Newspaper of Evening Star, May 16, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 16, 1873 Page 3
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PROPOSALS. I th ?)BuP0SAL8 FOB SAKIYABY WOBE.. Depot Qr??Ti!?*i?m'?OMif?i ( * ??nTi<iT<?*. B C., May 9) M?M ftealed Proposals. id duplicate, with ? WW.* '*'? a'verti?enient attached. will k? 1 this of fice antil It J rif 14. 1?3. for k)M?k4r.,f ir <'ii* J??f fr-m July 1, 1?'- fr<? "?b l-iildirr* ncnpi*< bf hr?nfh'? In* War Depart - B ?rit s? are by the depot juartermaatar. For further information app,^{j ^j^BBS Brevet Br:fadier 6- iieral, C s!A., ml< At P-pot gwrtmiMtor ~1B< PV?AL8 ?0B * ATSB TBANSPOBTA tior. Pi ro* Qt aetkiyastik'* Oprtrg.f \? a?wi^ct."1. I>. C.. May 8,1-C3. < F-aled Prop>*als, 1 duplicate, will be received at iia office nntil 12 X J-*i ll.KJ. for the per f iniance of the daily transportation services by water be'wee* this city and Forte F-mte and Wash ington. Md., which m*? be re^ntred by this fiepnrt ?i'1't duriM the Iwtl year rndnj Jaw ll,U7l. BiiWr" will state the price frr wan, ?M the price fr pcni?i; tlim the rate per diem at which they will ?-srry the pas? n^?r? and stores. B? h bid mn?t be accompanied by xutrnilrtuf two resp. nsiHe per e nathaf cntrart to be entered Into will be duly BXecated. The rirht is reserved to rsyect anjr and all bid* not ?!? me.I ?-lvantage<.ii- to the United States Prop. - la aretobe addressed to the nnderslrnsd. flaiilr inarkel '*Pr"^>?al? for Water Tranapor.a ti a." B ddem are invited to be present at ?h? opening. Ai ? fu: lier informah n de-irtd will be given OB Stall'. 1 n to thit ? 8>r> . _ WILLIAM MTBB*. Brev.-t Prtr?lier O-nera! U 8 A., nil At lb-pot Q-nrteWMtCT. I > Rl'PoSALS PoR toRAGL AND 8TBA W. rrr?>T yr?cthva>th'? Orrirg, I * ??hi.vjthi, I?. V.. May 8, W) ( Peal-tl Pr. p.-al?, in duplicate, with a c >p\ of this a- > 'rti? tr.ent attache.!, are in* ited from re?ponsi I i*rtt. s nntil 1 *4 M .Jink 11. fcC3, f-?r furnish ii( ail tht- Com, Oat*. Hay and By Straw required at this <i> pot daring th* l)*cal )ear commencing July 1. WJ. to be delivtred <n ?ach .inutilities aid at ench times and place* am may be directed by the De f' Qua t< iluJbSrr. Tbe .juantity reqaire^ each month i? estimated at ? ?I If - f l 'at h to seiah 32 and 56 ll>-. to 1b>- bualiel. tl.mii lb- of Hay, ktni*n a- p*~:U1-- T in ihi.a <1 ibs. of S:raw, all to In- o| nr?t .la-a ii errhsn ible quality. E tch Lid mn-t 1 ? arc Hnpnnied by ? written mar ?T't.^?, ?i|tn*d l?y the tidd?-r or bidiler*, and a< on r' tent -ur?ry rertid^d to be iach by ? ine officer ?r ? th? r p?-r? n bn wn to tb?- V'lartermaater'a D part tb<* >-ff><t in Ih" event of theaccept ai ce <<f nrh bid at any tini*- within ten < lUldaya after date of oprnint bhteth*- net'-xury contract will lie e tered Into, and that in c.iae th?- -ai l party ur par ttff offering -hall fail t? enter into c mtra- t a- ar>re raid, be'>r the) ft'tarantee to ttiak* t ? *d the dilfor eace b-.t* D bis or tteir offer and the next lowest ftti. Prr>i?real? will b" ma: ke.1 Propotalii f.>r T >rmg>> 1' d adilregard to th? uuder?ig;ied Hfhl. >? are in?it*d to l?- pre-*-nt at ?fie opening, full liio-rtuatioD furbialied on appiicati.<u to th <&ce. WM MYERS. Breyet Brigadier General lT 8 A. n Jl-?( I?ep >t t.'nart'miaater. pBul'O^ALS ft'UB ?'IKL. PlIOT IjUITIRVAiTIK'n OTfCt.l VlillKIPl. 1) C . Slay 8, l->."3. ( S? ilci Proposal-, in duplicate, with a copy of thia a.l>. ii i-ni- iit aitai li-d. will b- received fr >m re ep-naibb- partir* until 14 M.. Jim 14. 1^73, to de )>t rr. a? r<-uuir?d, duria* the liecal year roniinenc it.g Jnly 1, l<"3, at the various ??fficea and o(H-??ra' Vi?rt--r? in thiaritv a:id O^orcetown. D C.,a:id at I rt Whipple, Virginia, ab ut 110 cord* of Pm?? Mi >od, <?wn| and aplit and in the atl<"k,?W corda of Oak V* o.-l, -awed an-1 aplit ai d in tlieatuk, and ? >? tona .f Anthracite C.ial, white a?h, red aah, or L? Lena v alley. of ?rz- an tray b- ralN for, free fr"Bi ?lve dnat or dirt. a?d to weiyli 2Jtu p ind- to the ton and aboqt S) t?M of Bitntutnotia Lump Coal. All the V "od Bud C al to be ol ttr?t clan* tuc rt haul ? Bide quality. Each moat be arc >mpani?d by a written guar ai.t"e, aiirned by the t> ilder or bidders, and a r<>tnp ? tent mrety, certitie<l to be ?uch by aoine officer or ?tber !? ra >n known to th- U'lartermB^ter'j lb*part the eft-^t that in the event of the accept ance of anch bid ai any time within ten < lot .lay af t*r the ? pening of the hi<bi the ueceaaarv contract will br entered into, an-1 that in case said party or parties offering thail fail to enter into c outract aa tf^reaa d, be or they guarantee to m.?ke g ~?d the <:tTereiw -- between his or their offer and the next iowest bid. Ttel. west aczrecate bid will b? entertained . iMp?*!? will la- marked "Pr ?!dre??-d to the aoder-ign.-il. P dd.-r- are invited to be present at the opening, bull in!> rtcation fnrtiiaht-d on application tothia ? MM. MTKR8, Brevet Brigadier General, U 8. A. ?'lt*t Depot (jjart- rmaster. OrricB enter ucaktebmasteb. third D1>TRI'.T. MPAKTMINT OK TUE E VST, PuiLaliiLLrHiA, Pa., May 4, U?3. GOVERNMENT SUPPLIES f ai d Prop.-at-, in li iplicale. with a copy of this Tttertia* ment attached, are invited at this Office intil 1-2 m. on the 14tk DAT or J.n, 1373, for the ?elivery ..f the t <l|ow i:<? namel supplies at post* in t??-Thir.1 Military District. Department of the Bast, *??111 July 1, K.1. to June m. W7|. at auch tim--s and It such .quantities as llie Acting Assistant y<i*rt r naaters at the aeveral p rta may re,|iiire, supplies to ii- subject to the u-uai inspection, viz: _ AT BALTIMORE, MD. 73,1^ pounds Anthracite C<>al. ro >rs or less. tJ3 c r.t-ni rchantabie Hard >re or less. B.34U pound- Uats) well -acked.>m-?r" or less. *J?j p. nn Is Hay,(baled.Imore or leaa. i *?! p- und- -tra a . | b>Ueti,) ni ?re or less. AT PORT McUEMRY MD. T" be delivered at ?nch points at th- posts as the .ctinit Arsistaiit yuarterDia-ter on duty Bt the time My <te?ignate. ftconis uerctiantable Hard W <1, more or l?ss. SvUW P"un<ls Oats, i w -II sacked.) m^re or less. &MWI p? node Hay.(t> tied,iniore or l-ss. 2hjUU) pounds Straw. | >>al?i|,i tn re or less. AT PORT P<X?TE. MD. S cord' mereba table H ?rd Wood, tuore or lesa. .VJ poundsOotn( well -acked). more or less. SSS poan l# Oats ( well sacked), more or less. iijiatt p. n-ids Hay (bal d), ni-re or less. 7.2si p. m il- Straw i baled), more or less. Th- oats and Corn to be clean, well sacked, in good trnng sacks. The hay to be timothy of % go d inalit. .free from e.-ds, cnt in season, well cured, and bawd. T be straw to be jf good quality, clean, long, Bui ell ha 1-4. Bnia f.-r each p- st should be made separately. B>ds will be rective?l and coBtracla executed aub ect t? the aenal ct>?ditions. Kids t<' be a^dretseii to tlie nndersigtisa] at Phila slph a. Pa, en<lorse<l "Prop-jsals for Supplies t ," as the case oia> be. C 8 SAWTELLB, Quartermaster United States Army, n.14 6t Brevet Brigadier Qen -ral. * ALE OF OB-*OLETE AlfD r58EBVlCK 3 ABLE UR1-NAKCE AND ORD NANCE STOBE8. U 8. ORDIAMCg AsHrt. v Co* or HrrsTos asd Oinn 8t?,. I Mmtrmn<e on (#"*< ifi?t,| P. O. Boi l1*!!,)/ Nrw York, April 17. W7l | Pealed Proposals, in duplicate, will be received at hiactfi- e, f^r the auichase of Ordnance and Ord ance Stores, embracing Cannon, Small Anns, eather w> rfe Leail. Ac., at the vari. ua Arsenals, .orts and D p ts ia the United States Bi-1* will be opened at 14 oVl.jck tn on WED TE9DAY. the 2*?th da> of May, 1873. f >r stores Vcated at posts it the fullowing-named States, to ft:?Conn?<ticwt, D?-laware, Indiana, Illinois, laiue, Maryland. Massachnaetu. Michigan. Mis onn, New Hampshire. Mew Jersey, N w York, ?hi ^ Pennsylvania. Rh -le l-iand. Virgiaia, and he District of Colneibta. B ds will be opened at 1*4 o'slock, M., on THUB8 ' AY, the 14 h day of June. H73.f r stores lucatod t P. ets in the f dlowing naniml Mates and Tsrrito ies.tuwitr Alabama. I' ltiforoia, Fl rida, G-orgia, ' at.?ae. L uisians. Minnesota. N -braska, Mevada, lortb Candiua. Onv n. S.uth Car dina. Texas, ,ri?ona, Colorado, D.V ts, I lah?>, Indian, M >u tna, New Mexico, W a-hirgt and Wy<aiung. For li't of *tor<s in detail, location, terms, Ac., ?e Catalogue*, which can be pocur-d on appii ?tion at the Orduauce Otfi'e. War Departm-ut, laehington. D C , a* this Agenc>, or at any of th ? >arbals ur Depots, and Coiniuaiuling Off] :ers of <>?er* will furnish, n aapllcation,information B>to what stores ob hand at their respective p >sts B?fov sal*. 'he D rartment reserves the right to reject all ^4swhlcn are B't d -emed satisfactory. Prior to Se acceptance r.f any bid. it will have to be ap eov-4 by the War Department. Terms caeh Ten p?i i-ut at the time of the award ?id the remainder a hen the property ia delnered. "l.irty days will b-* all. w?1 for th- removal of the B res Packing t^xes will be charg-1 at price* to 1 determined by the l??p*rtment. Iidders will state expti itly th- P >st wh?re the ??res are |. cated which the, hid for. and will give t" kind* and inantitiea they pr p-we to purchase, vineries will only be made at the various Posts * ere stored roposals will b-iid-lressed to the U P Ordnance Arm y, N Y ( P <? H \ 1 wi 1)and-h ul l he n .*'? sed ** Pr?p?al< for Purchasing I )!?? lete and l*n riv.cesble Ordnance and Ordnance S'.-re*,' with % nane-a i.f the Arsenals, Porta or l* -p>ts where a -red. and the mamas f >-ates orTerrit -ries is ?%ich the stores pr p.>sed to be purcbased are lo sted Bv autboritv of the Chief of Ordnance, 8. CBISP1N, Brevet Col U.S.A., R l2 (t M >j >r of O.dnauce. ?)BOP<?SALS BOB WROUGHT 4*D CA8T a I Kt'N ?mKR roBTUK BEW JAIL, DIS TRICT OF COLUMBIA. ? KiwJjil,I)isT|icTsrC?lT*lu, { Office of 8uperiatend~nt. May 8, 1ST3.{ WROVUHTA.SU CAST MUX WUKK. Bealeil Proposal- will be received at the office of %e t?upel ntendetit uutil rim, Jrxi t. 1-Cj for Snishing. delivering, flttiug. and putting in place Wr ught and Cast i run Work a* sa hi tiled by Draw isgs. described ia the Sp- ciftcaii >na. and ?llsd for in the Scb-dalea, consisting of tbs Cast t?C liunn* of Basement, B die J Beams. Ac., at Joara. Iron Work of Boots, Gratings to Windows, A . Cell Po> ra. Iron Staircases. Ac. Copies . f the Drawmap,SpecutcattoBg, and Schad may be had >? application at this oflca. All scsffold-ng required by the a??titrnctors to put W aork in place will le- furuisRed by the Govera ?ent free uf cbare?, but will be erected by the con test rs Pr. p- sals will be made by the piece, lineal f>ot, c weight, f->r the various items of work, as called fv ia lbe Schedule. The w wk will not be subdivided a??| different bidders, but will be o-taaidered ia L- aoregate The wb,4e of the Cast-lroa Columns ?r Ba?'B- nt 8t?ry and the B-ams, Ac , of First B'?>r, must be delivered and art In pnetthm wfhia t ree ne nt he from date ot acceptance of prop-sal, ad the whle aork mast be complstsd wuhia Ivelve moat he from date of acceptance Payments will b? madea?rthly.d-dn?th?g ten per en'nm until the flnaJ c mpletioa *f the contract. All bids mast be accompanied by a peaal bond, in tie sum of twenty tb-o-Bnd dollars < fJo^JUU,) that t aad perform the contract if taarded him. the sufficiency of the iscirtty to be certifted by the United States Juidg-*, tlie Clerk uf rje Patted Mates Court,or the D^trlct Attoraev cf Ae District wherein he resides. The Department reserves the right to reject any or >11 bids, tf?t be deemed for the interest <3 the Our the printed do so, and aay bid tb it is not made <? f na. to be obtained In this office,and lees'aot coal?rm in every rwaect to the rwialre uieati of this advsrtiaement, trill not be coasMsrsd; naitber will Bay proposals be rereived from aartlea sh* are not Ihimssiv? engaged la the manufacture g Wroaabt er Cast-tr. a Work, aad who hava not Be necMsary facilities f >r getting out the s.gfc. Pre pr sals will be endorsed ** Bids for Iroa Work." * nj'tt" 11A DOL V CLU8B, SapsrlBtendetd. PROPOSALS. FlCE ACTING ^MllKlAitT si BsIbT - . _ _ Fogy W Hirri.'e. Vs., May 11,1*7$. ir ? rofnmli indnylti ?*?? will H? r?Cfh?4 it this office ant I! Um.irw 1 Tib, 1-73, for fnrnieh In* tne Fre*h Beef repaired l?v th* Sabntetenc* 8 ih, ?t tkM ittiint, dirlir lk?iix I) onth* r- miner r4mr Jul* Int. IH7J. Blank form* for prop* sal* and ir.f.rmxtlnn m to Condition*. q> alit) of Beef, payments, ltc? ctu b? ? L'*iii--d bj ipfiiitlion to gko 8 nifn. _ n?K^? 1-t Lieut U Artillery,A. Q. 8 JVOTICB TO CONTRACTORS. Orrirj <>p thk Pouc* Ho. 49* Loci?ia*a Avexn, J . , . *a?Hu??Toi, D. ?., M*r |4; M73. \ *ily tndnraed as such, will b? nn"' ?*?Vlno* m .on SAT }? *? ? ?* rebuilding, and also for ex t-ndtn^and ret,Mine the Police Telegragh Line* In the District of Columbia. DrUileil ?[Millr?tioiM ul>??l,l"hfl,',ll*,d "? application t^M. *. HOLLY? it this Tb<* Board of pulic# r^ e-rve* tb? right to reject any and all bid* if deemed nec**aary for tbr public servioe. w. j. murtaoh, Bili-td President Board of X -t. Polio*. pBOPOSALS FOB STATIOBEBT ?T ?tat*, Afu n, M73. ... ?i? stationery forth# ? and'Bg June 3p. \gn will be received at this r.^CSTP^ SUt of Mat. Mtt, at 11 arjiTcii-lT** ,or bMMng will be furnished upon . vU ?'*** T'" ** f>n?M?r?d and accepted or r? It *01 by it*vn; and this mlTertiiwni^nt htH the rr. P"aal?. *o far a* accepted by the 8ecrotary of Mat*, and the bond accompanying tb>* ?am?, shall c^*|\?*itut? the contract bM*MB 'he Government ?*??>*> bidder or bitbler*, and no further contract will be executed. Th. artif ,r# c?-ntracfd for must b* furnished fr?m tin e to time, during the year, in qnautitie* pur s'i*nt to order" fr >ni the D partmant The entire quantities of earh article will, b >w ^??r, te called lorauring the year. Each Prop. sal must be ?miml by the individual or nriii making it, and he Accent pan ied by a bond. with ?ufflcient sureties, ia a sum equal to tlft> percent, of the bid or bide accepted. approved by a Uuited Kate* Officer of the district in which the sureties re ? Kt* or do business, on a form to be furni-h d by the lVpartnient conditioned for furnishing such p>T tion, ,,f the article* a* may be awarded under it, and the ^??rfurnianc* of the contract. All deliveries will be subject to inspection hv an ex pert detailed for the purpose, by the Secretary of St ate, and the deli t ery of an inferior article will be ceemed sufficient cause to annul the contract, at the option of the Secretary. Deliveries must be free of charge a: the Depart ment of State, Washington. Thefailnrete comaly with any on* order under the contract will, at the option of the Secretary of Mate, operate it* a forfeiture of the entire penalty or the bond; or the Secretary of State may direct the purchaae, in open market, of such quantiti** *f any article* as Khali be necessary to supply the defl ciency caueed by inch failure, and charge to the cL',,?.rfrt?r" 0,1 >' ?*"" centum of the price which it ?ball be found ner<-? ?rv to oav f.* mich article*. Pr- poeal* ona. com pan ied by a ?at!?factory bind will not be considered, aud contracts will be award ed only to established luaAufacturera of or dealers in tlie article*. Prop.*al* to be addrenwd to the undersigned, and n>arked "Propoea's for Stationery." *21eoim HAMILTON FISH, Secretary of State. pKOPUSALS FUK RATIONS. llEAD^CABTTK* 0. 8. Mantx* OiiRPs,) Quarttrmnstrr'? Ojkrr S Wa?hi.>oton, April >4,1873. S . fr?a,'<,.F^r*0*,l!' received at thi* office un til a o'clock p. BI. of THCRSDAT, the 3th day of June next, for furnishing Rations to the Uutted ? TAuTi^from lh# ZJSSS&Z BROOKLYN, NeW Y,^~cauwtlK. PilILADKLPHIA, Pennsylvania; 3f^SJ?yi?*ON ?'!Y' *>ftrict J Columbia; lTfK;?- VfrginU ANNAPOLIS, Maryland; MAB* ISLAND,California. * *? h Bat Ion to consist of twelve ounce* of Pork tr ?*?* p?'un<l and f>ur on ices of Silt or f rt*h Beef; eighteen onace* of Soft Bread or Floar, or twelve ounce* of Hard Bread, or oue pound aiel b'lir onuc>? of Corn Meal; and to e\ ery oue liondred K-ti- ns fifteen pontids of B??iw or Peae.or ten round* of Rice or Rarniuy; ten pounds of Green J offee, or ei*ht pound* of R >a*ted (or RoaateJ and J-rou-idjCoffee, or one pound and eight ounce* of T-a; ftfteen pounds of Surar; four quarts of Vinegar owe Pound and four ounce* of Adamantine 8'ar ? mim!lee; four pound* of 8or.p; three pound* and twelve ounce* of Salt, and four, ounce* of Penper The rations are to be delivered upon the onler "of the c.?n,?,^,Dg officer of each station; the Freeh Iteef.eitber in bulk or by the single ration, of quality, with an equal pr.>?.>nion of hind and f .re quarter*, neck* and kidn-y tallow to he excluded; the pork. No. 11 Prime Mes* Pork; th* Flour known a- Extta Superfine in the market of the plac* where the stall n is Imated; th* Coffee, good Rio; the f*ugar, good New Orleans or its e.(uivalent, and the Bean*, ? inegar,CaLdle*, S-jap, Salt, 4c., to be of g *ou qnaiity. All Mibject to In^pectioa. A cnarantee, aimed bv twoper*ors. whoa* re*pon sit'ility ninst becertitt*,! by a United 8'ate* District Ji'd*e. District Attorney, or Collector, must accom paiiy each propo*al. No propiwal will be coa*idei 4 unle** accompanied t-> such guarantee. Blank form* of proposals can be obtained upon application at any of the Marine StHtll'lJS. Newspapers authorized to publish the above will sei.d the paper containing the first insertion to thi cfflce for examination. Propo*al* to be iudoraed "ProaoMU for Rations,-' ftnl idiirew?ed to the aud^rsijn^. ?, ? W WILLIAM B. BLACK. *ST.-lnw?t Maj. and Quartern! r C. S. Marine Corp*. HOTELS. I jSilOK HOTBL, OaoABATowa, D. 0. *l2f556f ?l,.the n,?<lM'n lnjprovementa?hot aad (**? It >? conveniently lo ^ being situated on the line of the Waahiugtoc aud Georgetown City Paaaenger railroad, the oar* '' which, from the railroad aud steamboat deaeta paw the door every two or three minute*. The' gueata of tkta bona* can reach any ot the public ouihliaga af the national capital or aay place of amusement, *e , by a pleasant ride of afewminntea P-rs?ns doing busin-e* along the line of the and on the wharva* will fiadTt to their advantage to ?. a at tkt* koa*e. jag-Iy |J IW1V HOTEL, ?o. 109 Q STREET, T BxtWII.I 7th AW) 8th Stuwi. BB IMPERIAL HOTEL, JAMES 8YKES, rio!?TI!t? PgRJUTLTAMU Avgim, ? Bmwtm UU mmd 1WA Mrssii, WullMTOR, D. C. tkuktol to the public for generous patronage In ??? Proprietor adu hi* old frlendsaad Accommodations of hi* preJent ?aiatlishment, which ha aronuse* ahall be fJa3T2 iMrt e?oal to tbe best in Waehington. jan8-tf (Bep.,Chr n ) I^HB BBTANT HOUSE, . _ Lotmtmi on center UU urm mmd if. 7. irt . After the let of Decembei. liffl, Permanent ai^ tto<^ th" bones oae of the " the ctty^ 1,0 00BT*D,?"ly located hooae* T^**!ooy neatly furnished, well lighted and Sc.mlS&S? 'r?VlJod "tb ?" modern bom* ao , The cbargee are low, bat th* want* and tbe com ZL? gneeta will be carefully provided for Tbe proprietor, E. RICHARDS, has determined to provide a good caterer. P 0. WILLARD, ~ EBBITT HOUSE, _ WASHINQTOM, P, 0. IX THE ?UPREMECOl'RT OF THEDISTR1CT _ OF COLUMBIA. S/A rfa? af May. liC3. AroCAT?? ^ Kat?, \ E Jomssos Al ?Nu. J .xSe, Equity Docket 11. On motion of th* plaintiff, by Mr L G Hine his -;'.citort,i* ordered that the defendant,' Lwls' ^ ? wing, cause his appearance to be eriter>si herein on or befure tbe first rule-day occurring forty otht/zir. c?~> wVi ^I priiceroed with aatn caa* of default. BttheC uri: A. WYLIE. Justice Ac Tme ropy-Tut: B J MEIGs Clerk *c " " ^ f 3t b> l. p Williams! A??tk^w rl'?? WE. Thw the subsi riber ""J*1""1 from the hupreme Court of the Die 9?jybU, boldtag a Special Term, letters ir.ggSlyT ?? e^Ate of VIOTOB ? ahHOT, late of ^aahington county, D. C.. de c- ased. All persons having claims against the said *** }*"r,'L>. ??rued to exhibit the same, with the vouchers tbe subscriber, on or befor* the ?tb day of Mav next: they may Ub^ be excluded from all benefit of the said ??ale. Given waiter my band, thi* ?rh dav of May, WT3. | ni9 f 3w ) OK) H B WHITE L'kited states patent office; 1" . .. WAsHigaro*. D. C., April 30th, M7S "n rf >LBEBT BETTELkr, of Pr**"* fur tbe extension of a patent (ranted to him on the id day of Augnst, UM, for an SrW:1'"-"" for ^Tehouses.F^t fJl kl^aredi?hV ,.h* t"rtimrnT ,n the eaaeb* Closed on the 1st day of July next, tbat tbe time for filing ihl 1U' i"i *^.1 7"'ort be limited tS the lith day of July aext, and that *aU patitioa be beard on tbe l?th day of /uly neit ^'U n M Apt peraoa may oMMa tbia sxtea^o.. ir,r?%rrtaafr, On moQon of the plaintiff!1 by'Mr. E. McB Tl MW WBI?. W. W| ftkhuSE1B ? *l*Jl* !B.^r ? 1 IOBLBM Chartoy >* always _j laaomf ww from A. STRAUS, 1?U AUCTION SALES fDTDKI B Y GliKEN * WILLIAMS, An Mo. 100# Northwest Mth Md ] TRUSTEE'S SAL* OF A THREE-STOUT BRICK HOUSE AND VACANT LOT,FRONT IN*. ON O STREET NORTH., BETWEEN SIXTH AND SEVENTH STREETS WEST, AT AUCTION. By virtue of s 4k ree of the Supreme Court of the District of C?>l?ibis, p?a* on 'H*b dtgr of May .AH. 1873, mad- in the ctuwot Will* vs. W*llf, and others, B?. 3.M1. Rauity, I iilitll wll c.n the premise*. on MONDAY, the W day of Jan?, A D. IMS, at 6 o'clock p m ,all that certain pi-ce or putrl of fruud in tv city of Washington, Dis trict of Colombia, and known and described as lot rnmbered eighteen (191, in square unberra four hundred and fllty-five < 416 Is excepting a portion of raid lot fl>e(5)fM in width, on the eastern aide of said lot eerer <7) fe*t md six ft) inches in width on the rear of said lot. which haa been reserved for alley'.together with tho improvements,which con sist uf a three-story *iul at. ic brick dwelling house, and a brick stablv. Th--above lot has a front of t?fiiiy-l?w(wt. Al->, a?* t lot adjoining, hay ing a front ol 94 foot 3 in?- ?itha depth of 121 f< ? t mure or It a*, wtlli Hue a. and hack alleys. The tim?' of wale a? prescril>e?i bjr deeree are: One tlurd of the i<urcliaa<- in cash, and the remainder in r.iual Installments of six, twelve, and eighteen month*, for notes bearing lnter<*et from the day of sale, and secured by tlid note* of th? purchaser, and such other security as may lx> satisfactory to the trustee, I'onveya King, Ac., at the cost of the pur chaser. fcSUO w ill l~- required at the time of sale, and if the terms of rale are not c<*n plied with within flveda> s from the day of aale, the trustee reserves the right to r-*eil the property at the" risk and c?et < f the defaulting purchaser or purchasers, by ad verHsing the name three tines In some newspaper J H iu the city ofWashiiijrtoD JOHN r. KNNIS. Trustee. GREEN A WILLIAMS, nlS-d f Bep., my R-d] A net i one- rs. ? >Y LATIMER ft CLEABY. ~ . I> Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers bonthwest corner Pennsylvania aveuue and 11th at., Star Office Building. TUrSTFE S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON 11th STKEET WEST, NEAR MAt>SA< llTl?ETT8 AVENUE. , By virtue of a d-ed of trust bearing date the I l?ih day of April, A I>. 1871, and recorded in th? 'land record* of this District, in liber No. MS. at folio 369. and at the request of the party secured thereby, I will Ml in front of the premises, on TI'ECDAY, the 2Uth day of May.1873. at 6 o'clock p.m.. Lot* lettered O and B. in Ciisliing'* stilHli Thioii of lots 2, 3 and 4, in square numbered three hundred and forty-one,(.'ill.) The property fronts shout SO feet on 11th street *<st, hae adepth of about 93 feet, i? improved with a comfortable residence, thu same being house No. 1107 11th street. Terms : One-half cash, of w hich $250 must be de posited vhen the property is strn -k off. and the res idue within five dsys after sate; the remainder of the purchas* ni 'ney in equal instalments of six and f> elv? months, with interest from the .lay of sale. I'todgiien ana (rust taken. Conveyancing at ex p.-nre of purchaser, ll the terms of sale are not complied, with in five days,th? deposit to be for lei ted, a ad a resale of the property made. FRED. W JONES, Trustee. mlJ-d LATIMER A CLE A BY. Aacts. DY LATIMER ft CLEART I * Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Soathwaat corner Pennsylvania aveuue and 11th at.. Star Office Buildings. TRUfcT'IE'S SALE oT~SUPERIOR HOUSE HOLD Fl RN ITU RE. A By virtue of a deed of trust bearing date the \H. 7tli day of February, 1873, and duly recorded (Vltu Liber 703, folio 383, one of the land record* r f Ifoi Washington county, in the District of Co lumbia, thd by direction of the party secured there hv.lshsll sell, at public auction, on WEDNES D AY MORNING, May illst. H73, at 10 o'clock, at residence No. 1413 K street, between Uth and I5ih streets northwest t the following Superior Furuiture: Frenc't-plate Pier Mirrors. Snpsrior Marble-top Chamber Fnrnitnre. Kiue Hep and Lace Curtaius, with cornice. Oriental Arm and Easy Chairs; Elegant L >uuges. Elegant Brnssels Carpet* and Rugs. 1 hree ply and Ingrain Carpets, 4c. And all other B'>u?eltf)ld Furniture, KiUjion re quisite*, ftc., in saii premises. Terms cash. VM H SLATER. Trnstee. n.l* |Rer l LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctn. RAILROADS. ^LEIAHDRIJ^ ft ^ASHIMO AXD ALEXANDRIA ft FREDERICKSRCBO R Oonur 0f B and Sixth Strut*. Local trains for Alexandria leave as follows^-g-13, f:?j3, 7:S8, 8:83, ?:M, 10:63, 11:54 a. m.; 12.53,1^3, 1:58, S.U, 4:68. 6:38, and 7:58 p. m. Local trains from Alexandria arrive as fellows-? f:23, 7:43,8:38, 9:33.10:28,11:33 a.m.; 12:33, 133, 2:33, 1,28,4:23,6J8,7:33, 8.28 p. m. * Trains marked thus connect with trains on Wash ington and Ohio R. R. QUAVT1CO Accommodation leaves Washlngtoa 7:? a. m. dally, except Sunday. GRRAT SOUTHERN EXPRESS, via Rfohmorxl. Isavaa Washington 10:M p.m. daily, raoapt Sanday. Through tickets to all points Suath and Southwest for sale at Offices, corner Uth street and Pennsylva nia avrnne, and corner 9th street and Pennsylvania wuore passencers san leave orders for baggage to bs checked at all hotels and residences through to desti nation. E. B. YOUNO. Oenl Passenger Agent. JyKMJ BALTIMORE AND POTOMAC i t> RAILROAD, tltpot cm. %ik m?d ? struts. It, TRAINS ARRIYB AT WASHINGTON. 4:59 a. m., Western Exp., daily,except Sunday. 8:38 a. m? Mail,dally, ex cept Sunday. 11?*a. m., Western Exp., daily. 1:23 p.m.. Pacific Express daily,except Sunday. 9:08 >.m. ^Accommodation, daily. 10:39 p.?-. Southern Ex j|rws, daily, except Snn TRAINS LEAVE FOR BALTIMORE. 4:53 a. m., Niagara Exp., daily. 1:53 a.m., Baltimore Mail, daliy, 10.3* a. m.. Western Exp., daily, except Snnday. 3:38 p.m.. Baltimore Ac commodation, daily, ex cept Snnday. 5:33 p. m., Cincinnati Ex sreas4aiiy, except Sun day. f 63 p. m., Western Exp., dally. _ Trains leaving Washington at 6:53 and 10:38 a j 1:38 p. m.,connect at Bowie with trains for Marlboro', leaving Bowie 7:68 and 11:28 a. m., and 4:53 p.m , ar riving at Marlboro'9:19 a. m. and 12:13 and 6:33 p. m. Trains arriving at Washington 8:38 a. ?. and 9:39 and 9:08 p. m., connect at Bowie with trains leaving Marlboro'740a. m. and 9:40 and 5:33 p. m. Passengers leaving their orders at Tickst Offloea, corner of 19th street and Pennsylvania avenue ana a >rthwsst corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania i-enoe, can have their baggage called for and check ed at hotels and residences to all points North and Went. Through tiskets to Cincinnati, Oolumbua, Indianapolis, LonlsviHe, St. Louis, Hew Orlsana, Chicago,Omaha, San Francisco, and all points north, uorthwsat, west, and southwest. ^ E. L. DURARRY, Genl Boat. 1. 8. YOUNG. Pent Pass*r Agent. j7l-tf THROUGH LINK BETWEEN) WASHINGTON. PHILADEL-, PH1A, AMD NEW YORKj WashiX6TO!(, November 9,1871 Trams between WASHINGTON and NXW YORK are ran as follows: FOR NEW YORK, eJkmnt* of tart. Leave dally (except Sunday) at 8.-00 a. m., 1:00 and p. m. FOB PHILADKLPHIA. Leave dally (except Sunday) at8 a. m., 1.D0 and CM ON SUNDAY. Leave for Hew York at 8J0 p. m.t and Phfladelphls at 610 p. m. bleeping cars for New York on 8:80 p. m.t rale only. Through tickets to Philadelphia, New York and B jston can be had at the Station Office at ail hoori of the dw. For Baltimore and Ohio railroad advertisement sae tchedoie between Washington, Baltimore, Annapo lis and the W est. THOf. R. SHARP, Asst Master Transportation, L. M. COLE, Geuerai Ticket Agent. KEO. 8. KOONTZ. Agent, Washington. }el4 ri BALTIMORE AND OHIO 19 RAILROAD. . WafHIS?TO!?, Jan. 98. UTS. ? 11alts between WASHINGTON AND BALTI 0' 'RE and WASHINGTON AND THH WHET an k ? ran as follows, via: FOR BALTIMORK. Leave dally, except Bnndair, at 4:49, 8:49, 8.-00, 9:49 std 10:49 a. m.: IjOOT ?:18, 4:10, ? JO, 4:20.8.-09 and 8JO '?m* OH SUNDAY FOR BALTIMOBH. ?**?*and 8.-00a.m.,and IM, 8:U,9'20,8:00 u 8.M p. m. _ FOB ALL WAY STAT10HS. Leave daily, except 8otidav,?4 4:49,8:48 and 8:49 a.m.; 4:10 and IS p. m.: and on Sunday at 4:48 and In/Oa. m.,and 1:0U, 3 16,6:k), and 8tl0 p!m. The M,l:Uand 8:H i.m. trains stop at the fol towing stations only, vix: BM?nsbnrg, Beluville Laurel, Annapolis Junction, Hanover and Relay Also, the 3:16 p. m. will stop at Jesaap* Oat, and tbs Penn's Crossing. FOR ANNAPOLIS. Leave at 9:48 a. m. aad 4:10 p. m; bat no trains to ot from Annapolis on Sunday FOR NORFOLK. Leave at 1:00 p. m., except Sunday. FOR ALL PARTS OF THE WB8T. Leave daily, except Saturday and Sunday, at 9:49 a. m. and 8:U and 8-00 ?. m. On Saturday at 8:48 and and 8:00 p. m., and on Sunday at 3:U and 8M p. m. TRAINS ARRIVE AS FOLLOWS: From New York, Philadelphia aad Baltimore, at 8:9u a. mand 8:S and 9:N p. m. From Philadelphia and Baltimore at 8:99 a.m. From Baltimore at 8M, 8:30, 8 40 and U:M a. m., and 1:80,8:40,8J8,8:88, 7:88, Ml, and 10JO p. m. FROM THB WEST. Arrive at 1:80,4J9 and lOJOp. m Through tickets to the West tube had at tts Washington Station Tlokst Office stall hoars of tbs toy; also, at the Company'? office, 489 Pennsylvania ?venue. Passengers purchasing tickets pt the Ave MU*edfDr?amdc iei^ t, and ? rertisement of "TL THOS. B. SHARP,last Master Transportation , L M. COLE. General Ticket Agent. GEO. 8. KOOKTE GenT A'gt~ Washington. Js 1872 PEHHSYj/VAHLA ROUTE 1872 to THE HVRTBWHT, SOUTH, AND SOUTH' Washington.? 428 a. m. Baltimore? TM a. a. )M8 a. m. 148 p. m. 8? p. m. ?? Mi p. m. " 7 J3 p. m. I - M38 p. m. THB flREAT BOUBLH TRACK HOUTH, With elegant Scarytt, Palace State-room dap and cht cars, with mimscn Isspvuvwaeuu. two bandied mllss savsd to Wsstsm aad Central ?ew Ycrk. The luJB a. m. dally, i 'AS p. m. daily, and 8:? p. m. EP.I.V09M, ??ll AUCTION SALES. to-vorrow. ?? JDASBS, OdLOMO TKaTcbj tffiSJiHSi OT?Tc?fo"S INO AND HEATING STOVES. B' ?jSSSS.'JSXX fa*. -^JoS^pSSS"M ^" !>? OP COOK ' ? mo. 1 BLACK SQUIBBBL^AND CAGE, AT AUa f?\ ,*&,n ?\trR,?AT MOBBING. Ray 17th, (L'/''*? *? ? ofoof,. in front of t ar Aurtio? V 1 *1' *" uttiMiiD aiaoriiMLt IJ lef the above articles. Ul Tenia ca.-h. ?w LATIMER A CLKAKT, Anets, |*T THCm. WAOOABAN, *"* Beal Estate Auctioneer, ?1? 7th street 4fci of trnst from George R. B3 ^ JJjj? to J '>sePh I. SoodjTMii, r? ???cxijjwdita Liber CM,foHo 141. of the land recutita of W??WwHon county, )? the District ..f Columbia. I win, ?p Saturday, the it* day ?? RaTw*, fn rf ?.c*y\*- m ' <><*"<? f?r sale, at public auction. In front of the premises, the nronerty dweribed in ?yld deed of trot, to wit: Begfanfnii for the umo at tb'-northeast corner of lot numbered sixtv fGO>, in Kibbey^* subdivision of square ntunberest MS run ning thence west along the south line of alley or" seventy.two feet six inches, thence *00(11 ten feet thence east seventy-two feet six iarbee, thence north ten fret to place of beginning. Also, that piere or parcel of ground, being in the same subdivision contained within the following motes and bound*-' Beginning for the same at a point two and a half I'* west of the northeast corner of lot sixty-four (64), running thence west along the line of alley" B" thirty six feet, thence south ten feet, tbene. east thirty-six feet, thence north ten feet, tothebegin t?e^,y-TKtt ' * UDt?? Terms: The amount of indebtedness and costs C:i>>h'balance in six months. A deposit or A25 dar' of sale. Convsyancingat cost of the purchas-r _ JOSEPH E. SNOBGRaSs, T mm tee mS-eoAds THOS.EWAGGAMAN.Anct! I1T B. H. WARNER, *-* . Beal Estate Broker and Auctioneer. No. 7?9 7th street, between O aud H. TRUSTEE'S BALE OF A TnREE-STORY DWELLING ON H STREET. BE nokthwestKTU aKI) *lrTU flTK"TS By virtue of a deed of trust from Benjamin Chambers Jr., and wife, dated October 31st, 1870, and duly recorded in liber 615, folio 374 one of the land records for Washington county, Dis Hi'rij i i?lnm ii*' mnd J'l/JilSf4'0'1 ?f the partv se Zn SATUBDAY. Ray It?1*3, at o'd.*k p.m., to the highest bidder. In front of the premises, the east part of lot five,(ft.) hundred and seventeen, (?17,) together ?lib the improvements thereon. .?~enna: One fourth caah and the balance in 6,13, 18, and 24 months, with lnter?st at 8 per cent., se cured by a deed of truit on the property. Incase t lie terms are not complied with in lire days after sa.e the trustee reserve* the right to resell the BM P' ft> at the risk and cast of the defaulting purcha ser. $10Udown when thnpropertv Is ?old. JOHN A. KUEF. Trustee. _ " 6-*oAd* B. H. WARNER. A'it. |?Y latimeb a cleabt ? ? Auctioneer* and Beal Estate Brokers, D?uthw?*t corner Pennsylvania avenue aud 11th st . Star Office Building*. VALUABLE BriLDINO LOTS AT ROUNT ... PLEASANT. Hill be .old at public auction, on 8ATDBDAT, pHvate nalo c ^ *? m-> unlee* previously sold at i W- *? north half of 1 and J, north half ?>f 19 and * Lots J, 4, 7,8. 9, in first secnoo: 3. 4. 5, t and 7, in ^cond sssUon: 1.3,4 aud ft, in fourth section of 8. P. Brown s subdivision.

Also, a fine Cottage, cor.tainitig ten rooms, with stable and two acres of ground. Term* easy. For partic ulars apply to 8. P. BROWN, , ., . Cor lMh street and N . Y. ave. n 5 td LATIMKR AGLEAUY. Aucts. ? \ m Y LATIMEB A CLEARY, 15 Auctioneers and Beal"Estate Brokers, cout b? est corner Pennsylvania ave. aud 11th street. Star Office Buildiugi. SALE OF CONDERNEDSTOBESAT MARINE ? BARKACKS. On TUESDA Y, tlie UOth of Mav,will be offered ?'?'?''?'e at the Marine Barracks, Washington, a lot of Condemned b.ore* of the Quartermaster's D-part ii.ient. Among tbim are a larife lot of Percussion Caps for muskets, Swords, .vw lbs. Brass, 20 lbs. of Copper, Old Iron. 3,0W? lbs. Lead, SOU U.S. powder, together with B'-lts,Oartridgc-boxes, Ac., Ac. Sale tocon nience at 10 o'clock a. m. Terms each Purchasers will 1^> required to re move the articles purchased within fivedavs LATIMEB A CLEABY, mlO-dts [Rpp ] AMrtit*nft^r?*. |>Y LATIMEB A CLAABY, I' Auctioneer* and Beat Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania aveuoe aud 11th *? . Star Office Building. rI,,.\^v7Jt\I8A''^ DESIRABLE BBS ll'ENCR, N" J** 1<T STREKT, BKTWERN rOTORAC AND MARKET, GEORGETOWN, virtue of a deer n of the Supreme Court ^Hof the Di?trict of Columbia, naased on th- 7th ??day of May, A. D. 1873, in Chancery cause of S-nmies et al. vs. Payne et No. 3,043 E iuitr iIsTv'?? oi'i1 m #' I*" M pu,'iic auction, on WoN Da Y, the 2d dav of June, A. D 1873, at 6 o'clock T 1 '!w !?* "i the L?^t lyingand be ft.K in the city of Georgetown, in the District of Co lumbia, and known and described upon the ground pian or plat of safd city as the next west part of K'tigs acre, in Beatty and Ilawkiu's additi >n to Ceorgetown. and back ground of Lot nnmbere.1 one huudred and two, (102.) beginning for the same at ?""0J^e.r Lot 011 1st St., and run ?' J!'?"?? of ???<> street twenty-eight (28) feet eight (8> inches; thence nortli to alley iutbe aU'i thence east along the line of said alley twenty-eight (28i feet eight <8) Inches; thence south one hundred and tn th" *lmc* oT be ginning, to *ih? ""P^W'f.nt* thereon,consisting of trru^I)!,!l. containing about fif , T^"? of*ai?>, prescribed by the decree: One lourtb cash, and th? balance in six, twelve and ei?h te en months, for w Inch approved notes or bond will . taken, payable in enual Instalments with interest at eight (8 (per cent, per annum, payable seml-an fiS* .'*,?',P^"'t two hundred dollars will be re "Vp Jf ,h? ternw ?Me Ik. not complied with in five days from day ef sale the property will be re?>ld at the co*t and riak of the defaulting pure haaer. Conveyanci ng at purchaser '? LATl&l fljgillirTlSX 11Y GREEN A WILLIAR8, Auctioneer*, * ' Southeast comer 7th and D streets. proper n.?^ STREET EAST, BE 5 D AND B STREETS SOUTHEAST. d#ii??.T,rtuS2f ?dTd ^trust from William T. ?jfl Grime* and Vife, dated January 22,1S71, rind at i iiiWriit.,MI request of the party thereby sts ur hi's to thr'hi'k pu,i!!SJ'nct,on4.'n fr,,nt of the prem lees, totbe highest kidd'r, on TTESDAY. Ray J7. I9> lnl?MWfk f-m-. allof original lot nine (??, in square 992. together with the improvements i V*?' ,u ! ?' h*H ?front of 55 feet and is of 11 18 lu,Prov?i i'r two Miudl Frame . Terni* of sajs; One-fourth cash, aid the balance in 6.12, and^lS months, with interest, or all cash as nia> be preferred by the purchaser . *100 down on ?ley of *a e to be forfe ited in casethe terms are uot CTiP?7LTUtviIVfl^ ?ft"- -ale 1 BRA IN A BD H W A RNER, Surviving Trustee l.^>-2aw,tds OREEN A frlLLIAMsT AM. 11^ GR"-N A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. ** Mo. 1001, northwest corner Wth and D sts. B>.'ififrSAAF?KDK?^WEJST,Eo;sJci''D Oi the in BfinkriiD'rv ir? tbe^7lty Halj. in the city of Washington, District of ? the following described tract, piece or W' lying and being in the couuty of Rich Nebraska, to wit: The south one Ro two \ T112? thirty-two,(38,) in tawnship Wo tr-o.(3 ) and range eighteen <IS.>east of the Sli lL meridian, centaining three hundred and twenty acres of land, more or less. AH conv**ancing at cost of the purchaser. w /> BESTOR A?igneeof Z. R P. King A sin in Bankruptcy _niJA3aw3wAds GREEN A W1LLIARS. Anct, '* |>Y LATIREB A CtiRABY, " i: .w Auctioneers aud Beal Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pensylrania avenue and 11th st . Star Office Buildings c 1 vf1 aTic! rl^Sfn j' ? of a d?ree of the Supreme Court of ?f M.1 iC n'S nB,bi;' on th* 71,1 <!?>? ?t ?i ???.'. , ' 'n chancery cause of Seinmes - m al- No- Si'WS. Equity D 13,1 w ill sell, at public auction, on TUESDAY, the ?d day of June, A.?. 1873, at ? o'clock p V. in frout of the premises, Lot numbered 31, Reservation B ef Colnmi ^ .the cil> of w'u,J?ington, District Sf . .iSS, Improvements thereon,consisting of a substantial brick store and warehouse. Said lot Is more particularly described as follows: Beginning f^r the same at the northeast corner of said lot and running thence west along the line of Pennsylvania avenue twenty five (35) feet; thence south to alley in i?r ODe tnndred and twenty-seven (127) feet five (ft) Inches; thence east along the line of iaid alley twenty five (38) feet; th*nce north to Pennsylvania the place of the beginning one hundred aig tweaty-seve?(137)feetflveTftlinche*. . T'?" ?* as prMcribed by the decree: One ? ca*hi the balance In st*, twelve and L??i ?fn. mpntlw. for which approved notes or bond will be taken, payable in equal instalment* with interest at 8 (eroeat. pay al le^sem^anuMl' > A ESaga tsisxiKs! sp&'&ws?. veyancing at purchaser's cost. ^ ni!0-3tawAds LAftlto^* LEABYfA^i RY B. H. WABNEB, SW" R Bj virtue of ? dee? of trust,dsted March 9th. g 1870a of record In Llber Bo^li, foHo 312. one oi - for the county of Washington, of the .note secured li s on Vi^onTw ?* fr0"^ the pran - *?thinet.,at ? oWoS p., AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTERNOON. Y B. H. WARNER, Ural Estate Broker and AncttnMor, No. 729 7th street, M?i? O and H ?tr B 6 B PUBLIC SALE or VALUBLI THREE RTORT AMD BASEMENT MAST 111 FRONT HOUSE. Ho. 10V?,ON Till SOUTH HIDE OF MAMA CHUSETTS AVENUE. BETWRKN IOth AND 11th STREETS, OPPOSITE GOVERNMENT RESERVATION. 1 will HI at pnblie w FBIItAT. Hi May l?ib. 187*, at ? oVi-ek. in front of tbe House Bo. IIM MHMrbnKU nnf. It contain* IS ro*ms, store ro-<m, bath waab room, ecllcr, get, hot and c<-ld water, -t? tioi ary n arbl. -t.ip basins. wash tub*. Latrobes, fart are and range. The location ta deligbtfai. Lot S fart front by good depth. Terms: One-third cash; balance (, IS and 18 mouths, with 8 per c ot. in treat, secured by deed of trnst f 100 down when tbe property It sold. r6-eolds B H W AENEE, Auct. BV DWNCANSON, HOVUIO A CO., Auct "re, Southeast corner Ml and D streets aorthwest. COMFOBTABLE FBAME HOUSE AFP LOT ON K STREET, NEAR BAth STREET. NORTHWEST, AT AUCTION ' ^ On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, May IB, at 6 ?53 o'clock, we will sell. OB the premises, part of lot square IS, having a front of N feet, with a depth of 76 teet, and iniaroved by a comfortable two ?tcTT frame house. This property is worthy the at tention of buyers, a* Tt is upon one of the beet streets In Washington and convenient to theaveun*. Terns: One-third cash, balance in Sand (Smooths, n^tes bearing interest and secured by deed of trnst. Conveyancing, Sc., at coat of purchaser. Title per fect. mio-d DUNCANSON. POWLING S CO., A acts. |> V LAT1MEB S CLEART, D Auctioneer* and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest corner of Penn. avenue and lltb street. Star Office Buildiug. SUPERIOR P.RFFN REP PALOR SUITE; MIR ROR RAt'K ETEGERE: CURTAINS,t'OliN 1< JC AND SHADES; MAKHI.K TOP CENTER TA Hi.ICS; WALNl T CARP TABLES. ELEGANT EAST LOUNGES; MIRRORS: SI i'EKioit PHI Sr-El.S, THREE-I'LY ANP INGRAIN CARPETS: RI GS AMI STAIR C VRPETS; ST A I K RODS; ST A1R ANP IIA IR O! Lt LOTUS; HALL KURNITl RE. SUPERIOR CHANCE 1 1 KISS I>RoP l.HiHTS; WALNVT MARBLE TOP H PEBO ARD: WALNUT EXTENSION PINING TAHI.K; WALNl T DININGCII AIRS; < il IN A AM) GLASSN ARE, SUPERIOR WAL Nl T MARBLE TOP CHAMBER SUITS. MAR BLR-TOP ANI? OTHER TAINTED COTTAGE I I RN1TURE; Sl'PERIOB HAIR AND HL'SK MATTRESSES; OFFICE FURNITURE; RE > RIGERATOR and SAFE: HEATING STOV^ KITCHEN REQUISITES, Ac., Jtc A On 11 ESP AT MORNING. May 80, W73, 111 C< mnieiiCiKg at 10 o'ckick, at the r?ei<i-iic* of l^P|a lady declining housekeeping, No. ?2:t E I V I street, between 6th and 7th northw???. we * shall sell the above superior collection of Fur niture. N. B.?Parties desiring te seen re excellent Fur niture would do well t" attend this sale. nil4-dAd? LATIMER A CLEARY. Ancts Y B. U. WARNER, Rest Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 729 7tb street, bet we* u G and H. Bv virtue of a deed ? >f trust to me da'ed April 5. 1870. of recoid in iib?r No. AI9, folio 476, oue ?of the land records for thecouuty of Washing ton, I sliall offer f"r sale at auction, in front of the pieiinses, on MONBA Y, the lttth day of May, H73, a; tt o'clock p. m .,*11 of the lot. piece or parcels of ground describe:! in said died of trust, situated n?ar .te south end of the Navy Yard brids-, in Union low n, being SO bv loufeet, with the improvem-nU of a frame house. . ... Terms of sale: One fourth cash; of which ?S5 mn?t Ik- paid after sale; the balance lu six. twelve, and eighteen months, w'th interest se. ured ty a deed of trust on the property. If the terms are not complied with in Are days after the day of sale the trustee reserves th* right to sell the property at the risk andc <st of the default in* purchaser. HENRY C APPlSnN, Trustee. n9d b h. warner, Auct. Y LI TTHELL A DUNNINGTON, Auctioneers, 91 7 Louisiana avenue, bet. 9th and kltb sts. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED HEAL ESTATE-TWO TWO STORY BRICK DW ELLINGS ON 27th ST , BETWEEN I and K NORTHWEST: Also, ONE TWO STORY FRAME DWELLING ON L ST , BETWBBB 1 fiH and 20th, NORTHWEST, WASHING. TON, P. C. EB> virtue of a d^ed of trust, dat<-<l May If n. A . P. 1871, and duly recorded tu Liber No. tits, folio 339, one of the land records for Washing ton c untv. in the District of Columbia, and by re qu st ef party ?ecur?-d thereby, I will s?ll at pub lic anctiou. iu front <?f the nremis-s, to the highest bidder,on W EDNE8DAY.May 21st, A. D. H"?, at SoMock p. ie., the south 'Af-ot S iachaafr >utiugoD 17th street. In twren I K streets northwest, in the city of Wa-hingtot., in said District, by equal d- p'h of 81 feet 9 inches of pnrt of Lot No. 1.1, in H<|iiar" No.((.and more psrti'ularly described in Lil-er R M II , No. lt?, folio jaw et , one of the lioid rttordf for said District, -...gwlter with the iiu Iro* emcnts tUoreou, consisting f tw ? 2 story Brick tvelliligs. Als>, on the same day, at 6 o'cl.ick p. m., all those parts of Lotf N'>?. lt> and Id, in S i'iarN^.,(5, iti said city, and d?ecrilH-<i as toll >ws: Begiuninc at the n< rtheast corner of said Lot No. It, thence running ?niiiii H2 feet 6 inches; theme west .3 f? t: thence n rtli 10 feet, thence east 6 feet; thence nortli 71 f>*et 6 inches to the lii e of L street north,and th?uce east with'aid lin" Sfifeet to place of b?gitning. B?fer enc fiir a more particular description in Ltber J A. S . No. 1J6 fidiotOMet seg , one of the land records f r said District, improved by a 1 story Frame ' T- nusof sale in each case. One-third cash; bal ance iu eiiual payments in six, twelve and eighteen months, the purchaser giving notes le-aring ten 90T cent, interest from day of sale, and seour?I to satis faction of the trustee, on the property sold; ?1?> on the tirst and |W on the second pr.-perty ab ive iinni'd niu?t be paid down at time of sale. Convey tn< ing and recording at purchaser's cost. The trus tee reserves ibe right to resell the property. at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser or purcha se rs. 111 case the terms are not complied with within six days after sale^ r HOLTZM VN, Tru<te.. r,.9-d LCTTBELL A DUNNINGTON. Aucts. Y B. H. WARNER, Real Estate Broker and AnctionMr, No. 72V 7thstreet, between G and H sts. TRr8TEE*S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED HEAL ESTATE ON D STREET NORTH, BE TWEEN 8th AND 2th STREETS EAST. , By virtue of a deed of trust aated September 119th, A D. 1NS7, and duly recorded in Liber E. IC. E.,No 15, folio 436, et seq., ono of the land records for Washington county, D. C , I wiH sell at pnldic auction, in front of the premise, on SATUR DAY, tbe 24th day of May, A. D. 1373, at S o'clock p m . all those certain pieces or parcel* < f ground situate and lying in the ctty of Washington, D. C.. a d known and described as l ?s lettered and marked ??R' and "8," In the snbdivision of the west half of ?<inare numbered nine hundred and sixteen, <916,1 with the improvements thereon. Terms made known at sala. A deposit of ?50 will 1? required at time of sale on each lot. If the terms of sale are not complied within five days, the trustee reserves the right to resell at the risk and coat of the defaulting purchaser. All converancing at cost of the purchaser. W. B. TODD, Trustee. m3-eoAds B H. WARNER, Auct. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001, Northwest corner 10th and D streets. TRUSTEE S SALE oTVdESIRABLE BT"!T,d 1NG LOT AT THE CORNER OF I lia AND BOUNDARY STREETS NORTHWEST AT AUCTION _ On 2S?h day of May, 1873, at 6 1] B B Ob ? X B ?clock p m , I shall sell, on the premise*, -virtue of a deed ef trnst to me, dated the 14th dav of February, A. P. 1871, and duly recor*l?d in I.1U1 No 661, folio 376, one of the laud records for W:ithlngto!i county, in the Pistrict of Columbia, all tliAt certain piece or parcel of ground situate and lying in ?aid city, and being Mown and described as Lot numbered forty-six (461, in Carrington A Hnghes' re? >irdeil subdivision of 8<iuare numbered two hun dred and thirty-four (134.) Said Lot li situated at the northwest corner of said souare. Terms of sale: One half cash; the balance in six and twelve months, for notes bearing interest and Secured bv deed of trust on the premises. Terms to l.e complied with within ten flays, otherwise the property wiil be reeold at owner's ri?k. All cmvay ?nciug at purchaser's cost. flM) will be required at time ot safe. WM. A. W A RP, Trustee, n U eoAds GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. Y B. H. W ARNER, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 729 Seventh street, bet ween Usulfl. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IM PROVER PROPERTY IN THE NORTHERN SECTION OF THE CITY, ON 0 STREET OR COLFAX STREET, BETWEEN 14th AND t 6th STREETS NORTH WEST. liy virtue of a deed of trust, dated March 1st, 1SW, ami duly recorded in Liber 664, folio M, one of the lau<l records for Washington county, District of Co luD'toa. and by direction of the partv secured, I will sell, in front of the premises, on FRIDAY AFTER NOON . May Oth, M73, at ? o'clock, to the high-* bidder, the weat 46 feet 9 inches front of Lot W, in Smara 196; improved by three two-story Frame Houses, or such parts of said premises as may be *ec<?*?ary 10 satisfy said debt. T-rms of sale; One-third rash; balance In ? and 11 months, with six per cent, iatereat. The deferred pat ments to be secured by a deed of trust and tn ?erhnce on the property sold. In case th? terms ara ?ot complied with In days after sale, the right fc reserved to resell the property, it the risk and cost of the defaulting purchayr ? down on day Of sala. FRED. ROONES, Trustee. ai6-dAds B. H. WARNER, Auct. KTTHE ABOVE SALE 18 POSTPONED antll TUESDAY, May 20,1*73, same hour and place. By order Trustee. _ _ m9-eoAds B H WARNER, Auct. DT LATIMER A CLEAR* . ~ D Aoctieneers and Real Estate Brokers, ?ootbwaat corner Pennsylvania avenne and Utbrt., Star Office Building. ? I OF VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON 8th STREET WEST AND RHODE ISLAND ?ALE 8th I AVENUE. _ _ . . mm By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of H^the District of Columbia, paa>M la Equity ^ cause No. 79B, chancery rules 6, wherein Elian betb Brent to plaintiff and Charles B. Brent ?t al. defendant, the in said A?lffig7y*i?notR?k^m^VKj<?valuable BuilS ^b#^uaaaSt?r<7Brent's subdivision No 4S0; lot 11 containing 1,717* square feat, aod lot g Tbe terms of sale, as prescribed by thedecrse, ara: One-third cash, and the balance la two-equal instal ments, for which the avas of the purchaasr win be taken, payable hi six and twelve 1 *?? est from Sate, and 1! " a at auc AUCTION SALES. BY OREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Mo. I??, aorthwest wru Wth ?* 9 sts. sate or orrif* ruRNiTCRE, consisting in taet or w?rwrr rt?f counters. OAK RAILING V IRR KKKENI, MVUM, iifisKf or nirrmKT p\ttekvs orricBchairs and stools, iron h at RACE. I'M PREt LA ST AND. Ac goa o?saturdat MORNING. Msv 17 ICt lU at IO n'Hock. in lr?it ft our aucti <u r?>ui?, wa|>r >hkll urn the tbwtc 4rtcribnl Furniture. /?I Trni > caeti " ^ It GREER A WILLIAM*. Att<*s ItT MM. L. M ALL A OO . Auctioneers, ? ' H<>rar imiOtrnar Louisiana tsmar, M?wn 8ia aud UKh atreeets. MA AND PENNSYLVA prit IS DROVE HORSES, PRIVATE STOCK. BUti GIES, CART*. HARK EM. Ac, AT AUCTION. On 8ATI" RUAT MORNING.May l*?h, MMiN M 19 o'clock, we wilt sell ml ' oui Iwitr 60 HEAD OP BORARH, J>M trrlTfd.lkr Ansel auirfc nfl>r?4thii muh Oltr Mir strawlierry mu Mare*, ire ?. ar? >ld. If liuid> kith, warranted sound and kind in ktr ness; rtvaely matched. One pan horrala,? years (44,young aim) vtrrtui^ ? Mail urf kin" id hirwm on*- I r.'wn B?n?. I rrtri ?U, US hudi Inch, soxnd and kind in hurvM. Onechessrmt sorrel B<iree,? f?\ri old. Ik1* hu4< bfh. ? arrant rd ? and lWtle in hai n?? S-ht?1 kii" young Horses, goedatsppera. I ao. Th'rty hf?rj Work B pmm, rniitiW* for carl?. also. One Ifcrltt dappled-gr>*y U .ri", |fi nan 1- h'rt.T fnri ? Id, ten styli?b aud <{?nlli- in harness, the property of an tWcer having no further fjr bun. One pair of hav Pmies. 14 hand* hlrh. sound ao<l kt'd in hame?B, suitable f..r a |> >o?t ph* o>a. We rail -pedal attention of bnva-a to|ti??V>T? ?ale. a? it is by far the l>.-4 stork "flared f.?r aal- thi? ?< ssoo. I? WM. L W ALL * 00 . Aarta. |>Y LATIMER A GLKAKY. I* Auctioneers and R.'al Estate Brtkers, if coruer Penaa. a*eau? and lUli street, Star Offi- - Buildiug. A CHOICE COLLECTION OP FLOWERING PLANTS AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY MORNINU. Mty .'O h, 11 o'clock, at our Auctiju R vims, MH0 we shall sell th- f It iwmg Plants: 4o ViZak.'ta of B- .idiug Plan's, of the finest varieties. 2u I-?-autifu! Haiiciiii: Baskets N B - Th. ladle# ah>uld attend this aal ?? Term* cash. LATIMER A CLEAKY. Aycts. ?>T LATIMER A CLE ART, I > Auctioneers and Real Rotate Broker*. gollh??it corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th at., Star OSre Building DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS ON c STREET, BETWEEN 14th AND l?m BT RK E f3 NORTH W WT. AT AUCTION. a On MONDAY ArTRRNOON. B; 6 o'clock, we will aell. in front of th ?si.lot |?. 19, in square N >. #6. having a fr nt of 6.s feet 8 inrhes on U street, between llth ai.llVh street. ?ith a depth of lk> feet The property will b?- sul>divid.*<l to suit purchasers. Terma: One-third rath; residue in ?i* and twelre tnontha, with intereat fr.>m day o? aale Deferred payments tnhaaeenred by d'-od of tru^ Oo*ve>an rihg at cost of purchaeers 9Monearh lot at time of aale, or If taken by one pnrrhas-r f75 ml6dAd? LATIMER* CLRaRY. A net a. Y OKEEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneera, Ho. 1001 northwoat coruer 1Mb and D at a. BCILDINO LOT ERONTINttON NEW JERSRY AVENI E AND RUNNING THROCQll TO ilu STREET WEST. BETWEEN 11 STREET NORTH AND M ASSAUHtSKTTS AVE VIE, AT AUCTION On WEDNESDAY, the Slat instant, at h >'c <>ck p m., ?>? ah si I aell, on the premise-, Lt C, In Ckar)?a Stotl a aubdiviaion of Square No MS. being 17 fe. t 4 inch?-? fr<>nt by Liu feet d>-ep through to U street, makius a ?wo4 buildaig (loot on both "treets. Terms: One-third cask; S and 11'ha. for notealtaaring latereat.aiel aerured by a de<^J ??f trust oa I he premlaea aold. t^mveyancing, Ac., u*t of pnrelit, er. ?HA) down on day of ?ale. r*l? d GREEN A WILLIAMH. Ancta. TH08 R. WAGGAHAN, Real Estate Auctioneer, i 1? 7th atroet. TRUSTEE'S SALE 0T VERY VALUABLE IM ILMN'J LOTS, ADJOINING ST ALOY MIS CHCRCH, ANN NEAR THE NAVY YARD, AT AUCTION Bv Tirtne of a decree in Chancery, Ejulty No. 1,196, in the Sapreme Court of the J Di-trict of Columbia, whereiu McPafiott et al are complainants, agaiiiat M- In-rmott len<)ants,the undersigned, as Trustee, will sell at ruhlic the nigheat lii<lder, on M'EDNE"* ?AY. May sl^ i oVI >ck p m . all of |. ?t? I.t, 3. 4. 5 aud it, in souare 621, frontiog on K street north, and Worth Capitol street 0 THl R&D AY . May *9th,at ? o'clock p m ,on the pe?nuses, all of Lot No. 1, In square I .'jfc, being at the corner of south K And 15th streets east. The ab<>va property offers rare opportunities for itit' Stni' nt? iu real estate, as it i> located in one of the most improvinc and valuableaeetioasof theci'y. Terms of sal*: One-balf cash; balance in < and It wont he, with interest. A deposit of fifty dollars will be required on each lot as soon as sold. All con veyancing at cost of purchaser. The ah"*e Lots will be divide,! into bailding lats to suit purchasers Psrth ulars at sale ! SAM'L. L. PHILLIPS,Trustee, n 16 dts THOS. E WAOOAMAN. Anet BY LATIMER * CLEART, , _ . Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southweai corner Pennsy l\ama avenue aud lllh at., Star Office Buildings. *00.000 rXET SPRUCE LUMBER AT AUC TION. We will aell at the wiiarf, foot of S >uth Capitol street, on MONDAY, Ma) 19th. at 1 o' p. nt., ?In ut eight ih unaiid feet of Spruce Luml>er, ( ?ull ai ie for patiug or general buiMiug purposas,! in lots to suit purcha-ere. T< nns cash. ml.'dts [R.-p) LATIMER A CLEART. Ancf. OY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, t) No. 1001, northwest corner kith and D sta. A GOOD TM'0-8T0Ry"bRICR HOUSE, PRONT ING ON VIRGINIA AVENUE. BETWEEN 3d AND 4* STREETS WEST, .ISLAND,) AT AUCTION. On MONDAY, the 19th instant, at 6 o'clock ip.m , ?e shall sell, on the premises, lot Vf? llo feel deep, to an a.ley , with :he In \v fcj p. m , we shall sell, on the premis<'a, lot A) feet " 110 feet deep, to an a.ley, with ibe im provements, consisting or a brick dwelling boo?e. No. 317, also, one frame dwelling house,fronting on the alley. And immediately after the above aale we shall sell a good two stery frame dwelling boose, fronting on G street south, bet ween Al and 4'? Streets west,(Island,) lot being 18 feet front, by 182 f-et S Inches deep, with a faune dwelling house fronting on the alley, being lot 8. in square No. 839. Terms: One-third cash;balance 6 and IS months, for notes bearing Intereat, and *<-cured by a deed of trust on the pramis<? aold. Conveyancing at cost of the purchaser. $So down on each house at the time nJSd GREEN A WILLIAMS, A nets. B BALE OF riNB PROPERTY ON D AND PIltT f TREETB SOUTHWEST, (ISLAND.) IM PROVED BY SMALL TENEMENTS, AT AUC TION .sOn MONDAY next, the 19th instant, at 4 30 5 o'clock p on the p-emtses, we shall sell Lots LI, 2,3 and part of lot 14, in Square Ami, fronting 16m feet on the north side of south D street, between is- and Sd streets, and running back from 75 to 100 f.-ot to an alley, and improved by small frame tene T KELLEY A GaTOHELL, Auctioneers. Southeast corner of llth and T streets northwest. ?nents, containing from two to fo?r rooms each. I SaKI part of tot 14Tronta 17Si feet on l?t st-eet, rua i<it'gl>ack 9S feet, and improved by a rraaie Dwel ling, containing four rooms. T'Tiiis: One part of the above property one -f >ueth caah; balance in one, two aud three years. 0 J th. other part <>ns-half cash; balanes in ai\ and twelve . month*, all with notes bearing interest at the rate of eigh? per cent, nerannum. payable semi-annually, and secured by deed of trust on the pr'perty sold. Convci anclng at the cost of purchaser. ?304own on each piece ol pro pert/ when sold. rul.vtt KELLEY A GATe'HEL, Au ts. GREEN * WILLIAMS, Anctloneers, Northwest corner of 18th and D streets. BT TWO FIRST CLASS PRIVATB RESIDENCR8. FRONTING ON B STREET NORTH, NEAR THIRD STRBBT WEST. AND NEAR THE CITY HALL, AT AUCTION On TUESDAY, the tfOth ? o'clock B3S p. m . we i4>all sell, oti the premises, two fonr ?*-tvry maetie front Brick Ilonsea, One cellars aud tin roots, with all modern improvements, consisting of gas, water, bath-room, Ac., making flrat-clsai rseidencss, being bouses Nos. 3U2 and SIM, and having good fronts and depths. Terms: One-fourth cash; balance in one, two and three years for notes beating seven per cent, inter est, and secured by a deed of trust on the premises sold. Ootivet ancfag, Ac , at coet of purchaser. Oae hundred dollars down on each bouar at time of sale, rnl& td GREEN A WILLIAMS, Ancts. BY Ma?YINGLY A WHEKLKR. Auctioneer, No. 403 Ninth street northwest. By virtue of a deed of trust, dated A pril Mth. 1873, recorded Id Liber Mo. W, folio IS.*, one of the land records for the Oounty of Washinsron. and by direction of the owner of the noteaecurad thereby, we shall aell at auction, la front of the premises on PRIDAY. Hay SSd tnet . at 4 o'clock p. m., lot sub. 10, aad toe went hall of lot sub. 18, In Square 843. Terma of sale: One-third cash,(of which . oa each lot will be required to be paid 1 mined! _ after sale), and the balance in six aud twelve mouths, with tan percent. Interest, secured by a deed of trust oa the property. If the terms of sale are not complied with in ten 4ays after the day at sale, the trust ess reserve the right to re-sell the property at the riak and ooat of the purchasers. Oon veysncing and recording to ba at the coet of the purch-er, w H. WAmD. I Tn mlS MatViNQlVAIV HEELER, a acta. BT DUNCANSON, DOWLING A CO., Ancta ~ Oorner 8th and D streets northwest. ?ALUABLB_ BUILDING. r.LOTB IB riB8T ?k nil 9 JEM! LUABLB BUILDING LOTS IB riBi WARD. AT AUCTION. . On SATURDAY ArTRRNOOH. May R4, |S o'clock, we will aell. apon the premises, t ? of lot 17. in sonars SS, having a front of 88 ft ? of lot 17, in square SS, laving a front of88 feet 8 inches, with an average depth of MfeK. Tuis lot will he subdivided upoa 4ay of sale, giving purchas ers a chance to buy a portion or all. This property i-sitnated on Virginia avenue, near the oorner ? 84th street northwest, and the attention of buyers is called to this sale, as property in that part of the citv is rapidly advancing in nriee. Terms: One-third easfe; balance in4aad 181 notes bearing interest, nod aecured by deed of ranclag, *e., at * * " Conveyancing, Ae., at purchaser^ cost. A deposH of * ISO will be resralred as ssnasi the proi^rty is soM. DUNCAN SON, DOWLINO A CO.. ? 14 Auctioneers. I JBITBD STATKB MARSHALt RALB. In virtue of a wrRof <Uri facias, issasd out sf t| ?S: tttrs vaaait forssa SHARP, U I Mantel, 0.0. EVENING STAR. n,T^f a'**.?* Amimh. n, .?T?? r?o-4 U m. Is?it.- A Mr rZTttV, ** \ WoCld wr1lln? from St l lM*cU~Tb<>ma* Beer*. T. * -of l*?et~?d?>oe, Kan., reach** I? .* crt\ 9MNfty Mmin#. I txl twudrnty " >iTiutH aioot fourteen mil*# fi ?H%C* nin ridl/it^k ?Z?>OU* M* ? rderor*. which t* altnated to u^h. ra oh the route between ln<Vp,M,rw M M wi in. Por (m ?<*k? |nm Mr twr* who ??? requested hv Senator York. the hrntk. -# hv 8n*l*t Vork. the I 1M. > ork. one of the Bender*' rletiw, m ?? rtake the *earch Iter the mtirdcre-?. ha* ..^._ Cl.wely fallow lag ?ha trad mt th? ha man mon etae*, who, it hMtw?i|riMV?ll)!>?p|HiM4. atkar bavin* fled rtoa ttu acetic of their ni? rt^rtea out with the pnrpoae of ranching Tru<. Mr Brer* hu CmII; Utnd theia to th* city. , o" tm*** hi. i-o**e*aioa he it ronUeat that tbey are endeavoring to retch the rral-irard with 1 ?' nMMBf ilk# OCMAI) t4> (r^TMABt !*? ^r,kl<ri feft Kiio?> U#j liaul liojll A11 wiU be rw* vi r? Beera by U??- uuliicuf thi* <uie ?r Mr. Berr? wiU coaUaur hi* purauii of the criminalfugitive* a* aoua n* tht (rath caa bo"* Wi" "* to wotk tot Uu IW* ?? Catt. IIall'h dut'ita ALa?In lune IIC2 mat b. fore leaving U.e citr tu ambart ofex|doiatiou, CapCC. K. Hall tei?>Mie<l anSb ^ St??rm*. lintel ki-epro of No u t at ham atreet, wjjrrv he arte Uioa Ixwding a package m*ik J?? P. Hall, core of Mr H*nrt i ".J* wm* U< *** k,P( ^ *?" aafe. w?S direction* that U auvthttvg happened tu him it **?tobedel.ver d to Mr. g/.IihT tCH* *ti urUoii* of Capt. Hail were curried wot laat Monday, and on opening the |>ackage Mr Oria ncll toulid that it contained three L>i> each of which about eight Inclica m length. Ave in width, and one In thtrkaei*. The l,o??ka comprnc valuable memoranda in the lot m ot * &'U,V Y*}* C***T Hall ?liei on the Kin* f? ^ e*pedit?on in aearch of Mr I oh a t ranklin Tin-re are aleo not<* ??< v arioa* Aro tie eM.lonua?n*. trom which he <x>nteapiatod oriUug a book. The .ioornala cuiitaia maeh imiH>rlAnt in tor mat ion relative to the A retto kawmuvulJr ^Oo,.tMU Hall A. T. fH IXDtCTMMT. IK N?w VouK?In the Vnitod <0"rl Che gr?ud jure auieh bad lieeu eaifannelled for tbe Match term caate into court before .ludge Benedict, and presented a number of indictment* uaiut |wnarnn who have been called "IK?cU?r?^' fur i-endinc ol<ecene article* throi<h the maite They alao prem nu-d indictment* again*! u Srnator (irtban. tor eml>eishii? the fuiMla of the WalkU national bank. and V. L. TaiuUtc late ca?hierol the Atlantic national bank far the alleged defoliation In that eatabluhm'ent The craod ih() were then di^iargi^t. with the *f. e 00,111 lwr tfc*4r ?CtoMauoe .V. r. l/fralm, 14U. T.R. AM Faoik* even in America In C lereland la*t week a man.bearinjf the ettreaae lv appropriate name of Wolf, wa* bmucht bo u?te the |>olice court charged with reed vine *toien property Several children, from eicht to ten vear* of are. teMitled that Wolf Had tauglit rfiem to ateal iron and braiw from the car-i>ho(>*, and that they obeyed him. The old M-eundrel, m*tead of lieltig'neut to t>ri*on far lite a* he should have been.wa* merely tined I'm and co*t*. The jodge olwerrod that we oftenao ol the pr*?otier wa? becoming a common one and that It *hoald be aererely dealt with. That' It *eent?, I* a mild way of patting it. ,. la a pretty little adjective and "lit tie baby," ??little dear," "little darling" aa an plied to infant* are eipresiove and ci?tearin? term*. Hut there i* muL a thing a* having the bal>ie* altogether too little. 1'hu* ??triplet**? lately born, all living, at Hipon, Wia.. wero fairy-like bexond all re axon, for together the trio of infant tieauty wei^-d onlv aix iHiund*. t urther wonder* are told of them. They aro ^niall to be dreaned, aad are kept wraptied in cotton The ntin* can make a riii|{ ot her thumb and forefinger, and alid< Hover the body ot any one of them. A 1>a!lk"ai> Pobm?A corre*|iondcni of the 1h*ton Herald *eiHl? the follow tug ooaandruaa; ??W hat doe* a certain railroad uwu.' 1 wo ahorULnea will (teu it. llorhc* and car* and puuche* And the MaawachuwetU S o." ?^"Colnnibu*, Ind., ha* voted the freedom of the city to hog*. , ^"The May day "tournament" at Oraago hurg, S. C.t waa conU-*ted by ouly hiiecn ??kn ght*," a? againct twenty aeven in 1S2. ""A Terre Haute mule aavod a valuable borne for hi* owner, a few m^bl* ago, by kick ing the thief out ot the *t*ble. ft*-Tbe f uneral of Mr. Atne* took place at hta liouae.a* it would accommodate mure puonie than the village church, Joaqoin Miller *pent three year* of hta ear I v lite with the Modoc*, and the Indian mail ot whom he ?iuga ao rapturoualy wat a Modoc aqnaw. ?^It i? now fashionable for the arintoeraer of St. Loui* to go to market, and pretty girl* con be observed embracing big buuehea m rhubarb. ? DIED. i^ . T< la tMa city ?odj- nlr. at luJu* ? l*h inMMt.BAVIO BASMTT. ^. "a'Tal fr<?ntb* I'onrth Pr?*l?ti>riaii Cbarrh f ? ?? ?.. OB Sabhaih, ISrh Vi?*nda of the f ami I) are cordially lav Itrd to att-nd jr . I a. m , ?a the lit),. BLLA. daarh "J i ? ?>jd*b >roa*h Braff, in the Itfch > *ar *t liar age,beloved bj all ?h<> kBe? bee. Funeral Saturday, 17th,atSH?.m .from funil. r<-*ld*nee, 1009 Mth *treet uortli?e*t. ? BOWERS. Ob tb? morning of the |(ih tD? 10 o clock, after a l<?ng and painful - *? ** *nni|rt ioa, M AKTli A A WwEE^.' |TI? Mui ^ear, beloveo wife of Jacob B wei. of Oaorgetowa. > '* ,l" family ara r-?pe^tfai|y invited to f^^?JWa^S2?r-Nr~'a| ' ?*c*. isrsrr irJ ?? ?*** daS idsom. city^ Jao?e? V*\id* u. 4 this ?WIKK. At the realdrnce of her parent* 17 07 t, P*t i oV; <k thi? a m , MAST L.GWINN b-I .ve.1 wif#- of Wm ttwinn ?> 1 ?>?:??* and ? dnra wwinn, ? ?tic?* of fitu<-ral in to Hi rrov'i puper ? wT6TK- .*1 hemrt per RISs,UI?.yedaiidoul> aoaot SiixalH-ih Tape.agad *> *ear?. (Haluiu.jr* Bun. < eutral Cit),r.?|.Mg hennebanckport. Me . paper- ple*?*cop? ) ? W AL8H. On Thuradav eveniac. tlie 1Mb ti>?t.?i at6M*Vlock, J08KPH W.^dWrSSa! aon of Dr r. 8. Wal*h ???'"?iwn, U,;^,,rr:w ?* W ? ? "clock, frna St. Aloy*in* ( barch. ? rieada of the family are la vited t" attend ? V11.E*. In Illinol*, May IS. IT! after aa ill neaa of aeven montli* Juice A. C. WILE) lata eixiniiier in lb>-I t> Patelit tlfhce. k??d to ? UNDERTAKERS. |> UHAdD r. BAR VET, l?wMio<?J!lJirir f MAAA.I ?o. W3? r STBKBf, between BintB aad METALLIC BVRIAL CASKS AND CASK KIM af *e*r? ^ortiniw. rt-ly KHROCDB, HA Km. ft R CABINKT MAKKK AMU P>VKKTAKKM, ? IS ELETEhTB STREET, aaar W. FVRNlTVhK OF ALL KIN UK MA OK KKPAJKKV. yy IUIAI HAtEETT, Ho.TE* Tib Stbbbt,Rbtwbxb9 abb |l| a>S-lT Oofliaa aad OaaBrti of all Mb LIVERY STABLES. J R. OLOOTT A SOR, LVL\?l*2ALiv*ZV _ between I?h and Mtk. 'o?o*. WuUa? * boarding of horaaaT A LLISOR BAILOR, Ja., heaa. a*a, near 1Mb *

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