Newspaper of Evening Star, May 10, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 10, 1873 Page 5
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RAILROADS. ALEXANDRIA *WASHIIO-i TUB R ft in ALEAABDftlA A PBEDEftlCESBCftG ft. ft. Cbrasr */ ? sndJVriA StrtU Local trains tor Alexandria I-eve m fallow*:-1 13, 1?. T ?, *:M. MB, 1? SS, lJJta. v.; 12.43.1 M. l.-SB, .43. ? V ? 38, and 7:* p. m. lowltruM from Alevaudrla arrlvs ss fsflom*? ?JB. 7 43 8 ?. 9 33 ISM. 11 33 a. m.; 12.33, 1:1), 133, 4:3A IAS. 7.33, 8 Mp. m. . _ 'TrtiM Mrknl t*a* connect vttk tniM on Wmk 'Safton nr.d Ohio ft ft. Washington ? LAST ICO Accommodation leaves W ' ?BIAT^Sln'tHlfift EX*PBBS8, Ttm 1 ?snvee w aebiagtos MM p.m. daily, except Sunday. Tbrongb tickets to *11 points South u4 Southwest for *al* m Ollew, corner l&b Mmt Mid PennsyTve XU ?r'*or. tod corner Otb strsst and P QMrhuh aBxrafsrJKy^syararSE: Mation. ft. B. TOCMO,Qaa1 Psass??r U??t. ITto-ti UALTIMOBB A WD POTOMAC, O RAILROAI>. J f ?U mmd B ?**???. It. P." TBAIN5 LEATB FOB I TEA INS AftftlTft AT BALT1MOBB. i WASHINGTON, tftt. m., K^trt ftl?., 4:tt a. ?., W?*?rn Ki|, Mil. daily, except Sunday. e.53 am., Baltimore Ma.!, 8.38 a. m., Mail,daily, ex dstiy, wptSundtr. SAM a. m., Western Eip . 11 <*? a. m., Western Bxp., d*Ily, ex< ep? Sunday. 1 daily. 1B| . m., Baltimore Ac ! ASS p.m.. Pacific Etpre e mn??4*tioa. daily, ex- dally, except Sunday. c?pt Sunday. ?:?? *.m. .Accommodation. IM p. ?.. Cincinnati Ex- daily. ? pres*,d?il) . except Bu:> ? JS p. m . 8<>othern Ex lay. pr-*s, dally, except Sao f J9 p Ml . W-eteru Exp.. day. Ml*. Tram* ienvtog Wsshlngton at 4:&S*nd 10:38 a.m. and | J, p m.,conn?ct at Bowiewitb trains for Mariboro', J??> 17,( B"Wie 7.M and 11 W a m , and 4 53 p .m , ar riving a? Marlboro' 9:13 a. m. aijd 12 13 aad 5:33 p. m. T-a'?? arriving at Waahington <i:9a.a. and 9"33 ar,d9t*p m . connect at H >w1e wfth train* l?ati&| B8aribor*'7.-U) a. m. and StO and 1:33 p. m. Patrifra leariif tbMr utaen at Ticket Offices, cer:ier of 13th street and P?3MrlTula avenue and aorthwee* corner of Sixth ?rmt and PrDnqhauia **?nn*. can have tteir' ig- call-! for and check ed at b' f-l? and reeidenr ?? to all points N >rth and Vixt Through tickets to C ncinnati, Colombo*. Tndiacapnlta, Loii?ville, ft. L"ni?. New Orleana. Cble??<-.Omaha, San Prancweo, and all point* north, u rthweet, weet, and ioath* -?. B. L PCBABBTt Oenl 8a|t. T B. TOrBQ. QenT Pae*'r Ag"nt. jyl tf <|'nBOrOH LINB BKTWFmr I WASHINGTON.riIILAr>KL.i rtJIA. AMD NEW TOBK.I WiiH'Mm, MoTember 1,1871 Train*t-rweenWA&UINOToii and KBW TOftft Are run a? f' llowe: POB NIW TORE, wxtkout rkant* at tar*. l"?ate daily (except Sunday) at 8:00 a. at., 1.D0 ?n<J 9J* p. K FOB PHILAPBLPHIA. L***e daily (axcept 0<ii?Uy > at 8 a. m., 1.-01 and AX ON 8CNDAT. Mat* for New Turk at 8.30 ?. tn? and Philadelphia at 5 80 p.m. Maepini can for New York on 8:so p. ?. train ??air. Taro?ch ttcketa to Philadelphia, New York and B<j*t(? cat. be bad at tba SuMton Office at ail boon 4;ftbeday. For Baltlaior* and Ohio railroad adTertiaersent we prb-dule Mw?*a Waebinfton, B-Utioiore, Annapo lis and the W eat. THOS B. BHABP.Aaat Maater Tranaportatloa L M COLE. General Ticket A/rent. GEO B BOONTZ. Af nl, Washington. jeM gALTmOBB t A N D OHIOj WtPlisslos, Jar. ?, 1?T1. ? ? ?? ? i Tralna bftvn WASHINGTON AND BALTI ?OBB and WASHINGTON AND THft W BIT are po? ran a* _ FOB BALTIMORE Leave dally, except Snndar, at 4'4>. 8:48. 8:00, 8:48 Bad 10 4* ?. ?.: l.DO, 1:11, 4.1U, 1.10,1JU. 3.-MU aud AM *'m' ON SrhDAT FOR BALTIMORE. Leay at C41 and 8:UU a m ., and 140, All, ?:?. S:0t r FOB ALL WAT 8TAT10N8. Lear*dally, except Bun-lay,at 4 4A.4 40 and 8:? at. m ; 4 lai aud 14V p. ?>.: and ..n Suaday at 4:41 aud b:0Pa. a..?n4 14V, 3 13.6 *). aud 9 U0 p. m. The 1:00.3:11 and All p. m train* atop at the fol lowina atatiuna only, via: Bkad"n<bnrg, B^lt*rille J.aarel, Armapolie Junction, Hanover and B-lay Alao, tbe 3 11 p. m. will *?<>p at Jeaanp'* Oat, and the :i)V P ?. at Penn'* Cr-~?:i.<. FOB ANNAPOLIS Leave at t 48 a. m. ai?l 4 10 p. m, but no tralna to a* 1-. m Aanapoliaon Sunday FOR NORFOLK. Leave at 100 p. m., except Sunday. POB ALL PABTS OP THB WIST. Leave daily, except Saturday aud Sunday, at 8:41 a. n. and 3.11 and 8*00 y. m. On Saturday at $:4S and and 8:00 p. ?., and on Sunday at 3:11 and 8.-00 p. m. TRAINS ARRIVE A9 FOLLOWS: From N*w T<>rk, Philadelphia and Baltimore, at 0:30 a. it.., and 1:31 and P.II p. ra. From Philadelphia and Bahinor* at 8:8Ba. m. Pr- m Baltimore at AM, AX). 8 40 and U:M a. m? ?Mi I JO, AM, 1:31, AW, 7 S6, AM, and WJO p. m. FBOM THB WEST. Arrive at 1:10. AM and Ui.SUa. m Throo?h ticket* to the V**t ctnb# had at the NMhis(UiD Station Ticket OtBce at all hoar* of tbe day; also, at the Company '* office, 494 Pennsylvania ?ve?~- ?k?1? an. cal tl*j ?/. ??i-? ?*" >uuk?, ? ranaylvaoi* avenue. Paa*en?er* purehaain* ticket* at the Ave aae offlce can there arrange to have their bag?*** cal.ed for and checked at their residence, taken to tbe ?*epot, and pat into the baggage car. For New York, Philadelphia and Boatoa pee ad ?rtiernx-nt of "Through Line." THOS B SHARP, Aw>1 Maeter Tranraortatloa L. M. COLE, General Ticket Ag>nt. GEO B. EOONTZ QenT A gt. Va*hlngtoa. JaM 1872 PENNSTLVANIA BOCTB 1872 TO THB NORTHWEST. SOOTH, AMD SOOTH WEST. Trains leave as follows; mr Mbingtoa. 4:M a. m. I Baltimore.? TM a. m " *K? a. m. UM p. m. " 1:33 p. m I " 8:0B p. m *? 7:19 p. m. I M 1ASS p. m THB GREAT BOI BLE TRACE ftOUTft, -With elegant Beer *r>, Palace State-room day and Bight ear*, with modern improvement*. Two hundred miles saved to Western and Centra) Hew Y<rh. Tbe kxM a. m. dally,except Sunday,northwest, fJtp. m. daily, and A?0 p. ?*>., except Buuday, west. Mats Co.-ftcciitta* Throafh from BALTIMORE to NIAGARA ?1TTSBI Ticket* by thiv route cau be procured sit the otBosa, aorner of 13th street and Penneyiania avenue, and worner of #tb *rr?*t and P^-naaylvania av*nue, axider reliable Information will b* tickets at this ofBes eaa In Palace Cars for Pilta Aarg. ED 8. YOCNG, General Paasenger Agent, HOTELS. I TftlOB HOTftL, GsoaaaTows, D. O. %J Y. SHINN, Proprietor. Thla Hotel has been newly refitted and It contains ail the modern Improvement ?old bath*, belt*, and (w It la conveniently lo cated. being aitnated on the line of tbe Waahingtoa and Georgetown City Paasenger railroad, the ears ?f which, from the railroad aod ateamboat depots, pea* tbe door *v*ry two or three minutes. The ?n-ets (4 thl* boose can reach any ot the public WmkliLga ef the national capital or any place of apnaMBSnt, Ac., hv n pleasant rid* of afewmlantes Tersbna (k'ing bnatn--** alony the line of the cauaJ wharves I on the wharvss will find tt to th*lr ad van tag* tc ?Sepal thla ha aw. decfl-ly H TSOVB HOTEL, Mo. T?? G STBEBT, )eS-lf Betwiii 7tb ail 8th Strxsts. T HE IMPERIAL HOTEL, JAMES SVEES, Pro PaoDTlSa P?>M^TLV*SUL AvBltsm. B*w?m 13tl */vi 14ik ttrspt, Wmbimws, D. O. Tnankfoi to the pa bile for generous petroaags la Cha past, tbe Proprietor wti bis old friend* and Cmtrona to teat tbe acc 'inniodation* ?>f hi* present <stat?li*hn.ent, nhicb be proni'.eee *haU be found M leant eqnal to the beet in Waahington. ja&Atf (R?p.. Ohron.J ypHE BRTANT HOlSft. 1 Lutmud <m cormtr Ufa strut mmd fl. T. *N*M After tbe lat of Dro-utber. Ifl, Permanent Vranaiert B arder* a ill find thla bona* one of the cnoet desirably and moet conveniently located bona In tbe city. The room* are neatly fnm'ubed, well lighted aad ventilated, and provided ?ith all modern home a Tbe cbargee are low, bat the wants and tha Sort of all hU'-eta will be caixfully provided for. Tbe proprietor, Z BICHARDS, has determined to provide a g.>nd caterer. norBeotf c O. ?1LLARD, EBB ITT HOUBM, WASHINGTOB, 0, O. LIVERY STABLES. i as uliuit m noa, 1 ? BOABDING, LI VERT d BALB BTABLB8. IB 8th street, bet. D and E, and Chain Alley, M. between 13th aud 14th. Office, Willard*. ?est carriaf** furnishsd. Bpsclni cars paid to th* ~ of horsss. dscn-ly V? ABTT UVM CAftftlA<&*"* ^ north ,r " ~ l? A ftLINGTON STABLES?ft. OftOlT, J ft. A G STREET, Bbtwbbd ITti am I St*. Carriages by day or night, and f ST AI tf^ONGKBSS STABLES, I^th STREET, Bbi Horse* and B :*gi?e for H J D ABB M. Hire, and a frsafc supply M gu<<1 Horsas for sale every week. jyM ly ftlOHARD TAMT, Proprlstor. IVASH. BAILOR'S STABLftB ISM ? YY CABRIAGE8 of tbe latest atylss on band and for hire by the day or Particular attention to boarding JHi rsee always for sals sad as change. \"OPTHB SCITS In ScoUh and diagonal, vary nobby,at A. BTftACS , 1*11 Pn. ays., near Jltb ?treet. aM B^VlLDR^BBlP^OBDftiuEoTHlMG^mnP it UTOP, DBAft BEADBB, before It to too late. ?3 Bow many hare con* to grief by not purchasing their garments at A. STRAUS', ttos CiotUsr, 18U AUCTION SAIiES^ rt'TCRE DATS. BT GREEN k WILLIAMS, Awctlsmsrs, B'-tttlieMt corner 7ih *txl D urwh. TRUSTEE S SALE 0F~7MPRnvED PBOPEB TT UN ELEVENTH HTREBT lAST. BE TWEEN D A KB K STREETS SOUTHEAST. A By virtue of a deed vt truat Irom Wdliam T. Grim-* uxl wife, dated Jmimt; ?2.1973, and At the written rr<iv>>(t of the party tb'robj secur ed, 1 will -*-It at public auction. in front of th? pr?ra i?e?, to the kirhMi bidder, on TI'IfWlT. May 18T, >73, at bs o'el' <k p. m . all of original lot Bia* <9?. ia square 9M. with th > lmprovem-nts tWrfoi. This lot ha* a front iff 56 (Mttod is of g.?d depth. It i* improved by two Mu.tll From. II. CM". T?rn* of m?lr One-fourth cash, and th? btlanc In *. II,and lAnmath*, with intereat, ?r all rash an niHv a* preferred l>v the purchaser . #M0 down on day of aa'e. to be forfaited in case the term* In uot ( <n>li?t with in flve day* after -ale. BBAINABD H. WARN EE, Surviving Trustee. iwitiw.1.11 QP.EEN k WILLIAMS, A acta. If f LUTTKELL A Dl'NN INUTON, Auctioneers, O VI1 Louisiana aveaae, bet. 9th aad 10th sts. TI!r?T*?> SALE OFYALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE-TWO TWO STORY BETCK DWELLINGS ON 47 th ST BETWEEN I and K. NORTHWEST At. so. OWE TWO STOBY FRAME DWELLING OH L ST, BETWEEN l?-H and tfOta. NOBTHWEST, WASHING TON . P C. Bv virtue of a d->?id of trust, dated May I9:h, fS A. D Wl, and duly recorded in Liber No. MS, **folloS3?, oi* of tfee land records f>>r Washing ton county - ?n the District of Columbia, and by r< qn ?t *f party secured thereby, 1 will *-11 at pub li. auction, in front of the premise*, to the highest bidd-*oU WEDNESDAY. Mar 91at, A. D. UTS, at A oYI"ck p. m.. theaoath 24 f--i I inches fronting on 17 th street, l?-tween land K street* northwest, In the ciiyof Washington, in said District, by equal d-pth of SI feet 9 inches of part of Lot N<>. 13, in S- nare No. 5. and more particularly described in L Wr K M II., No. id, folio ?-t seq , one of the In no records for said District, together with the Ini Iro?ements tbfr-.c, consisting of two2-*tory Brick i* elliu*:*. Ais on the *ame day, at 6 o'clock p. m., all those part* of Lot* N??. IS and Is, in S-iuar*- No.86, in said citv, and de-criled as lollows: Beginning at the u- r'heast corner of *aid Lot No. 16. thence running sa-ntb s2 feet 6 inches; th -are west .'11 feet: thence n inh In feet; thei.ce ea-t 6 feet; thence north 72 f-et S inches to the li> e of L street north,and tli^nce e.i*t with sa| 1 line JT. feet to place of beginning. R >fer enc ? for a more particular dearriptinn in Liher J. A. S . No. lad folio ef *?*.), one of the land records I r ?aid District, improved by a 2 story Framo Duelling. T rm* of sale in each raw: One-third cash: bal ance in e.iual payn.entsin sis, twelve and eighteen u.oath*, the purchaser riving notes bearing ten per rent, interest from day of sale, and secured to satls Inction of the trustee, on the property sold; ftlUOou I he first and ??i on the second property above nanied most b<- paid down at time of sale. Convey ancing and recording at purchaser's c-wt. The tru? lee reserves th* right to resell the property at the risk and coat of the defaulting purchaser or purcha ?- is. in ca-e the tertna are not complied with within six days after sale WM. F. HOLT7MAN,Trustee. m9-d LI TTEELL k DLNN1NOTON. Aucts. OT LATTMEE * CLEART ? * Anctii'neers and Real Estate Brokers, ?< uthweat corner Pennsy Wania avenue and 11th it., Star Office Buildings. VALUABLE BriLDINO LOTS AT MOUNT PLEASANT. Will be sold at public anction,on SATURDAY, H.t) 1 7, at A o'clock p. m., unloaa previously sold at (irivate sale? I.ota nnmliered 1S.?3.64. 65. 83, 94, 85, north half of I and 2, north half ?f 19 and fti. Lota 3,4.7,8.9, in first section: 3, 4. 8,8 and 7. in i^cocd sestiob- 1.3,4 and fi, in tourth suction of 9. P Brown'sanMrvision. Also, a fine Cottage, cotdalning ten rooms, with ital.le and two acres of ground. Terms easy. Ft particulars apply to S.P.BROWN, Or.r 15th street and N. Y. ave. m5-td LATIMRR A CLEARY. Au.-ts, BY LATIMER k CLEARY, Aurtion-ers and Real Estate Brokers, - 'dthrast corner Put nsylvania avenae and 11th St., tftar Office Building. ?U.E OF VERT DESIRABLE LOT ON SOUTH S1I>E t?F EAST CAPITOL 8TBKKT, BK TWEES '.?th AND IOth STRKETS E\t?T, IM PROVED BT A SMALL BHICK Bl lLO 1 NO, WITH A FBAME BL'ILDINQ ON THE REAR OF THE LOT. By virtue of a de-d of trns* from Charles II n.onr and wife to Daniel L E*touanl mv. ?< monr ana wite to Daniel L Eetonau] m> **s-If, rt ?:ed August 9th, lts72, and duly recorded in iher 6<*i, folio 427, oue of the land records for W<t-li t'ci n county, District of Colutnl>ia, and at the > ritti-n request of the party sec?re<l thereby. I will ? 11. at public auction, in front of the premises, to he I ipnest bidder, on SATURDAY, May il4'hr, <73. at 6 o'clock p. m., part of original lota?ven(7>, n square nine hundred and forty-two (9(2), h<tvi<ig front of 33 feet on East Capitol street, by a depth f It? feet, together with the iniproveaienta thereon. TiMe p< rfect. .Vlw'ra. t at the office of the trustee Tern:*: One-fourth cash, and the balance in 6, 12 ud h< He-nth*, with interest, tecured by a d?ed of lust. A10Ud"wn on day of sale. In cam the terms re not complied with ia seven daya after sale, the >t 'pertj^ will be resold at the risk and coat of tl?' ?-faulting pureiaa*r. Conrevancing at the cost a- purchaser. BEAINARD II WARNER, fl-i-virtng Trustee, ms eoAds LATIMER t (LE.VRT, Ancts. |> Y LATIMER * CLEARY I' Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, s>uthwe?t corner Pennsylvania sceuu aud 11th lt,( Star OtBce Boildin?a. rUTSTEE'S SALE OF VALU ABLE PROPERTT ON THE SOUTHEAST CORNER OF EIOM TEENTH AND T STREETS NORTHWEST, AT AUCTION. fn B> virtue of a deed of tmst to me,bearing iwVdate the 8th day of July, A. D. kST2,and record ? <1 in bber Na. 888, folio 315, one of the land ecords for Waahibgton oounty. District of Co4nm na, and altbe neiaeat of the farty secnred thereby, [ ?ill sell at pnMx auction, to the highest bidder, n front of the premises, on THI'RSDAT, *?th lav of May, 1873, at ? oVIoefc p^ m .lot lettered A, r. H. Magrnder^snbdtviaioaof original lets anm ?r?l KK 11,13 aad U, ia sqaaro 182. as the same are tnt wn ap u Uw public plat*and plans of t)M city of Washington. This property fronts 23 feet on T street, and has a lepth vf 100 feet to an alley, and binds on Eighte-uth it rest northwest. Terms of sale; E300 cash, balance in 6 and 12 iionths with interest. 1! the terms of sale are not r<>mplied with within five days from day of sale, the truster reserves the right to r?s?ll th" property at lie risk and c-<et of the defaulting purchaser. 8111) town attims of sale. Conveyancing at pirchaser'S o-t. R. W DOWN MAW. Trustee, u.l dAds LATIMER k CLEARY, Aucts. ?/"THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED on icconnt of the rain, until TUESDAT, Mav 13th. Ktnie hour and place. By order of the Trustee. hi9-d?da LATIMEE k CLEARY, Aacu. BBY LATIMER * CLEARY, Auctiousors and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania ave. and lMh street, Star Office Buildings. AT'M<N 1STRATOR'S TaLB OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. R\ By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Conrt PA of the District of Colnnil>!?, V'ldirig a sp -cUl f^Mteim, we shall se||t on MONDAT, the ltth I 1 1 day of May, H7S, commencing at 10 o'clock, at the residence 1 H'.'J H street, corner of auth street northwest, the personal effects belonging to the es tate of Thomas Filk-brown, deceased, comprising in ETai'rcloth Sofas, Rockers and Reception Ch*!rs, Large Easy Chairs, Marlde-ton ana Card Tables, M ?hogany Bookraae, Walrnyt Whatnot, Mabogariy Secretary. Mantel Oruam-itta. B'ueaei* and other Carpets, Caaeesat Cnairs, Mahogany Chamber Furniture, consisting of Bed steads, Bureaus and Waahstands, Toilet Ware, Fea'her Beds. Bolsters aud Pillows, Mattress"*, ?, reads. Blankets and Sh-ets, Table Linen. Walnut Extension Table, Cn?kery and O as* Ware, r< oking and Beating Stoves, K itcl.en Beqnisite*, Ac., ke. %'ft: ate0*"-! "-'-s'""" n 7 dts LATIMER k CLEART, Au ts. I >Y B. H. WARNER, I > Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. TII9 7lL street, between 0 and H. Bt virtue f f a d*?4 of trnst to me da'ed April 5,187li. of recoid in liher N ?. 8U9, folio 476, one <.t the land records for the county of Wasliiog t n, I shall ofter for sale at auction, in front of the l<remis?a, on MoNBA Y, the lVth day of May, 1373, a: ti o'clock p m ., all of the lot, piece or parcels of ground described in said deed of trust, situated n?ar II e south end of the Navy Yard brides, tn Union town, being 20 br 100 feet, with the improvements of a frame honse. Terms of sale: One fourth caib; of which %K mint be paid immediately after sale; the balance in six. tw elve, and eighteen mouths, with interest secured l'f a deed of trust oa the property. If the terms are le t c .mplied with in Ave days after the day of sale the trustee reserves the right to sell the property at the risk and cost of th? defaulting purchaser. HENEY C. ADDISUN, Trnstee. ir?J B H WARNER,Aact. BY B H. WARNER, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. T2tf 7th street, between G aud H ?ts. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED RE*L ESTATE ON D STREET NORTH, BE TWEEN ?ih AND ?th STREETS EAST. jM. B\ virtue of a deed of trust dated September f ? 19th, A. D. 1<7, and daly recorded in Liber E. E ,No. 15. foho 438. et seq , one of the land rer<wds for Washington county, D. C , 1 will sell at noldic auction, in frout of the premi*?e, on SATUR DAY, the 44th day ti May, A. D. 1873, at i o'clock p in .all tho?e certain nieces or parcels <f ground situate and lying in the city of Waehington, D. C., a- d known and described as 1<iU lettered and marked '? K' end "S," in the subdivision of the west half of square numbered nine haadred aud atxteea, (918,) wrh the improvements thereon. Term* made known at sale. A deposit of $30 will be required st time of sale on each lot. If the terms of sale are not complied with ia five days, the trustee reserves the right to resell at the risk aud ooet of the defaulting purchaser All coaveranciug at cost of the pareha-er. W. B TODD. JB.. Trustee. n-$-eo*de B. H. WARNER, Auct. S ALE OF SMALL A RMS AMD ACCOUTRE MENT Bemvor OiiMiict, ( Mam Dipabtmkt, April 17,1 v3. \ There will be sold at public auction to the high?at (odder, at IS m , oa WEDNESDAT, May 14,187S, I in the office of the Inspector of Ordnance, Navy Yard, New York, a quantity of small arms and ao* ,. i.irements, as follows, via: S752 P:*month riflsa.cai. M, serviceable. 174 Plymonth riflsa.cai. M, ueediug repair*. Uul Plj mouth riile sabre bayonets. I3U Plymouth rifle sabre bayonet-ecabbards. <M4 Sharps k HaaklM carbines, cat. J8, ssrvieea ? ? 417 Sharps k Hank ins carbiaes, eat. JS, seeding re |gia| 278 Sharp* k Hankins rlflsa, cal. Jfl, servioeable. ? Sharp* k Hankins riflss, cal. M needing re 278 flSuurjjs k Hankins rifle sabrs bayonets aad seab T-nus- One-half cash ia Qovara meat funds on th* ronciasioa of the sale, aad the remaiader withia tea : 1??days afterwards, during which tiaM th* article* tnu.t he removed from the yard, otherwise they will revert to the Oovernment. It is to be distinctly understood that ma guarant** will be glyea to purchasers of article* for aale aad Doted In the cstfalogue, as regard* their *xact eoadl li<m or quality; but it is believed, however, th* .t ated FF1 of? svarything offered for sale is as renreeented. WILLIAM B. JEFFERS, AUCTION SALE^ Ft"TIKE DAYS. B B* BT LATIMER A CLEABT, Re*i Estate Brokers and Auctioneers Bonthweet miimi huMjriTui* ?>?? Star OBce Building. SiWiF VAMTABLF IMPROVED v??L J2Z17JL2* PENNSYLVANIA AV* SWiJSWOSwSSr ASI> 'mi"" ? Byyirtue of a decree of tla> Supremo Court of the District of Columbia ihh4? in th? caaee of Ritchie et *1. vs. Shoemaker et aJ , So. 1 ?9u8. NoitJ, ud amend,-d d?cr?f, I will lifer for *al ?, at Kblie anctien, in front of the premises, on THCRS l Y. the 13th day of May, 1875, at 9 o'clock p. m , l?t ntmibwwl s, of thr raM|t|?|nn of lot L, In *|Mn numbered 474, and part of lot 8. in <>M square, in? CfrjJ by a thre?-storT brick house, with back bir kling, beitie Bo. 109 Penukylvanis avenue. Tliw property fronts Ju furl on Peunsylvauia are no*. and roDb back to an alley Terms of sale: One-third of the purchase msnev to b? paid to rash, and the balance in three equal in stallments at eix.(6,> tw-lve < 121 and eighteen (18) ? oi it ha. reapectiv ely. to l>e -e -?d by notes bear iag interest, aaenred of deed of ion the property. Tli? terms of aale tuaat becou.,iied with wUhin one weak after day of sale, or the prop-rty will be reaold at the riak and coat of the d'fault ing purchaser All c nvey?r.ciug at coat of pnrchaser A deposit of #390 will be required at time of .ale. . j JAMES L. CARBERY. Trustee. "? 1 did" LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucta. Bf W.L. WALL A Co., Auctioneer*, New Marble Building, Not. 904) and VV'i Penuayitama avenue. CHANCERY SALE OT~DESIRABLE PROPER TY. No. 436 M NTKEE r NORTHWEST, RES Il'ENCE OP THE LATE JAMES T DAVIS. By virtue of a ilwrn' passed by the Supreme FBI Court of the District of Oolnmliliton the lsr h day March, A. it. M'l, in a r?uw pending in sai?! court, wherein James S. Davis et al. art- C'Hiplaiu ai-t< and Mary M. Pa* in ?*t al are defen I ants, being cause No. 3.ii57, Equity Doc. 12, the undersigned will offer, at ptiMic sal", on the premises, on THURS DAT, the VtM of May, 1978, at ? o'cloct n ra., the following de-crib**! preperty, to wit: Lot 19, in square 514, with the improvements. consisting of a hauls >me donblu dwelling house, brick, with stone truamitig*, with all the modern improvements, hav ing a handsome garden containing shrubbery and frn t trees. This is one of the m?st attract!** and desirable res denes in the city, bavins b- en bail! expressly for the use ol its late owiier. The lot ha-i a front of 6l f-et on M street and a depth of 180 feet to a 3U foot alley. T< rma of sale: in cash; and the remainder ill two equal Instalments at one and two years, b"ar iiiS interest, and secured by the notes of the purcha ser and a lien upon the property, or the purchaser m<vv pay all ca^h at his option. ifrsou t? be paid at time of ssle If the purchaser does not eomply with th* terms within 30<lays after the sale, the property niav be n*old at bis risk and cost. All conveyancing at the cottof the purchaser. JAMES O. PAYNE. Trustee. ri:S 3tav7w w. L. WALL A CO., Ancts. BY LATIMER A CLEABY, At ctioneers nnd Real Estate Broker*, S uthwett corner Pennsylvania avenne and lllb street, Star Office Building. BIGHLY VALCABL?"1mPR0VED PROPER OH THE SOUTH 8IDE OP If STKKKT, IN iw?J;MS.?? WILLAED'8 HOTEL. AND ffi?i!fiATTf^.SS,0"'u,<' w,llUd3 ft*, On THCR8DAY AFTERNOON, May Sth, fi::; 1S73, commencing at # o'clock, in front of the ?^prMiiiaea, we shall sell Lot 6, in S juar ? 224, liav 'ng *froat on F street of JOfeet and rnnning back at an average depth of 106 feet to a 90-tout alley, with a direct jllej, 13 feet wide, to Pennsylvania avenue, improved by a three-story Brick Dwelling, immMi atel) adj >ining Willard's Hall, containing about 14 ro ma, with allihe nioalern improvements. Terms: One-third cash; the reaidue ih three equal Sh> mentH at 6, 12 and 16 mouths, an ! secured by a ?ed of trust, with notea bearing inter<">t af 8 p^r cent. Cc^veyancingat purchaser^coat. #500down at time o: sale. a30 dAds [Rep ] LATIMER ft CLKART, Aacta. WIN CONSEQUENCE OF THE RVIN, the above sale is postponed until WEDNESDAY, May 1 4th,same hour and five. 11 S dAds [Rep] LATIMER ,* CLE ARY, Anct*. Y B. H. WARNER, R-al Estate Brokar and Auctioneer, Nc. 729 7th itrw't, between O and H. TUTSTKE'S SALE OP VALtMBLE RE^L EH TA7E??N VERMONT AVENUE, BETWEEN Q AND R STREETS NORTHWEST By vir ue of a deed of trust, dated December ui 10th, 167u, and duly recorded in Lib"r No. 612, I!"-foliol47, et s<i| , one of the laud records for \* ashington county, D. C., I will sell, a? public anc ti n, in Ir -nt of the rremi??s. on MONDAY, tli? U?fh day of May, A. D. 1H73. at 5 o'cl.ick p. m , all that cert*in piece or parcel of gronad situate awl lying in sard city of Wa^ington. and known and de scril ed as lot numbered Mxleen (lii), m Adams and C' Itinan>,trustees, recor;L'd subdivision of square numbered three hundred and nine (3o'J), with the in. t rovements thereon. Termi aiade known on day of aale. A d?poait of #."<) will be reijuired at time of sab-. If terms of aale are n< t complied with ?u live days, th*< Trustea re serves the right to reseli at the risk and coat of the defaulting purchaser. All conveyanci ig at cost of purchaser. WM. B. TODD, J a , Trustee. m3 eoida B. H. WARNER. Anct. E. H. WARNER, Real Estate Broker nnd Auctioneer, Wo. 789 7th street, between G and H. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF A THREE STORY >RAMK DWELLING ON H STREET. BE NORTHWEST*? AND FlrTU 8TKkETS By virtue of a deed of tmst from Benjamin B?< hambers, Jr., and wife, dated October 31st, ""?ldW. and duly recorded in liber 625, folio 374, one if the land records for Washington county. Dis trict <*f Columl'Lik, aiel br direction of the party se cure, I will sel',ou SATURDAY, May if, 1(C3, at half past 6 o'clock p.m.,to the higli-st bidder, in fri at of the prenvises. the eaat part of lot five,(5,> ia square fivehwndred and aev?>n,eeti,(517,) together with the improvements therein. Terma: One fourth cash nod the balance in 6,12, IS, and 24 montha, with interest at 8 per cent., se cured by a dead of trust on the property. In case tUeterms are not complied with in flTedars after sale the trusree reserves tUe right to resell the pro perty at the risk and cjst of the defaulting purcha ser. |M0 down when the propert* is sold. JUHN A. KBEE. Trustee, r 5-eoAda B. H. WARNEK, A? t. |>T LATIMER A CUAKlj " I > Rral Estate Brukoaa and Auctioneer*. Soutbwaat corner PebusyTvania avenue and Uth at., Star ufflce Building. . VERY DESIRABLE ANlT VALUABLE BUILD ING LOTS ON CAPITOL HILL, NEARLY OPPOSITE Til* CAPITOL GROUNDS, AT AI CTlON. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, May 14, 1t73, at b o'clock, w- sliall^ell. In front of the 'premises, lots 14.15, and part lot N5, on square 725, having a front of 13? feet 11H inch's on 1st atr^et east, between B and C streets north, and running back 115 fe*4 to a 29 f?et < inch alloy, and connecting with a 3u foot alley opening on 2lstr?et. Tbo pro perty will h* subdivided in lota to suit purchasers. As this is the most desirable location on Capitol Hill, and the sale will be poslttre, it off.?rs a rare opportunity for parties to invent, or to bui>l private re-idenee?. Ter?s: One-fourth caah; the residue In S. 12. and IS months, with interest wt 6 percent, per annum. All conveyancing at coat of purchaser. ?50 down at i in.e of aale. n-S-dftde tB-p] LATIMER ft CLEARY, Ancts. B.H.WARNER, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer. No. 7 29 7th straet, betweau G and H at roots. PUBLIC SALE OFVALUtBLE THREE STORT /KD BASEMENT MASTIC FRONT HOUSE. No. 100?,0N THE SOUTH SIDE OF M ASS V 't'HUSETTS AVENUE, BETWEEN 10th AND 11th STBEETS, OPPOSITE GOVERNMENT RESERVATION. jt*l l will sell at public auction, on FRIDAY, ?33 May 16th, 1873. in front of the premises, H >use 1006 Maa^arhus'-tts avenne. It contains 12 ro?mi>, store room, bath room, wash room, cellar, g??, hot and rr 11 water, stationary marble-top basins, wash tnb?. Latrob"s. furnace and range. Tie location is deiighttul. Lot 10 t?et front by good d-jth. Teims: One-third ra?h; balance 6, II ar-4 18 n out In-, with 8 per c>'nt. interest, aecured by deed of trust. $100down when the property is sold. r. B H. WARNER, Anct. BY THOMAS E. WAGGAMAN, Real Estate Auctioneer, 819 7th street. CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ES TATE ON NEW JERSEY AVENUE SOUTH, NEAR THE CAPITOL By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Colombia, passed in Equity < .tuse No. 2,6W. Doc. 11, between Thomas M Hanson and wife as complainauta, and Griffith C Barry and others, as defendants, on the 4th day of Oitober, 1S72. and of a supplemental docree passed in said cause on the 3iith day of November, 1572. the subscriber will sell at public auction, on the prem ise .on MONDAY, the U6th day of May, 1573. at o'clock p. in .all that piece or parcel or ground 1> invalid beiug in the city of Washington, D. C , aud being part of Lot numbered three, (1.1 in S iuare nnml?rc<1 six hundred and nInety ((9u, lhav ing a front of i3 feet # inches on New Jersey avenne, and running back with that width about 193 feet to a public alley, containing 4,434 souare feet, more or less, in.prcvedbv a substantial and comfortable Brick lis tiling House. Terms of Sale; One fourth cash; balance in six, twelve and eighteen months, for purchaser's n >tea, bearing interest from the day of sale, secured by deed oftrust on the property. ?2uo of the caoh pay ment will be required of the purchaser on the sp >t. If terms of sale are not computsl with in five (lays after the sale, the property will be resold at the risk and expense of the detanlting purchaser. All con veyancing at the coat of th? purchaser. T M HANSON, Trustee. THOMAS ?. WAGQAMA*. W.8-? w.twftds Auctioneer. ?. H. WARNER, Real Eatate Broker and Auctioneer. No. 789 7th street,between G ant H ata. TRUSTEE'S BALE OF~TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE ON 9th STREET. BETWEEN T AND U STREETS NORTHWEST. By virtue of a deed of trust, dated February iaa 13,1871, and duly recorded, and at the request "?of the party secured, I will sell at public auc tion, on MONDAY, May 19, 1X73, at So'clockp. m., on the premises, part of lot 16, in sub. of square 361. having a front of 14 feet by a depth of & feet, with improvements. Terms: One-half caah; balance in $ and It months, with interest. |ldu down on day of sale. Terms of sale oinst be complied with In aeTen days after sale. WM. H. WARD, Trnatee. n?-3tawftda B H. WARNER, Anct. B1 B1 PEREMPTORY SALE. VERY ELEGANT COUNTRY SEAT AND FARM, "Woolton Hall;" Mansion, Farm, and Tenant Houses. 40 acre*, Philadelphia and Wilmington Turnpike. Brandy wine Hundred. Mew Caatle coun ty. Del., three squares from Bellevne Station, on tha Phttadelpbia. Wilmington and Baltimore rail road, half nule from the river Delaware, three miles from Wilmington, nine miles from Chester, and IS miles from Pniladelphla, residence of 0. B. Griggs, K ON TUESDAY, MAY 97, IS71, At 19 oVIuck, noon. wiU be sold at public aale, without any reserve whatever, at the Philadelphia Barkwnge. As^Tbe very elegant Fnrnltnre made by Smith A Catploa, may be had at a valuation by the yir cha?*r. ?y Full perticnlsrs In handbills. M.THOMAS A SONS, Ancta, m3J.10,14,VSXMM U9aM 141 8.4th, fhila. AUCTION SALES. riTl RIt DAYS. B Y WM. L. WALL A (*?., Ascttoown. Hew M trble Building, Hi Mi PMMrtWita ??M. '-T and '"""Wti'Aiffi'fi.' """ 8.n& w ?bb ntmr it* otiock la th? anert??en, the foil tw in* Lota of Ground. as sub-divided by Wa. for sytn, Serve ror. being Lots Bomber 43, 41. 4fi, M, 47, original Lets number IS, 13,14, and part of If, in aquare TO. The** Lot* front from 19 to 30 feet on Delaware avenue. 3d street east, M street north, and Colfax street, and ran back to altera, the said Lota being in depth from N to NO fret. Two Frame B oueea on Lota *1 and M will be aold with the Lota Term* of aale: One-third caah; the residua of the purchase moaer la ? and 13 month*, the purchaser Jiving hia netea bearing ? per cent, intereat from the ay of aale: a deed given, and deed of trust taken to secure the deferred paramtt. All conveyancing at the pnrchaaera' coat. A depoat of #? rrqstred from each purchaser wlie? the L-rts are at>ld. Plata of ikore Lota can be hail at ?ur store. B. P JACKSON, Trustee. aI7 lOt (Bop] W.L. WALL ACQ., Auctt. ?/"THE ABOT* SALE IS POSTPONED until FKIDAY. May 3. l'CJ, at the wmr time and place, in rr-naequence of the rain. By older of the Trustee. a? dts W. L. WALL A CO., AucU. THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED un'il THURSDAY AFTERNOON, May *. 1-J7S. at the same hour awl place, in consequence of tli? rain. R. P J*?!ESON, Tru-iee. b j d w. l. wall a cO., ahom. *rTDK ABOVE S*LE IS FURTHER POST PONED until MONPAT AFTERNOON, Ms> 12 19^3, at the same hour ami place, in con'equen'le ,>f ti e rain. R. P. JAuKSoN. Trn?tee. r'9- d W. L. WALL A OO . Aucts. HY LATIMER A CLEART, Auctioneers and Real Estate Broker*, B nth west corner of Penna. avenue and lltb street, Star Office Building. TRUSTEES' SALE 0F~VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON CAPITOL HILL, BE AR T11E CAPI ?By virtue of a deed bearing date on the 27th day of Mnrch. A. D. 1*73,conveying the hereinafter described lot* of ground to I lit- un dersigned, trustees, in trust, f> sell and con vey, we *hall sell, at public auction, to the highest bidder, on MONDAY, May l&th, IS73, at l? o'clock-p m , in front of the premises, original Lots numbered one (1) and twenty-three. (S3.) ard the east half of original Lot numbered three,<3.)all in square numbered aeten hundred and thirty-lhree, <783 ) Lot No. 1 has a front of 41 feet at.d 10 inchee on 3d street southeast by a depth of 75 feet on D street southeast- Lot No. 33 has a front of 4fi feet on C atreet southeast, l>etween 1st and 21 streets, by a depth of 119 feet < inches. And the east half of Lot No. 3 has a front of SJfeetonD street, bptween lat and 3d streets southeast, by a depth of 119 feet and C inches. 1 hia property Is iu the ?ime square in which St. . Peter's churcb^'Ingle Place," sc., are |.>cated, and. | in a neighborhood containing ?imi> of the finest im provements on Capitol Hill, and ah >ut two siuares southeast of the eastern r The lota wi T rtii' of third of the purchase money in rash; and the residue in three e^nal iuatainienta, payable in six (6'.twelve (12) and eighteen (Id) months from day of aale, with

interest, and secured by deed of trust on the piop ertv sold; or all cash, at purchaser's option If the tei nui of ea'e shall not be complied witn wilhiu one w?-ek from day of sale, the Trustees reaervethe right to resell the property at the risk and cost of the first ptirrhaacr. A deposit of $100 in cash on each lot will be required at the time of purchaae. Convey ancing at purchaser'" roat. R E ELLIOT, ? ROBT.W MCPHERSON. }Trn",fM n30-dAds LATIMER A CLEARY, AucU. BY LAT1MEJI A CLEART, Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest cori.?-r Pennsylvania ave. and 11th street, Star Offise Building. TRUSTEE'SSALE OF~VALUABLE IMPROVED rr.OPKKTY ON COLUMBIA STREET. BK TWEEN PAND Q STREETS NORTHWEST. By virtueof two deeds of trust, dated March ffe? 6th, 1872, and July 10,1X72, aud duly recorded JP'B respectively iu Liber 673, folio <27. and Liber 6t*5, folio 3*9. of the land reo>rds for W*?hfng!on county, in the District < f Oolmftiia, and by direction of ih*? party secured thereby, I public auction, in front of the premtsea, oa FRIDAY A KTBRKOON, May !A1, at 6 o'clock, Lot No. 134, in David L. Morrison'a and otliers subdivision of part of Square No. 3?>S, with the improvements thereon, consisting of a well-built three-story Brick Dwelling, being No. 1333, with ooe-atory back building, witb gas, water and bath-room. Thia propertj baa a front of 14 feet on Columbia street, running back 106 feet to a lo foot alley. Terms of sale: One-fourth caah; residue in 6,12 and IS months. Deferred payments to bear lu per cent, interest from da) of aale and t? be secured t?y a deed of trust on the property. % 100 down at time of sale. Conveyancing at cost of purchaser. If the terms of sale are not complied with within ten daya there after. the Trustee restrvrs the right to resell the property at tlae riak and coat of the defaulting pur chaser, after Sve daya' pntdic notice. WM. 8 H0LLIDAY, Trustee. *22 d&da LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucts. ? on <. spiToi tun, nun ateoir two apiares >f the eastern park of the Capitol grounds, a i II be offered separately. f aale prescribed by the deed are; On? B THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED, iu cons<-<|uence ot th< rain, n ' i' WEDNESDAY next, M-'i" 7lb, same hoar and |?iaoe. Bk' order of the Trnstee. ?j2 dida LATIMER a CLEARY, Auct'a. feTTHE AB#VE SALE IS FURTHER POST PONED, >ai cons**,juence of the rain, uDtil MuN DAY, May lttih, same hour aud place. liy order of th- Tnisfee. ttiS-dAds LATIMER AJCLEARY, Aucts. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, *nctioneers, ~ No. 1001, northwest corner Uth and D streeta. TP.USTEB8' SALE OF VALUABLE BI'ILDINQ LOTS FRONTING ON FIFTH STRKET. BE TWEEN O AN? R STREETS, AT AUCTION. On MONDAY, May Itfifc, A. I>. H73, at 6 'clock p. m., we shall Bell on the premises, by l irtue of a deed of trust dated the 7th day of December, A. D. M71, and d?ly recorded in Liber No W9, folio 44. n?e of the Land Records of Waah iugtou county, ia the Diatrietof Columbia, known as all of lot numbered ten (Kit, and part of lot num bered nine (W, in square nambered four hundred and seventy-seven (477) for the sauie, at the aouth ta-t comer of said lot Duaabered ten 110), and run ning thence nor'h along Sth street line wat one hu 'dn?d and tive (loft) feei, thence wes4 ninety-thr-e (93) feet four and a half (4tt> inches, thence a< nth one hundred and five (lit) feet, thence east ninety three feat four and one - half t nc lies t UB feet 4>? inch's) to the place of begisning. Terms: One-third caah; balance 6 and 12 months, to l>e secured by de<-d of trust on the property sold. A dep?*alt of $100 required on e:?ch lot at the time of sale. Terms to be Killy complied with within si* daxs after sale, otherwise ths trustees reserve the rU'ht to resell the property at the riak and cost of defaaltlng purchaser. All conveyauctug at pur chaser'* coat. LUDWIO A. MEINERS,) Trnatp? GUSTAV HARTIG, (Trustee#, pfi StawAda GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. BY LATIMER * CLEARY, Real Estate Brokers and Auctioneers, Southweat corner Penna. avenue and 11th atreet, Star OSce Building. TRUSTEE 8 8ALE0F VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON I STREET, BETWEEN 1st STREET AND NEW JERSEY AVENUE. By virtue of a decree of the Suprarne Court of 1P3 the District of Columbia, paaaed on the Urh day ?aa-of February, 1S73, in eouity cause No. 3,0^4, 1 shall, atSo'clock p. m.. <>n MONDAY, the Itlth aay ot May, 1473, in front of the prentisea, (>09 I street northwest,) offer for aale at public auction, to the hifheat Mdder, the following deecrtb?d premises, free Hnd clear of all incumbrances, to wit: Lot num ber five in eubdiviaion of aquare No. fi61, aa record ed in the office of the Surveyor of the cityofWath ington, in the District of Columbia, unproved by a neat two story brick cottaga of five rooms, ba?h rm ni, cellar, and all modern improvements. Lot 36 8 12x100 feet, having fine brick stable, with ?er vante'room in rear. Tlie terms of aale are: One-third caah; remainder of purchase money intwoeqnal annual iiMtaltueuta, at one and two years, with intereat from date of aale, to be aecured by dead of trust on the property. Ex pense of conveyancing to be borne by the purcha ?er, 430U will be required to be paid on the day of sale,to be forfei'ed in case of non compliance with terms of aale; balauce of caah pavment on continua tion of sale. WM A. MKLOY, Truates. n l-dida LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucta. BY B. H. WARNER, ? Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 1U9 7th atreet, between G aud H. SAI.E OF A DESIRABLE BUILDING LOT. NORTH OF BOUNDARY STREET, BETWKEN NORTH CAPITOL STREET AND 1st STRKET FAST, IMPROVED BY A FRAME HoUS SUITABLE FOR A SLAUGHTER HOUSE. I will aell at public auction, on MONDA May lit, 1473, at 6 o'clock p. in . Lot No. lt>, J.M.and George W. Keating's subdivision the estate of the late G. W. K-ating, lying north of Boundary atreet, in the county of Washington, im proved by alH-tto'T Frame Building: Lot SOxl'U. T-rms day of aale. B.H.WARNER, niS-eo&da (Sunday Herald.] Auctioneer. "THOMAS B. WAGGAMAN, Real Estate Auctioneer, AIM 7tb street. By virtue of a deed of trust from Chirlea V. Gordon aud wife to John D. McPberaon, recorded in Liber 603, folio 324, of the land records far Washington county, in tne District of Columbia, I will, on MONDAY, the iilst d>y of April, 1873, at 4 o'clock p. m., offer for ?ale, at pub lic auction, tn front of the premises, the property described in said deed, to wit: L >t numbered 17, in Square No. 14D. with the improvements, being four Frame Houaea T< rma: One-third cash: the balance in six and twelve months from day of sale, and secured by pur chaaer's n?tee aud deed of trust apoa the premise*. Cotjt ey aucing at purchaaer's coat. 7. d. Mcpherson. Troste-. ii:30-coAda THOS. E. WAGGAMAN, Anct. ^POSTPONED, BY ORDEB OF THE TRU8 tee, until MONDAY, June tfth, at S o'clock p. hi. j.d. Mcpherson .Trustee. ml-eoAda THOS. B. WAGGAMAN, Anct. DY THOS. E. WAGGAMAN, D Real Estate Auctioneer, ftlV 7th street. B' m Br virtue of a dead of trust from George M. Lancktan aud wife to JoeephB. Su xigrasa, re ?corded in Liber Ml, folio 141, ofthe land records of Washington county,? the District of Columbia, I wiU, on SATURDAY, the 17th day of May, 18*3, at A o'clock p. n., oAr far aale, at public aactioa, in frost ?C the premiaaa, the property described in said deed of trust, to wit: Beginning lot the tern? at the northeast corner of lot nnmbarad sixty (W), in Kibber'iaabdi vision of square numbered CH; run ning tneuce weat along theaoutk tfae of alley "B" seventy-two feet six inches, thence arath tan feet, thence eaat seventy-two feet alx inchea, thence north znTjrgzg abtiis&'sji&z. contained within ths following setae and bounds: Beginning for theaanM at a point .two and a half feet weat of the northeast corner of lot sixty-f mr " thirty-six net, wi u*SiT^uitb casjh'-bafaf^ln^x^on^s .'"AdeiSd?1 of?f JS?2a AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTER*00*. DT MATT!NGLY * WHCKIIR. lJ Aw>> and Bmk"r?, No. IOJ 9th street nurtbvwl, urxt to corner K it. tbustek* sal* btauction or vert VALUABLE HEAL ESTATE IK THE FlUST WARD. FRONTING PENNSYLA'ANI \ AVE NUE AKD A GOVERNMENT RESBBVA T1MM. SUnder and by Tirtu? of a deed <*f trnar, if* which I have been substituted w inntM In the place ?f 1 rank D. Whitnej ,d< ceased, which to record-d in Liner N?. AW, folio 44ft. on* of the lud records of Wubiuttoii oontr , District of Co lumbia, and at the request of the holder of the not? secure! by said deed of trust, I shall aet op, expose, ard sell. to th?> nigh^st bidder, pb WIPWtHnAT. April SB. inn, at 4 ??'clock p. m , 00 the prsmlaes, original Lot* 1191 nineteen and< *i> twenty. in square numbered (101) one kiiKtml ud one. Tlx>wl*U front seventy-At* feet on 1 street, near it* intense tion vftk Prniinlvtiiit ?>au?i>. ?ttd htr# * depth of one hundrtd aud forty ulue feet and three inches to ? public alley twenty feet tn width, and side alley fifteen feet wide from I street, fronting a mlfta tie*) and P-nr.-ylvanis avenue. Ttito property t? peculiar'^ adapted for the erection of ? rut-class pri vale raetdeuc.-e, and shoaM cjounaud the attention of capitaliats aud builders. Terms: Onc-balf cash; balance la C. W and M mouths, with Interest at six per c*<it. per annum, secured by adi-edof tru?* on the premises. A de |w?it of ?5<A? wh"B wold. Conveyancing at par chaser's cost. Terms of sale to he complied with in ere week alter sale. W. B. WKRB. Trustee. a22-d MATT1NGLY A WHEELER. AucU B7-TITK ABOVE SALE IS IIEHEBT POST poned until THURSDAY, Mav ??. uj7^, ai 4 o'cloi k r m , 011 the premise#. By older ol the Tni-tee. W B WKBB ?30vcl'v MATT1NGLY ft WHEELER, Aucta. ?/"IN CONSEOUENt'E Or BAIN. THE above (sale is heretiy po?tp->ned. nntfl S ATI R PAT, May 10, M73. same honr and place. By order of the Trustee. n?MKds MATTINGLY A VIIEELER. Ancts. B Y MATTINGLY A WHEELER, Auctioneers, 603 9th street U>rthwejt. TRUSTEE'S SALE BT AUCTION OE TWO ELE WANT RKSIDKNCK.S bN K STREET. BE TWEEN 9ru AND 10TH STREETS NORTH V EST. By virtue of a deed of trust, dated September 4th, ISTS, and lecorded 8epteml'erl0th,lS7J. 111 Liber So. 6-J6, folio 273, 1 shall on THURSDAY, Mar 1st, 1S7J, at & o'clock p. m., iffer for sale, to the highest bidder, the following real estate, situated in Wash ington city, District of Columbia, to ait: Lota lei teivd 0 and I), in Gilbert'? recorded iiibdhuixn of Square uun.K-red three hundred aud s^ventj-one, C~71.> together wiih the imnrov< went* th re,m, iiiK two deeirulde aud vnIuaLle lu xlitu buili Re?i deiitea. Thia property la aold anbject te a prior deed <?>! tm?t on ea? h houae of ?10 (Ui.dated Ainml >i,UT1, payabl* in live years, with teu per cent. lutereat. pavabie semi-annually . Terniaol aale: Cash for the amount realiiod ab.ive aa?d incumbrance, to be paid within one week after the sale; and If the tcrma are not complied with in that tin.e, the Trustee reeerveathe right to r*ell Ok property at the ri?k and roat of th- defkiiltin?i pur chaser. A deposit of $600 on eaob boose when sold. Con\eyancinc at th- purchaaer'i r<wt. GEO. MATTINOI.T,Tni?t?e. all eod MATT1NGLT A WUEEI.ER, AucU. IN OONSEQUENCE OF THE INCLEMENT ?eath*rtVe above vale i? hereby poMpoa-*d un'il WEDNESDAY, May 71li, ls."3, name hour aud piace. By order of Truste* ml .o&da MaTIINGLY A WUEEI.ER, Aucta ?y-|N CONSEQI ENCI OF TIIE RAIN, the above ?ale is further p ostponed until SATURDAY, May IO. 1873, at aame hour and place. , By order > f the Trnstee. nH3t MATT1NGLY A WHEELER. Aucta. HY W. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. N"? Marble Buildiug, N' 8 900 and 9V'i Penn av?.,corner 9'h atreot. TRUSTEES'SALE OF SMALL HOUSES AND LOTS ON 1 STREET BETWEEN ?ra AND IOth STREETS, NORTHWEST Bv virtue of a d ?-d of tru?t bearing date on I tbe '23<l day of April, A D 1572, ami duly r?eord Ai ">||, L'l-er 67i folio Ml et aeij., af the Land Re cord? of Wa^hiuKton connty. in the District of C'?l nmbia,we will s?-ll,at public auction, in fr >iit of the preaiiaes, on 8AtURl> A Y, th-? 10th day of May next, at Ao'chck p m , all thosa certain parct-U of lai.d lying aud situate 111 the city of W.nhl'isrton. in the District of Columbia, and being lota N ? t.E?, .'?? an l 33, In ftjuare M" 933, and the improveui> uta thereon. Each of these lots it improved In a smill two-story Fra-ne llouae. Tiiey ar? located withiu one square of the H-street ritilroal. Ti rin?: Atj|> ?;??h ou each hoii-;-, balance in 5 in 1 12 1 ?onth?Tr< ui day of ?ale, with interesr at tfi- ra*' ot lo percent, per annnm. A deposit of }W ou each hou-t reauir'Mi at the time of sale. TH JESUP MILLER, / Trn?te..S HENRY W G*RNETT.\Trn " r f^-d WM. L. WALL A Co., A?cta. B1 DUNCANSON, DOWLING A CO., Aocts., boiubcast curuei 9;b ai.d D streets northwest. SIXTEEN VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON S STREET. NEAB 14th STREET, AT AUC TION. On SATURDAY AFTERNOON, May 10;h, .oniuieiicing at A o'clock . we will aell, upin the -premi-ea,aixte?-n y alnable building lot?, front ing ou S. 13lh aud Bigg-i streets, aud subdh isioa of squnre 139. These 1.4a a-e rapidlv improving in value, and worthy the attention of buyers, a- tlie terui* are within th? reach of all. Tenua ?100 cash: #50 to be paid on day of ?ale; balance in quarterly payments of ?S0 or $100. to str: rnrcha?? r. Notes secured by d"^ of trnat, and bearing 8 per cent, interest. Conveyancing at pur chafer's coat. Title perfect. wJ-d DUNfANSON. DOWLING A CO ,Aocta. KEKBT, PENT A CO., Urntrnl Auctioneers ftH'i Commission M-rrknnt.-. Nos. 313 and 314 #th STREET, near P?nns?lvania avt>n?e.?Go??ds sold at auction at our room* or any part of the city Special attention paid to selling Real Estate at auc tion. Liberal advances on consignments and vr<>mpt returna. References:?John 8. Barbour, John Van R'-wick, Hon Lewis McKenzie, Windsor A Ford, and Ji nrdan AV. Maury. my 10 lv lilORTGAGKES SALE OF FARM NEAR ivl R0CKVILLE. Br virtue of a power contained in a d?ed ot ?5 mortgage from Henry West and wife, of M >nt ??gouiery county, to Thomas D. Full-rton, a trus tee of the estate of the late John Barrvman, of Bait imore city, deed, bearing date the 29th of January, 1*66, aud recorded among the land records of M >nt gomery county, in Liber ?. B. P., No. I, folio 6J5, Ac., the undersigned, a co-trnatee of said estate, and to whom the mortgage aforesaid baa been dtily as signed. will offer at public sale, at the Court Hoa?e, in Bockville, on TUESDAY, 'JTth day of May, 1373, at the hour of IS o'clock M., the following parcels of land, situated in Montgomery county, mentioned and described in said mortgage. The one is com posed of parts of several tracts called respectively " Aabley,""The Two Brothers," and "Valentine* Garden Enlarged." King upon the main road lead ing fram Frederick Town to Bockville, and contain ing in all 2S>u acres, and heiug the sa ne land that wa<-conveyed by Michael B Griffith to said II mry Wt-a- by deed dated 18th of Nevember, WS3, and re corded in Liber B. 8., No. C, folio 4<i7. Ac., one of the land records of Montgomery countv. The other parcel of land is a part of the tract called "Burgundy," containing 79 acres anl 17 perches, and is kiK'Wti as Lot No.9 in the divi^'Wi thtteof made by William Lee, since deceased, and is the saiue lot which wa* conveyed by Mary D.G iver nriir, as executrix of the last will and t?atam nt of ?ai?! Ii?e. to the said Weat. by deed dated th= Khif May, 18M, aid recorded in LiberE.B P.. No 1, folio 74. one of the Land U?coidsof M utg.'m-ry ciimty. Thvse two parcels of land, more particularly 0 scr ihed by metes ami b >unds in said d??d of to ?rt gage, are contiguous to or very near each other, be ing !rr proved with a Dwelling-house and other usual farm loiildinga They are situated about two miles fr< in thet wn of Bockville, uil about 12 miles fr >m Washington city, aud the Metropditan railro:id. nov al...ut being op, ned for tra\ el, pass>-a through the laml and bruits it within a short and very con venient distance ?.f the national capital. The terms of sale, as preacribed in said mortgage, ir? that on.-.half of tne purchase mon?y shall be paid in cash, and the residue in two equal inatal n.ei (s in one and two years, with interest from th? day ? f sale. A W BRADFORD, lull* eotd Trustee and Awsignee. BY LATIMER A CLEABY, _ . Ancti neera and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest comer of Pennaylvauia aveuue and Elav ?ntb street, Star Office Buildiug. SALE OF GROCERIES CONTAIN ED IN STORE Ni'BTWWEST COBNEB OF NINTH AND P STREETS BOBTHAVEST, AT ACCTION. v On MONDAY MOBNING, May I'J'h, 41873, commenciug at 10 o'clock, we shall jSell the following tirst class Groceries: 'Fresh Shelf Goods,embracing Canne.1 Corn, Tomatoes, Peaches, Ac., Ac. Gr> oeries?consisting of Sugars, Spicoa, Essences, large quant it v of fine Teas, Matches. Smoking ard Chewing Tobaccos. Candles, Y">a*t P >wd?r, Slacking Bruahss, Coffees, Wooden and AAr illow Ware, 8 -aps. Star h. Ac , together with nunier < us other good* usually found io a well-kept ttro Cir,,t0re- ALSO, H' rae. Wagon and Harneaa. Terms cash, if,9 a LAT1MEB A CLEABY, AiKts. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001, northwest corner 10th and D?ta. FIRST CLASS BUILDING LOT FOR A PBI VATE RESIDENCE. FRONTING ON E STREET NORTH, BETWEKN THIRD AND FOURTH STREETS WEST, NEAR THE CITY HALL, AT AUCTION. _ ^ , _ , . w ?0n TUESDAY,the 13thlnat.,at 6 o'clock p. m., we shall sell, on the premises, part LiH 1, in square No. 397, beii g a good building front, by ?? feet 9% inches deep, with two aide walls already up. This lot offers great inducements to purchasers to attend tb??ale,aait in a Arst-class neighborhood. Teriua; One-third cash; balance in six, twelve and eighteen mouths, for notes bearing interest, and ee enred by a deed of troat on the premises sold. All conveyancing and revenue stamps at the coat of the putrhaser. One hundred dollar* down on the day of {.ale, |m4-dl GREEN A WILLIAMS, AucU. BY S. SAMSTAG A CO., Auctioneers, No. 62S Louisiana avs., bet. 6th and 7tli its. The remaining stock of MBN'8 and BOYS' fBfcLOTHlHG: GNNTS' FURNISHING and a great maajr other G >od% too Bimefoii to i tion. will be nut at auction, c?iinienciDf on 1 MONDAY MORNING, May IB, lO o-elock and continuing from day U> day nutU Ute entire stock is closed out. Terms cash. B a** B. SAMSTAG A GO.. Anctitaanrs, SUA La a\?..l>?t .Stliana7kstrosis. IJK1TED STATES MARSHAL'S SALE. In virtue of a wrtt of lerl facias, isaoad out of the Clerk's oAoeof the Sapraaas Opart of the Diatriot of iSd bistr^'on FRIDAY, the IJjito ?f My, 1873, at 19 o'clook m.,,ah dafeiisftl right, iitfe, claim and Interest in arid tolot No. ?, la square Mo. 1JJT2. Also, the west half of let No.?, In square Bo. I^jM, in the city ot WaeMagtoa, P. 0., tof 1MS1 with all and singular the taimart?enU th*rean, seised and levied uym as ths Property ef lishaai M Hall, and will be sold,w satisfy oxeouUoa Ne. 7jjH. in favor of J? hn W. Le Barnes. ALEX. 6BABr.cTM?rsh^, q.0. AUCTION SALHR. IPY W. L WALL * CO.. > b ? Marble NHill. jj ? 900 and Pennsylvania a?*., cor rn ? A On MONDAY MOBNISG. May ?" "hTl!r^Thr ur: >Th;yjgM^rTsrH. Crib, lot B*ddi. |t. Ac ..Bedstead L< (W new C*r?*?. Haa-arb* ^ Mattrw* ??* Fitter-* 17' |1uol w L. WALL * CO.. A ??.??-. m w* L- WALL * CO , 15 lira Marble Rnitding, Mo*. OOO m< >MP?uirl'ti)ii avenue SALE OF ABOCT OyFu^MBMP COATS AT On MONDAY MORS IKO, M?t It. cwm-nH'si at 11 o'clock, we will ?*-n. v.n thf flr*t fl??r -w nur auction room, ab - ut one hundred ti^clae* rmM. fur account of wh"? H mar (inrinc ltd Wln?*r O*erco??* G-nt* Wilkiitud Ba?tn*?- Oeat* fo- Bu*inoe* C ?u, of d'flrr?m material*. Inagonal Coat*. Back C?-a?*. . , . The above Coat* are In g*?.< ord?r, an-i will be *<:d without WW^ji L w ALL A TO . Aiwtn. , Republican, HecaM. Oapttal. Forney* Par onAOe.t Bt LAT1ME* * CtffAfir. Auctioneer* and Real K*'?** Broker*. 8outbw**t corner PenaarUUt la ye?? *?* llth *" Hear Offioe Buiklin*. extensive assortment of CUT LERY. SPORT1SO O^ ri v rrKKSi! MS111NG GOODS, >TyRE FINTIRRS, A? ONE f 1' PERIOB DRAUGHT M?**.El?,5BABS ill.I). WORTH J.1M.AT Al tTlOS ? On MON DAY MORS INu, May 1 * h? at 10 o'clock, w.- will ?ell at "tore ??? 'lOUtf l> "tr*? t, fronting r iii??>1?aii * av< bit , kn >?u ?? the*ign of the Big Ba? ex 4?*urt ?? aM iftaeiit of tn* sb *ve-iiweil g, n t with mar othrr- ?n?-J-^?rT |? enumerate. T-rm.c..b. LATlMbR A ClIUL BY W. L. * ALL A ??? , .? Marble fniMftH, K. * OOO and ?01? Pennsylvania avenue. nit r (ir cxf'tLI'tNT WALNUT OH^JIBCR ?l 1TES KKP HA1B CLOTH AND OWIH 1'AMI oi SUITES PA I NTKD 1 HAMHC It t-KT-! sideboards, * V"*JA ki>'rN\K,ft tension tables, ti obBB sPBlMi*. V'irTY ROLLt) Of OIL CLOTH. MARBLR TMP TABLm" F..LB ?LNDKBl? PIIt ^ M II ITR A N D < H E? R M ATT IN U>,W ALN L T V A Kl'KOHKb. BtiOk t \?Ei, * u ?X ?rn' V I I tKKKS. 1IATTKA^^E8, ^ALJil T 1|K1* hTEADts ? OTTAGE B . V 10 Bt KBACH. Ac., Ac., ON A I BiPIT i.'r 3W fXSl>Ou MoNPAT MiiBNINB. M?v 1J \?L m ticin* M 10 o'clock,?e will ?ell, ?u the nc?t V^Bkti or of <nir ?pat-ion* i?li*nw?t, wuiv- ut r. ? I I IwrTf.ihf ?lwv? gj?U. v. r Ternia: All ?un? <>i nttd nnd< t IM, cyh. c?r tli*t hmount ? credit of thiity *n^ *'v ? 1 ,r "r," y-rfragrw.'gUw.. TRCBTF.B 8 SALE OF VALUABLE IM PROVEO 1'ktiPEKTY ?>N 10th bTRKRT, NL AK ? ST. KUkTll?KST-S?. 1T3H IOth HTBJ.KT. By virtue of ? leed of trurt to th? ntid-r?ipt?*d. Idatwfl tbe Kth day of June. A D H- "j r.; lemdod in Litx r T *n<l R, b <>. 16< ?'iJ<o l?, of the land record* of the I?i?trirt of Columbia,and at the written r<-4n.-?t of th^ h..lder f tb* proon-?jry ii-?U> *?H<irwl thereby, I will HI on th" rrrttH?~". by p ? lie ?u.n. n,on FRIDAY. th<> Oth Jay rfMyLAg 1S7^ at (> oVliick p iu., Ail that certsjin par ci I of ffround MtnmU In th* city ?aid l?i-trict. ??id krown ?nd ?b^oribed?? W?j;; te^.Mti l.'-onard ? Cli?pniAU% rjcrd-d -??> <li?t?lon of e-uar<- unnil>?r"d three bondred and tbim five, t.?.-tb-r with the improv^.- .r. tli'-re. ij. conei^tiiilt ^ * KOod frnnie P* ^ifinff II- -U*** *Vn?l.'0U IS ca*li, th<? -n-tx m< Ml.-, w ill. iuteroat at ?U p-r c- nt * * deed of t met on the pn-nnee-, or mil tionof the pnrrbMer; f?W to t* d^p?lte.1 w li?u tlie Pr pr.v ier.rH.koff. it tbet?r???f ?*!? y 'J ceil,plied with within fl?ed?y^ fr m dayof ' property wll' be refold, ?? th- rwk Md <?"*?* ?'JJ a-l .ultinK pnrchnw r. All conveyanctng to bf p*i l for by ??rcWr. GKomoi| R pL A!IT. Tr*?~. m2d PPWCAKBOM.POWL1MQ A CO., Aoct?. S-^TIIR ABOVE SALE 18 rBAY'>lD\BT.T piisTPt>NF.l> uutil WEDNESDAY, M >y lltli, ??' ?* h"ur ?S'/oBOE H PL \NT. Trn?te?. ? M prycAKsoN. m>w Li>?i v c<> BY^LaTIMER * CLKARY. Auctioneer* and R-*l E?t?.e Br",v''T!*:lt, . H, ntbwcut ci ni?*i Pean?yW?i?ta auJ lltli *t., Star Ottlc?- Tltl'STH'i jitl.l op VALUABLE I N'l* ?Mt(.vVIi PKOPRRTY OS THE N 'RTHWEST CORNER o? Si* AND I STREETS SuBTU *ZLk>Ry vlrtne of ? d*ed ?f trn-t tom^.bearin* fb^li.tetb. Khd*v ..f January, laTt, aiul r?c-?rded -2ETtu Lib?-t IXM. folio 4M, et *eq ., of the Land U -- C rds of tl<e District of Coliui.bia. Md at the re.|ii?-4 of the parties *e. ur-d thweby. I ?li*H J-'U-i'. auction, in Irout of ib- pretui*o*.on ? RD>BSI?AT AFTERNOON, May 7th. at to o clock, L -t N >.1, wjnare No. 393, *i'uat?"d on the n.?rthwe* corner of Sth and T ? reeta u Tthweat, containuif #,?0 *iu?re f*lenu*"^OneMfotirth caeb, reai.ltte ia ?. U and H month*, with internet at i p>T c?-nl. #100 d>wn mt time of sale. Conveyaticiic at co?t of purchaser. If the term* are uot complied with within teu the denoeit will be f-rf-lted and th^ pr -perty r?*o|d . tv.?^i,ir and c??t of th- wm-haeer on fic* day* notlrV TbTpn^rty .. *oLTat tie- ri-k and co*t ; K A Heb?rd. he t?a\ tug purchased the ?aiue and to comply with the VN. Troat-. n.l dld? LATIMER A CLBaBT, Aacta. fcTTOB ABOYB SALE! IB POSTTO*ED^r account of tin* ram,until bBIDAY, O.aamr L aTi'mVb it^CLEA^UT, Aucta. PONlBD^nfif TH* BSPA J.VaS"V*5jP??Ie "^V'dS^ LATIMEB ACLEA11Y, AncU. B Y DCNCANSON, DOWL1NO A CO., Aurt'ru, Southeast corner Mb aznl D atreeU uorthwest COMFORTABLE PRAME HOCSB AND LOT ON R STREET. NEAR OOth STREET, NORTHWEST, AT AUCTION. ^ On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. May 16. at 6 Bc31'clock, we will *ell, on the prenn*r?. part of lot ?S*2, tuuare U, having a front of 1C feet,wiik a depth of 78 feet, and improved by a comfortable two ?tory frame liowae. Thla property is worth* th? at tention of buyera, an it I* upon one at the |e?| atreot lu Waahmcton and convenient to tbeMUM, Tern ?: On?--third each, balance in (and U month*, note* bearinR interest and pecured by deed of trout. Conveyancing, Ac., at coat of parchaaer. Title per fect. mHl d DUNCANPON, POWLINO A CO . Auct*. B~Y LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneer* and Real Eatate Broker*, Southwest corner Pennaylvania a** and llth ?tre?t. Star Office Buildinca. 8ALE OF CONDEMNED ST0BES AT MARINE BARRACKS. On TrESDAY,th* 20th of Mar, will l>e offered for *ale at tlie Marine Barrack*. Wa?hinet?n, a l >t of Ccndetnivd Store* of the Quart<rtna?t. r'? IV par tneiit. Amone tbetn are a lar*e lot of P -r. inmton Car<- for mu*ket*, Sword-', 5>*? lb*. Bi^aa, SO In*. >1 Copper, Old Iron. 3,0t*. Il>?. L<*ad, *?" 'In. po?r.l-r, t. ?elb<-r with B*-lt*,Cartrid^e-bj\e?, Ac , Ac. SU? to ct tnmenc?- at 10 o'clock a m. T< rni* ca-h Pnrchaeer* will lx? required to re tiiovethe aitiflee aurclia??1 witbin five day* LATIMER A CLKARY, nlO-dt* | Rep 1 Auctioni*--ra. 1?Y LATIMER A CLEART, I > Auctioneer* and R-al E-tate Broker*, Soutbweat corner Pennaylvania avenue aud llth at., Star Office Building. CHANCERY SALE OF THE DESIRABLE RE* H ENCE. No as l^r STREET, BETWEEN POTOMAC AND MARKET, GEORGETOWN, P.O. ^ Br virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court EBfof the Dt?trict of Columbia, paaa^d on th* 7th ??day of May, A. D. 1873, In Chancery can** of Somiin? et al. va. Payne et al., No. 3^tS B'l'il ty Docket No.12,1 will aell at public auction,on NON DA Y, tbe 2d day of June, A. D 1ST3. at 6 o'clock p. in., in front of the preroi*n?,the Lot lying and he me in the city of Georgetown, iu tbe District of Co lumbia, and known and deacrlbnd upon the ground r i- or plat of ?*t<t city aa the next west part <tf Kmc'* acre, in Realty and Hawk In'* addition to Georgetown, and backjrronud of Lot nu-ubTed on* hundred and two, (KB.) l>eginning f->r tbe earn* at tb<- *outhea*t corner of *aid Lot on l*t at., and run ning went along the line of *atd etre-t twenty-eight (#<t feet eight (Sllncbe*; thence north to alley in the rear one hundred and twenty-two (IS) feet; th?nce east along tbe line of aaid aller tw*nty eight (Mi feet eight (8) inch**; thence *"Uth on* bundr-<d and twenty-two (18) feet to the place of beginning, to gether with the improvement* th*reoa,c >n*<*'i'ig of a culietantial Brick Dwelling, containing about fif teen (14) room*. Term* of aale a* prescribed bv the decree: One fourth canh. and the balance ioaix, tw.-lve ai.1 eitrb te < n montl *. for which approved note* or bond a ill be taken, payable In egual liuAalment* with interest at eight (8) per o ut per aunntn, pavabl* ? ?ait an nually. A deposit of two hundred dollar* wfll lx> re quired at time of *ale. If the term* of *ale be not complied with in five daya from day ef *a|? the property will lie reaold at tbe coat and riak or tbe defamlting purcliaaer. Ooeveyaoctna at parchaaer'* coat. N F. CLEARY. Truatee. nil J 2awAd? LATIMER A CLEART. Auct*. DT LATIMER * CLlAII, 1J Auctioneer* and Baal Batata Broker*, Bouthwaot oomer Penarlvaola areuoa aad llth Star Offioe Building*. CHANCERY 8ALE OF TBBT VALCABLE BUSINESS PB0PBBTT. ??tf FBHNSYLVA NIA AVENUE. SOUTH 8UIB, BETT ERS AH ANE 6th OTBBETS NORTHWEST. J*. By virtue of a decrea.of the Supreme Court of ^Bthe Diatrict of Colnmltia, paMed on tbe 7th day *>of May, A. D. 1573, in chancery canoe of tSeiame et al v*. Payne et al., Bo. 3,o?t. Einiiv Djc. 11. I will aell, ?t public ann**, on TUESDAY, th* Id day of Jane. A. D. 1>CA? at 0 o'clock p. ?., in front of tbe praniaea. Lot numbered 81, B**arvation B. lying and heme inibe ?ky af WaJiiiigtoo. Diatnot of <' Iwnbia. with huprwvenient* thereon,con*iatiag of a ?uUtantUl brick store and warelfottee bu4lo? 1* more parti col* fly daaci I bed a* follow*- Begiiutwg for the aame at tffie northeaat corner ef ?aid V-t aad rnt.ring tbence weet along tha line of Pennayhrania avenne twwwty-five(S) faag; thence aonth te alter in th rear on* handred and twenty -M-ven (1|T) feet flea <8? ??ebe?; Ihenaa aaat al?ng the line <TaaU alley twenty lvam> feet; ihMoeaortb to Peaaarleanla v . nu wmI tbe place rf * ' VW> tbe place tf the beginning oae hundred mk lha, foatib caah; "*? .JLJA* tiM ?At kjS' ttef of ?l?. If the tmm of aale be not complied '?~r.'*3Eg?a'..V!=. SSx&KShSSSfSS&i EVENING STAR double sheet. nod. . tzszx.*>*m lllnrtrate* tbr ?*w w?*t ent'Ttatn retailing 225? a^rt'.lT r.?cr .*?*:. '~u.r?.TKir;' ~~ *?rt?u? ?fl?w lr ihMUl P?w of .twetiiij aiiv irrw*m....'._ ?*?. ftoopod at Iron Ko.1 tioiiJTi^.^r." poet-off ,-e hr tourx! Ux ri>otB ,|!Tk1?^i??o t*M^ *ec?K?*,.. tir>t a aalion. nrM thr poat-ofltce uTT la* a iaro bank. The wu bn'.uJi * I-' cti?u>n?er of*ned W, ?n4 rn.ptkhI the contents nUr doot. The em,71 r,'*'!a' on,v ??? down on thair hawl> ami ituor^mhmB" Bc*!' "?>???*? ???? Irttera. mw iuih a* tbft vinu^. Aft?tr thcr ??fa through. the remaining tetter* wer* -harried * e?*l* > oa| ? nd an Tba ~JSiKi?ls ?& .si ??'fr H<* *Usw er?tl ?? \V ?? ^a^. ?*taat pot mutrr - "Na.- - Where Vi' thi |H?tm*?ti r "1 -out mm M ?? ?? ui assistant poat-.JE*~*?kw?towSR " ** r,,","'bv ?-? ???? *????** "r.v;:?. d_ -d office ne*t W?H; It's ht- turn ??ri eminent o*Mal thet, who tie ?*" r>Li dtt.a:,?1e0 thr kt \ao' thr aWoe. The bar tcmF ft Ch.Ij tn.L tW eamlle box fromof.w placed It on thr floor and p*vr tt a kkk j?2*' wjr it out of thr ?l?or. ?a>i? ??riJLV ?. ?I v _ nwre a nmr ~t. " I"? -omrr. ><>w. jrva M.n ot a ?''? Tli. a*, i.t mvs. "Knowlnc- tb. M.JLtL u.. t^w>uuir>'1 *?uHTk* ?* ** ,'T f*k* * M? ?ir, and ihh ? l<ai>t<?m>i 'I1' ''''fl'' that drew Mda a crow d oTpmiiU to the at IM\on lift**,. mmto hr. ak .|?^U the atrrietnre. we ?houM have hiwl Ih.' t , ,?i ... ? *r*!htnl Pr*. t.fcnre Hafeto (n h.iK?n* the ftabbatb break.?. M> are ,7^,?, to krow what theotr those who nJ^lk. wars of God u> man will form of rt - C CriNKfricl. ha* received rar.l* tor ^ uSTrf^ir/tTlT*'!S * ? y"""*? nU. a.a? 2H?! t.rire a*t*U fawtaa ?y-Tia'tor* to VJcnwa witl havr a chorr or K? iT ^tt,m ,0 ,",,,, W,M,, ttiM rcorh fS f'i^T ,,,v" **ryt?ijr fr??in (liifti twu aollar. totofty-thw doltan. tn ^..w, ' Boston 1 riTfUpr hw an it#?m >vwlll? *h ?ell kiio?n nt ot a Wei] know n ttru "I??"T k.K,wn tob"t few of tlif oflicpvn ??it r?pktm H . ?1itor mr,J I'urJiatirr ofth? Ij?<U c l.u'li, which ha* kurix his nan? tor hTatt* L** *"U* ^ Kur?l'<; tot his 8f '>OMi?J?kii C. Fitc<;hboii wmbn a dUoree fr\ ai his w Ur on ?? ???!,nt of ht 1 auix^r ?tth'Z ' J.,n "'I* oc, *"M " ?*? "till him ii^ ? * *1"' "l*"" ?notli?r "knocked out ail hi* froat teeth mtb attuue." VAa rirban|c *a\a: ?- Worcester Mas*) T'ii|? rs tell ot a woman atabplm m that eit* ?f" v. t tLUt? > ears ?M, ? hV ?, the m .thU.rf J ..te,,. children. Well. ?r thEkTSiS y l'rRrt! *** w*iewhere fmrarr .5^ Th? Fwt?? Globe thinkn it i* nnkli^l to riricnle th?j?- Item* In the , ?per* t v, n 1 rent*1*' no.-a-> thine to l>e<x>mo J ^nt'-narian and H know* several who I,?' fane,!.one |.art.enlarlr. who haabMaatltK ^eats hi.o has not sncreetlcd. DIED. dsT* anU Catkniw Caaavr, >|nl s utotiiti^ aj.d U th* faiieral a ill take Har^ t? m..rr .? -.Til 1 aftervoM.?tSoVl.-^fr.Tm l?. wi".,i "r." n'!. fVtilHV ***. *n<1 H n ?rtl.w, ?t. T(, (, of the fantil; ai?- r sp^. tlull> lat it?,t f.. att. u<t ? li AhUI>?>N. Siirt^-nly, at ? ?nia*t>nrs, Va at . IJJ?l"a,?rf paart* p|.-a?. co#. 1 1 r' fuu?riil w ill tak?* -in ih*- r- -id.*nr^ ?>f hi# fattier, 1 2 l r? #th -tie* t m mhntxit, ?>n Ta??4ay ? IUSKTH^1vi,r!.^W " n? "???? 'tuileral '.raT^'K^ ?oathwoM, 8uadar. ISo ckxHkia. W^ hiljjr*8 B*s** Ll'CAS. ui the tf t, r<wr o( Tin- r?-l?tivr? atta fri-n.I? i.f th- familr >m i- attend Li, funeral f, thr riw^'b !{r*Tch^-? n. '. '.VV "'/'V' <i*",r?<<l,WB, on buii Uy * ?c^n,sf SotiocI. / LA7EWBT. On SatuHae %f?? l<t?h o . B LA'.r.KBf. In th. tu b?<4ice ot fnnrral In Sunday pmprr*. ? McMALLI'. On th- Viti ??f Mar 1ST! u?<l <a >Mr.aarfS3dar.,r J ?< VALLY . M * Faner?l will i?k? plaer at 3 o'clock to m ,rr?. i Snuda>) Iroui hmlate riaidaaoa. t u R.J* Mr?t ?n'1 ?h ao<1 ? and Vl ?tre?t?. rr .B<l? and rt-latnet ?rr rr*pe< tt..ll> m> it?l to att>-nd. ? .9" M">'r?* "ftlfS'b In'tant mi TS oYI-ck. IUKAKI. 84.MKBH, a*^ mw?ri ? " <1*>* O-r-aatowJ Thr uiidmgbt mo->n i* l*aiiiib( t hh ailt-nt irrate. Wherealeepetb without .!r.-amin?. The one ar coul j n t m o TlH-clooda of crn/are htariav #?T T L,b*"1"** ?,T Oh chide me not fi?r vosfiui, I ha*? no hn?t>aud now rnnrral on 8nMai a*Kt, at ta r m fr.m ku latr rr?Hience, 46U 6% ttreet s 'Uthvwat to wSica thr rrlatives ami trlemlaarr llil il*4 The relative* and frirnd* are inritmf to a't?i"t Ma "ZJr's'L*" re-Msm-r. wTtV BortfeVM, oi Bundi) aflertiooii, at S o >krk m. * ILK INS. Onthr m rnlnirofthofrh in?taot Lniontowa. O V . BKNJAKIN . n- # J after a lone and painfal tlloe?? ai ir?'nv,'^ bit fUDTll At tb# ""*?? at ? o'clock.* UNDERTAKERS. RICHARD v. BAR VET. UNDERT iSww* ?? hah th f ? mahk,i ? ?. M4 r Stikkt, Mwnl Ninth and1 metallic uvhulvauks anu caotmn marl J r khhovus. hjlni7%, #? ||1CUAKD W. B1R1U, ' ' cabiyft uakkh AH D f7V/> kh TAM m A, ?1H ELKVCKTB 8TEEET. neai t. t v/.Aitlhk Of 4LL kihuti mauto AH hktaikku ^yiUUM HAt kKTT, UNDERT Ho.Ttt TiiStiiit,Banrno9 tan Bd aplg lr Oofflna and Oarteta of all ^bhluKKC b SALJi^Oi bTOC'E OI' OBOOB ? f P>'hlic Auction on the 1 Jra n*T F Mat. IKI, at th' ^tore, K<> 3<-i PfiinKili ania ??w5^s?sS3Ar?r?S L nwn tlMKl UNB t B?T WOOD Bl &BT LIMB at B1 aer l a-rel to all p?rt? of the citv * m* ? THOMAS rAUKY. lenh atreet, n3 8m nsar La. arm we. aorthneat. 'I'?* PK(iBLEM TH AT wa? EASILY SOLVED how k of'. hut araTtellaw bow la it ro? alvay* dreaa a.. ?t> liah, audibavin* bat j?Income?MWhr w*mph I j>or mrfr?"A bTRAt*' *??? ^"nTTT:.! |~CM?fcB: LCHB#fe? ~ fWM. JOHKMOB ? BOB arejaat racei\ad . |wf( atoek of WHITS ana ELLOW PI KB hVbEB, LATHS SHlSl <wdI rtVOB PALIBUSjall * "hiita Vi J. ? Ti? * . ? ^? ' mm m aaiiidur.Mi ?'l WUICU i arlllrf at low aricea. Ore at Indac umanla f>r _ Oar Uth and fiat. .na*r B?aae^ggSTt O*!?* TO* OBtAT BECKBTS OlT BUO yr CBSS in life la to be Well draaa-*d; t Itea wlr? h-ai tatr when ron can ret a fine Black Clotb (Ui f.-r c?o^ta?i?jr2Jr || BAD ABB BATE TOFB MOBBT! Ladiaa who baea Bair Hwltcbaa tbat bare fadad iL'S-oi *!?*--"' to tbelr aataral ?err I area ^tOBB M-ABOlS Attb fcCgjOT Attaatloa la called to tba Baa BU1LDIB0 Bit now batcf landed at 14tb < ?ram tba acowa at J. T. H ?t oBw, Boom ?, May Ba ta? Julia,foot ~

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