Newspaper of Evening Star, May 14, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 14, 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR. fiMlaM Billy* taitfayt n??ptc4, AT TBK STAB BUILDINGS, m nnnc ?ru iirsririi twin. / 9 r>. ^ m. m. *A*rM*M4jrjr, TBI BVBBING STAR is wnM by carrier, to IM idtcrflMri at TsbCbsts FBI WIH.or FobXI f?n dim pie Copies u the ooaut?c Two Cim Mck. Br aitl-Um Bmtti, tlAC, , 010ft, one yev, #1. TBI WIIILT STAB?PabHiibed Prldsy-f?J? IfMr BThttrltM; tatdrtncr.ii botb 0MN,ud no paper seat loB|*r tku paid for. VBda of tdrntUni famished ?a miMln. AMUSEMENTS. u A it k HALL ilTfALS. OF N YcRK. re. WASHINGTON. MAY 14th AND UlH.K3.3 JO P M oLTvric gboukds. *13 21" i.sli Px?. \v /ALI'S 1EW OffcHA HOlNt. ' JOHN T. FOttD Pr >p-i??or rOVB KKBTS AND OSE MATIN ?E. The lis ? AkEK AND KAKKON The Greai*et Living K- pr?c-u:*' i? e* of G?rman M-ti- "T'l F-male Ch*r?< ter?.willapp ?r ?"? WEDNESDAY EVENING. MAY 14. Andevtry eT'liif dnriv.s the week, ia t!i' n?w German Prjms, " TBKIS AND LENA." ?r. Ltf- "i the Ui;p*r Mis?.-*ipp'. Supported liy ih- . nt:r- ne? coppuiy fccr mjlitii of refined nni :b, wu ei'<l hnn?<^r.?>n t;r*l) free fr m t?iI?tU ? . To relieve your ,l?* fr bi th- cam of J ?nsinesa ? ? ar.>l see Baker i'i . Farr n m their Du'ch and In-h S"ri:? *n 0"lv "Chris and Lena" Matin*"-'< n BAYl BDA 1 AFTERNOON. N?> advar. e in the rnt?? of admission. Mob" ?<mr> 4 at tl.e Opera Hons*-. ml2 if WA?III1G TOM THEATER FOMiqrE (Bi -venth street. south Pennsylvania avenae STILL ANOTHER GREAT SENSATION. < M WEEK ?MAT 1I-AND TWO matinees" Ei gag. Rent of 'h*- favorite New Y rk acirees, MISS KATE BAh MONO KATE batmond KATK RAYMOND In her m.Nit successful of m-lern drams*, ?'THE U A I 1 S OF NEW ? O K B," Produced in sol. nJid style, and with a powerful dramatic company T- Increase th*- attraclion, engae rn?*at has l> V eflt-ctrd with the great Ji-w York actor, ?*d MR 0. B. COLLINS. Who will appear in a favorite eccesitric ch?r ^ A Gr?at S matron Drama, ",r "THE 6IMS OF THE BaLLE - A Great Novelty Ent?-rtaiom?nt. The pop opian Com, dian. ilarlrhi THE GREAT rFNDY' In bis specialty, "pen Mil-Dv-T ___ Tli? p pular bslladist, JOS. WUIT /TV*-* tk? pi eat Com-,- Sn?r. BILLY DEVEP * T i;r ?r Washington, OTTO BURBA?- '/? ili V.-eali-f. KITTY BOWELL S. ?K an! D.r.ceLady. BELLA ? ^ Harris r S Mer-. Klralfv Sister. Mna-s M? EDNI.SDAY-d S a'tUBDAY 'mllit ot,4o1 .. AH.wH "1 MAKER1 ^ ^ ?3?7th?n^i. bet* ^ ^j"|r**?.*0* Choice Oil P?nitlu?*. ? ^ Ale.-, ?ar?ert Bn?ravChr..m<?. *? hhUea. Fictorea, Pr *??-? Haneir*. W: 1 ? ?ria .R ;r-. Nail-, .* ?rn**[. ,u^ X" ?>"1 E KM > CAf" "*? Dtatrfc*. Pleaa. n^>. f ^ >M Hnjrb<(r J<(1 U A'rtru.a vr CAbT-OFF WEAkiNO AP i . . a be sold to the very beet wUauta^e by aodreartnp ^ caiiu,* on Jl'STU, ? D atrevt, betwa?n Sth and 7tb n. w All promptly attei:d?<l to. Oaeh paid. fl] PLAN OS, Ac. LAKGE I.'-T OK MRAUI Y SEW AND SECOND UAND PIANOS, nrrn ' mb difft-rcnt fac.oriua, now on band an l. f??r aale vr rest ? :i Fi-v Tera:->.?o make" Bwoai at BED HBNBArU-S PIANO WAREROOM-, 4UJ Mth <tre?c, ah< ve PemmyUania avenne, Apency for Wm. Kual-e A Co.'a and Win. M - Ckaraioii'i PIANOS. Second-b??l PIABOS taken in pnrt payment for ?ew Pian?* utj :r CJv#TAT KIBN. PRACTICAL P1AMO ? tt AM SR. fonncrlr ?. r?man for F. C _a^K Lmtte A Co.. tnner for St'fDway A 8ona.|BHHI ami late niner for Vftxerott t < ?>. TiincrMll'' bud repairer of P1AVOS and OBGANS. No. ft 3)1 Mew York aTenne. Orders left at Karr'a Jewelry ?t><re. M9 PecnaylTania avenne; Nairn's Drug Store, corner PriiuayWaiiia a. en?'and Btt> mw, Boeentbal's, 991 7iii corner ot H, will meet with prompt attention, mud satisfaction gaaran ? " mn WTIEFF'S PIANt'S. unar.paaeed in vw??Cd?m of C tone ud aacellenee of #ni?h; low prireg_jMK_ and easy terms G L. WILD A BBO JbSb A^ewaa, 4'id 11th street, near n.jrthwest III BE 1 c<>ri>er Penneylvania a*euue, deai?n in PiatM* bad Musical Instruments Kenerally. Taatac and Bspairim. Polishing and Varnishing receive faithful attention. ? ap!7 tr Jr. LCCAS. 1149 7th street a. w., Tmw mm<i ? A'*fc itm ?r Pitaoj an J Ortans. dars received at Tbooipeon's corner 1Mb ss lMBfefl and N York ave. . Getty's, Bridge, d*mII 11"I Coi.greaa, Gevrgetown; and Mosea', cor. 7|B bad P?, as. Piaa aandothnrinatnuaentapackad and m>rwl All work mtdflt WCUOMACBBB A CO.TJ PIANOS. ? PHILADELPHIA GREAT REDUCTION IB PKICKS. s, which, on bccocnt of their ra Cknty over all others, have In a trw years___^?^ (.me the bm>? popular here, aa well aa al.pBBIB over the country,can be had now for the fol-"l 11" lowing low prioew _ SoU ART PIABOSfre? fM>to *471. UPRIGHT PIANOS from #4Mto #7W. GRAND PIANOS from fS?toJIM. Per??ne who wish to save from BhJU to |M ta par bhasiug the beat inatrnateat oat, are invited to call aud compare far tbeuaeefeee Piano* for rant. Pianos T-JMS??'tWS8HSra dV4 tr 91A pMnorlMiiaaten EDUCATION AIa. MISS BABROVKB-S SCHOOL FOR YOCNG LADIES AND CHILDREN, 133k I st..oppo site Franklin Park. Fourth quarter wiUbecin April Ml; fall term September Pth. aplO lm* avei. USTICB TO ALL, patetiality to none, laalways the motto at BTBAUS', Cletkler, 1S11 Penn. enae. aM C FOB BALB BT ALL DBUOGI8T9. Cba be had by the trad* at CBABLB8 STOTTJ OO. 8. ?*. 4M Peaaarlvaala ivesM 4s*?l 4m rj'HK BBW NATIONAL MARK AT. FBKSH, SALT and SMQKBD MEArs at all kinds and of. the beM aaality. torniahed * *" in the beat sty le ,^1*0,0 am b. poultry 9^^^. FBUlTS.and VeGBTABLBS. tn their aeaaon^an be procared at this Market. ?arTl ly KOBT HYATT, 414 11th t. ifl ? ?J'HK SAPIDITY ^||ASB WITH VBBJU are rswreed bad th* feet relieved. If alltag. fro* ?anions. Bad Ball*, A?.,at DB. WHITE'S kstab Hsbmeat. al# 14th street, opposite the Treasury, a l?tte acre rising to persona nnaocoatomed to hii Mthodcf operating,which (a entirely different f. otn IB* otdttse praotic* of tearing off the ingrowtug toe aall. or Itsciu dee* Into the bnnl' n, a distressingly painful mithod, aad ooe which ohllpd th* safferar to go, and s <metintea on cmtchaa, for wevki *r mob ha, aad ao doubt taadad to shorten life, al teaat to maBe It far lass p<sssaa:aad aaefui, hat Dr White's operations are fregaeatl# borne Bp ehildrea vtlBoar *o*fUlat; there ia HttU *r ao paia. ao loas of Hue aadkaoae hat snitahie aAo*s he won, the aa**; taoa<B th* feet belaj aaadbo wHintlf Coras are liable to own* occasionally with even the best Bttlng ahoas, aad ladastrioos persoas tBiak there is psst honored la saMicI fcr and near to vCt Dr r|MEB FAT MKB mil I rejoice to l?ara tBat they 1 *aa he fttted aad salted ia all iatasloaMe styles of Gassiaters bad Flaaa^ Salt* MA. BTBAUS , 1 Bit Penn ave., near Uth St. T1TTTTTTTT D WASBt^aroj, D. C., April IB, 1BTS. The copartnership heretofore dkisting hetwesa Bphoiuo Younsa sod Wm H Bears, und-c the ? aad Bra of BLPHONZO YOUNOS A OO , I* bh - nF?U<"er?e? plh and f streets.) by BLpHOMZO YOl BOB. ?hc will pay all just claims agaiast aad collect bU i pay aii mat < rot-t,Q9 w M H SBABS. Thanking aty Meade and th* pnhlic for their lib eral patronag' tn the pa*. 1 woaid reapartfally a>.licit a continuance of tne same klphobzo YOOBOS. Having saeat the past two rears vary satisfactorily with Mr. 1 uags to the above named busmeaa, I A tLEE'B WHARF. ^ee? 4*4 mmd t ttrmit. TO COBTBACTOBS AND MKBCH ABTB. - uf STONE, COAL. targoes ?. aiv v LUMBEB. Ac., ?liarharred ftoan vessel# and stored or delivered at tBe shortest notice and lowest ratss^ _ Alt ? T. ArLEE. flMSl Li -WE: uliT BEST WOOD BUBBT LIMB at ?I per barrel, delivered to all K^^VaBBY, Mth "treet, near La. avenue, n^rthweet. ibe mtum ftaf. V2f. 41-N2. 6.287. WASHINGTON, U. C., WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, V?73. TWO CENTS. SPECIAL NOTICES. fllf Ulo Rjf Whisky, Fine Old Rye Whisky, Fin* Old Eye Whisky, Fine Old By* Whi?ky, Fine Old Rye Whisky, Fine Old Rye Whisky, . Fine Old Rye Whisky, HaTrmtiu Warramted Warranted Ptrrt Put? Pur* And CnaJulterat'd, Fof Uenrral ani Mtdictnal tIs*. This it the article we have now sold ' A live ye?r* with universal satisfs .OT Towards ?t(> Mtlm M Ooe Dollar p(r bot U#n; put up in h u; quantity. ?*> or can be had Notice, that we will ret* W"h?kv does nut give satisf /I the money II this i? ut-d by us. miction or pT*ve aa re pre AI*o an e*cellent stock ^rry, Angelica, Mr - of California Wtnee? Port, R-lly's Island Cat* .-.trt, Hock and Clarvt; alto. tin.N Ar r? * a?4 imported Liquors of all aictr - T ^y. VT* ATT.VNS, Druggis t, . ? >?meT &1 and D street* n. w. uN BR?*K FAST, I.UNCHEON.DINNEK . _ ?AND SUPPER TABLK, * r,,r Ins'\\ or tester shire Saace IS l!lln*FE*SA8l.B. rw?< *i?il DUNCAN 8 BON8, New f ork, rwtlS 2.t?ly Agrata for the United States. BALLS, Ac. MA' XlNI A BATES' FOURTEENTH ANNUAL M\Y BALL ?tak?- place at their Academy, E, between 9tl and 10th Street*. on THURSDAY, MAT 14. Tti ket?. admitting a gent'em?n ani lady. $S. t<> be had at th?* Music Store* ofl Ellis' and M>*z<Tott's, or at the Acrt-lemy. nilz en 9tl 4 mlT 4i' LECTURES. L ICTCll AT THE FOUNDRY M. E CHURCH, Northeast corner 14th and G street", For the bent lit O? GoRSUCH M. E. CHURCH, TUESDAY EVENING, May *), 1873, at 8 o'clock B> Rev THOMAS GUARP,of Baltimore. Subject: "Body and Soul." Admission SO rents. ml4-4f* LADIES' GOODS. ansa Met or.*ti tit, jS^90A PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE," Ua* constantly on hand a line assortment of IMPORTED BONNETS, STRAWS, CHIPS, FLOWERS. RIBBONS, Ac all rf the newest designs. Ladies CAPS and COIF Fl RES j?-?t receiTtil. xn5 tr 11RS. C. B. GILLET, 1*1 AT THE NEW YORK MILLINERY STORE, HAS REMOVED from 614 SKh street 469 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, WASHINU TOM O C? and baa jnst r. turned from New York with th iairet st) and novelties in Millinery and Pane Good*. 1 hankful for pMt favors, she solic'ts a cot tinuance of patronage. apI4 lm* [V OTlf'E.?Bargaius are now being offered i MILLINERY and FANCY GOODS, By B. LEX/BERG A CO., ?2J-tr 7Q7 Market Space, | J A I R GOODS. FIRST CLASS GOODS AT LOW PRICES. Fine BRAIDS, CURLS, etc., of our own mak< soli! at manufacturer's prices, ?t n.PHILIPPI* Hairwork Factory and Store, 719 Market S|>ac? between 7th and 8th streets. a21 <it* J^TAMPING DEPOT, ?IT Bitcitb Stbebt, Mjljt Opposite Patent OBco. WELLING OFF I ^ BELLING OFF I AT COST, TO DISSOLYB PARTNERSHIP, the entire stock OF TH* NEW YORK BAZAR, 44 i Seventh street, near E. ?arT rr NO HUMBUG. uf AD1ES" L FRENCH STABOH ENAMIL IN Veil Lombard street, lanlt ly Baltimore. Maryland. SUMMER RESORTS. SUMMER BOARD.?Those who wish toexrham the boat and dust of the city for cool S . ? , tarter* anil fio< scetx ry ar- in* it I to try the LOUDON INSTITUTE, which will beUM in rca<iiiie*a ky th- first of June. The building large and airy, and every effort will be made to mti istt r to the comfort and pl-asnre of guests. Situ at < on high ground near the Leesburg and Aklie grad at>out nine mile* from the former place, with dai c miuuniration wiih Washington. Charges reaso able. For particulars addreoo THOMAS W. LAKE, mki }w Aldie, London county, Va. fi^OR SUMMER BOARDERS.?Four No. ROOMS, faruiithed Also, four unftir- B . ? , niched.and BOARD, in a l>eautfn:l country home in a health) locality. Good refer-UaL ences given. For particulars apply to JOHN W. KINSEL1 Clearspring. W aabmgtou county. Md. m7 lm GEO. M. OYSTBB, GEO M OYSTER, Jk. J. F 0YSTE1 WE ARE NOW BELLING PHILADELPHIA PRINT, FRBSH NEW YORK, and PENNSYLVANIA BOLL BUTTI AT BEDUCED RATES. 6EO. M. OYSTER k CO., Stall*. 1??, 176, 177, 4?0, 491, and 45 tenter Market. Stall, , Northern Market. mS-<5t QUIRTS MADE TO ORDER. In connection with my Msrchant Tailoring hoi Q?*s. 1 am now prepared t? MAKE BH1RTS TO ORDBR, has tag engaged the services of one of Mm beat en ters In the country for that purpose. Being sat! fled of my ability to giva entire satisfaction, both I style and It.I respectfully solicit the patronage i the pubtac. __ O. T. KEEN, S*irt and IHawrrt Mmmnfaetmm, alt lm Kb street northwest. j?KAMIBE THE BOLD SPECTACLE, Oail f6. B H. RBMPLBB, Optician, r 4X Light colore* dress pants m Pear Lavender, aad Tea colors, aad of excellei workmanship, at A STEADS', 1S11 Penaa. avs ?ear 11th. | sfll 'l^HE MOST WONDKRFFL DISCOVERY O 1 THE 1?1B OEBTUBY. Ci S O. Hova'a Ar&bin Milk Curt, roH coysoMFTion. Cures ordinary Coughs and Colds la a few houri like magic; alao, Ik. >.0. Bowt'a Arabiaa Toaie Blood Furiftoi Which la Barely vegetable, cleanses the system c all impofitiea, aalldsit right s?uars ap, and mak? pare, rich blood. For ' General Beklltty," "Lost Vitality," an broken dowc constitutions. "! Ck*lUn*4 lA* Ntntlttntk CmUmr*" Ta lad its eijual. Every bottle Is worth its weight in gold. Pries SI *** bottle; or six bottles for #4. ? iLWd wholesale and retail by C if as. Stott A Co., 4fe9 Pennsylvania avsaaa. Aim at retail ky Z D. Gilmai, KIT Pennsylvania arenas. W. G. Dcckxtt.comer Penn. a*e. and t*1 st. J. P MiLBi-aa A Co., aaar Treasury Deparuaeal A L avis A Co.. 14th aad !? streets. J B. Majob, 7th aad H streets. J. M. Sroji*,7th and L streets. D B ('labik A Co., 4H street and Penna. ava J S. Jo **s, S9d and A streets southeast. Ta bib A Co., an* 7th i MBBHH HEM F. D IK'WLiaa, 4H aad 0 streets southweat. A. J. Sr?A?HiBT, NortkCapitol and H streHi D. P. Bicstisa, 301 fennsylaaaU are. and JB I W. B Srt'BB, corner 7tk and 0 streets. Wilbbbp McLbop, Georgetown. apiM-wAs^m piMlLT.-TW^ _ . TIC!AM8, No. 1SST Pan]i*t t.vABiA Avim. Geauine Braxillan Pebble ipactaf las. >aal '?'HE NEAREST BOUTB to the Vienna BbbooI 1 tion is by tb* way of A. STRAUS', 1011 Peni ave., near lltk a? EVENING STAR. ? O. A' ? 8 aiDgtop News and Gossip. ?iTernal Rkvk.nuk?The receipts from this sourcc to-?lay were *3*5.2.11 54. Forty mnrPAKD passports have been issued by the State department so l'ar this year. Small Conscience Contributions The Secretary of the Treasury this moruing received two tetter* from New York, one containing ?3 and the other $4, contributions to the conscience fulnl. The competitive examination to fill three fourth class vacancies in the Pension Office will take place at Wright's building, corner of 8th and G streets northwest, on Saturday. the 17th instant. There will be about thirty-five competitors. The remains or Chief Jcstkb Chask were removed from the chapel vault of Oak Hill cemetery, Georgetown, yesterday after noon, and interred in Gov. Cooke's lot, from whcrce they will be removed to Ohio at some tntuie day. Only Gov. Sprague, Gov. Cooke and a lew other intimate personal friends of the deceased were present at the interment. Nav^al Orderb?CaptaTiTE. R. Calhoun has been detached from duty at the Boston navy yard and ordered to hold himseir in readiness for m a service. Commander Thos. O. Selfridge has been detached from the command of tue I>arien expedition and ordered to duty as assistant to the executive officer at the Boston navy yard. Lieut*. John T. Sullivan and ,J. G. Eato-i have been detached from the Darien surveying expedition and granted three months' leav? of absence. The Russian Mission.?Judge Edwards Pierrepont, of New York, probably received from the President this morning a letter tend ering the Judge the position of minister to Rus sia. The letter was prepared by the President and aiailed Monday evening, though not until alter the close of the New York mall, conse quently it left here yesterdav morning and I i?t night reacbcd New York. 'Judge Pierrepont will i>odoubt accept the position, and if so his commission will be made out in the course of a few cays. Pohtmasteks AppoiNTEn The President has appointed the following postmasters: F. P. Yincent, Yineyard Grove, Mass.; Daniel Fich thorn, Waverly, Iowa; Joseph F. Sexton, Ash tabula, Ohio; I.. Jackson, Ellsworth, K insas, Samuel K. Ainsleo, Kit Carson, Colorado terri tory; John Ballinger, Gallatin, Mo.; Geo. W .Matthews, Paw Paw, Mich.; G. E. Wentworth Pens-icola, Fa.; Henrv Blackmtn, Brookha ven, Miss.; Mrs. Nicctte M. Diugrave, Monroe, La ; Rigdon Ouincey, Navasota, Texas; Mrs. RacLel Tritt, Farmer City. 111. Personal?General F. T. Dent and family have left lor New I.ondon, Conn., where Gen. Deiit has be n ordered for duty. ????Governor Wise, of Virginia, and Representative M.iy b ird. of Tennessee, are at the Ebbitt House. ???Hon. William Annaud, president of the Legislative Council of Nova Scotia, and his daughter, are in this city, and called yesterdav upon the President and the Secretary of the Treasury. Messrs. S. J. Kimball. E. O. Craves and Wm. H. Beck, of the Treasury I?e P-t nient, were at the Grand National Hotel at Jacksonville, Florida, on the *tb inst. Mr. B. W. Spence, an imi>ort;tiit witness in the credit mold lier investigation, was in the city a lew days hince. It is said that he is a valuable wum ss for the government in the suits soon to be brought. ????The statement that Senator Hamlin lias returned bis increased coini? tion to the Tieasurydepartment is incorrect. Relief for the Polaris Canteway*. SECRETARY ROBESON DIRECTS MONET TO BE Ft RNISHBD THEM AMD A NAVAL VESSEL SEKT TO BRING THEM HOME AT OBCB. Secretary Robeson has received another tele giam from Consul Molloy at St. Johns, stating that the crew of the Polaris, which arrived there on the Tigress are badly in want of money and also asking h- he should advance funds to them. Mr. Molloy aHo states that the harboi of St Johns is still locked with ice. Secretary Robeson promptly telegraphed In reply that 31 r. Molloy should furnish the necessary 'means to the survivors and draw on him to be reim burned. He also gave orders that the United States steamer Frolic, now at New York, should proceed to St. Johns and bring home those of the Polaris' crew now there, and this morning received a reply that the Frolic was all ready. He then directed that she voyage to-monow, May 15th. 1 be 1- rolic is a fourth-rate side-wheel steamer, with a battery of eight howitzers. She Is com manded bv Lieut. Commander C. M. Schoon maker, ana has on board the following officers Lieutenants. Geo. W. Coster,Sidney A.Simons, Cornelius R. Meeker, Edward W. Bridge and J. D. J. Kelley; Mate, John Wyckoff; Medical Inspector, F. M. Gunnell; Assistant Surgeon, H. Aulich; Assistant Paymaster, L. G. Bwn First Assistant Engineer. Samuel Gragg;ai do., William S.Moore: 2d Lieutenant ot Ma rines, G. T. Elliott; Gunner, Wm. A. Ferrier. Some difficulty may be experienced in reach ing St. Johns oh account of the ice, but under favorable circumstances she can reach there in tour days. No effort will be made by the Frolic to get further north than St. Johns to make any Inquiry about the Polaris, as the Frolic is not a vessel suited for such an expedition; be ing a side wheeler and made of Iron she would soon be crushed by the ice. As stated in the Star of yesterday the Secretary will send out a vessel later In the summer to look for the Po laris should she not be heard from before that time: but the vessel selected for that expedition will be a small wooden one strengthened for the expedition. End o* the St. Martinsville, (La.) In hi rrection?Surrrnd-r <f Col. D* Blanc.?Col l>e Blanc, the McEnery leader in Louisiana, and several ot his trlenas.have surrendered and are now on parole nntil Friday, when they will leave for New Orleans. The names of the eleven that the warrants for are not ascertained Vulet now reigns in St. Martinsville. United States Marshal Packard telegraphs trom New Orleans, under date of May p> as follows: "City perfectly quiet. Governor Kel logg's address, published yesterday, together with his order declaring that he would preserve peace at all hazards, has had a most salutarv eU?ct. ThefWarmoth and McEnery agitators are much less disposed to make disturbances. 1 he peop.e begin to see that the St. Martins ville affair was a miserable fiasco." Th* Tear?The Nashville, Tenn.. spring races opened brilliantly vesterday. The Bel mont stakes for three-year olds, mile heats were won by Joe Johnson, after three heats over four others, in 1.17, 1.47 \ and 1.4yi<. The association purse was won by (Quartermaster after feur heats, over five others; best time Another fine day and large attendance favored the Lexington, Ky.. race yesterday. McGrath'* Jury won the #250 purse, mile heats, all ages, in 1.46, 1.46*. One of his fine competitors fell, breaking the rider's collar bone. The mile and a quarter dash, for #150, all ares, was won by M*Jor Macon, over two others, in 2.12k, AGALLA*T M AM AND HlS BkAVE DaPOHTSR Whip Fivb Indians?A dispatch from Port land, Oregon, says: Five Indians attacked the house of James Harrison, Ave miles from Walla Walia. He refused to fire the Indiana tobacco, ^ *nOC,k/d door down. Harrison defended himself aad daughter with a hatchet, knocked two of the Indians down and was struggling with a third, when his daughter came to the rescue and knocked the Indian down with an axe. The neighbors Jieard the outcries and came to the relief of Harrison snd his daughter and captured three of the Indians, who are in Jail. The two other Indians escaped. Abmt op tmb Potomac Rbcbiob.?The proceedings attending the reunion of the army of the Potomac at New Haven, Conn., began yesterday afternoon bv a meeting of the Ninth army corps, wMeh elected the officers of last year, except that General K. B. Potter was sub stituted vice president for General Hartranlt. Rev. A. Woodbury.of Providence, delivered an eloqneut oration. In the evening the corps had an elegant banquet, at which General Burn side presided. Tbeeb is a lit TLB mtbtbbt hanging about the death of Captain Halt. Those meBtoers of the rrew ot the Polaris wbe were brought back by the Tigress are the sole repositories of ~ facts, and they say he died of apoplei facto, and they say he died of apoplexy, but those who knew the dauntless navigator say that he was very unlikely to he a victim to soeh aa attack, and Dr. Hajes says that anv ewe liable to it would not have it fa that ST. r. Vail. I German patriots or the Oermdn revo lution of 1S48 and 1S4P celebrated the event < terdsy at East River park. Addresses made by G?Lera] Sij ef, General Weber, and others. Mew Publication*. KEVET.m CHILLINGLY; HIS ADVENTCRF ANI> OPINIONS. By LortLjUon l? T Hut pet A Bros. (Through J. C. Parker ' - This is tlie last of Bulwers novj,^ and wa9 not published until after his is 9ap. posed that the hero of the rfOTy, Kenelm Chil lingly, represent* Bul<;>er>8 Edward Hobert Bu wer,known, u'^uer his licmc/f plume of "Owen Meredith"' as a writer of some distinction. THE PfORY OF FELICE. By Esmeralda Boyle, 'L" outi fT of" Th slU-down.'' London: Trubuer A Co. 1'1'Lrt ui.h F. A. Fill A Co.| A gracefully told story in verse, daintily set oft by its blue and gold binding. Two or three slighter pieces by Mitt Boyle serve to till out the volume. THE TEMPTER AND TEMi'TED A story for B?y?. By M. F W B<>?tOb: Hi-uty Hoyt. (Through V m Ballantyne ) I'ASCAKEL. Only a story. By Ouida. Philadel phia: J . U Lippincott A C*. (Thruugh Craudell A Riley.] A new novel by the author of " Strathmore," ?' Idalia,"&e. 81#LEN FROM n?>ME By Mrs.Denlson. B >s ton : Henry Hoyt. | Through Wm Ballantyne.) A story for children by a well-known Well ington writer. PAY DAY AT BABEL AND ODES. By Robert Burton Rodney, U. S N., author ?f " Alboin and Rosamond." New York : D. Van N'Wtrand. TI1E FISHING TOURIST, ANGLER S GUIDE AND REFERENT fc BOOK. By Charles Hal lock. Kf* Kork ; Harper A Bros. [Through J C. Parser. J Mr. llallock is the author of various pleasant cketches ot travel and adventure in the way 01" hunting and tb-hing, published in Ifarjxr't Mag azine, and the public will be glad to get here in condensed form what he knows about the sal mon and trout regions of America; and the best way to approach them and their shy den i (CIS. THE BERBER; OR, THE MOl'HTAINEER OF THE ATLAS. A tale <.t Morocco. By William Stntbuck Mayo, M. D. New York: J. G. Putuam A S< nr. (Through Ker\and A Towers.) ? The author of "Kaloolah" of course seeks to work up an exciting story, but he weaves iu very readably the illustrations of Moorish man ners, customs, history and geography, which familiarity with these topics enable him to sup ply. THE AMULET By Hendrick C nsclecre. B.tlri n.ore; John Murphy (Through 1). A. Brosuau.) In the "Amulet'' Hendrick Conscience has worked up a tragical occurrence which took place at Antwerp in the 10th century into a story of decided power. MEMOIRS OF A MARYLAND VOLUNTEER. War with Mexico, in the years 18MJ-7-S. By julm h Kenly. Philadelphia: J B Lippincott A Co. (Through R B. Mohun A Co.J The history of the brilliant campaign cf our troops under Taylor and Scott in the war with Mtxico will always be one of the most fasci nating pages of American history, both because Oi the t ashing bravery displayed in the contests and the romantic daring, rivalling that of Oortoc and Pizarro, that took our little army into the very heart of Mexico, under a broiling sun and through a plague-infested district, fighting battles at every step, attacking overwhelming numbers in apparently inaccessible and impreg nable fortresses, and with communications cut oft as they advanced, by swarms of gnerrilas. We have nowhere seen the exciting history ot this wonderful contest so well told, on the whole, as in this book of General Kenly*s. It also sup plies, what will be matter of interest to very many families here, a succinct narrative of the part taken in that war by the volunteers from the District of Columbia. TBE CITY OF NOCROSS AND ITS FAMOUS PHYSICIAN. By the author or ? M< r croft Hatch." B<ston: Hftrj Hoyt. (Through Wn. Ballantyne.) This is a new chapter added to Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress," in the way of allegory. ADVENTURES OF KWEI. THK CHINESE GIRL. By Mira, author or "Louis Mtchtud." Boston: Henry Hoyt. (Turough Wui. Ballan tyne.) THE HEMLOCK SWAMP, AND A SEASON AT THE WHITE 8ULPHUR SPRINGS. By Bl?i Leigh Whittlesey, author of "Castles in Spain," "Helen Ethinger," Ac. Philadelphia: Claxton. Reinsen ?? HaflelSnger. (Through W.H. A O H Morrison.) GOD. OUR TATHER. By a Father ot the Swiety of Jesus. Baltimore: John Murphy. IThreush D. A. Broanan ] The previous work by thisauthor, "The Hap piness of Heaven," has had a wide popularity amongst Catholic readers, and this little volume will doubtless be received with the same favor. Not 80 Bad a Bargain A ftkr All?Two small, rocky Islands in the Bebring sea, says the London Globe, will soon hare paid back to the United States Treasury the whole sum ex pended upon the purchase of Alaska. When

the cessicu ot this territory was granted by Rus sia, people smiled at the bargain made by the A met loans. It was asserted that Yankee shrewdness had deserted Mr. Seward in the matter. He knew better, and did not buy with his eyes shut. St. Paul's and St. George's is lands, belonging to the Aleutian chain, have since been Teased to the Alaska Commercial company for seal fishing at a yearly rental of t.15,000. A tax of nearly three dollars on each fur seal skin taken and shipped from the island is also imposed. As 100,000 skins are exported vcarlv now to San Francisco and New York, a fruitful source of revenue is obtained from these two barren rocks. This territorial enter prise of the United States is therefore a great success, and will probable help to develop the idea so rapidly growing in America that colo nial possessions are useful from many natural l>ointsof view. Terrible Explosion in a Coal Minb? Over forty Mien Jmprituned in a Burning Mine.? A terrible explosion occurred in the Drummond colliery, Plcton county, Nova Sootla, Monday afternoon. Manager Dunn, Assistant Manager Richardson and forty of the workmen were in the pit when the explosion took place. The greatest excitement prevailed above ground after the fearful occurrence, and crowds ot poo dle for miles around came rushing to the set ue of the disaster, and some of the scenes are de scribed by an eye-witness as harrowing beyond description. Mothers, wives, sisters and chil dren crowded around the burning mine, mourn ing the fate of those below, their heartrending cries being heard for a long distance. Kverv effort has been and is being male to rescue the men, but so far without success, and it is feared they have all perished. The Are at 9 p. m. yes terday was still raging, although every effort was being made to put It out. Th* Financial Cataclysm in ErBOPS.? The Bourses of the principal cities of Germany are extremely depressed In consequence of the panic In Vienna. The government, with a view to their relief, will Introduce measures into the Diet, applying to the Prussian share of the war contributions, to the purchase of bills and pub lic securities, to advances for the accommoda tion of merchants, and to the redemption ot the debt for railway work. The operations of the bank have been suspended. Large Salbs of Postal Card?.?The pos tal authorities in New York ordered a half mil lion j-ostal cards, of which two hundred and seventy-five thousand arrived yesterday. Their sale began at 11 o'clock, and during the suc ceeding three hours two hundred thousand were disposed of. They ware chiefly purchased in large quantities for advertising purposes, a sin gle firm taking twenty thousand. The Pops was very feeble Monday. He had a fainting fit which lasted aa hoar, and yester day his condition was rather worse, showing ejaressive debility. Yesterday was the 31st birthday of his Holiness, bat he was unable to give audience to the deputations which called at the Vatican to tender congratulations. A Lono Litigation Ended The ease of Maria L. Mason against Henry A. Cram, In volving millions of property near the Central Park, Xew York, was decided yesterday, thS title of Cram being sustained. The matter has been in litigation sinoe 1188. Stokes was not resentenced in 'New York yesterdav. His counsel says the question whether lie will be resentenced before the case goes to the coart of appeals is ye* anasttliJiL A Cabltst oowstibact for. the overthrow of the republic has been discovered in Madrid. Three conspirators were arrested. Be nor 8 a gosta has disappeared from Madrid. 17*Madam Loyson, the wife of Pere Hya c in the, has given birth to a boy. ?7~The indictment against George Kraneis Train is to stand, and an early day will be fixed for the trial. WTbe counsel for ths sailor boarding-heuss keepers stated In court in New York ySaturday that, if the charges were withdrawn, he would advise thtm to tabs out a license. OUR OLD CITY HALL. SOMETHING' OF ITS HISTORY. Official Report of ike Government Appraiser*. Seventy.five Tbonwnd Dollar* to be Paid far the Balldiug by the United State*. The following Is the report of the appraisers Messrs. M. D. Leggett, George S. Gideon, and A. A. Hosmer? appointed by the Secretary ot the Interior to determine the amount to be paid by the United State* to the District of Columbia for the interest of the latter in the City Hall builling of Washington: Department or Tni Interior, > Washington, D. C., May ?, 1S73 < In j^nrsuance of an act of CongreVs of March 3d, 1873, the undersigned, duly selected by the Secretary of the Interior am appraisers for the purpose, and having been duly sworn to the faithful and impartial discharge of our duties, do hereby report ami determine seventy-five thousand dollars (*75,000) as the sum to be pai.l by the I niti-d States for the pnrcha>o of the interest of the District of Columbia in the I recent City Hall building in Washington, now used solely for government purposes. THI BISTORT Or THE CITY HALL building, as gathered from the acts of Congres and the ordinances and other records of the cit\ of Washington, is briefly as follows: By acts of Congress of May 4th, 1812, (2 Stat. .26, sec. 6,) and May 15th, 18J0,(3 Stat. 5**, see. 8,) the cor|?oration of Washington wa* author ized toraise money by lotteries for the support of school* and tlie erection ol a p?*nitcntiar\ and a eity ball, ruder the*e act* the city couii cils by various laws, from 1812 to 181k, author ized the raising of * 130,000. April l and ?, 1*20. provision was made by the councils, with the approval ot President Monroe, given dunes ls20, lor the erection of a city ballon Judiciary square, at an estimated cost of *100,0U0. The city hall was so erected, ami various appropri ations therefor were made by the city council between July 24, l*-jo, and December 4, 1830 amounting to *54,*53 3a. The expenditures by' the corporation of Washington in improve toente anu additions to the original building, in accordance with numerous acts of the city councils, have amounted (including *.;<i ooo ap I ropnated by Congress, hereafter mentioned,, lO ? j'N/l.Cjt I nder acts of councils from 1823 to K1 there appears to have been expended by the corpo ration of Washington, tor repairs of the city nail building, ^43.25; (or fitting up ami fur nishing buildings, *21,745 71; for care of bu ld ingsan.l grounds. *5,!M 38; for contingencies tuel, lights.&c.. f l3,Htt.?; making the actual cost ot the baildim; ?li/7.?41.4<i; the expanse* 0f lifting aiid furnishing, *21,745.71, and the care and expenses incident to the use of the build ing, >l:i.0.4.18?a total of expenditures l?y the eorj>oration of Washington, as stated in tiie memorial ol the Governor and Board of Public \\otksto Congroi*. dtted ,lan. 2, 1*75, (Sena'e lVl?29 42d ^onb'-. third session,) ol By acte of Congress of October 5, H22, March 3. 1823, and October 5, 1832, and an act of the city councils of March 27,, provision wa, made tor the use ot the eastern jortion of the c^tyhall bui,ding by the circnit court of the I meed States and its officer*, and for its rec or.Is; and by deed of April 2*:. 1823, the corpo ration of Washington conveyed to the United &tat?s the chambers or room> necessary for tbi* purpose. J By act of Congress of March 3d, 18|o ch ino and act of the councils of May 1st, 1849, nro^ vision was made fer the use by the criminal court of the Lnited States for the Diatrict of Columbia of the city council's rooms In the west wing ot the city hall; not. however, to in terfere with the meetings of the Common Coun cil ol the city. 1? *]?\ve act of Confess of March 3d. 1K9, ?30,(i00 ii* appropriated to reimburse the corporation of Washington the cost of erecting ??1p vi! L* c. cltT hal1 building occupied bv the I nlted State*, the same to be expended by bui!<U<ufWrati0n tillii,,1'ng 016 e*terior of the At the time of the organization of the pres ent government of the District, under the or fh?I, rnItCItBf.^ODgrMS ?f February 21st, 1871, ? .? nitef? St*1*1 ??"cnP'O'l the whole east half h?ir ~ - a lar?c Portion of the west nair. The District government arranged for accommodation elsewhere, and the I'nit.-d States have been, and now are, the sole occu pants of the buiMlng. m [Signatures of the appraisers.., *??? latest Modoc right. INDIAN AGAINST INDIAN?THE MolXH: ATMCK ... ?KEP^Vt'K.U BV ?CB ?f?"KlN ALLIES In the attack of Capt. Jack on Lieut. Bayles ?"i1**1 Saturday morning, Jack's band rode within one hundred yards of the carui, tTrinv ??nounted and Charged on the cam .. The lirst volley stanij^eded the herd. Tie herd left for camp, and while the men were getting under arms the Modocs gave volley after volley, killing four soldiers and one Warm Spring Indian. A rallv V cLaree was sounded. This time Donald McKay and some of bis men uni ted and drove the Modocs Into the Umber, cap turing twenty-one ponies and three pack mules One Modoc was left on the field, and nineteen a,*?' 8l* dead iKKlies before the retreat. The train was entirely covered witb gore. The Indians then beat a hasty retreat J?*a.rd8 uth? McLeod range of mountains. Captain Hasbrouck thinks the Modocs have m. ammunition except what they have remaining in their pouches, as they lost their entire reserve ol ammunition in the fight. Captain Jack has but seven animals with him. He took his position on the Held in as lordly a manner as it he had been a brigadier general. It was a grand mistake of the* Mod&s, who u??btod"y throught they could stampede this force as they bad stampeded others, but they met with the It "thi 2,,rin/ Indians. These warriors started at the lirst fire as fast as they could get their gons. trotting in on the ttauk of the Motlocs which supprised them. The cry of "ff^' ?pTin.S.8 went np through the Modoc ranks and they were stampeded in place of the soldiers. 1 he condition of Lieut. Harris is much the same as last reported, but there is greater hope for his diroovery. ' A later disnatch says the Modocs are now 25 miles from the place of the laftVht hSti? pursued by the troops and WarmTpnS 'nd,a?s Only two men were killed and seven wounded From a mail carrier who arrived at 12 o'clock Sunday night it is learned that the Modoc were heading towards Van Bremers mounted lndTaLPttr*U y tLe troo*"sand Warm Spring Trr Goodrich Mcbdir Mtstbkt?Coro ner Whitebill has determined not to contiuue the investigatian concerning the death of Chas. ? Goodrich on Wednesday eveniug aa was his in tention. This is done at the request of the police, who have hop. of eliciting something relative to the case from the prisoner "Pup" Tighe who is locked up in the Washington street pouoe station. He cannot b? seen by reporters, and the police authorities refuse to converse on the subject of bis arrest or the death of Chas Goodrich. Mrs. Lucette Meyer Armstrong says that the description of James Tighe, who is under arrest on suspicion of complicity in the murder of Mr. Goodrich, tallies i>erfectly with the man whom she knew as Boecoe A'. F. Sim, 13th. StrangkScicior and Brqcbst.?A suicide, accompanied by peculiar circumstances, is re-f ported from Colombes, France. M. Teasier, a retired druggist of 71, went to the public bauts, where, after taking a strong dose of morphine, which must have acted too slowly to satisfy him, be opened hit jngnlar and the veins in his arms with a* razor. His snuff box was found near bit body, wrapped in paper, on which were the words; "For Madame Aubry, memorial of friendship," and be bad addressed a letter in the form of a will to the Mayor, by which he left his body to tbe School of Medicine fbr the benefit of the Last scholar. He requested a civil burial, and wound np with the words: "Non credo." Tan Kew York Express says: "In less than twenty years one hundred and nine daily Jour nals have had an existence in this etty, and one hundred of the number are dead, at a loss of over 925,000,600. The expenses of publication have increased more than six-fold in twenty yean, and are every day Increasing. Tbe com petition la now sharper than ever, and though daily papers are not more nuaserous than they have Men, every year adds to the telegraphic news, type setting, and other expenses, la July of this sear the system of free exchanges will be abolished, adding another expense in pro curing Federal, State, local, and other intelli gence." Co* VICT ED or MabsLacohter Committed Ten Ybaeb Aoo?In the circuit eourt at An. napolls, lid., yesterday, Davie was eoavioted of manslaughter for the murder of the colored man Ferry. The crime was oowmtttod tea yean a?o on a lam to the northern seotioa of Anna Arundel county. The erlmlaal fled, and the affair was forgotten nstU he reappeared in this city a month ago and was immediately arrested. The course of jostles has been slow but sure la his case.???& dsterfesa, l-to. la RMtkrra C?l?r*4?. the uombof TBBCOBTIBBBT?badiatiobs or A BARCBBBO? RipiW?? FOR "rabob ?SHBBP AKUCATTLB-FLBBIBU FBOB Till*-"" TH* I1RIIH HOKH ABU TH1 URIBRBOS?A OEBtAL IL1MATI?TBI PASTORAL LASDOF l*BOIl*I ?(.All A*D fish ? 11L19 ABD brars. I Extracts fr>.m a former Watkinftonum'i prirmtt IctftF.] Crt>*ROS Rahib, Cot., April 30, .3. PiabCuiuiel: ? ? ? l"?^n in St. lx>ui? from Philadelphia and * aabing ten. I concluded, inasmuch u I intended to lo cate somewhere permanently, and location bting of much im|?orUncf, to w the much vaunted Tex** and Pacific railway country in northern Teiu, *0 I diverged Iwb the route I h?d planned and went there. 1 o be brief. I lound it had been more profanely whitewashed with fulsome praise than any por tion of the WeMern Land of Promise I bare ever seen. It in certainly a u???<l agricultural coun ter. Bad plenty of emgrants are going tn to settle ?t. In a ride of a hundred mile*, from IHi.ison to Fort Worth, by wagon, at no time wai> 1 out of night of wagon* laden with families seeking bones in the Lone Star state. A* a confluence of this, the stock ranges* are be coming circumscribed. and stockmen are being i>ut>hed further West, where Uie gentle Indians most do congregate. 1 soon discovered that it was no place for my purpose, retraced my st-'pa. and came to Colorado. Uikinc I?enver my headquarters. I r<*Mttd. First I explored the South Platte valley and the mountain countrv in that latitude. ] round the ranges fair and" ample, but the winter* sometimes very severe. Last winter was the mildest lor many vears.very little snow I ailing; but the preceding one was rigorous, and proved disastrous to stock men in some instances. Next 1 took in the ccuntrv about l?enver, west and east, for a distance of'about one hnn<ired miles. To the < astw ard I found there was a lack of water, while to the westward, in the mountain districts, two much snow usually falls to admit of winter gracing. Satisfying myself that 1 had as yet lound bo place superior or equal to Kl Paso. Texas, 1 came to Pueblo and Vgan skirmiabing thereabout. I -00n discovered one thing, namely, that the climate here is aiach more genial "than the difference in latitude be tween B*blo and Denver would seem to indi cate. According to all accounts the winter jnat passed must have been truly delightful?too much so, some said, for the moisture, which makes grass, coming mainly from snow, tbev feared stock might not do well. But they were mistaken, fgr within the past month there have been several mild snow falls, melting In a few hours, and the grass is now fine. The prospect for stock was never better. Making good use of mv tongne and eyes, I , soon made the discovery that the nearer the mountains one lives the better his range, for | two reasons-he has letter shelter and wore and earlier grass, tor helms more moisture to make I it. Hiding over the different ranges, 1 saw tha' the stock near the mountains wa? in the best condition, so I naturally sought a ranch in that ? localitv. . , . _ . . I ha?1 not been lone in Colorado before I made the discovery that the present is no tiiue to touch sheep." Keasou: so many are going lute the business that sheep are verv high; for in stance. ?2 50 to for commou Mexicans. The j demand tor sheep in Mexico during the past si* , mouths has advanced the price there in alout 1 the same proportion. On the other hand, cat tle are low. Mr philosophv teaches me to buy a thing when (t's "down,'' and sell when its "np." I therefore became conviuced that cat tle for present puri-oses ottered the l?est margin. Chant lug one day to ride out it the direction of the Spanish Peaks, 1 came upon a spot the peculiar beauty of which captivated me. I found it was a stock ranch ana about to be sold at forced sale. Hiding over the range, I found it excellent and ample, embracing a scoj.e of country twentv-five miles in area, being well sheltered by blurts and ptnon and cedar gro ves, the water pure, sparkling, melted snow trom ' Old Ba'.dv," the highest peak of thetireen ham range "seven miles away. Making further inquiries, I learned that it was stocked with three hundred Lead of American and half breed cattle, fine bulls, et cetera, having three hundred and twenty acres of land, covering a frontage of two miles, one mile on the (irinerus and one mile on the Green ham, one hundred acres arable with good crops already in, comfortable log cabin with three rooms, f arm implement* and stock houses, al! com plete. 1 w % not long in reaching the convic tion that it was the fineet stock ranch 1 had ever seen, and ottered at a bargain. The next thing was to convince some one else, or others, of the fact, so that, they joiuing me, we might be able to twimm. About this time three young bucks from Pennsylvania, whose acquaintance I had formed in Philadelphia, came on, and no sooner saw than they were conquered. To be brief, we soon clcsed the bargain, and have been, lo these three days, installed in the " Grineros It a ncli," for such we have christened it. One great advantage of this ranch Is that it can be made self-sustaining; that Is, what we produce will pav all expenses. All theyarties associated with 'me are workers; two of them from two of the beat families 1b Lancaster county, Pa., and the other a good fellow, too. The location is beautifBl. indeed. Our cabin is situated In the center of a valley about two miles in width. A canal brings to our door the limpid snow waters of the mountains. All around us are rock-ribbed and cedar-created '< bluffs," which, though mountains themselves, are still so pigmy- like beside their cloud-clapped neighbor that thev are deemed unworthy of the name. In our fiont, to the westward, towers Old Baldy, hoary with snow almost any mouth through all the year. Wc are twenty-six miles southwest of Pueblo near enough to a railroad. The surrounding country is essentially a pastoral one, and benoe cannot be squatted upon by small larmere, those terrors of stockmen in all countries. No matter bow fortunate we niay be, or how large our herds tnav become, we will have range enough. It Is adapted to sheep equally aa well as to cattle, so that, if we care to launch out lu that directioB when the proper time comes, we can do so. ? * ? Southern Colorado is destined to become tkt stock region of the west. It la a long way ahead of Texas. Texans admit this, and are locating here permanent! v, transferring their herds at great expense. It is central, and can avail It self of all markets. * * * Tell there at* pleaty of bear, deer, elk, and fish within a day's ride of our ranche. I know it will gladden his heart. ? ? ? William E. Swsrr, Greenhorn P. O., Pueblo county, CaL Tkrhirlr Tbagedy ib Kabsa*?James Ericksou, who was arrested at Wetmore, forty miles from AtcLinson, Kansas, some time ago, for an alleged attempt at rape on the wile of a man named Marquette, and acquitted, re turned to Wetmore on Friday, and on Saturday morning went to the beuse of Marquette, and w ben the latter came to the door shot him dead. He then took Marquette's two small children to a neighbor's bouse, and left them, saying he had killed their father and was going back to kill their motlier. The alarm was given, but the neighbors feared to enter the house until they were reinforced. I'pen entering they found Mrs. Marquette lying on the bed, ia a nude state. d< ad?sbot in seven places?and Krickson lying on the bed, also dead. It ap pear* be had r vished the woman bet ore killing her, and had t ien killed himself. Ax i2?o.EXi< ca divicb has been invented 1b New York for cheapening the exorbitant rates of cable telegraphing, by which several mes sages are seut in one. The sender of the mas sage collects the several messages which mer chants want te transmit, and sends them to an agent In Liverpool, who understands from* single word the fall addrees of the firms which are to receive the messages. Thus, the sender says: ??Cat, shipped to-day, Hogg," aad so OB, which is fully understood by the reoeiver at Liverpool, who thea proceeds to translate and distribute the several messages among the mar chants for whom they are intended. It IsaaM that the "packocs,*' as these persons are calked who send these messages, are doing a good bast aess, and oertaialy the cable rates Justify any economical nmosare that caa be lavaatod. Tbbrb Mbb Killzd bt m Pall ot a Hat Loft?The hay loft ovar the stablee at 14 aad SJ?ZS? STSJKift plying between >sw York aad Cataklll, aad John M. Klllmar. a stableman, aad eerioaely injuring Patrick Burns. The left had la it fire hundred bashels of oats and a large qaaattty of hay. The body of Manning, whea extricated from the rains, preeeated a stock!aa spew a nee. Be had evidently beea smetaered to death. Killasar wss the father of fU children. 1 1. ?PMtrk R. Pataam, aged fixty, committed suicide by hanging la PaWassn yesterday. QfiGSSS ssrioasly injure J. W ? __2_l TELEGRAMS TO THE STAB Thla AlUrai ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORTS, ? THE Mm HMMR. Mity la Um ??rati PH. ALL ?rrf<?? TO Mil UlLtD IT TH* HiiTTAi, Nit It?The latest news from tko iHi mn nnd cn'fierv t?i'? morning rr|?f?iit? that the lire is Mill ragng in the shafts and slopes. arid that all kopr ot reeruing the imh must U abandoned. It ia now slated thai Uirr wer<* rht) lutii itt the fit. A i.other hetri ?i I>kH4on occurred in the nil* about ? o'clock this morning There I* some ??mepect of aaving the luiiding* sl??ve the gnu<>d ?h<>akt the wiftl continue tiom iu foartii ij??rt?r. hat M the *iu4(hiii(ri> the built! iiff ?UI ha all tW rn'tfd. It ?tknoftir to be Almost laiiailb^ that any ot the Men In the pit ran be li\ mg It la known that only four or lw? m ??t before the uploHon. The tire t aught from a iiian m Ruuiosder. and the men remained 1o put ?J tie flame*. One report hay* tliat Mr. l?uun and thirtv volunteer* went down to asstst In putting oat the Are. about thirty ir'Mtm Wfi*r the explosion occurred, at which tlar It !? that all the nu n ware i?ar titr tiamea. &o.l that mat t. If not all, were hilled at one* by the ea I lortwu THE MOWM BEPI Uir. Farther Partlealan. Nl? York. May 14.?Hix-fulilwpikliMI'rov the la\a beds ccnta:u tuither details oi the la->t ti^Lt. Captain llasbrocck'a iien knea that the Modoc* were In the vicinity antl went to bod, thinking themselves fully fn irded a<ain>t any fuikiw, but the Indians'appiwacheil no strath ily by creeping ou the grou^id that the acr. ?i re otilv awakened by the first discharge, w hich killed one man, Oori>or?.l Totten. of troop <?, 1st cavalry. ami wounded eight, The Warm S| ring Indians showed great presence of mind, khtl chased the Mwlvrt >o rabidly that the lat ter droi-|?d bullet pouches iiutl other art lel-s to tkd their fight. The soldiers are In evcell. at ?I'irttn over the remit. *rd btHftt they now have the Modoc* cornered. lew T? rar.roKEn ?ak? hektiku or rotoasr rnorLB. Niw You, Max 11 The colored people are organizing for a large mass meeting t?> be held in UeenerInstitute. to take into consideration their right* ander the law g\ arwnteeing them full ami eqaal enjoyment of admission to tha theater* and enter tain men t by hotel proprie tor*. The meeting ia prvltmiaarp U the prose cution ot l.tfUr Wetlack, hImm agent 4onied two colored men admiv-ion to hie thinlrr on tha ground tliat there was no room for then, and of i>1* 1>itou. a talooti keeper, whs refused to nerve three colurod man at the tab lea oi his saloon. TBI HEBOBT Or TBI lATg CHIBT JteTlCE dm. The bar association ha* appointed a commit tee to co>.peiat? with an> committee of tha tear in pacing tribute to the memory ot the laut Chief Jnatice. It is understood that a largo public meeting will be held. TH I Ml> HBOHIII RY TNI COMiatOH at Hell tiate yesterday between the steamer Ami i it us and the commissioners oi charitiee and correction* Iniat llt>|H . were Wni Albert son, engineer of the latter, ami three unknown prisoners. who had be* a sentenced to ten days* jieiiance lor trivial oilcuoes, ai d detailed to do work on the lio|<e. CAPT. WILLIAB*. of the Ill-fated Atlautie. has sailed for EuglAnl iu the Oceanic. LO-T #75,000 AID THE* StriCIDED. Philip Straus, of 4*5 Lexington aveUue, shot himself dead in his house veetcrday. A few years ago hi* father left film WT5.O00, all of which wit* .oat in unlucky business venture and stock speculation*. TMfc UliMHV CA*I The suprt mc court, g< nt-ial term, to-day, Panted a writ of emu iu the case ot htlvard Stoke*, upon stipulation bv the- d fence to take the case at once to tlie court ol appeal*. As that court is now in *? uii it will he unne ? css&ry to resentence him. IIXOI 1e> HASH. Fi\e supreme court judges ami the the judge of the court ef ap|>eal* have refuw?l a stay ot' proceeding* in the cane ot Niaon to be hanged fii 1'ridav. Ooveruot !Ma also declines to inter fere ou tie ground that the ju-ige* have ref uaad, also that the murder of I'fiefler was cruel, un l>rovoked. and i^rfeetlyunjustifiable. Niaon** oounael will goto the remainder of^the thirty-two supreme court jutlges or auch of them as he can reach before the sentence ia carried lato eaecu tlon. A><?THItR *TRtK*. The worker* on ladies boots in thie citv hare demanded an increase of 'J5 cants ou each pair, and in event of non-compliance go on a strike. TUB AlMOl'IMO SALE Of VI. B. TWOU D RUOADWAT rioPEBTT, in the suit Of Henrv A. Ceam, took pl%ce to day. The attendance wa* large. The bouaies sold as loliow*. No. ??!, corner lot, gtrJ^MA, No. &!*, *'?o.V<o, No. v?>, Ne. t?, ?K7,00t>, No. 930, ??J.000. The Railway t< Baltibore, May 14?The convention of the American railway master mechanics reaincm bled at 'J-M o'clock this morning. The report of the committee on the comparative value of anthracite coal, bituminous coal, and wood for generating steam in locomotive*, was received. The convention rescinded the reaolutton to go to New York via Gettysburg, and will go direct in a special train. Keerxn. In the afternoon arwdou the finance commit tee rt jKirted the account* corract, ami ?*n*aanil each member ten dollar* for exi>cuae? this rear. Adopted. The diseaaaton of the re|>ort or the cemmittee on thecoaatraction. operation, and cost ef maintaining a continuous train brake, was called nj>, but went over, no one wiahiag to diseum it. The committee on the relative coat of opera! ing roads of gauge* of three fleet all inche*. or le*a. and thoae of the ordinary four fact and eight and a half inch gauge, was callod up, but there was ao report. A pa|**r mam read on the subject from N \v Eraaa.of New York. Ik* Vaeaat (hlef Jt JP ^ New le.Hk, May 14?A Washington sfecial *ays the President recentlv eapremtd regu t that the appointment of a Cuief Juatie-e would devolve ea liim, and that he would willingly shrink from the reapoasibility if he oould. He farther said he would appoiut a man indepen dent of political consider alio us and oue whom the lawyer* of the eountrv would endorse. In the mt antl me he hoped his friend* and promi nent me a ia the cowntry would give him their views ufion the aa^ect. THE KU1VAIK CABl'Al'.H Ixikdov, Mar 14?A special diapatch to the Iaindon rime* from Calcutta, uader date ef the 13th instant .say* the Kumiaa ekpediUuuarr force ha* occupied Oargheny, a village of Khira. The same diapatch reports that Abdoal hah mail has been summoned to St. Petersburg, New York, May 14?Gold has been strong *t 171 al8, with ratea on gold loans of 5 to 7 for carrying. Foreign exchange dull, with sirty days sterling, ami demand sterling strong, the litter being inreqaeat by buyers. ST. Lot is, May ft?A reception was gi ven last night at the Southern hotel to the members of Congress now here. It was a brilliant affair. Defeat ef the Mew Terfc Vwmrj Bill. Almas v, May 14?The State Senate to-day defeated the aaury hill. Bights or THEATBB-GoBma?D*cuim ia /'Atla MiAta ? Alderman Iielanev gave a deci sion to-day la a salt at Thomas' J. O'Reilly, a member of the her, against J. s. Clarke, pro prietor of the Walnut street theater. The sett was brought to recover the price of an admis sion ticket to the theater. Mr. O'Keilly alleges that during the recent engagement of Miss Charlotte CnahmaB he paid flfty cents ftor an admission UcEet. When he reached the circle every seat was oocupied. Believing that he was entitled to a seat alter having paid his money, be made a request for a seat or a re turn of his easb. He obtained neither, and then bronght this salt. The ease was beard en the ?M oi April, but the magistrals new*id his decision until to-day. Judgment waa giv en tor the plaintiff. The alderman waa of the opinion that the pnrchaaer of a ticket at a place ef *mnasaisat la entitled to % seat, ? be Is notified before the nareto^ that all ara occur" ? - ? - hirthpt*(4 ?f Benjamin Pranklla la to by the new printing office of the U _ t public schools. Olio eoMtitutienal oeaventie firtv-one repablicana, forty-eight arnta, and sU Independents. New Hal pTtike ConnecOcat* of tW^OO. to ? ?tty tfTA widow In only pleasure she has b fanerala, hanag na council onmimensly repnbflcaa. a gala of ene member. The mayor and ail the edoea are new repabttcan. Vlt la reported that the CMeef Ma An thony will be token ap at the aaarten of raited SUteaceazt new nraitty of bn?

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