Newspaper of Evening Star, May 12, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 12, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR Largest Circilitioi ii the District Beading Matter on Every Pfcge WASHINGTON CITY: MOXDAT May li, 1?7S. Kallrmido nail fault. b'otirg. as we have done, the traffic on the Chesapeake and Ohio canal since tbe opening Of tbe present stawn. It in to be regretted that r< *u'ts are not entirely satisfactory. Although Che df man?l for Cumberland coal, which consti tutes the main reliance of the canal, has not slackened. but increased and is increasing with tbe widening reputation of the com anodity; it ia not pleasant to notice that the canal is not deriving the full corres ponding benefit. From the periodica! re j*crts of tbe canal delivery at Cumberland it appears that whilst the railroads are carrying away more coal than ever, the canal has b<?en Jailing behind last year's trade by so consider, able a quantity as two thousand tons a week! Thus we are shown that on the 12th of April the Baltimore mid Ohio railroad's increase over last year's business to tbe same date was 117,000 tons, whilst the decrease by canal for tbe same period was 3?.*>0 tons. Again on the 26th of April the railroad had goneon augmenting its increase up to I'-ij.ono tons, by which time the canal decrease had gone down to 43,000 tons. Furthermore, on the 3d of May inst., the railroad increase appears to have been over l'/7,C30 ton.-, against a furthei falling oti in canal shipments Ct to us. What the ertect of such an exhibit must be on the canal stock, if the same down ward course should long continue, requires no Solomon to divine, and no lc** Injurious will it t*e to the income of the canal which will need to l-e as large as |>oe*ible to meet ordinary expenses and the interest on the preferred bonds. Some thing of this untoward state of things was pre dicted at the time the tolls were raised, but not, |>erhaps, to so large an extent or one so early reached. People wondered th:?t when the Bal timore and Ohio road was inviting trade by keeping down its freight charges, the canal directors should seem to repel it by raising theirs. We are sure that the people of Maryland, east, vest, middle, or elsewhere.cannot desire the de cay ot one of their principal public works, not withstanding others, not quite so public, may l>e prospering. Because the railroad thrives, no reason is furnished why the canal should droop. Why should Peter be robbed that Paul jnight become richer? Powerful railroads tra verse the territory of other states, but those States do not pro|>o?e to sacrifice their canals. Pennsylvania and Ohio keep up their state ca nals. and the Empire state cherishes her great historic work, the Krie canal, like the apple of her eye. Withrn the last three years she has offered the tempting premium of one hundred thousand dollars for a plan for successfully navi g -ting the canal by steam, ami tbe prize is yet cj>en to a winner. How eager is Virginia to ]>lace a Chesapeake and Ohiocaual alongside of Lcr Chesapeake and Ohio railroad, although the latter has gone into energetic oi>eration. Jiow then can Maryland afford to relax her care and interest iu her canal. now that alter the tribulation and struggle* of old, it is seen that the canal, if committed to kindly and faithful auspices, will yield a plentiful reward? We countenance no unjust rivalry between railroads and canal*, rightly considered there never will be any. if each keeps to its proper functions and destiny. But proofs are pleutiful that whilst canal? are not mouo|>olies and in volve nothing aggressive in their character or maaagement, railroads require restriction ami close watching. They undeniably furnish the principal source and opportunity for excessive Stockjobbing and corruption. Without them the exploits of tbe Jim Fisks and Jay Goulds ot ?ur era could never have been. '?Uailroads," ?ays the Hon. Jooiah (^uincy in his late address On tbe subject, ??have the power to bribe legis latures and to control laws," and it is moreover ?aid of them that they sometimes "become prac tically monopolies and the tools of avaricious aivd unscrupulous capitalists, and are used to plunder tbe public, enrich thtnuelres and im l>overish the country through which they run." .At flr?t modest and supplicatory, like tbe Uog jnagog of tbe romance, railroads, by and by, develop a tendency to <<o grow aud swell, a* to threaten the rest of ?he world with sheer expul sion. Against .~uch influences, open or secret, 1 om any and every quarter, it behooves the fricMls of the particular cause of which we are now wrjtmg to be on the alert. With no disposition to censure, we think that If tbe present canal board bad now for the first time to consider the policy of raising their tolls, that policy would not be adopted. That a mis take has been made is clear from the remark able fact that, to save their business from fur ther disaster, tbe boatmen have voluntarily re duced their freight rate five cents per ton ! And there is another matter we hear of, not without regret. It is a great pity that the long eubsisting harmony between the canal company ana the numerous millers on the lowest, or Georgetown level could not be maintained. These mills furnish a market tor a large part of the canal grain trade; and to quarrel with them and seek to restrict their water privileges, so long enjoyed, is simply to strike at another eource of income for the canal. The present is an Important juncture in the history of this work, and its friends will need all their industry and good judgment in so managing its affairs, against o|?n or secret foes,.as to restore its full prosperity, and lummit it to a successful future, to chich the late administration of its affairs tending. Projects for normal and high schools are ?gain being pushed, despite the depleted conli tion of the school fund, through heavy expendi tures for new school buildings, Ac. The re sources for school purposes are not only unequal to the establishment of high and normal schools, but the * ants of our school fv-tem are not in that direction. The work needed is really at the base of the structure: the primary schools. Some who have given thought to the matter bold that it is so imi-ortant that the status of the pr-mary wools should be elevated, that they advocate the selection of the most capable anil Boat experienced teacher* lor these schools. We can afford to a ait tor high schools until the lower grades, attended b> the maa> of the chil dren, are brought up to the mark. In the areantime our grammar .?OooJ serve very well as high schools. f^3*MASONll'-TW *-mi annual communication ot the UBAS l? LODGE ?. A. A 11 ,..f the V'Mrict .fC' InniMa ?111 be held at Masoau T? ui It oti H BDN Ks?I>A V May 14, at 7 o'clock p.m. aU-j( W M.A T ATB9, Grand Secretary . P"a?MAK?Mi ?lh?* &? mi annual Convocation of the l.BAM* R A CHAPTF.B .f the Di? trict of Colnmtoa wul be held in tb?- Chapter Cham ber, Mas. ui. Trn.pir.on TUISDAI KVBS1N0 1Kb instant. at 9 o'clock. L i. 8TBPHBB**, Grand Bec'y. bOMOLl BKOTHIwill kit* their great Diuramjc B-pr v-mxi n cf Milton's Para dlse D-st. ia Twelf'h ,8 B ' M K Church M*v i'"' WKl'S BSD AT ?' ?"".I I ?n-r n 11MMUAI SVBMIBGS. comm-Q'in* ?t 9 p. ? Admt-?i>n. ? cects. mlH ? f-3* A PCBLK TKX PBBANCB MBBTInTT, owdwr the nasp1' e? ,<{ PUBSIX TBNT, N ? Jl f B?>rhabttes. ?.ll be held THIS (M<>ndat> IVKMNU, at Ksadall Chanel, coraer lis aad i? a* rest- south, at a quart-r to 9 o clock. br.ttx'L Bh ? vjtoi, B?*v. Jac?a D WlUHl.t T. M ?>s?, and others, will addr--- the meeting. Ths puMic ars respectfully inMt'-l tu attend It* soita'oF timpboabcb -a regular ?eotinc of GOoDSAMABIYAN DIVISION, ^o. 1, w til be be Id at first Christian Church, Ver i nt avenne, b>-tw eei N and O Streets, northwest, O MOBBOfc tTu r lay ) B VBK1HG, at 7* o'rifc. .sbwstnsasof tmierl ? jce will b-- tranaactud. a full E "".Ait rro,yrrT^nr''- *?8 ^ jN? uf ti?r, DMtrtct are rs^u-wted to ?Wills H? I. ,ih ?treet. hetwnen H and I Borthwewt, oa MUX DAT. 7 H o'clock p m'totnks action in r^ar'l to the bill now rwfore the Lea lata tare proposing to raiae our license to fhH per bKALBBS. ir^SCBBBCB 8 NAHDBAkB PILLS.-Th?as iy ..ji^ls are o>nip. ?ed evclasivsly of vsastaMs ingniliali, and a]tf?>u?h iliey entire!* ??ipar^de ths ass of mercury . do apt Itave any of its in.urtooi effscts. The? act direetljr npun the Itvsr, and are a ?aiuahie rs?adj ia all caws of deraag mintr4ult 1st (Ma a dinord- r^d atate of that organ, Llrer C^oiilalat, Bili"?? IMsorderi, IndistMtiTn, Bkk B- adacha. Typhoid Fsvsiw. Ac., Ac., nkl succumb to the frea wse of Brhem k s Maudrnk ? rills. For sale hv all Dragha aad Psalers. nt tr n?A?nAL *ro T be Hank of tug un rate of diacvuut was a<lvanc<d to5percent, on Saturday, on account of * reported panicky feeling on the > ienna Bourse and tight rate* for money In the Ge?n*n cities. The gold premium advanced fully 1 per cent, in New York, the rate closing at 119The stock operators took advantage of the excite ment to run down the prices, which were ren dered lew difficult by a sharp decline of Erie shares in Ix>ndon. Private advices from abroad represent that there is likely to be no more trou ble, and it is thought matters will resume their usual course in a week or so. The weekly state ment of the New York hank - is reported as very favorable, showing a gain of neatly two millions in the legal reserve, making an excess of nearly five million* over the 'SS per cent, required by law. Money, consequently, was very easy. BaLTIMOA*, M?V is?Virginia ?'?, consolidated, ST.. NorthCarolinat's,special las, 14, bid to-day. BiLmotl, Mar II ?Oottoa dull?low middling, 17%**ld. n<>ar firm and unchanged. Wheat steady and uncharge.) C jrn steady ? whits southern, W# hrt. yellow southern. M0M; mixed wes'ern,?4 Oat* tirm?Sunt hern, 3tN?56. western mixed, 50. do. white. $li?X54 Bye tlrm, SM?1 U3 Hay active and firm, western, A27$sS3u. Provisl n* dull and heavy; mess Crk nominal, i Wcc* H', Bulk meats dull?vhoul rs,7>?: rit side*. <*?*??'?; clear rib side* 9',. B* ros?f?ir jobbing demand?shoulders. rib sides. P*,ia 10: clear rili sides, M)\, sugar cured ham*. 144*15 Lard dull. 9'4 <!!'?. Wnlem butter firmer; receipt* light?g<?>d t*i choice, Whiskv flrm er; stork sca'ce; 94ia"??s Sugar?A standard >4niet hi,.I Steady. lli*4 Nrw Toll, M*t IS.?Stork* dn>l. Money Srin. 7 to " coin. O'dii, 17', Enchange, long. S1,; shsrt Government* quiet and firm New Youk. M.?y IS.?Flour<juiet and unchanged. V heat ?lin.l- firmer Corn firm. London, Hay 12,11 a. m.?Consols opened at SB',3 ti<4 for ssonev. and for account. B >nd? of 1*6. old.91\; l?>7,9:n?. 10 40'*, S3; new five's, Erie, 47*# P*ris, May 12.?Rentes opened at 51 franc* 65 centime*. London, May 12, 1.30 p m.?Binds of 19o<,93'?. Ei ie, WAk DiriiTMixT. OJlce Chitf Signat O&my, j Waohiiotoi, May 12, 1813, 10.30 a. m. ( Rr?mis mi thi fast twisTt-iosi how?s.? Slightly increased pressure, lower temperature, northwesterly and southwesterly wind-, cUarlng ami clear weather now prevail in the lower lake re gion* and M iddle states. Northwesterly wind*, ris ing I aronieter, lower temperature, foggy, cloudy and clenriDg weather in Canada and New England, with occasional rain in the; latter. Higher harome ter. northwesterly and southwesterly winds, clear CimiI weather in T"*rinessee. and tho Gulf and SiuMi Atlantic state* railing barometer, southwesterly aii'l southeasterly wind* and partly cloudy weather in th?- Northwest and iipp.-r lake regions, au 1 onth w ard to Missouri and Kentucky. Propa bilitik*.? For the lower lakes and Middle states n""liwsterl> to southwesterly wiuds, <ene rallv clear wsather, beconiiDg partly cloudy to night, followed by increasing temperature and di minishing pressure. For New England and Cana da. northweeteny winds, cool, toggy. and clearing weather, with riaing barometer. For th?- South At lantic states northwesterly, veering to northeasterly w md*, dear and partly cloudy weather, and diorin - isbing pressure For the Gulf States, Tenuesseo . and Arkansas, diminishing pressure, ri-ing temper ature, northeasterly, veering to southeasterly w inds, partly and increasingly cloudy weather, with p<-sildy rains in the Western Gulf section. For the Northwest and upper lakes and southward to the Ohio valley Missouri, and Kansa*. falling l>% rometer, southwesterly to southeasterly winds, in creasing 'emperatiire and cloudiness, and ao-<eibly light rain in tlie npp-r Mississippi valley thi* even ing Beports are mi-sing from the Southwest, Lake Superior. Kansas and Oregon. IV?3?THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF PUBLIC o-e-X SCHOOLS will meet at the ? ranklin School Building on Tl ESDAY EVENING, 13th instant, at 7 30 o'clock. mlo 3t A P FARDON. 8e retary. YOUNG MENS' CHRISTIAN A3SOCIA TION. BEE BEADING BOOM-XMi/y, W^kly, Sfm lar and H'lino** papers from all pa t* of the Union. CIRCULATING LIBRARY; 13??W vols Terms .43 per year; $1 p< r uuarter. PARLORS AND CnNVERSATlnN ROOMS for Ladies and Geutle n.- n; Chess,Chequers, Organ and Piano. Daily PRAYER MEETINGS at IS 13,6and Mm. LITERARY SOCIETY Saturday evening, at 7* o'clock. SABBATH AFTERNOON SERVICES iii Lincoln Hall at 3H o'clock; at Theater Oomiune at T)> o'clock. mS7 TO LADIES. How sad it Is to see a young wife, a mother aily who requires all her physical strength to fulfill her household dnties, and all her moral ca rcities to accept the responsibility which fails upon r, to see her prostrated, losing every day her strength, feelitig badly without being able to say why, but yet suffering enough to be utterly misers at Ie! This state of weakness and debility is more fatal to her than a severe spell of sickness, for in that case she will receive the proper care, as In the Other she will linger months after months, not thinking worth while to see a physician about it. nntil nature, exhausted, gives out, and she is carried to the grave, when a little precaution in proper time would have spared her life. To prevent, tc strengthen, to cure, niching can compare with the LONQ-LIFB BIT TERS of Dr. L. G BERTRAM. They are a safe and infallible remedy against malaria, dyspepsia, cos tiveness, biliousness, headaches, morning sickness and all complaints peculiar to women. These Bit ters, which are sold by all druggists, are, in cons* ijuence of their virtue and most sgrosabls taste, the medicine par ueiUiso for ladies. jSS-tr 91 I L B UK N S NEW DRUG STOBB, Bo. HSV Pennsylvania Avinwi, Depot for Soda and Mineral Waters. felS-Iy r^FRVM THE EARLIUT ABES TO the present day, Scrofula has been the bans, auT. ss it were, the cures of mankind. So terrible and loathsome had been at some periods of the world's history that a person knowa to be infected with tt w?uld not be allowed to mix with society. Happily in our day the disease is strippsd of Its terror by the use of Saxabitan's Root and Hsaa Juices, and the victim of Scrofula, Clsers, Sores, Pimplss, Blotches, Tetters, Ac., can bs restored to sound bsalth ,DBOOTWAHD HBRB JUICES, ?1J| per bwttls Sold by S. O.FORD, II** Pa avs., and by Drug gists. DESMOND * CO., Propristors, 919Raos *reet, Philadelphia. mayfly MISS ANN IB DIGBEN WISHES TO INFORM her friend* and the public that -he ha* RE MOVED her Dressmaking Rooms to No. 60*J Uth street, northwest corner of F nils 3t* i*?ORB IN THE BAR " l.EO. WATERS. No. SI** High street and Caeal. Georgetown, has on hand, for sale, 23) barr Is of PRIME YELLOW CORN, in the ear. ml2 5t ann CASES CANNED PBACHES. (S and 3 Sm vP Ulbs. cans) purcbase<l at Trustee's sale, which we offer at uausually low prices. JNO. W LUMSDON A Co., ni 10 3t a0? >Th st., opp. Center Market. 1 AAA BISHELS POTATOES' lUUUPearh Blows, Chilies, Jscksons. Flukes. 4c, For sale in quantity to suit, by JNO W. LUMSDON A CO , nil0-3t ?h *t., opp Center Market. ^ RAILROAD AND teal buu iBFlfBg* Cwklael. In Its 1M Gold Bonds the Northern Pacific Bail road Company furnishes to the public an Investment security which combines the ready negotiability, the convenience, and the high credit of a first-class rail road bond, with ths solidity and safety of a real es tate mortgage oa land worth at least twios ths amount osnsd. They are offered at par In currency, and yield ? HANDSOME PROFIT to thoss exchanging I SOs. The bonds are a first and only mortgage on the road, its equipments and earnings, and also on a land grant which, on the completion of ths roa4> wtU average XlJMO acres to each mils of track. They ars Issued lu denominations from f 100 U gl.uttt Coupon, and flOu to 910400 Registered, bav* thirty ysars to run, bear an intsrsst of 7 JO per cent in gold, and are EXEMPT FROM UNITED STATES TAX to ths holder. The semi annual Interest sn the Registered Bonds is paid witb GOLD CHECKS, sent to the poet o?o? address ef ths holder. All Marketable Stocks and Bonds received in ss change, without expense to the investor, at theti highest current prices B A N B B R S . may* WASHINGTON. '?'HE NEAREST ROUTE to the Visnna Exposi 1 tlon is by the way of A. STRAUS', 1011 Penn. avs., near 11th sSS DABGATOS IN DBT GOODS-Androscoggin O Cotton, 17c.: Wam?utta, ?*.; New Tort Mil*. Mi.. i?be~tins Cotton in 8 4, # 4, awl MM; Table Linen. 70c.:Toweis, fl 25 per doaen; Black Silk at ?' *. worth i* 7#: Parasols, aOr to 99. Doylies, 75c. w-r doten, Black Alpaca*. J6c. to fl; Victoria Lawn, Br ; Lining Cambric*. 10c ; printa. Sc.; ?"?i ?" , Milling vunvrio, ?*j pr. Bleached Cotton, *c All kinds of dress goods at the lowest market prices, at BBODHEAD A CO*. ?u 12 tr IMt F street. between 12th and 1.1th. (^HOIt C 0REII GOODS. We offer FBOM THIS DATE, < May 12th,IDE CIDEDLY GOOD bargains in the following named (niHh: Spring and Summer Silks. Lyons Black Silks, Lupin's Black Pare Silk, Chain Grenadine*. Black Satin, Striped do , "Beaver" brand, ailk finish, Black Pare Mohairs, "Buffalo," Black Alpacas. SCO pieces Spring and Summer Dre** Goods, from IS rents to S1.2S per yard. Plain and Striped Gray Linen* for Traveling Suits. Pine White Good*. Linen Shirtings and Sheeting. Summer Flannels. Prints and Domestic Cotton Good*. ?/"One price only, marked in plain figures. JOSEPH J. MAT, mil e?3t 939 Penn. ave., bet. 9th and 10th sts. UMBIG !! Hl'MBl'G!! A great many people appear to have been ham buged b) Nichols' advertisement t tut he was selling ont and would remove to a smaller store. There are so many dealers mho, every season. pretend to be selling ont at and below cost, and then sell no cheaper than others do. that people have got sharp, and they art- now humbugging themselves by think ing thai Nichols is only pretending to sell ont, an<l therefore they do not call, aa they certainly would, if they knew now cheap he is selling his goods. He is selling ont at about the wholesale price, and will remove before tbe 20tD of this mouth. Nichols, dealer in fancy goods, notion*, jewelry, stationerv, cheap toys, Ac., No. 1009 7lh street, between K and L -treets, near Bogan A Wylie's. m9-tr ,\I A Y 1, 1S73.?We bave this day formed a co 1*1 partnership under the name and style of GARD NERA LEDERER, snccess >rs lo Lederer A Bro , Wheel*rights and Black*mith*, 711 18th *treet, between Pennsylvania aveuue aid G street, and wovld reip?-ctfnfly solicit our friend > and the public generally, to give us a call. Wagons of all descrip tion built and warrantee. Repairing promptly at tended to. All persons Indebted to the late Arm of Leilerer A Bro., will please rail and settle their bill*, and nil person* having claims against the shove firm, or the late T. W L"ilerer will present them to us for payment. W F. GARDNER, n.tttlf C A. LEDERER. Old, ) i Nkw, No 4*6 S PAPERHAKGIBGS. <N-. 4:1? 7th St.\ (7th 8t. NOW OPEN AT MARRRITBR'S, No. 43V 7th street, between D and E streets, Eight doors above Odd Pellews' Hall, PAPERH ANGINGS of new and stylish designs of the best fabrica and 11 nish, selected with due regard to harmony of celor, durability, richne** and econo my. A larje portion made specially to order, em bracing beautiful stripe and other designs in Gilt and Plain Colors, appropriate for drawing room*, Ac.; 2u and 40 inch plain tinta for panneling with gilt rod or fl tishing plain, with a fall liue of medium and low-pri< ed Papers, patent and perfect represen tations of Wood and Marble,for panneling halls and vestibules. BORDERS in Gilt, Velvet aud Gilt Imitation Fresco, and Common; Center Pieces, French Fir -board Prints, Ac., making the largest aud most complete assortment in the District. WINDOW SHADES. New designs, different sizes an1 colors; also, Plain Goods in P-arl, Chocolate, Lavender, Green and Stone Colon for aaking into Shades. Shades made to order. PICTURE FRAMES Solid Oval, Walnut and Gilt, and all Gilt Frames from 3x4 to 3Bx3U inches. Box Oval Frame* for Wreaths at cost. A beantiful selection of French and Americsn Gilt and Velvet Framesfor Ivorytype and Porcelain Pictnres. Card Frames iu great variety. Primes made to order. PICTURE CORD AND TASSELS ? from Card to Portrait Size, differeut colors; also, G? ld Plated, Tiuned and Wire Center Picture Cord, very superior goods; Porcelain and Brass Head Pic ture Nails, Ring*, Screw Eyes, Ac. PAINTINGS. ENGRAVINGS, CHROMOS, Ac. A limited, but choice, selection in appropriate frames always in store on exhibition and sale. Cliromos and Engravings ordered. Orders for Paperhanging, Window Shades or Pic ture Frames punctually lined and satisfaction guar anteed. Tetmscaeh Please retivn.le rjiaffie. Old No 4967 J. MARKRITER, aid number 4 39 7th street, *19 lm B-tween D and E stieeta. yjETROPOLITA-N DOLLAR STORE. THE LARGEST VARIETY OF GOODS EVER OFFERED) KVERY ARTICLE A BARGAIN' NKW AND TASTY GOODS! W IIAT A DOLLAR WILL BUY! WHAT .'??> CENTS WILL BUY' WHAT *?> CENTS W ILL BI Yl Among the Dollar gotids we offer: Children's Linen Suits, Maiseilles Hats, Lace Infants' Caps, Para garments: Gent's Gauze Shirts, long and short sleeves; Satchels and Wallets, Kid Gloves and Buck Gaunt lets, Canes, Desks, Music Albums, Backgam mou Boards, and the prettiest and largest assort ment of Jewelry ever offered; black sets Bracelets, Chatelaines and Necklaces a specialty; Hosiery as usual ,3 pairs for !J1. In fifty cent goods we offer. Fine and soft Lace Quilling, sets of 2 Linen Collars and 1 pair Cuffs, fine Damask Towels, Mourning and Hemstitched Hdkfs, Belts, Gloves. Shirt Fronts, Silk Scarfs, Gent's Bows, Baskets, Shawl Straps. Suspenders, Lace Scarfs and B >ws, Knives aud Scissors, Combs and Brashes,Perfumery, Jewelry, Spittoons, Vases. Flower Pot*, Ornaments,6 good Goblets, Toy* of all kinds, Ac., Ac. In twenty five cent article* we have: Ladles'Linen Cull*, Ruffling for the neck, luo dor Gent's British Half Hose, large Uuck Towels, Hemstitched and Blaiu Linen Hdkfs,2 good Bord'd Hdkfs, Ladies' lose, Ridding and Fine Combs, Lace Scarfs and Bows,l doz good Pencils. 6 Britannia Tea Spoons, Work Basket, Lunch Baskets, Razors, Knives and Scissors, Flower-pot Covers, Brackets, Towel Racks, Book Straps, fine Lisle Thread Glove*for la dies and meo. Black Jewelry, Ac., Ac. To get your money'* worth, tbe place to visit is METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORE, SIM SEVENTH STREET, aptt-tr nsar Penn*ylvanla avsnos. ?NGL1SH SCARFS. ENGLISH HOSIERY. ENGLISH UNDERWEAR. A LARGE ASSORTMEXT AT JDEVLUST &c CO.'S, jn3-jr 1113 PENnsylvania AVEN01. yyE HAVE JUST received ?0 DOZEN LADIES' SKIRTS, WHICH H i AH A SULLIXU AT SB CENTS PER SKIRT. LOCRWOOD, HUFTT * TATLOR. S?3 PENNSYLVANIA AVENDB, q tr Metropolitan HoUl Blot. Most wondbbful invention of thb AGB I - ? J. Moses' Electr* Galvanic8PXCTA-I CLX8, Patented June 3,1M. _ H. HC Deale No.g JAPANESE FAN. 3,000 JAPANESE HE ir-r ~ *? ?Ais. , . ?vH0FFA. Sole Agent, 'aler in Watches, Jewelry, and Watoh Materials. >. Mil Pa. ava., bat. 6th and 7th ts. dec7-lj BMA UT1PUL?CHMA P ~ -- *?>*??*<=!?? myl-lm* ipsa WANTS. WABTRn-Threeg-od DRESS M AERRS A* " nly at Mo. BIT llth street, aocthwest. If WANTRD-A competent teecher to teach the Classics and Mathematics. Ap??7 MS ar Office mH-4t ANTID-An exp-rienc-d DRUO CLRRK. AiMnn Post office Bo* Ho. 433 Georgetown. D C. b> 1*-* %E7 ANTID?Two good MILLINER*. at Mm. H. 77 J ARETZS Store, **27 7th street north WMt. ?)???? W ANTED?A BOY to take charge of ahorse. 77 Apply at k. M JOHNSON tf Agricultural Warehouse, 940 Louisiana avenne. mil-St* WAHTKI>?Two GIRLS: one for l\?ridrv and ob? for ttblf wiiter. PARKINSON HOUSE 63'i PramrUuii urane "ill-It WANTKD-A settled White WOMAN to do general housework. Apply at No. 124 3d street o. e., after 4 p. m.or Iw^TeH a. m m!2 It WANTED?A Colored WOMAN to do g-neral : heueework. No. 320 9th street, between^ H and I street* north*est. *'* ANTKD-A Young MAN in * re.tauraut, to do ? general housework. and attend to a hor*. Apply te ('HAS KLOTZ, 0 street, between 17th ?tud 13th streets. "ll* s WANTED-Al Trem. nr Hons--, three WAIT_ KH6 two CHAMBERMAIDS, a PANTRT WOMAN, slid aman to take cb?-ge of store-room. None but first-clans help n< ed apply. nil 2 .W ANTED?Live AGENTS, male and f ernale, for ? two new article** n;il"*l?le ** fl^ur. A*ent* ii nke ?35 per week . ron-tan' employment. Call St | 1 7 :?*? G street northwest, between 4 and 6 p.m. only mH-er?3t ' \V ANTKD-A Furnished HOI BE, suitable f?r? v7 boarding-house or to rent out rooms; wou'd prefer ->ne with b ..irders already in. A ldress"M., ' ?t?r Office, stating rent and l'*atiou. which mnst be central. m!2 3t* WANTKD?By au American young lady aSITU ATION torrsvel or goaway f->r the summer as companion, lady's maid, or unrse. G'">d city reference*. Address ''COMPAN ION," Star Of fice. nil2 3t* WANTED-A com petent White Nl'R^E t?take 7 7 charge of an infant; none but an experienced woman n>e-l apply. Reference required Apply to .1. C. W1SWALL. No. 310 7th street, Dry Good Store. nilj-.'tt WANTKD?A mid He aged woman wish** a BITUATION as cook. no objection to goto the country, and make herself generally useful. Apply to N<>. 1704 H street, between 17th and isli. <;.?od references can be given. It* | WANTID-A tirst-classBOOTM \N;one willing 7 7 to box the craft preferred. Also, a tirst-rate COBBLER. T" stead*, sober men society wvges will be paid JOHN r ANDREWS, N >. 1019 K street,corner 11th northwest. It* WANTED.?A responsible partv wishes toliuy a " conTenient IIOLSE by installments of $50 per month. Must have 9or ten rooms, with modern im provements and be iu ag(x?l loca ity Went Kud preferred Address, wi'h descriptiouf,-A. B. 0.," Agricultural Department mli-2t* ANTED-To purchai- a neat HOUSE of about seven rooms, with htll aud modern conve niences. Must l>e situated t>etween N-w Jersey ave nue and 14th street and H and O northw.-st. Ad dress, stating terms and location, '? Purchaser," City Post Office. m!2 2?" WANTED-A goo<l BHEAD BAKER, at 701 6th street southwest. ml0-2t* ANTED-DRUG CLBKK, lllh aud L streets, northwest. mlOJt* W'ANTICI'- A tirst-clas- BREAD BAH~ER. Ap 7 7 ply immediately at the Bakery of WILLIAM II SOLL1KS.H street, between6tli and 7th streets east. mlP-St* U7 ANTED?By a gentleman aud his w ile, two or three uufurni- hed ROOMS, suitable for house I keeping, or a SMALL HOUSE. Please address Box 14, Star Ottice, stating locatiou and terms. mlo St* \\'ANTED? A TEN ANT for 12 room unfurnished *7 house in Alexandria, large garden, good out I buildings; can be made a delightful summer hoard j ing house; cars every hour for Washington; fare, lo cents. Rent, board of gentleman mid w ifo. Address or call on Captain H<iWLETT, 1737 Pennsylvania avenue, for full particulars. tnlo fit* ANTED?A c< mpeteut colored nurseGl KL; re ft-rences required. 1 122 11th st. N.W m'.t St" w \V* ANTED?In a private familt , a white LAI N ? 7 7 BESS, must have cit) ref.rences. No. ti'Jl 1.1?b street, between F :md G streets m9 ea'tt* \%TANTED?By a young man, of live years expe 77 ritnce in ths drug busidess. a SITUATION, good and satisfactory reference given. Addrem OPII,Cit) P'ist Office, or at the Star Office mi> 3t 'ANTED?A respectable Colored GIRL, to do light cbamherwork and assist in minding a baby Apply at No. 1633 K street, between 16?h and 17th. n?9>t* _ i^ANTED? Inn A r>-lT?ble ? lid c >ni 7 7 petent colored WOMAN, to cook, wash arid iron; references required. Apply 1O03 E street northwest. mS St* WAN TED-An artive young M AN w ith asmsll 77 each capital wi-hes to en er into Partnership in s?,me paying business. AMress '? Bu->iiies?." Star Office. m9 tt* W ANTED-Two or three SOLICITORS for uu" 7 7 i f the most popular Life Insurance Companies in the United States. Capital. Will pay liberal commissions. K. McB. TIMONEV, 631 F street northwest, m>-St I'rider Bts ond National B<nk. WANTED?PLl'MBERS to know that we are prepare)! to furnish them with all kinds of BRASS WORK, at 1006C street northwest. WM. II DOUGLAS A CO. N B.-Biass Casting done daily. nil-lin* WANTED?LADIES to take notic** that Ma^laine 77 D E. MAISON.of New York, hAsopeiuHl her Millinery Parlors at No. 413 13th street north west. aSO 1 in WANTED?Immediately ?Families or persons in need of iirat-claasSERVANTSof every descrip tion, male aud female, to call and get supplied at once. Servants also can get good homes and best of wages by applvingat the Eureka Employment Office, to Mrs. LOUISE C. BUTLER, 607 11th street, near E^ al6-lm WANTED?Every one to know that the VICTOB 77 SEWING MACHINE has its nudU ulf-sa (t?g; the most perfect shuttle in use, resting in a cradle; needle bar and works of steel. Agency. 46V Pennsylvania avenne. Also, Branch of Mme. Dem

urest's Pattern Emporium. .. angSO-ly T. W. 8PICEB. Agent. LOST AND FOUND. C KKWARD.?L<wt, on Friday, April tfth, in Washington or Georgetown, a Pocket Case of SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS Return to Star or 11**14 loth street northwest. mlo-lt* I ObT?BLACK AND TAN DOG, an 1 j swers to name''BKI'PO Return ti Boom 4 Winder's BaiUilf^nd receive re ward. It* t "O REWARD.?Lost, this morning, about 11 V<lu o'clock, on Pennsylvania avenue, between 13th street and tlie Bank of Washington, a email Russia leather POCKET BOOK, containing four 9.*0 notes aud five (31) notes. The above reward will be given if returned to No. 1336 1 street north west. ml0-3t* (?1AA BEWABD-LOST OR STOLEN?TWO 2> 1UU 1ST MOB1GAGE W. A G. R. ROAD BONDS, No* 213 and 246 for fiaoo each, dated IStfa March, 1&1. Order ou Board Public Works, No .1,346, for %l,auu, in favor of Hen Shrider; also, do No 1.46s, for (273, in favor of G. Vanderwerken, al.-o, do.. No. 1,469, for 31,373 20, in favor of G. Van d> rwerken. $luo reward will be paid if left at the office ot the WAG. Builroad Co.,corner New Jer sey avenue and Bstreet.orto G.VANDENWKR KF.N. 123 Bridge street, Georgetown. mlo 2w* I>0ARD OT PUBLIC WORKS, I> DistbictoT r: ashijigtos, April 3, 1373. A reward ef FIFTY < $60) DOLLARS wilt be paid for the detection and conviction of any person or persons who have stolen, or who may hereafter be found stealing, the Man-hole and Sewer-trap Covers iu the cities of Washington and Georgetown. By order of the Board. EDWABD JOHNSON. a3-tf [Bcpub.C'hron-l Chiet Clerk. ? OST?On the 1st of March, on E street, between li 10th and Id streets northwest, a RUBT RING, with two pearls. A liberal reward will be paid if returned fo No. AOV Sd street northwest. m7 PERSONAL. T^O PERSONS who HOLD TAX TITLES.? The undersigned u prepared for the hoira of the late Daniel Carroll, of Dudington,at a fair valua tion, to givti quit claims on any property where they may hold the title in equity u66t THOS. E. WAUG AM AN, 419 7th st BOARDING. B0ARDING-H0U8E, newly furnished, for per manent and transient boarders. Also, TABLI BOARD, No. 31W Pa. ave. northwest. ml2-6t" Rooms, furnished or unfurnished, with or without board, 1102 4th street, north west. mlo 2t* PROFESSIONAL. DR HART1GAN HAS REMOVED to 403 Sd street, corner of D street northwest,opposite Indiana avenne. ml-lm* DR. G.O. SAMSON HAS REMOVED HIS Of fice and residence to 2419 Pennsylvania ave nue. Calls left at the Drug Store of Eugene K. Cis srll,corner of 10th street aud New York avenue, will be promptly attended to. aM-so2w J AMU 0. CLEPHANE. E. E. BRAILIT shorthahd'wbi'tebS a^aVkeporters Office?No. 110 0 street, between 1st and M. facing Indiana avenne. wh31-ly JOHM W. HANNA, J ... ATTORMjrr-AT-LAW, Mo. 9 TonLaw Buildlag, aeltf Washington. P. Q~ |yj C. LUTTRELL. 0. A. DUNNINGTO M * LUTTRELL tt DUMMINeTOM. Auctioneers ??d Ceasmlssiea MerchaaU, L?. Ave., bet. Mh and Mth streets northwest, y Special and Personal attention given to the > of r ? T"* OMLT GENUINE Middleeex Flannel g?ODB*iD?OUrtr sua 'j&ttusx '-*'-*!? s'muegge .vs^^sss.'si ? Ml na ^_TT l ^1 ^1* * FOB REST AMP BALK. F'OK rbnt-ai h?. ii)9 l nHt.iwntic.. FaraUbed BOO 1(8. with or without B^ard. ml} Ji* F^OB BIKt-Tfr? dnlnblr Kurnt->h?d Humwr BOOMS, en suit* ?r smgh?; one larg- rraa frr.i ling ?>otb. at 417 0 ntrf?l. ml. >? Ij^OB SALE?HOUSE, with si* rooms and hall front and retr t?rd ?K*?cwh; balance long time M Y. HOLLEY. 1*3 La. ave. all SI* LH'B SALE?A neat ?ix-ro^m BBICK HOUSE. A with hall, front and ba<-k yard. *W0 rash, bat anr* monthly. DYEB A DA\IDsoN, mil-41 1 lift Pa are., over Milburu's Drug Store. f^OB RENT?Pleasant furnished and unfurnished front BOOMS on second and third floors, also. Table Boarder* ac ommodat'd. at 1013 10th street, corner M ss<arhusetts aisnae mil 31* l?OR BENT?Two HOUSES. No. 403 uth str-l I northwest,* ronm<; No. 404 14th street, j room* Apply at 1407 B street northwest _n list* r. BUTLER J|M?R BEST? Largs second-story Front tnd too BOOMS on'hird floor, furnished. and sta tionary washstands. Also, thre?' BOOMS on first floor, ut furnished. bath. Ac. No 7U4 S li str?et northwest. mil Si* IVOR 8AI.E?The neat two?lory pressed brick front ROUSE. No. 1**I3 15th street northwest, nesr S street, containing six rooms, bath-room,eel lar.bay window, Ac Price SS.'**), term* ?a?v Apply to A M SMITH. _ml2 6t* 630 F street northwest. F*OR RENT?Furnish.-d < r unfurnished, two com municating PARLOUS on first floor; al?o, PINING BOOM and KITC11 EN. with large yard and sew-r, water and gas- will lie rented by tb'> year if desired on moderate I eras to a good tenant, at No .'>31 Uth street northwest. between E and F e recti alUt* It"OB RENT?Six-room HOUSE on K -.treet. No. I 91J Apply at 1106 L street. mlo-St* l, or rent-fancy store. No. 63i n street ? northwest. Stock and Fixtur.-s for sale at a bar gain. ml0-3t* L\ H KENT?Two very de-iralde HALLS on 7tli F ?tr?et; *20 an l_?TV mid Si THUS E. WAGGAM\N. 31? 7th st IVOR SALE OB BENT-A small HOUSE in a good locution. For information applj to WM. T. MUBPHY, Grocer. 943 L street, corner 10 h. northwest. bN 21* ?VOR BENT-A four room BUH'K DWELLING E with hall and terraced yard; new and neat; balf a square from 14tli street cars. Apply at 37 E street northwst.near New Jersey ave mlu 6t* |VOR RENT?A ten-room three-alorv BRICK 1 HOUSE; all modern Improvements; situated on lltli street. between M and N northwest. Imjnire ?t 1103 Mstreet northwest. nilo6t" IVOR SALE OR RENT?In G -orgetown. a n<-at. r convenient 7-rooui HOUSE, in one of the ni"?t desirable |<-cations in the tuwu. lu>iuire at N >. 64 High street. mlO Si IVOR BENT?A STORE, on Pennsylvania ave I nue. Apply at CA BO'S Loan Office, No 914 Per nsvlvania avenue, between 9th and loth streets northwest. mlO-St IVOR SA I.E?On favorable terms, one of the most desirable KESIl>EN< ES in the city, Inquir of C N THOM, office of the Liverpool and London and Glol>? Insurance Company, No 71H uth street. mlo-St* IVOR KENT?A 9-room three-story BRICK * HOUSE, No b7 H street, between North C?p itol and l?t sts. west. K~nt >i3 p r ni 'tith. Inquire of No. ft, ?.?nie block,or B . F. PA< HARP Room 133 General Land Office. mlO-3* I^OR BENT?Nice STOBE and DWELLING: E fine cellar, gas, water; No. 1914 K street vist. Also, Bo? Window for sal.-, Inquire at C. F. SCHMIDT'S Fancy Store, No. 1734 Penn?ylva uiH avenue. uilo-$t* Fm>b sale ?Seven-room COTTAGE, with cel lar, front and bark yard, gas and water, on P street, uear 1Mb northwest. T-rais liberal GEO. A. LANE. mlO-St 1?*30 K street northwest. F'oB SALE OB RENT-Three miles from wi?h" suburban Residence, U'-w two-atory IIOUbE; hot and cold water, bath-room and w ater closet Inquire ot Mrs. HUTCHINS, on the prem ise*. at Ib-nniiig's Station, B A P R R , or B F. PACK AR1>. K ?mii 133 General Land Office. mlO-.V IVOR SALE?New two-story KRAMES, at terrui 1 nus Columbia Railroad; terms easy. For sale or rent, four-story BRICK . For rent,three-story BRICK; tjjs. G R. MILBUBN, mlO 6t* 513 7th street, opp Post Office. 1/ O B HALT lb VALUABLE nt ILltING LOTS on R street, beiweeu 14:ti and 1Mli imilltills Apply to F B M^yCIRE, Rt-al Estat- offi.-.-, n.lOlw [Rep | 1306 F streot 1/11K KENT?Large turiu-tied KOOMs, witii I board 606 U street, between 6*.b and 7lh, northwest. Gentlemen preferred. ni'.? St * L'OR RENT?Furni^h'-d ROOMS f>r h>u~ekeep r ing on ihe first floor. Apply at 1013 irh-treet, between K and L. m9 SI* L OR SALE?A uew BRICK Hol'-E containing r 7 rooms, with ni"dern fniprov* ' ? 'its, | .rated on lo'h street,between N av ; U norihwe?< Applv at 131J Vermont ave in- , between SI and N mV? St * l.'Oll SM.E OR LENT^-Very deairable ? wo-atorr I FRAME HOl SE, ou large lot of gr md in Uniontown, containing eight muOM,wHh atore r<ioni. a g.?*l pla< 4 for bn-iuess Apply to K K MARTIN, Utiioctuwn, D C. m 6i* F'OR SALE?At a bargain, a beautiful, h--: thy, t.'OUNTBY HOME. SS acres, near rai oad, few minute* ride fr m Washington. Great v riM) choice fruit, low tax?s, appreciated when see .. Call on Judge TOMPKINS. Penaiou Bureau, or v II \S. ANDREWS, Geneial p. 0. m9-3t* |,"OB SALE-A fine HOUSE . 1 LOT in Frank I linRow . on K street, between 12th and lull This property has a fine elevation, with a south front, aud is superbly located. E K. WILSON. n:9 6t A11 7th street, opp. Post Office. F^ORRENT-The HOUSE and PREMISES No. 1333 Pennsyhania avenue, adjoining Han cock's Restaurant. The property front* feet on the avenue and au feet on D street. It is an excel lent business stand. and will lie rented at ?75 p-T m. nth. Apply to DODGE ft DABNEILLE. 143* F street. tn9 at L'OITsALE-HOLSR and LOT. corner Jd and D I streets noitbeast; lot 9V feet b> 60 feet 4 inch>-?," Apply on the premises. ni-S-4t* LHIB SALE-HOUSE and LOT, -?07 IS.h street, r between E and F its. The house lias nine ro*ms, with gas, water closet, aud bathroom. Inquire at ADAMSON'8,303 9th st. m mi-6t IVOR SALE-Five new 2 stor> BRICK HOUSES. A 6 rooms; hall, veranda; very cheap, and small pa>m< tits; ou 13th street northwest. WM. H. M1N NIX, 603 lfith street, opposite Treasury Depart ment. m* 6t P*oR SALE?Two ?tor> BRICKS, on Washington street, ? loo cash, balance 530 per mouth; AMO cash, #26 per month; ESoocasb, $20 per monthihalf cash, $ 15 per month. 6. R. MILBURN, 413 7th ?treet. m;? tit* IVOR RENT?Four large, airy ROOMS, fronting r Lorth and a<iuth; two communicating, on first floor, and two ditto on aec<>nd floor, with large porchea, bathroom, Ac., in house; excellent for a patty of gentlemeu who would wish to use one of the rocmsasa parlor. Beferences required. Appl> at this office. ms-tw F'OK KENT?Three ROOMS, cemnMinicating, at 1337 h street. To desirable person* would be rented for housekeeping m7-eoSl* IVOR RENT?FURNISHED HOUSE,8 roomsand I bathroom, with all moderu improvements,from June 1st to October let. Apply to GEO A. HALL, S< c. Y. M C. A., rooms corner 9th and B sts m7-Ct P^OS^ENT^XHoCs?TiTthe7ountryT2>rmIIeii a from the Navy Yard, near Good Hope, D.C., containing eight rooms. For particulars apply to A. C. ADDISON, on the adjoining farm; or by letter to M. ADDISON. Washington, D C. n>< lw* F'OR KENT?Unfurnished ROOMS, on the second and third floor*, in suites, suitable for house keeping; water on second floor; pleasant location. 333 Missouri avenue, opposite the Botanical Garden. mo <t* IVOR SALE?The l.e*t LOT on Capitol Hill,cor r ner of Delaware avenue and n>>rth B street; 76 feet 8 inches on north B street by 142 feet 6 inches on Delaware avenue:clese to street car* and extension of Capitol grounds; splendid site for hotel For teims, Ac., inquire of WM. TYLER, Beal Estate Broker, T 1*? 16th street ni5-eo6t IP 0B BENT?Furnished COUNTSY HOUSE for the summer. Will rent main building ready furnished, containing parler, dining-room, three chambers, kitchen. Ac. Plenty of shade, ice aud fruit; stabling, garden and pasture if desired, beau tiful and health> location: l'? miles from Lanham's Statien,on Baltimore and Potomac railroad. For terms apply on the premises, to Mrs E. WELLS, or addreas Dr. CHABLE8 A. WELLS, Bladens bnrg. Md. mS 6t* F^OB BENT-Valnable BUSINESS STAMP, third story, room S0v60 feet, northeast corner Louisi ana avenue and 7th street; also, OFFICES on sec ond floor. Apply on premises, or at 433 C street northwest, before 11 a. m. mS-lm IVOR RENT?A handsome couutry HOUSE in E complete order,containing thirteen rooms, with gardeu aud privilege of ice bouse, carriage house and stable- on the W ashington railroad, near Belts ville. For particulars apply on the premise*, or to Mr J. THOS. PARKER, No. 609 Pennsylvania avenue. [ml ?w'] W. A LIHTH1CUM. FOR SALE, TRADE OB BENT-That fine COUNTRY RESIDENCE, known as "Ingle side," situated on the new pike road to FaUa' Church, one-half mile from the Aqnedoct Bridge, Georgetown, D. C. There is a fine new double house, two-story and French roof, with thirteen good rooms, cellar, bath-room Md water cloaet, with sewer, bay window, range, hot and cold water, large trees surrennding the house, a good oarn with four stalls, carriage house, grainery,and hennery. There are five acre* of ground well fenced, with fruit tree*, grapes, Actwo good well* of water and a spring. I offer this property for sale, or trade for citr proper ty , improved or unimproved, or for lease for ? term of years. Parties meaning bnainem will be shown the property by calling a? 904 F street, Maaouic Temple. a!8-Sw [Bep.?Q FHIL. H. WELC3. IVOR BENT?May 1st, with board. two connecting ? ^ front BOOMS, with hot and cold water. Botil and Booms for two, fit. Modern conveniences in hooae, 1MT 9th street. aX IV0? BENT?Fine three-story praaasd BBI0K 51th LINO, with all modern improv em sots, IjIPOK PROS., feed dealer*, Kb and O. aSMa roo^a, bmiim brtk-ro? FOR RENT AND SALE. Ij'OB SALF?Lots ??> l.U.U. U mk1 l< m ?.jnaro Wl, ala... Iota J, ?. t, 9. 9. M, II. and H. n?r 9(6. near Cam Capitol street, a f?-w minutes' wa>? .?< F streetcars. Apply f<>r?K Ea*t Capitol ar. Ilotbf ?treeta. |A t?'| II BALPW IN atory RK1CE HOCSE. N . * **? M Krwt D'Tthwf#!,^ niiual^'i vill rr?? II# mofylTtaift avfiuf and F?irM earn. Apply to Dr MAORCDER. ??? Estreet Dorthww. Oa-tf F'O* KALI-A EAkM ot M KkC^li. M ?nv g'?niery c .unty, Maryland. *mil** fr..m Wash ington; on a turnpike, aud IS niiles from the rail Impr.'t .-menta consist of four frann hoses,,.tie blacksmith shop, and a stoie Jk artuatM for bqainrwa U >.?i waft a<ul fencing Tff.V'JS.3? for ASaU> cash , ro?BBST-A FARM of !*? ACBES 8 miles frun W ?.httigt"n. og the turnpike, and IS aiil-a "'.ni the rai I road d"P"t The dwelling house c >ii tain* II room* Tik" fariu la wall worked and waters. g,od stabling and ont h >????, ha* fine orchard Isnd+astares and will lw r?*iit??l to a !lr?l class tenant on iea?on?W? terms for a l?rni < f ?-era For further particular* apply at Ho 7 O.I K nil tMlm FV.% v^iJh^SP*? ?ATS -AT A' BVS ' OF LANI> at Higblaud Station. B an.l O K K uiTt n ' H""" H use, Barn. P nltry U^u? and ^ *fIr ?"d *"od fan cine. dl A< HAS OF LtSD, nine rv ni Hutae with cloeeta, Barn. Servants' 11 >n? ? plenty of water large quantity choice fruit trw. T. rru? oa-v ' . ........ lmiilclark; apljt eoSw <?0J> l&th street, forner 15th au t F F 4 ??K SALE ? The aubwrito-r -Hera tor sale hit HOI SR i No. 14A) and LOT on the first sinare east of the Capitol. The lot im situated on the < -nth aide of Kaat Capitol street and >n >1 street. and i* C '<?*' and U lucbos wide and 115 f-ft deep. on 9d ?t. ??7 3W CHAELE8 F RISSELL F?JLiV-* ?* "CHANGE FOR CITY PtUP I ERT1 . ? two-story HOI'SR wl'h brick t>aM> ment. and al?.? a comrr LOT ami a FARM-f A) ?ore. near the city. Apply to J F CO*, c ru-r ?:h and Fayette streets. Georgetown, D C. a IS lui* t^OR BENT?FCBN ISHED ROOMS a hack A Parlor furniahed aa a B -?lr.?om, and two pi.-as ant mail hack and front, on aecond at r>, in an eli^iMy -located Dwelling on I ?trect, near 9th will be rented on rea?.naUe temi? to e"titl.-nn u onli Addreaa"A. J.," National R- publican effice. ni|>-tf | B 'p | FOR SALE. L'OR bAI.K?t'h<-ap, tw.. n?w COl'STBR?>. N i h TUiW-'i.* Fiue,ol|.s|, 9 fM?t each; al.... PaRTI i i"A,M Store, comer of 6th ?iid A ttr. et. > nth e*9i R LION, coys CL TIMli Pit YSICUJ?. Tb? otdoat eatabHabod Specialist In the city Mo. ?11 i4th street, above H. j> 17 tr " 10 4 7 *? *?dAlly |1 PlSBAflKfl of all kiixin treated I>e Dr*THOmVSow *? *?nb Hth ?^Tph^adPlUla"?.1T^ M^ahmwil^b phibiciaM aK DiaiASI^I^'ffi^'LADIM RtniideDce snd Cotieultatien Ronnie dll fth m ic .it rMMMKU _ ?***?wai D MIBWIFI, head In two boon. trciMli? ? ADOaes tolearly life. Manhood reatorad Inumi to Marriar* removad. New aatb ?J oftHSt S?'., New and remarkable remediea. Book* an) In aeaJed enrelopea. Aildraaa A*Mnait4m, No. V aontb 9th atre?t Phila. delphia. Pa , an in*tituli< ti harlng a ki?h'repata tl-D for honorable conduct Xad pr?le-Wi ' ? Barau-^ofci \f OMKT BITC BNID IF ?I SUN HAD ELIXIR * ?AiL*TO VVII OH ILLS To be had of BBACK * CIMKL.oocW lnL M " ? ba mm. rnlMy* I" TH* """oVcxSS5uSI ? ?it^virry' ^;2Wj^jSS.C52S, ss i.ati. bare been collected and tamed into monev; when an4 a fcere all the creditoraaiei beir, of aaid deeeas-d are notified to attend, with thair claim* propert? fssispans' *?' ? |i <.'R SALE?Three of tbr mo?t d.Miirable L<?T* R ?mb,Meridian Hill. Only 91?u in < a?h re.jnir 1 lor tirst payment. F<<rfurther iiif. applv to theoiidenuKni-d. TIIOMAS W. FOWLKR. PO J y atre?t. opp Patent OIBc KOR ^ALfc SMALL FARM?A place foqr mil . * northeaxt from thin city, containing t2 acrea. ahont <>ne fourth in lieavjr timber. The nient* C'jMiit oj a double I ialio llouae, in t oraer, wtth all the ne. esaary in In I Ug an ice lioQge. full ?T i? ??. Plenty of good pun wati-i aiMl Ne\eral hundred fruit tree, of the l-?t ? ari. ii? ?? ill be i??ld on -aay terma, and city pr.>(wrt> t ?W-n" 111 part exchange Price and t.-rnm made kn wn on application to Kl< UARI> R MoHt N a t o . " ? IQ1A I'eniii'yltani t a>enue l^'OR SALE?A ?ery dealrable FARM, c .ntanTng .. ?- "f* a?d located in Montg-.tuery c-... Ml, en the a anliirigton, C"b'Kvill<- and Aaht'.n turnnik road, adv. itiing th ? Burnt Mill* prop.-n> Tn < P arm I* in fine condition, and under g'?.?d fencinc impro\ed by a goodtw..-?tory Frvu^ H..u?e, with b?. k ??iiilding, containing in all niue room* a we I of pure water at the door. There ia alao a atal ie and abed*, poultry bon?.ic.,?iid? gx^l atoreli u?? all ch baa been long eNtabli-U-d a- a bnsin.-??atan.J a blacksmith and wheelwright'?> shop Tb -r> i? a fine grove of tree* ar und the building, ai.d an e* ?elb nt orchard of applea, pea< he*, ana a van ly ,?t other fruit on the pla.-e. with an a>>uiidaiic>. of w ....i timber Tak.-n altogether tin- Farm offera a irr *? indue ment to any one wanting a healthy c antry bom, The aociety in the neighborhood i-ex ell. m with churches and achoolk ver\ couv.-nlnt, Titie indisputable. Apply on the premi*.**. to ml- St CMABLKS THOMPSON I4LI~T,J0 fil,e 1?RAFT H'^R>ES, two . t. AKTS. nearl\ new rom-FAKM W At; V??-WSraA?T HAKhESS. Ilea . 1 ? r new I'Ol BLE HARNESS T B CBOW. AdS. ill Bridge street, O? .rgetow n F?fm\L|'??AwT?:A J'KK.AT BARGAIN -tTrie i a . i K FA8S1.H4.ER ROCK T. V.'. ,1n', M Itli Shaft* and I'.-* Pole, jtj?t made to order, can be u-ed w ith one or two hor-ea. ^ .M< DERHOTT BROS . *?" dtO PMtiayl\aut?avenue. 1/OR SALE-A hue Kentacky HoR8E; ~a g >od ? n?. Jlr and line aaddle li t*. Ai pl\ at J 'IIN T PRICE A BRO S Liw, ?,! ble.ail, ?tr. et, betaeen C at aod Loui?iaii .^-f-i ?**""* m? 3' ? A TavLK?y.A*? SALE?Cheap?At II m? Ho. fl I'VlTC TT'" .!"rf# "I H niaehold s..,.^ 1 RE. including I'arb.r >uita, B-al R ? m '<<~hen Furmtur.', Ac., by J \\ M Alt HETT. 41 'J lith street n w. m'.'f* F,(i.R SALB?Just arriv.s], lu hea fTTf rrrr fine Driving and Draft HdRSES. a m-la-t r-v Y,?r,V\ ^r^ '??r mark.-t I S HPCIILT ? BiiUEN S Stable, Xea /C?V | ? "rit avenue, between 6th and 7th atre. ta. uU-2w* F?.B ?ALE?BAY MARE, 5 year* old. M >rgan dij aound. Also, POSYrv PH A TON Apply to LATIMER A CLE A 5^3% ' # *?i !"n***r*' F?r"'ay|vaniaavenue.cor /L ner of litb wtreet. Star Office building. a2s tf L'Mll MLE-iO.VUU brat class RoSEsTc'iimir 5 Ornamental Bhntba.and Tree* L\?rt.PUuU'**- A JORDAN, avj-nne. a? Itu* 3C T PRIVATE SALEi K a iin n'vli'i1! ft??1trF Residence called "DCN BARlOh HaLL, aituated on the ro?.l fr tu Pierce a Mill to TenniUlytowu, about 2 * mile* frem W aahin^ton, D. C i.. J"*.cocaine about twenty three acre*of land, improved by amanaion h 'uae c ntaiuing eigh aiT1' lh^Uotl^' HD*U cottager, one c ntaiuing ?ix, the other three room*, ice house, barn tr Th. re are aeven acrea of grapea in boariua aiari p. a, h-? aud other fruits. ooanug, pears, The view from the house is one of the fineat in the Vutiict. Any one desiring a line countrt residence would do well to call and examine this property. If the place is not sold by tb? 1st of June the Man ston House will be for rent during the a>-aaoi, For terms apply to PIERCE SHOEMAKER, a?.^m near Pierce'a Mill. F'ai*1.t"Uia*?*ely maUhed pair of BAY 31AKKS, kiiifl, ff^utlt and *t> luh. Abo, cv HAHNV;Hfi'W??.riH f ,LY CAEBIAOE aud?5? uakam. ???ld f..r want .?f uk . Can kolzl SIT'l Jit im?ThKi? 4 CO.* Stables, Ut?9, ail, ? 1* ;and R1A Hth street northwest, one amar^ aouthof Pennsylvania avenue. ' alVlm FmeStAp^Lf)u"sH-Px"pA '"ur horse double ti^e ^H*AB;??n?? long handle round m c PLANE faw of men M7UJ E street, at canal al9-tf BHICE^CLAY foe bale. DODOS A DAEHEILLB, i17 14AT F street. MEDICAL, Ac. i\l Htifbu *" < Mtdiral and Tut Medium, can be Honrs Vi*riinie ?D^! t1 llih street Borthwsat. Hours I rem It) a. tn. to 7 p.m. ml lm* PBr?f * D , M<l,r+ A>ir,ci?. ?fw ?or^'..treat* ?" hervous, Chronic Du eaae*,Bl.cid and Cancer Pois .ns y" Rooms at the Howard House, corner Pennsyl *aiiia avenne and 6th atreet, on M >ndays, Wed nesdaji.and Fridays; and at the Mansion House Alexandria,Tuesdays, Thursdays aud Sa'.urdais ' Piw DE. MOTT-8 FRENCH POWDERS certain cur* for sll diseaites of the organs and all uriuarv con.plaints aud blood and skin diseases caused by indiscretion in youth Price, f J per box For .ale aA^iKasRVjassa.Tr air. OF THE WORLD By it all dtseaaes are cored. Ho medicines used, and twr?%?A!fSSij3rMri j &.f,L D BUSINESS CHANCES. 1*111 MVS ill Plboil |IN i? r in 'h- Trw^ir, UNn?? A4 *r^m X . L.. f 0 . W wtnrict n, P C. Bit] j| r|*Hi sfuci;iovon win,, ami* ri\Tt?m * B F aix T O- ud N ??! ??> ftnr'.foc <>i. . - NICHOLS ST/iRE, *** * HW?Tth?) ,M K a?4 L atr~?< ?. ttasitu^sj ?????.?? ? -- -i?* . _ T 1. RICK <LKR. _B'" ~Km W imi itr Nil ! f 75 MTrlr".. *5TfT?-W " " IOIUI. ^ ^ ^11 7tti mf r**t. I/OR Mil-riir tm<lw It Kit k Hot ?*?' ? two Kjnu-n fr IB taplt I P?ri. ?ih1 lb - - * ?aw># <WHfr to ih?- II.* Ea.tora M*rk??.^A and do-* t- tli?? Pruri?> l\iuia iii-bi,<i ?I'fwiHL . ara; writ local*!. t !.??? h n>M ? ??*?>!! t.ailt, um ????? wb. *??. bot ?!>d <oM wator. a?d T nii?f??f. Inquire ?i. the pr>?iM, ll? C ?tr*a? aottttn'a.l. L OK SALIC-Tl>? J?Ti>CK. GOODWILL *1.4 r lL*Ti*M ?? ?*?- ???' r*?. > s? >f?, So. 101 M ?rk?-l f?|>.?cr. |?-t 7th and ?h at. t, ?rth ***? l?atr| K IKS71KKO A Qtf MONK* To L.'AN * in KE\L KSTATE,~IK tutu* to mit t r front oi??- l? year. ..??I kocifl A KIDDLITOM, - *?'"? ?MlHli<wit \ .U.t ABU t A KM FoR SA'.R OR IK A UREAT K!l*rf?%rE^TT ,S IhimI, ? *ipt tmil) t*?r 11 t'TCCi. iAnrf> i T'iImmm ^"iari'Y'iiVV "TV-*ft **"?*? and (UMMte \ in* > art) of Sil C'?ticnrd crKpf % in*?, *r> t^nrit * 2 tv*Ui?*4, U*' *?** t*lti*U?- tiBl>?r,UUi(v i tbi9 T K r * 1 K. K.t lu \\aiim , Prtr*. <MAi. * A riiiLLips, apl7-ta 106 M mN atrwC.G^orgutowii. D. O MOKE I To L<1A N N RRAL KKTATR * M KV t BMo , ,, . K?*al E?t*t?- H.iti IiiaurmK* ? H- fc.-ra. ?P,s lm 14*J7 r HAt!'JCri'!!J!,B; L" rur' ? * ??? I (iTukl mm4 DUELLING chMip, Dt-ar d**v murk^t Ttl ?trwt, Ku. I 7 W PiKf. At), tern* i-m* Ml, ,, ? Hamilton a pkaksom. ",f * M <^A |!uM.1iu?, tib ?o<1 p tit IJ O t I I r u R ? A L K. Til* l?rr? rum 8TORT MorHI. *ttk tbra*. Mot rtlriwioi), ? | i Kxrwt.n^rlf mw, lw-at* rNHiw.fniiiac*-, ea* ??d ?rM?r,?itb lar?. ? ?r.i in r?-?r Tii<- ?ti. l* pi p> rt> !,?? km, r ?nu? rill ill cooirlrto r- n*ir. ?th1 m v^r, . .. f ?r ? wir.MM fMili, ?r f ? ? ?>..?! ]ii,K h ?<*?> Will N??..MI??? In.juirv m rrt-^iuiMiNi B*iik. .<? ?n? Ti?-??nry. Pmimi) |< >ni? l??w. (, H TOE TRADES. .%'olire of Ktmovul. THE Ll MIiKK 1H .sINE.ns, T1 k.HETOh'OK t. COSUl'CTK It B\ THt. t'.T DEK81VSED OS SIXTH STMEKT, KHAR MISSOURI A I *. \ UK. A XO B > TH f hi, 11 TWEES SIXTH ASD SEVEXTH STH K ETS A OR TH R" EST, nil. I. RE LO( ATEU HERB AFTER AT THE lor. ?( Dili ^rerl and Ohio ate, ?, v. vvrii i. r. rt oirr. ijeuaiu a lacilroa, ?> _ " rbaci i< al cui'pkki*mitiis. ?34 l?i* Rh?w d5Ui mmdlimu !i "AV,?^ rUAB. HAKTtL. ? ?l? ? itHPh!i.!A3 ASo BULIiER. ".'A."*-* ????>??*? All order, prompt It M If imimj to on r*-a<u>t)?lil>- t?-rnM. ^17 |n? AwwiSeE ? JOHN C. HooaN. 71S M*rk"t Sr>?' ? ainiiDlacturer of AMMN?.v t .r m?, tin ?uj ? 5^T. arid FLAGS for ?<!?> or refit. AHMfco M A 7 it hi AL of all kind* for riwor XwWnfc 'fctiflaar |>LL'MblNU AND OAS riTTINO. to lia??. tb^lr PlnmMnc anl Dm rittinc done m ? u* ?t ?t,d (iiWatantial man -r. and ?n r<-tM?otml;U> trm, abvuld l?>a\? th^lr ordor* al 1L 'wmmkIvania avebae, Capital Hill. * ork varraLtvd. ?M JtOTHWILL. CVJf1n1l*??a*. hattkh. DBY GOODS. |^bKAT bAbOAlN." bTKIPED AKPCIEi'K SII.KS. ALL WOOL ^I.AjV ORiRADIR"^"^ . ? PEKluR Ol'ALIT! Haiiiisorii*' Piini?-d Li'itti Lawui ? ? ill'* u Ba I 'It Frrnrli PercaU, ptintfl SttteeiA*. (. rap# Cloth* itid Pi^u??. Hi ? nVA?^JACK"8 aKI) points .>ier?,at tD?* If*-wt ni%rkH srictn. ONE PRICE ONLV tAk W M f R CSTEK A rro w'^' ^ Ponnaylt ania avmlhi^. 1(KAU To THE BOTTOM. Good BLACK ALPAfA al JOr., Alraca bt So- that *?hair? fr .m TSc (i&SiS'S't'jvsrxs ?? "!'?> "*?????" ?r~. LLfnrrtUl K PE1N"r??llJ6ACyCES at linrcat V!^T1,.fW,d CAP^IMEKES in rreat var,.<r. "'A.rSa'rara"'CAMB ?" Oti.i'. r('RKlKHIKO 6t-MiDS.r?i,.WI?* in pat u ?-?h" PA?L.S?M,K l???-LA8. -Kk .,?? , MATTINUh and till.CLOTH. j Coata and ClarkV fPooL COTTON* at ic. p-r apool or 10c. p<-r dv*., at m LCTTRELL a WINE'S, J"'"''* l*3R Pa. >??.. cor loth .tract. ^ E W DKT G O O D 11 . Aflf.,Sdr"MtH LA* H* ^ P?*< ALE8.?c.. ifpS ?EI.W JAPANESE CLOTH, at J7*e. BLCE PLAID6. *i and J&c, *HIT1 PIqUES worth**-4Jo,. On? caae RLACK and WHITE LAWNS, atlA per yard, (Uk andt-r the pricr . > LACE SACQCE8. Ir.,ui (Mo |)u each. Bt'untilul Ooo?la ftr Children'? Draaaua, from s? to 76c. PS tf BQQAN A WYL1R ^O BE, OlT N'Ol TO BE. JS SOT 7H? QCESTI9+. TO PIHD, OR RoT TO PlKD. ba boa ins. bargains. that IS 1 HE (/UESTJOS. ?r* convtncad' ^ try f>* cb?ay aa? WOLfORD ft IHILBEEO'I, WbDbESs'oom?8.0fler,ht ?BaUJ ?tractio?, LL**AtLACE P0IRT8. ALL TB,: .JWPA.Vff //?KSi... parasol OOVERS, <?? Peraona from tka moat diatant pan of tko citr wtMl Swl it to tbalr ad?an(a*p, brfora purckaain* ? hire, to call at tbisfam ua aatabliahinvnt Rnunubcr aTTHE ARCADE. aM AST 7th Mraot, lwt? w? D aai ?.? m J^I? ATTHACTlOni: - LOW PRICKS OARPET8! CARPRTRS CARPETS ttt NVweat d?-?igDiENGLI8H BRTMELS ENOLlSH IKOKAisrs. white aud CHECK ? ATTIRQ^11*** ttl. 0?L cloths, W indow SHADES, In all colo?,1 08 "A**? and WIKDOW FUTURES, at WOLFORD ft RNlLBlMf, 4*7 SEVENTH STREET, O aa4 E. aootkwaat rHR ARC a DR. IJKT GOODS at PANIC pricks. ?i,ir ^Ma*> >n7 feTiI?r<}*Aisf? ;w.u2Vl5 i.~Kiv.i?2?r ROTS' AMD TOCTH-S SUITS a ^nlaM| tk<a Utk?S5S. *T%EV*\ 1*11 PaTara!; w*Z

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