Newspaper of Evening Star, May 6, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 6, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. ITTMA ? ?. 1*7*4. LOCAL HEWS. ? ? Amowarato, 4k*., T?-?!?*?. IWall's Optra Home. ? ?? .fenny LinJ" hod ?'The Scout* of the Prairie.** TVaJrr Comique?"Out at Sea," sotigs, bur la^ues. dance*. Ac. Tempi*.? Promenade concert for the btaicfitoi the Little Sifters of the Poor. C?I ?'??nlv Prom J. Shillmgton we have AjyUton's Jour nal for Mar 12. Work was commenced yesterday on the turn table of the Metropolitan railroad at the corner of 9th and F streets northwest. jjm.,414 <lead letter* were received at the de-id letter office l.vt month. Of this number 26,475 were held Tor postage. The (?ffice Scratch Book, received from Philp * & Solomon*, is a great institution. serving at a combination of a blank book and memorandum book. It Is cbeaf. portable, just the thing. Mr. L. S. Smith, a watchman at the P ft Office department, has resigned. and Mr. J?rc miah Lee hM been appointed ii. his place at a compensation of >720 per annum. The ca*c of the estate of the late policeman Thomas Price, <Lyons.) in the Probate Court, has been p?pt,*>ned to next Tuesday week. It will be rememl>ered that two widow's are cla.m irg Pries'* estate. The Medi' al Society of the Alumni of the <ieorgetown College held its regular meeting last night, when the president of the society r*a<l an intere?ting paper on gun shot wounds. Kt>w. Bichards, J. K Hopkins, Marvin, Eastwood, W. H. Bai'ey, ami II. T. Wiswall yes terday filed a certificate of incorporation a* trustees of the "Jiorth Baptist church," located on 14th street, between K and S street*. The National Sportsmen's club of the District of Columbia, held a meeting last night and elected the following officers: C M. Alexander, " president; Frank B:ves, vice president; M. A. Tampan, secretary; .Junes M. Mason, treasurer; A y. Marr a ?d Thomas I'pperman. directors. Bv an accidental error of the examiners, the airdai for -pelling in the advanced grade *ec ondary school of the second district was an nounced as awarded to Sophia I?ahler, of So. lo, instead of Louise Prm/horn, of the same Rktol, who won and will receive it. O Btninran Association Last evening the third annual meeting of the Franklin Coopera tive Building Association wai> held at Masonic Temple, and the annual report was presented, showing receipts: aim .00*.;;*, included in which were ?31 fOti.O* from does on stock ami Mt^S 95 irtili merits on 19% shares; disbursements, 9110.7 lA.4ri, leaving a balance of 910,297.92 in the treasurers hands, including ?7 .<?<! sold at the April meeting: a*?:.fl00 was paid for ad vances on :*i.C shares. The assets are f 1Qo,59C.jO. During the year I.A9 shares were redeemed, 1.V9 forfeited "and 79.5 cancelled by settlement, cancelled, redeemed or forfeited the pre vious vears. leaving 9E4.T unadvanced on.aitd a total of 1,?1>.4 on the rolls, the original number of sharrs subscribed being 1,712. The actual eash value of each share is ?l(w.7:?, equal to 1.1.9 per cent. The following officers were elected to serve dnring the ensuing year : Thomas Nor fleet, president; Alexander Ashley, vice presi dent; John .loy Ed*on, secretary: Charles B. Bailer, treasurer; J. E. Thompson. J. I>. Free. S. H. Moore. .1. T. Carrigan, J. I>. Clary, A. L. Stephen?on. H. II. Twombly, W. H. Reardon, >?. P. Callan, directors. . The thirteenth monthly nv-eting of the Re pnMic Saving* and Building Asportation was held la.-t night in the Y. M. C. A. lecture-room. S- K. Bond, president, in the chair. A motion to instruct the lioard of directors to reduce the officers' salaries wv voted down. Alter the pavment of dues, twelve share* vf*.,no?> wa? ad vanced to member? at an average premium oi 1!2? per cent. ? ??THESt orTs or the Fbaiuik."?The rate at wuich Buffalo Bill and Texas Jack disposed of the red skins at Wall's Opera House la*t nigLi. would be very satisfactory if practiced in ramtM at the lava beds, but from some mis take in the arrangements out there it is the Madocs who do the shootir.g and our men who do the dving. If the Indians got up a drama for an Indian audience thev wmU probably present the--war of extermination" in a light ma re in accordance with Captain .lack's ideas. Acvhow the audience at Wall's Opera House last night srem.-d to greatly admire the dexter ous way in which Buffalo Bill and Texas Jack hanvled their pUtols and threw their lassoes, showing a facility with both weapons wliich would make it lively for a real opi-onent. The ea-e.too, with which the athletic Buffalo Bill Sick* up a hundred and fifty pomiddead lixiian y the belt ami carries him oti as if he w*? a hitter. shows there is no make believe about the hero's mux le. There was a Large audience present last evening, and the frequent and he ait ? applause test-fied that all were well pleased. The Assart-T os tub B<>t Lacbt?Arr?tt ?f f'ktirlrs !>'ia. ''kon>- ti with t'rarturinfj Lucy's filmli ivtik an Oar?Charles Dean, the voting man who :s charged with having struck the bov I,ac? y with ar oar on Sunday afternoon while boating ou .he river, and seriously if not fatal ly injuring him. (an account of which occur reuewa? published in TiiaSTARof yesterday,) was arrested yesterday afternoon on an old scow near the Lon* Bridge by officer Leach, of the *r*t precinct, and was taken to the star on fcouse. On his arrest Dean acknowledged that he fcan struck Lacey with the oar, bnt said that l^ceyat the time was thteatemng to shoot him. Mr. I.ace,. the father of the injured boy. ap peared at the Police court this morning" with ?is sou. a younger brother of the one Injured, and swore out a warrant again-t Dean, charging assault ami batterv with intent to kill. l>ean was co&imittrd to jail to await the result of the injury. An operation will be performed to-<lay by the -urge?us, who Uank the case of Lacey a very critical one. a Ali.kc.*i> Tkkkiblb Assault ox a Wife by 11 lr Hi -ha>d?This morning Seymour L. Btudley, a clerk in one of the governmeur. de partments. wa- before the Po'l.-e Court on the charge of a&ault and oattery on his wife, Mary Stutl.ey. and alio on Mary L. Crowley, and he was com nutted to jail to await the result ot the lniurie> of his wife bv the assault. Studley re side* in the neighborhood of loth and M streets, and it i? alleged that yesterday he came home in a state of intoxication, and after having snii.e words with his wife he attacked her. knocking her down and beating her. leaving her Miiseieas. ami that: he also struck Mary L. Crawley. He then loft the house, but on his return was arreted by Officer PfalT. Mrs. Stud ley is said to be seriously injured, her jawbone having been broken or "knocked out of place. P. S?Mrs. Studley is attended by Dr. Rush ?ell, who savs that her injuries are not so seri ous as at first reported. and that it is likely she will be ablo to be out in a few days. ? BriLcmr. Piu.nn Issrao To-day Two frame dwellings north side E street, between and 17th streets southeast, for Charl-* E. Hnise; one trame dwelling east -ide xth street, between C and 1> streets southeast. for Wm. Heron, a two-story frame store ami dwelling south side F street," bet ween 1st and ?1 street* southwest, for Daniel D. Kueklev; a two-dory brick dwelling *outh side Rhode Island avenue", between loth and 11th streets northwest, for Patrick Murphy; a two-stary frame dwelling ea-t -sle 1st street, between K and L street* southeast, for Uvorge Walker; two two-story frame dweMingson east side of Johnson avenue, between R ami S streets and 14th and nth street.- aorUiweat. for Oeorge White and J. Rob inson; two two-story frame dwellings on John son avenue, tor J. D. Kitch and Henry Cole man: a two-st>try brirk back dwelling on (lay street, between Washington and Congress streets. Georgetown, for Thomas Cox; two two story brick dwelling* on south side l*t -treet, between Frederick and Fayette streets.George town, for John Harrington. a ? Jrmon Obobu or He< habitbs?At a meet ing of Eagie Tent. No. 9. Juiror Order of K<<-habites. Saturday evening, the following officers were installed: John R. Mahonev. shepherd, .lohn C. Axe, treasurer: Howard Emasons. P. C. R.; Charles Jones. C. R : Ed win Scott, D. R.. Charles Axe, R. S.; lUlwin Kiaffin. P. 8 : Charles Samlerson, L.; Samuel Beott. 1. Albert Bright. O. O. This Tent was organized May 6th. 1*1, and Is ejraposeJ of vouths between the ag-of L ami is jear-, wvth a present mraWrsli p of 1*5 bi" rnl?er.?. They intend eeiahrating their se?un<l aa iiver sary in the First Methodist I'rotea ?aat Clinrch. corner of Mb Hreet %nd Virginia ?aesoa, sontheast, when they will be preseutod w!th a beautiiul (Manner. a ? T.*? Colobbd Ajiaaicax Orsaa Compabt, Who made quite a musical sensation in this city some ?tfc* ago by their very croditablo per format of "the Doetar of Aloaantara" at Lln cola Ma'O, and who afterwards played a sue ceaafal e Igagiaurt ia Phliadefphfa, will, by reaaest of ? ?amber of prominent citizens, ro peat Aa ?. v*rmawe at Wall's Opera House, on Monday Ts.wday aeaoiagB next. The PhiladelDhia *mrm* Of Philadelphia ***' of their appearance in that city: "Th?^ pertbraaaaee was aa agreeable i to all pi w?t, not only being a decided , bat in tl< * aaatter of the choruses eclips Attbjipt*d 8cicil,? Takijt? Lati> ?Last Sunday afternoon a German named Father, residing <_W 11th street, between K and L streets northwest ? employed as a letter carrier, took two onncee ."*f laudaeum for the purpeae, it Is tkoa^t, of tak*1^ bis life; bet his wifa having her suspicions ar laseo, ? nt for a an, and Dr. J. O. Harr. * resr?n-led. By the administration of emetic ^ duiker was brought oat of danger. This im *be second or third time, it is stated, that he h attempted ?uicide, he being subject to mat degression of spirit* at Sw ui'foi Cases Ktronrn To-m .""^Oua on llth street, between X and O streets vath enst. and eight at No 14 MAssechusett* av "uae roitheasr. OneJeatb has occurred on M Uianii ?1 and 9Uc?t southwest. a I * |ifm>n ?( ihf DMriCt UcTtrnmrat i-tuatw for the siit riK*i year. The following estimates for the service of the (jOTtniinfnt of the District of ColiraM* fw tbe fiscal year ending Jnne r?, 1S74, also deficien clr* for the current fiscal yew. hare been sub nutted to the Legislature by t'ontroller Baker: Voretm<^rU Ofiu.?Salaries, #3JU0; contingent ex p?r?n, A5 imo ? "/ ' oj Sr-ttarp ?Salary. clerk to Vfretwy Dis trict off Columbia. (1 j?PO; . >niingent expen*e*, in Hnriing publication of law* in pamphlet form, ColUttcr't Qficf ? Salaries, #V>J0n; c >nttnrent ex penses, *1 ?u, temporary clerk*, #40P; deficiency tor 1373, ?71S: advertising, .??: a special appropria tl< n in .lesired for amount off bill for advertising list < f property for sale, h.lJ October 14, WfJ, to be re laibar?*d by collection*, A1<JSB. Total. #H.2*\5 A similar appropriation will be required for the next advertisement for the tax sale, #18,000; C 8. IUm?l.iirg, for service* a* d-pntv collector from November 1. 1S7I, to April ?, WTC, #991.7?; extra clerital employees, #iM!>6. f.wrro/lrr's (tfct.?Salaries, flO^OO; conting'nt expenses, fljw. A miner s fiftt ? Salaries. $7.79$; contingent ex pen*es. #.'?>; deficiency for 1?73, |M. HtlDitr'i Qfirt ?Salaries. #*JU>; contingent ex- , penses. vviv, <ieflciency for 1873- #3M?. T?'?.?Krrr'j UfictSalaries, $iUX; contingent expenses. A4MJ. Svrerper * Qfirr ? Salaried, f5.70B; temporary messenger, A782 50; contingent expense*. ,?i_"0o, for copying an<l binding the record* or the District of C. nnibis, aa per act of Legislative Assembly. ?3.1.'?. (ijf"t <J Sup-TtntrH.ltnl uf Assf??mtnl and Tares. Salaries. A I7-IUJ, contingent expense*. #3,9ou; defi ciency for KJ, e2?'.44, rent of room* for board of apt* ale and ?s?essors, ?5T5. (orwfr'i Ojfirt? Salary, ?2.0?v contingent ex jk i -?-# ?1 wu; deficiency for 1873, .?76o. f-J*'? of SuperiHrmtlrnt of Lamp*. ? Silarie*, .?tt.OP; contingent expense*, %l?JJo3; dehcieacy n r 1873. #1*303. H A Salaries, ^."Av5 .V.. 1 rn proTemewts of a P rniawnt Character?For the erection of new buildings to increase the aci 'Dimo dation*, $32JO#; renovating and repairing the present building, #19,2S3; total, ?i0l.*s3, deticeocy for 1>73, #4.17-43. Qfi't of K'ti trr <11 Wtlh.?Contingent expens.*, fl-iMi; deficiency fur KJ, ad'tertiseuientsof d> lii..jii< nt*. court notice*. Ac., .??5 M' mttrs and Wml'Mmm anl Crrtn in Vi.nnrt (?j*,.. ? g?lary seale ? off weights an<l mea*?re?, Ji'V: 'alarie* lt!>p?'Ctor? and xieiKher* of r al, *?lHri- ? iD<'**etiger*, watchn'en, Jtc., s 12,70H. h>uUtd. CW'?ter>.-M*ri?', #36j*m; incidental ami < ? nuugent expenses, .100; deficiency for LOT, .6b0. Mar'k't*.?Western Market ? Salary of ma?t-r, coutingi ut cxpeuee*. 4 S61; Jefitieucy for IS73, {Ml. K??fern Market?Salary of mader. ?5<0; contln *? ut expei,*? ?. .?1,4.'4J !4i; improvements of a perma nent charact-r: Fitting up n*w market-h use with botchers stall*, huckster*' platforms,d)\i*k>n?, &c., SiMU. Northern Market?Salarie*. /)1J0I>: contingent ex pense*. $4 J45, detii ienr> for Vff3, #1,172.64. t??-urgetown Market?Salary of master. )iin; con tir gent expenses, $f>75; deficieiw y for 1873. AIM. M'trcpv'ttan Politr.?Salarie*?Ft Washington, ?1U7#15 25. for tieorgetown, 912,7?? SO; for Wasli uuton county. 28; total, f 1>>,(>46; contingent ex sen-* s? Washington. $84^79; tieorgetowu, Al, ?2 26. county. A2.10ft.73; total, ^12.?7. hrt ifrnrimrmt?Salaries, ,?M.4W>; Contirgent exi*n?e*. sjs.Jm P- rman-nt impioTement*?Eight th n-and feet ae* hose, *ix horses, 82.IU ; bnilditg two new ?ngin<"lion*e*, N<?. 3 ami 6, A JMW; total, 934.9IW. D- Bci. nc> for 1871 and 1872? Ordinary and coiiting-nt expi'iise*, A14 616 18. !)??? ficiency for 1873?Ordinary and contingent expense* fer the year ending Jnne Ai. W73, R'/crm SfW/.-giiMKirt of inmates of Ri f inn School, 15 at .?1 75 each per week. 913.65u; deficiency for 1873. ?l.<mu. ASalari- *. contin e lit e\|? n*>e, Jt.nv; deficiency for 1872. >2.7'ii. Phtsictmm* to the P ?<??.?Sal iti-?, >(5 i*?t, contin gent exp? ii*es. AU.lSti' deftciencv fof 1873, )}1 ltM. Atimmry'f Offi" ?Salaries, .54_'<?>: r. ntiifi} -ut ex penx*. JS"1; judicial expense*. A ft, 061). Hr<i.>*>a(ro?t Pubhr Sr/ii>of.v?Salaries, i%117,iM); r. iitiiigenciex, {47.11ft; improvement-. A 4.0U0. ueti for 1.-7.! >|o.i?>i C"lor. .1 School*?Color-il ?rbool*' proportion fur \Va-liiiigt"ii, P?r c at., ,*.*9,l?7Ai. li OTtrtcvtn Publir Schools ?Salaries, 81IJ00; contitigi ncies, p^rnian -nt iftipro\em?n'-', in pa) nient f >r a new tcl.ool hou?e, .*l>i,0Mt; deficiency in Appropriation for new srhooMion>e, 1>C3. $ll.i)<*!, col.-r.d schools' proportion for O-'orgetown. two s' venth?, ?13-372 ir?4iWIUi Cif*!y Sfiioofo?Salari.-*, S2f..70L'; ron?inu-nr:o*, *3-ft40; di ficiency for 1373, t t->J9t>; contingencies, ?3J<0. Hon ft of lhirtal'*.?Pav of Speaker and mem hers ol tho H- use ot Delegate^ f .r regular session of 1S73, (UN; pay of chief clerk, A. davs, at S4 per day, A24o; pay of a--i*tant clerk,60 lays, at A3 per day, A'*H; pay . f enrolling clerk, til)days, at A3 per day, f ISO; pay ?.| eigroSHihgclerk, .!???, at ?3 per day, ?180; pav of sergeant at-arn>s,oo day*, at A,1 p-r day, ??;l-t); par of nie?cenger,todays, at 82p<T S12U. p*> of janitor, ?i days, at %1 per day, Ali); p'lv of d< orW.-je la>s,at r2 perdaj , al> . pav off )tir page-, .?24?\ T. tal.87v?s0 for ordinary, contingent and iacid.'Otal exp-ns?s of th.- House, including print ng-.f journal, <-aleu dar. bills, fitting np and cieauing, stationery, book binding, Ac . A6.i?i. fuunrtf-Salaries.. fticers ?.f the Couwcil for the regular session of H7;{- Ch'ef clerk,6>i days, at Al. #2*1, assistant clerk, 5U days, at 83, ?180, engruss ir.g< lerk.Ai 83, ^18>J; enrolling clerk. 6u U>?;at 53. 81"*'; sergeant at-arius,*J days, at #t, 1A>; nie?enger. ?u .lays, at 82, A120. T tal, ^l.iW: for [ordinary, contingent and incidental ex penses ,,f the C uncil, including st inting journal, calendar, bill*, fitting np and cleaning, stationery. book-,binding, dc., 81AW; f.J ail deficiencies in pa) merit of employes.* wf the R.w ol Delegates %nJ <'? nncil for the present and former sessions, |im A aur K'trslra^s Qfict.?Salaries, Sfl,S>); contin gencies, labor, high-service reservoir, Georgetown, no estimate* received. hoard of H'alth.?Salari.-t, f 2t,000; conting.-nt expense*. S40.l?JU. Sen</ry Fuel for Distrfet offi.-e?, Ihclnd irig Washington a->iuiu, 8?????'. Job printiug and ;?dverti?ing not otherwise provided for, 8a.iJi*<; rent ?>f Columbia building, A3.AV; rent of Governor's ai d secretary's office-, $1,500; rent of Legisl .rjve halL .?2-',<?,; miscellanei u? repainiof District . ftice* and building* rented by the District of Colombia, it cln-l'ng repairs heretofore made in Legislative Hall n* w roof. 83.1MJ. hr<mrasi<m and Expenses of tlic r?gig tra::-on and election of 1871, 815-000. t v Peor.?Burial of d<*ceased poor, .aj.OOt': transportation and relief off paupers. ? I JuO, otal for -111.<ir> *P"<'ial. 841-COO. rommwionert c*f SimiiMg Fm>t ?Interest on District of Colnmhia l.onds, 8JM.OU0: interest on water borid*. interest on b nd? late rorpora ti -n of Washington. 827t?J78^1; interest on (ie .rge U wn st.vrk. 815-J9 i)2. f.?r sinking fund on Vh>||< I d if bt cf th<-Di*tri< t <>f Cofvunbia city ol W.4?h itigton. 82S0aM4. *alaries, 81.000. contingent expen ie-. Jl.iMl * Tut*l% ? Salarie* of permanent offlcem, 8ftt3^:?5.76, temporary clerks, messengers, laborers, Ac . 82SJM46; adverti-ing, #37.101 uj; contingent an<l incidental. (X7JIM.U'. miecellan>-oa? and sp-*cial. 81 -167 A)7 74; permanent improvement*, al3u_stir grand total*, #2.224 9f7 44. ? Kaal Estat* Salar?The following have been nutde since oar last report: Latimer A Cleary. auctioneer*, hare sold parts of rwigiual lots numbered S and 4, in s^nar* No. 345, on the northeast corner of 11th and G rtreet* northwest unproved by a dwelling, lately occupied bv Lewis Johi.sonJI deceased, to George T. S< haffer, for #l>'; idso. the improved property in lot St 9 !*inare 345. situated on 11th street, between G a id II wr et* northwest, to C. Alexaad -r, for ?3U)0U. Green A Williams, auctioneer*, so|4 yesterday afternoon the following real estate : Part of lot 1 iu ?ju*re 4?i. having .10 feet front,9H fe?-t d.op, m re or less, with improvements, to Clifford Arrick. fo? 812^?ci. Tht* property is *itnat<-d on Lou'-tana iveniie. opposite City Hall. Also, part of M .ont PI. a*aut, <vpp. site Park H tel, l?efng 40feet front, rontaiiiing l44Gn s?inare feet, to R. A. Walker, at ?. cents per fo?>t. %7jHf>. Also. 16fe.-t 2 inches front b* "8 feet deep, fronting >n C street north, between 9tli aid Kth streets west, to Anthony Buchly. for MM. Dor.canson. D wliDg A Co. sold part lot 8, square 53S improved by a small house, for C. M. Matthews, tru-tee, to S. H. Howell, for #635, also, lot ?, it, srjuare 344, improved by frame house, on I *treet, near. rnerliJth street northwest, for R. giual.i Feu tell, trust-e to 8. B Ri ch. ? at 88.150. UwcccntrcL Attempt to Di?i>osgBf)t? -IrwiE U?i>miwoon?Citv Sergeant Stewart, Df Alexandria, with Mr. Wm. X. McVeigh, in whose favor the coart of appeals of Virginia recently decided the salt against Judge Under w ood for the proi>erty of the former held by the latter by virtue of a purchase made during McVeigh'* absence in the south during the war, served a writ of poiweMion on I'nderwood yes terday. I'nderwood replied that a writ of su persedeas had been granted by Justice Bradlev. of the I'mted States Supreme Coort. arid McVeigh did not get possession. As the latter left. I'nderwood stud: "Good-bye, Mr. McVeigh; Good ble?a you." Mr. McVeigh, in reply, said, '? Jndge. I can't conceal my feelings; I don't Ukeyon; I can't like yon." Jndge I'nderwood? " That must be with yourself." The jndge then bowed and left the room, aud the visitors took their departure. A Siw Mkdical S.kixty The board ot medical examiners ot the pension bureau met at the rooms of the medical referee last even ing. for the purpose of organising a medical society. Dr. Hood was elected chairman, and Dr. Page secretary. Drs. Carpenter, Weeks. Graham, Griinstead and Page were appointed a committee to draft a constitution and by-laws, to be pre a* nted at the next meeting. ? fruitful source of medical knowleiige, inaccessible to other medical societies, in the varied statistics ot disease which the Pension Office affords, will be largely drawn upon by this bodr, both in the interest of the government and the profession at large. ? Wa*t*d to Dkowh Hbbsblv Obaduallt. About 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, a white woman named Susan Barns, living with her sister in Burn's aliey, between 13% and 14th and B and C streets southwest, attempted to drown herself in the Potomac, at the place called the "Sycamore." It seems the two sA?i had been quarreling, and afterwards Sosan went to the bank and waded ont Into pretty deep water, at tracing a crowd oT men and boys. Officers Leach and Young being mat by, went ont and drew her to the shore and sent her to her ha^ I Thb Cobcobab Bmcabb Market?At a meeting yeateroay afternoon of the commis sioners appointed by the Governor to superin tend the erection off the ?rlrit Itnass on Oor eoran e.jnare. Mr. Campbellefflsred a reeelutioa which was adopted, that the Governor be re quested to sell the market house bends At as early a date as practicable, or to negotiate with tbe contractors fer the pnrchaee or the ?sr he may deem Advisable, in order that the* mar he enabled to pwh the work to aa early 00m pletion. Thb Boabd op PrBi-ic Wobkb have ordered Mr. Wm. D. Wise to rrasove the bridge ever ? d canal at Uth street. The sunerintendent ? were has bees directed to pat la a sower It the mouth At' aa allev la square 462, on Itrevt southwest, and the eaperintondent ??reefs f:a* been directed to pot said alley C ?i ccti lition. Andrew Oleason, contract! . been .Vreettd to repair the foot pave me 411.I flie cttrb, wfcerever sunken, on O street, between Uth and l?thstrict* northwest, at once TMN l^tUUtiTC AMfmkly. COUKCLL?At the meeting yesterday, Council bill* authorizing the pure haw of a site and the erec tion ?f * labile school building in the second school ?diMrkt; regulating i'mwi and exhibition# ind?xhl bitions of wtaiever kind in the sale end di<F?al i ' w?(?;tont?Hi?h a normal school in th- cil y "t Washington; for the relief of Tlwmw l??scll ind others from fne payment of an erroneous sewer tax, wer* severally read a second time arid referral. Mr Thompson prw?tt?( a petition from Andrew Rothwell pray ing to be relieved from payment of a paving li>> and requeued its reference to the com mittee on claims; soreferred. Tbe Chair Isid before the Council a cotnmnnica tion fr-mthe managers of the Providence Hwjpital, sh> wing the number of patient* in that institution from the District of Colnmbiajreferred to the coin n.ittee on heath asylums and chariti^. the tax BILL Tog 1874. Mr. Thompson Introduced a bnl imposing tar^s for the fivcaiyear ending Jone Juth, 1374, which was read a first time and laid over. . . The bill provide# that there shall be levied on all taxable real estate in the District of Columbia an aggregate tax of fl ??n each ?100 of the assessor s valne of said pr< perty; that the taxes collected from the inhabitants of * ashington, Georgetown and the county shall be kept separate by the collector,the sunistobe divided as follows: On property in the city ? f Wssh ngton for general fund of the District of Colombia, 45 cents: for gas for the street lamp* ahd public building*. IS cents; for the Metropolitan police, twelve cents; for the support of public schools, including solored schools, thirty-three cants; for interest on b?nds of the District "i Columbia, thirty-two cents; for interest on water stock and bonds of the District, four cents; for Interest on bond* of the city of Washington, thirty-f^ur ceut?; for the siuk Ing Innd of the District, twenty-live cents. On pi >perty in the city of Georgetown: for general fund of the District of Columbia, forty five cents; for gas for street lumps and public build ings, twenty cents; fi?r Metropolitan police, twenty cent*; fir the support of the public schools, includ ing colored schools, twenty-nine cents; for interest on boiMls of the District of Columbia, thirty-two cents; for interHt on water stock and bonds, f .iir cents; |or interest on bonds of the city of George town, twenty-five cents; for the sinking fund of ine District of Columbia, twenty-five cents. On pr >P^rty in the ounty of Washington: tor general fund of the District ot Columbia, forty-five cents; for the Metro politan p-lice, twelve cents; for th? support of ihe public schools, including col red schools and new ? chool houses in the county, eiglity-six cents; for in terest on bonds of the District of Columbia, lliirty two certs, fo' the sinking fund of the Disfric* of C lun.bia. twenty five cents. The following ex plana to ry statement accompanies the bill ? The Mil pr >vid?s for assessments at the highest rate of taxation allowed by organic law, ami even then will fall short of the amount required in the estimate of the government, but will afford a reve nue, if there be no abatement for prompt payment of taxes, of 41,910,01V, as follows: For interest on District of Co nnibia houds. ?3U6,6u?; for Interest on wster bonds, ?35.4?W; for interest on old debt, f'-r s tikir.g fund, ?238,730: total for inter?st silking 'tand, )SK74.i?>; for the general fund, f 429,7 Ut. for the Metropolitan police, SlU.*l)ll, for jhh sen ice, g 136,?**i; for the public schools, ; lotal, 41.91o J ai. The amount assessed f?r the ?en ersl fund, it ? ill be seen, is $429,751), out of which there must be Daid the salaries of all officers, the ex penses of the Legislature, the cost of the Are depart ment, the expanses vf the markets, the support of the poor, including physicians and apothecaries. ??>? expenses of the board of health, and all other inci dental and gereral expenses of the government. The estimates of tl e government show that it will require ?7'i5 515 S7 for these various purposes. APrt'ETlOSJH ST or THE SPECIAL IJirROVEMEXT KEPT Mr. Buker called up the resolution introduced on Friday last, asking the board of public works to turuish a *tat? meut of the apportionment of tlie est of the improvitnents and the respective amounts for which'the cit et of Washing on, Georgetown, and the ?<unty of Washington are liable under th? provisions of the act authorizing the District of Coimiit ia to create a debt for -pecial improverm nts H- said the bill called for inst the uif -rn> tri.*u reeded now in view of certain bills before the Coun cil Tie reso ution was adopted. Mr. Riley sal.united a resolution that the Presi dent of the IV uncil l>e requested to appoint a Com pr tent page for the Council hall at a compensa'ion of one dollar per day, to be paid out of the contin gent fund; ad< pted. Mr Goblin presented a KEMoN-Tl A>f E FRoM PR0Pf!RTT HoT.DRRs on the Colun.bia turnpike road, prayiug thai the tax as at present levied be re-adjusted so as to be more muitabl?, and setting forth at length the r?a sons, among v hich one that the road Is one of the main arteries >ading to the city by which th? in habitants are Mipplied with the produce of M iry lajd.thus making it of great benefit to the city by ch ap> ninf the produce with which the m irkots are supplied; hat from the foundation of the city to the year 1370, 'he road has levied a toll to all travel ers, which ha* been paid alike by residents on the line who are new heavily taxed its improvem >ut without a corresponding increase of value to the property proposed to benefited, Ac.; complaining that' lie greater part of the travel is induced by rea son of there being too large < emeterios and the re toim sebool Iwing located ou said road. whichdo not benefit the property. and that the proportion of ve hicles passing over the same are as one hundred for the three Institutions above-named to live for the property-holders, therefore showing the advantages of this road to be largely in favorof the former, ,tc.; referred to the committee on public works and prop erty. Adjourned HOl'SE OF DELEGATES.?'The H uns mot at 5 o'clock p m.; Speaker Campbell inthc chair. Prayer by Rev. Dr Uankiu. Under the call of districts, tlie following were in troduced:?By Sir Brown?Petition of Ann E. Liv ingston. asking to f>e paid for a portion of h-r laud which has b--en tak?u as a public road. Bv .Mr Cox?Bill making appropriation to pay damiges occasioned by tbe opening of Monroe and Aqueduct streetsJlieorgetown. Bt Mr. Brewer? Bill for ihe relief of Samuel A. Powell, (to refund taxes.) By Mr. Shepherd?Bill appropriation 912,IMO for the por< has.- of a lot *?ud the erection of an engine liv.u?v for engine company N?. 3. By Mr. Hunt?Bill pro viding for the sale of the central rtiard-bouse and ??reci|on of a new station-house. By Mr. Carr dl? Bdl providing for the sale of tlie stalls in the ea?tem tnaiket to the highest bidder. All of the above wen referred . LOOKING TO A EEW CTIOt or OPFICERS. Mr huioot offered ? resolution recitiug that as by the estimates of the controll<-r the sum of $-Vto.6>J /?> i? required to pay the salaries ot the permanent of ficers of the District government, and In lh"> judg ment of this House these large expenditures are more than arc- actually necessary; and as it isde ira Id' th at the m')ft rigid economy should t>eexi'rci?*-1 in order to preserve thcc.i-dit of the District and keep its Anilin es in a healthy condition, and that the rates ?f taxation should be kept as low as possible; and as it is desirable to use every economy in theoxpeudi :?re of the people's mt uey, and believing that e< on ?my is the foundation of all governments that are -?'?cessfully iuanaee<l; therefore that the Governor be, slid lie is liereliy, respectfully requested to in .'oim this House at an early d ijr as practicable what officers and employees of this District can, in his jadginent. be dispeitsed with without injury to the pnld Ik serv ice. , Mr. Smoot asked Its immediate consideration. Mr. TrimMe objected, and urged that it be laid over at least until to-morrow. Mr. Smoot moved a suspension of the rules, that ike resolution might be considered imrne list ly. carried?yeas 14. nays (Messrs. Carroll, Trimble and the Speaker) 3. Mr Carroll moved to refer tbe resolution to the committee on District officers; lost?yeas 7, nays 9. Mr. Murray moved a substitntethat the committee on District officers consult the Governor and ascer tain what officers can be dispensed with without det riment to the public service, and also that the com mittee on ways and means wait on the Governor nn<l ascertain how the expenses can be further decreased. Mr Dyer urged that the original resolution be adapted, acd, quoting from the Governor's message, said that he bad called attention to this subject, and it war proper for the House now to inquire how his sntrgestions can best be carried into effect. Mr. Brown thought that there should be no deli cacy on the subiect, and favoted the idea of Mk mat ter being placed in tbe bands of a committee. Mr. Olsgett said that he was satisfied from inter \ lews that lie had had with ths Governor that he would cheerfully take tbe subject in hand M r Shepherd favored the original resolution, and thought if it wat passed they would accomplUu the object. Mr. Murray sail that if the information was asked direct, the Governor would report the name* ot gen tlemen who would be looked on a? having tilled sine cure positions. Mr. Smoot urged that they were obliged to cm down from the word "go." The Controller's esti mate of ths expenses is 02.214.400, and the estimated revenue from tazss, at tbe highest rate uud'-r the law, is il^lOj?J0, and it is necessary to re:r.-nch. The Governor is the proper party?the responsible head of the government?and it was his duty to iu forrn the House how they coald cat down sonid of the expenses. Mr. Murray r"m*rked that his rssolntion went farther It was not only the cutting off of otiicers that was r*<inired, but other expenses should be re duced, and he had therefore included work for tbe committee on ways and means in hi" resolution. Mr. Wall mo\edto postpone tie- o- ni ler* of the sul ject until to-morrow eveniuj. L?st?yeas Messrs. Chase, Wall, and the Speaker?3; nays, 16 The substitute of Mr. Murray was lost?yeas, 9. nays, 10. Mr. Murmv moved ti amend by adding that th - committc e on ways and moans confer with th>< Gov ernor and ascertain by what means the expenses can be further reduced. Mr Smoot accepted the amendment. The original resolution as amended was al'ptel? ye?, W; nay (Mr. Carroll) 1. M1SCELUAMEOCS. Mr. Brewer introduced a bill to regulate houses of ill-fame (providing for the registration of the ??? <) pants, Ac.); which was referred to the committee on ^The Speaker laid before the House reports of the snditor, superintendent of assessments, superin tsudeut of property, and other officers uuier the Board of Public Works; which were erdered to be printed and referred. Also, report of Providence Hospital for the year ending April 1st, 137J, showing imnibsr of patients under treatment April 1st, 1872 2t, received daring the year, MS; discharged, S?, died,41; remaining under treatment April 1st, 1S7J, ^House bill for the establishment of an additional sleayu lire-engine company in the northern section of the city,and an additional book and-lsddcr com pany in the wo.tern section of the city, was taken up for iu third reading. Mil Wall submitted aa - dBent directing tbe conuBlttee on ftre depart of tbe two booses to visit the section of the city north of ? street and saat of 7th, and select a suitable site tor the erection of a new engine-house. On motion of Mr. Snoot, tbe further cousidcrotion of the bill was po*t|*jn<-d. Mr. Brown introduced a resolution calling open

tbe Governor for a detailed statement of the ex penses of the county schools for tbe past year. Mr. Smoot offerM an amendment that the Governor be requested to inform the Homse whether the expenses of said schools can be red need. Tbe resolution as ?irenOed was adopted. A communication was received from tbe Qoreraor transmitting the accounts of the Washington gas light company; also, transmitting a copy o7 the me morial of the Arkansas legWniure, in relatloD to the payment ot bounties to colored soldiers who are ?one OB th* company rolls m slaves; also, trans mitting tbe account of parties tor matertalfarnisiiAd for tbe > onstruction of the small pox huepitaL ra ferred to tbe apvroprmte eommittaf. On motiuit ot Mr Carroll, tbe rules were suspend sd, and be repntwd from the committee on markets thvorablv B<mse bill making aii appropriation for ths roniMetion of the Bastsrn market-bouse; read a second thus aod laid over^ Adjoqfaed. Davoimvi Coiiditiob #y Mm. Tocni, w?o stas tSJtnrao by a BraoLAn?Y? ' attempted t* rob his Bom, ?? B str ???*, on Tkttndty Bifbt Inst. They btrge picce of the skull bone, and m lnltm that Mr. ofrtcvTVry, Am Iatfre?tlBff Qw?. ?WAlCOKTWroKTHI FoBSSSSieK O* TBI CHAKI.ES VALLACH PBOriKTT. This Afternoon In the Court in General Term, I General Albert Pike mad* the concluding ar gument n the cane of Wallach a?t. Van Ris wick. 1 his cam comes from the Equity Court, and the Vact* are as follows: The complainants, R. 8. Wallach, C. M. Wallach, atKl J. M. C. .Wallarh, Mate, that on the 25U> day or Septem ber, 1854, their father, Mr. Charles S. Wallach, executed his promissory note to Henry N. Lans dale for *5,000, pa v able fire years after its date, aad on the same day he and his wife, Mrs. Susan L. Wallach, executed a deed of trust to Mr. James M. Carlisle, as trustee for the prop erty now in litigation, subs. 15, 16, and 17, square 533, fronting on Indiana avenue, with certain other pieces of property, to secure the payment of the note to Mr. Lansdale. That on the 9th day of June, 1862, a sale was made by Mr. Carlisle of the other pieces of property em braced in said deed of trust, with application by liim of the proceeds arising therefrom, being 94.500. as a credit on the note. That on the 1st day of December, 1862. the defendant, Van RiswickP purchased from Lansdale the note and security of the trust deed. That on the 29th day of July, 18?3, a decree of condemnation was entered agasnst the proper ty in controversy by reason of Mr. Wallach > continuing to be, from and after the 17 th day of July, 1872, an officer in the army of the Con federate States. That on the 9th day of Sep tember, 1863, a sale was made in pursuance of the decree, and the property purchased thereat by defendant Van Riswick. Price, 12,300. That on the 3d dav of February, 1*166. Mr. and Mrs. Wallach executed a mortage with of sale, o* certain terms, on the property in controversy, to defendant Van Kiswick to se cure the payment of an alleged indt l.tedn -ss of *12,000. That on the 17th dav of August, 18?>7, defendant Van Riswick sold tne property under the mortgage, which was struck ort to J. J. ?Johnson, Esq., as attorney for defendant Van Riswick. at a bid of ?11,o*jd? the sale being ob jected to by M r. Wallach. That ontheivfdiy of February, 1*72, Mr. Wallach died, and the deed of trust to Mr. Carlisle remains iu t\ill force, being uncancelled. The complainants tiled a bill for a discovery and an account, and to recover from Van Ris wick such sums a-< may be found due them. To this bill the defendant, by his counsel, Messrs. T. J. Purant and T. A. Lambert, tiled a demurrer that the said complainants have not, by tbeir bill, made snch a case as entitle tlnm, In a court of equity, to any discovery from the defendant, or any"relief agaiust him. The case was then argued on the demurrer, atid the court (Judge Wylie) allowed the same and made a decree dismissing the bill, and from tills decision an appeal was taken. The principal point made by the eomplain ahts is that Mrs. Wallach having joined with her husband in executing the trust deed of September 28th. 1854, to Mr. Carlisle, and that trust deed remaining outstanding and uncan celled at. the time she executed with him the ?mortgage of February 3d, 1866, and at the time of the sale of August 17, 1*?7, under that mort gage. she had no dower right to dispose of, or which the defendant could acquire at siid mortgage sale. Her Brief , Tjn'rZ *kenCam' A>ar Mollis % Jtre,*.1rtau~ 7Literal ", Aflr'flin ,f" M'lkere Skt >'nt AJUr Office Ilourt?A t/atculute V ammen,led fvr Vi,miltat. PPIgisigf several elderly female clerks who lonT^?,, 2 d?v1Srtffra ?f' when?tLt.;i judgment," and'who w?re greatTy''shocked th j atifrwli'n'1 f>y theoo^duct of a voting clerical swisrsssjffs .taiSSrtffir is was appointed about a vear since hi reproach, so far as reputation*? mss plgg character. and that through hef J!ii bureau, who pawed her off .I s?1 V1? S!eyrwi^0endcJSbie *toT c?n w ?tt?3?S5 Krt Offl^ lT 8^cial *?eni Cornstock,<of?tSe &EsS28rS5&& and to convince them thata ?h.7,Ji. hi10?' 5SL' 0?f" IgMM StePP lachrymose He,wa? penitent and ducer in the matter- that it h??} - and that the ?WguUritieL" ?'ae??*' were committed out of oflMhonn .^ of quently could nnt i? ? coiwe & &=? sffsr 5? ~I^ThlshSh,d^ytoreMm^ K duSu* ??*??&'t^rssiU'irss zzoro& t'on. and ,t i-Kght m the ? fecomm"'"U good clerk and Is ven! wnufa/ mVl K* may be transferred to ? y' he retained in the department Be thu^?tU *nd the head of the bureau feels U ,ma-v his duty In the premiss " l,e has doj*> Jo"^ni^oo?5?7"-?r ?? u, communication was receivedrrnm i ry' a a asking that the cue of im2L2?,?'j considered, and asreeini/ti ?^ii . ^erfortl Ih> the school S^wTO"/ ^atvif relea8ed Torn SSSSS^""""" SiZ pgssrs&ssTshaTL~ s?b,u? to srsi adm>ted"thlVVhP?w "!?. * re80'ution, which was asiS'-was citizens for dam^miS?k-the^ij,M #f tained in coiWu^m ^?n ??* menta by the l?l,r0T* C. Bradley clal^mM an^M^cfrl!^,^; mlned ti jyfnl>r <?Ht; finally liww 4eteT ?oon as practtcabtote aa ?%y be ?P?rt m early a day^^bta?*^ Ammml?? toWhSi?TkUBO* topitAl' * ISStSSm ?" wSS?? I he fUk a?rkru. Aibxasi>ria- VuotMtouor m? tab for this day, fnrnlibtd to Thi Stab bv Ueorge W. Harrison A Co.. wholesale dealers In ftsh. Nod. 42 King St.. 50. 51. 5fl flab wIimtm, Alexandria: Shad, per hundred. 311.75 to ?12 rrt; Herring, pe? tlousand, S4.75 to *5.50; white perch, per hunch a?; rock, per bunch. 20 to 35; offal, per bunch. 10 to 15. Arriving fteflv. Washugto*?To-day, at the Washington fid) wharves, the following sale# to shippers were made by H. A. Golden A Bro.. agents:? P.OuOshad. from *10 to H2; 100,000 herrings ttoin t4 to S5; 200 bunches perch from 20 to 25 cents. We are requested To stat* that the sale of dfy goods at Duncanson, Dowling & Ce.'s will not lake place to-morrow, as that dav has been set apart to deliver the goods which have been sold. Bayers are requested to call and get their purchases. The sale will continue Thurs day morning, when the paisley and other shawls, silk plush, Lyons velvet and velveteens will be sold. Sales every morning and evening at 10 a. m. and 7 p. m. f THE COrKl ? PROBATE COl BT. Judtt Oltn -Ye?erday the will of ThoniA* Lundv, bequeathing his property to hs sold and directing the proceeds to be di\ Med. was fll' d, pf' ve?. sod admitted to probate. The will r?| the late Frederick Hillnier. bequeathing hi* -?ta'e to hie father, brother and sisters, was also admitted toprohale. To-d?y, the will of the late Daniel Pampson was partially proven. The will of the late Victor Han not was admitted to probate, and letters temniu-n tary were ordered to be issued to UeoreeWhi e. E irabeth Freund utialifie.1 a* cuardiau of orphan* of John Onndliitg?bond S*>0 Letters of adminis tration d. b. n.,with the will annexed, of Lewis 8and> rs. were issued to Charle* f. H< lley. 8 H'. K. Handy ?ioaliti'^1 a< administrator of W W.Bu lev?bona Christine K.tuh qualified as ad iiiiiiis"-atnx I Gottlieb H H-nh's estate; and Li cretia V B? 11 on the estate of Charlotte Foster. POLICE COURT. Ju.ltf SmeU.?T? day, John Kv.ltj was cbatrKcd with .???ault and bartery .11 John T Smith, who teetifl d that the assault ?.n made in a committee r^oni at IKId Fellow Hall, navy-yard. Complainant had been sumnioaed t fore a c mmittee, and after the case had l?een d1* posed of defendant pushed in through the d'?or, a id catching hold of him by the thrat struck him ? iH'avy blow with hi-list ><n his head. B-th pirt'es lied been summoned there; .?5 and costs. M >rtis Rhrdes, assault and battery on an unknown person: #5. Tyler Jones,a heavy-bailt colored man,< har(r.*d with assault n? Willis Stanley. a ?mali white boy . cut'ine his head with a st??e; flne and e <?ts. Dem Is Gallagher. tJeoree E. Brook, <;eo. F -ster, Henry Barues and others forfeited collaterals, charged with minor offence*. Marion Hurdle, pro fanity; $3. Peter Mulhall. violation of cart I ?w regulating distances to be observed; ?3. James <?f fott, disorderly in Georgetown: *S. Thomas C<> dc-rick, profanity; $3. Ben. ade, charged with throwing stones on the street; #llt. Mary Haniill. profane; ?3. Mary Nichols, enrsing on the stre><; 93. Row McDevitl, same offeace: SI. Anthosv Smith, violation of cart law; 95. R-d?-rt Brooks, permitting a fierce and dang-rons dog to run at large; f a. F. J. Brook,charged with the d-stmc tioti of a door and lock of the Centre market-hoase: 4k). An appeal was taken. James Joy was tired J5 for dieonterly conduct on 4>a ?tr>-?t. Msrgaret Rolin.charged with selling lienor without li<-ev->e; judgment suspended. Be lle Wilson, a ttu^rant, *.t? "i-nt to tl?e workhonse. GEORGETOWN. Sociaf.LE The ladles of West Georgetown M. K. Church have arranged to give an enter taining sociable at their church, corner of Fay ette and 7th streets, to-morrow evening. Good music and the delicacies of the season served at the hands of agreeable ladies. See adv. A Modoc Idol.?There is a Modoc idol at the warerooros of the Washington and New York steamship company iu this city, secured bv Got. Lyon when he was Governor of Idaho, and Which he had stowed away as of little or no importance. It is made of lava and represents a Modoc squaw, and was made in honor of a victory achieved by the Modoc squaws in an engagement with some of the other Indian tribes. It will be shipped aboard the next steamer for New York, where the Governor will receive it. Kivkk New*.?'The steamer John Gibson ar rived to-day from New York, with a full cargo of general merchandiV. and the schooner Geo. Henry arrived 1Y?m Norfolk with 30,909 feet of lumber for the WUeatly Bros. Fish Wharf?The'receipt* of li?h to-diy were the largest of the season s<> far, amounting to fin,000 herring and 10n shad. The herring tohl at 94 to iM-30 per thousand and the shad at J12 per hundred. Canai. Trade.?The canal-boat Seneca ar rived to-day from Seneca, with flour, null-feed, and corn, consigned to T. C. Wheeler, and t'uo canal-bout Bound Top, with 830 barreia ce ment, consigned to Geo. Waters. 0 I TY ITE M S. SrRtwo ast> Suxmek IIatb?Willett A* ltuofl, !X>o Pennsylvania avenue, to-day open their well-selected stock ot spring and stirntner hats for men, boys and children. Call and ex amine before purchasing. A Corc.H, Cold or^Soke Throat requires immediate attention, as neglect oftentimes re sults in some incurable lung disease. "Hrotri't Bronchial Trocket" will almost invariably give relief. C,t,th.s The Cestavr Linjmert?has cured?does i cure, and will cure more cases of Rheuma tism?stiff joints, swellings, and lameness uptn man and beast in one day, than all other arti cles have in a hundred years. One says:?"I have not held a pen in seven months?now I am all right." 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ThU standard preparation will speedily cure a cough or cold, and even Consumption often yields to its great power. . 6 I.ovERg o? Champagxe, take notice! All kinds of imported wine on draught! Twenty five cents! At the new sample rooms of Geo. W. Driver, corner Peiftasylvania avenue and Four-and-a-half street. 4,5 JrLiPR, Swashes, Cocktails and other prescriptions carefully compounded by Geo. W. Driver and his corps of efficient assistants at the new sample rooms corner Pennsylvania avenue and Four-and-a-half street. 4,5 Tested bt Tike.?For throat diseases, colds, and coughs, "ftww'i Bnmckial Troches" have proved their efficacy by a test of many years. tfthfS , Pohd's Extract Is for sale at wholesale by Chas. Stott St Co., 480 Pennsylvania avenue, and by druggists everywhere. t,w,f,tf Shirts wade to Order?Gentlemen fur nishing their own material, can have their Shirts aiade to order at the shortest notice, at Keen's, 422 9th street northwest. Satisfaction guaranteed. t 4,19,1: Tn oowwmriTT at lar, Geo. W. Driver's new sample root Pennsylvania avenue and ~ ?a-half eeSCI jmll* or tyaash, manipulated in to Ge?*. W. Dnv< r% lb* i 1, Bls:u te. w-f 6c. It Is always r Tuly and tHW. I Georgetown Advertisement*. ^SOCIABLE attwb WEST GEOBGETOW N M E.CHURCH. BINI FIT OF ?E SABBATH SCHOOL, Tohfkltf tbe Church. 7?fe VSJ,Jlvr rtr<-rti>.G*"rfrt?'cn,oii HEDNW'Al K* ENlNO, Mar 7th. 1<3. LKxjrs open at 7:J0 p. ? Admit - tucf 8 cent*. y U f THOMAS DOW LINO, AKtV; Georgetown. tOfKWOOP PIANO, STOOL AND fOVERjH C PARLOR SET. *ASY t HalRFJTRrONS AND CORNICES. BBUSSELS 4ND OTHER C.ABPETS, WALHUT CHAMBER S IT8, COOK AMP OTHER STOVES AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY MORNING.May 7th. |9lu II o'clock. I will sell. at the re-id-rce. f HI IT a lady declining hooeeke,?eing. No 44 l*t street. between MtrM Mid Frederick, * general assortment of H ?<rh 'M Good* We otmf; Rom wood Pisno, (Heinecamp.) and Stool, Haircloth and walnut Parlor Suite, Mirror. ( French Plate,) with Bracket and Slab, Easy Chair*. Curtain*. Cornice#, tc., Biu*eels, Ingrain, and other Carpet*. Matting, Whatnot, and Parlor Tables. Walrut Chamber S ts, Cooking ao>l other Stoves, Bi4by'? Carriage, very superior. Mahogany Crib, with Blankets, Matre*ee-. and, Toilet Sets, Hair and Hn?k Mattress**, WoolCcuif- rts, Spreads. Sheets, Pill.-w-slips, Bru*cl?, Stair Carpeting, B.sis at?.l Linen, Gent's Writing Chat,'. Ladle* Workatand, Solid Walnut Table for inTalid. Plate Warmer. Walnut Extension Table, Mahogany Sideboard, Wardrobe#, DinitiK Chair*, Picture*. Fire screen, Table Linen. Wine Cl'tb, and Napkin*, Chafing lushes, Tut*. Wringer, with other articlea too nuDH roui to DK nti??n. trfi jt THOS DOWLINO. Auct B~ Y THOMAS DOWLINO, Auctioneer, 139 Bri<lg<- street, Georgetown. PCBI.IC BALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED HEAL EST\TE. SITUATE OS PtJ*B\RTj>N fcTKERT. BETWEEN GREEN ANI> MONT GOMERT STREETS. GEORGETOWN D C? AND M M BE RED 44. 47, 49, 41, 43, 44, AND 4? . _ eUaTing determined todi*p*e of ?ny property in the District, I will offer on tlie preniN as above nuir>?>er?d. at pnblic *ale,toth? highe?t bidder,on THURSDAY, Mav l*t. at 4 p valuabb IIand Lota. The |->cation i* plea?ant and healthy, the house* in goM c >ndiM. n. with modern convenience*; the sidewalks and streets have been n-cntly lev<-l(vl and repared. Terms of sale: One-third caah; the balance in I, 12 and 18 month*; deferred p.?> mwiits secured bv deed of trust upon premise*; $ 1(10 paid on day of sale. Conveyancing at the coat of the pur. baser. The term* of sale to ha complied with in five day*, otherwise the property to be resold at coat of de faulting purchaser. JOHN DAVIS al2 d&ds THOMAS DOWLINO, Auct. THE ABOVE SALE 18 POSTPONED, on ar< "ant of the rain, until TUESDAY, Ma> bth, same hour awl place. _ mS THOMAS DOWLINO, Auct. BY THOMAS DOWLINO, Auctioneer, 138 Bridge ittcet, Georgetown. TRUSTEE* SAl Err VALUABLE MILL PROP ERTY IN GEORGETOWN, D O. By virtue ot a deed of truot, duly rer.?r4ed in L:; Liber N C. T. No. 34, folio 447, Ac.,of th- land ?^record* of the District of 0"iumt>ia, and at tl>a request of the parties *ecured thereby, the under signed, as trustee, will off.-r for ?ale at pub'ic an * tion, to the highest bidder, at d:30 o'clock p m.,oa THURSDAY. May lJ.I-CS, on the premises,all th real estate mentioned aud described and conveyed in ?aid deed of trust . and the building*, improvement., rights, way*, aud appnrt. nance- to the s.tme belong ing, being a portion of ground *ituate<l at the north Mat corner of tie- intersection of Wat. 1 and P>to niac streets. in Georgetown. in said Di?trict. of ahicliapart front* f.-et "ii Water *tr?et,and ex tend* bark nt'rtb of that width 41 fe?*t, and an<4h->r part adjoin* the former part on the n>>rth. and front* 911 S 12 feet on Potomac street, extending back ea-t of that width 71 fe<-t to an alley, impro\?d with thre* large three-eiory brick building*, sow occupifl a- a I aper mill. Teininof sale; One-third ca*h; balance in two (21 notee of eijual amounts, payable respectively in one and two year* alter date, with interest at si* ?.-r cent, per annum, inter?*t payable *.mi annually, s. ciireil by a <|erd .rf trust >i|v>n the premises ?.>| I; ?25<i to be paid at the time of -ale All couvej auciug at purchaser"? cost. It the terms of wale l>e n 4 com pliwi ?ith within six (4) day* from the time of nal.-, the property will be *,,ld at the riak aud coet of th? dt faaltiiig purchaser. *D SHOEMAEER. Tru?t?e. mS-a.t.tb.ti THUS DoWLING, Auct r. DRY GO<il>? AT POPI LAR PRICKS. For GOOD IIAROAINS be snre to go to BENJAMIN MILLER, 101 Bridge vtreet, Georgetown. Jnpnm-ee Poplin* at IS and lie.; Japanese Bilks, ?0c , 74c., #1; plain Drew G'skIs, In all th" new Color*. 16c., 37Hc., 90c.: Black Silksfr m 91.29 to S3: Black Grenadine* from 2V. to Jl; beautiful Plaids for children, 15c.,fcc., 25c.; Victoria Lawtv<, ??.. JSc., S7c^j Pi'jue*, ?c ,25c , S7c? 6#c , Black Alpaca* and Mohair*, a apb-ndid aualitv, ax low as 90c. Cloth*, Cassimers, Linen Drills; all the novel tie* in Parasols; one case more of the splendid 4 4 Bleached Cotton, 12>ac. ap2S tr JJlADf FOB TUB SPRING TRADE. With a fnll corps of first claw workman, a com plete stock of the beet foreign and domestic Dye etulfe, Ac., Ac., I am fully prepare* to CLEAN OB REtSiLOR LADIES' AND OENTS' SPRINW AND SUMMER WEARING APPAREL, promptly and in the beet manner. W. H. WHEATLEt, PREMIUM ST HAM UYKlNti AMU SCO Oh IN& WOHKS, , ESTABLISHED 1?31. Preminm awarded 1?57. Office.40 Jefferson St , GeorgHown, D. 0 Post Office Bom 783. ap7 tr KEEP CP APPEARANCES, e^ecially when it owtsso little, at A. STRAUS', 1011 Pennsyl vania avenue, near Ilth atraet. a2S yyi HAVE JUST RECIITK* ?0 DOZEN LADIES' SKIRTS, WHICH WE AKE SELUXO AT ?t* CENTS PEE SEIRT. LOU*WOOD, HUFTY * TAYLOR, HI PENNSYLVANIA AYENCB, al-tr Metropolitan Hotel Block. Old. ) _ _ _ t Mew, So.4W PaPERHASGIMGS. < No. 410 7th St.t f7ia St. HOW OPEN AT MIIIIIIII'I, No. 439 7th street, between D and E streets, Eight doors above Odd Fellows' Hall, FAFERHANGINGS of new aitd stylish designs of the beet fabrics and ft nisb, selected with due regard to harmony of celor, durability, richnees and econo my. A large portion made specially to order, em bracing beautiful stripe aud other designs In Gilt and Plain Colors, appropriate for drawing rooms, Ac.; X and 40 inch plain tints for aaniplinf with gilt rod or finishing plain, with a fall line of medium and low-priced Papers, patent and perfect repreeen tations of and Marble,fur pann-ling halls and vestibules. BORDERS in Gilt/Velvet and Gilt Imitation Fresco, and Common; Center Pieces. French Fire board Prints, Ac., making the largest and moat complete asm rtmeiit in the District. WINDOW SHADES. New designs, different *izes ant color*; also, Plata Goods in Pearl, Chocolate, Lavender, Green and Stone Colors for Baking into Shadea. Shades 1 to order. PICTCBB FRAMES. Solid Oral, Walnut and Gilt, aud all Gilt Frames from 3x4 to Sill inches. Bog Oval Frames for Wreaths at cost. A beautiful selection of French and AtuMcan Gilt and Velvet Frames for Ivory type and PortOtin Picture*. Card Frames in great variety. Frame* made to order. PICTURE CORD AMD TASSELS from Card to Portrait Site, different colon; also. Gold Plated, Tinned and Wire Center Picture Cord, very superior goods; Porcelain and Brass Head Pic ture Nails, Bines, Screw Byes, Ac. PAINTINGS. ENGRAVINGS, CHBOMOS, Ac. A limited, but choice, selection ia appropriate frames always in store on exhibition and sale. Chromos and Engravings ordered. Orders far Paperhanging. Window Shades or Pic tare Frames punctually tUsd and satisfaction guar anteed. Terms cash. Please rememl>er name. Old No 4SO. 1. MARIRITIR, and number 419 7th r?' al? lm Between D1 JUSTICE TO ALL, partiality to none, isalways . -otto STEADS', Clathier. 1011 Penn, VIENNA EXPOSITION. CIRCULAR LETTERS OP CREDIT, tsaogp n JAY COO EE * CO. The Ctreolar Latter la a latter of Introduction ta bankers of character lArawgAssrt (As mtM, I Pan Information will b< Moa ta parses er By letter JAV COOBE * CO., ?_ WASHINGTON. JgTONB MABOBS AMP BUILPEBB. 1 lit B*1 ? ?s.?isn,MW selling i BOOKS, STATIONERY, Aa. nii^u ? nn<-iH>a >m D>" H^ndrr*'!! '! 0?nt?'niii| for Waring'* Drat in* *or Pr-tU Fuller* Small fmlt Cnltni Bryants librari or pobtby mo P?SO, H V. STOW 1*8 LIBRAKT OF FAMOCS FIO Tbeechicb'8 tin of christ. a*. Subscriptions r*c?ir*d at 1411 Penn*ylr?nia a? bishop * nAt.Mtn ^GBICrLTCBAL BOOKS. J<>hb*ton% AgrVrltoral Che?ilatrT?91 TI American Gardener* Ap?(?t?nt I SO Allen's American Farm Book S M - Frosr i at i and H-altk 1 M ? ^ nit arat I M Filler* Grape Cntt?re.__. I SO Fiti* Snth.ra Arple Cultnrtet I Ti Wrigbt% Practical F.mltrr Kwfrr t W Langatroth 'Hitbe H?ney M IK Kultll^ ?bw? Umbmtrt 1 fc> B >r*e Owner*- Cyclopaedia.? I *fl Y nart oo the P.*? S "B All Ike tf* book a rrerlrtd a* ?- n *? pr ?b?4 br B1CHABD B MOHt'N t JO., a?-tr IQIIPenm |T?n?e, Mf??r Hit' ??!*??. |^1ST OF NEW BOOKS AT SHILLING TOTS BOOMTORKi LITTLE KATB RIKPT A Morel B pi Mattie A?trai and firrli-S Cfluft* >n. THE COMING BACK. B> Edward Bu:*?r L->r< Lyttoa J THE WIDOW LEBOGIB. A Moral. Br In I* Gaboriaa. THB BEBBEB; o?. THE mountaineer OB TI1E ATLAS B MS Mavo. NOT EASILY JEALOrS. A Morel. TO THB BITTEB END H Nik B video. LAKEY1LLE B> Mary H all*. REPTILES AN1> BIROS. A New 1 liticn. EDUCATION IB JAPAN. HALF HOUR BECRKATION* IK POPl'LAB St IENCE, U?t. 7. All the bark nutnl-*"* ng han't. POPULAR SCIENCE Monthly volnn?? 1 an.! t. ELKMKNTABY TREATISE ON > ATl'R.M, PHILOSOPHY. B Pr-if??*ir limit. BEY TO NoBTH AMERICAN BIROS C-ntata inr aoonclee aroonnt of mwj ipcMol* and F<wil Bird*. HARPER'S HAND BOOK OF VMMYEL 131 EFBOPE A I arc stock <*f Blank B->k?. P*? B->ok*. and M -rr -randiini B >-?k?. N-*te Pap?-r, L ?t<*r P*p-r, and Pla> itu: Card* at tfce very Ixweat prices at tr F^TERT MOTHEiTTUB DOCTOR OF HU !i OW# FAMILY if .he (eta Or UA'M HEALTH AT HOME at STOCKMAB A SOB'S, ??? 9th atreet t?>"rthw eat The COTTAGE HI HL E to he had lb?n alao. Two good AGENT? warned. nits tr ^HE WORKS OF TUoMAS GITURIE, D P. The 0?pl In Errkiel TI-- Saint* Inh- ritauca. Tbe Wat ..I Life. On tbe Parable*. Illn?tr*t<-d. Breaking to the H--art. Stu.ii"* of Chirw"-r. Plea for Ragged School*. Tbe tfity; it* Sins and S>rro*??. At WM BALLABTYNE*. aS ?tf? Ttkatreet. ^OTIOI. OPBNIBO OB A BRW STATIOMBBY BTOBS AMD BLABK BOOK MAMCFACTOBY. Flnrt-clam g??d* at fair priow.for caab. LITH*GBAPHING. E NO RATI NO, PRINTING ABD BINDING DONB TO OBDBB. The pnblic ara larttad to call and examine onr Mt ?tocfc. ben F. FRENCH, Voder Natl >nal Metropolltaa Bank, and next door to Jay Oooka A Oo V aeij tf Washington. D. C. GROCERS. AO'HAREftlU\ IB 13 7TM STREET KOBTHWEST. i Between M and N at* ) boa PI SOAPM Proctor A OiunMr^ celebrated Clncitinati Ollv* SOA P. tb?-l**t in the m*rVrt-M ceuta per |vajil bar, e>tC. b) tbe bus of ?) lb*. HAMS, Ac. In "tore 1,000 lb*, extra .jnality 8 i?tr Can-' HAMS. 9 U* extra white LARD, Bl. FrmJi Graham FLtiUH. irga beat wti?*t FBEsU OATMEAL. ryk FLOl 8 liquors : uguous:! OH Baker WHISKY. OM Catinet WHISKY. V |i<aky S )?-ai> <>id. per SI 09 California Brat.di. |?-r bottle? 1 <?> Holland Olr.. per tu rtle 1 ti Frt-iiCh Braii!) , per bottle .. - I M SWKIT CATAB BA WISE, (I per gallon. Pnre SWEET CIDER. Philadelphia ALE aod FOBTEB. C. S. O'HARE ft BOX. al? lata 7th at. n. w . ?-tw-en M and N. P L ? li R 1 mmcmivmv on;an an the Mill* in VALLEY OF Y1BGINIA. Will sell to families AS rent* par barrel lea* tbaa venal pricea. Price* of SUGARS and TKA8 all Barked down. CATAWBA WIMB, jn?t received from Pleaaaiit Yalley W iDe Company. ? BagaUoa. . B. H. BACON, YOB Market . maifl t?** wean 7th and 9th THE TRADES. ?^KRAIG A LAGiBPL'SH, Hrr?*T HomaLc*^00"""01 practic al coppersmiths, at*-ltn' Batween Sth and 9th ?>*. northwest. C^&UUHm and builder. te.* ed tT^SSff ter4L'. HOOAM. T1S Market Space. Manitfactarer of AM MINGS, for Store*, City and Conair, Reaideare* . TKNTS and FLAGS for sale or rent. AWNING MATBRIAL ?f all kladafor aala. Sole Agent for genuiut M1LDEW PROOF AWNING MATBBIAL. apU tr pLCMBXMO AMD OAS-FITT1MG. Tboa* deairlag to have their Plnabtac and Baa Fitting done In a neat atid snbatantial Manner, and on raaaonabte t. rtua, ab< nW leave Ui-ir order* at 113 Pennsylvania aTeaae, Capitol Hill. Work warranted. tr-Ra* WM BOTH WELL. /-"ALL OM JAMBS F. BBIBN. V Practical Phtmbm tmd (rw Aon, to bare yonr Plumbing, Oa* Fitting, and Beveraga aroinptly attended to on maaonable term. No. SBV L< oi?iana a*eoae, neardtb street, nortb aide. Beaidence, BSB Ml ? treat, r HIRM, FLAGS, TKMTB. O CO PEL AMD, .oaadoor an AWMIMBB for Moras, city andO rsraerrk* in stria and Rniab. FLAGS and TENTS Waal* and BOOMS DBCORATED. All Caneaas art idea made to ardsr DANCING CLOTHS J B. fl'RTOKI, CARPEMTKR, BVILVMM. ill OOBTBAOTOB. arOo M st. t ?amr MUM m **'?* -a, ? ? Qa. rniuii, noroBAL stwjp, Mf ALL DM B?TA3efc. l#4SSiP; * WOMATT, LUMBER. LUMBER, ?AB9WOODS 4 BFBCLALTT BOI4 GUT 10 QBJtKM.

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