Newspaper of Evening Star, May 7, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 7, 1873 Page 3
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RAILROADS. A LBXABDBIA A WASUISC fx TOB R. B ALEXANDRIA ? PBEPERICRbBl'RO R Onur if B ??< Hxxth Sir mil. J for Al-Yardrla I??t? mi folio 7 >8. 7 3i?. - S3. 9 ?, 10 i3, 11 SI a. n?.; 12S3. S i3, 4 bo, 6 Jo. Mid 7:SB p. m. Uc?l fr.m Alexandria krriTr m follow IS.IS:;S:,'1X', 2**-?UJI 1 *?'*? QCAJiTICO Arc B??lMlni Imtm Waahlngtot 7 JB dally, "K'H SniMa? . CHEAT 5< >1 THEBN EXPRE9S, rta Blchmood. Iaa*ea Waablngtoo 1trU p. m daily, except Snitdar Through ticket* to all point* Sooth and Soathweei for Mi# *4 OOcm, corner 13th itr^vt ftuJ PfqajitI t a Ufa and corner fth *tr*et aud P-nnaylvaaia a bereeweengers can lea* e order* fur kagnn to N b<4alg and reatdenc*a tarocgn to deat: 1 8. TOriTQ. OepT Pawerger Agent. Jy3Q-tf BALTIMORE AND POTOMAC. I? BAILBOAD, J **** co-.tiA mU B tfuii. y. W* TRAIN* LIAVI Poi TRAINS ARRIVB BALTI.'l* KK WASHINGTON. ?:"f- Biagara Eip./4:S3 a m , Weatern Eta, ?&' *? ? . - .. | <iail7.**cept Snnday. Palttaaora Mail'3:38 a. m . -*cept I cept Sand?y. UTS a n.., ?r>i.ra Exp ,11 ?* a. m., Weatera B*p? daily, emcept Snnday. | daily. 9.38 p. ir.., Baltimore Ac SU p m., Pacific Eipriag at??n>?Iari.n.daily. es-l daily,except ttandar. cept ij.irt p m. .Accommodation, 9 V p. m.,Cincinnati Ex-[ daily. pre**,?laily,**cept Bud jlo ,B p m.. Bonthern Es IMlm . W^ter. Exp.. ??ept Son daily. | Trains ieaitnf Waablngf n at? S3 and lo ss . m. and J f ai^coiinect ai B"Wi?- with train* for Marlboro' leaving B' ?ie 7;S6 and 11 ? a m .. and I 5.S a m ar riTia* at M arlbotw' 9 U a m ar-,112 11 an-l s 33 p m Tra'a* irrlxiug at Waehingtoa -f . Jrt a. m and *rd9^?*J p. m., connect at B >?i- with traina l?aviu? MarlWro' 7*0 a. m ai.t S:*> and iS p m ^ PaMM-t c. r, UaTin? th*-r -Mer* at Ticket Office cw-rof ?b mr~t ?U1 P nn.ylraBla aTenne n. rtbweet comer of Sixth ?tr?rt and PennaTlvania fjyftfh *"?" """'J called for and check ed ** taj'11 ^ i**KleDCH* to all point* N rth and Wert Thr.ngh tirk^i* to Cinrinnatl. Colnmbna. I .dianap h*. Loniir?ille, gi. L?ni?, N-w Orl??na ^ * ^,nu n^h ^E B T.TNQ r 1 'II Hi<1 GH LINE BETWEEN , J H ?w1't?Nli?,;vlpi!l^?"l1 PUIA, ANI> NEW TORK.I _ . _ _W*?H:fbTos, Norember S. LSI Tra.n*between W AsUINuiuii and NEW tuKI a** run ae f Ilow?: aaw avtt* ? "'B NEW YORK, tritovi rltanit Qf UfS. ?5 p Vi Buiidaj 1 at 3.UO a. m., 1:00 and ? ro? PfllLAPELPHlA. Leave dally (*icrpt Buoday > at 3 a. in., 1.00 and EB -O" BrNPAT. * 8*7 r ?* 8 30 * ??> Philadelphia cW?ep,n? car* for New York on 8 * ?. m. trait B|y ?w av?B VU 0.<W p. Hi. iraic Throngb ticket* to Phlla.le|phla. New York and PRO B Ko6?T1. A<?nt. W?,n. )el4 ^Jan.*.l?s. rH''^Pu'^?'iT^s"N,DwLvTLii. ran u ft#Uowp, tii: . FOR BALTTMBRB. i*; '?<?. 8:? p ^ * w* ?:*>? 6:*>,8:uu *1*1 s.flu LeaTe^^r5"?^* 'OB BALTIMORE. d?.S?7m ?m ^ 3U.??,S? ?a "S s^, ?,,, tK*? uV ' jnnction, H?nn?n And R Ut aiao, s.ia p. m. will ?t> p ar i^hbV a ?l j* p. m. at Penn'* Cro-lng 0?. ???<1 the Pl?R ANNAPOLIS frirTanK^riSSi"r m: tut n?,ri,M *? ?? POB BORPOLR. Let?? it 100 p. m., except Snn-lay. POB ALL PABTS or THE WMT a ^*Iid?u'aidC8'5{ pSmUfJOn s?a ?***'* " *? TRA1H8 AltHIM A8 FOLLOWS* JS .KKlwJaW -"5- r.. 1J0,3.40, ?.3B,? 3?, 7:M, In, and 1OJ0 p m . . PROM TllE WEST Arrtre at 1:M, 4ji and lu.lM p. m _ riwfnjffTi porchtkiiDg tickets At th* a v. ?wled^*a^: depot, and pnt into tne t ^a/.r^rDC?'tA**n to Che CEO B KOuNT2^^WA^hln^B 1872 PENNSYLVANIA ROUT* 1872 TO THE HOBTUWEST^CTH;I5d Jocif Train* Iwn w fol|oVa. Baltlmor* ..... f:B a. M p. .*? ?? ? a*blu?ton. 4 31 a lo<38 a. H ? in p With TBACR RoUt/, ^^u"00" ^ Md B*w? bnndred ?llea ?v ed to W~*r. and Central IM 9 f 3LTl,*an^!i'**C"1 8""<laT, northwe?. ' ??"7.?nd? 40 p. m., except Sunday, woat. . _ EatiCojiMrTioM IffiseU'KVilii?M2? 10 S,A01" ? Jfa MaUoaai Motoi'wb?ra ?aTenae, onder "i*?* all timiT nlm*# will be SfKLS S?5-~?r -B.* ??"??-- r-rggjfft. STEAMER LINES. I\E? EXPBE38 LINE VIA CABAL, PHILADELPHIA. A*LExVnPRT* ?* waaa 1NOTOM ABD GEoBUETOwk, D. 0 _ dat?. mbb "SfBMtfEfc Protn 4? Wjuor rtreet.Oeortetown n n rna DAYaodSATlBDAY. at ItTTiB UU-TU?^ Thi* line coaaect* at Phi!adelahia witS'Ti^.*. :s^v??k maiSi* coTDPb,ta3S^ u of 0 t^ ALiKi l PEABCB??4^ncrea* 8treet, Bo* ? 5^'r*'eht* delirered by Kao*'? !??<?< n,t.~ .at OeK-rl oar,. H03*P^n-rlJKT,?^ t r at tbe ateaiuer wharf will be promptly attend"^ W"B,"#IO?i??&y&?. ?0.TO?, IIS SWTff? mJi" f, ?,J '"i" b?*r wharf, foot A i?tww: "iv r.:?i^!iSSsS5 snirid' s-tsj Pre.ght *h..uld be addr^T^r^J j*,, ^fflc*^at Raox^* Vir.Ror^H*3J^ih^VbS irl4 lp'iMtV,kohA<',TT ,,?"n"r*1 Agent. ~'yt * Store, r n.. r is-h ?? v.i.1 P?. ave. ^l^iROLI.U. " THR BRITISH ANP NORTH AMERICAH ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, BETWEEN NEW YORK AND LIVCBPOOL. CALLING AT CORE HARBOR. PROM NEW YOBR. A^.eUi 2 J i?1" J Aby**lala_8at__ May 10 ? kif22l ?U*1' 14 : bat M iv 1; -IS-^T SH~S"r li U*1*^.rU- M %v 24 J***. v% ? >1 A> Jp Part hia 8al? M 4\ 31* marked tLua ? a " Jla> J1 -? May 31 I carry peerage paa Aad arary follojgtM WEPNESDAY sod Bat CM DAY froBi New York ?"? ??"? ~-nai B->-erage. fju, currency. Mearage ticketafrogi Llrarpool and QneeWowa ?nJall pary. of Euro pa, at low?ai rate*. Tbr?o*k blltaof lading give* to Brtfa?, Olaagow, Havf* s&Wjys??sE,??sr'.B- wsS Trinity BnlWing^ " 111 B"",W CHAS O PRAN' RLVR. Agaof, N?*w Y >rk norm 1, ?T" BW? _ T W ashtngton, D. C. ^|?*CHANTT? LtRR^ nCRAMflMlPR. WA8HISOTOB ABD B1W TOBK. j ^HiTuiBrH^'55u S3??!i5?? tb**,l relg bt* delivered bf Enox'* Exsrea*. Or der* left at Geaecal OSce. Ml P- nnayfvaaia ara nne. or at tha steamer wharf will be promptly at* teiolad to. MM t. W. TMOMPSOM. YrOPTH*8 BL'JTS in Scotch and tU|cul,T*ry n<>bb), at A. BTBAUB', 1911 pVV*!, M? 11 h ?tr?et. B^^darsjS^ESBrtips-e s^\uss.rS'm? : LIVERY STABLES. J OLCOTT * 80S, i*?K^iP,I,0? LIYErV d SALB 8TABL.BS. bet I) and I. and Chain All**. H Utwwc Lfch Mid Mth. OtDer, Willard* tJzTf, tarnished. S?<cW care p*M to tb* t'^'Mtllua of boraee. dxcC lr Allison nailob, Jm.. _ LIVERY AND HIKING 8TABLB8. STYLISH CARRIAGES and COACHM KB dwBi ly 111! B street northwest ABLINGTOB STABLBS -B. CBCIT, JB. O STREET, Biiwiis ITth tit 1 *ti. CarrlafN by day or Blfht, aud for aaldlBii or par tiee. ?wBit C^ONURESS STABLBS, j sth street. Bnwin d *n B. Bonn and Bnggi"efor Hire, and afreek rappty <* f*4 H raw for *ale ??rj week. ?3lly BICHABP TAIT. Proprietor IVAfH BAILOR'S STABLBS ISM ? ST. " CARRIAGES of the latMl styles constantly on hand and for birr by the day or month. Part tea, weddinga, and receptiooe hralaM wttl th?- Boat comfortable and elegant Carriasm Particular attention to Sardine Boraea, anc IKr?m atwavs for sale and exchaage iwli tf PROPOSALS. \AV? FAT OFFICE, ?? *?.?Hi!ir.TOS,D. C ,Mht 6, 1?J. S? .?led Pi><poaai*. t<> l?t endorsed ? Pr .p.-.als,'? ?iil l.e rwiiHl :u tbiOffice until IX m. the : ? klitm l'AY or Mat, I873, for the below described I IG IKOS,t. Iwdelitered free of expense at the Washington K tt) Yartl.subject to tbe usual insp-c t k ii, t<> a it: Bttrtntt it Sf-tm Kiittawiu. ?*' I fifty ) ton-, t J.i*i |?.?uii-I-t to the k>u,) No. 1 A*h iaiol pin Iron. r* must Rtate in their bids the time within w hieli tbe Iron rau !??? il.'literfl. K -ap ?n?ibl>. ?? < ui ity will be r <iair*d for its pr nipt an I faithful 1. Iitery wh?-n awaril-d. Blank form* for bids l i l.e had at tin- Offi. The right i* res-rved to reject any Lid uot c- i.?iUered ad\ antageons to the O n?rn nit-111. G. B. THORNTON, 11.? .it Pay Inspector U. 8 N>vy. J>BOPOSALS FOB STATIONEBT. DcPAktiitxT or Statk, Aprn 21. ICS. Sea!<<! Proposal* for furnishing stati >nery for the }ear eiitiing Jure .Tu l?7t, will be received at thin I > par in r tit until 31st day of May, 1173, at 12 o'clock M. Blank form* for Lidding will be farnfclied upon application. Tlie bid* a ill l>e considered and accepted or re jected item b? item; and tht* adtert'tmnnt and the I r poeal*. so far a? accepted by the Secretary of Slate, and the bond accompanying the name, shall constitute the contract between the Government and tlie bidder or bidder*, aud uo further contract a ill be executed. The artir lea contracted for mu?? be tarnished fram tinieto time, during the year, in quantities pur mant to order* from the D'-partment. The entire <inantitiee of each article will, how ever, le called fordurinethe year. Each proposal mnat !?? aign-dbv the Individual or firm making it, ami l.e accompanied by a bou.l. with -nfllco nt sureties, in a ?uni e.|iial to fifty perceut. ? t the t>id or bill* accepted, approved by a United S'ate* officer of the district in a hich the sureties re - side or do l>n*in<w, on a form to be fnrui*h"d by the Department ccndttioned for furnishing such p..r 11< 11* of the article* a* may be awarded under it, and the performance of the contract. All ?ieliveriea will be subject to inspection by an n pert detailed for the purp?.*e, by the Secretary of Stnte.atid the deli >er> of an inferior article will le? de. ne.1 *uRi< ient CHU*e to annul the contract, at the option of the Se. retary. l?eii*.-riea m?*t be free of charge at the Depart ment of State, WaehinRt"n. The failure to comply with any one order under the contract will, at tbe option of the Secretary of M:tte, operate a* a forfeiture of the entire penalty i.f the f.. nd; or the Secretary of State may direct the pnrrhaee, in open market, of inch <iaatititiea -f ant artn le* a>- ?hall be nece^ary to supply the deli ri luy cau*e<l l y auch failure, and charge to the contractor* fifty p- r centum of the price which it ?h:<ll be found nece*aary to pa) for auch articlea. l-r p - tli nnaccompanied D) a aatiafactory bond will not be considered, and contracta will be award id only t<> e?tat'U*hed manufacturer* of or dealers in the arm lea. Proposal- to l.e addre?*ed to the undersigned, and inarktd '? Proi^.iutla for Matioi.ery." *21 Him IIAXII.TON FISH, Secretary of Sta'e. f)liOPOSALS FoK FHBSB BKBV. Oftici A. C. S., Fo?t Foot*. Makylaxd, J May l*t, lfC3. J Sealed FropoeaU, in duplicate, will tie received at M11* Office until 12 m ,J \n 1, Isr.t, for farrii*hing the Fre*h Beef re<|uired by the giib?i*tenc? Dapart nient, U. S. A , at tliia Station, duriug Biz month*, commencing July 1,1473. ai?o, ?? parat* prop^al* for fnrnUhing Ofllcera ai'h Ch' ice Cnt? 'Hiring the iinie period. Iff- rmation a* to condition, quality of Beef, pay n>ebta, Ac., t an be obtained by application to JA3 E EASTMAN, B l-?t l<t Lieut..3d Artillery, A. C. 8. A RAILROAD ABD leal Estate Bortgaga Csafcli?4. In tta 7 JO Gold Bonda tbe Northern PaclBc Ban road Company farniahee to the public an lnvaatneat ?ecurity which combtnea tbe ready negotiability, the convenience, and the high credit ef a ttrat-claaa rail road boud.with the aolidity and aafety of a real es tate mortgage on land wortA at least twice tba amoaot oared. They are offered at par ta currency, and field a UANDbOME PBOFIT to tboee exchanging A tta. Tbe bond* are a Brat and only mortgage on tbe road, it* equipment* and earnings, and alao on a land grai.t which, on tbe oompletioa of tbe road, will average BW acres to each mile of track. They are loaned ta denomlnatlOM from |W ta ?1,1100 Coapon, and ?100 to ?kJ^00 Begiatered, bav* thirty year* to ran, bear an Interest of 7 JO par cent. In gold, and are EXEMPT FBOH OBITBC STATES TAX to tbe bolder. Tbe aeml-annnal intereet ea tbe Begietered Bond* ta paid with GOLD CHECXS, sent to tbe post affloe addreaa ef tbe bolder. All Marketable Stock* and Blinds received ta as change, witboat expenaa to tbe Investor, at tbeli highest current prices. R a, WA8HIHGTOB. ^TOKB MASONS AND BUILDERS Attention is called to tbe fine BUILDING STONE aow being lamted at 14th *treet and other wharves from the acowa of J. T. H. HALL. Order* received at office. Room V, IUt Building, or on board ateam tug Julia.foot of Huh treet, Georgetown. ?p7 lm* 'pUE CHINESE TEA HONG Hss removed to BIS D itreet, Between Mb and 7th, north aids. TEA8 cheaper than ever. Mo rent to pay. tebU am L. BENJAMIN, Proprietor ROACHES, BATS or BEDBrGS cannot be found where Gl< ntworth'a EXTERM INATOR ia n^-d. Fot aale b) Z. D. GILMAN, bit? Pennsylvania ave., aid HOLMES A BRO., northeaet cor, lat and E *t?. n.w. aM-3m* IS TIIE SUPBEME COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, a Spt'iai T-rm, April 2#/4,1ST3. In thecaie ot Sarali F. Doiioho. administratrix of THOMAS l>ON"ll?). de. eaa-tl. the ailmiBi*tratrix aforesaid Kit*, with the approbation of the Supreme C'. in of the Di*trid of Columbia af'.reaaid, appointed TUESDAY. May 2utb, U73, for the final settle n > nt and dictnbuti >n of the p*T4 <tial estate of said d-ceaeeil, and of the aa*eta in hand, a* far a* the seme have l-een collected and turned into monejr: when and where all the creditor* and heir* of *aia d * a eased are notified to attend, with their claim* prop, rly Touched, or they may otherwise by law be e\?luded from all beto-fit in said deceased'* estate: P'tn-fi'J. a copy of thi* order be published once a e- ek for three week* in tbe Star, previotu to tbe said day. Teat: a30 w,3i* A M EP.STER. Begiater of Will* IN BANKRUPTCY, 1 Dutbict or Colcmbia, as: At Washington, the ? day of April, A. D. 1ST3, tli- uii<b r?igned berebt gtt. s n .tice of his app iut n em as a**ignee of BRaY BROS., ot Washington, I> C., who have been adjudged Bankrupt* upon their own petition by tbe Supreme Court of aaid District. I * 3') A. CHESTER, Assignee. I'HIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the *ubacriber ban obtained from the Supreme Court of the District of Coiuoihia, holding a special term, let ters of administration d b. n. c. t. a. on the B-rwnal estate of LOUIS M GRAMMER, Sate of Waahington county. D. C., deceased. All per S"n* Having claim* arainst the said deceaaed are hereby warned to exhibit the *ame, with the vouch ers thereof, to the *ubacriber, on or before the 221 day ot April next: they may otherwise by taw be excluded from all benefit of the said estate. Given Slider my hand, ihisBd day >>f April, 1873 WILLIAM B. TODD. a23 w 3t Administrator d. b. n. c. t. a. MT^HIS IS To GIVE NOTICE, That the subscriber 1 baa obtained from the Supreme Court of tbe D>*tr1ct of Columbia, holding a ipecial term, lat ter* ot adniiriMration W.A on tiie personal estate of WM II LANGLEY. late of Washington county. I>istrict of Columbia, deceased. All persons having (Iaim* against the *aid deceaard are hereby warneo to exhibit the same, with the voucher* thereof, to tl?e rabacriber. on or before the 13th dav of April Beit; they may otherwtae by law be excluded truss al' benefit of the said eetate. Given under my band this 1Mb day ?f April, 1S7S. _ CHARLES CLIFTOB LANGLBY. ?)< *>? Administrator W. A. THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That tbe swbact+ brho obtained from the Supreme Court ot the Di*trict of Columbia, holding a Special Term, letters testamentary on tbe pereoual estate of THOMPSON P. CALDWELL, late ofWaabiag loa, D. C\. deceaaed. AU peraona having clalma m?dm tbe said deceaaed are hereby warned to exhibit tbe same, with tbe vouchers thereof, to tbe ?abecriber, oa or before tbe litb day ef April seat: they may otherwise by law be excluded from all bewefit of tbe aaid estate. Bivea under my baad tbts 1Mb dav ef A pril, llffS a!8 a Jt MART A. CALDWELL. B?eeutrtx. rl*HR BBOADWAY <H>AT aad VEST to aaatab la 1 ail tbe rage at A. STBAUS'.tbe OUthier, IWtt Penaevlvawia aveaae. near llth street. U# C"jfoittii n all nmim .,n.'?nRlit2!?A<!5?Sba2? AUCTION SALES rrTCRE DAYS. BT DUHCANSON. DOWLING 4 CO , Aucta. corner 9th bud D streets northwest. TBU8TEE*8 8ALI OF~VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY OS 10th 8TRKET, NEAR 8 ST. NORTH* EST-N ? 1738 10th STREET, jb By virtue of a deed of trust to the u'-drrsurned, the kth <14)- of Jane, A. D. 1 S6?, uu re "*"corded in Lib^r T an?l R, No. U, folio Ito, of the l?nd recorde < f the District of Colombia, uid at the written request of the holder of the promissory not* ???cured thereby, 1 will ?e|| on the premises, by pnb k< unction, on rKIPAY, the 9th dar of May, A. D. IrCJ, at t> o'clock p tn., all that certain piece or par cel of ground situate In the city of Washington, in ?aid District, and known and described ax Lot nine teen, <19,1 in Leonard 8 Chapman'a recorded sub division of square numbered three hundred and thirty-five, (33B.) together with the improvement* thereon,eonM?ting or? good frame Dwelling House. Term* of sale; f 1 JtJO fn rash; the remainder in six m< nth*, with Interest at *ix per e* nt., secured by a deed ?.f trust on the premises; or all rash, at the op tion ofthe purchaser; $2U0 t" be dep .sited when the property to struck off. If ' ' >ruisof sale are not c< niplied with within five o .r^tu day of sale, tbe property wfl' be resold, at iue risk and cost of the defaulting purchsser. All conveyancing to be paid for by purchaser. GEORGE If. PLANT. Trnstee. r, 2 d PUNCAN9QN. POWLINQ * CO., Aucts. BY LATIMER A CLRABY, Auctioneer* and Benl Est at" Brikers. Smthwest corner Pennsylvania avenne and Elev enth street, 8tar Office Buildings. EXE'UTOBS SALE OF A SMALL LOT OF YUKNITUB. GOLD WAT?'H AND RING A On SATURDAY MORNING, Mi. loth. Ul 1^73. in trout of the auction rooms of L ttirnet ??I A Clean , I ?hall sell tlie following effects: | ? |1 Painted Cottage Sit. * Oak Hat Tree BrnsM-toCaTpet; Msttra-s, Ac. ALSO 1 Odd Watch; 1 Gold Ring. Terms Cash. JAMES 8YKE8 Executor. pt2 cod LATIMER A CLEARY. A-irts. REAL ESTATE AQEXTS. J l AN BOYLK. FRANE BARN CM IPAN BOYLE It CO., r.F.AL K ST ATE A >' L) .VOTE UK OK *RS, No. ttU4 16th street, opposite U. S. Treat jry. FOR SALE?A handsome HOUSE on I street, N'\ 913. A new lar^e double HOUSE, corner 21"t ai..1 H HOl'SK No. 1010 Masaschnsetts avenue. HOUSE No. tl?<> 2d ?treet east, for sale or rent, fur nished or unfurnished. ACOTfVGE in Willard's Ro?: price. #2.6w). Several small Ilonses, from $!#??' to Sft.tK'V; small cash payments. We have M*\eriil very tine KARM8, iuiproved and unirn prove], on different railroads running from the ritv, for sale at low figures or exchange for city property. 3UO,i**) feet of OROl'NO tn various P"t-ti< n* of the city for *a!e at low figures on easy terms, or will exchange for productive Improved property. apSB-tr J^EAL ESTATE AGENCY FITCH AMD FOX. e iiTe special attention to the care of Properties belonging to non-resident owners,?paying taxes, attending to repairs, securing tenants, collecting rente, Ac.. Ac. FITCH A FOX. l.'?09 Penna av?nn", Freedman's Bank Building, nH >. Jw opp U. S. Treasury. (<EO.TRUESPELL A CO., ? REAL ESTATE BROKERS, Hi 7th street, (over German American Savings' Bank.) Special attention given t? RENTING, COLLECT ING, PAYING TAXES aud NEGOTIATING LOANS. Refer (bf permission) to?General B^nj. Alvord, I'-ttmarier General U.S.A.; James S. Grinnell, Chief Clerk U. 8. Pateut Office: John Eraser, Arch itect: Hon. F. P Blair; Hon. J. W. Douglass.Com missi* ner Internal Revenue; Wm. B Moses, Furni ture Itealer; C E. Prentiss,Cashier German Ameri can Savings'Bank; Col. John M. Fessetiden; H>n. John Hit*, Consul General of Switzerland. a23 3m* w ILLIAM DICKSON, GENERAL INSURANCE AND HEAL ESTATE AGENT, No. b0'? FIFTEENTH STREET, opposite TREASURY. None but the safest insurauce companies repre sented. Prompt settlement of losses and fair dealing guar anteed. at?3 M? A~USTIN P. BROWN. Corner M. ?. avenue and 18th street, Washington, D. 0., Wholmalb Dialer in LUMBEB, LIME, CEMENT, BAND, Ac., fto., Ac Ll'MBER BILLS cut to order on short notice. BLUE 8T0NB for Building, Macadamizing aoC Pav ing purposes delivered In any part of the Dto trict. REAL ESTATE bought and sold and money la vested. To this branch of the business 1 will here after give my personal attention, and will be at m) office daily from 10 a. m. until 4 p. m. marl-tf HOTELS. VTHIOM HOTEL. Oioksbtow*, D. 0. U Y. 8H1NN, Proprietor. This Hotel has been newly refitted and It contains all the modern improvements?bot and ?old baths, bell*, and gas. It to conveniently lo cated, being situated on the line of the Washington and Georgetown Oity Passenger railroad, the can which, from the railroad and steamboat depeta, MM tbe door every two or three minutes. Tht guests of this boose can reach any ot tbe public buildings ef the national capital or any plaoe of unusement, Ac., by a pleasant ride of a few minutes Persen* doing business along tbe Una of tbe canal sod on tbe wbarraa will ftndit to their advantage W stop at thto honae. tom-ly HOTEL, Bo. 109 O STREET, jeB-tt BiTwim 7th and 8th ST?g?T?. IMPERIAL HOTEL, JAMES SYKES, Prorrutm. rmoMTI5a Px5It8TLVA!fIA ATB1TO, fttwiw 1Stk tmd 141 k ttruu, WasbiMton, D. 0. Thankful to tbe public for generow patronage It be past, the Proprietor asks bis old friends and ?atrons to test tbe accommodations of his prrisnl ?stabllsbment, which he promisee shall bs found at east equal to the beet in Washington. yHi east equ janMf {Rep., Ohron.] The bbtabt house, Locaud on c?hmt Utk ttrtt* md N. T. mmm. Alter the 1st of December, 1871, Permanent Mid Transient Boarders will find this house one of the ?oet desirably and moat conveniently located I 'u the city. Tbe rooms are neatly furnished, well lighted aad ventilated, and provided with all modern home ao xmunodatioae. Tbe charges are low, bat tbe wants and the oom fort of all guests will be carefully provided for. Tbe proprietor, Z. RICHARDS, has determined tc provide a good caterer. nnvlj-notf 0. W1LLABD, EBBITT HOUBB, WASHINGTON, D, 0. c. |jIMOLD T_I 0 N . Washixgtoji, D. C., April 1#, 1373. The copartnership heretofore existing between Elphonzo Youngs and Wm. H S'-ars, under the and firm <7 ELPHONZO YOUNGS A CO., is di-wolved by mutual consent.the second term of such copartnership having this day expired. The busi ngs* will be continued at the old stand (Masonic T'-injde, corner 9tb and F streets,) by ELPHONZO lOl NG8, who will pay all just claims against and collect all amounts due said firm. ELPHONZO YOUNGS. WM. H. 8BARS. Thanking my friends and the public for their lib eral patronage in the past, 1 would respectfully ?? licit a continuance of the same. ELPHONZO YOUNGS. Having spent the past two years very satisfactorily with Mr. Youngs in the above-named business, 1 m ould take this opportunity to thank my friends and tbe public for their patronage, and cheerfully rec^ ommend whatever influence I may have to his in terests. (ap!9-tf) WM. H. BEARS. HRIDAL AND FUNERAL WBBATHS. BOU QUETS, CROSSES, ANCHORS aud STAR* Preeerved or Enameled in Wax. kinds of Hail {raiding done, Ornamental Hair Work on Glass at* pearl, by Mrs. FRIES, late of Boston, No. WOO 8tt street, near I. northwest. References -Mrs. Presi dent Grant, Mrs. Admiral Golds borough, W. Wi C rcoran, General Elsey, Getveral Tompkins, G?ne ral Aiken JanU-ly JBI NSW NATIONAL MABEBT. FRESH, SALT and 8MOEBD MEATS, of 41 kinds and of. the beet quality, furnished lii the teststyleialsojGAME,POULTRY, FRUITS, and VEGETABLES! in their season .can be procured at this Market. martl-ly BOBT. HYATT, 4L4 lltb st. HAVE YOU BEEN the Youth's Imperial Coat and Vest to match? It is admired by all and chly to be seen at A. STRAUS ',1011 Pa. ave.,near 11th street. all IN THE 8UPBEME CO LET OF THED18TE1CT OF COLUMBIA. Tkt Uik Jay of April, 1873 Mart B. Watirs, vi. Waltek G. Waters. No. 3,146, Equity Docket IS. On motion of tbe plaintiff, by Mr. E. McB. Tt m ne* . her solicitor, It is ordered that the defend ant, Walter G. Waters, cause his appearance to be entered herein on or before the first rule-day oc curring forty day* after this day; otherwise the cause will be proceeded (with M in case of default. By tbe Coort: D. E. CARTTKR, Chief Justice, Ac. True ropy .?Test: R.J. MEIGS, Clerk, Ac. a?-tuJw By L. P. WILLIAMS, Asst Clerk. UNITED STATES FATENT OFFICE. |j Washikstos. D. 0.. April mh.lVS. _ On the petition of HBNBT B. WORTHlhGTON, of Ireingt >n. New York, praying for the extension of a patent granted to him on the ltth day of Jaly, loM, for an improvement in Pumping Engines : It to ordered that tbe testimony In the case be closed on the 17th day of June next: that the time for filing argument* and the Examiner's report be limited to the S7th day of June next, and that said petition h beard on the Id aay of July next Any person may oppose this extension. kB t Jt M. D LBGGETT, Commissioner. ? 'N1TED STATES PATENT OFFICE, V W ASHIXGT05, D. Cm April ? .1873. On the petition of JOHN W. MA80BY, of Brook lyn, New York, praying for the extension of a pa tent granted to him on the ltth day of July,laM, for an improvement In Paint Cans, Ac.: It is ordered that tbe tagtimony tn th? case be cbsted on tbe ll)tfi day wf June next, thai the Time for filing argument* and the K^auiiti-r's rrport b? l-m ited t?> the ?h?lav of June next, and that said peti tion be heard on the bill day of Jitannext. Any person naiy orpo*- th'?extension. al& tuJt M. D. LKGGKTT, C ?nanissi jaer. AUCTION SALES. TO-MORROW. Or latimer * cleabtT J* Auctioneer* urn R-al Bmks,, Southwest corner of Pennsylvania ithq., _?i lllh ?treat, Star Ortice Building 8?^0?5 8PRIKO SALE Of OREEN Horoi tfAWAttfttS"1-'?"? On THURSDAY MORNING. Mar Sth l>Cl|n* *' 1 1 ?,C'"Ck? ** Shall MOll* JHMrwithin our salesrooms, a larre rnWnrtl , r Flowering Plants. <Wi*tin? ..fch.uce R *i- p!$J? ?? ninnis. Geraniums. Lilies, Fuchias.c3kilVK T^ro* ca?h. mf 3t I*^fl LATIMER ACLEART. a not* JJN1TED 8TATK8 MARSHAL'S SAL*. In virtue of a writ of fieri facia*, A# fK. ?f " "JHce the 8npreme Court of tfce D-4trict ?K< ln \* to ?**" directed, 1 .hall sell IwtWmt I>A ?*" H ^"L"' "*jd District. on tllUR8 t'A i, tb?* 9th day of May, 1873, at 111 ?VI.*S ?U the defendant'* right, title, claim, and inteiw In and to subdivision No. l'C." in mimMo w? singular the unproTemei.t* therein, *eiX,si ?n,i levied upon as the property of Allison Nailor. and A G R*ddle? ' * ex*cuUon No- ?i fk*or of April 18, lgrs,EX 8HABP? P'8 Y WIT L. No. 900 and ^08 Pennsylvania avsuoe. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF~~VALUABl.E PRi.ppr n TV IS SQL ARE No. 71*. r*HPER Lnir'iT'ii II ' N? <?fAr rf ^'"".recorded in ?9 t j if ? U..N?> 22, folio 78, aJ<u) in Lib<?r ,, -T B, !*"?'? folio lt>9, of the l?u?l records of the District of Columbia, and by dir?tion of the parties secured thereby, I will offer at public sale o? u'.EnS"','? MONbAT.the 5|9;|, fuv of April? at the hoar if# o cluck in the, the foil .wl 1 ?|. U of Gn.and. as sub-dlvi<fed by Wm K.,r. !i in' . r*??or- being Lots number 11, 44, tf, 4* 47 ?*' S' ?i' il' f?' ?' ^?"5. S6.47,8<, Sd,60, 61, Si. il! >u' ?6, 66 , 67, 68, C9,70,71 and 72, of the lalnUfiiiim <t{ original Lot* number 12, 13, II, and pan of U in ?>iuare712. These Lots front from 19 to S> fo?t' on *r'? ?Tenne.Jd street east, M street north, and ( -dfax street, andi run back to allers, the snid Lots b'ing in depth from H to 100 feet. Two Frame ll^n?e? on Lot* 61 an< 61 will l? *. Id with the L >ts T'-nns of sale: One-third cash, the residue of the purchase money in 6 and 12 month*, the purchaser I V"? h!? n,,tT ,"*r'n* 6 tR>r c*nt- interest from the day of sale: a deed given, and deed of trust taken to secure the deferred payments. All convevan<-in* at the purchasers co.*t. A of ,?25 required from each purchaser when the Lot* are sold. Plats of above Lots can be hail at our store H17 tor 1R?,1 p JACE80N, Trustee. al7 lot [Rep] y L. WAhL A CO., Ancts. FR?nIvKMA.?,iV?-?ALKJ8 POSTPONED until i.. r !! i% ! ** tb? same time an<i place, ?-^gt-nc. ^^ra^By^^ Trustee. t.TTj3!/5B< hour aiid place, in conse<|iience of the rain ma a *TP J ^K?ON, Trustee. tn3 d w. L. y> ALI, A CO., Aucti. |>Y MATT1NGLT A WHEELBR^ Auctioneer* and Brokers, So. ?0J 9th street uorthwest, next to corner E st tv*?!1Ii?i irSo?F. BY AUCTION OF VE|{Y ? ALl ABLE REAL ESTATE IV TIIK riit^T xrt 0ii??o5iTIN,,) Pennsylvania avk TION GOVERNMENT BESERVA 9 Under and by virtue of a deed ef trust, in which 1 have been substituted a* trustte in tli, Pl,^?f Frank D. Whitney ^eceas^d, which ?nTr'?"dJn H?"r.No- *K' f"?? 4M- on? of the lan?1 records ?f atthmcrton comity. District of Co lumbia,and at the request of the holder of the note S b> "''Id-ed of tru*. I shall set up.e'p^ Arrn'Voi^' '?'?IJ"'-. Oli WEDNESDAY Arrjl 30.1873, at 4 o c 1-?ck p m., on the pretnin^n original L?tj?(19) nineteen and(?j> twenty .In ^loare numbered (loll one hundred and one Vhese | >ts H.'m ?WA'h"ptJ.-t,T7 f^1 on 1 S?r^' n"*r iU intersec Pennsylvania avenue, and have a depth of a n..l Ur -He,"," to,rt a'"1 ,hrp'* inches to a public alle? twenty feet in width, and side alley Ofteen feet vide from I street, fronting a reserva lion and Pennsylvania avenue. This pron?rt) js pe. nliarly adap'.^l for the ere.-tl >n of rtrit-clas" orl of /.pttuT^buiM C,'mmani1 thd ?*??"*?<>? ?.T<,.r.n"': c?*h; balance in 6, 12 and IS tie nths, with interest at six per cent, per annum secured by a deed of tru-t on the premise, a de posit of $800 when sold. Confryanoing at pur chaser s cost. Terms of sale to be complied with in one week after sale. W. B. WE KB Trustee .22 d IBep.j MATTINGLY A WHKELEB, Aucu. *,".Tn?5 APJ?Y* sale is hereby post poned until THURSDAY, Maj 9, W7J, at 4 oVIok p m.,on the premises. By order ot the Tru-tee. ?30eolw M ATTINGLV A WiIekI.k'.V. ct* |ly latuVer A cleart S .t. Anctioaeer* and R. al E*tate Broken, sootnwest comer Pennsylvania a. euue and 11th St., Star Office Buildings. tri stee s saleof valuable propprtt ^ corner1^of1pbight AT AUCTIONU T bTKEKTS SOUTHWEST, ? f 'ij^er No. 6hs. fi.llo 31.5, one of the land hr?,!^?rtY"le^hnigtoii county. District of Colnm . "'.J1."1 1}"" r^tueHt of the party secured thereby, I will Milat public auction,!., the high, st bidder, in front of the premise*, on thursday, the 9th da* of May, 1^73, at 6 o'clock p m..lot lettered A ben-d Sr^'fHIVbl0" of, "ri*in!l1 lot? "um bered 10, II. 12 and 13, in square 15J, as the same are WiJblnifton p,lkllc ???1 P'??s of the city of This Property fronts 23 f.-et on T street, and has a sfre.d northwest.0 ^ al,t'X' *Dd b,uaB ou Eighteeuth Terms of sale: Bino cash, balance in fi and 12 month* with interest. If the tern*of sale are not complied with within five days from day of sale, the trustee reserves the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser llm down at time of sale. Conveyancing at purchaser's . B. W. DOWNiAN"'Trusts. n.l dAds LATIMER A CLEABY, Ancts! I1Y LATIMER A CLEART, Auctioneers and Real Estate Broken, southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue aud llth street, Star Office Building.

fS'iari11 tUDB8DAY AFTERNOON, May 8th ^1873, commencing at ? o'clock, in fr"t ol the I'nZr:;, i1wjRtIie'fcirtS;?! :;,.h ,'j ifrrri,'';; ri=> S5?3*' Pw mentB^S%' i* residue in three e.inal S i<rnf fmlt Vio" . m.ol,Uw, and Secured by a a ea or trust, with noten bearing interoNt at s n?.r at ttoe^3*JeenClB8 " ?UPchMer^ct?t. tfiOOdown a30 dAds (Bep ] LATIMER A CLEABY, Ancts. IJY UBEEN A M> ILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Northwest corner luth and D streets. BUILDINt; LOTS FBONTIVOOV vrJ ?5S t BETWEEN DELAWARE* A VF AUCTION ? H CAPIT0L STREET, AT ffiL On THURSDA Y,the 9th instant, at 6o'cl.Kk "I ' we.shall well on the prtnis.-s L>tNo. 2 in s>jiijtre No. 6S3, being 66 feet front by 13U feet d.-ep, it beinp an unobstructed view of t^h. po?m^ t- nns'.8 T U*ble property and sold ou reasonable' One-third cash; balance L, 2,3,4 and 5 vears with interest at 8 per ceitjper annum aud secured by a deed of trust on the premise. C .uveyan. inc t? at cest of pnrchaser ?ax, down on th"dawf safe' Title indisputable. Terms to l?< complied within 10 da>s after the day of sale, otherwise the owner'r? s7e"f !,k" r,"h,?'' r-se!l th^,.r..p. rty at the risk and 1 f -l Auctioneers. |?Y J AMES G UIL D. Auctioneer, No. 1014 Pennsylvania avenue. IIMULAR SAI.ES roses r.rn 1 NT r\i a LAB SALES ROSES, GKR\NIUMS t b m fn ?hDAY'?M!,y 4';1? '>Vl s-k vamaaien,,/ *UC,K'U rouB"' ltt 14 Pennsyl 5% HlUnl>aniH avenue. . "I? JAMES GUILD, Auct. i<T LATIMER A CLEARyI ~ I,.. Heal Estate Broker* and Anctioneers, ?- uthweet corner Pennsylvania avenue and lltb st Star Office Buildiug. SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROYFT> SSV&l* rp,K?"k1?IIH STREETS NORTHWEST SEOOND tfs# ?t * dec re.- of the Supreme Court of r inade in the cause of Kitchie et al. vs. Shoemtker et al , No l jn enblir^nrH^T r1 d'cV^' 1 *"11 offer Tor sale, at K ? v ?K 1 ? U JD ro,lt of ,ht* premises, on TH I'RS i , . ' te l5T.h dy^f ',87s' at 6 o'clock p m Ut numbered 6, of the suMlvision of lot 1, in square numbered 575, and part of lot 8, in said souare im r,7.Td b>'^ ">??'- ?-" brick hotise, witlT back blinding, being No. 109 Pennsylvania avenue This property fonts 20 feet on Pennsylvania av?' mie. and runs back to an alley "?"/"?nia ate Terms of sale; One-third of the purchase mnnev to ? paid in cash, and the balance in three SuK? Sta[lment8atsix.(?,) twelve (12) aud eightteS (is) ?onths. respectively,to be eenred by netes bearln. Jnterert, secured ol deed of trust on i h, pro^Vtv 'a ,*i",d'7? be com plied w in, withlnTSe ?, fw of sale, or the property will |* reaold at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser All ?2?*Z?,??,ng at,co5t of purchaser. A deport of f 3U0 will be required at time of >ale. ml d^rfs * * Trustee. mi dAds latimeb a clbary. Ancts. pEBIMPTORY BALI. from Bellevue Station 011 Sisfts A: *"n|i?|ton and Baltimore rail 'p,,u' the river Delaware, thr#? nnl>* from H ilmington, nine miles from Chester, and 23 niiles from Philadelphia, residence of C. B 6riggs, *? 10 ON TUESDAY. MAY ?T,M73. .1 oc'"c^' noon, will be aold at pnblic sale Xxctenge!' feeerve whatever, at the Philad. lphii T,-rT Furnitrtre made by Smith A chZ^r ' ni*' h*d at ? nation by the pur ?^Fall particulars in handbills. U* 1IIV HUTU ?iJUUAL'S BALI. ClVrkv"office'of jttSW1* "i."1 toP1*" dir*ct*d> I will sell at pult ? ?? front of the Court House door ?? o clock m., all defendant^ richt. title r1"'^ interest in and to lot No. ?, fn squaw No' i !TJ" kslf of lot No. S. in square No' ? !?* m j c! y *? ^""hington, D. 0., tog-ther with all and singular the improvements thereon M H*m ViTui"C w the Property of Richard 7j<u W J)ld to satisfy execution No. 7 at**, in favor ej John W. Le Barnes. njdts ALEX. SHABP, U.S. Marshal, D. C. AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTERNOON. BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneer* and Real Est at* Br. .kera, Southwest corner Penn?) I* inl> a*e. mud lith ?*reet. Star Offlw BuilUng. TRUSTEE 8 SAI E OF~VALU VBLB IMPROVED PROPEBTT ON COLUMBIA STREET. BK TtV EBN P AMI) g bTKBETS NukrUtt UT. Br virtue of two drede of trast, Jatd March CI 6?h, 1872, and July K. 1S7J, aud duly recorded flKmymitrl; iu LwrCJ, folio 427. and Liber 6M, folio 349, of the laud rffrWfor W*hia|tiin county, in the DNtrict of Colombia, and ky dir- ctioo of the party n^urrd thereby, I will sell, at aubiic ?wtion, in of the pr.iri-es, m ri!l[HT AFTBBNOON , May #d, at 6 o'clock, L*?t Nu lit. in Da* i?iII M rrlson's and ol I.i-ls subdivision of part of Square Ni. 365, with the rir?mcntn thereon,consisting . f a w.-ll-l uilt three ?t,.rr Brick Dwelling, with one-Mory hack building. with ga?, water and kath nom. This prop*rt> hasalr <nt of U f?et an Colombia street, running back 106 I est to ? 10Io-.t alley Term* of sale: Onf fuQrth cash; r??idae in 6,13 and fc< nxnths. Deferred payments to b-ar 10 r??r pent interest from day or sal* and to be secured by a deed of trust on the property. $ 00 down at time of ?alr Coavej ancing at cunt of purrhw-r. tf the t-rms of sale are not complied with within ten day* there afttr. the Trustee reservta the right to r~*.II the property at tlie risk and co?t ->f the defaulting pur chaser. after fire davs' puldic notice, WM. S HOLLIT?*Y. Trustee. K22d4d* LATIMKB A t'LEAKY, Aucta. ?*~TIIE ABUVK SALE IS POSTPONED. in r n*<-gTi?Doe of the rain, until WEDNESDAY uex.1, May 7th, sao<' noer and place. By order of the Trustee. U.2 dAda LATI MBR ^CLEARY. Auct'a. |>Y MATTINGLY .t W IIF.Ei.KK. Auctioneers, ?* ?03 9th street northwe?t. TRCSTEE'S SALF BY AUCTION OF TWO El,F GANT RESIDENCE* ON K STREET. HF. T\V EEN ?th AND IOth STREETS NORTH W he>T. Bv virtue of a deed of trust,dated September 4:h. l.*C2, and itcord'^1 September lv.h, 1372. in Liber N > 6*. f- lio 273.1 shall on THURSDAY, M*y l<t,137j; at a o'clock i>. m , offer f r sale, to th? highest bidder, th? foil, wing real e?tate, aitnated In W aah ii.gton city, District of (jolunibia, to wit: l,.ts let t. red C and D, in Gilbert > recorded Hiibdiviaion of S iuare liiinibeied tlir.-e hKndred and ?e?enty-one, (.'{71.) tot;, tlier with ?>he iiriprovemeiiU therein, b- ii.g two desirable and valuable nioderu-butlt R -ii den< ea. Tbi? property la sold anhiect to a prior de?d -vf truat on ea< li ImuM id $ It) l?o, dated Aueuet 2.1.1S71, aide in five years, with ten per cent, lutereat, p .yable M'lui-RtiuuaHy T. vmaof aale: Casli for the ani 'Unt realise^ above a&id iiicuinbrance, tf be paid withiu oue week *fter tbe -"ale; and tf th" terms are not complied with in that time, the Trustee reaerve* the rislit t.> r"?ellthe p operty at th? rifk >.ud coat of the defaulting pnr cliaaer. A dep??it of jIAUU on each house when sold. Coin eyaneiDg at tin) wrrlm?r1i (???at. OKI). M ATTINtJI.Y, Trnstee. k21 eod MATTINUI.Y A W1IKLLKU, AucU. WINCON9BQUKNCEOF THBINCLEMKNT ^??atbertke nltove ?al<* ia her. by po?tp-.tied until V KDNK9DAY, May Tth, li73, eanie h .ur and p:ace. B> order ot Tmates n 2 . . Ada M ATTINOLY A WHKKI.KR. Ailcts BY LATIMER A CLE \RY, Aiirti<<neera and Real Eatate Brokera, S mthweKt corner Pennaylvania avenue and 11th St., Star Oflice Building. TRl'STEE'fl RALB OF VALUABLE UNIM PROVED PROPKRTY ON THE SOUTHEAST CORNER OF SlH AND T STRBETS NORTH ^ E^. ?By virtue of a deed of trnst to me, (tearing date the6th day of January, 1572, and r-*i.rd>-d in Liber 6.14. fo|i>. 4fM, et aeqof the Land Re Cc rda of the Di?trict of Columbia, and at the re.jneKt ol the |>artiea sec ured thereby, 1 ahall sell at public auction, in front >4 the premises,on WEDNESDAY A KTERNOON, May 7th, at 6 o'clock. Lot Mo. 1. Mjiiare No. 3!Xi. aiiuat?d on the eontheaat corner of Sth and T * reels northwest,containing 9.333 square feet, more or les*. Terms: One-fourth cash; residue in 6, 12 and 18 ti onths, with interest at 7 per cent. .*100 d .wu at time i.f aale. Oonveyancinc at coat of pnrchaa-r II tlietirnis are not complied with within ten .lava, the deposit will be forfeited and the property r-?o|.l at the i ink and cost of the purchaser on Ave day*' notice. Thia property is sold at the riafe and Co<t of E. A ILb.rd.he having purchased the came and failed to comply with the terms. R W. DOWNM AN, Trustee m 1 dAds LATIMER A CLEaRY, Ancts. BY W. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneer*, New Marble Building, Nog. WOO and VOti Pennsylvania avenue. PUBLIC SALE AT AI CTTON OF HOUSE AND LOT ON OHIO AVENl'E. BETWEEN 14ih AND lftTH STREETS NOKTHWEST. ^ On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, M ly 7, t,:? 1373. at S o'clock, we will sell at public auction, "???in front of the pr-misea. No 143V Ohio av enue. part of Lot No 19,of subdivision of S>iuare No 228. as recorded in liber C. H B , folio in tlie surveyor's office, fronting IS feet on Ohio av enue, with the improvements thereon (Consisting of adwelling-honse. Tertna : ?l,U0of this anmant la payable in notea of ,?Jt) every uiuety days; first uote due 24th June, 187.1 This amount and interest can remain; balance cash A deposit of $ loo on acceptance of hid n>2 d W'.L. WALL A CO.. Aucts. BY LATIMER A CL.EART, ~ Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, tkiuthweat corner Penaylvama aveuue and 11th at.. Star Office Buildings. ATTRACTIVE SALE OF GROCERIES ON THE NORTHWEST CORNER OF ?th AND L STREETS NORTHWEST. cdfH On FRIDAY MORNINO, May 9,1373, Irp^Bcommencing at 10 o'clrck, we shall sell at LL^'he store, northwest corner of tith and L mi.ets, the following fine assortni"nt of Qtuceries, Ac., Ac.? Sugars, Coffees, Teas, 8pices. Extracts, Yeast Powder, Blue,Canned Fruits, Jellies, Pickled Oysters,Olives, all kinds of Sauces, A general assortment of Soap, F.our and Corn Meal, Molasses and Syropa, Candles of all kinds, Vinegars. Wooden and Willow Ware, Desk, Cassard's Lard, larire lot IIami and Shoulders, Mackerel, Herring, Potatoes, Largi lot Paper Lags and Paper, Meat Chopper* and Saws, Platform and Counter Scales, tjlass and Ciockery W?re, three Coffee Mills Also, One eirRant Ice Bo*, One two-horse Wagon, shaft and toneue, 113 d I Rep.] LATIMER A CLEARY. Anct. BT B B. H. WARNER, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. TB9 Seventh street, Urtweea U and H. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IM PROVED PROPERTY IN THE NORTHERN SECTION OF THE CITY, ON 0 STREET OR COLFAX STREET, BETWEEN 1?th AND IttTH STRBETS NORTHWEST. By virtue of a deed of trust, date^ March 1st, 1988, and duly recorded in Liber fi<4, folio 398, one of the land records for Washington county. District of Co lumbia, and by direction of the party secured, I will ?ell, in front of the premise*, on FRIDAY AFTBB NO0N, May ?th, 1S73, at V o'clock, to the highest bidder, the west 46 feet 9 inches fri nt of Lot 19, in Square 196; improved by three two-story Frame Honaes,or such parts of said premises as maybe L' cesaary u> satisfy said debt. Ternis of sale: One-third cash; balance In 6 and 12 niontlis, with six per cent, interest. The deferrwd payments to be sec ured by a deed of trust tud in surance on the property sold. In caae the terms ate not complied with in Ave days after sale, the right i> reserved to reaell the property, at the risk and c< st of the defaulting purchaser. ftltWd>wnon ' of sale. FRED. ROOnES, Trustee. ?26-dAds B. H WARNER. Anct. Y FT. H. WARNER, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 7*^9 Tth street, between 0 and H. SALE OF A DEHIRABI.E BUILDING LOT. NORTH OF BOI NDARY STREET. BETWEEN NORTH CAPITOL STREET AND 1-t STREET EAST. IMPROVED BY A FRAME BOUSE, SUITABLE FOR A SLAUGHTER HOl'SE. , I will sell at public auction, on MONDAY, j May 12,1673, at ti o'clock p in.. Lot No. 16, of lj. M. and George W. Keating'* subdivision of tlie estate of the late G. W. Keating, lying north of B un.lary street, in the county of Washington, im proved by a 14-story Frame B'.iftding, Lot 50*170. Terma day of sal-. B H.WARNER, litS-ew&us (Sunday Herald ] Auctioneer. IIY B. H. WARNER, M.9 Real Eatate Broker and Auctioneer, Na. Y99 7th street, between G and H. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF A THREE STOET 1 RAME DWELLING ON H STREET, BE TWEEN FOURTH AND FIFTH STREETS NORTHWEST. By virtue of a deed of truat from Benjamin Chambera. Jr., and wife, dated October Slat. 1S70. and duly recorded in liber 625, folio 374, ei.e of the land records for Washington county. Dis trict <>f Columbia, and br direction .f the party se cured,I will sell, on SATURDAY, May 17,1373, at half paat 6 o'clock p. m.,to the highest bidder. In front of the premise*, the east part of lot in s.|iiare Ave hundred and seventeen, (517,) together with the improvements thereon. Ternis: One-fourth cash and the balance in 6,13, 18, and 24 months, with interest at 8 per cent., se cured by a deed of trust on the property. Incase tlie terma are not complied with in five days after sale the trustee reserves the right to resell the pro pert) at the risk and cast of the defaulting purcha ser. S1W) down when the property i? sold. JOHN A. RUFF, Triwta*. ler-ooAds B. H. WARNER, Auct. BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, 6vnth west corner of Peuna. avenue and llih street, Star Office Building. TRUSTEES' SALE OF"VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON CAPITOL HILL, BEAR THE CAPI TOL a By virtue of a deed bearinff date on the OTp27th day of March. A. D M73,conveyiug the ^^hereinafter described lots of ground to the un dersigned, as trustees, in truat, to sell and con vey, we shall sell, at pnldic auction, to ths highest bidder, on MONDAY, May 19th, 1873, at 6 o'clock p. m , in front of the prasim, original Lota numbered one (1) and twenty-three, (23.) and the east half of original Lot numbered three, (3,) all in s<inare numbered seven hundred and thirty-three, (733.) Lot No. 1 has a front of 44 feet aud 10 Inches on Sd street southeast by a depth of 78 feet on D street southeast. Lot No. 8 has a front of j 46 feet on C street southeast, between 1st and M streets, by a depth of 119 feet I inches. And the east half of Lot No. 3 has a front of >3 feet on D street, between 1st and 3d streets southeast, by a dept h of 119feet and ? inches. This property is in the snme aqnare In which St. Peter's church, "Ingle Place," Ac., are located, and in a neighborhood containing eome of the taeet im provements ou Capitol Hill, and ahont two squares southeast of the eastern pan of the Capitol grounds. The lots will be oBtered separately. Term* of sale prescribed by the deed are: One third of the purchase money in cash; and the residue in three eunal instalments, pay able in six (<). twelve (13) aud eighteen (IS)months from day of sale, with lutereat, and secured by deed of trust on the prop erty sold; or all cash, at purchaser's option. If the terms of sate shall not be complied with within one week from day of sale, the Trustees reaerve t he right to reaell the property at the risk and coat of the lr*t purchaser. A deposit of (100 in caah on each lot will be te.jnired at the time of purchase. Convey ancing at purchaser's c.?t lolt^PHERBONj a?-dAds LATIMKB A CLEARY, AncU. IV Armoy SALE* BY hFl I.ET A WATlHEL. Auctioneers. K ut heart rotau simJ t ??>????? ooriawm. PALE OF A PtSIBABLB BUILDING LOT. m Or FBIDAY.Ma' *. a' * "VWkr m.,we W^will *eff. at enrtion, Lot is. in S , o*re hit. front * 'in >1 fret on 8 Mw?t Uh an4 lSlh ??teet*,b> a depth o* M fee* to an atl?y T nM?. One third ca?h, balance to ?on p ir.-haser. SS't -*11 Oil A< nf Itlr r T 3- KELLEY A GATCHEL. Au.-ts H NCAN*!*, DoWLINO * CO.. An Southeast t <rwv 9 b and |) streets ?.>rth*<*(. SIXTEEN TAUT ABLE BUILDING LOTS ON S MKKKT.'SEAI Mm STREET. AT AUC lfg> On ^ATTIPAT *?TIENW?*. ?? Itlti, mmeiirinr a< A ?VU?rt . ? - ?i|| HI, ?r>i the * l r.-i< >?!n?LI? bntl.|;tn (tiff on ft. 13th an* Rivr* str.-et?. and ?nMiil. <n <4 -yx?r- ?s? Tlifw b>t* e*w rapidlv lin^mtiiK In ttlg?, ind worthy the of bm-rs, ih? teims are w tthin the reach of all Term# JHOfMh: |?li b? paM ?n lay of sale; balance in (>s> m*nt? ..f e.a* <>r (Hivtn ? lit pnfhvrf. N <tt~ secured bv iM "f It w, end b atlnr 8 par cent. Interest. Conveyancing at par chafer's c??t u-7-d prNCANSON DOWI.fNGACO .Aact* HY LATIMER * CLE AST, Auciieneers and Real K<oalf Br >ker?, froutbweet c<>rn<-r P?uao Iraiiia ave. and Utb street, Star Office BuiMinp. ATIM NISTBATOR ?? SALB or HOUSEHOLD Ft*KM I TIRE. | fJ\ B| titn?n( a decree of rhe Supreme (Jo rt I VU. of the District of C-duaah'a. aayarlal I ?a shall aell, on MONDAY. the 10th 1 I % Lis} ..f M?|. U7J, c<?iiai?rig( at lO.i'lirt, ] a th?- re?i?|?^ire IV?J] H at*w*t,corner of hah street r rt It w *-st, t he ttersonal effects M >nrn(tnik?w. | ?an- <>f Tin Diai Fillebrown.dec-ased. coni^rming in | lla r? b>th Sofas, R.~ kers and Recep'ion Chair*, l.arjr Kui a liaira, M ? rt?!a ate! I'atit TV. !e?, Mali cahv Rookcaa", Wnlnit VlOii't, MahltanT Secretarv, Mivntel Ornarti nts. B'ii-m l? and other Carpet*. I anewal Chairs, Mai *:???> Chamber Foettitare, consisting of R-,|. i ?'1>. B'ir> ?if and Wash** and*. rolM Ware, F"a her R-*d*, Bolster* vmt Pill -an, Mattress*, 8.'r<-ad?. H!anVi ta *i d Mn-ets. 1 II Linen, Walnut Extension TaM**, Ctockery and G %?? W ft*. Cooking and Heating Si..vea, K itcben Requisite*. Ac .Ac ,;r#? JR IYl*? *'! AJmini?;rat>r*. ? 7 dta LATIMER A CLEAEY, Arh. HY GREEN A W11. LI A MS, Auctioneers. No. 1001, (vrUatai corner Ul h and D itl FIRST CUSS Bt'ILPING LOT FOR A I'KI VATK RKSIH?MCE, FKONTlNG OS K STREET NoRTII, BETWEKN TIURU AND FOFRTH STREETS WEST. NEAR TUE< ITY IIAI.L, AT ACTION m On Tl" l'S|?A Y , the lS?hin?t , at S <?'e| ?>ck ?fltp.m . "tiall ?ell. on the premiae-. part Lu* ?. ~ iiiMiuareNo *?7, l> i? ir a ?ood t*aitl li'n (r.?n?, I v s?.) f.-.-t 9 j - d.--p.??ith (a ? ai l walla already np. Tliia lot olf.-r* ereat indaccm ni? to p.:rrt<aaer? t" attend the ^?le, a? it in a first > Ia u?ichtK>rho<id. Ternia: One third rvti; balance jn ?ix, twelve arid eighteen m<>titlia. f >r note* bearinx iuteri at, and ??? cured hy ad<>edof trnut on th" premi?e* ? 1.1 All r<>nve> ancins and rev?nn? t ainp? at tl?>- c wt of ilic pnrrhaaer One hnn.lred dollars d<>?n on the day of ttiile. |m6 il) GREEN A WILI.ltMS. AucU. Assignee s sale or stoa k of gkoce RIBS. ill l>* aold at Pnlilic Auction ?n the 13th nr ov M at, liCA, at the Store, N >. 3&1 Pennsylvania a\entie,tlie stock of Groceries in ?aid 't-'re. The attention of Gr ?cer? i* particularly invited t ? ?a?d stock. A. CHESTER. ni4>-dta Aaaienee of Br?y llr itlier*. BV W. L. W ALL A CO.. Auctioneer*. N -m Mxrbie Buildinv. No? 9O0 and aO J Penn a\?..corner 9.h ?trevt. TRISTEE8'SALE OF SMALL HOUSES AND I OTS ON I STKEKT RKTWKKM VtH A NO IUih STREETS, NtiRTHWKSr Bv virtue of nl "I of tro?t bearing date on St he day of April, A D H72,an<l duly rec.?rd !*? d in Lil<er 671. folio 441 et .-f the Lan<l R ? cord* of YA'a?hington the District of Col umbia, we will sell, at pnhlic auction, in fnut of the prenu?e?. on SATI'BOAT. the lOth day of M>?y n-*t, at ft o'clock p m , all th ?e certain nwrc- la of la: I lying and situate in the city of W.talnnirton. in the liiatrict of Columbia, and le ing lot* N ?*. f *'an 1 S3, in Miiare No MS, and the inipr >vctu-nt* thereon. E:tch of these lot< i* improved hy a *rn ill :wo-?torv Fra"ne H >u?e. Tney are located within onewjuare of the H *treet railroad. T> mi' A** < ash on each l?ou?-; balance in ft ati l 12 months from day of sale, with interest at tie- rate ? ?t id p?'T cent. p<'r annum. A deposit of SiO >n each house reuuired at the time ot *ale. HENRY8W OABNEVrj*?-^ W*. L. WALL A <V, Au-ts. F"OK SALK-VALI BLK BI'ILOlNG LOTS AT MOLNT PLEASANT Will be sold at public auction, on S\T( ROAT, H i) 10. at A o'clock p. ni , uuleaa previously sold at private sali? Lots numbered 18.?3.64.6S, iS. 84. S3, n irth half of I and 2. north half ? f IV and 3>. Lots S, 4,7,8,9, in firm section, S. 4. 5,6 and 7, in second section: 1,3,4 and 9, iu fourth section of S. P. Brown'ssulslivision. A Iso, a fine Cottage, cottaining ten room*, with st ?lde and two acres of ground. Terms easy. For particular* apply to 8 P BROWN. Cor 16th street and N. Y. ave. 11.6 5t LATIMER A CI.EAKV. Aucts. |> Y LATIMER A CLEABY, IF Real Estate Brokers and Auctioneer*, Southwest corner Penna. avenue and litL street. Star OfflCe Building. TRUSTEE S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED I'ROPKRTT ON I STREET. BETWEEN 1st STREET AND NEW JKBSET AVENUE By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of the DistUct of Columbia, paused on th-- 14*h lay ?of Februart, 1873, in egutty cause Nu 5jtf4, I shall, at(o'clock p tn.,on MONDAT. the ISth day of May. 1873, in front of the premises, < ",(U I street northwest,) ofTer for sale at pnbHc anction, to th<? hlgheat bidder, the following deacrites! areiuis>-s, tree and clear of all Incumbrances, t?v wit: Lot num tier five in auMivision of square No 861. as record ed in the office of the Survevor of the city of Wash ington, in the District of Columbia, improved by a nest two story brick cottage of Ave room*, bath r<s>ui, cellar, and all modern improvement*. L'>t K3-12\1U! feet, having fine brick stable, with ?er -?nta'rooBt In rear. The tern* Of Are: One-third cash; remainder t>f purchase money in two equal annual instalments, at one and two years, with inf rest from date of sale, to I* secured by deed of trust on the property. Ex pense of conveyancing to be bom? by the pnrcha. ser. will he required to be paid on thedav of sale,to be forfet?ed Incase of non compliance with t< rms of sale; balance of cash pavment on confirma tion of sale. WM A MELOT, Trustee. ml-dAds LATIMER A CLEART. Anct* BY LATIMEB ft CLE ART, Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers Southwest corner Penn*vlvania avenue and 11th at.. Star Office Building. TRCSTEE'S SALB OF AN ENTIRE SQUARE or GROUND. VERY ELIGIBLY SITUATED, WITHIN ONE SQUARE OF COLUMBIA ?? A A Li W A a ? Bv virtne of a deed of trust to the undersign ??Bed, bearing date the 1st day ef April, A. D. Is7j, ^^?and recorded auiong the land r<yords of this District, in liber No, 6c2, at folio 3, el sea., and by direction of the holder of the notes socured thereby, I will sell at public anction, on the premises, on S ATURDAY, the 3d day ef May A D. 1873. at A o'clock p. in., all of Square numbered nine hnndr-si and thirty-two, (KB, 1 bound si by north I and K streets, and 9th and Itth streets northeast, contain ing in the w hole about 73,138 suiiare feet. The property will be sold subject to a prior deed of trust, dated October 1, 1870, but which by its terms may be released upon the payment of six cents per square foot. Terms: One-third cssh; the residue In fonr equal Payments, at 3. 6, 9, and U months, with inter-st from day of sale. Deed riven and trust taken. (260 to be deposited when the property is struck off. which is to be forfeited unless purchaser c .m pli~s with the terms of sale within five days after Siilu. Couvt>auciug at purchaser's coat. FRED.W JONES. Trustee. a.S eoAds LATIMER A CLEABY. Aucts. ?/"IN CONSEQUENCE OF THE RAIN. THE above sale is postponed until FRIDAY, M?> 9,1473, same hour and place. Bv order of tin Trustee n 6 dAds LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucts Y THOMAS E. WAGGAMAN, ftcal Estate Auctioneer, 419 7th street. CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ES TATE ON NEW JERSEY AVENUE SOUTH, NEAR THE CAPITOL By virtue of a d-cree of the Supreme Court --of the District of Columbia, paso. J iu Equity vati#eNo l,'U8. Doc 11, between Thomas M Unn-on and wile as complainauts, and Griffith C Barry and others, as defendants, onthetthday of October, 187S. and of a supplemental deer** passed hi said c anse on the 30th day of Novenlier, IS I, the subscriber will sell at public anction, on the prem ise*, on MONDAY, the ?6tb day of May. Itfl. at 4:3ti o'clock p. ui .all that piece or parcel of gr >un1 lying and beiuginthe city of Washington,!) C , and being part of Lot numbered three, (3, > in Square numbered six hundred and ninety (6#?, /having a front of lA feet 6 inches on New J ereey avenue, and ranni tig back with that width about 193 feet to a public alley, coataiuinc 4,434 euuare feat, More or less, iniprcved by a subatautial and comfartalile Brick Dwelling House. Terms of Sale: One-fourth cash; balance In six, twelve and eighteen months, for pnrchaeer's notes, bearing internet from the day of sale, secured by deed ot trust on the proaerty. #90U of the cash pay ment will be required of the purchaser on the s?>t If terms of sale are not compiled with in five days ?Cer the sale, the pronert y will be ree<dd at the rl-k and expense of the defaahiag purchaser. All con veyancing at the cost of the aarchaeer T * HANSON, Tru?t?e. THOMAS B. WAGGAMAM, n'3-? wSwAds Auctioneer ALB OF SMALl^ABMS AND ACCOUTBB B S >riur or?iD<i4Mi. ? tavT DiriiTai^T, April 17. 1473 t i sold at public auction to the hifh<et bidder, at IB ?., oa WEDNESDAY, May 14,187S. In tlae o?c? of the Inspector of Ordnaace, Navy Yard, Mew York, a quantity of small-arms and ac coutrements, as follows, vim: (783 Plvmouth rifles, cai. .69, serviceable. 174 Plymouth rifles, cal W. needing repairs. 6601 Plymouth rifle sabre bayont<s. 6366 Plymouth rifle sabre bayoaet-scabbards. 4344 Sharps A Hankies carbinss, cal. AS, Ma. 617 Sharps A Hankias carbines, cal. M, needing re 378 Sharps A Hankias rtflee, cal. M, serviceable. J6 Sharps A Hankias rites, cal. M needing re S78 sCurja A Hankins rifle eabre bayonets and scab T<w One-half cash to Government faads on ths conclusion of the sale, aad the remainder arlthla tea (to) days afterwards, during which tiaee the articles must be removed from the yard,otherwise they will revert to the Governmeat. It is to be disttnetly ? isrrtind that ao guarantee will be gtvea to aarchaeere rf articles for sale and noted lu the oatalogwe, as regards their exact condi tion or quality; hat it is believed, however, that eveothla. ^^^Vir'TiVF'EBS, alS-dts Chief of Bureaa. ? KYKXIVC STAR_ ? fr" ***? ??? He h?.t j?< bu ii-ii*! h.^Vifc !'*''? rtf ??? ?lav. * hew <1owr a oedar^L. ;, u>"* ?iw n.U near by. fion. wU. h ^had fcL wlii trade ^ r!^rd u, LU Lou,,. I>uru? ^UthJS v?r*the | lain c^u *??, ti, /'*" ',rt'. '?v '? hi* dwelling, and was iuai). ,.? see. V M. m^nti i\? ran h" wSwhTJ ? au.t o: c othea to be bun^d in. ?u,i (V ? b< 'j<offin rNkly lor a*e. The de ? Trr>' ,?r?r man. weighing twohun dred a?id fifty jennd*. ? 4.- a wolT to do farmer *iT7i,T,f"" m' twn <flo'|KHr'i trm o( Una ou w Uet *cro< k. ??? an unflinching democrat rr! rj* 2^h ^?????.n? ,.*v ? ,V# ?r V *? r* member of a e ^ now "foken of as EE isrs&uitt chawee* of ,*?th* v7. ! P^*t vear. A?w a th.wu-, ,?* ?***??*????kaetng ?.?,?* i.. ,r *i*%t? w.t * **? ?*r yy **?? ??ir'< m- i?,? ??. i - r_ ?rit male shad?and the miivkumi ?r ?nr n,h ermen thai ??,?? run for tin sca.-.n |. very Iea5; over. th<*y have rolu.-tan?'v a><?n i in -.1 th. !. :X lor the |*?*r?t sea?,?,. In.t i,.ft ht f* n l!,'t,p"n ' * h'rr lh'' PW*P*?t In r ?;. rt I . 1. ,T,,r<,l"'s",'f ,rtr fh*' ?>| their A Jkal<? s U? kk Cith rrr mi* iiKAiiT o IlKAD.?<?R Sal nr.lay I<? ~t a irrrlirff niui<i?rvainini*l(t(dal C<>Uimrllli> Kwtia>n *?EVo h;rrtnn u"' *l ? tl't M\k. On the farm oi a Mr Mair lived a iiiamnl roared man. UtWfi Kurke ai.d ? j? alw nam .1 Nana ?t..?,nan 2?' hrr MUNHWHM ?ItH h nti?* liaai h'luMl to L Cfiff, ther.-l.vo* ?itm* hii> j.-aloimy He lia<1 tt.rp?taMd h. r lu? n ITT tin,r ?a? fm l t? tli4i Sitirttf he rt turned trow St. M-ir.a with an ?*,?. AMer Miini .m t..-f i,T - bum that fra?-turt*i bet nkvll, |<h4(? out nt tin* uiifortunate woman'* h< ??l ?n<1 rifht hnixt ?t, t threw the trunk into the crook kiu i,i th.-?? N.l^r, <i i?v hi. crime. ?.*. ,?k ^ biiu. 11? ha>- not ret bf*n api>i?-l.. udf>i i^? HE Hrt?f' l?if Basic ik ki,.w |?lt h#r# |t bt^an on the Atlantic c?a?i Unt OctolM r u -iSJt .hi ;,'., n April. At laet aoooanuthe ?tr?<ftj>ot Han Kran ci*ce were aliu<>?t tiouhem. e?en o*eri hen,^ a\er*e to oaterin* the iu(i-cai-.l city. Tlie'u(t?f abslinvii. . of the kerne* fr..m ail public duties hII oi ?l!r"l t"n * ****' ?? trade*, n.^i. k"?? But the MnpiMi over the conla*?on. and oiu-ot tl?. m ha* a iea.tinKarticle-ootio nubjoct. neMivelv j-'nchuling that the <t!?.?*?. |* -r.^H il t? Ui? !. ..!? "Javeot tU ttarn.-a*, and tr,.ni many ? Mable in tiie citv we hear a ?oiind ?ni<-h althoiiKh caJltxi bv the uiuma/inat *e a cii^h" we are *ure i* aWli-k at the e?i" m." of iintrratciul and iMWMid<tiii> man " Win. It i? taking a che?-rtul vk-w of thing*. i S|TA,'x,tl, To '?*"? r<>? Mi k f i ll. Mom.* (lo?at d,*,.*icli *ay* _ Au luuiau oi ? roving tiiU'ot which iiiI.m Uii* State, a tew ??.!, %l!. lo,lrl deied one ?t hi* tribe. The mi* Mup04 oil Skunk nvei, neat Coll a*. in .uB|K;, <x,?,!tr. , ut WB UUX' ' >?*? ??. c.d??d that he be |>uui*hed by l*iuj{ -4ar \<?i u? death. ai?i the *eiit*-nce ?*.. carri. .lout u. the cruel letter. The Indian wa* tied to a l.^in tlie wood*, and M-ver.*1 In fun> were ?lct?iletl t*m carry the rontence into effect, wUch t-*-k . Uht ? i , rrueltie* kaown caly to Indiana ! ut!"u ??*"*"* *Uded 1011,0 ^ur? ot ?u> St profiii) Cakk or '* C.ivnt'A* Tiok.?t'ouceriiing theca* ?t Mr*. Elian ( oil iur. a woman ot * ieorgia, k?r the arre*t ot who^e KupfWMd n. urdiTer the *o?? rtK.r oi that Mate TiJLrt the l'|.hi* Medical! im.? coiitat-4* a I?Ut from the i.h v MCian who tiia.1. x |MW-iuortcni cuani itation i?t' ri mama. He attribute* her denUi to ?r.?n tancoiiK combnKtioa. the greater ,.art of her !" J ??*!"* eonaunied by tire leaving only the lead, with the akeleton of the left *houlder ami arm, and portion* ot the apine and rib*, and the upper part ot the thigh Ume. The V*v or m W.-BLD-l ii^ were try m c t? organize a Sunday *chool mViertl. N*?h 2, wenty-five i^oj.le gathered in a* a nu cleoa for aaid acheet. -All thoae who wUti te teach w il plea?e hold up their hand*." *aid th? ni|inntendeiit. 1 itV-en baud* were m-tantlr raixed. and the auperintendeiit gazed with a Wid look of admiration upon the ten unambi tiou* one* who were willing to receive instruc tion from the fifteen teachers. l^Dttmit. Minn., advertitet for "a lar^e number ot marriageable gtrls." ?-Sl* young ladles acted as pall bearer- at a funeral in New \ork, recently. ?^^r. K11Mb a Kiggs has been electe.t nr*?i dent ol the Washington club, of Pari*. ?^"A Chicago back-driver passed aH com. ptt 1 torn in examinati?n tor entering Went Point oiSiS1?di balloouUt'L" ?ot ?7'One Mi*. Wade fulfiU woman's mimton aa a blackrmith at Fort Soott. Kan. ?^"Wcsteni conundrum Whv should whUkr ? ? ntteen cents a riaas w hen corn i* so cbeap* Tbe.."l'lrlttt'tlUtic fraternity propoM to Cultitate their e*prit du corps in a "national ztoi uiyatiot1' *l -Ntw A!l^y. ^ imagination latelv killed Mr Wales first^jut<Mr kI"* Hc. ,n,ak'?"?l be oonld shoH out * ia *Ue*d *nd l?'d him , notorious (Vvra Pearl was recently sued in Pari* tor 3,.'CjO francs worth of ornamental model* ot her hand*, ,eet. Ac , ord? r^Tr h?r during her palmy days, but never paid for. rJdTn* one's wife in Mount Car ?"Tbe walls of the new city hall In I,oui* Tilled are to l>e adorned w ith the portrait* of the ex mayors01 that oty. Including th drnoJa. A* a consequence the price of vermillion haa gone up eaoraiiily_/HjWMf>tit j?urn<u. Li^"lT,WelTe,.\e,u>. **? * CoiiuecUcut farmer t*"? muzzle of a gun discharging it ?,tfi ? I-??fcer. Last \\ ednesdav morning liis*on also a farmer, in the same room, with th. same kuIT and m the same manner, took bis life. MAHRIKdT (?RKEN?I'lLK. In Ueruiantown, Pa., on th* H a c'prrrtS*. ? Ml 0#C? V a2 ' Mi* KAHTHmNDC I?FT y dangler of the late Col. Ei< hard Pll?,oT ftarb? DIBD. k w "? Co*- **> kh* rest III pea.-e. ? K K A KNh On the Ctli irNtiiit at 11 %? . Irolsriwl E. KrtA,RK.8|' *, e^?n?r ' anJtff ?m?r^rTiff^T" * ^ tb" Ha reiativas and friends ar>- rr?aetifnlli in? to ait^od the funeral, fr .n. hi. iTs rSlnc* O ? s"Ulh, between 61)1 and 7tli str< *1- *a*t'..i> t''-?"rrow,( Vhnrsd*'Ma, *h. at" j?? ^ > imeral service* at Trinity rhurrb 0-or**towii ? KIKU On W'dn*sday, Mar 7, HKNKY KIM11 In th* SMh year ?>f h'? *?e! ' * 11 Fun*ral s.-r? ic^s on Thursday May |, st f 3u e t>. ?t Mo. 113* lieh drw< D<>rthwe?t. Hi, rwutiM ? ill be taken to Mains for Interment. LAWSOK. On Tuesday, Ma* ?h, at SO min?.M past 13 .."clock, DUKIKDA ?. LAWaTi? uaugkder Thuuias Lawsou, in th 1 Olh j ua'r ?f bar "funeral services will take place at ri.rist charck G sfroet, between 6lh and Ttb .trots, N,T| T^r <S^VIoek p w . Tharwlsy ,8th Inst. "aru^at UNDERTAKERS^ r. Hituy; ( smuuim is ilgg fff# MAKE,) Me. ?*? w Bram, liilsna Biota Mi Mk metallic burial cabmm ahu cum mm df snsrp d??.i ?waa. ^rl-lr ah ho qua, HABIT*, h. ^PKCUL I0T1CI. at its beaaty, strength, ami utility' _>1^1CV. MAKTMT. * Ct>d*rtakar. W3? T strap. |^>CMAJttt M. BAUtt, CAB mkt MAM MB AHU vhombtambm, ?m iLirura mm, hv v. '"""" M">uz BOYS' AMPTOCTH* SI'IT* a a^wtettr ta? seaaonat A. btMAl S', lell Pa. are., a ar lltb street. aM

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