Newspaper of Evening Star, 8 Mayıs 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 8 Mayıs 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENT ""AR FibHehet Itil;, Immji ?!??#. AT TBS STAR BULLDllfGS, Mr. Ulk It, m nunc jtai msrim {win, M Mm Air#MJAW, IM li ty ctrri?n to IMi robrribfft at T*?i ru wui.ur Foa rr jwi Own rum ?v*tb. Ooyia at the counter Two cikt* each. Bj Malt?Ursa Malta. CI JO. Booth*. UN, ' ' TO* WEEKLY BTAE?PobHab*d Frlday-fl* ? y?*? M^InTarlably in advance, in both CMM,iBd bo p*Kr sent toa?t>r than paid for. ?hwtl?lii| faraliM oa appllcatloa. AMUSEMENTS. U tLl * >tw oI'LK.l HUISK. *? JoUJi I FUKD ? Proprietor. ITERT ETE.STSO AT * P M-SATURDAT matinee at ? Th- mil Si.rcr?? rli ? THE Ji/OCTS OP THE PKAIRIH. buffalo bill, tex\sjack. NED Bt'NTLINE, And full .ii C n ??u> iu SU ir great R alist.c Fii tur- t>l L:f- "n the Plains, lutr"dvir,-ib dative > f !? ath, tkr viiuth li'*', thj- , . u th>- trail, the r-*cse, mi l Ivit shut, T?r<-t.iiinKf with Ui- ccuiedy, JENNY LIND Jfti.m l- aiherlang- <wr.h - ux? anddanc-s.) Vh B ?-lr 9u U.iw. Bsar.iar !iui*?i n. ioaMlJIwatf; re*< rvHS -?at?, **af" * ltta. S'a ? ta l* secured *l the '>p..r.i MSI ball. PHILADELPHIA v? WASHINGTON, EKVP A T. *aj *.?, f-rs, 3 30 p :n , OLY J! pic *; B??l'NPS Adntwirn, SO eent? Season a\ '? ? !? i-?i"n tirk>*? e?:i be had ai I'l-? 0-r a ,"Clark's C->j?r Store, 41? jui struet. at.i] at th- gaff It* ?I K 51 IMC ft "? " " VlOEEl.1T!!* Y " VM 1MCS! ! Managing Dir.-ct.-rs, Pr..f J. B>piita and T. Uarr] Done line. In cmpl.a:..e ?* ith tUa r. hom! <?' ninr protainei eHJwen*, IiK'iui.. ? th?- Q< tnin r and " unUT*?f tli< C-wo'-il and II .uae.f Delegate*. THE CoLOBBI amkki*'\N OPERA TROOP willrepr >duc? Bicu ber* n ch?> ??!?! op^rft, " THE DOCTOR OF ALCANTARA "?OSDAY arvl tuesday EVENINGS. M ?y 1 aad 1.1. wirti the entire c. tnpanv. grearlv improve in voice and actit:?, and their Sui*rb Chorm, pr to on-d everywhere "the finest on the America I'nce, ' ia the cant. P .polar rate* ?.f admission?SO cent*. 7S cents, at., #1; r?~er*?4 ?eat? nljr a ? ent* ex-r*. B ? ?* sh. ?.w op*-ri, at EHi?"n.i?io ?t,.re. f?r the .ale.f tir^ rtaarjl rt^rrnl T HAKKT DONRHUK, it ^t B'i?ine?? an,I Simn Man.t?"r. WASHMGTOJI THEATER CUMIQUE (Eleventh street, tooth Penna) Iraola ateuoe AKOTnER EX TRAORI)IN ART ATTRACTION !?EE WHAT WE OFKEK NOW: The *.ft"d a?l ila?hinif Actre**, p.^ng?treM. Dan ?. n-e and B*nj ist, LAI'it A ALBEETA! in the ere*t.-?t ?e::<ui<>n ofthc day The l-eMutifni, U irhly ?ncc<oefiU and romanti Orauia, in f? or ac?? ai d pr lo?u->.of ? , . "OIT AT BEa." rndw-ed in ?np rt' Style, with - ew ?renfYr.mi eh?uu *1 ?dtcta. wut. ?w entire ?nd oowerfal! atigini nt> ti I>ii?iiiatic C rnpany. rUTinVi".. c. ni?! ..U and Acti.i J"EOBfiE W. II \ kltlxiN. in f ^ir di-tinr* rhara. A.rHARB^Stl,srr Ne% T"rk Ac,r "' M1SS AL1< _ J**"'Amertctn Act-?i GEORt. K W lliOMPgoM, t'^.ther wi?h ,?i Km * JfW't B" kT N?ON\N in A I'llK BATE M . th** kt> +t Dr.If i*H+' 5^ rr, rTIII,? ? *nr^triCM KITTY ROWEL! roBnl'.w"^ S"" ""l, Pance Lady, BELL I!1 Cmilc 8ia*"r, BILL T. Ju T, 1'e 1 i!la.1?r. JMS Willi I JiiVL T''" f'tanmnn and da-hine K I R A L P SISTER!*. R Jean Btirk! y, M Eoiaia an Latir* H H "?npr. v ASCPERB SENSATIONAL DR\M\' A E1EBT-CLA8B ??LfO THE GEMS ?>F THE FAVORITE P. XT.LET' W K UN KM>A Y and SA Tl ROA Y . rrS Ob Exhibition iSrvN and Sal* J ?js a aa?zta-,OT%!LkAf|TE*'?. " So. A3 > ith Kre?-i, between I) and B atreeta, ?l? . ,v*?2r? ?*??*? 0<M Fellow'* Hall. ' Obotcc On Pain'ines, Enrraiiti?a. Chr<>OK>?. tr ?Sfe i'r-srwss.-sa. sx-i. '-tn-H't?r Naire arid Nnwiber. )el ly" AHKIS?Pf V* CAST-OFF WEARING A] ** PA ?.FL can be sold to the very best ar^atu* by aodrt?aiiiM>T railing on JL'STH, and 7th n. w ?Otea by mall promptly attended to. Oaah paid. I ()V,DnLP,'f?BBASS, COPPER, Et< J4 f* r 9TK1? for a Aew York hon? ?ottaehold Farnitnre booght and? Id. Botes by ??> Roptly attended to by AUGEBSTElfi. l<( asyltanla ateoM An.ty* INSURANCE COMPANIES. IJIBERMA FIRE IJTSt'RANCE COMP\K1 ' leveland, Uhlo. Paid up capital oartjir agtrenare amonni ?<? available iMwte. <*TU.anj g] ? 3-lw U A BROSNaw. Agt,. '?It> Gstrwet. THE CORCORAN FIE* INSCEAHCI CuflrA.11 *1 TO* DISTRICT OF columbia. Ortam~z.f i Ar~il 1-r, VST3. Capital Bioo.oon. ?OFFICE No. 14*? pennsylvania AYENT ?Or?m bumli^ Date stukk.) JOHN T. LRNMAN. Pre,ident A H HBiiJt. VicePresUent. J T. DY2R. S^Tetary. _ ? i-immcioit*: Wsn Orrre, H Clay Btewart, J". L. Barbour, F'lward Droop, J?bn T. Lenoiaa, 9t:rhael Grtvs. John Bolle*. ?H tf A. H q?rr. IIHUYOClLlfl ? ta that STRONG ULO COMPANY. Drgaalxed' 1B4B o??*Vjt.4 w |y. BTA^Y^^ntJ A BE YOU LB8URED T A IF HOT. APPLY TO THE OLD ^"LoCT??rc,,'A" fcJ^pSfcif.0, aorthweai. Ho cbai jDsrso-w, 1-Dr. Jaa.O Hall, John Pnrtfy, Dr. J. EroOb-?l, J. Bey worth, Jaa. 0. McGaire, H?i, H Bradley, C. H. Wiltbener, W Bcpwbim, F. I. McGaire, Dr. D. B. Clarke, M. "Po!., ^BADLEY, President IHABI E? BBADLBY. Secretary. ? OP TBI BIUTiilCT OF OOLIMB1A. ORVANtZKU A Vti OST H6. 18T?. CASH CAPITAL SS5SJK? ?urn cbo5!UUSTd' Vl~ , . ? BiaacToas: t? Wm B.Todd, Wta. Wall, Charles Just, Wm. Q Metzerott, ji'hn T., a% Mo** *eU* ? A. B Shepherd, ocU-t EDUCATIONAL. (BJl?j*> HABBOVIBf SCHOOL F??R YOC! 1YI L.UilES ANL1 CHILDREN, 13;<b 1 St.,op, rrinilin Ptrl. Fourth quarter will begin A p 10Kb; fibll urni 9th. *pl? lm' riDITI HD Us? WITH WflK ajaw^rostffadtaa Umt rwiersd, tf ailing, rr whMfe is saurely different fri of tearing ufftks ingrowing t< 9M<ThliA aa^JO.^adWresei n< or ?Mtab^M^^^loabt^^" *"* MBUaaksttftr: Light coloeed debus pants ia Pea Littaiff. aad T^ ??>????, a>d nt eveelle A BTEAOB*, 1BU peaaa. as aaar UtA. aB DOB SAUL-McCLUBE S AVTI FBICTIC KfoAis AID TBAYBLEE. for tb. ,Jl JL? ,4 L+n Jloraaa. It prevents Ibe auioial ? TJ2 tack frasa f?Qs| wra. Tor mU hy aliZQ Uaroeas Dealt fa. '^?oIIaS^ BO^^EET, 19tb dart aad Psnnrylranta aeeano, a? Ml Ageat for District of Oolsmt ls SI 2.7?ilZ.cTZ**iio IBS' street. I NOTICB-That B.S JC8TH. Bl* D tweaa Mb aad 7th streets atwtbwsM, km tuads grcorD HABD CLOTHINB M lesatban half tbaeoM of ready -mada aew MM. SILK DBESSES a specialty f. U-Ij F**"lU"S?Jmj.w. Ho lS'JT Pivv-tt-vsv i trivri.^_r ~C CcBUUte BrswiUiafi febbl* Spevtaclsa. jaiU9-t< SPECIAL NOTICES. r'.a* OH Kje Whisky, * lue Old Kye Whisky, fm? Ol<i Bye Whisky, Fin? Old Bye Whisky, Fine Old Bye Whisky, Fine Old Bye Whisky! . . Fine Old Bye Whiaky, Aat'rtn'td Warranted Wmrmmtui . Pur* Pure And Unadulterated, For Vtntrtl and Mtdicmal Uu. This is the artirl* we have now enid for upwards of Ave year* with universal *ati'fa< tion. pot tip in large bottles at Oue Dollar p*r bottle, or can be Dad ih auv .juantity. ?/"Notice, that we will return the nnner if thin ^ liiaky df>-s not give satisfaction or preve as repre sented by tut. Also an ex eel lent stock of California Wine*?P ?rt, She-rv, Angelica, Muscatel, H'>ck anJ Claret; also. R'-lly ? Island Caiawba and imported Liquors of ail kind". ABT1IUB NATTAN8, Druggist, aio-tr Corner 3d and D streets a. w. The Suprw Court ?( the United State* 11 te recfi.tly gin n adecislon in favorof tbeUorham Manufacturing Company , enabling them to protect the - designs from all other manufacturers who imi tate and copy them. FAkTirriAm woncg ?is rc-in'-sted to the fart that the same artists are en gaged in the production of designs, whether for tti>' sterltr* SiKer Department or for the celebrated O''rh?m Plate, hut th?* Company never repr.>dnce in their Electro Plate Department thewhich theydevo'e to Sterling Silver. Each has its own special trade mark, as follows, stamped upon every article : Trade mark for Trad* mark for Gorhitm Sterltnt Si 'ttr. tier ham EUetro- Plan. STERLING G0KI1 AM M\NlFACTCBINO CO. Prondente, K. /., nnd No. 1 Bond si., Nae York, 5(ani:factnrer* ?.f Sterling Silver, Tea. Dessert, and Dinner S- r? ic?s, and Wedding Omtits; also Man vfacturers of the celebrated OorkiM Eleotr >? Flale. alo-th.dt kHar'a Hair Dye Is the best in the worU, the only true and perfect Hair Dye: no ridiculous tints, no disappointment, harmless, reliable, instan taneous black or br-.wn; at all druggists', and IS B^nd rtre^t. New York. f 3-*olj SUMMER RESORTS. IT Sl'MMEB BO A BI> ^ U8.? K" 11 r N, 1 it i - Also, four unfimi I'ti d, and BOABD. in a beautiful country ia a healthy locality. Oood rtfer-nets?li given. F. r particulars apply to JOHN W. K1NSKLL, Clears? ring. V asfc.nKtoii conuty. Md. m7 lni LADIES' GOODS. miss Mccormick, 90* PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,Wl 11a* constantly on hand a tine assortment of 1MP0BTED BONNETS, bTBAWS, CHIPS, FLOWEBS. RIBBONS. Jt< . designs. Ladies CAPS and C01 V rl KES .nst receiv.d m6 ti \|RS. C. B. 6ILLET, 1" I AT fH E NEW TOBK MILLINERY STOBE, , HAS REMOVED front 614 9th street 469 PENNSYLVANIA AVENCE. WASHINGTON- U C., and ha* just retuttied from New York with the latest sty Irs and novelties in Millinery and Fancy Go ds. Thankful for past favors, .he solicits a c n of patronage. ap2t lin* TV OT1CE.?Bargains are now beiug offered fn x MILLINEBY DAj and mSn FANCY GOODS, B* *. LENZBEBG * CO , _**ttT TOT Market Space, A1B GOODS. F1BST CLASS GOODS AT LOW PB1CIS. ??^rtc-? ?nr own make. 5L"1 ?' m^nnfartwrer*8 prices, at H PHIL1PPI S "t'^en S.,orP' Tl9 Market Space, pet ween 7th and 8th streets. aX) gf ^TAMPING DEPOT, ' ? it seventh Strut, febfl-tT Opposite Patent Offlce. JELLING OFF I * AT COST, TO DISSOLVE p'aBTiIEBSh".1 the entire stock OF THE NEW TOBK BAEAB, 441 Seventh afreet, near K. ?arT-tr HO HCMBUO. k?f ADIE87" " .Lt FBENCHBTABCH ENAMEL Mnslln>*"l t^teparts hTrio For sale by all Grocers. ?Drl0 BCBMHAM * CO , Maatdhctnrers, . - 160 Wast Lombardatreut, . I?M-lT Baltimore. Marrtaad. JT MAY NEVER OCCUR AGAIN. our roruLAii specialties. MEN'S DEPABTMENT. % !??Onr relebrated $10 Business Suits?3 10 5 10?We art- still selling? 4 10 ?10?A good Business Suit for ?1C 9 10?Our sales are enonnoas?$ 10 $10?In line Biuiuess Suits at 5 It 510?Our stick is Tremendons?$10 ? 10?Of all wool Suits at ?1C A SPLENDID STOCK, A tASHIOXABLK STUCK, A LAHU& STOCK Ot H.\ EH SUITS, OF IMPORTED FABRICS, AT PROPORTIONATE PHICKS FOB THE YOCNQSTEBS. " WOULD 1 WEBK A BOY SOME MOUE." 8?-Only Ave dollars for aSchool Suit?Si ? *? A good Suit fi^r ?*. ? *?Adorable Suit for f?. $4?A well made Suit for S i 94-Onr aseortment is good?#4. ? ?-Our stock is immense? ???Of Boys Suits tor $i OCB PB1CES ABE AS LOW C0MPABAT1VE LY, FOB FIXt DIAUOXAL SLITS, FIXE BLUE AND BLACK SUITS? FIXE LIOUT AXD DARK SUIT ENTIRE STOCK NOW COMPLETE. AN EARL i INSPECTION INVITED FASHIONABLE TAILOBS, OomwiB Tte aw P Brum. '""ITIQ"' the bon on Whiu n'aiuST-wrsairr?. 22 ?iauni tH * GOLD SPECTACLE, 0*lt |f, a. a. oupleb, o ?tr 4H ETI MADE TO 911)11. In eoaaectloa with up Msrchaul Tailoring httl , 1 am aow prsparsd te IAIE 8HIBT8 TO 0RS1B, iag engaged the ?rile? of one of the beat eat ta the coaatry for that parpoae. Being satis of my ability to glee entire satisfaction, both in and at, I respectfully solicit the |?lroM|l ol PObilfi. ?=. . *? *?*!?. , Sairj **d Drnccrt Mmanfmttvrtr, 4?S tth street northwest. rHC.l',05A* DO S9T ?*SPAIB-If yoa havi ? but little means, and wish ti look genteel, gel ? ?ne of the f8 ouits. in three different styles, at A 6ISAUT. X*ll f?M. ave.,bear UthV ' EVENING STAR. Washington New and Gossip. Internal Kivisu*?The receipts from this 0 >urce to-day were ?347,779.64. Col. John S. Mosbt laterviewed the Post mahltr General to-day. Mr. J. Bradley Adams, of thin city, has re ceived the contract for furnishing the larger portion of the stationery for the Interior De partment for the vear ending .Jane, 1*74. The President will perhaps goto New York to attend the funeral of the late Chief Justice Chase, instead of coining directly to Welling ton, at he intended. Won't Take the Back Pat.?Both Gene ral Hawley, of Connecticut, and .John B. Hav. ley, of Illinois, have refused to accept the In creased compensation voted by Congress at the last session. Hon. J M. Rusk, of Wisconsin, has also refused to accept his. Jcdoe Thoxas A. Spencer, of Cambridge, Md.t the new assistant Attorney General for the Post Office Department, is in town, aud will assume the duties of his office in a few days. He will occupy quarters in the general post of fice building, and his province will lie to decide legal questions relating to postal affairs and to prcsecute offences against the postal laws, >.'<> Postal Cards this Week.?The latest from Springfield, Mass., where the postal cards arc being manufactured, is to the effect that the requisitions of postmasters will be filled on Monday next. The manufacturers are now making good progress with the improved ma chinery, and continue to turn out 500.000 cards pel day. The cards will be supplied to post masters in packages of 500. Each package is en? loeed in a strong paper bo* and is composed or twenty smaller packages each containing twenty-five cards. Kestect to the Muoif of the Late ChikF Jt htk k Chase?In the Courtof Claims yesterday, the death of Chief Justice Chase was announced to the court by Alexander Johnston, esq., with a motion that the court adjourn, wliich was concurred in, after which the mem bers of the bar held a meeting, of which the Hon. George Taylor was chairman and Mr. Alexander Johnston secretary, and it was re solved that a meeting of the bar of the Court of Claims be held at the court-room at 10 o'clock on Saturday morning. Honors To the Mkmouv of the L ?te Cfiek Jcstick Chase.?Secretary Richardson wi 1 to-morrow issue an order |?aying a tribute to the memory of Chief Justice Chase, who pre sided over the Treasury Depart in-lit so lou*;, and will also direct tllat the department be elesed on Saturday, the day of the funeral in New York, and that the Treasury building be draped in mourning. Secretary Richardson will leave here to-mor row evei ing for New York to attend the fun. Attorney General Williams and otlivr members of the cabinet will also attend. Codification ok l'kited Statki Laws.? The duties of the commissioners who have bet > at work for several years codifying the laws of th?|l*idt?d States having ceased on tlie 1st inst., thev turned the work performed by tliemovrr to the committees of the Senate ami lfonsc on the revision of tlic laws, and the comm'.ttces in joint session have selicted Thomas J. I) oi Louisiana, to go over tlie work with the vie* of condensing and arranging the laws as far as possible. Another mei ting will be held bv the two committees just prior to the opening of ti'.e next session of Congress in order that the view* of Mr. Durpnt may Tc heard and the whole sub Ject presented to Congress for ratification eaiiy next winter. Washington, May 8,1ST3. A Card? E<W<ir Star?Sir : It seems propel to correct the statement that my work as biog rapher of Chief Justice Chase was. as intinrit< ii in your paper yesterday, " under his percou tl ?uper\Ision.'' Neither lie nor 1 could have coi ? sented to have it so. He neither devised not supervised that work. He sanctioned it, in deed, and aided it as I desired, putting his let ters. diaries, etc., without reserve In my po< session, to be held until my work should be com pleted. and freely communicating to me orail\ much of the most interesting Tnforma'ion I have thus far gathered; but he never saw a tin . of it, except an open birthday letter which is to romiiose part of the introduction, and in whic'i its jrfan was explained and its scope and sjdr.l foreshadowed. Yours truly, R. B. Warden. President Grant, accompanied by Sena tor Logan, Mayor Medill, and a number o other gentlemen, visited the board of trad* rooms in Chicago yesterday at noon, and wai introduced to the merchants"bv the president o the board. He was greeted with a heart\ round of cheers, and in response spoke as fo! lows: "Crtfl'H'ii of the lioonX of Trade: It afford me great pleasure to come back to see your citi now after an absence of little more than a year aud to find it improved even beyond what i was before the great fire which swept over i just one week after my last visit; and, gentle men, I am very glad to meet you, the represeu tatives of this prosperity." The President will not make his propose* visit to Governor Jewell at Hartford, but wil attend the reuniou of the Army of the Potomai in New Haven next week. Government Transportation on the 1' P. R. R?The Attorney General has decidui the question submitted to him some time sinci by the Secretary of War as to the right of tin government to retain one-half of the pay to tin Union Pacific railroad comi>any for gove'rnmen tr< importation by the company across its bridal over the Missouri river at Omaha, and bol l: that the determination of this question does no involve the inquiry as to the terminus of tin Union Pacific railroad, and therefore there i: no decision upon that subject; second, that the act of incorporating the company and tin amendatory act of 18*?4 are to be taken togethei as one act, and as they provide that oik half of all compensation for services rendered by the company to the government shall be re tained from the payment of its bonds and inter est without naming any specific fcrviccs; an 1 as said acts grant railroad, telegraph an I bridge franchises, the Attorney General hold that the provisions as to compensation appiiei as well to services under the one as under the other of these franchises: third, that under tli? act of ltC3. all compensation for services to the government by said company upon its railroad* of any kind is to be retained so long as any in terest is due the United States by The company n> on its bonds which remains unpaid, aud thai the railroads of the companv across the bridge is one of the railroads to which said act applies Thb Vacancy in the Supreme Cocrt? The name of Senator Conkling having beet mentioned in connection with the poaitlou oi; the Supreme Court bench, made vacant by the death of Mr. Chase, opinion has been expressed that he Is not eligible for the position on ac count of the following provision in the consti tution of the United 8tates: "No Senator or Represeutative shall, during the time for which he was elected, be ap{>ointed to any civil office under the authority ot th< United States, which shall have been created, or the emolument* whereof shall have been in. creased during such time; and no |iersou hold, ing but office under the United States shall be a member of either House during his continu once in office./ Mr. Coupling's time a* Senator expired on the 3d of Mar all last, but he (having been reflected) was sworn in for the new term on the next day. The aet increasing the pay ol the Chief Justice having been passed prtor t? the expiration of Mr. Conkling's last term, doei not affect his acceptance of the office now, should tt be tendered him.t Mr. Kdmunds is not eligible to the position, as bis time in theSenaM dots not expire until March 3d, W75, and the act increasing the salanr of Chler Justice Wai passed during the term he Is now serving. Attorney General Williams and William M. KTarts are alse spoken ot for the vacancy on the Supreme Court bench, and many are of the opinion, also, that the pressent Attorney Gen. eral will be the man. Goterbob Ibobbboll, of Connecticut, waa inaugurated v? steed a v afternoon in the pres ence of both bouses or the legislature and a large audience. Hia inaugural U devoted to state matter*. >. . Taintou, the defaulting cashier of the At lantic bank, will be srraigned before Judge Benedict in New York on the 13th instant, on an indictment charging him with defrauding the bank. Liohtsino struck a school house tilled with children, in Laurenceville, Ga., one day last week, killing one little girl and injuring ten others. On the arm of one of the pupils an oak leaf was pictured with remarkable minuteness. Th? CMfllct la LonliiBna. A CO*FKHE*< E AT THE WAR DEPARTMENT? lESTRCCTH'HS TO OIV. EMORY. A dispatch ?w received here this morning Got. Kellogg directed to the President and detailing at acme length the condition of attain) in Ixiulstana. His dispatch corroborated tu>^e published thU morning an to the unsettled state of affaii but contain* nothing new. It wa* forwarded immediately to the President at Chicago for his information. AT A CO* r KRKM K at the War department this morning between Acting Secretary of War Koheson, Attorney Geneial Williams and General Sherman, < Sent tor West, of I.ouisian*. being present,) it was agreed to telegraph to General Emory, com manding the federal forces in Louisiana', to use kis own judgment as to his duty in the premises, being guided by instructions which he has already received. He was further notified to telegraph to the dei<artment should he need any reinforcements, and they would be prompt ly forwarded to him. General Emory will not interfere in matters there further than to aid the lawlul authority of the state to enforce any procem of the courts and prevent any armed its stance to the legal power. Should a colli sion between the government troops and the Opponents of the present Louisiana government o cur, there are AHl'NDAKT FOEl'SS IN THAT LOCALITY to reiul'orce Gen. Emory promptly. The 4th cavalry is in Texas, together with the 9th and a portion of the 10th. A portion of the 1st ar tillery is in Florida. The 2d infantry is dis tributed throughout Alabama, Georgia and Florida; the 4th Infantry is at Little Rock, Ar kansas. A large part of the 10th and 11th regi ments of infantry are in Texas, the 14th in Mis sissippi, the 1*tli in Georgia and South Carolina. All of the 19th are in Louisiana, and all of the 24tli, with a part of the 25th, In Texas. It will be seen that Gen. Emory can be noon rein forced, if necessary, and any armed resistauce to tbe federal government will be promptly crushed out. The Last Honrs of thief J u*tlw Hiaif. The New York Tribunt says of the last hours of Chief Justice Chase, that ou Monday night at ten o'clock, (that being the usual retWng hour of Chief Justice.) he said to the family ot his daughter, Mrs. Hovt, with whom he was staying, "G?o<l night,and lett the room. These were the last words he spoke except, per haps, that the next morning his servant under stood him to sav, ? Flre," motioning toward t?ie fire place.' Tuesday morning, at 6.*?, his servaiit entering his room found him reposing quietly with his hand under his face, as he habttualH- lav. Approaching the bed a few minutes later the servant saw that the Chief Justice was seized with a spasm, his features being convulsed ar<l slight toam ap pearing on bis lips. Doctors John G. Ferrv. Me?calf, and Clark were at once summoned, ai d It is pronounced an apoplectic attack, with paralysis of the left side; the paralysis ot the a: tack of June, 1370, was of the right side, and had vli taall y disappeared, there beings till very slight traces of it in the lips and right hand. This attack was more unexpected, from the fact that Mr. Chase was assured by his physi cians last summer there was no longer any danger of the recurrence of paralytic attacks Fiorn the attack Tuesday morning he remained entirely unconscious; his head was motionless, while the right arm was restlessly active. Convulsive spasms recurred frequently dur ing the dav, and the doctors filially placed the patient ruder the influence of chloro form. which was applied on a band kerchief. whenever the spasm was seer appreacUing. Its effect was immediate^ All thoj unremitting attention that care and affection could suggest found no res^nse. At a few minutes after 9 a. m. it became evident he v as sinking fast, his breathing became more ar.d more labored, until finally, at 10 o clock iireckelv, Wednesday morning, it ceased alto gether, spasmodic twitching beginning with the lower portion of the body followed, which lasted a few seconds, and then all was still. There were present in the room at the time Senator Sprague and Mrs. K. C. Sprague, the Chief .lustice's eldest daughter. Mr. M. S. Hoyt, and Mrs. Janet Hoyt, It. C. Hoyt, Edwin Hoyt,and Herman Barney. The body of Cfclof Justice Chase will le in the" St. George's church, Kuther ford Place, from Friday till Saturday noon. l>r Tvug wi'l conduct the funeral ceremonies, an t Dr. Hall will preach the sermon. The tuner . takes place at 3 o'clock Saturday afteru mhi after which the l>ody will he forwarded to Wash iigton tor temi>orar'y interment in the Congre sional cemetery. The Cheap Transportation Movement The National American Cheap Transit *tii >n convention in New' York yesterday effected ?? national organization, and lion. Josiab Ouincv I of Mas*., was elected president. The platfor> < of principles adopted declares it their duty to I obtain from Congrew and diftcrent 8tat3 lcgN latures such legislation as may be necessary t.i control and limit by law within proper consti tutional and legitimate bounds the rates an l charges o: the existing lines for transportation; t i increase, when i?racticable, capacityoverthe present water-ways, and to add such new ave nuts of t>oth water and rail as our Immensely increased internal commerce demands; declar ing that cheap translocation both of person-* and property is essential to the welfare aa-l prosperity of the country; recommends tIn formation of cheap transportation leagues; de nouncea railroad monopolies as a menacing danger to American liberty, and invokes tip aid i* si! faii-mlnded men In all the states ot the I nited States, In excluding from the halN ot the legislature, from our executive offices, and from the bench all such railway officials, railw av attorneys, or other hirelings, as a pros titute of public'offlce to the base uses of pri yate gains. &c. The convention meets iu Wash irgton next January. New York !>rt Good* Market,?There was scarcely any improvement in the dem uid for domestic goods during the week under re view, and the aggregate distribution was much below the expectations of holders. The promi nent feature of interest has been the break In the prices of sheetings and shirtings ot'grade* which are |?ot*itiTely scarce, instead ot being in over supplv. as might l>e supposed from the ac tion of the "manufacturers' agents and jobbers There can be little doubt, however, that eveu at the present rates goods can be produced su as to leave a fair margin of profit to the manu facturer. The ettect of the reduced prices tor sheetings and shirtings has not yet been felt by the market to any material extent, although some stimulation lias been given to goods which were decidedly sluggish before the reduction There was one failure in the imj>ortant trade during the week, and it is ouly wonderful that

we have not had to record more, when the ex treme depression of the trade is considered.? A'. Y. Pail* Built tin* OieerSceke in a New York Cocrt?Dr Nealis was called to testify as to the condition of the prisoner, Bleakley who killed his niece W1 He on the stand, Bleakley became very ex cited ai d exclaimed. "You must tell the truth and slum the devil!" I?r. Nealis said he had Sven Bleakley some whisky as astimulaut|l>e >rc bis coming to court. The district a*tornej stated that he saw him take some liquid during recess. The doctor said that be thought he wai under the influence of liquor.?AT. F. Kzprtttflth Not Shaking Hakim Across the Bloody Chasm Yet?La Sord, a Russtan paper pub lished in Brussels, denies the truth of the Herald's account, published yesterday, that the Khan had ottered to accept whatever termt Russia should proit'er him. He has released the captives held by him, but at the same time made such demands as will not be listened lo bj the Czar. A Woman Starved to Death ?The coronet will bold an inquest over the body of Bridget Mnrphy. who was found lying dead on the flooi of her room, No. 520 Yanderbilt avenue. Brook lyn yesterday morning. Her husband is now an inmate of "the Kings county penitentiary for inhuman treatment of his wife, who is said to have been a sober, industrious woman. Starva tion was the cause of death.?If- F. St<tr, 6tk* Two of the bisg suits against Ingersoll and Miller, brought by the board of supervisors were submitted yesterday to the supreme oourt, general term, without argument. Ths under stand ink; between counsel was that they would await the decision until after the decision in the court of appeals in the singular suits brought by the people.?A'- F. Herald, 7tA. She Will Have H?h Sbnsatioh ? Laura D Fair has instituted a suit againrt the lessees of Piatt's hall in San Francisco to recover dam ages for their refusal to permit her to lecture on "Wolves in the Fold.H The Oaelists lost fifty killed and twenty prisoners in their attack, a few days since, on the town of Vera, in Navarre. Boston tchool girls play foot ball, and find it better for striped stockings than even croquet. , . OalveMoo, Te*as, tried cumulative voting recently. Neither party got out the cannon, as everybody was beaten. VThe esse of Cole and Carter, two semes, on trial at Annapolis for the murder of Waters, was terminated yesterday by a verdict of mur der in the second degree, with a recommendation to the mercy of the court. A flew ?f ike Ittlml (??di ttos la flew *f Ike Fcrtfta* ties *f tke laliU. Letter from Onoa Ujdf. Editor Star: Not wishing to make myself trouMi Kmc or to prove a bore to an? depart ment of the ?' art preservative," neitherto show myself any particularly distinguished character, but a^ an humbe citizen of Utah and an apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ of L*tterda> Saints, I wish to say a few thing*, by your kind, indulgence, as material for consideration and reflection by all people when I tuay not t* found amongst the living. I am an old man. having had nearly seventy years' experience in this world, and have kept'myself tolerably we: I>ost<d in the affairs of men. The " Mormons" of Utah are still himan ? not divine: still mortal?not yet immortal; yet we are trying to improve in every war and n. everything we can. and hope, by'the "grace 01 God, t> overcome the weaknesses of our inortai beirrg and be prepared for an inheritance iu a country where pain and dea.h are no more. To the framers, supi>orters and advocates of the Frelinghuyeen bill, I will offer a word of congratulation. You, no doubt, are disap l-oitited in the defeat of this, your favorit? measure; but the failure of that bill to become a law has prolonged our national existence; vet how far you can be exempt from the chastening hand ot Providence, time aud events mux determine. Men, in their pride, ambition, reck'ossn??s and cruelty sometimes have the temerity to fight against and destroy that which they un derstand not. and which their prejudges and deadly hatred will-not allow them to under stand. Such are mote the subjects of present pity than of wrath, as the future is full of the latter for them if they repent not. V hat is commonly called "Mormonism," i? the truth of <3&uj at hi forty-two years of expe rience therein have so fully demonstrated it> truth to me that 1 should feel Justified m saying, with the last feeble and trembling articulation. it it trut. God has established his people betwixt the two seas as an ensign to the nation and to the world for honest inquirers after truth to rally to, an I haa, in efTect, said: as the nation and the world treat my people, so also will I treat the natio'i and the world: for. "whatsoever measure the\ mete unto you shall be meted unto them azaln." How have the Mormons beeu treated since 1830? It is unnecessary for me here to recapitu late. History clearly answers the question During our entire career, how manv book-, pamphlets and journals, written with j>ens dipped in the gall of bitterness against us, have flooded the country. When first issued, they shone with a glare similar to that emitted by the scales that rtv from under tho smith's forming hammer and hccome dim and unnoticeable a* qfllck. This should prove to all such writer* that -'No weapon formed against /ion shall prosper." How were we treated last winter, and how manv exciting falsehoods were then everywhere published aoroad concerning u< for the sole pur|>ose of having our every right taken from us bv act of Congress, leaving us a helpless prev to hungry and ravenous wolves ? But the greatest mercv that ever happened to those who aided and abetted this cruel and re lentless policy was, that the better sense of the House caused it to fail in its passage. I covet not the honor or reward of the ad vocates of that oppressive bill. Many people, at thi- time, inquire the cau* ? of so many disasters by sea and hv land?why such an increase of corruption and venality in high and responsible places?why so manv muidcrs and suicidf*?so much rohhery?so many thefts and sueli general r:iscality in an infinite variety ot' forms?so many fires. tlo?sls and earthquakes, whirlwinds, storm-, and tempest?such a tendencv to revolu tions ami determined strife between labor and capital? so many accidents, casualties and mis fortunes?why so much drunkenness and pro fanity and the rapidlv waning morals of the land. Let all such inquirers ask themselves these questions: How is it proposed to trea' the Mormons, and how have they been treated? If they will answer these questions correct! v they will have their answer to all theirinqulries, which mav be summed up in these lew words ; "It is the year of the Lord's recompense for the eontioversy of Zion." Before the martyrdom of Joseph and Hvram Smith, the I^ord spake and said: "I am now withholding mv spirit from the inhabitants of the earth!" Thus man is l?eing left to his own destiny, forsaken of God a id subject to the Prince of the power of the a.r. The evidence of these truths is contained in all the increased evie and calamities com plained of. Therefore, <>h ye sons and daughters of Adam, bearing the image of your creator! Kepcntotall yourslna and yeur unrighteousdeeds bv forsaking them, ami turn to God with full purpose of heart a-id l>e baptised In water for their remission and re ceive the gift of the Ho'.y Ghost bv the laying on of the hands of his* chosen servants 'and Sther out from the unbelieving and rally round e ensign which God has reared in the midst of the land betwixt the two seas. "This is a daf of warning and not of merry words." "It l?e cometh everv man that has been warned to warn his neighbor." Very respectfnllv, Orson Htde. Srniso Citt, U. T.', April gl, 1873. The Civil War la Louisiana, ATTEMPT TO ASSASSINATE OOV. KELLOOU. The excitement in New Orleans last eveuin ? was increased by the rei>ort that Kellogg had been shot. The report was untrue; butit ap pears that the attempt was made. In an inter view with ? Picayune re|>orter last evening, Governor Kellogg said: ??! left Mechanics' In stitute this afternoon in company with Captain George L. Norton, and went down Cumm in to Magazine street, turned up Magazine street to Whitney's office, for the purpose of seeing Mr. Hutchinson regarding some transportation, ami also regarding some complaints I had heard he Lad made about his passengers being inter rupted this morning by the police. After con versing with Mr. Hutchinson a short time I told Norton he need not wait for me. He went oft, and a few minutes later I left Mr. Hutchinson. On walking down the steps, ju?t as I w as about going into my carriage, some gentleman stand ing by asked me if my name was not Kellogg, and 1 answered yes. He si>oke very hastily and excitedly." Tht governor went on to sav that he did not know who it was that accosted him. but had been since informed that it was a man nanuil Railey. He was a fine looking, rather middle aged man, of large stature, lie spoke excitedly, and used harsh language, saying, "You are a d? d seoundiel," and one or two other expres sions of like import. The governor says: "I was in the act of getting into the carriage, and 1 said to him, 'I am not acquainted with you, and I don't know that 1 have done anything to oflend you, dr.' Some other itereon a short dis tance off raised his hand and shook his fist at ni-, saying something I could not understand, because my driver started the horses. As we went around the cornei from Magazine street, 1 heard a shot, and simultaneously telt the pas sage of a bullet by my neck." All the New Orleans papers condemn the action of the mob in breaking into guusbops Tuesday night, and Governor McKnery has issued an address of a similar purport. The boats are all seized by the citizens. an<l the United States troo|? are detained at Brashears city, unable to pro>.*ed further for the want Of transportation. A special to the Pieavnn^savs a CHAHr HftOAOEll EXIT took place yesterday at St. MarUnville. The police, about 2:15 p m., made a sortie from the town and attacked the forcee of Col. DeBlanch, who fell back before them. The police fired both solid shot and shell (him their cannon, but withoat effect. Tbev advanced about a mile and a half beyond the town and made a stand, bat retreated, alter a brisk skirmish, before the advancing force* of the Col. DeBlanche. Skirm ishing continued all day yesterday, but with no serious result. Another account says, exultantly: Badger came oat of town last evening with his Napoleon twelve-ponndar and about twenty-five men to compel the citt sens to submit. After firing a few rounds he wss compelled to beat a hasty re treat, large bodies or citlxen* being on all sides and rapidly closing In on him. The citisens are in axoelleat spirits and want for nothing Wagons are coming with supplies from all points, and DeBlanche can capture the town at any Use. ,A* rn*BP?KTA?T Wife Murderer I,a signani, the New Jersey wife murderer, who is Imprisoned under sentence of death at Morrie town. on being Informed of the refusal of the Coortof Pardons to interfere, at once broke out into cursing and swearing. He seems ut terly unconcerned as to his fate, thinking more apparently, of revenge on judge, jury and wit nesses than of preparations for death. A Cohvicted Cleroyxab The trial ot Bev. Kenneth Campbell before the Norfolk county (Mass.) Superior Conrt. on thVcouT plaint oi Mies Howrtl, charging him with beins the father of her illegitimate child, has resud^S la A verdict of guilty. CT'MoMIe thinks It will diminish Its recoiri of mortality by suppressing iu board of health Lieut. F. W. Sciiroeder, a wsll-known citizen of South Baltimore, a?-d 5" fell an* died in an apoplectic fit yesterday. TELEGRAM TO THE STAB This ineriMBl DlipatchM. o ASSOCIATED PRESS EXPORTS. ? THE LOIIUAKA MLBELUOX. Got. K?l1?n Nhol at md ?? Editor and ?:*-Ju?l*e RMlM-NrEwrji Dep. rrwim Ike lUrklBf ?r Ike Una Shop* la New OrlMia*. New York. May x.?A social dispatch from New Orleans savs a 1>> -tander report* that tlie shooting at Kellogg was done by a boy age 1 1?. Another eye-witness state* tkat the snot was Bred by a welldrensed man, who was oulet and collected. W. H. Fish, editor of the New Orleans AVj *llican, and ex-Judge I ?it>ble both had been assaulted and beaten on Canal street. ??Governcr" MeKnerv issued a proclamation last night denouncing the sacking of the gun shops, and expressing the hone that the plun derers would be detected and brought to justice. The Governor says: "The cause ot honest and just government in the state can but be sub served by |>eac*ful, honest, determine, and lawiul resistance upon the part of Its good pea pie. If war is levied we can but resist, but if not attacked our true |*>llcy is one of peace.'' The Preaideat to Vat. Kellan. \*w Orlia*?. M*v7 ? The following wi received to-day trom Washington. l>. C.: To II*. f. Krlt-yy, Gortmor ?f Lowhitmn.?The President directs nie to sa'y to you that be drpreeates an aggressive |*>Ucy, and that the United States authorities are not to be used ex cept in an m*-rgf nc*. The officer in command ot the department !n which '5* eluded has been nent full instructions in regard to the course the President desires hi in to pur sue. You will therefore take no action which wonld require the sanction of the President without orders from th?se headquarter*. (Signed) W. T Sbkkmah, General. Kew York Sale*. nrTca ntt.MU'H insaxe. VlWlOtK, May *.?By consent of the dis trict attornev, Henry wman alias "l?ntcli lleinrirli," who for some time has been con lined in the Tombs awaiting a new trial, will b?v re moved to-day to the insane asylum on black weirs Island, he having become hopelessly insane. ?7,0M,ono off. The decision of the court of appeals declaring unconstitutional the Ihw ot 1*7.: It vying a tax ot three and a half mills on taxable property of the state to supply a deficiency in the treasury, deprives the treasury of upw ards of seven mil lions of dollars of revenue, and leaves the con troller no constitutional means oi meeting the current demands. THE LICHT WKtOTTT CF A VrtOTC?mr. The tight fortbelirht weight championship between George Seudons and Arthur I'liatu bers take* place May ^1 within sx) miles ot New Yoik. intntwKiiF rtmnt wt>? for ongn to-dav. amounting to .?*??. at from it > <T ; to lt7-3:?. One million and a halt sold at 117 .?* to ISA AHFKICAN Rir.IE SOCIETY. At the annual meeting of the Anu-i ica'i Bible Society this morning a report w as read by the treasurer, show ing the rtceipts for the year to be $n?9.?07, including (0.r4,WH for publications, from rents, (13r'lM from legacies, >?''7 trom donations, and trom Sunday items. The payments tor general purposes were ^??i,41!>, and the balance in the treasury April 1st, was H*,7i?. From Enropo To-day. MORE Rt'MORS OF THE rol'l's UKATH. LoBDOH, May 8?A special dispatch to tlie I.< n<lon Standard says the Pope received the Pilgrims from France on Monday last, again-* the advice of his physicians, and His Holmes was very much prostrated after the audieaee. The same dispatch says it is generally believed in Rome that the Holv Father is dead, but nothing to confirm this belief has been receoiveu in London. JOHX 8TT*ART SftLL SERIOCLY ILI.. Lom?<>*. May 8.?John Stuart Mill is lying dangerously ill at Avignon, France. KO CHOLERA IK A t'sTR1A AMU TfRKKV Dispatches from Vienna and Constantinople sa> there is no foundation whatever for the re ports of the prevalence of cholera in Austria and T urkev Rt'SSIA UOIVO TO RAVI AVOTHII WAR I * TUB KArr. A special dispatch from Tiflis to the London Telegraph savs a war is probable between Russia and Bokhara. a Philadelphia's Xew Ocean Steamer a Philai>ei rBia, May A.?The new steamship Pennsylvania, of the American line, returned from tier trip this' morning. She was furtv eight hours at sea, making au average of twelve and two-tenth knots per hour, and her con sumption of coat averaged about thirty-two ton tor twenty-four hours. Thissmall consumption is partly accounted for by her having very little rough weather. The run from the breakwater to tlie navy yard, 102 miles, was made in aix hours, or at 'the rate of seventeen miles per hour. C?pt. James West, formerly of the Col lins line, (Atlantic.^ presided at a meeting of cuests on l>oard, when resolutions were adopted highly eulogistic of the ship as to her si^^ed xnd accommodations for passengers and capacity for freight. a WallMtreet Today. New York, May * The Wall street mar kets are all dull to-'day. All sales of gold have been at 117On gold loans the rates have t?een 2 w to 5 per cent, for carrying tint, and 1-td to 1-16 per day for use. Foreign exchange is barely steady on a basis of 10*>?a^ for prime sixty ilaas sterling. In the money uitrket the rate on call loans to stock brokers Is7 per cent., leading government bond dealers quoting the market at f?a7 per cent. Prime mercantile pa per moves freely at *al0 per cent. the excep tionally low rate being 7 per cent. Govern ment bonds have been firm. a May Snow fttorma la the KoathwfU. Santa Fk, May 8?The El Paso Semtutrl oi April _'?;th. states'that in that section and north from there up the Uio Grande, the most severe snow storms ever known have prevailed during the last tew days. The fruit crop of all kinds, including grapi-s, is completely ruined. The same is true ot this section. Heavy snows now cover all the mountains surroundiug Santa Fe. and the fruit is ruim^d. The great scareltv of water is sexerely felt here, and the agricultural pro-j*.ctsare very gloomy. Decision A|aia?l Woman Raffrag' ?I?onri. St. Lori", May 8.?The Supreme Court yes terday affitmed the decision of the lower court in the case of Virginia L. Miner agaiust R. Huppersett. for retuslng to register her as a voter last fall. The court holds that women are not entitled to vote, either by constitution ot Missouri or the 14th amendment to the fede ral constitution. The case will be appealed to the United SLutes Supreme Court. a A 9100,000 Fire In laaaaebawtts. New York May 8.?A special dispatch from Taunton, Maf says a fire broke out in Wil bur's livery stable, and, spreading rapidly, de stroyed a large store and the City Hotel stables; Jones'Athem im and all ita theatrical equip ments were c msumed, together with several tenement houses, the inmates of which n arrow a escaped with their lives. From twenty to Irty horses were burned. The loos will ex ceed'?100,0u0. TIM How w Trkstox, Way 8.?The commission to suggest amendments to toe New Jersey constitution met at noon. All the members were preeent except Chancellor Raoyon and Chief Justice Beaaiey, who had declined to serve on account of official engagements. Their places are to be filled by the governor. A committee was appointed to nominate !>erniaooat officers of the i PimMmI Smat Chicago, May Preaident Oraut yesterday visited Uio mansion of N. B. Jadd, whom ho citixena. la the ovratM the President and party attended a formal reception by George M. Foilman, and will leafro to-day for Wash ington. ^ Clrvbla? D, JSfSSa^seeW ng^lert erday afternoon of the stockholders of the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern rallrood the following officers were reflected:' Banco Clarke, peon dent; Augustas H. SchoU.vloo H. Banker, troonirer; C. P. I ??msslssT-, ment^of the'death of Chfe^Ju?tioe Chase c a sorrowful sonsatton hero. The flags os the principal hotels vers immediately dropped to ttradaally Failing. Boo to* , May 8.?I'p to noon there was marked change in the condition of Oakee As He is gradRRU} Tolling. ? mfnretmc bt+ios, Mit * "ine ?t?t# oon-ta'.b-a uc l?ti ( al >ui tttf eity uhI*\ aervlng no ii mk i auttcd the liferent grw^e* of Pinor -HW?. Wlwhrtlr dealer* ur nrt ?rtH, Wit *>atr? cm keeper* are notified to n in' *t on paiBor nrM<. utk'n Ale dra'era. wt?.?b<?i t at*i retail, are >irmj a^tlwi xlliuv O'ff the bar Kittiu bouc itri'f* tn1 aak'M ?k t tfc'y * 11 ml if U? m?rr i? ik. i?rii and rklt , ca;.t <>n nig then . u?u>m t i trytkinf rtr'nfft n t? poonl npon thrw. Hotel keeper* manirpft a diapoaitian Lo take no notice ot tbe cdict, anJ Mnall dealer* oui? vary their Tonn tn a tamer, ng the rati of thtr*tv cu*temera. The principal Nrewer* wtll hoi.t * nttini lo n rlit. and it Urr|?>rtrO that the l>rn|K*ition will be ar?:?-d lo artel their ?tH'? Oat of the atate ami au?p? nlmniiulnctutnig. ??? ? ? ???? Isima* N'OTW^.-Fat'ier Wilbur. Italian t{ rt at Simcoe rrarr\ation, ha* utive 1 at P r*'. ?? 1 from a tt urof ^ve Inmlmt mile* <? en*ee;i Oregon and Waahtngton trrrtt.w*. ami dem.? the ruinor* th:.t the Indian* ol that part of tie country are threat- tung ? ar. Indian Agent Mile#, of the Arrapaboe ar t Chevcnne agency. trace* the recent naurter ot the four anrveyora by Indian* principally to a barrel of whiaky furniahed the m>ir<h rera at M?licine Lodge Creek the d*\ b. tort- the crime. A San Francisco di*patch ?tet? a that over I too Apache* have anrrendetvd at Camp Verde. Mxjor tlcneral Hchotteld acknowledge* the w>r ttc?f ot General Crook ami In* galinnt troop* in auMuiug the Apaclie iu a g? u?t ?l order. SriArti: Hlai** \?n thk Crarvvitti Conniaai"*- At Mon yealcntay the U'Uli(t> of the I 'niUal State* ce-iiU-tuiial on a? ?enibl?d in Philadelphia. tocotnaicnc--tbe May aeaeton. Gen U**1n prt ? I ? -t ?tt>?n.l w-rritorie* were r< pre-.-i ? I 4, oomniitoioticra and al tern an a. Speaker tiiamo wa> introduced and made a ltrtel afwwvU. during which he ex preened hia In 1 el that the I'lilrl States government will In due time extend the proper aid to the project. Our government, hat Hig ccntrihntcd >.<**! to the French ex ta ait ion. certainly would, he thought. give im' lion* at the proper time, to *upport iu ow u ea (?coition. Fori. Pi at?Not long *ince we pub ahed tri tbe H< raid an account 01 an attempt alleged to ha\e l>eett made by Varfin Caahin. a v aman, and Anna Krra*.' atewarda**. on bo ,r.l th? American ahip M irv M Knrr, to *et on tire and deatrov that \<mvI while ?h< la) at a port in South America. Yeaterday the aoca?'4 were brought betore Conimt*aloi?'r <>*l?orn and ce'tn - mitti d for examination on the above charge if. F, //'niW. id. I/'A Newport <N. V.) achoolui**ter haadi* covi red that tilling hi* pupil*' mouth* a .Ui pen* r effectually rt"|* their whlapenng. BSThe bad boya ot Klmira. wlio have been arreated for i?oat office tdllenng. plead in excuae thi ir hahit of reading dime novela. I/'A malicious exchange *|>eak* At Coltax having < l<>*< d lua political *hop and put od tho ahuttcra? "Taking Stock." ITMt F. M Charring ton ha* retired from t wealthy tirni of Ixiiidon l?r? wer* and Ik conn, a re*Ion* *up|a>rtcr ot teetotaliym. Warned, at Cynthiana. Ky . Mitk? >t'i ult., Mr. William .luett, aged eighty, m Mi-i> Annie P?racl, aged aoveuty-twn. BS M1-* l!rt>jr Baker ha* l>re<l the ri-mg ger erattona of North lladley. Maa* , a* achoo iu -- tree* for nearly forty year*. WSojonrner Truth ?-tg^"?ta to the govern ment a aehetne tor coloni7ing coloicd iiivalt>:a in one 01 the we*t.?rn tcriitwi ie*. W?u are adviaed to buy yaiir coal ear;? tlii* year, unlcaa you wi*h to pa\ a rid hot pin 1 foi it. ft^A N< w Hanipaliire mm !?*? the le<;h r *trap which la* thra?lied the tatudy through three generatioiia. ?V Mr*. I^ettiee l.ibby. an old la>H of eighty. Kangid heraelt at her residence al S>v-aiUorii, Me . Friday motning. ?yl lie legiMature ot Keiim. ky ha? pi>*e?t i '.aw prohibiting the lntroductiuti ot t??:c:g:i capital into that atate. IT'Tlie bill againat carrv ?tg con*ea'e \ wy i?)U*. lacor* tucli.ded. ha* tjrii pa**ed by tho St w % oik atate a**etuhly. ay Sherili hane.oi l.?U.iooi. , ha- 0011-lad. I Ui withdraw hi* rtrunai hu and to m ofl'ce lor the rem ami. r ol hi* tci iu. S>"TLe late Senator l?ivon ot (*<Ninectictit left over a million dollara. d*vi<le?l e-|?ally be tween four children, two aum au.1 two daugh ter*, except two hutidri'l share* ot buDcl I bride *tock given to hia *i*n.r. Some clednlou* |>< r?n *ugge*U a? a |?re vriitixe ot bank defalcation*, caul letea for cU rkahip* *hould have their head* phren.-tl ogieallx examined. A good id<-a. whu h should alao be extended to the '? c.V11 urvioo." I/A ahip arrita! at Quoenalowu yeat -rday which re|K>it>havii g pa*aed a larg< American ahip on tire. Tho burning veasel had apparent ly been abandoned. Uaa th<*re been another horrible d 1 aaater? ?^"1 ke federal cuncil at (r-neva ha? iaaac-1 ail ordcrtorbiddiugtUcii-aHleuceoi the l>uehe.>? ol Madrid in S?it^erland, atel luntructiui th<> fdiee anthorttiea to evi?el atl Carliat agent* from the country. l?KOPUbALb ri'K t*TKAM HA' it IN EMIT FOR 1 MLOOPa <?F VTA*. KAVT DBPARTMKNT. J IJlR?*L ?>? nikAM Btkini'.tlM. > ? A-nis?iio>. D. c., May 6, Isfa. \ 1 Manwfactiir?-ra ot ai*aa nutctnner y a .? unit I to anu tv ttai* Bureau until 9100a <>v Ai <.t?T I, 1ST3, arop tali for the r. uairueti'-n ..f Otoin M .. cbir*r> f *r "Be or iu..r* <>f thnw mw-.-U i ah 'Ut bjj b'Df.aiKl pro^<'ll<d by one acrew. There will br f.>r ??acb otie p*ir -f engine*, with *iirfac* c<>ii.|?-n*?*r and horii uilal <?li?U.?, eoiipb^t to one crank -h.ift. Tn* U'llfti to be of Ui* vnrj liM charr.iai iron, w ith<"' tnr witi 'n tul*i, ai> i >>t ?uflic^ent atreuKl'i f<>ra w.?in? pre*-nn- of npn:i<' i>^r *.|n?r?- m ti Hb'.ve th<-aiiiiu*r>liere. all I > br b?l .w tk?- watei 1111*- it. Hit- ,|. ut U l^et ?h >*e baae line 1 Tbeacrew to ha of rompoaition,copper and iin, ab .111 U lael iu diameter. There will be two auKiloary ateata pump* -f ar proved type and *ire, and a treah-water <1 mtider CH a rpro?e?l d'-aign, with -???? lal puiop. The o*ual mm 1 of ouplic*ie piec*<?. tool*, ant inatrumenta rr^airi d in tacli Kav?l contracta arc t j be furuidbed. The oiai hmery i? to be ?< the va.-)r l-*?t ju?l'ty of niatertaJ and w..rknmii*hia. according to No?l utaa.lard. and will nielud* nil thM I* n*c-wary f-r atiaming th<- ?.-??. I?, am b a? cal bunker*. ?hait alley. Are, oil aud tail w lnuk*. ae.,*udl-to be, in all re*p*.^?. c.replete tor that purp ac c.-tdina tn Ma??i uaace. In nddition to the or liuary wUart trial, th? machitiery will be r<-qnir*d lo.|-\e|..p ?<n Imticat'd horwa p>'wer r. int id nearly dunnc fi>rty-eirM eon *ecuti>e hour* at ?ea, w ith (uud aaibracitec ?l, an I the grtm- weight of all tb?> machiaeri. lucladma coal i.iibkera. *haft alley, water in boilera *c.,ia H it to eneed IIS tona The 4>-t?ailed plan*, *r >' atl >?? and driwiuc* cau b>- a>-ea on application at thi* Bureau at au> tinie lii or after the tint day of Jul). In). Tbe ma' himr) ia to Im- erect<d .11 l...arj the at auy of tIh- *eap< :ta ol the AtNa-ir e<>aat nt *.?u h of Norfolk, Virginia, aa the Breretary < >ftb< Maty may elect. Tin- propn?al* a ill ?tate tb* nam* or name* of the pari h i- Hi full, ana ihetr *ure<i?e, the *t ?* *uin f ?r w lih li they pr. '!*'*?? t* ? furijieh III a. hiU' r > Dipl<t 111 the ?f. and ready f-r at>-atuing at aea, whi h bioat he fully done and c n| l"teil in bin*- ? ?nth* fr? in the date of coutract The pinpi?a|? are tube end<***d**Promntm't f >r iSi'tm Mtr*iart|/a HiMpi ?t N'ar**to diatit.c* ti tl other l>n*llieai. letter*, and be at 'ttfa nied by a c>py "f thi* a-l?erti* ut The coi tracta will embrace the u-nal c -ndition*. and paynteiiia a ill be made in tli. u-aai uianuer. a* tbe work pr gr<??*?** Tlie Bureao re?.Tv? the r.flit to rfjxt any or all pri>p<-aal* that tuav h* made uixter thi* advertimenieiit, it, in iu vpiuion, the piit lic Ititereat require-. 1 Prup?al> wtll ala<> be received at the <aine t|n?, and in all reaped* in the ?ante manner and nadei the aame C'ltidltinfaa, for nti am m ?' Inner; . t <t one or more e< fowr ?eaael* of ab 'Wt till tona taea*are ?tent. which will be required to oe\ elop a-> ludirated horaea p wer, and the gi uaa weight ol which ?>bail Hot e*c? ed ITS ti*ia. I. Ileaicm-. wnh the n<e<'?aarT ap*ciacationa, f ir eiitr.-? .1..: I 11 r>, 11. ao irdanca with the f i?v ing general dirrcti..n*,deecrtp?h?a and re.jnir nia?ita, will be r-cenedfor exaniinatiou awd c.i??i<terati >n at tbe Bureau frttiu d.wivner? aatd u anuta. turer* ,,| marine eiigiuec until meridian, on the loth of Jan*, )jj] B di aectioiia of tbe hall, co\erm? the apace al lotted to the machinery allowing tb* height and fore and aft length ?rf the apace nir>wMl, w ill b~ fnr m*lied oil application to the Burvaa The *p*eiaca tion* will auUe a hat will be the niaaimoai exp-naa of ati indicated horae-pnaer in p>xiud' of imd u tbra. Ite coal per bowr. daring a aharf trial of nat leaa than 3C coo*ecuti?a honr- at maximum power For any design accepted Ma whule, < r anynov>l feature or part of a deairn adopted, a reaaonnld ma, IniiniaM exceeding A i^'aj, will be paid aa eompenaatina, aa aooa aa the additional wirklng drawing* repaired are furniabad. For the tie* rr jected deaign tha aam at BMW will be paid. It ia an der*l <1 that the rtrtt ta raaarved to aae, o? th* terma above atatad, any deaiffa or any part* >4 any deaiga 0fared, 01 to rvect them if they a*a ?K con aider?d *npari<>r to tboaa prepared at the B area a. ml lnwlw tn.w.y frriOP.OMef of n<a ?Arcs. a and SO O?-. aar botUa. M. W. BTBCilBLL mS-ecSv HIM W *r*et. Impirvr and Agent. are., wanr ltta at. iB I CXBIK1 LC*SBBn_ VM .JOIIIKHI B 1 ?sa? QUaIIITAL Vft^BtW ABB FAIVTED. ass 1 ltFrffm B*l> * CO. DBOF A not aa HIWTuIfl CN ABBC. ?Thwe who are n-'t aatiahad caa have their ae>ner ratwrwad bf Irwaainc J HoWAhD thia oMce. Thine who wiah tbe Enamel can do tha aame. ?H <(."

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