Newspaper of Evening Star, May 12, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 12, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. Hawn%t ??. i***. LOCAL NEWS. -O A????? *<?.. T?*-alKkt OpfTu Hovtr?The Colored American *>j.era troupe, in "The lH>ctor of Alcantra. Tkem'.'r CMMfM.?"The Waiftof S?w \ork," Mtp, 4wcm. Ac. S*~'?!k ftrrtt Sck'Mtz'u Fark.?Opening May ffftitkl. -? ( ??<lea?e<l l*e?N. From Brad Adasss we have /MfjKr'* *,r Mat >4 and H'.?amU d Clalin t Wrtk'n for Hi, ?itb a ^notion article, entitled ?? The Monster Scandal in Plymouth Church." About 11 :i? o'clock lact night i >fflc*rs Haney an.I Bailey, of the ilb precinct, toun<l a banket on a doorstep on K street, between 24th andiMh northwest, containing a new bom white female child, nearly dressed. which thev took to St. Ann'* a?jlum. and placed in charge of the lirtrtf. The police report that yesterday morning about * no o'clock Mr. Kranberger. wh<? lives at the corner of W* arnl 1> streets southwest, at tempted to cominit suicide by taking lauda num. l>rs. Boarman and Leach were called, ami soon relieved his stomach of the poison. The reasons which led him to attempt tins act are not known. At a meeting of the board of trustees of the >e? York avenue chnr< k. on the *th inst., the following was adopte<l ??Whereas through the faithfulness and ability of our pastor. He v. S. 8. Mitchell, our chnroh during his pastorate has grffttW inrreniH-*) in strength uml iiumbt*n?tami is now in a most gratifying condition both spiritual ami temporal; and whereas. the fin ances of the church will now admit of our so doing, therefore #-Wr.rf. That his salary be and is herebT increased to the sum of six thou sand dollars: and that sai 1 increase date from the 1st itst." ^ ?Jea? b M. E. Chi *i h l>Et?tcAT??av Sir VI i<i,?Yesterday, the n. w Methodist Kpl?c> pal church, corner of :?th and S streets, the lee tare-room of whi? h has been complete*!, was dedicated, and during the services? morning, afternoon and night?every seat w is tilled. The morning services were oj>ened bv the choir order the lead of Mr. Tucker, singing the anthem, 44 The Loral is king." The pastor. Rev M. F. B. Kice. announced the hymn, ?? Within thv house, O Lord our God," which sung, and Kev. S A. Wilson, formerly of the McKendree and Foundry, offered prayer, and reo<i the 122d P-alm and Romans, chapter. Rev. Mr. Kice read the livmn, " 1 love thy church. O God," which was sung by the choir a^id congregation Rev Bishop E. R. Antes, after reading the 21st chapter of Matthew, announced his test, the l'.th verse of that chap ter, *? It is written rnv house shall be called a bouse of praver." and from It preached a very practical sercjon. which, without doubt, had a jpsxl effect on all a ho heard it. The pastor briefly stated that thus lar the clurch bad ?*>t S12.?i4Ht, ?l.flW of which was caused by the e?id wall having been blown out in February, an 1 the debt was ?7,Onv Sub acriptions were called for, and in a short time *l,to<> was .ccured. In the afternoon at :i , o'clock. Re*. H. A. Cleveland, of the Foundry, preach**! from Mat tbew kvv , *>th verse, and at its close subscrip tior.s were again called for. and W' additional raised. At ni^ht. Rev. Richard Norris, of \\ au<;h %hapel, preached from John viii., Slst and 32d verse, at*! concludcd bv making an appeal to the hearts ami pocket# of the congregation, and aboatfMNi being raise!. the sum total of col lections du< ing the dav <?.0?2) was announced, thus providing means for payment ot nearly one-hall of cie debt. B?*?ides the ministers tak ing part in tLe services, there were present dur ing the dav bev* F. S. Evans, L. IK>bson, and quit* a numixr ot the leadi ng citizens were al-o pre nt. o The Death nr Bksjaxis F. Wilkim.? Aiu 'iig the recert deaths none will caiisedeeper pail to the frieiKl- of the deceased tlian that ot" Benjamin F. Wilkins. After years of acute suffering, borne with maniy fortitude and cheeM miess. he , *ss?d a*;iv oti Friday last. Mr. Wilkins was a native off Portsmouth. Va., but tuft it aided in this city some twenty-live years. f?y profession he was a priuter. but abandoned the "Case * tor go\erniueut service. Hefllied rv*|"Onstble positions in the Post ? ?ttice department. and the organisation ottbfaivy order svsto^n waa, to a large extent, his work. An unjust -haflte against him in connection with his official |>ositi?.n. instigated, if wat un derstoad, by the notorieus L. t". Biker, ot "dttcrtnr " memory. caiutd Mr. Wilkins Piiich disfrrs- for a ttiie. but in tLe end lus character wa? fully vifklicated, aiW lie never for a wtoment lost the confidence of his triends. Mr. Vilhins was a ?*iter ot decied ability, and his style was distinguished by a p<syful humor that would have done uj discredit to oar professional buniorvu* writers. He was warily appreciated bv "Artemus Ward . Browne . &hd the latter lectured in Washington under his auspices. Mr. Wilkins was for a time one of the proprietors of the Su*irlay lieraitl, but his health did not permit li-mCo follow up Journalism, a pursuit for which he was so admirably fitted. Some five Sears ago a ??'??aly'ic strske prostrated tun. and ??fore he had recovered a second ai.d a tuird attack rendered him incapable of active physi cal exertion. A year ago. it this crippled con dition. the html of death deprived him of his almost sole suppoii. his devot?id wife. A week sim-e a fourth stroke rendered Kim Incapable of a. it ion. and a'iso affected his brain. In this con dition ?k rema:ncd until the end. o TheFi *XEAL?>r rH.aLATE Joh> B. Trtros look place yesterday atternooc from the resi ot the ;'aiuilv.oii H street, between 2St aad 22d streets, ami a as very largely attended l>y the persoual friends of thedece*s<??l and the Odd Fellows anl Masonic bodies of which he was a worthy memuer. The remains were In eased in a handsome coffin neatly trimmed with silver ornaments emblematic of the different orders, and on the lid was ? silver plate on which was inscriWd the name, birth, and date of death of tne deceased. 'J he services both at residence ami at the grave were conducted by Key, J. X. Coombs.of the Wt-stem Presbyterian Church, oi' which church deceased va- a mem ber. Tne pall bearer* were Sir Kniglite H. Wirgate and TIWBias Hume, on the part of the ^asliingtoii Commandery. No. l. F. A. A. M.; Companion Thomas Luttrell. of Mount Merob Chapter, No. 7; Brother .Joseph K Kawling?.of U r un Lwlge, No. in. Samuel E I'ouglas. Grand I^ixlge. I O. O F.; L. B. Allyn. Grand Encamp ?itnt. A F Hines, Kidgely Fncaiupin nt.No. 5, and -lames Kelly, of Friendship Lodge. No. 12. At the conclusion ot tLe services at th>* house, the various societies were formed inte line e?cort?d by the Knights Teaiplar, atsl f ?llowe>l b\ about forty carriage* proceed.-d to Oak Hill Cemetery, ?L> re the services {^culiar to differ ent orders were conducted bv Parker II Sweet, tirand Chaplain for the Odd Fellows; by C. W Bennett. E. C-. for the Knights Templars, and by C M. Stansbury. M. W G. M . for the Ma aons, the exercises being intcr-q?'r8^*! with the aiiiging of dirgrs by the ? ?d.t Fellows a-i"f~Vf aomc choirs Mr. Anthony Bucbly was the un dertaker. Kescki t yc> the M. ki >>r < Ji-stice t'BASE A meeting of t*!?- law department of Howard t'niverstty wa* held yesterday, and resolutions of resp?:ct to the mem ?ry ot the late Chief .Justice Chase were adopted. Appro priate addresses were delivered by 1'rof. Lang ston. Mr. Mitchell, Mr. <1. O. Adani*. Mr. -I T. Settle. Mr. It. A. SUakcr, Dr.-I. I*. Harris, and others. The Ohio Association held a m.?eting S?t artiay evening and passed appropriate reso lutions in memory ol the deceased, and the association also determined to attend the f lite ral in a body and to invite all Ohioatis in the City to join tJuiu. At the Dunbarton-street (M. E- Cbarch, tleorgetowti, vest?iday ruorumg. the pastor, Rev.B. Pevton Brown,during his sermon, male a leelir.g allusion to the death of tlic Chiel -Jus tics. At a mett ngof the IM-trief l?>nch this morn ing, on mo'ion of Walter s (%?*, es.|., it wa? orderci that a copy of the resolutions passed at tfce meeting on Saturday la?t be inserted on the feihatu oi the court. k E.\? casioa t?? WASiraaToa. The Philadelphia In-tu rtr *ays: The Teni|>er ance Blessing, over whi<:li Mr Charl. s Heritage presides, will make an excursion to Washington on the J-Mh of the present month. All the ar rangement* for the trip have been perfected, and from Washington < omes the gratifying in telligence that a grand demonstration will take place there in compliment to the Philadelphia vim tors. At the Foundry church a public tutt ing will be held, where will be heard some tine temperance speeches The programme for the f? Ik)wing day will be arranged to suit the views of the Pbiladelphiana A viait to the Soldiers' Home,where they aro invited by Veteran Home Ihvision. S. of T., has been suggested. and a trip to Mount Vernon is among the poodbilities. A Word or Wamiw?By the present laws all internal revenue special taxes are due on ur be lore the tirstday of May; after which, a pen alty must beinixwed tor default of payment Assessor* have no discretion in the matter, and the awesaor for this District is now taking uieas ares for the prosecution of all parties liable, and to this end is filing information against a large number of business men. 1'nder the old law a margin of thirtv days was allowed, which has been repeated by the amended act Til CoLoaiD Ahikicai orisa Taorr* will appear ta "The l>octor of Alcantara" at Wall's Opera House to-aigbt, and their well earned reputation assures a successful presen tation of the onera. The leading parts are well sung and acted by the company, and the cho rases are given with a correctness ami force which would be creditable to much older nrnn i/afiors. The opera house will no dmbt l>e crowded. S*ali P< X Cask* rej orted ye terdav andtc <Nt -Om corlsr IUh ana U sucets northwest, on on ?h, between (> and H stree ts sou'bweat; oao at 917 New -lerse> ?venue, aiu one at No. i nil street southeast One ds^tS has v>c arred, corner of 11 h aud V street> northi Trtfcvte* ?? th? Dt?4 Jarftai. M RATI KG OF THE COURT OT ftAIMS TO-DAT. tit mark* of Chi'/ Juitit* Orakf and Otkrrt. A meeting ol the bench end bar of the Court of Clatai ?as heh! ia the court-room at 11 o'clock to-day, and )lr. K. W. Corwine called the meeting to order. Chief Justice I?rake was called to the chair, and Mr. Archibald Hopkins, the clerk of the court electcd secretary. Thief Justice I'rake, on taking the Chair, addressed the meeting as follows: tmtMII or I HIRF JCST1CK DRAKE. The occupant of the mort exalted judicial station known to this country close-! an honorable life of more than three-score and five years, and we are among the many thousand* of his mourners to-day. Among all those thou sands very few had known Salmon P. Chase a? long as I" had. Next month will be fifty two years since he and 1 became acquainted a* school-l-oy* at the school established at Worth ing ton. Ohio, by his uncle, Bishop Chase. Nine year-later our acquaintance was renewed in Cincinnati, when he ojiened there his profes sional career, and trom that time till his death our personal relations wtre those of friendship. He was then a beginner in the practice, and I a beginner in the study, of the law. I saw him constantly for years, and knew him well, professionally and socially. In recalling the circumstances of that time with reference to him. 1 lind that my most distinct memory is of the calm, steady, unfaltering industry with which he started out in life tn that city. He went there when a young lawyer's success at that bar was neither easy nor speedy. Num ber* of them of high social connections and fine talent* had opened offices there, awl that was all. One bv one they hud disappeared, the vic tims ot their own indolence, idleness, or dissipa tion. About the year l*.*o. however, a new and better set of young lawyers began to appear in that city, and among them Mr. Chase was con spicuous- tor hi.- upright life, his personal dig nity, his steady devotion to his profession. and hi.-'evident parpooe to achieve success if assidu ous, earnest, and faithlul labor could command it. Of all his contemporaries he hail as little tac ulty as any other for winning practice on the strict. From the first it was manifest that whatever he obtained was to come as the re ward of integrity, ability, fidelity, ami indus try. This only iuade it the more certain that he must wait for success, as must all young lawyers. Whether the i-eriod of waiting shall be to any such the seed-time for a rich harvest, dejiends" upon how it is occupied. He bravely determined that his waiting time should be one of work, heavy, exacting work, such as probably no young lawyer of twenty-two years of age ever ventured ujon, before or since. 1 his was no less than the preparation for publi cation of an annotated edition of all the general statutes of the Northwestern territory, and the state of Ohio, from the llrst appearan Je of w ritten laws in the farmer, in 1??8, down to 1KU, inclusive,a period of forty-six years. Some idea of the magnitude of this work, and of its immense demands ujion his intellectual facul ties and his powers of endurance, may be formed, when ft ia stated that it required the car* ful reading, and the intent study, in itself, and in all its connections prior and subsequent, of every general law that had been enacted there b'v annual legislatures through that lonn period." with none of which had lie had any acquaintance before he opened his office in Cincinnati; and. In addition,the preparation and incorporation of such notes and references as would enable the practitioner to find with ease and certainty what at any point of time in that i>eriod was the written law thereon any subject. As every lawyer will at once see, the \aliie of such a work lay in its entire and ad mitted completeness and accuracy. In neither ol these jioints have "Chase's Statutes" proba bly ever been questioned; in both they are be lieved to be unsurpassed by any similar work In tbi- country. Thev are at once a monument to his talents" and industry, and his recognized claim to the gratitude of the bar of Ohio. 1 have thus referred to the o[iening w.?rk of his life, because it |iointed to future distinction, and because it presents to the young men of the bar an example of professional enterprise, hraverv, and industry, which ought not to be wholly eclipsed by the brilliancy ol his subse quent career. To him who set such an example professional success was a certainty. He achieved it fully, and enjoxed it as long as hede-ired. But in the of vears he was called into the sphere ol public action and duty, and thenceforward he t>elonged, in one or other high stations, to the people of his state, or to the nation. 1 nto all he cartied the traits of hi> young manhood, and in all he served with great ability, acknowledged fidelity, and unquestioned integrity. Jf is'isi-st fit that the bar should show their rcfpect for such a member of the legal frater nity bv a suitable expression on the occasion of his removal by death from the last great trust ti nniittd to'him. He has passed from his ow n august tribunal to one immeasurably more au gust. where he no more judges, but is judged, and where the scales of judgment have always been, and will always be. absolutely and in variably true. To it he has taken the record of a lite marked by jieraonal integrity, earnest support ot what he believed to be right, steady and faithful lalor in his place, fidelity to all trust-, and. as I believe, by the faith and hope of a chiistian. II there were faults intermingled with his virtues?as in every human life there alw ays are?let us forget the former in our emu lation ot the latter; and we may realize that though his official eminence be* accessible to ver\ few . the eminence of an upright, earnest, and" faithlul life is open to all. Mr. Oolorth, Assistant Attorney General, moved that a committee be appointed to draft re.-olutions of resjiect to the memory ot the deceased; and the motion having been adopted. Messrs. Goforth. Corwine, Denver, tfuraut and McFherson were appointed. lion, -loseph Segar, during the absence of the corimittee. addressed the meeting, paying a g'orious tribute to Mr. Chase's memory. He stated that his pro-slavery opinions were first -haken bv the late Chief Justice. Mr. Uoforth reported THE R?S*;LCT10!I from the committee as follows: Tlie III-id-rs .f ?!??? bar of the Court of Claim* unite * itli lh?- l-r<-thr>-ii--f the pr?f>-*-i n. and with the wli-'le pe pi. . iii sorrow for the death of th? v? Derated Chit f Ju-ticeof tie- Supreme C--urt of the I ulttd States, Salmon Portland Chase, who- |.<iik HihI emit"nt career as law>er, ? tsterinan and judge entitle- lum I" hiijh place mninatbilluslriou* m* u ?bo ha*-- paa?- d a* ay fr-'in the ?C"ii<-? of earth after i\. dyVoU-d to th? service of the nation Ever henalii' " pnreot sentiments of h.-n.-raud tli? Mia*4?!** "f justice and humanity, he oc ? i d nJ Pi.i liV statioa .bu b he did not adorn: i/.d'T?, ;Vi/aVe Iif-,. r ?? is* t-?:!?, ?r\y ,n< v lug h-m. th- re ?r- i? 'u< * ' * i, , ' n ," n reverent and affe-tionatd ^ ?i ?xi \ public and private relation * ind to hi- children and country he ha? '*?" Hie ri? ti r-*?iire of a ?potl>-? fame. .w h v, i ?./. That the court i? respectfully r--m St?" ?e direct tbat thv- pro* Ming- be entered on tn I.iniit?ol the court, a" I tbat the clerk transmit * 10 ib?" f to ili* family of the lamented tl> ceased. KKMARKS or MK. GOFORTH. Mr. Goforth. after reading the resolutions lelivtred an eloquent eulogy on the deceased. n the course ot which he said: His early life sas a bitter contest with poverty; his "early ?onvictions were a bitter struggle Vfitii i'reju ? , con-iuer fate au-l fiaj a plth The Strona will eaif ? ? * F"" rvf> eailv ?trMggle with poverty ia'Jght kim elf-reliance; his fidelity to principle showed iitu the value of truth and honor, and tne boy cbool teacher of Washington, the student ot IVilliam Wirt, the uniiopular anti-slavery law ter of Cincinnati came to be a Senator of the i nite?l States. He served with great ability tnd with entire fidelity to his convictions, hi. tllotted term. He was then twice made Gov >rnor of <?hio. and again a Senator. Prmuo ion followed merit. He was called by the Pre ?idint to I'C finance minister of the government (Virh matchless ability he e\ceuted the duties ?t his high trust. He found the country bank -upt her treasury empty, and her credit gone. He -mote the naked roc1 and the living waters gushed forth. He touched the corps,- of dead ?r, dlt. and it lived and moved instinct with life end energy. This American lawver reorganized snd recreated the currency of a nation In the midst of the shock ot civil war, and subsisted a million of armed men for long years without klie sacrifice ol a national security or the de lav of a single hour. His busy life was without a .itain. He died as he had lived a Christian gentleman. , The resolution was adopted, ami a motion to proceed to the Senate chamber to attend the tenrices was agreed to. Th* Proposed N?w Fockdliko Hospital ? >n Saturday evening the corporators of the Washington Asylum for Foundlings organized by electing William Stickney, A. C. Richards, A. N. Zevely, 4. C. Hall, William B. Todd, G. 1. Sheriff, Z. D. Oilman, F. H. Smith, General o. O. Howard, and George A. Bailey directors. TLe following officers were elected: William Stickney. president; A. N. Zevely. vice presi dent; F. H. Sffiith, treasurer; and Major A. C. Kichards, secretary; William Stickney. George A. Bailey, William B. Todd, A. C. Kichaids, and G. L. Sheriff, executive committee. The chair stated that he had reived from the Dis trict government the appropriation of made for the Institution. He also stated that he l ad procured from Messrs. Sbuster and Clagett, the trustees under the will of the late Joshua Pierce, the conveyance of the property (14 lots In square '2PI. fronting 130 feet on 15th street, between K and S, running back 294 feet deep.) St. Ash's Ijifaxt Asvli m editor Star: The controversy as to why the foundling hos r'tal. tor which a bequest by the late doshua terce was made, has not been erected, conveys the imprexuon that we have no such institution in our ids 1st, which is an erroneous one. St. Ann's infant asylum, near the Circle, is always filled with Uttle waifs, picked up throughout the city or hfft at the hospital, and has been In successful operation for thirteen years, having been establiabed by the Sisters of Charity In l*(4i It ia supported by voluntary contribu tions entirely, and infants are taken in, no mat ter where found, or uuder what circumstances, or what may be the religious belief, condition or color of the parents. May lJth. CHA?tTT. ? The riykb has fallen ton inches at Harper's Ferry since last night, as reported by the signal observer at that point. The water Is also fall 11.4 here, but very slowly. Waa It m nmmmwy Watrh. ?r How? I m?? 7 lart' ab#ut 2 P- m ? a young **rper and Mlt nit, hi* pants ???-"*?boots,(So. 10>,) of ?*e clerk of . v!i 1* Ith * marriage Hce.ise in one hand ^Pn 'tump of * Wheeling stogev^as thev J i home-made cigars south ot "the Poto mac* in the other. He inquired of a ky-rtamler: j ? an you tell me, mister, wbar I can find ? preacher. The writer escorted him to the door of the study or Kev. Dr. Tiflfcny.or the M. k.. C hurch, where a tall, bnndle blonde, with her lady friend joined h:m. A talt was made, and a consultation beki as to w^.o should storm ; the study door; Anally, the to-Ve bride, who, by the way. was dressed in a large striped white and black calico, with panier of the latest news from the lava beds, made n successful effort, and all were soon in the presence of the doctor who took in at a glance their desire to be Joined, aim going'through the formula. ?? You. William " You.Sarah A ," Ac., and May bod bless.- Ac., the ceremony T** "Tf '? * few minutes, and the two went T*? Crossing over the avenue to the south side, they went on down to the Cap itol grounds. where the following conversation T^7^he^~: Wel1' Sallie, how ?uch did it tost. That s for me to know and vou to hiKlout.' ??But, Sallie ? -No but* about ? i \? he*r<1 enough, and we'd have been mar ried long ago if it hadn't have been for vour consame/. foolishness.- As the writer was in pretty close proximity to the speakers, he thought he'd better - slope," when the groom r? marked. ?? Sail, don't talk so loud; there's the same man we asked for the preacher, and he's got a lead pencil in his hand. I wonder if he ^i'LV VleitectlTe?" an,t tben H'^v ?li thr<*e climbed the steps toward the Capitol. Thev claimed to hail from Alexandria, Va. Whs it a runaway match ? ? ? . The FIhIi Market*. , At-**A?iDKiA?Quotations of new fl.?h for thi? u fur,,'hl,ed to 'J'hk Star by George W. I\a?V,on * Co., wholesale dealers in fish. Nos ?. Ring st., 50, 51, 5*i tish wharves, Alexandria Shad, per hundred, *10 50 to*; Herring, pet ^ M v? ***: whit* perch, per hunch, 15 to 26. ' pCr b' 10 ^ bunch, ?,**i*0?*?To-day. the following sales at the tsh wharves were made to shippers bv I ' ?,"<>0 shad from #10 to ?14, 15:000 herring trom *6 to ?7: 500 * ????<*? rock, from 25 ; 100 bunches perch, trom 11 to 20c.. 500 "t1 in, at 4c. ?i T ?e?.fregh?t in the Pot?njac is a sad Mow to the fishing interests, and if it continues will of'the landings? ,0,hC WHo? at some ?.a1!fJJLKf,TA.TK Salks?The following sales bare been made *ince our Ia#t reimrt ? piuiCMiimii, Dolling A Co., ituction. eri, h%vo?r>M Jl'tB la square 239, situated at the of 13th an<l l H" f"""w? ?? Lot. *: and zr to h ? * 'Hard.the former at 45 <-M>ts Hnd the la'terat il ST i^kTSr'001 ? in< 51 :??; lluV i .nd L, W J n, n'\W<? 41 anil lot 411.. M Zrlln* f'h K'-iifiall, trn" ? paVt ! ^ *;*??} William I, W nil & "o., auctioneer*. have sol,I the eastern M 1,-t, ,,f lots 2 ai.,1 y in tr? iv 'sh wtea on K ?tr. et, between 1-t street ohI N'. w " nue, to Tliomas Wil?,.n, at 2t', cents p t l ...? Uiiuotili*! Ic S'CtlV. p r ,v>,>t, Latiuier t Cl/J?ry. auctioneers, h-?vp ?i?. whole of s.jn;<re 9TS, bonmled l>< I ;<M,j k :i,?i ; , f. Mt' ;,rV!" '".I containing 73.n?i ? inar siiK^./t nirTo t'j2 ^ijoW 10 " ' e,,U l*' *iu?r'' f's?t, ^ Oati hol have sold lot 15. in ?m ire uest M 7 k"i!w'; " V h aDd 1J"' north to Mi K*'lly, for cents p? r fo'?t. Military Visit to PHtr.ADEi.PHtA. This trornmg ( omritiv A Washington Light Inf.n J2 il U (' Moore,headed by the marine han.l, and accompanied l>y the Governor's staff. l>at tallion stall. ai?l a delegation ot honorary mem bers lelt lor Philadelphia, where tl.ev will Xearl^hoKv ^n,,.,rrow? ret<irnii.^ home :tt an ejri\ hour Wednesday morning. Thev will Pa N VH c?ml,MT. Regiment. i a.. .N. i,. (which compare visited this citv a tew years since,) and the State Fem-ibles (who were here during the inauguration,! and oth<-r companus. On reaching Pliilad. lpMa th.-v will be received by a battallioi. or the Nation tl Guard ot ,hat city, an 1 make a short parade a id be reviewed bv Major General Pfevost division commander of the Pennsylvania National Guard. After the paiade th v will march to the l.a Pierre house, where they wi|| dme. lo-morrow thev will visit the Mint {"^pendent hall, the I,*,.,- bu l ling r'i'i ,,! huiKAVi ? rOOIU,i 01 t,,p Reform Cluh, and other points ol interest, and in the att r noon they will take a drive to and about Fair mount I ark. where thev will be entertained bv tour companies of the Philadelphia military. Imiohtakt Real Estate Tbawskep.*. \ ni v l' *rra,r; tru,,t<,e> K A ruck and M M I uk have sold to Mr. Wm. Whiting. ,.art-s ot lots 1 and 2, square M7. fronting on Pennsvl eTe^anr hr,UtW T ^ ""'rovcVl by \n i , residence tor ?27Messrs. ? . an<l -Augnrton have sold to g M Barker, part of sul, 2V> wi7h improvements fronting on nth street iietween Massachusetts avenue an I N street, for #N,(?(0. K. F. Ituckin >hn,. has sold a valuable piece of property ? occupied bv the late Capt. Caleb Ruckiii'ham or "tany vears-on K street. Wtween and loth, for a,o,oo?. Mr. H. K I>udleV haVs'dd to ' h. Betz a 11 ne piece of property on Penn -vlvania avenue, near l.tth street, "(adjoinit,* the Prcsiott House,) for ?l!?,fioo. . . ? Al.LE(?EI) \ IOI.ATION OF IXTERV VI I? ?v? ^ ;AWT-,0hl1 K"zel'a,ul Meassrs. II -iriek r^f. t !r ;r.eWfrMOftl"s cU3r' h*ve been ar rourt I I, ,* ''V,y ,nar>1, il 01 the Circuit Court, on information given by Internal Keve? nue Assessor W. S. Burr, charging them with 0l.rcti?" 21' ?rt'" ?;th 1^72 regulating the keeping of books Ac Ti?i M u*v r wlfoh? ^Te Commissioner . .. } ' hxe<' bonds in *1,500 each tor tria' at the present term of the Circuit Court. THE iOIRTN. hf??i?,^TM?ri?lf\nlrJ*ir 0l"'~nn ?a'ur,lav, n jiuriji n-rtfr. i?f n li^m- .ti. \vTi!ll T "'"'riT a? f'er ?as tiled' <} |j ? H? ,V' M jdVeXT,'-,oror tu* estate of v" tor II an not. M J LaiiKbliu ? ?a app >inte.l adinini* rator of the estate of Jane Lauenlin, and M'rhaol M.hanej on estate , f J?hn Mahan.-v' Th*w,,^ U 'aeM,"^ ?? hi* "'*e To his l'OLK'K COl'BT, J win. T..-Jav Kre,ler r?an. !?!?/lnf' ""<1 battery on fh',-,ia? E costs 6eors?M . Thomas and Ttionia Wasl.n.srton, rharg.d wilh en?%?i?K in X! ??each. Michael Welch, assault on ITi'.IO.Id i n*? nt su?peiKle<|. H nrv Williams 4"?^ and Cattery on j hr, Tahb: ?3l atd "^'MhmVe L&bgdfD, ctuii gt><i with heiiijf a vacrrant an*! oaMit prostitute. Without Visible means of sunn .rt work Kmse Wdmy*. William H. Duffywith (hfo^'ng brh ks and ofhsr missiles in th- straet Tniswa? CWI Vf Jh'^ array at the corner of C-mri Utl. street ( rfartfiJ ^-1. h'g) Saturta,^ XeuinV Welch, -amecharge;coatinu narsnall Brown, a scavenger, charged with neeleet clean a privy within fortv si^hl h -irs after ha* iDff rrv,JVHl Pa> thprefor. Br?>*% n ^tat???l that h? ?iid uvt ftav, ?"'I b* rwi\ar?v (?rd?*r to (!?) tue Wort; ?,oh?r VA? COM",..., I: of his former emph.yet-s, who had t^en di-cliarveo -ome mm- ago, and had siuce been d'-frauiiinir him Brown was thereupon discharged, aud a warrant issued for the arrest of the offmdor. Traces of a M YSTKiunrs Crim k.?The b niv of an unknown man was found in the Nortli River, near the foot ot :mh street, yesterday, under circumstances clearly indicative of toil plav. Several wounds, apparently imin ted with a blunt instrument, w<*e discovered U|m,ii the head of the corpse, while the hands had evidently been bound together with a suspender which remained firmly tied around the righ' wnst. Nearly all of the jiockcts of the clothing had been turned inside out, which, with th'> wounds and the supposed binding, leads to the inference that the deceased was robbed, mur dered. and thrown into the wnter. The rem tins are ol a man of medium stature, with dark itair and gray ?li .-kcrs, .. j was well clad in a black overcoat with a fur collar and biack undercoat aud pantaloons. Coroner Herrmati is tryin ? to establish the identityot the deceased and todiji coverthe supposed murderers X. y. Tribune Mti 1 HE EA11.VHK OK CAPT. HaLL'n EXPEDITION is but one more item in the long catalogue ot dismal enterprises intended to wrest from na ture one of the secrets which she refuses to reveal to man, but always ending in disaster and defeat. Cabot, Frobisher, Parrv, Rae, Ross. Franklin, I)e Haven, Kane, McClintock. and Hall, have all tailed. Had they succeeded, thev would have settled a problem in geograph ical scieuce and solved one or two of the myste ries of the world?and that would have been all. But all have been repulsed, battled, starved, frozen, aiul many of the brave mon who followed intrepid leaders have laid down their lives with Hall ami Sir John Frankl<n, with no good results to the world, and only with the consolation for themselves that they met death bravely in a foolish cause A'. K. Com. Ak Kk(;i.i*h Expedition The village cor vette Chalionger is now at Halifax on a sclen. title trip around the world. The scientific party 1* composed of Professor Wvville Thompson, leader of the expedition; Dr. Buchanan, analyst: Dr. Sidenroxe Suchie and Messrs. Moeely, natu rwlists; Mr. Wylde, draughtsman, and John Morav, the great Arctic explorer. During the trip tr m Bermuda to Halifax she was engaged in .nVging and sounding. Nothing special was noted until Wednesday last, when the drrdpe brought from the bottom at a depth of two miles, a bio. k of granite, four feet by two, weighing "rfio poui'ds. It was not native to the locality. The edg s were worn bv the action of the wau r?, aud it was probably a relic of some vessel that had foundered where it was found. Pr< p. Loris Aoassiz finds it necessary to rve public denial to a pretended report of a cture which represents him as asserting that the blood of the negro is chemically different tiom that of the white man, and making other I rofeSKdly "scientific" statements indispar agt mei.t ol the race. The report originated in the west a? a burlesque, but has been accepted ?n cood faith by many newspapers in the aid souifa. GEORGETOWN. A M an Killed bt a Viciocs Mci.*.?AN?ut 11 o'clock yti^erdtj morning, one of the in matrs of the Georgetown thMkoaw, a simple and htrmlfK man. named Aleck Grumhell? well known to roost of the citizen* here?was attacked bv a male in the stable of that Insti tution, and' kicked to death. The unfortunate man. whose buMit<M it wa? to feed the horses and mule.*, went to the stable to attena to that duty,when he was soon afterwards found laying in the stable.with the mule stamping on him ana kicking liim. He was at once pulled from under the animal and taken to the asylum. when Dr*. Appleby and Porter found that the bones in his Irtt side" were terriblv crushed, ami his left arm dreadfully lacerated by the animal'* teeth. The poor fellow died in about one hour after wants. Thi Grahd Concert by the children of the Georgetown schools at Forrest Hall, to-morrow evening, promises to he one ot' the most pleas ant entertainments of the kind ever given in this place. Dbownbd?Saturday afternoon a boy named ?los. Crumbaugh. son of Conrad Crumbaugh, w hile catching drift wood near the Little Falls, was drowned fn an eddv below the falls. Up to noon to-day his body had not been recovered on account of the high w ater. Rivkr News There 1*a considerable freshet in the Potomac river, but no damage has been reported to either the ranal or other property. It is thought the water was at its highest last evening. In consequence of the high water, there were no receipts of fish to-day. The steamer George H. Stout arrived to-day from Philadelphia, with a full cargo of general ni -r cliandise, and the steamer New York cleared for Philadelphia, with a full cargo, including 40o barrels of tlour for New York via canal. Grain Trai>e There were no arrival* of grain to-day. The sale of :s,7tiO bushels w heat trorn store was reported this morning at *1.1)4. ALEXANDRIA. .Ta? eson, the Wipb McBDIUR?William

?Jackson. the colored man now in jail convicted of the murder of liis wife, and whose applica tion for a new trial whs refused by the court of appeals, will be resentenced at the May term of the circuit conrt for this county, which, as staled yesterday, will commence on Monday, the lOtn inst. Jackson still protest.* his inno cent.?, but savs he is prepared to die and is sure of a seat in Heaven. Special Tax Stamps?Under the new sys tem of internal revenue laws now in operation Mr. E. K. White, the collector for this district, has alre;?dy granted licenses to sell tobacco and cigar* to .'$50 persons and firms, and 175 licenses to sell liquors. Issuing lor that pur|>o?te the new special tax stamps?the sum realized from which was over six thousand dollars.?Oaflte, loth. SaNOVINART Dt'BL HEAR KlCHMOXD At 0 o'clock last evening a duel was fought near <>akwood cemetery between two gentlemen of Kicbinond?Messrs. Monlicai and McCarthy? in which the former was fatally and the latter very seriously wounded. The preliminaries of the affair were managed with so much secrecv that the police did not obtain information of it until a very short time before the hour fixed for the meeting. Major Poe, upon receipt of the information, hastened with all dispatch to the scene, but unfortunately arrived only in time to find the combatants stretched n|?on the gr >un I weltering in their Mood. All the parties con nected with the afiair are under arrest Rich mond Whig, IrtfA. Fioht for Tjlack Crook Property A contest is in progress for the administration of the estate ot the late Charles M. Barras, author of the ? Black <'rook." The property is valued at $2no.ono. Public Administrator Dayton was opposed yesterday morning by counsel for II iram D. Farras. who claims to be a brother, and who is now on his way from San Francisco to claim charge of the estate. .John M. and Alfred M. Barras, of Philadelphia, and Washington M. Barra-. of New .Jersey, also claim their right*. An adjournment was made lor ten days A*. T. S or. IWh. The Two New Planets.?The new pi met, whose existence seems now to be placed beyond a doubt, will l>e:ir th" irm- of Vulcan, after Virus' ilUhrortd husband. Its orbit lie* within that of Mercury, nn-l its revolution about the sun is accomplished in thirty-four days and some hours. Prof. Kirk wood an nounces an intra-Mercurial planet, with an orbit of less than 17 days. Think of a year that short. Everybody can be his own Methuselah. Five Algerian Chiefs, captured,in their native country by the French in 1W7. tried in France and sentenced to the penal colony of Cayenne for life, have arrived in Baltimore, having been released on the condition that they would go to the United States. They are utterly destitute and unable to speak any language but their own, and have been sent to"an alm>liouse. The Modoch <>f the Fast A special d's patch reports that a Kii-sihii picket party, under command of a colonel, in the advance guard of Gen. Kautfman's column, were sur prised by some Bokhara horseman and ali put to death by impalement. Three officers and a lew men were captured by Kirghese bet ween Orel- and Kasalinsk. CTT Y ITEMS. Sprini; PiA.-i. i. a ssi ii k re and the ventilated Press Hats now ready at Willbtt ?& Ki off, !H)5 Pennsylvania avenue. 3 A special lot of good, durable Pantaloons, in plain mixtures, for $4 per pair, opened to day. Geo. C. Henhino, 410 7th st. ii.w. ? I here is so exci se for those who drag their weary and disordered bodies into our com pany, when a few doses of Ayr's Sarsajmril a would cleanse their murky blood and restore their health and vigor. Ye muddy victims of bilious disease, have some regard for votir neighbors, if not for yourselves. in,w,l',<?w Found at Last!?A remedy that not only relieves, but cures that enemy of mankind. Consumption, as well as the numerous stutelites which revolve around it,in the shape of cough?, colds, bronchitis, sore throat, influenza. The remedy we allude to is Or. Wistar'n Haltam 'if H'W Chrrry, prepared by Seth W. Fowle & Son, Boston. 12,? Medicated Baths,Thjcj E street. lo,C Tccco-UfBSiAJi Baths. 903 E street. 10,0 Soft Chars! Soft Crabs!! Soft Crabs!! The Oyster Bay sustains its well-known reputa tion ot serving its patrons with the first luxuries of the season, at all times. 2 Poolby's Yeast ?owhkii is convenient, economical, ami always reliable. No waste of food prepared with it, as it is always of the best quality 9,? Soft Crabs! 8oft Crabs!! 8<>pt Craiis 1!! First of the season, at The Oyster Bay, 1>16 and 1218 Pennsylvania avenue. 2 Champion Earth ?*oset. the best in use Hamilton & Pearson, Y. M. C. A. Building, 9th and D. 4,l,ev3 Jci.iPs, Smashes, Cocktail* and other prescriptions carefully compounded by G^o. W. Driver and his corps of efficient assistants at the new sample rooms corner Pennsylvania avenue and Four-and-a-half street. 4,5 Children cry for Pitcher's Castoria. It regulates the stomach, cures wind colic and causes natural sleep. It is a substitute lor OMtor oil. 4,'?,eo3: Pond's Extract cures rnenmatism, burns, piles, ulcers, toothache, sore throat, sprains, scalds, soreness, old sores, headache, colic, lameness, bruises, boils, wounds, neuralgia, hoarseness, diarrho'a, and all hemorrhages, etc. Pond's Extract differs from all other advertised preparations in the fact that it is a standard medicine, treated of in medical writings, and known to be a cure for these diseases. m,th,s,ti Warren Patent Meat Cooker at Hamil ton & Pearson's, Y. M. C. A. Building, 9th and D. 4,5,eo5 A Cough, Cold or Sorb Throat requires immediate attention, as neglect ofteutiiues re sults in some incurable lung disease. " Brown'* Bronchial Troche*" will almost invariably give relief. <i,t,th,s ? To obtain the most delicious julip or smash, made of the finest material, and manipulated in the most artistic manner, go to Geo. W. Driver's new sample rooms, cornerPennsylvania avenue and Four-and-a-half street. , 4,5 Shirts hade to Ordrr Gentlemen fur nishing their own material, can have their Shirts made to order at the shortest notice, at Keen's, 422 9th street northwest. Satisfaction guaranteed. 4,19,1: Thetommttbitt at large appreciate the use fulness of Singer's Sewing Machine. 1,0 Boron vnr being indispensable to health and comfort thousands of persons oomo from far and near to visit Dr. White, the well-known Chiropodist, No. BBS 10th street, opposite the Treasury, for relief from oorne, M nails., Ac., end advioe as to suitable i' Willoox A Girb'b Biwiis Mao bibb. The celebrated Wasaar Patterns. Agency at Ghas. Beam's hoopskirt and oorset factory, 7th i Intelligencer Building. J' ~ " i end Barometers ere repaired end made to order by Hempler, near 4k stre**. I? J. HSIBSKO MERCHANT TA, 'I^BB VAT MKH will nuolct to imrn that iikt J- ?enbs fitted and salted in all imsginabls sty l?s o^Oasstmere and FUao*! Bolts it A. STRAl'fc', nm-iy Georgetown Advertisement* **ANGBLIST *r EaBIk will preach in the Gay afim BiMut Church, 6?>r|i-t?vi. TO-SORROW (Tnwdiv ) A FTERNOON, at s o'd.Vk p All are invited. r H* ^jJBAND CONCERT BY TBI CHILDREN OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS OF GEORGETOWN. D. C. At FORREST H ALL, TTESDA Y EVENING. Jlil. 1l'?^oni?Sfci"<t (lt o'clock. Tickets. 90 cents. children. 2S cents mlo ft IfiSSIBGEN AND YICHKT WATER o% * aranght, corner Bridge aud Washington *ta., Georgetown. m7?t* JJTITHOB. POW LING, Auctioneer, Georgetowa. CH ANCERY SALE or ('(iMroRTARI E rRivr GElfR^ETOWB US* ?N PBU8PSt*T STREf.r MBv^rtne of a <Wr<-? of the Snpretn.. C-ort of VYL IT S* iu caa.e No. ?oil j ^r' ^ r .1 T8, Mah?gan ** al., I will ?HI, in front of the prenn?e?, .in SATURDAY the 17th da> of Mar. A D 1*73, at o'cl ock p' n. part of L"t No. 17, oid Georgetown, ?.-ginning 473 i frtim High street, on Prospect atr<-et. and run nlng thence *?t Is feet. thenceaonth 1>< feet th-nce east IS feet, and thence north to th- beginning The propert) icthat lately occnpied by John Mahagm. J" ' street,and in improved with a com forttble5-storj frame ]>welling Ho?se? T?rtne of uale One-third cash; residue a* fi and li wlf tVJll ?? ? P"r from the dav of sale, deposit when the property in struck off Conveyancing at expense of purchaser. n . FRED. W. JOXK^, Trufltf# THOMAS HOWLING,! I Georgetown Courier 2t | |^Y THOMAS DOWLINO, Auct.: Georgetown. CHANCERY SALE OF CRICK fiiH'cr ?vr? TOWN,SKS ON BIGU STREET. IN GE''BGE * d^ree ?'f th.- Supreme C >nrt of Bthis District, p:.8mh1 in cause No. 3,11?. Eherly ??< t al vs. Plaggem. yer et al .Iu,ll sHI in fro?t Mav A^rTiTV IT fATVRPAT' ?he ITthVayof May, A. P. 1S7.1, At & o'clock r ru.. ?>( L .t? No* lOaiMlll. O^i Georgetown, fronting b> ~ inches on High street, with a depth of ?? f-et awl one-half inch, th* property lately beloneimr to an,| occupied t.v George EhlTlv ' ri nging The property nt on the east side of High street nearly opposite the end of Prospect street, improve! with a large two story brick house. P I Term* as pri?cril., <l by the decree ; One t hird cash the residue at 6 and 12 mouths, w ith interest at ? i? r cent tr. m the day of ,ale.with the op.i.'n to [he pur. baser to pay the whole in ca?h. $50 deposit wbenthe property is struck off ConveyancimTat expense of the purchaser Jiwiagw ANTON EBERLY. Trustee n.Q.t in THOMAS DOWLING, n?9-d {Georgetown Courier ?tl Auctnn.eer. |5* THOMAS DOWLING, Auct'r; Georgetown TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE REAL F?5 TATE IN GEORGETOW N, d C ?*jl B> wrtueof a deed ol trust from Charles T ? ft wife, made January JSth. 1*7 u, th" records of -aid District in Liber No. 6tW. folio 313, Jtc .and at the reuneat of th? party secure.) thereby?! will olfc'r f<? Su iIj ? 4,^wI''l'00 THURSDAY- the a.? 1 of ^!es alfI O. /?-P front of th- prem 11^' w Lot of Ground in Georgetown afore Uribed *" ,h"""Ihern part of lot Hp. 61, in Peter K^atty, Thrtlk.-M, and Dnakin'. I t,?;,""';1 l *D- P-rt havinga fr^t of thirty two feet;on the west ?id ? .f Lingan street b.t?een 1st and Prospect streets, and ruuniug back of that w ,di h to the rear Th- property isimpro?^ Tern? ??nt r filing r-centlv r-pairM s.Ti ?k .i' i"" "f ,h<* purchase money cash, "01?h'ich"*,! r. r r1*',wt,|vf ?,to'1 ?>" with. t T.v ^r L.'i l^armgsij. prr cent interest from V'Li V . ?h*!l ^ *'.?en,to l#e *e<ared l.y a of tro?*t of tli^ pr?'n?ist'?.' Th<? termn <?t a-*!,. mu?t l?e comp io?I with within four ?! ?>-? aft?*r ?Uv ..f ?ale,or the property shall be resold upon flr>-.lavs notice at the ri-k and cost of the defaulting nnr chaser. All conveyai.citig at buyers' Cost A de posite ol will b? re.Miir?| m the cloae of srt| ? HLGII CAPERTON. Trustee I Conner | THOS DOWLING. Au.-t! DRV (iOODS AT POPULAR PR1CES~ For GOOD B AR'JAISS be sure to go to A*IN MILLER, K ,aria 'Bridge street, Ge.,rg.-town. JaranemPopluis a-2? and O, ; Japanese Silks. ^loV- 5 r-iP IB, Dr' n.G ? in ?" tlx- new ? J 'oSEa i BU ?k Silks from ,?1 -5 to , ? k Orena,lines from iV. to ,?i beau-ifn! ' kv 'r, p,n' 1SC - Vi?..ria LawnS. A. ?' ?' ,C^ H?C . 2Sf- , 57c , Mr ? B!*rk ^ cTth" r"hl"'H- * '","1 'inalit* .aa'lowas ti^ a ... P i,"s|,I"'r-, LlUen Drills; all the l.orel n "11 . SSe?" *??*>**? < JJEADY FOR THE SPRING TR4DE~ With a full corps of first class workm n a c.,m gir'- "tock of t he best f r> !_??, nIX S Stuffs, 4c., Ac., I an. full, pr.-r ,r--< *? 1 CLEAN (?K nK^'iLOK LADIES Sf MMEt promptly and in the best mamier. ' PKJCM1VM STEAM VYMl'yh^AXV SCUOh P i KSTABLISHE'D, I?3I Premintn awarded 1^57 rj,cofficejB*r7'2?. ?Q^?rKrtowp'i)o >p7,tr _ REAL estate agents. j lan boyle. ^ frank barnum ? t. . , ,irA? BOHElrfO, ? Ko biiZlJi* 7 fc AXD N oTh: HROKEKS, ?o. bOrt 15th street, opposite U. S.Treaeur> . FOR SALK-A handsome HOUSE on I street. No a.Vil HOCS.T corner 21st HOI-SI N ?4K 11"; #!? Massachusetts avenue. n..i i fib.*! street east, for sale or rent, fur nished or unfurnished. A COTTAGE iu WillardV SjVwT je'ni?;6"0; neV,'rtl "n"'11 from Jo.WJ to 55.0111, small cash pakni'-nts We have W>^?,,e FARMS. ituproTadand unfm proved. ?n different railroads running (rotti the tlt>, for sale at low figures or exchaogs f ir ci7. property SIMM, feet of GROUND fu Varioi! Era.'^r wV/r ?Tc?f<'r H*r *' "" eas* rn?Hrtv e*?.batige for pr.aluctive improved " ^ ">J api>-tr ( '10. TRUESDELL A CO , aii 7.1 - ESTATE BROKERS, ?ld 7t" ?treet? (over German American Saving, Bank.) ivT1'pJvTvo11 L-kenting. collect LOANS TAXES and NEGOTIATING missione, Internal R," *e," ^ Wm B M^STFurST ture Dealer;,C. E Prenti?,Cashler G^w A-nen. John HiViP r f'"senden; Hon John H.t^, Consul General of Switzer'and. n23 3m" Austin p. brown. Corner M. f, avenue and Mth street, f WHOL?aL. Dkalki U Bl n? SS* 10 order on sh^rt notice * for Bnilding, Ma?-adamizing aar trtct. dal'vored ,n any part of the Dls REAL ESTATB bought and cold and mono* ?? rjyted To thia branchof the*l h?? after give my personal attention, will be at mi Offlce daily from 10 a m. nntil 4 p.'^ mitl-ti JT MAY NEVER OCCUR AGAIx7~ OUR POrULAIi SPECIALTIES MEN S DEPARTMENT. 910 ?Our celebrated $10 Business Suits? $ 10 $10?We arc still selling?910 910?A go?al Business Suit for $10 S10?Our sales are enormons? $ lo 5 10?In line Business Suits at $10 $10?Our stock is Tremendous? $10 $10?Of all wovl Suit', at $10 A SPLENDID STUCK, A FASHIONABLE STOCK. A LARGE STOCK, 0E FIXER SUITS, OF IMPORTED FABRICS, AT PROPORTIONATE PUCES. FOB TBS YOUNGSTERS. 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Si mm the beat and duet >f the . ttr for cool i quarter* aiM fir>? ?ren. ry sr. ta? it' I to try' in readineaa by tbeflrat of June Tbebuilliu* - large aid airy, and every effort will b" made to biv i*t?r to the oimfnrt and pl? asnre of g-i-eta. Bitn ?t??d on high ground near the Le?*burg and Aldie grade, abcnt nia?- mil.-s from the form.-r plafe.with daily c miuumriiiin with Washington. (. harg*? reaa> li able. For particular* address THOMAS W L\KB, ?i>0 >w Aldte. London <-.'unty. V? I^OB SHiMER ROARPERS -Four Bo 1 a ROOM8. furnished. Ala- . four nnfur-4 . ? A ni*hed,and BOARD, in a l? autfinl coui try VcBAV home m a healthy locality. Good rtfer AadLL encea given. For particular* apply to JOHN W. KIN'SKLl, C'tarspring. Washington county. 14. m7 lm LADIES' GOODS. <4* ?^ BUS NclORMICK, 90,> PENNSYLVANIA AT EN II Baa ci n-tantly on hand a too assortment of IMPORTED BONNETS STRAWS, i HIPS. FLOWERS. RIBBONS, *r , all of the neweat designs. Ladies CAPS and COIF FIRES upt rec?iv?.l mi ir M RS. C. B. GILLET, NEW TORR MILLIn'kRY STORE. HAS REMOVED from 614 9th street 469 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. WASHING TON U C? ft and haa inst returned from New York with the latest styles and novelties in Millinery a ret fancy Good*. Thankful for paat favors, she aollots a eon tinuance of patronage. afli lm* ^ OTICE.?Bargains are now being offered^In MILLINERY and FANCY GOODS, By E. LBN 7. BERG A CO., aS-tr 707 Market Space, A I R GOOD 8 . FIRST CLASS GOODS AT LOW PRICES Fine BRAIDS, CURLS, etc , of o?r own make, sold at manufacturer's prions, ?i H PHILIPPl> Uairwork Factory and Store, 719 Market Space, bet ween 7th ami 8th streets. aSlal* gTAM PING DEPOT, febH-tT Oppoatte Patent Office. JELLING OFF t O SELLING OFF I AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, the entire stock OF THE NEW TORE BAZAR, 441 Seventh street, near E. marTtr NO BCMBl'G. iti adies " Li FRENCB8TABCB ENAMEL la the beat article in the world for doing up Ltnen or Muelin. It iniparts a beautiful glues to Ute fabric. For sale by all Grocera. BL'RNHAM A CO., Mannfactnrers, 16V Wert Lombard street, JanU lr Baltimore, Maryland. BOOKS, STATIONERY, <fcc. "I'HE AMERICAN ODD FKLLOW,' for M .y, 1 price 25 cent", received and for sal** by STOCKMAN a SON, Airsnts f.r D-trict f Co lumbia, yt h street northwest. corner of I Alan, all th<-new B'? k*. Periodicals, Ac and a full ?? sortment ol Stationery, Pictures, Picture Frames, kC. Ii..' I I THE ROYAL DIADEM; A NEW Ml SIC 1 BoOK. Play and Profit in M? Garden; l>\ Rie The Yonne Mtchanic.a Practical Tr?-*ti*'. The Other Girls, by Mrs. Whitney. Memoir of a Brother; l>y Thomas Huche* Literature ar <l D eina. by Mat hew Arnold. Croquet at all pricea. Agency for STAlNkD GLASS \VM RALLABTYNE. tr 4Si*? 7th street, near E. L 1ST OF NEW BOOKS AT shillixgtox's bookstore. CoRNEK 4,'i SlREET A*L PKNNA AvtJ IE: Old Kensington. By Mis* Tliackerav. The Old C- illitess. A Sf.|'ie| to "Lord II pe's Ch' ice." By Mrs. Ann S Stephens. Antiquities of Southern Iulmn Al.,iv?- Tempest and Tide. Paacarel R\ the auth <r of --S-.rathm ?re" and "Under Two Flass." The Other GirU. By Mrs. Wliitne*, author of ?* We Girl?." A FairSavn. By Justin McCarthy. NV? R?*m.-dief, for April, 1S73. Y"ung Men of Great Britain. A journal f aiuus ina and instructive literal lire. B">'s of En?;l?i>d. A yonog gentl'-man's journal of sp'-rt,fun and literature. A Day w ith Charles Dickena. K-nelm Cliiiliiigh . B> Bulaer. Farm Ballads. Bv Will. Carleton. i Illustrated.. A lare. stock of BLANK ItOOKS. PASS ItouKS ind MEMORANDUM B'iuKK. NOTE I'AI'KH. LET1ER I'M'EK. aud PLAYING C iiD> althe very lowest prices m>> tr Bryant s library 01 TTetrif anl bong. H B.STOWE S LIBRARY OF FAMOCS F10 tb&cher S LIFE OFCBRIST. Ac. Subscription* received at 1411 Pennsylvania av anue t>y ape ini* BISHOP A HAZAWV AGRICULTURAL BOORS. Johnston1* Agricnltural Chen.tstry (1 79 Am<-ricau Gardener's As-istant. 1 fin Allen's Americau Farm B.n>k I SO Henderson's Gardening for Profit.1 w Waring. Draining for Profit and Health 1 aU Fullers Small Fruit Cuituriat..1 >1 Fnller'a Grape Culture... 1 SO Fitz'a Southern Apple Cultnrist J 75 Wright's Practical Poultry Keeper I uO Langstrotb on the Honey Bee...?. I UO Randall's Sheep |Jasbandry...__ 1 M Horse Owners' Cyclopedia. S 7? Yonatt on the Dogs. 3 7S All the new books recei?ed as soon as pntdishM by RICHARD B. MOHUN A CO., a8-tr 101 a Peuna. avenue, corner 11th street. ^OTIOI. OPENING OF A BBW STATIONBET STOE1 AND BLANK BOOK MABDFAOTORT First-class aoeds at fair pricea, for cash LITHOGRAPHING, ENGRAVING, PBINT1NC AND BINDING DONE TO OBDEB The aobUc we invited to call and examine oar ??? stock. BEN F. FRENCH, Under National Metropolitan Bank, and next door to Jay Oooke A Go 's, aeH tf Washington. B. O. GROCERS. Ca B. O'HARE ft SUA, 1SI13 7tm STREET NORTHWEST, (Between M and N eta.) SOAP! SOAP 11 ^ Proctor A Gamble's celebrated Cincinnati Olive SOAP, the best in the market?10 cents per pound bar, t??c. by the box of 60 lbs. HAMS, Ac. In store 1 uXt) lbs. extra quality Sugar-Care' HAMS. 9 lb* extra white LARD, 91. Freeh Graham FLOUR, from best wheat FRESH OATMEAL. RYE FLOUR LIQUORS! LIQUORS!! Old Baker WBISKT; Old Cabinet WHISKT. Whisky, 6 years old, per bottle fill California Brandy, per bottle ? 100 Holland Gin, aer bottle..._._?. 1 no French Brandy, per bottle 1 | SWEET CATAWBA WINE, ?2 per gallon. Pore SWEET CIDEB. Philadelphia ALE and FOBTEB. C. B. O'HARE ft SOU. aM K13 7th at. n. w., between M and N. P L U U R ! HhChlfEU OIKECT from the Mill* In VALLEY OF VIBGIB1A. Will aell to familiea SB rents per barre less thas 1 prices. FricM of SUGARS and TBAS all marked down. CATAWBA WIBB, inst received from Pleaaant Valley Wine Company. ?tt a gallon. B. B. BACON, TBI between fth J. W. BEIGUTWELL, 4X0 ftu Stkkct. SHIRTS made to order and ready feet fit guaranteed. _____ Also, a choice line of GENT8' FURNISHING GOODS constantly on hand. aC-ly T^HB LATEST W0NDBB of Ute lptii century is 1 the S8sait, now selling rapidly at STBAUS'. ltfll Penns.ave., near lith. MD"outo% BMi-SSBI'a' ? TMo.tidr rkEATH TO THE MODOCS_a*4 4ea?h to k U prtcas is tbe ntotto at A. STBAUS', 1S11 are., near lit bat piaxor Ac. A LARGE LOT OF MAIl.t NEW Ahn A CEl'UMi-HASSD PIANOS. U from diffrrmt hd'<riM, imi* on for mi* or rent on Ii?; Tux*, to make^^w room at Ml< HEN BATH t> PIANO W A KEROOMS. 4S3 llth tr?? ?h rr peni ..ylrania itrniw, Afency for W-b.Kb.1-. a Co.* and W m. Mc n ? PIANOS P,U,0> "*???? ??t pa v sent for J" MlAJC kh, formerly fomnui f ,r I' (' Lifhtrt Co., KMrtor St--inaav | and late inner tor Vetrer tt * Co. Tnn* Vfflw^ aiid repairer of PI AN Os? a>el nKtiAS* S fcjtf New fork ?'etine (M?n l*ft at K ?rr ? Jew-iry W"fV, *>*V PruiL-i Uuiu iiniur; Hairs.'a pr,?i W'W.wnicr Pmnnlvtnii iwbhp t i l t*h Mr*** Moaenthalh, ??ll 7th street corner of H. nil nint with prompt attention, aad sau. faction fia< an ^ 04 If WJT1EFF"S PIANOS, untupo^rd to sw.-tne-s t ^ t?>?l ai?d excel leftc* of flniAh. |a? |?r? ?nd f?) onii a L WILD A (Rn bBn Ag-iits, (M 11th itrwt, mar nnrtliix'llltn coruer Pennsylvania t>fuu?. dealer* II and Mu*icaI iHhtrnnunth fpufull) Tuning and Repairing. Poliahiuf aial Varnishm* wwitf faithful attowti>n. t t>|; )r J ?? H t'AS. 114? 7th street a nw?M sP . htt*l*u* a' Piano am i 0*t*m>. M 2^i" ?T *v* w Th??'Pso? sc. ruer Ulk?fe||B V1 " f.*k ave. , tm,V Brhlrt.*llRTl Ueor*,t..wB. an4 M.-e*a'. rof. rtk atxl Pa av Pian. ? and other instruments P.?, a?j aat All ?or> guars Titewl * m?.?TI? WCUOMACEER A CO h rUNnx, ** puiLadblphia. 9BEAT EEDCCTION IE PVICES. -rjU. -_?*??hioh. ob aoroBtt of their an ywlutHl ownM ?h?r?, have to a few rear*__^^^ mv* P"^ul,,r here, m well ?, alJUlfe 2^?^<?Vr'?;caB u ^ tor "" w*nff! PfflOM ? ?.? w nan m> man? r n < >ui ? jiju Ca) ? ni ssffyssff ,l^,? ^sat^ktssr"* Pennat Ivaala asewap STEAMER LINES. J\EU EXPRESS LINE VIA CAS iL, BKTWI > <| P U f L AD E L, PBIM .ALE XA K D EIA,? a., W A S U. 1NGTON AND GEORGETuW K, D C. _ MiLixfi path, t. N??rth WharvM. Phil rskt.2k*km' ? p i nxitrTi ffr? s~,?><>.??? Tnij line r< tib>'(-u at Philadelphia with"Clvdo^ Ir-n Lid* ' ??f atramrr* for ProTidrn'^in*..t, anJ Nrw E??laBd state, N" ?h.rtM. .n B ?!i b, ... v? ' HTDE A?^ f. r I) of O. r . UAM'F * ro ? fhiladelHila. J A KEID. Aleaaodria. Va. to^. A ?',CAItc*1 *? Ccntrraa Str?*t. B <t . yPt*'Pht? deliverml t.r Ki* ?*'?? r<tirM. " ? rrfitw?g,rr" ??si' to ?trainer wharf will be r' iup'. . Attaadn^ 4sd yj,~ Rrzzvsrsz, ?r#?. TH t KSDAmw h,V? rnttptitn fb^ ^"Vi'id^ N..rt,,|k with Steamship of L'A'. *ia Norfolk." Branch ticket . tfo- ?? w ? ? i T M . < K< M < If . A J?'Dt. St h -nf r<w?t ?- h arf ? CLAGETT. ksil ?reat . Plant p *?tore. c rner 1J: h ?? a-.1 p ? i SARD LIU. THE BBITISB AND NOETB AVEBIOA9 EOVAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, BETHEEN NEW TORE AND LIVEUPOOL. CALLING AT COEE BABBOE PBOM NEW TOBB ? -W.^l May 7 Al.ia>una ?*? v*. jr M.? ]? Itntax *T< >i*' !r Kuwia. .?.W*d_, i^aiakrta. .Sat _ M <v . I J! tr Partlua.... .?.it u , ,i . * <?" UO. tarry ?l?,ra?e w wjnKjwj, ^ kjs njfir- i",?u7ussaadbi 8t^r??e, ?au, ccrrv?ncf ticket# frt?i LIt?t?ck?I And Onaa. ia?j '-r- ss??sa -?e, apply at tb^Com^nr-a o?c?, N ? | Grt^n; r.r atwraKe oaaaiwe ar N,> 111 *llli BoiMluc ? ?u ??I Er.a<lwW CBAS. Q PBANt ELTN. A..n. K w v rk bovwi, OT,S BI?KLow'." ??;,**? *??ly Waahia^o,, |,.o. HJEBCHAMT* LIKIOf oTEAMaUlPs WASBINGTON AND NEW TUBE. t ?n- Stnamah^pa M O EBIG .Taai J* Eart Bit*. ??rj biTl'lilt ?(K f^"1. rlm ?F?5?*TO^N avary FEIDAY at ?^2 ALEXANDRIA I be .an./ [?" T ?* "? ^ ?or fn.'l laforBnatloD Apply tot f A ntiinaB A*oot. ofeca ana whart to,/ot Bxtt atraat U.^,r?a' tows, or at tA? eoraar of 17th etiwet bjm! A ?ranoo. "*** **" ?*** ?<*? WKn-ifhtt delivered by KtintV Ei*rp.a n, der- left at Gen< ra! Office. ?,?;< PenuavfrVwia *v? leiid.^t.r1 the ",r,b"r mb'rt ~m * tall-tf JWTBOEPW.i educational. ^dVeS^dWil^eTi /;;b. r??. xu aafiaiti WITH waxoa ???utirel, diflere:,t fru? (he old -tiate pract Ice of tear i n* oftlw luf ro? i q* toa **!*i.0f Ifor'nt *??? lato the banion, a di?tr*?nt>clp paliifal BMtbod, aodoM which ublifed tb* .gflerer 0 t? MMtiBai ob crutchN, for wwkf ZZ ~.? I , ??w???,h?ii7 w ? ui r?ru i u?" Dm? attln? ahoea, and tDdaatrioua parBoaa think thara la tooaooiy of tim*. comfort, and health in an ooca dona. Tlait to the Chiropodist; and tt la a well -knows iBrt that tbopaanda of per?,.i.?. many of thorn th<?a moat honored In asbltc and private life, come froaa tar and near to Tlait Dr. White* Eatabliahment, to many of whan Dr. White ha* aaaoltoMad permiaalow e refer B-tp JUSTICE TO ALL. partialit}'to none. i?alwayA theuottoat STBAl'S', Clatbier, 101 | Penn. ?aa Bt ALL D*D?OI?TS, 'pHE NEW NATIONAL MAEEET. FBESH, SALT and SMOEED MEAxs ?, ^i kinds aud of. the beat qnaiitr, tnrni.hed ^* in the beatatyleialaotGAME.POULTKT. 9^^ FBI"ITS. and VEukTABLES, tn tbetr waaonjean be procured at thia Market. martl-ly BQBT BTATT. ?14 lltfc at M r I^ISSOLUTION W??R!itTi>!i. D. C.. April 11,1873 The copartnership lierHotore extatiuc between Elptionso Yoanfa aud \\ m H Sean, ruder tba name and firm of ELPBONZO TOL MGS * OO . la diw lr?d by mntnal onaent. the aecond term of auch copartnership hattB? thia day alpired. The boat neaa will be continued at the old atai.d < Maaontc Teniple, corner tth aud F atreetO by ELPH0I7.0 TO I NOB, who will par all iaat claiaaa acainat and collect all amonnta dne paid firm. elphonzo Youngs, jam. h sears Thanking my friend* and t he public for their ... era I patrona?re In the paat, I would respectful) *olicu a Continuance of the name. ELPHOMZO TOCNGB. Bar lag spent the paat two y rith Mr. Toonc* in the ahore would take thia opportunity to thank my (rimdi the public fortbeir jatronage. and cheerfully t on in vend whatever influence I mar ha?e to his teraata. |apl?tf] l>^ rOIMLBIl PECTORAL 8TBUIS OOOAU AMD OOLm. BOLV Ml ALL DBLW99UTM. DEFORM GOIEG ELteEWHERE axanina th D Diagonal Draas Salt for ?17,(aapectaky.)anit omlY toXa had at A. BTrACs" l?ttP.nna .77!. near 11th. aM /COHEN'S LOAN OFFICE, aarwar ef 7tA ftrmt V/ mmd flem YarA icnnw, entrance on Mew aAa York avenue. The most private loan office/WJL in the city. Money loaned at the lowsat rat. P Q of intereat on Gold and Silver Watchaa. DtamonAa. lata and Plated Ware, Guns, Pistols Lartin ?? Clothing, Carpet* , aijtf all artlc value ^ly? ^tLEE'S WHAEF, /** af ?U mmd t Urmit. n TO CONTRACTORS AMD MERCHANTS. Cargoea of STONE, COAL, ., . ^ HAT, LI MBEE. Afj dlacharred fro* veaaete and atorad or delivered at the shortest noOca and lowaat ratea IB-If 0 T. AtLEE. only to ha Uth ATJJfOC BE EN ^ the Tonth> Imgartal C?| irT||IAV?M?II PAM.,Wit

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