Newspaper of Evening Star, May 7, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 7, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. Y S. RO Largest Circulation ii the District Reading Matter on E?ery Page WASHINGTON CITY: , HEDXEHDAT Mmj 7, V9' IKnlh mt (Mef Jvtin Cfcw* bear ?i>b proio,rd regret of the ilfatk of Hon. Salmon Por411*' Chw?, Chief Ja?tice of the Supreme Court of the United States, which occgrr^ ?* New York thin morning. The health of .Judge G*** b*" tor several rear* pact been such as *? admonish his l'rlends of the extreme uncertainty of hi* tenure of life, yet the suddenness with which the an noun ce ment of his death snallv rones n}?on the public is nevertheless so unexpected as to shock and Bidden all heart#. During hi* eventful, useful, and honorable life, Mr. Chase wa* called to 111 many high po sitions of great delicacy and responsibility, bat he never occupicrf one that he did not honor, j as well by his many private virtues as by his rare industry. his spoiler* integrity. and his pre eminent intellectual ability. Like all men oc cupying prominent stations it wa* his fortune to have it any and bitter opponents in the coarse of his political career, bat his mort un scmpnlons enemy never breathed a suspicion as to the purity of hi* character as a privata <!*??<,> ot lila -iu as a public officer. He wa?, indeed, one of the very few great men of the world w1fc> did not grow smaller the nearer one came to him- It was the good fortune of the writer of this i-oor tribute to his memory to i know him well and to enjoy his personal Iriend ship and confidence for mmy years, and of all men we ever knew there wait none other to whom we would so quickly point the young men of this country as a model of all that is ! honorable anal noble in private or In public life as to Mr. Chase. Hut there is no need of words in his praise. Ilia hi?tory is a part of the history of the coun try, and his name and fame will grow brighter with each succecdlng year ?? his motives and the influence of his acts become clearer and better understood. A gentleman in vhis city from IMxon, Illinois, I the scene of the terrible bridge disaster a few days since, says that the insecurity of bridges of the same patent as that at Dixon was demon strated even before the gne in question was erected. While it was being built a structure of the same patent fell at Geneva, Illinois, but the explanation of the patentee that it fell be cause or its unfinished condition seems to have been satisfactory to the authorities of Dixon, who allowed the contractor to proceed with the construction of his man-trap. A letter from Dixon to a New York paper asserts that this is the fourth bridge of the kind which has fallen, and says one at Elgin, Illinois, actually fell of its own weight. It is hard to say which of the par ties are the most culpable?the authorities or the contractor. The law should hold somebody re sponsible for similar accidents or we shall con tinually hear of their recurrence- It is becoming altogether too common for builders to erect cheap structures, which even a strong gust of wind renders insecure. Some of the rows of modern house*, ' built to sell," are of so frail a character that it is doubtful if they could stand alone and unsupported by adjoining buildings. In one instance at least in this city, an unfin ished brick building at the end of a row was blown down by the wind. It is full time a stop was put to the business of building slight and insecure structures ot all kind*. The laws ought to be made stringent, and should be rigidly en lorced. The son of Da. Thomas, the Feace commis sioner murdered by the Modocs, writes a long and gushing letter trom San Francisco to ex I ress his delight at the martyrdom of his father in the c-ute of peace. '-Not the poor Modocs, but the rapacious, lawless, perfidious whites are guilty of his blood,** says young Mr. Thomas. "We blame no one for his death. Now that the first shock 1 as passed away we find more to re joice in than to mourn over,'' and then he pro ceeds in his canting twaddle to thank the Cali- ' lorn la Senator through whose agency his father was appointed upon the commission to the 1 Modocs. "To few men, comparatively," he J says "is it given to die like a martyr, and for j your agency in thus securing the past of a glo nous Ute in the serv ce of t s church and his | fellow-n :n, and in i ; the .utureto him and us, I thank you." It strikes us that this young man is altogether too good tor this world. The very best thing be can do, is to make his way to the lava beds ! while Capt. Jack's scalping knife is in good | working order, and take a martyrdom on his own account. But perhaps, like Artemus Ward, who was willing tosacrificeall his wife's relations in the cause of his country, the junior Thomas is of too retiring a disposition to seek to add personally to the number of the "com paratively few" who are permitted to gain the crown of martyrdom, per Capt. Jack and Shack Nasty Jim. In consequence of the bad conduct of the United States commissioners at the Vienna Ex portion the American department threatens to be a failure and oar inventors and manufactur ers will not be apt to get many gold medals, in asmuch as the experience of former World's Fairs has shown that everything depends on the zeal and energy of the authorised repre sentatives of nation* in securing a favorable judgment upou articles exhibited. American exhibitors will therefore have a better show for recognition at the home fairs to be held through out the country this year, and the New York um+i of Cummurc* gives them the consolation of the assurance that here they will derive real, [ tangible advantages in introducing their pro- ! ducts to hosts of future purchasers; whereas, | at Yienna there is no certainty that they will fcnd any new customers, while there is great risk that their meritorious inventions will be copied and used all over Europe, unless pro tected t>y European patents, which are very expensive and difficult to obtain. The New York Ezi-rtu. commenting upon tho case and illness of Oahes Ames, and u|>on the manner in which "Mr. Brooks?one of the two victims singled out by the Foland commit tee to spare the many?was moved for a time by the unjust and cruel action in Congress to wards him," goes on to say: " The first reflection. In an attack like this upon Mr. Ames, is, that no man can endure the n ental strain of a continued public attack, whether resultingXromclamor atom or founded on truth. The studied concealment of feeling, like the rushing of a torrent of water against a tlaan, will, in the end, break through, and with a sensitive man in the end bre^*.- ike heart. The nerves are but ? many wires rourstng to and from the heart to the brain, and in the end they touch the vital part that holds the nnnd ai?l body together. ?? And it is wise to remember, also?but, alas! how much easier to teach than to obey?that the wealth of an empire nor an ambition < rowii< d with the highest - fame is worth the sacrifice which taxes mind and body beyond the powers of proper endurance." Canada is getting excited at the prospect or the early extinction of her oyster beds. The last fisheries report says that while the yearly consumption of oysters in Canada Is valued at $1M),0U0, the product of the provinces is worth only *43,000. The remainder of the annual con sumption is supplied by the United States. The ispector of fisheries for Nova Scotia and New Krunswick urges the necessity for doing some thing to save this department of fishery from extinction, and advocates the leasing of the now exhausted grounds to be restocked by private enterprise. Failing in this he woe Id prohibit fishing in the exhausted beds for the term of three years. It la expected that (?<>veraor Dit, of X?v York, will give another illustration of his firm ness, and of his determination to carry out the laws of his state, in the case of Nixon, who brutally shot one Pt'yfer because the Utter would not get out of his way. As the ease new lands, Nixon Is booked for glory (rule scaffold valedictories of nine murderers out of ten) on ibe I'jth instant. It Is possible the Governor iuay feTant him a brief respite, but it is not probable he will 4o even this, unless the cirei frtaMtt faily justify ?uch ft course. A s nnv gOillg ?????*?>? ^ ovr Board ot .? _? j-__ ., ... -wraf of the members for S? ? for the far * eat?* g->*l op i-ortn i itv a - ** afforded to teat its value. If , ''J health it maintain? 1, or advan-.ed in the of the Board, the Legislature W1II ' '.haps be inclined to think that A saving c^n^e made by abolishing it altogether. If, on other hand, the dcath-rato should increase .r,d epidemic disease prevail while the aanitary guardians of the city are philAnderinf over the globe, the sn^ge.-tioB will doobtlaaa come ap that they be furloughed indefinitely, and men appointed who will attend to their business at the time of the year when there iJ most bosi nes# for them to attend to. The Fhi'ftdelphla ami Baltimore papers are urging n{K>n their city authorities th j removal of the ugly railings a. ound the public squares; and they point to Uie fact that Ke* York has already removed the railing* from It* aqoares, and find* it an advantage in every way. We shall favor the removal of the fences in Washington the rporrent the police and the Board of Health succeed in enforcing the law preventing animals running at large. While goats, pigs, and cows are allowed the f<ee'ioni ot the city it ? ill hardly be advisable to remove the fences, cumbersome and unsightly as they are. George Francis Train doubtless congratulates himself that his martyrdom is not yet over, although he has been declared sane by a New York jury. His next public entertainment will be when be is tried for publishing improper matter in connection with the latest Woodbull scandal. This occasion will probably draw out a larger crowd than did his late matinees. ? " ' !????? !? The question of consolidating the cities of New York and Brooklyn under one municipal government is leading to considerable discussion in both places. New Yorkers appear to be rather anxious for the union, but the Brook lynites seem to be at raid it will result in heavier taxation for them without any corresponding benefit. CENTRAL BUILDING ASSOCIATION, No. NueWu'h monthly meeting on 1ITI K?DAY KV AMINO. Ath instant. It WM. W. HOOK, Be- 'v. tV-3?SllTEBNTH MONTHLY MEETING? ILST TKRRlToRlAL SAVINGS, LOAN AND I HlIiING ASSOCIATION. May SKb, 1473. Stock limited toUJU shares in each series. Books now open for subscription to the sixth; no back dues. This Association is paying s large percentage with drawals from the earnings of last year"! issue of ?n* k Parties wishing to invent will bs furnished with information and constitution b? calling at the offer. No. 631 F street northwest, under the Sec ond National Bank. m7 3t E. MrB. T1MONET. Secretary. jp3?GKAND CONCERT AT FIRST PRESBY TE hi A N CHURCII.tDr. Sunderland's.)tH street, W KDNESDAY EVENING. May 7. Tick-ts f. r sale at Ellis', Pennsylvai ia avenue, and at Par ker's, 7th street, opp isite P. 0. tn& 3t* IV-3?THE UNION MEETINGS, to be conducted U>^y by Bet. A. B. E \ rle, will commence at the I irst Baptist Church, 13th street, between G an<1 11 streets, on SATURDAY NEXT, at 3S in the aft?r noon aiiJ7?? at night. m6eo3t jy-^THE REGULAR MONTHLY MEKTIN3 of the BOARD OK riRE UNDER WRITERS or the District or colum B1A will he heM at the ollire of the Corcoran Insurance Company. N". 14!i? Pennsylvania ave nue northwest, on WEDMEnl> A Y, 7th instant., at 7S o'clock p. m. FRED. W. PRATT, n.S 3t Secretary. TO TAX PAYERS. It yon want to get news read the N 'W York paper* in r?firence ?o our District affairs, shewing the vi- lations of law, frauds, and reckless exlrav agxnce of the B ard of Public Work*, particularly the New Y rk Tnbimt and Sun of ( Mat ) J, 1373 The paper* referred to an- alni"St daily making exposures of the Washington Ring, and should he read by every tax pa)er m the District of Columbia. m3 3t* l?"3? YOUNG MENS' CHRISTIAN AS300IA TION. Tree reading room-/m?;?, w?kiy. s*m lar an>! Kelnaoun papers from all pa ts of the Onion. CIRCULATING LIBRARY; UAUO vols. Terms {] per year: |1 p-r quarter. PARLORS AND CONVERSATION ROOMS for Ladies and Gentle men; Chess, Cheoners. Organ and Piano. Daily PRAYER MEETINGS at U 14, < and ? p. m. LITERARY SOCIETY Satnrday evening, at 7H o'clock. SABBATH APTERNOON SERVICES in Lincoln Hali at o'clock; at The Oer Comi'jue at 7H o'clock. m!7 IVS?8CHENCKS MANDRAKE PILLS.-These pills are cotupoeed exclusively of vegetable ingredients, and although they emirely supersede the use of mercury, do n-t leave any of its in urious effects. They act directly upon the liver, and are a valuable remedy in all rases of d-rangement result ing from a disordered state of that organ. Liver Complaint, Bili'<ns Disorders, Indigestion, Sirk H- attache, Typhoid Pevers, At ., Ac .all succumb to the free use of Schenck's Mandrake Pills. P?r sale |.) all Druggists and Dealers. ml-tr FROM THE EARLIEST A6KS TO the preeent day, Scrofula has Men the bane. w. sua, si , ss tt were, the c?ne of mankind. Bo terrible and loathaone had been at sobs periods of th* world's history that a person known to he Infected with tt w?uld not be allowed to nix with socisty. Happily in out day the disease is stripped of its terror by the ose of 8a*ABiTa.!i% Root a?D Hub Juicks. and the victim of Scrofula, Uleers, Sores, Pimples, Blotches, Tstters, Ac., can be restored ts sound health 1drootwand herb JCICES, ?1 J| tor bettle Sold by B.C. FORD, 1109 Pa ave., and b> Drug gists. DESMOND * CO.. Proprietors, ?!? Raos itrset. Philadelphia. maygly a^aa TO LADIES. Hownd tt Istoseea yoocwMs.? Mother erhasily who rsqairea aU her physical strength to folffU her household dutiss, and all ber moral ca pacities to accept the responsibility which talis upon her, to see her prostrated, losing every day her strength, feeling Sadly without being able to say why, tat yet entering enough to be imerly misere Cle 1 This state of weakness and debility is more alto ber thaa a severe spall of sickness, for ia that case she will receive the proper care, aa ia the other she will linger months after months, not thinking worth while to see a physician about It. until natara, exhausted, gtves ont, and she is carried to the grave, when a little precaution in proper time wooia have spared her life. To prevent, to strengthen ,to cure. nothing can compare with the LOVG-L1FB BIT TERS of Dr. L. gTbERTRAM. They we a safe and infallible remedy against malaria, dyspepsia, coe ti Ten ess, biitousaess, headaches, morntag ilrkasm and all complaints peculiar to women. These Bit ten, which are sold by all druggists, are. In con se quence of their virtue and mosTagreeabie tasts. the for ladles. l?tr A. PRATT, Graduate of Ohio College of Mr Dental Surgery, 411 7th strecft, between V w!d B,af*wdoorsesuthof Odd Fsllowe'Hall. Re ? toB. A.~ ~ NILIIiR I NEW DRUG STORE, do. H'i# pEXMsTLvama Aunt, Depot for 8<ida and Mineral Waters. fell-ly f 'I'M CAMPHOR Ul For sale at fOr. per pound at HICK LING S Drug St -r, ni7 It" Corner P'-nnsylvania avs. and 3d St. ^I^XCELSIOR SYSTEM" DRESS CUTTING r. BY MEASUREMENT.?Mias F. P. YOUNG, fr'n. Baltimore, will give leaaona for a few days at 47 6 Pennsylvania avenue. Dressmakers and ladies desirous <.f making their own, respectfnlly invited to investigate. N. B ?Wanted Assistant Teach ers. m7 -2t* C'RIPTOCHYLON / ICI PITCHERS Fur sale at J. W. BOTELER A BBO., House Furnishing Store, a>J-5t 9SI3 Pennsylvania avenne. READ TO TIIE EOTTOM. G od BLACK ALPACA at 38c., Alpaca at 10c. that eana>4 be excelled, beaut ilsl Mohairs from 74c. to Sl-tt. Black Silka from 91 to $2 #o,3-t Gren adine froui Jllc to ?1 per > ar<i JAPANESE MLKS sod POPLINS, snd all grades of Dress u.-ods. rli-ap LLAMA LACE PRINTS and SACQUES at lowest prices. i'I.OT US and CASSIMERES in great variety. To rr. iti. st as-riment of CAMB. EDGE and in SERT1NG in the city. U.ut - FURNISHING GOODS, consisting In part f rnderabirts. Drawers, Hosiery, H lkfs, Neck ties and Glove*. PARASOLS and SUN UMBRELLAS, with long Handle* and short. MATTlNi.* and OILCLOTH. C ?ts an I Clark's SPOOL COTTON at ?c. per spool or 7Uc. per doz., at LrTTRILL A WINE'S, m7 Sw 1930 Pa. ave.. cor ?hb street. yiATH TO THE MODOCI^and^ death jto hjgh A II prices is the motto at A. 8TBAUS', 1011 Pa. ave., near 11th at. sH tLEE'S WHARF,/est nf Uk and P struts. TO CONTRACTORS ARD MERCHANTS. Cargoes of STONE, COAL. . . . HAT, LUMBER, Ac., discharged from vsesels and storsd or delivered at the shortest notice and lowest rates. _ sJUt R. T. AtLEE. ORNAMENTAL VASEh, BRONZED AMD PAINTED A large essortment received te day. s3P oJt ALEX R SHEPHERD k CO. THE LATEST WON DIB of the 19th century it the 98stut, now sslliag rapidly at STRAUS' 1011 Peana.avs., aear 11th. ,aM pEAKLmCO^^ '?'BE FAT MEN wlU rekdee to lean that they 1 can be tttad and salted la all ImagteeMs/styWw of Cssstmers and Flannel Unite at A. STRAUS' 1011 Pena ave.,aaar 11th st. ? ICSTICE TO ALL,partiality to none, isalways J the motto at STRAUS', Clothier, 1S11 Pena, miHniL*yp commctcial. There ii>n Improvement in the New York money market, and first-clam railroad bonds mtv likely to improve with easy money more than any other clam of investments, a* they are nest in point ol security to governments, which are now ao high as to give but a small return on money invested in them. Pacific mad was still influenced ywterday, although to a much less degree, by injurious rumors, but other stocks failed to sympathise, and late In the dny recovi rrd its tone, ami went to the front In the upward movement. Union Pacific was ren dered weak by advice of Hon. Oakes Ames' se vere illness, and was a marked esception to the remainder of the list, falling off' one per cent, on account of a rumor ot his death. _ ? . Jay Cook* A Co. furnish the lollowingto-day. Btty't. Stirt. Buy'i. Stil l r ??.IV 1*1. *>'. ?H I MrsJa*Jj,V.177i IS', 5-?'?,iaBi.^ lsl? is* | nu'sJk.tJr.w.iy , ?s lft'? *-?>i<Ju*Jy,W.17\ ?al? ?17 rrs ! m-?*s uh i? ? _ _ N?w Toaa?Fiasr B?abd. FJS.Cfr laO-? at", iHo'iJau.AJlfOW. 18 1863. li>, ?-?*, last. iss e isat? i7?; Jan. * J1y,*|...17 J ?tt'sjaa. AJly. 10-SU's 13\ American Gold. 17 Currency Ci l.iS Hew Fives...... 141, BaLTIHOIB, May 7 ? Virginia 6's, consolidated, t->?; North Carolina old, 25 . hid t" day fJilTinoSB, May 7 ?Cotton dull aud weak?low middling, W. Flour dn:i snd unchanged. Wheat dull Mil ?tak?white choice. S10P?2 1?; fair to prime ?lo., #l.%<g&; choice amber, ?2?(t!.uf>; ffoodto S'tme red. 41 aMggl 9b. ? ??rnuioo to fair d > , 91 55 :J SB. Corn w< *nd firm?white southern, 68 yellow southern, 6 mixed western, Oats ninier?* nthsrn,80@33; western mfxe 1. fi/iiM; Jo r htte, 61^42. Rye quiet and steady; prices un changed. liny unchan<r?d Provisions <j>iiet hut rriii M ss pork, #lt. Hulk meats?shoulders, 7fc; tajrs yesterday ?>,?*? lbs. rib sides at #, cl-ar rib sides, # ,(a.3S. tacon?should'!-*, V*; rib suits, clear ribsld?s, lu!,(jvlu>?, sugar-cured barns, 14(^16 Lard dull.<??.?.<*? Western butter St.^adv ?rhoire,iB(m'srV Whisk* firmer and higher, 93 MBW ToiI,Ma> 7.?Stocks'iniet and linn. O dd quiet. 171, Money firm,7(^7coin. Exchange, long, 8 r, short. # Governments dull aud stnsdr. Aew Toss, May 7.?Flour st.uiy and uuiet. Wheat steady. Corn dull. Losros, May 6, Il.Stt a. m.?Cnnso|? opened at JJ',' for n.onev. MS fovacconnt. Bonds of 1365. old. ?2 4sS7.??i; ltMO's,?9\:n?w5>,?)*v Krie,60^. ' FRAMtFoKT, May 7 ? Bondv*?i for issue 62's. Lo.NroN, May 7,1 .'to p ni?The rate of discount (ntl-eBaikof England had advancud >4 per cent. MLf I#*? 50 c Paris, May 7.?Rentes 3t francs ts runtimes. THB WKATHBK. ~ WAlDlPikMm, Office Ckitf SigntU OgUtr,? WaSBiweTOH, May 7, 1WS, 10.30 a. m. I BIKOPSl* FoB THE FAST TWKWTT-FOUB HODS*? The l arot leter has continued to rise, with north easterly w uds, low temperature and partly cloudy weather ii Canada, the eastern and middlr stat.?, snd ratu in Virginia. Diminishing pressure, sotith ea'terly *inds,cloudy weather and rain have pre mailed in Tennessee, the gulf and south Atlantic ttat?s, bu> clearing in the western gulf. North easterly w.nds, falling barometer, cloudy weather and raiu from the lakes to Kentucky and Missouri Northeasterly to northwesterly winds, cloudy weather ai d falling barometer iu the northwest Probabilities.?For the middle dates and lower '?'ikes diminishing pressure, low temperature, north easterly t > southerly winds, cloudy and rainy weather. For New England and Canada high pres sure, low temperature, northeasterly winds and in crtasingly cloudy weather, with possibly light rain to-night. For the south Atlantic states southeast erly and southwesterly winds, rloudy weather aud < ccasional rains. For the gulf fates aud Tenn?s?ee northeasterly .veering to westerly .winds, increasing pn-s-ure, tartly cloudy weather and occasional rain, generally < tearing this evening. F..r the Ohio aud lower Missouri valleys and northward to the upper lakes and Minnesota low barometer, northeasterly to northwesterly winds cloudy weather and rain Cautionary signalscontiuueat Chicago,Milwaukee, Grand Haven. Detroit, Toledo and Cleveland Re ports are missing from the southwest, the extreme northwest ;ind Oregoa 1'HIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the snbscri * Srr obtained from the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia,holding a Sp-cial T-rm. letters testamentary on tne personal estate of GOTTLKIB H JtAL H, late^ of Washington coumy, D. C., deceased. All persons hailng claims aga nst the Kaid deceased are hvreby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof to the subscriber, on or before the 6th day of May next; thev may otherwise by law be excluded fr< m all benefit of the said estate. Given under my band this 6th day of Mav. 1S73. In7-w4w CflRIWTINAS RATH. Executrix. PKOPOSALS FOR WROUGHT AND CAST TJtlCT OF COLUMBIA* JA1L' t>Ia" Nkw Jail, Distbictof Colwbta, I Office of Superintendent, May fc, H73.< n HULUHT AND CAST J ROM WOHK. ?, u Proposals will be received at th^ office of the Superintendent until 13 m., Jime 7.1873, for furnishing, delivering, fitting, and putting in place the Wrought and Oast iron Work as exhibited by the Drawings, described in the Specifications, and called for in the Schedules, consisting of theCa^ ironC lutnns of Basement, R dl. d Beams, Ac., of i loors, Iron Work of Roofs, Gratings to Windows, Ac., Cell Doors, Iron Staircase,., Ac. Copies of the Drawings, 8p*cifi.-ations, snd Sched ule may be had on application at this ofllcs. AM scaffolding required by the contractors to put the work in place will be furnished by the Govern ment free of charge, but will be eroded by the con tra* tors. Prop sals will be made by the piece, lineal foot, or ?eight, for the various items of work, as called for in tbe Schedule. Th? work will not be sulslivided among different bidders, but will lie considered iu the aggregate. The whole of tbe Cast-iron Ooluruni of Basement Story and the Beams, Ac., of First Floor, must be <l?iivered and set iu position within three month* from dato of acceptance of proposal, and the whole work must be completed wi.hin twelve months from date of acceptance. Payments will be made monthly, deducting ten per centum until the final completion ?f the contract All bids must be accompanied by a penal bond,' in the sum of twenty thousand dollars < fJU.tCJ.) that the bidder will accept aud perform the contract .f awarded bim, the sufficiency of the security to be certified by the United States Judg*. the Clerk of the United States Court,or the District Attorney of the District wherein he resides. Department reserves the right to reject any or ?11 bids, if it be deemed for the interest of the Gov ernment to do ao; and any bid that is not made on tbe printed form, to be obtained in this office,ard does not conform in every respect to the reuuire aienU of this advertisement, wlU not be considered: ?either will sny proposals be received from parties who are not themselves engaged in the manufacture el Wrought or Cast-iron Work, and who have not the necessary facilities for getting out the work. ? d^Sdrelwed'V ** endor,ed "Bl?' for lru* Work," m7 27t ADOLF CLU8S. Superintendent. MAY 1,1973.?We have thin day formed a co partnership under the name and etvle of OARD NEB A LIDKRER, sncceasors lo Lederer A Bro., Wheelwrights and Blacksmiths, 711 13th street, between Pennsylvania avenue and O street, and wovld reipectfully solicit our friendt and the public generally, to give us a call. Wagons of all descrip tion built and warrantee. Repairing promptly at tended to. All persons indebted to the late firm of Lederer A Bro., will please call and settle their bills, aud all persons having claims agaiust the above Ann, or tne late T. W. Lederer wul present them to us for payment. W. F. OA RDN E B, m6 6t* C- A. LEDERKB. dcarriages: carriages: carriages: vy Extension Tops, Panel Carriages,AaMl Victorias, Drags. Ponv Phs?tons, TopQRMRf and No-top Buggies. Jenny Llnds. Ac., W W?. Ac., in great variety. Also, a number of second hand Carriages, both light and heavy. Repairing 5romptly attended to. BOBT. H. GRAHAM, few Repository and Factory, 410-414 8th street, northwest. n>6-3t* j> O T A T O E 8 I Two car loads CHILIES, EARLY ROSE, Ac. For eale low iu lots from cars JNO. W. Ll'MSDON A CO., m6 3t 808 9th st ,opposite Center Market. Y~'OKBSHlRE relish. BEST AND CHEAPEST SAUCE. 28 and 60 cents per bottls. M N.W. Bl'RCHELL, f mS ei 2w 133'J F street. Impoiter and Agent. Jl.MKi limit limeT BEST WOOD BURNT LIMB at $1 per barrel, delivered to ail parts of the city. THOMAS FAHEY, 10th street, __ni3 6m near La. aveuue, northwest. Solution citbate magnesia, au cents; * Hostetter's Bitt?re.8ucents Chamois Skius,^ .'to eents, aad Hall's Hair Benewer 70c?nts,a>| lieretof. re. Camphor SO cents per pound, audj all other articles at lowest rate for cash. At W. A. GRAT'S, Drug Store, m3 4t* 3IT Mass. ave.. comer 4th street. JUST lSbUED? Scnoirs of (he War with BY JOHN B. KENLY. Published bv LIPPINCOTT A CO. For sale by B B MOHl'N A CO., and Booksellers general lf. my3-2a?rlm ?NGLISH SCARFS. ENGLISH HOSIERY. ENGLISH UNDERWEAR. J LARGS ASSORTMENT AT DEVLIN Ac OO.'S, mS-tr 1111 FmWWgTLTAWIA ATENUB. J W. 1AIOHTVKLL, 4M tea Siiiit, . SHIRTS made to order and ready-made. A per fact Stzuarsiiteed. 0Also.'a ^boiceiltpe of QBHTfl' FUBNI8HINQ HBWTOH'S BNAMBL.?Those who are isfm caa have their money retnrned by HOWAkD WILLIAMS,at this olllee. ~ dotlM|MM. aSMt* WANTS. W *A?TEt>-A competent DBUG CLEBK In quirt- at I 7 O 3 K a?7-3t* W ANTEI.-A PH YftiCIAH'B BUGGY Atdr ? " J P T , Bmr office w7-I' WANTKD?* g?o<1 M ni I K l AIJNDREs.-v Room Ho I, second story Mavy Deeart ao-rt. m7 *? \\'ANTED?A rMMtohlc CoLoKI.1T*UI AN V? as ccok. Apply at No. 9, StdlanJ street, G'^rgetow i,. m7 -tt * WANTED?A SITUATION ?? wdra-T b? a cosnaeteal German. Addr-?s M B, Office Eventrg Star. It* \\~ ANTED?A GIRL to do alair. sewing, !? jr ti e " *tek or month, at N<i. ld*J6 12th street north *?>t. It* W ANTED? A re-pe<-iable WHITE GIRL to do " gereral housework. Belereucee ri*ailrfd. Apply '2H0 D street northi?t. W7-I'* WANTED?A PLA<E by a respectable wbtie girl, 16 years old, to do light chaml>erwork or totakecare of rhildrrn; ran do plain itviM. In quire at 314 H street northeast. m7 3<* ll'AMTII)?A PaKTNUK in the jia iuf* lur? ol " a P*iri!?-es Opium Antld.ite. Drng.rst or Phveiriau preferred. For full particular* ajir?*? Lock Box SOt*. Waehtngtoa It* AN1ED? tiuinotiiaiH) ? A reliable >nd c imp tent WHITE WOMAN as cook, wash r an.l w \\l \Y ir> tier for a family of two. 2 and 3 oViock p. w>., at ttifai office, for (hre- day. tn7-3t n'ANTED?To rent,at a reasonable r?(?,fura Dtuiilh, villi the privilege of four month-, two C'-u>lki.<iiriliii( BEDROOMS hi a house with ir.*l ern cnr*eniei>ee?, and fronting north and s>nth S-cond floor preferred Aldre**, stating forma, L. V DEERINU. General Post Office. m7-w f.2?* 1Va1?Id=T > oniik GIHL | ? bite) ** cham' -r vY maid, and to assist in waiting on table. O >*1 *ap?. Applv at 1104 12th street. m<>-2.* WANTED?A settled WHITE WOMAN to do general hoawwurk. Apply at No l'4i 11 street northeast after 4 p.m. or before Sim iii6-2t* \%7aSTKD?Thre- good DREBSM AKKB3at No. YY 191S 11 st., be4w?< u lath and ?J.h, northwest, immediately. m6-2t* \\* ANTED?A ko'mi Kr.t.t u.i-iuhjj T'?P Bl'Utif, *' costing from $75 to 51a0. AOdrtss BI'OiUT, Star office^ n>6 It* VtrANTED?B> a respectable wlil e girl, a SIT Yv UATlON in a private family or as chamber maid in a hotel. Good rrMMHi. Apply No. M03 New Jersey avenue northwest. mS 2t* WANTED?By a practical English farmer, a vv SITUATION as farmer Wntild make himself generally useful Apply to HENRY A J'lXTON, corner Ohio are an<t lith at , Washington. m6 St * \V AETEI??The ladiee ot Washington to gall and " examine the new DRESS CHART, so simpl ? it can be learnt in twenty miunte*. Sample linings cut free. Apply at Market Space. tn6-3t* WA NT EI>? Immediately ?A good colored COOK, W ASH EK and IKONEK. No one need apply without unexceptionable city reference*. Apply lilUl O Mreet. betweea 1 and 2 o'cli ck p.m. mo 2t* WASTED?Two more LIVE AOFNTS. who are willing to earn ft: per day, with alight exer tion. No biok Imxilie*. No dronea wanted. Call bt 1 7 39 G at. tiortliweM after 4 p.m. ooly. ni6-?t* WANTED?By a gentleman and hia wife, in ? tirHt-claax private family, a well furui->h>M BEDROOM an4 PARLOR. R>->juiremeiita, goo.1 vitnation, g<Mid food and good Cooking, and served promptly. Addreso LAW YER, llox 470 m6 2t* \V' ANTED?By a young nitu compe.ent to dig charge almost any duty connected with the liii?inea?, a SITUATION in it Grocery, Liquor and C onimissi- n St"re <'an rome well recommended Address TILIUS AGBH'<?L AE. Star ofli< e. ne> 2t* \1TANTED? By a resp-msible tenant, a genteel, " cheerful HOUSE >fsix r<*?ni?; gas ana water Rent not to exre?*d Location north of Land west of 4th utreet. Addresa 4- A. W".," P>?at Of lice. ui6-4t* /ANTED- RESPEOTABI.I WfriTE WO ' MAN to cook, wash and iron. N<>t<U?ant cor ner 4?a> and Greeu streets, Georgetown; city reference required m6-e?3t* WANTED?By two r<-?pe<'tab!<- white girls a ? ? SITUATION iu a small family in the city, one to cook, wasli and iion,other cham!>ertuaid and aaaist in washing and ir< aing; the beat of references. Ap ply corner Gay and Montgomery etrteti, George town. m5 3t * ANTED?HOUSE with urn eu rooms, hall-way, water and gas; I >cation west of 7th and north of H streets; r? nt, not exceeding per month. Any person noI a houst-aicni wanting a tenant who can show written evidence of paviug rent pioniptly, will agdress G. M. D., Surgix.u General s < f!ice. ui5 St* WANTED-A WOMAN, to Cook, Wash and " Iron, at Xlb E street north, between 2d and 3d Reference required. myl-tf ANTED-PH MBEHS to know that we are prepared to furnish them witb all kinds of BBASS WOKE, at 1006 C street northwest. WM. 11. DOIGLAO A CO. N B.-Biaaa Citing done daily. ml leu* \VANTEB?LADIES to take notic.- that Madama ?? D. E MAISON, of New York, has opened her Millinery Parlors at No. 113 13th street north west a3w lm WANTED?lnime<liatel)?FamiUea or persons in need of first-claMSERVANTSof every descrip tion, irale and female, to call and get supplied at once. Servants also can get good homes and best of wages by applying at th>- Eureka Employment Office, to Mrs. LOUISE C. BUTLER, d07 Uth street, near E. al6-lm %,%/ANTED? Every one to know that the VICTOR YY SEW ING MACHINE has its n*e<iU ttlf m Hag: the most perfect shuttle in use, rveting in a

cradle; needle bar and works of steel. Agency, 46V Pennsylvania avenue. Also, Branch of Mine. Dem orest's Pattern Emporium. augSu ly T. W. 8PICER. Agent. LOST AND FOUND. LOST?On going from F street, between 6th and 7th streets,a red Russia POCKET BOOK, con taining about #17, some car tickeu and cards, with name of the loser. A liberal reward will be paid for Its return to 330 A street southeast. Capitol Hill.l* W TRAY ED on the Mh instant, a black Mew O foundlaud DOG. A liberal reward will4 be given if returned to the French Minis i terTs Stable, corner of 13tb and K streets porthwest. m72t" 08T?At Willard's Hotel or in the U.S. Trea? nry, May S, 1973, a bundle of Q M CLAIMS and other papers,wrapped tip in a newspaper, which are of no me to any one but the owner. The finder will be suitably rewarded bp leaving them at No. 7Mb street, corner of H, northweat. m7-3t* Lost or btolkn-s ist mobtgaoe w a G R KOAD BONDS, N*s. SI 5 and SI46 for 4E>SU)e*ch, dated ISth March, 1-4J3. Order on Board Public Works, Mo. 144t, for 61,203, in favor of Hen. Bhrider; also, do Mo. 1,4M.for ?273. in favor of G. Yanderwerken; also, do.. Mo. 1,469, for 81^73 20, in tavor of G. Vanderwerken. A reasonable reward will be paid if left at the office of the W. A G Kailroa t Co.Ji orner New Jersey avenue and B street, or to G YANDEN W ERKEN, lil* Bridge .str??t, George town; m7-3t* D00 L08T?A liver-colored 8ETTKR, bearing a steel collar, marked L. HaHer. $i< reward will be paid for delivering the di.g to L. BAILER, 403 East CapiuTst ju6-S* LOST?On Sunday afternoon, on 10th street, bet. M and B?un<tary, one small Chased Gold EAR RING, with Coral sett The finder will be suitably rewarded by calling at 1207 F st. n. w. mti 2t* 4 1FOARD or PUBLIC WORKS, 13 District or Columbia. Washington, April 3,1873. A reward ef FIFTY < ?80) DOLLARS will be paid for the detection and conviction of any person or aer*om who have stolen, or who may hereafter be fdutid stealing, the Man-hole and Sewer-trap Covers in the cities of Washington and Georgetown. By order of the Board. EDWARD JOHNSON. a3-tf [Repub.Citron.) Chiel Clerk. COST?On the 1st of March, on E street, between luth and M streets northwest, a RUBi RING, witb two pearls. A liberal reward will be paid if returned to No. #09 M street northwest. ni7 PERSONAL. rpo PERSONS WHO HOLD TAX TITLES ? M The undersigned is prepared for the hsirs of the late Daniel Carroll, of Dtidmgton, at a fair valua tion, to give quit claims ou any property where they >a> hold the title in euuity u<6 6t TH08. E. W AGGAMAN, 419 7th st. f^OR HIRE ? Pleasure ROW-BOATS; aUo, a 1 STEAM LAUNCH, for fl'hing, and^* pleasuie on canal and river. Apply to JOS.XV PASSENO,foot of Congress street, George-*^^ town, I). C. myl-lm* ? 1 DIAGONAL COATS and VEST to match in ten I ' different sha<le? aud styles (very dressy), at A. STRAUS', 1011 Pa. ave., near 11th st a?_ pREtH BUTTER. Just received a largo supply of Choice Batter, in o'ading ORANGE COUNTY aDd CHEMUNG CREAME RY, In Pails. Also. BEST PENNSYLVANIA ROLLS,at Stands No l&l, lS'J, 3i0, 3*il, 347 and 349 Center Market. AUo, at Northern and Western Markets. m2-6t* J. C. FEARSON A SONS. J^|OST WONDERFUL INVENTION OF THE J. Moses' Electro-Galvanic SFECTA CLE8, Patented June t, ld68. H. H0FFA, Sole Agfnt, Dealer In Watches, Jewelry, and W'atoh Material!, No. Pa. ave., bet. <th and 7th ats. dec7-ly O EFR1GERATOR8 Water Coolers, Croaa IX Freexcrs, Flntiug Machines, Gas StOTM, Oil itoves. OGDEN'S flouaefurnlshing Stors, mS St* 314 7th street. npHE ONLY GENUINE Middlesex Flannel J. Suits, thoroughly sponged and mads to ?e had at A.STRAUS', 1011 Pa.ave.,near 11th. a? JAPANESE FANS. 3,000 JAPANESE PERFUMED VAM8. IfEW-BJSA UTJFUL-CHMAP' M. W. BURCHELL, m5-2w 13311 F street, near Ebbltt House. 'J'HERE ARK B0 M0D0CS AT WTBB LITTLE W0BLD," 1009 7thstreet, between K aad L streets, (near Bogan A Wylie's,) 3here they are selllag Hosiery, Fancy Goods, tiooB, Jewelry, Btatio^arp, Cheap Tops, Ac:, ?c., retail, at wholesale prioas. previous to removing to a smaller store. Too will do wall to call soap bofore the assortment b broken up. ^BICBOLS" mns"Tbo Little world." m3 j^lAD ABP SAYE TOPB MONET. Ladies who have Hair Switches that have faded from as can have thesa restored to their ?? oral shade la superior manaer. Wo htre a very large aseortase t of Al Curls; very loag aad haalsome Switches, very cheap. Bow la the time to bap at MADAMB ESTREN'S Hair Factory,?18 U.h st., near.G street. aU-tr F FOR RENT AND SALE. F-OB REhT-A threestory BKK'K HOUSE; hall tnd rrat ?90. Apply 1106 L stre?-t t m7 it* ?4 OK BKNT?Sn u'tlarnisn-d LUOMS in n.-use I No. 1113 Pennsylvania aveotl*. Apply t > K B DONALDSON .Dentist. mrT tm F^OB RENT- On* large Room , t* (?> 35 f?e?, ??< ond floor llo 934 Pennsyl*ania ?tern*. In quire of W 8 TBBL. niT-<* L^OR HM-Tbrw KuvM^, comtuunu *n .m. at I 1997 N street T? desirable per* <ns w >nl<1 rented for housekeeping mT-eoSi' ^*OB RK!IT-T? ptrlw ?hn n-nmn in Ihffiff ? during the warm m ^nth*. w*-ll furnished PAB I.OB and rn AMBBB, one Singl* Bedroom f i g-n tleman 141" H street, comer 15S street. m7 3 * 1r<0B BKNT?PVs?ant furnished and unfurnished FBONT BOOMS on second and th'H floors; also, Table Boarder* acr ?mm.?lat?1 at 1013 10th street n< rtbwest, earner Massachusetts it. m7-St* L'OR BF1IT-A desirably located HOI SBin The 1 W?*t Kod, containing 13 rooms: rem #75 a month; will not be rented Tor a hoarding-h-use nor t pere. ns who rant rooms. House sgents n?ed net apply. AddTeseBoalO St?r < ki.-e. inT-Ct* F*Ot BINT?V*o. 433 7th s?reet southwest, con taining 6 rooms. summer|kitchen attached, and atoreroem; a g"o?l busin<-*s stand; dwelling or store ' '?m r>nltd separately. or both to "tie t-n ??it m7-St* F'OB KEN T?Part of a HOUSE? two t? tl*e un furnished room*?suitable for housekeeping, c mreaient to Departments. Call bewm 9 ?r after 4 o'clock at 1441 L street, between Vermont at enne and 15th iitreot ?' ?* I^OB BENT-FUBNISHED HOUSE. 3 roomsand bathroom, with all modern improvements,from Jnne 1st to October l?t. Apply to GEO A HALL, S?r Y . M C. A., rooms Corner S?th and B sts m7-4t VOB BBNT-An OFFK E on Mth street u?rth I weat. Inquire at SMALL'S Greenhouse, cor ner I4lh and G street*. m3-7t* J>0 B BENT-FUBNISHED BOOMS, at ? It n-r month. Also, PA Kl.OB and BEDBOOti at #J" ier ni nth 4 7 8 Pi nnsylvauia avenue, between 4'? and fith streets. m* St* }^0B BENT?Very desirable thr>>e-story BKK'K; all modern f mv.-ui nc?; d? 1 ghtfu! Iiotion. 1*96 1 street. JlloS. E. W AGG AM AN, 419 7th street. n?6-3t 1^0B BKNT?V? ry d<-irahl* six-room FKAMK HOUSES, two s<jntree from car*, ni.-small Fi imw in the city. TIIOS. E. WAGG\MAN, ?19 7*h street. tnrt 3t f/OR BKNT?A GARDEN FARM nearGi-sboro*. I with Itwllinr, Out-hou?e*, Ac. DYER A l'A V1DS0X. No. 1499 lVuns> l? an in avenne,(over Milburti's l)riig*t?rc. I nwi 4t I^OB JBENT-ri - unfiirntahed ROOMS, sineb> or in suite, w ith B ard. M'-ai? served in private room* or to families. Boom r.-tit in advance. B-f erences txchanged. Call at 910 E street n-.nli west. n>6 21 * fy'tiB BENT?A lloUi'E iu the country. J'? mil'* I from the Navy Yard, near Good Hop*-, D.C., containing eight rooms. For particulars apply to A. C. AI>DISON, on the adjoining farm; or by letter to M. AIUMSON, Washington. D C. mt> 2w? L^OK BENT? Unfurnished BOOMS, on the second r an>i third t1iN<rs, in ?nites, suitabb* for bouse keening; water on aecoud floor; ple;t?anl locatiou :t93 Missouri avenue, opp.^itu tlic Botanical Garden. n?6 6t* Ij*0B BERT?Twoor tlireeF 1'BNISH ED BOOMS suitable for Xiugle g.'iitletlien?Cleik* ill Depart inenta?in a pbacint and healthy h?ati >n. Apply at No 903 6th street, uortheaHt corner Mvsarhu. fett? avenue. m6-3t F'OB BENT-Th- thr-e story BRICK llofSE. No. 1*>04 7th street northwest, containing teu r->. ni?, store, ga? and water. Also, a*-c.>nd-story front and back l'ABI.OR, b'-*1d'-s -mall ROOMS en third floor, at the Honse No. 1910 7th strwet. Apply at 1900 7th street corthwest. ui6 Ji* 1^0B BENT?Five neatly furni?he^ BOOMS; 1914 G street, between 12th and 13th streeu northwest. tnft-V* I^OB BENT-Two story FBAMF. HOCSB N-v 090 G street southw>-st,containing seven rooms. K?-iit $2ft p?T mouth in advance. Apply uext door, after 5 o'clock p. ni. mft St* L^OB BENT?Oil 13th street, geiitltnien mav ol> r tain very large and handsomely furtil?h*-d BOfiMS, with hct and cold water, at very low prices. m.V3t* I^OB 8 A LB OR RENT?A piece ??f PBOPEBTY r over th'- E.istem Branch, containing eight acres, suitable for a butcher. Apply to J.T.BOI t?KA I'.ytli and G streets southeast.* F'11K RENT?'Three ROOMS, unfurnished, suit able for housekeeping; gas and water in the house; newly jaiutod. Apply at 30** 6!h street northwest. m5-3t* F"OR RKNT-Uan<4sonie|y furiush-l TABLOB and BKDBOOM on the Aral floor, at No. 1106 New York aNenue. May be obtained by uue or two g'-ntlemen at a low price. tnft St* FViB BENT?T<> de*ir?ble partie?.f< r housek?e-p ius, four UNFURNISHED BOOMS, second floor; $2n per mouth, 111? Maasachosctts avenue northwest. m5 3t* I^OB BENT?Elegant large SALOON PABLOBd on first floor, suitable for parlor an<l bedroom, with Boanl; also, large single BOOMS. Table Boarder* wanted. Apply at 917 Itith ?t. mft-3t* L^OB BENT?Second and third FLOOBS, three I ro? ms each, kitchen, pantry, w ashing and iron ing rooms,first floor; Tery convenient for house keeping, club or office- 1411 F street, uear Treas ury. luguire second floor. F. niS-6t* K'OB SALE?The best LOT on Capitol Hill,cor r ner of Delaware avenae and U'-rth B street; 7<J feet 8 iuchee on north B street by 142 feet 6 inches on Delaware avenue;cl?se to street cars and extension of Capitol grounds; splendid site for hotel. For terms, Ac., iihjuire of WM.TYLEB, B?al Estate Broker, 71 ^ 15th street . mft eoftt |4"0E SALE?Ou easy terms, a desirable BUILDING LOT, fronting on 7th street, near new Northern Market. DYEB A DAVIDSON, No. 1499 Pennsylvaniaavenae northwust, ?6-i>t* ' over Milburn's Drug Store. F'OR BALE?A small BBICK HOUSB; contains four rooms, g'>od kitchen and fine cellar; gai and water; lot lufeet by 106; runs back to thirty-foot T alley; house stands 2t feet from building line, and is situated in one of the best and most rapidly improving portions of the city. Price ?3.7uu; one-fourth cash, balance on easy terms. Apply on premises to CHA8. B. PABKEB, 1394 12th street, between N and O. mi St* I^OB BINT-Furnished COUNTBY HOUSE for r the summer. Will rent main building ready furnished, containing parler, dining-room, three chambers, kitchen. Ac. Plenty of shade, ice and fruit; stabling, garden and pasture if desired; beau tiful and healthy location: V? miles from Lanhatn's Station, on Baltimore and Potomac railroad. For terms apply on the premises, to Mrs B.WELLS, or address Dr. CUABLXS A. WELLS, Bladeus burg, Md. mS 6t* ,"?0R BENT-A large FRAME STABLB in the F F rear of prsmiaes Mo. 119 H street northeast. Will be rented on reasonable terms to a responsible person. Apply as aboTe, or at No. 93 3d sweet east. m3-<t* F- >0B BENT?Valuable BUS1N KSS STAND, third story, room 30x60 feet, northeast corner Louisi ana avenue and 7th street; also, OFFICES on sec ond floor. Apply on premises, or at 443 C street aiTthwest, before 11 a. ni. mS-Im f~70B SALK-HOUBE No. 694 New York avenue, between 6th aud7th ftreeU northwest, lot being 3ul'eet 2 inches front, running hack to a public al ley. Apply to JOHN G. BRIGHT, of Bright A Humphrey, No. 997 New York avenue north west m3-4t* F^OB SALE?Two line LOTS on 13th street, be tween 8 and T streets, with east front B. K WILSON, ml-4t 411 7th street, opposite Ofli< ?. OB SALF-Several fine BESIDENCES, with grounds, (from 6 to 8u acres,) on the ridg- of hills north of and overlooking the cit) , between 7th and ?i streets E.K.WILSON, m2-<t 411 7th street, opposite Post Oihce. ?/OR BALE?That elegant RESIDENCE at the r southeast corner of Massachusetts avenue and 13th street. This property is uusarpassed in loca tion, and is supplied with every modern conveni ence. E.K.WILSON, m2-6t 411 7th street, opp>wite P?mt Office. I/OR RENT?A handsome country HOOSE in I complete order, containing thirteen rooms, with garden and privilege of ice honse, carriage house and stable: on the Washington railroad, near Belta ville. For particulars apply on th* premises, or te Mr. J. TUOS. PABKEB, No 608 Pennsylvania avenue. [ml 2w'J W. A L1NTHICPM LVIK SALB? Lots No.l, 13,14. If, and 14, in square I 916, also, lota 3, 4, 4, 8,9,10,11, and 12, s<iuare 9S&, near East Capit<>l street, a few minutes' walk of F streetcars. Apply corner Bast Capitol andlOrh streets. [a3u 2w*] M BALDH IN. l^OB SALB, TRADB OB BENT-That fine r COUNTBY RESIDENCE, known as 'Ingle side," situated ou the new pike road to Falls' Church, one-half mile from the Aqueduct Bridge, Georgetown, D.C. There is a fine new double house, two-story and French roof, with thirteen good rooms, cellar, bath-room and water closet, with sewer, bay window, range, hot and cold water, large trees surrounding the house, a good Darn with four stalls, carriage house, grainery, and hennery. There are five acres of ground well fenced, with fruit trees, grapes, Ac.: two good wells of water and a spring. I offer this property for sale, or trade for city proper ty , improvi d or unimproved, or for Uaae for a term of years. Parties meaning business will be shown the property by calling at V04 F street, Masonic Temple. a28-3w [Bep.t] PHIL. H. WELCH. I^OB^ALE?LOTS iu the northwestern portion of the city; among them several very desirable building lots on I and K streets aud Vermont'ave nue. MAUBY A BBO., Heal Estate and insurance Brokers, a?-eo?w 1497 W street. I,"OB SALE?COUNTBY BEATS.?47 ACBES OF LAND at Highland StaUon.B. and 0. B. B.j new four-room House, Ban. Poultry House and Milk House: water and good reccing. 37 ACBES OF LA NT)- nine-room How with closets, Barn, Servants' Brass; plenty ef water; large quantity choice fruit trees. Tsnns saw. Apply to ? LEMUEL CLARK, apl8-eo4w XH 1Mb street, ooraer Uth and f. 1/OB BENT? Fine three-story pressed BBI0K f DWELLING, with all modern improvements, with store room and two cellars. Inquire HOL LIDGE BBQ8., feed dealers, Mh and O. alS-lm 170B SALB?SOU ABB Ho. 999. between A and r Band Kb and4th streets aortkeMt: either the whole or In lots Apply to J0HK HOWABD. butcher, Ma. 649 Center market, corner of B and Ch streets northeast, or CHB18TIAH M. BECK BT. 493 Q street northwest. a7 1m* E.-'OB SALE OB EXCHANGE FOB CITY PBOP r BBTY, a two-story HOUSB with brick basa Itent, and also a corner LOT and a FABM of 40 acres near the city. Apply to 3. F. COX, corner 4th and Fayette streets, Georgetown, D.0. aU-lm* P0B BBNT-Moet desirable 0FFICB BOOMS in ths aorthwsst corner building of 7 th sad Q sts. northwest. H. GASCH, al4-lm* ^ >98 7th street northwest. FIB BALE?ON LONG TIMB-A neat, well built three-story BBICK HOUSB, with two story Back Building; bouse fronts southeast; has little frcmi yard, and sids entrance; contains aine noma, kisidis bath-rooms and rloeets. Cellar ander entire hones, with fire places, gas and water; can be convened into basement rooms if desired; Lot VxlW. Itionire on the premises or the owner of the Coperty an ar ft p. hi., 949 Sbode blind ftv^nne, twMO fch and IOUi su. all Iia FOR RENT AND SALE. ^ORJtKhT?Ttiree-wocy BRICK HOUHK. ?o. from the Pennsylvania SdVJES ?f;v?K'rst-,4""" F'OR KfXT-M? M.?itht? ard. two connecting front BOOBS. villi h.4 an1 o-M aater B >?r 1 *** Mudern cirmi-UKU- u boose. 10YT 9th street. .a POB-??!fT-Fumt<*^"w'riifd^i-? .Nl Ko??MS. f. fro1. saitnMo f.?r k iwlieffiof. Apply ?ll? Petin.y Warns avenue. ' ,rn f?, ? HOlhl: < B? .14 4 and LOT on the ?rm s-m are fjjfl tPfJ-?*"?'?, Th* ?*< '? .ituated ?.n the ?>nih Wt alt 11? Cu*rt,>l J'?**. ?"* >n M ?fwl. aisl istf .1' 5li' hth" ***? W'i f?*< deep n *1 ?. ** CHARLES p RTSSBLL. MKT-rrEMSHID ROOMS: a back Pwltif FurtiitM m t B?lro'?, ud two ait-a* Ant rfHIDH, I'tck ind fw>nt on ?nr. n_1 m* >r* 4L __ hJ*ib'JJ?"C*,"d Dw"ii'd* I ?wt, near *k wTll brfatod an f?u,in?tl? terms to gentlemen only " A. J.," national KepubluSn * ml*'' |I>|.| forsale. _ ? . L and M\RE>,aiii uctti^ni VnnfZ ? *?'.>??* Mam>,Hioral hi. TV i. ,..i*i ,*1>l"'h l**11"?* Mam, ?u<l^.C2Lx A 111 a'* '"rl^ri; I* br n rt at the flow A ?1> Stable. Ox. betwaac faj, ^77."^ J, j|. FSSfi&Vxac BflfcB'a-Vf* ?* can HaKits^KJ* if.*8- Any or all of the above ^ M Ji1? i !f ?.l'?r??'"?*(? rl) at 311^^ K^w?7thV? ' "r tw 0 ?* BKEWEiffTSd lVf*. 'SALE?Jum arri> ed, fc> b?>ail < f i>n lit,* trotter* ,U^*^/>r*i!5 HORSES; w?rfM <JV .. .,r^; **?'?"?_] ed eipr?selj f..r thi- mark.t 'i ? HlOlkLY* BO WENS *ab?, NeV<fOi lorfc avenue, l>et?e?ii wi, and 7th streets. nu 2? ? l^OB 9ALI-RAT MARE, A Years old. M r?an ph sound. Al*.. K*5?* ? Appl> t?LATIMKR ? CLLA fiji J m!1 ? mnwflTtDiAATfiiiif.cor ^Q? ner of llth P'wr OIHo?* bHildiiiir. ? *s? || .00? first-cla?? BdSES. Climb ? , ,>rn?"','ntal 8htnt>?, athl Tr^-? PlaaU 1 4c. A JORI'AN*, uiift a rnor. m?> lui* private samT "? Br^n,,lf"! ,C,!n"tr? R-'-Ki<????'? call.'d 'PI N J.if'L ?> l"> r?>a?l fr..m . 7 ?JI. T- nnallytowu, at>'lit 2>? Biil? ftr.m >1 uhniitini. |i c !^r'-?y?T<,d.b7 * waajrioti h mi*- Containing rtsb collar,01.P cata.uHi. MX, the otbar tbr?* room*, i. e hou^, barn, a* Thfro Hrf i?4i f?n h< rof srnptK in i>t*ikrirti7 . f l. p* ??-h? t atid otbrr fruita. ^*rp, DirtVi^Vn^J^ h"a"* '? "De ^,h* fln~? ?n tho i"??.":- A"> ?if il'i:r.iii' a tine cuontr* r-?i4?...c? If li. ?i* tOC*"*.n<1 tbi? rro(K-n>. If tbe plat , la fc,w t> th^ Ut of Juno t br M ?u S4..n H. iiif * U1 be for rent dqriiiK th? ?. ;?* .n f*ri?.rn'8 appl,r to risBcl shoebaeeb. rs J "**r Miti. r n**1; ^ Pair of BAT ?nd irylmh. ai?o, ^ ? ^ Z? ' ?!vipr. "r ?"? htjimd. AI*". HAKK^'k i M 1LY CARRIAGE and ? tlAK>Kbt? h .Id f.,r want ,.f u?~ c*r > /Ov at KEATING * CO * StablX. jo<? JT7 } hat,,1' 1^',,hm,,,t' '/y' $J?2'vii?&?r fT.cL PL ANK ^Umn- f~-t ^?ood2 llicii rLAftfc, at M7U3 K ?tr<-*t. at fun.l ala It IIKICK CLAY EUR HALE. u Atlljr U nr tf ??DOK M I?ARJTEILLE. JIT " I4<? r MEDICAL, Ac. MH8 H. J. FRENCH, r/u k. ^/, T|?i Mulkum <*??. ? ?*?!. a ?bort titue only a; T Ui mt, #ueet uortbw^a: lionrs iroui lu_a. ni to 7 p. n, Pn/'w " 1* | M-ttru. E ?rtrirtnn ^r-.r.'tj'.T^Ara ?10-day. awl Fridajs and at tb- M ..H B lIwi, n.2 la ?'*' ut'klIi*>Thur?d.iyn and Sai nrdayn. ' S FRENCH PuWLERS certain cur. 1, . dibeaiM-? of tbe oreaud aud all urinarv (ooiplatnti and bl...d and Kkia diseaaen . ?u.f 1 h! '.d^etionin.^tb. PricCtS ??sl-?- laNTW 1ME, Druggist,ornor iitb ?t and Pcnna) 1\am a avo., H ajdin.gtoii. I?.Q. ali-lm* "kJTAIl'VOLESCI," l?K THE"WIlL ci'RK O THE GREAf EST DISCOVER* * n .. ^ or THE WORLD Lj ft all di^oaaos aro mrrd No m.-diriuM o??vl arut Iot'V^V?'/ . Taught b? Mr. j R*KL^ IOTf 418 ij street tiorthw* *x. ai>7 tr |^K. LEOB . COAS UL T1XU p/t YS1CU >. The old eat eatalkabad Special lat In tb? city Bo. All 14th street, above H. jy*7 tr Boun: UUti 4WI '*?f,dally, C)I^,Tti?:,!:8?TOr mARRIAGE.-?/iW awk/ . 1 - t Af'w from the efl.-cta of Errors and AbOM IB early life. Manh,^ S.'1-nl t^Marny. removed. New method of tr^at Hew and remarkable remedies. Book, and ffM-.?! ^ ig aealed euvetopea. A.idr?wa A.'jacuutott.No. it south 9th street, Phila dclpbia, Pa_,?an inMitotion having a high repota tor honorable conduct aud prof??sionaJ ? "- "arkl-fota K'"^LK DISEASES of all kitni. treated De t Kribf CAM IZH enclose is idvim *nH ma^l cine will betetit. Address an' Dr THOMPSON Mo. HI Mortb Kb ?^-TPhiVl !,!,!. 0," " ! \| LLAME W1LKUM, ~ PHI5I ?'iiTrt'VSr?r. Win. ?I?AejStK,SfKSS'ffL0?lglL?D.B. Residence and Consultation Ro*dm, ?ll tth straat Medical attendanoc a-Ji Klga. Tapeworm retnc .ud wtu ?'ad in two hours. Bifa to aatieats siirrMfnii, treated In Washington ^ ?uccj?rull, |\f OBKT KKTCKBBD IB 1 1 w a . . - ShNHAV ELIXIR _ * AJLi TO OCBI CHILLI, ?l"* CIB6KL,oomer Krtte m$ 0 "tJfeta.Oeowtowj.ajdof GEORGE H I?.? w SOB. corner Mew York avsnne and ink *reat, wberafs^iuiotilalscaB be seen. mvU-lr* PROFESSIONAL. DR IIART 1GAN HAS REMOVED t > 403 3d ureet, corner ol D street uorthaost, ..pp??ite liHitanw atrenne. ml lm* DR. G.C. SAMSON HAS REMOVED HIS OE flSr ?,nd, rr*ldence u' 5,41* Pennsylvania ave nue. Calls left at the Drug Store of Eugene E Civ jeH,corner of loth .treet and New Tork avenu-, will t>'' promptly attended to. &3> *'>2w JAMES 0. CLEPUABB K. Z. BRAILEY 8 o??z?"fiV<5"R* * w'rki^'rteks Olllce? No. 110 C street, between 1st and ad facing Indiana avenue. ?h31-ly J OHM W. BANNA, ... ATTOBBKT-AT LAW. Bo. 0 TounaS Law BnildikC W asbtngtoa. 0. o. MEVEB CEASE-All .? . i? M'',1 " 5u!U ln three different .hade. f?r the trifling sum ef 58, at A. STRA US', 1011 P? ave., near lit L street. .J 'J*0 01 R FRIENDS AND THE PLBLIC. Having |, a..d the aell-known Seat on prf*p?rty. No 70S E street nortb*.-*t, opposite the P .?! Office (lately the residence of ij-nry 8 Davit.,e*? ? ;r 5*moved OCR office to a here we shall br happy to receive our friend.. .. 0 P^Pa1"? to reut a few elegant offices * ',* pr-cea, with 4 as, beat and water 1 also ser vice!, and every possible convenience, furnished A. L. BARBER A CO . No fro? E sT,' . Opposite Office. nil [Daily and Snnday paper, ropy | (J (l5Jv''Iy,i.B OFFICE, earner of 7tk ttrssl v ? orwia?. entrance on New /Ov in?rh?V?SuessThe^oW ?fiva?? loan office /V\ ]'l; . clt7- loaned at the lowest rat. U U <f intefW_y Boidaad Silver Watches, DiaSondT PlMf and Plated Ware, Gum, Pistols Ladie. ami value^" tt * C,0thin4'^?rKU' And ^ articles of ally JVI.C LCTTBKLL. C. A. DUNBIBGTO B LCTTHELL * BlUNINOTON, Anctiaacra sad (sst.lul.s Merchants, 017 La. Ava., bet. 9th and loth streets northwest ?^"Special and Personal attention gi,en to the 8ale of Real Estate. ^ man, at bTBACB', \oil PenW 'aST. WWrlfch^L W J.HKiBEBaKK. . . J, ? ? J Successor to H F. Loflga & Oo..i CITIZENS, akmt and bavt^ ' <? Faana^avalwi r*^lj,DBKB*B B<yPITAL AMD PIBPBBKAMT m~. It?mm |u mmd BAsu. ouMonaa m ?oi?*ar* oo?ui|i.^ Baapfca sli MJMSSSSS 2SS? ^^?5c?rH " Hilt Ir T" POBLIO AMD TIK 0KK8S e^dors-lfc. STKirS'^ BUSINESS CHANCES. A*b,p^Tm*ab?a!" _A" ?"*???? r?* PIA No, round rnm? r? and . ra my la. aa anvri aa n??, will I* aoil <-<? ?. KgBn forca-h. canat imcnn?i m> t ? tTTTtI P)l liLB-A f? ??f lk? W "*terrT"Wai?? 4 ,HI( of the 111.?t mImMf patent EIGHTS e.-r *s-4 Iv??j f<rn*r in Ih* ??( irlll hitt N rtfy !?r per- n*! pr.|?nt taken in part (all at ?? 11 1. iirwt Up?i . a Urra u c?aN~ won ia nprnlw* f?>-r T ?u C AriTALIttO AMP U IlVUi. FOB 8ALF.-An nrOiuM DQTABB Of (?KOI SP in ik? ?owh?ir ?<?il"B ll?? rilf, <?? tlirae v.-wr.' !??>- ThUi Brownd aill more than double IB V Blue a II hm tB<* alloaed for ?? pay ? ?MOT. A f ?'tM aaqnare f Orwml w?vrth?C. lawlila ralaay , la the i?-rtb? ant miH'i oI the dtp, at ? k-r<?t lurnli. bav???f ? fr.*t of Ut tori (facia* taaOby ad-r?h <f l-efeet. 1 * A Biwldia* I t on S*w J aa< i ir*ng? K ft' r?l north. U Ma lita ? f?i4-? ????n 'tmr Tvti Lull o* ?Ml UiU of III bwtoora a mill U?ii?l?? 'tlk?>?l.* S l? W Ala. . ??nr Lr?t ob V atree*, 12.It and 13th ?u ?t. A Irot-rlni L<?t ??i r ?rM, ???r th- Pa??%- IM , Al?? ,oii on V- rati ut , l? ;we.-u L -,. l M *t c?-.-t . A I'ii.Mil k Front t) by IM l> ii ? ?. 11th and N ??'??. la Bf Aft the a*> .??? in choice gmra*t, and fr <m p- tea and t. rii?) comm. tide itaelf t? itpiMliaU (vr inv.atiu. ut or to ??Bilder.for impi'i ment rr*Jt M. M KtHIRKR.tlJ tl ? rMt \|<>NEY TO LOAN ON RK AL EST \ Tk. SE 1*1 CI KIT 1 . in "Ulna to mit M V BOHREB. BMW ill 7th attwat. I'O LOAN ?SICV EBAL THOl *ANI> DOU U> Pr |M-rt> inu-t he d ni l- a itb a'?ti a. t of ? mi* knonii l*?j?r. 10 |* r r-n? . t> t mull m, I t?-i ? "?t. t. B gotiaie loan. THOS k UAU;AMAN. T:h?f wt. mi A vk> finu *4 t"to |i.?n on r?-a! ???into. Al*<, Miler ??n? I., ?ait borrow ?'?*. It II 'AAKNKk, nl M ?H? 7th arraat. E,"OB SALE F ur tirat civ. HUI? RlJ)>l*IC>, ? two a.juai.-* fr. b ? apto-l F*rk. %I|4 rh i?Tf BuiliC* to tli- nra K*?Teru mid c'.oa* t ' tli* Oiin?)ltaiiia aii tnir atrr?t M ' ?rll loratdil. the??. tiati?^i ara a*ll l>uilt, t?-o r.. ni? Mch. k'i*. hot Binl colJ utter, onl >r?nr. Ti rtn?*B.f. IiMiuirt *u tlir pr?iauwi, 11V C ?trmt ?OTjOT aJV lai* |. OK h\LK-Ti?- M-^'hT ?oTii> * ILL ai.4 I 1IXTI KKsofth- Mi:lin?rt an Kauri M <ra, N'o. Jul M-irkrt Space, l?-t. Tth ai?1 ? h ?i? n rth J a ti | E LEN7.I KKO * oo MUM.Y To LOAN uX KEaL BftTATE, IN ?DBi? to mit f<>r Ir.-ni o??* t.' !!??? far*. Kol k^E A ii 11't'LKToN, *?l?lm ti I I litli rtrwt. \* A 1.1 ABLE K A KM r??B bALE OK IK K UAM.t r<>K PKOPEKI V IN Tllltit'lTV A Uh tAT tiAKUAIX ?SC m r>? *(*) iurri.>r land, fnftriallr t*?r U larco, larc* w? T t>?rf-? Barn, D*)llln|. Tenant H tin. and outt>nii<lin?<: ?iiK-yard of tt Concord crape \uie-., in beariuc and trelllaed Ul arraa valual lf tmit^r, tiala;i<-<- aral4? and ?<ll f-riced t ear Onin?-?Station, on R. f A P K. K . Ill Spot") liania c. nnt> . V .? Puce, uulf ????? K A PHILLIPS, a|17 3m 1#S *>?t utrwt, Oe..rpKo?ii. D. 0. Money to luan Jn keal estate MAI KY A HI*o . li. al Ealatf Bud lueuraiK^- Bi k.-ra, apK lm 1411 f utraat. RAKE CHANCE to purrUaae a *.>od HTOKE m< I>Vt KLI.1NU cheap, i.-ar new martial, 7th ?tract. No. 17 14. Price. ??*?. tanna eaa? llAMlLToS A PEAKM'I, tr.JO tf Y W C A BnH<1in?.?h and 1> afr || O U & E r O B SALE. Tba lar?e FOCR 8TOKV HOC8E. with tkrM ?t ijr iin.iii i.. ?U h -l i ???"t. ii-?r l\ ueB, tweut* r !u*;fnrnaicc, km aixl ?ater,?ith lar?e > ard bo4 - ..Ill- iu rear. Ti.' ? h<<ie pr. p-rt> baa been i ?i i lit If fiu: in cotiiplete r< pair, Bnd ia >etj coBTenioat fur ? ar?e, (Hit?rl fuuilr, or for a l .ar.linB li o?<. Will t-. ?..lil i. ? IWijuire at Krne,lmau'? B?i.U .? pp ->u Tr-a?ury. Penna) I vania areuue. fe |J <tt DRY" GOODS. ^ t W 1> B Y G O V V S . Pine rREM II LAW N3 and rEB< M-SS. ? ., 4?m . and auc. LAVE STRIPED JAPANESE CLOTU.atr^c. IILLE PLAIIiS. 2tl and Sbr. WllJTE riylKS 26 worth *>r ?a job. One raw BLACE and *H ITE LAW Nd, Bt He. p^r yard; (loc. under the price.I LACE #sto (90 each. Iti aiititul 0.><Jdi> for Cbtldri-u h Dtn?><*, from Si to 78? . 18 tf BOOAN A ffTLIB. '|'U BE, OB NOT TO BE, IS NOT TH 5 (Jl'ESTlOt* TO FIND, OB NUf TO FIND, BABGAIN8, BAR). \ INS THAT IS THE (JI ESTIOX. It* therefore convinced, and try for cheap and bice gi?>4? Bt U'ULFORD h. SHILBRRfi t, W b"Brethie aea?'>n offering man) BttrBCtion* la DBESS GOOI'8. LLAMA LACB POINTS. LLAMA LACE JACEET8, ALL THE NOYKLTlEb IN PARASOLS AND NEW COLOB8 IN 8CN I'MIIKKLLAS, LATE STYLE FRINGKD VEILS, PARASOL OOVERS, LADIES BOWS AND TIES, Atid many other aruclea too to mnilioa. peraona from the moat diatant part (A the ntp will find it to tliair ad% anta?e, bef .re (lurcliamul aln ? here, to call at tliia fam u? aatabliahOM-nt. RemeBiU-r WTUE ARCADE. aJt 4HT 7th atreet. betwe? r II and B. 8 W. EW~ATlKACTIOft? I ~ LOW PRICKS CARPETS CARPBT8!! CARPETS!!! N.weat deaigna ENGLISH BRTSRELS. ENGLISH INOBaINB, TH BEE PLFB. WHITE and CHECK MATTINGS, OIL CLOTHS, RL Go and MATB W INDOW SHADES. In all rol ira. ' and WINDOW FIXTURES, at WOLrOED * NHILBKRfi'E ?HT SEVENTH STBBBT, HelfMB D and B, aoarti waat.. ?Mr CTTHB ABC ADS. J )BY GOODS AT PANIC PBICBS. Great barralna In DBT GOODS from the New York and Pbiladclpbia auction* Dreaa Orenadinaa at 6,10 and US centa per yard; a b-auuful Una of Dreaa O<>o(la at leaa than imp<^rt?r?'pricea, StripaA Ha iaa at 25c a yard.aortb 36c., Blay Liucl at a rerj low price- Btrip.-d Y -emit, at N>c., warth Mr.; >?? lot Lace Curtain, at A3.60 a place, a line ol 1,,-auti tul Paraaols at ti<ld pricea; a few Llama Laaa Shaw In at half price. EMORY BAXTEB, *26-ly l?sl# Pi-nna> liania aienna. f OVELY POLKA DOT OOOD8 from 12* ceoli L up, to FOl'LARD SILR8 at fl 46. at BBODHEAD A CO*?, marSISm I 404 F atraat. I ELEGANT BLACE SILE,fr>m fl? r, anda yA full line of all kiuda of SPRING aud sL MMBR GOODS juat raccood at BBODHBAD k GO'S, marSl Sm I <04 F atraat. THE TRADES. EKA1G A LAG1RPL8H, Boccaaaor* ta Hesrt Bnnttct, PRACTICAL COPPERSMITHS, 40? F atraat, a34 lm* BatwceB #th and Cth ata. n ^thweat Cm HAS. HABTEL, < Ahlk.sikK AX U BCILDEK. SI 4 V atraet ?"Btfaeaat. All ordera promptly at tended to on r'-aaotiable terma. al7 lm* Avriru. JOHN C. HOG AN, T13 Market Bpara, Manafacturar of AWNLNGp, for Storea, City aOT Couatrj Baatdeacea. TENTS and FLAGS for aale or rent. AW NING MATBBIAL of all for-ale M? Afant for the otil* genuine M1LDBW* fROOF AWNING MATERIAL. apim GOPELAND, AWMIMQ8 for (M|? KsarM^---? pLLMfilNG AND GAS FITTING. Thoae deaiiing to have their Plnml>iu? and Gaa Fitting dour iu a ueat and anbataotial taaniinr, and <m reaaonahk* ti-nua, abould leave their ocAara at 113 PenDaylvanla avenue, Capitol Bill. Work warranted. ?oT-Am* WM. BOTHWELL. J B. TDBTCM, CiC/JWTXi, itfllLUKK, OOltlAOTOI.

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