Newspaper of Evening Star, May 6, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 6, 1873 Page 3
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RAILROADS. ^UU,Dio1riVSaiSa LomI train* for Alexandria leava as follow*:-*13, J 09, 7 S?, US, 9.48. ??? 53, 11 54 a. m.; HAS. 1J3, t?, 8 43, 4 Se, 6 J8, and 7Jf> p. ? Local trUss fT"? Al>-**ndr1a arrive m B 93, 7 46. * ?. M. M ?? 11 l3S BJ<,4:9>.S:9B,7 33, 8:98 p. ??. ?frtlu urknl tbos connect with trtlM OB WMb <Sc.**fldetloB Imtn Washington JM ft. OL daily. ?ic*ft Sotdftj. GBBAT SoVtHBSN EXPRESS, via Isaves Washington 1?J3 p.m. daily, except Hand**' Through ticket* to sU points South ud V>uthw?i far aaI* >4 OScPi, corner 19th itrwt and Prune/1 v a cl*(f?M.tod eonirlU atreert and PaaasytvaBia T?SL1~5>gL~ >y fcr ^ 413 ? a , W< __ , daily, except Sunday. 8.JS a. m.. Mall,daily, ex 1 eept Sunday. llf a. m , Wastora Exp., . daily. 8* pa., Part Or him, daily. ctr?j( Sunday ?*? P m .Accommodation, daily. 10 3S p. m , Southern Ex p'-a, daily, except San T? TOmq.flwIPtwMprtwrt. JyW-tt |^ALTIMORE^AND^POTOMACj iWM tm. fcA mU ? urtu, X. W* TRAINS LBAVB roi~TBAIM8 AMBITS 4* BALTIMORE I WASHINGTON. ?*a. m., Niagara Exp ., ' daily. 6.5Je.m . Baltimore Mail, except Sunday, II S a.m., ??wt? III . daily, ?ir>pi Monday. 8 38 p. m., B?innT# Ac eoaimodatioB, daily, ex cept Sunday BJS p.m.. Cincinnati Bx jreaavdaily, except Sun jkU.,*^? Exp. da! lv i Train* leaving W n at <5 53 and M:S? a.m. and 9.3* p. ? .,<* nnect at Bowie with traina for Marlboro', Im<!b| ?"?!<' 7.38 aifl 11:28 a. m. aad 4 43 ) n , ar riving at Marlboro' 9 IS a. a. and 12; 1.1 and 5:33 a. m. Traiaa arriving at Washington tHi. m. and 8 S3 ?iid 9:01 p. m., connect at B"?V with trains leaving Marlbcru' 7.V a. at. and 3:?o and 5:33 p. m PMw-u^ri leaeing their order* at Ticket Offices, r">ni?r of ISth street aad Penneylvaaia arena* and it rtheeei cu^r at Mdk itmt aad Priinnliauia aTfniif, car. have their basgage called for ami check ?-d at hotel* aud residence* to all pufnta North and Wast. Through tickets to Cincinnati, Colnmbos. Indtaaap lis, Louisville. St. Leu is, Mew Orleans. <"hk-a?o.??uia>>a, San Francisco, and all point* north. X. Tthweat. west, aad *o?i*hwe?. B. L. t>('H A BRT, Oeil Bust. B. B. YOUNG, OeaT PaeeV A rut. jyl-tf ?|'HB??rOIl IINB BETWEEN, J WASHINGT' N.PIIILADBL J Pill A, AND N1W ToRE.I November ?.Un Train*between WASHINGTON aad NSW TORE a e mn a* f-llow*: FOB NK* TORB. rVnn a' rmr?. ^ jUeave daily (except Sunday) at 8.1M a. m .LdOand *"*" FOR PHILADELPHIA. Lear* daily (eace pi Sunda> > at 8 a. in., 1:00 and KM OH SrSDAT. Leave for New Tork at 8 so p m , and Philadelphia ?t 6.S0 a. n Sleeping car* for Mew Tork on 8:9a p. ?>. train calf. Throacb rtckata to Philadeipht*, ?-w Terk aad B ?tn? can ha had at the Stativn OSca at all hour* cf the day. for Baltimore aad Ohio railroad adTartteemeat *ee ?chedtrie betwaea Wa*hia<t?n, Baltimore, Auuapo. ill ftod tft# Wcwt. TU(?8 B. SUA BP. Aaat Maater Transportation L M. COLB. General Ticket Aaent. r,BO. 8. BOONTZ. Agent, WaAirwrton. ]?M U 4LTLM0 BB AMD OHIOi 1) ^ BAILBOAD J ? ??aiuauai;. ' Wa?Hl!t?To!?, Jan.M, tota. Train* betwe?ii Washington and balti* ?OBB ard WASBIRGTOH AMD THB WBBTar* bow run a* fallow*, rix: FOB BALTIMOBB _ Leave daily, except Snndar. at 4:41, rB, MS, 8:48 B"d 1C.4S a. at.: l.-W, tli, 4 10. ?.JU, ?.*i. e.Ot aud 8.SC 9'm' ON STNDAT FOB BALTIMOBB Leave at 4 46 and 8:U0 a. m .aud LOU, 5.14, S:B). 8:00 4 ' Job all wat stations. Leave daily, excrpt 8<Ui*iay,at 4 4A.S 4$ and 8:48 a. b?.; 4 10 and S.S0 p. and on Sunday at 4:4S and 3.00a. m., and 1 UU. 3 15.5 10. aud 8 00 p.m. The 1:0V. 3. IS and 8:IS P. m train* atop at the fol lowing *ta(i->n* only, vis: Blad-n*barg, B-lt?.ille 1 *urrl, Atmapoli* Junction, Hanover and K>-'*y ^Meo, the S 15 p. m. will ^top at Jeaaup'a Oat, and the aJC p. m at Fenn'* rroeaiux. FOB ANNAPOLIS. Leave at S:4S a. m. and 4:10 p. m; but no train* to or tr%m Aai.*p^lia on Snndar FOB NORFOLE. Leave at 1-ffl p.m., except Sunday. FOR ALL FABTS OF thb WBST. Leave daily, except Saturday and Snttday, at 6:48 a m and S IS and 8 0S a m. On Sat orday at 6 46 aad and 8 OS p. is., and ou Sunday at 9:1S and 8 00 p. a. TRAINS ARRITB AS FOLLOWS: Frv?n New T rk, Philadelphia and Baltimore, at O-AJ a. at ., and 5 36 and 9:86 p. m. From Philadelphia and Baltimore at 8 50 a m Fr"in Baltimore at 6JO. 6 J>. 8 40 and 11:10 a. m., ?Qd 1.50,1.40,6:36. 8 36 . 7:66.? 56. and 10 JO p. m FROM THB WEST. Arrive at 1:80. S J6 and lO.SOp. m Tbr tutb tickets t? the Weet eiaba had at th* W jahingtMn Stati >n Ticket Office at all hour* of the day, alau, at theO^npany'*office, 4*J Pennsylvania avenoe hwMM pore baaing ticket* at the Ave aoe office can there arrange to have their baggage called for and checked at their reside ace, taken to toe deaot, and put into the bagiiage car. For New T^rk, PbiladWpJa aad Boatoa see ad Vertiaement of "Through Line." THOS. B SH ARP, I* t Master Transportation L M. COLE. G- ueral Ticket Agent. GEO. 8 BOQNTZ QenT A'rTwashlngton. )?? 1872~ PENNSTLVANLA ROUTE 1872 TU THB NORTHWEST. SOL'TH. AND BOOTH WEST. Trains leava as follows; Washington. 4 53 a. m. I Baltimore ?. t:M a. ? aa ?? ~ M I . 1?*9B a. m 6 38 p m 7:68 p. 1? p.' m .... 8:U8 p. m r. ?. i - 10:98 p. THB GBEAT BOUBLE TBACB BOUTM, With elegant Scar Try, Palace State room day and might car*, with modern improvements. Two hundred miles saved to Western and Central ? ew York. The 10 3B a m. dally, except Sanday, northwest, 7 JS p. m daily, and 6:40 p. m , except SaitJay, west. Man U*!kctiosi Tbrough from BALTIMORE to NIAGARA and TITTSBliRG without change. Tickets by this roots caa be procured at the offices acrser of 19th street and Pennsylania avenue, and ?orner of 6th street and Pennsylvania avenue, under Matloaal Hotel, where reliable Information will be glvea at all times Passengers procuring tickets at tbto office caa a?cure armmai dstions In Palace Can for Pitts Burg. BP B. TOCNG.G-ueral Pssmmger Agent, marm iT Baltimore. Md. STEAMER LINES. IV km EXPRESS LINE VIA CAMAL, I~ BITWIE* PHILADELPHIA, ALEXANDBf A, Vs., WASH 1NGTON AMD GEORGETOWN, D C. ?A I L 1 3fcS HIT*. From Pier 9. North Wharves. rh'I ~ mm C ?adelphu, WEDNESDAY and SAT-*"""??*i i'BDAF, at 18 a. Pmai *9 Water street,Oaereetown, D. C? TUES DAY and SATURDAY, at 1* a. m This line connect* at Philadelphia wttb "Clyde1! Iron Line"' of steamer* for Providence, Boston and New England States. No wharfage in Boston by ihie line G. F. HTDB. Agi-ut for D. of 0. WM. P CLYDE A CO . Ph lsdelpkia. F A REID. Alexandria, Ya. WALDO a. PEARCE. ?4 Congress Street, Boa ton. ?/"Freighte delivered br Kmt'i Express. Order* l?-ft at General Office, *03 F<*uis|lv?nii avenue, or at the eteauirt a hail will be promptly attendid to. apg WASHINGTON, MOBFOLE, BOSTON, AND PROVIDENCE. The floe Iron Steamer LADY OF THB LAEB kauai rwuaud bar regular tripe to Ji rf Ik, will leava ber wharf, loot.' * mft ? cf 6th *treet, every MONDAY and* THL'kMI** ?? e - ? ? ?? THi k?nir S. . J ?"?"'I'AI l??Sh!?g w principal BJvs, Ifl .J BC ? tTT m . toochlngat principal B _ kbiu us?. wpimijig ?i Norf.>lk with Steamship of the M and M Line f r B mt n and Proviflenea. Freight ehoald be addr? d "care of Lady af the Lake, via Norf< Ik ." Branch ticket office at Ebox** Exprea* office, 60S Penney Ivania aveane. T. M CBOl'CH. Agen'.Sth-etreet wharf. D<>RSKT CLAGBTT, General Agent. ml4 Flact'a Store, c ru-r iph et. and Pa ava. >AR1> LIME. THB BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAS ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, BETWEEN NEW TOBE AND LIYBBPOOL CALLING AT CORE HARBOB. FBOM NEW YOBE. s *&r tia Wed .May 7 i Aby*einia_Ra'_... May M Algeria Wed May 14 . Batavia Sat May 17 * Kuaaia. Wed 31 iy 21 Calabria. .Sat? May U ?Java Wed May 9e Partbta.?Bat-... May 91 ?te<?ier* Bia. kod thus * do not carry stearaga pas And svery following WEDNESDAY Md SATUB DA I from New York. IT* op Pasaaaa.?Cabta. IB, fMS, Bad fUS U accvrdiug to ???- ? 1 ,T? - m Paris, tii beta to Paris, fig, gold, oa favi i, #30. currency. re tickets froaa Livsrpool aad arta of Europs, at lowest rate,. ? c^rsai"s l<*ELYM. Apa?r. N -w T >rk. nov? 1. VTW W&V*' A?e?t. POTl* '* Washingtoa, D. 0. mERCHANTS LINE OF eTEAMSHIPB^ WASliINGTol|WANI) WW IOBX. I GIBBOg will twASHlfl [? O. EMMITmt H^fagai -?(4t| ? For tall M^AtkTM?aj6^^il8'^' ^ | .Freights delivered by E a ox's Bxi ders left at Geaeral * k-,n?, ?*PWas. Or avs mer wharf will be promptly at IZ&i? ,k* 't~W wui b. prornpu,"^. <,B<t *? *? TMOMPBOM, I V'ONTH-8 SUITS la Scotch and diagonal. I Bobby, at A.STRAUS', 1BU Pa!^lr^,, lltb AUCTION SALES. PITtRL D4YV. J5 I DClH/'ANSt'N, DOW LING * IX) , Awte. corhM 9th and D ?treets northwest. trusteed balk opTaluablb improved I'kt'FKKTV ON 10th STREET, IfK * R S ST. NOR1HH EST-No. 113* IOth STREET. J*. By * irtue of a deed of trust to the und-rsigned, fj=; <1at-d th~ hth day of June, A. D. M9, and re ?*< otiW in Lihr T aod R, h o. u. Miu lit, of the 1 ?nd records < f tbe District of CoiuinMa. and at the * ritten requ-?t of the holder <if the promissory nuto secured thereby, I will sell on the premises, by pub lic airtivii.oi VKIUAY , th- Wth dav at Nay, A. D. K3, at ? o el-ch p m.. all that certain piece or par c, I of ground situate in the city of Washington, in ?-aid Distrtat. and known and described *j Lot n.n |e?r. ? to.) in Leonard 8 l.htpaan'i rnr.ird'd tub I d i* Hon of whi? n?mUr H%hr?? hundred nod thirty five, iJ3S.) tocrtkcr with the Improvements tt>ereon,aon?i?tliig of a good fraiue Dwelling Rn*?e Terms of sale: .% 1 .TOO id cafh;the remainder in six n:? nths, writh intrreii at an per c- nt , secured by a deed ef lm?t od the pr> mises, or all cash, at the op tion ->f the p-.rr>-liaser; glQ to be deposited when tne proper, y is struck off. If the frmi of sals arc not cm plied with within Are day* from day of sale, the property wil' IiAmoIiI, at the risk and coat of the iisf.tultirg purchaser. All conveyancing to be paid Mr by purchaser. mad puncanbon. dowling a co? abch. B Y LATIMER A CLEART, A net ion-ere and Real Estate Broker* Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue aud 11th St., 8Ur Once Building. TRU8TEETJ SALE OP AIT ENTIRE S4JUARB OP GROUND. VERY ELIGIBLY SITUATED, WITHIN OMI SVlUA RE OP COLUMBIA KAIL* A T. Bv virtue of a deed of trust to th? nadersirn 1, bearing date the tut day ?f April, A. D. Ut, ?^^-and recorded aniong the land record*of this District,In liber No. <W2, at folio J, et sen., and by direction of the bolder of the uotee secured thereby, 1 will **11 at public auction, on the premises, on SATURDAY, the 3d day of May A D. 1(73. at i o'clock p. bi? all of >iu?rr numbered uiae h'indr-*d and thirty-two, (*32,1 bounded bv north I and K streets, and 9th an.l Wth streets northeast, contain in? in the whole about 73,138 square f-et. The property will be eold stiViect to a prior deed of trust, (lated t>ctober 1, 187ll. but which by its terms may be released upon the payment of six cents per square foot. Terms: One-third cash; the residue in four equal pa>mente,at 3, I, 9, and 13 months, with interest from day of sale. Deed given and trust taken. $ JU> to he deposited when the property is struck off, which is to be forfeits unlns purchaser com plies with the terms of sale within Ave days after sale. Conveyancing at purchaser'* rmt. FRED. W JONES, Trustee. a8 eoAds LATIMER A CLEABT, AucU. ?*"IN CONSEQUENCE OF THE BAIN, THE above sale is pontponed until P RTDAT, May 9, laTJ, -eme hour and place Rv order of the Trustee, ni5 dAds LATIMER A CLEART, Auct*. SALE OP SMALL ARMS AND ACCOUTRlT MENT Br R**r of 9ep!*a!*ck, 1 Navt Dkpartmsmt, April 17. Mr) { There will be sold at public auction to the high-st bidder, at l'Jm.on WEDNESDAY. May 14,1873, in lb* office of the Inspector ?f Ordnance, Navy Yard, New York, a quantity of small-arms and ac c mrements. as foHows, \ iz: CS2 Ply month rifles, cal. .49, serviceable. 174 Plymouth rifles, cal. 69. needing repairs. IftJl Plyaionth rifle sabre bayonets. 4.IM Plymouth rifle sabre bavonK-scabbards. 4M4 Sharps A Hankins carbines, cal. M, servicea ble. 417 Sharps A Hankins carbines, cal. .S3, needing re pairs. 278 Sharps A Hankins rifles, cal. M. serviceable. 26 Sharps A Hankins rifles, cal. M needing re 278 Sharps A Hankins rifle sabre bayonets And scab Terms: One-half cash in Government fands on the Conclusion of the sale, and the remainder within ten (ltf)days afterwards,during which time the articles i uat be removed from tbe yard,otherwise they will revert to tbe Government. It is to be distinctly understood that no guarantee will be given to purchasers of articles for sale and noted in the catalogue, a* regards their exact condi tion or qnalil?; hut it is believed, however, that everything offered for Rale is as represented. WILLIAM N. JBPPERS. slS-dts Chief of Bureau. LIVERY STABLES. JB OLCOTT A SON, . BOAKMKO, LIVERY d BALE STABLES 4 lft 8th street, bet. D and E, and Chain Alley, H. between Uth and 14th. Office, Willard*. Beet carriages furnished. Special care paid to th* trardmg of horses. decM-ly Allison nailob, j*., LIVERY AND HIRING STABLES. STYLISH CARRIAGES and COACHMEN, derju ly 13US E street northwest. Arlington stables.-b. cbcit, jr. G STREET, Bitwm 17th **n 19th. Carriages by day or night, aad for weddings or par ties. aectt ly CCONGRESS STABLES, / (?th STREET, Bxtwiix D and B. H . rsee and Buggies for Hire. Mid a freak sapply of go.d Horses for iiue every weeg, j>3l ly BICHABI' VaNT. Proprietor. WASH BAILOR'S STABLES ISM ? ST. CARRIAGES of the latest styles oonstantii on hand aad for hire by the day or Dsonth. Parties, weddings, and receptions furnished wttfc the most comfortable and elegant Carriages. Particular attention to boarding Horses, and B?rsee always for sale aad exchange. declt-tf PROPOSALS. iv;avt pay oppice, Washisgto*, D. C . May 6, 1873. Sealed Proposals, to be endorsed "Proposals,-* will l>e rectdved at this Office until IB m. the t? ELFTb dat or Mat,1873, for the below described PIG 1 RON, to be delivered free of expense at the Washington Havy Yard, object to the asual inspec tion, to wit: Bwrtitm af Steam K/u>*"rin* SO (fifty ) tons, (3.24J pounds to the ton,) No. 1 Ath land Pig Iron. Bidders must state in their bids the time within which the Iron can be delivered. Besp >nsible se curity will be required for it* prompt and faithful delivery when awarded. Blank forms for bids to be hsdatthi- Office. The right is reserved to reject any bid not Considered advantageous to the G >vern ?.ent. G. E THORNTON, BS S Pay Inspector U. 3. N*vy. pROPOBALS POR PRESH BEEP. Offici A. C. 8., Pokt Footk, Maxtlavd,) May 1st, 1873. < SeaUd Proposals, in duplicate, will be received at this Office until lit m.. Jest 1,1873, for far.iishing the Presh Beef required by the Subsistence Depart ment, C 8. A., at this Station, during six months, commencing July 1,193. Also, sep a rats proposals for furnishing Officers w ill. Choice Cuts during the same p?riod. Information as to oendition, quality of Beef, pay meats, Ac..can be obtained by application to JAS E.EASTMAN, nil-6t 1st Lieut.. Id Artillery, A. C. 8. nPUE BBOADWAY COAT and VEST to match ts I all the rage at A. STRAUS',the Clothier, lull P-mis) lvania avenue, near Uth street. *26 I^IBBOLUTIO N~ Wa?HI*oto!I, D. C., April 15,18T3. The copartnership heretofore existing between Elphonro Y. nnrs and Wm H Sears, under tbe name and firm of BLPHONZO YOUNGS A CO., Is dissolved by mutual conseut.the second term of such copartnership having this day expired. The busi n--s will be continued at the old stand (Masonic T-mple, corner 9th and P streets,) by BLPHONZO YOl NGS. who will pay all just claims against and collect all amounts dne said firm. BLPHONZO YOUNGS. WM H. SEARS. Thanking my friends and the pnblle for th*lr lib eral patronage in the past, I would respectfully solicit a continuance of the sanie. BLPHONZO YOUBOS. Having spent the past twoyears very satisfactorily with Mr. Yonngs in the above-named bnsiness, I woald take this opportunity to thank ray friends and the public for their natronage, and cheerfully rec otnmend whatever influence I mar have to his in terests. |apll?iTl WM. H BEARS. IIBIDAL AND FUNBBAL WBEATHS, BOU D QUETS, CROSSES, ANCHORS aod BTABf Preserved or Enameled in Wax. All kinds of Hah Braiding dona. Ornamental Hair Work on Glass anC P arl, by Mra. PRIES, late of Bosto*, Ho. *09 8tt street, near I, northw -st. References:?Mrs Pr-sl dent Grant, Mrs. Admiral G< idsborough, W. Wi Orcoran, General Eltsy, General Tompkins, Geo* ml Aiken janlA-ly yUE NEW NATIONAL MARE.ET. PBE8H, SALT and SMOKED MEATS, ot all kinds and of. the beat Quality, tar'n-'i -d ? In tbe best stylelalso1G A MB, POULTRY, PRUITS, and VEGETABLES, in tkeir ?eaeon^an be procured at this Market. marllly ROBT. HYATT, 414 11th at. ?? ? Have YOU SEEN the Youth's Imperial Coat and Vest to match* It is admired by all and (Wily to be seen at A. STRAUS',1011 Pa. are..near 11th street. a36 IN THE 8UPREME COUBT OP THED1STBICT OP COLUMBIA. Tk* *Mk das .? Aprtl, 187S Mabi 8. Wateh. vs Walts* G. Watexs. No. 3,Li?. Equity Docket 13. On motion of the plaintiff, by Mr. K. McB.Ti monev. her solicitor, It m ordered that the defend ant, Walter G. Waters, cause his appearance to be entered herein on or before the first rale-day oc curring forty days after this day; otherwise the cause will be proceeded jwith SS la case of default. By the Court: D K. C ARTTEB, Chief Justice, Ac. Trne copy.?Test: R. J~ MEIGS, Clerk. Ac. a39-tn3w By L. P. WILLIAMS, Asa^ Clerk, I T K IT ED STATES PATENT OFFICB. On the ^uuon ofTHBNBt *! W^BTHINOTOB, of Irvlngton, New York, praying for the extension Of a patent granted to him on the lgth day of J?ly, IbM, for an Improvement in Pumping Engines : It is ordered that tAeteetlmonr Is the case beclneed on the I7th day ol June next: that the time for filing arguments and the Examiner's report be limited ts tbe 37th day of June next, aad that said petition be heard oa the M aay of Jilt next I 'MUD STATE* PATENT OFI fc?r as improeement in Paint Caas, Ac.: It is ordered that the testiatooy la the ease ha cl.asd ea the loth da; of Jn?? next, that th? time for ? iff arguments ami the Btsoainer> report be llm kidtotk mthdav of June next, aad that said petl tton be heard oa the Blh day of Jaae next. ^^^^LEOOEVy^mmissloaar. WTOP, DRAB READER, before It I AUCTION SALES i I.TIRE PAV1 B T LAT1M1K * CMABT. ? Atwtii>n??r??i,(l U-ni K?;at? Broker*, 8 >atb?ift corner of Ffi.m. *v?hm and llih street, 8ur OfSco Building. TRUSTEE*' SALE OF 7*LUABLB BUILDING 1 "T}? ON TATITOL HILL, M BAB TUB CAPI Tv)b. By virtne of a deed bearing date on the 'th "f March, A. D. UT3, rovivyini the ?herriaafter descril-?d Ma of ground to the un dersigned, M trustees, in trust, to sell and con \*y. we nhall sell, At rtiMir auction, to the lighest bidder, on MONDAY, Hay 19th, 1873, at 6 o'clock p. m., tn front of the premise*, i rieinaJ Lot* numbered "?* 41) and twenty three, (23.) and the rant half of original Lot aumbered thr.? ,( J.tall in aqnare naoibured seven hundred and thirty-three, (738 ) L? >t Bo. 1 hati a trout of 44 feet aad to inrhes on >1 dreet southeast by a depth of 7S feet on D street southeast Lot Bo. S3 has a fr<wit of 46 f?-et on (! street southeast, Wwofln 1st and Sd streets, hy a depth of 119 f??t C Inches. And the eaet half ?< L< t M? 3 Iim a front of SI feet oa D etre**. bctwffs 1st and 11 ' -"Ma southeast, by a depth of US feet auil ? iim hi 1 his property IslntbesAn. -quare In which St. Peter> church,"Ingle Place," 4c., are located, and in a aeighborhood containing some of the flu-st im provements on Cnpi^ol Hill, aod about two siuar >s toot be sat of the eastern park of th" Capitol grounds. Tie- lots will be offered separately. Terms of sale pr?fecrib?d by the deed are: One third of the pareUace money in cash,and the residue In three equal instalments, payable in sixjd.twtd re (13) and eighteen < 16) months from day of sale, with interest. and secured hy deed of trust on the prop ert? sold; or allcash, at purrha?<*r's option. If the tertus of sate shall not be complied with within one week front day of sale, the Truste?* reserve the right to re?ell the properly at the rink and cost of the first pnrtlower. A d-p-ieit of $100 in caah on each lot will be required at the time of purchase. Convey ancing at purchaser's cost. R K. BLLJOT. (Trn.tee. ROBT W. McPHERSON ,J Trustee aXVdAiis LATIMER A OLE ART, Auct*. B~ T VI. L. WALL * CO., Auctioneers, New Marble Building, Ho. 900 and 9VS Pennsylvania avenue. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF_VALUABLE PROPER TY IN SQUARE N >. T19. i By virtue of two deeds ef trust, recorded in Liber R M H.,No 21, folio 78, also in Liber LT and B, No. 7, folio MO, of the land records of tlie District of Columbia, and by direction of the parties secured thereby, I will oiler at public sale ou the premises, on MONDAY, the 99th day of April, at the boiir cf t o'clock in the afternoon, the foil >w iug Lota of sub-divided by Wra. For s? th, Surveyor. being Lots number 43. 44, 4ft, 48, 47, 46. 49, BO. SI,61, SS, 64. 66.^6.67,88,89.60, CI, CI, 63, 64. 66,66, 67,68.69,70,71 and 72, of the sub-division of original Lots number 12, 13, 14, and part of 16, la square 711. These Lots front from 19 to 10 feet on Delaware avenue. *1 street east, M street north, and Colfax street, and run back to alleys, th? said Lots twin* in depth from 94 to IgO feet. Two Frame Houses ?n Lots 61 and 61 will t>e sold with the Lots. Termauf sale: One-third cash: the residue of the purchase money in C and U months, the purchaser an ing his notes bearing C per cent. Internet from the any of sale: a deed given, and deed of trust taken to ?rrure the def-rred payments. All c<wveyancing at tli" purchasers' cost. A depnst of flB required from each purchaser when the Lots are sold. Plats of above Lots can be had at onr store. R. P. JACKSON, Trustee, a 17-lOt (Rep] W. L. WALL A CO., Aucts. THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until FRIDAY, May 9.1873, at the same time and place, in c. nsequence of the rain. By older ofthe Trustee. a29 dts W. L. WALL A CO., Aucts. THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until THCRSPAT AFTERNOON, May 8. 1873, at the same hour and place, in con*equ?nce of the rain. R. P. JACKSON, Trustee. m3-d W. L. WALL A CO., Aucts. |> Y LATIMER A CLEART I * Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Soathwtst corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th ft., Star Office Buildiuga. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE PROPERTY <?N THE SOI'THEAST CORNER OF EIOH TEEJ^H AND T STREETS SOUTHWEST, AT AUCTION. rfjgk By virtue of a deed of trust to me, bearing C3>iat ? the Cth day ol July, A D. 1871. and record ? ed in liber Ni>. Crid, f*lio 316,one of the laud r-cords for Washiugton county. District of Coluiu b a, and at the reqiier-t of the party secured thereby, I will sell at public auction, to the highest bid 1-r, in front of the premises, on THURSDAY, the <*th dav of Hay, 1X73, al 6 o'clock p. m.,lot lettereil A, in II. Mtgruder'* sulxlivision of original lots aum I?r?sl U, 11, 12 apd 13, iu s?jnarv 162. as the same are kntwn iipoii the public plats and plaus of the city of Waahli gton. '1 his property front* 23 feet on T street, and has a depth of 1U0 feet to an alley, and binds on Eighteenth street northwest. Term of sale: AW cash, balance in 6 and 12 months with interest. If the terms of sale are not roiiiplitd with within five days from day of sale, the trustee reserves the right to resell the property at tie- rifk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. *100 down at time of sale. Conveyancing at pnrrhaser's cost. R. W. DOWNS AN. Trustee. . ml-dAds LATIMER A CLE A RY, Aucts. Y B. H. WARNER, ^ _ . Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. T?9 Seventh street,Letweea U and H. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IM PROVED PROPKETY IN THE NORTHERN SECTION OF THE CITY, ON O STREET OR COLFAX STREET, BETWEEN 13th AND 16th STREETS NORTHWEST. By virtue of a deed of trust, dated March 1st, 1368, and duly recorded in Liber 864, folio 3SM, one of the land records for Washington county. District of Co lumbia, and by direction ofthe party secured, I will sell, in front ofthe premises, on FRIDAY AFTER NOON. May 9th, 1K73, at * o'clock, to the highest bidder, the west 48 feet 9 inches front of Lot 19, in S<iuar? 196; improved by three rwo-st?ry Frame Houses, nr such parts or said premises as maybe necessary to satisfr said debt.. Terms of sale: One-third cash; balance in 6 and 12 months, with six per cent, iaterest. The deferred payments to be secured by a deed of trust and in surance on the property sold. In case the terms are not complied with in five days after sale, the right is referred to resell the property, at the risk and cost of the defaulting pure haeer. AlOU down oa day of -ale. FEED. KOONES, Trustee. al6-dAds B. H. WABNER, Auct. B B Y WM. L. WALL A CO., Auetioneors, P> ? ~ N"W Marble Building, N os 900 and 909 Pa. avenue, corner of 9th street. CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON 11th STREET WEST, BE T^EEN F AND O STBEETS NORTH. U nder and by v irtue of a decree of the Supreme ET3 Court of the District of Columbia, passed on the ?*12th of April, 1869. in a certain cause, No. 1,396, in Euuity, between Robert A. Parish and others, complainants, and Samuel A. Peugh, John Hitz and Jane Hnz, defendants, and of the further order of the said court in the said cause, the undersigned Trustee will sell at public aurtum, on the premises, t<< the highest bidder,on FRIDAY, the 30th day or Mav. A D. 1873, at 4 o'clock p. in., all the interest of the defendant. Samuel A. Peugh, as set forth In the bill in said cause, in the real estate la said cause mentioned, being that valuable Improved property fronting on 11th street, in Washington, D. C., known on the plats and plans of said city as the north 28 feet of Lot Ho. 6, in square No. 346, the nature of which equitable interest will fully appear by reference to the bill and answers of John and Jane 0. Hits, in said cause filed Ti e t- rma of sale, as prescribed in said decree, are: One-third caah, and the balauce to be paid in oqual installments, iu six and twelve mouths from day of ??ale, w ith interest from day of sale; the said install ments of deferred payments being a lien on the prop erty sold, and upon payment of the whole purchase money adeedwtll be given. All stamps anaconvey anclug at the cost of the purchaser. 1|*I0 of the cash ment must be deposited with the auctioneer upon the acceptance of the bid. JNO D. McPHERSON, Trustee. m3 eoSw&d* W. L.WALL A CO., Aucts. Y B. H. WARNEB, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 79V 7th street, between O aud H sta. TRUSTEE S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE ON D STREET NORTH. BE TWEEN *?TH AND 9th STREETS EAST. By virtue of a deed of trust dated September . j:::. 19ih, A. D. Ia67, and duly recorded in Liber E. ?s*-C. E.,No. 16, folio 436, et seq , one of the laud records for Washington county, D. C., 1 will sell at Kildlc auction, in front of the premises, on 8ATUR A Y, the 94th day of May, A. D. 1873, at A o'clock P m , all those certain pieces or parcels t f ground situate and lying in the city of Wa?Mugton, D. C., a d known and described as l >ts lettered and marked '?If and "8," in the subdivision of the west half of square numbered nine hundred and sixteen, (916,) with the improvement* thereon. Terms made known at sale. A depuslt of $30 will lie required at time of sale on each lot. If th-terms o* sale are not complied with in five days, the trustee reserves the right to resell at the risk and c?st ofthe d< faulting purchaser. All conveyauchig at coat of the purchaser. W. B TODD, Jr., Trustee. md-eoAds B. H. WARNER, Auct. ? B. H. WARNER, R al Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. T99 7th street, between O and H. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE BEAL ES TATE ON VERMONT AVENUB, BETWEEN y AND B STBEETS NORTHWEST. By virtue of a deed ef trust .dated December loth, 187o, and duly recorded in Liber No. 631, folio 147, et seq., one of the land records for * ashingtou coanty, D C., I will sell, at ?nblie auc tion, in front of the premises, on MONDAY, the 9<ith day of May, A. D. 1-CJ. at i o'clock p. m , all that certain piece or parcel of ground situate and lying In said city of Washington, and known and de scribed as lot numbered sixteen (16), in Adams and Coltnuut's,trustees, recorded subdivision of square numbered three hnadred and nine < *W), with the iniprovements thereon. Terms made known on day of tale. A depoatt of ?80 a U1 be required at time of sale. If terms of sale are n< t complied with tn five days, the Trustee re serves the right to resell at the risk and coat of the defaulting purchaser. All conveyancing at cost of purchaser. WM. B. TODD, Jm., Trustee. m3-eoAda B. H. WARNEB, Auct. Y tnOMAS.E. B Real Estate Auctioneer, ?1? Ttfc street, deed of trust from Charles B By virtue of a deed of trust fro* Cbarlea BIT. Gordon aad wife to John D. McPbersou.' ^?recorded In Liber COB, folio 314. of the land records fer Waahiagton county, la the District of Columbia, I will, on HOBDAY, tha'Jlst day of April, 1871, at 4 o'clock a. a., offer ftnale, at pah Ik auction, ta front of the premises, the property deecribed in aatd deed, to wit: Lot aaaabered 17. In Square N0^149, with the improvements, being four Tenia: One-third caah: the balance tn stx aad twelve months from day of sale, and secared hy par chaser's notee and deed of trust upon th* premises. Conveyancing at pairhajsr's coj? _ _ J. D. McPHERSOIf. Trustee, i.,? eoAds THOS B. W AGO AM AN, Auct. tee rni^oM, | TE1TED 8TATEB MEBSHAL'B BAlUT I*virtae afa writof fieri faciM, isaaed oat of the CletVVoffice of th* Supreme Court of th* District datBi aad Interest 1,|<T2 Alao nt*re*t la and to lot Wo ?, In square No. , th* wsat haK of let Bo. 1, la sqaare Bo. *" the city ot Waal ' with all aad singular the aeiaed aad levied aaas aa M Hall, aad will bewld I* satisfr !? Baraea, fiHARP.UBMarahal.D.O. AUCTION SALES. TU-MURROW. BY V.L. WALL A Co., iacUoMfn, Nr? Marble Building, Him. WOO ud DOS Pennsylvania avenua. SALE OI? EXCELLENT*WALNUT CHAMBEB 81 ITS, REP. HAlBCLOTH. AND <>TH ICR f A KLoR SUITES- ?J?T?I> CB?BK? ITS. SIDEBOARDS, WASttSTABDS, IX EBSION TABLES, TQCM* SPRINGS. IOO tOLLS OF OIL CLOTH. MARBLE TOP TA ILES, TftO PIECES wklTE AND CHECK JAT-tfllies. WAI.UCT WARDROBES, BO>K CASES, WHATNOT, ITBGERES, MAT Iresses. walnut BEDSTEADS. COTTAGE EDBTEADS. WaLNCT BUREAUS. *?., Ac . \R rmcmencing at 10 oVfock. we will Mil, on M|tfep first fl??r of our srariou* salesrooms, IV lwfth<*ut reserve. the abnre good* T'in* All niM of aim] m?l?r |M?, cash; o*er that anouut a credit of 30 and fl# day*, for sot^Mt isfaeterily endorsed, bearingintereet. B,t-d IB-p-1 W L. WALL A CO., Aa~t?. I>T W. L. WALL ft CO .Auctioneers, IP New Marble Bnilding, Hi*. 900 and 909 Pennsyh ania a vs., for. 9th *t. SIT Eh HUNDRED AND FIFTT ROLLS OF WHITE, CHECK AND FANOY MATTINGS, OILCLOTH.Ac-AT AUCTION Oh WEDNEfeDAY MORNING, May Tth, c>m nwncing at iO o'clock, vre will wH ab->ut seven litnnrM ind fifty roll* White Cli?ek and F-Micy Matting*<>f different widths, all fre?h and of this importation*, having ju?t arrived. Ala", 1U) piece* of Oilcloth, different width*. Term*: All sum* apd.-r a 100 cash, over amount a credit of thirty and sixty days, for notes saisfactorily indorsed. bearing interest. u 5 { Rep J W. L. WALI. A CO , Aucts. BT LATIMER A CLE ART. Auctioneer* and Real Rotate Broker*, 0* uthwest corner Pennsylvania a*e. and 11th strwet. Star Offia* BaiViiiu? TRUSTEE'SSALB OF VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON COLUMBIA STREET, BE T* KEN P AND It STREETS NORTH WRST. By virtue of two of tru?t, dated ftUrch ??? 6th, 18IJ, and July hi, 1872, and duly recorded JSArenp?H,tivel]' iu Lib'-r folio (27, and Lib<T 686, folio 3i9, of the laud record* for Washlnfttoa ccunty, in the District of Columbia, and by direction of llie party secured thereby, I will *ell, at public auction, in front of the premises, on FRIDAT AFTERNOON, May 5M,at 6 o'clock, Lot Ko.IM, in David L. Morrison'* auil other* subdivision of part of Square No. 366, with the improvement* ihereon, consisting of a well-built three-story Brick Dwelling, with oue-*tor> back buildiag, with gas, water and bath-room. . ? . This property ha* a front oi 18 fee* on Columbia street, running back 106 feet to a 10 loot alley. Term* of sale: Oue-f?.urth caeh, residue ini, 12 and 18 month*. Deferred pa) menu to bear 10 per cent, interest from day of sale and to be secured by a deed of trout on the property. 5100down at time of *ale Conveyancing at cost or purchaser. If the terms of sale are net complied with within ten day* there after, the Trustee reservis the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of the defaulting pur chaser, after five days' public notice. WM. B. HOLLIDAT, Trustee. *22 dA4s LATIMER A CLEART, Aucts. BFTHE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED, in cnaeqnance of the rain, until WEDNESDAY next, May 7th, same hour and place. By orderof the Trustee. n.2 dftds LATIMER A CLEARY. A net'a. 11Y MATTINQLY A WHEELER, Auctioneers, I) A03 9th street northwest. TRUSTEE'S SALE BY AUCTION OF TWO ELE t?ANT RESIDENCES ON K STREET, BK TWEES 9th AND 10IH STREETS NORTH WEST. By virtue of a deed of trust,dated September 4th, ITS, and recorded September loth. 1872. fn Liber N<>. 696. folio 275. 1 shall on TPI'RSUAY, May l*t, 1873, at i o'clock p. in., offer t..r sale, to the htghest

bidder, the following real estate, situated in Wash ington city, District of Columbia, to wit: Lots let tered C and D, in Gilbert's recorded subdivision of Square numbered three hundred and seventy-one, (371,1 together with the improvement* thereon, being two desirable-and valuable modern-built Resi dences. ... This property is sold subject to a prior deed of tTust ou each house of $10 000, dated AuguM 11.1871, payable in five years, with ten per cent. interest, p?y able semi-annually. Terms of sale: Cash for the am iunt realized above said incumbrance, to be paid within one week after tlie sale; and if the terms are not c implied with in that time, the Trustee reserves the right to resellthe property at the risk and cost of the defaulting pur chaser. A depoeit of g&OO on each house wHeu sold. Conveyancing at >lie purchaser's co?t. GEO. MATTINGI.Y, Trustee. a21eod MATTINGLY A W HEELER, Aucts. ?^IN CONSEQUENCE OF THE INCLEMENT weather the above sale is hereby postponed until WEDNESDAY, May 7th, 1873, same hour and piace. By order of Trustee. m2-eoAds MATTINGLY A WHEEI.EB. A nets |>Y LATIMER A CLEART, I> Real Estate Broker* a:id Auctioneer*, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue aud 11th at., Star Office Building. TRUSTER'S 8ALE OF VALUABLE TWO . STORY BRICK DWELLING ON BOUNDARY STBEET. (CORNER OF BROWN COURT,! NEAR 14th STREET NORTHWEST. I My virtue of a deed of trust, dated October 14th, A. D. 1*71, and duly recorded in Liber No. 668, folio 440, et seq., on? of the land record* for Washington county, in lue District of Columbia, and by direction of tne holder of the note secured by said deed of trust, I shall sell at public auction, in front of the premises, to the highest bidder, on WEDNESDAY, May 7th, A. D 1873, at ft o'clock p m , all that certain lot or piece of gronnd in the city of Washington, District of Columbia, and known as lot numbered ninety (90), in Wm. H. Brown'* subdivision of certain lot* in square num bered two hundred and thirty-four (234), as said sub division is recorded in the Surveyor's office of said city, in subdivision book"C. H.B.," folio 363, to gether with the improvement* thereon. Term* of sale: One-third cash, (of which $100 must be deposited at time of sale;) and the balance in one, two aud three years, to be secured by pur cliaser'< notes, bear ng ten per cent, interest, ( pay able annually.) and a deed of trust on property sold. C'onvfyancing and recording at purchaser's cost. If term* of *ale are not complied with within six day*. tl.< trustee reserves the rijtht to resell at cost ana risk of defaulting purchaser. WM F. HOLTZMAN, Truste?. i!25 LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucts. BY LATIMER A CLEART, _ . Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue aud Uth St., Star Office Buildint TRUSTEE'S SALE o"f~ VALUABLE UNIM PROVED PROPERTY ON THE SOUTHEAST CORNER OF t?iH AND T 8TRRETS NORTH WEST. By virtue of a deed of trust to me, bearing .date the 6th day of January, 1872, and recorded -in Liber 634, folio 484, et Beq., of the Land Re cord* of the District of Columbia, and at the request of the parties secured thereby, I shall sell at public auction, in front of the premise*,on WEDNEsDAT AFTERNOON, May Tth, at 6 o'clock, Lot No. 1. square No. 393, situated on the southeast corner of 8th and T * reets northwest, contaimife 9,933 square feet, mors or less. . . , ?? Terms: One-fourth cash; residne in 6, 12 and 18 months, with interest at 7 per cent. S'00 down at time of sale. Conveyancing at cost of purchaser. If the terms are not complied with within ten day*, the deposit will be forfeited and the property resold at theii*k and cost of the purchaser on Ave days' notice. This property is sold at the ri?k and cost of E- A. Hebird, he having purchased the tame and failed to comply with the terms. R W. DOWNMAN, Trustee. nil-dAds LATIMER A CLBaRY, Aucts. BY W. L. WALL * CO., Auctioneers, New Marble Building. Not. 900 a*d 909 Pennsylvania avenue. PUBLIC SALB AT AUCTION OF HOUSE AND LOT ON OHIO AVENUE. BETWEEN 14th AND lftTH STREETS NORTHWEST. ? J On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, May 7, 1873. at ft o'clock, we will sell at public auction, in front of the premises. No. 143V Ohio av enue, part of Lot No. 19, of subdivision of Square No. 288. as recorded in liber C. H B , folio 396, in the surveyor's office, fronting 16 feet on Ohio av enue, with the Improvements thereon, consisting of a d welling- house. Term* : $1,300 of thi* amount is payaM* in notes of $90 every ninety day*; first note due 24th June, irf. This amount and interest can remain: balance cash. A deposit of S100 on acceptance of bid n.a-d W L. WALL A CO., Aucts. BY LATIMER A CLEART. Real Estate Rrokers and Auctioneer*, Si uthwest corner Pennsylvania aveuue and Uth St., Star Office Building. CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE ON PENNSYLVANIA AVE NUE, BETWEEN FIRST AND SE00ND STREETS NORTHWEST, o , eBy virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia made in the cause of Ritchie et al. vs. Shoemaker et al , No. 1^58, equity, and amended decree, I will offer for wale, at public auction, in front of the premises, on THURS DAY, the lftth day of Mar, 1873. at 6 o'clock p. m , 1st numbered 6, of the subdivision of lot 1, in square numbered 876, and part of lot 8, in said square, iin proved by a three-story brick hon*e, with back building, being No. 109 Pennsylvania avenue. This property fronts V feet on Pennsylvania ave nue, and runs back to an alley. Terms of sale: One-third of the purchase money to be paid in cash, and the balance in three equal In stallments at six, (4,) twelve (12) and eighteen (18) months, respectively, to be ecu red by nstes bearing interest, secured of deed of trust on the property. The terms of sale must be complied with within one week after day of sale, or the property will be resold at the risk and cost of the defaulting prchsssr. All conveyancing at cost of pvchaser. A deposit of ?200 will be required at time of'ale. _ JAMBS L. CARBBBY, Trustee. mid Ad* LATIMBB A CLBARY, Aucts. BY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Northwest oontsr 10th and D t DE On THURSDAY.tb* 8th'clock m . w* shaUseU M the nrmto* Lot No. 2,ia .ouare No. 68ft, being 44 feM front by lftofeet deep, it being an uaobstrncted view of the Potomac, making valuable property and sold on reasonable ?j.?. deepMt within 10 re r sale, otherwise the owner r ^itsiTA&iSe. Rep) Auctifmeet cost of the purchaser .. --?--? pd-dArts fBep.) AoctifTrveer* IJHITSD STATES MARSHALt SALB. ? thi'?Jf said fostriet. oa +HURS ita ? a. a. ,0,^( April 1ft, ALBX. BflAftP, U.S. Marshal,D.0. AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTERNOON. DT B.l. WltHU, M*a*e Breker and Auctioneer, Ne. 7<9 7th street. Wwwt O and H Ms, TRl'STEE'S SALE Or V4LC&BLI IMPROVED REAL ESTATE FRONTINGON I STREET K?B5Tm KOfcTa CA?TOL AND By virtue of'At* deeds of trust b*artag dtU ?ootbettkdvof October, A. D. Wl, and duly ?*r?eorde.l in Liber Ho. <63, folio B, et *eq ; Lib-r ?SS.GioU,etseq.; Liber ?S. folio V. rtZ^-tiWr ??. folio 28, et *eq., %od Liber MB, folio 32, et iu. of the band Records for Washington county, D. C? I ?twit sell at public taction, ia front of the premi*<w, on WEDNESDAY. the ttdter of April, ?. D 1.CV at ? o'clock p. m., all thoee certain piece* or par cel* of ground, situate and lyiag it said city of ? aehington, and being known and described aa Lots numbered ninety-roar, <M.) ninety live, (96.1 ""???y-et*,ntn^y seven < 9? I and ninety-eight, (*.) in Gilberts recorded eub division of sqa\r* cambered six hundred and seventy-five, (6T6.? E?ch of the above Lota ia improved by a fine two-story Brick Mouse nearly ready far occupancy. Term* of aale: One-tMrd cash, balance In C an.1 11 most be, with inters from day of sale, secured by dead of trust on premise* sold: #100 to be paid on each hon*e at time of aale. If the term* of aale are not complied with in fire day*, the Trustee reserve* the right to reaell the property at the risk and coat of the defaulting purchaser, by advertising three titne* in the "Evening Star." All conveyancing at eoet of purchaser. _ ? . WILLIAM B. TODD. Ja .Trustee. aS-eoAds B_H.WARNEB.Aact. ?/?THE ABOYE SALE IS POSTPONED until FiklDAY,M*y 9- 1S73. same honr and place WILLIAM B. TODD. Trustee. ' ?-* B. H. WABNEB, Auct. ??"TH* ABOVE BALE 18 POSTPONED until Tt E8DAY, May 6ih, 1573, same hour and place. By order of the Trustee. B. H. WARNER. Auct. By latimeb a cleaby Real Estate Brokers and Auctioneer*, Southwest Corner Pennsylvania ave. aud Utb street Star Office Building. ' Bt virtue of a deed of trust dated the 9 b day of March, A. D. 1S7I, and recorded in Liber No. 675, folio 421, of the land record* for th" county of WH'h>nKton, District of Columbia, and by the written request of the Party secured thereby, we will ..ffer for sale, by public auction, on FRIDAY, the lid day of May, 1375, on the premise,at 6 o'click p. m., the western nineteen 1'eet of Lot numbered 24. In square J60, having a d~pth of 76 feet 6 inches, and in'proved l.y a three-story Brick Dwelling Ivrnts ot sale; One third cash; balance in six aa1 twelvemonth*, with interest at I# per cent, frotn day of sale, and secured by de?-d of trust on this property ?old. All conveyaucing at purchaser'* cost; Aluu down whan tb? property is sold. FREDERICK W. JONES.t - JOSEPH R. ED80N, { Trustees. THOMAS RISSELL, ( ? <? 8. T. LEWIS, \ Amlgneea. *28 dAds LATIMEB A CLEABY, Aucta ?y THE ABOYE SALE IS POSTPONED in continence of the rain, until TUESDAY, May the 6; li, same bonr and place. FREDEKICK W. JONES, JOSEPH R EDSON, 5 THOMAS RUSSELL, S.T.LEWIS. Trustees. Assignees. n-.VdAd? LATIMER A CLEABY. Auct*. f GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, No. 1001, Northwest cornerlOth and D streets. B DESIRABLE Bl'ILDING LOTS IN SQUARE io'74 SITUATED ON K STREET, BE AT AUCTION 4thSTBI:,CT3NOB*h*aijt. A By virtue of a deed executed by the late Mr*. ^WSarah Hamilton, dated the 17th day of April, ?^^lWl, and recorded in No. (519, folio 131, one of the land record* for Washington county, in the District of Columbia, and at the request of, and by virtue of a power of attorney from the beneficiaries named in said deed. I will sell, at public auction, in front of the premise*, to the highest bidd-r, on Tl ES?DA Y, the 6th day of May, at A o'clock p.m., lots numbered six (6,1 seven <f,) and eight (8, Mn R. M Hall's recorded subdivision of square nnmb?red seven hundred and seventy-four (774,> said lots hav ing h front of It) feet each on K street*uorth"a?t, be tween 3d and 4th streets, and running back about If2 feet to an 16 foot alley, containing in all 7,140 square feet. Terms of sale: One-fourth cash; balance in 11, 18, an* 24 months, for notes bearing interest at eight per cent, per annum, payable s?m:-annually, secured by a deed of trust on the property sold. A deposit of 8200 will be required at the time of sale. If the term* I! of sale are n^>t complied with within seven day* from day of sale, the property will be resold at the risk and c<>*t of the defanltingpnrchaser. All conveyan cing at purchaser's cost. THOMAS MrGILL. Trustee. a23-eolwitdts GREEN A WILLIAMS, Ancts. BY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001, northwest corner 10th and D -*ts. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE CORNER LOT. 40 BY 90 FEET. BEING THE SOUTH WEST CORNER OF V AND 13th STREETS NORTHWEST. gv% By virtue of a deed of trust, dated 6th day of ?yM>rch) A. D. 1472, and recorded iu liber No. ??"-676, folio 104-of the land records for the county of Washington, District of Columbia, and by the written request of the party secured thereby, we will ofTer for sale, by public auction, on FRIDAY, thelWthday of April, A. D. 1473, at ? o'clock p. m.. the eastern 40 feet of Lot 18, iu Square numbered 2?>, having a depth of 8U feet. Terms will be stated at the time of the sale. ANTON EBEBLY. I CHRIBTIAN G. LEDEEER,< Trnst?el sl lawfd* GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auct*. WTBE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until FRIDAY, May 3d. 1873, at the same hour aud place. By order of the Trustees. hla-law Ads GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auct*. K7-TH* ABOVE SALE IS FURTHER POST PONED, on account of the rain, until TUESDAY, Ma) 6th, 1873, at the same hour and place. By order of the Trustees. n>3 GREEN A WILLIAMS, Ancts. BY LATIMER A CLE ART, Auctioneer* and Real E?tate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania ave. and 11th *treet, Star Office Building* VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPIRTYON THE NORTH SIDE OF G STREET NORTHWEST, ?5T?6*>,iT*i"B??in0?" SPEE"3' On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, May 6th,1873, M53commencing at 6 o'clock, in front of the prem ? "ise*. we shall sell part of Lot S of sub. of Lot 4, in square 518, improved by a comfortable two-story Bi iui, with back building, with all the modern im provements, having a front of ? feet on the north ?ide of G street northwest, between 4th and 6th, be ing No. 463. Terns: One-third ca*h; the residue in two equal pnMiientsat 6 and 12 months, with notes bearing in terest at 8 per cent, and secured by a deed of trust on the premises *old. Conveytancing at purchaser's cost. $100 down at time of sale. *30-dAd*?(Rep) LATIMER A CLEARY, Ancts. LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneer* and Real Estate Broker*. utheast corner Pennsylvania avenue aud 11th St., Star Office Building. VERY VALUABLE AND HIGHLY DESIRABLE i PROPERTY, FRONTING ON I ENN8YLVANIA AVENUE. ON D STREET, KETWEEN ELEVENTH AND TWELFTH STREETS, NEAR THE "EVENING STAR" OFFICE, AT AUCTION. We will offer for sale on TUESDAY AFTER ^^PNOON. May 6, 1873, at 6 o'clock, part of lot ^^numbered 9, in *quare 3X1, fronting a> feel, aud running back 100 feet to an alley. Terms: One-fourth cash; balance in three equal payments?one, two and three year*?with interest at seven percent., and secured by deed of trust the ptemises. Conveyancing at purchaser's cost. 9 lit) down at time of sale. J"3_<! LATIMER A CLEARY, Auct* BY WJ1 L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers, New Marble Building, No*. 900 and V02 Pennsylvania avenue. VALUABLE AND DE8IRABLE BUILDING AUCTION^ 8T ALOY8IDS CHURCH, AT ? On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, May 6, 1<73, at 6 o'clock, we will sell, in front of tie prem ise*, the eastern twenty (SO feet of parts of lota 2 and 3, in square 069. fronting on north K street, l>etween 1st street and New Jersey avenue; a most desirable, pleasant, and rapidly improving part of the city. The *treet in front of th?*e lot* has been gtxded and the sidewalks paved. Title perfect. Terms: One-third cash; balance in 6 and 11 mi nibs, bearing interest, ana aecured by a deed of trust on the premise* A der?*it <f jjoo re juired as s?on as the property is knocked off. n<2<i W. L. WALL. A CO., Ancts. Y C. EENNEDT. Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, 814 7th st. AT AUCTION-THREE SIX-ROOMED FRAMED HOUSES ON 4H STREET, ON EASY TERMS. On TUESDAY, May 6th, at A o'clock p. in., I will sell, separately, in front of the premise*, parts of Lot* 14 and 16, Square 638, improved by three *h( n>>'ined Frame Houses, the same being No*. SOS, , M)4 and 906 4X street, between E and F street# southwest. Terms: One-fourth cash; balance in payments of 94A per month. #60 down at sale. O. KENNEDY- Auctioneer. THIS EVENING. BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers and Real Estate Broker*. Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue aud 11th St., Star Office Building*. LARGE SALE OF BOOKS. On TUESDAY EVENING, April ?9th, and fol lowing evening* until all are sold, commencing each evening at half-paat T o'clock precisely, we will sell, at our Rooms, corner of Pennsylvania ave nue and 11th street, A LARGE AMD VALUABLE COLLECTION OF BOOKS, Embracing Rare Works on American History, Indians, Geol ogy, the Arts and Sciences, Army and Navy, Antiquities, Architecture, Languages, Ac., Ac. Also, a chelce collection of Standard and Miscellaneous Books, English and American editions, _ And maav of them In tne bindings. To which ws invite the special attention of book buyers. ?FTh? Books are now arranged for examtnatien and catalogues will be ready on Saturday rooming. Parties nnable to attend the sale can have (Mr orders executed by the auctioneer*. ?JS-tf |MeVl LATIMER A CLEABY, A*eU. DY LATIMER A CLEARY, D Auctioneer* and Real Estate Broken, Southwest corner Pennsylvania arenas and Ufth street, Star (moeBaildlng. sb average depth of MB feet to ato-foot adey, wtth a direct alley, 16feet wida, to Paaasylvs^a aveaae, Unproved by a three-story Briok Dwelling, Immedi ately adjoining Willard'* r " B One-third cash: tbe residue la three eraal at 6, 11 and w months, and secured by m ast, with notes bearing iatere?t at S p? (tamveyaodng at purchaa*r*icoet. Saoedowi * ] LATIMER A CLSAXY, Aucts. AUCTION SALES. YJAMEiGl'lLDAnrtiM N<?. Itll frBMTltMll ITfMf li REGULAR SALftS RO*KS. GF R \ M IT MM. *r. nA . Oi> TRIRSPAY. ??) ?* 4 ?'cl ?'k HUgii. m., in thttortioii rojMlIU PmwI ' aula uenvif n/r james guild. Am* BY GREEN a WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. Ho. lMl,?orth*M! cjra?f 10th ia4 D stt. SALE OF TALr.A BLE AHP r*fl1PR1VfI> rROPKBT* FRONTINGON TENTH ATREBT WEST. BETWEEN T AN P U STREETS KURTH, AT AUCTION. OiTHI l.?r ?. iPlwy shall sell. In froat of U? ?remis?s. lots N ? r, in sabdivWion of Ht*r? Ho. TH, fronting Ofaet tfl inch** on IPth street, awl raunlng rack Blw! te an ?11m, imtrttMl b> a tw >-?torv frame dwelling.containing f ur {11 to >ms an J kit rl'.n A l?o. vacant lot adjoiaing. Tfiw: #ne-half (k) cash. balanc in < and 12 m ntbs, for notes bearing interest end se> ar*4 b< a (IM trn?t on th* pr^miM* C^aitrMrini at ptirrh??i'? ??!. n? J GREEN A WILLIAMS. A acta. BT GBEEM ? WILLIAMS, AurtioMm, No. 1001. aorthwem corner Mb and D ?ti nets. TRl'STEER' HALE or VALUABLE BUILPINQ LOTS FRONTING OH FIFTH STREET. BE TWKKM O A>P B fTREETS. AT AUCTION ? On MONPAT, Msv IBth.A. IV H7S . at 6 iVWk a. ?i., we ?hall sell on th* premises. t?v virtue a deed "f trnit dated tb* 7th dsv of P'M?l>?r, A P ICl.and *nl? r*?rt?l n liitwr 6$v, fo|i<> 44. one of th* L?n<1 Records of \* ash ii.gton county, in the District of C >lumhia. known a- all of l?t i.nnihfiiit tei (lot, srvl part of lot num bered niae (9?,ln square nu*nb-re<l four hnndre.1 nvd *?v?nly ??fn (477) f?r the ?!?nc. at th* south east r.m* r of said let nninbiwl ten ( lot. and m nn? thine ?>or?h n'*n( Hh ?tr?t line m-mt ?n* hi dred and five(105) f*<?t, t hone* *?t ain-ti??hr?e iHSt feet four and a half (4H> in* h-s, th?nce ? ??t>i one hundred and tif(HB)(fft,|krn^ i>m< miih tlir ?? fi*' four and "?? halfinch'mfl M 4S iiicb ?) t< th* place of l^ffinnit *. Term- Or..* *hird rash; bvlanre * and 11 m >nth?. to Iw *-cur *<i hv d ot trust on th* (>r.ip?rt sold A deposit ?.f ^14*1 required o? eaeh l-w a' th? time of sale. Ti-rms to be fully complied with within six davs after sa'e, otherwise th* trustees rf<#rn. th ? rv ht to r???. II th" proj^-rtr at th* ri?k and e *? if d<>fari|tinr rnrrhawrr All conveyanring at pur cha^er'i cift Lf'PWIO A M1TNEB>.? Tr? GUST A V HABTIO. iP<?iawAtfa GRKKH * WILLIAM**. Anfta BT GRBFN * WILLIAMS. Auctiono^rs, No. lOOl, northwt corner 1Mb and I) i FIKPT CLW8 BUILDING LOT FOR A I'BI VATE RF8IPKWCK. FRONTING OS t STRKET NORTH. BKTWEKN TIIIBO AND FOI RTII BTRKKTf ??T, NEAR THECITY HALL, AT Al'OTION. ?On MONI>A V, th.' 13th Inn'aat. at Oo'elirk p m., w ?hal) aoll. on tbr pr> part Ljt X. iniw)uar?No haildixs frunt, by ?l f?^t tS ineh?a d?*p.with tw > ai<l<- walU already np. Thto lot o(f*r? (treat indarementa to pnrrbaaera to attend th? nale. ?* it in a ftra: claM neighborhood Terma- One third ct^h: balance In ?i\. twelre and eighteen BiortSa. for n>>t*a !>? arine internet, and ae caradby adeedof truat on the prt-mi-ea ???Id. All rcnT*> anciuc and renrnne stamp* at th" roat of the purchaser One han.lre.1 dollar* down on the day of ?ale. [ro6 d] GREEN A W ILL!\M8. An. ta. B T B. H. WARNER, Beat E'tale Broker and Anctf ->n?er. No. 749 7th street, between G and H street*. PUBLIC SALE OF V ALT 4RLE THREE STORY AMD RA8KMENT MASTIC FRONT HOUSE, No lOOS.ON THE SOUTH SIOROFMtSSA CHUSETTS AVENUE. BETWEEN IOth A NO 11 th STREETS, OPPOSITE GOVERNMENT RESERVATION. |K I will a< II at public aocHi>n. on FBI PAT. 11 May 16'h,H7J. infr>nt of the pretni??.. Hoiiae ?^No. 1006 Mai>?a'-hii?i'tt* annie. It contain* 12 roemt. *t"-e room, bath room. wa*h r>? >?, cellar. ua?. hot atid c? Id water, stationary uiarble-top bawin*. ws-h tub-. Latrob-"*. fnma--? and ranee. Tlie locatiuu is delightful. L -t K feet front by good d< pth. Term*: One-third ra?h; balanee 8 11 and IS month*, with $ per cent. Internet, aecnred l>y deed < >f trust ^lUtidowu when the property i*aold. ii>o-?oA(tH B H WABNER. Anrt. BTGBEEN a WILLIAMS, Anctl.ueera, S-^atheast corner 7th and D (treat*. TRUSTEES SALE OF IMPROVEP TROPER TY ON ELEVENTH STREET E\>T. BE TWEEN P ANP E STREETS SOUTHEAST. By virtue of a dve?l .?f tru*t fr >tr William T. M Primes and wife. dat?d January 2!. 1STS, and at ^?the'written re.iiiest of th?- part/ thereby *e f~ur.-d. I will at public auction, in front of the pr -tn ise?. to the highest bid d? r, on , May ? 1873. at 6V, o'clock p. m . all of .^iginal lot nin <9>, in s<juar.- i?92, t geth?r with ih? improveiu^ntM thereon. This lot has a front of U feet and is of 8?I d. pth. Tt^nns of *Hle; Oti^-fonrth cash, and the balance in 6.12, and 1$ months, with interest, or all cash as ma> be preferred by the pnrrhaaer . #10u down on dny of sa'e t>. be forfe ited in oaae the terms are nut Complied with in fli e dsT* after -ale I'.RAIN ARD H WARNER. SurTiring Trn*toe. iuo-2a?Ads GREIN A WILLIAMS, Auct*. Assignee s sale of sto< k of uboce RIE9. Will be sold at Public Auction on the 13th hat of Mat. 1873, at the Store, No. 3^1 Pennsylvania avenue,tli*' stock of Gr Kreries in said store. The attention of Grocer* is particularly in* ited to said irt.t-k. A. CHESTER, tiio-dt* Assignee of Bray Brothers. BY LATIMER A CLE ART. Auctioneers and Real Estate Broker*. Southwest corner of Pennsylvania atenus an I 11th street, Star Olflce Building. 8EC0NP SPRING SALE OF GREEN HOUSE AM) BEDDING PLANTS, FROM THE NCR HKRV OF JOHN SAUL ~ , On THUR8DAY MORNING. M*v ?;h. lfCS.ciuunencing at 11 o'clock, we shall sell, ^^ our sal.-srooB*, a large o-?l|.-cti >n f I'.wering Plants, roDM?ting of choice R >*e?, Pe|tr S ntums, Geraniums, Lilies, Fnrhiae, Calrulariua, ? >lou*, Verlwnas.Gladiolus, Ac., Basket* of aelected Plants, Hanging Baskets, Ac. Terms cash. n '. 3t (R<t) LATIMER A ULEARY. Anet, BY W. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. New Marble Building, No*. 900 and VOil Penn. a**.,corner 9.h *treet. TRUSTEES'8ALB OF SMALL HOUSES AND LOTS ON I STREET BETWEEN Vih and 10th STBEETS, NORTHWEST j-*-, ByTirtneof a d-ed of trust bearing date on K?tbeS3dday of April. A D 1872, and duly reronl ?^??d in Lil>er 671. lollo 441 et se<i.. of the Lao<l R cords of Washington county, in the District of Gol ntubia,we will public auction, in front of tlie premises, on SATUBD AY, the 10th day of May next, at A o'clock p m , all those certain parcels of lai d lying and situate m the city of Washington, in tlie District of Columbia, and being lots N - -- B.l an J S3, in suuare No to, and the improvem*'nM ther.-on. Each of these lots Is ttnproved by a small two-*tory Fra-ne H >u*e They ars located withi* one s.juare of the H-street railroad. Term*: AM'cash on eachhouae, balance in ? and 12 month* from day of sale, with interest at the rate ? >t 10 per rent, per annum. A deposit of ffio >0 each house required at the time ut sale. TH JESUP MILLER. / Tmste.^ HENRY W GARNITT.r"1"^' trf-d WM. L. WALL A Co., Aurts. F"0R SALE-VALUBLE BUILDING LOTS AT MOUNT PLEASANT. Will be sold at public auction, on SATUBD AT, May 10, at i o'clock p. m , uulea* previoasly solJ at private sale Lot* numbered 18,63,64. <S, 33. 84,86, north half of 1 and 2, north half -f 19 and A). Lots 3, 4,7,8,9. in first s-ctioc, 3. 4. A, 6 and 7, in ?ecoud sestiun: 1,3,4 and 5, in I >urih section of S. P. Brown's sulslivision. Also, a flue Cottage, cotitaining ten room*, with stsMe and two acres of ground. Terms easy. For particulars apply to 8 P BROWN. Cor 15th street and N. Y. ave. latimer A CLEARY, Auct*. B Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, No. IOOO Northwest 10th Mid D TRUSTEE'S SALE OF A TWO 8TQRY BRICK DWELLING IN SOUABE No 'JO7 ^sfci) By virtue of a deed of truat dati-i November 1, Ea 1870, and duly recorded ia Liber No. 625, folio m"*410, Ac., of the land records for Washington county, P. C., and bv the direction of the parties secured thereby, I will *ell. at public auction, in front of the premises, on FRIDAY, the ?th day of Mhv.A .D #73, at 6 o'clock p. m., all of Lot num bered flfty-three(M), in Peirce and RlingleV sublt vision of square numl>ered tw?. hvadred and seven (*>7>,together with the improvements thereon. Term* of sale: One-third in cash; and the balance in 6,11, and 18 months, to l>e secured by a d?ed et trust up< in the property sold, with interest from 1 lis day of sale. WILLIAM A QTORDON. Trust. *. a30 2awAd* GREEN A WILLIAMS. Anrts. BY LATIMER A CL.EART, Auctioneers and Real Estate Broker*, Bouthwaat corner Psns/lvanta avenue and lllh at., Star Office Building*. ATTRACTIVE 8ALB OF GBOCERIK8 ON THE northwest corner of ?t? and l STREETS NORTHWE8T. On FRIDAY MORNING. May 9, in, Sugar*. Coffses T?? o , f ?focerle*. 'ionr and Corn Meal. Molasss* awl Syrup*, a tidies of all kioAs, Vinegar*. I'ooAen and Willow Wars, DssA, Ward's Lard, largs lot Hams and Shoulder Mackerel, Herring, Potatoes, Large lot Papsr Bags and Paper, Meat Chopper* and Saw*, Platform and Counter I Glass and Crockery War*, thrse Coffee Hill*. Also, One elegant let Box, One two-horse Wagon, shaft and tonrue. mi d [Hep.) LATIMEB A CLBABT. Aact Y LATIMBB A CLBABT, Real Estate Broker* a ad Aactioaeer*, Southwest comer Peoaa. a venae and 11th ~ r Office Building. B1 STMET AMD HBW JERSEY AVENUE virtue of a decree of the Bapreme Court of of Columbia, 11?1I on the 14th RTAib Via^I Ti;?, nii so; tbwest,) offer for *ale at public anctioa, to the highest bidder, the following described premises, wr ov? in VQDflirmoi o* nvirf pt.pli ? fw>ff* sd la the oflloe of the Barrevor ef the city ef Wash togto*, in the District ef Oolikli, improved by a aeat two atory brick oott^a ot Ave rooms, bath room, cellar, and all awdera improvemiats Lot M AllxM* feet, haviag fine brick *tahU, with ear vanta1 roam in rear. . . Ths terms of sate are: Oae-thinl of purchaae mamej la two eqaal aac at one aad two year*, with tatmmAfNm Aeas of 1 iZsztxisifFS as rci SL,tohafar 5STVa3f*; | EVENING STARj T*r Fnn or * StraIuI C**???A trt?f 1 drn. (Mh oo? anwl at Chwtf* ?MOk tiwM m the diMtlj of a p. r?>ii wbo?r ?r??r bu be. ? ? l< MrUblf. Marquis d? Baltoy ?hen a a>?n inherited ima k? rr?M f .H ? r a hrtuM eiUmUcil at nearly hall a mil It.n dollar*. Be n* Wit alone in the world he for took hl? h> MM ia Pvi*?wl travtle.1 etlen ri (It tl ir>kk?al tl.vfi. Mrf ImII; ftar l? An?| ia K?? York ?boat two aitce. Hit ?<?< of Hti*( <in-w heavily u>M ki> puiH', and t ?h?ti time tfUthiiarritj^B ,.. ...r. mm* |M* IinnMi o* ? I onw>evcr he met AfVr * tun 1 hia r?rin| ?li-iHta.t-oit got the better of bin again. and be u>?V an extended trip t!mm|k tie *mt an.1 ?nth, viaiung the pttnclpal citte* and finally turning up tr Chirac", where he met. wooed and won ? v^unj lady remarkable for her Wat) and acrvmi lidiint nt*. Hi lug unfitted to anv bun now or i.iofcaaion by i-eaaon of hu lack nr experience. Ms money d!*apgeared faster ihastter.abil he finally l>erante a btakrtpL Hia friend* tried to atart him in bralnem. ao aa tr> enable Llm to aupt>ort himself and wife aa tl etr social atan<llrg required, but the marquia, instead of taking advantage of the npporuat tie* which were opeaed to him. became heart broken ard diaco? raged, and ft natty took to dr'tik. last week he entered a t?M>i aalooa ia Chicago and took a aeat at a table, ordering a glaa* of beer. While It wa? being drawn ha pulled out a small revolver. placed the muni* to hi* for head and fn<d. It wa* sappnaed that he bad killed hlmaelf, bat there ar j yet hopoa of bit reoutcrj. TfiOr*i> *t?:> V.ijimR?J />?'?< /r*s hcad Currd ariflb lijMfut M'ater.?Thoie is a man In thi* city who u an affccUonatrlj fond of hi* wife, that he is Jealous if a tu *n 1<hA? withia forty five degree* of the dlri<ctlan In ahich ahe aiav hap|<en to be. The other day a gentleman *l<>le to Ler an.! he immediate! r threatened auictde. HU wife wa< dispatched lor a l??ttle ??t polaon which ahe had put np at the druggiat'a t<m*lating of a little aater colored with It Juor t' e. and bottled, mith a glaring |>oaon label out side. When he threatened to take aome of it, and actually noured it Into a ? ik clam, ah* wreatni d for 11. jp and ran into .another room where *be could watch him through the key hole, and aaw him coolly o|>en the wiiulow and throw it out. Mie then ru*bed ba.k.ap I arentiy frantic with grief, and implored Lira not to do the ranh act. He merely p tinted at tlie {lam, and laying doa-n on the Cxir b-gan to k ck out lit* leg* like a jumping jack- She aaid ahe wa* determined t? chart hi* late, and ???!? lowed the reet ot the llqaorioe water ? hereupon he liecane really f rightened, calloti the nrtgh bora. confined that he only ah ana?l, and a?>d if ahe onlv rar?ir?d he never would trouble tier a^ain. Tb< n *he < xpUln<?l the ru*e. and ha wa* an mortified he tried to buy up the ailenoo of the neighbor*, hut the M?n wa* too good to keep. Helsthoroughljrcured ? J)oJrta**r a>m. A Girl Shot Hud by irb Broth aa ? Tuesday evening about seven o'clock. an aori dant happened Uiree mile* north 01 Dearbora which resulted in the iimfant death ot a girl twelve year* old, daughter of a farmer named V il*on. The lamily uad rented thoir farm and were moving to Fort Wayao. The father and mother had pone with a load, and the sister and older brother were leit in charge of the bouae. Several young |M?ople dropj-tl in for a vi*lt. and all werr happily enjoy iag tbemaelrea wl on the brother went into tlie bedruom aitd t< ok down an old gun w hich he *uppooed un loa?l< d. ,lu?t a* he came out of the door carry ing the gun in hi*hand. Uie muscle being for aio*t. the w? apon wa* di*charged. The eon tent* lodged m the neck of hi* *t?ter. killing her int-taiitlv. The gua wo charged with duck fhot. wliich produced a terrible wound.? Frtt J'rttt. Apr,I 24tk A Se>ciETT no MrrraL Pbotbttiow?a act i< ty wa* lately organised in Pari* tor th* pur|<?f of repelling anv future o?t-break of ( cmmunt*ni, and defending property in caae of revolution. It waaiiitentled to l?e purely non political, and tbt?e a ho joined it, contracted an rn?;ageinent of honor to defend each other a^a tiot all violent attack* and to be tortb-com it g in caae of danger. The league, liowevar, ba* not been able to obtain the authorisation of the M iniatcf. FABft.T gt'ARKKl.a wiil aometimea goto moat d.agract tul length*, hut one would hardlv think thev would come to high word* an1 violent hlowa over the gravea ot dead relativea. Two brancbea of the *atne family in the town of Barre, not far from BnrtBlo. did, honever, hare an open tight lately in a grave yard anent th* removal of the tombatone* of aom* of their do parted on**. To make the matter woraa, the wrangle la to be carried Into the oourta. ?7"'*Promiacuou? and Tariegated ragranta," u> what they call loafera at Omaha. 9T" Atlantic miffererf" who have never bee a in Europe have appeared in woatern cltiea. ?^"A apirited hu*band at Or?*n*b?rg, lnd.f thraahed hia wife becauae ahe inumated that hi* boot* were not clean. VTwo colored women died at Piterabarg, Va., on Friday night, in the aame rooa. aad a i'hm one hour of each other, ol heart di They were both well at aunaet. ?y Tl;e New York police found a woman dead a ith amall pox. with an infant half otarvod b< *ide her. and her huaband drunk, on the floor of a tenement houae in Kmex atreet. K7*"Xodoc Blttera, ' ia the title of a new de coction introduced into the San Franciaco bar noma and aaid to be ol an unuaually deadly character. ^"Private lettera atate the weather during the mitldie of April wu delightful in Pana, Uo aun ahining out brightly all day and the tem perature being like that of summer. ?y The proteaoor of hiatory in the l"nivcraity college, at Toronto, referring to the fallactea of I?arwini*m. aava that "the very worat *avaga obatn ately refuse* to be hook 'on to the very beat monkey.*' 9Jr Drawing it mild?A preacher of New Haven, who waa lately tried for varioua of fences. one of which waa ??lying," ha* been convicted of having been "incautious and looao in his statement#. MARRIED. COOK-PAYKB. In O*org?^own. P C May 4, the Kt-x l?r. Hniiiinfi o. at il?* r**iti*uoo of lb* bride's fatk*r. Mr J W C"ON. an J M >aa MABTHA I. PAYNE, both of Oeorg*f.w? DIED. IVALTOM In C*<*g?*tovin, ?a M if Bth. ISTX, gl'U AKD.aon ul K ^- it and tuu liiltui., ( years, I i., nth. and t daya. The midnight saoon is l*-aming I' pt.n hia ail*?t gra -e, Where aleepetb with >at dreaming, Th* one w* coaM n >t aar* Tl<* cbtod* of grief ar* heaping Their *liad..?a on < ur br m?. Ok' chid* u* n"t f?r w**ping, We have no Kdd> now. Frlenda of th* family ar* r**?ectfully iavtt*4 to attend the funeral frotn th* reaid?nceof ki? B?r*nta, K?. 19 Montgoaaery ?tr*et, O?.rg^t .wa, on W*4 nmday . the7ih, at halt peat foar o doek. 1 Brook lyn paper* plea** c.?py.| ? UNDERTAKERS. H It 11ARO r. UARVCT, (Smcrtssm u HAHTM T t MAR*, Mo. ?14 r 6tbset, betwaaa Mintfe aa METALLIC BVhIAL CASKS AM) CASKMTt af ?r? damnum. marl ly SHKOVDB, HABITS, fa. ^ r KC 1 A L kutici. ' I have OB eihlbitioB and fur aale Stela's Calibra ted Patent BL KIAL CAbS Thia te th* latest hm pr ^ in patent Burial Ca***, and all haviiiw o<(a?i<>n to need the eorvicoa of bo t'ndertaker w.uhl d<> well to call and esamine.aad he coaviaoai aJS W Todertaker, B34 F streat. |> It HARD W CABINET MAM KB ABB VNOKKTAEBK. ?1* KLBVKMTB BTBBBT. aeor t. BVBBITVBK Of ALL KIBltB MABK ABB ks*4> GKML IKB SCOTCH CHSYIOT SUIT* for and fig, at A. STRAUS', 1011 Naas. a*e , Bear 11th. afli I^URBBRl LrMBKB" Oor.

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