Newspaper of Evening Star, May 8, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 8, 1873 Page 3
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RAILROADS. ALEXANDRIA A WASHING , TOH I. ft. tin ALEXANDRIA g FRRDEBTCESBURQ ft. ft. jDmwm *f B amJ Sua StiKj Uxii tr%}p? for Al-xandrla leave as follow*:-* 19. no. Jjs. pas, tm. wa. ii Mi. u aj, i as. mdT Sf p. m Umitrtni Iran Akitixtri* irrlrtiiWI'w 8J3, 7.43,?.?. I S. Hi ?. llSt.B.; 11.33- 1.39, 2 J3. |>(3 8*1 7:39. Ifp m. uri^ tba* eMMCt with trains on Wuh laatou vi4 Otii*' ft. ft Sl AlIU'O Ace ??iSaOo* k?TM Washington }?? m dally. except Sunday OKI AT SOUTHERN EXPRESS, Tlh Richmond. |mtm W?hmroiiWH I " IgSgJg i."u t&tattttSi Tot sale at Office, corner Uth street and Pennsylva nia nn**, u4 corner 8th street and PeoMilftBli ?k?n ?Monger* san leave order* for hfrr to be checke^St *11 hotels aad rtsideacim through to *V*S" TOUNG. Goal f?ft Agent. )r?-tf UALTIMORE AMD POTOMAC D RAILROAD, ifcpel f. CiA Mi B istmU, jV. I TRAINSLRATft FOR BALTIMORE. 4* a. m.. Nisgara Exp Mb. 8.M am. Baltimore Ma.l. daliy, Id * a. a., Weetern Rip JJg t o., Bkllimfrt Ac- 5:23 p.m., Pitlfc ft . cmb<a*ti< d,Itilj, tl"| daily, except 8in l?j TBAINS ARSITft AT WASHlNGTOft. 4 33*. m, W est urn Exp., daily, except Srndav 9:38 a m , Mail,daily, ex cept Sunday. 11 OR a. m., West?m Exp., daily. 8:u8 p in..Accommodation, daily. 1013 p. m , S -oth?n? Et reee, daily, except San sr cept Sunday. idlf n.,i inciunati Ex jrseevdaily, except but. M3? m? Wst?rn Exp daily. Train* leaving Waehtrgt .n at *>-99 and lo ? a.m. Md S.3H f n..fiiii?rtai Bowie withtrains for Marlboro', Bowte ? 5S and ll:J9 a m., and 4 S3 p m , ar riving at Marlboro'9 13 a. m an.l 12 13 and 5 33 p. m Train* arriving at Washington 1:38 a. m. *ud 5:33 ar.,1 9 Oh p v., connect at Bowie with trains leaving Marlboro' 7.-?) a. m. and 3:? arid 5 J3 p. a. ?rr? leaving their order* at Tlckrt OBmi. earner of Uth street and Pennsylvania arena* and 11 rthwea* corner of Sixth itr-*g and P-niwylvanie areune, ran hare their haggaa^alled for and check ed at bovle and resideocee to all points North and Vk *t. Through ticket* to Cincinnati, Columbus. Indianapolis, Louisville, St. L?ni?. Hew Orleans. ?Chicago,Oaiaha. Sao f ranciaeo,andall point*north. U rthweet, waat, and southwest. B. 1>. DURARRT, Geal 8np*t. B. B. TOUNG. Oer'l P*a'r Ag??ut. jyl-tf ri'URol QH LINE BETWEEN 1 WAM1INGTON.PI1LLADRL PHIA, AND >EW VOH I >? Norevnber I. MT1 Train*between W A8H1KUT0N aad BBW TORE ?-e ran a* f Huwk FOB NEW YORE, *r>rhoHt '*/n?r? 0' ear*. Lea*e daily (except Scnd*> ) atd:UU a. o>.,l.dOAn(3 ^ r?' FOR PHILADELPHIA. Lear* daily (except Sunday) at 3 a. ai., 1:00 and EX ON t*rNDAT. Leave for Hew Turk at A X p. m., and Philadelphia at 5:30 p. m elocpin# can for Hew Tork on 8.~3f p. m. train oaly. Tnrough tickets to Philadelphia, Hew Tork and B ?t< n can bo had at the Station office at ail hoar* of tne day For Baltimore and Ohio railroad advertisement see ?cheditle between Washington, Baltimore, Annapo ils and the West. TH08. B Sli A BP. AsaT Master Transportation L M. COLE. General Ticket A(>nt. OEO 8 BOONTZ. Agent. Washington. 1*14 BALTmOBBLANAD_ ? VuiIl?Tu!i. Jan. V. WTS. Traib* U*w??n WASUIMUTOH AND BALTI ? oBB ard WASHINOTOH AND THI WlBTars lu? ran a* fwll wa.Tis: FOB BALTIMORB. Leave dally, except Snmta*. at 4:43, ?"4i, 8iJB, *"4S -?od 1u:4B a. m. 1:UU, 1:13. 4:10, ?:?!,?:*). 8:(J0 aud i*) *'OH SC>DAT FOB BALTIMORE Leave at 4.46 aud 8.00 a. m , and iM, 3 U,S:au.8:0B U 3.5S p. m. FOB ALL WAT 8TAT10H9. Lenvedaily, except Sunday,at 4 40.441 and S:4S a m.; 4:1V and 3:10 p. ?.; and vn Snaday at 4.4S and 9:00a. m .arvi 1 uo. 3:15.? 10, and ?n)U p. m. The 1:W, 3:Uand Alt p.m. trains stop at the fol lowing station* only. vix. BUd-nxborg, B-ltevil|e Lanrel. Annapolis Junction, Hanover and Belay A >so, the 3:16 p m. will stop at Jeeeap'* Out, and the ;UU P. EQ at Pean'e Croming. FOB ANNAPOLIS. Leave at * 48 a. m. and 4:Ml p. m; bat eo trains to or tr ai Auv Lis on Sunday FOB NOBFOLR. Leave at 108 p. m , exrept Stinday. FOR ALL PABTS OF TUB WEST. Leave daily, exrept Saturday and Scaday, at 8 48 a m. and 3 IS and 8'0i P. m. On Saturday at 8:48 ?nd aud 8:W p. a... and on sanday at 1U and 8:00 p. m. TRAINS ARBIV E AS FOLLOWS: Froat New 1 ork, Philadelphia and Baltimore, at 8.30 a. mand 9:38 and 8:08 p. a. From Philadelphia and Baltimore at 8:88 a. m. From Baltimore at 8:50 . 8:30. 8 4U and 11:10 a. m., and 1 JO, 3.4U, 8.38,8:38, 7 A8,8:46. and WAS p. m. FROM THE WEST. Arrtrs at 1:88. SJB and lu SO p. m Through tickets U the West ctnbe had at the Waehingtnn Station Ticket Office at all hoars of the day; also, at th>- Company *soffice, 45* Pennsylvania *v eune. Paaeenger* purchasing ticket* at the Ave aoe office can there arrange to have their baggage eallt-d for and checked at their residence, taksn to fh* Be pot, and pat Into the baggage car. For New T"rk, Philadelphia and Boston see ad Vsrtiaetnert "f -"Through Line.** THOS. B. SIlARPrAast Master Transportation L M. COLE, General Ticket Agent. GEO. S BOONTZ Oenl A'gt. Washington, jal* 1 872 PE N N ST L V AH IA ROCTR I 872 TO THB SukIHWE.vT, SOUTH, AMD SOUTH WEST. Trains ieavs aa follows Washington. 4:? a. m. | Baltfmors P " ltx38 a. m " ?_ I; 8"3i ?. m.) M 8-fll p". m. " 7:89 p. m. I ?* 10:13 p. m THB GRRAT BOTBLE TRACK ROUTft, With elegant Scsa'?ry, Palace Slate-room day and aight ears, with modern improvements. two hundred miles saved to Western and Central ftew Tcrk. The 10J8 a. a. dally, exrept Bundar, northwest, TM 9. m. daily, and S:?8 p. m? except Sunday, west. ? ill OniSKC tiosp Throaah Area BALTIMORE to NIAOAftA and FITTSBCBG without change. Tickets by this ronte can be procured at ths offioss. aomer of isth street aud Pennsylanla avenue, and acrner of St h atreet sad Feunsy lvaiiia avenne. under ftational Hotel, where reliable informatioa will be gtvea at all tlaiee. Passengsr* proenrfng tickets at this office caa eecur* aoeommodatiuns in Falaee Oars for Pitts Lara. >D 8. TOUNG, General PasyngsrAg?at,^ HOTELS. tT 'ft ION HOTEL, 8IOI4ITOWS, D. C. ' T. 8HLNN, Proarletor. This Hotel has been newly re?ted and laiaaasa It contain* all the modern improvssaents?hot aad ?old hatha, bell*, and gas. It Is coaveniently lo cated, being situated on the line of the Washington and G~ ri?wwa City Passenger railroad, the cars of which, from the railroad and steamboat depots, pass the door every two or three minutes. The guests of this b iaee ran reach any ot the pobUo ?uUdlnc* ef the national capital or aay place of amuaruient. Ac., by a pleasant ride of a few minutes Fersens doing baain?*s along the line of toe canal and oa the whart ee will End it to their advantage to fltop at thi* honae. decaf-IT IITECH'S HOTEL. Ho. 199 Q STREET, Iitwmi Ttb 8rn Stkiits. T HB IMPERIAL HOTEL, JAMKB STKES, fwniM Pi^MTLraxia Avxnss, bevtm UtA sad 14iA $trmu, Wi^IlMTOS, D 0. Thaaktoi to the public for geoeroae patronage la the peat, the Proprietor ask* hie old friend* and patron* to test the accommodations of his precent eetalllshnjent. which he promisee shall be foUAd at least equal to the best in W aahiiurton. yang-tf (Bep.Chronl THE bbtant hoi*sr. ft oa rvensr 14(4 itrsS aad fl. t. aesasM. After the 1st of December. ISM, Permanent and Transient Boarders aill Bud this house one of the niust desirably aad Boat contenieaUy located hoasss In the city. The ro*>me are neatly fumlahed. well lighted and ventilated, and provided with all modern b ow ao C a n. datioas. The charges are low, but the waat* and the coa fi rt of all gueart* will N- c*r<-f'illy provided fur. The proprtest r. E. RICHARDS, baa determined to provide a g<>>d caterer. novU-eotf d ^ 0. W ILL ARD. V/" EBB ITT HOUSE, WAHH1NGTOH, D. O. LIVERY STABLES. JB OLCC'TT A SON, . BOABDING, LIVEBT d SALE STABLES, ?1B 8th (treat, bet. D and ft. and Cham Alley, U. betweM 19th aad 1Mb. Office, Willard*. B -et carriagea famished. Special care paid to ths Br-arding of horves decll-ly STTLISH CdftRlAi*B^^j sweet aortbwe* ARLINGTON STABLES.?ft. ORU1T, JR. 8 STREET, Bstwbis 17th ajid IBtb. ^ t arrtoE's by Jay or aight, aad tar I^OMGRESB HTABLR8. V Bra 9TBBBT, Bntrnw D am ft. l)E4y RICHaRDTaJT. Pnsprtoto* Vt*A?n. BAILOR'S STABLES 1JM I ST. TT CARRIAGES of the latsel swlsa eoasuatty on hand aid for hire by the Bag sr awi^ 1 ssirejsas- ? Partkuiat attention to boardtag Iiria, aaS Horses alway* for *ale aad exchange. decjg-tf "V^OfTHB SUITS la Scotch and diaguaal, very I A. STRAUS , 1BII Fa. ave., m 11th atreet. alS B^Vl L D Bfty^ND R ftC LO%tft"may *to foaad at Womb's Chrisdaa AsaociaOoa, Judiclan gss.'sra ztj?" "sag ^TOP. DEAR REAUKR. befer* it la too latV. ^ H>w stacy havef?ne t.. grief by no> parchaeing their garment* si A. STRAUS', the C otUer, lOlT friaa. ave.,aear Uth. toE AUCTION SALES. riTCKE DAYS. IV fif. Gordon and wife to John D. McPhtriviii In Lfher 60S, folio 134, of the land f-tortu f-?r WmhliftnTi county, in the District of I InntH*. I will, on MONDAY, the Vlit dav of April, WS, at 4 o'clock p. m., offer for sale. at pub lic anctio*. la front of the premises, the property d?wnfcf<) in m14 4??i. to wit: L-'t numbered 17. in Square No. 140, with the improvements, being four r>?Br Houses Term* One-third cash; the balance tn fix an<1 twrlve month" from day of sale, and secured bv par rhwer'n n< I" and deed of trust ap>t th? premises. Convevancing at purchaser's coat. J.D. MrPHEBSON. Trustee. n2Deo*ds THOS. E. W AQUA MAN, Anct ? BtrPOSTIHiNED. BY OBDBB OF THE TECS te>, until M<?5iDAY, June ?4th,at 5 ?VI *k p. in. J t>. McFHBBSON.Tmstee. ml-eoAda THOU. I. WAfldlWAW. Aft. 1>V LATIMKK A CIEAHY, l> Auctioneers and Seal Estate Broker*, futhwest c< rnerof Penna. avvnue and Uth street. Star Office Bailding. TRl'STEE*' SAL* OF~VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS OS CAPITOL HILL, NEAR TUB CAP! TOb. a^Bt virtue of a r|ee?l bearing date on the Hp^th day of March. A. D 1573, conveying the ^^?hereinafter descried lots ?>f ground to the un dersigned, ae trustees, in trnst, to sell and con fer, we *h*11 sell, at pnhlic auction, to the li^hest bidder, on MONDAY, Mar l'ith, ITS, at t> o'clock p. m , in front of the pruiuise*, original Lots numben-d ?ne <1) and twenty-three, (23.) and the east half <>f original Lot numt>ered three, (3,) all In square nnmhered seven hundred and thirty-three. (7X1 ) Lot No. 1 ha* a ftont of it feet | fnd 10 inches on 3d street s'<ntheast by a depth of 78 feet oil p street southeast. Lot N?? 23 has a front of 46 feet on C street southeast, between 1st and 21 street*, l>y a depth of U9 feet 6 inches. And the ra?t half of Lot No 3 has a front of 2Sf<-etonD "trei-t, b-tw.-es 1st and 2d streets southeast, by a dept h of 119 feet ami 6 inches. This property I* in the same ?<|nare In which St Peter's <-bnrcn,"Ingle*Place,'' *c., are located, and in a neighborhood containing some of the finest iiu proi ement-. < n Capitol Ilill, and ab .ut two a-tuares Southeast of the eastern park ? f th~ Capitol grouuds. Tli<- lots will be offered separately. T' nn? of sale pres. ribed by th? deed ar?: One third of the purchase money in cash: and the rasidue in three equal instalments, payable in six (<J. t? ?!?? 113) and -Igliteen i U> months from day of sale, with interest, and secured by dead of trust on the prop ert> sold, or all cash, at purchaser'* option. If th > terms of sa'e shall not be c tuplied with within out> week fr?na day of sale, the Trustees reserveth?- right to resell the property at the ri?k and cost of the ?r?t pnrr|i.uu>r. A d<*p-iait ?f 0b** in cash on each lot miIi be required at the ttins of purchase. Convsy aucing at purchaser'* cost. B K. ELLIOT. Irrn.t? KOBT. W MrPnBRSHN.J Trustees. a?-dA?1s LATIMEB A Cf.EARY, Ancts. TUOMA8 I. WAOOABAN, . Real gstate Auctioneer, US 7th street. By Tlrrue of a deed of tm?t from Charl-s STEAMER LINES. \mhor i.isteamers. >*il from Pier Su, North River, New York. EVERY WEDNESDAY AMD SATURDAY. The pawwr accomyolatious on Steamers of 'hi* line m unsurpassed for eleganos ?ud cemfort Cat in staterooms ar? all< on uppei d?ck, thus securing good light" nnd ventilation R ATES OF PASSAGE TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL.0R LONDONDERRY. Sat. it'nmers. Wed uttatners. Gold. C'urreiK-y. C ibir.?..._ ?..B"S anil J53. 875 and $(5 Cut in ri turn tickets oecurttig l>ehl act omniodations......... #130 .......$130 Steerage, currency, g3U. C rtiflcates for_pa*sa*? from any s^apiirt or railway station ii. (ireat Britain. Ireland or the Continent at ? ATES AS Low A< By K*S\ oTHIR FIRST-CLASS LUF For p??a*e apple to HENDERSON BBOTHERS, 7 B wlit>K Ureen, N. Y.. or to C. CAMMACK. 14*^3 F ->t. n w., A sent, Washington. m<5 t .th.s.tu \ EW EXPRESS LINE VIA CANAL, mwmiv PblLAI'ELPHIA, ALEXANDRIA, Va., WASH 1NUTUN AND GEOKUETUWN, D C. sailing pat*. From Pier 2. North Wharrea. Phil adelphia, WKDNESDAY and SAT-* I RI'AY. at Km. From Jt Water street,Oeorcetown, D. 0., TOES PA Y and SATl'RDAY. atltfa. m. This line connects at Philadelphia with "Clyde's Iron Line" . f steamers for Providence, Boston and New England States. No wharfage in Boston by th'a line O. F. HYDE. Agent for D of O. V\ M P. CLYDE A CO., Philadelphia. F. A REID. Alexandria, Va. WALDO A. PEA&CE, 44 Congress Street, Boa ton. ?^"Freisht-delivered bT Knox's Express. Orders l?ft at (3?-n'ral Office, 603 Pennsylvania avenue, oral the steamer wharf will be promptly attended to. ap2 Washington, Norfolk, boston, ant PROVIDENCE. * _ The Bne Iron Steamer LADY Of THE LAKE having resumed her regular trips to Norfolk,will leavp her wharf, foot' .?f <th street, every MONDAY and* THURSDAY, at 2 p. m., touching at principal Elver Landings, connecting at Norfolk with Steamship of the M and M. Line for B'^t.-n and Providence. Freight should be addressed "cars of Lady of the Lake, via Norfolk." Branch ticket office at Knox's Express Office,M3 Pennsylvania aveune. T M. CBOCCH, Agent,(th-street wharf. DOBSEY CLAGBTT, General Agent. n-14 Plant's Btore, corner Uth st. and Pa. are. riSARDtTSli THE BBITISH AND NOETH AMEBIC AM BOYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, KETWEEN MEW TOBK AND LIYEBPOOL. CALLING AT CORK HABBOB. FBOM MEW YOEM. .Wed. May 7 Abrssinia_S^...May 10 ..Wed. May 14 Baiavia Sat May 17 .We4 May 21 Owlabrla. .Sat May 24 -May 2e Parthia_.^aU... May 31 ' do not carry And svsry followtnj ollowtnf WEDNESDAY sad 8ATUB DAY from Nsw York. and ail parts of Europe, at lowest rates. Through bills of lading givsn to Belfast, Gisagow, Havrs, Antwerp and other points on the Continent and Cor Mediterranean ports. For freight gad cakia pas sage, apply at the Company's office, Ho. 4 Bowling Ureen; lor steerage pssssge, at Mo. Ill Brsadway Trinity Building. CHAA. G. FRANCKLYM. Agsnt, New York. OTIS BIUELOW, Agent, novW-ly Wawhington, I>. 0. EBCHANTB LINE OF aTEAMSHIPB. BXTWIXW WASHINGTON AMD NEW TOBK. Hereaf tar the ?ne Steamships ? 0. KMIGMT aad JOHN GIBSON will make regular weekly trips between NEW YOBK, ALElAl(-4|iB DRIA, WASHINGTON and GEORGE-*^* TOWN,ssfoliows:?LeareNEW YOBK fToa Ptor |y Cast River, every SATURDAY at 4 a GEORGETOWN eracy F BID AY at Y ALEXANDRIA the same day at IV m. For ftall Information apply to B. P. A. PENH AM, Agent, oft)os and wharf toot ot High street, George town, or at IBs corasr of 17th ttrsst mA New York ?venae. Freights delivered by Knox's Express. Or ders left at General Office, 603 P-nnsylvania ave nee, ?>r at the steamer wharf will be promptly at tended to. lell-tf J. W. THOMPSON.! PROPOSALS. P ROPOSALS FOB WROUGHT AND CAST IKoN WORK FOR THE *EW JAIL, D1S TR1CT OF COLL'MUIA. Nkw Jail, Disraicror CoLrxviA, / Office of Superintendent, May 8, 1S73. \ WROUGHT AND CAST-1KOM WORK. Sealsd Proposals will be received at the office of the Superintendent until ISIb., Jo* 7,W7.?,for funn?hing. delivering, fitting, and putting m place the Wrought and Cast-iron Work as exhibited by the Drawings, described in the Specifications, and called for iu the Sch-dules, Consisting of the Cast iron C Inn:ns of Bast wont, B-dled Beams. Ac., of Floors, Iron Work of Boofs, Gratings to Windows, dc..CellDoors, Iron Staircase*. Ac. Copies of the Drawings. Specifications, and Sched ule may be had on application at this office. All scaffolding required by the contractors to put the work in place will be furnished by the Govern ment free of charge, but will be erected hy the Con tractors. Pr< p>.eaU will be made by the piece, lineal foot, or ?eight, for th? various items of Work, as called for in the S< hedule. Th? work will not be subdivided among different bidders, bnt will be Considered in the aggregate. The mbole of theCast-lron Columns el lli^m ut Story ami the Beams, Ac., of First > r, must b-delivered and set in p<jsitiou within three months from date of acceptance of prop-<*al, ai.d the whole ?ork miist be completed within twelve month* from date of acceptance. Pay Bifiite will be made monthly, deducting ten per centsiii until 'he final completion ef the contract. All bids must be accompanied by a penal bond, in the sum of twmty thousand dollars ( |2u,UM,) that the bidder will accept and perform the contract if awarded him, the sufficiency of the security to be certified by the United States Judg*, the Cferk of the United State-* Court,or th>- District Attorney ot the District wherein he resides. The Department reserves the right to reiect any or all bids, if It be deemed for the interest of the Gov ernment to do so; and any hid that is not made on tlo- print-d f m'. to be obtained in this office, and dors not c- nfortn in every respect lo the require t.will I n.ents of this advertisement, will not be considered; neither will any proposals be received from sarties vi ho are not themselves engaged in the manufacture ot Wrought or Cast-iron Work, and who have not the necessary facilities for getting out the work. Proposals will be endorsed "Bids for Iron Work," ati<1 addressed to m7 271 ADOLF CLU98. Superintendent. pROPOBALS FOB FRESH BEEF. Orrick A. C. 8., Foat Foots, Mabylaxd,< May 1st, M7S. < . Sealed Proposals, lo dnpllcaU, will be received at th-s Office until 19 m., Jrm 1, 1873, for fsrnwhlag the Fresh Bssf required by tbe Bubsistencs Dspart n. nt, U 8. A , at this Station, during six months, commencing July 1,187S. Also, separata nroi??als for furnishing Offlcsrt with C'ncice Cuts during the same period. Information as to oondition, quality of Bssf, pay ml ?t 1st Lieut.. Id Artillery, A. C. 8. B?yd SMITH. ?. M. WIMSATT. Alexandria. Ya. Wsshlngton, D. SMITH * WI MS ATT, LUMBER. LUMBER. HABDWOODB A SPECIALTY. BILLS CCT TO OBBEM. l Ytaaniii AUCTION SALES FUTURE DAYS. DT LATIMKR * CLRART. *-? Real Estate Brokers *:,<! Auctioneer*. Njutiiwest oorner Pennsylvania avenue and 1Kb at.. Star Offlcf Building. CHANCERT BALK OF VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE OH PENNSYLVASI \ AVE MUE, BETWEEN FIRST AND SEOOND STREETS NORTHW EMT By virtue of a decre-- of the Supremo Court of KB tlw District of OoluaiMt iud?iii tk? rwir of ^*Ritchie et al. ve. Shoemaker et al , No. NOltf, ud aroend<d decree, twill ->ITer for *al?, at Cibllc auction,in fmnt of the premiere, on THURS AY, the 14th dsy of Hur, l/fo, M ? o'clock p m , I Ut numbered 5,of th? subdivision ?f In* 1, In square numbered S7A. and part of lot 9* in said square. im t roved by a thr??-atory brick h<niM, with back nilding, being Mo. 100 Pennaylvanie avenue. Thl* property frouts XI ft ft on Pennsylvania ave Bnf. ar>d nw bark to an alley TruxofMlr: On?-?i W <rfth? yorch** monfy to he paid In cash. and the balance in three equal in atallnivnts at aii.(9.) ?weire 11J> and eighteen <19) n <>ntbp. reepectt* eiy. to be -r?<l by netee bearing int'-rcat, secured of deed or ion the propert> . The terms of sate ninst be eon , lied with within one neek after day of *ale, or the property will be resold at the rink and co*f of the defaulting purchaser. All c nw'jrarricg at co?t of purchaser A deposit of A'JQO will be required at tim? of ? ale. JAMES It. CARBERY. Tmatew. mldlds LATIMKR A CLEARY, Aucts. T GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Mo. 1MI, northwest corner kith and D atraeta. s B TRUSTEES' SALE OF VALUABM BUILDING lots fronting on fifth street, BE TWEEN Q A^d r STREETS, AT AOfTlON a On MONDAY. Mav 14th, A. I>. H7S. at tt ?i'clock p. m.. we shall aell on the premises. by -virtne of a deed Af trust dated the 7lh day of December. A. D Wl.and dnly recorded in Lil*?r V' 669, folio 44-one of the Liiul R-onli of Wash Ington county, in the District of Columbia, known ?? all of lot nnmbeied ten (1'", atW part of lot num bered nine (?>,in s.jnare numb-red four hundred and seventy-seven (177) for thaMM,at theaonth east eorver of said lot numbered ten (1??), and run ning th-nce north a'eug 6th atreet line west one hn dred and five ( 1ii5> feet, thence went niuety-lhri-e (&) feet four and a half (4,'i) Inth'-s,thence aoutli one hundred slid fi' e (lilfl? feet, thenee ea*? nin"ty tbree It el four and one-hall iiichoei'J3 feut4>* iuohes) to the place of beginning. Term*- One-third oa*h; balance 6 and 12 month*, to be secund b> deed of trust on the propertT Bold A d, |???it of glijo reqnired on each lot at the time of sale. Term* to be fully complied with within nix dav* after ?ale, other? lee the trustees reserve th" r-aht to resell the property at the risk and coot of defaulting purchaser. Ail conveyancing at pur chai-er'a cost lt DWIfi A. METNERS.I GUSTAV IIARTIO, \ Trustees. n,t StawAda ORRBN A WILLIAMS, Anctn. B V B U. WAKSkUi R- al E*tate Broker and Anctioneer, No. TS? 7th atreet, between (J and H sta. TRl'STKK S SALROF VAtOABLBIMPROVRD hKAL ESTATE ON D 8THKET NORTH, 11J? T'.VREN Sth AND 9th STREETS EAST. > B> *irtne of a deed of truat dated September < 19th, A. D. 1.-167, and duly recorded iu Liber E. >C. E.,N'o 15, fidio 436, et ae<|., one of the laud rec rda for Waehington county, D. C , I will m-ll at nub.ic front of the pQrmi-o-*, ou SATUB DAT, the U4th day of May, A D. 1S73, at j o'clock I n , all tltoae certain piece* or parcel* . f ground *.tu tie and lying in the city of Washington, D. C., a d known and dew ribed aa 1 da lettered and marked ?'B' and "S," in the subdivision of the went half of a<)Ui re numbered nine hundred aiid aixteen, (916,) witl. the improvement* thereon. T< rm? made known at aale. A depoait of .$30 will 1>? r quired at time of sale on each lot. If the term* o' M.le are not complied with in (iTedaya.the trustee rese rv en the right to re*ell at the rlak ami coat of the d faulting piirchaser. All conveyancing at cost of the uurcba-er. W. B TODD, J?.,Trustee. ni.l-?o&d* B. II. WARNER, Auct. B B. H. WABNER, 0 R-al E?tate Broker and Anctlooear, No. l"iV 7th atraet, between O and H. TRI'STEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE RE \L ES TAT E OM VERMONT A V KNI E, BETWEEN y AND B STREETS NORTHWEST By Tinue of a deed of trn*t,dated D?^-eml>er ? :ir 10th, l"Co, and duly recorded in Liber No ?tt, folio 147, et *e<| .one of the land record* for Washington connty. D C., I will *ell, at public auc tion. iu front of the premise*, on MONDAY, the 'Jfiih <?ay rf Mav, A. D. lis, at ft o'clock p. m., all that certain piece or parcel of grouud altirate and lying in aaid city of Wa*hington, and known and do *cri0?-l aa lot numlK-red *ixt>**n (IS), in Adams and C<'ltman>,tnji<teei?, re< ordod subdiviaion of e<iuare umbered three hundred and nine (3U*J), with the imrrovement* thereon. Terms made known on day of aale. A deposit of ?50 w ill be required at time of aale. If term* of ?ile are n< t complied with in tlve day*, the Trustee re ?ervea the right to r'-*ell at the risk and coat of tin defaulting purchaser. Alt conveyancing at c >st of puriha*cr. WM. B. TtIDD, Jr .Trustee, nWI e-'Ails B. H. WARNER, Auct. BY B. U. WARNER, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. T!*y 7th atreet, between G and H. TRUSTEE S SALE ~)T A THREE STORY KRAME DWELLING ON H STREET, BE TWEEN lot BT1I AND FIFTH STREETS NORTHWEST. By virtne of a deed of trn*t from Benjamin Chamber*. Jr., and wife, dated October 3l*t, ?Wo. and duly recorded in lib^r 6V>, folio 371, one of the land record* for Washington county, Dis trtct of Columbia, and br <Iirection of the party ?e cored, I will aell, on SATUBDAY. May 1 T, Iv3. at half paft 6 o'clock p.m., to the highest bidder, iu Iront of the premise*, the eaat part of lot live.(5.) in *<inare lire hundrod and aeven'een, (517,) together with tha improvement* thereon. Terms: One fourth caali and the balance In 8,12, 18, and 24 month*, with interest at 8 percent ^se cured by a deed of trust on tha property. Incase tlieteiuia are not complied with in five dars after aale the trustee re^rvea the right to resell the pro perty at the risk and c^at of the defaulting purcha her. A100do?n when the prhperty Is sold. JOHN A. RUFF, Trottea. trS-eoAda B. H. WARNER,Aurt. 1)1 W. L. WALL A C'O . Auctioneers. D New Marble Building, Noa. 900 and 9U4 P.-nn. ara.,corner 9th street. TRUSTEES'SALM OF SMALL HOUSES AND LOTS ON I STREET. BETWEEN 9th AMD 10th STREETS, NORTHWEST. Xi By virtue of a d< ad of trust bearing date on |?3 the 23d day of April, A. D. 1472, and duly record *?*ed in Libar 672. folio 441 t-t ae?i., of the Land Be corda of Waalilngton county. In the Diatrict of Col umbia, we will aell, at public aaction, la front of the premise*, on (SATURDAY, the 10th day of May next, at A o'clock p. m., all thoae certain parcels of land lying and situate tn tha city of Washington, iu the Diatrict of Colamhia, and being lota M?a. to, J9. 3nan l33,in aouare No.tBS, and the improvement* then-on. Each of thraa lotr ia improved by a small two-story Fra-ne House. Thay are located within one ?<i'n?re of the H-atreet railroad. Term*: StiOl cash on each house; balance in 6 and 12 montha from <lay >4 aale, with interest at the rate . f 10 per cant, per annum. A deposit of $30 on each houae required at tha time ot sale. n.'-d WM. L. WALL * Co., Aucts. |)Y LATIMER A CLEARY, ? > Real Estate Brokers and Auctioneer*, S>uthwe?t corner Penna. av> nue and 11th street, StarOfflce Building. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IMFBOVED PROPERTT ON I STREET, BETWEEN 1st STBEET AND NEW JERSEY AVENUE By virtne of a decree of the Supreme Court of E3 the District of Columbia, passed on the lith day ??of February, W73, in enuttjr cauae No SjnM, I shall, at6 o'clock p m.,oti MONDAY, the 18th da? of May, 187S, in front of the premises,* ;09 I atreet northwest,) offer for aale at public auction, to the highest bidder, the following described premise*, fn-e and clear of all incumbrances, to wit: Lot num ber five In aabdtv1*1on of square No. Ml, as record el In tha office of the Survyor of the city of Wash ington. in the District of Columbia, improved by a iieivt two story brick cottaga of live rooms, bath toom, cellar, and all modern improvements. Lot 26*-12\li*) feet, having fine brick stable, with a?r vaiiia' room in rear. The term* of sale are: One-third cash; remainder of purchase money in two e^nal annual instalments, at one and two years, with interest from date of sale, to be secured by deed of trust on the property. Ex pense of conveyancing to be borne by the purcha ser. 02UO will be r?*iuired to be paid on the day of sale, to be forfeited in case of non compliance with t- i n * of sale; balauce of cash pavment on confirma tion of sale. WM A. MKLOY, Trustee. ml-JAda LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucta. ^SSIGNKS'S SALE^OF STOCK OF GBOOI Will be *<dd at Public Auction on the 13m DAT of Mat, 1873, at the Store, Mo. 3il Pennsylvania avenue,the stock of Groceries in aaid store. Th? attentiou of Grocers ia particularly invited to said atick. A. CHESTER, inH-dts Assignee of Bray Brothers. IT'OB SALE?VALUBLE BUILDING LOTS AT 1 MOUNT PLEASANT. Will he sold at public auction,on SATURDAY, May 10. at i o'clock p. in., unless previously sold at private *a]?? Lots numbered 18,63.61,65, 43, 81,33, north half of 1 and 2, north half ?f 19 and Jo. Lots 3, 4,7,8, 9, in first section: 3. 4. 3,6 and 7, In second section. 1,3,4 and 6, in fourth section of S. P. Brown's sulaliv ision. Also, a fine Cottage, containing ten rooms, with sUble and two acraa of ground. Terms easy. For particulars apply to 8 F.BROWN, Cor 15th street and N. Y. ave. ii.S-5t LATIMKR A CLEARY. Aucts. IJVTrED STATES MARSHAL'S SALE. In virtue of a writ of fieri facias, issued out of the Clerk's office of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, and to tae directed, I will sell at pub lic sale .for ca*k, in front of the Court House door of said District, on FRIDAY, the 33d day of May, lt73, at IS o'clock m., all defendant'a right, title, claim ami interest in and to lot, in aauare No. l,un. Alao, the west half of lotMo.J, In auuare No. 1,U*, in tha city ot Waahington, D 0 , together with all and aingular the improvement* thereon, aeiaed and levied upon as tha property of Richard If. Hall, and will ba sold to satisfy execution Mo. 7^094, in favor of John W. Le Barnea. n-i-dta ALEX. SHARP,U.S.Marshal,D.O. ^ALE OF SMALL^ARMS AND ACC0UTBX BCBIAtr OP OkDXAiICK, I Marv DlPAB-nHirr, April 17,1S7S.{ There will he sold at pnblto auction to the highest bidder, at 1* m., o? WEDNESDAY, May 14,1873, in the office of tha Inspector of Ordnance, Navy Yard, Mew York, a quantity of email-arms and ac confinements, aa follows, vis: ?762 Plymouth rifles,cal. M, serviceable. 174 Plymouth Hflee,cal. .69. needing repairs. 1901 Plymouth rifle sabre bayonets. 6236 Ply mootb riflo sabre hayonet -acabbards 8bhl^ _ bayonet A Hankins carbinsa, cal. A2, servicea 4B Sharps A Hankins carbines, cal. Jt, (Medlag re Xn Sharps A Hankins rfflre, cal. J0, serviceable. 26 Sharps A Hankins riflee, cal. M needing re S7t fi^wys A Hankins rite sabre baronets and scab* Terme: One-half cash tn Government funds on the ? iicWia of the sale, and the reaaaiader within ten (UDdaye afterwards, during which time tha articles must he removed from the yard, otherwise they will revert f the Government. . . . It ia to be dtatlnctly aralei atood that ao guarantee AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTERWOOM. BI WI. L. WALL AC*.. A net Ion ear* New Marble BulkHng, Ho. *M iad BOS Pennsylvania itmim, TRUSTER'S SAL* OF VALUABLE PROPBB TT IB BV1UARB ??.???. Ji Br TktM of two dMdi ?tliM.r?coiM in ? Liber B M. H . Mo a. folto 7S, ileo to Liber and B, Mo. 7, folic 1&, of tht land rocordi of the District of Columbia, and by direction of the parties sevwred thereby, I will offer at public sale cm the promisee, on MONDAY, tbe ?%h 4?t of April, at the hoar rf I o'clock in the tfttmi*ii,tk? foil tw ins Lou of Uround, as sab-divided by In. For syth, Barmy or. being Lots number 41, 44.4ft. St, 47, A. 49,50.51,52,U,54,56.56,57,53,59,60. 61,61, 43. 64, 66.66, 67,68,60,70,71 ?nd ft, of the sub-division of original Lota number It, 13, 14, mm! part of 1ft, In square 71S. These Lota front from 19 to V feet on Delaware avenue. Id street east, M street north, and Colfax street, and ran back to alreys, the Lota being in depth frees M tn 1? feet. Two frtae Houses en Lots 61 and M will be sold with the Lots. Term*of sale: One-third cash: the residue of the purchase Money tn 4 and IS month*, the purchaser Jiving hi* aetes bearing * per oent. interest from the ay of sale: a deed firan, and deed of truat taken to secure the deferred payments. All ronreyMcint at the purchaser*' coat. A depost of $26 repaired from each purchaser when the L?t* are sold. Plata of above Lota can be had at our atore. B. P. JACKSON, Trustee, alf lOt [Bep] W. L. WALL A CO., Aucto. V TUB ABOYB 8ALE IS POSTPONED until FRIDAY, Ma} 2,1373, at tlM*?ame time and place, in consequence of the rain. 9r otd<*r of the Trustee. aB-dta W. L. WALL A CO., Aucts. WTHI ABOVB SALE IS POSTPONKD until THURSDAY APTERNOON, May ?, 1873, at the sane- hour and place, iu conseqiieuoe f the r.tin. B. P. JACKSON, Trustee. m3-d W. L. WALL Ji CO., Aucts. BY LATIMER A CLEARY Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pi-unayltania aveuue and Uth at.. Star Office Buildings. TRUSTEE'S 8ALEOF VALUABLE PROPERTT ON THK SOUTHEAST COKNKB or EIGH TKENTil AND T STREETS SOUTHWEST. AT AUCTION. B> virtue of a deed of trust to mo, bearing C-59-lati- th> 6th day <>t July, A D. 1-572. au.l record ? ' d in liber N.>. 633, fullo 315, one of the land record* for Washington county. District of Colnm bia. and at the request of the party secured tln-r- by, I will sell at public auction, to the highest bidl?r. inftont of the premisea, on THURSDAY,the Hih d.i> oi May, liCi, at 6 o'clock p. iu., lot lettered A, in U. M>t?roder'a subdivision of original lots num bered 10.11,12 and IS,in square 152, a* th? same are kn? wn upon thv public plats aud plans of the city of Washington. 1 hi* property front* 23 feet on T street. and has a depth i>i 1U0 feet to an alley, anil binds on Kightentli street northwest. T-rms of sale: $500 rash, balance in 6 aud 12 m- tiths with interest. If the terms of sale are not ? c. niplied with within fh e days fr'm day of sale, th" trustee reserves the right to resell th- pr >p?rty at the risk and c??t of the defaulting pur tiaser. * loft down at time of sale. Conveyancing at pirchaser's c.e.1, R. W. DOWN MAN. Trustee, ml dJlds LATIMER * CLE A RY, Aucts. TO-MORROW. BY LATIMER * CliKARl, A net i.'peers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pen^lvania avenue and Uth at.. Star Office Buildings. ATTRACTIVE SALB OF GROCERIES ON THE NORTHWEST CORNER OF Sin AND L STREETS NORTHWEST. gttme On FRIDAY MORNING, May 9, 1373, [rplVconinieiiciiig at IV o'clock, we shall wll at li^Pthe store, northwest corner of Sth and L on. ,-ts, the following tine assortment pf Groceries, Ac., Ac.? Sugars, Ooffees, Teas, Spices. Extracts, Yeast Powder, lilue, Cam. ?. fruits, Jclli"*, Pickled 0>ster*,0ii\ m, all kinds of Sauces, A general assortment of Sjap, Fo ur and Corn M?-al. Molasses and Syrups, Candles of all kinds, Vinegars, Wooden and Willow Ware, Desk, CasMtrd'a Lard, large lot Hams and Shoulders, Mackerel, Herring, Pota?->es, Large lot Paper Bags and Paper, M< at Choppers and Saws, Platf. rm and Counter Scales, Glass and Crockery Ware, three Coffee Mill*. Also, One elegant Ice Bo*, One two-horse Wagon, "haft and t'ngn". li 3 d [ Rep.) LATIMER A: t'l.KAHV. Auct. BY LATIMER A CLKART,

Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue aud 11th St., Star Office Building. TRUSTEE'S pale or AN entire square OF GBOUND. VERY ELIGIBLY SITUATED, WITHIN ONE SQUARE or COLUMBIA RAILWAY. By virtue of a deed of trust to the nndersign MWed, bearing date the 1st day -I April, A. D. HT2. ^^and recorded among the land records of this District, in lil>er No. 6*2, at folio 3, et seq.,andby dirtction of the holder of the notes securecl thereby, I will sell at public auction, on the premises, on SATURDAY, the 3d day of May AD. M73. at A o'clock p. m., all of Square numbered nine h -indr s| and thirty-two, |K(2.) boiind>-d by north I and K streets, aud 9th and ICth street* northeast, contain ing iu the whole aboat 73,138 souare feet. The property will be sold snniect to a prior deed of trust, dated October 1, 1370, but which by Its terms may b? released upon the payment of six cents per square foot. Terms: One-third cash; the residue In fonr equal pa> nienta, at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months, with interest from day of sale. Deed given and trust taken. $250 to be deposited when the property is struck off, which is to be forfeited unless purchaser com piles with the terms of sale within Ave days after sale. Conveyancing at purchaser's cost. PRBB. W JOKES, Trustee. aS-eoAdi LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucts, */"IN CONBEQUBNCR OF THB RAIN, THE ab< ve sale is postponed until FRIDAY, May 9,1373, t>ame hour aud place. Bv order of th*- Trustee. mS dAds LATIMER A CLEABY, Aucts. BY DUMCANSOM, DOWLINO a CO., Aucts. corner 9th and D streets northweat, TRUSTEE S 8ALK Of"vALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON 10th 8TREET, NEAR SST. KORTHWEST-No. 17311 10th STREET. By virtue of a deed of trust to the undersigned, Kj?dated the ICth day of June, A. D. 1369. and re **toided in Liber Tand R, Bo. 15, folio 165, of the land records of the District of Columbia, and at the written request of the holder of the promissory note secured thereby, I will sell on the premises, by pub lic auction, on FRIDAY, the 9th day of May, A. D. 1873, at t> o'clock p m., all that certain piece or par ctl of ground situate in the city of Washington, in said District, and known and desert bed as Lot nine teen, <19,> in Leonard S Chapman's recorded sub division of square numbered three hundred aud thirty-five, (336.) together with the Improvements thereon, consisting of a good frame Dwelling Honse. Terms of sale: 81,700 in cash; the remainder in six nn nths, with interest at six per c- nt , secured by a deed of truslon the premises; or all cash, at the op tion of the purchaser, gBJO to be deposited when the property Is struck on. If the terms of sale are not c< niplied with within fire days from day of sale, the property will be resold, at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. AU conveyanciug to be paid for by purchaser. GEORGE H. PLANT. Trustee. n'2-d DPNCANBON, DOWLING A CO., Ancts. UT B. H. WARNER, ?> Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 7H9 Seventh street, between G and U. TRUSTEE'S SALB OF VALUABLE IM- | PROVED PROPERTY IN THE NORTHERN SECTION OF THE CITY. ON O STREET OR COLFAX STREET, BETWEEN 13m AND 16th STREETS NOBTH WEST. By virtue of a deed of frost, dated March 1st, 19M, and duly recorded in Liber S64. foliu 39S. on ? of the land rectrds for Washington couuty, District of Co lumbia. and by direction of the party secured. I will sell, in front of the premises, on FBIDAY ArTBB NOON, May 9th, lo73, at 0 o'clock, to the highest bidder, the west 46 feet 9 inches front of Lot 19, in Bquar* 196; improved by three two-story Frame II. uses, or such parts of said premises as may be n< M-ssary to satisfy said debt. Terms of sale; One-third cash; balance in 6 and 12 months, with six per cent, interest. The deferred payments to be si cured by a deed of trust and in surance on the property sold. In case the terms are not complied with tn five days after sale, the right iii reserved to resell the property, at the risk and e? st of the defaulting purchaser. A10U down on day of sale. FRED. ROONES. Trustee. s28-d?da B. H. WARNER. Auct. BY GREEN a WILLIAMS, Auctioneer^ No. 1000 Northwest 10th and D streets. TRUSTEE'S SALE of~A TWO STORY BRICK ^DW ELLING IN SQUARE No. 5107 _ . la f>uuAllli no. 'AVI. By virtue of a di-ed of trust dated November 1, 1870, aud duly recorded in Liber No.626. folio 410, Ac., of the land records for Wellington county, D.C., and bv the direction of the parties secured thereby, I will sell, at public auction, in front of the premises, on KBIDAY, the 9th day of May. A. D 1973. at 6 o'clock p. m , all of Lot nnm ber> d fifty-three (63), in Peirce and Klitigle's subdi vision of square numbered two hundred and seven (2071,together with the improvements thereon T' rnis of sale: One-third in cash; and the balance in 6.12, and 18 months, to be secured by a d?ed ef trust upou the property sold, with interest from the dayofeale. WILLIAM A GORDON, Trustee. n3)2a\?Ads GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. BY RELLEY A GATCHBL, Auctioneers, Southeast corner 11th aud F streets nor^iweet. SALE OF A DESIRABLE BUILDING LOT. On FBIDAY, May 9, at & o'clock p m., we ?fVwill sell, at Miction, Lot 13,inS<iuare 206, front -^-ing 21 feet on 8 street, between 14th and lftth streets,by a depth of 100 feet to an alley. T-rms: One-third cash; balance to snit purchaser. ?25 down on day of sals. m7 3t KBLLET A GATCHBL, Aucts. By b. h. wabmbb, ? ^ Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, Mo. 7*9 7th street, between G aad H. SALB OF A DESIRABLE BUILDING LOT. NOBTH OF BOUMDABY STREET, BET WE EM NOBTH CAPITOL 8TBEKT AND 1st STBEET BAST, IMPBOVBD BY A FRAME HOUSE, 8CITABLE FOB A SLAUGHTEB HOUSE. ?I will sell at public auction, on MOMDAT. May IB, 1873, at ? o'clock p. a., Lot Ho. M, of 4. M. and George W. Keating'* subdirisioa of the estate of the late O. W. Keating, lying north of Boundary street, in the county of Washington, im pri'Ted h{ a IK-story Frame Building: Lot 30x170. Terms day of sale. R H. WARNER, n.5-eeAds (SwndaY Herald ) Anctiott?er. f|T GBBEM * WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, t> No. 1001, aoitk west oorner Igth aadDsta. PIB8T CLASS BJJILDI5G LOT FOB A PBI rOl'BTH STBEETS WEST. NEAR THE CITY HALL, AT A U(,TION. On TUESDAY.the 13th inst.. at ? o'clock ?Ik. m., we shall sell, on the premises, part Let 2, ??-in square Mo. 3BT, belt g a good building front, ?> 99 feet Inches deep, with two aide walls Uready up. This lot offers great lndacements to purchasers to attend the sal*, as it in a first-class 1^1 ,h I *? ?* U halanoe in stx, twelve and ? S- * - - ? AUCTION SALES. IV By w. l v \LL * co. vi -iou-n, )i?* H >rt l II K?? WOO sim! VOj Prhiwt l> *.,u ktr., c??r 9:li #t. SALF OF FX^FM.fWt WALNUT rn\MRKK MIM, M k I*. H AI KCL< 'TH, AND OTHKK VARLoR bl Ilk5. rAlSlKD i'IIAMBKK SETS. 8IDFIIO % KDS. W **I1ST\NPS. k\ TESSP'S TABLES. TLM'KKK 8PKlNO?. SEVENTY FIVK ROLLS or OIL CLOTH. MAkM.E Tor TABi.kS, MM HUNDRED PI EC! S WHITE AND CHECK M\TTINQS. WALNUT WARDROBES, BOOK CASKS. WIHTN'OTi* KTE'JERES. M \TTRE*4R*. v \LNVf ltVP8TRA()?. COTTAOR REP straps. walkct burba is. ?c . *< , on A CKEP11 or THIKTk aNP SIXTY DAYS f?\ on FRIDAY MORNING, May ?. cos* vV itifKU.* ?>t 10 oYI ock, ?? will sell, on thr l^Wfr-t (Ii*>r of our spacious sale* room*, I ^ l*ith m iwrTf, tbe above good* T* rtn* : All sum* of and <ind>>r *MW. cash; over th .t amount a crfdit of thirty aM sixty days. for notes, ?afi*factorily in^or^rd, hearing interest. II IRep l WML WALL * CO , Aactt. IJN1TBD STATES MARSHAL'S SALE. In virtue of a writ of ftrri facia*. tsaaed oat of tbe Clerk V office of the S?pr?me Court .>f thr Di?tric.i of Columbia, and to me dirtrM, I ihall sell, ia front of tli* court-hosse door of .aid District on THCRS DAY. the tfchdayof Hay, hfJ. at 1)1 o'clock*., all the defendant's right, title,claim, and int-rest in awl to subdivision Ho. 1'0,"Ir square No. tV. ia U?< city of Washington. D. C., together with all and singular th* improvements thereon, svizsd are I levied npon as the property of Allison Nail ?r. *n1 will be sold to satisfy execution No. *.329 in favor of I A G Riddle. ALEX - SHARP, U.S. Mar.hal.D O. April IS, 1?73. alt du #/"THK ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until SATUKPAY. th 10th Inst., at tbe sam- hour and pla<"e, in consequence of ' V- rain ii ? tr ALEX SH ARP. I" S P. C ?Y LATIMER 4 CLBARY, a f Auctioneers and R -al F.-tat? Broker*, Southweet corner P"tn,*\Ivania av.-nne and lltb street, Star Office Building. PH.nLY VALUABLB^MPBOVED PROPER t V ON THE fcOl TH 81PE OF F STREET. IN THE HEAR OK WILLaKPS HOTEL, ASI> IMMEDIATELY APJOlMNG WILLARPS HALL, AT ADCTIOH aiA On THrRSPAY AFTERNOON, Mar 9th. Efg 1>?3. commencing at ft o'clock, in front of the Mskp,- nii>es, we shall -ell Lot 9, in SjiiUT" 229. hav ing a front on F ?tre>-t of aif-et and running bark at nn average depth of 18* feet to a 3D-toot alley, wiih a direct all-y. 13 feet w ide, to Penn?* Ivania avenue, improved by a three-story Rrtck Dwelling. iuisa-.ii atel> adj ining illard's 1I.?1I, coutaiuing about 14 ro nif. with all the ni'wicrn ituprovetn',nt?. Temie: One-ihird caeh, the rn?idue in three e.jnal T*>tuenl? at (, 12 fcii.I 1* month*, ainl aecure.1 by a .el <>f iriwt. with notiw bearioc M 'ere?t at j pi?r cent. Co^Tfyanciu* at purchaser'*cost BMOviown :<t time ot <iale a3U <IA<lii (Rep.) LATIMER A CLEARY. Anc*t. Rjriu CONSEQUENCE OF THK ?ale i? poetp-'ned until W EPN ESP A Y, May 14th.o?n>e honr and place. mK-did? |Rep| LATIMER * CLEARY. AncU. Y B. H. WARNER, R>-hI Bstate Broker and Auctioneer ? No. 7119 7th street. between O an I H sU. TBI 8TEE S 8ALE OK*TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE ON Mth STREET. BETWEEN T AND U STREETS NORTHWEST. B) virtue of a d-t^d of tru?., dated February ?priS. 1 <71. and duly recorded, and at the re^'ieat l"iit Hie party at-cured, I will aell al public tuc tiou.on MONDAY, May ltf, KS. at 6 o'clock p. ni . on tbe premiM-c, part -if lot t??. in sub. of *.jn>re i'.l, ha> inK a front of 16 feet by a depth of tJT feet, witli improvement*. Term*: One-hall ca?b; balance In (5 and 11?v>nth?. wfth interext. ?|iiud<>wn on ?Hr ?ale T.'rnta of -ale must be complie<i with in neven daya after -ale. i WM H. WARD. Triiatee. n^-Stawtili B H. WARNER, Aact. TUOS. E. WAOCAMAN. Reel EnUle Auctioneer, 91V 7th street. , By ' irtne of a iie<nl of trn-t from G">iri:e M -3 Lain kt ?u and ?ife to Jxtcph C Snod?;ra*?, re Sci, ,,rded in Lilwr 091, folio 111, of th- land recrd if Washington countv, in the Di-triot of C Tumbia, I will, on SATURDAY, the 17th day of May. 1373, hi A o'clock p. in, offer for sale, at public aact ion, in tront of the premises, the property de-<*ribed in mid dee<l of trust, to wit: Beciuaing for the same at 'Ii" northeast i orner of lot number- d sixty (601, in K i le y'? subdivision of atinare numbered OS, run tin? th'-vre along the south line of alley " B" seventy-two f. et wi\ inch*-*, th>-nc? south ten feet, thetice cast ?-vetitv-two feet six inch.-s.thence north ten fret to place of b-^iniure A Is >, that piece or parcel of ground, being in the same nnlelivision, contained within th" following ne te-and l. ?uu.l?: B ginning for th*' -ame at a point two and a half feet wst of the northeast corner of lot ?;*ty-fonr (^1). running thence w?t along the line of alley-'gi thirtv srx feet, th'-nce south tell feet, tnenc? ea-t thirty-six feet, thence north ten f^et, to the begin nmar; improved by a two-story llou-e , ten feet by t? euty-tliri-e fe?-t. T -rms: Tin* amount of indebtedness And costs. c?-h; balance in six months. A d-posit of ?J5 Jay of sale. Conveyanrirg at cost of th ? "tirchaeer JOSETH E SNoD<;RA>S. Tru-tee r>8 eo.Vds THOS E WAUGAMAN. Aoct. B BT B Y W.L. WALL A Co., Auctioneer*, New Marble Building, Nofl. 900 aud 902 P uus) Ivania avenue. B1 CHANCERY SALE OF DESIRABLE PROPER TY. No 436 M STREET NORTHWEST. RES 1LENCE OF THE LATE JAME9 Y DaVIS. I By virtue of a decree p??se?l by the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia on the 1st h day of March. A. D. 1?7],in a cause pending in a?i?( court, wh'-rein Jame? 8. Davie et al ar<- coinolain ants and Mary M. Davis et al are defend ant a, 1> -ing cau-e No. 3,067, Eiinity Doc. 13, the uudernignerf will of er, at pnblic aalc,on tbe premises, on TH UBS DA Y, the li'^d of May, 1573. at 6 o'clock p to., the foil, wing described preperty, to wit: Lot 19, in Square tit, with the improvenien s. consisting of a hands-me donbls duelling lioa*<-, brick, with stone trimming*, with all the modern improve.nents, hav ing a haudsome garden containing shrubbery and fiint trees. This iB one of the ra<?t attractive auJ desirable re.-i<*?nC' sin the city, having b-en built expr -sely for the use of its late owner. Th? lot iias a fr >nt of 64 feet on M street and a depth oi 1 so feet to a 3 foot alley. Terms of sale: #10.0U0 in ca-h: and the remainder in two eijual iustaliiieute at one and two years, bear ing interest, and secured by the nctes of the purcha ser snd a lien upoa the property. or the pureIta?r may pay all cash at his option. #900 t? be Daid at time of sale. If the pnrcha?er d->e? not comply with the terms within 30 days after the sale, the property mm l>e resold at his risk and cost. AU conveyancing at the costol the parchaxer. JAMBS O. PAYNB. Trustee n~*-3t*wtw W. L. WALL A CO., A nets. ALE AT POUHD?1 wlU sell to the highest hi I ^ der,t Hogs taken up in northwest part cf the city to-morrow at llo'clock,if sot rede, med. I It* SAMUEL EINSTEIN. Ponnd Kaater B. H. WARNER, Real Bstate Broker and Auctioneer, No. T49 7th street, between 0 and H streets. PUBLIC SALB OF VALUABLE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT MASTIC FRONT HOUSE. No. 100?, ON THE SOUTH 8IDE OF MASSA CHUSETTS AVENUE, BETWEEN IOth AND 11 th STREETS, OPPOSITE GOVERNMENT RESERVATION. ^ I will sell at public anctlon. oa FRIDAY, ? 3 May 16th, 18(73. in front of tbe premises. House No. 1006 Mae-aclinsett? avenue. It c n'nin 12 roem-, store room, bath room, wash ro -iu, cellar, gas. hot and cf Id water, stationary ma-blo-top b*-ins, wash tnb?. Latrob"*. furnacr and range. The location Is delightful. Lot SO feet front by giwt d'jith. Terms: One-third cash; balance (. M and 18 tr out lis, with D per c>-ut. iuterent, s'-curi-d by deed of trust. Aloudowu when the pio|..-rty is s-'bl. li.U-eoids B H. WARNER. Anct. By dcnuanson, dowlino a co.,aucu., boutheant corner 9th and D streets northwest. SIXTEEN VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON S 8TBEET, NEAR 14th STREET, AT AUC TION. ? On SATURDAY AFTERNOON, May 10th, commencing al 5 o'clock, we will sell, upov th?* premises,sixteen valuable building lot-, front ing on 8.13lb and Biggs streets, and subdivision of souuTe 239. These lots are rapidlv improving in value, and worthy the attention of buyers, ax the terms are within the reach of all. Terms: #10Ucasb: #90to b? paid on lay of sale; balance in quarterly payments of #90 or #Dn. to euU purchaser. Notes secured by deed of trust, and bearfrg 8 per cent, interest. Conveyancing at pur cba?er s cost. Title perfect. ?7-d DUNCANSON.DOWLINGACO .Ancts By WM L. WALL * CO.. Auctioneers, HMarMu Building, Nos. 900 and ttOtt Pa. avenue,corner of 9th street. CHANGERY SALE OF VALFAtlT'* IMPROVED l'ROPKRTY ON 11th 8TREEV VEST, BE IV* kEN F AND O 9TREETS NORTn. Under and by virtue of a decree of th* Supreme Bk*f? Court of the District of Columbia, passed <m the ??12th of April, I860, in a certalu cause, No. IJBS, in Kuuity, between Robert A. Parish and others, complainants, and Satuuel A. P?-ugh, John Hltz and Jane Hiiz.defendai ts, and of the further order of the said court in the said cause, the undersigned Tm-tee will sell at public auction, on the premise*, to the highest bidder, on FBIDA Y, the 30th day of Mar. A P 1873, at 4 o'clock p. in., all the interest of the defendant. Samuel A. Peugh, as set forth in the hill in said cause, in the real estate in said cause mentioned, being that valuable Improved property fronting on 11th street, fn Washington,D.G., known on the plats aud plans of said city as the north 29 feet of Lot No. A, in square No. 316, the nature of which equitable interest will fully appear by reference to the bill and answers of John and Jane 0. Hitz, in said cause filed. Tl e t> rm* of sale, as prescribed in said decree, are: One-third cash, and the batauce to be paid in equal installments, in six aud twelve month* from day of sale, with interest from day of sale; the said install ments of deferred payments being a lien on the prop erty sold, and upon payment of the whole purchase money a deed will b<> given. All stamp* and convey ancing at the cost of the purchaser. #RW of the cash pay men! must be deposited with the auctioneer upon the acceptance of the bid. JM0. D. McPHBRSON.Trustee. mS-eotwAds W L. WALL A CO., Aucts. BT LATIMER * CLBARY, Aact I sneers and Meal Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania a vs. and 11th street, ?tar Offloe Building*. ADM NI8TRAT0R-8 SALB OF HOUSEHOLD FUBHITl'RE. f7> By virtue ef a decrss of tbe 8a prams Court V^of th* Dlrtrlct of Columjiif ufeoMjng a apfcial tens, we shall sell, ou MONDAY, the 12th * Msy.lSTJ. commencing at iOoVlocr nee 1923 H street, corner ofMth stre be personal offsots belonging to the < las Fillebrown.deeesasd, comprising alrrtoth Sofas, Rockers and Reception Chain, at the residence northwest, the tate of Thomas par? Halrel Large Easy Chairs, Marhlv-topMiCard Tables, Mahogany Bookcase, Walnut Whatnot, Mahogany Secretary, Mantel Ornaments, Bi??i Is and other Carpets, Caasesat Chain, ManogM?y ChMibet^n|j^^^litki|| at Bed Femhsr BMi, B-1sit. and ftUuws,'Mattresses, ' Crockery and O ass Van, Cooking and Heating Stovsa, n,7-dts LATLMBB k CLEARY, Ancta. AUCTION SALES. |>Y LATIMEK * I'Lltll, I > AiicliuaMrxial K?tl Estate g. ntbwrst corner ?f PsaasyIs an1% uniM ???' l"h street, 8t.?r Or^ee Building. Sl.CONP SPRING LB OF ORKEN BOP*I ANli BEPDING PLANTS. rUoM TUK SIB f FBY "F JOHN SACU On ThURSPAY MORNINO. Mst Bib. jlfllfl' at II oVl.H-k. WO ?h?il s*i?. yMS?iih? .mr snl??sr.?.*is. ? l*r*e rolterti >n 4 Flowerins Plants, consisting of chn*c* B P"l?r Snintn*. Urrti.imni, Lilies. Fuohias. C-alenlarins. ? ot?s. 4 c , Basset* of sel-ol?d riwto.flHdni Hvki-I'.lr. T'nu? ca?h n: H (Rep) LATIMER * CLBAEY, Ancta ? /'TUB ABOVE DALE IS POBTPOMEP. in con? <i?iet>ce of the rain. nnt il FKll aY.M*? 9tli. MKirhotr. LATIMEE B CLEART. It | t<-|i | Aacinneer* Bt w. l. wall a tv , ABfti?o?Mit St? Marble Built in*. Noa. fM m4 IM Pennsylvania avenna. PUBLIC SALE AT AUCTION OF HOUSE ASP lOT OK OHIO ATIM'l. BETWEEN IIth ANP 1 Arft STREETS M'?r>THWVST On WEDNESDAY AFTERNuON, M*y ?. eun. at soVJock, will sell At public aucti '0, ?La in front of tbe pmiwm. Nv 14 39 Ohio ??? Mine. part of Lot N ? li.of wbdi?W?t ? &inare No recorded in liber C H B , W(? B?, li th" surveyor'a "ftrr,fr<)nl'D( 15 fW on Ohio ?' erue, with the irnprcv ementa thereon. of a dwelling-house. ,, , Terms : $1,180 of this an>onnt is payable In notes of jllu et^rr ninety dt)4, first B'4c Juf 2l?b Jntie, 1.T3 Tbi* an., unt and interest can remain. balance cs?b A Jen. >it of fWO m acceptance of bid hid W L WALL A OO ,Anct?. ? /?IN CONSEQUENCE OF TTIE' nix sale is f.?ti ne.l until FRIDAY. Mo 9, hour ai;d p'a?e. jt < l. W. L. WALL A CO . A-irtx By latimer a clbary. Anrlfitrm ?n<1 B-al E?tate Broker*. SJ. uthweet corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th at.. SlarOftie< Building. TBI"STEF'J BALE OF VALUABLE TBI* PBUVKP l'BoPKBTY ON THE N'>KTIIWIC?T ?ORNKB OF MH ANP TSTREETS NORTH WEST. ^ By virtue of a deed of triwt to me, bearing K5?Utfth? #:hd?y of Juiuar) , Iff!, and record.>d ? ? in Liber &H. foli<> 4-1. et seq.. jf th- I. and R C. ids of t?-e District of < 'otnmbia. and at the r~m??t of tbe parties secured th?reb}-, 1 shall sell at public auction. in front of the f*mi?,?,"n WKPNESPVY AVTKKNIHiN.Mai 7' ? o'eloch . L >t M?. I. ?osiar<- No. SM. M'nat'd -ti tb? northw>? rorw?-r >f StU and T ? ri <?t* n"ithwi"?>t. ron'aiumg 9.9SS ?i|iiaro fwt. nior? or Iowa. T<-ni?; One-f >?rth c*?h, re<>idiir in ?, U and 18 it ontbr, with int^r?*t at 7 p?-T c?it. 5 ?'*' <1 '*? at time of sale. Conveyarif ni ?t eo?t of piircha*T If theUrtn? are not ci>mplM with within t?-n day, th?- drpo?it will bt forf'dtod and tb>' pr?p?rt]r r?'IJ at the tick ??td coet of the ?nrrha*er on live 1av?" notice. Thi* propertr U aold at the rt-k arid co^t of K. A. H? b?rd, he haririr pnrchae^d the aam ? ?u<i f?:!-*d to comply with the t?-nn? B W POWNW\N,Tm?tee ml dJlda LAT1MKR A CLK^BY, A icta. BiTTHE AB^V* SALE IS POSTPONED, on arc nnt of th? rain.ntjtil KB1DAY. M*y ^,?aiuf b< nr and place. By ord-r of t*e Trti?.*? u!<2t LATIMER A t'LF.ABY, Anrt?. ? ?Y MATT1NGLY A WHEKLEB. Aiicti-B^ra, II A9S Mb atreet n ?rthwe?t. TBl'STEK'8 SALE BY A0CTION OF TWO ELK * WANT BRHIDKNCK.S ON K STREET. MK 1WKKN 9tm AND 10in STBkKTA NOBTU * KPT. . ^ By Tirtoeof a dee4 of truat, da?<vt September 4th, KJ. and rrcordxd tM-pU>uil?rltrli.lftfS. iu Lil?-r Mo 6;?6 loll. ITS, I ahall on TH ' BSDAY, May 1?, W7?, at A o'clock p. m., offer for naie. t?i the hUh?et liitMer. the follow im? real eatate, Hituat^d in a*h itiKton city, District of C' lumbia, to wit: L >t? let tered C and P. in Oilbertto recorded ?ii??dit mion of Htjuaie Dnr>l^t*d three baiidred and ae*ent? -one, (371.) together with the niipro?en??-nl? thfre?.n, two A' nirable aud valuable inudctn-built R-wl dencea. .. .... Tbi* property ia iu>ld anhiect to a prior d~**i of tru?t on eiu li bonne of 4l?i<l Auk'u-t il. Ifl, payal le iu tive )eara,aith ten p?-r ceut. luUreat, pa*\ able p<-tni annually. Terms of ?al.-: ( a?h for the amount r^aliu^l ?l' *e said incnnibranc?-, be p id witbio .-ti?- week aft r the sale; and if the twrnia are not c-implied with in that time, ihe Trustee reserve- the riulit to re?ell the prop?-rty at the risk and coat t?f the defaulting pur cbaaer. A dep.?eit of 46W> on ea< >i h"iiae w Ueu aold . CouveyauciiiK at the purchaser's coat . ?F.i?. M ATTIN<iI.T, Tr.i?t<?e. ?21 <h4 MATTINtiLY A WliKELKH, Aucu. ?V-1N CONSEyUENCKOF THE INfl.EWKNT weitb rtWe above ^ale is Ber?-I'|" p.?>l iiuiil WEDNESDAY, May 7th, ls<3, saiue tt-'Ur aui piace. Bv order ot Trust iu2-eoAda MaTTINULY A WUKK1.KR. Aucta B>"1N CONSEQTENC'I OF TnE RkIN, I ho above k*lc is further postponed until J>ATL' BDA Y , May 10. lhTS,at ?anie lioar and place. Bv Older of ihe Truat.?e. MATTINOLY A WHEELEB. Auctt. By b.a. wXbnkb. m _ Real E-<tat? Broker and \nctioneer, No. 1'J9 7th street, between 0 and 11 sts. TBI STEK'S SALE OF A TWO 8T??RY FR\MF. HtirSE ON THESOI TH SIPE OF R STREtCT, BETWEEN FIBST ANP THIBP STBEETS NOBTHWEST. AT AUCTION ^ By rirtue < fa deed of trust to Pani?l L. Eaton ?9 Mid tnys If, dated Noveinb?-r 8, 1*71. and doly recorded In Liber No. 6?s. folio Ssl, one of the lard records of Waahincton, D. C .and by direrti ?n of the party thereby s?-cured. I will sell at public auction. In front of the premise*, to the highest bid der.on MONDAY, the 2**tb of April, 1*1. at ft o'cb <k p. m., part of lot numbered 14, in s.<uar? iSI. beginning at ? point 16 feet 4.H iuch?? from the northeast corner of t .id lot: thence west M feet tl? inches; tbence south 98 feet' th'-nce ea?t 9 f'-et 7>4 inches: thence south 57 faet; thene? ea<t 4 feet 9 io cbes: thence north l'*1 feat io the beginning, t >ge;h er with the improvementa thereon. T rnis: The amount of Indebtedness aecur>*d by said deed of truat unpaid and ih* axpenae if sale in cr?h: balance at si* and twelve months, with inter est; flOOdepoait on *cceptMce .?f If term* of sale are not complied with within seven days afier sale the property will be resold at the risk and cost ?t the defaulting ?wclia*e-. '^nveyanrinj at pur cbaeerV coat. * 0E0B0E D JOHNsOB, BirtHlne Trustee. mb28-S?wAda B H. WABNEB, Auct. THE ABOV* SALE IS POSTPONED until SATURDAY, May 3. 1*1. same hoar and place. GEOBOE D JOHNSON. Bnrtivirc Trustee. ai40-dA<ls B. H. WABNEB, Auct. VTHB ABOVE SALE IS PPBTHER PO*T pei ed, on account the rain, until WEDNESDAY Mav 7, 1<7.1. ?;?me nr and nlac<>. GEORGE D. JOHNSON. SurvlTln* Trn? ??. n i dAda B H. WABNUB. Auct. THE ABOVE SALE IS FHBTnEB POST poned until 8ATTBDAT, May 10,1871. on account of the rain, at <>S o'clock p. ?> By order of the Trtstee. n 8 B. n WABNEB. Anct. BY LATIMEB A CLEABY, R< al Estate Brokers and Auctioneers. Southwest corner Pennsylvania aveuue *nd 11th at.. Star Office Btaldiug. VERY DESIRABLE ANP VALUABLE BUILD INO Lt)TS ON CAPITOL UII.L. VEVALY OPPOSITE THE CAPITOL GROUNDS, AT AUCTION. SOu WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. May 14, 1873, at 6 o'clock, we shall sell, in front of tli premises, lots 14. IS. and |w?rt lot 14, on square 725, havii'g a ir< ni of 1% feet lis iu< hes on 1st street ea-t. betw? B ai>d C streets nort II. and ruuui UK back 116 feet to a 2j feet 6 iuch alley, a?l conuectine with a9U ftKit alley opening <>u 11 street. Th- pro pertr will Ik- subdivided in lota to suit purchasers. As this is the m<?t desirable h>cati >u on Capitol Hill, and the sale will be p-?ititre, it offers a rare opportunity for parties to invest, c* to Loild pru ate residences. Terms: One fourth caeh: the residue in C. 12. and Is month*. with interest at 6 percent, per ?innm AM conveyancing at cost ?f putchaaer. f .'w 4 >tru at i ime ot aaie. n vdAda (Eep] LATIMEB A CLEABY, Aucts 19 Y LATIMEB A CLEABY, 19 Auctioneers and Real Eatate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania ave. aud llib street, Star Offlae Butiding. TRUSTEE'S SALE OfTaLUABLE IMPEOVED PBOPEBTY ON COLUMBIA STBEET, BE TWEEN P AND Q STREETS NORTHWEST MBy virtue of two deeds - 4 trust, dated March 6th, 1*1, and July )u, 1*1. and duly recorded respectively in Liber <73, folio 417. and Liber 606, folio 349, of the land records for Washington county, in the Distrlrt of Columbia, and by direction of the party secured thereby. I will sell? St nrbtic auction, in front of the premises, on FRIDAY AFTERNOON, May Sid, at 6 o'clock, Lot N ? 114, in David L. Morrison's and others subdivision of part of 8<iuare No. MB, with the improvements thereon, ?onaistinc of a wetl-built three-story Brick Dwelling, being Mo. lftS]), with one-story back building, with gaa, water and bath-room. This property has n front of 18 feet on Colombia ?treet, running back 106 feet to a 10-foot alley. Terms of sale: One-fourth cash; residue in 6.11 and 19ninths. Deferred payments to bear 1? ner cent, interest from day of sale and tn be secured by a d<~ .1 of trust on the propertr. fluu down at lime of sale. Conveyancing at cost of purchaser. If the terms of sale are not complied with within ten days there after, the Trustee reserves the right to resell the property at the risk and coat of the defaulting pur chawr, after five days' public notice. W M. 8 HOLLIDAT, Trusts*. aH dAfta LATIMEE A CLEABY, Aacts. */"THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED, in roiiseouauoe of the rain, antil WEDNESDAY next, May 7th, same boar and place. B> oideroflhe Trustee. ml-dAda LATIMEE A CLEABY. Auct'a. B7-THE ABOVE SALE IS FUBTHF.R POST PONED, iu consequence of the ram, until MON HAY. May 13'b, same hoar and place. By order of the Trustee. n.s dAda LATIMEE A CLEAET, Ancta. DT LATIMEE A CLEAET, I) Auctb neers and Real Eatate Broken, iouthewst coiner Pernsylvania avenne and 11th at.. Star Office Building. J AT E OF VEST DESIRABLE LOT OM S0''TH S1DE OF EAST CAPITOL STREET. RE. By Tii tne of a deed of trust Charles H OSeyr-ottr and w+fete Daniel L. Baton an I mv. A?*** Wb. MTl, and dnly recorded is iber M), lolio4S7, one of the land records for Wash IBKUC Qotmtri District of ColaatbU. and at th?| Mof the p-irtv necored th -r " I 1873, at ? o'clock p. m., part of original lot seven (7k in square nine hundred and fortr-two (Ml), having a front of M feat pn Bsst Oapitel street, br a Aepth tf m feet, together with the laagrovenwufa therwn. riue perfect. Abe*ract at Ope-fo^th cash. the imprcv< treat. fNki are notowipiwo w?s ?"? *wi P'op?rt> w ill fee resold at the M aad coat of the defaulting r-f-' Convsvancingat the coat at IfaepnrchBRAINAED H^VaENBbTX S^evivlnk- Tmstee. mi eoAc'a LATIMIB A CLEAET, Aoets 1 EVENING STAR . T>* "A**lo * A?l> AllUM" WtDT P... riA.yrVr h*r4rrj *** *?<*-??? ? >m. n turatTL-i. *"! ' ?** ?*t?tianed the WI fSVt"? kr?ml *l?e petitioner.. SUrrL^T1 h*v* th* taking ... a w-.-oM Wife drt^rvlrnt npor the ron-rt,- ?r tt e find a SSSttSMK^ ',:%*rou,h - M lm|?w*thle ?o obtair Hat ?k>t An i-.1 #l.? unetdion What is to hf done with th. m t? trr m being an>?rer, <1 ae erev ^ ?* the 7rr.K lew* mlurh tt i? p]. aaaiit to think that tine at ItMt tBW*t Wltf. K*. i I*a (a.ra?A writtr in thelAndo* 1 iibm ani, by refnrenoe lo Ibt agrwoltnral re irunon vation* pari* ?.? it.- laland. that th? ar ea^< of laud andet x>rn m much |r? la?i year. a?>,l that the had condition of ;?*' ?^>und from M,y?Ue rain threaten. a ,, C7*P- anticipate. that more .lian half ,1>T Kn(Wk <von?umi?f ion mu?t Jh?? k!*' l4'n ? being "an ill ? ? ?'W>:<N with thru- ona?tnaa^er U? ,e.-t ?.f a* oi oor*. ? .a^'jr rtM ^ w1**1 to ni<? U?a? ?? ftti pr. re 111 ion* or hi ehela U> < ni<rh ua Whl> they feed < nr nelghiori A SiNc.ri *r Fkiih Titiii'Miiiw a lauUvlte eocVtv of rainrol pco,,i, rr.rith co. dncled the Tu.^ra! of on. nf tliir in ? M'n t ? Vat uui.jue and certainN- rewaeLu?al laanio r. 1 be remain. were r^TtT tlS co.nev of a meet. accompanied hT ca'or.d nomen clothed in wMW; "here tbe? ewhkrk.d on hoard a MimM ot Mr.-t rar? ?rdLwilh the liearae lead..* the pr^ee***,. the tnn, h* cor t ere moved aoletanlv alone tUe P'liici|>?l tl oioujrl.iar. to .he urctridtit' iiiumi. oi ihr tinkling Ik-II* of the funereal aterda. ..1J,..LLA"rw.T *r?Di* '.tut?The trial of Hollaliaa and the murder of old Mr*. Laaaplcy in liali uuore com'".nc. i at Aaitapoll* yeatenla*. a jurv ? ?aobteiued, and Jh? evHienct war n ,.ii??y dnert-d toward. . h? n^d ng oi the Ih.'v and ih trariM to Mol'o l?ati> |?or>er>ioa ai hi>*l wl.ieh had br-r toand upon llie |ti nii^? m< i?T h*v ng Imvii n?e.i to ?. . tire ibe won. jr winch ?a? the ..hi t of the niiirder. A novel l? ..ur.- aa? Use mu jditcU?M> oi a deal mute ?? a wi<ne*? U?m.n*?T Uka-ua. fa an l.!wc|?.u ? hurcb, rectnily, a... r the |>ul>li? at on o( Uie batuoi ntarriaKe h> the ir nw i r. a grave elder, in a Ptertoriaa voice, .oi the bai** iwiveen a . ?rt -in eou,.'e < i? i^tlJl ratted 6X|'lAlUtlOll, **I llH \f* kit* Haa <1 IK) lifiiii' f i ih? hnA Iftmt.Mm lot cu iit rfiiut was feui cA?h#iacrcU * ?29''? "f l?N*ai caa<fid?te? '? wtUed a tie-rotv bv tuuiii/ up fix iv> otnce in queation. A company U orgtuitlug at New llarcn to r*coiivert worn-out iu>iu>m I;im da lame diuw* utii WMillen iibre. lA Alov balloon, aent np in New Vork citr a tew day* ago. made the jvuri ,-y ko Rrtd?. |a?rt. ?Ut> n iuxaaav. .n ' .V aior, .nan two boor*. barrel oi the fine* oM Boiirlmn whivky. '?n.ade In l*.i.- a,,,, the Hendenwn Newa 1 Ken,lw"k-v in lU* Vienna Kt . ?^"Cincinnati has bei?n a 'rtnu tune at, ,ur ?u- IK.W it th.nk, hae - uu.i a Mve.?M l at wUI re*iiIt in the or anirat>oii ot a aocictr ior the prerention of cruelty W aniuial*. ?*"A Urmont wIuhiI t*-a-her h?< utmrk th? UiniK at laot. He Miak.-H uiuuly lM?va turn a itriltd?>tone oae thousand inn.-* au .itoe, bo> I. arson with a .tick ot ?<??d KTThe Pituhtir* j?-,.,je eoBwwene We4n<w. dayereaiait to wa-li up u,T Ifanday. and tl-en Roinetuoe- dont fet turtiier np tli in Uie e*.* be ore the neek i? o?t. ?^?An Indiana farmer doi.'t pay any toll on the (dank road He ahm>?? th? -ate-kc'Mf ar.i lojra right along. Th?> haw tri.M him i wire t.nt he petx clear, ainoe one ot biy aant a couauw ^^e'l to act "tlightv liko.** A collector in IiattiM. Ohio, tabbed a de Unguent tenant four timea. and even then fail ed to obtain the uioney, amountinir hi fT. dae bU employer, ?Lo u. a la ly. The woui daiu nut it ar? <1aiig< ruu?, urni may provt* fatal.. ?^"The idea of the formal proclamation at an early .lav ol a ron ervaiive repuldir a? ih<? ptraianent lorra oi covermii' iit la Krane* a'.orl.n the public u><ud, ever\?hrre in that country. ?y-Two juried In Georgia have eonvieted a marrifd preacher ot M-ductlon. and lie h*? twice liecn aei.teneed to the p?-tiitentiarv. bwt the auprenie court oi the atatc haa framed bin a third trial. ?^"Tht Philadelphia Preaa I. out in favor of a uew party in Pennnyl vania to protect tho peojile from the railroaiiln, the rin^x, and the |M>l:tical shar|M r> who are enriching U*e*aelv?e at the enpemn- of the |>oo|il?. WMiea M. E. B>*edy. described aaan?Amer ?can lady, moved tl?6 powerful rfiolution in a woiuan'a auf.rage meetmc laUly hold in Chelae* ?eatry hall, uear Lot don. She urged the propoeiUon that in an avowed representative co\ernmeiit working women and woimm who h?.|d property should be allowed a voice in leirta. latum. ? married. DAN T*"TA f LOft. Oa Turwdftf, M ? Crh bi lhvtliiw?& ' 81 " Churrli, a V?1 B**feeoei*"?MAKTUA I. lAt Ll>K, i>f Ac< 'mac c<?unt?, ?a. DIED. ?n Wedn?-?dar. the 7th in.tant. at ie.lo o elork p. m.. after a long ai><] pau-ftil iIIum. JPoleAl w <-kowtbkk tha' belo?ed hp^hand of Laura 4'rowtli T.arit the ????? mm of the late Thnano. and browth-r.av^ S'J^nr. | Baltimore 8un rieaa*-co^y | Thefrieada and .egnaintaneea ..f th? familiar* respectfully n,, n.d toait- nd bl? feneral. ai Jo',|...h huii ?ia> atieroiH ji, f >ni the r. ?>deHc? ..f hi- Uih-r iuja*, George W buulh, 7 2* Lkb atreet .. utb * ||? POOLBT. On Tliur-lay. M.v 8th, at G - -rga nont Sw^f'. ''?"?*?. JOUM B DOCLET, 0 J., In thf 31?t ycur of hit ^t fciwr{E?eTT??!i *"vrth- *? II 3u a in.,OAK ?1 KT, ?iff <?f Nitnr?id litrrHt??'ti mrr "ylblr InrKM tn ioatfw 'r"?i late reaid-rH?. I N- w Jeraey nventie. at i o'ctoefc tbi? ?. m ? UNDERTAKERS. H It HARD f. HABTKV, (Smtrtxmu ItAHWMt * MAhH,i Mo. r Stkkbt, betwaeit Kiutb and MtTALLIC bVKlAL CASKS ANV CASKMWS af ?eery drrcrirti'm, fc?r> IT SHROVUS, HAMTB, t*. ^1'IVIAL MOTICk. I have on exhifitioB and for uie SteinC?l?bra> b*d Patent Bl KIA L CAM, TUi. i. the lat^wt ia yri'M-nteat in patent Burial Cam-?,aud a|| h.. ina cca.t .n to ti-?-d the ^r? i-e. of an ludertaker woaild d? we'l to call and M?<niu.,aii4 he ? irnTinrnd ci its I ?aut> , atrtuKili. and utility. ' H Mi VET. aa <!? l i..i rtak..r, M34 f ?Kraet. I^KHAHll ?. BARBElt, CAblNST MAItfi ANU V.\UEHTA K BB, ? lit BLBVBNTU BTBBBT. near f. t'VhflJTVHS 0> ALL KINuM MAUI ARB Mi PA I Km anS-W U ILLIAH BAthKTT. UNDfiKTAKBlK, K< T3* 7th BilllT.BlTWtifiO am H ?ra np* ly fflaa and Oaakeuof all iiada DOTS' AKP TOTTHV 81ITS . apMetait, tbia "5SS**A eI"rr- ~5 ^Tonb ma4okb and bitl!>ebs' Attention U called to the tine ^ BUILDIHO htobb bow being landed at Utb atreet aad oUaer wharra Iroaa theacowaof J. T. B BALL. Ord^r. re.. i.Zt at oOlce, Boom V, Mar Buiidiuc or on board taa Julia, foot of BUtfc rtre^.^eor^t - CH1BB8I TEA HOB? toHJD ?pHI Mb and rth. north TBAB cheaper than aver. Boraotn fc. BBBJAMLB, R ?ACBB8, BATS or BBDBCGd caaaot uT^Td i'I1iwoafc,? BXTBBM- 1 ini M A K W71 o For S"*b' r ? - ulLlAfl. %)tl Pt liimvlviBnia bv#> 2? w?ifflL4 **& A sTTSi cor let and B ata n.w. aU Mi* TH?5 Jg*0 AD WAT COAT and TBBT to match w B all the rage at A. tSTBAl tbe Clothier, lull maylrania areane. near Utb treat aM 1?^.

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