Newspaper of Evening Star, May 9, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 9, 1873 Page 3
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RAILROADS. A LIX4IDI1A * WAaaiHO-i n. TOW R R ASD ALEIANDB1A A FREPERirKSBCBQ B. B Unur a/ B mm* StxU Strut*. ? for Akindrl* leave aa f?IKw?> <13. 7 IB, 7M. 9:88. *?. 10-53, ||i| .. m.; HI). 1 ?. *88, f.?3. 4Ai,? 38, and 73* p. m. UMirtlM fr?m AlMiadrt* arrive m Wlaw - ? ?. ? 33. M ?. 11 33 ?. m .; 1333, 1:38. 133, ?JB, 4 ?. 8 7 33 p. m. "Train* mtM tbaa wmc> with train* on WmI taftna and Ohk B. B. ?UANT100 AeenaMeodatioa Imtn Waahlnatoa tMm n dally, eve-Snmlay OBkA r SorTHIlN EXPRESS, via Bictanoad. leave. Waeblnctoo to n ? a. daily, except |q?. Thr-Hirt ttrk.?a to ?ll Mat* Roath and SnnthwSft for Ml. at 0?cea, oomerUth atrM arwl Peanayf^ tilaavr.oe, and corner 8th Kmt and Pennaylvaala 5srjT2fKrzr^5e2i5issr?S! Bftloi B 8 TOUMQ.Oenl 1 U ALTIMORE ABD POTOMAC i H RAILROAD. J i*r*? tm. %tk mm4 B wmU, n. TRAINS LEA VB FOB TRAINS ARRTYB , PALTIMOBB. W ASH rNGTON V?a Hi ., lli^tara Bi|., wily. S.i? a.m., Baltimore Hail, ?lair, MJB a. oj , Weatern Bit.. <til|. exe-?t *otiday. 9J8 pa., Baltimore Ae d at ion, daily. el cept Sunday. y. it , Cineinnati Bv pr *? .daily, exiept Sun lay f V p Wwt^ni Ii) daily nacoiavivn. 4:38 a. m., Weetena B*p., dally, except Send ay. 9'? a. ?? Hail,dally, ex ch? fcnd?p. 11 ?a. a., Weatern Bip? daily. J fl p.m., Parlflc dajly, except Sunday. iP m..Accommodation. 10.38 p. m., 8onth"rn It fr?*t dally, except Sou Trai'c* !e?Ttn? Waahtn*t< n at 6 33and lit V a.m. and ?J- p. m-jcoaaectat Bowie with tralnafor Marlboro'. IxaMiift B>wie , ? and 11:28 a. m.. and 4 33 p m . ar tf vine at Marlboro * U a. m and 12 13 and I a a m Traiwa arrtTtn* at Waahlngton 8:38 a. m. and 8 38 and 9:ih p ro., connect ar B->wie with tralna leavin* BUribrra* 7.-80 a. m. and 3:10 and 5:S3 a. tn. P?a~ n?n learinf their ord-ra at Ticket Odoea. earner or 131b afreet and P^f'.ylTaaia avenue and nortbweat omer of Sirth vtreet and Pennjylvania aveuoe. can have their b**j(vrr railed for and check el at t and reeidencee to all pointa North aad W??*. Throujrh tk-keta to Cincinnati, Colrmboa. apnlla, Loalmilt*, St. L?ni?. N?w Orleana _? s Tor^o ?rtti i?. 'HP.OU6B LINB RKTWKBNi U A>U IMJT1>N.PHILADBL J PULA, AND NEW TURK.' ^ W*-H"?<?To'* Noremhor ? ljffl Train* between WASHINUTOB and NBW TORB are ran ae follow*: F('R NEW TORB, feitkomt cSnnt* at tar*. j; Jailytaxc?p? Si:nda> >atS:iN a. m.,l:(M aao ^ FOB POILADELPniA. L?a*e daily (except Sunday) at8 a. tu., 1? and KM . _ ON srNDAT. H<rw *ork at 8:88 p. m? and Philadelphia 0V"?'?B <*" tor New Tork on M? p.m.trait throo*B ticket* to Philadelphia, New Tork and B^can be had at the Station Offlce at iu hoi? for BVttmore and Ohio railroad adTerttoement we acWtntel ijaiim Wa.hln*ton, Baltimore, Annapo r'FAiSFiSLXS *~?^ortatlo. L M. C?>LE, Q^ri?rai Ticket AfrDt. GKO 8. KOONTZ, A^nt, WMrnngtoo, )?14 ? '""[s&in. 0B,0j ? ??h!!?otoi jan. a. i?rs. bytweer WaSHINOTOM ABD BALTI ss's.rass!?? a>d ? FOB BALTIMOKI. ?J*7*dallT,?*eepl Sunday, at 4:48, 8:0, 8-00, 3:48 ^10 41 a m.: l.DO, 1:11. 4 10,8Jb7?J0, 8.-00 and aJT . _..?!l*iy?l>AT FOB BALTIM0RB. Vd:4# t ? a. m? and loW, I.IS, ?:?, 3:00 . . JfOI ALL WAT 8TATI059 Lest^ daily, except Sunday,*? in < 41 an(? a.n t.y I'prs, ?-3 23 a?TVk Junction, Hanover and Belay . . ^ FOB ANNAPOLIS. L-a?e at ft 48 a. m. and 4 lu p. m. tat no tralna to o. from Ariapolleon Snnda* ??-. ??Bu?r*iMu>oi FOB NORFOLK. Leaxe at IK 9. m., except Sunday. ALL PA*,T8 or TUB WB8T. . ?vil? Saturday and Snnday, at 8 48 *_?- ^ 18 atMi sua ?. m On Satnrday at /41 and Sap m? and on Sunday at 8:18 and a:00 p. m, - TJ*AI*9 ABRIVK AS FOLLOWS: Pron N- w T irk, Philadelphia and Baltimore, at 5 ? a. 0 , at.d 6 16 and 9.88 a. m. '" From Philadelphia and Baltimore at 8:80 a m Fr?iw Biillim re at 8:30. 8 30, 8 40 and i 110 a m and 1:88. 3 40,8:38,8 31, 7M.+3B. a*! W?|J p ?a . . . , ."I'M THE WEST. Arrive at 1:80.8.38 and 10:80 p ra Thrnrt tKk?ta to tha W?t etnbe had at the TL!?Scatlon Ticket Offlce at all boars of the a?en?*?'pll!^^Lompany^omce, 494 Pennaylranla ? ? pnrchftiing ticketfl Bt ?h?? ava cad there arrange to have their oall<Nl f r *u.ic',eck?d at th- ir reeid^nce.takesTtL S2e L'a lnto 'h? ha?a?e car iy C.KO S KOl'.WTZ O-nT A'gtTWaahlntnn. jaM 1872 PENNSTLVAN?A BOrTB 1872 TO THB NORTHWES^^>CTH, AND SOUTH Train* leara aa follow,. Willi g||B a* a. m | Baltimore? TM a. m : 7:48 p. m. f m 10 n a m ?h7Hf 0B.*AT boi blb tback boutb, Sht day and ?*" cfM' ?lth modern improyementa. 8?? 1 \ "Ul0* ,*T*4 10 W<*t*n3 ?a* Central The l'- 38 a m. dally, except Bnnday, nortbwwt, Ut P. to daily, and 8:4? p. m., except Sunday, weat. ^ _ lAll tJo!f?CTIO!fp li&lk'Z?'.,???!??* " ?"??? ? ?* ?J,n street and P^nnsjlTania avenne nmiAr Mational Hotel, when reliable u3brmato? \Ail hJ l1Te? at all tiin?w. Paaaensera proearfnc tlek?ta at thta office eaa lirV arxxjaatnodatijoa in Palace (Jart for Pitta ~SV rmzi~, HOTELS. ? r*10H HOTBL, OtoiiiTows, D. 0. iiffssis; ftayng S'l-SKSKS r "n# Waahlnftoa ?MOe>r|?tuw? (J8j Paaaeniter railroad, the can of which, fma tha railroad and ataambowt depeta. ?h2f>LZTrLlW0 orwUu** nilnntaa. Tha erta of thm hooaa can reach any ot tha anbBa 'ill"** ^ ^nattonal capital or any plaoa of ^?Ti2Le2r?B2Si | J TSOB'S HOTELh ~ ' ?o 709 O STREET, ;r" lt Bimti Tth aid 8th STRKKta. kpHB IMPERIAL HOTBL, JAMES STKK8, Pyomewr. PB<>:rrt5? Pi^mtltaSia Avim, Bmw*-m UtA mm i 14tk Wajhimtos, d. o. tKTS*ffr3,1 ">* tnbllc for f?nerona patronaca tn 15? Proprietor aaka hie old frlenda and patix>-..a to teat *.ue accoawudationa of hia irml ?etabiiahnieet, whkh he promiaea ahaU be tuondal leM i~t uai to the b~n iu Waakliifton jai>tf [R?-p . ChronJ The bbtabt hoisb, Lotmudom tmrnm l?ta strm mmd If. T. -rm After the 1m of D~c<-mber. 1STJ, Permanent and Ir?fi,r B? anlers wiU flu J th&e b<>ose one of the tn'lhe .T'y oonT^^aOj located The rvai are neatly fnral.lx*, well lighted aad MBumodatioSi frc,T,4w, witt *U modem h.nw The C Iiarce are low, bnt tha want* and tha eom ''J'0' ail niMi will be rarefnlly provided for a^?!e p,^2or'.1 haa aeUrmined to Br^vWe a ( xxl caterer. aovlj-eotf (J O. W1LLABD, EfiBITT HOCSB. WASHIBOTOB, D, O. LIVERY STABLES. JB OLCOTT M ?K)N~ t\XL*LJT,Bt * BALB STAB LBS. a IS 8rb etreet, bet. D and B, and Chain Alley B _ between Uth and 14th. 0?ce, W?1 Ay; A LL1SOB BA1L0B, J? '?^__VIT**T AMD HIBINO STABLES. STTLUH CARRIAOES and COACHMBB. <toc*> 'T tana B atreet northwaat. A "ABLBS -B. obcit, jr. o __ Carriacaa /H>BOBRS0 STABLRB, V. _ STREET, Bimn D in a ^iass?aaftij!a-' ?-?? jy8l ?y RICH ABD TAMT, n Iipa l?ia %VA8H- BAILOR'S STABLES ISM B ST " CABBJAGKS of tbe latMt ?>li conSi Oti baod and for hire by tbe day or moeth ui^;.^ss(.a 55?rJS3S! B PartiralarVHi B urea* alwaya for VOrTH-S SUITS tn Scotch and diaconai, vary 1 nobby, at A. STRAUS', 1BI1 PaTkve., near lllhatreet. a!8 L^.?rf8rr^.!ife4St5Ps;.,t AUCTION SALES. rtTltfc* DAW BY l.ATIMEB A CLEAR! , Rr-al Bi >k'r- and A net I n?i*r?, Southwest corner Pennsylvania Sii?ut?e and llth at., Star OIBw BuiUliux. TBI.V DESlKMiLE AND VALUABLE BUILD ING Luis UK CAPITol, HILL. NKVRLY OPPOSITE THE CAPITOL GROUNDS, AT AI ? TION A On? EI>N ESDAY AFTERNOON. Mat 14, at 6 o'clock. (.hail ?e|l. in front of the lolt 14.11. ui'l part I'tM. on *m?rx 7M. havleg * frent of IM frr4 IIS iwk* on Ut ?trod rwit.Mvf*-* B and I! streets north. and rsnning bark IM f?-t to a & feet 6 inch aller. and connecting With a 30 foot alley opening on >1 street Th- JT" - .al a. - lji?? a _ a jA j - ? ? - ? l*rf t will M?<i til lot? suit purchs. A? this la the mr?t desirable location nQ Capitol Hill, and the ?ale will k? faitirp, it off"!* a rare opp-.rtnmty f?>r partiest- invest, or to bntld private rM'il?r<*?. Term* : One fourth '??ah; the rnlilnt In t, 1J, and 1* months. * ith Interest >f 6 p- r cent per annani. All conveyracing at coat of purihaaer. $u0 down at * inw of sale. nSdAds |B?p| LATIMER A CLEABY, A acta. BOOKS, STATIONERY, Ac. uuyam^ library of poetry asd O BONO, HB.STOWES LIBRARY OF FAMOUS F10 TION. BEKCHEBS LIFE OF CHRIST, Ac. BnWnptiuu rKritedit 1411 Pennsylvania at snueby aK ln?* BISHOP A HAZARD. AGRICULTURAL BOOKS. J< hnston'a Agricultural Ch?m1?try J1 7* American Gardener's A?l?tant 1 St) Allen'# American Farm B'jok ISO Henderson's Gatdening for Profit 1 90 Waring'* Draining forProfit and Health 1 SO Full era Small Fruit Cultnrist 1 90 F:ill*r's Gra^* Culture?? 1 90 Fitz*s 8- nthern Apple Cnlturist 1 79 Wright'? Practical PoultryKeepsr__ 3 00 LangMmth on the Honey Be*...?. 2 i>) Randall's She-p II a<bandry......... ? 1 9U Horse Owners' Cyclupjrdia S 7i Y? natt on the Dogs 3 7# All the new book* received as ??m as published by BICHABD B. MOHUN A CO., e?-tr 101 i Penna. avenn", comer llth street. IN OTICB. OPENING OF A HEW 8TATT0RBBT STORX AND BLANK BOOK MANUFACTORY. First-class goeds at fair prices, for LITHOGRAPHING, EXORAVING, PRINTING _ MP BINDING DONB TO okDEB. The pcbUc are Invited to call and examine oar nss *ock. BBN. F. FRENCH, Under National MetroyolttM Bank, and next door to Jar Cooke A Oo.*s, _seii-tf Washington, B. O. PROPOSALS. PKOpl?SALS FOB WROUGHT AND CAST IKt'N WORK FOR THE BKW JAIL, DIS TR1CT OF COLUMBIA. Ntw Jail, District ot Columbia, / One* of Superintendent, May 8 1373.{ H KOVGHT ANO CAST-IRON WORK. Sealed Proposals will b? received at the office of the Superintendent until 12 m, June T,H7:t,for furri-hitg. delivering, fitting, and putting in place . J. rought and Cast-iron Work aa exhibited by the Drawings, described in the Specifications, and called for in the Sch'dulee, consisting of the Cast trpnv Inmnsof Basement, Rolled Beam*. Ac., of Floor*,Iron Work of Roofs, Gratings to Windows. Jtc., tell Doors, Iron Staircases, Ac. Copies of the Drawings, Specifications .and Sched ule may be had on application at this office. Ail scaffolding required by the contractors to put the work in place will be furnished by the Govern ment free of charge, bnt will be erected by the con tractors. Proposal* will be made by the piece, lineal fiat, < r weight, for the various items of work, as called' for in the Schedule. Th* work will not be suMivided am i'g different bidder*, but will l?e considered in the aggregate. The whole of theCast-iron Column? of Ba-ero-nt Story and the B -ams, Ac., of First Floor, must delivered and set in position within tbw inoDtlif from dtt6 ol acceptance of pro^>4||, and the whole work must be completed within twelve months from date of acceptance Pay no-iit- will te made monthly, d-ducting ten per centum until the final completion of tl??- c utract. All bids must be accompani-d by a penal bond. In the sum of twenty thousand dollars < ?Ju.ijuo, ?that th> bidder will a.xept and perform the contract if asardrd him. the sufficiency of the security to be certified by the United States Jndg*\ the Clerk of the I'nited States Court,or the District Attorney cf the District wherein he resides. .T.,,,e.D, P*r,.m,?n, nerves the right to reject an* or all bids, if it bedi-em?sl for the interest of the Gov ernment to do so; ind any hid that is not made on the prir.ti-d f.rm, t.j be obtained in this offio, and doea not conform in every respect to the require ments of this advertisement, wil! not be considered; t-either will any proptna!* be received from parties w ho are not thems-lves ei ? '*ed in the nianunkcture of Wrought or Ca?t-iroo Work, and who have not th" nece*ar> facilities for getting out the work Pn po-ab will be endorsed "Bids fur Iron Work," ?tit! addressed to ni7 2Tt ADOLF CLUSS. Snperintendent. pKOPOSALS FOR RATIONS. Headquarter* U. 8. Marine Corp?. ? 'Juarttfmaster's OjUrr, > Washington, April 14,1.-CS. \ Soaled Proposals will be received at this office un til U o'clock d. m. of THUR9DA Y, the ?th -lay of June next, for furnishing Ration- to the Unit**! &*7ju.y''3?tVthegfa'KJ;frum "?? BROOKLYN, New York; PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania; X^AHIJO*0* QITY, District oj Colombia; GOSPORT. near Norfolk, Virginia, PKNSACoLA, Florida; * ANNAPOLIS, Maryland; MARE ISLAND,California. ? sch Ration to consist of twelve ounces of Pdrk or Bacon, or one pound and four ounces of Salt o. Fre?h Reef, eighteen ounces of Soft Bread or Flour, or twelve ounces of Ha-d Bread, or one pound and four ounces of Corn Meal; and to every one hundred Rations fifteen pounds of B??ns or Peas,or ten ponnds of Rice or Heminy; ten pounds of Green ( off-e, or ei?ht pounds of Roasted ior Roasteil and J.roui.d>Coffee, or one ponnd and eight ounces of Ti a; fifteen pounds of Snrar; founjuarts of Finegar ? one pound and four ounces of Adamantine 8-ar Cai.dles; four pounds of Soap; three poinds and twelve ounces of Salt, and four ounces of Pepper. The rationi. are to be delivered upon the onler of tbec. mmamlingoffieer of each station; the Fresh Beef, either in bulk or by the single ration, of g >od iiualit) , with an ?-<inal proportion of hind and fore iinarters, necks and kidney tallow to be excluded; the Pork, No. 1 Pnme Meas Pork;the Flour known as Extra Superfine in thi market of the place wh?re the station is locited; the C .fTee, good Rio; the Orleans or its equivalent, at?d the Beans, ? inegar. Candles, Soap, Salt, Ac., to be of good quality. All i>ubject to inipection. A guarantee, sigued by two persons, whose respoo sibillty must lie certified by a United States District Judge, District Attorney, or Collector, must accom pany each proposal. No prop<?al will be considered unless accompanied by such guarantee. Blank forms of proposals can be Obtained upon application at any of the Marine Stations. Newspapers authorised to publish the above will sen.i the paper containing the first iusertiou to tlu ornce for examination. Prop,?aIs to be Indorsed "Pr. posalfl for Rations,'> ami addressed to the auder*|gm-d. ss, WILLIAM B. SLACK. >S-l-iw4t Msj. and Qnarterm'r U. S. Marine Cory. PROPOSALS FOB STATIONERY. Department or Stati, Amu n, 1373. S< aled Pr.'tK-sals for furnishing stationery for the yt-ai ending June 30.1374. will tn- received at this ftTffS" UU 3Ut day 01 May, 1373, at II apjiui'^?* to' bi<k,iBg wiU ** fornisljed npon The bids will be considered and accepted or re ject?il item by itfiii; and this adit-rtiiMieiit and t%e Kopoaals, so far as accepted by the 8. rretary of ate. and the bond accompanying the same, shall constitute the contract between the Government and the bidder or bidders, and no further contract will lie executed. The articles contracted for must be furnished frem time to time, during the year, in quantities pur suant to orders from the IV-part me nt. The entire anantities of each article will, how ever, le called forduriugthe year. Each proposal must be signed by the individual or nrm making it, and be accompanied by a bond, with sufficient sureties, in a sum equal to fifty percent, of the bid orb.. Is accepted, approved by a United 'officer (if the district in which the sureties r? ?Id.- or do busin. as, on a fonn to be furnished by the Department conditioned for furnishing such por tion* of th<- articles as may be awarded under it. and the performance of the contract. A. deliveries will be subject to inspection by an e* pert detailed fur the purpose, bv the Secretary of State, and the delivery of an inferior article will be deenn-d sufficient can* to annul the contract, at the opt i ? n of t he Se< retary. Deliveries mn?t be free of charge at the Depart Beit of State, W asbington. Th-failure to comply with anyone order under tb. c< utract will, at the option of the Secretary Of state, operate as ? forfeiture of the entire penalty of the bi nd; or the Secretary of State may direct the purchase, in open market, of such quantities ef ai? articles as ?ball be aeceeaary to supply the dej ci-ncy caused by snch failure, and charge to the contractors fiftf per centum of the price which it shall be feuud necessary to pav Tor such article*. Proposals unaccompanied by a satisfactory bond will not be considered and contracts will be award ed only to established manufacturers of or dealers in the articles. Prop<?al* to be addressed to the undersigned, and marked "Proposals for 8tsti?nery." all -eolm HAMILTON FISH, Secretary of State. BOTSJLSKfc. WJKXXV ?,D SMITH fe WIMIATTi LUMBER. LUMBKR. HARDWOODS A SPECIALTY. BILLS CUT TO OBBKB. Ooi?n Tn am 1S* IN THESUPBKME COURT OFTHE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, HoLtint a Spftal Term, April Bi, IMS. In the case of James S> kes, exscutor of THOMAS STACK POLK, deceased, the executor afuiesaid has, w?|& the approbalion of the Su preme Court of the District of Columbia aforesaid, appointed TUESDAY, ths 13th da* of May.A.D! X?3. f >r the final settlement and distriftniion of ths personal estate of said deceased, and ol ths m hand, as far as ths suns havs b.-en collected anil turned into money; whsn and where all the creditors and heirs of said deceased ars notified to attend, with their claims property vouch-si, ?* they may otherwise by law be sxe nd -d from all benefit in said deceasttd1* estats' Praridtd, a copy of this order bs published once a week for thr^je weeka la the Star k?Iuhs to the said day. ?**?'??? Tsmj-K. WEBSTER. Begtstor of^Wills. &AOCO flliifl) AUCTION SALES H'TtEE DAVft. UT I. ATI Wit R * CLEARY. it? ??? s*u?i Brok-n, comer of fVnaa. an i Utl nmt. ftw Ofict Baildinf. T?otsT.^*\' 5 ?VJL 9k valuable butldwg TOL AMTOL HILL, SE.AB THE CAP? /Irttt" of a d??l bwiai date on the y?'1' d"t of March. A. !>> 1873. convejit* th" ??lH r?i??j|fr described lota of gi..und to I* ua ^\hturu*\T*\in ir;?f'10 ?*" ??* ???> ITTu.J^ nwJrtc auction, to the iV* #r ?v^"r' on *??P*T, May I itN 1873, *._? p. tn , In fsoot of the pmbIkm origin*!. Lou ?ntewl one ,n and twentjMkree, t?L, f l?<>t namberci in square niunoered mud hnutrod aid Mlii Va l T?' ' ?ii Lot No. 1 has a front of 44 feet ?nd Jt Inches ou M street *>pth?a*t b>- a tfepth of 7a feet ou 1> ?uwt ?onthea?t Lot Jfo. 33 ban a front of *f '*? C street southeast. I. m ween tat &o>l id feet ? inches. And the l t 12 Ji tr * fro?? ? feet on D '?**?? ?T.^r ?n<* U itrotu south.-ast. br a de??h of 119 feet and 6 i aches. * 7 * ' kis property la in the ?a:ue square hi which ftt Bettrr ? church,??fnflr Place," ?c.t are |wv^| aDj in ? n?ichb>rho-<i containing wim of the tin est itt rr"^n^nt. ,n C.pUo? Hill, an l about tw,^Ta? ii i e"i'r" P?r* ?f th? Capitol grounds. Tll? ln?l Will be ulNn] vnrMfl;. ?*low?*?wribrf by the deed arr-: One. thin! of the purchaae money in cash: and the residns inthreaeyijd instalments, p*> aide in six r?l. twelve (1J> and eighteen (18) months feoni day of sa\e, with li ?ere?t, and secured by deed t?f trnst on the prop fTl" ?;".rM!cfi*h' V Purchaser's opt.on. If the ^rms ?f sate shall uot be <..mplied With within oue week fropi da> of rale, the Trustees reserve the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of the flrst purchaser. A deposit of ,?KM> in cash on each lot will be required at the time of purchase. Convey ancing at pnrchnser s cost ' B K. ELLIOT. ?_ , ? . KOBT. W. MrPHERSOVt Trustees. aJMAda LAT1MF.B A CLEARY, Aucts Y LATIMER * CLEARY, Real Estate Brokers and Auctioneers, socthweft corner P**nn?yh *nm avenue ami 11th it.* Star Office Building. ?* VALUABLE IMPROVED Nr* PENNSYLVANIA AVE BTb?eT* VoRTH WEST AXD 8K??ND S By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court <rf \P.? Dietrictof Columbia made in the^ause of Ritchie rial vs. Shoemaker et al , Ho. 1,9*1. equity, and amended decree, I will jffer for sale, ?t F."? v .k0*"! 57.' Ln fro"!',f 'hH Pr-mi**. on TIII RS DA Y, the 19th day or May, 1.V3. at ? o'clock p. m., 1-t cumberni 6, of the sulHllvUion of lot 1, in?iuare numbered 573, and part, f |..t 8, in said square, jln proved by a three-storr brick house, with back nuikling, beins Ho. 109 Pennsylvania avenue. Tliie property fronts 3J feet on PeuusylvaMia ave nue, and runs back to au alloy. Term* of sale; One-third of the pnrcha?e money to be paid in cash, and the balance in three equal in Jallmenuat ?!*.(?,) twelve(12) and eigl.teea (IS) ttonths. respectively, to be ecured by n>?tes bexri-is interest, secured of dee>l of trust on the property be complied with withiu ?ne *??* ?f":r<1s> of sale, or the prop.rty will be re?>M at tie risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser All corMeyarcing at cost of rnrcl.ase? PA deP.?lt of 42M will be required at time of >ale. , ... JAMES L. CARBKRY. Trnstee, 'nl-d-tJ* LATIMER & CLKARY, Aucts. Ri latimeb * clearT; A net loneers and Beal Estate Brokers, Southwest comer Pennsylvania are. au.l 11th streot. Star Office Buildings. APJt KTSTBATOR S SALE OF HOUSEHOLD d i-i *^ 1 Tl. K E. VQ ,V a ?f ,h<J 8" preme Court ' ' f,c.i 0',Loinniiiia, holdiug asperial m1;?., v< "h"''*?. on MoVfDAy, the lUth ' ..y,j May. 1873. commeni-iug at iOoVlfM-k. At the residence 19t?3 if street, corner of 30th xtrcet Personal effects belonging to the e? p*rt? 111 *" P,ll?browu,deceased, comprising in Haircloth Sofas, Rogers and Reception Chairs, Large Easy ( hairs, Maride-top andCard TitMes, Mahogany Bookcase, Walnut Whatn- t, Mah >gany Secretary, Mantel Ornaments, r,rr:L8'D^,lHr cvpetH' cmmscui cha'i j, .Mali >gany Chamber Furniture, consistiiig of B.?d . Bureaus and Washstands, Toilet Ware, Feather Beds, Bolsters and Pillows, Miltrutes, Spretds, BlankeU and Sheets, ' Table Linen, Walnut Extension Table, Crockery and 0 ?s^ Ware, Teofclng and Beating Stoves, KitcQen Requisites, Ac., Ac. OKO. B. FILLKBRoWH I , , m WM. J. WILSON. < Admlnistratorii. m7_dts <? - LATIMER A CLEARY. Au N 11Y LATIMER A CLEARYi " V.k Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, houtawest corner Penna. avenue and Uth street. Star Office Building. * SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED AND PN KlKffSoKSEKf* UN ?"No. 7J8, Chancery rules 6. wherein Elizab-th r.ou'PUlllH,nt ?"<!? harles E. Brent et al are defend an tn, th** uuderMigned.duly appointed Trustee in said cause, will sell, a pnl.Iic auction, in front of ih. premises on TH U BSD A Y. t he 14 th'dayof May! r ur?j i 155 ? c'i>c^ P- nI;? <ne following Lots arili .No. m: The norrh thirty ^Vii^ it ?' rni,uln? back depth of lot to a ?!ur stoJl^n <i0E,*?nlt'g 5.15W.78square feet, with the tour-story Brick House thereon; all of lot No 8 11,162 ?f|U*re teet, with the four st.ry Brirk H<>nse and two story side Brick buildinc feetr<!ani Mrt?of!?! i?0',?' c<"?t?iuing 10,197 s.|uare , Iio-10' commencing for the same fin. f?'!L ,i avenue northeast 23 feet dit rorth^'f nortJIWMt corner of square on C street Iiu. '.h * 'hence east in feet 16 to a public t m iiu r^V* to'Lid"n T"*1 33 feet **? th#I,ce iw im qd io said Delaware avenue* Ar.<l thunra niif W!Lh ?^?'nue 38 fm*t 597 to place of bt-gin nmg, containing 4A3UUs.|usre feet. * tlJ? j?ell-known and need no descrip ,,8,on 'he t apitol grounds front? i n n.YJ.^ki u their improvement will niJL ?r.?!" ^autifnl and convenient locality one bf the best in the city for residence and invert 0,T.bMn^."?"h ??by the decree, are: milt"# r "r lhe balance in two eqaal innt.U for whK'h the notes of the purchaser wilt be i^e wi't'h w rlVf* ""'.I *????? ttoaths frossday of i fr?n' date, and secured to the sat d'flUn win rif?!? * A ^^T11 of one hundred if required for each lot at time of sale JL S*, & r<??* w,,h '""'in ten , " y o'sale, tile property will be resold at celt of^?/chLe?ParCba!,e"- AU ?t Si ~ rJ CARROLL BRENT, Trustee sZlttswAds [Hep] LATIMER A CLEARY. Auct RY LATIMBB A CLEA BT, " S^,t^Jinetin"V Wld ?***' Brokers, southwest corner Pennsylvania are. and 11th street Star Offise Baildinf. ' YRI 8TEE*SBALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVRn PROPERTY OH COLUMBIA HTRKKT rk ,T^ ***" P AHD Q STREETS NORTHWEST ia ? *,y,l)?tne "J}wo deeds of trust, dated March EM Is^*' yd J?'y 10. iy?. duly reconled S?"if!'!ii ]' }n Liber #73, folio 4X7, and Liber MS, folio 349, of the land records for Washintrton county, in the District of Colombia, and by direction ATTsklf?f 'kiday i? r Uy *!' at 6 o clock, Lot Ho. 134, 1?L a?g*??> aud others subdivision of part of Sgiiye Ho. 368, with the improvements DwemnV^W^V'/ Brick ?Jn?IL/' iTi * " 143*, with one-story back sill! w,th "*"? wmteT and bath-room. J^?P?rt> hasafrout of 18 feet on Columbia street, running back M? feet to a 10-foot alley .jTerms of sale: One-fourth cash; residue in 6,13 and 18 months. Deferred payments to bear W per cent, interest from day of sale and to be secured by a deod of trust on the property, fluudown at time of sale Conveyancing at cost of purchas>'r. If the terms of n<2 co?P,l?t' ?'<h within ten days there sfter. the Trustee reserv. s the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of the defining pur chaser, after live days'public notice. ? WM. 8. HOLLIDA Y, Trustee. S22 dids LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucts. ?^THE ABOVE SALE 18 POSTPONED in ninyjuence of the rain, until WEDNESDAY next, Msy 7th, same hour and place. B? order of the Trustee. niadAds LATIMER A CLEARY. Auct's. | PiHTtn? AB?VB 8aLE IS FURTHER P)ST I)*r 2:1 "f rH'". until MuH A j r ^nie honr and place. Hy order of the Tnntee. Hid dAds__ LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucts. RY LATIMER A CLEARY, e ii Rotate Brokers and Auctioneers, Southwest comer Penna. avenue and 11th street, btar Office Building. TPr5PERTY8AOlH Py^EET BBLETWk?nV.BD street AND NKW jK "ki AV KN LK T ?the^is'trtet of <'Jrr^|0r the 8aPr*"^ Court Of I he District of Columbia, pansed on the 14th <lav h ii* F/^VT.'in caase No 3,U6t, I ?f '*li?i:1?ck,,> m '"i? MONDAY, the lslthday ?IMaj,U73, In front of the premises, (iOS I street poithwest.) offer for sale at public auction, to the bidder, ttya fcllowlng d?scril>e<l premise^ free and clear of ^1 incumbrances, to wit: Lot num ^inTrJnm?d,;?.i0S,,f ?Q'-wMo.m, as record I JL I ,h<> Surveyor of the city of Wash ington, iii the District of Columbia, improved bv a two.i"lorT >r,f.k co???*e of Ave rooms, bath is'sPts.^fLi V' .""i modern improveniouH L?H * nt??SSL'tarew' br'ck ,,able' w,tb The terse of sale are: One third cash; remainder of purchase money in two equal annual Instalments, at one and two years, with interest from date of sale, to be secured by dead of trust on the property. E* l*nse of conreyancing to I* borae by the purcha ??r- ???*il>be?*<.iuired to be paid on the day of sale,to be forfeited in case of non compliance with terms of Mle; balance of cs^h pavment on confirma tion of sale. WM A MBLOT ml dAds LATIMER a CLEART, Aucts! ASSIGNEE'S SALE^OF STOCK OF GROCB *J.?ubli5 Auction on the I3th bay Mai, 1873, at the Store, Ho. 3dl Pennsylvania S/nlif ?"A of Groceries in said store. The attention of Grocers ts particularly Invited to said i CHESTER, ""?d" Assignee of Bray Brothers. I^JVITED STATES MARSHAL'S BALK. eft* wrifnof Serl facias, issued out of the vr.?.* office of the Supreme Court of the District "V" - - - V?twv. lira ouprnme toun Of ID*4 lMntrict of Cohunbla, and to me directed, I will sell at pub v/ ^? in ft*ont ef the Court House door ?Ir^id/>i,irie?'.0,,/B1I)ATj the 93d day of May, W'. at IS o clock as., all def.-itdant's rifht title clata and interest in a^dto lot hT? iS No! J^J. Also, the west half of lot Ho. I, In square Ho M5J* I! th j ot WMhingtoti, 0. O., togsther wi*h all and singular the Improvements thereon, ?ia^ ?.Ki lev^sTnjon as the property of Richard ? ?Hall,.and will be sold to satisfy execution Ho. 7 jWt, In faror of John W. Le Barnes wS-'tta ALEE SHARP. U S Marshal. D. C. IIN1TED STATES PATEHT OFFICE, V; .. Wasbiistok, D. Co April 3Mh. U73. On the petition of ALBERT BETTEL^Y. of Boston. Mass., praying for th* extension of a asttsnt dowou. vass., praying tor tbe extension of a patent rraated to bmi on theSddayof August,MM, forVui Cgifi^mmt to^ievator; for Warehoi^.F" ries. Mines, Ac : ' "llw" It is ordered that the testimony in t he C4MS be closed on Ike 1st day of July next, that tkertime for filing ?nd.,^ExaaMr>er,S report br " - ' heard on the Wrh day"^* Jn^nert* *** ffir~"*.Taw?ste ' ?vra aiitua limited to AUCTION SALES. TO-MORROW. m latihkb * CLEABY, ?' . AuettoWfn and B??J Bet at* Brokers Southwest earner Pmh;I?uI? treaut ?^ ki?t enth street, SwORw BnildSnfT^ ?XBrUTOBY SALE OF A SMALL LOT OV ??*HITUB: ??LD WAYOM AND BIBG A SATtBDAT MOBHINO, May ltkh '? front of the auction rooms of 1 ??? - Vp| A Oteary. I shall Mil the following I Til Painted Cottage Set. ??ecw. 1 Oak Hat T?e Brussels Carpet; Matt rang, 4c AIM 1 a Id Watch; 1 Gokd Bing. Tarn* Cash. JAMES 8YKES Xtccntor m?-eod LATIMER A CHART, Ancts! |JMTED STATES MARSHAL'S 8ALB. J'rtofxrf a writ of Bert facias, leaned out of the ?flc* ?f.*k? Supreme Court of the District of Columhla.and to me directed. 1 ahall sell, in front DAT* l?0Lof ?" +HUBB 1?"*?? MbdlTWoa No. 1.0," Id muTSo lEte of Waahmgton.D. C., toxether with all and singular the improvements thereon, seized and "*?? " th* property of Allison Nailor, Ind A 0 BWd,i? *** execution Ho. 9,Us in faror of A aril 1A w?*X' 8HAaP? U* B- *??hal, D. O. April 18,1873. , *19-du S A-^1^ ? BOvE?AOri8 POSTPONED until ?, Tl BDA Y, th?* 10th inst., at the iidi^ honr And place,In conseonftice of the rain. te?* ALEX WHABP.1T.S Marshal.D.C. |*Y MATTlNULYA WHEELER, Auctions?, A-* 003 9th street north weft. TSVKTC5 8AL,: bymtotion or two ele Si1J?wR.??,DKI,CM ON K STREET, BK TWEEH ?ih AKi) 10th streets north io?y *irtn' of ? d,ed <* trust, dated September 4th. 187?,_aad recorded September loth, 1S72. In Liber N.? 5*,JoU?.trS.!1 "h"" "u THURSDAY, M .y 1st, 187* SLf# .P' ??' ofr*.r fjr to the hl?he*f bhi'ler, the foli?winK real estate, situated in Wa?h jngton city , District of Columbia, to wit: Lot* M teredCatid D. in Gilbert's recorded suhdivismn .if ftlVVl ll"n',^r?*<l three hundred and seventy ous. (371,) together with the improvements tlier<s<n being two desirable and valuable modern built Beel QPtlfW. This property Is sold snhjert to a prior d??d of trust ob each honee of ?10 uuo. dated August *1,1671, payable in the years, with ten per cent, latere*! p:ijable semi-annually. ?. ??we?i, T-rnis of sale : Casli for the amount realiv-d above said incumbrance, to be paid within one we.vfc aftiw the sale; and if the terms are not complied with in that time, the Trustee reserves the right to r<-*ellth. property at the risk, and cos* of the defaulting pur chaser. A deposit of ?S0U on each hoM' when sold Conveyancing at the purchaser's <:o?t. a21 ood M ATTINGL Y* A VheELErTTucU." ?J^TI?tw?H?,Qr*?C,1! 0F TH* IWCLBMENT WKDNFRDAV,VM ^ i.bTJir until ?%'?7ftwX?* 1*?' ""or *?d lul eaAda MATTINGLY A WHEELER, Aucts. 0F TH* the if n?in?J7.?her niitil SATUBDAT, Mny 10,1873, at same hour and place. By order of the Trustee n.*3t MATT1N0LY A WHEELER. Anets. Br VALl 4 CO., Auctioneers. . ??? New Marble Building, Noa. 900and 00)1 Penn. ave.,coruer9.h street. TBDSTEE8' SALB OF SMALL HOUSES AND LOTS ON I STREET. BETWEEN 9th AND ioth streets, northwest ?J? ^'fd.of tru?t bearing date on & the12.<d day ofApril.A. D 1372, and duly rtcord ?fnwlLT '"lio <?<)?. of ^the Land Re cords of ^aeli ngton county, In the District of Col ombia, we will sell,at public auction, in front of the premises on SATl'RbAY, the 10th day of M.iy next, at ft o clocii p. m., all those certain parcels of laienyiiiii and situate in the city of Washington, in v .PIm I Columbia, and being lots Nos. 2S, ?, .11 an 133, In square No fSS, and tne improvement* thereon. Each of these lots is improved bv a small two-story Fra-ne House. They are located witiiin one *mar<> of the H street railroad wnl,ln Terni?: Alio. < ash in each hous<>; balance in 8 and 12 months fr. m day of sale, with interest at tli- rat - ol 10 p?-r cent, per annum. A deposit of $50 on each house required a; the time of sale. Tn .1ESCP MILLER. /_ . HENRY W OARNB^T.t Trn,,e??. J*5^1 WM L. WALL A Co.. Aucts. |>Y DI NCANSON, COWLING A CO., Aucts , ? Southeast coruer 9th and D streets northwest. vALI*AULE BUILDING LOTS ON 8 tToN IIxh STREET, AT AIC gk On 8ATDKDAY AFTERNOON, May 10th, WcmnienciiiB at A o clock, we mill h^II, upon Hih building lot-, front ^?i?re23y 8tr,('ts, ?ud subdivision of ?? JiiT?v.,ta ?re fP'd'v improving in value, and Mn\h^r4Tof?J| 0f bUye"' ^ lUe t""us "r Trrms : SlUOcash: A50 to l-e paid on day of ?ab

balance in quarterly pa>ni.-nts of #80 or Alun. to suit purchaser. Not.-s se< ured by de.-d of trust, and beailng 8 per cent, interest. Conveyancina at pur chaser's cost. Title perf<*t. * H.7-d DUNCAN8QN. DOWLING ACQ ,AucN F?" "AL*iMW,,plif.?yivftIS0 l"tsVt 'i n . id pnt?itc auction, on SATUBDAT, pr?vat" saiet? C P' " ' uulc* previously sold at . m2; Lots 3, 4,7,8,9, in first section: 3, 4. 5,6 and 7. In K brown's .ut{/v3i;io^'J 5< 'D Lurth s6cUo? ot 8" stable a * "t wo^r^ of ^oind'r0?""' WUh Terms easy. For particulars apply to 8. P. BROWN, . C?r 15th street and N. Y. ave. n-'M LATIMEB a CLEARY. Anets. RY LATIMEB A CLEABY, ~ Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and Utb ?*reet, Star Office Building. HIGHLY VALUABLE IMPBOVED PROPER IV ON THE SO UTH8IDE OF F 8T BEE TIN im2ciuit*?w WILLARD'S HOTEL, AND Iia" E !a TAIx't I raJ N S U WIU.1BD9 ?? . --'PrMntset, we shall sell Lot 5, in 8juare 224, hav ing a front on F street of 20feet and running back at ^ePth of 1W feet to a 30-foot alley, with a diiect alley, lS"feet wide, to Pennsylvania avenue improved by a three-st ?ry Brick Dwell!nV Imsa ^li ately adjoining Willard's 'Hall, containing about 14 r<TnmW,? ?'I the modern improvements, navmolfia? <^h.the reaidue la three equal L ? * and 18 months, and secured hv a fc!t u^"tvw th not<M' TtoTSKtW at thne^JSLie * pnrchaaer'scoat. SAOOdown aao dAds [Bop ] LATIMEB A CLEABY, Aacta. KTIN CONSEQUENCE OF THE RAIN, the t'? pos,P"n<>'} until WEDNESDAY, May 14th,name hour tod place n.S .Uds [Rep] LATIMER A CLEABY, Ancts. RY LATIMEB A CLEABY. ~ a .u fuctianeeni *w> Beal Estate Broilers, Southwest comer Pennsylvania avenue and ntbst Star Office Building. " WL* Sruw&Kb*J1* BUILDING LOTS ON Aa'eNuV wjisTAND RHODE ISLAND B> j 'rt"? of a decree of the Supreme Court of ^*the District of Columbia. pa^<ed in Equity ??^^'"'"N0.728,chancery rules9, whrr-in Kliza beth Brent is plaintiff and Charles E Brent et al. ' 'jnderyigned. duly appointed triftue in said cause, will sell, at public auction, in front of A,XtSi,'??nTFELSD*T',h^80,h dvo( m*t. A* j ^ ^ valuable Build ,8th 5,fre} wSf* *n<1 Bh "t1* Island avenue. Brent'* Kub livisiou of tqnare 't^narc0?"*"""* ""i'lare feet, and lot The tenns of sale, as prescribed by the decree, are; 1 ne-tnird cash, and the balance in two-euual instal ments, Tor which the nota* of the pur< liaaer will be taktn. payable in six and twelve months, with inter ol t^i ?P'1 jjenred to the satisfaction of fnT.T h iT Ma wi" t>e rmiuired foreacb lotat time of sale. If the terms of i-ale are not complied with Within seven days from day of Ur th Property will b? resold at the cost and risk ?, ?? Purcbaaer. Title direct from government of the I mted State* All<r<>nveyancing at cost of pur ' b."~ V I" AKROW1. BRENT, Trustee _*^? 2awAds LATIMEB A CLEARY, Aucts. Ri Latimer a cleary, y Auctioneers and Rral Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania ave. and 11thstreet. Star Office Buildiugs. T?N/?T.ErS?V.M<ly: Sf A VALUABLE BUILD ING LOT ON s STREET, NEAR 14tu ST NORTHWEST. ' 1"mA* l*TU ?T SB/ virtue of a deed of trust, date.1 th? 3d day of October, A D. 18?, and record,-d in Lib. rT Wm??L foliH 323, of tue Land llacords of conuli't|w nubacriber* will to tiw i' ?D "".TUESDAY, the / ^ay' f ? D" 1873? ? 4 o'clock p m , L >t numbered 4.(four,I in sqnare numbered 2%, (two hundred and thirty-eight, lin the city ?f Washing ton. District of Columbia, to p?y with inter est from October 3,1568. and expenses. ?7.. lerPS.of "fr *re: One-foarth cash,(of which ? lw must be paid at the time of the sale,) and the residue in e<iual sums in 6,12, 18 and 24 months, for which the purchaser must give notes, bearing iuter ?rt at seven per cent, per annum, payable semi-an nuall> , and secured by a deed or trust on the prem A" co?T?yancing at the coat of the purchaser If the terms are not complied with within five days from the day of sale, the Trustees reserve the right to resell the property, or any part thereof, to the dnejiuu:a>'aVth'^yde,00*1 of it rchMer ,n __ . . JAMBS W. COBCOBAN, \ a? 2awtds LATIMEB A CLEABY. AncU. gALE OF BMALIyABMB AND ACC0UTB1 Bckiau or Oadxarck, i tw. o? WEDNESDAY, May 14, MM v0*"* Inspector of Ordnance, ^favy eo2L^I-.J?rts? n,n*BHty ?f "UX'MMUd ?C JS2t^7n?,,u' follows, vl*; ?7B Plymouth rifles, cal. .at, serviceable. j?j f|?Ess ssr^s; 417 * Hank lag carbines, cal. J2, Deeding re *2 i ??i*~*loaable. 5SS? Hw>Wn" ri4*' * naadiog r? S|^"A Hanklns rifle sabre beyoeeteanAscab Tenua; One-half cash In Govermaect fonds on the conclusion of the sale, and the rnMalaisi wltki n tHH (W)d?ys afterwards, iuriag which time the^rtlchS must be removed from the yard, otherwise the* will revert to the Government. * wlu '? ?? b? di*l?ctly aiHierstpod that so guarantee yj? H ?? rurhaaew offtteia. for S2^r^?Slto^k2TO u 7Nfar<isthe4rexao> eoodi everything o&red for sale Is aa ?iMt. . wilua* AUCTION RALES. THIS ?T LATIMER A OLUIT, D Aufttnwww and Real I?tH Bmkm Boatkvnl ?cram' Pean*rlvaal < ?tmm amd Utb at . Star OMoe Building. TtVmi'B SALS or AN ENTIBE SQUARE OJWLBD.TJiBT BLIUI4LY SITUATED. SaSwaY *<iUARB or coil MBit A BrTlitMoriMoftnultt tbranlmifi' M9ed, bwini dale the Ut day -I April. A D.VI, ? Mil recorded wobi the Iwl records of this Diatnrt. in liber folio 1 M m m) by Mnrtk* of the holder of the Mn wc?p?f thnreby. I will sell at public auction, on the prrnran, on SATURDAY, the 'Jtf day of May A D. 1-VX at A oWntk p. B., all (Mtntrf btoVtkI riae tscndred and thirty-two, (Mi.) bovivM k? north I aad K streets, aad 9th and Mfth itrwti northeast, contain ing in the whole jta.nt 71 1* aonare f?et The property will he ?old subject to a prH>r deed of trost, dated UMubcr 1, Mil. hat whwh by It* tern* may fee relsastd upon the pa) oient of sis Cent* per square foot. Tertn?: One-t'drd caah; the residue in four equal payments, at S: 4? ?. and tt month*, with interest from day of tow. Deed given and trust taken. 9280 to fee d*p?aited when the property ia at rack off, which ia to be forfeited unleaa pmchwrt c <n plies with thr lenus of aah> within five daya after aale. Conve/a*ciag at porchaaer's coat. FRIB W JOKES. Tra?tee. aSeoAd* LATIMR A CLEARY. Aucta. ?/"IN CUNSEQUEKcFoF TH* SMI. TilE above ?*le ia postponed until FRIDAY . M ?> 9, 1873. name hi>nr and place. By ord?r of the Trustee irA-dAda LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucta BY LATIMER* iLKVKY, jBotii>un>ri and K- *1 Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Kiint) Ivania at ?nn? and 11th at., Star Office BnilJing. TRUSTEED SALE OK~ VALUABLE UNIM PRO* F.D PROPERTY ON THE N^RTHW EST < OHNSK or Mil AND T STREETS NORTH west. Br virtue of a deed of trust to me. b-vnnr bKMate thefthday of January , l<{. and recorded ? ? in Liber 634. folio ?h|. et aeq., of the Land R cord? of the District of Columbia. and at the request of the parties nee tired thereby, I shall sell at pnh!ic auction, in frotit of the premise#, on WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. May 7th, at 6 o'clock. Lut Mo. 1. ?<insre N?. 3!M, "iluate.i the northwest corner ot iihaii'l T * recta uorthwi-st,Coulaiuiug 9,942 aquarv feet, more or less. Terms: One-fourth cash: re?tdtt? in 6, It and 1* tronths, with inter?"?t at 7 per cent. iJIUO down at time of sale. Oonveyanciog at c<*?t of purchae-T. If th? terms are not complied with within ten days, the d< posit will be forfeited and the prop-rty reS'UI at the i i?k and cost of the aurchsMer on five daya' notice. This property is sold at the ri*V and cost of E. A. H< b?rd, he having purchased the same and failed to comply with the ternia. R W. DOWN MAM. Trustee, ml-dAda LATIMKK A CLEaRY, Aoct*. ?jTTHB ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED, m account of the rain,until FRIDAY, M ??? 9,same hcur and place. By order of the Trustee. n ,s It LATIMER A CLE ART, Auct*. Y Dl'NC ANSON, DOWL1NG A CO , Auct*. corner Mb and D streets northweat. B TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON 10th STREET, NEAR 8 ST. NORTHS EST?No. 1739 10th STREET. By virtue of a deed of troat to the undersignod, Lfoj lated the ltthday of June, A. D. lv?J. and re nt*. otded in Liber Tami R, No. IS, folio 165, of the land records of the District of Columbia, and at the written reqneat of the holder of th? prornisa >ry mde secured thereby, I will sell on the premises, by pub lic auction, ob FRIDAY, the 9th day of May, A. D 1473, at V o'clock p m , all that certain piece or par ol of ground situate in the city of Washington, in said District, and known and deeoribed as Lot mu" terfii, <19,1 in Leonard S Chapman a reconled sub division of square numbered three hundred and thirty-five, (SSI.) together with the improvements theteon, consisting of a good frame Dwelling House Terms of sale: $1,700 in caah, the remainder in sis months, with interest at ai* per c- nt , aecared by a de? d of trust on the preniiaea; or all caah. at tbe op tion of the purchaser; $JUU to be deposited when the pri'p,-r:y iastr'Kk oft. If theteriuaof sale are not complied with within tivedays from day of ^ale, the property will l.? ? r? -. 1 i. ? the riak and coat of the defaulting purchaser. All conveyancing to be paid for by otirclias.-r. GEOROE H PL ANT. Trusts. niC d DrNt'ANSON, DOWUNO A CO.. Aorta. BY W. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneer*. New Marble Building. Noa. 900 aad 90'J PonnajIva .ia avtrne. PUBLIC SALE AT Al"CTIt)K OF HOUSE AND LOT ON OHIO AVENUE. BETWEEN 14th AND 15th STREETS BORTHWEST On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, May 7, k*n?lS73, at 3 o'clock, we will *ell at public auction, "^in front of th? premises. N'?. 1439 Ohio av enue. part of Lot Mo. 19, of subdivision of Square No. aa recorded in liWr CHI!, folio 3%, in the surveyor * office, fronting 18 loet on Ohio av enue, with the improvements thereon, Consisting of ad" elling-bouse. Terms : $lrS90of this amount is payable in notes of ?911 every ninety daya; first note due 2ith June, liiTS This amount ar.<l intereat can r-maitij balance cash A deposit of &M0 on acceptance of bid. n.S d W. L. WALL A CO., Aucta. r^IN COKSE0UEN) E OF THE RAIN, the above -ale ia p<*taoned until FRIDAY. May 9, 1S73. same hour ana place. ms 2t W. L. WALL A CO., Aucta. BY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, No. 1000 Northweat Mlth and D atreet* TBUSTEE'8 SALE OF~A TWO STORY BRICK DWELLING IN SOUAKE Mo. 407 By % irtue of a deed of irust dat-,1 Moveml?er 1, : IH70. and dnlv recorded in Lil>er No. 629. folio l-Oo, Ac., of the land records for Washington comity, D. 0., and by the direction of the parties secured thereby, 1 will eell, at public auction, in front of the premises, on FRIDAY, the 9th day of Miy.A D 1?73, at 6 o'cl.x k p. m., all of Lot num bered fifty-three(53), in P?irce and KlingleV snbli viaion of s<iuare nninl>?red two huttdred and seven (917).together with the improvements tlnxe?n. Terms of sale: One-third in caeli; and the balance in 6,12, aud 18 months, to be secured by a deed <*' tru?t upou the property sold, with interest fr>m the da> of sale. WILLIAM A GORDON. Trustee. a30 2iiw Ada GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auets. BY KELLEY a GATCHEL, Auctioaeer*. Southeast corner 11th aud I streets nortbweat. PALI OF A DESIRABLE BUILDING LOT. On FRIDAY, May 9, at i o'clock p m , we ^9will sell, at auction, Lot 13, in Square 306. front ing>Tfeeton8 *treet, I between 14th and Uth at reels, by a depth of 1U0 fe*t to an alley. Term*: One-third c?*h; balanoe to *nit purchaner. down on day of sale. _ni7 3t KELLEY A GATCHEL, Aact*. BY WM. L. WALL a C?., Anctlonear*, Mew Marble BuildtLg, Mo. 900 and 90S Penmylvama arena*. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE PROPER TY IN SQUARK Mo. 719. m By rirtue of two deeds ef trust, recorded in ?B Liber R M. H., Mo a, folio 78. al?> in Lib*r ^??T and R, Mo, 7, folio 109, of the land records of the District of Columbia, and by direction of the parties secured thereby,I will offer at public aale on the premise*, on MONDAY, the 99th day of April, at the hour c-f A o'clock in tne afterno*n,the follow ing Lot* of Ground, aa sub-divided by Wm. For Stb, Surveyor, being Lota number 43,44, II, 46, 47, .49, ft), 61,62. *3,64,65. 66,57,68, M,40,61. a, <3, 64, 66.66, 67,68,69,70,71 and 72. of the sub-diviaiou of original Lot* number 12,13,14, and part of 16, in s>juare 712. These Lots front from 19 to 20 feet on Delaware avenue. 2d street east. M street north, aad Colfax street, aud run hack to alleys, the aaid Lota being in depth froa 94 to M0 feet. Two Frame House* on LoU 81 and 61 will I* sold with the Lota. Term* of sale: One-third cash: the residue of the purchiwe money in 6 aad 12 month*, the purchaser Jiving his note* bearing 8 per cent, interest from the ay of aule: a deed given, and deed of trust taken to secure the deferred payments. All conveyancing at the purchasers' cost. A depost of |9 reqaired froai each purchaser when the Lota are sold. Plats of above Lots can be had at our store. R. P JACKSON. Trustee, a 17 lOt [Repl W L. WA WL A CO., Aucts. 8/" THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until FRIDAY. May 9. W73, at the same time and place, in cr meouence of the rain. By older of the Trustee. a29 dt* W. L. WALL A CO., Aucta. THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until THURSDAY AFTERNOON, May ?. 1x73. at the aame hour and place, in consequence of the r?in. R. P. JACKSON, Trustee. mS -l W. L. WALL A CO., Aucts. ?/"THE ABOVE SALE IS FURTHER POST PONED until MONDAY AFTIRNOON, May 12 1373, at the t>ame hour and place, in con-<eqnence of the rain. R. P JAOKSOM. Trustee. n 9 d W L WALL Jt CO., Aucts. By b. h. warmer, R< at Es'ate Broker and Auctioneer, Mo. 799 7th street, between G and H. Bv virtne of a deed of trust to me dated April |5, 1870. of recotd in liber N ? 609, folio 176, one Vol the land records for the county of Washing ton, I shall offer for sale at auction, in front of the preiniKee, on MOND AY, the 19th day of May, 1873, at t> o'chick p. m ., all of the lot. piece or parcels of ground described in said deed of truxt, situated near the south end of the Navy Yard bridge, in UnioD tow n. being 20 bv lou feet, with the improvements of a frame heuse. Terms of sale: One fourth cash; of which #26 must be paid immediately after sale: the balance in six, tweUe, aud eighteen months, with intereat secured by a deed of trust on the property. If the terms are not complied with in Ave day* after the day of sale the trustee reserves the right to sail the property at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. HENRY C. ADDISOM, Trustee. n.9 il B H WARNER. Anct. BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers and Real E*tate Broker*, Southwest corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Elev enth street, Star Office Building. SALB OF GROCERIESCONTAIMED IN STORE northwest corker of mimtq amd p STREETS MORTHWRST, AT AUCTION. On MOMDAY MORNING, May 19th. 1873, commencing at 10 o'clock, we shall .sell the following firwt-claa* Groceries: ^^?'Fre*h Shelf < '? <>ods, embracing Canned Corn, Tomatoes, Peaches, Ac.. Ac. Groceries?consisting of Sagara, Sp4aea, Essences, large quantity of fine Teas, Maichea. Umokiag and Chewing Tobaccos, Candle*, Taaat Powder, Blacking Bruehs*, Coffee*, Wooden and Willow Ware.8o*9*,&tarkh. Ac., together with numer ous other good* usually found in a well-kept Oro ALIO, Horse, WagOD and Harness Term* caah. a>? 2t LATIMER A CLEARY, Aact*. DT Oim * WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, D Mo. 1901, Dortkweet oom*r Mth and D Ma. FIRST CLASS BUILDING LOT FOR A PRI VATE RE8IDEMCB, FRONTING OM E STREET NORTH, B^TWIEM THIRD AND FOURTii BTRBEfS flR, NEAR THE CITY hall, AT^en<m. , Mh (vt M , alc)ack nth two Mde wall* rant indacemetrta to I to attaod th* *ak>, a* it to a Arat-elaa* ne-Kma'hOae third cask; halmir* In six, tw*lvs and AUCTION' SALES. BT DUNCANSON. DOWLINO A CO. A arts Boat beast corner Mb and D UrMb north weet SIX SECONDHAND SKWING MACK INES AT ACCTloB On 8ATUBDAT MORNING. Mar 10th. a* 14 oYlork m . we wilI *. ||. u onr aortin* mnnm? Six VvtM Machine*. iilfe-our nuk-m Sale of Pn G ?>?1? is eti!l (I'iM M 1' mHCAXmiH,PO?I.ISH ACQ . A not*. RT w? L W ALL A CO . Anctroueers. ?* . Hnrw uid Otrnw Buur. Luuidut (Traar. 9tn and 10th str-eet* HORSES, RUGBIES. PHOTONS.CABTS, H\R __ N*NS. *<?. OaSATURPAT MoRNING. May IO h. < <WMi*nrinf at lO o'clock. wf will eel I at out btiur * numbfbof hobses. r<?r PtiTlpg. Said'* aod WMk*n, ifT?r?l low-priced Worker* ? At??. ?*T e^**! hai* t.?p and ?Hnp Rnr?i^. I\ pr*M W?*on, clUTaZSJ'?? r"*"' ????" . Jt WM. L WALL A CO . Aa<-? BT GREEN A WILLI A MS, Au<^t*>ne*r* IF No. lOOl .northw*et corner W-ti and D?i OWE BOSEWOOp CASE PIANO. SEVERAL IMNPKOMEGILT rRAMEP PIER and MAN TLB MIRRORS SLAB an I BRACKET* IS i;KRFE('T ORPBR; WALNUT FRAMED P?R!OR SUITS. UI'H<?I STF.REP IN RFI* P1A/ K WAI.RI T OH\MKER Fl*RWITi Kr; J*?\i xrr ro^k casf. marble top cen TAP' *<? WAI.Bf T EXTENSION TV Bl.ES CANE SE\T CHMRS ard R"?'KERS BUBEAUS, BEP<TE*|iS. and BRUSSELS, INGRAIN. aid OTBPR CARPWT8: OIL CLOTHS I*%KL"R J?r!m.SZ23?!?* stoves, h mr hc*k *.Mi ?????5-2ov ^attkasses f bath fr PILIOWS ar;d BOLSTERS. CHINA. Ol.^s ?r?(>CKK,U *ABE. KITCHEN i tem S11.S, Ac., AI.*o A LOT OF WINE ONF SIPE COUNT!R On TO MORROW., S.mrUv. Mtr ifl ? ,t hi H o'clack ?. ?r wttl Hi la fVoat if 'our auction r >.>m? th? above m oti 'ued art'cle-.. Term* caali. GREEN A WH.LIAMS. An-f* IIT LATIMER A CLRART. ? A Auctioneers and K**al E?tate Br >k*r*. ? Southwest corner Perm*.) lllania avenue and 11th ?t? Star Office Building. LARGE ANP ATTB V'TIVE BALE OF H0r*E S?k?^i;^SVrlK1iu,rFirl Fl'BRITrRE. HARPU ARE. Ac., AT Ol'B SALES BOOMS. A , TO-MORROW ( hainrdaj IMORNING. M it W- I??Iwk commencing at IO o'clock, we ah->11 fro?* ?! ?*r room*. a *npei > >r 1-1 |collection of Household (i-kdt, embrar m l ? Parlor Suit*. in hairci<4h aad (r?. n r-p*. Marble-top Table*. K-c. prion I'hair*, Lounges. Walnut Marble-topB ireau* and Waslo.t*nd?, Walnnt and other B-d-tend*. ?'?rdr b-?, Cane and Wood R. at < 'hairs, Whatnot*, KiiKr.ivii.if* and Cbr'-moa, F?-ath?T B-<1?. Bolster* and Fillowv, Hair and Hii*k Martra**i ?, Bm?!i?'U, Three-plv. and other Cari?et*, Extencion liming Table*, Crockary and Gla*? Ware, C<? kinsaud Heating Sto??s.Kitch?n Karuiiure.Vc. A Loo, Fine Offlre F'>ri)itnre,con?i*ti>i( of W.tlnnf Svrf. tary, Walnut W riting Table*. Oak Arm Chair*. Ac ., Ac. Am, L"t New Hardware and New Blind* and D > ?r*. Terms c:i*b. It LATIMER A CI EART. Atet*. By mattinglt a wheeler, Ani fion^er* aiid Broker*, No. 403 9th at fret north went, next to corner E at. TRrSTEK'S 8A LB BT AUCTION OF VERY YALl ABLE REAL ESTATE IN THE FIRST M ARD, FRONTING PENNSYLVANI \ AVE Nl^E, AND ? GOVERNMENT RESERYA Sinter and by rirtne of a deed af truat.ln which I have bees *ub*titated a* tni?ter in the pla<ewf Frank D. Whitney ,d<x?aMH],? hich i*recorded in Liber No. 616, folio *48, ?ue of the laud record* of Wa*hinctou c ?uuty, UiMrict of t'o lunibia.and at the rfxiumt of the holder of the u >le ?eenred by aaid de^d of trn*t, I ahail *et up, exp.>??, and aell. tnthe nieheat bidder, on WEPNEsDA F. April 30, Iffj, a' 4 o'clock p m., on the premise*, orivitial Lot*i 191 nineteen atxk lu1 twenty, in *411 are iiiin^x-red f 101 f oi.e hun'lre<l and on*. Th?*?e lot* front etveiity-llv feet on I *ire?t, near it* iuter*ec tlon wUh Penn*vlvania avenae, and hare advnth .f one bnndred and tdrty-nine feet and thre.- nu h ?? to ajmil.lh alley twenty f-et in width, and *id- alHy flfleeii feet wide from I street, fronting a re*er\a tion and P>-nn?ylvania avenne. Thi* property I* peculiarly adapted for the erection of ftr*t-iia*? prl vate T'-aidenre*, and *hould command the atteution of capitaliata Mid builder*. Term*: One half cash; balance tn ?. 12 anl IS month*, with intereat at ati p?r ceut. per anumn, *<<i by a deed >f tru?t on the pr-mi*??. A de posit of $6(JU wlou *"ld. ConnyancHi/ at pur chaser"* coat. T-rma of aale to be complied with in one week after *a|e. W. B. WERB. Tru*t??* ?22-d MATTIMGLY A WHEELER, Aucta. ?^*TI1E ABOVE SALE IS HEREBY POST poned nntil THUBSPAY. Max ??. I?T?. at 4 o'clo- k p. tn., ou the preuiiaea By ower ot t lie Trn-t*^-. W B WEHR a? "olw MATTINGLT * WHEELER. Auct*. B^-IN CONSEOCBNCB OF BAIN, THE above sale in hereby postponed, nntil SAT! R PAY, May 10,1873. aame hour acd pl^ce. By order of the Trustee. mf'-dtd* MATTINGLT A WHEELER. Auet*. By latimbb a clbabt Auctioneer* and Real Eat ate Broker*. Southwell corner Pen nay I rani a avenue and 11th at., Star OSIce Building*. T*f*STEE S8ALEOF VALTABLE PROPERTT ON THE SOCTHEA8T CORNER OF EIGH TEENTH AND T STREETS NORTHWEST. AT AUCTION. By Tirtueof c-deed of tnwf to me, bearing WSlat. the 4th day of July, A D. 1STJ. ai d rw .rd 'd in liW No. IM. f?lio 315,of the lain! record* for W'aahingtou county, Dintrict of Colum bia, and at the request of the pmrty aecur-.i t her. by. I will aell at public auction, to the high-*t bidd?r, in front of tlieprnmi>e*. on THl'RSDAT, the ?th day of May, IjJTs, at 0 o'clock p. m .lot lettered A, in H. Mnfru(lcr,i vabdiTiiioD of orlfintl loti nuai ber?M 10.11,11 and IS, iu aguare US a* the *a:u- are kntwn up. n th? public plats and plans of the city of W aabingtoa. Tlii* property front* SS feet on T*treet. and ha* a depth of luO feettoan alley, and biud* on Eighteeuth street northweet. T'-rm* of sale: ftSOO cash, balance in 4 and 11 month* with interest. If the terma of aale are not complied with within Ave days from dav of aale, the trustee reserve* the right to reaeil the property at the rirk and coat of the defaulting purrh*aer. A loj down at time of aale. Conveyancing at pnrrhaaer's co*t. RWDOWNMAN, Trustee, ml dAda LATIMEB A CLBABT, Auct*. ?"THB ABOVE BALE 18 POSTPONED on account of the rain, until TCBSDAT, May 13th. same hour and place. By order of the Trustee mil dAds LATIMEB A CLBABT, Aucta. T 8. 8AMSTAG A CO., Auctioneer*, No. toUA Louiaiaua avt., bet. 4th and 7th *ts. ?&* The remaining stock of MEN'S an l BO VS" fmfl CLOTH I NO' GENTS' FURNISHING VKJGOOPS; MEM'S, BOYS' and LAPIES BOOTS and SHOES, RIBBoVH PRESS GOOPS. WHITE GOOPS. LACES, EMBBOIPE RIES. HOSIERY, UMBRELLAS. PARASOLS, and a meat maty other Good",tOo munerou* to m*-u tion, will be clo*?d <.ut at auction,o-mmenring on MONDAY MORNING. May 14, at 10 o'clock, aal continuing from day to day tuitil the entire it<vk is (loeed out. Term* c**li. S SAMSTAG A CO., Auctioneer*, ji 9-It 624 La ave..b?-t 4th and 7h *tr". t*. T B. H. WARNER, Real E*tate Broker and Auctioneer. Ho. 729 Seventhatreet,between (J ?uj a TRUSTEEfl 8ALB OF VALUABLE IM PROVED PROPERTT IN THE NORTHERN SECTION OF THE CITY, ON 0 8TBEET OB COLFAX STREET, BETWEEN ltfiu AND IttTH STREETS NORTHWEST. Uf virtue ot a deed of trust, dated March 1st, 1366, and dul> recorded iu Liber 564, folio S3H, >ne of the laud reccnl* for Waabtngton county, District of Co lumbia. and by direction of the partv x ecu red. I will sell, in front of the premise*, on FRIDAT AFTBB NOON. May 0th, 1S7J, at ? o'clock, to the higheat bidder, the w?*t 48 feet 9 inches front of Lots, In Sguara 196; improved br three two-story Frame llouae*,orsuch part# of *aid premises as maybe necewary to satisfy said debt. Terms of sale: One-third ca*h; balance |n 4 and 11 mouth*, with six per cent, interest. The deferred pa\ menu to be *ecured by a deed of trust and in sorance on the property sold. In case the term* are not complied with In five days after sale, the right is reserved to resell the property, at the ri*k and cost of the defaulting purchaser. ?luo down on day of sale. FRED EOONES. Trustee. aSS-JAda B. H. WARNER, Auct. K?-THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONBP ant il TUESDAY, May *0,1373, same hoar and place. By order Trustee. m9-eoAd* B H WARNEB. Auct. B B B Y LUTTBELL A PUNNINQTON, Auctioneers, V17 Louisiana avenue, bet. 9th and MKh sts. TRU8TEB> SALE OF VALUABLE IMPBOVED REAL ESTATE?TWO TWO STOBT BBIGK DWELLINGS ON STth ST . BBTWBEN land K, NORTHWEST, Also OHB TWO 8TOBY FRAME DWELLING ON L ST., BETWEEN IUth and SOth, N0BTHWBST, WASHING TON, D C. Byvirtaeof a dead of trust. dated May 19th, A. D. 1871, and duly recorded in Liber No. MJ. folio*19, one of the laud records for Washing ton county. In the District of Columbia, mad by re quest *f party aacured thereby, I will *e|l at pub ii< anctlou in front of the premises, to tlie hignest bidder, on WBDNESDAT, May 91st. A.D.K3. at & o'cb-ck p. ?>., tbesowth Mfeet S Inches fr uung on i7th sweet, between land K streets northwest, in the cliy ef Washington, in aaid District, by equal depth oi* 31 feet 9 inches of part of Lot Ho. 11 in tviiiare Ne. 5. and more particularly deacrib^d in Liber R. M.H., No. 16, folio et seq , one of the land record* for *aid District, together with the im provements thereon, consisting of twoS-story Brick Duelling*. Also, on the same <U>, at 0 o'clock p. ?? all thiee parts of Lot* IIos. 14 ail U. in Square Bo.?, la said city, and described as tollowa: Beginning at the northeast comer of Mid Lot Mo. M. thence running south feet 4 inches; thence weat 3 feet: the-tce north hi feet;tbeuce east 4 feet; thence north 7S fset 6 inches to the II. e of L street north,and tli-nce east with ?aU line X feet to place of beginuiAg. Befer en<-? for a more particular deecriptioa in Liber J A. S., N<>. 1S4. folio 40H et mj , one of the land recosds for said Diet net, improved by a 1 story Frtae Dwelling. Term* of sale ia each eaae: One third rtH: bal ance la eonal payments in sis, twelve aad elgM'ten uioatiis, the purchaser giving notes bearing ten per cent. interest from day of sals, and secared to satis faction of the trwatee, oa the property sotd, fH?ion the ttrst and ?M on the secoad aroperty above named UMMI he paid down at tiaie of saU Convey ??ciaa aad reoordiag at purchaser's c<*t. Thetro* t^7iATeI\h. ri j>t toreeeM th? eropertr at the rioa and coat of the dsihaHi? parshas-r er purch* '<er?. in ca?e the terma are not compiled w ith with.n lit M|l VI F. MOLTEM AB.Tnistee. ?H LUTTBELL A PlBNINGTok, Auct.. I EVENING STAR. I* la ^ vara? ?TV tM ammunit ion cool J ij _ j. k, ,h._ ?l<d aeM to IWklKK. "*"? n?e > ear* Mri then- t? aort |v??i tw .Vl].. k '??? "Mt carpet that has ben .town .,* ~ than there !? la I twelve barreled tank or ? "'?key " The ri?Md of the new aprng boot i? hfwt) IB *??? -hmcli ai?U<. E ?rly gre, a ?tufl U coming tip finely, owln* lw*' Mi# tad Uie h?M itr xi diMT ? IW*i>^|W'?l 4*-able cem;.e<,uow * .y o<r butcher* a? to a can gel ?i> um *1* Jg.? r**? *> * ?' iwl ?? ??!? . *, r "*r lh' ,.* tj mi P?0VJV?,-!lL"< vw * 'h" '" ?J *- ?he north. ?u ??* wU*OWB kcu* ???o?l?l beat Um feat Ia & S^SS\j^^^SS& ?? ear. the ?p or ???. ttm ST A rvuster attached to lh< Wooaier u -at e. affiliate* w.tto a oa: ?*???. '"."2 premiae*. and keep* i-ou?^*ni with uiat feline to the ent?-e eacloeuw, m \he **?*? TV h?n* J?* applied lor a d;,nrce. A gentleman with one let broKra m four place*, Uri* lra< tared rib*. Mkl a hand with no D^buf; ^ P?'*t ? a!" ?'? ?*?????. ?a. in Uaiibut), F ?iat tuak.tig iriu^-uu n't iiu or gain,.I,k abate hatt .Mntv ^ ^ Farmer* are w*.tMig fbr the wealher to moderate n?Hm?'t t* permit themtohamr up ?b. ir wlnt-r milt* in th< corn field*. F.v?m other woman \ou me?t ?<>wbi>i little four corner 4 parer bundle fri bet h.n,d. which *be holu-atralgbt ahead of her. bv the tb imb ?rd tore tinker, to no other w. man will mw it. .Ayi" Mrth? "whnt ,hr tn? want* of a wife t* her compaufcinxhip.vvtnpathr wurnjte kidI ImfHo in rij'it. The tr>ie ma-? want,, hi. wife-, rouipaniotidi p when ho ha. to fh U|ii lhe*,t*,,t *? *ee wl at that m.,.e ta in the cellar. HitrD'-M.eU eminently vahiabla ln the general neighh"rho4 <1ehat*'? orer tlie uwewioii of now dotaeatle artie'e, and h?r love i? H'n.l'itel v in ?,|.? ? ben-h" jr^t? ia V'r, ?T?:,,thy' Well, any on,- ?>,? i 1 T'he wrong stove lid with bit IT, won ate the valae of Mar. The mo>t are >mtiKidatlne man we eve ?aw w%a be who ia captain oi a M> aniabi|> whi. b t<!ied betwefn New \crk and Port Koral.durtoa the war. One dav a aoMtcr !o?-t M-cap overboard and went to tlie c*| tain al>out it The old ?en tleBian ha d it wa? iBi|>oa?ible to at >i the t??wl to r* coyer t, bat he kltidly ollerol to m .he a ???'*???? rail where it went overbo-ud. and ?e< It when he came back. We naw biat m?k4 the mark our?elvc>., and well rem-mber that id ail tLat mot.Vy croa d there wa? a >t a dry ere. ?.A .r0?,*/,tR? A"T. WIRL- in Hecatwr, III . UbortNl ttid Mivftl f?ir yfa*^, U??t ?lie aught ae?d money to Ueiatanr. to bring ?v..r ber father. mother, and live brotn?r? and ?ia terh. At la*t they received a anfflcent ?.im all to in ^ ,U aln<'r Atiantoa, and all a-er? VRrdding (Cal.) doctors hhoot at Itttle wbito ?logs *i,d b t m. n. Then they get iliefrnamea lYJ!Ap?:*r gericrousiy vohiutoer.n^ to A ?t*. i?u tLf.r ? W"Mr. Mar^h Phihrpe, a count* mag^trate and e gLty two xear. old, plungi 4 into the -a at T. rjnay. Knglaad. on the K'th nit., to renc.,? a child from drowning. He became exhausted ami LiiiiMlt and the chtid were rcacaed bv a yottiiger mai>. 7 wo brother* ngmod Schermerbom icrm - rSr< ,l 'J'**"* hy w,,inK <1"? n on the ! . Reeweieer and Saratoga tail?.>%.! totalis matter* over. An incoming train ?trink th? m l*ot|i. and one * *1 lurtantIv killed audtbo other fatally tujared. ????? man, while making a flre in hia "tore the other morning, doeoeeid that tbe honw hold cat had gone on an exploring e? pcditiun tip the tannel, and wa* werera varda "?a the w-oat." The pi|K> waa taken .fown, and la? by came ou. a black r and ? ilder it not a a Iser, cat. ?"F?c the encouragement of parent* af tiict d incorrigible children ae n.ite that Anna l>i,kin*?n wa* wayward an I w.lful in the ??nrrjr. and g ne more trouble than ail ibe other children put together. She fimt i? the n^tit in W2, nvtil I# C4?v?M>?iatutly_but do vour o*n Miuih ?/II MPtjf Jmil. MARR1KI). PIlRK'KS-JOHKSTOH Ob ?h. tti of j.,. imr) . I?\ i|i?* R* ?. Mr. HartiuH k.M' CiiW! \ n PKEKlKHto M.?m M V.JOUBi>TON. tuf tbW Cll| i ? DIED. CFOWTHER On Wfdn-sdar. tiia 7th 1 - * ml ki.lloViotk I* mi.. panilul iIIdhm* of liwtdn^k. THUMA8 W CKUHTHEft tli* ai? of L?ura OwiHwi. tod : h* ml ?on of thr Ijte TboiuAo and Amelia Growth* r. n ?4 f B*linii??re 81111 pl^-aa^ cult I fj'o"1* !?* ??t*4nt?a ? of th? fault I r re*pectfull) lavit?tf to attend bi* fan- ral, at A <>'. i,?rk . nnday aftera<xji, fi<?a tfci r^idrv f ^ bi? father mdaw, itt-i rgf W Buutb, 7?a 13,U ?reet a^oT!. ^ ? ?^CutiVT0? th? 8.b itidaut. ELIZABETH The fm,. rat will t?k? pl?r? on Saturday th* Idch in?tant. at * oVIoek a.m. fr>ni b-r ^TlVli.a corner id 5'h an i P atr?>eu not.bweat, NIMI frr>m (h^ r, us*. H BNftV?HA foh^ai' Tbe relat<v?a ai.l irt^n l. ?r>. r?aa?rifni|y m. Quevted'.n at'et-d hia foneral fr^m litltrMt aouthwext, Bnnlav, IIo'ekek m. ' St'MIBW On the e\enine "ftb?S-h inataat .r | TS o'clock. ISRAEL KOMCBS a?V% paperaTropr |* d**" ? Pk41a<alplda O^rmantowa The luidnigbt m >..i ia beaming l'P"B hi- ailent crave, W h-re alee pel b a ithoat Ir-aniing, The one ?e coalt uut aare. Tb'' chmda ?* *ri. f are beariuc Theli aba.i.-an on iu> br.>a. Oh cidde me not for veeping, I have n<- buoband u?v rm, ral on Sunday ne*t, at *.*? d m .fr.<mhi? late n-nidence. 4M IS at reef aoathamt, whi< b the relative* and friend* ar Invito 1 " t?TBAIh"INO On the Mb mat ant. af??r alone And ptinfnl fine*, mbioh Pbe tx*-* with remark%l>l# fhriytiaarwtgatioaBABI STRAIN lAO? njltiTwil ?if# of J??bu dtraiiiiiic, ac<*d \ ?*ar? It'^areatciii'dren I bavelt-lt tbe-, la the eartbl. aorld alone, ?'"T not for me. I m ill meet tha?, In ibat bright, d>futl hoiiif. A*-W1| P-'HCefnl b? thy mlent alnmb^r, it tl?e crave ao low. Thou no more aball join our number. Thou n > more our prayer- ahall know k i ii * ,ak" l>'*'H inaUwrtaM tM, *? 4 id H .tr?et borthv S o'clock Sun la* i^Tto atfend ?f th' f'mn> TTBTOIT On Fridnr, *?v?rb,at ten niinnt <? johx ?? Tlie reiallve* n,d frienda are invited to attend In* [U?TJ!!L, .,0,U c" 'f" So. SI'J* || .treat nortbweat, uii b.iuda> ailernooi., al 3 o clack M TPCBBB. On Thuradav, Mar S. at ? o'clock a m , JtlBN A., be|ov>d bnabhnd of Marjr V and elde*t *on of Jobn H Tucker, aged r |eara ' ...fl!1" '2_,,,r family are raapertfnllv invited t? ... fnneral, front the r. idence of hiafatliT. f'.ei.-^ "at S^To ? tU*0rr">W ?S*tDr<U.? ? UNDERTAKERa IIBARD F. BABVIT, ITNDKRT (SwritMo'te HAKVhT t MA UK.,) Ho. ?34 F Stbkkt, tilaim Ninth R MMTALL1C BURIAL CASKS ANU CASK 9/ *e?rjr dttrtptim. marl-It SHROODS. HA HITS. ICBABB W R CABINKT MAKMK AND CNUhh TAKMM, blW ELEVKNTH BTBBCT. Mar V. FVKN2TVSM OF ALL MINUS MA UK ABB KKtAlKKU IdZ yyiLLlAM BACBBTfi UNDSRTAXBR, ?o. Til Tti Sratrr, BiTwitiSan ? H timw, \ U Oo?m m? Oartata of all I BOTB'AFD IOCTHII SUITS ? ?mUH, taw A STEAL S . 1.1. Pa. ?va . gmt ^TOBB MABOM AMP ?CILPKM. lew betaf landed al l?fa mrmt and other wbaryaa troai tbeaoowaof J T H BALL Order*raot at oMce, Boom ?, May P ta? Julia, foot aflUb I , BATS or B1 or BBOBPOt. XBATOBtaa-d w?'J**y\hd vrpt SFSfdWKHZL"# IVOTIIEJW.I^IjTO?t?. y? ??~< ?

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