Newspaper of Evening Star, May 17, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 17, 1873 Page 7
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Thf Daffodil. 11V MA BIAS DOCULAM. The colli. coUl winter! Oh, it seemtd A- if 'twould never go' The frosty ferns, unmelted, gleamed I-ong days n^on the viDdow-p^m*; 1 he whitf drift- nil the I arm-bouse lane. An t all the road* were blocked with *now; And through the hare elm, on the hill. The nerth wind whistled loud and shrill. Bu? now "ti> past: 'tis May at last? ALd to! the L*afiodii: Swe?t flower of promise? welcome back! For * here thy bloom I see, H )i>r whimpers, with her south wind's voice, ??* heart! look forward, and rejoice In br gbtness yet to be! Life's dreary winter lingers late, but ."J ring will come?in patience wait! I Hummer Diet for Infant*. At a recent meeting of the public health asso tiationot this city, a series of resolutions were passed requesting l?r. A. .lacobi to furnish for ilie use of the association a schedule of direc tions concerning infantile diet in summer, and to present the same at a future meeting. Last j CTennig, at the rooras of the Medical Journal i "Association. l?r. .lacobi re-ponded to the reso lution, prefacing his remarks bv an elaborate addres- on the physiology of infant digestion ?'nl food. The to!lowing is the schedule: Over-feeding does more harm than anything tlse, BBrse a baby of a month old or two every j two or three hour-, nurse a babv of si* months 1 and over livetiims in twenty-four hours, and 1 li" more. When a baby gets thirsty in the meantime, | pive it a drink <>f ?at?r or narley water. In vetv hot weather, mix a teas|>ooiiful of whisky v.i'b at' tnbler lull of wat? r, (no sugar.) Boil a t? aspoont il of powdered barley i grind It on the coffee-gTinder and a gill of wafer with salt tor titr?r?-n iii.tuf -. Strain it and mix it ' with half as inn, h botl<-d milk and a piece of 1 toal-sngar. tiive it lu.k< a arm. through a nurs ing-bet tie. Keep the tattle and mouthpiece in water w hen i ot in use. Give babies ot five or six months half barlpy- ? water and half bo.led in.Ik, with aalt and loaf etigar. i.ive older babies more milk in proportion. WLen babie- are very costive, take oatmeal M stead ot barley, but be sure to cook and straiu it. When your brea-t-milk is half enough for the ii.tant. alternate with br? ad and lood. I ii ho" rummer we it'ter. dip a siu til piece of li'mu- i aper into the food bciore feeding. If the blue | aper tuiiis red. a<ld a pinch ot baking m da to the to<-d. I'-abie- of six niont!. - may have beef tea or l>eef ?"?np once a day bv itself or mixed with other lood. Itabies af ten or twelve month- may have a ctu.-t ot l-rtad and a piece of rare beefsteak to yiick. No child under two years ought to eat from your taMe. The r-.mmer complaint conies from over feeding and hot and toul air. Keep doors and window - open. Wash your children at least twice a day. Ten times are not too many in the Lot season. When babies throw off am) purge give them nothing to eat for lour to six hours, but all the t old air you can. Alter that, you mav give a It w drops of whisky in a teaspoosfhl of ice water every hve or ten minutes, but no more until ilie doctor comes. When there is vomi ting and | urging give no milk. liive no laudanum, no paregoric, no soothing s; nip. no teas. A iii?cu?Mon took place, in w hich ? majority Ot the physicians present participated, and it was th' .r uiiammoii- opinion that if printed Copies of the schedule could be distributed in our tenement houses much good would result I mm it .Vw fori H I lie Prince of M alexax n Digester. ( /.????/?* Citrrftpmmdfmct \'W York Ttmts. | T he Prince i- fo ind to be ju-t the same as he x? a? before hi- illiit-s?sot by any means a bad fellow, but only common and frivolous in hi lite. and wanting in personal dignity and ele vation ot character. The scandalous stories it'out hs-di--ipatiofi.- which are circulated from t-nie to time are >:mply falsehood-. He is not, n any sense, dissipated or loose in hi- habit.-, liis private life is reputable enough, and if he v.i.-otilv a private gentleman, a young fellow w'io had inherited shoddy. or come" into a pork butcher's lortnne. there might be nothing to *?y against him. considering what the general ii.n ??! princes has hitherto been: for a voung I rii ce i?>t to be actually vicious is perhans a ?_-ood deal. The people are more exacting tiian It.ey it- d to be, at d they are certainly disap JS'inted. They think that a man in "a high I osirion should carry himself highly, and not make it too conspicuous that he is only a very mmon sut ot per-<>n. a mere eating and drinking machine, with no object in life except n>ere amusement, and with taste- that carry luni tow aril the lowest kind of amusement-. *J he Prince is never heard of in connection with any public movement, literary, artistic or charitable, except as simply eating a dinner and making a few brief formal speeches on ac count of it. He takes n?iiitcre?i in intellectual l ursuits. or indeed in any pursuit- that require knowledge and application. When an Knglish gentleman i- nothing else, he is often a farmer. 0 he Prince of Wales is not even a farmer. He does not even breed pig-?. He hunts: he shoots poor little pigeon*, or tries, not always with Sre't success; he is fond of the easy slaughter of large battues; he goe- to the races as often as he can; he frequents theaters, and is rarely Qj -wed when anything vulgar and slangy is being periormed. and he -mokes a great manv v. ry long cigars. People are getting rather t red of reading the monotonous accounts of his amusements. Why, they a-k. doesn't he take, or pretend to take, an industrial enterprise, or in science or art. or something a little above *' beer and skittles?*' If he can't do anything ei-e. why doesn't he pretend, at least, to know something about breeding pigs. The Housekeeper. Clam Sorr?A- the season is now at hand when the market will be supplied with clams, 1 offer the following recipe for making clam soap, which cannot be surpassed : Boil for three hours a knuckle of veal, with a goodly I ortion of water, ami one cnion. Strain and add the liquor of fifty clams. Thicken with a tablespoon of flour, well rubbed with butter, the sizt of a small egg. Have vour clams cut in three pieces with the hard rind removed. Beat the yolk of two eggs very light, and put into your tureen with chopped parsley and half a pint ot milk. .Just before service drop the clam-* into the boiling soup, letting them boil np at oi ce. P..ur into the tureen, stirring well its contents when doing so. H??sr to Pot Hiniiiso?As mmv persons object to eating herring on account of the uiany I ones they contain, here is a recipe to pickle tliem ttat takes the bones all out: Clean and scale, then put them to soak a few hours, changing tbe water at least twice to draw out the blood; take a jar or pot, put at the bottom cloves, allspice, pepper and salt, then a large layer of tish ami so on alternately Until the jar is nearly full, then cover with Mrong vinegar: now take bread dough and cover the jar about as thick as vour hand to exclude the air. set the jar in a' warm stove ever night; and the next day the fish is ready for the table, and the bones'are mm est. Look rr Voi r Old Cars?I have just con certed into many conceivable purposes what mo-t pecple cast away ?fruit rant. Cut the top carefully out and batter down the edge neatly; cut a strip of tin l<>ng enough for handles, unch two holes in the upper and one in the ower. nvet them ?ith small rivets from the tinner's, they make the nicest tin cup, or with out bandies'lor paint or drippings of fat. In o'den times they would have been looked upon a- a prize in any family G<rwnmtown T'lt I / ' l.iM.rA<>i or Ammai s It has long been 1. now ii that anima'-and insect.-have a language t: at i- utderstood by others of the same group. But M. Houreau maintains that they cananddo learn to understand the language of other groups. His dogs, for instance, perfectly under stood his noultry. Cock* and hens haveone dan ger-?ignal for the approach of a bird of prev, another for that of a terrestrial animal or for a man. When the tatter was sounded the dogs -would r?-h out and bark, while to the former they paid no attention whatever. He therefore concludes that fowls have the power of express inn slightly different but closely allied ideas, ai d dog? can learn ?o understand these differ tnctr. 0*a. r thk best cement cellar-floors in this of * **l"e street resident, and the this fketa?*2 M?. even profanely regrets inate oi t rc^ 1,u?nt hln^lf. Hi, wife left a I, ^ 2>??r stairs, S.t he went down there for i ^K- ,lOW.n fo her his wile heard an LwfVc^h parali fed her, but before -he co?wi what was the matter, he came tearln. int? ^ kitchen with one hand on his pistji i>ocket and the other swinging mysteriouslv in the air, and a streak of steaming pudding the whole length of bis hack, ami he was shrieking camphor and profanity at every leap?Dan>>ary Xtwt. Kails AY AtK-CrsHioa?Persons unused to travel otien suffer much fatigue in the lower limb* from a long journey by rail, which is at tribute.! to the treiauioii* motion communicated from the floor of the car. Those who have ex perienced the difllcultv there Is in walking over a bridge, or a loose plaak road while a vehicle is passing by, and tbe painful efforts required to keep the legs in trim, will appreciate the case. As a preventative, it is recommended to rest the feet on an air-cushion. Foot-stools o' tli s kind are made for the purpose. All inva lids and persons unused to hardships would do Well to supply themselves with this simple con trivance before entering on a Journey by rail. How to Ksc.xra rnoit a Brasixo Iforsx Jf a nerson In a house on tire has the presence of inind to apply a wet cloth or handkerchief to ?ffcrtt5 tinr?iL?yl! * P*<**?e can then be ?ffected through the densest smoke without anv serious inconvenience, if possible envelope the head and face completely. ^ ?7* A La Crosse man recently dmi i.? ? ? - band because his wife's hair was red. " 1 [OFFICIAL.] LAWS or TIB UlTtft RTATH r?ts,4 rnt I As Third ?*M<M ?r Iht Fmrty 1'oag-rtss. [ I jKK1KA L liTURI-NO ?5 1 Av A< t supplemental to an act entitle 1 "An set to incorporate the Trxu Pacific Railroad Compmy, and to aid in the construction of its road, ami tor other purpose*," approved March third, eighteen hundred and seventy-one. he ii enacted by tk' .9'mite and Umt' of R-pr* ?'ntalivet rf the I'nited Slat's of America in Con gress assembled, That the face value ot all bonds heieatter issued by the Texas and Pacific Kail road Company under the provisions of the act approved March third, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, shall, at the option of the compa ny, be either in gold, or other lawful money of the United States, bearing interest, at like op tion of the company, eitner in gold or other law ful money of the United States-; and any mort gage heretofore executed bv said company, se curing bonds payable in any lawful money ot the United States other than gold, and the bonds recited Herein, and to secure which said mort gage ww given, are hereby legalized, ana nid mortgage and bonds shall have the same effect a* though tbev bad been authorized by the act to ?hlch this is a supplemmt: Provided, That in alWther re.-peet* the retirements or that law in regai<1 to sucfi mortgage and bonds have been fully complied with. Approved March 3.K3. [Oihxuai. katibj-No. ] Ax Ac t lor the suppression of trade in and cir eolation of obscene literature and articles o immoral use. lU tt enaeted by the Senate and House of R'j>re s^ntatires of th? I'nited States of A m- rvti in Con gress assembled, That whoever, within the Dis tnet of Columbia or any of the Territories of the United States, or other place within the ex clusive jurisdiction of the United States, shall sell, or lend, or give away, or In any mrnner exhibit, or shall otter to sell, or to lend, or to give awayeor ia any manuer to exhibit. or*haL otherwise publish or oiler to publish in anv m in ter, or shail have in his possession. for any su^h purpose or purposes, any obscene book, pamph let, paper, writing, advertisement, circular, print, picture, diawing. or other representa tion, figure, or image on or of paper or other material, or any cast, insti uroent, or other arti cle of an immoral nature, or any drug or medi cine, or anv article, whatever, for the preven t-on of conception, or for unlawful ' abortion, or shall advertise the same tor sale, or , s-liall wriie or print, or cause to be written or printed, any card, circular, book, pamphlet, advertisement, or notice ol any kind, stating when. *bere, how, or ot whom, or by what means, any of the articles in this section here inbefore mentioned, can be purchased or ob tained, or shall manufacture, draw, or print, or m any wise make any of such articles, shad be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, on con viction thereof in any court of the United States having criminal jurisdiction in the District of Columbia, or in any Territory or place within the exclusive jurisdiction ot the Uidtcd Sttte-, where such misdemeanor shall have be.-n com mitted; and on conviction thereof, he shall be imprisoned at bard labor in the penitentiary lor not less than six months nor m >re thm Ave year* for each offense, or fined not les,- than one hundred dollars nor mure thau two thousand dollars, with costs of court S?< . 2. That section one h-indred and forty eight ot the act to revise, consolidate, and aineud the statutes relating to the Poet-Office Depart ment, approved June eighth, eighteen hundred and seveiity-t*o. be amended to read a- follows: ??Sac US. That no obscene, lewd, or lasciv ious took, pamphlet, picture, paper, print, or oiher publication of an indecent character, or any article or thing designed or intended for t ue pretention of conception or procuring of abor tion, nor any article or thing intended or ad*pt ed for anv indecent or immoral u?e or nature, nor anv written or printed cird. circular, book, pamphlet, advertisement or notice of anv kin 1 g-.\ in# informal-on, directly or indirectly, where, or how, or of whom, or by what mean- either of the things before mentioned may be obt lined or made, nor any letter uj-on the envelope of which, or postal-card upon which indecent or scurrilous epithets may be written or printed, shall be carried in the matt; and any person who shall knowingly deposit, or cause to b* de posited, tor mailing or delivery, any ol the heteinbefore mentioned articles or thing*, or any notice, or paper containing any advertise in< ut relating to the aforesaid articles or things, and anv person who, in pursuance of any plan or scheme tor disi-osing ot any ot the hereinbe fore-mentioned articles or things, shall take, or cause to be taken, from the mail, any such let ter or package, shall be deemed guilty ot a mis demeanor. and, on conviction thereof,shall, for every offense, be lined not less thin one hun dred dollars nor more than tive thousand dol lars, or imprisoned at hard labor not less than cue year nor more than t n years, or both, in the discretion of the judge.-' Sac 3. That all pe sons are prohibited from importing into the United States, from any for e *u countrv.any of the hereinbefore-mentioned articles or things, except the drugs hereinbe fore-mentioned when imported in bulk, and not put up for any of the purposes before mention ed; and all such prohibited articles in the course of Importation shall be detained by the otticer of customs, and proceedings taken against the same under section live of this act. Sic. 4. That whoever, being an officer, agent, or employee of the government ot the United Stales, shall knowingly aid or abet any person engaged in any violation of this act, shall be deemed gnilty of a misdemeanor, and, on con viction thereof, shall, for every offense, be pun if tied as provided In section two of this act. Sbc.9. That any judge of any district or cir cuit court ol the United States, within thwprop er district, before whom complaint In writing of any violation of this act shall be made, to the satisfaction of sach judge, and founded on knowledge or belief, and. it upon belief, setting forth the grounds of such belief, and supported by oath or affirmation of the complainant, may issue, conformably to the Constitution, a war rant directed to the marshal, or any deputy marshal, In the proper district, directing him to search for. seize, and take possession of anv such article or thing hereinbefore-mentioued, and to make due and immediate return thereof, to the end that the tame may be condemned atd destroyed by proceedings, which shall be conducted In the same manner as other pro ceedings in case of municipal seizure, and with tbe same right of appeal or writ of error: 1'ro rtd"I, That nothing in this section shall be con strued as repealing the one hundred and forty eighth section of tbe act of which this act is amendatory, or to atfect any indictments here tofore lound for offenses against the same, but tbe said indictments may be prosecuted to Judg ment as it this section had not been enacted. Approved, March 3, 1973 [Gbmral watcr*?No. S7.1 As Act to establish a board ot local inspectors of steam-vessels for tha customs district of Michigan, in the State of Michigan. B> ?' tnatted by the S'nate an t Huus* of R'f>re sen'atires of the Unitei States of Amierica in ' ou oress assembled, That there shall be a local board of inspectors designated and appointed for the customs district of Michigan, in the State of Mich'gan, and the inspector of hulls and the inspector of boilers, composing the said beard, shall receive a salary of nine hundred dollars a year each. [ Approved, March 3, H73 [G?nu WATraa? No. 8s.1 A> Act to amend an act entitled "An act to provide for the redemption and sale ol land* held by the United States nnder the several acts levying ditect taxes, and lor other pur | OSf." He it enatte l by the Senate and Ifous' of Repre sentatives of the United State sef America t? C?n ?jrns ass'mt,l*d. That section six of an act enti tled "An act to provide for the redemption and sale ot lands held by the Umted States uuder the several acts levying direct taxes, and lor other puri<oees?," approved June eighth, eigh teen hundred and seventy.two, be amendeiso that it will read as followi-: ??Sac. G That all mouey derived irom the sale ot school-farm lands under the provisions of section etglit of an act en'itled "An act to con tinue in force and to amend an act entitled 'An act to establish a bureau for tbe relief ot freed men and refugees, and for other purpose-,'" approved July sixteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-six; and all I Kinds purchaeed with the pro ceeds ot such sales, and all moneys derived from the leases of said school-farm lands by the direct-tax commissioners for the district of South Carolina, under the Instructions of Pres ident Lincoln, dated September sixteenth, eigh teen hundred and aixtv-tbree. shall be turned over to the Secretary or the Treasury by the I officers of the government, in whose custody said money and bonds may l>e; and said moneys shall be by said Secretary Invested in bonds of the United States, and with said aferenamed bonds shall be by him retained as a fund for tbe use and support of free public schools In the Mtiihrx or Saint Helena and Saint Luke, South Carolina, la equal parts, the Interest of which shall annually be expended to Increase the effl - 2?* public schools established parishee by authority of 2?.,~.?!!,eV<?001 "hmU otherwise at the discretion of the commissioners hereia after named; and each expenditures shall be made under the direction and control of a sne cial board of three commissioners, who shall be appointed by and act under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, and removable at bis discretion, and shall be duly sworn that they will faithfully discharge their duties as such commissioners, and shall give such good and sufficient bonds therefor a* said Secretary shall require, and who shall not receive more than one hundred dollars per year each for their ser vices, also, that the acts of the dlreet tax com missioners for the district of Senth Carolina, heretofore performed 1a accordance with tbe instructions of Abraham Lincoln, President ef the United States of Asserica, to the direct-tax commissioners for the district of South Caro a dated September sixteenth, eighteen bun and sixty-three, and the same are hereby confirmed, so far as they relate to the renting of the school-farms, so ealled, la the said parishes, and the disbursement of the proceeds thereof ." This act shall be subject to amendment or re peal at the pleasure of eongreee. Appro TOO, March I, 1973. [OlVBBAL WATT**?We. 89 ] Ah Act tor the creation of ? ooart for th? adju dication Md dlrpotitlon of oertain moneys re ceived into tbe treasury under an sward mad* by tbe tribunal or arbitration constituted by ?trtoo of tbe first article of the treaty oon cludfd at Washington tbe eirhth of May, anno Itomlnt eighteen hundred and seventy one. between the United State- of America and the Queen of Great Britain. Re it enacted by tt' Senate and nf Repre sentatives of the United .State? of America in Con gress assembled, That immediately upon the pay ment of tbe ram ot money awarded to the Uni ted States by the tribunal of arbitration at Ge reva to be paid by the government of Great Britain, the same shall be paid into tbe treasu ry, and used to redeem, so tar as it may, the pablir debt of the United States, and tbe amount equal to tbe debt so redeemed shall be invested in the tire per ceut. registered bond*of the Uni ted States to be held subject to the future de position of Congress. Approved March 3,1973. [CniKAL MATTR*? No. 90 J An Act to place colored person* who enlisted in the army on the same footing as other sol diers as to bounty and pension. Re it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre sentatives of the. United States of America in Con gress <itfinbitd. That all colored person* who enlisted in the army daring the late war. and who are now prohibited from receiving bounty and pension on account of being borne on the roils of their regiments as "slave*." shall be placed on the same rooting, as to bounty and pension, as though they had not been slaves at the date of their enlistment. Approved, March 3. i ?" I. [OEltKRAL N ATTHK -NO. 91.] An Act fixing the time of holding the tall term of the United States district court for tbe dis trict of Nebrs.-ka. Re it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre sentatives of the United States of America in Con gress assembled, That the fall term of the United States district court for the district of Nebraska shall hereafter be held at Omaha upon tbe first Wednesday after tbe second Tuesday in the month of October of each year. Approved, March 3,1KT3. [(ilKKR&L KATcaa?No. 92.] Am Act creating the collection district of Southern Oregon. Re it enacted by the Senate and House of Re/>re s> ntotires of the United States of America in Con gress assemlled, That ^all the ports, harbors, bajs, river*, and waters of the main land of ail that portion of the State of Oregon lying south and east of the north bank of the Sinslaw river, shall constitute a collection district by tbe name of the southern collection district of Ore* gon; and a port of entry shall be, and hereby is, established for said district at Coos bay, in Coos county, or said state; and a collector of customs shall be appointed by the President of tbe United States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to reside at Empire city. Skc. 2. That ports of delivery shall be, and are hereby, established in tbe collection district aforesaid, at the mouth of Hogue river. Port Ortord, out at Gardner, on the I'mp qua river; and the collector of customs of said district is hereby authoriced to appoint, with the approbation of the Secretary of the Treas ury. three deputy collectors, to be stationed at the |K>rts of delivery aforesaid. Ssc. 3. That the collector or said district shall be allowed a compensation ot one thou sand dollars per annum, with tbe tees allowed by law, and a commission on all customs money collected and accounted tor by him, such sala ry. fees, and commissions not to exceed the sum of two thousand live hundred dollars per an nun1; and said deputy collectors shall each be allowed a compensation of one thousand dollars p. r annum. (Approved, March 3,1373. [(?ENSRiL SATl'BK-No. 93.] As Act to provide for the payment, in gold, ot certain wages to seamen in foreign countries. Re it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre sentatives of the United States of America in Con gress assembled. That moneys paid under the law* of tbe United States, by direction ot con sular officers or agent*, at any foreign port or place, as wages, extra or otherwise, due Ameri can seamen, shall be paid in gold or its equiva lent, without any deduction whatever, an" con tract to the contrary notwithstanding. A pprovtd, March 3, 1873. [('? IKXRAL SATCRK-NO. !)| ] Am Act to authorize pre-emptors or settlers upon homesteads on the public land to alien ate riortion? of their pre-emptions or home steads for certain public pur|K>ses. He it enaeted by the Senate and House of Repre sentatives of the United States of America in '"on ?jrets assernided, That any person who has al , ready settled or hereafter may settle on the public laads of the United States, either by pre emption, or by virtue of the homestead law or 1 any amendments thereto, shall have tbe right to transfer by warranty, against his or her own acts, any portion of bis or her said pre-emption ! or homestead tor churcti, cemetery, or school ' purposes, or for tbe right of way of railroads < across such pre-emption or homestead, and the j transfer for such public purpwes shall in no wav vitiate the right to complete and perfect the title to their pre-emptions or homesteads. Approved, March 3. 1873. ? _______ [Gkvxral matcrb?No. :'5 ] Am Act to provide for the care and preserva tion of the cemetery near tbe city of Mexico, purchased in accordance witb tbe act of Sep tember twenty-eighth, eighteen hundred and fifty. Re it enacted by the Senate and House of R-pre sentatires of the United States of Am'ri'-a in Con gress assembled, That the President of the Uni ted States is authorized to provide, out of the ordinary annual appropriations for establishing and maintaining United Statea military ceme teries, for the prot>er care and preservation and maintenance of the cemetery or burial ground near the city of Mexico, in which are interred tbe remains of officers and soldiers of the Uni ted States, and of citizens or the United States, who fell in battle, or died in and around said city; and that this cemetery shall be subject to the rules and regulations aflecting United States national military cemeteries within the limits of the United States, so far as they may, in tbe opinion ot tbe President, be applicable thereto. Approved, March 3. 1873. [GBHBBAL NATt'KK- N .. 96 J Am Act to es'abllsh the custom-house value of the sovereign or pound sterling of Great Brit ain, and to fix tbe par or exchange. Re ?' enacted by the Senate and House of Repre sentative7 nf the United States of America in Con gress assembled. That the value or foreign coin as expressed in the money of account or the United States shall be that or the pure metal of such coin of standard value; and the values or : the standard coins in circulation of the various nations of the world shall be estimated annu ally by the Director of the Mint, and be pro claimed on the first day ot January by the Sec retary ot the Treasury. Sac. 2. That in all payments by or to the treas ury, whether made here or in foreign countries, where it becomes necessary to compute the value of the sovereign or pound sterling, it sh?U be deemed equal to four dollars eighty-six I cents and six and one-balf mills, and the same rule shall be applied in appraising merchandise imported where tbe value is, by tbe invoice, in : sovereigns or ponnds sterling, and in the con struction of contracts payable in sovereigns or pounds sterling; and this valuation shall be the par of exchange between Great Britain and the 1'iiited States; and all contracts made after the first day of January, eighteen hundred and sev entv-four, ba?ed on an assumed par of exchange with Great Britain of fifty-.our pence to the ilollar, or four dollars forty-four and four-ninths cents to the sovereign or pound sterling, shall be null and void. Sac. 3. That all acts and puts or acts incon sistent witb these provisions be, and the same are hereby, repealed. Approved, March 3,1973. [Gkmkkal hatcrk?No. 97.1 Ak Act to require national banks to restore their capital'when impaired, and to amaud the national-currency act. Re it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre sentatives of the United St at?? of America in Con gress assembled, Thmt all national banks which shall have railed to p*y up their capital stock, as required by law, and all national banks whose capital stock shall have become Impaired by losses or otherwise, shall, within three m>ntbs after recelviug notice thereof from the Comp troller of tbe Currency, be required to pay tbe deficiency in the capital stock by assessment upon tbe shareholders, pro rata, for the amount of capital stock held by each; and the Treas urer of the United States shall withhold the in terest upon all bonds bel I b* him in trust for such association, upon n> ti:?tion from the Comptroller of tbe Currency, until otherwise notified by him; and U such banks sh?.. ' ill to pay up their capital stock, and shall refuse to go into liquidation, as provided by law, for three months after receiving notice from the Comptroller, a receiver may be appointed to cloee up the business of the association, accord ing to the provisions of tbe fiftieth section of tbe national-currency act. Sec. 2. That section fifty-seven of said act be amended by adding thereto tbe following: "And provided further, That no attachment, injunc tion, or execution sball be issued against such association or its property, before final judg ment in any such snit, action, or proceeding in any State, county, or municipal court." Sac 3. That all banks not organized and transacting business under tbe national-cur rency act, and all persons, oompanles, or corpo rations doing tbe business of bankers, brokers, or savings institutions, except savings-banks authorized by Congress to use tbe word "na tional" as a part or their corporate name, are prohibited rrom using the word "national" as a portion or the name or title oT eucb bank, cor poration, firm, or partnership: and every such bank, corporation, or firm, which shall use word "national" as a portion of their corporate title or partnership name six months after the passage of this act, shall be subject to a penalty of fifty dollars for each day thereafter In which such word shall be employed as aforesaid as part or such corporate name or title, such pen alty to be reoovered by actum la any ooart bar* ag jurisdiction. SBO. 4. That it be the duty of the Oomp troller of the Ourren *\v to eaaee to bo examined each year, tha plates. J*a?. but- pieces, and other material from whieh the national-bank circula tion ii printed in whole or la pert, and die in hie offloe annually a correct list of the same; and ancb materiel as shall Lave been nsed in the arlatlng of the notes or national banks which are in liquidation, or hare closed busi ness, shall be destroyed under each regulation* as shall be prescribed by the Comptroller ot the Currency and approved by the Secretary of the Trf asnry; and the expense of such examination and destruction shall be paid oat or any appro priation made by Congress for the special exam ination of national banks and bank plates. Approved, Mareh t, 1STS. I '? INBR A L N ATt'KI -N O 99.] ?a Act to oonter upon the superintendent of the United States Military Academy the pow er to convene general courts-martial. Re it enacted by the Senate and Honse of Repre sentatives of Ihe United Stat's of America ?'n <'-<n ar>ss assembled, That the superintendent of the I'mtfd States Military Academy shall hare power to convene general court* martial for the trial of cadets, and to execnte the sentences ol such courts, except *he -sentences of suspen sion and dismission, subject to the same limita tions and conditions now existing as to other general courts-martial. Approved, March 3, 1873. [GeaanAL niTURi-Xi. W.l An Act authorizing deputy collectors and other officers or the customs'to act as disburs ing agents in certain ca?es. He it enacted by lh' Senate and Ilout' of Repre sentativet of th' I'nited States of America in Con gress assembled, That in case of the sickness or unavoidable absence ol any collector or survey or of customs from his office, he may. with the approval ot the Secretary of the Treasury, au thorize some officer or clerk under him to act In his place, and to discharge all the duties re quired by law of such collector or surveyor in his capacity as disbursing agent: Prari'Ud, That the officlal'bor.d given by tue principal of the office khall be held to cover and apply to the sets ol the person appointed to act in lils place in such cases. f Approved, March 3, 1^73. [(ilEKERAL NATVRB? No. 100 J Aa Act to authorize certain postmasters to deposit public moneys in national banks. lie it tnacfed bi/ the Senate and House of R pre sentatires ?f the United Statetof America in Con Hirst assembled, That from and after the passage of this act it shall be iawtul for any postmaster, having public money belonging to the govern ment. where there are no designated deposita ries, treasurers er mints, or treasurer or assist ant treasurers or the United States, within the c?unty. to deposit the same, at his own risk and in his official capacity, in any national bank in the town, city, or county where the said post master resides; but 110 authority or permission is or shall be given for the demand or receipt by the postmaster, or any other person, of Interest, directly or indirectly, on any deposit made a" herein described: and it shall be the duty of all postmasters who have made any such deposit to rej>ort quarterly to the Postmaster-General the name of the bank where such deposits have been made, and also state the amount which may stand at the time to their credit. Approved, March 3,1873. | (>KNRRA L HATCKK-So. 101] AH Act to fix the ciwnpensation ot the deputy collector ot customs at Saint Paul. He it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre sentatives of the United St <f America in C"tt grets assembled, That the compensation, includ ing official emolumente of all kin ds, ot' th< offi cer appointed in pursuance of the second sec tion of the act entitled "An act to establish the collection district ot l)u Luth, and to create Saint Paul, in the collection district ot Minne sota, a |>oit ol delivery," approved May tven ty-ttiird, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, shall not exceed the sum of two tliounuid dol

lars per anuum: Provided, however, That said officer may be required, in addition to his duties as such deputy collector, to perform the duties of an inspector ot the custom.-, without addi tional compensation. Approved, March 3. 1*73. [Obnbral hatcek-No. 102 Ax AiTtoauirud an act entitled "An act to enable honorably discharged soldiers and sail ors, their widows and orphan children, to ac quire homesteads on the public lauds of the United Mates," and the amendments thereto. Re it enact'd by the Senate and House of Repre sentatives of the United States of America in Con gress assembled, That section two of the act en titled "An act to amend an act relating to sol diers' and sailors' homesteads," approved dune eighth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, be amended so as to read as follow.-. That any per son entitled uuder the provisionsof the forego ing sections to enter a homestead, who may have heretofore entered under the homestead laws a quantity of Isnd less than one hundred and sixty acres, shall be permitted to enter so much land as, when added to the quantity previously en tered. shall not exceed one hundred and sixty acics. (Approved, March 3, 1*7.5.* [GaaBRAL nati rb?No. 103 ] Ah Ac t ior the reliel ot Coimecticut aad other States. ? Re enacted by the Senate and House of R-grre sentatives of the United States of America in Con gress ass-m'Jed, That the Secretary of the Treas ury be, and he is hereby, directed, out of any mor.ey appropriated, to continue the settlement of accounts presented unOer the act of July twenty-seventh, eighteen hundred and sixty one. to pay to the goverqpr of Connecticut, or to his duly-authorixtd agents, any amounts ad vanced by the said State in payment or chap lains. extra surgeons, or assistant surgeons em ployed by said state In said capacities during the late war; the said claims to be settled by the proper accounting officers ot' the treasury upon vouchers tiled: Provided, That certificate* ot actual employment are tiled with the ac counts. Sac. 2. That when the vouchers of other States for payments made to chaplains, extra surgeons, or assistant surgeons situated simi larly with those of Connecticut are filed, the Treasury Department shall adjust and settle them according to the provisions of the forego iLg section. [ Approved, March 3, 1373. [GaaaaAL natch*?No. 104 ] An Act to authorize the interment o( honora bly discharged soldiert, sailors, and marines iu the national cemeteries of the United States. Re it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre sentatives of the United Slates of America in Con gress assembled. That honorably discharged aul diere, sailors, or marines, who served during the late war either in the regular or volunteer torcea, dying subsequent to the passage or this act, may be buried in any national cemetery of the United States free of cost, and their graves shall receive the same care and attention as the graves of those already buried. The production ot the honorable discharge of the deceased shall be authority for the superintendent of the cem etery to permit the Interment. A pproved, March 3, 1*73. [GENBRAL aATt'RB?No. 1( 5 J An Act to encourage the growth or timber on western prairies. Be it enacted by the S- nate and House of R-pre sentatives of the Untied States of America in Con gress assembled, That any person who shall plant, protect, and keep in a healthy growing condi tion ror ten years, forty acres ot timber, the trees thereon not being more than twelve feet apart each way, on any quarter-section of any ot the public lands of the United States, shall be entitled to a patent for the whole of said quarter-section at the expiration of Bald ten years, on making proof ot such fact by not less than two credible witnesses: Provided, That only one quarter in any section shall be thus granted. Sec. 2. That the person applying for the ben efit of this act ahall, upon application to the register of the land-office in which he or she is about to make such entry, make affidavit be fore said regiater or receiver that said entry ia male for the cultivation of timber, and upon filing said affidavit with said register aud re ceiver. and on payment of ten dollara, be or aha shall thereupon be permitted to enter the quan tity of land specified: Provided, hover er, That no certificate shall be given or patent isaue there for until the expiration of at leaat ten years from the date or auch entry; and ir at the expi ration of auch time, or at any time within three year* thereafter, the person making auch en try, or if he or she be dead, his or her heira or legal representativea, ahall prove by two credi ble witnesses that he, ahe, or they have planted and for not less than ten yeara have cultivated and protected auch quantity and character of timber aa aforesaid, they ahall receive the pat ent tor auch quarter-section of land. Sac. 3. That If at any time after the filing of aald affidavit, and prior to the issuing of the patent for aald ahall be proven, after due notice to the party making such entry and claiming to cultivate auch timber, to the aatla faction, of the regiater of the land-office, that auch peraoa has abandoned or felted to culti vate, protect, and keep in good condition such timber, then, and in that event, said land ahall revert to the United States. Sac. 4. That each and every person who, un der the provisions of an art entitled "An act to secure homesteads to actual settlers on the pub lic domain," approved May twentieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, or any amendment thereto, having a homestead on aald public do main, who, at the end of tha third year of his or her residence thereon, ahall have had under cultivation, for two yean, ona acre of timber, the treea thereon not being more thaa twelve feet apart each way, and In a good, thrifty con dition, for each and everv sixteen acres of aald homeetead, ahall, upon due proof of aald fact by two credible witnesses, receive hu or her patent for said homeetead. Sac. 5. That no land acquired under provis ions of this act, ahail, In aay event, become lia ble to the satisfaction of any debt or debts con tracted prior to the laauing of patent therefor. Sae. 8. That the Commissioner or the General Land-Office Is hereby required to prepare and iaane such rules aad regulations, consistent with this act, aa ahall be neceaaary and proper to carry Ita provisions into efleet; aad that the reg ister* and the receivers of the several land-ora ces shall be entitled to reoelve the same ooin ner nation Oar anv lands eatered under the pro visions of this that they are now entitled to f 5^7? ]?**? ?nantity et lud to t red with aoBfT. 8?c. 7. Ttat the fifth taction of n ut enti tled "Aa HI in adlitioa to an act to punish I orta*s ipiDft the l otted State*, tad for other purposes," appro red March third, eighteen hundred and fifty-seven, shall extend to all oatbs, affirmations, and affidavits re timed er au'horized by this act. Approved, March S, 1873. FGimiL h aitee?No. 106 j A* Act for the protection of owner# of saw mills on the Mississippi river. Be it eroded by the Senate and Ifouir of Repre tenrafires of the t'nited Slates of m Con gress assembled, That the owners ot saw-mills on the AliMi.tsicpi river be. and they hereby are, authorised and empowered, under the direction ol the Secretary of War, to construct or build piers or cribs in front of their mill propsrty on the banks of said river, for the protection of their mills and rafts against damage by fioxL* and ice: Provided, koto*rer, That the piers or cribs so constructed shall not interfere with or obstruct the navigation of said river /Voided further, That in ca>e by reason of the shifting of the channel of the said river, or from any other cause, the pier* or crib*, the contraction ef which are authorized by this act. shall be found to obstruct the navigation of *ii>] river at any time, the government expressly reserves the right to remove er direct the removal of any such piers or crib* at the cost and expense of the ownets thereof. [Approved, March 3,1873 [Gekebal mature?No. 107-1 Aw Act io provide for the sale ef the land* oi the United States containing coal. Be it enacted by th- Smote and H use of tt'pre t'Ptativet of the Untted Statet of America in Con gress assembled, That anv per?on above the age oi twenty-oneyears. who u a citizen of the Uiu t^ d States, or who has declared his lnt ntion to income such, or any assjclation of per>)ns sev f rally qualified a*- above, shall, upon applica tion to the register of the proper land-office, h?ve the right to enter, by legal subdivision*, any ijuantily ot vacant coal lands of the United StaUs not otherwise appropriated or reserved liy competent autlioritv.not exceeding one hun dred and sixty acres to such individual person, or three hundred and twenty acres to such asso ciation. upon payment to the receiver of not lees than ten dollars per acre for such land*, where the same shall be situated more than fif teen miles from anv completed railroad, and not less than twenty dollars per acre for such lands as shall be within fifteen miles of such road. Sue. 2. That any (>erson or association of p?r sons severally qualified as above, who have opened and improved, or shall hereafter open and improve, any coal mine or mines upon the public land>, and shall be in actual t>o?e-?ion ol the same, shall be entitled to a preference right of entry, under the foregoing provision ot the mines so opened and improved: Prorid-t, That when any association of not less than four persons, severally qualified as in section one of this act. shall have expended not less than live thousand dollars in working and improving anv such mine or mines, such association may enter not exceeding six hundred and forty acres in eluding Huch mining improvement*. >>*c. 3. '1 hat all claims under section two of this act must be presented to the register ot the proper land-district within sixty davs after the date ot a. tual possession and the commence ment of improvements on the land, by the dec'*ratory statement therefor: fro rided, l hat when the township plat is uot on ti e at the date ot such improvement, film* mist l?e made within >ix?y davs from the receipt ot such plat at the di>trict Office: And rondel fur ther. 1 hat where the improvements shall have been made prier to the expiration of three months from the passage of this a t, sixty davs from the expiration of said three months shall be allowed for the filing of a declaratory state ment, and no sale under the provision* of this act shall be allowed until the expiration of six months from the date hereof. Sue. 4 1 hat this act shall be held to author ize oniy one entry by the same person or asso ciation ot iierson* under its provisions; an I no association of persons anv member of which shall have taken the benefit of thi- act either as an individual or a-- a member of anv other as sociation, shall enter or hold any other lands under the provi-ion* of thi> act; and no member of anv association which shall have taken the benefit ot this net Mial! enter or hold anv other lands under its provisions; ami all persons claiming under section two hereof -hill be re quired to prove their resi>ective rights aud pax tor the lauds tiled upon within one year from tl.e time prescribed ror film* their respective claims; and uj-on failure to file the proper no tice. or to pay for the land within the re-iuire l period, the same shall be subject to entrv by any other riualilied applicant. Sec.5. That in caseof conflicting claims upon lands where the improvements shall bo hereat ter commenced, priority of possession and im provement, followed by proper tiling and con tinued good faith, shall determine the prefer ence light to purchase. And also where im provements have already beMi made at the U'e of the passage of this act,division of the '.and clamied may be ma le l.y legal subdivi,ionN to include, as near as may be, the valuable im provements ot the respective parties; and the Commissioner ot 4he General Land-Ottice shall be, and is hereby, authorized to Issue all need lul rules and regulation* forcarrving into effect the provisions ot this a?t. Sac. G. That nothing in this act shall be con strued to destroy or impair anv rights which may have attached prior to ite passage, or to authorize the sale ot lands valuable for mines ot gold, silver, or copper. Approved, March 3,1873. [Gereral watt an? No. 108 1 An Act for the relief of Howard E. Moffat. lie it enacted l.y the Senate and House of Repre sentatives of the United State, of America in Con gressassembled, That the President of the Unl ted Sta'es l.e, and he is herebv. authorised to nominate, and by and with the advice and con sent of the Senate to sp[>olnt, upon the retired list of the navy, with the rank of master, How ard h. Monat. now a volunteer officer on the active list of the navy. Approved, March 3, I8T3. [General hatch*-No. ick) ] to ?ftend tb? "me for filing claims for tv bounty under the act or July twen ty-eighth, eighteen hundred and sixty-six. Be it enacted by the Senate and Bouse of Reprt tei<tatiret of the I nited States of America in Con GnSSSP** time for filing claims lor additional bounty, under the act or July hundred and sixty-six, and which expired by limitation January thir tieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, be. SSm }* .K?rfby' r?vived and extended k i ^ thirtieth day of January, eighteen ?vH.nJ ^ ?e*?nty-f?nr: and that all claims for Buch bounties filed in the proper department \? i ill? thirtieth dav of Januarv, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, and before the pas su*!? ?i 5 *ct> Bhall '?? deemed to have been 5 , j ,a* time, and shall be considered and decided without tiling. Approved, March 3, 1873. [Gehbral KATraa?No. 110.J Aw. A?T a"thorire and direct the Secretary ot War to distribute arm.- and militarye<iuii> iuenis under the act of April twenty three, eighteen hundred and eight, and the acts amendatory thereof. Bett enacted bp the Senatt and H?ue of Repre? tentatires of the Cnited States of America in Von press assembled. That the Secretary of War be. and he is herebv, authorized and directed to distribute to such States as did not. from the year eighteen hundred and sixtv-two to the year eighteen hundred and sixty-tune, receive tfie same, their proper quota of arm* aud miU tary equipments for each year, from eighteen hundred aud sixty-two to eighteen hundred and aixty-niBe, umler the act ot Conffreai atiurorml Al!flLtwent> thlrdl ei?ht?en hundred anJelght, and the several acts amendatory thereof: I'ro vxded. That in the organization and equipment ot military companies and organizations with said arms, no discrimination shall be "?-id? be tween said companies and organizations on ac count of race, color, or former condition of serv itide. [Approved, March 3,1$73. [Gknbbal batubb?No. Ill J A* AOT Mtthortrtng joint aBtry by pre-emption settlers, ana for other purposes. Beit enacted by the Senate and House of Repre sentatives of the t nited States of America in Con ***embled. That when settlements have been made upon agricultural public lands or Prlor to the survey thereof, fh? ??ki? 01 s^a11 ^ ascertained, after h*T6 beeB ?*tended over such lands, that two or more settlers have im pinP?n th? legal subdivision, it shall be lawtul for inch settlers to make joint entry of their lands at the local land-office, or itif u!16' ot "?ttlers to enter Into oontraet with his co-settlers to convey to them their por tion ot said land alter a patent Is issued to him, and, alter making said contract, to file a de claratory statement In his own name, and prove up and pay for said land, and proof of joint oc cupation by himself and others, and of such oontraet with them made, shall be equivalent to proof of sole occupation and pre-emption bv the applicant; Prridod, That in bo caee shall the amount patented nnder this act exceed one hundred and sixty acres, nor shall this act ap ply to lands not subject to homestead or pre emption entry. 1 Sec. 1. That effect shall be given to this act by regulations to be prescribed by the Commis sioner of the General Land-Office. Approved, March 3,1873. [Rbsolftioh ofoexiral bati*ak?No. 3.1 Joibt Rbsolctiom tendering the conaratnla Spain* thC Amerlclui P*0Pi? to the people of Resulted by the Senate and House of Represent*. Uves of the United States of Americm inCoounZl assembled, That In the name and behalf olTthe tendered'to'the pSors^n of government. F?oucan lorm That the President of the United States be at Madrid, r Pr?*?t it to the Spanish government. [Approved, March 3, inj. [Rwoirnot .famtui TpE?L! L A Kmoli-tioi MtbWtBUK ?k- L . r-li" ^ invito the Intoraattonal Btottm "% g??~ to bold ita next la the Uwiv n 'H* Wlerw* the governments of IMS- V' tria. France, Oreaf Britain, Prussia. It*. "'.?J* 1 load, and Russia km ktrttoftrt extends ' tatione to tha Interactional Statistical ttoag. " to h- Ic ?eioae of the aald oongress at Uar ?> ap<*ti? capitals, aad eight different sessions ?t the aald oongreea have been bald la accordant , with said official Invitation* to the great ad- ? ranee react of the science of national and la- i I ternatienal statistics in Ita various depart me t and to the uniformity at coinage, weight*, a- d 1 measures. and commercial regulations aad ? statistical publications between the different na ion*; aad whereas tbe United States of A me - i ica are taearable to all areas urea for promo' ng the advancement of statistical ecienoe, and o ' all efforts tar the social advancement an 1 friendly intercoarae ot the people of all cona i ! tries: and whereas, alto, the President of the ^ United States, In his recent anaual amte to Uongreee. lias submitted to this Co agree* (he consideration ot the propriety ot extending an Invitation to the International Statistical Ue Ti gress to hold its next i ninth > meeting in the United State.-: Therefore, 1 Rttnirt i by tke *<n?v mn<i Ifnu t* sf R'} rf?? i>- j attvetofthr Parted Stmtfs .4 as-'rva m Vong t t 1 a??n?t)rd. That the President be, and he is . hereby, authorized and requested to tender to the organiration commission of the last section i of the said congress, recently held at Saint Pe tersburg. a formal an 1 cordial Invitation to ho d J its next session in the United States ot America. Sac. 2 That if the said invitation shall be < accepted by the aaid statistical eongren*. the i President shall be, and he is hereby, daly au thorised to appo.nt the usual organisation cum- 1 mission, and to take the other prelinrnary and necessary measures tor the meeting el the said . body and the holding of its nin'h session .n this , pountrv at such time as may be deemed expo- , Sietit by the said statistical congress. Approved. Marcli 3. MES. I ? BOOKS, STATIONERY, Ae. 4 AMERICAN OLD FELLOW ."for May. a ftif 25 cent*, received and for aale t?r STim'KMAN A SjN. Agsnta for I>?tr|(t f < ? luinioa, C2* SWh ?t n?iihws . oor?< f 4 I Also all tlie new Bo..ka. Peri<?it al*. 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M ERCHANTS Llh'B 9# oTEAMSHIPS. invni WASHINGTON ABO Freight* delivered by Eao*?a Bxnreea. Or lera left at General OBoe. HI Penasy(vanla ave nue. or at the steamer wharf will be promptly at tended to. JeU-tf 1. W. TBOMPBOB.Fi iBIHI.' T*HE BROADWAY OOAT ead TEST to aaatek Is 1 all ths rage at A. BTBADS', ths Clothier, iat I Peaaay Ivaaia aveaaa, asar lith street aM D" W0MELET1 FKCTOBAL 8TBUP, 00UBH1 AJTD OOLDB, MOLD MI ALA OA Wm918 HOK LIKE STEAMER!, Ssilfroui Pier R'. North Rivxr, New York. EYEBY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. The paae-n^ef acc >ruin<*lationa >>n Steamers of thi* line are nn-nrpasaerl for ~l~n? <TT#a and comfort. Cabin statereeSM are all^m^i? on uppei d-ck, thu< aeenring g'>od light^^^^^^* and vertilati.m. RATES OF PASSAGE TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL.OR LONDONDERRY Sol. W*mtrt. W"i. tt'omert. Gold. C'arrency. Cabins #75 and #61. #74 aud #69 Cabin r-euru tickets securing best accommodations. #1? ?1JC Steerage, currency, #W. Certificate* forpasaage fr >m any sea port or rail wav atatn-n in Great Britain. Ireland or theCon'ineut at AATKS AS LOW A? ST ANY "THBI FIRST CLAS* Lt*?. For passage apple to H ENDERSON BROTH ERS, 7 U< wllng Green, B. T.; to 0. CAMMACK. 14'id F *t. n. w.,or WILLI AMSON A CO., 1TA5 P-nil. avenue n.w.. Agents, Washington. m( t,th .a.Sm X'EVS EXPRESS LINE YIA CANAL, IITWEE1 PHILADELPHIA, ALEXANDRIA. Ya., WASH INGTON AND GEORGETOWN, D O. SAIL I MS DATS. From Pier t. North Wharvea, Phil adelphia, WEDNESDAY and BAT CBDAY, at lV m. From *9 Water street,Georgetown, D. 0., TUES DAY and SATURDAY, at l/a. m. Thia line connects at Philadelphia with "Clyde* Iron Line" of ate amen for Providence, Boetoe and New England State#. No wharfage in Bosten by J this line G. V. HYDB. Agent for D.of 0. WE. P. CLYDE * CO., Philedelphia. F. A. KEID, Alexandria, Va. WALDO A. PEARCE. 44 Oongreaa Street, Boa ton. ? Freight* delivered by Rnox'a Expres* Order* left at General Office. 603 Pennsylvania aveuue. or at the steamer wharf will be promptly attended to. api WA?BlMTOJ^O?rOLE. B0?T<.?, AMD { Th, fin. Iron HMwr Lilt UT TUB LAKB having resumed her regular trips to JP"a. Norfolk, will leave her wharf, foot of tih street, every MONDAY i THURSDAY, at I p. m., touching at principal River 1 Landinga, connect,ng at Norfolk with Steamship at the M. and M Line lor Boeton and Provideryoe > Freight shonld be addressed "care of Lady of tke Lake, via Norfolk." Branch ticket ofloe at Kaox* Express Office, 60S Pennsylvania avenue. T. M. CROUCH, Agent. gth-street wharf. DORSET OLAGRTT, General Agent, ml* Plant's Store, oomer Igth St. end Pa. eve. QINARO LIKE. THE BBITISH AND BOBTB AMBBICAB B0YAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, BETWEEN NEW YORR AND LIYRRPOOL. CALLING AT CORR HARBOR. FROM BEW YORE. RAILROADS, ^i^xabpbia | KVfCKWTM a. a. ??. iXfuZTj "u?.'ii t? ? ? m. 4a ''tij'fyy iwair *"* * ttRBAY BorTHBlIB BxfoML?k ?"? WMkiafc^ Mi ? a. -*-"r -inn -~- - - Tttromtk ttekec' to all pnfnta Booth ?? kmm, and Con* U Mtn) ud ?? TT- . a?).?n " *a? i. s. Tor wo .o^i i JUTiioM anppotomac 9 BAlLBt'AD, . Om~ tm UhmUB wm,. N. ?.l RAlBS LBATB rot TKtlKR ?u Mm.'^LTJMOR8? 1 " Baltimore Mail. ? ft a. m . BSlBT? rept IMindav Ifta - n?. - daily, aarept hnnday. | daily. _ ~? *?p.b> iimrrr Af i s r ? . r?m oumtKiiMinu,4ailr,?i- daily.etroyt ??< pi Sunday >P ?C .einrinnu) Et y^aa-daily. accept ?u i ?* r ? < Wwtwi Kir. ?Mr. TrdM leatlnc ?aahit ?t..B ? < 0 ^ y ^ ^ F a^c??nnect at B mi- with train* for MarlhM? ?tw s- .?i n >. iTiid?A*ri Mm *>. II ? in ?*d t?|J aM ? j* J T r;Z<JT ?mTiB, M WaahiMtto. B *ri i/A rid ?-?? P. in . cvrnert 14 H ? i? wt-t, hum T-T-T-_ larihoro'T.-* ? n and S ? tnd ft U p m *? Pawner* Imt*h| th-ir order. M tMt? trim, I'riirt m l?b ?nw) (|| r, nn..i.? ~ ??? <* firth HIM! and^ennayWantn renoe, CM hare their I caJl^d ISr and chat*, tat b-teU and reeideace.t< all p..tnta North aM I eat. Through tirk-u to Cincinnati OoJumbwL ?dlaaap?d1*,/Lo?hnill... ft L-?,?. Nm Orl-aS^ hWn?".0?iahe. San Prauruco, aud ail Hn> a-tifc ortbweet, weet, and *>< Ihvrxat. ?? toctw. ?SiVgrBSV?'' TB> rillA.AM>NB? VdKK.HWi _ . ? . * ami mt??. KoTMbtrl, 101 Train. Ntwn* Aftl.INuToB aad BBW loU re ran a*follow.; mmm >vu BOB KBW TORB, w-koat 81 ,,4?, M b *' ? ???? ** ul ? r?B Philadelphia *?"? l*ac^p? t>utiUa> at8 a ai . 1? aod IB . -- - - OB BrVDAT. f ? ai 8 JB ? ai . and Philadolpkla C%T% fl* *"* T,,r* ?* 1 "? ??" ,r*to Thronrh t?r|[M? to Philadflphla, B?w Tart and r?l*y b* Uad ai tb. Man. l uttca at all boara lllllMIIII and Ohio railroad ?^T rT1? 111 m M Baiumorr, Anc ? and * ?-?<* Tr%n?aortattoa OBOBTOBL',^^^lTg^. ^ALTmOB.^ABJ .MIO J?i >,1SJ .Train# t?t?. -n V A-H|V<iT' N AND BALTI 'sfAr. vsisssvr.0?* "d BOB BALTIMHBB a. a.. I?. ?:U, 4l#.?Ju,?Ju.jWwHll5 L-aTa^*?^H^T rOB BBLTHIOM dSjrt.'*8*"*- ?*. > u.ibd, ?? 'OB ALL WAT CTATIONH LvaTvdailjr. ftctft ai 441 t 4t and I m . ? IU acd 6 ? p m , at.5 Z, ^2 !/! .??t>a. Bi.,ai?d I W. J U.? k?. and s wit, m * ? ^ Tlw 1.10, S la and h 1J t m iran.t m .m at tb# M >a.n? Mali...,. ?olt. >tr BtaSTjaTJi m jiTul aur-l, Anna^.lU J11 urn |i,,?? '' ^ ? lao, fhr S It p m a .M ?. r at J?Iloa7o^a?^5L HI m. at Paun'. Cr.???,? ?*? _ r<?B AKMAPOLIU l'"ar? at ft tf a m and 4 It B tu Lut nr. trains ?*n Aaca^ia oa ft,uda? ' U*,M *? ** . _ BOB NOBPOLB. at li? ? n. ,*tc<-|>t ^ui.*ia^. BOB ALL PAKT8 OP THB *BT lUtorda; and Suadar ma ^ 'nd? ao g - ?' mmV ?is ud 8 Oil p. ui., and ot? Sunday at 3 U and S.-fD p m TRAI?f8 ABBIVB A8 POLLOW8: rroB H<>? T<>rk, Pbiladolpbia aiid Baitunora m and? *and9A?a ? o^iunora, at ?ro? hiladflplnaaiid Baltitaora at I sea m Tr<i? Baltimore at ?jc. ? ?i. 0 ?u and 11 u ? 1*1 \M, Me. IB. ( *, TM.? ? and wi, V ? * . . rBOM THB ?B3T Arrtraat IM.tJiand lu lu a m Ti.ronnbtKk. ta to tbv W?t enkf had M tka raahincton Station T? krt i.fflca at all btJSi" ? ay, alao, at tlM-O.^i^ny'.offlc*., 4*~Peer57,wJ2? tenn^ Paaaeii^era porcbaainc ti. kKa at tba A v?T V ?' ? *a^ Put Into the hutatr car for Hew York, PbiladeTpSra and Boatoa aaa a*. erMwment of "Tbronch LiD?." . TUOB. B. BUABPriwH Ma?t?r Tra iaT:?&&E*ritft)rK?KU I 872 PFNNSYLV ANLA BOPTB I 872 fV THB KOBTUHK^T^MJUTU. ABP BOOTS' Train* I ear* at follow,. :: i ?-?? - ??. " ? I S ? ? ?13 ?? ?? '* ?? r m I ?? ~jM, ?? PttApiiB T?ACK HOl'TB, gjrsu.'sas; JSKJKar t.JJjfl iV. "^?r^.rr^Lr*=S ?ai Ooaaatrioai ? 1 BALTlHOBr vttboot chance. fc.Llhu ro?** ^ ? w**f atraat and Penney Ian la - ?**? TlOJtH I^UEoVlfbA,?<^Ee* to ?^QABA M Ttckaka br thu ro?t* can be procai ad at tBa oA^a. JJ? n 'aonayianta avaaaa, 3 nSTd^ Hho^Th^ ? Uaa a* all *i Z. ???|WB l**a ad all gr-" rsm a. BD B. TOCBQ.t GROCERS. B. O'HABC * BV?, ?*!? 7th 8TBBET H0BTHWB8T. iB.-tawn M and N au I BOAP! 8<>A P *t Ciurtnnatl Olira ^^ br?t 111 the market?Id ceuu aw auuad ar, 8J*c. b> the buk of (u lb?! *?mmM HAMS. Be. IAMB0? U>"' ?Ktt* Uir?-' ^11* extra white L ARB. ?l *JSh OATMrVi01 *?,rjQ1 b^' v*"* OATMEAL UVB PLOCB UQCOKS: LIQUORS!! JL"I8ST- OM GaMM w H1 SB T ? T^arn old. per b <tle ( ftliforuii Brtodt .B^r b<.YtU P.-Hand Ota, aer b Wul - J " French Brandy, per bottle { SWEET CATAWBA WIXB. SJ per (alloa. Si!rr?^?,T r">*R Philadt .pbia ALE aud POBTEB. r. b. mui * wi, all una 7tb Taw., between M aad B y ft O I B~! ~ - AMCEITMO Vititn ?cm the Mill* to TBLLET Or VIBOIMA ^ acll to laaiiitea AO renta p.*r barra laaa tAaa naual price* rricca of SCGABS and TEAS all marked down CATAWBA H IKE. '?a7^W ,ro* Pi^t Wlaa Ucntr. >? H. BACOB. TM Hark _ Tth aad Kb 1 ne esmuss!fe? 555E X!dmlti^L^l.UeikU' hold,n* ? Oaaclal tena. i^tora |jujwl?,"? ?a the Beraonal -atafe of JOIM mi ' of Waafaaatoa Ooanty.D CI ,4a *-.AU per., n. bavin# rlata. Ma.iM tBa wwae4 are berettr warned to acAibn ta* to ,he ?utacribar. oa ar el' re thf <th day <.t Ma> nest: tbet may thai ihi ' law be escladed frna ail b..indl of the mMmuiT ?Ten nnderau haad,thi>6tbday of May. 1-cj "c"g K THE bLPBEME COI BT or THE OlHTKi^ _ or CoLl'MBlA, Wl8l?10* Tktitk da a a/ H A BLOW at a). M. ElZAkCTH r 9 a n at al.?Vo. S.USBaotti d < ket n Oa atotion of tlae plaintiff., by Mr R t ? . - J***** the ^>U Taylor.1 , *? be entered ? . ? ?* I" ? 'I U#*r*Xl TLBt t ha a ? _ _ ISnckSs; or liliiiJi", w? aaawwe-i t- r-<? $SEsa2^?@Suss * " rae copy-Teat: ? j JVITSD BTA^MFl rs ests?ftte,ws/s55? ltta oraeraa that the teectaaoay ia tfceoMa k>

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