Newspaper of Evening Star, May 19, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 19, 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR. rifcHahe* lallf, Siadayi ciiep(?l, AT TEE STAR BUILDINGS, Avenue, cor. Utt St., Ill (TRIM ITift nvsrim CIIMTT, (JFmJAVV, ? TBI ITIKI50 ST A H la wn?d by carrier* to thatr aubcribers at TknCkxis rxn wm.or Foart fevm C'XWTi fIE M"NTH. Copiea M the Counter Two Cun N<h. Br mall?three months, ?1JG, (tamontha, #3 00. one rear, ft. HI WEEKLT STAB-PtjMlsbed Frlday-flJI ?^'Invariably in advance, in both caeaa, aad Net longer than paid for. i of advertising furnished on application. LADIES' GOODS. ? MIM MclUKUilli, Oi 90.. PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE.' Bm constantly on hand ? Sn?? aasortment of IMPORTED BONNETS, STRAWS, chips, FLOWERS, RIBBONS, Ac., newest Lilies CAPS an I COIF VIBZ^jMrrrriTnl. ni4 l( R EAD AND SAVE Y??UR MONEY. Liuliee who have Hmr Switches that bavefxded ironi iw ran have th.-m restored to their natural 1_ -t ln . ?"f'rior ??i:n?r. We have * very large S!Ti.r 5'r ' r??rl?:?erT long and handsome H N"W i? the time to bur at MADAM). ESTKhN S Hair K ictorj,(>19H'h ?t? near G street. aW-tr |\1RS. C. B. UILLET, 1TJ AT THR NEW YORK M ILL I BERT STORE, IIAS REMOVED from 614 j* h strict To 469 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, HASH1XUTUM U C., f".'1 .h^? fn#t ?J'tuined from New T rk with the latest styles and novel ti-s in Millinery and Fancy Thankful for paat favors, she aolic4? a c.>n tinnam-e of patynaga. apli jm? jVOTICE ?Bargain* are now being offered 4' MILLINERY and FANCY GOODS, *? LENZBERO .* CO., . *3",r TOT Market Space, ^TAMPING depot, ?l? Sxvkmtr Strict, - ***** " Oppoatte Patent Office. WILLING OFF I SELLING OFFI - AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, the entire stock OF THE NEW YORK BAZAR, 441 B-?? enth street, near E. marT tr NO HI MBUG. ??f AD1E8" " " ~ . V . frfnch starch enamel It lb* Wl irticle in the world for doiug op Lin*n or ? n?ln It iroparta a beautiful glues to the fabric. For tale by all Qrorrrs. BLRAUAK * CO., M annfactnrers, 160 West Lombard street, 1?M It Baltimore. Maryland. PIANOS, Ac. ALAKGK LOT OF NEARLY NEW AND SECOND-HAND PIANOS, from different factories, now ou h-*nd and for sale or rent on Ea*t Tkrx^.M make room at REICHENBACH s PIANO WAREROOMS, 4:13 llth street, above P-nn-y Ivania avenue. Agency for Wm. Knatx* A Co.'s and Win. Mc Camnion's PIANOS. Second hand PIANOS taken iu pirt pivm-nt for new m9-tr Cirai?VM KI HN. PRACTICAL TlAlTo MAM An, formerly foremaa for F. U L'rhie A t ?>., tun-r I r St?-mway A Sous.EaHl and late tuner f..r v^tzerott A Co. Tuner>11IV* and repairer of PLAVO* and ORGANS. No. 634 Mew York avenue. Orders left at Karrs JewHry W. re, hi* Pennsylvania avenue; Nairn's Drug B. Tf><?r,?*"rJ!',"J ?TIv ania avenue and 9th street; Rosenthal s, ?>01 7th street, corner of H, will meet aun prompt atteutioa, and satisfaction gnaran alt-Iy WTIIFf > PI A NOS. unsu panted in sweetness of O ?tone and excelimce of finish; low r-'? *?* *?a. L. WILD A ftRu JBaB !,th n^*r nortyw^tfTTT^ ?TeDne; demlert in Pianos and Jinfictil Iiitftramerits Taafay and Repairii,?. Polishing and Varnishing recene faithful attention. ap!7 tr JF. LL'CAS. 1149 7th street n. w., Ttmtramd ? Hrmiaiur ?/ Ptanot and Ortnn?. 6r-_ ?era receivwl at Thompnoa'a corner Uthst.|BK| BL York ave. ; Getty V Bridge, near fit III C?>n*re?, Georgetown; and Moaea', cor. 7th and Fa ?*; other inatrumenu packed and maved' All work guaranteed. mhSS-ly WCHOMACEER A CO.* PIANOS. a PHILADELPHIA SBXAT REDUCTION IS PRICES. IW* hMtrmsenta, which, on account of their m aertcrRy over all others, have in afew years_j^^^. feacooM tae moat popular here, aa well as allBIB ever the country, can u> had bow for the fol-IH IF lowing low aricea* sur a Br pianos Aw* |STB to an. UPRIGHT PIANOS from ???toffM. GRAND PIANOS from (jnto A 147s. PerwM who wiah to aavs from ? lou to |M la an ehaatnc the b?M Instrument out, are Invited to AMI andcomparator thumaflya. Planoa for rent. Pianos <ll*"tT *3i Penmylraata avaoe. BOOKS, STATIOXERY, Ac. a.rpHX AMERICAN ODD FELLOW," for May, ?TiV/sCf? .J^,Te<J end for sale by STOCEM AN A ?ON, Air?nts for District of Co lumbia, t?JI9 9th street northwest, corner of I. Also all the new Books, Perkwicals, Ac , and a full as sortment of Stationery, Pictures, Picture Fram-a, ??: m9 tr ?pH* BOYAL DIADEM; ANEW MUSIO Flay and Prollt in M > Garden: by Boo. Tb* Young MechmQU , m Practical Tri ali?* The Other Girls, by Mrs. Whitner. Mem<'ir of a Brother; by Th.>mas Hughes Literature and D? gnu, by Mathew Arnold. Cm^aet at all pric<?. Agency for STA1M1D GLASS. HM BALLANTYNE, 4?? 7th street, near E. |^1ST OF NEW BOOKS AT SHILLISGTOX'S BOOKSTORE. IX Stbext A50 Pnn. Avmi: Old Eenaington. By Mias Thackeray. The Old Counteaa A sequel tu "Lord II >p*'s l%4c*. ' By Mrs. AnnS Stephens. Anti<jnltiei> ut Bi uthern Iii'liau Above Tempest and Tid^. Pawar^l. Bv the author of "Strathmore" %ni *? Lnd^r Two Flags " TVe Oti*r Girls By Mrs. Whitney, author of A Fair Saxo?. By Justin McCarthy. New Kewtedie*. f,.r April, K3. Y M* B Qfeat pritaln. A journal ,f amus ii ;M ai.d tl.struct I* e literature" -. -J'-'*.* '**'??.?. A ?vjuu4 t?Dtl<aUu's jvitful of fa, id , ait?1 litfra'ur?. A l1?! wifh Cbarl?m Dick'-Ln. K<*t?+lni Chillliiiclv. Bv Bnlwt?r. F?rm Biilfcli. By U ill. Tarleton. {llla'trat^l ? A large stock of BLANK BOOKS. P\s>* nook * and MEMfltANDl M B*K)KS N<JT* PAPKIt LETTER P \ PEK and FLAYINQ (J llTs "^ very I. west pru ??? m> 9 tV AGRICULTURAL Boons." J??hnstrn'a Agricultural Chen.lstry American Qird^; ? Assistant A lien a America:. Farm B.-.k ....~._ Henderson's Gardening for Prollt W ar inif s drawing for Profit and Health Fuller1-. Small Fruit Culturiat Fuller's Grape Culture FJta'e Southern Apple Citltnriat Wright's Practical Poultry Keepar.__ ^ee*"'f??h on the Honey Bee Randall's btwp UaMbandry^r? .. Berts Owners* Crclopadia... Tt??art ob tbr D'^ts. .. s 75 Ail tbt Dtw book* rccsiTMt Sfv?n id nnhlnhiui fcJLa., i.,1VnUEI) ? "KdmaTo^ _a?-tr__101? P-una avenue, corner Utk atreet. [ OTIOl. w,r.u ^?Si^FVc^E^" The nMk ave lavttod to oall and s* am his oar new to oall and sxamtna on an BEN W. FRENCH, Under Rational MatropoUUa Bank, awd next *oog to Jay Ooofee A Oo.y emtt waahlactea. D.O. ?|'BE SAPIDITY ^B^j^ASM WITH WHICH ?u"e aurprtatag to paraons anaocaatoasad to hla method oroperating .which ta entirely tlfcrast from ' ^.Ivl time practice of tearing ,ff the ingrowing M 11, or lancfng dean Into the bunion, a atatrsseTagly |H awthoii, and one which obliged the aafferes H<a?, aad aamatlmm on cratches, for weeks kha, and no donht Mod ad to shorten llfa, at f aiake tt far lsaa fleaeant aad aaaful, bat Dr. I s oaerations are frequently borne by childrea I t o^plalat; there la little eg ?o paia, no loaa , and If *om aoae bat suitable ahoea he worn, the - t, even ia extreme eeeaa, effects a perfect pare, thongh the fcet belog naedao conataeUr Cor* are liabU to esws ooca^onally with oven the beat |yt?l ahoea, aad ladootrioaa peraoaa there to eeoaomr o# ttoae, etwifort, and health la aa ocea atoaal viait to the Chiropodtot; and tt to a well-known tact that thoweaade of peraoBe, many of ihum thoaa sniw. ?tTt,OC DEATH TO TBE MODOCS and death toh<gh prices is the motto at A- STRAUS', 1011 Pa, llth al. V?. 41-N2. 6.291. WASHINGTON, I). C., MONDAY, MAY l!>, 1874. TWO CENTS. AMUSEMENTS. w ALL'S NEW OPERA HOUSE. JOHN T. FORD.? Proprietor Tt.e celebrated Irish Comedian au<l Charai ter Ar MR. J?*L I'll' til R Pll V, tonight ank saturda> matinee. Frd. G. Ma- dei's Sn< cesaful Drama, HELP, Written especially to display Mr. Mnrphy'? wonier f?il versarility and lideliiy to nature in Irish and Dutch dialects, in which specialties lie is pre-emi nent, ln?r- sine it, t hi" famous musical SKETCHES OF DITCH LAND. Supported b> an Etc llent COMPANY OF DRAMATIC ARTISTS. Sear. can !??? -ecured in advance at the office of the N w Opera llnw. Admission Orchestra. 75 cents; S*lc >ny, 80 ct? ? Reserved -eat*, 75 cent* anl ?1. ml J 31 aoaste s grand oratori -, or THE ' Seven La-t Words of Our Savior," With full Orchestral Accompaniment, will he given ts J?? iirV ,n Wellington, at MASONIC TlMl'LE, by the rarili .musical association, On THURSDAY, May 21.1873, in aid of ST. JOSEPH'S ORPHAN ASYLUM, M w stro Autcnio Barili Musical Direct* r Tickets, SI ; ?ea?s may lie res, rved without extra charce, at Ellis' Musical War, rooms. ".*3 7 Pennml t ania a\ enne. ml9-4t WASHINGTON THEATER COMIQUB (Eleventh street, south Pennsylvania arenas BEHOLD OCR BILL THIS WEEK! PKOF. HARRIS' PROP. HARRIS' T1IE MAN or WONDER! The Brilliant Dancers. BILLY I>E \ LliL, The Comic Yjcailst. ?'"UN PENDY, Tne Ethiopian Specialist. BELLA GORDON.Champi'iu S< nig and Dance Ladv W AGGIE WEbNER. ' The Favorite Dans-,.,e. i >TTO Bl RB ANK, The Great Ethiopian . KI1TY ROW ELL , Serln C-mic Vocalist! FANNIE MAY. The H ARRISON SISTERS, JOS. WHITTAKKR, J. COLLI NGTON, Ac. The great New York protean actress, MISS KATE RAYMOND' ? ? ? character of HAMKT in the FREMHsPT! FRKN'HSPY! Or, THE FALL OF ALGIERS The favorite New Yo'k actor, MR. O B.COLLINS, in his rendition of MAHOMED, in tlio -real Mili ary Drama, with all its marches, Arab dances, sword com bats, battle scenes. ,Vo. MISS RAYMOND is without a p-er in her triple character in ttm drama Matinees WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. WA startling announcement next week, ml9 tt / 'RAND FAMILY FESTIVAL ? ' r?iR TH K BENEFIT OF ST. DOM INICK'S NEW CHURCH, I uder the auspices of the HI ILDING ASSOCIATION, on Monday, jure 30.1873, AT THE SCHI KTZEN PARK. At, excellent Band of Music has he,*n tniMged. The C mmittee of Arrangements ha?e been presented with a beautiful Diamond Ring, rained at j?l'U. also, a Sewing Machine. i The K t _r will be given to the g^ntleinan.L___ an I ti e S-wiiig Machine to the lady, whj dispoa -s of the largest tmnilier of tickets. TICKETS, FIFTY CENTS. Ch ldren accompanied |,y their parents or etiar dians will be admitted free ml7- i\..f iTranITmay festival. FOB THE BENEFIT OF ST. JOSEPH S 8CHO0LHOUSE. Cap-tol Hii.l, MONDAY. MAY 19th. AT JUENEMAN S PLEASURE GARDEN. T'ckets ,'?o cts., for Gentl<4nan and Lady. ml7-2t |> A St B A~ L L . BALTIMORE vs. WASHINGTON, MONDAY. MAY l?,ls73, 4 P. M Admission, :|3 Cts. If OLYMPIC GROUNDS. WASHIJCTOJ SCHIETZE* TEREIY. GRAND O.PENING AND M AY FESTIVAL, AND DEDICATION OF A NEW BANQUET HALL, On MONDAY and TUESDAY, May ltfth and 40th, . AT THK 8CHI ETZEN PARK, Seventh-street Road. Passive member* of the Verein are respectful I v re quested to present their cards of membership at the entrance to the Park. Active as well as passive members wishing to par ticipate in the procession, will please meet at the of ChM. Kloti, Ew.? on Mvndsy morn in*, the 19,h ? nst , at 9*4 o'cock sharp. The Board of Directors, ? .. H. L. BLOl'T, Secretary. mH-tt [R-pAChron.3t,8iui<lay papers It.) I S l O L H HALL* MONDAY and TUESDAY EVENINGS, May lftth and 2?th. CARNCROSS A DIXEY'S _w _ FAMOUS MINSTRELS, The Star Troope of the World Mr. J. L. CARNCROSS appears every night Tens of thousand of person* have during the past ten) ear* in Philadelphia, enjoyed the ROLLICKING BUNGS. PUNGENT WIT, DELIGHTFUL HUMOR ROARING FARCES, SPLENDID DANCES, SWEET MUSIC AND SINGING of tin* great merr> making Oombination Some thing new and lively each night; something that in ngorate* and exhilarates; something that doe* yon go<id. something that ia not often encountered, and do vulgarity. Admission, 40 cts.; secured seat* 75 eta. Seat* can be aecured at Ellis' Music Store. Tbe Company appears at Georgetown, 31st Inst.; Alexandria, Had; Annapoli*. <3d. m!5 at y? { nv Ttb tT.f _ at ( i 7th St So. 439 7th ffireet, between DUd*? street* light door* above Odd Fellow** Hall ^'hromoa, Ao. "IMBSlfi flJ?*7""* Please remember nam* and If amber. )*1 ly* AHkiI?D8 9F CAST-OFF WEARING AP PARXL can be aold to the very beat advantage D7 adireaalng or calling on JU8TH, _ . . ?I'D*?*,between?thand7th n.w. Note* by mall promptly attended to. Ca*h paid. flJ | ELD GOLD, SILVER, BRASS, 00PP1R. ?^.t V f bonght at fair price* for ? f?rk honae. Household Furniture bought had aold. Notea br mail ?romptly attended to by AUGRNBTXIN, l?ut Pennsylvania avenue dSI-lr* te,l. A A Devlin & Co., SEW YORK .MERCHANT CLOTHIERS. THE LARGEST VARIETY OF ? GOODS FOR GENTLEMEN'S WEAR IN AMERICA. ALL THE NEW STYLES AT mU tr 1113 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. ?XAMU1 THR SOLD 8PECTACL1, Om |i, H- UEMPLER, Optician, 4* ^ tLER'S WHARF, f-infUAmmUe utvim' TO CONTRACTORS AND Merchants Cargoea of STONE, COAL, U ABTS discharged from vesaels and suTid^r*?* eredCJ the shortaat notice and Ion eat ratea. *>lf ?. Y. AtLEK. FRi"U"g?^/o^s. No. 1897 PlJI3l*Tl.TA!llA AVBMTB.IC^^^SI Genuine Iraaiilan Pebble Spectacle*. janl? u SPECIAL NOTICES. Fiae Ulo K,e Whisky, Fine Old Rye Whi-kv, Fine Old Bye Whisky, Fine Old Rye Whisky, Fine Old Rye Whisky, Fine Old Rye Whisky, Fine Old Bye Whisky, Wmrramtui Wnrrnnua . . Putt Putt And Unadulterated, For Utntrtl and Muiictnal Cu. This Is the article we have now sold for upward* oi five years withnnircml i*tisf?rtion; putnpiu large bottles at One Dollar p*T bottle, or can be Dad ia any quantity. ?^"Notice, that we will retnrn the m ->ner if thi? H bieky does not give satisfaction or pr?ve m repre sented by us. Also an excellent stock of California Wines?Part, Sherry, Angelica, Muscatel, Hock an'l Claret; also, K'-lly a lalaiid Ca'awba and imported Liutiors of all kinds. ABTHCB NATTANS, Druggist, alO tr Corner 3d and D streets n. w . The Gar lia in Manufacturing Company remind the public that the Supreme Court of the United States has recently given a decision in their favor, which secures full protection from the irm:n tors of their designs. SrErMT, Attfxtton is requested t<> the fact that the followingtra1? niarks are stamped up ju every article manufactured by them. Trade mark for | Trnde mark for liorham Stettin* Si!r*r. | (rot tarn E'ectro Plate. st eii linu Ciovy^MHr^ Gorham Mfg Co.. Manufacturers of Sterling Silver Ware and Fine Electro Plate, Providence, B I.,and 1 Bond st , New York. Tea Services, Dinner Services, and Wedding Out fits, in great variety, from the largest toth"smallest, of the highest order, are constantly issuing from ;he G<>rham Works. apl4-m.8t SUMMER RESORTS. fHE HEALING SPRINGS, ON THE LINE OF THE CHESAPEAKE AND OHIO RAILROAD, BATH COU.\TY, VI KG INI A. Will be opened f,.rthe reception of visitors on the Ul J I Nh, with accoiiinnMlations fur A . . A three hundred persons. They are accessible J>y the Chesapeake and Ohio Bailroad from Hi*B5I Covington depot, fifteeu miles by a line turnTTT^Tt KKPf "! ?"'? 0t"der, passing in full vit-w of the rALL'Kr* SPH'NGS md the MAGNIFICENT SCENERY ON JACKSON Passengers by mail train from the i>a,t .?Ti\e at Covington at 7:00p in. Express train- from the west arrive at 8:Si p in. Visitors for the Spring-1 by these trains remain over night at Covington. Passongera by mail trains from the west arrive at Covington at 7.2U a in E\ preM trainn from the ea*t arrive at 7:uu a. m. Stage* and other vehicle for th?? Spring leave Cot ington ever> morning. Traius stop tn.-ir y nnonte* at Covirgton for l?rtakt?-t ami anppr. 1 wo note!*, v ith ainp ?? are 'lninodat i. >th KEtSNICH S FINK HAND OF MlT8IC is ??!? fir?sre<l ft-r the seaioii, an?] the tibial facilities f.-r anim-ement and recreation provided Descriptive pamphlets can l>e had of M"ssrs. rQrcfll,LAtiil A Co., Richmond, or of the Agtiit at the Springs. Tkhw* : Board?#3 per day. 860 per month. Chil dren and colored s? r* ants half price. ^ M H Hoi <to>,M. D.. re?id-nt physician. _w 19-m w.1 ,'iw B M. QUARLES, Ag*ut. Y'ATTOSi ??This beautiful and healthy summer resort, situated near Snicker s Gap, A . , A and snrrourd< d by the Blue Bulge monn-W?V tain,and w ithin two heurs ride by B R LjjBI from Washington City, will be open aud rTSI^Ur the reception of guests by June 1st, 1373. Amongst the improvements since last year, is a fine piazza in front, bath-room, an ice-house, tilled with ice, and a piano in the house. An elegsnt stage coach will also be kept for the accommistation of boarders, and will meet the trains at Hamilton Depot, W. A ??. R. R. whenever required. Those desiring to spend the summer in the country w ill address. A O. WRIGHT, Bound Hill P. O., Loudoun Co., Va. ?? Go to 1W09 F street northwest, for informa tion in regard to the place. ral.Vtf WEST END HOTEL, AT LONG BRANCH, 31. J., WILL BE OPENED ON THE 1?th OF JUNE. Applications for rooms can be made to B ? ? A M. BILDBETII, No S'j Broadway addressing PREBRIRY II'tB T GEOPo VBBESBrC&rie>,0^, L"U* BraUC" M. HILDRETfl. mal6-tJnnelQ THE OCEAN HOUSE, NEWPORT, R.I. June, IS?T3, WEAVERS * BATES. mU 6t SUMMER BOARD.?Those who wish to exchange the heat and dust of the city for cool A . . 1 quarters and fine scenery are invited to try V the LOl'DON INSTITUTE, which will belgjU in readiness by the first of Juue. The buudiug la large and airy, aud ev?ry effort will be made to iua istrr to the comfort and pleasure of guests. Situated op high groond near the Leesburg and Aldia grade, about nine miles from the former place, with dailv communication with Washington. Charge* reason able. Tor particulars address . THOMAS W. LAKE. nilO Iw Aldie, Loudon county, ya. P?R SL'MMEB BOARDERS.-Four No. 1 BOOMS, fnruished. Also, four unfnr. A . I ni-hed.and ] home in a encea given. r BOOMS, fnrnislHKl. Alao, four unfnr-A V. A ni-hed.and BOABI),in a beautfiul country A home in a haalthy locality. Good refer Il'B I encea given. ?or particulars apply to JOHN W. K1NSELL, Cle-*r,'ri,1*> w a?hington county, Md. m7 lm LECTURES. LECI U BIC AT THfe roiKDar m e couRuii, ftorthaast corner 14th and G streets. For ths benefit or GOBSUCH M. E. CHURCH, TUESDAY EVENING, May 10, 1373, at 8 o'clock, By Bev. THOMAS GUARD, of Baltimore. 8nliject: "Body and Soul." Admission 80 cents. ml4-gt* REAL ESTATE AGENTS. JUAN BOYLE. if BANK BABNUM . . . BOYLE k CO.. llJiAh^^F6Tt? ANU *OTE BROKERS, No. bUi Bth street, opposite U. 8.Treasury. .fOB SALE?A handsome HOUSE on I street. No. V1J. A new large double HOU8E, corner Il?t aud H. BOUSE So. 1010 Maa^husetts avenue. HOUSE No. S30 >1 street east, for sale or rent, fur nished or unfurnished. A COTTAGE In Willard's Bow ; price. 01,600. Several small Houses, from ?3.100 to 66,000; small cash payments. We have several very line FARMS, improve* and unioi proAd, on different railroads running from ths city, for sale at low figures or exchange for city property. 300,000 feet of GROUND m various Crtionsof the city for sale at low figures, on easy rms, or will exchange for productive improved property. ap?-tr f^EO. TBUESDELL A CO., O REAL ESTATE BROKERS, 01A 7th street, (over German American Savings' Bank. I Special attention given to BESTING, OOLLECT JNG^PAYINO TAXES aad NEGOTIATING Referiby permission) to?General Beaj. Alvord, Paymaster Gaaeral U.S.A.; Jamaa 8. Grinnell, Chief Clerk C. 8. Patent Offlc?: John Fraaar, Arch itect: Bon. F. P. Blair; Hon. J. W. Dong lass .Com missioner Internal Bevenue; Wat. B Moses, Furni ?asii i"-uvi iuiciubi acvouur, wais. as aauav?|r uiui* fare Dealer; C. B. Prentiss. Cashier German Ameri can Savings' Bank; Col. John M. Feeeanden: Hon. John Hits, Oonanl General of 8viltaarland.? A?r,a^S,r.^ u VIOIIUU Diuil m WsahlM??. ?- O., LUMBEB, LIME. CEMEBT. 8ABD, JN., Be., At. LUMBER BILLS eat to oraar oa abort notloe. BLUB 8TOBB for Building, MacaSMtislac aa? Paving paipoaai daUvarad to any Wet. BEAL B8TATB . . ? reaud. To this kranek at the tastnim I will after cira ay psrssaal attention, and will be at ap oQira dally frow M a. ?? ?til i p. m. NOW OB EXHIBITION, the bon on Whlta ?eat, (entirely new,) buttons fastened with ring*, at A. ST&AU8', &011 Panu, are,, near JUSTICE TO ALL, partiality to none, laalwayl ^O?f ?iottoat STBAU8', Clathier, 1011 Penn, Internal Ktvent'K?Thereceipts from thi source to-day were #695,635.21. Sec retary Dki.ano left tor Ohio yes'erdav to be gone until Thursday. During hi. absence Assistant Attorney Oener il Smith will be act ing Secretary of the Interior. Postmasters Appointed?The President has aPjminted the following ,-ostmasters: John W. Spaulding, Lancaster, N. H., and Kobert L. west, AN achita, Kansas. The Civil Skrvk k Advisory Board will meet jn this city on Wednesday next, and will remain in session several days. All the nn'm raTLTi ^ Present, with the exception of .Mr. Cattell, who is now in Europe. O Kelly Again?The Secretarvof state has received a telegram from General Sickles. stating that the Spanish government has or 'he Cuban authorities to send O'Kellv the II- raid eorresiK>nilent, to Spain. Cadets Nominated?Cam an.l Kansier, two colored Congressmen from South Carolina, have nominated white youths who excelled in com pet.tive examinations to West Point cadetshii.s tarn has also nominated a colored youth, who . tood a similar test, to a naval cadetship. The New Official Postage Stamps are now being printed. The Post Office Depart ment will commence supplying postmasters ' an!j th? DePar'mentsal*>iit June 1st. lirtiTjllJTt 0t lH:COme avaiUble' however, Naval Orders?Commander H. W. Meade has been ordered to duty as inspector of ord nance at the New York navy-yard on the 30th or .lone; Lu ut.-e'ominander S. H. Baker ha been detached trom the Philadelphia naw \ard and granted three months' leave. Assistant Solicitor Robinson, of the Treasury; E. C. Bartlett, private secretary to Secretary Richardson, and Mr. Tanner, of the Vt ar Department, sailed from New York on fnnti* /' *'? about ten millions of dollars in pean syiMiicate'.8 dtMOmiD*tion" the Euro I I-Ysses S. Grant, .Ir., son of the Presi dent, arrived ?>n the steamship Donau at Non i ork, Saturday, from Germany, where he ha been pursuing his studies. He was taken from the steamer at quarantine by Collector Arthur and s. ine other officials, who went down tin nay In a revenue cutter to meet him ?>. i brought him up to the city. ' anJ Ji dce Edward PiERRKpoNT,of New York to whom the President tendered Uie Russian mission, arrived here yesterday, and, after a long interview with the President ha tirnflmoi ,? appointment 011 account of his protessional engagements which are ol such ;? nature uow that it is imj<osible for him to leave ctentsUUt^/i>,PhOU! ?feat <*trime" to hU , , ? 1 he President regrets deeply that Judge P cannot accept the jtosition. bat oi course did not press hi in to do so after he had e\p a iu d his reasons. Judge Pierrepont w;ll return to New York to-niglit, and wUl"then mail. ,0rmaI ducl>nation to the President by ?1,1 vE Colored cll^ KKoM Virginia. savs the Nortolk Journal, " is named John W. Wil 1 ams. He was born a slave in Hampton, Va., and is now about seventeen years old. He is a verj bright mulatto; % stout and weil formed of considerable fluency of speech' .and has easy and confident manners. He is ik>w a pupil of Hamilton Normal School and 'be correctness and promptness of his answers Show that he has been well taught He h? 5 *oin$ school five years, and ha^ made full use of his advantages. We learn tha? exienufalfiS al,m,0st Per,ect examination,so far excelling his white competitors that the hoard favo"?" 8tate a moment in deciding in his The Cherokee Indian Fracdp._Co1. H. R Clum, chief clerk of the Indian bureau, has re turned trom Asheville, N. C., where he went as a witness in the case of the government against trau^fiiiJ^'h?lunt othenj' charged with de .1th? townmcat and the North Car olina Cherokees in the payment of annuities several years since. Col. C. reports that a noile ?.roi was entered by the U. S. district attor^v in the case ot Capt. Jockneck, of the Indian tl,e^\dge *uted >n open court that the evidence taken wholly exculnatart Capt. J. The case of Blunt and others was ad journed, to be continued at Greensboro r fome time next fall. ureensooro, N. C., Bids were opened at the Revenue Marine Bureau, Treasury Department, to-day. to con struct one, tw or three revenue marine vessels, as the department may determine The hi.u *ere as follows: Atlantic W?ks| of Boston WoJks ?of???panM Portland Machine X?So- Oia^er?UA,dWMfine' *,0?'000 _i?w.ouo, Charles A. Weidner, Chester Iron ^ ?rks *1(M,345 51, #204.036.57, and # * E. J. Fardv, Baltimore, Md, ^ J & Donnell, Baltimore, Md., ?95 ooo- Win 1 Lance, Norfolk, Va., *92,500;' Wm WrK' i Co., New York. ?96,8C6, *:?2,500. *185 00ri T?,n!7 1? KVe8se,s are to be 140 teet loiw' ?JSSS""'10 Kt of ? ?APIR ?lve" the particulars of the W?nf.ra7 ** V U,at Clty of ??n- George B. Sacramento California. Among^heW..^ Syethe Rev Mr" M?ny' Which wa9.,gsnormed were Colf Fufttmalffsec ArwNTWT or Mimster rESiDWfX I0 L?.^TBAL AMBR,ca? States.?ThePresi ?r'?.!u0r,,il,g aPP0'nted George William ?on, or ShreeveiK>rt,La.,to be Minister lent to the Central American States Thi ?Jission is composed of Guatemala?C*U RiSi

Honduras, Salvador, and Nicaragua appointment is made in contormftv 'wUh the act ot Congress of May zjd i>o 1,11. videsthat trom and after^ ich 1>r?^ this year thero ?t.?ii ? I 1 r#3??Ol June ot KcStacibe one minister resi idace the^" ? Places to reside at some to h? select?d hy the President, rterttofore there have been ministers resident at these places as follows: Silas A. Hudson at fiuatumala, Jacob B. Blair at Costa Rica, Henry Baxter at Honduras. Thomas Biddle at Salvador, and Chas. N. Riotte at Nicaragua, each ot whom received an annual salary of 1. 500. making a total of ?3T,500. The new min uter to the consolidated states will receive a * tiom and the old ones retire from office on J nne 30th. The Vienna Sc andal? Tkt Case of Bx-Com missioner ran Buren?Commissioner McSticha'l to l>4 Re-appointed^-G?n. Van Boron, late American Commiaaioner General to the vi-nn* Exposition, having printed an ?m! ?b* AfffiitlBt Kio a UW PT01681 Exposition, having printod^ an^wlmSt ftsssgs ?asa&fS tinctlv states and affirms to the authoHtiA. ? the State department, and hi. ? SiSdto'SrS prominent gentlemen of New Vork V. made affidaVittto the t*?ZsIt&?& Huren came to him and offered hiwV\!i?-I^ the exposition at Vienna ir he wool 1 in divide the profits. The fullest confld#nS^i2 discretion was reposed In Van R.1 r.7, V^ removal would have taken place htii'ii^tl?0 President and Secretary Fu^ b^n ^r^L the necessity of such action ThVm?Sf^ of nous evidence Is the rWwion of ^ inent, and it is said that it* Whiiin?t( P*rt~ jindicate In the fullest^ the goTerniaent or the actio- of The Secretary of Btate has *?-*--? ^ Jay that the suspension oMwe ^SeM? ^ Mr ?moyed, and he will be re-aDMlnt^KCb?el ^ imissioner Schultx, if he ^hief in Vienna. ? (*c*ichael,} i^ Com still Perier, minUte^ot'the'in^Jior ^fourton C" -**'<> . S Pub,lc worship; Berar'irer^fi *nini? SnKii ,*0rk''* and "addingtotT' ^ J,ter ?t '5trB^lion- The other mi lister of unchanged. The Hessoye de I'orit J,sters are ?frC!i ba5 coine T'ctoric ^'nks tti<4t <r-se?- M out of- tlie Lifc-Kmins Mutton* on ttir Sonlhfrn 1'mM . Capt. Faunec and Capt. Merrjm*n, of th? revenue marine scrvice, and Mr. S.J. Kimball, chief ot" the revenue marine bureau, the officer* appointed by the Secretary of the Treasury U> .??<?? rtain and report at what joints on the sea and lake coasts the interest? of commerce and human ty require the establishing of life-sav ing station*, have Just returned here from a (?eisonal examination of the southern coasts and have selected site* for the establishment o stations between Cai?e Henry and Cape Hat teras. as follows: No. 1. on Cape Henry, nea: the light-house; No. 2, near Dan Neck M 11. No. 3, on False Cape; No. 4. near Jsne* H?!l. No. 5. Catley's inlet. No. ?>, Kitty H*wl'-< beach No. 7, Nag's Head; No.*, Body Island. No. !< Chicaniacomco; No. 10. Kinaktit. I nder the second section of the act of Marcli 3d, ls73,the following localities are fomWUeii and rccommt tided by the commission a? re quiring stations, vit : on Cape Matter**, 1'?|h' Lookout. and on Smith's Island, mouth of Cap* Fear river. From this point to Cape Canaveral the coast is not dangerous, wrecks seldom oc curring, and very rarely disasters to life or property. At Cape Canaveral, Jupiter Inlet, and Cape Florida, boat-houses, witu life-boats and suffi cient apparatus, are recommended to be placed in charge of the l'ght-hous?' keepers. The > oast of Florida, south of St. Augustine, i* sparsely settled, and it ap|>ears to be imprac ticable to employ crews there on the plan adopted for the northern and eastern coasts. I( is also found impracticable to place stations for the protection of the Florida reefs from Cain Florida to the Tortuga*. Although wrecks ar? fre?|uent along these dangerous reefs, the loss o1 life has nt ver been great. Here, as also upon thecoast between Cane F'orida ai.d Ctnavem shoals and tlience to h ernandiiia, stranded ves sels usually drive so light upon the bea.-li that the crews can land withont much danger. The light-houses along the Great Keet' should, however, be providid with able self-rijibtinl and self-bailing life I>oats. On the gulf C*>a-t from Key West around to the Rio Grande, life saving stations are not deemed necessary. The soundings here are so regular and the shoal water extends so evenly and so gradually for such long distances into the gulf that the sea is never high enough to break up stranded ves sels, and the crews are never in imminent Jan ger except during heavy hurricanes, when a life-boat or other apparatus would be usele-s. A station was formerly situates in Galveston, but as far as can be ascertained was never u- d. and during the war both house and apparatus were destroyed. A life-saving station tuere i* not considered necessary. An atde revenue steamer at that |>ort might, in addition to il legitimate duties, render important service it saving life in case of disaster to any vessel on Galveston bar. <?KE OF Till ATLANTIC Sl'RVlVOR8 ?Am-ltl, the steerage passengers by the City of liro -klvn. Captain Tibbits.on htrlast out ward boun 1 trip, ?a?one of the surv Ivors of the Atlantic wreck ? George Russell, of Kdcnderry, Kings county. Irehmd?through wl.ose exertions theonly child saved Irom that terrible disister?a boy of s or :t?was put out of the port bole and tinally rescued. tyuite an interest was aroused among the passengers by the fact of Mr. Kussel's pres ence, and ex-Senator Cattell, our new tinmnal agent. with others on l>oard, institutes! inquiries as. to Mr. Kussell's pecuniary condition. Find ing that he had literallynotliingliuttbeclothing he wore, and that there was a wife and live eliildrt n waiting his return, it was pro;iosed to give him substantial aid, and in a few moments i27 sterling was raised, which the puor fellow gratefully received. The Coffee-pot Bori.ia in Ohio.?The Geimantown, Ohio, poisoning case is develop ing into one of the mo?t atrneious cases of heart ies.- wholesale murdering. The necessary papers charging Mrs. Ear hart, who is 70 years old. with loisoning the members of her family, were brought to Dayton last Friday, "together with the coflee pot by which they are said to have been poisoned." The ca*e will l?e tried in the criminal court, w^cli convenes in I>avton to-day. There are seven members of Mrs. Kar bart's family who havedied mysteriously within the past twenty years, whose'remains'will be di>interred this w:eek for the punnwe of an ex amination of their stomachs. The greatest ex citement prevails in the neighborhood where Mrs. Earhart resides. Tai Seconds in the Late Dcei. Scsrend eu Themsei.vks About it!, o'clock yesterdav morning Messrs. W. B. Tabb and John s> Meredith, seconds of Mr. McCarty, and Messrs Wm. K. Trigg and Wrn Koyall.'lriends of the late Mr. Mordecai, appeared at the 2d station house, 6th street, and surrendered themselves to Captain John Disney, the officer in charge. Messrs. Trigg and Kovall were afterwards per mitted, in custody of Capt. Disney, to attend the obsequies of their deceased friend at St James' church at II o'clock. The other gentle men were held in custody at the station-house, at which |?oint they were afterwards joined by Messrs. Trigg and Roy all?Hvkmrnd Dm>ahh CflUMf. Fatal Affuay at Readimu, Pa?Last evening In a riot at White House, a summer re sort a short distance below Reading, Pa., a young man named James llahn was shot dead. David Walters was shot in the neck and Wm. Briner was shot in the right cheek. The two latter are not dangerously hurt. The shooting was done at close quarters by a sub-how con tractor on the Bucks county railroad n^ined John Peoples. Shortly after the occurrence Chief of Police Culleu arrested the murderer. Peoples alleges that he committed the deed in self-defence. A revolver found on the prisoner was found to be reloaded with a different cart ridge. Tete-a-T*te with a Bkau.?E Bradley wm the winning party in a bear fight which re centlv occurred on the south brauch of the Lit tle Elk river, in Minnesota. He met a she bear and three cubs, fired once at the old one with his Spencer rifle, but missed her. whereupon she rushed in upon him. All he could do was to club the gun and hit the bear over the bead, breaking off the gun stock close to the barfei. After a rough and tumble, in which Mr. Brad ley had his clothes nearly torn off, he succeeded in killing the old bear with his hunting hatchet and afterwards shot the cubs. Lager Beee?While the governor of Ohio is asked to sign a bill looking to the al?olition of lager beer and cider, the Cincinnati Gcrmau papers are advocating the sale of lager at three cents a glass, instead of five. Tne Volksblatt makes this computation" A common labor ing man drinks eight glasses of beer dailv. at a cost of 40 cents, or #2.80 per week. Should the price be lowered to three cents the expense W6u!dbe?l.t# per week." Sui>i>ose, now. that the common laboring man drink no beer at all, and save the whole. The Polaris Mystery?The New York Star refers to existing doubts as to the truth ot the statements of the crew of the Polaris found u|>on the Ice, and thinks the story iu regard to their leaving the ship is, to say the lea-d of it, "fishy." Captain Hall, we are told, was "a harsli leader," and "very severe in discipline,'" and. therefore, "just the man to cause a mutiny." A mutiny, we are also reminded, occurred on the previous voyage. Hall on that occasion shot one of the crew. "We may," the editor thinks, "have yet more startling news from the Foiaris." A Plot or Laud Sinking Tubes Hcndrei* Feet.?A singular incident occurred In Seward Valley, Schoharie county, on Tuesdav of la?t week. On the top of a hOl in the woods a piece or land belonging to the late John Weitiug. containing about 10,000 square feet, sank to the depth of about 300 feet. The report was heard a number of miles. It is supposed that there must hare been a mammoth cave beneath, as it is in the vicinity of Howe's Cave, and the arch work giving away left the earth above without any support, and in oonseqnenoe of this it caved Ingudwa (AT. T.) Star. The Khan or Khiva a Prisoner A New York Herald special, dated London, May 19, says a telegram from Tiflis, dated the 17th, con firms the news that Kniva wm taken, and aavr the Khan wm taken prisoner by the Russia lis, who have sustained only a slight loss. There l? talk in St. Petersburg now of the annexation ot Bokhara and Kokand, m well m Khiva, " Russian press ?-?present tbs* **" . . *ne i~-T-w?. * ?- i > - ? ? *arxeyls totter. niisjovernmint, and predict that the time is coming when her troubles will culmi. nfc", and Russia will then be able to vindicate her interests. TnPoritti Saturday reoeived the French legation and a deputation of foreigners. The Pope's condition is feeble, but the indications of improvement are favorable. ? tar A Missouri girl washed all day, ate twelve boiled eggs for supper, and then danced all night. 9TA Peoria woman lately took advantage of her husband being on the grand jury nt a divorce. Vi Cairo cook seasoned the soup with a bottle of hair dye, and it had a wonderful effect on the boarders, one of whom wentcraay. 1/ Dayton charges so high for circus licenses that the tents are pitched outside ef the cor poration, and all tax avoided. TELEGRAMS TO THE STAB Thl? Arieriieon's Dlnpatchea. ASSOCIA TED PRLSS BMPOMTS. Tfce Pmk)t?ri)ia (?enrrnl Halt ?.>rx. May 1*?The Presbyterian <, 7" era! Assembly (fourth dav) met pr?mt.tlvat a 0 c ock. Prayer wan often <1 by Rev. I?r Cam,, ball. The special onler. the * *mi RETORT or THBCKHTESNIAL VOVVITTII as to whether the Presbyterian church ot the 1 nited States should take part in celetirafin ? tnc centennial anniversary of American inde pendente at Philadelphia^ was taken up. The report, which was madean Friday. recommend eu ^expedienta*td appropriatetliat the church ?booI?1 take fart In the celebration, with * scries ot resolut ons preparatory thereto. ?!tv *,r- Oversteea moved that the report he thatch fc n*1 fcar.leit It inexpedient theUlewSSI^. ** * bM,ly hUwuM Uk* W I*. Vaa llvke.of Brooklyn, ottered a re*, turn that while the tleneral Ass, rej.?t?vs o.' ?j"I fwr t?>e oeiel.rat.o. Hostile ImUaM h. UBrvian Nkw Yokk, May 19.?Fort Kice advu*>?. re |?ort numerous hostile hands of Indian.- roviiif throu?h northern bacotah. and a strong ?r ' that there was something requiring his at ten van i?rJS???U^ll0U"e in ?e rear 0**?- Sulli K?inJf there he found the floor covered with coagulated blood, in the middle or which was a razor. The walla of tne out-house were covered with bloody fingermarks and traces of blood were round in the yard and in a parage leading to the street, on the doorstep if>Wfrd Bruo.m^rtreet- The officer reported the mystery, and after two hour* search, Mary Jane Sullivan, (white mistress of James Jack son, a colored whitewashes residing at No. 5T u 1 hompson street, known as Nigger Alley.) wa> found dead on a bed with a brofen axe handle "e*; The body was cut and bruised In several places, and had been washed off. In the room with the corpse were Lottie Armstrong and Kate Jackson, white wemen. The latter * fymw mistress of Jackson. They were "uf pretand to know nothing of the murderor the washing of the body. Jackson fiff fl<d? **"u bank-book was misa iiSlk1'!. W6T* * ???"bee of papers and a clock and some pictures taken away. There is no possibility of connecting the blood intuitu van street with the dead woman, as the place* are over two blocks apart, and the bears no tence or being cat with a sharp in Mm ment, and It U supposed another murder ha. been committed and the body coneeal?c T? TH1 Pa*?*V?k*tA* QsimUL Assxvrly OB Satruday a variety of sublwts wwe d^ &! 2*^ ,wL'ch excitod the m*t interest was the report of the standing ronmit tee on publication. The building in which the nf?hi ??, r^LU. ?P?rh**ons is one of the finest S?^i?5S?Eri? ssss.'sis? ICS. It is not surprising, therefore, that the Church should demand a detailed statement of expenditures, and a resolution requiring such a statement to be made was advocated by a num ber of the oldest and ablest meu in the assem bly, and was almost unanimously adopted. ?^"Henry Bern was re sisctod president of the 8. P. C. A., in New York, yesterday, for the ensuing year, and Henry Clems, treasurer. sion Saturday evening at Reading, Pa.Tin'a balloon made ofbrown paper, and landed safely. ?7"The similarity between a female paroon and a mutton thier consists in the fact that thev are both sheep-reachers^A*. Y. World, ctmru o? U.e certenntal anAiver^y of'Trn^ean independence, and ho,*, that all our ui..u"t?^ and |>eoptc, at clti/ens. will co-^rate !nV?! rying out these plans, at the ?ame time we i"o. l constrained, a.- a court of .lesus Christ decline taking part in the same. ' further debate ensued, when l?r. XiccolU moied that rhe matter l?e referred to the trustee ol the Presbyterian Historical Society, with a request that tliey make prop. r arrangement* to have oar common Preshyterianism represented in the National Assembly. . A?TXK A srn;iTEI> OKRATR wh'ch considerable reeling was nffc m "? \\T' Bac kus. Van ,^ ? nd ,,!*>n opposing the reiM.rt and its recommemlation, ami Hemck -lohn- 'n dudge I>err!cks,m. I?r*. Billing*!y. W.iodson Kbeneter, Erskine and Nuffield a?lvocating the adoption ot the same, Hon Horace Mavnani.of jennessee, moved the previous question: which was ordered. The projections ot I?r. Nice ills and I>r. Van Iiyke were severally ^,c?o>b >n I \?TIP n<'WN BV A LAIii.K HUrtRITV, ?erea^<iC'ninK,K,l,lti<>IlB of thr commitfee were a?lopte,i, one by one. with the exception of that authori/itif the !>oart of publication to prepare and publish an illustrated volume to commemorate the national centennial T& centennial committee w?? continue, an.l a fiTther comm.ttee of five, to be appointed by the moderator, to co<<|>erat<4w ith the centennial committee was authorial. |ir.. Merrtek J<>bi>Mii, Backus, ami Kbenewr Krskine. and Klders J. Charlton Henry and Robert Carter vas named as such committee. I?r Itarkus Ijeing at his own request oxoihmI fr.,n serving. ? *>w York Xnteu. V .. fai:s<i*n IMIHONED. th??^ nu*?.: I:,'7.T,ie ,tor> P?blished ... tin H*,?W yesterday that six persons in the i upper part ot the city were |>oisoned by arsenic provts to be a tact. The parties are domestics ni"T ?V ' ; Blatchtord, the ta'her of ?ludge Blatchford. It is thought all will re cover aithough one or two ot them are yet very low. It has not transpired who administered ?.r tbe..'r -^ve. The butler was *t first charged witb the poisoning, but he is al suttermg irom ,K>ison. ^ whA ?W,^?1A,, Hr>Al-L O-IVIHMTV vno figured Somewhat cotispicuou-Iy iu the miM'1 , f. u,e possession of the mana/e mei't ot the trie railroad, died Saturday in this . . ftEKRITT SMITH fOr the relief of Cubans who stances wealth or comfortable circuui _ . two *oru setctpus are reported in Brooklyn making four since >lr" Hardwick. S years !"d took laudnnm Saturday night, while" laboring P?er ;/,,raKs',0" ftom au ouhnown cause ai.5 wftha PPC^ a young man, cut hLs throat with a razor ffeter-lay. because he va- cbar^.-.i y *ffi/ms with having robbed hi? employer. Both leave familes. a d A*?TBRH t'KI/E K1XG FIZZLE. A Boston dispatch says the tight for the lijrh* ?h?i / P'on?h'P off, Chambers havf.,* took"!he forfeUmoney0'"'11810 WC,gl1- S'dJou' ? "? Another Revwlatlo* |a Central Awer P*t 7i^.? vl0rRR r."4" '* COSTA RICO. ri^i y ?Ex-President Carreosa ar on the 5th instant, from Costa Hi< o,and the revolution which slumln'red since President Nieva was banished hwh^ken out Carr^sa mlt evening following the arrival ot i-arreosa rhe convened a fmeetiiur declaring hat national troops wYio w?re ,!???. f here for the protection of foreigners ha<l been acting traitoniusly to the General SXFSm ** We.U the ?t*te by intertennj with the late revolt which deiK>se<l t\iev? .7,1 lXnreMT? hi,, in,to,1?n of disarming amT coai At '^ovwi" Ie*ve tUe onle morZ ??t,ri ^clock p. m. on the 7th, tiehtinir with ^,! "J?"*.!81 commenced in the Plaza ban .lose, by the state troops advancing uik>h the national lorces. After desperate fiithtin^ two hours the former Cv. n ?* and a division of ninety captured. Botf "si.les f'? 'hat they attacked for safety. At dav morning the firing was" reoitened onL^r-L Wi , "H?ht '"frmission u^ii one o clock, when a truce was agreed upon ? . ? latib. i,..^17 ^"T0*0the negotiation K?^h *!it0ri,r' *nd the double is over Both sides have designated Col. Juau Perult a former prefect ofeCalon, as the provisional president, until Gen. Neiva cau be recalled. Afelrs is Rsrfe (Ursliaa THREATEKEO STBIKB OF COLOKo MK< H*\Mcs KaLllOB. N. c., May 19 A venJrZl Jj the colored journeymen mechanics is ezi^ctcd if"- J"iv cfe'm ten hours as a davs la<>or ^el ?lem8a^he pr?prieU>" wiU accede to ? H^SUoro i?i^a ?odilenlT, of Apoplexy, at Kittrell's hotel, in Henderson, yesterday. The FnUal Aerldeal at Msrniar 1K **,?1 Y-? M*J 19?By the faUmjf of the gallery at the slate prison, yesterdav w Hurnee. of SaugerUw, a wm diL? " SyJT k1f& , ?h ^ colored con Tk ' killed. John Brodshead and Charles Thomas, convicts, were seriously wounded and 1 sixteen other convicts received Might injurie LOCAL KEWa ? hf All<i?4 Mlkf IMh I ml. K??r*rt Nbfrhirk and William gctnlu. t?o young MB. were ar-a gwid m the Police Oeart I " Is afternoon on tkf cliv|fu( comaltt>| r?f? on Itr I't rwn ?f Agnes Utltwlt on the 10th M?t. Thi? r?w ha*alrea<1v been noticed II* The star* There were two other* rnoffd with tli* defendant* In the act. hut they Ltt? since* did In (ctuu >??? irum the city. Ihf lw> J>?rlif* rnt^l are both writ ki own in tbe norttifMrm jwwtto* of the city. Sherlock bftri a Imd rr|>auun?. hit S< anion ti*> MomI very t?>r in the i-nmnaklty ? tierr If ? l>no? n up to this time. iMfteia snt i* a n ldttk ifol ?iA'? woman, in pour rliru??i?i,ffv but resectable. tnd since the lli ttli of ler li'isbatal line been working u house aer\ ant hi n?a|>e> table families. ami l-eara a (okI name Fotb of th> n ?*?! pleaded i?t guilty. Mr* Harnet t. at ill <1 that oti tbe night in qiestion -lie left the tonne of iHKoor Kit aa atrick. where she ?a> working, and went U) 7th street t?> make wnw purchases. ami on hetwat bom. - ? ? towt Ml* Murphy, who live- in Jarfcaua alley, to tn-iuire it -fie Could tell her anything about ber son. dn Irttint Mm. Mu-plu V hi)???, a nmiif man namtd Bennett ofler?-d to go hom< with her, an i' w a* late. Alter |'?.? nii: Mr. Lo itler'* garden three other young iii'n joined tli- m Stie?t.d not know ? here th??v ratne lr?m She rtiwrnlKil Slxrlock aoaaeof the men who outraged her. M'f >?? Scatilon there, but he did not. be >14 not. however a-a lit her to escape from her ae sailant* Tbc> kept her out on the common* until m ath morning. wh< n they left her. ami ?he retur> eJ lone. Mr Barrett counsel for d< ferdant*. cross-e \ am I'icd tbe wittim, bat the complainant tohl a *tra ght -t in thr? ujliMt. Alter tearing o'het witn nt'f rorio:?uaung her statements. the imlge renewed the ten U monr, mm liebl hoik Ncaiilea and sh'Tloek for action ot the grand ,iury. and ordered that th* wttne^a be ai-o hold to tedify. II*' fixed tu? bond* at a.V?<V for the af?M4. and f >?) for the principal witness. ? Tlir I'lah RarkH*. Aluxakpkia? Vrn'tAtkNu'M new A?h ror th ? ?lay, furnished to Thi Stab by tiowge W. Harrison & Oo.. wholesale ilcaler* In hob. Nan. 42 King at.. So. SI. V> tlsh wharves. Alexan ina: sl.a.l, |>er hundred. em to 01 Hemng. per thousand. ?<!.*? to? white perch ||Nt bunch, fli to 3f. rock. per kneb. Jo to offa!,|<er bunch, in to ?i. W asmikgto*.?Vo-day. the following aalr* at the 11idi wharves were made to ahip|K?r* by K. A. tioider- A Hro . agente ?T ,'*10 oh a-1 from ?7 to *10. tio.tsm lierring from ?< to e%; M? nick * 15 to :iOc.; 9M0 bunches trout, J> to ^e., ?i sturgeon. *1. Thi l>ii*TH .iir Mw. P??ritTAt.r??From a Chicago |-a|?er we glean the following particu lar* of the al*)vc had event, which war briefly announced in our columns on Friday. The t'ouniess w a> accompanied by her husband. the Omte Arthur de 1'ourtalew-tiorgter, by their child, a little girl about I year and #5 tn inths old. aiMl two servants. For more than a year the liealth ot the Oountew* had not been go<xl, and during that tune the tamtly hare travelled e*teii*irelv. Tbe pact winter ?a? upetit at her father'* tionie in Portland, < itvfi'it. Thin Hpring the tainily conclude to *|~'ndtlie *um niei month* among the mountain* of Switser land.anda* the *trengthol the la<tv aeemed adequate to the long journey tlie lanulv lelt I'ortland alxiut a nek ago. and had come thue far on their way when thi* terrible and un looked-for < alainity Wfelthem. At <igden,on tbe I iilon Pacltie railway, tlie Counten* wa? attai ked with biliout> lever, but wa* not no *e riou*ly affected a* to delay the journey or even to render tbe service* of a pbvaician lu-oewary - Tlinr*?tay nioriimg, however, ber *vm|?toni< rapidly grew worne. and medical atiernlance w?? from time totiuic nutiim'ined by telegraph, niifil wv r:iI *k ilb ?t t'hynician* were collocte't at her *ide Fverythlrsg wa? done tor herri i jf, but n itliout avail. a? alie aank rai-i ll v and d ?il al? ut 2o'clock iii the alt' rn ioin The de* ceaw d ha<t l?een married leu tb m lour rev-, and wit* i".' rear* of age. ? ? The FrvcRALor thi lati lunn IU??iit took place ve*terday aftim wn. fiom tbe Fourth Pn ?-liyterian church, on Mk atreet?a large concourne of friend-ol th** tauiilv being prem-nt. Tbe pa*tor. Kev J. C Smltli. con ducted the *ervice*. amt?ted bv Her. Mr. Moore, ot Penii*ylvania. A large delegation of tliii Oldest Inhabitant*' a****-latiou. of wlilcb de ccaMtl wa* a member, wa* pr. *ent. alao, man? of the anaoriate* of the deceaaed tn the Slitk Auditor'c oltice. The Sabluith ?chool, of which tleccaw<1 was a mo*t faithful *u|>erintendei.t for aliout twelre year*. ?t? al*o largely repre sented. The remain* were placed tn a bla k walnut cane with silver trimm>ng?. anil on tbe lid wa* a silver plate, on which were inscribed tlie name. age. and date of death of the de parti d. The pall-l?earers were Messr*. Moses Kelly. llol?ert 8. Jordan. Thomas Mdiill. .lo?. H. Blackfan. Iianiel McFarland. ami llenj A. Janvier. Alter the services at tbe church were ccncludcd. the remain* were taken to tilenwood cemetery and placed in tbe vault. Bntmiii' pkrmits have l?e*ti issued as fal lows since our last re|>ort AWilliam l*eeble, two story frame, High street. bet ween Stoddard and Ke-ervoir. (ieorgetown. Nixon I'.rewir, two story brick. Pennsylvania avenue, between tith and 7tli streets east; Nathaniel Brewer, one story brick, do.; John Moore, two-story brick, M street, betweenfcth and 7th northwest": W. J. Aiken, five two-story frames, between and street* and Marvland avenue and C street southwest; James Kohbins. three-story brick, Massachusetts avenue, between l-'th and 13th btreete northwest. THE <i?nn. < Ol'KT IX UKKEKAL TEKM -T ? .1a\, tha arvune nt ib the case of* aft. Fl ifeucs %.?# rerumed POLICE COl'ET. Judst Sttll-T-<lay. -nm*> twiuty ca-?t .if cuttUB.'B drunk- ware dmp--sad uf, th?- partl?* eithei 1 rfetting r..(lateral or pa> ?"? fin#-. William Uarri? was Au?d g*' for carrvinc a razor. Som<- half doceo <-vlor?4 cart drivers w?r? fiusd ?&earh f.-r violation .dike ordinance r <nlat ins the diotanee to be rrwd brt* .-en carts. Lrdi i H uner w ?* seut U. the w?rkhoaw for eaticlag prosti tution. Fifteen were tin<*d ft Sea. h for u?lng prolan* and Indecent language. J.-hn D<>uoha- wa?artaico-d on tie- nane charge, and Mated that lie K ?t a iKtla tight fr<?i driakitig a pint <4 whisky ou ?aturday iitelit, and got todispntini; with hi* wife, whan Jas ttiven came tnsiiiaa int.. Ina M rhaniber ant tuuibh-d liin. <I>>n< hae) intu tb- street, and kept goaaessi.<n i4 III* in U- III c.?ipaiiT with his wife, nil night. The court *usp?n<1>-d lodgment. Daniel Hill w*a tin.-d gIn f.>r (uraina In- own fath' i in tlie atreet. Daniel Hill wa?ala<i charted with assaalting an<l r<-?i*iini Officer W II Brelaferd, who test illc<l that he went to arreat Hill for abuaita langiiKg* to hi* father, w hen lie brofca tlie .>(llcerU l.adtfe and tore his < oat. After witnea* got the pr a <inei into the l.afciip be bioka out and wasnar re>4ed. Hill ha* inat gr>t out of jail, wliereh-- has served a term of thr-e Moiitba f<,i larceny, and tha jtntge ga?e hun aiaty days luore. Wilbur ? D ?t*? , charge,] with stealiug a d g tiet -ugiac to J.a>rt k. pntberland, the ?!??? being valued at gbSI. C<?i nlainant teatihed that delendant t >Ok tbe doc frna lii> aide while in the atre?(. claiming it wa- hi*. The jndee said there naa no larceny in H. but a treapaaa aud complainant mu-t reaort to the civil conrt* for bi- remedy. J.'hn Wise and G*org- Br..wi..charged with stealifg s c?pner seaer traf w urtb $U, be longing to Thoma- Berry .tliree un ntba each in jail. H.J. rriitehtiel.l. asaanlt arvl l.atlery on Carrie, hi-wife. | In awl ci>4? John Due ha. asaanlt an.f tatter) on Mary Douoho. fmrd fclo andcoaM. ? ai a ? m AttkmrTH> MritbEB oP a Rank Pes*i dk?t ash His I?An?HTKR?Mr. Peter M. Wa ger, the |>naident ot the Williamsburg Savings Batik, wa- aroused aliout 3 o'clock this morn ing by hearing a noise in his dwelling. No. 16) Clinton avenue. He left hi* room to aaoertaia the cause, when be encountered a burglar, wha I bad just effected an entrance. Tbe thief was I then at the room of hia daughter, and she be- I ing awakened by the noise screamed. The thief was so enraged at thi* that he attempted to thoot ber. and discharged two shots at her from hi* pistol. Mr. Dinger seized the fellow, and they ha<! a desiderate struggle, Miss Dinger aiding her father al! she could, and at tbesam<> time screaming at the top or ber voice. Tbe noise attracted Officer* Friel, 4'arrand Ituchan mi, who battened to tbeaaaistance ol Mr. Din ger. and secured the thief. He gave bis name i* John Mc Hatpin, and said he belonged in New York When searched, two watcbe*. three [ocketbooks containing f.w, some valuable pa [?em. and a Smith & Wesson pistol were found n bis possession. Tbe officers alio arrested barks wawnoug and W'm. Keating on suspi cion of being confederates, as they were round n the vicinity ot the bouse. Another party a l.o was supposed to be a conf ederate was ckas rd for several blocks by the police and six shorn Bred at him, but be made nis eacape. <>rder So. ltsi had to revise the case before it waa glv >n to the preas, and consequently it was near I v r.oon before the facta ware wnic known?Jf. F. Irprtu, lltk. The QrMTiOB or church and state In Oer. nanv Is being agitated with deeper and a earnest intensity daily. The Prussian governaaent to oi nry, within theppaoeef su w tiers of ten of the chief monastic establish rithout regard to nationality or ttUe right of incorporation, will bring the asaftsr to a In the meantime the Jssutts, with the P Jther Roman Catholic religious k found new and anes?oe*ed albas in i lay bv granting a divorce to VirgtaU W. Jas?k? tail allowing ber the guardlanskin of the l?s laughters, and the husband, Emfl Junta. ?ke ruardiartsMp of the son. Mrs. Justk, who la possessed or a large rortune. stakes that tko diM cultv arose flam her retaanl to Make over bar liropert* to her baaband. From tkia grew li-putes and EaaUy ?'f' rhargw of iaE Tei JruiciAL CoapLtc-T ia Utab?Jadgo Bort man, ia U|ak, oa Saturday, discharged S. W. Baker, who had boon aeaUacod m two years impnsonment by the probate court. Bseeman ruled tbe muss as tka other mialin of the an Bite court of Utah that the pgwbatt court do jurisdiction la ertaalnal eooos. The coa ?ict son goes on netwith*aading the new a<> {?ointment of Jndgea r the asarrmd man rejoieetk g Is nearly over. ?tabbing cases ia Fkila-leU

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