Newspaper of Evening Star, May 16, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 16, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. 1 mMT n*y ??? \ LOCAL WEW87 Aawrarato, 4k*., Wall's Optra //mm.?Tke Ucrni<u> Drama ?'Chris and Lena." i TkeaUr Css**???"The Waifs of New York," iod(i, daocti, At, Workmen are constructingtbeelevator which naf or<kre<1 to b* plwwl ^ tb? Sfiatc wing of the Capitol by the last ?;*>?*??? . The ?? Temperance Blessing" will bold a meeting. in conjunction with the Dashaways, at Manni's hall this evening. Prom l<* Shilllng??m an.! from .1. C. Parker ve have the '.olrtry and Mm*. DtmortH't Mirror ./ for June. (IfiL ftabcock baa placed the two deer* re cently presented to Lafavette u-juare, where they attract much attention. Yesterday afternoon. Chas Mr Hugh residing at 1004 ? th street, southwest, cut off two ?f his fingers in a straw cutter. Proposals for extend in* and rebuilding the Police Telegraph linen will be received by M. Y. Holly, at i*>lice headquarters, until the 24th ftiit Mr. M. B. I.atimcr, of the fini of Latimer ^ Cltarv, whose recent IndlspoWtion was men tioned ia the Star, is much belter, we are glad Is say. ami again attending to business. The Mutual bane hall eluh of New York awl the Washington club of this city played a i match game yesterdayon the Olympic ground*, which resulted in a victivy for the Washingto ?iaiu by asoore of in u> *. Mewm. Harvey HoMen's "Strawberry short-rake?Philadelphia style," is one of the Injuries of Washington just now. ar.d the sample received from them about lunch time to-?lay was duly appreciated. Yesterday afternoon about * o'eloek, a fire broke t ut in tbe honseof Mr. Kedmond.on K, l>etweesi fith and 7 th streets, south treat, caused by a ?kdect in tbe chimney. The police officer* and others extinguished the Caries aith ont turning in an alarm. The new drive from the President's honse to i the Capitol throTigh the Monument, Smithsor.- ' ian. and Agricultural grounds, known as Meridian avenue, is rapidly coming icto favor. It is a beautiful road an.I every day has ac in creased number of carriages on it. The superintendent of streets has b??r di rected to repair the pavementjn alley. between Pennsylvania avenue and B and ?tb a*! 7th streets, northwest, and the superintendent of sewers hw been directed to put the trap inlaid alley in repairs. Mr. W P. Bell has Veen appointed one of the r> mmiwroaer* to a/*es-" damage* on property by the street imbroTem?cit> in place of Mr. A ? C. Bimiley resigned. The commission are en gaged to-day in the examination of ctaimslo cated in the neigbboriieod of the i" ?ltott bridge. Workmen are now engaged in impsiving the triangular reservation u'i the south side of Pennsylvania avenue, between lsth and iwth streets under direction of Oea. Babcock. The armv dispensary formerly Ke-nl upon this re?*er vatian, but rhat building has u?>w been removed and a near fountain will be placed in the ccuter of the square. The organixatioo of Mexi?a* Veterans in the Oistrif t of Columbia propose U> call a national convsnt'on of the survivors of tbe Mexican war, to meet in this city January 15. 1**4, to prepare a joint memorial to Congress for a pension to the survivors of the Mexican war. at tbe same rate aU^wed by the act ot February 14. Kl. granting ,<ensions to the soldiers and sailors of the war. im* 1*12; also, to adopt measure.* looking to a national brotherhood of the survivors, and a genera> assemblage on the occasion of the centennial anniversary July 4, 1<I?, at Phila delphia. Xariai Jt Bales' May reslltal. Tbe fourteenth annual May festival of Mo-?rs. Mar ui & Bates took place iast eveuing at their dancing aca<tew7. on K street, and, like all the entertainments of these gentlemen, waa a de cided success. Tne hall w as decorated iu the aio>t tasteful jnanoer, the floral display especi allv being very elaborate. The Queen's throne, erected in the sou^iern end ot the hall, was probably one of the handsomest ever ;asen in thi> city, it was cohered with crimson cloth and trimmed with bright colored silks, gold and stiver tinsel, &e., presenting a rich and elegant appearance. There was a very large attendance or parents and friend* of the pupils, among whom were many of the leading families or W asbirvt' ?. who "are patrons of Marini S Bates. The May ijueen was Miss Mattie Van ltiswlck, who wi> supported by Miu Carrie Hall, God dess of liberty; Miss Marian Webster, Miss Mamie PaLraer". Miss Lottie Brown, Miss Alice Riddle. Maid sot" Honor, Miss Florence Au ten reid. Crown-bearer; Misses Mary Entwistle, Helen Thornton. Marv Mack, Stella Merritt, *?y Stone and Clara'Stewart. Flower Girls. After the grar.*i ettre about nine o'clock, the coronation of tbe Queen took place, when there ?ere suitable addresses by Miss Marian Welister and the Queen. The tir* dance was the Queen's set, and then the regular programme of dance* was carried out as follow*: Cracovienne, Miss -9 Merritt and Yewell; fas d'L.osais, Miss F. Webster: La Bayadere, M se Merritt; Sailor's Hornpipe, Master W Wirt; La Manola, Miss ?and Robinson: Tarantella, Mine Webster and Master Leonard; Tyrolean. Misses Biley and Yewell; Madrillame, Miss Kaue Stone: Irish Lilt, Misa Lain May; Zingarella, Miss Webster ard Master Leonard F.l Bolero, Miss I.oniss Mitchell; Village Hornpipe, Miss Maud Robin son. Strathspey. Miss Clara Schutter: Cachuca, Miss Webster; Rope dance. Miss Lillie McOal Inm. Sylphide. Miss Maxwell; Smolen-ki, Miss Robinson and Master Wirt; Taml>our M tjor. Miss Webster. Baden-Baden Polka. Misses - Mitchell and Stone: L*Ariel, Miss Clara Schnt ter: Pas de Matelot, Master Harry Leonard; Medley, Miss Louise Mitchell; Lanciers, by all the pupils. Tbe floor was then opened to the adults, and they Joined with the children in the festivities. All* went merry as a marriage bell, and the festival will long be remembered by tho~- who vere present. Donch furnished the music. ? Reco**esoatio*9 or th* CotLwrrr.R or Taxes.?In resj?onse *o a request from Col. S. A. Smoot. of the of iMdegates, Collector Wm. H. Slater has written a letter relative to the character and extent of the clerical work of kis office, and expressing the opinion that at present he deems any and all attempts at retrenchment bv the reduction of the clerical force of his otace, or the diminution of its present standard of excellence and competency, to be perfectly futile. He suggests, as the laws regulating the enforcement ot the collection of tke revenue by sales of property for taxes, and Sot .ding for the purchase of such property by e Controller Ui all cases where there are no other purchasers, are inadequate, impracti cable, ami to some extent inoperative; that certificates be Issued annually for the amount due for unpaid taxes upon each ?eparate piece of property, with a jonaity attach- d, awl tear ing interest, for two years, when the property unredeemed may be sold at the request of the bolder ot the certificate, the Mine as under a deed ef trust, thus embling the government to at on<*e at the end ot eaeh vear the entire revenue from the taxes lev is*! for the year. Tbe collector suggests that it would be economy for the government to employ, in addition to the present permanent force of his office, two or three peiman^nt cam{>etent clerks, to be employed alternately as needed ia hisrMceand that of the superintendent of a*pcs*BM.-nt?. ? ? BriLMxr. Permits have been issued as fol lows since our last McArtbur .J- Smith, two 3 story brick dwellings corner of U-th and N streets northwest; C. T. Smith, 2-?tory brick, 7th. between R and S streets northwest, H. M. Johnson, 3-slory brick foundry and machine atuip, corner 7th aud 1 streets southwest; Chas. K. Morris. 2-story frame, 13th street, between Pennsylvania avenue and E street, soaiheast. Michael Green, three -;-story bricks, with man sar>4 roofs, L, between l.ith and Hth/treets, aud two do , corner 13th and L streets northwest; Bonghton Jt Moore, flv^ {-story bricks, corner U I and Hthstreet northwest. ? - lMrn*TATtT R*At Estate Operation*.? Within tae past few days Mr. Geo. Mattingly ha> sold to John C. Fay, lota 19 and Jl), square loi, fronting on I street, between 19th aod Jr>th, tor H. Kilbourn, trustee, to Sarah A. (.orham. S sub-divMoas in square 157, between 17th aad l?th. and P aad Q streets, for L 44. Marini to H. H. and L. C. Tallmadge. lot S. square 1*8. (K street, between 15th and ltth.) for #r- Taylor to C- Arrick, part 1?, a ear* 490, on Louisiana avenue, opposite the ty Hall, for ?l-.-aO ??Casta a?o Lbi"drew aaother large andi cace aft Wall's opera hoass Isst night The drama ss???d to be appreciated by all present. If we may judge by tke applause and Uefre quent encores given to tke shil Tke daflng of Mean. Farron awl Baker is far above the i standard of what is heard oa tke dra stage. aad they are very good co media as ghtis the last evening per fbrma ace bat To-night ?mn Death?Mr. Pa rid Basse tt, a elerk la tke Sixtk A editor'* office, feeliag an well la Ms aAee yesterday afternoon, returned to his residence. No. K> New York avenue, aad died in about twenty miau*ee thereafter. Mr. Bas aett wae well known la this city: be was a mast estimable gentleman, and his sudden deatk has I a gtoomapoa a large circle of fr.enda Died o? vis Iairares?Mr. .l>?^>h W. Walsh, who fell from a third-story window at tke residence of his father, on Tuesday last, m stated ia Tea 8t a a, and takea to Providenoe Hospital toe snrgtonl Trratmsnt. died vtotoiday afternoon from the effects of his injoriea. FikbLast Niobt^-About 1*;?5 o'clock last night an alarm taraed In from bos 43 tor a are discovered in a one sfciey toed store, corner lUh and L streets. Tbe structure was burned to the greund, entailing a loss of about gCM on ths owner. Qrigin of the lire aaknown. COCXCIL.-Iu tb? Council y tenia y a a mmm * fr. in tk? U vr of Drl<Otw, .1 sting that that body had tcfptnl ike resignation i < f Mr. Jum A. Handy, one of tke maik-t comaiie ?10a, referred Mr. G"lili'n irit'. ducd a bill to ikw greater sfTiciencj *rde*_- tt in tor adminiptra'on of ju? ? ti* in ? ? aria of iM*?iree ef tke peace ia the Dtelriot ?f C l> n l-<a; which pro. Mae that the appointment 11 j'.-tic-- -hall ? ?? ?nl'jrrt to and iucoaf ruity with I the provision* of tkr act vhkk Balm it i'm 4nt; of 1 the? verwwr t<> app- int ec<H?ottasi.? of three legal ger tlemen. practitioner* at the bar of the Supreme Court of thip District. *k> shell evssnin- ali persons lie relsth (..their legal qwaliftcatioaa Bark up FikSfilB.,? ^ ?Jm4 in the office of th* Secretary < f the Piatrict, to be arena panted with a fee of ? is, to be raid the coaranisaienors for their eervtce*. a fa vrable report of the .,-aswiiseiou akall -utltle the applicant toaa appointment sought. nnleos. iB (be < p4ol?e of the Governor. there e* it .n moral die qualifications aa to tie tar the appointment, read and laid over ' Mr. Biley submitted a" report of the Industrial B<?ie school for tke paat year; referred. Ala", a p-titi< a frnan the auMfon?f theme school. aet f'if forth thai the institution haa incurred a d?bt tke paet year of |IJDt,aad a?kil| for an appropri ation of ?3juu> for ita liquidation and themainte tiance < 1 the school tbecarrent year: referred Mr. Biley sul-mitted a rwlntiia that the Gover nor be raqw ated to Inform the Couacil of the prob able amount that will be d?r1vedfrom the m.rket bonae fund that ran be appropriated 8>r any rhari taMe objects fr. m July I, 1473, to June 3i), 1874, agreed to. adjourned. Iras-paca or ink bill kjitvjdik the tjme to* rat*E*T OF SPECIAL tMU?X?T?. noiSC OF DKLEGATK3.?Immediately after tke journal was read, Mr. Trimble moved to go into ( ..DiBiittee of tha Whole oa tke bVI extending the t'n>? for the payment of special asees-menie Mr Pheph'rd made the point of order that the Hoase had .liecharged tke Committee of ih> fr. in the conaiderali- n of the bill and nmde it the pp. rial order for to-day. The i?peaker overruled the point of order, bold ins that the order took effect only after tk* call of c>m miltees. I Mr Sherhsrd appealed from the derision of the I the deci-ioti <4 lb- Speaker was ?u taineC?v?as !?>, na> 1, Mr Shepherd. The H"a?*thrn went into Committee of the Wholel on the bill Mr. Trimble in the cbair, and pro. e< dud to rona der the bill by sections, and after di-uruseion ard PBierdn>ent It waa reported to the ilon'e. Tie third readitg of tlx bill waa ordered, and Mr Brewer asked for the reading of the cugr."??d bill,evpla<nir.g that the bill waa of ao iniportant a nature that it was proper for the engrossed bill to be read. The bill aa ?eport.'d to the H?as*, with .-.rnend n ents prop.*ed by Messrs Claa-tt and Camp *11, provid. p that, for the purpose of extenunqt, as in this act provided,tke time of payment trf tke M aeppmentP f. r a penal improvements in the .District made by the Hoard of Public Worka, the aaid board are hereby authorized to issue (aad to use solely in Iteilkkarite o| outstanding obligations (certificate,, of bled new for work done under the diractioa ofibe board, and chargeable to the private prof erty l>ru.ntted thereby, in denominatlona ?f |m or any multiple of that ?um, dated May lat, payable to l>earer. with intereet wmi-annuall> fnai Jaly 1, 1873, it tha rate of eight aer ceatum. eouutervi^ned for Die ramniippioner of tue piaking fuad, and riaa ter?d by the . ontrcller of the Diatrict, to an amount not ? &c?eding in all Ilia auiu of two mllUoua of dul lara, and not escevding tka amount chargeable to private ^property ae af.Te-aid for work d.ine or in procr-aa of execution under exiating rontracta, and pajI able hot exceeding one-tifth of aaid auiu at the h 5"'*L fro? J,,1? W73' ????? 1. winch Certiflralea aliall l>e receivable at any time In payment of ?nch ai-peaaoi'-iit* for ?p?cial im T>rov?meni?. Sec I. Ttiat for tka pnr?oae of aeenring the pay ment of the principal and inter eat of poch certiicatea <! indeb'ednwip, tha Board of Public Worka are hereby r?twiFaJ lodepoait with th.- commipaionara rf the sinking t'nd "f the Diatiict of Columbia, ail certificate* hereafter iaaued by aaid board, on ac oanat of afpeeasienta for -pedal Improvemeata HgaksPt the property adjoining and henemted thera l y.ifc accordance *ith th? ict oT the L.gialativa Aa-emMy of Aiigvet Mi. 1-71. an.I anch ae eapment certiS.atep, and all aaymeut-tk? reon, ahall be and hera. y are plcdp.*<l v?, and ahall ba received, h^ld ?ed app'i -<1, under tke direction of a*id commi?i..u er?,f?r the pavment of the principal and lnler?-t of *ha certkicalep of ind?^te<liie*p anthorwe<l by thip art. and lor no other ?ae or purpose whatever. Sec^s. TTiat the tiu? for paying all aaseaament iT"""? T Wckha\e baeu or may be iaaued by tiie B -vrd of Pal.tic Work* underpaid act of the Lezj la|.\e Apa ta'dy of AtigUPlJi', 1871.ahall beaxtended -tbat the aei. unt ..f each certificate shall ba pav al leui r\ee wal annual iuaUllinenlp from the date of-ani certificate, with interaat at the rateof ten per c. ulum per auujui until paid; i nd in caae of defauk in tha j>m> uiaut of any inat.tllcient, tlta property .i*-:i'i.-t whicii tb^ certificate auj aapeaptnent exi?t, or mi rnucl1 thereof a* ma> be Dbceaaary to pay said . uatHllment.with laterent, c<?t abJ charg. p. ahall b <m U1 aa proVKkd in aaid act ?f Auga.4 10,1871; hut at at.? tin.c after the uaktngof any aaaeaaineut. arid before-ale, Lhe owner of the proper, y ma. pay tiie whole or any installaieiit thereof, with interest. C' H - tiii] rburic^t. 4 2f5il Tf-t-Ji aaaea?*ient certiflcatta heretofore lean'<1 by the Board of Public Worka. au^l not paid fji'l at the eapirati'Oi of one year from their data, *h*ii,OD n -jn^t i4 th#* ktuideri, an<i on duf? Atwicu n?em be wir^ by tb?* corDmi?A-oo(*rs of tbe Ajrtkiritf fuiiJ* *ihX Iie'4 soil collected on their r ?cc w proTitled bj ?*rtion^ two afid tbree of thm ?Tt; and if fit*c*MAr> t4? rueau^ fur par rh^ir* said ^- ^ireiu cernflcM^, the Boa; 1 of I ut'iu H< rki?ri? authon/.^i and re?iuired, n iw-n mjnUitiont . f c^ mwum'u mrr*, to m*ke %n mu'iilidtiMl mhip of certidealt* of iadebtMn* -im liar totbo** autbt riM) by Mctioa out* t.f thin act. not +xt?cdinf[ ibe ani uiit of nnotiimint certificaiefl farchAMd. See 5. That tba crtmmiaaiotiera of tha sinking fund are hereby aatkorized to prea-riba proper rub* and regulation* in order effectually to aaeure the appli. cation of the proceeds of poch aaaeawment certillcate aa in this act provided, to tka paym-at ..f th? eertifl calea of ind-d>(edneaa aatkorized by the Brut aud fourth pectiona of this act, and allofflcera of the Di? trict government are hereby re-mired to obey and conform to pack ruled ami regulation'. Sec. ? That when from the collection ?f tai l cer tihcaiea of aaaeauneiit placed in the hands of the Sinking 1 utd Commiaaionera.aa provided la aeciiun ?"a?a? ,hl# ?ny instalment thereon, as pro vided in section ttree of tbiaact, an amoau: . oual t>. ten thou-and dollars shall ha^e accumalato-i in she bands of the Sinking Fund Commissioners over and alxivethe sum neceaaary to par tke interaat next on the certiflcatet of lndebtedm *a, a* pr.. l^:ti^0uon^t act' said commi-si .ion. pkwn advertW and receive proposals for ilie pari chaa? f certificates of lildebtadness, aa provide in ??*tun ne of this act, and shall parcW said cer tmcates upon the tenun moot ndvantageons to the public interest: and upon recelvicg said c.-rti#. ate then ?a cancel the same, inscribinc the amuun' of caaoeled certificate* npoo the books of the emmis p|< n, and solvit aa aaanal report to the Leaislaturr at the c n.meccement of itp aunual sesalon. showinr the condition of said Indebtedness. aemioD' Tliat officer of this government, or any fldnciary agent or employe thereof, wko shall ap pr. priate or apply .or fn any manner consent, aa! of .T. t, ' ???"'?rlMi*? any p-rtl.m of any money, or any asaeay nt. certificate or cer tificates of iadebtedneas referred to In this act. or any portion of the interest thereon; fbr any otficr purpoyMy;ihye rnmkm* ta this act.slaillbe ueemi .1 to be gnilty of a misdemeanor Jfend on con Wsis a court of competent juris .lictlon shall be sabjsct to a penalty of not less than #70* nor mora than 41AW and imprisonment for a turn of aot leas than three nor more than twelve nioiitn 8s, 8 prov idea for the repeal of all acts or parts of actv inconsistent with its provisions, and contains the usual amorgeacy clause, that in riew of jhe emergency ari-ing from the necessity for the imme diate payment by tke Board of Public Works of out i A?11'#. ct*i,u? 'or *?fk done iu tke improv.-ment of tkii< Diotri. t.tkie act shall take effect immediately upon its pasaage. * At 11 30 the . ugr -psed bill was read and pasted, all or the two members voting in the affirmative Ad journed. The following transfers of real ?atate have been filed in the office of the Recorder or Deeds since our laid report: May 7.? Blake aad Kelly, execaton aad trustee*, to James V Allen, sub. C3. square 1U7, J. (i?s ler, egecator, to L. McDonald, parte, square 117.5*60. C L. Lederer to Mary L and Malvina T. I.iderer, half Interest in lot#, square Jy, ; W. ?. uiit. it, traatee, to P.Cullinane, lots i to 7. square 7Su. ?3.?X, Elizabeth G. Todd at al. to tke Di-trict ol (VnBil la, pait K. square 874. : W. H Siiuires to Mary f Smith, sab. B, square M, t?,l?l, 8. S Smo,? |. Aagusta Maria Teuna, lot U aad part 13. square 1W. 9*^t; Br ght and Tliomasen, trustees, to W H Chapplear, subs. B.C. D, f and Q, square 43, : Joha A. Oray to Joaiah H. 8-ialer, part A, stjaare 1M. f iJ*; Thomas Yoan? to M. Hill, part 8, square 1M #7U. Hiram Skellen to J. O. Payne, aub 18.?iiar*al,4f4Hj O.C Burr to 8. M. Hopkins, sub. St. square M4. |1JU, W. Wall to James Deepu, sub. 8, aouare33i, 8Iil. Elisabeth U. Toai.I MatiMa nobler, pul.. 1, square 3ut, ; O. P Ham lin to Mary M. Kntwide, part 7, square 7?. Berry and Larot a>br,uaatew?. to A. A. Wilaon, sub. S.ainare 127,?. May i ?Annie B. Gilbert to Warner T. Grimes, west part lot 17, square SM, |3jM); C Costing to N Asker et al.. trnatiee Memorial Magliah Lutheran Church, all of square I-M, ?, Ann*10. Carroll et al., to D P Bulkley, sub. 98, square 486, ft?; Stone to J.isepkine 8to?.., part lot 8. square 484, ; G. B. < oburn to 0. D. Sammy, sub. <|. square iu, ??4?6. H. B Ptidley ?o J. f. Beta, part lot 4, "Suy% -rf^WP.'Aks to D. T Pieree. sab. W, square 313, John Grinder to H. Garner, parts U and 10, aqiiare weet of 89B, |IM; M. Cunniugtiam to J hi Byan. -ub M and part T.square JS3. #1A7S> D'.oley and Hilti'n,trupteee, to Tait and Ferguson, traataes. lot 4, square ff3. |tJM: Tait d al., to A. D MMiletoa, sab. 46, smars 873. tUliO; same to Cornelia A.Oagnod.eub. 44,do , %tJM; L.I. Buck ingliam to H N. Halliday,her interest In lot M, sqoare 703. ; P. M< Mamara to Mckim and Bice, trap tees, lot 8. sausre 86, : W.8. Oox, traatee, to Bicgs aad Harvey, leankold la aqaare south of 387. t)J?; 0. Y. Laajtrea to H. Banders, sub A, >.iaare886, ; H. B. Chapman, truste-, to fl. Saunders, same. B3J8: B. Birch to B. F. McAlwee, u ,..o. al . lot I, pqoar* W fl>?, Prank Meore to same, do.. ilJM: C. B Oreecy te W. T. Greenfield, part 4, aqaare <fc. ?48?, W H Selden to Man F iTaven aer. sab. TTsqnare IS. B8.800; Beltaa Cook to W. T. Joaaa. part 1, aaaare tffo, #1,888; Juliaaa W " "ona F Gales to John Hoover, part 4, aqaare 888; C. Uter mehle et al. to C H. Utenaekle, ia trust, lots 18 to S'. aiuare US, #1J88; B. F. Backiaffkam to G. W. W ssensan dT??, aqaare XI, BIO^WTOB. Oharch to J. T Carroll, sab. F, sqaare 488. #3,000; J. W. S lies i.. J. Aa B. Kendall, snt. 37, sqaare887, #1J08: J 8. Bdwarda. trustee, to Mary k. Giboa, part Sf, square U3. ??-'?>, G A. Lane to C. W. Montaa, sub lo awd pars II, sqaare 180, (34M; B. W. Toasp hiaa to Th- maa f avtar, porta 0, P and Q, aqaare "V, t?000. Daniel Bobiaaoa to W. 0. P^mara,parts M aad tf.suuage >u. 8IJU0, B-T. MoreeU, traatee, to John L/^b?hina<ia. 1?? J7 aad part M, *t *3*4: Litchfield aadiAstsrtaa to G. M ?a- a3. square 311, 818188; F. S. I amaoa L?nhek?.? . ?ab^lf^jqaare 3s0, #5,488; B tru?tee, et al , to W. wmting. parts 1 ami 3, square VB. #77jua; Catherine Hjnaimay etal. to C. Hen Kui Err at a 8*LJ??Tha following hare been made at nee oar hurt report; By Latimer 8 Cleary, aaetteooers.-Parts of lots *os. ft and 8. ia aqaare Mo ?78^Improved by a brick dwelllac, situated on Paaagyl?a? a'a avenue, bcteeea 1* aed 5 "'J'. JVTi' If JobB Hft*. for *6JM-, part a of I <s Woe. 18 aa^ 18, la pquare 7? . r<mtai?l?>?8j08?taare rsa?, ssiaasea oa . between B and C strasSf_t?rtkeast, to Wa.B. oesmaa, for #?#?; lot Bo. 1, ta^tw^ajlo. 888, she northwest corner W Hhand T serthWBet, containing aqaare wet," Bradley. at SI c an aer foot. amounting to Bv (yuneanaon. Dowltag 8 Co., L t Bo. H. In s<inam Mo. Ml. situated on Wk stree*, near 8 oorrhwost, improved bv a Sae brick dwell lag, to A. P. BUuiloff, for #1788. MmmI T? _ _ LBBCAl MKKTlVO or THI BOARD OF BBttBRTS ? < HAKOKS AQAIB9T TUB AMOCIATIOB ABO >1" PAMBLA CCHXIKAUAM-VARIOUS RB FORTS SrRMITTKD. The board of vice-regent* of the Mount VeT *on Association held a meeting at the imperial hotel. iu this city, after their return from Mt. Vernon on Wednesday evening, the object of the tueetii.g being to turnmh an opportunity to the board of visitors appointed by the governor of Virginia to Inspect the books and reports of the officers, as required bj law. The reports of the regent. Miss Cunningham, and tbe superintendent, Coloae' Hollingsworth, were submitted and critically examined. While the board was in session, Dr. C. P. Howiund preferred CHARGBS AO A IB ST THB ASSOCTATIOB as follows: "I charge tbe Indies' Monnt Vernon Associa tion with unlawfully receiving fifty-six and a quarter cent*front Ummm visiting Mount Veruon, when they ahould only receive twenty-five cents, ami of not allowing any boat but the steamer Arrow to land passengers at Mount Vernon at any price. I charge the vice regents with allowing the regent,Miss Pamela Cunning ham, to receive moneys from the public without riving a proper account of tbe same. 1 charge Sie regent. Miss Pamela Cunningham, with be ing an habitual urunaard, and of being intoxi cated for days together, ami incapable of attend ing to tbe business of Mount Vernon, and, while intoxicated, of being seen improperly dressed. I charge the vice regents with allowing the regent, Mis* Cunningham, thus to be a public scandal and disgrace to the Mount Vernon As sociation, without a public disproval of her con du< t. or an effort to depose her and appoint another regmt in her place. Dr. C. P. Rowland. AB EXCtTID DISCISSION followed tbe introduction of this paper. Judge Tbouias, chairman of the board of visitors, Stated that the committee of which he was the head had examined carefully into the workings of the society, and were prepared to state that they found everything correct. He commit, mented them upon the successful pursuit of their labor of love, and warmly indorsed their action in regard to the charges im posed as tolls and wharfage, as the only regular source of revenue open to them. XlSri CCNNIBGHAK DIKKBDKU. He assured them that the board had full confi dence in tin association, and tailed to discover any foundation for the charges preferred against the regent. On the contrary, her entire action met their unqualified approval and sup I>ort. in further speaking of the charges, he ?aid that, while the committee thus felt and declared, they did not believe themselves au thorized to institute any investigation, as that was a subject which legitimately belonged to the vice regents. After a short complimentary sj>ecch from Cien. Meems, a vote of thanks was tendered by the vice regents to the board for the courteous manner in which their labor s had beenlcou 41 acted. TUB JfBBTIBO TBSTBRDAV. The vice-regents assembled at the Imperial Hotel yesterday, the regent. Miss Cunningham, in the chair, and Miss Hiidacn acting secretary. Miss Cum Ingham read a short address to the t ice-regent*, congratulating them on the sue- j cesstul labors of the past year, regretting that her ill-health had prevented ker more perfect attention to the work, but assuring them of her unflagging Interest in the cause. The financial exhibit of the superintendent was Kihmitted and referred to an auditing com mittee, consisting of Meedames Fitch, riaL-tead and Washington. A resolution was adopted looking totheap pointmentot'apermaReiit committee tai finance, and defining its duties; after which tLe council adjourned until this morning. IO-PAY'8 l'ROCKKI>INfl.<*. The vice regents were l&secret session to-'liy. It is understood, in the consideration of the above charges again-t Miss Cuntiinghau, the regent, and other business. ? I be Normal and Illirb School Qac*. tions. E-Ut,.r of Iks Star: Highly appreciating the Intelligent interest in the welfare oi our public leboo's evei manifested by vour paper, 1 ask the space necessary to permit me to point out what appears to me a fallacy in ysur brief argument against tho establishment of a high or normal school. Vou cay "the work needed is really at the base of the structure: the primary schools," and refer to the opinion of those who ?? advocate the selection of the most capable and most experi enced teachers for those schools." For precisely that rcaaon the establishment of I normal school is urged, lu order to have the ?e*t teachers, we must educate them for their profession. Experience comes only from prac tice; and the most valuable experience from practice underthe most skillful superintendence. How are the teachers of primary schools to icquire experience? Not by first learning in he higher grade, for the processes employed In he latter are very different from those which ead to success in the former. Those who would iccomplisb much with the youngest pupils thould devote their energies to this particular vork from the start; and that their early labors nay not prove failures, they must commence tith correct metho<ls. A normal, or more itnctly a training school is necessary to teach hem these methods and enable them, be lore nterlng on otherwise untried duties, to prac ice ui.der tbe direction of a skillful super ior, who can suggest the right aud correct the rroag. I would not disparage the primary teachers >f our city. They deserve all credit for their liligent efforts and their readiness to receive n tiuction. Yet, to a great extent, they must "'gin bv groping in the dark, and must devote heir early labors to almost exclusively tentative ?rocesses. They have had little or no opj>or unty of becoming acquainted with the im proved methods of teaching which the past few 'ears have originated, and must rely upon their >wn crude ideas, instead of the systems that iave grown from the mature experience of .thers, and their efficiency is limited by their nexperience and consequent Ignorance. Now, a training school Is needed to supply the issistance which our young teachers need to lit hem for tbe most successful discharge of their luties. It would enable them to receive in duction in the theories of teaching and gov rning, and in connection therewith afford prac ice in applying these theories under the watch ful oversight of an experienced preceptor. The expense of conducting such a school would ?ot exceed 92,000 per annum, while the cotme luent withdrawal from the grammar schools ?r those who remain there to wait for positions is teachers would make room for promotions, bus making vacancies in the intermediates, to >e filled by those now kept out by insufficient ic com mod at Ions. The experience of other cities ?rove that by establishing a training school the fficiency of the primary teachers is increased nore than 25 per cent.; indeed, it is claimed hat not less than 30 per cent, more is accom plished in unfolding?not simply cramming he minds of the pupus. The salaries paid to the sixty-one primary eachers of this city amount to S&.000 annually. ?oes not true economy demand that the value if tbe product be so greatly increased, if it can >e by so slight an addition to the outlay as rould be the cost of a training school ? As to the ett'ect of a high school upon the ower schools, let me quote from tbe last report if the superintendent of the St. Louis schools, dr. Wm. T. Harris, one of the best practical *1 ucators, aa well as one of the most accom plished scholars In this countrySome hold hat a democracy should undertake to provide inly an inferior sort of education, and exclude ill higher courses of study aa being only for hoee who are w ealthy enougb to pay for the ?me. Free schools held strictly to this prin ciple become 'ragged schools,' and it soon >ecomts the practice of all people who c in af ord It to send their children to ? pay sc .iool ' }y this arrangement the distinctive advantages if oar public school svstem would be lost." Is not this in a great measure the fact in this ity? He says furtherUnless a single tandard of measurement la furnished by which he work of the lower schools is measured and r?*lat<d. a city cannot be said to have anv hfng like i ?v?tem. The annual expense of he high school djpfirtBWnt (of 8t Loils) Is, ierhaps, ten per cent, ot the ?uUro ftDWllut ex tended for the whole system. Its effect id I"*' ?roving the value of the work done In the lower ;rades must be reckoned at three times its ac ual coat If one were to compensate for the rant of a high school at the head of a >ystem if schools, he would Cad it necessary to pav oat n increased salaries and other appliance* at east three times as much much money as a ugh school would cost." "If a community does tot educate its own directive power, it must mport it, and pay a high premium for it/' or, te might have added, suffer from the want i it To a very great extent these remarks are rue, even as applied to as modest and lnexpen ?ve an addition to our system as the proposed Normal Schools. Tbb Sbw Paviliob at run Schobtzbb Parr?On Monday next the sew dancing lavtlton and banquet hall of the Washington (cheats* ii Vereln at their heantiful park on 7th treet will be dedicated. The new building Is ? 1 Mad 40 will h* root la he"clear, to of frame", surmoMtedVy a Oniwr iandsoBM Iron bracket* add to the appearance rf tho room. In the danelaf saloon a bar to NM?, aad the work, whtoh was"done by Mr. f. Q. Kaylor, reflect* credit ob all eennii Habbas Coarca to Ebcotbr a Bit from ru Kbtorm Scbooi?To-day Mr. P. |. Ehine lardt filed a petition for a writ of haheasaar ?us for Margaret Rutherford directed to VfW sun W. Hove for the prodncttoa of her son, n-^erford. who was committed to the

?rl btoii of the la violation Alexandria.?g notations ofm?H* fbr this day, famished to Tbi St as by Omtm W. Harrison ? Co.. wholesale dealers la lira. Wo". C King St., 80, SI, 96 f?h wharves. Alexandria: Shad, per hundred,*!) to ?12-W; Herring. per thousand. *4.V) to ftS: white perch, por bench, art? w>", rock, per hunch ,25 to 35; offal .per bunch, lb to 20. Washing-?*.?To-day, the following tales at the flub wharves were made to shippers by R. A. Oolde* & Bro.; agents:-7,0#0 shad from ?10 to a 13; 80.000 herring from ? 5 to ??; .V) bunches rock, 20c.. 25 single rock, 11-25; 500 ?lis, 2c. Diik Now.?A penny postman named Toarg applied to the marshal of the Police Court yesterday for >1.25m a fee for attending court some months since as prosecuting witness in a case of assault and battery on himself while in the discharge of his duty as letter car rier bv a colored rnfflan on the street, who was convicted and sent to* Jail one year for tlie as sault. Mr. Toung stated that the paymaster of the Post Office had refused to pay him for tbo day he wm absent as a witness, and hart reremd him to the Police Court for his fee. The marshal explained to him that the law makes no provision for pay of witnesses in the Police Conrt when the tines and costs are not paid by defendants If the facts are as stated by Mr. Yoaag, it looks like a small business to dcrtuct pay when the carrier was absent attending to a case in whirl) he was assaulted in the performance of his official duties. Alleged Disrupt table Hocse?For some time past complaints hare been made by many resectable residents in the northern portion ol the city of the character of a house in an alley between 13th and 14th streets, and L street and Massachusetts avenue, and last night Major Kichard* gave an order to Lieutenant Eckloff, of the Sixth precinct, to make a raid on it, which that officer proceeded to do, and took Into custody Alice Johnson and Robert .John son, (foreman of the Hook and Ladder Com pany,) Kmma Brooks, Maggie Lewis, Mary Johnson, Caroline Smith, and Thos. Sudd -n, aM colored, and locked them up. This morning the case was continued, the two alleged princi pals, Robert and Alice Johnson, giving 9300 and the others 9100 each for a hearing to-mor row. ? Charge of Pbricrt?This msrnlng J at'a Stewart, a colored woman, was brought before ?Judge Sncll, charged with perjury, and after a hearing whs committed for action of the^Tand jury. Julia vat summoned a few days since to give testimony in the case of a charge of high way robbery against Spider Brown and Charles Read, and swore that she knew nothing about fthe case; that she was not present, &c. It has since been sworn to by others that she was pres ent, and saw and heard all that passed between the accused ami the victim, whom, it is alleged, was drugged and robbed by Brown and Read. Small Pox?Only one case of small p->x ha? been reported since yesterday?on if. between 1st and North Capitol streets northwest. THE CXM7BTS. COURT IN GENERAL TERM.-T -day, *. .,,'1 H. E. Payne, of Wisconsin, was. on motion of Mr 1l. T"tten, admitted to llie bar. The application of Mr E. R Blis- wai*. oa motion of Mr.Am??. re ferred to the examining coanuiuee. W. M -?ni igt 'Florence; argument iu progress. POLICE COURT, Judcr Smtll.?'To-day, Timothy O'Cornell, unlawfully carryHw on trade; pwtp xied. John Bj ram, do.; ? .*>. Wm. reates and John Hop kits.d?.; do. J. H. tiuyson, vagrancy; t?->nd? or workhouse. Mary Williams, profanity; nolle pr<>?. Elmore, hitching bors*- to a tree; *5. Wm. Toimi.v, profanity; lined ?3. A. T C." I) <lge, malicivas trespass; dismissed. Philip Shriver, usaaalton his wife, who testified that he asua'ilted lier * bar. her child was lmt one day old; bond* to Keep peace or workhon-e. Same party, profanity; fined 4J. Rose .Sears, itaeault on Delia Hines; di-mi <?ed. AI.LIGED ROBBERY AID PEKJt'BT. Charles E?(l and "Spider" Broun were charged with ascauitiiig and robbing Robert Kilniarti . on the i.ith inMAnt. A rtollr pro* was entered as to J alia Stewart. Kilntartin testffied that he bad $.'<? or *60. One bill of the sum was mark'd. and he identiti>'<1 it Mrx. Murpiii tv<t.tiid that on the night iu qu ?tion fhe heard Julia st?wart say "Let that man alone,"' and 4-Spider"j*rked her out of the do?>r. Tiiis was directly opposite witbeso's honse. Charley It >ed rami- out, and ratting "Spider," they went away. Witness went ow afterwards and inquired if any ?>n" was hurt, uir| saw the lunn in the gutter. Anna {Lewis testified that she *aw Julia Stewart pnll a man out of the house towards the gutter. Officer Duval! testified that lie a?d?t'-d in the search of the panic* and found gi2 on "tfpider" and 917 an Read. Th'? I court committed the part ieefor action of gran 1 jury. Mr. Gloss then filed ai. information charging Julia Stewart with perjury, in that, after lia\ing iK-en sworn to tell the truth, she made a statement en tirely false. Julia pleaded not guilty. Oftifer Dn \all aiel Anna Lewis were sworn, and testified 'hat she had testified that she haul not seen the parties together; atxl also that she had said, after giving her ttstinioii)-, that Re.d did rob the man, but sip- had promised not tosav anything against Anna Hro <t<i' Iionae. She wa? also committed for the action of the grand jury. John Grinnell. charged with * agrancy, was ordered to be ?<?iit to the workhonse, wltti a rec ommendation that he ba trannlerred to th? alms house department. THE ALLEGED HOKSH THIEF. Henry Ridley was tliarged with the larcenv of a horse fr< iu Christian Howard, near Harper's Perry. It wa* shown in testimony that he brought the horse to this city and traded it with Crahtree,chief of the G> peeye, getting $60 difference; sent to ih. grand jury. Win Mason, charged with larcenv <jf valuable lutrness from B. r. Gilbert; committed for action of the grand jury. GEORGETOWN. Sal* oy Valuable Mill Property?Yes terday afternoon Thomas Dowling, auctioneer, ?old Uie paper mill owned by Mr. Geo. Hill, Jr., ?Ituated on the corner of Water and Potomac ?trceta, to the Farmers and Mechanics Bank, of this city, for S7.000. James L. I)avia, real estate agent, fold for Mrs. Susan Nichols the two-story brick bouse in lot 6, square No. ITZi, eaat side of 3tb street east, fronting 13 feet 11 Inches on said street, for 91,800. TiurKRAHCB.?An application for a charter for a division of Sons or Temperance has been made by Thomas C. Wheeler, of this city, and It is hoped that we shall soon be able to report an active and flourishing division here. Petition There is a petition in circulation to-day praying the Board of Public Works to tinish np the improvement of Bridge street, from High to the Aqueduct bridge, as soon as possible. It represents that trade has been diverted from that portion of the street for the rut twelve months, by which many are losers, t is receiving the signatures of nearly all the residents ami business men of the neighborhood. Caxal Trade The canal noats which were detained by the recent high water are arriving freely to-day, and report no damages to tbe canal. River Newp.?The steamer Express has ar rived from Baltimore with a miscellaneous cargo, and the steamer K. C. Knight has cleared for New York with 700 barrels flour. Fish Wharf?The receipts of llsli to day were 100,ooo herring and a few shad. The her ring sold at S2.50 to S3.00 per thousand, ami the shad at >12 per thousand. A Novel Will Cahb.?In 1864, Charles Pox, a wealthy and eccentric shoe-dealer, who .ived on Third'avenue, made a will in which he be queathed all his property, real and personal, valued at about 9500,000, to the government of the United States to pay part of the national dsbt. The will was contested about two years ?go in the surrogate's court by the nephews and nieces of the testator, who are very poor, and live in tenement houses in Brooklyn, on the ground that he was not of sound mind and memory, and that the government could not accept a bequest of real estate. Surrogate Hutchlngs decided that the testator was of sound mind and memory, but that the govern ment could not accept a bequest of real estate. The case was taken to the court of appeaM. and the surrogate's decision was there affirmed. Edwards Pierrpont for the United States gov ernment and Aaron J. Vanderpoel ami Mr. Flynn for the contestants?X. F. Tribua* . loih. A Villaimoub Plot?Two bridges near Brownville, Ind., on the Cairo and Vincennes railroad, were set on lire Monday night and a lot of timber piled on the track for the purpose of ditching a freight train bound south, but fortunately the engineer saw the bridge on tire and stopped the train in time to avoid danger. About fifteen feet of one of the bridges was burned and the other had just commenced burning when a farmer discovered it and sue iee?"4 in extinguishing the flames. No arrest* have as yet be^b C*d*? JrvEinL* Delisqpehtc.?A bill has pissed both branches of the New York Legislature which provides that the mayor shall appoint two commissioners, who are to have charge of Juvenile delinquents and truant children under 14 years of age. They are Invested with the same powers as aldermen and police jtutlcea. The bill directs the police to arrest all children found in places where intoxicating drinks are sold, or in dance houses, concert saloons, thea ters and variety shows, and take tkeaa before the commlsstoners fbr examination. Baltimore's Europe am Tradr?From the tlrt of the present month the North German I.ioyd steamship line between Baltimore and Bremen will be Increased ts a weekly depar ture from each port. The steadily growing transatlantic nomurm ef Baltimore ha# ar rived at that degree of prosperity which gives constant employment to six uugsln this It J constant employment to six shine iu this line and four on the Liverpool rente. Yeride.? the two now runnlqjjgyjgjjidependsnt to pAg>?oiu4ii ruit A1B TOUBT gas. *.?.to,sm.aegifa. SI 0ITY ITEMa Call on Noah Walkki A Co.. ?ll Pens sylvama avenue.and wk "Francis" toskowyo* one of those %??> Double-breast Sack Suits. ELKiVT.>wf?t, light, and wbolwonc Bread, Rolls, Bivnif*. Com Bread. Muffin*. Bunk wheat an<1 other Griddle <nk?-s, ami Pastry Cake*, with Dooley's Yeast Powder. Soi l by grocer*. 16,6 F AH*. Fans. Some beautiful stvlcs received at Prlgg's Jewelry Store, No. Oil Pennsylvania avenue, between 4* and 6tk streets. ' CINCINNATI I.ACER AND RCCK Bill OH draught at Geo. W. Driver's new sample room*, corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4% street. 13,5 Oninrcm Porter amtBa^and Encoop A Co. * English Ale on draught at Geo. W. Driver's new sample rooms, corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4% street. J Wt3 Jvlitb, Shashes, Cocktails and other pre scriptions carefully compounded by Geo. W. Driver and hiscorpsof efficient assistants at the "?* sample rooms corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4* street. * 15,5 Dr*i*T'? A A mi dor's New Vork style Pearl Casstmere Dress Hats, how read v. the hand somest and most stvlish in the market, at their agency, Willctt A fruoff. 3 Focnd at Last!?A remedy that not onlv relieves, but cures that enemy or mankind, Consumption, as well as the numerous statoliths which revolve around it in the shape of coughs, colds, bronchitis, sore throat, inrtuenia, Ac. The remedy we allude to is Dr. fTit'ar't Baham of Wild CVrry, prepared by Seth W. Fowle A Son, Boston. 12,K Trnco-RcssiAM Baths, 9#3Estrect. 10,6 ^ Dooley's Yeast Powder is convenient, economical, and always reliable. No waste of tood prepared with it, as it is always of the t*-st quality ' 9)S Pokd's Extract is for sale at wholesale by Chas. Stott A Co., 4*0 Pennsylvania avenue, and by druggists everywhere. ,.T.H*R* ,s KO etcime for those who drag their weary and disordered bodies into our com pany. when a few doses of Ayr's SartavnnU? ?k0,J wc e.a!we M?eir raurky o'ood and re?t.?re their health and vigor. Ye muddy victims of billons disease, have some regard for vour neighbors, if not for yourselves. m,w,f,A?v Medicated Bath#. 903 E street io 6 CHAimoK Earth Cu>sin\7he best in n?e Hamilton A Pearson, Y. M. C. A. Building, <?th R,,d D' ^ 41.%e?3 Children cry for Pitcher's Castorta. It regulates the stomach, cares wind colic and causes natural sleep. It is a substitute for castor oil. 4,25.eo3: W\rren Patent Meat Cooker at Hamil ton A Pearson's, Y. M. C. A. Building, 9th and To ORTAi* the most delicious julip or smash, made ot the finest material, and manipulated in the most artistic manner, go to Geo. W. Driver's ? fJAmpIe room**, corner Penneyania are?ue and Four-and-a-half street. 4r5 ^.8",rt" *ar>k to Order.?Gentlemen fur nishing their own material, can have their 8hirts made to order at the shortest notice, at Keen s, 422 9th street northwest. Satisfaction guaranteed. ^ 4(l9il; Th* oowhttnitt at large appreciate the use fulness ol Singer's Sewing Machine. 1,3 indispensable to health ana comfort thousands of persons come from far and near to visit Dr. White, the well-known Chiropodist, No. 833 15th street, opposite the Treasury, for relief from corns, bad nails., Ac and advice as to suitable shoes. ? *c*? aaaaBaay??? !at,okal Savings Bank, oorner of f^Lw_5?r* *Te'}a? 18th street, pays 6 per ct. per uuunn on deposits for each calender month. Banking hours, 9 to 4. Saturdays, 9 to 4 and 6 10 * ^ Wt3,14tlg _ Ther*ometers and Barometers are repaired |^^^J[j^-^HMnpler, near 4% stroet. Devlin & Co., NEW YORK .MERCHANT CLOTHIERS. THE LARGEST VARIETY OF GOODS FOB GENTLEMEN'S WEAR IN AMERICA. ALL THE NEW STYLES AT mU-tr 1113 PENNbYLVASIA AVENUE. ?tVb?S rAP*RHA!?GI*GS. ROW OPEN AT '7lH 8T" maiiritirj, Bo. 43V 7thStreet,between D and E streets, Bight ?oors above Odd Fellews' Hall, Fhn S iA.?Q new and stjliah deai^ of * fabric? And fl nnhf elected with due regard to harmony of celor, durability, richness and ecoao ?ry?,.A, te.r'"1"", msde sp?*iaU7 to order, em ?!!!? other dwigni in Gilt and Plain Colore, appropriate for dimwfn* rSnms ?d 40-inch plain tints for fSZJK^rtTb E!h .wt,h ?foI Mine of medium iSStiflgraif Fr^nctaFt re board Prints, 4c., making the largest and most complete assortment in the District. WINDOW SHADES. Rew design*, different sizes au1 colors* also Plain Goods In Pearl, Chocolate, Lavender,'Green and toSrtS? f?r lnto 8h?J?- Shades made PICTURE FRAMES ^^s?d OUt, and ail Oilt Frames w?LihL is Vbc?2- ..Hv* .?Tal r?? for - ITf"* , A beautiful seloction of Wrench and American GUt and Velvet Frames for Iaon ty?e and Porcelain Pictures. Card Frames in varletjr. Frame, made to orde^ ,n _ PICTURE CORD AND C^Nt&tV?n'2ir*UH8w* Colors; also, rieted^Tinapd and Wire Center Pictmv fjord, V? ?? ? PiI?T?.*?8l. MORA VINOS, CHROHOS, Ac n"^* choice, selection in appropriate In store on exhibition aad tai? Chromos and Engravings ordered. Orders for Paperhanglng, Window Khades or Pie ^r*Ter^Uc?nhUT ^ Please romember name. Old Nc> 499 J. MARKRITER, alt 1m *ndnU,rib*r *3* 7th strwt. ?1, un Between D and t str^^ta \V? HAVl JVkY ?0 DOZEN LADIES' SKIRTS, which urn aha stLune LOCK WOOD, SlirTT * TAVLOk, Georgetown AdTwtlaemanti. Fob bale cheap-ao?o oran?;e? at ? I IS per hundred: 1 OPO L?-m>n?, IJV p.>a>.d? rn?3 Apple*. Bktwk'li Peannts, I JO iinii'l- Pried ???eh??. fci k?-hel* Walnut* Prtrn- Butter. Kid, Ac., H Mo 1**6 High street. O* <r?et(.wn. It* J-J W. B R O WIT * BOOKSELLER AND ST.tTtO.Xer, l.'-BBIPGB STREET. GEOBl.ETOWN. D C. I have _ ibi'Tnuied this day opened a BOOK STORE et >ed ?lace. and would eojicit a liberal s!i EI?*?! of the pvMfc. Panic*] ar at tea the ?hate it: n of ibe petronag? ? , ? ????!? will be paid to the Bo->k and Stall, tier y de ard satisfaction in prices guaranteed. - closing cat all the ?ock of Bke<-t Maaic of ?fce late house of Poe A Selignon M oae-half price. Call an examine. n!8 fit |JY THOS. DOWLING. Auctioneer, Georgetown. CH A XPERT PAL* r? COW PORT *BLE ?B \ W K D* ELLIKu BOUSE OH PBOSPBCT STEEET. GEOBGETOWB. ? By virtae of a decree at the Supreme Oart <?f the Pi*trift of Columbia. pae*<-d ia can**-N ?. 3 15-, Speiden et a] vs. M tha^nn H ai , I wilt ?ell. in front of the premie**, on C *Tl" HDAT. the 17th day uf o'clock p m, part of L<* Bo. 17. old UenriM.iwn, beginning 47S fe?? fr< in Hlgb street, on Pr ?pert street. and run tang thence west 18 feet; thence? nth Ik) feet; thence east U feet, and thence north to the beginning. The property is that lately occupied bv John Mahagan. No. 41 Prospeat street, and is improved with a c?n f .rtahle S-*?ory fram- Dwelling H Terms of eaie. On-- third cash, residue at < and IS month*, with interest at 8 percent fr >m the day of ?ale, i?fO depi ?U when the property ia struck off Conveyancing at expanse of pun ha?er. FBEP. W JONES, Trwatee. n 9 dU THOMAS POWLING. Aucir. >rgetowa Courier 211 |?Y THOMAS DOWLINO, A act., Georgetown. CHANCERY 8AI.E oT~RB1CE HOUSE AMP PREMISES ON HIGH STBEET. IN GEoRGK TOVN -aj*. By \trtn* of l decree of the 8 C-?nrt .<f K5 'hi* District, p?*?..l in cause No, 3.;M. El.->r!y ? t at. n. Plair?mii>'ver et al . I will sell ia front of the permii"*, on SATURDAY, the 17 th day >f May, A.P.1ST9, at i o'clock p m . tart of C ? N'*e. 10 ?n?l 11. Old Georgetown, frontia inches on H igh street, * itb a depth one-half iccb,bein~ t.. and occupied The property >? i.ii mr ran si-ie *n u 'ftl *tre* t, nearly opposite the erd of Pro*pect strwt, improved wilh a large two-storv brick house. Term* as prescribe! l>y the decree : One-third<~a?h; the re*i<lue at 6 and 1J months, with interest at a p~r cent fr<>m the day of sale. with the option to the purchaser to pay the whole in cash. (M d*po?it * hen the property i? (truck off. Cmve) aucing at MDt DK of the purchaser. ANTON EBERLT. Tro^ee. THOMAS DOWLING. m9 d [Georgetown Courier R | Aacti.-inor, |f Y THOMAS DOWLING, Aocfr; G?orgetown TKUSTEE'S SALE OP VALCABlE REAL ES TATE IB GEORGETOWN, p C B) virtue of a deed of trust from Char lea T. Ednion*ton and wife, made January SStb. 1870. and recorded amongot the land record* of said DMrict in Liber No. ?nf, folio SIS, Ac., and at the request of the party secured thereby, I will off-r for sale at public auction,on THCRSDAY. th* tl*i l of , ISS- at * o'clock p ra., in front of the prem all that I-n? -J ? llg S& feet 111-, f sua faet an I .L - "'e? mu ia?-i am IV ^'^'El^P/ U Ku?'"^ is ?n the east ai ie ,4 High*?r?-t, May , mHtf- m * o ^e*ra p ??., iu trout '*f the prem ise*, all that Lot of Groan* ia ' Georgetown afire *aid, known and dee. r il?ed aa the southern part of lot No. <1, in Peter Beatty. Thr? Ikekl.aud l)eakiu?s addition to Mid towu naid part haTluf a front of thirty-two feet on the west side of Lingan street, between 1st and Prospect streets, and running back of that width to the rear. The property is iapr?\<d by * substantial Prase Dwelling recently repaired T-rtns: Oie-f uith of the pure ha*" m >ney caah, and the reaidne In six, twelve, aad eighteen m->nths. for which cotes liearinc six per ceat internet from the day of sale shsll be given, to he sera red by a de?<| of trust of the pr- mUe* Th? terms of sale mn?t be conip'ied with within fonr diys after dar <>f sale, or the property "hall be resold upon live days notice at the risk and cost of the defaulting pur cheser. All conveyancing at buyers' coat. A de posite of 82uU will be reonired at the close of saU-. HCGH CAPERTON, Trustee. irT fCornier] TH(?S DOWLING, Auct. D&V ????Oi?S AT POPULAR PRICES. Vor GOOP BARtiAINS be sure to go to BENJAMIN MILLER. Iffl Bridge street. Georgetown. Japanese Poplirs at SB and Sfc- ; Japanese Silks, Cilr , 7 Jr., ? l; plain Press Oood*. In all the new Colors. SSc., 37sc., SOr - Black Silk*fr?m #l.SSto (3. Btsck Grenadliy* from S6r. to 91; b-aatiial Plaid* for 1bildr>-n. 15c .Bic.. J5c.; Victoria Lawns. >*?., S6c? S7c.; Pi<|iies, auc., SV , S7c., Mc Black Alpacar and Mohairs, a splendid low as Mr. Cloths, Cashimers, Linen Prill*; all the novel ties in Parasols; one case more of the splendid ? 4 Bleached Cotton. l2Kc. ap23 tr j^EADT FOR THE STRING TEADE. With a fall corps of flrst class workman, a c-?m plete stock of the beat foreign and domestic Dye Stuffs, Ac., Ac., T am fully prepared to . CLEAN OR &ECOLOB LADIES' ANP GENTS SPRING AND SUMMER WEARING APPAREL, promptly and in the best manner. W. H. WHEATLET, PtiSMlUM ST a AM If YElMti AS U SCO CM I NO WOK KB. _ . ESTABLISHED 1S31. Prem'nm awarded 1367. Office,4V Jefferson st , Georgetown, D. 0 Post Office Box 7 S3. ap7 rr the trades. Jfotice of Amoral. THE LUMBER BUSINESS, HERETOFORE COyDUCTEU BY THE OX DERSJUXED O.X SIXTH STREET, NEAR MISSOURI AVENUE, AND B STREE I, BE TKEEN SIXTH AND SEVENTH STREETS NORTHWEST, WILL BE LOCATED HERB IFTER A T THE r?r* of 13th street eb4 Ohh etc. b. v. ?bf In "ATH L B. FL'GITT. HERAIG A LAG1RPUSH, Successon to Rtny Hom*LCK, PRACTICAL COPPERSMITHS, ACT P street, *34-lm* Betweew tth and ?th sts. nortkwsat. f'HAS. HARTEL, U CARPENTER AND BUILDER. >14 C street southeast. All order* promptly at ?ended to on reasonable terms. ag-lm* A^ohn'v" HOGAN. T13 Market Bpace, Hasulecturer of AWNINGS, for Stores, City tmi Country Residswces. TENTS and FLAGS for sale or rent. AWNING MATERIAL of all kinds for sal*. Sole Agent for the only genuine MILDEW PKQOP AWNING MATERIAL. apU-tr pLUMBING AMD GAS-PITT1NQ. Those desiring to have their Plumbing aad Gas Pitting done in a neat and substantial manner, and >n reasonable terms, should leave their orders at 113 Pennsylvania aveaoe, Capitol Hill. Work warranted. m!7Ass* WM ROTH WELL. M* ^ usb. Mm the pleaaare toauoanoataathe haa n the Spring Sty la of Broadway BLOGE, ^rsparsd to faraiah Bsw Hats mads U ot them or rv^odel aM sty Iss; alao, m mm Pelt Hats far sals, oa rtsaenable terms. fHr f 'ALL OH JAMES W. BRIBE, U Practical Fttrmbm mmd tf*j Kmr, to hava yoor Plumbing, Gas PHttng, aad proMtlr attended to oa res LoaisiMia aveeaa, near fth Residence, ttttt Sd strset. street, aortb side. ?aM A WIUNOB, rua^TSm M. 0. COPELABD, 041 City and I ^K?a*,?, rVET*R, 9AMPENTER, B VILVMM, ana OOB TB AOTOB. D i i ? o 1. u o a . VasaiMtaii, B. 0. s - Ts nsas will be atMlaasi "IKS BOOKS, STATIONERY, ke. "TBI ABEKIt AN oi'P FELLOW ?< j,, 1 rK? ts rh*vli?d au.1 fur M|? hi STOCKMAN A Soil. Ar*r.ta (of Diatrtrt at Co> InhU, SS** 9th Mr*** iofth???<. corwsr ?f 1 itm kll th? ?r? B-ofca Ptrinoioul*, Ac . u< ?full ?ortMvat of SuiK>*?r) . PxurM, Ptctars Fraai ?, Ac. Mir THE ROYAL DiAPIC*. A N E W BCSIO BOOK. rL'/v1"' ?? M? Garden, br Bw>. Tba l ?auc llrck>ti<. ? Prarurtl Ti Mir t?* Other OirU. bv Nr. of * Br,.tb. i. b> Tlimu UaikM Literatim ai>d P ros . b> Maihew Ajh>'U. tn-nuf? it ?Dirtca?. A*< dc) for STAINSD GLASS. ... *? itawmM. m* ,r 4?? 7th ?lr?w, near V. L,ST or NEW BOOKS SHI I Cossim Old Kfnainct?a. B> Miss Thackeray. Tw Old C utittw A ar<i?el to "Lord II Cboloa." Br Mr*. Am 9 St* rheiis. * * Aui<|iiiUriuf ft uthm ludiane Al*>\* Tw|?4 tbd Tide. PwrirH Br the tutb t of "Stratbmore" to.1 "I Dd> r Twv Fits." 0,r" ?* Mr* author of Me OirU. A Fait ?*! >?. B> Jnrttn MrCanhr. New Ew.4lK.f,.r April. KJ, Town* Men ?f Ureal llriiai.. .\ j <iraal ?f am it ? *''* 'n*rwtlve literature. Boya of Rutland. A >oun? gentian, '? j ureal of ar<'tt,fiit arid literal no A I'ay with I'barle* Pi. kens. K< Delm Cbillinalx . H Rul?er. Farm Ballads. B> Will.tVl^ot. ; llliMtral^t f A lar*e at'M-k of BLANK Bimiks PA*t< i?hik<4 and aiMoRAKPI M H?(.Kv *OT? rAPICH LFTTKK r \ I'K K. and PLVYINu C mw It,"; ver> low eat pricn. B, t tr ^UKICL'LTCKAL BOOKS. ~ * Johnaton's Arrir%itural ('hea.tat ry 11 n I American Onrilener'n A?-'-tent.m Alien ? American Farm B ?>k j so Hewderaou *a Gardening f??r Profit | m arms'. Draining lor Pt ht aiel H--i.lth IN FnlierV bmall Fmit Cultunst 1 at Fuller?? Grape Culture j M Ftttli 8-at hem Apple Cnlturist | 71 * nirhl's Pra. ttr?l Poolfrr Kwp<-r ___ J tw Lane-troth on the || Bee I ,n Randall's Sheep H*???an1ry I 10 florae Owners' Oyclt psrdta. |;i Tonatt on the b<?a g 7? All UmbiW b(X'k? r? eelx ed ? n u C?tMiah*> bT.? ,e im ?H'HABD B MoBI'b A OO., aMr 101 * Peana. avHioe. coraar 11th atraat. OtIOI. ~ OFKBIBO or A BBW STATION BEY KTOtB AbOBLANK BOOK HABCrAOTORY. Under National K^mp. ittaa Bank. ?< Ml 4oor to Jar (Vxk* A 0".V Waahl??*Mi B.O. STEAMER LINES. A| NCMOR LI KB trCAMfRL nail from Pier >t. North Ri\er(few V >rk EVERY WBDBBSD A YARD 8AVc*I)Vt .iT i pn*K''B*'*r arc. mm >.|ati,.n? on 9t> am ri cjf thi? line are un-arpa**..! f..r elegance and Cabin xtal" r>> 'du ar' ? ? ? u -i i?i ? iiip ? i ? mi on np^er 4<ck. tbn< ?firm ? ?<l ll*h? W?d >eelilatino KATK8 OF PASSAOK TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL OB LOFPOSPIRRT. Smi ilHtmni, Wt4 ? -amen. Cabina ?#7.^ t?. ?a Cabin r. tnrn ticket* aecurii g m ? l**t accnim>4tafion?. f IV. ... _ tm ? ... ? 5*"ra*", rorrency, ^ Jii. atini ?*t T. Ir"!u ?'ir ?' a p >rt or railway ?tttioM in Ureal Britain. Ireland or fheOon iuttit at ?? _lLLow 4* " "T"r* riR?r (umi 7 tVnTi''?'"OKKSOW RRotII KH.-, I ?? wliBti Orecu. N. % : to C. (ARM \CC lint r rt n w., or WILL IAN SUM A Co"lT p."n. ?tu f w . Ae?nt-. M wlnngton. n?6 t^hj.Sin [ytW KXPRKS8 LINK TIA CABAL, Pal ^^AVikVo'. oA8H* D;vTri*arTri.fiT'2'r7rT''D o ?"? '{^.?"?'and 8tat?* N . wharfa^a il B ^?b? lbW?r. n, wSil J?TI>? f * D gf (J ? Ma UvVJ?? 4 CO ? PhaadelphU. A IE [ViAiiBtT^rlt, V%. ^ ALDO A. PKARCB, ?4 Oon^re* Street, Bm . *^rreiehtf delivered by Knot'# Eirr??. Orler* left at General OfBce, 6O3 P?.na? iC.uT a' euaZ ? ? the earner wharf wiU be ^yASHISaTOfl^ORFOLK. boston, and haT^ r-u TUB LA KB Sw'tSS'Si? frjW be addrwn?d "ein of Lair of tkc T Norfolk.n Branch ticket oftr# ml Knnv^ tiowTww vA*'^UifhwLarf. mu I?^.lT-.CLAOrrT O^ neral A?^. ?nH Plant's Btore. cr.r l?th t. M?d>a a?a. QCJIARO LIRE. THB BRITISH ANT N0BTB ABBBIOAB BOf AL HAIL STKAHSHI PS, UETYtEEN BBW TOKK AND LITBRPOOLi CALLING AT CORK HARBOB MMJk Wad Mar It *JaTa T. Wed_Sa? H V11 IS t ? Wed. Jnt;e 11 BBOB NEW FORK Bat at ia Oalabria. Partlua ^ Samaria _ Ab, as 1 m* , ? ""a or Paaaaai.?Cabia. Bbm ??.?*? _ Steerage tickets fr,m Llrerpool and mb^Tg,2?? Antwarp aad o<?sr points oatha CouSm'i MediterraDeaa porta, fi* Ttrlrkt mod a CBAS Q. rRANCKLYW. Af*, Bow York OTIS BIGELOW , A/J>i5, -*<,TU lT W^hi,^, p\ g. JVI UCBABTB LINK Vf oTBAMBBIPB lV1 - -Wars* BBW *OBB. . ?^"rretrhti delirerwd by Knox's tm,- n. 4*m left at General Offloe. Ml P.-nnsf lranii mrL sue or at the mtaw wharf will ba proip^VlT. lauded to. - - ~ K"-?? *. W. TBOBPBOB. ~ " j. . GROCERS. ^ ft. OIUII ft IVK, ?* ISIS 7th 8TREET NORTHWEST. (Bvtwaen M and N sta.I SOAP! SOAP (I _ rroctor A Gamble'a celebrated Oil BOA P. the beat in the market?M < bar, 8Hc. br tba bos of ft> lbs. >Mtl Ottri par puau4 BAMS0*" ^ **trm "'Pr-Owaj ? 'ba. extra white LARD. ?1 ? sBRWaac0*'??"*?* BAMS, Ac. BTB rkODI UQUORS! LIQUORS! I Old Wtkm WBISKT; OM ^^k?ky?ft ytftn old, per b< ?WIIT CATAWBA Will, RruSrjK\?y,a'rir?.. ! F Lomi MjccMjrsv Dimmer TALLBY Or TIBBIBIA. VninDB CATAWBA WIHB, a m. BACOB.TM Umtm

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