Newspaper of Evening Star, May 14, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 14, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. WED.imntT 1?y M. 1*7*. LOCAL NEWS. ? Wmll't Oprra Ifrutf?The Genuar- . "I'hiis and Leu*.'1 TKtaU* Cnmiqnt?"The W* ~m-. ? songs, lancet, A. c. Ke? Vork, - -il*. *r 1 Stents Uavw maUe to P?irfb'%(* a ?iU fot Vue St. Stephen's t Catholic* Church, iv?*V r of Penn?#".vania avenue and JSt'a street. K. t <tuard. of Baltimore , wm lec ture on "Bodv and Sonl" at Fon rulry M. E. Church next Tuesday evening tor benefit of Gonatk Chapel. Patents h ?t?t just beentw.l te the following ettissanof Washington fVter Taltavuil and K. M Boteler. corpse preserver; John A. S'ved berg, rotary blower. The Mt. replkyr Bouse. situated near Mt.Ver ix.n. in Fairfax county, V*., wan total IV de 'trujrt bv lire y?rttrU?y morning. Low 810,000; i r.suiance The second performance of "The Doctor of Alcantara," at Wall's opera House. by the colored Auu rtcan opera company. last night, -? a* ewn a ,{K-at? r -iiccfM tlian the perform ance ?*' MonCay night. An interemtng entertainment is to be given at Neaton Scl?v>l building on Friday evening for the benefit of Trinity Minim school, to consist oi music by Mr*. Cecilia Young Smith and Mr. t>ase. drituatic representations, reading*, etc. ?? bcsj? ak for it a larg-- attendance. The elficers aiid lending members of the various Catholic societies met at St. AnnV In fant A- ylum last night, ami ma<le arrangements for a grand festival to be given tor the benefit of thai institution at Ana!o?fan Island on Mon day Si.d Tiresilav, the 2d and .d of .lune next. Mr. Joseph Walsh, who was badly injured yesterday by falling of!'the back building of his lather's residence. ias statrd in'Trk Star of la* evening.) was regarded by the pl'.ysieitns at Providence hosp.tal as some what improved tli ?? merring. Ti e tire alarm bell striker in the steeple of th?- nth Street Baptist Church, has been put in operation at the expense of Mr. John McClelland, the Messrs. <*alt, and other bad ness men in the central part of the city, who ] aid the cost of strengthen: i.g the steeple for the | urpese, the work being done by Mr. Clem ent", carpenter. The dealers in second-hand furniture and clothing met last evening, to adopt measures to prevent the j asrage of the bill now pending before the Legislature increasing their license tax to ?1W per annnm. Mr. ,1. T. Ford presided, and Mr. P. Poley acted as secre tary. A committee previously appointed re ported a draft of a memorial to the Legislature remonstrating against the passage of the hill in qnestion, which was adopted. ith of Colonel J. L. taUh. Colonel .lohn I.. Smith, a former well-known resident of this I'istixt, died yesterday at his present residence, in Anne Arundel county, JHd.. (near .les*ups Cut. on the B. Jt O. B- R-.j after an Illness of several months. Colonel Smith in vears gone by occupied a prominent position in Diatriet affairs. He wi" born on ]>oui>taiia avenue, near th? City Hall, and learned the trade of printer under Gales & be at on, in the .Vi'i?n<iJ int'lli i'twr office, and subsequently (with Mr. C. C. Fulton, now of the Baltimore itK'riiiiii,) he bought out and published the Georgetown Mlmcatr, a tri-week lv paper. This wa.- a few year- before the Ilar ium aid Tyler campaign, and the firm being rtaiiDrb eliigs, baeked by Wm. C Preston, of South Carolina; Wm. C. Hives, of Virginia: aiMi S. P. Tallmadge, of New York. published d Harrison campaign paj>er?the KepmbhrG* Mrri-w. After the campaign had closed the firm was dissolved, and Mr. Fulton continued to publish the A Iriate for some time. Col. Smith returned to the case at the Xattona! In' '.>j'netr office. Subsequently he wa* ap l?i?ttd a justice of the peace, and for several xear? acted as |<o!ice magistrate in this city, and his office became one of the leading ones in Washington. While acting v a magistrate he found time to sfudv law, atid was admitted to the f ar in April, H'J. He for several vears ci mirandtd one of the uniformed militia regiments. an,l lor several years w ?< a.ipuin of the Continental Guards. He was for a long time a leading member of lit land ? hapei. (Methodist Episcopal* but sub sequently he became a c<?a?municant of the Protei^nt Episcopal church. In 1*55 he was ?iected to the board of Aldermen from the 7th ward of Washington, and served two term" itour vear?t and was a prominent candidate for the" nomination to the mayoralty. About the commencement of the war he removed to Kait!iuor> and practiced law there, and was elet ttd tothe legislature of Maryland, serving ia the ?es?ion of ls*4. He leaves considerable property in this city. His rema ns will be Lri ught here and interred at L'ak lliii. The Canktninar Priae Medal*. omnoas AT THE ASM AL KX A Jit 81 AT IOS. The annual examination tor the medalsoii'er Hl as prizes in the grammar schools for pro {ressiug in the ?tudy ol araiamir took place on aturday last at the Jefferson ?chool building Kach ?ctool was represented by six pupils The following were the .juestions?selected by Mr.S. John Thomson: FRISt irtE." Or GRAMM AR. 1, What is the basis of grammar'.' 2, W lat is a part of ?peech'.* Example, c. H^w should von determine the part of S|>eech to which a g.ven word should be referre?l'.* Example. 4. What may the antecedent of a pronoun be? Example. 5. How does a pronoun represent a modihod antecedent*.' Example. 6, What is voice in grammar? And how is the passive voice found? Example. 7, What does the po tential mood afirm? *. What is tense and what are its forais? Example. ?, What d > the auxiliary verbs express!? Example. 10. <?ive the formula for parsing an intransitive verb. 11. On what thive syntactical relations is analysis cMeflv based? 12, How do analysis and i>ar -ifig differ? TALUX 8YSTAX. Correct the ro!lo#lug, where incorrect: 1, Pupils expelled from other colleges will not bo allowed admittance here. 2, All these trees sen<l their top roots deep into the grouixl. 3, tsentle reader, ie* vou and me, in like manner, walk in the paths of virtue. 4, Allan's, Smith's and Green's store is opposite U> ours. 5, i our y's and x's is not well shaped. 6. He promtsed io employ whoever should be sent. 7, There are , nr-tant hostditvbetweenthe several tribes of Indians. *, He dare not say not more than one was hurt. t, "Aid ther?- lay th? rid^rdistortsJ and p*ls. With th>- <tew ob hfs brow an f the r:iat oa his 10. He iSeJ that the co^^?" and fixed, and contained the perman. *" M the people. an<i was the supreme law, ami eou.?. be revoked only by the authority that ma le it. 11, If 1 should use the clause "when spring re turns." you would perceive that something more was wanting to make a statement. 12. Neither of these hypotheses is well founded, though thev have each of them its advocates. Id, By ?ucb a course of proceeding I am retUsed that ptotection which every ciuxea has a right to expect. _ , 14, '? Ah, well' for n* all soni- swwt h P' lays IV- pi* hi'W'-n from mortal gaze ' asaltiis asd farsis<;. ??Men. who tk*ir duties kno>*, But know Uutr lights; ahd dar' niin tam, Freycn* long-aimed blow, A ad crmth the tvrant whil* they rend the chain; JVi- consUtute a state. And sovereign law. that state s csiZccfed xtll, O'er thrones and glol^ss tUte ? Si!t ? mprrst. crowning good?expressing ill. Analyze the first tour lint*, and parse tae words in italics. ^ A Mas I>cr<i?Ro asd R<>unti?.?About 12 o'clock last night a man. named John Kilmar tin. druji^l auU in Koo* s Aitoy* between E and F and >1 and 4* street, as he ts bv two notorious colored thieves, named Ki ider Brown and Henrv Read. T&C u?>u was ptcked up in an in^ettsible condition, aisl word sent to Lieut. Gesrford. who asrerUinod that the men bad left for Murder Bay. A dispatch was thereupon sent to Lieut. Sklppon, who de tailed several otfioem to keen a eharj. lookout for them. About 1 o'clock Officer Miller ascer tained that they were in the house of Hamilton Evans, on C street, between 11th and 12th, and o<9cer? Sutton. Heakle, and Duvall. with him self, surrounded the house, and succeeded in capturing them. On taking them to the cen tial gu-,rilli0uae M7 was toniul Oil Spider, which is suppose-1 to *e part of the #100 slob u m m the victim. They were locked up for a bearing to-morrow. ^ Cktshrd to Death?The little boy, H. M. Martin, who was run over by a brick wagon and serivuslv injured near the corner of 7th and B streets northwest yesterday, <as stated IbThi Star last evening.) died at the Chil dren's HeepUal. to which be was taken. The Patters?*, held an ^joeston the bodr at? o'clock last evewlng. and the witness es bavin* been heard a verdict was rendered ?haM*?3eeeased came to his death by reasoa injuries inflicted by being crashed under the wheel of a loaded wagon driven by one John Javens; aad they further Had that the affair i accidental, and that do blame can be at Ued to the said John Javena. The coroner then ordered the release of J a vena. The re ?alas of the boy were taken to the father's res idence, corner of :<th and P sea nortfl w est. o BriLDiiA hrrmits have been issued a* fol lows since our last ? Summerscales and Hum phrey , one-story carpenter shop, between Khode Inland avenue. 8,0th and 7th streets; James Thomas. two-Story frame, M street, betoeen 23th aad 2Kh, northwest. C. Parkinson, two utonr brick, O street, between loth and llth, rsrthwfst; T. A. King, three-story brick, O Street, between and 6th, southwest. C. J. * atson. two-story carpenter shop, E street, be tween 1st and 2d. aorthweet. O KrTTRH or thi I>r urrt?Co. A, Washington Ught Infantry.arrived hoaso from their visit to Philadelphia this moruing, all 1a grod spirits, ami speaking highly of the asan nerin which they were received and enbr ta-i^u ut that city. third COrNCIL ?At the ?,f evening the -?*** C'vnttl ? e-jwoakitlon B D<-!??? ?. Intervln.t of the "*?** A*) hi?, asking legislative action for ' * ?? th* city gart.a?- to 'hat tns; itrrtion ... city garb) -'t w*y b? ntilired as food for h?f*. stvt sh ?w **F tbag at least .??vGOO may thus t>e *?% ed 10 the Dis e?nually; referred. Al- .. ? cmmnmcotioT) from the tr?i?tees of th? ^ >-ie<l ?. Inciting the m?**ibers of the C"UO?il o atterd ? meetir g of the teachers on Friday next, at 2 oVtnck. p. m., at tbe Stunner school building; Kcultil. C< utieil bills making an appropriation for the ? inkii jr fni'd and for interest on the debts of theD' I- j trirt ..f Columbia, and making an appropriation for the |?nrebate of ground for one. f the public schoolsof thethird school district, were seTerally read a sec end time and referred. The Prisident reported that in accordance with hia premise made m the Cotfncil be had called npon the Governor in re}ation to the report of the Com missioner* of the Sinking Fund, and bad been in f rrr>ed that it bad not been completed Mr Browne, from the committee on laws and ju diciary, repr~rt?-d back C< tincil bill No IS, to amend the tttla of a bill for the relief of 8t John's pari?h, la the city of Washington, with an am* ndni-nt. ma king its provisions apply to all other Episcopal par ishes in the district of Columbia. After debate Mr. Gnlick mo\ ed the bill be recom mitted, with instructions to report a bill embracing all the objects of the bill, instead as proponed, or am* id ms an old Maryland law, which, n* coutend ed. th'y had no power to do; agreed to Mr. Golden, from tbe committee on Washington, Georgetown,andc< nnty affairs, reported bat.k Couti til bill No. 3. authorizing the Governor to institute proceedings for the opening of Potomac street. Georgetown, with an amendment, which provides that ih- B ard of Public Works shall aswe-s dam ages, instead of ajury. On motion < f Mr. t.ulick. the consideration of the bill, with amendments, was postponed. and it was ouiered t<?be printed. Mr Gu'.ick, from tbe c. mmittee on public work* and property, reported back Council bill No 5, pro v Hiink f r the tilling or draining of >acant lots, with at' amendment, laid over. Mr (j' lden.from the committee on Washington, G< orgetown, and county affairs, reported back Council bill No. 16, creatingthe office of fence i iew ers in Ikr county, and regulating the b.-ight of fe?n es, with au amendment whnh makes five feet th' slardard or legal height, instead of four fe*t. M r. Tin tr.[?oij ?ipressed himself in opposition to the bill, as it ? . ulil impose heavy expenses on pr >p erty holder* in the comity, where ninch .?f the I ?nd i? tirprxloctiTe. They should look well to the sub ject before they act. Mr. G Iden replied, that he had prepare the bill ?t the r? .iijest of several residents of rhe county,who are desirous of improving and preserving their pr. pern. As matters now exist, farmers have no protection from the depredations of all kinds of anl n als running at large. Mr Thompson said he would vote for the bill If the people of the comity want-sl it, but he thought the Council bad better wait until they heard Irom them If they don't want it, he wanted the bill killed. It was hi> impression that there was an old Maryland law on the subject now in force. Mr. Baker aaid the bill waa oae of great import ance to the people in tbe coantv. If pnssed. it would involve hundreds ol thonsaiKls of d >liars <-xpen?e to tbe people living in tbeconnfy, and ho was in favor ? f postponing actio* until they could hear from th. m by petition or memorial. On motion of Mr. Browne, the further considera tion was postponed. Mr. Browne introdnmd a bin to chance the names of Kn.antie| Karpeles and Leopold K*rpe|esto Kiuil and Leo Carper. A memorial was also subiuiited. setting forth the reasons of the change asked for. Adjourned. HOI SC OF ?IL1GATC9.-Th? H >nso was railed to ord?r by the Speaker (Mr. Campbell). Prayer bj &? v. Pr. Rankin. Mr. Brewer introduced bill for the relief of Sam'l flermon, to pay f?* what be claims to have been actual damages to his property during a rain storm in September, caused by improper aewer con neiticn. Mr Brewer also submitted resolution calling upon th- Go^s-i or for information as to the amount of unpaid rills approved l>y the Auditor and C >otr>dler under the act - .f June 3u, 13?2, and to whoui doe, laid over tinder the rules. Mr Tallafero intr. dttced bill for the relief of H. C< niDn d' re, l>eing the amount awarded for .lamagds Cmwd by opening an alley; referred. Mr. Hunt submitted resolution catling upon the Governer for a statement of the amount of certifi cates of mdebtednet*. issued under the a> ! of Julv lo, l!*71, t" May lu, 18T3. and the net aiu iunt realized thereon; laid over under the rules. Also introduced bill for the relief of Thus. Lucas, afignee f Francis Rees id"; rebtred. Mr llerlwrt presented petition asking that the bill to change the nann- of the settlement kn?wn as Barry Farm to Aast and West Hiilsboro l?e not pa -e?i, but that the name of Potoitac City be ad. (ltd; referred Mr. Mieph* rd submittal a resoluti .n directing the c. inn.l!tee on tire d? rartia, nt to iniiuire into n'id re p?rt tbe c .mitionof the tire-alarei telegraph, and what plan is iir-?e*iMtry to render tbe system more efficient; a.I pte.l. Mr. Trinil l presente<l the petition of Samuel W. Ov en for r- lief fr< ni taxes; referre<!. Mr Wall, from the committee on laws and th? iu <li< i.iry, rep>.rted < oun< il bill No. It-to regulate shows and exhibitions in the sale or di"po>al of seats; laid over The Speaker laid before the Boase a communica tion from the Governor, transmitting a report of the board of health; referred to the committee en health. Ali-o. a communication frim Henry Johnson, pres ident of the iM'ard of trustees of colored school,, in citing tbe Bus*1 to attend a teachers' meeting on Friday next. On motion of Mr. Shepherd, tbe in \ itation was was accepted. UeeolotlMB retinestinx the Governor to inform the House in what inanu*r an appropriation for the im provement of the harbor of Georgetown has b?en expended, and resolution requesting the Governor to furni?h the building regulations ?i pt-d b< the board of public worksforsnperviaion, were adopted. SEW IJSIXI HOfSKS. Tt.e U. u-e resolved itself into committee of the whole on the bill for the pnrc?-aae of a lot and the erection of a new engine house f>r C dumbia Eu-'ine Co., N". 3. Mr. LonK in the chair,and the bill was amended l>\ inserting the member of the Brecommis si< ners representing that district as one of the cmi mlttee l>. se|?ct the site reported to tbe House and passed [The bill appropriates #11,UUJ for the pur po-e Tt e r> moval of the ccinpany is made neces ?s t li the enlargement of the Capitol groutid- ) Tt e n use again went into committee of the wb? l > on the bill providing tor the erection of a uew ejigit e I., use tor Henry Addison engine cimpany. No.#, of Georgetown,! Mr. Taliaferg in tbe chair), and it was considered and amended ao as to appro priate $ 10,010, less the amount received from the sale ..f the present property, and providing that it shall be located north of Bridge street, w<-?t of Waabington street, and east of Putouac street. The bill was reported to the House, and the ametidm nts were adopt>-<1, and the further cousideratien p*[ poned. Amounted. ? The Washing tow City PBECBTTiirv met yerttnlajr at thr Fourth Presbyterian church, on :th street, Kev. J. N. Coombs moderator, and Kev. B. F. Bittinger clerk pro torn. Mr. B. A. Williamson was examiued preparatory to being licensed. The examination was in theol ogy, ecclesiastical history, Latin and critical lecture, in all of which he was found to be pro ficient. Mr. C. B. Kamsdell waa examined in experimental religion, with m view of being re ceived as a candidate for the ministry. His ex amination was sustained, and he was received under the care of the presbytery. His diploma of graduation at Yale -College was accepted in the place of the usual examination hi the arts and sciences. Rev. Messrs. Logan, Nourse.and .Ma.-on were appointed as m committee to desig nate his trial exercises. Kev. Dr. Boynton gave his reasons for resign ing tbe pastorship of the Assembly church. Hhich be stated was on account of impaired healCu. I?r. Boynton from tbe committee on church erection, submitted a ^rcwnble and resolution, that the Presbyterian" chnf."*1 building at Mt naxsas, Vs., is greatly hindered by* the loss of their claim for their former building, destroyed during the war, and onr congregation in that village will be without a place of worship un less aid be promptly rendered: therefore, we cordially commend the necessities ot thoee brethren to the sympathy and liberality of the Christian churches of tills city, and In other places; adopted. Mr. Nourse, from the committee on borne missions, submitted a resolution that we recom mend to the Presbytery to request tbe churches to make a contribution on the basis of the con tribution to tbe presbytertal fund of *290 for the support of the Gurley chusch for the year com mencing July 1, 1*73?the Ottrley church being expected to Increase their contribution to the sum of adopted. ? DnfAKO po? the Postal Cards in Wash ington?Judge Edmunds, city postmaster, de siring to have a supply of tbe new postal cards tor Washington as early as the earliest, wa? among tbe first to submit his requisition to the Postmaster General. It was filled at the postal card agency at Springfield, Mass., and last eve ning .Mi,00of tbe new cards arrived, and in leas than five minutes after their arrival were on sale at tbe stamp window "in quantities to suit." As soon as the fact that they had arrived was known, a rush was made for tbe stamp window, everybody being desirou* of obtaining at least one of the new cards. Most of tbe crowd par chased from one to twenty-five cards each; some went as high as fifty and one hundred, and A few wanted fire hundred or one thousand. Muiy l?ught cards to send to their friends in different parts ol the country; one man send ing one thousand to a friend in Maine. S<> great was tbe demand for them that .luring the evening about 12,000 were sold. Tbe de mand continued to-day, and up to noon 35,000 cards were sold, and at 1:30 p. m. the number had reached about 80,000, and the cry "Still they cone One order for 9,000 ror a gentleman la New Jersey was filled to-day, and Adams A Co.*s express seat word that tber wanted 6,000 to commence with. of course almost everybody who bought a card at once "wrote a letter" and dispatched It to some distant friend. Tbe carriers this morning reported eaids in moet ef the boxes. Tbe writing on many of the cards was of a hu morous character, bat thus ffcr the clerks at the city posteAoe hare noticed nothing of a vicious nature. Judge Edmunds has in structed his clerks to regard the cards the seme as letters, and under no eir c in: stances to divulgs their eon tent*. He bas made arrangements to keep a supply of the cards on band at all tiiass, ia order that the cNlsens of Washington may bave tbe same facilities a* theee of th* larger eittes. There will doubtless bo a rush ftr tbe eardsforesveral days to come, hat after that It is not believed that tbe demand will be extraordinarily large. Two n*AD I?FA?T?.?Yesterday Officer Adler, of the asooated police, found the dead bodv of an Infant la a state or decompo sition on tbe farm of Mr a. Ball, la the county, and took it to (he M preetaet station. The coroner did not deem an inquest death was caused from neglect at birth. Private C. V. MsCaanSl brought to ths 3d precinct station the boaes of an infant, found t y William and Jenny Clabb, in the woods in the rear of the Deaf and Dumb Asyl The Pnblte MehMla. METTISO OF TUB BOAID OW TUr^TBSS I. A *T MftRT-StPXRl!fTX!?Dr!*T WILAOW'8 RfVoRT ? T1WAL ACTIOS OS THE OCHASDCOiL BILL, irrc. The Board of Trustees of Public School# heUl 1 their regular monthly meeting last evening, the Franklin seb?*?l" building, Mr. W.J. Mur tagb, president, in the chair, and Dr. A. P. Fat don secretary. Superintendent Wilson presented applications for teacher's position trom Mi* Annie B. Wilson. Mint Laura L. Wilson, and Mum 11. O. Marshall. The following-named teacher" were placed on the list of those receiving the advanced salary, to take efleet from May 1, 18G3: Miss l^ura M. Bland, 3d district; Miss M. ?. ?. SLeck, 4th ? district. The superintendent presented an abstract of re|K>rts for the month of April, by which it appears that the number ot pupils on the rolls the last day of the month was7 ,'(03; increase for the month, 'Mi', whole number of pnpils enrolled during the month, 7,184; average number of pnpilsenrolled dnrlngthe month,7 .?>45; average number of pupils in daily attendance during the month,6,51*). Total number of vacant seats, 38. Total number of cases of corporal punish ment, 43?In the 1st district, 13; 2d, 5; 3d, ft, 4tb. 2?>; increase for the month, x. Numberof pupils dismissed?in the 1st district, 4; 2d. 0: 3d, 5; 4th, ?; total. 15. Number of pupils sus pended?in the 1st district, 5; 2d. t>; 3d, 16; 4th, IB; total, 42. Mr. Khees offered a resolution to close the schools on May 30, Decoration day; which, after discussion, was defeated by the following vote: A>es?Messrs., Faust, Uandolph, Tthees, Scott, and Wood ward?f>; noes?Misws, Champ lin, Crook, Detrick, French, Harris, Hunt, Murtagh, and Wilson?8. The gentlemen vot ing in the negative did soon the ground that as Dt (-oration day came on Friday, the closing of the schools on that day would l>e unwi*e. as Saturday (a regular weekly holiday) ami San day follow, aix! the preparations of the pupils for the annual examinations would be greatly retarded by a three-days' intermission. Mr. Detrick ottered a resolution, which was adopted, that the resolution of the board, adopted January 14, 1sT3, affecting the salary of Miss Maggie ~C. Walsh, teacher of Primary school No. 4. second district, he constrned to take efl'? ct from and alter February 3, 1KT3. Mr. Atliee offered a resolution placing the sal ary of ti e janitor of the .Jefl'ersou building at $1,300 i>er ann.iiu, to date from the 1st of April lust; which was referred to the committee on ac count*. Mr. Kandolpb Announced that the semi-annual examination of applicants for the [tositioii of teacher will be held at the Franklin school building May 31, commencing at 9 o'clock in the morning. The ur finished business, the settlement of the bills of Mr. Guinand, coal contractor, was then taken tip. Mr. Hfxt stated that the bil^ amounted to ?3.444>.*1, from which the board had ordered a drductioriof lu*er cent. He moved that the hills, witti the above discount being made, be approved; which motion was adopted. Mr. Hart reported that the difference be tween tli-; bill of Mr. Marlow for coal furnished during t ic holidays, when none could be ob tained from Mr. Guinand, was ?47, and moved that the amount be deducted from the bills of Mr. Guit and. Mr. Scott moved to amend by striking out the ?4" ami allow the bill to stand as rendered. Mr. Ctamplin ottered an amendment, that the ?47 be allowed, less 10 per cent, deducted. The amendment w as adopted and the motion agreed to. Mr. Woodward stated that he understood It was prop Med to have a second trial of spelling matches in the Intermediate schools. The s:ib l>oard of the second district had decided against the repe? itloo, and brought the matter before the board for consideration. Mr. French said that there had been no intention of repeating the spellHg matches. Mr. Hat desired to make a personal explana tion. He said that there appeared in the print ed statement of Mr. Guinand the following: "When the board met and the bids were opened, uiy bid was opj>os<d by Mr. Hart, al though 1 was the doubt with the view of benefiting his district and his friends. He could not. however, get over rnr bid, and it ivas awarded to me for the whole city. Mr. Duliu felt quite jubilant over the matter, and Mr. Hart rcmurk( d to him, 'Your friend ha" the contract at last.'" Mr. Hart challenged any member to assert that they had ever heard him make any bucli remarks either in committee or the board. After waitiug for a response and receiving none, he pronounced the statement an infamous lie. Adjourned. Washington m. D.'s at St. Loris Dr. Woodward, of the National Medical Museum, delivered before the recent National Medical Convention at St. Louis the lecture on cancers, etc., which he prepared and delivered as one oi the Toner course in this cityduring last winter. In regard to the lecture there, the St. Louis Kt puNtcan says; "The audience was large. The lecture was a complete success. The Meaker began by ex plaining the reason why it u termed the ' Toner lecture.' It takes its name from the fact of its having first been delivered in Washington city before the Toner association, an association that makes a specialty of tumors, cancers and like diseases, and which was lounded by Dr. To ner, who set aside a large fortune for its support. He did not pretend to account for the origin of this terrible disease, that carries over 5,OX) vic tims to the grave annually within the United States alone. The day has not yet come for medical men to account for its presence. A large screen was arranged on the stage, upon which micro-photographs were projected by means of a magic lantern, magnifying full 5,000 diameters. By means of these ne illustrated his subject, showing the caucer in all stages of the disease. Dr. Woodward is a man of pleasing address, and makes a decidedly favor able impression upon his auditors. He has had a large experience in the treatment of this class of diseases, and his lecture last evening wa? an evidence that he haa ably qualified himself upen the subject. The lecture occupied fully an hour and a half in delivery, and was listened to with marked attention." As IsrAMors Octbaob by For a Rcrruil One of the most infamous outrages recorded in the criminal annals of this District was perpe trated on Saturday night last upon the person of a respectable widow lady named Agnes H irt nett, who resides with the family of officer Fitzpati ick in the northeastern portion of the city. It seems that on Saturday afternoon last she went out to make some purchases of arti cles on 7th street, and on her return home wated to make a friendly call on an acquaint ance living In Jackson' alley, directly ea>t of the government printing office. While there a vouug man. whom she had seen before, (a friend of the family whom she was visiting,) came in, and on ner arising to go home he offered to accompany her, a* it had grown dark, She accepted his otter, and while they were crossing an open commons, three other young men approached, whom she soon found were companions of her escort, an I all tour seized her, and after gagging her, commit ted repeated outrages npon her person, keeping her OH the commons until 3 o'clock in the morning, when they left her and start- d to the city. She groj>ed her way home as best she could, and told the story of her wrongs to the wife of the gentleman in whose house she was Hying, and on Monday morning she went to the Police Conrfand gave information against one of the parties whom she knew, but it is thought they have all left the city. It is hoped they will yet be caught and identified. CinsAPiAKE asn Ohio Caval?Jfrtti >o of Directors?The board of directors of the Cuesa peake and Ohio canal oompany met at Annapo lis yesterday. President Gorman submitted his report, showing that the revenue during the month of April amounted to 9fl9.*91.9ff* r tou ditures 317,888.22; net revenue, f .2.233.73 The number of tons of coal shipped during the month wasOf..f78, a decrease of 10,33o compared with April, 1K72. The decrease in revenue from tolls and rents, by similar comparison, was >2,174.63. while the expenditures show a de crease of f?25. The decrease In coal tonuagc and revenues is attributed to the destruction of the Borden shaft, the strike among a portion of the miners, together with a decrease in ship ments of one of the companies which has. In the past two years, furnished over one-fourth of all the coal which passed over the canal. Ship ments will be increased generally this month, however. The board aajourned to m*et on Monday, June 2d, when also the annual meet ing ana election will take place. Wall's Opsra Horse?Messrs. Baker and Farron, who appear at this popular place of amusement to-night in the new German drama ?f "Chris and Lena," have been highly compli mented by the press in the cities where they have performed, from San Francisco to Toronto. The drama Illustrates life on the Mississippi and in the west. Messrs. Baker and Farron assume the leading characters as the stars in the piece, and in the several scenes they intro duce their specialties of singing and dancing with tolling effect. One of our exchangee says: "Mr. Baker is the perfect personification of a lolly, good natnrea, whole sonled Dutch boy, happy as the day la long, and keeping the audience in a constant roar of laughter when before thtm. Mr. Farron as 'Lena,1 makes a most irresistible and fascinating 'Fraulein.'" Ten rocBTinTH assual noiii Mat mTiVAL of Messrs. Marini A Bate* takes place at their hall, on E street, to-morrow evening. They have need every effort to make it a de lightful affair, and no donbt they will have a large and fashionable attendance. The reputa tion of this school stands so high that the festi val* are always looked forward to with pleasure by the young people and their alder friends. Tn Washisoto* Marimb Baud.?The fine corps of mastclane belonging to the celebrated marine band of Washington, now on a visit to this city, last evening serenaded Colonel John W. Forney, at his residence on South Washing ton square. This band la aa celebrated as Gra folia's or Gllmore'a, and one of the pteasanteet and moot popular of Washington Institutions.? mU. Press, 13ft. Small Pox casbs have been reported as fel lows since yesterday: One on ? street, betwdhn 8d and 4 ^so nth west, and two ffctal etses, (Har riet and William Richardson,) at 361 G street onthwMC The Fiala larkeW. Ai.nx a.?(Juot^tioasof new Hah for this dsy, funistuU to Thi Stab by George W. Hwrtaon & Co., whol??lf df?l?s to tt*b. No*. 42 King a*.. 50, 51, 5H fish wharves. Alexandria: Start, per hnnrt ml, *11 onto*12 0?>; Herring, pot thousand, ?4 to 96: white pereb. per btincb, 25tx> 30; rock. |>er bunch,25 to j0;off?l,per buncb, 15 to 25. Market firm. Waphinoton To-?iay, the following mlrs at the fish wharves were made to shipper* by R. A. GoMer. A Rro.; agents:?5,00rt *had from *10 to >14; 50,000 herring from $5 to *fi; ? sTutoris, lrom #3 to #4, lOu bunehc* rock, from 20c. to 30c. ? SrrrrN Death in a Station HorsE Cell. About 5* o'clock this morning a lodger at the central guardhouse died suddenly in one of tbe a ll?. Tbe deceased came to tbe station about 7% o'clock last evening, and. giving his nam-j

as Albert Abbott, and age 52 vears, aske<l for lodgings for tbe night, stating tuat he exp-.cteJ to get into the hospital to-day. He spent a very restless nlgbt and was unable to sleep, and died as a t>ove-stated about 5 if o'clock this morning. Dr. Patterson, the coroner, was summoned, and r?r. J. F. Hartigan made a post mortem examination, and lound the canae of death to be dropsy?over two gallons of water being in tbe chest. The deceased Is believed to live at some point on the Rappahannock river. During the past winter he was wrecked on a schooner in Chesapeake bav. near the mouth of the Palapsco, he being at that time part owner of the cargo of the vessel. ? Fire this Mokhirii.?Tbis morning, aboil 4.10 o'clock Are was discovered in the slaugbt -t house of Samuel Openheimer. on *fh stre< t abave boundary street. Sergeant P<*rry d s patched Private" Smith to turn in an alarm fr? u 60. which was done. The Franklin and fnloi engines and the hook and ladder coinpam-i were at the fire in a reasonably short titue. l> il too late, as the building, an old frame stru v ture, was entirely destroyed. Tbe fire wit caused by the explosion of "a coal oil lamp lett burning in the building. Lo?s. f.WO. which i< covered bv a policy in the Mutual Fire Insur ance company, of this city. The Spelling Medals m the Fornrs School District The protracted contest lor the prize medal for spelling in the m<l? Intermediate school, No. 1, In tills school dis trict, Mr. E. D. Thompson, teacher, will b< awarded to Meyer Herman. The spelling medals to the Seenndarv school will be awarded as follows: To Mary J. Cronin of Female Secondary No. 2, Miss Annie Adams teacher; Charles Cleaves, of Male Secondary No. 3, Miss Rachel Garrett, teacher; Mary b Lyell. Female Secondary No. 4, Miss M. A. Brown, teacher; Mortie Bessey, Male Seeotv ' dary No. 5, Miss I.lzzie Rilev, teacher. All th< above awards will have to fee approved by tin board of public school trustees. ? SriTA Aoaixst Insurance Companies? Yesterday Mr. J. G. Kimball brought sui against the National Life Insurance company ft>r Catharine Jacobs, for the amount of poliei (5,000) on the life of Edward Nixon .lacobs,wh< died on the 19th of January last. Mr. Kimb&l has also entered a suit for Asbnry K. Jacob: against the Continental Life Insurance com pamy of New York for amount of policy,*10,^)0 Insured for hi* benefit on the life of Edward N Jacobs. Ormpr of tiik R<>aki> of PrnLic Work'. The contractor for the K street improvemen has been directed to complete the sain?' fron the Circle to Rock Creek at once. Gen. Ball >cl has been directed to lay a temporary plan! foot walk on west side of 13th, between D and I streets southeast; also, a plank foot walk oi north side of L, between 3d and 4th stre-ti northwest. The superintendent of gas an< lamps has been directed to erect a laiup-pos in front of tbe Central Presbyterian cbapel corner 3d and I streets northwest. Diamond Ri>u Stolen This morning th< detectives ariested a young white woman at * house on 15tli street, charged with stealing s valuable <lianion?l ring. (* stone,) worth * ? to from a liidy in whose house she wax working a.< seamstress. The ring was missed some day! ago. and after her arrest she acknowledged ftit theft, giving as a reason tbat she took it to raist money for the support of an aged mother wl.oii very ill. She is detained for a hearing. ? The Government Printing Orrici Th< appropriations for the Government printing of fice tor the present fiscal year arc nearly ex hausted. This will in a short time necessitate a reduction in the force. The appropriation* for the next fiscal year become available on the 1st of J Jly, when the entire force will again be put on, but will probably be worked ?uiy on half time until the meeting of Congress. Sudden Death from Apoplexy?This morning, about? o'clock, Officer Longstreet, of the 5th precinct, fonnd Mr. Charles A. Cripps in a restaurant, suffering with lite. The oilioer took him to his home on 11th street, near E; and he died in a short time. Dr. Bulkley on hi* ar rival pronounced the cause of death to be ap poplexy. New Pcrlicatiohb From Shillington, and also from J. C. Parker, we have the Popular Science Monthly for June. THE fOVBTB. C0r?T IN GENERAL TERM-Yesterday af t>moon, the case of Williams et al u/t. Florence wasergui-d. It was M^. Charles Lenta, ?>?>( Denis, ? ho ??? amiitted toth-bar. Jackson agt. Jacks - >u; decision below affirmed. ^ POLICE COURT. Judnt To-day, Frank Ta)lor, a colored until, was lined for lighting d<>g> ou ili,- sirn-t. W. A. Burrows wai fined .fi for tying bis horse to a tree. Charlas Warner, a va grant b<>y, was M>at to the wwrkhouse. Gertie Jouos, profanity; ?3. Mai ia Beck,a public prostitute,was sent to the workhouse no the charge of vagrancy. Pat llrosHDithan, chanted with engaging in an af fray, pl -ad'-d guilty, and was tin-d $10 H- was also krraigned on the charge of resisting Officer Johnson in making an arrest. This occurred in .he affray which took place at J uneman's gardeu on Saturday night last; $20 and costs Wiu. Washing ton, assault and hatter* on Henry Mockabee. uel Green was charged with assault an<l battery on Charles Price with intent to kill. Price testifi,-d that he was sitting eating bis dinner in bis boarding house, when Green entered and attacked hiui ? itli a hatchet, inflicting aeveral cnts on his head. Tills occurred at the boarding-houso of Mrs. Green, wife of Sam, from whom she had parted company mm months ago Mary Green, wife of 8am, t<-stifi.-,1 iliat she was married to him s. nie? year* ago, and had left him. Sheaau the assault, tie blows were i if a sen >ua character. The judge seir ttie case to the grand jury, fixing the bonds at 9MI. Patrick A. J ??li nings, chaiged with atealing three gold chains, worth ?15o, from Peter Schramm, who testified that the larceny was done while he was moving his fur niture from 14th street ;def< ndant was in his employ, and assisted in moving; he miased his chains after wards from a coat pocket which was in a trunk. The chains were afterwards found in a drawer of a work bench used by complainant by a third party: case continued. Bailey Andrew*, colored, charged with malicious trespass on the property of the Dis trict of Columbia by carry ing away sand from a public strtet: $1. Charlotte Johnson, profanity; ?3. Wm. Hill.charged with trom ?<Uf bv fals? prvteuces. Hill had been in the employment of a scaveS""' uaffled^ Marshall Brown, and after having t>?ea dischargau c . '"CtW tbis money on the promise of performing niglit work, giving a receipt in the name of Brown; sent to the grand jury, bonds being Axed at gJQO. Mr. Closs asked for an attachment against a witness n uned Mrs. 8tudley,who, for some reason or other, cannot be found, to testify Mai net her husband for a cruel assault upon her. Mr.Btndley had !>een in jaii for some time to aw alt the result of the injuries on his wife, and had been released on #9U0l>qjida to au-wer, she having been reported recovering. The c >urt ordered the attachment to be issued. (We are informed that the affray mentioned in oar report of this court yestsrday between Edw'd Kane. John Thomas and John Keinely did nut take | lace at Loeffler's gardens 1 GEORGETOWN. Physician* to the Poor Exchange Place*.?With the aanction of the Governor, Dr. H. T. Porter, physician to the poor of the third Georgetown district, and Dr. F. R. Ap leby. occupying the same position in the 4th istrict, have exchanged places. River News?The st-amer Lady of the Lake arrived to-dav from Norfolk with miscel laneous cargo, and the schooner Annie Bell with 105,000 feet of Lumber for the Wheatly Bro.'s. Fish Wharf?The receipts of fish to-day were 30,000 hening, which sold at to *>; per thousand. Grain Tbadr The canal boat B. Talbott arrived to-day with 2bushels wheat for Hartly & Bro. Old, 1 V Nxw, f'o.t&S PAPIRHAMGIRea. I No. TH bT.\ f 7th St. MOW OPEN AT MiftKllf Ift'li Ho. 430 7th street, between D and E streets. Sight doors above Odd FeUewa' Hall, PAPEEHANGIHOB of ntm awl stylish designs of the beet fabrics and ft nish,selected with doe regard to haraony of oetor,durability, richaaes and eooco my. A large portion audi specially to order, em bracing beaut if Ql atripe and other designs in Gilt and Plain Colors, Impropriate for drawing roo?as. Sc.; ? and ?-lneh plain tints for panne ling with gilt rod or ftniablng plain, with a fall 1 ins of ssedinm yestlbnlss. BORDERS in OillTTelv7 and Gilt Imitation Vreeeo, and Omm; Center Pieces, French Tire board Prints, Ac., making the largest and most complete assortment in theMstrict. WINDOW SHADES. Ill designs, different slass and colors; also. Plain Goods In Pearl, Chocolate, Lavender, Oreea and Stone Colon for making into Shades, ghsdss mad? to ordsr. ?olid Oral, 5Tah Oilt rraaasi from Sx4 to Silt inchee. Box Oval Frames f>f Wreaths at cost. A. beautiful salsction or French and American Qilt and Velvet Frames for Ivorytyps and Porcelain Pictures. Card Vraasss ia grsal variety. Frames made to order. ? PICTUEE COED AMD TASSELS from Card to Portrait Sise, different colors; also. Gold Plated, Tinned and Wire Center Pietare O .rd, very superior goods; Pareelata and Brass Head Pic ture Nails, Blags, Screw Eyes, As. PAIHTINOS, E?QEATINGS. CHBOHOS, Ac. A limited, Mtehoice, eelsctiea In appropriate frames always in (tore on exhibition and sale. Chreaos and Engravings ordered. Orders for Paperhaaglag, Window Shades or Pic ture Frames punctually filled and satisfaction guar anteed. Terms cseh PlflM1 r^TMRlb^r Old Mo 4M. M. MAftKftlTEE, a^dLcn.ber _ 43V 7th street, si* 1m Between D and E sueeu. C I TY.'ITE M S.*i> Cor*T?R Fixttrm and Steel Fountains for Sod* Watrr, to loan free of charge, by Palmer A Green. Creorgetown. w.s Dr*UP'J?? Ahidkn* Sew York stvle Pearl Cassimere Drew Hats, bow read v. the hand somest a?d most stvltsb in the market/at their agency, Wiliett & Knot!'. 3 A Great Isviin 10*?Steel Fonntain*. sheet tin lined, are the greatest invention of the rvE<> for pure Scda Water. Palmer & Green, George town. sole agents. " w? + Spriwo Pearl CassmrREand the ventilated I>rem Hate now ready at Willktt & Biofk. 905 Pennsylvania avenue. 3 ?Who Will Try For It??We guarantee, under a forfeiture of #1 .out. that SodaWater cau remain in sheet-tin lined Steel Fountain* fur one year or longer without ein,: contaroinatid by any metal. Palmer & Green, George town. w " There IB wo Kxrrt. for tho'i who drag their weary and disordered bo-V.e# into ont com pany. when a faw dows^ Af,r>. Sartapar^a their heaUh^nrt^ bkW<l ?"*? ^tore health and vigor. Ye muddy victims of St have some regard for vour neighbors, L not for yoRrselves. m,w,f,JLw Now is the time to exchange your old Soda water Apparatus for new ones. Palmer .S. Green, Georgetown, have a great variety of new marble ones for sale at manufacturers' prices and terms. Old ones taken in exchange Also, pure Soda Water in Steel Fouutains. w,s .J,01"0 Last!?A remedy that not only relieves, but cure* that eneniy of mankind, n" as we" af* t^e numerous statelitec which revolve around it in the shape of eoujrhs. colds, bronchitis, sore throat, influenza. &? we Allu<le to Is l>r. H'isUr't Rmltam ?/ H lUi Ckrrrn, prepared by Seth W. Fowle Jfc Son, Boston. 12 ?= Tcrco-Bcssiak Baths, yoa E street. 10,6 . Sopa Watek ArrAKATf? for 8 vie \ 1 fr^tvan.?Vo. Whlto an.l T. nnessee Marble t ?o^*Water Apparatus at nianufactiir.-r's pric es ami terms. Second-hand ones tajven inexch ?nire. I ujre Soda Water in Steel Fountains, at Palmar j I Green s, (Georgetown. W 8 Chamtior Earth Closet, the best in u?e Hamilton & Pearton, Y. M. C. A. Building, nth , 4,.57eo5 Doolet's Yeast Powder is convenient, economical, and always reliable. No waste of food prepared with it, as it is always of the best ?in*?ty 9,? JcLiPB, Smashes, Cocktails and otlier prescriptions carefully compounded by Geo. W. Driver.and his corps of efficient assistants at t'ie new sample rooms corner Pennsylvania avenue t | aiid t our-and-a-half street. 4,5 Medicated Baths, 903 E street.* l? e ^ __ * 1 Th* Siroer Sewiko Machine sales of IS72 ] I were f 2U?,6?X>. ^ 4,U-s,wti' Children cry for Pitcher's C as tori a. It regulates tlie stomach, cures wind colic and causes natural sleep. It is a substitute for Ca*toro11' 4,25.003: - I . tv^r",!n patb*t Meat Cooker at ITamil t ton & Pearson's, Y.M. C. A Building, !>th and ? 4^,eo.5 ..Jr0*?'" Eitkact ?" for sale at wholesale by ,ott ^ Co., 4X) Pennsylvania avenue', and by druggists everywhere. t,w,f,tf J I the most delicio isjulip or smash, ? ?.!'. material, and manipulated iu t I tlie most artirtic manner, go to Geo. W. Driver's new sample rooms, corner Pennsylvania avecie and Four-and-a-halt street. j ? ?> ' I r.iS?R,RTP.,*AT,E TO ^w>*n?Gentlemen fnr 1 S s,b'"* tLf,r. 0WIi material, can have their 1 Shirt* made to order at the shortest notice at BoLMb WW being indispensable to heai'b and comfort thoasande of persons come from tar r-mrnf^w Dr. wfilto, the well-know" |ohiro|K)dirt, No. 535 15th street, opposite fhe Treasury, tor relief from corns, bad Mill Ao ?nd advice as to suitable shoes. 0,b"1? S?wik? Maori w*. The celebrated Basaar Patterns. Agency at Chas Baam a boopskirt and corset factory, Jtli strM Intelligencer Building. * _ Tn kniioirrrRRs and Barometers are renalrM and made to order by Hempler. near 4"^^ INSURANCE COMPANIES. Gb^Tt wEsmyiRE CASH ASSETS ZT. 9306.427 GJ OFI'I' B, ti03 FJFTBENTli 8TREIT OPI'oslIs TRKASIEV KlriBTMIxr mM'3m W liATCti. Agent. the CORCORAN firb insurance Compact, or TBI DISTRICT OF CWLCMBIA, Ortmnized April 1 ft, L373. r capital ?? Si ou, 000. OFFICE No. 14Ji9 PENNSYLVANIA ATHri (Over Milburs> Dkc? B1 ok? > *?*' i0HNJ?Wv?A?' t:?:"tfrgZJlT*" _. directors; Wm. Orme, H. Clay Stewart, ?' Jas. I>. Barbour, 5rot'P. J - hn T. Lfnman, l. B. H.J? ?U""' VNSU&X TOD* LIFB " * in that AM TOC INBOBEDf RAMKIW'aifflBJ-TP. SP? 0LD mUsSFjFH^m}^swaaisr- ?. teSS&S0- r" D ^ ^^wm. HO cbaJS mtthZZ' T**'0 John Ponly, Drj. ? Brcdheed, J. Key worth, Jaa. 0. McCMn R<.>n BrfcdieyTjo*. B. Brnllei, 0. H. WiUfcSi?V w 7 or the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. OHBANIZMV A UP VST H, lBTt. OABH CAPITAL III bamdel cromV?wDD' ** Pr",d'Ql J^B.BUJka, 9tMmaMjgm B.Todd. Charles Just, W"- Q-IIetaerott, John T. Lenman, oel4-tt Di5*f* W1,,?HI8*? INFORM iinvVri ? r? aDd.t.h,' Public that she has RE M0\ ED her DreMimakiDK Hoomc to No. 602 11th itr6?tf northwest corner nf y. nil2 3t* Y^K UAVB J list ACCltl VCD ?0 DOZEN LADIES' SKIRTS, WHtCH WE arm SELL!MM "at 99 CENTS PEE SKIBT. *?. LOCK WOOD, aom K taylok, MI PENNSYLVANIA ATENUK. Metroyotltaa Hotel BlocB. r?0CMTY or WASHINGTON, BOARD OF PUBLIC W6BKS, District or Colpwbia, . Wasrijwtor, D. C.j May 7, UTS. Cteorretown AdvwtiiemenU, | |^I THOS. DoWLINO, Auctioneer, George: >wn. CHANCERY SALE or COMFORTABLE rK\?E I'V El LIS*. HOUSE OK PROSPECT STREET. GEORGETOWN . _ SB, * irtne of a decree of the Suprrm- Csnrt of th- Pint ri. ? of Columbia, passed Iimo* N S IS*. Spei.len et a) vs. M shaman .?? *1,1 will ?ell. In front of th" pr? nii?e?, on ftATURPAT. tbe I7tn day of May. A P 1-CS, at 4'? o'clock p . ui , part of Lot H... 17, old Georgetown. -giniing *. J feet fr-?i High strest.on Prospect street. auU run md( ?h?tc-- ?e*t 1- fe. t. ibene*? nth IS) feet;tbei?c" fMt 1<M,and thence north Utli" l-eeinolnjr. Th ? ?-operty is that lately occupied by John Mali agar, o. 41 Prospect street.and is improved with acviu fortable 3-story frame Pwell.u* H ase. T* ram of *ale: Oti' third ca?h, residue at I an 1 II month*, with iilcmit M 1 percent fr->oi the day of ?ale, fid de?*it when Ih" property is struck off Conveyancing at eiperse of pur, ha?. r. fREP.W JONE*. Trutes. w9 Ju THOMAS POWLING. AactY. [(k. rctu?n Pouiier ItT 1*T THOMAS MWIIM. ^ CHAM ?a! K or BRICK HOCSE \NP rttrMISES ON HIGH STREET. IN GE"RUK TOWS. ? ab By > irtne of a decree of (be Supreme C'Urt of El this District, pw-J in ran*" N >. 3..M, E'.-erly ** t al vs. r.* -? a I . I m ill *ell io fr ut of the fentiM*,on &ATUKPAY, tbe 17 th day of May. A P 1S7S. at > oxl-x k p ni., part of L>?ts So? 10 and 11. OM OtarHovi.mniliu tsf*??t l"1* incbe* ou High -tr??t, uith a depth of Atf fset and ouel.slf itich.l-eing the pr-perty lately belongiu.: to and occnpi.-d by George Elx-rlv. The property is ?>n th" enst side of High street, nearly opposite the end of Pr>isp?ct str?*t, improved with a large two-story brick bouse. Term# a* prescribe! by the icrrte : One thirdcash; the re?idue at 6 and 12 tnonth*. with Interest at apt cent, from the day of tale, with the op i n to th* pnr> ba?er to pay the *h"I? in casta. 05u l?><?it wheti the property is struck iff. Conveyancing at expense of the purchaser ANTON EBERLT. Tnt-ies. THOMAS DOWLISG, Bn9 d [ Georgetown Courier 2t 1 Ancti neer. |JT THOMAS DOWLING, Aucfr; Georgetown TRUSTER'S SALE OF VALCABI E REAL ES TATE IN GEORGETOWN. P O. By virtue of a deed t trust fr hi <uarl?s T [ F.<lmon?ton and wife. Bade Janntr) 26. h, 137t>. Land n-Corded among-t the land rec .rd" f -aid District in Liber No.Ou^, folio 313, Ac., and at tli ? request of the party eecured tb?T<-tiT, I will off^r for *al?-at puMic aoctj. n, on THI'RSPAT. tfi" Sl'J 1 "f May, IK'S, at 4 o'clock p. m., lu front of th>-prem* ises, all that L?-t of Ground In Georgetown af.<r?* ?aid, known and de?? i il*d as tb^ ?outb*,rn part ..f lot lio. 61, in Pet?*r B>mtty, Thr< lk^ld, and P-akin ? addition to said town, ?aid part bavli.g a front of thirty-two feet on th<- wist side of Lmgan street, tM twerti l?t and Prospect struts, and ninuing bark of that width to the rear. The property U improved by a substantial Pram?- Dwelling recently repairfrl. Terms- Oce-f<>urth ot the parr has,- niooey casta, and tbe r*?idue in ?i*,twelve, amd eighteen m nth*, for which notes tearing sit p?-r cent interest fr->ni the day of sale shall be given, to be stroml by a deed of trust of the prtwises Tb?" tertne of sal" must be comp'ind with within four day* afi~r day of sale, or th?* property shall be resold n?onflv?data i't at the rfek nod coat of the default i tig pur cha*er. All conveyancing at buyers' cost. A de posit* of $2U0 will l~* reoufred at th^ close of #*!e. HCGH CAPERTON. Trustee. n<7 fQotirierl THOS POWLING. Anct. BY THOMAS DOWLING, Auctioneer, 130 Bridge strevt, Georgetown. TRUSTEE* SALEop VALTABLE MILL PROP ERTY IN GEORGETOWN, P.O. virtue of a deed of trust, dnly-recorded In Liber H C. T. Mo. M, folio 447, Ac., of th" laud records of th" Pistrirt of Columbia, and at ttie request of tb?- parties s"cnr> d th.-reby, th<- nnd-r signed, as trustee, will offVr for sale a' pub ic auc tion, to the highest bidder, at 4 30 o'clock p m.,o|| THI'RSPAY. May 14.1KTJ, on th" pr?nni??s. all th real estate mentioned and de?crib"d and Conveyed in said deed of truet, and th" building*, impr ivem-nt*, rtrh?s, * ays, and appnrt"nanc"? to th<- iam? b~loi>tr ing, b"ing a portion of grontid sitnatM at th" nort h e.?*t corner of the interM-ction of Water and P<?to mac streets, in Geore-town. in (aid pistriot. of vkbirhs part front* 4<; feet on Water ?trwt,and ex tends ba< k north of that width 61 feet, and >n<itliar part adjoins the former part on th" north, andfrout* 9" 5-12 feet on Potomac str<^?. "Xtendtng bark "B?t of that width 71 feet to an alley,improved with thr e large three-story brick buildiuv*. u >w occupied an a pai*r null. Teintsof *ale: Onw-third rash; balanes in two d notes < f e?i?ial aaiouu*s, payable r-wpectirsly in one :md t?n years after date, with interest at *n p-r c-nt. per aumim, intereKt payable semi annuallv, ?<cured by a deed of tiu.t 111' adli'- premises sold; ?26u to be paid at tin- tini" of -ale All ronveyanctng at purchaser's r>*t If ih" term* of *ale le* n<4 r..m pli, d with w itlnn six (C) d:iys from the tini" of ??Ih, the property will be sold at the risk abd C'ist of the defaulliug purchaser. ED SHOKM AEER. Trti**-. m3 THUS IHJWLIN Q, A act r. DRY GOtiPS AT POPULAR ,pkicesT For GOOP BARGAINS? be *ure to go to BENJAMIN MILLER, 101 Bridge street, Georgetown. Japanese Poplins at tt and 36c ; Japanese Bilks, 80c., 76r., fl- plain Pr<?s Good*, in all the uesr colors. B<-., 37Sc.. fiOr : Black Silk* fr .m 91.26 to ?S; Black Grenadinea from 25> to 91: b-auiif>tl laid* for cbildr< n, 16c., inc., 26c., Victoria Lawns, ?r., tsc., 37cj Pl.jUe*, Joe , 2ir . 37c., 54c , Black Alparasand Mohairs, a splendid <iualitv, as low as 60c. Cloths, Caesimer*, Linen Drill*, all the novel ties in Psra*ol*; on" case more of the splendid 4 4 Bleached Cotton. 12Sc. ap2S tr I^EADT FOR THE^FkING TRAdF With a full corps of first class workmen, a com plete stock of the best foreign and domestic Dye Stuffs, Ac., Ac., I am fully )r*|*r*4 to CLEAN OK RECOLOR LADIES' AND GENTS' SPRING AND SUMMER WEARING APPARRL, promptly and in tbe best manner. W. H. wmeatLkt. PH&M1UM STHAM VYEINU AMU SCOCR iyu works. ESTABLISHED 1931. Premium awarded U67. Office.tO Jefferson it , Georgetown, D.O P<wt OMce Box T03. ap7 tr THE TRADES. A'otiee of tltmmcmi. TIIE LUMBER BUSINESS, HERETOFORE COS DUCTED BY THE Cfl DERSIVSED OS SIXTH STREET, NEAR MISSOURI A VEM IE, ASD B STREE1, BE TWEEM SIXTH AMD SEVEMTH STREETS NOR TH WEST, WILL BE LOCATED HERE AFTER AT THE (%r? ?f 13th street rm4 Okie rt?. ?. f. tu^lm H ERAIG A LAGtKPUSH, Successor! to Hkxkt Hoialti. PRACTICAL COPPERSMITHS, W it root aM lm* Between I4h aad ?th sU north HAS. HARTEL, V CARPENTER AMD BUILDER. P14 C street southeast. All ordsrs prompt^ at tended to on reasonable terms. al7 1m* A WMINGS. A JOHN C. HOGAN. T13 Market Space, Manufacturer of AWNINGS, for Stores, City aad Country Residences. TENTS and FLAGS for sale or rent. AWNING MATRRIAL of all kinds for sal*. Sols Agent for the only genuine MILDRW PROOF AWNING MATRRIAL. apU tr pLUMBLNG AMD GAS-FITTING. Those desiring to havs their Plumbing and Gas Fitting done in a neat and substantial manner, an4 on reasonable terms, should leavs their orders at 113 Pennsylvania avsnas, Capitol Hill. Work warranted. _ mt7 6m* WM. ROTHWELL. M CUNNINGHAM, BATTRM. e 1011 F Street, between Win ?4 lltk, has ths pleasure to annovnes tnat bs has rsostvsd rm ZXsSZg&iSZlBi S&SiStS* Felt Hats I to kns yoar Plumbing, Gas FtUim., promptly attended to oa rs?naaMs ierms, No Lciiaaaa avsnas, near Ek strest, aorta sMs. Js TOR, 9AAPMM] l^^R M0W*5T. LAW* ItfJKB, gTATTON-KRY. As. BtMl, rr? F1 ? w 'n n w^.: . 1 ? " ?-?? I Um* Iicv k?, FeriMll ait, h>c au*. *,_l1 f Slat i **17. P.o!un*. PJctu ?ortBM?D( ofStati D*ry, P. -ur*e. Picture ? Ac. ? it TBI ROYAL DIADEM; A HRW MOBIO 1 BOOK Pkj aad ProBt in Hi fttrdra. kf I"* Th* I a tit H' cbum* . a PrarUtal Trestf ?ee. The Other ifcrla, l>? In. Vk hitDM ? ?m. lr <4 i Brvtkrr;b) Tb Literatur* **4 D><n?> *?hew ArkK. Croquet at ?ll prW? Apm? ft* BTAlBtD GLASS _**1 vaumiv. ? i 47th?treal. near l._ * 1ST OP MEW HOOKS Ls AT ?HILLI??T0JI1 BOORATOWR. Cotxsm 4S Btkkbt a*? Pnu Aviiti: OM K'oinrt' D. By Biss Tharkoray. The Old 0>Mlr?i A p*<i??I t? "Lord llop* ? tib?k4." B> Mrs. Anall tirphrM. AiilKnitM >4 Booth- n IhliMi* Abi ** T?if mt Mil Tide. Pn-rmr-1 B? tkf au.h.r of "MtKkaurr*' uj '? I nder T?" Pla?B." __ Tl?? ?>ih-t tiirU B) Br*. Wkltney, Ml Mr . f " W? GirU.?' _ A Pan Bu n. By JMIi McCarthy. K> ? Reni'tli,-*. fit April. 1S7S. f "ur? M ? n ? l Great Britain. A joarval of ami- ? ln? nid i?nriK1li?Uti>ria?t*. B ys of Kiitfl*i <1. A > 1114 ( otlriMbi of sport, fnn mhI lltrrtim*. A I?ay ??th <'hariea I>irk n?. R.n*tni Chillingly. H B nl? *r. Farm Ballads. B? Will. CarIm* ( ni??i ???: ? A |ar*eatock of BLANK BuoRS PANHROOKM and MKBORANDT* Mi'KK NoTa, I APKK. LET! KK I'M'IK, aiitl PLAYING O *L?.atthe yerv !? ?rat pfiew. pt tr ^GRICCLTUEAL B*?"K9 Johnston* A?rlcnltaral ("hewitwry M TV Aoi-ri. at. Garden-r's A**Maot t M Allen "a American Farm B ><>k..?? t M 11 ??nil* r**it'? Garlenin* for Prott I H W ar:it<'i> Draiuincfor Profltand B?*aitk IN Fuller* final I Ftnit CaKariai I to Puihr's Grape Colter* 1 (0 F.t*% 8- n<h*rn Arpl*- C?iluriat....?. 17? WiUtht^l Prartlfil r-nllri E??|ar 8 M Latifvtrotb out It* H >??> Ban . fl 00 Randall V Sh*-"p w?.>'.i"*T 1 W H r*e 11*11*11' Cyclopaedia. . | 71 V' uatt on tbe I> c*. , t 71 All the new bo??k? received a* eo?n ?? yah I by _ Bl! IIABD B. MonrB * OO N 101? Pent,a at?i?, rorwsi 11th Hr??. OT 10 B. 0"a?IVla/b KJTB'StiTOR.r " LIT BfrG RA f ,Ut 1^<3rTVtw O^PBIBTUM _ ABD BIMPISG POBB TO OBDBB. Tb* public are invited to call and i ?ook. _ BBN r. I *ii CndorBi ??It tf *Mt 4oor to Jy Qw'tt t Uy^ STEAMER LINES. IVBW BXPBBtfi LIMB VIA OABAL. irrwiu PUILADKLPH1A, ALEX AXDRIA. ?* . W ASH ING TOM AMD GEBBGBTOWB. l? C aatLtn* n*T?. _ ^ Wrtm Pior I. Borth Whtn*.PWI a.l*y?Lla, B Et>MBtU)AT and EAT ????????* Pntii ?? Water WraH.OooreetiWB,D.0..TUE8 DAT and EATLBHAY. at 1? a m. Tbi* lit.* connects at PbUaiMnhla wttti "Olrde* Iron Lmi*" of *t*am*r* f r ProTul*-t>c*. B ?t n ai.A v?? ?. -??-? ?i--? ^ H ? .p uriKf, MB S< ? Ei (la&d Statna. M" ?barfa?? to B *i**n bf tbw liu* O. P. HIDE. Afnt f>r D oCO. WB. P CLTPE A CO., Pliilad?l?kiA. P A KElDi Al**aii;lrla, V*. W ALDO A. PEABCE, 44 OoDffroM Street, B ? ton. E^"Pr*l(rbt? d*HT*r*<1 bv Kaox'a Krprnw Orders l?-fl at G*ii*ral Oflir-, Ml P*nn?* l? aula aieuna. oral tb* cteauier wbarf will be fruBi|4l> ?tteod"4 to. ASHISGTOM^MOKI^LK . BOHTuB. ABB The floe Iron Steamer LADY OP TUB UU karlnt rwmM) her r*-colar trip* to M >rfVTk,?ill leave b-r wbarf, fot of 4th atre-t, erery BOBDAT THl KfDAT, at 1p.m., ton*-btniat principal Blrer Latidinca.conDect.nit at HorfMk with tM~wm-Mp of the B and B. Lino fnr B<ak>? and ProrM*noa. Freight a him Id bo atdrM<a*d "rare of Lady of I bo Lake. *la Morfolk." Branch ticket ??flic* at Ktotl E*pr*a? tiflic*. ftt>3 P**i,n*ylv?oia arena*. T. B.CBOrCH. A?en!,?tb-olreet wharf. IH?BSET CLAGBTT, 0* aerai A*ent. in 14 Piaiifa fltora. 14th at and Pa ava. QIRA10 LIHK^ THE BBITT9B ABD BOBTB ABBBBIOAB BOTAL BAIL STBAJB8BIPE, BETWEEB MEW TORE ABB LITEBPOOl*. CALLING AT CORE HARBOB. PBOB MEW TORB Alf tia Wed. Bap It ?fcuarta.?Wed_Mav >1 Jaya____Wad_B?> la *flnI,a W "d._J un*- 4 *Bc otta Wed.. J un* ]| b1*^ *at BBay It Partbia.?Bat May SI Ntmaria Sit _Jun* T Abyaalaia ...Bat J no- 14 lrr?T foUoarlM WBDBE8PAT M RATUB DAT fr?wi K~w fork. Bat** Of PaatAOB ?Cabin, ?t0, INk Ml |B> ? according to IctMIMM ? letato Paria, |U, fold. aiU Betara Ockata on favocaMo Steerage, S*< currency. I<te*rac* ticket* froai Liverpool and md ail patW of Europe, at loaroat raft Ml la of laditiff riven to Beifw Aatwerp aad outer points on tb. y , i ??? m wm Bediterranxaa porta P?r freicbt and oabia pao smo. apply at tbe Company nfllco, Bo.4 BovUm Stmt.; r*r ateerafe pasaa^e, at Bo, til Brwadww TliClfA,,,2tifBAMrELrB. AtMt.Bew Tork. OTIS BIGELOW, Ag ut. atrRIf Wanhlmtnu, D. O. | JVI BRCBABTB LIMB OP aTBABBBBIPB WABHIBOTuVaMD BBW TO BR. ^M?"Bi }Mr^ DiflATwASHIBOTOB awl G Por fall InfomaUoa apply to B. P. A. DBBBABB. Agent, Ofcoa aad whan tootol High Ma at- QaurM town.oraltBt nraw of VIE strait oat Bow TotR Mf Fr*l*hta delivered by Bao*^ Bserae. Or der* left at General Offic?, MX P*-nnaylvaMa a**> one , or at Iba t earner wbarf will be pr<Mptiy at* t-nded to. loB-fl 9. W. TBOMPSOB. Pr?WM. GROCERY. Q B. O UABB A ???, IBIS 7rm STBEBT NORTHWEST. (Botwaan B and N su ) SOAP I BOAPtl Proctor A Ratable<* celebrated Ctnclaaati Ollva BOA P,th* beat In the market?M ceats per poaaS bar, tr>.c by tbe box of to lbs. flABB. Ac. Bn atora 14100 lb*, ex'ra quality Banr Oarr* BAMS PIIm extra white LARD, SI Pr-ah Grahani PLOUR. Iiolu boat wheat PRESU OATMEAL. BTR PLBOB LIQUORS! LIQUORS!! Old Baker WHISKT; Old OaMMt W HISRT. Whisky, t year* old. per b?<tla. Rill Califori.ia Brandy.per bottle IS II i llaud Gin, aer b -tile , 1 M Trench Brandy, per bottle 1 M SWEET CATAWRA WIBB. |i per lalka. Pare SWEET CIDER Philadelphia ALE aad PORTER. C. R. O'HAEK BWR, alt BBBS Ttk sk. a. w., I ^bvvi: tiMCSlfhV DLK ECT tram tbe Milk la TALLET OT PI^QIBIA. wui tail to < PtiCM of SCGABS Mi TSAS all CATAWBA WIBB, ?s mSSm! teei R B. BAOOB.TBS !??? P?M.ave .aoar Uth. jMR_

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