Newspaper of Evening Star, May 14, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 14, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. Lirgwt Cirtalitiw h the District B?ading M&tter on Erery P?g? WASHINGTON CITY: WI-PSMPiT ?y '*? lffr> We have received a of eo?mni>ic* tions in r? garU to the case >*f the young woman ^jjn vii recently dle?lseed fron one of the goverrment Jfj'Mt-Hfiiti in this city on the ground of '-conduct unbecoming an officer," we t-nppoae it may be called, and the alleged seduc tion of one or more of her male companion* In the public service. Some of these are too long for the apace we have at command, and others touch upon phases of the questions directly or collaterally Involved in the case that may as well be kept from newspaper discussion; but the writers all agree in condemning the action of the officials in discharging the woman and leaving undisturbed in their places the partners in her gu;lt who are fortunate enough to be of the opposite Bex. In this view of the matter there can. we suppose. hardly be tw? opinions in the minds of right thinking people. It is bad enough that women, who are the harshest critics of their own sex, should be more lenient to men than to a omen under such circumstances; It la worse that public sentiment should follow in their unrvaMHiable anal unjust discrimination, tot when government falls into the same error awl sets up a distinction by virtually punishing yn rather than guilt, the act Incomes offensive and scardalous. It is not possible that there was sin on one side only : and for obvious reasons the punishment that was meted to one of the parties to the Immorality complaincd of should have been visited on the other, if there ever was a case where sauce for the goose should be sauce tor the gander, this was the case. It is to be hoped, therefore, that the matter will be agitated until the offending man or men shall be turned adrift, as well as the offending woman. And if the official who can take so cne-*Uled a view of a case were sent to bear Ihctn company, who beside himself wouM <0?spla:n ? President Gorman, of fhe Chesaj>eake and Ohio canal company, in hi* report for April, aubmitted to the company at Annapolis yestftr day. shows a decrease of 10 ,-*30 tons of coal, and ??so a decrease in revenue of 91,171.63, in com parison with the month of April of last year. This decrease he says "is attributable to the destruction of th? Borden Mining company's shaft, the strike among a portion of the miners, together with the decrease in the shipments of cne ot the companies which has in the past two years furnished one-fourth of all the coal which patwed over the canal." Will the president In form the stockholders how it is that the destruc t.on of the Borden shaft has increased the ship ment* over the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, and lessened the same by canal, or why It Is that the strike among the miners has put more coal into the cars for transportation by rail, and 1,-x) into the boats by canal? Also, why the largest company i* now sending its coal by rail to Baltimore instead of by canal to Georgetow n and Alexandria where it has wharves for sliip r?g" The Commissioner of Indian Affairs regards t*:e occasional predictions of a "general Indian war" hs wholly unwarranted, for the reason t'.iat the Indians are not united as are civilized communities, but are divided intosmall band-*, each of which is an independent organization. I aving no relations whatever with other tribes. In fact, even when not at war with each other they are seldom on friendly terms. Their svm I sthy is limited to the members of their tribe, and therefore the Commissioner believes that the hostility of the Modocs will have no effect whatever on other tribes, excepting possibly the fraake Indians, with whom the Modocs have I een somewhat affiliated in the past. The fact that the Warm Spring Indians are the allies of our troops in the war against the Modocs is one illustration of the indifference of the Indians to the trials and tribulations of a neighboring tribe. The Pennsylvania constitutional convention paan?d to its third resiling an ordinance abolishing the aldermanic judicial system In 1'hiladelpliia, and substituting police courts for the trial of petty offender*. There is to be one judge of these courts for every thirty thousand inhabitants, which would give the city twenty tUxee, they are to hokl office for aeven years, ?nd to be elected on a general ticket, but no i oter la to vote for more than two-thirds of the * amber to be elected. J udges who are elected will probably be found to torn out not much 1 etter than Aldermen who are elected. Judges may he politicians as well as Aldermen, and the convention In favoring an elective Judiciary are not likely to improve on the Aldermanic mal administration of justice to any great extent. It would seem as if human ingenuity la pow erlete to prevent the recurrence of such terrible rolliery accidents as the one which occurred In Nova Scotia day before yesterday, by which torty to ttxty lives were loot. Many of these accidents might be arrested it' the coal com panies would only see to it that their mines are I roperly ventilated. At Avondale, Pa., where s> many lives were lost a few years ago, it was generally conceded that ail, or a great majori ty, ?f those in the mine might have been saved had there been another shaft besides the one which was burned. In the case of the Nova iScotia disaster, however, it seems an explosion instantly killed the unfortunate miners. Since Gen. Canby and Dr. Thomas met their death through Indian treachery the govern ment does not had it so easy a matter to obtain the services af suitable persons to act as special commissioners to the savages. For some time l-ast efforts have been made to organize a com mission to visit the Sioux and other tribes in southwestern I>akota to negotiate for a modi tnation of the treaty of HC$, but several of tiioae wLo have been solicited have bad various excuse* tor declining to servo, and the commis s.on remains unorganized The way in which the hoys In blue are exter ruaating the Mot Iocs reminds one of the grand i.oiuent dispatches forwarded to Washiagton troiu Yirguaaby a certain general officer daring the late unpleasantness, who sent telegram after telegram announcing his triumphant advance, he enemy fleeing before him. Finally, how ever, the telegrams suddenly ceased, the distant l ooming of artillery was heard, and next came the news, brought in by stragglers, of the de tent of the forces led by the sver-contldent general. And now comes aa irreverent member ot the tiie Kew York iegiaiature who charges in open t hub that Cornell t'nivermty was built from a l >rtten of the proceeds of a credit acbllicr i ?ad In the agricultural lands of the state, ot ? Uith Mr. Cornell waa the head, and that the I Diversity waa founded and endowed solely to 4 rect putdie attention from the steal. We 1 r -s?. In the interests of common docemcy, set J v than the <-auar of education, that the story a ill prove to bo oltkoat foundation. The Cumberland Xttci says that the repub licans are Indebted to the temperance people 1 * their defeat at the municipal eleetlon 4a that city on Monday. Mr. Hetset. the repuh J can candidate foQpttyer. was net acceptable t<> the temperance *ing or the party, and many ?f the tetotalers refused to vote for him and lor mothers on tne republican ticket. Coaly, of the OKU Stat* J normal, generally manages to ke<rp even. WttMS the following: <>>ml v. of the Okas ?<?<* reeemblee Horace Greeley? He sleeps in oburetu? Cfere i i?4 L*a>irr The Lord and the Metropolitan Police only Xnow where the Lttitrr aaan sioepe.?O. S. Mur. Ktwewhere tn to day's paper will be flsnnd an Anteiesting historical sketch of the City Hall ?>uildmg. A abort advertisement four times la better than a very long one once. '-Brag Is a good dog, l>at HOW Fast is a better.'* A Portland. Oregon, correspondent of the hew York WorU. announces the painful fact ffcat General Caabj vu K*lped b/ U? M|iMui niASIUL AW WMKBC1AL The advice* fr??o Europe resterday repor 9*ti factory condition of a(Tafr* at La*Jon, *e entitle* Wing firmer and higher than on Mon day. but no improvement being apparent In the continental market*, where it wHl take time ti e continental market*, where it wt to lecover from the collapse of the multitude of ?tock bubble* which speculator* all througk (irrmany hare been Mewing larger and larg -r for two year* past. TU? Www York money mar ket wa* comfortable yesterday ? The general apprehension of MTfte money strirger, y ti the lutimn i* inducing every ?? to be ertrem-'ly coneervative, *o that money this wamer Bay be very much cheaper than If then vw confi dence in a comfortable market l iriag the latter part ot the year. ^ urt Jay Cooke A Go. furoigh the roUowinfto-dar*. ??i'i. StWt. Btml. Btirt . I ? JB'jJnAJy.'M I", Li'. aAJy.WJU *?s akJy.W.H MH IV. lfi . I la'ij \P. ?!?? l* ui; iNrt.^;? ?. Annicaa md U'i Correacy ?'*-? l' "? Haw Ftvee.. .i ? L>'? U.BgV nu i, un. ? Wt, uu ? ??*, im ? ^ ? STsJan. A Jly,'? . i-S'Uan. * Jly.C-3u'? The Mark BaLrmota, Mir 14?Virginia ?N, old, 32i.(l > Consolidated.63%; NorthCarolina <t'?, cisi ia\. 14, bid to-day. BaLTIMobb, M ?v 14 ?Cotton dull and nominal ? low middlings, 171t?H. F1 >nr gmet and steady; prices ttnebaug -d. * heat <jniet and steady; pure* unchanged Corn stesdj?white south-rn. 68, rel it* southern. 66, mixed western. <?at* e?-tive and firm?southern, M, western mixed, #0. do. white, 61i_5J Rye <|>iiet H it unch ?ng?d Pr >vi<l us dvlI au<J weak. inesa p >rk, #17\(<f*gl4 Bulk m^ats dull?should rs. 7 bid, 7 4 aeard; rib sniee. (P?; c!?*ar rib sides 9W-+. Bacon dull? ?boulder-. S's." rib sides, b>. clear rib siles, Ift'i; su nrcopil hams, 14M16 Lard dull, %*? 1'. Western I.niter scarce aad arm: prices tincbainj-d Whisky firm and i-ri scarce, H5 Sugar unchanged St* Yo*e, May 11.-Money 6. Gold ttrm.lfV Governments steady. Niw Yok?, May 14.?Flourquiet aul firm Wheat very firm (lorn dull. London.May 14, 11a. m.?Consols and American securities opened uucbang-d London, May 14. 1..'*' ; m -Con?4? for ra m^y, 93-4. for act. unt.JT, New Joan, tt?S?. Krie.w',. Lon don . May 14. i JO p. m ?Erie, 4<i \. P*bt., M^y 14.?French R uU-s at it francs 6." centimes. THE WEATHER. WA* DPiiTKiKTi Outer Chirf 8ipnml OJkztr, t . WaeaiweToa, May 14, 187S, 10.30 a. m. j Btnorais bob thb pa?ir twbtty-vovb *ottbs.? The pressure ba* increase.!, with northeasterly winds, |>iw temperature, cl >ndy weather, aad occa j "i 'Dal rain* iu the northwest and on the up per lakes, and thence to the tower Ohio and | lower Mlsecnrl valley*. Variable southeasterly to northeasterly wlnd^, low temperature, in creasing cloudiness and occasional rain in the gulf states aad Tenn. nest, and cl.mdy weather aud southerly winds in the suth Atlantic states Low temperature, northeasterly to norihwesrarly v iads, and partly cloud} w. atb?r in the lower lake r?*lon and middle states. Northwesterly winds, in ereaela* ?Te~?ore. *ery cool, fair weather in Cauala and H<w Knaland. PbobabilitiEs ?For the middle state* aad lower lakes, light northwesterly to b>rthea?rerly winds, low tenipernture, partly aad increasingly cloudy weather, falling barometer, and possibly light ram to-night in the southern portion of the former. For New Knclsnr4 and Canada, north westerly winds, in ? reasins pr?a<nre. cold and partly clond^weatlier '?reasins pressure, com and partly clonl^weatlier >'or Teain sem . the gull and smith A'la^fe stat ??. falling barumeter, rising temperature, sonilieastarly to snarhwesterly winds, cloudv aeatlier and rain. For the northwest ,\nJ upper l.ike*, ai.d southwest to Kentucky and Missouri, Borth?asrerly and east erly winds, falling baroweter. low temperature, cloody weather and rain. K*p>rt* are missing fr >m the far northwest and Oregon. POSTPONEMENT. hKTING Or THB BEPI BLI. AN GENERAL committee. Tn>nce of Inability to pr<x-ure a suitable h all on Wednesday evening, the ad.'>urnei meeting of the RepuMi. an OsneralCornmitte*' will not tak<> place ontil EKIDAT EVENING NEXT, at 9 o'clock| at 1'nlon Le ?ese Uall. Alternates, as well as lueuiWers, are d?sired to attend WILLIAM A COOK, Temporary Chairman. J T SETTLE, ( II AS E ItOCQLASS Temporary 8ecr?tari>Hi It KOTlCE.?The annual meeting of the ?? -k ? holders of the feOCTH WASHINOTON mLPINO ASSOCIATION will be he'd on THl'R?*PAY ne*t. IMh inst., at 7->< p. m., at Poto mac Hall. Election of olBcersf >r the en?nioK year. n.13 31 W.J. STEPHENSON. Secretary. ?THE FIFTH ANNUAL MEETING OF ? the ECONOMICAL BLILD1NG AS.soClA TION Will h- held on WEDNESDAY. 14th lustsut. st 9 o'clock n m , at B ?ard of Trade B'om. Ths Secretary's Report will be made and an Election b? ld for Officer* to p-rre th" ensaina year. , mli-a FRED KOONES, B?< retary. IV^^M ASONIC?'The ssmi-annnal communication of the GRAND LODUE. F. A A M., of the District of Cdumbia will be held at M4*oul<* Teni pie on W KDNEsDA Y. May 14. at 7 o'clock p.m. nd2-3t WM.A YaTes, Grand Secretary. IT3?Y01NG MENS' CHRISTIAN ASSOCIaT ILy TION Trek reading ro^m-zmi'v, la* atvl Krlttiows paper* fr ita all pa ts of the Union. CIRCULATING LIBRARY; 1J.'*J0 vols Term* S3 per year: fl aer auarter. PARLORS AND CONVERSATION ROOMS for Ladies and G utis men; Ch es, Cheqtieni. Arnn and Piano. Daily PRAYER MRXTTNG8 at M.15,?and ?p B. LITERARY SOCIETY Saturday evening, at 7S o'clock. SABBATH AFTERNOON SERVICES in Lincoln Hall at M o'clock; at Theater Uoaiiue at 7H o'clock. ml7 IT^?SCHENCK 8 MANDRAKR PILLS. ?Th?ae pill* are comp osed exclusively of vegetable ingredients, and although they entirely supersede the use of mercurydo sot leave any of it* in uriou* effects. They act directly upon the liver, and are a valuable remedy in all cases of derangement result ing fr >m a disordered state of that organ. Liver Complaint, Bilious Disorders, Indigesti >n, Sick Headache, Typhoid Fevers, Ac.. Ac . all succumb to the free use of Schenck's Mandrake Fills. For sale by all Druggist* and Dealers. ml-tr . mother etrengtb " ca Cr','t? 1?nE? noitr*tMJMa< ever/ daj'frer strength, feeling badly Without being aole to My w by. bnt yet euBertng eaoegh to be utterly mi ?era able 1 Thh state of waekiuM and debility la more fatal to her thaa aervece epetl of slckases. for In that caee *he will receive the proper care, ee in the other trill linger month* after months, not thinking th while to see a physician about It. until net are, worth while to eee a physician anout it. autu nature, exhausted, (tree out. and she 1* carried to the grave, a bee a little precaution in proper time would have ?pared her Ufe. To prevent, to strengthen, to cure, nothing can compare with the LONO-LIFB BIT TERSof Dr. L. gTbERTRAM . T bey are a safe and infallible remedy against malaria, dypepeia, coe tiveneeB, blUotuneae, headache*, mortunj sickaees and all complaint* eecnliar to women. These Bit ten, which are sold by all druggtats, are, tn conee qnence of their virtue and m^st agreeable taste, the medicine par txmlUmn for ladies tl?-tr N I It I C ft II ? NEW DRUG STORE, ?O. 14BV PKUTLTilU AVI5I1, Depot lor Soda and Mineral Water* tel*-lr D^FRVM THB EARLIEST AOEI TO the preeeat day, Bcrofnla ha* been the bane, R were, the earee of mankind. Bo terrible and loathsome had been at some periods of t ae world's history that a person known to be Infected with it ? ?cld not be allowed to mix with eocioty. Happily In our day the dlaease la etrlpped of it* terror by the 1 terror I ose of Bamabit**1* Boot akd Hbbb J bits*, aad ttie victim of Scrofula, Ulcere, Borea, Pimples, Biotobee, Tetter*,he., oaa be restored te*ound health tn a few week*. ROOT ABD HBBB JUJCB8, B1JI per betUe B Id by S^ C FORD, 11?? Pa ave? aadJty^Drug LH>T ABD HBBB JUICB8, #1JI per I by 8. C.FORD, llM Fa eve., and by 1. DESMOND B CO., Proprietors, *11 st, Philadelphia. may? iy >D1. A. PRATT. Graduate of Ohio College c K. .w ito B. A. Beeon aad Rev. W. B. Bvaae ?M SCHOONER LOt'R WOOD has arrived at Riley'* a liarf v ith *0.UW BAN'JOR LATHS For sale 1 at wholesale and retail by WM. OU1NAND. tt'13 : La. avenue. It* ' I VBCoRATION ?Proposals for IS Aiul.n ances IF capable of searing l4persons each, f >r use of tlie G A R. on the ark of May, will be received at tli* office of ALEX LYNCB. Ch**rwian of the Tran* e natioa Coiumittoe, No. 91? F street, until the 19th met. By order of tlie Bxecutli - C>muiitt?-e. mil-it 'I'HB ELLIPTIC YOKE SHIRT is pronounced 1 by thousands of wearers to be the perfec tion ,./ eiegance aad Comfort. The system o] cntting en able* me to fit any form, or deformity, with absolute precision In the matter of ma tertat* and manufM-ture, experience eaakl*eL n -to g'iarant. e entlre?a*i?f?ction. J W.BRIGltr WELL. No. 4 to 9-h at .Washington. D. C. mil tr i [oirP 44 THI GRECIAN TOB" 13 ALL TWe GO, At HCllaBEU M ? S . THB LAB0B8T a*D CHEAPEST 8H0B 8T0BB, Ho. 491 Ttb STRXET, roW-M Intelligerirsr Building. A C 4 ? D. _ We hereby inform the public tbat we have this day ocowpied ear aew aad extenslte Auction R > <bu, corner of Mth and D street* nortbweot. where we a ill conduct the AUCTION. COMMISSION, and BAL ESTATE BCS1M BSh ex?lnaivety. The fa id the location (being wfer every advantage to "icit a continuance of OBf*?l^VI^LftLM^?,' and Oemmie?ion Merchant*. EW DESIGNS FOB LADIES' ABD CHIL DBEhB' DBESBEB AT ? MRS. H MACBBBV STAMPING DEPOT, BiU tr 91T 7th street. N JUST ????In *f Ito War vm *?&!??, BY JOOJI B. KXNLY. TREMENDOUS overstock, HOUSE FULL. SHELVES CBOWDID. COURTS KM STACEED. WILL BB SOLD. * MUST B? BOLD. PBICE8 DOWH. V % TEN DOLLARS FIFTEEN DOLLARS. TWENTY DOLLARS $ 10 ?Oood Bosineee Bnit?|I4 4Id?Better Buiiuew Huh?4It. fiO-Beet B mines* Salt?f BO. ?P" Wear* 4cttrained nott<>risk ?vnorflrt- rtock by waiting for the *eaw?ti to advance Mttre putting pticee down, aod will therefor sell? A #15 Salt for .? 10. Suit for |1'> A f i!J Suit for $?0 "WOULD I WEBK A BOT SOME MORS." Tim sim? r ??!r?>* i? being unreservedly pursatid tu our Boys* Department, and we are selling? Aa J* School Suit for $A. A $10 Sobnol Bait for (7. ASIA School ,-?r pr>>** Snit for 310. THE ASSOR TM UN T BblNt, FULL, 1HI ASSORTMENT BE1NU FULL, THE TIME TO BUY IS NOW. THE TIME TO BUY IS NOW CA LI. A T ONCE CALL AT ONCE IKK MhAN B LSI V ESS. IVE MEAN BUSINESS. HA BLB BROTHERS, FASHIONABLE TAILORS, nilt tr Ootwm Tf 4111) D Bt??it? THE OCEAN HOUSE, NEW POUT, R.I. June, 1S73, WEAVERS * BATES. nil* 6t J\JETROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORE. A FULL STOCK OF THE FOLLOWINU R EM A RJi ABL Y CH EA P O OOUS HAS J UST BEEN Mt EC EI V El). ON EXAMINATION TH L Y W ILL STEAK FOR THEMSELVES. Gent'a Fine Linen Hummed Handkerchiefs, 3for$l. Brown Bucl Towels, 6, 4 and 3 fyr ?1. Extra Fine Damask do., 2 for fl. Cent's Fancy Half Ilowe,3 pairs for $1. G?ntV B?it British do.,3 pair* for *1. Second Quality British do ,4 pair* for $1. Gent * Light Merino and India Ganze Shirts. *1 Splendid Suipenders, 60 cent* and $1. llo St> ten of Fine Cane', #1 each. .'it English ;ind French Hair Brush**, ? 1. English Sliawl Str*p?. St) rent- and #1. Ladies ready made Garments cf all kind-, made of the bent Moulin, and well sewed, at one dollar, fnperlor Bias T irked Shirt*. at 91. Fine Hemstitched Handkerchief*, 4. 3 and 2 for $1. Mourning do., 3 and 2for . .. 3 pairs Ladies' or Children s full regular made Hose, for ftl. Children's Striped full regular extra long Hose. 3 pair* for ?1. Solid Walnnt tf.jnare Picture frame, witli glas* and hark,aire gxlu, Co cents. Fiae Oval Frames, fO ceuts and Jl. Six Fine Plafcri Knives, for ?1. Splendid Satchels an l Baskets, $1. Sn all Willow Work Stands. ?1 Children's B'vfcers and Chair*. ? 1. llsndsoine J irdtni'-rs and Vases,?t #1. Fine Oil Cbromos io aoltd Walnut Frani?s, at A 1 Roll Plate Bracelet*. Setts, Ring*, ('lianas. Chain*, Chatelaine-. Necklace-, Ac ,at Al each. 500 St? le? of Kubber and Jet Jewelry, at ?1. ALL THESE AND A THOUSAND OTHER ARTICLES AWAIT YOUR INSPECTION. 33. BILVBRBBRQ'8 metropolitan dollar store, SIB 8EVENTH STREET. "Ti l3 tr new Pennsylvania ITMM, Devlin & Co., N ' >EW YOKE MERCHANT CLOTHIERS. THE LARGEST VARIETY OF (iOODS FOR GENTLEMEN'S WEAR ? JN AMERICA. ALL THK NKW STYLES AT n>13 tr 1113 PENNbYLYANlA AVENUE. ft? fij,e B?oT*' >hoes' ?h ^ AND ^ VA1TEHS, AT LOW PRICES. &TRASBIRGER DRO.'S, y0t> RtTinilTIUT, BlIMTKEa I UIlK, Ha-re now on hand a full line of BOOTS, SHOES, CA1TLRS, SLIPPERS and LOW TIB SH0B8, f r ladiea, gent's, and children's wear, which they Will aell retail at wholesale price*. Children's aiul Misaes Colored Shoes, at manufac turers' prices. Ladies' low-price Gaiters and Slippers for house c< mlort, a specialty Ladies' Slipj Ladlse' Gent's . Gent's , w_. Pleaae call and examine, and yoc will saTe 23 per cniit. STRAsBLROER BBO.B, cl.tlm 906 Seventh strwt. ? klSSOLL'TlON. IP Wa*hixgt<?!?, May M.lifS. The copartnership heretofore existing between J NO. T. CASSELL A SON, tn the House and Sign 1'alntitig. la thladay diaeoUed by mutual consent, ti e business will be contiaiiedly ROBERT C.CAS SELL, at the old stand on 7th street, between Mary laid aie*?ean<1 B a'reet, sooth west, who will pay ? H ju?t claima against said flra, and I will eolfeet all claims dwe tbe said firm. JN0. T. 0AS8ILL. HaTiug spent thirt)-eerou yeara In the above ? ?med buslnea^.I take this opportunity to thank my friends and the public for tbeieliberal patronage and cheerfully rtcotamend my inBnence to kit later ?at. J NO. T. 0ASSELL. Thanking my friends and the pnUic for th.?ir liberal patreuage in the paat, 1 raspectfully solicit ? contlrnanoe of the same in 13-1 ? ROBERT C. OASSELL, i 1AHPETS, CARPETS. 0ARPETB. N E W STORK: oarpE^ ho r si, ?o? Sx\ St A LAROE ASSORTMENT OP CARPXTB. OILCLOTH, MAT TING, RL OS, MATS, *r. ?""". * Persons forniahing pleaae call and examine and fou can bay tbeas at New York prices, at tbe C O D. CARPET HOUSE, mU la H4 7th St., mt. IBS. /^ABBIAOEB: CABRLAOES ! CAREIAOR8 1 Saab Doors. Panel 1 V In Mock, the largest pi eta aaaortaent of Cirriaj ia Waabiagton, coaalsttac terly B^teaatoaTapa, By P^ffs *r,. Ac. A^to, a number of second? i^ad'oarT?2 M cheap prices, ' New Repository *?^0EM IE THE EAE" ? 7 CEO. WATERS, Va.SS EK* stfaet oM Cbaaf. > 1 i >ATS; al?o, ? ?Tina* WANTS. ??'*' B """"oV.Vfi'oiV WANTED?A WOMAN to cook, wa?h ai.d tron; ??"i?OIRL lt? nma- tod do chamberwork Arply at 617 8ib street. t?-t wean p and Q. mil ll* ffi -a^wis COOK, VV4?T*ih:Br cUrk in the Treasury, two or *T 'hre*_MOOMlfer hoqaakeepiag for xelf *n?l wifa. Addw?a W t , 8'?r dBce If W'NTili?A lUlLUftUB to^work oo m't. The bast pay flr?a to a good hand. N <o? other need aarlr-. *sa i.t-h atr. ..t ?nrthwtat. w ?? The best p*? *Wen to a good hai>4. H > other need apply. T34 lark atr*-*t aorthwi^t. if ANTPYi?A (lmt dawi CUOK; also, two g>o-l *A1TIR8 Apply to ?<1??* r 8t CLOl'P HOTEL. Prf!asA'ffi;tesa^ W BOY 115to 18vear? Md. If nut c~?e ituwl M to hone?ty, and uud -r r'^;^r/,;?nd,,,rritl?^-A*?*,? \V S?Tr'EAITloli'M'1't. *h,u> wiahee a children It t? ch*?b*miaid sod take care of J,!?"" ?o ?> in 'heonntry. &JSZV22V!"!: Apply at So. ?9 H atr-.,. _ ? North Capitol and 1st atreets. ml4-2f "rst claae CABINKT NAK *BS. c,"iCABIN,T ?''WISH --8ra?;sr' WAMTlTATR?v\ "*^*?bl- colored *,7T"a ^ r?? VV *X'm Bar. Ap r_} *x '*** Pemi?ylvanm *\euue. nil.f li * VV ^fcJ[S5rA co?pete?t white WON A N. f tr -j-s^wsR-sa-. *""?' 'miVSt'*"' w ^5S^^?2K.?U'J5Bwr ii it *t? ? "? LAMBS National Bakery, "" ?*0 _K ^Capitol it. VV ^m,J.?J1~A re?[yotable Colored PERSON a ir iV a ntr1'14. .iu r. to washing aid ?-? ??. Appl) at UJ D street northwest, eomer of \V?T?.->m tf-<ntlenian and wife. foar~nn aid ofl>?W^r?? ' for h <ii*.k-opmu Slaroftio- AdJww, atatiu# teruw, PIlVSIOlAJf* ? ' ml3 it' ?????D) 13 2t* saa^jw^ffi W'AMTED?An experience! DRUG CLERK D, C. offic" Bo* No. 633 Geon^L-,,; VV AA?f7tA BB"m JOHNSON*!Ta"T ^0rs* Warehoi^f 9-^0 t nTian""^? * ^Vr.Vf VV JSSSSll!t??All IB a restaurant .to do &U'?*? Nr^ ..^ W 1,o7rtln7K L"r,,,,h:"d "OrSK,aullatde f-Ta Pjofe.wiiTteeri i?r^VlnmA?^ ^ lucentraf' Klktiug rellt ?"J location, which mitai ?-? mi2 jt* njl2 St" H w,?53s J'"c"Vwwa'S7 vK ,7wVC0 I?i" a wsrg Store ALL, &o. Jio 7th atreet, Dry U ,od ? ni 12--It 1 "7'au r- IT 7 C<?n>fani <*lii ploy Die nt cJl At Ult ? B,rm tet.Vu 4 and 6pm or call on Cap'aln HoWLETT*'! Vl7Upf?' Addr.*?* avenue, for full pamc* a*7*' 1737 WVt-sS^T.f.l 1rr,T?i; ? white LAI N i?> JUtftxzsir.&'i gr--..s-.:.??? W A^TKIt To rent, at a reasonable rate for* ?? month, with th? pririleg,. orf,.Tir n.onftl fL? conoBUDiotiuK BKDBOOM8 in i h'w w hm!i \V ATtD-PLI M BKH8 to kn.,w that we .7^ B k A (^5 "fH6 EK '?atl oil fir' h.,'m ,w 11 h ?" kinds of H. DOU?L?ABCKi COIOWK ? _ * nil lm* VV D KK11 a'iso\*of'if'ikv" t'T t,,s" ? rib Ira VV siKV~ArVT^ or rK"? ,B MIR ? w i?WiVirosffi.'s -Z22L1L T. W gPIOKK. A?en? LOST AND FOITVn -'111-?..^.??<? ? c5.'ra?*r|^i,'?',"'i'" I**"j ?k X? $ 1 00 f8TWMo5foAo2 WB 2*SL??-TW? ?o?ii^*l,iar r?r ?r-\ilir,f fTOr "f Z1?0 Shrider; alaoi s?Eirapra? ,?^B vand?nT4 a; KKV Ur.Jge treet, Oeorgetown m"n" IlOAfiD 0# PUBLIC} WOKK8, : re* OP COLPMBTA, p^:?A?.^r?V^A-is^s iii the cities i By order ? ?S tf iR,^ ? JE?^AED J0HN8OW. = ? ? -?iB^pnb.thron.J chlal Clerk. Sai retnraed to Wo. $09 M atreet northweat. ^7 T boarding. F tk^ns'n^Su.a ?b*anknt OB ?-? mU lm UOAKDIMG-ltODBI, ntaly furuialmd, for m BOAWio^.W6" bo"nlft"- Atoo. TA^LE

miAHD, No.aibp,. a<e. northwaat. ml2-?t* PROFESSIONAT^ L) ?J1^?BTI?AN i'A5 Removed to 403 M 1 udianaaV>-poe'.'er ?f P norttlwe?t;<.0,P{^t? -J AMKa o. CLIPHAKI, t. 2. BKAILCT * ^A" AVMPOBTIB? JOB* W. UAMMA, ?? ? w ATTOWiKT AT LAW. FER80NAL. Cw? AKD comsuLt madam dm GEAPP, Oia wonderful Saar and Clairvoyant: ,ha U the ?Mraotfa daughter of the aereiith daitfhter; the can PeB^T,T'n,? ?*???. b?tWMU ,5?* for > H>wt time only; the girea iiife-gagreiggyj? FHSr1, Himbioh ? HrMBUOf! <5^s^rMya^uJK,tffJBE ?.rs< .m ,?TSi"r?1rt* "BJKS bp have Stolen, or who may hereafter bfe !iH?, the Man hole tod 8?v?r-trap Oo?t?is ^of ^ GeorgotowB. dealer in fancy gooda, uotiona, jewalry, ataZiouerr j dieaptoya, Ac., No. lMBTtbalroai,between K ydCatraaaa, no?rBo?Mi4 Wylia^a. Hr llf 0. LUTTBSLL. 0. 4. DCHHIHOTO M * * LVVtRILL ft ?ril*I!f?rO!f. Aicllaattri ui CaululM Nwckuu, Mt U. At*., bat. Mb aad 1Mb atraata northweat. fltraa to the of Beal Eat aha. aM-ta* had at A.STBAUB'.lOIl Pa.a?a.,near lltb. aM FOR BENT AND SA^E F-OB UNT-ftnkM ROOMS on first -uitsbie for hoaeeteeptaj} Apply at 101* fth street, between K lad L. mlt ?' Ij'OB BENT?9?raJehed and unfurnished BOOMS ft mi ar^JMl mm! third floor*,convenient to the cart; modern iHMVTNWPU. Bo. 7 34 U'"ti ?tr-'^, b*ween 9th Ud loth northwest It" C*0* BEST?4 COUJTTBT PLACE, of u ares. r DTEB A DAVIDSON, 14t9 Pennsi Wain* nill-St Over M ilhnrn's Drug 8ter-a F^WB BENT-Two-story BRICK HOUSE, sees* rooms, gas and water with tide hall and *ll?r, N street, between 4th and 5*h northwest; rent AS In advance. toy CHARLES 8. 81! RE VI. I Hi 7th street northwest. ml< it* 1/OR KENT?Three Uufuruished ROOMS ia ? E healthy part of the city aad very desirslde neighborhood; suitable for a small family. App'y at Plant's Building, corner of 15th street and New Fork avenue. nilt Si* IP OR RENT?Single or communicating ROOMS, esrh sn?taM? for gentleman and wife, or teo ?ingle gen'lemen. *???'* pefn'rtf. pvr*<f First claw Tal>le B >ard if desired. No. 1 310 G street nnrthwr?t. ml4-.v* "UV>U BEftt-^LKNls)lkj> riouJK-HOCSE 1 No. HM.crtnier r ant EKh -trrHa northwest, will he rented on reasonable terms. imt in.t'? p >s se-sion given. Apply t>> C. E. BITtknHoCSE. Agent, 1443 F street. mil eotf f^OR K K N T?Eight - r >? *u BRICK HOUsfc, w th 1 storeroom and cellar. No. 1 103 ?tli street soint, e??t, near Navy Yard and terminus of street rail road. Good place for business; rent low. Iitjaiee ?f S, H. HILTON, Orocsr, corner of 31 and East Capitol sts. nil* 4t* DOR SALE?LOT(cheap) on Hth ?treot. between a Penti*> Ivsnia avenue and G street, 25x100 feet. One alse on !lst street, bet ween O sad H. FOR SALE-Two new ? room BRU K HOCJES on O street, between 16th and liitli northwest; hath, gas and water; on the ridge, nicely located. FOR !^LK? HOUSE on crn?r of ?ii:h and I st? northwest; lot 41 6 12 fuel on 5t?> 10 12 feet on 1 st.; suitable f?r 0*e uice houses, much of the mateiial is now on the ground FOR S> LE?Three-story and b Me Sent preae.-U brick HOl'SB, ten idom, all r>: ><1 :impr >ee meiit?,on II street. between 4th and Mb northwest FARM l'i>R SM.E OR RENT-IN mile* from Beltsville, a short distance frooi M ?:rkirk station, on B A O R R House and 5 or 6 a tes may be rented separately, incltvline orchard. niH 5w* CVtR RENT?81* unfurnished BOOMS, in house 1 N'> 1113 Pennsylvania avenue. Apply to R. B DONALDSON. Dentist. inl33t l^OR BENT?STORE and DWELLING. with 11 r rooms, lo. 1319 P-nnsylvsnia avenue, oppo site National Theatre. Inquire on the pr tu ises. mlV6t* I^OR BENT?Two nice BRICK HOUSES, 1222 4tbstreet, and lMhUtli ??reet. 8 r.x>m?, (e. at <1 water, 480. Apply at 40lJ M street. JOSEPH PBATHEB. inl3-3t* poB RENT-ROOMS, unfurnished, on tirst and 1 second floor, en suit* or single, with or without bosrd. Bent for rt?wj in ad\ance. Bef.-retico" re quired. Call at W16 E street uorthwest. mll 2i* F^OR KENT OR SALE?A four storv six room 1 Brick HOUSE, 1704 N-w York avenue, northwest; has all modern improi em?nts. Cur* pass corner Key 17 A3 Pennsylvania avenue, be tween 17th and 18th, northwest. ml'i-at* |^OR RENT?Partly furnirh'd or uiilarni->h>^l 2 1 or 3 communicating BOOMS, with sonth front, on secotMi floor, with liath and water cloeets at ta< bed. Water and gas in the rooms, ltfll Peuu svl\ atiis svenne. between 19th and Mth nil !t? I^OB KENT-A comfortable Dwelliug HOUSE au I Delaware avenue, hst ween B and C streets north with grspe arbor in front; to a good tenant the rent can l>e had I'W. Apply to W. L WALL, corner ?th street and Pennsyix ania avenne. ml3 3t l^OR BENT? HOU8E No ?'i*- 20th s-r.rt, be * tween H street and Pennsylvania avenue nor*h w- st, coutaiumg se\ en rooms, hath ro in atid cellar. G is ai d water Apply to 3ABES W B.VKKKB. 1 106 n street northweet. mil 2* LHiK RENT?Part of a HOUSE?two to Ave on 1 furnished r< oms? suitable for housekeeping; coawshnt to Departments. Tmm rfssnssklr Call st 1441 L street, between Vermont avenne and 18: h street. nU-S* I I* OR 8ALE-A ino-t eligible P RO PE RT X sit 'i!? ted in H>attsville. Ml,, about one htindre.l yards from station and ten minutes ride from Wa?h luifton, D. C. Any person wishing to exaniinethe property will apply to Rev. F. A. MEKCEK.H) atts v llle. ml3-eo3t* F'OR RENT?At Annapolis Junction?A Brick MANSION, containing 11 rooms, large hall, surrout.ded bv sha-le tree-, a few minutes walk fr mi the cars, this is a desirabh- jnd healthy location; f r further psrticulsrs applr or a>Mress to GEORGE BELL, Annapolis Junction. ml:i6t* E^OR BENT?At No. 143** I street. near IS*h st., 1 Furnished ROOMS, witb or without lizard. m!2 3t* L^OB BENT?Very desirable Kuruiih'd Summer E ROOMS, en suite er single; eue larfe r > >m f ront: Lg ~?utli. at 417 G street. mil St * I^OR SALE?HOI SE, with six room- and Intll, I front and iear vara Sin) cash; balance lon^ time M Y. H0LLEY, 4^3 La. ave. ml2-St* h'OIi SALE?A neat six-room BBK'K HOUSE, with ball, front and bark yard. $.VN cash, bal ance monthly. DYER A DAVIDSON, n. 12-4t 1429 Pa. ave ., over Milbui n's Drug Store. LMIK KENT?Pleasant furnished snd nnfumb'hed I front ROOMS on second and third tl >ors, also. Tat le Boarders accommodated, at 1013 loth street, corner Massachusetts ateuue. mU-3i* FV>R BENT-Two HOLSES, No. AO* l?h street northwest. 7 room-; No. lit 14th slieet, 3 rooms. Apply at 1407 ? street northwest. c.H 3t* F. BUTLEB FOR RENT?Large second-story Front, and two ROOMS on third floor, furnished, gas and sta tionary washstands. Also, thre<' ROOMS on first floor, tinfurulihed; bath, Ac. No. 7oft 8 h street northwest. mil 3t* L^OB SALE?The neat two-story pressed-brick i front 80USE, No. 1913 15th street northwest, near 8 btreet, containing six rooms, bath-room,cel lar. bay wiudow, Ac. Price B3,0u0; terms easy. Apply to A. M SMITH, nlfit* 630 F street northwest I^OR RENT-A four room BRICK DWELLING r with hall and terraced yard; new and neat; half a square from 14th street car*. Apply at 37 E street northwest.near New Jersey are. mlOAt* fpOR BENT?A ten-room three-story BBICK HOl'SB; all modern Improvements; situated on Utb street, between M and N northwest. Inquire at 1103 M street northwest. mW-6t* IVOR BENT-Hice STORE and DWELLING*; x line cellar, gaa, water; No. 1914 K street west. Also. Bow Window for aals. Inquire at 0. F. SCHMIDT B Fancy Store, No. 1734 Pennsylva Uia avenue. mk>-4t* L^OB SALE?Seven-room OOTTAQE, with cel F Ur, front aud back yard, gas and water, cn P street, uear lfttIf n^rthweat. Terms liberal. _ GEO. A. LANE, mlf>-3t 1?30 K street northwest. F^OR f ALE?New two-story FBAMES, at teruii nits Columbia Raiiroad; terms easy. For sale or rent, foor-storr BBICK. For rent, three-story BBICK; $M. G. B MTLBUBN, DiliHt* 413 7th street, opp. Pn? oiHf". pOB BALI. 16 VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ou B street. !>etweeii l?ili and 1Mb, south side. Apply to F B McQUIBE, Rcai Estate ufBca, nilOlw (Rep] 1306 F street. L^OK SaLE OR BENT? Very d>-nrable two-story " FBAME HOUSE, on large lot of ground in I'niontown, containing eight rooms, with astore nwsi; s geod place for business. Apply to R. F. MABTIN, Uniontown, D. C. m9 5t* 0B SALE?A fine HOrSE and LOT ia Frank" linBow.onK street, between 12th and llrli This property has a fine elevation, with a south front, and is superbly located B. K. WILSON, n.9 6t >11 7th street, opp. Post Office. F'OB BENT-The H0USB and PREMISES No. 1333 Pennsylvania aveude. adjoining Han cock's Bestanrant. The property fronts 23H feet on tlie avenue and *? feet on D street. It is an excel lent buxinees stand, anil will lie rented at *75 p ?r m< nth. Apply to 1HJDGB ft DABNE1LLE, 143ft F street. ni9 St F"OB SALE?HOUSE and LOT, 407 U.h street, between E and F ate. The hou?e has nine ro*as, JW wvsnwvu MM MUW MT OMS. J. DC UUU"C II an I11U** I I 'PIIIB . with gas,.water cluset.and bathroom, luquire at ADAfiSON'S, 304 i?thst. mS-fct L^OB SALE?3 new S story BBICK HOUSES, a 6 iiaiiiu; hall and veranda; picket fence S'id terrace; very cheap, aud small paywnta: on 13th street northwest. WM. H. MINN1X, 603 Uth street,opposite Treasury Department. iu3 <t l/OR SALE?1Two-story BB1CK8, on Washington 1 street, ft IOC cash, balance ft 30 per montfcfftM ciish, fttfi per month: *300 cash, M'M per month; naif rash, ftU per moutli. Q. R. HLLBURN, 413 7th street. mjio'" IVOR RENT?Foor large, airy BOOMS, fronting 1 north and south; two communicating, on first floor, and two ditto on second floor, with large porches, bathroom, Ac., in house; excellent tor a party of gentlemen who would wish to use one of the r oms as a parlor. Bef?rences repaired. Applr at this ottca. m4-lw Ij^OR BENT?A HOUSE in the coeutry, tS milos from the Navy Tard, near Good Hope, D.C., containing eight rooms. For particulars apply to A C. ADD ISON, on the adjoining farm; or by letter to M. ADDISON, Waahington. P C. ndtrnm F'OB BENT?A handsome country HOUSE in complete order, containing thirteen rooms, with garden and privilege of Ice house, carriage house and stabler on the Washington railroad, near viUe. For particulars apply on th* premises, or t* Mr. J. THOS. PABKBB, No. 6#B Pransylvania avenue. jml to'l W. A UBTHIOPM. FOB BALE?ft FABM or ft* ACRES In Hont g<*nery comity, Maryland, *mflns from Wash kigton; oti a turnpike, and 1H miles from the rail wad depet. Itaprovsmsau consist of four fnuns sav st&ss; ,b/oVS5S*Sib0r?flff,o?i?TAi?9. mil.-* 'ob Washingtonjon the turnpike, aud D> miles i <>ni the rail re M a snot. The dwelling house cou t liks 11 rooms. The farm Is well worked and street; good stabling and aet-hieses: has line -chard sand^astnrsa and will be rsoted to ? ftrat ass tens ot on reasonable tsrms for a term of rear*, or further particulars apply at No. 7ft3 K reef. ml-eelm ^OB bALB?OOCNTBT SEATS.?*7 ACRES J Of LANDMSifthlaMl Station, B.audO. B. R.; or AtKw Of LARD, DlM*rOOB BOQS6 Wit IK cfcecia. Barn, ftsrvaats' Hons-- plenty ef water; aad Booms Jor two , ft?. Mode L^OlViLI?L<*? N > I.U. I<. U au-i 14. n ?.j. ? 1 W; *lio,lotii S, 4. I, ft, ?, 10.11. and It. N> 1 P. MM KmI Capitol MrMt, a nunntw ?lk FOR BENT AND PA LB. 1,'i'K K*hT-Y?:u.l lc irsmn.. -T 1' ?i.W r utor;. roam SPxdV M, a?rthee*t . ??rti*r Louisl ti>i a'cDDf ud 7th street. also. OFFICES (>ul floor, ii?l;oi pramiees, or at d43 C *'"?"t n rlbweet. befor* II a m. ?"? iare are of 1f 'trMcm. Apply romr'lMt tapitolarH ?* *h stre-t? [Jbt?'| M BAliD*IS FfOB SALE, TRADE OB BENT-Tnat to* COINTBV BESIDEMtMC, k???a a* "Iugle ?id'," situated ok the new pike r >ad to Fall*' . Oiurck. oua-half mile from the Ai<i?-?luct BrMf*. I U-orget--wn, D.c. There is a Hdk new double | how, two-etory and Trenrb ro*f, with thirteen . g->-?i rooms. cellar. hathr *>m and water < |.<*et. with ?ewer, tar wnidoa . rang*. hot android ? ater. large treeesurreanding the house, a good Mm with f >ur stalls. carriag* house, grain*ry. and hennery. There are lire acre* of groni ?I well fenced, with fruit tr*ws. f rape*, Ac .: two fe->d well* of wat?r and a spring I ? ft ? r this pr.>perl f Tar sale, or trade (or city proper ty, improved or unimproved. or for lease for a term of > ear* Partie* m~aaiag business will he ahnwii the property by calling at 904 F street, Mseonic Tempi*. aa^3w [BrAtl PHIL. H wELea. L'OR RKNT-Three ?i-ry BRICK HOCSE, No. 1 IfiiD 2d street n<>rthwea-, one minute'* walk from the P--nn*> Ivania a<(H>ii< and F street cam. Kent ?*' per month. Apply to Dr MAGKl'DKK. 310 k etreet northweat. a4> tf I^'OK KENT?Furnished or ruturni*h-d BOOMS, sou'h front, suitable for housekeeping Apply VIII PemwrlianinarehiM, apfl lra L't'R SAM ?The ?ulnrriW oiler* f.-r *ate hi* a. HOt't?S ( Ko. 144 ) aad LOT >a the ftrst *.j<iare east ot the Cnpit 1 The tot I* *ftnated on the * ?uth *i-le of P.wt Capitol street and on kl ?trwt. aad u 17 feet and 11 laches Wide atid Ilk feet deep, on kl *t. aT7 3W CHARLESP BI"S*ELL. w**Xt HANGS FOB CITY PiOP I F.KT\ . a tw -*.,r} HOCSE with brick base mei-t, and also a e**t?.r LOT and a FABMofdO acres near thecity. Apse to 1 P COX, c -rner Sth and Fayette street*. Georgev wn, D 0. si# 1m* l^OB BENT-Fl BMSBfcp BOOMS, a I-aFfc 1 Parlor f'iruit>ht-d aa a and two pl-as arit rootua, back aud frout,ob a*rc>bd atory, iu an elijilblj-located D?ellin? on I street, n?>ar pit, * :.| !?<? rented on reasonable tern# to i -nrV meu only. Adilrt kk '? A. J.," Katiooal K' puOlk an ?ffl ?. mW 'f | K p I I FOR SALE. L uB v Lk- A iarira BAY HuRkl.Mtln ?> A >eai?oki, nuitai'le for a wagon c*i t. Apr') t '31? Af.rtrt aoutlnaat. mil St' I, t'K bALI-Ou* epan of handaome-'yoviig and 1 tharouu-h bn^l Bl.A< K Ml LES, o* r / ei*t?"-n li:?i..t? li .-h Alao.oneBoe liRAKT liOb^E ai: ) three firit cl?*- t.'A KTS ^ J W. M KNIGHT n>V4 lw I4'JT Pena?> I* ania avenue. j^OUA V AT?lt APPA KAT16 FOB SALE A Jtreat variety of Whit-' and T-nnaaa?? Marble bOOA \\ ATEB Al'f ABATI S, at laaanfat tarer pricee and terms, necond-habd uu? tak?u m ?-? ibaii^e. Biher-plated Appaiataa and t>.?el Foan t.litis to loaa, free of < harse, by alt-tin* l'ALMEB A I.BEEN. Uaorg-toan 1 |\f ACH1M1BY FOB 8ALS AT A BAR . AlN - 1*1 Prrfrrt <trdfr an-1 ftW at A ?e ?On-' ?1. ??l?e hTEAM KNOINB and HKAl'KK. rrlmd-r lo\34 inch.-s, *? h.|~.w?-r; one h risoi.tal TP BIT LAB B< '11.EK. 4 feet diameter, IS feet bmi(.all ? w? plete. AI?o, Niagara bt*-au> Pump, Min!inn{, Pul liee. B<*ltipc, an<1 other Martiiiiery. In jiiiroot ED WARD LtNCH, aonthwe?t orner llth and B BtNeta norih. ml< 4i" T PRIVATE SALE?< l?aap?At UottaaNo F street n jrthweet.a larira lot of H'>awhoM ? I RNITt'KE. It* ludin? P*rlor Suit*, Btd B ~>m Suits, Carpet*, fcnchen Furnitore, Ac., by J. W MA1CBETT. il'i llth street n w. pili Si* I^OB RALE?A haud?<>nie Gray M \BE. ? years old.kud. gentl- atid stylish. Also, a "-v nearly new CARRIAGE and IIABNKSS jr?JA feold for want of use Apply 8" *>iOI sireet, W<*tween il and ftl *tr*ets n?rUiw>?t. u lJ V ' t^OB SALE ?A rare chance is offerad to parties r d'-siriiii; to r>nr? h??e one of the hmni- ffy f meat pri\ate TEA Mfc lu the city, consist - iUK of a nearly lie* LAN I?AI"LET, i ha? m l been iiM?d four nicnth?-,! a pair of unperior M ^iti h OB K V 8. Miuud in every paitK ularj and ma^i.iti, ? nt Gold Mounted DOtBLE SKT "f DARNED For part icnlai* apply to LATIMER A ? LEAHY, Anc tinneers, corn'-r of llth ?treet ami P^uue) Ivania aveune. Star Office BuiMinit. | lt-p | ml3-6t L'UB SA1.E?Cheap, two new COI NTEKS. North I < arolino Piue. oil. <1,9feet each; also, PaBTI Stole,Corner of 6th ai.d A streets?oiith eaat. iiilS-St* I^OB SALE?Tnr--e of the most desirable LoT* <'ii Meridian Mill. Only |li? in caeh rejiiir d t r hrst jsyn.ent. Farfnrther information npp|<-1., the ui.der*ien<sl. THOMAS W. FoWLEB. M'J F ?tre?t. opp Patent OBlce mlX-3l* I^OB SALk ?SMALL FARM-A place four A lo rtheaMt fr.iln ttiis city, couiaiuinc 22 acre*, about obe-fourtli iu livavy tliul?er. The improve ments consntt ot a double Flame llouae, in ftxl ?ider, will, all the ne< e-wary oathuildiiif*.in< lud;i:( an iee-booae, full t Ice. Plenty of good pure water and several hundred fi uit tr-?-? of the beet varieties. VIII be *i,|d on easy terms, aa l city pri>pert\ taken in part exchange. Price and l-mt* made ku >an on application to l;l( HARD 11. MOltUN A CO., ml2 lot 1U14 l'eniiH>Ivania aveuna |,'(|R SALE?A very desirable FARJf.c 'ntaimng 1 06 a< res. and located in Montgomery c<>.. M-l., on the Washington. Cot-svlllo aud Ashiou turnpike road, adj-dning th- Burnt MilU prop<-rtv. This Farm is in tine condition, and under g nid fencing, impro\?d by a good t?o-st<.ry Frauje HoUee, wild back building, containing lu aJl niut ro,?me, a well of pnre water at the duor. There is also a stable ai.a sheds, poultry houae. Ac., aud a f ?od storehouse which has been long established a- a bustn"*? stand; a blacksmith and wheelwright'? shop. There is a tine giove of tree* arouud the kuildius. and an ex < elleut orchard of apph-s, pea- he*, aad a variety ot other lruit on th- place, with an abundance of wood timber. Taken altogether this Farm offers a rr?*t inducement to anyon* wanting a be alt by country home The society in the neighborhood i? excellent, with chnrrhe* and set.-Is verv c->nvenl<-ut. Title indisputable. Apply oa the preaiiiM*. to ml2 3t* CHABLES THOMPSON F'OB SALB-Two Bne DRAFT HO BASS, two u CARTS, aearj/_new ^one FABM WAO ev ftWOK^OLAT FOB bALB. 1^ EM ALB DIBXAUM of All kinds trmud. Da Mo- Mt Bortk Mtk HwA, ^BsidetpBla. mf -iy* M*a*M ? Its, ON; SnetsCABT HABBESS, uew. 1 ?- t new DOUBLE HABN ESS. T. B CBOW, * mloAt* t71 Bridge street, Georgetown! f[*0B SALE?Just arrived, lu bead of very fine Driviug aud Draft HOMES; soma fast rv trotter*, selected expressly for this market. atHLGLELYA BOWEtiV Stable. Vaa^ZX York avenue,bwtaevnftth a?d7th straeto. nJ Sw' l^OB BALK-BAT It ABE, ft yean old; Morgan A atirk: warranted sound. Also, FOB T ?TV PHJETON. Apply toLATlMEB AOLEA-njrn RY, An- tioneer*, Pennsylvaniaavenne,cor-**ZX ner of llth stTeet. Star Office building. aM tf F'OR SALE?49,000 Oral clasa BOSES, Climb ing Plants, Ornamental Bhrnbs, and T.-es.a^ Parlor Plants, Aa. A. JOBDAN, Oonnectic jtHS avenue. aat-lm* ^ PRIVATE SALE. The beautiful Country Baaidewce called DUN BARTON HaLL,''situated oa the r -ad from Pierce's Mill to Teunaliytown, abjut Disl milea from Waabmgwa. D. C. w"^ The place c-Uitalus about twenty-three acres ?K laud, improved by a uianMon b -ow containing eigh teen rooms, aud two ttoall cottages, one containing "is, the other three room*, lee house, bam, Ac. Tb?re are seven acres of grapes in bearing, pears, peackas and other fruits. Tbe view from the bouae is one of the finest In the District. Any one desiring a tine country residence , would do aell to cail and examine thi* property. if tbe place la not sold by the 1st of J une lbs Man sion H- use will be for rent during the aeae-.n. Forterms apply to PIEBCfi SHOEMAKER, ?J6 Im near Pierce'* Mill. IPOB SALE?A handaomely matched pair of BAY W MARES, kiud. gentle aud Htylish. Also, rv a nearly new FAMILY CARRIAGE an l TJLfl HARNESS Bold for want of uae. Can beZCZX s-en at KEATING A COD Stables, U09, till, itl3 and Hit llth street northweat, one square south of Pennsylvania aveuue. aZl lin 1/OK BALK CHEAP?A lonr horns double-tree .F street PLOW SHKAB; some long handled round Binted SHOVELS, and S^Ju* square feet of good! ch K street, at canal. al? tt DODGK * DABNK1LLB, jIT-tf I?t?T F street. MEDICAL. As. ; MRS. H. i. FBENCH, (As tilskraistf tUltmbU 1 (TairroyanJ, Medi al aad Tut NUutsi, can be eeen a short time ool> ai TB4 llth street *orth#-st 11 ours Ircm lo a. m. to 7 p. m. m* Uu* | PBOF. BINGHAM, M D , Mfiteal Ml'Ortctmm. of New Join, treats all Nervous, Cbroaic Dis ease*. Bbaxl and Can.---r P da-rns. l&oome at (tie Howard Hoo-e, eornT Pennsyl vania avenue and 4th street, on Mondays, Wed nesdays and Friiaiy*; and at the Man*iou House, Alexandria,Tussds>s, Thursday* and Saturdays. n.2-?w* ?k<TATCVOLENCE, " OB THE WJLL CI'KB BfH all dliettn are cured. Nu medicines used, aod Jo laying on of hands. Taught by Mrs. J. B EL OT. 4TBC street aortAwest. apT tr |)> MM, COK8VLT1KU PK YSIC1AX, The oldest established Specialist in the cfty ?a. SlI 14U> street, above H. Hours: Uto4 and T to I, daily. jy 17-tr OBSTACLES TO MABB1AOE.?idMPV it. Mew Clrcmlars itesrwrrf, deiphia. Fa.,?an tlan for honorable ekttl M?"T & Am r.'wzw'iRL'xrsz sz BUSINESS CHANGES. | kNE li I'KDRED DOLUU(iia.i|lk.., ' Hnr a Situation laurrfu* JnTaraaBaT. ^ i Mfftd wtf mH *mi|> ? K"Of"lALI -AaoMHttW^fil SfiltT ?|j I rA8Tl"IV#??i(?tm ? 1ri? bnata-a* ?j Oct .e?* s<?e far raat r?? tttr??. *ewln? taa. lmie, au<i pan* rui ? >r ?*;. \ \ ''r?*? B'lMBee*. Star UBc>. bilt~4t* mi4 m E|0?>? TO IjOA^.-We M*ktn th? frrflow t ? k- t <un,? to | .?n ot; ??h1 Ml w. ae, int. a 144M-, ?toA?. ?rjM. ?"?TUT I.e.* Kin ?>l- a BOREJlf* A MiRR. rni ?? '?ao>nd63ll r wr?i,iIW|. rateut ullct Cm. -R sale- rixTi iKK .,7; 11.aH;. ? 1 , Mo, l$f Ivtu*. trttl|t I' 1 M pweutad. III. IM r?M>l?nU aaaaai a,t, ,*?? *r t>- ? Ka-'ar* M *rk?t aPtto!H n.(t ^ ? THi STOCK . OOOD WILL; AMDIIXTCRM* ,,f ? Fain) Good* a?d K >tl.?B MiitlU ?ai ell-Mr - NICHOLS st7>re in'I.V* ,I?M t t?d LxiM*. ?/??? ? iLK-Okl THIi ||T PAYIlft r KKSl M'RANTb n P-ti' ?? l<au-a a? ?*??- .. n* li -in* a 8'* "? t'H'i"1?? SMmCmiW) lrt? 'Ui giraa f -r.ellin* .*>?. Apply to * T j. R|i'K<LKI. ni: (; Mokkv t ^TT7T5~7VN~inrairtc7rrfr~?T t l lilTt ? >?? ?uu.? to ? nit MM R' >11 MSB. ?is m *1? ? i |,'OR f?Al E- i ' "r h ?*?-<? la?a ttRK'K H.?r I I* >? t^uar - Croat ? I f*ark. and tk ?a?>e liMa 1 f t<? the Be* Kaatara !S<rkat.*~M and Cloae !>? tl.e t etn>?yl? ania arena* atreat A?ML < an, *rli loratad* tt?^- (r???ll-kuilt, i?a r<M>ua? mrh. ????. h * atxl coid ?M?r, a'xt ??w?r. T*rm* ra>) . In^nir** an the po-autaa, jl? (' ami K>lilhM??. at* In* h~~t>R SALE?The M<K'K. UOOI* W ILL a?d H\TI KKKi-tth* ud Cum M >ra. So. 707 Market t>pac?, M?< 7th aad ?ifc ??? n >nk IMt. | aS ;r| I. LIKZttae k M MONEY TO LoaK it's REAL KOTATKr ill lunn lu tuit l?r lr?ai o?f t??r? Nol K>E ? MIPDI.RTOM. ? rlt Ins *J1 lltii V* AL( ABLM KARM r< R HALB ??R BX \iiASok ruR fR 'TlKl V IM rUI.M 1TV ( OKEJT HA hit A IS ?SC airna I ory aaaxoar Itnd. fw^i ialljr |.?r t?t>arr?>; lairf* n?*w T >?>?<Ta B?m. Durilmf, Trnact H' *?? ai.4 cmtboiia u??J \in-jard .<( hi C?nr<>id crap* t iuax, i* bMriiu u* tr< IV a<r?* tklrulr tin'txr, (>.tlau< ?? arabia >> .: |l l< i.> ?<4;anr > >'.an >ii, ":i KB# I' K R.,m }<i>ai?? I* ama ?? ?mitj-. Va <>alr R A. PHILLIP!*. I apl7-Sm 1 Of? Wi<t ?t ? f*, Qenrga??a. 1*. O Mom EI TO LOAK ON REAL EST ATM M AC BY i MMO.. Real Est at r aud iuaaranc* Mr.>fcara, *>w it i?*r r RAKE CHaM'E tv pare baar a |hk| HTORB mmt KLLINU ch?ap, D?ar ti"? atarkot, FIB K?. 1 T i It. Pr'f < g? jwr. t?Tm? caaj M HA Ml LtH>N * PElBtiOM, _*?*? V M. C. A . B?iiM<nx, pk aid v *U || C 0 Ml t'Ul HAL Jk. Tha Mr?* FOCB SToRI HOP8B, vttk tkraa ?"T ?kipB?loti, VIA E i-trci't, L.t-?rl) br?, lantf r.^uia; fur-lM-p ,ea? and water, witk larc? yard ani ftafclf In r?*r. Im ?M* pr ? p<-ny ha* kwo r.-- uii? tut In comp'^tr repair, and l? terj ronroaifM f.?r a [?"????. *? litw familr. ?>r f<ir a I' ardiuc ti uar W??. t- a<?ld tow la?nlr* at f m^naii^ Bank. l? i?m Tr-a?rr. P?ui> Ivauln aracaa. M3 a<itf DRY GOODS. ?yEW IKY GOOM. OPE* TO I*A V Ch af S lk? Hid Alp* a*. kprliiK < a?rin*' ?<* l.'O-ti Hark* aa? Ilrill* h '>? Drt? i ni. N-w ?hai?* Para><-!? Lli.rn* Lar?- J ack'ti Aa clr^aot "tack. ???AN A WVLIR, H?l* anJ 1 0'JO fr'tmth atr- >t a -nhm i/'A|<-tK-} tiT Mnia. D<-mor?*?t - l'?tt*raa mil if HA HO AI NI IN PBY OOOPH -AUiw?ia Cotton. 17c : Wam>ntta. >? .; Naw lurk M il*, lie.. hh?~ tin* C'-tton tt> S 4, V 4, and ln-?; Tab la Lm<'ii. TtiT;. To?r?*l?, ?1 a aer 4o?ra, Bla< k Ullk at ?2 2*. worfk ?S m, ParaMia.S? to t*. IM lkaa,7fti . Er dof-ii; B * k Alpaca* Sc. to fl. Victoria ?im, 7V : Lining Cambric*, 10> print. ?r.; Rl? aclird Cottoa, *? All kind* of dr-a* ?t tMa low "at Biarket ixicrw, at BBODUEAD A CO*. b 12 tr lllOS W atraM . M*??n 1t*fcan llVli. ^ HUlt fe. 1IRCBM OV?Hi Wa offer FROM Til IP DATE. Mar Il k.? MB CIDEDLY i;(Hil) l>tif<lw in th*(ollwluttaM goods: Spriug aud bumin* r hilk*. L> uu* U.a A Bilk*. LupinV Blark Pure ttilk.Chaia Orenadtnaa, Black bitin, Birip'd d>, ?'Maarer" brand, ailk tiniah. Black l'ar? M * MuBato," Black Alpnraa. .'40 piece* Pprinf and Punim-r Draaa O > 4?, frutii 15 c?nta to $l .U par >ard. Plata aad Br*H l.iaj Lin-i.? for Tiav*-Iiu? ttutia. Elaa WkUa G?d*. Linen Shirtliif- ?ad Bbaating. ttunuaar FUnnela Ptinta and D->me?tic Cotto* Qw>4? VOu? price only, aiarktd In plain Rfaraa J9BEPM J. HAT. mUe.>M <>3'< P^mara-.W thaodliKM at* jJEAD TO TIIE BOTTOM. Oood BLACK ALPAf'A at Mr . Alpaca at Mr that caBbot he excelled, beavtifnl M >ha<rv from 7ks. to (1.26, Biack Bilk* (uu. ?1 tu 12 *). 14 Oraa aditie Iron fe>r. tu B1 per > ard. JAPANEbE MILKS aadFoPLLMB, aad aU crad^ of Dm* LLAMA LACE PMISTS anJ UACviCBS at U??at < L^THBand CAFSIMERE> inaraai *artctf. Tho aretueat aa^ rtu-en of C AMU. ELH*B aad la BKBT1N0 in tb< citr. Creut * rCRNlMttlKtt 400D8, <^>aatatiac la pa>t ufl'Mknhlrti, Draaara, M at?i . MJRf*. S?k tie* and Otovaa. PARASOLS aad MCN UMBRELLAS. witM I>a? Daixlle* ai.d abort. MATTINGS aad OILCLOTH. Coata' aud Clark a SPOOL COTTOB at tc par (pool or 70c. p?r d >t., at LUTTBMLL * WINK'S. ni7 tw IBS# Pa. a?e.. r.w Mr h a?r*et '|'0 BE, OR NOT TO BE. 1SKOT1HM QL'KSTIOX. TO HMD, OB MOT TO P1MD, BARGAINS. BARGAIMB THAT IS THE QCKSTlOfl. Be therefore coBTlacad, and trjr for cbaap aad i. tea gooda at WULFURO * SUILMEMG'B, Who are thia aeaaon oBeriuc Muf artra tioaa la dresh goods, LLAMA LACE POISTS. LLAMA LACK JACKETS, ALL THE NOVKLTlEf IN PARAMOLti AMD NLW COLORS IM MCN CMBRELLAB. LATE OTYLB PBIMOED VEILS, PAI.ABILt?i'BOWSSAND TIES, And maar othar articlaa too uoa^eroaa to oMottN. Peraoaa froa. tMa Bud distant part of the city vtll find it to tbalr advantage, befora aurcUaau^ alw a here, to call at tbia fani'-u* eetaUhibaeaat. tueu.ber ? ?/'THE AMCADB. nJ( 4 ?7 7th atreet, between D ao? E. S. W. VEN attractions: low r RICES IX CARPETS* CARPETS'! CABTETM n *. weft K* eVoL1?^*\Vm*B rLt*' V RITM caaca mkW. ?K?? ?a??^,,V8fSo* *??? N WOLFORI) M IHILBBBS1, 4M7 SEVENTH STREET, Betaeao D aad E,aunUii ?V-tr STTMB AMOADM. DBT GOODS AT PANIC PRICKS. Salaa at Be. a yard, worth ate.. BMr Linen at a van low price: Striped Toaewiile at Mto., wartk 4Sc.; fafc lot Lao* Carta*aa at |liu a pkace, a lia* af Maaa tul Paraaola at ricki prioaa. a tow Llaaa La Sbawla at half ptiaa. RMORI RAXTRR. aM-ly 1MMB PwaaaylvawU aewaaa BMMU" ffc.7 a. a MKai,&ar WSaCLV . OMUEBS ??<** CUIM* 5 waal Maat batU ta tMa?e dtMaraat ftmAmtm tMakMtMHBvf ILM A. STRAUS', till N. ara wg*miw^?i m mm J. Haaaw' Ml?tr* G*Kai CL?s'-^?^ Daatar la Waarbaa, iawalrr, _ wm* ???? .? Ma.?BPa.a*a.,Mat.BgaadTtMla. AaoTty narcaift A'fB-Stil A,M ?S-fw 1UI "z^skaifc-. eyaaiw fraSt. at RRiVB'^l 1 Peaaa a**.. a?ar I flirt STRAUS', tMa UotMtar, 1911 PaaMA ?'? ,

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