Newspaper of Evening Star, May 6, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 6, 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR. rablhked latiy, Iu4sji nMft?4, AT TUX STAR BUILDINGS, m ituim 8*ii "imfirii ciimit. A M, JMf/WUA-.V, TH* nw!?a STIX 1* .ertM b? carter* to Uw mbciibori at T?i I'ijti ril win.m PokTT Fob* n-m p*? ?"?th. Onywa at the sountar Two C*?T? each. Br Ull-UM TimltM. B1J0; ?U atcnib*. #3.00; DM W, ??? ??' ? ?' THB WIIKLT 8T A ft? PnMHh?rt Friday-ft lji ?r*r. ?/?"Invariably in advance, ia both i 1 for.. tn it of MrtrtUm hratahtd n application. PIANOS. Ac. Uftt.iT tIAK'iAl.Ns K-_3BC."fc IN PIANOS wfim "Tin Which hat* N?B iwhI. Ill III Or.e 7 octave rosewood Ihickerin* Piano...?.. ?223 ?? 7 ?? " HjM-t A C >m*ton ~ auo M (1^ M M KnabeAC'o. 174 ?? t\ " " An.trew Mrin 100 ?? ? ?* Bivn * IIvon 80 " ** Firth, H.?ll A P'>ad H5 ? " Ballet t ComUftB .. AM T\. t ?al? upon t aay tern" at Ike wardrooms f W. C MITZK?OTT a CO., Sc.le ft*en'a for Steiaway celebrated Pianos and M .eon A Hvn.lii? Ur>?i.>. aS^tft | USTAV _ KlUS, PHACTICAL _ f/i.VO U m - - ard lale toner f->r l?et?er?'l * A K h. h. formerly f> for W. C Li<M* A &>.. tnn*r for 8trin*t; ft Son? fB^wl - - ? - er?.|t *<:?>. TunerWlisTI ft. - D''haJ?rfn* ?M Ijr s ^TIEFF*8 PI A SOS, nti?qpaeac.| in of toa* and ? terll- no of fiiiiah; low ?ric?_*? ar?d 'Uf le'a.s. G. L. WILD A BRO ftiljf.l A?r<-nts. 4ill, 11th ?tr?et. ?t?r BortfcwM'M 1" r rner Pmiim;It tala K'aa". ilrtlrn io Piaiot tail SI ii-ir a I liiatrnmen'a generally. and Repairing. P ?liabiug and VaroisliiBg receivefaithful attrition. ap!7 tr JF. LCCAS, IK* 7th street n. w., Tummra*J . ?' fiwn ??4 (irtiMi. Or?Wv ii-r? at Thi>nip?.>?'a &>rner 14th *t fESSSa a... I N f"rk ave. , Getty's. Brelfe, near'HRI* tonrresa, U?-Tr^"?r-, an~! M , c.>r. 7lh and Pa. a? P;aiM? aud .?her in. :r.iaieut* packed and moved All work guar uilo4. ml JAly ORKAT BEDrCTlON IN PRICES. T.w tnetmtiecits, account of their R f. riurKj over ail others. h.ive la nf.-w yearaEJ>^ U b* the om-41 popular here, an well aa al kaM ever the country, can Ik had now for tb? fol*?f* *? K ?iu low aricM bUl AftK PIANOS fr?B fJfOlo fC>. rPktCRT PIANOS ft-in Aiouto A-'J OKA M) PIANOS from 1 P-r*^L.- wbo wlafc to ??? f'" ni A luo U. J SCO !ti TO t wi.ii tno ba? 'natruiaciit oat, arc Inrltod to Mi. a..d r;.n-yar? fr r ?b*ai>ijT*a. Piancafor rrnt. Plant* m Tvnih#'STtd Her^irinJt pr .aerly att.-lxW,' to- . CAEL RirUTftft, Ag-ut, !i<-W 933 !v?rj? avea?# AN ABB A CO., " B?LTi*f*B, Marti a?, OftANU. SqUAKI AND CPKIOUT P1AMOB. Th?we i^tniifbU bare been l?>f >r? the patlic In I ity j rar?, ?td upuu their excellence aK<D-r_<jj^^ ?f. tied aa ?nporrbaaed ?re-en?ir.erif IBM which rronouacea tbera une^nall.-d for ll'eir'l ? ? r-h, workmasahia and dneability. Th?? hare bt-en awarded mitT-flr* gckl aiel a?lver m.-!a.? at d:fterent fair* crer <-tber com>ettt"r?. AM of ib^li ^Ut AKK PIANOS hare tbeit uew and uuprorai r-triiDt S al? aud Agraffe. Willi ri M Caii m<>n> Pli V,OS and PIANOS ?tx ( EG A NS fr?a ' uitua weil-known f *-?or:M f >r aai> ard r-> BftlCHKNBACUt*, derlo-tr P ane Wai?r.H,m?. 41*3 Uth aire-1. BANKERS. Oris UIUE1.0W. AA anker, 643 I> STRCkT, NEAR SEVENTH, Pars INTEREST ON DEPOSITS, mak^a COL Lki TIoNS, atid traaaucta ail t)09il"M ronaect^d with Banking. apt ly 1> A S ft I > U H oTTe 'J or J. H. AQCICR A CO., 1446 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, orr.aiTK waum't Rirrm, W ASU1NUTON, D C. 9 per rent, intrr'.sl paid on dtfosiu. C"UtctiuM uumI e??ry where. l?- r -its payable on demand. Pay cf ?fl!'-era la tfce Arhiycaefc.'d in adraace. apt tr Jf . UKUimEiV, ? Broker, Bo. 9^9 Peoca. aTB., ft. um ?, Washington, D. C. Bpwctal aftewtlon aiven to inTeatineBt ?ecnriti >a. Iutitea attention t ) aecaritiea n ?* offered at pre** wtwbwiH pay IV to 14 per cent, hi amounts anl 'f lei.rfth <?f timet.'BOit InveBtora. 8af?sreliable, prollt a> le mikI, oiakiiiX them i* every respect VIRbT CLAbS 9CCUK1TIES. ftefen by p?-r?i?ion to Lewis J-hnson A Co., W aeliii.rt. u. D. c.; M ?ea Keily, En-, Cashier Batiunal M ??Tipr.litan Bank, Washington, D. C.; H.-ti J. M Br*ch?ad, Second CootroUer, Waahing t? n "? C , Edward Clark, Ea^., Ar?hjtc<t D. S. Cap itol, Waahium. a, P C. mar 17-3m 'I dA BATlOBAL ftANft OP THft KEPCBLIO A (C mt rnf 7th aad P atreeta,) OPEN PftOM 10 A. M TO 3 P. M. Jecl7 1 y CHAS. BftAPLET, Caahlar. C- tRMAI A.XCHICA.1 SAVINGS BANE, I N" >l?SlVI.1T8?TIIIT, Orrotut taa ton UAt* IMroummi. Bank honra: I a. m. to 4 ?. Satordaya opra *u til 3 p. B.., to recelTs depoalu only. liitereai paid >? drpoatta. Collection* Bade and ?xebauge fnnuibid. JOUND1TZ. PreaWent, A IBERLT.T. Pre.1, W. r.KATTUiMLV ft. PftftJiTLsS.Caah'r <otHy TMr. ntEEDHAK't IATI.18I AMD 1 Tftl AT lO.HPA.1Y. ?anAtcg House, Mo. 1MT Pennaylraate arenae oppcaita the Treanry. PATS SIX PEft CENT. INTXKX8T, Jnurut St 11*' lAa hrst of Etuk Month. PAYS roift PEft CSNT. nn boaiueaa ac?oinu from data of depuait. lumt Ctrtxfirm** %r Vtyotubearing ? and 4 per cent. lntereat, available anywhere, tlAo BftANf H 0PPICES in all larg* town* and cttlee of the Seuth and Boothweat. _ Bwmk ktmrt. Icw.iiO.e. ,OB*B Wediteaday aud Saturday aighta from 4* to I ??ciock, to rocaivedepoeitaonly. Call at tbe Bank oi ?end f?r a copy of tbe Chartar and By-law?. jl?-ly J A* LOO ft ft ft LO., BCY AND SELL POREION EXCHANGE an< ISMk C IftCl LA ft LETTERS OP CftEDIT foi Traveler*, irtiWIt ta o*p p?rt ?/ (Aa ?Mrid. (/cr Dr*fta on _ JAY COOXE^ftrCTLLOCB ft CO,, are Oaabad ta any part of X.veLAXC, Ikklato an< BctrrLAMD. frt* of jarg. mayU O/ASUI.ieTOil CITT IAVINM BANft TV CbnMr 7<A ttrnt oa / Loai.'ioaa ??mu, PAIS ? PEft CKHT. LBTEftftST ON DXPOSIT latere*! aawMM from data of depoal ta. Dep aiu can be nada and drawn at will myfthtf 1. ft. BCPP. UEPORE GOING KLSKWHXRE exaniae th< *9 Diay.-nal Draw Sr.u f..r ?17, 'a ipecialty,) and obI> t<. be bad at ft. BTftALs" 1011 Penna. ave., near Uth. m ethopolita.1 dollar store. THE LARGEST VARIETY OP GOODS EV?R OFFERED? EVERY ARTICLE A B*RG4IN' NEW AND TASTY GOODS' WHAT A POLL Aft WILL BITI W IIAT CRNTB WILL BCY' W HAT *?* CENTS W ILL BUY! Anion* the D' liar coods we offer: Children's Linen buiu. Mar eel Ilea Hats. Lace Iufania' Capa, Para aoia, 4U) different Chroma, aeta of Plated Table Pp. <>na, Forka, fta ;Caatora. Hair Bmabea, Mlrrura, Bracket* and ftacka uf all kinda, Fan* of all kind*. ~ die.' rfrat quality Uu.1 r La?liea GauBe >mt?, Ladiea' tfrat Quality Under Karuient*. Gent1* Gan*e Sbirta. I. u< and -liort ?leetea; BaUAala and Wallets, Kid Gloves and Buck Gauntle'- > iks, Moao Alhaau, Backxam Mi B<>arda, and tbe ar tt:<wt and larpeet aaaort meat of Jawelr> aver offered; black aeta Bracelet*, thaielaiaea and Necklace* a specialty. Hosiery aa n?ual, 3 pairs for ?1. In Afty cent echmI* we offer. Pine and soft Lace Ijiiiliag, aeta of > Line a Collar* and 1 pair C?*J Baa Damaak T aela, Monrniug and Hemstitched Mdkfs, Bella. Gloves, Shirt Fruat?, Silk Scarfs, CI bis B"W?, Baa kef a. Shawl Straps. Saspend-rt, c Scarf, asd B >wa, ftaivaa and Sciaaors, Combs aad Bra ? hs*. PerfBine ry .Jewelry. Spltt-wns, Va? ., PU-wer Pota. Ormaaents,4 good OoAMo, Toys of all kind*. Ac., Ac. In twawty Ovaenat article* w* have: Ladies' Linen C?A, Bufllag for the aetk, low dot Qent'* British Half H'W. large Jiaek Towela, Hematite bed and ^ vracxnn, Tow#| Racks, Book Strap., flae Lisle thread Gloves for la dies aad mea. Black Jewelry, Ac . fte. To gat your money's worth, tbe ptaoe to vUit ia 31H 8XTXNTH STREET. rlTanla K"*,kL"*S?+1r,l? Wo. 1*517 PBvsaTLvaitA Art*".' ? ? Genuine Bratilian Pebble Spectaclea. janl?-tr rryi p^T MEN will rejoice to laara that they I ""itt" and .^tJ In ^1 tetaibl., jtyla, of CaaaiBiere aad Flannel Saita It A, BTXAtS" 1*11 f ?Bft. ?Tt., BOAT Ut* M. m ? WASHIN G TON, D. 'C., TUESDAY, MAY 6, 1873. TWO CENTS. AMUSEMENTS. "VKNIMVa !?? ?? VIBEAU.1T!!" ? ?? V1CIMUS ?!!?? Mauagu g Directors, Pr f J. Eapntaand T.Harry Dor.ehtie In compliance With the of many prr min?-1 cit'sen*. Lrlmtiu;!h" Bn?ei nor and " tmb?r? of the I'-upcil anil II -oae f Delegate-. THE C'lLORKl) AMERICAN <>r KK A TROOP wtll reprodace berg*? e haute and h?HUtifal opera, UTHK DOCTOR OF A LCAXT iRA." MONDAY ami TlESDAY EVENINGS. May IS and L3. with tlie entire company, greatly im#.OTe>l lu voice aud acting, and their Soierb Cuor i?, p o u. auc<-d everywhere "the Buret on the Am;:ICjjq in the cast. P pnlrtx rates uf sdiui?si<<n?SO cen's, 7* cents, Mid ? 1; reserved seats only SBcents extra. B<>x sfie?t n ? open, at Ellis' music ?tnre. for the *ale ->f ti'-k eta a'd reeervtd seats. T. HARRY DONEnUE, mt' 7t Bti?ine?? ,in<l Stage Manag' r. WALI.'I 1EW OPERA HOUSE. JOHN T. FORD ..Proprietor. MATINEES WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY The gr>at realisMc sensation. tt.e Heroes of th-' Prairie. BUFFALO BILL,(C-dy,) TEXAS JACK, lO Mohondr ?,) and a g-cune band of Pawnee In d:an*,nith NED BUNTLINE, tu<- at and Au thor. in hi- treat It nianr" i f Real Life, THE SCOUTS OP THE PKAlRIB, Introduring th ? dance >.f death, throwing the laseo. the >:~ti?r ce. ?B the trail, the rescue, and iutt allot To ciWDfDca with the nu>H-*i coiued), JENNY LIND Jenny Leaiherlang-.(with ?< nn and dance*.) Mla B??ai- Sniilow. Adnii*si< n |So and 71 cent*; reserved seats, 78 cents to $1: ??4nii-?ir n to Wednesday ami Saturday n atf nee#. 21 and so rent*. Scats ran now b? secured at tl^ Opera Hmee. 11,5 THEATER comiqu ( XleieDtb ftrtet, ?oath Peon?> 1 . aulm ? W _ ANOTHER EXTRAORDINARY ATTRACTION >kK WHAT WE OFFER NOW! The (rifted and dashing Actress, 8->n??rre**, Dan ?rnM aii'l Banjofrt, LAI*RA AI.BERTA' in the greatest sensation of the day. The N-antifnl. h shly *ucc<-t*ful and romantic Drama, in^f i^n^ac^^a t^d^^r^logue, of Produoed in ?uic rl- style. with new chanical effects, and with an er;irft an4 powerfjJ'.j in loidit'il Dramatic The ta*irite Coined Un and Character Actor, CEORGE Vr. H ARRISON, iu four di-.tlnctcbanu tt rs The popn'ar Ntw York Ac trees, JIISS ALICE A. HARRISON. The di*tingni*h'd young American Actor, GEORGE W THOMPSON, together with onr treat Novelty Troupe. BILLY NOON AN *dJ ALIcE BATE* \N. the gr> at DnalCI.>gvp-dali?t*. Tiie charming f'antatrice, KITTY ROWELL. Th" Champion Song and Dance Lady, BELLA CORDON. Thr great C"Uiic Siuger, BILLY DF.VERE. The fav, rite tilladist, JOS. WI1IT TAKER. The charming aud da?liiug KIRALFY SISTERS, R Jean Buckley, Misses Emma an>i Laura Harrison, "We-wer, May, Ac. A SUPERB sensational DRAMA! A FIRST CLASS OLIO! THE GEMS OF THE FAVORITE BALLET' Miitine*sW EDNESDA Y andSATl RDAY. mg / ' KAMD PROMENADE COXCERT, ll At MASONIC TEMPLE. On TUESDAY EVENING, Mu> 6,1873, F?>r the B 'Befit of THE AO2V MUX AM) WOMB.VS HOME Under the charge of the I.IJTLE SISTERS OF THE POOR. Marine Band engaged. Ticket), -51?Refresh ment" extra, Ucder the Patronage of the following Ladi<>9 an ) Geutlesner.: Mudanie de Noailirs, Mra. Senator Caaserly, Ma<)?ni> Freyre, Mta? Alitv Rigg?, M dam, Chaaitraf, M iea Alexander, Mr?. He|,ri.|ue?, Mim Carroll. Mr*. Th)?>n, W W. Corcoran. E?<|., Mr". Thi.a. B-rry, G'?o. W Riiui, Kw|., Mr*. K-aron, Win. Gait. E?j., Mr-. M. L. 8teyhen?, J. Carroll Brent, E^j., Mr*. J. G. Bt-rrett, Anguntnn P-rry,E?.) , Mrc. R v'tf' rn. and other*. ml-5t OLD No. i Oa Etkikitua INbwN 4*?# I u4 lali { 43? "" V?, HlKKMIEIt'l, Ho. 4 39 7th ?reet, between D and ? streets, eight toon above odd Fellow's Hall. Cbotee Oil Paintings, Engraringa, Chromoa, Ae. Also, largest stock Paper Hangings. Window Shades. Pictures, Frames. Pictnre Cords and Tas Please remember N ame and Nnwiber. )el-ly* All kindb of oabt-off wearing ap PAREL can be sold to the very beet ait vantage by addreaaing or calling on JU8TH, ? 19 D street, between 0th and 7tb n. ?. Notes by mail promptly attended to. Cash paid. fU OLD GOLD, SILVER, BRASS, OOPPER, Etc., bought at fair prices for a Hew York boose. Household Furniture bonj? ht and sold. Not?e by Mil promptly attended to by AUQRMITB1H. 1? PennsylTanla axenne jfl-ly* ~INSURAyCE~C0MPAyiE8. Hirernia fire insurance company, of Cleveland, Ohio. Paid up capital fSOO aggregate amount of available anaet*. ftfttf .'cS.Sl. ni-Mw D. A. BROSNAN. Agt..93t> (}?tre. t. LOSS BI* FIRE. - ?' GTARD AGAINST IT BY INSURING YOUR TROPBRTY WITH -A.. S. PRATT <5e SON, IN THE FOLLOWING "TIME-TRIED axd FIRE?TESTED" COMPAilIES: HOME, of New York, Aaaets Jannarv I. UT3 94,4 46,9^9 INM'RANCB COMPANY OF NORTH AMERICA, Philadelphia. 3.ST 6,739 PHENIX, Brooklyn..... 11,001,313 PHCENIX. Hartford 1,A9*,647 VIRGINIA F1RR AND MARINE, Richmond,Ya 321,19'J (Thi* Company ha* done a sncceeeful and honora ble bosineee for ftyty years.) OIHce 401 Fliath street, eerier D street. a29-6t THE CORCORAN FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, or TBI DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Ortanized April 1st, 1373. Capital S100.000. OFFICE No. 14119 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. (Ovbi Milbcbx's Dave Btork.) JOHN T. LENMAN, President. A. i'I. HERR, Vice President. J. T. DYER, Secretary. piaactoaa: Wm Oru e, H. Clay Stewart, Chee. A. J ames, Jas. L. Bar bo nr. Edward D.'oop, J?hn T. Lenaiaa, Michael Gt een. John Bailey, ape-tf A. H. Herr. |N8UEB YOUR LIFE ?? 1*< Organised )an?-ly* A u ti?fd In that I?co*roBATsn n ooaaaass ta ISIS. OfBce ia the bnilding of the National Baak of ths ?? ? V*TKt*Ti.?Dr.??? ? ? ? Br.0head, J. Ke &25Sj.j.1.?:, BRAl T"\.?v?AViscfe,wmfT" or rum DIBTE1GT OFOOLDMB.'A. OA OA >/ZED A VU VST ?. k?T|. CASH CAPITAL. Offce ta Shepherd's Bnitdlnf, Mo. MM PeuHTf aaia arecae. MOSES KELLY, PrssMetH. WM. B. TODD, Ytos PiriJW SAML EL CROSS, I J. B. Blako, * Was. Wall, J^rGwHek, EDUCATIONAL; V?.-."^..yA1100 "OT .DESPAIR?If yoa hare M. l*Qf llttl** IDaftAfl, ftod ? ish f> Itxik aa* one of the || units, ia three different sxiAvr, mi 8FECIAL NOTICES. Flat Ola *?t Whisky, fin* Old Kye Whisky, Fine Old K?? Whisky, Fine Old Kye Whisky, Fin# OM By* Whisky, Fine Old Rye Whisky, _ Fine Old Rye Whisky, _ Waianltd Warranted Warranua furt P*rt . Part And VnaduUerattd, For Otnerni and Mtdtrtnal Uu. This Is the article we have now sold for upward* of In years with universal satisfaction; put np in large buttles at One Dollar per bottle, or can be bad la any Quantity. ?^Notice, that we will return the aioner if this Wt.isky dors not give satisfaction or preve as re pre tented by us. Also an excellent stock of California Wines?Pirt, Sherry, Angelica, Muscatel, Hock and Claret; plno. Kelly's Island Catawba and imported Liqn >r? of ail kinds. ARTHUR NATTAN9, Druggist, alO-tr Corner 3d and D streets n. w. Bttthflsr's Hair Dye Is tbe best in the worM, the only tme and perfect Hair Dye: no ridlculmis tints, no disappointment, harmless, reliable, instan taneous black or brown; at all druggists', and 16 Bond street. New York. fS-eoly LADIES' GOODa miss Mccormick, 903 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,' d Has cor stunt I y on hand a fine assortment of 1MP0BTED BONNETS, STBAWS, CHIPS, FLOWERS, RIBBONS. Ac., all ? f the n< west designs. Ladies CAPS and COIF Fl'RES jmt receivtd. n>6 ir Mrs. g. i, oillkT, AT TBI vreu iu m NBW YORK RILL???~t g-fOBE, u.iS Kit MOVED from 614 9th street TO 469 PENNSYLVANIA AVBNUB, WASHING TON D C., and has Jtst r? turned from New York with the latest styles and novslties in Millinery and Fancy Go. ds. Tt ankful for past favors, she solicits a con tinuance ol pwonage. apM Im* IV OTIC'B.?Bargains are now being offered in n MILLINERY 0 and FANCY OOOD9, By K. LEN Z it ERG & CO., a23*tr 707 Market Space, A I R GOOD S~ FIRST CLAS8 GOODS AT LOW PRICES. Fine BRAIDS, CURL8, etc., of onr own mske, sold at manufacturer's prices, at H. PHILIPPI'S llainrork Factory and Store, 719 Market Spare, between 7 b and 8th streets. a21 lit* ^TAMPING DBPOT, 617 Sbvkntb Street, febH*tr Opposite Patent Office. JELLING OFF I SELLING OFF I AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, the entire stock Or THE NEW YORK BAZAB, 441 Seventh street, near K. BsrT-tT NO HUMBUG. . SADIES' FBENCH STARCH ENAMEL Is the beat article in tbe world for doing np Linen or Mnslin. It imparts a beautiful gloss U> the fabric, for sale by all Grocers. BURN HAM A CO., Manufacturers, 160 West Lombard street, janl4-ly Baltimore. Maryland. JT MAY NEVER OCCUR AGAIN. OUR POPULAR SPECIALTIES. MEN'S DEPARTMENT. 910?Onr celebrated $10 Business Suits?#10 810?We are still selling-?10 810?A good Business Suit.for $10 810?Our sales are enormous? 810 810?In flue Business Salts %t $ 10 810?Our stock is Tremendous?810 810?Of all wool Suits at 81? A SPLENDID STOCK, A FASHIONABLE STOCK, A LARUE STOCK, Oh FINER SUITS, OF IMPORTED FABRICS, AT PROPORTIONATE PlICES. FOK THE YOUNGSTEBS. "WOULD 1 WERE A BOY SOME MORE." 8??Only live dollars for aSchool Suit?8* 8^?A good Suit for 8ft 8*?A durable Snit for 8ft 8 ft-A well made Suit for 8ft?Our assortment is good?8ft. 8ft?Our stock is immenae?8ft 8ft?Of Boys Suits for 8ft OCB PRICES ABE AS LOW COMPARATIVE LY, FOB FINK DIAGONAL SUITS, FINE BLUE AND BLACK SUITS. FINE LIGHT AND DARK SUIT. ENTIRE STOCK NOW COMPLETE. AN EARLY INSPECTION INVITED BROTH] W ASH ION ABLE TAILOBS, _sp?tr Cokwbk Tt? A.1TB D frnrirrs. (VOW ON EXHIBITION, the bon on White Vest, (entirely new,) buttons fastened with rings, at A. STBAl'S', 1011 Penna. are., near 11th. aM J?XAMINB TUB GOLD SPECTACLE, OltlY 86, H. H. HEMPLEB, Optician, *>?8tr 4*. J^BIETI MADE TO OROIR. In couection with my Merchaat Tailoring busi ness, I aaa bow prepared to HAKE SHIBTS TO OBDKB, having engaged the services of one of the best cut ter* in tbe country for that purpose. Being satis* fled of my ability to give entire satisfaction, both in style and It, 1 respectfully solicit the patronage of the public. _ ___ O. T. KB*!*, SAirt and Draxceri Mann/actum, all lm 4UU 9th street northwest. WORKING MEN bavenocahae to strike when vv the> can bur Coats at t<i Pants'SI.7ft and 81, at STRAPS', 1011 Penna. eve., near 11th- sS aa jjg.'aSfc&g; ^-ragir ^tLEE'8 WHABf ./set *4tk and f ttrSu. TO CONTBACTOBS AND HEKCHANTS. Cargoe. of STONE, <^AL^ LUHB? ^ discharged from vessels and st*red or delivered at the shortest notice and lowest rases. a?-ly O. T. AtLBB. ? IGKT COLOKED DBKS8 PARTS 1b Psari, Li Lavsnder, and Tea colors, aad of excellent aahip, at A. STRAUS', 1M1 Penna. are. FRICTION Fcl aTbaRd Y1 of Cart Horses. It bank from a?-Mt getting soie. For ? ? B-1-- "4ftsar?sMifcsT. EBftgg; a ?3?xs*.*asiiast &r ?2S& rpBH > BAREST ROUTE tot be VI, 1 tlou is by ths way of A. STRAUS' EVENING STAR Washington New? >nd Qoaiip. Internal Revenue.?The receipts from this source to-day were >223 090 83. TaiPtniDiNTii not expected here before Friday evening. He leaves again on Monday for New Haven, Conn. Up to this lOBHiHH orders for postal cards segregating 14,500,000 had been received at the Post Office Department. A private iittik from Oregon received to-day states that Mrs. Canby is greatly proi trated by the death of her husband, and Is not expected to recover Ex-Gov. Pinchbacr and Senator Wwt had an interview with Attorney General Williams this morning, and spoke very hopefully of at fairs In Louisiana. Conurersm ah Wm. R. Roberts explains that his frank on the circulars of a firm of New York imcki is a clunwy forgery, and that he called the attention of the post offico authorities to the matter two months ago. It IS RCMOekd that George T. Downing, Ono M. Langston, and J. P. Sampson, of Philadel phia, are applicants for the mission at St. Pe tersburg, vacated by the death of Mr. Orr, The friends of ex-Repr?.:?.ntative Bingham an Al ready urging Vim for the position. A Nbw Special Aomct Revenue Dis trict.?The Treasury department ?to-day es tablished an additional social agency district embracing the collection districts of Aroostook, Passamaqnoddy, Frenchman's Bay, and Gas tine, to be known as the 10th district, with head quarters at Eastport, Maine, and to be uuder the charge of social Agent M. H. Hale. Thi Fiv* Per Cent. Pcblic Land Fund. The Treasury Department to-day paid #2S,723 to the Governor of Michigan on account of Ave per cent, of the net proceeds of public lands lying within the limits of the state for the pur |H>se of education or of making public roads and improvements. The whole amount paid for this purpose to several of the states during the last fiscal year was *115,1*4.74. Reported Death of Oakes Ames.?Our Associated press dispatches announce the criti cal condition of Mr. Oakes Ames' health. A dispatch received here by Major Ben. Perley Poore from the Boston Journal office this after noon, states that it was not expected that Mr. Ames could live the day out. Later in the after noon it was reported that a private dispatch hail been received here announcing his death. Beakdiho the Lion is His Des?In front of the door of Dr. Verdi, president of the board of health, some stray goat or unguarded horse has eaten up one of the best European lindens | lately planted by the parking comuii.-sion. The newly planted trees have many unthinking en emies: boys are the worst, with their little hatehets, knives, &e. To the credit of South Washington be It said, the young trees have suffered less there than in any other part o! the city. SCPTENSION op A PENSION Aoent?Mr. Jas Lindsey, pension agent at St. L>uis, has been suspended by the President on tiie recommen dation of Gen. Baker, Comm sdoner of Pen sions, for alleged irregularities, and A. R. Eas ton, ex-assessor of the St. Louis district, has been appointed in his place. The office is worth about *.5,000 per year. The irregularities re ferred to will not involve the loss of a dollar either to lJndsey's sureties or the government. Another Indian Commission.?As stated in The Star a lew days since, a commission will short>y be sent out to negotiate with the Sioux and other Indians on the reservation in southwestern Dacotah for a modification of the treaty of 186*, so as to withdraw from the In dians the privilege of hunting outside of their reservation. The commission will consist ot three or four persons, and the board of Indian commissioners will probably name the chair man. THe Government Slits Against the Credit Mobilier Stockholders?J. Hubley Ashton, one of the counsel for the government to prosecute the credit mobilier stockholders, this morning had a long consultation with At torney General Williams, and submitted to him a draft of the papers pre]>ared after much re search and labor. All that remains to be done now is to copy the papers, and suit will then be instituted. It has not yet been decided whether to bring the suit in Boston or Philadelphia, but it is probable that It will be instituted In both cities at the same time. Personal Senator Boutwell and family, who have been the guests of Secretary Rich ardson for some time past, left for their home at Groton, Mass., yesterday. ????Mr. E. O. Graves, who is now in the south for the purpose of establishing civil service examinations, will return next week. ????Gen. George B. Wil liams, special commissioner of the Japanese government, was married a few davs since to Mrs. Nellie Peake, a young California lady. ? Representative Hooper, of Massachusetts, who has been quite indisposed since his return from Florida, is recovering. President Grant spent yesterday in Chicago in calling upon old friends and attendlng"to private business. This evening a party will be given by Mrs. Mayor Medill in honor of Miss Nellie Grant. To-morrow morning the Presi dent will visit the Board of Trade, and subse

quently will attend a dinner party at the resi dence or Hon. N. B. Judd. Mrs. George M. Pullman will give a reception to-morrow in honor of the Presidential party, and on Thurs day mornlug they will leave for Washington. Kx-Vice President Colfax and wife were In Chicago yesterday, and made a brief call upon the President. ? The Proposed Postal Trbatt with France.?The French minister, the Marquis de Noallles, had a long conference to-day with Postmaster General Creswell and Mr. Joseph H. Blacktan, superintendent of foreign mails, relative to the proposed new postal treaty be tween France and the United States. The matter was discussed in Its different bearings, but nothing was agreed upon. The Marquis still insists on ten cents postage each way, and the department is as firm in insisting upon eight cents. As we now have treaties with England, Austria, Germany and other Euro pean countries at the rate of six cents, it is deemed inadvisable to yield to the demand of France for ten cents. Important Pension Decision?The Com missioner of Pais ions has announced the fol lowing Important ruling: Section 9, act of March 3d, 1873, provides for no addition to the t'i increase pension in any case. It la a consoli dation of section 2, act of July 25th, 1806, and sections 4 and 5, of July 27th, lw, with amend ment of two former sections, so as to give the tame increase to the widow of the Soulier or sailor, tor the children by a former wife, as for children by herself, and to the widow of an offi cer aa well as a soldier or sailor. It also gives the increase to all the children under sixteen years of age, of officers as well as soldiers and sailors, instead of all bat one, where there is no widow, or where she has died or remarried. In other respects it embodies the provisions of the three sections named. It is proper to add that such was the object of the section (as held by Commissioner of Pensions) in both houses of Congress. ? Death or Minister Ore?Hon. James L. Orr. C. S. Minister to 81. Petersburg, died in that city last night of Inflammation of the longs. He had been ill with a severe cold for several days, bnt his death was unexpected. Mr. Orr was born in Cmytouville, S. C.f on the 12th of May, 1822, and was educated chiefly in the university of Virginia. He studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1843. The following year he was elected to he state Legislature ana was ref lected in 1845. In 1848 he was elected to Congress and reelected for several terms. He was frequently chairman of the committee of the whole andaerved ae chairman of the com mittee on Indian affairs in the 33d Congress. At the meeting of the 30th Congress he was elected Speaker. la 1860 he was appointed one of the j to visit Washington in behalf of South Carolina, and in IMS was elected Gover* nor of that state. Early last winter he was ap pointed Minister to Russia to sucoeed Governor Cuitin, and has resided in St Petersburg bat a few months. In the troubles preceding the re bellion he admitted the right of the state to se cede, but was opposed to secession at flrst as a matter of policy. Subsequently he fevered a confederacy of the southern states, and voted lor the secession of South Carolina in 1810. Af ter the war Mr. Orr favored acquiescence In the general jolicy of the government towards the fvath* Private TkMtrlralR at (be British Lc pMW> If ttie fire of social enjoyment seem* to ban lost wme of its ardor in the heart* of the older members of our society, it has none the less kindled a spark in the breasts of the younger branches. Without wishing to be guilty of tau tology, the Brit'sh Legation was yesterday evening the scene of a most charming gather ing; indeed, any entertainment under the auspices of Lsdy Thornton is always so. On the present occasion, however, the fair hostess ceded her right to her daughter*, who more than proved the atmosphere they had lived in by the grace and ease with which they conduct ed their juvenile party; or, rather, theatricals, for of such was the treat of the evening. 8hort ly after ? o'clock the numerous guests began to arrive, and were conducted into the dining room, where a miniature stage of absolute per fection had been raised. The curtain roee, an<t disclosed a parlor in a village inn, the scene of a one act comedy, entitled "A Slight Mistake." It would be impossible tor us to enter into the comparative merits or all the actors in this play, but it two names might be mentioned in particular, Mr. O. Johnston, whose admirable delineation of an old woman was far in advance Of his years, and Miss K. Myer, as should take precedence. At the conclusion the audit-nce were unanimous in affirming that th6 only "mistake" of the piece of piece was its brevltv. This eiTf* wa* ??}7 however, to re main long unremedied, as after au "atervalot > some minutes the green curtain again ro?? 'or the performance of the popular French come dy, "La Orammaire." a play of considerably length, and one atlording scope lur the display of histrionic talent, which was realouslyeeixed by the actors, among whom were M. I>e Comt Swieykowski.tfVancou CaNms.'al;) M. F.Cooke, ll'uitrinat;) Miss Rodger*, (HUinckt,) Miv Thornton, iMmt. JUackiit;) Miss F. Thornton. (Jeanne.) The part of Aranrou Calnuitat was ?;iven with gTcat eclat, while Mr. Cooke's act tig entirely reversed the old adage that too many of'em spoil the broth. Miss Rodgers. as hlanche, charmed everybody, not moreov her acting than by her personal attractior. It is almost needless to add that Mis* Thornton's part was done to perfection, and that the audience frequently greeted her with rounds of applause, in which her sister. Miss Fanny, likewise shared, as her impersonation of the clumpy servant was irresistiblv amusing ai.d natural." Nothing could have been m<.?re successful than the whole evening's entertain ment, and the company separated at a late hour, with a sigh of regret that all was over. Mr. Charlton, one of the attaches of the lega tion, showed so much taste and skill as stage manager, as to rival the happiest efforts of our popular Mr. Saville, ami contributed in no small degree to the success of the evening's en tainment. Religion* Affair* In Canada. E<Hlor Evening Star:?The a-so Mat d press dispatch from New York, published in I"he Stae of this afternoon, stating that the Arch bishop of Quebec, at the head of the ?? liberal Catholics," and the '-Archbishop*' of Montreal, at tbfc head of the Ultramoiitanes, are waging i bitter war agains. each other, is exaggerate 1 and erroneous in more particulars thau on--. The letter which forms the ba?l? of the dnpat h is evidently wri'tcn by one tin autiliar wit ? | Catholic Canadian a .fairs, since he speaks <?t an '? Archbishop" of Montr, al. wl ile tlie title ot the chiei pa.-tor ol t at diocese is simply t'm' of bishop. ISutthis amounts to notning. The facts are these:?Up to a late p -riod the church I of the Sulpicians, known to Am ericans i? Notre l>ame Cathedral, was the only parochial ch in h in Montreal. As a consequence, all b plisiu and marriages and funerals hid t) be attended to there. Montreal is a much larger city than Washington, and as the parochial church was at the extreme end of the produced considerable hardship to t ?? people, especially those in the ceuter and at tUe other end of the city. The bishop undertook to rem edy this grievance, and accordingly no';fi?d the Sulpicians that he woul l, at a given data, con stitute each one of the twentv five churches a parochial churches. From this determination of the lishop the Sulpicians respectfullv, ami in the legal way, app< aled to the archbishop to defend their rights. The University Laval of Quebec examined the question, and with the archbishop and certain of the journals, took side* with the Sulpicians. The Bishop of Mon treal was in the right, nevertheless, for the question has been settled, and his interpreta tion of the canoo liw is now recognized and enforced. The pol mic* engendered by the controversy evidently gave tb<? newspaper men a taste for such controveraies, twr the Cath die journals of Montreal and aome of Quebec began to criticise the doctrines of the University La val. The A?ureau Monde of Montreal went so far as to charge the University with "liberal ism," a term of opprobrium in the province of Quebec. The controversy resulted in Montreal discovering that she ought to have a university of her own. and the Jesuits then applied for a charter transforming their college into a uni versity. The University Laval and its support ers naturally opposed this movement, aud the archbishop decided that a university was not necessary in Montreal; but the bishop of Mon treal thought otherwise. The whole matter was submitted to the proper Congregation at Rom*, and Archbishop Tacnoreau went there to plea<! his side of his case, while Bishop Bourget sent the Bishop of Trois Riviere*- to represent his. " Rome has spoken, and the controversy is at an end." Tlie Congregation recommends that the idea of the University be abandoned for the present, and that the journals desi&t from call ing each other opprobrious names. Rome ha* spoken, and the controversy is at an end," said all the journals when the decision of the Con gregation was received. The controversy was conducted between the bishops in the most fraternal manner. In the Catholic church a controversy is not neceasarilv a "bitter war." It is certain that this one wal properly conducted. Instead of becoming more violent, the controversy is closed. TheJesuit* are, in the dispatch, misrepresented as usual. They have not attempted to subvert the author ity of the Archbishop; they have not been rep rimanded, and they never will be expelled uuui after Canada shall have been annexed and our liberties shall have been subverted. The Archbishop would not feel complimented at beinf called a "liberal Catholic." A liberal Catholic is no Catholic at all, and noone under stands that better than Monseigneur Tache reau. M. Tlie Bridge Uitanter In IIIImK LATEST ESTIMATES OF THE LOSS OF LIFE? CAUSE OF THE ACCIDENT. Dispatches from Dixon, 111., say the bridge, as torn and broken, hangs from the piers, and is an appalling sight In itself. At each end men, women and children were crushed Into the river, while at the north end. where the lo?s of life was greatest, the bodies were held flrm'y to the bottom of the r ver in the net-work ot i??n. Derricks for ralng the fallen spans ot the bridge were got In pi ace .shortly before uoon yesterday, and five more bodies were recovered. Forty bodies altogether have been recovered so far. The number still known to be missing, added to those whose bodies have been recov ered , makes the list of killed seventv-five and wounded thirty, two of whom have since died. CAUSE or THE DISASTER. The people were closely crowded on the foot way, and the immense weight all on one aide was too much for the bridge. One of the cap stringers snapped asnnder and allowed the north section to sag from the aDutment, plung ing into the rivar with its living burden. Be tween the foot and wagon-wavs was a network of iron braces about nine feet high, and this toppled over on the mass of humanity who were thrown into the river, and by it men, wo men and children were pinioned beneath the water without power to help themselves, and too firmly bound by the weight of iron to be aided by their friends. The Pekksylvahia Coal Trade. The coal trade is rather more active, ana prices are Arm at theadvaneesannounced, andoonsumers are beginning to realise what we believe is true, that the producers and carriers of coal mean to rtsadily advance the prices to the end of the season. The Maoch Chunk Oasette of the 2* Instant already announces that " coal will be ten cents per ton higher la June than it la in May, and flv* cents higher In August." Last Wednesday's public sals of Scranton ooal at Mew York netted an average advance of ex actly ten cents per ton of the coal sold, just the advance in prices previously announced for May by all the coal supplying companies Some persons may see concert of action In thU to force prices by arbitrarily keeping the sup ply within the demand. If SO, It is confirmatory of our theory of higher prices Car seal through out the entire seusoa?Kiu. LUfier, SOL Bevolutiohaiit Activity i* Madrid?A special from Madrid reports nro. sssar^S tion of the state council, and the separation at church slid state. The federalist meetin* v?T tetday was excited, but no dissarbanoe. Tn* people did not come armed, as was threatened ni?* of ex-Oovernor Alvarado, of TELEGRAM8 TO THE STAB Tfcli intra?i^i PUpitcfcii ASSOCIATED PBKSS REPORTS, a THE WAR IN mrimaxa. Kklruilohlnn BMirtm Ih* Met and (liiitm at M villr. K?w Orlean?. May 6.? Keinforcement* of Metro{>olitAns left this morning for St. Marys ville. Mw Ibkkiai Mat 6, 11 a. m?The Metropol itans took quiet poseeesior of 8t. Martins ville. Louisiana, on Sunday noon. ThAt m(tlit two of the Metro|?ilitan Acoata were dtnfrrcntlj woandrd in the suburbs of that to* n, one of whom has since died. Skirmish ing has been constant since. A conference be twt en the leaden of the con tending forces was held yesterdAv. The Metropolitans wanted to know which of the officers they were About to install were ol>~ jectionable to the people And whAt they wanted. The resisters replied the men were satisfactory ll crmmt-^ioned bv Got. McEnerv: that the citi zens only wAnted the Metropolitans to leave the if*". And not interfere with thtir local Affair*. The women And children are vet in the town. KeUogg'a judge, in conipAtiv'with his district Attorney and Congressman Darrall. has gone to St. Aiart!npville to op^n court to-day. Tbe cititens' force is variously estimated at from two to fonr hundred. There is a report this morning that the Keiloggit s Are org?nicin? the negroes, consequently the entire {>opulaUonare watchful, bnt no generAl engagement ha* yet occnrred. Business U generally suspended. THE MODOC' I'AMPAIffW, Latent from the front Relaferce menta for Onr freepa. Saw Francisco, MayS?A<lvice?from Yreka states that Captain BartiArd of the 1st Cavalry ba* been ordered to proceed to CAmp Bidwell with his 11oop? and take command of that po?t, relieving Lieut. Winter*, of the 1st Cavalry, who will join his troops in the field with All tie available mounted men lrom Camp* Kidwell, Warner, and Harney, l.ieut. Winters proved himself a good IndiAn tighter while stationed At Tucson. Arisona, And At Cam|> Howie. L. S. I>yar, Indian Agent of the KlAtuath agency in Oregon, has mAde Application to the military authorities at Fort KUmAth. in that state, for a detachment of troops lobe stationed at that place lor A protection of the families of the em ployes and government property Whether he fears an outbreak of the KlamVth Indians or a raid of the Modoc* on the reservation, is not stated The settlers At Goose Lake and in Sur* nrise and John Day valleys are greatlv alarmed. Apprtbending an outbreak of several* of Piutus on reservations in southern Oregon. The i>ost commander At Camp Bidwell con siders toat post unsafe a* it is defenceless. There is at present great numbers of Piute* in Surprise Valley. Gen. Wheaton, post dom munder at Camp Warner, who was in command of the troops in the tiral light with the Modocs has been oraered to ffie front. The bodv of Lieut. Harris, who was Killed in the tight oh the 2tth ulto. arrived in San Francisco to-night. Sew York Noted. THE A I. LEo Eli ALPEKMANIC ?'0>-"P!R ACY. XIW loRK.Mayti?Mayor Havemcyvr says the aldermen who Voted to lay his nonrnatious on the table are not the names given hiiu as those who liad made A l ing to defeat his nomi nations. ARC HBI^Hor R At LEY is lying fjnite ill at the Episcoiial residence in Newark, K. J. TUK YOKE CENTRAL RAILROAD INJUNC TION CASE. In the case in which the New York Central railrOAil company seeks t?> enjoin Collector Bailey from continuing the sale of the proj>erty of the company for the payment of taxes on its scrip dividend, Judge Woodrutl' has decided that the United States courts have no jurisdic tion. as the parties to the suit are all citizens ol this state NORWRGIVNS FOR NtNNRSOTA. A Norwegian co'ony, for Minnesota, number ing over two hundred, arrived here ysterday. They are to be followed by several additional colonies. tub master carpenters and their nek An* holding a conference to settle AmicAblv the hours of labor and wages. The employer's are willing to pay fi3JS0 for ten hours work, but the employe! want go.60 tor eight hours. ^ the'cheap transportation convention. Numerous delegates arrived last night aud this morning, matnly from Iowa. Wisconsin. Missouri and Michigan, to attend the conven tion here this afternoon of western producers t>> secure cheaper railroad transportation from the seaboaid to the west. A preliminary private meeting was held this morning, to decide upon questions and pro[>ositiona to be discussed be fore the convention. APPBKUSffftloN OF STRIKE RIOTS. The men employed in the biacksmiUi.iahap* of the Eighth Avenue railroad haTe been for som - time threatening to strike for higher wages. Last evening the *u{>erintendent of the road discharged all hands and employed non-society men. The old hands threaten to wreck the shops, and a force of i>olice have been called out. It is rumored that the old employes medi tate an onslaught on the men uow at work this afternoon, or in the evening when they arc going home. TWO COSYICTgp KCBDERER9. The application tor a stay of proceedings in the ease of Miehael Nixon, the murderer of Pleifler, has been denied by Justice Barrett. Nixon will be executed on'the ICth instant, unless the Governor interposes in his behalf. Stokes' appeal has gone over until to-morrow. Dangerowt lllnew ?f Oak A oar*. HL IB ATTACKED WITH PARALYSIS LAST EVE NING, AND IS STILL UNCONSCIOUS. Boston, May 6?Hon. Oakes Ames was at tacked bv para'lyius at 5 o'clock last evening at his residence, North EMSton, and re mama uncon sc ous this morning The local physicians and two noted practitioners from Bod on, who went oat on a special train, remained with him last night. The symptoms are dangerous in the extreme. Mr. Ames has not been able to attend to busi ness since Tuesday last and was at his office on Wednesdav, when he was adviwed to go home for rest, but no apprehensions were felt for him until last night. [Second Dispatch.] Boston, May 6?Dr. Edward H. Clarke, who attended Mr. Ames last night, gives but slight hope lor his recovery, for the reason that his system has been weakened by a kidney trouble of five years existence that threatened to ter minate in Bright'a disease. Mr. Ames is years of age. an an eric an man-of-war. Madrid, May 3.-An American man-of-war has arrived at Barcelona. OREECE GOING TO DO WITHOUT LEGISLATORS A R ROAD. Athens . May 6.?The government of Greece has resolved to'abolisb its legations in foreign ccuntrics, except at Constantinople. THE SPANISH MINISTER OP WAR. Madrid, May 6? In consequence of a de crease in the number of Car lists in the north. General.Kouv lias has decided to remain iu Madrid and at cept the Ministry of War. TBI maaHlTAkTS OP THE CANARY ISLANDS have sent an sddreas to the government renew ing their aasur mces of loyalty, ami denying the existence ot ai-y feeling in favor of the separa tion ol the isia-.ds from the mother country. A Mi Ira m the Paelfle ONE DAY'S IN PRISON NEXT FOB NAN SLAUGH TER. San Francisco, May 5?A boy named John Sampson pleaded guilty of manslaughter iu killing John tlaou, and has been sentenced to be imprisoned one day in the state prison. singular FATALITY. Of a Put jh family named \ ondesloan, and consisting of a father, mother and three chil dren, all died except the mother during the passage from Liverpool on the steamship Ne vada, which arrived here yeeterday?a singular fatality, as there was no disease on beard. JCLT OF thl municipal RLRCTtOXS. New Torn, Maj i?A special to the fiari from ltalt*gh o<~ the 0th says: The anaial elec tion for men id pal officers took place through oat the state to-day. In this city the entire re pablican ticket, for mayor and oommlsslsatn. Iras elected by aaajoritiee raging from 300 to 700, a republicangaiaetJtyO. ? hBBH St. Lot-ia,~MayX?W m. McWaUr, who hawks Torn, May 6?a says several more mftls which were running SSSrt??bSi{? iufSSTwS ?, lwr CM Ou ... Boston, May t?The chief state wumdm has leaned orders to his sabordinates to enforoe the new pohl'dtory law again* the satTSf strong beer aid lager, which goes into effect / Wall IHrfH Von. Mm(.? 11m* ? in lni|<r???4 tone to-day IB Iumimi w4 DuiriAl I ?win# to U? awl wltlrtl M?t ???? tuadiUutt of the money m*rk>t. CuM. h >w ver, l? h'gher ? II Mi?kMlk| bwittlKtli;)* , fw loans Af rat?-? have twri 4 W? 7 p*+ MHti fiw carrying Foreign exeharge t*daft, with rates for b wines* abort liV- for pri M sorting. and IT' ,?a for demaad, tbe i . nitnal rat. ? betn? I?\eMk'\. Ike MWf mxrket is fMj *' T per ceat to stock broker*, and a? <Ja7 per <*,lL ? government beofl deal er*. The Utter an pressed by tho*> who w?U to lend only on government bond*. to take mono 'or tlr.. (? f,.iir months a* T |wt??ai O rnment bonds are strong wiU. the raa In gold ud with the mm in tbt oaoaey market. Ami *' St. LoTW, May d?Tbe k*pul?umm *ara that a mistake in book keep o( in tbe oftoe of Major .lame* Lindsay, a pension agent, of thl? cHt , has been 'Iiwotwn to the amount of f 22.0M, and that Major LiwUay has made that anMit food out rf his Mirstt lands. lb* oners are said to hare mwli d "o4a j Iron the incompetency of tbe accovntant*. Mr*p*ns on mi Siorx Kv?b*vatioii.? Report* conx' trotu tbe K? t rtoud ar^t. r on tbe North Platte thai a couple oi m ardor* barn l>een ccmm.tted by Indian* within ih. limit* of the 8?onx reserv ation. The contractor who writes information of these events fail* to state what provocation was gir?n to these |-eac?>*hl? I ndians of tbat agency which led to ib<* commis sion ot these crimes, but as the witter admits tbat tbe Stout were on a previous oe * as ion ma te to "smell gnnpowder" t?y certain raacWe ro. n. it may be interred tbat the attack* on th whins were in the way of reiriaa1*. The natural re salt of this condition of adairs is that trouble i?i prophesied?if it be not already planned ? with the voting braves when the spring opens. Since the time, nearly three vears ago. when Hul ( loud pledged his word tn Vt'aahlngton that tbcre should be |*ace between his nation and tbe whites, tbe warlike tribes ?huw chief he is have respected the agreement. and so long as this statesman of the torest exet ?<i*e* eontrol over the Sioux even the contractor* will bud It difllcult to stir up a Sioux war."?Jf. |*. H . ,id. T?i Naw \'<>kk 8tsik?s The ship-joiners ol Ntw York citv cont'at|>late a strike. They now receive S3 50 per day, and waul. M. A lew are aire ad v on a strike. ?I. H. BfWgs, a large barrel nmrntarturer. has a p reed to import no iu >re barrels from Maine, and tarnish no barrels toth?-?e s|<ar re finers who use or iui|?ort such barrels It now seems probable that there will be uo further strike of the coopers. Onlv two sho|? tn theeitv still hold oat against the Crispins, and it i*ex|>ec?od these will soon five tn. The strike ma> be ana* to be at an cud. A Cson-n or Sorrow* in April Geor** k t^a^.n11 |V'*l "ri*'1foii, overturnedlua Iwat, and being in imminent peril ? a? rescued and resuscitau?l. While in th!* weak coruTtk.n bisdaughter Mrs. Kelly, of New. after a brief illness, died. 1 he news of tins *utd?n .l.-ath had fearful effect upon the lather, and on the day succeeding her funeral he dtodTa?| ?? chiM^C^d the Infant of Mr*kellv died. Tliei* Wfr%l di0,i,,%r?i eCt*,t v,,u,lK-?? <laaKhter as to disturb her reaaou. To U?e above ?' mar add a .-oii in-iau ot Mr. Soott. who was crnshod be tween two cars in .lersey Cit* and so aerer. lv injured as to be almost hop~le*? is ?till living but a cripple?K. r. Kr,?T,n< AxoTmi; Boy MrKftEi? A ,fi?>.?? ?, Mates that a tnnnler was oonituufV.l near Kt |*o vi le. Pennsyliania. on Thursday la?t p m. A Ik>j natnt-d uoort.e Schaurn, atK>ut Mxb-. u veara of age. nhilo returning from Ri?lgcv.!le aitl, wmefowrles, ?** met by another Im>v. n %ni. .1 1 .mothj bacon, several y. arshi^m-ni.*. Bacon a* neen to strike Schauui aitdeudearor to take troin him his groceries. I |,u Wi4J. lUt. u.t tlUl,; he aasHcen auve. The body when found l^ing beside a log and covrt-ed witti leave* 5*2" *rr*Med. and acknowlts.|ge.l FlVAT.!*c; Bi-KKFR HfLL MoN- vrKT Til* new bnibllng in New \?,k e,?7wi^h tho Wi?t?? l iiion t?l?i^iapli oomiany b. Wl IH occupj . it t? to tie nine stories h>ich.'and will be sui niounted by a Mansard ro.? maki* JJ stones alove ?.c rtdewalk. A hove the iW will a clock tower, tuviare at the base and ?r trfCr.m|i r? dials. The whole height or I .1 hud.iing and tower ?ill be -Jh te. I or m tiifle lagiier than Bunker Hill monuiucut' Tbe ' "K ?y^ rr"?,<> main entranee l? to be Ndornetl w ith of Franklin and Morse. Tbe building will cost ahoot ?!.<??),duo. Ajothii Br.iix.e AcHi *itT-Tsm P*r t?**t , "f ASiD A Ri nnan Wi.i*dwi?A terrible accident occurred vesterdsv atu rnn.?> tl.e northwestern extension of the Mis<?ouri Kansas and Texas railroM, fourteen mile* from' ? edalia, Mimoutl The false work ereeted faciliUUn? ithe construction ot the bridge sank In the quicksand upon w hich it rested cS-rvin* mth it the bridge t;ml>er an<l twelve woikmen IT rIrfp'rritmtlB? a" lnto t'Ver kiow Aver, Peter Connor ami H ?rrv Fn.rt, irl't*1 *:'gbt were injured and two arc not expected to recover. _ Mtci Stvpt.?In recard to th#> K^r Frank Kmeraor. who hung himself a lew dav'a agu at Kxettr, N. H., if b nun stated ?i-y he V? "*?' addicted to reading dime novel* and other light literature, and moreover it Is aai<t on good authority that hard Mndr. In ordor to koep ap with bis class in school doubtless brought on the temporary inaauiti uudtr which tbe act was committed. ?uicu I K?2?E OP A" AR"T Lient. John L. Worden, an army olhoer ?atmnnd at Muti. *?n barracks, Sackett's harbor. New Voik on ?i"Z^?y committed auicide by cutting hi* throat. The death of hU wife some months ?? *?p|waed. deranged his mind. Ho wa< H."?!11 ?'1Adn,lr*1 ^erUea. who was in romman I MtrreimMDltWr UlC 1 *iUl re be. raw 8t*Gt"LAa Heath-It tsatated that tbedoatr* 0 Mr &liltonB. Knowles, which ^ur^lT his residence, No. iz North From street, on Sun dayerent^, wu caused by bis hav ing eaten a qnantitw ot green peanuts. inflamati<>n of the stomach resulting therefroin Anv amount .>t V'!r/^ll,le ^ dangerous and ought to be avoided. Halt. Amurnow, Ctk. AaBhtcA's ??UfT OtEAR Rtbaxait The ?????> Wuta, the p^u?cr steamship of the 1 hiladelpbia and l.ivert>ool went oat to *a yesterday for a trial trip that mil' ^ f'Oai tour to su days. Soon she a"u L re^u^l A1' departments are tilled with goods, except that ol tbe I inted Stat JT i k & stilI empty. Great^ UHlVi^u ulu hv?,? ^bn?n e*hn"to??t th if st ate ofthii* yTl J |nhMc have been admitted daily since the 1st of PrS.^w1I*J>!TrE","*EI) TO H"ln OS TO CrB K lit) Ol THI CiBlMT Cnisis IK Tratv rhmi^h^ljr'V*r ,-a"" stated in the luiian ha'* decided nof^to*1 v**Ut,.Ut that the King , oeciaea not to accept the rest*nation of himself and colleagues. Yhe mu^? would r?I!?^',V'i,i y re*UInc ^cir offices, and the Tar ?zz, ri;;a.ra ?ssnasr?' "*"?> lor yf?ipiitir at AlbMt h?a been iKWnoned nnUl tbe I3tbf irst. r; owing to Judge Woo-lrufl's deci ^ company, they wUl Oie ta*. Mo.ILIM IK CAKADA?The Tana Si ?f tm Jj'5SnMK-jy*i1ff1 dd SmISS* 2' wSaJft.*" on November aoth la?t^rl. .,r **?; fu'*' JnstlM Chapman to be IsmwTm Uuie as the governor aial couacii shall ap U. McGirm, profsaasr of m *^ ?* Uaiveraity of Vtrgtaia, and author of the well-known McGuflevs ?heel hooka, died st Charlottesville, after a long Ul ?.P?y? rsosired a party ef forty-five pu Tun Torn i .rims from F.__ addrem la reply 9TA. C. White, a well known \?a V?I broker is dead. *w Ymk ?""The Car list* have reoempted Vera In K*. varreaftcr a sharp ?gkt with the rep'blicail ?~S~iaS?r^s?ss uie insurance company on the plan af the mutual aid aMociation. ' . ?''A coroner's Jury ta Now Terk have ren dered a verdict against .loaepb Frank aa alleged secret-service detective, for caaslag the doaVU

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