Newspaper of Evening Star, May 6, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 6, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. largest Cirt?l?tio? ii the Diatrict Boding Matter on Etstj Page WASHINGTON CITY: TTODAY U?y ?, 1979. Tewtl +mry ?* ?**' We have bad occasion to show time and again by the record o.' the sales of real estate in this city bow groundless bare been the utterances of the croaker* who bare to persistently argued tbat prices were ?p* rulative, that they could not be maintained, that " the bottom would toon drop out," and all tbat. Some of those prophet* of evil, when taken at their word by the |>orcha.-e from them of their city lots, have bad the disagreeable experience of not only seeing their fame as seers utterly dissipated, but the same lots refold within the year at prices three or four times what they had held to be speculative. The opening of the real es tate season this spring shows the same upward tendency of prices, despite '-dull times" and " no money," and it is evident that people who are waiting for the river to run by and prices of ground 11 fall to a song before they purchase, will have to wait a long while. In New York we note a slmPar condition of the real estate market, as shown by recent sales establishing comparative prices between this year and seven year* ago. The advance In real estate is described by the Bullttin as "start ling," to ihose who have not kept the run of price*. At the sale seven years ago of the lot on the southwest corner of TJd street and ?th avenne. (immediately opposite the grand west entrance to Central Park) It brought |l*.WO, which was looked upon at the time as a high figure. The adjoining lots sold for upwards of >10,000 each. At the sale last week the auc tioneer, alter giving the most poaitive assur rcethat the sale was peremptory, and that there would be no extraneous Influences brought to bear, and tbat every lot would be sold to the I <he*t bidder, commenced by offering the lot s.tnatod on the pouthwest corner of Tlst street and the Broadway Boulevard, fronting on the Grand Plaza. It was started at *23,000, and after a spirited contest between several bidders it was struck off for R32 noo. The adjoining lots sold for from ?22,5fl? to f?,300. At the sale in 1-<6C the highest price paid for a corner lot on Broadway or the Boulevard was leas than ff.,600, and Inside lots brought leas than ?4,000 each. At Thursday's sale as high as *3,300 was realised for lots on Tlst street; corresponding lots brought 93,-mo at the previous aale. The bidding was very active, and quite a laugh was raised at the expense of one of the purchasers who had the option of a plot of lots at a certain price awl declined, but who, when the same lots were put up under the hammer, was compelled after an energetic opposition to pay an advance of several thousand dollars on the price for which they were offered him pre viously. In the face of the stringent and urseUled condition of the money market, this sale is looked upon as showing quite conclusively that there is no weakness in the New York real es tate market. ? ? referring to the rumor that the vacancy in the New York representation created by the death of Mr. Brooks is to be filled by Sunset tux, the Springfield Rrpullican hopes that rumor in this instance knows what she is talk ing about. ??He has had" says that paper "more than ordinary advantages of education and travel, has been in the House long enough to acquire valuable experience, and, for a demo cratic Congressman, has very little of the bat about him." This is all very well, and every, body in and about Congress would be glad to hear of the success of the genial, witty, and we believe, thoroughly honest gentleman named; but it seems that Mr. Robert B. Roosevelt wants to step into the shoes vacated by Mr. Brooks, and as he has a good deal more money than Mr. Cox, and knows how to use It in the way of buying his way into Congrets, we fear that his brilliant and capable competitor won't stand much show. Mr. Rooeevelt's bad record as a Congressman in the matter of back pay, and in the attempt, through his striker Riley, lo levy subsidy money (torn the District govern ment ought to defeat him, and would probably, with any other than a New York constituency. It is possible, however, that Roosevelt's scur rilous abuse of the German and Irish peonle in his paper Tkt Cititm. may trip blm up in Mr. Brook's district, which has a pretty large for i ign element. The bill introduced in the Council by Mr. Thompson reducing salaries and offices, and the bill of similar Import introduced in the lower house by Mr. Smoot, are signs that the Legis lature means in earnest to set about the work of retrenchment recommended by Governor Cooke. Of course some care must be taken in reducing salaries and lopping off heads to see that it is done Judiciously, but U is quite evident that the heavy work of getting the machinery of the new District government into running order is sufficiently advanced to allow a Urge reduction of force and salaries. Apparently Mr. Lyman Trumbull, ex-Sena tor, would not object to plaoe himself at the head ot the Patrons of Husbandry,with a view to political elevation at their hands. He has got Linuell retained as their lawyer in their suits against the Illinois Central railroad company, : and he will doubtless make a good fight in their behalf. The fact that he took his "backpay" . is. however, recorded against him, to be raised wUen be runs again for office. Mr. dames Brooks' fortune at the time of bis death, was according to the New York 5ns, not less than f 1,250,00*. To make up this sum his half interest in the Exyrttt newspaper, and the i real estate belonging to it is estimated at ??*>,000. The recent death of James Brooks, and the stroke unto death of Oakes Ames, the two per- 1 sons condemned by the report of the credit mobllier committer, will doubtless be improved by certain moralizers as cases In point. Mr. 8hellabarg*r has accepted a position on !!<? civil service advisory board, also his back pay as a member of the last Congress. The death of Minister James L. Orr will cause a new scramble for that rather attractive bone, the ambassadorship to St. Petersburg. IT3? TM* ASSOCIATION Of THE OLDEST INHABITANT* will m*?-t TOMORROW, (?dne**ia> i ?t i p m.,ia Court Room Punctual atlaadanwc r?4U?Mod John Carroll brunt. It 1 B pub.) a fret-try. r^CEASD CONCERT AT FIRST PRKdBY TKM\N CHlRCH.lDr Sunderland'*,)** street.WEDNRaDAt EVENING May 7 Tick ts f?r aale at Rill*', Praixty Wai ia avenue, and at Par ker's, 7th street, opp-wtte P. O. m& 3t* IT^SASCSIC.?1 r^nined convention of LA FAYRTTEK A CHAPTER. Bo A. will be he& Tl E.*PAY EVENING, May 4. at 7.3so'clock. Inv!t*$ * Masons la gjvd ?lsailing are fraternally ?of the 51 RHP. i jr*?r? JOBB EPWIB MABQB. Secretary THE REGULAR MONTHLY MRETINi} sf the BOARD .0* F1RR UNDRR TERS OF THE DiSTBlCT OF OVLUM BIA wfil be bald a? Lh? uftca of the Corcoran Fire 1??os OmU'Iili J*?* P-tneylvania a*e nas northwest. ?? WEDNESDAY, 7th m?taot., at 7* o*k>ck p.m. FRED W. PRATT, ?j5?TO TAX FAYEB9_ ITyei want to get saws reed the Hew York papers ia i?fcr?ic? to our Dtrtriet affairs, showing the ~ii isrt at of law. frauds, and reck lew. extraragaac* of the Board of Public Works, particalarly tbe New York TWSwm and Saw af (Mav )J, 1S73. The paper* referred to are almost daily making exposures of the Wa?hia?tun Ring .and ssesU be reed by every tax payer ia the District of Columbia. al** ' 'jto?l?YyV CALYEET FOBD. U0? P nn f>:>aaiaaun?r The New York rtock exchange markets opened with an almost buoyant feelln; veaterd 17, owing to the near prospect of a comfortable settled 7 per cent, money market, a* the result of Satur day'? favorable bank lUUnent This I m pro re men t received a ahock, however, so far as the atock market was concerned, after the first board, when there waa a break of aboat 3 per cent, in Pacllc Mail, which stock ia extrea -ly sensitive, and for aereral daya haa been the sub ject of conflicting in mora. Aa to the future of the money market the beat that can be aail ia that it ^JJowlTbut steadily paasing from under the control of the wrui *?" ? hare held the balance 0/ power inlt for nearly fire months paat, and who hare been able, with out resort to illegal measures, to fix such rat,a as they deemed beat. _ ?ASatda as 1 s S-tIMb Ioq |? IX ,? I ?**? J?WU' 7| I? '"'??"H?17 _ ri^iww ? uv n ? |l ,J!,w *w*f-r?sT Boasd v.B.CVUU ??'. irx af *?>? Wl ?9'? ??>.W 17JU ?"?SLVM *??*.* -?"dan. A Jly. <7 J9\ UK?* ll?t American 0->U 17 Currency ?**. is1, ??w Fires It1, , *?> Virginia ?'s, old, 3H: do c upons, old, *?; Virpn.iae consolidated. ii7. ? W?*i TuginiaV, 13 hid to-day. '??**?. West ? rZ2T2J?i MuJ * -p?**?" ^nil-low aiWUag,, i!.r, ?TT fJWrflna, a\r*9c,; So nlertM iLL'aV A- is'*4 t?S; OiT/ Mills r . * '?%? *?st<?rn rtup rfine, *4V(<sa< do ' ?nd '"fr?while choice, $ 2-S6?S5U*.fIir wlrimi '?rt' Ai^iiwi ch",c* MneB? tJ "6<aB oj; goot to prime red, 9JJS*. common totalr do., *1 7i?ai a^r,?t we-iern. fi ?); amber weeteia,>18^j ' 'o.^n -"lthrrn twii'",?7lT7h't* "???h?rn, ys?l'.w nJlx"d wrtXern. 6&<?5t RveAra>? M%?Lrk A lS ^ aSPi*?" '"i' 'n1. hn? flr? "' iK V L lDH,,^b,,,,l(lM'7)?: clear T ?*?*?? rfMt-?,a In improved demand? U'Xun'L&f "W-cuna htm*, prpic^'js;1:^. Wet*wB batter"teid' ?h rt a^ fi 'f? ?"Id. Exchange, lou?, 8S' ?l*I*rnmea??dull and ?te*dy. *** *nd unch*D^d k'T I, 11 a. m.?fonsois o p?r:e<| at W< l&.'Xtl'ZS? Er.i^i ^ MS;'*?*'?*? 6'l X P n, -CoM"U '<* money, St StT' I *D*u?d the Middle ? lV**rieln?*r?*?"'"I northerly aad north fftsterly winds tod goneratllj clear weather N ?rth ! rXrrJi ??"1*. ?''/r^iTr w^ther ^J 1^,?' "P heavy on the Oon c.>?tt, prevail with falling barvneler in the 8unth Atlantic and Onlf Nl>r,^??terl? to southeaster .. j"Wr eloodr weather, aimiatehiax area sareaad high temaeratnre over the northwest and upper lakes, and taence to Missouri and Kentucky JtZmtJUtm?-~r?r tbe mMdIe ?SaTT?h^rfv H'?lif.!,?r'*"r! moderate temperature and Ti TJ? ' .b*ron,>?"* Partly and increasingly ? |..adr this eveaing, with rain in the southern aor ?? f't Mew England and Canada northerly and northeasterly aiads, high baroaseter, generally CJTY; weather, becoming partly cT>ulv to nlght. For tae lakea, aad thence to tie Ohio val '7^n>"h7r*",7 Winds, diminishing preesure, higher temperature, and increasingly cloudy weather For the northwest and t rnthvl^ to Misaoun and Kansas, southeaaterlv aad north easterly winds, falling W.^ter.Tloadr wither wd iKTMioDij nio Fur Tenaefisee, the Gulf %nH ??i?f atatea, cl >udy and rainy weather falling tarometer ami northeasterly winds will pre vail B-ports are missing fr?m ,h; southwest the ^trerne^northw?a>, and from Qrafpn. ' U^CHIT?D8TAT*8IIITI*?AL bkvkcc. KoTICB TO 8?7AL8TAX (LICENSE! ei1MaJdTn',i,l^,,Bb,,r 14 W1- ^inires every person engaged in aay bt^mess, avocation, or employment .Lip\hJw . ' hiw liable jTa ^FECIAL TAX, It. ..7?a? i rrofwrt and rltvt rtm\piru?u>lv m ^ i .'A */?/?? of toaiMM, A STAMP denoting the payment of aaid Special Tai before o nimeming business. oeiore The taxes embraced within the provisions of Ian above un,ted are th. flowing, vii: 01 law K^ct i Qen ? -I . a <wi iwi ?5jw?, retail lienor ! Uealers, wholesale liquor B-aler. in malt IwnoVs, whol2 W De?l n. in malt liquors, retail ~ ? ? Dealer* in leaf tobacco ?* JJJ Eetsil dealers in leaf tebacco * aS S and on sales of over #1.000, Bfty cents for n^.i. ?ry <loI1V ,n e^ceas of ? fcssy?s;?ftfisr!'??~? ?? s? Manafactnrers of cigars_ f! JJ! gg **?S?* lobaoco, fourth class,(on f^ot w public coaveyance) " 10 m Brewers of lea, than auobarreuT.'.n 80 U0 Bi awara of ?j? barrels or more" : lS m r, 5?T. *frs<,n rho "h?? to comair with the , will be subject t? severe ?rf'mniiii!J throughout the United States ' isgvj-rssjsijir:; ,-si S waiting for further aotice. ' ' wuhout { CajT^Int<,ni1*1 Distrfct' o/ca^a'ni hi a, I ~~ Wo. >17 7th street. TODBO *E*S' CHBI3TIAH A3800IA %ws-iiSsafiis i'i&gsvi sSSS&St DBAkE PILLS.?^hsae composed exclimiTely of TMotBhl* !k? "V*1 althoagh they entirely snpersede effecta* l>?.?e/c."IVdo "f* leave any of ita in nrioas C niallTf!** ?'t11** organ, Liver >*""? ?g-i. ^Stt^STl^ibeS??80 tarrtbU' kiaontha?HMn!^! ? l*l?|ho' tbe worlds weakTaottsX^ t^l?yHthkV^i?*,,WWl^ift the y H^"'"a. and D/Ui1> mrvDsn. ladies. she wUi m ,n **? other IT^L .ylMi malaria, dyss n^,. SZ nocMnc TEES of Dr lafallibis tiv tare, which are eold hyaUdraggiaSTara to^oSlL smUniiM ^J'^^rSaS: MILlmR | hew DBUO 8T0BB, ?o. 14B* PaxaaTLvamia ivim, !>???? far Sa?a-d Mineral W*?. . ?a?.|F D Er BIOBBATOBS Water Coolers rTT.? tt ^1 e?xrra.^FlW^j Machipe,, Qaa Stova., Oil ? O^DXg S Hooanfarmshiagjttors,^ THa" "fJ*1 OBBDIBB Middlaaaa Vlaaaei Japanbsb pans ???? JAPANESE PEBPUMBD SSW-BMA VTIFUI^CHMA**9* BCKIBLL. ma iw i33? P street, near Ebbltt H >< '] llEME ABE HO MoDOCM AT **th? LITTLE WOBLD," "hers they Kodoaar1^ aiV/iiOI4" risi "Tk> Lstu tr _ |)u-im.L i..feL - . ??? ??eo? ALBX. E M?L. ALEX B. ?4 to th* 111 JSSS&^N ef the irs^aaiag ^f dka pAirmoi ro?cow?tA???SsS~ lwwu A.s.L^a, ggg&l, A WOHOR likertbamkri ballfrom PirrV.Norlh Riior.S'* brk. EYEI-T WEDNESDAY AMD SATURDAY. The pt*-i(rr accommodation* on 8t> wri of this line Mr* nn?nrp?<(?1 for M'(inc<> and conifi rt. Cabin sta:^ room* are on upper d-ck . ttau? *ecu ring goon li?ht?"^*^* and ve* tilation RATES OF PASS AGE TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL. OR LONPONDIBRY. Sal tt-nmrr*. Wtd tummtrt. _ . . ? OnM. Currency. ??b;r.s ?7S and $89 ?;t ani #43 C 'tiu return tickets securing best a.C.'Uitii Oat ion* #130 $ DC Steerage, currency, 830. C? rtificate* for passage from ao> seaport orrailway ?tati< n in Or* at Brit sin, Ir-lund or th<- Con* ineat a? lATIi At LOW A* ?T AI?T OTHIK FIRST-CLASH LINE. Forpwif apple!?>BEMPERSON BBOTHVRS, 7 Bowling Green, N. T.. or to C. CAMMACK, 1433 F st. n w., Agent, Washington. m8,s.Vn MAT 1. l87S.-We tare this daj funued a co paitner*hip under the name and style of OA BD NI1 A LEPEREB. success >ra lu I,?d?rer A Bro , Wheelwrights and Blacksmith*, Til IS'.h ?treet, between JVnn?T Ivania avenue ard O street, and wovld reip<-ctfnlly solicit our friend* and the public fensrally, to give us a call. Wagons of all descrip !?>? bnilt ai d warrantee. Repairing promptly at tend?al to. All persons Indebted hi the late firm of LedererA Bro.. will plsase call and settle their bills, and all persons having claims against the above firm, or the Iste T. W Lederer will present them to us for payment. W. ?. GARDNER. w6$f O A. LEDERtR. 4 CARRIAGES ! CARRIAGES! CARRIAGES !? yy ? xtrnei >n Tops, Panel C.irrtags.amo. Vtctrria?, Brag*, p.?n? Phrtnnt, t?peRjK: and No-top Buggies, Jenny Linda. Ac ,w MLL ?c., in great variety. Also, a number of second hnnd Carriage*, both light and heavy. Repairing promptly attended to. ROBT H. GRAHAM, ?<*w Repository and Factory, 410-414 8th street, ? -rtbwest w6 3t* j> O T A T O E 8 I Two car l< ade CHILIES. EARLY ROSE, Ac. For sale low in lots from car* JNO. W. LUMSPON A CO , nrf Jt SOS S?;h st , opposite Crnter Market. f .KITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, Washikston. D. C., Mm 3- 18X3. . On the petition of FRANCIS M. STRONG, of lergennes, and TIIOMA8 BOSS.of Rutland, Ver ni' t t, praxing for the eztennon of a patent granted fa th?ni on the ]9>h day of Autnut, 18S9, for au im provement in Weighing flcalt<s: It if ordered that the testimony in the rase be cl<ved on th* 15th day of July next. that the tim? for filing arguments and the Examiner's report be limited to the ttth day of July nest, and that said petition be heard on tho JUth day of July neat. An) perst/B may oppose this extension. n.6 t Jt M. p. LEGGETT, Commissioner. fHIS ISVO GIVE NOTICET That the subscriber A has obtained from the Supreme Court of the District of Colmnbia, holding a special term, letter* administration on the per* >nai estate of W.M. W. BaILET. late of Washington county, D. C., deceaned. All persons baying claims against the said deceansd art hereby warned to exhibit the same, with tie Toucher* thereof, to ibe subscriber, on or before the 8;h dar of May next: they may otherwise by law be ex eluded from all bensttt ot the Mia aetata. Given under my hand this ?th day of May, MM. 8 W. K. HANDY, niC-tn Jw' Administrator. '?'HIS 18 TO GIVE NOTICE, Tbat the subscriber A has obtained from the Supreme Court of the Dis trict of Columbia, holding a Special Term, letter* testamentary on the personal estate of THOMAS LUNDY, late of Waablngton county, D. C.,de csns-d All person* having claims against the saM deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 4th day of May next: they may otherwise by law be excluded from ail benefit of the said estate Given under my hand, this 6th day of Mat-, 1373. n.4 tu3t* HENRY EOCHAT, Executor. TH18 IN TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscriber has obtained from the Supreme Court of the Dia ?tict of Celumbia, holding a Special T-rm. letter* of adminlstrat i n d. b. n. w. a. ou the personal estate of LEW 18 ?8aNPERS, late of Washington county, D. deceased. All persons having claims against the said deceadeil are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subecriber, on or before the 4tb day of Mav next: ther may otherwise by law be excluded fr<m all benefit of the said es tate. Gi>en under my hand, this 6th day of May, M73. CHABLK8 F. MALLET, _nHM.3t Administrator d. b. n. w. a. 'PHIS 18 TO GIVE NOTICE,That the subscriber* A have obtained from the Supreme Court of the Dis trict of Columbia, holding a special term, letters of ad ministration w.a. on the personal estate of THOMAS FILLEBRt WN, late of Washington county, D. V., deceased. All persona having claims against the said decease*! are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the i>ubscribers, on or before the M day of May next: they may other wise by law lie exclude from all benefit of the said ??state. Given under our hands this 51 day of May, 18T3. GEORGE B FILLERBOWN, WILLIAM J WILSON, m6t.3t" Administrators w. fc. IN THE SUPREME COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Holding a Spuiml Term, M<iy id, W73. In the case of John G. Kitlean, executor of JOHN BRECH, deceased, th'.- executor Aforesaid has, witn the approbation of the Supreme Court of the District of Oolumbia aforesaid, appointed SATURDAY, May Mtb, A. D. 1373, for ths final settlement and distribution of the personal estate of said deceased, and of the assetsln hand, as far as the same have been collected and turned into money: when and where all th* creditors and heir* of sata deceased are notified to attend, with their claims properly vouched, or they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit in said d*c<??di estate: Provided, a copy of this order be published once a week for three week* in The Star pievious to the ?aid day. Test: m6-tuAt? A. WEBSTER. Register of Willi. PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. Clf.kk'? Office.Hocsi Rxtbess^tativk*,U 8.,{ ? . _ WAaHifcGTo!i, D. C., May S, 1373. < Sealed Proposals will be received at this office un til ltt o'clock m , Mat S3,1S73, for furnishing Stationery for ths use of the House of Representa tives. Blank forms of proposals, showing ths quantity and Quality of each article,and the f irm of bond to be aigned by the bidder aud suretias, will be fur nished on application to this office. Proposals from established dealer* only will be considered, and preference will be given to produc tions t f American industry, If equally cheap and of as good quality. The bids wul be considered and accepted or re jected item by item, and the Clerk reaerre* the right to order more or less of any article than the uuan tity advertised for. Samples and description of lithographing to be done may be oMained on application to this office. Bidders will be required to furnish samples of each class of articles, marked taith the bidder's name, and properly numbered. All articles to be delivered free of charges for freight or carriage at the Clerk's Office, House of RepressntatiTes, by the 30th day of June, 1373. This advertisement aud the proposal, so far as ac cepted, and the bond accompanying the asms, shall constitute the contract between the Government and the bidder, and no further contract will be executed: and the failure to furnish any article as propositi and accepted, or the furnishing of articles inferior to thi^smple, will be sufficient causs lor annulling the contract and forfaiting the penalty it the bond. Proposals should be indorsed," Proposals for Sta tionery," and directed, ? edward Mcpherson, m6-t 4t Clerk Houae of Representatives, U. 8. IN THE MATTER OF BERNHARD BAFF, Bankrupt. Distkict or Columbia,ss: Notice Is hereby given, that pursuant to the order of Hon. D. C. Humphreys, Judge of the District Court for the said District, a second meeting ef the creditors of the said BERNARD RAFF, Baukrupt, will be held at Washington, in the said District, on the 17th dat or Mat, 1373, at 1 it o'clock as., at the office of J.Sayles Brown, one of the Registers in Bankruptcy in said District, for th* purpoass named in the 37th section of the act of Congress, entitled '*An act to establish a uniform system of bank ruptcy," Ac., approved March 3,1987. The remain ing accounts of said bankrupt will be disposed of at the same tins and place. J AS. Q. PAYNE. I m? ? A. 8. WORTHlNOTON.j &"??<>??? FITATOES.-373 bushels choice 'PEACH BLOWS just received. Q JOHN W. LUMSPON A CO., ic3-3t 309 9th street, opposite Center Market. I IMfi LIME 1 LIME! BEST WOOD BURMT LIME at #1 per barrel, delivered to all parts of the city. . THOMAS FAHEY, 10th street, near La. avenue, northwest. SOLUTION CITRATE MAGNESIA, 30 cents; Hosteller's Bittert.Mcents. Chamois SkinsM ?? eenta, and Hall's Hair Renewer 70 outs, a* heretofore. Camphor fiOonUper pound, and all other articles at lowest rate for eauh. At s " * * 1 ?? ALL-LINEN 8HIRT8 to order, |S perdoxen,at WW. I, TIEL'I, ?bS * ?3? Pennsylvania avenue. yyi china, ~ g||| CB> ' glassware. 1|| CROCKERY, and FINE PLATED WARE. Housekeeper* in want of the above goods are re spectfully invited to examine our stock and prices. WERB A BEVBRIDOB, ni3-3i Odd Fallows' Hall. 7th street. ?NOLlSH SCARPS. ENGUSH HOSIERY. ENGLISH UNDERWEAR. A LA HOB A3S0M TMENT AT PEMMSTLTAMIA A TEMP B. J W. MNNTVIuj *H tra Iiiut. fN^twutwd0 #f4*f *** iwiy-wle. A par* OVODkwW1^ nJ."?' rV9*tW}9 w Wi WAHT8. WANTED-A young GIBLt white I a? chamber maid, and to a??lat In watting on table. G<x>d wage*. App'y at 1104 lfth atreet md Si WMTIS-A r>"d. indu*trio?* BOY to lwn H the liiiablijt buaine*s. C- F. It'KtOFF. T39 NortfcCapitof atreet !**_ WANTED-A settled WHlTB WO*A* to do "? general hunVa jrk ApMT, ?t ?" ,* Street northeast after 4 p. m. or before Ba m mfrX WAftFiy-fhie* -?hi DKESSM AEERSat Bo. ? ? 1V18 H st, tetween l?than.l *>:h, northwsat, twimdiately. Md-St* WANTED?A .econd hand UODA FOUNTAIN and COUNTER. or either. Addres* 0 B B., Lick Box I.P.nt Office. It \Er ANTBI'?Immediatel) ?A BARBER None bnt a flr?t rlaM one need apply. ln?inire at the Naticnal Hotel barbershop. It rANTEH-A good seconl hand *<?P BUUO|, . - coating from #75 to 8130. Addroea BUGGY, Star office. mt-3t WANTED?Br t re?prctal>e wni e girl. ?SIT UATION in a private family or aa chamber maid in a hotel.] reference*. Apply No W3 New Jersey avenue northwest. m6 St* VVANTKP-By a practical English farmer, a vr SITUATION as farmer 1* >n Id mak* himself generally useful. . Apply to HINBT A. PIXTON, corner Ohio ave and 13>b at.. Washington. ni4 St ANTED?Th- la.lie? ot Washington to ?all and ; examine the new DRE!*S CHART, w aimpl-? it can be learned in twenty minutea. Sample lining* 1 cut free. Apply at W04 Market Space ni6-3t WANTED-A respectable young rrirl wish-* a Tf SITUATION a* chambermaid or nurnj; is I trilling tma^e herself generally usefnl; 18* It st., i be ?e rl?t and ftl a*t. " | rANTED?lnimeoiateO -Ag'>od colored COO K, ? WAkUKK and IBONEK. No one noed apply : without unexceptionable citv reference*. Apply <101 U street, between 1 and 1 o'clock P. m. m< at* W ANTED?Two wore LIVE AGKMTS, who are willing to earn $5 per day, with slight exer tion. No book business. No drone* wanted. Call at 1739 0 st. northwest after 4 p. aa. only. mfi-St* WANTEB?t'ne demoiselle Americain* d-sire " trouxer pension dans une farnille Ftanc.aise on I'on pari* entieremeiit Francais. Le* meilieurea recommendation- seront dennee* et d Ad drew by letter MADEMOISELLE. 8tar office. It* %*r ANTED?By a gentleman and his wife, In a ?? first-class private family, a well-furuished BEDROOM and PARLOR Requirements, <?ood si'nation, good food and good co*king. and served promptly. Addreas LAW TER. Boa 4T0 nit il* WANTED?By a y<>un? man competent to dis charge almont any duty conuected with the businee*, a SITUATION in a Grocery, Li.juor and Commission Store Can come well recommended. Address F1LIUS AQBICOLAE. Star office mrt 2t* WANTED?By a reepectable tenant, a genteel, ? v cheerful HOUSE of six room*; ga< and water Bent not to exceed 815 Location north of Land west of 4th atreet. Address "A W P'Wt Of flee. nioJt* WTAICTED?A NURSE, whit* girl, genteel and ?Y tidy, not 30 years of age, with guori reference Apply to 1339 14<h street. mt at WANTED?At 138# ?th street northwest, be tween N and O streets, a WHITE GIRL to d?? general housework; a go d home lu a small religi 'tis family; reference* required. m? <t* ^ETANTBD?To buy a HOUSE of 6or8 room* on If Capitol Hill or near Baltimore depot; price not to exceed #30W, cash 81,AW, rest in monthly payments. Address I. B., 8tar office. mS St* WANTED?A tirat class BLACKSMITH at the Gas Works, 16th and G street*; none bat a steady, sober and good workman need "apply; he must come well recoinmeuded. iu?-2t WANTED?By two respectable white girls a SITUATION In a small family in the city, one to cook, wash and Iron; other chambermaid andaaeist in washing and ironing; the beat of reference*. Ap ply corner Gay aiid Montgomery streets, George town. m6 3t* \VANTED?HOUSE with seven room*, hall-way, v v water and gas; l,>cation west of 7th ami north Of H Streets; rent, not exceeding #30 PPr month. Any peraon tint a ftovsr a^ nt wanting a tenan) who cau show written evidence of paying rent ff?omptly,will pleaae address 0. M. D., Surgeon epetal's office. nit it* WANTED?Uy a young American girl, a SITU ATION to travel as lady'scompaniou or maid. Address MARY, No. 484 1st st. northwest. m3 It* WANTED?To exchange a Piano for a HORSE aud conveyance. Apply at Pa. ave.,up stairs. m3-3t* WANTED?DEES?Twenty swarms or more in good condition Imjuire iu person or by letter of K KNEESSI, No. 488 7lh street northwest, Wasliitigton D C. m3-3t* WANTED?By a gentleman stopping at Tremont Honxe, agix>d second-hand Bl?GGT,a FER ETT,two first-class WAITERS, and some female help. mJ St* WONTED-STORE and DWELLING, suitable ?? for a Fancy G >ods Store, in a suitable loca tioB. NICHOLS. 1009 7th street, n:J 3t* Between K aud L streets, northwest. ANTED?A BOY who thoroughly understands running Gordon preaaes; also,a BOY who cau set type, and a BOY to go messages. Apply at the Printing Offic* U88 and V30 Pa. ave. in3-3t* w WANTED?By a gentleman and wife, three or four UNFURNISHED ROOMS, for house keeping. Rent must be moderate aud location healthy abd convenient to Treasury Department. References exchanged. Address "J. 8. C.," Star i office. . m3-3t * WANTED-TO RENT OR PURCHASE A HOUSE ?A small family (no children) de sires to rent at a moderate price a HOUSB of seven or eight rooms, containing ga*, water. Ac., between Band 0 and 8th and ISth streets northwest: will reat by the year aud pay monthly iu advance; or will purchase If ?1,001) cash and monthly payments can beagraed upon. Owners of houses, not agon's, will answer this. Addreaa, with lull particulars, "CITIZEN," Star office. m3 3t* WANTED-A WOMAN, to Cook, Wash and Iron, at 816 B street north, between 3d and 3d Reference required. myl-tf WANTED?PLUMBEB8 to know that we are prepared to furnish them with all kinds of BRASS WORK, at 1006 C street northwest. WM. B. DOUGLAS A CO. N. B.-Brass Casting done daily^ ml lm* IV ANT EB? LAD IBS to take noti? that Madatn* T? D. I. MAISON, of New York, ha< opened her Millinery Parlora at No. 413 13tn street north we*t. a3iy Im WANTED? Immediately?Familiea or persons in need of fim-claasSERVANTS of every descrip tion, male and female, to call and get supplied at

once. Servants also can get good homes and beat of wag*a by apply Ing at the Eureka Employment Office, to lira. LOUISE C. BUTLER, 907 Uth rtreet, a ear E. al?-lm WANTED? Bverr one to know that th* VICTOB Vt sewing MACHINE has it* assrfb Mi/ ut ?mc: the meat perfect shuttle^In use, resting In a cradle; needle bar and worka of ateel. Agency, 468 pennaylvanla avenne. Also, Branch or Mme. Dem "S&lf" ?wrt-T. W. SPICIE. A,?nt. LOST AND FOUND. DOG LOST?A liver-colored SETTER, bearing a steel collar, marked L. Hailer. iiA^O r*-ward will be paid for delivering the li t to L. HAILER, 403 Baat Capitolst.mft-1*-^?^ ( 0BT?On Sunday afternoon, on 10th atreet, bet. M-J M and Boundary, one small Chased Gold EAB B1NG. with Coral sett. The finder will be suitably rewarded by calling at 1807 F at. n. w. m6 St* 4 tiTBAYBD OB STOLEN?On Sunday evening. from the corner of Stdstreet and Penn-, sylvania avenue, a Black and Tan GIP-s Answ ers to the name of Fannie. The End? ar will b* rewarded by leaving the aame at the Drag Store on said corner. The Gip bas on a collar wtth my name. B. P. S0UTHALL. mfi-St* |)0AfeI) oV PDBL1C WOkKs, 1) Dutbict or Columbia, Washisotos, April S, 18T3. A reward ef FIFTY (860) DOLLARS will be paid for the detection and conviction of any person or aeraona who have stolen, or who may hereafter be found stealing, the Man-hole and Sewer-trap Oovara in ths citiea of Washington and Georgetown. By order of the Board. EDWARD JOHNSON. aS-tf (Repub.Citron.) Chiet Clerk. COST?On the 1st of March, on B street, between 10th and Sd streets northwest, a RUBY BING. with two pear la. A liberal reward will be paid if returned to No. Sri atreet northweat. m7 PERSONAL. TO PEB80N8 WHO HOLD TAX TITLES.? The nndersigned ia prepared for the h*lra of the late Daniel Carroll, of Dudington, at a fair valua tion, to give qnit claims on any property where they may hola th* title in equity a6 6t TH08. bTwaGGEMAN, ?1? 7that T ^4) MY FRIENDS:?Th* card of Mr. Wm. D. _L Wise ia incorrect, inaamuch aa it Is too broad In it* assertion, that I have no interest in the business named by him. It ia true that he has a decided advantage of me, aa he ha* ' poaaeasion"?nine points in law?bnt I can aatisfy an* one before a legal tribunal that I have some intent* ret in Mild property. |lt*] B. FBERB. NOTICE.?I hereby forewarn all peraona ft harboring or tmating my wife. Alio* Lewis, on mr acconnt, aa I will pay no debts contracted by her, aha ha\ ing left my bed and board without jait cauae. GEORGE LEWIS, ** mS St* Uniontown, D. C. FOB HIRE - Pleasare R0W-B0AT8; aleo, a 8TEAM LAUNCH, for fishing, .aad^h nleaaure on canal and rtvar. Apply to JOB. PAS8BBO,foot of Congreaa atreet, George-*^^ town, B. C. myl-lm* IDIAGONAL COATS and TEST to patch in ten IF different ahadaaandatylee(very draaay),at A. tfTBAUS', 1811 Pa. are., near litis at. aJi B W ft f ? B > . CARPETS-CARPETS?CARPETS. JUST OPBHBl), THE 0. 0. D. CABPBT HOUSE, At H4 7th Btbebt, Bxtwikb I abb K, bere can be four d a large aaanilmant of CABPETB, OILCLOTH AND MATTING, aft laaa prio* than tk* atanawtty can b* had at any other ptnea. Plena* call before $ Kill BOIII Jy> recatvad a large aapply of Choice Batter, tn 0?? COUNTY and CHBMUBG CBBAMB jyjOtl WONDBBFUL ^ITYBNTION OF TIB FOR RENT AND 8AU5. |TOR BEMT-T*. ?r three anfurni*h 4 ROOMS, ?trJtT k#Wfll"''ln? Wo. 1T*T 1Mb "f?t nirhwti!, jt. JftN*TrFI1 *H*?D :<o??*s, ?' 9U irm ?tk BBPROo/at *30 a^th^ree** * PT''"?U BENT-V~ry desirable three-etorv BKKK, e nvenieace*. d.-lghtful lor*t! >n TiMIgtrwet. TH08. E W AOGAMAM. ?|VVth wr^1- ' n4St KCHnrH?NHTTJo,'_d"""-*ble ?ix room FRANK J Mvl 8K8, two wntrw fMn c?m, nir**+ *1111111 f 1 am** Id th citf. TH08. I. WAGGAMAN. 119 7.h.,r^r.-" * ?.?.WA?OAMA*J|?? K"B .fIN.T7> S^'S* HOUSE. B . ?3 B Str.-rt "l. ?w ' itol Hill; ban (M *u l water, eight room*, bath-room. cellar*, ami Apply on the premnwa. Rem. $46 m6 ?o3f 1^MQABDIK F A KM near Gv-sboro", liAvl??nSWwU,,.Voli,,A hon'"- *c~ DYIR * k' -i?Penns* I vania avenue, (over Milburu > Dragsfre.) m*-4t F'OR |RENT-f i<e unformatted ROOMS. *mg|. or in suite, with B jard. Heal* sen ed in private room* or to families. Room rent In advance R f **cLa?iged. Call at 916 * gtr*?t no"h Ffr1;?FhSTW A ,n . Jk? mile, ?ro? the Navy Yard, near G>od H pe, |).c , contaliiina eieht rooms lor particulars apply to a t. addIM)N, oil thf ?dioiniBff f*rm: or br to M ADDISON, Washington, D ' W >?"**r frOR RENT?Unfurnished ROOMS, on the *<-cond * and third floors, in suites, suitable for houwe Ko'J""?; w*,e^ on *<'ron<l floor; pl?a*aut location ? j Miaaourl avenue, ophite th* B>taniral Uitruei.. m6 At" f^RREKT-Twoorthre.Fl RNISBED ROOMS. suitable for single gentlemen?Clerks In Depart !Tw1??jn a pleasant and li-alt b> |..o?t I >n. Apply at No. 903 6th street, noribeut corner Maaearhu ?ett* avenue. m6-.1t froR SALE-SUBURBAN R?8IbENCB-Th. * n-sideace of the late M >rri? Adkr, on Or.,rseft *! Height*, a itli about 8ix Acre* ?f Land, is off-red al private sale. Inquire at 133 BrMge street, Georgetown, P. C. m6 3aw?w* ITQ* KrNT-The three-?t?ry BR1< KHUISE. * 1^04 nh #tr?Ht n<*rthwwt, cootsitnuit jhl rorm* Wore. part aai wat. r. AKi, eeeoad-story front and back PARLOR. b.*id.s -mall ROOMS ou F OR RENT?Five neatly furn!*li.-4 ROOMS; 1914 G street, between 12th arid 13th ntreeta northwest. niS-St* F(?on^K?,TZTwo;,tor' FRAMK HOUSE. No. y*0G ?lref?t *<>utliw?t, containing nor en r>utnt. ???' ?* per month iu advance. Apply ne*t door, after 6 o'clock p. m. mS 3t* IfoR RENT?611 13th atreet, gentlemen may ob RikImH *11 Lar"" J"41 . UaixiHomely furuialie.1 with hot and cold water, at very low H**1- m5 3t* FOR 8ALE OR RENT?A ploce of PROPERTY over tho lastern Brand), containing ?ere*, suitable for a batcher. Apply to J T BOI SEAO.Wh and 0 rtreetn aouthea^t m# 3t? PS?in^f?N?T~A tw? B,orJr FRTMTiforSE.aoB ?VJ n J j ?e rooiBn, on Mew J^rnpj itentic, be tjeen Q >pd R streets. Kent ft 1^ oer month Ad M street northwest. mi-It* POR RENT-Three ROOMS, narnrnished, auit * able for hoiiaekeeping; ga* and water in the nnwKiJS*1' paiatod" APPlV at 30?S 8th atreet norths est. m5 3t* I^OR KKNT-HandBoiiiely furnlahej PARLOR a and BEDROOM on the flrnt floor, at No. 1106 T, avenjie. May be obtained by one or two gentlemen at a low price. m5 jj? F?.5?.K?.N7-fonr tooni, Hol'SE, newly done ap, A.iiJ?I!:Ul'l?for h",?!M'k.eepin*f0r a family with no cntMraa. Inquire in the at ore corner of 11th and N Htrsets. ? id5 ft* ^(JR RENT?Todeairable partieK.f, r hoibtekaep ? IfFrRNrsHBD ROOMS, second por mouth. 1117 Masaachusetta avenne northwest ntfi jj. P't'K RENT?Three large k00MS on tli- firat * ""Or; also, two on the third floor, atatlooary ?. i**"* other convenience*. at 7oa Mth atreet, above Patent Office. ni3-2t* JrOR RENT?Elegant large 8ALOON PARL0R8 ithOIR r'""'!1* ,efor P*r|,,r ?n.i bedroom, with Board; aUy, large alngle ROOMS. T*ble Boarder* wanted. AppTv at 91 7 16th at. m& 3t? l^^^P^^^^^nT^uTThirirrT^OORsTThrei i, ? rJw^ e2rb., kitchen, pantry, washing and iron ing room*.firat floor; very convenient for h .n*e keepmg.cluborotlic. ? 1411 f street, near Tre*,. or> . Inquire pecond fl<H>r,F. mfi-6t* LHtR RENT-J'art of a HO(Jt?K-tw? totiveun a furnished rooms?suitable for hoasekeeDinc? convenient to I>epartm"tit*. Call before 9 or after' ?..Vie .fn u,i ,41 ,L 'treet, between Vermont av enue and 15th atreet m5 2t* p^OR SALE?On eaay terms, a deairable " BUILDING LOT, fronting on 7th street, near new Northern Market ?VER A DAVIDSON. 1*0^1439 Pennsylvania avenue northwest. * over Mill.urn'* Drag Store. ^"?OR BALE-A Dinall BRICK HOUSE; Contain* _?L'd ?.n' ^"ar; ga, an.l "iu\ r'W' runs bv:k to thirty foot T aiVi'iL* ~Loni? ?t*nd?afeet from baiMinir line, and in ?w ?f.,hr ^ rapidly improving portions of the city. Price 13.700; one foarth caeh CDAh',B0,pARk KlT ail mi ' 13^4 I2in street, between N u: m5 3t* POR KENT-FurnUbed COUNTRY HOUSE f r 1 the summer W ill rent main building ready ?lr,"t5 ' P?Bt*lniuf parUr, dining room, tlire?> te-rMi Cl"'^ *c- Plenty of shade, ice and tffni r/Jl.**. n?and P*,t,"'? <le*lred, beau J. A heST,!i> location: F4 miles from Lanham's Station, on Baltimore and Potomac railroad Kor term* apply on the premises, to Mr* E WELLS tar^'mT Dr CHA??'*8 WELLS, Bladens borg Md mg 6f ?"a'U>.<>n PARLORS, handaomely A., furnished, on second floor, very cheas. at tm 13th street, between Q and H, northwest. m3-3tw .VbUa ?r'12 14,h ?reet north ner l4tlTand G *trneta. Greenhouae^or^ F^OB BJNT? For aix moatba.low. to r^i^rt.Ki. panlea, FURNISHED HOUSE. flllSd Wi?* ^^^?lK!SSrSisisfT^Ks rOk lUliT-HOUBE No 1S31 K atreet, con M. taming ten rooms and bath.with all modern impreveuenta Apply at 19SI3 Pennsylvania av" m3 3t* POR 8ALE?Splendid LOTS, Vermont avenue, A between K and L streets: also, Vermont avenue M aBd? ?'STfe ? LotOxSe, cheap. 1113 * ? H. WARNER, 799 7th street. POR RENT?A large FRAME STABLB in the Willr^i^F^nt^!I^e,I1 i1? ? "treat northeaet. ill be rented on reaaonable terma to a responsible peraon. Apply aa above, or at No. U3 *1 street "I"": m3-4t* ^ENT~Y51U*,;le BU81NES8 STAND,third *tory, room ^0x60 feet, northeast corner Loaisi *"55 e^ne and 7th atreet; al*.., OF FI rKS on w>c oni5,K)ill ^ * on Pre**ises, or at 453 C stn^et northweat. before 11 a.m. ma in. ^Al,*7:H0'p?E No. 694 New York atenue, r^i, ?* ? 6th and 7th rtreeta north went, lot being ?feet J inches front, running bark to a public al ley. Apply to JOHN O. BRIGHT, of Bright A Humphrey, No. 987 New York avenue north ,wr m3 tt* 84LE-Two fine LOTS on 13th street, be" tween 8 and T streda, with east front _ma ftll 7th atraet, opposite P?>?it^0fflce. KS? sALlt-?everal hue RESIDENCES, with iwirfT "V "i t'.'80 "cres,) on the ridg.- of hill* SwllVSL Ter,<,"ktn?thec,t7' ^?'tween 7th and ? . * K.WILSON, ml 6t 811 7th street, opposite post OfflA. J* M0U8E and 8TORR, containing .ygfjsaff *ss sm isun1rat 'rrisr? iua: niMt ftl 1 Tth ^net, optKiSto^p^offloa haniUoin. country HOUSE in Kom pJ^Torter, couV^iTg thSSS rSZZ^lll yHle. For particulars a^^rrn rte^r^?* ~ T1 avenue. pOR SALE?A FARM of M ACRES In MonT Co??y- Maryland, #mllee from Wiaah road 'de^i * T^r"' '1104 ?u?a from the rail Vl iii *^ Improvement* conatat of four frame ^^lliDC houaea, one hiackamith shop, and a store tkI! l)i.UT *5T buatnees. Good water and fencing fr,^\,****-A FARM of 1*0 ACRES S miles For^furtW particular, apply at nT l&Fk |ar* apply on the premises, or to ml-aolm Kszss. "Eg ssfva sassraw t^lw-l M^lfrLDWir* l?0R ij*? ? ? -T;i/ ,ww?va rooms 1733 TSSST. ? **Jmg- u*0. Vmm j or tow I?se ftir i^tw FOR RENT AND SALE. EH?R RK>T-Three ?? ry BBICE HOUSE. N a r IM Id Krtrt tortkiN-.oa* mnuir ? ?*ik from ihe Petiaaylvaiila unn' and T ram. i Rer.t JJPper month. Apply to Dr MAGRCDKR, lIClitrvdiwtbvM. ajatf F^OK KIIT?M>| l?t,witb k>*r4.t*uroiiii?riinf froot ROOMS. with ko* ?n l r?M water B tn4 Bnoa?f> for two. #66 Modern n kNM, IM? Ilk Dtwl. US I/OK BE NT-Faruiebed or UnfarnMfd BOOMS. ?I aoti'b front; suitable fur housekeeping. * ?pir Slli PnnnKuittTniif. irll w IMT RkMrMt BENT?Funis rh front; nlnbl ft ? 8111 NlimhMH Hfiiw ?pll FH>B BALB- Tbe nUcribK odTers for sale Me DOUSE <Bo. !??> tW LOT on the firM square r*M of tW Cuhai. TV lot to sit uated on th" wuth side of East Capitol street and <>n ?i stre-t. and is # feet and II incbsa wide and IU feat deep >n M et. alT Jw* CHARLES P RISSELL Ii'OR SALE OR BECHANUE PUR CITT PROP ERTT. a two-story Bol'SE with trick bail ment, and also a corner LOT and a FARM of M acre* near the rfty. A pply to J. P COX, corner fth and Fayette streets, Owrrlowt, P. C. aU 1m* L'l'K RENT?Moat deatrahie OFFICE BOOMS in r the m ttliwNl corner kuiMiif of fth aa<1 Q at* northwest. H. OASi H. alilm* JW? 7th atreet a.rthweat. L'OB SALE-OV LONG TIME?A neat. well r bu ll three-story BKH'K Hol'SE. with two utory Bark Buildini; hose fronts southeaat; has little front J ard, and side entrance; (nniaim uin r.oma, besides hath-rooa,* aad closets. Cellar under entire honee. with Are-places, (aa and water, can 1* converted into basement rooms if dwirad; L -t l*v100 Inquire on the ar? nnaea of tbe owuer of the property alters p.m., 94* Rhode Island avsoae, between tth and Huh sta. al^la F?OR HALE?A numt>er of two-story BRICK HOUSES.on T street, bet ??d Ich and U;b streets northwest, containing six roams each, will be sold on trrm aa follows: Five HOUSES from #100 to #500 ca?h on each, and balance in monthly pa> menu to suit purchaser. Five HOUSES at from #aoLto#l,M<u <a*b. and balance in m uthly, quarterly, or naif yearly pay menu, to suit purchaser. Three HOl'BES will be exchanged in part for Ta<~ant ground. Also, several HOUSES in th* same block will be sold cheap far caah. Each of tbe abt-ie Houaes have hall, cellar, bath r'sim, water-closet, sewer, km, Ac., and are w?ll suited for a private family. Tt"d? desirous of ae curing to themselves i comfortable Howe on easy t-rms, shorld not fail to call at my office previous to purchasing elsewhere. JOS F. KELLRY, R< al Estate A?~nt a] Bo. 90it 8th street north*eat, bet. 1 and E. j Doll-RENT-FURNISHED-ROOMS- a back I PaT'or furnished aa a Bedroom, aud two pleaa ant rooms, bark and front, on second story, in an ?Iicibly-located Dwelling on I Mreet, near 9th; will ! be rented on reasonable terms to gentlemen only. Address "A.JMational Republican efflce. ?ll?-tf I Rep I f FOR SALE. l^OlB GLASS SHOW CASKS FOR SALB-Two E three feet long and two and a hail feet big , two three teat loug and four teet high, at 933 Pennsyl vania a\enne. lt*j f[*0R BALE?Chiap and on easy terms. Marble SODA APPARATUS, in goad onl?r. Apply at Drag Store, corner oih and B strewts southeast. Cap itol Bill. lit* J I'ST ARRIVED ABB FOR SALE?A lot of fine joung HOBBESand M ABES, among them TX are several line young Mares, ae\aral in<- j_ . young and stylish Driving Mares, and'-KZ-X. several g<xKl large workers; to be sien at tbe HOW - ABD Stables. Q >t .. between <Hb and 7th su. ai> 3t* 1/OR SALE?One fine *?ung ML'LE. t good work r HORSES; 1 double WAOON. n~arlr^ new; 4 eood CARTS. Also. wag >u auiiVwA cait HARNESS. Any or all of tfle al>ov? < Ml be bought at a bargain. Apply a. lah street, L-land. or to C.J BRRWEB ? ?<-ea Sb re,7th?. tn5 II' PARLOR, CHAMBEK, ABD KITCHEN FI R NITl'RE, almost new, for sale by a family breaking op housekeeping. Call at 1Y3BF street nortbweat. Time giveu on security. mS 3t* pOB gALK-A PHJtetoH, built by E Rogers A Co., Philadelphia, and very little used, laquire at CBAB. EARLE S Livery Btabie, II st., betw een auib and 21et. nut ll * rpOR SALE?Ju?t arrived, lu bead <f very fine Driving and Draft HORSESi s >me fa-1 trotters, selected aipre?ily for thi? niark-t, atHlGl ELY ? BOWEB 8 Stable, yf? /C7 V Vork avenue, b?twe?n <?.h and 7iii streeU. mS-Sw? F'OR SALE?BAT MABE; 6 years old. MJrgaa suck; warranted s<<atid. Also, POBf rv PHiKTON. Apply to LATIMER A CLEA TZJP BY, Anrtioneers, PennsvIvaniaa?enue,corl ner of lllb street. Star (>iHce building. a&> tf F'OR ^ALE-iO.OOO first cIms"BOSKS, Cliab ing Plants, Ornamental 8hrubs. and Trees, Parlor Plants, Ac. A.JORDAN, Connecticut avenue. a?-lm* ^T PRIVATE BALE. The beaatfful Country Residence railed "DUN BARTON HaLL,"situated on the r>ad from Pierce's Mill to T<'nnallytown, about 2H miles from Washington, D. C. JKJB. Tbe place contains about twenty-thres acres of land. Improved by a mansion house containing eigb teen rouins. and two small cottages, one containing six, tbe other three rooms, ice house, barn, Ac There are seven acres of grapaa ia bearing, pears, peacbts and other fruits. Tbe view from the boase is ous of ths finest in the District. Any one d-airing a 8ue couatry raaMswos would do well lo call and examine this property. If tbe place is not sold by the 1st of June the Man sion House will be for rent during the seaaon. For terms spply to PIERCE SHOBMAKBB, alb lm near Pierce's Mill. L'OR SALE?A handsomely matched pair of BAT r MARES, kind .gentle and stylish- AUo, gy a nearly new FAMILT CARRIAGE audlJ2R HARNESS. Bold for want of use. Can be'i/V seen at KEATING A CO.*8 Stablea, M?, Bll, ?V13 and VIA Uih street nortbweat, one square south of Pennsylvania avenue. m lm F;B BALB CHEAP?A four horse double-tre* street PLOW 8HBAB;soms long-handled round Ginted fcHOVELB, and 6jOUU square feet of good J cb PLANK, at B7B3 E street, at canal. aU tf UBICK CLAT FOB BALB. D Apply !? DODGE B DABBEILLB, jI7-tf 14B7 W MEDICAL, Ae. i\fM. H. J. FRENCH, iAs_CUs6raud H?i*mkU cl^'rro*(mi, Medtrml mmd Tkn Mtdtrnm, can be For sal* corner 13th st. aU-lm* seer, a short Time'only ai T til lith street northwest Hours Irom lu a. m. to7 p. m. ml-tt* PB0F7BINGHAM, M D . AUd>ca.l MJtartetZZ. of New York, treats all Nervous, Chronic Dis eases. Blood and Cancer Prisons. Rooms at tbe Howard House, corner Pennsyl vania avenue and Stb street, on Mondays, Wed nesdays and Fridays; and at the Mansion House, Alexandria, Tuesdays, Thursdays aud Saturdays. ni2-?w* DB. MOTT'8 FRENCH POWDERS certain cure for all diseases of the organs and all urinary complaints and blood and ski a dissasss caused by indiscretion in youth. Price, #3 per box. by WM. B ENTWISLE. Druggist, cornei and Pennsylvania ave., Washington, D.O. tt^TATUVOLENCE," OR THE WILL CUBB7~ O THB GREATEST DISCOVERT OF THE WORLD. By it all diseases are cnred. No medicines used, and no la>ingonof bands. Taught by Mrs. J. R EL lOT, 47S C street northw-eat. ap7-tr B. LBOB, cohsultiho physiciaj?. The oldest sstabMsbed Specialist In the city ?o. Sll 14th street, abova B. Bonn: 11 to 4 and T to I, dally. iytJ-xx OBSTACLES TO MARRIAGE.^/fapp* Jot >e?ag JUra from tbe effecu at Eirors and Abuses in early life. Manhood restored. Impeoi nienu to Marriags removed. New method of treat ment. New aud remarkable remedies. Books and Circulars sent free, in sealed envelopes. Addrsss Hovard Jimcisms, No. ? south tth street, Phila delphia, Pa.,?an institution having a high reauta tien for honorable conduct and prufeastoaal skill. martU-eoMa ?V EM ALB DISEASES of alt kiixls treated. De r scribe case ana enclose At; adrtoe and medi ciDSjriU J>ejent^^Addrm JBrs. Dr THOBMOI. 1) Mo B4K Mortb l#th street, PhHadelphia. jar>t7-l? ? | ADAMB WI LBOB, I A Httuiarhi JHsmM PHT81U1AN AND M1BWIFI, .ii be consulted on all DIBBASBB INCIDENTAL TO LAD11 Bssideacs and Ounsaltatiea Boama. 611 between Hand I. Rooms, Board, Medical t Ac.,at reasonable prices. Tapeworm rsnsv^ wtt> heaSI in two bono. Refer tTpatts^s treated in Washington. ?amv MONET RETLRNBD IV Irr fcrt ft riPHTI ifg liUjiMi street, where teettaaontals esn bs sasw. arli-ly* UUBELT WONDERS BBTBB CEASE -All w wool Men's BuiU in tbree <UB> rent shade* for ypo OPB FB1ENDB ABD TBE PUBLIC. Having Uaaedtbs well-kaow-n Beaton property, No. TW B street northwest, opposite tbe Pual Olcs (lately the restAeace of H enry #. Davis,es?.>, wa have REMOVED OUB O FF1CB to the aame, wbeis wasbail be bapsrlonuiv* ovMasb. We are slao prwparad to rant a few elegant offices at I'w pr*c?a, wtth gas, ban. and water (alas aar ^ . __ Opposite Poat-Ofeos. Torli avenna._,Tba stent privata loaa offi RT C. LIJTTBma,. C. A. DPBBIBGTO ? * LIIT?U' * OCIIMIMSTOH. ?IT La. Aea., bat. Mbaad Mtbi _ tiym to ths ?*r -- B0*IkD BBLGIAB or, i?ii BUSINESS CHANCES. ?MAT J?.A EOAi" *? r?? rlARu, ri>u4 rnrnrr? m] a ???><??111.?/>? i f? PIANO. roaad roram aad Mil ? ra ml?, a* g>--d ? new. ?i" t-e a.M rv-a,|Bdlfed f.rcaoB. C'Jit ll?flatrae* tf fTTTTl E?B BALE?A lew ??/ tbe ? ?Staiea .< r of tlx- a*-at valuable f ATEVT BIUHTS e.e, i?tnl. K> er j htaiM in tlx * rat will bu> it. Ci?? or fr^nal pmpertv taken (n part rtranil ? all at J J" 11th Mreef ecntbeaat waere it iaabe aeea ia oMiartM al at ? '|H> CAP1*ALI^S AkP BllU>? FOR SALF?An itodn.M HgtAII PF GBolND la Ik' aoa'beaat irrti.a of Ik*enr< aa Ihrw )<ai*' tim?. Tbia fruanl ?ill a?ore Ikai di'wbi* ia ?ala< a itkin tkf Haw albweJ for it* pay ? iwrat. A f< arthc* ( %n?f? ?f Gmaad n^ar the C 'ti.?>Ne r?il?a> . ia Ikf i"nh*Mi mitna of the rtlr. ai a baraa.a. ktMiu a lr.^.1 of M feet (tartar ram) by a ae|*h of Wf1*!. A BuiMtaa L?t ou New Jer*.\ trav i?k ? Mieei ti rib. at Kc?i.te a f-n?? <???( far (a mi Tw?> L?t* "a ??* ?Kie r4 K'h *r ?. Q *a.< K meet. a-ribw?t. a *, bv i|a iU... ..a* Ut ra V ar??l,ti?'??-ii I Jib aa.1 l*h ?lr ?|. A Br?t-claa? L rt on F atreet, aeai tbe Pal-at Of ^9* Al?M>b<'?tlV'TWi'Hl aicaar, b?4w*ea I. VI .* -? y ?<rpiii. A Betiding Front af ?br JAl f? 4 lltb aad N All the al?>ra ta cbotoe rr<>a?l. ar><1 fVnni w i, e and tertnal C 'tntaende it?? If !?< ct|>'tali ata )??? 11<\. ?<Ti'm ..r ??> baiiderafor impr ?.-ae-.| m+-3t M M BoHREK All 7th a raot ilOVIT TO LOAN ON KKAL 1ST\ Tk ?K 1,1" -????* ? irf Iff atreat. I WILL GIVE AMI PAKHi.m ?Mo W ILL rata for a*- aCLERkSH I P -?f Ciea- 0,i?. la an* >f tin Departnieiita. One Hundred 1) i ar?,<%l?*i t Addreea Q K S , Star ir> ml 3 * 1^1 bOAK-SKVUALTHol -AMi l>> 1 Property niii?i b? doable, aitb ula r? t of ?**> liiio*n I??jk. It* r-r out. )>'>r annam; I p-r < -at lont-n.i,- | ?. TIli'S k ** Av.Vj.tM AN 41V rih at r eat mt-Ai A MoDEBATK i>l*C^H WILL fl a? MtM .a St'X'W and Fittureaof a aniail r~:atl I. K< i CRT AND PEOVISION STOKE, c .rn.-r lltb and M >treet? nortl.weet. G^od ? "liar *? Itb *t ?r?- rent ??ry l<>a Bterllant naiciiborh Mid 8atiafdNI>>rr roaa-oa r> r B- llioe. mS St* C-O ikilil WILL Il k. II\t?K TIU M<K k vOl'l"'' m T 14 ? ?1 X* t L"|??? ? >t >na 1 > > < t CR<X'KKV AND FFKl? l?T<>RICS .a lb* rtl* A rat - clianoe t ir an n- hun^ a lutla afitnl to ?><urr a ?i-ll *?tal>H?lM<d I'ltaitma* :k? prapiirti.r wi bdrawtnc .?a arc nnt .-f u>ii>air-l i ?al'h. Addr<???. atib rfl'-rrocta, H . L " k ft * <?, M aabitiKloti, I*. C. uiSk* nan a< ??f, >?? t? to O*"*"""""* l"?n on real *?tat??. *a*ar ?unn> t ' aait fcorroat-ra It M W'AKNKft, Wi2 t ? TdW 7th atraat. L'Ok hALE-P >ar tarat-rla^ HIAIt K HOCUs r tw<> aanarr# fr ni Cault"l Park, and tbr AA iak? ?- ? "" Paifc. and Ik* AA ?aair dlataii'-'- to lb<- m-a Kaxtern M?rk*t.WW Mid cioae t" I be PennayHanIa aveana ?t r>-e( | ara; *fll located. ti e., h are well-bailt, tea raaaa earh. (?. hot and roM mater, ???d ?*?*. r*TOi? raaf. ln iulrc an the premiaea, 1IW 0 <raat ? tit lie*.t. aJi I at* L l?M bALK?The (UTtiCK. UOUl) WILL and r FIXTI RK8 of tbe Milliner) an.l Fancy Bt <ra, No. 707 Market itpace, b-t 7th and H- h ata. n<*rth **m. |iCB tr| E LKN/KKKO A OO ilCNH Tu L?'AN ON HEAL ElTATE, IN i~* ?oaia to aait, for from one t< five jrnara. Nui ltHE a mim>letom, aplt-lm All Uth Mreet. k' AM ABLE PA EM FuB HALE OR BE > ( IIANGE POB PROPERTY IN THltt riTT ? 4 UK EAT i'AKtfAiJV -JX arw \*r> ?npen.>r and, eap*ciall> for lobacc-o, larie new T >twca Barn, DwelllnCi Tenant lloiiae and outbuilding*, i iii< jard of tut CoiK-ord crape Tiaaa, in bearing and relliaed, !*? arrea ?alnable ttiabar, balaat e arabia tad aeli feaoad, near t;uin.-a'? Station, <>u R P A I' K.R .iti 8p?U)l?auia cunly, Va Price, only i?.?0. R A. PUILLIP.>, apl7-*e 1#6 Waat etreat.Haorgetewa. B. O. OBEY TO LCAtToN REAlTESTATE. M At' BY A BBO., Real B*tat? and Inaarance Broken, arM lw MKT P atraat. ? ABE CM ANCE to purchaaa a |ixd STOBE aad l>* ELL1NU cbeap, near new market, Ilk >ireet,Ko. 171)1. Price, ft Ml*, tenaa mi HAMILTON A PEARHOB. a*ltf T. M. O. A. Bnildiac.Hhand I> ata || O C b E FOB BALE. The I area FOUR 8TORT HOUSB, with tbraa ilory eitenai'-n. VIA B ?tr<-e?. nearl) new, Ivaato 44iia, fumare, aaa ai>d water, with lanre yard ana tal le in rear. Tli>* Wbnle prnaefty haa been r.? ? ntlj >ut ia complete repair, and ia very eoaranieat f >r a *r#e. genteel faanl), or for a boardinj li uae Will < ? -Id low Inquire at Preedtuaa'a Bank .'>pp ?!ta Treaeurr, Panna) Iraaia avenue. fe U eotf DRY GOODS. M R y E W DRY 8UODI. Fine FRENCH LAWKS aud PERCALES, ?*.. I0r. and Wc LA('B>TBIPED JATANESE CLOTU al JTV. ltLCE I'LAII>8. SO and Me. WUITB PIECES 2a-wortb to- -a jo?. Oue caae BLACE and WHITE LAWNS, at IA . >er ?ard; <lvr. onder the price.) LACE SACyl'ES, from ?8 to ?? ?tek. Beautiful Ouovia fot Cliiidrea'a Oree^ea, from V o7?c. ?J tf BOOAN A WYL1B. f?HEAP LINEN SHEETIN<if? in all width*, L/ from auction, raaciug from tJ7>? muk to %I M, rum ti* and 2% t arda wide. W. M SHU8TER A BBO. ?>3-3t WlVPenaayhaeia aienae. ^FEIJIS B1LBB FEOMTltTIO?T 1?? PIECES SPBIMO SILKS In neat atripaa n<l ebveka, from one dollar per yard np. Hew at?la -At'E JACKErS, new LACE POINTS^ cheap r? L dM t. u a? ? . ? * ? ' ? - .ah jAi attB, new LACE PUINT8, < heap llacA SILAS for Llninf*. LupiaV Black ORBNA >INES. warranted ail allk and wool, la pieoea lew at)lea PBBCAL8. jaat opeued. One price only W. M. KHC8TEB A BBO, ai.Vit WIB Pennayl*ania arenaa. |'0 BB, OR NOT TO BB, IS NOT TH t QUESTION. TO FMD, OB BOT TO FIND, BABOAIHS, BABGA1HB. THAT IS THE QUESTION. Ba therefore convinced, aad try far cbeap aad .ice gooda at WOLF9BB * SHI LB E MS'B, AT ho are thia aeaaoii offeriog many attracuana ia DRESS r.ooDS, LLAMA LACK POIBTS, LLAMA LACK J AC ILL THE K0VELTIB8 IK PAN NEW COLORS IN SCN I'MRBELLAB, LATE MTTLB FBIKGED VEILS, PARASOL 09VEBS. ladies BOWS AND TIES, Uid many other articlaa too noaaerooa to oianuoa. Peraoaa from th* naoat diatant part of Ike city will ind it to their advantage, before parrhv i.g etaa fa an >aa aatabliehmetit. JACKETS, ABABOUi ABB rbere, to call at thia I ^ Remember SPTHB ARCADE, a at d?T Ttb atreet. brtwean D and E, 8. W. ~ E? ATTRACTION*! LOW PRICES IK * cabpet8! CARPETS V. carpets HI N N< weat deatgne ENGLISH brussels. KKWLASH IKOBAINS, WniTK and CHECK MATTIKOsJf * PL1* OIL cloths, _ BUOS and M ATS. WINDOW SHADES, In altealora, and W INDOW FIETURBB, ak KULFORD * IMILBKRttt, ART SEVENTH STBBBT, Between D aad B.aoathvaat. aM tr M/THE ABCADB. |)BY GOODS AT PANIC PRICKS. Great bargain* In DRY GOODS fro* the Hear York and Philadelphia aactiona Dreaa GrenadinM al 6, Ml aad US cent* per yard; a beau ifal Hue of Dreee Goode at leaa than iaiportarc' aricea. Striped Swiaa at Stc. a yard, worth Mc.; BlayLiuea at a verr low price- Strip.-d Yoaemite at Sue , warth Mc.; yob lot Lace Curtalii* at BAAU a pieci fal Paraaoi* at right pricea, a Shaw la At half price attly 1UM0 a piece, a line of beaati right price*, a few Llama Laaa BMOBY BAXTBB. Pannaylvania avenue. Lovely polka dot goods, from 12* cm BP, to FOULARD SILKS at ( BKODHEAD a CO*, Elegakt black silk, fr.* ?i au up. and a fall line of all kinda of SPRING and IUMMRR WOODS jaat received at BRODHBAD A COW, it aril -Ana IMA Fi PROFESSIONAL. DB HABT1GAM HAS REMOVED tod as St ?treel, corner of D atreet northweat, opMaita ladiaaa a venae. ml La* BE CLE .WVfcSS 10 o. facing la

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