Newspaper of Evening Star, May 10, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 10, 1873 Page 6
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(iRAiirs kitty. IIMy, i)ot by <l*?, * 'H th? *i?. Mid pfaed; IV?aid do kiiw^r (rM <ir pU*, t" tfc* w-ir-ted bail unwind. fir*ritca?Md. " Play. ki'ty,'I"!" Kitty answered ?a?ily, ? M?-w I AH fn Tail wer<> dainty far*, Br'-*! and milk all warm an<ln?*w. m?t an I tm lf ? ThiniHT, wnlif "till ?he grfw, On Id w l"M"f rif <?r r1" Lay i& t**J- and wvuhl i*vl Mir. Crari* trsiH h*r 1<>nc whit* y.ivrn I? ?wn th? ?ta*r? af *nrlv light, W.?nd? rine 'if kittv 'h crown Any b*t??r nieht; ' F"in l y??r kilt* rwW *i,.| 4?'ad In l?-[ pretty t'tukel-M. C.made an -th^r b"d Vkl* th? ni'imini-jtlnti^ flirn^; * ilk r?l rn- ||??"< lin?d tH'l -pri-ad. And parftmird with pink* and thyut- . R.?r?-Iv ha--* tinman Mad ?'??u d ?? wft kini ????< a M. Crarii "* t?T?d *r hand* Knd at l**t th-ir I itinf ta?k: ftot>fcrna l?y th?- tfrav* ah- Man I*, Th*'n ?h?> lift? her f*rf to a?k. Wh k lh? ?low l?>ar? downward IW||? " Mamma. wlwr. ith kitli'iktbonlF" I ?11 zat,** Aktrs A Uh ta Yo?*t folks. , jt ?>?>? warfare. Indian warfare i? ;n>t now a popular branch ?f military sfunre, and G.-n. Custer, in M* ithVn,!tr?r " Lj*???tbe Plains." throw-. >ime ? ' on " 'rom Lm own ci|i?ri?uce in !*??< Jr LZ^LV^ ^ 01 t*kin< m> *?*t ??>r din ner my ride Laving given iue asplendid r?-li*h lor the repeat, ?k?n the ahontaand Arinjof the aavage* iuioraied me that mora *arf.n? duties were at hand. Ewer, man new tTarii* "A'e ?Ut COBi,u,ltld rushe.1 to oppose MleS^.tii ! fiCC'rS -lMi1n"'-n provided them aeivae with or carbines, and noon !>?-,/an delivering a deliberate but ineffectual fir* *K*"'*t the Indiana. I he latter, as usual were merely practice.; their ordinary ruse de we wbtefc wa? to display a vmv amall ?rce in the expectation of tempting pursuit hv an e.,n^i or Mlghtlv superior force? iSd af?j ?n,.m pruper Bioxuent. i?n thU #cci*on the ttrat 4h??>rn S3r? r?: * >hiier?"?u'uri'a?.?aMe borwaaubip. TUe asg srs wzr&ig ?s??uireasiyBJses ground. but the rider always ?ii.-.-, ?i, .11? ? J rarru d awav on the ,on.To\ a com^e 11 ^ ai* wS2w>ar,th^8tth',irJ?iarve,0,w tut adm'r-t,,*; Tr trotti"* W M W*el. oi-en, ?Sd Tu?KSJS.| The troop, were torm.-d in an irr^ular lTnl nf ak.rinfers d,,n,o inUM. tne Unf ^Lid nK I ziTirsB "ESrsunisssa a jssywsas: ? ?ill f Ol lii^ Ii i' ^k V pi 1 1 r- j ^ r^'iir ?r": ?''"^^.ru'ht;.7.rk u,m c;? Jc fced prol.ablv at the time tha T,n< StX-iy'^ra- :re rr-^ ^ t? Fi:, irtck - shn> *'I'^I!!)? oI in, c^ni MibrtrsE^C*? SuT^H'^ss'.tr1 *'''??? althu.ijjli ^rio?i,lnc^iv-!,m'T'V Uj1U sc^sssKatf ^ ?Tb^r'^ <M*ic incidents wa? a, lolknr. ?l tWl ^u? r.anV.'^Rtnrt '\' '1 ?cl* ">tre?m of wrer Sis?a >t-i-,.ri.; ,M; h'!,Ur. t,T'r fi! r tXZ7 ? '52^.""^ ? "??,53 fixuiideiint; in the water ]'t^"" "?>?tlug and ?n? h. recre"tK>n. or how Ui ich liiwertheT *U>T> t?n? ofTberf^h^ m>f nM??r? U.tli'e war! their hon*?= ofwe3tSniatt?r s sensrt-a jjs?s -~s SiVSKVCSS ^"to'5,ec??4 ^ Fr?'SSK ??" & ?"??& ?or tlie t.fh.-ei* oi^-n. No <nnm>r .n i .u than te^3Stohthe" WsS' JrcisSfrt?-^ ^Jssr.: 4U1C ?litnipt to make a toil..* ir ^ . ?D'ifht t!>*tr Hathiiif-inx?nrH fron, LlSf^ 1 SSSH^siS^ trkile rem with the otb^r ot?- Lti.!W,/ ?'gwhd were on their t>?rae> back's Ttfd nl!',, ?'S! ,he! camp for dear life. Thev were not e? tlie condition cf Flora pi.? . w t!v in to-ear. bu^ a,f V a? well have J>een ?/> %?i'"?!**** might ? kuh.buMorthe r^k .11'" Tf?1 a r*ce the jipum and coll ir u. i?5As not even the fun un.r,^iPah^;;?'J^courttute ?ten so <tis|?*ed ot tnh?vi ?i Colonel, and ot bi'h^usly .aii.te fatal tea?!l1re1?r fouri,?-"Ore mounted au-! near at hw^ weU tner 3Iazeppaa' aa ther rami ^U|Ii < our *tn*' caniD ev?-r an.t ^ dualling towards ?*? Uieii ahoulders11 aCt"th!^r*nXU>US *U,1C?" det-j ;ie e vcrv e vtrUon uf .| ^ r ?,ur#u?r?. who to urge their ^tee<la to^krtT^h^ warned them few iLumenu STJ?-uti2' l**"*1 ln * U>? approach of this camp dlscovared It was an easv matter to party, but who Could IMBH- Uie Ia . wairior,i tront? The i urauing warrkJI at tha tWr were aat'lifcSr u? o^SkL' .Tt1"* thmt the twa haighat o/th, ( <:V*aTe r^? volWy^t a^;.^:^^; rew muaie?t? later, and the tm V. Z ^ inside tlie lines, where they t" *" ? 1*i?? time before thev riss1^ Sraxtan Vannm a? ? A trarelte? mn la ?yam umbretfcw Jifv in ^e fruo a>i ovdiuarr dinner-plat* to a amaU "tent. and. th?ir oolors are aa ?aM?ua awUMtinta ef the raiaWw- We Kertherma*. witti o*r aoher uetioaa aad liking ter bracks ao4 ww?.. caMbrta a i?oer ?o*cep Uuu <M the taitii which a *pan1 trd disalav* in ' this ikMI arUHe. The haw ef bW umbrella ewwahr?igh every paiiilia of ?]lor. from CBluv lu green, frcm bine to iadlgo. from pink ?tka nctavt unoa He saw?na'3k'< a In^e eeieea a*Fi*aer aiatoaout i?i two. :fi observed <ttar? *ti * hoe a* deep V th- i wa-granate ?40m or damaak rose, and. in tact, he thought SeLfld a /<arferr' of flowers or a collection of circular leaves, whose color* ranged from the fre*h green ot Spring to the autamnal tihta upon the Vitginia ereefxr. T<> rtivilT < mokiji<;, break an egg into a eap and gire it to the penwn choking to swal low The wblte -of the egg aeem? to catch around the olerarle and remove it. If out *eg dor w?t answer the purpe*, Uy auotUtr. The a bite mail that i* uoceaeorj. jIMe! The examination of Wilfred Fitts, the bov who recently committed a daugerous and mys terious assault In the night time upon a boy named .fobn Emmon. of Candia. New Hamp shire, resulted as the telegraph has already an nounced, in his return to the custody of his father. The Justices who held the oourt. the counsel in the case and others, previously vist t d the injured bov and the premises where the assault w as e mmttted. They ftand that ha la la-t recovering, though his lace and mouth will be much disfigured, and he will suffer the loss ot two fingers and a thumb. It appeared from the testimony of about a dozen witnesses that there was no doubt that the assault was committed by the boy. Fitts. while in a Mate of somnambulism, at about 11 o'clock at night, and that he was totally un conscious of his act. It also appeared that though the boy was never in the honse before, he went straight to the bedside of the boy Emer son. ami after inflicting the ghastly wounds be returned to the residence of his uncle, which whs a mile distant. It was shown that he en tered a neighbor's house by a ladder only a few nights previously, and was found in the som nambulic sleep with abroad axe in his band. Isaac N. Fitts, of Lowell, the boy's lather, testified that he had performed many strange feats while in the somnambulic state. Samuel Leavitt. the jailor at Exetor, testified that the I boy Fitts assaulted several prisoners at the jail | wbile in an unconscious state. The boy Wilfred was very critically examined I and answered every question with great readi ness and apparent candor. He appeared to be I in excellent physical hea'th. He visited the boy Km or son yesterday morning. The inter view was pleasant, though Fitts expressed little 1 sympathy tor Kmer-on. Tit LEV HoWB, AXDTIIK SEl HIT of JUS C \ RIU^-A recent number of the Congregation alist contains an Interesting biography or Ti'.ley Ilowe. whose nsme was a household word throughout New England well-nigh a century Mtice. His easy, aimless li e, and his eccentric ities of costume and manner, as he rode hit fa vorite nag npand down the country from M line to Connecticut, gave him and hi* character a notoriety that has crystallized into the familiar proverb of "Easy as old Titley." Ninety years ago Tilley Howe, then good-looking and fre->h from I>artmoath college, a preacher of the tK?s pel. ami delighted with his profession, stood up to be wedded to a Yankee girl." Then came on the unsolvable mystery or a long, clouded, wasted life. His own?bis "lawfully wedded" wife, with the nuptial vow still warm on her treacherous lips, *ud<Lenly and sullenly refused to remain with her own husband! Ten minute* later she was on her way back to the paternal mansion, which she had Just covenanted to ex change for her own life-long home! She abso lutely sealed her lips agalusi the first word of explanation. She made no sign. The 4eed was done. The reasons were her own. She was persistent. No ingenuity, no importunity, could draw the secret out. She took it to her grave. >ipver on earth would she see Tillev Howe any more. Never a syllable from bis peii would she ever read. Overtures for re-union could not reach her in this world, or ever pro ceed from her. Bv her own bands the veil was not lifted, ami now It never can be. We tur* the leaf to say that Tillev Howe was thereafter a wreck. He abjured all knowledge of a single fact on his part, or on hers, that could have stimulated her to such strange recreancy, lint the delicate balances of reason had boen struck, ami could never be restored. He was bewil dered. He knew not what to make of it. The mental energy to breast the storm could not be tallied. He had outlined a life-work, with the simplicity of a chi'.d. He felt an assurance that he would work it all through bv the aid of one co-working hand. Alas, that "that very hand should have been lifted to defeat and 'destroy him forever! Ever afterward he l.ecame the im personation of indolence and inefficiency. DtADsn the threshold of success might very well have been the epitaph on the living burial of two nu mbers of a London law firm who have recently drupped out of life. One of them died ot actual -tarvation. and the pathetic ac -Hint ol the destitution and misery of his life appeired in the London Ti ??-.<. and was told so impressive ly that it attracted much attention. A short tune afterwards his partner was arrested for stealing a l?ook from the law library of the In ner Temple, and selling it for ten shillings. 1 he proof was clear and he was convicted. Be fore receiving sentence he said: "I have gone for weeks and months without a dinner, living upon bread and tea. I have sold the coat from my back, the shirt from my body to supply dai ly wants; but I have never been charged' with dishonesty. I have worked hard on tite shelves of the Inner Temple Library. There are b.joks there of which 1 am the author. I have done all that mortal man could do to obtain an hon e-t and honorable livelihood." He closed bis storv by begging the Court to puuisb him to the extent ot the law. hoping "to find, before his itn pri?onm? nt should end, iu a felon's grave the rej-o^e he had vainly sought In the pursuits of life." The dudge imposed on him the lightest penalty of the law?tlx months' imprisonment. Ills fat'.-is but another incident to prove tbit the real jioor are not the vulgar masa who beg from doo*- to door ami at the street corners, but the mm who eat their hearts away in vain ef forts of striving for the foothold iii the world to which tbeir aspirations and their abilitios should entitle them to. I Flame Sbssitiv* to S'TJtt* Some curious I exi-eriments were made, a few years aro, b?r Prof. Tyndal, on "sensitive flames." h? ob served that in a drawm '-room the gas-lights kept time with the music by tbeir ilaiues becom ing longer or shorter, according to the v irious notes produced on the piano. This he justly at tributed to the vibrations caused in the air, ?nd he soon, by direct experiment, confirmed this view. This experiment was applied to the meas ure of explosive substances in the following way: At a distance of five meters from a fl.nue he placed an anvil, on which be alternate!v laid l'ulnmiate of mercury and iodide of nitrogen, and then caused tbeir explosion by the stroke of a hammer. In this way be ascertained that the latter substance produced no effect on the flame, while the fulminate caused it to vibrate according to the notes la. do. ml, fa, sol. Hmico he concluded, not only that the vibrations affee t< d by the iodide were different from those of the latter only affected certain notes, excluduig> the intermediate onrt. These experiments he repeated with different explosive sobs tan esand with similar results confirming bis theorv. The Jack son Status.?The Richmond F.n quirtr says: I>unug the war a numbr of Eng lish gentlemen, who sympathized with the Southern cause, among them Ber-sford Hope, united in the eflort to procure a suitable memo rial of the great Virginia soldier who fell at Chancellorsville. They have had made a statue of bronze, of heroic size, and representing the hero as standing in a favorite attitude of absorb ing thought. The work was completed some time since, but owing to circumstances which can be better understood thau expressed, the donors have postponed its shipment to this country. Lately, however. .Mr. Hope has writ ten to a \ Irglnla officer, who was the Intim tte aud comrade ot Stbuewall dacksoo, asking his advice as to the best disposition to be made of the statue, and the recipient of this communi cation has consulted with other Confederate oflicer*. As yet. no determination has been ar rived at; but it cannot belong before a tite will becliooen. A OrEMYioH or Time?A curious lawsuit was lately heard in Liverpool. The steamer Caspian was, on August 8, 1X71, insured by her owners for twelve months for ?23,600. On the :<th of August, 11572, the vessel being then at sea the insurance was renewed for ?25,000. It so happened that ?>me time on the night between the *th and i*th of August the Caspian struck on a rock In Belle Isle Straits and became a total loss. The point in controversy was as to whether the wreck occurred before or after midnight, the underwriters, in the latter event responsible lor the increased amount of insurance. It was proved on the part of the Ownera that the wreck did take place after midnight, according to English time, though ou the other hand, It was shown that the com putation of time at the scene or the disaster would bring it before the important hour. Tl?o Jnry held, however, that the calculation of time should follow the place of the contract, and decided in favor of the owners. The Embalming f>r** Boot*.?A correspondent from Genoa wriios us th ?t on the anniversary of Maxrinl's death, the public were allowed to see his body, which is being em Laimed. It was quite dren?>. with patentleath er boots, black trousers, and wrapped up in a large drewing gown. The right hand on his breast; the loft straight by the side of the body, bis looks turned toward the visitors; his face of a brown yellow color, and on the fare and head the natural hair neatly dressed. The articula tions were flexible, and the flesh soft. The prep aration. however, is stilt In Its first period; iaa year, according to the physician whs has under taken the performance, the art testation* will he come stiff; the fleet stony, preserving its nM?? and proportions; and the race, from brown Thn f^r- y*" oncc t more Its natural s ... ? vimju inure ill nftUirtl I010T* The cor pee was exposed for three days, aad It Is supposed that more than 60.000 peroens entered the chapel daring the period. A Paiusiab Dcii..?At the first performance of a new piece at the Odeon Theatra, in Parte, on April is, a quarrel arose between a M. de Borda, who expressed dissatisfaction with one seeat, aad Bl. Delpit, a literary man and a friend of tks anther. Blows aad afterward cards, were exchanged, which reeulted In a duel on April 18, at St. Germain. After a few passes had been made.M. Delpit was slightly wounded In the breMt, ami the second* declared that the honor of both parties bad been satisfied. Ac cording ta Om dealt**.M. Delpit then addMtaed his adversary la thess words: ** Sir, X chu new ?* I oould noOy before thk mass slplt: " Sir, yoa hav to your list of friends. _ *T71w flr"t -!yw Person alluded to In the Scriptures la said to hare (Man Eve. hffinsi she was the IqtMtf. ' because [OFFlU Ab.J 1>AWH or TUB IIITI9I STATES m? tht Third tfcMto*i ?f tht forty Baemmd OmrrMi, [Gannnai. hitum?So. 62 ] As Act to rtvise, consolidate, and amend the laws relating to pensions. Bt it tnmcUd by IK* Senat' and Hotue if Rtpre IMtlliru of the L'niUd Stalet if Amtricn t* Cow free* atttmbUd, That if the ability or any officer of the army, including regulars, volunteers, and militia, or any officer in the nary or marine oorps, or any enlisted man, howeYer employed, in the military ar naval service of the United 8tates, or in its marine corps, whether regularly mustered or not, disabled by reason of any wound ertajn r v received, or disease contracted, whi e in the service of the United States and in U?e line of daty; any master serving on a nn boat, or any pilot, engineer, sailor, or othjr person not regularly mustered, serving upjn any gunboat or war-vessel of the UnitodStaies, disabled by any wound or injury received, or otherwise incapacitated, while In the line or duty, tor procuring his subsistence by iraanal lafcoT; any person not an eaiisted soldier in Ue army, serving for the time being as a member ot the militia of any State under order? o: an officer of the United States, or who volunteered for the time being to serve with any regularly organized military or naval torce ot the United States, or who otherwise volunteered and ren dered service in any engagement with rebels or Indians, disabled in consequence of wound* or injury receive*; in the line of duty in such tem I-orary service; any acting assistant or contract surgeon, disabled by any wound or injury re ceived or disease contracted in the line of duty while actually informing the duties of a**ist* ant surgeon or acting assistant surgeon with any military force in the field or in transitu or in hospital, or any provost-marshal, deputy pro vost marshal, or enrolling officer, disable J by reason of any ^onnd or injury received in the discharge ot his duty, to procure a subsistence by manual labor, has been since the tourth day ot March, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, or shall hereafter be impaired by reason of su-h disability, he shall, upun making due proof of the fact, according to such forms and regula tion* as are or may be provided by and in pur suai ce of law, be placed upon the list of invalid pen? wners ot the United States, and be entitled to receive, for a total disability or a p rmanent specific disability, such pennon a-|ts hereinaf ter provided in such cases,-and tor an Interior disability, except in cases of permanent spe cific disability tor wldcli the rate or pension is express^ provided, au anount proportionate to that provided tor total disability, to commence as hereinafter provided, and to continue during the oxistence of the disability: Proridd, Tnat no c aim of a State militiaman, or non-enlisted pcmn, on account or disability from woun<fe or it jury received in battle with rebels or In dians, while (temporarily rendering service, shal be valid unless prosecuted to a successful lssu?- prior to the fourth day of July, eighteen hundred and seventy-four: And proci-Ud further, Tha no person shall be entitled to a pension by /eason of wounds or injury received or disease contracted in the service of the I'nited States subsequent to the twenty-seventh day of July eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, unless the person who was wounded or contracted the dis ease was in the line of duty; and, if in the mili tary sen Ice, was at the time actually in tbe held, or en the march, or at some post, fort, or garrison, or en route by direction of some com petent authority to some post, fort, or garr.soa; or, it in the naval service, was at the time borne on the books of some ship or other ves-el of the United States, at sea or in harbor, ac.t ua.lj in commission, or was at some naval sta tion, or on his way, by direction ot* competent authority, to the I uited States, or to soma other vessel, or naval station, or hospital. 8?o. 2. That the pension for total disability shall be as follows, namely: For lieutenant colorel and a'l officers of higher rank in tha military service and In the marine corps, and for captain, and all officers of higher rink commander, surgeon, paymaster, and chief en gineer, respectively ranking with commander by law, lieutenant commanding and master commanding, in the nnval service, thirtv d *1 lai? per month; for major in the military ser vice and In the marine corp?, an 1 lieutenant, surgeon, paymaster, and chief engineer, re spectively ranking with lieutenant by law. and passed assistant surgeon in the naval service, twenty-live dollars per month; for captain in tb^ military service and in the marine corn*?, chap lain In the army, and provost marshal, profess or ot mathematics, master, assistant surgeon assistant paymaster, and chaplain in the "aval service, twenty dollars per month; lor first lieu tenant in the military service and In the ma rine corps, acting assistant or contract surgeon, and deputy provost-marshal, seventeen dollars per month; tor second lieutenant in the mili tary service and in the marine corps, first assist ant engineer, ensign, and pilot In the naval ser i vice, and enrolling officer, fifteen dollars per month; tor cadet-sbipman, passed mbUhlpman, I midshipmeu, clerks of admirals and pavmas tera, and of other officer? commanding w**el~ second and third assistant engineer, mister's n ate, and all warrant officers in t?ie naval ser vice, ten dollars month; and for all enlisted I rV,lL?r?moe I* not mentioned in this section, eight dollars per month; and the masters, pilots, engineers, sailors, arid crowg upon the gunboats and war-vessels shall b* eu receive the pension allowed herein to those of Tike rank in the naval servio*; and every commissioned officer of the artnv, navy or marine corps, shall receive such and onl v ?" h"0,n P^Med for the rank be held at the time he received the ininrv or ???!!??*, the d,*e^? wh,ch rwulted i7the Usability, on account of which be may be en ai,d ?ny commission or pres. regularly issued to su h person, shall be taken to determine his rank H0!?-*11*1 *n,*r th? dM?' ?iT?n '? the coamlrsion or appointment conferring I ?hi a *?cancy existed in the rank thereby conferred; that the person , commissioned was not so dbahtod for in mtry I )7' ^ J* be dld not wilfully neglect or I refused lo be mustered. 8k. 3. That for the period commencing Jn!v 1, ' f*'toeD hundred and sixty-four, au 1 ending June third, eighteen hundred and sev enty-two, those persons entitled to a less pen slop than hereinafter mentioned, who shall have lost both feet in the military or naval service and In the line of duty, ahall be entitled to a pension of twenty dollars per month; for the same period those persons who, under like cir cumstances, ahall have lost both hands or the sight ot both eyes, shall b? entitled to a pen sion of twenty-five dollars per month; and for the period commencing March third, eighteen hundred and sixty-five, and ending June third, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, those per sons who under like circumstances shall have lost one hand and one foot, shall be entitled to a pension or twenty dollars per month; and for the Period commencing June sixth, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, and ending June third, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, those per sons who under like circumstances shall have lost one hand or one foot, shall be entitled to a pension of fifteen dollars per month; and for the Period commencing June sixth, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, and ending June third. 1 eighteen hundred and seventy-two, those per sons entitled to a less pension than hereinafter mentioned, who by reason of Injurv received or disease contracted in the military or naval service of the United States and in the line of h?T?.b?en Permanently and totally w 'I both or who shall have lost ?f 0n? other having been pre !?gg.lo?' ftwho shall have been otherwise so totally and permanently disabled as to ren der them utterly helpless, or so nearly so ?, to rtgn P?J1'?,uaJ *'d and attendance of of t??tPer?T,'^M,n be ""tied to a pension nty-five dollan per month; and foe the same period those who under like cireum &2SUS? h*v? been totally ana permanent ly disabled In both feet, or In one hs ? : and in one foot, or otherwise so disat 9d as to oo lnca I? or the P*rf"orniance of any manual teoor, rat not so much as to require regular personal aid and attention, shall be entitled to 01J?fn.ty (lollar8 l>er month; and for the Mme period all persons who under like cir cu^tances shall have been totally and "rma ?eat 7 disabled In one hand, or one foot, or ?*. to render their Inabil !?L rm teanual labor equivalent to the loss of * hand or foot, shall be entitled to a I pension of fifteen dollars per month. from and after June fourth, *ad ??venty-two, all persons ^.1*7 to a less pension than herein epecllled, who, while In the military or ?W"T?C?, of tae United States, and in line ot duty, shall have lost the sight of both eyes. nf 5k Te I?"4. e *f ona th? "'ffht ?l toe other having been previously lost, or h*n?h. er .hall ha^ C raw net, or been permanently and totally dis t? ,th? same, or otherwise so permanently nil - y <ne?bled as to render them utterly helpless, or so nearly so as to require the regu of "nether per shaikhavs^Mrt ana cl"n??tancee, tetaMvVSi ***> ?* been tetany and permanently disabled in the same ? 90 dJaab1?^ ns to he incapacitated ??J manual labor, but not so require wgniar penoitel ald^nS UW' ?ntttledto a pension of ^raty-fourdollate per month, rad ^Iperwn *re?**tsec*e' shall have lost . ***? 1 been totally and j" ? ? i ?? ?? ?? iw?u lu uie Boconn aiam /voiTifsg, That the Pension for a disability Mt permanent, equivalent In degree to am m. ?jwis: s P"*!2entadIe.biHtTeof^^ll^,pr<>,ld*<',ror ? z&z"zzsiays t&< That the rate ot eigui?en dollars p?r moath bh be pro[Hjrtion?tefy divided f <r any dt ***? of du?*billty established for which Uie second section of thi* ?et Mk?f m provMoi. ..??? ! Tfct officer. Lbeent oartek-toa?e, Ml enlisted bob absent on rteh furlough, oroa >e*> ?"* while with the organised n to w.Wc* belong, shall bo regarded in the administration of the peart on lavs la the >um ??If they were in the Held or bo< v "f *rri<* *f ?!' P?r sons entitled to the benefit of the penstoa law*. J*?1 ??coent of wboee death any person m it entitled to a pension,shall beconstru 'd to extend to the Usee of disbanding the org&nl Mtton to which such person belonged, or until their actual discbarge ror othtr canoe than t ie expiration of the service of such organisation. ?v *:,Th*t if ??y perwn embraced wit .in the provisions of the first section of this act has died Mnce the fourth day of March, elchtean hundred and sixty one, or shall hereafter die, by ''??on of any woand, injurv. or d>setse which, under the condition* and limitations of ?aid section, would have entitled him to an tn Ta?<l P?Beion hmd ht> b*eD disabled, his widow, or if there be no widow, or In case of her .lea h, without payment to her of any part of the pen sion hereinafter mentioned, his child or chdd ren, under sixteen years of age, shall be enti tled to raceire the same pension aa the husbaid or father would have been entitled to had he been totally disabled, to commence from the death of the husband or father, to continue to the widow during her widowhood, and to his child or children until they severally attain the age of sixteen years and no longer, and that ir the widow remarry, the child or children sh ill be entitled from the date or remarriig*. That the provisions of this act are hereby ex ton led to and made to embrace the officers and pri vates of the Missouri state militia, and tha provisional Missouri militia, disabled bv ream of injury received or disease contracted In the Una of duty while such militia was oo-operatinj *' \ 1 8t*tes forces, and the wi.low or children of any such person, dying of ini try received or disease contracted under tha W f?1i,Kl*KCe8!?"rei?.^t fort1'. ???all be entiled to the benefits ot this act: I'rovided, Th*t the pensions on account of such militia shall not commence priorto the date of the pwaK*of .V 1 Provisions of this se? ion shall Ije 10 interpreted as to apply to the wid. ows^child or chi.dron of officers and privates of Mfs^nrTmniti^fr Rn<1 the Provisional Missouri militia. If the husband or father was wounded, or contracted the disease of which he IftrtXSST"*" ?f thC govern msnt of Sac. 9. That the pensions of widows shall bj Increased from and after the twenty-filth lay ol Julv, eighteen hundred and i?lx?y-six, at the rate of two dollars per mont? for each c'lild under the age of sixteen years, or the bii?h*nd on sccount or whose death the claim has been, ?.<* ualivb?!. ?r*nt??J. And in everv case in which the deceased husband has left.or s'inil leave, bo widow, or where his widow has died or,again, or where she has bsen de prived of her pension under the provisions of ??J4w't!,?,.peni,ion 8ra?ted to fu-h child or children shall be increased to the same amount per month that would be allowed under the foregoing provisions to the widow, it living and entitled to a pension: Prurid-d, That th? additional pension herein granted to the wi low on account of the child or chifdren of the hus band by a former wife shall be paid to her on!y for such i>eriod of her widowhood as she bis been, or shall be, charged with the mainte nance of such child or children; for anv period during which she has not been, or she shall not be, so charged. It shall be granted and paid to the guardian ot such child or children: Provid'd jurth r, That a widow or guardian to whom in. crease or pension has been, or shall here iftcr be, granted on account of minor children, s iall II0-!rf ??P.Ji\ thereof by reason of their b-ing mamtained in whole or In part at the expjnss i state or the public in any educational In stitution, or in any Institution organized for 1 the care of soldiers' orphans. Sec. 10. That in the administration of the pension laws, children born before the ru*rr aze ol their parents, if acknowledged bvtin father legitimate* the marriage, shall "be deeraed Sac. 11. That the widows ol ooloredor Inlisn soldiers and sailors who have died, or xUaTl hereafter die. by ren^on of wouudo or injuries received, or casualty received or disease con tracted,in the military or naval service of the t^ted States, and ,n ,he ,ino of daty, shall be entitled to receive the pension provided bv law without other evidence of marriage than ^atis. factory prool that the parties were joint 1 In marriage by some ci remony dee mad by them obligatory, or habitually recognized each other sjs man and wife, an<l were so recognized bv their neighbors, and lived together as su-.'i ur? I- lif? S0/ en.ll!,tai<!nt, when such soldi ir or r,1V-?r..die<1in tL? f*^toe? or, if otherwise, to n&te of death; and the children bom of anv marriage so proved shall be deemed an i h?id to bo Uwtul children of such soldier or sailor: / ' hlV .thl" "^tion shall not be a-ipl| fk.ii k EDT 'jJ?'?8 on ncconnt of persons wh> after the pawBfe ot this act. ^ ^ ??T person has died, or -hall hereafter die, leaving a widow entitled to a rL?n1,bVe^>n.of hl* deatb,and a child or ct.ild 7?*? of by such w! low, i ?? i ? y certified under seal bv anv court having probate jurisdiction, that satlsfac M been produced before suc*i court upon due notice to the widow tha' tb-i ^j ** abandoBed the care of such child or chlldrea, or that she is an nnsiltabl-s person, by reason of immoral conduct, to have y .H1? 8*me. or on presentation of satisfactory evidence thereof to the Com ml Pen^oni then no pension shall l>o 8 wi do w_ until snch childor child ren shall have attained the age or sixteen v^arj, ^visions of this act or of any previous act ^u.*C^r?ry^twithsUnding; and tb* sail atoreaaid shall be pensi-jQpd 1? Mm? Bianner, and from the sain-; date, as if no widow bad survived such person, and SUrh?T?M0n,,K*.,ibe pa,<1 to tbe f^ardlan of such child or ehiidren: Prowl*d. That If in anv rw payment of pension shall have been made to the widow, the pension to the child or chlld ^nJl!ia Lco,^menC? from the date to which her j*iisioii has been paid. Sac. 13. That if any person embraced within the provisions ot tbe first section of this a-* h is ih?, 5Purth of March, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, or shall hereafter die, by reason of any wound, injury, casualty, or atsease, which, under the conditions and lunita ."ecUo.B, woa,d haT# *ntitlea him to an invalid pension, and has not loft or shall not leave a widow or leglttmata child, but has lett or shall leave other relative or relatives who T./L <*|Pe.ndent upon him for support at the

?!?, ^ I?ch relattre or relatives shall be entitled in the following order of nre? ^?Sf^^?iiT??lT?v 018 B*m? pension, as snch H?,7^ Ti ll h?en enUtted to had he been totally disabled, to commence from thed-atbof ! ??C?,J?r^fJIi' flrBt'th? "other; second i orPfi*n brothers and sit ters under sUteen years of age, who shall be rhUrt??,f^*t.,,tly: Prnrided> That where orphan l children of the same parent have different guar rti^Si ?* ^JP?t011 of tbem only are under guar I ^""^'P. the share ol the joint pension to which ; iff *ard be entitled shall be pai 1 to the ,ttch wmrd: I'rovided, That if in anv CMf. **d per?on shall have left father aud r ?, fJv ^P^ndoBt upon him, thon. on J"1* motb?r. tbs father shall bo Ji? P*",ton. commencing from .1 VJ1 of tbe mother; and upon tae death of the mother and father, or miin the death of the rather and the remViagTC the mother, the dependent brothers and sisters un 01 flball jointly become "^tled to snch pension until thev attain the "???^tivelv, commencing de?th or remarriage of the partv who Thlf ^.hg?IV10 the pension: Pro'ridtd, be assumed to have been ?r UJ?>,K ?r !?n? ^thln the meaning or ~ri**?t, ir, at the date ot his death, she had no other adequate means or support than the ordl SJnLPh^uJt?* h?5 own lebor and the mntrlbuUonsof said son or of anv persons not SKf --a? d >n hfr s?PPort; aud If, by actaal contributions or in anv other wav. the hU ob,i**ti6na to aid iusup port of said mother, or was by law boind to ?nd that a father or a minor 111 llk* ?*Bner and un der like conditions, be assumed to have been ^^?^"t.exoeptt^ the income which was derived or derivable from hie actual or possible ?????I tobor shall bo taken Into acc^ in estimating a lather's means or independent fowSdto TtlU ^ ?1 *P*?r to any persea on account or his or her ndence as hereinbefore provided shall not y. ^?PPjgJion ttMfor was filed beror'e or after : and Uiat oa the nmanian of sister h^Tin2e^^22L?etbet, ** 0?pendeat nster, having a pension, such pension shall ?ervioeslaoe the fourthly of hondred aad sixty-eae, or la """" * tnluTtes reeeived or ?? date, shall oom ?rjdtaaharga of the per thm NMn ku besa ?r from the tora.. b?r?ag prior tttle the application ? of ^'nh??*f^be, fiveyearaansr the-righl thereto shall hare ac crued; otherwise the peart en shall ttnnuM ??t e^T" n ~ )a or the ^c^bk!SSa?^ bc<f. 16. That ia coastraiar the section; ther Ight of i**? JEZSX ?kail o'pwww entitled to pensions ?nd that the right ofa dependent 2 -f*f "'.''y.t.bfother to pension shall nor w ?ay case be held to hare accrued prior to ?ixth day of Jane, eigh'nan hundred and atxtv? **? right ?? all -*?hBr cImm* of claim ant*, ii applyiag o 1 aoc >ant of tha d?itk of t KifTlL ? g-TM. rrK"Urty mustered lata the Mr vice, or regularly emplova l hi iae mtt, or upon * i lYS^SSSTir :?*??<?' th* * suTm. . $? ***? accrued prior to the 21r ?bI*' ?*?*<??? hundred and ? eppbing on account of a chaplain 01 the army, their rig ht shall not be held to ^*T**fcfa*d11*40' *? the ninth day of April, eighteen Hundred and sixty-four; if applying On account of an enll?tsd soldier who waa not bcimm, or a non-enH*tod man in temporary service, their right shall not he held to have accrued prior to the fourth day of July, eigh teen hundred and sixty-four, if applying on ****** or contract .ur A5* "han *ot *><? h?*d to have ac thtrd 0?y ?r March, eighteen hundred and ftty-ln; 11 applying on account oi persons enHated as teamsters, wagoners, ar h<?P*tnl-?towards, or farriers, their right shall not be held to hare accrued prior to the Math day of Jons, eighteen hundred and sixty six; and the right of all elassesot claim ants, applying on account of a provost-marshal, ' OT ?urolling officer, shall not be held to hare accrued prior to the !r^?i i day of July, eighteen hundred and l* 2~*ix fr<~'d"i ThM 'he **ht of a widow hij . 0 * mother who married prior, and ?PP?y till subsequent to the t went ^sev enth day of July, eighteen hundred and stxty thntdata DOt be he,d 10 bare accrued prior to Sec. 17. That It shall be the duty of the Com missioner ot Pensions, upon any application by letter or otherwise by or on bebali of any pen sioner entitled to arrears of pension under the fifteenth section of this act, or, If aaysuch pen sioner ?hall hare died, upon a similar applica tion by or on behalf of any person entitled to receive the accrued pension due such pensioner at his or her <leath, to pay or caate to be paid to such pensioner, or other person, all suoh ar rears ot pension as the pensioner may be enti tled to, or (If dead) would hare been entitled to under the provisions of sa'd section h*d he or she survived; and no claim-agent or other p >r sons shall be entitled to receive any compensa tion tor services ju making application tor ar rears ot pension. Sac. 18. That the provisions of this act in re spect to the rates of pension are hereby ex tended to pensioners whose right to pension ac crued under general acts pa??e 1 since the war of tpe Keyolntlon and prior to the fourth of Mar h, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, to take effect Trcm and after the twenty-filth day of July, eighteen hundred and sixty-six; and that the widows of revolutionary soldiers and sailors re ?? I.'S*..16" sam "hal1 b* P*'J * the rat.* of eight dollars per month from and after 'he and'slxtjMeight d*y 0t July' "tfhteen hundred I5}; That 1,1 aU cue* ,B which the can*e of disability or death originated in the service prior to the rourth day of March, eighteen hun dred and sixty one, and an application for pen sion thall not have been tiled within three years from the discharge or death of the p^rion on whose account the claim is made, or within three years of the termination of a tension pre viously granted on account or the service and death of the same person, the pension shall commence from the date of filing, by the party prosocuting the claim, the last paper requisite to establish the same: i'roriited, That no claim allowed prior to the sixth day of .1 une, elgh ven hundred and sixty-six, shall be affected hy any thing herein contained. Sac. at). That nothing in this act shall b? so coiiStroed as to allow more than ono pension at en?i"t? t0Kt!ie r"lB1C P,r"?n or to p?r.<on? entitled jointly, but any pensioner who shall so '.II""?? bi? or hPr certificate, and receive, in lieu thereof, a certificate for any other pension to which he or she wou'd h ive been entitled had not the surrendered .??rtitl cate been issued: /Von-W, That all payments previously made tor any period covered bv the new certificate shall be deducted from* the amount allowed by said certificate. i1 hat declarations ?f p-nsion cla m ants shall l>e made before a couit of record, or before ?>me officer th/feof havine custody of Its KM, said offlcer hereby being ruliy authorized and empowered to administer and certify any oat.i or affirmation relating to any pens'o- or application therefor: Pr?r%de4, That Uie Com missioner ot Pensions may designate, in lo<?li ties H>ore than twenty-Ove miles distant from wiy place at wlt'ch snch conrt is liolden. M.M duly <iualified to administer oa'b?. before whom declarations may be made and tes?iroon\ mifty,S4^P" declarations of cUim I rmUH v? .,n ljre'P? conntriei, male before or consul, or before some officer ot the country duly authorize 1 to for fpurpoaes* and who-e official character and signature shal' be thent'cat,>(1 the certificate of a l al rmtiuter or consul; declaration^ In claims of Indians made before a United Statas agent: and declaratioiw in claim- under the act i ot February fourteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy^one, made before an <fl"r dalt ^ thorixed to administer oaths for general i.-ir poses, when the applicants, by reason of intir Tii/? J, fre ",,able to travel: I'nri-Ud, That any declaration made before an oti.,;er duly authorised to administer oaths for *en ral ^ *rrepted t0 ex?mpt a cUim from the limitation as to date of filinir Dres^r:?i?d in the tifteeiah secti on of this act. ?Thattbe Commissioner of Pensions, hi b61,n? made to him in p jr-iou or T a;,v claimant or applicant for pen eion, bonr.ty-land. or other allowance re<i?ire<j OffieeW Ih. r, ?4Jiattod ?r I,aid *>T the Pension ?ch pen?n. free of all ex OT '?a" 8UC" Pr'nted instructions IilV-lli m*r^ . Bece?a?"y in establishing ?nd"htai*iag eaid claliu; and on the issuing of a certificate of ptarion, or of a bounty-land warrant, be shall forthwith notify the claim int theacaseC1f thtr? it'80 the aKent"or ?ttom-y Jn if bo ?n??that sn.'h certifi *at? d?te allowance made; and the date and amount thereof. .iJ?JtiSt?. 'lhRtBO money on account of pen. nm "i'iM,be Pai(1. f? ai>y P"^>n, or to the wid ? 1 or heir* of any decease<l person who in any manner Toluntarilr enra*e?lin. or aided or abetted, the late rebellion against the authority Of the United States. ? That no claim for pension not pr?-^ ^ie$.tV2r?TtU\}rue w,tLin ,iv0 years from Jato ot tiling the same shall be adm tte.l without record evidence from the War or Navy 22SSSM the Which resulted in the diaability or death of the pjrson S!??* account the claim It made: Prond'.i, Thyin any case in which the limitation pre scribed by this section bars the further Dro?e. u tton of the claim, the claimant may prewnt Ge'nefi ?tu?en*l0n~0?ci' to "?* Adjutant ?.? nlil m>''Lr tlie Surgeon-General of th# nary, evidence that the disease or in;nrv reaultedln the disability oITeathoTthe ?n tT account the claim U made, originated in the service and in the line of duty; and It rach evidence is deemed satisfactory by the offi cer to whom it may be submitted,'he shall cause a record of the fact so proved to be made Md a copy ot the same to be transmitted to the Commissioner ot Pensions, and the bar to the proeecntion or the claim shall thereby bo re mSSLw That if any pensioner, or any person nriii ^ Pension, who during the pendancy ?lh'.lmp*,lLc.stIO,l,,ier^or ha^ ,hedsince March he^^i ?r*5^*^.1 i and 8lxty-ons. or tstia.ll J} *,' hlg ''dow. or if no widow, hie child or children, under sixteen years of am at the time of his death, shall be ?mi?| tfr? ceiye the accrued pensiou to the date of death, such accrued pension shall not be considered as a part of the assets of the estate of deceased aPP"?d to the payment of the 'P "J case whatever, but 80,6 ?xc,B8l*? ben-fit of the widow or children; and if no widow or child SJUrion sh.fffyi?#,,t w,haUo*Ter 01 the accrued pension shall be made or allowed. exc-Dt so M^n whSu??J>et?,neee,,Wkry to r?'mburse^ the person who bore the expenses of the last ?icw burial ot the decedent. In cases where J!? * snfflcient assets to meet such oadohwo* '? That the failure of any pensioner to claim his or her pension lor three years alter the same shall have become due shall be deemed presumptive evidence that snch pension has IfJKt!7 terminated by reason or the pensioner's dof^th- remarriage, recovery from tlie disability er otherwise, and the pensioner's name shall be of pensioners. subject to ? of restoration to the samj on a new application by the pensioner or, If th e pensioner t!edte^e?Zl? *kl ?r "?lnor children entt accrued pension, accompa ^. 5? satisfactorily accounting far ?l and by medl cal evidence li oases of Invalids who were not exempt from ni>wwi?i *?"?'mtionii as to tha continuance of the dlsabilltv. Sw. 37. That when tha rate, commencement * J*?"4*? a"owed by speeiai fhej shali not be sub *Ud.tha fete aad oontianaace of tte pen Mea Aall to snbjsat to variation ia accordance wlUl ttt general laws, and Us .""rr shall date from the paseaca af tto - - ccmtms^^TiwSL'SSy,!!' that fraud ' Sit^thSmStHZ ? .A*0-.?8- Thatthetermof UmihSsSwcribed r ^?ad"S6.,5,iS5ss?S? told end regarded by SePeStJ^w in th! examining and determining of claims'ef In aU proof wanting in saad elaiae hereafter as sSashsjRjBgtfa dates, ard if found to be in ail other respects S?:C,nt!Tf,Sthe' ?hal1 ^ lowed; and thaTfiH "??w ftbtll be exempted from the obligation to take the oath to support tto CoaHtitatMn of the i nitsd 8t?tes, required bythe act af February ouiteeath, eighteen hundred and Mvsnty ons p?t riding f>r ptaMw to certain so'dker* ud s.llors of tk* war of kaadnd tu< widow* of drMM " lve, ud to Wldoi Se< tl. lbutbr Prt sldeut shall appoint In tbs Depart msfct of the Interior. by aad with *W wi<ut lad ooneeat of the Senate. a eoaye t at person. who shall be called th? l>epuiy Oomtnuwt< ner of Pensions. wit* aa annual sat ary of twenty-five bentood dollars, who shall b? charged wtth snc:i duties la the Pea*loo bu reau aa aay be prose- I bed by tbo Secretary of the Interior or may bo required by law; and in 0 <aa of tbo death. re>tp?M?a, abssaee, or itok* new 0f the Commuwiouer. his defies aball 4r tclTe upon the l>epsty Commissioner until a successor shall be appointed, or saoh abeenco or sickness aball ceaae. W 30. That the Commissioner of Penrtma t* berebv authorized and empowered ?o drtsU, r,on date to time, clerlu in hi* offioo to investi tau inspected attempts at fraud on the iot triment of the United Urate*, through ana by ? rtae of the provisions of this or any other a-t Of Congress providing for pensions, and to aid in mosecuting any person so offerdmf. wiih such additional compensation a* la cmtonmy iu caaee of apectal service, and that any person ao detailed aball have the pooer to administer oath* and take affidavit* in the oouree of any aarh investigation. Sac . 31. That no agent or attorney or other person Instrumental In prosecuting aap claim tor version or bounty-leaa shall demand or ro c.-ivt any other compensation for hi* aorvicea ia poeecuting a claim for pension or bountv-lai.d than ancb aa the Commissioner of PetMlons ?ball dlreot to bo paid to him. not ascetedmg twenty-Ave dollars; and any agent or attorery or anv other person Instrumental In prosecuting aa) claim for pension or bount}-laud, who shall directly or Indirectly contract for, dem?n1. or receive or retain any greater compensation lor his service* or Instrumeatality in prosecuting a claim for pensi >n or boanty-land than is here in) efore provided, or who shall wrongfaliy w. hhold from a pensioner or claimant the whole or any part of the petition or claim allowed aiid due such pensioner or claimant, or the land warrant ifstmd to any such claimant, aball be detmed guiltv of a liigh misdemeanor. ar. I. upon conviction thereof, shall, for every ?u b oftVnse, be fined r.ot exceeding five hundred doi'ars. or imprisoned at hard labor not cx ceedirg two \ears, or both, at the diacretion ot the court. And it" any guardian hiving t'.is charge and custody of the pension of hie ward shall embezzle the' same In violation of b? trust, or fraudulently convert the nae to his oan use, he shall be punished by line not ex ceeding two thouf-tnd dollar* or imprisonment at hard labor lor a term not exceeding fl v? years, or both, at the discretion of toe court. Sire. 32. That anv pledge, mortgage. aale, as signment, or transfer of any right, cla.m. or in terest in anv pension which ha* been or m ?y hereafter be granted, shall be void aid ot no effect, and any perton acting m attorney to re reive and receipt :'or money lor and in bob ilf of arv person entitled to a pension shall, before receiving baid money, take and subscribe an oath, to bo tiled with the i>ension-agent, and by him to be transmitted, with the voucher* but required by law, to the proper accounting-offi cer of the ireasury, that he has no int-rest in ?aid money by any pledge, mortgage, aale, as signment, or transier, and that he doe* not know or believe that the same has been so dis posed of to anv person; and any |>eraon who ?ball falsely take the said oath shall be guilty ot perjarv, and, on conviction, shall be liable to the pains and penalties of perjury. Ba? 33. That any person who shall koowinjly or wilfully in any wise procure the masinc or presentation of any false or fraudal nt l? vit concerning any claim for pensi m or pay ment thereof, or pertaining to any other mit ter within the jurisdiction of the Oomtui--ioiier ?f Petitions, or shall knowingly or wdtnlly pre sent or caoae to be presented at any i?tn*i in anr rower of attorney, or other paper required a* a voucher in drawlug a pension, whirb paper shall bear a date subsequent to tbaton which it was actually signed or execu ted, such person so off>nding shall be deemed guilty of a high misdemeanor, anl shall,on conviction thereof, be pnnishod by a fine iiot exceeding five hundred dollars, or by imprison ment lor a term not exceed! ug three ye arc. or by both, at the discretion ot the court belore whom such conviction ahall be bad; and no sum of mt ncy due, or to become doe, to any pen sioner un: er the lawa aloreeaid. sha'.l l?c liable to attachm* ut, levy, or seizure, by or under any legal or equitable process whatever, whet ?er the same remains with the Pension-Office. or any officer or agent thereof, or Is in waive ol tra n-miff ion to the pensioner entit ed thereto, but shall inure wholly to the benefit of ?u ;h pen sioner. Src. 54. That in all esse* of application f<* the payment ol pensions to invalid p-n?ion -rs to ti e fourth day of September of an odd yeir. the certificate ot an examining surgeon duly appointed by the Commissioner or Pens on*. or of a surgeon of the army or navv, sta'ing the cou'inuance of the disability for which the pen sion was originally granted, (describing It,) and the degree of such disability at the t!tn?* of ma king the certilcate. shall be required to accom pany the vouchers, and a duplicate tbereot shall be filed iu the office of the Commi?sio!i?r of Pensions: and if iu a case of ontinued disa bility it ahall be stated at a degree below fiat for which the pension was originally granted, or was last paid, the pensioner shall only be paid for the quarter thou due at the rate stated in the certificate: I'rvridtd, That when a pen sion shall be granted lor a disability consequent u|?n the lose of a limb, or other essential por tion of the bodv. or tor other cause which can not in whole of in part bo removed, or when a disability is certified by competent examining surgeons, to the satisfaction of the Comnils sinner of Pensions, to have become permanent in a degrte equal to the whole rate of pens' ?n, the above certificate shall not be necessary to entitle the pensioner to payment And prov 4"i /arther. That this section shall not b^ construed to prevent the Commissioner of Pensions from requiring a more frequent examination il, in his judgment. It is nocomary. isa<. a.". That the Commissioner of Petitions be, and he is hereby, empowered to appoint. at his discietlon, civil surgeons to make the pwi odical examinations of pensioners which arv, or msy bo, required by law, and to examine appli cant* for pension, where he shall deem an ex amination by a surgeon appoluted by him nec essary, and the fee for such examinations, and the requisite certificates theroof In duplicate, including postage on such as are?trsnam tted to pensiou-aiients, shall bo two dollars, which shall bo paid by the agent for paying pensions ia the district within which the pensioner or claim ant resides, out ot any money appropriated tor the payment of pension*, under such regula tions aa the Commisnioaer of Pensions may pre scribe. ?> _ Sac. 3That the Commissioner of Pension* be authorised to organise, at his discretion, boards of examining eurgoone, not to exoeed three members, ana that each member or a board thus organised who shall have been act ually present and made, in oonnection with other members or member, an ordered or peri odical examination, ahall be entitled to the fee of one dollar, on the receipt ot a propet cer tificate of said examination by the Commis sioner of Pensions. Sac. 37. That examining surgeon* duly ap pointed by the Commissioner of Pensions, and such other qualified surgeons as may be em ployed Hi the Pension-office, may be req aired by him, from time to time, as he shall deein for the interests of the government, to make spe cial examinations of pensioners, or applicants for pension, and such examination* shall have precedence over previous examinations, whether special or biennial; but when Injustioe is al leged to have boon done by an examination so ordered, the Commissioner of Pensions iu?v, at bis discretion, select a board of three dulv-ap pointed examining surgeons, who shall meet at a place to be designated by him, and shall re view saeh cases as may be ordered before them on api<eal from any special examination as aforesaid, and the decision of sach board shall be final on tbe question m submitted thereto, provided the Commissioner approve the same. The compensation of each or such surgeons shall bo three dollars, and shall be paid out or any appropriations made for the payment or pensions, in the same manner as the ordinary lees or sppointed surgeone are or may bo au thorized to be paid. tm 38. That the Secretary of the Interior be, and is hereby, authorized to appoint a duly Snallfled surgeon as medical refleree, who, under >e control and dtreetton of the Commissioner of Pensions, shall hav* charge of the examina t on and re vision of the reports of examinlag surgeons, aad such other duties touching medi cal and surgical questions In ?fcePension-Office, ss the Interests of the service may demand; and h?s salary ahall to two the?and Ave hundred dollars per annum. And the Secretory ot toe latorior is further authorized to appoint such qualified surgeons (act exceeding four) as the exigencies af the eervicc may require, who may perform the duties of examining swgeons when so required, and who shall bo borne upon the rolls M olorks of the fourth class: Rr?Ued, That such appointments shall net increase the cleri cal force of saM bureau. 8nc.?. That all acts and parts of acts Incon sistent er la ooafflet wfta the foregoing provis ions of this act are aerobe repealed. ^ Wi [Ummu aaTuaa? No. ?3.] Aa Act to declare the true Intent and meaning at the act approved Jaae eight.eighteen hun dred and seventy-two,aasendatory of the gen eral bankrupt law ?*? *msmi kotos Mmmta aad Mm* Rm*e? ttnimtirtt tk* MM Met** of Jewries ta CW gress wnalM, That It was toe trna lateat and measing of an net appreued Jaae eighth, elgh tooa haadnd andeevoatf-*se, eatftlui' - An net " " 'A*JK* * establish a United"/ ttons allowed the bankrupt few ?etd < ae* should, aad it Is hereby r shall, bo the smseat allowed 1 cootracted ^eftore tfic a.loptlon _ such State cenetitatlon and laws.hs wdll u- ..... contracted after the sams, and against liens be judgment or decree of aay State oourt, aay de cision of any such court tendered sf ace too adop tion and passage of such oonstitutiot and laws to the contrary notwithstanding. Approved, March 3, 187*. m , A* Act to extend for roar IvkiBC the Board of Co tsd fee acta NltUu thaeeta. ? B* ? roertsa to tk? Jueli m< ff.-w mf TU^rt. ?*< laft ?, t4 tke Cmu4 <wm *4 Amtrstm wK?. i r? l aases?#>ied, Thai the second. thtrd four* ?fth. u4 sixth sections ot the act entitled Mi act Bktini at propria! ton* for the rapport ef ** t**Jr?r ??**?* J""* *k'rt* v "P"" hundred lad wwtT-t**. aad tar oth. r ptrimo," approved M arefc thlrd.ef lb*?? hundred and WTntr ow. atd tbe act entit e J - . ~ ??, n VI IDT ?C1 OTTll e 1 "*? act ts author; re ti)? eoaatelOMn of oUjbv to *(*<**1 ?mo**! eov.miaieners to takj t rti?;<ny aad for othar pnrp^*.. aIH^ar?1 May eleventh, eighteen headrod an* ? .veatv and the Mat are beieby extsn i >d and aeotiaued In tore* tor four rear# fr*? chi tooth of Mar oh. aoiw Ojotaf airUtaaa hun dred an ' seventy three. * Boo. f. That the caaiaiaaioaata oC olaim* ?hall not receive anr pe.itijs tor the allowance of any c'a m or claim- aalee* aarh p, t ,u..a ah a ' be preset tod ha aad filed wlti thrm on or baf .ro tbe third day of March. rigtt^i hniolrad ai?d ?rr?-iit>-'hr?* . and ail cJaiaat not ao preaem* I !>hall be deemed t> he bar-ad forever ta* o after. ' A arrival. March I la;*. (UeaeaAL **i raa-N ?. ?\] A* Act to amen" an ct entitled ?? An ar* a.aking apjTopr at ton* for 'he sapport of tl* * nr. for the year ending June ih.rUe'h, e>? bte-n ha drcd and seventy.*? apmrti Mkreh third. eighteen hundred and *??? v-moe ?tataa-^d bf tke 3*m?e *,rf\??a?e ?f Heref t ntatirei of tk' r"af>d S'etetif i??nci ta C't f tit awnh*eg. That lb. el tl sacttoa of an art e-tlU. d ' An oet mak n*. appropriations for tho sajtpoqf the arm. for the .laa* thifieth, e'libteen h?ndr?d an i eevaatv." ap proved March third. el a*, to-a ban^d and *vty n*ne. ta ao far ntoJifie I he to authorise on i P iB't the President of the I'uited si' ttos *a t it \ an 1 by aad wlrh the advice at>4 ,-on a. nt?'t the S-nate to a>|<oin' one a?n?raut aj Jntan* (ereral. wnb the ra<h, par. and ???*;?. n erta < i a n.a ur in (be ?at J cepartaent. Aj p oTeJ, Marrh S. 1PT3 [Carnal. oarrao-Kn.OR ] An Act tu an<-n<l an aet rntltied "?n<t jj eftaMiah the l?<-p?: tnv ut of Joatice. and . jr 0 h-T |iiirpiO'?. ht ?? ea-rr^d ff t** Xm?u mt<* Wrmt' e' ft-pr*. Iftl fir-n/ lit t n''. d X it'4 if inxricau r a pr.?a attrml l. d, Tl.a th. tae rth aecUoa ol ttj art entitled "As ae? ti ?arabliah th?l?-p?-t ntentor .ta?tlee. an. 1 lor other porp^a-.." ap proved June taentr hee md. eighteen hindret and H'tcntT. if hereby atu^aded ao a* t<? tea i ?? lolioa>: ?? 'I iiat It thill b?* the duty ol the Attor ney tietiera' to make to Coitfreae, at the e<?n - Btenc- merit ?d'each regu'ar aownon nf Citri^n- t. a report ol tbe butment ot the aaid l> pa' rn jn for the I net procedinc tl*-al jrear, and of arv other mattersapperta'*dri( thereto, that be tn*v deem ptoji r. iticlndin; a atateoietii of the r.-T eral appropriation* now, or which niav here after be. placed naaer it- control, tbe aniunt appropriated, and a deta.led atatraea* of tl.e an?>rnt> uaed for deirkvtng tbe txi<esM* of the railed 8tat#** In each Jndicia'. dlatric*: alt? the etatiatica of crinje under tba lava ?' tbe Ualted Stire*. apd a atateaaent of ?h? nato i*r of raaaea. cieil ??id enm nal, nd rg l i ritif the pr? tdia< rear in each of tbe acrcral court* of the I'alu d 8t?tue. Set. -J. That the Becmary of the Interior he, and he to 1 ereby. attthorlred and re.|uire?l to furnish to the h?.ad of the Impertinent of J ji? tiee. from tltre to time, a* thry mivl.epnh li.-hed. a cnf 'lent auiniier ot the atetirt- ?>f the I aited State*, and the roporU of the H iprrtta t'onrt of the I'liited State*. U> be br him li?. tribnted to ttich eft -era of the court? ?ai the I'nltcd S'atea a- are now or ntay hereafter h<i l.y law entitled to receive tb.-a; and all l?w* or part* of Iiat authorizing the dtotrib .tioi .?t aoch etatntce aadre|?rt?of th.- Sui>m;i ? r.? n: to tl e&ftWr* of the conrt* of the I'nlt >.i S'at-? l y the bead of anv o'l -r i!?<*enti?e l?epirt oeatof the covcremet.' %e, an1 theaam^hre Ltreby. regaled. Sec. 3 Tint a retisfr of aooh book? rha'l bs kept, trader the aiitlii?ritvof the head ??i ???? I?e fartment ot Justice, ^l^owitl^5 the <|*jantity ol" tart, kind received !>v liiiii in parma'tc .it !h a act. and it thall lie hi* O itv to i'inM. to he ?n tered in auch regiater. and "at tbe proper t m>, wlien where, and to whom the earn*, or any |.art??l then, have l-een d.atribated at I erexl, and to report the aatne to i .>n|re?. m t,? ^ anaaiklreport. | Apt?roved. Marcl. s. la,*. IGkukkal lkATt a?^?No. ?7.J A* Act fixing tbe tlm. tor the eleciM.t. K? - re.*cii'Hti*ea trim tbe btate ol Caln^n..* 11 the Forty-fi orth (^orgreee. Ht tl .aerl'd fry Ik' f> nateiad of K<i,r - rtttaft>e? of tk' Cm-itSt?t?f A m^nrn m . nn. $r*t* atfmMrd, That on the Hrrt Wed-i -dtr In Bei teoihcr, in the year eighteen hundred an 1 Kreenty-foar. there abali be eiee'edta e?ch coi - greraional Jmlnot in the State ot Calii >.-iiiaoi a l:et teaeiitative to reircNenl aaid Sta'i- ia ?!?? Forty-fourth Ongre?c ot be I'tiited Vtate*. Approved, March 3, lfc.3. rCi KRAI. SATI BB? KO. 6<> Ah A.Tto AdUioriiLe the* to. aUaiu eiiipa at aigbt. lit I f ena. led fr? Ike ? >.d Hott te o/ l;*t re tenaur- $ of the Catted 'Wo ?f Am-ri a in C<>i gi tt att' ml-Ud, That It ehail be t!.j duty ut tbe oollectoroi onautrn* .will, the oen currerire ol the naval cltloer, U there be uu ? of any |?rt at which a tteanwhip from a foreign port or j lace atav arrive, upou or after the ia auinK or a general order, to grant, up.?? proper a;<t lication therefor, a special llcene- t>? nula Je tbe cargo of eaid veaael ai meht, that t- to aa\, bet ween Minaet and t.ii<iti*e; 1 ut before any auch *|hrial Iscenae is rrai iwl, the mheter. agent#, or consignees of the vetwel shall eie*uto an I deliver to the said collector a good an t autl clent t>ond, to be a[>|>rov<*d by linou' l to indeotitily and save the said collecTdr h?i ra leae from any and all lot.?eaan1 liahi.tti-? wbhh mav cceuror be occasioned by reason of granting ot such apenai licence And prurid- ', i Lat any liability of tbt inaater or of any ?nch Kteamship to the owner or consignee of any verchandiNe landed from eald \eM*el shall not be adected by the ?. ranting ot *uch afte<-ial license or of any genera' order, but *u-h I.abili ty ahaii continue unul aaid uiercli^n li*e ?? proi erly removed from the dock whe e >n the a?me may b-landed; aad tto collector, uti.t^r ??eh general regulation- aa the Secretarv oi tho 1 reaeury may preoenbe. ahall lis a aniform *nd reaaouable rate of compenaatwn for tike aer vice, to be paid by the master, owner, or con signee. whenever such special lloease i* granted, and ahall collect and distribute tbe aaiae among the inspectors a**igne<! to saperlDtend the an lad og of the cargo. [ Approved. March .1, ic% (Qtmil wai raa?No. t? ] Aa Act to provide for the preparation and pre sentation to Congree* or tbe Hevlai m ot the Low* ot tbe raited States, oonaolidatirig the law* relating to the (mot-roads, ami a code relating to military otTence*. and tbe revision 01 treaties with the Indian tribe* now in force. He it rn*ct'4 fif tie Knale eni JTeuee < f R'pre SfTttative* of tkt United .Slmt-t of ^4stn ? ta Cum ffT<u ajuml td. That a committee of three ot the Committee ot tbe ilou*e ot Kepre*entative0 on the Kevioion or tbe Laws, with cemrnitt<*e on the port of tbe Senate, ia berehv authorized, b\ r? solution, to be tl>d in the Itepartment of oat ice, to aeeert. on tbe part ol Oongreas, the draft on he vision ol tbe l^awa ot tbe Cnited State* prepared by*the commissioner- to revi* the statutes, ao lar as tbe aame bib- been re CDrted by them, aad may be berearter reiiorted > them, at the expiration ot the time desig nated for performing that nervioe. to wK, the focrth day of May. eighteen hundred an I aev etify-thrae, and to discharge aaid commissioner*, trom and after which ail acts and parte of arts declaring the duties, |?wers. rights, ami privi lege* of said commissioners, are hereby re pealed; bat nothing herein contained ahall be construed as an approval or adoptlow by (Con gress ot any part of the work or tbe com missioners. Sec. 2. That the Committee of the limae ot 6ttr^sentative on the kevialoa of the l.*w* to er with such committee as Che Senate may a, be, and tber hereby are. aathorUed to contract with some suitable person or peraou learned in tbe law, to prepare h hi" revising and embodying in one act all the laws aathoriting post-roads In force at the omraOou or tbe present sessien ot Congress, and also to prepare J a bill codifying and regulating tbe laws in regard to military o&onoee. to th? , recommendation made by tbe President of tbe I United States in hi* anaual message oommuni- d eated to Ceogrem at the preeent saasma, an ! also to prepare arevtstoa of afrdhe Indian treaties new In force as laws. ? Sec. S. That said|com St WTO e snV^e of.Viv. In the^m ot a bil.^to be prese Do revieed ... , j. - provided tor, with proper indese*, so that the earns may be in farm to be aotod upon fcrtbwith by Coo peyment of the work hereto pii^lid tm be dvt.ersed by the !>et artmoat of Ji from time to Usee only at far fie that D? partmcnt tohU hes^leied toft the srart will b? '??* i {Ganaii ?*ua-*e. th|- . 1 An Aer to provide tot the awmttosaist of the Territory of Wyeaaiag tor leg dalaUra 0 par pasea ? B' tl se led to II' *'??" aad Haas* mf ?eatalive, mf tk' Ib.f ' ^afrv^ir .^ ' "f the aneertion? ?^ great ? Terriie ry ?r Wyoming far too election of

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