Station, daring six moatM, ccmmsnring Jaly 1, WTS. ^ A?eo. separate sr poeals for farjiahiog Offlor rnith Ca< u-e Csh larma the same peeiod. Information ae te condition, quality of Beef, pay mtalT Ac.,caa be obtsined by snail?ttim to . JAS KK A ST MAN, ml-dt IstLtewt ? ArttMarr, A. C. >. ?THE BBOADWAT COAT and VEST to match In 1 all the rags at A. BTRAI the Clothier, ltU Venas? Uania avenue, near Uth street. a? B AUCTION SALES. flTCKE CATV T VM. L. WALL * CO.. Auctioneers, New Marble Building, Ho. VOO and 90* Pennsylvania avenue. TRUSTEE S SALE OF VALUABLE PB>?PER TV IK SQUARE N". TI*. ? By Tfnn* of two dtnli of tru<, ncorM In Liber B M H , Ho 0. fo'le 78. aW> tn Liber T ard B, H" 7. folio 1U>, of the land records of~ the Pi?trict of Columbia, and by direction of the parties secursd thereby, I will offer at public Ml* on the pr' mliM, n? MOHD&T. tk* Mlh dar ef April, at the hour < f i ft'clock in tu? afternoon, th* follow* lug L ta of Gp<und. as nMlvM by Wa. f#r sib, Surveyor. betnc Lots number 43, 44 . 45. 46 , 47, 48. 49, *0. SI, M. M. M, *6. 56, 57,66,?,?.?. 61. 65. 61. 60, 66, 67, ?B. W, 7?,7I and 72. of the sub-division of original Lota number 12, li. 14, and part of 16, ia mjnareTlt These Lota front from 19 to 19 fret on Delaware avenue, M street eaat, II street north, and Colfax atreet. and ran back to alters, the said Lot* being in depth from 96 to MO feet. Two Frame Houses on Lota 61 and 69 will be sold with the Lota. T-rma of sale: On* third caah: the residue of the parchnse money in 6 and 12 month*, the purchaser fh ing hit notes bearing 6 per ceut. interest from the ay of sale- a deed giveu, au1 deed of trust taken to '*cnre the deferred payments. All conveyancing at the purchasers*coat. A d?-p *t of f 25 required from earb purchaser when the L <ts are Sold. I lata of above Lota can be had at_onr^tore. an lot I Rep] tST THE ABOVE SALE 18 POSTPONED until FRIDAY, May 9. ICS, at the same time snd place, in consequence of tli>' tain. By older i.fthe Trustee. aM dta W. L WALL A CO., Aucta. B. P. JACKSON, Trustee. W. L. WALL A CO.. Aucts. Si? _ THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until THURSPAT A fTERNOON. May 9. 1873. at the saiu> hour aixl place, in consequence of the rain. B P. JACKSON. Trustee. Hi3-d V. L. WALL A CO , Ancts. BY LATIMRH * CLEARY, K> al E-datc Brokers aud Auctioneers, Southwest comer Penna. arenne tutl 11th street, Star Office Building. TRUSTEE'S SALE OP VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY OW I STREET. BETWEEN Isr .STREET AND NEW JERSEY AVENUE By virtue of a decree of th* Supreme Court of Cf the District of Columbia, passed on th?* 14th day ?f February. ICS, in equity cauae No 3,i*>4. I* shall,at6o'clock p in ."ti MONDAY, the lath day t.f M, ICS, in front of the premises, (i<H Istr northwfHl J yff? '? ? ??'; ?? puwic auction, to t i-mliest bidder, tbe following d-scrib-d preini*. _, free and clear of all incumbrance-. to wit: L>t nnm ber lite in sutidit Wion of square No. 561, as record ed in the office of th- Survey or of th'? city of Wash ington, in the Di-trict of Columbia, improved l>y a n'at two story brick cottags of five rooms, bath ri-.m. cellar, and all modern improvements. Lot 26 s-12\ 100 feet, having line brick stable, with ser vants' room in rear. The terms of *ale are: One-third cash; remainder of purchase money in two equal annual instalments, at one and two years, with interest from date of sale, to lw secured by de?d >>f trust on the pr-p'rty. Ex panse of conveyancing to be borne by the purcha ser. #JUU will be required to be paid on the day of sale, to be forfeied in case of non compliance with t<-rnu> of sale, balance of ca?h pavment on confirma tion of sal*. WM A. MBLOY, Trustee. nil-.IAda LATIMER A CLEABY. Ancts. |>Y LATIMEB A CLEAB1, *> B-al Estate Brokers and Auctioneer*, &outhw?sK corner Pennsylvania avenue aud Uth at.. Star Office Building.' TP.CSTE**8 SALE OP VALUABLE TWO hTOKV BBICK DWELLING ON BOLNDAttV STBF.ET. (CORNER OF BROWN COURT,) NEAR 14th ' TRKET NORTHWEST. Itty viriuf of a deed of trust, dated October 1 14th, A. D. 1871. aud duly recorded in Liber No. (M. folio 4<j, et , one of the land records for Wa-hineton c,>unty, in th* District of Columbia, aud b> direction of tne holder of the note ?ecurcd by said deed of trust, I "ball sell at public auction, in front of the premises, to the highest bidder, on W EDNBSDAl, M?y 7th, A. D WT3, at A o'clock p m.. all that certain ot < r piece of Jground in the ciw of Washington, District of Columbia, and known as lot numbered ninety (90?, In Win. H. Brown's subdivision of certain I'Xs in square num bered two hundred and thirty -fonr<234), as said snb .Iivm u is recorded in the Surveyor's office of said city, in subdivision book "C. H. B.,'" folio 333, to gether with the improvements thereon. T>-tms of s?l?: One-third ca?h, (of which ?W0 mui-r l>e d"posit?*l at time of swle;) aud the balance iti one, two and three yearfc to be secured by pur chaaer'* notes, bearine ten per cent, interest,* pay able annually, 1 and a deed of trust on property sold, foiive* ancmg and recording at purchaser's co*t. If term* of sale arc not complied with within six days, the trustee reserve* the ri^ht to resell aLcost ana risk of defaulting purchaser. WM F. HOLT7.MAN. Trustee. a!5 LATIMER A CLEAHV, Aucta. BY LATIMER 4 CfcEAET, Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pensylvauia avenue and Uth It., Star Office Buildings. ATTBACTIVE SALE OF r.ROCERIKSON THE NORTHWEST CORNER OF Sth AND L STREETS NORTHWEST. . On FRIDAY MORNING. May 9, ICS, 1 commencing at 10oYl<?k. ne shall sell at 'the store, northwest corner of Ml and L ?ur?-ts, the following fine assortment of Groceries, Ac.. Ac.? Sugars, Coffees, Teas. Spices. Extracts, Yeast Powder, Blue, Canned Fruits, Jellies, Pickled Oysters,Olitee, all kiuds of S*uc<x>, A general assortment of Soap, Fiour and Corn Meal, Molasses and Syrups, Candles of all kind*. Vinegars, Wooden and Willow Ware, Desk, Cassard's Lard, large lot Ham* and Shoulders, Mackerel, Herring, Potatoes, Large lot Paper Bags and Paper, Meat Choppers and Saws, Platform and C >unter .Scales, Glass and Crockery Ware, three Coffee Mills. Also, One elegant Ice Box, One two-horse Wagon, shaft and tongue. m3 d [Hep.) LATIMEB \ CLKABY. Auct. BV LATIMEB A CLEARY _ , Auctioneer* and Real Estate Brokers, Southveat corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th St., Star Office Buildings. TBCSTEE S BALEOfTaLUABLE PROPEBTT ON THE SOCTHEAST CORNER OF BIGH TEENTH AND T STREETS SOUTHWEST. AT AUCTION. By virtue of a deed of trust to me, bearing M late the 6;h day ot July , A. D. 1372, aud record ? ed in liber No. *?*}. Mio 315, oue of the land r-c rds for W ?sliingtou county. District of Colum bia. and at th?- re>iuest of the party secured thereby, 1 will sell at public auction, to the highest bldd-r, iufiont of thepreniisen, on THI'" 8th dav of Hsy, 1C3, at 6 o'clock p. m.,lot lettered A, in II. Magruder's subilivision of original l'Hs num ber.-<1 10.11,12 and 13, in square U2. as the same are kntwn upon the public plats aud plaus of the city of Washington. This property fronts 23 feet on T street, and has a depth ->t Hw feet to an alley, and binds on Eighteenth street northwest. T.-rms of sale: BMO rash, balane? in 6 and 1! month- with interest. If the terms of sale are not complied with within live days from day of s?le,th? trustee reserves the right to resell the property at the ri?k and coet of the defaulting purchaser. Abo down at time of sale. Conveyancing at purchaser's cost. B. W. DOWN MAN, Trustee. ml dAds LATIMEB A CLEABT, Aucts. Y MATT1NGLY A WHEEL KB, Auctioneers, 603 9th street northwejt. TBCSTEE-S SALE BY AUCTION OF TWO ELE GANT BESIDKNCES ON K STREET, HE TW 1 EN 9th AND 10th STREETS NOBTU W EST. B> virtue of a deed of trust, dated September 4th, 1C2. and recorded S pteinber HKh, 1S72. in Liber No. 6*. folio 273,1 shall on THURSDAY, May 1st. 1C3, at & o'clock p. m , offer fot sale, to the highest bidder, the following real estate, <ltnat?d in Wash ington city, District of Columbia, to wit: Lots let tere,IC and D. in Gilbert's recorded subdivision of Square numte-ted three hundred aud seventy-one, |JT1,? together with the improvements thereon, being two denirable aud valuable modern-built B'*i dencss. This property is sold snbject to a prior deed of trurt ou each kionse of 910 us), late<l Angm>: 2>1,1971, payable in live years, with ten per cent, interest, pu>Mble fenn annually. Terms of ?ale: Cash for th'* amonnt realixe.1 above said incumt rauce, to lie paid within on? week after the sal*; and if the terms are uot complied with in that time, the Trustee reserves the right to resell the property at the ri?k snd cost of the defanlting pur chaser. A deposit o! .*50i) on each house when sold. C-'U^eiancing at the purchaser's cont. GEO. MATTINGLY, Trustee. aSl-eod M ATT1NGLY A WHEELER, Ancts. ?S IS CONSEQUENCE OF THE INCLEMKNT ?eat berth* above ?ale 1? hereby p>'tpone<l until WKDNESDAY, May Tth, 1873, name hour and pia< e. B> order of Trnsies it.J-. oA.1s MATTINC.LY # WHEEI.EB. Aucts |)Y LATIMEB A CLEARY, 19 Auctioneers and Real Estate Broker*. S> othwest corner Pennsylvania ave.and 11thstreet, Star Office Buildings. TBU8TEES SALE OK A VALU VBI.E BUILD ING LOT ON S STBEET. NEAR 14iu ST. NORTHWEST. SBv virtue of ? deed of t rust, datetl the M day of October. A D. lnrvi, an.I recorded in Liber T aud R, No. 3, foil" 32!, of the Land Records of Washington county, th* subscribers will sell to the highest bldd?T. on the premises, on TUESDAY, the ??th day of May, A. D. 1873, at i o'clock p m . L"t numbered 4.(four,> in square numbered 238, (two hundred and thirty eight,' in the city of Washing ton. District of Columbia, to pay %2Jt43, with inter est trom Octobers, 1S6K. and expens-n. Tb? terms of ml* are: One-fourth cash,(of which ?lw>niu*t l>e paul at the tim* of th* sale,) and the residue in equal sum* in 6,12, 18 and 24 months, for which the purchaser must give notes, bearing inter est at seven percent, per annum, payable semi-an nually. and secured by a deed of trust on the prem is*s. All eoa'eyanciug at tbecost of the purchaser. If the terms are not complied with within tiv* dar* from the day of sal*, the Trust*** reserv* th* right to resell th* property,or any pprt thereof, to the highest bidder on the (.r.-mbaa, for cash, on ten days" public notice In th* ?'?vetting Star," Wash ington city, at th* ri?k and cost of tbe purchaaer ia d au.t. jJJmBS *W&'BC0BAN,J Trn*^ ?21 taw (Ms LATIMEB A CLBABY. Ancts. Of SJtALL^ABMB AND ACCODXHB B SAL? BlRUt OP GEDtAICl, ( Natt D?r*m-n?it5T, April 17, liCS t _ _ w ? I/?FAB IHK.ll, apill 1 There will be sold at public auction to the high-st bidder, at IS m., on WBDNEriDAY, May 14. IV), In lb* office of tb* Inspector of Ordnance, Navy Yard, New York. n quantity of small am coutrements, as blwn. vis: 67.1 Plymouth rifles, cal. .69. s*rviceabl* 174 Plymoath riflss.csl. .69. needing repairs 66ul Plymouth rifle sahr* bayonets. 6366 Plymouth riffe sabre bayonet-scabbard". 45*4 Sharps A Hankina carbines, cal. J2, esrvi 417 Sharps A Hank Ins carbines, cal >78 Sharps A Han kins rifles, cal. J6, serviceable. V Sharp* * Haukias riflee, cal. ? needing re VSeCraeAH .ISSo fie) days afterwards, <Wing which tlms tbe ( ?M be naotB will be gtveafl noted la tb*| AUCTION SALES THIS EVEaixc. BY LATIMER A CLEABY, Au<-tt"n*?-n and Rnl E<t*t? Brok.-rs. So*tbweet corner|\ an fa avenue, and 11th St., Star office Buildings. L AROE SALB OF BOOKS On '.PMDAT EVENING. April ??th. and f 1 evenings until >11 ars sold, commencing each evening at half-past T o'clock prwuwlr, ?? ?ill aril, at our B".,u?s, corner of P?nw>lv<iua*T? nu? m>d llth street, A LA HOB AMD T ALU ABLE COLLECTION OF BOOKS, Embracing Bar* Work* on American History, Indiana, G~?l og), ihe Art* a-.d Sciences, A:mv and Navy, Antiqaities, Architecture, Lannuw, Ac., Ac. AJM.t'ck*WK collision of Standard and Miscellaneous Books, Bnglish and American editions. And many of them in flue bindings. To which we tar He the special attention of book buyer*. VTbe Books are uow arranged for examination anc catalogue* will be ready on Satnrdar morning. Parties nnahle to attend the sale can have their order* executed by the auctioneers. ai3-?f | Rsp.| LATIMER A CLEAET. Aucts. BY JAMES GUILD, Auctioneer, ?o. 1014 Psnasylvania avenoe. SPECIAL SALK OF ROSES. OEB VNIUMS, Ac. On MONDAY EVENING. M?y 3,at 7.30 o'cl ock, in the auction rooms. 1014 Pennsylvania avenue. m3-Jt JAMES GUILD, Auctioneer. 1>Y LATIMER A CLEARY, I) Auctioneers ami Heal Estate Brokers, Southwest corner of Petina. a??nn? and 11th (treet, Star Office Building. TRUSTEES' SALE QV~VALUARLI BUILDING Lots ON CAPITOL HILL, NEAR THE CAPI TOb By virtue of a deed bearing date on the NR7tli dey of March. A D. U73, convey iug the ^^^hereinafter described lots of ground to the un dersigned, as tniKtm, in trust, to sell and con vey, we shall Mill, at Wil lie auction, to the highest bidder, on MONDAY, May tilth, 1873, at to o'chick p. m . in front of the premises, original Lots numbered <>ne (1) and twenty-three, i?;.) at.' the east half of original Lot ntunbefM three.(3.) all in square numbered seven hundred ami thirtv-tlere* f71]. t Lot Wo 1 ? fioul fl| 44 feet ai d 10 H Chen on i t street southeast by a depth of 75 fe-t oir li street southeast Lot No. 23 has a front of 46 feet >u C street southeast, between 1st mi l 2i strwts by a depth of 119 feet 6 inches. And the east half of Lot No. 3 has n front of 23 feet on D street, between l?t and 2d streets southeast, by a d. pth "I 119 feet and 6 inches. 1 liie property i- in the -ime square In which St. Peter's ;burch," Ingle Place." Ac., are located, aud in a neighborhood containing some of the finest im provuiui-ato on Capitol IliU, and about two g juves siutheatt of the eastern ptirk of the Capitol grounds. The Me will lie offered nspnrately. T'-rniH of sale prescribed by the deed are: One third of the purchase money in cash; and the residue in Hires equal instalments, payable tn six (6). twelve (12) ami eighteen < 18) months from day of sale, witU interest. and secured by deed of trust on the pro> erty sol 1; or all cash, at purchaser's option. lft'_s? terms of sale shall not be complied with within (?e week from day of sale, the Trustees reserve the r.glit to resell the property at the risk and cost of the ftrst purchaser. A deposit of 9100 in cash on ea-jh lot sill be required at the time of purchase. C?vey ancing at purchaser's cost. B.K.ELLIOT. l-r.,, ROBT W McPHERSON,]?1"*8 a90-d.tils LATIMER A CLEARY. Aucts. BY lUNCANSON, DOW LINO A CO , Aucts. corner 9th and D stroetc. north wort. TRUSTEE S SALE OF~VALUABLE IM PROVED PROPERTY ON 10th STREETNEAR 8 ST. NORTHW EST?No. 17?'i 10th STREET. /4b Hy virtue of a deed of trust to 'she undersigned, 1^;;; da ed the Kth day of June, a. D. 116J, ami re ?*co ded in Liber T and R, No. 16, folio 165. of the land ncords of the District of Columbia, and <?t the written request of the holder of the promise^ ry note secure 1 thereby,I will se|| on tne premises,by pub lic ancti< n, on FRIDAY. th? ?tn day of M^y, A. D. 1S73, a to o clock p tn.. all that certain piece or par ctl i f ground situate in the city of Washington, in said L) strict, and known and described iv> Lot nine teen, <19.) in Leonard S Chapman's recorded sub divisb n of square nuaber. a three hundred and thiriy live, (.118,) together with the Improvements ttiere< n,Consisting of a pood frame Dri lling House. T- nus of sale; .* 1 jihj in cwh; tlie remainder in six nn ntl s, with interest at nix percent., secured by a deed of trust on the premiums; or all cash, at the op tion ol the purchaser: $2uu to be dep>slted whin the proper:y is struck off. If the terms of gale are not ccmplied with within Ave days from day of sal", the property will be resold, at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. All conTeyaticIng to be paid for by purchaser. GEORGE H. PLANT. Trustee. in2-d DUNCANSON, DOWLINQ A CO., Aucts. HY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest comer Penna. avenue and 11th street, Star Office Building. 1 SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED AND TN IM PROVED PROPERTY ON DELAWARE AVENUE NORTHEAST. My virtns of a decree of the Bnprome Court of tiie District of Columbia, passed in Equity cause **No. 738, Chancery rules 5. wherein Eli/.abeth It rent is complainant and Charle* E Brent et al. are defendants, the undersigned, duljr appointed Trustee in said cause, will sell, a* public auction, in front of th>-premise*, on THURSDAY, the 1 A'.hday of May. A. D. 1873, at 6 o'clock p. m., the following Lots and parts of Lots, in Square No. &?>: The uorrh thirty <.*" feet of lot No. 7, running back depth of lot to a public al ley, containing 5,196.75 square feet, with the four-story lirick House thereon; all of lot No. 8, containing 11J62 25 square feet, with the fonr-story Brick House and two-story side Brick building thereon: all of lot No. 9, containing 10,197 square feet, and part of |?vt N >. 10, commencing fo* the same at a point on Delaware avenne northeast 21 feet dis tant from the northwest corner of square on C street north; running thence east 131 feet 16 to a public alley: thence m uth with said alley S3 feet *9; thence west l?o feet 86 to said Delaware avenne; ai.d tlience north with said avenue 38 feet 597 to place of begin ning, containing 4.69U 13 square feet. The houses are well-known and need no descrip tion. The extension of the Capitol grounds fronts in part on this souare, aud their improvement will make this healthy, beantifnl and convenient locality one of the beet in the city for residence and invest ment The terms of sale, as prescribed by the decree, are: One-Third cash; and the balance in two equal instal ments, for which the notes of the purchaser will be taken, payable In fix and twelve months from day of sale, with interest from date, and secured to the sat isfaction of th*Trustee. A deposit of one hundred <1 >ll?rs w ill be required for eacn lot at time of sale. If the terms of sale are not complied with within ten days from day of sale, the property will be resold at c< st and risk of purchasers. AU conveyancing at cost of purchasers. J. CARROLL BRENT. Trn?tee. nil ttawAds [Rep 1 LATIMER A CLKARY, AilJt BY LATIMER ft CLEABY. Real Estate Broker* and Aactioneer*, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and llth at., Star Office Building. CH ANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE ON PENNSYLVANIA AVE NI E. BETWEEN FIRST AND SECOND STREETS NORTHWEST. Gfc By virtue of a decree of the 8upreme Court of ffl the District i?f Colombia made in the cause of mL1- Ritchie et al. vs. Shoemaker et al , No. l,96f<, equity, and amended decree, I will offer for sale, at tntlic auction, in frout of the premisi-s. on THURS 1a Y. the l.'itli day of May, 1*73, at to o'clock p. m , I -t numbered 5, of th" subdivision of lot 1, in square onnibered 575, and part of lot 8, in said square, im proved by a three-story biick house, with back building, being No. lOtt Pennsylvania avenue. Tiiis property fronts w feet on Pennsylvania ave nne. and runs back to an alley Teims of sale; One-third of the purchase money to be paid in cash, and the balance in three equal in stallments at six.(6.) twelve (12) and eighteen (IS) n ouths, respectively, to be ecored by nwtea bearing interest, secured of deed of trust on the property. The terms of sale must be complied with within one week after day ofsale,orthe property will lie re? <ld at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. All conveyai cing at coet of purchaser. A deposit of A'AX) will lie required at time of ?ale. JAMES L. CARBERY. Trustee, ml did* LATIMER A CLKARY, Aucts. BY GREEN a WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001, North went cornerlOth and D street*. DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS IN SQUARE No. 774, SITUATED ON K STREET. BE TW EEN 3d AND 4th STREETS NORTHEAST, AT AUCTION. By virtue of a deed executed by the late Mrs. s^fpSarah Hamilton, dated the 17th day of April. ^^?1X71, and recorded tn No. 6i9, folio 131, one of the laud records for Washington county, in the District of Columbia, and at the request or, and by irtue of a power of attornev from the beneficiaries named in said deed, I will sell, at public auction, in front of the premises, to the highest bidder, on TUESDAY, the toth day of May, at i o'clock p.m., Iota numbered six (6.) seven 17,1 and eight (8,) in R. M. Hall's recorded subdivision of square numbered seven hundred and seventy-four (774; I said lots hav ing a front of l(J feet each on K street'uortheast, be tween 3d and 4th streets, and running hack about 1:2 feet to an Is foot alley, containing in all 7,140 square feet. Terms of sale: One-fonrth caah; balance in It, 18, and 24 months, for notes bearing interest at eight rerr nt. perannnm, payable semi-annually, secured ) a deed of trust on the aroperty sold. A deposit of #91) will be required at the time of sale. If the terms of sale are not compiled with within icven days from day of sale, the property will be rasold at the risk sud cost of the defaultingpcrchaser. AU conveyan ciLg at purchaser's cost. THOMAS Mt GILL. Trustee. s3 eolwAdts GRKEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. By latimbb a cleary, Auctioneers and Real Estate Broker*; Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenne and llth *t.. Star Office Building. TRUSTEE'S SALK OF~ VALUABLE UNIM PROVED PROPERTY OK THE SOUTHEAST rpRNER OF Bih AND T STRBKTS NORTH WEST. By virtue of a deed of trust to me, bearing ate the 6th day of January, 1872, and recorded ^?-iu Liber <34. folio 484, et seq., of the Land Be cords of the District of Columbia, and at the request of the parties secured thereby, 1 shall sell M public auction, in front of the rremisew.on WKDNBsDAY AFTKKHOON. May Tilh, at ? o'clock. Lot Mo. I. square No. 398, situated nn the southeast corner of 8tn and T ? rests northws*t, containing 9,935 squars feet, aioreoe less. Terms: One-fourth caah; residue In 4, 11 and 18 mouths, with interest at 7 per cent. $100 d >wn at tlrue of sale. Conveyancing at coot of purchaser, tf the tarns are not complied with within ten days, the deposit will be forfeited and the property resold at the lisk and coet of the purchaser on Ave days' notice. This property la sold at the ri?k and cost of K. A. Hebtrd. he having purchased the aame and failed to comply with the terms. B W. DO WNMAK, Trustee. ml dAd* LATIMKB A CLKaBY. Aucts. IJM1TKD STATES MARSHAL'S SALE. In v irtue of a writ of Beri facia*, lamed out of the Clerk's office of the Supreme Court of the District of Co'nnibta, and to aw directed, I will sell at pub lic sale .for cas*. ia front of the Court House door of said District, on KEIDAT, the S3d day of 1?7J, at It o'clock m , all defendant's right, title, claim and interest in and to lot No. 8, ia square Ko. I.ift. Also, the w**t half of lot Eo. t, ia square Ko. 1,4*6, In the city ot Washington, D. 0., together with all and singular the Improvements thereon. e<-inert and levied upon as th* property of Bichard ? .Ball, and will be sold to satisfy execution No. f Mi U f-t-- ?** " ?D. 0. ? .Rail, and will be sold to satisfy 7 AM. in favor of John W Le B%rnee Bldts ALII SHARP, AUCTION SALKS. TO*MORR??. ?T LATIMER A CLEART.. A<Kli?wrri an<l R?al riil*t? Br^n, ithwe*t?orner Pennsylvania atenoe and Ikk Star Ottc- BniMing. LA KG* SaLE OK ETOtGREENS* A On TUESDAY NoRlflfin, *#r t'k, ?t It Hp iWL we ttinll ?t>n M om Bw? R>>nv* * Ur(? ?? collectton of Evergreen*, confining of? Norway Bfme*. He*alock 8prnc?, Aoiprirui Arbor Vltf*, I:r?h Jinip-rs, SikriAa dw <1* f ?edi?h d> Golden do do Silver Fir. ^iir-trliir P:n<"?, Mmb Fir, *>tch Pines, Tree Bo*. <?f vn???4y, and Arbor Vftaes, in quai t< tic* for h'dgeway Term* cash hale po*it.f?*. tr 3-d* | R' pi LATIJ4HK A CLEARY, Aurt*. I > R U 8 T E E 'S >ALI VALUABLE f AB!>*E (B BOCKVILLE. By vtrtue of t 4M rl trust from Hurry Hurley ?nd wife, dated Hart ?Hh,HS&. and recorded in liber E B P, No.*, :*Uo 108, Ac., coeof the land record* of Montgomer esounty, I aill sell, at pohlln section. at ?be Cenr rftnnw dovr, in the town at Rickvilte, ab TUE8I HT, 6th day of Hay. UTS. at 11 o'clock a. in., the Pnnn on which the said Harry Hurley now reside*. Thi? farm ii on the public road from Rockvill,. fe? Darcestov*, about a ioiit and a Laif from the foomer place. It ha* boen bud off into two parts, a*.? will be sold separately. Lot 1 front* on th?*p*bllc road, and contain* ?T7*< acres,2T> of which ar?gnod ehe*tiuit and oak timber; ia well watered, anr. Mneroved by a two story F rem Dwelling House, with Barn. 8uJ?le? and firanary. - Lot 1 Ilea immediately iu rear-of lot I. i* also wHl wooded and wate<wd, and ia improved by a good Frame Hou*e,of six room*.and contain* 114 *cr*e. Term*: One-thlnd cash; br.taace in one aa<t two year*, with Interest and approved sorority. For further pa.-We?lara, or slat showing the prem ises, apply to Rijnard M. W.iii?OM,attorkty <rt-law, R. < k? ill*, Md. B ali-eoCt* BAM Is FOWLER, 'trrutcv*. t B. H. M ABNKR, t Real Estai? Broker and A.'ictioneer, No. 7 Sl? :ui street. between G and H ate. TRUSTEES SALE OfTaLUABLE IMPROVED BKAL ESTATE FRONTING ON I f-TUEET NORTH, BETWEE3 NORTH CAPITOL AND 1st STB. EAST. ? IB* virtne of f1v%deeds of trnst h??r(nj rtasa on the 4th day of October, A. I\ VV1, and Auto reco-vled in Liboe Hg. 6ri3, folio ? ?-! n.-q,; LiLer 8K.J, folio 24. et seq.; Ll>*>r ri&J, folio f, et ?*q.; L? >or 6U'$. folij 29. et se.|., -uui Li bur &>2, folio 22, et sua. of the Record* for Washington connty, D. C., I shall sell at public anction., in frjnt of the premi*?s, oi. WEDNESDAY, tbe 'JSdday of April, A. D. W73, at A o'clock p. m , all thoee certain piecea or par cel* of ground, situate and i)itiK in *aid oity of We?hiiiKton, az^l being kaowu and d?Mcr?b?d a* Lot* numbered ninety -four, ,94.) ninety Ave, (95,) o.nrtT-*lx.(9&,} ninety ?e*e!i ;9f I Vid ninety-eijttit, (16.) ill Gilbert^ recorded tuib-diriiion of aiuire ? umbered *1* hundred and aerenty five, (a*.) Rich >of the above Lota is implored by a tine two-atory Brick 11 >>ua9 near 1 y ready f"r occi-pancy. Terms of *ale: One-thif4 cash, oalaujo in ( and 12 months, with interest from da> of sale, secured by deed of trust on procitees sold: .?10i to be paid on each lifuse at time of sale. If tlje t-rms of sale are pot coiaplied with in h*e days, the Trustee reserved the right to reeell the property at the risk and coat of tbe defaulting >urcha*er, by advertising thrwe time* in the "Eveuiug Star." All conveyancing at c?at of purchaser. _ WILLIAM B. T05B.JK , Trustee. aa-eoAds B. H. WARNER, A.uct. RjTTHE ABOVE SALE 19 POSTPONED until FiilDAY, 1-C3, same hour arul place. WILLIAH B. TODI), Trustee. a:i B. H. WARNER, Aact. THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED uutil TrsrSDAV. May btb, 1^73,sau.e hour an<l place. By order of the Fru?tee. ii.3 B. 1 WARNER. Anct. BY LATIMER A CLEARj" Real Estate Brokers and Anctloneer*, Southweat oorner Pennsylvania ave. and Uth str^t, Star Office Building. By virtneof ade^l..f trrjtf dat?d the 9:itday of March, A. D. 1472. and record^l in LiborNo. l676. f olio 433. of tlie land records for th- county of Washington, District of Columbia, and by the written request of the ?:irty secured thereby, w? will offer lor ?ale, by public auction, on FRIDAY, the 'Jd dny of M>?y, 1S73,oo the preniis> ',at ?? oVliKk p. m., the ???stern ninetm n feet of Lot numbered 24. Iu mjuHie 250, ha\ ing a depth of 76 feet 6 inchea, ana iinproved by a three-story Brick Dwelling T?-Tms of sale: One third cash; balance in si* aad twelve ai Btb*, with Interest at Itf per cent, from day of sale, and secured by deed of trust on the property sold. All conveyancing at purchaser's cost; flUG down * ben th? property is sold. FREDERICK W. JONES.< Tr,w?A?. JOSEPH R. EDSON, { iru-itees

THOMAS RUSSELL, < S. T. LEWIS, < Assignee* a 25 d\ds LATIMER A CLE ART, Aucta *y"THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED in c>ii*e<inence of the rain, until TUESDAY, May the 6th,h:ilne hour and place FREDERICK W JONES,/ Trnato** JOSEPH R EDSON, ^Trtn.oes. THOMAS RUSSELL, I ??ilrnrlv, 8. T LEWIS. < Asatgae*. mS-dAds LATIMER A CLEART, Amts. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001, northwest cornor 10th and D sts. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE CORNER LOT. 40 BY 90 FEK1, BIIING THE SOUTH WEST CORNER OF V AND 13ih STREETS NORTHWEST. By virtue of a deed of trust, dated 6th day of MvMarch, A.D.1<72, and recorded in liber No. ? C76, folio 104. of the land re<->?rds for the county of Washington, District of ('i4umbia, and by the written request of th? party secured thereby, we will offer for sale, bj public auction, ?n FRIDAY, tli? 18th day of April, A D. 1373, at 5 o'clock p. m . the eastern 40 feet of L<*t 18, in 8>iuara uumbured 236. having a depth of 9U feet. Tcrtna will be stated at the time of the sale. ANTON EBERLY. ( CHRISTIAN G. LEDERER.f Tnwl??. a] law Ada GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucta. 15 'THE ABOVE BALE IS POSTPONED until FRIDAY, May 3d. 1873, at the same hoar aod place. By order of the Trustee*. aid-law Ada GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucta. K7-THK ABOVE SALE IS FURTHER POST PONED, on account of the rain, until TUESDAY, Ma> 6th, 1873, at the same hour and place. By order of the Trustee*. m3 GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aaets. DY LATIMER A CLEARY. ? > Auctioneers and Real Estate Broken, South*oat corner Pennsylvania aye. and Uth atreet, Star Office Buildlnga. VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPIRTYON THE NORTH SIDE OF G STREET NORTHWEST, BETWEEN 4tb AND 4th 8PREETS, BEING NO 484. AT AUCTION Ou TUESDAY AFTERNOON, May 6th,1373, ^Bcommencing at 6 o'clock, in front of theprem ?BHise*, we shall sell part of Lot 6 of sub. of Lot 4, in ivjuare 518, improved by a comfortable two-story Brick, with back building, with all the modern im provement*, having a front of %) feet on the north wide rtf G street northwest, between 4th and 5th, be ing No. 463. Terms: One-third caah: the residue In two equal pajmentsat 6 and 12 months, with notes bearing in terest at 8 per cent, aud secured by a deed of trust on the premises sold. Conveyancing at purchaser's cost. S100 down at time of sale. a30-dAd*?1 Bepl LATIMEB A CLEARY, Anots. BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneer* and Real Estate Brokers, Southeast corner Pennsylvania avenae and 11th St., Star Office Building. VERY VALUABLE AND HIGHLY DESIR ABLE UNIMPROVED PROPERTY, FRONTING ON PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, ON D STREET, BETWEEN ELEVENTH AND TWELFTH STREETS, NEAR THE "EVENING STAR" OFFICE, AT AUCTION. We will ofler for sale on TUESDAY AFTER ?fHNOON. May 6, 1873, at 6 o'clock, part of lot ?^^?numbered 9, in square 323, fronting feet, and running back 1UU feet to an alley. Ternin: One-fourth cash; balance in three equal payments?one, two and three years?with interest at seven percent., and secured by deed of trust on the premise*. Couveyansing at purchaser's cost, (ltlxluwn at time of sale. m3 d LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucts. B Y Wa L. WALL A CO., Auctioneer*, New Marble Building, No*. 999 and 00* Pennsylvania avenue. VALUABLE AND DESIRABLE BUILDING LOT NEAR ST. AL0YSIUS CHURCH, AT AUCTION. ? ? L On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, May 6, 1*73, Pitt 6 o'clock, we will sell, iu front of ttie prem ?i!-< n, the eaMern twenty (20) feet of parts of lot* 1 ami 3. in square 5fitf. fronting on north K street, between 1st street and New Jersey avenue; a most de?iralde. pleasaut, and rapidly improviux part of the city. The street in front of th?*se lots has be*n graded and the sidewalks paved. Title perfect. Teinn>: One-third cash: balance in 6 and 12 montns, iHtsriim Interest, and secured by a need of trust on tbe premises. A deposit ..f f KM required a* soon as the property 1? knocked off. m2 a W. L. WALLj A CO., Aucts. f C. KENNEDY, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, Aid 7th St. AT AUCTION-THREE SIX ROOMED FRAMED HOUSES ON 4H STREET, ON EA8Y TERMS. On TUESDAY, May 6th, at ? o'clock p. m.. I will sell, separate]/, tn front of the premise*, part* of Lots 14 and 16. Square 638, improved by three six roomed Frame House*, the sania being N<>*. ?0'J, ?104 and ft?6 4S atreet, between E aud F streets southwest. Term*: One fonrth cash; balance in payment* of $40 p? r month. #20 down at sale. a26-9t C. KENNEDY. Auctioneer. BT w. L. WMALLMA CO.^^e?, No*. VOO aad 90* Pennsylvania arena*. B PUBLIC BALE AT AUCJIOI OF H0U8E AND LOT ON OHIO AVENUEj BETWEEN 14iu bin ia On OHIO AVEtfUE, BET WEE ?th STREETS NORTHWEST. . _ WEDNESDAY AFTHBNOON, Hay 7, J1873. at ? o'clock, we will sell at public auction, Mn front of th* premises. No. 1430 Ohio av enue, part of Lot No. M, of subdivision of S-mare No 228, a* recorded in liber C. H. B .folio Rt5, in the ?urreTor'* office, fronting li feet on Ohio *?? enue, with th* improvement* thereon, eoaaiating of adwelling-hou**. Term* : Sl^SOof this amount f* payable in note* of MP every ninety day*; first note due 24th Jane, 1878. Thl* amoant and interest con remain; balance cash. A deposit of f 100 on aeceptane* of bid. nil-d W L. WALL A CO , Aucts Y GKIEI A WILLIAMS, Aacttoaeer*, ?orthw**t corner 10th aad D streets. ON i E AT NUE AND MOBTH CAPITOL STREET, ^LC?oi(THUB8DAT,tke 9th instant, at 6o'clock , we shall sell on th* praise* Lot No. 2, in re No. 488, being tt feet front by 130 feet deep. It heing an uaobstrweted view of the Potomac, ; valuable property and sold on reasonable One-third cash; balance 1, t,&,4 and6 years with interest at 8 par eei tjper annum and secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyancing, A*., at cert of pnrehaaer. IU down ou the day of sal*. Title iodinatabte. Terms to be complied within 10 dny**fler tb* day of sale, otherw ise the owner re serves the right to resell th<#pro*'Jrty at tbe risk and otNrtcf the purchaser. GREEN A WILLI 1*8, mS-dAda [Rep] Auctioneer*. ATCTION ftALRfl. THIft irrERKtMllk B1 BoitJVM: XAT1XKK * CitS\KT. Awrtloue^f* *ul Real !?" *; r B< km, corner P*r.r ?vlvar.iv ave .\*J lltfc street. Star Ofrtee Bn1) Jt??. VE*Y DIMKAILl LOT AND PWE1 [LATE THh KJEs ll>* MCE OF LEWIS ELLING. ? - JOHN i^. YSO., DECEASED.) ON THE NORTH EAPT CORNEA OF Uth AN? SALE O STREETS' AT PUBLIC j ra of da* ItoRTHWEST. FOR AUCTION. A B??ir1?ie if tArcmof th? Sapreme Court af ^B<h- Vistrict ?f C-< luml>_a., piss-d ui a catiso la ?ntid ?:iirt avMdiH be*??eu Levi* J. D*?i? et ?l.tvlli?l?linia, aud O ' t.ana R. Dttii M tl.iit fscdanU, 1 ?i 2 m II. at public auction, ia frsat of ahe on MuKDA Y. A aril M?h, M73, at ft oVlock p. a.,|wti of orlHtoai Lou anaahered Mr** (A) and four .4), in Souare K?. :>U, in Ike citf of Waahington,P.C ,pam. alarly described a* fsOnwa; ti<?UDMcin&al tkt wsljaNl Mrnar of MdL?|itrf and running thence north ai.iol the line W 1Kb street ons kuadred and thirty-nin< <1991 feet. *?bm ?aat forty-f^ar (44) f?t ains <9) inches; th?ac?-seuth , one hundred and thirty line <13?) feet to street , thence went forty-four 44) r.?t aine (9) incWato the ?K?int of li|jianiii|, with the inpr?v.<B*a Di ?>i a 6aa three-sto.-v Brick lW?l)ini, all the modern conveatsuces, uj Brick CarriHg?-bonne. The > asti in *upplird with a pamp and i drir.ksg water. Term* of sale as prescribed by the der<r?*: Oa* third t>i" the purchase money Cd*h, and ine halanoe in *ix , i>, twelve* lA>?nd eighteen (U)a.?.li. The deferred payment* to hear interest at the rate >>f, eight <&) per cel.*. per anrjua. A d?> ?i? of f 4|N will "a?- required when the property U ku* o?. Cm ve) taring at coat of purchaser EUGENE CARUSf, Trwte*. all d LATIMER A CLE--.Ji?, Aucta. fc^-lN CONSEQUENCE OF THE RAIN, th ai" \e aalt- in 1 vatpnned nntil XOM'A.T, May ft, IK!. Mine houi and place. Bv order of Teu?te.*? a? I.ATIMER A CLBARY. An~?s. V GKEE14 A WILI JAMS, Auctioneer-. South' ast corner 7th and 0 streeta. | TKVSTEE-SSALEOr VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY IV SQUARE K?. 07 A, NEAR sr. ALOYSIE8 CHURCH. j(& By virtue of a deed of trust, dated April 29 h, E7!i A. I). h>7S, ais't ?!ui> recoriul in liber No. 641, ^?Sf-U.. as Ac . of th? laud records for Washington county, D. 0.. and 'jp the direction of the party se cured thereby, I will anil, at public anctios. in rr->n? of the (remise*, t>n NONDAi ,the Ml at day of April, A. 1). fcCS, at 6 o'clock | . m., all of Iota uumltered one bUM>lre<l and tarentv-eevea( 127; ant one hundred and twohty-fclgh'.. (128) aivl a (art of lot numbered 1 one haudr?<?ard rarenty-rjne (12W. in Qi'.b-rt'* re cordod ?nl>diTialoo of mjnaro numbered ait hundred and ?eri>nty-flva (67ft), in the city of Wa?hiufftt>a. with all the improvement* thereon, conaiatius of nearly flninbeabrirk dwlling? on m>rth Iatreet. a plat of the pr<>aerty will be ox habited at the aale. T?-rm? or aale: Oue-half la cash, of which &li)C mint be paid at tale upon each h>>nao nolcl; tke d -- ferr? d payment* to b< made In six and twelve ttonthj after day of sale, wit It iuteteat at ten per caut. P?*r annum, and ?ecure?l by deed of trnat to the a^liaf tc ti?n ?f th# Trustea. Terras to b? fully complied with witki* aix days after day of aale, otherwise the Trustee -.t-Hervt'H the right to resell the pri-P?r?y, after on? week's uotice, al the risk and c?4t of first purchaser. All ?>DTeyaneing at purrhawr's coat. H. WARD, Trustee, afi StawAds ORE EN A WILLIAM*, Aucta. fcTTHE A DOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until MONDAY, May i, at the name hour aod plac?. By ordar of the trustee. *21 GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctt. B IV ORKKN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001, uorthwest corner Mth aud D sta SALE OF VERY VALuTbLE BUSINESS rROP KhTY ON THE SOI TH SIDt OF PENNSYL VANIA AVENUE. BETWEEN NINTH AliD TEN Til STREETS WEST, AT AUCTION. MBy lirtut- of a de<d exveuted by tba lata Mrs. Sarah Hamilton, appointing th? nndetr i!goed Tnist.e for the purposes therein set forth, dated the I7th day of April. 1S71, and recorded in N> Stf,folial3l,on<t of the land records for Wash ington county, D. C , ar.d at the request of and by virtue of a power of attorney from the beneficiaries naiuvd in said deed, I will sell at pnblic am-tlon, in front of the premises, to the highest bidder, On MONDA Y,th>-dth cay of May, at ft o'clock p in., ru rts of Lots N?s. five (ft) ami six it), ia Square num oared three hutidred and eiphty (A*)), improved by a tnree-storj ami attic Dwelling, with back bnildiue, being pr. n.i^cs taovri in No. 944 Pennsylvania aveunt- northwe.t. This property fronts 20 feet on Pennsylvania avenue, with a depth of about 53 feet, coimt>cting with Lot 6, which fioau 12 feat on C stre-t; ft) all 1.965 foet. Terms of sale: One-fourth cvh; the balance In twelve, eighteen and twenty-four months, with interest at six per cent., payable semi annually, secured by a deed of trust on th?> property. Adcpwit of j?2IU a ill be required on acceptance of bid. if the term-, are not complied with within seven days after the ?ale, the property will be reaold at risk and cost of defaulting purchaser. All conveyancing at pur chaser's cost. THOMAS M< GILL, Trustee. GREEN A WILLIAMS. slS-ertwAdtMS Auctioneers. ? B. U. WARMER, Rt al Estate Broker and An^tioneer, No. 7'29 7th street, between 0 and H streets. chancery sale ofTmproved REAL E? TATE ON 1*th STREET WEST. BETWEEN T AND U STREETS NORTH, AND ON AH ALLEY !N THE REAR THEREOF. By \irtue of a decree of the Supreme Court, Dis trict of C iumbia, passed in the cause of Wheatley and sons vs. Fitch et al , No. 2.639. equity docket II, we shall sell, on MONDAY, the ftth day of May, US. at 6 o'clock p. m .in front of the premises, at pnblic auction, lots 58.80. 61.62. SS, ar?d7I, In Falco ner and Allen's recorded subdivision of parts of square 274, improved by five two-story and one three storv brick dwellings, nearly new. Tt rms of sale: One-fourth cash on the day of sal*, or within five (lays thereafter, and the residue in four equal Installments, at 6, 12. M, and 24 months, from the day of sale, the purchaser or purchasers giving his, her, or their promissory note* for the deferred payments, bearing interest from the day of sale, the title tw be retained until the whole of the purehas? monev. with the Interest, is paid. In the event of the failure of the purchaser or purchasers to comply with the terms of sale, the trustees have the right to resell the property at the risk and co?t of such defaulting purchaser or purchasers. A de posit of 9100 will be required on the acceptance of each bid. Convevanring at purchaser's coat JAMES 8. EDWARDS,I FRED K w. JONES, \ rro?M* a21-m.w Asds B H. WARNER, Anct. B B1 GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Northwest corner 10th and D streets. VERY VALUABLE THBFE-STOBT BA81 MF.HT, ATTIC AND BACK BUILDING MASTIC FRONT BRICK HOU8E AND LOT, REING No. 449 LOUISIANA AVENCE. FROJ.TIHG JUDICIARY SQUARE, AT AUC On MONDAY, the ftth day of May. 1373, we B0*hal. sell, in front, of the o o'ebek m . that fine mastic front Brick Bouse front ing on Louisiana avenue, opposite Judiciary Sinaro, it being part of L*t No. 19, Square N > 490. having a front of 30 feet, more or lees, running back to a wide, paved alley, 98 feet. The house contains be tween eighteen and twenty conveniently arranged rooms. We deem it unnecessary to say anything relative to the advantageous and beautiful location of the above-mentioned property, as it is well-known to be one of the most desirable and beautiful pieces of property for business or private residences now for sale, near the Judiciary Square. Terms of sale: One-sixth cash; balance in one, two, three, four and ?ve years, for notes beariuc in terest from day of sale at 6 per cent. A deed giveu and deed of trust taken on the property sold. Two hundred dollars required to be paid down when the property is knocked off, and the whole terms to be complied with In eight days fron dav of sale, or the right is reserved to rt-aell the property, at the risk and cost of the first puichaser. All conveyauciug artont of purchaser Title perfect, a29 GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucta. B Y GREEN A WILLIAMS,Auctioneers, Northwest corner of loth and D streets. BY VALUABLE IMPROVED BEAL ESTATE IN THE HEABT OF THE CITY AT AUCTION. ? On MONDAY, the ftth day of May, lj73, we [shall sell^ou the premises, at ftX o'clock p. m., I all that piece or parcel of ground lying In th" city ef Washington, D. C., known aa part of lot number five, in square number three hundred and eighty, being the southwest corner of loth street went >bd ('street north, fronting on 10th street 19 feet SH Inches, gnd running back on north C street 63 feet to an alley 9 feet 9 inches wide, and also fronting on north C street l< feet S inches, ruuning back 76 feet in depth, with the improvements, cou nting of a two-story brick dwelling-house and a good brick warehouse, making both pieces valuable property. Terms: One-third cash; balance in9,12,19 and St mnnths, for notes bearing interest, and secured by a deed of trust on the premises sold. Conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. 8200 down on piece at the time of sale. al6 eoAds (Rep] GREEK A WILLIAMS. Ancts GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001, northwest corner loth and 1) sta. VALUABLE BEAL ESTATE AT THE OO RNER OF BOUNDARY 8TBEET NOBTH AND 7tk PTKEET WEST, AT THE JUNCTION OF THE 7th-BTREET CARS, AT AUCTION On MONDAY, the ftth day of May, 1873. at 6 o'clock p. m., we shall sell, on the premises.being Lot No. 37, in subdivision of Mount Pleasant, hav ing 40 feet S inches front, muning through to 8th street west, with the improvements, consisting of a Rrick Dwelling-house. This property has fine building fronts?one on Boundary ,^th and 8th ats.; also, on the old Bladensburg road, making it valua ble property. Terms: One-half cash; balance 1 and 9 years, for notea bearing ? per rent, interest and secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyancing at the cost of the pnrchsser. (HOdown on the day of sale. [a21-d] GREEN A WILLIAMS. Ancts. OY LATIMER * CLEARY, ? ^ D Auctioneers and Real Estate Broker*. Southeast corner Pennsylvania a venae and 11th at., btar OOce Building. IMPROVED PROPERTY OH 11th STREET, BETWEEN O AHD H STREETS, NORTH WEST, AT AUCTION. _ ON MONDAY AFTERNOOH, May ft, 187S, at 6:30 o'clock, w? shall a?ll, in frost of the the norther* pMl of Lot Ho. 9, la nare 346, frosUag U feet on Uth street, and' r*n ?suua. !?> ? baatmanl ins Ho. 73ft 11th Terms: One-foorth ?*??, months, with Interest. #*? back 70 fset, Improved by a three-story and Brlck Dwelling, wllli gss awl water; ha* in ?, 19 and 18 at time of mIs. UI LATH D Auctioneer* Southv ?*aSiLfMilitate Broken, Pennsylvania arenas and ar Oflkoa " " Uth IH ?. AHD LAED1 x wuh a direct sTley, ft feet arlfts, to PennsrIva*U ave rtx ms, with ail the modera lmprove of Mil ? aWdAds lEep l LATIMEK * GLSAAT, Aacu. AUCTION SALES. BY LAT1SKK A OLEART. Auctioneer- ar I R-al Ev.a'.* Br >*??*, S> ti'rwr ??( F?tiu HH1 m4 Iltt etre?4, StarotBce Building. LA Ri> E AND ATTKA? riVE SAL* AT OUR _ f* \ I. R* *t ? M S f7\ Ou TUESDAY MoKSING. 1>1 C. ICS. YH^Coinirieiicii.g it 1? oVIt"-*. w??hal! . In f^BRt limine >*rj ?bmW r"l!eetie*? ->f Ftnil I T lt?r?, ?<? lb- *%!?? vf which ?* call aT -M:. r. ; Pa lor su to* it; HoiPCUkMrfOtwa >?> KthuX Wtli Rt fco Gr?*?i r?ikbb(t(?. L?d^ ft^i>pUt>iiCh?ir?. V if tu? Chr >(ihm and 8!H Kurki ttig*. W jbnt *n4 Blah -cany X?:H' Tr*r Caanb-r f** i.rture Bortloth. B?Imm' Fiti'M, l*rliilMOh*lri, Walnut Wardrebea. Patent Wir???iiu. Brwseet*, Threr lii and otfc.-r Oai pet*. Oil Olv'lt. tlMr l^a? MMt ? x*i Bea< Chaif aud R - aer*. Toilet Wtr Burea:i*, Wasbctai d* aud Tvblev Wilnw Iitm ?h> Pinlni T\bl"?, Doing Chair* Crockery , Pia.ed and Olaasware Cocking ar.d F aatiig Si<>?aa.KMch?* Furniuare, Ac ilM. L?t of Black. JlMha. I ta*bni-?rea T"?elirtg. Ljm uhI R<-adr i>wd? Cl <hi-?r T<KHhr-r a lot of K- ?? Dttorsaui B.-o:,. Alvt, turg' Lot J^ot? and 8l> es, ?re? lot raw Hardware. T>-nr.? riA. II | fcp | LATIMKB A CLI ART. Au.ts By VsL. wall a cu . Aoctiowm, New Nurili- H'rilding, N * '*??#1x1 HO'J Penti?> It ama ave , c?r 9lh of fEVKP HOTKIP AND FIFTY ROLLS or V Hlfa.,1iUCt AM) FANoY MATTINuS. Oils* Lt-TH *c . AT AUCTION Oi. V*| XksPAV MORNING, Kit Trh, r m ti i liij at IW o'cl ?-A, ?f will ???II ah-wit eeven liniKtTM Mid lift) r>Un and K?n. ? M ?' t ttg ? of <1 if--crt wi Irli- all fieab an.l ol Cite Sea- iiuportatior ?. having iwat actn i?t A'*> li?l pl.'Cr? o?-vilct>tn. ?i4iIii. Tn?v. All *i;rne uuder s lis) cush, o* ?? r tha< an. tat ng?lit of thirty aad sixty da>a, tor note* *a (ari. w > ii.dor ^l Marli'f latenv ?t1 lR.-rl W.L.YVJUI A CO., A nets. tjk W.L. M AUL A Co., Anrti ia?ers, a Si ? Marl'lr RtuMiitg. Sua. S(K) Mid tlV'i F<'BM)litsi*iTrnB*. balk or exoelleiTF"a* alni t ch vmber SUITS. hKt*. HAIRCLOTH. AM) OTIIICR ?' a Kl.i R SUITES. PAINTED CHAMBER SETS. SIDEBOARDS. WASIIST A NDS, K X - TENSION TABLE*. TUCKER t?PKlN.r3. lOV HoLLS Off OILCLOTH. M ABHlEToP TA riKS. 750 PIECES WHITE AND CHECK MATTIMSS. walnvt WARDRdBES. Book CASKS. I WHATNOT. ETBOERRS. II AT TRKSSRS, WALNI'T REI>STEAt>S.C?TTA01 BEHSTRABS WALNUT RT RE Al'S AO., Ac., ou a cr iiit of thiri v and ?i\ty day* f7\ On WEDNESBAT'M.ORHINO ?M?v 7. Vj^coajm ftiriti* at 10 oVI ?? k, will IN"!!, on KAtltt firat 'flo..r of oar ??a?i<>ua aale*r<H>ia?, IJ ?*!tH.'iit re?erv?, tli? abuve *-?1? T- t uf All mica of and nudnr #HM, ra?h; ov??r that ajjnut icrrdrt of SO ai>d DVOftya, fjr Dotravaat iitfartoril) , tmrinr infriat niA-d |R'p.) W L. WALL A CO., An^?. Ill LATIMKb A CLEARy" ? * Auction^ra ai?l Rrai E?tat?* Br >kar*, b^aithweat corwt of ppnnarlTauia arcnua an I 11th ?tract. Star OOoa Bnilding. BECOKIt SPRING SALE OP GREEN HOC*E AND BEPBINtt PLANTS. PROM THE HUB SkKY' OF JOHN SAI L On Till RSPAY MOBNING. May ?tli. ' ?mlu''t>''l"2 at 11 uVl.K-k, w> ?nail n<*tl. ga*a?ii>.in our Mkl^Krooni*. a l?rc r,.l|.^-ti..n >f Pl^Wfrini Plant*. r?)B*i?ting of choir- R ?*?>?. P^lar f iiiiuii -.G ?raniunia, LI'i?. Pnrhiaa.?'alrnlariaa, ? >l(.ua, Y)>i honan.iiladi hi*. Ac., B^-kr-ta u( a-l-oUsl Plant*, Hanvuiff B<t*kHa, *? . Tt-roia a>h n>:.St | R- r) LATIMKB A CLEART. A-I.M. BY WAflMERA CLEART. Anrtic>?r*r* ao4 R?U K-tate Brok?ra Soatkwest curuT P-uii?>lTMiia av?uu? and Hit at., Star 0?ce BnUdiux. TBCSTEB'S SALE OE AN ENTIUE SQCARE 4)? OROCND. VERY ELIGIBLY S1TC\TKl>, WITHIN ONE bvjLAKK OF COLCMBIA RAILWAY. B> ?irtooof ad<*-d ?f trunt to th- nniTaicn b^ariug dat?* thr l?t day *f April, A D. Is'l, ^~and r?*<'rded auto tig th?* laud rtx ir.i* of thia DI?trict,io lit>?>r No. 6S2, at folio 3, ?t m j . and by dirtrtiun of the holder of th?- H'?ta? ??car*d th*t*by, I will ?< ll at at*! llr an. tiou, on th* pr?mi?->a, on SATURDAY, the lid day vf May A P ICS. at A o'cl'K-k p. m., all of S<inarr nnmb-rM hi a* hundred and thirty -two, (833.) L?uud?d I t north I and K itrM?. and 9th and ltth ?tr*-rta nortb"aa:, coutain in* lb th? whr lf about 7S.138 aiuare toH. Th* property will be aold mibject to a prior d**d of trust, dai.-d October 1, 18T0. tot which by Ita term* mav be released upon the paymaut of six ceuta per Niiurefoot. Term*: Oae-third caak; the reai lae in f ?nr e-i?al pay menu, at S. (, 9, and 12 mouth*, with intercut fri?ni day of sal*. D?d given and tru*t taken. g2at<to b? d?-po?ited when the property ia at ruck oft. which ia to be forfeit.-d uiil -aa purchaa^r com pile* ? ith the term* of aale within Ore day* afU-r ?ale. Conveyancing at pprcha?er"a coat. FREB.W JONES. Trua'ae. a8 . oAd? LATIMER A CLEARY. Aucta. ?TIN CONSEQUENCE OF THE RAIN, THE aboaeaiUe i* pn-tponed until FRIDAY, May 9, IA73, ~&nie hour and pl?< e Bv order of tli* Troet**-. niAUAd* LATIMER A CLEARY, Auct? BY W. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneer*. New Marble Building, K'a. WOO mud V02 Penn. a> ?.,corner 9di atre.--. TBI STEES' SALE OF SMALL HOUSES AND LOTS ON I STREET. BETW EEN Via AND 10th STREETS, NORTHW est . BvTirtueof a d ed of tru*t bearing dat<> on :<he 23d day of April, A D liTJ, and dulv r ? rd L-d in L'ber S2. lolio 441 *t aeu., of tb.- Land R? corrt? of W a-li.ngton countv, In tfie District of Col* uinbU,we will public auction, in front of the preniHe*. on SATl'RD aT, the 10th day of May n* xl. at A o'clock p m . all th ?* certaiu parcel# of land lying ami aittiate in th? city of Waahington. in the District of Colnabia, and !>? ing lot* N >*. V, ?>. Si an'S3, in auuare No TO, and the iniprori'm-nt* ther-on. Ench of the* lot* i? improTed bv a small two-*tory Frane H >nae. They are |<> *ted wltlun one aijuare of the II-street railroad. T' ini' BCu cash on each house; bal ince in B and 12 n ontli* tron day of aale, with iutervst at tIt-- i at* of Mi per cent, per auunai. A deposit of $!v ju each house requiredat tha tltn>- of s.ile. TH JE9CP MILLER, ?t...-.,.. HENRY W GARNE1 T,< Tturtee#. trp-1 WM L. WAI L A Co., Aucu. b H. W ARNER. Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. T49 7th street, between G aud H SALE OV A DESIRABI.E BUILDING LOT, NOBTH OFBOI NDARY STREET.BETW EEB NORTH CAPITOL STBEET AND 1st STREET EAST, IMPROVED BY A FBAME HOUSE, SUITABLE FOB A SLAl'GHTEB HOUSE. ". I will *ell at public auction, on MONDAY". [May IS. 1871. at 6 o'clock p. m . Lot No 16, of lj M. and O^orge W Keating'* so twins in of the estate of the late G. W K -ating lying north of Boundary straet, in the county of Washington, Ita pr?T -d by a lS-story Frame Building, Lot s<)iiro. T"na<day of sale. BH WARNER. niA-eatAds | Sunday Herald 1 Anrtioneer. BY B H. WARNER, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. T29 7th arart, between O and H. TRUSTEE'S SALE 7)F A THREE STORT FRAME DWELLING ON H STREET, BE TWEEN FOURTH AND FIFTH STREETS NORTHWEST BY By virtue of ? deed of trust front B"ti uBin Chanbers. Jr., and wife, dated October 31st, 1S70, and duly recorded in liber ?2f>, folio 374, ene of the land records for W ashiuftoa county, Dis trict of Columbia, and bv dirwctlo* of the party se cured, I will aell, on SATURDAY, May 1 T. 1C3. at half past 6 o'clock p m.,to the highest blifder, ia trout of the premises, the east part of lot ia *inare fire hundred and eeven*eea,<Bl7,> together with the improvementa thereon. Terms: One fourth cash and the balance iuC, 12, 18, and 24 months, with inter.-st at 8 percent .se cured by a deed of trust on the property. In case the terms are Dot complied with in Ave davs after sale th<- trustee reserves the right to resell the pro perty at the risk and cast of the <tetautting purcha ser. AlOUdowu when th*pr..pertv Is sold JOHN A. RUFF, Trustee. n.r.-eoAds B. H WARNER. Aui t. L'OB SALE-YALI BLE BUILDING LOTS AT r MOUNT PLEASANT Willbesold at public auction, 00 SATURD AT. May 10, at A o'clock p. m., unless previously sold at private sale? Lota numbered 18,63,64. (5, 8S, 84, 89, north half of 1 and 2, north half vf It aud SR. Lots 3, 4.7,8.9. In first section: 3. 4, R,? and 7. in second seatioti; 1,3,4 and 6, in fourth section of S. P. Browu's sul-division. Also, a line Cottage, containing ten rooms, with ?table and two acres of ground. Terms easy. For particulars apply to 8. P. BBOWN, Cor 15th street and N Y', are. nc St LATIMEB A CLEARY. Aii.-v. DT MATT1MQLT A WHEELER. IF Auctioneers and Brokers, No. AOS 9th street north*est, next to corner E at. TRUSTEE'S BALE BT kUCTION OF VERT VALUABLE REAL ESTATE IN THE FIRST WARD, FRONTING PENNSYLVANIA AVE ?UE AND A GOVERNMENT KKSKRVA 10*. am Under and by rlrtus of a deed ef trust, In which I have be?a substituted as trustee in ?the place ef Frank D. Whitney,decaaaed, which is recorded in Lit>< r No. BIB, folio 448, >ne of ihs land record* of Waahiagtua county, District of Co lumbia, and at the regoeat of the holder of the note awmkiii J (K front seventy tton with PSamaritan 1 1 hundrtd and lortr om 1 street, aear Us iateiaac 1 aveiiue, aud tese a death of nine feat and three Inches to a aubllc alley twenty feet la width, and side alley fifteen feet wtde from I street, fronting a rsssna tion and Pennsylvania aveaue. Thia property to pMtUtorb adapted for the erecti >a of Arst-claaa m peculiarly aoaptea lor iae arartloa of Arst-claas pri vate reaidsaoaa,aad should nn? sai tha attaatioa of capitalists aud builders. Tonus: One-half cash; balance ft 9, IS aad IB months, with Interest at atx per eeat. per aaaam secured by a deed of trust ou the paemieea. A do posit of iAUO^1 * ~ chaeer's coat. ? _ ? owe week after sale. W. B. WEBB, Truotee. aB-d (Bop.) MATTIBQLT A WHEELER, Anc.ta. pa., on tho promtoes Br order ait he Tru-teo. aJO-eatw HATT1NGLT ? WHEELER. Au ct* when sold Coueryanciug at pur Tama of sale to ha eotnpNed with ia as Is. W. B. WEBB, Traatoe. |JN1TK1> BTATBI BA.BBHAL'B BALE. Ia virtua of a wrft of Bati ~ ClwtY tin ef the Bu of Oolumbi of tho ooat SfiVX heouMtol A.G.Bldd a , aa ,!V*X ??ABF, U.S. Marshal, D. O. I April 14, UTS. EVENING STAR A Old Pim FinD?Jv. Wri|ht. iVMlikr tain?r of .'etteooc u>?n4iip, aid h.? wile, ?fr? lirtislrt ip Mwp lit* rria'itkl ??fi In Oile*|?. rurfoil vttl rrmttf to thnr daughter Rot*. aged to. Ttn t >m! a atraaga ?tory IbK' d at* lj alter the grr?t lire ia Cai c*?? DW onknown hand Itlrr.M ilrrfiit Irtfrrali, WrlAt't Ixtm. ovt-k?i??, h*\ Mack*. Ac., until finally fn.onn worth af I r*>|*rt\ had born <N?wr?< ???*' ?*?' Wngfct ?l?-f .-?.d. a? be aa>*. Li? 4UIWK S?? ia tha act Of artting Irr to rvaldieoce 1 he n.-ijjh bora .xwa?. alnrd thai h# treat* <1 h?* on that ocoaueon, end he and Mra. Wright wi? btrfHal. The e rt HrK corrfeaaed to her lather 1 ? *hc ?w the thai *hr *v the Im-fiiihary, an I tontod thai neighhaf, alleged to have Mkiirf feeling Iwr v\ i tfht. protBioi < her $M,W to 4m ?? tort ?t ilwtruelio*. Brought before the Jnrtka tho irto-l IhtlT eoatmdlctrd all she lad ???! twfiw, a Bit denied that ehe nt th<* -riminal The iw*t proceeding waa aa umIic:n??*nt hronght a|?lMl tbe fattier and tailliM br the grand jury tar crtael treatment ot cheat doughter. aal lb?W |im>Bl l|<praraM? la rwn is la mm nor of that indictment. Tha eeae la*a> af th* iM?t riKfnlar m Krurd. m< If tha gtrl ha cnl It. a* alleged. her guilt raa ha MoaaM far iinlT on tha M|ipnaiiinii that the iMl?raM>ar the CklM|tlr? unlihi|tiyl hat ml ad. ami directed her a (tentVmi to tha ?nanaa of ?m?, with tha dfetructive rwmllf described. Wltim Aa Piix-K|AI(M?A rrri'*M>nr ?f *tngular Intrtrd aa* witin****d at. the fumralnf Mw Mart Kiln km, at the rlmrrh af the Immaculate t>ia??e?.t???. ?au m? ahrr of ft* ehmcb natality. and tl.o I antral ?a? conducted hv the aditwof tlia ae ? Tha pr?<-n*ii>ii, f"?|?entirely af n?i<t 11(1111 tha hou?* at tha deceaxod n4rr tn rut 1Itti rtrn t to tlia fhitrk. s|* voting lodtee a> poll haofere bore tha coekot. (?receded by two ladle* a ho t'tfliril tha miciety'a boo war. A large aaultitud. followed tha |rv II mi>? Into tin ehurvh. what* a??*v by Bee. Father Mrtluirr. At tha foarlnn'.* of tlia church ?rii(?? tha pall-henrer* cmrriwl tha rvkrt to tha door and dejwdted H In tha liaaraa. whence tlia r? mam* were taken to t'ol vary e? meterv?K*w l'?ri Sun JWI all. Ka*?*? Citt Prinmi T*n, wl?o got ? ladder attar the ballet and |?-ef?ed .nor tha acenee to ar ? ith bui own aye* hoe tha l?irtr? tran*t<>rm< .1 themaelvee Into bnmana again, wan detected hy on* of tht dampela and " amird" wltli a" backet of ditty water And than tha actor* and rape* anl proj>ert\ man. and everybody kicked and pounded him. and tkin?t hiii, oat into outer dirktria Md ??<?? ho l? op|>oe< d to tha drima on moral g-oand*. %J~ Tlia Turkwh government ho* ordered 4(i0,(ton rirlc* in the I'nitad Statea. VTba Michigan Icgtulaturc I a* pm?-idodlor a constitutional c-onretitton In ihot ?tatc KF*Buaton ha* had only two city clerk* ainco it# organlaatloti In Mtj, l3_J, anl they haro been lather and aon. Advice* from Madrid s toic that the reeuit ing of volunteer* to oinsrate a^aiuat tha Cat iiato ia a?-live throughout S|.*u>. VThe latiilon lllu*tr&te<t new* lar* thai Byron'* accret wa* that he hau auutuer wu? when he married Mi*# Miihouk. %f~ Chicago |?rore* t* aupertoritr e\er Ht. 1 oni* iu the matter of population by ?5\ liiqacat* a day. ?^"Tlie Brltifih parliament l* Mill ?iiacu.**ing ami grunib'ing orer the Wacluugtontreatv. an4 reault of the Geneva arlntrattou and tie San <1 uan decision. VTbe i*nitentiary of the*toteo( lllii>oi*haa lt-< n leaded for a term ol ten year*, the Imksm to pay all the eapenae* o> tlie prlaon, and o boou^of one Uiouaond dullart to Uie plate ?^"The lhve?tigation*of the Atlantic N at ion a bank hare dit-covered that tllnl.miiot wciirl tie* ore mining. Ui? liabiUtie* are *et du* n at ?yThe I/omlon ja* rtrike ha* *timulate>d tho componle* to Invent a method of doing "?tak ing" and other atep* ol the manufacture by machinery. KTAb i laborately ornamented monument jacrcfcOt'iM Erie, twciity-ai* feet hlgb, i? near!/ ready to he placed over the remain# ol the late J an.ok Fi#k, Jr., ot Bi attleboro. Vt. ?/"Dr. Cleveland, a atatiaticol writer of Glaa gow,r? latet> that a criminal, Alter attentively li#teiiiug to the ooudenuMHl aerauMi which pra cecdidui* execution, turned to a rompaiiion and remarked. "A very good aermon, but lath er too perronal." DIED. GORMAN On lb-dtb dav of M?v. lO. M \E OAKKT CuKMAN. ?if? of the latr J am*- ?} ran, rrleiid* atel relative* of the faniilf arc r**p?eU?llr iuvhed t<> attend the fuacral, on theCiti inataat. at ? p. tram her Uie raaideoo-, M<>. 04 O atr-vH uorlh< aat. (Ke? Turk paper- plaow cop> ,| * STEWARD. Mar M inatant. LOl I9A NTKW Akl), Mnl V, the lal _? daughter of S l ta >a Matthe**, of Baltim -re. H r fnneral will take plac* at 3 10 p m , fr->? Mr* J< Eeraob't. Eutaa itr-et. Mu. too. on Manday. * UNDERTAKERS. ^IIUaRU r. HARVEY, i buret*im u UAH f h f t MARA,) Bo ?34 E Srsirr. betweeo Mtoth ai MATALLiC BCHIAL CABAS ANU CAS A An ?>arl If SHKOVUS, MABITB, h. SPEC I A L h'OTICI. I have on eshlMitoo and fur aale Btain'* CilnWa ted Patent B( RIAL CAES. Tin* i* ike iatnat um pr>.? en>eat in pati-ut Burial Caae*. and all havmg a-1 i. l< tie aervi'M of an I iid*rtaA?r wo?Id do wall to call and examine, and l?e convinced of iu b*aatri?trength, aod ntiitty . RIPH. r. HARTKT. a??t* Undertaker. *?a< r ??raet. I^lt I1AJID El. BARKER, CABIN AT MAAAA AMU V MUARTAAAA, ? IE ELEVEKTH STREET, aaor W. FVKMTVKA Ok ALL A IN OS MAO* AM? KAPAJAAV aai-tr ^ ICC I AM HACEKTT, UNDERTAKBR, ? o.TSC Ttb Btibbt.BitwbbnO ard H>i hlf Coffloa and OMtM at oil I f'KMIM SOOTt'H CHEVIOT Bl ITS f r #U tt and?U, MA. t>TRAlB\ 1011 Paona. are . near llth^ aa 1'HS RAPIDITY |Krj^ASE WITH WR1CM era removed aod tha feet relieved. If oiling, ft ? Boolon*, Bad Rails, Ac., at DR WU1TRV Eatah Uahment, III U(k atreat, oppuette tha Traaenrr, to joite anrprtsiiig to peraotu eneecoatoined V hie method of operating,which la entirely dIRereut fro? the old-time praet lee nf tearing off the ingrowing too ?Oil, or innciua tntu tbe bnoioa. adiatreaainglr Ctaful method, and one which obliged the enferar go ahoeiem, and eamKime* on crmtchae, f >r weafea or month*, aod no doabt tended to ehortee life, at leeat to make it forlem pleaaantond neeful, but Dr. White?* operation*are fregneetlr borne by children without complaint;there 1* tittle oanu l<?e of time, and if none hat eaitahla eKtea he worn, tho treatnx i t, rven ia extreme caaea, effect* a perfect oere, thongh the fl*e? being oeadao eonetaatlr Cores are liable to eome oecaaioaaUr with area the heat ruin* shoe*, and iml u*trk.n* pereon* think then le ?eoennr of time, comfort, aod health la no ooeo alonal viait to the OhlropodMt; and It U a well known feet that thooaand* of pereon*, many of them th ?e noat honored Iu public and private life, eome freoa far and neor to vlelt Dr/Whtte1* Ratahliahment, to aaan|^of whoa Dr. White ha* eaaolletted ponM?? b-R.R lc,u,,-l WM. iOBHBOM A BOM Have jnat received a large at'ick af WHITR and YRCLOW PIKE LIMBER, LATHS, 8HIM OLEb, and ERMCR PALI ROM. all of which we are aelling at low aricea. Great inducemonU fir caah. Dor. litli and R*t* . near Stale Deportment ap#-lta* o KR OP THE GREAT BBCRRTB OP Bl'U CCt*8 in lif* i* t> lw wi ll Jr?id.tbea wtu to-ai !?!?? ahra ?on caa gat a hue Bla< k <" ?? I, Coat for #? at STEALS , the Clothier, IBM eve., upar lUb. a? j<he mew eatiomal mareet. FREBH, BALT and BMOEED MEAtb. ol all kiada ai.<l of, the heal tnrniati^l _ aaaaonxna be oroenred at thia Market. aiarH Vr R<?BT HTATT, ??? lHh *t. - ?? ^ UAYR YOl' SEEK the Youth'* Imperial S3 I EE and Vm to match? It I* admired t>? all and only to be aaea at A. BTRAtA .lffll Po. are.,near llib i' - d! ISEOLCTIOM WullMtun, D. C., April U. MTJ. The coportnerehip heretofore earning ggggy dheohtdlr^a copartaacahll aeaa will M RRViS collect all I m "A\if OCEOE. ^ j tho _ u paarooaaa In the paet, 1 \ ?olicit a coatlanoncv ol the aom* ELPHOEEO todei Having meat the peat twe wrh Mr Tfetfi tn the Wo?M toke thia public for J. 1 ?si.>yAA?: YOCEO MAM DO EOT DESPAIR?W r?* hoen bat little m-aa*. and wt*h t' laoh ? oaeof the ?Saalta.ia three dlffereal i STEAl'B'. 1011 pevua ore.,nam uth. RE. *41

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