Newspaper of Evening Star, May 15, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 15, 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR. fuUl-hc* lftlly, Iu4an BX??ft?4, AT TUT STAJt BUILDINGS, flrula A ?*. Illfc li, yd ithtk mi insnrn curin. ? m. Mjwrmjrjr, *r.? TBS BVRNIS8 STAB la aerrad by carrier* to Unt irtcrltim ? Ti!i Citn rn*m,or Fo?tt tcn cut* rn abiii. 0 ?iw at the otmnur Two Clin aach. Br aiall?thraa ?ortbB, B1JR; $3 00; cm year, ?? TH? WIIKLT 8TAB? PablM?d FrWay-fl ? r?*r B#~lnvariably tn In both MM,a to paper mM laager thaa paid for. I of adrtrtMfiJi fnrnfobed oa BANKETS. I LWI? JOH>SO> k tu., B VSKEK3 AND PEtT.ERS IS FOREIGN AND DONE?TI? EX<HAN<.&, ? Have REMOVED t tt? r n'.i Rtnkini'II on the corner <1 le: h street an?i P> : n?'.l?Jni? ?r?sie, en the *it? f rtr-rly ifcaywl b> I'ifti. mil ki' OTIS OW . 6 a n k e r , ?I3 I> STREET. NEAR SE\KNTH, Pay. INTEREST ON DEPOSITS, n>ik?i COL Ll'TIlOi!1, ? traicKti ul liuiafM con;t"<'t'd wttfe ?p? ir || A > K I > (. If oTTi J. H. vtM i tn * t o., I44fc PENNSYLVANIA AVENl t, ?rr>?iir. waLAk?'< hotkl, Washington, d c. 9 per cent. i?/"ui paid ?. n Utposiis. (Mkitiuui niade everywhere. Depuait* . i, It n.KiHj. Pay '?! officer* It tbe Arni> cvM in advance. aj>2 tr Jr. BKOUHKAO, ? Broker, ?o. 939 Penr.t. lit., Hoviu A, WMbingtoK, D. 0. BpiUal ?tteutivu <(veD t< investment *ernritie*. Invite* attenti.u to aecuritie* a .w tillered at price* which will pa- U t'. 15 p<r cent, tn amounts and of length ?>f tin?- to suit luv mt. rs. Safe, reliable, profit able ?uid pr nipt, making them ta aver* reepect FIRST CLASS SECURITIES. Befera by peimiamon to Lewie Juhn*<>n A Oo., Waehingt u D. C.: M ?e* Kelly, E-w , Cashier latii'ial Metropolitan Bank, Washington, P C.; Hon. J M Br-'lh'-ad, Second Controller, Wvshtrtg loa, I' C; Uwvl Clark, E*4 .Architect U. S. Cap itol, Waehingtrn. D C. m*rl7 ita ? I'airHATIONAL BANK OF THE BEFUBLIC A (Corn* rof 7th and D ctr?-et?,I OPEN FROM 10 A. X. TO J P. M. dacIMy CHA9. BRADLKT, Caehler. CiERMAH AMERICAN SAVINGS BA.1R, V No ?i? Ssv*:?th Stiiit, Orr*.IU4 uu Fan UJfic* Dtpmri Bark boara: 9 ? rr.. t. 4 p. m Batnrdaya ope-j an UI8P m , to receive depeett* only. Inters paid oa depcait*. Collectloaa made and emihaigt furaish'd. _ JOHN HITE, PreeiVnt, A EBERLT, V. Pr-Vt, W. F MATTINttLYJiec ,0. E. PBENTISS.Ca-b'r wH) THI FREEDMAS'S SAVINGS AID 1 TRUT CO>lPAN?. Baakii-C QvS*e. Nv. WOT Paa?iv?uia arenas, <VMo?ila ih. Treaonry, PAYS 81 r I'KR CBNT INTEREST. tmer-jl &*iiaj lh? hru of Enrk Mrmik. PAIS VOCB PKR CfcN T. on baaiaeae a'C^tuti fron date nf depoait. ifftMJ CtrttM**** <J lhr**u beann? ( and I p? r cent internet, av? :at !e any where. HAC BRAM(.U urrkls in all large town* \nc ctt i?? of the 9?nth and 9 athweat. ifa*M ko*rs,$ i. m to 4 f m. Oven Wedneaiiay aie! Saturday nirfhl* from *H to I O'cl c* to receive dep. ?tt? >nly. Call at the Bajkor wtm! 1-r a copy of the Charter and By la*a. jl.- 1> J AT COOKE k CO., BANKSR8, Bt'1 ASD SELL rORSION EXCHANGE IMI K K. IRCI'LAR LSTTKRS Of CBKPIT fot Trailers, arata any yari 9/ ik? vrid. Ocr l>r*fte on JAY COOKB, BrOriLCH % CO,, LuMIMiN, ?reC?ah?d tn wy w%n nf E*?L4SD, iKlLAHoand BcotLa^D. /mm'(Mr??. iuaj V6 WAftHlNOTU^i ( ITT SAVINGS BANK (Vwcr 7tA aw 1 L?m.<i?aa araaix, PATS ? PKR CENT INTEREST ON DEPOSIT liteiwt commence* frm date of dep<aita. Dapoeita can te made aiel drawn at will. ?>? tf J A. BCtr. Treaanr^r REAL ESTATE AGENTS. Jl AN BOYLE tKA.NK BARN JM JTA5I BoTLe A CO., Hr.AI. KSTATU AS 1) .\OTK HKOKKKS, No bli Iftli street, >ppo*ile U. S. . TOR SALE?A hand?.>tne HOUSE on I rtreet, N" 913. A new large d<>ntle HOl'SK, corner J 1st aixt H. HOl'SK So. 1010 Mwaachanettn ?vdia? HOCSE N". tl'J6 X atreet -**t. for >ale or r?*nt, for aiahed or uufnmixhed. ACOTTAGK in WiJlard's B?w; price f2 mm. Several am* 11 Honaea, ft'-m 03 8t?' to 36.UUU; ?mall raah pavmenu. We have aeieral TttJ line FARMS, improved and anim prov.d. on different railroads rnnninz frnm the cit?. f r aal** at low figure* or exrhange for city pr. p- rtv SOP uw feet of GROUND in varion* pi rtiob* of the <-tty for aale at low figures., ou ea*y tern>*. or will exchange f>?r productive impro?ed property apg-tr d * EO. TBUKSPELL A CO . ? > A tAL ESTAT A bHOK ? US, Hi 7tb afreet, toter German American Saving*' Bauk ) Special att>-ntiot, given U? RENTING- COLLECT 1N?; PAYING TAXES abd NEGOTIATING LOANS. Refer?by permiaaio*' to?General Be*j. Alvord, Paytnaeter Geb^ral U.S.A.; Janie* 8. Griunell. Chief Clerk U . S. Patent Office; Joha Fraaer, Arcb ttect, H *tu F. P BI?tr;H >?i.J W D>nglaaa.CofE ?iiaei. n-r Internal Re>enue, Wm. B M ae*. Farni tsre Dealer. C E. Pr?-iiti*?,C*?hieeGe-man Amirl can Saertgn' B.?i k. C?l. J. hn M. T"?a*>nden, H>n. J< hn Brti, Ci-nsul G-utral of Switaeriand. a23 Iiu* CST1N P. BROWN, Corner NY. aveaae and Wth atraet, Waahington, D O.. WHOLKKALg Pliin (? LUMBER, LIMB, CEMENT, BABD, Ac . Ac., Ac LI MBER BILLS cat ti< order on abort noUoa. BLUB BTONB for Building, Macadamising aac Paving pnrpoaea d?livor?d in any part of the B1? ? ? lai? L ESTATE bought and gold and wait ta 1 To Uua branch at the btMinena 1 wf.l nere Ce aiy peraenal attention, and will be at m) ly frotr lo a ?. an til 4 p. ?. marltf INSURANCE COMPANIES. < <REAT WESTERN FIRE IRH RA.K E I IOMPA.1Y. CASH ASSETS #30% 1517 64 OFFI' B. W?:f FIFTKENTH STREET, orpe> ib THtisiti mrtiTurM. HA31 B. W BATES. Agent THS CORCORAN f IRB INSURANCE Co HP A NT, OP TUB DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Oriawiltd April In, un. lapMai? ?t *?.ooo. OFFICE No I4 J9 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, (Ovkb Iilicbi'i Dbv? Stoek.* JOHN T. LEBMAN, PreWd^at. A. H HERR. Vic* PreetUeut. J. T. DYER. Secretary. MAKiai*: Wm Ona*, H Clay Stewart, Ch** A. J aire*, J a* L. B?rte>ar, Blaml Broop, J>bn T Letunaa, Mtcharl Green, John Bailey, ?Vtf A H H-rr. URB YOCB L1FB in ST h (J Mb OLD COJ i? siaMKfM'y*? fM* E Agent, Ot|as??> J. STASLKY^^ in Vth -U-? - T"VaV,Va\\SrfK??KT" OP TUB DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA OhVA/HtMIt A W VST 99, I9T9 ?A?Wi CAPITAL. #199,999 09c, ta 9b*pberd'? Budding. Bo. 99?h Pacaayl a*?ia avaawa. MOSES KEL L Y, Pr* -a-. .5*, ?^ BAMUKL CBOSS Secretary ? "'?W*' *'"***** Wm B. tMB, a}' f oSST0**- Loojaaa, rB.V2^, ^BIBTI HAM TO ?l la coaaactloB with air Marcbaai Tailoring bn*t ?aa. I aa aow prepared to MAKE feHIRTS TO ORDER, ten la tha eoaalry for that garpoaa. Being aatta Bad of ar ability to fir* entire aatiafactloa, both la *y?e aod ?t, I aaatectfaHy aottcit tha gatroMga of thepabOc. m mm 0. T. EEIR, Aw< mmd 0?a?e?e? Mmmmtoetwrtr, 4 99 Kb afreet aortbwaat. A Car* P< TO COVTBACTORt* AMD MEBCBABTS. g .a of STONE. COAL. I BTK ?? AAI OAVMMl WBLi HAT, LrMBEB. Ac . diacbarged froaa re*aeta and ator*d or d*livar?d at gha abortwt autica aad lowaat ratea aS ly O t AtLEK. r 1MB ! LIME ; limb: BFfT WOOD BURNT LIMB at #1 per banral, delivered to *11 parte >4'her^f? THOMAS TABBY, Wth atraet MB aear La. araaae, sorthwei ftt f dmitia jfe ? ,i . . ? v~-. 41-N2. 6.288. WASHINGTON, D. C., THURSDAY, MAY 15, 1873. TWO CENTS. AMUSEMENT& W ALL'S SEW OPERA HOUSE. Jt*HN T. FORD? Profrietor. the hit or ran season i EN< ORE CP H ENCORE! Enthusiastic Reception of the Great Brnun Dia lect Artists, BAKER ASD FARROl, ?' CHRIS AND LISA," Introducing th> ir Charming 8.-ngs, Duet* ?i??l Ditrc- *; Full of Mirth: Wltbont Vulgarity. THIS FVEN1NG THEIK OH?AT SPECIALTY, LITTLE PR A CPS. FOR THE lOii^Ttt TIME. See tbi* splendid ? atertniaaient tn-nieht and at ihv SATURDAY MATINEE FRIDAY?HENEFIT OF P. F PAEER 9ratt rau b* lecart1*) it the Opera n *!!***. ml* Iico iTM HAL L. J MONDAY and TUESDAY EVENINGS, May l?tli and *29th. CARS<R*?SS * DUET'S FAMOUS MINSTRELS, The Star Troop*- of the World M r. S. I. CARNCROSS appears every night T' ns - f ih>,u?an<l <-f w^rs^ns tav during th" past ten j ??dm in Philadelpfiia, enjoyed the rollicking songs, Pl'HGKST WIT. DELIGHTFUL HUMOR, ROARING FARCE?. 5PLFNDID DANCES, SWEET Ml'SIO AND SINGING of thin ureal tm-rrv making Com)>ination 8oiw thing new an<l lively <-a.h night; something that in v.g- rate# at.dexhiiara e*; -methitin that d"e? too g?><>d; eoni?-thing that i? not often enc nntered, and 1 it* * ?>ilrarity. Admission ->0 ct? , secured seats 7o eta. Seat* i an be *ernr<*<l at Ellis' Music Store. The C- mpanv appear* at t.eorgetowu, Slat inst.; Alexandria, aid: Annapolis, S;ld. ml? fit I*/ ASHMieTOM THEATER iUMI<|UE ? (Eleventh street, south Peuaaylvania ateuM. STILL ANOTHER GREAT SENSATION. ONE WEEK-MAY 12?AND TWO MATINEES. Engagement of the farortte New Turk actresa, MISS KATE RAYMOND' KATE RAYMOND' KATE RAYMOND! In her m"?t ?ncce*e?i] 1 of mislern dramas, "THE WAIFS OF SEW TORE," Produced in splendid styl?. and with a POWERFUL DRAMATIC COMPANY To 1ncr?-*?e the attraction, engagement hat tioen effected with the great New York actor, MR 0. B. COLLINS, Wb? will appear in a tavoritf eccentric character A Great S -tuktion Dr-ima, ? the G*n% of the ballet." A Urtat Novelty Eutertaiuuieht. J**0 p- ?;hi opinn Comidiatu. THE GREAT Ph^r.V In his specialty, "Pen-Mil-Dy-Bnrn ' The arpu!arl.?lladuit, JOS WHITTAKEK The great t omic Singer, HILLY DEVEKE T'm- favor ite ot \J a>hington,oTTO BI'RBANK. The charm ice Vocali't, KITTY KOWFLL. The Champion S- uif *ixl Dance Lady, BELLA GORDON. Mis*--* Hxrrift. a Si*:er?. KiralfT Sifter*. W-?n<?r, Ma>. Ac. M-tu-Of ? WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, uiil-it OLpNo.i Oa Exhibition \NxvrN 4&s J aad Sals 'ta sr.\ at ' MAREKITER'S, To. 439 Ttfc Street, between D and E streets, < doer* above Odd Fellow*a Hall. Choice 01! Painting*, Engraving*, Chrorao*. te Also, largest atock Paper Hanging*. Window -haJ<N. r.ctaree, Fram>-s, Picture Cords and Taa Rujg*, K iili, Ae., tu the District. }4?? ?TR ST -Ifht MA.Rujgs. Sails, Ac., CASH. Pieane remember Name and Nrw.N?r. miy All kinds or cast-off wearing ap parel can be stld to the very bo< advantage ling or calllr^ on JCSTH, ? 19 D itrw, between (th and 7th n. W. by addrcaamf or calUr^ on ?19 D Itrwrt ? bttwvm ?*? wiu iiu u. w. Note* by mail promptly attended to. Caah paid. fU O" LD GOLD, 8ILYEE, BRASS, OOPPEE, Etc., bought at fair price* for a Hew York boaae. Hoocehoid Fnmitnre bought and sold. Note* by nail Cnp?ly attended to by ACGEBSTEIN, 1408 t vlvanla avenue aSl-ly* LADIES' GOODS. MISS McCOR.HICE, 90* PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, <* ^|RS. C. NEW Ua* constantly on band a flne assortment of IMPORTED BONNETS, STRAWS, CHIPS, FLOWERS, RIBBONS, *r.. all of the neweat deeign*. Ladieo CAPS and COIF Vl'RBti jiiit receiT?d. niS tr ~ G1LLET, AT TM? YORK M1LL1MERY STORE, HAS REMOVED from SI 4 9th street TO 469 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, WASHI !V(* TON U C., ?ud ha* lost rvtuined from New York with the late*! itylee and noTeltie* in Millinery and Fancy Go. -d?. Thankfal for paat faTors, she aolicts a e?>n tinoance of parr on age. apX lm* OTICE.?Bargains are now being MILLINERY and FANCY GOODS, By B. LBN/BERG A CO., afl-tr 70? Market Space, JJ A I R GOOD S . FIRST CLASS GOODS AT LOW PRICES. Fine RAIDS, CURLS, etc., of ovr own make, ?old at manufacturer1* pncee, at H PHILIPPI'S Hairwork Fa< tor> and Store, T19 Market Space, between 7th and 8th streets. all 4t* r\ ^TAMPING DEPOT, Oppoatte Patent OfBee. tob?-tr CELLING OFF I ?3 BELLING OFF I AT COST, TO D1I0OLVB PARTNERSHIP*, the entire atock OF THE NEW TORE BAEAB. 441 Seventh street, near B. ?arf tr No HUMBPG. Ml ADIEU' " L* FRENCH BTABCH BNAMBL la th - beat article ia the world for doing up Llaea or ?aatin. It tmparta a baaatifol gloaaU the fabric, for ante by all Grocew. BOBBHAM A CO., Maauflactarera, ISO West Lombard *treet, -ly Baltimore. Maryland. EDUCATION AIi. M1S8 HARROVEBS SCHOOL FOB YOONG LADIES AND CHILDBEN, 1336 1 *t.,oppo site Franklin Park. Fourth quarter will begin April Mth; fall term September ttb- aplO-lib* JUSTICE TO ALL, partiality to nous, i?alway? the motto at STRAUS', Clethier, lfllPenn. aveirue. 1~ w E HAVE JUST RECEIVES ?O DOZEN LADIES' SKIRTS, WHICH Wh AK h ShLUXU AT CENTS PER SKIRT LOCBWOOD, HVFTT * TAYLOR. W1 PEBNSYLVAN1A AVENUE, Metropolitan Hotal Block. sail. orlSCBitaiilkMarf9i4Wfe*3icl| *pBB BBW BATIOBAL 1 S5,"r SPECIAL N0TICE3. rise Olc Rye WbUkj, Fwie Old Bye Whisky, Fine O J Bye Whisky. Fine 0*1 Bye Whisky, Fins OH Bye Whisky, ? Fine OM Bye Whisky, Fine Old Bye Whisky, _ Warranttd Wwrranitd Warrant** Pmrt Pmri _ Put* And Ut&lultrrattd, For titmral and Midtcinal Us*. Thia to the Article we h*ve now *old for upwards of Ate yearn with universal satlsfartien; put up in large bottles at One Dollar p< r bottla. or can be bad ia^ny^uant^tj^ ^ wU1 ^tnrm the money If this Wbiek^doea not give satis'action or prevens repre AlfK) an excellentstock ofCnlifornln Wlaw Port, Sherry, Angelica, Muscatel, Hock and Claret; also, Eelly* Island Ca'awba and Imported Liquors of all Cadi ABTHUB WATTAN9, Druggist, all) tr Corner Id aud D street* n. w. The Supreme Court of the United State* IIan recently given a decision in favor of the Goi hank Maanfa-tnriuff Covpanv. enabling them 10 protect their designs frees all other manufacturers who Imi tate and copy them. if reon >sted to the fact that the same artists are en gaged in 'he production of desigr.s, whether for the Merlin* Silver Department or for the celebrated Grhsn Plate, but the Company never reproduce in their lTlectro-Plate Depsrtment the designs which they d? vote to Sterling Silver. lach has ita own special trade mark a* follows, stamped npon every artx le : Trtdt mmtkfcr Trad* mark f^r Ccrkatn Stirlmr Silrrr. (iorhatn Kltetro- Plat*. STERLING ?JORHAM MANUFACTURING CO. Protutcnci, It. and No. I Bond sNew York, Manufacturers ?f Sterling Silver, Tea, Dewrt, and Dinn?r Services, aud Wadding Outfit*; also Man ufacturers of the celebrated Gorb&m Electro plate. alO-th.St Bntcheler'* Hair Dye Is the beat la the world, the only true and perfect flair Dye: no ridiculous tin*. no disappointment, harmless, reliable, instan taue ?s black or brown; at all druggists', ami 16 B>'U'1 ?t*eet. New York. fS-eoly BALLS, Ac. \RINI Jt BATES' FOURTEENTH ANKCAL M vV BALL will take place at their Academy, K, between Jtli ?D<1 lotii street*. on t>\ THURSDAY, MAY 14. . EX T.ckfts, a<!n:i;tiiiK a gv-utl? m?n mi l lady. 3-V Tlik't* t< le lia>l at the Music Stores of UJ* Bills' a:id Mei/en>tt'a, or at the Academy. nil;! 4t* I LECTURES. Lecture AT THK FOCNDBY M E CHURCH, Nf-rthea?t corner 14th and O stress, Foi the b. nellt of GOBSICH M. K. CHURCH. TIESDAY EVENINO, May *1, W3, at 8 o'clock, By Rev . THOMAS GUABD,of Baltimore Suh.iect: "Body and Soul." Admission H) cents. uil4-5t* SIMMER RESORTS. THE OCEAN HOUSE, NEWPORT R I. June, 1*73, WEAVERS * BATES. niU Ct ^UMMEK BOA BD.?These who wish to exchange O the heat aud dust of the city for cool E . ? 1 uuHrters ami tine scenery are invit'-d to try V the LOUDON INSTITUTE, which will be in readiness by the tlrat of June. Th'- buil<liu? is large and airy, and every effort will be made to min ister to the comfort and pleasure of gue?t*. 8ituated on high ground near the Leesburg and Aldle grade, about nine milea from th* former place, with daily communication with Washington. Cliargeg reason able. For particulars address THOMAS W. LAKH, nilO Iw Aldie, Loudon county, Vs. g^OB SUMMEB BOABDEBS.?Four N~~~ r ROOMS, furnished. Also, four unfur-f Dished .and BO A BD, in a beautflul country^ home in a healthy locality. Good refer ence* given. For particular* apply to JOHN W. KINS ELL, Clearapring, Washington county, M>1. m7 lm PIANOa Ac. LABGE LOT OF NEARLY NEW AND SECOND-HAND PIANOS, from different factories, now on hand and for aale or rent on Ea?y Tkrm?, to make tut A room at BEIC HENBACH S PIANO WABEBOOHS, 4^3 11th street, above Fenusylvauia aveuue, Agency for Wm. Knnbe A Co.'a aud Wm. Mc Cammon's PIANOS. Second hand PIANOS taken iu pvt pa>m"nt for new Pianos. mfl-tr GUSTAY EUHN. PRACTICAL PIANO HAK KH, formerly foretuau for F. C. ? Lighte A Co., tuner for Steinwar A 8ons,BBBHI and late tuner for Vetserott A Co. Tuner*11 in and repairer of PIANOA and OBO'ANS, No. 6 351 Mew York avenue. Orders left at Karr'a Jewelry Store, <49 Pennsylvania avenue; Nairn1* Drug Store, corner Pennsylvania avenue and 9tb atreet; Boeenthal'*, SO 1 7th street, corner of H. will meet with prompt attention, and satisfaction guaran teed. aX4 1y UTIEFF'S PIANOS, uusupaaeed iu sweetness of v? tone and excellence of finish; low prlces?^^ and easy terms. O. L. WILD A BBO..H|B Agents. 4540 11th street, near nbrthwes* til 111 corner Pennsylvania aveuue, dealer* in Piana* aud Musical Inatrumenta generally. Tuning and Eepairin?, Polishing and Varnishing receive faithful attention. apl7 tr JF. LUCAS. 114B 7th atreet n. w., Tmaar and ? MtguUuor nr Pianos and Orion*. Or-?Mn^. der* received at Thompson'* corner 1Mb m |BM and N. York ave. ; Getty V Bridge, nearII1 111 Oongmaa, Georgetown; aud Moses',cor.7th and Pa. av Pianc* and other inatrumenta packed and mured All wark guarautee?l. mhSTly WCHOMACEEB A CO.*8 PIANOS. O PHILADELPHIA OEEAT EEDUCTIOE IS PB1CES. snta, which, on account of theft an ?y over all other*, bar* In a few ysara_^^^ ? ths moat popular here, aa well as alllBaM over the country ,can be had now for th* fcl-fTTTTl towing low prices 4?t> ?mseiTss. nanos ior rsnt. nan< iaws: GEO. M. OTSTEB, GEO. M. OYSTEE, J. F OYSTEE. WE ABE MOW BELLING PHILADELPHIA FEINT, FEE8H HEW YOEE, and PEEN8YLYAM1A BOLL BUTTEE AT EEDUCED BATES. GEO. m. OTSTEE m CO,, .It*. !*?, 1?T, IN, 491, and 494 BUM,?, Eoctham Market gXAMINB ?OLD 8PECTA0LB, OHIT fS, | l?HT OOLOBED DEES8 PAMTS In Panrl. JLi Lavender, and Tea colors, and of excellent workmaaakip, at A- 8TEAUS', 1*11 P?nna. ave. mi UtH. aJi evening star Washington News and Goitip. Internal Revenue?The receipts from this source to-day werefSOM^M. Secrltart Belknap ia expccted to return Lere on Saturday. The Obsequies of Gen. Canby took place at ?' o'clock p. m., in San Franeisco. yesterday, and were solemn and imposing. There was a large procession. The body was taken to Oak land, and conies East this morning. CLERICAL Appointments. ? Tbe following have been appointed to first-class clerkships in the Second Auditor's Office: James W. John H. B. Beck, and Edward W. Newman. Md.: True L. Morris, Mass.; Prof, George B. Yashon, D. C. Naval Orders ? Wm. K. Lclloy has b-^en detached from duty as senior officer of the board of inspectors of the nary, and ordered to dutv as president of the examining and retiring boards. Chief Engineer "Win. G. Buehlcr ha* been detachcd from special duty and placed on waiting orders. The must promenade concert by the ma rine band in the Presides*.'a grounds will be given on Saturday afternoon next, and con tinue each Saturday dnring the season. A list of pieces to be performed each Saturday after neon will be displayed at some conspicuous point in the grounds. After a Four Year*' Kksht with the Oov eminent the New York Central railroad ba? at last paid over the fP^.OOO revenue tax on it scrip dividend issue. The monev was handed to Collector Bailey yesterday, and the Comtnls sioner of Internal Revenue this morning re ceived a certificate of deposit tor the amo mt Under tbe New Intern a i.|Rkv snub Law. The Commie-loner Of Internal Revenue yes terday created a new division in his office under the new law to be known as the Division As sessroent, and appointed as chief thereof Mr Charles A. Bates. The work of making as sessments, done heretofore by assessors, will uow be done in this office, ii|>on data fnrni.-he<l from the respective districts by collectors ami then deputies. The Indian Contracts.?The statement that the President is " indignant at the inter ference of the board of Indian commissioners with the artairs of the Indian bureau." .St andi) as ordered the suspension of all the Con j traets for Indian supplies recently awarded in I New Yoik, is untrue. As is usual in s ich I r*s? s.some ot the disapjiointed bidders find tatil' I with the awards, and several have complained I to the Secretary of the Interior who ha* siinplj | ordered thrir complaints to be investigated the I ,-sne as other matters are officially inquired into I b\ the Interior Department. It is also untrue j that Secretary Delano lias called the atten-ion I oi tbe President to the irregniarKy of the late I awards in New York. The Sioux Commission The Secretary of the Ii.terior yesterday appointed Mr. Felix Brii not, E. C. Kimball, of New York, and 11. E. Al vord, of Virginia, a coniminion to visit tin S oiix and other tribes in Dakota and endeavor to s< cure a modification of the treaty of 1WS so as t?? withdraw from the Indians the privilege ot hunting outside of their reservation. Mr. Kim directed to proceed at onee to tbe Red Cloud agency ami obtain all the information pcs-ible as to the temper of the Indian* and make all preliminary preparations for a "talk." The Red Cloud agencv will be removed from its present location, tbe commission is also in structed to interview the Crow nation, with a view to carry out the act of March 3, lrtol, hack ing to the conveyance to tbe United States o! psrt of the Ouw reservation, which is much larger than the tribe need. Important to Sendeus or Transient Printed Matter Judge Edmunds, city postmaster, desires it to be generally under stood by the persons who send transient printed mutter.' such as newspapers and books, through the malls, that all such matter must b3 pre paid at the rate of one cent lor every two ounces or it will not be forwarded. A large amount ot matter of this kind accumulates weekly at the jiost office, and it Is tinally destroyed, as under the revised postal laws postmasters are not al lowed to forward it. Many person* fold two or more papers in a single package and place upon it a one cent stamp, thinking if that amount is insufficient it can be paid by the person reviv ing it. This is, of course, any erroneous idea and persons who fail to place on such packages the necessary amount of postage simply waste their stamps as their matter never leaves the office. The North Pa. ipic Railroad Survey- I in<j Expedition?The Secretary of War I having decided to make a thorough scientific I survey of the North Pacific railroad to the I Yellowstone, the expedition under tbe com- I mand of Col. Stanley, which has been out two I summers, will start again from Fort Rice on I the l.*?th of June, with an escort of000 troop.* I

to protect them, and will be absent foui I months. The following named scientific gen- I tiemen have been invited and will accompany I the e*pedition: Prof. Leidv, paleontologist. I Penn University; Prof. I^eo Les<(uereux, geolo gist, Columbus. Ohio; Prof. Lionel R. Nettre, I minerulogist, 230 west 25th street. New York; I Prof. Jas. A. Allen, xoologist, Cambridge, Mass; Wm. R. Pywel!, Photographer, Washing ton. D. C.; Edward Kuoidcky, arti Cam bridge; Mass.; Prof. Thos. C. Porter, . j aulst; Prof. Henry C. Chapman, vounteer as* sunt paleontologist; C. W. Bennett, general assistant te members of the scientific corps. Indian Murderers Demanded.?Indian Commissioner Smith has addressed a letter to Indian Agent Miles, ol the Cheyenne and Ara pahoe agency, approving his action relative to his inve*tiga'tion intCL the circumstances of the murder of the four surveyors some time since, and directing him to inform the Cheveunes that thev will be required to surrender to the military the three men who murdered the sur ve\ors. viz: the son of High Wolf, the son of | Sleeping Wolf and the son ot CrookeT Neck. The Commissioner further directs Agent Miles to inform the Cbevennes that the claim of these marauders of settling accounts for some of their own number being killed by soldiers is not admissible, as the soldiers fired upon them while they were engaged in acts of l>o*tillty by being upon the war path, and al*o having plundered cattle iu their iiossessioii, and being off the reservation. Three American Seamen Arceated by the Cuban Authorities?Captain T. Pat terson, commanding the U. S. steamer Rich mond ott Havana, informs the Navv depart ment that he was at Santiago de Cuba ou the 7th of April, when he was informed by the Con sul that three seamen who had deserted from the American bark Union, of Philadelphia, were arrested by the Spanish authorities and were being tried for their lives before a Spanish tribunal upon mere suspicion of crime, having l>een picked up off the coast by the Spanish supply ship "Cantabeo." Tbe Consul had pro tested' against this trial and demanded the release ot the prisoners, but the Spanish au thorities refused to give them up. Captain Patterson took the matter in hand, and after a good deal of red tape business succeeded in securing the release of the prisoners, there being no evidence against them except that of desertion. They are now on the Richmond. Thr Examinations at thi Naval Acad emy?The annnal examination of the cadets at the Naval Academy at Annapolis oeamenoes on Monday next, and ends on the 10th of June, when the oiptoauu to the graduating class will be distributed, aad the exercises at tne Acade my closed until the first of October next. The graduating class this year has 28 members. That class will be allowed a short leare of ab sence before being ordered te sea for a year's cruise. The other classes will be ordered on the annual practice cruise imoaedlately after the close of tbe examination, and will be absent un til the middle ef September. On the fifth of June the exsmlnation of all candidates who have been i.nminaud by the President and Rei*e*enr*tivcs In Congress te fill cadetships at tbe Acadcmy will he commenoed, and contin ued ttidu tbeinttirtt Jnae, whoa tho*? ?rfen pass sstiarft jtoij examinations will receive their a|> pointr. ? nts as cadet m;d?bipineit The Board of Visitor to attend the examination this year is as tollows: Hen, AlvahSabin, YL; General J. J.Rey nolds, U. 8. A.; Prof. D. A. Wallace. III., Mon mouth College; Victor Dn Pent, Esq., Del.; Prof. C. 8. Rogers, Tenn.; Hon. T. H. Dndle v, H. J.; W. HTHackett, liu., N. H.;iProf. U. VT. Albert on, N. J.; Judge A. A. Knight, Fla.: Judge D. A. Pardee, La. Naval members ol the Beard?Bear Admirai C. H. Davis; Captain George H- Preble; Chief Engineer Charles II. Baktr. ,?? T ~ ?Akn* Am made * will while In Washing ton last winter, which hw been presented for probate in Botdon by his two sons, Oliver Ames, sccond, and Cake# A. Ames. as eaecutora. s. G. ordway, Mosea Dillon nul Philetus Sawyi are witness to the Instrument, awl tbetr pre^ ence is required to carry out the provision* ot the registry. No details will be given until the will Is probated. The amount devised is large, but the property la so invested that its value tan not be at pre** nt known. Thi Wasi^ngtoji Star does well t?> b? mildly Indignant at the amount ot? news the as elated press takes from its columns with >?i giving credit. Jt says, very wisely:?41 Why the New York papers should Invariably be cred t?v b* the associated press; and paper* out-~id< o: New York should invariably not be. is one ot those things no fellow can find oat." By the ?av we notiee that the special correspond. nts at Washington are even more indebted fu T ib Star than the associated press is. Many of them are indebted to its columns for a 1 the really valuable iievi they send?Sjrin-jj Ui I RtV/n, KWA tutU Good Reports or the Working or tiix New Intekkal Revenik System?A letter to Commissioner Douglass from a general a^cut of the internal revenue office now traveling In New England, says: "I have just returned from a trip among some or our New England collectors, ano 1 find bnt one expression ani >ng them ia reference to the new stamp law. They all say that they are collecting more taxes ami doing It in a much easier and more satisfactory manner than under the old system. I predict that, 90 far as New Kngland is concerned, the new law W?H more than meet yocr expecta tions," Supervisor Fulton, whose district is Pen'ifyl vania, New .Jersey, Maryland. Delaware, aid the District of Columbia, makes a re port to the commissioner. The Credit Moblller Snltw. Aaron F. Perry, of Cincinnati; .J. Hubldy Asliton, of Washington, and Thos. A. .lencke*. of Providence, R. I., the counsel employ<Sl by the government under the recent act of Con cress to iusrnite legal proceeding* against U?? VsiOh Pacific r&ilroad and the credit mold; tor of America, having completed the preparation of a bill in equity tor that purpose, submitted it yesterday to Attorney General Williams, who approved and accepted it without alteration. It was determined, upon consultation, to tile tht bill in the United States circuit court at Hart ford,Conn. A number of the largest st..-k holders in the Union Pacific and credit uiol>il:cr corporations are residents of Connecticut, and will be named as re?i>ondents in the suit. The couu-el for the defendants, so far a* known, CH*h!bg, Benj. H. Curtis ami Sidney Bartlett, of Boston, ami \\'m. M. Ev ?rU of New York. They will, it is understood, nuke their defence first on a demurrer, denying tlie jurisdiction of the United States to sue mulei the act of Congress. Should the demurrer be overruled, the counsel will ap[?eal to the Su preme Court, and if not sustained, they wii' then be compelled to go on and take evidence. On the other hand, shou'd 'he demurrer be ?us lained, the Government u >'? aj.i* ai. and bring the whole matter before 5 .?? supreme ben h The most complicated ?>. r* t' th<* suit i> whether the Congressmen chirked at the ast session shall be included in the list of defendants against w>m the suit Is to be brought. The bill to b? tied by the government on Tuesday next consists of an elaborate state ment of the case, the relief asked tor. and the documents connected with the credit mobilier transaction. Thetheorvof the bill is under stood to be in the main "that the Congressional grants to the Pacific railroad company, were nj.on the trust that the property should lie man aged for the benefit of tb?' security of the Uni ted States on account of the government l*>nd.? and tht interest which the United States pay on them, and that the managers of the comj. iny have not performed the trust, but have distrihutolllarge aiuountsof asset# among them selves and tor their private benefit. The United States cdtatends that the courtrfhave po? r to compel these parties to restore the propem ob tained from the company in order that th- se curitv of the United Stales may be unimpaired This distribution of property among the defen dants was accomplished, it ia claimed, by in -ans of fraudulent contracts in which both sides were represented by the same parties. Iiterestiag Letter or ihl-f Justice Chase. THE VIEW* OF A CHRISTIAN PHILOSOPHER OS LIFE AMD DEATH. The following letter was written by Chiei Justice Chase to his old and esteemed persona' friend, Judge Nathan Sargent, of this city, in replv to a letter from the latter congratulating the Chief Justice on his recovery from hi* tin.' attack of paralvsis in 1*70. In his letter .ludge Sargent referred to several of the great men ot the country who had recently passed away, and asked: "Upon whom shall their mantles fall." The following letter of the Chief Justice in reply will be read with interest now that he t?x> baj t?auii uv* ^arraoaksett, R. I., Oct. 24, 1>70. Thank vou for vour sympathy, myold friend. 1 am far from thinking that wtien liien occupy ing particular |K>sitious in the public miiul are taken awav, the world suffers any great lo~*. I am persuaded that the) have done their work, and that other men are belter fitted tor the new circumstances of the world than they w ere. ' * For myself I look upon the work which I h id to do as nearly done. It would have l>eeii a gratification to me to have finished the currency according to mv own ideas, but very likely the ideas of others are better. I refer particularly to the restoration of specie payment*, and to the declaration, as constitutional law. that Congress has no power to make anything else than gold and silver a legal teuder in pav ment of debts. Whether I shall live to ?ec this or the reverse,Is for the Divine wisdom ?o deter mine. 1 shall not be at Washington during the adjourned term, and perhaps not during th ? regular term, which follows, though 1 ain slow lv regaining my strength, so far as I can see. I desire to commit the future, in thi- respect, a* in all others, to Him who has graciously cared for me. Yours, very truly, S- P. Chase. l/t-n. S. Saryrht, Warkingh t, O. C*. The Army Reunion* at Sew Haven. PRESU?K>T UBAST WITH HIS COHKAOE- OV THE ARMY OP THIS POTOMAC. The national encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic met at no jii yesterday in Now Haven, Conn.. Gen. commander-in chief. presiding, w bo mad* a brief address, and declined to be a candidal: for reelection, li was voted to hold the next .ncampment at Har risburg, Pa. At the meeting of the Ci'falry Corps Associa tion. Gen. Sheridan, president, the officers of last vear were reelected. The next placc and time of meeting will be the $amo as those of the Ai mv of the Potomac. At the meetiug of the Sixth Army Corps the following officers were el? ;ted: President, Gen. Shaler; vice presidents, Col. J. W. Latta, Gen Charles Dc vans and Geu A. K. Kirtg; recording secretary, Col. R. L. On, corresponding secre tary, Col. D. B. M.ln; treasurer, Col. Samue: Grnesdale. At 3 p. m., the Society d the Army of the Po tomac gathered at Musie Hall. Among the dis tinguished visitors were Gen. Sherman, Lieut Gen. Sheridan, Gens. Burnside, Hartrantt, Shaler, McDowell, Han< ook, Hawlev. Frank lin, Yice Preaident Wilson. Lieut. Gov. Tyler, ex-GoT. Jewell, of Cone., and Lieut Got. Rob inson. Kach as he entered the ball was greeted with hearty cheers. When the noise and con fusion had subsided a si oat was clres, "Here comes Grant!" and a*- toon as the President made his appearance ti \ entire assembly rose to their feet, and three deafening cheers went up from a thousand T?i es in honor ef the Chief Magistrate. After qotct was restored, General Burnside introduced the orator of the day, Ma jor General Dermis, of Hartford, who was wel comed with three chee/s. Th* orator gave an eloquent sketch of the military career ef Gen Meade. Gen. Yanaant, or Mew York, then de livered a poem. The President was loudly called for, and In compliance with the caU stopped to the front ot the {datform and ?d dreteed a few wards to the aadieace. Major General McDowell was elected president ef the Society ef the Army of the Potomac. The other officers are the same aa last year. In the after noon a concert was given by GUmore's band, which was well attended. Ibe banquet in the evening was a gmnd afslr. Tan striee of the Brooklyn gas men cou tinues, and the company are anabie to fnrnh-b ?a? Atvanah It?a.^ ^a. _ ?? gaseiici^h to light the' street lampstothelr 0f^heCcity nren "*? populous portion Her. jjr 7 . {f^6"4 ?f fh'e^ soon resLBUations to M. Thiers becauao^t^L2Lir *?Soutflt' TP* Sr^iU cabinet. ?.? i .m TELEGRAM TO THE STAB Thla tflenMil DlipatchM. ? ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORTS. X?rr*? Eaeape ?? Wf*n?l? ?? Ulllm frwa Drwaaldfc. Uplaia Jack's Maw BraverraftlM Vara Rjiriai IMUn? la Un UMc Fickl. They Mill Tko Modoc Bra?OM4 Be rnptarc all thf Plunder. Jilw York, May 15 A 1*** bed dispat-h of the 13th My? that (iciiertU Divii MdUUk-a. in crossing Tulle Lake the previous evening during a heavy gale, had a narrow escape Tron. drowning, the boat becoming unmanageable. The present force at the command of Urn Davis is iH>t considered sufficient to make a suc cessful attack on the Modocs in their ue? .-tronghold, bnt the General will endeavor to hold the Indians wheie thrv now are and await rrtntorcemenu with mortal? hurrying forward and expected in two days. THE T?OOrS A KB SlPrEIURW from want of water. Willow creek is the n< ir est stream, but the Mod oca are between it and the troops. The Modoc* have their familie? with them, ami it is not thought tliey will seek to leave their present position until they have made provision for the safety of the women and children. Their loss iu the tight of Saturday was TWO MtAVBH KILLED, a large part of their hordes, ammunition and clothing captured, and about two tons of pro visions destroyed. The Modocs entered the tight stripped to their brecch-clout*. but could not resi* tie Warm Spring Indians, who trotted into the tight aud tan the Modocs past their plunder, retaking all. -? Thf Prewb) terlaa tieaeral iswably. IMroRTAKT yVESTIOSS TO BB OOMSIDBRBP New York, May 15??ev. John Hall in a letter on the Presbyterian general a??embiy, which commences its session in Baltimore to day, says- it represent.- a church formed trom a recent union of wliat were known as the old school and new school churches. It doesn't in clude the united Presbyterian-, who maintain a -eparate existence m tiie matter of praise, nor the large section of the Presbyterian church in the southern states still standing out on the issues ot the late war, nor Coveuantcr* who still retain w>mo of the |>eculiarities of the historic body in Scotland. nor does it include the re formed cburcb, which lately dropped the word "duties." WHAT THE ASSBWBLT rWOLCM*. The general as*-euibly of the Presbyteiian church of the United States of America In cludes 35 SMiod*. ICS presb) teries, and about 4.430 minister* lor the service of 4,7 JO churches. The number of communicants is reported at lo.lM and the Sunday school membership is a little over this number. The total money con tributions to church objects in 1^2 were *10,086,520, not including aid given schemes ot benevolence, of which the Presbyterians are liberal supix?rters. HOW THE ASSEMTLY IS CONSTITUTED. Tlie presbyterv consists of a minister and alder frtnicach congregation in a manageable dis trict, and the presbrteries choose annually del egates to the general assembly, to which budy there is the right of appeal from decisions of a s\ nod comprising larger district* than presby. teries. just a* there is the right of appeal to a svnt-d from the decision ot'auy presbytery with in its jurisdiction. The meeting of the general assembly usually occupies a fortnight, and Dr. Hatt saj> THE 8TUEHGTH OP THE 8T8TE* Is supposed to be in its interesting every portion of the church. A moderator is chosen by each assemblv, and he subsides into the ranks at the close of each year. Klders have been coin monlv chosen lor life. Some think that rota tion would admit of the introduction ol new blood, aud this point, known to the church a* the "HOTABT ELDERSHIP yrESTIOW" will ceme in for discussion. So will the opera tions of the uew committee called "sustenta tion," which, aiming at the increasing number of stated as distinguished from casual m "li ters, and also their income*, is supposed b> some to be on the same ground with the h im? in isgion board, whose provisions, it is alleged or the 01 her hand, is mainly to give religious min istrations to those without the organised cli irch ltev. l?r. Hall concludes his letter by aavin^ every tYiend of order ami good morals mav without compromise, wish the reverend iud venerable duty good success. To-daj *n Praceedisg*. Baltimore, Mav 15?The sMb annual m ??t ingot the < ieiK-ral Assemblv ot the Preshyteriai. Church ot the United States convened in this cltv this morning at 11 o'clock In the Central Church, corner of Saratoga and liberty streets. For some time before the hour of tueetiug the lKxly of the church was tilled with delegate* aiid the galleries were crowded with Ladies. A few minutes before II o'clock the organ jiealed forth the anthem "How Beautiful upon the Mountains," which was sung by the full choir. Prayer was then offered by Her. J. F. Smith, pastor of the church, after which 37" hymn. "All hail the power ot Jesus' name" was sung, the whole assembly and oomrrrgation uniting with grand effect. Rev. Dr. fills, ot Cleveland, then read part of the 17th chapter of Luke, commencing with the tirst verse. Rev. l>r. 8. G. Brown, president of Hamilton college. New York, followed In prayer, invoking peace and barmonv in the great work of the church. Rev. D*r. Samuel J. Niccolls. of St. Luuis. moderator ot the assembly, next gavs out the second part ot the 137th Psalm: "I Love Thy Kingdom. liord." after the singing of which Dr. Niccolls proceeded to deliver a sermon, having for his teat the 5th verse of the 17th chapter of St. Luke: "And the apostles said unto the Lord, increase our faith," the general tenor ot the sermon be. rig the relation of faith to the life of the rburth aud the necessity of active and enlarged taitfa for the increase of men and means in 1 lie work ol the church, and for its unity. Tli j conclusion ?f the sermon, whicl. occupied forty minutes in delivery, was fol lowed by -inging, after which Dr. Niccoll* called the assembly to order, offering a prayer beseeching the blessings ef Almighty God on its deliberations. Rev. Dr. Smith, from the com mittee of arrangemeuts, recommended as the fir-t business of the assembly the election of a moderator. The roll was then called, commencing with the presbytery of Alliany. Llesleaast Harris. TUB LATEST VICTIM OK THE *ODOH. Philadelphia, May 15?Lieutenant Harris, whose dea'h is announced in the lava bed camp, gra< nated at West Point, and was com missioned in 1968. He was stationed at Fort Macon during the troubles with the Lowerv outlaws, and was subsequently transferred at his own request to batterv K, 4th artillery, and joined his company in Janury last, operating against the Modecs. He was a Philadelphia!) by birth, and a nephew of the late Bishop Mcilwaine, of Ohio. He was unmarried, awl twenlv-si> years of age. His remains will be brought b~me for interment. -a The Csnwsriiaal CsafereBCf Etesrslsa. St. Lot. 9, May 15?The Congressional con ference will Le devoted to general discussion. and k ver:J gentlemen are ex|*cted to express their vlev.s on the <ioestions that have been presented to them. The excursion party will leave eai r on Friday morning for Texas, via the Atla. tic and PaciOc railroad, stopping at 8pringtie dover night, and rsoelvs the hospi talities ot the citisens of that place, and pro ceed th4 next morning to Yeuita, thence to Denisool Houston, and Galveston. The excur sion!^ ?? number about one hundred tutjr. New Yob*, May 15?A Washington ?fer< states that the President ? dis?usted w,^ - interference of the Indian peace the dutiei of the Indian commLsiaaer and Bsc - mm*A I. - "ntt WWC retary of the Interior, and In consequence has ordered nil late o?tracts made bv the bomr.i -a " iVataB Ta i ^"rSSfta'tC5-'|B * Cuba, reports that the aad It is the general ho ttef thst the insurgents are bsttsr supplied than **** *** aad ammunition, and are daily AceosTA , Mn., Msy 13?Vhs I<mWc* Jmr to-dav contains a lander advocating tl* nomination of Hea. Xeiwn Dingley, jr., a* Um r?. ?m<?wmy laxtr ?r. ?ALTf o??, IV?>1 ke Aanuwi K*U ,*i "???? ??>>?!<? AmcUUm r>? ~ n n.T **f r.>!?ck tatsmormlng. Ju Whe<? f .?** Tt<- oMmi'Woa tra?t. rrpontd ?ti ftror of Moterttnt <-\no?? 1 rotate by the planting oi ??. *be?!s; the report ?u ?L<?1 The o*>ruii ,tt? . *??> lo*oaw>t1?es. also wbethrT ttierr t* anT*h!r* to be gained by the we o, compound aaUYf ?*?* wbeafc, reported. asking to he cootm*. w ta authority to w>i<rnttr ? .tb the rwaitt a Nictated on the umr aubj?<t by th. Ma- c l ?*r Builder* Amnciatior ?tH.b wa? granted.I A re* latton nrnpew* Vv the urtBTfjffter tl.a' t ?* ?? oouTewtina Uiat an prarOeol oltMUft wul retail ink the we (f Imm *T rp t lie Arv?.k ? _ sscujacssf ***"" *??"**"?? rC2^r>ittef ??,he ?>?-'??nerv aim! appM. *"*?*, * f*a,#,r*T1* wreck* ?n Jrtwtlrc bridr * Cbt, ord' r?tl to )if tiled. ICeccin '-.ll14 r*r*"e">1'1 "*? *?'?!> I> *?.r 7of etiwel* ?f tL. V ?? !j ?*?*' wm* introduced *?v the ire* ,,,t He said be M.uki inform th* eonrentmT . J ?otter ot iii|? toueo to tb-aa. that Cwiwr v? bod Appropriated flon.Hfti u* the wmL: .7 txpMwion*. Thw wo* d prihaMr lie during ifc, month, of b p.Jn.her. oem W^I November next, at Picksuurg. r?-M a ? ?, cm**, t?h?o, and at sJ*i,Hw \ T m*??} w"l>k1. ????? ?? B>.d the . ?'??- . ? iiw ??d In thlo matter m*-> ?? m._ tereSl*H,I^V?**,ri*I','tl,e l*rMl wereu*ni *??* SSff d ^t,'5Te"ho ???? l??t* the aoa ?? . ttm.r T! ,.*? JT nCton to-tuorrjw he w.aM ha |llSM> toseeowy or all the .1. legate '^JlV.TUr7 d1*rtmert f*r^.,w >,?, roniBiittaoe. ootuxetiiic flT? oere ap|ioitiU;d tootUjHttUe nc,?rim< ut?. * i Trr. '.^r. ?' U- ,|Hy the ?.r*? ,.V|.? or BMop ie*ulte<l io bo choice. liiMu.,. | tlt. terv name vae with<tra?n. r I Hecon.l l>w|.aoth ] Jrr* "" '? "The irontirentloti ^ ?eoMt?ry praoee.. r.?u" u!f tbe ci^,^I!?iri,l*bop- ttrm ch..i?. 4?. 9he vote - SoV's,' ?11%^ i?i Borgew. of Springfi'u!, tfJT:. I-, ?*' Gwtf l/ed?, of Haltiuiore, Md *? Kr> 'ii* John C. Smith, of Nr. York, S; it* v ^ M r! Sf .o'i^Lh" **"?'? *""" * i^tfi; ,ol,W?" " K.?re?. ill Bnrc" ?? ?""! i? c i i?; u'k - L#w%! ?* v,.?(np,on H barton, in aoeoi.i.,,,.- ? ,t(a ^ J rer<MT'^ by him ?rith<1rr\# !?-? ^r?f I>VPo,Ur- <?toewi t?.i...?l thm hoi It on point* of order, whet, the Uon prveeoded to roto affa<n. The '" r"J" *"? ? ?. ne?rnij rivE KRr?Hr-nM!M%;> , [J11**' May II?Kenent heavy ra -i* htrif swollen the rtreraand atrranw In the , ? I?0*"?* ,0t COttit.lif them to o. .i.w their bank* oud inuudaU the Urfor po:. thr country A nnmbcr of p<-r<ion? ha. i. ??? drowned, and the Io* by the dtwtru r property and crop* t? ?er> brow. AjvinmiiTv ( ArriKKi) kv thi urkt*. Madrid, May IV?A (li?]iittfli from A>? ,? lona. wnt (Yom there at midnight, nay* th- v wa? in a idate of great ex^'trment. In fori tion had been rrrelved lirttie* . . . ? *-w X*. i, IB^m. 1 MIOI II I-* tion had l>een reoelve<l hv tiie autli<?rtrte* t..?K the Oariieto, under fealiaor*. hoil raptur i| rti<? maritime cit> ol Mart*ro. low mile* .lnK*,,t. ati?l levied contribution* ujk>h the iiiUai>i??'. << and xeictd th?; cu*tf?m hon?. The rat. ? l h b?en et.and.d in Ka:celona. and tro..:- m 9 bttrryiug to Martaro. ? KfW Turk hwteo. Ktxo.x'a lai>t i Ham k - ^ ^OM, May 15,?The (en<-rat term ha< denied a new trial or rtav in tl.e proceed'n*. t? Mxon. 1 hi* deciaion deotrov* hie <ai? chance, u Governor I>i* ha* declared that he will nut in ten ere. - TfLiL*T '*.TH* CA? or KCKM4BT and Mutton ex-Collector A?q?tM ttchell for ?l.oi.oontor exacting all lege.! Tlleg 4 duties, tailed to agree. k 1 UK bilk a*s<kiatiok. -r. ^rnu*1 mTrUui of the Silk Anvx-iatiott or America was held yesterday. ReporU wer? read containing iaterertinr Informatloti re^ar.l >ng progreav ot the ailk in<lu>trv, taaernraeie??r the ceusu*t4atiatic*.and general praapecu o|" th? trade. The retort* ahowed that tbe association tion? t*t?l'J,l,bed and in a HouriAing condi tbui win Twart-on a in* o.?li> to-iUy^ amomnUng to, at from 11;.03 (O I1<.?I. A Way el la the Ht >ko? A1 ba*t, May IS?The clerk of the court of morning signed tbe wntetayiiig Kl>Cer?.,n#*. Iuthe case of toward S. Stokea. Thi* will bring the cause Immediately before the court .ami aa It re<|alre*only fourteen da v** notice under the rale? to bring the ca*e on for a hearing, it wiU no doal.t be heard ami deci ded before the court take* a recent in J ane ? ' ?T Asmai rrf*""< ? l*nri*, May 13.?The report wa* brought to Kansas City jesterdav by acltiien ot ? hT?o kee county, that the Bender family of Kan*a? a.<?af?tn* were captured yesterday thirteen null* north ot Dallas, Texa*. Tfc? BmIm Forger ( amuiifted to Jail. 1 . MaJr 15 A Gee. the i..rg?sra 0Vu"n'rt^1 in default ?t P4A.nun )T,ii! Itl* thought hi* forgeries .mount to ajnnjion. SSfihiS? #2;'000 *" ?*** charged 1ST* AT|?hi.KR0*N*l ?* K|" ?*??*'? l?rEL i*T6.?Job 11 B. Mordeciu. oym? ol the hHnrin?i? ?-i * i?te dueI ?* I'M. Va. di.<d iTrf night. The state law hold* McOartv.' the otiier principal, amenable for murder totha the aocond*. WmT llaSSl W i Ttbb, W. R. Trify and *1 S Mprwi ti/ ?. ctmorie* before tK fact. Tk#v will be nm Hi" ^lnD<1 J**>t>*l,1y OOlamittwl Without b.l t|l4 v72CZ0tr FO"T"*li*'>t BLlCi* TUB SPAIIMf Elk?. riow^?Despite the rmrlist anrl r^ltciU in EEfteJf. T oUwr nenge it about. udteem to Momotiai?'P n? rhA nation appear actually hoetile to It. the Snani-ti fX^Lra: ?e COun^ '" the ele! *oua| am ,?? Zl?? deputies of the corte*. accural radf^fllf^ *? ???*?? tt, against 30 ex'remo SiTui'rtt. ?!fS^ar.u"' ThJ'iX?KW ?lbctoral Bill rot Graa srS5"4 --h.n,;":r,:,,l; W tmxe" to of -ve?^. Bre |>eseta*. |<r*on* who follow learn-1 ,1? ywne/?J? ofl1ci*u- A1 T??r" bum i>e .1 Ik THB CoauiCBtiSIOWAL COKVBNTIOX In Kt Lou? veeterday a letter tiom Pte!rtJJII?5?: ,h^" '?r the inv it* rStyiiiisjs: tMs; ??? the individual defendant i*. perhaT* S . liH?" ^TB*OT VBT Sbttlk Ke^YSrr^'d^iJ^1 J" ?"owe ob appiication was m^Ie|? j. ' ^mS'Sla"( 'ier '? a?[ ^ r"-rJkr?, for % . quoMion was argia*4 Saocctao C?- ttsdeclsioa. Matob Jbuio*. u* f*. ., . _ wderatotke pollTTu^ N*HL iBtportial, a?jf foTaui^ygiJj?,?*^ York soU ye? ?sa^csss??r^"w""', hwlt?M4?? om ThuiadaJ fcjrsri rcSK.'Si

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