Newspaper of Evening Star, May 13, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 13, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. ?. mo iagj CircalaU? ii the District Beading Matter on Every Page WASHINGTON CITY: T1TMDAY IS, 1*7*. In Nfw York city la?t week the bet *?? clearly demonstrated that gambling can be suppressed whenever the |>o!ice authorities are really in earnest. The New York Sun estimates the number <>r gambling honses in that city at 2,W\ all of which were shut up for two or three days ami uight* by order of the superintendent of police. The same paper says: "This tact proves that whenever the police really choose to banish gambling houses from thi city they Lave the |"CWfr; and that when such houses are in operation here it is with the consent, not to mt the cooperation of tiie commissioners, su perintendent and captains of police." This remark appli-s just as well to other cities as to fcew York, and the hint should not be lost on ihe police authorities of the District of Col ombia. ?'n<1ge Gilmor, of Baltimore, in charging the grand jury in that city yesterday, took occasion to refer to the prevalence of gambling, and spoke of it as "oneot the principal causes of the mischiefs to our comruuuity. and there is nothing that itself so stron 'lv to the court." Ac. He further said that the meas ures heretofore taken in Baltimore had not sat isfied him that sufficient had been done, and that every grand jury should a.- urne the re sponsibility of suppressing the evil complained Of. He had no tfoubt if this was done gamM'ng could be suppressed. The trouble generally is in every city that the war on gamblers is spas modic. instead of being continuous and relent less, a* it should b?. If the officers whose special duty it is to report infractionsof the law against gambling would do so faithfully and fearlessly, it could doubtless be broken up; but grard juries can do nothing without facts officiallv i ported, upon which to baie their indictments. The annual report of the Board of Health ot this city, whuh we print to-day, recommends, among other thing*, the establishment of pub lic baths. The idea is an excellent one, and most commend itself to everybody. Such baths could be established at a trilling cost compar atively. and their value in a sanitary view can Lardly be estimated. New Y'ork has them, and they are largely patronized by both sevesduring the summer months. The New Y'ork Tin's calls far more public baths at convenient points, and MVS that the swimming bath is of all diversions the most healthful and agreeable, and the au thorities cannot do too much to promote its use. The floating swimming baths company of Lon don propose to erect, with the sanction of the authorities, floating swimming baths on the Thames. The tirst is to be stationed otl" Som erset Hou?e. a central point, and its dimensions ?will be W# feet long by 40 feet broad, with a depth of from four to ten feet. It will cover an area of sjuare feet, will contain 200 dressing-rooms, and accommodate 200 bathers &t once, beside* 1* private baths, hot and cold. our The importance of the Cumberland coal trade to tne interests of the District of Columbia can hardly be overestimated, and that must be our jnstifi- atioa lor freqieit reference# to the sub. jeet in this column of The Star. Notwith standing recent boosts of some of the Philadel phia paj>ers that th^v have in that state as good coal for making steam as any from the Mary land mines, yet the Lf'j r of that city, excel lent authority, says: *' VSe understand that the orders from this city for Maryland bituminous coal for steam marine purposes, for which it i found to be so well adapted, are steadily onlj increase, and will not only meet with der^ trom this city, but that a fu^her demand ^ h, made for it by steamers out of other por^ Lig'i price of English coals will give ' coals a wide market." ? ??? ? to let Is it not a?*>ut time tor the ' known ^ up on that much-abused bat}f for U|U mothers-in law . "ari'rand his a cartoon week joins in the crusa^n(lln? back t0 the representing our troops^ of Capt|in Jack ?nom ?JXS0*V? old ^ in the foregroBn<1 M Captain J?ck- 1 wb-?. with severa' warriors, is seen on the jocks to the left >ne of tb? ? furiously waving* white w'llleCaptain.fack himself j i? kneeling r1 clasped hands upraised Tpealingly t ard* a r*rTy of troops, who are Peering over'* rock# on the 'eft. To make the matter wor the opinion is expressed. in an ex planaton->elow the cartoon, that this act of ! retahai*i on the part of our troops U justified 1 y thtfate atrocious acts of the savages. Attc various annoying delays, the manufac turers the new postal curds at Springfield, 1 Massahusctts, hare turned out a sufficient numbr to temporarily supply the large cities ! throughout the country, and it is confidently annou iced that all future requisitions will be mpily tiled. There is no doubt that they will become very iH>pnlat as a means of cheap inter-comraunication.and that many more than the wo.wp.fti<0 authorized by Congress for the fiscal year ending .June JO. 1974, will be neces sary to satisfy the public demand. A meeting of merchants, manufacture!*, and other business men of Philadelphia, has been calUd to meet to-morrow, to take action in re gard to the practical support ot the new line of steamers of the American Steamship company, whose line includes the only steamers on which persons can cross the Atlantic under the Ameri- | can fiag. The call is signed by a large number ] of businessmen who. from the indications, are 1 determined to sustain the enterprise of a line of American steamers. ? t i The nitfcrmnate Captain Hall, the last Arctic i martvr, was an enthusiast on the subject of northern explorations. When the bill authori- < zing the exi>edition was before Congress he was 1 in Washington and exhibited great solicitude lest he should not be appointed to the command J of the exp< diTion. The Cincinnati C?mm^r -tal ? says he leaves a w ife ami children in that city, who were overwhelmed w:th grief at the n- ws ' of his loss. ? -???- - The oration pronounced by the Rev. I)r. Tif t my. at the concluding funeral services of t- hiet .lu->iice Chase yesterday, was a practical, sen.-il e discourse, and as -uch will doubtless l?e generally commended. The reverend orator took a proper vie* ul tho proprieties of the oc- i casion when he said that fulsome panegyric and labored adulation would l?e unseemly at the grave of one who bore himself in everyplace so tree from ostentation. ! , We devote a large ponton of our spaiv to-day I to the publication off the second annutl report ' ot the Board of Health of the District of Co- j ' lambia. which treats j usstions ot great interest J to our citixetis, and contains lmj-ortant recom- : ? as to tb* best ipeans of j-reserviijg j the health of the commuuify. The im;>ortanc? ? of the topics treated should insure its careful perusa'. WT all who are interested in the welfare | of the District cities. From the Pacific coast we have the unpleasant t>ut not unexpected news that a party of our troops has again been ??surprised" by the Modccs, with a loss of five killed and seven wounded on our side, without any corresponding loss on the part of the savages. One would think ihat it is about time they were learning out there that they are in an enemy's country, and taking such measures a? will prevent such fre quent 'surprises.'" )lr Stokes, who *o unceremoniously he'ped Col-dim Fisk out of the world at the Grand Central hotel, in Ne* York, says he does not expect a commutat.on from Governor Di*. and that if auch clemency wa.- tendered he would disdainfully refuse to accept it. ".lack had a very good reason tor not e vting his supj^er," lays the old saw. mmm An advertisement is "not always valuable in j roportion to the space it occupies. ^^?Tbe New ^ ork st?>ck exchange yesterday Ciocted li. U. Chapman president. About one hundred delegates to the con vention ot American raiiroad master mechanic*, Mhich aasembUasin I>a?tiliivre to~day, arrived t-.iv nHAlVeiAL AVB The Vienna advices were more favorable yes terday, ami the go Id prtmium in Mew York, de clined one half of one percent., closing weak at UTJi- Money ?a? easy at New York early in tbe day at 6 per rent, per annum for call loan*, but tbe market hardt-red in tbe afternoon, and tbe rate at tbe close of business wk> 7 per cent., sold. Tbe stock market was unsettled and feverish, and prices were carried down br the tight money market la the afternoon, closing generally at tbe lowest point of tbe day. Krie was particularly weak, in sympathy with a marked decline in London. Exchange was quiet and steady and Governments were firm. Jay Cooke A Co. furnish the toUowingto-dsr. Hnv't MTi. J9*?Tr. Stir* CI.fs.UBL 21, Jl>, I m', US ? ? ?,!? 16S ?o I HUsJs.tJy.VlJ-. ?> . ? IV4 16 ? HD'?Ju*Jy,W49 W. ?-? ?, ua it 17>.! kmoT. _L_ui. u. ? . *kW *?,**-Fi*st B*aed. Fi? 4-?'?Jan.Ajly,lSM \*\ ,s* ? - 13? ' W't Ifc American Gold _ 17 ? ? ?'s, 18(4 .... 17 4 Currency SV U> , ?*5>Jan. * J1*,*..!* . Hew Fives. US i-?t?Ian. * Jiy. C-_at?. Ttao BaLTmota, M?? U-*r.t Virginia 41*, 12%, NerthCar lina 6*a, speiial tax, 14, bidto-day Bsi May It ?Ootton <i?i:et?low middlings 17\(p-l?*. fear firm and in "O si demand ? Howard street -upe-tine, .ti'iQjii; d-. extr.t, ,, ?1 ? fain1) . g-<,4?#ai?l4,1 tlir Mills Kiip.-rtius.A3 <4j6, <)??. ? xtra. )?7'*(4.jyS: do. family, $9~v<rjgiilS; west-rn superhae, 64\'<$f'< do. e\tr*, A t >7S. do. family . WkMl acOve and firm, wt ite choice, UiOiil 15. fair print- do.. $1 *> Dr>. i h?lri' mi^r, l.lil; n "*1 t > prim red, SLaTfe??; rnmnon to tair do . |l bKilJil; red we-teru gi SM?al .80; anther w~tern, 5 I USei." r 1 C >rn *? ad) ?* hue sou.hern, 67(g;">H. yell ?? south era, 6l'a?i!>; ml \ -d western, 61 Oats active and tin' ? s ir hern,.;Xf??); western nil ved, 80. d>. white. SIMM Rye ?i?i*?-t ami steady Hay unchanged Prvisi n-<)ti-t ami heavy;wsss p -rk dwll and noni inal, $ li'. Bulk meats? no sales?{holldcr*, 7'- ril' ni'lcp, eloar rib side* ;i'4 B<on-fiir oblung d-maml?1>'?(# sugar cured hams, 14'fl?I5 Lard duli and nominal, Mf*. VmIhs batter tirm and unchanged. Whirty uumiinil, 910' H't. Sugar firm?li'S (a InV. Kkw TuEI, May 13.?Stock* inner GoMflrm, 17%. Money easy. 5 to 7. Enchang?, l?>ns, 8%; nh. rt 9'", Governments du I and steady. Sew 1 crk. May 13.?Flour uuiet ?ud tirm Wheat ?jun-t ami tinner. Corn dull. Lnswx. Mav 13,11 a. m?Consols opened at ftl'w f,?r n?i ti<-y, <n'j for account Bon-Is of l?5, old. 1?1??; ls67, V>\, 10 4U's, ??; nt-w uve's, S)'? Erif-, 47\. Karis, M?y 13?B?*i't?^ up>-n?J at a? francs 7o iw?Ht May 13, 1 p m ?Consol* for m >ney. 'Q,4(rt2?J,: for art ? unt, 93',i^.?l* Erie, 41^'. Pari*,M i* l:< ?R-ntes M franc* 50 rpntim-h. L'>>h??i. May 13. ! 3D pjn ?Erie,47.'?. ~ THE BEATHIR. WAB DiriimuT, OJU* Ckitf dyiMi QJUsr, ( WasBi>OTO?, May U, 1873, 10JO a. m. J Bvsorsis tui thk rut TwsnrT-roca lonis. Th?" l"? liaroim-t-r h.ts moved eastward over th ? lower lake#, with northwesterly to southw^terly w 111.I*, clomly w~alber and ? n a-i n,?I rain on then" taken, and overtbe middle and eantern states and Canada. 8.mtheily and ?outhw<>*t*rly wind*, partly rlondt weatlier and rising teuip?ratiire in the Qulf and 8,'iitii Atlaitk state and Teiine*??<>. with <>c<-a riot al lain in the weMeru Gult. Northwesterly winds, lower ?*nip"rature, partly cloudy, clearing and rolil weatl**r over th? northwest and upper 1ak<M and thence t? Kauf-an, M issouri, and the lower Ohio valley. PRorAB!t-Tiy* ?For the middle states and lower lake r?southwesterly to northwc>teriy wimU. low bnt risug baronn-t,-r. high but falling tempera tnre. rlomt weather and rain. For Canada and New F.nglSid northwsteriy v.jjrins to si-iuthweat erl> w 1 ijdi, falling barometer^rloody and rainy weather for th?- Gulf states and thence to th UI:io vally H'Utli- rly and *outhwesterly wind", ri-mg biamter, falling tenpi-rature, and partly clomly watln-r. with inrreaning rain in ?be Gulf ?tat'K. F* tho Boath Atlantic states southwesterly wind*, inci-a^ing pressnre and clondiness and pos sibly occasional ram. For the Northwest and QPper lakes andtheuce to the lower Missouri and Ohio valley, a?rthwe*terly winds, lower temp ratnr?, r:sing l areiieter, pirtly ekindv ami ch-aring weath er . with r?n, excejt in th'' northwest. K p- rtaait mi'sinc fr-si th?- extreme nothwest and Oregon OF .ONADAB'?Assemble. w:tli re IK-y galia at yoir hall, s oithw-?t c >ne r9 h an I list reets, rt>WC?N?SI?AY AFTBBNOON. luh instant. ?t \ ?'c??ck, prompt. Ever Jonadab e*. p. rt,d to l>e n'es<tit. It* n?^?Ko7^' The am ual meeting ..f th-Sro-k h..'rr!l f ,h" WH TH WA8BINOTOH lit ILI'l'^V- ASSut IATION will be held ..n THl Rf AY next. 15th inst., at 7 3n p. m.. at P,.to il. H ?? Election of oftir-rsft.r the en^ninf; y^ar "Sa? W.J. STEPHENSON. S cretsry. ATXENTION. TOTNG TEMPLaBS (i The members of H. C Y. T. sr' r-sp, cifully ">ie-ted to m-Lt at their Hall on WEDNESDAY, h itist , at 4 o'clock p m.,to p trticipate in the ?roceseu>n aud entertainment to !?? given to vi-itiu" brotliers. A.T. COWIE, I'" Chairman Committee of Arrangements. fT3?THE FIFTH ANNUAL MEETING OF the ECO NO >11'; A I BUILDING ASSOC 1A TIOMwillbe held on WEDNESDAY, 14tli instant, st 9o clock p. m? at Board of Trale B>om. The Be port will he made and an Election Ldd for Ouiccrs to ?* rve the ensuing year ?"K M FBED K00NES.8 cretary. .T K?1 V K RA N (' E BALLY I- FKJi V^.w *SHA V AhTHK ^ SETIBG AT FOl'NOKY CHIB<I1 i\r liv?T*n ING 7H ?KK'K-l'L B I2<i 1 ITKU ?AM Temp^r*iir^ Orijiiii/ati^iJH ar^ 1 to A^niMc at Jofta<1*b Hftll, aonthw^t streets, WEDNESDAY AFTER ?OOS. 14th instant, at 4 o'cl?ck,to pr>c?*ed in V "HSf!"? Depot, to meet Tezperanc Blessins. of Philadelphia. It* SPECIAL NOTICE. Jim T0-M0KB0W (W-dnesday, May ltth.lwill b' presented to th# MOUNT VEBNON LADIES ASSOCIATION, at Mount Vernon, the celebrated picture of General Washington before YorVtown, d? the late Beu brat.dt Peale. Mrs Bosalbla Cupekwdod, his daughter, will mak? the pres* ntation. Several di# tinguiohed persons have been mviteil to attsnd. S? earner Ai row leaves her wharf, foot of 7th street ? at 10 o'clock a. m. JAMES SYKES, It General Sup*'rintendent. " ? ALL THE DEALERS-IjTSECOND-HAND FCKNiTl KE AND CLOTHING are re la-. . * ?? - cr ? 4. . -?* v * uviniiivi art* rf iatptwl t* inejt at the furniture wareroomt of P. r .ley. No. "14 7thStreet, b-tween H and I streets northwest^on -rcESDAt EVENING, May 11, at . ?' ? ? v-^^aa v g.^lillf, BIB) Mi III 4 to fiini a memorial, to b* prpM*nt'd to th?* Le gislatare, in reference to raising onr licanse to $ MO per year. All are -urn-stly re.|U -sted to be pres-nt By order J.T FORD.) V. FISHER.S Committee. If E 8. GCTH.t fT M A SO NIC?The semi annual cotnmnnica'i in of the GRAND LODGE. F. A A M ,ofth? DiKtrict ofC'dumbla will be held at Masouii T-ai pie on H EDNE8DA Y, Mav 14, at 7 o'clock p. m. niU-3t WM.A YATES. Grand 8-cretary. P S*MA8OND'?The Semi annual Convocation I^e5" of the GRAND R A CHAPTER, f the DU Irict of Columbia will be held in the Chapter Iht, Masonic Temple.<m TUESDAY EVENING. Hth in-taut, at S oMock . mlJ-tt L.G STEPHENS, Grand 8ec'y. BOMVL1 BROTHERS will giveth-tr great '?try Diorannc Representation of Milt<>u's Par.t Iim- Do?t, in Twelfth 18 E ; M E Church, Mav 13ti snd 14th. Tl'ESDAY and WEDNESDAY EVENINGS, commencing at 9 p. m Admission, ? ce nts lull?' r^?THE BOARD OF TRHSTBES OF PUBLIC SCHO*'LS wil! me. t at the ? r.tnklin S h *d imlding on TL'ESDAY EVENING, 13th infant, it 7 3uo'clock. ^n'H< St A P. FARDON. Secretary. rS?YOLSG MENS CHRISTIAN ASSOCIA^ ht/ TION. Tree reading boom-iaii'v, wr-tv*. stn nr an4 Krlitiimr papers from all pa ts of the I'niun. CIRCULATING LIBRARY; H/WU vo|s Terms I3 91 Pf Quarter. PARLORS AND ONV ER8ATION BOOMS for Ladies and Gentie ?en( Cheaa, Ch^iuers. Organ and Piano. Dady PR AT ER M EETlNGS at, 6 and J pm. LITEBaBY SOCIETY Saturday evening, at 7S ?clock. SABBATH AFTERNOON SERVICES n Lincoln Hall at M o'clock; at Theater Oomique ?7S o'clock. mX7 r"S?BO?ADALlS!?Harrison Jout-s, writing from W iliiameburg, Va., says: Iwas afflicted with au inveterate tettsr on mv face ltd nyck lrt*fore and during the late war, ami even p r? about two months ago. I received the treat ieiit tf every physiciaa 111 the aeigbborhisid of my ? me in PennsyIvania,and of tbe ?urgoou* in tbe rmy.but with do success. Every different medicine tried failed to relieve me. 1 suffered intensely. !v ah. le face became one perfect scab, and was ideous to behold. The R-madalis was recommend-si > rii- by a frieud. and I commenced the ueeof it, aud ? da) (in leaa than two months 1 my flesh is a* fair . d free fr. m disease as if I had never been at all fflicted lonlyus'fl two bottlet of Koiaia'n. km ?nuM not tn <1ny trrHange the b*n-fit drrietit from ?>m far aj,uuo. For sale by S CALVEBT FOBD, 110o Penn ill snia avenue. m3 ?oCt ?-^?SCHENCK S MANDRAKE PILLS.-Th?s?e ic/ pills are composed exclusively, of vegetalde redlents, and although they entirely supersede he use of merenry . do not leave any of its in arious fl-ets. The) act directly upon the liver, aud are a a. uable remedy in all cases of d-rangeiuent result ng from a diaordcred state of that organ, Liver ''Uiplaint, Bili 'Us Disorders, Indigestion, Sick i*ftAache, Typhoid Fevers, 4c., 4c .all auccutnbto he free as- of Schenck's Mandrake Pills. For sale iy ail Druggists and Dealers. mi-tr SaDB. A7PRATT, Graduate of Ohio 0 'Ilegs of 7 Dental Sargery, 411 7th steast, bstwssn D B i*7 Bswe'Sa Brv^Sr Falkiwa' HaU.^Bo I CWII JOHXBO?! fc CO., ) \ N KERS AND DEALERS IN FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC EXCHANGE, Have REMOVED to thsir new Banking Hoose on be corner of kith street and Pennsylvania *? eoae, ?1. the aite formerly occnpl'd bv them. mlVIOt J^EW DESIGNS FOB LADIES' AND CHIL DBEDS' DRESSES AT MRS O H MAUBEBS' STAMPING DEPOT, c U It 617 7th street. I <KCAT W tSTERU FIRM 11UIBAMCE 1.1 10>1PAPI*. L'ASU ASSETS i30b.4 J7 iy'J OFFICE, 603 FIFTBINTH STREET, Oprosira iBtastST I'trxnTxivr. ii.l3 Jm ?? W J1ATES, Agent^ Ca^KRI VOTs' 0 ABB! AGES' CARRIAGES' / In ?t"Ck, the Isrgert and pl-t. aas. rtn.ent f Carnages ever^iffergl tgtgjg in U ashiagton, >nsis4lsg ofBrStU.VtC- ? ?*? naa. Fxtemnon Tops. Sash DoorsJ?sae Unsrters, l ug-. P n) Pbwtona, top sad yo-aop^Buggiea. METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORK. A STf,CK nF THE FOLLOWING F r MAKK A FI. \ CHEAP GOODS HAS JUST *frF/rE? 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CASSELL V"?e thirty seven years in the above nam?d business. I take this o|iportunitv to thank "Ld cKfu*l?v t J"ltlic f"rth,,'r liberal parron?i?o ?na cL?t 1 fully tecomiiiend my influence to his inter Thanking my. friend, and^he Jubl'i^r.r u^ir s ^nH.'^anceTthe s^me^1' 1 "??y ^'?t BQHERT T. CASSELL. 4 'anraxa, i .wh eij, CAurato. C. O. D, OARPET UOI'M, 904 8ev*.mm St. NEW STORE A LAROE ASSORTMENT OF CARPETS. OILCLOTH, MAT T1N0, RUGS. MATS, Sc. "" v^7?.nK, [n!u '"hi???? and examine and you can buy theni at New York prices, at the _,, , ^ O-D-CARPET HOUSE, m!3 1m WQ4 7th St., bkt. 1 A K. J^EW DBI GOODS, OPEN TO DAY. Cheap Silks and Alpacas. DprinK C'assimeres. Linen Duck* aiid Drills New tthailes Dreas G >od*. New Parasols. Llama Lace Jackets. An elegant stock. 1020^^,^ _ *y A j' "c> for Mme. Demoreet'^ Pattern*. mkMf i|A.KG AIN8 IN DRT GOODS - And rose ?K?7n " "c-i Ham-Utta. 20, .; New fort ."?Tils, *k\; Sheeting Cotton in si 1, and 10-4- Tal>ie S?iT'w Irti. 28 ferd,,len; Black'silk at ?2r*' 7f- Parasols. 50r . to ?y. Doylie*, 74c. per dozen. Blink Alpaca*. 2>. to SI; Victoria 22c ; Lining Can.brics, 10c ; prints. 8c* 1 i.0"1 * All kinds of dress good* at tbe lowest markMprice*. at BBODHEAD 4 CWS. ml2-tr l*?i V atreet. between lath and 1.1th. HL MBUG II ~~ nUMBUO!! ?.A^irt'rt2,*?y.^roPle app<-ar to hare been h?m l-nged by Nichols'aJvertisei.ient that he was selling out and would remove to a smaller store. There are so niany dealer* who, every aeason. pretend to be selling out at and Udow co-tt, and then sHl no 1 rfViT' other* 4o, that people have got sharp, and they are now huDibuaglng themselves by think ing that Nichols i* only pretending to sell out, and f 1.*?? TS} ***?M th.^ certainly would, if they knew how cheap he is selling his go, sis. He is selling out at about the whob-saie price, and will Z^"VJ'ff"re th!. "** ,bU m"n,h- Nichols dealer m fancy good*, notions, jewelry, stationery, cheap toys, dee., No 1009 7th street, between h! and L streets, near Bogan A W y lie's. n 9-tr haVF7cbt~recis7veo HI DOZEN LADIES' SKIRTS, WHICH WE ARE SELLING AT *9 CENTS PER SKIRT. LOCI WOOD, HI' FT Y * TAYLOR, PENNSYLVANIA AYENUB, Metropolitan Hotel Block. 1 nnft_bl3uil8 potatoes: * UvUpeach Blows,Chllie*, Jackson*. Flukes, Ac. For sale in quantity to suit, hy min at LL'"SDt>N A CO , t"'? 3 M0??'hrt.,opp Center Market. l?H>BN IN THE EAB " _p*?- WATBBS, No 28 High street and Canal, Q?m?rgr?*to?n? Hhm on hand, for tale, tki i?arr u ni PRIM E YELLOW (H>RN, ia the ear. mi2 tt 20fti?tA8M, "ACHES. <1 and 3 ? cans) purchased at Trustee's sale, which we offer at tun*ually low price*. * m in .. o?E?,* LUMSDON A Co., m 10 8 80^ yh ??.. opp. Center Market. p AST IB AGE FOB COWS AND HORSES. ars-s. A,?.L^?s,ou.5f?n>f,u ASZ> &JS JL fo^p, V t. my 11m* I\0 HUMBUG ?L BICE will pay a fair i ??r M7 ki?d of Lad<?*', CWf and it caah Chil Wi Seci^d-hAnd Clothing, B??uTsh^,Ac. 6M cw^ASh^Rii.VoS axis* ^ "t?. Cari^tn called for and r?turB?<{ tm of eitr* charge. LOBUdy BIOI. apShly AD UVKKR, one g fniit pref-vred. WANTS. WANTED?A Yoang MAM, to u>m la Bar. Ap ply at >11 Pennsylvania t>rea> nlJIi' WANTED-F?ur competent DRESSMAKERS, and four APFRENT'OES; food rnwer.; non others mm apply. H13 Enw^. If WANTED?A competent white WOMAN, for chamber and honovurk. Apply, with rerom mendaU ns, at TiaiMhstreet. aiU f IVANTKP-a atid B?tE v* who aad?rstaud? preparing fruit aref c* *? LAMB'S Natlona' Bak rr, ml J-St* |H0 ImI Capitol at. VVANTED?By a geotl?nian aad wife, no rhll dren,two plainlv bat cmfortabiy furnished BOOMS for housekeeping. oa l*t or 3-1 fl-Hir; t rnu must be moderate. Address F. T , Star Wee. It* WANTED?Two first-class BARRERS; mnlettv preferred; none but steady, sober nu n n-ed apply. C. P BRALLO, Shaving and Hair Catting Parlor, 171W Pennsylvania avenue. It* WANTED?By a Cb"-gvm*n, for a year or more, an Unfurnished HOUSE of 3 or 10 r >o ns, on a lettered street, between 8th and 14th, aad H and N atreet northwewt Address J. II. E., P. O. mil eol* w w J ANTED?A re?pectable Colored PERSON a? > Chambermaid. and t? assist in washing and ' Ironing. Apply at >19 n> rthwest, corner of 2d. m!3 3: \Vr ANTED?A settled Lady wishes to form ths 1 vv acquaintance of amiddle aged GEN'TLEM AN. Object, friendship and pa* lm-' AiUrixi MARI<>N W. LANGSTON, P P., Wa?hingt >ti, V C. It* W* ANTED?Bv a gntleman and wife, four Un v? tin lushed Booms, suitable for housekeeping atMl office Address. stating terms, PHYSICIAN. Star office. m!3-2t* IVANTKD-Aii oxpeflencea Servant GIRL, to v v cook, wash and iron, and to do general house w ork in a small family, and stay at her service place at nights. Good recommendations required. Apply at lilt K street northwest 1' \\r ANTED?SHOE MARK US One man on dre-s v T boots and gaiters; one on repairs. Steady em ployment. None bnt competent workmen of aober habit4 need apply, at O'CONNOR'S, ""Ol 14th street northwest m!3 Jt* \\f ANTED?A competent teacher to tea'h th'? vv Classics and Mathematics. Apply at Star Office^ nt!2 4t \irANTED-Aii experienced DRUG CLERK? Address I'out office Box No. tf33 Georgetown, D C. mI2-3t" W ANTED-Two *?..<? MILLINERS, at Mrs. II. vv J. AKKTZ'S Store, M7 7th atreet north went. ml2-2t* IT ANTKD?A Buy to take charge of a h >r-e. v Apply at R. M JOHNSON S Agricultural Warehouse, iltiO Louisiana aienii'-. m 12 3t* U* ABTKD?Two~GI BLs?" on' for laundry and on#" f<?r table waiter. PARKINSON HOUSE ! b'J'J Pennsylvania avenue ml2 21* WANTED?A settled White WOMAN to "rt . general housework. A(u>ly at No. ViA .1.1 atreet n. e., after 4 p tn. or before Hani. ml2 2t* EV'ANTED?A Young MAN in a restaurant, to do vv genual housework. and attend t" a horse. Apply to (.'HAS KLOTZ, G atreet, between 17th and 18th stieets. ni!2 3t* LM7 ANTKD?At Treniont House, three WAIT ft KKB. two CIIAMHKRM AIDS, a PANTRY WOM AN, and a man to take charge of itore-rooiu. Norn- but tint cla? help n-ed apply. ml2 U" \\7 ANTKD?A Furniabed HOlffilE, anitable f?7a '? l oarJing-houae or to rent out rooma; would prefer one wil h b-'ardera already in. Addre*n "M Star Office, aiming rent aud location, which must be central ml2 .It* W ANTKD?B> an Aniericau youug la<ly a SITU ATION to travel or go away for the aumtti'-r as ccmpaniou, la?lj 'a maid, or nnrao. G-"^ cltv refereuce*. Address "COMPANION,'' Star Of fice. m!2 3t* \\r ANTKD?A competent White NURSE to take "" charge of an infant; none bnt an experienced !>? e.l apply. R. lereiioe re<|iiiriil Apply to .1. C. W1SWALL, No. 31U 7th btreet, Dry Goixl St ore. ill 12-.It \Vr ANTED.?A i. -ip 'i.Kilde party wiahea to buy a v? convenient lloGSE hy in-tnllnienta of Jill per month. Mtiat have ? or ten rooms, with ui"dei n im provements and be in a good h>ca.ity. West End preferred. Addresa, with deacriptiun, '? A. B C Agricultural Department. ml2 2t* 4%' ANTED?To purcha*^ ? neat HOUSE of about ?? seren room", with hall and modern conve niences Must l>e situated between New Jersey ave nue and 14th street and H and O nortliwi-st. Ad dress, stating terms aud location, '-Purchaser," City Post Office. m!2 2<* 'ANT ED?A TEN A NT for 12 room unfurnished house in Alexandria, large garden, good out buildings; can be made a delightful samtner board ing house; cars every hour for Washincton; fare. In cants. Rent, board of ventlenian and w ife. Address or call on Captain HoWLETT, 17 37 Pennsylvania avenue, for full particulars. mid St* WANTED-PLUMBERS to kn >w that we are prepared to furnish them with all kinds of BRASS WORK, at 1006 C street northwest. WM H. DOl'GLAC A CO. N B.?Brass Casting done daily. ml lm* WANTED?LADIES to take notice that Mailam* D K MAISON,ot New York, has opened h-r Millinery P.irlois at No. 413 13;h street north west. a3u lm W ANTED? Immediately?Families or persons in v v need of first -class SERVANTS of every descrip tion, niale and female, to call and get supplied at once. Sen ants also can get good homes and best of wages by applt iiiK at the Eureka Employment Office, to Mrs. LOUISE C. BUTLER, ?07 Uth street, near E. al6-lm WANTED?Every <?ne to know that the VICTOR H SEW ING MACHINE has its nttAU *tlf stt tiar: the moet peifect shuttle in use, resting in a cradle; needle bar a:id ?. rks of steel. Agebcy, 4b? Pennsylvania avonue. Also, Branch of Mine. Deui orent> Pattern Emporium. augSL' ly T. W. PPICEB. Agent. LOST AND FOUND. t'Ol'ill) N.?i Bi Ai j-l'.s Ulmrcti, on K<vi?r 1/ Sundav, a BICEASTPIN, which the ?wner can

ha\e by calling at N".45J I street northwest and paying fm this advertisement. It* w ^T RAY ED AWAY-F roiu Boyle's Hotel, a large S3 red COW, with large boms The tinder.^ u by retnrniug her to BOYLE'S Hotel, will IslTiP suitably rewarded. (ml3 2t*) C BOYLE >Tu LOST?May Ulh, lict*n?u Penn-sylvauia aveune and L street northwest, a SLEEVE BUTTON, with the owner's name marked on it. A liberal re ward will begixen if left at No. 1100 7th street northwest, corner of L street. It* C* F REWARD.?Lost, on Friday, April 'Jth, in Washington or Georgetown, a Pocket Case ,,f SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS. Return to Star office,or Ilit4 loth street northwest. mlS-St* C; TO REWARD?Lost, this ni'ifmug, about 11 tpiMJ o'clock, on Pennsylvania avenue, between 13th street aud the Batik of Washington, a small Russia leather POCKET BOOK, containing four %:*} notes aud five $2U notes. The above reward will be giveu if returned to No. 133V I street north west. mil) 3t* ?: 1 4k <1 REW ARD-LOST OB STOLEN-TWO I UU 1ST MORI GAGE W. ? G. R. ROAD BONDS, No- U13 and U46 for *M) each, dated 1Kb March, ld&S. Order on Board Public works, N". 1,346, for in favor of Ben. Shrider; also, do No. 1.4t>3, for S273, ill favor of G. Vanderwerken; also, do.. No. 1,460, for % 1 ,K7.'i 2U. in fav. r of G. Van deraerken. aluo reward will be paid if b-ft at tin office of the W AG. Bail road Co., corner New Jer sey avenue and Bstreet,orto G. VANDENWEB ken, liW Bridge street, Georgetown. niK? 2w* Board or public works, DisTBtCTor Columbia, Washixotom, Anril 3, 1873 A reward ?f FIFTY (DOLLABS will be paid for the detection aud conviction of any persou or persons who have stolen. or who may hereafter be found stealing, the Man-hole and Sower-trap Covers in the cities of Washington aud Georgetown. By ordar of the Board. EDWARD JOHNSON. aS-tf fRepnb.Chrrm.J Chiet Clerk. J. Moms* Blectra Galvanic SPECTA CLES, Patented June t, UH. _ , , ?T H. HOFFA, Sole Agent, S' lf,atches, Jawelry, and Watoh Materials, No. #5154 Pa. ave., bat. 4th and 7th sts. deW-ly J A F A N I B 1 * A D 8. JAPANESE PERFUMED F ABB A A W-BKA VTJFUL-CHMAP > N. W. BURCHELL, ?li-lw 133il f street, near Ebbitt Hi uae. UTONE.?Superior BUILDING STONE, and 9 screened CRUSHED STONE of all slxos. fur sals by J.I. EUOAOO., aplt-lm STBS E street, at Oanal. DOTS' AND YOUTH'S SUITS a specialty this 8Wu8**1011 Pfc- ssr IOST?On the 1st of March, on E street, between a Kith and 2d streets northwest, a RUBY RING, aith two pearls. A liberal reward will be paid if returned fo No. OOtf 34 street northwest. m7 BOARDING. I BURNISHED ROOMS FOR PERMANENT OR ' TRANSIENT BOARDERS; also, TABLE BOARD, 911 E street, between a:h and 9th north west. m!3 lm BOARDING-HOUSE, newly furnished, for p?r n aiieiit and transient boarders. Also, TABLE BOA BP, No. 31? Pa. ave. northwest. m!2-6i* Rooms, furnished or unfurnished, with or without board, llOit lib street, north west. mlu 2t* PROFESSIONAL. OR HART1GAN HAS KEMOVEU to 403 3d stieet, corner of D street northwest, opposite Indiana avenue. ml-liu* J AMES O. CLEPHANE. E. Z. BRAILEY t LEPHANE~* BRAILEY, SHORTHAND WRITERS A LAW REPORTERS Ofice? No. 110 0 street, between 1st and Id. facing Indiana avenue. ahtt-ly I0HN V. BANNA, J ATTORNEY AT LAW, No. B Yonng's Law Buildiac, drt-tf Washington, D. 0. jyj 0. LUTTRELL. 0. A. DUNN INGTO H * LUTTRELL aToi'IVNIJlOTOft. Aicliaifrrs aad Ctatmiiiiaa Merchants, ?17 La. Ave., bet. 9th and MXh streets northwest. WSpecial aad Personal attention given to the tale of Real Estata. a36-3m* THE ONLY GENUINE Middlesex Flannel Suits, thoroughly sponged and made to order, to be had at A.BTEACS'.lofl Pa. ave., near lit h. aM BRODMADACH^Frtreet, bar and l.foreaah, at the lowest market Mies Call and amlna their stocA. PURELY WONDERS NEVER CEA8E.-AI1 O wool Men's Suiu in three different shades for the trifling sun of ?8, at A. STRAUS', 1011 Fa. ave.,near llth street. all |\|08T WONDERFUL JNVENTI0NJ)F_T^E FOB BENT AKI> SAM! FSf, Vm sT?!1 "?f,rD,1*hM *?OM8. in honae B Pol.iLD^r^'* >TPDU'- *"?&,*? ?? *fcWT-*i?!itTo,"n HOPSE. *r* ,^0od, ?*??*- *4*' 11th ?tiTK5sy i?c * , . F?h** ei aaViHn,i*! ,K ' ? K M "l'? ?*** Kte?f&tk AppI/M??? K;J*?3oWKi - J*! . mkvjf F*i5- ?T~*WU*S< an'u"'4?h?l, <>d Irtl Mil lo*?F ? /?,??r; "" or ?"fc or without u??r?l r'.h ,D *U *"c* *"f-wncM rf qutred (.?n >t aib E .ireet northwest mLV2t* FbSPJ,,0rKs2AL,V?A ^T5^r,-FT7^i njihw^.t; ha. Hll 'modern I.TrovT^nu^M*' IVOK BBHT-Parly furtii-h.d or nnlurni-h-l ? ?? ???the room.. I?ll ayl' ania ?vfnuf, mt, >na j^li. in 1.1 a* I< OK, RENT A c. mfort.ible pwetling H OI'S E77r> !ith B and OrtrevUi north *'1ins7??rA8X; fwt J r.-r th* -" ajreetand ^ ALL. oorn-r ,ch w J1-^n.M r *D<1 p*"nn>yl???!><? avenu- n..rth (. i? ai .1 ?i 1 J'*?1 rooB!*? I'Mh r?> in and c, liar JA1MC3 W F' af"2?> '? ? H??CSF.-two !,. thenn c nvSM. for bona. -ke, p,,,,. Cull *t 144 1 I T*V"* .rut!,;, aiidis h atreet. "t^t,',' \ ermont avenu ~ m nil i 2t r ^1 in nTwtJTin,"'m";1" ''J^ERTY .in,, pr.pert, will apply to fiVv. F.'A' ME BC EA"h y at t a' ?? mH-eo3t* r 'MAvi.?.L~Al Annapolia JiiikUou?A Brick MANSION, containing 11 ro>m?. |*rif hill "heVar^Miia i?*? d '*" 'Tf' a f^w " *'* fr '"i ' . desirable and h?althy location for I irtl.ei particular- appl. or ?MreM to t? K< 'h\; K I't-l.L. Annsp"li? .liiui'tion. iul> 6t* F* mTkh 3i~Suihim1 '*3^ ' "fiwt wir l-Uh nt". H.ard BOOMS, ?!tu ?r ?itl,.iit . " " ml2 31* F?hn?S2T~V-ry d,"lr?''le Summer * HOOM8, en smto ?r ft tif e: (.ne UrJ.. r I ri<iitmg w?mh, at 4 IT Q ^re*?. *" n.U *? F(frr.iftAL h~H?rS*' wi,h riKiiii* anJ liair ?,^"5pS5asw^I322'3 aac* D,. nthlr. 1>YEK * I?A Virw.?? ' ?]U?_A* ??P* are, over Wil&ni'Dr? 6tore,V;.,a;ar.r.'r.-'' ?"""? 'tirr.-' F'I.Krt'i^NT~7Tw" H,,l sKS. No. Aoa ltth ?r. ~t north*eat, 7 r.? So. A04 Uih ?tr^i I n'l??..APPly *? 1407 E'treemorrhw.V ' S ? BUTLEB 1^ ""'"I'll rt'Tf Front ami Iwn * BOOMS on third rt??.r,famiahed *%.' m,.?i 17L tlonarjr waabataiidr. AI?o, thre. B<?OM> !n flrlt i., - ??- in 12 .It* r fr<>n Aiioviue*nIT"! nTi'.ItUry P^^ brick uear g VAl^U^VX^,' ^&Toudow'Ac- Pr- ?3T?ViS JA1*- ?.?0 Ar&HZtVJL. |< OK BKNT ? Fiinnnlied ,.r unfarnlnbed twTTTI.m D1N1MU-HOOM^na KITC HEn"with"ii'r^ y.Vi y^-rs; i: a?ree?? (?,r' l t ??nhw?*t, between K and' F F- lnl2 2t* VK ''KKT-fANCY STORK, V. (j-7l UrtT^t gait) **,' 8tuck a'"1 * f /T b?|.- at a har FVr,!S ??r.Mf3r.r> d^r?w? ^ul^ti, niJ0-3t THQ8. K. WAGQAM \N^&m 7th n. 1^1 HKNT?A f<?nr rcM?m BttlCK DW'ELI ivn II Suirsr TJ7iA ten-room three at or > BKU'K 1103 M atreet m.rthw*^ ' n,jnhwe?. I^mreat POB SALE f?B BffNT-ln Q.-oreetown a neiT ?T-*,r?kleTSl',\ ?nr"i ".'"V^SE, oneof1,*. m. I; HiKh a-reet t0WI'- Iu,lulr? ?' N (i4 |<X?K BEKT-A STOKK, on Peiinavlrania i? ? l,Ue, ^ * ?t CAKO'H Loan Offico N<? '111 nort'hwear' 'lve,iUei between ?tl, a,M j? ??? nilu-3t r ^e-RKSinVvi',i-Verll'''i',n,> "f the moat I A? h AgU B0..111 133 General Land ((ffire. mln f F% BKNT-Hice BTtiBE and f)H ELL1Ni7 ? fl,'e cellar, gns, water; No. 1914 K utre^ t weir' sruVA0,^ W b"'"w f"r -?1-. In'mrVi C ? nla avenuJ 8 F*UC} S,ore' ?"? Penn-ylvt" h ?-?* mlo-6t* t?B NALt-S?vpn-r?x?ni COTTAGK. with r#?i l?r, front nii<] ta< k yard. i?hh and L street, near 16th Dorthut^t. Ttom liberal * CI1 n110-31 i Mon^^" 1 - -0 K street north F ('OB SALE OB BKNT?Three mile* from W:i-h _ iiist>>n,a MiLurl'an Beaidence, new two-ator> HOI bE, h"t and cold water, hat h-rooni and water cloaet. Iliguire of Mrs HCtCHINS, on the prem i?e>. at Itenmng'a Station, B A P B B., or B F. PACKARD, Room 133 General Land Offlae. nilO-3* L^OB SALE? New two-atory FRAMES, at termi r huh Columbia Ballroai]; term* ?ut?y. For aale or rent.fonr atoiy BRICK. For rent, three-atory bBICK, $3H. O. R. M ILBCBN, mlO 6t* 413 7th atreet, opp. Po?t Olfi*"". POB SALE. 1? VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS oaRatreet, betweeL 11 li aiid IMh, aouth kide. Apply to F B M< QUI RE, Real Eatate Office, mlOlw fB-p | 1306 F atreet. t'OB lifcNT?An t b'Kant SI MMER SEAT, ade alral.le refidenre, uear the aea ahore at lalip, Long I-laiid, oppoaite Fire Ialand Ltght-honae; contains lfi ro <nia, well furuUhed for a tirat-clah* famil); with e\er> coiivtnience for housekeeping, an In ur and a lialf'a ride from N< w York, and a few inn utea walk from tiie depot; market, achonls, chun h*?, store., po.t office cl??ae at hand; fine road'; .alt water, tichin^, boating; atable accommodation* for four hor.ea; ice-houae tilled, gi>od lawu, ahade and flower bed? For term, apply to WM. TYLER, 7IS lSth utreet. n'lO-eolOt* Waahincton city, D. C. t,OK SALE (IB BENT?Very deoiralile two-atory FBAME Hol'SE, on larse lot of gronnd in Uniontown, containing eight room-, with aatore rooDi. g ml place for bu^uebb. Apply to B. F. MABTIN. Uniontown, D. C. uiSot* F'OB SALE?A tine HOUSE and LOT in Franlf ltuBo?.otiK atreet, between 12th aud 13tli Thia propertv lia? a fine elevation, with l Mh (rout, and ia auperbly located. E K. WILSON, n.9 Ct #11 7th atreet, opp. Poat Office. FM)!t RENT-The HOUSE and PREMISES No. 1*^32 I'eiiii?> h ania aw uiie. adjoining llau cock'a Beataurant. The property front*- 23% f>-et on the a?enne and 2U feet on Phtre< t. It in an evcel leiit buriuesa .tand, ami will l><- rentqd at i?75 p r in. nth. Apply to PODGE X PARNEILLE. 1 4'2? F atreet. my 6t t'OB^ALE-HOl'Sk. and Lt?" , .>07 13-h atreet, 1 I" tut ? ii E and F at-. The hou*e haa nu.e r #:n-. with gax. water cloet, and bathiooi >.. ln.iuire at ADAMtiON K, 303 <*h at. inS->t FH>B SALE?Five new J atory BK1CK BOUSES, C rooms; hall, veranda; \ery ch'-ap, and .mall dh> Mient?; on 13th atreet northwest. WM H . MIN NIX, t>03 16th atreet, opposite Treasury Pepart mt nt. nit. 6t LHIK6ALK?Two-attiry BB1CKS, on Wa?hingt..u I htreet, ?100 caah, balance ft30 per montti; Sliai caah, t2i p< r mouth: ftdou ca?h, .*?> pet month; naif caah, ?15 per month. 0. B. MILBURN, 41 3 7th atreet. ind6t* L'OB BENT?Four large, airy BOOMS, fronting r north and aouth; two coniiiiunicatinK, on flrat tloor, aud two ditto on second floor, with Urge porches; bathroom, Ac., in h ?n*e; excellent tor a party of geutleuieii who would wiah to nae one of the r oma a. a parlor. R<f?rencea required. Apply at tUa office. mS 2w I^OB BENT-FUBNISHICD HOUSE,8 roomaand bathiooin, with all modern iuiprovementa,from June 1st to October l?t. Apply to GEO A. HALL, Sec. Y. M C. A., rooma corner 9th ai.J B ata iu7-?t l^OB SALE-SL'BLBBAN RE J11> E N C E~?Tl7e 1 residence of the late M -rria Adl-r. on Georgetown Heishta, w ith about t ix Acrea ?f Land, ia ottered at prfvat? sale. Iti^ui-e at 143 Bridge atreet .Georgetown, P.O. na> SawSw* FOB RENT?A HOUSE in the onntry, l>t nnl-a front the Mavy Yard, near G<x>d Hope, D C., containing eight rooms. For par'iculara apply to A. C. APUlSON, on the adjotnUig farm; or by letter to M. ADPlSON, Washington, P C. m< Iw* I^OR SALE?The beat LOT on Capitol HUl,eor r ner of Delaware avenae and north B street, 76 feet 8 inches on north B atreet by 142 feet 6 in< hea on Delaware avent>?; clete tfi street cars and extenaion of Capitol grounds; apiendid .ite for hotel. For terms, Ac , inquire of WH.TTLKR, Seal Bftate Broker, T19 13th street m5-eoSt 1?0B BENT-Valnable BUSINESS STAND, third story, room feet, northeast corner Louisi ana avenue and 7th street; also, OFFICES on sec ond floor. Apply oa premises, or at 433 C street northwest, before 11 a. m. m3 F 'OK BENT?A handsome country BoUsS in complete order,contaioiug thirteen rooms, with i-<Ia? nrl? > I ..a., . .# 1... 1 a V , ? . , ' ' a?v?l?Oj WMUJ garden and prlvilefff* of ftca houae^carrian^ and atable" ou Ac Washington railroad, near Belts jffy'^'ya^'is.ssrscssi^s avenue. (ml-?w') W. A UJTB10UM. |<HtR BKNT-BE81DEKCB. Ho. MM 1 street, * (8Kh and 21st ata.T) has twelve r.joibs ud D'id' fa'*? <**?**. fljOW) per year, toqaire at Mo. 1733 1 atreet. aW-an*t* I^QB BKNT-Mai 1 ?>,wtthboari,two-oopueetiji F front BOOMS, with hot and cold water B .anl ? ? ? ? Mr< v*jiu water. 0<wq and Booma for two, ?6f. Modem rnnirai 1 nnni ia house, 108T >th atreet. a? rot RENT?Fine three-atory pressed BBICK " DWELLING, with all modern improvemsnta, with store room tad two cellars. Imjaire 1I0L Lll'OB B>Q8.,M dealer., 6th and O. a3? lm E>OB RBBT?Most deeirabl* OFFICB BOOMS in r the Dorthweat cornor ktildiac of 7th and G ata. northwest. H. GASCH, UAlft.* ??? 7th atreet n rtbwert. FOR RPTT AND SALE. tpoi MLI-Loti *?? I. B. M, U Hd|(,iai?Mr? 911. st*. . lot* S. 4- ?. ?. ?? 10. 11. and IJ.snmr ?6. orw |w| Capital rtr?1, ? f?w w?ut?' walk .>f i F -treetenra. Apply ?"LcV?iJ streets Isfc?'l M BMP* IH l^OR SALE, TRAP* OB RBNT-Tbai Sie r OOFIffiT RESIDENCE, kaown as "Ingle ude," situat-d on the new pake road to Wta1 j Church, one-hall mil* from tbe Aqueduct Bridge. | ?*"!???^r?, P C. There W a Hoe t>*w dot,! le house, and French rot*, with thirteen **>d ro>ms. cellar. hath room and water lull, with window. rarge, toot android water. large tr^a nirr-ww<lii ? ths Bowse, a r**l Kara with four , stalls, carriac* honae. eraia-ry. and heonery. Tliere ar? Bve acres of gronMl wetl f-oced with fruit tree-. j grapes. Ac.: tm- gmid a.-lie of wat-r and a spring 1 oflKlbf>fr?yrrt! fnrMk.orlral'for rtty ff-r r tv, iBcrvtdl or on improved,nr f?r Imiv for a term ?>f years. Ptrliw m?aniit l???tnf a* will l? ?h"?n ib' ?t"P?rlj br calliuf M ?#i F street. Masonic s^3w [R p t?l PHIL H WBLC1 L'OB RENT-Thre*-st..ry H KICK HOUSE, Mo. * BUS 3d ?reet ?? rih?Nt. ik mgotr'a walk from the Pennsylvania a>nn? and F ?ireet ran. K?.l fail per m> titb. Apply to Dr BHiKlPtK, 110 iMrm nortkwM a3s-tf L'CB RENT? Furnished or l'ufuriii*He.1 ROOMS. 1 *? mh fr. tit; suitable for housekeeping. Apply <111 P- nu*y 1\aiiia a\rntie. ajCl lia F'CR SM.K ? The ?iibvntwr oilers for *ale hi* HOl>K . S". 144 1 and LOT ou the ?|iiarf eaM of the Capitol. The lot ta ?itneted >a the ???uth side of East Capitol ?'reet and on hi stnet. arid is 47 I feet and 11 inches wide and lit feet deep. r> >1 ?f. ?'7 3?' CHARLES F RrSBKLL L'"K >A LK t>R K.\l IIA NtiK Fi i K CITl ptilp I KUTV, a two-story 1ol SE wirh brirk baa* ment. rthI also a corner LOT and a T \ R!d .?f 6o aciee near tbecity. Appl)toJ P DIX.c >ra?r(ih ai:d fftftti- ?trwi?. ^ C. ait 1m* FyoiTfliT-FCIIiUBID ROOMS: a ha. k Parlor furniab*d aa a B<-dro.>m, and two plea*- * ant room#, back and front, or secoul story, tn an ?li|tiM) 'l<icati'd P*fllir.f or I street, near fib; will I*- reiilfd on r^a*oTial>l<* trn*to e*ntlrni?n only. Addr?-<<a "A. J.," National Republican mls tf (R p I FOR SALE. AT PRlVATKtfALR-4 h?*p-At H -n?-X ? *?1? F ?lri?l nortbwt-at, a larit* lot of 11 uo-hold ? I RN1TC"RK. Iiiclixlinf Purler >uit?. Il?d R >m 8'iita.< arix'th, Kiirtfii Furu^tut*. Ac , by J. W MATCH KTT. H'2 lltb atrwvt u w. mliji* h'UR SALE?A banda- nir t*:a> M \ RE. <i y?*ara old.kiid. t't!?- and My lab. A!?o. * _ n?-arljr n<w t \KK1\UE and IfARVESS ' ? Sold lor waut of nar Apply M" '-<04 " *? xtrr^t, bi-lvrrn II and SI atr>-rta n?rtbw?at. ti 11 II * L'OR rALB-A Ctirvtnut M\RE. Uauia 1 k Mid a half bi(b,tMi yaaia old Slw b{ *<rj (jiilet torMe an.l >lri?*, ala-i tr au ricrllm taii.l?-m leader, and ho l-wii< riddt-n !?> a ladi tin- winter. Pnc?- ?JU0. Apply 1 3m h ftro?t, frt-ni > to H am It* l^UK SALE?A rare ? haucv <<(Terw<l It partiw r dvatriiiir to pun haf? one of Ibr bainl rN -??tii??t pruate TEAMS' in tb?< ity conmot- j init of a nearly n^w I. AN I?ATLET, (lia? imittil. |.?*n n?nl lor montba,> a pair of ?itp>-rior Mat. b U li k \ S. aotitid III r\ 1-r > p?rticillar, mid no?f n^.. ut Gold M. iintod DOl IU.E SET of HARNESS For paniculam apply to I.aTIMERA <'LEARV,Awc ti?iiwr?, rotuir of lltb ?tr<-ot and Pfuunylvaui.t avi-nne, Star Oflicr Hnilding. | R<-p ) rnl.t t.t L'OR SALE?Ch?-ap, two new COl" NTERS. N rth r * ar<>ltna Pm?-. otl?-?l,9f?*t enrh; aU<>. PAR IT TION, at Store, Corner of <?tb a:?d A a|rwl??outk eaat. lulJ-jt* ?/OR SALE ?T'lrt* of tb?- n>- ?t detirablt LOTS r i>u Meridian Hill. Only f I ? in onb ri^ for fir*t payment. Forfurtlx-r iu!onnati< n apply to the niidrraigm-d. THOMAS W. FOWLER. ?><U F ?(re<t.opp Patent Office. niH H" F^OR~SALE? SMALL FARM-A place f.lnr niTT nort beaut fr? m thia city, com amine ? kriw, about o?' fourth in hewxy tinil?er. The unpr .*e nn nte < n?i?t of a d 'tihle Fiatue ll .uw , in order, withall the ti.-. e??.iry ?iutkuildinc?.tu<'liadinc an ice Iiouih-, full of i<-e. Plenty ol ?ooa pare w ater and *iMal Imndrrd fruit tree* of the l?~?t varHi**. Will be Mid <>ti eaay term*, and cat > property taken in part et< banxe Price aud term? mwde kn >a n on application to lil< H.\KI> B. MOHUN A CO . ml2 101 lOl j Penii*y Ivania m\ enue I^OR SALE?A ?er> desirable F ARM . ci>ut.iimn? 66 a< rea, and bleated in HontAoaiery C"? M i < n the W aaliitiRton. Cl,-s\ ill- and A?ht"n tarn pike road, a<l^oUuiiK th- Burnt Mill* property T'ii? Fatiu is in tine condition, and under e ?<l f-iirinf, impro\#-d by a good two-*t?cy Frame Hotixe, with bark building, containing in all nine rooms; a well of MHW Water at Ilia d<Mir. Therein al?o a otable and aheda, |? ultry lioune, Ac..auda * ???d atoreb ?u?e whi<"h baa b-.-en long eatabli?hed a* a buaitov -land, a blackMnitb and wbeelwright'* ?h"p There ia a line grove of tree- ar uud the liiiildinc. and an ex cellent orchard of applea, pea< bet., and a \ ari? ty ol other fruit *mi the plare, w ith an abundance of wood timber Tak- n altogether thi? Farm ortera a great inducement to any one wanting a healthy c >untr> home. Theaociet) in the neigbborh >od I-?*<e||en?. with clmchM andacliool* very conteul tut. Title indiKpntable, Apply ou the premi?e?, to mI2-3i* CHARLES THOMPSON l^OB BALE-Two flue DRAFT HORSES, two r CARTS, ii< arl\ new ; one FARM WAG cv on,isetdCART Harness,new. 1 ?et newn_tt\ IiOl'BLE HARNESS. T. B CROW. mi'j * 171 Bridge atreet, Georgwtown. rOB bALE. AT A (1REAT BARiaI N- < iu^ r FOl'R PASSENGER ROCK - AWAY, in fine or.ler, with Shaft*' and new Pole, ju-t made to order, can be u?eii with one or two Loi-e?. MiDERMOTT BROS, ml0-3t 3aU Petiiiayl\ania ari-auf. l^OB SALE?Ju?t arrive, tti b-ul of rer; I Orirmg and liraft HliBSES. mm* fa-t trotter*, aaWied e*pr-*elT for ttii- market, r . at H I'Ul'ELY A BO WEN'S Stable, Nr. /C7~V. York avenue, between 6tb and 7tb atreeta. ui3-Jw* F'OB SALE-BAT MARE; S rears old. Morgan stock: warranted sound. Also, PoNY/ry PHOTON Appl> to LATIMER A CLEA T-Jb RY, Anction^r*, Pennm l>ama?venm, cor f ? tier of 111li atreet. Star Office building. a2s tf L^OlI SALE?AO.OOO first-claM^BOSES, Climb 1 ing Plant*. Ornamental Shrubs, aud Trees, Parlor Plants, Aa. A. JORDAN, Connecticut MB avenue. *36 lm* ^ PRIVATE SALE. Thebeaatiful Country Residence called "DUN IIARION HaLL," aituatoal on the road lr<-iu Pierces Mill to Teunallytown, abjut XX nules from W<v?b;iigt,.n. D. C. tMlML The place contaiun about twenty-three acres <il land, improved by ? man*ion bouse containing eigb teen rcM>ms, and t wo *mall cottage*, oue c mtaiuiug mx, the other three rooms, ice bouse, barn, Ac. There are seven acres of grapes in bearing, pears, peacbts aud other fruits. The \iew from the hou*e is one of the finest in the Pistiict. Any oned-siring a tine country residents would do well to call and examine this property . lftbe place is not s? Id by the 1st of Juue the M ?u Flon House will be for rent during the m as n. Fortenua apply to PlEBC'i SHOEMAKER, sX-lm near Pierc?'* Mill. L'OR SALE?A handsomely matched pwr of BAY r MARES, kiud.geutle aud sty lisb. Also, fv a nearly new FAMILY CARRIAGE and jZTM HARNESS. S"ld for want of us*-. Can l>eri/V Men at KEATING A CO Y Stable*, WOtt, Wll, St 13 and Slid 11th street northwest, one square nouth of Peausylvania avenue. a21 lm ? ,'OB SALE ("IIEAP-4 tour horse double-tree _ street PLOW SHEAR; some long handled round E int'-d SHOVELS, and square feetofgond2 ich PLANK, at UiU'i K i<raet, at canal. al9 ti |?KICK CLAY FOM SALE. 1> Apply M DODGE A DAB*E(LLB, jlT-tf 1IH1 F street. MEDICAL, &c. MRS. H. *. FRENCH, tAs UUtnmud As.'wai.. Clatrroymmt, M'dnal and Ttu M'-Jtmm, can b? aeen a short time only at TUi lltb street nortbw sM Hours Ircm It) a. m. to 7 p. m. tu6 lui* |>R0F BINGHAM, M D , A/^./.-yi/ El tr,nan. J. of Kew York, treau all Nervous, Chronic Dis eases. Blood and Cancer Poisons. Rooms at the Howard House, corner Pennsyl vania avenue aud bth street, on Mondays, Wed nesdays and Fridays; and at tbe Mansion House, Alexandria, Tuesdays, Thursdays aud Saturday*. m2-Sw * |\B. MO*T S FRENCH POWDERS oertaia cure rnJ for all diseases ot the organs and all urinary i ' iiiplaints and blood and akia diseases caused by indiscreflon In yonth. Trice, ilper box. F r *ale by WM. B EMTWISLE, Druggist, corner 12th st. i?ud Pennsylvania ave , Waabingtou, D.ti. aU-lm* " WTATl VOLENCE/' OB THeVuTlCL K*.~ A THE GREATEST DISCOVERY OF THE WORLD By it all diseases are cured. No medicines used, and no la>irgonof bands. Taught by Mrs. J. R EL IOT, 478 C street aorthwest. ap7-tr UR. LEGE. CONSULT1XO PH TSIClAfl, Tbe oldest established Specialist la th* elty Ho. 611 14th street, above H. Bonn: 11 to 4 and 7 to I,daily. jrt?-tr 1/EM ALE DISEASES of all kinds treated- De r scribe case ana encluae hi, aduce aud naedi rme will be sent. Address Mrs Dr .TUOEwm. No *4* Morth UU street. PbHadelphia. ja g l) * <V1 ADAME WILSOB, ^ i?I A Kduemud PHYSICIAN AMD MlBflfB, caa be consulted on all DISEASES INCIDENTAL TO LADIES. Residence and 0>nsultatisn Bo?ms. Ml kh straw between H and 1. Roona,Board, Medical aUewdaauc Ac , at reaaonaMa prices. Tapeworm removed wftk heail la two bom. Rsdsr to paUs?U swessssfnUy treated tn Waahlnctoo. aorB 7 a* r\BSTACL*S TO MARBlAGE.-ltePM Htlmf V/ Jor YotntA Mm from the effect* of Errors aad Aboaes in early life. Manhood restored Impedi ments to Marriage removed. Mew method of treat meat. Mow aad remarkable remedies. Books and Circulars sent free, tn sealed euvelopea. Adlresi Xearard Assoctatasas, No. tf south HE stree*, Phila delphia, Fa.,?an Institution ba. iaig a high reaota tUn far honorable ooadact and proleaelenal ?kill. ? M0*BY EBTDBBBB IV lVi SUN RAO ML1XJM T. Sa^Uc?. i ? Washiogton Wraets.Georsetowa.aad * PLAMT4M8QM^York i TAL AND DISPEMSART, sictaas,Dra. J. 0. HaU, Thoaaas MUler.0. H ????, W. r. Johastoa, aad Graltoa Tyler. j F*?*yianr IHssasg. TVy tf Sm?. _ . A . Ashfoed, Sargical, Thas*y, Thars'y, Hat*y Dr. i. C. Jnsey, . Msdice^ Tn?* y, M -^nday, Sat?y Br.W-B.Drlnkard, Eye A Ear, MonVWed'y ,Fi ?dy r. W. W Johnston, M?d1cal, M- uS .Wed'y .Fr'dr L. J. Dajts.fcwUfTjJames 0. Kenv.My.PreA dent: #. B McGuire, Tr?s??irer. to whoall com DKmkntlvDsma) t* tent; Putt Ofice Bo* 419. M? BUSINESS CHANGS. I*VMr^y *52 v* l*a#? ?? ra.iT.!... l V, ?Tm?? Mark*.?apUW HiU bOI Ji' 1CSSS? s3 dr"? A. I-.. P. 0., ? ?liltigt.a. p. <; ail ?.? TWiS SSliT .".!ITJ"l:Tr,rr"'r _a.lift' lOOVXUw ,S.t r ^ Lati?i .. l"lTHk, B*,T payi??> i . *KJ|" AI HA T? o? F- itoivlt aiit ?v??ni' m i ^.77 "r.1, ? .n?> ii ?Dia . %.?? f SaJ.ArtaM rrMK. ???? M-lllBjoul, Ar?l; Id * Bf,*'rV "* SfefeiTr u lw K,h' *> p*-- TJSS r riM> mlo It* F,K"T , La^ Ah*i? 8ALl ? _ ,, ?:V". " nsn&zx* - iSSk, - feS.-' ??> *???** lotiH, ?? ???, ?ud7th: *? l.?nM. " UlttdUili ft ?'?? I t rti- t || *i,.1 |.w|, ?'* " l~ ?? t M N i ' ? i f f??'W Hri k H !:?.?*? <?, | . I 4 . *Ti , 1<wt<, r -rw. H I ? r ::?? ...... , .?* m?d % alnuM* ^ j at-ni ? s" ? k ? ?- ? > V ? V.; . JL i rt?>r> Brick. ? >rh tut. it nr. . II. b.i. I l. au . u. b um n v ......., u.b US L I ?rouiwl."? Is |i. | >| ^ ^ , faiotit d, <h|n.rp v>9 ,l -nt- ) '-<? f' I, n. ?r |- I > vr^^L.r.' ^nvi,:! ::rrr i ^'KnU9, A !??>.??; hat. - ntli i i 4li",fl"r'?r'\ ??' ?" ?? ?'?u. ..f h. cur *' l'ii> K >1 lot), for c?.?i ? .... y.u> _ KKNSIlI V a S...V Itfo I?h., MTOKS'fl.f"' ? ?L" ASWSw ft/OR SALE >..Ur tirw-cla- nKi< h HOI'aKiT ? t*? aquar. - fr..|u I Apr I park ; t|,^ - - ' 'h* It*** Kv- -rn Bl trW.* v.miin ? i "'"1 r"M ??'??! . ?."?1 ?W.r ' In,ulr*' ?" Jl? v ?trw| *?? I.' F 'M \r\LuvJv.''TMK,k? ^Ul? WILL ul f vA'I ?*? th** M 1 *rIl?T> ?tM| Hl.irn ??t707 r?h?* *"*? l?-atfj E_LEN/Bi:au a ?m ]\|(,N * \ . TC' LuaN (jS KCAL fcSt ATK T? i~I auius l? tun t..r ir,.n. on. !.? n.e >w. ' ? r?? lm fc'Ol KM * MII?DL?TOM, fcl S lMk sSSiSfe i in? >an] Of iU C*fir?ir4 n*^ nim, m In^rivur iai L^l if . '?'"???!? iinil'.r, nr.t>i. FV*U""-r St," n. ,. itr* inf?. ",U ,s^I*>|v,""? ?^'Uiit? . V. Pric, ,.B|. w .???_ ?- a. ruillipa! \IOKKV TO LOAM US K*aI7 UTATI d i ? . " TUVA H|?(l, ..nj Ij.gurunc B- k-m, - r1,n? i??t r .u^< It A|Tu I'.'ilsi*1 !' >UI ? e #T??U* mm? * i iNU ? i >*r, Vi* ar Iif*w iiiArknt ?tk rtrett.Ko. 171J t^nn? tSii ^ n-?.f ? M V A?lfT'N ^pkHRob, maO It IMC A ltuildin?r 9r*< ah?1 I> ** [| ?87S roi mn. ~ Th* l?rr. F(?l"R 8TuKY H<M'8t wltli thn?. ?t-ry 4 tl 4 M "?r. Hi, IJ. ^rl) 'n. m , twenty , n"^f ,H,e mh< " ^ ?" n> k? i~.r. r~~,2? (?til in cob_i|>I..|. r- wur, *i.?j m ?.rj f -rl "j ?* '?* . ktrdiuf h"U?- Will rr??ur>. p.1,1.^ ivain? ?T.?u.. i.: urrj}1* DRY GOODS. i* ^iiX^T BAKUAI>> jTLIPLD AND(*UE< K '-II K ?> 1 HDd*om^ Pf liiled Liocii Lam ii? ^ r# ii? fti IVrralw. i-nnt^l HtlUxim Crap. Clolbo *t,d Pi^um. ? . tiCI JACKICTb AN 1* POINT" iu" ,'?Lk ?"k" ""1 Dr"** 4"'. i*?? n"w?? I) l?*, .1 tb. l >n?rk.i .new UNA I'KU'K ONLY n.R M W * BB0 ? - *1* I *??n?Ttvani? [JEAI> T(? 'illK BOTTOM. #ood BLAC l\ ALP A i A At A)*.. 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M ? attractions: LOW r RIC MS IS CARPETS! CABPETS'! CARPETS ?l S aiat EN" JLIMI BRUSSELS. EN'ULUil 1NORA1NS, IVHITE and CHECK MA'Atng*'1**1' , Li9' OIL CLOTHS, kVlfc'POW bU.VDES.ln allr I *laS,Uld ***?? ai.d W INIKiW FIXTl'RES, at WOI FORD ft kHILIKRV'k, 4J1 SEYENTH STREET. iMa?eb D and E. aoutfawMI. *? tr irtM AECADB. |)BY UOOi'S AI PANIC PR1CE?. On-rt b.rraln* In DRY GOODS fro. tke N.? kork and Pmlail.lpbia auct. <tn> Dr?? ttronadiiMa ?t 6. In and 1JS ct nt? |w-r vard, a ilul Itai. at i'rn* O - l- at Iras than in.p>.rtar> dtV^, Strip* '?-.K aSS or,h ^U? Liaeu M a *Wi "W pnei-, Strip.<i Y<?.niit? at toe , w.rtb Mc : ink ?>t Lac. (5urtaiD? at $3 AO a pit* ?; a I.a. of li auti Ml Parabola at rubt pnr? a ??? L.ama L? .|.a?l? at half prit? EMORY BAXTER. '' IVtfO P.iitia Ivan.a ai.u... 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