Newspaper of Evening Star, May 5, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 5, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR ' --twy 10CALKEW3. Aav<raf?ls Af., T??>alcht Wall's W-?J'. ? ?? Jenny ?ntl ?'1 he Neonts of the Prairie." C?*?vfw*?"Out at *ea," *ongs, hnr lee>,ne?, dances, Ac. //?.?.'?*<, ?n I'mrk Picnic of the Vnion Club. I nMteavd I> ??!?. From ,ir>?. Slullington we have tlarptr't B<\ tut Mat IT. . A Dm proprrtv on avenur. oppo ?>t? the City Hull, wilt come to the homer at mi Ui 0 aftift booh. Th* dftfctiveii ?%re tti wtrrh ot S B. Fit hi an, ? Treamrr clrrk. who left hi* laminar* at No. l.Tta street last Thursdav. siaee which time ke ba? not '.teen ?*r. and it ia feueJ that he is the n<tM of toul play. cel. F. M. Faebts ha* been "?V'-tM a* the orator <>u the occasion of d*or?Un|( the graven of ?ieraaait soldier* at Prospect Hill, on the :wth instant. Captain P. M Hfiin-, ft yndm of Patrick Henrv, of Revolutionary tatue. died at hi* resi de are in tiif city, i-H Utb street, \* teruay, in the VHi year >f hi* ?ue. Mr Oectr B. Mc<;artee. suprrinteB<lent of the bvrsn of rngrarini a??t printing. Treasury I>epartwnt, has pureha*rd the residence of U- II. Painter on 14th *tree<,jast above I. The Misawnary society ??f the Metropolitan ?Prr?be-U-riai? Similar Sch?l, rnet yesterday alterm*-*. a?t Kev I>T. Chester. the pa-tor. ami tint. Ugjtett detiTwxl ^Idrewes The anniversary of the Washington Our Bible SiN-iety ?m ?,*iv!>'r4le<l at Mniiiln Hail ye.-ter ?i?v alfcernoon. aid mlilr? e*.> i.U?ra| by Mr.-I?hii C. Hardness. president lie*. H A. Cleveland. Kev A. W. Pitser, aud Bev. S. t'ohb, agaat. Yesteids*)*, at t*-e animal ?? tingid tin Sab hath srhaal of ti.e l:?th-street Baptist cUarch, held at lie ve*4r\, Mr. l>arid Warner wan rirrt'ii tor the ensniiitf year; Sanucl Jack-on. liirarian, SamuH Wal*?u, wentary. ?wl Mir. Fannv Watno, treasurer. Tin- ar.t'aal report?, the lihrari in c|m>?d that th*-r?- are 'iw I.ihhi T?lnne? belonging to tbe library, and tliat ti tsSunday *cfeool is in ft vary ?enn-hiaa coadition We b?U ft cm!'. t?>-day from Me?sr?. JndMB, Cody and Oniuh'iiMlri . a trio better kovwna Ned Buntiine. Ualtdu Bill and Texas Jack, who are abuobiu'ed to.appear ?t Wall'# opera bou>e to-night in Mr. play. ??The Stu*.\*.i the Piwiie." The veteran K. Z. C. J wlte ii is in a hnescateet preservation. and hi* two (i>ni|?iii*>i? Mt tlhWke young ru- u. who kx.k a - if they eoold handle the bigge t buffalo cr vitkot Mo<1k oefhe ? ? rrababl* Uopiirlde. A SKULL ? It Ar XI* UKI> WITH A* OAR. Te?M?ay morning W.llian: H. I .aery, a boy al*? .t 13 -rear* oil, whose parent? reside at the corner of?:h and K rfroets southwest, wont out vu thr river in a Iniftt m?b a yosnger brother. A tout a y(iung wan named Charles l?e?n o*n?e np to i ic'm in lii? beat ami the elder Laeey tor hi pistol. l.aeev replieJ that he had m- for K aii-i I>ean thea syuil He wante.1 to ok ?t adma. and inviv^d the youager l.acey mtu hi- l^>at. He got ia and *lter a while lN?n roini- ba.k and th* vofcftg**r Lacev got i?t< his broths? - boat. Wtmin between the ?!der iih! Iimii, *beuu|?ii tbehttter ?tr'ic \ tbe foro-er on the Iiead with an oar. kftOcV. tig him aQr^ek'sv The yo?nger IrotHer being only U of agi- wa? unahTe to get the boat hi lie and dotted around in the river until marly me v'lluci at night, mUkv he Bi inaged to g?*t U> shor?? near .h-' ar.-?nal and |f.a*li g nis w< Tw'tt. l-rother in eharg? of an ?M colored ?i>mioi. he went to UU home anil li.-tihw the fftBi' an?f a carri-^<'' was |iriH-'ir?>d atul the in jured Ix.v v.a* brought to bis father's residence. Vrs. Hainuett an-i L?-:ich were tailed sn ?> d Ikanu that '.here wiw a fractuie of the skull au.nt t'te niteof n Mexican dollar. To-tlay l>r. L'licei- wit- called a.. Lteey oil lw in* ta n--ih!*r. a?.?l :(ifi(cirti)d Jilt the aOituO will taimii^ate fa.? ?ly. ^ A Womai l>n?>WNEB Yesterday ni.>rBi?2 Lieatcr.aiit Creer. of the fcurth prec.ri.-t sta ttor. wa.-iritociued that ft woc aa liad dr>iwu?ri krt.v f it :!:e O >treet wharf, and he at once prfceedcd to place indie*'*"!, in com/anr with S?-ig?an? K -ass and <>w<-?-r? Warwick and Hettey. wlier?? Le ascertaiutai that a white wi inan. named M v?aret Erans. rec-ntly em |?|ot- t jm c?^??h on thr .-anal itoat John P. Agn?*w. nati n'h<r Jitn'iwd or fallen overboard. I.ieu trnaiit t -"err gave (rjrrj t? hav? the riv*r dragced. and. after about four hosra' search, the it?ly wa? recover^ hv Mr. M. K. Bannister ai?> eto ?eyed to the >tation-ho.ise. 14 appears fr? in -Uiteuieots nt.-ule u> the officer* Tint on S.<t irtiay nigtt she. with other*. we?t on a ? *ix on <imh; to the boat y??st.>nlay morn ing in an .ntoyieatcd condition she was <ienied thr privilege of eomirg or l?jar<l. Sb-? then wandered aronnd, a??d tinaily reafhrd the G street wharr near the oM Cone warehouse, where -he. as >?si>r(taXor t? stiti- d, threw herst^f into the river awl sank to rise no more. I>e r? aseti was about thirty years of age, and gen rrailv staved in ticorgetown vken she was at this end of the canal. I he coroner was not'tied, aad Officer Wbrrloek w?naad a Jury of in ?l?ie?t. and. after hearing all the testimony, rt ntlered a verdict that deceased cam- to her death about * o'clock a. ni. May 4, Wv either jumping or fftl'ing into t*ie rirrr at O ?treet wharf, whik* under thr intiuence of liquor TUe bo?ly a as afterwards buried in i*>tter> field. ? F< ati!*<. Cj?TK?Ta ti> Coxi Orr?At a meeting of the Avj!ostan boat club on Sa'arday evtcing, arrangements were male for tbe annna! sj.ring regitta.wh:ch com? off on Thur* ?ia>. the _'2d in-stant. Atter the review of the eliib boat*, thrre will Ue two races; the firs* between the four-oared 'hells Aai.*rica an l Analostn-i. and the second between the six oared g'gs Gaaaymede and Arlington. The accetfary arrangetutnts have been mile for the races with tbe C'.ieaai'eake boat club, of Norrolk. and the Nanmu boat club, of New York. The former wiil take place on the Pot.i wac river on Jnnc; the latter on the Harlem rivt r on June The Analo-rans will row the ?bell America, which the Biglin-CouPer crew i?s?d at Halifax and Saratoga in Kl. John Itiglin is engaged to coach the crew. The Potomac*, of Geoigetown. are making active preparations. Mr. Henry Lirk.n has bn It for them a handsome new gig, with which thev propose to regain the title to the rowin* rbani]-:<<n?hip which was taken from th m bv the A'iaio>taii> two vears a^o. Their chadenge to th# A'alftntar. oi iitw York city, has been fCCI-Kd. The TftrhtsWifeh of the Wave, Daunt'***, lk>li hin. awl Kast Wind are ftll being put in ptrfeet trim; abo, the Fanny Bell, Spray. F. ho and Certrod". of the second class. The Tax boo, a nt w yacht, will 9091 V? launched. s Mlt.tTaav Ft xFnat?Tbe funrral of the l?'e Frrtleriek lllllman took place yestenlay fTtim tbe armory of Company A. Washington Light Infantry, or which cognpanv he wa* ft Bieiuber, and was largrlv attendrt!. The service* were conducted bv He v. P. Brandt, of the tinman Lutheran Church, a fid the re mains? in a coffin of black walnut ornamented with heavv silver mounting* and covered with the American flag and ltrautiful wreaths of Howrrs?were burn by t^orporals M ill a'xl |ira?bearsand ftivatra Shav. Miller, Smith and Tonfcv, thr p?ll-bear *r*, to" the hearsr. Com j>anv A, with reversed arm*. preceede?l by the marine bfti*]. escortetl the fnneral cortege to the Congre*?ion?l cemetery, whtrt the temain* were ibturtd. ? Wall !? OrtKA Horsi.-Thc cios'iig per formance of the French opera troupe at Wall's f>l*ra House Saturday n;ght?"Orpliee Aax Knter*"?wa* a grrat success, and in many re pj.rcts the best opera of the week. To-night are are to have Ned Buntl ne, Tltif faio Bill. Texas Jack.ami the Pawnee Indians, in thr I,'ood enrdhng sensation of-the Scoarsof the Prairie," which abounds in ha:r br-adrb 'arai>rs and scalps. It has drawn big h ?n*e* in all the large cit:?fli north aiwl w. st. There will be a u.atinee for families on Wednesday atter M II. Krat. ForaTv Salh*. ?Mr. J. J. F -loftehim bas Mild to A. B. Kelly ail of square iWB. he tweeii H and I ami Ttb and ^th streets, uor'.lt ?ast.21.MfNt.fur 9ITM. Mr. J. M. I..?tta to Wm. William*. J. P. C. Sand* aiul H. W. P-srry, IS subdivision* in square 7.7. between North A street ami Maryland avenue ftixl jd street, east, for 934,730. "Thoe. E. Waggam tn. real ttate auctioaeer, ha* sold snb. lot A. in ?qnare !M4, to W. W. Metcaif. for T HI j!r EPER rKAXK H AH^f? TUP". HR iV* n.?Chief of IheteetiveaClarvoe awl l>??ective Millar went to Alexandria. Va., yrsterdav and arrested two colored men. named Uarid Hay and .loeh Hanev, alia* Carter, who. it I* stated, are In ;oi*e?sion of evidence again*t Henrv Toung, the alleged murderer of Frank Hahn. U e draver, of a character still more positive than any heretofore developed. They will be d a* wit Total Amniinri?The Mash*ways last night were addr>wed by John W. Selhy and Mr. A?rvn, and a numbrr of person* signed the p>dge. K< mx at ion* were atlopted that total abstinrnee Is nect ??arv tor good behavior and wnsaUled honor; that In all appointments to the Hvil service total abstinence should be the llrat ?, ualilicatM n. and that total abstinence people skoald patronize total abstinence people. Small roj eases reportev! verterdav and to day: t'we in alky between ;th and sift and T and C streets, northwest; one at No. Xf> O street south west; tour on M. between 6th and ;th stxaett, south weal; two at the alius-honse. and one *a K Krert, h-.'tween 3.1 and 4s *'reets, srth. lite death has occurred, on M straet, 1-eeweenMh and Tth streets, southwest, and one as K,bttwuen W andtv strerta, southwest. Turn BrBOLAB'a Vi.-riii^Mr. John Ab-I Twfcer, who wi.. badlv injure I by a col ?rcd I nr? ar one night I tst week by rerolvlni; a b t.w an the head rrom a sum-, ia, we regret to is xr-, wcrte than hf h?* yet boce. Tkf ftp*! 1 In* ?? ???* PtiWlc NrkMK On Fnrfiv aftert.oon the spelling contests in 011 [>u|iii>nf ihf puWIf wbcol* frr U ?h place. a- stated in Saturday's Star, those ot the grammar twl InVl mdllW pvlrt of pu pils in the .lefi? rsOii bu:'.d:iig. The six best ?i ellers were selected from ?Mfc?chooL The school |.?5 ils were given 100 words from the Sixth Reader, selected by Mr. J. W. Hunt. sud the 4th dlstrlctmale gram max (Mr. J E. Thompson'*} carrieu off the prize?H. 0. Anlenun an>l Herman Koch being perfect. The filus'.e *rtamtr trhool prlw WW ?*?nl ed the let district (Mrs. Nevitt's) school, Jean ?tte Olephant and Emma Weaver being eanal. Mr. Win Stickney selected the wonls from ti e comprehensive spelling book for the first in termediate pupils, and the prise* were awarded to the 4th district (male! school, Mr. E. H. Tbemr son, teacher; Meyer Herman and Sam'l P. Milton each having missed one word, and to the 3d district female school, Mim Lucy B. l>avts. teacher, tn which all the contesting g.rls?Cora K. Ober, Margaret d.Scarrff, Helen M. Jeffries. Itelle Carroll, Mary C. Jones, and Annie S. Harrington, were perfect. The second intermediate popiltwere given words trom the first 119 pages of the compre hensive speller by Mr. P. D. Foster, and the second district male and first district female schools bore off the prises? Miss Adele Tait, teacher of the former, in which E. E. Kider, Samuel G. Wise and W. K. Cohen were equal, and Miss I.iicllla E. Smith, teacher of the lat ter. In which Kllen Fitzhugh takes the prize. The tl.ird intermediate scholars had 100 word# selected by Mr. R. W. Fenwick. and the second ami first "districts carried off the prize?Fred erick E. Tasker. of Mis# Howe's school, taking that for the male schools, and there wa? a tie between FUa ISates ami Hattie Foster, of Miss Gibbs' school, for the prize for the female schools. SmUART. The whole nnaib?r of words written were 1!' JO. of which 1UXX were misspelled. Last year tnere -were but errors, which is ac counted for by the selection of less difficult woids that year. According to grades \ftc num ber ot errors were as follows:?Male grammar 131. female grammar 80; total 211. First male intermediate 115. first female intermediate 24: total 139. Second male intermediate 555, second female intermediate 1:14; total ?*?. Third male intermediate !? i, third female intermediate S*. total 265. The nu mber of errors in each school and each district shows that the girls are better spellers than the boy?: Male Grammar? First district, 4-; second, ft; third, 24: fourth, 8. Male Inter mediate No. 1?First district, 12: second, 12; third, 8f>: fourth, 11. Male Intermediate No.2? First district, 81; second, 19; third, 255; fourth, 192. Male later mediate No. 8?First dtstrict, .V; second. 11; third,*!: fourth,2P. Total male? First district, 119; second, 99; third, 440; fourth, 2IO. Female Grammar?First district, 9: second, 13; third, 42: fourth, IS. Female Intermediate No. 1?First district. 6; second, 7; third, 0; loarth, 11. Female Intermediate No. 2?First, d strict, 2?; secor.d, 32; third, 40. fourth, 34. Per.ate Intermediate No. 3?First district, 8; second, 55; third, 9; fourth, 16- Total female First Jistrict. 51; second. 107; third, 01; fourth, 77. Grand total?Firstdistrict, 250; second, 206; third, 531; fourth, 317. THE TIPS. In Mr. ,?. E. Thompson's male grammar s&haol tins morning the successful contestants, wrtli the approval ol the teacher, withdrew their claims in favor of John Merrill, who is regarded, although he missed one word, the best s| eKer in the school. The congest in the male intermediate, 4th dis trict. (Mr. E. H. Thompson's,) having resulted in a tie. Mr. Champlin will sctue tune thi> week give out fifty words to determine the best sj-eiler. THE ?ECOXI>ARV HCHOOLS al-o had stalling matches on Fridav. Intke 1-t district the conti st resulted: 1st gT.-vde, male, Charles M Nabh, of Miss Addie Fuller's school (No. 1); ad grade, do., Henjamiu Duvall. E. Mertxs and W?i. Bald* in, of Miss Ella Me Mahon's school; No. 3 made a tie: 1st grade, fe male. Alice <'url and Hattie Hauprinan. of Miss Sarsh Gib!*'school (No. 8), tied; audio the 3d grade, baUc Gerard, of Miss I>ora Biow n's school, was successful. The secondary coutots in the Cd district re sulted as follows:?1st grade, (male.) dam s W.,ot Miss Kate Brown's school. No. 9, toek the prize; 2d grade.(male,) Albert Willev, ?letterson Smith, and Frank Keilly, of No. o. Miss Amanda M. Fast's school, made a tie; In the 1st ,?rade female, Sophia Dahler, of No. in, (Miss H. .Jennie Free,) took the prize, an 1 Ad die I an-uale. Mora McMurray ami Ella lK>nn. of No. 12. (Miss Metalla King.) made a tie. Moses N? wrmayer and FraneL- W. Clement, of No. 7, and Amelia dakob, of No. S, were per fect. J Le secondary contest in the 4th district was povtyoncd. Tn* Mtrnt KR Place Fire?gJilor S'<ir-?I The in it* iocal columns yesterday says, in refen itce to tlie action of the loardof tire commitwioners in directing an investigation of the cauaeaf the dela/ in turning iu the alarm for *he Michler place fire, that "the owners of property would much prefer that the telegraph should be kept In such a state of efficiency that no such investigation would ever be needed." dust so: but to make it efficient money is re quired. and this must come through the legisla ture. The present system is very Imperfect, a?id needs thorough reconstruction as return n et ded by the board of tire commissioners. Ti>? 'ante paper speak# editorially of the ineffi ciency of the tire department, and particulariy of the bad hose. Now it & a well kr.own fa>'t that the tire commissioners on their own responsibility purchased a lot of new ?io>e, two years ago. now almost the Only serviceable hose in the department, and tbu't the bill for this host' was presented to the li gislatnre last year, and no appropriation was msd- tn pay for' it. If the expenses of the fire department are to be cut down so low that no new property can he purchased waen needed, i and much is needed now, to make the depart ment as useful as it ought to be,) then th? prop erty owi ers must lay the blaiue where it prop erly belongs, on those who refuse to make the iiect.v-ar., appropriations tor this importar; branch of tlie public service. A legislative in vest igai ion, as suggested by the Capital, might do some good by enlightening our law-m ikers as to what is required to make the ire depart ment as efficient a* if ought to be. When there is sufficient of good apparatus, it will be easier to ri.t the responsibility for delay or inefficiency otj the persons responsible for it, than it now is with our worn-out tir? alarm tolegTaph and c?ii>pU-d apparatus. A Citizen. "A PrnEPRESBYTKRiaxis*Vindicated. Vr. K<h'or: Permit me to call the attention ot yonr Presbyterian readers to a pamphlet ? hich 1ms ju-t been iiwuCd from the prfayof MeGdl Jk W itherow. of this city, it contain4 the gn at speech delivered hy Dr. Sunderland at *he ncent meeting of the Presbytery. Although mia^suming in appearance, tUi pamphft t is nothing less than the profoundest vindication of a Pure Presbyterianlsm. In a roost wonderful inonnerU catches and embodies the very genius of the Presbyterian system The style also possesses the usual conciseness ot -tatemVnt and severity Of logic which so hap pily characterize the Doctor. One cannot fail to 'see in the argument the same merciless -laughter of opi>onents as was wrought by the iHN tor's hatsl u|?n the recent bloodv fields ot the Catholic, and the Sabbath, and the Xews 1 ai-er controversies. If It were not always painful to witness the agony of a human being, it would be interesting to observe the cffect of this masterly demonstration upon such men as Dr. A'lams 'and Musgrave ami Robinson aud < ityler and Duryea and Niccolls and many otht rs, who have been seduced into a betrayal of Pure Presbyteriamsm. We hope that no Presb>teriau household will be long without this incomparable publication. It should go with the Family Bible. Children should be brought up on it. The work mav be obtained of the new Pre?byteriat? firm of Mu?cr A Llr ncr. i'rice only twenty-live cents! Ndic Dimittim. A Co*wi?sn?a t<> Refoet FnmCiAivs ror. Damages to Property by Street Improve mlkts The board of public works to-day ap pointed Messrs. Andrew C. Bradley. Thomas M. Plowman and S. T. G. Morsell, of Washing ton, and ph F. Collins, of Georgetown, a commission to examine and report upon the claims submitted by various citizens for ? lamases alleged to have been sustained by rea son of street improvements. These proceed ings are under the act of the legislative assem My. approved dune 3d, K2. The duty of the commission will be to examine critically the claims, and personally inspect premises where damages are alleged to have been sustained. The commission will meet to-morrow to er g**?*e BriLDma Permits?The following building permits have been issued since our last report: A one-story frame on 7th street, between A street north and East Capitol streets, for Peter Lynch; a two-story frame dwelling on G street, between 5th and (th streets southeast, for Robert L Martin; a three story brick dwelling and store on K street and Connecticut avenue n rth west fee Wm. H. Griffin; a two-story frame dwelling and store on 21st street, between L ard M streets nothwest, for Daniel Shea; a one story t rick warehouse on C street, between loth ami 11th streets noA^st. for Bamnel Carusi; a two-story Uyr alHHug on corner 21st and L streets norqWrest, WF James M. Harrold. ?A PRIEUDLT l)RtRK" AMD ITS RESULTS. Police Offoer Hurst, ot the ftfth precinct, picked spa man nsmsd Charles Job?on, on the avenue early yesterday morning, whom be found bleeding tram two wonnds, ess on the right hand and the other on the left arm above ?he elbew. which he states I were made by an unknown man with whom bo bad taken a friendly drink. The officer took him to Mr. Entwisle's drng store, where Dr. Mtncaster dr?s? d his wounds, after which be nas re moved to lodgings, corner of 7th and i st.ects nortbwe*. ?7>Tem??ece papers ami people are com mriMtiiir a eWrgrman eettling In that state who t> fui*? to receive any pay from his congrega tion. trscbea school, ana runs his own form *?d. when anvekurch needs help 4099 off and raises money tor it by lectnriag. Tfc? Flwli Isrkftx. Amxanhria?IjiHiWiniMni newfl?h for din day, fnrntshed to Thr Star by George W. wholesale dealers in huh. No*. 41. King St., J50. SI, 56 tlsta wharrw. Alexandria: Shad, per hundred, ?1I to *12; Herring. per to **' white perch, per bunch v w . Jock' '>cr buiicli, 20 to 30; offal, per bunch. 10 to lft. ' ' ^ Washihotoh?To-day, at the Wa?hlngton fish wharves, the following sales to shiui>ers were made by K. A. (iuMen A Bro., agents:? V-'.OOfishad, at fit; 125.000 herrings <"rom *4 to ?5; .*o bunches perch from 15 to ilO bunches rock fisb from 'Mi to 2.". ?? ? THE Wl'BTH, POLICE COL RT. Jidtf SufH.-To-iijr, J*l AwH^oa, a*-ault aiul battery on Q?-or?e watson; !fl0. H*nry Dowy and Dnniel Downey, "faalt and on Isaiah Brook*; ?8 earb ; Henry Harris, as?an!t and battery on Betty Hams, I h'? *tfe, #.{and< ..*t*, and b-.nds to ke p th" I p,'l>c' - fc;'Krt. Bwty,Meaelt ami battery on C.uh yP' h'" wife, who te?tifl*d th"?t she fonnd Booert fro company with another wcm?n and he beat witre*?, nearly breaking her ribs; f 6 andcosts. Alexander Payne, ass* nit and battery on B?sa Me Miri?ter. striking her over the head three nine* with a piece of tx ard; 9.1 and costs. Thomas Temlf assault and battery on Qeor?e Nnrdell; *S ana cn?t?. James Moran. assault and battery on Sawn* An-lerson: (Hi and costs .l"hn B M. rtarns jw tiiHHl f S for profanity in Georgetown. Frank HUTU*, profanity; $6. J?hn Steele, dltordfrljr and pr?fan#? in Georgetown; Thomft? B ?Nter, charimj with carrying a pistol; f2 . H-nry Purvis was fined #3f<>r profanity. A warrant was returned totMeoort thi? morning, by Justice O. 8. B. wail, ai1?w. rn to by Wm Brown, charging <me Th. nia* Hall '-with having forcibly kept Po*a*s *lon of and did M??li? iv break, destroy anlthrw away trie Dwellfrg door key of Complainant, to hi- great annox ;mc? and in violation of the art of Congn#, Ac. Mr. not knowing what criiut aaa chare d in the case, ignored the uarrant. ~ ? ? ? _ A Maine llorror. TERRJB'.E Ml'KDKR?THE ABSA8S1H 1IASC.ED I5V DISOllSKD MEN. telegram from Houlton, Me., May 3d. aire* tJie following account of a lynching affair in that state, which has been briefly mention -d in The 8 rak'b telegraphic columns : W*?a??^Kfr3r? igr tbe store of [>avid Dud ley, Balis Mill, Mapleton, was robbed by a des perate man mined .James Cnllen. Monday a warrant was issued for his arrest, and Granville A. tlayden, Hepnty Sherifl tor I'res.iue Isle. dr?r^V- Wn* W ?? BirJ and Tho nas Hubbard, ot Mapleton. to assist. The burglar ? SwsnlKKk'iShingle Camp,Chap man Plantation, and arrested. Tuesday night ?kaWIIM e6*11 *? in camP over night and .-,i'ar,y ?PI ,U) *>e<1- morning Cnllen '.* * an axe clumped off the heads of llayden and Hubbard. jLinhock and Bird ? by t!je ""Maitnessed the aw l.nrilT^thr Cn^flhndled a tire and Hrloile pt ? Of the murdered men^iid fhfliSH mii- S**llb?ck Bird hurried to . KHn .Klive au R'arni. Parties started in sea-ch ot tbe murderer, ainl a rnes SSr ZVr?* to rr? Ule w'th great haste. riL S.'1 ?' prevailed. Keaching camp nothiag remained to tell of the awful murder, except aheap of ruins, a few fragments oi bones and ? bnnch of keyZ ton V t:rare,, to his house in Maple ill witj denieit liif? i?re8once, but H?i illv owned that he was hiding in the cellar, wJiere ^"Jo^yCon-UhleHnghe, and a-<is; ^ . i ?cl;iM>wl?-il(fo,l his guilt, and said he wished heliac killesl Swanlvock ami Bird. He was started tor Pres.|ne Isle. Having proceeded two miles, the parties were met by a^r?^ ot disguisc.1 uen, who took ptM^essionof the prisoner, who still exulted in his enllt regret I'mhi ia? Ce,h*;! J??1 m;*de a clean job of it." He v, i.l^d he had killed hLs own wife and child and then he wonld he hung willingly. The di? cuised inch placed a rope around li s neck and Vvil*K? b;r * tree for the pnr,.o^ i i . he ?** ,cut ,,own a"<1 placed in a " ? lo receive the reiuHlns of his victims. ? u .en is said to have murdered a lawy .r in Brunsw'ck. he residetl till within two \ i ??} 0,ft,>re<1 hiai ? chance to escape to re7n? tlf';Tethe c0.""tr>'. *??? >'c was afra d i i.i VI 1 e Pror,nces, anil agreed to go with h'ni pea?eal.fy in the morning. Havden *as highly eiteemtd throughout the eounrrv where he was well known. He leaves a wi?e ' one child. The of the "on.e is unjaarrietL* ninr,lcrcr Hubbard was' T?5 '',>TEST L<??iih>n So a > dai The re 1,1 Ireland of the marchioness? rratL. liV1*1/ * Nin/uUir ^J' M'ter of aristo cratM x aii<idl. A nuni!>er of year* ligo the ?lc ^.W^n,a.7,e" f?t'ie Hon. Mr. \i\iau Shortly afterward she I., earn- inti mate with the present marquis of NVaterford, then a young man in the life guards. The in ?tiMC 10 ? inv ""I'I' Hsant remarks whichi were confirmed when thb two eloped. ??L I lor a divorce, which was granted indue course, and the,, it tran?,.ire<i that the di^Mjived marriage had n. ver |.o ,<-,1 any binding force, a* Mr. Vivian had a wife hv a previous marriage Hill living. When tbede went iith'l.T^d with the young m*r.|iiis she Tbeie .1 - I m ^ r"si,,e on hi'' esta^Ireland, Lo wben uarMnCe rfmH'Tled- A few mniths ago. when it became known that she'was about th/t rf.elrbet0,a Ch,JJ'tl,c fact aiinomiced that after her divorce from Mr. Vivian she was y ?Yr,e,itot,,e,Dar'l,,l'*0t Waterford. Snb equently, she gave birtli to a still horn child and immediately died. Ladv Waterford is a .?onsin of the unfortunate I.adV Mordaunt, wit'j w^hose scandalous life and subse.,uen? inanity the Prince of Males was mixed up two or three veai. ajo. and her death under the circum -tanees detailed is likely to create considerable don " ,U tiUt fashionable world of I^n HoRrtni.E KnATittriKK is Missi*4|i>[>i i ? ?n the L'lth uit. a terrible fratricide wo* eom mifttd twelve miles west of Scnatobia, Tate ?ounty. Miss., under the following circuni Daniel, Uie elder son of Thomas liite, was engaged to be married to the widow -? w)T; ? -vo'",J?'er brother, John, was op js.sed to the marriage, and as-erted that ho would kill his brother rather than he should ,a^kr; iLiCI' Thursday evening a? altercation took place, when John, being aimed with a re volver, and in the presence of his father and mother and Mrs. Bo\d>on, shot Daniel near the navel, and then wa.ked out of the house. Som 2 ^''t?1*1'"? hi? intention to V ^ ? Tut tr dJL*d,the,i' a" Other Shot had not killed him. With some difficulty his lather took the puiol from him, And js 'he stepped trom the house his brother, wounded a? he was seized a shot-gun and rtred at him, hut missed him. Daniel died from the eff?scts of his wound the next night. The day following the mur derer was arrested and taken to Sewttobia w hence Le was committed to jail. A Pre<-et?*?t Aoainst Misi sk op Postal Cai:i>s?A person was recently convicted in laiudon of "a grotf, vile and most atrocious libel" on his own niece, by sending her a postal cant containing an accusation of immoral con duct, for whici! *>e WM tentenced ts.? two years' impiisotunent and a fine of two Jinn<ired and fifty dollars. The young woman wiS oa? of rhtYn . aAtTie 'jme- on account J.' the ilMiealth ot her father, win stipriortiiii? hecc sell by working in a respectable rerre-hment room. The uncle had written her an ordinary letter on the subject, and afterward sent her the postal card, thus maliciously and cruelly con veying to her a.*sociates and employers hi* own unjust suspicions. The resnlt wa.< that the girl lout her i?Iace. was brought into disesteem. and, it the charge had been true, would haw buen prevented ever after from associating with hon est women. The judge who pissed the sentence compared the acioi the prisoner to robbery with needless violence, and regretted that the law did not permit him to order the rascil to be flogged. A Liqroi Cas*?Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio have statutes that impose a contingent pecu niary resi>onsibiHty ui>on every glass of liquor sold. A case is reported by the Clnclnn ?ti Com mercial of the 25th, in illustration. At Irontoti t'hio. a man named Lewis purchased or ob^ fa*ned whisky at a saloon kept by one Kvans became intoxicated, wandered off into the woods, and died from exposure to the elements Mrs. la wis brought salt against the saloon keeper tor damages under the state law. and the Jury awarded her a verdict of *5,onrt. I vans immediately turned everything into cash and departed rbr parts unknown. On such motion b?iug brought to the knowledge or the court, an order was made setting aside the sale as fraudulent, and Intended to dereat justice and directing the Judgment to be levied ou the real estate. A PerskvKitino Bkpobtek As^ai'ltkt) nr a Mormon Paaat her?InOmahaon the even ing of the 28th nit., while a reporter was tak ing notes in the Latter-Day Saints' church, the pastor descended from the pulpit and requested him to desist. The reporter, however, resumed ~in?te*' the pastor again approached him and remonstrated. The reporter insisted upon hit right to report the proceedings, whereupon his note book was snatched from him and hurl 'h? ehnrch. The lighU were extin Cilahed. and a scene of Intense excitement fol wed, daring which the reporter lea the house and the services were resumed. Preacher (,'owhided?The Rev. Mr. Fra ??1i,.p^?I,?.,tk6Matb?dtet *p???pal chnrfh of Elmrood, 111., was pnblietly whipped by Mrs. Leslie, widow at the late J. >. Leslie, tor re msrks made by him at a temperance meeting held m tbe Congregational church last Sunday evening, to tbe effect that tbe expensive eofln used to Inclose tbe remains of the lata Mr. Les lie was purchased with tbe tears and groaas of tbe drunkard*' families. Mrs. LesUe met tbe Rev. Frazell In tbe store of Dr. V. R. Defoe and proceeded to whip him, when he eseaoafl after a few blows by running down tbe nearwt alley. fl,000 Each for Four Kim?ks A Wisconsin school-ma'am demands (l.tmo each for four kisae* stolen ftem ber by a n-elgbt conductor. gin i ?i ?? ? rl SKa A-.. 1 J m_ . .. She missed tbe passenger train, and rode in tbe drover's aaleon ot a freight train, and tbie eon doctor took ber band in bU, threw his muscular arm a boat ber slender waist, and did tbe dam age aforesaid. She sues tbe railroad company a.affHVat> **** T "?? remarkable growth of St. Louis may be derived from a knowledge of tlie tart tl:at every live tmwuiitMrr hv been compelled to add a "building permit editor" to Ito force. . GEORGETOWN. Imtroyevents Vice President Shepherd. Col Magruderand Mr. Class of the board ot public work", visited our city to-day, and di rected the sidewalks on High street to be laid as early as practicable. Kir eh News The steamer C. Vanlcrbilt inhMl to-day from Baltimore with a miscel laneous cargo, and the Ladyof the Lake cleared l'yr Norfolk with 300 barrels of flour. Schooner Belle Conway arrived from Norfolk with M.MO te?*t of lumber for Wheatly Bros., and the schooner C. Q. B. Trvers from the same port with 441.000 feet salt water oak lumber for E. Pickerell & Co. . , Grain Trade?There were no arrival* of grain to-day, and the only -ales on 'CUa-ige were 2,Su0 bushels corn at 70 cento for yelloe and 73 cento for white. Fish Trad*.?The receipts of fish to-day were 25,000 herring, 000 shitu and 1,000 taylors. The herring sold at a?a?5.50 per thousand, the shad at *14 and the tayloro at 75 cento per hun dred. The Reitblican Revolution in thk ThirdDistrht Okoroitow*. May .V? Edi tor Siar: It should have been stated in the re port in Saturday's Star of the meeting of re publicans of the'third district, at Market Hall, in Georgetown, last Friday evening, that when the president of the club, Mr. L. L. Clements, ruled out of order the motion of Mr. W. H. Barker to proceed to the election of club of ficers. an ap|?eal was taken from the decision of the chair, and tl.e question being put there was nearly an unanimous yoteagainst such decision. The president still refused to put the notion, ami instead of vacating the chair in favor ot some one who would put it, he undertook to adjourn the meeting, and left tho hall In com pany with Mr. C. P. Houghton and Mr. Han. C. Ad?iison. The meeting afier these three left proceeded to elect clnh officers and deiegatesto the central committee, as was stated in Tan Star, just as was done at the meeting last year called for the same purj?ose as this one. Keitb. ALE XAWDBIA. Republican Mketinu.?The republican* of the 4th ward met last night, and nominated Kd w ar-l Hughes and P. R. Evans qs candidates tor the Council. J. O. Underwood for the Board of Aldermen, O. C. Whittlesey for magistrate, and J. W. White for constable. Delegates were elect ed to represent the ward in the convention to nominate a candidate for mayor. Kkmarkable Occurrence About ^o'clock this morning a nicely dressed and good looking young woman entered the market square, ana after looking about for a while, approached a

colored market woman from Maryland, named Nancy Simms, commenced a conversation with her, and in a short time asked her if she ever drank anything. Nancy responding that she tiki take her bitters sometime*, the stranger said she felt very weak, and told Nancy if she would Miow her a place near by where a drink could be obtained she would take one and give 1'erone too. Nancy agreeing to the proposition, the stranger gave'hor a small bundle, appar ently containing fresh meat, asking her to lav it in one of her baskets until tliev returned.amI the request being complied with, they went to the grocery store of Thounis Downey, corner of Cameron and Fairfax streets, and each took a fllass of ten cent whisky, the people in the store coking rather surprised at the sight of such a nice looking woman drinking in that wav. After the drink had been taken, the stranger told Nancy to wait tnere for her, stating that she was going to her wagon and that when she returned she would give her two pairs of shad. Nancy waited, but in vain; went back t'? Uer stand in the market square, and the stranger not returning, and it la-coming time for her to be going home, she looked into the bundle to see what it was so that she might leave it some where for th^ owner, but what was her surprise and horror whenshe discovered she ha < taken for butcner's meat was astill l?orn child. It wns wrapptd In newspapers, and had appar ently been born but a few hours. The news soon spread, and the i*olice at once instituted a search tor the supposed mother, is saiil, took the train for Washington. She Is described as young, stout, and handsome, and as having worn a short dress, of dark material, made m the latest style, and a? w earing gold bracelets. Property Sale- i In brick dwelling and lot. lately the reside! < -.1 Mrs.J.uev L. Turner, decease id. on < >roiic> s* ,i-. rear Washington, was sold to-dav by I . 11'\ , auctioneer,to Col. Kichard Aland i-ce, lor .<0,OAO Ga:'l".?A i.s'aut. C I T Y 1TE M a Go to George W. Dr. Ivan's new sample rooms and see a man. 1,5 CHAvnos Karth < "loset, the best in use. Hamilton Hi Pearson, V. M. C. A. Building, !Wh and D. 4,5,eo5 Prk o's .Tewki.rt "Turk receives new styles every day, No. io? Pennsylvania avenue, near 4^ street. Warren Patent Meat Cooker at Hamil ton X Pearson's, Y. M. C. A. liuildiug, 9th and 1). 4,">,eo5 _ ? Tiiecopikst and most attractive place in tho city is Geo. W. Driver's new sample rooms, cor ner Pennsylvania avenue and Four-and-a-liaif street. 4,5 Habit, if i ? . t.y, makes a Hair Dress- j ing indispens* ? to many. The new "Vigor." which l)r. Ayer't laboratory issues, is one of the most delightful we have ever used. It restores not only the color, but glo^s and luxurian -e to faded and gray hair. 4,5,ni,w,l?.V w ? 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Mxy Tth. al?t 10 ocl??k, I will sell, at the re-ld-noof III 1* ? lady declining housekeeping, No AA l?t ?treet, between Market and Frtderick, a central assortment of He?-li'>l<i G'xxl* We name: Ro?' ?iHd Piano.(Helnecamp,land Stool, Haircloth and wa'not Parlor Suite, Mirror,( French Plate,! with Bracket and Slats Ea?v Ciialrn, Curtains, Cornice*. Ac., Bru?*eU. Ingrain, and other Carpeta, Matting. W hut not. and Parlor Tables. Walrtit Chamber Sets, Cooking and other Stove*, Baby's Carriage, very superior. Mahogany Crib, with Blanket*, Matresae*. and Spread*. Toilet 1M*. Hair and Hack Mattresses, Wool Comfort*, Sjread*. Sheet*. Pillow-slips, Brussel*. Stair Carpeting,* and Linen, (ient'a Writing Ch*b'. Ladies Workstand, Solid Walnut Tal'lefor invalid. Plate Warmer. Walnot Extension Table, Mshogau) Bulehoard, Wardrobe*, Dining Chair*. Picture*, Fire screen, Table Linen, Wine Cloth, and Napkin-. Chafing Pishes, Tub*, Wringer. with other article* too numerous to mention. . m.V2t THOS DOWLING, Anct. THOM AS DOW LING, Ancti .tieer, 13? Bridge street, Georgetown. PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE 1M PROVED REAL ESTATE. SITUATE ON DUMBARTON* STREET. BETWEEN GREEN ANI? MONT OOMERT STREETS, GEORGETOWN, D C? AND NUMBERED ??>, 47, 49, il, A3. 54. AND OS. ? _ Having determine! to di?p<>*e of my property BS Iti the District, I will offer on the premises as above numbered, at public sale, to th- highest bidder.on THURSDAY, Ma* lst,a?4 p in .iet-n valuable Hout-esand Lot*. The location i* pleasant and healthy, the hnine* in *?>.*! condition, with modern convenience*, the sidewalka and atreets have been recently leveled and re paved. T?m,? nl sale- One-third cash; the balance in 6. 12 and 18 Dl 'litht, wnrwl In deed of trn?t upon premise*; |H0 paid on day of sale. Conveyancing at the cost of the pTircha?*r. The terms of sn|e to he complied with in five dar?, otherwiaethe proj-ert) to be resold at cost of de faulting pnrclia?rr. JOHN DAVIS. alS-dAd* THOMAS DOWLING, Auct. KT" THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED, on account of the rain, until TUESDAY, May 6th, aame honr and place. m3 THOMAS DOWLING. Anet. Dry goods at popular prices. For GOOD B ARGAIMS be *ure to go to BENJAMIN MILLER. 101 Bridge street. Georgetown. Japanese Poplirs at 26 and 35c ; Japanese Silka. #Uc.? 74c., ?1; plain Dre?* G<><?d?, In all the new Color*. 25<\, ."CSc., fiOr ? Black Silk*from 51.26 to #.V Black Grenadines from K . to i| 1; b.-aritul Plaid* for children, 15c,. ?c., 25c.; Victoria Lamm. *V., 16c., S7c.; PI jne?, Joe , 25. , 37c., 6*-.; Black Alpaca* and Mohair*, a splendid onalitv, a* low as #Uc. Cloth*. Cassimers, Linen Drills; alt the novel - tie* in Parasols; one case more of the splendH 4 4 Bleached Cotton. 12.Sc. ap23 tr OEADY FOR THE SPRING TRADE With a full corpa of first class workman, ac^m I Pl-te stock of the beat I >reigo and domestic Dye I Stuff*, Ac.. Ac., I nm fullv pr -pared fo CLEAN OK RBCOLOR LADIES' AND GENTS' SPRINO AND SUMMER WEARING APPAREL, promptly and in the best manner. W. H. nilRATLEV, PR EMI VM STt'A H ItVkjya AMU SCO UK tfiW WOK KS. _ . ESTABLISHED 1631. Premtnm awarded 1?7. 0ffice,40 Jefferaor, st .Genrgf towm, D O Post Office B ?* 723. ap7-*r REAL ESTATE AGENTS. JUAN BGYLK. FRANK BARNjM JI AN BOYLE ?r CO., KKAI. ESTATE .4.VL) SOTE BROKERS, No. t?05 16Sh street, opposite U. S. Treasury . .......... ,i. n toi i.o>k in WMlard'i! Row; price. 52on B"'vcr*i small II <?!-<-?, from 5 '. 810 to S6.01V; small C.i-I i ?> ui- ii-. We have wveral very tine FARMS, irupr.o -d and tuiim pio\ed? on different railr. a 1-. ru.iititig fr* i?i the city. f'T sale at |jw figure* or esclia: K- for city pri.pi rty. 3<)U,uUU feet of GROUND in vareris p< rtiona of the city f. r sale at low figures, on ea-> term*, or will exchange for productive unpr ned property. ap?S-fr REAL ESTATE AGENCY riT( II A > D FO*. W e give special attention to the? are of Properties belonging to non-resident owners,?paying taxes, attending to repair*, securing tenants, coil< i-tiurf rente. A'-.. Ac. F1TCU A FOX.liOO Penna ave,,n-. Freedman's Bank Building, *J2 eo2w opp. U. S. Treasury. (' EO. TKI ESI>ELL A C<? . * HEAL ESTATE BROKERS, ftlft 7th street, (over German American Saving*' Bank.) Special attention given t-j RENTING. COLLECT ISO. PAYING TAXES and NEGOTIATING LOANS. ?ru, uon. r . r. Mlair; Hon. J. W. Douglass.c >tu tniaaiouer Internal Revenue; Wiu. B M ?>?*. F'iriii ture Dealer; C. E. Prentias.Cashier German A'-i-ri can Saxings Bank; Col. John M. Fe*s?nden; n. n John Hitr, Consul General of S? itzeriaiid. *V. Iiu" yyilXIAM DICKSON, GENERAL INSURANCE AND KEAL ESTATE AGENT, No. FIFTEENTH STREET, OPP.>SlTE TREASURY. None but the B*le?t insurance companies repre sented. Prompt settlement of loaaej and fair dealing ruar antecd. apfl lin Austin p. brown, Corner 11. T. avenue and lith afreet, Washington, D 0.. Wholmili Duin in LUMBER, LIME, CEMENT, SAHD.te., Ac., Ac LUMBER BILLS cat to order on abort notice. BLUE STONE for Buildiug, Macadamizing anc Paving purposes delivered la any part of the Dl* trtct. BEAL ESTATE bo?ght ami sold and money la rested. To this branch of the business 1 will here after give my personal attention, and will be at my office daily from 10 a. m. ontil ? p. m. marl-tf yyE HAVE JUST RBC'KIVCO ?0 DOZEN LADIES' SKIRTS, WHICH WE ARE SELLiXh AT *8 CENTS PEB SKIRT LOCK WOOD, HUVTY * TAVLOR, fJJ PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, >S-ti Metropolitan Hotel Block. JUSTICE TO ALL, partiality to non*. isalwaya the motto at 8TBAUS', Clethler, 1011 Penn, avenue. a25 LMiB SALE-McCLURK S ANTI FRICTION l1 CHAIN AND TRAVELER, for the nse r\ of Cait Horse*. It prevents the animal s back from getting ao*e. For sale by allcaZV. Harness Dealers. Price, complete, AS M. THOMAS MORrLEET, 13th street and Pennsylvania avenue, a26-lOt Agent for District of Columbia. D** WOBMIiBYV PECTORAL 8YBUP, m OOUOHB AM* 00L1M. apLO Mr ALL DM9*9UYB. T*.f TS^T,!rVMA8fi'T solved A. STRAUS, 1011 #S2rV!J 'M^r a moderate nth *J.wa?4T.. LUMBER. LUMBER. HARDWOODS a specialty BILLS CUT TO ORB EE. frt tr* Ooini Tn an 1 Ma, irnivm, art., near 11th aAi DOTS' AMD YOUTH'S SUIT* a specialty" this IS season at A. STRAUS', 1011 PaViwo.. aear lltfe street. sfli BOOKS, STATIONERY, Ac. BK Y aKT's LIBRARY OF POBTEY AMD St?NG, H B. ST0WE8 LIBR \ RY OP FAMOUS FIO Tip*. BEECIIFR 8 LIT* OF CHRIST. Ac. BlbKrirtiont rKDlitd *1 1411 fMn?ylTMii?? BISHOP A HAZARD ^GRICCLTURAL BOOKS. Johnaton'* Agrtcnltaral Chemlatry.? fl 71 Anfrir?D dtnlni' r't A?*i*t*ui t to Allen'. AiwriCH rarm Book. I 10 Henderaon '* Gardening for Profit 1 w ar I u^^Drain hi* forfrofit and H-altA 1 M 8ma.ll Fruit Caltnrist 1 BO nller1* Or?K CsHnr* 1 80 Fit*'* S-'dtlirm A pair Culiunat .i >71 Wright'* Prartical Foultrj Keeper 2 00 Lanatroth oalh?HnM; r.< t 00 Randall "? Sheep H aabaudr? 1 no Ron* Owner." Cyclopedia. _ S 7? Yonatt on the D r S Ti, AH the new book* reoe|\Ml aa e>? ii aa pnMiahed t>y RICHARD B MOHUN a CO., tf-lr 101A Penna. rwiw, romr lit h ilrMt. I^IST OP NIW BOOKS AT SIIILLISGTO VR BOOUTORK: LITTLE KATE KIRBY. A Sotfl. Bv the author -nJ'/m-A?f*J *'"1 Carrie'. Confrwion. THE COM IN U RACK. By Kt ward Bulwer< L <rtf Lytton.) THE WIDOW LEROGUB. A Novel. Br Bmile Gabon ao. T?saEa'^ SNT?,Ml:?.r"T"s"E or NOT EASILY JEALOl'S A Novel. TO THE BITTER END. Bj Him Braddon. L AKEYI LLE By Mary Hally. REPTILES AND BIROS. A New Bditlon. EDUCATION IN JAPAN. HALP HOUR RECREATIONS IN POPULAR SCIENCE, N". 7. All the back numbers on hand POTI'LAR SCIENCE. Monthly volumea 1 and! ELEMENTARY TREATISE ON NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. B> Prof-aaor E.erott. BEY TO NORTH AMERICAN BIRDS. Contain in* aconriae acctiuut of every *peci*eof Liiiu and Koaail Bird*. HARPERS HAND BOOK OP TRAYEL IN El ROPE. A large *toek of Blank B ' k?. Ptn Book*. and Memorandum Book*, Note Papr, L?tter Paper, and Playing CarJe at the very loweat price*, at tr f^YERY MOTHER THE DOCTOR OP HER 'j OWN FAMILY if .he Hi Dr. HALLf HEALTH AT HOME at STOCKMA* A AnV SUB 9th street Ti'.rthweat The COTTAGE BIBLE to be had there alto. TWU goyj AQtllTB ?-.r lAd inl8 fr yfl* WORKS OF THOMAS GUTHRIE, o7 The Goapel in Ezekiel Tlie Saint* Irib> ritance. The Wy of Life. On the Parable*. Illustrated. 8peakieg to the H "an. Studies of Character. Plea for Ragged School*. The City; its Sina arid Sorrow*. At WM. BALL ANTYNEU, " 4*9 Tth.trM.t. O T 1 C B. OPENING OP A HEW STATIONERY STORE AND blank book mawu/aotobyT uW.XKFi^1iV0W?S-VKraTi? AND BINDING DONE TO okDBB The public are Invited to call and examine o?r ne *<**? _ ^ ^ BEN. P. FRKNCH, Uuder National Metropolitan Bank, -??*? '"d uelt d"or to J g ss?^l? THE TRADES. II EKAIG A LAGIKPCSH, ,. Succewora to H**?T Bntii.ri, PRACTICAL COPPERSMITHS, "?? In.' Between mil an.I fith ?ta. n,xrcm-'.t. /'HAS. HARTEL, *14 r ??hfhy?KK ANV bcildkh. ?onth?aat. All order, promptly at t^iwfd to on rfwnaMe t?nm. *17-1 m* Aw* i ?% u s. ? JOHN C HOOAN, 713 Market manufacturer of AWSlift*. f r St or,-.; City and Country Resilience. isWaMftissi' i sra,, rig5?Afr!..'ya't,.Ttt, t.:nl ?)LL MbINu AND GAS-PITTING. " Mlr,ng *? f'*T? ,h-,r P'ltnbin* and Gaa Fitting d<.ne in a neat and .nbatantial mariner, and ti rwiiMijta terms,?h..ul l l.-are their order, a) '3 Pennsylvania avenue, Capitol Hill. * ?rK wariiDtt.'d, 1,177 <m* WM ROTH WELL. [ 'ALD ON JAMES If. BR1LN, ^ tmrtuml pmmbtr nmu tint htrtrr P1"raking. ttaa Fitting, and S-wera?e pr.,n ptlj attended to on r<?aa<>nable term., N j bO? "venue, near ?th ?i><et, north iide fce.idence, Viiy >1 .treet, northeM. ' n;14 \f CUNNINGHAM, HATTER^ ~ ^Tf * 1?11 F Street, between lutn and 11th, tea the^le^ure to announce tnat he han roc, n j1. m. th- Sprjng Stria of Bro^lBLO<X!^udtH 1 .J"ew.H*U made to ord. r o wflS'u . r.?nd'l "M ?tr'<*; al?o, aa aaaorCiHut of tB**' ^or ?*le, on reaaonable tenna. f t-tr WKIKOS, FLAWB, TMMTB. M G COPELAND, ?4 3 Louisiana avenue, one door east 7U? atreet. AWNINGS for Store*.City and Oonntr R<?1ri?Don -??rAjr?*#iu ?tyle and ftni*h. ^ ?l amaonoa *nj TL'NTS f.?r aale acd rent ROOMS DECORATED All Canvam article, made to ardef _DANCING CLOTHS u Jt I. TIETOH, carfestsr, bv1luhr, 411 OOITKAOTOI. rSS! " ?? 81. >p* and Office. lith atreet. below E at. northw^t. HOTELS. ITNION HOTEL, Gbobsstown,D.O. \k* Hotel ?od'rn yu? 5oldlH?A., bell*, arid gaa. "'toSSSSR T 3*ted, being aitnated on the Una of the Waahinctoc *9^ Georgetown City Pam^nger railroad, the oar* Jf which, from the railroad and *irimltnaf dnaota Mil th6 door ?Tory two or thrM inlnnt** trJ oftMibou- tM r*ch 3 U?'rlfc Sliding* of the national capital or any plaoe of oSSJSfJtf?' *? r * ploaaant ride of atewminuta* rtfivu doing boainea* along the line of Un. a? JwTw,u *o their advaatMa k ?top at thl* hon*e. <It<Sl -ly ^TKVl HOTEL, ?o. 70* O STREET, Bktwkkh Tth aXD ?th Stk??t*. IMPERIAL HOTKli, JAM Eh 8YKK8, prorrtam. PBOKTIXS Pe5M?TLV*!IU Avbkvb, bumm IStA mud uth ttrmu, Wa.?h:sbtos, d. O. Tbankfnl to the pnbUc for generoo* aatronac* In ha ?a?. the Proprietor aaka hi* old Mend* ai jatron* to te*t the accommodation* of hi* preaet.. tahHahnieat. which he promiaea aball ha lonod at leaat eaualtothe beat In Waahlnfton. jant-tf [Rep., Chronj O. W1LLABD, ~ EBB ITT HOUSB, WASHINGTOH, D. O. GROCERS. ^ ?? O'HARB * SUA, 1313 7th 8TRBET NORTHWEST, ?Between M and N *U ) BOAPI SOAP!! Proctor A Gamble's celebrated Cincinnati Olive SOAP, the beat in the market?10 cent* per Puuud bar, ftfec. by the box of <0 lb*. HAM8, Ac. HAM80r* 1,000 lb"' *Xlrm (1Q*1'ty StfAr-CarV ? Ibs/extra white LARD. fl. lumMftuf1'' t"-"-;h,frLoo? LIQUORS I LIQUORS!! OMBah* WHIBKT; OM Cabinat WHISKY. Wllmj% ? fiftii old, per kottta *1 m Z""' I s c. BWBET CATAWBA W1KB, UK %k?s?lris2& PORTKB. C.EO'KAEBtioJI, lBII7th*.a. w.,tiUmB^B. F hBCll kmcmitmd direct > th* Mill* la ? ? ?ALLEY OB YIBGINIA. Will aaU to famlliea M ceota per barrai 1*? than ?anal price*. Prte** of 8U6ABB and TBAB all i CATAWBA Will, ?alter Wteai railroads. Llbiandbia a washing, TON R B 4!H> ILEXASPBU A PBBPEBtCEaBrBG B b. (Vm> (J b ""J StxM Skmu Loral train* for JU?lti>!r1? !>??? M It M. r.4e. >AS. ( MaUB, UA4b m., 12 V ! ?*-, 3 ?. ? 8K.? 38, and 7 3e p. ? Uw? iniM fr<* AkJMilriD arrKe a* Nkw ? ?. 7:?8.6 BI. lfl.HB.ll 8l. m? 12 U 1 Al, 2.S3, JJt>. 4 S3. S:?, 7 SJ ? S8P w. 'Trwtea Marked thuacoanoc* with tratsaan W ?*&? Slon and Ohi- B B. C AXTICX) kcc*mmoAtO?m I?*t? % 0EKA^^VTH*^*^EX^RBM, via 1 ?a? ea Waahingtoa10 At p.m. daily,aaoapt Banday. Through tn k?u U> all p- i.,u Bath aud SotithwaaH for aale at OScm, MTMT l*h MrM Mrf fVnnay Iva conwlrt atreet uJ hturlrMto ? her* nwuin a*n leave ?rd?r? for k?|fuf to ba r)M>ck?S7Zrbatata iirf imMnon throajli to d<wtt hBtUB. _ _ B. 8. TOr?Q,f?*'l F??"<w Atm?. trW tt 'Vt UALTIBOKE A BP POTOBAC o BA1 LR( > AP, u<r*? cor Um b urmtt. fi. W TRAINS LEAVE FOB BALT1M0BB. ?*? m? Kltctrt Ki?. <*U|. (A3BJB., Baltimore Bui. except Snnday, 10 ?b. m., Bxp daily, M|t Snndav TBAINS A Bill > B AT WASHlNtlToN (Hi m.. Waaler* (tf. daily, Bn?vlay. 8.JB a. m., IIail,<ta?ly, -? (*f? Bnu.1ar. I1.B ?. V?trn try , MB, | iM p. ?>., Baltimore Ac 123 p.m., Par If r ?otr.modation, daily,?*- datl>,exc*pt feanlaj . e?|t Pood ay. ~ * B^liM 1 S3 p m . Cincinnati Bs |r?aa.dai)y. uc?K ftan r:y p. a., VfM>n Ii; ?:? r .m .Accoauu-Mat oa. ?uiir7 ? _ Rl JS a a., Boilth-m El rdaily, Saa Mi.a.,wiiri ?*B.J *1 tlX ? Waahingt. r. at? iS and ? a m.and i> b m.ooBDect at B ? ? ?tthtiaiuaI * Bartt*** ? iHTtnc B^wle 7.38 ai^l 11 ISft. a., and 4:13 p ? tl* riving ?? Barlkoro'Plit .m ai??l 12 is aaa : ; p Trai*. arriving at *?rtii?toa sJB a a. -ud ?Al and ?m p. a? Burt* with tra na Wavfci? Marlboro'7Mi a. at. and ?:4U and i:33 p_m r^inairi leaving their unw? at TtatH Offic*P? ?oraerof l*h aCrr?t and Pennsylvania ??*" }? and nnrtbaart c?.n>?T of (tilth atreet mi ^^Naja a ratine, caa have their l>acra*? called *?* aj'i a*?ah -d ?t bote la and r*a?denc?<a to all *>?ata M -rth and ?'m?. Thronrt Uckota to Cyafttioatl. t- Inmboa, I'l-ttatiap-Mia, X?a>iill>a.>- Laala...Baw ^rl-am, Chloa?o;oiBaba. all poloUn^-rU, rjifih??at, weat. a?M aoolhw<*. B.L I>rBA BET, Oetil E. 8 TorWO. Q*r1 Paan'r Ag^tit. .*1 tf 'I'HEurOH LINE BETW KEK 1 WASHINGTON, PHILAPEL PUIA, AND NEW TUBE J WiKIMTXH, Hmmiterl 1!T| TTalnabetween W AiBlSUTuN aud BKW fOBB are rnii a# f.?llowa: BOB NEW' TORE, mitM rUan?f *a*?. Lieaie daily (except Sitndaj ) at s.tM a. at., IflC ?al S.51' p. m. BOB PHILAPILrHIA. L^tt daily (except flutda)) atS a. at.. In* and >-* ON BrNPAT. L>?are for New Tork at SAC p ar. and P'^, ?f. phik il 5.80 b. Hi. bl^ piug cars for New T?rk o? 840 ?. as. trala nw??k ttokM* to rhfladelpbla. R-w Y -rt and Bwtoe can he had at the Station Ofllc* at all l. ora of the das. _ .. #or BaTtltaora and Ohio railroad adrertlaer*>ot.t aaa ?< be*Iu!e betwueti W aahinfton, Baltimore, Auiiapo lia and the W?t. THUS. B. bUABP, A?aS MaateT Tranep rtatiaa. L II. OOLE. Onnoral Ticket Ae-nt QEO 8 EOt?NTE. Ae^nt, O nttmi >eM BALTlMOBEL?ND 0U10S3HB WiJHISfctiiS. Jmi.HiMH Tralna between S* A8HINOTOH ANP B\LTI BOBB and WAfUINGToN AND TBS WKSTard ?ow ruL as MIowf, vlr: PUB BALTIMORE. L-are dailr, a*c??t Sundar, at ( If. HAS. S flB. S tt and 10:48 a. I.Au, S:U. 4 10, ? JB,?Jt, ADu and sAC ON 8T*NPAT POE BALTIMORE L"a?e at 4:4? at<d S:iM a. ni., aud J.00, 3.1S.8X.8.J0 de.W p.m. PUB ALL WAV STATIONS Loaredai.>. except Bon-lay, at 4 ?.( ?l ai 4 i t! a. in.; 4:lu atio ft:E' p. and ,>n Hnuday at 4.4S uid < 0(li. m . ai?1 1:00, S:I8,?:W, and (<t>i p. ta. The Is*,4:13 and fe U p.*. traiua atop a' tb? fol owma atatioua only, vit: Bnn-nfl ura, li Ita-ilia Laurel, Autiapolta Junctioo, Hanornr and K-iajr, Alao, the S:1J p. m. will an.p ?? Jmutap'a Cut, a^1 tba UL P in at Peun '? PUB ANNAPOLIS. Leave at t:4i a. Hi. and ?:lo p. m, bat ao trait* to or frow Aatiapoiia on Sand a* POB Ni'BPOLB. Leave at lft? p. ni., except Miuday. K.'K ALL PAUTS or THE WPT. Lx-ave dail> , except faiurday and Si.a.!^ . ?*. 9 ?e a m. and a If and S U0 p. Bi. On Satnrda? *? ? ?f ?u 1 and (S uu p. Pi., aud on Sii day at S:1S aud At*; p. .a. TBAINB A RBI V E AS POLMim - PtoinK>-w Y'>rk, Ptiilmleiptiia abd Ba) Bore, at SAu a. Bi . attd t.A and 9:M p. a. Pr,ith PKilad' lpliia and Baltimore at B Su e. m. P?"m E-iltin;ore at S:to. 4..H, 140 arii! 11.10 ? o , xod l.S0,3.A/,?:36,6 SB. 7:M.*:SS,and XUAU p. ui. PHOM THE WKbT. Arrire at 1.S0.A3B and 10AO r tu T>.r< cich tickfU t* the etoba bad m tM A'aahincton Station Ticket Office at all bo&r* f ti.e lay; alao, at tbeC-mpany a office, p?oi.? a> :a ?\enae. Paaa, >i?.r? purcbaainc lick eta at m* \vn iH? office can tbore arrange to bava their >>-4c?a?a Ailed for abd checked at th?ir taaid?-uce,t*keii t- Qm ienot, and put into the kunfr car. P..r New V'-rk, PhUad-Tp.J* and Boatcn ae? ad eertlaenient of "Thronrb Line " THOS. B. 6UAKP, Aaat Maater Tranep .r atloa. L M . COLE, General Ticket A*-ut GEO. 8. EOONTZ 0??ti1 A'gtT wa?tilcr~.oa. jaM 1872 PENNSYLVANIA BnrTB 1872 TO THE KOBTHWEST. Sol TH, AliD SOUTH* WEST. Tralaa laare as follova; A aabinctoB.?4AH a. m I Balt1m >r? ? IB a. ?. " kkJH ami ?* l gg p. in. A3I p. m | - ?i? r. u. M ??7 AS p. m | ? M XI p.m. TBI GBEAT BOl'BLE TBACK BOt'TE, #ltb vlefaut Scarory, Palace 8ui> -rut?i day and ilcht cara, with a -dem inipr ?Tem?tita. Two hnudred milea aavod to Weatern and Oi.tral <ew Tcrh. The luJB a. m. dally, except Bandar, n- rtbweat. ' M P o daily, and S:?U a. at., except Bandar, waat, Makb UliiNtcriui* Throwh froaa BALT1MOBB to NIAGARA and PITTSBCBO with, ut cbanire. Ticket* by thia route can Ik- procured al the Urea, x>rner of ISth atrmt and Pannaylania a*- ran l ?rner of dtb atraet and Pennaylrania areau?, und?c National Hotel, where reliable laformaUoii will ha tfvaa at all ti?ea. Paaaanfara procntiut Hcketa at thia offira caa t-cura aoooauBodatioaa ta Palaea Car* fo> Pitta (?or ?. BP 8. TOCNO, General Paaaanaar At nt, taarf -lr BalHm-r. . Id STEAMER LINES. I\JKW EXPBESo LINE VIA CANAL, iN inwin PHILAPELPHIA, ALEXANPBIA, Va . WASH INGTON AMI) GBO&GBTOWM. D ? _ ?AILIJI6 BAT*. - Prom Pier J, North Whanea. Phil- g^a^W ^ ??MT'5,!iii';sU11 "aT ' DAT*'o; BrrTEnvr'2*i'7r""'D c TU" Thia line conaecta at Philadelphia with ??t'!fd?>>i Iron Lina" of ateaaner* I?r Providence. B ? u and New England Btatea. No wharfatta in I >n by thia liue O. P. HTPB. A*ent for D rf C. WM. P CLTPE A CO., PhilaiMphia. P. A. BE1D, Alexandria. Va. WALDO A. PEABCE. Ad Concraaa Sir -t. Boa ton. ?^Preiithtt. delivered hr K?i'< Expr-"- OrWra left at Gen< ral Office, 603 Penna? I* atiia avenne, oral the at earner what! will be promptl. <ttaaM to. Ml YY ASH 1NGTOS^BO^BP^LE, BOSTON ,~~AJ(D The flne Iron Steamer LAPT OP THE LAM hatrinc reatimed her regular tripa to Norf<Tk,will leave her wharf. of <th atraet, every MONPAT and**^^?*i THWBSPAT, at 1 p. m.,u>?chiacat ariacip?i Biwar Landing*, connect.u? at Norfolk with Btearxabip at the M- and M. Liaa for B-?toa and Pr idenoa. Freight ahould l>e addraaaad "cara of Lady of th? Lake, via Norfolk." Brauch ticket office bi Bdob '? Expreas Office, 6#H Pennsylvania avaane. T M CBOVCH, Agent, Ah-atiwat wharf DORSET CL AGKTT, General Ay-it. m!4 Plant** tore. cor??r ISth at. and Pa. ava. QCVAID IOBB. TBB BBITIBB AMD MOBTB AMEblCAM BOTAL BAIL BTBABSHIPS, BETWEEN NEW TORE ABD LIVEBPOOb. CALLING AT COBB BABBOM. PBOB BBW TOBB. JI *?? ?fi *.Wad_Ma> 21 ~ " lay* ravnwutfwp Pa. an.,

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