Newspaper of Evening Star, May 9, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 9, 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR PtkHslH Bally, taMaji nMftc4, AT TBI STAR BUILDINGS, rlTUla AhmNi wr. llik It, fit murai 8Tii hupafb ?i?rn. n m. Kjrrw.njjv.v, ? THE EVENING STAB !? eerre<J hy rsrrWs to tb?ir ecr* libera at Tb*C*!it? pbb vr*Ei,or Pobtv fo?B C*vn pki most*. C< pt*? at ?b* Cnqnt?T Two C*1T? each. Bj trail?three MBtte, ftlJO, 01 Bcotht, 93.90; one year, $9. THB WUItT STAR-Pnblhihed Frlday-flDl ? year. M^InvanaMy inad-. aace.m koU?**M.?od Be fV*r Mi lon^r thaa paid for. 1 ?f ftmtlehMf rm appl'e *tSoa. AMUSEMENTS. w , ASHIXiTONM Hl'KTZE.1 V EREIN. GRAND OPENING <1 MAY FESTIVAL. ox MoNDAY AND TUESDAY, MAT 1?*TH *!?t *J? H, At TRK HEW SCBVST/XN TARK, SEVENTH STREET ROAD. H |Chr'r.icle. B' pnh and Snndar pap-re, 1*.J ALL'S SEW OPERA HOUSE. Yet JOHN T. FORD.- Pronator. EVEKT EVENING AT~* P. M?SATURDAY MATINEE AT * The xreat 8n. ceae of the Sensm, THE SCOUTS OP THE PRAIRIE, BUFFALO BILL, . TEXAS JACK, HED BTNTLINB, End full Dramatic l'< mp<?ny in Their great R-ali*t;c Picture oi Ltf<- ?n the Pla?r.?. Iatr?,inring th- dance of death, 'hrwmg th? la*ao, Ik^ 4'eftapce, ? o th?- trail, the rescue, And lait abut. To i "U-mence with the ?y't<| remedy, JENNY LHfB Jenav Le*therlnng?,<*?'?? ?ohct and dance* . > Mi? B>-*el* Sndlow. R?gi'lar n. 80 and 71 cent*; reaerved ?**??. 28 rente extra. S?*'a > an he aecared at theOp-ra Hou^e. mfl It ?ASE BALL. PHILADELPHIA rv WASHINGTON, FRIDAY, May 9.1*13,3 :*? p ni , OLYMPIC O ROUNDS. Adatnaion, ?t cen'v IraMin and tingle admi??it>n ticket* can be had at Rlb-t.g-r a ;C!ark'? Cigar Store, 49Ui street - and at tkr(>te. It* ??V EUDitt- viderunt : ? ?? VH IMUS M?lwic Di rector*, Pr<Y J. E-ruta and T. Harry Dwnehne. In compliance with the re^iieet of many prominent citi/en-. including t j>e 6o? ?rnor and vtubrnuf the C?onril lid ||?tM?<( De!>-gate?. THE C<?|,:jKEI> AMERICAN OPERA TROOP Will reproduce Eich t? rg ? ci.a-U and l~-anfifol opera, " THE DCK'TOR OF ALCAMTAR.I," HOBDAY and Tl Ed DAY EVENINGS. Mir 12 and 11. with tl>e entire r i.ipuiv. gr?:*tl? -Te?l in v?. c* and acting, ard th-ir Snperb Ohpr>? ii. ncced every wl>*r- "the finest on th- Ani*W*t? ?fage," Ib the ca?t. P r it?* <?f v1'n^?i 9Uc^ata.7lem>t<i, wd PI, re?^rr-d ??oply J8??ent? e*trm. B ?* ?lieet ton ?|rn,*t Ellin'nnicttcra,for th?"tie?( ti. li (ta ai rieerted a^ata. T 0 A RR Y DON EH I* E, nrf 7t Buaiu>-** St?c? Man uf r. WASHINUTO* THEATER COX*;., * i Kl^?en*.h ?tr?ct, auutu pi jua> Ivai^ ?*?uue. ANOTHER EXTRAOKlilN ART ATTRACTION SEE WHAT ?K OKKEH NOW The pif:>d ami 4a?hiu< Acttf-", SoDK^ireiw, Dau a. u?e am! Baij i-t. LAIR A ALBERTA' ill tbf great at a?imati<>n <>f th- day. The beautiful, li -lily ?ucc-*?fnl au-l roni ?utic Drama, in f<>nr acta nud h ?r,.|,,en,. "OI T AT RBa." Ttvdii''d id mip- rl atyl^.mtb ;,e* ? i bin ml .fle. '?. ?r,d with an entire aai fcowv.f illy aacm- nt-d VMimtic Ci)U:p*ny. Th- f im iu' C median and Chnracfrr A"' r. GRl'RliK V H A RRISON, In f -nr diatlnct. h?"nf ??"? TI'** P- P"'"?r New Y rl> A^treia, MISS ALICE A HARBISON. Th- di-tir*iii-h??l y~~n?; American A.tor, Gtt'K<>! M. THOMPSON, t>g-ther with onr FTVMI Novelty Tn.oi? hll.LY NOON AN ?nd A Lit. E BAT EM.\N the gr D lal Cliir p l?li<t?. The charniinir t auiatrire. KITTY ROWFLL. Til' Chati-piou nud Du>ce L-tdy, BELLA Ct>Rl't?N. T V treat C'tnic SinB-r, BILLY I>KVERE Tlf far. rite l.tlladmt, JOS WHIT TAKER. TKa charming anl da?iiing KIRM.FY M^TEUS. K Jean Buckl-y, Mi?ees Raima ait-t Laura Haplaow. Wf-n-r. M ?v, *c. ASCPERB SEN3ATK?NAL DRAM\* A FIRST TL ASS t?LIO' THE GEMS OF THE FAVORITE BALLET' Matir-ta WEDNESDAY and SATl'RDAY. m4 OLD No i Ob Eihibitiaa \Ntw N _ > uri Sal* ? ?3y ?n 8t .J AT / 7 TH ?T mareriterb, ?o. 439 7th atreet. betwe^o D apd R ?Teet?. eight m , ^OwraabeiTeO'klFelloiriHaU. CncKeOii Pafntitig-i, E'igraTiriga, Chroaioa. *?. _ Alao, l?i-?<? at'*-* Pap^r Hanginca, ttr >!?? Shade*. Pictarea, Frame*. Picture (Jurda and Taa Pleaa?- p-niimbr Wany and Btiipber. l?l-ly* All kind* or cast-off hearing ap PAKELcaa be aoid to tb* very beat advantage by adUrt^injr "r calling on JUSTH, ? 19 D Mre*t, beta?u <tb and Ttb u. W. Bote* by nail promptly att-uded to. Cash pwkl fU i kLD SOLD, SILTRR, BEA88, COPPER. Btc., VP boogkt at fair prlcea for a Hew Tork butua. Booaefaoid Pnrnitvr* boaght andanid. Botaa by mail promptly attended to by A0QENBTS1N. l?OB F?oay I van la avenoe Ql-ly* INSURANCE companies. HIBERNIA FIKE INSI BANCR COMPANY, ? t Cleveland, Oiito. Paul up capital S2u>iMi; aggregate am <ani of available a-metn. *2"?3.?1..S1. na lw D. A BROSNAN. Agt . ^ib Ct *tr?t. TH? CORCORAN rim i.iscitAiici cunpait, or THE DISTRICT Of COLUMBIA, 0rtmmizi<i An. l.w,lb<3. capital ?loo.oou. OFFICE No 14?V PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. tOvzB Maitu's Dan. Storb.) JOHN T. LENMAN, Pr~tdent. A. H H ERR, Vice Prt-aidcut. J. T. DYER. Secretary. i?.*ectob?: I'm. Orme, H. Clay Stewart, Vhaa. A. Jtoirl, Jaa. L. Barboor, Edward Dri? p, J?hn T. Leuutan, ltichael (jtcrli, John B tnry, ap4 :f A. H. Herr. |BWUKR lOL'R LIFE _ Id tlu4 STKOXti OLD COMfAXt, THE MlTULiESEPIT LIFE 1MSDR. All E CO.. af Vvari, N.J., Orgawi-d IMS. __ Aaaeca, ? 5l4,a??,i?>?a 44 i. STANLEY JonR8. Agent, jaaf ly* No. Ill Ttb treat. Abe tod iBsuRRor IP NOT, APPLY TO THR OLD FRANKLIN INSURANCE COMPANT, OF WASHINGTON, D. 0. larOBP?lBATKD BT tS 191S. OSt? in tbe building of tbe National Bank oi tB* Eapablic, No. TSB I> atreet aortkwaat. Bo cbarg* fvT p. Ik lea. JNpmMpi.?Dr Jm.C. Hall, John Partly. It. J. M Brodbead. J Keyworth, Jaa. C. M-O.urc. U .iry Bradley, Ji? H Bradley, C. H Wiltbergcr, W. J ?cD'-uald. F. r. M< Gnire, Dr D. B. Clark*. M.G Emery. HENRY BRADLEY, Preaidant. CHARLRS BRADLEY.Secretary. ' ~ " THE NATIONAL METROPOLITAN 1 EIRE INSURANCE COM PANT. or THB DISTRICT OP COLUMBIA OHVAyUtV AVtiVST t??. 1ST* CASH capital ?Biwo.oa* 0?ce tn 3h*pberd'a BtiMtnC, No. VSSH Pe amm atretoa. MOSES KELLY. Prealdent _ * M B TODD, Vice PraaM BASIL EL CROSS, Secretary MBBBtaaa: J. B Blake. Wm B T <kl. Wa.Wall, Char lee Juat, Wm W Metierott, John T. Lenmaa, On. f Onlick. Moaaa Kelly. A. B. .Shepherd. ocl*-d EDUCATIONAL. MISS HARK OVERS SCHOOL rOR TOCBd LAMES ANDCHILDRRN, I33B 1 at ,opp.. aHe rrauklm Pai k. roartkoaaitar will begin April fall term Be^xembor 9th. apw-lu* RAPIDIT1 ^BDjjASB WITH WHICH ar* ibhiI aai tBe feet retie?ad, > ailing, from Saakma,Bad Baila,A? .at DB. WHlTE^katat. BSmtal, SSS 1Kb atra 4, oppoatta tbe Treaaury, a ?B*U aarpnatng to pa raoaa anaecoaU>tued ta hto ?4ho4 Of operating, wt. ch la eatirely different from l old-time prbrttceof t? arlag off the tagrowing to?~ U, or Imtim deea into the banioa, a diatraaaiagly w hick obliged tbe nBr?i a om i.a alakia. Ibr weak* tmimint at* la estrem* oaa. ?, w?cu a perfect aare. thoagh tBe feet being oaedei' eoaarauUr Cora are uable to aoaaa occaai.inally wl 'k aeaa the beet Kr. 1 ?-* ? tkink there la - occa ka>wi tkoaa moat bo sored ta iaklk aad private aoma from hraad war t> ?T?-r Dr |Vhfta^ Batab. fkmaat, u amy of whom Dr White aim naaottoitaa ???Jfaloi 0 femr^ B? Light colored dkess pants t? peari, Lavead-r. aad T-a colore, a?d of e.Telle'it vorkmaaahip, at A STEAL'S', 1011 Prnna ^ 1^*^* orfmins. N 1S-J7 P?N\-v: VIMI Av-BMrB.) __ ??. tiUii.. Brazillaa Pebble Spectaclee. ;aul? tr Wi\t % timing jsti K V?. 41-N2. 6.283. WASHINGTON, D. C., FRIDAY, MAY 9, 1873. TWO CENTS. A SPECIAL NOTICES. Fiif ?I<I *F* Whiahy, Fine Old Kye Whisky, Fin* Old Bye W hi?ky, gine Old Rye Wuisky, Fine Old Bye Wh'.sfcv, Fine Old Bye Whisky, , Fine Old Bye Whiaky, ' Wannnltd WnrratU,,l WarrmMtui Putt P?r? Pars A *-l Vmadulurntfti, FOT lirHtt+l flA-i U$?. This is the artHe we hava n?w sold for upward* of five years with universal uttlffxtioa; put up in large bottle* at One Dollar p*r bottle, or can be h*l ta any quantity. _ tii-s, that we will return the money If this Wbieky doe# nut give satisfaction or pr?ve as repre sented by na. ? ?? _ , A leo an excellent st?k of California WI?M-P >rt, Sherry, Angelica, Muscatel, H -ck and Claret; also, V..? 'h !?' did Oatawb.i and imported Liquors of all kind*. ABTHTB NATTAN3. Druggist, alO-tr Corner M and D streets a. w . Batrhelor's Hair Dye is tba bost ia the worW, the only true and perfect Hair Dye; no ridicolonx tint*, no di.-Appointment, harasses, reliable, instan tane >us black or brown; at all druggists', aud 18 B"itd etreet. New York. fS-?olr EXCURSIONS, Ac. ^E?ONDGBAND PICNIO 'illLERNIA BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION, Oi WASHlMitOXtD.C., LiKFFLEB'S PLEASURE GARDEN,^ i?K> Yatk A r-fut, THl'RaPAT, MAI *?TH, 1371 T.- ket*, admitting a Gentleman and Ladies. Mo. Tickets for sale l?v the members and at D. A Bros nan'? Bookstore, Oii? O street northwest, and Jw. I'.- ll' ws', 7Q.~? 7th street northwest. ni91'.* SUMMER RESORTS. ffOR SIMMIR BOARDERS?Konr No. 1 ROOMS', furnished. Also, four nnfur-1 . ? A ni-be<],and BOABI>,in a l>eautfinl coui.t'y home iii a health) locality. Good rifer ences |i?en. F?r particulars apply to JOHN W. KIXSELL, Clearspripg. Washington county. Md. m7 lm LADIES' GOODS. MISS MctORUILK, ^5^904 PENNSYLVANIA AVKSUB.' Has constantly on hand a fine a-sortnvnt of IMPORTED BONNETS, STfi^WS, < 1IIPS, FLOWEBS, RIBBONS. Ac , sll f tfce nevrest designs. Ladies CAPS and COIE Fl BES ,nst receiver nil. tr 11RS. C. B. G1LLET, I* 1 AT THE nt% NEW FORK MILLIJiKKY STORK, HAS REMOVED Llf from ?14 1Kb btreet V 469 PES*STL$ARIA AVENUE, IVASMHUTON U and has jn?t r*tnmed from New York with the i?tt>t styles and novelties in Millinery and Fancy Thankful for paat favors, she solicits a con tir.nance of patronage. ap24 lru* IV OTICE.?Bargains are now beiug offered In # MILLINERY and FANCY GOODS, By E. LENZBERG A CO., aa-tr 707 Market Space, A I_B G O O D 8 . FIBST CLASS GOODS AT LOW PBICES. Fine BRAIDS, CUBL9, etc., of our own make, sold at manufacturer's pru ea, at H. PHILIPPI'S Hai.-work Factory ami Store, 719 Market Space, between 7th aud *b streets. a21 6t* u ^TAMPING DEPOT, fettl-tr Opposite Pafent Office. Jelling off i o SELLING OF PI AT COST, TO DISSOLVI PARTNERSHIP, the entire stock OF THE MEW YORK BAZAR, 441 Seventh street. Mar B. aarT-tr NO HUMBUG. "l/^BENCB 8TABCH ENAMEL la the beat article la the world for doing ap Linen or ?valla. It imaarta a beautiful glow ta the fabric. For sale by all Oroceva. BUBMHAM A CO., Manufacturers, 160 Weat Lombard street, Janltly Baltimore. Maryland. |T MAY NEVER OCCUR AGAIN. OUR rorULAR SPECIALTIES. MEN'S DEPARTMENT. 3 10?Our celebrated ?10 Business Baits?3 lO 410?We are still selling? #10 110? A good Basinets Suit for 310 JIO?Our sales are enormous?$ 10 310?In flue Busiue-s Suits at 310 310?Oi; r stock is Treaiendo*??310 310?Of all wool Suits at 310 A SFLJiXMi) STOCK, A FASHIONABLE STOCK, A LAKHK STOCK, OF FIXKK SUITS, OF 1MFOKTLU FABK1CS, AT PROPORTIONATE PRICKS FOB THE TOL'NGSTERS. " WOl LD I WEBE A BOY SOME M* >RE " 3A-Only five dollars for a School Suit?3> 3*?A good Snit for 3 i. 3^?A durable Suit for 3d. 34?A well made Suit for ?4 3*?Onr assortment is good?34. 34?Our stock ia immense?34 34?Of Boys Suits for 34 Ol'B PRICES ARE AS LOW COMPARATIVE IjV, FOB ? FIN A DIAGONAL SUITS, FINK BLUK ANO BLACK SUITS. FINK LIUHT AND DARK SLIT. KNTJht STOCK NOW COMPLETE. A.\ EARLY INSPECTION 1NV1TEU BROTH FASHIONABLE TA1L0BS a>i9 tt Otiittt Trm aw> D 8r??wa. (V'OW OH EXHIBITION, the bon on White 1" Veat, (entirely new,) bnttons fastened with rings, at A. STBACS', 1011 Panna. are., near ?tb a* ?XAMUiI THB BOLD SPECTACLE, OKI* 30, M. B. BEMFLBB, Optwian, M ^HlEtl MAOI TO OEDKft. In ronnectioB with my Merchant Tailoring boat oeaa. 1 am now prepared ta MAKE SHIRTS TO OBDBB, bat tag engaged the services of oaa of the beat cot ters la the country lor that porpoae. Botag satis ted of mr ability to give entire satisfaction, both ia Kyle and fit, 1 respectfully solicit tba patronage of the public. ? e. f. IKEN, Stirl tad Vrmwrrt Hmnnfactttrtr, alt lm HW Mb street nortbwaat. K? irowi gefiiug ?nr. ?"? Utb street aad Pennsylvania avenue. att lg Agent for District of Colombia fABPETf CLEANBD AT THB STBAM CAR U PET BEATING WOBES. 4*0 Main# avenue. WOBEIBG MBN bavaaoaMM to strike when ? they caa bur Coats at 34, Paata? E1.7> aad ?9, U BTRAI S'. 1011 Penna ave., near iltb. aM EVENING STAR Washington New and Qosiip. Internal Kivnci?The receipts from th'k mure* to-day were *578,579.03. naval Order* t'ommander .Jonathan Young, detached from the moth Atlantic sta tion and placed on waiting orders; Chief En gineer David Smith, detached l'rom the Tusoa rora and placed on waiting orders. akwiral Cap*, who sailed yesterday to re lieve Ad ndral Alden in command of th? Euro pean squadron, has appointed as bis private secretary mr. Seaton Munroe. of this city. Mr. Munrcc'wlll join the Admiral at Nice in a short time. President Grant ami family left Chicago yesterday morning at 9 o'clock on a special train for Washington via the Pittsburg and and Fort wayne railroad. They arc expected to arrive here at half-past five o'clock this eve ning. . Mori Vandalism?Three of those beautiful small maples in Scott Square were found de stroyed this morning, having been cut down during the night by some ruthless barbarian*. Where are the i>olice whose duty it is to guard our public squares? All thi paymasters in the departments of California and Arizona are, by orders of the War department just issued, placed directly under the orders of the division commander, Gen. Scbofield, who, in his discretion, will have authority to cause an interchange of duties and stations in the respective departments. gn. B. k. Cowen, Assistant Secretary of the Interior Department, and Mrs. Co wen, left the city last evening for an extended tour of the far west. En route to the Pacific slope they will look in upon the Saints at Salt Lake city, and j<ubee<|uently wiH visit the Yo Semite val lev And other interesting poiute, They extrcft u> rotui n about the 1st of-July. More Competitive Examinations The coir, pet itive examination to take place about the l?ttl Instant at the Interior department, to fill weveral fourth class vacaiitm?? 'nthe pension office, which was announced in Th*Stab? few days sincc, will be followed by eximma tiois to till eight third class vacancies und several second class vacancies in the same office. tin examinations will be m.iinly confined to matters connected with the practical adminis tration of the business of the Pcnsiou Office. Personal?The N. Y. H-.rnV yegterdiy says: JeC'erson Kivcs, of j'ue Washington Glob'., with his wile (daughter of Senator Vickers.of clies tertown, Md.,) were among the passengers by the Scotia for Europe yesterday. The Chi cago Trihunf says ot "ex-Congressman Chailes B. rarwell and his back pay: '-it is reported that if he does nov return it to the Treasury o; the T'nited States, he will devote, the exin pay to ome public service?probably the Pnulic Library." # Postal Cars pou the B. a O. Ratlro yd. The Post Office department has about perfect ed arrangements to extend the railway post office service to the main line of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, between Baltimore and Cin cinnati. Five new postal cars have been built and are now ready, with the exception of tha interior. The new arrangement will greatly facilitate the delivery of the mails to all poi'it^ in the west, as the mail matter will be distribu ted in all respects the same as is done on the postal cars between this city and New Yoik. compendium or tub Census The Congres sional Printer has just issued thecompendi.ini of the ninth census, authorized by the last Con gress. It is an octavo volume of 942 pages, and was compiled under the direction of Gen. Walk er and Col. George 1). Harrington, the latVr now in charge of the census office, from the three large quarto volumes, and containing, as it does, the results of all the volumes In conve nient form, will doubtless become very popular as a work of reference. Congress, at its last session, authorized the publication of 100,00:) copies of the compendium. No Attorneys Need Apply?The Com missioner of Pensions has decided that no at torney will be recognized in a claim for Increase of pensions, provided for by section 9. act of March 3, 1KT3, to a single minor already re ceiving original pension, nor in a claim fo.- in crease of pensions also provided for by the aforesaid section to minor children of officers. The return of the certificate of pension to the Pension office is the only requisite to the adju dication of the claim. The Commissioner made a similar decision in the case of the act of June 1,1c72, providing for the increase of cer tain pensions. New Postal Treaty with Belgium?The Postmaster General and M. Del fosse, Minister of Belgium, to-day signed, on behalf of their respective governments, an additional postal treaty between the United States and Belgium, to taae effect on and alter the 1st of July next. The new treaty fixes reduced rates of postage on letter mails forwarded to Belgium ria Eng land, ami hiso bv direct steamer from this country to Belgium. Tbeyate, nmler the new treaty, to that country ri? England is eight cents, against ten oents under the old treaty, and to Belgium direct six cents. Heretofore we have had no treaty with Belgium providing for the transmission of malls direct between the two countries. Honey Bees Not Mail matter.?a letter was recently received at the Post Office Depart ment from a gentleman engaged in bee culture in Michigan, requesting permission to transmit through the mails small wooden boxes contain ing a queen honey bee and from five to ten workers. The boxes are constructed by boring large boles nearly through a small strip of pine board and covering the upper portion with a net work of wire. Inside each compartment small pieces of sponge saturated with syrup are p'aced for the bees to feed upon. An old ruling of the department prohibits the transmission of such matter and It is not likely it will be re versed. When they were allowed to pass through the mails complaints were frequently made by the postmasters that the svrup soiled the regular mail matter, and that the bees sometimes stung persons who handled the boxes. The Death op Oakbb Ames?Representa tive Oakes Ames died at his residence in North Easton, Mass., at 9.33 o'clock last evening. His disease was ai>oplexy, complicated with pneu monia. There were present during his last mo ments, his wife, his three sons, his daughter, Mrs. H. W. French, and her husband, Mrs. O. A. Ames, his grand-daughter, Mrs. Maria H. Ames, his sister,' Mrs. is. A. Withcrell. his brother, Oliver Ames, his nephew, Fred. L. Ames, and Dr. George B. Cogswell, his family physician. The funeral will take place from i his late residence on Sunday. Mr. Ames was* was born January 10,1804, and received a public school education. In i860 and 1801 he was elected a member of the executive council of Massachusetts. He was elected to the Thirty eighth, Thirty-ninth, Fortieth and Forty-first Congresses, and was re-elected to the Forty second by a majority of over three thousand. Mr. Ames was the architect of his own fortunes. He was a poor boy and learned the trade of shovel making at North Easton, a business which was the foundation of the wealth which enabled him to engage largely in manufactur ing and railroad enterprises. The stationbby Contracts op the In terior Dbpabtmext.?The Department of th? Interior has just finished the award of sta tionery contracts for the fiscal year ending June 30,1kt4. There were seventeen bidders in all? one each from Philadelphia, Pa., and Grand Kapids. Mich., six from New York, and nine from Washington?the total number of Items of stationery being about one hundred and forty. The following are the names of the successful bidders, together with the number of Items on which they were awarded contracts:?James St. John Stationery Co., of New York, 11; i.nekey <st Crawford, New York, 10: J. Q. Preble & Co., k?w York, 3; H. M. Hinsditl, Grand Rapids, 1: P. W. Derbam, New York, 1; wm. B. Burr, Philadelphia* 4; Warren Cboate a Co., 19; J. Brad. Adams,32: Wm.Ballantvne, T.; Robert Beall, 5. (among them gold pens and pr^ss copv books;) R. B. Mohun a Co., 14; Philp & Solomons, 5; Kervand ?Sr Towers, 2; John C. Parker, 3? the last elgbt all Washing ton firms. It will be seen from the above that the Washington firms will supply about three iiuarters of all the stationery required by the department for the year. How to Enoocrabb Pedbstrianism.? Bcottsboro, Ala., baa ordained that ali bar room* sball be placed at least five miles beyond its corporate imlts; and the consequence Is that tho Inhabitants hate taken to suburban pedes trian exercise in a way to delight the heart of the hygienist. The Lute Chief IwtliM Chase. A RRANGEM KNTS FOR THE PUNERAL 15 B*W YORK. A large number of friend* of the late Cblef ?Justice Chase called yesterday at Mr. Hoyt's. In Nsw Tork, to see bis body. Dispatches were ffceeived from Gen. Sherman, Ex-Secre tary of the Navy Welle*, and other prominent persons, saying tney will be present at the taneral. BIS ESTATE AND WILL. It Is understood that Mr. Chase was worth f 150,(tooor tJOO.OOO at the time of his death. In a will made about two years ago he bequeathed a considerable sum to Dartmouth College and a university for color*.d people at Worthington, Ohio. It is not known, however, whether the terms of the will have been changed by a codi cil. - AKRANGEMENTS FOR FUNERAL SERVICES OVER THE HEMAIMH IN WASHINGTON. The remains of the Chief Justice will boat St. George's church, in New York, from 8 a. in. to 1 p. m. to-morrow. At 3 o'clock in the aiter noon. the funeral services will take place. The remains will reach Washington, and will lie iu state at the residence of Senator Sprague du ring Sunday. On Monday they will be in the Metropolitan church, where an ojp irt unity will l>e offered to friends of viewing the remains. Services will be held in thatchurchon the same afternoon, after which the interment will take place. President Grant telegraphed to New York yesterday regretting Tits Inability to at tend the funeral there. U WAR AND RAVT DEPARTMENTS TO BE CLOSED TO-MORROW. Secretary Roberson has directed that the War and Navy Departments be closed to-mor row on the occasiou of the funeral services oi the late Chief Justice Chase. GOING TO TH* FUNERAL 111 W*W YORK. General Sherman leaves here to-night for New York, and will act as a pall bearer at the funeral. From New York he goes to Hartford to attend the reunion of the Army of the Poto mac on Wednesday. On account of the ab sence of both Secretary Belknap and Geneial Sherman, Secretary Robeson will be unable to attend the funeral. OFFICIAL ORDER OF THE DEPARTMENT OP JUS TICE. Department of Justice, May a, 1873?To testify the sorrow ot this Department for the nation's bereavement, and as a proper mark of resect for the late distinguished Chief Justice who died on the 7th iu^tant, it is ordered that the Department of J ustice be draped in mourn ing and closed on to-morrow, the day of his fun eral in New York city, and on Monday next, when funeral services will also take place in this city. GEORot H. WiLLIaMs, Attorney General. T^e heads of the other departments Of the government to-uay issued orders directing that in honor of tlie memory of the Hon. Salnnn P. Cha?e, late Chief Ju?tice of the United States, their resj e.'tlve departments be closed on Moil day, the 12th instant, for the purpose of giving employes an opportunity of attending the fn nera. services to be held on that day: aUu *1?) directing their ("epartments to bA draped in mourning for thirtv days. The Treasury de partment will also be closed to-morrow. Tilt Ft NERAL OfCHIEP JU9TICB CHASE.? The meeting of citizens to take measures in re r * to the funeral of Chief J ustice Chase, and y a proper tribute to his m ,-uiory wi I be lie.u at the Vounz Men's Christian Association Building, at 4 o'clock to-day. There will doubt less be h large attendance. The doubt as to where Mr. Chase would be burled is removed by the following telegram received to-day from Senator Sprague: No. 4 W. 33d Street, ) New York, May 8th. ( A. S. Solomons, Washington, D. C.: The remains of the late Chief Justice witl be taken to Washington on Saturday night and will lie in state on Monday, and will be depos ited at Oak Hill cemeterv on Mon lay afternoon. "William Sprague. Later this afternoon Mr. Solomons received another telegram from Senator Sprague, as follows; New York, May 9. A. S. Salomons. Washington : It has been thought fitting thnt the remain*' f the Chief Justice will lie in the Supreme Court room IVom their arrival Sunday morning to Monday afternoon. William Sprague. T1IE IXKIRMECTIOX IN LOUISIANA Dispatch from Marshal Packard. Frdtrml SoUUru /It I mil id to Jid in IA? Jrrcl of At Btmncht, the .HeEntry Ltadtr. Attorney General Williams this morning re ceived the following dispatch from Marshal Packard: New Orleans, May 8. Hon. Gtory II. Williams : I have received warrants for the arrest of LeBlanche and ten other leaders of the insur rectionary organization at St. Martin. The ac cused being iu arms, and with strong force, I deemed it best to at once execute the process to prevent the further effusion of blood, and there fore made requisition upon Gen. Emory for a military posse of forty men and two officers, which were promptly furnished. Chief Deputy Marshal DeKlyne left with the posse, arriving at Brashear City yesterday noon by rail. The regular line of boats of Price, Hineand Tuppcr, carrying U. S. mails to St. Martin, were with drawn before the arrival of Deputy Marshal DeKlyne, and laid up at Franklin, and the pro prietors refuse the use ot boats. There is no other water transportation available there, but it may be supplied in a short time through Gen. Emory. Gen. Badger, commanding the *tate militia, has been at St. Martin live <lays, whither he repaired to install local -rn. This parish was returned republican i t !uth Lynch and Wharton boards, and skirmishing has been going on' and some wounded on both sides. The latest news is that Badger is holding the town and protecting the court In session. He does not intend to go out to at tack. ^Blanche's force is encamped two miles out, and two hundred strong, and they in turn, it is believed, are not strong enough to safely attack Badger in town. 'Hie arrival of the deputy marshal with his posse will end the contest. S. B. Packard, U. 8. Marshal. The Medical Congress in St. Louis?The A merican Medical Association In St. Louis yes terday adopted a resolution providing for a committee of thlee to confer with the Royal Medical Society of England regarding American representation In the revision of the English

s\stem of nomenclature and classification of diseases, with a view to its adoption in this country. A resolution was adopted favoring the establishment of a national medical bureau Another resolution was adopted requesting the United States Educational Bureau to so extend the scope of the inquiry as to include vital disease statistics In relation to meteorological and geological influences, and to dis.semiu.ite the information so collected through the coun try. Dr. Toner, of Washington, offered a reso lution, which was adopted, that it would be an excellent opportunity at the American centen nial in 1876 for an international m<nlical con gress, to consider and, if practicable, adopt a uniform classification and nomenclature of diseases, to be used by the profession through out the world. Detroit was selected as the place of the next meeting, on the first Tuesday iu June, 1874. The Lampley Murder Trial at Annap olib?The trial of Hollohan and Nicholson for the murder of old Mrs. Lampley in Baltimore in December last was continued at Annapolis yesterday, and the hearing of the evidence con cluded. Officer Crone, or the detective force detailed the confession made to him by Nichol son as to the murder of Mrs. Lampley,In which however, he asserted that he had no active par ticipation, though admitting that he went to the house with the Intention to rob; and the ad minions of Hollohan, in wMch be declared that N icbolson assisted In killing the old lady. The confession of Nicholson was made In the pres ence ot Officer Crone, John English, and brother of the prisoner. The testimony for the defence was limited to an endeavor to prove that the confession of Nicholson was Induced by promises of safety made by Officer Crone tiHl to evidence as to the previous good charac ter of Nicholson. At the conclusion of the evi dence the state proposed to submit the case without argument, but the counsel for defence ?bjected. KTProf. Louis Agassis will, on May 28, com plete his sixty-sixth year. He has been in thi* country since 1848. U9-A Pennsylvania paper has the following Utraetivs advertisement: "Small pox signs neatly and handsomely printed at this office." tar The London gas-strike has stimulated the wmpaniee to invent a method of doing "stok ng and other steps of the manufScture by machinery. ?TA tornado near Point a la Hacbe, Miss., >n Wednesday killed two men, destroved a Catholic church, many dwellings, and a great many head of stock. flTThe St. Louis coopers are making a war ioop sl-ont the employment of Chinese labor In heir trade, and threaten to '-stave in" and 'bung up'' the Mongolian interlopers. THE LOIIMAXA REBELLION. Th? I'oiffd Dispatch. A (li?|i*tch purporting ?o have tmn recti?*'! bv (iov. Kellogg, ol I*uisiana, iron General Sherman, telegraphed to this citv by the A??> ciated Frew a^ent in New Orleans yesterday. and published in The Stab of last evening, *i? pronounced to be a forger v. It first appearst In the New Orleans Picayune of yesterday morning. Got. Kellogg, In transmitting it to Attorney General Williams last evening. Mid:? " I have received no such dispatch, and I pre sume it is fabricated. I hope no reliance wili be placed Upon Associated Press dispa'-h. - from here, as the agent Is an attache of tlie Picavnne. J am not disposed to be aggressive, but I am trving to protect oar people and pre serve the peace. I trv to act with discretion in this most?.(licate position, and mv anxiety to in no wise unnecessarily Involve tne Admin ?? tration causes some of our people to think me too moderate." Marshal Packard also telegraphed to Attor ney General Williams, inquiring as to the a i thenticity of the dispatch. The Attorn?v General immediately sent the dispatch to G. h. Sherman at army headjuarters. Gen. Sh r man replied: " No such dispatch as is herein referred to has gone from me." Attorney Gen eral Williams then addressed a telegram to Uov. Kellogg, saving: "General Sherman in forms me that the dispatch purporting to he signed by him is a forgery. So f?r a* [ know, you have the hearty sympathy or the Admin s tration in your efforts t9 suppress lawle>*?ii<-*4 and violence." Every effort will be made to discover tin author of the dispatch THE ATTEMPT TO ASSASSINATE GOVERN.*,; KCLLOOO. Senator West has received a telegram from Governor Kellogg, giving an account of the at tempt on his life. He savs that the shot was fired by Bailey, one of the McKnery tav col lectors; that ii Wfc from a nistol, and the ball graced his neck. He Aavs his coachman <li* tinctly saw Bailey aim and tire at him. Senator West says that tbe office to which Railev wa appoint* d by McKnery is worth ?50,000 ixr annum, but of couse ne lias not attempted t?? exercise its duties. The Senator savs these fat offices, ot' which there area large nuinber in tlie state, are the bane of the people. Tni SKIRM1?H A I ST. ?AITIIRTIU.I. The latest advice* from St. Martinsville re port tbe situation unchanged. During the skirmish Wednesday afternoon a voung lady ot sixteen was wounded in the neck and one man in the arm. It appears that the police tired on several houses, thinking there were armed men within. Badger's position is considered preca rious, and his retreat may be expected at any time, TLe mayor of iue town has been im prisoned for high treason. The number ot metropolitans wounded are less than heretof.??v reported. C. 8. TROOPS for the ?!E\T OP WAR. Senator West telegraphed Gov. Kellogg yes terday as follows: " If you are threatened with violent eombi nitiQuo TOO powerful to be overcome by yo'ir State forces, and you think it necessary to re quire the aid of the forces of the United States, make a requisition upon the President, in ac cordance with the constitution of the United States, siiuply stating the fact and that your legislature cannot be convned, and I know that every ircans will be pl.i <? ?) ;it v-mr disiMi^.i! to fully maintain yonr a;it!' >r ??. ??r.lers have been sent by the War Depa::... . tliis ui truing reinforcing Gen. Emory." A dispatch was published in N"w Orleans yes terday from Gen. Sherm in to Gen. Em-try, saying:?" If in your judgment nitre troops are needed in Louisiana, make your call clear and s|>ecitic, and wc wilt endeavor to supply them." The troops at Jackron, Miss.,and other jsvnts have received marching orders under the a'<ove instructions. A special dispatch from Jackson says the entire garrison was to leave there I ist night for Louisiana. The United States tro tps are still at Brasheors, awaiting transportation. It is generally believed they will not get trans portation for several days. The Bleakley Murder Case The testi mony in the case of ltobert Bleakley, indicted for the murder of his niece, closed to-dav with a long, partly biographical statement from the prisoner himself. Of the homicide he sai.l: I stated from the hous.' in Hudson avenue, Brook lyn, on the dav of the shooting, to visit mv nicce Polly, w ith her sister, who left me at the Fulton Ferry in coi'setjuence of something 1 said to her, but 1 decline to tell. 1 arrived at Neilson Place about 3 o'clock and tound mv niece in her room,lying in bed; I bade her g*od n oming, and she replied : " I didn't expect to see you; why didn't Lottie come?" When I told her Lottie did not desire to come she com menced to abuse me, and angry words passed between us; she then got up and went toward the glass to arrange her hair, still using abusive language toward me, and 1 took out my revolver ana shot her. On going down stairs I m-1 a woman whom I did not know, and passed by her out into the street. I then went to Brooklyn, where I had something to drink tor the first time that day.?JV. f. Journal Cnmmer-t. H'k. Ali.eoeu Ikji'ktk i to Working Peoim.k A telegram from Providence, B. I.., says:?The mill owners of appears, re solved not to pay the strikers for their last month's work, on the ground that thev have not kept their agreement%ith the company, and are not entitled to pay. This is strange reason ing, as the operatives need their money, and have earned it by laboring, from earlv morning urtil dark. But what can poor workingmen do against the powerful delafne corporation, the members of which are represented in the mu nicipal, state and national legislatures ? The strikers are reeolved to stand tirm; but the com pany is also firm, and it is doubtful now whether they would take the strikers hack at the old terms. In Woonsocket the large mills are en tirely oiiiet. There has been no violence. The operatives say they will woik but ten hours, and the manufacturers are determined to adlier.* to eleven hours. A few of the smaller mill* are running toll eleven hours. Henry C. Bower's Great Libel St it? An order of arrest was granted against Henr\ C. Bowen iu Thomas W Field's libel suit against him for # 100,000 damages, and Mr. Bowen gave bonds in the sum of ?10.000. Yesterday mom lng defendant's counsel moved to vacate the order of arrest on the ground, principally, that the order had been granted on the complaint alone, whereas the code required that such an order should be granted on affidavits. Defen eant's counsel raised other technical points, an intimated that Mr. Bowen was a responsible man?was responsible for the contents of hi paper, ana would continne to be so. Tlie ol> feet of the order, apparently?. was only to haras* him and gratify the host!! rv of the plaintirt Judge McCue reserved 1 is decision X. i Herald, 8tk. A IEW era In the history of American horse racing is to be inaugurated at Long Branch thi* season. Admission to the ueld is to be free to the general public, and a u admission fee is to l?e charged only to the gra-.d stand and quarter wtretch. t This in a very decided step to war* making horse-racing as much of a popular si>ort iu the United State* as it has long been in En# land. Iu fields of circumscribed dimensions like Jerome Park, it may be found inexpedient to imitate the example set bv the Branch committee, but their action marks a revolution in American turf management, which oughtto be met in a correspondingly liberal spirit by tae general public. Carlist Defeats in Stain Official dis patches at Madrid announce the defeat and total rout of the Carlist force# under the i?er lonal command of Dorregary. The military trains from Badajos and Andalusia were stopped Wednesday by armed men, who robbed the pas tengers and baggage wagons. Gen. Villargas has defeated the Carlists at Aneo, killing three at their leaders. The victory is regarded as great blow to the Carlist cause. New Tori's Local Option Bill It telegraphed from Albany that the Assemblv has concurred In the local option bill. In other words, providing for a vote, at the next elec tion, on lager beer aad cider, as well as splritu ?us liquors. The amendment will, it is thought have plain sailing in the rural districts- . hard road to travel in the popnioQft citie/and especially New York and STfloVyn ' JT?!_r*A?g c*?.? ^ will probably be a I?*' ***?? The Wilmington Commercial, which w t gathering or intelligence about this important Delaware product a specialty, sav>> the peach crop promises to be the largest for . Quml?er of years. la some section* it dett*riKr<i the trees as "literally covsrodwi* r^"^ kef^e?*" h? g00d t#w" to hou" The introduction of glass-lined iron pipes for the conveyance of water is strongly advocated n some or the foriegn scientific journals, tin peat advantage of their use consisting in tb. Umple fact that, as the water comes in contact sith nothing but glass it cannot become in> yregaatcd with anv sxide. The Privcbss Lmcetrn stein, whose mar lage as Miss Fox excited so much interest in he aristocratic world just a year ago, has given tirth to a daughter. Tlie pnncem resides with ler husband in Germany. UT Mortimer, tbe aoixiemned murderer in Ian Francisco, has made four "attempts" a ukide. He says he a .<'>ane. TELEGRAMS TO THE STAB Tills AOeriMi'i PUyatcfcei. ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORTS. ? THE WAR IX MI IBIAI.1. Amnl ?! tkc UU ikiraiak nl M. N?rUmville-PMlUM *f tkc iradlng Form. New Y<>kk. May !??Special New Orleans <1 ?patches say it is believed an attempt will b? nia<le to-day to atop the advance of mognM lolicemen, who left for St. Martinsville yesSar day. Only two Metropolitan* hare been so Cur wt undeo at St. Martiusville, aud noue killed une citizen wat wounded. Col. l^eklanc, in an official report to Oot. McKnerv of THE FIOHT THt"RSDAV says the attack upon him was> simply a dem^n strst on to ascertain his numbers. The Metro politans tired but few sh>>ts, and then returixM to town. The name of the young lady wouude?l Is Miss Aiuie. Col. Leblanc's headquarters on Friday were on Cypress island, three miles mrth of St. Martlnsnlle. The island Is anr. ronnded by Bay on Fortie and Fortie marsh. both impassable to mtn or horse, and can ouU be approached b> three narrow IgMges, wbie.ii a handful of men car. defend. The women and children in the ricinitv of St. Martinsville have not generally left tfieir residences. Badger thinks himself perfectly able of making a safe retieat should it become necessary to so do. Nine desertions are rej>orVM from hia com mand. The ?tores in St. Ma tii evi l? are a 1 closed, ami most of the civilians hare left. The Metropolitans wounded Thur*?lav were Officer Bruat and Balever, both seriously. Most of Leblane's forces are well mounted?B tdger's are nearly all on foot. I?. blanc think* be could easily cat ofi Badger's retreat if disposed to do so. 9 THE DEAD CHIEF ICNTIC'E. O'MPLETE LIST <?F PALL HEAKERS. Ni* Yoke, May 9 The following Is a coni I lete list of the gentlemen who have been in vited and have couaent.d to act as pall-bear ers at the funeral of Chief .Justice Chase Hamilton Fish.Gideon Welles, W- T. Shermin. Wm. Cullen Bryant, Whitelaw Held, Wm. M. Evarts, Charles' ? ?'Connor, Irwin McDowell. Uerrit Smith, Hiram Barney, Wm. F. Have meyer, John J. Cisco. ' A DiSPATH FROM FKEStDKST HRAST. The following dispatch was received from President Grant. dated at Yalparaiaa. Indiana "Your dispatch announcing the death of the Hon. Chief Justice i* received. His family aisl the nation have mv condolence in mourning the loss of a distinguished and faithful public officer." - ADMIRAL POLO, the Spanish Minister, also telt graphed his mwt sincere cor?to'ence to the family of bis valued friend. A TRIBUTE np SESPBCT FROM *11*1. Portland, Me., Mav 9.?iu the United States Circuit Court yesterday the District At torney arnonnced the death of Clitef Justice Chase. Justice Olirt'ord responded in a feeling and appropriate manner, and bore cordial, though melancholy testimony to the eminent abiiitv of the deceased. _# Hew York Xotes, THE UAMKLINU SILUOXS iM"ED. Xtw York, May 'J?Gambling ulnow of *'l classes wt re closed last night by the proprietors in anticipation of that duty lieing done l>v lUo police. (. OLLISIOM OF STEAMERS?SEVERAL I'lKMK lMI'KHn. The steamer I>ean Richmond, from Albany, while entering the dock this morning, wa? ran into by a Jersey City ferry boat. Mrs. Jane Webber, and Miss Sweeny, of this city, aud Mrs. Hogebooni, of Albany, were severely in jured. A number of others were slightly linrt. The Dean Richmond wasconsiderablydamag>xi. FLAOS AT HALF MAST. At Mayor Havemeyer's request flag* will be display-si! In the citr, and on-the shipping 'lur ing to: morrow at half-mast, a* a m irk of re sj ?ct to .1 udge Cha?e. BI.F \KLEY, THE COXDMMMED MURDERER, will be taken to Siug Sing to-morrow. There is roiifid> rable comment on the verdict, a? one for murder in tbe first degree was expected ONE MORE M EEK OF LIFE FOR NIXON. Preparations are being made tor theexvu tioD ot Nixon a week from to-day. HORSE SHOERH, to the nnmltcr of nearly fifteen hundred, pro pose to parade and strike next week U the bosses do not yield to their demands. A NEW CAHLE WASTED. At a meeting at the cotton exchange to-d ?y, to consider tbe expediency of laying a new ocean cable, a petition signed by "JOO members was read, showing the urgent necessity for su-h a cable, owing to the present excessive rates. A resolution was adopted, promising to sustain the new company with subscription* and tbe business of the exchange. The |?roposed ne? company has a capital of ?1,350,??on. and pro poses to' have the cable laid aud in working order by May 1st, of next year. ARREST OF A CONSUL. Edward C. B. Garcia, consal general ot Uru guay to tbe United States, was arrested this morning by United States Marshal Fiske on a civil suit lor tll.toti.'l. In Itttf Garcia, who was then New York agent for a South American company, of Beunoa Ayres, contracted with Nathaniel McKay and George Adams, of Bos ton, to build toe steamship Yi for the com|?aiiy. The above amount remained unpaid,and Garcia Save notes for it, payable at a time sufficiently istant to allow bi'm to get tbe money front Buenos Ayres. When the notes came pavable McKav railled uf>on him, and Garcia told him he had received the money from the company, but be had lost it in S)>ecufation. He is now in charge of a deputy United States marAal look ing tor bail. His case will come up in tbe United States district court in June. Brig;liana Yaaaf i iMilaa Miry. HOW THE MORMOBS SECURED THE FRIENDSHIP OF THE RED N EX ? DISASTROUS EFFECTS WHICH WOULD FOLLOW A GENERAL. INDIAN WAS. Salt Lake, May 8 The correspondent ot the Omaha Herald interviewed Brigham Young and obtained his views ot the Indian question. Young said that in 1*47 he settled in this countr v with 140 sot Is, and for a thousand miles around tl.em the land was infested with hostile ludians. lie gained t:ieir friendship by acting honorably with them, and never stooping to doceptioti. Wlien be mMe a promise he kept it. That the hostility of the Indians had been augmented bv robberbe committed by unscrupulous agents ot the government. That thev had lost all faith in tlie honor and integrity of government officials. That the Modocs did to tne commis sioners just what thev thought was being en deavored to be done to them, and that i>eace should be made at any cost, or the entire west would be embroiled In a general Indian war. When tlie correei*>ndeut asked Mr. Young whether be indorsed President Grant's Indian policy, be r\ plied : " I indorse his policy so far as it corrects abuses and tends to a lasting peace, and *o the civilization of the Indians. He also saiu that an Indian war would destrov commerce, capital aud immigration between the Missouri and the Pacific coast, and retard the settlrm nt of the country tor twenty years, which wou:d in itself be a great calamity. DS TH OF JOHS STUART MILL. Lond<>n May 9 -John Stuart Mill is dead The intell gence of his deatb at Avignon France, rcachsd here at 2 o'clock this after noon. A'.RIST OF ADMIRAL TOPETK. M adrid. Mav 9?Admiral To pete has been arTested. It Is thought be vill be released soon. CARL' 4T SURRENDERS AMD DEFEATS. General Valarde, in a telegraphic dispatch to the government, aays many Car lists are sur r< nderlng. He also states that he Is making preparations to levy on the messes to raise force? to ? sstst his troop; ID. crushi"-- the ins or rection. The band or Carllsis, commanded by Campo and Gomes, has been totally by the national forces. Hanv of IjKlUdlPf their CS*f weri kflM.'^rhTX Undemanding between General Valcarde and Minister of War Nouvilas has been amicab' v adjusted. 1 -o ? Mad riste TWMT ARE ANXIOUS TO FIGHT CArfAIK JACK. \ IR6IM1A Citt, May Advices from Cams Warren,reeetvsd at Reno to-day, say that GeiL. Wharton has instructed his commissary to ptv vlde partial subsistence for the bandof Snakes andPlutoa, under Ocheo, who has promised La remove his people from the vicinity of the lava ?oCuip Warren. Ocheo has been one of the most formidable enemies of the whites .a former war*, but an evidonct that h6 do^ not intend to aid Captain Jack, he on*r?Z send some of bis warriors to tight the Modoes. ? Bostom, May 9.-Thebarn of B. B. Tltcomb, in M atertown." was burned last night, with six oows, one horse, hay, grain, and farming utensils. Loss. 06,080. Shaw A Taylor's tannery, at Wabnrn, was damaged by fire to the extent of *00,000 last night. Utoi ftali Salt Lame, May 8?To-da* M?J ?r Malley instituted suit against the Tnkumt, of this citr to recover f ft ,oou unoiafe* for libel. Wall Wr>n Nan T"BK. May *?The TWl ?*r *t iu? k ? rontinic fviwwlj d?U. AUMr>vt(> f t?ft Iktu at 1XT , to lit '?ii (\?M loth* be rate* hare tw?en 1 W i pir een* tv>- r%rrx\r>f. Foreign ueka?|r bi( hlrtiMW<1 l?j im< i< drawer* to Mkr * rttf tar ten* m*nt* Tie pxwy market is mm, wtta "+~* I*' fit, h< the rate* to both stoek broker* ard govern ment Mar.-aatiie |?a->*r sti I con tinue* to I* tii request at ???>? per rent , rhotff being held at T. Oflrmmfnt honrln a spght tmnmct :ona have b?-en ten; *?< 'hnn state bond* at the board were duM ami tit k, the ORlt aale* hating hffti *1.??nt old r<-nnf? " ? at *l\, and Alabama *'* of i?C < at *? , rh? at ?ck market haa been extremely dull. except f* Pacitlc Mail. which ha* been wvVrur f a ~tire and strong. the re*?aii?dcr ot the it.t having been only steadr. Facitie Mail move* inde;ei.deutly ot U?? ^-neral naikti Aaerlraa MHIral .4*aarlau?n thk cLoam? MMHW. St. Lona, Mar 9? The American medical aasocianon mmeabM thl* ikthiui and cor pie ted tlia labors of the aonaion I?r. U. .* Al> xander. of RocliiiighaB county, V*., ? added to the lint ot deb ga*>?? abroad. I?r H - ner. ?f the C. S navy. introduced a rewdati "i de? Wring ?Uat alcohol should I* rla??*J w * < other powerful ili u?f that when pr? ?ori ? I BeilirlnalH Itahoula be done with coo- lent ? ? caution and a aen?e ot great responsibility Tu ? resolution farther dec land Uiat alcoholicIn; aa a beverage are productit? ot a large am ?ant of physical and mental <Iik?k, that it en-*d? diseased api?etite*. and l? 'he caaseofa 1 .ige per .cent. of the pau|ierisni ;n the cities ai d n the' country. Heterred to the commitb-e on ttole ami public hygiene. Manra to the Lalet'hbi Jh? tlee. Booth*, Mat *? A meet ng of memt- r> at trie bar ot lb? I'uileO Sutm PiaUict < n t ot MaMchuKtt?*w held at the I'nitnt ooart-bousr to-dav In re?pect to the m m ?rr <?t Chief Justice Chaae. A corinilttee, k. ?? ted ??* Hon. K. K. Iloar. was a| >po med to att r.l tb< funeral, and arother cummntre * a.- aei *.?l I ? prevent resolution* of rnpwt to the n. m-ty ot the distlntulshed decaased. The m> ?' ng ad journed to meet TLttradav m-xt, when the cem mittee mil report. ? fj*m the t^ahU!!y-f"T <'"?rtnSSTLfr*7 n*<*r (jri OMi, * T^alcrUai *ri * hr 'njured. 1 '^".v hurt. v. amt A ^ *? "? "4. MoBBiaTotrv, N. J.. Mat * l.n? i . the trite murderer. to tnke n.1 i trting to Martc himxlt to death bci.> 1 hum day neat. ^ A Wlfr SeNerer le toe Han ;rd. Wiiekiimu. May ?.-Tavk>r khm.< ?. (mI ored.) who kulol hi* wile aboot a f ? i.t. <? ?? to day found (uilttot murder n the Li >4 4< ^ren ai.d m iiteiietd to death. - ? ? ? Terrlbl* Mnrdrr M>a(ery la l??a*a<i ?ir.HT nt?niEa ?<r at cMtto ra?>f? *? m? CnVUtD. AKODO THM THK B<?l?v -r ** V?>kK. ntnTNKR Of MIATIX ToltK 1 he dead l<o?ty ot W illiam -r ??f Senator \ ork. w ho ^J^<lr??d ?o e*tei?*t?? v i ? f Poireroy iitvefctiaatloti lart winter,who- < - rioui> dniai pearance sitiir week^ ago c >? -???i ?> much etcitement. ha> In^eti loiiml l>url?<?l ? 'he claim ot a man named Ke-n-ler. mi mil- i of Cherry vale, Kan.-?-. The rcui iai- ? .? tuark* of violence. A Irtte <1 >i atr!i *av? I 1 ? a : ' -I - eluding oite child eighteen month* oUI. I> >v - been te>tind under tl.e lioune o? the r family. TaiXiii*. Kanvt-. in Salettt con near which the t?odr of St-n .tor York'* bro' was recently found. The IJ?i?i?b-r fam !y I ' the county al?Oiit two wefk? ?^o. The evci* - inert i* great. 1 lie determination ' * br tti guilty partus to juftkc u- !-*ioiig t..?; !?? etloit will be-i-ancd The laxlie* loun.1 have b^en idetit.hcd :i#tl?.?-?' Of B T. McKcnte, H. Tecbnor and child ' igh leeti m<>titli? old, W. T t'at'hv. 1i< i PlinH infantry; l?. Brown .lohn ?;.-arv. of Howard county, aial Wm. A. York, brother ot Senator York." All were killed by a blow on the ba- k >t the l ad with a hum in- t 1 .el ' t ? ir t' r . i* cut, except the little girl. The ^rroin d a !1 !n I'loiigbed lor other laalie<. C A rTr RK OF A Vitm?? -11 ir V W. Ktten. the ?abxing w .tn -- in "i ?> iki? caae who ha*l>een mi? tig tor torn.- tim>*. Iii Bnally t?e? ii arrcHleil in Itiooklvu l?v ?"a"ta>n Mil'oniicll. the ??Lightening Charley" iM Ihn thirty-firM precinct. Klicn, it *e ?t ? n i J, had tonnd it convenient to make tti: > i/*i Canada, but Captain McIH?timll inven'.-.l an ingemou* device by which be* w*? teni;>t>',l to return to tliit- city, when the orti? < i mui ? li ???? ly i>roctired froni the du-tnet-attorm-y tli?* p4 C- r* reeiulaite for hi* arrant, wbifh w*? a**-.*cte.l Brooklyn, where he had "ought ret ;?.'?* tritli the amiable intention of sailing lor I'aUt'orni.i bv the next *tearner in ordet to avoid tbe fate wliicli had overtaken him. Klienhad been In the neighborhood but a short tim- when arr. ?t e?l. and wa* at onge taken before the di?trict attwnet? who, in default of < i bail, corn mitted bim to await tbe trial ol the caaj?.V. r. World, m. The New Yoke Labor Strike*?The Ptnke ot the home*>hoeie emploted by tli--rail way and*tage line* in New York city ha-ex tended to moet ot the ooati-aine*. Kouroi th^ avenue lines?tbe Tbird, Siatb, Seventh and Kl^bth?have employed non-eociety m n. The Cn>pin* In sixteen *hop?. which hate ju?' l>ee i rlan>ifle?l. threaten to ?trike unle** the a-ltaucA in wage* i* conceded. 1'he fern tie CrtRpia*, ot ahom there i* a large numlier. are etpected !?? jtnke next week. The Brooklyn Crispin* will Mi ike to-dar. The Herman Iourneymeu cap makers in New York have appointed a cotnm t tee to rej?ort a plan ot organization at their next meeting. The men in thia buMiie** aro able to earn only fiom to ?Cj?er week, work ing aixteen botir* per day. The ship-joiner* nay that a* areault ot the recent action ot th ? men. some of the employer* are already pay ing tbe rate demanded??-? |kt day. TH*t?PErP Steve**' Will?The exe. ntor si the will ot tbe late Thaildeu* Steven* aro about to apply tbe reeidue ot hl*e*t*te to tlie tounding of tlie orphan home designed l>v him. Mr. Steven* left a considerable estate, a p ?rtiou ?f which was disponed of in legacle* and the creation of annuities. The re*idue. estimated at various amounts, tmm tiltt to a hundred thousand dollars, he directed to l?e pai<l to hia nephew. Thaddeus Stevens, on thr following conditions: It for live years he totally abstain- <1 Prom drinking *i>irituous li juors, on.' ? ? trth; atter ten vears of ?imilar abstitK-n^.one-to'irth more, and tbe remainder under aimilar Liotis, iu hi teen years. These condition- oi the residuary legatee having failed to cornel v m tli, ihe bulk'of the estate will lw derotod to the e? lablishment of the orphan home, prov"led for in Mr. Stetens' will?Pt'islmrq 1vu</,aj>h. The Alleoep H<?v;?'irr bv ax Officer ok the Ariv^A letter dated Orangeburg s C., Id inrt.. says: "l.aat evening a discharged oi lier trom the command of Captain UalUgher, stationed at this place, wliiie under Ui . urtu ence ot li?iuor, met Capt. tiadagher on the rtreet. slapt-ed him on the ba? k in a fanrl ar maimer, ai d asked Inm to take a dr-nk. The captain retused.and was expresamg in-iigna tion at tbe aoldier's familiarity, when the latter dapped him in the lace. Capt. (iallagher went immediately to bi? quarter*, and arming li'm nelt with a pistol, went m search of 1. - :<-*ai! Uit. He soon met the aoldier and sliot I. m at light, killing him instantly. ? apt t;e! .gher ras promptiv arrested. and Is now lodge 1 in |a?l." Heath prom liohtsino I* thought to to juitc painleas. Owing to the velocity with ahicb the electric current motes, it is b eved that a pOTMNi (tnck by lightning ba? ti > pre lioi.ition of the ble?w 'which h<- receive* The uartous syartem requires a certain iaterralof . me to become conscious ol pain. TUet iueot in electric discharge i* but a small fraction of hi* interval, hence, as a sentieut apparatus. ;l-e nervous system is destroyed before coti h. loa-ness can' set in. Death frok CHLoR<>r?r.w tx a l?E>Ti?T"n Chair.?Mrs. Sidney Smith, ot Krssfort, I, j ? ?ummoned a New York dentist to draw - .i >f her teeth. She requested that chlor idminlttcred. The denust object*-' ' d .)r Hammond, the familt physics ' woned. who gate her the chlo- ,? j, " is she breathed it her heart ^^TS h at?" Ihe wL'In^ATT1 ? Mr^mahsavs that STf ^ini UTor. ahe kJt Dinr?AR?EU?tiotori Wal ler nns i ,?roted the dmcliarge iron ,i* i>ei. <aU*T*. C?f Knock Comm. of Lo'- uaconuy. ? ?rtll ha leaaembered, I, the mulatto 'eltow who w"?* oootictad, at *:.? Augwat term 1KI at u?? r. Co art ct Loudona. ot an Sir rJr ^ a W t.;te woman of this ^rwntl^l l^tiiy i ? *? Ihe penitentiary for ^nnty^and^aentenry ^alJowad by law. Ifftbmrf Mtrror, %tf. Tail -1th pie ... . ? ?? ? ? -? ?? ? ie acbool at Tallahasoae Inrltod the cbil?. i picnic, and told them to bring their hate " ilong. Tbe picnic tamed oat to be a pea atu % utting. He got all the sticks he tantol." ? 9TK trataling circus cloned all tha oeho-ib of Veatfiald, Maw., Last Thursday. WThf Cincinnati musical fe^tlral wm a' ended byeeecn thousand peraons last evening. Mr AW the riven and atreamaln Virginia ai? ?ach swollen by the reoent rain- and r -pji i# f a laigt amount of daaaa?e are ?.oming in. WA ooaple of eaang married ladie* were a ? N4ed by the local Bergh aTRead ng, Pa , t >r rnelty to a hired hana. ?' Whopping-cengh" U tha editorial ofliv rapht tor It In MinneaoU. whence wa iu*er bat tbey hare h?a a had apeU of it there. tOT.A diplomatist who gt to* fiant dm. ate a aria. It tssald. alwata aarmamls eaeh g teat t the place where he aits at the table with ewer* that belong to the CO an try at wuch h? a aalir*. it the WAT they mi act/ J*?**?* rith pleasure in Flor.da ?? A teacher. I at Tallnhaseee Inrited <-i.ii. >

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