Newspaper of Evening Star, 10 Mayıs 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 10 Mayıs 1873 Page 7
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femof the next legislative mmhiMt or aald Iimtori shall be made by the governor there. g>f in accordance w 'h the provisions of an act ?r'uongre** entitled "An ki to proTtdf i f?m norvj government for the Territory of Wyo approved duly twenty-tilth. MgfctHi t; indr* 1 (and sixty eight: Provided, Toat fOr the perpone of Htb apoortionnent it shall b* not be necessary to takn a new or additional a*n*a* or numeration of eaid Territory. Apjroved, March <. 1*73. (Onnu siATiaB?No 71.] Aw Act to amend the law requiring consular office" to collect three months' extra pay for s-aiaeii In certair. ease*. he it onarted 6? ?' S'natt and rr-mte of Revro* inr?tirn of Ik' United ?/ America ?a Con urnt ats-mhi'd. Tbat th? law to regit tat* the consular rrotem of the United States, which requires consular officers to collect three month*' extra wage* upon the discharge of Ma men. be. and the same hereby is. so amended ae to pernait said officers whenever, after a full hearing of both parties. the o*n?e of di?~harge is fbund to be the misconduct of the namta, 'o remit *o mucb of the extra wage* as is now bv law pai-1 to the seaman discharged; i*so*i<M, That r? I ef can immediately be offered to sach Murin by reshipment without expense to the UuU?d Mate*. {Approved, Ma.rh 3, 1*73. rCawaaliT Mrni-Jto. 72.] As Act to amend an art entitled " An act to prevet.t smn^llng. it il for other purpose*," approved tlnly eighteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-stx. B' itenart'd bf Ik' Senate crd ffr>ui' ef Reprt tentatn-1 -/ 'Ac t'ntiei State! of Awuri^a in iT'ti uf rmlUb, That the seventh section ot the .act entitled '? An art to tarther prevent smtig gl'rg. ai.d :or ether parpo*es." approve.! July eighteenth, eighteen tinudred end sixty-six, Is hereby amended so a# to rea l as follows: That ft shall be the duty ol the several collectors of cal? and ot internal revenue to report within ten dare to the iiistnct attorney of the district in which any line, penalty, or forfeiture may he incurred for the violation of any law of the Unitrd State* relating to the revenue, a statement ut all the facta aud circumstances of the case aithin their knowledge. together with the nam* a ot the witnesses, and which may come to their knowledge from time to time, stating the provision-<?f the law believed to be violated, and on which a reliance may be had for condemnation or conviction, and such district attorney shall cause the proper proceedings to be commenced and prosecuted wlthc ut delay lor the tines, penalties, and forfeitures by law in such case provide*!. unless. upon inquiry and examination, he shall dec do that such pro ceedings cannot probably be sustained, or that the ends el public justice do not require that proceedingsshould be instituted, in which case f e shall report the facts In customs c??k> to the Secretary ot' the Treasury. and in int'mal rev enue cases to the Comwi*eioner of lnteri al Kevenue.for their direction; and for the ex penses incurred and service* rendered in all such cases the district attorney shall receive and be paid from the treaeary such sum as the Secretary of the Treasury shall deem Just and reasonable upon the certificate of the judge be fore whom ?nch ca**9 are tried or disposed ef: Providud, hoicevr. That the annual compensa tion of sucb district attorney shall nit exceed the maximum amount now prescribed by law; and if any collector shall in any case rail to re port to the proper district attorney as prescribed ia this section, such collector's right to any conr<ensai i ?n, benefit, or allowance in such caw shall be forfeited tc the United States, and the same mav, in the discretion of the Secre tary of the Treasury, be awarded to such per mits aa may make complaint am! prosecute the same to indemen? or conviction. Approved, March 3.1*73. % [Gbviral hatcre? No. T3 ] As Act \aj regulate the taking ot tesumony in certain cases. Be it tfutt'ed bf the Snot-- and TTontt *f K'jsw S'uinlir't of tk< f'mted Stat't of AmtiCon frris m*f titled. That t o witneM shall be com pelled to api>ear or to testifv before auy com cilasioner or officer appointed to take testimony under letters rogatory, issued or to be issued from any court in any foreign country, in any suit or proceeding in which the government ol .-uch foreign country -hall be a partv of record or in interest, except for the purpose of answer ing specific written Interrogatories issued with and accompanying such letters rogatory and addraased to such witness: Provide 1, That when counsel for all the parties attend the examina tion, tfaev may consent that questions in adiitlon to those accompanying the letters rogatory ma? be put to the witness, unless the letters rogatory, exclude such additional interrogatories. ha*. 2. That i?o witness shall be required, oa Pucb ex?iu;a?t:on, or any other under letters rogatory, to make any disclosure or dl>covery nhick shall tend to criminate him either under the laws of the State or Territory within which ftGCb examination is bad, or anv other, or any foreign State. [ Approved, Starch 3,1;73. [Ouiial aaTcna?No. 71] A? Act to restore Absalom Kirby as second assistant engineer In the navy. P' it enacted If IJ' S-nate mud House of H'yre aen'atires of the. L'ttte t Sthtes of America ia Con 4;vms oti'mUed, That the President of the Uni ted States be, and he is hereby, authorized, by ard with the advice and consent of the Senate, to restore Abealom Kirby to his original posi tion on 'he active list as a second assistant en. gineer in the navy of the United States. Approved, March 3, 1*73 (Gniiii aaTvas?No. 75 ] As Act providing tor the payment to the gov ernment ef Japan the sum do* on account of rents ror lands and buildings occupied by the diplomatic and consular representatives or the United States to Japan, and for other pur it enarted by tke S'late and Ifoute of Repre #e*.'af??'S of tho Cnxt'd Stmtet ot ^stenics" t'a Cos gr'tt ait- mt-ied That the Secretary ot State be. and be is hereby, author:zed to pay to the gov ernment of Japan, through its resident dip.c maTis representative in tbe United States, outo any money* m the treasury not otherwise ap propriated. any sum not exceeding six thousai d dollars, which may be round to be due to the government or Japan by that of the United iftate*, on account or rents toe lands or build ings occupied lor hoepital purposes, jail, and court-Louse, by the United States in Japan. Sec. 2. That the Secretary or State, through tie minister restdeat at Japaa, be, and he is bereby, authorised to rent, furnish, and keep enitable buildings, with grounds, appurtenant, Jn Jedo, or sach other place a* be may desig nate, for a court-house and jail, at an anneal cost cot exoeediag live thoaaand dollar*: I'ro vxded. That the period for which the said build ings shall be rented shall be for two years, wKh renewals lor two years as tke Secretary of State shall determine. Sao. 3 That a further ram, not to exceed two thoaaand live hundred (toilers, be, and the same Is hereby, alee appropriated, oat of anv moneys in tke treasnry not otherwise appropriated, for tke purchase of a suitable law library for tke Me of satd legation in Japaa, tke selection of such library to be made by the Secretary of Btate. [ Ap(frovd, March 3, 1873. t. On an ax aaTiaa?No. 7t>.] Aw Act auibor zing the Secretary of War to r Ornish a duplicate cert id.-ate ot discharge when the sams has beon lost. Be it enacted Of tke .Vn?v and Haute of R'pre tmiatir't of tke United S'lt'i?/ .laeri.j m Cum BT'it tt-mt d. That whenevsr satisfactory proof shall be furnished to the War Department that any aon-eommtssioned officer or private soldier who served in the army or the United States in the late war against the rebellion has lot* his certificate or di?charge, or tke eame kas been destroyed without Us privitv or procure ment. the Secretary of War shall be authorized to furnish, on request, tj sach uon-oommis ?loned officer or private, a duplicate of such certificate of discharge, to be indelibly marked, ?o that it may be known as a duplicate: Pro Tided, Such certificate shall not be accepted as a voucher for the payment of anv claim against the United States tor pay. bounty, or other al lowance, or as evulence in any other case. 8>c. 2. Thar the arm* regulations now in force era hereby mod itied in accordance with the provision* of this act. Approved, March 3,1*73. | Groi&al aATU.ite ?No.77 ] As Act te provide tor the establishment of a military prison, and for its government. " Pe it enacted bf tke XrnaU and Houte of R'vrt oentatrrfi of tke United States of Awieriea ut C * grttt cutembled, That there shall be estab lished at Rock island. In the State of Illinois, a prison ror the confinement and reformation of offenders against tke raiee. regulations and laws ror tke go fern men t or the army of the United State*, in which shall be securely con fined, and employed at labor, and governed in tke manner hereinafter directed, all offenders coavicted before any court-martial or military commission in the United States, and sentenced ?ccordtngto law, to imprisonment therein. Sac. 2. That tke Secretary of War shall or laise a board of five member*, to consist ot i officers of tke army and two persons from , life, who ikall adopt a plaa tor tke boild of sack prteon, and who stall frame regula te for the government of the prisoner*, in ac dance wiia tke previsions of tkls act. The id commissioners from civil life shall kold *ir offices tar Ike term of three years, rd shall be paid Ave dollar* a day whde oa dnty, and neeessary travelling expeaeee; aad tke said officers of the army shall, at all timas, 2x aubj ect to removal by tke Secretary of War. Sac- 3. That the Secretary ol War shall, with ?aid eommi#ffioners. semi-annually, and as mach or tenor as may be learned expedient, visit said orison tor tke purposes*! examiaatiea, inspec tion. aad correction: and they shall iuquire into ail abnses or neglects of duty on the part ot the officers or other parson* la charge of th* same, and make sa?h changes in th* general discip line ol tke prisea a* they may kold to b* *es? Sac. 4- That tke officers of tke prison shall roa*i?r Ol a commandant and snch subordinate ?ffieae* aa mat be aeceesarv, a chaplain, a sur geon, aad a clerk, who shall be detailed by tke Secretary of War from tke commiaatoaed offi cers at th* army: aad a sufficient namber of . *?y; ??' aa listed men shall be detailed by tke of War to aeta* turnkeys, gnardi, aad flkOtS IM tk# DfitOD. Sac. &. That one of the laspecten ef the atmy shall, at lea?t once la tkree moatk*, visit tk* prison for the parpoe* or *xamlatng iato th* Iftia aad all tke aOaira U lag whether the !mi, rules, ud regulaUonsrs lating tkereto we Oomplied with, the officers sre competent and faithful, and the convict* prop, erly governed end Map lor ad, and at tke same time treated with humanity and kindness. And u <1*ty ?r ^ Inspector, at onoe, to nake fell report thereof to the Secretary of Vu. Sao. 6. That before the rnmmaailant eaten upon the dmles of hi* office he ahali give head, aith sufficient sureties, in a earn to be fixed by ' ?e Secretary o< War, to he approved hy hi condition; <1 that he shall fattbfally acooant I all money placed in hte heads for the aee at the prison arid tor the faithful discharge of all duties an commandant. He shall have ee_ mand of the prteoa; shall have the charge and employment ol the prisoners, and the eastody or Hii the property of the government connected with the iriaon. Heahaii receive and pay oat all money used for the prison, and shall eaase to be kept. In suitable books, complete aooennts of all the property, expenses, income, business, and concern* oi the prison; and shall make full and regular reports thereof to the Secretary of War; and shall, under the direction and with the spproval ot the Secretary of War, amplov. for the benefit of the United States, the con victs at such labor and In such trades as may be deeded best for their health aad reformation. He shall have power to sell aad dispese ot any articles meaufaetured by the convicts, and shall regularly account t<>r -ho proceeds thereof, and ahali give bond and security for the faithful heeplag and ac counting of all moneys and property coming to his hands aa secb commandant. He shall Uke rote aad make record of the good oouduct of the coavicts,>?nd shall shorten the dally time of hard labor for thoee who, by their obedience, honesty, industry, or general good conduct, earn such favors; aad the Secretary of War is authorized and direeted to remit, in part, the sentences ot inch convicts, and to give them ah honorable restoration to doty in case the same i? merited , and in case any convict shall disobey the lawful orders ol" the officers of the prison, or ret use to comply with the rules and regulations thereof, be may be placed in solitary confine ment. and the commandant shall at once report the case to the SecreUry of War, who shall direct the inspector to make full examination and report of the matter at the next inspection; but in no case shall any prisoner be subjected to whipping branding, or the carrying of weights lor the purpose of discipline, or for producing penitence; and every prisoner, upon being discharged from prison, shall be furnished aith decent clothing. .iSf,c* 7: ?of npw<paper? and books '?all not be denied the convicts at times when riot employed; and that unofficial visitors shall t-e admitted to the prison under such restric tions as the board of commissioners may impose 1 be prisoners shall not be denied the privilege ot communicating with their friends by letter, and trom receiving like communications from them, all of which shall be subject to the In spection or the commandant, or such officer as la may assign to that datv. Ski-. 8. That the prisoners shall be supplied with ample and clean bedding, and with whole scrne and sufficient food, but when in hospital or under discipline their diet shall be prescribed y..^ Proper authority. The prison shall be suitably ventilated, and each prisoner shall ?T *. ?Wi^ y ot 80,(1 or topid water, ?k ?5?S!? ?PP,ied to the whole surface of the beffiy, unless the surgeon shall direct other wise for the health of the prisoner. Sko. 9. That no officer of the prison, or other person connected therewith, shall be concerned or interested, directly or indirectly, In any con prtsonPUr ?f 8*'e nu"3" on account of the S*c. 10. That any officer who shall suffer a convict to escape, or shall in aay way consent to his escape, or shall aid him to escape, or in to ?*cap?. ??>all, upon conviction, be <*i<>mtased from the service, and suffer such other punlsbmenfae a court-martial may inflict. ?to. li. That any soldier or other person em - p.ojed in the prison, who shall suffer a convict to escape, or shall in any way consent to hi* escapc, or shall aid him to escape, or in an at tempt to escape, shall, upon conviction bv a ore'/e?^*1^'' c^ntined therein not less than IHimbat a11 PrL,on*r8 nnler conenement in said military prisons undergoing sentence Of courts-martial shall be liable to trial and pun p-l ment by courts-martial under the rules and ff *'. **L for offences committed during the said confinement. Approved, March 3.1873. <Om?At HATCua? No. 78.1 AcT a Ion ro J. Marsh to hl? Pj.s tion in the army, and that he be hon orably mustered oat of the service as of the date ot the mnstering-oat of his regiment. *' matted by the Senate and House of Re pre t'ntatiret of the United Statee of Amend in Oon fr'siatjembl'd, That the Secretary of War be and he hereby is, authorized and directed to restore A Ion xo J. Marsh, late a captain of com pany H. eleventh regiment veteran reserve f rps. to his position as such captain, and grant h?m an honorable muster out as of the date on which he was dismissed, to wit, on March sev enth. eighteen hundred and sixty-tire. Approved, March 3, 1873. [Gkhekal natukk?No. 79.1 Af^ArT *? ""to ? Port of delivery at La vitwe. In Wisconsin, and to proYide for a surveyor of cuitoini thereat. Re if enacted by the Senate and Route of Repre fntatxeet qf the United State, qf America in Con STiVSTThat Lacrosse, in the county ff La Cromo, aad State of Wisconsin, bo, and Is hereby .constituted a port of delivery within ^?,f?,toeti?a district of New Orleans; and there ! *P^?'"t*d * "urveyer of customs ror said port, who shall perform the duties of such ofllce aad receive the compensation of not ex ceeding twelve hundred dollars per annum as **lary- [Approved, March #, 1873. [GrwRRAL HATraa?No. 80-1 AoT pweat craotty m aulmaU while In tranolt by railroads or other means of trans, portatlen within the United States. He it enacted by the Senate and Boute of R'prt tenfatirts of the United Stale, of America in Con *iVhiJ"? h*6^'i.Zjf1no fa'lroad company Tnl Lart ?e U?, *d ?UU"? wh*e road forms ?kLp ?f ?Ub# of r0fcd over which cattle, sheep, swine, or other animals shall be con IFmSZZ T22* to *"***> or the owners or masters of ateam, sailing, or other vessel* SSE,X.ortfm""Port|ng cat?, sheep, .win^or from one 8tate to another, shall cenfir a the heme In ears, boats, or vessels of f?y,d?*Frt?tton. for a longer period than twen f.". TC *oun> without unloading rof-w?tor, and feeding, for a pe yaoooatlva hours, unless i m 80 ontoadlng by storm or other ^JiinsUsg sueb confine ment the tlsse during which the auimals have confined without such rest on connecting ,whlcl1 the7 are received shall be MMtoi'i ?'"g 'ntent of this act to pro 5 r cont'nuoas confinement beyoad the period of twenty-eight hours, except upon con J'creinbefore stated. Animals so nntoaded shall be properly fed and watered durtng saeh reid by the owner or person having tie custod> thereof, or in case of his default in so doing then by the railroad company or own X ,?7--to? boats or veeseU Uan.sportTng the same at the expense of said owner or^erson in custody thereoi; and said company, owners or masters ?haH in sach cases have a ii?n 'or care, and custody /ar nished, and ehall not be liable for any detoation ot such animals authorized by this act. Anv -i^pV,y.;?^Der'or custodian of such animals wilfully fail to com ply wiih the provtoiens of this act shall, for each and svery such failure to comply with the provisions of this act, be liable for id forfeit and pay a penalty of not less than ene hundred nor more than five hundred dollars: l'rovidtd ko***er. That when animals shall be carried in c^-boat*,or other vessels in which they can and do have proper food, water, spaoe, aad op portunity for iest, the foregoing provisions in r*f:rd to toe'f unload stall not apply "to J?"1!* created by the first M aet rt>*n recovered by civil action in the name ot the United States in the cl'cnU or district court of the UnUedSutw hol<ton wlu>ln the district where the violation ol this act may have been committed, or the person or corporation reeidee or carries oa its business; and it shall ha the duty of all United St?tes marshals, their depaties and subordl "to* to prueecute all violations of this act uil 5 Vl0?-* to their aoUee or knowledge. t iJiito i i -* Li?7 tfn2a or corporation enti tled to lien aader the first section of this act "?J^toroe the same by a petition filed in the tot court of the United States holden with lk"i, food, care, and custody shall have been foralshed, or the owner or cus todian of the property resides; aad said court fjto" power to lane all suitable process for w ?f,"^wh ,l#n by**le orother to eompel the payment of all costs, penalties, charges, and expenses of proceed lrcs under this act. ^ That this act shall not go into affect ""'toe first day of October, eighteen hundred and Mveaty-two. f Appro vediM arch 3, 1873. Re t/ enacted by tke Senate mm4 ifcan of Recre tentatinet qf tke Urn ted State t qf America in Cum rrret assembled, That the counties of Santa Bar Bernardo, and San l>ieg<?, la the Bute of Oaliforaia, are hereby **oobed ftaei the collection district of Saa Francisco; and all the territory, ports, harbors, rirsrs, aad waters of said couaties shall eoasti * ^^^cn d-trlct by the name or the 8an v& s: *^*to* coaeeat of the Senate, shall appoint a collector, to reside at said port, wboeeoem pensatien shall ha three theasaad dollars per dollars per Sac. t. That the Secretary of the Treasury shall hay. power to appoint sach Inspectors, aad other offi for the eolleetioa of I ? ?-rr.i the collector of w^dport My, with the appcoktiea of said j^rs e asaaj I ae ami . . ;? dallars each per P?u of Saa Pedro and ^t'.to 'arbara, which shaU ooatlnue ta be ports at aenvsey. [Appeared, March ?, IKS. [OmtAl VATVBB? Ho. 12.1 AM Act relating to ?e I ractional part* of I bar rel oontalntng tormented liquors Be it emoted 6y senate mmd Burnt* of Mnrt Hnimtwet ?f Ihe United Stmtts of America in Com yrtst assembled, That section eighteen of the aot oatltlod "Ai set to reduce duties n fa ports and to reduce lotaautl tuaL and Other purposes," approved .fine Mxth. eight hundred and seventy-two, bo amended by strik ing oat the prooteo to said eoetfon, and* Ing in heu thereof the flKlowing: "In tag aad oomputing the Internal tax on oil beer, lagor bter, ale, porter, and other fomented liquors. by whatever name such liquors mt bo called, the functional porta of ? barrel shall bo halves, thirds, quarters, sixths, and eighths; end any fractional part of a barrel containing loss than one-eighth shall be acoonnted one eighth; aore than one-eighth, and not more than one sloth, shall bo accounted one-sixth; more than one-sixth, and not more than one* fourth, shall be accounted one-fourth; more than one-fourth, and not more than one-third, sball be accounted one-tMrd; more than one third, and not more tfcar -half, shall bo ac counted one-half; store u n one-half, and not more than one barrel, shall be accounted one barrel; and more than one barrel, and not more than sixty-three gallons, shall bo accounted two barrels, or a Boghead. Approved, March 3,1873. [Grvrral hatcbb?No. 83.] An Act to establish certain pot^t-roads. Be it enacted by tie Senate and House of Meprt S'ntatirrs of the United State t of America t'n Con C-ett assembled,Thnt the following be, and are ereby established as post-road*: ALABAMA. From East Mill, via Del to, to Oxford. Krom Lamar to Highshoals, From Ashville to Mumford. From b arren Station, via Hulsey's Stand, Pinhook, and Democrat, to Jasper. From Priiie'a Station to Woodland. From Burleson to Detroit. From Tuscumbia to 8prlng Creek. From Waterloo to Eastport, Mississippi. From Bayou Lsbahe to Grand Bar. From Ceutrerille, via Tionuo, to Brierfield. From Higitxboal* to Roanoke From Hintlola to Letohatchee. From Seville to Nlcholasville. From.Shetby Iron Works to Columbiana. From Shoal'Ford to Madison Station. From Thatcher's Creek to Blount Springs. From Edwardsvllle to Obulliinne. From Union to Clinton. From Walnut Hill, vlaRultown.toNolasulga. From Gainesville, via Warsaw,to Pickensvifie. AUIZOHA. From Corbet to Saint George, in Utah. A RK AS 9 AS. From Clarksville to Mount Judab. From Lyman, via Galla Rock, to Danville. From Dardanelle, via Pettit-Jead and Hover, to Mount Ida. From Hick's Station to Pine Bluff. From H?rrisburg to JackM>nport. From Pittsburg to .1 ack son port. From Carrollton to Burllngtorf. From Duvall's Bluff, via Do Sauk and West Point, to Kensett. CALironniA. From Sacramento City, via Union House, Franklin, Kichland, and On is to, to Walnut Grove. From Berendo Station, via Buchanan, to Fresno Flats. From Jones,via Happy Camp,to Oreleans Bar. From Bakersfield to i'ehachape. From Bishop Creek to Bound Valley. From Benton, via Columbus, to Wadiworth, N evada. From Ltda Valley, via Palmetto and Fish I.ake, to Columbus, Nevada. From Bodie to Aurora. From Colusa, via Bartlctt Springs and Upper Lake, to I'klah. From Tehama to Famington. From Greenville to Flattsville. From Fresro to Centreville, King's Rtver. FromPsso Ruble's Springs, via Josephine, to Cam aria. From Redwood City, via Searsville and La Hi nda Junction, to Pescadero. From Hollister to San Juan. From Wilmington to Anaheim. Front Los Aogelos to Head of San Gabriel Canyon. From Gilrov to Hot Springs. From Orrville, via Gndley, to Princeton. <OHS BCTK'DT. From West Klliingly, via South Killingly, North Sterling, and Foster Centre, to South Foster. From Stamford to Long Ridge. Froui Greeuwich,viaStanwich,toBanksville. COLORADO. From Fort Garland to Del Norte. From Box Elder to Running Creek. From Canyon City, via Texas Creek and Pleasant Valley, to South Arkansas. From State Line, via Lyon, to Pueblo. DAKOTA. From Waverly, via Piairlc House, to Bennett Station. From Vankton, via Banzill Mills, In Nebraa ka, to Frenchtown, in Nebraska. From North Niobrarah to Mineral Springs. From Springfield to Niobrarah. From Yankton, via Bohemian Settlement, to Springfield. From Vermillion, via Clay Creek and Turkey Creek, to Milltown. Fiom Greenwood Agency, via Milltown, to Flandreaa. From Fort Sally, via Milltown and Finlay, to Beloit. From Elk Point, via Spink, Prairie. Union Creek, and Walled Lake, to Medary. From Del I City .via Chain Lakea,Ftnlay, Swan Lake, and Lincoln, to Saint James, Nebraska. From Yankton, via Ziakov, Tabor, and Gool ey. to Springfield. From Canton, via Glenwood, to Liborty. GEORGIA. From Gainesville, via Ethel and Wahoo, to Dahlonega. From Social Circle, via Newborn, to Monti cello. IOWA. From Richland, via Talleyrand, to Keota. From Trenton, via Merrlmac and German ville, to Brighton. From Qulncy, via Van Dyke, to Cass. From Prairie City to Colfax. From Greeley, via Saint Petersburg, to Coles burg. IMDIAWA. From Leavenworth to Jehn W. Ron die's Store. From Hazleton to Alendale. From Leopold to Ueno. From Freedom, via Newark, to Saulsbury. From Greencastle, via Mount Meridian and Br lie Union, to Eminence. From Williamsport, via Free Hall, Walnut Grove Poet-office, and Jordan, to Roesville, Il linois. From Troy, via Tell City, to Carmelton. ILL I Hots. From Hanover, via Derinda City, to Savanna. From Weston, via Wood's Farm, Ellsworth, a*d Padua, to Le Roy. From Hanover to l>erinda. KAI8AS. From Canker City, via Jewell Centre, White Sock, and Great Bend, to Meridian, Nebrasks. From Republican City, rla Fair view and Punceville, to Concordia. From Republican City to Newton Centre. From Klrwin, via Phillpsburgh and Granite Blutt', to Melrose, in Nebraska. From Sargent to Pueblo, Colorado Territory. From Oxford, via South Haven, to Caldwell. From Logan, via Norton, to Republican City. From Augusta, via Pollcreek and Nlneecah, to Oxford. From Ottawa, via Centropolis, to Topeka. From Cawker City, via Kir win and Deer CrMrk, to Fort Kearney. - From Cawker City, via Jewell City, Bellville, and Fail bury, to Beatrice. From Peru to Elgin. From Centropolis to Marlon. From Jewell City, via .Muith Centre, to Phil lpsburgh. From Wellington, via South Haven, to Cald well. From Burr Oak, via White Mounds, Oakland, and Athens, to Cawker City. From Cawker City, via Porter's Ranch, Cov 'iton, and Norton Centre, to Mendota. roaa Cedron to Pittsburg. From Boasville, via Maple Hall and Newburg, to Alma. From Alma, via Cobb and Esonvillo, to Coun cil Grove. From Alma, via Grimm, Moss Springs, West on. and Kent, to Junction City. From Doeversvllle to Norton Centre. From Park's Fort, via Graham Centre and Irwin Mounds, to Norton Centre. From Hays City, via Stockton, Philllppl, and Pbillpsburg, to Republican City. From Truesdall, via Philipsburg and Granite Bluff, to Oxford. From Augusta to Oxford. From Marion Centre to Peabody. From Russell Station, via Monticollo, Stock ton, and Dooversvllle, to Norton Centre. Prom Cawker City, via Ionia, Jewoll Centre, and Wbite Rook, to Hebron, to Nebraska. From Eureka, via Christiana and Lapland, to Matte Id Green. Fresu Deovonville to Graham. From Minneapolis, via AllanUius, Milo, ami Bine Hill, to Pittsburg. Prom Winfield, via Oxford, to Wellington. From Columbns, via Lostine, to Chooo. Prom Glrard, via Mulbary Grove, to Aroadla. From Glrard, via Hope field, Iowa City, and Stevenoon, to Midway. Prom Oswego. via Bipon aad Dora, to Parker. From OtteriAko.vta Johnson, to Belle Garde. From Plaasanton, via Mo?d City aad Wall Street, to Oarnott. J rem Pern, via Mount Vernon, to Grafton, rom Klrwin, via Philipsburg, Alniena, aad Norton, to BUUnjgvtUe^ inat Fr West Paradise, CedarvLle, Covington, aad Cora, to Red Cloud. From Wichita to Clear-Water. Pram Oxford, via Boaanto. to Arkansas City. ' * CHv, via Poheta, to Pliny. _ iSallna, via Bliack Watlor and Farlaud, to Hutch I From Broohvilla to Oolmar. FromSoUwa, via Pliny, Empire, and Spring valley, to Vowton. Prom Arkansas Crty. via Gaalpk, South Ha ven, and Alton, to OaldweU. Prom WatorvtUe and Poach Grove to Una. pFrom Eureka, via, Northward, to Western Prom Linden, via Olivet, Kedron, and Mar ttodale,to Burlington. Elk Falls, vta to Odtml?. Fita Bw uid, vta Em* Wolf, Pittsburg, tad Waronda, to Cttktr City. Fran Elk City, via Colfax, Farmersburg, and Falda, to Cedai? From Will to 1 to Athena. From Bo?Isb4, via Sylvan ( lo Fettersburc. ?tn to Pa From Tou|itwra to Florence. From Ataaa, via Newberry aad Plowboy, ( BO ?.SK^SS-.*14 ?*"B,brtrt' From Floral, via New Salem, to Cabin Valley. From Cottonwood Falle, rla Fox Crook, Wood ?"??Sprlafa, Tar West, ami Leland, to Skiddy. From HoMoa, rla Clarion, Pen dell, and SmiihJIeld. to Aocruta. From Clay Ceatre, Tla Pewellsburg and Alert, to Rudolph. J2???tZ53ioTk?i- -*>? From Clay Centre, via Exeter, Athelstaae. New Grant, and Uatherie, to Ablllne. From Blufiton, Tla Mulberry, to BrookvUle. From Rocktord to Marmaton. From Cakalooea, via Woodstock, Prairie View, and Chester, to Lawrence. From JaxbeUa to Hose. From Sumner to Wellington. From Big Bend, rla Elma, Albion, and Joy Creek, to Steele City. From Shawnee Mission to RoMdale. From Lawrence, via Holling, Marion, Michi gan Valley, and La Mount Hill, to Lyndon. From Brltton to Douglas. From Mount Cents to Chapman** Creek. From Valley Centre, via Park City, to Eld riftge. ? From Ellsworth, via Brookdale and New Cin cinnati, to Peace. From^Atchitton, via Mount Pleaaant and Mill wood, to Easton. Frum Canola to Greenfield. From Casca to Greenfield. From Emerald to Mineral Point. From Toutsville to Hillsdale. From Fort I.arned to Larued. From Monticello to Olathe. From Kennekuk, via Lancaster, to Farming ton. From Strawn, via Ottumwa, to Lebo Creek. From Lodiana to Brookdale. From Cedron to Freewill. From Seapo, via Shirely and Meredith, to Lamar. From Bnrllngton to Madison. From Topeka, via Auburn, to Alma. From Auburn, via Dover and Grant, to New burg. From Oreat Bend to Medicine I^odge. From Kaymond, via Sherman, to Caldwell. From Raymond, via Rattle Snake Valley, to Simaro Salt Mines. From Hutchinson, via Crow Creek Valley, Breakdale, and Plumb Creek, to Ellsworth. From Russell, via Cornell's Ranch, Harvey's Ranch, Greelt-y City, Osborne City, Tdden, Cay lord, Cedar vi lie. South Centre, to Lowell, Nebraska. From Gaylord, via Joy's Store, to Oeborne City. From Russell, via Landon's Ranch and Blood Creek, to Great Bend. From Ellis, via county seats of Phillips and Norton counties. From Osage Mission, via Girard, to Carthage. From Wichita to Medicine Lodge. KBMTDCKr. From Rocker's Station, via Brown's Landing, to Smithland. * From Carrollton to WorUivllle. From Walton to Beaver Lick. From bmithland Station to Smithland. From Elixaville Station to Flemingsburg. From Mayfield, via Bacchus Mills and Kirk sev, to Waidsboro. From Benton, via Briensburg and Cabrest, to Smithland. From Murray, via Harrisburg, to Boydsville. From Stanford to Liberty. From Paducah, via Barlow City, to Cairo, in Illinois. From Princeton, via Wallonla, to Cadiz. From Muntordville, via Wild Cat Mills and Reams Chapel, to Dickey's Mills. From Big Clifty Station, via Hudsonville, to Conttantine. From Sparta Station to Owenton. From Beattyville to Jackson. From Union Star go MoolvUle. LOUISIANA. From Bayon Goula to Port Barre. From Shreveport to Mooringsport. From Shrevei>ort to Gravel Point. From Pleasant Hill to Manny. From Manny, via Leesville, to Lake Charles. From Raceland, via Lock port aLd Valious, to Orange City. '

From Homer, via Summerfleld, Scottsville, and Spearoville, to Hillsborough, In Arkansas. From Columbia, via Whitehead's Ridge and McKnigbt's Mill, to Alexandria. From Arcadia,via Libert? Hall, to Pine Ridge. From Alexandria to Hickory Flat. From Rigolett's Bridge to Lima. From Monroe, via Redmoulh and Winnaboro. to St. Joseph. ' From Wlnnsboro, via Burnt Prairie and Stu art's Landing, to Harrisonburg. From Cloutierville to Montgomery. Fiom Cloutierville to Kile's Mills. From Cotlle te Sullivan's Landing. From Columbia, by way of Centreville, to Fubnaloova. MISSISSIPPI. to^Gari and "iP^-* *la Westvllle and Raleigh, From Westville, via Hebron, to Monticello. From Morton to Polkvllle. From Raleigh, via Taylorsville, Knight's Mill, Midway, and Erato, to Shubnta. From Neebitt's, via Pleasant Hill, to Lewis bnrg. From Bsnkston to Lagrange. From Nesbitt'e, via Mitchell's Store, En dors, Pratt's Mill, and Arkabutla, to Hudson's. Missorai. From St Arbertson, via Bluffton and Port land, to Kbinelsnd. From Spickardsville, via Bnttsville, to Mo den a. From Platte City to Parkyille. FrOm Mill Grove to Modena. From Warrenten, via Hopewell, Holsteln. and Plnkney, to Warren ton. From Kansas City, vta Barry, Smithvllle, and Carpenter's Store, to Grayson. From Marshall to Glasgow. From Princeton to Newtown. From Golden City to A villa. From Neoeho, via Thurman, to Joplin* From Arno, via Ava, to Hartville. From Green Ridge, via Burnett Station, to Cornelia. From Linn Creek to Richland. From Lawson to Kingston. From Osceola, via Roecoe, to 8chell City. From Gencoe, via Pond and Orrville, to Bon homme. From Canton, via Marysville, to Athens. From Gates to Elk Mills. From Buffalo to Fairgrove. From Golden City to Chambersville. From Richland, via Bellefonte, to St. Anna. From Mlrable, via Lisbonvllle, to Lawson. From Wlntersvllle, via Mierton, Half Rock, and Middlebury, to Spicardsvllle. WAPHACHCSBTTS. From Rehobotb to East Providence, in Rhode Islan d. From Cbilmark to Gay Head. From Bethel Depot to Warwick. MAKTLADD. From Sykesville to Freedom. From Burtonsville te Sligo. From Towaontown to Mount Pleasant or Fstrview. From Warren to Sweet Air. MAinn. From South China, via Weeks Mills and Togas >1 illtary Asvlum, to Augusta. From Waldoborough to Jefferson. From Damarlseotta to Jefferson and East Jefferson and West Jefferson. From Union to Appleton. From Danforth to Forest City. From Columbia Falls to Columbia. From North Milford to Greenfield. From Presque Isle to Washburn. From East Blue Hill to Surrey. MIHNBSOTA. From Yellow Medicine to Lac Qui Parle, (on the old Government route.) From Leech Lake to Red Lake. From Glen wood .via Blue Mound, to Hancock. From Lake Sigel to Lake Beauty. From Wasioga, via East Claremont and Rice Lake, to Owatowna. From Marshall, via Minnesota Falls, to Gran ite Falls. From Crookston, vta Red Lake Agency and North Branch, to Grantsburg? From Lac Qui Parle to Brown's Valley. From Detroit to RictoUeld. From Lake Chetek to Section twenty-three, Town one hundred and nine, Range forty west. From Berkboven, via Buffalo Lake and Rose wood to Monteviedo. From Gilchrist, via Skunk Lake and Camp Lake, to Klrkboven. From Little Sauk to Spruoe Creek. From Winnebago City to Wlndom. From Lextngton, via Heidelberg, to 8t.Hu* bertus. From Sbakopee, via St Mary's, to St Bene dict Church. From Stavangsr to Section twenty-eight, Town one hundred and fourteen, Range forty five. lomii. From Boulder Valley, via Jefferson Island, to Harrison. From Mouth of Oedar to Quart From Blaakfbet City to HortoLTills. HIC1WAI. . From Stantoa to St Louis. From Stantoa to Fenis. From Sturgls to FaWn River. From JeffersonviUe, via Bedfleldl Mills, to Adams ville. From Calvin to East Calvin. From M ant on to 8bermac. From Shelby to Peer aria. From Parte to Norway Halt assn cAnoLrwA. From Kenansviil From Fa Alisbury to Meawwrtlle. Fma Loveil to From Mi iron], via West Mill, to ,vmm From Lowell. via Rlvertoa, to Ellsworth. From Seward. Teck. to K?tt 11m ud Wells, to Red Cloud From La Porto to Tliw. Prom Harvard to Aurora. From Alma to Red Willow. A lata to Morton Cwti Lowell to Alaa Oity. ?t. Jamas to Lincoln. Meridiaa, via Jersey City, Walaat Creek. Ohio wa, Gleagary, Empire, to tairmaat. From Battle Cre?k, via Clarion, Batty, aad Parr all, to Colambua. " Prom Grand leland. via Donnebrog, St. PaaL aad Coksfteld, to Springadale. From Fairmoat, via W?t Blae, McFadden's, York, Farrt- *" ? to Osceola. ???*?>???, Willow Creek aad Newton, to Wantiaca. Prom Benton to Sand Creek. From P'easant Hill, via Tabor, Laeieville R"?cIoud.Pl?' Eden' Brywit? Elk tea, to From Fairatoaat, via Turkey Creek and Belle Prairie, to Elm Grove. ' Mfd?"dScbaylM' ** Moriaa, aad Ablagtoa. to Prom Lone Valley, via Valparaioo, Lone Star l lyases, and Cottonwood, to Osceola. From Gleadale to Louisville. From We?t Point to Briokan. From Saltillo, via Centroville, Olive Branch, and Caden, to l>e Witt. ' From Riceville to Bine Island. ?XTOm Alma City, via Richmond, to Beaver vltTe >rom De Witt, via Swaa City, Swanville, Western, Fairview, Danville, and Atlanta, to Qleitgay. ' Yrvm We^tfield to Orton. From Norfolk, via Battle Creek, Deer Creek and Dry Creek, to Oakdale. From Norfolk, via Plnm Grove, Warren Spring Vallev. Ogden, Oakdale, Gillespie, and Antelope, to Franchtown. From Edgar to Liberty Farm. From Pioneer to Elkton. From Gllson to Kingston. From Cottonwood Spring* to McPberaon. From Red Cloud, via Wells, North Blao, ^ Martinsville, Junction vilje, to Urand Island. From Table Rock, via Pawnee City, Calla, West Branch, and Mission Creek, "to Otoe Br*ncb'wua From Ashland, via Bod Hill, Rock Creek. Ceresco, ASh Bluff, Lone Valley, Wantisca, Lrban, BnrU Centre, and Ollie, to Summit. From Douglas, via Klk Horn City, to Lander. Prom Columbus, via Lost Creek, William'* Ranch, and Newman's Orove, to Oak Dale, ?aw Hampshire. w^r01? Mutaln Wakefield, to Milton Mills, in Milton. Prom North Sandwich, via Sooth Tamworth, to West (tesipee. From Centre Assipee to Freedom. From Marlborough to Unionville. From Lisbon to Grafton. From Taetford and Lyme Depot, in East 1 betford, to Lyme Centre. From Ringe to East Binge. Frcm Sunapee to George's Mills. Ftom Chatham to Stowe, in Maine. aaw JBBSBT. 1- rem Milton to Oak Ridge Statioa. HKW TOBK. From Gtoversville, via Munaonvillo, to Sat chel lersville. From Gloversville to Pine Lake. From Gloversville to Broadilbin. From Coldbrook to Gray. From Eatonville, via Mlddieville, to Fairfield. From Glendale to ChaaeV Lake. From Martim-burg, in East Martinsbur*. to V atMin. From 8outb Edwards to Fine. From North East, via Findley'sLake.toMina Corners. From Raymondsville, via Louisville, to Louis ville Landing. From l'arish to West Amhoy. From Beaver Brook to Narrowsbur?. From Port Jeivis to Greeu ville. From Beaver Meadow to North Pharsalia. bbvada. From Wadsworth to Greenfield. From Hamilton to Troy. From Columbus to Troy. From Columbus to Alida. OBIO. From Logan, via I'niou Furnace and Starr Post-office, to New Plymouth. From Cherry Valley to Chardon. From New Plymouth, via Starr and Union Furnace, to Logan. From Waverly, via Pee Pee and Morgan, to C* ntbiana. 'From Waverly, via Sohn's Corners, to Beaver. From Newtonville to Brownsville Oica<'OM. From La Grande, via Summerville, to Wallo wxh \ ailry. From La Grande to Canyon City. From Nehalim to West Port. Frcm Nehalim, via Clatskanine, to Oak Point, in Washington Territory. From Portland, via Cedar Mill, West Unioa, and Glencoe, to Greenville. From Jacksonville, via Central Point, Brownsborough, and BigButte, to Sam's Valley. From Canon City to Winnennee, in Nevada. From I'niontown, via Cone, Summerville, and Indian Valley, to Wallowa. From Wallowato Lakeville. From East Portland, via Powell's Valley and Sandy, to Eagle Point. FBBBSYLVABTA. From Forest House to North Wharton. From Eldrr dville to Foot of the Plane. From New Albany, via Hlbbard Hill, to New ?TA? From Sugar Run to Browntown. Prom Clearville, via Fletcher's Store, to Chaney ville. From Sherman and Findley's Lake to North East. Prom Brady's Bend to Fairview. From Blairs Corners to Clarion. WlfUWiNfllM Prom Lodi to Prairie du Sac. From Alma to Coral City. From Bayfield to Ashland. From Ontario, via Enonia, Mt. Tabor, and Tripville, to Union Centre. ' From K1 Pase to Menomonla. Prom River Palls, via New Centrevllle, to Spring Valley. From Baldwin's Mills to Ogdensburg. Prom Hayward's to Danville. From Bailey*Harbor to Egg Harbor. BBODB ISLAM i>. From Ph?rnlx, via River Point and Apnona ny, to East Greenwich. SOUTH C A ROUS A. I From Varnville to Nixville. From Bennettsville, via Adamsville and Gib son's Store, .to Laurel Hill Depot, in North Ca ollna. Fiom White Hall Ferry to City Point, on the island of St. Holena. ' ' From Keowee to New Pickens C. H. From Beaver Pond, via Bull Swamp and Wolf's Store, Andrew Chapell p. o., to St. Matthews, on S. C. R. K. ' TBHBB88BB. From Gorman's Depot, via Birds ville and Richardson Cove, to Hawksville. From Centroville to Joy Mill. From Mulberry Gap, via Lone Brinch, to Hunter's Gap, In Virginia. ' From Mount Horeb to Hay's Ferry. From Greenville to Castors Station. From Sharp's Chapel to Wallace Cross Roads. From Morrlstown to Lick Creek. From Jasper to Altamoont. From Sliaau's Cross Roads to Butler. TBX AS. From Overton to Henderson. From Mount Enterprise to Greenwood,Louis iana. From Southland Springs to Floresville. From Alexandria to San Augustine. * From Jasper to Trinity Station. From Carthage to Moorings Port. From La Grange to Ledbetter. From Giddings to Winchester. From Del Rio to Fort Clark. From Blanco City to Goniales. * From Valley Mills to Hamilton. From Huntsville to Jewltt. From Brenham to Columbus. From Brenham to Georgetown. From Bremond to Fort Worth. From Crockett to Button. From Waco to Lampasas Springs. From Madeonville to Caldwell. From Bprnett to Fredericksburg. _ UTAH. From Stockton to Cannon. From Stockton to Jaoob City. VBBXOVT. From Hartland to South Woodstock. From Orwell to North OrwelL From South Fair lee to Ely. ? From West Cornwall to Bridport. viaoiai A. From Lynchburg, via Big bee *? Shop and Per rows Store, to Charlemont. From Willow Springs to Nicksllsvllle. From A Idle to Manassas. From West Point, via 8hacketsfbrd, to Saluda. From Poplar Hill, via SUffordsvOle, to Eg gleston's Springs. * From Sulphur Springs to Alderson's, In West v irgmia. From Graham's Ferry to Petoratown. From Peeryvllle to Jeflknonvllle. From Peeryvllle to Grundy. Ftom Sumy to Car ten Mill. From B& Tammany to Joyoeville. From Hermitage to Hew Hope. From Hanson ville to Nlrkolsvllle. From Rural Retreat to Clem's From Grundy to aaoathor Bradahaw, la West Virginia. siSTammSy. ^T?T,or,? ?# ?rom Forks of'Buffalo River to 8alt Creek. to^SSsbJ^* ^ ChUk^rl* 8?rtn??. _ WASBm?TO? TBaaiTOBT. From Walla"WaUafpr'ert From Port Towasssii. via Saa J a Lopea, Oroas, and Cyptesa, to SemU wear viboibia. W ilsonburg to West Union. Traa to ?ylTanla. Gravel Hill to 8 ; Rptnetr to Three 1U nion ta Proa Catoi to Mm)i Fairy. Tram Raleigh to Stretch** Neck. Proa O- aad O B.E, it Laaral Crath, to OtMrPwft.OMlllMt. Fran BantiMtw to Tum Ooart HoaM. Froa miWRTarry to rayaCtorUle. Fraa Rooemrt to Proa Piaatytowa 1 Approved. Mareh S. DC*. [GBVBBAL IITVU No [GnniL aATvaa?No. M.l Aa Act to aatbonaa (k* oontinued aaploy aentaf anagaat aad eon a?1 at tha United UtiMa Ma H' it eonrfrd fry tke Wkual' aU //"?*' o/ It- r-' t utatim if tkr Fwued .VMM ef vlnernra I? C\?w u oJKmMed, That It shall W lawful for the of the U ml tod stataa, la hi* dt*cra tion to contlaaa tha appatafat and oaploy BMt of the pi tonal aiaat aad aouaal ot the Taltod Btotoa, aadar art! dee twolve to mtn trail tnrlM^w. of tha treaty between the I'al tcd State* and Great Britain cone laded May eighth, al|M?aa handred aad aereaty-oae, and for aaid ageat aad ooanael ta act under i coattaaed appointment aad aaptovaeat. withetandlagtha alaatton ef the aaid agent and eouneel a* aBepraaeutaflen la the Fortv-thlrd Conma: TreHdrd, That mtk appotatmenf and enpToyaeat ah all not coatlnae aher eald ai?nt aad enamel ahall have taken tha aath ot office ae each Kenraaaatattve. Approved, Marrh X, 1973. PROPOSALS. pRuPOSAL FOR SUrPLIKs. Miitivii Co?n, i Qiaktik Orrica, J . . , _ Wa?u:*6Tos. May 1, MrS. S P^aJed Pr< pouli vill I* r?*cfiTt?J m ihl? ??e?* an ti. aUf|.fk p.m. of UIVR*l>AY,the Itfthda* of June ncxt.for furbishing to the Fnit-d States Ms rine t ?rps during the fiscal rear ending the toth of June. UC4. the Supplies, to be deliv .t.-1 a' the office of the Assistant Quart*rtna?ter Marine rt?*\ Philadelphia, p?., free of ?p n#f to the I lilted States. The delivery of the articles to enmrn nee within seventy day*, *i*l the entire quantity to t. del,* ere-1 with tix nt>'iiihs fri?a lat?- oicontract This office r~erve* t he right to acrept hid* for the whole, a part, or an article of a rla*?.u n.ay lie do n.t d tul for the iut- reat of the Government, CLAM* No. 1 12 000 yards sky-blae K-rt? >, all r?l, M inches aide, (exclusive of selvedge,) to weigh S2 ounce* to the ) vd,<nidlgo wool dyed,J with whitr ?(K>ien ?el\ 3,400 > arils d?rk hine K mei,all wool, 54 Inches aiJe. (exclusive of selvedge,) t<> weigh IJ ounce* to the >ard,< indigo wool lyed,> with * hite woolen awivedge. *!*X>0 yards dark blue Twill.d Cl-th, all w ?|; U inche* wide ,< exclusive of selvedge,) to muh 32 ounces to the yard, liudigo ?u>l didj.) with white woolen aolv inlge. W Varde Scarlet Cloth, all 54 inches wide, (excluaiveof a*l\edtce.) to weifh IS owWnatO the >ard.(cochiaeal dyed.) with wiute w .ol en telt edge. CLAIMS No. 4. 3,000 yard* 'lark blue Flannel, for oti r*ack?, all W?ol.< indlKo wool dyed,>51 iaohea ?lde,(^x elusive of eelve<i||e.'to Wria(U U ouuc<* per yard, with white woob-n ?.-K 14X00 yard?<lark bin. Flannel, f .r ahirts, all w<v>l, I indico a?id dyed,127 iuche* wide,(exclusive ot aelvedge.lto weigh 6 ounces per yard, with white wo. leu ae|ve<lKe. 1#J Bra> Blanket*, all w<m4. to weigh 4p>nuN each, to be 7 feet loUK and ft feet a id , and free froai areaee 4,801' pairs woolen JWk?, three, pr .p r!y n.a'le of go.>d fleece, with d 'Uble and twisted yarn,to weigh S pound* per J >C"ii pairs, free tr< >m grease. CLAM No. 3. 4,010 yards *hite Linen,for pauti?,h) inches wide, to ? eigh 13 >ui>ce* per yard. 6 (A"0 vard* white Linen, for ahirts,80 ioche* wide, t<- weigh 11 ounce* per yard. 15.100 yard*Cantoa Flannel, for draw rs ST inches wide, to wi igh 4 ouncea per yard 4,tat)?rds Cotton Ticking, for bed sacks, 38 iochj* wide. CLASS No 4 ?*"1 nif >rm Cap*, complete, excopt p^myoti* 1 *0 Pomp..ns, red wrsted, ball shap- d, and i in cite* iu circumference. 2 .M0 Fatigue Cap*, with cover*,to b? made of Idue clo?h,( iud:g ? wool dyejj with oraaiu?iits. 1,2rt> 8t<<k?. IW.| FatigneCap Ornameiita. * CL.tfJi ?io. 0 Ufl ercmu Buttons,(eag.e.) 60 " Jiw ket Butt ?u?,(o?jl ? ? 2S " Ve*t Button*, i eagle.*1 l,umeet* Epaulette Bullion. Z,IU) jards Yellow Binding. 3,100 ?' Kid Cord. 10 Sword* for musician*, complete. 9' Swonl* for aergeauts, Cotui>lete. 12 ?>i niu*, complete. la> Batter Drutn II via. 12U Snare Ilium Heads. lim lfriim ;'ord*. 00 sets Ih ion Snares 25 bexwi*i<l C F.fe*. SO pair* Drimaticka. bai pair* Cret* ?iit and Scale Strap* 13Sword Scabbards, with mounting*. 32 inch** long by 1', wide, and '? inch thick. 12 Sword Scabbard*, with mounting*. 2-Sf inch-* long by 1-f wide, and '? inch thick. lft Sword Scabhanl*. with mountings, *> ui'L * lung by 15 16 wide, and '? inch thick. CLASS No. 3. 8->"?0 pair* Bootees, (infantry pattern I CLASS No. 1. ?>i Cartridge B?va, without magazine. l.i'V Bayonet Scabbard*, wun frogs alta^nrd. 000 Cartridge Box B ll#. 600 Waist Belts. 50 Sword Fr?g*. SO Cartridge Boxes fot sergeants. *00 Knapsacks. 40U Wai*t Plate*. (With the privilege of inert asm* auy of the above quantities, not to exceed one-third.) CLASS No. ?. For making and trimming the following article*. Tit: Watch coats. L'nif -nn coat* for sergeant*, corporals, musicians, and privates. Fatigue coats for sergeants, corporal*, musician*, and privates. Woolen pants for sergeant*, corporal*, musicians, and privates. Linen pants for sergeant*, corporals, aia^ician*. and privates. Flannel shirta. Linen shirta Drawer*. Flannel Back*. Red and Blue Jacket* for Boy*. Bed Sacka. The above-mentioned articles mnst conform to the sealed staudard patterns in the offlc* of the Uuarter Master, Marine Corp*, Marine Barrack*. Washmg ton. I> C : Assistant Quartermaster'* ..nice. No. Sl5M> 8 -nth Fourth street, Philadelphia, and at the Marine Barracks. Brooklyn.New fork,and Boston, Ma**actmsett*. where they can be examined, and whenever thearticlea named above, or any portion of them, shall be considered as tot fully conforming to samples, they will be ra;ected. and the oatractor will be bound to furnlah others of the required kiad at once, or the Quartermaster will fill the detici .ncy at the expense of the aontractor. Payment* will be made npon accepted d -lireries, withholding ten per rent from the amoimt of first account render>*l until second delivery i* ma.le, and from anionnt of second account renderej until third delivery is made, and so on until contract i* com pleted. A guarantee,*igned by two peraon*, whnae resp >n *ibility must be certified to by a United States dis trict judge, district attorney, or collector. iuu*t acconipauy each propoaal, otherwiae it will not be COtifidert-d. Blank forms of proposal can be obtained upon application at this office: the office of the Assistant Quartermaster. Philadelphia, Pa.; 'he office of the As*i*tanf Quartermaster. Marine Barrack*, Brook lyn, N. Y., or the commanding officer at Boston, Newspapers authorired to pnbllsh the above will send the paper containing the first lnaertiou to this office for examination. The bidder's place of business or maaufacturing establishment must be stated in the prop hmI. Proposals to be indorsed on the envelope, " Pro PV^al* for Supplis* for the Marine Corps," and addl essed to MAJOB WILLIAM B. SLACK. n3 law4w Qnartermaater U. 8. M. C. Proposals fob wbought and cast IRON WORK FOB THK h*W JAIL, DIS TRICT OF COLUMBIA. Nkw Jail, Distbictof Coluxb'a, l Office of Superintendent, May 8. 1ST3.\ WROUGHT ANO CAST IKOX WORK. Sealed Proposals will be received at the office of the Superiatondent until 18 m, Jcjik T.l>CI,for furnishing, delivering, Mtting. and putting in place the Wrought aad Oaat irouWork as exhibited by the Drawisg*. described in the Specibcwtions. aad called for in the Schedules, constating of the Cast iron C I urn lis of Baaeaient. Boiled " Ac., of Floors, Iron Work of B<>ofs, Gratings to Wind ws, Ac., Cell Poor*. Iron Staircase*. Ac. Copies of the Drawing*,Sn< cillratioM, and Sched ule may be had on application at (hi* office. All scaffolding reuuired by the contractors to pot the work in place will I* furniahed by the G..vei n ment free of charge, hut will he erected by the ex tractors. Propoaala will be made by the piece, lineal foot, or weight, for the various items of work, as called for In the Schedule. The work will not be subdivided among diflerent bidders, but will lw cousidered in the aggregate. The whole of tbeCMrt-lroa Column, of Basement Story and the Beams, Ac., of First Floor, mug be delivered and set m position wtthia three months from date of acceptance of prop>sal, and tha whole work must be completed withia twelve montha from date of acceptanoe. Payments will be madeaionthly, d<-ducting ton per centum until the ftaal completion of the contract. All bids must be accompanied by a penal bond, in the sum of twenty thoaaani dollar* ( fau.-WO,) that the bidder will accept and perform the contract If awarded him. tha sufficiency of tha aecarity to be ^'"?d hy the United States J ndg*. the Clerk of the United States Oowt.or the Diatrkt Attoraey ?f the District wherein ha I The Department reeeryes the rtgjtto reject anj or all bids, if tt be deemed for the ihlereat of the Gov eminent to do to; aad any hid that la not made on the printed form, to be obtained in thi* office,and doae not conform la every rsaaect to the require ment* of this adeeetieemeat, will not be cooatdered; ??ithiir will any propoaala he received from nartiee .who iw mtthia?lve* iMMd In the auwutoUaa ot Wrought or Cast-Iron Work, and who have not the nacaaaary facilities lor getting oat the work. Proposals will be endotaM "BBa for Iroa Work, and addressed to ?l-fl APOLF CLUBS. I BRODBBADh^; aa MjMj a* Tork avenue. The moot private loan oMeej In the city. Money leaned at the I " ef Interest on Goldaat Silver Va . ,w Plato and Ptoad Ware. Gana, Ptatoto ( ?snUeaaen1* Clothing . Car peta, aad all i WilWNtJS w. -J?- .... . '^"7T - "r ,,** IN? ??*? ,'? lUt ih?y ?? di-ttniuiaked fr<?a ordinary budnan Mtfl ?fk ?we?iiyft <iii,??' /Wtbw??<imwtf tkt Mi. ^rri'J MA?c > n?tM? m <M,| Wtii ?({(<? l4f" *??< >? rmi- ? m*m. , ->^<?< vrk lk< aww?' af ark,** it* M ii mmA*. Priaied m bedniea f.?r aa k dull ? a* p?nu? M in tu4 iiit< d4 t> bid lor. wilb iMtracti.?a I- 1 i Jd- r?. ( > tug tbe f,>ra?a "f pr >p?ai>. <4 (vara* l??,uH >f eef?ifWw?e of rnrHtoi*. with pHaM fiw o(nflir.?i|| )v Nrni*hMl to mrb pmm? ? <!???'r. tii bid. I ? am Iinat4?a to Ik* C<MMrftMi ot jt>rw|??m? K?t) Wr4?. aad tbuw << ill Ik* Taj J* on applMWln ll to tbe Hut' u The C'>niiiMdMI >4 Mrl X?r TlH, ltd the Payi iMUa f,.r rm> Ii Bttinn will hare ? r< p? <>f the a. hedalaaef fke otber ra> ?nai nation otil) . m rder that p.ra ma *kt intend I i hid mat jodce ?h.-th?* it ?4--*trwLleto rr ki iiil n ti.m for any ,?f I be , lueea .4 tboae raid.. Tb. pr..p-.*i* Bu-t Ik leT tb. ? h 4i of a <!w, M the IifMOMl rMirm tbe riiht to redac.- the y?* claae.abowMI tbe H ? G.n rrttiai ?*$ ? ?" ?**?? ?nit aii ?I ?ti in," I. f|? \ ai i mat hi <4 <wr**~. niwat Im- m i |? to thf r.Kaun iiiu ul tb' v* ?ar?t? l;< . frt-K-r >.ir^ <mlf fTtm r4? KM Ad* 4?Al'* > I*. e? IMornvmn WW? ij , th> ?r I ?>.'?'? tfrt t? 'arat-a Tb' mrtntf n IM U ."ertid.-l Im the C ml Int. ttj*l R ? . f ,r h? dietrici in whMi tb- ? r-e >d. The . out act will b? *? aided to tbe |vr<m *k? makea tb.' kWH| kid and mt* the I'lUtdim |?. <l< ir<.I l>) law,III* K?<i I' HtfIi. kf>MW. Bb~ -?r> iiim th? ncbt t? rejecl tlte I <m-mt bid, * u arh'cb ltnia> deem exorbitant Piiirtriffiituiiwi#' r?- "/n t < tr-rtnm e' rk' mrt ?ff ?ri4 M?frt ]. MM,Itl Mf pvraea waa, <i- r*i*ciP*!* ? i .< At> iMMri /er 1ST2-U aai.V a- I 6-}?- r?i >?*.? ^lnvll.- in ib<- full aa* ntit will l>* rxjairwdUrifl tb< ?'Btracl. and iMrwMut'il ilitj miwt U M to tli* ?ati?faotion of tin- Xa* > Orpaitiiriil A? xlditi. -nal n?c?tity, iwuli >rr <^-utwa will b? ? nth I<1 tri^i th* am Mint of tin I lllf ?nttl tha <-?? trartk ahaII have baea cul>l?<?v1 ,u 1 oichtv par it-ntuiii of tin- uni'Hiiil >>t Mtb I I'. appro*ad M liiplira'*- b> tba r^MMhlMti <^Clli* tH|mii*a *anl-t will b< pai l I \ t ti ra mant'T of the (Ulloa lnhtat.-d ia tlw c.nii a. i. r, if doh* la iinritddj lij tin- r*v n.aati-r i f Mi- -tation aearaat th<- |art w h<-i> tb^ ptidf arr .ifli* < rwl. within l^ti 4ar? aft- r Hi aarrant for tl? >>iun- a'i*ll havr liacu paai< bT tin- Vtr?Uti of lb' Tr?-?-'irir. Tb<* rlaa?w of thia Bari-au ar* nnnbrml aul d*M|riial>-<i anfoliowf. Ko.t, Wliitr Oak I Nn.l, White OsV K"?( fl?C?i Vo 1. Vbltrt>ai < ? > I fttiil-r ??. 4* W bit( Oak Plank?Or^ir m hi* Hwk Plank at Marc lalanil yard.M . I.l"?\l?>w Pin - L?<? Piw l.?Hta al II arr l-la<id > ard , M<> t. Tel low Piaa B- .inw-t'i. ( n Phk I ui' a' Mai*- l?lan.| > ard; K".9. ??4low Pin. Ilaal Tiaib. i , fco. 11. kk hit' Pim I K-. (i ? 11, Whit I'm Mm! illiitx- JJ , U, kk bit.' Pine Plai.k, Bo*nl?-Botar Pino Plank ai d B- ard? at M*r.- I-land i ard, X I? Whit* A*li, Kim. H . 1 kk l>:t<> A-h and R">Iw'?m1 at Mar* l-laiid tard; V . M kk lilt' A?li Oar>. K i- K ? k Waluui. Mab- cain , Mapi . i h-rn . N.' I?. L ?? ??t Tui l?r, M<>. 3V. L< n.t Ti ? rnaiU N li. b.a> k 8| riu-? , N 34. kk hil<-Oak 8:a? "? auJ Bf-aatliiK, M i. S&. l.i*iiiinnft?'. Mo ?, Wr mhl Iron, round aud Mjiiarc; Mo. XI, B'r. ujlit I ma. flat; M- S4 Ir?ii, plat*-: ??. Sk. Ht?-I. M? IT. Iroa t?pik-? M.> B, li.>a Wroaihl MaiU. SM. I row Oal M a< l? In. 41, 1 ? ad, pit- , abfrt. Ho 43. /.lit. ; ?< ??.Tin. M M. K Id' r Mo 48. L.m ka, liinufK, B'lUc. ' Iti a? and Iron; Mo 4P. B? r?-wa. .d l r?? and iroa.P ki, lilf, K" f.l, Aup r?, M" B. T""l-f'.r alnp ?t"i<?; B" ^3, T'H.lalor n?e 111 >nrd and ol' .pa; Mo M. Hardware; K > M, White l> ad. M?. 47. Km. painta: M'< M, l "I- I ? .1 I'aiMa. I>iji .-r?, M ?? W. I.mar" I Oil, Mo M. Vartn-li, hpinta Tu'|Miitine, M" CS. B?-rm awl Lard Oil, No *4. Tall'-w. 8 ap, Mo ti6. N.i. tvGla^-.Mf B.Brtwb"*: M? 7o. I?r> Oooda f.?r ap ? I" - H? 71, 8tation?-rj, Mo. 7B, Onritilw; Ko 73,Bhip t'handlorr. K 74, kri.l?: N?< 7.'>. K >?i?i. Pitch. Crn li- Tnip. Mm' M 77. B Itinc l>a> kmc; M^.7?. I,eat li> r. pump, r ikc i nr. IfincN St. J auk ; N 'J It ?- N ^5. \ntliia. ite r .al M>> M, f>^mi I'liuann. u? I'oal, N" (C, Hi'niitnu- Coal: H' 89,Charcoal; Mo. ?*?, W."4 Th^ fo'l.'W fn? are the rla?e?-?. I?r tbe number*, ra ?jiiired at til'- te?p- .-fixe ti>\ f \ atdo . K | TTKKY Not 1. J. .1.7. 9.11.13. U. M. 18. U. n, 34. Sk.V.Jt, tt.4X. 44 4ft. ii. 44. Si , ftl.ft]. At. 64,?*.?-, W.?0, At, *4, 66, to. 70, 71, 73. 74. r, 7"?. S7, ?. CI' AKI.KSTt'kk M. Noa 1, 7. M.?. a. SS. 34, ?. 37. W ?. ? 43. II. ?S. 40. 50 51. 52. U. 54, A>. 87. W, <U. 63 , 64, 6ft, 64, ti?, #0, 71, 71, 74, 75. 77. 7tf. <tt, 87, S8. BKOOKLVM. Voa 1, 7, 13. 15. 16, 14. 23, >4, St S3, 37, V ?. 42. 43 . 44 . 4n. 4*. ?I. 51. 52. 53 54. ftn. X. ftH M, 4o, 61, ?4 , 66 . 68, 6?. 70. 71. 73, 74, 17, 7s, *J, S5, 96, 84. PH1LADKLPMIA. Koa. I, 8. 4. II, 13. U. 18. 32. S3. 34, V, M, 39, 43. 44. 41. 49. fo. 51. 53. 54. M. *7. 50. ?. 4|, 83, 64, 8i, SB. 6?, 70. 71, 73, 74, 77 . 78, 94. 97,?. WA8BIKUTON. Koa. I. S. 4. 7, 12. 13. 15. 19, 23, 32, 3t.k4.16 37. M 39. 41, 43. 44. 45. 4M, 49 ?l. 61 At. 84. 5* b?, 60, U , 60, 69, 70, 71, 73, 74 - 77 . 7s. MR, 97, 90. 91. MOBPOLK Noa 9. 12, 13. Ift. W. H. 19. ?. 21. 24. tt, 33. 34. 35. 37. 39. St. 42 . 43. 44. 41. 49 . 4?. ?>. U. kS, 54 ftT.fta, to 4u. 63, 64, 70,71.72, 73.74,7ft, 77, 79, 82, 6ft. 87, 88. NAKK 18LANP. N w 4.7. 8, 13. 1ft. M, 19, 24. 82. 31. .14. .17. ?. 48, 49, 50. 51. 52, 53. ft4. *6. 87. 5a. ftp. tw. 83, 64 . 6ft, 48, 69, 70. 71,72 . 73. 77 . 78 . 97 m mt a 44 REAL ESTATE AOENtoT JCAM BoVLB. r&AKK B ABM OH ir*N BOVLB * CO.. REAL ESTATK AXU SOTS tikOKERS, Ko. M4 lftrb atr?at, oppoaiu I'. I. Traaaury. POB 8ALB?A handa mi. HOrsi on I atraat, M?. *18. A new lurgm d. uMe HOC8B, oorwer Bat and H HOL8K R.. 1818 Maaaachoartta arenaa. HOI SB Mo. 816 M atraa4 eaat, ?for awka or rant, far niatied or uiifnrniab?8. ACOTPAOB ia Wtllard'a Boa; price, f2.400 8??erai amall Uoaaaa, froai #3 800 to B6jH?. am all caab patruenU Wa bar* aetpral rerj tine Pa KM 8. improva* and naia prow-d, on different railr. ada rnnnltf frnai ika city, for aale at law figure* or nrhaicr for atti property. SOP.rtW fcet of QBOTMD la rarloM p> rti'>na of tbe city for aale at tow Inrni. on eaap ternia, or will eichaiif* for prodaotiva ImproTaa property. ijBlr (?^ KO. TBUBSDKLL 8 CO., ? 18 7th atroet, (o?ar German Americas Bana**' Bank. I Special attention riven to BBMTINQ, OOLLBfT loAtos*11*0 *AXM KBOOTLAT1MO K. feriby permlaaina) to?General Be?j Alrori, Pa>maater General C.B.A.; Jiu*? 8. Grinnell, Chief Clerk U. 8. Patent Diet; Jobn Praaer, Arch itect, Hon. K P Blair, Hub. J. W. D 'Oi{laa? Cua miwi 'tier Internal B>m enue, W?. B 8 -?? Frrm ture Healer; C K Prentiaa.Caabier Oerman kmerl can BiaviBca' Bank; Col. Jon i. F<aaan4<?; Boa. Jobn Hit*. Ooneul U-narwl of Switaarlaud. aB ba* AC8T1M P. BBOWM, Oonaar B. f. ataaM Ml 18th Bran, _ . B aabiostoa, B. Oh WaotaaALB DiiLn na LCMBKB, LIMB, CKMKMT, BAMD, Ba? *e., Ha. Ll'MBKK BILLS cot to orAar on abort no4tea. PI V' ? ? ..... - ? ? BLIK STONK for Buildinc, Marartaaiial" ?*??? *^?ar^ U a^Tp^rTSZ bS BKAL B8TATB boocM M4 an Id ad _ Tjated. To thia branch of tbe bnafnna 1 will GROCERS. L O'HAtl 8 IVA, 1*18 7th 8TKKKT MOBTHWK8T, < Botwaen M aud M au I BOAPI SOAP It Proctor 8 OatnMe'a celebrated Cincinnati Ollea BOAP, the beat in tbe mark'H?18 0?UH pet p JUa4 bar, 9Sc. by tbe bos of 6o Iba. HAMS, *c. 1b atora 1,800 Iba. extra ?n*lity bufar Our*" HAMS. 9 Itw extra white LA KP. #1. Preah Grahaiu PLOL'B, frolu baat wheat FBKbH OATMBAL. BYE PLOOB LIQUORS! UQCOHS! I Old Baker WHISKT; Old Cabinet WHISKY. Whiak) . ft rewra old. per bottle .. .fill California Brandy, per bottle IB H<.Hand Gin, per bottle 1 B Vreuch Brandy , per bottle. IB 8WBBT CATAWBA W1BB, ?2 per (allob. Pnre SWBKT CIDBB Philadelphia ALB aad POBTBB. C. B. O HAKC B BOM. aH 1813 7that. n.w.. batwee* Maadl. ptuvki BMCMlfED DIRECT from the Milla ia ?ALLST OF TIBOIBIA. Will aatl to teUlaa 88 cenla par Bam lea IBM ?Ibbbl Pricaa of SCQABB and TBAS all i CATAWBA WIBB, TaUar Wiaai ?Ba 8. B. BAOOB, TB 1)B. WOBMLBTB PBCTOEAL 8TRUP, BOLD mt ALL BR

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