Newspaper of Evening Star, May 10, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 10, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. ! DOUBLE SHEET. iirgwt CirtiUtif ii flu Dirtrict Beading Matter on Every P?g? WASHINGTON CITY: MTV RDAY Mmy !?, 1M?. llIMfl.itiou 9f ** "*7 "be'al extended by the PnbKc, to advertising and subscription department#, Tbb Stab Bp pear- again to-day in qnarto of eight-page fjrm, with an unusually large quantity of highly interesting reading matter. The* extra ishuea cost very much more than they yield directly ; Put It has always been the policy of the present management of the paper to touch the extreme verge of liberality In this respect, feeling rare fiat eftorts in that direction would be appre ciated by the public, and in the end amply rewarded. And this faith has been fully Justi fied by experience. On the one hand, Th* Mar gives,?and for less money,?more and fresher reading mttter and a *1 ler publicity to Its advertisements, than any paper ever pub lished in 'Washington; on the other, It enjoys a larger advertising patronage and a far greater circulation than any of its cotemporarles, past or present. On the latter point it is only neces larv to say that its hnna circulation consid erably exceeds that of all the other city daily papers added together.?a fact which is rery well understood by ti; advertising and reading public. ? The New York Trtbmne and the New York Sun are traking a great to-do over the fact that the l>i?trict of Colombia is in debt. Well, we never knew the time when it wasn't in debt. But there is this difference between now and then, J that the present indebtedness has made its Im mediate return.- in the way of improvements oif a colossal scale that have changed the city,as if by magic, into a place ot beauty, comfort, and . attractiveness: whereas, under the old corpora- . t.jn system so much praised by these critics, we were getting hopelessly in debt,and had no thing whatever to show for it. The credit of the city financially was never so low as in those ? li'ssiliferotis days of cobble-stone pavements, grades diversified by quagmires and dust-heaps, cow-yard squares, hog-wallow gutters, mose rovered market-houses, and a pestiferous open canal. The city is redeemed, and the results justify the cost. From being a by-word of reproach and a place to be is now so attractive that people of wealth and cultivation are com ing from all parts of the country to make It their permanent home. The remarkable rise in the value of real estate here demonstrates whether the city lias been "ruined," or made prosperous by the new order of things. The ability of Washington to l>ear its present bur den of indebtedness is infinitely greater than it was to sustain that under the old sy>tem, when there were large expenditures yearly and no thing accomplished to raise values of property, or to give any hope that the city would ensr be rescued from its Slough of Despond. All that is needed now is a proper hn.^bandlng of the resources of the city, and the reduction of sala ries ai d offices as fast as the diminution in the amount of work demand", to put Its credit on a ) as is second to none in the country, and make its securities an investment eagerly sought for. If we remember rigbtlv. it wa? oar namesake, the F.VUI5S Star of Washington, that some ten or twelve month> ago twitted us for making the aNtertion that the "coming contest'* be tween the people and grasping monopolies would shortly be inaugurated. The uprising of western farmers, and the spirit displayed by a , large and influential bodv of the people of Mas sachusetts in regard to the usurpations of rail roads, ought by this time to convince our co t> mixtrar . that our prognostications were pretty liCarly correct.?/**ila. Star. On the contrary, we have always backed you 1 tip in your plucky fight against the monopolies. 1 he two Stabs are alike sound and bright on that question. It seems that the members of the House of l>eleg ates ar>- rather afraid of the bill to pre serve the parity of elections by the use of un marked ballots, as they rejected it last evening l>y a vote of yeas ?% nays 9. Mr. Wall said, in opposition to the bill, that if it passed and it was forbidden to mark tickets it woul4 be im possible for many of the colored people to vote their sentiments, rather a left-handed compli ment to Use men of his race, and the poorest possible argument against the bill, which ought o have been passed. Neat week or shortly thereafter, the Western I'm ion company will swallow up the Atlantic and Pacific telegraph lines. Next week or shortly thereafter, there will be a perceptible increase in the cost of telegraphing In those parts of the Country affected by the absorption, wito ? corresponding falling off in the efficiency of the le.'Tice, and also in the politeness of em ployes. So r> Every week the grasp of the monopolists grows I'j^ter and tighter. ir^WAMfi M K CHl,BCto.-Pr*sc^in* J?" W*?7 MuMtOW at 11 rn.m. by tn* ?**'*? Bev. B.? (aid Koaais. At ii p. m. by BeV. .JoH?,.T L'GBTBa. MBTHOPIST PBOTE* t kK .5 ^,, H, between X and F. Preaching bath it II a m .ltd * p. m , b? Ber Acorsrr* W I.a-TER , D P., of Baltimore. Seats free. It* ITS-COMMON PLACE PEOPLE "?Thf^YulT Yr7 JV *i_8 ?- 1- TO-MOB BOW. tr, Foundry Ctur?Oi. by Pastor. Be\ . H A t'LCVRLAXD At 11 ?'-* * Mmipm, P.tstor of French street t aueeB, fhlliii tphla lt? VJJU WBKBJ or FBI E3D3H IP YrS? LOI>OI, !?'i. R or P ?A full attendance J. r^me?t?l. * koKDAY BVKSINO. M,? I ef importance will cams before the L?1ae If C . F ?IOOCB>ET. K.of B. an.1 S | ?* *BC8TEES0F PUBLIC ' 8i HoOLS will meet at the franklin S<b ?*>! j ?? r?Bfcin t3DVT KVKHISO, 13th instant, alo Jt' N A P. FABPOS. Secretary. I f^?TIIEKB WILL Bt A SPECIAL COMMIT* ] Jhc/ niy??i?nof ASM ??9TIA LOPOE. H?. 'it. < FA. A M.j held at I moatown, oa SI'S PAY, the , Jtih. M 1 oYb-ek. to attend the funeral of Bro B F. Wilbtjm. M tubers of 4isrer L><djr*? in cooddaud- I Ji 4 are incited to attend. By order. , C B SMITH. See. f t^v*vr~biL03rrrHAWp rn?siTi kk PBALEB8 of thea Putrict are rej<iMtel to *eet "t Wills' Ha'l, 7th ?treet. Mwwn Hand I, aoribweat. MONPAY. iHo'elek p. in., to take artii/B In rr*ai I to the bill now before the Legiala tnte propositi? to raise car license to Blot per J ear. f PBALBB3 r^S?tATH0LI<' BK N El'IOl \L TOTAL AB , 8TISB5CB SHK'IBTY OF OBOBtiBTOWN. A ?s' Ik a.*e?iii*. ontler tlx aiuplrr?of the above- I lanied wifiy.vill t>eh?ld st the ?id Trinity charrh, < nfTXPAY BVXHIMti. Mav llta ia-tant, at 7 3u o'clock AlJrve-e? will l? deilterej by Meaarp. Mooai, F MiSiiiA^ii.QiuiGi Maiii, aiwi B P Pxci. All are cordially intl'ed It* iv-s?oiiio BBri blicam a?so< iatiom -a Lp/ ?D?< >al nieetiag of the Olii " A??<? iati >n Hill I heW THIS ,9atnr<Ta? ? KVKMIM.. M* to. 1<3, at MariaiV Hatl. ai 7 Su o'clnek.t" ?ake act! u ui rnnnl lothedeattiuf the late H?a. (UUm >?? P Chase, 4 lief JuMiceK the 9nfreaie Cvnrt ol the Uuite-1 tfw A full atteodance 1? r?n*<-?ted Bv o*d?r Of J M McGBEW, President J H PALMBB ^rreta-y It Wlil l'"beral'y farnieh tta Will MBeraHv iBraisa tta TWBITTY TBOCSAIP BBAPIBS A h*sutiful b<?4oet of ck>4el m"?"> and poetical * fewer* TO-MOB&OW. Culled with exquisite tast^y Barah Laman H .pp-r, * ,?j. La.iu. nd. Father L-lieu. [kusy IM1. Oor deiia, lt>cram. PastorU,/. F lttist.H. *? Om rway, A. T Leonard, sad other * polar aad **?r'Br?S^m^r'lrislW. fr-t ackaowledcsd eaaa-<na, THE SrFpAT OAZltTB Is the t-rt Al'VEB '^Adv^tSmsSj. yesjg!?' jrm TWUfljfi. r 7?BAIOin0-?lM* LOP?B; ?* * o'clock,to " *1 ., T ^TFaratsV atti-art the i*etal ?? ear late ^rfafesss; the ?eak?n will a?K>.assewtle ai ine SCBPAY'^ihish ttae th^fuu.-rajm. ?will take place. All M?ster *v? >a goedstaaa lug arr frateruallT 1n?rted to attend V' lb JOHBM JEW ILL, Secretary. ?P=S>BT TAMMANY TklBB So 15, IMP ? ITa a ML?Tow aswhssvhy sitifa U Tim ItoSar Tday. Ta# member, are re<i?e* ?,,^to aartici?ala wit* Q" os the swastsa ? c' ri Chainaai ?y, equal i tailare ot Vleana had a financial panic reaterda< tOftUT?lTtefiaV?Uit>M(. The taili leading firm threw the exchange into ea ercitenaent, which worn went to wtki that the (teat BnMiaihUd wee ptMMy inanlted Speealatvce when wa soppeee vera on fee M bear*' side ?< the aaarket rut the aeeei to sa**a4 operation* antil tier hare I ~e *r< the! e-MWaa. *JI?.?__au BaLTlMOR*, tolknriajte-dy. ^pggsp 3*w Betas, i8'? ? K> tMnctB <#?4a |7la 2n"Sf ?? is\ Bew Hwt if. V W>?, d.> ri ri^' * **? Virgin iaV, lj, fforth Carolina ? ? special tax, M, bid to-day. I7vShIU,rTB* s ' h -ttMoi doll?tow middling, w\?W. Flour firm and actire. price* onch*ug".t t V? ^t"<1 ?***' C >rn firm. OalstinnTBye Jf"? **?'? Hay unchanged. Provision* heary *1x1 wr*k. Sonar cured hams, loyuo4, Lard doll aed nominal, . Western butter tirtm-r?prim ? ,C',frg"'3U WWA/aominal. .*1W May 10.?Money easy, IA6 Gold f*trj?D?, b. O ?Tninent* dulJ aad steady^^' ??EW To*k, May )u.?Flour qviet and un<~hanff*?! h<*af quiet and firm. Curt qui"t. * l>?*no?t, in lu, li ?. m.?C >u?.>ii opened at 11* ??'r ? *2? *3,< foT ??co?nt. B >n is of 1 tii r^d,?, l*x,9i. 10-tt's, W1*; new are's, trie) lJu*'A"roRT' *"?T W.-Bood-, 9S\ for th? of c nt*iL?. **' W ~B'ntes opened at m franca ?o il^R.*k'\<rM*T W.noon.-Th? rate of discount of l|ere?it adrauced H.anduno# Et>ft2K?Mv Mm 10,1 p. m ?K.-ie, 49,^. UU WKATHKK. ha* acred north of Lake trie, with clotidy ISd w- ath- r and a .nth west or I;r win N on ih likN, nod Ihfncr to the Ohio ralley Bnitie ba r njfter, northwesterly wind*, clnndy, clearing an | ^d-r"h" "> ?he Northwest, and then<? to K*. J??^'??pari. Northwesterly to fK?atht?rly ami southwteterly wind*.increasing pressure, andpirilv cloudy weather in teBneaeeeT fie Gulf and n-utl, Atlantic "tate*. Northerly winda, occaiional f>e andrainand cloudy and wanner weather now ore' rail ia the Mtfldle and Baatern atatea K w i ?F^r th?? lower lake regions and I rM^ng?<^er^hwe?tor?y*?^3M??r*Tte2^nunry' Occasional local rain?, "partly cloudy and^ruinni Td *Vathbw"l <r'T*'? s'* Bug/and and Can barometer, north'-aeterly to wmth-rly winds, warmer, cloudy and rainy weather F??r thi B- uth Atlantic and Oolfatatee and TennBu^e, rising t?-niperattire,northwesterly to sonih vlk' wind*, partly cloudy and clearing weather For ,n Gulf.' fometer, northweatirlr to 'nthwesterly wind^ 1? wer t. mperatare. au<f party cloudy weather R? fh* ff"? the aonthweet, the north ?**?t, the apper lak>?, and generally from the at? tions we-t of th?- Mi^ianippt, tt^*ofVh-o?.?5 lodob -m-w^; ;*oSSot' 11 f. HALL Bw HT. Grand Secretary ?hf" n' and wmbora of T'h'.'lVlJV M?R,:?1 WVSL N^A ** *TE BN(?0N r p/id ?rz'?? Bncampment. THOMAS W KOWLIR. Grand Scribe. iw' t ~Tl'* "" ml^r? ?J FBI*S Dsn IP 'sflttsissf fL - F H.8WEET, Per. Bec'r O*?UU*0 **?^^'H?IsflAirASSOOTr , ?Bh* K1ADINQ BOOM?Ait Ay, wttklv sen i'dK^vV CJJ 9?arter. Parlors and ?VjrT.?&aAJ.10M BOOMS for Ladies aadUenUe atrs???ck o'clock; at TneaUr Oomigue " m!7 jr^SCHINCK 8 MANDRAh.* PILLS.-Th?w rB' ..We ar? composed excloairelv of r?gi>tal>I?< iiigredienta, and although they entirely aopernedt iaLST ?i!"erc*r^^ '???*? any of its in nriona ?P"n the llrer, and are a ralnable reaod) in all caaes of d<*rangemeat reunit ing from a disordered atate of that organ. Liver nJ~ri?'i!^'*B,',""',_D,*or?l?r'. IndigfMtioo, Sick Headache, T> phoid Fmrj. Ac., Ac , iuI auccamb to the free uee of ?k heick ? Mandrake tiiia For sale 1? all Druggi>ta and Dealer*. ' n^-t7 C^wun^bVr|! 3 "ne"'writin*frji" . *,??? "ffl'cted with an Inreterate tetter on mv fac? ?nd neck before and daring the lata war, and even up to aboot two months ago. I receired the treat mentcfaratT physician in the neighborhood of m? ?oma in Penney I r an ia, and of the nrgaorts in the Mv_ t,i r * I raffered intensely J? by ? friend, and I commenced the <te of it and leas than two m?nths)i^f^h isii'fa?r fr',m M *1 had narer bean^t all ?<*???? tk? tie*tto dcrivtd /row n'"i?uzii.C4LT,,T ?0KD' vby?*bnl9^R^^PMgn to De otterly mil that ? other thinking zhawrtad?U11 oat are' -ra^beTT^ " womaa. The* Bit ft>r ladiea. M-u. * I L ? D I 5 I IIW DBCQ ?'TOBB, Mo. 1489 Pm.unui.'t Artm, Depot for Ma and Mineral Wataea. frU-ly knowa to ba infected a-HhH ^bmtTiShbkb jvkmb at* M kTkS*"" w?wfa. aayff-l> t? afWw IN 8<>Uh] Rraat, 200,w^I?, w?> offer at abuaually low price* ' w?'ch m 10 * LueS?? * co., 10 * ?? Wh opp. Caater Market. 1 ft00??f',r,?lc,i8 p^'tatub* 1 ""'"Peach Blows,Chilits, Jarki-ns. Flakea, Ae. For sale in Quantity to *nfc. by -Itvjt W7"*?** * C5f> , ? Iri ?0t* Stb at., opp. Center Market D'*"i" CBBAM8 AND ICR* Always on hand at the newly rc-Onad Salcmsof flENBT ALBBBS. CoabeUoaar and Ice Creaca M.inufWture-.* wla-aoliu* Mo. lOL* litt?*., bet KaadL f^BBAT BABOAINS STRIPED ANIOBBCh"liai?. <LL WOOL TO.V SiiSI?u,5Rt?"?,?8: h.Ja'iPilStiT" Heoah Pereals, asintad. iatteaua. Crape Cloths and Plqoea. jsa: s^1 o? i ?10 St aeat market price*. * ??o. ??enna. ^ wwgwnwriMit ....jr ??nad to w wito the raoahara thereof, to the More tb* ??h dar ot ,HI fc^Jtaw)o.? '?? buwict lAIl? ? ? ots^mo. $.mBeaity enckvt ta " ?^g?saaa^g. i_ M orrif .caose tnyaapaaraaca to he ivunfezzz Tree copy?Te^; B J. aBKli, Oteea.aa*Tl.*^ j * M ripTirfiff JANt'ilr 1.14TS MUTUAL UFB Insurance Company, or HARTPOBD, CONN. TWEKTT-SE VESTU ANNUAL STA TMMKNT ?Utraril for Ike Tear lSTSt HIT A8ftET?, January 1, 1979. *90,746 477 14 RECEIVED I* 1ST*: For Premium* #7,718J?T 83 For Interest ltd Kent#... IJIVJU K 99 DISBCRSEJ) IN 197* " TO POLICY-HOLDERS: For claims by d< ath and DiWiirM endowment*.. #1411,991 U Surplus returned to poli cy-holder* 1,906,1X3 09 Lapsed and surrendered policial 87} SOP 91 #6,797,014 36 EXTENSES CtHnmiaei' na ?o agents... ?536,403 12 Bulwiw of officers, clerkji ?ad all others employed upon salary 83,496 36 M diral Examiners'lees. 15,142 U9 Print in*. stationery, l*Ht, ?d?ertisnig. po?t a*e, exchange, etc. 69,236 45 $734,?'d 02 TAXF8. AKD PROFIT AM1? LOSt> 92*9,153 96 ?4KM96 54 Balance, net assets, December 31,1372. .?33,679,661 SCHEDULE OP ASSETS: Loans upon B"?l Estate (first lien,) value $47,837,439 00 f 17,652,992 Si Loans upon Stocks and Bonds, value ? 1425 283 00. 198 AM 18 Premium Mote* on Policies in force 8,>Oli,u37 92 1 Coat of Real Estate owned by the Com- I pany 1,139,972 47 I C<?tof I'nited States Registered Bonds.. 1,699AM 80 j Cost of State Bond- ... 813J*U 00 Cost (4 Citj Bond* 2,Ut>^>% 00 ! Coot of Bank Slock ? 8J ?B Ort Cost of Rai;r< ad Stock 26,000 00 Caeh in Bat interest __ 1,011AM) 53 Cash in Company's office 96,7*2 23 Balaiiceatftie from Ageuta, secured 39436 14 f.n.679,661 69 Add Internt accrued and due $975,580 23 Mark -t value of Stoc'ts and Bonds over cost 114,457 51 Net PrntiuM iu cour ?e of collection. 38,012 71 Net d? ferred ?iuart?*r ly ai d semi-annual P. bBiiuius...... 2M23 92 1.2M.479 44 Gros? as ?ets, December 31,1571 ?.M.9t6 141 L3 , LIABILITIES: Amount required to rein sure all outstanding Poli cies, net, resuming 4 per cent..intereat ?29.056.5t7 00 Extra Reserve 43,?>!.{ *1 All other liabilities 747,<j6.'<00 29,817,303 28 SCRPLC8, December 31,1872. S5.i *8,107 *5 Increase of assets during V572? ft2.av J39 47 Ratio of exj-enses to r'Ceiptsln 1863 4.45 percent. Ratio of exjensos to receipts in 1870 .8.35 per coot. Ratio of eX|enses(o receipts in 1871 8.12 per cent. Ratio of expends to receipts in 1872 1.33 peril. Policies in for^e Dec 31,1872. 62,S?W, in suring - 9131,398,167 00 Stat-mml o.f Rtrtiptr nn I Onhursemrntf <yf tkt C<>X sKmct T Mdti'al Lira 1.s>ikan<k Cohpamv, from it urtimi zattom, Uttember 15, 1316, to Occtm S*r31 1372. RECEIVED: For Premiums ?65.194.853 06 For Interest and R- uts..._ 88 a73.giO.946 94 DISBURSED: TO POLICY HOLDERS: Claims b> death and ma tured endowments $15 321,614 65 Surplus returned 19,155.325 41 Surrendered and lapsed Policies 2.396,191 10 *30,372 .oil 16 EXPENSES: Conimisslon to Agent*...9 5,719,399 23 Salaries cf all officers, clerks, and others em ployed upon salary 53U.033 63 Medical Examiners'fees. 274,797 54 Printing. Stat ion?ry, rent .exchange, postage, id\ erti-iug,and all mis cellaneous charge*. 562 431 93 7466.561 37 TAXES. AMD PROFIT AND LOSS 1413.092 72 Total Disbursements.... *45471436 26 Balance,net assets, Dtcember 31,1372_8-~a.679.06l 69 Ratio of expenses to re ceipt*.... 8.97 per cent. THE ACTUAL COST of Life Insurance in a Mutual Company depends upon the amount of surplus premium,or dividend returned to the policy-holder, out ef the Premiums trigmally or nominally paid. That Company in which the kinkfut rates of inter oat are realized upon assets, and In which theex penses of mansgement are the /orojf.tnust have the largest accruing sur plus?must be able to return the largest dividend* to Its members?and therefore mc?t SB AllLB TO Git ANT fmiEA^CIATTHE LOWKSTCOST. The Company that dott (Ail ?? the CONNECTICUT MUTUAL. The following features of this Company are com mended to general consideration: It has been actively engaged in business over twenty-six years. Its age enables it to give its mem bers the result of experience and practical skill de rived from the successful management of a large busi ness Imp a long period of time It presents all tliuee feature of practice which have been demon strated to be raluable,and avoids those of a specious or uncertain character. It believes the great public want to be the greatest amount of Insurance, for tlie longest time, at the least necessary actual outlay in cash, and perfectly seenred. It is strictly mutual. The policy-holders are the only members, and receive their insurance without the additional coat of profits to stockholders. It has returned to policy-holdera, since its organization, scrplua premiums and interest amounting to 319.166.82C 41 Its foremost aim la the maintenance of a degree of strength beyond the nower ef adverse contingencies te seriously Impair, that no disappointment may be fall those wliuee welfare depend, upon the integrity of its conttacts. To this end it maintains the highest standard of reserve and a larger surplus than any similar Institution. Its management has been characterized through out by *rDdet,ce. Its funds are invested in the safest class of securities only. Nothing is risked in any form of speculation; and not a dollar of Its Invest ments have been lost. Its assets are not only safe, l.ct productive, and have realized a very high rate of interest Its risks ars carefully selected, and the mortality has Men favorable. The close control of its haslm-ss wM appear from the remarkably small amount la coarse of collect! mi upon clesfng the bonks, being bat ?38,012.71 out of a premium income 4f?7,) 15 ,0m. 43 Economy has been, from the first, a marked feature <*" the Company's mansgement. mo other element of the cost rf insurance Is so much under control as that of expense, and every saving Ira direct gain to the nolicy-hotdar. The ratio of expense to Income for 1872 was only 7Jttpercent., a redaction from that of 1871 of 59 of one per cent. The following columns exhibit a comparison be tween the expense ratio of this Company and that of the other principal companies for the past thir teen years only: Ratio of the Average ratio Connecticut Mutual. of other compauiss. 1464). .... 8.10 per cent. 9 91 per cent. 1n*L 7 .14 " 10 30 " 1861 8 19 " 11.21 44 1862. 7 53 44 11.70 44 H63. 7 80 44 11 23 44 18M. 8 91 44 UJi 1*506. 10.78 44 13.97 44 18M. 1043 41 MJl 44 1867 11 86 44 17 Jt V l?wi. 1UJ6 44 18 10 44 1869. 8 79 44 17.89 44 1?<70. 8 35 44 17 18 44 1X71 8 11 4' 16 70 44 U7X 7.53 44 Not known. As a result of its mutuality, strength, prwdeoce, aitd economy, it is believed to give life insurance at a less actual cash outlay and with greater security than at y other sompany It is prompt and honorable In the settlement of losses; at the same time, ft carefully guards its mem ber* against fraudulent and aajnat claims. Sines its organisation It has paid for death claims and ma tured endowment, 9U4&AI488. The forfeiture of premiuma by thslapss of peliciee is prevented by allowing surrender for paid-an poli cies after two annual premiums have been paid,sod ? IlltU . ?? ? a S-omt he date oflapwe p-"' ? "The premium syMem sP the Company ts carsfalty the n?alnte?jnce of strength-aoissncy, sit'&'sssr&sas?'?" ? really need; and then v> practically reduce ttts prs mlnm In each year to Hk) actual necesslUes of ths Can.p^>y for tie time Wh^aad taheK^ the nsl7 cy-bolder no more thsm ptsssat conditions dem k allows him to 'etai?39 per cent, of ths first pre ^^ssrsaarashasftaafc dowment nollcha as m 1 ~ " to retain ~ - JAMES OOODWIM, President. IXE1E. Bscretary. A. B. DILLON, Jr, for M atrial, Mam Inia and District of Oo _ 0 ft?th Itreet, lalttasrt. A. C. Glllft. Agent, MM PftMMSTLFAMIA ATEMOE, (Over Milburn's Drag Iters,) WASHINGTON, D. C. VA?ra aWTKP-^a READ BAKEB^a^lOl yyABTED-^DBUO ClUI,I4thand L?tryjf, WABTED-Three g-ed DRESS MAEBRS Ap ply at la. ?l?Btt<?<,Mrtfcwwt. U* ITlltnM MMtt net!** BOT or 61 ? Ti)tB|wO>ni>wt. Apply U Mrs Dr. WAMVOBTli 8- W. Vwaont ivrtM ud L aUMt. %M7ANTID?A 8rat-?laee BRBAD BAKER Ap ? ply iBimfdlttrl; M tk? B?i?rj of WILLIAM H S0LLEB8, H atreet, between 6th and 7th streets mlO It* WANTED?A 6 or 7 room HOUBB, with ball, CM, and water, in food repair, by oue wb ? will pay rent pnniptly. lu<t b* m * respectable n*i?rb<>rb"od. Bent not over $25 or #38. Addreea " AiTdi?on."8tar Office. u ! WANTED?By a rat le??? a??i his wife, two or | thrnc unfurnished B00M8,?uit*Me for house keeping. or a SMALL HOUSE. Pleaae addrt^e Box 14, Star Office, Stating loc*tl>n and teMne. aiKUt* ! W ANTED?An active enereetic elderly gentle YY man want* EMPLOYMENT has tw*en scour tomed to take charge of a number of hand*. Would mnk* himself generally u?<^ul, and the >ntere?? of hi* employer a :pecialty. Addreea "Fidelity," B ?sing Star Office. It WT ANTED?A TIN ANT tor 1J room unfamiihM U houee in Alexandria; large gnrden, good out building*; can be made ^delightful sunnier l>.?ard ing house; car* every hour for Waahingtou; fare, 10 cent*, Rent, I ???aril of gentleman and wife. Addre?a or call on Cap-alt. HEWLETT, 17S7 P.nn-Tbania avenue, for full particulars. mlO w UTABTED-A c< m pet ent colored rinr?eOIRL:re YY ferences required. 1 li>8 llth ^t. N W m9-3t ANTED-B) a young u?an, of VvVn IVinw". r>(ue id ib ? drug uiMiJfM, ? BITIATIUJI, gen*! ?Dd satisfactory reference flrw. An<ire?? OPII.Clty P?t Office, or atthe S*ar Office. m9 Tt WANTED-A respectable colored GIBL. to do wv light chaniberw?>rk ?n'i mM in niin?iing a baby. Apply at N?. 1633 K atreet, belween lAth and 17th. 3f WANTED?Immediatslv?A reliable and com petent colored WOM AN, to cook, w*?h and lron;jeferencea repaired Apply 1003 E "tr^el northwest. mJ-3t* IT ANTED?An active young * \N" sntF d*m?ll Y cash capital w|?h*g to en er into Partnership In paying business. Addreea' BuMue**. ?^Hr V WANTEB-An active young *.\N w;th g *man " each c apital ai->b"S to en er into p,*rtu*r?"iip In paying business. A'ldresa' Busine*". Btar Office. "??? WANTED?Two or three SiiLU'ITt'itS for one . 1 of the most popular Life ln?nre?oe Companies in the United State*. Capital, <JWill pay liberal commissions. k.. Mi II. riMOKBY, 631 F *treet northw??t, ni9 3t Under S-csli'l National Bmk. W! ANTED?T>*U 00L0Bi:i> WOMEN, wi'h ? ? K od reference*?one a* cook, one a^ h.">a<o *errant. Apply 814 I8tb?treet. tnft-.1t ANTED-A W03fAN t..ciH.k, warb andiron Apply immediately at 413 Llth street. Al-o, a CHAMBERMAID. '"S St' *?7 ANTED?WfilTE WOMAN to cook and wa*h ? * Apply at 501 E street n jrthweat, corner of .1?1 and E. nrt-3t aNT>D?A tir*t cU-* WOOD TUBNEB. At ply in person to TUCKER A SUIRMAN, 633 Louiaiiuia a\ enue. ma 3t WANTBD-A CANVASSER and NEWSPA PEB CARRIER; uiu?t ?jpeak Bngli^b and (Terman. Apply after 3 p. tu. at 601 Louisiana av enue, corner 6th street. ni3 3t* WANTED- A WOMAN to go into th.- country, two milea from the city, to do the housework of a small family; no children. Apply MT New Jer*ey avenae, near Baltimore and Ohio railroad depot. mtt-3t* W^B~XNTED-PLUMBERS to kniw that we are prepared to furni*h them with all kind* of BKA8S WORE, at 1006 C street northwest. WM. H. D0U6LAD A CO. N B.?Braaa Castiug doue daily^ nil lm* VET ANTED? LAT>IE? to tak- n?lce that Madame D. E. MAIBON, of New York, lia? opened li-r Millinery Parlors at No. 413 13th street nortli wert. a.*) lm WANTED-lmiii. diately-Katnilt.-s or person* tu f ? need of first-cla**8ERVANTSof eTery descaip tion, male and female, to call and get supplied at ouce. Servants also can get good homes and b'-st of wagvx by apf.Miigat tin- Eureka Employment Office, to Mrs. LOUISE C, BUTLER, 607 Uth streot, near E. atMm %E/ ANTF.D?Every one to know that the VICTOB ii SEWING MACHINE has iu tut'iU Mlf-M tinr; the most perfect shuttle In aae, resting In a ?radle; needle bar and worka of ateel. Aeeacy. 41?? Pennsylvania avenue. Also, Branch of Mine. Deu

'r,;,p,r? '"""""t. ? bpiccr. ...... LOST AND FODND. f. e n REWARD ? Loat. thii? morning, ab ?ut 11 o'ciock, on Penn?>l\ansa avenue, between 13'hctreet and the Bank of Washington, a small Russia leather POCKET BOCK, containing four S w note* and five 420 note*. The al>"Te reward will be given if returned to No. 133b 1 street north We*t. mlo-3t* St 1 Ail REWARD-LOST OB STOLEN-TWO C> 1UU 1ST MORIOAOE W. 4 O R ROAD B()NDS, No* 814 and U46 for *?W each, dated Ittb March, ISM Order on Board Public U orks. No. 1,346, for #1,200, in favor of Hen.Sbrider; also, do No. 1.4fes, for #273, in favor of G. Vanderwerken; also, do.. No. 1.4W, for ?1^73 20, iu favor of G. Vau* derwerken. Sluu reward will be paid If l.ft at tb>? office of the W A O Railroad C,j., c,jrnAr Vew Jer sey avenue So reel,or to G VANDENWeR KEN, 1^5 Bridge street, Georgetown. nilo tw* IPOABD OP PUBLIC WORKS, 13 Dutbict of Colduia. Wasuixotom, April S, 187S. A reward af FIFTY < $<0) DOLLARS will be paid for the detection and conviction of any person or persons who have stolen, or who may hereafter be found stealing, the Man-nole and Sewer-trap Oovera In the cities of Washington and Georgetown. By order of the Board. EDWARD JOHNSON. a>-tf [Repnb Cbron.) Chief Clerk. LOST?On the lat of March, on B street, between 10th and Id atreets northwest, a RUBY RING, with two pearla. A liberal reward will be paid if returned to No. N street northwest. ut7 PERSONAL. 'fO PEB80N8 WOO HOLD TAX TITLES - I The undersigned is prepared for the hoirs of the late Daniel Carroll, of Dudington, at a fair valua tion, to give yuit claims on any property where they nay hold th* title in eonity u.6-6t THOB B. WAGGAMAy. *197th?t_ BOARDING. Rooms, furnished or unkurnisHed, with or without board, 110"i 4ih street, nonn weat. mlo 2t* IV1EWLY FURNISHED HOI-8E for permanent 1^ or transient Boarders. Al?<>, Tabie Board. 318 Pennaylvania avenae northweat. m8-3t* PROFESSIONAL. B HABT1GAV HAS K EMOTED to 403 3d street, corner of D afreet northwest, opposite Indiana avenue. nil lni Dr. g.c. samsob hasbemoved HIS of fice and residence to 841V Pennsylvania ave nue. Calls left at the Drug S w> of Engene E. 81* sell,corner of 10th street and New York avenue, will be promptly attended to. aB-?ulw \ O.CLEPHANB. e. z. BBAILEY JAMES CLEPHANK fc BHAILKV, SHOBTBAND WRITERS ? LAW REPORTERS Uffioe?No. lit 0 aireetf between 1st and Id. facing Indiana avenue. ""31 ly JOHN ?. HAHMA?ATTOBMT.AT.LAWt Mo. 8 Young's Law Building, deS-tf WaahTugton, D. 0. PlTMBUGTi A great many people appe ar to have been 1mm buged by Nichols' advertisement that he was selling out and would remove to a smaller store. There are so many dealers who, every season, protend to be selling out at and below cost, and then sell no cheaper than others do, that people have got sharps and they are now humbugging themselves by think ing that Nichols is only pretending U> sell out, and therefore they do not call, as they certainly would, if they knew how cheap he is selling uis gooda. Me is selling out at about the wholesale price, ar.d will removebefore the 2Mb of this month. Nichols, dealer In fancy goods, notion*, jewelry, stationery cheap toya, Ac., Na 1088 7th street, between K and L streets, near Bogmn A W ylte s. ?#-tr_ \t AY 1,1873 ?We have this day farmed a eo lvl partnemhip under the name and style of GA RL> N ER A LEDifBER, success ?r* lo Lederer * Bro., Wheelwrights and blacksmiths, lit Uth street, between Pennsylvania avenue aid G street, awl wovld rslpectfully solicit oar friend? and tbejpublic generally, to give na a call. Wagons of all descrip tion built and warrantee. Repairing promptly at tended to. All persona indebted to the late ton of LedererA Bro., vrBl please call and aettle their hills, and all persons having claims ajrainst the above firm, or the late T. W^Ledere* will present Usg...fa'OT?.. ?N6L1SH SCARFS. ENGLISH HOSIERY. EXGLISH UNDXRWEAR. A LAMB ASSORTMENT ? AT tilt PBNB8YLYAB1A ATBNOB. tact of i FOB BEST AWD BAT.W Fff *'g=Mi ' ss J r D?h5ii ?Lt51,iL"iOB"' *? ?*' *r-?* WUK*m*A ******* hrmtomfb ar F?"&flT?d J?'' 4-ir-ble *ALL8 Tth _?**__ "Htfrw7wA09AMMr.?l?r??.? F?.rJw?4?5 "?T-a??i HorsB te I?7hw"HI,CPOO,r??4* L co?? J, * K^th k^iT~A/'?r r,M2 buck B*ELLIN? * 1,w1u? ??'I ?"1 terrwced ysrd; n-w and neat wrw Portbw?t* near Nfw Jwvy >t?. IIP It* FSfnlffT^ JS?!*?"? ,hr~???or* BUCK lith .rVJLkUi!! mn^TD JVOO' situated on RttB&SStfSf -s ?asfc? POR SALB OB BENT-Ia ? org*town, a neiT f .^??"?-? T-r?m HOOSB, In ?a. of the m -t H l* ,h? *"*? Inquire at No. 64 mh) St fc'^B UJIT-A HTOBB, at P-nri*y Irani* W, ???'. .V^r f ?ABo4 Loan OMce, No 91 nn.<K J-!l? " avenue, *?> and 10tb streets lonnwwt. ?l(Mi F/?T^r.*bi"'*r,u*? ^ '* i^ m^t ?r v }n?i? J ^ '? Ik* cUy Iuqutr ? ofjP ? jL TflOM, office of the Liverpx 1 and Lmdoi and Globe Insurance Company, No. Tl? |5tb n' ?x- in 10-31 ? F0HorKABt~A?^?roT /ter *torL ?*l<* ?? i ? b7 \\ s,r'**t* b?t?rt*n North Cap !!r i? *?*?R"n* 5U '*'r noatla. Inoufr* 2j M'e.OILllOBE. ?' fc >. fl3,sanie block,or B F PA? HARD Room 1>J General I.and Office. nhM* I^OR BENT-Hi.e 8T??RE and DWELLING I floe cellar. ??, water; No. 1914 K street w<*t Also, Bow for wl*. Intnire at C F SCHMIDT S Fancy Store, No. 1744 Peonsylva h'h tj \ entiH nilo-St* F^jB <Ul?k^?v?n-room COTTAGK. with ce! lar, front and bark yard. *a* ?n?l mter, on P street, near u>th northwest. T-rins lib-rat. '"l"-3* 1*20 K str-et north*V<t. L'UK SALE OK RliNT?Three m.I-s from WmIi ? lini i*J" w'? suburban R-sidence, new two-at. ry ljOl bk., bi>t and colli water, bath-room aal water closet Inquire of Mm. HL+CH1NS, oU~e pren. i?irKAB ,*.p R R -,,f K r ? A( K ABl>. K .qui 133 <r^n?ral Land ml<?-;t * F"OR KALK-N. w tmo-m. ry FRAM ES, at teriT i.u? Columbia KiilroA*!; tfrirni enny For fale or rent, four st .rv It RICK For rent, tbr?e-*tory BRfCK . $.W G. B. MILRPRN, _ t"*" "? #13 <tb ?trf?.?t, opj. p,wt Oifi.??>. p cTb ? a lTT 16 VALCABLB BI ILD1N0 LOTS on R atreet. U.?rtli l4:li and 16th, n<>utb siJe. Apply to F B MrQniRE, . Rval Estat Bilfrlw fRep } l.-<06 r afreet I1' K?->T-Ait tlejfaut sC'kMliR SEA1,a.|? * ilrable reridence, near tbe ?ea shore at l?lip. Loos Island, opposite Fire lalanl Ltirht-hou-..-; coutAiim Ift ro >niH, well furni^heni for a tim-i'ln** lanitiy; with frwr convtnivnce for houM^k.^pinc. an h<?ur aLd a IiaIi h ride from New York, and a f-?w nuiintet walk from the depot; market, ftch^oln, cliurch^, itorei, pont office cfofte at hand; An* r?ad-?. ^alt water, n*ihinKf boating; ntable acc'>vnmo<);!t!ntip for fonrh< r^; ic^ hon^e filled; c ?od lawn, thadt and flower bed#. For t**rniH apply to wln liU, ^ M ? TV LIE, 718 liih Htrtft, mlO-eolOt Wa?hiiigtoii city, D. C. L^OR RENT? Larve turnihh.-d ROOM8, with ^r"". ^*?,H Ix'tween 6:U and 7th. iiortnweat. Gentlemen preferred. m9 Ji* |^(?R RENT?Furtii^hed RoOMSf r h .UHekeep , .J?? ?? >??e firwt floor. Apply at 1014 S h street, l-etween K and L. mg j(? ' i^OR B1LE-A new BUK.'K HOl'SK rontMiiitig ? 7 with tii<<deru improvements, located .i, IT,. ;?"*?? l^weeti N a?<1 O northwest Apply at 1 *13_?eriU"Ht aveuue, between M andN. 11)9 3t* F,('R RKNT-Pa-t of a HO(78E?two to t*e uu furnisht'd roonw??nituble for liou^ki'* pint' convenient to Departm ntH. Termit rQanonable. litAV i ^ street, between Vermont av. nue And lttn street. m9 2t* I?#?I\tNT?Very durable twoatoir * * RAME HOI >1, on l.trg?- lot of gruQ'id in l tiH)l?t ??, coutaiiung eii;ht r..m-,?ith a store f"r Apply to R F. MAKTI>. t niontown, D. C. n?9-St* FST)nKTKVAt.n?M*t',i,'i: ? b"t'ltifnt, h-?iuT, ? lllUftTKl flOME. 3? acres, n<>ar railroad, f. w mitiutes ride fr .m \V a-hin*t,?n. Great rari?ty choice fruit, lt)W tsxes; appreciated when srei, 0 *11 AKJ.,.,S'JrJ? :or "H AS. A ? UBIW S, General P. O nril-Jt" I^O" 8aTE-A flue HOI SE aud LOT in FrinT ? UuRow.onK street, between 12th and lith 1 uis property has a fine elevation, with a south frout, and is superbly located. ~oe. B.K.WILSON, n 9 6t 7th street, opp. Post Office. l^ORRENT-The HOUSE aad PREMISES-\J. * * Penneyhania avenue. a.ljoiniiig II*n c-ck - Restaurant. The property front- ?5>i feet on he avenue an.l 2W feet on P street. It is an excel lent business stand, and w ill I?? rented at ?75 D r month Applj to DODGE A DARNEILLE* H4? r street. ma 6t L""0R SALE?MOUSE ami LOT, corner Id and D * Mreets northeast, lot ? feet b) 66 feet 4 hicheg Appl> on the prfiniie^. U8-4T* * I^OR SALE?HOrSE and LOT, 30? u h street E and F sts. The house has niue ^iVA??u>X*B''?i'?^ V1 bothrooiu- ln'iuire at APAM8()n B| 30? 9tb st. niS-St jpi^^^TpnoI:8l-5o7TJrj^-rtTTHw^en ?? nortliwea*, containing 8 ro >m? and CJIar, *a? and water Apply to JAMES W BAR KEB, into u street northwest. ms Zw F<i?i.*FiK^~Two or1,,,Jr"<*"frnVurelslied Boosts, 1 ,?i ? for a small family, iu a *?ry desirable locMioD. inquire at 719 14th street, Plant's build 'ill ? m8 3t* SSTfirTSSwltflS "3 **?"?? I POB SALE?Fit* new 1 story BRICK H0U8KS i 6; hall, feranda; very cheap, and small tIV"ie"f*i_0P 13th street northwest. WM. H. MIX ijYv % uwuuwCTi, ww ai. fj. ? im nt ?treet, opposite Trea^nry Depart FOR SALE Two-story BRICKS, on Washington i ^ w c MtncefSO p*r ui >nth; ftftjo cash, ?2Aper mont b ? caah, per month; half cn*h, per wvulh. Q H. MILBCRN, *lk 7th ?in w, md-<>tw 1^B/?T<rJ?128' S&5; rnfumii*lSd, i>"? >?*??? J BHICK HUUtTilTw'iUi fcict Lu^*?^fj*'?i(>T Massai^wetts aveiMto; kiu, batb, water clv>*et, La Uobe, A< ; lorooms ami fine cellar, hiflx-st, heaJthi ?*t U<ation In t?e ciry. Inquire at 1101, next 4oor r.est references required. nS-3t* FJ>R RENT-Fonr large, airy BOOMS, frontin* * north and south; two commanicatinx, on irst floor, and two ditto <>o second floor, with larite porches; bathroom, Ac., in bou?e; excellent for a party of gentlemen w ho w vuld wish to use one of th? r otns as a parlor. References re<iuired. Apply at this oft re. niiYw F* '?* BENT?FCRNISIIEB H0l'SE,8reo?nsai?d baturorim, with all modern improrem^ntfl.fn?m June 1st to October l?t. Apply to GEO A HALL, fr+c. 1 a t\ A., room* Corner ?th and B ?t?. iu7-6t BR*VA H/'Us* hl tbe coantry, XH mile* from the Nary *ard, near ?^K>d Hope, D.C., confalnliiit eifht ro-.n*. For particulars apply to A C. ADDISON, on the adjoiniiiK Urn.; or by letter to MeADDISON, Washington, D.C. tub J?* t^OR RENT?Cnfurnisbed ROOMS, on tbe second A and third floocs, in suite*, svitabk* for house brf-PIDf.'-wa,?r on second floor; pleseaai location, J. , Missouri ?v*nue, opposite tbu Botanical Garden. m6 6t" L^OR BINT?Second and third FLOOBS, thre* A room? each, kitchen, pantry, washing and iron ing rooms,Brat floor; very convenient for house keeping, club or office; 1411 F street,near Treas ury. Inquire sec, nd floor, T. ??-?t* ?? OR SALX?t?u easj terms, a desirable BUILDING LOT, fronting on 7th street, near new Northern Market ai , ^IJTBB A DAVIDSON, Fvuneylvauia avenne north >esf. over Milburn's Prog Store. Ii^OR RENT-Furnished COUNTRY HOUSE fTr the summer. Hill rent main building ready furnished, containing purler, dining-room, three chambers kitcben. Ac. Plenty of shade, ice and fruit; stabling. gYden.aod pasture if desired; boau tirnl and healthy location: 1'^miles from Lanham's Statien, on Baltimore and Potomac railroad. For termsapplyon the pr?n,U?s to Mrs. B. WILLS, g. ?**??? tHABLES L WELLS. Biadens burg, Hd. yikf FfOR RENT-Valuable BUSINESS STAND, third story, room Wx6o feet, northeast corner Louisi anaa*enueand 7?h street; also, 0FFICE8 ou se?. ondfloor^ Apply on prea.tsee, or at 4i3 C street northwest. ber>re 11 a. m. ?"<-lm |^H?K RENT?A handsome country HOUSE in A complete order, contaieing thirteen roosM, with a*enue. [ml-tw') W. A LIBTHIOP1L/ FOR SALE, TRADE OB RENT?That His COUNTB^ RESIDENCE, known as "ln?u. Side," Situated on .the new%ike r^d ?> V5u' Clturch, one-half mile from the Aquedact Bridge Georgetown, D.C. Thwe is a flue Mar Aoafle hoosa, two-Mo 17 and French roof, with thirteen good rooms, oeUar, bath-room and water cloeot, with sewer, bay window, range, hot and cold water, large treee surrounding the house, a flood Dam wtti low areflV^aerAfo g^nFweu'^Sd! wiShf%ttM? ?I' ?lr#?M or mpi jred, or lor lease tor a term of yean. Parties aManiag busineas will he alwtww Miejgoparty by calling at 11} F street, Kaeook aa?^r' [BepJt] PHIL. H. WBLCg. ^OB^MT^Sari5^w1tS^oaS7?woeoonectiM ?, frowt BOOMS, with hotaad coli water. Board tz-Zisfii'jj?1,ute* -=3-ite OTok ?_SBSBHl?|gst aU-la- Ml 7th ? FOR RENT AND SALE. l^OB BE ST-A BRICK HOCSB. N 3J H meet nn ,*od "MM. ??h' F'orsalb-^ibikkan bbsiden* b^tT^ ?????, <4 the liif H rri. Aill.-r. ,.n y"ory?uy HeigMa. villi ab>a! Six Act** . f La?.|. ?* lu^Hir* at IKJ B.H*e street. t,e,>nreiowa, p.C. m( U*1? ' |<^kini_ wiMifT mi rw, * 11Kb and SM at*.,i haa twelv* r>?M and u -d TtiTTXXXT' 9l"? "r??" ? *? ? OFFKJB ot l?'h nnni ?ortV- j pfr uTTiCri^UoB5v??r | *? !? U ?? 14 a?d W, id M?* MS b ,???? ?? ?? ??? n, aad U. uaw rtfrM/-^ *?*?<. ? few minute-' ??alk of c*r?- VEl* ??*?? Eft ra?4?ol and Kith ****** !**> tw'[ w Baldwin. | fv?? .K. nmhweat. one minute v walk ia? >NMI and r ?IIWI <~ar?. PrllOKCntK, IV*^? BINT?Fwr?i?tje* or t'lifamiahod Rooll8, J..^h fr""!. for boaaekeeptng. AMir '-1 _ **??r I'm* ?' fpn?. apsi-ua F^iTorVw^w"Tt^ 0?"TB f<f Mir hu ? HO* SB <*?? *4*>and U>To? the Br* ?,?ar? rSf?I -^?, Th* 101 '" ""n***! on the ? nth side of Em Capitol ?irm and no M atraet and uir ^37*m CHARMS P RCSSELL. Klfci*1? BXCHaNOB Fur CITT PSOP n.A.f .U' 1* tWo"rt,""T HOl'SE With brirk b*?e bieat, and aim a corner LOT and a FARM.?f &i acre, near theclty. Aprl) to J fOIXr^riih and Fayette ?tw^?, OxTr>to?a, D c. ?lt-lm* pol bbnt-FIRNISHED BOOMS: a tack , B^or fornhth.-d aa a Bedrootn. and two ?!???. art r<*>uia, back and front, on Second M >rr, in an ht'"r.!t Ji'**1 Dwelling on > street, neai r h. will .j ,rit** .OB. r**gMMt tern* to (entten.-o oulf. InlVTf Ittfuul KrHUicaatt<?, FOR SALE. FHA|A?E-T,|" fll'*' Hllbrkt); two * *? A '??S, nearly ne? : one f a K * WAG- /-?. InIi rTk^Jk-i^S*' **?* 1 """ fii!* BLB HARNRSS. T B CROW, /ffj _ 1T1 Bridg * itmt, 0?irg<o?D. F0fftl\LpVstt?A AEK?*~iABCAIS-o ~e A u a I h fA?5Lkt;tR ROCK r mma tT. ,u ?,r<ler' *"?> shir?WK?K andI new roKju-t ma<l<- toordrr;cau V<-j2S^56t? u??<i with viir or two bot-?a. ?.n ? MrDBBHOTT BROS . nuC'.w 3 tO PmiHi) Ivauia ar> bu?. ?y",S4Lt-W M long b> IS frrt ?Vim ? . r 1 Or<?t*ry 8t ?ru. Apt>'? at ^ ?Comer 7tti and O rt?. mirtbwmt. iu.j 21 A fin# K-rtnrkjr HORSE; a *o"?d 11 n v? Jf aI5?i? sad<1l? himr. Apply at J"nN T TRICE A BRO > Liver, 61* tl^,6tb atrvi-t, betatvu C ?t a^j Lvuniai.fc^f-V. iV^DBe. hj^ ATK?Kri}tAJS?f ALK-< >r*P~A' H a** f 1 >ck\VT7TkK"^ r*T * * lot ?f ii i?h?, .id ? l. ^fTURK, luclu.ltu* IWlor >uit?. Bad K ?. m MATCH"l!?T urfit^. *c-< I'lJ.W.I maii mTT, 31 J llth itrM n. w. nij jt* F?hTORKLlf w, JJB " ?? TBS I TUB E fln^OrVK^VAVi*"11^?*""? ? f V ni'"r?' of'rb'^ l ST ARRIVED tKD FOR SALE?A tiuf lot of yonijp. ?oatid Virginia ni?RvE,? on" tTotton ?,*tcht^ ''on-KTajr BARBS, fi2e I>rtTil,K Horaea, ainitle or d abl#, aiid two extra bur saddle U<.t?e-,at OLADMuN 'S f JiV. iw'Ber ^rWg" "aJ Market aircetr. George. _ ? my Jt* Wue llOuMi. t ART, kal ay fg?K K Hi f^?,'lr tv {>H,LL'?' MAY * SO a, au b33 D ?trtet, >\ aaLiiJstou, I) -J?- tnS Jt* ar? ?? ARkS,ai?itJIi*tbeUl ?V ff^,r t .'^n,l<r Mure*, several Hn. iexerfl^il ,l,Bh i!r,v'?? Mare., and-^C^. A R 1> Mable* n'at *>!}""? " thr HOVk AKl> Mablea, Q at., between <kh and 7th ?.?. a6 3t* lOyii SALE?Ju?t arrived, lo h?ad >f Terv^f rT?> EJZZ'SSSiP"* BOB^BS. ? tue f,.t ^ ?pr--ly for thi? n.ark. t. '1 _ ?tULUlBLY' ? Bo WEN S Stable, N?.l^2L^ lork avenue, bet wet u 6th at.d 7th ?tr^t. luiim* F^?<^AL*~BA.I^MAB*' ? f*'ar* ol4; M irgan PII ???"r?bted ?>ntid. Alto, PON Y r-v rv^ISh ? Pl>ii u' la.ti M?R * ulka 5^rn . H*' P6DIi?) IVBIiii BTfUQt.Cvr iSC2\ tier of lltb gtreet. Star Office t'aiMing. B^^MB SALE?AO UOU brat claea K1 INLs <<iIHI| p /"'Ji'***"' ^ru*,",*ll'?l 8hrub?, and Treea parwpu.u, Ac. a. Jordan, PRIVATE SALE. mTmVTk'U^1. ,Co.?r't|T Beaidenre called 'DCN Pim-tv m if . 0,1 th** r"?', ft'im ?! 1 # ?? !? Teunallytown, ab^ut 2h miJea from Washington. DC. I?m,i i?Pl.,M ^?illt,UI1* al,"ut tw^bty-three acre* of land, iaiproved by a tnauNioa bouee containing eieb lil 0Ott^ea,one Cnii.u,^ "tner three room*, ice L >um-, burn. Ac There wt i?Tcn acre* of grape* in bearing, pear? |?jach<? and other fraiU. peart, ru^J,l*mJTnm th*.ho"(* '? 0B? of ?he fln.Hrt in tb? ...' *W otiede?tr1ng a bne c-'UDtrv r>-?idenre If ! he R|W ?to **" J5dvCI*D,i**tUl* Pr"?*-"y. ."the place in not aoM by the lat of June the H*d ?i'_P Botoaa will be for rent during the j?r??nM ??'> to l'lEBCE shoemaker "*Jrn u-ar Pierce'. MU1 EiAnn &M. o?iid for ?rinf of n?^. Can UACL ?TS 2L au'ni.8 *-CP V ???Wea, JI09. 811, :i,k(D "tb ?treet nurtbweat, one a^uare i>otb of Peptii) Itipii nepoe. all la F^SiL^riEnu^niiif'~a >l,nr I"1"* double tree Cint?n?HrVvr\ u 1<,n* handled round !h?i Av .SiS?1.** *iaare feet of good t .h PLAHK, at R783 B street, at canal. aI9 tf gwor^rfoBBAisr tf DODQB A DABBBILLB. J17 t* 14*7 r atreM. INSURANCE COMPANIES. JT1B? IBSI'BABOB com pant, ?I Cleveland, Ohio. Paid up capital tkajii **"!*?at? amount of available anaetn. ttUAti 81 fw D. A. BROSNAB. Act., Vie Q^tt thb corooran r.BB mmiAICI Co*PANT. OP THI DISTRICT OB OoLCBBIA. Orgmmixe* April In, If), Capita 1 ? 100,000. OFFICE Mm. 14M FBBNSTLVAKIA AVENCB. ?0VKM Miutio'i Dacfc BToa?.) *"u"' ^5*President. _ _ MlKTOltt: W?-<>"?'. H Clay Stewart, V'**- \ilKaM*' J"- L Barb- or, 5f ?r0vP- J*hn T Leiuoanl ^,cb^:1 Cree"l ? _ I"h? BaUif, 'H-tf A. B Herr. VBMJBB I0DB LIFB m . |u THB M OrgacLted jarflT* ? lW*i nj&$se$i2? INSURANCE. TUE Biil lTABLE^^LIFB A86L KANCB The buslneaa of thlo Company haa for rean hrnn the largtat t.f any aimilar liurtitatton In the w.?rld. SS ?iS?5I,u a??t, AOd inii 90* tarixTi Street. 11EYER A BISHOP, laiartaci A|taii, Bo. AO* SEVENTH STBBET. Washisotos, B. C. LONDON assurance COBPOBATIOB. ?Or gauised 17*>?the oldeat LuaorMce Cotu _ ? . in the world.) SoNNECTicbi FiBBitscii^icI wmVanV <?... A?m ' national F1BB INSCBANCB company, C..w Ai-i.? ?* Haatpoab, I ash Awrrt. ????.??? TRADERS' FIRE INSCBANCB COMPANY. _ or Cucam. Cash Assits. (InvHd D.iTreg.boada,) INI tN national FIBE AND MABINE 1NBDBAN0B Camm m 1QCITABLB^^?0AS^eInCB society _ . or Biw Yoke, PMTA1OT Of MLInili. OMOAMJZMD AVVUST SS. 1ST*. CAW CAPITAL UNAM M?" WOBDBBFCL JBYENTIONJ)F THB cikereaRP5iH,isi,""i'AWA jTiTFTirrTTT 1AM japanese PEBFUMED MEW-BMA UTIFUp-CHMA P BUSINESS CHANCES. f 75 R'J-L'fsitRAM F'lrt lU" AVi?&V"?? ToSTiti MONEY TO LOAN I flrM rlM F?nt?W< H aa ?? ?a H at.. ?a?t ?IM b } " _ U hiw.Uu.4 .l*c?? ?n Plar-.'ura'd-Va'rt lo* K.brtstrii Mih tu4 l)ik,fir?iiti?4 j -n I. ?? 17th and lack; -ale ami real loaF. ?? Kkaall<k:f??al' loaw. ?? IJ-hiod 1Kb. r<>il, liirniiikH 1 m ?li, ?? I, nit *? u I ?M, ? SkMrffck: - L"" 2V? . " >*?> ?"?* ? ? 9-J9 r Hvm ?(h atei 7th, for aao MMli.<4<inwi4<? H T a>e . near 1Mb. sate 0 Oionad. <n n-ar M (?? <~?m > ? .'Wfl Or>-Olid, aqoare HI; . V' cent*.) fJW' ft Gr. ni.l, n . kmr K,ll I The Wilkea y>r.p.rtj . near Caaitnl.f r .ale or rea'. ValnkMf L?t on l*h. n?ar f. K* mI, A la. . totaarc x-ntli "f I* Al?s pr'.|?? rt \ iiiull |mrtni(lkf rttf *k> bn) Kal L?tate f-r raah, ???, rent, frli Pn>?Ml) w ri?iti)t??1<'ii. M 'n't <?' loan mll>-c<*t EflHIDtllON IMIlkd. inn VHAtM WASHINGTON HiUIT 1 WU IMl SKSTLK^f T^;-. JJ.?M.|l?l(t. ??o?w>ioM. feed ix)i?i DJt-Jt 111 H LoaMaaa a'eaea I,"1 R SALE-A DR10 \KD PELs- RIP I I > r STORE dome ? . ?<d kudona T nan ? a?r A Mr * ir?? r-?i iiaa,-. ?k-ii an Interview ran ha hud. FUMl'M . Wa-l,n,?to? P O. m? ? L'Vk REST <? <l" REST L<K'iTIOK?>a r til. cm f ?? a tir?l fl?>* far ai-d t'i lar !? *n.|, I * r- 'it, at ADMSON> B liiarJ R >>*a. ;??i ? h *??' ^lUkkV LOANEO RE AT. FJ-TATI it T?l NATION *L SAVINGS B\NK i MIMNf, Corner Sftt Tori itnar and 1Mb itr HiS ? W8T1CENEY. Pr?a ideet MONET T?> LoaM uX ftJjOTMSiATK M CI liJT 1 , iu euiaa to mlt. M M BOflKEB. mS lOt ilK 7th air-** I^OR SALE K ur Brat i faaa BRICk ~MOl'BE>, I t*" a^uar*- fr.-ai t'aplt"l Park. ?nd th< ?awe ilMUti' t" ?hf d-* Kv?r? Markar.ffSB ? ?id flo* t" lit# PenneyI*ania a?awitri?(Bft rata; aell l ?a'?l. tba?e hou?ea are well-hull'., In rootus each, k II ?al~r, at?d ?'?a. T-rm eaay lujuire aii lite |?rauHa, J|9 (' atraet aonll.eaat aSV lm* LVR SALK-Tlie BTOCE. GOOl WILL u>d r KIXTl BKS of the Mnlia?r> aa<t F*uct P* t?, Ko. 7VI Market Syac*-. I?et 7th ?i>.| llh ?(?. unriA weat. |?3 ir) I LINZIHO I (Xi. MOKRY TO IDA* UH REAL RMTATR, !? ?OJUa tu Ittlt. for f r"io one ?o flit jreara. Kol Rsk. A MIDI?I.ETOH, aril lm * 11 lltli Kr^et. \,TALIABLE FaRM M'R KALE t>E EX i HANGE r?>R PROPERTY IN TUUOITT A UhtAT BAKU AIM '-3T arr-a *mtj Uliil, eay> ciail> ! r t*l>atro, l*r(a new T 'haora Barn. 1>?>-Illtif, Tenant H-uae and oa?haildia?r?. ? iim-j ard of M (%'Drord rrapr vlaaa, la k*rl?( aad trelliaed: 181 acre* raltiaMe timber, balaare aral*la and aell fenred. tn-ar OnitH-aV Kiati"ij, >n R f. A 1' it R , in l?ania < "UBtj . Ya Prioa, o*lr ***%?. B. A. PHILLIPS, ipl7-kl IOC Weat atraat, Oe<irgetoarn. D. O. \|OBEY TU LOAN OR REAL ESTATE. i>I II WRY ft HMO , Bc-al Estate aiiO luaarauoe Br >4Mt, arM_ltn HIT f treat. UAKE CUABCE to putchaae a ?.K>d ITUHE wi l<Vk ELLINU cheap, n-ar new market, Tift atr<*?,Ko. 1111. Prire. Aljgd. tenaa eaar UftMlLToN A PEABsoB, n JCtf T MCA B'tildinc rhand Pat* j| O L b E I'Uk ?AL?. The larjfe ForB 8TOBY BOCBB, with thraa ?'? rj UteMh'B.lll B atreei. i.earl) nea . tveatf r ?????; famare.ita* and ?ater, with larierarl tM stable in rtar. Tiie cbnl* pr.ipert> baa been rmwallf Bin complete r<|>air. tM la Tarjr c.ii? ?imii f> a je. (p-iitee! faniil) , or for a le>ardii.v h w Will - Ill Iu* 11 ^i.ire at Freedua^'a Bank . a Tr^aaury, Pennvi l?anla a*anna. fe IS THE TRADES. .Volkr of Ktmormi. THE Ll'MUElt IR'MNESS, Heretofore coxdvcted my the vn VERSIOMEU OA SIXTH STREET, NEAR MISSOURI AYESVE. ASD E STREE1, BM TMiiJV SIX TH ASD SE\"ESTH STREET* SOUTHWEST, WILL BE LOCATED HERE AFTER AT THE (?r. *f 1Kb street aa4 Ofal* au.i. w, n? lm KATH L B. FLO ITT. HEBA1U A LAU1RPISU, Baccmon to Hfvit Bnitiri. PRACTICAL CUPPEBHMITHB. MT Fatreat, ?34 In* Between Hh and Cth *u bortbwaal. CBAB. HABTEL, CARPENTER AND B U1LDEK, M4 C atraet aoutbaaat. All oriiera protuMH" at t"iida4 to ob reiuM'bable terma. al? la' Awhinbe JOBB C BOOAB. TIB Market Spare, MantUacturar of A* k IKlih, for Mtor?a( City aol Count r > Beaidnncea TENTS and FLAGS to* aale or rant. A W MSG MATERIAL of all kind* f?r aale IMe A (rent for Ihe only (tfimim* M1LDEW FROOF AO KINO MATRRIAL apU ir pLLMBiBU AB1> 0A? FITT1RU. Thoae deairinir tr hare their Flaatblnc and Oaa F it tine done in a neat and aabaiaiitiai Manner, and on reasonable term, aboutd leave tbatr order* at 113 Penna> Ivaaia avanua, Capitol Hill. Work warranted. _ aiT-toi' TM ROTBWELL. CALL OB JAMES F. BRIEN, Frmauml Plumb* mud Urn* Fum, to hare jour Pluatbing, Oa* Fittiuc, ?id Beware* Lr niptlj attended to on reaaouabU- term*, Bo. bat lotnaiana a>enne, near Cth street, north aide. ~ ),??? Md atraet, aoriheaat. alt M CUNNINGHAM, BATTER, ? 1011 F Btraet, Utaeeii IRd and 11th, baa the pleasure to annonuce tnat he ha* raretrad the Bpnnc Style of Broadway BLOCK, and Cpared to farniah Bear Hat a made to order ? or r-Model old sty lea; alao, an Felt Hata for *aie, aa rea^nabte tarn fMr ^WS tlkGB, FLAGB^T KB TB. M. O. OOPELABD, Ml LooMaaa aTanoe, oaedoor aaat A WBIBGti for Btorea.Ctty udOotutf! rt'kmtju la atria and ft a lab. FLAGS and TEN Tfe f-r aaie an ROOMS DECORATED. All Caijvaaa artfcl.e mada to DABCIMO OLOTBB J M. VC1TON, CARPENTER. BOIL DEM, ABB COBTRACTOR. Order* for Boom Carpentering. JokMac. at Oa ractor'? Work apaadiiy attended to. Bb<M and Ofica, jauB-tf lit h street, below Bd.i MEDICAL, A*. (VI US. H. J. FRENCH, tft* (abated IUJmM i*I Clmtrroimml, Mrdirmi mmd Tut Nadnrai. oao be art* a *hort time ?ul> b TUl UUt mat aortbwaat. Hour* lrciu It a. m. to 7 p. m. IB* PROF BINGBAM, M D , M U~mi Blactnrtaa, of Be? Tork, treat* all Nerroaa, Ciumbk Dm eaaea. Bind and Cancer p.>iaoiia Rooms at the B-w ard B'Uan, c>mer Pea nay I - vania atenne and Mb street, oa Mondayn, Wed neaday* and Friday a; and at thr Maamoa Hoaae, Aietaiidl la, Tueadaya, T bur ad ay a aad Balurdaya. mJ-Hr* DB. MOTTH FRENCH FOWDERB oertain oara for all di*aa*u* of tbe orgaua and all ariaary r- mplaiiita and bK"-d and akia diaeas? cataaad kf iiidiarrction in youth. Price, |1 par box. Fur sate by VM. B. BBTW ISLE, Dragciat. cornsr 1Mb at. and Pennsylvaalaara , Wasklncuia. D G. ala lm* -8 By h all disaaaae wacared^^Bo^i IOT%ll?strt?t aortkwest. ^ * >>? ?' |um CON BOLTING PH nitXAM. j>S7-tr Bo. ?11 Uth U to ? l^EMALB D1BEABEB of Mi - V m | D? fkt ADAMB MILBOB i?l A hmm* FM YB1C I AIT

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