Newspaper of Evening Star, May 8, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 8, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR._ THt WMtT May 1W7S. LOCAL NEWS. * Anamicata, Ac., WmWt Oi*rm.Hiut. ? Nr.I IMntiiue, Buffalo Bill and T(U? Jack in "The Scout* of the J*rai?ie." Tktaier Comment-"Oat at Sea," songs, ducts, Xc. ('M4raw4 It ?a< M-. Joa B Cox, awl not Mr.W.W.Cox, ?who recently IcmK his wife by small po*. The Governor has appointed Richard W. Car ter a nu mber of the >oa-d of county scool com ails-toncrs, rice W. O. Hairy, resigned. The game of r>a*<" ball In Philadelphia. yes terday, bttween the Athletics and Washingtjiu reunited Athletic, 1.'; Washington*. 3. The members Of the bar of the District courts will hold a meeting in the court room to-nior row. to take action in reference to the death of the late Chief Jp*lice Chase. Patents hare Just been Issued to citizen* of Washington as follows: To Winfiekl Benseman and Eleazer Stacum. for machine for affixing fUm|? to letters, aial to John 11. Adrians, for a dumping wagon. The attention of the public is called to the announcement elsewhere of a meeting of citi !(?? to take place on Friday at 4 o'elo<-k p. m., to take action upon the Uwil of Chief Justice Chase. .lerry Barrett, a laborer ev ployed at the new State department buiMing, fell from a wall to the ground, yesU-rday, and was seriously in jured. I?r. Hagner rendered medical assistance, and the sufferer was carried to hi* home. There is univer-al coin'daint on the part of the stall-owners ard those who pirclase thfir snpplie* at the new center market, of the leaky condition of the roof. Cannot tuo company remedy the evil? Mr. Harry Sykes, of the Imperial hotel, was n amed toM.'ss Alice B. Oray. at the Church ?f the Incamatu n. y?xterday. in the presence of a large n.imber of friends of the happy pair. Alter the ceremony the couple iefUu a bridal to ir through the north. The Baltimore S>tn ?*ts Mr. J. I>. Stewart recently soid for Mr Thomas McCoanrll, ot Accomac county, Va., a pair of valuable mare*, named l>olly Varden and Belle of I>i*le, to A igustu* B Foote, of Washington, I>. C., for CVOOO. Polly Varden la known in t&cing circles. Herman Streiblirg. an employe of theboreau of engraving ard printing, whilst passing through oT?e o* the halls ot the Treasury J'e partnien. '.h's morning, slipped down k^l frac tured the cap of his knee, lie was kindly cared lor by Mr. ?Jeorge B. McCartee, whosnmmonod a phyiciaa and had him conveyed to his home, No. 1213 New Hampshire avenue. ? A lX>*r!*XIO I srLI.??A*TXB'?-/'l** ami Rrtult ?? Last night Mr. Chase Roys. the principal of a.. academy on 4j$ street, near the t'lty Hall, appeared at the >tli precinct station house and made a complaint that his wife had left his resnlcm * on Pennsylvania avenue, bo twe? n ''th and "i!i streets east, and had carriod awav a considerable portion of hu furniture to a Souse on 11 tt street, near the navy yard bridge. The officers directed him to procure a warrant.'and he applied to Justice Ferguson, and obtaining the document he placed it in the haods of officer Richardson. The officer served [ the warrant at an early hour this morning, ami the goods were removed to the station-house. 1 and Mr. Andrew McFarland. in whose house thev were louml. was laken into custody, and ai {'eared at the pul.ce Court. It being shown, kowever, that according to Mr. Roys" own statements Mrs. Keys bad carried off the gix <!s, aiMi there being no .-uch offence in law as stealing by a wife from her husband, a war rant was scfused, and the> o King no charge ?gainst Mr. McFarland. 1ms was discharged. The jolice. acting on the principle that the hii-bard is The bead of the family, delivered the furniture tc Mr. Boys, who states that his w-fe l as been intimate wi^h Mr*. Chandler. Mrs Spencer, an<? others who are member* ot the Moral Educ ational Society, *.nd her body being "the temple of an unborn angel." she claim* that it is sacred, and that it it. not proper for her and her hnsi>?nd to live und?r the same roof, and *he therefore left him. taking away her children and the furniture. Tliepolice ass certained that she had rented a room in Mr. McFarland* ?H>u*e a lew days ago. Tlx * ca*e shows that woman's rights are making sum h*.id*~nv here under the teachings of the Moral Keiorm Society. ? The New Cimril Ktri iLiiix Covm-'T TTT.?tc E' rt a CKciiri i in.?A meeting of the recently elected member.- of the centrtlre J>uMican committee was h?-ld last rrglit at 1ark> hall, on Pennsylvania avenue, betw-*en 4 , aiui t '.h streets. Mr. John A. Brooks called the ireeting to order, and W. A. Cook was elected chairman pro Urn.. with Jos. T Settle, temporary chairman. A committee of twentv two was a) pointed on credentials, who reDorted that every di-trlct was represented, with only one contested?the 13th district?and they re commemled the return of the papers to the club oi that district for readju^tiuuut, which, after debate was agreed to. The meetiof then agree 1 to proce: J to elect permanent officers of the com in t tee M-s?rs. Jo*n h Williams. Peter f"ampl?ell, Jerome A. Johnson. Colonel Timothy Lnbey, and Henry Piper were nominated for chairman. M s?r?. ?Himpbell and Labev withdrew, and the tirst ballo. resulted: Williams, ?? p.per, 18; -lohn son. *; scattering. 1. Mr. .lonn.on's name was then withdrawn, and the second ballot resulted: Williams, J6; Piper, 23; blank, 1. Further action on organization was postponed until the next meeting. ^ Tbi rf>*niTTK* '?s POLICB of the Ho-ise of I>clegates met yesterday to consider the l>iil tJ regulate houses of Ill-lame. l>r. Mary W ?lker, Mrs. Spencer and other* were present by ap Cointment, and made argument* against the ill m it# present form, but no conclusions were reached by the ccinmittee. which had under consideration the bill providing for the sale of the central guard-Louse and the erection of a new *tation-hous>' in the 5th precinct. It wa statad that certain business men are willing to give *4n.nno for the lot and building?a sum amply sufficient to buy ground and erect two new stations, one in the ^th and the other ;n the ftb precinct, where they are sadly needed. The committee promise to make an inspection of the buildings at ?n earlv day, and thou press the bill to its pa^.'ige. ' ? Atotiier Smai I. Pox Cask ib thb Stc.eets. A colored girl ?a??'ere<l with small pox erup tion* Mas tound wandering about the streets of Georgetown a!-out noon to-dav, her clothing st aked through by the rain. She stated that she had been driven out of the house wh<-rcsh?' had heen living on the disease appealing. Mr Marbnry, of the l-oard of health, requested that the police take charge of her until the ambu -?? con Id be sent lor. and they complied with Vni.v- . t. atul shortly afterwards she was In the rtflSe*... The cells of the police the smail poy "f"1'""v, fumigated subse station were thoroughly qacntly. 9 Th* OtrlST A.WVt net >esterdA> and Mr. Brent presented a pho tograph of the Western Academy, erected on the corner of ITth ami I streets, northwest, in iwM. and which is miod to l>e demolished. The secretary submitted a report showing that since the orgar'zatlon <>t the society, November ?Hhf ls?5 seventy-five members bad deceased. O'l motion of Mr. Masi, the chair api>ointed a com n.ttee ?f five to make arran?.-ments lor the Fcurth of July celebration, and the lolling were appointed; Messrs. Masi, " allace, Waters, ? dliams and Crstt. w Obdek^ of the Boakd or Pouc Works? Thf -uit rlat* sdent of streets ha* been directed to i' i?e tr.e entrsnee of aile\s in reservations 10 and It. fronting 3d street, between C street and penr.i-ylvanla avenue northwest, with cobble stones.' The contractors on CU? street south west have been directed to put on a larger force of workmen and finish up the work as expedi tiously its possible. The engineer in charge has been directed to make a thorough ln?KCtloii ot the work ou 4, ?tre. t southwest, and report the condition and <iuality of the same. Pi si tcatiojisor the Wuk?From I.Shil lingtou we have llarj"-r't ami Frank l.rdie's 1lhittr*u i .X-irtf^iprr for Mar K'h, and U tUl fer May from Brad. Adams the daily MofiMr for May '?, ami Htrper'* H'?eA-/y and Frank l.fshe's IllmitratfI Xrwtpnjtr tor Wav 17; from J. C. Parker lhr)*r'? and fri'in Robert Beall Frank Leslie's Mutinied for that date. Real Estate Sales?The following sales! have been made since oar last report: Grtri a Williams, auctioneers, !,*?<?- M ?Sof lot 1#. In *<iaare ?*, situated at tk* corner ..f V and 13th streets not :hwe?t, to the Wsshlngtsc ?McMIm, S f. at 3!' cents per f>^t. ass<>aatia< 9 ? 1.1M; also, tot* Jfos. 4, T, and S. m sqwar- 77?, tit - wafed oa a strs*-t. Ks*o hi ami 4th itorUisasl. to ?. U. ? Whits, t?r flJTi. ? Ko?n WashlaoTon BriLDiao Associa tion At the twelfth monthly meeting of this association, behl on Toeedar evening, the ?th tntoawt. forty shares were advanced upon at an average of gfty-fow per cent. The first annual report will ho prepared during the present *outh by the secretary for presentation to the Stockholders at the June meeting. a RrsravKD Seats for the performance of the Colored ?mcrtcaa Opera Company, at Wall's ? ?pera House ->n Monday and Tuesday aw?lags Mit, can be had at Ellis' suta u?fc. "Th? of Alcantara" is a very pleasing opera, ass this company slag It bettor than aim troupe which has appeared In It In this city. N* M vrraa boss hard It ralim-.The scouts of the Prairie ' are bouad to draw, only a few ?lore night* and awtfcermatinee >oaSaturday* of fiifihia BU and Texas rfack, fiv'bfers. E? crv one shoa i aee these beroea at W li s Ope? ltiw wMU tbste is a chaace to do so. a Base Ball ?The Philadelphia and Wa?h incton club* Will play a champ.onship match on the ? ?lyuipic grcuii'L- to mo row aiu ruoon. Ike a<l v ti UHiutat. Third L*cl?lative AmmaMy. COrNClt.-Tf" Mil rtflrtlll* Ih# fmM Tl??n for the connty of Washington, sad regula ting partiti'is fence* therein. wa* read s second time ud rtfrtrfd to the rivmttw* oa Wvkui|tol, and county affair*. Mr. UiJick submitted a r "solution callng upou the board i t heatt h to furnish to the Council a state ment'bowing the unm her of persons employed nn der it ard the ;im< unt of compensation paid t? ea< b ?*J ? T". MI Also, one calling the Register of the Di*tri"t to 'itrri?h ? l?l ?I llu- life inatruicp roniiMoiM doing I teiness in this r -t> ict. ai.d t he ununot of license paid >?} r?i'h; adopted. Mr Th> tnpsoi. mtrodnred a hill to authorize the < oirmissionera "f the sinkingfnnd to issue registered coupon certificate* to he den' niinated Water Fuml certificates. to the am<-nnt not to -xceed th" amount dne (?.r lay in* of water main* a* shown by the books 10 the office of the water registrar [The bill pro. vide* thai th* certificates proposed ?h?ll be issued in denominations of g{V, ?lnu. and g?U, pay able in ?i? |?ars frcni date and bearing interest, read and leid #?rr .| Mr Buker submitted ? revolution calling upon the C< llector of Taxes to furnish the Council a list of all coll*grs, schools,or religious institutions, not used by such inatitutionafor purpose* that should exempt it front tsxatioa; ad. pted IBS TAX BILL. Mr Th' mpson. fr. m the finance committee, re ported !?*< k the bill imposing taxes for the fiscal year ending June30th, W7?. with an amendm-nt in section 3. line M. striking out the worda "and new school bouses," in the clanse fixing the rateof tax at * cents for the support of the public schools in the cennty of Washington. Also, fixing the date wh"n the taxes shall be collectable Jul) 1st, loTJ; also, fix ire the at?t n-eat for prompt payment at the rate ? thre^-f' nrtfcs of ooe per cent, per month tor each and evert m<-iitb paid in advance of Jaly 1st, Ij7i. THE AI'.ATIXIEXT ILALSE DEBATES. On the ;tdoptiun of thia rate of ab.vtenient some discussion aroee. The chair stated that this system vt monlbly ul at> no bt bail been pretty wall tested in thi- District, ai.d had proved a failure. H" w 'ill ad?? cat" th?- system practised in the i or? tiers citie wh'ch w a* to fix a penalty for failure to pay taxes within the prescribed time and carry it into ex ecu tion i itfi.1l>. tbia he thought a much more eff ctiv and .udicioas coarse than b> offering a premium for doing v> bat ike law requires. Mi Thompson remarked that it was the first Mm he lad h< ard that the abatement system was a fail ure; the roatrary had been the effect, and though it ?as true there was an inpaid balance for the past fiscal > rar of $ti4KiM>, it sle uld be borne in nund that taxation hud l>een very heavy on a large elan ? f <4>r property holder*, and adding a penalty for tardy payment aa advocated, would iudeed l>* iu f icing a hardship on a large class of worthy though needy <it lie us Mr Buker thought a system of penalties for tard> tax payers might work better than a ?ystem of abatements for prompt p*)Hieat. Twenty five per cent, of the taxea dne for the past fiscal year are now unpaid A moderate abat**neot might be allnwed with a penalty to be imposed on all deliaauent* at the close of the year. This wss, perhaps. th" better plan, aa there was a class of persons who always are ready to avail themselves of aa abatement, however small. Mr Cnlick took the view that a penalty aa sug ge*ied would be illegal?the maximum rale of taxes as provided by the organic act ia |1 per hcudr. d, which is the rate proposed to ha lev led the ensuing year, and adding a penalty woui l l?e in effect in creasing the rate beyond the prescribed limit*. Th" only way to avoid the difficulty would be to radace the rate?say A1 M ar gl.9u.and then fix upon a salty for failure to nay. Mr. Bnkrr remarked that it would he absolutely impossible for many property-holders in the coniity to pay the rates imp- -ed by the bill; nsuch of th" property there is unproductive, ami the owneraare u t.i.oiit means. He hoped to be able to d"viae a plan to reduce thia rate in the county, and had ?>mr> amtixlments to -nbmit, but was not qutte ready to Jut them in writing. Among them was oae for a re action of the school tax from U centa to about 40 cents,which he thon^et Could be done by discon tinuing several schools In the counts . on account o" the (united attendance <4 pupils. He asked a post p-i.emdiit of action until he could prepare hi* aiitoiud me<its: agreed to. Mr. Bi .wne ?ubmitte<l a concurrent resolution of r?-sp?ct tn the memory of the late Chiei Jnsti> e Chase, which was unanimously adopted. Adjourned. I!0rs? OK PILEGATE9.?The IloOse openeil with prayer by &ev. Dr. Bankin. Mr. t'aapbeil/for Mr. Brown) introduced abill to c. rsolidate the Georgetown almshouse with th< Washington asylum, abolishing the first-named as ?iwti a> the occupants are removed, and directing the sale of the Oeorgetown almshouse; referred. Mr. Wall introduced bill to lic< u?e and regulate the bnsinee* of pAWMimuf i\n jr*? dealeks : nd dealers in seci't.d band furniture aud clotliiug referred | It pro* ides that the rates of licens" sMIi be .?? ??! ard ?1<M per iuudi. res;<ectively, and iv[?*es a penalty for carr> ing on busin<-ss with > tt lic? nse ?<jual to the am< unt o< license. Pawnbro kers *r? requir ed to keep a hook in which they shall re^-ofj in I-gihle English the naqv:, description aud resid- bce of the parties pawning or pledging ??odi. and description and estimate,! valaa of the articl* Thej ar? also rs?)nire<t to give bond, with two sure ties, in the ?i;m of A5.IXM, tomake all damage* which aiay result from neglect, waste, Ac. Th-k n av ad* e such snnis as may be agreed upon, but i-hall charts no greater rate ur interest th.?i; fiv<- per c-tif perm<*th. Tliey may seli nnredeeai -al ple.lges aft. r giving notice in the two pipera havitig the largest circulation. Il i* maiie ualawfal fur them to receive by way nf pledge or purchase or pa? n any article front a minor, aud this claiMe al o applies to the < th?r classes. Their jilacesare to be at sli times opt n't i the maj^>r, captain, any lieutenant or de txtiveof the metropolitan police, without the for mality of aaearcli ?arrant. Pavmbrokeri art re quired to displsy the usaal sign?three gilt balls, I? nd?nt. Th- !>? naltles tor violation of the p'ovi ?ion* of this bill,' \cepl tlss first aecltou, in' fitici froa. ?lo to S1CU.) xtscaLLASEors. Mr. Oi;ig' tt introduced bill for the relief of Daniel Rally , to s a; for portion of lot condemne<l for a pub lic alley J. sud memorial of Dr E. Dsvenp>rt, a-king to be reiml/aitte4 aoiontit loft ob'a contract, which were refer led. Mr. Cox. front the camml't'e on elections, repirt e<l bill | iiitrod^icod by Mr. Trimble) to prejerre th - puiity ?.f electioas, and it was read a second time and laid ov<r. Council hill to rsgnlate show*. Ac., in the sale and disposal ?>f ssatst prohibiting the sale wf tickets for res?rte?] sea'* after the commencement of a per forn anc",) w?f xsad a first tlma and referreJ. The House Dient into coausitts* of the whoh? on the bill making an appropriation to complete th" niaisw'boute east of the Capitol, . Waliiutli cliair. a is till was read, and, haviof" been ansndsd by the ndditiop of a pro' i*o that toe sum appropi iax?il ( 95/Mlshail !?" applied exclusively to fitting up th< interior of the market. it was reported to th" H >use and pa?-ed. The consideration of the bill , in addition to the f? ur million act?anthorii'.iBg a loan of ?tiujM)? was, on motion of Mr. Hiuoot, postponed foi oue W?ek. The Hons* next went into committee of th* whole ' n the l ill exttndli.g the time of payment of special assessments < Mr. Trimble in the chair), and It was considered by sections Mr. Brewer moved to amend the bill so m to allow five years in which to pay the assessments; ail opt*d. Without concluding the consideration of the hil). the committee r<?e. Tilt (JOE)CASllott. ?WyJfKET. Mr. Hi,!*' introduced a bill providing th it th< n. ark ft bous* erected on square 871 shall b? kntwi< as tl?e Carr>dl market, and the naiae shail be placed over the main entrance. Mr. Clagett inquired whether it was prop >s?d to honor the delegate fri m the Wth district by the bill. Mr. Hulse replied that he had not co<?suli"d th gentleman.i Mr. Carroll.)and that h" did proposa to conipliment him, for he bad introduced the bill and alm<*t alone had fought it through both bran- has cf th<- Legislature, and the citizens of that section of the city are almost entirely indebted to Mr. Carroll for the market hone*. Mr < lagett said that when the bill waa read it struck him aa nearly the entire eastern section of th* city w as once the property of ths Carroll fam ily, that it was intended to hand down the nanix of that famih to posterity through the market hou* ; and be fuggestwd that the bill should b* inade more ex plic't. Mr. Hulse said when the bill came up for itssec ? ?rd reading the body of the bill could be amended Mr Shepherd.?Ob, the amendment will b? *asy tn make; call it the Joe Carroll market. On u. tion of Mr. dmoot, the concurrent reaola <!,.s from the Council in relation to thed?* in."/mr.:w ? - rr *. ? - ;?? . uase waa taken up ana Ubaniiuonsl) adopted by a rising vote, and, at 7.JU p. m., the House adjourned. KaffKaKrd* A|tlmt rires. F Sta r Permit me to suggest to the proper authorities the propriety of providing by law that hereafter all houses shall be provided with the means of extinguishing fires. All that is required is that in each house there shall be a pipe connected with the street main, or service pipe. If the water be in the house, and extend it to the upper story. This stand-pipe should be located In the hall, or At some central and ac cessible point, and should be provided with a cock on each floor, with the means of attaching a small hoae, having a nozzle and cock, the hose to be long enough to reach any point on the floor; and the connection of the hose with the pipe should be such that it can be m*de ta ttanily, and such that the same hose ran*?i be used on the street washers, the object being to have a special hose for this purpose, and to pre vent its ever being taken away or osed for any other pnrpose, so as to ensure Its always being at hand when wanted. Every Inmate of the Tamilv could use it, and such an arrangement woulu extinguish three-fourths or more of the fires that occur, before an alarm could be sounded. 1 do not know the circumstances of the origin of the late fire on F street, but I pre sume such a devics In the house where it orig inated could have extinguished It, certainly If discovered near its commencement. 1 have such an arrangement In my own house, and would not think of building one wttbont it. The cost is a mere trifle if arranged when the house Is built and the water pat tn? rot worth a moment's consideration as com - Ked with the value of property destroyed by I. I would suggest also that a closet or re cess might be arranged on each floor, through which the pipe might pass, and in which the hose could be stored oat of sight. Of course the hose should always be left attached, on the fieor on which Bra were moat likely to origi nate; and in large hsssei U would be well to have a separate ewe fov each Boor, and have them an ready (Or oae by merely turning a cork. I suggested this plan through the teten ttjie Assrrscaa immediately after the Boston fire, and 1 understand It Is being adopted ia va rious places. It ia not is at liberty to use it. In my oplnlaa the hoard of public works or the legtsfatuse, tf tt has ths authority, could not do a better (Mm than to make it a requisite, at least la all houses here after built. ^ W. C. Do do a. Da. Tow**, or tbis Cttt. Ktscm P**ai DDT or T*s Aksmca* Msdical AaoociA Ti< ?*.?In the convention of tfcoAmsrlcan Med ical Aasdatioa 1* St. Louis yesterday, the fol lowing officers wore elected: J. M. Toner, Dis trict of Columbia, president; W. Y. Godborry, M.ssimippi; M. Keller, Ky-f W. C. Hosted, Mo.; L. D. Warner, Ma?., vice presidents: Dr. Caspar Wistar, Phi la., treasurer: Wm. Leo, District s? Columbia, librarian. The associa tion ad. pted restitutions offered by Dr. Wood ward. of tbis city, for the appointment or a committee of five to memorialise Congress to place the medical staff of the armv on unequal tiw tii:with that of the navy. The next meet ing el the association will bo field at Detroit. ??A?E n. E. ( HCRCH. DfMr,l|,,0? of the New Building. HISToKY OF THI KMTKKrHIHK. tK? ~.?nn/?a-v ??.rnin* n?*t the lecture-room of ?j ; E- church, corner of 9th and !?'i ** dedicated, and Rev. Bishop i8 expected, will preach the dedica tory sermon. This church was formerly known as the ASesley Chapel Mimon, and had _ ITS ORIOIS a* follow*: A little over nine years ago?there reingno church or Sunday school in that neigh borhood?some young men from Wesley Chapel organized a Sunday school in a building at the corner of 7th and Boundary streets, and during the warm weather the meetings were held in the woods. Mr. George W. Riggs, on being in formed of the success of the school, made the trustees of Wesley chapel a present of three lots of ground at the corner of !?th and S streets. J"'? for <"hnrch purposes. About ? small frame building was erected. Revs. John Rigglcs ami c. L. Burr, two local ministers, took charge of the congregation, then numbering scarcely a dosen, and the Stindav-school was lor some time conducted under the superintendence of r" :,V?Woodward. Both the congregation and the Sunday-school have continued to In llia'!f.?the l,re?nt time, and now there are Is0 members of the church, (nearly one thtrd having united during the series of pro tracted meetings in progress for the past three weeks,) and the Sunday-school numbers about 150 pupils. Since the congregation was organ ized, R, vs. Wm. Pretty man. A\ ni. Shreck, .Tas "enning, L- r>obson and Wm. McPlieeters officiated as pastors until the spring of l<72 The Sunday-school has been conducted ui> to the present time by Mr. S. A. Terry. ?? <?n "ie *e?J.onof the Baltimore Conference in lei 2, an application was made to have ?* CHAROK MADE ISPEPKWDEST, ard a minister was asked for, and in the ap pointments that year Rev. M. F. B. Rice, a young minister, was appointed to 9th street, and j . lnic after storing on his dutie? he "?f??t>erahip to appoint a building committee and take some mean" to build a new chnrch fdihee. Messrs. John Kiifirlee Warren HiS'l Bearaon' S" A" $c~Ty ?n ? I ZlZ A.d Ki*KIe*,were appointed the committee, and they entered on their duties with a determ to,*?1 8Uch * building as would be a 5.?^ tJ,.the congregation and an ornament to the action of the city In which it wa> to be I fv/' J- C> "arkn0W kiDd1^ Tn* BritDTXO, committee in a few mouths having ob tained mi Inscriptions to the amount of $5,000. "*d to proceed with the enterprise, and ihM^ran'e,b"I Jin? having been moved to an il.IV wa" at once Commenced, SIMS*?!-1* ""y reverses, among wl ich was the blowing out of one of the walls, thev have erected a very tine looking building, ?rt?J "nf1 far abo,,t *12,000. S-he upper portion will not be finished for the present. Ln..11. ' of br<ck (Pres"e'l front), with a courf,? at the sill, and fronts 4s reet ?" ?'*ck 7-2 feet on S, and the *ML " ^ feet t0 the P*?k. i.kii ?r "PP" Portion will remain nnfin h?.H . I? he r7r7nt' the windows (painted being in, it will appear finished from the outside. Tne lower storv is 13 cJear' ,aml ,n " iH the lecture-room, the ea,t 01 w,,ich '? f"' pastor's nf library-room, located on either side ?rJ*? ?*,n entrance. Under the stairway* and at the eastern end there is an inf tut cl?s? "l,h rab*,d ?<?*? operated from the Kt. ^i r??m ,'y *r,*lned "*sh. I" which is stained glass, and on either side of this are class ? 7 14 ***? Im">edlately in front ot j ^'! /P0,?.1- the minister's stand aiul r fn??^ 5d,w 1.,ch i9 a neatly-tinished walnut *?.J,allu?ters. The lecture-room is fitted up with reversible settees of wa'nut, cal culated fo seat about 3-10 persons, and including persons5*"'001118 th?r? *iU ^ 8Cats for The brick work was done under tlio suner intendence ot Mr. Peyton Scrivener; the pr.;ss wo'rk hv B ' VvK??lu A* the carpenters work,by Humphrey &>>omerscales;tlie pla.?*ter ?r?in/r. k .erk4?r? ' I'ailltlng- hyS. Groves; graining by John Finch; gas flitiug, bv Henry'aDd by C. SteVe? X Co.! ?i-j?yJt>Plor^L ll?e windows and doors were furnished by Tucker A- Merman; the iron work, (lolumns in the lecture room.) by Schneider stone work, by the Marjland Stone Co., oi Georgetown; rooting, (slate.) Montgomery & Clark, and tinning, by John Pepper. A tine little church or^an has been placed in the lecture room, and Prof. W. H. Tucker has choir"' *ai ii Wil1 haTC charge, of quite a Hue ?vi!!e^cdicator5'J^r^fce- will take place at 11 Arn^r ?n Sun<lav ^morning, when Bishop Ames will preach. Rev. H. A. Cleveland, of Lnli^ UIi'i5y UC urrh- W,U Pre*t h at 3 o'clock. * o' clock J Morris, of Waagh Chaptl, af ? ., *b? W?h Market*. , A*T>n,A?W"tations of t.ew fish for this hIL ^ to The Stab by George W. ^ Co., wholesale dealers in fish, Nos. Sh^imL8r ?. lil.56 0411 whM"T08. Alexandria. Shad, per hundred, til to #12; Herring, ner wh,te porcb- l*er buiich. fdnfih P?r bunch'20 to offal,per buuch, ..^A1HT5rGTf>*.?T?-day' at the Washington Bsh wharves, the following sales to shipi?er? "^niade by R. A. Golden & Bro./Stv" ^10to?12; W),000herrings, from ?2.?t0?3' roC ^CenU,; 158turK?on-, IFonndUaic Hospital. Mihtor of Tht Star ?I uke great pleasure In explaining to your anonymous correspondent aad the public why the Foundling Hospital ha. not gone into practical operation. It* organi sation followed closely after its incorporation by Congress, but it was without means. A i>pli "uSTJT ,he le?ul*t?re for an aporo pil?ti<m for building purposes. At the second ?K?1? j ! 5 tHe first legislative Assemble ?i io following session an addition al snm of ?3.000 was appropriated, the latter payable out of the market fund. .1?* that P^rtod all applications for obtain ing the money appropriated as aforesaid have been, unavallTng till four or five days since I ^U?n ofvreceiving the same in District bonds. These bonds were immediately transferred to the treasurer, Z. D. Oilman, es-i., ~'L!l!LS?cretyy' Major A. C. Richarcs. wL requested to call a meeting on the 10th inst.,5for w notices nave already been issued. bequest of Mr. Pierce was of several lots ' a* for the erection of a hospital for foundlings," &c. It is evident the sums al ready appropriated are inadequate to the estab lishment snd maiutertance of the proposed hos il ji , j increase of the crime of infanticide as disclosed bv the superintendent of t>olfce In his late report U truly appaling. Cannot some thing be done to arrest the evil? A few more thousand dollars, and our corporators will gladly push the enterprise to a speedv con pi e tkS- a . -.W*. STiCKSEy. Mayfith, 1873. r^TtkfTS ^ave been lMUCU ag fol ir*' "T.ceour last: Marv e. Redfern, three ?l?ry brick, I street, between 20th and 21st streets, northwest; Joseph Redfern, do., I street, between 17th and lbth streets, north west; C. Just, two-story brick, Cth street, be tween S and T streets, northwest; Peter Mc\ ary, two-story frame. 2d strees. between F and G streets, southwest; W. Williams, 4 three-story bricks, corner of 2d and A streets, northeast. Small Pox?Since our report yestordav but tour cams cf ??nill t>ot have bean reported : One at 26 2d street southwest, one at 146 I. street southwest, one on I, between 1st and >d streets soutlienst, and one at the Georgetown st ition ? ' THE CO CRTS. COCBT IN OBNKKAL TBRM-WslUrh Agt van Bivwick: ?rgt.i,iciii? cloned and c^Memibiuittwl. POLICE CuCRT, Ji.ig* S*ell ?To-da?, a Isr^e number of comm-m ?trnnks were before th>- court, and the offenders fined or sent to work on th? tonn action for ibe new jail on the workh^usf rroutids. Lewis Bellhanger waa charged with disturbing the peac? and .iiilot of Qt-orgetown by usirn? profane language, but was dlsmisaed, the charge not having been sustained. Chtrlif Smith, a vagrant, was -tent to the workhouse. Daniel Bnckun, loud and bois terous Ulking;J|5. Bobert Maxwell, violation of cart 'aw: #2. Tne judge took occasion to say to the prosecuting ofHc>- that he would do well to bring charge* Against the employers of small boys enraged in driving carts, and who violate the law rfgnlatinx the distances to be obaert>od between cart-, instead ot charging the little boys themselves, who areig norant uf the law, and merely obeying inxtrnctio,,* cf their employers. Thomas O'Brien, charge with digging up gravel frrm North Carolina avenue, wfthortauthorit v, and selling it; postponed Cha?. Oerhardt, threats of psrsonat violence to Sophia Oberhein; floO bonds to ki-ep the paaee. Jame? l,. Fee tic, charged wltb assaulting and residing OA eer Luskey. pleaded guilty, and waa fined #Jo. r*i. _BJ and battery on Henry Williams, BS and coats. Gum Bagney, colored, waa fharged with obtaining BH) by false pretence from ?rs Blchard Otiffln, a colored woman, by bear in* .D01 wpn.rrtl"? ??be from her hasband. re rquesting hy to aaml flu by the bear, r ia order to I rnlaaMd fre?a caatody lathestati n h^u?e; aeat the grand jnry. and bonds Axed at f?i0, commit ?ed in default. Jsinea Oalllgher, a vagraut, waa c<anmittad to the werkhaoae. ^ ' ? Anciant has baen chosen u curate of a church is Halifax. ?- "WbiM I a as a a boy aome more, "ig a new sonti mental ballad. ' giS^aSkS?0 >MH"' ^ ?f h4Tin?? WThe excellence of Boston dooghnntt nro longa the season of the legislature. VA strike of the pelioemen in the oitr of DabWa, Irelaad, Is reported to be laiytading, VQtrls scarcely tea jean of age work hi the Lawrence Mills from half-past 6 o'clock in the morning till 10 o'clock at sight. An Indiana Jastice of the peaoe claims come the effects of a rattlesnake bite. . Boston maa wants to know what riirht bauds to go round the citv disturK ?ng juiet citizens in their houses It nJghtf (For JV fmtn Alar, itlful Balm. Beautiful rain, falling in drop*; Bid lor blonoiM. bad for the crop*. Falling fart and falling slow. Beautiful rain, when will yon go t Shawm of April, showers ef May; Coming and going each alternate day; Sprinkling to day. pouring to-morrow; We look at your coming with feelings of sorrow. Beautiful rain, when will you stop And give the earth time to raise a crop ? Come hack sunshine so children can play. Beautiful rain please go away. j. s. e. Notes from Hollywood. Tt> tkf Editor of The ?</tar -?We have had a little frost last week, but not enongh to hurt the peaches, except in bottom land, and there they were probably killed by the frosts of March, see that nauv have cut their trees back to the very trunk. In the belief that the trees were through bearing entirely. One orchard, in Its very prime, trees healthy and h? good shape, came very near to its ruin this spring, through such a notion on the part of its owner. He had not time to decapitate but a few rows, and an other year will show him his mistake. Heudino in is one thing; kta>l/iHjf ?/ is quite another. The one means lite and productiveness?the otber, death and waste. 8KTTTWO OrT TREES. Many have asked me if it is too late to set out trees vet. It is too late to set out an orchard, though I am at work at that now; but it is not too late to set out a few trees if proper care is taken to pnddle the roots and mulch the sur face. Cut off the ends of the roots till they show plump and unbroken; dip them in thin mud made up oif manure water; dig the holes deep, and throw in any old bouts and shoes arid bones that can be found; hold the tree in so that it sets Iowct than in the nursery row, ex cept with apple and cherry trees, and fill in with the surface earth, leaving the red or yellow or white subsoil for the surface; then cover, not with manure, but with straw, bark, boar <la or stone. The old fancv for large trees to set out is not yet done away with. The other day 1 hear I a neighbor complain of his small trees. "Little whips, no tons at all," he said. "The roots were good; on, yes.'' But those trees will not be checked by transplanting. He has put a little ashes on tliem and they will grow right along. The same day I saw a wagon load of large trees in Washington. I inquired where they were from, and who for. They came from Gillingham & Co. to Coldweil & King, surplus stock to l>e sold at auction. They were regarded unfit to send out to regular customers. And yet many would think they were doing a nice thing in paying tiftv cents or a dollar apiece for tli>-iu, because they'were so large yon know. Well, I might take one or two and nurse it, and by cut

ting the top back pretty well make a good tree ol it and Save a Year's time, but I couldn't do it with an orchard. I'll take the little trees if you pleate. WAHTEP, A GOOD SHOE. The farmer for his spring and summer w irk requires a good shoe, and in this line there is vet room for improvement. We have not yet the perfect shoe. The "Champion"' shoe was of fered to the f armer with a nourish of truuap >ts, and now the manufacturers sing the praises of "Cable Wire." The first is perhaps aseasy. the second as lasting as any, but none are as cheap as the old ariry sewed shoe. The man who will make an easy, honest, serviceable shoe, that will keep out the dirt, and offer it at something less that one hundred |>er cent, on the cost, will make money and be a bent factor of his kind. PEAR m.tOHT. Prevention Is better than cure. And in the matter of i>car blight it is the only resort. Blight and the borer is all the pear grower lias to fear. Keep out the first by keeping the quince stock of ttie dwarfs well covered with eaith. Prevent the second by keeping the trees in a healthy condition. First, do not plant in a wet place, and, secondly, unless in a s'onv subsoil. undcrdrain if i?os.sible. Manure t? the fa'l. I>o not put any manure on now; it Is too late; a little bone, ashes or lime if you will, but nothing to promote a heavy summer growth. This mnkes too much soft wood, and m ike* th tree subject to the frozen sap blight. The other, and perhaj** the more common blight, is that caused by a minute tungus,<some* sav insect, but it does not matter,! probably in midsummer. This can be pretty effectually prevented by a mash|of lime, soft soap, sulphur and carbolic acid, applied to the truuk and limbs with a paint brush, which should be cleaaeel immedi ately after using. The wash is made of a quart of lime, slacked as for whitewash, to which is added a teacup full of strong sott ?oap. 2 ounces flour of sulphur, and 3 dr. carbolic aciel pure, or al>out r> dr. crude. It shouUl be applied in May and July. It is well, too, to allow sprouts oh the tinnk on the south and east sides to grow as high as the branches, if pruned in orchard stvie, so as to shade the trunk and prevent sun crack. One thing more, to keep the young trees in full vigor, do not let the young trees bear heavily. I do not know when I have seen fruit trues so profile in bloom as now, and so I apprehend we will liave increased labor in picking oft' the surplus sets. April 2*, 1*73. CITY ITEMS. " Soft Crabs" at Schwiug ?Sfc Clark's, 7th and G streets. Cto Hamilton & Pearson's, Y. M. C. A. Build g, yth ami D streets. JrLirs, Smashes, Ce>cKTAiLB and other prescription* carefully compounded by Geo. W. l>river and his corps ol' efficient assistants at the new sample rooms corner Pennsylvania avenue and Four-and-a-half street. 4,5 Sprijco Chickehs on toast at Schwinj & Clark's, corner 7th and G streets northwest? Patent Office Restaurant. New Designs Slate* Mantels, 325 to *230 Hamilton & Pearson, Y. M. C. A. Building, :>th and D. 4,3,.?5 " Bros Bfbb"from .lacob Srgar, Baltimore, at Schwing jt Clark's, 7th and G streets?Pat ent Office Restaurant. Over-exertiow, either of body or mind, pro duces debility auddisease. The uJual remedy is to take some stimulant, the effect of which is the same as giving a tired horse the whip in stead of oats. The true way is to fortifv the system with a permanent tonic like the Peru vian Syrup, (a protoxide of Iron,) which pives strength aud vigor to the whole system. 4,1,6 Tni pelicacy of the season is the soft crab at Schwing & Clark's, southeast corner of 7th and G streets. An Invoice of the finest vet put in the market may be found; large, fat and sweet; Patent Office Restaurant. For Crt^tal, Gilt and Bronxe Chandeliers I. Bulk 4,3,005 Comtextmejit and happiness reign in all households were Dooley's Yeast Powder is used. Try ' it. Your grocer has it. Put up full weight. 2,6 To obtain the most delicious julip or smash, made of the finest material, and manipulated in the ipost artistic manner, so to Geo. w. Driver's new sample rooms, corner Pennsylvania avenue and Four-and-a-half street. 4,5 Garpkk Vases aw? Fountains, Statuary. &c., at Hamilton & Pearson's, Y. M. C. A. Building, 9th and D. 4,3,eo5 Tested bt Tim* For throat diseases, colds, and coughs. " Rrtrwn't Brt/tichial Trochet" have proved their efficacy by a test of many years. t,th,s ? It ir a* Established Fact, that Con sumption can be cured; but is far bettor to prevent the cruel disease from fastening itself on the system, by the timely use of a remedy like Dr. M'istar's Ralsam of IKt7d Ch'riy. This standard preparation will sj?eedily cure a cough or cold, and even Consumption often yields to its great power. C Shirts made to Order?Gentlemen fur nishing their own material, can havu their Shirts made to order at the shortest notice, at Keen's, 422 9th street northwest. Satisfaction guaranteed. 4,19,1: e Pohd's Extract cures rneumattsm, burns, piles, ulcers, toothache, sore throat, sprains, scales, soreness, old sores, headache, colic, lameness, bruises, boils, wounds, ?neuralgia, hoarseness, diarrhoea, and all hemorrhages, etc. Pond's Extract differs from all other advertised preparations tn the fact that It is a standard medicine, treated of in medical writings, and known to be a cure for these diseases, m,th^,U' ? Cocas, Cold ok Sore Throat requires immediate attention, as neglect oftentimes re sults !? some incurable lung disease. "Hrovm's Hrtmtki+l Tr+cktt" will almost invarlablv give relief. 0,t,th,8 The Cejttacr Limimeet?has cured?does core, and will cure more oases of Rheuma tism?stiff Joints, swellings, and lameness upon nan and beast in one day, than all other arti cles have In a hundred years. One says:?"I have not hold a pen in seven months mow I am all right." Another, that "The Centaur Lini ment cured a frightfsi born without a scar;"? another, "It rsstored to use a hopele??ly lame horse, worth four hundred dollars," eto. Try it once. It is a wonderful^thing. 4,6,eo5 ?the an ^ IA Tn h[Atioval Bathim Ban, comet of Kew York avenue and lflth street, pays ? per ct. per anpuB on deposits fbr eaah ulaadw month. BMkSji hears,tie4. nrr being lnrtlspenast thoamuu off a and near to visit Dr. WfltoTtbo OMw^Ia Banjo's hoopsklrt and oorsst factory, Intelligencer Building. Twnaomrraas and barometers are repaired and made to order by Heapler, near 4% street. GEORGETOWN. Assxsstxu Daxauu?The hoard appointed to iNeM tiic daoMtrt occasioned by the changes of grade* of jtrcets. comn^need their operation* in Georgetown vesterday afternoon, at the east end of Bridge street. Fihh Wharf.?The receipts of fish ve<?t?Tdaj afternoon and to-day were larger than for sev eral years part, amounting to 121,000 herring, with hut few shad or tavlors. The Uorriug Mid at from #2 to 13.25 per thousand. Rivek Niws.?The Potomac is .]?ite full to day, and some are apprehensive of a freshet. The steamer Lady of the Lake cleared to-day for Norfolk, with a miscellaneous cargo, ana the cteamer Georgsanna arrived from Balti more with a full cargo of general merchandise The schr. Mary Augusta arrived to-dav with 75,000 feet of fnmlxrr for Joe.^k *f. L. Libbey, and 10,000 feet do. for Wheatlev Bros. Also, the canal boat Anna E. Mctjuade arrived with 50,tOO teet oak, JUvli and popUr lumber for Jot. & J. G Libbey. Thb Canal Toll??The Cnmberland Stmt says:?rt appears to be pretty generally ac knowledged that the recent increase in the rate of tolls on the transportation or coal on the Chesapeake and Ohio canal of tve cents per ton has had a most disastrous ofleet on the busi ness of that thoroughfare, and consequently upon the trade of the country through which it passes. A ]>etition is being circulated in Alle f:any. Washington and Frederick counties, acti ng the directors of the canal to nut the rate of toll back to that of last year. The petition will be signed by a large number of persons. Literary ?Attention is called to the read ings at West street chapel, advertised tor to morrow night. Tfcose who heard Prof. Tare*, dale and Miss Ware under the same auspices last month, promise themselvesanothereveni ig of rare enjoyment. Georgetown Advertisement*. RELICT READING, O B) PROF. JOHN TWKKPAI E and M188 ANNIE D W \ HK. At WEST STREET CHAPEL, OKOKGETOWS FRIDAY EVENING. MAY 9th,1n3. F^sthsl after the reading in Infant Clas- KuontJ AJn issi n. 25 cents. For the bcueat of th- :><?? Pr^byterian Chnrch. mS 2t KISSINGKN AND Y1CHET WATER oil draught, corner Bridge and Wellington *t?., G<*' rgetown. d J-<5? * |^? THOMAS DOW LING, Auct*r; Georgetown ? TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALl'ABl E REAL ES TATE IN GEORGETOWN. D C By virtue of a deed of trust from Charles T. Edinonston aiN wife, made January 2Sth. ltj7o, .^corded smong>t the land records ,.f ?aid District in Liber No. 6<S. folio su, Ac., and at the request of the party secured th-r-bv, I will offer for sale at pnbHc auction, on TIICRSDa Y. th- il? I of Hiyi |8(o. ?t do c"ck p. m., in front 01 th?* pr^ns ifu*#, All thai Lot of Oroand in G**org#?ti?wri af ? rf? jaW, known ajnrl deforitw-tl the Southern part r?f lot N- 61, In Peter B-atty, ThrHkeld, and Deakin s addition to said town; said part having a front of thirty-two feet on the west side of Lingan street, between 1st and Pr.?spect streets, and Ruining back of that width to the r*ar. The property is improved by a snlistantial Frame Dwelling recently repaired. Terms: Oi.e-fmirth of the purchase money ca?h, and the residne In ?ix. twelve. and eighteen months Jor ? hich notes bearing six per cent int?rent from thedaj of sale shall be riven, to be secured by s deed of trust of the premise* The term* of sale must be eomp'ied with within four d.ijs after day ..f ?ale,or the property fhall be reaold npon flvo da?* notice at the risk and cost of the defaulting pu chaser. AH conve>ancing at buyers' co?t. a de posits of ?2>I0 will be required at the cloee of ?al' HUGH CAPERTON. Trusts*. m7 fOonrier] TUPS. DOWL1NG. Auct. BY THOMAS DOW LING, Auctioneer, 138 Bridge street, Georgetown. TRUSTEE f SALE or VALUABLE MILL PftOP ? ERTY IN GEORGETOWN, D O & . ?y virtue of ad<?ed f tru?t,diil> re< .rled in bj Liber N C. T.No.Ii, folio 447, 4c., of the land "records of th.-District of Columbia, and at 'he request of the parties secured thereby, the stgu< d, as trustee, w ill ffr f >r sale at pub ic atic nir?Sm?*i",t 5 30 ? "clock p m.,on Kf?PAY, May 1t,S73, on th** premise*, &u th real estate mentioned and described and Conveyed in said deed uf trust, aud the buildings. Improvements, rights, a a> s, an I appurtenance* to the same belong ing,^eing a porti. n of ground situated at the north east corner of the inters*. on of Water and Poto mac street*, in Georgetown, in said District, of woicli a part fr??Dt? 46 f**rt nn Water street, an*l t< nds back north of that w idth 61 feet, aud another ?a. the fi.nner part on the north, and fronts Uu 0-1J n*-t on Pot. nine *tr**#?t, <?\t^u liijsr l? ? k *-a?-t of that wulth 71 feet to an alley, improve*! with thr*# large three siory brick buildiiig#, 11 ?* occupied ?%-? a pai^r inill. Teimsof sale: One-third cash; balan^ in two (J notes of i^ual auu'tmts, pa3 ?M- re-p^. ti\eiy in ?>!*?* and two >ears after date, with inter"?t at ?i* p.-r cent, per annum, interest payable semi annually, secured by a deed of trust np-.n the premises sold, *?U to be paid at the time of ^ale. All convevanein* at purchaser's cost. If the term- of ??|* nH com plied with within six (6) days from the time of sale the property will be sold at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. ED. SHOEMAKER. Tm.te*. ma-? THOS DOWL1NG, Auct r. Dry gooim} at popllar prices. For GOOD BARGAINS be sure to go to BENJAMIN MILLER, * 101 Bridge street, Georgetown. Japanese Poplins at 2f and 36c.; Japanese Silks. '"Sj tlj, plain Dress G->ods, In all the n-w w'V, Sto-i Black Bilks from 41 2.'>to #3; Black Grena>line? from IV. to *1; tH?au>iful Plaids for children, 15c., *v., 25c.; Victoria Lswn*. ?c., 25c., Xcj Piques, *)c., 2ic., 37c., 6*c.; Black A'pacas and Mohairs, a splendid quality, as low as 60c. Cloths, Cassimers. Liuen Drill-, all the n>v?l tjf* In Parasols; One case more cf the splendid 4 4 Bleached Cotton, 12ttc. ap23 tr J^EADY FOB TBI BPB1BQ TRADE. .With a fnll corps of first class workmen, a om Kte stock of the beet foreign and domestic Dye ft, Ac., Ac., I am folly prepared to CLEAN OB RECOL0R LADIES' AND GENTS' SPRING AND SUMM KB WEARING APPABEL, promptly and in the best manner. FREMJUM ^ST&AM*dVe/'o^Jd 8CO UR INO WORKS, " ESTABLISHED 1&31. Premium awarded 1867. Office,49 Jefferson st ,Georgetown, D. O Post Office Bijx 723. ap7-:r OLn, 1 4 Nkw, No.4??S PAPERHANGING9. {n ., 4.19 7th 8r.\ (7th St. MOW OPEN AT MARKRITIR'S, Mo. 439 7th street, between D and E streets, Eight doors above Odd Fellows' Hall, PAPEBHANGLNGS of new and stylish design* of the best fabrics and II nish, selected with due regard to harmony of color, durability, richness and econo my. A large portion made specially to order, em bracing beautiful stripe and other designs iu Gilt aud Plain Colors, appropriate ror drawing room*, Ac.; 90 and M inch plain tints for panneling with gilt rod or finishing plain, with a full line of medium and low-priced Papers, patent and perfect represen tations of Wood and Marole,for panneling balls and vestibules. BORDERS in G;lt, Yelvet and Gilt Imitation Fresco, and Common; Center Pieces, French Fireboard Prints, Ac., making the largest and moat complete assortment in the District, WINDOW SHADES. New designs, different sizes aud colors; also, Plain Goods in Pearl, Chocolate, Laveuder. Green and Stoue Colors fur Raking into Shades. Shades made to order. PICTURE FRAMES. Solid Oval, Walnut and Gilt, and all Gilt Frames from 3x4 to 28x3U inches. Box Oval Frame* for Wreaths at cost. A beautiful selection of French and American Gilt and Velvet Frames for Ivorvtype and Porcelain Pictures. Card Frames in ereat variety. Frames made to order. PICTURE CORD AND TASSELS from Card to Portrait Sire, different color*; also. Gold Plated, Tinned and Wire Ceuter Picture Cord, very superior goods; Porcelain and Brass Head Pic ture Nails, Rings, Screw Eyes, Ac. PAINTINGS. ENGRAVINGS, CHBOMOS, Ac. A limited, but choice, selection iu appropriate frames always in store on exhibition and sale. Chromos and Engravings ordered. Orders for Paperhanging, Window Shades o' Pic ture Frames punctually tilled and satisfaction guar anteed. Terms cash. Please remember name. _ Old No 4*6. J. MARKRITER, and number 439 7th street, alfl lm Between D and E stieots. OWING TO THB ILL-HEALTH OF THE undwrsigned. the Wood and Coal Yard of CAM EBON A SON will be closed on the 31st of May, and during the Summer. Due notice wilt be given of the re-opening of the same. Our customers can Set their summer snppliesfrotn ns dnring thi* month, ill parties indebted to ns are respectfully requested to settle at once. m3-eo4t* JOHN L CAMERON. pASTUBAGB FOB COWS AND HOUSES. Apply to * _ JNO. KNOTT, Jr., ml-eelm" At K. Lyon's Mill, on Bock Ci ,>efc. D isbolution Washington, D. 0., April 16,18T3. The copartnership heretofore existing between Elphonco Youngs and Wm. H- Sears, under the name and firm of ELPHONZO YOUNGS A CO., is dissolved by tnatnal consent, the second term of such copartnership having this day expired. The busi ness will be continued at the old stand (Masonic at the old stand (Maeonie Temple, corner tth and F streets,) by BLPHONZO YOL NtJs, who will pay all inst claims against and collect all ? on?ts dae said fins. m-aiL0?08 That!king my friends and Mm public for th"lr lfb Cii.woad ,wotf,u" ILfaOBZO TOCNOS. Having spent the past two yews very satisfactorily with Mr. Youngs in the above aassed business, I would take this opaortnnity to thank mj friends and the public for their sat ran age, and chnaitwlr rsc Wouao m kmmiMi uatibjM mss Lsysuts*?*' 8TSS?^p,?3| apM-lm ?TM K street, at O?al. ?|'HB NEAREST ROUfl to the Vienna Expoei I tton ishy the way of A.STEAUB', ltll Iw ave.,near 11th. s? in inr ruy. muuey loanru al [ae lowest rati H ns of interest on Goldand Silver Watches, Dismonds, Plate and Plated Ware, Guns, Pistols Ladies and Gentlemen s Clothing, Carpets, ai d all articles ol tbsUt, al4 1y PIANOS, Ae. wmm GREAT BAKGAISS fcjb IN PIANOS MM firm vhidthx^Bwi. hi mn On* 7 octave ro ??wo?d Chick ? ring Piano I? ? j .? ?. 11*1 let A C<?i??od u |L ?< 44 |ubr A Co ? . m 44 Andrew Stein - " | *4 44 |i<fn A Btcoi w " ?S " " Fnb, Hall A Poad 1? " T u " Hal let A Coiaaton *W F<r sal?? ?pon r?T trnrn atthe of w.g mm?onA?).. Bolt" Aetata for Ntemway celebrated Piano* and Miwon A Hamlin Ornnt. ?? <' GUSTAV Kins. PKACTUAL HA * O ft AK?A, formerly foreman for f. Light* A Co., toner f-r Suinway A B'H'JMVI and I at* tnner for M etterott A ( ?. Tm?r? *?' and repairer of PIANOS aod OE<iANS. ??. ? ?* Km York Ord?r?l?ft at It?rrS Jewelry 9tore, 6:19 Pennsylvania atenue; Naira'a Drug Store, aorner P-nn*vh ania aveiw and Mb ?tre*t, Rosenthal's. Ml 7th *trv*t. corner "f H. will meet with prompt attention, and (attraction guaran teed. aHly WTIEFFf PIANOS, nnenpamed in iwrrtaM of t<>ne and excellence of tlniah, low Prioea?*^^^ and easy terais. G L. W ILD * BKO.JHBBl Agents, 430 11th atrwat, near northwestTTTmTl corner Pennsylvania avenue, dealer* 1a Pitaoa ud Mu-ical Instruments g< o*'ally. Tauir s and Rrpairing,~P>>lisbing and Varnishing receivr faithful attention. apl7 tr JF. LUCAS. 1143 7th atreet n. TWaa tad ? Knuituor V Piaac* atui OrtMi. Or ders received at Tbompaoa a corner IV h at |Hpa and N. Fork ave. , (WtrV Brtdf*, uarill II1 Congress, Georgetown; and Mo*e* , cor. 7th aad Pa. av. Pianca and other inatr amenta packed and Bug ad All work guaranteed. mhScTy UCHOMAUKIK A CO."8 PIANOS. O PHILADELPHIA GHKAT REDUCTION IB PRICES. Then* Inatrmnent*, which, oa accoont of tbetr M perk>rlty over all other*, have in a few rean_?^ become the moat popular here, aa well aa kl lBIH over the country,can be had bow for the fol-HIir lowing low pricea SOl" A EE PIANOS fram *371 to BCI. UPRIGHT PIANOS fromMUOtofTM, GRAND PIANOS from fSTl to flvWl P,*rson* w bo wish to save fr< >m $ l'JU to !*?? chasing the heat instrument ont, are invited to awl and compare for theneelvea. Piano* f>r rent Piano* ?xchanged. Tuning and Repairltigproperly attendee to. ^ GAEL BICHYtCE, Agent, dE-tr ?S? Ponnavl.aal* avetius W~ ILLlAM EN ABB A CO., Hait ko**. EiiTun. GRAND, SQUARE AND UPRIGHT PIANOS. Tbeae instruments have bean before the pablta tag forty jr^ara, and a pon their exoeUeuce Thi^nTT^ which pronoancea then unequalled for tone, touch, workraanakia and durability. The* hare been awarded sixty-five (old and ailver medal* at different fair* over other competitor*. All of th?ti SQUARE PIANOS bava tbelr saw ud improved Overet rungScaleand Afraii. William McCammon'* PIANOS and PIANOS and ORGANS froai variooa wall known factor*, for?* d, _ BEICHENBAOHS. declO-tr Piano Warerooma. 413 1Kb street BANKERS. OTIS BltiELOW, B a n k a r , 643 D STREET, NEAR SEVENTH, Paya INTEREST ON DEPOSITS, COL LECTIONS, and tranaacu all busia?aa connected wttb Banking. apt If B AR1I KG HOUSE or J. H. SQL ICR ft CO., 1446 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, oiroaiTK WlLLABll'* HOTtL, WASHINGTON, D. C. S per cent, mtrrtu paid on ieponu. Collectktna made everywhere. Dep>mtt? paral'le on demand. Pay ol officer* in tb%Army cashed in advai>c>'. apt-tr Jr. brudhead, ? B r o k ? r i No. 939 Puma, ave., Room 9, Waahingtos, D. C. Special attention given to Investment aecnrttlee. lbvitee attetitioti to ?ecuritiea now effered at pn< ea which will pay U to la p.-r cent, in amonnta aid of length of time toauit inventor*. SaiV, reliable, profit able and prompt.makirg them in evcrjr r??p--ct FIRST-CLASS SECURITIES. Refer* by perniiwion to Lewi* Johneon ft Co., Waeliington, D. C.; M>>aee Kelly, Eai^., Cashier National Metropolitan Bank, Waehiugtvn, D. C.; Hon. J. M. Bmdnead, Second C^trollcr, Waahing ton, D C.; Edward Clark, Ka<i., Artilulect U. S. C-ip itol,m'aahingttn, P.O. marI7 Sui '?'Hi NATIONAL BANK OF TBE BEPUBLIO A (Oornr rof 7th and D strwta, ( OPEN FBOM IB A. M TO * P M. decl7-ly CHA8. BRADLEY, Caahler. PERNl!! AMERICA!! BAVINOS RANK, U Nll.lliBlTIHTH 8ttUT, Orrosu* th* Port-<&(4 " Bank bocra: I a. m. to 4 p. m. Saturday* open on 01 8 p. m., to receive depoaita only. Intereat paid on depoeiU. CUlectiuna made and sschaiige turni*b<4. IOHN HITZ. Pr-sident, A. EBERLY, V. Pr?at, W. F. RATliNGL?U>ec.,C. E FKKNTl&d.CaaiiT Wl-lT T'UE FREEDMAJI'B savings and TRUST COMPANY. Banking Honae, Ne. 1MT PetiuayIvanla avenue, oppoatte the Tl H*ury. FATS BIX FER CENT. INTEBEST, JnttttM htgttu tkt Ihrtt Math EtatA. PAIS FOUR PER CENT, oa buameaa accoaata from date of depoait. iinu OrtificMtu tf Dtftit bearing ? and 4 per cent latere**, available aay where. 1AB BRANCH OFFICES la all large towna aad citiea of Uaa Seath and Souihweet. hunk Aewrj,I a. a*, la 4p. *a. Open Wednesday and Saturday night* from to t o'clock, to receivedepoaitaonly. Call at the Bank ur aad tec a ?*g of the Charter aad By-law*. JA? ji?-ir OOOEK ft CO. BUY ARP SELL FOREIGN BXCHANGB aad 05SCB CIRCULAR LETTERS OF CREDIT for traveler*, aratlaM* ta aap r*rt a/ iht world. 'A* WORR^cOTLLOCH B 00M ?re Oaabad la an aart ot Rimlakd, Iablamb aad ttcoTLawp. /r*? or caarg*. may 18 IR7ASHINOTON CITT SAVINGS RANC, VV Or*# Jtk iftut mud Lewt.h*m ww**, PATS ? FBR CENT. INTRRRST OR DEPOSIT latere* commence* from date of depoaita. Deaoeiuoaabamaiaaaddrawn at will. mrfiTtf J. A. RGFF. tlie ) and ave.. UEFORB GOING ELSEWHERE eiantae EJ Diagonal Drew Salt for B17,j a specialty,! only tobe bad at A. STBAUS , 10 A1 Feana. a near 11th. ^JKTROPOLITAM DOLLAR STORK. THE LARGEST VARIETY OF GOODS EVER OFFERED! EVERY ARTICLE A BARGAIN NEW AND TASTY GOODS! WHAT A DOLLAR WILL BUY! WHAT *0 CENTS WILL BUY! WHAT CENTS WILL BU Yl Among the Dollar good* we offer: Children'? Linen Suita, Marseille* Hats, Lace Infant*' Caps, P.ira sols, MM different Chromo*, sets of Plated Table Spoon*, Fork*. A?.;Ca*tor*. Hair Brashes, Mirrors. Bracket* and Rack* of all kind*. Fan* of all kiud?, Ladien' Gaure Vests, Ladies' Br*t quality Under garment*; Gent** Gauze Shirts, long and short sleeve*; Satchels and Wallets. Kid Glove* and Buck Gauntlet*, Cane*, Deak*, Mu*ic Albums, Backgam mon Board*, and the prettieat and largeat aa*ort ment of Jewelry ever offered; black *et* Bracelets, Chatelaine* and Necklace* a specialty. Hosiery a* usual, 3 pairs for f 1. In fifty cent food* we offer. Fine and aofl Lace Unilling, aet* of s Linen Collar* and 1 pair CuCb. line Dama*k Towels, Mourning and Hem?titchcd Hdkfs, Belt*, Glove*, Shirt Front*, Silk Searf*, Gent'* Bows, Baaketa, Shawl Straps, Stwpendera, Lace Scarf* and Row*, Knives and Scissor*, Comb* and Brushes,Perfumery, Jewelry, Spittoon*, Vase-, Flower Pots, Ornaments,< good Gob lot*, Toy* of all kinds, Ac., Ac. In twenty-Bvecent articlea we hare: Ladle*'Linen Cuffs, Ruffling for the neck, HW do? Gent'* British Ralf Bote, large Huck Towel*, H-niirtitched and plain Linen Hdkfr,3 good Bord'd Hdkf*, Ladiet.' Hoae, Ridding and Fine Comb*. Lace Scarfs and Bowa, 1 dos. good Pencil*, I Britannia Tea Spoon*. Work Baaket, Lunch Baaketa, Razor*, Knives and Sciaaor*. Flower-pot Covers, Bracket*, Towel Back*, Book Strap*, fine Uaie Thread Gloveafor la dlea aad m-. a. Black Jewelry, Be., Ac. To get focr money'* worth, the place to vi*it ig BaVBRBBRO'S METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORK, SIS SEVBNTR STREET, l|B tr aaar Peanay Ivaaia avaaaa. BAVB JUST RKCKIVKD ?? DOZEN ? .. LADIES' SKIRTS, WHl AT SB CENTS PER SKIRT. LDCRWOOD, HLFTT ft TAYLOR, SMS PENNSYLVANIA AYEMUB, aS-tr Rerropoltlan HoOSt fcloCA. H~ AVE YOU SEEN the Youth1* Imperial Caat and Veal u> match? Ii is an mi red ay all and only tobe aeea at A. STEAL S',1011 Pa. ave.,aear 11th atreet. aJB BOOKS, STATIONERY, A*. Bryants libra ry or poetry and BONO. ? .?. STOWR* LIBRARY or FABOCB F10 TBr*,CBIR-S tint OFCRRfST. ta ^ibwrlplh'ii recmed at 1411 PeanayWar la ?? *L.U^Vm? BI?HOF ? MAE A BP -yORICCLTCRAL BOOKS. inhWon^ AffrtraHaral OaWrT f 1 f9 AurtCMtttrlw, I ?0 Allen'. At?-r'ai Pari* B--ok S M H-nd-r?,D'. GarrWna for PrrBt 1 80 Werte*^ br^BtoeforKoSt ami H^Jtb I w iV\uri ?"* ? i s w ur%^ f ? i m I IV l?f* *? Wk'ri Arvle Caltnt let ..._ f TO Wright "a Practical Yonitr. Ke>per J JO 1 >h nth? H"W< Bea | 0J ??Mall's Sheep H anbaiKtry . 1 to llnw Ow?m' Cffkulli ; 7| T "att on the Pn*? . 9 Tf AII tllr a<-a b?H.k? rw?l?ed a* a* a a. pqt.Ua by RICHARP B MOHl'N ACN? . ?>-tr HI I frni ? r h?*. (wmr llth itrwl. L 1ST or MW BOOKS at BHlLLIXtiTO VB BOOUTORK i LITTLR KATE EIBBY A N-t..I Bt th.- Mthar ot MatD' A"trar an<1 CerrteV Ootif.-aai..?. THE COMING EA< E B Edward Balwer<Lori LftM.) THE ?IWf LEROGIE. A Novel Br Ea?I? Gtboriu. THE BERBEB: <v|, THE HOI NTAIKEEE OV THE ATLAS B? M > Ma?o NOT EASILY JEAL?'CS A N el. To THE BITTER ENP Bv Kim Brarfdoa LAEEV1LLE B> Max> H-allr. RK PT IL ES AM? BIRPS A 8?w Etitloa. EPICATIOB IB JAPAN. HALE H?I B EE* REATIONS IB POPfLAB 84'IENCE. BrT. All the bark rtmSfl .m hand. Pul l LAR *CIEN< V . .Inn.e. l airtO. E1VMVNTAR\ TK? ATISE ON NATURAL. PHILOSOPHT. B> Pr.if?>?Bh*T F >??!??. SF.Y T?? N RT^MKRK'AN BlRI"? In?a confix arcTnnt of every apeciea jf Llujf ar>.1 FoMil R'rd* HARPERS HASP BOOE OF TEAYEL IH ECROPB. A larr? atorh of Blank B w>fce. Paea B.*>he. anY M<n;.ran.lun. B.i.'W", H.?te Par-?. L.*t?r Paper, and PU\ Inr Card* ii th? >rry I.>er*4 prioae ?> ir EVERT MOTHER THE POTTOR T>F~ HEK OWN FAMILY If ah* ?.t? Dr ? ALLH ALTH AT HOME at STOCEMAM A BOMB, ?tf* 0tj mir*M n.iTth** ?t T?|- CUTTAGB BIBLE to be k.4 there aleo T?<> |<k4 AGENTP aanl'il. aB tr rpHE ? O RK8 Or THOMAS OUTHBIA. DP. The On?rl It l(?kH The Bainlt Inheritance. The Way of Life. Onth> P*r?M?Hi Illil>trtti>4. Br> akitis to the H . art WiKli??uf Charart<r. fit for Racc"1 Sk-b<>ol?. TU? tflty; tia Sum ai>4 M rrowa. At WM BALLABTTWB-*. ?S ?Jl? rtli orM* OtIOI. OPBBIBO or A BBW 0TATIOBBBT BTOEB ABP BLABE BOOE ? ABUrAOTOBT. IN . rtrat-claM f<?da at fair ?rir?a. for w|. LlTHMURAfhTnu, EBBRATIBO. PRIBTlBd _ AND BIMPINO POBB To okpER Tt>* irtUi ara IitIM to call and MMntw <i*r ??*. BEN r FEES* H, DtvW Bailoraj M?m<HHaa Bank, and uait door to Jar Onoka IOk V Waafc?a??aa. B C ?Ml tf GROCERS. ^ b. o'Hare * s?\ 1BII 7tm STREET MOBTHB B8T. (B- twerr. M atid I?i I 80 AP' 80AP 1 Prnrtr-r * tiamMr 'a r^l.-?>rat"<1 <*ltir?nn?tl OUva 80A P. th? l??? In tb? III crnU fT ? JU<i l>ar,e'?c br tbt- box of tu lba. HAM8, Ac. In afore 1,000 lb?. aslra <iaalitr B icar-Care < hajh 9 Ilia whit" L A LP. $1. Fr.-ali Grnlin'n FLOl'R, fititu tx*at wh?al I" LA Ml OATMEAL. RYE FLOCK LIQUORS! UQCOHS!! Okl Bakar B HI8RT: Old Oaldnat WHISKY W hi?ky. 8 r? ara <?ld. p-r ?v<tla..._. .f ] it Calilortiia Brandy.|?-r bottle I <?) Il .l'.at l Gin. tier Iwitlle 1 <m French Brat dy. per bottle 1 M bWEET CATAWBA YUil, #2 per gallon. PnrefWEET ('IDEE Ptiiladeirbia ALE and FOSTER. C. B. ??HARE ft BO *. al9 litis 7'b at. u. w., between M aad Jf. p eToITr i RhCKITEU DlllECT fron the Mill* la valley of vieoibia. Will tell to familtea fto rent* per barre leaa tbaa Banal pricv*. Fticm of SCGAK^ and TEAS all marked 1own. CATAWBA WIKE, raretrod from Pleasant Talley Wine Company ? ?B agalloa. 8. H. BACOB.TBB Market ^para, mar* between 7th and Mb at REAL ESTATE AQEXT3. JCAB BOYLE FRANK BABNcM iriN boTle * CO., EhAL ESTATE A.Mi NOTE />/.'' ? ERS, Kw. t>0A UUi stn-at. optKiaite C. S Truaaurj . FOR 8ALK?A handooni' HOr^F ?n I ?traet, !fu. V13. A new larf d' tilile HoL'SE. < ru'-r H?t 'U?1.H,_ fiOCSR Bo. 1019 Maaaachuoetta avt-une. HOt 81 Wo. Sib 3d at root i-aat. for waie or rent, fvir-l niaLed or anfaralabed A COTrAGB In Willar<l a Row; price, f2.600. Several Mali Hoaaea. fr-m %2 t>*< t.> MMll raah pa> m.iit?. We ha ? ??-:eral very tine FARMS, improved and anin - proved, on different railroada mnnlnr from tB?i city, for aale at low fl({\ire? or e*. hanca for all pr>'perty. 300.W0 fe,-t of GROTBP To van .ua portion* of the city for aale at low ftsnre*. on rarf teraia, or will aK uanf for prod?ctire improrej property. ipB-r GEO. TRCE8PELL A Co . HEAL ESTATE BROE ERS. 018 7th ?tre?t, (wr?r German American Savlan' Bank. I ; attention clven U. RENTING OOLLE<""T ? 0u, PAY IKO TAXES and KEOOYIATINU LOANS. Beferrbr p?i ail?loa ' tn?General Beaj Alrord, Pa>maater General l1 8 A.; Jum? 8 Orlunell, Chief Clerk D. 8. Patent tifflre, John Fraaer, Arch itect. Hon. F. P. Blair, Uut.i. W. PouKlaae.Ooui minei' iier Internal Rt'venue; W'm B M<?ea, Furni ture Peeler, C. R. Frentiea. Caahier German Ameri can 8avlnc*? Bank; Col. Johti M. Foaaandeni Hoa. John Hitr. Consul General of 8wita*.rlaad aS Sat* Special i ikgT pi _ __ D O. Wrolmalb Dsalh tH LIMBER, LIME, CRM RBT, 8ABD, Ac. Ac , Bo. LI MBER BILLS cat to order oa abort aoUoa. BLl'R 8TOBR for Bntldinc, Macadamiaiuc aai Pax in? purpoaa AelWerad la any part of the Bto trtct. RRAL ESTATE _ reeled. To this Branch of the after five ay pereonal attention, _ >Bce daily from 10 a. m. nntll tin KEEP CP APPEARANCES, e-per?ally when it c??te eo little, at A. STRAUS', 1BI1 Panim I Tania axenne, near llth etreat. alf l>* WORMLEYS PECTORAL SYRUP, OOCGBI AID OOLDB. BOLO Bt ALL VRVVViSTB. If* ^ RAILROAD ABD leal btsts lBrt|B|B A n WL B wk ? \ 0*c\ *+ OF THE Gl.KAT BBC RETS F 8CC _ CKSBIahlriat. - 11 drrri'#^l,'rla^7.* tale a h* b T' a ran *ei a *?? B*yck ? ??r.C?a ?t 812 at STRaUB', iu. CMhim, 1011 Pr. a*. a*a/ near llth.

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