Newspaper of Evening Star, May 9, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 9, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING 8TA R._ | r?mu nay ?. irs. LOCAL NEWS. ? %nin?rnifat<. Ar? Ta-alckt WkTTr O^raU *?< ? Ned Bnatline. Buffalo Bill aiwt Tmm >J?rk in ??The 8coatf of the Prairie." ' Phaser CowUi*t?*0;st at Sea," songs, &.C. ( nnilravil Local*. ?W p l and -fohn R. Sutton were %p p? ?w;?d privates in the police force yesterday (, board of police commissioner*. To-day there ?v tila.1 in the office of the" Iter order of I?eeds * certificate of incorpo.ation t?f the Wn?(ifnit?nii l.irht Infantry rcrrn of which W. G. Moore. R. Harrington, T. L. Hume, .11. f?#rhonr. W. A. McKennr, N. B. Fngitt, V N I>alton. and A. Nai'or, Jr.. are the trus tees for the first rear. an.l the objects net forth are "the mutual improvement of its members and their education in military matters." Fr*?hrt la the 7,l.**T** R1S1*C. AT B ARPtR'R PFRRT. A. Martin, the signal service observer at Warper s Ferry, Va., telegraphed to the chier s gnal officer of the army, in this citr, at 10 ?"clock last night, as follows: ?? Potomac has risen eighteen inches, hot no danger vet: but still raining." Mr. Martin again telegraphed at a quarter past ?> o'clock this morning, as follows: ??Potomac has riecn Ave feet, and still rising at 7 x5 a. ui. ' * O Tribute to the Memory of ?'hle>f iastira ( hase. vmiMu or Tar wai<hixutoj mar t<?-oat. To-day. at one o'clock p. m., a meeting of the bench and bar of the IMstriet of Columbia was held at the City Hall for the purpose of taking appropriate action in reference to the death of Chiel .Instice ('base. The meeting was very numerously attended, especially by the elder n ? n ! . r? i t t! e bar < Mr. W. B. A\ebb called the meeting to order, ami, on his motion. Chief Justice Cartter wa* calied to the chair, and briefly stated the object of the meeting. Mr. Reginald Feudal] was apismitt-d secretary. Mr. Riddle moved that a committee be ap pointed to dratt suitable resolutions, which was arr.ed to, and Messrs. A. G. Riddle, W. F. Mattmgly. W. I>. Davidge. W. S. Cox, R. T. Me'r ck. T. J. i>urant, and W. B. Webb were ati'inted. The committee, after a few minutes absence, reported, through Mr. Riddle, the following resolution*: * A-That ths bar of th?? f?n?r?tn<? Conrt of 1L' **iMrtet '.'f '' "I'lmhia re. ?u\?*?? it ti pr'f<>n nd re rr?r th- intrllueaee ..f the ?]?? cease of the venerated thief Justice <>f the Stipnn Coart <?f the I/niM.t ai <1 in this ri . ni.-iit ..f s.-rri.w meet t?exsre*? ?h-ir - militant* ?f affecti. n f r his ttenry and th. n Sateen. for hi- n?in>-rit virtu.- ard talent ?</. onr jiilem--it, the r>"i >ti-m. si.d fficial inturrit* ? f r h? <b"-?'a->- ,j rentier men " * source of .le.-p afHi<rti >n to bi? conntry Mr. Kiddle, in presenting the report of the committee. paui a glowing tribute to the mem ory of the deceased. He bad not time to sneak of h:> birth and life, or at length of his services to the country. It was ftctnnate that he had lived in our dav. Mr. Ri.idle ret. rred to the late Secretaries Seward and Stanton, and now. he sanl, ilie third great secretary has gone. Of the three great s. nators?Seward, Ch*.^. and Sunnier, the latter onlv remains, it had been charged that he was ambitious, and ambitious he was, bat be had nothing sordid about him. He was not a partisan, ami never was; and lie wa> ambitious that good might resnlt. Gen. Ma.-sey said as a young man he lelt it Bis dutv to sav that he honored the decease 1 and he .-|<oke at some length of Mr. Clia?e's life' a* a young lawyer in ? >h:o. giving some inter re lien. Albert Pike *ecov?i<<l fUe resolution*,,?e ran>e lie concurred in every word. He came to pav bi? r. spect to the m> mory of Mr. Chase as an honest, upright, incorruptible magistrate. H had known turn years ago, but t'.e-v sep arated aikJ he h.i.t became prejudiced against hiin. AlWrwaj.:- he came to know him lietter. aiei he had of late years honored Uim. Perhaps Mr. Cha*e lie be placed bet-ide* Har.i WK*k. out as an !.u; e>t. iiidcjK. i.dent magistrat ? ti? nanie si. itl.i go down with those of Somers ai?>! Me; t Oeo. P.*e then referred to the course Of the ? h.ef -l.i.-fice o> the ow ning ot tlie court of imiea. hirwit of President dobnsoti as an ex ample of m< rai c ?.rage and true dignity MeMom ?* "frer ?erpassed, an.| closeil l,y ?piotiug, 4* * ?nie i" notiivxit to inj?j0 the nit'iudrv ol men I?r. .1 K. Snmlgrass. after makin*afew re marks, related at. anecdote, to sliow that M.r. Chase never forgot a tr.ea i. Tl.e re^ilutioni. %.eie a?lot'e<l. Mr. W. L. Cox oifered a resolution that the tore* ling resolution^ t?e presented to the Su pr.Ci.' f 'onrtof the district of < olambta, ?ith the request that they l?e entered upon it# ?tu ntes. aad that a opjr be transmitted by the secretary to the family of the deceased, whieh was adopted. Mr. F. lliller offered a resolutioc that a com miftee be apf>ointcd to make arrangements for the participation of the bonch and bar in any flen.oii"traiH>ns of re?|*ct U the r?U? ?iu? of the deceased wfcieb mav take place on or after their arr \ al in the citv. which was atlobred. and Messrs Miller, J. F. Norri*. R R. Perry, and h.r?ch Totten, were appointed the roaimittee. Mr. ? alt? r L'liot a-ked to par his trbute to the memory ot tie ueceased. and .-eferred to tae friendship of >1 ?% Chase for fhwc:tv when in the Senate, he at that time one of the best Iriends the i>.?trict had in * Hi? greaic-t trium|4i* were those of a inai>?i?w. When the armies were arraved one against the Other, and the federal army hid susUMied de feat after defeat. monev was needed, and Mr. Chase s financial management raised f he monev ?i.d the men were plated in the field. If ?1 lowed. be might say Mr.Chase was the con.jueror of the south, the savior of the I'nioii. Mr. Leuox then referred to the davg when he, as a boy at tended tb? school of Mr Cha?e, (he having Just ecme from cedlege,) ami said that Mr. Chase was never known to use corporal pun:shm-nt. He studied the minds of his pupils, nnd by appealing to them Induced them to interest the ir?elves in! he had a tine school proved himselt a j^oo-1 teacher. 1 he meeting then adjournetl. . or Mk.Tiohji b: Ti'KT'>\.?Mr. ?Johii B. Turtor., mention of who*e serious ill ?ess. and the fact ot an operation for gravel raving been j??rformed on him, was pu Jlishe-I in Thk Star ??. Wednesday, the Tth ia?t.. .liad at Lis residence in the First Ward, th'? m im ing. at ten minutes past two o'clock. Mr. Tur ton was in the P*b year of hi* ago. He ?as an ruergvtic bos-neac man. of strict integrity, had a generous heart and warm impulses, and hi* r th. WIV '* regretted by a large number ot frnn.,?. He was for many years a successful carpenter ami builder, but afterwardscniharked in ibe wood and coal business, and budt u?? a large trade. Ir early life he was a straight-o-jt democrat, bnt dorlng the war was an nncora promising t nion man. He served for a number jrear? In the city councils of Washington, haviur been electe.1 to the lower lioar.l as an op|*>ncnr ?ii a,l,J reflected twice to that Snbse.|<ient!y he was elect ? **'' served three terms i six years) in the i. *!V ?f Al?l^r'tnen. He was |M>pular not only in the section of the city in which he so long bnt throughout the IMstrict. amf in ?t,e order of t.Hld Fellows was regarded as one of their l<ei-t and most worthy m -tul?ers. h'Utvr./ The .Tfe ?The statement in days paper that Mrs. Roys, the ladr'wh-ne u?rt?ti.' trials apj>ear in your columns, ??ha been intimate with Mrs. Chandler. Mrs. Spen e*r and other members of the Moral Kdu-a (Mtnai N.?-ietv,'- is without a shadow of founda tion. It Is p.?-<ble that the has seen a ropy of the circular, ?? To !?veri of Piritv Vi: ?t,T S-T th*'" w,,i? *?'* tlub ?s??t bv the Moral hd. Societv-an I ha* d? .ermmed that her future children'niiiitt b? an "J?? th#lr utber ? <?hsioa upon ? hi. h she should be congratulated, if. a* it ar? iH-arv he pn.[^ed to sa. rifice ber welfare and that <ii her nnborn child to his own .selfish ,iro. pensit:es. Will you please inform ?.?our reader t.iat a large new e<Utk>n of the r.-^rmatorv . ir cu ar i? now ready for distribution, an 1 mav be ?7'SJ^ xj";""" 10 *?????? Sara J. Spkhcrr, President of Woman's Club. ? Fkuiiits.?The following boild ng ^ldJn^^arT1 hy ,h?* l,l*peasor ot , J * two-rtory rrame dwellings on Mrth?r? fM between X atsl O streets, ?orthwest. for Messrs Litchfield Jt Augherton' l.r.T*! .3' Ir>m? <l*elling on easr ?ido of Tth SjlJfTmS C* for M P. ? ^ - A . Tr ^Y|r>me ???ellin?. south side ~ hetwren 3d and 4 ^ streets, so-ithwest. for u?n^i i r*f"*torT brtek ^w""'ng of 1st ami L street* northwest tor l> , tw?",torT ^"aedW'Ming.meast ?ide of 1st street, between K and I., southeast tor Mr. Spoarer; a two-story frame hack dwel Ung on south side of N. between _<Ut an.t ji, streets, northweet, for Win. Ryan. Th? Wiatbib Caaorici.r, from the Signal Office for the week ending yesterday nays: ??ek a storm-centre has ??l?urirg the ?ateed over Kauaas, Indian Territory, Missouri. Illinois. Ind-aiia. and thence orer and bevoad the msUlle ALinti.' coast; a second from Texas to Illinois and The largest total amounts of rain, or r.n and melted snow, dur ing the pact week bare been reported from the tviiewiiag ?tation?: Augusta, lit inches, Mil waukee, 3-V; Lynchburg, a.74: WUaing'on. N. C., 4JHk Meiit^'omerT. LIS; and New Orleans, #,11 Between one and thire inches has been reported from twenty-forr other s?atlolls.', _ ? Th* last rxaruiMArcas ot the--Scoit* of tL? Prairie" at Wall's Oprra House will be given this eveuing and to- morrow af'eru ?n and flight. Those of our citizen* who fail to seo the three men uf whom so much has Itee-i -ai l and written?Ned Runtime, Buffalo Bill and Texas .lack?a *av regret it at som** time when the names of that trio or any one of them are frrominebtlv*re rh? p.iWIe. Th- drarniti' r. n pa?v with them has -everal rfood ?et .r? tt.d a er.l g-t up a very lively entert iin )MBt ? Third Ltftetativc Awe?My. COTH'IL -Oa ?ssra*'!!r.| rN?rt*r it'iint, I 0-anril hill authorizing th? conimisai'ioen of the Mtkinf (uxl tOKfQr registered conpon MrtihritM in an.ouat not t# ?irni the c??t for l?>i?l water ?tin m ikM ii by the in the ??t?r r??i?ir*r'? rff.ce, oaf read n w ltd time, Mid referred to the n mmltleeon finance. The C hair sot mitt. J * cmiBFinnicsticn fro* Dr.C. < . Cox. pit--nieiit ot the board of h.aitri. sho? ing t h- ni.ti.tx r o? PKBsOXs tXPtoTF.B M THE ROAgD OP HEALTH with tl r >Hi i.nt of salary paid to eat a. Jlkr lift i- a* follow*: D. 8 Jones. chief clerk, ? i.h?i, B F P-ter? a#*i-tant clerk, fl'U), W. 1>. Mack. do . f 1 mO, l>u#Ws Bruce, meaeenger.f !*U, B'hr F Padgett, telegraph operator, ?1 UV, Sain nel E nstein, souialmaater, VkiP, inn Mill* ambulance driver. #73', M V. Barker, D. V. C?d cla/ier,W n Craig. B F. Hunter, J. T. Kelley, W H. Otton, Jm. U. Smith and W. D. Stewart, ?a tii tart inspectors. |UUI each, Lift in K iHuwr, Henry lontig.8euiueTTyler, James Miller, Patrick llaakins at.ilWtn. Thomas, pound service, Jlpi-r day ,Chss. C. Hall, smallpox rervice, $2Jf< per da> : A H. Perr> , nuallpox ~srvlce, .$2 pel oa> : Michael ? unlock, ?niallpox service, ?1 per day; David Poindexter. smallpox ?erv Ice, fa per day ; John l Hoaton,smallpox service, $22 per nv n*h, Lizzie p. -t< ii. -niallpox service, f8 per month: John Kaaln,an watchman 17th atreet wharf, $1 .*41 per da> . Bo* aril Murray, watchaan S street wharf, ?1 .'?> per day ] Mr. Browne submitted a communication from Dr. Noble Y nng, in relation to an ajlegid nuisance in alley in rear < f hi- premises. snd ar king that a law be |>ame<t for the employment of men to Clean tli? stable manure and other fetid matter from th? alleys of the cit> ; referred to tit* committee on health, a-j lulu and <-banti?s. THE TAX BILX. Tli*- Cliair laid before thcC mncil thebill imposing ttirr for the Umi! )ear endlt.g June Mr. Bakei moved to aati n?l riy strikingout S# and in-ert)ii? to) ceats for support of the comity school*, and f< r tbr liquidation of the debt for school h"<i?et in tie county already const rncted,Jiyce tit-; agreed to. Mr. Gulick dkahI that the lira! sMmn tx ani-n-1 f<1 ?? a* t. r> aa "and -n like property in the county f V* ashingtou, outside of the limits of the cities of V a-hingt. n it in 1 Georgetown, a tax ? I ?1 St on each ?100 assessed value of property. !>lr. linker Mated that by the rates proposed in the MI w*u:d l>?- raised and by lii? amendment a uld be raited, which would besuffi't.- t f. r school j ut p<*r? in the cuiioty hy economicnl in*i.a*i nient. lie said In- ha<l exaiuin'-d the bill clOM-ly, but could see no further way to reduce th? I i or.rty rates except by-^trikiuK jpff the taiea f>r the 0r< di p.iitir nt and 'h* hoard of health, neither of wlil< h, he contended, was of any use to the ronn t> Then the expense of lighting the city, h< tl.ougl.t, * ar atij<t*tly laid apon the county. Mr.Thcmpsi n ?ni<l that after a > arefnl exaniin ation int.- the whole bill, the committee were of the opinl< n thst it had been bdinsted ?s equitably a ?m practical)!-, and he h<>pe<f any farther reduction for "preihe purposes in the coanty would sot be in aht?dupon If it was, be coold show where Mveral of the rat?a propos d tnigiit justly be Increased on the rate as it now stands. The sTstnm of -eparate IuimIii for cities and < ??uety waa a bad one, to say the h ast of it, and he thought in a short time the fund w< ol>l be ct ininon for the whole l>istri< t. Waahiag ton is now paying considerably more than her jnat ratts. Alter further diar nation, Mr. Bnker withdrew his aiuriidnieiite, and the bill was lead a third tiato aiKl paaiiwl. tiik cK?>Rfirrnu* srnooL house. Mr. Croes.from the committee on schools,report ed l ai k th< I'illforthe erection of a public school t uilditie in Georgetown, with a substitute iu tli.- na ture of an hniendinent. Mr. Bri ok* remarked that lie could not Tote for th?-bill unl-tlie rate of twivsetenths percent, of the mii: unt to be raised be a| propi iated for the col ored sch.H>ls in accordance with law. Thebill was, on motion of Mr. Cross, laid over temporarily. Mr. Brooks introduced a bill to amend tho title of an at t ft ~ tl e n lief o! St J ?hu's pa.-iih, whicli was read and laid oxer. Adjourue.1. HOUSK <?F 1'KLEGATES.?The Uonse was railed to order bj the Speaker, pi ayer by Kev. Di. Bankin. t NT>FH THI rjkLL OF P1*T?ICTS Mr M Ki.ight intr. ?lu< ed bill appropriaiinu ?.1.-*?i tor the repair ?>f statiou-hiuisex ?Uo,abill vroxi lini; for the eltction of certain officers,Tiz: Collector, treasurer, auditor, controller, register water reg^ trar, a'torney, and anperintendent of its8<~-smiut< and t?x>-s: also, a bill authorizing the conversion of the central guard house into police heatbiuarti rs, and appro printing ?<>,<*J0 for the pnrp<jae j al??, a bill arpr printing to uniform a...I egmp the \ol niteer militia i A the District; all of which were re feri'-d. At-o,re> >'utlon r<N|Uesting the Governor to trai>rinit a c..p> . f tlie huil.i ni.' regulation* adopt* I bj the board of public works that they may be tuper \ i? d. ov.-r Mr. Herbert introduced bill to regulate tke sale of t-hncked otsters. making it unlawful to sell iliem ex cept n ea-ured in a measure w ith perforated drain botti m; referred. Mr. U ulse present ed the petition of W. G. Ducket t for the remission < f a tine; adopted Mr. Carroll mtr'<ducwd lull in relation to the board of health, winch provides that from and a'.ter the passage of this act all lab r of whatever kind re ((?ired to carry out any of the ordinance* or r< - inent* ot the board ??! health c.adein pursuance ? 1 law , w hether of a tanit try nature or otherwise, stisll l.e p. rf< ruied t>y or through tiie Sl.'tropolitau p- llce force; anil th-l-upe; ml' ud llt CM the Metro politan force i< hereby authorized to detail suitable pe?>.'iir- fr. m among ihe saifi force to carry out the -an! . nlinances and requirement". That the offices creattd by the lK>?rd of health since its organiza tion. with the exception of itscierk and nieHs. uger. are herein ab>di?h<-d. find it shall uot b- lawful hereafter f<-r the -aid board to create auy additional ? tl e under it, or to employ any additoxial person i xc. pt with ain alter the express authority and ?anctiiu of tlie Legislative Assembly. RtHoJiTS OF COXXITTKKS. Mr Kihepheid. front the co>uinittee ou the fire de y ar ne nt. reported bills appropriating $12^*0, or so n.nch thereof as may l?e necessary, f?r the purchase ? 4 a lot in lite eaalern section of thecity an 1 the er ctioi. if an engine house for the ns? of Columbia Btv in-< iaup?n>, Ko. 3.said engine house having to i? removed fi ni its present location by reason of he enlargement of the Capitol grounds; also, a bill appropriating ? U)U, ?? for the purchase of a lot ??si the erect ion ot ;ui etifftne hon-e for the Henri Addiau/i Engine Company, in Georgetown. R ad a se ond time and refe.rcd to the cimmitte*- of tL wtc 1*. THI srEt,.>t 3HKXT BTX.L. The iloiis)- pt.fte.lrtl to the Consideration of bnti i.issinrh. Speaker's table, aud the special * ment bill was called up. Mr. Clagett urged that the bill wa. a very iaa B.itant one, nod should not be considered iu ua~te. e, th-iefore. Butisi that tinaj actios be p>stponed one week. Alter some il Ue, oil motion of Mr. Sih* pie id, the Honse w-nt into committeoof the *> hole ou ibe hill. Mr Trimbl- in the chair. Mr. ?h' ^hetd presented THE FOI.T.OW ?XG LUC AL OPI.MOX, which was read: Wamiixgton. D. C., April 21, 1S?T3. Onr opinion latwqueeti l as t ithe legality of tl?-) props-?d iarue, under sanction of tb.' Legislative Asw-mbiy, of certificates f tin B>ard of Public \V ?ks, pa., able in from one to flve years, and bear ing tsveu and th'ee-tentlu per cent. Interest, to be nnd til the leard iu payment of work doue upon sptciaiimprovenieuta iu the District, to be -ecured by the pledge of theamking fuud Coiiimisaion. of the asc?sttt?nts B ade by the board under tlie authority of Congrtsss against private property beri.-Ated by ?och improven ent. and to l>e receivable in such asatvrment*,and the ortlflcatea issued thereon. Inc<?ni>eetl..n with the i-sue of aald certificates it is pr-'p. sed that the time for the payment of the as m-mu.hi> against private property shall be extend ed. and Lheir i^iiurnt rebuilt.I in feur annual in stallments. We have no d >nbt as to the legality of the proposed issue of certificates The Board of Public Works by the organic ac' created by Congress February 21,1371, is authoriz-vi to disburse ail moueys appropriated by the District or Congress or Collected fraoi th*> property-holier for the improvement of stree'-, alleys, avenues aim sew>rs. and to assess "upon the prope.ty a-joiu irr,and to t? e?neciali> benefitted by the improve ments authorized by law and made by th.-m. a rea sonable proponiou of the cost of the improvements not exceeding one-third of ?uch cost, which sum shall I* colle. ted ar all other taxes are collected." Acting under this authority of Congress and that ?f the Legislative Aseeiubly the board have made extensile imprsvemebts, one-third of which i cha?-geable upon the owuers of private property. Hi act of the Legislative Assembly of Augn't lo. 1-C1 n<> assessment can be made upon sny private propt rty until the -aecial improvement iscompl i d. aisi a sutem. nt o| th' coat thererd prepsr l b> tiie B ard of Public Works aa tlie baals of ats?s<mient. ?The legislation of Congress and the District tak'-n together, therefore, nresiipp.jaed the d' ing of the work by tin- b' arj before tlie a?ses$mr-nt aid collec (ion i f one-third of the coat from private property, and by act-f August 10, if the owner il *-? u-t p-\ the a-?esenient against his pr perty at the expiia lion of th!rt) days after notice, ? certificate is to Ik i-^ued, which is not collectible by the sale of tlie property until the expiration of one year, and it is now proponed that the payment shall be made in annual instalments extending oyer four years. During all this period, th? board. which has p r form.d one-third of its work on the representation of to* prop-rty -owuer, will remain withont IT'an>. therefore, unless si me such provision is mad" a thai i C'Ultii plated in the proposed issu<> of ccrtiti catea. Under the&e clrcamstances it is entirely fimpi'tciit 'or the L' gislaiiie Ass lubly to auth 'lize the hoard to iarue interest Iwar ng certificate* of indebt luvs> for work done to th-< aniount of the asse>?men - ma.le the private pr..p-rty hlder-. su^h c i liticates ot iiHlebbdness U ing issued ill aiilu ipa>i in aitsl se. nred by tho ptetlii.? of tlus- ^-se?sM-u s vtlnch are al?o interest-lieuring, and ? ill pr.since *ii j?le mean" t..r the redemption of the certificate This is a legnl natural and unobj- ? tionable m -tti ? d i -In latiirg incouvoiiiencea * hie Ii will result to in divdnalaand the public if either the work is I-ft unpaid for or privat" property h dders to pay their assessments, as aw||..|e, and in suoli ?l?ort tiniM as to mak their burdens oppr -ssive. These certificates of ittdeMedunss thus isem-d h> the b. aid are, in fart, the indmdual iudebtedn of the property-liohia rs converted into negotiable f< rm by the Iniard ol public works, in efF?ct for th" convenience and relief of those iii.lividnal property hol.lers a-?Mwd and indebted. They are uot a debt c.t the Distiict of Columbia. 0 Cr?Hiio, W*. K. Waltir 8. Cox. Th?; bill was imendtl in a number of particular*, ami the committee rone. Mr Dyer moved that the bill m amended be printed and it retain its place on the calendar; adopted. Adjourned. THE B!Lt. AS AVTTDEn pro-. Mes . That, for the pcrpoee of extending, as in ?his net pro* ided, the time of pa> luwnt of the assess. m 'i U for apect-il hnprovenieuts in I he District mad-' by the Board of Public Works, the said board are h. i. *>v authorised to Issne (and to use solely in the 7. ^ ?'Utstaoding obligations I certificates of 'i deb-.duess for work done under the direction of Mi* b ard. and chargealde to ths private property ' e e. ted tlierebs. in denominations of A50 or any miibii- ? of that sttm, dated Mav 1, payable to bearer w:th int. r-nt s-ini-aniinally fri>m Jnly 1. ICS. at th-' rat- of e gh' p?r centum. Countemign'd for the com mi- 1 lierot t Se sirk i ng tnnd, and registered b* the ! of the PicTtrt.toai sin- nut notexceed ing in all <h -sum <ttwo million. 0r dollars, and not evreerfi** th-amou- f charg. shletopriiate property a??for?swi for work done or in progr.-s* of execu i. til tier existing CI trio rs, and psvable n >t e\ < > tcilt* ??re-tinh of ss'd sum at the md ..f em (j . rMr fr. ii J Iv 1, 1?73, until .Inly I, is7d, which c-rtifi rvte- lal he rei- ivaMe at anv lnu- in pavment of snc'i a--e salients for "pecisl improvem?nta Bee. 2 Thai f. r the pnrp?e? of se?uri' * the p?v ii:ei i..( ti*e principal and int.-re.t ,4 rer ih cate* i f i|.deh*Oi!nes?. the b>>ard of public w r a are h< rebv re.mirrd to depoatt with His . .4iinit?ai .ti er- of ib< sink itg rtind of the District of Columtdt. al'cer;i^l-a*??? hrreaDer is?u<d lit ??M letard, 01. a. rownt of . ren's for ap-clai in pr-.iem ais .?,a th. property adjoining and ??enefttte<t theie i>? . 't. arro'ttanre with ih? a-l of the L*gi*!ative Ass 1 II* .* Amwi Jo. l*Tl: and s?ich aes-wsment e -fPu'e.. Sl-.l all pal nielli' thereon, shall be ?Tid h. re!, ar. |>l-.*?? tl 10. and-hall le- received, hel l u I i?i< ie',uiHl r the dire.-'i .11 of tsid coi.niii-sfoi; etp. for the r?TB,n>t of the principal and interiwt <*f frt.*c*t?? of auUn riiMi by thto other nm or porpm whatever. _ ?; *? 'J1* tl?e for payIDT *11 ana ??meTit ct-rtilic.*t?B jhlob hit* been or may be ivnnl hy the Jmirdnf Hj>Hc work* under said act of the Le^tiila t'T* Assembly of August 10, Wl. shall be extended ?? that tlMamovnt df each certificate shall bepa> able in flvr equal annual installments from the date of raid certificate, with latcreet at the rate of tan Cr cetitnm per annum until paid; aad in case of de lit in the pavment of any installment, the prop my against which the certificate an<l aaaeoameat ex 1st, or Bo Bine h th'-reot a* may lie nec-ssary to pay ?aid installment, with interest, Coat and charge*, ? ball be ? >ld a* provided in said act of Angus' 14, led; but at any time afterfbe making of any aaseae n.e?#, and before rale, (he owwr of the property mav pay the whole or any installment thereof, with interest, coats and charges. ?ec ?. That all aswsment certiftrttea heretofore is oed by tbe board of public works, and not paid in foil at the expiration of one year f: om their date, ?hall, on reunest of the holders, and on due assign Ti" ^ Purchased by the coinminsioii^ni of the sitiklnjr fund, and held and collected on their ac count, aai provided by sections tw.?*r i three of this act; and if neceasary to provide means for parcha* ini said assessmentc. rtfficatea, the board of pnl.lic ar? /' "7 authorised and rebuired, upon reiinisitions of uid commissioners, to make an ad ditional issue ii certificates of indet tedness, si in i I ir to those authonrod by section one if this act. not ex ceeaing the amount of assessment certificates go pur chased. S c 6. That the commissioners of the silking fund are hereby authorized to prescribe propel rules and retaliations in order-effectually to ?r lire the appli cation of the proceeds of such assessment certife-ate as in this art provided, to the payment of the certifi cate-s of indebt dneKs authorized by the first and f- nrth sections of this art. anl all officers of the Dis trict government are hereby required to obey and coj.f. rm to such r iles and re^nla'loiin. 8o<* 6. That all ?cts and parts of a*-ts inconsistent w th the provision* .f this net be and th- sani" i> h-rebv repealed. 8ec. 7. That in view of the emergency ariwhie f r. >ni the necessity for the immediate payment bv tin board ol public w< rks cf outstanding claim** t*?f work done in the improvement of thi- District, tin act shall take effect immediately upon its p&.-xhi; Ike Fatal Blow *fa Burglar. Utmlh mf .nr. John a. Tmeletr. THE CORONER'S ISyrMTTO-DAV. Mr. .John Abel Tucker, who, It will be re nte ml*-red, was struck with a stone by a colo-vd burglar on the night of tlie 1st inst.,died yester day afternoon at bis father's residence. No bWH 1J street south (directly south f the Smith sonian Institute), trom the eftectsof the wound 1 be deceased on the night in .juestion hearini: a .n^ in the of the house, went to se< what r was, and discovering the thieves seized one by the throat. A scuffle ensued between them, luring which they got from the host* into the street. Mr. W\ s. Tucker, the aged lather of the deceased, came to his*on's ass-st ance, and at this time a pal of the thief went tc his assistance and one or them struck the de ceased with a large piece of blue rock. The parties made oft, but M.Wm. T.Ford tirod two shots at them as they ran towards the .Smith sonian lot. About two hours after the occur rence Officers Aldi ielge and Lewisarrested Sam Kainev, Howie Williams, and Kd. Howard ^ 'l-koown colored roughs, on the charirc of having committed tbe deed. Other arrest? followed, but the detectives, feeling assure.) that Rair.ey was tbe guilty rarty, he was com mitted to jail, as also Bowie Williams. indefauK or ?am bail as a witness, and the others were releasi-d. l>rs. Penwick and Leach were imme diately summoned, and Dr. X. 8. Lincoln wa nt terwards called in, and Mr. Tucker's skull was trepanned; but on the third day utter ho was struck, convulsions took place and tliev oc cn??*. periodically until d atli ensued. 1 lie deceased wae the eldest son of Mr. W. S TH*n'ritrT^eTiy an? for many y?ars a "pennv lo ' Y*8 hy tra,lft * carpenter, about 10 years old. and was of a khnl disposi tion. He leaves a wife, but uo children, r.... the < oroheu-8 ingrcsT. i J? morning at 10 o'clock Coroner Patters m. assiste d by Dr. Hartignn. held an inquest at th house ol the deceased. Officer Keeee summotuM ? jury as follows; Hobert Mahonev. A. Hutr-m O. Wioster. B- H. Gray, H. Ontry. James Matfif, T. W Kitey, H. Jolinfton, at. Far ns, Lewis I.epreux, M. Shughrue, and Kdw.ird Hammerslev. John H. fucl-er, the father of deceased, wv? the flint witness. He testified that his sou re ceived the injury at 7.^? p. m., on last Thursda night; witness was sitting in the fr<#n( room reading the j>aj>er, his son in a rocking chair in the same room; they were conversing aboc rentinpa hou>e. when Mrs. Tucker remarked there was someone in the alley, and she thought it was some one after the clothes. Hi son opened the door and crept out easily, whan be saw some one going out the alley; wheu tin man went out lie pulled the door to and wit ness' son grabbed him and a>ked what he wanted; he replied that he wanted .Johnson: W. Ju*8* .rem,?rked that he wanted souie old clothes, that be had been there before. Here the man commenced pulling and hauling so a* t away; hi* son told him be could not tfo until the |?olice came, at the same time holding bun, they had got to the mouth of the allev when another fellow came out behind and stru<-k witness" so:iv witness then grabbed him L'L- . ot tl,e 'wck.but tbe fellow got away trom him; the new comer then struck witness son twice and ran out into the street witness following; by this time bis son was in the gutter with the other, who picked ui> h ?*a?hed it down on his son's head: | both the men then ran aw av, ami witness'sou never moved aftei ward; witness did rot see but two men; witness picked the stone up after wanin^both men ran across the street tbrou^li tn? mud and went along towards 12th street: I ?[tn?|*' I'ad aeeti tbe men before at the ovstet botbof^heBb** the '"e" a,,,, reco8?ize'' Bv a Juror:?The one bis sen wa^ scuiHinir with was not theo^e who struok him. WHiinm*, one of tbe imrtv of colored I T e n,'xt witness, aty*. testified tha' Nam Kainey was the one who ran up and struck Mr. Tucker with his fiat, and lie saw that that uid nothurt h;ni, then he ranout in fke gutter tor I * "truck him, and knocked him down Mr. Coomes (detective officeri aii<l tha' Ramey s right name was Mason. Drt'riire Coom. t testified that he worked m. !?!- "H*1 *tter the arrest of Williams am) the other parties, Williams made a coi;tension. [ and told all about It; H-iney afterwards said that a man nameil Pet^ Parker was the man I Howarf/ai^t1b)?w- ThfT 4taU ah* arrestn.1 Howard and Monltou, ami thev had them all ,TtZm^^ With W,uialns- lie f ?ee^d with th. ? ?M% *"/ ?heT Con T? ? i? ^ them, an?l he itid tliere was not; iSike "" ?"'r '"J "? urS. ^ wa" r?? *"ed. and recognized Wil v*" fan his son was scuffling with when he was struck by the other man. Ta,H'or; * eo'oml servant In the ISf iu t J ' corroborated the tcsti mony ol Mr. Tucker, sr. Df. J. y Hartigan testified as to the p istmor tem examination. The cause of death wax an inflamation of the organs of the brain, consa | quent upon the injuries received. K' L'a<k c?"?boratcd this statement as to the cause of death. wJds XwVhCre C!?*tU'aUd thC jury arter" .. . A. A VtUDICT that the said John A. Tucker came to his death *y ?.r Mav' ,s7;i' about the hour of t'm-',,jr Te*son ?f wounds or the head inflicted by one Samuel Mason alias Samuel y ,w'th a stone, on the first davof May. 1*73, and the jury further sav that Bi.w ie Wil ha idr wn? accessor v. The fn'Htral of Mr. Tucker will take place irom tbe residence ot his father on B street to morrow at 3 o'clock p. m. The Stickier Place Fire. r.**OBT ?P TH* POLICE IKVKSTIUATFON. .i. ,Pesh,,v[n*beeninad? to the effect that the i?oLce ol : he fourth precinct were partUCv res|?nsible Ioj the delay in soundlug the alann on the occasion of the late tire in Mushier place. Capt. Brock, police inspecfor, was directed to investigate the matter. In his report to M i * Hicliarus. Capt. Brock savs: I. Private M. Glue states* that at 12 ,'xl a in tl? alarm was inrtud in from box 6$, and rce-eived ' ti-i ''ft- ; If then, nb'iit lit a. ni., w< ut tob.>ri> and tnmed n the alarm three tim -s, mid receivii.i* arr.;?; >,*' 1 """? r?" to box 74. taru*sl ,n {?t i T JL- j . "" """Ponse. and from th-n e be biinied to the m-e. j Private Mills stat ? th it st hboMt 1 a m. he tin Kd in bo* ? three times, and r^celied no rerpo,r. Be says be has i.oknowbM^ ? n iy "} n t??* I'irned in at the ametinei 3. Private Pysn -f^es that he was present wh-n b .* *as turned In.(Mr. M >ore In charge,I ab<xit 1 i m..?nd hearitix no n-?poue he, Kyan)ran to iS and tm-d tog?t the alarm in. 4 Private Wh- e lock, at I ?u.iii ,came to the station and told the operator (Ml . Borland) to telegraph to h?a lonir trrt to tnrn in box M, which wa'd'<ii". 5 At I '*) a pa. a nit mbcr of tho Bre department cam t.? th sta tion and re<iue<-ted that th*.' "g ueral alarm' be boX^!4ior4S*'a'VLi'ii hwc"nl'' Dot ftitinfnai !i.*, li. .T6 Murray,watchman.states thas about ten or t1f|e< n - tol m. m. lie * *i m* c:,rut-r of 17th and U itrw-li; L ardthecryof fire, when be ran toward lith ?tr.-t l?"' '""t'L*" JLMM k to tarn in the alarm! and on his way met Mr. Mo^>re, th.- sergeant of the *?Mini7i r, nt f" i?" captain's office i'..r lb.- k-y guttinKthe key we then started lor b ,x 63, wh<re fhe alarm was turn-d iu. A police officer was jre^ .nt,he?ay?;while the alarm wi? beiu? turned ?n. Capt. Brock aiaosuomito letters from several citizens Mr. O. S. Kraft certifies that he mot Officer Ryan at the oorner of l*ih street and Pennsylvania avenue at 1:15 o'clock on the morning of the fire. Mr. Gastavns Flugensuys be saw Offlcer W heelock at the'fire at 1 o'clock, or five minutes pact, and be sail the lire alarm had been sounded. Mr. Chas. Siotusa noticed Kyan, Mills, and other officers at the fire saving and piardtng property when engine No. 1 ar Mr. Samuel Williams certifies that he was walking with a policeman when tbe latter tire' Tha? r*n towards it, ami on tbe way were met by anothei ir amber of tbe LTh ffraasr t^e.tlre' who toldthe one witli him (WiUitai) to go ind tarn in thA alarm- They hastened away, and Williams ran *Hi?t ?1*.'!^ *r- 0n*' Anderson certifies tK*t?he ro?o^er men re^bSuK the Are, being tbe first there, at ftom five to ten Jfi.7n 1 o'clock. Two of the party Car ?a which had Jumped out of a win T.lB ^?fpenter's boose, to a house about the of l#lchl?^slblock, and before they re he, _(Amlsrse>,) saw Police Officer *-ne?ejtnd4,***d.^ - ***Ur**11? answer. minntes [AW Tkt Miming St*r. Rrnntifnl MMhiaf. Featittful sunshine, after the rain, With feeltng* of foj we greet thee again, In fomiiie to us who krre you so dear, Beautiful sunshine. yoar smiles we re re re. Beautiful sunshine. stay with m now. Shine on again, drive care from our brow; We love yon no well, yoa lighten our heart, Beautiful sunshine, do not depart. The birds in the trees jeyously sing To see thee again. mhlM of siinng; To feel your warm breath as they tly through the air. Beautiful sunshine, thou art ever fair. ei ? o ? f<? + Am Injured Wife. A scene took place in a boarding and lodging bouse on Pennsylvania avenue, on Wednesday night last, which occasioned great excitement among the octapunts of the houw. It aeeiis that about one o'clock yesterday morning a hack containing two ladles drove ?p to the bouse indicated, and the occupants hastily alighted and rang the door bell excitedly, to which prompt attendance was given by the ser vant. and a request oa the part of the visitors to see the madam. The ladies proceeded to the sitting-room, up stairs, and the housekeeper, who was ill in Ded, was aroused, and in due time appetfted on the scene. One of the vis - tors inquired if there was a gentleman named Mr. stopping there. The landlady replied affirmatively, adding that he and bis wife had been occupying a room there for several day*. First lad v.?"His wife! I am his wite 1" Landlady.?"That cannot be; he engaged t ?e room for himself and wife, and she claim* to he such. Thev are now in their room, and I have a note from him enclosing his rent for the room and giving directions how to fnrnish it." (Pro duces the note, with full directions a* to huw his wife desired to have the room arranged, &e., the .writing of which she at once recog nized.) First lady "I wish to be show;ii to h!s room; lie is my husband and has no business here with any woman but myself." Landlady.?"Oh, this will not do. I am wu rled. You cannot go there, his door i? locked, and yon can't get In." First ".Then get me a key, I mn?t and

will go in." * , Landlady.?"I have no key but the one winch thev have, and that's inside the door." Hire the female servant suggested a plan she had a key to a room which communicated with the room the couple occupied. In a twink ling the wife had possession of it, and witli her friend had the doors unlocked, and here she tonnd her unfaithful husband with a flash wo man, well known in sporting circles. Here a scene followed; the wile overwhelmed with anger and sorrow, and the husband with con sternation and shame. On recovering from his astonishment he ordered her to leave the room iiistantly, pretending to be in great anger at the intrusion, and it Is stated that he drew a pistol 011 her, threatening her life. The whole house was in commotion by the excitement?the w'fe crying and her female friend commiserating and trying to console her, while her husband was suily, and hi* companion insulting in lan guage and demeanor to bis own wife. To cut the matter short, after a lull in the ex citement, the new boarder, after making his toilet. a?compan;ed bis wife to his home, in the northern sectiou of the city, but after ward* returned to the house on the avenue, where he and bis com|>aijioii remained until yesterday atternoon, and it was not until t he landlady-threatened to have them arrested that thev w? re prevailed bjioii to leave. The w ife of this faithless husband is repre sent :d to be handsome, accomplished and mflfC tionate. The husband is young, prepossessing i ,i ap|iearauce.andd?lng a successful rest euraut business in this city. They have one child, about tour years of "age and nothing prior to this has occurred to mar their conjugal rela tions. The ense seem* to be one of great hard ship for the wife, and it is to l?e hoped that th>3 trnant husband will, for the sake of al! r.iti cerned. turn from the evilof his ways and nave further exjicsure. ? The Trouble In tlie Roy? Family. 51 HS. BOYS A VP LI EH Foil A DIVORCE. To-day Messrs. lferkb* ami Arrick tiled a bill for a divorce, Jtc., 101 >!i-. I'miiy Rovs frmu the bonds of matrimony * I. C h.ise Roys. M r>, ltovs states that she m nr. 'j. iVndant in Mid dlebury, Vermont, ou the ;oili of duly, 1>#;2, and until a it-cent dat? they lived together; that they have had three children, all living, and she charges that defendant, in disregard of bis duty towards her, and hat ing ample means, has. oil various occasions and nuaibers of days together, failed and neglected to provide for the family, tleu>.ng them the proper lood and fuel to pre serve them from hunger and cold: and recently, having refused to s-'pply her with any money tor the purpose of providing tor the family, he notified the butcher and the grocer, and the public generally, not to deal with hcrortruM her on his account; that recently be has been guilty of using the grossest epithets and threats of personal violence, and notwithstand ing her known delicate situation,about the 27th of April, 1*73, he did strike and otherwise mal treat her, to the great peril of her health, and by reason of which she is afraid to be alone with him. and fears that he would kill her or 4o her great bodily harm. She states that Itoth were for a time teachers in the public schools, and that Le: separate earnings were. wirth his, inverted in ii his name; that fu eon sequence of the .i.-usage, &c., to which she was subjected, she concludcd, lor her own pro tection. and in the interest of tlie children, that she should hold her share of the prop erty in her own right, and she asked defendant to settle a jiortionoi the property ni*>n her, and he refused. That she then ap plied to several lawyers for advice as to her rights, and he visited them and endeavored by representing that she was insane, to hinder her from procuring the a.-si?tance of counsel to se cure her legal rights, and he has so called on her present counsel and endeavored to pur suade them from bringing suit, and lias c tus-d to be published in the city papers indecent, false, and libelous notices of her, for the pur pose of biasing the pnblic, ami she states that the projiertv (bouse on Pennsylvania avenue, between Ptb and 7th streets east, and a lot un improved, and farm in Fairfax couuty, Va.) is valned at about ?12,WW. She pravs alimoin ixtidentf lite, divorce frcm tlie bonds of matri mony; that an account be stated and an equit able proportion be decreed her: that defendant be enjoined from selling, removing, and encum bering the real estate until the further order oi the court, and also from interfering with her person, and from threatening her neighbor w ith arrest and vexatious litigation for ^ivin,{ her and her children food and shelter. The Fifth Markets. Alexandria?(Quotations of new flsh tor this day, furnished to The Star by George W. Harrison <& Co., wholesale dealers In hsti. Nos. 42 King St.. 60, 51, 56 fish wharves, Alexandria: Shad, per hundred, fll to tl2; Herring, per thousand. Arm at M: white perch, per bunch. 2l?to 25; rock,per bunch,20to3O;offaltper bunch, 10 to 20. Washibotoh?To-day, at the Washington flfh wharves, the following sales to shippers were made by R. A. Golden & Bro.. agents:? 5,000 shad, from *13 to Slfi; 50.0(10herrings, from $5 to flti; 2ti0 ells, 2 cents; 50rock, 20 to 3? cents; 100 bunch perch, 15 to 35. ? Small Pox Casbk KbportkdTo-pay??>ne at iiollce station, Georgetown; L, between 3d and 4* streets; two at 314 K street southwest; and one on 9th, between <; and 11 streets south west. Two deaths have taken place?one on L, between 3d and 4% streets southwest, and one on 'Jth, between G and H streets southwest. ?_ Thb hale of tickets at Ellis' inu-ic store for the two performances of the Colored Ameri can Opera Company at Wall's Opera House? next week is progressing satisfactorily, and the indications are that a large number of fashion, able people and musical amateurs wii! attend on Monday and Tuesday evenings. * THE iOCBTH. COURT IN UENEHAl. TERM.?To in th? Court ii> Central Term, the cam* ol K Rive* agt. \\". J Hirkey nil argued until out- o'clock, vlitu the Court took a recess to alteud the nutting of the bench and bar on the death of Chief Justice Chase The facts in the above-mentioned case are that in 1812 James Clerklee owned a tract or laud in the county c<'lilaiuing Mi acres, fronting on th- Bladens burg turnpike road. In the same year tf sold and conveyed to William Brent about JW arresofthe tract, more or lass, and the deed contained a clause : "And al?o I he privilege of a r>ad from the land hereby conveyed, at least fifteen feet wide, through the lami of said Clerklee. from ths sions quarter erected near the north line of said tract in the most convenient direction to the turnp'ke road.'' In 13JS Brent w?ld and conveyed to Hickey, the father of tlie defendant, the land conveyed br Clerklee, and de fendant claims the right to cnt and prepare a road- ' way throngh the land of th* plaintiff, who owns 40 43-160 acres of the land of Clerklee, reserved from the conveyance to Brent. Mr. McPher?on and Mr. W. M Shn-t<T, jr., appeared for the appe llee, and Mr. B K Elliott for the appellant. PULICB CO CRT, Jt?'f? Smell. ? To-dav, Z. whiteuian, failing to fence excavation; *6. Ellen L"itg, profauity (two cases); #10, or 60 day? each. John Wiseman, driving on footway; $3 Daniel 0r< er, do.; 95. Maria wo?>dback, profanity: #3. or 90 days in workhouse. Patrick Bennett, do.; #6. Charles Motor, assault; 6 months In jail Frank Aller, grand larceny: committed for a hearing. Alley. Tol?.?n, assault;#10. George Jaekson.assault; ?&0 snd coats, or S months In jsit. T!im. O'Brien, mtdirions trespass in taking gravsl from the streets; flue reduced from BSto 91 and coats. Theodore H, Barker, profanity; 93. W A corner lot in Chicago is owned by an as sociation of newsboys. B7"An exchange aays: "The lady lovers of eroouet are getting the neoeaaary Implements read v for a prosecution of the fashionable and exhilarating game." This means striped stc :k Ings. VThievea break in and steal, in the Cincin nati station house, to such an extent that the polic? have scarcely any clnbe or overcoats left, and the authorities think of engaging a private watchman. ^"People who have sat la cold rooms all win ter because they only laid la a small supply ot coal for the season, being mlsled by the tricky mw*krat who bnllt himself a alight house last fall, will be gratified to know that a large num ber of thoae interesting animals have been fioren to ?*e*th. GEORGETOWN. Smnn Death.?A colored man uame.1 Henry Lucas. died wrr nwl<l(!ily last night at his residence on Munroe street, near Wast street, just after he ba<l returned from church. He was a member of the First Baptist Colored Church, and ?aa also sextoa of the Oay street Baptist Church, and was a worthy mau. I>r. Peter who had previously attended htm gave a certificate that his death was caused by heart disraae. Fall <>k a Chimwet.? An old chimney of the back building ot houseot No. 61 High street fell last night with a terrible crash. It had been ?idermined by the water running into an alley which had been opened below It on the new grade at High street. Nobody hart. Mr. A. of this city, left New Yotk yesterday by the steamer Thuringai for Etuope, where he will probably attend the Vienna Kxporition. He expects "to return in September. River Xews?The steamer Express arrived to-day from Baltimore, with a miscellaneous cargo. The schr. A. Y. Kindberg arrived from Fall River, with flagstone for the board of pub lic works and oakhill Cemetery. The steamer John Gibson cleared for New York, with TitO barrels of flour. Graih Tradr.?The canal boat Bradtteld Hartly arrived to-day, with 3,700 bushels red wheat tor Hartly & Bro.; also, the canal boat Menocacy, with 1,4M bushels wheat and 1,000 bushels corn to H. M. Talbott; and the boat B. Tulbott, with bushels of corn to H. M. Tal bott and '2.000 bushels wheat to Hartly & Bro.. and boat T. J. Baker, with *30 bushels cement and 100 bttshcls wheat to George Waters. The Mies on 'Change to-day were4 :W> bushels prime red wheat at Si !?#; 330 bushels choice do. at #2 03; 1.Ooo bushels fair do. at 91.92^ to*l.!VJ ^, and 190 bushels good do. at 91.t>2. Mr. .Ioh* K. Doolry, a scholastic of the So ciety of Jesus, died yesterdaT at Georgetown College, in the 31st "year of h?s age. The de ceased was a son of" Major ,lobn Doolev, of Richmond, Va . and w as a great favorite 'with evrr>bodv at Georgetown College. Fish Wharf The receipts of fish to-.lay were 40,800 herring, which sold at *4 to ?4..>;." CITY ITEM& Soft Crabs! Soft Crabs!: Soft Crabs !! The Ovster Bay sustains its well-known reputa tion of serving its patrons with the liret luxuries of the season, at all times. 2 Dooley's Yeast ^owihh is convenient, economical, ami always reliable. No waste of food prepared with it, as it is always of the best quality 9,0 SOPTCSABfl! Soft Crars!! Soft Crars!!! First of the season, at The Oyster Bay, 121C and 1218 Pennsylvania avenue. 2 Alaska Diamonds, in gold. Cut Opals, in gold. Colorado Sapphires, m gold. French Gilt and Jet Garnets. Received at Prigg's jewelry store, No. 4>7 Pa. avenue, near 4# st. _ ? vVarrks Patent Meat Cooker at Hamil ton & Pearson's, Y. M. C. A. Building. 9tli and D. ^ 4,5,eo? Jri-irs, Smashes, Cocktails and other inscriptions carefully coinitouudvd by (ieo. W. )river and biscorpsof efficient assistants at the new sample rooms corner Peunsyl\auia ateiin* and Four-and-a-half street. 4,-5 Pond's Extract is ior sale at wholesale by Clias. Stott A Co., 4W Pennsylvania avenue", and by druggists everywhere. t,w,f,tf Ovbr-rxrrtior. either of Tww'y or mind, pro duces debility and disease. The usual rented, is to take some stimulant, the effect of which if the same as giving a tired horse the whip in stead of oats. The true way is to fortlfv the system w ith a i<erm:?netit tonic like the Peru vian Syrup, (a protoxide of Iron.') which give* strength and vigor to the wlmlc system. 4,5,6 Champion Earth < lorer, the best in m Hamilton & Pearson, Y. M. C. A. Building. '<th a?id IT. 4,5,eo5 ? Children cry for Pitcher's Castoria. It regulates tlie stomach, cures wind colic and causes natural eleep. It is a substitute for castor oil. 4,-a.?#3: Habit, if not necessity, ntskt's a Hair T>re#? ing indispensable to many. The ne%v ?? Vigor." w hich l?r. Ayer's lal>oratory issued, is one of the most delightful we bave ever used. It restores not only the color, but gloss and luxuriance to faded and gray hair. 4,5,m,w,t&w Contextmext and ha|>piiiess reign in all households were iJooley's Yeast Powder is used. Trv it. Your grocer has it. Put up fall weight. 2,6 ? To obtain the most delicious julip or smash, made of the finest material, and manipulated in the most artistic manner, go to Geo. \V. Driver's new sample rooms, corner l'ennsylvania avenue and Four-and-a-half street. 4,5 Shirts made to Order Gentlemen fur nishing their own material, can have their Shirts made to order at the shortest notice, at Keen's, 422 9tb street northwest. Satisfaction guaranteed. 4,ia,l: The commcwity at large appreciate the use fulness of Singer's Sewing Machine. 1,3 It is a* Established Fact, that Con sumption can be cured; but is far better to prevent the cruel disease from fastening itselt on the system, by the timely use of a remedv like Dr. IFittar's BoUtam of Wild Ckrrry. This standard preparation wrill speedily cure a cough or cold, and even Consumption often yields to its great power. 6 Thrrhokrters and Bare me tars an repaired and made to order by Hempler, near 4* street. Georgetown Advertisement*. Grand may fbstival OF TUB GEORGETOWN SOlllETZEN VERBIS, At Green Springs Sohueirsn Park, On MONDAY. MAY 14, WT3. Tickets ?0 cents. m#lt* JJY THOS. DOWLING, Auctioneer; Georgetown. CHANCERYSALBof COMFORTABLE FRAMF DW ELLING HOL8E ON PROSPECT STREET. GEORGETOWN. ? By virtue of a decree of the Supreme r nrt of the District of Columbia, passed iu can** N" 3 15*, Speiden et al. vs. Mahagan -t al., I will sell, lu front of the premises, on SATl'RDA Y. the 17th day of Mar, A. D. 18T3, at A'? o'clock p.m., part of Lot Mo. 17, old Georgetown, beginning 473 feet from High street, on Prospect street. and run ning thence west 18 feet; thence south 12U feet;! hence east 18 feet, and thence north to tlie beginning Tb Rroperty is that lately occupied by Johu Mxliairtn. [o. 41 Prospect street, and is improved with a Cum fortahie 3-story frame I * welling B"V. Terms of sale: One-third cash; residue at r. anil 12 months, with interest at 8 per cent, from the day of sale; $?0 deposit when the property is struct off Conveyancing at expense of purcha?er. FRKD. V JONES, Trustee, mtdts THOMAS DOWLING, Auct'r. ( Gei .rget own Courier It J Y THOMAS DOW LINO, Auct.; Georgetown CHANCERY SALE OT IIR1CK HOUSE AN1> PREMISES ON HIGH STREET, 1H GEORGE TOWN By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of El this District, pas-.-d in cause No. 3,!59. Elerly ?Lt al. vs. Plaggemeyer et al . I will sell ia fr. nt of the permises.on SATURDAY, the 17 tii day of May. A.D. i o'clock p iu., part of L>t? Nos. Ill an>l 11. Old Georgetown, frontinjt 15 feet MS inrbes on High street, with a depth of *>2 f?et su>l on<'-h?lf inch,lielng ihs property lately b <lon?iu. to ami occupied by George Bberly. The property ia on the east side of High street, nearly opposite the end of Proep?-ct street, improvoil with a large two-story I.rick house. Terms as prescritx-d by the decree : One-thirdcsrb. the residue at 6 and it months, with iut?r?-st at 8 p-r cent, from the day of salo. with the op I m to the purchaser to pay the whole in <a?h. %:*> d-po.ii wben the property is struck off. Convej aucinv at expi nse of the purchaser ANTON EBERLY, Trn?t?e. THOMAS DOWLING, ni9-d [ Qeorgetowu Courier HI AucfOHe-r. SELECT READING. ~ By PROr. JOHN TWBEDALB and MISS ANNIE D. WARE, At WEST STREET CHAPEL, GEORGETOWN FRIDAY EVENING, MAY ?th 1S7V Festival after the reading in Infant Claai Roon. Admission, IS cents. For the bsneltt of the new Presbyterian Church. ? m8 ft Km ISHIRGEN AND VICHET WATER on draught, corner Bridge and Washington ?M., Georgetown. mT-^t* |JY THOMAS DOWLING, Auct'r; Georgetown TRUSTES'S 8ALB 0F~VALUABIE REAL E3 TATB III GEORGETOWN, D. 0 ? By virtue of a deed of trust from Charles T. Ertmonston and wife. Bade January 26th, 1870, and recorded aaongst the taod records of said District in Liber No. M8, folio 313, Ac., and at th requeat of the party secured thereby, 1 will offer for sale at public auction, on THURSDAY, the 93d of May, IMS. at t o'clock p. m., in front or the prem ises, all that Lot of Ground iu Georgetown afore ?aid, known and describtd as the southern part of lot Mo.M, in Peter Beatty, Thrtlkeld, and Deakin's addition to said town; said part having a front of thirty-two feet on the west side of Lingan street, between 1st and Pr<?pect street?, and running back of that width to the rear. The property is improved by a substantial Frame Dwelling recently repaired. Terms: Ose-fourth of the purchase money cash, and the residue In six, twelve, and eighteen months, for which u?tes bearing six per cent, interest from the day of sale shall be Eivea,to he secured by a deed of trust of th? premises The terms of sale must be comp'ied with within four da>s after day of sale, or the property rball be resold upon Ave days notice at the risk and cost of the defaulting pur chaser. All eonveyeeriiie at buyers' cost. A de posit? of #300 will be reunited at the close of sal-'. HCGH CAPBBTON. Tn?'e-?. m7 {Courier! THQ8 DOWLINQ, Aum. |\RY GOODS AT POPULAR PRICES. U For oo^tD bargains ho sure to so to BENJAMIN MILLER. 101 Bridge street, Georgetown. Japanese Poplins at M and 35c.; Japanese Si!E<. ?Oc., 78c., |1: plain Prsas Goods, in all the new colors. J6c., 37Hc.. ?0e.: Black Siiksfrom 91 1. to ft; Black Grenadines from Me. to ?1; U-autifnl laid* for children, lSc.,ane.. Sc.; Victor * L??ts JBcVMe^Pta'nSr 'Jt5 4 L*wa?, ?.rffi-Sr C^Ufni^Ai ^ Quality ?,| .? -t in ' L'??"n Drills; all-i?n..r | Bleached cSton,lWc?"^ nK>r*of,ba ? PIANOS, Ac. rUsTAY Kl'HN. PRACTICAL PIAXO : ? 0AK SR. formerly foreman f< r F. C Lie hi* A Co., tuner for Steinway A S?n. .??? and lute tuuri for fftlfrotl A t ??. T-iMtHI *" and repairer of PIANOS and OMASl. *J. ?!* New York urea'. Orders left at K *rr ? St re, ??9 P"?cii?t 1t?hi* avenne; Nairn1* Urn* Store, corner P> nr.*) lvani* a\and Hh tr**!, Rosenthal*, *01 7th street, corner of H. will meet with pn nipt attention, ud *a.i?fectloa guaran teed. *:<'y WTIEFF'S PIANOS. nn?unass?d Ib *w*etne*e of CI t..n# tixl excellence of*h; !? w priro*?^^^ u4 easy IfW. O. L. WILD A RBO UH icnti, 4)10 11th Mr<4t, nrtr n<>rtl?we?t'I I KYI ff'tnw P?-nn*ylvaria itmw, dealer* in PltM tod Mn'ic*l Instruments genet ally . Tuning and Repairing, Polishing and Vanishing tfccitf Hithfiil uttfutimi. a?l7 tr Jr. LUCAS. 1145 7th *treet n. w.Tteasraad ? Ktruialor t) fi??w Ortant. der? received at Thompson's corner 15th M iMBISa and N. York iu. , Uftt)<i, Bridge, dwmIIiI (Vngrees. Md H<W,e?r. Tib ml Pi. av. Pi an..* and ther instrument* packed Mid iU3 ?d AH work guaranteed. tnhJTIy gCHOMACKER A <*>"*'"^LaDELP.IA SBEAT SEDUCTION IN PRICKS. Thee* tM<r?awrti, which, on account of tMr m aertortty over ill oth?n, hn? Id a few yMrn.-^^ become the BOM popuUr h-re, a* well M ai^llVM aver the country, can be had bow for Um W-HIlr towing low pric.-* SOUARE PIANOS trmm f OT to |ffl CPKlGHT PIANOS frum JM)tT?7?. GRAND PIANOS from f iX?? Person* who wish to ut< from ftluu to ?Mb Ib pa* ?haaiug the beat instrument out, are invited tocu and compare for themselves. Piano* for rent. Pianof exchanged. Tuning awl R<pai ringproperly attendar to. CARL BK'HTIB, Agent. dM-tr V3J PonnnUuiaami;* REAL ESTATE AGENTS. JUAN BOYLE. fKANK BAUN.M IDAK RoTlE * CO., REAL ESTATE A .V O XOTE EROK EK S, No. bO* 16tti *treet, ?pp<iaite U. S Treaeur). FOR SALE?A hand? HOUSE in I ?treet, N>> #13. A new large double Hi'USE, Comer 21?t Hful H HOUSK No. 1010 MwtchuM'tti avenue. HOI SB No. 1Mb *1 utrwt fwt. for ?ale or r-?nt, fur nished or uufurnished. A t'OTTAUI in Willard'* Bow; price. Ol-WJO. Several *mall H 'B??, fr?n #3 400 to SA.OHT; small cash payments. We have several very flue FARMS. iBfNNi and uaim proved, on different railroad* running fr?*n the city, for sale at low figure* or exchange f.?r city property. feet of GROUND in various portion* of the pity for sale at low flgn r?, ob easy term*. or will exchange for productive improved property. apX-tr C^EO. TRUESDELL A CO., ? REAL ESTATE BROKERS, 615 7th itreet, (over German American Saving* Bank.) Special attention given t? RENTING. COLLECT ING. PAYING TAXES and NEGOTIATING LOANS. R?ter<t>y pernaiMioB? to? General B-aj. Alrord. Pa>niaeter General U.S.A.; Jan><> S. Grirm-ll. Chief Clerk U. S. Patent OlHrej Johu Eraner, Arch itect; H<>n. F. P. Blair; H>>b. J. W. D<>u?ilaat>.C'>ni rnisei' ner Internal Bevenue- W'm. B M<wea, Furm tnre Dealer; C E. Prenti*?,Ca?hi?r German Am-ri can Savingr Bank, C<>1. John M. Fef-enden, H >n. John Hit?. Consul General of Sw itzerland, ali 3oi" USTIN P. BBOWN, L Comer S T. arenne and Uth "treet, Waahmgtou, D. O.. Wrolssalb Dsaiim m LUMBER, LIME, CEMENT, SAND, Ac., Ac., Ac Ll'MBEB BILLS cnt to order on *lK>rt notice BLLE STONE for BaiMinc, Macatlamirii:( an' Pav ia| parpoaea deiivored in any part of the Du trict. REAL ESTATE bought aod *o4d and money in ?fsited. To thw branrti of the bneiaeaa I will here after rive my pentonal attention, and will be at no office daily from 10 a. *n. nntll 4 p. Bi. ma-i tf A1 Olp, J i N> ?.*. Nn 4?K PAPERHASGIKGS. N?. 4:t? 7ih St.S (Ira Si. NOW OPEN AT MARKRITBft'S, No. 439 7th itreet, Ixstween D and E afreet". Eight door* above Odd Fellow*" Hall, PAPEKI1ANGINGS of new and ?>li?h de?iiru* of the le nt fibril * and b iii*h, ?? U cted * ith due r- gard to hatmoii) of calor. durability, rictaiem and m> my. A large p- rti"ii made specially to order, ?Un bracing beautiful atripe and ot!o-r d*~ign* in Gilt and Plain Color*, appropriate for drawing room-. Ac.; 2U ami 40 inch plain tint a f<r pHimeling wnh gilt rod or finishing plain, with a fall line of i>i -lium and low-cricid Pap? r?, patent ai d perfect represen tation* ot W"<>d and Mait>!e,f r p?. rn-liiig ba.U a t reetibule*. BOBDERS in Gilt, Velvet and G.!t Imitation Fr<-?co, ai.d C n. Center Pi.-'-e., French Fireboard Print*. Ac., making the Urge?t and moet complete a-??rtnient in tbe DiatrKt. WINDOW SHADES. N^w de?igr?. difl-rent * ant color*; a'? '. P!*;-i Good* in pearl, Chocolate, Lavender. Gr?-? n and Stone Color* for ftaking into Shade*. Sbade- made to order. PICTURE FRAMES Solid Oval, Waluut and Gilt, and all Gi!t Frara?a frirnt 3\4 to 2?v3u incbe*. Box 0'ai Kriuo* f r Wreaiho at Co?t. A l-*autiful selection of French and American Gilt and Velvet Fram*-*f?>r Ivcrytvpe and Pore* lain Picture*. Card Frame* in great variety. Frame* made to order. PICTURE COBD AND TASSELS from Catd to portrait Sine, difl? rent colur*; ale", Wi Plated, Tinned and Wtre Center Pir'nre i' 'rd. very vnperior good*. Porcelain and Brae* Head Pic ture Nail*. Bing". S rew Eye*. Ac. PAINTINGS, ENGBAVINUS, CHROMOS, Ac A limited, tut choice, selection in appropriate " frame* alwaya in *t<>re on exhibition and ?ale. Chromo* and Engraving* ordered. Orderafor Paperhanging, Window Khade* or Pic ture Frame* punctually tilled and *ati*faction guar aut>ed. Term* ca*h Plea?e remember name. _ Old No 4M J. MARKRITER, and number 43V 7th utreet, aI9 1ia Between D and E *tre--ta. UEFORE GOING ELSEWHERE exanine tha 13 Diagonal Drew Suit for Jil7. (a specialty. I and only t<>be bad at A. STAAUS', 1011 Eenna. ave , near llib. *36 ^|ETRUPOLITA5l DOLLAR STORE. THE LARGEST VABIETT OF GOODS EVER OFFERED! EVERY ARTICLE A BABGAINt NEW AND TASTY GOODS' WHAT A DOLLAR WILL BUY! WHAT JO CENTS WILL BUY' WHAT Ui CENTS WILL BL Yl Among the Dollar good* we offer: Children'* Lineu Suit*, Marseille* Hat*, Lace Infanta' Cap*, Para sol*, Ml) different Chromo*, set* of Plat -d Table Spoon*, Forks, A*.;Castor*. Hair Bi ushea. Mirrors, Bracket* and Rack* of all kind*. Fan* of all kiud?. Ladies' Gauze Vest*, Ladies' first quality Under garment*; Gent** Gauze Shirt*, long and short sleeve*; Satchels and Wallets, Kid Gloves and Buck Gauntlet*, Canea, Deaks. Mu*i< Atbntns, Backgam mon Board*, and tke prettiest and largest aasort ment of Jewelry eTer offered; black set* Bracelets. Chatelaines and Necklace* a apecialty. Hosiery a* u?ual,3 pairs for f 1. In fifty cent good* we offer. Fine and aoft Lace Quilling, set* of s Linen Collar* and 1 pair CuA. fine Damask Towels, Mourning and H<*m*titched Hdkfs, Belt*, Glove*, Shirt Front*, Silk Searfs, Gent's Bows, Basket*, Shawl Straps. Suspend'To. Lace Scarf* and B >ws. Knives and Scissor*, Conib* and Brushes, Perfumery , Jewelry . Spittoons, Va*e*. Flower Pots, Ornaments,< good Goblet*, Toy* of all kiud*, Ac., Ac. In twenty -flvecent articles we have: Ladie?' Linen Cult*. Rufllmg for the neck, 100 doz Gent's Brit ish Half H<we, large Huck Towels, Hemstitched and plain Linen Hdkf?,l good Bord'd Hdkfs, Ladies' Hose, Bidding and Fine Omb?. Lace Scarf* and Bow*,ldoE good Pencil*. ( Britannia T?a Spoon*, Work Basket, Lunch Basket*. Razor*, Knives and Scissors. Flower-pot Covers, Brackets, Towel Rack*. Book Straps, line Lisle Thread Glove* for la dies and men. Black Jewelry, Ac., Ac. To get your money'* worth, tbe place to visit i* METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORE. SIB SEVENTH STREET, ap?-tr near Pennaylranla arena*. y^'E HAVE JUST RECEIVED ?? DOZEN LADIES' SKIRTS, WHICH WE ARE SELL1MH AT SS CENTS PER SKIRT. tOCftWOSl, HUPTT * TAYLOR, SSS PENNSYLVANIA AYEMUS, Rotal Block. UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICB, U WifitMToi,D. O.. April t,?L Ob tke petition ot ARCAB0U8 WYOKOFP, o Elmira, Mew Tork, praying for the patent granted to Ua on tke 1Mb day 4 July, GSl, ana released on tbe 1Mb of March, UM, tor an lmprovMM-nt la Hollow Aager*: It I* ordered tbat thetertknony in tb*<|H kacloaad on tke Mth day of June next; that the tK for filing argument* and tke Examiner's report be limited to the Ktb day mt June ne*t;i heard on tbe Mtk day of June i A: P not Mtisfted can haro tketr Money ret a mad by a.t4i*?ing J. HOW AkD WILLIAMS,at this Tbow who ai*h tbe Eiiaiuel can do tke mm STEAMER LINES. AM MO* LI KB tTKiMRtl Nil froit Pier N nh K >-t , J? . y v EVEBT WPPNE8PAT AND ?\YrRp\v Tb# paai r acc ?!????. r? I thn liir are iin?iirr?'-) fw el??ancv and cmf rt CaMa -tat. r<> m* at all< on upper d?< k. ttm? aw-uria# e->d h*h????? bb?1 veetilati. n RATF.8 or PASS VOE TO ULAKOW. liver p<>< >l?>r lonpoxokkkt. Smi ?M*u. H"?d ? Car Pen, T ?*? ??4 ? M- f :? ? . i ? 3 latin r-tniii litk>*t>i?iitriii| l>e* $ l? f2jj < v? i a? 1^55?' rrw*r' ? ?*' ?till ? r**w lf'? u\) aeap. rf.<rra?lwT ?tati.n m timt Irtiii. Ireland ?< lk>'C?<nnl a. m .'.'L1.1 _.v * * .?* f*ViTJ5!'1 ??B?T-Cl *?- L M' 7 V^ALLLH,-*??**tt? ENPERSQN RRorHKR*, UMf? ,L,?'K . ? C. UMMtik. r ' " w ? A?'-nt W a?hln?1 n n* ? j?i ?> , jyi* IXPBMe USB TIA CANAI^T naAm"*v2Sv&??.vv, aatLiH* ?atb. - -? I, North W 'ihtm, pi il ?S*DAr ^ liT fri?i iy Wiirr Of iriHftj, n r rnn DATmmIBATI RDAV, Ml/t.11 ,TW Thj Unf c^nnl. at. Phi ad> If hia with "Clyde's IrwB Lib*' of stealer* ff Pru?k?nw, B-?- a a-1 IwIhU Statta N> aharfi,*. id R w..n 1 ? ">? "?*? ? r HYPB. A*St f"r p V J * OO., Philadelphia J. A. KKID.AIfiaadii. Va. t A PKABCR.A4 Oun|rm S;r?-et H? Bi^"rrei*bt? delivered hv Ea.>?'? E*r??e? Or.Vra left at Gi n> ral Ofltr< . 60i I'euia) Kama a<rn? <* at the at.aimr ?h??( will be |;l> -u.f WA8H1 KGT11piovu.KKrt' ASU The 8ne Iron LAPYOr THE LAEB haTinc rainied ber reimlar ti tp. to [f^i - Horf.jk.wtu leave her wharf, f nl fi ft *o*dTt wi.i*i9HL THCUDAT.M t|.a.,io?ckla|ai|rl?clH: B?<t Landing, cornect.t* *t Norfolk wlthM.* , . . | J* . *** M Liu* f.r B -aton and Pro Jca. U" ? M. Liu* f. r Bwtoa Mid Pr oca? Prei?M thonld be addreaaed "c*> of Lair .<f thw Lake, via Norfolk." Branch ti.ket .Hire at r (.<ii ? Expreaa OlPce, f?R3 Prnuet Iraiiit are one. T M.CJIOI rH, Afft-nl,6h-street wharf la CLACETT, 0?? ierwl Ae?.|.t. ?14 Plant'i Wore. r< r?(<* U'h ot aixJ P* are plRARB LThK. TBI BRITISH ASP NORTH ABKRK AB ROYAL MAIL 0TRArSHIPS, BETWEEN NEW TORE AND LIVERPOOL, CALLINO AT CORE BARBOB. EROH SEW TOItR. *8c..tia *.4 May 7 AlRerta Wed Mar 14 "Hoeeia We4_. >1 . .1 ?Java. W?d_M?> * Bt earn ?r? MWrkad cnceri Ab>-a?lBla. .Sa* 1 ?r 11 Balavia pM M?. !? Calabria. .Pat M ?\ . < Part hia Rat. M? 1 And every Mlowlnf WEPNESI>AT Bad 8ATL B PAlfrnnNVw |.>rk. Batw ofPamasi?Catiii. |? and fijr P>ld, Bccondn.f to BTcewmi hibiiiid. Kketau- Pan., fU. g adJiti.-nal i 8?eera*e, fSu. rcrrencr B?e^ra??-tickela fr.i? LI?er?<o| and QweenMown. an<1 all parta of Europe, at I,-west ratoa. Ttiruoch Mil. of ladinc ?*?* to BWfa?, Ol^ow. H.X* Autwer* Bad other Boirtt .tithe Oontii.rit a ,d ? -r ^editfrraneaa porta. For fr jht aud c?l ;n p>? *e,arai> at the C ?nipanT* <dBce, No. 4 R wfr* w * > * ?' -adwaf Trikiy P line. CHAS. U. rUAN<'ELTN. kg~f. N> w V :k. OTIS BlOKLoW. Ar t ?WB-W Wa?hirs*?. ii, I>. C. MEBCUANTH LINE~vT0TEAiiSHiP?; ?tnmi WASUUiUIoB AAii; hkW VOEK. ftowi P -r Leave ? 4 ^iiabrt??eL Sfw r< siralkxan - St ^*8dIN?TON aad OEOBOE J^^N.Bafc41?w*:-L^*? BSW TORE 1Mb I i" Earf B^er.eTet7 SATT'EPAT at 4 i ?? lJ OEOROETO^B wrer? V RIP AT ALEXAMPElAtfaeZLedB. Mlslt. ? * .Tjf" 1 HlRfc *re^? u ??C*" ^ BU ?*????* *?? torR . ?^rFreir?-t? d-l^ered by KnotrTr. 0r. der. Mt att,. neral Oflire, li?:t p.-nna?K . , , ... EZiZtort ,Le ?bMf ^ u >r -i ? )all-tf j, w THOKPWOB. Peartdet. GROCERS. b. o'hake * *v\ 1B1B 7tm street nobtbwekt. I Between M and K at* ) SOAP! SOAP!! ?OAP*?LV:.M,,b.K " c,,'br*t^ Cirrinnntl OHv* EWArf-A'sr-' ?1? HAMS, *e. HAM?^** ,,0W Ib"' CSlrm ?a*lity Sncar <^jr ? Iba "extra white LARP, f 1. riBHnlrS wrAHOCB' ^ ^ ?h' '* oatmeal. bn plolb LIQUORS}! LIQUORS!! Wh,?.??-? WH?* V; Old Cabinet WHISK T. WMalv. 8 S^ars .,|d. per bottle i j,, California Brand). m*-r UMtic " i <r> Holland Gin, pei f-t'oe...^3' S French B.andr, per BaMta. .. "" { SWEET CATAWBA WINE. fl per fBllon. P"7l^? KET riPRR. Philadelphia ALE and POETEB. C. B. O HARK * roM, *'? w., b.-twer n M ami N. ptutt: XMCMivtv owner from tbr Milt* in ?ALLET or VIBQINIA Will sell to faicHlr^a?^-rpt? per barrt. le^tbac rricea of SUGARS aud TEAS bII aark^d down , CATAWBA WINE, ?B mSu?! fr0? P'PM*,', Valle' C. rnptLr. B. H. BACON. TW Market Bp.**, txtwrewi 7th abd ?th atresia K**?- I1 APPEARANCES, especially when it cam* M. little, at A.MBAI S .UI p!?^ Tama avenue, near llth atreet Si I>" WOBMLETM PKCTORAli SYRUr, OODOHt ABD OOLDB. ^ bt ALL OHCVV1ST6 THK BBOAPWAT COAT and VEST t ?..??,T.i al. the i Me at A 6TRA I S , tBa Clit r, Wl f retmajlvania aveuoe, near llrti atrwi H? r*BMK?7 ~ -? ? T-r? M '-i.a??uru?? BBir worm "C UIMP I T". Q I 8 S O L C T I o M . _L W4#?ix#r?is, D. 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