Newspaper of Evening Star, May 16, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 16, 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR. rvMtahH ItUfi Butayi tiMftci, AT THE STAB BUILDINGS, ni mm sra iimra otvast. THB BTBHINS STAR la im?< t* cwrtm to ik?ir at Tm Cmti rit wiu.oi fvtn F->rm C**n rn 1*?*tb. Oopie* at the connter Two Cum *aeh. Br MlMto* ? ifcg, S1JB. ?3.80; cm r?tr, ??. THB W1UIT PTAR-Pnbl1?ft^ Friday?flJB ir?*r. ITlraltUTtarinDMttiWUMM.tat BO KIW MBt loager than paid for. BANKERS. | tMIS JUH>?U> k to., banksss and rr ?i frs in foreign and DOMESTIC IXCHASGK, Have REMOVED to their n?-w B ??kfn* H-mar- ?? ^ ^ rvr of luih *tre-t ?r.<l P -ubnylvMit ?>ha on th^*ite fonucrl) '<tapird by tii?m. iui3 lUt oT" ? IUELOW. Bunker, ? 4.1 D STREET, NE\R SEVENTH, P?T? INTEREST OB DEPOSITS, make* COL LKCTIOBS, and tr?r->aila all busia-* connected wi?t Btnkinc. a pi \y g 4 .1 II I .1 U M O II S E J. H. 4QCIER fc CO., 1446 PENNSYLVANIA AVBNl'I, Off.-lll WlLLAID'e HOTll, WASHINGTON, D. 0. 9 ||rr wnt. iattest paid on leposxts. Wlinv iiin-lf ei?rywhcr>-. IV p. eita parab'e on Vn.iiid. Pay of offleera In Ik* Arm) ? ??f "l in a;Mr r. bhuuh t vu, ? Broker, Bo. 939 Pnut. ave., E^a 9, Waehiagtoo, D. 0. 9p?Ual attention gitrn to inveetment la ? Uea ?Urii:k'ii t-> arcuriti-** now offer?1 at pricea wktch wi'l m> MtoU p-r cfnt. in ?m<>ante and -f iea?lh of tino-to?uit uivest-r*. 3?f?,r> liabl-. pn>flt aMf and ar., n.akins them la every respect FIRST CLASS SECURITIES. Befera by yfTmimoii to Li-wii J.hnaon 9 Of., Waahinct' O D. C.: M-aea Kelly. E?<j., 0a->hi*-r ?a*tonal IB-t ro?>lif an Bank, Waahln?ton, DC.; Ho*. J M Br?dh?>?? I, Second Controller, Waehing toa, f* C., Edward Clark, Ea^, Architect U.S. Oap Mnl, Waehirigr n. D. C. marl7-lm 'J"HB BATIONAL BAKE ?F THB BEP0B1UU A (Corn* rot 7th and Datreeta,) OPEN FBOM If A. M TO 1 P. H. jKff lj CHAB. BRADLEY, Caahler. rEEBlM AMERICAN BAVINOS SANK. U Bo. frl? Sicvc^m Sixty, Omiw (At Post Oft* Utrwrtwimt. boar*: 9i. a.to4f. a. Saturday* open bb tUB p. m ,U> receive depnaita only. Intrrtet paid on depuaiU. Collection* made and ?BCkange furni?L,d. JOHN tilTZ. Pr-aident, A. EBERLT, V. Pre*T, . F.MATT1NGLY Jec.,C. B. PBEETISd.Caah'r R? THB fREEDBA.I't lAVI.lOB AND TRl ST ? OMPANYT^ ling Hune. No. I4U7 P< uuayIrani* avenue, oppootte tb?- Tfannrr. PATS BIX PER CENT INTEREST. Jnt?'U f>.? aj tk? first ?f ?a % Month. PAIS FOUR PKH CENT, on buiafa accosnta from date of depo?h. lumt DrpcfU tmarin* 6 and I per c?nt. iBIfrxt, ara lable anywhere. HAS BRANCH OFFICES in all large town* and citi-o of the S-utb and t>>uthw--*t. hnnk ktmr>,9 a. m. to 4 p. m. Open Wertneaday and Saturday ni*h'< from BS B ?xlock, to r?eelTf d?poaitaooly. Call at the Bnnk oy ?aifi t^r a C'>py of th>* Charter and By W?? jld l* J AT IOOKE fc CO., BCT A BP SELL FOREIGN BXCHANQR a>.d 18811 CIBClLAB LETTERS OF CREDIT fo? TrayaWra, aomtUaU i? any pari a/ tfc* worid. Oar Drtfla on JAT COOKB^HcCULLOCH A CO,, ?re Caabed ta any part 'of EaJla^c, It (Late and 8coTX.aaD, fru gf rknru. mayia WASHINGTON CITY BATINOS HANI, Corn*r 7(A stria mud Lamxixmmm w?u, PAFB 9 PRB CBBT. INTEREST 09 DEPOSIT latere* enannenc* from date of depoelta. IVp- ? ita can be made and drawn at will. ?yW-tf J. A. BCFF. Treamrer REAL ESTATE AGENTS. jiak boyle. franr babnum H AN BoTlK A CO., It SAL CSTATE A.VU SOTS UROKEKS. Bo 9?A litfc at r> et, cppooite C. S Treaanry. FOB SALB? A hand*. ni>- H0CSK on I street, No 913. A new Urn d->nMe HOCSB, corner 21<t and H HOUSE So. 1919 Xaaaachntetti avenne. HOUSE No. BM M atreet raet, for ?ale or r<*nt, fur awtird or nnfarniebcd. A COTTAGE is Willard'a Bo*, prtee. SBAUO. Several mall Hoqaea, fr -m BuU to BBJMV; amall caab payment*. We bare ?everal eery tiae FARMS, improved and naini prored, ob different railroada ranning from the city, for aaie at low flgurea or tirhaan for city property. WjiMI fret of GROUND In vartoqa p< rtiona of tbe city for aal* at low figuree. on eaay term a. or will mcbange for prodactlve improved pro pert y ap1?-tr r^io.tbuesdell * co , u HEAL BSTATS BROKERS, 919 7tb ftreet, (over Genaan Am?ricaa Savings' Bank.) Jhwiil attentioa fjt?o t- RENTING. COLLECT ING. PAYING TAXES and NEGOTIATING LOANS. Refer (by pennt?i|oB> to?General B*nj. Alvord, Pa>maater General U.S.A.; Jamea 8. Grinn-ll, Chief Clerk ?. 8. Patent UlBce: John Fraaer, Arch itect: H<a. t. F. Blair, Hob. J. W. Dotutlaaa.Com mAaaioner luterntJ B- Tenne; Wm. B M -*ea. Furni ture Dealer; 0. B. Prentiaa,Caehiar German Ataeri can Savinc*'Bank; Col. John M. Feaaenden; Hon. JoAa Hita. Coaoal General of 8wltaerlaa<l. ?MJm* Austin f. bbowb. Curia 1.1, arena* and lktb itraet, WaaUn?too, D. 0.. Vuuuii Duin n LU1BRRR. MMB CRHBBT.BAND, 9a., *>., *a LI MBER BILLS cat to order on abort notioa. BLUB 8TOBB for Batldlnc, Hacadamlxloc and Pavtae parpoaaa Mhmd ta aay part of tha Bla REAL BBTATB bo?(hB Bad ??id and mm id. To tBia kiawtib ot the haalawi 1 will 1 ? Sally fromTl0^r?. tnttilt?T,m?1 INSURANCE COMPANIES. / 'REAT WESTERN FIRE INSURANCE U COMPANY. CASH ABBRT& ?>09,497 93 OFFICE, 60i FIFTBBNTH STREET, orimaiTB tttui Rt lipaetmim. R. W. BATES, Agent. or TBI DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Ornautd April lit, Iff]. Capital 9190,090. OFF1CB Bo. 1?9? PENNSYLVANIA AVBBUB. iOvii M.ntii'? Dae* Stobb.) JOHN T. LEBMAN. Preaideal. A. H HBBR. Vie* Prvaideut. J. T. DYER. Secretary. P1BBCTOB*: _ Wm Orme, H Clay Stewart, Chaa A. Jamea, Jaa. L. Barbour, E-1* ar: Dr. -op, J-ba T. Leamaa, Michael Grten, Juha Bailey, ap? tf A I. Herr. ORB TOUR L1FB ITREOf f AMY. InroBNBinslr CumIm ib 1 SiS. Me* to tha boiMlnc of the Nadoaal Raak ot m Ma??uic, Mo. T99 D atraat aocthvart. Bo ehM?? ?Dr. Jaa. 0. Mall, Jota Party, Dr^J.M. LAD LB' TMuAW^cfSVIA!"' OB TBB DiBXRtCT OF OQLUMBlA 0**A?UMIi A Pit VST 99, 1SVB. CASH CAPITAL #14 l*J bamubl cbobb, M DD, Viae ,t:? AtLBBI WMARF, ftmyu mmd f *?-U. TO CONTRACTORS AND MBBCIAMT8. not STOBB. 00AL, Cargo** ?t STOBB. OOAL, HAT. LCMBBB, Ac., diac barged from viaaila and atored or da*i?a*?d at IB* abortaat aoOce and lowaat rata*. ??ly G T. AtLBB. MOW OM EXHIB1TIOB, th* b?>n o* il v?*t ientirely new.) b*ttona faat*a?d wi* ring., at 1. bTRACS', 1S11 Panaa. by*., njar AMUSEMENTS. WALL'S NSW OFERA HOUSE. Ji.-RN X. IORD... Proprietor. CONTINUED SUCCESS Of thf Fsmom Dliltcl ' i BAKER AND FARRON. THIS FR1IAT EVkNING. BENEFIT OF MR P. F. BAKER. And Last NifM t *tit one of " CHRIS AND LENA," OR LIFE ON THE fPPER MISSISSIPPI. The double Star a intrnrinriBi their Chtrniag Hong*. Duet> ami t>>?ns--s EXCELLENT DRAMATIC COMPANY. T> morrow at 3 o'clock. graml CHRIS AND LINA M ATIN EE. at cheap prices. On M' ri'lav, Mar 19, JOE MURPHY. Seats for both Matinee and E??uing performative can now be secured in advance at the Opera H as?, ml* W'ASHUCTO* StirETZM TGKEH. GRAND OPENING AND MAY FESTIVAL, AND DEDICATION OF A NEW BANQUET HALL, On MONDAY ltd TUESDAY, May 19th and 510th, AT THE SCHl'ETZEN PARK, Seventh street Road. Passive member* of the V?rein are respectful Ir re quested to present their cards of mrraberanip at the entrance to the Park. Active a* well aa passive members wishing to par ticipate in the proce?s1,,n. will pleaae meet at the resilience of Chan. Klotz, K??|., on Monday morn ins. th<-19(h in?t , al9Ho'cock sharp. The Bvard of Directors, H. L. BLOUT, Secretary. mM-4t fRepAOhronAt.Snndar papers It.] 1^1 51 COL a HALL. MONDAY and TUESDAY EVENINGS, May 19th and 49th. CARNCROSS A DIXKY'S FAMOUS MINSTRELS, The Star Troupe of the World Mr. J. L. CARNCROS8 appears every nigbt T<asof thousand of persons have .taring the past t-n tears in Philadelphia, enjoyed the ROLLICKING SoNGS, PUNGENT WIT, DELIGHTFUL HUMOR, ROARING FARCES, SPLENDID DANCES, SWEET MUSIC AND SINGING' of this irrrat merry making Combination. Some thing new and lively cach night; something that in vigorates ar.d exhilar* es; something that does you g*e>d; something that is not often encountered, and no vulgarity. Adiuissinn. AO cts ; secured seats 73 ctl. Seat* can be secured at Ellis' Music Store. TheO??nipanv appears at Georgetown, 31st inst.; Alexandria. <3.1; Annapolis, tf3d. ml53t WASHINGTON THEATER CUMI<|IIK. < Eleventh street, aonth Pennsylvania aveuue. STILL ANOTHER GREAT 8ENSATI0N. ONE WEEK-MAY 12-^AND TWO MATINEES Ergagement ? ?f th? favorite New York actress, MISS KATE RAYMOND! KATE RAYMOND! KATE RAYMOND! In her moet successful of m<4ern dramas, "T H I WAIFS OF NEW TOR K,*' Produced in spieBi|H style. an>l with a POWERFUL DRAMATIC COMPANY. To In crease the attraction, engagement has bet. n effected with the great Hew York actor, MR 0. B. COLLINS, W ho will appear in a favorite eccentric character. A Grtat Sensation Drama, "THE GEMS OF THE RALLET." A Ortat Novelty Entertainment. The popnlar Ethi opian Comedian. THE GREAT PENDYI In his specialty, "Pen-Mil Dv-Bnm " The popular balladist, JOS. WUlTTAKER. The peat Comic Singer, BILLY DEVERS. The favor ite of Waehmgton.uTTO BURBANK. The charm ing Vocalist, KITTY ROW ELL. The Champion a lid Dance Lady. BELLA GORDON. Misses IlarrMon Sistere, Kiralfv Sisters. We?uer, May, Ac. Matinees WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, mil tl y&'l ?Mss'iav- ?"k> ? R1ARKR ITER'S, BT lo. 439 7th street, between D and B atrsets, eight doors above Odd Fellow's Hall. Choice Oil Faintinn, Engravings, Chromoa, Ac. Atao, large* stock Paper Hangings. Winde*. Ihadj, Pic tares, Frames. Picture Oords and Taa ^ DMa Pleaae reaaetnber Mama and Bomber. )al iy All kinds of oast-off wearing ap . PAREL can be sold to the vary bast advantage by addressing or calling on JUSTfl, D strswr, between Sth and 7th a. w. Botss by mall promptly attended lo. Oaah paid, fll SILVER, BRASS, OOPPBB, Btc. bought at fair prices for a Mew Yerk boose as by au ?kMJ aU-lJ Honsehold Furniture boaght andeold. Notes by Bali K25S.KS2.? " LADIES' GOOD& % MISS JlcCSRXICt, -w ?0i PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,UK [as constantly on hand a fine assortment of IMPORTED BONNETS, STRAWS, CHIPS, FLOWERS, RIBBONS, Ac., all of the aeweet designs. Ladles CAPS and COIF FURES just *seal*?<rr___^ mAtr J? EAD AND SAVE YOUR MONET. Ladiea who have Hair Switches that have fadi from ua can have them restored to their natnr-. shade in superior manner. We have a vary large assortment of SI Carls; very long and handsome Switches, very cneap. Now la the time to bay at MADAME ESTHER'S Hair Factory,SIB What., riuar fl a?*s s* neaTjO street. Mrs. c. R. ojllrt, AT Til NBW TOEK MILLINERY STORE, HAS REMOVED (ha S14 9th street 4S9 PENNSYLVANIA AVBRUE, WASHINGTON D. C, and baa jaet retained from New York with the latest styles and novelties in Millinery and Fancy Oo<>ds. Thankful for past favors, she aolic'ts aeon tinuance of patronage. a pit lm* [V OTTCR.?Bargains now beiag offersd in ^ MILLINERY and FANCY GOODS, By M. LENZBERQ * CO., aSS-tr 707 Market Space, ? J^TAMPING DEP0T7 JM>M tr Opposite Fatal OiBoa. WELLING OFF I ^ SELLING OFF I AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, tba entire stock OF THE NEW TORE BAZAR, 441 Seventh street, near 1. marT tr 1)0 HUMBUG. "L^frri tCH STARCH BR A MEL Is the beat article in the world for Sstng up Ltnen or ? jrcsji ***** ????* ***** icRNHAM * CO., Manafactorers, 1M Wast Lota bard street, I?14-1F Baltlmes's. Maryland. JUSTICE TO ALL, partiality to none. Isalways Ute motto at STRAUS', Olethier, 1011 Pcm. I^UMRRRl LUMBERII VW TY ^Kfl 91X1 WVam SPECIAL NOTICES. riM Ol* Bye Wkltky, fin- Old Kye Whisky, Vine Okl Bye Whisky, Fine Old Rj? Whisky, Fine Old Kye Whi-kr, Pin* Oid Eye Whisky, Yin* Old Rys Whisky, _ Wary a* ltd Wirromttd Warrmnltd Purs Par* Pun And UnaduUfrafd, For Vmeral and Medicinal Vu. This ta the article we hare now sold for upwaid? of five year* with universal satisfaction; putupin Inrge bottles at One Dollar per bottle, or can be had ia any quantity. . ... Notice, that we will return the monev if this WbMky doe* not give satisfaction or preve a* repre AIao an excellentitock of California WInee?Port, Skerry, Angelica, Muscatel, Hock and Claret; also, Kelly's Bui Catawba ami imported Liquor* of all kind*. ABTHUB NATHANS, Druggist, Corner Id and D streets n. w. LECTURES. LE C T U S I AT TUB FOUNDRY M. K. CHURCH, Northeast corner 14th and 0 streets, For the benefit of OOKSUCH M. K. CHURCH, TUESDAY EVENIHO, May SO, W7J, at 8 o'clock, Bj Be*. THOMAS GUARD,of Baltimore. Subject: "Body and Soul." Admission HI cent*. noV4jgt^^ SUMMER RESORTS. Y'ATTON.?This beautiful and healthy summer rseart, altnated near Snicker'* Gap, A . i A and *nGrounded by the Blue Bidee nioun-Y(7*ky tain, a-id within two hour* ride by B. B. iLBl from Washington City, will be open and ready t?r the reception of guests by June 1st, 1373. Amongst the improvements since last year, i* a fine piazza in front, bath-room, an ice-house, Dllea with ice. and a piano Id the house. An elegant stage coach will also !>e kept for the accomodation of boarders, and will meet ti e train*at Hamilton Depot, W. A ??. R. B. whenever required. Those desiring to spend the summer in the country will address, A. O. WRIGHT, Round Hill F. O., Loudoun Co., Vs. l/"Co to lUO'J F street northwest, for informa tion Id regard to the place. ml5tf yyjSST END HOTEL, AT LONG BRANCH, S. J., WILL BE OPENED ON THE 19th OF JUNE. Arpl rations for rc-ms ran be madetol. ? J D M BILDRETH. No Si Bro* Iwsv, IMI N'-w Y trk.or by addressing PBESBUKY A HlLDRETH, Proprietors, Long Bunch. GEO. G. PBESBURY, D. M. HI I.DBETII . nialt-t Jnn"19 fHi: OCEAN nOUSE, NEWPORT, B I. June, 1*J3, WEAVERS * BATES. mil 6t SUMMER BOA RD.?Those who wish to exchange the heat and dust of the city for cool quarter* and floe ocenery are invited to try tbe LOUDON INSTITUTE.wbtch will be in readiness by the first of June. The builihuK is large and airy, and every effort will be made to mls ister to the comfort and pleasure of guests. Situated on high ground near the Leesbnrg and Aldie grade, abont nine miles from the former place, with daily communication with Washington. Charge* reason able. For particulars address THOMAS W. LAKE, mlO iw Aldie, Loudon couuty, Va. (?0B SUMMER BOARDERS.?Four No. I a ROOMS, furnished. Also, four unfur- B . . A ni*hed,snd BOARD, in a beautflul com t:y W home In a healthy locality. Good refer-AfijaLL ences given. For particular* spply to JOHN W. K1N&ELL, Clearspring, Washington county, Md. m7 Itn teji uTTTTirTs PIANOS, Ae. A LARGE LOT OF NEARLY NEW AND SECOND-HAND PIANOS, for sale er rent on East Term*, to make from different factories, now on hand and for sale i room at BEICHBNBACH'S PIANO WARER00U8, 4aJ 11th street, above Pennsylvania avenue, Agency for Wm. Knabe A Co.'* and Win. M; Camnion's PIANOS. Second-hand PIANOS taken in part payment for new Pianos. m9 tr rjUSTAV ELHN. PRACTICAL PIANO Js MAKER, formerly foreman for F. C._ Lights A Co., tuner for Steinway A and late tnner for Petterott A Co. Tuner "11' * and repairer of PLABO* and GROANS, No. 6 39 New York avenue. Order* left at Karros Jewelry Store, 6*9 Pennsylvania avenue; Nairn's Drug Store, eorner Pennsylvania aveaae and Mb street: Rosenthal's, Ml 7th street , corner of H, will n?<4 with prompt attention, and satisfaction guaran teed. al4-ly UTIEFF'S PIANOS, unsupassed in spiiuIusss of K7 ton* and excellence of finish; low Drices?^M^. and easy term*. G. L. WILD * BRO MH Agent*. 490 11th street, near BorthwesttTTTTl coraer Pennsylvania avenue, dealers in Planes Musical Instruments generally. Tunltif and Repairing, Polishing and Varnishing receive faithful attention. apl7-tr Jr. LUCAS. 1148 7th street u. w., Tmturaud ? Httulaior at Piamos and Organ*. Or ? der* received at Thompson's corner Uth st-MM sad H. York avs. ; Getty's. Bridge, near* 11 111 Congress, Georgetown; and Moses\ cor. 7tk and Fa. a*. Pianos and other instruments packed ssid moved All work guaranteed. nW 'f WCHOMACK.EB A CO."8 PIANOS. O PHILADBLPH1A GBEAT BBDDCTIOB IB PRICES. Thses Mnasnts, which, on acconnt of th sartorityovsr all others, have in a fsw years? beoons the ssost popular here, as well as all|Hm overthe country, caa be had now for tba fol-tTTVYl Ifes 10 mr*tnm ?I?10 *? ft eknsin? the kwt laatrnmentoat,an Invited tosSl aadcosspystoc themselves. Pianos for rent. Plant cr CARD. We hereby Inform the public that we have this day occupied our new and extensive Auction Booms, corner at 10th and D street* northwest, where we will conduct the AUCTION. COMMISSION, and BAL BSTATB BUSINESS exclusively "to fa cilities of onr wareroums, and the location (being the oldest stand in the city) offer every advantage to the public. We resptctfully solicit a continuance of the public patronage so long bsetowsd on the firm, w .. ? ... ?Mf? * WILLIAMS, ml4-9t Auctioneers and Commission Merchants. jgXAMIBI TIB ??LD BPBOTAOLB, OWLT ??, M. B. HEMPLBB, Opttotaa, 4* ^HIBTS MAM tO OB.i>EJL. fa HMirlloi with ay Merchant Tailoring Ismnow mabb aaiBTs to obdbb. of ossof Mai ters ia the oountry for that pnrpoee. Being 1 Sed of my akllity to give entire satisfaction, botk4n ? - I LVAILA_ A r.Hsi eihtt 1nsr JfifSVL^^^oiSy1 - #l ltmIf ISoMAS /ShrY,Mtk street, mm U, wwwi ?Kttv?lb EVENING STAR Washington Sows and Gossip. Intern al Rev en c*.?The receipts from this source to-day were $3<S.350.38. The President and Oen. Babcock will re turn here from New Haven on the late train this evening. ________ Major Peter P. G. Hall, paymaster U. 8. A., has been ordered to temporary duty In the Pa} master General's Office. Ex-JrooRPixBREroRTStated yesterday that , he had not yet decided whether he would accept the million to Russia. He comes to Washington on Monday next , after which he will make known his decision. The Congressional exclusion, which left St. I>ouis at 7:45 this morning tor Galveston and New Orleans, numbers about one hundred and sixty, Including one hundred and twenty Con- i gie*smen and fifteen ladles, wives of members. Death of the Countess PorRTALRS.?The j wife of Count Pourtales, of the French lega- i tion in this city, an?\daughter of Ben HolHday, died yesterday afternwm to m palace oar on the Burlington road, near Chicago, while returning . from a visit to 8an KrancUco. Her remains are to be taken to New York. Commissioner Smith, of the Indian Bm-eaa, in compliance with the requestor the Secretary of the Interior, is investigating the complaints of the disappointed bidders for the contracts to supply the Montana Indians with beef and flour. These are the only contracts which are l>eing investigated. The commissioner will be able to report in a few days. A hoard?to consist of Surgeon T. A. Mc Parlin, Assistant Surgeon John S. Billings, and Assistant Surgeon J. A. Fitzgerald?has been ordered to meet at the West Point military academy on the 2<ith instant, to examine into the physical qualification'* of the members of the graduating class, and the candidates for admission into the academy. The indications are that the receipts from internal revenue for the fiscal year ending on the 30th of June next will exceed the SI 10,000, <00 estimated at the beginning of the year. Tho receipts since the 1st inst. have been nearly seven millions of dollars, making the total up to date !f100,57!',537.90, and from now until the :W)th oi June, the receipts will be at least ?U,OUO,OOu more. The Dakota Indian Commission?Mr. Kemble, one of the commissioners recently ap* pointed to visit the Dakota Sioux, will leave New York to-morrow for the west. Major Al vord, ai other member of the commission, will leave for Dakota on Monday next, and Mr. Brunot, the rliairmin, will leavt early in June. Major Alvord and Mr. Kemble go to arrange the preliminaries for a 'big talk.' Personal.?"The Danbury News Man," who as such is recognized and known wherever genuine humor is welcome, starts to-day on :t brief trip to the Pacific slope. ????J u lge W m. Gaddis, of Montana, but formerly of this citv. is here on a brief visit. ?* * -The "wife and fam ily ot Senator Hitchcock, of Nebraska, arrived in this city vesterday,en route for Europe, w here they will remain about one year. The Senator will join tLem there in July next. The Valte op a Sovkreign.?The Secre tary of the Treasury decides that the act ot Congress to establish the custom-house value of the pound sterling of Great Britain and to fix the par value of exchange, approved March 3, 1873, takes' effect from and after the first of next January. The law fixes the value of the M)vereign on pound sterling at four dollars eighty-six cents and six and a half mills, in all pigments made by or to the Treasury of the United States. The Election for Chief Jcstice in Mex ico Information has been received at the Mexican legation to the effect that the election in Mexico for Chief Justice did not result In a choice by the people, the votes being divided between Jose Maria Iglesias, Vlncente Kiva Palacio, Porfirio Diaz and Ignaclo Mejra. In the absence of any choice by the electoral col leges, the choice devolves upon Congress, who. it Is generally believed, will select Iglesias. He would then become contingent president on the death of Lerdo Tejada. Change of Commander at the Naval Academt Captain S. P. Carter, now in com mar.d of the Naval Academy at Annapolis, will be detached therefrom on the 5th of June, when the Academy closes, and he has been or dered to hold himself iu readiness for sea ser vice. Commander K. B. Breese has been detached from duty as inspector of ordnance In the bureau of ordnance, and ordered to command the midshipmen at the Naval Academy atter June 5. The Credit Mobilibr Suits?The Attorney General and Mr. J. Hnbly Ash ton, one of the counsel for the government In the credit mobilier suits, this morning bad a consultation, and it was agreed that no copies of the bill to be filed against the stockholders should be given out for publication until Wednesday next, when Messrs. Athlon and Jenckes will go to Hartford to file the bill, and upon doing they will notify the Attorney General by telegraph. Mr. Jenckes Is now In New Tork gathering addi tional information to aid the counsel In prose cuting the suits. Gen. Thomas B. Van Bi'ren, late commis sioner general of the United States to the Vi enna exposition, has a letter, addressed to the President and Secretary Fish, in a New York paper of to-day, In which he asserts that he used everv effort to make the American part of the exposition a sueoees, and that any one who says be made or tried to make a single penny in connection with the exhibition, "is a cowardly knave or liar." He farther says "the accursed malignity and unhallowed ambition and vanity of John Jay have for months been employed to destroy me and my commission, that lie might obtain some notoriety himself." The Syndicate.?Secretary Richardson this morning received very full particulars from Mr. Cattell, our financial agent In London, and Mr. Bigelow, his assistant, in relation to the svndi cate and the rate at which the bonds are being subscribed for. These letters were dated May 3d, and at that time the syndicate had not been very long in operation. Both, however, speak very hopefully of success, and express the opin ion that subscriptions will be more lively in a

short time, when the continental market be comes more settled. The fifty millions of dol lars already forwarded are suflicient to supply the present demai<d, and It will probably be a month or six weeks before more are needed, w ?^Programme for the first concert at the Execu Clvfc Mansion grounds, Saturday afternooni May 17th, 1873: " 1 Grand March .dedicated to General Sheridan, by H. Fries 2. Overture Military, (first time) Prepeaut 3. Emeliae Waltz Wade 4. Duetto from Aroida /....Verdi 0. Galop?Battle of Inkerman?(first time) Godfrev 6. New Medley.................... Heydeureicn 7. Intr. and Waltxes, new Vienna Strauss 8. Gr. Potpourri, (torn Faust Gounod 9. National Airs Heinecke Senator Camebly Betuuts hie Back Pat?Ht Dm't Wmmt to RfJUet en Tkote Who Kept Theirt?Secretary Richardson this morn ing received the following letter from Senator Casserly: Sir: 2 send herewith, endorsed 6e your or der?the proceeds to be paid late the Treasury? the draft (of this date) ot the Secretary of (he Senate for #970.40, received by me from him as being the fall amount coming to me ander toe lawgiving to members of Cobmssincreased backpay. If I add a word, It Isthat what 1 do may not be construed to the prejudice or others. For reasons, which I deemed sufficient, I voted against the provisions for the lncremi of sala ries in everv stage of them?aetaacepting the final stage, the adoption of the conference report. ThosejKawne embraced^several objections to back pery was but one. Thev had little If any reference to the increase of su i? the future. Having so voted thioughout, I find It more satt isfhetory to myself personally to decline the a moist to which I am entitled as increased back pay. la taking this coarse, I would not be held as refiecttog m the least on member* of Confront who mm their way clear to tho adap tion of the opposite coarse. Many or them are so well known as honorable and disinterested man in their pabUc aad private life, by thee# wire know them best, as to make It Impossible, for me at least, to impugn their awtives or deny their good faith. Very truly, X. Cabsbrlt. A* iltctiwtt AhuusI ti. Ll'?:OKi!n, THI WIFE XrRDIRIK, ?f?JW EVFRMOUY PtFOKB HI IS HAKOBr>. A telegram in y*eterday'a Stab gave a brie a -count of the han<iug of I.u-4gnani. the wtfr mnrdrrrr, at Morrtfitown, N J., yesurday. Later dispatches gave the following particulars At 10 05 o'clock h. m., Sheriff Vanderveet with ex-Sheriffs Demott an-1 Coe. entered tu. eetl of the condemned. accompanied by th docti rs and constable*, and told Lunignam that the time had arrived. He replied that he was not afraid to die, and then turned to his conf^p nor. Father Vasalle, of Seaton Hall College, who, with two other priests and two Italian Sla ter* of Charity, were with him all night. H< ooatinued repeating prayers in Italian a? th? m ote was placed around his neck. Lutignan spoke little bat con tinned., praying. Attn kissing those in the cell wnora he knew hr ?dgniiied his readiness and the death procession waa formed. The condemned man war drcsKd in a suit Of black broadcloth. A erncrifix and ro*try hnng on his breas' He walked to the scaffold with a defiant step The rope was found to be too short- A box wa> (?laced on the scafloid, on which the prisoner umped with one elastic bound, laughing and showing hi* white teeth. After prayers by the priest, Lusignani frequently kuw-d the crucifix and exclaimed with fervor, "Pardon m*." H i last act waa to kiss Mr. Speer, the county clerk. naylng, "Me no afraid to die. Me go to see mv wife. At the cloee of the prayer Father Shi ran kissed htm, and the signal was given. The sheriff" touched the spring, and the drop fell. The body west up aix foet. then fell three, and iwayed slowly around. He held the cruciti* tightly grasped in the right hand for about forty seconds, when the muscles relaxed and it Tell to the ground. The body was cut down after hanging twenty-nine minutes, and place 1 In the coffin. Thb Army of thb Potomac Reckiow? TV PretvUnt and O'ertrals Sk'rmam ait*/ Sheridtin Pment.?The President and General* Sherman 11 id Sheridan reviewed the procession in New Haven yesterday afternoon, after which the President stepped into a carriage provided fui I tiim,in company with Mayor Lewis, and th? I procession resumed its march, passing through I the principal street*, which were densely I crowded by spectators eager to see the nation'" I heroes. The enthusiasm was intense. G-'nera! I Sheridan's hand being continually extended I from the carriage in which he rode and eagerly I grasped by hundreds of old comrades of tb?- I war, and even old men and women eagerly I reached forth to shake his hand. As the pro'- I session reached the green a battery of artillery I Arcd a national salute, and the President short- I ly afterwards took a scat on the grand stand to I review the troojw. The participation was small, I but those who did appear made a creditable I <how. A dress parade was then arranged for I ;he 3d Connecticut regiment, during the prog I ?ess of which the President and General BaV I -ock retired and took the train for New York. I Last evening General Sheridan received a sere- I lade, and alter related calls in vie a short ad- I lress. The celebration closed with a grand ball I ast niglit at Music hall. The entrance of Gen- I ?ral Sherman at 10 o'clock, and of Genera' I Sheridan soon after, was greeted with great I tpplause. Governor Jewell, Vice Presides'. I A lison, Generals Devens and Ilawley, with la I lies, were also present. Thb Dbath of Mordecai, tub Richmobk I HJfELlsT.?The tatal result of the duel between I ilr. McCarty and Mr. Mordecai, of Richmond. I k'a , in the death of the latter, has been an- I lounced. John B. Modecai was the aon of Mr. I \ugrstus Mordecai. of Henrico county, Vir I ;inia, and was bom in loh). At the commence I uent of the war he was a student at the Uni- I rersity of Virginia; he then joined the secot?i I ?ompany of the Richmond howitzers as a prl- I rate, with which be served daring the war. Ai I he close of the war he returned to Richmond I ind stndled law. He was a young man of de I idtd ability and character. 'When his death I vas ascertained by the authorities, a warrant I vas obtained against McCarty, the principal. I ind Messrs. J. 8. Meredith, W. P. Tabb, W. L toval, and W. R. Trigg, upon complaint made >y the chief of police, on the charge that they lid "feloniously and of their malice kill an . murder one John B. Mordecai." Mr. McCartv, till suffering from his wound, was arrested at lis mother's residence In Richmond, and several >t his friends were sworn In as a special force to irevent his escape. The seconds in the duel rere not found. The charge being for murder md not bailable, they will likely absent them elves until the day of trial. Rev. Db. Paddock, of Brooklyn, Elected Jisiior The final vote for bishop of the Prot stant Episcopal Church at the convention in toston yesterday took place at 5 o'clock las: vening, and resulted in the election of Rev ] >r. H. Paduock, of Brooklyn, New York. The ote was as follows: Dr. Paddock, 92; DeKoven 0; Smith, 2; Leeds, 1; E. A. Hoffman, 1, and C. i. Hall, 1. Lay vote,80; Paddock,45; DeKoven 2; Burgess, 1; Dix, 1. The vote would have ?een made uoaulmoas but for one dissenting OlCA. A committee of three clergymen and ou? iy men were appointed delegates to wait upon he bishop-elect. The telegraphic report says: The only ab action to Dr. Do Koven was his avowed belief f the personal presence of Christ in the ele nents of the holy sacrament. Gbh. Jacksos's Family Biblb.?The Har aitage church, in Tennessee, was robbed last reek or the bible and hymn book on its pnlpit. The bible was presented to Gen. Audraw Jack on by a lady at Washington during his presi lential term', aud was used in his family unti' lis death; after was presented by Mrs. Andrew Jackson to Mrs. Marion Adams. For > long time it was taken from the Hermitage tu he church every Sabbath, and returned atter he services. At the close of the war it had be ome so worn that it became necessary to have t rebound, and some of the kwt pages replace-1 >y those taken from other bibles. It remained it the church after that until stolen. Tib Vienha ExroatTioB Buildibo Da* iGbd by a Stobm?A storm at Vienna yeaUr lay broke the glass of the western front of lh? xhibition building, and some visitors were track by the falling fragments and injured. Torrents of rain poured through the openings, ,nd a large quantity of goods were damaged. The number of visitors tor the past few days las been small, and is decreasing; those that ome are mostly foreigners. Bat few Viennese re seen. The protracted panic on the bourse ishe artens the cittsens. Taa Civil Riobtb Mbbtibo im Nbw York. I The meeting of colored citizens last night in | sew York at the Cooper union celebration ot he anniversary of the civil rights proclamatijn I ras largely attended. Letters of regret at their nabilityto attend were read from Gov. Dix, ierrit Smith, Fred. Douglass, Wm. Lloyd Gar iron, Roscoe Conkling, Lieut. Gov. Robinson nd Speaker CornelL Addresses were made by Aajor Gen. Halstcd, Rev. H. H. Garuett, ami there. Ibflcbscb OF 8ax o* Cbimb.?Dr. Jarvis ead a paper before V e Social Science aasocia ion at Boston, yesterday, on the influence of ex on crime. He drew from statistics the de uction that while the crimes of males were gainst persons and property in two instauce* ut of three, the crimes of females were sensual nd against themselves iu the ratio ot seventy ier cent. la thb Pbbsbytbkia* Gbbbkal Assembly b Baltimore, yesterday, after our report closed, lev. Howard Crosby, of New York, was elected moderator, and Revs. William E. Moore, ot >hio; J. D. Rrum, of New York; Samuel Conn, f Indiana, were choeen secretaries. Among be delegate* preeent was Hon. Horace F. May ard,or Tennessee. A great calamity has fallen on a town in 'eru called Piscobamba, caused by a landslide rom a neighboring mountain. Forty-four ouses were destroyed and 36 persons have erished. The great mass which destroyed the )wb also dammed up the river, and the de tractive effects of inundation were expected to ? added to other misfortuass. A Gtbbkbatobial Row ? Arkajtbas.?A amor prevailed la Little ftook, Ark., last night bat an attempt will ha made by tha adherents r Lieutenant Governor Smith to seise the re ords and office of Governor Baxter, taking ad antageof ttM a basics Of tha Governor's pri ate secretary. Britain COimttiCT Aoaihst Prbsidbbt ?ibbb?It braaMmd la Parts that the Legit nists and the Orleaalats hare combined la a nisnat Mr tha overthrow of Prestdeat hlers, and have aaat Bochefbacauld to Vienna > ask Count da Chambord to authorise the egittmiets to nominate Due d'Aunuie (tor resident la place of Thiaia. Ma. Bbadlacok has arrived la Farla aa >uta for Madrid, with aa adds? ftom the ses JMsr i^rsssi^; sk sbout to proceed to Liasogae to make aspaeah l&kVaiTtogfiS"0" i0Urmy tarayjTfcli^iJHwrfof nS3SKH?x.^s ?d the Carllsto 18 killed and 37 woundwL^' Tu Fori waa mach hotter yaateday. TELEGRAM TO TP Rift Thla AHwitrt Dkyatcfcw. ASSOCIATED PRK88 RETORTS. a THE VALLOWB. Kiw You, May 16.?Ninon, the murderer ot ChtrVM H. Pfiefer, Mde bit will ^Mtrrdt) M qneathing htii property to his wife ud dH|k ter. He was banged this morning. TIM doom-d man. after taking farewell of aw family and friends last evening, ate a hearty rapper, and remarked to ttie keeper: 4,Thls is my I art nigh on earth, and 1 have done what I never did oe fore?taken two rape of cofiee." He ther prayed with Father Darangaet. the prleor chaplain, and fell asleep at 12o'clock. He wa? aaakeued at five o'clock this a. m., and having <lrewed, attended mam read by Father Dli ra n gent, and received the aacnaMnt of the Catholic charch. The only word? he spokr afterwards were : " My Saviour wai cruci fied; this la nothing." The crowd Inside the prlton yard and outaide were vary large. At 9 02 o'clock he left his call and walked firmly to the scaffold. Fathers Da ran guet and McKenna walking on each side. Nixon carried a lar^e crucifix In his hands, which he repeatedly ktaaed fervently on the way. Arrlrlng at the scaffold he knelt between the clergymen, and repeated the Lord's prayer and several credos. The prayers over, the rope was cat and the body was launched ap several feet. Alter hanging several mine tea a tra?r of the limbs and hearings of the chest ware |>ere?*ptn>le. At?: lfi the phvslelan* prenonneert life extinct, and at 9:30 the body was cat down, when the medical men ascertained that the neck was not broken, and that death resultod from strangulation. Hew York * REWARDIBO THE VALLA* I F1>U*li*BS OF MARi Muaa New York, May 16?Oswald Jagea, one of the resened passengers of tbe wrecked steam ship Atlantic, subscribes f 100 towards the fund tor the l>enefit of the fishermen of Mars Inland, to whom, be says, hundreds of passengers are Indebted tor their lives. PRESIDBRT OB AWT and a large nutnl>er of armynfiieers are in town to-day, returning from the festivities In New Haven. WRARGLB OYER A BARGED MAN'S BtlDT. A conflict ocenrred yesterday, after the hang ing of Lusignani, two priests claiming the body, but the doctors refused to deliver ft up antil after a post mortem examination. When thl* was completed the body wa?left for tbe priests, who would not toncb it, and It was placed in a vault in the city cemetery. A FIRE broke ont on the fourth floor of sit story build ing, No. Courtland street, this morning The building was damaged to the extent ot ?5,000; fully insured. The fourth, lifth, and sixth floors were occupied by the American enamel and decorating company in China ware. The damage to tbe stock is estimated at $10.(Mrf). The third floor was occupied bv the combination brush company; damage #5,000; insured. The soond floor occupied by nu merous offices: losses slight. WK. M. TWEED appeared In court to-day and pleaded not guilty to the fifteen new indictments found against him on February JOth, reserving, bow ever. all his rights as to any future minion- u? quash, or otherwise. V. COMMISSIOBER GERREsL HCHL'LTA 1M VIERRA. Yierra, May 16.?Mr. Jackson 8- Schultx. the newly aptiomted commissioner of the United States to the international exposition In place of General Van Buren. has reached this city. Soon after bis arrival he had a long conference with Mr. Jay, the American minister. COM XL'RI ST 9 ARRBSTBD IB UBS EVA. Glheva, May 1C?Several communists have 1-een arrested in this c'ty. UBLIUIOCH SOCIETIES TO BB EXPELLED PROM OBBMART. Beulir, May 16 The German government has resolved to expel the ltedempUoaisla. La tarists, congregations of the Holy Ghost and Sacred Heart, and the occaaaats of close con Tents from the country within the coming six months. THE FIKAECIAL PAVTC TM YIBRRA. Lordor, May 16?A dispatch from Vienna ?ays: "A hundred additional fallarea were an nounced on the Bourse yesterday. No import ant bank has yet suspended. The protracted panic has created consternation in all branche* of business. Tbe son el' a wealthy banker com mltted suicide yesterday." THB FRERCR MIR 1STRT TO BB BBOOR8TBCCTED OB A BBPC BLICAM BASIS. Paris, May 16.?A complete remodeling or the French ministry upon a strictly repubUcai. basis is likely to occur at an early day. TERRIBLE CORFLAGRATIOB IM HOBO KORG Sak Fk arcisco, May 15?The malls by the steamship Japan from China and Japan were landed to-day. A terrible conflagration oc curred at Hong Kong, China, on tbe 22d ef March. Forty-four houses were destroyed and five thousand persons rendered homeless. TUB GREAT BOBTHBBR TELGRAPB COMFORT have established a connection with Amoy, aad a party of nine Chlneae officials are engaged in making tests of the working ef the line. THE MBMREBS OR TBB COBBAB ASSEMBLY have gone; to Pekln to submit to the Emperor of China as vassals of his power. OBEAT FIRE IM JAPAB. A terrible conflagration occurred in Osaka, Japan, on the 29th of March. Many lives were lost. Tbe flames raged all one day and night. TWO VIOLRRT SHOCKS OF BABTBQCAKB occurred at the same place on the 11th of March. TBB FBOFLB OF JAP AM ABB COM PL At BIRO about the centralization of the power of the government. The native christians imprisoned at Horflu have been released. In the pronnoe* of Jetsigen and Preeeho the farmers are rebel lions in consequence of the government taking down the edicts against Christianity. There has been much fighting, bat the Insurgents will be fat down. Seven of them have been executed ? From the Paelle Slope A Mt'RDBBBB MARGRD. Sas Frarcimjo, May 15.?Charles Morti-1 mcr was hanged at Sacramento cfty to-day for the murder ef Mary Gibson. Mortimer was either insane or simulated insanity with singu lar persistency. He did not or pretended not to recognise his brother, the minlAer who at tended nim, bis counsel, nor any other person. He seemed not to comprehend bis position. His countenance exhibited no emotion, and he did nt?e* a word. AMOTBBB C UK TEST OVER A HABGED MAR'S BODY. Rev. Father Spelcklas and Coroner St ill man of this city, .ire contending for the passiiinnoi Devlne, who was hanged yesterday. The oor oner desires to hold an Inquest, bat Father Spelckle* denies the coroner s jurisdiction, aad will not surrender it. ADYH Kf FBOM THB LAVA BEDS ht Ffat to-night Ptat<- that reinforcements, with mor tars, are moving towards the present fbrtlb-d Citionof t ? Modocs. The troops are cutter for want of water. TBB :iEMAIRB OF GBB. CAVBT ire on the trala which left San Franeisoo this morning for the East. Ii AEBIT&ATIOW TO BBTTLB RATIOSAL 1MFFBB w Yobk, May 16 Be v. James S. Miles j a report iaat evening at a meeting held at the heeae ?f l>avid Dudley Field, en the result ?f his late visit to Europe jrhich was to Inter est European statesmen aad ,l" faror ot a code^aad the establishment ef arbitration as a means of tattling international dlsputea. Mr. Miles spoke ?f his warm reception laT ~ and la an the continental < Is a very general itaahu ftp til Rn arbitration policy. A that a meeting be held _ pabHcists of the different poneeiaa^OEbeatm ing its adoption. WMTTILLF, May 16?The pryidsatamlriee ipeclal train fro* HalifaxU^tn^hi^The^roL ^<23k%<to2,S2e SlSthSSSs VS t is expectedte-day that aS arm he dampened he etty of Aeheaae caa he hallow rtytr wly by small I Mjr?rik?l tiii to-?at. B ALTia. aB, M?? K?TW afthePrrat vtarian Church af the I'ptted SJ*a< wet iinar'tl M ? ecWoh. Prim *? bi IUt. IU?lJlloTr\ The oomiuatee on stand ing roinailttmntim^tM a rfport.fB^rtMiij ?M UfelMa list of the standlag k>bmMm | wl Ich * u >tem. The mrvjerator ptatrd that trwinltBf to raW Ik* oiawtu* >hwM wmIm 1 tl If ?( vtn?'? I*r. Hat ft old. naM i lnt. n?l the docket or order of bualneas of the a**embly. aaatttelng thirty-three a?hj?cu. ?me f Itia rcludmg aanv aubdiT>*ien? The docket til a apted. Th* roll of the aaseab'.y >w ordered rrlihd Th? svaoda were then rilled ui?oa fog I ?va.dical reeards. and the fbllowiwg ati*w?re<f ard handed In tbetr IW<H? MtlBNt, Clrve iand. Kite. Albany, Harrabatf. Minol.. Central Iowa. North Iowa, South kiw, Mtwrurl. Ten newer. and New York. The prrsbvtrHes were then rilled upon for *a- | I Mlril tt|?rto. nrraDten. Ml other preebyte nil pa|?r?. Kum were hUklW la. bat Ih# ?uoiit) were reported - not jvt rmt," er m thf^r way by mail. The re pot-to wore lefarrwl >o ? wtrlal ermmmee csastsMug af Kev I>ra. Atterbarv and Chawbara Tta aanaal reports oi the beard of haaar a(ato*? a ad of odoaa t < r. were handsd la. Monday. fro* 12 ta 1 p. in , wa* ?t apart for receiving and ooiwo leiutg the report ot the cowtu'tter on benevolence aM lli'UKt. The report oi the s|teeial commtttea on MM wu mMM and read by the chair man, He*. Joseph M. Wilson. It rrVominende that the Awrwfclr twite a detlreraaea covering the nrmiitv of falMIng ru ansae: reoogni iing their imjortance a* a I^hMv for prn- iv ?< the history of theebnrch and to thta end Ui<> | ?rnodf and nrrabytrrlea be r-vjueated to take | (Mftfr ictfofl. Tb? report waa referred, o the committed 0* church erection. -J la M. LaaK St. I .oris, May 1*.?Charles W. ti'ithrie ?hot ind ki! ed hi* brother-In Jfcw, t'harles W. leaver, here laM night. Al>ant tao years ago luthrie married Miaa Weaver, having been la arti en-hip with her father LaM January hta vlflr died, and Wearer maj.ecting foul play h . t [he body taken up an<l examined by a ror. ner. tbout the name time Weaver attempted to ?kot>t ils son, but inlawed him Outline brought suit wo dan ago to recover the casket and abroad 1 ?rkMni his dsoiasc1 wife, from Wearer. | .an night iiuthrie met l?o ol the rounder Tea vera In the Mbart^, and an altercation en- | ulng, drew his rerolrer and killed one of them ?d then gare himself ap to the police. All tb? arucsaraiaa>H?Ills fhlrata'a llVeliek Law. Cmriuo, May W?The orlinance re"*ntly i?ad by the city atadl fbr c lo?iar uM> sa uoua at II o'clock p. m. vent into :oroa laat light, and waa very generally obeorre*. Oua wminrrl Brro, however, a ho hare several m OMif, purposely violated the law, In onler to sake a ten case la court, where It m believ?d > its op|>otiento that U will be declared uuooa tituUoual. la Ei'PMtaHMter t aat irled af Mag the Mala. PotTHorTH. N. li.. Mav I _Ex-T'o?twa* er OHlis, ol Hillsborough, on tria. in the L". 8. Ireult coart for robbing the mails, ia declared ;nlitv on one eoant. The other indictments |iiu?t hia are |>oet|>otK-d. Bl| Flrr- la Ottawa Ottaw a, Oar., May lii.-A lire broke out liia morning in St. All>an? lorrac** aixl *j?rea4 nth grtat rat>idity, attacking the buildings oa Mtawa, Cumberland, Stew irt an<l I tally atroeta. "hirty-ai? houaea were de?troyod. The low it ?timated at ?I.'io/Kio. for the Polarli Crew. I N*W Vol:K, May Hi.? He*-rrf?r> K 'i>e?aa har ng recetred a diHpatcii rr .in St. .IoIiiik tua' ilio arbor ia bow clear ot ice. Uaa ordered the gun oat Frolic to nil from IU.> port to-da> to bring ack the Polarh-' crew The N<>\ a S< <>tia Coal Mivt ll<>aa<>a ? A | entleman aho ha> retium<l iroui the b .rung ollirry in Plctou conntv. Nova Scotia, aaya a | irge number ol' men hare l>oea at work ?on>*<* | v ? ? -lay tilling up the -1 ? - arvl ei -t v ?Uatt ith clay. The tire waa ntill burning ar tiercelf aever.'and IIante* were a?r*-i>diiiK twen'v <?r kirty feet. The roat froiu the burning mini rai territic, aial denae voiumea ot awoke ooa Inaed to aacead (Vow aeveral air ahafta. TUa aaara that led to the di**?ter are not aa -fated, at owing to powder having been rtarwittai ta ? u*e<i iu one of the lead* worked by a wiaer amidKol>ert McI^mI, ?ii,> iio>i?ua m?on uamg I c Bnlva he received higher wagea for cutttetf 'Ithout. To give aome i<l?a or the eatent of lie exploaion,Tt may be atited ot' an old gal sry doer ta the auaer*' reoideaeea. aad diatant rom the mine* aome tax hundred or wven hua red rarda. that hnie plecea of lumber wera riven through it ap Into the air. aoae falling a the roofb of hoaaea au<l crnihnig thr.mgh. 'he coroner a jury found thai John i>unn cama ? hia death on the liltli in?iant by the exploaion f gaa in the I?rnmmond colliery, cauaed by tha eratigeiuent of ventilation of the mine arming ton. ft re :n RaMM MgMI varda fare wan xhibited in the management of the wine, but key exprew their regret that r>owder waa ermitted to be uaad ia the ward worked by (cLeod. Aa latBMiao Lm lwmMp<Mfc? I m iiitercating inaaraace caae taahortlvto coma efore one of our courta. A party had hia lifa wared, bnt previously made ccrtain ataie tenta. among which waa that he had never eea ia the habit of tuning lutoxleating drlaka. iter taking out the policy he kept the pram* imi paid up, bat in a tew yeara died, aa ii al ged from intemperance. The tnaarance com aay ret ii sen to pay the loaa, and allege* that tha laared miarepreaented hia prt viona habita. Tha laiaiauta under the policy claim that when tha irurance company took the atateaienta of tha pplicant for lnauranee, and accepted hia ione> from year to year, they cannot go back r that, bnt'are bound by the atatcmcuta ha tide Bait, jlamraa. Catt. Hall'! Familv Ikfouhkd or His ?batb?Captain Hall leaves a wife and two Mldren. The wtfa waa reaterday on the cara, n route far New Hamiwhlre. to vlait her woth ri*^? till- The eon a a boy at hooL The daughter, about aixtran yeara uf 8cl.t/ and Mr 'obn >? Caldwell, an old friend o( the familv. had ",ty bw af tha death of er lather. Tha par vouag lady waa over helmed with lorrow. Long wparation from er adventurous father did not aoften to her th a UWV nf Maw widilAa. ia..a a. wwrven aa* UOI LU Q of the aadden new* that he waa no aire, ixixaih Ciiarrnal. May 14*. Tas PaoraaaioaAL CaiataaL Act?Tha et paaacd by the general aaaemblv of Naw York i pravVte for tha nummary puniabmeat of pro watonal thieve*, dec!area that any profeaaional net, burglar, pickpocket, larger, or eounter ?lter, being foand la any place of pablic ae ?mblage, may be arreated, aad, being taken efore ? magi at rate, with "auflclent teat I mo ny iat he or aha was frequeuUng or attending ich place or placea for unlawful purwoaa,'* lall be deemed a diaorderlv peraon, and ahall e aent to the penitentiary for a term uot ex* eeding 100 daya. Tut N'AaaviLLK Kacaa?Pint race verter ay, green three-year-old, Zwick'a hotel stake*, nW beats. Mi horses started. Jack I-roat. I, 2, , Frank Bounable, 2,1. 2, Harry Todd, 4, 4, t; ed Fox, 5, distanced; Jack of Trump*, dis inoed; Alice McFall, I,}, distanoed. Time, 4?k, 1.4*, 14!)),. Second race, club puna aC 230, mile beau. Nevada, 1,1; CapC Hutchla >a. 3, 2. Time, 14.*,. 1'I , Third race, oua ad a half mile daah. purse ?3no, won by Art ?na, Carington Mcoad, Prof. Laonard third, iwe, 2:44*; CaowDtae raa Ean M*u>atm?The val B ol Mr. Jay Uoold's nose having been ja iciallv decided to be precisely taw, Mr. Oaorga rouch haa undertaken to aacartala tha ui*? r another Erie magnate. Mr. 8. L. M Bar w. Instead of beginning hli experimenta pon a single feature of Barlow's face, he cov ed tha whale Said of Investigation by thraah ig Mr. Barlow from head to faoc Whea, irrefore, tha latter obtains a verdict for daw jea against his aaaallant we shall know exact the value of Mr. Barlow's entire peraon.-.V. . Timet, 15tt. Tni Death WAktAiT ar Uolloua* TUa rath warrant of Thoa. R. Hollohan, seatence t dntli fnr -""J? -'J* ! t f^Lthe mnrder of Mr< I-uapiey on tha ^IXSFiZZ, <?i A*1 f hia aO?.iM a ~ *** COII<lfffinr.| ah IhiM morn in g by Sheriff K&n# u ma only of Wm. #.McKswe^J rflr'TC e cMwinal court cler" iagBPaa ia Iowa?In Cedar ?^5S?2Sr?s-.*.*arMrs ? sac haadrad aadlva yaars !UUa4 W?. Coi^ u !? tea ?T tha Ohio Wamaat Jastiiaa tha TWdy. ' 10 board af Kaw Tort elty nates wbanaCactad by each aad all &338??&SSii ly^'Oas laad voir Is Wba pnatahad la BalU - wa by a la af M, bwt a*s caa attar taalaa I lis fbr 91. The liberal dlinaat will aak) able yells tha watt pap alar.

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