Newspaper of Evening Star, May 9, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 9, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. Lirgert Bwhjii ii the District Beading Matteron Every Page WASHINGTON CTTyT I BI DAT Mmj ?, lWt. The advocates of woman suffrage always claimed the late Chief Ju?tice Chaae aa a be litm in the constitutional right of woman to the ballot, although he never. ao far a.? we are aware, gave pub ic utterance to any exprfiKloi or opinion on the subject. It u a noteworthy fact, however, that one of his last of*cial actt was to distant from the opinion of the Associate .1 ustires in the celebrated case of Mrs. Myra Br?dw?*ll against the state of Illinois. Mrs. I'.radwell. who is the editor of a Chicago law journal applied for permission to practice law in the supreme court ot Illinois, but her appli cation was denied on th?* ground that a woman is not entitled to admissou. The applicant ap pealed to the Supreme Court of the United State*, claiming that she is a citizen of the United States, and, therefore, is entitled to the privilege of practising law in the state of ?111 iiois, under the provisions of the fourteenth amendment; but the Supreme Court decided against the plaintifl, the Chief Justice alone distenting. Wha*ever mar hare been his views on the subject of woman suff rage, Judge Chase evidently believed in extending the sphere of female labor, and was the first to open the doors of the I'nited States Treasury to female appli cants for clerical position*. At the time of Judge Chase's appointment as Secretary of the Treasury several women were employed in the department in subordinate positions, but the 1*1 if y of appointing females was deemed inju dicious. The new Secretary, however, thought otherwise, and during his administration a Urge number of women were appointed to clerical position#. The Baltimore Mum says the thanks of the community are due to the health authorities for the almo-t total extirpation of small pox from the city, there being at yeceat only from one to four deaths per week from the disease. In January last the deaths went up to llfty-two per week. In this city the death rate from the same disease has never reached that high figure in a single week during the past year, although Its ravages cau?ed considerable alarm for a time last winter. The energetic action of our health t'Oaid doubtless prevented an epidemic at that time, but tor sinic rea on or other the disease seems to be making headway again, and the Boaid of Health hud it necessary to enter upon renewed efforts to extirpate the seeds ot the loathsome pest. The board finds itself crippled a good deal In its work by the want of compul fort legislation, enlorcing vaccination and pro viding lor the peremptory removal of patients from crowded, badly-ventilated quarter*, where they stand little chance of recovery, them selves, and where they perpetuate and spread the infection. Nineteen-twentieths of the small !*>x in this city originates in shanties of this de scription, and the board are |?owerless to extir pate the pest because of being restricted in the removal of patient* to cases occurring in tene ment-houses. boarding-ho uses and hotels. ? The prominence given just now to the Order or the Patrons of Husbandry, through the anti railroad monop<jlv st.?n<l it has taken in the West, ha- created an interest in regard to the history anil nature of the organization. Some ol the data supplied in the press in these par ticulars seems to be inaccurate. It is denied, lor instance.1 that women are admitted only to the degrees in a subordinate grange; and the national grange held* its sessions only once in twoyears.' It is declared,on the contrary by tbo*e who should know, that women are admit ted to all the degrees, both in the state and na tional granges, and also that both the state and national granges are repaired to meet annually. As regards numbers and extent, it is stated that the order has twenty-two state granges, and several other states and territories are nearly reatly to organize. Vermont ha?taken the lead in New England, having organized her state grange nearly one year ago, and now twenty one suboidinate granges ?re working liar* moniously within ber jurisdiction. Kight sub ordinate granges have been alreidy established n Canada during the past winter. Iowa boasts that she has eleven hundred granges. and there- ! fore justly claims to be the "banner state." Would it not be the fair and honorable thing ?ii the Associated Tress agents and the Wash ,rg specials in using Star matter to credit this paper? We notice that the Associated Press in elegraphing special matter from New York taken from the New York papers always cred t those papers, as, for instance, in sending the particulars given by the Tribuvt concerning tufl ileath of Chief -lustioe Chase. But the inter esting particulars of the same event gathered with no little labor lor The Star, were appro pt ated and sent away from here by the Asso ciated Press and the specials without a word of credit. The same was the case with onr lava bed correspondence the other day, and it is a ' thing of almost dally occurrence. Why the New York papers should invariably be credited byfthe Associated Press: and papers outside of New York should invariably not be, is one of those things no tellow can find out. Late news trom Boston is to the effect that the attempted rigid enforcement of the prohibitory law against the sale of intoxicating liquors is producing a lively commotion among the thirsty souls at the hub. ami, as is usually the case, every device Is resorted to In order to evade the law. Referring to the late notification given to l-juor dealers by the state constables, a dispatch -*y? that hotel keepers manifest a disposition to t.*ke no notice ofthe edict, and the email dealers ? nly vary their form of answering the calls of t rsty customer-, that is to say, when a person < Is for a drink the reply of the publican Is, ? W# keep nothing to drink, but perhaps you ?. uid like to see a beautiful striped pig in the l ? k room." or something similar. The brewers e,' t.- ston were to hold a meeting last night to ? ? i?ider the advisability of suspending business t>i ?? -i ndlug their stock out of the state. I ? ?'h has been busy this month, and a cable i <m to-day adds to the distinguished list <?> ?: , ?rted ones the name of John Stuart Mill, t e < ? 'cbrated political economist. Mr. Mill ? *- i ? rn in 1**?, and was therefore abont 67 y? - id at the time of bis death. In the early I Mi I his life and up to the time the East In dia . nip any affairs were transferred to the u???- ?. ment he was employed at the India Mm Of late years he has been known as a v?! n. reus writer u[on political economy, Jfec., mi ? lue was for some time sole proprietor of the ?t < -.imitrr ff'rvr. He wa? elected to the Hi' e of Commons from Westminster at the ice *1 election in 1866, and acted with the ad. v . ?d liberals, but at the eketioti is 1*98 he iw- his seat. Bleakley, who shot his niece in New York because she was leading a dissolute life, has been found guilty of murder la the second degree and sentenced to imprisonment for life. This means that he w as not guilty of murder at all. mud that he will be pardoned out of prieoa after a year or so. The pre cc lent established by the result of this case is a pera)<- ,olla ona. M hereafter, in New York al 1*^, ? person may hill hie female relative-, v he nerer they become inmates of disrop^bie bouses, or a maa may sunnier his v'^treee. feeling certain that the law will his puniahment merely aei "*"?\e moat prominent candidates for the no mi lotion for Govern* by the Maine republican convention. which meets at Bangor, on Jane to, are the Hon. Nelson Dingiey, Jr., et Lewie ton . aad t'ie Hon. Nathan A. Farwell, at Khehlasf' Mr. Dingiey U the editor of the I-ewi?t? i amrnt, and is a maa ot fine abitiUai " L wisi character. U> > i iiUAl sent a communication to li<e <:? , m. i.t of docha of New York yesterday HlV n* i . resigalag his position as chief sn aeli? 11 I pi yesterday received a deputation ti, u . , ?.a, who brought a large contribution ? b* lakhfnl sons of the church. tor 1 he board of aldsiman la New York, yee teiday. tooh up the nominations made by the mator last Monday and confirmed them all, the l^tc in ?CT?ral ' -17 Si I7?g 54 ? - - . .IMM , MH UH iSi'ite ~i>'. jPP^?? ? ? ???? iK ftmrlrin flnM ? ? ?. MM, -- -???gj lav u* i7; Camcr n uv ??w riTM if, *?? M?f l.-Tir^iuul't, couolUtiMi uJ/JTuS &2f?'u ^.vsa?; c to<s?D;; Sri^w^UT J^J2?x2L sSrtssrM wriss- ssS *?*? SytJffiJ? pwh,,r- 41 ?& ^Witu* ss& SHS," arfas; W heat tiro"" Vjfru u-"iry,:",r ',""t auJ unchan^' . ><'.?Pp?,MaT >, H.y ?. m.?Consols xpcnHat nl; or both. Blirti of l?S. oM. ?, 1*T, lfl Ji ' Erie, so*. ' "? Loyfo^. M.?> 9. J.*, p B&.?C<>im >is f.,r m?n?r IsfesoSJr?r amount m'.mSi. Erie, to'4 T rails, any 9.-B'-nte* M francs flu centimes. ? ik ' ^'w >'1' *er't "nil n<>rlli> Mtfrli wind* ?ffi'? Vh"0""o ? > T"rt ,ou hTlv ?M..^'|n T'-miAoor lli? Gulf and south Atlantic states itnu-ssee, ProbabjlitiF???For ihe midd'o"*tate* find I >?or rerlon, dimiDi^liinff i>r-**ur> nor (he u?t<~rlv .M.r,b-?.."r|, 'r??'.y,'iwlV'ui*' BMM^tbe W**'.wV!>d r*'n *?'"? Ten r&* is w$b 'fcstessftww Micli dan ?? I I wa ? * JWrtaWMlwuJ |o OlICDlg&fl !l 1 I 'WI, iHirihllf'tffr'v win.4a ,%| ... i_ wrath*r. Ii,?ht rain i>id low ifBporatnrc followH fcj!??thrr. W(i ari ^n tbt? portiif?et ami upper Uk^-. '? o. O. r -GRAND LODOB -a sails' l\r 6,11-4at 8 o'clock THIS RVCH W:ftSfrKTRr",Bfur -h"f"e?i 3f ?. _ P. H. gWHT, Or. Sec. th1 m w.W^',ffliTc\MPME?rwi';l n. t THIS EVEN I no at S o'clock/to"[/.'! raiigemcata for llie funeril of onr laie P C P John B feaxoa. THOMAS W. roWLBB. Giard Scribe. ^ "iwCAMPMt-TTh; in rt THIS K\ ENING, at 7 o'clock, to arrange for the funeral of P C P Jo a* B. Ti aTos 0r " B. A KlDplR, Scribe. >?-cial nieatinc will le- held LODCtC, So. 12, at 7 -li AfO. tiBIMM. S. G. ITS*1-0 ^ ' -Thenienib r? ..f I NIoN LODOB, fee ^ ? listen rxt&zz'A" vi Bi?*te?dief the taa?ral of It J MAKTIN Mi FABLASP P. r, 8ec>. O* miT.VrV'V^' -'OUKNEVMEN horse r*?' ^'lUEKS.?The nionthl* iiu?tiii> of n-Ei" H> rae Shoera will he h. ld at Columbia Law Jitoi7!SJr^s^s.Esa - WM. H. 8NVDBR. n^S? ATTENTION. TOl'NO TEMPLA~Rs~H ?'w. ffrvss'iftfekrr" ry"3* i o u. r ?a^d-c ?J PKIENDSHIP o'clock THIS EVENING. I If Worthy ILroriler. ff^*MABONlC-HIBAM LODGE, N" lO.-Tlie k*Ttr "i' iiiIk-r? are notified att-nd a railed mtet in. oa bATLRDAT EVENING Tat % o'Ho^to make arrau?< nieoto to attend the fan-ral of our late*>lhlVw?il Tj^TO^. WithoDt further notice. l?h rtre ^bl'' " ,he Hall, comer , V. ai? ?P> nu*rlraiila avenue, at 4 ..'clock p. wil'l take 2?l ail er^ tl'efunera| meeting win Iaa>' place All Miater Max.'us in food atan.l. ingare fraternallr invito to attend ><1 stand By order of the W M. m** J0HM_M. JEWELL, S cretarr. 8T.TAMMANTTBIBE No uTlMP 0. KF' I ?> M y , * ? ? l*'' ? ??i lui r v/ atTonr w.Jl?.^T?>n are hereby notified to aaaeinble yon' wijwam, ?oothw??t corner of 9th and D ?t* I'orthweat, on MONDAY MORNING lib sua or Plower moon, 51 h run riaing of tbeaan.topay a fraternal tbit to the Huntii;e Ground <>f B%itimore, *f'L' TmilW'01'*" ln th* *r*nd celebration ol ot Tammany a day. Toe m^inl>eni are re<|ii"st?*?l Ord?r*M^h^? of s"?' reflation.of the ... . ?emlK-ra of Bister Tribes are fraternallr lnr ited tA participate with ns on the occasion. By order of the t omnuttee of Arranvements. nii) ? ALFBED P CANBON, Chairman. SI1TEMTH MONTHLT MBETlNU B Uiitrtt-* *Boolu now^open f?r sntmcription ?o the sixth; no back dues ifti" Association is payinf a large percental n^n With draaala froa the earniogs of Iaat j^ar'i issue of i ??artff wUhJn* to 'n?ee? wfll be fnrnish.-d o?2e consntntioB by callinir at the oml National Bank nnde. the Sec - n,7 gt K. MrB. TIMQ1TET S^retarr. (T-?*R L|W 10?1 **ITI*08. to be cen lucted THst BantUi V'h^ir<?i L"' w,n,co,??ence at the street, of HATtTMJ^kwVC?1' b?"re?*" 0 arxl U y!r?Ly."A?UKPA* NEXT, at 3>, in the afte'. n.H>n and 7\ at night. m? eo3t YOUNG MBH^ 0HR18TIAH A8SOCIA l^?,gAPIMQ BopM-Art?. Seat ?' the Union. "00 rols. Terma A BLOBS AND J Mid Gentle o'r!, 8 ^C?* ? -JT?"i5A roln Hi 'clock o'clock. . In Lincoln at 7H o ' iSl ???" 8E IC E$ ?U atlM o'clock; at Theater Combine n^BCHEBCB 8 MAN DBAkB PILLS.-These p'lle are <x?i posed exclusively of vegetable ingredteqto, and although they entirely supersede <r*of mercury, do not leave any of its in nriotu effect* They act directly upon the liver, and are a t\ri" froL"^iii iS *"/*?* d-ransrement result If6* ? di?.rdered state of that organ, Lirer C' malaint, Bilious Disorder*, Indigestion, 8lck H-aoaclie, Typh'id PeTer*. Ar., Ar .Ml succumb to h" "f ^lH? s M^ieirake t"ls V"isJe 1) Ml Druggists and Dealers. ml tr (T^*H0?ADAL13 Harrison J^nes, writing from ?y?r a illiansburg, Va., sajs; ^ . .W*" with an invst-rMe tetter on mr face and neck before and daring the late war, and even up to about two months ag>. I received the treat ment of every physician in the neighborhood of mv '? Penns?l\Mia,and of the'surgS^ in t"e I Ui^d failed ^o?r?lfCe*' *V,;rjr di?"*nt medicino i.','.wfSJf Cis: si ixS*Sb'".;Tw'L Sirr.*:SS2f T!t to me by a friend, and I commenced the use of it, and to da) un InM than two months)m> Seshisaatair !J$Jl2lrT4?=l. ?" 'f 1 had ne v erb^M at all " l "eo boUU>' ?' RosadmUn, kut TJZl /?V?-'U* ?<*????? ?? bn'-At dertvtd from wTv'iltSSj CALVIBT *0RD, 1103 Penn eyi* am a avenue. n?l-eo<t wife, a mother to Tnlflll her bouaeboid dutie^, and'aif hSTuS?M^h I* ttiea to accept the responsibility which falls upon ?er, to im her proetrated, losing every day her '?'Jhl Mdly without being able to ear to be utterly misera ft' k Thi0 it ate of wofckneeo and dtbilitv ia mnm f^ ^r^ckaees^^r in UM ihT^ii? g"?*r c*?y- ee in the other 2Sa??5^ nothing can compare TEB8 of Dr. L. qTBM infallible * tiv }gu!SRkE1vS SB: *** ?*"? ere a safe and I eoe MlllOftl I NEW DBUG 8TOBB, ?o. HN Piramviiu Avian, Depot for Bedaaad Miami Waters r^a-lr MU8I0 Girts, by in. Whitney. r of a Brother; by Tbomas Hughes tare andIkpu;W MMhew Arnold. *f* nSiiiD gun. "it'SSffiHi,. JTotice of MUmovai. THE LUMBER BUSINESS, * f HERETOFORE CONDUCTED BY THE UN DERSIGNED ON SIXTH STREET, NEAR MISSOURI AVENUE. AND B STREET, BE TWEEN SIXTH AND SETS NTH STREETS NORTHWEST, WILL BE LOCATED HERE AFTER AT THE f? r. if 13th atrcct aa4 ?hi* ive. I. w v r'9-lm !fATH'L B. FUGITT. LI8T OF KKW BOOKS ?HILLIMOTO<('S BOOKSTORE. ColXII! 4*i STREET A!tD Pk*na. Avesve: Old Kensington. By Miss Thackeray. 4'1if Old Countess A sequel to "Lord Hope'* Choice." By Mrs. Ann SrStrpkru. Antiquities of Southern Indiar. . Above Tempest and Tide. Pascarel IIv the author of "Sttathm">re" ati'l "Und<rTwo flags." 1 he Other Q>rT.*. Br Mrs. Whitney, author of " We Girls." A Fair Saxon. By Justin McCarthy. New Bemedie*. for April, 1S73. Young Men of Great Britain. A journal of amus ing and instructive literature. B? ys ot EngUnd. A young gentleman's journal of sport, fur and literature. A Day ?" ~ ith (Charles Dickens. Kenelm Chillingly. Bv Bulwer. Farm Ballad*. 1!> Will. Carleton. (Illmtratil.) A large stock of BLANK BOOKS. PASS HOOKS and MEMORANDUM HOOKS NOTE PAPEK. LETTEk PAPER, aiid PLAYINO CARDS, at the very |ow<st prices. m>9 tr A LABOR LOT OF NEARLY NEW AND SECOND-HAND PIANOS, from diff'Tent factories, now on hand and^aM^ for sale 01 rent on Ea-t Terms, to make?lTwT? room at RED HEN BACH ? PIANO WAREROOMS, 423 11th Htreet, above Pennsylvania avenue. Agency for Wm. Knabe A Co.'* and Wm. Me CammonV PIANOS. Second-hand PIANOS taken in p*rt payment for new Pianos. uiiMr HUMBUG!! Hi'MBro r. A great many people appear to h?re been hntn luged by Nichols' advertisement thst he was wiling out and would remove to a smaller store. There are so many dealers who, every season, pretend to b selling out at and below cost, and then sell no cb< ap"t tlian others do, that people have got sharp, and tliey ure now humbugging themselves by think ing that Nichols ft only pretending to sell ont, and therefor* hej do not call, aa they certainly would, if they know how cheap he is soiling hi* -oods. He is selling ( ut at about the wholesale price, and will tcu.ove before the 20th of this month. Nicl.ols. dealer in fancy goods, notion*, jewlry, stations y, cheap toy?, Ac., No. 1009 7th street, between X and L streets, neai Bogan A Wylie's. m?-tr IN THE SCPREMEt 01 RT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. TH'HtHrfav af May- 1873. Aroc?Trs ObR?i>oRrF vs. Kats A. E Johxson et al ?No. 2,i'A, E.|iuH Docket 11. Ou motion of the plaintiff, by Mr. L. G. Hine, hi* solicitor, it is ordered that the defendant, Lewi ScLwing, cause his appearance to be entered herein on before the first rule-day occurring fori y days after this day: otherwise the cause will be proceeded with aain case of default. Bv the Curt; A. WYL1E. Justice, Ac, True copy .?Test: R. J. MEIGi*. Clerk. Ac. ni9 f.St By L. P WILLIAMS, Asst. Clerk. ' I 'HIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE. That the subscriber 1 has obtained from the Supreme Court of the Dis trict of Columbia, holding a Special Term. letters tes*anientarv on tne personal estate of VICTOR HANNOT. late of Washington county. D. C.. de ceased. All persons having claims against the said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same, ?ith the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 6th day of May next: they may other wise by law l?e excluded from all benefit of the said ? state. Given under my hand, this t>th dav of M ?y, 1373. [trO t.3w) GEO H B.WHITE. % GEO. M OYSTEB, CEO M OYSTER, Jr. J. F OYSTER. WE ARE NOW HELLING PHILADELPHIA PRINT, FRESH NEW YORK, and PENNSYLVANIA BOLL BUTTEB AT REDUCED BATES GEO. M. OYSTER* CO,, Stalls. 179, 170, 177, 490, 491, and 49a Center Market. Stall. . Northern Market mi 6t MAY 1,1873.?We have this day formed a co partnership nnder the name aud style of GARD NER A LEDERKR. successors lo Lederer A Bro , \\ neelwrighte and Blacksmiths, 711 lath street, between Pennsylvania avenue aid G street, and wovld reipectfully solicit our friend* and the pnblic generally, to give us a call. Wagons of all descrip tion bnilt ana warrantee. Repairing promptly at tended to. All persons indebted to the lata Arm of L-derer A Bro., will please call and settl? their bills, and all persons having claims against the al??>ve firm, or the late T. W- Lederor will present them to ns for payment. W. F. GARDNER, m4?t? 0. A. LEDERKR. JC8TICE TO ALL, partiality to none, tsalways the motto at STRAUS', Clethier, 1011 Penn. aven?e. aM f'UM CAMPHOR Vf For sale at SOc .per ptaad at HICKLINO'8 Drug Store, ns7-4t" Corner Pennsylvania ave. and 3d St. (417XCELSI0R SYSTEM" DRESS GUTTING Hi BY MEASUREMENT.?Mia* F. P. YOUNG, from Baltimore, will give lessoaafor a few days at 476 Pennsylvania avenue. Dressmakers and ladles desirous of making their own, respectfilly invit-d to investigate. II. B?Wanted Assistant Teach ers. * m7 -?f CRYPT0CHYL0N ^ For sale at J. W. BOTELER A BRO., Honse Furnishing Store, n i-St Pennsylvania avenge. ^tLEE'S WHARF, foot tfilkande $trutt. TO CONTRACTORS AND MERCHANTS. Cargoe# of STONE, COAL, ... HAY, LUMBER, f discharged from vessels and stored or delivered at the shorteat notice and lowest rates. _ aU ly G T. AtLEE. Tie LATEST WONDER of the l?th century is the $8suit, now selling rapidly sit STEALS' 1U11 Pema.ave., near 11th. a2S "LIME! LIME! A the %8 suit, now selling rapidly sit STRALS', na. ave., near lltn. I IME! BEST WOOD BURNT LIME at SI p-r barrel, d~liTfctt-d to all parta of the city. ThIMAS FAHEY. 10th street, m3-Cm near La. avenue, northwest. J W, BRIGHTWELL, 440 9th Btkkit. SHIRTS made to order and ready-made. A per* Also,"a choice line of GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS constantly on hand. aM-ly ?NGL1SH SCARFS. ENGLISH HOSIERY. > ENGLISH UNDERWEAR. A LARGE ASSORTMENT AT DSVLIN 6c CO.'S, i?3-tr 11 IS PEWNSTLTANIA ATENUB. WM. iOEBSOfl A SOW ' etf a large stock ?f_1 I^CMBEb selling at low frteas. Oor.Hth ?a fcstt-.* . f\Jll OF THE GBBAT SBORBTS OV BUG U C ESS i? life la to WweW *r?ss? j; then why heai? IBRI ;tuv~ sr. a'Z." 1011 *^*T Utt. ? 10 STONE, and IflVTb""* rat, U CMMt. WANT8. U.rAMTID-A competent colored nurv GIRL; ?' rM<frtucNn|ilr^. tri V* W ANTED?A pair <-f Itrff HO USES? m?r- pf>' " JtrwA: wltihtf fira u?e. Address P S. SMITH Oater Market OMoe. If W*Ntkk>?In a private .? whiteL4lTi RUBjimiitlkTt cliy references. Mo. 641 13t>*tre.?, betwesa F ?nd Q str?ats m?-oo.t:* %j|/'AN'tfBD-By a_youn?ssau, of #?- v ri< ik? in the drug Mm, a SITUATION; good sr. 4 satisfactory rrfrrence gl Ten Address OFII,City Post Offc, or atthe liar Office. *i9 3n U' ANTID-A respectable c?lor?l GIBL. to do Vv light rbantberw <rk an'i assist in minding a bsby Apply at Mo. 1633 K street, between lsih and 17?h. m9 Si * ANTED? Immediately?A reliable and com " petent colored WOMAN, to cook, wash and iron; references required. Apply 1003 ? street northwest. mi St* \VANTED-SEBVANT OIBL to do light hoaie " work, mornings and eveuings. Presence nut required from 9 to 4. Call at 1141 L ?trt >t?. be twe?n Vermont >t>nn> and 15: h street. It* \\T ANTED?An active yon tut MAN with a email j vv caeh capital wish-* to en er into Partnership 1 In ?i#ie paying business. Address4 Business." Star : Office. Bi9-3t* j w J ANTED?Two or three SOLICITORS for one If of th" most p pnlar Life In-uratie* Connski in th* United States. Capita'. 8l/HJ>-OW. Will pay 1 liberal commission*. K. MrB. T1M0NBT, 631 F street northwest, 1 E) * rnil?r g?-,iml Hn'ion*! B?nk. WANTED-TWO COLOBED WOMEN, with vv good refeiences?on? as cook, one as house servant. Apply 814 lSthstreet ni8-1i' WANTED?A WOMAN to cook, wa?h aud iron. Applv immediately at 513 L'itb street. Al">, a CHAMBERMAID. * mS Si' WANTED?WHITE WOMAN toe ook and waah. vv Apply at 301 E street northwest, corner of3l an?l E m9-3t ANTRD-A fir-t rl*.s WOOD TI'KSER Ai pi> in person to TUCKER A>H1KMAN,' Ida -? Loniiitina avenue. w W ANTED?By an apertabl- German woman, a " SITUATION a* h .ns-keeper or first-class rook. Address A. M , Star office, for two day*. m8-Jt* WANTED-A CANVASSER and NEW3PA PER CARRIER; mu?t sp-nk English and German. Apply after 3 p. 601 Louisiana av enne, corner 6' h street. n.S-3t* FaNTED?A WOMAN to go into th - country, 1 two miles from the citr, to d" tb? housework of a small fani'ly: no children. Apply SWT New Jersey avenue, near Baltimore ami Ohio railroad depot. iu3 3t* %VANTED-A competent DRUG CLERK In vv quire at 1703 K etreet. n7-Jt* \\* ANTF.D? A PLACE by a respectable white v ? Kir', 16 years old, to do light chamherwork or to take rare of children; can do plain sewina. ln ijUire ai 314 II str?-et northeast. m7 3t* ANTED?Immediately?A reliable and enmpe t.-nt VIlITfc WOMAN as c<?>k, *uk?r and ir, uer for a lanniy of two. Apply, bet?eeti ] and 3 o'clock p. m., at this office, fur three days. m7-3t WANTED?To rent, at a reasonable rate, for a moutii, with the privilege of four mouths, two commuuicat'u# BEDCOOMS iu a house with mod ern conveniences, and frouting north aud south. w Second tloor preferred. Address, stating terms, L V PEERING,General Poet Office. m"-w f ?w* \\7ANTED?Ey a responsible tenant, a genteel, ?' cheerful I10CSE of mis rooms; gas and water Rent n?>t to exceed g'J Location north of L and west of 4th street. Address 44 A. W ," Post Of fice. m6-4t* ANTED - RESPECTABLE WHITE WO ?? MAN to cook, wash aud iron. Northeast cor ner Gay and Gr>-eu utreets, Georgetown; city reference required. m5-eo3t* YV^AN TED-PI, IMBERS to kuow that we ar? '? prepared to furnish thetu with all kinds of BRASS WORK, at 1006Cstieet northwest. WM. II DOCGLAtf & CO. N. B.?Brass Casting done dail]^ ? ml lm* \Vr ANTED?LAOIES to tak- n nice that*>u? ?F D. E MAISON, ot New York, h?s openwl her Millinery Parlors at No. 413 13th street nortli weM. a.H) lm VV ANTtl>?Imuie<iiate|j ? Families or persons iu * * need of first-class SERVANTS of every descrip tion, male aud female, to cali and get supplied at once. Servants also ran g-t good homes and l>est of v ages by appb in* at th>- EureVa Employment Office, to Mrs. LOUISE C. BL'TLEB, 507 Uth street, near E. al6-lm WANTED?Every one to know that the VICTOR '? SEWING MACHINE has its ntidU t*if-%tt tins: the moet perfect shuttle in use, reeling in ? cradle; needle bar and work* of steel. Agency. 46V Pennsylvania avenue. Also, Branch of Miue. Dem urest s Pattern Emporium. aug3lHr T. W. 8PICEB. Agent. LOST AND FOUND. C? TL REWARD?Left h >me on the 7ti, instant, V" JOSEPH PAS N EL, j Italian,) a<ed 10 year-. Had on black coat. Auy information concerning Ills whereabouts will l>e thankful!) received by his brother,Mo. 110?'? R street uortbwost. It* JtbaveF on the 5th instant, a black New O foundland DOG. A liberal reward will, be given f returned to the Fiencli Miuis-|, t?T s Stable, corner of 13th and K streets northwest^ m"-It* LOST?At Wulara's Hotel or iu the U.S. Treas ury, Miy 5,1673,? bundle of Q M CLAIMS aud other papers.w rapped up in a newspaper, which are of no use to any one buttheowuer. The Under will be suitably rewarded by leaving them at No. 7 44 5th street, corner of H, northwest. m7-3f v | All REWARD-LOST OB SToLEN-a 1ST tMUII MOR't GAGE W AG R ROAD BoNDS, Nov '215 and 346 for A50U each, dated ltth March, lt)?<. Order ffti Board Public Works, No.lJtC, tor isIJUO, In favor o( Hen. Shrider; also, do. Mo. l.tiH, fir AZ73. in favor of Q. Vanderwerken; also, do.. No. 1.4C9. for 91,873 29. iu favor of O. Vanderwer ken. The above reward will be paid if-left at the office of the WAG Railroad Co., corner New Jeisey avenue and B street, or to G. VANDEN WERKEM, 18? Bridge street, Georgetown. m7-Jf L0ST 6R~sT0LKN?SCRIP NV>7? 13~issued in the year 1?7# by the Penn Mutual Life Insuaance Company, of P? iladelphia, to Simon Wolf, policy 6,730. Suitable reward will be paid tor returning tb' same to the subscriber at 707 1 street northwest al4-Iaw4w 8. WOLF. l>OAUD OF PUBLIC WORKS. 13 Dutpict op Columbia, Washinotom, April S, 1873. A reward ef FIFTY ( ?80) DOLLARS will be paid for the detection and conviction of any person or persons who have stolen, or who may hereafter be found stealing, the Mau-hole and Sewer-trap Covers in the cities of Washington and Georgetown. By order of the Board. EDWABD JOHNSON. a3-tf [Bepub.Chron.) Chief Clerk. LOST?On the 1st of March, on E street, between 10th and Id streets northwest, a BCBY RING, with two pearls. A liberal reward wlU be paid If returned to No. 00VM street northwest. m7 PERSONAL. ?TH) PERSONS WHO HOLD TAX TITLES - A The undersigned is prepared for the heirs of th* late Daniel Carroll, of Dudington, at a fair valua tion, to give uuit claims on any property where they may hold the title iu euuity it 6 6t THOS. E. WAGOAMAN, #19 7fh st. BOARDING. IVEWLY FURNISHED HOUSE for pcrmaueut is or transient Boarders. Also, Table Board. 311* Pennsylvania avenae northwest. ms-3f I^OR HIRE - Pleasure BOW-BOATS; also, a STEAM LAUNCH, for fishiug, audwj. pleasure on cai:al and river. Apply to JOS.^^^ PAS8ENO, foot of Congress street, George town,D. C. myl-lm* I klAGONAL COATS and VEST to match in tern IF different shades and styles (very dressy),at A. STRAUS', 1011 Pa. ave., near 11th st. aM_ j^jOST WONDERFUL INVENTION OF THE J. Moses1 Electrs-Gah anic SPECTA CLES, Patented June S, ISM. H. HOFFA.Sole Agent, Dealer In Watches, Jewelry, and Watoh Materials, No. 688 Pa. ave., bet. <th and 7th sU dec7-ly THE ONLY GENUINE Middlesex Flannel

Suits, thoroughly sponged and made to order,to be had at A.BTBAUS', 1011 Pa. ave , near 11th. ag A P A N E 8 1 F A N S 3,000 JAPANESE*" J PEBFUMED FANS. NEW-BMA VT1FVL-CHKAP ' N. W. BUBCHELL, m5 2w 1333 F street, near Ehbitt H >u*e. 'I'UEKE ARE MO M0D0CS AT ?'THE LITTLE WORLD," 10097thstreet, between K and L atreets, (near Bogan A W>Ue'?,) Where they are selling Hosiery, Fancy Good*, Notions, Jewelry, Stationery, Cheap Tops, Ac., Ac., at retail, at wholesale prices, previous to removing to a mailer store. You will do well to call soon before the assortment is broksn up *4M1CH0L8" runs "Tb* Little world." n3 EAD AND SAVE VOUR MONEY. R Ladles who have Hair Switches that have fad ad from us can have them restored to their natural ?bade in _ superior manner. We have a very large sasortne"! of ftl Curls* vSrr long and handsome Switches, wmrr cheap. Mow ts the time to bmy at MADAMS UTIUlHilr Factory,61S 13th St., -.G strset. UHr ? wool Men's Baits la tAi^s different shades for ?the trifling sua of ??, at A. STRAUS', lOll Pa. ave., near Uth straw. 0. LUTTBELL. C. A. DUNMIMGT0M LOTTIBLL k AwtlwHcrs amd Caaaatlasiaa Herchaats, ?IT La. ATa.,bsl. ?tfa and HKh streeU northwest. Special and Personal attention given to tha sale of Baal Estats. M. '?'HE VAT HIM will rejoice to lsara that they 1 can be Bttsd and salted la all taaainable stylos of Casstesra aad Flannel Satts atl. STBAU8', avs., nsar 11th st. TIE FUBL10 AMD THE FRESS end Y0>V??!??? uoc. M Mtd 80 cents per bottle, ?-eo?a 1138 F street. Import*?""'Went. d va j8jjuj,srsris0rj.,i'.'w ave,, asar lltk at. aft FOR *ENT AND SALE. KT'OB RKNT-Lanri fvni-.hed ROOMS, with " boa:4 INH st-e*t. M?*ra <th and 7tb, ti' rtbwre* Gwl-ln k^ttwI m? St* L^B Iff T?F?nil?M IOONH f r kowikwf r In* on ife> first firor. A pply at 101 'J vh street, lutwrn a ?d 1?. ni9 St* p UK S%LE?A tiew.BBIi'K Hoi s| nun*, with modern imyrotnwnti, I -cated ?n i? d street, Wwffo N and 0 northwest Apply at 1913 Vermont avenwe, bctc^n K ?l I. ?NT RINT-Pirt of a HOD8I-4woI?It?m 1/0 K r fur F F F I - furnished roo?n??suitable for housekeeping, convenient to Department. T. rms rfMonibfi. 1. L brtwMii Vermont and l;th street. nr.' * * FO8 A LI OR knt-Vrrf desirabl* twi-st.iry ' *AMI IIOl SI, on 1 trgf l<?t of iu 1 n ont?wn, containing right r'Hi?.?ith a store PUc*' ,or h?"iue*. Apply to R r. MARTIN. Lniontown, D C. mS ?it* FOB SALE?At a bargain, a Ktnti'nl, healthr, '"OCNTBY HOME. IS ?crn, near railroad, f*w minutes ride froai Washington. tireat variety choice'finir, low tame*; appreciated ?hn whi Call ^"Jl??,Sr?Ti,MPK1Ns^??^??ion Bureau, or Oil *8. AN DBEH S, General t. O. a* Jt* IVOR SALE-A fine HOUSE and LOT in Frank I" 1 lln R??. .m K street, M?i?n ltth and 11th This ff ipfrtv La? a Inr sb-valion, with a south front, and is on i*rbly heated B. K. WILSON, > " ' ? 311 7th street, opp. Post Office. F'OR REST?The HOUSE and PREMI>ES sj. 1?^? Pennsylvania a\enue, aljoiniiig H*n c-Th's Rotbiiiant. The pr..p?-rt> front- 23* f?et on the at erue and a) feet on D stre~t. It is an excel lent bu-iness stsnd. and will lw rented at *75 ?r m. nth. Apply to DODGE A DABS Bl LLB. I i J? F streeC u>y ?t j*OB SAI.E?HOI SK and LOT,corner Sd :uid I) street* in.ithoast; lot M feel b> 66 f?*?t 4 inches Apply on the premise*. inAtt* OR SALE?HOUSE and LOT, 4?7 IthMrM, ?. i? K and F sta. The hou^e hat uia?' r TV s??V>aI'Tl-*.n<1 ^tbroom. Inquire at AI'A)l8UN J04 9ili st. m$-6t fOR RENT?HOUSB In. 1913 H ?t . bet wmm ? 11th ami 13th, tiorthwr?r9 contain in or s r?m? ?n I w?*r- Apply to JAMES W IIAB KKR. I IQh H street northwest. m>< tw l^OR RENT?Xwo or three Unfurnished ROOMS, A suitahh- for a small family, in a v-rv detiratd location. Inquire at 719 lAtli street, Plant's build ing m8 3:* V*OR KfcNT?Pi.asant sec ndst'.ry FIIONT -i ROOM, furnished, and a go ?1 home with a pri vate family; BIO a tu- nth. No. 813 olh *tre-t, b twten II and I *ts.* F'OK SALE?>i\e ut* 2 -t r. IltilCK HuI"SES. very cheap, and ?tna'l puyui.-nt-; on 13th *tre?*t n<>rtbwfwt. WM. H. M1.NK1X. t>?3 lAth *tre?t. opp-^ite Treasury Department. ms tit F>OR. RENT?A suite of nicely furuialied PAR LORS, with BOARD, at a reduced pri,e for the snn.nier m<mtha. Apply at ?13 mh street, between New i ork avenue and I at. nis-Si* l?"OR SALE?Two-story BRICKS, on Wiuliingt i? A rtreet, gluocanh, balance f3U per niontt.; AMI rash, #25 per month: cash. *?> p< r month: half caeh, ft 1J per n>..ntli, O R. Mil.KI RN, ?I3 7th stri ft. nis dt* F'OR BBNT?Fumi-li'-d, *1?. ?.?; rnfnrnishM", Soil, ftra, $6ti, $dj, A6f?. &15, AJfi, eZ5, ?15, #ly HoTsfc snd StSrA, .}7.' frruRKS *^ ".r $*'. If ALLS, fjn, Slu. THOS E. At.GAMAN ,319 7th st. ms-3t m 1st June, a haudsoine 3-storv r BRICK HOl'bE, with back building. No. 1107 Ma-~a< hn?etts avenue; gas, bath water cl<>?et. La tri-lie, Ac.; loro.-ms nnd lino cellar; high-st. h^lt lit est location In the city. Inquire at 1101, next door B>-M references required- ms-3t* L^OK RENT?Four larg.*, airy ROOMS, fronting * ???rth and south; two c<>mniuiiicating, <>n llrst floor, and t*-o ditto on aecoud floor, with large porch's; bathroom, Ac., in house; excellent f.?r a party ol gentlemen w ho w .nld wl?h to n?e .me of th" r dins a? a parlor. Reference* rutjuired. Apply at this ofllce. 2w i/OR RENT?bif iinluruisheU ROOMS iu house .. JJliiilULfeunayivania avenue. Apply to R B DONALDSON. Dstitist. mv7 lni F<OR RENT?Three KodMS, cammuuicatiug, at 12U7 N street. To deairable per^ 'us would be rent<d for housekeeping m7-eo3t* 'OR REST- On- large ROOM, 24 by S5b*et,sec ond floor? Na. 933 Pennsylvania avenue. In* uuire ef M . S TEEL. m7-3t" F'OR RENT?To patties who remaiu iu the city during the warm m nth*, well-furuishe,| PAR LOR nnd CHAMBER, oue Single Bedroom for <? n tlemau. 141* H street, corner 16,l? street, m* I * F'OR RKNT-Plea*ant furnished and unfarnished FRtiNl ROOMS on second and third floors also, Table Boaiders aci'slated at 1013 luth street north went, corner Massachusetts av. m7-St" l^'K RENT?A desirably located HOl'SE in the M. West Eud, containing It rooms, reut ft,"5 a month; will not be rented for a boarditig-h 'U?c nor t i persons who tent rootus. U.iuse ageuta need not aptly. Address Bo* 10. Star otiico. ni7 St' I^OR REKT-S'o 43S 7tii s'reet south west, con tainingt; rooms, summerfkitchen attached, and atoreroem; a geotl buainem at and, dwelling or store r< < m rtnted separate!), or Uith to one ten ant m7 St* 'OR RENT?FURNISHED Uol?E,8 rooms and _ bathroom, with all modern improvements, from June 1st to October 1-t. Apply to GEO A. HALL, SrC l . M C. A., rooms corner 9th and B sts tn7-6t i'UB RENT?Au OFFICE on 14th street n >rth ? we?t. Inquire at SMALL'S Oreonhoiiae, cor D'-r ltth aid O street*. mS 7t* fj^OR RENT?FFRNISHED ROOMS, at *U~pt month. Also, PA K LOB and BEDROOM at .? to t*r m nth 47!> Pennsylvania avenue, between 4.'? and oth streets. m? St* POR RENT?Very deniralde tlirt-e-storv BRICK; ? all modern C -nvenieuces; delightful location 1MJ latreet. THOS. E. \V AGUAMAN, Al? 7th at reet^. mt-3t OK, KKNT?Very desirable six r .out FRAME ? H0C8ES, two sajtMre* from can; niceet smxll Fiaoies iu the city. THOS. E. WAGGAMAN, 319 7th street. rog jj F'OR BENT-A GARDEN FARM near Gi -sboro-, .with Dwelling. Ohi-houses, 3c. DYEB A DAVIDSON, No. 14*i9 PenuayIvania avenue,(over Milburn's Drugstore.) m6-4t i^OR RENT?A H<>USE in the country, JH mil-s _ from the Navy Yard, near Good Hope, D. C., containing eight room*. For particulars apply to A. 0. ADDISON, on the adjoining farm; or by letter to M. ADDISON, Washington, D. G. n4 2w* (""OR RENT?Unfurnished ROOMS, on the secon.1 _ and third floors, in suites, suitable for bouse keeping: water ou second floor; pleasant location. JVJ Miaaouri aVeuue, oi>i>mite tie. Botanical Garden, mt> At* OR RENT?Sec<ind ami third FLOORS, three rooms each, kitchen, pantry, waahing and irou iug rooms,first floor; very convenient for house keeping, clnb or office: 1411 F street, near Treas nry. Inquire aecond flooftF. m?-?t* POK SALE?The best LOT ou Capitol Hill,cor E ner of Delaware Avenue and north B street, 76 feet 8 Inches on north B street by 142 feet 6 inches on Delaware avenue;cloM to street cars and extension of Capitol grounds, splendid site for hotel. For teinn, *c , ii quire of WM.TYL1B, Rial Estate Broker, 7IB 15th street m5-mi5t ? ? F F F F F OR SALE?Ou easy terms, a desirable BUILDING LOT, fronting on 7th Btree*. near new Northern Market. DYEB A DAVIDSON, No. 14 Pennsylvania avenue northwest, n5-6t* over Milburu'a Drug Store. 17OR RENT?Furnishwl OOl'NTBY UOUSETTr 1 the summer. Will rent main building ready furnished, containing parlor, diuing-rooia, three chambers, kitchen. Ac. Plenty of shade, ice and fruit; stabling, garden and pasture if desired; beau tiful and healthy location: ].'? miles from Lanham a Station, on Baltimore and Potomac railroad. F..r tetma apply on the prtniais, to Mr*. B.WELLS, or address Dr. CHARLES A. WELLS, Bladem. burg.Md. niiAt* L*Ol; RENT?A laige FRAME STABLE in the r rear of premises No. 119 H street nortbeaet. Will be rented ou reasonable terms to a responsible persou. Apply as above, or at No. B3 SI street east. rnSAt* 1?0R RENT?Valuable BUSINESS STAND, third story, room J0\60 feet, northeast corner Louisi ana avenue and 7th street; also, OFFICES on sec ond floor. Apply on premises, or at 433 C street I, before 11 a.! nirtlweM, before 11 a. m. mS-lm 1^'OR RENT?A handsome country HOUSE inl 1 complete order,containing thirteen rooms, with garden aud privilege of Ice hoase,carriage house snd stable: ou the W usbington railroad, near Belts. ville. For particulars apply on the premises, or t? Mr. J. THOS. PARKER, No. 60S Pennsylvania m ? ? ? ? * U V M . a <ssaa?aaa< ? ? ? ? ? ? . - avenue. (ml 2w *} W A LINTHIOUM P'OR SALE-A FARM of 30 ACRES in Mont gomary county, Maryland,'miles from Wash ington; oti a turnpike, aud 1>? miles from the rail road depot. Improvements consist of four frame dwelling houses, one bUcksndth shop, and a store well situated for bastnees. Good water aud fencing. The wholecau be bought for tbMkM cash. FOB RENT-A FARM of 1?0 ACRES 8 n.iha fr< m Washington, on the tarnpike, aud 1H miles frum the railroad depot. The dwelling house con tains 11 rooms. The farm ts well worked and watered; good stabling and ont-hoaaes; has flue orchards and pastures and will be rented to a first class tenant on reasonable terms for a term ef years. For further particular* apply at Ho. 70S K street. ml-eoltn IT*OK SALE, TRADB OB BENT-That fine JT COUNTRY RESJDENCB, known as "Ingle side," situated on the new pike road to FaHs' Church, one-half mile from the Aqueduct Bridge, Georgetown, D.O. There ts a One new double house, two-story and French roof, with thirteen good rooass, cellar, bath-rooss aod water closet, with aewer, bay w indow. rang*, hot and cold water, large tree* surrounding the boose, a good Darn with foor stalls, carriage hoase, grainery.andhennery. Thar* are five acre* of ground well fenced, with trait trees, grape*, Ac.: two good wells of water aod a apring. I offtr this property for sale, or trade for city proper ty, improved or unImproved, or for laase for a terns of years. Parties meaning business win be shown the property by calling at 903 F street, Masonic *,?&' |B*pH] rHIl.. B. WELCg. F?r!U%Ua*t:s'a,iWii'^ir?i,a and Boons for two, %M. Modern conveniences in bouss, lOtT Sth street. aB 17?0B BENT?Tin* three-story >r?**l4 BBIOE r DWELLING, with all modern ImproreisnU, with store toon and two cellars. Inquire 110L LIDGB BB08., feed dealsrs, >th and O. sg la 17*0B RBNT?Most dssirable OFFICE BOOMS in r the northwe* corner building of 7th aad O *U n. aJ?lL. For L'?Aifr^SS2?JSiS^SoAP? hv four-room Hooio, Bin, Poaltry Hons* and "i'f ffrfT'.feftS. with closrts, Bam, Bervanto' Hons*; flanty of water; Ur^anm, cboic* fruttt^Te,?-^ aprt-SW ?a lath trwet, oorwer U?h aad F. a*i alS FOB RENT AND SALE. HOft SAL J?Lots N^I U.kU. tift It. in s-iuar I" M?; aSs Ml F.W. U. and IS. ?l"' Mi. near Bat Capitol street. a few Binm*.- walk < P atrwtcm A rrb comer !?< Capitol and ICl | mar* ?tuar? F street cara Apply corner 1*1 Ospitii at.ll(*h streets. (J>Sw'l M BALDWIN 1?>>* KKk?-Tfcree?<<^) BUCK HoPdK, Ko. A Itl M street n^rthsres', o??e minute's walk from tke Fmnsylvnnis v?*uf a?wl F ?tr*e< ran BeatB??st month. App!> to Dr MAGBrDEB, IIIIdrMaonhvM. a?-tf L^OK ifl^-frtikMNl ot ra(irDWti>d BliOlg. A"sonth fcw?, awl table for how4n*pla|. Am^ BUS P?M?>lTwil>?<fiiu?. ?|B-Bk A BoiDljlo.Ki indL( . east of the Capitol. tkf l#l m oi tb?? oth ?id?> of East Capitol tares* and >u Si strret. and ts if* awl U locket wide and 114 fev? aI7 Jw* CHARLES P BCSSBLL L'OB SALE OB EXCHANGE FOB CITY PBOP r BBTT, a two-story HO USB with brick b?-?s iwnt, and alan a corner LOT and a FARM of ? acres near thecity. Apply to J. P. COX,corner (.th and KrwM.OwwtowB.P C. alft lm* L^OlTlkEKT-riKNISHKD BOOMS: a bar* F Panw 1famished aa a Bedroom, and two pleas an. bark and front, on second at tt, in an -located Dwelling on I atreat, near 9th; will be tented on reasonable tarwto g.-nt i-men only. Adtlreaa "A. J.," Ne?t>ual Republican efflta. nilP-tf | Bap. | I ? FORSALE. ('Ol NTKR rug SALE- u feet lous by IS f t ' * ide. suitable f<>r a Gro< ~rx St?re. Aptdr a? 133*. corner 7th aud O ?ta northwest. nr.i ti COK SALB-A ??' Kei tack) MORSE;' a ? ?1 | 'Inifr and flue saddle h??ra-. A i t>l> a? l V <v nt i/M' a. n n?\ ?_ 1 . _ F JOHN T PRICK A BROS Lively jlli We. Silt atleet, between C at ao.l >i?ii?r^^A. , avenue. AT PKIVATB SALE?<'heap?At II 'wln.lM Fstrwt u. rt hei eel, a am* I'H <>f H r I KNITl HE. in. hiding Parlor Bel K m Suits, Carpet-, Kitchen Furniture, Ac , by J. W. MATCHETT, 418 lUb atrset n. a. m? jr* FV)B ALE-At PISH KK*8 fVeNITURE STORK, N". 141b N?a York a ten ue. Ie-t?e?-u tub and 16th aireeta noitha <st. a few uiors ?f th -e fine OFFICE (HAIRS aud DESKS fr m the H n of Representatives. n.9 ?(* J 1ST ARRIVED KK1? F??K ma LB?A Use lot of young, aoaud Virginia lloRsBs on pair of mate tied lruii gray MABK>. fast trotttra. ? Also, Id. Driving Horse?, single or d >uble, snd two extia flue wl4lr H'*rara, at ULADMoN S Stable, oruer Bridge and Market streata. George town. t>.C. m9 St* 'OB SALE?One linksK. < AUT. and F II A KNfc.-S A |*i*l > t?. 1'HILLlr MAY ?k SON, Mo. t>36 D ktreet, Wa*biu^tuu. O.1 C. IM??* J rST ABKIVEL AKb FoB SALE-A K.t of tine ' )< unc HOUSES and M ABE*, ani them I ara vaveral Sue ><>unjc Mare-, aetaral ft young aud atyliah I)ri\inu Mares, *e\eral g'">d larfe workers; t?> be aeen at the HUM Akl> Slablea. O at.. >?etweei, 6th at el 7tb oa. mj.M' l/OK SALE?One fine routi* ML'LE. S C'"?d w? rk IIOBSES, 1 d nl.le WAGON, mail new; 4 e.??d CAKTS. Alan, waxon and^^k^B cait HABNESS. Any "rati of the abovs VV can bsbotigbt at s bargain. Apply at 13th stm-t. l>land. ?>r to C.J tBEWEk ? l?tf Store, 7th st. a>A 4t F OK SALE?Juh| ?rrnnl, 2n head of very fin Driving aud Draft HoBSES. aome fa?t rv trotters, selected for tliie market, i , ^ at HTOUELT M BOWENH Stable, Nea^C3tl. York avenue, betwetnfth and 7tb alt seta. ui3-2w* A,'OK SALE-BAY Yl ABE. ft tears old. Morgan r a?<ck: warranted sound. Alao, P<?NY PHA.TON. Appl) to LATIMER A OLEA KY, AucUonsars, PenunyUauia a? entie, cor-' tier <'f 11th street. Star Office bidding. a?l tf LMIB SALE?^U.WOO hraf cliu-i RoS^sT CtiiBl.~ I n.g PlantN, Oruaniental Sbrub*. and Treea.^^ Parlor Plants, Ac. A.JORDAX, Connecticut afeuiie. h* 1m* ^^T PRIVATE SALE The beautiful Country Beaidenre railed "DUN BA K1 <'N II aLL ." aituatol on the roa<i from Pierce's Mill to T' nuallytown, al> jui PV utiles from Waahtli<[toB, D. C. ^Ei^L The place contain* about twenty-three acroa of land, iaiproved by a nianaiou house coutanioig ei^b tefti r<H'in?. and two <n>all cotta^res, one coutaiuiQg i?t*, the other tbres room*, ice Itniiae, barn, Ac Tb> re are seven arrea of gtaptaiu bearing, pears, peachte aud other fruits. The x iew from the ttou?e is ons of the finest in the Dintnct. Any one d'Strine a tine couatn re-tdsuce aonld do well to call and esamiiie this property. If the place ia nut sold by the lat of June the M *n si< n Ii' iiae will be for rent duriug the ??'?? ti. For terms apply to PIERCE SHOEMAKER, *2!t> Ini near PiercsV Mill. L^ORfAI.E-A hatidiM>tnely matched pair of BAY r MARES, kind,gentle aiufatvliah. Alao. a nenrly new FAMILY CARRIAGE and HAIiNESS. Sold for want of uae. Can be aesn at KEATING A CO.*8 Stables, 2?<t, VI1, itl3 and XI# Uth street northwest, one square south of PeunsylTania avenue. a31 ltu ?/OB SALE CHEAP? A four horae double-tree I otreet PLOW SHEAR; some long handled round pointed SHOVELS, and SjtUO square teetofgoud2 tuch PLANK, at U7'23 K street, at canal. a!9-tf I> RICK OLAY FOB BALB. B Apply U DO DOB A DARH Ell.LB, Jl7-tf - HUT F street. MEDICAL, Aa IRS. H. J. FRENCH, (As CtUtnaitd Ktlimk'. L Ua reoyW, Mulira.1 mmd Tku Mtdtmm, can be set t, a short tima only at TM 11th street northwest. Hours Ironi lu a. m. to 7 p. m ud-Si* PROF. BINGHAM, M. D . A/rrf??ii Kiv-tr,a?, of New Y?rk, treats all Merruua, Chronic Du earn.. Blood and Cancer Poisons. R.Nitus at tbs Howard Houas, corner Pennayl Vauia avenue and 6th street, ou Monda>a, Wed nemlays and Fridays; and at the Mansion House, Alexandris, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturda) s. n2-Sw* fkR. MOTT'8 FRENCH POWDERA oartain cars A/ for all diss saws of Lha organs aud all uriuary couiplaiuts and Wood and afcm disaases caused by indiscretion in yonth. Pric?, |l*trbvi. For sale b) W M.B.BNTW1SLB, Druggist, corner 13th at. aud Pennsylvania ass., Washington, DO. al4-lm* M1 _ WILL CUR* isa^TATCVOLBNOBj^* *ftgovER* "bTATTHE Byita,l?JI"^J,^ldiir Taught b> *?. ^ apT.u D R. LEON, CONSOLTINU PHYSICIAN, The oldest sstabMshsd Specialist In ths city No. Si 1 14th street, above H. Hours: II to4 and 1 lot,daily. j> S7 tr FEMALB DISEASES of all kinds treated. De scribe case ana encloss ft. sdrics aud medi cine will be sent. Address Mrs. Dr. THOMPSON, No A4ft North Uth street. Philadelphia. jntST l> * Madame wilson, ^ A Hetulmrlwi P H Y 8 I 0 I AN AND MIBVIfl, caa be ooneolted on all DISEASES INCIDENTAL TO LADIBB. Residence aud Consultatiss Ro?ms. 911 tth drin. between Hand I. Rooms, Board, Medical attendanaa, Ac., at reasonable prices. Tapeworm removed wltk head in two hoars. Rafsr to pan rats successfully treated in Washington. novM t a* [ONBT RETIRNED IF SKNKA1) KLIXIR FAILS TO CURB CHILLI. To be had of BRACK A CISSEL.oornsr Brtd?s aal Washington strssts, Georgetown, and of GKORGB H. PLANT A SON, corner Hew York avenue and IMA street, where testimonials can be seen. myM-ly* nr THE TRADES. HKRA1G A LAG1RPU8H, Successors to Hemit Horaick, PRACTICAL COPPERSMITHS, iOI F street, s54-lm* Between 8th snd (th ata. northwest. C^HAS. HARTEL, CAHPZls'ThH ASU BU1LUEK. 014 C street southeast. All orders promptly at tended to on reasonable lertus. al7 Ini" ^wniNSft,. j.n. JOHN C. HOGAN, T13 Market Space, Manufacturer of AWNINGS, for Stores, CUy and Coantn Residences. TENTS and FLAGS for sals or rent. AWNING MATERIAL of all kinds for sale. etiume MILDEW apU tr Sole Agent f<* the uiily gen PROOF AWNING MATERIAL pLUMBUiO AND OAS-FITTING. Those desiring to hare their Plumbing and Oas Fitting done in a neat and substantial manner, aud on reasonable terms, should leave their orders at 11S Pennsylvania avaMa, Capitol BUI. WM. SOTHWKLL. /.AIL OS JiHU r. BUBS, _ L PtmttUAl PlumUr anA lit Htm, to kits yov Plumbing, Gas Fiuing, and Bewerags promptly tttanflsfl to on reasnnshls terms, Ma. MS Louisiana avsnae, near ?tk strset, north side. M. <^r,'vag:??g6.-ia*. ?1MB ats mads to order ou^? A WMRM, FLAGB^TKMTB. M G COPELAND, [ft* I BUSINESS CHAN088. i oo . ? Mt to loan. _ f HEP EAH)B E> * null-t pu tting ruMirnos OKI. ftotng ? i?4 bwalua* T-iw ? ??T AUr m. wilt rr?i naat*. ? b?y ?u iuutvi** c*n b* hud. POPirM Waablt>*tna t. O. X ? F'ot UKT?On' <?f Ik-- BEST LOCATION* ?? the eti> E i BwOHWX'ii J* rrt.i, M AD**"*'* * BHiarJ E??. *?* *?? ?tr-.-f. ???' M??r LUAlIt) ' SCAT. E-TATE It Til KATIOK?V ?|VIKU> HtKK COMPANf, Nrw T?rt mrao a*4 II'b *tr-*4. ?* * W UTICRRKT, Pr*aid*at L'OR (\LB-A i? 4 ik? * Riti?a j/T*? r ot the m--?t ilnaHe fATItt ItlOilTS f??i i-~mr4. Erery f*r?a*r In tl? W*?t will l>?t? it. <*f? ?r irn^r)' ?*ln In pan p??fa?at ? til ti 13* llth southeast . wti'i* K cm !?? wt la t?peraiio* ml II" \|('NkV Tii Ll'lN <>N RAAl RSTVTB ftft i"I CI' KIT I', iu auir? ?m? MM R?I1RRR nit-Mt UllWuirxl TO LOAN?SE> I K * 4. THl lM NI' Pr. p.-rt> awl be <1 ?aH< . w tth a' aua< t ?* - m. kiionti lawyer. Hi p?r c?*t. ft annwtn: I r'l'**! it negotiate | TU* I k WA MAI lITil* Tib liwl 697inil ?*.???. ?jt> ooo ?-??? rG 1 .an ?n rr?i ~t?li' Ah-. ?e'*r rum* *i> nun borrowers n h. *arnkr. nil-M 11** ~th ?? L'UK bALE?F I.I ti-sl ?i*>- H?;|| K HdCrtR*. r two ?ju?r>-? from CaplMl P"rt ? >n<i I hi -Mr* >Ii>mi ? ir. Hi- bow K??l?ri MtrkH, and rlr?? t<> I Ik- Per !?| 1* atnn >\ i-iiii* ?tr?et car*; MX K*ate.l, lk*>> liouixa are *ell-l>t?ili, ten room* m?k. . hot aiwl cold ?iirr, and ????*. T. rm? f?nj . Id^hii* mi 11k |<r>*KH, IIV C ?trM ?.>ut l^aid. ?>?!?* iTJVk SALE-The STOCB. Ud')P W1LI Ml r FIXTTtKf tb) Mllllusry ai l F*n< > HI Iff, No. 101 Market l^puoe ?v i 7th anl ? h ???. n<>rth ?NI. |?8H) E. LBN/BI KG 4 < Money to loan ub real em at it. im mail luin*t Inrli n. r>w ??> S?e year*. *OlK>E A MIPPLEToB, *I>U lm AM 'Mli -ir-et. ALUABLE f A KM F<|R SALE OR EE t II ANoE roK PRoPEUTV IK TUlb CITY A OHEAT HAKliAlK ?ST urn i*) l?ii.I, f?i~ nail) l?litcu; lulu now T"I'*h? Ba-n, |i?.'llii4. Tenant Uu* and oaibuiiditta.' tiiK-inriluf hA Cuno rd ftkK vlnaa, in Iwtriuf aud trrllM. 18b arm taluaH* timler bdai'-f arable aud well fenced. u'ar Guti>aV Nilka, ?? KF % P. R- K.,iu Sp*tMltania count), Va Price, oaty t?iu) R A Pllll LJP>. apIT Aai IDb *?t P. O. M OMEY TO LOAN UN KEAL KSTATE M AI Kt A Kilo . Ki al EataU ai.J li .ur?ir Rrok..ra, ajli'lm 11*1 f ?tr-^?t. K ABE C11AKCE t?. ^unliaat a (wid bToRE aa4 P* ELLINU rtvap, n-ar o>? nitrkut, Ttt street. No. lilt PrW. (I jnP; term* ~a?? H HAMILTON A PEARhOE, mlu if T. M.QaA BmUiii^.Mb arwl p ats OUIE rUE PALE. ? The lar*e Pol B 8TOBT HOl t?E. vlth tl m- ry, ?! A ? atroat, aearljr am. furnacr. ira? ai<j water, with larce > ar<i aaA atal>le id rear. The a hole 9r -p> rxj baa been reoenUr pat id complete repair. aal ia very o-aiouigal far ? l*r? reote?l faiiiilv, or for a bnardiu law. WtM lenaMlvw. Inquire at Preedtuan^ Baafc.nM.Mtta Trraaurj, Paiiua> Mania aiauua. fe li ?4| DRY ooooa K KAD TC? TIIE BOTTOM. Good BLACK ALTA? A at Mr . Alp*? M fi* that c*uii..t li? excel|.-.|, I/, aulifiii M'iliair* from Tic t.i (I.B. Black Bilfc- fr in 91 %2M>. I 4 01-a luliuc from Sir to AI per > ard JAPANESE BILKS ?nd PoI'LINS, and all cr^.t ut prea* Uo.n1?, cheap LLAMA LA< E PRINTS ?ml SACyCES at low-at CLoTHS ai.d CA^ISERES In sreat vartetr. The |t>'itieM an?irUui'bt of CAMB. fclHiE aad m >KKT I NO iti the city. Unit > Fl'KNIPUINtt OOOfiS, ron^iattne In pait . f I iidimhirla, I)ia?rei>. H *iery . 11 Ul?, N -vfc t lee aiid (ikitea. PARA?oLS and SIN I MMRELLAS. with l ?n* llal.dlea and ?li"tt. M ATTINi.S a ltd OILCLOTH . Coata and Clark . SPOOL COTTON at ?c. pet b|kioI or 70c. p. 1 tut., at LI TTRELL A W INER. Bi7 Sw 1WS? Pa. ?Te?ror Rttli atreat. E W DRY G 11 O D II Pine FRENCH LAWNS aad I'ER'' ALES, ? Mc. and Me. LAi E >TRIPED JAPANESE CLOTH, at 37?c BL6E PLAIP8. ? and Kc. W HITE P1QCES 2fc .,wortht.K -a job. One caae BLAt K aod WHITE LAVA NS. at U> p. r yard; (Inc. under the price.) LACE SACyCES, Irotn ?<ito #10 etkrb. B>-aiitlfut G joJb f i Children'* Dreneea, frora fi to7#c. PliU BOO AK A WTLIB '|*0 BE. OR NOT TO BE. 18 NOT 1H S (Jl KSTlO* TO FIND, OR EOT TO FIND, RAEGAIXS, BARGAINS THAT IS 1 HE yCKSTlON. Be therefore coutiuced. and try for cheap aal nice gooda at W0LFORD fc IBILBERO'I, Whoaretbi* aeaaon offering Man) attraction* in DRESS GOODS, LLAMA LACE POIBTS. LLAMA LACB JACKETS, ALL THB NOVELTIES IN PARABOLS AND NEW COLORS IN SCN I'MRRELLAR, LATE STYLB FRINGED VEILS, PARASOL OOVERH, LADIES BOWS AND TfKB, And many other article* too numaruua to u?uuoa. Peraon* from the moat diatant part of the city wilt find it to their ad* antafe. before purchaaiuf ataa a here, to call at thl? fam ua eatablialiment. Remember W1HE ARCADE. aM 4BT 7?h utreet, between D ao4 E. I. W. EW ATTRACTIOEB ! LOW PRICKS is CARPETS! CARPETS CARPETS Ul Ni west design* ENGLISH BRUSSELS. ENGLISH INORAfNS, THRER PLTBv WHITE aud CHECK MATTINGS, OIL CLOTHS. EUOS and MATS, W INDOW SHADES. In all colors, and W 1NDOW FIXTCRES. at BOLFORD A nHILIEhii I. Ill SEVENTH STREET, Between D and E.sowtbwat aJ6 tr R^THE ARCADE. |^RY GOODS AT PANIC PRICES. Great burjraln* in PRY GOODS from tbe New York and Philadelphia auctions Dresa Grenadiuea at 6,10 and It1* cents p.-r yard, a beau tful line of Dresa G"od? at leas than import*?' rirlcea; Sir.ped Bwias at ISc a yard, worth 36c , Bla> Linen at a very low price- Striped Yiaemiteat Sue., wart h Wc.^jow lot La< ? Curtains at #3Aoapiece; a line ?* beaaH ful Paraaola at ri?ht Ptic**, a tew Llania L*a* Shaw I* at half price. EMOBY BAXTER, a2S-ly 1BBB Pi-nniyhaaiaatwn*. OVELY POLKA DOT GOO PS. fro* UH MM np, to FOl'LARD 811 Kb at fl 45. at up, ?, beodhXad A CO*, n>*m An 1*0* r Straal. fELEGANT BLACK SILR.rroa fl.lunp.aDia lj full line of all kiuds of SPRING aud SUM IBBE GOODS j ust r*cet\ed at __ BE0DHEAD ft oo-b, marSI Jbb IMF F atreH. L PROFESSIONAL. K UART1GAN HAS KEMOYED to 4B3 M, corner of D street northwe?,?ipp*it* liiiiiRiiR RTi nne ml Iio Dr. G.C. SAMSON HAS REMOVED HISOP lice and roaidence to *41* Penua>l?aula ?*? line. Calls left at the Drug Store <-f Eugene E. Oi? ?e||,corner of luth street aud New lorK a?**ue will Ih- promptly to. J AMES O. CLKPHANS. E. E. BRAlLEB. clei hase-* BRAIUT, SHOBTHABD W RITERS A LAW REPORTBU Ottoe- No. lift 0 sir eat, M?**a M ut at, facing Indiana ?' eppe. a>U -|y JOHN r. HAhBA'il-TOEMY.AT No. B Tooth's km Building, def-tf W ashington. P. 0. CCLOTHING BOB THE MERCHAN T^tbe Djc j tor, the Lawyer, tbe Scholar, and I us W'>rfclBg nas. at nTRALS'. 1ft 11 Hafc-tw., aaar UtR. vwfi'izi'v'irvzzz U'srsts. ill

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