Newspaper of Evening Star, May 15, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 15, 1873 Page 4
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EVEN IXC, STAR. iny i v, mm. LOCAL NEWS. *mn^rafntr i*1" "<'??<?The i? ?rm*,t Drama "( Lr.saud Lcaa. ' r\*miT CMMfw??> The Wa.fnof New York," ?orgs. lance*. Ac. Mnrr**'t a tirmi 'i f?. ?w?.?Fourteenth annual ' ftiril of Professor V trini and Bates. < mirtrnwl l,?ral<. AI a mrrtmg of the Moral hdiication Society }?'tfHaj.rf?lntion>ot re>pwt l? the memory ol .h>hn stnart Mill were fcloptM. derrvOih-hrrst wa> appointed lampligfcter of tlie 17 th district yesterday by Governor Cauko ib place of Robert Oikhrint. * From Tuesday evening ap to aV.ut >30 ? r ock to-day, about 75.000 postal cards were at rhecitv poet office. W dSLlId h? fallen off considerably since yesterday M p\"iI;i',nChlp. ^a,ch ?*<??*" the ?V ! . OnV,of New iork, aikI the * a?l.iTigtoTi ?, Inb was played on the ? Uympic rr. nnd^ yerterlay afteri.obn. and vaulted in 1 ?? MutnaJs hy a score ?l 6 to i ??,V ? , n*T'2.?'*?>?'? <?te senator from ? be Petersburg d. strict, ha* resigned hw seat <r^C< r!".lLLMl thC-*{t1>CTylof th? Presi ?1ent. f. rbnMing federal off rets from holding lie ?r.v le ^,t,OT"' !*r- r.. was former * r ie rrr,irtor,Al ? "*??">' u??- a***,, i,.} r.... iiraf'.v ,hi" rify- b*" recent'v based ?? ? km?wn Pavne*. Point t'.rm i?rr *n,i Va- Inng dirortlv ?Pl'Orite Blacstivon's blatd. Thistarm c.m prises Bl.i acr>s. ?ini i? so situated as to make it *'Vl J''-**-*** '0T li-diing, docking. Jfce. Tbe evnaiifriMm of tbe Wasfc ngton Asv . -?".'.nilf1' ?r *;,tlfhr Committee* J? Pn,l,".c charitiee ard corrections, made ai, ?? (Metal vteu to the VukhwlM Asvlur. vested aiairami tvpected tbe building* and gts.?,* and e*pr--?e,i them-eUe- well d with the mu,rt> theyhmi . ,A ?I1?^ of Gatdwer's, and Ckan I'ion s lire esliii^ftj^aer^ wa> Made yesterday at the navy \ar.l or ? <n?all h?iMing erected' for af. ?r'M^ and tilled with a<]>aatitve< tar. After rbe tire was app'ied and ??? head .vay *?n r I. three watchmen with their extinii?i?li h .*?* *" *"?< tkercoul# n?.t <,?ench k i ^ lhe ",,",rn ir? "u*^ Anaooetia k-d to be broachi .n to ^Tei.t a <^nre 2),,,'?r printers of the printing bn } r,'AS"ry I vp irtBent, la?T evening *t Vn2.^rcw* T1 the Washington lrv^!?, W!,h*I,?" breakfast and dinner ?er\u.e ol elegant etone china; kmve* and forks* table yoaw ami tea *p<*n- of solid siUer: a beautilill wa*?-r serrice. consisting of tiv> piece-, a -si ot -wlid silver; two <l?ien cm* glass goblets-' a masMve punch bowl, valaed at aino; ? nat> nt 0,T "????*? howitzers and tw ? '*.* lights, m giwihles. (ieorge H ?>rnus|y ma-le the presentatto which ii t"r;"Tb~,rc" *? 1?~?? . V"it "? the Tr*r?R** e M B; gsst^o" fk*' " ' hii snici.vHia?Yevter.lay afternoon t?'"'l^r?"<^ "rg*MzitiC"- of this ! ','rl ,wm' Pr?cee?l?-d in a h.w|v to tli^ Kaliimore#ami Ohio railroad depot, for the pur p?HM ol me. the e,pe,-ted m.-mhers of the Tempcranee hles^mg" from Philadelphia In h'/ullh,*i'U'*r'r?i,' T!,e ,leI,<K w, re tbe Sons ol Jon^.iah, boitsof Tcmt^ranoe. G.shI Temular.s Temple of Honor. Hollowav Comaaikii-rv of tVn'.'JJ V?1- SiH ia' *>?. * delega tfr' ?? Alexandria. rVe tram arrived from Plnladelj.hia at ?; o'clock i? ?i. l-r.ncing aho;>t one hiimlred visitors, and they were es?-ort< d to their <|darters at I'rem >nt llo.i.f. corn, r Mi -treet and Indiana avenue. ia ?> ? \e which li>*<t heeu put in ?* e?l etit order lor their reception. After re-tin^ ah..lit one hour, and partakiug of supper, tf.e I Fo'-^ M'V-*',Ml aM ^~?~iteti!e 1 ? * ?"'rch. corner of ]lth and <i , ?r. etj. making a t ne display on the uuy. On arr,\M.g at the church the proeetMioa filed ?^l^on tho Wats were crowded, tbe b?ud<*: . iipyirg tbe iiort seats ami oreasiosallr ,dVv tng apropnato mnsic. Hon. |> p. Hollow*? h!' 7 / nieetir.,; r., order, and H^v ||. W. Joed opened the aroee-d tigs with prayer. Mr Hollow%y then .lelir^red tl.e a-ldress ofwe - ooaie. in *.. ch he pat.1 a high coiupliaent to Ph.^VVr f 'T,n,l"^"ce r.l.^inz"oi Phiadeipii , ui >ler tbe lea<lership of Mr. Cha^. Ilert' ig. . to whi m, with tho-e who w^re ? ith htm he , ,ter.ded a hearty welcom-. Mr. Heri tag. here ?-* a'>* forward and made an eln.,Uent r.f.jei??. m which he Kave a history of the T.a.jer;i?M-e Blessing.-which had increased tk 'ST "?Ksnization. Noveiabor lo, 1*..-'. from th-rteen me minors to |,-K. Speeches were Hf. terw .id- made by Air. Stokes, secretary of the V.u". rro^- .1. French, .;en. O llilT" aid Ju. ge M<H>re. M:*. Maggie l-.H-kerj- recited The I?rnnkard s \V,t-e." At the ?; ti ?.?ZT*T7Zi forD,fr r^a'denco of tlie ttr.t ^ 'leat at Mount \ ornon wa.- rut t l.n the *'** inrerestmg . eremonr. ^ne o -clsion being the prf-ontiUoti to the Mr. Verao-i ?,? ciation of Rem brand t Peale's historical t.i.ture of Washiiigton Before Vorktown," by the onlv " :h" ^rcat ar^st. Mrs a?o^??k. New Jersey. The r Arrow on her morning trip took down ,i ?f: IV?? r?*"' ^Uir < = raDt. Ma.lam - ,Wg'. inars. of Pa.; Mrs. Hudson, of Conn . Mr W. m?i ??rCi?r*!?' x-1 !h,!* W,T; <,en,*ral ami Mr-. Mm fli " I ? Mr- J- L- I>. <? ; Mrs.f.enera! Barnes, ot D. C-; Mrs. FU.-h. or ln.1,, aal Mrs. K. B. Washington, ot W Va fhe r.Ww oi the late well known folouei f. w' Wa>hinfc??>n; ?.m>, JuUge Thomas, tien^ral Mtil ngh Lee. liereral s. Meeiu. an I rr s! ut^f, qXi<'vi V ?Ui? lour last named rep re*ntii,g cfce \ lrginia state ls?ard of visitors^ an.1 others. Misa runnmgham read an vi trei ol ael? wt to the board of visitors, which ? i, responded to by General C. S. ?eem. of va. At the conclusion of the re STZSZ*"* Halite ad advanced to the oen ter of the rooaa. w tn Mr.. Uaderwood leasing upon his arm, ana oti her l^half read the ??riitatici1 speech. Mis# Cunningham accepted ?iT *,a kefc**f ?f the board, after which the guests quietly inspecte>l the painting and thon *r>arated for a^stroM thrJtlgh th? grounds, and at aU?_it 2M p. m. ,v,k tht, ?teamer tor Waahingtow. ? DaRtsr. Koiuit IN ?oith Wa?hixoto^. A miiltat ol South Washingtou seiKU u? Vhi a'T *" *r/n)B"t.?f H rol.berr committe.1 on ?.Cid -Hht *NO :a *v sever, ri,.nr, I 1 ,V. ?' * ^ "V me Yen rolurctl It appear* that m *on ot Mr. Bi%r f*' '? *'''P./*""-*1 ,to? ?umoer mentioned. awl M W<irk,n* Ul,?" ?" *??* "Uhf. teal in? ih?'k , .*Z h.V b*en >? the of sTll V ^ V ,l0or on wiry to w I,1', u midnight on Monday night last. , ' *"0 or the m"cob<i rl.m>r hear*! cot.s-.leraWe aoiaedown stain, and got up. i?. teiidtng to go down. Belore doing Jf. she Went to tbe Window arul saw a colored inati starnlin^ oi |s sae the house, on the other side of th? * tuoawnt alter the man gave a whistle. ?h" h V*. ai?wer?i br another man at the to.^|r i ??* 4i? direct I v thev e^h ?U?*r, arid (M?esed up I towardsTtb CI* v. investigation that the robl^rrs ha.1 carnoi otf alsiut *Ji worth oi An old I,dr. abont ho year^f L, wa- sleeping on the first tw while tie robber *?v ranaa. k ng the place, but pretended ti> Ik? T? ' dara?g ^o speak. The jeirtr send ng this information complains knidlr of the a! legt.t absence >?t the p?^ice from thai secti >n. } A Mtssiyn Mas ?A well-known an.1 respect ed fitizra ol Wash.ugroo. Mr. John c. Smith. r. sh"ngonM street, between 3d and lib north west. ha? been ru?.-ig from hi* home w,,ee Tuesday last At 11 oVwfc fhaT dir he left th. bonbon business, an-t hasnjt Ven heard PI -Inco. Mr. Smith is .;| ve?r? of age, and was arewaed in Mai k nautg and vost. dark coat, and rouid IVfki haf. He l? a iiorman bv birth, but has been a resident of this eitv ior i3 yea.s. and is a sui tiy Umfwrate and rel glou* mm I atei* he h?- been in low spirits. 1 he cause of la unknown, and aav iulVirm ttion Of k iu Will be thankfallv received by his fam ily. ai their residence. M above. a^*? m-erening the e*Uib.tion ?im? .?!?? UHot the |?npiU ??t' Prof. <g,n i4Kil I'lace at \\4'lard"? Hail on F street. ?-id it w? largely attended Mi? Kate Tate^'igh ZZ McDaBoagh qaeon u( boaatv. Mi^ K. UfMrr, quern >)f okHHri \iim< it ? i i ^ ^ nUBIf^T Of ftDC v *1 ftmnno m- V??,. v? the Flowerdance hy Miss McItermiTh* Polka rae leu* b> Miss M. Lucy Wanne'l. Iteoor > t.x fcis# Schitelm and Harry Buckingham, ami the clog by Ma*ur dohn C larvae attracted great at tention. T?b aaci lor a pum of nwo to tnebest three mmutes trotter came oif at Piner Branch course. yeMerdav. .|uile a large crowd being present. Six catties were male, as toliow* J?hn Langiey. entered Prlneo; John Taltr.Ga aeile; Joba Price, Belle of Oettvaburg Mr. rhamWrlln. Sleepy |>?ni Charles Wright. Kiarrni; .lolm Fagle-ton. Maggm |>aeall. The race was won by the Belle Of ttottrahnrg . *'T"* ?etoB.l hear. 19v; third heat, 2JO? t.rf??. * *' J T*l*o .If go as?1 he following tales iirors Urtvi for tke pre?ent tern of' tt Cir.nit Conrv Henrv Saylur. Donnis tt'lHm W h a * Barker. B iwln Bareray. and James Naw mwitw?. - From Kerrand Jk Towers we have the AV,?*fcr, K.rvm r,^ April; from >hillinglon. Apf, "<m * Journal for UlT II and frank ami Utrj^r', far the 24th; ami from J. C. Parker and Kobert J*'?all the same. ? ? Small Poa.???nlv two cases of amal|.pox lave been re|-orted -ince oar report yesterday? ? i e at iifj C st-eet northwest, ami one ? >ew York avtnue and ilrt street Thinl Uftol'tUvc A?cmbly. l*OI JICIL - At la?t night, Conae 1 till No 11, I" clunrt lh? names of Inaniwl Mil L.-, (old karpelse, ?u read a ?scond tl?e. and re firnd _ , Tli? Prudent laid befttre theConncU a . ff ui th*- D?*tnrt C??ntroHer, In *rtww? r to j t ??nnct* rr*'>lntion railing f<?r a statement ol:BOUf js | paid h the trewnr- r of the wblje ichoolsef Wssh- j uikt' ii and G*org"t?wa fr"in July 1st, H><1? to *?> l?h, l?C3 Tb? statement ?howsthe amounts paid to ??* as follow*: For wlarm and oatiageeci** for "Wai-hingtoa seh.-ole. ?; for compl tlso oC Wr'a-hiieton school baildmg*. ?l3U,UJ'>:for salaries and cootlng'tieies f??r ?eotg?towB schools, #18, so* ?6, dm ? ineut ??? colored school*, *1M,?m i?. Mr. Brown*, from th* c-mnihtee on police, ri ported l ack favorably, Ooancil hill Sin. 8. making it nalawful for per?< na to congregate or aw nilile <>n th? coram of the s?r- eta, aveiinfi. Ac., and make n-r f.f prifair.e and ol/-cene r> marks; which wait |imH. A'ljimrtied. BOl'SK WF DELEGATES.?The Houss metatS o'clock p.w> ; 8p?-ak''r Campbell in the chair Prajer by t" Dr Kaiikiu. ?r. Shepherd tnbmitted a concurrent r??4??t?oi> that the ou.nntt'"* on national relations, with the President of the Council and Speaker of the Hue. te inatmeted to wait upon the pr.-p.-r lomiaitleee of Cmmawrm and nrge the justice and propriety of rvpewlier all law* and parts of lawi relating to the exemieion from taxath n of all church property an,l ??i<-petty belonging to humane iu?t , unions, atxl Motiiniu tub niJirtiiis iuj *o an <nly to ex. nipt from general taxation such cbrjch property a* f* used directly for church and waetTaf purposes and such property of hsintiie inst'tutioM v.? is us. d for their put pc*?* exilu-ively, and to r? nder all such property of every .Inscription nak>:> t< ?p#i ial taxation for improvement* done to fi ui <>f ?ticb property the game a* i? now asse-aed upon the property af private citi*et>s. Sack action :? jriaed eu-ini-utlj proper, in view of the tact that the c??t 11 special improvements in friot ol soch ?>r> pMt) low now to b. paid by private hidi> :du*l-, to their p.cntiiary grievance an 1 manifest d?-tr imeut. The conmittiea on national relation* of the Council aud Hotue of Delegate* are author:/"! I. I.ebl sessions afii-r the adj -nrnnient of the i-resent ?e-t i. ii ..f the i,egi-latnre, for the purpose ol pro j. cm g at > p!ati they mar de?rn to place thia n.;<t'er in its right light befere Congress. 11 he following is the law of 0 r,grees referred to n the above resolution: Tliat from and iifter tli?' paa-ac* ?>! this act all chnrchee and *ch??ol-hon*e*, ai.d all buildingo, grounds and prop, rty appnrtc i.mtit thereto, and n-ed in connection th re? itli, in li.e Lialrictof ? .dumbia, shall be exempt fr< iu an> and all taxtr or .\*>eiisineat* national, nuniic.paJ or ? . nntv.J Mr. M'Knlpht intr?>?lnced bill for the relief of Adti*n Eloe7w??fci. Also, bill reflating to iuauratice r< mpaioie. loahifi^ the g'-^retary ,,f tie Distikt t.r \ up* f 10 I'v^ritcT-.R o? iv-i gax ? royri!lit<. | Ti e loll provides that to secure the polic> -bold *r?, all,?4n p**i lies fliall depoaitnith the Tr.atmirer ol the Iiistrict or Treasuter af the United Sl.?tes ?!>*.??? in lK?tids or *to< ks, or invest at lea-t that Hinvnnt in r?wl .-state vitMn the District,1 referred. A I*, petition of K Fordan, aeking to be paid for dxirage d- ne bis property by water hackiug into Ins cellar: r> ferred. Bill amending act relating to jn? of the peace, ??. a? to exempt from attachment th-* \? ages of inechanicaand laborer* except for wa*h M-l lioanl bills: refeired. Also, joint rea>dnti<>u E.n Miing f'-r the purchase of the turnpike Irom or^' towii to R?x kville; adopted. Alsa,joint re? ..lotion ra>tweeting lb* DeWale in ? 'ongrss? to ur:;e that the orifanii law l>e BUi. nd' d so a? t? make the m- ait- r* < f tne Council elective: referred. ^Ir I rell introduced bill providing for the lease ol cronnd and erectl?ii af a Market-house on the r< ri i-r of H and ?l streets lortln-airt, app- prlattng Al4.<Wi for the purpoae. accompanied by a petition; i * feir?d. Mr Carroll introduced btl'. for the relief '?f Rev. F. E. Bojle, to tefund taxes erroneoua'y paid; re let red. >lr. Shepliwd intro?lnced a bill to promise the cou ?troctii n ol a i ailroad to Point Lookout by exempt inir th" pr?vperty of said road iu the District froin taxation; referred. m ?3un^?' bill. The Mil t.> amend the act of July 10,1C1, making a*l ropi iations for improvement-and repairs, an-t prov idiag for the pavno-nt thereof (the fduu.ut> lo?n! I wa? rec?>n>tiiitted to the<omtnittee nf the whole. Mr Stiepher I then uioud to go into cjuimitlee of III- a ho l< on the bill; rejected?yeaa W navs 10. as ?? lloa*- Teas?Messrs. Biown, Carroll, Chase. Oox, D* er. Murray. Shepherd, Trimble, Urell, and Ver a lllb n. Najs? M?**rs Berr>, Brewer. Clagett, Hei l ert. Hunt, Lcng, McEmgh?, Smoot. Wall, and ih* IffSlW The fcpeaker laid liefore tb?- Hotue a c.wininnica tion fr?n J. A. Handy,le-ienieg his P'-lti -n aa one the 11 iirket c -Oimw^iOB; accepted. TIm- hill to prohibit tli^ conveyance of dead ani ti-?l? ihr. ugh the cities ot Washington and Oe->r?e t ? u unl??? th"r*.uglil> covered, was r t >iauiitt<-d. THE KESkH?KD -EATS B1LI.. Th*- H use then went iutu committee ol th- wli-de on the hill to regulate shown .itid exhibitiots in the -n'e or disposal of s.-atf, Mr. Taliafero in the chair. ( Th ? hill i-similar that introduced by Mr. Mur ray ii flo La-t Legislauire. and again on Uie tirst day of tbe pr>-*eiit -essoin, and prohibits the res rva lb? ol -eat- to be sold at an a.l\anc?d price after the opening of the entertainment. 1 Tiie bill was amended, bat with, ut coining to any conclusion on th" Ml!, th? committee rose. The till for ? new engine house for the -Henry A Id engine Oe< rgetowo, wan taken up, rt-a.1 a tliirdtinie, aud pass.-d. K'? lotions calling upon the Governor for a etate n et t of ill- :ini'xii;t of unpaid bill* approve?l b> the A'alitor and Controller uu<ler act of Janeii, lif:', and th" ati.ount of certiflcatesof itidehtedness iaetie-i nnd-r the a< t of Jil? 1U- ls71,aad the aiuauut reai lied thereon, were adopted tin motion of Mr. Clsgett, the Hons# w^nt r.nn n ittee . t the whole on the bill extending thetinj" for the payment ?>' spf-cial asae?uients, hat betore sin i-r gre? was mad" the rouimittee rone, and the U. i:se, at s p. m . tuljourn<d The Flala Markela. Alkxandria.? yuotationaot new flsh for this day. lumiched to Thi Star by George W. Harrison A ?>?.. wholesale dealer* in tt-U. Not. M King st.. St, 51, Sf> flch wharves, Alexandria: Sha-1. per hundred, ?9 i*i to#12.00; Herring, pei thousand. W 25 to *5: white percb, per bunch, .ti t? 25; rock, |ter bunch, 20 to 25; oltal.per bunch, In |.V Wa?"him?toii.?To-d?y. the following sales at the tisb wharves were" made to shi|>|>ers b> 11. A. Holder A Bro.; agents:? 6,oOrt from ail to ?'l; 40.0011 herring from #4 to ?ti; 25 starrcoi.-, from S2 to *3; M bunches rock, from to 30c. ? The Ftukkal of the late Col. John L. Smith whom* death wan noticed in The Star visteidav) took place this morning from St. l,?wr*tM-?'* Church, near .lessup's Cut, iu Anne Arur.dt 1 coutiIt, Md. A solemn requiem ma* was celebrated by He*. Father AUern. The remain* were brought to the city, arriving at out 11 o'clock a. m., and were Interred at Oak Hill cemetery, Georgetown. Dr. Alvord, C. K. Bishop. an<f C. C. Tucker, of this city, and Major l amed. M. Bannon, and .lame* A. Brnre. of Anne Arundel county, were the pall bearers. ? Okicck of the Boakd or PraLtc Works? Patrick Btennau hu been directed to put In a trap at the northwest corner of New Jersey avenue ami C >treetsoutheast,aud lava 12-incli pi i?e sewer on the north side of C street from sahl trap to the South Capitol sewer. Mr. B. It. Carpenter, snperintendent of roads, has been ilireeted to pat in a 12-inch pipe sewer On the Kelly road, aa reeomiuetled by several citi/efis In that locality; also, directed to put in an Is-inch pipe culvert on the Ptney Branch road in place of the old stone culvert, eaved in ?? Chris \hd Le*a," the new German dram* in wbich those two comical dialect actor* Baker and Farron are tbe ahining lights, was per ioral* d at Wall's opera house tor the first ti ta ins t night, and the numerous eneore* and hearty lan^liter of the audience proved that the new piece was greatly enjoyed. The songs and dances were particularly good. The diama ie a lively one. and, betng written solely to show oft the specialties ot the two principal charac ters. is not of much merit otherwise; but it will draw on account of the tun in it. ? l?r< rfe ok Divorce?Yesterday, in the equity court. Judge V.'ylie made a decree dt vorrit'K Virginia A. Williams from the bond of matrimony with T. Williams. The plaintiff charge* that she was atarried to defendant In April. UC2, and they lived together three months; that he committed adultery in April, K?. ami also at other times, and that they have lived apart since July lt>, 1372. Messrs. I.vni-li and Wedgewood appeared for complain ant. ami testimony- was taken bv K. F. Brown. ? Arke-t ok Ay Allk<?bu Horse Triek.? Yesterdav the |>olice were informed by tele graph that Mr. C- Hawser residing near Harper's Ferry. West Vs., bad lost a horse by theft, and the an'mai was supposed to have been brought to G<org- town. Lieut. Hurlev immediately coiLOi'inicated the fact to hisorticer*. and Oftl cer Cunningham arrested Henry Bidleyon tin charge, and tound him with a horse :or which it U alleged he swappe<l the stolen animal. He i? held till arrival wr Mr. Haweer, ? Colored Baptist.?The colored Baptist as sociation ot \ irginia met at the Prlncewsstreet Baptist church.In this city, to-day. A largt number of delegates frt>m all parts of the sUte are in attendance. The Southern mail boat that arrived yesterday evening was crowded with m< mbers of the association, male and fe male: the trains that arrived lu the evening also brought mane, and more are expected to-day. Manv of them are quartered in "Low's Build ing. ?A/ex. Gazette. 14/A. 9 Kxal Estate Sale*?Tbe following sales have been made since our last report: By Green * William, aacttORssrs Part of lot iu square 397. ia the immediate vlciatty of tbe City Ball, havlnc a front of 17 fee* by ? feet PX Inches in depth, contaimag about Ijm square fsat. at fl.MH per fc-.t, aiMoaatiag to Bl.ltf, to J. 1. Croastaau. Also. i?r W. J. llawa?k,T?as>n, lot 4, block I. nf ?all a Klvaas' snbdivision af the Meridlaa Hill pr.ipei t?. being W feat front, running la depth to nake KMt annare feet, for f MM, eabfset to a prior deed of trnatfor |Ht| s5. to |. w. Olark. ? . ? CastircRose A Dixby'r Mirstrel*, who are favomhiy remembered here for their excellent singtng and novel Ethiopian acts, will appear at Lincoln hall next week. They are now per forming at Ford's opera hoaae la Baltimore, ard the jmeriemm say* of them:?" Car across A Dixev's minstrels continue to draw very large houses-'The company embraces seme very good comedians and singers, and their performaneee are very entertaining.** ' # ' Bt ildirr permits have been Issued aa Al lows since our report yesterdayK. Hebeaer, onc-storv bake-bouse, 14th street, between P and J; northwest; A. Habl. additional story (brick! on boMS corner U?Ums ' 10th street northwest; Than, welch, frasse, hi street, betwoea D and E, r ? Ret rased from Jail?G. 1 was committed to Jailsoaaedavsst?ee,t the charge of larceny of books from the Oosi gresehtaal library, was released on Ms ova re cognisance by Judge MacArthv to-day. Limb Ampctated.?Mr. Joseph Walsh, who was badly Injured by tailing from the roof of his father's residence, 221 E street northwt-st, on Tuesday last, is still at Providence hospital. One of his legs has been amputated, an?l th^ surgeons expect to save the other. It was found that his skull was not fractured, and, with the exception of the injuries to his legs, there w*t nothing on other parts of his body mare seriou than bruises. THE COl'KT*. COURT IS GCNEBAL TERM -Yesterday, W. T. M'C irti tibd an application for a constable's position. J B. Outran Mprlisd for ndaiiseinn to the l>ar. Hnnfr ?gt. Cook; jadfcnieiit V-lo? alHriaM. POLICE COr*T, /?<*?<? Siull.?T>-day, Wm. F?trn?an, lend and bnteterons language: $5. Alfred K?t-tu*?n, tani?; Thomas 8cott, assault and (?attecf on fiarah H?? - ?10 and coots. Caleb Sears, awault snd battery on John Green, a cart driver; *1. * illiam Magrnder, assault sud battery ? ?nUrncie Ann M4utable Wood; $1 John Sann the m indows, in the nelghl*>r hood <>f F street east; Anna lntid and boisterous talking. Mary Jane 0'I*H1 testified that Anna came down to her all. v and g.eve ?ut word that ?h?- bad corns down to lick that ?, Mary Jane Ol'ell, and that she a ail prepared to meet her judge?m> aning Judge Sneil? hi rlw hud wtved up money en* ngh to Uck her, call iD| berbsd same*, which raised the whole alley. Aniia Lewis produced a wltnes* pro\in? an alibi that she who h<>m? nick under^he doctor's care Mid n>t ?ft of the linns* on the day stated, so the uj*? ?aspersed judtnicnt, and I' having been disco\er.-d that she is au important witness in the ca?e of high ?at r< bl>ery againot Hpider Brown and another col OT?d nau,(,i pal of Spider's,) now in jail to answer a rViargc, the jndg" committed her in default of ?Mas a witness. wm. Mason,colored,*i? c1? ?r?- d wi'bgrst.d larceny of a mnle from .Lanes d.'iifld-, ?alne? at tJltU The accused, it Is ai'eged, h?d l,eeti working f<>r Shields, bnt had been discharg e, and on th? niclit < f Monday, the 5th, took the mule fr >m the stable ofrouipiaini n', wiiiciili.e wai euaUedto do e?H 1), b< ing acquainted aith the pr-mists. Tiie d'Ctir?" reco erfd the animal and Mas >t< was com mitted f>r a hearing, the most important witnos* t>? i tig absett. Apfaiks is Lou do i* Covsty, Va.,?Lind Sal,A tract of 85 acres of land, near G'.in Spring, was sold on Monday, by Chas. P. Jan ney. commissioner In the "case sf McFarland vs. McFarlaml, for gfcOO cash. Chas. w. Matt'et, purchaser. Messrs. Harris and Noland. commissioners, sold on Monday last, to .ludge Fuller, of Wasli i rift on city the beautiful estate of N. T^ough benugh, efo., near Upper* tile, of 4o0 acres, known as "Kokeby," for ?43.35 per acre. They had previously sold lei acres of same tract at #.riO per aero, to Kobert Fletcher, esq., of Fau quier. AVm. Hoigh sohl a part of his farm ?fifty acres) near Httfeboro' to Chas. W. ISutts, agent of some gettleman in Maryland, at ?70 per acre. It Is said that the purcliwam intend to go to work at om-e, and develop tLe iron which exist* on the land, m great quantities, and oftke finest qualify. /neendiam'm?1On Sunday morning last, dnrin.i the aosence of Mr. C. F. McCoy front his house near Hatnlton depot, aa at tempt was made to burn <the property. Seme partiesoutKide were attracted by the smcke, and forcing the door, fonnd in one of the le wer rwms, a bed saturated with coal oil, and several crtfks and old chairs piled on top of it. A it at cli hf d been applied, and the flame* were making li>elv progress. A timely disctvery, however, prevented serious consequence. A negro woman in the employ of Mr. McC?*r, sus pected eft) e otlenee, wt?? arrested on Monday and carried before ?Instio': (.lore. We ka.e not learned the result of the Investigation. V\n/-T'yr'rf "We regret to learn that *te Kev. W itt. G. Cr?*s. of the- M. E. church. Sop h, who has been tn bad health tir some montk* past, was partially paralysed on Tuesday Koniiui; last, at the residence of Mr. Isaac Kawling. n> ar thi^ to-vn. and lies in a rather crtt. il con ditien.? L- ? <l>u r>t Mirror. Acrist of Col. De Si.ahc ash Othkr MiCsntTiTis m Lopmtasa?The f?iMowing persoiw* have been arrested by a 1 "nit*.! Stnto^ ?tarslial in Louisiana, on the atfida\it of V. Martinet, colored, charging them with intimi dating certaiu citiatens of Afrii'iaii il'Vtyjnt, and on other cht rges, which are left blank Colonel I>e Blanc, tlen. Alexander I)eclon?-t Gabriel Fon met, Htirsville Fonrnet, Zachary Fntrnet, Haul Fournet, Patfl Deck)net. LisaeJine Bri ant, Alfred I'lschicr, and Eugene Bertrand. They leave New Iberia te-day, with a l'nite?l States dcpttt\ marshal and au escorted 1'nited Stat?s troops, and will arrive in New Orleans to-morrow evening, and appear before the United States <oiumi^si?r.?r Saturday. It is reported that the United -States troop* (two companies) mw in St. Martiusville will remain there several months. lloKc>p.8or tue DkchisipCiillhiy I>i? ASTER?A Total nf S<ven>j/- f rf i.ivtt Lot'?The tire at the I>ruBimond colliery, Nova Scotia, continue* to bum briskly, bnt is slowly abating, all the openings being filled up, and a stream of water has been turned in an air shaft lately worked. Men who have escaped with groat difficulty from the slope report that on their way up they parted the bodieo of their noakrades, who had probably beceime stupefied by smoke. Since the exploi?i*>u none have come np alive. Of four men who volunteered to go down the shaft shortiy l?e<ore the second explosion, three were klllea. Several violent explosions took place Tuesday night. One was i^rceptihly felt four miles distant. The inquest commenced Tuesday. The number of victims will probably reach seventy-five. TBI RSFor.TKDCAttt 1ST VICTORY IN SPAIN A Ixjndon spectal to the New Vork Herald gives a rei>ort from the special corres|?otident with the Carlists, claiming a complete victory for the Carlists at Puerto, near Stella, in Navarre, Mav ">, when I?orregary was in chief command, with Kodas and Klios lieutenants. The battle ended with n grand charge of cavalry and foJt troops, which caused the government troops to break and fly in total rout. The Carlists cap tared ene cannon, four republican chief officers, and W men, and lost in killed ami wounded 130. The correspondent describes the battle as at first obstinate, but after the final charge was quickly decided. a* the foot troops did not at tempt to rallv. The Carlists numbered 3^10. The strength of the republicans is not stated. Tiie P*atii o* Iohacio Aohamowte, the ?'amous Cuban general ami leader of the insur gents in the Camaguey, as reported in our special dispatches, will prove a severe blow to the insurrection, of which he was one of the most gallant and successful soldiers. The im !>ortance attached to his death by the Spaniards will be seen In the fact that the Column Leon brought the voung soldier's corpse in triumph into Paerto Principe and exposed it publicly a* a sign of their prowess, and as a sign of the mis fortune that bad overtaken their enemies. It is another indication of how unmanly and inhu man the strite in Cuba has become.?.V. F. Herald, lltt. Presbyterian Uknki:al Asskmuly.?The General Assemblv of the Presbyterian Church of the United States will meet in the Central Presbyterian Church, comer of Saratoga and Liberty streets, to-day. The proceedings will be opened at 11 o'cloe-k a. m. with a sermon hv the moderator of the last assembly. Kev. Sam'l J. Niccolls, of St, lAHiis. In the afterinxni the officers will be elected. The last m<slerator being from the west, it is probable that the east will claim the office this Year. Itlssa'd that Philadelphia and New fork each have a candi date. The session of the general a?semi>ly will last about fifteen days.??>iU. Am<riraii, 1VA. The Turk The two-mile rate at Nashville, Tenn.. yesterday, over eight hurdles, was won bv Capiain Hutchinson, beating Km ma San som, Tom Corbett and Gltnrose in the order named. Tlnv 4.9*. Olenrose's rider was un horsed at the second hurdle. The two-mile dash was won by Eachre, beating Carrington and Flush in the order named. Tinin 3.4>^. The mile and a quarter dash was won by Port Leonard, beating Hoswell. The race at Lexington, Ky , yesterday, two mile heats for ages, |M, was won by Susan Ann, Extract second. Time 3.W, 3.;mt, 3-jt)^. Cattain .1 ack'* ' .:a*o? or Base.?A dis patch from Yreka last night says the Mo does are in another rocky fortress, which they are making still stronger. The troops will not at tack before the arrival of reinforcements. The new position Is about 2ft miles south of the last strongbeld. C. Burgess has seen Bogus Charlie on the upper Klamath, who said he knew noth ing about the contemplated massacre of the commissioners, and that there were 30 Modocs left, who woald fight until the last man was killed. Lieut. Hams died in camp, in the lava beds, Mat 11 Surgeon Semig is recovering Srir ?on Damage*?C. T. Dutrow, of the firm of Dutrow, Barry A Co., of Baltimore, hat. through his counsel, Col. E. C. Stuart, In stituted a suit in this city agaln? the A^and W. *. R- company tor damages. Mr. Dutrow s statement 1* that he was ejected yesterday from the ears between Alexandria aid Washington hy a conductor, though to offered the latter a ticket he had purchased at the oompanv's ticket office, bnt the date oa the ticket waa blurred? ?dlsaewdria (Fa.) garefte. AtLEOBD HmAVT F?ACDe IB BejSTO*.?J as A. Coe was arrested in Boston yesterday after noon, charged with raising railroad and other certificates, by which he netted about WOO,000. The Third National Bank loaned Coe SMUKW, taking as collateral a certificate tor two hun dred shares of Old Colony railroad stock, which Cue* to have keen raised from a certificate two share*. Coe U a member of the broken' board, and was formerly connected with the house of J. M- Fish. A Baltimore Wow aw ATTEwrre re Swoor Hn Uwcle?Mrs. Edmund McKee entered the store of Oswald Noack In Batttmore, yesterday morning, when an angrr discussion ensued. She alleges that Noack Is her oncta. and that hesedueed her some time since. She wasar rested and held ?sc examination. The affair considerable excitement. ForaTEan Bass were pat river at Casaberlaad, about It , aad now It is the finest Baes river in try. This Ml not only furnish tn the world In the catching, bnt i Iked for the table?leads** ( Fa.) OEOBQETOWN. SPK? 1AL MeKTIIMUF THK BOARDOF SCHOOL TRrsTRia?A special meeting of the board ot trustees of the Georgetown public schools wa> held last night at the i?o*t offlee building. on Congress Htreet, for the purpose of making ar rangements to pay the money now due tbe con tractors of the new achoot hoa< boililinf. Mr. Motlatt moved that a committer of one or two be appointed to wait on the Governor and con fer with hiin on thesubject, which was adopted, and Messrs. Hyde and Ounlap were appointed as said committee. Mr. Curti* called the at tention of tbe board to the fact that in some of the school* the teachers were in the habit of do ing away with the recess during the dally ses sion, thereby injuring the health of thescbolars. Mr. Hyde was Instructed to enforoe the rules in snch cases. On motion of Mr. Beall, the rat* of premiums tn the different trade of schools was fixed as follows: Grammar schools, *1.2% intermediate, 91; secondary, tfl cento; and pri mary. T-1 cents; the average being 97 cento, the same a* that of last vear. SrsPKSsioji ot vCork ow thr N?w School Horse?The contractors for construction of the new school building on '>1 street quit work on Satnrday last because there is no money to pay them. "This Is much regretted by th? citi zens of Georgetown, and it is hoped there will be no unnecessary delav in the passage of th<* bill now i>ending in t6e District legislature making the necessary appropriation to carry on the work, as the building ought to be coapieUil

this season. Krsi mftion of Work.?Col. Sam. Strong resumed the work of underpinning the build ings which have been raised in the vicinity of the market-house this morning. Now that wo have good wcathfr, it is hopal the improve ments in Georgetown will be pushed to com pletion. It is over twelve months since ?hn commencement of the work on High and Bridge streets. Riykr Vewa.-Ihe steamer Gcorgennna arrived to-dav from Baltimore with a oargi of general merchandise, including 1,000 bushels corn for Beall & Sh??em?ker, and the L*dy of the Lake cleared for Norfolk with a miscel laneous cargo. Fish Wharf The Teceipts of fish to-day were very large, amounting to 80,000 herrings ami wo ?had. The herrings sold at S2.50 to S'l per thousand, ami t*.e shad at #li per hundred. Grain Trad*?The schooner Tbos. p. Mor tal! arrived to-day from Alexandria with 5o0 bift-hels wheat for Hartley & Bro., and canal l?>tit BratilieUl Hartley with 3,7f?0 bushels wheat tor the same; also, canal boat Andy Jokn?on with 2.1W) bushels wheat, 65 barrels "tlour and *00 bushels mlllfeed, for J. tl. Waters. The sales on 'Change to-day were 6,:V*> bushels i>rime red wheat, at ^l.*",^ to 92.0C; ijino bushels good ?lo., *l.!>2 to 91.99, and l,'tJ3 bushels do., at 91>3Jt to Nkw Yoiik Dry Gooiw Market. ? There was agnin a spasmodic trade movement during tbe past week. When the weather wwremarfca blv favorable a fair dWiributton of goods was made, I-sit as wet and unseasonable days pre dominated. tbe aggregate transactions of the week were not entirely satWactory in voiume, and le* so in the pro'tts resulting from fiiem. Tbe break in the print market, which com menced just before onr last re view closer, cul minated In almost a general decline in the price of these leading staples, and following so closely upon the break in sheetings ai:d si irting, created a feeling of distrust in tlie stability of the mai ket, which was intensified in the course of n few days, when rolled Jaconets tumbled down to f , cents, a figure which bwnot been rea bed in many months, an 1 altogether dl* prif Kirtioned to the cost of the good*. Of course, the extremely low jobbers''niotatkms tor rolled jactmcts l:ad the effect of giving at. immedi ate and brisk impetus to their distribution; hut the other reduced good.- did not participate in the excitement, ar?i although a sb-a^v deipamt ensued, there w-ns no disposition to invest beyond the alrtost immediate rwqwireni'-nts of theitrade. Bnsinea* has been exceedingly dull with the lni|s>rters since eur last review, and there has be?jn a lack ot" animation in all braijrflics of tin* trade. The importing business may nr>w be looked upon a* over for the *?a*oa, which iia? probably prM'Sl the least remiiue rative-fver known, owing to various disturbing t liUfi.ts.?N. Y. f*s?7<f A Hi?;ii-T<i>k? K??i:oi-it .Si-utkncfd to TwRjnr Ykap.s.-a t?1 distcitch to the Cincinnati Gazett ? n.-n; I.onii.ille, May 12, sa\s: Tl?e case of Hubert At*ssl, charged with heavy forgt rk* lust aatninei, was called in the cirruit court t<r <lav. There n?*re tnrty In dictment*: against bur., and the forgeries Hmnuntsd to aliotit three hundred thousand dollars. pleaded entity to ten indictments, and the jury tixed the poaalty at b*o years in the penitentiary in each eaae, making a term of twenty y?ar?. The other thirty ridictmciit* were dismiss.<1. The popular opli.ieii seems to be that he should suffer the full penalty, but, on account ?f bis former high standing as a business man, an elder in the Presbyterian cburcli, and his wealthy connections, it is thought that a strong effort will be made to obtain his pardon. VHcrlin is to have a popular moral theater, whatever that ia. retired mendicant in liolvoke, Macs., has paid ia?:,0oo cash lor a house and lot. ?y Goshen, Indiana, elected a " wilikey straight alderman," at a recent election. ill n.M. UoMTS, SHOES, ill ^ AMD ^ GAITERS, AT LOW PMICES. RTKiSBlRGER BRO.'S, 906 SltVKMU STREET, BKrwrBBI I AN'j 11, Hare n * on hand a full line of BOOT9, HHOES GAITERS, 8LIPPKKS, and LOW TIE 8II0CS. fir Indies, gent's, and ehiljren'i wear, whicu they will sell retail at wholesale price*. Children's and Misses Colored Shoes, at m tnuUc turers' prices. Ladies' low price Gaiters and Slippers fur hous? comfort, a specialty. Ladies' Slippers, fr ri cent*to ?3. Ladies' Gaiters, fruoi q! to $J.90. Gent's Bigots, from fZ SU to #?. Genius Shoes, from 25 to %o. Please call ai?d examine, and you will save 26 per cent. BTRASBCRGKR BRO d, ml3-lin 906 Seventh street. ]\JETliOrOLITAN DOLLAR STORE. A FULL STOCK OF THE FOLLOWING REMARKABLY CHEAP HOODS HAS JUST BEEN RECEIVED. OS EXAMINATION THEY WILL SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. Gent's Tine Linen Hemmed Handkerchiefs, Sfor $1. Biown ? iick Towels, 1,4 and 3 fy r $ 1 Extra Fine Dsmaak 4o.,3for #1. Gent's Fancy Ralf Hose,3 pairs for tl. Geut's Best British do., S pairs for *1. Second Quality British do , 4 fairs for *1 Gent s Liaht Merino and India Gsu/.e Shirts, *1. Splendid suspenders, 50 cents and 91. 150 Styles of Fine Canes, HI each. fob English and French Hair Brnshes, 91. English Shawl Straps,50cents and ?!. Ladies ready-made Garments of all kinds, made of the best Muslin, and well ae?ed,al one dollar. Superior Bias Ticked Shirts, at St. Flue Hemstitched Bandkerehiefi, 4,3 and 2 for SI M'>uriiin* d?> , 3 and 2 for ?1. 3 pairs Ladies' or Children's full regular made Hose,for gl. Children's Striped full regular extra long II Me 3 pairs for 61. Solid Walnut Square Picture frame, with glass and back,size8x10, 50 cents. * Fine Oval Frames, ?0 cents and fl. Six Fine Plated Knives,for (1. Splendid Satchels and Baskets, 91. Small Willow Work Stands. 91. Children's Roekers and Chairs, 91 Ilandsome Jardibiers and Va<-e*,at 91. Fine 011 Chromos in (olid Walnut Frsme*, at 91 each. Roll Plate Bracelets, Setts, Rings. Tharm?, Chains, Chatelaines. Necklaces, ?c ,at *1 each. 50U Styles of Rubber and Jet Jewelry, at 91. ALL THESE AND A THOUSAND OTHER ARTICLES AWAIT YOUR INSPECTION. METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORK, IIS SEVENTH STREET, mlitr near Penney lvanla even as. f) I ? I 0 L 0 T_I 0 M . WasSlMdton, D.C.j The copartnership heretof El phonao Toun^s and WW, copartn Mas will collect m. fo* their llb rw?ectfell, TOUVOS. Dva: avs? amr 11U at. CITY ITEMS. CtKCIWBATI LaUIR ABD BCCK BEER OB draught at Geo. W. Driver's new 'ample room*, corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4 * street. 13.5 Reaper. you can save moaey by buving rftnt Clothing or Shirt* from Noah Walker ?& Co. Tbeir establishment us located jn the Arenac, No. 411. GriHHiv* Porter sud Ba.v and Enooop A Co.> English Ale on draught at Geo. W. Driver'* new sample rooms-, corner Pennsylvaniaavenua and 4\ street. l\i Fisk Jet Jewelry, Fine French Gilt, Fine Plate-1 Jewelrv, received at Prigg's Jewelry S'Ore, No. 437 Penn sylvania avenue, near \yt street. Jmvo, Rmamtes, Cocktails and other pre scriptions carefully compounded by Geo. W. Driver ami his corps or efficient assist ants at the new Mmple rooms corner Pennsylvania avenue aud 4;t street. 15,5 Perfectly Fittibu Skirts. 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Banking toon, 9 to 4. Saturdays, 9 to 4 and 6 to 8. 2ZtS,14tl9 ? Tunonrm aad Barometon are repaired and made to order by Hem pier, near 4g street. Devlin Ji Co., NEW TOSS JUERCHAMT CLOTHIERS. THE LARGEST VARIETY OF GOODS FOR GENTLEMEN'S WEAR IN AMERICA. ALL THE NEW STYLES AT ntl-1-1r 1113 PENNbYLVANIA AVIJTUB. Old, J \ New, x?i.4t*>s paper hangings, l.v 7t| 8t.\ (Tia At. MOW OPEN AT MARKRITER'S, No. 43V 7th street, between D and B streets, light doors above Odd Fellsws' Hall, PAPKBHANGINGS of new and stylish (U?i?as of the best fabrics and II ni*h, selected with due regard to harmony of celor, durability, richnms an<1 econo my. A large ?>rti<>n made specially to order, ?-m bracing beantifnl stripe and other designs in Oilt and Plain Colors, appropriate fur drawing rooms, Ac.; 10 and 40-inch plain tints for fanneling with gilt rod or flninhing plain, with a fall line ot medium aad low-priced Papers, patent and perfect represen tationa of Wood and Marnl?,for panneling balls and vestibules. BORDEB8 in Gilt, Velvet and Gilt Imitation Fresco, and Common; Center Pieces, French Fir*board Prints, Ac., making the largest and moat complete assortment in the District. WINDOW ftHADKS. New designs, different sizes an1 colors; also. Plain Goods In Pearl, Chocolate, Lavender, Green aud 8tone Colors for awaking into Shades. Shade* made to order. PICTURE PRAME8. Solid Oval, Walnut and Gilt, and all Gilt Frames from 3x4 to 9x30 Inches. Jfax Oval Frames for Wreaths at cost. A beautiful selection of Freach and American Gilt and Velvet Frames for Iaorytype and Porcelain Pictures. Card Frsaies in great variety. mmes made to order. PICTURB CORD AMD TASBBLS from Card to Portrait Bir.e, different colors; also. Gold Plated, Tinned and Wire Center Picture C-Td. very superior goods; Porcelain and Brass Head Pic ture Malls, Rings, Screw Byes, Ac. PAINTINGS. BNGSAVINGS, CRROMOS, Ac. A limited, but choice, selection la appropriate frames always in store on exhibition and sale. Chromos and Engravings ordered. Orders far Paperhanginjr, Window Shades or Pic ture Frames punctually ftQsd sad satisfaction guar anteed. Terass cssh reme?by n??Y jftARKRlTERi and aumbsr _ 43B7thi " Do? ~ MIRbtssm, nearlllheMteHrih KE WORMLBI* P1CTOBAL 8TSUP, OOUOHS AMD OOlsBS. MOLV Mr ALL MNSilK. Br* SBMM.tly Tohth ? lup^rutl Coat A A and Veat to matchT It 1? artn^lm! tj all aud tohssasasgA.STRAPS',lull }>a.are.,??>?! ass (VOW ?M BXH1BITIOM, the boa sa #hhe C^ ogyg ,nI *?11 Georgetown Advertisement*: || w. mow .v * BOOKSELLER AXB STitlOXEK, JtfS BfciDGK SIREET, GEoBGETOMIB, D C. I havs thii^iv e??M * fclO 'K 9T0BB ?( th? and would solicit a liberal ahare ?t ik? >'hk? pul lie. P?nicu1 ?f Kt?iai ? will be paidtrtfc* Pook and Stationer* departtuen ? , a-d mii?fnt. n ia prica Kuaratte?1 1 aa aue tloilB(niitalltli*>l^ uf She*t Mn*ir ->f 'k? lk'? bonae ?f Pu? A at on^-balf price. C*H and txmiiot. ? IS *t |JY Til OS. DOW LING. Auctioneer, Gevi<etv? ? tllANriRT SALBop r7T*K"RTAPLE ?HM* DWELLING HOI 8B ON PROSPECT M EIKT, GEORGETOWN. .??> By virtn* of a decree of lb* Supreme ('?tr- >f the Diatrict <?f Colombia. pa?e J 10 cau*e X ?. 11.V, Speiden Maha?-?i) ?'t *1.. I will w*Ha 1u fr. lit .f tbe premises, on sATl i.DAY. the lTtn day i.f Mar. A. D DCS, at *S oYIck p m . rart of L i Ku. 17, old Georsretonw. beginning 4"S T'-et frt m High *trnet. <?n Pr?? pert *lree?. an 1 rnn mnc tbenc.- west 1> feet. thence south UP feet;tb> iice eaat lr fret, and thencr north to tlx- l??iuuine. The property it that lately occupied by Joha Mahagan. No. 41 Prrep?ct strret.and i? improved with ac? fortable 3-story rrtax1 Dwelling U u?*. Terms .-f * ale: One-third ? a?h, reaidue a? 6 and IS m< nth*. with iDt?rwt at I percent from th? day ??f aale.^AU deposit when the property I* Anil k off Conufuicilf at exp*t!*e of aim haser. FRED W JONEft, Traat**. b.9 dta THOMAS DOWLING, Auct r. ( Oeorgetown Pimrter S | |JY THt'MAS* DOW LING. Auct . Georges*~ CHANCERY SALE OW~PBICE HOI'SR *NP rHKMl>Es ON HIGH STRKET IB GE"BGE TOW N. IB) *irtne of a decree of tb? Supreme C mrt of thie DUtnet, pan M ia cnuae No. 3.1M. Bherly ,-t al v*. P'ag gender et'al . 1 will eell In front of tbe permi*ea,on SAT! RDAY, Ihr ITth daf of May, A. D. 1873. at ft oWock p in., part of L'-t* No*. 10 and 11. Old Getuvetown, fronting *'?*? IikIin on HifliolrM.wilh a depth of IP* feet ani one-half ilkh.heiN the property lately belonging to and occupied by El" rW. The property i* ?ti the eaat *id* of Righ?tr*et. nearly opposite the end ? f Pr?fp?ct atreet, improved wiih a large two ^ory brick ft.?ee. Tirw a?prescribed by the decree : One-third c%*h. the re-i.lue at# and42 month*. *ith interest a* H per fi-lt from Ibe day of ?ale, ?rh the op i-n to the pun baser to pay the ? b< le ia c??h. *XI 4*po?it wbenthe property ia atrnek ? ff. Conveyancinji at expebae of tbe purchaaer ANTON KBKRLT. Tm?tee. THOMAS DOWLINU, n<9-d 4 Goorc-town Conri?'r Anctiotieer |f Y THOMAS DOW LING. Aocfr; tie. r?etown IKISTEE S BALE OF VALl ARf B BEAL ES TATE IN GEORGETOWN, U C eBy ?irtuaof a 4eed of true! from Charlea T. Ednioncton and wife, trade January 2*tb, 1?7U. and recorded anone?t ih<- lanH record* >f -aid Cittticl in Lilwr S^HS. fuliu 313,*l at the re<|ceat of th? party aernrad ther^'j-, 1 will i>lf"r for tab'at pr.wt. H<irtS 'n, on THl'BSI?A f. the H J I of May, lsJ, at 4 o'clock p m., in front of the pretn i?? . all tbat Lot Groaud in OvorMnwn af >re> said, known ai.d Acarrib-d a* tbe ?<'Uth?rn part ot kit No 61, in Peter B-atty, Thrtlk -ld, and D'-akm'* a<tdttion to aaid tu?n; taiil part ba^Iiuca front of t'nirty-two feet ?>n tbe weat ?ile of Liucan atreet. b?t*een la? ?n"l Pr -pert utr^tii. and rnuuiuii bark of that a idth to th'- rear The property i? impr V',l b> a ?uln>tantial Frame Daellinc rec*ntl) repairel Temie: Or-e-f. nrth <<f the purcbaa*- Money . a?h. and the reaidrie tn ?i?. taetke, anl eighteen ni nth*. for atiich te>te* beariuc *lt p?r cent. int<-re?t from the day of ??le chall be given, to ba aecured t>y a deed of trout of the premiae* The teriu* of aal - ninat romp'ied m itli within fonr day* att-r day aal<-. or th? property shall l.- reaold ?t?>n Ore dirt notice at the ri*k and coat of the dofauiMi.* pur chaaer. All con< e\atirine at buyer*" coat. A de ? j... i __ w* .-U/Vt? V '*1 . A ?l potlte of &)U/ will be re,in:ra?i at the cbwe of *ale I Iti7 | CorrieiJ ?H1 (L" : A"TON, Trnatea THflS WiWLISO. Avt. T TBOMAS DOW LING. Auctioneer. 13* BridK? atreet, Georgetown. B _ TK18TEK "PALE'P VAl.l'ABI.E MILL PAOP EUTY IN ti?OBGETOW N,D.C. jM, By virtin- f ad'-ed 'f t'ttxt.duly rw r 1e<l in C3 Ltl?-r N. C T. No 34, folio m7, Ac ,of th- lar.,1 ?s*r?*,,r,;, ,,f the I?i?tri<-t of Colombia, and at the re.jneat of the parti'* ?ecnr?*U thervby, the und'-r aiKn<-d, a* tru?tee, * ill ..ff.-r f ir *a'.e at pub ic anc tion, to tin hiifhoat beider. at 4 3# o'cloca p m.,. n THl'RSDAY. May 1*. 1S7J, on the premie, all th real ?*-tate menti'-ned and dearribod and c,.nv. \?d in raid <k-e.| <>f tru*t, and tb-- bnildirg-. jrupr n >-niei,t?, rich'*, * a> *, and appurtenance* to the *anie b-l inff liitr, tK-iiig a portion of ground ntnaie-l at the north east corner of tbe intersection of Water and Puto. mac atre.-t*, in G>^'T*etown. In aaid Di*tricf, of ahich a part front* <4t feet on Water ntreet. and e? ti| <l* ba> k n"rth of that width <1 fe.-t. and Hii .Sh-r part nd.ioii.a the fnru?-r part ?? the north, and front* 9u 5 12 feet on Potomac atreet. extending back <-a-t of width 71 fi t to an alley, improved with three large three-sioty brick building*, n w occupied a- a |?pet tnill. T'ttn*of aale: One-third ca*h; balane# in two (S) notea.if ?.|ual anoimt*. payable re?p.-,-ftvely in one and two year* alter d?te. with im-re-t at *i* p-t c.-nt. per annum, interest pay aide (e ini amiuallv, a>eiireil by a need <<1 trn?t np<.t? the premiaea a?!4; 426n to be paid at the time of *?le All c?nveyanciti* at piirehaaer'* c>*t. If the tenu* of aale be n<>( cont pli'.l with within *tx <61 day* from tbe time of aale, the property will be a*dd at the riak and Cvarf of the defaulting purchaser. ED PHOEMAEER. Tru*tee. THOS DOWLINQ, Anct r. Dry ?ooi?b at p<?pi lar prices. Fur GOOD B A EG AIN8 be *ure to go to BENJAMIN M1LLEB, 101 Bridge atreet, Oeorgetown. Japanese Poplin* at M and Mr ; Japanea* 8ilk(, 50c , 76c., (1: plain Dre*? In all the new color*. Kc., vJnc., <Uc - Black 8ilkifrom fl JSto S3; Black Grenadine* from Sr. to #1; beautiful Plaid* for children. 16c ,?r., ?c.; Victoria Lawn*, ?tc , JSC., Sc.; Pianea, Wc , 25c . 37c., Mr.; Black Alpaca* and Mohaira, a anlendid ?luallty. aa low a* 80c. Clotba, Ca*aimer*. Linen Drill*; alt the norel tie* in Para*ol*, one caae more of the aplendidtt Bleached Cotton. lHjt. apSS tr I^EADT FOB THE EPB1KG TBAdIT With a fnll corpa of flrat claaa workmen, a cow plete atock of the beat foreign and domestic Dye Stuff*. Ac.. Ac.. I am fnliv **' Ac ' *f,; to VUMI UK SICOLOB LADIES' AND GENTS'8PBINO AND SUM MEB WEARING APPABBL, promptly and^m ^ PREMIUM STEAM VYEiyu aJu SCnCK INQ WORKS, _ ESTABLISHED 1*31. Premium awarded W67. Office,?? Jefferson at ,Georgetown. D. 0 Pot Office Box 783. ap7 tr THE TRADEa JToiiet of HrwiMU. THE LUMBER BUSINESS, HERETOFORE COXVUCTEO BY THE I'.V BERSIUKED OS SIXTH STREET, SEAk MISSOURI AVENUE, AND B STREE1, BE TWEEN SIXTH AND SEVENTH STREETS NORTHWEST, WILL BE LOCATED HERB AFTER AT THE C?f. ?f uth street u4 ?kle ive.i. v. mft-lm MATH L I. FIQITT. to HEBAIG A LAGIBPL'SH, Succeaaora Unit Hoialck, PRACTICAL C0PPBESMITH8, 407 F atreet, aM-lm* Between Sth and 8th ata. northwei CHA8c5^^ak AND BUILDER. B14 C atreet aouth east. All orders " ? 1 to on Mnntly at alt-lm" A^JOHbPo'HOQAN.TIS Market Manufacturer of AWMIHGB, f<y Storsa. City and pLUMBUie AMP QAB-Wmjno: T1>o*e desiring to ban their Plumbing and One Fitting dons in n neat and substantial ? ? - vTi 5?. jy****}1* nbonld leave their ordacs i ly Pennayjvania avanns. Capital HU1. W. BOTH WELL. I I. TOETftR, CAR PENT/IK. BVILOBB. 1 44 BOOKS, STATIONERY, TUB A M IKK'Ak UB>PPElM?W?tcr ??. rMC< ? rent*, r*e1>?| and f-r ? *!? I,a STlM'KMAl A SO>. 4?*Mi lor Diatrt. < t r.>. wf >.k ?ortli?wi. ftow ,.f| A1(^ all the ae? K.~ k>, hrtM..!**,' ^r ' '1 ??? ?ortmrat of Wati -aery, Picture, r? ?* ***?*"?? Ac. "**r_ THE BOYAL DIADKM. A N E W 3tl'?l<9 BOOK ?TUr tod Profit hi Mr 0*r4*(: *>T !?? he Y"*np Mechanic. ? Pract .-*1 Treat lae lie Ot hat Girl*: fry Mr* Whitney II '*oir t4 a Brother, Th <tn a* H Q(kM Literature ai.d D- CM. fry Mat hew Am. Id. < r.-..ii' t ?l allprlcaa. Afoc) for millP OL1M *M BALLANTYNE. Vl-tr 1(9 ;ik unr I L 1ST or SEW BOOKS AY M1ILLIM.TOVS BOOKtTORK. Co Old E ?ntdnfton. Mi*? Thafkerat, The Old C< uiii?? A ?n'm-I to "Lord II i? 4 Ckok*.'1 Br Mr*. Ann 8 8:. ph-na.^nHb r . f 9> Ullietu l*ll*ur A ' ot* flMMl Bad TM?. r?. ?r. I B> the author of '-PWaAaaT*' u I "fudn TiroTlMi." Ti* l?b?t Girl*. Br En. Wl<iia?r, aih^r .4 1 " W* Oirln."' A Ttlrlkinn, Bv Ju*tin McCarthy. NReni<-,l:e?. f>?r April, ICS. I vuna M?n "f Great B. nam. A j >or*al .4 tm *> iii< *i <1 -?< >liwrature. Inilatd. A v utif fetitl.*aian '* .? m nal of pP"Tt,fnn aixi I iter a* Mr* A I'ay ? Mi I bar lev Dickeita. K ii< >ni riiillumW. B> Bnlwer. F?tn Ballad* "By Will. Carlrto*. |Hr?? i A larr *?ock of BLANK PA-? H inK1 ami BfcMORANDCM l?eM?K??. N'?T?; P\P?:K, LET1 ER T * '"SS*. and HLMISi)C i,i ? t > repr loweai ^ricea. h. 4 ir ^GRICLLTCRAL ROiiEs Jobnaton^ Acrirnltaral OniMn |l n American Garden* r* A**tataal . J m Allen a A bit ican Farni B >4 ... f '4 Het>dera?n'? Gardening for Pr >8? ....... I .<) Warinc'a D>aiuliacfor Pr? ?tr and Utailk 1 Pi. Her * Sw.a'l Print Cnlturiat I M Pnll? r'* Orapr Culture I SO Pit* a 8. uth~m Aprl- Cnlturiat I "S Wrifhl'i Practical Pwiiltr* Keepar._ 1 <<U Langatroth on the H >ney B*>a J ?i Randall % SVk-?t H??liar1r) 1 .VI Hor*a Ownera' Oy<l<piadia 3 7< Y uatt on the Dnf I 78 All tlw cm b.iuk* r?c*4?ad a* ?>i a* nUmM by BK'HAin B BOBlTK A CO., aS-tr l>l 4 Pi uiit mwii, c rnar IHh ^0|ICB 0'HW.ttA5?.?iIW!8R.r" Pirat claa* mtmdm al fair arioaa. for cWh. UTB#GIUPH1MO, KKbBAVIHO, PBINTIBU ABD BIMMNU IH.KB TO OBVEB. Tba petite ara lavMad ?u_rall_an<l ntnm* ^ ?.*k. BIN. P PBKN< H. Cn4?r Rat local MatroynlMak Bai k, iiaKtdoario J?r Oo. kaAO- ?, ir||.if W aablnrton. P 0 STEAMER LINES. Animor li>e atcamkbb, !?all tr'<n< ri?t?'.Smli Y 'I. F.VtHY WKI?BBti|>AY A?t> SATCKI?\Y. TIm* t>aa-rn('T arr 'tmn >lvi :ia o? BtiP?B>-ra uC thia li??* trp am arp?a -I for ? l. g?nr?? and c?iiiifi>rt. Cal iii *tai>-1 r.? cii npprr drrk. thu" *?< n*-'-* Ii/hi"^*" ? ml v^. tilation. R* T E 8 OP TA8S\UIC T<? ULA8GOW, LIVERPOOL OR I.ORl><?Mi|CKKt . SmI rl'mrr"!i. VFtJ ?:.r.i,rii. O' ld . I nrr u. y . C*b'?>? ?9Tt atid f18. (7} and * .3 Cabiu Mnni lii kt? wiiriin I'rut ac? ..mni<il?t ion. ?1*V ....<110 8t?-?-ra(??, curieucf, %Si. IV rtifkoato* I.Tw.iti' Tr in am a^H^-irt '?r railanv *tati>? in Otaal B-itain. Ireland or tl. C u in mat KTti a* low aa Bt am otmcr F'K-t <l?-- i nr. P. r paaaag* arpl- H KS l?K U*? ?>i HKMTII KK^. 7 b wlin* Or*?r. N. T .to r i aMMA' K. 14- ( P ?t. n. w.,?.r M 11.1,1 V I'O., I* mi, av.-i n>n ? . A??*'i??. WaahlQfft' a. tut l,th.*.Vn JEW EXPKKtW LINE VIA CANAL, ?KT*rr?^i N pbiladelpbia, ALKXANDBIA.TA . "li-u INGTON AMD GEORGETOWN, V C. aaiLi?0 nar*. Prod Pi*rt. Norlh Wh?Ha>,Phll ?, UEPNE^DAT Mid BAT I'RrAY, at 18a. Pr.?n ?9 Wat?r Htwl. 8??f|?oni, D. 0., TC t8? DAY and SATURDAY, M It) a n Thia lina cf rswta at Pbl!ad?-lpht? wftti ? Clrdf^t Iron Lina'" of ateanari- for Pr..v:J. iic?-, B at u a' || New England 8*mt"? No wharfaca In B.?a ?n t>r thialiuf G. P HYDE. Af-nt f?.r D <4 0. VM. P CLYDE A CO . I??, lade.phta. P A KKID Alaiandria. Va. WALDO A. PEARCE.M ConyraM Straat B low. ?^Pralght* dalitarad b* E*|?r?? Or.lar? l< ft at G*-naral Office. MX P?nn*\lrania av*Ma. or at ikMtauirr wbait will fre pruBiptly att?<id-4 to. a (J ^yAUHIKOTON^NO^PttUI. BOSTON AND Tb? ?*?> Iron BtM^a'^LADT OP TBB LAEB hai '.nar raaoniad bar rtfttlar trip* ta Norfolk,will leave bar wharf, foot of 8tb Bfrart, rrrry "bondaV TUl'KfDAT, at S p. ?>., toaohiucat principal B'*ar Laadmc*. c nnact.ii* at Norfolk with St-an-hip of tba B. and M Llna for Boatoa and Pro-. d?nca. Praigbt abould ba addraaa-d "car* at Lair 4 tba Laka. via Norfolk." Branch ticket ..fflca at Raoi1* ?*?raaa OBIca.MS Panuarlranta arauw*. T. B . CBOITB, Arent. (l-h-aT"a? wharf. DORSEY CLAGBTT, G-uerai Acant. wl? Plat t'a 8?nra. U li at. %f 6 Pa aa*. Ql'BABO LIBS. TBE BRITISH AND NORTH ABERIf'AB BOYAL HAIL 0TEAMSHIPB, ?ETWEEB NEW TORE AND LIVERPOOL. CALLING AT CORK BARBOB. PROM BEW YORK. Ale arte- Wad Mar 14 'kwl*. Wad Ma> 21 *Owl>?__W ,-4 J ilia' ? '?cotia Wed. JlHM- II Baia\ ia.?Sat May IT Calabria. .Bat... Ma\ 24 Partbia .....Bat... Mat it Kaataria .....8<?* June 7 Abra>lnta. .Bat... I'm U 8o But carry alaara?a paa Aad a vary loUawlag WEDNESDAY tod 8 A TUB DAY fro? New York. Ban* or Paaaaai.?Oabla, IB, BMK aud AIR) ?ild, according to accamnoaatlon. ticket* u. Paris, ?M, aoM. addltljnai.rf*^^ Return tickaU oa favoratte km Btaarafa, |B, currency Btoera|tUck?tifr?B Urwyool aat atid all parte of Europa, al lowaal rati Ml la of ladlnc riraa to Belfaat, Glaarow, Batra, Antwerp and otaar polata on tba Coatinaut aaA lor Baditarrauaaa porta. Por fraicht and ca' ia paa Mga,apply at tba Ootapaay% ofllca. Bo. < Im|m Oraaa,for ataara^a paaaafa, at Bo. ill Bi-adwaf Trinity Baildinf. CBAB. O PRABCRLTN. A|ar.N-? York. OTIS BIGELOW, Apiit, awalh-ly Washington, P. O. # MERC BANT-8 LIBB OP mTKAMBBIPB. PBfwmB* WA8BIBGTOB and bbw yobk. JBgraafUr tfra Aaa Bt.a?hlpi B O.KBIGRTi JOHN GIB80B will Makaraf " trip* bat wee tj NEW TOBK, WASHINGTON aad i follow*:?Laaaa ] ?^Tr. lehta (talirared by Rnos^ Bxprea*. Or der* left alGeaeraJ Office, MX Pennsylvania ara nna.or at tba staaaaer wharf will ba protaptly at* tended to. Ml-tf 4. V. THOMPSON. GROCERS. ^ B. O'HAEI ft RUB, 181S 7tm BTEEET NORTHWEST. (Between H and B *te.l SOAP I BOAPI1 Proctor A Gamble's celebrated Cincinnati Ottra BOA P, the beat la the market?W caote per youm; BOA P. tbe beat la the market bar, 8**c. by tbe boa of to lb*. HAMS. Ac ? gm I*. - pbbbb oathbel. LIQUORS! LIQUORS! t OHM?r WHIBKT. Old Oablaat WB1 California B P 8WBET CATAWBA W1BB. Par* SWEET CIBBB. Philadelphia ALB aad POBTBB. C. B. ?EAEE AMR, aM I8??7tb*k. a.w.,1 F kttVI! HMCMJfMV UJHMCT Prtoe* of BUGABB a?d TBAE all CATAWBA WIHB, Yail*p 1 WOBPBB of tba 18th ynwiffat 8ALCB.

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