Newspaper of Evening Star, May 13, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 13, 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR. hkHiM Bally, Iu4ay? ?HfU4, AT TUK STAB BUILDUfOS, id nunc BTix nvsrirn ciirin. n M. lir/ZAW-V, M TBI 1YBJHN6 STAB t> arrvad by carriers t* IMr wabrrlbara at T?* timm ?!??.or Fomrt V?n Ci*n fi* Mr>"?Tii. P'.jm cm counter SrtK) C*wrs aarh. By tall-tfcraa Matte, flJO; tfz gtoniha. #3.?, o^, jwmr, |l. TUB WEEELY STAB-Published Friday-#,# ir?*r tTbTirtoklT lmtTur?,ia botlt eii^^ud > M for. of tlwHMn tarnished >m ar ?ilcat]ca. PIANOS, A LARGE LOT oF N^.UI V SEA AND S?t O*D HAS pi.\NOS, Trt m Jliferent far"<r".ea. now oa hand *>? bale or rent ..n E ?? * to a.tke'11 mi ? i??b at UlTBISBACH'S PI A 310 W\REBOOMS, 4 51J irh ?rr'??, ab>v? P*r.B?r|viTjia ?i?ua-, Agency for Wn. Hmbf A C ?.'i ird ^ffl. Mc I mi.uj' >'? PIANt Second hsn 1 PIASOS t?* ?>;! in part ptyn'lii for new Pian.? "U-'.r g Tim El HS CTICAL PiASO ? ? m A H KH, f .im-r?y f. i-.nan for F. ( L-ghte .a t>.. V r >t*-in*ay A S n*.|ENMB and Ut- tuner ?? r l?-tr-r it A Co. Tuner's* w* ? ?ini rAtimolani ORGANS, No. HSU Kei Y :k avens- Ot>l?i? Irft at Kfrr'i Jewelry It rr, fell** P?:ii?5lT?nii ntfniif; Nairn's Pni* Wi*<>, tf-rwr ?? nmilitni* ami 9tn ?tr???; Mneenthals. w?i 7ih street, cornered H, will meet with tr?mrt aitaXioa, and satisfaction guarsn ?p?tl. a>t iy ^TlKFrs PIANOS. i.nsnaiisefd ia iwtMDfw of fi' t"i.e ai d e*cell?nre i-f flntsk; low prife?_j? and ?wy trroa. U L. WILD A HSO feaHS) Agen??. 4ilO llth sueet, n-**r aor-hareiMY r? ro-r p?r r ?> Irsrfa avenue, dealers in P.aux and Ba'^il ladmnit* and R^patrit g, P ii-hing and Varnishing r??u? [?utifnl a'lM t: n. ap!7 tr vaad dcr? rtcrittd at Ttt>iL|?.i'f c..rner 14th s* fiSaO and N. ?'?rk av?.. , Getty's.Utidge, nearlalw'* Congress, Georgetown; and M "*es\cor. 7^ and P?. a* . Piaii ? and otber luatnimentu packed ana movsu All work cnu inlFfd. mhJttly gCHOMACAEB A C0^PlANO?iApEL "hia GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICES. Ttwr Inatrumenta. whirl, on account of tbetr aa Ck rit) over ail i.thers. iwc? ia a frw mm the moat popular fa, aa well a* tl'feaBB cser the c .untry, can be bad now for tbe fol-*?* a * hwics low arlcre hul ARE PIA NO? fr m ? 37? to 9?7I iTrIGHT PIANO* fr-tn Sduuto $;J0. ORAND PI ANOS from $to $ 1.071 Persons who ? ,?h to M*? fr^c -j lJU to g WO In f?u cianiDit tbe N?t in?trmoent out, are invittnl ca1' and o.nipar* for tbcma^trea. Piar...? f.>r rent. Piano* ?icbaccfd. Tttainx and R p&irinjt pmp. rl) ?Uteudai' to. CAKE RICHTER, A*nt, dM-tr <tji Pi-i,MTl???kiT<iia Jr. LCCAS. 114? 7tl. otreot n. w., ? Kttuiait* n' P>ft*o' and 0?#aa*. O STEAMER LINES. \*< H?K LINE STEAMKKS, >*ii!r-.ii: P r S>. Nor'h U vi-r, N> w Y 'V EVthY WEDNRSDAT AND SATCBDAT The p ,.-? n?- r a< c -mni?liui. ru "n Steam ra o} thi? lin?- are nr5-nrp:?-w<l fir elf^aiice anal C' tiift rt Cal.n -tat?- r- ia- ar?- all^~* ? r cti upc <l'<'k.thu^ ?ecnrimr e ?>! lighl*" 1 **a aitd if tilati- n UATl.S OF PAliSVGKTO Ul.AsUONt, LIVXBPOOL.OB LONl?<~?NDERRY. Hat. st'iHi'Tf. It*../ Uramtrs. OoM. t'arreii.-r. ''?I1 'i* ? |7i and j6l. JTS and ?63 Cat in Mnrn n curii.g b?-t ac n>ni. dationn. $ I t) -......*130 !*t^ra<e, currency, .jM. ("? J rpa????efr m an> ?< aportorrailw.iT na'i ti ii. ??rxt Britnin. Irelniidorth< C"nnn? nt at am? A- Low A< BT AXV "THtS FIR?r rLA-< lilt r -r?'-iK?ai<|.|.-t..HKNI)Ki;M>N BROTHER*. 7 It ? iit.p Gr>*n. N Y t" C. CAMMAt'K. 142 t F t m.. r VILLUMWI * I'O ItM P?a afnn<- t:.? .. Anetr-. W^hingt.n. iim5 t.thji.Sm (VBW EXPRESS lYnE^VIA CANAL, 1^ ISTWtM PblLADELPHIA, ALEXANDRIA, Ya, WASH 1NGTON AND GEOHUETOWN, D. 0. aaiLlXA pat*. h ??? . From Pier I.N rth WhartM. Phil adelpMx, >VEDNEsDAk and bAT (7BDAY. at 14 b. Br- tn it W i?ter atreet. Oeorcrtown, D. C .TTEi DAY and SATURDAY, at 10 am This line conn' ita at Philadelphia with "Clyde's Iron Line" of strainers for Providence, B^at' tj and New Ei.*land Stair*. No wharUira in B -rt m tu Una lib* G. r. 11YDK. Aft.t for D of 0 V M. P CLYDE A CO., PtnUdelahia. F A. RE1D, Alexandria, Vs. >* ALDO A. PEARCE. ?4 ConfTeaa Street, B a ton. ?f Freiehts deliTered hT K?nt'? Eti?ea? Ordera Kft at G?-tier*l 4tlR<-.., 60:t Pennsylvania avenn -, or at the ateaa^rr whart will be pr-BBptly attend J V>- apS IVASUIN<iTON. NORroLK, BO^TOB, AND " PROVIDENCE. The fine Iron Steamer LADY OF TUB LAKB bavins r<s?iiiM| ber remilat tripe to N rf. lie, w,li Irave ber wharf, foot ' of ?th street, ev.-r> MONDAY an.l* Till RM)AT, at 1 p. tr... tonchingat principal Birer Landrr.n'.c-innect.r g at Norfolk with St, amnhip Ji the M and M Llr.a f..r Boston and ProvM'iice Freight sh old be addr-^t j "care of Lady of tft* Lake. *ia Norfr Ik." Branch ticket office at Baoi't Jiyreo Office, 603 Pennsylvania av.-n-ie, T Sf. CBOl'CH. A?-nt, <*h-stree? wharf. DOR>EY CLAGBTT. G-T,?ral A*ont. ?>14 Plar.t's Store. c<>rn? r litb n. and Pa. ara. r?vsAE?XisE7 TBB BBITISB ABD NORTH AMBBICAB BOYAL MAIL 6TEAMSU1PS. BETWEEN NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL CALLING AT CORB HARBOB. FROM NEW Y0RB. * Sc. tia Wed May 7 Aby?*inia...9at May It' Al|tena.._...W*d May 14 Baiavia Sat Mty V7 ?Rusata Wed_MAV 21 l Calabria. .Sat M ?y 24 *Ja*aw__..Wad_Ma> 2e Partbia. Bat.... M?> il 8t< amen naiaad Uma * do nut carry Staerat* paa a >n?ers And arary following W EDNESDAY and SATUB DAY frum New York. I?l? OF Pasaaaa.?Cabin, ??. |M, bad flj(i (4i, according to arcetnm. <latkon. Tickets to Paris, fl?, gold, additional.4 Brt urn tickvu uu fawrabla tarn Steerage, &3u. ctirrency. Steerage Hearts from Llrarpocl and Qnaanatowa, ?ad ail parts of Barupa, at lowest rmttm. Taronab bills <>f lading given to Belfast, Glasgow, Havre. Antwerp and "tDer aointa on tbe Contittaut and U ? edtterra'jean ports. F >r freight and cabin paa apply at tbe C< an pan y*a office, No. ? Bowhlg >; f>r awtagc p?na, at Bo. Ill Braadwar Trinity Bu. d' ut. C1IAS U FBAN' KLYN. Ag?n?. S-w Y rk. OTIS BIGEL<>W. Ageut, ?arBly Waaliitigtua, D. O. M EECHANTD LINE OF jTEAMsUIPS ?itwtn W ASHLBGTON AND NBW Y0B&. ?areaf-ar the Bae Strains hi pa B 0. ENIGMT M JOBB GIBSON will make regular weeklr ^aaa trlaa between NEW YOBK, ALIXAN^ilU DR1A. WASHINGTON and GBOBGB-*SMHHi TOW N, aa foiiowa;?Lease NBW NORB from Fiat W East River, -very SATURDAY at 4 m. aa.. Least GEORGETOWN every FRIDAY at T A and ALEXANDBlA the aame rfay at IV aa. For full Information apply to B. F. A. DBNHAM Agent, oftea aad whart toot ot High street. George town, or at the aoroer of 17th itraat aad Maw Tort Freight* delivered by Knot's Ezareea. Or ders left at Grneral Office, t>Od Prnnsyfrania ave nn*.or at tbe steamer wharf will be promptly at Waded i?. tall rf J. W. THOMPBOB, Praatdaat. E D U CATION AL. (11 ISt4 H A BKO v E R'S S4'HOoL For YOCNG 1*1 LADIES AND CHILDREN. 133b Ist .oppo aite Frai.klin Pvrk. Fourth quarter will beam A pril ldth; fall term 0th. apli) lm* IrBTKB TO ALL. aartiality to none. i?al?ay* tbe motto at STEALS', Clethier, 1011 P-nn. i^BBBCO V/ FOB BALB BY ALL DBCOGIST8. Can be had br tbe trade at CHABLES bTOTTI CO. B, Bo. Peanaylvaala " T? X BBW NATIONAL BLABS.BT. FRESH, BALT and 8MOKBD MEATS, of ai. inds and of. tha beat juality, tumlsh.^ i Uw beat sty le^aiao^G A MB, POULTRY Bl"ITS, and VEGETABLES, in tbeir _ ^am ran be procured at this Market. martl Vy ROBT HYATT, 414 llth st. - M y rl'UE FAT MEN will rejoice to learu that tbey X can be fitted and waited in all imaginable st\ Ira of Caaatmere and Flannel Suits at A. STBAtS ( 1 ?! I feeo ave., near llth at. aa 0 1 I IO L C T I O ? . D C., April IS, WTS. The copartner*hip heretofore esisting between Ilphouu Yoanits and Wm H Bears, under the name and firm 4 ELPHON7.0 YOUNGS A CO , is dfcwlved t?y asatual c< -nsent. the second term >f wncb copartnerwLip having >hia day espired. The busi neee will be continued at the <Hd stand < Maa^nie Temple, caraer ?h aad F streets.) by BLPHONZO TOl NGS. who will pay all juet ciaiaas againat and collect ail adootita due said tirvn. ELPHONZO YOUNGS. W M. U SEARS. Thanking my friends and tbe public for th dr lit ersl patr.-tiage in tip past, 1 would respectfully allien acoatiauaace of the ?aaie. ?",,c ELPHONZO YOUNGS. Haslag spent tae past two year* very satisfa-trdj ai b Mr Y >uu?s la tbe aWte nauie.1 l.usjuesa. 1 would tale thia < pp. rtunity to thank tuy friends .umI tbe public for tlieir aalronace. and cheerfully rec ommend whatever influence I h?Jt< terssts. (aplStfl W M H. tKAM. ?4 TLBB S WHA RF. ree< s/ 4/A m*d P itrsst.?. TO.CONTBACTORS AND MKBi HANTB. ol STONB, <-OAL^aT Ll.MBtR k iti>rbarred from Vrpa?Is and storvd or delivered at ?fc2Ar-t "otlte ""?? Y AtLEE. ? f ? vTTvor SEEN the Y oth s Imperial Coat H .^TVsi ta rnauh' I* " ~Jmlred \>y all an.1 "?tTbe^miVA STEALS ,1?11 Pa are ,?ar Uthauaet. V~. 41?NS. 6,286. WASHINGTON, D. C., TIE^AY, MAY 13, 1873. TWO CENTS. AMUSEMENTS. A 3 ?. H A L L . MCTUALS, OF W. YORK, vs. WASHINGTON. MA* 1 41 u AND l^TH,103, 3 30 P. M. OLYMPIC GROUNDS. ***- *** An*i?iiij,ai Ct?. \y if-L MEW OPERA HO' if" Jt'HN T. FORD *'**? - - ? - " ?' ? Proprietor FOl R NIGHTS V>'D ONE MATINEE. B , !, ?-'-?Jfnis rom?*ti?, T,,V;""r;. ct O'mio ??i m*?;'.vm rawaviT.' ? e>tr? eiriiinj luring the week, in tiio new German Drama. ''.CHRIS AND LENA," Or. Life on the Cpper Mississippi. a Mpfw?rt?^l hy the ^utirr new company. ?.r-i.n* ?' reHnpd mirth, wit an.l humor, en ? Mi^y free from sntfnrtty. To relieve purmm^ ??ri H''11? Of Imiawi >? and se? Biker an ] Orfiv ???*! !?r,r L'"*h 8',n*, an(1 Dmiow AFTERNOON Matinee on SATURDAY No. ?iiv?Dfe in the rate* of adniis-ion. S-atu can be ?ecure?i at the Opera Hoq^. ml2-4t W T?SME,?2BWS STILL ANOTHER GREAT SENSATION. ONE^EEK?MAY 12? AND TWO MATINEES Engagement of the favorite N*w York actress .AT. ajflfiM-"' "WUIlm In tier inoit sntCMsful of ro*^ifrn i]rAiuit> "T HE WAIFS OF 51 E VP (OR K,? Produced in spl.-n.lid style, and with a POU EKFUL DRAMATIC COMPANY efiTlt ' attraction t eugagment h*^ been effected with tb? preat N. w York actor .... ... MR. O. B. COLLINS, Who will appear in a favorite eccentric character A <tr*-at S"n??tion DrAma, "THE GEMS OF THE BaLLET.*' A Great Novelty Entertainment. The Ethi opian Comedian ? THE GREAT PENDY' Iu hi- tpecialti, " Pen-Mil-Dy-Burn " The popular hilladbt JOS. WHITTAKEB Th great (Tuilc Siiigfr, Blll.T DEVERBThef??r fte of W ai>htagt <>n oTTt> BTRBANK. Thechtrm w.g Vocalist, KITTY BOWELL. Th? Char?.p?, . tik and Dance, BELLA GORDON Misses Harris, n g^ter., Kiralfv Sisters. W. -ner, *?y ^ ?,at.ue,a M EDNESDAY and SATURDA Y, mil tl "\ ESIMt'S !?? VIDERl'.IT ??*? * ? " VKIMUS:: ManagiLg Directors, Prof J. E-pata an<l T. H%rry . tt Di'Qfhne. ?;kka TMSpaBsaais berg s chaste and beautiful opera, ":*'ruuute *iCt| "^'K DOCTOR OF ALCAXTARl," EOMiAl ami TCESDW KWmvik u ? aud ., with Iheent'ecoJp'v.^iS^Up.'rJl !. nV t actilie, and their Sup rhci r ' or now ope,,, a, Kills'music store, for tR'sali of i".2 7t T HARRY DONBHUE, - Business ???! Stage Manager ,u .^fssjy *s?2-, ?ri:a?:;t affttSS&ys*i?crr >bau?s' pSm rr., ^ Hangings UfVlew ?STuiVj-w 72' Picture Cords and Tas I^TERi^S CASH.',B DutriCt _P:eawe rememberMain* and Bnwiber. )el ly? A Va 1A RI NG^A P to the very best advantage 0/ Ndretfinc or caflinf on JCSTH ^vs^fssn^L'h, Qon^hold Famitnre booght and hoM Notes by fn^li BOOKS, STATIONERY, Ac. "'ril.AMtR'CAN ODD FKLLOW,?'for Ma>, received and for *a|? t,r ill ! : Agsiits for District of Co loiubia, street northwest, comer of I. Also, all the new Books, Pernsi! ;als, Ac and a full ?s sortiaeut of Stationery , Pictures, picture Fr?ui-s, ? m:i-tr I^HE ROYAL DIM)KM; A MEW ML'SIO Play and Profit in M? Garden; hy Roe The ToiiBg Mechanic, a Practical Treatise Tl.e Other Girls; by sirs. Whither Memoir of ? Brother; by Th -nias Huehes. Literature ai.d D. gn.a, by Mathtw Arnold. ir..|?ei at all prices. Ag. ocy for STA1KAD GLASS. ??? ?M B4LLANTYNE. _ 7tti iirwl, near 1, |^IST OF NEW LOOKS AT SHILLIXGTOX-S BOOKSTORE. CoRSKR 4), SlKtKT ASD PlXSA. AvEXIX : t!? B) Miw Thackeray. .,, 55 Old C ^nte*#. A sequel to "Lord Hone's C AV.U?r- ...By \,ro" A,'n s Sffbens. ^ * Antiquities of & uthein ludiau*. Above and Tide. ?teT,o!ri,p-.Mll,,'r of u*'attaBor.? and ' VV^gVm G' By Mrs- Whitn*>' ant hor of A Fair Saxon. By Jnstiu McCarthy. New Remedies, for April, 1?J73 ?.l'L':U,g Mrn ?f10r,.,tf A journal of amus ing and instructive literature. . ? ^f England. A young geutl man's journal of sp. rt, fnn and literature. A Day with Charles Dickens. K^nelm Chillingly. Bi Bnlwer Farm Iiallada. By Will. Carleton. (Illnstrate.1 , *?J "OVISU ? SW.?%< ^GRICCLTCRAL BOOKS. " Johnston'? Agricultural Chenilstry ?] yj An.ericau Gardener's Assistant..? ? sn Allen s American Farm Book J i? Henderson a Gardening for Proht. ... 1 50 Jr %,?nf \,Drm1',nl!1* for Fr?nt and Health 1 ft] Fullers Small Fruit Coltarist 1 Fuller s Grape Culture? 1 u Fitz's 8-uthern Apple Culturist"""ji" j 73 Weight s Practical Poultry Keepar s ^ Langstroth on the Honey b e o .?} Kan Jail's Sheep Hssbandry 1 m H-rse Owners'Vclop^i^?lir's 73 Tonatt on the Dog" ? ,i All the new books received as soou aa nuMiahrt y.? fr 10l^ICHABD B *OHCiT4PCo!! ? - 101 ^P^mia. avenue, cornw llth stre^. O T I C R. - ?"^Rp?b0l'an\ ^ AND BINDING DONE TO okDER The P&hlic are invited to call and eiautne our new I^HIHTS MADE TOOtlDEH^ In connection with my Merchant Tailoring busl ness. 1 am now prepared ts MAKE SHIRTS TO ORDER, having engaged the services of one of the best cut ters in the cooutry for that purpose. Being satis fled of my ability to give entire satisfaction, both in rtyle and Ot. I respectfully solicit the patronage of the public. a T. kcbn. -?fr ?<? ?h street northwest. IVOW OH EXHIBITION, the bon on wlaiTi a--' s> TH* ?"">'? tSVRi" "itiTraioa at*DR*^i hiTE'-s'kwir ?!iu ? ***** oppoitu tb# Treiciry. la SSihodTf^Si^, JKS'S sSpSS |||[| 'horUa tlfs. t White's operat'ioMars /r^'oeatlTborwe by'cbOdraa ? IUioW cool plaint; there tahttleor no cif time, and If none bat suitable shoes be worn, the j-eata.ent. even In sxtreBM eases, effects a wrfect cars, thonch the feet being used so cooetantlv OonM are liable to ooom occasionally with even the hest ^?Mehe*iaed iedeesrtoee pweoee thinh there is .??ocoa naay of \ ? refer. m w YSSThttutf ?? XOT DK^PAIR-Ifyonhara o5e rf Jl'V: '<?k genteel, get HTRaI^T' lit 1 i'" tlu** differebt styles, at A HTRAl S . 1 ? 11 PrL?a ave . near llth. .?? L'*K! LIWE! BEST WO?D BCRrfrTlMBat *1 eer harr.1 delivered l?> ail parts of the citv per barrel, ay6m TU?"^ .rA"Bil0,fc ?"**< ? "*** La. avenge, uorihwest. SPECIAL NOTICES. Fine Old Rye Whisky, Fine Old Rye Whisky, Fine Old Bye Whisky, Fine Old Bye Whisky, Fine Old Bye Whisky, Fine Old Rye Whisky. J Fine ?Id Bye Whig*-,' Warrnnttti Warranty *? Warrant* Purt _ . Part purl ?^ad Unadulterated, For btturml ant M*dici*al Us*. This is the article we hare now ?.?Id for ?pwaril. of J?e ywri with universal satisfaction; put up tr. large bottle* at One Dollar p?r bottle. or can be had m any- quantity. Notice, that we will retnrn the money If this Whisky does not give satisfaction or pr?ve as repre sented by ns. Also an excellent stock of California Wines?Port, Sherry, Angelica, Muscatel, Hock and Claret; also. Belly '? Island Catawba and imported Lienor* of all kinds. ABTHUB NATTAN9, Druggist, aiO-tr Corner 3d and D streets d. w . Batcheler's Hair Dye Is the best In the world. the only true and perfect Hair Dye; no ridicnlons tints, no disappointment, harmless, reliable, instan taneous black or brown; at all drags ists', ?n<l 16 Bond street. New York. f 3-eoly BALLS, Ac. f^JABINI A RATES' FOURTEENTH ANNUAL M \ Y BALL will take place at their Academv, E, between 9th and I^th street*.'on ~~ THURSDAY, MAY 14. Tickets, admitting a gentleman and lady. $3 , T'ck?ts to be had at the Music Stores ' Kill* and Met7.erott's, or at th* Academy. ml2 4 ?en 9th A .<* LADIES' GOODS. ma MISS MctORMlCk, 904 PENNSYLVANIA AVEND1 Has constantly on hand a fine assortment of 1MP0BTED BONNETS, STRAWS, CHIPS, FLOWEBS. RIBBONS, Ac , nil of the newest designs. Ladies CAPS and COIF >'I'RES just received. mS tr MilS. C. B. OILLET, AT THK NEW YORK MILLINERY STORE, HAS REMOVED from 614 9th street TO 469 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, WASHINGTON D. C., and has just r, turned from New York with the lates; styles and novelties in Millinery and fancy Goods. Thankful for past favors, she solids a con tinuance of patronage. ap24 lm* [Vj 0 TICS.?Bargains are now being offered in ^ MILLINERY nA. and 65a FANCY GOODS, wtmem Br E. LEN/KERG A CO., _a3 lr 707 Market Spare, jj A I A GOOD ST" ?FIRST CLASS GOODS AT LOW PRICES. Fine BRAIDS, CURLS, etc., of our own make, *o'd at manufacturer's pnees, ?t II PHILIPPl'S Hair work Factory and Store, 719 Market Spire, between 7th and 8th streets. a21 6;* jkj^TAMPING DKFUT, 617 Sevexth Street, febll-tr Opposite Patent Office. CUHMEK HOARD.?Those wh" win the heat nnd dnst of the city for WELLING OFF I *-> BELLING OFF I AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, the entire stock OF THE NEW YORK BAZAR, 441 Seventh street, near E. BiarT-tr KO HCMBUG. ??f ADIEs'" Li FRENCH &TABCH ENAMEL la the best article in the world for doing up Linen or Muslin. It imparts a beautiful gloss to the fabric. For sals by all Groeers. BLRNHAM A CO., Manufacturers, 160 West Lombard street, )*nl4-ly Baltimore. Maryland. SUMMER RESORTS. ish to exchange . T cool A ? ? A quarters and fine scenery are invited to try V(t!AT the LOUDON INSTITUTE, whirl, will>?' I1"M I in readiness by the first of June. The bniIdin>nS large and airy, and every effort will be made to min ister to the comfort and pleasure of guests. Situated on high ground near the Leesburp and Aldie grad", about uine mill's from the former place, with daily communication with Washington. Charges reason able. For particulars addre?s THOMAS W. LAKE, nilo 2w Aldie. Loudon county. Va. f^OB SUMMER BOARDERS.-Four No. 1 ROOMS, furnished. Also, four unfur- A . . A ni>hed,and BOARD,in a beautfiul count' y yuH&W home in a healthy locality. Good rrf^r. IE'Kf I ences given. For particulars apply to JOHN W. K1NSELL, Clearsprtng, AN awliington comity. M l. m7 lin |T MAY NEVER OCCUR AGAIN. OUR POPULAR SPECIALTIES MEN'S DEPARTMENT. 9 lO-Our celebrated 910 Business Suits?9 10 910?We are still selling?910 910?A good Business Suit for 910 510?Our sales are enormous?910 910?In fine Business Suits at ?10 910?Our stock is Tremendous? 916 9IB?Of all wool Suits at 910 A SPLENDID STOCK, A PA Sill ON A HL E STOCK, A LA HUE STOCK* OP UN EH SUITS. OP IMPORTED PARR ICS, AT PROPORTIONATE P.iICES. FOB THE YOUNGSTERS. "WOULD I WERE A BOY SOME MORE." 94 -Only five dollars for a School Suit?9 4 9*?A good Suit for %4. 94?A durable Buit for 94. 9*?A well made Suit for 5 4. 94?Oar assortment is good??4. 9* ?Our stock is immense? q:> 94?Ol'Boys Suits for $4, Ol'B PfilCES ABE AS LOW COMPARATIVE LY, FOR PINE DIAGONAL SUITS. P1-NE BLUE AND ULACK SUITS. PINE LIGHT AND DARK SUIT. ENTIRE STOCK NOW COMPLETE. AN EARLY INSPECTION INVITED FASHIONABLE TA1L0BS, ?pS9tr OoawCT Ttb aim D Btbibts. GEO. M. 0Y8TEB, GEO. M. OYSTEB, Jr. J. F. OYSTEB. WE ABE NOW HELLING PHILADELPHIA PBINT, FRESH NEW YOBK.and* PENNSYLVANIA BOLL BUTTER AT REDUCED BATES. GKO. N. OYSTER * CO,, JSthSk."*- - ?? tall, . Northern Market. m8 ?t JgXAMIXI THE OOLD BPECTACLB, OJTLT 86, H. HEMPLEB, Optician, 4K ? 1GHT COLORED DBES8 PA NTS In Pearl, Li Lavender, and Tea colors, aad of excellent workmanship, at A STBAUS , 1911 Penna. are. 11th. all IfBANELIN A CO , 1 OPTICIANS, . No. 1SS7 Fkjsstlvasia iviinn.1 | QeDoiue BrauUan Pebble Spectacles, jaoll-tr EVENING STAB. Washington News and Qoagip. Intkknal Sevens*.?The receipts from thU source to-day were 24. j Wm. Simpson P*arso*, of North Carolina, I wm to-day appointed by the President to be | consul of the United States at Palermo. I Tai President and Gen. Babcock leave I here this evening for New Haven, to attend the reunion of the Army of the Potouiac, and will I return Fiiday evening. | The Cabinet met at noon to-day, with all the member# present t xc pt S JCretary Belknap. The session was very short, and nothing beyond I routine matters was considered. Consuls Becoonized.? The ? President has I recognized Gustaf O'Hara Taatte, consul of I Sweden and Norway, at San Francisco, and I Jos. J. Wilder, vice consul of Brazil, at Savan- I nah, Ga. ? ? I Postal Cards f<>k Wahhumitow.?Among I the orders for i>ostal cards tilled at Springfield, I Massachusetts, yesterday, was one by Judge I Edmonds, post master ot'Washington, for 100,000. I These caids ?ill probably be here aud lor sale I sometime to-morrow. Commissioner Van Ruben's Scccessor? I The President ma?le the following appoint- I ments to-day: Jackson S. Schultz, of New I York, commissioner to represent the govern- | mcnt 01 the United States at the International I Exposition of Agriculture, Industry, and Fine I Arts at Vienna. The Bemains oy Minister Ork Inform- I ation has reached the Department of State I from the United States consul at St. Petersburg I that the remains of Judge Orr, late United I States minister, will be sent to this country, via I Hamburg, in charge of his son, on the opening I of navigation, which will probably be in about I ten days. The Bemains of General Casbt?The I following dispatch was received at army head- I quarters this morniug: San Francisco, May 12. Tn General Sherman: The remains ot General Canby arrived here I this evening. Ceremonies will take place Wed- I nrsday afternoon, aud the body will start east I Thursday morning. J. M. Schofield, Major General. Sites for Public Buildings The Secre- I tary of tne Treasury has determined to change I the maimer of selecting sites for public build- I ings throughout the oouatry. aud hereafter. In- I stead of appointing a com mission to detvrniUu- I ii|>on the site, the matter will be determined by I the Secretary himself, who will Invite proposals I ai d accept that deemed most advantageous to I the government, aud best suited to the public I convenience. Appointments by the President The I President has appointed Alfred A. Freeman, 01 I Tenn., consul of the United States at Prague: I James M. I>onnan, of Va., consul of the United I States at Belfast; Richard N. Brooke, of Va.. I consul of the I'nited States at La Jtochclle, Ed- I ward Abbott Vaiulyck, consular clerk of the I I'nited States. Collectors Internal Revenue? I Wm. It. Elliott, 1st Pennsylvania; John A. Hen- I rv, 10th New York; Benjamin DeVae, 2?:th New I York; Eugene W. Ferris, 1st South Carolina. Tiie Alleged North Carolina Chkrokei Frauds?Col. H. B. Clum, chief clerk of the I Indian bureau, has gone to Charlotte, North I Carolina, a> a witness in the trial of General I James G. Blunt, of Kansas, and 1>. C. Jock- I neck, chief of the finance division of the Indian ottice, for alleged frauds in the payments to the North Carolina Cherokees, in 1*#, which bv^iofl to U?ay Ix*4or? tk? tb?* T'nit^<4 Ht-^ I Court at Charlotte. Mr. Jockneck will doubtlo^ be acquitted, as he had nothing whatever to do with the receipt of moneys. Perponal Amongst the ncwsp?i>cr men who have left Washington to attend the St. Louis Transportation Convention and to go ui>on the railroad trip through the Indian coun- \ try to Galveston, Texas, arc- Gen. Boynton, ol the Cincinnati Gcwlte, Mr. White, of the New York Tribun", Mr. C.S. Noyes.of the Washing ton Star, Mr. Colburn of the Sew York Tim-*, Mr. Scott Smith, of the Evening Press Associ ation, and Mr. Gibson, of the New York Sun. ????Judge Si>ence, the assistant attorney gen eral for the post office department, has assumed his duties at the department. ""Mr. John S Delano, chief clerk of the Department of the Interior, is now in St. Louis, aiul will return to Washington in a few days. ""General Eaton, commissioner of Education, has returned from Now Hampshire, where he was summoned by the serious illness of his aged father. The lat ter is now convalescing. The Safety of the Polaris.?The Secre tary of the Navy entertains the opinion, from all the information he has thus far received, that the Polaris is in a condition to reach Disco or some other extreme northern port, and that she will soon be heard of. He will, however, in the course ot a lew days select some suitable vessel of the navy and 'send her out in charge of capable officers to search for the Polaris and render such assistance as may be necessary. Of course it will be impossible for any vessel to penetrate the northern seas very far eo early in the season, but when the ice begins to break up in the summer In that latitude there may be some hope of rescuing the Polaris. Those on board of her have an abundance of provisions and all things necessary for their comfort, and ro fears are entertained here for their safety. Naval Orders.?Capt. Thomas G. Corbin has been ordered to duty as light-house inspec tor of the 4th district. Commodore Edward Donaldson has been detached from the com maud of the naval station at Mound City, 111., and placed on waiting orders. Capt. R. B. Lowry has been detached from duty as light house inspector of the 1th district, and ordered to hold himself in readiness for sea service.

Capt. Wm. D. Whiting has been detached from duty as ins{>ector ot ordnance at the New York navy-yard, and ordered to hold himself in readiness to command the Worcester. Capt. J. B. Creighton has been detached from the com mand oT the Worcester, and ordered to return home. Commodore Wm. K Mayo, detached lrom duty as light-house inspector in the 1st district, aiul ordered to hold himself in readi ness for sea service. An Episcopal Church in Baltimore Burned The Church of the Ascension, (Epis copal,) Bev. J. E. Cathell rector, corner of La fayette avenue and Oregon street, in Balti more, took tire last night in the roof over the organ loft, about *:30 o'clock, and at 11 o'clock nothing but the bare walls were left standing. Loss #50,000; insured in the Home, Howard, Peabody, and Equitable for ?30,000. The cuurch 'was built in Iff! 1 at a cost of ?80,000. The Cholera in New Orleans Cholera infantum and cholera morbus axe prevalent in New Orleans, and a few cases of sporadic cho lera are reported, generally attributed to over indulgence in fruits unseasonable elsewhere. Many of the leading physicians express the opinion that not a case of epidemic cholera has occurred. The Cumberland, Md., election for mayor and councilmen took place yesterday, and re sulted in the election of the democratic candi didates. The average democratic majority was IK), against an average majority last year of ft). The democrats also gain three councilmen. Three shocks of earthquake were felt at Manor, Texas, about 19^ o'clock on the even ing of April 30. Houses trembled, doors and wii? lows rattled, and several persons, who were asleep, were awakened. P%ath Warrant Signed?Gov. Wbyte,of Mar viand, yesterday signed the death warrant of Hoiiohan, one of the parties convicted of the murder of Mrs. Lampley, fixing the execution lor June 13. ?7~Tbe Japanese Embassy has arrived Id Rome. ?y All tke members of the Methodist preach cis' association, at a meeting in New York ves teiday, signed a memorial to (Jovernor f>ix. piaying him to sign the local option liquor bill. C^The rumors that were current some days since that the Pacittc and Atlantic Telegraph company would soon pass Into the control of the Western Union are without foundation. ?7*Their Majesties of Russia, Belgium and Germany are expected at Vienna within the month, and Francis Joseph is making things ready to extend them a right royal welcome. VThe Bed Men, of Maryland jurisdiction, celebrated the anniversary of the patron of the order yesterday, in Baltimore, by a general procession through the city and a picnic at Druid Hill park. ? WklteUw Held Interviewed by m Dep. npty Hnnhal Armed wllk ? Writ The writ in the suit for libel eutered by Gen. B. F. Butler and Mewr*. Henkleand Arrick for Benjamin F. Camp against Whitelaw Reid, ed itor of the New York Trilunt, (mentioned in The Star of yesterday,) *a? served on Mr Reid yesterday afternoon. The writ was placed in the hands of Mr. O'Neal, of the marshal'?, who ascertains! that Mr. Reid wa$ U., ing at Welcker's, and would be there onhis re turn from the fuixral of Chief Justice Chase Mr. O'Neal waited about the entrance of the hotel, and about 3 o'clock p. m. Mr. Reid madi his appearance and walked into the office, where he engaged in conversation with Mr. Welcker Mr. O'Neal, extending his hand as he ap proached Mr. Reid. asked. "I? this Mr. White law Reid, of the Sew York TrU-uw< Mr. Reid responded, "Yes, sir." Mr. O'Neal then said "I wish to see you on some private business." Mr. Reid immediately lead the war to thedining room, and they took seats at a table. Mr O'Neal then took out liis book, ami Mr. Rei asked: "What have you; some law paper?" Mr. O'Neal replied: " Yes, sir; a case of Ben jamin F. Camp against you. and here is the dec laration,'!. (handing ever the paper.) Mr Reid?"What is it, a libel?"* Mr. O'Neil "I believe so, sir." Mr. Reid?"Well, we liave to be troubled with these things sometimes. 1*11 take it and look it over at mv leisure." Mr. O'Neal?"Certainly, sir. <iood day, sir." Chief Juhticb Ciiasi as a Schoolmas ter?A correspondent of the New York Sun, writing from Concord, N. H., May 10th, savs:? The Hon. Salmon Portland Chase taught the selcct classical seminary in Washington city from lh-.2?; to 1830, while studying law with Win" ^ irt, 1 think. His schoolU?;ise was a one-story wooden building on New York avenue, but in wa8 removed to open elavey ground on the site of I*resident's square, a tew rods north ot the President's house. Nearly all the land there was then a common, in the fall of l*? Hamilton Smith, of Durham. N. H., then just graduated at Dartmouth, went to Washington with my father's (Isaac Hill's) family, ami kept this school with his friend That winter my brother John and mvself went to them, as did .John Smith anu Martin Van Buren. son Ot President Van Buren, and tue two sons ot F. S. Key, now both dead, killed bv violence We were some twenty-four in all. Next year the school was given up, Mr. Chase going to Cincinnati and Smith to Louisville, Ky.. to practice their professions. Both becann wealthy, Chase in the law and Smith by inher iting a Kentucky farm, 1 think. W. P. H. The Situation in Louisiana. ? Federal troops have been ordered to Alexandria. Louisiana, owing to the existence of armod organizations to resist the arrest of the rioters at Coltax. Oen. Badger's command returns to New Orleans to-day. Substantial citizens ap prove of the order of Secretary Robesoi authorizing the seizure of boats tor transporta tion and to suppress violence. The steamboat Ozark, under jrders, left Brashears at ll:Tf yesterday for St. Martinsville, u ith army sup plies. There were no troops on board. Gir. Kellogg on Saturday issued the following order to GeneralI Longstreet, commanding the state militia: "You will hold your forces well in ham! to-night to support Gen. Baldy. Instruct him to detail a squad of at least oiie hundred men. and on appearance of rioters at any point in the city let them be ordered to disperse, and if the\ do not immediately obey open tire upon them.' The Prize Kixo?Arthur Chamber* r*. G>or-<? Scdilont?In the presence ot the principals am) many friends the battle money (#2,000) for tin proposed fight between these pugilists on the 2lst inst., was delivered over yesterday by the temporary custodian into the hands"of the stakeholder. This matter settled, Chambers. wl?o won the toss for the fighting ground, pro ceeded to quietly inform the opposing party where the content would take place, and after some little explanation there was mutual satis faction expressed. It is the opinion of the sorting fraternitv that if thOrs is no outside interference the fight will be a bitter one aul Of long duration?A. r. thrall, luk. police in connection with the Goodrich c.i-e The party at present in custody is one .Tame Tighe, alias Pat. Tighe, an individual wel krown to the police of Brooklyn. An anony mous dispatch was sent to the officers engagod in the case last week, in which it was state.I that the watch of the deceased was seen in pos sess'on of the prisoner, and that he could impar information about the murder. Acting upo-i this imormation, Tighe was arrested on Frida evening by Captain Bvrnes, of the 15th pre cinct. The inquest will be resumed to-morrow evening. The Congressional Excursion to the Southwest?Arrangements have been mvi? to extend the CwngreHsional excursion Iron. Galveston to New Orleans by steamer across the gulf. From there the excursionists will be taken down the Mississippi river to Balize. where they will have ?n opportunity to obscrvt the obstructions to navigation, caused bv the bar at the mouth of the river. They will" also be banquetted and otherwise entertained, am! returned to their homes by railroad free of ex I>ense. Some fifty Congressmen have arrired in St. I.ouls to attend the Congressional confer ence, which commenced In that city to-day. No Hope roR Nixon?On .Saturday the Hon. A. Oakey Hall applied to Judge Pratt, in the Brooklyn supreme court, for a stav of pne ceedings in the case of Michael liixo'n, under sentence to be hanged on Friday for the murder of Charles Pfeiffer, in Chatham square. He urged an immediate answer, announcing that the general term is now holding its session District Attorney Phelps was present, but did not answer Mr. Hall's argument. He presented the judge's charge to the jury. Judge Prat' refused a stay, saying that he was unable totind any substantial error. Gov. Dlx has communi cated with Sherifl Brennan that he will not in terfere? A';_F;_?Mn:12fk. An Undertaker Attempts to Kill Him self?AU forLovt?Young Mr. Gunagan, tt-e undertaker of Doylestown, Pa., startled th< inhabitants last week by trying to kill himself. Mr. Gunagan is a handsome man, and quite a favorite with the ladies. He was paying his addresses to Miss Templln, a charming yoting lady. MissTemplin smiled on Mr. Gunagan, but her parent* frowned, and hist week forbade him to visit their house. Y'oung Gunagan thereupon called upon the village apothecary and procured a soothing drink of laudanum For a long time the undertaker hovered between life and death. He is now out of dauger. An Incident at the Grave or Thad Stevens?Friday morning a touching little incident occurred at the grave of the late Tha 1 dtus Stevens at Schriner cemetery, Lancaster. Pa., the "Old Commoner," iit the presence ot Judge Livingston, H<-a. O. J. Dickey and others. It was the pi iting of an English iv\ v .ne at the foot of the monument by George Thaddeus Stevens, eight years old." a son of Simon Stevens, of New York. The little fellow was a great favorite with the illustrious do ceased. Another Strike Faim-p.k Another dis aster has overtaken labor combinations in the result of the gas-men's strike in Brooklyn. After some little Inconvenience for a day or two, the company Is able to announce that It has a sufficient number of new hands, and will hereafter manufacture a full supply of gss. in nearly all Its incidents the Brooklyn strike re peats the story of the strike in this city JV. Y. Timts, 12 tk. Three Moke Dead Bodies Fouwdon the Bender Farm.?Reports from the scene of the Bender murder, near Parson's, Kansas, say three more graves were discovered on Sunday. Over three thousand people were on the ground. There was intense excitement all over the coun try. Nearly all the bodies of the dead were in decently mutilated. It Is considered certain that the little girl waa thrown alive into the grave with her father, aa no marks of violence were found on her body. The Austrian authorities having granted the me of the garrison church at Vlenna.dlvine service according to the forms of the Church of England was held In it on Friday, and iarwelv attended by the American and En* Itsh visitors. Atthe cIom oftbe service Minister day, on be half of the officiating clergyman, tendered thanks to the authorities for their kindness and consideration. Th* Mark Black Bess. with which lite Leo Hudson has been playing "Maaeppa" In (!^rent*p*fto of Ul# ?*nntry, fell from the staging at the grand opera house in St. Lonis, ?Saturday night, falling aboift fourteen feet, and received injuries from which ahedied. Miss Hudson was also badly bruised, but not seri ously Injured. ' Tb? P?P1'? Hbaits?A special dispatch fro* Rome, dated the 12th, save "The Pone has passed a sleepless night. He la much dis turbed by coughing. Audiences are abaolutel* forbidden. He received some cardinals teste/ admitted ^ *rctbl*UoP of Palermo wiTnot ?T'Tbe French cabinet is in serum* '? telegrams to the stab ? Thftf inerBMil DlipatchM. ? associated press reports. THE SAME OLD STORY. A >'OT II M01H)C '?HrRMIMV Four Soldier* m Udlau lit I led New York. May 13 A special from Siui Francisco, dated I2:h, says ?Report* by a c> urirr just received trum the lava bed* sta'e that the Koutincpartf under Capt. Hashrstick ha> been heard from. Capt. Hasbronck reports that bis Command m as attacked bv a party ot Modocs. and lour solders and one Warm Spring ]niiian were killed, and six soldiers and ono Warm Spring Indian wounded. The attack was sudden. and the TEoers tiki TAKit rojiri.rrtLY bt sru rai*E After the first fire of the Modoc*, Capt. Han brouck rallied Lis mer , and charged upon theui in a body. The Modoc* retreated under the charge, a'nd were driven into the wool*, scat tering in all directions. Sereral volleys were tired u|>on them, but It is n<? known whether any were killed. The troops succeeded in cap turing twenty-five horses belonging to the Mo docs.. When Capt. .Jack, with bis hand of Mu docs, attacked :he command of Captain Has brouck. the soldiers recognised the rmrucx or qkmralcahit oh cattais JACK. Thirty-three Modocs were etcaged In the fight. There is strong suspicion here that the Modocs are receiving aid from oiuwde parties. Capt. Ilasbrouck captured six box*s 01 carbine cartridges from the Modocs, whiCi had been captured by the Indians a short tint ago, w tide being sent to the front. When the a*t courier left Gen. l?avis' camp, the troops wee tn;t ween the la\a beds and the Modocs, and tie M jdoc* are entirely ? OCT ?'F THEIR LAVA RET> STRO*iHOLn. The artillery will l?e moved to the ide of the lake to prevent the Mt>doos from reuruiug to J the ls\a brds, and the balance of lie troop* will immediately follow and exteriuiiate them ' It is the opinion of Capt. Ilasbrouck that the Modoc* are almost entirely out of auinunition ReinrnreemenU. I.apavtb City. VTvuliri, Mat 13 Two : < companies of the 4 th infantry *rn v*l hereto day c-iMOute from Kansas toto the <eat ol the Modoc war. Eater. 9 Lata Beds, May II,#a. (vi? San Fran- ; tl clxo.)? Dispatches from Liait fUvlcs' catnp tl stale tliat it Minnie jrei-knlay MModoci eanr i n into camp and tired on the pi<-*et var,|. fhe 'I cwn.iuand of Capt, liashrouck. se?utitiz l> a'l day, had retorned to Sorass Lake^ Wilt<.r I ? and were makingetlorts to secure son. jj ' ' tj girg. but none could be found. " ? ! m [This was all of the above di-paUh fsCjvej | 0) previous to going to press.) j -p ti< r u ei l.t The Congressional toBlercnee at ( LmU. St. Loctf, May I t?The constitutional cot. venlion assembled at noon to day. The mayor delivered an address of welcome in behalf oi the c.tizens. Alter bidding the Congressmen present a most cordial and hearty welcome or behali of the whole |?eople of St. Louis, and one w hich he hoped would make the memory of the visii pleasant, he said: "It is not our purpose in Inviting yon here to-day merely todiscu^sour local attractions, neither to bring undue influ ences to bear on you, and thereby endeavor to secure your committal to legislation calculated to take'advantage of or injure any portion ol our common country. We designated this con vention as a convention but in character. It is more of an informal and friendly conference. We desire to present a plain, practical exhibit of the needs of the west and south for improved ? ater lines to the ocean. We do not desire to t? dic?nMtoit. ?nr du * ? ifc'k ?ltT rot*, In advance on legislative propositions, nor do we intend to embarr.iss you by strict parliamentary proceedings.'' The "mayor then referred to the necessity of improved water routes to the sea board, and noted what the government bad done for the sea coast in the way of pro tecting life and property. He claimed that the same should be done tor the west, and to illustrate the points of navigation on the Mississippi river, he says that in one bend in that river, only four miles in extent, there lie the wrecks of thirty-six steamers, damming up the way, and that it is appropriately called "Graveyard bend." He says not only the west and south are interested in removing obsti uc t ions from and deepening the channels of the Mississippi river and its tributaries, but the whole country, and also foreign nations, lor cheap transit for the products ot the Mississippi valley has ana must always have great influence on the maikets of the world. He also cite* the fact that In consequence of high freight rates to the seaboard many farmer have actually burned tlieir corn because it could not be marketed without bringing them in debt. In view of these and other drawbacks to the trade and business of the West he ap. pealed to the Congressmen to consider the situa tion and accord that aid which will remove the trouble. American Railway Master Meeliaalc*' Awssrtall?. Baltimore, May U?The sixth annual ses sion of the American Kailwav Master M-clian ics' Association convened at Kainc's hall, in this city, at a JO o'clock this morning. H.N Britton, superintendent of the Whitewater Valley railroad, president of the association, called the body to order. Prayer was ottered bv Kev. J. K. Lightelbrown, of Baltimore The roll was called, and seventy-eight m?mbeis answered to their names. The proceeding# of the last convention, held At Boston, were pre sented and approved. The president an nounced that an opportunity would now be given for those who wished to become members to sign the consOtution. and that anv persons hav ing charge of the mechanical worU of a railway known as superintendents, or master median ics, or general foremen, the names of the latter to be presented by the suj?erior officers of their roads, could beciome members by signing the constitution and paying an initial ion fee of one dollar. Seventeen new members theu signed the constitution. President Britton then addressed the conven tion. congratulating the members on the in creased prosperity of the association each year. He paid a high compliment to the reports oi the various committees, which showed a due appre ciation ot the importance of the subjects inves tigated, concluding with a reference to Balti more as an important center of railroad inter est*. The president stated that the committee of reception at Boston la?t year had presented the Associat'cn with S3,000, which had been placed at interest. Lionizing tl?e Arctic Harvlvsrs, TBE ETIU.NOL ILLNESS WHICH EILLEaJ CAP TAIN HALL. New Tokt, May 13?A St. Jobus dispatch havs that whei the" Arctic survivors came ashore vesterdav, the Ksquimaux children were carried through the streets by some of the leading men chants and created a great sensation. Subscrip tion papers were circulated for them and the squaw, who wept at the mention of Captain Hall's name. The steward, John Heron, savs that Hall, on hie return from the sledge expe dition, seemed to be affected by the heat of the cabin. He (Hcrou) made him a cup of coffee, which he drank. He complained at once, took to his bed, and died in two or three days. The character or Lis illness is extremely uncertain from the desci option given. -? The PraMeat aM the lenltiaaa Muddle. New York, May 13.?A Washington special to the tiwtft says: "The President yesterday pronounced a? ????? tk? timenu Wejn-aphed h< nee yesterday that "he proposed instituting Dig<i-handed proceedings in Louisi ana. He asserted that his course could not be more decided than It had been, and if further occasion atom i*e should act as promptly as he had before done." * Waleryllrt Arseaal. Albany, N. Y., May IS?The assembly adopted a resolution to-day, requesting the Governor to correspond with the authorities At ? aahington at to the proposed sale of cannon, Ac., at the Watervliet arsenal, and to secure by purchase or otherwise suck trophies as he may think proper to preserve to the state of New York. Moetoohbry, Ala., Mat U?Daniel Pratt, the pioneer manofAetmrsr or Alabama, died At his home In Prattville, 14 miles from Montgom ery. at 4 o'clock. His death Is universally re gretted. B#was 71 ysys of age. iruuio theVrbs* is manes. Paws, May 13?Gen. L'AdairaaU, mill Paws, May 13.?Gen. L'Admirault, mili tary governor of Peris, has issaed aa seder nro hi hi ting the rale of the newspaper jouhuu nmr ? ? St. Lot it. May U -A Ireight u*.n on ?h* Toledo, Wabash and !?>? raltiwnd w Uuciu frvB :Se trxk xcaterday between Ed ?trdfrHtr ind BMBlMi "i* <*v* wrre d? iW the Ivruantiu Ww apart. J?",h Bcrthal, the englnorwaa k??lc4. and Vart.ii Drill v, tif tri'M*. h*4!r >a?h4?4. rATI*"?*. V. J., May It - An neriJent to part ofa freight Inh ?a Ik* IMtwt, Ll ? ? cim an.I Wftien niliMd l??t n,|M. c?m?.I i?r a bridge, ohi:h temporarily oWrtctl the tv. d. ?^? Ihf Mian ?|nlet Im lb* ?ar?L T? i oan?. May i.< -A *f<cial 4i*p*t.b iron Fort Garry ?aya: Mr. BWaad. ti? roa?i* siotier mui to the interior b? the local authorities to tnvesMgatethe Indian sltnifi.wi . has returned. He rejort- ev?rvt1iin( infactorY, ?nd tbat there I* not the sllgl tr?t cauw for apprehenwon or <ltfficnlty. Water i? ox? rfl >? tag ?hs l ank- of R?d river, and ?t? atn1x>a> ('??? ever the prauie fron- Glen Fork to Krllv 's 1 kn'ng. ? Hre. St I.??t ik, Mar 10.- - ., . ? . trcUftwHw^ *" ? destructtor ' "'*? ?nnownemg ttie at fa'- ?'.' 01 a block of bwuei* h?ia ? Kobii county, )?M?rUa) morn ? ?*f Loas,f?5.4MV Aaather Drai?rra||r llnart. ^ZZmXT'Z*~S ! ? *??> !'-l~ M?ata carritxl the charter election here yesterdav f.?r tie firat t:me aince the incor|Miration of the city Reea?err4 hi* iiipri tir. M^Ri!*tTea k, ri,, Mat r.i ? l.usiguan ha* al>andon< d the itinanity d *lgr, and eat* rarM oualy. He barp Thufmlar 1 he Reward wf lite l'alah?. * hat uk\ an* oiTforTiiHin or?. attain MALL. tT( . Tlie TiffrfM lias arrived at St. John's, New foundland, with mae ol the Polaris' crew picked U|> by that ?ra*l, it- noticed tn Tub Stai; ol Saturday. Alt are >ery dent.lute awl in mailt of tunds. but well and in good xpirit*. Meyer* says be never gave ii|i the hope ot bciiw rescued. but never want* to art in such alfHt coiner again. The party oould nrnt hare r?ached aid eaoept lor the Meyer* makes tbe tullownig *tatem. at. CmL Hall re turn* .1 trom a klnW ei|>mlitJou on > ii'i'ihrr H and ?a? taken ill the mi me night. Neat a. m be loutid the left side of hla Unix paralysed. He rt niaiiH d in Uiat condition lor three dav?. when r'r ,n * .,rw rt?y* be rela|?ed and L , v t, r'?a'' a,Kl *> continued um.I the a. m. ol November K, when ho died. When the party separated from the ablptt was mite dark J?. lut * couple ol hour* of Uckl dallv. We managed weil as long a* we had a win house to shelter us but we had to Lake u> a V, , "?*" K-e fleld which a a- too small for a house. and we wereonlv kept warm by *wallowing mat lat an.1 blood and h.irn.n* lat iuPfna, the laat ol a Inch aU.fc.-rv.xl ax a '.'^"al light at night. We hare saltered m ?nice Ann! I. on the night ol the AM April a "?a ?a.|?-.| oxer the pan ot ice with great fore*. 1 he women and ehildien w.-re under, while tae uieii were ouiMde trying t? keen the boat trom lK.-iiig ?a*bcd away, gom- ot the men wera "*TSU Vm"* Kfw* being rea.-a?4 their leet Kwell??l and alcktirw aet in. but thee ret-overed, and are now entirely well a^aiti llf? Ibirike the party with tbe Poiari. max iret mmc Mien cliould tbe veaw? I l.e doatrovtxl. Alloii k ^ FclariP were well. TU. aUtementa j-ime time nmof re-j^ctlng n lica o4 uorrmtiklin e\|Hs|ituni In-iriif !ion??* ? vitrue. There La** bet*n n?? n?*?finot rating Miice tbt? return of tie Con^rca*. A movement to raixe m -ney for tli. tan. lr o| T ""1 h** commenced in ? i.o n iart. nth Aluea t.reena.axl a* treasurer ot tbe lunl. ^ ""Ttva ?.r tiik M?>!><< A*?Aaaiva. on the th 'Hfctant tbe exp. ditlou |<?r the re.<overy ot he bod'ea of Lieutenant Arthur franxtoa,af he 41 h artilh-rv. and the m.-n ol hi? ounmaml, naMiig alter tbe en^a?? rneiit ol April _S, wub at- Modoefc, aUi ot tl.<- men who <x>uld not bo roaghtafl the held, left camp at ti*? i tra Ued< n.l.-r command ot Meutenaat Kdaard Kit'd, <?t le 4th artillery 1 lif ol.i.'cl of the expedition aj Iruatrat'-d by ol Ihe a.lvan.exl ?tat? I dec. m|OMtion in which tbe h<?<iie? were loiind he ti?K>|4>, however, bun -d the hodi.-* on the ? Id where tl ey |. II. and h~ad-hoa'.l? w -re laced at tbe graves ot l-i. utenant Craaataa and le men who were w?th him. The hodiea ol glit m?-n who were left on the held ha-l aase *?.< s piled over them, ?h . h had Wn w t ou * J "l"1 'naiana, ai d th.-v were alm.wi unre irable. AfcMir-tuiit Siircou It. S. nig. I'. H I* ' **? ???' 1 g ammtated v<<ater?iav ruidn a? co#?.u the ankle and knoe He haa been r*i f?>r #"<led l-y all thertticers in hi* command Ihe r^, ni'*lon. *'tb a riewto placing him ou ?? liat. The are him. v i-Ai?a is more aciixe, and prices lull, and i? orderx tor coal arc mutually current at the U ?re m??tly made at pncea xance there max* ol delivery, ahatever ot'ad ?juite apparent Ui? a? alvwcea iu prieea it ia vantage of tbe e|*tM ill be, a.II betiUitad cava "tbe purchaeefs- Tbe Miiier* .';r'^v tbat tbe price of coat coal the lafct ad xance bat- l.?" *J,>' re0'^ti Jj b? Iter d. man.I. while ^ Increase." The Mauch**>l'"*?<? '?the trade ia better than What i'c known as tbe canal trade I*''. 5- ?/.??!!? brihk. ? Jiuriugthe laat week ^ r>0d many beavr consumera of coal fro^ -i1%tfrtb and South have boen in m?rket,T u already fchows a quickening im|4>tua. onw check to tbe trade, thus tar. aince tlf rt,rmg ha* o|m m <!. has been a aantol ?ni<ply , at Port Richmond. Tbat trouble it at an end. as tbe supply la ateadily ou the ii*tue.? i'hila. Ltdfi'r. The Mismno MtEMnr Lkadbr ? lolonel Alcibiadeade lilanc. alios uarnc has r.tu into sudden notoriety in connection with tje out ragea in St. Martin'a pariah. La., ia a rtvc of tbe Pelican stair, and commanded on< of Ha regiment*, tbe Mb, throughout tl.e reaellion. lleiirvedin Virginia under Stone*all.lack, aoi . Among tbe Creole*, who conatitute the body of tbe population in tbe disturbed region, he bat- king been looked u|M>n a* a iea<1er and chief. He is now aI>oat C*> years old. He ia de scribed as ol Mnall Mature, light ocu|4e(?>n, dark eyea. and brown bair of a curly type, dig nified i'n carriage. He war wounded in bo'h band* at tbe battle ot tiettyaburg, crippling ai ?1 ttificning tbe flnger*. New Orlkak* Kiotki;-* Fin ? mi kskd at a Mvlk Team?The crowd %MMcmhled at tbe mas* meet in if in New Orl.-ans the oth-*r even ing re*|K>ndetl to tbe ap|>eal* ot tbe sfieakera, and even anticipated llioee appeals by tou<l avowals of determination to arui, organise aud man h to the aid ot their brethren at st. Mar tinsville. The Picayune of the next morning, however, remarks in aubatance that loud talk baa been heard in Lafayette *<i>iare too often to command much coutidence. It atate* tbat tbe mob that broke into one ot the guu aho|?? the same night tied pell-mell at the approach ot a mule team, which panic magnified into a de tachment of troopa. Tub "Fi>a*cial Cataoi yi?*" t* Vitvti. Bytelegtama from l.on.ioii it i* learned tliat tbe recent exciken.ant in tbe aoti.-y market in \ lenna?"tiuanciui cataclysm," it i* ?tyled ? ha* serioualy affected all the great money mar kets of Kurope. The falttug ??ff iu valuta on tbe Virnr.a Bourse ia e*?.mated at a hundred million* of dollar*; for aeveral reaaona. which are stated, In I^ondon a general anxiety aeemed to prevail among buyers of American aeca rttiea. Aerb?t or a Jatha* kkb ? Col. C. K. Jan neson, the noted Kansa* Javliawker. waa arrett ed at l^eavenwerih yesterday, by the I nited State* laarshal, and taken to To|N;ka. ou an in dictment lor an attempt to defraud the govern m*nt out of Mi.WKi iu what I* known aa a claim for hardware atolen at lndc|>endetic?dtiriug tbe war. There ia alao a charge ot t>?rjiiry again*t Jauneaon in awennug to tue frauduleut claim. VTlie atrike ot the coopera at Bo*Ion doe* not promiae aucceaa. V New York aawduat in liow oont . bring fabulou* prieea iu tbe rarnl ?y M r. Titlermanr, <*i Hen?< _ p Mary ScbuIU, ami aha a iJm'Mvy INtter mary. i^Ifa man atanda on a corner in 0>wego fire mlnutea without anx thing to do he te n... .i ten dollars. ..?FA coal oil Ump eaploiled at New Ca?Me, Del., yeaterdny, aud Mia* Uitcb waa barned to death. ? A special to the linden I>*tlv Telegraph report* that Kbivn it a* fallen. No date or olace is given to the diapatcb. "lw' radical, waa on Saturday elected by a large majority to the French aasta bly trom Lyons. ?'"The bonae-paintera of Baltimore are on a <rike for an increase of wages from ItN to U per day. Span.xh minlat^f orer tbe projt ct for electoral Tbe ayatem agreed upoa will pev.^1/ Urn aame as tbat of Spain. ?FTbe republican conference at Birmlng ham yesterday adopted a readntlon in Cavor of a federal republican form of government for Great Britain. VMaryand Elimbetb Warner, profemional Shop-lifters, were arretted tn Baltimore reetor lay. and 92M0 worth of jewelry, laoea and other foods recovered. terThe eoronaUan of Oscar II and ftowhia W ilbelmine aa King and tjaoen of Sweden ami Norway took place at Stockholm Wedneedar. Tbe eeremoniea were grand and impoalag. , Lieutenant Oorernor Pinchbeck and (lan Uouia Sener aail from Boston to-day for F arooe* ?ydadge McCane^x the Brooklyn city eenrt, peoterday panted an order mcabag the order ?l arrest obtained br Tbomaa W. Field agaiaat editor of the Ureehlya Union, in the Ubel Butt for R100JM. * Albert H. KicoUy, a Wall mm-*.inert H. NicoUy, a Wall atreet broker, eas arrested yesterday, charged br William %. Roberts with baring dafrandod him ef?24,*e? by pnrcbaeing for him worthleeaatocka. Nico la* waa heM la default of Mim lay was held in defaalt of

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