Newspaper of Evening Star, May 13, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 13, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. TV r.?t n ? T Iny 1*. 1*73. LOCAL NEWS! ? ( owlraoMt Loral*. Frem .1. C. Parker we have Ay^Uion's Journal for Ma; 17. M? Lf wlii Johnson A- Co. nrvoal into their ?'? h?nk-ij{-h?n?, corner of Fennsvlvania avenue atxl lfth street, yesterday. VMttrljv iftfrmnn, ?bout 5 o'clwk, .Umi** Bjers, a laborer. fell from a scaffold on the lui'dlrg being erected on F street. between ;ith and I' tn. and fractured his arm. Dr. D. M. Beall rendered the necessary assist airt. Mr If. R M 'w, superintendent of the fire alarm telegraph. has* been engaged for some dats in strengthening the steeple of tha? l.'lth ?treet Itaptist church, for the purpose ot again f ntting in oj^ration the apparatus for sounding tire a'arms on the large bell of the church. The apparatus will be in working order to-morrow. The Knight* of St. ColnmSkille, at their last m? etmg. electe.i the following officers:?John Meran. commander; Lewis f"onwell. tir?t depu ty; I?a> id Kiordan, seconal deputv. Jame* lor. fh>rd deputy: Ed. Br??hab*n, recording wrftriv. p Me Samara, financial secretary. .1 Fuller, treasurer. The society now ha* upwards ot w members. Ftre wa* discovered last nigh', about eight o'c'r<"k. In the loundrv of Messrs. Gray \ Noves, ?n Maine avenue, but it wasextinguish-al with out ?n alariu being turned in . About the same lioiir a tire occurred nt the show window of Mr*. ( urr-an ? sfa?re. corner ot 6th and G streets, rorthw W, caused by t*e upsetting of a coal ?>i! lamp in the hanat*. of a little girt. It was **tin>ruished by oflircrs Koth and McNarn kr:t Without an ajar in lvO? about ?'^3. On SamUT evening a number of the m? mbers of kebecca l.oalge, No. 1, Daughters of Teaaperance, i'M-mbinl at HarmoniaJ hall and participate! in a banquet given in hoinn of Mrs. n. Adler and Mr-*. T. Soiomon. members ot the loalga-. who ire al>out leaving for Europe. The president, Mrs. .1. Hermann, called the Mage to ord- r, anal atter the repast die appr~*f>riat*ly aaMrewed the guests, and they made '-uitablf res|>ou.?e*, followed by .sentiments ?ltd rem arks by other iui mlsrs. At a of the 1? th district republicans, last evening. the prasident. Samuel II. Wil liams, tender* d his resignation. on aecount of having removed out of the district. The resig natioi was accepted, and a vote of thanks ten dered htru for h s efficient service?*. The club then elected Edward Fordan president and Georgr ? ?"Mallv treasurer. The retiring pre- - dent w %> th-n presented with a ?ilvcr-heade I cane inherit"?? Presented by the citizens of tl?e lith distiict to S. 11. Williuius, May 1-, A LtTTt E Ba>Y BaDI-Y CKt'SHCT> I'xtlER A W*(hix Vmu.?About noon to-day a very serious accident occurred at the corner of 7th and B streets, by which a small boy named Horace Mayr.ard Martin?a 7-vear old son of Cant. Martin, who resides at the corner of jth ard P street*?was seriously?perhaps fatally? injured. It apjiears that a wagon laden with brick was liemg driven along by John .lavin*, and the boy,was i '.t I with the <lri Yer. atti mpted to jump on the wagon from the side. Belore he ronbl get up, the front wheel ran a rut alongside of the railroad track, and Jo-tled the b-.y oft", ard he fell directly in front AC one of the rear wheels, which pa-^-d over kia. Javinsdrew the liorses up as so.>n a* possible. and Serg ant Fainter took the injured Lov to tiilman's drug st?*re. wh?'re l?r. Bulkier attended him. ami it was tound that he had severe internal injuries, and that some of his rilwa w?rre broken. II.- was mi Use . ?|iia nf!\ taken to the Children's hospital, on E ?tree*, between :<th ami toth afreets, when l>r. l?:ii.iai.-?'ii attended him. ? T?t* CoLOiin Opkr.%.?The performance oi ??I .ie I'oetor of Alcantara' by the Colored * b?. 'i? an ??p?-ra Company at' Wall's Opera Ib-n.-* la>t n;gbt attracted it I ?r^e ami fashion able ?% idience. iBcludingaceusbiera^le number ?>t tm aorers ol music in tni* city who patron: ze the Italian. I ngTi?h and French opera. TM ?erfvoance was a rerv sat.sfactorv one. the Itaoing characters acting ami singing even bet??r trixn at rlii r first api? arance in this citT at Ilall. while the ringing chornssc, of the frou) r aroos* .1 the enthusiasm of the audi ence to a hi^h pita h. The r?M>mvsttge of tli. Ol era llQifgav? the company a better opjK>rtu nitv toi|??pla\ their ability than they had at Lin coln hall. and judging from their improvement ol it. the crtotrd oj>era is il??-ine?t to become a permanent institution. It wouNI l?e hardly fair to singleont any one of the leading mugers for e|>ecial m?-pr;t)n when all ?! ' -o well. To-night is the !a*t ehancc to h?.ar th-. lu before their trip to the North. Britnmr. PaawtT* lssr*i> T?>-r>AT.?A oue louv tin-shop ??>?: K ?'.le H street, lietwe'n KUware artnae a:sl Jd streets southwest for W . II. Mills; a thrie-.-tory brick back building e?s -;de 1th street, between I and K streets noruhwest. lor Mrs. C. Kartmnn: a ttiree-storv brick d?ellirg. son in sine K. between 15tli ami l?;th nreets northweot. for J. II. S.|uier; a two ?torv trame dwelling north side ?>, betw.?en North i ?rolina avenne an*! I?t street* ea>?. for Henry trc; a two-ftory trttue stable on -jut!i side ea>t Capitol street, between ?>1 and 1th streets, for Ceorge tiroes; a two-story brick luck dwclhug on cast side ii stieet. between A ami P street* s?iutLe iSt. for I*. H. Wclch: also, a two-st?ry frvne -tore and dwclliug. w>ut;> side E. k lweeu :Hh and lOtu streets southeast, for same. ? Ti!K PtOTtsTisT Eris. opAt. Sr?r>AY R. h?m>{ A-sii iatkhi met at Epiphany CI: irch l.o-t evening. Th?' Ke?. l?r. Knight exten-l ? l.on Ih halt ot the rector and vestry ot Epipitany Ch ireh. the iise .?f that church for a genera' jubilee of the Protestant Episcopal Si mi a v Schools on the Kith dav of J fine. The dare w.?s consei|iieiitly changed to -luue 17th. aid on motion of tien. W. H. Brown, the following ci iiiiii.ttrco! six sii]>eruitendtDts was app >;ute?l te make the n> <-. ,?>.rv arrangements: M*-s?rs Matthew.'. Christ Church, Georgetown; Mar bury. St. John's Church. ??eorfcetown; I>r. ?lo?ephs, Epiphany. Washington; Mr. Iluncan s?>n. Ascension. Washington: I?r. Il--vbuni, St. ?lobn's Wa-huigtor; and P. P. Little. Christ CUorth, Washin^t >n. The Philadelphia Tkupkram e Br rssj^c. will arrive here to-morrow afternoon. Ail th* ten jx ranee organisations m this citr will a^-mi ie at .lonrvlab Hall, southwest orner o'" *??> ami street*, at 4 o'clock, an 1 proceed bv the following route: 1> street to loth. Pennsvf ?"i? averue and N-^w Jersey avenue, to the iv'.,,, ?tt/Ti- ther w.ll receive and escort their PbHadeTphuTfr!e?,s ^ to the Foundry M. E. Church, c... [ streets, where mten ?ting exercts^^ . an I pectrd. eom|>o?ed of mu.->. redtatitir-. . short -leeches by the mem'wrs ati*l children o! the Philadelphia T.-mperance Blesolng ami well-known ad vocate s of the cause in this citv. The e*crcs*s at the church will comm.-uce at o'clock. ? The Ctr.ctit c..|-kt of the I?istrict eoTivene?l its May term vesterdav. ,lndge HunrihreTs pr*si?ling. and adjojrm<l over to Tuewlay next. 'I -altnilar for the term nuuih-rs ril* ca*es. among which are several 1i!m?1 ca- sand It* cases in which taifro:*! companies are thede fen.lanta?seven against the Washington City ami Point Lookout, two against the Wa-'.ingtoh and Georgetown street railroad, and one each agam*T the Baltimore and Ohio, ihe S ??ithern Maryland. Balttni- re and Potomac,anal?'range, Aleiaidria and Manama*. The ap|?-al calen dar r.un:ba>rs but 7j cases, but th- re are some aery important one*. A S?Ttie>rs A<-eii-rsT?A!>out 2 o'clock to day a man naiind .lames Norcom was seriously Ipjnrra! while engage,| in retnaavirg the old iron bridge over the cai. il at 11th street by the fall ing of a heavy bar of iron, wlW-h struck him on the shoulders and back p *rt of the head, lie was |>icka*d up wn-*le-? and taken to the alr-ig etore ot Messrs. Kialwe'.l afc Co., on E, near llth streets, when restoratives were applieal and his head bandagfd. after w hich he wa- conveyt?din a hack to l>r. Walsh's for further treatment. ORT ER* THE BOAKDOP Pr?tIC W.>!:K<? The in.ard have ordered 1U0 silver map'.e trees fmm Mr. Alexanaler McKericher,of Aloxamlra countr. Virginia, to plant in the park-; also. i"Ht pofdars fraon Mr. .John Saul for the streets. General Inspector Mill has been directeal to hare the holes ou B. between 15th ami 17th str?ets, ami 17th. between D and E streets, filled and leveled at once; and also to have a dangerous hole on the corner of ?"rh and E streets northeast filled up. Attempted Scion* ok a Wo*a* is a 8ij?tio?-hoi Cell.? A cola>red woman named Flizabrth S rums was Yesterday arrest ed in the lirst precinct for alrunkenness. anal locked up in the statia>n. Last night she mtd" two attempts at self-dcstrue*ti??n by hanging herself with strips of her clothing to the grating in the door. Station-ke?|>er Thomas Mar ten disco\ ered and cat her down on both occasions, and finally bad to put haml-eutfs on her. Oyster a>u Fisu Market.?Boarl of health li *J ections of marine proilucts for the week emllng May 10, 1S73. 18,I*W bunches of fob. 73,1 WW) sEad. sj?,noo herring; >?ta\loni; 4? Bturgeain-; ?3.>wmi clams, 34,nno crabs, and 1,<*W l-nsheN of ovsters. The condemnations hare been ?'.? bunches ot tlsh; 75 shad; 1.000 herring, crabr, ami ?> bushels of oysters. Tub Privacy Election in the 13th district yestrrdav, for delegaus to the central commit tee. resulted in the election of E. W. W. Griftin and W. F. I ?aw. It is claimed by the friends of Gea-rge Boston and Henry A. Jones that each one was elected, and it Is likel. that another election will be held to deeiab- bet?wn them. C. -W. Sw a eg art awl Christopher AdUtsoa were elccteti alternates. Bss? Batie?The famous Mutual club, of ?w T?rrlt, ?nd our Washington nine will play a champ.en aiatch to-morrow afternoon, on the i>!\ mpia gn'umls. See al. BriiDino Asimk iaTia?s ? At the .TTth regu lar monthlv meeting of the Franklin co t>l ?r^tive bui'aimg awociation ??:.:/*! were ad Y^BCfJ i! an avt rage ptcmiam of si per cent. SANITARY SUGGESTIONS. AXXl AL REPORT. BOARD HEALTH OpcrtllMi the Ptmt Year. Important RffommewUtion*. The supplemental report of the Board of Health was submitted to the Governor this morning for transmission to the Legislature. It i- a well-written and carefully-prepared paper, and on account of the importance of the sub ject* treated and of the recommendations of the board, we lay it before our readers in lull, as follows. District or Colvmbia, ) Board or Hkalth, > Waphism.toh. May ?tb, 1?73. ) lion. II. D. Oookt, (juctrm/T of the Dutnct of Co htmbtm-- . Sir 1 have the honor to submit herewith a statt ment of the act* of the Board of Health ot the District of Columbia, since the rendition ot the annual report of December last, together with certain suggestions and rtroninienuiuuns considered important to the sanitary interests ot the District. . ,, 1 have the honor to be, very respectfully, yours Chris. C. C?>x, M. D., " r resident of the Board of Health of Dist. Col. Report. The fir-t annual rei?oit of the proceedings ot the Beard of Health of the District of Colum bia. presented to vour Kxcellency early in De cember of last vear, embraced a consideration ol \ arious sanitarv topics, including the canal nuisance, animals'at large, unwholesome food, small i-o*, sewerage, utilization of night-soil, garbage, the cleansing and purification ol alley.-. t< g. ther w ith the code of ordinances adopted by the board, rules and regulations in regard to -mall i-ox. regulations for general vaccination, lor the garbage and sewerage service; reports ot the superintendent of jxtunds. of meat in spectors, inspector of marine products, ot the health officer, of the sanitary, sanitary polue. and ordinance committees, and ot the treasurer and eh. mist of the board. Every unprejudiced mil d, in view of that annual exhibit, will ad nut that no neglect of the health interests of the lustrict is properly chargeable to the board, but, on the contrary, that its members have been earnestly desirous to perform their whole dniv. and have labored to that end as they be lieve not witl .t benefieiai results. 1 have now the honor of presenting for your iniorniatiou and that of the legislative As-ctn blv the progress ot health oi>erations in the Dis trict since the rendition of the last report, in cluding statements of nui?an?M?s abated, efforts to prevent the spread of suiall-|?ox and inter esting statistics connected therewith, a rejnirt ol the receipts and disbursements of the board ?ince its organization, and of their present financial necessities, together with such sug gc-tions a? niav tend to enlarge the sphere ot samtarv science, and contribute to the ad vanced health and well-being ol the comma pity. MALL-POX. The historv of small-pox as prevailing in thi citv, ha.- been fully desc ribed in the annual re poit. and the exhibit of the health officer ap pea reel to this communication marked "A." The epidemic, which at first threatened to leave its deadly traces in every part of the District, has Ik en successfully arretted and confined to certain limits bv the; vigilance and persevering energy ot the officers having this subject in charge. 'j !.?? most jowerful measures tor the preven tion ot the spread of small i>ox have been found to consist in isolation and vaccination. The lormer has been rendered as perfect as circum stances and the provisions ot law would per mit, tl.e latter most diligently and taitlilully practiced to the lasge-t |?e>-si'ble extent. The vaccination of the j>opulatioir, exclusive of such l*-r.-oii- as received attention at the office of the board, was confided to the ward physicians ot the c:?v. under conditions iiuposedre'iuirmg the n.o-t thorough scrutiny into the need-ol the community in this respect, and their complete protection bv \ ae ciiintioii per.-cveringly proae <? How faithfully and efficiently the work ol tLc-e me<lical gentlemen has been performed is e vinced by their full and* satisfactory reports to the beard, but more by the strikingly bene fit lal results of their labors. Too lunch cannot be said in commendation of the zeal and devo tinn bestowed u|?oii the ta.-k a.?igned them. 1 he w?,rk assumed no ordinary proportion-.and demanded no ordinary sacrifice and exertion. To the offices ot the ward physicians, we teel convinced. i?due a large share of success in shielding the District from the ravages ol small l>ox. For these extraordinary services suitable r< numeration ha- not yet been rendered. Their accounts, herewith presented, are regarded by the Ward as exceedingly moderate and ni-t, and carlv action of the Legislative Ass ?nibly i re-| eetiu!ly urged, by which these; physicians ma> be compensated for the imi?ortant duty they have so faithfully executed. The l. iard of Healtli has already assumed onc-th;rd oi this pecuniary indebtedness, to be paid out ot the appropriation made by Congress lor the next hscal vear. and the aid of the legislature i earnestly it-yoked to meet the rema.ning obli gation. In order to prevent the ingress of small pox it is ! .-sential that the system ol vaccination tlius inaeigurated -hall be persistently sustained year after vear, since a new imputation is constantly being added to the District. and jieriuanent resi dents re.mire the test of revaccination at uncei tain intervals. The board would, therefore, snegest that an additiou of at lea-t per annum be maele to the present salaries ol tin ward plivsicians. in return tor which thev shal! be required tat kast once a year, or oftener. shou .. -mall |>ox prevail,) to visit every hou-e in their respective eiistricts, for the vaccination and revaccination of all such as may be uipro tected. and to ascertain that then* who pr<:'er to apply to their own tamilv physician* shall >iave complied with the compulsory rule within a reasonable time. , , Additional legislation is absolutely demanded to enable the l?oard still more successfully to pro tect our citix*lis against small pox. At present the disease chieily prevails in shanties and di lapidated Rouses where numbers are cotigre gated, the surroundings ef which indicate gros neglect of the common rules of health, especi ally' as res|>ectj ventilation and personal clean liness. No legal authority ex.sts to compel the removal ol the intected from these locations and thus, in nianv instances, they have una voidably continued to o|>erat? as foci for the propagation and spread of the epidemic. In order to stamp out everv trace of a ma!?ly so justly dreaded it is absolutely essential that tli board shall bave authority to separate th ? diseased from the healtliy. Vaccination and isolation once assureel. small pox will have no longer a local habitation in our midst Vaccination, not witl; standing the ntw-ntptt wisdom upon this subject,still command* the confidence of the profession as an efficient pre ventive against the small pox. The ex|?e-rience ot the Nt* York Board of Health, durihg the ??ast vear, is strongly corol>orati veot this asaer " It |>ositively affirms that "among all iion. - vaccinated or re-vaccinated th>'?e MlfCftlwtU'sf . to small |h>x in any nor.e have fallen victim.. . torni. while numbers have been su?c*eu it who retused to be vaccinated." Theeitortsof thel*>ard to extinguish small im>x bave resulte<l in partial succ?*sonlv, chieflv lor the want of suitable legislation by which isolation and vaccination could be made com pletely effectual. 1. In order to thorough protection ot the com munitv everv persou expensed, from neglect of vaccination or re-vaccination, shourd l>e com pelled to submit to this important preventive measure either at the hands of the ward physi cian, or the family medical adviser. 2. Authority should be vested in the Board ot Health to remove to hewpital all cases of small pox. whenever in their judgment the public safety may require such proceeding. Of cour-e a w ise discretion should be observed, avoiding conflict with suitable domestic arrangements for isolation of the sick, where the menus of the Oc cupant anu the capacity of the dwelling jus?ity exemption troni the rule. These is hoped, will receive the official approval of our law-makers, and that the board will hereafter be fortified with ample j*>wer and authority to control Infectious disease, whenever it iuay thr? aten or assume epidemic form. Every phy sician anil head of family should be required to rejxirt within M hours any and all cases of small pox, or other infectious or contagious disorder that may occur within the circle of their inmates or patients. The following results in regard to sm%ll pox in the District will be found interesting and sug gestive : srXMART. Tn'al number of cases of small-pox occurring from duly 1. 1*72, to April 15, 187 i?continent ca.-es, ss'.i; mild tvpe, 334?1.223. %l>eaths?never vaccinated, 307; previous to 5 years. H9, within 5 yean, 24?W. Percenrage?uever vaccinated ,71.40; prey ious to 5 years, OJKt; within 5 years, 5 .Vs. Vaccine virus purchased of Dr. Henrv A. Martin. No. 27 Dndley street, Boston High lands. Mass?46,000 points, at 81-jO per Si., ??.!**>. Number of persona vaccinated by ward physicians from November I, 1871. to date, ui.-.".r?; population. 140,<W0: ratio of vaccinations to ]>opnlation, 1 in 3.47, or '>.78 per ceut. of the entire lopulation. The total expense of conducting the amall pox service from l?ecember, 1871, to May 1st, l?74, including vaccination and vaccine matter, amounts to a-f? Sum j'aiet from appropriation of Congress. fl?:,5<2.25. Srm paid from appropriation of District, ?3,:V;35. Appropriation asked from District to reim burse ward pbvsicians, amounts to *7,317.33. Should the Legislature appropriate a ?uffl etent ram to pay accounts of the ward physi cians, the amount paid bv the District will then be fll.2M68,or #.4,367-M less than the sum taken from the general government appropria tions. rrBLIC BATHS. The cleanliness, proper activity and warmth of the skin, so essential to ordinary health, Is especiallv to be regarded as a defence against cholera and other epidemics. Ihj ??osssltv has t>een recognised abroad, especially in England, where public baths and washing houses have b ng been established. The importance of such institutions to the laboring classes, in a physi cal, social and moral aspect, cannot be over [ ? vtiinaUd. The public bath and washing t ouw? organized at Liverpool in 1*43, was t?l wed in lMfbya similar institution in White ' liar*', London, calculated Tor ?t bat'is ani 95 washing places, each with its separate drving closet, and to meet a weekly demand for about 30,000 baths, tod the washing and drying of ihe clothes of about 20.000 persons. Since then other establishments have been opened and are in successful operation in different parts of Ijondon. The number who have availed theni ? selves of the penny baths Is incredible, while the arrangements tor cheap washing and dry ing of clothing arc most complete and accessi ble to all. That the bath should fiiui a place among the regular occupations cannot be ques tioned. It is really of greater consequence and more general utility than any species of manual I or g> mna.-tic exercise. In our country the iia l*>itance of vubiic baths has been time and again insisted upon by sanitarians. In Boston | they have l>eeii in use for a number of vears. and extensively patronized by all classes. In | New \ ork the accommodations for public bath ing are|uot In proportion to the demand. At I tention, however, is being directed to its mi I portance. and it will not be long ere this great saritary measure will receive the consideration I it justly merits. I>r. Stephen Smith, one of the I most distinguished sanitarians of the age, in re I terring to the value of public baths, especially I to the districts in New York occupied bv ten I ant houses, says: I '? The maintenance ot public baths in such I numbers and so distributed throughout the c.ty I as to enable every inhabitant to bathe daring I the afternoon or evening, would greatly ni'ti I gate the effects of high temperature: 1, by I directly reducing the temperature of the body; I 2, by 'maintaining a diminished temperature I through the increased evaporation from the I surface, which would follow through cleansing I ot the skin. Tliemj measures, it faithfully and I promptly can ied our. would do much to r< iu I edy the insanitary condition* which arequick I en?d into such fatal intensity and aetivit\ dur I ing the hot season of the year, and our summers I thus be made, if not a-- healthv as any other I portion of the year, at least as healthy as the | summer towns and reports whither we are wout I to flee." I I ew cities require public baths more than onr I own. With superior water advantages the p >or I coi.'d be furni.-hed all the be no fits of bathing I their persons and was'iing their clothes at ;*n I expense merely nomina". It is to be hoped the I le^islatu-e will consider this subject of sutli I cient importance to the sanitary iiiterestsot the I I 'istrict to introduce s.>me measure by which I undir direction of the Board of Health or I other wis;, the advantage of frequent bathing I may l.c sccurcd, at trifling cost, to our inoreas I ing population. I II Kit At" OP VITAL PTATWTICS. It is greatly to be regretted that the monthly I mort larv statements of the board have been so I meagre r nd defective in that precision so es I sential U the completeness and utility of such | reports. This is due to the absence ot any law I com pell i ig the physician in attendance to com municate the existence of disease ami death, and to the loose provision by which the board is I informed of deaths, their causes, and other I qualifyirg conditions. I'he best interests of li u man it., demand that there shall be. at what ever cost secured, the most complete periodical I statistics of births, marriages and deaths, c-ire fully classified. and recorded in such lurm a, to I be instartly available. Comparative estim ?tes I of publu health, caret'nllv prepared, including the causo operating at different periods to I duce certain diseases, constitute a most im;? >rt ant basis of preventive sanitary operations. I Not onU is this d< mantled in a sinitary view but for tlie requirement* of law :tn<l the ends ot public justice. Indeed, no subject opens a more I comprehensive field of useful inquiry. or mav I lead to n ore ini|>ortant results. I Carefu investigations into the operations of otlier health institutions throughout the j country made recently bv a committee of this board, contirm the opinion expressed of the ne I cessitv ot a more j?erfect svstem of vital st iMs I tics than that at prcsenf existing. The aid I and exhaustive report, just publish*. l, couu.ns I the foliov ing allusion to this subject: ?? Your committee are thoroughly impressed with the importance and necessity of the es tablishment, in connection with our own bowl of a bureau of vital statistics, including record' oi births, marriages, deaths, burial*, transfer and removals, inquests of coroner, causes oi diM-ase, death ratio, and the like, and recom mend that suitable legislation be requested ot | the Legislative Assembly covering this -ub I ject." It is certainly most desirable that sonic legis I lation should be had at the pending session of I the Assembly by which a more perfect s.-'etu I ol vital statistics may l>e secured. In this con nection, it is esj^cially urged that no burials | -hall be authorized wuhin the District of Co I liiinbia without a perin.t from the Board of Aealth previously obtained, the ipp!ie ation for the same in every instance setting forth the n ine, age, sex. country, disease causing death ol the deceased, and anv other information es I sential to a complete mortuary report. I ylABANTINK. Certain quarantine regulations are als>> im I perativelv demanded to prevent the intro fuc I tion of intectiousor contagious disease jnt it'ie I city trom abroad, whether by lan.l or water j The want of suitable legal restrictions has t>-en more than once apparent during the prev li -nee I of the late epidemic. Persons arllicted ?vith I -mall pox have come, unchecked, into Wash ington and Georgetown, from neighbji iuir I towns and cities, m the serious risk ot our own inhabitants. > o enactment at present exists to prevent the con-tant rendition of such .Ulcer ous invasion of the District. Both land and water communication should be properly I guarded again-' the inroad of contagions -lif eases, Md projier quarantine regulations at once adopted as ,? part oi the essential m i uin ery ot the board of health. ABATTOIR. The location of slaughter-houses in cities has long been recognized among the proin! lent causes ot unhealthfulness and diseas ?. In JUie ot the European cities abattoirs have been e.on strncted beyond the mnnivirtal limits wiiere alone animals are slaughtered for niirket. In these the most careful provision is made to secure entire cleanliness and freedom from offensive and injurious odors, the protection of the commui ity against unsound or immature meats, and the utilization ol every portion ot animal matter (including blood Minder the stme roof. An extensive abattoir, at immense cost is now in process of construction near Boston' where all animals intended for the city markets will be slaughtered. This abattoir, req :ired by legislative enactment to be built, under direction of the Board of Health, has been ap propriated by the butchers themselves, who are constructing it at their own expense, but under the direction ot* the health or^an of the city Similar buildings must, sooner or later, be con structed in every city. Such structures cannot l*il to result roost advantageously in rem .ving the o.^ctifclye and pernicious odors which ^im itate from sH:*5' slaughtering establishments, badly regulated, ana '"fiiisliiBg lor the butchers themselves, at one jajiiit, ami ai ino t erate cost, all necessary appliances for the suc cessful prosecution of their business. DISPOSITION ov NIGHT 8??IL, OARUAOK, ETC. | Experience has proved tiiat the prompt and If??>yal of night soil and garbage can not ne effected unless the Board of Health is allowed to exercise entire control in the direc tion of its agents. The same remark applies to the cleansing of streets and allevs. ami tUe gen eral removal of tilth from thoroughfares and private premises. Such control of these im portant sources of offense and Insalubrity obtains in other places, and is quite indispensa ble. It is therefore earnestly requests ! that some legislation be had looking to a more effective disjmsition ol this important division of sanitary I a !*>r. The transfer and final disposition of night soil has always keen an object of much sanitary interest, and invariably attended by no small trouble and expense. The board has' g: o the subject unusual attention, and in few ot the cities is the e.vcrementitioua matter so thor oughly disposed of, and with so little offense, as in our own. The same may be affirmed of garbage and aiimals. These nuisancc* are all transferred, under one contract, and by the same rneaus of transportation, to a point down the river, eight miles from the city limits This whole work is accomplished at an expeuse to the board of ?20,000 per annum, or *.rd.7!i tier diem. In New York the cost of reiuovin-' night soil and dead animals is *41,per annum or *112.? per day. This does not embrace, how ever, the expense of removing garbage, which is included in the contract for cleaning streets and removing ashes. The number of dead animals removed annually in this city is about eleven thousand. For a more explicit account of the action o* the board in disposing ot night soil I beg to refer your excellency to my last report, and especially to the admirable deUiled st uem -nt with apjiendix submitted by I>r. Bliss, chairman ot the sanitary police committee. MA KINK PRODCCTH. Attention is invited to the report of inspec tions and condemnations of marine products for the vear ending April Kith, 1?73. It will be seen by the detailed statement (appendix B) that the total number of single fish inspected has been 5,Ci3,!V50, amounting In weight to 5,885 610 pounds; of bunches, 3!?,427, weighlna 1,731 J21 pounds; amounting in the aggregate to 7,377 131 Cunds. The condemnations ot products unfit r sale amounted to 103.324, including single fish, bunches, oysters, clams, and crabs. PERMITS, LICENSES, ?TC. The system of requiring permits in regard to certain trades and employ force in other cities, has demonstrated the necessity of such conditions to the conservation of public health and comfort. These should Include permits for the sale of all doubtful insanitary products whether animal or otherwise, for the Introduc tion and continuance of soap fat and boilin? establishments, the collection and salting of fish and green hides, the manufacture or sale of dangerous chemical compounds, and all occu pations or trades threatening to affect injuri ously the health or life of community. Su able legislation is desired to secure the ad ran. tages accraing from permits, which should be (ranted by the Board of Health. CLOTI11HO, DISINFECTANTS, ETC. in compliance with the requirements or law Of the destroyed clothing ami furniture of the poor exposed to small-nox In fection, and the valnattonplaced upon the same, prepared under direction of th? board is herewith transmitted, (appendix cVffn order that suitable provision maybe made tn reins bur* tho?e mho hire sutler* d loss by the sur render of the r good* for the| ubltc benefit. An appropriation of f5.nno will be required to settla the?e obligations lor clothing and furniture. A ouantUy of dlsin'ectants. rendered neces sary to correct the pernicious exhalations from upturned s-reets-and alleys in midsummer, oc casioned hv the operat ions of the Board of Pub lic Work*, wan reauestefl l>y that body to be I'Stributed an<ler tne immediate dtrection and by the agency of the Board of Health. To ef fect thin a considerable indebtednesss was un ?>oid<tbly incurred in the hiring of carts an.I lalxirer*. vtliu h hasnot been cancelled, amount ing to S 1,300. The (K-rvices. valuable in a san itary view, were performed by a class of per sons greatly in need of the money they have honestly earned. As the Board "of Public Works "decline to pay these accounts, we are compelled to ask from the Legislature a suit able appropriation for that puri*?se.

IMrrilE Atl.KYS ASD VACAST LOT#. A large majority of the alleys of the city abound in sources of disease requiring attention. Reference is not made so much to collected filth on the surface, as to the fact that these narrow lanes are Inhabited by a class of persons who disregard, in their manner of liv ing, the plainest principles af health. For the most i>art they occupy shanties, often in dilap idated condition, and overcrowded with living inmates. Insufficiently clothed and fed, with out proper ventilation, ami exposed to other causes of morbid derangement, they become the earliest victims of epidemic disease, and the surest means of its spread to others. The e buildings constitute nuisances injurious to health, which the l?>ard should be anthoriz d to al ate. It is estimated that more th tn twenty-five thousand persons aro living at- described. The owners of such property should be compelled, under heavy penalty, to keep the buildings in tenantable condition," a-id especially to provide (what is so much need' T a proper water supply. Powir should al?o be granted the l>oard to cau.-e tooe tilledordrain ?<! vacant lot* where standing water and tilth pools exi-t. Whole sections of the city are infested by fevers and other maladies from this cause, th". correction of which is imperatively dem nid d. FISAM ES. The retort of the Treasurer, herewith tra-is mitted ^appendix I>), will he found to present a fair exhibit of the financial operations of the board ?inc<< its first organization. It will be seen by comparison with thee\i>enses )(f similar Institutions elsewhere, that unusual prudence and economy have been practiced in the salu tary management of the I>i?trict; while the le sult- accomplished will compare favorably with the health labors of other cities. The preva lence of epidemic small pox has required for its arrest an increase of force and appliances, call ing for a corresponding increase of expenditure of money, but it will l>e found that the actual outlay has been unusually moderate lor the work accomplished. The amount appropriated by the Legislat ure at its last session has been long since exhausted, and the board is now in need of funds for cur rent expenses, and contingencies that may arise before the expiration of the fiscal year. In conclusion, the hoard, animated bv a sin cere desire to acquit itself faithfully of the im portant trust committed to its management, earnestly irvokes the cooporation of your excel lency, the Legislative Assembly, and ail g'ssl citizens, in the honest effort hi ingmade to ren der the District a model of salubrity as itsion must become of all that is attractive in exter nal finish and adornment. Respectfully sub mitted, Crisis. C. Ox, M. IV, President of the Board of Health ot the Dis trict Of Columbia. * ?.T?!,rd Lf*l",n,,ve Awmblv. ,.<< ? "fh- OoaueH ri>r<-r > II* bills making ftpr>rot>ri.'itii?n f??r tii c.t>, wvri severally r. Jl .'^condtSe Hn l rU'rr.M nr c c'v\";?],n"u-? SBWBBSSi -x.?l for ii I -.est Mr,,n -j"k 1 tli- pvpnaiii.n'h.- tirsi rt-< nl 'luarVnraff ? r ?l""li' CU\HM j"11 ?f n""?> - , r'r the ViTm V^t '"'"T1"f ?,f r1 v c'2?ti o _ ^ H8liini(ton an<t Gtv ?r?ef < >vvn ?'nrreury, siumi. j.-,r ir.t-rS.?^-Twatir' C, "u ? W ()(,(k|s ^ I'm) iihi 7 ' t rei.e, , r' "V currency, *3 .411 r<ir i,.rV . - i; *l"r"nt.. p- ration *f ' ? a-hiri??J!n>on bumisoi Ut- < ..r fonds. 9i. jfunding imuiii. *l<i3>A<o U'ii hit ??* r 1 pre SMro.ut * H coi? J ? ,1 "ds. WasJfinK?.,u ?tV!w|"? Hon ?a*',il,*t',nCorj?,r'a enrrencv. . / * 6 r **r ? ? ut . )4 iiw >5V i-!|V' }ll%r 7 t er Hit* coninieijci int'iit ^jt t iw. t,*,.-# H at the Le?i"lati ^A^inblT tht^ *"?* " <>f ' fS.r:aUrw?t"c??"n? "t th^ NahfcomitartV.n h"r th?0.^tron J" f^lrfc ,'i1(f^0i"fVl" ' ?"in? -P" hII Inont v? I a il fi.r'lhn nri?ii?"Wi * ??a'Mil^ut of Of 'lie D J it lie I tn r t ?M? I"fPT of?'lbHc -rhool. if 2. a.^ the c'irrent schwi^Jear 1m t''* J"', ' ?? theanionuts naid the I. V r ^rhd with tttfSa e^h-Vr^ -oVK=,or,^K^^he - (1ay!""^nlsh.^'to^T^F^r* ^ f*?! ,hi Ksk^d.w'STS' ?whS 15 to 20.Per^un^r-^to.;^rffaV,{>er b'lnchj *i0io K>,M hernng SSS.5^' fo*^S Wbuuclies rock, Real Katatk Salk*?The following -alea ha\e been made since our last report: t J' -1 At (.U^SQji; for 9^-900* ?*????? of lot i<i iu' Mtinre nnittU-nd 47i% t.? TVr. A. h'w a; i) V/n#X per foot; i>nrts of lots Nos 9 and lo hTTiJw 11 j?*;? ? ?? ?*?vas^'ss z-% J&&1BZA Sfasfc^wttjwf; ?. - swia&s square 733, situated on C. D'aiul is* lit?!s.j.n the imiiifiliAte vicinity of St Peter1 Lot 1, contaiuiuK 3^2s i,n?re 2?? t . V ..V" f anj'-iihting to 01. US.'KJ "m containing o,rJ7 feft, to Mrs if v "*i ; ccnt?l anion at itJJ? to extern l*# ^ containing 2J^ r.-et to Mrs E liliv V 2& centfi. aniouTitiue to ckat ii *, * 'i ,* r 4?i? Mrwrt 8"W t0 G ?? Mi'^Vr^'cSnt DtssEMlSATiito 8.MAt.LPO\ Editor Slur- I t?!' w>iu us. On the corner of W and nt?. g-jr erally swarm afwut those .|u?ter( ri se?.r yfeSr ?r? and placed in o?e ambulance out women and ahj? - ?'. *corc* of m-?n, ?bout, to gratify curiositv in riLl"',?'! to.K*ther <n. uu,.,u.,JUS'gg-| badlv injured biawdTat a".d M *nd iu?uinM mhw uii'i broke both |e?? fracture of the skull He wm ukJ,lWthlc? N " dence Hospital ami ?t . V. ' r<?vl noon was titill ? i ?. cloc< this tr'r?r hope of his rcvoverybUt but little Mkssk*. Prrtm St Co., of New York, ke?p a full line of samples of their stock of piece toods, at 1113 Pennsylvania avenue. Order* pre taken here, and the goody made np ia New York. All work guaranteed. See their adver tisement in another column. Small Pox Casks Kkpoktsd T?vi>\y. One at 312 Georgia avenue, and two death*, one on !*th between O and H streets. and one at No. 200 G street southwest. -? THE (W>n. ("OrRT IN GENERAL TERM -To-day, ( ha-. Dentz was admitted to the bar on the report ? ?! th* examining committee. Tin- rnw of Sarah A Jsrk son against Sim<>n Jackson was called. A. O Riddle *nd L G Hine for cemplsmaiit , *rid F Miller and " A- M' loy for defendant. This was t div in case, in which plaintiff chanted ill tr> stment, Ac , and defendant nbd a rro?? Bill, charging her with having committi-d adultery. The court below mad* a decree for divorce and for pa'titiou of the prop erty, and the complainant appealed. POLICE COl'RT. Jtiitt Sntll.?Tn-dsv, R..t*rt Crawford was fined $5 fur driving through a fune ral pr< cession. Thomas Kane and Frank M .thews, two boys, charge.1 with throwing st?ne? at birds on l,ark": 9s each. Charles Carter aud Dsniel RoMns.^ violation of the cart law ; $5 each Lind cley Morr'-.'ti, selling butter without license; eon tinu.d. Charle-M yers,col red. rhat j -d with steal in* a loeking-claes valued at ??:continued. Ch%*. Dickfr>n.chitrxe<1 with lur eny 01 plow gearing fr?m Col B T >wart/, ia the county: S."> *n *rpeal wa< tak-n. Elwardkane, Jrhn Thomas, an I John Ke n?ly, charge,) with en cngp e in in :tftrav at Loelfler ? g?rd? n?- ?l"eaeh Anna l,?w i?. ? . |.-r<d, larceny of clothing valued at aded euilty, and sent to jail f..r * da\s. Ed wanlKa. e, cHarg-d with Hs?a.dt and hatt rv on F ? stnan Thi? occur-ed in an affray a? L?f' flers garden- last night. Hergnisn did not anp. ,r. and an nt'achment was t*<oie,| f,.r his arrest, and he ?*s afterward* brought into conrt. and tln*d |I4 ! i Ci'iittmpt, and K.tnewa- hn?d .?5for th- assault. GEORGETOWN. Kivkr Newh?The Potomac is Still very fj'1 hut remains within it# usual channel, and so I ar we hear ot" no damage. The fishermen have commenced haul tig their nets again to-day and up to noon about-..'.noo herring were landJ i at the fish wharf. If the water does not rise to night large receipt* of fL*h ;ire e\pccte*l to morrow. The steamers K. C. Knight from Now lork, and Columbia from Baltimore, have ar rived with miscellaneous cargoes, and the steamer (}. H. Stout cleared tor Philadelphia with a lull cargo, including loo barrels ot flour tor Boston. The schoonerW. M. Jones arrived from Boston with plaster for F. I,. Moore, ami the schooner Joseph Baxter. from the Kenne bec river, with ice tor the Kennebec and Poto ma<l Ice <v>niy>?uiy. Grain Tkamk?The only reeeiptsof gr;in to-day wore 1,n-? bushels red wheat bvschoo ler Mury Aim, from Alexandria, for Hartley X Bro. A < ITY XVlTHOt T A Si NO IK (tA?ni.t!t() Hot SK m OrEitATtOB?Saturday evening was a dull and <|iiiet one with the gamblers, and .Broadway and the Bowery were thronged with well-dressed voting men, who lounged around the corners in an aimless way. The police, aroused by the Sun's articles showing that in spite of the order to the contrary gambling #a still extensively carried on. were on the alert, and in some in.-Lai ccs dis|?er.-ed groups of men who had gathered in gambling hells but not en gaged in plav. One game on Broadway?the Alderman's?Is .said to have opened for a short time, but being warned by the setters that the coast was not clear, the proprietors soon ck*s h! it. On the Bowery the Gotham. 2V5,51.40.5-Vz and the other games were ci<s*cd, but the car ls were dealt to a good house in a basement at the liowtryand Grand street. Last night not a game was open. No. 27 ^ Chrvstie street, long the hading Sunday evening g*i;ne. w as closed throughout the evening I"t re. > ns disappoint'd here went to Grand street, but again met with disap|>oiiitiiient The Bowerv g nubler? int -ud to rtopeon to-dav A". 1'. .V?n".l2<*. Thk Pcwkrs of a Gkamd drnv What the oral papers call a ?Startling precedent"oc curred in San Francisco May in the failure of the grand jury, in their report submitted on the previous day, to find a b. 11 against one John Samuel, who a siiort time since publicly killed a man named F.. A. Marchmonf, In that eitv tor the reason, as is alleged, that the latter had seduced a fem ile relative ot Samuel's. Sam iel brought before the judge from the countv Uil, was accordingly diseharg, .1, no indictme'it b tv ing K-eB found against biiu. The grand ji:rv had examined his casc,li:ui had witnessesbel'o "e t if m. and according to the code, w hich enlat get. their jMiwirs, had ignored the bill, a.s thev were 8itisfied in their own minds that no conviction would follow an indictment. Public opinion m San * lanciseo on the subject is that the action of the giat.d jury was an outrage, as the public and the law would be left in utter whether the killing wasjuntiti.?ble orient. OF. A <11,RL?A girl was I lii H?.e'|?!i!J4 bntnrdav ni^lit by ?Jerrv Wii?te aworkiiignmn. The victim has been recogn^i as Alary Bracken, aged 17 years, a resident of the vicinity ot the house where the murder m committed. White was forty years *l.|. a native ol Ireland, and a iKiilermaker by trade. It is sup|M?ve,i he has a wife in KngUnd and six children. Itisthnught he had intimate rela ticns with this girl, but the motive of murder i unknown. N^'I he late and cold season has stopr?ed dis cussion about cholcra next summer. ??*-New York is so indignant about banks Mist now, that there has been a raid against the iaro banks ot that city. ?"A.Colorado man had to postpone a pri ate dance because he hadn't time to lay m a st^ck o! powder and buckshot. tWA therapeutist of I^>ndon>thiiiks he has dis covered an infallible cure for rheumatism, namely, the administration of hot sand baths. ?^Farmers are waiting for the weather to moderate sufficiently to permit them to hang m> their winter suits in the corn fields. ?^'Indiana women strike effective b'ows at . ' ^11!,'era,,'Ce-? Tl,ev apply rolling pins, shears and stove handles to the saloon keepers. man in Norwich goes rmind sePing himbles warranted to enable a deal,dumb an i blind person to thread a needle. A rending accident occurred near Columbus, Ohio, the other day. A woman was drowned while trying to hang herself from the Pmb ot a tree at the water's edge. I?exrd.Ktin,ct chtr?C8 against Mr. Apple gate ot Nel.rsska are: Having three wives. to a barn St"' ,orgi"? a Mute' anU siting lire ' ennsylvania man used nitro-glycerine HJed?e' ,As h? been home ? luce, his wife hasn t made any definite ar rangements about a spring bonnet. (11188 ANNIE DKiMEN WISHES TO INKoUM MOYKni r'n "*$? public that -!,e his KK MO\ KD her Dressmaking K .oius to N ? t.O-J 11th street, northw est corner of F niVJ {? ? nt LfcioiIS CREAMS AMI) ICES " ~ Always on iiuud at the newly refined aalj nof IIENKT ALRER?, Confectioner and Ice Cream Manufacturer, n,10-?olm* No. 101 i lltli st., bet. K and L. Old, No. ? IlE NOW OPEN AT MARKRITER'S, No. 439 7th street,between D and E streets. Eight doors above Odd Fellows' Hall, PAPEBHANGING8 of new and stylish <taigu* of the best fabrics and fi unth, Selected with due regard to harpi>ny of c?dor, durability, richm-sa and econo my. A large portion made specially to onler, em bracing beautifi.1 strips and other designs In Gilt and Colors, appropriate for drawing room-, Ac ; aj ami ?)-inch plain tints for panneling with gilt rod or finishing plain, w ith a full line of medium and low priced Pupen., patent and perfect repie?,ii rations of W ood and Marnle,for panneliug halls and vestibules. BOUDKBS in Gilt, Velvet and Oilt Fresco, and Common; Center Pi?ce? rreueh Fireboard Prints, Ac., making the largest and most complete assortment In the District. ? ^ . WL"110^ SHADES. Hew f!e*igii?. different sizes and colors; also. Plain Go.ds in Pearl, Chocolate, La??iMltr, Or-en and to "order0 * ??aking into Shades. Shades made _ ... ' , PICTCRE FRAMES. 8<did Oval, Walnnt and Gilt, aud all Gilt Frames from Jx? to 2#xJu inches. Box Oval Fran.-H for wreaths at cost. A beantifnl selection of French and American Gilt and Velvet Frame* for iTi rytyne and Porcelain Pictures. Card Frames iu great variety. Frames made to order. 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Sore Throat. .*C.. should try ??Br.w.'t hnmtkial rrwki." t,thj ? Coiorado SAFrHinKS. Alaska Diamoi.ds. Colorado Cot Opal#. I>iamoud* Setting in Gold. Received at Prion's Jewelry Store, So. 4~ recnMlvania avenue, near t ^ street. Sp*i*.> Pearl. ('AMi*i:Kt and the ventilate I Pre*e Hat* now ready at Willett ?v Kuorr, 905 Pennsylvania avenue. 3 N*w l>r?to?rs Sl?te*^M intel*. *?? to *250 Hamilton Jt Pearson, Y. M. C. A. UuiM;hg, *tn *"?i D. . 4.J,eo3 Forwp at Last!?A remedy that not onlr fflittf*. l>ut curt-* that enemy of mankind, Consumption, a* well a* the numerous *tatellte* which revolve around it in the *ha|?e of cough*, cold*. bronchitis. sure throat, ititluenra, Ac. The remedy we allude to i# Or. Wutar't Htiltam of H*l<t Chrrry, prepared by SetL W. Fowled Son, Boetou. 12,6 Mkdtcatkp BATHs.ftai k *treet. lrt.6 For Cry?tal, (lilt and Bronre < handelier* jto to Hamilton A Pearson s, V. M C. A. 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Satisfaction guaranteed. 4,19,1: Thi coxwttmtt at large appreciate the use fulness of Singer's Sewing Marfan*. 1,5 Socttd ntr being indispensable to health and comfort thousands of persons come from t*r and near to risit Dr. White, the well-known Jbhiroj>odi*t, s?. 535 15th street, op|io*ito the Treasury, for relief from corns, bad nails Ac and advice as to suitable shoe*. WrtLCOX A OlBB'S 8?WI?? M aohiwb. The celebrated Basaar Patterns. Agencv at Chas Banni> hoopsktrt and corset factory, flh street, Intelligencer Building. 10,28 Trkrmowxtbrs and Barometers are repaired and made to order by Hempler, near 4ig strewt. Georgetown ^Advertisements. rjbasd CONCERT BY THE CHILBREN OF TllE Tl LLie 6( Ui?OLS OF GEORGETOW N, P. C. mA' ,^?*K*ST II ALL. TrK*D \ Y EVRM\o M*\ 13. ?-< nmi?-riru e ml ? ck Tici?t? 1^ ismnckm AND VIC1IKV WATER on ^ ri"!!5u,,tl'rU'rBri<lg<? *"J Wasiuagt ? -* ni7 -6t * |JY TllOb. BOM LISG^Aucti oiieer, Georgetown. comfortable frame UEtfh jvitoWN 0> ""WSt-T STREET. f??brr Off the Supreme C-Mirt ,.f iVv. ?r ^'oittiiiii.a. 1 in c.?ii? \ 11 '#' Speiden <-t al n. X>ui;ui it ?| . 1 M>]I "'?II, in front of the premise*, 0:1 svTfl;itAY it.. part or L 'I N. .1., <dd CeorKo:..wn, l>.xinuius ?71 ? t fr, u, H:?h -tr< -t, on pr t ma,8r*'3 #l,c'" we? ' - thfnc(?Kiath 13j fo?*t th< ica e 1 ?1 thonrf iiortli to tli? Initio it* T'i?* w-np^rtr i'that lately <?c??ied b> J l,u Maliag.iti TV. l! ^roflr ct*tri.t. an.I is Mrrr.v^d * "h . c* 1!. ? fjrtableS-storj fram. Imwiin* n,7'!?'* "f"*'*' Oue-third < a?b; resklne a* 6 an.) ]"? si4!.'' '7,t"r'VTt M8. P"TC"nT fromtl, .U, ..f ?j?le. der -it wh n th?> property in ?ruck ?g C* u% e) aucin^ at exp.-n?i? of pur* hi^i-r. n , f kKD. a . JONKS, Trn<tivi n 9 fits THOMAS BOM LI VO, Awv! lO^orcrtowii Conrier 2t | |JY TlloMAfe DOWLjSU, Auct ? Qe owl . CHAMCKRT SALK OK HRK'K fiorsr ivn PHKM1SES OS HIGH STREEt/im'gix.Ro^ iS?,^B>rl irtt,p of * J^ree of th" S.ipr. rn^ Court ol E '??*?. Ptorjrt, MeMed means.' No 3 iS9.KI.-rlr **'t al. ?s. Piaiwciii. yer Ft al . I wilt s, || In Z ^ATCRDAT, the IT tli day of to an.i oecupif^l hy G-TKe Kl> rlv Th?- property i* on the east Bide of nigh?tr*M.? nearly opposite th ' end of Pr.?p,?t Mr ",TaproT?i !i * l*r?e two-?tory hrick hona* Terms a*prejcriledhj th-decree: One thirdr.-h the re*Mne at 6 and 12 months, aith iut.-r-*t al 8 p r' pur. bseer to"p?\he whVh?,^.%^'dV>Mt' r' "*? ANTOS FBERLT. Tru=teo ?0. THOM *8 BOWLING, " n.9 d 1 Georgetown Courier tt) Aucti.meer. ||Y THOMAS BOWLING, Aucfr; G^rgeto^ TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALrABI E REAL ES TATE IN GEORGETOWN, B C ? By virtue of a d?^d of tru?t from Charles T. Ednionnton and wif-.made January 26th, ljTo. . and recorded amongst the laud r-cord? of **id Bi'trict in Lil^r N.>.?U8. folio 313, Ac.,atid at th resiuest of the party secured ther-by, I will off.-r for M^T lfCs !^,?-?!1^'OD TH L ^'SbA T. th^ lia I ?l M?y. l873,at?o cl>ck p.m.,iu front of the pr?m ,et*. tnat Lot of Ground in Georgeto?u af.?e. said described aa the .,.utber? pTn ?d J?.1 ?. ?? feter Beattjr. Thrtlkeld. aud B-akiu'. addition tojaid town; said part having a front of thirty two fe*t tlio wwt Hi<l6 of Lin?Jin r!Tr<Tn Fr,,*Pect street*, and running back of that aidih to the rear. The property ia imprv.?l b> a substantial Frtae Dwelling r^ceutlv ret>?irst '?JJ*- Oao-fourth of the pun has- ni ioey cash residue In si*, twelve, and eighteen months! tiki A c ""}** ?'? c?nt interest from !i!l^ yr0I ,al.e ^ *i*en, to he secured by a ? . k, 1 ?f Ptvmises Tne term* of ??l must U c. nip led with * ithin four days aft-r .lav of ?Pr"^'I2r be resold upon live days notice ?t the n-k and cost of tl?-defaulting pur cliMser. All conveyancing at l.uyers" cost A d positeof 52m m ill l>? re.|?iire,l at th<- cli?e uf bale B _ TRUSTEE'^ SALE op VALUABLE MILL PROP _ ERTY IN GEORGETOWN. I?!o vir'"' 'J ? deed ? >f trust, dul) re<-or4<^l m . Liber N C.T. No U, folio ?7, Ac.,of the land f^ord* l'? thf lM#trictof tinl at tire r*4?<??tof |?mrti?n htumI thenby, the under nMrnnttf, will offer for nale ?t public toe* THrRsniv'll'* I'^'lr^ati a^odock p m.,n? Till RBpAx, May 14, liffl, on the pMin??,tll th. real estate ntentioned aud described and couv-ynd in said de?d of trust , and th- buildings, improvrni-nts, rights, * a> *, and apptirt-natice* to th- fame belong ing, being a portion of ground situated at the north east corner of tl^ intersection of Water and Poto mac streets, iu Georgetown, in said District, of s Inch s part fronts t6 feet on Water street, an.I ex tetHls back north of that width ?1 feet, and an.Hher tlMLfon"er part on the north, andfrouts . *?L?,,-w0t' n,"c *reet, extending back oast of.Ihat width 71 an alley .improveil with three pa BtiilT ^rick buildiugv, no? occupied m a ^eunaof *sle: One-third cash; balance in two (Ii notes of (Mjual anmuii^p, payable rf^pwtlTely in one and two yean alter date, with interest at ?tx per cent, per annum. Interest payable semi-animall), MOnred by a deed of trust up.>n the pretuiaea s-dd ?25U to be paid at the time of sale. All conveyancing M purchaser^ cost. If the term* of sale be n.* com? plied with within six (Cldaya from the time of Male, the property will be sold at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. ^ ID SHOEMAKER. Trustee. ma THOS BOW LING, Auct'r. Y THOA1A& DOWLING, Auctioneer, 13S Bridgt- street, Georgetown. |\RT GOODS AT POPULAR PRICES. n For GOOD BARGAINS be sur? to so to ..behjamim MILLER, * . *?> ?fM?e street.O?wgs?owa. "d,v3.s.: w^h^stisylrspisiiis ?taldj<.,rtlM?.. Uc.VSJ.,l?-.;T JJi.5TSSS ?-,-?CaiJf,1,,*' "c.' *c ' ?; Black and Mohairs, a splendid saalit r. as low m Me. Cloths, Cssrimsrs, Linen DrUls; ail th- novel ties in Parasols; one mm Bore of the snisadid 4 4 Bleached Cotton. UWe. apa tr pEADT FOB THB SPRING TBADB. With a Ml corps plete stock of Btuft, tt., Ar .j LADIES' AND G WB rMMMlBM STfAM Ottljm AllII SCO OH THE TRAPES. . folic c of THE LI'Mb Kit iil'MJfESs, tiERETOEORE COHDVCTE D C V 77/? C'.V VERS1UMED OA SIXTH A TRACT, >EAh MISSOURI ATEXVE. A\D R STREET, BE T" EE\ SIXTH ASP SETESTH STREETv SORTHWMST, WILL BE LOCATED H EH K AETER AT THE C?r. ?f nth ttreet and Oh ? nr. u. t, n.5 in X1THL R. Fl OITT. II EBAlG * LAGlRri SB. r? to pbactVcYl jTf.a,n r *treef, *J4 lm* Prttwn 8th *n.1 fith ?t* n C'HAB. H ABTEL, CARPEXTh.R AXD hi ll ?FK. Ml C atraet aotitheaat. All or J era pronptte at to on trnm. air im* Aw * i >?>; ? JOHN C. ?no**, T13 Market Srare, Manufacturer of AW NlNGS. f <r Mont, City and Constrj B.?"len<~"* TFNTS anil rUliiiUwlforrrrt AW MSG MATEKIAL of *11 km la far ?ale. 8-1* Ak'i lit for tli<- ? xl> ?? iiu ue MILPFW FBooRHtwNixo material tr pLL MBUitt AMD UU FITTING Tlx** deairlnf to ha*e PlntaMna and Oh Fitlii-n J- ii< itt > neat and miMaiiiul maimer, ad M reaaeMMe t. ? r m ?.ah tiM i-a?e th?-ir i;r\lor? at I IS Pei.n*> h at.ia ait-nue, Capital llill. H >>rk warrauU*l. mr&n* WM_KOTIV? ELL. MCI'KSISOII AM. H ATTIK, . lOll r INrM, bH? wn WtB and 11'h, baa the plf-a?nre toatiBounce tual h? 1M rtrmw) the Spring St) le of Ilroa^way BLOCK. and Bpared M fcmlah New H at? mad* to artw W m or r.?odel old aty l>w, alao, ail aaeurun-nt at Felt Hat* for aale, on m??aMr terma f?-tr C^TlLOmTahIs PBRIEn! / P'mrtirml p:mmb*r ami FVfar, to hare yi ur Plumbing, Ga?Fittuut, at.d S>-werar" C. mp?l> attended toon reaa<>uablt- t.-rni?. Mo. but ?niaiana arenne, near ?>ti atreet, n>-rth ??de. K'-nl' ti- e, ggV |<1 atr>-<4, ' . rtlieaat n 14 rUitlTIRnT II O OOPELAND, MS LoaMaoa i?#w, mw door Mat Tth A WRINGS for (Korea.City aud County r*lurch* in at} !e and ?ui>h FLAGS anil TENTS far aalr and rent. BOOMS DECCBAffKD All Can* a<M artkjea made to ardor. DANCING OLoTIIS j I. YritTo*, CARP E> TtR, EUlLDkR, am CUNTUACTOB Ordera for F Carpentering Jobbing, or Oo mrtor'a Work apeed.l) atu-uiod to. 81k pa au?l OSice, jar.a tf lith atrwet. below E at. aortha RE A L ESTATE AGENTS J l AN BOYLE. IBANK BABM01I JCA* BOVLK A CO., REAL ESTATE AM? \OTE RROKERS, No bt?A 1Mb sir?et. <TP"ait?.* C S. Treaaury. FOB HALE?A handaotn.- H?>CSF on I atreet, N->. 913 A nea lariie <1 lit.I.' HOlSE, C'.ni'-r il ? ?i?i II HOCSK N" IOI? Ma<wa< tiiiM-tta avenue. Hnl'IfE N. B4t> 3>1 otriH-t i ??t. for *ale .-r rent, t?r iiiftiu-d or utilutuxliol. A COTTAGE in W it I art 4 Bo*, price, fi.iiou &>-\etal amail H .o??*. fr m BK' to S5.W), ?niall ra??i pa>nienu We hav<* ?e*eral rery tine FALMS. iuipr<>ve4 and ULi'n prov?-d. on different railr <d? rnnninc fr<?n ttit ? it \ . t r ?al- at low ficnr?-? r ? *rhar.?c i" r cup pr p-rty. ???.<?? foet GBol'NH in vart<>ua p. rti 'ti? of tlv nt v !? r ?al>- at |..w fieor-?. on Nir ternia, or a ill e&rLaiige for productive tniprovM prop, n ? . >|B-t> C^EO. TBUBM KLL * rn . ? REAL ESTATE BROKERS, Aid 7:b ?tre<t. (over Gerwian Americtu SaviLga' B*nk ? Special afteT'tton ptre,, BEVTIXG. COLLECT ING. I'AVINQ TAXLS and NEGOTIATING LOANS. B-fer.t.f i^rwia?i.?a) t>>?General B -?j. AIt rd, Pa\n>a?-ter General I S A.; Jam.* S. Grinn-dl. Chief CI ik C. H. Patent office: John Fraaer, Arch itect; H.-n. K P Blair. H 'O j W D<?aclaa*.C >? nuaai'iter Internal Be?enue Ww. B M ??*. Furni ture IValer; C. E. Pr< iitia?.Cai>bier German Ai:i"n can Sa' ins* Bal k . t'. I )? h?i M W???aot.den,11 >n. J.-hr Hit*. Coutul Generate Switreriand. aS Sin" AUSTIN P~BBOWN. <V Cursor B. T . a? eune and Uth atroat, * aaLinctuB. D. WRotvaat* Diiin T* LI MBEB. LIME, CEMENT. BAMV. *?.. *?? Aa. LCMBRK BILLS cat to ord<r on abort ooUoa. BLl E STONE for Buildinc, Maradaamnc aad Pawni poxpoaaa dtlnored in tar part uf tkaltip trlct. BEAL ESTATE bonctt and acid aad mm to rested. To thia branch -f the boaiiiaaa 1 will bera *fvr five m? peraonal attention, aal will ba at aay office datly from 10 a. on. nntll 4 p. ?>. mmrl-m GROCERS. ?. OHARt k SO?, wu 7tm street northwest, iB< taeeii M a?Mi M at*.? boapi soap:i Pr -*t"r * GamMe'a celebrated Cinrtnnati Ollra SO A P. th<-beat in the market?10 ernta per pmM bar, 9Sc by tbe box of M) lba. HAMS, Ac. In at ore lAWO lba. utrt duality IMuar Oarvi HAMS. ft lhe extra white LARD, 91. Freeh Graham FLOl'B. froiu beet wheat FBUB OATMEAL. - BYB FLOCK LIQUORS! LIQUORS!! Old Baker WHISK T; Old Cabinet Will SET W lii?k>. S year* old. per l.'rttle _#1 H California Brandy, p>T bottle 100 Holland Gin. per b-rttle I 00 French Brandy, per bottle ... 1 ? 8WEET CATAWBA WINE, 9i per gallon. Pirn ?WEET riDER Pliilad. lphta ALE aud POBTER. C. ?. O H VRC A aoR, el* HIS 7th at. n. w.. b.-tween R and M. |/ L O I R : RECEIVED V1RECT from tbe Milla in VALLET OF VIRGINIA Will aell to fnaiiliea AO centa per barre lew thac ?pual pricea. Fricee of SCGA BS and TEAS all narked ?>n. CATAWBA WINE, joet receired fro* Pleaaant Talley Wine ?? a gallon. S. H. BACON. 109 Hi nam between rtb i j B.SRIbBTBRLL, ?!!? 9TH StEBBT. SHIRTS made to order and ready -made. A feet flt guaranteed. Ala.., a cbofce line .4 GENTS FTBNI9HINQ GOODS conataatly on band. aM ly of tbe lPtb rapidly at SI THB LATHST WONDRR tbe ftaait, now aeliinc | 1*11 Pepna.ave , naar lltL. SmPART, BWjMH tfea ItvMl aaraaR LAW* GRABS S! MOWKRS. illlnti YORKBHIRB RELISH j9MTZHD CHEAPEST ? and 10 ceata per le. BAOCR. H.1F. BCRCHrLL, al elw 133V F *?reet. Import.- aiel - Uib I

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